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268: You Make a Difference... But Only if You MAKE A DIFFERENCE. With Leif Babin.

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This is Jacobite gas number two sixty eight with ECHO Charles and me Jocker willing good evening echo good evening. and also joining us tonight is wave Babbitt good evening Good evening gonna be here so I cannot say it like. I could get them well You put your own spent on it right, I mean that's torn and we need it formed out his does so well the bars I wish we were. We were back stage at the first shock or live actually is it? Is it wasn't? Your love is New York City and someone. Someone said something you like or are you nervous, and you said well a little bit and then Welcome I'm trying to craft the conversation. Maybe that didn't happen to you, Some of you
and somehow you rehearsed your line, not yours, is tie was making the video and you're like you know, I'm over here going over what I want to say, not taking a nap her, something, I think is just in passing tie was making a video or get your doing nothing like you're doing what are you doing and then to sing good evening? I decide to be fun it proves that job. What's funny as a jam, that up did you If you listen we're there for that. For one Sixty in New York year, when yet when I say good emails, I could even like attempted, I think than that You have one job ones, this is the pressure greater on your right. Cereals, words right exactly say their limited exactly. What was crazy about that looks like not you didn't know what I was gonna talk about. Now.
The only person that knew what I was going to talk about was me, and I knew I was going to go up there and talk about staff that it was going to be. Like is hard of a thing as I could possibly have to go and talk about once a year. Al Qaeda, no cool, the crowd and would be fun, and I'm sitting there thinking. How am I gonna get through this and then I do get through my part. Screw up your part in a way I screwed up my part before you did. You You know I Something was kind, and I was the author was off, but something was a little bit different when you're older, like when you came two stage, our better when you wait a second rate, something today right now they didn't know what was going on at that time, but which is weird I didn't give you any heads up at all. No sir, you did not want a savage payment,
Gay did that to me at the jack alive asked as were linger Mayo heads up whatsoever in you read in a written sets words and talk about it. Working together and stuff. He dreamt about me they're married her before it was I bought my absolute evil to be afterwards. You go how bout a heads up next time, and I am sorry but you go. I was openly weeping life raft yeah? Well, it's ok anyways material good evening. One more time leave I mean what we got good evening. There I mean everyone, always every noise lakes, the leaf bad in Texas, Batman thing that you yet you ve got going on right. I guess you gargoyle, rocks or yellow scream of this out of gunfire. Remember when we were in South Africa on the radio, I do you were shared that story with anyone in your life, particularly the person that your Matthew
we're others, radio show a big part of the radio show in South Africa and you didn't interviewed about leadership and we're talking and these These females are calling into the show in their like that. voices amazing. What at rapid results Africans voice it was. It was pretty funny way that's, but is that public that that, in It might be figures on it pretty funny. I remember you guys been in South Africa in that radio show at on you too, with where you we can look it up. We can tag it. We want this. we'll put that in a show notes. I would say that, but I know that there is a limited chance if you putting anything in the show notes were shown Autonoe its army on the podcast, you you can try Youtube the description description, but also ought people do that on? You know when people put upon cast on Itunes, for instance,
you can put links in their echo near you can put them in the show notes, mention so people say all Lincoln in the show notes. So I'm not Can any remote promises about an ongoing on having shown, I guess you can use your Google fingers if you want to see a leaf getting complemented by the Ladys of South Africa or what say some of the Ladys in South Africa on Youtube. There are itself now that we ve gone through that, let's get into this directive the night, the subject of the night is the squad. Leader makes a difference. The squad leader makes a difference and we decentralized command, which is the first love combat leadership. This is undisputed. It's on disputable that the squatter makes a difference,
because with decentralized command, everybody leads want everybody to be a leader, and lately. I have been talking about the fact that the purest highest form of decentralized command is actually culture, and if you have strong culture inside of an organization than the people, in the organization at any level, can take decisions based; on the culture of the organization just based on the culture They can figure out what to do if you the strong culture the if its we take care the custom, think how many decisions you can make. If you know hey, are our culture is to take care of the customer You can make all kinds of decisions your culture is we the highest quality we make. High quality product, at the corner. Here. No you shouldn't, should I should I get a little cheaper up
material to put in here. No, you shouldn't. We make the highest quality price which means that culture, drives decision making Have the best value we give value always I mean we're going to try and maintain that low price. We can make decisions. You know what we can shape off a little bit of money there and we can get better value for our clients can make all kinds decisions without the military has culture too, and unit in the military different units in the military right down to the platoon level, have a culture? that can also DR decision making. they can drive good decision making actually, and it can also make it also dr bad decision making right, if you have bad for economically DR bad decision making. So real obvious example: bad cold. Is a bad culture of blaming others of nuts making ownership and, if you're, not taking ownership, do you have a culture?
Nothing ever gets fixed, that's what's happening so Culture is the blame everyone else, we're not we can improve and can get better, obviously again with A culture we were cutting corners anywhere about it. That's when accidents happen. If we have a culture where we're lookin out for me right now, look out for four Jacko. Well, then, when I come for each other, not there to cover move for someone that needs help. If agriculture, micromanagement guess what, No one's gonna have any initiative, because the culture isn't Bobo sit around waiting, get told what to do So you can see how these cultures dry Our decision making, of course, culture, can also drive a good decision making right with with good culture. If you ve got good, Roger if you ve, got a culture of ownership
If everyone in your team is, has got the culture where hey we take ownership, we solve problems, guess what that call? gonna drive people to say, hey, you know what let that's my fault. Let me fix it, so we want culture of If we want the culture where people don't cut corners, we want the culture where people look out for their teammates. We want culture where people are empowered and they make things happen. So it's it's real obvious how powerful culture can be anything. Sometimes people think about culture as is like non quantifiable. We know that they have a good culture. But what does that really was that produce? What does I give you? The reality is: if you have good culture is extremely powerful. It's the highest form of decentralized commanded decentralized command is extremely powerful in its own right. So there. Question becomes ok. How do we? they create culture? How do we do
we gonna, create culture and they end Sure is, if you think about it, for a list, but the answers that you create culture the same way that culture has always been created. How does culture get created? We have to tell the story. We have to have we have to. We have to share this story. We have to explain what we ve been through. What we ve done tat. either, who we are one hour Austria's, what we stand for and actually and actually why we stand for that, you can carry on that story. You can tell that powerful story. You can create a culture now we can't just make the story up. We're just wait here: we can just fabricated or actually know
we actually care. You actually can just create a a story almost out of thin air, and if you You use that story. If used that lie to rip is the story, and you tell that lie for long enough. It becomes the truth right. Nineteen. Eighty four that's good: We, what that's a whole premise of nineteen. Eighty four: we control he controls or who controls the past consortia present, who control the present controls the future. Now the present controls the past new controls, the past control, the future. Whenever order put those in? If I can- convince you that this is the story. This is the history. This is where we came from. I can manipulate the culture, so we actually can be done, but that takes like a man ass if a universal propaganda machine tat to make that happen, and I think the the better way to do that.
And what we should do and what good meters do is to base the story that develops into a culture based that obviously based in the truth. That's the most powerful way to create a culture is to tell that truthful story to hold up those examples from the path from the past those values that got us to where we are was he arose that stood for those values? You tell that story and that becomes the culture. And one of the strongest cultures that I've ever been around is the culture of the United States Marine Corps, and they do it in a bunch of different ways but but what we're gonna talk about today?
a shining example it's a shining example of how to create culture because they have a manual. They have a manual manual is called, squad leader makes a difference. Think about this black belt move make up, they make a document. That's called the score, leader makes a difference Obviously they want to have decentralized command. They want their squab leaders to step up and lead, so they a whole manual that's called the squad leader makes a difference and it goes further to set the culture inside document itself, because in this book, globular makes a difference which subtitles subtitled readings on combat at the squad level. From the Marine Corps WAR fighting lab with, which is a legit name for something at Quantico it,
This thing was put together. Ninety ninety eight by a couple lieutenants M M, o Baldi, no idea how to pronounce your name, I apologize and a m o taro. So these guys put together this manual and you're gonna see that what it is actually doing is. Link these stories and building a culture decentralized command. Where everyone is a leader and the squad leaders can make a difference. Late August Lincoln when you were the Naval Academy, what samples. How is that Culture like when you, when you looked at the Marine corps, they did did that culture permeate into the young leaf Bab in brain and pull you in that direction. A little bit effort. may we had some some outstanding, not commission officers sergeant me that ran r r p d and he come running by four o clock in the morning and yelling for that,
gate midshipman to get up and they are just there is. There is a lot of that was In fact our member parents, parents, Yes, you do like the plague summer, which is just show up the naval cabinets can a boot camp and enable cadmium is, please be complete zone so you show up and the run always midshipman to boot, can't hear you got it both camps down toward the into that. Your your parents come up a show up for parent weekend. They visit for a few days and see you and then they they take off, but he was. Like talking. The appearances I know who you are. oh here is for made an adult. A few people raise their hair like eyes is for me a compromise to the main part of Paris. Eyelid and ages starts, laugh it. I knew it was just a few days. I was certain instilled in arson and everyone has to go through it, whether it be a driver the Navy Europe submarines apply airplanes or whatever you have to go through, you know, at least at least
two or three we program that can like? Oh she s down at Quantico, it is They do it at Osiers Aquatic over marine corps. See you get a taste of that regardless and after that the whole thing of every marine riflemen and putting folks through that was was very appealing. Me? I went there because I wanted to see you but certainly marine ground. It was my second choice dear. I did not get selected for day to day, Isn't it interesting the way that just saying that this guy would run by at four o clock in the morning just makes you think good to go. That number I would also draw your candidate school, which is also run by while the Marine Corps is. Are they are the jewel instructors and we would we're we're goin IRAN and everyday we'd run through like up like a surreal officer housing where the officers that word station and Pensacola lived, and you ever
we'd be singing Keynes? Then you go through. There needs to be quiet now, just do like a quiet. Little kids just keep in step in that you'd get through and needs are saying it again, and you know it for five o clock in the morning or whatever. So one time we got this this one Jones Doktor wasn't my normal Jones structured as other drill. Instructor took us for IRAN and he was he was new and he was all kinds of fired up: so we so we get to that area and he like gets real quiet entry, noise Jane whenever the Keynes was and then of a sudden he sings as the cadence he's like get out of Iraq. What quiet and warlike gather agony SEC, the wreck and we're let's get out of Iraq and he did all the rack and the worst were five o clock in the morning run by all these officers, housing at by the end, where just packages screaming analysis, good time like so the Marine Corps, does that
Marine corps, does they make a human being say, I'm from main the main part of Paris Island? That's the marine corps does, We must salute them for that. So this is one of those things right when I'm on. My when I'm on my track trails, the world. I stumble upon these things as one of the things I saw that title like you, ve gotta, be kidding me. What is this so The squabbling makes a difference. Reading on combat at the swan volume one and by the way, this volume one? I? I have not been able to find volume, two three, four, five or six, so maybe these guys got somewhere from that Marine Corps WAR, fighting lab and didn't ever make another one, but let's get into it. here's the forward in combat. Sometimes, when I read these things, I think every single thing that I'm about to read, I just read it and stop
sex so in combat The actions of individual leaders affect the outcome of the entire battle. squad beaters, make decisions and take actions which, if which can affect, the operational and strategic levels of war. Well, rain, squab eaters play an important role as combat decision makers on the battlefield. leaders who show initiative judgment encourage will achieve decisive results not only at the squad level, but in the broader context of battle. Without competent squad leaders capable of carrying out of a commanders intent, even the best plans are doomed to failure. So you know you're here about the general and the colonel and the captain. And even the gunnery sergeant you here
the Marine Corps, leadership and- and yes, there outstanding. But when you're a corporal a you read this, you think you know what I gotta get mine to think I wasn't that is, and from a from up, you know from a business perspective, how how how how do you What story do you tell your employees What story do tell the people that work and your organization, what's Did you tell them you tell them that the deadline, Our decision makers. Do you tell them that their job An initiative will derive results at the strategic level. Never tell you to team that that's how you set the culture. That you guys you, as you mean that I'm thinking about as a student of history and
I love written history books and I was you do you know it does so amazing books year on the pot gas, but we talk about it from the big. You know the bait, the common, the general, what you read: Julius, Caesar moved his his tea or Alexander. The great did this or Napoleon. Did this patent moved his army here and I have been making some overall decisions, but that the army that's moving is. Is this the fraud leaders other this, while leaders that are executed megaton happen and I love where we do that National Probert were our definition of leadership, is everybody's, a leader, and you said, can now recently that I'd Thought about it that way, but we're ok, who is actually leader if you interact with humans in some way and actually need them to go in a direction and more together, provided resources or support. Then you actually our leader at, and I think, when you see yourself that way, the most powerful armies in the world, the most powerful teams companies in the world,
going to see themselves what everyone sees themselves, a leader able solve problems and make things happen and move the team for in the aid to go yeah that some and that's one the best things about this podcast- is that I get too I get to read books. written by the general, not written by the admiral but written by a rife one of Napoleon's riflemen or amiss. Jeanne Gunnar installing grog. Like that's that's your word that you were here from and what's what's what's power? about that is then you get to see you get to know oh, you need to learn how leadership is perceived by the troops on the front line that that podcast it we did about Stalingrad, we're They were hearing Hitler talk about them being gone.
They were still there. They were surrounded, they were fighting for their lives and they were hearing the broadcast of Hitler saying it was a great sacrifice and they stood to the last man they're like Still here, what are you doing? Give us Give us support, let us let us break out no And you realize oh those people on the front lines they do they they make such a big difference. and if you set the culture correctly, they will have even more impact goes on this, this public, This publication illustrate how bold imaginative squad leaders impact the outcome of the battle or campaign the historic cool examples here represent some of the cases in which squad leaders were able to change the course of history. Did I just say a squad leader change that of history. Yes, I did
each case the squad leader had to make it decision without ACT, orders act independently and accept. spots ability for the results shortly, since our presented at the end of each story. These lessons should help you realize how important year decisions are to your Marines and your commander in combat you. Think beyond the squad level, you must develop opportunities for your commander to exploit your every action. Support your commanders and ten, you must be competent in the about skills required of a combined arms leader. you- are the primary war fighter of the Marine Corps- bone friggin legitimate. I think about how often I have different that is ripe for that a culture of centralized command were
the senior leaders like we're the from my tubes, just don't get it didn't I didn't understand and then the frontline jewish. Like the guy's open the ivory tower, you know the senior leaders they don't get it in order say what's going on here, verses it in a word, where you sit around railway to be told what to do versus the team that actually empowered to step up and lead and make things happen, and that team is unstoppable. Unstoppable, fearsome courts at this thing starts off with the most brilliant plan depends for its time to execution on the squad, leaders squad. Beaters may ruin the best laid plans. First rate wife beaters often save badly devised plants. The squad or is the sole level of command that maintains direct contact with the men who do the actual fighting. It follows, then, that the squad leader to be trained as a tactical commander and
educator of his men. That's interesting because Yet when we talk about span of control, and on the battlefield? You know you can have four five six guys and you can pretty much control. You can pay you can you can you can make things happen? You know when you four five. Six guys, maybe seven starts getting really wonky at aid, but that's because you can see them there right now you can. You can move four feet. You can grab latency ache, moved move a little farther for you can actually just make things happen through direct supervision, so that's that's that very important to remember that these squab regional ones that actually or have the contact to make things happen. You go up. One level you go from. The balloon, what I presume Commander can't get that kid over on the left flank he can't get to that, Gunnar up on that. No he's not gonna be how to get there
I can go to make it happen and that's why, as you grow, you have to get better at the blog combat if you'd, better decentralized, Romania get better, keep things simply have to get better prioritize next year, yet to get better cover, move because you don't have that direct control anymore. You can't just you know usual forces to make things happening. Ground like you need to get over here, doesn't work anymore. Continuing on the idea This guy's Israeli, the idea of squad leaders are trained to command independently in the field modern armies operate in small dispersed formations. All of command must be trained to think and act independently. Modern weapons provide small groups of men, greater fire power and flexibility of movement call free high standard of command at all levels, and this is something We ve been able to walk through it and I apologise. It hasn't been chronological nature, but. When the machine gun came,
we had to start using decentralized command, because, if we're all bunched up together, we're all gonna die together. So that's when World war, one towards the end, one. We start In decentralized commanded start ham, the squad like a you're, not gonna, be with me anymore. He lay we go on this mission. gonna. Be able to give you any guidance at all, as the company commander, because you're gonna be, four hundred metres away We have no radios and huge you're gonna have to make things happen. You have to know what we're trying to make happen. You gotta go, do on your own, so decide Did you know when you saw the the redcoats right line up and work? March! Together, that's the old! of war to be under the Roman. the phalanx, like all the old formations of orbic world together we can just maintain good control over this big group easier because we're Cole located in modern warfare brought, to pay a lot right. There
launch on this mission and I might not see you again until the since complete so the let her out their leading have to know what they're doing why they're doing after understand manage intent and they have to take initiative to get to that goal. We will follow. You beat concludes this with the squad leader. Therefore, squad. Leader is therefore to be trained technically, as an officer not as a corporal mess from go along your comment on these really does defence force an ear. He actually was a scout with the Brits in World WAR to fund Syria, Jordan, Lebanon founding member of the israeli strike force. So some experience
first they kick. This whole thing off in this with this is actually a big shock to me. They take this off by talking about Corporal Alvin York, United States Army. So I expected this to be all Marines but the marine corps. is awesome and they said hate. These are awesome. Examples of where squad Leader made a difference and we're gonna use. Em. France, nineteen? Eighteen? news. Argon offensive was the last wouldn't battle of the first World war on the night, twenty five September, one thousand nine hundred and eighteen over one million american soldiers moved up to relieve the french forces on the front lines. The American Inn that ensued swept easily through the first two lines of german trenches and then progress. Slowed facing if resistance, the reserve, division was called up,
Will Alvin York served as an infantry man in the eighty second division? Yorks come, We started across the valley at six in the morning ass. began to move. The company came under heavy fire from behind a hill enemy machine guns, mode down the first wave of advancing Americans. No one knew where the Debbie fire was coming from. So Yorks Platoon sergeant decided to take the opportune on a mission to find it the platoon found again, then the enemy lines and circled to the rear, where they The machine guns might be the group of a mere and stumbled across to german literal bearers, whom they followed by to the headquarters of the Machine gun battalion. The Americans walked into the german machine gun, command, post, open fire and the Women's immediately surrendered upon hearing fire behind them. The Germans that were dug in near the command post swung their weapons around and began firing at the Americans caught me open.
Hail of automatic fire, the Americans instantly took casualties, Corporeal York aim at the nearest machine gun about twenty five yards away and killed the man behind the gun. He continued fired each german hoop. His head out of a foxhole after watching you, troops being massacred by this alone. Sharpshooter, german major in command yelled to York. If you'll stop adding I'll make them surrender work on your marksmanship people work on your marksmanship. within minutes the remaining american troops had captured ninety german prisoners, but they were before and enemy Lines Corporal York took. charge and quickly organised is platoon. He decided to move back towards friendly position straight through the german lines. York ordered the job. In prisoners to carry back the American wounded every time the group
came upon. A german position York told the King sure german major to order the troops to surrender the well discipline. German soldiers never questioned the order, and by Time, Yorks small band reached friendly lines; they had acquired a hundred and thirty two, german prisoners in their wake. Yorks platoon left thirty, five, deserted german machine gun positions and a significant gap in the german defences. This gap, which York had created. a vital element to the success of the divisions advance. This advanced gave mental to the american forces and contributed to the success of the offensive phenomenal here's. The lessons Corporal York was with to exploit the opportunity which had been created,
he realized that his actions would affect the outcome of the battalions, advance and made decisions which supported his commanders, intent, history, situation, awareness guided him in taking action which had as a result. No, when you think, even when I think when I think of world war, one soldiers you I definitely envision someone as much more obedient, then what have in the modern, all volunteer military today right you ve got someone say: let me eat. I would say that world was more obedient right. You had a much more stringent class structure in Amerika you that much further separation between the officers in the enlisted, and so so for this kid to be like, oh, I got this It's it's incredible incredible to show that kind of initiative, I think the fact that it was World war, one is even more credible
think about what would happen if he was a stand around waiting to be told to do in that situation, which is what so many leaders we work with think is the I call I you should just wait. We told to do they do you. on orders without question, and and He would just be standing their way and be told to do in and they would fail, and maybe the whole offensive fails as a result instead of someone who actually understands the Y, understand the commanders and tat in the purpose behind what what they're trying to do and can take the initiative to go. Make things happen Roy, I often say and are about I dont- want yes met right, I want someone had to set up a sound good. Jacko sounds great. You, we're going to push back like? I am grew that way. What about this? Take that one step further. I want someone, that's just gonna figure out what to do and go for can execute it right, that's what we want. Or try. That's what we want that we're trying to grow this we're trying to develop
support at leadership is that they are gonna. Look even look beyond Even look beyond what I can see and say. Oh I bet. If I did this, it would be a good move and maybe bat, an eighty percent, I'm good with that rather handsomely bad. Eighty percent on eighty percent good moves that took initiative and made things happened at twenty percent Atomic gotta go all late. I almost got method will go over there, yet Much rather have that initiative that's some. You you'd help meet with as well do with because advocate a hard thing for lotta leaders to accept. As you well know, we gotta come over the right solution. We do want to make mistakes, we want to move forward and yet you're you're like listen eighty percent solutions ago. Eighty percent solution to govern with we're never gonna have a perfect plan. So let's, let's get the plan. As close, you know it. A good direction and then executing execute executed and have the initiative be default. Aggressive,
Have you guessed? I know it? It can stifle me and our struggle with the environment executing is I'm trying to get it to the ninety seven percent solution like listen said solutions are move things forward, execute together in power and think about that you don't have to have the perfect plan you gotta do is go yet very liberating to build. Oh yeah I don't care about that. It will what we might not be, I don't care you, don't we, What? If you don't care about that shit that that's nail over there, you get there What do you want me to have a logistics not to care about that well. Do you want me to do it in the data anchor well do, No, I don't care what you get that he'll, ok, put Do it the point I'm making here, though, is either others echelon fraud are working together to ask your browser in there can be some like. In my mind, Roma hate, you know, Jack was where the good at this I gotta make sure the Jackal under you know has like this is the right path.
And it's gonna meet every single thing that you know he was to do so. You you start putting these self imposed restrictions instead of like. When would you like a man? Any resolutions Galbraith, let's execute and that that's its super liberating the thing about that way, and you really ok. What I thought you know I've got to get this thing, for example, you know Jack was again it's good. You don't have actually I'm actually failing. If I'm not executing I'm sitting you're trying to come up with a perfectly use. Some report you were trying to get, and you like it or not. I regard use report because I can't quite figure out this little detail at the end, make sure it's a hundred percent and I just adjustment. give it to you, because I don't want it to be an accurate and I don't, have you like pissed and I was like bro actually I've Ruth exact. I should have we're sweated you for the details on anything in the past. Fifty years is what are you you cut you did you tilted? You had a little bit, knew it nope and outside
why do you think of a start? Sweat these little, like literally in. Meaningless, meaningless details new, like Roger I'm, an idiot Who got it so no factor in that that is a great example of cuz. Here I am doing about trying to put together a multi page report and you're like hey bro. Just send me a just just say: I don't have to have all the information. Yet here's what I think we're doing here is gonna the general direction. We should go at any as soon as you say that just another reminder. Its self imposed restrictions and its it. It's really archives, abrupt yearning, and obviously that means I'm doing a bad job of you. No telling you what parameters are of success. You know from a cake, you tell me what these numbers are. You, like, oh yeah, but it's gonna, take three weeks to dive into all these details. If all that Hake and I I do not need a like ball park where we are
Ok got it, because I can give you that in thirteen minutes, but you know it's the it goes back to some of that imply Implied commanders intent right because Clyde commanders intent. Is that when I ask for and I need that think. Right, hey boondoggle, asked was because now for much when you ask somebody must want that thing, really exact the implied in and is that I want the uprising. With meat is basically are more perfection, but does that the complete implied in tat. For some reason. I was never really picked up on that report. To actually not true, if I think about it, like the way, there's been some things where I've seen I found out after the fact. What you did. You reach a level of as closest acumen can get professional Somethin Robin like I didn't beckoned to do all that, but he did it so that implied. level of perfection just
My own stupid personality is like to make someone say: I'd better, get this right before you. Don't we go forward and that socks on end- and I talked about it at Gettysburg like you, gotta think about what you're implied you, what your implied command intent is and if especially if you're going to ask him to do something. That's outside that normal implied commanders intent, and yet we talked about with, with generally in some of his some of his suborned leaders. That hey generally was about kick ass, so we're moving. What can we can want? Dukes gonna want me to kick ass, go forth, but he's No, don't go Ford right now, but they get that word delegated generally. I'm gonna go get some and they must things up so you gotta, pay attention that implied commanders intent that just your personality has your own personality has a has a culture to it and you gotta pay attention.
Sorry that was a year. Praise for, for ECHO, Charles, that we get a note that down take a well deserved. Well deserved, odyssey things, but yeah yeah. I mean I'm thinking like the first time we ever went to like travelled to do the podcast and you had like a and I expect you ass, I had my fingers crossed my toes crossed if not years crossed hoping that you know all this call. All this equipment showed up and we'd be able to do, and we have some good comment and it's gonna, be there the time is valuable in all this stuff like they can. I hope this you had it all. You know in the look in case you everything was there. Raising awareness squared away as ever, which is Maybe what everyone expects. Maybe some people have different implied. That area are right. Next, one sergeant Henry. Hence
Even who said that this whole manual, is it just anecdotal? One page stories were squad leader makes reference sergeant, Henry Canican: U S Marine corps Haiti, nineteen Nineteen following serious rebel uprisings. The United AIDS began a prolonged occupation of Haiti and nineteen fifteen. Charlemagne Perrault was the leader, The rebel army, known as tat, goes The second Marine brigade spent several months in unsuccessful attempts to topple Charlemagne group Henry Hand, sergeant in the brigade devised a bold plan to set Its Charlemagne from the bulk of his troops and ambush him so panic and sent one of his most reliable men to become a member of the takeover banned in a short time If Timey infiltrated had earned the outlaws, trust then panic and had his spy feed the chaos
location of marine unit that was vulnerable to attack, took it up, put the bail out their sensible by in there and says: hey, there's gonna, be these Marines or can be vulnerable to attack. Headache Spite soon returned with information of a rebel plan to attack these Marines, as well as Charlemagne location. During this attack on, Thirty one October, nineteen nineteen sergeant we can lead a twenty two led twenty two, local militiamen in an attack on Charlemagne disguised as rebels. This is This is wreaking getting it disguises rebels. king and his unit move through several guard posts and boldly walked into the unsuspecting rebel camp. When he was within fifteen yards of you know, the story is going. It's gone right where you want to go when he was it within fifteen yards of Charlemagne, sergeant headache and drew out his pistol shot and killed the rebel leader in firefighter followed. Dude in Firefox followed
All rating party captured the rebel position and defended it from a series of counter attacks. The Marines were the target of the rebel attack had been warned by sergeant Heineken of the impending striking, were well prepared for the rebel attack Rebels work thoroughly defeated the morning after his out after the action sergeant Pannikin reporters exports to his commanding officer his committee also, we know what he was doing. There is doubt their gettin. After Africans, actions had rooted more than a thousand now laws killed the leader and virtually shattered the entire ban. Resistance movement in northern Haiti. For his actions sergeant Heineken was awarded the medal of honor. I mean what up Don't talk about taking Henderson turned around and really do for default addresses to the goal that is booming, riskiest bunch of of of actions right, hey, I'm going to set these gallery ears bay, I'm in a sneak in there dressed up as rebels. By the way when I get in there. I was gonna shoot this guy. The first chance I get
I wonder how he had. He had some direction reproval from his commanding officer, if that were to get to know about it. That's too risky. Don't do it. That may have happened. You know every time I talked to till, unlike until I'm so. If I was a charge man, I love, I would have improved eighty of your operations. I'm gonna go to me four miles in the camp? audio with four? you guys are women who sit around wait to get attacked by african division of envy. Eight soldiers, ok, go. Let's do it, you, as I think about that- do a lot of people. Obviously you can we too aggressive ride. We gotta be default aggressively, not meant not to aggressive, not reckless, and its They they mitigated the wrestling they need to address. It was successful in that regard, but I think, what a lotta leaders miss is really we. We got a lot of scrutiny on arm pretty butthole. as of operations and remedy back into dust. Sex is that by being
Fourth aggressive. You can actually mitigate rescript, so bye, bye, in the areas where it did the enemy there sergeant neighborhoods, no, no one else could get into that. No, U S coalition forces presence They had no expectation, we're gonna, be there, so we shoulda places it would cast him off guard the day we had. Initially they didn't sound. that's exactly what happened in that situation and I think some leaders you think about that love. You can actually mitigate risk by the default aggressive and some not you were. You are all about a desk at a browser. were utilised to our advantage. We were you in the Chow Hall in the in the camp Mark Lee Chow Hall, like early unemployment, when our commanding officer was talking to me- and he says you know what about all these- these guys were ideas, Klaus Tom, that we're gonna be goin on patrols and is going to be very dangerous and he said. Would you get about do about these ideas and these guys that are put night in the ground and I go we're gonna kill them, and that was my mitigation plan, which is a very good mitigation. When get imposition
can kill those guys so you're over watch tv sets up and you got people patrolling, killed a bad guys and he was like go sounds good. Plant right and yes and that that's an example of Are you gonna stay safe by being aggressive? That's absolutely true! just ok, take the idea threat as an example right, if, if we're patrolling do an area where they have no expectation, we're gonna, be there the Those are out on the street and others were ass. Much safer from ideas than we are, if were rolling downright was rolling down the main route where their expected it to? U S, forces to be in nets and it gets it example in in our ceos, mind is: how do we do? This is dangerous and- and I think actually thinking less dangerous to be super aggressive and to be someplace they have no expectation versus them sitting back and waiting to ideas, but they know we're gonna, be lessons sergeant Heineken displayed outstanding initiative. That's the understatement of the year
tackle proficiency. Ok, maybe that's the understatement figure in devising and acting upon a plan to defeat a large rebel forces plan supported the brigade. The brigades mission in Haiti sergeant Hannah can accept a great risk but displayed the Kurds. nerve to see his plan through his bold action, achieved decisive results with a small of men sergeant haddock and was able to defeat a large rebel forced by adhering to tactical fundamentals. Twenty two men main effort attack the enemy centre of gravity, the rebel leader, leadership, the rebel force quickly disintegrated, sergeant hand, and use the elements of surprise and deception to execute his attack rise when a most important tactical fundamentals and was essential to this tactical undertaking sergeant pannikins actions, ills. Reed, how tactical decisions at squad level can impact the operational instead Egypt levels of war and can ultimately affected, U S, policy sergeant haddock into TAT greatly,
the balance of power in Haiti, lessening the turmoil in the country. It was a major step towards ending the rebellion on the island. So there you go. The strategic moving. we always try and point out to companies that you're frontline troops can have a negative strategic. Backdoor positive strategic impact and it's you that's even more accentuated in this day and age. Now that we have social media and you can have one employee at one of your stores, either something horrible and and really do But your reputation or do something heroic and really help your reputation so do have you and placed the culture. That's going to drive those frontline people to do something heroic or have you got a culture where they're going to be giving to do something? Horrible? I don't know that's on you and your team.
The prospect of surprise is always the surest guarantee of victory. That's from VON Melon Thin, whose a world war two general. He wrote the book Panzer battles which we haven't got two yet on the pod cast, we'll get there, no tactical action should ever be undertaken without the element of surprise. Speaking of Germans, this year. I already thought this book is really about Marines and now we already have army marine. I certainly thought, me about Americans. This is about a german, so the marine recourse attitude is wide open, sergeant, Wenzel, german army, Belgium, one thousand nine hundred and forty, the german plan to invade France, included the invasion of Belgium and HOLLAND. The French had not that defended their border with Belgium, leaving it open to attack. The Belgians, however, had constructed a series of forts along the canals throughout the countryside,
Formidable of these was even email man, by twelve hundred belgian soldiers, the powerful guns of even a male commanded. Eastern approaches to the belgian border. If this for it was not eliminated. The german army would have significant difficulty crossing the border debate border sergeant, Wenzel was a member of Manys parachute forces must be rad being a parish trooper in World WAR two year the cutting edge of I mean what a few years earlier, it was even idea that you could hawk a person out of a plane with a piece it with a free could be cloth above them and they live in they are just doing, assaults this when they were, drooping. Actually, ten MEI, one thousand nine hundred and forty hit parachute company daringly landed on the top of Eden, a mail in gliders, with the mission of silencing the guns of the fortress, in order to allow the german army to capture bridges to the east, Windstar
whence I landed atop, the fortress he realizes commanding officer glider had not made it to the objective this left sergeant, Whenso Command of eighty parachute, us in full, man teams, the Germans used flame, throwers and special shaped charges to attack each Gunter. It sergeant Wenzel commanded his unit from a captured pill box. The situation became tenuous when the Belgians prevented the german reinforced. from arriving by blowing the bridge on the main route of the ground attack the pair papers were caught off, the Belgians were also calling artillery on the Germans and Enemy Infantry could be seen preparing to counter attack the paratroopers and, as I was reading, assaults equation enemy, who we talked about, there's argue about the belgian sergeant, Wenzel. Continued to lead. The parrot shoot us for three more hours as each belgian gone position was eliminated after the sonnet sat sergeant, whence linked up with german forces from the east. Even a male had fallen, so pencils. Actions allow
german forces approaching from the east to advance unmolested across the canals where they fall of eighty men. He had subdued twelve. Hundred of the enemy, The defence of Belgium was broken and the jury Army was able to rapidly defeat Belgium and move in France. The northern of the german army rapidly outflanked, flanked the french army and brought about a defeat, the french forces in a mere six weeks. For his heroic actions and outstanding leadership. Sergeant Wenzel was awarded the Knights Cross when you think about eighty men beating one thousand two hundred hours scenarios. In my mind thing. How do you do that? But then you ve probably heard me say don't dig in don't get in a position where you can't get out of well. If you set up
where you're all in bunker positions and almost an enemy gets in there and they can maneuver really quickly and you're. Stuck in this pill, boxer you're stuck in this gun emplacement, while the while you're bad guys that people are trying to kill your run around it sneaking around and can get free fields of fire, because you're stuck in this box. That's that's in my mind how it happens. but you do have to recognise that even a mail was probably the most in impregnable force. Fortresses autonomy comfortably monster is, I think, two hundred foot high walls long crystal may, so they they probably felt like completely safe? No, There's no way the Germans are common, but I that's crazy, in which our, but the almost surprise in that situation. Miss knew they were coming and there was an attack of, and obviously the germ germans view they were coming. They had every expatriated Belgians knew that there are common upstart about Zulu. Yes, I'm sorry that Belgium do. The Germans will come it so the Belgians date did. They did I have the honour. The Germans did not have the element of surprise. There is the de
didn't know the manner in which the attack was common ethic technique. You played a key role because That might be the first use of gliders combat ever I've. If our river, that It was certainly one of the first, if not diverse, and so they didn't have the expectation that they could land on top this fortress, it was all the first use, I think, of shape charges Well, that was a vineyard are brand new technology, so they safe in these giant caissons of concrete steel- and, I think, an amazing victory of of of just being default, aggressive to the core hitting em even when they expected that the attack was common. They they didn't realize the man. Which was coming, and I think that is overwhelmed them with now. Then fortress and we felt safe. What do we do now, I think, wilder the technical. I guess definition of surprise cause. You know
if it to engage you right. You know you're gone from our mark. You know you're gone from our mark. You win you know I'm trying to tap you out right. You know China, Tap, YO, YO, Genotype YA, some grabbing your neck and you're. Here you know I'm trying to grab uneconomical We are right. So it's a surprise. Him, though you know, I'm trying to tap you out. I'm still gonna. Surprise you that second, similar thing right. We know we're going to attack, but what are these weird quiet wing things coming from the sky and why are they filled with people? Eighty people versus twelve hundred its freakin insane since sergeant Wenzel realised that it was here sponsible, you complete the mission after commanding offers glider land on the fortress how's that guy fuel and afterwards he like. So bombed if he were still alive. He worker the existing one
it took advantage the element of surprise that is airborne landing had given him take charge of eighty men. Certain Winchell showed outstanding leadership and courage, as he commanded the efforts against the fortress for three hours against great out sergeant, pencils, understanding the plan. to shoulder the burden of responsibility of leading the assault, force, he clearly understood, is pivotal role in the invasion of Belgium and his actions supported his commanders, intent sergeant, pencils, company level raid permit a regimental Red River crossing which in turn allowed the german army to rapidly Porn Belgium. This eventually the pot fall of both Belgium and France. So there you are totally pivotal. moment want one thing I want to say it. I disagree with very often their birthday, would, from a personal perspective, like MAPS Obama, was it wasn't there was able lead that. But actually
If, from a leadership perspective, you should be absolute still tire yours, you're, frontline leader, stop stood up made things happen, got the job done even without you there and obviously that's the real testament of of leadership. It's about the measures that about you, dear dear, person level, of course, the guy's on a professional level, these totally stoked India, obviously on a personal you're like freakin, totally stoke the year, frontline troops got the job done. While you were in a while you are I'm vineyard somewhere drinking wine, I would say, as as a couple times, and I was acting task you to commander and ask your browser bothersome huge operation, daughter, Mercer, Charlie Return and the opportunity rather bad. This is not see that's a lie on a personal level. I am extremely bad. Says here and this one of the quotas
not the big armies that wind battles- it is the good ones. That's field marshal, Maurice the sacks which Born in sixteen ninety six podcast one ten, we covered his book he's a we're, gonna, weird vagaries of all kinds. Things? Things like Paul wish in german and french finance served in the imperial roman army, but he wrote that book my reveries on war, the good book, podcast content. he's gotta tat field marshal loads, but when we had a in Britain. We have we had a captain, obvious and so he even cannot over the top. Would like the obvious garments we promoted in the admiral obvious, and then, gotta went beyond that doesn't work what sounds even cooler bigger, so he became field marshal out there's only Mean, as far as I know, at least in the in the U S, Navy has mainly been one field marshal of the obvious
which is a big promotions. You know too big promotion, it's almost five star it's beyond is beyond of earth, not quantified start, but it's definitely. You are dead. We put out of obvious you don't wanna be field marshal now by that we're too because you'd think when you got when you caught, you know, captain obvious right: catch that nickname you're. Gonna start. Maybe Bain attention right. Put yourself in check when you get promoted, what was an explosion when you get promoted as long as you like, this is definitely not a start by just just just by my love a little bit more still, don't kill, don't quite I guess what once you feel more, Well, I think what you feel my own it right on it. Hey, I got a real common obvious points before it out sergeant rhubarb back to back german army, France, nineteen, forty,
In the spring of nineteen, forty, the german army invaded France, as the camping campaign progressed the tenth pants the vision was directed to cross the Muse River and continue to attack toward Paris the French realised that the river I did not rob school that could be used to hold the advancing Germans sergeant. Rue Barf the leader of a squad of assault engineers, which was attached to the german sixty nine Infantry regiment, the Germans were the jury. controlled the east side of the river and the French were Dugan on the West, the french defence include artillery machine gun bunkers all along the river after a violence Duca air attacks Sergeant Rhubarb squad attacked with infantry, as is rubber, boat reach. The far shore Sergeant Rhubarb squad attacked the destroyed. The nearest bunker are reassembling. His squad sergeant rhubarb, realised only two boats had success. We crossed the river
leaving only his squad and want infantry Squad on the West Shore to create a breach in that french defences. How many people supposed to go. assault engineers and wonder how many boats they actually had only two made it ok, andand, He ordered his unit to attack another bunker with grenades and satchel charge. The french soldiers inside surrendered and their white flag was replaced with german colors. This Drouet Cheers from the Germans on the far side of the river and demoralize, the french defenders sergeant Barth, then advanced and aggressively took two more bunkers, creating a mere three hundred metre gap in the future line of french defences more german force then followed him across the river after receiving a fresh supply of ammunition and for more men, don't make for more men Seed sergeant, rebirth, continued his attack and, as ever,
artillery started raining down on them. Sergeant rebirth moved his squat quickly. but the artillery fire could not adjust them. His squat overtook We more bankers and broken through second line of enemy positions. The second line of enemy positions, after seeing some the bunkers blown up. The french forces assume that they are being overrun. Their spirit crushed the French began to withdraw the. became a route as the advancing German pursued Germans pursued in front forces for the sergeant rhubarb received a battlefield commission to Lieutenant as awarded the knighthood of the aren't cross. When I think now, thinking too that the last one in this one, let's face it, a small number of guys at you just start going. just start attacking and people on expect to do that right. They don't expect he too, both short and I'll whatever and then all of a sudden there bunkers getting you know sheep charge on it and your get jacked up do going in
moving quicker than these people in these static positions. This is maneuver warfare right. This is like the beginning move off. I can move and you can just think of that. Think of that and then think of it from a leadership perspective. Think of when you say this is what we need to do it, and now you ve just dog into your position? You can't move anywhere and Malaysia is a charcoal. I know that's what you want to do, but what about you know what about this over here with these other clients, and I go I used to do the plan right it just doesn't. Work was allocated, this war, I'm out right now. What are you guys, thinker, this we're out right now, but we might have to flex. That's all you need to set priorities is my my above overnight? That's all you need to do an open mind. and your idea with with an out right, take your position but give yourself an out. That's all you need to do taken manoeuvre little bit. I think that
metalogy like from a defensive perspective, you don't know we talked about the defensive position being used. August in and mentalities due note, your game the all the momentum, all the initiative and I think particular when you're an important words even mailer this these positions, They probably had no expectation that someone could be inside their forgers, our totally safe here but told you to go. We have the advantage and so so Is that happens. I may add that doubt starts to creep in like man in your ear, you're done. They develop First, they ve lost all morale. People ready surrender Bee bread retreat at it gets there's something about just being on the advance that gives you. I don't. I think Ali manage the world. Did you. When I was talking about the fact that they raise the german flag and that help morale, I had a vision of a certain american flag going up and random buildings over the city of remedy. Sometimes I don't want you to
Are you guys we're out of her mouth reports, confirm or deny that their daddy? The american flag was run up. Are you? You know you talk about April, we're going in there, and you know we get approve of these missions are gonna, be sneaky. Sniper over water on what the bad guys nor we are complex, just just had to run the stars and stripes out in the middle, the serious they were right here, bring it. We did get a fact day. Burke call me the radio DNS good they get here call me the radio to pass the word to us in woman their position that hey there was troops massing ethic bringing this dead. That's exactly what we're hoping for mass attack, bring it good morale for the true I don't know that, could have gotten. It was like plausible deniability for of Jacko. His task
matter there. We didn't exactly run that were not for well. I guess it was so medication because well since were putting ourselves on report here. We weren't you're, allowed to find american flag period and we did have american flag on chemically twenty four seven overtime, so maybe my implied commanders and tat was if gotta, run up the stars and stripes run of the stars and stripes made tall You don't have a lot of machine Gary's reporting in all directions which you did check, lessons sergeant rhubarb, clearly understood the importance of rapid crossing of the river, the commanders and ten at all levels from squatter division was to cross the river quickly in order to maintain the momentum of attack a delay,
at the river would have given the french time to strengthen positions closer to Paris and possibly halt the german offensive sets. A group has a really good simple example of commanders intent, say: hey, listen, the commanders intent this operation is we have to get across the river as quickly as possible everybody in your division knows we're gonna get across the river thats the goal and were Abdul ever again got up. That's a very nice clear example of what a commanders intent is now every Now everybody knows what we're trying to do and if Something changes, enemy, doesn't matter. But guess what go? I'm new adapt emollient across his river and to take as many of my guys with me as I can. taking on the role as the main effort of the german attacks, art a rebirth displayed outstanding leadership shouldering the responsibility of creating a breach in the french defences, though greatly outnumbered on the far shore. The squad followed their courageous indecisive leader sergeant ports, bravery and judgment allowed him to succeed, despite
isolated and under attack by french artillery sergeant. Rhubarb did not wait for reinforcements but continued to attack the enemy, deciding that rapid action was sorry. This is where action, verses, inaction right action, verses, inaction, What was I say yesterday when we were recording the F o mine? I was does nine times out of ten It is better than in action. This is an example. Now is there a case where perhaps it would be, better to wait for reinforcements, but I'll tell you what here's the deal? If you take you know what we got enough guys what we're in a push weren't ago. Maybe you get stopped Maybe you meet heavy resistance now you know that now. You know you actually can proceed, but if you go Actually we just which took another bunker. Let's take another one you take small that's u go forward, you take action, and then you learn from the feedback. If the feedback, what about hey? We just try to take another bunker, we got shall act. Ok! Well,
we're not gonna move anymore. We wait for reinforcements fine. What's your default mode b b, aggressive make it happen, His actions create an opportunity which is commanders, took advantage of by pouring forces through the breach and decisively defeating enemy. Sartor Robarts actions contributed directly to his bed. crossing is divisions attacked and the eventual defeat of France. Five weeks later, far better, it is quote far Better- is to dare mighty things to win glorious triumphs, even though chequered, by failure than to rank with those poor spirits who near enjoy much nor that new to enjoy much nor suffer defeat because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory or defeat, and thus Teddy Roosevelt Medal of Honor Cuba, son metal of you, dumb bitch, are right. Next up, the Marine Corps
brings it. We got sergeant John Bass alone, you s Marine Corps, Guadalcanal, nineteen, forty two! August nineteen, forty two The first marine division landed on Guadalcanal encountering stiff resistance from the japanese defenders sergeant John alone served as a machine gun. Platoon sergeant, support of company see first battalion, seven parents, On the night of twenty four October sergeant, baseload platoon occupied a key position in the battalions: offensive perimeter on a jungle ridge just past one on thirty, the Japanese, in a ferocious attack in the dark rainy night, intense, fighting, followed and soon the machine gun unit on Babylons Right was overrun by screaming japanese soldiers, hurling grenades- and irish rifles.
at the same time, basil loans, machine guns, started running low on ammunition. Basil knew that the enemy that had broken through on his right were between him and the ammunition dump, but he decided that if his gun teams were not Reese applied, the positions would fall. Urgent Babylon? off his heavy mud, caked boots stripped himself, all unnecessary gear and sprinted on the trail after returning several belt of ammunition. He said, for the unmanned machine, pets to his right, knowing that those heavy weapons were vital tools in the defence of the rich when he got back, gone positions. He found to unoccupied machine guns, jammed and ran back to get one of his own. He, the team to follow him after barcelona- gone crew reach their destination. He immediately put them into action basil, lay on the ground and began repairing one of the damage weapons. Once the guns, repaired and loaded, he got behind them.
and began engaging targets. The fight raged and japanese bodies begin a pile up in front of the machine guns at one point sergeant, bass alone had to direct his Marines to push back the piles of bodies to me, Tain, clear fields of fire, ever more times during the night sergeant baseload made trips back to. The command area for desperately needed, ammunition, eight separated, acts were sent in the Marines that night and bass alone, platoon fired over. twenty five thousand rounds. we were credited with killing an estimated three hundred enemy soldiers playing a major role in forwarding the japanese attack. This successful defence we established the perimeter of the first Marine division, protected them it'll airfield and led to the conquest of, bottle canal, the first island taken from
Japanese for his initiative resourcefulness and leadership in defence of the ridge. sergeant bass alone was awarded the medal of honor. Since tactically sergeant baseload understood his role in the defence of the ridge and the intent of the company and battalion commanders. His mission gun served a pivotal role in the company and battalion defence line plan. he took numerous actions necessary to ensure his battalions success. This include making the decision to weaken one position in order to fortify and adjacent units position to his right sergeant bass alone, exhibited great leadership during the defense. He went to great lengths to provide is unit with whatever tools were necessary to maintain the defence of the ridge. His courage
braving enemy fire to deliver ammunition, set an example for his Marines, unbelievable it's it's interesting. When you think about their low on ammunition and his decision is I'm going to get. I'm gonna go personally, get the ammunition, and I can a couple factors playing into that decision, one of them being if we don't have ammo we're all gonna die, doesn't matter it. You know could send another guy. But. and I could stay here to try and help. You know maintain our position, but without ammunition. We're all gonna die, so the Portland
who number one thing we need is ammunition in these guys: go what they're doing they got this, but without bullets were organised over on. I am going to do this. That sub It's an interesting thing because you know sometimes at leaders got to say: okay. This is what's going on. Here is the absolutely critical task, and I'm actually just going to go. Do it right now, because it doesn't get done, we're all doomed taking off his boots? That's a that's a hard thing for me to think about. Cuz. My feet are soft. May I think every Tommy turned on bass alone, road there at Camp Hamilton, donor ranges and and and training. I think about think about the exports of job asteroids does incredible
the other thing to to think about years. These other is other illustration. Look at it. I'm an opposite amazing! Illustrations of a junior here you know, squad leader stepping up of making these calls, but The previous ones were wanted to. You were talking about look vis fighting, obviously people dying in and in being shot and blown up or ban added wherever, but those four their charges bonds. I charge is like that in Guadalcanal, like there's, zero quarters, gonna be- so you're overrun by everyone can get killed and- and I think I I think that was its different situation and I think, a lot more desperation there. You can't just throw up your hands and surrender, like the Germans did to start in your Corporal York and of their products. Yeah I mean I almost didn't even make it passed the sentence in the dark rainy night, intense, fighting, followed and soon
the machine gun unit on bank loans. Right was overrun by screaming japanese soldiers, hurling grenades and firing rifles. Just dark and wool when you're in dark and especially in a jungle like that it's dark outside and then you shoot your gun and now you ve. the muzzle flash like you can't. You can't see anything now like it's dark kits black and so now the only thing your hearing is screaming. Japanese throwing grenades, which again is ruining your night vision. You seen So why should you shoot back muzzle flashes, freaking, just horror, she's, horror. yeah, that's some unbelievable heroism there.
Thank you. You had not a good point about priorities, prioritizing Sq peace in, and I think we generally would say leaders don't we gather details when we do tat, but to your point of view, the priorities as next you'd see. If I dont go, do this now, none of it matters. We have to do that and I it's the x. Central priority them: if, if we don't do this priority. We will not exist anymore, it's an existential decision and there's only be you look any pry look said you know this guy he's working that gone? He can do that there's one person I could actually make. This happened right now in its me I'll, be back in seven minutes with an arrow fellows daisy. Next up sergeant Jacob Pavlov russian Army Stalingrad, nineteen forty, in the fall of nineteen. Forty to the german six army was pushing into the russian cities Stalingrad.
The russian strategy was to draw the Germans into the city and fight them from building the building sergeant Jacob Pavlov of the Soviets. Thirteenth guard division was called into his battalion map room in order to weaken a force story house in order to develop a company plan to attack the building that night sergeant, Pavlov selective three men from his squad and set out on the reconnaissance. So he called you recall this building so that we can do a company size hundred fifty man assault on this building when the format team reach the objective sought. Pavlov realise that the house was occupied by only a few german defenders. he decided to seize the house immediately with his small team. He quickly devised a plan and within minutes had attacked. Taking a troll the house using sure german machine guns and their own Tommy Guns sergeant, Pavlov led his men in fighting back wave after wave of german counter attacks the next night.
Pavlov, sent a messenger back to his battalion by morning. His was reinforced with sixteen men. Three aunt, I take rifles to mortars and more machine guns. His the preparations continued. He directed the play. a minefield around the building. He ordered his men to take out the interior walls of the building to allow freedom of movement he pulled. It sharpshooters and observers in the top of the building and fortified his command post to wonder Our trench was dug for resupply when the judge, That's a lot of things to get done, a two hundred yards radar known Joe, what is digging or two hundred yards trudge and posting sharpshooters in and removing the walls inside the buildings. You have better freedom of movement. This guy was not playing german sent larger armoured forces. Instant, sergeant, Pavlov in improvise new tactics to fight them,
beautiful due to the limited elevation of the german tanks, Pavlov sent his machine guns to the top force and is anti tank crews to the basement from these positions. His men put accurate suppressing fire on the german infantry while destroying the army of the armor, so Gun can only go so far up and so far down an apparently they go far enough up to hit it where the machine guns weren't, could go far enough down. They hit the anti tank weapons. Pavlov's house proved to be a key russian position in the battle for Stalingrad. The buildings high Pavlov's observers to call accurate artillery fire in any direction and snipers chalked up hundreds of kills from the attic upon finding his objectives. The lessons upon finding his objective lightly defended sergeant, Pavlov, ignored his orders and uses
initiative to take the house by surprise. This key decision fully cement supporters, commanders and tat. Now, what's interesting about this, as we dig in a little bit, If I was sending you leave to go and do a record of a building that we're gonna attack tomorrow with a hundred and fifty men. I might not even cover the contingency, we might not even cover the contingency of hay. if there is no one in there, just take it like, because you're not expecting. If you're expecting the needs on fifty people, you're not expect net for people, so you might not even consider that aim waivers light resistance, just take it it is even light resistance with four guys going into a defended position. It's gonna be here I need one person with a machine gun at the end of hallway and you got real problems. So the fact that he just said, I think we should, I think we got right get it done and in
and there's no radios, no radios and our call up and save a jackal to slave. I took the building send reinforcements now you're. Just there. We have already sent a messenger the next day. Four hours later, have you heard station for twenty four hours with four guys. That's that's crazy. that's! That's the power of the commanders. It tat! You don't understand the. Why and I think if you. And certainly I mean the culture in the soviet army. That Thomas was pretty centralize you as far as decisions to be made to. I can imagine that he got briefed for that contingency that's highly unlikely So someone just too big I think I think about what happens here, that if he goes back, you know it back and says: hey there's only you know it's like resistance there. We can attack now and maybe me at a time they plan their tack and twenty four hours later to reinforce and there's two hundred people there. Instead of a dozen or whatever, was that say
pretty amazing initiative to say: ok what they actually what we want to do strategically is take this, this key piece terrain and I'm going to take it right now, because there the initiative. Here's there's the opportune in front of me and to seize the initiative. That's that's incredible. Let's get it! that's Lee Roy Jenkins, you showed up in Stalingrad Lee Wrong Jake, but you think about though, from a perspective leaders date they don't you think that you What do people do that? I don't want to go too far. I don't want to get to aggressive you too, you wait for my waters and in so so there are plenty of leaders who would be upset with a squad leader like Pavlov executing or something like that? It set of actually say in that's: awesome, indefinable two Pavlov's working, we're gonna win the same. That is here to make all the difference.
To tell the the task commanders and tell the whole task in it, but I'd I'd pull a task in a commander silence. Eight hey the other became ass going on and they wouldn't be get anywhere. They be bogged down, they be shot up. A Paypal has problems be happening during training, and I imagine if each one of your fire team leaders was doing something smart to move you where you wanted to go mentioned, how easy things would be, and they look at me like dumbfounded. Because I know that's true like let's face it. If a fire team leader goes hey, we gotTA wounded guy. We need to move on and the just said we're. Moving south to the rally point if we all know we're moving South Rally point every fire team can we can start to make that happen and that was one of the things that would help help. Move a task unit from sent,
lies. Commanded Decentralized went just that little conversation which I had dozens of times hey. We will leave, I think, would be if every one you're fired team leaders right now was doing something that you wanted them to do that we get. There was moving them towards your goal. How how do you think that would affect you would only be like to be very of yes, it would be why, don't you tell them all what that overall, gold is right now you're new perimeter, everyone's every was within fifty meters. You could actually yelled out right now we're moving south the rally point Alpha: let's go Maybe one far team leader looks another forty metres. Hey, I got cover. You bound back- are at best you that's it. That's a guy's move in the right direction, some other fighting miracles, hey we're good, we're dead based, let's move, ok, that's another four guys who see you just need do think that way. You need your team, but go out make things happen, but they can only that if they know where you're going.
I watch you have the the others. That equation as well in order to solve the we talk about a lot of Islam Fraud in this week, when we see the did the recognition of these young leaders of the power of leadership and when there was a fire team leader or squad leader or my son, gone round machine gun or who want to charge you anybody else and their stay in and out in the street. In this told this Mount town, urban, urban, You know trading environment in this balls flying around and explosions, going off in total chaos and end. That was, it was so much like the leadership laboratory. The OIE talk about was just incredible thing to watch and went out there. The eyes in my mind my last comment: is it as a senior leaders observer, my my team and being there with you, as at your IRAN, Yemen, during training. Folks, walk up to some machine gutters in Asia. What's going on right now,
I don't know, what's going on what does it make a cause day? We wouldn't we rethink you during which, again that building over there weren't you make it And I remember I get the boy. This is the blank stare of like wait. A second you're telling me that I could get people to go over there and they look at me. Can you tell the head anti semitic, trouble. If I do that, I can't do that. Actually, no one is doing anything right now. I just walked by your platoon commander and he was sitting there talking your task in a commander, spaghetti for dinner. They have no idea what's happening and if you don't mind something happened, no one's gonna, be You think I could do this over and over again, but we would ask the question I hate: do you think your dad's gonna commander want you to be set out? The street get shot right now, and then of course not. Of course what their tied up with some other problem where or theirs spaghetti dinner, whatever it is, but one
you once they recognise the power of leadership and you occurring to make that call fall back in the building. And now all of a sudden. You got yet leaders at every level that are stepping up of bacon things happen, so Are you having both of those conversations with leaders both ends? You encourage encourage their their junior folks to step up and they calls and then, with the junior frontline truth there executing and then you actually have decent relies commands out. Their Megan examined its powerful, powerful tool, decentralized and sergeant put back the book sergeant, Pavlov showed exceptional leadership skills while defending the house, he organized and lead an effective defence position for over six weeks, tackle improvisation and skill combined arms leader. Sergeant, pangloss actions show how one meters actually could contribute to an overall battle. His platoon sized defensive, strong point became the key position.
His battalion, which in turn became the main effort of the division, pronouncements better to be it's better to be on hand with ten men than to be absent, with ten thousand that's from tamer lane among goal Emperor. That would do that would be a game this current or Genghis Khan. What that Mongol emperor? Now, it's not him as a non, not him. It's not him. I really actually know those two related but same area of the earth. That's for dancer Apparently it was apparently both of them like kick it ass. It was worse, booze digs gas, I cannot think of it. I got it. I thought it was now: it's not it's,
back and review the book I read of years. Yes, you're right does became of activity and they makes me, some kind of a movie about echo that may be to help out here this movie about it. Do you that's a week for me one of us to be I'm all right. I got a researcher, that's for sure. More discipline go but No, that's not him! Aright sergeant for british Army, France, nineteen, forty four! vital to the success. I like, I said that leave just pounded sums around. I did you remember that, may let's bring the clarity vital, some of the nineteen forty four allied invasion of Europe was the capture of valuable bridges, inland of the beaches. This was to be done by parachute forces the night before Didi. If these bridges were not taken, the german army would be able to counter attack the landing forces and push the allies into the sea. Just after midnight,
in the early morning, hours of six June, the fifth parachute brigade of this british six airborne division landed in Normandy. One glider company was too with the vital mission of seizing in holding the Pegasus bridge which are lost the. Cain Canal and secure the east flank of the british landing beaches. If this bridge was not secured, the Germans would be able to launch a flank attack into the exposed left wing. of the british invasion of forces are proceeding the bridge in a daring assault. The company established a defensive perimeter facing east an intersection at zero one. Thirty two tanks are the first pantry to engineer company with infantry support, crept toward the bridge as the lead element of a german counter attack the only there's a good story, only anti tank weapon available to the protein covering this approach was small PR rocket manned by sergeant fortune, the Parrot
papers were fearful that attack attack could not be stopped. Sergeant. Thornton laid. hidden in a pile of equipment, knowing the limited range of the piano and the vulnerability of his its position. He decided to wait until the tanks were mere fifty yards away before firing, Thornton fired the pr gone and scored a direct hit on the lead tank. the round, penetrated and caused a magnificent explosion, Shell Inside the tank began to cook off creating a fantastic light, show the german The commander was mortally wounded, as he tried to flee the burning hawk. The display Numerous explosions acted as a beacon for other paratroops forces lost in the dark. They converged on Pegasus Bridge, believing that british forces had come under severe attack. The second german Hank immediately reversed course, the lieutenant the tank? that the British had occupied the bridge in force and were equipped with
expound anti tank guns, the german It was decided to wait until daylight before launching another attack. As morning approach, the allied forces were able to land on the normally beaches and protect from a strong german counterattack. The german delay allowed the to build up, combat power on the beaches and rapidly strike him and the invasion of France and the drive across Europe led to the defeat of Germany in less than a year's time. So some lessons here sergeant Fort knew that his Pierre Gun was the only defence the paratroopers had against the german army, side to hold this fire until the lead tank was danger, close lowering the Germans into a trap. This alleged, yet That is, that is bad ass right. There are yet, I think, we're going to that guy's just being a close proximity tags rack fifty yards away it just
noise and knowing the power of that fishing and leave. You know- and you know these guys, like dude. What would you wait for? You got that far going through your head of like the caddy shackling Luman, but don't miss one wants to quota radio, Charles I exist day. That's it one wins the Jew who win sergeant fortunes round the tank it set off a chain of events which helped ensure the success of the deed invasion, the british rebate, to reinforce in reconciling the dark. The Germans decided not to risk a night attack and strong unknown forces. The burning take itself prison, prevented the Germans from approaching a bridge when the British, when a break, with a bridge in british hands, the paratroops company held an entire Panzer regiment at Bay nail. If Panza Regiment had been able to penetrate into Normandy into the Normandy Beach. Had the ally invasion might have failed the companies a little position supported.
airborne divisions mission and allowed the british landing forces to free access to the beaches. One shop potentially shaved, the left flank of the allied invasion, one shot saved, left flank of the allied invasion and there's a comment here Attack all success is only really decisive if it has gained at the strategically correct spot VON Moltke, which we haven't done him yet, but we got him in the books are so walls. Reading that I found something so I was talking about the fact earlier that when we got to modern warfare, when we got machine guns, we started to decentralize command because now layoffs squad is four hundred yards away from me, so that we have some dispersants that we held way. We also get killed it times that way,
gotta say: hey, like lay fears, are objective. You gotta go make it happen. So now, when you're talking about going in right, like you're, going into gliders in its in in band brothers, when you're in the gliders, come in you're goin in the dark you hidden of yours Yours is gonna, be alone. When you hit the ground, that's, what's going but you're gonna, be with what you pay me with one of her twenty other guys, that's what you're gonna be! Who knows we are commanders gonna, be you free Finally, the dark, where you jump out of an airplane, how what you're grouping? How many people you gonna be close to, so Not only are we didn't dare more, almost no communications, so what we have to do, We have to make sure that everyone understands the commanders intent. Everyone has to have some kind of objective, so the more
We got to this modern warfare. The more decentralized command was in the more importance there was on commanders intent. Then what happens? Then? We start getting radios. Right now, the sudden halo you go there I'll call. You. I'll, let you know what to do when we get. There were a few get into trouble. If it's not what you expected give me make coms selves I'm allowed the d amato. I naturally ease towards taking the stress off of the commanders and ten, because I figure just give me a call when you hit the ground if it's not what we expected. So you think about, but if you gotta freakin, launch gliders in paratroopers into France, four D day you got expect that their the ground, and I have no idea where they are, what to do there
no communication with you they better they. Let me rephrase that they're gonna have no communications with you and ate the ground there are probably not even have communications with more than five or six people when they initially hit the ground. Maybe ten, You know maybe glider their altogether, but there can be isolated, so they have to understand the commanders and ten. Otherwise, it just stops right there, but it seems get radio communications. Now it's ok! Well, when you hit the ground check in for the objectives, only you have you if you're, not sure where you are give us a call and will So all this and creators intent becomes less important and then you get to. no less important. If you, if you can make really lesson heartily, if you can make radio cards so then you get you fast forward. You know
Vietnam, where maybe now every platoon hausa radio right every platoon has a radio. So now what we at least can control that the new fast forward to the to the night? Even when I first got the teams we might die. Radio for each guy in the balloon there might be like for guys. Don't get a radio a major, you stick with worry. You know you because you're doing like a ship boarding, got a radio makes you stick with somebody that does, but now pretty much. We don't even know anything by the time we get to the teams. In two thousand we ve got radios, logout radios, so how I can control more leave. Tell me what's ache. Give me status updates. So I can tell you what to do next and then you go to the two thousand
hence Davos, and I got a blue force tracker. I got a video of what we're doing and you can see where now we're becoming we're going away from decent I command and moving closer and closer to more micromanagement because the technology allows me as the leader two of those chess pieces I see fit and it feels comfortable feels more comfortable, of course, we know what's wrong because for me to be like that gimme a status operate date. So I can give you you know your next move a well my most This is the only logical we're getting flanked right now. What do you want me to do? Oh, I want you too, oh life, just got shot, because you can react quickly enough cause. You sit there waiting to be told what to do so. What we are seeing now is. a tendency to move more
centralized command because we have the technology to facilitate, centralized command it. I'm not saying it's right, I'm saying it's bad, it's wrong. but if that's the reason that it's happening, we start to see more and more micromanagement because we have the technology of facilitator, as you say that I'm I'm thinking about it, I'm thinkin about, as with the training that you ran, was you know the which was the best he training in the world. When you are, Ah, Sir George of trained detachment from West Coast motives and you were were out there to teach to teach people how hard it was gonna, be particular in the urban environment in a combat situation. How easily get blue blue situation? How easy thing go chaotic how easily you can actually make arms on the radio in our land, more for environment, exactly same thing, distances regional onto the way or whatever it may be, and it cost It seems that way. In theory,
now it seems that in theory, we just talk here about in the radio vehicles ages really able to do what they can work. Well, ok and then, when you rise like hey, that's not gonna. If we can't make comes at a utopia shipboard. That's a great example like I'm down the engine room. There's all want to see what you mean you open the bridge. I get cops are due whatsoever, and, if we're thinking that, like to call the radio everyone heard me. I try to do them. You taught me that in one of that one of the biggest lessons for me, you know what, as as we talk about here in your pocket, five years. Bacchus is true put out you know of message over the radio. Everyone do this. Do that you like use verbal commands, and that was one of those things like Everyone is hearing me on the radio there in the middle of doing stuff. There's people around it, story and talk do was there might be merrily the hearing, your transmission, so this illusion that I'm communicating it
is. Is it it's a total allusion? Could it's hard reality and, and if people don't have computers at TAT, they can execute and no substitute for that at all. And we see that now that we in the business world as leader send an email or are you know, told everybody what to do that they should just read their inner, like you're gonna feel on their email, twenty four seven there there in the middle doing stuff, by the way they got fourteen emails at six o clock in the morning and Think that they're gonna take out one from you and yet, oh especially. Especially we're gonna need that sends out hey just checking what everyone, but no one will go on. Like now those I'm checking emails. You gonna email of army mailing, you there's a reason for it. You need to open it up and read it. he's not gonna email, you twelve times a day, I'm not having to email you three times a day when you get in for me, it's important yet the presence that amateur sent you a bunch of stuff that doesn't matter guess what same thing with with common upon the rate
Hey, I actually meta, hey anyone got out. Another odd, we can push back in Israeli, carrying a tumor browser doesn't talk and on the radio talking on the radio talk another radio, Eventually I was listening to you anymore. We work company recently, where I did their run, the plants in the plant is being managed from a couple hundred miles away, were in like a command centre and They lost power. whose power and in all the suddenly came they get no coms at all. Everything has to be done on site you don't understand, meditatively donors, doubtless procedures are I mean you ve got those contingency plans in place, and I think that was what was so awesome about about seeing that Eddie. A trade that, when you run a vigorous, is your instilling those lessons of thy okay. This is why I've got to make sure that my your leaders by squad leaders in our kids pop and may cause, because if with vigour, This is a technology that we have we're gonna fail if they get here.
It would always be them. The truth, through an AIDS day. While I do will how you could that little which can get on radio and when its go time relax. Would it would if you don't get coms, a new kind of look at me puzzled and it gives you if you make your plan. This is the could be, the fifth laugh combat the fifth of combat is, if you mean your plan and its based on making me- radio communications with some other element. Your plan relies on that it will not work. it will not work and is going to fail. You gotta, have you no second, return, fury forms of, nation that overcome the rate As your saying, I'm thinking about the image of use standing on top of a humvee, EDGAR Injury control. Point three On the far side of the canal. We had all this dangerous snipers around there in India. We knew this is their snipers today. There are no one actually Peter had above the big high school barriers. Jockers and on top of the home these with this tape antennae.
Extended dialect six feet above his head to make columns of me As I was, we were forwarded now in an overall position and Even then it was it was. It was a recognition of I'd hate. We were, we can be really hard to talk on the radio, and you you did you put yourself at rest- do that, but if I didn't commanders genomic I'd, there's no way. I could rely on that. Have you the calls for me. You know from a distant position. I want to say one thing about this and you What about you know that the power the flag and we talked about in the previous year, the Germans it run up the flag in french- were demoralized, nothing. or demoralising there, not a giant burning tank hole. I know that the hawk that tag just just burn there they all the all the others, could see and die that that was obviously incredibly demoralising in this particular situation. Anything
when you owe us yours and you talk about this particular or where he had this task with the with the piano he had to tackle the rocket? All of a sudden, you know that the tag explosions of big fireball and clearly that was a Possibly demoralising thing for the german forces there, which which turned round the bread, but I think I am wrong. flags is great blow. Tags and having a burning. The vehicle all to see like who and what had happened to me you're the reason it took me. Second, there is cause the times that american tat, got blown up in Almaty and it would take you know, four hours to get a eighty, eight down there were dragging out, and that was freaking demoralising too you know and that we reach our goals, vehicle graveyard, but knowing that they're gonna get some he's gonna get theirs and its freakin horrible
credibly, demoralising dry, to drive down around Michigan, see some burned out. Holcomb vehicle the side of the road but the Good NEWS was on our side. It was also very demoralising it when the bad guys could observe their their bodies laid out the street after some money you'll, snipers, put him in the dirt deal, and that was pretty demoralising as well for them, which we took surprise jack. Next sergeant Stephen grew egg. U S! Army, ITALY, nineteen, forty four! In August of nineteen, forty four, the allied offensive in ITALY, was stalemated in amphibious Anzio was executed in an attempt to outflanked the german defences and capture roam. The landing units became stalled on the beach had allow allowing the Germans reinforce their defences, the D after landing, L company of the hundred the Third infantry was moving north towards Rome,
Germans were waiting an ambush and the company was quickly pinned down by enemy fire, realising that the fire was too heavy for the medics attended, the wounded sergeant Gregg a mortar men picked up a thirty cow. Light, machine, gun and advanced on the enemy position. He is his measured. Accurate bursts, suppress the enemy long enough for the casualties to be evacuated. Unfortunately, sergeant Gregg ran out of him ammunition knows captured, sergeant. Greg's captors took cover from incoming are to american Artillery sergeant Gregg grabbed the machine pistol and fought his way back to friendly lines. I sometimes I pause because I'm thinking about these things in a little bit deeper level like taking up of thirty caliber light machine gun, which is
light machine, gonna, thirty caliber machine that lies not light ed, just advancing on the enemy position. That's just awesome. Then you picture this guy. We start getting hit with artillery and all the captors hide and he's like Jack. You obey watch. This grabs a machine pistol, fights way back from the next day, the Germans counter attack, L company restarted stay, the Germans counterattack, L company was to hold the line on a hill captured the day before acting as if What observer observer sergeant Gregory did over six hundred rounds onto the enemy until he lost communications with the mortar section, knowing how The more the fire was to the defence sergeant Gregg took the initiative to find out what has happened in the phone line. Paul nearing the mortar section, another soldier yelled, that the Germans had seized the mortar position and were dropping rounds on the Americans.
Greg, assaulted, the Germans taking prisoners. He quickly put the mortars back in fight by gathering up a handful of american troops and teaching them how to fire mortars. O j t. company held the line sergeant bravery, initiative and situation. Awareness contribute to his units, successful defence. The defeat the german counterattack led to the allied break out from the beach had any eventual capture of Rome. That's just a solo operate there, that's crazy the solo operation have anymore to check out we'll go find out. What's goin on this far away to second there's some german with our mortars cool I'm. What do I do? I attacked them Gimme, a thirty thirty count. Machine gun gets sergeant. displayed keen, socio political lessons, sergeant Gregg displayed keen situation, awareness during combat at Anzio.
Acting as afford observer. Certain Gregg realise the importance of his units role in the company defence and did everything in its power to keep them more firing. So This says he realized the important role like he realized was going on. There was no one told him: we better get those mortars up. He realized it and made something happen when Amber sergeant Gregg displayed the bravery and decisiveness to take action. His individual attack on the Germans, with the pressure on his unit and allowed the wounded to be evacuated sergeant, eggs, leadership, abilities and strength of character allowed him to take a handful of Americans not under his command and train them, while under enemy, fire, sorry eggs improvise section maintain the supporting fires which were so critical to the companies defence action on this?
One theme action, look they talk about initiative, that's good! That's our understanding. The commanders intent but actually taking action is, is what we need to do in the book called extreme ownership when we talked about prioritizing execute one of the things down, I had told stoner was We all realise thing, relax, look round and make a call in what Trusting about that is when I wrote that there's a part missing, there's apart missing too that so, when you can to a situation where a lotta may have gone on. What you need to do is relax. No take a brief look around actually observe what's happening, and then your call right make a call
there's a part as we: u line that up with the Oda Loop, it almost lines are perfectly because observe Orient decide and act. We got relax just like our I look around, which is definitely observe and then maker. All is decide the thing that I didn't say to surf. Was was act and, I would have said, execute I would use the word execute. Put that on the windshield for him. The reason that I put down on the windshield, for him is because we, you tell us the opportunity to do something nine times out of ten it's gonna get exe. When someone says online, the work it's past. They get online. When someone says peel right there,
all my. They feel right when someone says strong right, strong left with somebody makes a call it gets executed and his platoon was executing stuff he, it was him that needed to make a call. So that's that's the peace that I didn't tell F, because I didn't mean to because it wasn't him that was used to make the call his platoon was gonna to execute and and believe me they did. Only when he would make a collar when someone would make called they'd execute as pretty normal. It's very normal forest. Platoon it's very seldom soup tune when they get do we make it experts on that they don't do it. if you make a call J, Peter knows executed, pleads already you picked, you got sixteen J, p d nels or even if you got five JP, two thousand some other guys, shits gonna happen. It's gonna happen. So when I that for south it was about him and execute boring. I have to say anything because I knew if you made a call, it was gonna happen. That's sir, That's a big assumption
a lot of four- it's a big assumption for us as individuals and it's a big assumption in a normal team right look. I knew dealt opportune at that time. guess at most opportune. Quite frankly, they will execute as we just But that's not always comment and it's something that should we should actually add if you're gonna say hey, if, when there's things happening, relax look around and make a call the next thing should be execute, because if people that make all of people, it may cause businesses, there's people that may cause and dynamic situations they make a call. But if you haven't trained and been been, for lack of a better word programmes that we, I'll call you can execute. There's two off times when the execution doesn't happen, there is not bring. This up is because I was thinking about this because, the every one of these things. The common thing is that someone is taking action,
someone's making a decision to making a decision do, but they have to act and even Dave talks about Buddha Loop Yoke. He he said but the most important part of Eu Lupus Action action. You got it you gotta take if you don't take out and look, you can earn, observe weren't decide all day long. If you don't act, doesn't matter same thing, with rocks, look around a maker call: hey you can lax and worry yourself and observe, what's happening and make a call, but if nobody executes that call your dead in the water, so the Things are all about actually taking action. It's it's a great observation because that's that's a break out for a lotta leaders and we see that all the time with decision get made, will work with a company, and you know: they've got a problem. Performer they've done everything they can to try to mentor them and they, okay, we're going to have to actually make this decision to. Let him go How did you come back and talk of six weeks later, indecision, God made, but they never, executed ended the performer still there, and then it takes six months or nine months to get that done in some
harder to do. Then all the damage has been done, and I think that two great observation to make, because its you can make a decision, but if you're not actually executing it and it doesn't, it gives you you're setting yourself back you're losing initiative. You wasted in a momentum you're, giving your competition a leg up in ITALY, to your point earlier, like nine times out of ten action is the best they take I should take it every step that direction need to know if you need to go, and it just gives you all the Avengers yet occasionally you could get a poor tune where they're, not they don't have that they don't have that attitude where there ok the calls God made and we're gonna go make this happen occasion. You would but to my dad and then it then it would be hey. Would you hear that call you got it gotta go get em, you gotta make that happen. You got it. You can execute like us, adults who didn't you that they just needed, set to rigorously look around a make, call once a calls, get made dead
guys in their like you said you got some. You got some J P, two thousand as some other freakin guys, they're gonna make things happen in their. It's no factor action, one Corporal David W Lamb. U S, Army, Korea, nineteen, fifty one in October, one thousand nine hundred and fifty one at G Company 23Rd Infantry Regiment, was battling for hill five hundred and twenty of heartbreak ridge. The company of been with by repeated fight with the north korean forces. Corporal Lamb was acting platoon commander of the third, the tune of a unit of about twenty soldiers, so we got the freakin E4 out their acting as opportune commander, following heavy bombardment and supporting fires, corporal lambs Platoon made a direct assault on a hill five twenty. upon nearing the enemy lamps Platoon was halted by enemy fire and began taking casualties. Lamb called
for reinforcements Lieutenant day. No. Gathered his first platoon and move towards lambs position day knows poetry, began to take casualties and halted when the young lieutenant was killed. Private high stepped into the role of protein commander and rallied his platoon. while under fire corporal Lamb, directed the use of supporting fires and planned a new route for the enemy attack for the company attack after a bitter fight to pull tunes, breach the enemy defences during this open, the position Corporal Lamb was wounded. Private high was now the main effort of the attack. He directed the remaining soldiers in taking out the bunkers in the enemy defences, using grenades and flame throwers. Three hours after the attack had set off the enemy position was secured. Corporal lambs leadership had pulled its platoon and the remainder of G company forward through the withering fire in the enemy s position. The attack pushed the enemy,
he'll, five, twenty and important and important step in removing resistance from Heartbreak Ridge, you know it's interesting are a lot of times. Tell leaders you know you should have. If you got seven or eight D two ports. You should have two or three those direct reports that are ready to step up and and take your job and and here you got a private, this guy is this guy's above in private takes charge. It makes things happen. That's next Alright aid should be. imagine me say: hey look, you got your direct reports and of all your direct reports. Your eight direct support you should have to people had already take your job and by the way, in fair reports there should be five people that are ready to take your job. That's impressive If you, if you made that your goal, that the people not just you
abort, it's their subordinates. There's people that were there were two levels: You in the chair to grant a rest up and take your job if need be, imagined how effective inefficient those individuals would be it. Also like you talk about all tat. Every leader should be China work themselves out of a job, and I think it so hard to do that as our egos get involved. While I will be the one that makes calls You know what you you insisted on that. I know you'd learn that from la Delta Charlie in your time, in this ill teams, in putting like Ryan jobs are our most junior ragged guy, as as an E3, we put him in charge of modern and terrorists, all like planning Sq that assault in it. I did get gives it made him so much about your contributor cause. You understood what you know that the understood the challenge of leadership. We understood how he could best support. You know that our team and the worker information. We needed to make decisions, and I would add
ever done, that without your encouragement and in fact I think I pushed back on a little bit. You What I want you out, who's your most. You want you want you. Let the Beatles run. This process be sure about that. I, like he's, he's brand new and I get a lot of money there's really does a divide and has that's it. That's crazy! Think right! There right is like he'll. Do fine until the end Third, we re really help. You find him it's like even when we run after excess, like the empty Ex training programme, for civilians, wit I dont know how we had this talk, when it was, but the overall overall. the overall meaning of the talk was was like the doubly fine like These civilians that got four five minutes of training, of how to assault a building there actually going to do fine. It won't be that big of a deal look is a suitable dune, better training
Yes, but I'm Saint the general idea of what the deuce gloomy can we find it's me enough to work with so someone my beagles, who is in the pool tunes Do the work up and understands things is a watch this I'll? Do it I'll be fine, and you know he'll make the same they'll make you just did it life balance. platoon commander from the Naval Academy. You know you just did it and you made for mistakes, beagles about to do it and he's. Make five, it's not like late. you did it and he made one mistake and beagles gonna do and he's gonna make. Eighty now it's like, seven mistakes and he made three that is like that: crazy and and The thing that you mentioned about how Much more opens up somewhere, brain Wendy
get to see like all that when you are in charge of on this, exactly you be called it does. What Delta Charlie did us put hey you're in jobs as IRAN in this enormous anatomy, look at this little tiny sliver of the plant and the sliver of the execution. I'm looking to this whole big thing: and so I see so much more see how things are interconnected. That was a powerful maggotty uses work. Yes, I'm life changing Life changing for me to have the vision and to have my boss, a you're gonna run this and and get to work and see all these things that I'd never seen before and be like. and then the next mission, by the way back to just being radioman? But I can all the connections. I know the imports of job. I know that my I know that this would my boss. I know that this would help the other the other squad leader. I know that I should talk to the this guy about It makes you infinitely better
Tat was a really powerful lesson that that there are other from you in and saw the impact, and I think it is you're going to simply put there. You go Jack and realise just point that you had with those so What matters to ask you to address think if you had they give Sixteen forty of those guys out there who can see that vision, your thinking? not just their task, but every. How can they can help? The overall mission in the attack purpose you out here it'll turn accomplish this juice. Absolutely life changing and gave changing that that teenagers- they just dominate, there's no, there's no stop and there they just crush everything. Some lessons. Corporal lamb displayed tremendous leadership abilities. His fellow soldiers benefited from his competence when he assumed command of the protein and lead accompany sized attack when the time for him to command at a higher level. He was able to under the responsibility. Tactically proficient corporal
I had learned the necessary skills for combining apple tuning combat check. He was able to coordinate supporting fires with his company commander. Direct actions, direct the actions of other balloons and inspire the men under his command by his personal leadership, his knowledge and ability met with the success on the battlefield. By the way I got it, I got a text from a tilt. The other day it was after he listened to up podcast Rethumb with Dave Burke, good, dubious Gideon. A good deal. Dave was telling you you're talkin about calling for bombs. Cornflower confer fire in remedy. and I don't know the number of times that that day was on the ground to drop bombs. But you know it was a lot yeah. It was a lot and then to listen to it. I don't like hey really like lists near your pod gas with Burke.
Let him know that I the call some fire to only I wasn t, for when I did it at an end, and it is, you could not. You could not compare the amount, Times that Dave Burke drop bombs in his. Higher career, including training. You could not here that amount with the amount that tilt dropped, one operation, one operation where he's sitting at night for twelve hours route, with continual closer support till will make you feel like a maybe I'll figure and other EU measure, not here, You're, not too that if any shit where she had before- but I guess you know, we talk about humility- that he gets anytime, I think after insulted or we sought to combat Enone start reading books.
Every single one of these of these illustrations here may just just blows away anything that I saw a credible. I will say this though I talk to. I did I talk to you a couple. Vietnam. Seals are outstanding, Voting at some awesome experience and now service is seal. Machine guns in Vietnam and the charm happiness Gunfights and I mean he's guest in amazing incredible. People that my experiences, our forefathers. It created this legacy for us, the seal teams, and we are talking about washing your machine gunners it now and have never really cool see our belts, emigrating gap is alive and an awesome they were in and we'll talk, like how often you know so, I asked I asked one of good for him on the head. We have yet to reload your machine gun, he's our man, maybe a couple times how many them a year I mean was shot you're hollowed out if you to watch at times none of them ever shabby loader, and I was thinking
dude our sea fishing and shot the daring six hut around lowdown and maybe four more rather biases carrying like all the time on so many this aberrations, yeah I had the same conversation with firm with boy. Had exact same conversation with one. You know bad ass for father Vietnam Seal. Who is a machine Gunnar in Norm and he said the same thing you know he was like. I think he said, he's. Ok, we got in six firefights, but That's what I also learned is that much like seal deployments. You can have one seal deployment in Vietnam, where you go to a certain NATO and the enemies act in a certain way and its freakin like daily. Grow craziness and they were doing what they oh yeah they dupe, since they would. Squad operations. Are they go every other night, your squad, my squad, your squad, my squad and do operations all time. so there is also no based on that
circular arrow that you do know that you were in a mean, even when we were when we were rahmati the guys that were over in another city. You don't whatever not not that far away. Some of those guys didn't didn't. I don't know if they got in the firefly. So or Meda got no two or three. So it's one as things where I hate uses word by category lucky you you're a Yo Yo and then, of course you gonna make your own luck. Next, sergeant, Stephen Bouchard: U S Marine Corps Vietnam night! sixty seven in July of nineteen sixty seven four italian ninth Marines took part in opera in Buffalo, designed to defend the border between North and South Vietnam, known as the demilitarized zone. During its operation, a battalion was ambushed by an entire north vietnamese army regiment and took very heavy casualties,
the first and second battalions? Third Marines were sent to rescue one nine and stabilize the area sergeant Bouchard served as the right guide for second platoon, a company, one three, The petitions mission was to clear the area where one nine had left their dead. a company moved out of its positions. Second, platoon came under heavy shell fire to commander, was wounded and had to be met of act but platoon. Sorry took command the envious again firing from bunkers in the far tree line the platoon urgent froze with fear, leaving the platoon without leadership. Started. Bouchard unhesitatingly took command of the platoon and played an important role in the company, subsequent action sergeant recharge, strong leadership portable tune through the horrible task of retrieving the corpses of one night. While under enemy fire while manning a defensive position, a breach in the battalion line was created between Bouchard solitude and the adjacent be company Bouchard spots,
counterattack, into the breach and sealed off the NBA who had infiltrated the perimeter his unit, made contact with approaching forces wearing marine gear Jim Bouchard ordered his Marines to hold their fire until the figures had come into within hand grenade range. At that time, Bouchard decided to open fire on the approaching soldiers who were v wearing still gear, from the dead of the one nine who short tactical actions, broke the enemy attack and the Marines went on the offensive sergeant brush. Remaining command of second platoon until the unit was ordered to pull out a three was the last unit to lead the battlefield before be fifty two strikes levelled the area. sergeant Bouchard, was both willing and able to take responsibility of leading the platoon. His technical skills. Allow
well tuned to play. A major role in the company's combat operations. Sergeant Bouchard was able to take charge by being decisive. We the whole thing yesterday on offer if all mine being decisive. The squad leaders did not respond to the balloon sergeant. Who was too fearful to lead so depletion, took decisive action and was not afraid to make tough decisions and carry out difficult tasks, and once again, what do you do? Took action taken, taking action. His decision opened fire on the individual's marine uniforms, require decisiveness and acceptance of responsibility. Or to push hard lead, is platoon by example, many Marines were devastated by the sight of the marine dead left behind by one nine sergeant shortcut, bull and firm leadership held second platoon together and that, right there I mean just devastating. You know we talked about the how
how much it hurts to see an american tank burning in the streets and remedy I mean, can you imagine you're putting It is now out there just recovering body after birth, Eddie after body of your oh Marines, I mean it's up. It's a nightmare, and and and obviously the go into too much and I have to do some research and if I can find any more information about this, but They clearly mentioned here. Many Marines were devastated by the sight of the marine dead left behind by one nine.
Realising that his unit had to be at the right place at the right time in order to make a different sergeant, Bouchard led a counter attack to plug the gaps in the lines between a and b companies. This platoon level tactical action secured the company flank and prevented the battalion from being split and overrun, then is a coke here from the german army that says it's better to have a good sergeant in command than about officer decked out one. That's that's a great will rather Corporal Lester a Tully? U S Marine Corps, Vietnam. Nineteen sixty eight nineteen sixty eight TED offensive took american forces in Vietnam by surprise Way: City the angel imperial capital of Vietnam, was quickly overrun by the North vietnamese army. The NBA give
mission of relieving the first Arvin Division Command posted G Company; second Battalion Fifth Marines advanced on foot through the city, the first Arvin division C p was located at the northern corner of the citadel, a historic fortress g companies. Root of advance would take them right through the citadel becomes. Advanced along highway, one with second platoon in the lead until became necessary to cross a bridge over the perfume river, just as though Squad crested the center of the span on envy machine gun in placed in a fortified bunker, open fire. The company was pinned on the bridge and the lead squad took multiple casualties and am sixty was set up to counter the envy position, but the team leader was killed moments later as spark, full from enemy rounds hitting the bridge structure. Corporal
We decided to take matters into his own hands. Corporal Tully was second squad leader of second platoon. on the bridge is squatters located directly behind the lead squad assessing the situation. Corporal till we decided upon a course of action that would allow his company to advance Realising that his squad was protected from fire, was the nearest to the enemy, Corporal Tully charged up a walk away and we're grenade into the enemy position, killing five envious and silencing the position. The company followed Purple Tully Squad across the bridge and advanced upon the citadel as the company new the citadel admit, heavy resistance from northern Vietnamese, army regulars, while forced to withdraw Gulf to fight goes five clarified the situation around the Citadel America Committee, had gained a much needed clear picture. How strong the enemy was in way city. Now, the american commanders could concentrate on what to do
rather than wondering what was going on You know I used to set up the the old barricaded shooter down the hallway. This is just an off. Wanna, barricaded shoot down. A bridge In her, and would even do you get down men on that bridge, causing a walled jump off the bridge will be ok. What about your of wounded friends up there, so you can't just abandoned it. It's a nightmare. What's up with a what's up with a grenade, killing five enviers, that's oaf! I must have been. that's a tight shot. They must have been closely grouped. I've been like way tightly group well well through greater frog, renewed, always love that that day, you Novia. I guess he added that the american grenades being like baseball's baseball side.
The Germans they couldn't it couldn't hang because they play soccer, and so they Nora, potato masher, grenades Ecuador's here he ever Siena up made with like a long stick on one end of it like unread Don. Yes, that's called a potato massacres. It looks like something out of it, but the reason that it was created was you can use it like with leverage to throw further, because you, kicker grenade like it's a soccer ball, so they could like a marriage, you take an american kid. Man come on he's gonna. Take that little baseball size created hot. That thing like to put it into a machine gun, picked up five people, accuracy, friggin, awesome yeah. If you from from easy company. There were with the five or six. The banner brute manner brothers of using the the the television where the boy put member bought Compton. Was they all american catcher, for you see lace, baseball team whose that use apparently
racked line, DR heating german soldiers were with him. He has so frequent after so epic, I was when I was going through S. T t like the what became ass cutie, so let us get on with Spacex you're, turning these show, but a team, and then they put you through training and that we week we went to a grenade. course, which is run by teen guys, but we were throwing pineapple grenades. Sir up: pineapple grenades, the crates remarked nineteen, forty seven: what's the planet, then that should. Fish looking grenade, it sort of looks like a pineapple scuttles like spy, despite like like like a Queen pattern it just like upset stereotypical grenade, oh yeah, like what you will of someone's gotta get a tattoo over grenade realise what they get case and then what than the kind of modern grenades us just round and Jesse I just looked round, but that that, though,
pineapple grants. Are we go up there and this is just dumb team? Guy stuff, so we start throwing these grenades and like a bunch of em, are not working because their whatever at that time, like fifty years old or something crazy like that, were how can these grenades and chief, that was running the training who it was afraid him more bad, asked him Guy manufactory mentioned because he died, but his missed him TIM so we're throwing these grenades and when they would so, if, if you're gonna didn't go off the Recall call was shut down. The range call you d, ye can come, their whenever in five hours and you gonna sit there for five hours when for them show up so temporarily, on us to miss training, so he's going out on the range he like be like he'd, give it like whatever a few minutes and then he'd take another grenade. Another freakin.
old, rusty pineapple great you got pull the pen. Set it down next to the one that was the dot afternoon when rapid works or does balls they set about it and then run back Jonah big fish. Dude, I'm a new guy, I'm like dandy, is due to bad like this guy's crazy, but does it? You know that now, if you how to run a hand grenade rages, do not do not do not do that. Do not do that not advisable, they Don T guy stuff freaking out real done. those pineapple great show that the IMF sixty seven, which is the modern, resonates reuse that, if the frank patterns, So much of it, the sprat Frank, is tiny breaks up a little little small piece with pineapple there's a big old chunks and that's what it was, The insurgents had been remedied, Coverlids whose point of view they have. Those are there, russian ones that are more cylindrical the their cylindrical and they still have the grid pattern on your cup.
Why should those out of that one march that we cleared with iraqi soldiers Maginot Will you get weapons there? So you don't use the pineapple grenades at all, no longer dang, that's kind of that kind, look you're right! That's what I'm saying and to get a tattoo of a grenade you're going to get that one most like I've, never seen any one of them and sixty seven grenade tattoo of you cuz it's kind of round it doesnt quite have guns, can aboard luring milking monsieur hockin. It was any problems with it. Kay our members with as soon as possible, the Russia, perhaps grace of the things, were heavy lottery lot more way. Tallow more opportune for sheer seem like most well, like you said, the frog was a heavier. You know like just that just the metal was heavy. I don't know what the explosive way was off top my head. There deafening
they make a big bow, legged data, so these different sizes of grenades or no, yes, there are like. So will you and you mentioned, that the grenade killed. However, many in one shot at that was more a statement of like that must have been a hell of a shot in the I must be close together, because a grenade is a very small explosive. Maybe it's a small life. Five meters, curiosity leader sorts. Yet there are accusing together bomb, there's no for ECHO, Charles, though, that the movie master the so that the, Finally, I feel ready for him. Sixty seven are our hand grenade fragrances the same. It's the same curious for a golden egg, which is a forty millimeter. Now that you shoot out here, you're into a three grenade launcher or the old school and seventy nine that we carried and, unlike what you might see in the movie commando going when you, when you shoot a forty. No may aggravate the building
below, and we had several tat very evening. Just it Frank people and they run off that's a common misquoted. Appointing now, therefore, cousin was conception. That actually is true in commandos, actually factually the proof that it Well argued essays: I tried that many times and has officer in up my job is to stand back and and a high point, my weapon if it be detached. But that also means that if I'm in the back and shoots of forty million aids- and we sat Quite- Do those things? Would you is awesome? I remember you often coming back with empty bandoliers, so we'd unpaid, There are no, no, no, no, they lay outlay started toward their didn't started. Member that the scene, a predator Jesse Winter Plain a blame says I don't. I don't have time to bleed right, member, yet think ably, and then they got Poncho said. Ok, you have time to
exactly he came out shot- is that the forty millimeter that's afforded able at Yahoo im two or three is large and out into the unlike plugin, Fuck you guys heads down and if we did have, we had a couple gives it the score, scored some direct hit with forty millimeter menobranchus. If you take one of those in the chess game overview, that was pretty happening, but but There is one doesn't happen is like you saw a predator, where you larger forty millions of forty forty MIKE Mike into a bunker, like a giant explosion, happens and six guys go flying through the air in all directions. That doesn't happen. Now I was very disappointed. Did you see my instagram pose where's that eight people are barking in front of my driveway and then issued the cars? Yes? Is that a fact? millimeter, I mean I guess I thought you had a rocket would not a rocket. I use like one of the big I think like six of them fit in there.
Oh you know what you did. Have you the streets where others a street sweeper forty million aid, which the Marines had rate Marines, had some and there heavy, but it's pretty awesome register is a cylinder dislodge a whole bunch of It may seem like a gigantic revolver with forty diameter. Wasn't real it was real, but I don't look at the details that what he called instructions or whatever the name did shoots vehicles with forty, my MIKE it does create quite an explosion. If you can ignite the gas than it will catch on fire, there was a gigantic explosion that happened. Oh, that was all this morning you that vehicle in good deal day for the bombs. The others is not that much explosive inside you like how bigger- media is Think of how big an immediate work than thinking, how big a greatest I mean I can just kind of multiply Latin to get something similar. So do you remember
they gave us the thermal Barrack forty MIKE Mike. I do remember that which would create a much less. Roger explosion and supposed to kill me with over pressure in the EU budget. Cover several cases element that was, alas, the entire deployment, whom we Every single one of them on one operation within about it, one hour period, which was awesome was awesome, but was also additionally awesome? Was I got an email follow up and the foot said? His work were wondering if you had a chance to utilise because they were they were tested. They were testing them, we're wondering if they have had a chance to. If you have a chance to use any of these barbaric grenade. Forty millimeter grenades have had a chance to fire any of them yet, and I, like other aid,
The average have you you shot, some others are our you, because I shot all our that they were also, and I just wrote back or good, send more guy. I think I asked for more, but the only thing that was different is that day there much heavier since their lot. Larger an explosion is much much more powerful, so little closer what you might expect gotcha, but you gotta call for that in the trajectory, because the European Union, and yet we re having it is followed by a fifty meters. Sure, let's get a harder doping on army can't mark. We saw how can doping your forth. My work that's grows and are at the from that one corporal Towhee knew the mission, the company was to relieve the first Arvin division headquarters when the company was did by fire. He took decide
if action in support of the commanders intent to free up the movement of the company, so the mission can be continued. Corporal Kali acted corporatism, acted on his own initiative being the second in company formation, he was in the best position and to evaluate the situation and take advantage of the opportunity developed by the point squad. So what we have here again, we ve got somebody that's in a position there, not the least this isn't the gunnery sergeant. This isn't the platoon commandants into company commander. This is the squad leader who takes action and makes a difference and look: we. We saw this kind of thing all the time and we
lucky enough to work alongside the army, work alongside the Marine corps and see. you dont, not just from our own produce, not just from drawing dealt to see are young lives and step up and make things happen. We see things like this. We see things like this all the time, all the time, Yet, if you think about how young these inexperienced these squad leaders are as well do and arms and as far as red near in those tourism thinking about a a young squad leader that we worked with from three eight Marines, Lemme Company name Joe Topsy Corporal Joe Topsy, and we get probably doesn't operations. corporal tops in is a squad. And we learned a lot from those guys or whether they have been in remedy for several months prior to us fought through some of the most difficult dangers. Neighbourhoods, and I hear He was twenty one years old,
here's areas in charge of a squad Marines leading those Marines, a beloved squad leader, open up and making calls supporting the chain of command it adjusts just executing get things done I had so much respect and in order to build a work with with a marine like that in and tragically, autopsy was killed on August in two thousand six the same day that we lost markedly same day, Rhine job was shot and blinded and We lined up national those Marines from three eight lemme company and we put both tab Joe Topsy in markedly on an angel flight to save time, and now I'm over the silence. Of all the Marines. Next to us, as is our seals with China, to carry this through our brothers in body back and put them on. An angel flight is theirs. They took off
just then the glow of that of that helicopter Goin governor going around eyes. They took off the fibers Gazelle and I what a loss of just seeing, how crush those Marines were losing their brother and his beloved squad leader, and- and I was just thinking about us as were hearing stories. It hardly To imagine that these guys, how young they were a guy like we'll talk to twenty one years old it with awe that too would just limited life experience and yet, in this massive position of responsibility, other plants at key roles in with another team, sixty two fails just my hat off to all the squire leaders out there and what an honour to work with a guy like that men and women. Done on the impact that he had on all the Moraine City alone.
the other was some. That's probably a pretty good place to start for today, we have more it's more thanks cover and. It's important to remember that. These guys as it were talking about this book when you're talking about Corporal Thomson. When you talk about Mark, you know we talk about now they make a difference on the battlefield and make a strategic impact, but.
Their actions in the way they lived in the example that they sent definitely have made a difference in the way that I think in the way that you think, the impact that they had not on the battlefield, but to see an example to be examples of what a leader is and more important water person can be like a sidewalk or pick us up on the on the next one. but from from these stories that we heard already, can I get referring back to taking action and in.
These these squad leaders they take action. In the end they make a difference and that applies to us as individuals are actions. good difference, our actions that we take as people make a difference. Not based on the battlefield not just business, but in life, so step up, take action and make a difference. Right uncle Charles, while, but I need some help over here, you, sir, you talk for a little bit talk about taking
on which I agree with obviously. we're gonna, start small, that, for us taking action, go so best. Action that we can take to improve is to improve our physical starts, this is this is essentially the foundation for pretty much all other action when you think about it. Ok, austrian, like obviously I get a little motion where I'm done now, you can stop talking we're trying to cool down- I think I'm cool were good good What I can say is we to start small we're, not we're not all dressed in up like rebels. friends goin in shooting the rebels, we're not all doing that check that was epoch.
Most of us. It is kind of you know just go in day to day with it with our lives and technically and strategically trying to do the right thing. Starting small best way to take action with the best thing to do is to maintain or improve, or if his glove lets us it's a great place, gradually replaced the start. Yes, we like, yes, can't argue, not kept so improving physical health takes. What are you called beat down to gonna, beat down your body a little bit varying levels of beet dunce. We all worked out today, affirmative some of us, the Atlantic work. You not want to know about my yet I'm working later saying use. Instead, I echo ECHO is call me out earlier for not thrown around the handover. no kettlebells may furious down. For today's would you
be more consistent. If you work with you work out. If you lived in San Diego with me or like near me, I represent a check so there's a black with really was show up at my eyes at five o clock in the morning. Then you get there well, how do you feel when you get there But if you want your work it out, that's how do you feel once you're done? That's the best. The best is the best and I left that got it? I got it early Crossfit class, but I usually hit a five hundred and thirty in the morning. Get up. are there stretch out and that's it that's drippings dripping springs crossfire. Away from our cinema, plug common at you cross the second wave awesome Jim, how my classes, you have four five the outstanding coaches, greater grazed russian. Soon after here the question, I have a question for you: ok, straight like ok,
ok, so you know what you just said like life. Would you do you think you'd paraphrasing? Would you make work out if you live in sending cigarette? so the whole credibility of early work out we're gonna get hit by you, so you of this thing where, in this kind of this assuming where you know when you have a work up, you're way less likely to skip workout rate. So for you You might think it useful for you let her in a way that would apply to make of our group and work out till no kind of thing right, but I do believe that that's a sound theory I do believe the centre is Yes, one job was like our I'll see at five. You know either. I guess so through work out. Sometimes you know you Gotta be done, you policy can recover, you know and through that recovery be down
recovery process. We may need a little support. Some start with the joints funded another foundational concept, your joints in your body track. Who got some supplements? We got a lot of supplements. For pretty much everything. So joints is joint warfare. Superficial oil. These things maintain you join. You have to worry about against a sea. Just worry about the work out making it to the work out in lace case, and you know, pushing heart again unless case I like it. So here's what we're going to do for late he's going to he's going to get some good sleep. Maybe take some of that hippie well he's gonna wake up, maybe have a little discipline, hid her to get to the work. You can have. Joint warfare causes George he function well with guerrilla obvious. That gets him, but don't let's get done, guess what he's common at it so gonna rebuild with the promptly. After already idea, man- and then you get around here for the podcast cracks open, a discipline go
by the way. Pretty soon pretty soon. One life balance have his own signature organ on that hey I'm. If you want any this stuff, this is. We just started this we're trying to do a better job of helping you help yourself. So, if any of this stuff that you want you subscribe, rob to it at origin, main dot com. If you subscribe to it, we will if it's you for free. That's what I said That's what I said that data subscription is also to accept years. I've I've over the last couple years like that warfare grill oil- that that is super girl, if I don't take that software, I feel it is a problem. I actually feel it. There's no question makes it ever so that subscription, that just shows up you ve, never out its awesome. I love that, and also to like ok, sob and consider this.
Which is something you don't really think about the joint work from the crude oil. You don't go like through the day thinking I can't wait to take me, joint warfare like it's not on your mind until it's time to take it so mulct. Sometimes you can be like a cat kind of can't wait for them locally, located. I'm sure you're right, it's just different issues, and so, when you into the red zone as far as supply of the joint warfare, it's like, oh, so you can kind of understand how you get there and I'll, but when you have the subscription The problems can avoid. It's true, though, here for that can stuff. So Do you get it out while walk by the way you get the drinks, our whole east coast, by the way wherein wherein hole? he's Goethe, everyone that helped us by everyone in Florida that helped us by going in Clearing shelves his mother. abbreviated and you did it- you did it you got while lawful chain. Holies goes no matter where you go, you see a while. I go in there get yourself some. Some discipline go also
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later the tales without there's some details in this way, is there any way some? So these are cool design ideas? Did you steal that idea from LULU Levin? I've got a lot I didn't know. The answer is not well. It look way. Cooler so you're get ya. Look into that new short. Every month, cool layers designs represent subscriber this broadcast subscribe to the Jackal unravelling Podcast Darrow Coopers in town. By the way. Where did we Wording grounded podcast talking to demolish trying to get moving in that way. It broadcast. I know would you, when I finished my last book and got it turned in Weed Get cracking on that so that was two days ago. Another deadline met elsewhere, the underground, Morocco, underground Jacqueline.
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Although a poem, I'm not sure you got the judge for yourself, it's available for your two right now leadership strategy, as fuel men of the cold evaluation, a protocol, despite was freedom, feel manual way the working for field manual way the work at one for three making the dragons about faced by Colonel David hack Worth and, of course, of all books that I've written that life actually thinks are the best are extreme ownership and I the dichotomy leadership, so you get those to which we wrote together, echelon front. That is all leadership. Consultancy, where we solve problems through leadership go to echelon, front dot, com for on that we have uniform line just that's. Why leaves out here? We just recorded for new sections, FF you have online, where we go on this particular course we're going deep into the into and suppose that are in extreme ownership
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you'll training that we talked about a bunch today. How these guys are learning about leadership you want to go through that, come come to our after Ex that's what it is and also we have ye have battlefield where we will take you on it I did tour to learn the leadership lessons from the battle of Gettysburg, so check those out if over watch where we are placing we are placing executives into your company, they have experience from the military that no, the prince was we talk about it all the time go to E f over watchdog com and if you want help service members active and retired their families, gold, star families, while a good way to do this out Barclays, mom Mama Lee She's got a charity organization and if you want to donate- or you want to get involved, go to America's mighty warriors dot org. And if you want to just feel the need to listen to more of my protract. It presumptions or you need to hear more of echo's unavailing article
patients or leaves tiresome tails you can find us on the inner webs on twitter on Instagram, which echo only refers to as the Graham and on Facebook leaf is at least ban on the Graham leaf is at we'll waistband. Could you know what to do left. I had an unreal. Echo have mechanical. If you're gonna unreal echo is adequate rules- and I am at Jocker willing and thanks to all the folks out there in uniform, specially the squad leaders. The squad, because the world you make a difference in keeping the world safe and to our police law enforcement. Firefighters paramedics,
he's, dispatchers, correctional officers, border patrols, secret service and all first responders. Thank you for making a difference by keeping us safe in our worst times and to everyone else out there. Remember that, no matter where you are no matter what is happening, no matter how outnumbered outgunned outmatched you might be at any particular moment, you make a difference, but you only make a difference if
You make a difference, your actions matter, your effort matters, your tenacity, matters so dont. Let off the gas, don't wait for someone else to handle it, for you, don't accept your fate if you don't like it take action, you make the difference and you make the difference by taking action and, of course, by getting after it until next time is life. An echo in Jacko out.
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