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265: Don't Get Beat by Not Knowing You're In a Competition, MCD 1-4, w/ Dave Berke. Pt.2

2021-01-20 | 🔗

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0:38:34 - MCDP 1-4 Competing, Chapter 2.

2:02:09 - Final thoughts and lessons.

2:05:31 - How to stay on THE PATH.

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This is job Obama. Gas number two sixty five with ECHO Charles and me Jack, o willing getting your committee and also joining us tonight is Day Burke. Greening gave get in so last podcast we introduced Marine Corps doctrinal publication, one tat for which is called competing. And of course, we only made it one chapter deep because well there's a lot to go into, and so were to continue on but first we're in particular gentle drip into my head a little bit so. In writing, I made one as I talked, and I talked about this I started correlating competing with influencing and, that one set further, which isn't buried a very big step, what is influencing influencing is leading that's what you're doing so.
One of the main things that I liked about this marine corps concept of competing was this idea of this continuum of competition that they present in this book. It goes from pure piece on one side, just pure police, and then it starts to move to the right. It goes to economic competition and in classic diplomacy, then political warfare, the nurses, Grey zone and beginning to hybrid hybrid war, and then you get it the threat of violence and then you finally crossed the what they call them, violence threshold. Sir. You now you're using violence, and then even violence has up a place that that spans on this continuum? It goes to from conventional war, and then it keeps going further and further to the right to get to total war, where One side is using any
Means that certain completely destroy your enemy, and so with that I started thinking about the continuum of influence or the Continuum of leadership that we have to use every day to We need an influence people and and It draw some very interesting parallels to the can. You move competition at the marine corps. Talks and there's one specific mark in there that really showed a lot of similarities to me. So if we. This continuum from the beginning, like on the far side you have some of that. You don't care about you, dont care, what they're doing you're not trying to influence them
than to do anything at all. You just don't care, that's their off their like off the spectrum. I guess there touching it but they're not on it yet so we don't have to worry about them. We dont care what they're doing at all. Now as soon as you, asked that first little threshold will now, you ve got some one that you want to influence. We want them to follow up and are you want them to execute an action or you want them that executed behaviour, so our to the continuum of influence over continuum of leadership, so Brazil start with. What sort of we're trying to build a relationship that person that that's where we're gonna begin and what's interesting. What's the best way to start building relationship with someone you let them start to influence you so as soon as you're saying that a guy like that, I like what you do and you there's that you This thing mirroring? Have you heard this
so mirroring is the physical. Oh, if Dave's him sitting with his hand on his on his cheek than I do the same thing and it's a little indicator, I'm allowing you to see that your kind of influencing mean as a positive thing so excellent that the base thing right there, a physical actual me three of what you're doing mirroring what you're doing and that's my first way of showing you damn allowing a little influence, and now that start to build a good, a good report between US shots You know like the lowest level Then what made you gonna? Listen what you have to say in answer to start to build this relationship and people don't think this way. People people miss this right. People I understand that when I mirror you and when I listen to you on actually start to gain influence, people totally miss that all the time they completely miss that, but that's level one right. It's Peter incredibly important level but its level, whatever point zero, zero, eight or whatever that non priests
so we're just listening were letting them model where, where, where mirroring their behaviour will be avenged, as we start to escalate? We start to model our behaviour for them a little boy, as things are way, we're not asking you to do it, we're just doing it and we're hoping that that influence the rub off on the other person it now they start her they started do the same thing and and is another thing that you can do you do consciously maybe do consciously. But you know people are in a line at a grocery store. A new line opens up and. They ve, no one sees it if you'd his wife. No one sees that you can walk over to that line. Then people see it and they kind of model. You're behaviour in you can influence how much people you don't even know, but it's just a way of,
of of modelling behaviour and setting move as well you're all time right set the example set a good example. That's good way to leap for sure. That's that's! That's outstanding!. Eventually, though, maybe that's not enough right, maybe we're China maybe we're trying to influence some one to do something here follow a plan, a just there be You're take a certain action for trying to get someone to do that and we haven't, they haven't really followed our modeling that we gotta start escalating and go into. The harbour. So what sort of a hundred while asking good questions asking earnest questions ape What do you do this like that? And it's just a way and then listen so that as day explain to me why he's doing some a certain way? Maybe it reveals to him because now he's looking at it from a detached perspective as amazed about us and similar question, when you ask someone a question, it
catches them from what they're doing that's what made such a powerful tool, because one day is just sit there with his pen and he's fiddling with his pen he's not even noticing that is doing it, which is literally doing right now. But as soon as I say if I didn't want to do that, if it was blurring the camera, some a, why are you why you keep fiddle with that pen He has to attach to actually figure out. Why he's doing it, which is again thing, because we always want people to detaching, see things from the outside. So just asking in earnest. Question- is a really good. Regulation on this continuum that we're going through now that little question and answer session that we're, having kind of leads to a discussion were were actually having a discussion willing. I sometimes a dislike to fidget, makes me think all that's entreat you know, so we can have a. We can have an actual conversation and the whole discussion that we're having. If some, if I'm utilizing this correctly. I'm guiding
you. I'm guiding gave in this case on guiding Dave to discover what I'm trying. I want you to discover the fact that hey, if you're fidgetting without pen people aren't even paying attention what you're saying and make a noise on Cameroon is up. What's like, I will, but I want you to discover those things, and I want you to actually tell me about them, because then it comes from you in this influence more powerful. So but but sometimes doesnt work and sometimes even though someone detaches they just don't kick it far enough away from that think so where's it go for their well now, I'm gonna, maybe offering in direct little statement about what's going on, you know just a little you know. Do you think I do think it some distracting when you do that with someone watching you I have always found that distracting, if someone's talking to me but their fidgetting. Yes, now I'm just a little its indirect still wisdom start to put a little bit more pressure with that statement,
where's now remain gonna. Listen. What you have to say. I end So, where does this go from? There now still not paying attention what he's still just sitting. Beginning with the pan in its distracting everyone it make a noise and the kids messing up there. The cameras all kinds of problems, but David doesn't care or whatever he isn't. He hasn't seen it yet. So then, maybe we A late? A little bit more, and now it's my my meadow was about to lose a little bit attraction, because that such a move, Your thing that this next step it Well, to say: hey what do we make approach like approach con list about fidgetting your pen right now, we're talking about. Going into a new market area with a business, and you would like eight we're going, don't work on one and I have tried to influence you and I try to ask questions about, and I couldn't get you there and then But my next escalation might be hey. What do we do a pros and cons on on that our common at you, I'm just asking asking do like
what do we do some pros and cons that way? Once again, what am I doing? You're gonna have to detached you approach consciousness, one the benefits of doing the pros and cons list. Is it detaches you some of those emotions away, and we're sitting here, saying: ok, Davis, had to say. While these are some positive things, it helps me think it gives me something to do with my hands are worthless, the market or hey, they're, here's deposit things about market area, we don't have any stores there. There, sir to be a decent market? Here's the cons, gonna, try! and in that area whatever so now You can start to reveal. You reveal me revealing you, hey man, the rents over their ridiculous. Is it revealing out to you, which offends you in General- prevents people through just tell them anything, it's much better. When tell me novels and it's your idea- and this is a beautiful thing. So that's like sort of the next thing or another, little level of escalation that you could do on this. Continual we're moving.
Direction, I'm still trying to indirectly influence you. And maybe the next. I do is offer some kind of a bargain, some kind negotiation. Where I say hey you know, maybe now is not the right time to go in that market, and maybe we look at it next quarter. It's a little negotiation to try and see if, if, if I can get you to think a little more about it, it's just a negotiation, Look, maybe you go yeah yeah, maybe use just enough. Maybe sought maybe a trivial just enough for the problems of hungarian or maybe we do need to do this. Maybe maybe with nets. Korea can do that. And there's another way, a technique. That's going on there too, which is I'm giving you an out right now. Next year. That's probably good idea right, so you are sorted start to see some of those issues which you dont want to concede that idea was not good, so instead you just can see. That's we'll just push.
Off a little bit, but still good idea? So that way, your ego remains intact and it's all good, but maybe catch. That. So now we're gonna start to brush up against we'll start brush up against me being just direct with you. We is reviewing some shortfalls like look just Say you hey, you know, rents in that area are really high and by the way too, Smaller businesses went into that market and both of em washed out happened in the last eighteen months. Those are Real concerns. And even when I do that's now showing you like those are no longer things that you revealed. Those are now think that I'm telling you so this is the transition and and- and I'm sure tracking this, but this whole thing is interlaced with leadership capital. This thing is interlaced, so the other ones when you win
I allow you to reveal something to me my leadership gap and goes up I tell you something my leadership got tactics. Will it takes a little bit of it, not nothing crazy, but we're not right, some of those in the middle might be neutral. I'm still gonna give you now. You know what I say now that the other two other copies gone in the last eighteen months now so maybe We should- and I do some criminal you- maybe we wait another year, and I give you some kind of an out where you go yeah. You know, that's probably a good idea so we're still. We still have I believe that you can see what a good move is at your kind of on board with what I'm saying which, what I'm gonna do this all types of John influence. You right turn a lead. You try it for you, then it's just straight up. I'm gonna tell you what the shortfalls are any. If that doesn't happen, you know Offer them another option: Watson option,
your plan. What's another option to their behaviour: ito- hey, maybe pudding doors directly in that neighbourhood. How about this one? It's you know four miles: the North son, so yeah, you know that's also good neighbours. I give you an hour. I give you an option that still a gratifies your ego in your idea, but at the same time it moves you and a little bit of a direction where I want to go We're still doing all right and then the the kind final sort of indirect way? Is you know a gave? Why don't we put in this market area over here now and the next time will put one in this market or that you want to go into so again. A lot of these are just kind of bargaining in kind repetitive but they're all different level. Of bargaining from hey. We do this later to hey. We will do this or we hold off, there's, two different ways to bargain through it
and then eventually so so now you go through these methods. These attempts to discuss. Something or two to influence someone and every one of these attempts is an indirect at him. Every one of these attempts is me trying to get you to some kind of come on board with what I'm saying without. What by your own by your own volition, right? our choice that you say yeah, you know what we should do this later or yeah. You know what that may art market area to the north is good. So all those are your choice, every one of these and giving it to you every one of these attempts, but we might fail even with all those attempts and at some point, you know: on the marine corps what they do is they go through this whole continuum, and then they get eventually today Point where they crossed the threshold of violence. So what does it look?
Like in influence wars that look like and leadership, it's the threshold going from indirect to direct and now Absolutely good is going to cost me leadership capital at this time, I'm now kids the cost me leadership capital which there are times we have leaders your cabin on the bank and if the I've been working with day for five years, You ve done a bunch of stuff and it's all gone great and he's risen, the company. All of us, and I got Collins chips and say: hey man, you know what we're not doing that and he goes got it. You know that saying it doesn't cost me something, but I can afford. But when you crossed the threshold of from indirect to direct now, isn't it Definitely gonna cost you like, I said you might have money back, but you might have leadership, captain the bank, but it's going to cost. You now is when we're saying hey, you know what we're gonna have to. We cannot go into that marketer, Ok, this is a more general way to do it. It's we, you know it's it's, it's us it's.
Team. I'm on your side in a week. We can't go into that market area right now, and you know when the response could still be enough. Dave's, If Dave's my subordinate and Dave sort, No, he most people get ahead. We can't go and at most people get the hip and by the way, we'll get to this the the number of times that I make it in our crossed. The threshold of direct is so so minuscule, I can't remember times so. Most people, wives and say: look we cannot do that. We cannot gonna marker, they got jockers got pretty good up, get any. They feel a little bit of it. They feel that direct and they immediately say. Ok, I got it ass. You were, as you were gone with. This is not happening, of course sometimes does work right, and sometimes you say: not with this. This is what we are doing. We are not going in there and it can even escalate to know Dave you can
open up another store that now this is direct. Does it I'm ordering you because I'm the boss, I'm ordering you we will not go into them market area. We are not gonna build a store there. And then you will not do that, so this is a direct thinks. I'm not even me anymore. Simon says you and then what what what happens after that and after that is now. Would you now you now you have to? Stick right outcomes. We have carried out for a while and are those bargaining can be carrots, hey Dave, you know if you can hold off on that merit marketer I'll, give his other marketer. Here, that's a carrot and I use that care. Didn't mention it, but yeah, that's another indirect way. I can draw you away from this bad area to this other area with a carrot. That's all, It would be a. We just got a bunch of intel that there's other market areas really starting to ramp up. Why don't you put something Obviously you, oh yeah. Ok, I didn't know that cool you jump on that care will now when you don't want
go through this escalation. Now at some point, I have to get out a stick and save you opening of the new market area, I'm actually gonna, remove you from opposition position or I'm gonna, doc pay- or I wouldn't whatever- that whatever the punishment becomes all right, you up, whatever it's gonna, become that sort of where we get too you know radically in the business world of the highest level of escalation is like I'm going to fire you right. If you don't Do what I'm telling you to do. You are going to get five, I'm going to fire, you where'd you go outside the business world. You go into the industry, it's as they say. Well, there's that the threat of violence comes next, which is hate. You get you either move your car out of my parking space or I'm going to put you in the head. Four out of violence and what happens after that, violence, grab you I put you back in your car and I you know
say you better back out this thing right now and and if you really want to take this to the next level, the ultimate is the deal the existential threat is, if you don't do what I'm telling you do, I'm gonna kill you so so it's important to it. To understand what that that's, their and I'll. Tell you why, because a lot of people they want to start. They want to start this this continuum at the threat that's why they begin that's where they begin with their employees. They start with. This is What you're gonna do That's where they start once once you Would you cross here's the things what you crossed the threshold of director? Oh Bert at another good work over leadership, meaning I'm telling you exactly is totally over there's no there's no info
happening there is me telling you what's gonna happen. And when we do that, when we, when you start out there, you don't have any where to go here, months ago. So the lower you are on the continuing the better off. You are ass, a leader. And in fact, in fact, if you go negative, If I'm your boss Dave and I go negative, and I actually let you influence me- and I say no that looks like a grey market. Are adding figure gone in there? Let's, let's do it might gaining more even more leadership capital. So it's even better. The farmer in the negative, if I'm, if, within that other chart, where you're actually influencing me so. If we can do that, then we don't ever have to get to that threshold. And I like- I said I I them
of times I've cross that threshold in my life, from a leadership perspective, is freakin, tiny and I'll. Take european legislator. One one place. It happened all times. It happened of kids all time right, kids, all the time. It's it's clean, your room. Why cause I said. So there you go yup. You just went right to the hay direct over. I'm gonna order you what to do the horrible thing to do What happens with employs happens up, down the chain of command and here What's interesting. When you are you'd, when Cross the threshold of direct and you crossed the threshold of overt you there's a there's, a equal, an office. Reaction, I'd so every time you bark at someone there they might do it
said, but there is an equal opposite reaction that they are looking you to fail there looking to sabotage looking to cause problems, the stronger the orders, the more you yellow somebody, the stronger that backlash, it's gonna be. That's the reality of the situation and a lot of people. A lot of people need to think of this so in the same way that the Marine corps pudding, this manual to let everybody know that there's that their competing all time, you should also know that there's a continuum that did you're on a continuum of competition, all the time and theirs. A continuum of leadership and by the way up and down the chain of command too, and I believe a market like dig deep into this right now, we'll do it later. But when you talk about up the chain of command there, continuum as well. It starts off with just compliance right data. We do some he's my boss, cool. I do it what's the next level, I question what he said:
hey Dave, why we do in that. What's next level, hey Dave, I dont think we do that we get some resistance going Then we get to objection visit bad idea, and then we eventually get to refusal, and then we get to So there is a continual there is well and theirs. Well, let's start off, you know if they don't have a if they're, not thinking strategically they go. To this distant making sets that's where that's where they go right to their jump right there. And all of us and where they can get back unequal and opposite ray? in which they shut up, and you I told you to do So we don't want to go to war. We want to build relationships, we want to build, we suggest without a country where other nation states we want to have relations, we don't want to go to war. War costs us money and lives. We don't want them We don't want to go to war with our employees. We do want to go to war with our teammates. If you recognize this continuum. You can start to say
Oh, I see, what's going on, I'm escalating how much I unlike ask late. What's next, Lois Minimum step. I could take it. My escalation. So that's what we need to do. We need to pay attention to that. I don't have to do this. I can barely think of times and of how to this and wise as I listen up, one of the people have to say I dig in I am yes, I dont digging through my position, I don't think my position is infinitely than yours, I think probably, if you and I both wanna our guys and when the war are ideas are gonna, be Bruce close? I think if we, both wanna care of our clients in and make profit or ideas, are going pretty close their going, pretty close close enough that I can be, fairly agreeable with whatever it is, someone else wants to do but it's a continuum that we have to pay attention to just like competing. What do do
you're there tactic was I was just thinking on listening to what you're saying in making the connection inner using you're using examples that I actually get to live I live in the military, but I get to live that now took as ever leadership the clouds we work in I've relationships and set out on front relationships at different in different ways, even you in there are times in our working together there. You're, helping me almost in a support role with a client in those times that you're the sea Nobody I'm running one of the departments as your time now that I'm picturing this this continuum and like ok, where's What about where does physical violence warders war come in? more you make deposits or the more the more you take indirect approach, the more you get to keep doing that and more. You go to the direct threat, more. You have to use them and just the idea. The commission is that
and I'm just thinking of those terms of of the more indirect you are the more leadership deposits. I make the more that's the technique I get to use because the more I let you influence the more likely you're gonna be doing the things you want to do that help us get to the onset and I never have to. I never have to move down that almost never happened. Down the continual I'm trying to think of a time where try to think of a time where you had to escalate in a way that I recognized, and I have been working for years now I'm not saying that that hasn't happened, I'm not the escalation hasn't occur, but it's. I can't Every time I went oh damn, I cannot, I kind of pushed him up the stairs them. So. It has been subtle enough times it out. How many times has happened. Point the reason it works, even though subtle escalation reason they work is because that's the technique you always use. So so the
idea the threat of violence, especially that your first move it so limiting. It gives you so few options after that that it's such a bad, it's out of at first move its even a bad six or seven. When I think there's this idea that there are so many things and the part that as leaders that I want to avoid war as well, even if I'm the boss, even if I'm in charge it's not what I want, and I think the way you closer because the equinox it and the satisfaction of knowing your wit, you're gonna win is not should not be enough to to make as apparent Mesa. Most sense. I normally when that worth my get. If I tell my kid cleaners room cause, I said so he is going to clean his room. What a great victory a white yet and that yeah for how long until the reaction from him becomes so big and so violent that I lose all influence over him. Yet the other thing is, as I brush up again just pay! Well, maybe it's the time
maybe it's time to go direct are in this situation. Most time after way that against ok? Well, what does that get be strategically right? Where does it get me strategically? If I've gotta say you know what Dave this? Do you need media. Do it this way. For now, I dont want to use this fund to on the Powerpoint sprite. Wouldn't whatever thing you wanna come up with, Does that get me strategically? All you have to do is take one step back and say: wait a second, whereas economic strategically does that improvement relationship with Dave. This is making Wanna do a better job. This, like a debt Djibouti Static once about new area? This is done this. Is it a move? What I should do, as is be a better influence or have a better relationship. Explain myself better, do bargaining talk about. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe the font that he's using his actually better for these in and by the way. What has he picked? A font, that's illegible
Has he picked a font that illegible is it? Is it cyrillic? Is the right word cyrillic as at the right word like the Russian. Is it easy take pig reform that is illegible in English right in and then I kind of have to make a stand. But if it's legible, if people can read it Why am I freaking out the answers? I'm stupid I want a waste, my leadership gap on something does matter by the way up and down the Jake Man, because if I said, hey Dave, what do you think of that fund You know what you'd say to me: you like well, I've been using it, but what does not look good and I say well, I know it's a little bit unclear from a distance you'd say: oh, following my sword about the small low you doctor oh well, which what have you been using and I'd, say I've been using aerial, because it has sharp edges, which I like, and you say, oh click down, drop
drop a menu, there's area, you click on it, yeah you're right. That does look pretty good Jacko and I go g. Thank you. Say. You know what I'm gonna to change all my brief to aerial, because just vice versa. I'm not sit here telling you use cyrillic funds that can't be read by by English speaking humans, sorry you're, so what do we do? I I'm offering a little suggestion. You're going! Oh yeah, that's a great suggestion. My we Capital went up your leadership. Capital went up. It's a beautiful thing, or we can have world war seven about a fun. It's such a happy loss. For you to say, it's refers, not attack, lost music. You Jesus fought this it is a real because that's when I use your guy great,
Oh hey by the way, it's different that funds different on other systems are now, let's just a horrible thing: if you're smart, you got a oh you like a coup, got it we're moving forward. Be surprised, be surprised, I it's interesting. Isn't it interesting how you kindly use the pen fidgetting example on day? Will we, but you literally did me like. I did I really get will have it. Remember us clicking the pantheons hamburger. There is on lying all, you need to posted there and you did posted, I know what I said other I said: do you think the MIKE picks up that noise defect- and you know what you said, you said no, I don't think so again then you kind of cooked it a couple times. While we were just quiet
Would you heard click? Click. Click. Click click. It then I laughed in ideal is we're a kind of what it was almost like in not slow motion, kind of like I could slowly within the span about so maybe six seconds. I slowly picked up on what you're doing like why you said it like that you're saying: hey, stop doing the clicking! Just stop quicken you! That's what you said in but you said it in this way. He do you think that that that's gonna happen. Away the tone. Everything like you could tell you knew what you're doing with we deliver that crisis. He hears the tears. The no kidding did then, kidding when I asked you that question I was earnestly ask that question like do you think that's gonna show up now it's an earnest question. Do you think that clicking is gonna show up on this? Podcast? It's an earnest question. I probably had a pretty good, especially because I can freakin here it through my headphones for fifteen minutes, but gotta detached from those emotions and you gotta.
Scratch because maybe it's not gonna show Why am I worried about it? A model but another when a bother me if it's not gonna show up stop going to be the audio, then, who cares? I'm not going to care about that? If you are quickly all day. Courts are bothered. Me is not going beyond that, we're good. So it's an This question, but I mean it's it's we did know the answer you kind of, because we can hear what kind of interesting will say cause you know. I do kind of say. No, I don't think so. I forget exactly we'll have to replace the air it, but I feel like if I remember correctly, I was kind it at least at the very least implied that, like not or not so good, almost four just for a split second, the thing is, that was a version of me like defensively bow not to say that were recently that was instinct jewel. Defect is essential exactly like that instinctive defence yeah yeah and then but- so it was so not like this natural, but it was not called for like on a like a primal
a boy, if you will, like you so now, council that I felt that it was so not called for, and I am proud to have to dig in clicking the pan, lid I feel like I know that it's like a habit, you don't let me click avenza, have it and they wouldn't need it at this really interesting to that little teeny. Tiny interaction was that I was like man. I do it like out of habit right, Is like turnings way like I do have to have it and then, instead of you sabre those two weeks user, whatever you're just like, then you grabbed, like the nearest non clicking pen into simply bargaining, real option that those who carry care, like all, maybe deviate your attention from then. It is a fact that the things that fall into the category of indirect and direct like that, the techniques you can you can actually was thinking. The commission can actually change,
if early in a Croatia but doesn't have a lot of mutual respect or you don't have any that leadership capital built, you can say: hey Dave, don't don't click your pen, and I'd be like. Ok, a pie comply, but am I like dude? What's the deal, and I might add that natural that little reaction that loot you go ahead and then that little resistance, or even maybe resentment whatever? It is it's a small example, but it would fit in category of direct natural like that, but over time actually done the things you're just document and you ve x, you built and of capital. What, for As indirect or influence that actually can expand, you can say to me right now: I don't put that pen and I'm gonna have no reaction to it. Oh he's only tell me that, for my own benefit for the benefit of public I am not going to. That way, so that that what appears a direct, but you're saying They directed me I'll, even read. Sure that, as it recommends a fit in in the category of at a minimum
there's, no withdraw their, so even the things that you do as little as they are the option for indirect leadership, actually can grow things that would only be outside their where I would have some sort of problem with you saying that we're it, I think, must three any go hey window Thankyou, nay, you see, I think you said and what you say in between don't do that anymore and the way you said it didn't bother me at all, but It could be that if you have that conversation was somebody and you don't have any leadership accountability. They might not like that. So you, able to say to me is a function of the trust that we have the the influence that we shared and and the amount of work your capital, you haven't, you can actually kind of be direct and it doesn't bother that would in a way that it would have just comment in a day. Like I don't like the way you talk do differently and I'm not gonna like that.
HU. I am so even what you can do, what you can get away with a sense of what is still a leadership capital deposit that will grow as well, yeah that that's That's why it's all in her waist with leadership capital, because if you who start off day, one by saying Like the way you talk, that's do you use into a deficit immediately Did you ever that? That's what's too we interlaced with leadership capital, because the more leadership chapel you have them. When you need to know if I said, If you're saying. Ah, when you talk and hey Dave you, this answer was bad and hey Dave. The way you pay this your slides, we're all data, look good and hate, and I just started Thing was negative: well, eventually get around our leisure capitalist are gone in a bad way. You're you're attitude is all job, just tell me what I do wrong and I I can't do anything right and I guess You don't even need to be here, and I look for another job. It just get. You know, because I I've expended on my leadership capital, so its complete
intertwined with leadership capital completely intertwined with leaders of capital, but just like people. I said this on here for my birthday, I people usually think they are more leisure couple than they do they. They usually think they're, just Roland, deep in the leadership capital in their own little heads. They think, of course,. So, I always kind of treat every situation as if ok, you know, I am only I'm? Not only can we lean Christmas as Invest Piper just tell me: can we leave Christmas, so I always think I don't care of leadership. Capital despair Because also If I really need leadership capital tomorrow, what if tomorrow I go? Hey Dave! I know it's you,
you're anniversary, your ten year anniversary of twenty or anniversary or whatever, and I know that you're supposed to go to the mountains with your wife for three days and we just had a client call any you now have to go to Oklahoma, to talk to them and the to do that tomorrow. And that's the way it is. So. Am I really how much our weird I want that account. I want that count to be as built up as I possibly can. So that means I'm not going to waste leadership capital little things that don't matter not going to happen. That's why the default, no matter where you are should almost always be almost always be on that side of the bed. Be on that side of the spectrum yeah. It's weird you because you have that you have the floor the violence we have on the continuum on war continuum on the com, competing continuum. There's a threshold of violence there actual real violence with with influencing people like you have to admit that you can push people around and you can smack omen. You can beat him up like that of theirs
there's a threshold of violence on the on the influence. On the influx. Continue before that, there's there's a one between direct and indirect, so you cross that one which is a huge one, that's like a big one. Now, of course, the threshold of violence is a big one. Due on influence could now you're getting charge with a soul or murder. Or murder depending on what level of violence indicative. So it's important think about these things, and with that, we're going to jump into this this this whole thing man I mean I just like to have just been thinking about this non stop, which is pretty normal for me to think about these things non. Stop competing we're: U S Marine Corps brand new manual, one tat for its called competing last. Start recovered chapter one this time, we're covering chapter two, this chapter to this, the theory of competition- and it says
competition as an active policy as its engage in competition or try to shape the competitions ongoing among the range of state and non state actors involved in air is of interest to states. They develop policies, frame to frame order and apply resources to this activity. Marine need to understand policy, how its develop and how relates to ongoing competition. My little note here, just as what are you doing those me making us myself, what are you doing? What are you doing? do you know what your cup? What competition are you in? You know I have it wasn't really about. It was a pretty early broadcast, I don't know which one. But when I started talking about what game are you playing and and you can be playing the wrong game with your life and if you're, looking up and you're like me and I'm doing everything I can, but I just I'm not putting any points on the board.
Well, if you play soccer, you might not be put any points on the board cause. There's only one goal: a game or free, maybe Should we play basketball Weedin score? Forty eight points again. So with competition. What are you competing it and who you competing against. Because our Marines are frequently asked to provide input to policymakers, as the deliberate understanding larger context. Around policy decisions helps Marines, determine the broader intent beside behind specific decisions, which in turn, helps us make sound supporting plants, was, I mean average know either do what they're doing. Like war, Marine should think of competition as serving policy. Since we acknowledge- petition as an enduring condition, that's a great that's, a great phrase. One would not that one enduring condition
it's just ongoing its forever internal relations. Then we need to take equally. Equally long view when it comes to policy, is well. U S. Vital interests have remained relatively stable over time, for example, since world war two they ve been framed in various ways, while consistently calling for the maintenance of our constitutional values, protection of the american homeless people. Promotion of american prosperity and the advancement of the american influence in the world, the contemporary environment will affair these specific of policy, but these but the enduring foundation, for it consists of stable interests such as these, so one the Riis night and again I sometimes quickly. We can kind of Greece over this partners. I know you can't. If you, if you think about your life, ok, you can think about your That's for sure what Your business is trying to do. Giving a marine wakes up in the morning and says: ok today, I'm gonna maintain or the maintain our social values. Is he saying right, I've got
protect the american homeowner people we conduct we kind of no doubt one promote, american prospect. So there's these there's these things there so big, such big strategic goals, that they shape every decision that you make, they should advance american influence rather world if a marine goes out and does something stupid? in name a foreign country goes out, Naxa get drunk and act like an idiot. Has he helped me? management of american influence in the world. Now he has any Anne and that's what he's gonna hear from his commanding officer. You just made all Marines look bad. And you just made America look bad by getting drunk in a fight or whatever you did, that was stupid and marine can deny that this is Roger Sir. It was a bad mood if that marine would have been thinking a little bit. Strategic. Maybe he would maintain a little bit more level head on the beers. You know I had a
In one time I was on a ship was on a ship and look, we know with. We know that I love the marine corps. I was on a ship and when you'd Poland to port, you have to get lying to get off the ship and some other take an hour or two hours, so what we would do is would work out sooner. We got as soon as we hit the pier we would work out. This is like one thousand nine hundred and ninety whatever we hit the pier work out will and by the time we get on workin out, took a shower than you can walk right off the ship has all the Marines already gone so one time I did like me, Mobutu's we got we hit appear, we start work out. I'm workin out to shout it's been an hour and a half. We can walk up to leave. So these guys a bit off the back if they are carrying a young marine back onto the ship just completely, brain dead from alcohol. So gotta be careful out there
But suit so so, when you look at as you look at the record, has these kind of brought things that they're saying this is what we're doing. What do you have in your life? We haven't your business. Your business. Ok, young marine, if he's led well he's gonna say you know what I, The whole marine corps- is relied on me to make America look good god it that's what a good move, is gonna say if you're running a business and you got a cashier, I've been using cashiers lot cause. You know why, because a line and their interaction with people. If you get a cashier that treats customer bad he's, making whole company look that she does know that. Ok, then, what about your life? trying to do in your life? What. Kind of what we are you trying to go with your life: what's the broad? What's the broad strategic that you're trying to make do you what do you have one and if you don't have one
What how you making decisions? making decisions for with no with no still what's or without a compass So these are indeed these are enduring interests enduring interest. Provide Marines a potential source of competitive advantage. Hearing to our values when done as part of a comprehensive strategy can serve to retract others and work in harm. The harmony with Marines, Marines learned from an early age valley such as freedom of expression and press freedom, can help frustrate the plan. Of some competitors- positives interests such as increasing american prosperity, also help attract allies and partners? This is especially true when we can, we can show how our interests align with theirs in that interesting. If we can work together, we're gonna be better.
Were stronger together were stronger together and we are fighting each other domestic policy Paul ex affects the policy decisions of almost all, Predators and the resulting character of all nearly all competitions, everything you do everything you do, impacts the competitors and the competition itself As mentioned in chapter one, there often multiple centres of power in each nation in the struggle amongst them often creates ambiguity in the minds of outside observers. These struggles affect internal politics and often drive or limit current power. Resources. This drew the United States, for example, when we see the deliberations on national policy among three coequal branches, the government, in other less open societies. Domestic considerations have major impact on policy, even though
These considerations are often harder for outsiders to understand, saddened and businesses want. You got some people with different. Ideas of how we're gonna get we're going, sometimes, unfortunately, even disagree on whether going which is bad, That's something with all the political may him that we are facing in America right now. I guess maybe Mesdames well with what we are facing right now would call it we want we want. We want put her. We'll put a women assign a word to it, because different people assigned a different words will say that there's disagreements in America, but. This is what this is. This is a democracy is going to be messy. But you're gonna get a better result, and yet so if you, if you have a protein where
I'm going to take input from the troops are there to. Let me know when sometimes they can argue with me about some stuff- and I argue, but when I disagree about some things now, if it turns into an argument which are fighting that's back but for For my point, may I say: hey Jack, I don't think that's a good route to get into the target I mean to say well, why not, and for us to have a discussion about that's totally positive thing when it comes to better conclusion, that's supposed to happen a democracy. We have discussion, but we're both get to the target. My point want to get there. I want to get there in America, we got. What are we trying to do. We ve got a hope that we are aligned enough that we say. Oh, we want economy. To get better. Ok, Can anyone as anyone disagree with that all right we disagree and how we get there, but at least we have this one thing that we know we're moving towards. And you can say about what do we want there to be? poverty in the country during says, yeah what I really think we needed America's more poverty. No, no one saying that there is now.
One person, that saying we need more poverty, America. So no matter who you are you're, saying yup, you know what we don't want. Poverty want less. Poverty now you might think we get there. One way, someone, I think, Is there another way? Ok, let's forget These things are can discuss how we get there, but it's ok. If we disagree because we're trying to find the best solution? A solution is different to meet than me than how weak to how we The target and he's the point? Man- and I say shut up we'll. Do it my way and he goes no that's stupid and I was on one of his fight. Our balloon is falling apart. So what we do is we listen to each other and we look for the best possible solution, and maybe you know as you I always try just agree with the other person. What does that mean Does that mean I just always bowed down and say: oh you know what David you have. I I can't make decisions overgrown the David S. No, because It wants to go one way that I think is going to take an extra fifteen minutes.
Would that Dave chooses as the point man it's gonna take an extra fifteen minutes, so you know what We're not doing it tat way. We have seven hour patrol my way is: grew, take seven hours, Dave's ways, gonna take seven hours in fifteen minutes, we'll do them. I worry no actually David what you were sounding Why? Because already I just I just at tat moment, I saved thirty minutes of you and I arguing about it. And now we can focus on something more important and by the way, we're still getting to the target and by the way there. How many unknowns on that route? That I don't know- and you don't know- and no one can know, that's what I'm actually arguing about something. I have no idea. Where are the landmines? Where is the? What is the actual terrain like what tall is that little cliff? That I see is something we can get up and we need to bring ropes and also to takes forty five just to give up the little thing we're gonna carry extra year, I don't know any of that. So guess what my going to argue with you for fifteen minutes of difference, no sounds Dave
so why don't I have to? Why? Can I let Dave, do it every what? Why can I almost always say I'm gonna go with someone else's plan, because I work for long enough, and by the way I actually taught Dave Land Navigation. So when here comes to me and he says: hey here's, how I think we should go. There's a ninety, eight percent chance that it's pretty freakin calls to what I would do in the first place and by the Either way we still get to which, where we're going back to the book for you, say. Marines, understanding her career policy relies in part on. Standing the interplay between domestic domestic politics and are enduring vital national interests shouldn't everyone. Just gonna have during vital interests for their family for their business. For their life can we all have those things. Yes, we should.
Resignation. Yes, we should aspects of domestic politics like the election cycle and contemporary societal issues affect current policy. These aspects are typically felt I Marines, through such things, resourcing decisions, guidance on the complex. Force and specific direction to focus partake their national interests or particular competitors. You should know the story about. What's going on the whole thing right: there pay Corporal Smith. That just heard me read that that said: hey bro, I'm not I'm, not, I'm not tracking, What this means is, you need to know it's just understand what's happening. The world and understand that what's happening in the world is going to sort of guide what the Marine Corps is doing international competition, particularly among nations, plays out over a long time line. Oh what time is that life force?
Doing the goals put forth by the constitution and its amendments have been an enduring vital interest: the United States, since the day became effective in one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine. This with our desire to bring war to a conclusion as quickly as possible. Marines needs, Understand this distinction. Competitive advantage Advantages is relative to a competitor when one actor is able to do something better than its rival or rivals check. We get that, what's a corporal Terminal lance, that's all that we should be using terminal adds that guy's legit term allowances is a cartoon and his eyes actually a whole book to turbulence props.
A business enjoys it's interesting here. We go back to business, to business, enjoys competitive advantage when it can sell a product at a lower price and other businesses, assuming other factors like quality stay. The same nations also have relative competitive advantages, also referred to have as comparative advantages. Historically, the innovative culture in the United States helped bring it new goods and services to the international marketplace faster than others. The cost of labour in some countries is lower than others, which makes them more attractive for labour intensive manufacturing businesses. It fall then that we must understand our potential rivals if we are develop and maintain a competitive advantage against them. G, must understand our potential rivals. Sangsue ardor war know who you're fired the United States as many competitive advent, oh by the way. Obviously this is something we're doing all the time at origin right, wingers, we're competing against.
Nations that make the same basic products that we make they're, doing it with slave labour or their due It was someone. That's getting paid, you know in horrible working conditions, and so we to find ways, and we continue to find ways that we can compete with them and nodded we competitive, we're better cause. Our product ends up better. And because we're here now you get into shipping and was it cost us? things from overseas. What is that due to the ones that, due to the whole picture, so we're ouch. We're figure now and we have figured out what how we have a competitive advantage, even though we take care of our workers which we actually also feels competitive advantage to carry your people. Is a competitive advantage. Can now you're p care about the product that they're making. They want to do a good job, not not slaving innocent sweatshop
instead of looking, instead of looking at slave labour as an advantage, I look at us at a disadvantage. We ve got events, because we have a better workforce who who care about the company. The United States as many competitive advantages in international competition. The world's law- the economy and an inner from a financial system that uses the dollar to make. Transactions are strong economic advantages. Yes, the enduring? U S: interest in freedom of navigation on the seas attracts many partners, because free navigation reduces the overall cost of trading between nations. The? U S higher education system attract students from all over the world. The list goes on and on, but these Straightens show that we should look for a nation's competitive advantages among its enduring qualities such as values, interest in culture, and this is what you need to do. So how does this tide of everyone What about your business. What about your business? How how
Do you have the culture and do you have the values inside your business that are actually competitive advantages? Do you have that? If you don't have that, if you don't have values, if you don't have a culture, that's a competitive advantage advantage you're wrong the competitive advantages in the military component of I'm are naturally of great interest to Marines. World war to the United States, made the use of several mill. Harry advantages, such as the joint forces of ability to protect and sustain power, globally, its scale at operating across domains and its expertise and precision targeting and strike U S! Militaries, principled professionalism can also present. Think advantage, for example, when is properly contrast, competitor seeking to extend authoritarian government without regard for rule of law or protection of civilians.
Huge advantage that we have is that we have military professionals. That's they do and its also advantage. As far as I am concerned that we have reservists that come serve in Iraq. Common server Afghanistan that go for the weekend. See how the military doing and take their civilian expert. He's into them. Into the reserve unit or the National Guard unit. For the weekend we have both. Those and there's advantages to both of those talking about that. I think it was the Guadalcanal reason podcast we're talking about how some of the reservists. Where do people s it, hey, that's dumb idea! We don't want to do that. Because they hadn't been indoctrinated as fully as some that had been. You know on infantry officer for eighteen years and he's The problem, may I know how to solve these problems in book. I know what to do and some reserves is like hey brow. I hope Tennessee and that those
make any sense, so we liked. We use this as a competitive advantage. I'm just thinking this this whole time about the connection in this, these military examples- and I'm going through my had things that I remember as a marine and how come we can act, they are too just everybody's. Everybody's life in both business and in life, just their connections to you family has you have long range plans for your family. You have these strategic long range, for family, that's really no different than I think they called the the enduring values of the country that you need to keep in mind that might we change or point the smaller things that you do and that's something. I've been sitting on a lot: the fact that culture the ultimate form of decentralized command cultures, the ultimate Decent rise command were now we have a cash
That knows how to treat a client and knows how to shoot a customer, because I understand the cultural company. Now we have a marine that can be out in town. Can see a situation unfolding and knows what decision to make a just based on the culture of the marine corps of the seal teams, of the army of the eighty second airborne of a hundred first airport of his view that culture correct that Roger that Marine, that Kashmir, that frontline salesperson they know, What decision to make just based on the culture that you have inside the organization totally and that's a two way street too, because if I'm runnin, grocery store and I've gotta catch you, I'm not gonna, spend all day every day. Just talking to that cash here about long range, strategic things for the company. I actually need that person up their ringing. Customers are coming through, but if I do, if I as the ceo of that gross reaching the ceo of that company dont, think that that Kashmir can't make a strategic
It had to listen that massive strategic implications and I lose sight of the fact that they actually do at certain animals need to understand how what they do affects the big picture then I'm actually set myself a familiar. Any marine has ever been Aquanaut Okinawa knows when the ring go downtown steals a car in London or fire hydrant that marine doesn't get in trouble for stealing a court. That is an inter national incident. That undermines the relationship between two countries and it happens all the time and if you don't think, we're young folks that are doing these right. Tactical things don't have some connection of the big picture enough to guide there. They decisions you are setting self for long term failure and that that works both ways that cash for us to know hey I've got a treat this customer. With some respect, because if I don't it's gonna go and yet Can I go on Youtube, is going to go on Instagram or whatever, that might be and I could take down the whole company. If I'm not careful, you want to create paranoia you have to understand those those small appeal
to be small tat. All things can actually influence the higher organization, and they have to be able to make their connection. If you are innocent, where's, like that, in your employing frontline troops to carry out these sort of technical data day things, it's pretty easy to end up in the in the job market, the people at your hiring, the human Capital that you have available to you, pretty easy for them to be the arrow actually Dave see Dave Burke. I actually don't really care about the company that much and if you fire me tomorrow, I'll go get another minimum job, minimum wage job somewhere else- and I don't really care and are used in Here- tell me about how we can have a strategic loss at your company, because don't you two client right whatever right, so we do then And what do you have to do as you have to you after then, you have to then exe.
To people that when that they have strategic goals in their life that they need to have some kind of a path of their going on that hey, listen, listen, echo Charles! I know you don't really care about workin here, that's fine! I get it. Listen at a minimum If you do a good job here, she worker for six months, working for ten twelve months? I how long you work here for. When you leave, I can give you recommendation that gets you better jobs. More than a put you on a better path and that's all I want look. I know you don't necessarily care about my company here. You know like flippin burgers I get, but guess what? When you get done flippin burgers here, you can go, get a job doing something a little bit better. So I dont doesn't just about me and did company here. Jocose burgers!
how many be somber is wrong. Guy! That's what I do. I love burgers. I know you did using your life, go guess what what is your life go? Where is it Are you out because I can promise you this view take care of me here some point you can leave, I expect that you have a lot of potential when you leave. I wanna leave. I want you to leave on the best for possible set up. For a long term, better situation. I don't want you ve, gotten burgers forever but if you flip burgers well, that's the path to not flipping burgers, which is really interesting. One time I said a person who talked about up. Do I really need to learn to do if I dont like to fight- and I said You actually should learn to more than anybody else. If you dont want to fight echo, if you don't like flipping burgers. You more than anyone else she'd say you know what to do and will be the best burger flipper that I can be because that's going to allow me to step up into the natural, because if you can't flip burgers.
But how can I expect you do anything else? You deftly not stepping up the salad bar if you can't handle salad bar. You know, you're not going to be the Dame day. Opener, Ryanair, can't be the day. Opener you're not gonna, be the general manager, if not its dwell, the argonauts store manager than the generally rightly see where this goes and by the way, if you don't want to gain restaurant business, that's fine too, when you go to work at at at at a mechanics, shop. You want what we want to be an automotive mechanic and that's where you wanna go what is it? What do you want? What do I tell them when they call here to say, could echo Charles flip burgers effectively and efficiently and reliably, and I have to say No, he couldn't, he was late, on a regular basis or whatever, What, if I say hey, you know what echoes, Davy was totally reliable, good girl, great attitude yeah. If you look in hire somebody, that's gonna be able to be a real bonus inside your organization, ECHO, Charles, the guy
what I want to do for you, but you gotta at least you know something for me to serve European. If you're, working with that those this kind of entry level positions show them the strategic for the company for the business, but also show them strategically. Could look? Kids don't get that these days? I would never These days, I you know, you know I ended up. Doing ok in life is because join the Navy, and they will. Do this nice Roger one to be good seal, just that that enough that guidance, that that all was enough for me to like keep me out of trouble. Keep me from being a total idiot partial we have plenty of time kept me on a big, been a total idiot, will, you have the opportunity to show somebody show a younger person pay you're. Doing right now is connected to the future. You might want to think about it. Here's, what is your future? Oh, ok! Well you
be whatever you want to be. First step is weapon burgers, that's ok, flip, I'm good! Don't Burnham! Keaton can keep together. Note that these competitive advantages exist across the competition continuum and not only in time of war. We can exercise in part to demonstrate the United States has a military capability could use if necessary. The exist of these capabilities can impose costs on potential rival, because the rival mainly to expand resources if they want to overcome or negate a? U S, camp the advantage, as there I will pursue circle, sir you're you're making other. People pay another little little plug for the marine corps? it was you gotta have a sneak out. I was well trained and none of us well prepared for battle, because that makes everyone else imposed.
The costs and everybody else, which is a positive thing. Recording is more exercise. When viewed from this perspective, we gain an insight into how a military competitive advantage can help us compete with a rival, also note that it needs to be a conscious decision on when and how to reveal our most sensitive competitive advantages. Minimum we should leverage such revelations for advantage the information element of power. Other capabilities might be cloaked in secrecy and silver actually need to be. U southern awesome right, don't just reveal Special move that you have to kick someone's ass Yemen we are celebrating, I think at least I'm just this is the Firstly, of of the kick off a desert storm, just I think, was oh unrecorded squabbling, general seventeenth, eighteen, eighty one that was the kick off of desert storm in this kind of a kid want to be a pilot, and that was
The big reveal for us on that one that people understand us is the stealth fighter, and all of a sudden night, there's big Tripoli, in anti aircraft system can be the Roma. More was most robust air defence system ever and zero in Iraq and all of a sudden thing just are blowing up in Baghdad, and nobody has any idea why they're just sitting there watching things blow up, there's nothing on. Our there's, nothing out there. As far as I know that they can hear aeroplanes flying overhead because the jet engines or make a sound and then things it is blowing up and were basically told the word, oh by the way hated? To have to do this? you're wondering this is what we can do you might want to, and that thirty years ago. Our competitors are just just now. Thank you out of time and money invested in them, trying to build cell technology, which has been a huge race and a big competition. We showed that the world on days here of the war and as a pilot, obviously we think about that too is the competitive advantage, makes other people go well. Maybe it's not worth going to war with them. Maybe this is
worth it. Maybe this investment we're making is not worth because the outcome they can do things we need to know exist. So They revelation of that when carefully in time well can can be a huge advance you're, not dimension, they had no time to adapt to it. If we re told them, they were to figure out some methodology or those attempted to figure out a more accurate radar or some kind of a defence system that could spot these air after overhead yards example of how you do it If it happens, if you just you too, I give you have that move that Europe, good at you go for it is surprise anymore, I'm not saying you, I'm gonna get it, but it's not a surprise and now put the person's expecting. It so you might wanna do it may want to hang onto to it just for email little bit, Deeper into that role, let that personally breathing hard, but the o too. Start a lack
All types of competitive advantages can atrophy. However, they all need appropriate practice exercising and improving if they are to remain advantages in the dynamic environment of international competition Jesse, you can't You can't rest on our laurels ever you can't rest on their laurels ever competitors as since competitors are complex, adaptive systems again this this competitors are complex adaptive system. I guess we kind of me to say it right. We make it clear but it does make it even more meaning they have many parts in these parts interact with each other in Non linear, often unpredictable ways consider IRAN's national security decision making structure to some outside observers they may
appear to function as a strictly hierarchical organ organization, with all important decisions being made by the Supreme leader and present at the top of the pyramid. However, the real story is much more complex. Much the Supreme Leaders Authority comes from inform relationships. He has with talk top commanders in Ethel security infrastructure and through the press Of his clerical representatives in military organisations, even though the president is the chairman of the Supreme Council for National Security, his power and flows, because the Supreme Leader is the commander in chief and may bypass the president through informal relationships. So even in vat like they said very strict, what what appears to be strict hierarchy all over them, guess what's more important relationships relationships are more important in the chain of command, even in autocratic country like I ran
the military structure itself can act and, on the predict, always especially islamic revolutionary guards. Theyve develops again and separate political power based on it financial resources because it controls many businesses in every sector. We are any american economy. Each he's power centres among others, jockeys were power inside. I ran working to advance their own internal or domestic interests, so it's complicated it, complicated, and you were crazy when you see liked video ever seen, videos ever in our pictures- and I ran in like nineteen, whatever one thousand nine hundred and seventy three holy Westernize looks just like everything's good to go. Skip unfordable, but developing a model of how a competitor system fits together helps identify their compare strength weaknesses at a bit.
Level. Each of these systems consists of people, ideas and things. The people make the system work. They also analyzes performance over time, because are also responsible for sustaining or improving the system's competitive advantages. The ice use of the system are found in the goals it pursues in concepts. It processes and process it uses to operate in the world Oh famously stated politics as war without bloodshed. While war is politics with bloodshed, this quote suggest a mindset blurs the lines between peace and war? The mindset this idea rates may give a competitor and advantage in operating near the fire, the violence, so that's statement from now. We sort of the same thing that this whole there's a continual right
politics, which is war without blood and then at some point you turn it into war. Now we got politics or bloodshed. Phenomena dig into this one a little bit. Ideally, there are things then added or created to support the people and the ideas within the system source, we're talking about people, ideas and things. With this in mind, within the system helping it achieve its goals, this in mind. We can look at a competitor system and create a model of how it fits together where it is strong and where it is vulnerable. Finally, the creating this model, Marines must remain discipline in its use models are useful but imperfect. They are theories about the systemic star, of arrival we to remain alert for opportunities to improve our models we learn more about how real our competitors operate in the real world now this is this is the the thing that I so so they talk about this simple people, ideas and things like that sort of
What a competitors system is- and I added while others up for debate but I'll- throw out there for you people ideas and thinks that sort of what you judge how your competitors going operate. I I think Perhaps there is possibly one more that needs to be added, may be covered by people and it may be covered by ideas. Not things look a little bit. That is, that is the idea of execution or taking action. So You can have people, you can have ideas and you can have fix, but if you can't exit then you you're dead in the water. Now you could say its people that needs make things execute. So, ok, I get that, but I just
felt the need to kind of call that out, because when I look at a competitor I think about yes, they got these people. Yes, they got when I got this team. They ve got his ideas. Ok, I get there. They ve got some competitive. Is there a disadvantages? Have you ve got things they gotta? They ve got things. But all three those things without execution. To me, I'm not worried about Maybe I'm worried about you ve can execute. So I am I am I reach into. Am I not giving enough credit to people possibly I mean I I guess that you could dig into deeper what they mean by that. But when you said The first thing that went into my mind: it works in the opposite, And to is that they might not have the best. Well, well trained people. Be their tools are outdated in their systems. Aren't so great is their antiquated and maybe not big budgets, but if these people have been executed and what
the brought me to us how many times you ve said on this podcast is who we were fighting in Iraq. HU, we are fighting. It's ok to their things. There are things were garbage on paper compared arse garbage they will rusty. They were all day and and I don't mean it like that their people like something or other people, but they can have the training we had. They don't have the resources they had their people, weren't invested in the way that we invested in our people, but you know what they have been doing. They ve been executing for a really long time, so that peace Maybe somebody could say well that's what people as an end might be missing that, but I'm thinking of but, like I know what I mean, Marine disorders and with those people are and It's really easy to look across ago. Those people, those people, an end, just dismiss what they are, but those people had been executing- and they were really good as a result and offset where we thought we big advantage. Look at our gear! Look at our training on paper. It should have been it, but it should have been a once
an affair. If you measured over those things in what they weren't measuring was the than the value of the. I think what you're saying is the accusing you even what you just said like come. If you take it Cooper Marines or you take a group of soldiers. And they have training and it's all good, but look if they dont execute and you could say well on marine- is going to execute we It's actually not sure. It's it's a good idea. We need their soldiers gonna, a soldier with a with opportune leader, is going to execute, not necessarily true, so to me, It's all it's almost like a fourth thing that does make sense in there. You actually thought that the third one was gonna, be the execution people think an exit people, people, ideas, ideas and execution here that what sort almost I can listen to you. As you said, a good thing. Sidham Dave sit on paper because, like that's kind of really, what that holds,
can. It seems like it is because okay, so people ideas and things, but people and ideas is it's almost. Poor is what you can do and then execution is what you will do so the saw again on paper where you have this capability. You have this many people with this capability with these tools and what they can do with these tools and then, but then, just like I said and doesn't mean that they're gonna do it in a like this. Are you there's a default aggressive? It's like that's that that very kind of thing we have to implement to create this execution. You ever seen a Mme fight that was about to happen and on paper that got fighter a should destroy fighter be and what it was.
What is the problem when he loses the promise he doesn't execute. Yet the good enough to go to deep into the may think so. Remember servant a cowboy phrony condiment, Gregor Rachel. You like ceremony, is in executing guy. He executed executes, but then Conor is like a cerebral guy like he'll play up stuff, be or the fight as well from the kind of create that that third man in the ring and that third monitoring in this case was to get in Where the execution and there's like a video on it to that theorize this, where Conway Rigour was usually he's talking to the guy telling on basically how much like junker of a fighter. Then then he is aware, but it was the opposite. This time use like using all manner, respect them and user friendly was really friendly. Actually so it theoretically created this mindset. Donald ceremonies in his mind, that's like all the and color took away from his execution instinct.
You know so using ices, like all it's not as were kind of rose rose in a way you know it's like super respect, will fight, and then you see Conor how he came out and the fight all crazy, and it's almost like he almost it in a word. We surprised just with how hard he was executing on a guy who usually executes, but that element didn't seem to be there as much. You know so sick man that execution part of it, but that's a huge to new and this problem cowboy props, o Connor Cowboy duty, he he's got some ups and he does million other things. I wrote something down as you were getting to know your connection. Those too graphs and it's it's really interesting disappeared here. The conversations that you just had an that adding that additional peace
I wrote down in my margin year. You dont know. And so this model this thing this we create and and the military does this all that, when the cream models for everything amateur one thousand simulations against my machine that we do models revenue, we create this, and it was saying I hate dont rely on that model that's even more evidence the the the you dont know We can create a model that can be useful, for what can competition can back what we think economies and look like, and we can look at history? We can create a whole bunch of things that help us big decisions, but at the end of all that you, don't know you don't know it. So if you don't know. How useful it getting back to the first things. How use was to dig it on your way of doing it? If you really dont know and that's really, whether this ain't, even I could say, Jackal I've, run the numbers I've done. This now as a competitive. These last three a roll out to these. If I can give you a thousand reasons why this is the answer and at the end I should say but on it, but I still don't know because you don't know- and that's really
part of what this is saying to end the peace in their when you talk the implementation of that work, the action. We're all gonna happen, so not knowing and acknowledging you No is also really powerful thing at your building. This framework, in your mind, how things are going to do it? so that introduces the idea of I know what you think is gonna happen and I'm not going to allow that to occur, which, as you know what game You think, if I can convince you that our eye Dave you and I are going to stand up- and you see this is like that, the the most Lame example, but you know some of its Ike, you know some wrestler, that's like no way I'm going to I'm going to knock it out, I'm going to knock him out, I'm going to knock him out and he's trying to convey the other person that, like we're, gonna, stand and fight you'd, have to worry about your ground game or whatever, and then he goes out and takes it down and does what he's gonna do it's? What game
you gonna play like I'm, going to get you out of your game that when you do take away your competitive, actually Jermys Stevens against Pettus, Anthony Pettus, and you know. Anthony palaces striker primarily about? I was cornering Germany on that fight and Germany's got you know fists of lead any Knox, people out any. He might not be most technical striker months is not technically not, I would say not as technical as Anthony Pettus was at that time, and so we're going into the fight Jeremy, deftly gonna, fight, thinking, hey, it's been a cool. I'm going to stand up. I know I can take a punch and I'm going to connect at some point with Pegasus Chin and I'm going to win. What do pets do came out, took him down and it was a surprise surprise to me surprise to Jeremy,
and that's the way it went, but he he changed. He did what we didn't expect him to do, which is just a brilliant move right. So all the things that you think you know done happen. Had another fighters like hey, aren't you gonna work ground game and he's like I can I'm not gonna get taken down by this guy, and I said man you better. At least you know work to get up off your back I'm not gonna get taken down here. Not good enough of arrest Take me out he's a striker, ok cool. What happened? This is, after the lessons learned right. The lessons learnt from Germany to give better be ready for whatever you better trained to fight, because you can't what the hell is that what you're saying Dave, I can't per day What the enemy is going to do can predicted The enemy is gonna. Do I might think one thing, but I That doesn't mean I can blow off every other possibility at all. What I need to do is be prepared to fight You know the closest thing that they say this is perfect, it's the kindest, I'm sure I value
duck shoes at where am I missing? And maybe they are talking like she's, not just don't seem like the closest, I think they have as they say, Annalise. You know the the opponent's performance two so you're sort of talking about excuse me real. He doesn't really do it, but I think maybe an additional item to assess your opponent is necessary, and that is people, ideas, things and execution? we, also look at our own and to increase our competitive advantages or create new ones, for example. Do that in our system have the necessary skills and attitudes require to sustain our competitive advantages. Dude, Have the skills to build new ones at an no level does the target. Population for our recruiting efforts have the right education in a similar way? Can we look at our ideas, do or operate concepts. Give us an advantage and things do. Does any of our equipment provide overmatch to avail,
There are competitiveness and system. Again to me. We can check that we reject the ideas. We can check the things we can check the people. I better check the execution None of this stuff matters without execution. It's not always true, that the organization with the newest or most equipment wins. The competition quote Dave Burke, sometimes aside, it is able to combine adequate mature with innovative new ideas becomes the winner. From this analysis, we can then increase our existing advantage or create new ones as deem necessary. Means in competition as similarity described in war. Fighting the highest level of competition involve the use of all the elements of power. Marines are primarily concerned with the military aspects of competition, but we must not conceal In isolation from the other elements of national Power WAR, states quote
the use of military force may take any number forms from the mere deployment of forces. As a demonstration of resolve to the enforcement of a negotiated truth truce, two general warfare, with sophisticated weaponry. End quote here. We see the alignment between our war fighting competition, doctrines start to immerse. So the whole point of this thing in war, we impose our will honour adversary vehicle duration is not required, going back to influence and leadership bright, competition, we make use of military force to attract or coerce when attraction. We use incentives talking earlier about the care we use incentives to induce arrival or other political actor to adopt purposes, in favourable to us or otherwise allow us to reach our goals, and you know what.
Sometimes, when I talk about leadership, I talk about efficiency and sometimes people think the most efficient thing for me to do is say Dave. You need to use this route, to get to the target. Have you will think that's the most for aid and, it's really hard to see past that, because clearly, if I have to say you dont Haiti will. How do you want to do it and we have to have a discussion about it? It takes us another. Seven minutes before I finally comply with actually, which you want to do, and that's it lot less efficient, but the efficient, comes out ten fold in the field and in the x, the execution. What's that but the execution. It's because, as a leader, you have to recognise that what you are doing is not getting to point. One being be patrol. That's not what the actual goal is. That might be this little mission is mission, but we are trying to do is create a leader that, at some point can go far. Or for you independently, without you being there in a way that reinforce so it's this? commission that sought that's not even what you're trying to do and that its.
It's that mirage of this is the best way to get it done. I get basically what do and look what happened. He did it mission accomplished. That is only true if the thing you're actually doing is getting from point a to point B, which simple, is not what you do, it's not what you are doing, that zoo percent of the time. Zero. Is that what you're doing when using coercion. We compel arrival taken action in our favour or to stop taking action, does not favour or we make use of military force to deter arrival from taking action in the first place, for both components and deter Our goal is to use the threat of military force to chief, our desired outcome, for to be the case. Our competitive advantage must be clear enough to our rival that, in effect, the decisions they make the what's interesting about. This is. When I'm your boss Dave. I have to remember that went on. Talking to you. There is a free
of me being able to fire you. I might not even say a word about it, so I have to kind of consciously mitigate that thread. Silver. You will push back against me so that you will understand that I am open to your ideas. I have to consciously do that. Some eggs not just compliant. Just Europe Cosette threats there, and sometimes we with companies where people are just scarred. No one will say nothing back the Basque as the last boss tyrannical idiot that market. When I told what to do and fired half the organization and every was was scared all the time to make a move That's why I'm by the way, that's why we short there, because the businesses failing because there is total centralize commanded, it doesn't work. Are you gotta use the threat of military force for this to be the case, our competitive advantage must be clear enough for a rival to affects their decisions. Note that a complete the Danish does not necessarily equal military superiority, a competitive strength of will, along with
Military tools of policy are part of the equation. To attraction. Political actors often use various forms of attraction to achieve their goals to attract Want to in two tracks as to induce entice or persuade someone into doing something in negotiations reward or incentive forts I want to make a choice that is favourable to us, can say that then attraction. Is that counterpoint to coercion and said? Are you pressure to help our goals we use on type reward. Instead, ok, carrot: stick, that's it we're talking about Marines participating attraction strategies all the time, demonstrating our professional commitment to our national values when conducting bilateral training in recent years. Example, as part of U s larger? U S, attraction trudging marine, provide Marines provided training on amphibious operations to an important ally. Japan check, that's what that's what the Marines are doing all the time,
but the entire militaries doing all the time. That's what we need to continue We get into coercion fast, boredom local actors. Often use coercion has a way to achieve their goals. Coerce, someone is to pressure intimidate or for some one into doing something or to reach one goes through the use of pressure threat or force. There is a big difference in India, Jitsu between attraction and coercion. Attraction is like you get someone to defend their neck, so that you can take their on which the EU can also forced them to put themselves in a certain position. I guess, but that was a little bit of a bad example cause you're gonna have to defend your neck so you're coercing them to get those hands position it does it does this by influencing the adversaries will or incentive structure. It is a strategy that often combines the threat of force
if necessary. The limited, controlled use of force with positive inducements coercion has two forms. Components and deterrence compounds is a threat in time to make an adversary. Do something to take a specific Sean deterrence is a threat intended to inhibit in amateur adversary from taking a particular action to prevent it from you in getting started. In both cases, the target of coercion must be cooperate must cooperate because the target must decide to comply with the goal of an actor who is applying the colors This cooperation is not friendly or willing, but still must exist, for coercion, be effective, learn from not willing. So so the system can be clear, so the coercion, positive and negative, or the so courage and, like all gamut of forces, skier intimidate dispersant to do something verses, not verses, but on end, then. Additionally, the other cohesion method is too
Intimidate them to not do something yes, either compelling them do something or your deterring them from doing something, but you kind of have to participate in it right, like you, gotta, quite like I'm, like in eleven of a security guard or something I k, don't tell on us or don't whatever cause we're gonna go in this backdoor to rob a bank or whatever Nino re like so I'm a bank robber article rubbed the bank. I know the Security Guard embassy, hey, I went to work at a rubber bank. Don't stop us, or else were going to kill you and ok, yes, coercion, front to force him to not do some bright, but he, but the point here is that he has to him. He has to be willing to do it. You're, not just for you- could tat you could take his head up. We can't even talker room now doesn't matter where these willing rise not doing great
similarly variability before the bank robbery is like went in the planning process. You know maybe the mink rotten, not pencroft, but the security guards my neighbour something and then it would be. Ok, we're gonna rubber. You're on your shift. If so, you can't call the cops sound the alarm or would I will kill you or kill you what our colours were yet also bad plan think so. Good now he's gonna tell everybody before it happened. Not if I core is incorrectly you better have like his child in the trunk of your car forever sees not happening the idea of using coercion in a competition can be misleading if we do not identify the assumptions that support its use. Its often assume that a stronger nation can naturally coerce are weaker one into doing what However, this assumption may not be true if the weaker nation is willing to absorb more punishment than the stronger one. Can
or will deliver or stay committed to its goals over a longer programme. This is one of the things that we always have to think about. This is in the Vietnam war. When we tried to say you know what we can kill a hundred and fifty of them forever. One of us that they kill and we should bear that's a win, how we lose that how they are you lose it. Those hundred fifty mean less to the to the communist government than the one does to the american people in America yeah well you're model places the same value on people for your enemy as it does for yourself angle. We ve run nobody would tolerate this. We would never tolerate is lost while they will- and I was thinking same thing. I was thinking of what, when the Soviets in vain Afghanistan and again how lopsided that appeared, but in terms of the UN what they were willing to endure and how long they are willing to ensure that sooner or later, dislike eight. When I do it
We can't do this anymore. You're were ordered on her or dagger. It says: the next. We call this a sum: asymmetry of interests, in this case the weaker has the more powerful desire to achieve its interest in the stronger nations. Is you have to watch out for this? So you have to watch out for that from as a leader when you're working with a subordinate- and you start to S wait through the continuum of influence- and you don't? in nice that may be there. Care if they get fired in all you say you one more word, are you and you're gonna get fired and they don't care that the example as apparent with kids, probably a lot of folks because, as you know, certainly as your kids get off, that threat of violence. Becomes so much less use like a. If you do this on a common ground. You, like ok, I'll to sneak out a few, seek automatic occur. We call
the the willingness for them to just out last. You want principle alone or the willingness to endure, whatever you are going to impose on them. You have to calculate in your mind what their willing to endure so you hear about miscalculation. So my my son had gotten little out of line when he was young and he was in a very austere. I put him into a very austere environment too. Two core similar seem to understand what he had done wrong and well. We don't do it kind of thing- and that was really strict and its indicted by the way, it's no fun for for the parent right. We don't want to be strict, we want alike, have fallen and it's all good and we want to buy toys and we wanted to, but you, but when you go austere, you're doing any that has not fallen so
over time. As you know, he he was straightening out, he's probably like seven and eventually? No, he had gotten. You know some toys back and then he gotten you know his, You could use a pillow again in his bedroom hand, you know those kind of creature comforts are of coming back and then to three months later ice Eads near Somethin's little spark of like wait, a second and and when I called this because he was young. I called this year. I have to be strict with you, so then I started being unless strictly start again, some of these privileges back and then what and her step. In line with what I said, I am going to have to get strict with you again and he said something along the lines of like. I think. Maybe you should solar.
Can be tougher he's like a what because I did not I resided wanted to check, but I wanted to let go. Let's go back to party, let's go back to the freaking ghetto playing with toys and have a decent. Maybe I maybe you should so I can be tougher and I was damn it. He just want the of wills. You want, you can take, go ahead, you should actually gradually one level deeper. Like you sure, it's in my best here is my best interest you to do that. Let's do it immediately! So but you gotta pay attention. The kids come out come out you, psychological warfare, in for should information play? A special role in competition narratives play an important part because they are what gives meaning to a set of facts
for example, to complicate matters, may both desire to possess, protect your island? One of them may have a narrative that explains Vair claimed the island on the basis of historical ownership. The other may have a narrative lets us people are currently use. The island and current position makes their claim stronger to narratives with each other, to give facts meetings. I got a good question on you have in mind the other day frequency of automotive. But it was along the lines of hey. How do we develop this culture? And my answer was you need to tell the story of what's going on? and when we talk about inasmuch ass, the marine corps Drink or tells the story gets, has gone off in the last bogged down about about this. Odd. Leader makes a difference. That thing is primed and ready to rock and roll on biogas. So the narrative that you tell the information that you put out. There was just.
Some poor demonstrating capability and exercise and then think and then communicating so that it affects a competitors. Thinking. Is another way marine Jews, information leaders. Determined what capabilities to reveal and winter reveal them as part of a large part approach. However much space ethically revealed publicity. Adherence to high standards in realistic training. Can help sustain the marine corps. Reputational advantage and effective thinking of our nations competitors once again, the Marine corps, with this manual is increasing their budget its attraction for the deity is what it is. Marines need to understand the impact of culture when they use information as competitive tool. Cultural differences but how narratives are interpreted by various audiences? One message might be understood in one country in a way that is significantly different from how it is understood in another Marines.
Count for this in focus the narratives we use so that our target He understands our message. The way tat we intend yes, no the story noticed we're going back to the unravelling podcast. What is your story? No people stories, the spectrum and styles of competition, the next section of the EU, Your condition of internal relations is one of competition across the elements of national power. Below the violence threshold. We typically see activities from the non military, backs of national power, for example economic, competition is seen as national at the national Level struggle for market share, in particular industry or the effort to negotiate favourable terms in a trade agreement- escalation on spectrum. We see sharper economic acts like industrial espionage, the forbidden inaction, intellectual property uses sanctions. What's interesting about this is
How often do we go to war right, like you think about all the interactions that America has globally for the last two hundred and forty fifty years old all these interactions- all the time, are costly happening terror, sanctions and to all these things are happening all the time and very seldom do we actually pull the trigger in crossing the threshold of violence and that's We should do that is as as frequently as possible, obviously- and you assess your own leadership in the same spectrum. How often do use direct leadership. It should be. Dream, we infrequently. Repetitive actions can also move the line up or down over time. This is about that. This is about how you, how you kind of mood, up and down. These continues. All the time.
Gradualism and salami slicing, which we talked about my ass one competitors use these activities in an effort to achieve their aims without provoking a state of war or a strong reaction. Didn't to competing through attraction, coercion and various forms illustrated above Marines can also compete by imposing costs. We impose impose costs on arrival when we develop a credible capability and arrival spend resources in order to encounter it, for example, Department of Defense has experienced increasing cyber attacks in the past decades. This impose costs because a department events has to spend time and money to develop civilian train counter attacks. We can also thats what We can also impose costs during war when we first have forced the average adversary too for resources from their preferred In order to counter one of our capabilities.
And then we can, in the threshold of violence, Read of violence and violent acts are competitive. Who was in international relations. The goal of posturing is to affect the decision making of the target to make them. So fearful of the damage they might receive if the posturing, the violence that they submit and let the posture achieve their goals. It places want into a favor position. Should violence follow just think about that psychologically? If we to think about the continuum of influence or leadership you start using direct influence, that's what You're doing your crossing over that threshold, where people are forced to submit That's why you get the equal opposite reaction. Cases, pottering briefly briefly crossed the threshold and violence occurs to demonstrate the resolve of the actor. The brief this brief use,
I was still has the same aim, which is to effect the targets decision. Many actors intent we tried to obscure or confuse exactly where this threshold lies. Man, that's a good one. I where's that threshold you ever were known someone like that just crazy eyes like a crazy eyes person about your bar Europe, bouncing at a bar, some people where you don't know where the line as they could shank you at any moment. Right and now you have to contend with that and there's people that proactively proactively prop up that image. Right is too good move What went where you have, you might think. That's a good move is a leader, but what really doing is now. What you're doing is your inducing more fear, and now I don't know when you're gonna, lash out,
and so now there on eggshells and are afraid to speak up and speak out and it's a problem. This has been oh. They do this to cause enough ambiguity and hesitation that they can achieve their aims with little or no interference. This has been true, historically and will likely increase in the future. Some rivals use capabilities like certain cyber space activities that have destructive effects, but false sort of some definitions of violence and effort to obscure whether or not they would across the threshold as apportion the envelope supporting. U S calls Marines perform missions on both sides of the violence threshold in case Marines were introduced into situations below the violence threshold. But then a political group performed a violent act against: U S, interests, discipline, response of the Marines than occurred above the threshold of violence. But the violence was limited and did not reach the level of conventional war. For me
repairs of violence. The competition again fell below the violence threshold. In most cases, now we get into decision making initiative and response. You might just call that whole execution, Amato who percent sure, but you might Marines art, that decision making is essential. Since all actions are the result of decisions or of non decisions, is so powerful. The paint things so clearly. This is who ever wrote this opener right here, because you know you how many people wrote this book Dave six sixty six, the first that the wrote the section digital, a bonus cry, Marines are taught the decision making is essential, since all actions are the result of decisions or of non decisions,
if we lack the will required to make a decision than we have willingly surrendered the initiative to our full. If we consciously postponed taking action. For some reason, this is also a decision, so there you boom. That's the little section. Gotta highlight terminal lance out there This is why, whereas what we're talking about initiative is input, is it is as important. Competition as it isn't, war gaining the Steve means our competitor must react to us. We can gain it by Prs and in a dilemma to our competitor and all by setting the tempo of the activity taking place. Brian stand when he was honest, operational temple. Key luck, Maggie he what you know everyone's got their move right introduced. You haven't got there, you know they gotta deity. They got that come euro. They got that he'll hook,
right stand was on her. I just remember I'm talking about the operational towards cut it out. That's where you that's what this guy's talkin about, setting the temple the activity Marines must assume that potential competitors understand initiative as well as we do thus we'll take actions in order to gain the initiative. Many com, There is also seek to create ambiguity about their actions, which leads to a problem of attribution. We are not certain who performed a certain action, then cannot attribute that action to any particular actor. This off delays are response and slows our tempo conversing if we improve understanding of how of our competitor, we can be prime to a tribute, their actions ways that slow there tempo instead its to know that it be older, recognise o this, isn't just it's not just that I can't figure out exactly who did this is that I am now my
loop is slowing down right now, because I think they But I can't be sure Competition essentially always exists. Its intensity varies over the course of time. We must also understand that the long timelines involved in competition mean decisions and actions sometimes play out over months or years even decades. In some cases, this often result in opportunistic behaviour, as rivals take advantage of conditions to achieve their strategic goals without crossing the vial, threshold or cost briefly returning below the threshold before triggering a war opportunities often created when conditions suddenly change or temporarily such when a pandemic strikes a pen, strikes which is interesting out of their wrote this before after I get they probably slid it in their everyday lives. Ya think this was drafted it like this last year.
They slid it in their such ass. This diverts attention and resources which creates a gap for an alert competitor to exploit having No fixed time line for achieving goals plus opportunism also leads to incremental ism, which is the effort to achieve a goal by adding together a number of small steps taken on a path to achieving our goals. Incompatible competition requires action which comes from making decisions there or what Marines are taught for war fighting serves them well here, provided they also applied judgment recognizing how timelines can differ between war and the rest of the competition continual so this idea of incremental ism is something we you beyond the look out for you I'll be on the lookout for that slow, creeping,
maneuver that your enemies making and at some point you gotta, draw the line. What, I recommend, is Is that a drawing a line? You do? What you do you incrementally respond so when makes a little maneuver. That's but offensive to me don't say: well, he isn't really cross the line. I actually give a little bit of a check will check, checks offer from a leadership perspective. What does that mean? It means Dave winds. Eve decides. He's gonna spend a little bit too much money on the got on the on the company credit card Don't just go well me ass. I don't will even across line, I might say, hey David, I see ass. She got it to my expenses here. That are what is this? Wouldn't you by justice is Jack, just checking Oh yeah, I you know, I just needed some on some oil for my car. Ok
car yeah yeah. Well, looking with was for company chip now non, I hey algae up. I'll talk to you will get shot Are you try to incrementally see if you can start put real stuff on the company credit card? No, you can, but if I dont checking If, instead I draw a line in the sand when all the sudden you've developed a pattern and you've gotten a habit, and you can actually come back with the other. Do this for a while. I don't want any of that. I'm going to check you and my going to check you with a with a hockey stick across the face. No, I'm going to give you a little test a little. I'm here I see what's happening. I don't draw a line in the sand because in a line in the sand can be offensive, and why did you break a rule.
If you knew the rules there, if you broke a rule, I pray we did a bad job of explaining that pay man company credit cards, we use them for company business and what we do, do we can have a bunch of little charges. Knock over time and then we look up and we we, we have lost a bunch of money and spend it on things that don't really benefit company. So anything that you think you're using for your personal gain or for Europe, for your personal life is not allowed. So that's a little bit of a line, but I'm I'm not smacking you with it. I'm shown it to the end. You got you have options. When you take that approach, you can visit there's a lot of different things. You can do in there And the problem with the line is that that basically I miss you too, too we have responded to a course of action that you it's really really
to maneuver away from that If you're using a lie like hey, I just draw the line and that jocose not going to cross the line, and I use it. The tool to keep you from doing it. Then it's actually what I'm really willing to do. You have almost no maneuver space there and you talk what does all time you wanna keep as many options as much maneuverability ass, you can and that line all that away from me, and if a line is just a tool to get you to comply, and person. This is talking about an adversary. This is learn adversary. Looking for ways to commit to that, that limits anything that limit your options and certainly in others by the Marine corps, is something we don't want. Isn't a beautiful thing when. The line is implied with such strength that I never even said it, but you knew not across a tell me how many, how many charges have you made on your company credit card for your personal gave? The answer is it right now
new and that here and not out of fear of compliance either or or compliance based on fear, but out of the recognition of why that actually is what you should be doing in You know, there's some things inside here that translate perfectly in there's some things you actually can have to think about, because there there this this publication of this this manual was, is really in a lot of ways talking about competitors and there's the computer. There's a component there that that directly can- the aligns well when you are competing with you're running, accompanied there's a competitive companies, but the connection to the litter Lee to peace, to your people. You got a kind of Tralee that a little bit you don't want to go to war with your people. Goal ways and to set that to establish your authority, so they comply. You want to avoid that almost all costs, but you know, Europe is the same thing with my kids. Do I want my my son to know that there is a line? Yes, he and he knows
he almost well it happens, but he doesn't cross that line very often I'm not forced to respond in the in a limited way very office. But I want you to know that, yes, Let's say there is a street in front of your house really busy woods who put the line that your son? What when he's forty years old, would you put the line at the street? How now You put the line a little further back, and would you would you then, escalate like hey? You can't go past this. This is This is twenty yards from that road, where you could get killed. That's what we do now. In the evening, the actual line where you're gonna like give significant punishment, because you half do because you, after you have to do you have to in, impress upon the kid. Like my my dog kid dog, my dog, I have this at my house if my dog goes out off my front porch
He's gonna be on a street with his course give him hard corrections when he was a puppy that dog done leave their he knows what's up, he knows that he can't do it. So that's what lot and the bottom line. Isn't it you go off. My go another fifteen. Words before you actually get hit, but I don't give An extra fifteen yards- ok here this don't go, don't go across his line any trained any understands it. So, let's What you gonna watch out for in your dog might not ever make this connection but the obvious go with your people. Is that no recognition? that is in their best interests to try to help them, and that's that That's the piece of ok when you're talking about your adversaries and you, the tugela, but about cohesion, in some way, were actually either avatar, is basically trying to say: hey, don't do this year, This is in your best interests. Please don't do this or-
I'm in a really need you to do this, but from a leader standpoint all those things even those lines that you draw the He'll situation is usually there is actually what's in their best interests and that in their pushing it gets, you might want to find out why they are pushing against that anyway. Just think that that connection of what's in their best interests and that that line I mean we You want to be able to maneuver as much as possible all the time and keep as many options, openness as as possible, and so that line should be. Be real, cautious about drawing that explicitly, and if you do, if you get an understand. Why that's there that's so much more powerful than it's just a I'm. Going to I'm going to a movie at the crossing point the. Why is huge I don't understand why. Then it's an arbitrary thing that you throw up there Look, I'm not saying that you shouldn't have that, because if people, the EU should absolutely have lines where a you cross, the line you made, it is ethical mistake, you do something, that's that's active
Freaking criminal you're done that's where we're up. Just so everybody knows you do something like that you do you're done period historic, there's, no denying discussion. So don't do that. Getting into the conclusion like war competition serves policy but use He does so over longer. Spans of time these long time line fleet has to look for a policy aims in our enduring national interest with a spa. Of these interests emphasised by current state of domestic policies. Politics again apply them. To your personal life, apply that your business. What are you trying to do? What Your enduring interests. Attraction is important concept. In our theory of competition. It uses incentives and rewards to get another political actor to act differently. In ways that are aligned with our interests that we're doing as leader were using traction. Were you
in coercion. Where were you, the stick were using the carrot. What do we want to use? We want use. We want to use the carrot as much as possible, and you know what we want them to think. They found that care. Cohesion is another important component of our theory. It takes two forms: components to cause a rival to take action, favourable to our goals and deterrence, to cause a rival to not take action. That's what you're asking earlier. I think I'll go if I gave you that clear of an answer In war we impose our will on an enemy, coercion. We need our rivals cooperation because they must decide to comply with our wishes, even if their collapse, is unwilling. The existence of the marine corps is a coercive tool for the nation. If it's cool, It of advantages advantage is made clear to arrival,
auditors act like systems, they have many parts that interact with each other in complex often unpredictable ways. This also means competitors have strengths and weaknesses as competition unfolds over time, the rival systems can sense what their competitors trying to do and adapt or evolve in an effort to improve their competitive advantage is always these will often blend the threat of violence or the use of violence itself, with other tools to gain an advantage. This constantly shifting mixture can get using which is part of a goal compared there's often intend for this confusion to help them reach their goals by causing their rivals to hesitate. This So helps them regain the initiative so that they can set the pace tempo for the competition
More two hours now not even get anywhere with chapter three next, you know something that I I I say, and I think you and I are disgusted. Today on the phone Dave. The best way to win is when the enemy doesn't even know the right what's on Sue was the supreme. What on Sue said was the Supreme ART of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting that's what we're trying to do to win to influence Dave without Dave, even knowing that I influenced them. I want a manoeuvre, my ideas into your head to the you think they're they're dead, you're there. Your ideas I want to. Pre we remove your will to fight before you even think you should be in a fight before
before you even think you should be putting up resistance. You already are thinking that you don't want to resist. That's my goal. I want to make you a champion of my cause, as if it were your own gas network to make up it and by the way. What what makes this easy, what makes this actually makes it easy is win my cause is your cause, because It helps you if Mama you're trying to convince do something that doesn't help. You manage freakin hard, and I can align my goals with your goals, I can give you ownership. That allows that allows these strategies and tactics for you to get bored with what I want you to do, and you don't even know that I'm trying to make you do it so
It's why most important things about this man or simply making you aware that your competing, and you have to be aware that you are also influencing all the time and you're on that spectrum and you're you're on that continuing in your either gaining leadership, capital or you're spending it, and if you do it right, people on board and that and the deeper part of that is, you are actually telling them towards victory for them. If you do it right, you're prepared. Them towards victory and they are happy to be moving there. I'm trying to get Dave to do something that he's resistant to end its help him in the long run. It can help us in the long run. Why is he resistant? I need to listen to him to see what what
is resistance, is wisely resisting that's what we're doing we're on a constant continuum of influence. Yes, we're competing, but were influencing as leaders, ECHO were also competing. Obviously, we, to stay competitive right in a multitude of ways will say any on any ways that you can recommend for us too. Maybe maintain or improve our competitive advantage in the world. Would you think we got advantage Victor Burst, one which
think kind goes unnoticed and you do a job and in reminding us from time to time is what game are you playing isn't that, like kind of one of the questions you used to always get like what motivates you and still kind of a question like that, you kind of got to ask yourself a lot of time because a kind of seems ok so like getting in shape right, for example, or being in sit shape, statesmanship, whatever rate like first for the average person on whatever that even means cuz? I don't know what that actually even is butt to wake up at four hundred and thirty and do you wake up in four thirty in doing like a euro stretching routine for ten minutes thing right, your kind of going hard, you know, and that's every single dick
not the secret forcemeat areas into the yard of that same year. Routine is like the average person not gonna. Do that so you're over you're goin going hard, but why, in a competitive advantage in a competitive advantage. Exactly I saw what a plane is in your head, it's there, but I think in like all of a lot of our heads segments, not always derelict, we can get reminded everyone see, no just to confirm things in the world. Disciplining was freedom field manual, we'll talk about like how if you exercise you'll, be sharper mentally sharper and then the hearing that chess player the other day, Gary Kasparov talk about how if Europe, shape? It's gonna help you win it chess I'll, keep working people the heap out people, that's what you need to do here,
in your kind, I always your minds can seems to be, and we always had it in that zone where it's like your kind of looking for some kind of advantage or something to add two. You know your deal or whatever, but for the average person, I think some of us don't Do that all the time, because we kind of forget or maybe to get distracted or whatever? Maybe that's the same thing, but were that's? Why people there though work are less more things going on all the stuff right till they forget the air. You got that, let's face it, if you poor, all your efforts in to your job, your family and your physical health are gonna fall the poor? All your efforts into your family, your job in your physical health is going to fail If you for all your efforts into your physical health, your job and your family are going to fail, so we have to be balanced. If you Let the physical one fall apart. That's gonna negatively impact the other
the I actually all they all impact each other right, the only package other, but let's face it as pointed out on the earliest of these parts. Gas. Physical one will help you across the board in all aspects of the game. In a way. Maybe the game for game Games tuna in a way the wade the best strategy you know, instead of pouring everything you haven't year x Y, see whatever one thing you align a mall and understand that their all this would call it in business vertically integrated, whatever rate is called the path, the path since So look, I'm an exercise became warm. Did you do to improve all my applicable skills? So can be a better whatever those things are whatever you are seems, I think I know you're gone where this peoples
supplements for more at ease our lawyers. I think I think I just saw little little connecting it made an thank you because you, because I was thing- is there anything like we're going to make that connection into many? Maybe two minutes on down bounding see that kind of artistic maneuver, actual sharpness, as you bring it in for the big win and always on your talking about how we're gonna get some supplement asian hype on that ok and when we start going twelve minutes, I will talk about alive and vertical integration is the important thing. Ok, obviously now you did have one person respond on social media that they are listening right now That person is happy that you're goin down the path of what everyone now look fine, All right, well, hey better to be overrun form than under informed. Ok. So I looked I don't know if we can make that necessarily a blanket state, because I beg you to people that are right.
Questioning. Why was there is an area where, in at this moment, hey thanks for helping it alone? You're get your little bump le push. You did a great job of influencing level. Laser will influence anyway, aright cool, where we are trying to compete. They competitive, improve and maintain our competitive advantage? Ok, look. We need supplementing, see how quickly that worked. Yes, that kind of set you up like a happened, maintain competitiveness Euclid boom and you are there. I know many things like my idea. There wasn t minded risk ahead and man I was like men. The best idea ever came up seeming. Seemingly those good job my anyway some taken discipline in this. Go. That's really why my brain is so sharp limit limbs. You won't, let me says, because even as you talk these people are thinking. Ok warns, us all mean. Here's what his ears are a bonus thing because we repeat allow the same stuff right sure we certainly seem to repeat we right now. Nothing just continue pleased with your thoughts,
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I say cold war. That one is now that one is now on regular shipping. Thirty days so, if you go on that, if you subscribe, yes, of course Then you get free shipping, which is pretty awesome. Yes, so if you want, to get any these items on a regular basis which we recommend you do get subscription. Get us version, Agar free shipping done so I'm good on the list. These old, beneficial things maintain the competitive edge joint work for free joints. Don't worry about that stuff need to waylay Johnson were supercool oil same deal, general health other benefits by men. T three and is another one, also cold war, this for immunity and other health benefits better to have health benefits than health. Did you
That is why I am here to say she likes aggression- is that I don't know what I mean, I'm pulled it off. Creative native credit is an incredibly anyway back to the supplements, discipline and discipline go so discipline the powder, real brain free body, this window, brain body just on the go, quicker delivery system, capsules and also the energy drink form to healthy energy drink by the way. If we didn't already know, even though we do that is those, are the facts also mark for extra protein from it, dessert super delicious tasting protein as a dessert? Here you could say extra protein for you to say. Oh, if you want also won a dessert call, you get smoke met Wally, the drinks get at the ready to drink the hands at war? Although I was by the way there in there and vitamin shop, so you can get him there or you get him at origin main dot com and if you get a subscription,
came the others a little issue with a wallet scenario. What is I got a lot of videos of people just going in there and cleaning it out, so people there with coolers, yes go into the shelter while an empty every can so be worn. After evil did advocate, but the great the grating is up we started off in Florida and it was sort of a test run for Walla and everyone when, after those where have the size of and while I am just it almost like less than a month into it less than a month HU a three month trial while walking since we want you know the stores. So thank you for forgetting, after and why was going to deliver what I was also in the game cause. They get tag a lot people have their shopping laws and they always get a good reply. Awesome inches in that the I saw that with the guy with the cooler was like a boy
it was a bomb girls. Like that's interesting, I don't think I've ever been really that compelled to do that with it with a like a drink or whatever hunting. Under what circumstances would I be? And then I thought back to me, like forty or so before, where I texted belittle with it. Urgency scenario. Could those only on my last one discipline visiting they'll they'll, send it in, because, usually I don't go to my last want, but what, if Last one, and I'm like wait a second: I can go to war, one restock since it in Europe, in a cool, so it makes sense right. That's another good reason got here on a subscription they doesn't come true. That day does not come. I wouldn't want that data come.
We as you mentioned, order me doc unless we can get, it is well also an orgy domain, dot com, you can get Jujitsu stuff gear, geese, rash guards against us, also certain sweats and closes as well. This is all american made up by the Big deal fugitive competitive advantage, competitive advantage to have not slave labour, but awesome people. Yeah you? You mentioned that like slave labour, like when you kind of did you know the front end of the slave labour situation right, Yuki, AEGIS, black Goya would make it super. Cheap is gonna, make it and we can sell for higher whatever, but its own cares about what they're doing on every step manufactured like ok, my job is to do this and do this and introduce a moment just do it, but I care about doing it by the way better, equality wisely in every capacity and sustainable do so. Yes, that is competitive. It would have everyone on your team cared about what their job was
That's already gotten, so you just nailed that sir. I agree that that is the case. Unless back to how we can all support ourselves, chuckled historical called store where you can represent your apparel while you're on the path, maintaining your advantage competitively. We have shirts and hoodies and hats. Elsie discipline equals freedom or some then, along those lines, good good, sending away kind of discipline in Vienna, so unobserved arms and good stuff on it. There's a t, shirt clubs called the shirt locker as each you. Thank you to ever made that suggestion is a good result. Better than the other name that we then using here. The thing is too:
honest like the more I think about it, the shirt locker is like it didn't, even matter what the name was before thou and would probably be better goods is a perfect. That's my perfect name, the shirt locker yet, and that is also a subscription scenario. We can get different types of shirts from us little not hard core just when he calls for himself but some fun stuff its course. Political deal, food, looking The three do happen: shoplifter darker, subscribe to this park ass, you I also join us on the underground, gotta, Jacko, underground dot com- it currently park ass, some amplifying information, some behind the scenes. Q and a sum I've stuff and or we're in actually record yet another underground, podcast right now about going into some other. Assets of these discussions and and reason we're doing that, we don't we need
alternative platform we don't want to take. On sponsors where we have to see What they say us worse. They tell us to say, and then also knots what they tell us not to say we want to do that. We definitely want to have any one country king, how certain people on this podcast talk about the It seems that this cats, David, look look here because egos needs as a month or you can, even if you can't afford Adolf, nay, even says mouth, but by the way this what supports this bottle to we don't want to have the Jackal podcast, buying a pay wall. I was a firewall and you like correcting me right you before said it, which is good. I saw you read my mouth learned the think he's at that
your firewall is an actual thing year in part like programming or some ok, where we just have what we do want to put it behind a pay walks whenever nobody here and so that's why eight dollars in eighteen sends a month if you, if you can for that. It's ok, email, assistance at Jacko, underground dot com, and we will take care of you less of Morocco unravelling podcast, whether grounded progress where the work at park ass. We have you a Youtube channel where ECHO puts his legit videos. A lot of those most of the good ones are ones that I'm the assistant director on Europe the trend, their failure, the good ones. Psychological warfare album. Itunes, if you will help getting over little whenever moment, moment, momentary weakness, maybe permanent weakness. Yeah. Maybe you be listening. Having arrived like this
get that only Mp3 ask efforts. I came to Stockholm. Dakota Myers company got a bunch of books, leadership, strategy active field manual, that's ready for you all the answers are in that book. You think Dave yes, the code I wish the protocols we got about face with. I won't before honoured EL the right that, despite freedom field manual way, the work your kid one, two three and four, the way the world could feel males out. My dragons and extreme ownership and the dichotomy leadership. We also have a leadership. Consultancy called echelon front, go to echelon dot com for details on that we have a phone line where we are have courses take on leadership. We have live interactions there could he have online dot com? We have them.
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going into harm's way to keep us out of it and everyone else out there. You are somewhere on that continuum on competition continuum, on the leadership continuum, on the influence, continual it's happening every moment of every day, so don't lose track of that and don't get beat without knowing your competing. You are competing so stay in the game by going out there and getting after it until next time Dave and ECHO and Jacko out.
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