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27: “How to be Strong, Healthy, and Happy”, “I Remember the Last War”, Bob Hoffman, Being Late, Judo VS BJJ, Family/Priority.

2016-06-15 | 🔗
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This is Jack part gassed number. Twenty seven with ECHO Charles in me, Jocker willing. I knew a simple soldier boy. He grinned life in empty joy. Slept soundly through the loan some dark it with hold early with the lark. In winter. Trenches, cowed, glum. Crops and lies and lack of rum. He put a bullet through his brain. No one spoke of him again. You smug faced crowds with kindling. I The chair, when soldier lads March by
Be calm and pray, you'll never know the hell we're, youth and laughter go that's a poem. Called suicide in the trunk is by six. Breed Sassou good evening, echo good evening. Secrete Sassy was decorated for extreme bravery in world war, one on the western front. He was nicknamed mad jack.
For his nearly suicidal exploits against the enemy his brother was killed in action. Then the Gallipoli campaign. He was a venture we sent to a hospital to try it recover mentally from what he'd been through While he was there, he wrote a little letter that was called finished with the war, a soldier's declaration where. He came out and said we gotta stop fighting a war. One like this, I'm speaking for the men that are on the front lines in the trenches being killed.
And even after that, he was promoted. He returned to the front again. He was wounded. This time, by friendly fire that World WAR, one. And while Siegfried Sassoon tells us to pray, we will never know the hell, we're youth and laughter go. I do not agree with that. I want to know when I wonder
We want to know and understand and see the hill, the darkness that crushes youth and laughter. Then taking us on this voyage in the darkness tonight as a man by the name of Bob Hoffman, that if you look up. You'll, see he's a very accomplishment here, is obsessed with health and fitness and he became a business man. He was the one of the founders of the Euro A bar bell corporation. And if you ever lifted weights in your life, you ve used York bar bells at some time, these called the Father of modern Weightlifting. But, interestingly, would you find much about him. Is his military service.
You don't see generally And he was awarded the distinguished nervous cross, the Silver STAR, the purple heart, the french crop of war, the french military metal, the Italian WAR Cross and the higher Belgian military award, the order, of Leopold. You just don't hear that about him. But that was a piece of his life. He did write about it. He wrote about it in a book which is called. I remember the last war and let's go to the book. Few people have been able to learn much about what actually took place in the front line fighting of the World WAR.
They have often asked about the war and it found few veterans. You could talk about it. One of the chief reasons for this is that they had little or nothing to tell about the war approach Nearly four million men were in service during the war. Half of these went to France. And of these half a million were near the front ten. Required behind the front dickie one man, inaction, sir, supply drivers, hospital workers, everyone's drivers, guards in the base, ports. The replacement and casualty camps he thousands of military police artillery engineers, single men, aviators, mechanics and end. More. Our division lost more men than any other former National Guard division more Monday, more men than any other organisation except the first and second regular divisions.
Our regiment lost more men than any other regiment of our division are battalion more men of any of the three battalions, inner regiment and our company more men than any other company in the battalion, He had men who never saw German, who was not a prisoner. Some of our men, were cooks, top sergeants company clerk supply, sergeants, buglers, signalman, kitchen police, the men who cares Yet the ammunition, the rations care for the wounded advance stations bury the dead. Many were liaison men carrying messages from company to battalion. They fired and were fired at as we fought in towns, woods and hills, but seldom saw targets at which they fired. Bombs and shells were dropped on them. They suffered from gas and most of the horrors of war. They were killed, but they weren't actually at the front.
Men who were trained as I was scouting patrolling observation sniping who led patrols, reconnaissance or combat advanced guards, captured prisoners put a gun of action, held advanced post, served as suicide squads, and we are being attacked were the men who actually saw war and most of them are dead. While a hundred and twenty five thousand american dead in France are not so many when divided among the million men who were at or near the front. It is a tremendous percentage when it is considered how few of these men were doing. The fighting. More than two hundred and fifty men in our company alone or killed more than the original strength of the company lost their lives in France. They can't tell you the story. I was phenomenally lucky. So I. Tell our story, will try
They tell you something of what happened over there. There have been the books written by other men who better writers than I more fitted to place what they saw upon the printed page, but I don't believe What book about America's participation the war has been. By a man who spent days weeks and Once in intensive fighting at or in front of the front, my comrades and I did there is thing particularly glorious or beautiful about this story, I've told you as well as I could, but have able to give you only a faint idea of the conditions we encountered during the five First days of any unit of the American ARM Army experience in France, the fight the days of our battle of his met. You could fully appreciate its horrors. Only if you were there never will
A group of men, harder, pressed by superior, horses of the enemy or more ill equipped to fight off those attacks than we know are too We support during most of the fighting notes, and mortars no hand or rifled grenades. Just a man an amount of pistol rifle and machine gun ammunition, no food crops medical attention or the Fortunately, a bury the dead, our men in that battle, the handful who the front lines, rid themselves with undying glory the One of the story will give a better idea of what we did in France and other books than other war books. I've seen it tells the unvarnished truth about We lived, slept, hiked, fought and guide over there.
Scores of my friends. The men I lived with trained, with fought with had come to light? Can admire, died in the woods in France, It was only by a series of miracles, amazing escapes that I did not die too. But I am here, writing this book. I was young, then now thirteen years of age at the time of the battle of the are gone, I had been too busy to live, and because I, found what a fine place the world can be. I did not mind clearly dying. I had no actual fear of death. Twenty one years ago, when we fought the battle, the argon, I had thirty two ugly boy blood boils on my body from eating a diet consisting mostly of meat and bread for some weeks for
which made me swear more than I have all the. To my life as a consequence, rape them on the rocky ground, while digging and knew how to protect, My body, each time we halted, I had french edge. Copious quantities of mustard gas ugly burns which still leave their scars. Twelve bullet left their mark on my person or my equipment in the first short battle. I was one of thirty two men of our two hundred and fifty strength, company who marched out of the battle of dismay. I was the only man to return of those who followed me on five patrols that I led in one day in the argon forest. I hope through this boy at least partially, to show the gruesome side of war barred from the waiving of flags. The bugles bans the cheering
to show at least part the ugliness filth, dirt evil they morality and stink of war. These but but remain aloof, be strong, prepare To protect our own country gives any nation or combination of nations which may attack our homes are democracy american way of living. If I could, she was attacked. The first hour would not pass before I would plan doing list and millions of other Americans would be in just as much haste TAT, our wonderful country and our american way of life. So that's how he kicks this book off, can burn in through the intro there And I really liked the point that he made when he broke down the numbers, How many people go?
the war, but how many people are actually fighting and it's a big discrepancy. There's a it takes a lot of people to get bullets to the guy on the front line. It takes a lot of you where'd you get that person transported to the front lines. He takes a lot of people to get to keep that person fed. It takes all kinds of logic, Dixon support just tape just to get that guy food the door of a building where the enemy s and I've talked about this before too in rack, there was places in Iraq where there was basis in Iraq. Where it was basically like being in America, they had restaurants and Starbucks Coffee in Mcdonald's, Burger king in. They had pools and movie theatres. I mean it was crazy, as it were like the invention, library, king, for example, debate does burger king. The company kind make a deal with
you know the government be like hey. We want to have my burger king, yes, I'm sure in actually action to set Mcallister, usually everything they must. I will be the ones that had the deal at the time as a burger king was there on base and you We would travelled Oda out stations where there some army This is my first point. We traveled some out station there, some army units live and now in the middle of nowhere just told desolate summary, core unit living in the middle of nowhere eaten memories. Every day and like there was a group we will work with. One eye was remember where they were to give some credit, but rather they are on one m or your day, which memories meals radiated. Is it not a very a very good, live on these guys throughout their lives one m or you date in eighty. You're bad, you you go out. We stopped I've with if we are to stop their base way to get some information gathered, some Intel, they Newsome its around the area we wouldn't talk. You saw how if they were Levin, we went out hit our targets than we are driving.
Actual big base. No, where we had good food in you, don't internet stuff, like that, I mean it's it's it's amazing how good it can be an That's what that's? What people some people don't realize about the military's? It takes a lot of support and logistics to keep the guys on the front. And on the phone lines and not take anything away from those folks that are doing that because, as a hard job and a doctor, others before those logistics convoys in Iraq, Afghanistan. Those things were hard core and horrible. Dangerous jobs to do in So much taken anything away, but if you want to say ok who went out and hunted down the enemy in Gotham, it's a much much smaller do people so like individually yeah. You got two people who did that part of it, but collectively it's just that. Which force people yet a massive. It's a massive force, but
in any even more extreme because World war, one that the lines were very clearly drawn mean you had literally had trenches jewel in the crown, and so, if you work within range of the of the enemy attack, something maybe that gets complaints to you. But you would you be living relatively safe and at this point and then, when you get a little closer, frontlines yeah you're gonna get some artillery bombardment, but everyone had done these, for these changes so that guy is there were actually in bathing german trenches most. We're dead. Most of them are dead, it's a small, much much it's. What I do is one out of every ten soldiers that was actually going forward to attack and most of them are I mean you could hear what he just said. They took more casualties than the strength of their of their company was so that you are that you guys there was thousand guys in the company because they took so many casualties
Why would we want to so horribly disturbing and scary to me because, like I've said before there, wasn't a tactics, you're wrong tack, browse one gonna help you you're you're. Personal skill set, wasn't really gonna help. You knew you were going, get up, you gotta charging and really Bob often. Talk about this music lucky he was a great athlete He train hard use, costly, trying to make him of better I'm sure that contributed Jude all somewhat, but they will. You, when he comes off the battlefield, he'd been shot. Thirteen times want, you know in the knees his bullet holes in his canteens, he'd been just they just agis miracle. You looked up to go back to the book. He says we should banned all our efforts towards becoming so strong that no other nation or cooling
and of nations will dare to attack us. We should build the physical straight of our manhood and womanhood or mechanical equipment are Navy, in particular And our army so that we can resist any form of invasion in the future. I put that in their because you're going to see if a pretty common theme in the way this guy lived his life, which was to be stronger, faster, better, smarter, always trying to improve himself Always trying to be the best Bob Hoffman that he could be an obviously that's how we ended up and running a giant. You know, organization for weightlifting in, and fitness. And he actually took some heat for the way he lived. Sometimes and here they were- they were on all ship heading overseas heading to France or Order England, and he talking about what it was like for him being a guy
that believes in being strong and healthy and smarter and trying to improve himself hearing. We go back to the book All sorts of men make up an army good, bad and indifferent. I found myself in lots of trouble. Fry been fond of study, athletics and work went home. I didn't smoke, Link to gamble or go out with questionable women or indulge in other diversions that some considered to be manly. There were men. Who thought that I was a because I did not have mainly habits, this led to a great many fights thought at one time I would have to beat every man in the company individually to prove that I wasn't Assisi. I did get enough practice Later enabled me to win the boxing championship in my body weight class of our division, this,
variant, serve me well on the Atlantic Crossing, for I fought five three round fight. In one day someone had to do it and the job fell on me. He was given, you know, for lack of a better word picked on. Does he was it uses and the only way he was able to stand up for himself, which is to get a scrap on get his fight on the street edge yellows a man who is the EU that early days straight edge, guy yeah, think he had the street at music go into his head. He added that might help them out so they get overseas and now on taking stray into it into them getting getting tasked with with their first mission, and here we go. Was I thrilled the front at last
When asked by our captain, if I want to go with the balloon, I said: do I wanna go that's what I've been a yearning and aching for all these months when It's just a youngster. I would read books telling were anxious. Soldiers were to go into action. I couldn't understand how men could desire to go out and fight and die, but it is something grows on you, you, train and x. Backed so long that, finally, you become anxious to get into it. To get it over with time was short. We went back to our companies on the run company was assembled. My briefly explain that apple tune of fifty eight and was to be selected and that we were to make an attack with the French at six o clock. That night. My words fell. Like bombshell, a brief cheer went up from our company I ask all the men who wanted to be first in action to step forward and Like one man, the entire
a company step forward, many didn't men who not get to go on. This trip cried real tears, a direct contrast, Lack of volunteering for dangerous missions a few months later, when they had become war weary, then they would go if assigned to any task, no matter how dangerous, but they did rush in they became fatalists and said they oh, if they were chosen, they die. Their turn, but they weren't going to over fate, and if you that's perfect, comparison to the story that I tell my retirements beach, where we had this horrible. Donation got one on Easter remedy and I basically dead already. Whoever wants to go and live in this worst area, put your name up on that board and ever gap with their name upon that board,
and I'll tell you. This is also accurate in the fact that you fast forward two or three months into deployment at we taken casualties after market being killed and almost guys we're not and I'll use, the exact quote he uses year. They go to any ask assign no matter how dangerous, but they did not rush in. They became war, weary, and that happens anybody, but even so that on my first employment to arrive, When we first got up in Baghdad. Everybody wants to go on every mission, everyone's all fired up, but his time. Goes by. You start saying What do we do in this mission for what's this mission about who we got after fear, starts to creep in. Now, let's get to the assault. The french men were working like mad with their trench mortars. They kept shut continuously in the air at three minutes to six.
Sergeant. Felix walked along the parapet informed. All our men that we going over in a few moments. I urged him Keep down not to make a target of himself, but he disregarded my Vice finally, are watches, which had been synchronize before the bombardment pointed exactly two six o clock: their will missiles and commands and climbing men leaving the train all along the line. The gunners and working so desperately with the transporters to pave the way for us cheered and cried out too evidently urging us to sweep the Germans from the hill. I just couldn't understand what they said and soon we were in the thick of things what's flying merrily by this time from the german trenches, perhaps worth of a mile away, hardly out of the trench until some great force pushed me knocking me over for a distance of perhaps twenty feet, I didn't know what it hit me, but I felt blood.
Running down my right, I after that knocked down, I forgot the line of combat groups, and we fought just as our ancestors ancestors had always fought instinctive rushing forward stopping to shoot rushing again and shooting again says that you're welcome to combat Oh you're all fired up. You ready I'll get some cool go over the top. The first thing an app is used. Get shot. Would you what happened to him? he has even know it yet all Americans have a legacy which has come to them from courageous fighting pioneer ancestors. The american soldiers, a good soldier. He has not had the centuries of drilling to make his own individual self subservient to the will of the commanding officer. He does not like to salute the brass bar unless that lieutenant, as one has respect through deeds, he does not like
Regimented turned to a mere robot. He can think and act for himself and when a battle has ass. The initial stages he's the best soldier in the world. This is going again reminder: this is a world war. One. And I say this all the time people in the military are not robots in cared speak too much about people from other militaries, but clearly this was a stand out fought as an American. Looking at american troops in combat they'd there not just role that's in one of the best things about me that they can think now here come a bunch of Americans overrun some Germans.
Went up on their trench. Perhaps the Germans were to startled at the size and evident ferocity of their antagonists to fight well for a minute, but it seems like a group of big men who would who had met a lot of boys playing soldiers one push, the Germans. Rifle was knocked from his hand along thrust and that unfortunate man had reached the end of his life. I can see see the faces of these men, their evident terror there a star. Fishermen at the number of men who leaped at them from the grass at this, eyes in power of these men. Their evident helplessness. There was not time for them to surrender. They had jumped up with bayoneted rifles in a moment or two. It was all over. Now this continues, our advance troops had passed me by. I, The dead, Germans laying here and there right near, or to them close together. One of them was a
Big older man with a prussian mustache, his hands, still clasped the point in his stomach. The bayonet had gone in and been withdrawn. The youngster lay all twisted up. He too had been bayoneted and it seems His bones were broken from the strokes of the board of a rifle. A rifle was wicked weapon when swung by a powerful man. And there were many strong men and action that day. If you you hear about bayonet fighting. But to think about it on this scale, where this this is looking more like a scene out a brave heart at this point that it is looking at. Modern war, people clubbing each other did death had stabbing each other at bayonet rage, The Germans were giving out giving up without a real struggle. We had
read a lot about chained machine gunners, but these men. Weren't chained and they were fighting to the big bitter death that choice: machine. Gutters is like a rumour that happen that the Americans would hear beak as the Germans had a machine gun, and it was a big heavy silver medium wait, a heavy weight machine gun, because I M D, O eight in the end, it was so heavy that they put this big sling on it and on sling, it was made a leather, but they had a reinforced the leather with chain, and so when they I find these soldiers dead with these machine guns in the chain would clip into their gear, the rumour was at these guys. It's been chain to their mission, as you can't leave. You're gonna stay here and fight to the death. Our men were cut back to the book. Our men were constantly rising and falling some of them. Never to rise again our ranks. For becoming rapidly decimated, and there were few of us
deal going forward. At this point. I have never seen an authentic list of the casualties of a company that day. But I know this- I never, saw a single one of those. Fifty eight men of our company who went over the top that night again at the front. I had been hit, several times once on. The left me once on the right knee either bull could have left me crippled for life, but both glanced off them. On leaving only a scar which is noticeable to this day, one raised my arm, leaving a scar at present an inch, long and three quarters of an inch why'd. I the variety of feelings. As these bullets progress, scratched me the first, which hit me parliament gave me the same sensation as if I've been pushing as if I've been pushed by a gigantic hand,
Oh it's on the knees stung like I had been hit with a whip and the bullet that cut through the arm. And the one which left its mark on my face felt like a dog of hot water. It hit me about this time. The What would become very hot? We fight at every enemy we could see and they were firing from every direction from the front left and right and even from behind, because we'd gone so fast that we had not drop the snipers who were fired got us from the trees cod the little three hundred and sixty degree feel the fire by the way, caught in a three hundred and sixty degree feel the fire after you ve been shot. What five times. We talked about lucky, obviously better.
Luck eating good at this point, clearly how he or how he described getting shot. You know how you'd almost think that thing you get shot it be so painful, but when you're in the heat of things- and I think it happened so fast that it like your nerves, don't pick up on the the destruction it depends where you get shot depends weathers rounds. Vietnam, rubber, actually even here in guys from Vietnam, guys from seals from Vietnam, told me one guy tell me a story that the first time he got they were our operation came back He was lonely had now to the budgetary actually said it was in the bar and he realized he was bleeding. Then he looked out. Even shot somewhere in the abdomen. But you know Missy, wasn't that bad, but he had been shot yet in it. It can you can you can catch about the wrong place at its game over for you,
about the wrong brazen it could you take you off your feet or even catch hold wrong place near our more move anymore or though my master, while the pain or you can catch a bullet in the right place and it goes through and through. It goes in and out very quickly doesn't hit anything vital and you know you're just gonna lucky, but that is for the pain. Goes. You think it's the same thing, you're right. Sometimes it goes through and through and guys. Barely even notice, it were they in. Sometimes it is the wrong spy. It's about, or whatever I mean it's jealous. A rigorous ass if they, like I hear of stories about some kind of grotesquely girls will get stabbed in the back or something and they'll be they all. It felt, like I'm thinking of a particular store aired where roulette stab by an attacker in the back
and she was I I it felt like he was just forty eating me with his fist. On my back and then I felt the warm blood going down in them later on. They found out psych, honest where's, like it happened so fast or something combined with adrenalin. You don't feel that that the destruction part of it you know did it depends what it is to amend the does depend warheads, etc. He felt like hot water. That error here actually had a guy or one of my guys got shot. He was out firefight going on and all of a sudden he's gay feels the hot hot kind of driven down his back hot liquid, driven down his back, and it turned out. He just been shot in the camel back, in the camp camel back in others. Does there like services there, like a dream, is either their soft canteens? Where lack His heart out of the water was somewhere in return if he shouted
I got shot, but it actually diseases came back. I remember it. Might toenail fell off written in training that I stopped that on a corner. Almost passed up, so you can consider the destruction and then you can compare the it's almost like taking a bullet would be less painful, then ripping out echoes the way was my tunnel that ripped off and then so is jacked up for a few days and Dennis I hope that on the corner of because like when you got a bunch of nerves and your toes here s where you got fingernails or toenails in again, the most important thing is: where NEO What is that? What is that boy? What is a blade hit was due to you where does hit the nerve or not? yeah and adrenalin, because when I got my turnip, nor does it hit at this weird angle where it is peel back my whole big tuna and it didn't really hurt
much gazelles rolling the adrenaline stuff. But if I sat there that hey Jacko peel back my toenail like that, it really hurt whim or it would her where more Thirdly, we go back to book, the operators of machine guns of any sorts, our targets for all rifle means Their vulnerability and action gave rise to the term suicide squad sergeant feelers all the wonder runners to bring him the gun. The runner drop dead is and a gun to Felix. We did The german third line, trench fighting desperately, meanwhile driving the Germans before us. I had not reached any of them with my bayonet, but I've been doing the dead work with my rifle ass, we, the german tranche expecting to jump down into a fight hand in hand with the enemy, We saw that we could not do this. The trench was
thoroughly with barbed wire, so that enough, much larger than the humming bird could get in here they down outside the parapet to fire at close range. Someone shouted look out, there's a bomb it we're off. They went right off in my face, but all my part seem to be present immediately afterwards. I saw Felix lying there sprawl bout groping for his pistol I said: what's the matter bill, he couldn't answer but turned weekly to me, and I saw that half his face seemed to have been torn off. The automatic rifle, and, as I turned it into the german French, they got up and ran back with the only one firing I saw, many of them drop with sixty shot a minute. I was pumping at them, so I knew getting enough of the enemy to make for our men who had been killed and wounded.
For a time, and there is nothing to shoot at so I took stock of the situation so far back that they were hardly More than specks, I saw a tiny men in blue digging in it must have been all the half a mile. But we should not stay out here in such an isolated post. But what are we to do? I never thought for a minute. Of abandoning the wounded, so there we stayed the snow this far off in the wood, we're still firing at us, and it was no way we could reach them or entirely escape their bullets. I couldn't get into the trench, so I call crawled around it well over into the woods. Shall holes everywhere I saw for the first time what have it could be wrought by shell fire at play. The show holes were connected solidly to each other, the trees and She's were shattered, men were blown up in blue
not again: they were in pieces, it would have taken a bushel basket. Gee, I can to have gather up all those Germans for burial. I admit that they were the finest of soldiers After four years of war, they fought to death before we before they would give up our. They were so well trained. There was second nature with them. They ve been regimented for so long that they never question in order put up with all sorts privation suffering and were cheerful through all the majority of them. When very good condition when captured it showed they could take it I often wondered if our own men could be as good soldiers after four years of war. All of us- could not be brave. Bravery is a sort of fixed quality, something. At some men's have some men have and other.
Did you not only physical collapse or death stops the brave. Some will be brave when they must, when they a mother. Animal are driven by this instinct of self private preservation to protect their own lives or that of their offspring. A man who naturally has courage is fortunate. It is the ability b to control his mind to prepare it so that he feels nothing currencies. Product of physical strength and meant strength combined proper training. We'll make men more courageous, and certainly these Germans were courageous physical strength and mental strength combined. That's where that courage comes from Back to the book, I try to do something for the wounded. They were very
called by this time suffering from loss of blood, they were like. Their stripped to the waist I reach for the kids dean of one of the dead man. There were two bullets always do mine. It was empty His eye turned a bullet from afar off to the left towards you flash of my cheek had- I not at TAT, very instant. It would have gone through my head dead centre. Killing me sadly, may me for life. Moreover, China, who lay there with you sixteen years of age, he was the first. Of a dozen youngsters whose ages ranged from fourteen to sixteen who would have listed in our company they had lied about their actual wage enamoured with you. Parents of our fellows and uniform they too, wanted to be soldiers. Some
I'm lost their nerve before they reach the front and tried in many ways to get out of service the Spencer Brothers fit in sixteen years of age were to be cool by shell fire. There no fear and this little italian boy, starting my little vote, Jonah. He had always been a hot, too hot head wanting to fight with a knife fork anything, he could lay his hands on. When someone antagonized him a bit, he was dead going forward with bayoneted rifle in hand so fast when the bullet, which killed him, which hit him that he lay out well on the barbed wire covering the german trench, kids, fourteen fifteen and sixteen years old.
I do not see anything bad about our current state in America, but I. The hard time picturing, the current brood of fourteen fifteen and sixteen year olds, getting their trench warfare on fourteen fifteen and sixteen years old face to face with the Germans. Back to the book, I call back, and there was one of our men cry. I asked him why he replied that so many of his friends had been killed. I not to worry about the killed there yet living wounded to be concerned about to get back that he had better go for help and stretchers and see if we could not evacuate our fellows.
I had no other thought than that die as briefly as I could for my friends or country or something so I cared to sell. My life is dearly as possible in a circle. Rising we few minutes. There came crashing through the woods, the sun, the voices and a large body of men came into view. Still waited until they were close and jumped up pointing my automatic rifle at them and was prepared to go into action eyes but it was very startling to have a dead men jump up for us, Thirdly, locked dead. I pulled the trigger and as soon as one man fell, the other all the others all shouted comrade it's like, Setting up a train, no one wants to be the first killed, so crowded car. From its one man to hold it up, when they
Germans found that I'd stop firing. They were aims to surrender. Their officer was his nice and polite as any head waiter at a high class restaurant. He knew a little English and understood one. Told him. Have his men pile the arms in one place, put their pay, in another and make improvise stretchers to carry back the wounded. This all took just a few minutes and soon we were starting back. The tough Germans. He ended up capture. A bunch of Germans, and he actually actually makes a funny come in here. Then he says that there He was walking back without these Germans it he had captured a couple of guys now helped him. Once you got off the phone lines, and he says that is award. Sir. That he had assisted in the capture of thirty eight Germans, and you can see kind of upset about back as he did it myself
He didn't assist, he got the whole thing gun. And now he ends up because a wounded he suffered, he ends up in the hospital. Then he starts having faults and explaining what it's like being in a hospital in the people that are in there with them. Youth of all nations seldom reckons that cost they make the best Rogers because they will go out and try to die bravely for their countries as I expected and tried to do. Older men are more cautious, they have homes, perhaps families positions. They know about life, they usually Nova Folly of war. They are careful and battles are not one. By being careful.
The impetuous youthful soldiers are the best fighters. That's why war will always take the flower of manhood of the nations involved, the strongest most intelligence, most useful of men. Now he starts talking about what happens is again still. My hospital trying to However, from the wound cheese he has. His wounds obviously aren't as bad as some of the other wounded that he's in there with the book when a man was dying, they would move em out. It was not. It was bad enough, for him to die without his comrades, who did not know when there own turn might come having too, watch him die. Some of the men went out screaming when they were moved
The nurses were trying ease their going by telling them that they will only going to the operating room for minor treatment or the dressing room to have their bandages changed. The fellow soon learn to observe whether the. Bag which held their personal belongings. Sometimes a helmet or a coat came with them. If it remained behind, they could expect to come back, but if it to move, then they were sure that worse was in store for them, some begged to be left there to die with their friends around them, not to be placed with a lot of near corpses who were complete strangers. The more pitifully wounded did not wish to live they constantly begged doctors and nurses, sometimes at the top of their voices to put an end to them so
eight attempts to end their lives with a knife or fork. Became necessary to feed these wounded and never leave a knife or fork with them. A blind man who is suffering greatly and did not wish to live, had killed himself with a fork.
It was hard to drive it deep enough through his chest to end his life and he kept hitting it with his clenched fist to drive a deeper. That is, I guess, about as bad as it gets when you have individuals that survived combat, but in such a wretched state that no soldier killed himself with a fork. They know what I want. One of my guys, one of my bodies
Ryan job he he got blinded the involve eyes after it took a round to the to the face, and it really does show you I mean I will talk to mobile phone when we were still over there and just his attitude, was so indomitable his spirit was so strong and I'll. Tell you something else. He had been sent to one point he was sent to
the place where they have the guys that have had traumatic brain injuries who are having trouble with their faults and with their motor skills and geyser and really bad shape, and when he was There- and I talked him on the phone eve you spend about weak there- then he told me no a move and I think I think it had already left, but he said basically told em Hake get me out of here. I dont need the kind of help these guys needs are taken up. Once bed, so, even though he was blind and of course he was a tough bastard, but I mean tough bastard naughty was blinded me. That's a game changer, obviously, but he still looked at.
Guys that were wounded worse than him and was like hey. I want to take up anybody's bed, I'm good I'll, be ok, I can't see, but I'm good didn't. They went to come back to oh yeah. Of course he was like tell me just let me come back. Glennie come back and I can I can. I can stand watch because I can smell and unfortunately, engage has to go back so now, there's a them the Germans had made a drive for for Paris at the Americans were now involved in a counter attack and. Bob Hoffman is still in the hospital and now the wounded
accommodate from this counter attack. Who did that came in now truly serious cases. Men who had been wounded by Mendez shells there was screaming in anguish displayed by these sorely wounded men cell. Was it quiet at night and whose nerves broke, would be screaming all night. There were many cases of shell shock. Men who had had their monopoly. A call moments when they felt that there were still at the front beings, acted, the shell fire. They were out of their minds, and there was nothing that could be done about it, but it made it most unpleasant for the other wounded. Horrible cases of mustard gas were everywhere.
Some of these men were blinded and had to lie for endless days with their heads covered with bandages. Some of the men were able to walk, sprayed Legged down the aisles, I was told that their testicles headed- some cases shrivelled up like dry peace in a pod. They were certainly in a bad way. So the mustard gas it attacks, the softest party or tissues rights, your eyes, your nose, you're you're testicles, like anywhere withers, moisture and softness, and on the twenty first, the July, the doctors decide that he's fit to go back to the front. He gets on a train acumen
you. Go you fight this battle, you gets wounded. You come back. You watching guys come in better severely wounded. Shall shock mustard gas as they say, Ok, by the way now you're gonna go way. Send you back out to the front. I do you think got a million dollar wound that we talk about in a bunch of these episodes where people say I like, I made it off the front, he goes off the front, for I don't even think it's a month in a few weeks and now you're fit for duty again back to the front back to the front back to the meat grinder. Then it goes there by train and surprisingly short time at about two o clock. We were close enough to the front that we start to see the dead soldiers of both armies along the way, the America soldiers had been buried hastily holes, they had dug along the road as they were advancing.
There are still many of them laying in the fields. I could see their catchy uniforms and their white faces as we passed. There are two chief reasons why a soldier- feels fear. Firstly, will knock it home to see his loved ones again, but most of all, Picturing himself in the same position as some of the dead men we saw, they lay, their face up, usually in the rain, their eyes open, their faces, pale and chalk like their gold teeth, showing that is in the beginning. After them, they are usually too horrible to think about. We buried them is fair because we could Germans, French and Perkins alike, get them out of sight, but not out of memory. I can remember hundreds and hundreds of dead men. I would know them now if I were to meet them in the hereafter I could
tell them where they were, laying and how they were killed, weather, but shall fire gas in gun or bayonet. In the beginning, we had a fear of the dead, we hated it them some of the hardest experience of my life. We're taking the identified listen tags from my dead friends. The first dead man I touched was Philip Beckett, ditch an austrian baker who is with our company. I tried to save his life by carrying him through heavy fire and putting them in one of the sellers of the french houses. He shot in my arms and carried him. A few hours later, I found time to go round and find how he was he was dead, stiff and cold.
I had to remove his identification tags and they slip down between his collar bones and the flash of his chest. They were held there and it took an effort to get them out. I thrilled and chilled with horror. As I touched him. It was hard to touch these dead men at first, my people at home. During of what I was passing through expected me to come back hard, brutal, callous careless. But I didn't even wanna, take a dead mouse out of the trap. When I got home. Get over there I buried, Seventy eight men one morning I didn't dig or for them of course, but I did take their personal blog. Beings from them to return to their people, their rings, trinkets letters and identification tags. You hear these days, you know
We'll talk about seeing a dead body That's a traumatic experience. It is met back my son. He has, he found a dead body, one down on the beach and one guy fell off the cliff and by my house. I saw that in the new right right and You know people saying: oh no use! You should be no make sure you talk about it, whether men, major he's, ok and all that enough great you're concerned. But can you imagine a mean you just see in dead body after dead body after dead body after dead body after dead body after dead body goes on and on and on yeah like that kind of this kind.
If you're in that environment, sometimes it could, you could have that can desensitized feeling, but I would imagine you would really come to get you after everything comes down like with like how you sent me. He didn't you wanna, take a mile, Those are the child. Did mouse creditor reminder in this com environment reminder of just saw that death. You know, but at the time it seems like they're almost like there could be two kinds of reaction, to where they either get used to it or get tired of it kind of thing and then so, if you get tired of it'll just Anyway, anyway, on you, but if you get used to it, it just gets less and less in backward yeah wirelessly. They had to deal with it added detached from you. Couldn't nemesis, like you talk to a doctor, that's been imbracus. For a long time, eventually cannot get emotionally attached every patient they had, or they would go completely insane. They wouldn't be able to do the job and it's the same thing here, obviously cake emotionally attached to ever
single body that is dealing with, but you can tell that it leaves a mark is fully in in. You think that in the doktor they did a good little analogy, but the thing that the doctor has an austrian Luke, your doktor looked right. We're talking about it. Jade asked him that question like it does. However, weird you out when you in your operating on somebody whatever, and what doctors get is this sense of okay, so, not only the job, but it's almost like working on a car. You can ignore the little working parts and you can fix or using a gather in boom. It works thou in a kind of so there's that element of thinking and then yeah sure. On the other side, it's a person- and if you know the guy, you might even be more personal, but in war it seems way more dark, because because Supposed to be dead, they get you know the goal is to live and to win the war. Death is literally
like the worst case scenario, for the person or one. So when you see someone dead man, it's not it's part of the job, but it's not the that outcome but you're the goal. You not. No part of the goal is to die ever it's like the bad part, so it can't be something today with hey. You know that the EU can substitute you're thinking in regards to this day person with a part of being part of my goal of my oh yeah, oh there, I will. I will say that you know when you ve got at least we have We have a voluntary military service and everybody that joined up knows there. That's part of the risk of the So at least even though that obviously not the goal you know
that guy's they have at least come to grips with the reality that that that's why I may face carefully. Then I give your fighter in the gay getting knocked out. Siena gay knocked out a broken leg, or something like that sick as part of the game you know, but see way now quit is heavier dorsetshire. So speaking, which back to the book here there he's now just fighting. Then with another guy named VON and VON kind, Poked his head up above this barricade and start shooting. He's gonna look out, I'm thinking that seems pretty dangerous. What he sees VON, getting away with it. So he gets up. There and start shooting and soon there there Aaron shots and then back the book here. But after several shots each I suddenly saw bonds helmet go sailing down over the slight hill. I look
him and the entire top of his head was off. Apparently, a dumb dome type bullet One in which the lad had been caught there would spread in the instant struck during a terrific hole in the object it hit, had flattened against his helmet or ten hat and had taken is taken off his head to a level with his eyes and ears. He had been kneeling and his buttocks went back a bit his head forward and his brains ran out there in front of me, like soup, from a pot I did not fire over another war. This neighbor had his Choice to pick one or the, their of us. For some unknown reason. He chose VON I'm here and he's gone VON. Lay there for a couple days is, finally, he was carried down had stored in the room where
he had the other dead piled up like logs of wood. We had to have his own place in the corner. It was gruesome enough. The nerve strain of the constant gas acts with severe. We will wait drop at every hour of the day and night to stand to, and preparation for an attack to prepare to move on or lease put our guy masks on the now they're getting ready to. Do another assault, one of them greatest barrages in history, the war was being put over the earth and the air costly trembled with the force of explosions Each where would show us the details of no man's land, no man's land between the lines,
dead men were laying everywhere in the most grotesque positions. Some of them lay as if sound, asleep One man's had rested so comfortably on his arm, but I could not believe you is dead, others, had been blown to pieces several times and some were just arms and legs or torsos. This night approach to the front made us sick. As we finally found the men were to relieve, we were all thoroughly sick, the guy And was rotten with terror and vomiting gas mustard gas who is all around war is bad enough without the constant torture of gas. There is a constant cry for stretcher bearers for the Red Cross. The most abolishing screaming and moaning that could be imagined human beings lying helpless, no way to fight back, not knowing who would be killed by.
The next show. It is hard to be brave at night. Showing at night saps the courage from the bravest. Everyone lies, there shakes only the strongest and keep their right. Mines is on such nights as this that men go out of their heads. One will never know how he will behave in such an ordeal. Some men weep other shake. Some stand up. Nonchalantly, apparently carry whether they get killed or wounded. Some tell crude Yokes, but mostly the men, gig and dig said, is only the direct hits that will get them. Grimly enduring the torture that human being subject each other to not knowing who will go next. We spent five days in that place, which was properly called death valley.
I dont know whether there is any real object and staying in dying there, but we were ordered into the valley and there stayed? There always a few maniacs around men who had lost, their mind. You shall fire had to be overpowered and bound cement, Buried alive and we were constantly busy digging out the live ones. Many would be smothered before he could get them out At times we would have a group of wounded and stretcher bears, making their way up the hill, a shell. Fall among them in nearly all would be killed. So many men were wounded, wounded again and were still under fire. Sometimes we found two or three men dead together and so badly mixed up that we could not tell whether we got the ripe
art and the right grave or not the men suffered, and so did the horses One of my most painful memories at the front was seeing a shell drop near to artillery horses the horse. Broke away from the tree to which they were secured and galloped up through the field. One, the horse, It was hit me abdomen, its intestine, isn't customs dropped out dragged on the ground, soon, its feet were entangled in its own intestines to the point where it fell down and could not run any further. They lay there with its head up for what seemed like to be an endless period. Seem to be more surprised concerning. How are you become entangled in its own parts? Then, in the pain?
I'm sorry that was so situated by this time that it was difficult to put it out of its misery. I think most people, when they think of horses, you just think of a beautiful creature, running free there. Now you have so much for the rest of your life. There was intense fighting at a place called surgery, and the usual atrocity stories. We heard many of them. They went something like this two year old girl got in the way They have a marching column of german troops, a solid bayoneted it carried away on his bayonet. Children were slaughtered for no apparent motive. The soldiers I'd up civilian prisoners, prodded them with bayonets, foot Lit cigarettes in their noses and ears and shot them
were burned out with red, hot pokers. Civilian snipers were tortured in every possible way in the meal they Had been spread eagle than the public's square, a rat would be placed Under an iron cattle upon the man or woman spare abdomen. Then a fire bill atop. The kettle the victim was tortured, first by the frantic running around the rat on his arm. Bear abdomen when it. Came nearly smothered and terror stricken and pain filled from the smoke, and he then it would eat down, through the body of the humans living flesh to escape. We found the dead body of a girl. Her arms were nailed to the door and extended fashion. Her left breast was I've got away a young boy of five or six years of age, lay on the doorstep, with his two hands nearly severed from his arms, but still hanging to them at another place.
Where the dead bodies of a man and woman a girl and boy each other. Had both hands cut off at the rest and both feet above the ankle, EL, the seven beheaded a whole family killed, including a young girl because the girl would not give herself to the Germans burn the death in their houses All the women violated the entire Jim when regiment, drunk, etc. The above exact quotations from the Bryce report, which specialised in our way Jeez against women and children. They are, the peoples of the sort of stories we were all Hearing. He goes on to say that here,
ever saw firstly, these things, but this is the kind of things that they heard about happening all the time. And they're getting ready for another counter attack. A court council of WAR brought the decision that we would cross the bridge in daylight. The men got ready to move and we prepared to rush across the bridge three or four. At a time the ranks of every company had been decimated and probably are outfit consisted of only four five hundred men and said to the full strength, one thousand men there should have been. There were dead Germans all around, but I could see one particularly well. He'd been coming up the street past, one of the garden walls
had been hit with a shell. His legs were laying on this side of the wall. Were lying. There like we had been taking from some gigantic frog while on the other side of the wall the the shell made. I could see the rest of his body, he was a powerful peering man in his early twenties with a shock of blonde hair his eyes were wide open. He never knew what hit him. About the middle of the afternoon. The Germans tried another counter attack and we help the defenders behind the barricade in the houses farther up the street by sniping from the second floor of the houses we occupied, we were prepared to stop the attack if it had penetrate it down the street to our positions. Five, over the heads of men behind the barricade we were able to assist in stopping. Counter attack, the Germans Had their snipers to cover the advance of their men.
I remember one whose firing very carefully from a window in swell up the street. I took careful aim and he fell forward out of the window. During all this fighting the air was filled wood dust and with the fumes of powder they burnt our noses frozen longs to such an extent that we could not tell of gas, was in the air and at this point They're trying to make progress and they get caught in a horrible crossfire flanking fire. Frontal fire is bad enough, but flanking fire is suicidal men. Getting hit all around us. They were calling for stretches trying to apply their own. First. Aid gets on every side, and some of them were gasping out their last breaths to come so far at least four thousand
miles and to have their wives snuffed out so wantonly so uselessly behind this wall in the backyard of a remote french village at the world would never have heard of, were it not for the action which took place there and this defence that they make of this village Can it comes down to one final situation that therein their holed up in there are about to be attacked by the Germans. Some gas had fallen, which added to the pain and bleeding of the wounded and proved to us. That no hell in the hereafter could be good. Better than this man made hell that we were enduring men, men,
began to go out of their heads shall shocked if we can call it that or just crazy from weakness, strain suffering in Hungary, hunger, withal dead, death around them. There was near Breaking point for all of us who survived, we would ask ourselves. How can be any more, but there was more and worse The night wore on and the morning of the fifth day was about to break the jury. Artillery speeded up again We knew then an attack was impending everywhere. I looked were dead men There seem to be no live men around to man, the guns here they come was shouted along the line, and many The nearly dead man rose up to man, their guns behind the wall that become almost a part of us. We, after wave of Germans were coming through. The pair the pair orchard rifles hand
An AIDS and machine guns, but worst of all the flame throwers. I could see. Men plainly, they had tanks on their backs and from the ends their hoses came great masses of liquid fire shooting towards us at a distance of at least fifty yards. The smoke went far beyond us- we felt that the he would burn us up Every man able to fire concentrated upon the men who were operating the flame for hours. Must immediately, they put out of action, their tanks, perforated and Man's body mass of flames. The flames leaped and shot into the air. Thus was the attack stopped by the Germans own diabolical weapon. They suffered far more than we never after that.
In the war, did we encounter that type of flame thrower again. They were the real suicide squad, the man cooperated goes. Tanks were sure to suffer a terrible and quick death. It was a narrow escape. There were just a handful of us left, When we were relieved that night had staggered across the river, there were just thirty two of us left Our companies on the line were almost completely wiped out, but we had held the line.
They held the line added on five in a war cost in blood and sanity and lives. They held the line in men like Bob Hoffman, who met face to face with hell an evil and darkness that crushes youth and laughter and for many people it crashes hope, but Bob Hoffman overcame. All of that. Any came back and really
my perspective through fitness, he led an incredible life and he ended up writing a book about it and it was called how to be strong, healthy and happy. Then that's a tall, that's it order, who doesn't want to be strong, healthy and happy in the book eat some of its dated. Much of it isn't but some of its dated,
But I will I don't wanna go deep into the book, but I do want to hit some are highlights from this book on how to be strong, healthy and happy some things to think about Bob often hero from world war. One who'd been through Hell. I'm just going to read some quotes from this physical training pays. I always say that any exercise is better than no exercise now he talks about sleep. A little bit in those folks out there that harass me on Twitter doc, parsley conversely, harassing the on Twitter? Tell me to sleep more. This is what
Does your Bob admin had to say about sleep? There are different speeds of sleep, Some sleep faster than others and can awake refreshed with moderate number of hours of sleep which would leave There's, tired and ward sleeping as a result of properly operating bodily functions, of proof, perfect phone, Of all organs- and it comes to from swimming the body to an hour or two The last sleep, many grey Men of history are reported to have slept only a fraction of the time that the average person spends sleeping said. The Thomas Edison, the world famous inventor. Would sleep four hours a night, but he had caught in his laboratory. On which you lie and think in his assistants have reported, took naps during the day.
Many men who were reported to sleep of four hours and I will make up for it with naps during daylight hours. So there you go, you gotta go. That's all you need sleep faster talking to you echo, to Will you get nine hours ten hours, regular, ADA, nice nice sleep faster? Now, speaking to that too much sleep is not a benefit round
there. It is depressing causes, sluggishness and a state over far gee. I like that too much sleep, take that take that doc partially out there, but it all you don T, know doc partially. He tried legally there but he's a his is a doctor, but he's he's done a lot of stuff. Would sleep and studying sleep and he's always give me a hard time? Could sleep is good for you. I'm only getting everybody. Sleep is definitely good for you. I should sleep or I just have a hard time- do not so much to be done in the world any sleek and fast, and I have people were faster than anybody else. Another quote. Any young man who desires to obtain the most from life should spend a good portion of his time, improving himself physically.
Regardless of your age, make it a rule the learn something new each day and do something each day to improve yourself. Physically retirement, mental and physical strength is learning stuff member memorizing, stuff, doing if in your head, just get smarter, I believe we talk about that. Sometimes. The best hobby of all this physical training, In trade on your activities, instead of worrying about the future, welcome the opportunity to face problems, ordeals or battles of your life. You can Old yourselves, that you obtain pleasure from old we're coming from defeating problems, apparently insurmountable difficulties. You can overcome all your difficulties and win. You will find it next encountered easier- you will have
greater confidence in your own ability got problems good, let's face it stands Actually, I forgot to mention this, but this book, I remember the last war I got for somebody on Twitter. I'm sorry, hey everybody on twitter number, one! I I don't know if people want to be mentioned or not and also when I transfer what people tell me to the document that I keep. It doesn't pull their names, so they're just lost By using people hit me up afterwards Zedillo, I gave you that book so somebody recommended the book to me. I remember last war and once I started doing research about Bob Often- and I saw he had another book that was
literally called how to be strong, healthy unhappy. I just ordered immediately so I could see what he had to say about it all and I think he s pretty good information. Here's another quote: people who know nothing of the pleasures and advantages of having super strengthen health, often say what good are muscles. They say they have your no use for them that they are healthy, but they are only half alive in many cases, for they will never have felt the indescribable sense of power and well being the census. Pirie already or capability that strong persons feel many use of eliminated an inferiority complex by the growing knowledge of the power, possessed by their physical ability or superiority over average persons. We might have to do an ego check your babo. Now
but actually he's gotta eager check right here himself. I do not mean by this strong men should go round Boeing, others by demonstrating their strength. As, in actual fact, a stronger and more capable a man but likely. He is to make a show of strength by hurting or fighting others, but length of mind and body does beget confidence, determination, perseverance and many other admirable qualities, so I think he he brought it back around again. Is what you know we're talking before the podcast started about how some people, if they are a little bit in secure, but they want to be a tough guy. They did. They gotta like that, is split in winter, within you're lookin out. I'm kind of like this guy must not be that task, as you gotta actress, why are they actually are getting less respect than they think they are born They actually had confidence in their situation. If they knew that they could
themselves. They wouldn't be acting like that. Here's another little something to think about. Don't worry about things that might happen, work art and do the best you can, and if something happens it can't be helped, don't give up, never by over spilt milk, what is done is done. It can't be helped when it's too late I survived some apparently overwhelming difficulties easily enough with this point of view, sort basic for me: no use crying over spilt milk hey, don't abuse down. I could hear how you know. People have attitude button, sometimes, though, let it overflowing it'll get it'll. Make itself, though, allow it to be an excuse two years ago, the I'd unprepared there now that's it
not a good idea, but it can do it. Like it might be a small, a grey area in August there like, oh, I don't really care that much about him. What's gonna happen is going to happen. So then it might lead us at all. Flow into their the part of their mine of preparation, oh yeah, they want to let that happen. Where will you not just the opposite is like. If you have settled without come, you might obsess over the preparation, maybe lemon, that those kind, the go hand in hand a little bit. So if you go the opposite, you can get that be like a well whatever happens. Could it happens that whatever that's not the EC we're looking for another that they be careful with that here we go you more these if you want to live long and be healthy, strong and happy acquire habits of activity right now, if you tempted to sit in an easy chair find something to keep you busy Few minutes to a half an hour with the weights will be best. If you find yourself going
a garage for your car to get the grocery store walk instead, I like this one idea: if you don't feel getting dressed to go out. Do it anyways. Instead of wine down after a meal find something to do don't past back as they say in the army. Do it yourself a rude involves muscular action, clean off the snow, caught the grass spade the garden. That's a good one! That's just a general rule! If you don't feel like someone, you should be. Is he to do it, don't be lazy? The thing that you could do tomorrow do it today do that thing today,. Otherwise, you get this. If you put off until another day your good intentions to normalize your body, it won't help the road Despair and unhappiness is paved with good intentions law.
Along the way, I think you do sing it Please, what I'm gettin is around get from ball. Often. This is his old school dissimilar. Gold knowledge right here if a country was invaded and our young men were a lot of cream puffs problem. We cowards through who never having experience hard work, athletic competition or good punch in the nose. We would lose the invaders, lose our freedoms and say he's worth more than life itself, so she's basically saying be harder, toughen the tougher. I support this idea. A hundred per cent. Do things that make you tougher and better yes active these life. Stagnation is deaf in life. There is movement, These are all well known, truisms and exercise bringing helpful act.
Liberty to every organ gland and sell the body keeps the entire body and mind radiantly alive and with a feeling of pepper, energy and well being that makes one so buoyant and alive that they feel like jumping and running is fired up. Exercise built coordination, balance, control of the muscles build speech, judgment of time and space and distance makes it our body more responsive to the will and teach the by do I think, in times of danger, even before it is directed by the mind. Exercises the best insurance against disease or sickness exercise build confidence, for there is no road, the Supreme Conference as sure as a knowledge of one's physical and men. The liability, it cultivates Our of will gives you complete. Mastery of your physical and mental self promotes personal We should see an
all desirable mental characteristics, exercise, improve the efficiency of every part of the body, it help sleep, sounder and faster. So you more time for work and pleasure, makes it possible for you to earn more exercise, makes it possible to live more exercise will only take one tenth of the time you now spend on foolish expenditures of time and energy. This is this is one exists, is written in like nineteen thirty, something Now you have time to sit around to read for entertainment, too often true, active stories, other too stories which do you no good, but me they tell you of the troubles of others. He spent
at a time at the movies, perhaps are listening to the radio in idle talk or gossip in watching our letter, which put which others put forth effort and risk. He physical benefit at the your web into that equation, and social media and you ve got no time in the day is essentially internet basically all other on the amateur yeah, all that without moving all that is less arms search for that you can find time for exercise to obtain much of what is worth in life. You must find time your health demands it and I'm gonna rapid up right here this this one, but probably you have done
The majority do drifted along from day to day promising yourself that you'd start exercising tomorrow or next week or next month, when the weather becomes cooler. Some Euro comes next week and next month cool weather and even next year comes and goes, and you do nothing about it. After years of think About exercise, but not acting you fight the firm, rounded attractive muscles of your use of changed into weaken soft muscles of middle age. You take on a access flesh and make mental note. Some Night, when you gaze upon yourself in the mirror that you'll have to do something cut down on site
judges are sweets, get more exercise, but you ve developed an enormous appetite during these years and at best you refrain from eating sweets for a day or two. It seems that all the things you like are the best fat producers. You can't give them up, you notice, you don't have endurance anymore, you get tired after you walk to block or to your windows in as good as it used to be. Remember last night, how you puffed, when you ran for the street car, remember how you may how it me- you blow to carry you that empty trunk up to the attic your Taylor pokes you good naturedly when he's fitting your suit and remarks that the fattest piling on in your wasted increasing by inches. These are all reasons why you should exercise its not to eight. Now it's never too ages, We were able to be around to exercise improve yourself physically
men of all ages receive quick results from proper physical training. It's never too late to make corrections in your mode of living, some classic stuff there there's a little can be up there with the house's is never too late. That's true! That's true! There were to it, but the more time that you have spent getting into shape. You can fall out of shape and when you come back to it, it'll be way easier. Imagine this before this coffee. You can. You can keep telling yourself that I'm telling you, if listen, now, you're right, you're right, you want to have a good base. If you have a good deal of being strong and it's gonna, easier for you than somebody somewhere ever worked out before. Yes, that's it. Given that being said, if you take a personal,
never lifted before never worked out before when they start meant, make all kinds of crazy gains right, but keep in mind there still starting at the bottom of the latter. So yet the first you know ten steps in the latter come quickly quickly. Put that comes for everybody. Give it to. You know, give her did so. He sure ok in the small little picture, and be like hey that that guy he started on the first ten steps of the latter way later in life. So look at his gains way later in life, but meanwhile you have those first steps done thirty, five years ago, you run step in our hundred twenty five right now you are the bottom line is both groups will benefit them physical activity so that the we're being how any mentions is hosting all others. Do it tomorrow or I'll. Just do it in a new year's resolution or whatever the more time you spend not doing it, the harder it is time to get there and stay there does men,
yeah you know, though I actually have Assyrians too, like if you mean the work out. You can never make it up. It's gone They give you I got gaunt, you can never make it because you work up an Ex day, but none of you missed the data you that was was we didn't work out. You're not weaker, you can't get it back if it doesnt that you need a break demographic. We got some questions about that solution Definitely need arrested year, push your body so hard. You do so much act. Every activity, but you're not gonna, get Just work out again and no one would argue jazz anytime, you waste any time your life guess what it's gone, so don't wasted Wasted don't wasted with sitting with, the radio shows or internet shows are watching tv at a waste, don't waste without unless the shells are helping. You well yeah. Yes, if there hopping if their beneficial, if its Jocapa Gas man to end.
But if you have a rather than if you, if he yet reality, tv, just random social me stuff, that's not helping you get any better of course year. You're wasting it you're, not gonna, get it back sometime. If I miss something provide lazy about something that that day, Pisses me off, the time or say: oh, you know I'll rationalize some excuses around it and then later I'll say what is your problem? Why did you do that? and then his punishment time, this desert they'll get squat rack for that, I think are put this row bluntly almost to the point of ignorance, but I think you value rest way less than a normal person. I think I'm not gonna, do with you or it could be that you value the work part of it. So much that. Your rest is
Quantity, wise less, but quality wise might be more year and also like, for instance, don't get the opportunity and then, when I travel like what friends when I travel, I barely leat recently, I have not had time to digital travelling, so I'm back here. I gotta just get it in. You know and if I miss it when I'm in San Diego, I'm not happy it myself and I won't even let it happen we're gonna, let it happen even yesterday. I was all tired and beat up and also look ok. Well, who train all tired to beat up because you gonna miss some days this week you go get it on work. On being week in Layman, getting your getting your game on, went rolled. The bunch people entailed a normally do you know what, by the time you are in the middle of a rolling it doesnt matter anymore. You to deal with a situation where, if you can get to the point where you know- and you did this kind of weird one were
It's really good, really, really good exercise, but it's really really fun to do so. Like a win win, you don't, I saw weightlifting, I think is like TAT, but another. Therefore, everybody truth like it's fun to actually do, even though sometimes you gotta get to build up the candidate to the energy or war or whatever, to motivation whatever to do it. It still pretty fun, but for most people- our most exercises like work. It's like a short the benefit and I think the more you do. The better you get at it either more fun. Is the more you enjoy it for me
it's our mental break. It was a mental break from everything else. Do go pick up this. This piece of metal off the ground wants to launch a times. Yet in the point there is, if you can get to that state were actually doing the exercise separate from the results. Actually doing it is, is fine, you can you can recognize the the pleasure in it. That's when you can be on it on its programme either Holly out, I just got back from quite a little like a vacation, but I still I still rolled. I still did in a little weight and exercise great train with went right before. I think most people it's when its vacation time they're off the program and I'm very within and specifically on a programme, but it's just to Morrow the Life Programme, the gown, the deal men. So he view, if you're into like outline, look forward to going training at a new spot. Mozilla
fun to be had a lot of fun to game country than almost buck. But if you're in that mindset, would you like the exercise that you're doing but you'll? Do you gone vacation you'll? Do their work it forward to it there's no doubt theatre, follow. Adding when you train is, is in joining it. I guess having fun because it s not like when I'm in the middle of a set of clean and jerk, some I'm having fun seal it, but that's kind of what I mean where I remember a specific or we'd. We test in electric lifting like power, clean was one and snatch was one, and I remember training for the things. If you can had a good at the technique. Right comes forget who your friends are yelling about is, unlike that such fun, I guess I was thinking more of like a met, cons wanting to plug it for a good example- and I had just been frank with you
I am not always having fun doing us. Sometimes I want to not do it and I shall do it, but I don't want you not fun. I would say more times than that: fifteen economic constitution, if you to be the case, so what my overall point is, if you can get to that point where, at the very least you can appreciate this, that's happening right, now. I, like I, find you yes, leisure and furthermore I will tell you this. If you get to know the feeling of how you feel when you complete, a hard work out, you go, you know what it's can be worth it because, when I get done with this. I'm gonna feel like X, Ray. I'm really feel good answer. For me. That's. Why am I think, ass colonel? Why I'm doing hard work out some doing hard workers, because I know that at the end of it, I want to be like out on the feel good out of fuel fired up the day I feel like. I did something
I feel like a quality human being. Like I didn't waste a little section section of my life feel that the so when you know what that It is thinking with waking up in the morning when you sleep in. That that feels good at the moment. But then, when you wake up you're like a man who is wasted, part of my life, whereas you get up, even though its hard, when you know how good it feels to be done with you, work out, that early in the morning, Viagra I'm ready to break it. Bring on the tasks and strange thing about worked out is the work out pays. You pays you back for your work, Stuart? The Elles is, basically, you know you work out in the work out, isn't what makes you must have big it's the response to the work up. So when you work out
like you, did your partner nobody's gonna pay you back with your gains. True! So you're, like I'm done with the work, I can go to some other stuff. Meanwhile, I got that check coming that gains check of the gaily here, but Finally, one and now I think it's about time we gotta be into webs, but first you can actually support the podcast cast inter WEBS echo. We do it well, let the troopers, no one other ways which may sound repetitive, but necessarily so, in my opinion on the council s Shop because some people they want to improve their improvement with supplements, and we recommend we. I recommend supplements that work. I'm assuming you do too. I actually do
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That's not always the case, or sometimes it's it's like a professional reader river, but like if you know at least voice, sounds like something Batman. The idea that, in a way that is yes indeed, What are you gonna get to the court now? Will you gotta questions, I'm down first question: chuckled: do you ever feel burnt out from going full tilt several days or several weeks in a row? And if so, what do you do? Never Now, of course, you know burning the candle at both ends. Eventually, it's gonna catch up with you and for me it can come in the form of too much travel too much exercise, sometimes Just be pressed at work working with a much different companies, sometimes Writing it. I'm trying to get a bunch of writing done. Sometimes,
so much jujitsu, it's going crazy, so anyways orb a lot of times. It's the combination of all these things going on at once said Johnny to bunched on a short amount of time, and I end up whatever common off the common. The track are a little bit coming off the rails a little bit, and so what do I do on those kind of days? What sort of feel like that will not be one? I like a forced myself to do it anyway, That is a reality. So if even if one If I don't feel like workin out I'll be like you know, I just go: do a quick work out an easy, easier work out where I dont want to change you Jesse. We talk about this earlier d. Really feel like training. Gonna go train anyways. Then maybe there's some four work. Let us do something to go. Do the work anyway! Now, if, if the next day eyes, I feel like I need a break that sort of my red flags era. You know what you need a break, a you need to take some time
on time relax do some kind of active rest I don't really like just gotta sitting around I'll. Do something kind of active and probably eat some stakes, thorough Chinese, something really good turn. It's just you know, I might add, might eat something really good like stakes and maybe sleep, take an extra nap drive your better do. Some kind of stretching the trial feel better recover for cover. So, yes, I'm not Every human life- Anybody else. Sometimes I get broken down beaten up and I need some downtime. Then that's what I do. I try unrest, relax and eat some good food, yet let the good and that a start to incorporate all your scene. If I don't feel like it or not, I feel like I'm starting to get burnt out your your it's like that, one last! Yes, there! Let me just do it anyway.
There is then I'll see. If I do it, you know, because something like I say you avoid the situation where you just not in the mood them daily, does not in the mood but doesn't mean your burnt out. It's not in the mood for whatever reason. So that's a good weight, or can we those days out and and yet he'll burnt out the next day, or even the next day after that, and the sick, ok arrest a start doing that in an you'd, be surprised what it humming terms. You really not burnt out you just not in the mood that's a b,
Do you might not agree with this, but if you are blatant, not whether it be burnt out or just tired of you, you know you ve, just you just tired of the grinder, whatever need a break vacation in whatever what I saw some times do is don't do like filming, for example, where there would be terms were, I would spend like months, does filming every week, filmy film it like no break, and what I do is to do any of it and don't think about it. Don't just don't do it at all and then slowly and need, in my experience our surprise up He came back where you you want to get back to it, but then I go like like a week still not doing it. It's like digits, if you like men of targeted training, everyday whatever, yet a tournament or whatever, and you like that. I can take a break after but probably like three days
Your computer three days, you like men, I wanna get back on them. That's so what you do. Is you push that even more thoughts like your ear, pushing yourself to be burnt out on the recovery, so the only only medicine for that burnt out of recovery is to get back into it, but that hunger of getting back into it even more than it normally would be after normal break. That makes sense. I guess- and I just wanna call us both our right now for be in total cream puffs. I think as well Bob offers that here we are talking about how we get burnt out on working out, train filming Bob Bob Hoffman was living in the seeds of muscle, the gas floating around and me He wished to save, don't get burned out, just work harder,
sorry, you, maybe some real bad there. Now I mean real as it were like cling. I was like all I was sitting on a computer on we'll burn down shut up Jacko. I got a better idea. Why? Don't you just be fired up that you have the opportunity to create something how's that sound? You got the option. You go train jujitsu, go get better physically. Oh, I think I'd better go ahead and do that a market to sit there and say burner training, no, not be burnt out Bob Hartman's not burn out on the front lines: a world war. One I think we have an excuse to be burned out on their pleasurable things we get to do in life, but socket up and just drive on. Changing my answer. Next question: Jakob hi. How about Judo as martial arts compared did you did too. Did you is a great martial arts and
Jijiu is actually rooted in judo, and I guess originally Judah was rooted, jujitsu and There's some connections earning Maeda from Japan. He taught Judo to Carlos Grating, Brazil, which was then learn by Elio Gracie, who then morphed into what we consider now to be brazilian or Gracie Jujitsu. But you can see clearly, if you look at Judo that judge exists inside I mean brazilian jujitsu exists inside of Judah. There, no doubt about it, but there are some food he's about Judo that have more fully to a different direction. Number one in judo, You throw somebody and anything, that's the ground before their feet. You went automatically. You can also pin people in Judo. You hold him down for ethics, twenty seconds then the matches over you win both of those. So what that does
Now you can imagine if you get thrown ok, you win. If you're on the ground, with your back down for twenty seconds, you win so was I do it eliminates a part of fighting that is very important and in there are really two pieces of Judo one of them's called and Dory, which is basically rolling and the other one is no wiser which is groundwork and though it's too are directly Coralie. Your door, part of jujitsu. But you bottom line in both these areas don't know anything about these. Two jujitsu allows the fight to go on even after you get from, and it allows Are you can't there's no pinning in jujitsu? You are allowed to fight and continue to fight until the matches over and you can recover from being pinned just like you can recover from being thrown,
it doesn't really matter been today. We are training today and we got some good. You declared queuing. Was you? Don't you? U judo killing, then he he tossed he tossed any big Andy. And let me guess, he's better at Judo anytime, just a minute was la jet, then Andean not get now that opposition and getting in a better position. And so the fight was never discuss he got thrown in. So that's that's. What a big benefits of Jujitsu that you will generally learned better ground game and but you know what you will definitely have better take down something a judo players can have better take gowns that are jujitsu player and I'll. Tell you if we're just gonna ranking things you gotta fluorescing out there because wrestling has possibly better too down the Judo, I mean, with the game shared. You too has a as an advantage, but if you don't know this in two thousand and ten, they actually banned the double leg. Take down from Judo competitions in a whirl threat.
Why restless click wrestlers gave a start of double like an people boom boom double legs so yeah I would say, Judo an awesome, martial law It really in some ways could be considered the precursor to brazilian jujitsu, even though you though it is comes from actual japanese jujitsu. But I would say, if you get it, you ve got the option to learn due to the especially you know. You'll learn that take gowns and those are great things have in real life. Their great things out in in self defense situations be overtake. Someone down, would euro frozen in Jujitsu competitions if you're judo players, agents who competitions yoga We're gonna get to take down with when its energy companies must have gone against a really good wrestler, so good
and augment jujitsu with, but I would say you would want to make Jujitsu your main focus agree the yet so a lot of times when you learn, did you do some alarming, especially nowadays a lot of guys avoid that the takedown ellemus. So they know ground games is vast, but the takedown elements, though you kill people pulling garden, which just means pulling a guy down on top of that language is a crazy thing to do in a real fight yeah, but by man. If you're good, for sure utilities. Let us greatly about with no, even if really good at it. You don't wanna, be pointing out one top EU industry compared didn't mean it. Take him down compared being inside you, he has no brainer yet not even goes so. What I like
I mean wrestling, I think, is more I'm in arguably more more dynamic of the thing, because it's all these different situations, even on top of just to take down part, but men judo, I feel like it, takes a little less energy and it can kind of keep you in positional. You can keep you in safe areas when you're standing up, because you know like these, where positions where you're on ballot there in that guy's off balance or you, your controlling the guy's, wait when you, ending up- and I M so I learns like a signal to veto when I was young fruits for a little bit, and I never want to guess at four that's really anyway and that, but as an adult, they learned Little Bellew Judo from from Terry. So could you say that you, tobacco and men,
you show me stuff, is that Hey wrestlers will do this there and he can assure they grow beheld, napkin and he's in here's? What you do that you look up in it? It's an elaborate thing. You taught me, but I think these are real, useful things for Jujitsu, even aside from the take down part of it and then going to take down part of it. If you know takedown solid, even if you like the three or four really good ones and you're, really good atom. That'll change your whole approach in your whole outlook on GDP. So again here is it policy you go into early in our party here, everyday thing, where you could find yourself in a situation where you got it, you gotta get enough fight or defend yourself or your friend. Oh it up. If you know, take downs, and so she take towns where you don't have to like risk doing a double leg in a real situation is kind of an all or nothing situation. But you can't just it's not like this gradual escalating of force with the dominating unable to address you as soon as you go with Judo.
They re much more subtle, with your take it with varying levels of force it out with the with the Judith situation. So if end, if you're good at that men, when you get into this, these situations, it's like no factor you not worried about it at all. Compared to lake you dont know, take those but you're Jujitsu sick. He likes get this data the ground in a sector that can be a pain in the ass once we get there. I'm fine, but just that one little cross over from standing or no fight to fight is like a kind of can provide some anxiety for you. But if you know that you whenever the up that, I guess the overall pointers learn that Judo very little that rivalry and another dimension when the other guy knows it, you know what to do to focus get time achieving tells me today, a proud edifying, yeah it, and sometimes it can be funny and fine casino they can talk. Genuine new back is that whatever
Mensa. Eleven, your hair there's a year that there is a serious and validity to the pawn in that. If you in a street fighting you got thrown in land in the person, put you down in a bad way, I mean you're. Still it's like developing. Get knocked out ahead of us, probably not even figures at the time, but there is a there the chance that get thrown upon style and a street fight could be I'm. U go, go pulled judo videos of people getting tossed airborne style, even in the in the high levels of some of those as if they landed on the street, they would be injured not all the time, and you do neither the fall, and you know you're not a break your fall, but yeah, some of those will be devastating if they happen to you in the streets. So that's why upon does have some of the liberty to that. If you call- someone super hard and they landed on their back or on their head on the street concrete they would be sick here they would be that it could be a fight under way.
But it's not going to be a fight, that's the problem. It's going to be a fight enter its possible, but it is just like a left hook is possibly a fight enter, but it's not guarantee dandified I'll. Tell you a guaranteed fight, enter rear. Naked children make a joke, wonderful, the anything I'll tee in knowing some judo in special. Knowing some judo move that I feel like I'm pretty solid at. If you do it against the guy, who doesn't really know that much Juno, oh yeah, it's your choice. Do you want to put him on his head or his back years or so it? If that's the other guys choice that you're fighting with complete answer whatever, then that's his choice that yours, so that's the reason to at least now yeah for sure you know for sure I yes learn Judo Learn wrestling large debts, you just use the most. Obligated, learn at first spend more time on it. Linda strike to my tie, boxing saying this: for the millions of sitting
although like I actually do sometimes leave judo out not intentionally, but just I just do. I personally, like you, don't know that animals are personally, I like it, but personally I like it better than wrestling, because when I was starting to learn wrestling that's not good unless it great Gregg train on you come and get you wait telling us do. But it is I'm nothing. I dislike readily understand you d better, because one leg is that when you shoot a double or thing or something- and he starts it, and about your in that a worse situation than if you go for a sum of saying now give something in you. Dont get well he's under back, but they eat. What I mean, no, there is failed you to throw you have way less of a price to pay. Typically, do you usually have less of a price to pay on a Judah throw than you do a rustling take down,
Andrea had were generally speaking. In my experience, that's why I'll I'll give that he was like a like a small percentage of agree. But not a full year, I mean it's not like you. I prefer that legacy looking Greco, Guys Greco, Roman Ross exact. Now, then I grant you I'd rather not shooting on you anymore and believe me, you're, getting tossed each with a good Greco. I dare not grab your legs at all, do not even shooting, but they are throwing you re an interactive gravity to do it Greco or your Greco is also agree and then also the judo thing it tends to. In my experience. Take less: out of you the ice, it's it's a less it somewhere else Dwayne, jujitsu and rustling, the exertion generally
check it out loud and run lotta generalities. Please don't go crazy because of some generalities that. Go make fully where we get there. What had? I have nothing further to add training everything you can I like that you thumbs up with a view to know for sure, question number: three: what's your recommendation thrown in employee that is late to work? Who usually is late but they're, usually a good performer? So being weight is unacceptable. There are out, I tell us when I write work of the company and they start Marina, disguise leap meeting. Sometimes I was on that. In a motor for twenty years- and I was literally never late I was literally never late. One time would think about that too
Here's never late, never late, never late any time for anything we would you know we would show that work in the morning so early that, even if a worst case scenario might die t bow and on the way to work, I would still be able to get insurance get everything covered, get a cab and social than be an hour or so You should be you're right in the fact that being on time is definitely very, very important, so people, you shouldn't be late. So now, with Individual get someone has shown up late for work. Do you got it like any other leadership challenge? What I would attack is. Making sure they understand why Why is it important? Some people never make the connection as Why being time is important, so you
How to explain to them why it's important had explained to them its basic respect for other people's time, that its basic. Operational readiness is to follow what time line that it's about being prepared that it's about showing your reliability and Europe. Factionalism to other people that you are working with inside and outside of your company and even Sun Tzu Sunset, I didn't say that during the during the party, So we did about Sangsue can't believe I didn't say it because I was bleeding waken up early and being early and sons who said that he we are waiting on the battlefield he's gonna win. And who he was rushing weight to the battlefield is gonna lose? Well, that's the way your life is too, and if your russian and you things are disorganized and you're running late, it's horrible, but
you wake up early and you get shot. Go up early and you're ready in your prepared you waiting on the battlefield, you're gonna win. That's all there is to it, so those all the things that you have to explain, employ that so that they understand why being late is an unacceptable and why, being on time is this standard that needs to be maintained? Some people, it's a horrible habit, but some people have of being way. It's a horrible lab. You don't want to get into it. It just just unreliability of one of those people I sort in the night club in here and you go downtown for wealth. Seven years and, unlike you, I feel like I feel I am engaged or another account on, but it feels like. I was late at the very least one minute late image of a shift right. That would have done
Either one minute late or ten minutes late, I feel like. I was more like a late more time and I was on time right so My dad was always late. I come from a long line of late guys, but nonetheless- but I was this guy owes now, the good performer I felt, like I mean, according to my boss, stuff in our dino, dwell it other than the time thing us pretty reliable, very real up in the night clippings so, and I'd always justified. Like men, all this time out even take to be prepared to get there and fine parking in all this stuff, I could be doing something else in my life for whatever not the thrill useful stuff, it's something up what do after work, while I'm not
like preparing for work on those kind of my attitude. As long as I have good output is long, is my job is being done? It's fine. So when I stop it, you know was done with a nightclub into sheep jade, my brother with them, he explained to me, were in them. The thing that I read that really gonna hit me was being late is a blatant disregard and a blatant display, disrespect to the person or people who are waiting for you, no doubt about it. There, which is time is like when you think about it. The most valuable thing you have. So even if you talk about one minute, about one hour you are wasting that prison step may give a meeting or something you can. You show up funds sleep. You were waiting for you to start the meeting of five minutes gone where it. You know. We still think over that material, so I'm going to spend an extra five minutes just because you're really cause you failed to prepare and one of those around and near the window,
so, and then also I learned through the book. I read I forget where, but where one of the two major, the main thing that ensure your success or what in the way of your successes, reliability being reliable, so end in what one day went to the store write them my way since we in the shop in species has get this kind of Tamils, I can to make those, but it was like the specifically you ever try to good chopper canned tomatoes. Brown. There's like this one in this initial, unlike accident, either just grab one anyone because I can't find this one or I'm not gonna get a mental onto the go home, be like you get to meet us. If you aren't even want whatever it is. You make it so I will, but I'm getting frustrated the insight that Like lock down the line of frustrating things that I've told myself all the way to the point of this isn't my job to do this. It is my job, but this is my job,
I don't want to meet those. Why should able? I may then chopping Gretna? Why you think this story, I'm making a point, in my opinion, a very important point. So if I do that, if I'm like, you know, what's going on getting the tomatoes run, just gonna go and settle for the wrong one. I've demonstrated and basically proclaim that I'm hungry So why would anyone come to me for anything who's to say I'm gonna be the reliable about it in You might be reliable and some things, but you ve demonstrated that you can will be unreliable under certain circumstances, in those circumstances dictate both by use. Who knows really you're lucky, I know you're, not you by adding can be somebody's friend when you think about it.
Or has belgian or whatever it yeah. Definitely it shows a lack of being on time shows a total disrespect for other people's time and it shows a lack of liability on your part. So these the kind things you gotta explained here. Subordinates explained this person is being constantly laid. They understand why you're telling them that and then you'd vacant, then they can improve. Then you can You know if a Britain's a good performer generally, that means that are tat person I care about how they perceived in doing a good job. I'm so, let's get it to understand how being way affects every, the out an effects there. Reputation has as a performer, yet through mean something to plus you'll be had come through. Guy likes, the come through Guy go comes through, I'm sure
like you for coming in on time. Every day, for twenty years they did mix quest. You stated in private care that you are grateful for an understanding, wife who allowed you to treat your seal career as the number one priority. Do you believe that Mary
and children should bring about a real prioritization of your life, given that marriage now brings another person on your life, a partner, but also someone who relies on you and especially children who heavily we rely on you. How did you reconcile still treating the seals? Is the number one priority both a wife and children you brought willing to willingly into your life? Was there a point that, despite having an understanding life that you should have made the decision to end the seal career early because of people, you have a new fund responsibility for debatable up a responsibility greater than the responsibility for your career. So this one something that can be hard for people to understand.
But yes, the seal teams was my number one priority over my family over my wife over my kids over my own life over everything and it just If why I literally told my wife that before we got married Malta four times on the way to the chapel where did the San Diego poured out to get married on the way there on the bridge driving from corner of San Diego? I said: hey, listen. I didn't want to give you one last chance. Being a seal is not just what I do. It's who I am, and you are not going to change me so dont think that I'm going to change. Like, oh, I know I know. You are. He's gonna, do this? Yes, let's go. Do it and. What was good was to her
that she and train challenge that she and try and fight dad. She gave that to me He understood ass by one of the reasons why we state married for so long an alarming. Does your teams, if you dont know this, has about a ninety percent divorce rate? It's an astronomical divorce rate. And the reason a lot of it is because the guys are so dedicated to the seal teams that everything else starts taken up a second, a back seat now I think that my wife actually saw that I was a loyal and I was dedicated to the seal teams and therefore she saw that is something I was positive It's over. That would, transfer over other parts, my life, including my family, now to answer more undisguised question, I want to think about this being a seal. The best thing I could do for my family was be dedicated to my job.
It was the best thing I could do for the others to use I worked with, it was the best thing: could do for myself and for my family was to be the best sea or possible. Why? Because we're going in to combat, I want to come home alive to my family and I want my brothers the come home alive to their families. The best thing we could possibly do for our families to be totally dedicated, the jobs that we're ready were prepared and we can bring each other back. So. I think, that's the way it is, and I Stand by that to this day, and it actually does transfer in me, he cases to nor more civilian careers because beam. Hard working and being dedicated. Your job generally is gonna translate to
being more success when your job and if you more success when your job, you have more financial stability right, you have merged NATO stability. I mean how many flights in, families take place because of finances. I may I think, that's probably the leading cause of problems and families is there's a there's financial strain, and so I think that it does translate somewhat to people in their normal careers. Even if they're not seals, even not preparing for war that they're trying to do a good job there being dedicated their jobs so that they can perform better and have more stability in their lives and by the way when you Carter. You get rewarded more. It also eventually transmits late into more freedom to move into a leadership position. Maybe you Into a situation we are no longer working for somebody directly and their over you and demanding. Now. Listen you get a lot more freedom, you can. You can dictate Happens in your life more so that's important as well. Also
On top of all that, so what the way you act in a way you carry yourself. You are actually teaching your family and your children. Something now if. You're, a warrior if Europe military guy, if you're and then you Your children, guess what. Warriors had been going away, till war for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, and people have been just fine from that. Men have been raised by their moms because their guy We have gone away to war. That's the way it is so. I think that that's ok it doesn't mean that a warrior doesn't love his family. He does, but he's got a job to do in he's, gonna go. Do it and also if I gave you the planet to a normal civilian situation. If your children,
see that you are dedicated, that you are hard working, that you are loyal there a positive example that you're setting for your kids now, of course, the v shouldn't he thinking and I never came home. My kids and said: hey look your number two on the list of priorities around here. Now I might say, listen, I've got a job. Do I've got guys? depending on me you're going to combat bad things, can happen I need to be ready and I need to be ready for, my guys. And they need to be ready for you, and I I think you need to throw it in people's faces. I know you're the number two priority, but your family should understand that your working hard for them, your building their future, your building eight year, your bill, being a legacy for your family
you're doing when you're working hard at any job. So I think that's a good. I didn't get a good example to set, and I think that there's nothing wrong with that example. Now where people can- go too far, which, of course they can. They can do it in the military. They can do it. There are civilian career where the job becomes not just the short term, Priority because I will say this my Long term priority was my family right, that was the long term priority we had these. You know my what can give them their resembling upward. They're gonna be with me forever. That's that's what I'm doing with my life so well, Long term priority is definitely the family, but short term priority and by charging me I'm talking years right to use five years three years, that's along
That's a short term priority compared to your family, which is going to be with you until you die So I think you need to keep that in mind and make sure that you're not sacrificing things long term. In other words, if you're gonna destroy your marriage, cause you're working so hard, you got problems for you to destroy your marriage, because you're dedicated to much to your job. That's not that's supporting the long term strategy of taking care of your family, so that sort of where I come out on that and again tons of credit to my my wife and my kids who worked in. I was gone all the time and they dealt with it, that's. What I'm gonna walk to now who travelled all the time and again They all know that love to be staying home with them, but I've gotta a care, the family, I've got a support. The family I've got to me.
Kane I situation so that I can take care of them if something that were to happen, but I think they understand that yeah. That's it. I think. That's a big component where you know your wife and you kids, they do understand and I'm assuming Emmy. Given you know what I know about you guys is that that year, you're pretty clear through what you say and what you do that you are supporting them. They are a part of you. You don't kill some people its Eleanor. Just this does a hypothetical situation, but that, with their copyright or detective, he's really do his job he's frustrated with the job in a whisper in Egypt. The comes home is frustrated because, whatever work stuff, he comes home but he's not dedicated. His relationship or his family that much so he allows the frustrations of work too.
Daring over carry over takes it out on his wife. Could she said, do you know? Do the dishes you forgot whatever? She then he's even more magazine frustrate with work like that kind of thing where you know he could have in the back of his mind, he regards is family is something that should serve him while he does his real light and life, which is the amazing detective you know, so I think allowed him, there's that and then, on top of it, the the family, wife or to say that the wife has these expectations that are not clear. Now not correct put it that way. You know where you know you should be home at a certain time. You don T shoot it. Working layer that was in ours. Will your family that's! The worst is like I'm not coming like all, I'm done with work in this you'll teams on done with work, but I'm going to the bar with the guys and I'll be home midnight or one o clock in the morning or two o clock in the morning and guess what my wife actually understood that she asked
understood that a these guys are a team. These guys are a family of their own right and the I gotta. Let him go and develop and hang out with his friends, because he's gonna know these guys better than anybody in the world. Yes, here, That's that's! Hardly fora for some people to handle, and now, when you gotta be careful with maybe seems to me that it's absolutely true legitimate but somebody's might use that is like an x. He's just did not have to come home; it was dishes of core layer in their than IRAN right right, so the inner gotta be careful with Alan. I come in sales guy close the deal and guys want to celebrate you. Meanwhile, its Dunham mothers. Something something or somebody or Thursday typically did in ITALY. Did. I don't think it's unreasonable for wise to have certain expectations, especially if you
address. Unlike you know, you don't communicator. Whatever I gave exactly, you have the other expectation for your husband come home after work, you do so. If you just doesn't show up. All of us here I mean you're, assuming hearing You're going to tell you I pay, I'm not gonna. This is why it is that very same explain everything but somebody's there, like I'm the man I now have to come on. We're enough. I don't want to which is quite true, but you're either relationship here in a team that he added in and really I will say one thing that's awesome about my wife is, I would say: oh yes, I didn't come home. I was going out with the boys and She was independent enough and secure enough and confident enough. That she was like. Ok, whatever hamlet, doing to do this most of the time, there were sometimes flowers were bought. Things were things were rebuilt, you other, because you know it's: it's life right, yeah,
no! It's gonna, be like a hundred percent focused on that. You know that situation or the ito you go hasten used. You said I am a Navy seal, don't you know? Don't change me whenever she that's not gonna, be on the front of her mind, percent of the time she has she's a person and that you have. You always think they can change you oh yeah, and even if they know ultimately they can't they still for a day they might and even go back for backing for so yes, not gonna go perfect, but as one does that guy you're saying you communicated that early, then she is a strong enough person to be like understand that and I'm send the value of that throughout the whole process than than you can ask success for that kind of thing. But it depends how did you communicate it and how willing bigger your wife or husband, I would have a situation is depends on how good they can receive it in and go through it. If we need in the year eighteen, although alive,
Amateur I've been talking to a lot of military people that listen to the pond gassed spouse, this and service, members and so yeah guess what give your service member some room to when those bonds to be dedicated to that job, because they are truly doing it for you. They really are there doing it. For you and now service members, as echoed you said, don't abuse the privilege, don't abuse it. You gotta do better ass. You can be at your job bond with your brothers in arms. That you're goin on the battlefield with whether Europe cop, whether your fire fighter Bilbil the bonds, but, of course, don't abuse it
And make sure you dig area family do here Jocker. Can you lead those that dont want to be led? It still have the beauty of that question is in its simplicity. And the answer is yes and no you can't led them in the traditional sense, you have to be indirect again. There's our word. You have to be indirect me You can't say hey, you need to do this Why I order you to do that? You need to be in direct in the best way to do that with people that do not want to be led is to let them lead put the put them. In a leadership role, say: hey! You know what you really good at this. I think you got a good vision here. Can you can you run this? Can you lead this.
And then, once there in a leadership role, then you can makes questions and you can suddenly steer them as they lead, but Important point is that you actually have to be ready to let them lead you can't just be like. Oh, I want you to run this and then all of a sudden, you go all levels, seven micromanagement you have to let lead you have to let it go. Let them go now. You do need make sure that their being safe, you know or make sure that their being, profitable nature, though not doing anything illegal or He just seen what they're doing, but you have to let them lead you have to let them make decisions in. So that is my first suggestion is to put them in a leadership. Now, there's no way to put them in a leadership role
and let them lead their little part of the mission whatever. That is. Let them tell you how they are going to do things in a guy. You can make little course corrections along the way, but you He d, let em we'd, now one of the hardest Parts of both these situations is guess what your ego, because guess what you want to be the leader. You are, then did by someone who doesn't want to be let little Why are you listening to me? I am awesome, I'm the leader, I'm in charge. I wake up. Why they listen to me. All those are little insecurity that you have bout, your own leadership capabilities. Don't let it happen. I was never offended By supported that I had that wanted to lead more. That wanted my job? I wanted them to want to have my job I wanted them to be able to
My job from me, that's what I wanted. Doing that good! I can look upwards and outwards reckoned focus on other things. Good come and take my job be good enough to take my job. And if I ever said to myself, I came with me I was trying to step up and take my job. I realized, unlike ambient, insecure. I need to put my own ego and check because you know what, if they can step up, Do my job good, are stepping up into the next person job so when somebody below
You don't wanna, be led. Let them lead and be happy that they want to lead. Give them that leadership. That's what you do with people. They don't want to be led. I just thought of a riddle. What kind of accident think of it I can it got it from twitter, then made it made an integer. What what can a stake? does Jockey Rabbi Flank state like it's gonna get up like a good job to her. That's good, good, solid! Questioner! Yeah! That's when you hear a lot yet. I think said that Did your boy that's kind of like leading by way of flying around you're Fisher? Like you, don't let em directly how you would like traditionally, whatever you can letting them led by allowing them to eat?
yes, waking them. I mean it people that are like this. These are people that are either have a baby, Go or maybe they know more than you, maybe they're more our more experience and you may be, they really do no more than you and there bombed or angry because they you ve, been promoted above them. So now? What am I gonna? Do I'm gonna be a jerk? That's what I'm gonna do it. But you know I'm not going to support your plan, I'm not gonna. Do you tell me to do, and I have my own way of doing things? That's what's gonna happen, so don't That happened, I gotta do say: listen man really respect what you ve done. You vanunu, you can do is longer than I have. You know what, Can you please you run this? Can you This can you executed Debbie Awesome, and then they go out. Ok now. Do they think all that's right, he's an idiot is nobody's. Do it now not when you do it right now, he's a you have more It's me would really like you to lead this instead of me, how sets out, leaving only
let off of your secure in your own leadership. Yet the way it works, flanking link style. Next question: Jacko, your podcast listeners in twitter followers know you before five daily meaning Europe before five work out essentially every day and are devoted devoted student of judges to what relationship DC between physical fitness and empowering the mind slash will, when a man commits really commits to changing as fitness, what else changes? Well, you heard Bob Hoffman talk about this. Bunch tonight? This book bombardment wrote the book there. I remember the last war and he wrote the book how to be strong, healthy and happy.
There is no doubt that physical fitness is gonna, help you and every faster life, especially in terms of what your talk about, empowering the mind and the will working out is a test of will I mean it is gonna see. Can you push yourself harder? Can you get the last how can you shave another second off the spread? Get you lived a little bit heavier! That's working out. This is a test of will and that has the will- and you ve heard me say this before starts before the work and starts Starts when the alarm goes off, can you get out of bed in the morning? These are all little test of discipline and of will, and as we ve talked about for discipline, begets more discipline. The stronger you get this. Stronger you get in physical,
will that it takes to get through these work outside it takes to get out of bed and morning that carries over to mental well, so you can eat better foods. You can get worked on seeking control your temper, so you can create things. Improve things, and you can be better now. I remember a while ago, speaking of twitter, I posted a picture of early morning. Work out that done then I posted a picture of a little the post surf session, and then I posted picture of post jujitsu session in. It. Also, these raw, like three posts in a row, If someone made some kind of a comment that was kind of along the lines of o must be rough, right must be a rough life. You know you're getting up your surfing.
Don't you jitsu and an odyssey when I saw that with someone wrote that I kind of felt bad, I gotta felt guilty in a way. Because here I am, I'm gone surfing and working out. I'm training, Jujitsu unkind of living, the dream- or in fact in my mind, I actually am living my dream. Doing what I want to do when I want to do it and then there's other people out there that are grinding that are, Overseas entering combat that are working at her do jobs. They don't like their working with people the day, Can't stand in a cubicle somewhere, whatever that doing in here, I was almost, I felt like damage rubbing this in people's faces And I m sure she fell back again. I can't do that again. In some one else on twitter.
Came on the same threat or whatever and said discipline equals freedom. They be quoted me and We're right, they made a great point. The reason able deserving Indonesia to and work out and do whatever is because of discipline throughout my life. It again, I'm not making no claims right now to be the old the mid success story. I am certainly not, and I will tell you this- you know I live in a great place right now. There was a time where My wife and I want to live down by the beach we bought down by the beach Gump. Was barely livable and it was eight hundred and fifty square feet. And we had three kids in there and my wife and I are bedroom our bed when you open
don't do it to the house and walked into the living room bed was on the far right there for a few years we were, we just lived. There and now we live in a great house, but I have to remind people like you know what they are the time where I guess was second it up and living on Navy pay, and we squeezed into this house in bar a bunch of money in life on the floor in the living room, but we had that discipline back then and then the disappointment of eventually becomes a form of freedom And so it wasn't all We like this, where I was just Jordan surfing and doing jujitsu and playing guitar in one of her head. Oh, there was a lot of blood, sweat dears along the way, and I and by the way, the blood, sweat and tears long away. I actually enjoyed. I enjoy. Wait, I wouldn't traded, glad that I was
No situations to do those things and, most importantly, this. Is available to anybody that that life that you want is out there and it might be a few years in the future, but it's there and you can get to it and a path the path getting their starts early in the morning and it in late at night and requires sacrifice and disappointed it requires force of will, and that comes for thirty. In. Morning. When the alarm cause half that's will it comes so get up and go get it and that's why I think that the idea of physical fitness in power. The mind and the will
what happens when you commit to those things, I think the rest of your life or reflect positively on what you ve done and got guess what I've been real. Lucky too, you know, been very lucky long away, and I won't I save it. You know, I made everything the myself I got lucky. I was blessed in a lot of situations that had good things happen. I mean funds is the housing market crashed in. I was in the navy. Didn't matter to me I mean I had a couple houses and I was like apple I'd. I'd even notice. There was housing market crash until I was buying warehouses, neighbour, cheaper. You know it it wasn't. That was luck. In play that it was might have been a long term strategy, hey, I wanna buy houses, but A lot of people got caught upside down and some rough situations in the housing market, and I was lucky in the fact that I had an overextended myself again, maybe its partial partial strategy, but-
It's a situation again. I was trying to point out that I know I've been lucky in in it, some of it, but let's good luck with some hard work for sure yeah. Just you pointing that out that you got lucky you don't you recognize yet some few alot of people they don't like they do want to recognise all the factors. You know that it's just easy to blame something else, for what did it happen and then blame not plant but take credit yourself for something that does up and good yes a year earlier, recognizing everything. Ten of the good about which party here discipline, way of being back to your dear your twitter, post situation thousand, does get of have those good right there. I thought- and I know thinking about that- Someone who posted must be must be rough rate like a obviously those just a fun ray. I want Lena jerkily out right round. Think they were home, so
lit buddy, let out of the way and ended he you actually in a guy in a good way. Some people might be like I work for these, stop don't say that not in the wrong way whatever, but you didn't. You took it in the opposite way, which it says yet again more about you in your approach. So that being said, let me add supported were when you look at those twitter pulse like that twitter. Both right, you have your. You know that the aftermath of your work out you go, look it or instagram. Whatever look at every single day of your post every single day, you'll see for thirty four wake up, it'll work out for through everything with it and then step one step back and look at all of em all at once, that's a clear picture of your discipline of your you don't do it every single day, because, like ok, I understand I can wake up at four thirty four tomorrow I want to and I'll get to work out in and I'll be like
look at me, I'm Jacko surfing gods do, did you think he'd find stick, but if you expect me to do that every single day and I'm not used to it in an I'd, do it that same a lot more and you do that. So There's your picture, that's what it is. Of course, don't fuck suggest that little narrow view of who, how cool it was that he got this digital surf body whose look at the big picture and that big, decisive disobedient, there. It is accurate there either on twitter. That was cool letter does good. Somebody actually had to point that out to me, When I read it out like them, they were making a very good point: yeah yeah, that's like the perfect example. In my opinion, the discipline equals freedom is like. Within that picture freedom. All you see is discipline all over it, starting with the four thirty four in the morning any idea. If I would have
we're discipline throughout my life. I'd be an even better situation than I am right now, like I look back and see man. What do I do this for what you have four, and that one thing that as There are now when people talked me, ask me questions I'm trying to tell him what mistakes I made things that I did wrong things that I did that were stupid, so that they can say ok cause. The opportunities are out there, you know, The Chinese are out there to make good things happen in your life, but you're gonna. After knock, knock gonna show up at your doorstep. They're not coming you doorstep, I'm glad to everybody that right now you have to go out An make of them happen, you have to go out and take them is there not come knocking on our door? The big deals not come at your door, not happening so crazy. How obvious that sounds
that other, like you say that I'm not be like hey. I never realized tat. I thought they were going to come to my doorstep, but it's almost like most people say most we, but it sounds like people. Don't really understand that. That's true, because you have like people watch. The tv like. If you want you, can read the member I'd, never watched the I watch if you up so for Irma People just really into that, and there, like talking about loss in the characters, causes confusion Shell, is why it is that in their time of his legs, they know how the tell them they're trying to figure this out in over, like seasons upon seasons of glass, and they know that like well. You know what you can they have been doing with all that meant where energy in at the time that it takes the watch. All this, you could have been doing a lot in. The last example is just one of many apples of what we all do, I think, throughout very fitting anyway. Scalded lost
because he lost the point your time in a boy, your life, unless I mean there's things that could be so inspiring, I guess some artwork. There are some. For some film or move your show that could be so inspiring to you, but it. Not inspiring you it's not. If that forcing you to get out and make some more of yourself or creating more there's, probably now worth while to be quite honest, where they re in in again that the whole lost situation at me like that, He ever different. I know, but when you're what? tv which is just, I think, a huge one that that people with their time on I mean I can get some inspiration from tv with cinema. Stop because I'm in video But I think that I would argue that. That's not why most people watch TV. That's not why they're watching of keeping up with the card actions or to either so
not familiar with this existed the show anti. Nonetheless, people don't act like that. That's true that opportunity. Nor can I just come knocking on Youtube or will it goes back to talk about earlier today? Are you gonna? Let are you gonna? Do you only have so much time? You only have so much time. In my view, MR work out, if you miss a moment with your family, if you, whatever you're missing, is it worth it? you, let me go away. You only got that day Is only gonna go by one time? you only have one shot at today. What you can do it do something good so interesting how again? This is like nothing new either, but I feel like work. A lot of US act like that that simply not
went out we're the Yankees, because it's such a big? You know you have a lot of long time on this earth if you, if you just sit back and go data day, been wasted few hours watching tv programme may be less. It seemed like a big deal when you add all those hours up and you subtract from the actual time you got here, may don't let it go way. Don't do it one of the guys on last name, Mr Echo, by the way he died. I wish you wouldn't give me that information from my head, you it's, like echo, actual prefer to stick with that. I think the last one nearly rare temper, one more jacket, I lost my little brother who died in a random medical accident. He was summoned that I always looked after. How do you deal with grief and loss of men in your command.
Someone asked me a similar question at the other day, some along lines of having to be good. When you lose a loved one and that their failure the tough question and I almost replied: no, it isn't good, there's nothing good in death In and then I started to remember the people I've lost throughout my life, the memories of them, the experiences, the fun.
Their unique person now these everything they had given me not only in their life but in their death, what their life taught me and what their death taught me. The mark the mark They had left on me and I realized. I realized that even in death, even in gas, there is good. First of all, I was
Lucky to have that person in my life, even if it was only for a short time to short of time. But at least I got that those. Forgettable moments those precious moments. At least I got those and I got to experience those times to no other beauty. Of their personality, their added to their outlook on the world they- we're all unique, am thankful for the opportunity. Then I had they interact with them, even if it was just for a short amount of time and now comes death.
Death is horrible, and death is wretched. In death is cruel and death isn't fair. I don't know why the best people seem to get taken from us first, but the fact is: death is inescapable, there is no way out in death in that is part of life the contrast between the darkness and the light without death? Then there is no life, then
people that I've lost. They taught me. They taught me how precious life is, how the last we are to have every day, to learn and to grow and laugh and to live, to live to live every day. With purpose and with passion to wake up in the morning and be thankful thankful for that morning and thankful for the opera the need to go out into the world and left to live.
Or them for those that don't have the opportunity for those that were. So, in a way, I guess. Cool hand for them? I will live, I will cherish their memory and I will leave. So Let's cry no more, let's move no more. Let's remember, but let's not dwell instead.
Let's laugh and let's love it lets embrace and cherish everything that life is in every opportunity it gives us live, and I think that's I've got for the night, remembering the ones we have lost by embracing the ones we still have so Deborah out there, thank you for embracing us and listening to what we have to say and supporting what we are doing echo, what the best way
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it's you, you are responsible for all this. Your questions, your support, so thank you. You for joining us in this disgrace the world were living in that for choosing to fight, instead of surrender for choosing. Bring like into the world instead of darkness for choosing to be stronger and set a weaker for choosing to get better
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