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276: DRAGO. Rebelling Against Communist Poland, to Patriotic Navy SEAL

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This is Jacko Podcast number two. Seventy six with ECHO Charles and me Java, willing good evening good evening. Archival publications of the Institute of National Remembrance, Poland, court name court of the pomeranian military district- be judge it colonel Joseph Sobieski court file number rejected prosecutor's office file number rejected. Security service file number rejected. case examination date One thousand nine hundred and eighty one one thousand two hundred and fourteen in conclusion date. Ninety the two twelve twenty eight case description,
file in the criminal case against redirected, name suspected of printing. And distributing leaflets containing false, information. That is crying. Based on article forty eight section three of the decree of dust Amber Twelfth nineteen eighty one on martial law debate. and temporarily on February Eleventh nineteen two based the decision of the military prosecutor's office February twelfth nineteen, eighty two, the accused act together and in consultation with redirected, name produce. Brochures for distribution which could cause civil disturbances and which contain false information on activity of authorities of the People's Republic of Poland. In the peer of martial law and call
upon civilians, to oppose the authorities and to organise and illegal underground organisation, that is crime based on article forty, eight section three of the decree of December twelve Nineteen, eighty one on martial law. based on the ruling of the court of the Pomeranian Military district redirected now, is sentenced to three years of imprisonment and three years of loss of civil rights, a charge to be paid on behalf of the state Treasury and the amount of forty two hundred p l and reinforce men of one third of the class of court proceedings, so that is a document from a book. The book is called Camp, Posey
It's written by an individual called Navarre, who is a member of the Polish Grom special forces, and the document is from the case against a man whose name is rejected in the document. His name is Thomas. Zoran Thomas was born and raised in communist pole, Then he made a stand against the authoritarian communist regime and was sent to prison for his actions sent to prison for speaking out against the evils of communism and he ended up in prison. communist prison, and I guess I need not talk about the condition of communist past, and because we have discussed them on the spot gas before, but it goes saying
it goes without saying that those prisons are not for the fate of Europe. Luckily, Thomas IRAN possessed and incredible strong will. Then he survived prison any made it out of prison, and eventually he made it out of Poland, and eventually he made it to the United States, where he eventually join the Navy, became a seal, and this is also where Thomas Neuron took on a new name, a nickname, Drilgo. Then this is where I was lucky enough to serve along side him on and off the battlefield, and this is where we became brothers and it is in
to have him here tonight to share his story with us. Drilgo welcome thank you also to be here on your podcast. Follow it for a long time and then eventually, I thank you for fighting me, the mass honour to be here buddy on some something reached out and said you have dragged along, not at any time. Drug wants to Gabon, no, no factor, of course, so this is like one of the craziest stories as far as back stories go not just for joint, buildings were joined, the military, genuinely it's pretty straightforward. happens the most american kids right? Oh, I want to be a soldier. They joined the army, the Navy, the the air force, the Marine Corps, that's what they do. Man. Your story is about as crazies it gets four backstory guess it's bad for my memory of crazy, but is different and
even from well, let's just back only but when came to America came with a bag of clothes and ten Phoenix, the german dislike less than ten signs in my pocket so everything I have everything I own. I owe it to America to you, the american people, so I promised myself that I would be the best citizen, the American I'll do everything to be the ass good citizen, as I can be. So I asked begins when a very hard, both by right now There's nothing unusual! You can don't speak English, you then come here with expectations that give me a job and mode make tons of money and how I just wanted to. Well, I just wanted to leave free men, and that was given to me. So
that's promise. I tried to still Kip deep in my heart that, yes, I am successful I'd succeeded by there is so much more to do for Amerika for our country and that's what I thought it was, my god be the best american citizen, can have so lightless. Let's take it back a little bit before you get here with less than ten cents in your pocket, so you're born in Poland. I write your most of all and yes, I was born you're born in Poland. What what did your parents do? My post communist, he was, he was a professor. He was a teacher, then became, became I remember they joined the polish sniffling that communism or socialism therefore, the same, we can talk about the differences later, but so my father was a party member. My mother was was a teacher. She was an element that a school
so, when I was born, my father was already started his career with political Cummings Polish Companies party. Now that is something that you interfere living in poland- and you see the Communist Party on the rise, your dad looks around and says, hey. You know what I kind of got up a kind of got it with the flow and get with this party. If I'm gonna advance, my career in life I think this will be the worse from very poor fellow two, so deportment I gave it to him say, look view just close your eyes on some moral aspect of socialism and that just follow that I wanted to train and you gonna be successful, and he fell for it. He when he became very successful, eventually had been the Warsaw in imagine the top companies government as one of the directors of Ministry of ART and culture.
So he was successful there, but it sounds like your mom, wasn't quite as on board, with looking away from some of those immoral aspects of. It is neither my mom, neither my father's MA am. I remember that that was big rift in our entire family I remember as a legal case, maybe six seven years resolved visiting my grandmother. And I mean my father de Smet, that my grandmother and she always was telling me come in use are evil. The devil's socialists is evil. Socialism is evil system, and I all the image of socialist or coming these as the guy, with the big tail with a big homes breathing fired. I remember I've been ask my gun. grandmother they breathe a fire by Romania, the are wars and they d more their people. Quietly on this on the sides and the debt they're, just a really bad this evil.
in my mind, was always communism socialism, as per the evil system. It is and I remember my father tried to protest. Mom. Look, I'm not evil, I'm not really I'm your stand. Nationalities in Europe, if you saw your soul to socialism and communism, if you dead, did you of these more that is there that quietly happening in Poland. So you evil and I dont movement can want to consider you to be my son dash very adamant about it. For me, it was always remember before going to bed, we were my, My grandmother teach me how to pray. Soils praying I'm gonna marry always closed the prayer to God prescribed by the date of the kind, small companies and socialist out of Poland, so I've just SK. I grew up with a than there there's never different and that with my mom and and my father. I still remember those I think was a middle aged was, but we want to to check my mother Wanna go to church on Sunday,
I still remember my father standing in front of the door say we cannot go I'm going to lose my job. We cannot go to I'm going to lose my job. We have not going to church their tragedy, communism and charge sorceries, my children not compatible, and we just going down so grandmother. Was these things at the same time, so my mother lived, they couldn't ski. Couldn't stop. Had my grandmother pass me to the window to my mom. Does it wasn't the first floor? and we still went to the church but that spray much Constanza, raved, eventually that that manage fell apart, my father, when with the communists and socialists, I stay with mom, while my brother, my youngest sister, stay with mom, so that source I was, but difficult to four hours, because at that time in Poland is changed now but The timing, Poland Eve parliament's divorce, you ass, a child was stigmatized.
So you want a divorce, see others, actually that patents would say, hey don't go play with this guy, because despite unjust got divorced just about see whether there was a kind of so the name in polish that we were, so they actually can often be out, because I d actually beating out some of these guys that they left me along. They were not my France, but that they never bother me again. I worked so what what going to school. Everyday is just like normal. Is that what's happening in Poland in it in the visiting the late 70s huh or the seventy seven Wilson, one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight? I'm sixty years off. So how was born fifteen years after the Second World war. So this is who I was born with a less this time. This stance that we have between with our beginning distant, the September eleven enter today and is still so fresh in our minds, ride the September eleven as happened yesterday, so I was just fifteen years after the Second World WAR
So, as you still playing the ruins of the broken houses, there was some people are still. Andy bombs, unexploded bombs and exposes a kind of interesting, so are you going to school? Is that normal? Are they state run? Schools is their communist? Are you being taught communism in schools or, yes, absolutely have actually couple motor fund from my from my notebook from school? Those element that of schooling later classes are seven great about companies and social. These years you would, knocked Renee that from the very beginning in social insurance companies, and that two things are very honey there, because the government, the socialist government they feel I'm going to have it, took our control in Russia that they have to, but otherwise people who just people subscribe to slavery. So so socialism is not that good systems and they don't want it they could they. I remember this. for us in fifth grade. I was in favour. Great element that a school and went to learn russian
I was not I was never the best to them, and then, turning to the russian economy as like for the bug we like to lend the shit I don't want to learn, and I can therefore open like in the class as they look, I'm polish. I don't want to go into land russian language- I don't let it go. another little english or motherland gentlemen. I get at had no idea. I was going to happen, but next thing I was pull out the principal's office my mother. She was a teacher indifferent school, so they that that they call the police, as he could set. Police came in the pig, my mom They drove care to the principle, but also the waiting, dire, sketch shipowners and they say so what happens so that teacher to explain that I am. The socially separately I dont like Social, these men. I am also objecting to russian language. The russian explanation.
So my mom is only dear she schedule shaking. Then they drag my brother into it round. My sister, I had no idea what's going on, so we sit up there then, and there would welcome I still remember that if it happen again. These keys will go to orphan. The government will make them good citizens. If you cannot do that, So this is this. Is your last warning and so to rise up a little by that never change. My attitude that I was always spoken I remember that fear my mom least for death in the rest of our lives and the rest of that the talent still growing urban that state could take the kids away from her. So that That's that the interesting part of it is that today, have eleven years old twelve years. Daughter eleven years son, looking over, I'm not hope at parliament go anywhere where I can see them
lay, but I hate to be always able to go in assisting something happens within the happened in Poland. I remember I was seven eighty, Eight years old, I was driving across the town, thinking boss crossing the street, going somewhere all send out like this. we are all the keys. There were just ten miles. from school when we have to commute and Blue just come here, though lobby, the my mom just bought me a ticket. So if I might get into the bass, if I could, because it was so kind, I just have to pull your solving that sometimes the dodo closer solving. It makes a sticking The budget is going to school what that was firm those rights we either. It is because we felt we did feel safe. mama, but we feel safe about it and maybe this because there was no internet the time so some of the crime that happened. It was not very transparent and it was not very readily they information about. It was not readily available
so people, even though something bad happened, so I remember going to kindergarten, and so I was I think I was five and have you thought so to go from from our home after my younger brother, so he was have lobbied three and a half and by and we are getting the how shoes and another handwritings the how shoes what's worse, how shoes sleep at us, because in kindergarten cannot where those shoes of you Outside it gets sleepers, there has to be clean. I would think so. We get the sleepers. Now it hands were going to. the school and industry across the street? Actually I'm a friend of my get killed on the street by the model, I also, but there was not enough they are so you would God knows this. Three needle lived look right and I am actually, I think, he's dead and you just because this is just what we kindergarten by also being six and a half. it's five years or so
go out going to jail for letting things like that happened to my kids, but at the time ass, those pretty common point. That's so you're you're! You get this experience in fifth grade. Where are you basically say you'll want to learn Russian. They they crack down on your mom, your brother, your sister. Yes,. Did you at any point were you. So why are you so you? You saw what happened between your mom in your dad. You'd been told your whole life that, communism with evil did so. Did just kind of suppressed that a little bit to keep forgetting, get away from your mom. I did button, We not intentional euralia. At that time. I was not political. I would just like I will just annoyed that I have to get the language that grandmother tells me those people are not really good they then the good things in Poland.
they they your passport, and so I ll have to learn the language, so that was living that so much politic out, but the stables reporting the state was very they were very cautious citizens, they wanted to control and take did control every aspect of social life is what social these myths, and so that in that ITALY, that the political parties? later, when I start learning about them more than the political more that is the oppression of social these and then what became really but more aware. What's going on then running about that people disappearing the street and, like now had from them again dead because little bedroom, but then I became more aware and so then in late, seventh is in Poland have so much so enough of these lies below what happened is we're the empty
there's nothing to eat envy you can buy food, you can buy clothes. You cannot buy food and drink Only here. How great is in power in social system, if you know, Amerika people are sleeping on the street and they ve had no access. information. They show this tens or they shadows, Eggs were poor people sometimes or stay or they show the worst thing about Amerika, so that that was just people knew that I, so they get sofa that eventually dumber than what that Socialists press save. people in boy. They say that this is this is building they now does there lie even who was brown this, how they had enough. Had to explode, and that's that thing was humanly press. The people lost faith in the government there their faith in the dead that truth in Britain
truth that the lies at being told this? They stop paying attention to it. So that ain't, no matter what they save people's boy had enabled any exploding that solidarity, Trade Union movement, aware that people just raised up and say enough is enough. We had of socialism and companies when you're when you're growing, you talked about fifth grade urine. Eighth grade urine. Ninth grade urine tenth grade, I know we're organ end up talking about this. At some point you learn how to fight like not just what you learn, how to street fight? You learn how to fight on some of the dude. What did you do? trained Ticonderoga trim boxing. What did you train? I started with boxing just a regular boxing, and I remember being just my mom growing, as might be brother and sister, so suppose I had to fight for my brother to this great often
so the box boxing here most a poor thing for me to kind of like by without a new report on the new to Jerusalem. Maybe this technique skills now and we're great, I'm really liked it then, again so my brother got beat up at school a thing because were divorcee so that its people just so I was remember I was sick and ass. They were. To go to school damages pack, my staff? I went to school from the big guy, don't I was like cute such as knock him in an open document, so bad that is this. Guy show up. He's mom later in the evening in my apartment, that's like that she's like she does Your son did that to my son, Can whiskeys I mean look at the guy from gigantic coordinator of light. shit guy. You know I, like big swell. And so my mom just guys come on in
look at me. I'm a cop of he sighs and this guy is huge he's crying, so so that guy, with the bid, your son as a YO yo see what he did to him so leave yourself that big? Let him happened to that. I think he deserves that. Just when you discuss leave so they left the wizard oxen Jim was our box? Pianos? Wasn't labour actually those little programmer sailors Officer Programme as they? Actually there was the police club. I didn't know about the time by the cops like these were own on usually by the police, so so Both the kind of guy idea. So so we are going to describe what when I now this guy, I broke my hand. So that put me on that. So some of my friends went on there. First boxing match is Stiva just stay, stay home and that would just move to different out so, but there was my status with a boxing ally that getting involving the eventually take wonder the scope of thirty two, because my
those but different into the corner. They practise in Poland. The time those there's two different. I will take one the idea of stability. If, I did so we did that the evidence like no covering or anything you just going to get out we went to the Polish championship and You know better than I could distinguish me ass. I have a fight with that. Ok, such as kidnapping these guys out just keep pressing, so I gave it every time I finish. My privacy is, if you have minus points for the being brutally up its brutal, can do that so so Emily was like it was funny, and the final fight Finally, for the first prize, I know the guy out and as this other guys, laying down there's a guy that a judge, customize argue using disqualified from the programme. You have we not by this qualify but he's the winner then the in house gave this aside? Will we not assess all right here
life style spoke, but anyway vacuous there wasn't. I was not voted those fr- I was not about a sports lie, because I got a lot of whistles and booing endlessness. A second thing. My second place, men off and then a kind of ended up and then of the prison gimme, actually Madam president, I am glad that I was able to help other political prisoners. This friend of mine, who actually I've, met. again when I visited Poland recently, So suddenly, have anything to do up there just sit and we'll just just pay your solidarity and so deftly? Let's go train so what Thank you say, look what you did to me help me later sued by the beatings, and I gather from the gods and their theirs all that stuff. So so so you got left before we get to lean imprison. So now it's the late seventies net now
some point you: must you made a decision that you're not you're, not gonna comply with communism, you're gonna, you're, gonna fight against it? Yes, did the inch, I think, even though, how do, but that the four that the first actually will know when it's my what I've changed my when, when it started making me aware. What's going on in Poland, was I. After listening to Radio Free Europe the Voice of America and BBC this station? You could go to prison for listening to its. I remember my mom was lying piny, oh my god, I can hear you get more pillows on Euro over you re, getting Those big up the blankets would that neighbor stone here. Thou chosen fear ocean. She couldn't go to prison for that. So so I was listening to BBC out. How old are you at the time I think
twelve thirteen fourteen so was I was giving orders and there was any more interested in what's going on this, when I learned that you know that that the socialists are actually quite killing people who are inconvenient to them, Those people disappear like we don't know what this guy is there that he was outspoken about social. These messages disappear so so I was learning about the thousand. Let me also about them the more that's the extra judicial more there's committed by judges in Poland, subscribed. The socialist ideology So that's what to start changing in me I say this is not wrong. This roads what's going in Poland, how did those murders take place, use EU justice? I tell you, how Happened because nobody in those by the actual- to me eventually. So I was working from the gym when working out some fights and Canada.
This presents a review by the hands, putting the cow to just go. That's, and that's it and then just they drive me ass. You like what are we going as well, where we go, what was made that he wondered anymore, might do you think so? you think you're. Ok, if we get out of the sky and I'm going to kill this gap that I'm going to do this, they gonna show they're gonna, kill me much like you, but I'm going to go down quietly. but I just drove it under towns drop me off part of the town had to walk back home for few my thoughts that sets a let's just like intimidation and letting you know what they can do. Yes, if they want. Yes, yes, how will do you in that kind of thing? Startup! That's what happened you were dead after I was released from prison, but before that this will now this, how this people disappear, they do you got a spot outspoken, you gonna either comply or we just destroy your family.
that's how socialism works, and so. I experienced that how, they disappear. People after I get out of prison. But before that I was another one. I just knew that people are just that in that not that in the longer or this, committed suicide or that he followed the stairs that's him it was. just something that was waking up in me. That this socially system is but an oppressive and you can leave as a free man when, of the oppression. Like this I remember What is it that I was also down? You don't mean that different countries have different system that free how about Amerika I remember in Warsaw, force if ever tunnels in Warsaw, I always like to go to its embassy because they have those beautiful cars, those big
cities as others. No images like I can beat the fans I can start wow look at this then I was like it that the images that have those like a glass things on the fence, you read about Amerika. Why I cannot believe you know why this is so awesome. I remember every chance So this is like went when I look at a motor can fly something back. Taking my had a SEC, so free. This is this. Is that this the freedom and always from then on. I always get us whenever something importing those like we need to change. We need to be like America, so that's where the start Some might my views than maturing can so How old were you when you started to actually do something about
I thought you said you know what you eventually get arrested for at what point and wasn't it wasn't? Other kids was there some kind of leadership network of people that were leading solidarity? Do you join the solidarity movement? How to what do that look like to win it crystallize. I remember the first strikes happen. People were hungry, so we want food and freedom, So they are, they organised crime is we're like while ass I came in the picture He was there, but that the protein eventually became the leader of solidarity, the Trade Union Movement in Poland. So much mom got involved and I got involved, and then I got involved with my friends. Have that on the different level of my mom was involved in school, This is how it went so data we start There is really not much to do at the time, because the solidarity was doing everything they were. There was the first trade Union that one for thinking it was the first movement in Eastern Bloc countries, those independent from,
social visa regime from Socialist Communist Party. So that was you I was just like I couldn't leave enough what those being put What really happened uniting when that, the communism. Insertions came to Poland after the Second World war on the stones bayonets that's who sat learning you know about the atrocities about the more this, I would add that the double that of the freedom that we didn't know that we have not treat sometimes that, but when and about how other confidence hosted in this being done in America. So when I start actually maturing said growing and nice nineteen. So there was right before the before the marshal, with those in the late nineteenth Seventys when especially with the Jaw Pope, came to Poland and he rise people say, look can we leave on your knees,
resolving a basically he's message even say rightly, but he's message was this almost can this way and people raised up gave the Socialists ass out, so that the day see em in the communist, had seen. This kind of thing happened in other Eastern Bloc countries, countries Irene. The hungry it happened, so they can. They follow their so the city they were nervous. that's so they end up declaring martial law. They they do martial law to train yes, David suppress the the solitary. Yes, they lost control, they knew it and there is no way to putting this Jenny back. I think something to happen with trump here, where you get UK put his bag venom, but always violence, so they realise that they cannot go back to what it used to be people one president, people don't trust them, they know their liar. They know that they were dead, everybody knew they were lies in thieves. To do so. they decide eventually secular had enough we're losing
fraud and even continues will hang ass though they were they. Although these people- hey, that's, really would be here what the socialism dont do, these people they will will prosecute this so impose marshmallow, and I remember I was on the phone with a friend of mine. He was in Austria and midnight click, whereas we're talking quiet, say that, but a book no no connection! So people come hey, they just shut down all the tvs or the radio's theirs educational penalised in work. They should On Turkey, the communication Entire Poland, fifteen after midnight they start rolling in. So I wasn't that costs so that at the headquarters of the time and midnight when they came in so they they just broke the door. They up, everybody who was there they hold on their own
the police station and then that they they only hold those people who have a permanent leadership positions so it night, they arrested five different estimates from twenty five thousand people on the low side to sixty. Thousand people arrested the that night there, not criminal arrests day, one that by basically would the way they explain to us there, people are not arrested in pursuing jail, but the in town we treatment for their safety, because we want them to be safe and also there were potentially dangerous to the state. so they were not really dangerous down there it's not like they did something. There were potential, dangerous stay, so we didn't jail them. We just in turn them. They have a good living conditions. We provide food. It is so that yours now and I'm listening to do what I say.
It is so sounds so weird, but that was the fact that that was that the way we perceive that reality that it was quite normal? Well, you know, Marcia loathing just sixty thousand people one night when did the something? This wagons for eventually gather we, A couple of my friends start building then say we cannot just sit idly in the watch, it We, what we gonna do is said the shadow of the communications, we're gonna. Create our own saw it I create our own network. and they will start printing and then just what it working those naive the way we did that, but We didn't know that diamond about that, so just bring the what a ban would bring the names of the of people arrested, so the families now that these people just disappear. Yet they just sitting in prison, thou
actually so, we submit distributing that in my city, what I was at the time growing up and that's how it started that so we function for, while till we get caught at the there, then of course it was not a difficult for them because they were prepared for that. and then that's how I have been in prison. Eventually, they start publishing oasis of some of that. Some of the people, be they in turn, Basically put them presence, so You get it you get arrested, they come your house, they find you at school, they find the ratio is ST ratio, they are getting a promoter of the street. I was working on that point. We were printing, it became more of their. I wouldn't use papers that we pointed out in the sun Ass, our dean knock on the door, the code- We had a life and those of these three guys run up from upstairs was like a stairway. Five. Jump out of the room. Just put their I'd like
guys in my head was like a polish stand of almost gone from every side: Hank Arafat, Holloway and getting prism. So in jail, and here goes another story day, this is something I had no idea. I didn't know that I can have a lawyer you could but that they just. Or that so little mother goose besides it was martial law, so there was a bit different the jail this. Ok, so did you do it No did you do it now you did it. So we now get Bluebird beat up and that's that bus the stick my thing in the north and I dont know some of them. Are these papers. What you find in your house, because I went to my house later this- they searched my house, my my right there told me that sedately just demolished my house my apartment, my home I'll leave with my that should lead the modest hereupon? I sell two thousand the suitcase and I,
So ass, you want just find him on the street. I call you funding on the street the dilemma that, because I had three a prison sentence but so am I a funny things like they? They get me from we're going to them from the present too, to the core So I do my boots away sitting. There was a sou writing my boots, scattered outcomes ass. He had this gate cakes, so he ran away him of kick with about feed us. Looking with about. So they bid me for that. the quota similar goes be lavishly like you, don't care where basis. I would just like to say that when we look at it didn't happen, what's up what's a prison conditions. I visited for me at the time. How do you know The rapporteur does not always has to be bad, you always hungry right. You have. No rights you can see there there's another funny thing, because When I went up there, the sea can't
you can only down you cannot you can't just sit on those two. all day long and just at the table as closer after and from the item you just wait there when called from seeing you go to. You got to. You got laid down the bad service going to be in our lifetimes still scare them? You too, this environment, I'm saying It's like fag angle to sit here all the gathered all day long, but have to wait and see what happens. Legislate now. Coming just keep the shit out of me from outside. so I'm coming back to this issue, I would not know I'm beat up. I can policy in my eyes us if pocket than anything they gonna beat me up again now they know about alleged another reason to lay down. I can't see it so in view of a girl like you to be three transforming. I say that because they say like party they ain't going to seat and could be one thousand just. Let me that so
so I had no problems, but there is one of those criminal gas because we keep a common criminal cc, forgetting that I'm tired of aim. So I think I can earn my way to fucking too. I don't see the day the table just understood. No, resort, anything so few down? he's by them that, across as was my right, those of my bed, because we're said those like forbad suppose, like fifteen of us, that source women before us, but that's fucking, who try to keep me out of this so so he lay down on the bed ass I started just you can hear the screaming the beating out wherever he goes by your blog in Blue. at the base of the table? He, since there is like a gay well ahead in Africa, our seat
so it turns out. He wasn't quite as tough as you well know about toughness. I just see a heap. He was not prepared for the beatings, so it is now well out of the report that was sitting on the under stool and, if at the table then then deal with these guys. so eventually they had an exit, our so naive ideas, they don't hate those does this all prisoners like now like the holding this water. This other south can have a sugar and some other food, because these guys, if a lot of stuff fuck it I'd. Do it not just with crime under the banish them, so that made the whole, maybe like this big, but go far because, of course, and others like there's no tools, nothing, We will in future when we try to be a break the hole in the wall to dancing what using, using the regret that the from the stool that you see, ok you think them, apart than to pursue apart
lags area yet through a conqueror Wildcat, Yoda Muslim. Was not the way that have actually doesnt, maybe that country in the beginning, but the bunch right get the country. So now, when no one to pull out They put me by the legs and give a good cakes step up without the so so so here it is, then them. But this is not the principle war war them so the problems with you. You know you got gotta, go you do it again. we gonna girl, put you in isolation and the collective tiger gates of those Sal and then within the sailor was Kate, just like it in the zoo put you they're so I say: ok, whatever I'm going to be punishing the walls in the hole in the Wall Gay because I was so stupid. I didn't know any better. so then I would you every every day for fifteen minutes were allowed to go outside and work. There was,
room, maybe half size of this with a high walls with ii. Guys working on the table my view and the things that it was made of these kind repose slit inside leaves them in Iraq in this reinforced Cancun slab of slight and between the opposing one on top of another, size a wealthy? Take what I remember I was just put demonstration, those breaking those half, so I know that I had the voice of the guy, who was in the case with me, says and communicate with him. Let me take a look at him into break that shit. I'll just go suspect we worked German, just kinda Sappho, just like you move this. Some of this money from in between those cracks between these slabs.
The fucking thing fall off and justice coasting Slavs above this world. Our all see that allows going on everywhere language so that even the title, your case tat soon just sitting there no there's no time those the final time, but there's the second to the other time they put the prison with with? broken when those who was winter time Do you mean no blanket soldiers laying on those woods for love thing was a week was it was ok, I was freezing, but that there is nothing that would kill me and the like I'm looking watching some of the tvs here about the prison in the United States like a fucking I've at that time, How will the free outrage my alive in Poland for present here, because I was the fact that have as medical attention I had a dvd. I would have a gene, maybe about possible. Even in the end
How can you ll be better? I'm? No one else. Can you do you? from life. Does you have ever give everything provided to you? You know you have to fight for anything, So that's that's how so, how long we? How long did you and abstained imprisoned? There was true prison sentence and they release, as I think, close to a year and a half or after a year and a half when Paul second was coming to point again, so they like A gestures. Ok, we start releasing political prisoners for on amnesty. And the others are not exist are releasing gas and there are some. doesn't stop shrinking because the case was down my case. Where was sentenced to my sentence, they should stu russian border rearing. Got a croupier shelf. In through the window, we can see that the river and can see their russian territory next next to it. So I like unnerving, because
At that time there was a reality or for innovation there, when we were afraid that the Russians will come in to take to put some order because I think it was the companies more and socialism was falling apart. so they are. We knew that even the Russians command we're gonna get killed, sir. We're thinking. If you like we're, gonna, have killed and the way they come in this weather today. We had occupiers actually know how the breach the region at the blue light those of seals now about how to get through the wall. How to get these, which is making the getting equipment done so Ricky Sound, but maybe they not keep their own kill everybody, but we cannot just sit hearing present and just wait for it to be slaughtered so that those that that that thinking at the time present, so we so yeah, so we in this that statue couple Things came to my mind to aiding and think about it. So beat us about? A member I had some issues with: ok
so we went on hunger strike so go where you were a hunger strike. We want the status of political prisoner. There was some had socialism lovin gives new, but in some things that have no political prisoners, there are about just waiting for something else, the sitting right, stealing the milk from the from in front in front of this somebody, Azores, door, orders halting the neighbour or just you mean to somebody, so they put you something so they all exclaimed political prisoners, nothing, socialism! We don't have that everybody until the marshmallow who was like that for political activities like that with the much for something else for I'm criminal offences; they they they they could generate So we are. There was something that when they see so the commission must improve your show if they did they kind of isolate that the political prisoners there from the General criminal population so back pretty much like and
they. Decide to go on the hunger strike and the they broke out strike was in oh and they say that is a law that, after two weeks, if you don't eat, or forcefully feed you So what they did is like a legal vacuum pipe or force does not suit, so they say, there ain't coming to my stomach so they put this thing in your throat and they just put it the whatever the me. Surely they gave you there and I remember- and he knows, that bad oh, I see hanging them outside these guys. So if I visited finally they overpower me. They hang me to the chair, but when they try to put this again, I just broke the fucking check. If so, they replied that they would have them from shared this. No, I couldn't break out of it and action force it
learn how to deal with it. So yeah man ass, like no big deal, I'm just gonna stay put it my my foot. but what do we they broke? It is typical social is way better, snaky, so got to spare the other guy sate, look see this big pipe and I met the showbiz by down your throat and your stomach again and and put it in one just to give you a savage drink that shouldn't go to your cell, so Let us put it painful, sergeant, ok, assume it's just that, whilst save as well. you just you just broken strike you just aid on your own. So now we trust, but you do the present again them habits. Ass. Much like you to go to. Prison cell. He will just and have put passport in droves drove away somewhat so that eventually a few of us left and that the cow came from the trap that this is
less than the social? These social is we'll, never admit they hold political prisoners, the? U just waste your health in to stop it. with its eventually stop that an appetite forget about it. Until I went to Poland met this guy is how do you remember the hunger strike here have the calendar year. Does this this interrupted should the I remember now Are you on the hundred Congress to I think those three weeks we deliver be before the calcium into stop and as it were, going nowhere yeah look. He gave me the calendar, I don't have it here, but the entire interesting. Actually, because the do those things Stu that we did in prison.
I care single or the shit, I'm not a single person at all, but I was singing like your mother, forgetting prisons. As that those political songs, therefrom polish passed from polish history, they would have very pathetic. Songs which socially, certainly hated so we in prison. Those at eight o clock in the in the evening a bogus, eight o clock in the evening. We just open the windows of the whole side, an entire prison population. From even the screaming- that's new joint aim, but they can be darbyshire downward, quick and those behind was that they squash them, but not without so we kept thinking there, though so loud, that new I town they could hear and the priest was coming and praying from the prism. So that gas hated because another they were there The one sided be that people have the parliament's calls the windows up as soon as they leave them in those can open again and progressing in the south of Zimbabwe could do that. yeah. Does sir splendid, I see that
how to send them ascended to you, because I have it there was so behave, I guess for them they. having given the family at the times, my mom so, they sent a letter to my mom complaints. Hey to come here and do something you sound is not listening. Actually, I was showing to my wife Rachel Single these look at this year, because I knew that I hate that is good for them. Then I just by action. I found it so heads no human, saying that same through. Let a letter from President suggest how, because that I'm listening, social he's got any guards or any government officials that we're like sympathetic at all are they these add to toe the party line that had to tell the pipeline. But there were some of the gaps that there were not so vicious, so they will they they just now.
They listen to sometimes like there was event we were able to smuggle the camera into the present them so that some of the gaps knew about it and that are there. Peaches floating. I think I have seen some of the speeches from the prison at the time. and some of them, and I who didn't Christmas. I'm so we had this nose say like well, consider some have We cannot have our hope and we have this actual tackling this king. Since the world, you know well just yet sewage reserved for the rope down from the first Proper sea ice sheets, which you have just been b, all of this scheme cling alcohol pulling out into the fire. The prison get the balance right it comes present those. Actually there was a really bad. They caught you with this,
so you see you end up getting released when the Pope comes back again. They do this gesture, they're gonna. Let you out of prison right and then you goin once you're out of prison. What what are you doing tonight the job that sewers aerial reminded the something in my mouth killed: shit she's in the half time she has had time to Bianca sitting in believing on help from her money. so I'm trying to find a job, and you can't because everything is controlled government owes to think they own the job. So if you I remember after struggling for, while I still continue my training. So this is what I described earlier after the train coming out from sometimes in the evening the password train as police building that put beyond can't drive me around threaten before, while in just show me on the street. So this is what s it like. You know what I can continue like this. This is something that
I eventually end up that in the end they did actually we find dilated that not too late find out at the same time that one, My fellow prisoners was so excited then another one night when looking toward my Blanca and then the my images of America came in. Yeah. So this is what I went in there. I say again to go: get some help it I went to american embassy. This would happen. Hell? Yes, I should we need does this and within three weeks I had the job I think, within three weeks I had a visa out of Poland to Germany to the United States government, The funny thing is, I also had to because I was still in the aged: it conscription, age. So they.
had to go and sign up like I'm, I'm not going to go to joint police military mom not being sought by the military or anything I remember, I walk into this office and assess a unbelieving calling on you to sign this year, so this fucking Jesus look at me see Europe, wrong there, people they should serve Poland under this policy, Making this polish Sambo Dispose Eagle. Zog is a dead end police Eagle than mother Fucker, you and the Russians, but this story, the crown from that angle, is about the eagle doesn't have a crown. He scared. So that's your ego, but it's not mine, I'm sorry. This motherfucker, I that the handing- but here the sign that such is life. I remember this autumn, ass, relieving the building, then multiple. still screaming any huh huh huh we urge the bet once before so- and I came to the two Germany had first in the center of the United States, created for
refugees, Alan about America, where the people coming teaching us about Amerika and eventually I remember like, so what would you would you haven't preferences when you come to Amerika? I remember always called those out in Poland, call them? My shoe? We wouldn't have condemned by the good close my mouth, the newspapers. Nowhere sometimes you know what So, just as just don't tell me, we found that anybody, because then I bet on me, but just have newspapers inside and keep you weren't a day that would actually they did the three. so I was always called in Poland and then that so when they ask me as well everywhere, where does not call nominated as hard as perfect, but just now cause. He began. size, I what would you think about? Memories? Do nothing about men pieces like no, but I know there is presently was from my peace like you, the Argo so who are looking for the place and methods for you
and that's what I came in I so when I learned the United States with a ten phoenix in my pocket and back of close to you so how long's it been since you left Poland, how long were you in Germany? For I was in Germany and maybe three months are they teach you an English there? No, there was no time for this. Mostly, like you know that that the legal staff would you to do how you go about getting the english glasses how you leave. What does that? What the laws are? What how how to be good, a member of society and productive. So there's a dead We tried to lend our own. I just remember both myself. The anguish, dictionary and that are lost someone on the way to work enough in the flight
and there was a really good because coast, I can finally you- and we can try getting no to my world where everything was clean. Everything goes bride. Everything was a nice people would have nice and slow. That's the world. I think that's what South Amerika s going to be doing so will you I was really excited justly due to come to Amerika the time. What years it is making a for bikini goes with Alice, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three, like in December, like ninety three I'm just like beginning like connect four, so you you're on a plane or you buy yourself as their other people with you. There was some other people with me, those this group of people, refugees from the companies, the social state and by going to different location. So some of them we didn't know once we get on his big jumbo jet assigned by the monopolies, people what they went. so our
Eventually I learned in new york- and I remember I wanted to see this statue of tears, like so great love, yeah, Is anyone escorting? You is anyone believe me, those like we can count on our own. We came in those positive people waiting for us everything, provided that they did? They help us to our destination man she's right about this. When I get my first apartment to they have to get that part of man, my first job. I was so excited, I remember I never knew what they conditioning s right. So. I was watching the moon, he's from America. In Poland, when I was young and I see those boxes in the windows. I thought it the boss, it get than the milking side, not focus in Poland, the so called you just put outside the window. Your food, your mail, serves as a basis.
Curly hair. So, smart, you know when Poland them have the we have this box behind the window. We could put most stubborn, but then there is. I was lenders actually does not the boxes for further just eight conditioning this Sunday gives your school and unhealthy and but I remember was so when I moved my first apartment, contain myself. Tell my mom: fake account. My mom see mom I'm leaving the apartment and with clean modernization with a conditioning what they had conditions as a blow called on demand. If you won't say, oh my god, Must you pay for it? Can you for these things yeah it comes with apartment. There were so I mean they're dead dead that that change. was so drastic remember going to the store first time grocery store. In. Poland is very simple: just grab whatever was left on the sheriff and just ran with it before somebody grab it from. You is like
here. While you see the cereal presiding the sitting was. What's this, It's like a signal that this was by the low with this, but I think one, but then they look at his boss. Also looking cool so nice. What this one maybe try this one. So I have like if the person skip it, then let it was so the abundance of everything, something I could not get it. do it for a long time. I always in that by trying to buy maybe like five six dollars, groceries endeavouring to thirty forty dos damage spent the money again because my first page it was it was a forty dollars a week. So I remember but that, of course people that I wouldn't be able to make it without America's helping me. So they remember Forty dollars, usually by the end of the week, because I too said money to pay for a parliamentary candidates donor, something for apartment electricity,
everything, maybe lack I don't have the money at the end of its I'll. Just have to wait for my paycheck as soon as the patriot, small city out, more food It will bring him if we do so again I would not survive with Americans dumping. Who is it? Who were the Americans? Are we helping you? Was it a religious group? There was some great look church in my office, these people are Christians and day. How they have so many people, and I think I am I didn't need to do something to maybe he's a super gate and now of late, but that there are some people and they ask then they still doubtless to actively support people coming to Erica help them settle down would never succeed if not their help. I was whether lacking
the funny things a student. I didn't speak English, so they both men, dictionary and there. Answer I'm just trying to landowners as much I can remember one thing: he's the one of the families of the couple all couple picnic ass if I'm gonna drive you here today show you these are the main themes of this size We drive she'd this. Is it then that they gave me the dictionary so because the direct that there were helping- as was just a couple of me, I think, was designated- so the Miller Dictionary Protect to show its I'm using it, and I'm really try to learn, and thus it is black gable, the street some english- and I say this- is a black man right soldiers, looking thing and then addiction that it says this is since the aid, this isn't like Germany, closet Oh, my god, no load, You say that what you little orders
you gave me. So I have the dictionary here today with this lady still scratch that war as a black man. You know, I didn't know any better, I mean for me. I grew up in Poland or not don't just only white people there. I didn't know about than the most house animosities when we the first like person. I've seen that was. It would be like sixty. can you told us that this is something we can go and never seen guy with its color of the scheme me and my brothers, when I circling around this game, should discuss it with the fucking weird those, but he will, if he's really black, I didn't know it but there was never any sinister feelings. It will just curiosity and I would be friends, there are no less invite these guys to our club in over an issue, indeed that they show up so giving a polish One was the issue and one was something else, and we can France hours of others, the first black people, I've seen so
Do you go to any classes to learn to speak? You were not annoyed at the time. I was working already so form they the church providers. Like short, my view, I think, was a one month class of angle, but what we attend was it hardly was a hard to learn. It was for me, as you can hear it now, thirty years later, but deserts. gives us some basics? Maybe but I remember pronunciation- could Gather- was killing me. Thank you There is no the age working party. So thank you for me to say it was like I couldn't just could not say, thou spitting. I was just but you knew that would finally friend of my comes in here just now, I could just say: thank you about a week, say: F. Instead of being No one! You can hear the difference if you so fast. so should. Ideally, as I remember, though, some meeting of somewhere where this this patent is a place of somebody who broke the cookies,
so I grabbed the cookie and as they try to struggle with Jason, this guy from gathering so's laissez faire You know he's got quite those like that. This is something wrong. This go like this. Innovative behind this fund is one of the The gentleman comes in at what he is trying to say is that he was amazing Q USA, I work on the car that so I'm better now, but ass soon ass, my wife there was I'm not allowed to say in public so like I hate think my phone. Can you put the Fournier puss? Don't say them out in front of everybody does just say so. My my my my bag sorts challenging, for you say, purse pulse around a hamburger,
so it is things like on the head. When I get a little later, was it I'm not allowed to say especially around my wife, so certain globally there. So what was the first actual job that you got one on the ground. You in Memphis, you gotta, you got an apartment, as air conditioning. What's the first actual joyous. Job was the deal was then church. I was basically mapping the church Oh I'd say there was something to give me true. familiarizing, but with with with America with get with english- behind my bout, So basically those working part time as a janitor and this is where I shall start by picking up English more mounted a bucket. Mopping up. I'm handling and have it little cartoon cartoon in my backpack it
so enjoy, is going to the store? Joe, is going do the storage always going to distort it means that he's going to go and buy some groceries, obviously running points. So it's translating. It ended so I did more. Cartoons are being able even more and more angli surrender. Actually, I think they decide I'm good enough to venture spine rugged different job, so the church held me to get a job with oclock easy for the first time in my office and always Oakley Qc Fort? Yes in my four, that's unlike a polish word, lacks a relapse we come back to later, especially when I had to translate poised to english and black, so in Iraq. Above so I get the job done. My job was to pick up the phone and they already knew that is a guy who are speaking was, but he knows the numbers, so they say, ok,
five, six, six, seven, eight nine ten soldiers write it down. So thank you, quick. come upstairs and I peed the pot that was fifty five thousand six hundred and seventy eight and broke it up so that the the cars from different dealerships or whoever needed its part was coming. the door and pick it up pick it up, and then I was just a guy who just take the phone call. I get the number to get. The part I was working very hard, but get them. Those numbers I just kept mixing up. So those guys coming up and two hours later here five, who just got the wrong path. Does this not the part where we want to do the mechanic says that you do we just give you more part so that, to me like. I know that we are you working so hard that we see that would amount to fire you, but you know just to get better button. you know anything about costs, european cars? Maybe the air, but because that is the opening than other people see, but they are looking for mechanics Sab poor.
Now the maybe the most of you would the girl tried out. Do you know this absolutely is William. I know everything about gas company people when you Poland, how many people did you actually know that actually owned their own car? I personally know anybody who was the car. I know some people who knew some people who now you're. Ok, so you are my my father because he was a company's he he was allowed to go so, rather than those of the export of these thy head. I know somebody who knew somebody with the cap, So I went for the interview, as is my English, so Braga hidden I didn't know what I was saying, but I remember that that so they brought their was like that. Then you really mechanic for pours out the sab and so the brother, the foreman from their poor father school. He look at me like
and I know, there's like and then you have a guy cabins may speak English, So this is the outcome of can command. He talked to me for, while others I to say my best but he's right mechanism can heads and now and then decide. Mechanic comes gained. This big guy back mother suckled gangster works in looks at me taking my slave me as I started my career, I become a became good, this guy. I owe him so much he said he was so she was really was the motorcycle gangs, and he member. He was very proud guy, but I was able to actually took him into look Jimbo Gmail Jimbo a castle, Ngos were what I need to learn this day. I have these mine, you ask for a sob.
Read it aloud to me. recording that can listen at home and I can match the wards with their according ass, though he were kill me for establishing mother Fucker AY shit. I don't even know how to read well, but then there are other. I took him into it and he says So we were sitting in his kitchen. He'll keep pickup that money was of course. I know that was how to fourteen. I could see that could tell it was hot for him, but he did it for me, so that will become, really good France and were often he came back drawing up there lay a car. So Did you body working out he's want you re just copy here rather than the management, so he's? Ok but it comes in. Just kick me, I'm going to sleep of slipping the great guy. Actually this is the first time that was exposed. Lamotta we american way of eating, do because So I remember seeing you know into over here will have a say,
now. Just we'll just have a stakes and say: ok, social and there's a big. Yes, nothing to stakes. No three states was his girlfriend. So there's big asked three stakes: are phenomena beating it for them, he said I saw who who is coming here just three of us somewhat, whether stakes, have, one of them is the one is for you here. Whatever you want, like that entire steak, yeah, what's wrong with it ass, you do Howdy slicing slicing gives us that thing would last before a mile in poland- and I I just did No, that you can just take like that. Just by the slab of meat, cook in the aid asking what the fuck am. I love stakes? Am I think that the stakes louse? thousand sports boats that are going to stay with the state University either just paper slice it lightly, isn't it
because in Poland, the northern dimension Let us come back, but if we do it did this, so what did to Poland, as that was begun, but it has to haggle, because I was going hungry to school. quite often because my mom You cannot buy food for more than two three four days, especially bread or something. So if my and get up early in item three o clock. Three. Thirty four o clock in the morning, a stain line which may sometimes around the block to buy of bread. I didn't know breakfast so sometimes she wasn't lie or IFOR couple hours, but then They saw Thou bread before she could get it. I was just going to school, but my remedy, for it was, I just find others will reach of Keats from especially those parties, but the member states They have always for the very good food surges bidding. and I took the flash and I they launch. Unless you got, you won't eat lunch, you bring to sandwiches next time, so I had to say
supply that actually, I was like Robin Hood, because I was like the poor little guys that I knew of their national UK. You bring the savaged this guy. You bring us out of this guy in the EU to me anyway, didn't I just took their election will just ate the ranch, They usually they programme worth. For? How long are you working out the words at the sobbed even at this avenue for quite a few years, and I think that was the point that the war without the dead. Then I became you a citizen to so. For me, it was still. It is the biggest accomplishment for me, people think you made to the sea or training. How does it feel about? There were three houses to be able to save as an authority had to be american. I'm free men at that. That's the biggest accomplishment number that set the seal teams am very proud of the of the trade in ivory, proud when I did in the seal teams, but it is not my biggest accomplishment. I always look, and somebody can
in Amerika, I'm not polish American, I'm not something I'm here again. There is no, hyphen from this and what it can. I am in Amerika and I'm proud and so yeah. Let's So you mentioned dumb, you mentioned the fur Gulf WAR, but then you will. Point, because I know you got into parachuting at something really. I was how did that happened yet or cells at the time I see, but the girl who made the potential job, she don't rewarding those deprived ITALY's, whilst us forget, tried it amongst those before the war before in the thing. So I say well, Philip, had just come to throbs. Unless it hey. Can I make a parachute jump? Shortcoming: those in Memphis I came to see. How can I make the point? Also genuinely get too secretive class it'll be turned them jump, Secundem Jump. Ok, so I sit the class you now that he explaining what to explain what the world went up and jump a fact. I was here
So what can I do it again? It was expensive, but not being seen by the times, yeah? You can do it. I guess I did one more time so like can I jump? I myself not right away, but you have to go to the class. Is so tell me about it so that he has allowed so you got class most likely that the weekend then Monday gamete one job. Maybe two jumps Tuesday, once they live within two weeks. You get this, just seven Johnson was eighty five accelerative report at the time and so of jobs, then you can graduate jump on your own, a safe parking. We started assuming a started. Actually this Thursday, not Friday. Okay, so far ok, my they all the classes, We made a three jobs. Secondly, amid the next for Jobs- and I was I think, Saturday evening I was jumping in my answer: do they outlook so our skydiving. Actually this one, because in my view we
from, but a high altitude, usually twelve thousand feet some personal pleading, sixteen thousand feet so so, though, accumulated a lot of free for the time. So I'd go myself for the area of domestic courts has become the jumble that our teaching skydiving and and now she did extremely well. I remember when he tells Oklahoma the time. The only issue- together with my language, because so you have to do class. The class you had to be very thorough. If you mean something the instructors, usually those a USB commission people- that's very experienced skydive Will they be coupled you mean in the brief and they did that errors in the air? Would you didn't bring You say that the wrong way to totally wrong way so we have the agreement. We would always part that I was one of the guys and where the agreement. Now, if I ask you a question ass, it correctly, so I don't have to because if you ask. Correctly. I have to teach you because these people are watching divide, don't catch
error. What you're wrong answer, then they will go into it to mean the air. So we we're ok, so Europe with it actually meant. And you know that is a point in the skydiving to teach me were eventually see like you. So there is it as they do that you have to make your decision you that cut away the malfunctioning partially malfunction and open the reserve or you right in the ground certain- is that those two thousand feet by two thousand. We do not have a good parachute and unique minded this together way as a new jumper and end up in your reserve. If you didn't do it by this time, was like you just should be writing into the crowd. So we got to aid and look at the sky in the commission's. Listen, so can now tell me what does your car dick looks like what are you talking about, I want you to have data capital.
I'm getting matters like mother, fucker, don't fuck with me what you'd have big and he says what do you mean? What do you mean? As we know the two thousand foot? Dick. I dont have two thousand foot her dick. I was that I was our birth punch, this guy look over there in this. How are these did that doubling other tables always so focused? As you know, two thousand foot had DEC for me? It was kind of saying she's, so so Chiquita. Say nothing about. Two thousand foot have dick butter, eventually yeah, but I graduate from this course even the gallows this. How did I get so that I was skydiving by this time, but boots. It seems like from Poland common from not having food from being imprisoned from all these things that are going on
It seems like when you get to America, you ve just got this dislike I've just to live and make things happen and you're going to free phone. You get it done in four days later, when we come to jump Master new working as hard as again. It's like you this open, we way and funny how can be whatever you are able to be, can say whatever you want to be, because I ought to be ass alarm sixty years I am going to be asked and another maybe, but you can be whatever you are able to be. There is nothing to stop you like different countries. What you're back who is your mom? Did you do communist, or are you but not the Socialist Party, so we can help But you know that cannot be the dispositions you can all go to the due to college. Even if you dont have you are not part of the Socialists, youth organization, so so for me yeah those like the entire world open. I could be whatever I was able to be, and there was nothing helping me so
even more even more makes me that. Stick to my what I want to be there best citizens out made this cancer. The best can be and contribute to it. So does first person war came out and I just became U S citizens at the time. So as ok, I can build it. perhaps for these people in the region that I don't have resources, but I can fight for them. So this is country, I'm going to go and sign up. I had no idea. how to do it. I remember possessing those draft got sometimes of you. Feel that something I went up there Thereby send it out,
by my share, those leading without the sky was at the time so that it was what what was going on right. What are you going to say? I'm going to war just shut down my papers- and this is this- is the First Gulf WAR Vasco right? So it's ninety ninety one one! Yes, the First Gulf WAR kicks off. Yes, you want to go fight. I want to go down to the post office filled. I wrap the sad thing called the selective service shadows year. You feel that out since it by my check your bags paperbacks unnatural at any time, so well, and nothing happens, the guys like drag. We know that I think is the right way to do it and whether you use you sure you want to go to war man there's a war going on up there I mean you have to isn't. I came here with nothing and ever think I have. I ought to America to this country. I need to do something work and do a good fight for my country this,
on that front. This sort about this circuits ITALY's as applied to you, you're too, all so the thirty one at the time for going thirty two and says it back I found my mom. I will find my way into that war. So suppose you hey once you get to recruiting of recruiting office as our true, I went to the army for important armies this strike out on the internet, but out of mere forces for me that I was everything was out of me so good one. Ok, this is me I would like to join military. I would like to go to war. Hey. What do you want to do by fight there's like another. Will I get jobs or something given this chaos no not really, but our doubt do whatever you tell me to doing. I just want to go to war our, when the war is over I'll, go back to my normal life, but I think just
what the duration of the water I would like to join the military theirs. Ok. Well, I was me c of the look at my dog you, my answer to tell me what brings ripening all that stuff, the deed of it or the war say so, so we put you in front of him, I think was infantrymen stolen. I say absolutely thank you so much. I M ready to go into time and Dan seers show up in our drops on. They were doing demonstration leap rugs in the in my peace, so talking about with John Few times together tat such a cool, guys, yellow, and so they are Patel before they join them. Army Watch, you cried, the Navy just go ask polluters about seals like seals was the sea. Yeah, but the Navy disguise knows I am jumping the times have see also I'll just go on asking when the next door and said I am applying here for out of me the Heaven my Paypal wall, but I met someone
you told me to ask about the Navy and I'm just asking about the Navy. with his friends out us their kindness of seals, oh yeah, yeah, you know you can be a seal. Slack budding together, paperwork from these guys we pushing the navy and. UK. Then then they will just pushing the Navy blue would be a seal. Then I say so then legs the horse surveys when I'm going there so can I have it there, pace that they did not like it, but so do I They were ass, you up there. They looked through my papers and the like. Then get well. You know what we can get it you, the seal, the dice there was a diver programme with the times and can guarantee to you because you are way towards development towards for the seals, but if you say, this paper here you join, you got to boot. Come don't make you see, that's not. No doubt about it. So surely now that you as a ok, but this year,
but now before you become a seal in to get a job to select the job in the Navy, At that time there was no seal rating. You remember that there was a. U you got to boot com. You get the aid to a school driving the Navy and then you go to. If you like, you do you're decide to go to sea or training so I see one of them, though much what I want to do, I'm parachuting something will happen. Punish rigour, success to me an idea whether there was Doug me in this field for like as five forty eight, they say like ok, so yeah, so you have made me see me at the time of stating the girl to so They say, ok, but if you want to go to that school to PR school, you will have to leave this week. You will have to leave on Thursday will push in that the new programme and a thing you'll be swung. There's only one Friday boy does nothing, though stopped short notice.
Chrome, I give him. Hey, went to get moated right now, because I'm going to the Navy ominously were that's it, I'm leaving to the Navy, I'm leaving this weekend, So where do the jobs we are like? We have made a very quick and then show up on the dead gather sworn in and that their sale if the boot come and didn't, became there that there does that no intention to make me a see. How do you know what I did some out of the little weak? I just wanted to join daddy. I want to contribute to the airport. I am american. I want to fight for MIKE Three show, whether being the parachute rigour with ever not just made the best out of it by the supporting this- shows us who are not to be a single hour but try it, and I did that Of the tests, so that was indeed camp. Everyone can do that. They do that day where they go. Okay, if you want to try for seals, you need to go. Take the test criteria that are so. That is a good day that actually that different jobs, others people are coming eternally about their jobs.
So that I see, as you D motivators show happened, heat otherwise I'll. Just couldn't sitting this patent champion. Just give out just pay area. I want to go so and now Are you thirty, two years old at this point that this pathetically yourself? What what the hell the physical conditioning. Did you do throughout your life to get to get their good enough shaped really like guys gonna, but when their twenties, twenty, eight or something I guess it gets. Bedabbled ethics is get convention. Did you work, we work and how this whole time really I didn't know how, but you know that their the physical demands of the symptoms of the time I just like just like. We were not just in life liking like when you were when you are I think I saw boasting tech. Wonder that's that's! Those is basically what Europe Mutant freak in words
cancer than myself, like that, you know I was able to the end. They know that as is really not that difficult path, the other is still. There is still something about you. We been about Let us also so just people know what you're talking about you say the test. Isn't that hard to pass the bait the seal task that we use to get to get a chance to go to seal training was like, I think, was you had to do it some. this you're take fifty poor shops. Failure to manage a simple set up in two minutes. I have a whole ups, ten polyps, eleven Latin pull ups and then a mile and a half run in eleven thirty and a mile and a five hundred yards swim in the air Furthermore, my slogan was of the swim with equity swim, but also- but I took it, I got it. past it. So I'm so happy. I like I had this is so cool and then a fucking kidding
let me start in all those workers. You're freaking old man ass, the kidney stolen member of the devil, so pricking pay What I mean I never have wasn't bad, I was never been absent. Have there was so painful like, like this by the hair, was so painful that remember they give me that medicine. Nothing was done more honest. I didn't work alone, I say: deadline Someth struggle because I just about to go crazy, I'm a kid at a pace or two hats of the images, We feel that the second went away, but that amount is funny thing was the first time is short. I have no idea what Louis I was lying in the book in the boot camp and this list Spain can mean that fell off the bat, the Temple I John and within that tremendous ahead, this poor, sweat under my nose or dripping and one by force. these companies, hey, are you ok is like part, do I look? Ok Do you came over the house
I passed it, but there was a we're staying there were things like you, Why are you going to this medical? Do we have to give it a medical examination for seals, but you can't just hear that: can they still have to wait a year, clack body, my mind said was I want to. by the war in any capacity. No, I'm all noted that I have the privilege to go and fight for Amerika, so me this man, that's actually I've. That's that's! Ok. so then I went to a school and the Escudo met as in peace, Parlez bodies. I love you knew him, but so, let's body of sad he was a motivator in Millington. When I was going to that my butter, should I use cool as a thug? I passed the test. I can e zpass that again I had this kid my stone- and I cannot- I just want to be a sea- also, is any way, maybe some maybe paper or can we dawn pieces with Paypal, rotten yeah,
things can just go. Get your medical record from Europe for from your medical office. Here with a girl get it swept Nevertheless, what magic you'll come up with, I'm sure there's some, but I could have assembled regulation that will allow the bypass the stupid king they stop. Several these record has right all right all right, they're, like images out, leave the room he had. I been branches call you in a second and equity, so because you buy it? So the kid my stone. Where is dead, like bright o suited to that I don't see any. I don't see any there should have been my stone. Maybe not, maybe I didn't ok. Well, you didn't and a graduate from a school milk throne. I think when the second top level,
they're from book? Am I graduated Toby recruiting this whole botch? I was there. I gather military excellence. I want I want first, but it fails to recruit. Actually, to their publicly funded batch, graduating escort graduates able if this second second highest scorn, so heads things going on for me and then I was waiting for my or that scheme send it out, for it probably has approved and should do later get my orders to, but so that, as of this, Ass, though with is a history, you shoulda buds. what was I was only major challenges for you was like you said you were not there, not a great swimmer. How are you on the rest? The water stuff? Well, then, did that The problem was that I could swim only on one side and I never swim with Moscow and so on. dumping the poor sick out you to swim here, this Assize Throat sites wrote this. How you do it in the bud?
we all the thousands who tell you to do it at risk ok with it, but what they put them put the mask on after the first couple apps I thought we pass out. I was like hyper ventilating I was blocking out. I see the black spots for my eyes, I M about to die here, but they say that if I stop, they gave me out trying stopping me. I know that you bypass out, though rescue me those guys everywhere they tell us and we are safe and we're safe. So I was blocking outlets. Two black output, hidden these black spots, but become easier and easier by by the time the next hour, I was like shit in the bed, So what is it just like some weird, like claustrophobic thing, on your face or something like that? No couldn't breathe my nose and I couldn't bring, though, how to breathe through my everytime I to get rid of sight the water with so I think, was breathing whether an eia. The time- and I was coughing- I was suffocating I was, basically drowning. I felt I'm drowning in there
it's just a similar going to create web address purposes to see what will happen if I have to buy them. I didn't pass out there, I got better. Actually, by the time there was a fourth phase as a pre phase, when, before you close up for the for the sea or training, so by the time why we graduate from the fourth face. Moving too, I would rather see a class they students ask me to demonstrate, and you guys have to swing decisive. Also at I became I was never fuss. Remember those things we medical pursuing forever and you didn't. You didn't, come up with any injuries or anything being a thirty three year old guy going through buds. Not at that time that there was the US was always tired. I was looking young guys. Ok, let's go to the bar like do that, can hardly move. I can't go to. The part of us, alas, are still make it out to the body that about, those just like it. It be painful for me because again I was not the intensity of it is not just the one time- because I
in time like this, you ll training, most of the people that one taken together we may survive, but it over over and over just where's your body words you down and eventually some people quit. so that was the most difficult for me, because I did not recover ass fast being thirty, two years old, as other guys solutions, first, where your first orders. What team did you get? I get to see team to actually there they are. Go to something for gas, so I don't want to be called. I know, she'll think you're at them at the time operator that the north part of the engine the European in Europe in general saucy. I just want to get too like team for, but friend of my suit. With you with your language with your polish Russia and let us be japanese, do so with it with your language. Is you be good asset in this european team staff
So can I like this? I switched it from their team fourteen to putting for second and just like that does not mean, as the visa I just for some reason I don't know I was. I was not maybe that technical person at the time and the challenges to be, as the operator is twice as it is asked wiser. you gotta be a seal about. You have to have the expertise with. Many sobs and without the operation of aid that For me, I felt was overwhelmed by that. What you need to know to be good operator does DV teams so so I just do, and I get my orders to see autumn two went to boot, went to jam school the ever. Did you go to forbid yes, I've. For me, it was kind of fun time because you know like when I was growing up I was pulled. I would never had a chance to go till. I get these lines of this type of thing. Whatever the fans have children work, grounded? But I couldn't
So when I got it towers like holy shit. This like these. They lie the sad and can what the position he would meet the job words like money out of it. That's the kind of deal like it buddy, but they are very rigid. So I remember, tells us that a lot of fun to because that is what I think you went through the same thing. So let us the rest of the forbidden. So you still next to each other, shoulder to shoulder so close that basically users cannot even move and then just go to the line. You grab the lie. They drag. You just do the appeal. I could never to the piano I was always scope of Europe's. So but anyway, I find out that our view that Tipp one of them from one and the second domino effect this guy they felt they will say that it was actually Otto. Those among those are me going, you take one a little better than landscapes gloves now,
but my issue was that I dont like beer laughs. So am I live so deserve your nose. Appeal, laugh is a parachute landing fall and it's a technique that you get taught forest. Decline, jumping words. the minimize your injuries, because you keep your feet, he's together and you hit light, kind of like role, you sort of role when you hit, and you keep your this kind of talk in and disposed of that you from getting injured, because when you're on a honour on we're on one of those parachutes, still coming down really fast is not like what you see in the movies when guys can kind of come down on a free fall parachute. flair and they just kind of kind of tiptoe away from it. you hit pretty hard, especially if you're a heavier guy. The heavy you are the ardor you're gonna hit, so they try and teach and plus the army's working with the hundreds. these people get thrown out of that thing through get thrown out of an aircraft every day, so they trying to
the most simple way that they can teach hundreds and hundreds of people how to fall. without getting hurt. Now I also was not good at the p, o f gas gonna shit out of me, so at least try one time and just put my shoulder like foregoing anymore. What am I jump? I just stood budgets bye, bye, I was not in the vicinity of the companies of giants at the time, so I just jumper, just another language This was the hit, those those black black haciendas cubes. Private b I feel about you. She was like Roger dead and from my purse just be alive and others that they have. So so that they they knew for me from not listening to good those people have they were killing me, so I didn't do them either. so you get the team to and what what
You put in a balloon, read where to go. If you ask me to wait for Us Kitty, I'd which, for us to tease out of it and what s the gear, your technical training, When I shall having the times you know like you, you have the new new sailor. I was a new sailor, everyone, I wonder, booth com there too school. You know that the bats so for miles so web, so without proper the book and ever think so, I show up, and by that I didn't even know where, like five minutes late and I'm hanging on to pull a body, my blues and the fucking being pull out running three miles poking. Does our debate purity in my thanks for the help the time I ve been realize. What's going on, I had about my completed HOPI Artie, my blues and staff villages with a new just show somebody saga about. There's he's shows up at in his s uniform. When you check into a new committee during your dress, uniformity, ISIS uniform you ve got and you
you know normal you'd, where, for like a ceremony, he shows up with that uniform on and there like cool we're. Gonna do have a physical, too fast, Go on as if we are to use whatever it is, we all stand for physical. something s physical readiness taxpayer. So you gotta take a physical readiness task to reinvent Amida Jake. Another pull the palazzo around now sit up scenarios is That was my dress blues, as I have with me, was so shiny, aspen, all my just making sure that this I know wrinkles no laughing- and here I am dissolves rather that so I finish that that's the welcome welcome to the teams new guy. You know. I must say that. That's ok! I guess this is the way it goes wrong with it and that the bit another surprise for me or sub item I so weak
may this couple other new guys at the same time was so when we should have been the team. And this ok haters at that time in the entertains on every Friday, where the figure in the high by soldiers keg of beer and the were drinking beer. So hey when you guys, we just invite you put the king now just starting to come and join us for that. You forget, so I remember I was so taken. These old guys is old Navy see as their soccer. do you not take these new guys? They advice, put the bead on staff, I didn't know that- were there just put them use of these all new guys that as soon as that, not sooner than we just close the door of his bay, we just get beat up tape hang robbing the eldest. Fucking change you like your boss, while this guy You guys are drinking video and just throwing the incidents in essence, that was it I have to be fought and was it blew out in lower us down the stick this
been our mouth from the regular, just poor dragged into the building the dry, your bag and just squeeze that's bazookas, words. So by the time you know so much beer, you didn't get it you. Can you say that out loud, as long as the movie overnight hanging about that it didn't happen so so thou. I realise that this is that we are not there to this afternoon's fatter. How to save too fraternize rather lies within all seals? We legislate for that amusements in you, guys the colors meat for new guy So that's those though the work of the teams about you know that I will give you the figures. Have that's the way to go so far? the problem. With that then there I was waiting for him. I instantly getting beat up here. And then fine, then we get to a city audacity, pretty much pretty straightforward. Precisely for
but with me those that closer those me another guy, Husk Scotty, went on her great guy. I love this guy you're. The teams lighter butter, so those too, First, it would be different if I remember so, went through a city. Everything went through an attitude that problem with my English, because I still haven't translate everything over commands. You you you. you should move in the coming decades. So far ahead of us going the translators in my head, polish than before have to do it in and react to it. So it was ok. so when they will eventually came to the crypto and that the radio communication equipment, as it note the communication class and went to crypto and we're sitting there by the time. We were about to think a test from this as well as rights today, so that so today was the last class. If you know how to use the cryptographic equipment, how do you are all that stuff into so that the next they supposed to be, I think, a final exam.
And then this is, as I did then move to the next section of std. So this get comes in one of these fruitless clumsiness like hey. Do you have a clearance? It's like. I don't know what it is. Some was lucky to have it, You have a clam else, scared like well up, I'm not even you a citizen come with me and also one of them said I'd them. So like hook it s like ever say anybody. You went through this class. You just don't say nothing does anything You know you never. Second class, you get your collapses then go. We will do it and I saw we. I will just say that so next day we see that would arise watching ran to the field. You know with equipment setting it I'm not going to equip their staff
and as a washing away those I share them. It is not a difficult with pass. The test now sizes are the out of the window over this closet and it was a big deal, but I guess they don't want us. Don't want anybody to know that we set this glass. Locating the secret Clarence and the answer you haven't, you got my Clarence, so I went to that idea. Shag upstairs in the ceiling to and pass the test escort recent events have got you citizenship, so we all went how platoon went up. There is using the pollutant by this time he got his click, the staff to move down so that my first platter as I also remember, Machu Bixler got gotta, think it is getting ever had the target thank you my he will have it because of me, because you know my english skills. So is there another way that good sword identifying them everything coming? We know you whatever you do. You know who get to communicate, to compete fast and but effectively. And I just was lacking that english skills at the time
two things are finally made it this plotted. So I was not anymore fucking new guy. I was more than the more this meat. And we had- I remember so when you come back from press platoon, get back from the platoon from deployment you're, ok, I got this school, I'm going to snipe school and waited this school, neither the school What school did you get? You notice will what I'm going to do them going to English one one missing their next door, the regular, maybe think so. I spent next, three, my doing. Actually, english classes, there was not bad because actually help me in my career in the future. So, basically, what are they? get sent you to english school. Yes, yes, save my career. You know these guys were. Apparently they sing something in me. There say: well, you know he bottle.
languid above. Were you having a hard time like communicate like in that going through the house? It's really trying to communicate traditionally known as an aspect of the communication owing to the house and could take to communicate so at that I was still had to. I still had to try and tell them that, but translate from what I hear. My polish thing then had to think of the soldiers, translate by two english site, so manage that, but it is so much easier later. When actually raises good, so that's just flow still have to be put in place by the first What was your? What is your position and after you, gotta sixty gonna how's, the sixth galleria, how sixty gonna think put an extra pollutants as just a lie that banks? Can you get a big thing? You easy to load because you don't have to worry about Germany's peace. That magazines put the champion get to go. Where is your first
when it was Europe yard was near of those at the time actually would apply to some veto in ITALY. And those when the great he gets shred, thou art. We were looking at him and this has become brings to my might do in seal teams. You do every day you do something they can kill you think about it, but it I remember flying over there at the epic see you or will I see you on the lookout for this photo for this pilot? Scottie went on, he was sitting in there and there he was a sniper, so he's sitting up there in the fucking with his gun and will look at it and I think those belied park the say nothing he's whole bout just drop them.
so he was sitting on the ledge of I think those who Scotty yes guiding. So the ramp is open. He sitting under I'm coming with his gun, he's how about this girl saw. He just like, I think those things be white. He just like sneak up, can just crap he's asked just fucking poking size scale dude terms, how did that shit? Because you know those clips then we're like easy to come on down. There is another we something that would save safe. That then will state calls on, so we also there so that it was the thing there's other camps. To my mind, this That is something that some situation than you can get Q, and if you look at the statistics, I think from there before the war, three working like two guys in training every year as the average, a thing was like when I am. I am looking out this guy. This guy was killed in training dislike the scheme trains by one or two guys.
Really. For sure knows. This is definitely you're doing stuff every day, whether its parachuting, diving, shooting you're, always doing something that that can give you a bad day you're breaking fall out of helicopter cause your belt came off. So did you guys, You ever do any work down enough in Bosnia. Yes, those domain, another platoon. We went to Bosnia to Yugoslavia. We spend time. I was pretty good time. She would like you just get there is not much to do in time, but just walk out and get big. So there was a good partner and I suggest that this is what I meant the strongest guy, nothing, the teams. I think I can think of Chris S, at the moment. I can think his name about them permission. I didn't ask him so just to be excitement he knows who he is and what it went to France, France. Guy was leaning on what five plates the bench bench price
one way to friends. We just get this french equipment. He just band that shit out of the other than that but fibres when he pick it up. This bribe pray by the end of the bar bent and those wait footsore falling off. All these french, these guys they stopped working with us there, just like whenever we rolled into their dream, they just sit down. I mentioned that we have done so. they those actually funny, but the other big hotel, I remember so those entire platoon. I think, over two hundred twenty pounds. I think there's one guy, maybe was not by that all of us was over twenty pounds. Of course Chris was way much more agenda. thus, I remembered for me, I wanted to end its joint. Is twenty twenty pounds, some working so hard, and I'm just
Have a pound bore have upon born to nineteenth waiting ass, a fact, but give me the love of bread right. So I will just like a way my sorrows. Maybe these few grants to get this twenty to twenty pounds. I just shown that push myself into the bread myself like given the scale to twenty and a half. why can I have the two hundred twenty pounds club now? I wish I could get to the twenty one from the other side. So then, what it went when I showed up a team to what was without your fourth Fulton yeah MOTA ethics or your third for capital. Maybe, yeah, I remember you showed up it's like I don't, had to swim with you this before, even we platoon, so we just did dive that that swim. and ass you. Well, you don't get a big. I saw everything you be swimming that fast. So I think I can say with you I'll, be all right and it's ok, you don't you look of Michigan and your boy, you saw the boy. Ok,
Soulier, the water fuck. You drag dead, You drive me and with you were just could not Cuba by me, those where this practice is taking the Lutheran The question which you so big you should be swimming that fast. Where were you, like a recall, divers. Ultimately, I think, was a unique wild idea. Those aspects women from one place to another, just couple legs here and there, and I think it was a requirement- I've, Saddam Will you drag me under the boy so bad? I think I'll. Just over breathed, I've got them right. We have we may that sets a diagram lid answer. We get potent opportune and on creative freaking good right, good work about their oh yeah. How good work is really good. Platoon good deployment, too I mean I I really enjoyed just. I would want to see
hi Jack than the russian tanker too, that there was a you know. Now, when I look at the back, did after my experience incumbent, I'm sure you too slowly that big deal here, at that time, there was not wholly shed, would not only hijacked the russian anchor vulgar. those Michaelmas rob on that where the finally things do is up you remember what going ships later, because there is a russian tankers there there's no regular. They had just clarify everyone for for the english translation, where When drugs as we hijacked a russian tiger, reacted in hijacker Russia Dagger there was, there was a a russian tanker that was smuggling oil out of the Gulf. One of the missions that we had while we over there were stop people from smuggling stuff out of the Gulf most that we're taking down little little doubt little tiny boats and we would take those things down. We took down a bunch of them to you, but then this was the big,
catch that we got. Was this big oil tanker that we there we last year the outward russian flagged tanker that we took down. We got control of. We turn it over to the the authorities but No, we didn't hijacking, but we did some vivid visits and saturated ordering a citizen and act as a name for it, but but while we hijacked so we have it remember the funny thing is you know, mobility, the shapes later right was heavy was uncomfortable. So, let's keep seals are so just bobbing others, both bobbing on this boat but remember so when we took it down. We came back and died in the next ship, combining stated that the other squad that what they can actually do it he just left bunch of weapons with them. There is so much far we took out this it. Wasn't you guys, life outlined are the weapons? Did we leave up that? I mean the once said that both what turned out to be,
as it when they went up there. They see those little butter parties. The mother lies are now worse. They just fucking took away from this guy. So when we went back this guy, coming as I spoke with Russia in a moment to say, hey, MR please help us. We ve peace, and we can because these guys to our forests in our minds that we can work, cannot chew and this will really know maybe two or three days sticking out of the mouth and this led. That's all they head So where are my earlier? In the week the closer we actually bring those but butterflies those, but of what you call it. Enforced back to them, so they can actually yeah. I also remember those guys, telling us that we didn't do a good. Clearing or whatever they were saying because they still cause. We were like oh yeah, they have, they have bought or knives and stuff like that.
Don't worry, we secured it and we were sailing we're on a navy ship. Looking at the ship that we took down and I'm looking to, I was a gay. You did a good job and I looked over. There's like a fire was ass. They were like job, you idiot, so they started a fucking bunker lies and forms a bundle of the Big Access annesley. You guess left these all these weapons. Look, it's really is buttered lie, said yeah that was previously through because just by sheer luck, our ports commander went to the Naval Academy and studied Russian, and so he spoke Russia. We had another guy. That was like I went to Berkeley and and studied russian and the New Europe through Inopportune, we had three russian speakers: the amateur down a russian vessel, yup, that's friggin, lucky There was also my remember, Jessica, the beginning, we back the bridge and remember this captain say
dont carpeted, with our vote against he's in Russian, don't don't say nothing don't operate receive as much as you can and must have shown that here and if he was, I wonder, who I see said the girl, but just grab the game of scrub. What you have opened, their spouse gotta be chimney. What the door opened. The door is like blue eyes, during the russian value mother, fucking say another word, I'm going to squash. You right here, like you for the rest of the Jordan. Just one little face is he gonna forget, but there's no fun with these guys are ok, problem and without a problem with this guy get so the other. was goodbye, and I tell you, I have to say one more thing here about item, or do you remember when you he wasn't in our putting my very good bye? the detailed work best friends and remember he was a sniper on this. Are placing Europe going to happen, nothing to you, I'm I'm looking over you and I remember, whereas we move to the shared as we set us. I know what I was up there. Ain't nothin shit is going to happen to me. I know he'd, take down to anybody,
on our way so makes me, but a comfortable there was that we had a bunch of real tight group. rather tired for two years, and also you were talking about being big. We were also oh yeah. We also we we try to get a platoon average of two hundred pounds and we had to me for some slacks. We have with that. We all remember: we got two: we the first pillar. We went. Was Spain and I was trying to get two to fifty I could say the same thing I was. I try and I'm eating a lifting of squatting, I'm eating and I was, get above like two hour. No two, Forty five percent Like that and then we state in Spain. Was they had an all? You can eat Buffy for all around meals of the day, and I was like oh, I got it has got a three days later. I was to fifty I wait in and out.
gear are two fifty and then I went to a formal run and I was like Ok, I need a loose except that notion, but you remember what a living, like our doors were openly right on the beach so Julia was regarded as woman decided was like I'm on the beach right out of his fellows also mean that there is also deployment light and then the brain than them, those them they could best party that made the Christmas time came that you would have came and come and get us tighter than close together knew. There was a two thousand years, so that was really really good time and I have already found my boarders away. This very nostalgic to me right now is just So we get done with that platoon. I know I got back. I went to college you carried on where'd, you said
George? You go out differently notice. I think you remember. When we came up. We came out of two thousand, as it as a platoon phronsie, opting to weaken biogas, a ceiling for some of us. So they remember decision two thousand and when I oh that's right right, they made somebody- since today I were structuring the teams. Yes, that's when we got back, you ask him: forty went in for oak. I got it so that all these upheavals now that staff eventually involving one of the petitions. That word the boy to South America wouldn't put Eureka and we're like three miles into deployment when they occur. They call me my chief calls me and say: hey, gradual. We you got back that just launched by your shadowy help facilitate polychrome without Geiss, where we weary one September. Eleventh happened
nor do I think once you can do other than I was actually watching it as it happens. I remember I was working hours in the dream and the sea airplane heed the towers, ass light with a fucking idiot. Some just flew into the thing then I'm, whereas, as us as the news programmes- and this idea was not- there was a deadline that it was not this more airplane. Just put my attention, I say: that's that's something that something wrong here and then the second painted the tower I remember, and I still have a hard time thinking about it. It does bring me all these motives and ended. I was watching the towers collapse, so I just brings Dios my ass out in them back and think about it. I just a determined as when I go and kill the savages so, as you are now now fast forward, a little bit cause you're back on deployment you're at team.
Or near importer, Rico, probably going completely insane, because your importer eagerly out of being either in Afghanistan and Iraq, and then you get a call. Yes, and I tell you my jealous everybody, the plateaus, how the fuck, draggled God, this yellow, the us we're aggressive where there a war we want to be in the war and yeah. So fucking idea this incredible items, I'm so damn lucky I can pass it a cheap. I can pack my shit right now. I can wait. No, no! No, no just Google package should just that. You think that I'm just getting older skin blah blah blah So this is what will happen is where I think we have a deployment of the times. you just go for another half another three months. Just help settle down. This thing said: love the grown combined, join other platoon and the for cabin sassy. Yes, I was so excited about African I've learned the body that sir deserve our sense. Others there's a poet special forces unit they're called grow. What does Grameen funder where's that
because it is a custom, but you know you can translate grown actually has a tender. It is standard, This groaning photo actually Gruber see my rug over I dont know what I can say this, so it doesn't, it does stand for somethin employed Russia, something, but it also means thunder. Mistimed areas is solely to seal shield music, right right, almost feel, but he's not only whether the Zia Surrey so the ground, the polish Grom had deployed to Baghdad who they were We call located with the seals that were also in Baghdad, and they needed someone to be liaison between the pole. Grom, and The seals that were there Of course everybody kind. A nose or had run into or someone knew that there was a polish guy or America American Guy- that could sleep polish that grew up in Poland that was in the seal deems they track you down. They give the big con
through a chain of command and boom. You get the call color. did it take from the call to these? you fly over there, I think you're a week or cup were you base, because I had to put myself either ass. He left the process, my orders and now my Stiva, those of civilian aircraft do those final, because I have the gods, everything that flying civilian aircraft to Middle Eastern eventually, I landed in back that yeah. Two thousand three o, however, that the heat was incredibly. What would I have put my savages stood up as the wind blew has not for want of aircraft. No I'm just last offer some one month. Did you arrive? I think it was me. should the other day was hurt, does not even hot yet, not even hot yeah. Like June, it's gonna come in July and August. It's on.
But even may you're like getting there, my wife s heart. He admires that's what last loudly glasses challenge that is known as the wheat Sir, you, sir, you you show up, you get the Czech Camper Jenny Posey, yes, either they so they begin to Jean Policy and tat. I should have been so I'm getting brief And they said, the case of this. What we expect from you this wouldn't happen. So that is what I raised my first, I must say I am going to sit in the fucking humvee. What shit happens? I'm here I'm going with these guys if they go so you know that for the command, I will save these priorities. So they were like. Well, we don't know these guys really. We know they are good, but you know we don't train with them. We need to train with them that Marceau. We
we set you lose out with these guys. I mean you taking. We are taking a chances that you can get hurt. But I had no other where I'm going with these guys. I mean I don't get it there, S paid. Even how would the, despite Mysel just sitting there, how you doing nothing so after the bays they say. Ok, you can go with these guys. So for me it was because I was double dipping. I was going with a groan. Guisando just switch Mcgann, just go by without guys are richer. major closed. You were the Grom uniform done, although I would. Why would he informed by the change? My nobody reads, the magazines relays of love and go without. I suppose the flower only words on the fly because, like with will at the tables with confide, so the growth in the target and we moved to another target just which the cars and go with by what a guy so I've gotta get some of this mission. We can live in the dream
caning. I mean this is like it. So that's why not actually mosque, I mean what s possible return. A slight argued nothing from my commands: financing should either. So I kept growing rapidly ass. They who wants to stay longer here because they do have this change, but we could happen She then change as I have them, I'm here, So, yes, I stayed and like four months passed like nobody, says anything five months now by the citizens, like fucking, happy ass. I can be as enhancing shit that these gets and so in the eight months. So this rag eleven months, the deployment almost a year, my energies broke and acid, guys. I need some. How can go slow me, your energies, the Somalia we can as a platoon when we deploy our little gear is limited, and have the Sunday we can support the platoon ass, but not to learn some other guy
so you know it when for while, I want to state to call my team, hey guys Sophronia give Conway must then be Jeez in Baghdad. So these guys like listen to this, like what Can you send me energies to buy that? Who is this as a Bravo, so You want me to send equipment to you. Were in Baghdad Campos? Your camp was so. and who we were to say who did wrangle you are who drug we lamps, your team, guy Some guy is like to do events beginning. What do you want me to send the suicide bomb vessels with it just like us? Basically, they threw I'm just iraqi trains, souci fucking gear descent, somewhere to back that either so We pay good mother, fucking african kill you when I get away when I come back to that end by then? It would give me mastership lie, so they must
human life, it must achieving, doesn't get some anybody's. I'm here my broken say: wait, wait. Wait What are you it assumed by the must achieve cry of second hand: how long you have been there family almost a year deployment than that dude, the Cambodian because so team such and such I want to bring the numbers here is about to deploy and we are next. You need to come back As I said, there was no way to go out and I mean acting equity when they go, maybe so much, but at that time the outcome by so they they sent me come back to a little creek and funds, so that than the next team is coming out says: hey guys, I can go at that time. The directive that stuff I mean just you can leave in normal societies- is like that. I just left that I had all this place here to live like this. I want to be there, and
so I see where do I go with you guys you? How can these you'd know just help us settle down with this year have been there for some time in Europe ground so would have us. You will help us so that that staff with ground So I went that soldier with you for a couple weeks for me, as regards also means a couple weeks over them as much as I can get, So we flew up there and dislike for months later, like hey gradually to come back. Did we have the point to my labours and you need to be met, the junior platoon Lastly, our shit. Ok, some as message around the way, so I came back in turn around and if you buy it with the with the with the little mice, was looking for this thing is that I am I right there on this last stood when I was there did Adam Guy comes up to me. I don't know, can provide the Muslim Brotherhood suggests that even the guy he goes out. Do it. Have you been hearing two thousand ring so yeah
during two thousand and four year, Did you ever go home? He was well for the leader of the heightened by the do. I remember seeing you work for all three fucking years. It worries me that allow you to have been here for some time now. guys illegal some jobs. The army icing less impressive toward within them, yet others, I suppose yeah and those that was my my Iraq time. there isn't. It was interesting like when we they're together and just to give everyone. An idea was gone on so their grom there. There would be intelligence from various sources coming down and we would kind of go out and capture, kill bad guys and sometimes we recently rotating back and forth between Grom in the ports
the opportune grams. Opportune and sometimes you'd be two targets and we just go out together and or if it was a really big target, we'd go out together. Maybe Grom would be extra. Security in the seals or do the assault or maybe seals will be external security and grandma do the assault, and I don't remember. You're gonna have to correct me, but. I don't remember many of them speaking English. not when the time now everybody everyone speaks and speak about, speaks very well, but time. Yet there was only me and this is why I was before me. It was great because I was going on the missions with them. I was sitting assaults on that those astounded that the hideouts with them and without one guy soldiers out the thing by the other, they did spend most of the time. So what I remember is like we would. If our brief and you stand there and translate the brief for them and then they would explain what they were doing on their target and you explain what they were doing to us,
and in any time that we were you, we were we're gonna do something together. You you're really critical for making the the action between what the two elements were doing is frigate the pretty big job You know those it was. I think it was important in time, but that eventually we met so well. I remember sometimes was Keller. Hager Rodrigo is dead, guys they grow. Guy was our guy says it that does I have to tell who is who, because we're working so well together, yeah, but you know what I'm talking about this English thank translation and stuff. I am also, I think them. Besides being, preacher and breaching in Iraq, not for my english skills, actually for my actually and I'm going to patented I'm thinking about and he gave up, I became known for being the fastest English.
which, in truth of teacher to terrorists, actually have because I'd, never loved. That course Ahmed Drilgoes accelerated english language courses for terrorists. Basically, Give me five minutes with a terrorist policy. Always say: remember: no English knowingly, Mr Marinos, Mr Soares attitude, Five minutes later, the guy she's good speak better accented? I could ever say things. So that's! That's that Think them are very proud of my skill set ourselves that that that some thinking about patenting eventually, because that is what somewhere It was. It was awesome too, like when I, when I said that the trains, between awesome, Grom you're right like we'd be out on the target, and we will. There will be very little that you would have to translate, because we all know what the mission as new we're doing. We would inert very well together and just like
like seals and me when you're out of your operation, you're, not talking a bunch of Britain erase. We especially on those types of measure, barely saying anything so whose it was not like you were all the time having to transit, but there was what times or or there would be times words like. Oh, we need to know what they're doing. What are they doing right? I don't know where they go right now they go, they saw guy, they saw squatter they're gonna get him a cool Roger that just just taken, and in bringing those through units gettin man. It was an awesome, working relationship that we have with the ground. It was freaking awesome, they were great guys I really enjoyed than war because up specially there. we have all the same Otto ease, but that interpretation of this area is what, but maybe more lose or not so strict, so at the door straight there were they apply everything. Then to be applied to our weak, but though So obviously about that stuff, so those pleasure to work with them. The funny things was that
if I mix it up in my head that we try the earphones without those with one connect to the polish chrome, want to ask SIRI if I switch their own Sioux, don't weigh in the sky. Dragon dense beginning with my report. In others. This was another one We then understand shit. You just say: speak policy either very carefully. You'd lose Things are very fast and combat and then a swedish. This thing right away because peace, which is around, who hates like gas, we then understand you are with us people rather so you therefore, o three, you got there. May you oh for you there my whole deployment, which will, from my o three like to read out like October's o three or something like that, follow three to suck spring of all foreign, then o five and then use you went back for a little bit? Did you go mad? I will buy with my platoon, then I came back to see hoping for and that we will just looking for this debate his magic where I can buy it for another six months.
It was but a coup that the thing is, you know what would the das too? As I remember It becomes almost Andrea this word here, I remember I was talking to my government at the time. I say: hey and I need to go to go home, I'm tired. Now, as you like that's stupid. If you go home to your home, is without doubt your home is here and club ok. Why, whatever you know better than that, Is there a death plays, becomes your home. It did when you think about these, this war, about people on the streets making cross or is it become a dream almost like state that just now, yeah. It is dirty. Nobody like now hear that when you think about the fairy tales in a snow white, something sensibly great, but that's just like a fairytale so
for me this war became a fairytale. It was just like that is, there is awesome, but I'm here and This is my reality in dead when almost like a dream, you know sometimes almost slabs, dreaming being in normal world men in their yeah, does so that's dead became the dead war here became very distant to me, become almost Andrea because they're my reality was the war in Iraq, only those that at the time ass though I liked it about thirty, because my job I was in breach of so I remember asked it end of deployment, though the first deployment as a start having problems, reading accident rate, so I remember trying to read the sentence in my eyes were jumping, so I had already that over and over and then, when I finish reading it, I don't remember what I start. That sentence with so took me. Sometimes a five six minutes to get through a party
and I think this is because of the conclusions, We are exposed to these to the staff, and I did get a couple times that I like we supposed web, going explosive breach through the door, though we look the Inca pictures that there has not yet you ok. So this is how we plan you know we we prepared or that the briefs does what these were that's all elements going be, does a breach us as well go below the door. So we go well. Some of the Speeches- not but accurate and remember around the situation that we here there are others that assaulting stash dad haven't sent the breach with a guy came back in there either placed high. I was like there, isn't any remember most of these most of these buildings or these high. That's where fence of their the fences and staff,
once we climb inside. That is not the place to hide, and I had to blow most that ship. The muzzle myself, that's like our economic either I'm looking to make Europe is when you were looking for some place to hide, suggest guinea put again from my face and blow this shit. I love it. I remember I didn't remember much after that. I mean I've gotten my force for my for my legs and wide members bidding from my nose in here Dennis but puts what kind of language always puzzle me so that peace, mice? I thus enabling the Bruce like putting brought my Europe's that when that Fucking Gabriel, so the groundless, like the do you are on your phone. Just have to keep out of the way, because there is no way to I do know is that you are just you are just there on your force, and we are so basically kicking me out of the way the key was thus rocketed almost broke, my rapes about how this, as is normal, not that's something that you said, because that's their years as a breach, her man met those.
Those operations like those breaches that you guys we're doing, and I would usually position myself where I be kinder. Would, with there be a wall, I would sort of put myself on top of the wall on top of the ladder, so I could see the breach. I could see the building. I could see if there's any enemy movement and they right, as you guys would say, turning steel. I would duck down I'm not sure I actually talking I'm actually ducking down behind the wall, because there are there. Frankenstein like diarrhoea, absolutely, but you guys were inside those compound walls and probably whatever eight feet, ten feet, twelve feet away from the blast, and so I like that I get a little little bit of protection and I dont feel much concussion caution to go up, and then he started which goes I jump over the longer. We go to our thing, but you guys are just taken that breach on a nightly basis. Taken that hammer to the brain and and look, I know, there's some of em where you know it
we really bad at it. Might knock you out. but even the ones that don't knock you out, even the ones that you just you just you just sucker. I think it does not give out man you got that thing is not good for you those breaches are not good for you and who knows how many hundred hundreds of times you just took tat took that. Can took that minor concussion the time. It's definitely It's gonna free can leave a mark. Accumulates yes, but we were by the US, as you know, were not aware so accurately of the then, as we know now what it does to you and I you're right you were, he knows you get shot Shropshire, shake shaken chicken gets, like you had thrown out of the sometimes of the ground, just go up and erase the blast, but then
just going you move on you, you are owed item out a pile of basically, you know what to do. You train for years to do it. So that's what I like to say. I was so effective about by enjoy that skills act with apply as in there He also that said that was so. There was great feeling, but yeah they does my mother, who feel you know when you can allow the bleak from your ears and those but just as they did that the tactics and things of how effective the end they work the own. You said good feeling. I was just thinking about like when I got to Baghdad, so you'd already been there for a long for. Yeah me months, but I remember this being so.
freak unhappy. He see here and I would like you to go because we already did a petition together, we already at all, sometimes together, yeah, just like any other of sales and other things going with Europe. But I think this is for somebody's on this. To other guys, with fucking safe is like the shit is not going to happen to us nothing. What happened to us. I think, because that that the way you're putting was fire that the way you will find the way to a sir, I mean I think that leadership has a lot to do with it. How you feel about this that they give an open for us, was just like fucking that can operate like this. What are its or what talk about when you, when you get back home after you, spend all these months and months over there, and you are talking about how, the the concussion, like your start, you're trying to read and you see the freaking,
Words are moving around. Did you get done what I said You can't remember what did you when when that for that first started happening to you. What were you thinking, housing keep it quiet because they will move me out of the petitions Abdel. Don't let don't let me go to war, so I just keep my mouth shut and say nothing at so. Did you go? into another protein at this point. Yet there was that it was after the first, the first appointment suddenly. So I did tomorrow combat whose, with that but coming about, We are talking about. The returning from this source like almost a year being deployed I remember I landed in the north fork and the guy see like ok, Hake go ahead and over me
how do you something all my gear in other stuff from four to require, because I just came by from I withdrew from you basically from poultry go to Iraq, so I had to get my ogier says tat. My gear occur by those those called so tired. I remember but get us in other words, this guy said coming to pick me up, so I'm good social life shut the door and those like nobody. There, though the Norfolk Military Airport and african fall asleep. like fucking, getting dark, I'm freezing my ass off so for the fuck add enough was able to what am I soon Therefore, what what's motherfuckers then show up? so, like my phone, his dad says I forgot we call them misleading fucking night than called there's nobody there so ass. I had tried knock on the door. Hey hey. Can I need the phone, so
Nobody shows up as I'm I'm so fucking called the time. Just as I ain't getting side because I'll get hurt, hypothermia grabbed his fucking be conquered. Garbage thing is about swinging through the window at the sky. Opens the doors they do. They make you count, as these guys didn't show up so so a curve, dad. I don't even have a faults. I don't remember, because my brain is over the summer. Stop them remember the number two group scarred the team does a weekend, so that team is not. There comes a group that sub that's. I hate I suppose it was being adopted a few hours ago and I'm still in the parking lot so good and you are who regular, weren't, coming from a safe from Baghdad,
fuck you, you will have any binding back that here too. We claim that we are not even there, you fuck need it and just working hang up they, so they just. I don't know what they think that so brutally. My group, too, does not necessarily seals and the court of auditors, and by the way we'll just like people so called back again say: hey mother, forgive me o the officer of the deck I'm gonna need of soda, because any do I just came back from by trying to get back to the teams. they say if they follow the NASA hey this. Rather I'm just came here for a few hours ago. It's ok supposed to pay me actually have been about the up to date. You just oh RO. We are so short I'll, just antifraud right now, so we went on that. We are on the way so yeah the guy that the Tec came in Craig? I really liked him, so he he came in here. They load my gear. We got the team, for they took my guns away answers that they put it that way. They don't like you. I just unloaded my cage.
That's how something just take me. Someone came to my mind, like fucking, haven't by this time. The girlfriend left me she said you have danced become increase, must say that since the move on and then she ll have a time for this, So so I'm like she had my card of my staff, but I had so. I have no kind of car park. Someone could place may move my closer. Is everything I had was close bugs war, the things but was in her place certain I advocate, but can I think this key has told the key from the one of the speaker for exhaust site? That's the magistrate borrowed it I'm glad I did because of the gay work out. We will go outside. He shut the door. Ass ahead was the co than to get inside So you can see. The sleeping therefore contains in cages. You can't do that anymore. Those new regulations are not allowed to go to sleep in the teams have a pleasant, Oh it's a tough shit when he life agenda can lifeless like what the fuck
So I tried to remember that the code- I don't remember, can I remember it's so Henderson patching things other because they stop the core public duties some time ago in the second remember this fact, but I'm so hungry now I just want to do something I just didn't have something to eat so I've been about. I had no money but sapling my credit card and not guided by the Erika, but my atm card may be fifteen dollars, so up a slack packages, and sometimes I get the ten dollars out of it. So what can I say? I hope so I drove do in Virginia beast. I hope that by then, I think, those though at the time, borders Bookstore- and I came to this thing in them
I said, give me those she's planes loved she's, been so that from there from the I also damages plans, good MIA Coffee, Gus amount girlfriend I get so sleepy. So tired, I just fell asleep, and the next thing is the guide. The security officers keeps us, What are you doing here you're sleeping here, I'm watching you are beautiful. I will the five hours or so in this way, like two o clock in the morning- a mess I hate you I mean: what's the problem, a snack, I'm looking at him out there trying to get that My wits together he looks with mass like yeah the bitch Chiquita. Then she latin The bridge gave me first, I do you mind if I just go relax tomorrow morning and that today morning, I'll just go in there just by some more food. If I need to say no, and you did just go, relax and just don't causing problems
so now the problem so in the morning I will gab slept. I hope so I will gap and went to group to get some phone calls and most of the guys would, I think, be afforded to them. They were doing something facilitated is deployed What are they to the point again, so I wasn't sure get hold of somebody in them. Then I got a cold back to the team, and then there s. That does not mean as abundant activities as part of this always something guy sleeping in the cage, because its legal out from the house he's given peaks, humane tested this problem because there's no place, we are sure so so, and I should like my moving to the deck, each and those political, because the platoon having have cable tv, you have a shower of a gene twenty four hour, seven there. So those only me a buzzing bunch of gaseous. Rather we should just buying when the door somebody would come out and just open the doors protest at the way. The body was here with us We can over that there's nobody to heighten the teams. Anymore, he's gone
fuck this assembly, you guys think all kinds of their skills, and then you know just the point again, but then there are the point in, but there the faster. My first come back was not only that, but then I find out that my checks that bouncing the binding there's no money and also whether five so I go to the seed rugged. You didn't feel cravat claims to travel I was in Europe without those posts I wasn't moving anywhere. I was therefore agreed miles. Nine months and years we were told us what about the traveller claims We just gardens your money, so you're getting into paycheck just giving Mabel Africa whatever that that proportion was that they allow leave saucy dirt, I'm so fucking sickened pace there about that. and I'm out after it is I'm just going to make me assign Europe rather I my work for food and I'll go in front of the fucking gave up their instead get some money because any tweet
so ass. I than that exists. Will only the money actually achieve mass reactions along me, the money threatened by some food and by some bales of offers I painted but I was so might call this there that those severely ass they walked. The travel claims and group too, and just laid it too, damn that show a year them see so next thing: the chiefs, cows and Pedro you're not allowed to group to unite our protests, and I think we have a problem. So we told him that you show having group to be always chief assisting view, and you go with cheap that so because the Euro scared of these people live oak. Eighty four: that's your problem, and am I know just what my way, what my way out of this their pay, my sandpaper those traveller claims and I feel the traveller grandly data retained some of and there was a good enough- that's that's than others,
again and again, and that this with the ice outskirt I was coming with all kinds of theorists like maybe my eyes are, but maybe the tempest tat saves the flashlight there's an can fucking read so just by just give us, maybe I'm just not smart enough and the has just move on. I was busy with other staff, so it came back That is how many more deployments did you do three to two more to Iraq's, what year was your last one, two thousand five, two dozen three two dozen foreign, two thousand five, and then would you do when you got home from from that deployment from that the plan? at the time, also greener, before even jump into that I as like, there's a certain transition period, There's like her. You know when you're overseas, especially for you, you have one basically one purpose in life when you're over there. Like you get it, you get your mission tasking
you you figure out what what the plan is. You get your gear together. You brief the guys you go out, you do your hit! You come back it's this. simplest life yeah customer service, the government customer service but my customers would always by then I get to kill them. Then you But you come home and also there's always other things right: there's a freaking travel claims and there's like apartments and there's all these other things that you got to try and like deal with again and and sometime That is used not takes it. The time to get used to what you were saying. You were saying the normal world just really exist anymore and then, when you come back, you get injected back into it. Sometimes it takes time to get used to ok there earlier this decision, but this is what I ve got to deal with. I gotta go stand in line at the DE envy, like a normal freakin human being, which I have you know
face it. You If there were some one in the way when your oath, when we are what we are doing operations when we are driving, if there was a vehicle, the way you freaking, just not a vehicle off the road like you go out in a way it can. You drive on person, that's the way as you're moving towards a target. You just freakin clear them out of the way. It's just no factor yes, and so you you get mindset of ok, I'm going to make happen, whatever I need to make happen to get the mission done. That's the mindset that you have it in and you get back and you realize over. It takes a little time to realise that you can't just go he had stated that mode, because that mode. Is not that motors actually considered to be criminal and destructive in struck given America in the night, civilian, populous yeah? I remember but my first feeling was even when I was sleeping in the. I hope when I came back it's kind of relief to when I am just look at sea. These people eating walking around Sassy. That's that
that's the normal life without by forget about it. Almost because you saw immerse into that combat into that the time that that again this became like a dream then come back is like. Well, that's actually real. You know that, sir, but also because I believe I never realised that that thing over your head. well, I can get shot. We don't think about it, never bother me, but then, when I came by this like we're going to get you Like the first thing is, I'm good Ok now, but then come the reflection to think about the guys that did not come back. That's still bothers me and them that sir. I think they will always stay with without forever at those colored like they survive
survival guilt there. That's what I call. Why me why him not me them? It is why I am trying to change the members of the guys that I knew they are not here anymore, because it fates and I think they are alive they still leaving our minds. So what we can do for them is just remember them, because if we forget how we remember so there, they still alive the other living our minds there that we see them. We remember them and we need to cherish this, so it is so important to write the books about these guys who are not here anymore, because who write that can write. Their own book went to engage parents. That was still opponents of guys look. They may not seem volume
large, but it did? Did you gotta and noticed the pain doesn't go away just left alone with it as a parliament as a spouse, but what can do is just right. You don't think that you remember that you waiting, a second here you remember what he was doing this and died when he was a little kid right this down, because those men a fleeting. You may remember that ten years down the road, but eventually these keep doing this- You will write the full picture, the image of your child of your spouse, who is no longer with us, but house, all of us at a member. So it is important that you do that and hopefully people are doing because they know that eventually become a book, and maybe you want to share their parents. This parliament to share with us the other person than we do now, because most of us know that you're, the guy that fucking warriors he goes up that caused by the guys, who does what needs to be done,
but there is another side to each of us and we know that side of these people who didn't come back so is. It is important that we help maintain that memory of these guys there is no doubt, That, and even you know with with the opportunity, I have here talking a guy's talking of veterans from other wars as well and he's just hear their stories and they still carry on the memories guys guys from the korean WAR guys from Vietnam. That's what you're saying is absolutely true and theirs. I read a lot of books, the guy's written and that's that's the memory, that's it left behind and they they remember and they account for that
friends and brothers that they lost in combat in its debts. Priceless its prices, for us is how we keep them alive. Who, though, this, how we keep their members and by keeping their memory light because they leaving our minds suit. So you end up doing another. Did your next to two points where those back to Iraq again yeah yeah and then when I came back, I realise that you know I'm forty five. I haven't that determine my girlfriend. Dump me because of my career was another www those and make him enough money of how they should actually say that that you may all that. That would really not there's no place she wants to be so say: fuck em you now, I'm an african. You fought if I'm getting old guy, I don't have it done, though. When a girl. So you know I don't know anybody, so I'm
to go and find somebody? How do I find so by their think? These were just gone line and look for somebody sort, a member for there was this there's a site, Amerika singles and that passive fatty I'm american, I'm going to go and get. The wife, so so american announcing his eyes riveted, so so I can't write very well right, so I remember, saw no we're going trying to be funny. I find a counter cyclical, so beautiful I'm going to go into that. You wish to have chosen to tweet my eighth lead, but because she saw Yanks assesses like that, she's thirteen years younger. So I just week my angel, but so winked who had to write something still look at it and shoe chewing back. She wrote, but she wrote back, as your also nicely
part I write to her. She is to just fired me where I can get you have interpreted so slight tugging team, Geiss: hey! Can you help me right, then letters, one that is not a letter so So, what's going on, we have again had a guy's right into love letters to my present wife, but just helping me out in August, when I write and invite when I write is like I is whether it is in there I be what they beer love letter was I, like you, you like me to me, love you very much and so that we can go well. So do you ask keep doing it and I'm looking for something like this, and this is some fucking awesome. She writes, allows she's she's, so policies up so educate then I find out. You know she's airports Academy graduate. So ass a time this make it,
how many company years did you chop off your age when you an issue this relationship? I think five because- and I got I did because, though not talking can light of socially that cut of women. If somebody contacted could have about that limit year, just like disappear, solar you're, forty five, she was how we should have the seven she was. thirty, seven that the six thirty six, you brought herself down to a clean forty, yes, like maybe three For the reasons I was strong, I was, I was still a solid, younger selecting she can tell She sees me. She will like me, so Yeah so, I asked in writing? We will eventually see look draggled. We will actually, I think, of these letters. I think you can do what you can do right now is scale of peace, impose you kids make any letter you want, just as in other copying
They start sunlight Don't worry about me by saying Ok, I'm ahead like every letter, so she wrote me your email and I've tried to that makes sense. These things out and I guess didn't go well because sent letters is quick. She does beer from the or thy father later is data. She read the letter and the Caesars France, inheriting two conclusions advantage there on drugs and drug so that they were well say with better safe than sorry. so she left I was like. I think I saw that, like the guys look to see other angle, you did for damages punishable back. What's so like them. Ok, I understand again and then she shows up again works you shoulda, because a refined outlay. that they offer had thirty three thirty more free days like a freebies of somebody else, so she say futile.
That's it we're sorry about last drug policy. You get thirty board is to find a normal human being K. I guess you know something I want to show Zyobites bleed as part of the time I like that, I rule a love to moving. Though we talked about a lot of letters. I mean my team guys. lot of lighter me. So so then shooting response, lousy. Postponing just just called me. just just call me and we never paid. You talked before. No just she was she's very proper citizens. I'm going to talk to them, though even I dont give you my phone number one thing: We should of course going to calling he told her? Your life story had told her tat you had. From Poland: oh you tell me that you were of free.
Hedge fund manager, New York, I just told them the Navy doing well off just just try to just beaver on very vague about, and I think that maybe it's like it either by the just trying to talk yeah- I'm sorry- I just can't buy from your active than my game- may be crazy, so try to stay but in a way the guy's, a really good job, is outdated. If they stay with me, they could continue. I think I'll have no problems whatsoever, but anyway, I agree that a letter came as a drug you're, some drunk person and though she disliked with it so but act upon it Has the council and say look this is me this blob lights up? I told her about myself. I should like quiet for. Secondly, oh you just know, speak English very well, it's not! You are drunken drugs right. That's like that! I don't want it works in our than drinking on nook patients, and maybe wine. Sometimes so we start talking.
about then there. Finally, she agreed to come to visit me out of love, and yet we are married now body. Are those those big thing that daddy? Yes, We thought, maybe I'm not quite right. My head, I was not by the end we have met, who have to children now together, gown twelve years old and then use revenues. Old boy so how'd you wrap up your your navy career. I remember how can you up? When I met her, I went to must achieve and I was ceilings through. Third, the time I was in, but I say look I don't have any family that have this girl right here. If I go to war deployed, actually scared out to lose
I've been so many times so long time. Maybe you can find some post that I can just get married. I just want to get married, says M to secure this go and so fast. This it will try to help you drag out, but the letter from command coming out for that position, when somebody who is really polished and who speaks English very well and regular. Neither while I seen this email, those shock to me so I say fuck I'm running this girl anyway, but Eventually I was able to when they all that they sent me to Ohio and are the answer we got married
and the ILO tired from that and those kind of I'm glad it happened this way, because the transition that kind of brain brought me back to reality, and this is not about just killing people and beating them up. It is more also about the leading society being polluted member of society, so so that turn those good transition period before me that I can actually relax in the joint society back again and the not be a villain but be good person and the Agora domesticated now so ramming nice, nice, ragged and It was good my wife, she's she's masters degree in by engineering she's about beach d, and I'm here, supporters who we're doing well- and I just means the teams different with more you're, going to miss the teams and by the
are you are you are you you may have felt like a villain in some way, but I can tell you bro, you were you were never a villain to me. You are always always reading there always there every single time on the good guys side so What, when you retired, what did you do? What did you do, what you retired, what you did to retire at two thousand eleven, so before retirement. I was told I need to this end to this into that. you know when you come back from war? I think there's some issues linger with you and it's like a bad thing. Little league care about that. Doing that tab me things about that. go to tie it and move on with my landlady noted one. Don't really know what I'm going to do, but I must go
in the programming Heather that the software development and my wife's it like the input you need to do is put you resume here and to start looking for the job so funny. I see that ok, I don't have the format of the atmosphere at all right software, I kill people, so I need to do something. So she not another. You do have experience, you pay the lot and she wrote that can't be right. The razumihin time samples resume, as my good like somebody will count me just back that fight these later say, hey would look, we have a position here. Would you like to come and talk to us?
like chewed up absolutely siren above their men get the job I deporting very tired out. They have a job like I think in two weeks before the time when I get the jobs having started yet until my but my own, my leave, I was working so my lifetime and there's rolled in another just about getting more and more experience and learn more and more from the guys from the software engineers working with me and So my life was what it is right now, I'm back sleep. I end up developing quite few sub programmes. One of them is connecting what this is. As you know, my views might open above the socialism and how dangerous the socialism is that when it any time
sit on Facebook, something about socialism? They burned me they'll, just bus it. We start my account. People calling me names and could even respond to increase faced with those facebook was blocking it so as to fight these guys companies, I'm gonna, go under my own facebook circulate connecting and we have thousands of people right now on the site. Posting you there's no censorship. Everybody's welcome is not the case that the right left side says. You know if you have, if you like this something and not be worry about being banned or ostracised by looking, hocker, whatever his name, is an order, this other toward from twitter com to coexist, You are welcome to to say whatever we like to say, not just to keep the violence down and not the nothing violent budgets. You welcome to speak, be open, so it's it's connect Zing z I envy connecting, and what what I'm I'm now a member of connecting I'm on there
One thing that I was thinking about. As you were telling her talk about everything today I mean it couldn't either be any better parallel between what you expect in life in and starting this? So point in your life, the communist government shot down. all communications inside of your country and complete, Suppress the populace and what you do back then as a freak in whatever nineteen eighteen twenty year old was used ok they're trying to stop us from communicating so we're gonna do is we're gonna started up can newspaper. the goal and were run around in the background over the printed and working to distribute it out there to people so either as a kid You realise the importance of free speech, free speech and so now you're in a situation. Where
got banned from the the social media platforms and he did you doing the same thing. Ok, look you don't you don't want me to speak. You want Free speech: ok here I go, and so you could read this website and this platform that people can now communicate and they We have to have any fear of being suppressed. Being suppressed, yes- and it is important for me- I I see I think we're going the wrong direction that suppression of free voice, eventual this crook industry. Our country is she's. The socialism has seven things in color whether this is other feet, Wet association, otherwise national socialism, Bernie Sanders Social he's more Pelosi, socialism, they all have
thinking, communists, intimidation, violence, poverty, having a villain stallion Joseph Stalin had collapsed, those wealthy passions that violence. They were always vilified. Adolf Hitler had jewish people. He vilified its entire group and positive act seems to me like a veteran middle class, so that so that that that the veal and is very important element of socialism, but also political prisoners and political murders and the biggest hallmark of ethics. Taddeo socially state is what state entities are attacking and intimidating political opponents. We had, I address you remember, remember that attacking and vilified, and that the opponents and others
than did is so. This is where I think we have both a dangerous path and we need to act on its political prisoners. You know than socialism, they always say we have political prisoners because nobody sees for political reasons he sees for stealing This guy states would just make driving under Could with his car this guy seats for something else. There is no political prisoners, but they also for political reasons, we have here general flame and we will have to him You always find something that you can show me a man. I got ousting the paragraph to him, so they will find something to intimidate political opponents, and I think it's time to turn around our country. We can help the things that are happening right now. It voted disturbing to me there too much like that. socialism that I experience- and I just like I said earlier- if people only took time to
ask refugees from the former socialist countries in Eastern Europe through the kings, able who would have any Democrats left in office, tell you that it is so the so bad. I mean I am really concern there. We had summer. We have Vietnamese Vietnam WAR veterans on and certainly expressed very similar concerns. They lived through communism, they escaped communist countries and they seeing and their there their second when they see similar similar thing? occurring here, and they you know it's a warning. Its owner is a warning, but hey that before it is too late, if not too late already, because the ad
sir. We already have we had socialist elections and seems like the rules are being implemented. I was when I was talking to people about two thousand eight. There was laughter off like this to happen here we are, by having you we're heading that now right now implemented the rule are being implemented allowing for social installations, social. These elections I mean Elections- were communists, marxist and socialist, always win. Now on top of that and another that you got that going on. You also have you also have a foundation to help? guys that we're in this you'll teams guys that our initial teams, if if they run in the hard times, for whatever reason you have a fund that people can donate to
what's that all about this, maybe seals found this five or one C. Three Navy seals founded or let foundation is maybe seals found a few envy, and that is to help our guys, because that is a lot of team guys that low leave the times before their time before the retirement, and they have an emotional hubner support or very little support so and I've seen so many guy's going with broken lies because they mean that payment hear them is the payment of aid that that that their war, the war, they'd laws, the job that some of the debt that whole live was collapsing in front of them. So we creed is lagging no red tape. Charity that look if you're editor at anytime, fifty three twenty six. We will help you, we don't let you fall down and is
Nauru. Nobody gets paid so can look at what the website is bunch of team guys with the same attitude with the same idea of then we we need to help each other and again they don't want to get paid. I didn't want the money, it is not about the money. This is something we can give back to those less fortunate, because there is a big problem. Look, I was yeah I came back. I made my wife. She was able to domesticate me an increase human being out of me again, but guys come back or or do they they get. caught up in this should in this violent cycle that you know, then the skills that from the Navy seal teams, don't translate well on civilian in civilian life, not many things.
Some people have a hard time, the transition. So what is happening with these guys is well known that can give the tribe. But what I'm going to tell me to go, get contracting the overseas again, no should should some diplomats the same job But when I come back to a lot of money, I can give you a job against get with my bag with my family It comes back after six months with tons of mine is trying to find a job six months later. He has no job, it has no money. What do you do? Well, I'm tired did their time. They did that they just have no choice, so I need to get back. I need to go back into the world again, so ended cycle. pizza we haven't guys could have been. The cycle yielded everybody. There are some people in like lifestyle and they can continue on, but theres many guys that can get out of it. So this is where we step in the we want to go to have those guys you want to get out of this, we're here to help you and the we should we stay watching over you.
wholesome. Also, man look. We been gone for a while now, probably a good place to arm promptly place a wrap up, I know what you know you don't we missed your. We didn't talk about was one of my funny things in life was was Introducing you to judge it too. Oh Elsa gray thing and how excited you were? You were so excited when you learned that you could choke people and you could arm lock people- and I remember you- come to a scrap somewhere. We really know out somewhere and you got to scrap and and you I wasn't there. You came back to me the next day. You you you, you had the you had a look of joy on your face, you, Sir John Quadrangle and housing.
come on man. You said I caught in a fight last night and I was like ok did you get in trouble is acknowledged on an oh, no, I choked the guy, I choked him. You are so happy and so proud owner and I was quite proud as well. I should have a dual ought to add something to because this what gives it is sometimes get out misunderstand who even within our committee within our guys. So you know what is to find when I was the way I grew abbeys you you fight until you decide the guy that the fighters over not when they get those ok. Why God you know there is already. Are you you're better than suggestion as it turned out, he wants to launch edgy. So Just read the guy and he doesn't move in Dallas, because what you need to be careful with is actually happened to me before the human choking keys. Talk reviewed all the wrong way now to go because the pole
about to commence. Urgency really think. That's he buys or not, so that the technique that I learned, Poland, is that pinup type. So you just pick up, they make a pin about the guy. You knew you put, the pan took his leave. We start, and then he stuck his lip so that we will never hear all seen was once you eat, he's not going to suffocate and he's on talk antibiotic growth. Also, what's what's what is the real? Yet Israel, because they, then you can leave and safely guy in the in that position and when he wakes up he just because a safety pending aids is I've, been he stopped from please let me go home versus being that is when you get in trouble, so so yeah. That's that's actually good technique that a lot of rushing, I think adopted, I think, is a factor that great figures There is also a good one where we were going through,
some kind of combative training in the instructors they had like these boxes, like taped on the floor, and the purpose of these boxes was that if you had to handle a situation you know in a hand to hand situation those x is represented the area that you needed to stay in, because if you got out of that area, you're actually interfering with other guys feel to fire. So it was almost a way for them to prove that look you just need to stay still and whatever You can't do it inside of this little box here then, it's probably not going to work, and so they did some things with me with with grappling it. It was kind of funny, but then they take you in there. Oh all, right, you know you stand in this box. They put another like one of the instructors in the box, and they said you know a few in this little space like this. You know these kick these kicks
you're talking about they wouldn't work. You're you're too close had it was demonstrated in answer. Then they go. They go. Ok, drug! Oh! You know your stand in this box. You're not allowed to leave the box, but try and kick him Kick him in the head and are either Currently they didn't know you had very flexible legs and kicked he's. Gotta does about Libya. Deaf, we out of the box, was rigged awesome up buddy, I remember too, I'm so glad that you mention about this, because when you should be platoon damage. I remember just give us a guys, I'm going to check out the entire platoon in five minutes. Ok, so you started it and ass. It progress and I get within that affect the seconds you'd tapping out or pass out Next MAX russian propagates quietly just entering their way out of the room you took out, whoever was left out there, the including myself, but there was actually good
meetings and the way they will start learning. I remember. I remember there that I was not that technically announced, but to strengthen the technically very well, and I was You were the one of the officers. and I remember, strike almost everything else pin I had been came down house, but almost his hand, all candidates, war in what he was lying there and outside air they find their thirty minutes later he finally uptown give up. Then you woke up so that, while you know that going to fire with this. What you're doing? Ok, but if you take his hands just when it is possible but down he'll, be tapping our right away, Trade is gonna, say fuck. I wish I knew that I've spent thirteen industry. Nuclear energy is a simple technique, so yeah that's providing Scotty when he was that's, scheduled, but because I didn't know it. wrestling you over watching us and then doesn't sound like something pretty. but he's not tapping outrageous grabbing, hey mob
and then it is, I see you and other team got other other guys on the pattern. Just pray me how the scar that's like stop stop slope. for fucking word at the early. He stopping, I would say you know he's not here. Being out. No he's not, and then you say wait do here. Did you hear this? I say yeah, but what does that mean couldn't breathe, you couldn't tab, there is no way to tap out discussing, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't stop out. So I could say was likely to have a breastfeed say, stop I could those did and then and then continue stolen, so accessible to call us it s ass well, but speaking to deeds. Edwards man that ridiculous individual was crowded, Kloster phobic and I remember our trade with them in which super claustrophobic like that. Sometimes I liked it sort of give them.
Exposure therapy and try and make them more used to have what I remember him he's gone. He just get on get off me and you saw back to draw down to the market so that you use regular, was rather unusual to see it s like having guys bus outside we were seeking their legs all shook. His legs could carry across what would happen, without an iota gazette shook thou? Does you ok, good eyes good times, awesome right on ECHO Charles, is speaking of getting after issue. Speaking of it jujitsu. Speaking of you know me, caning, the good physical condition, which had I'm really You tell me that you didn't like doubt or anything bravura freakin mutants, pure strongest you're like a pretty strong like your strongest man, that's just
when I was he'll be strong. Now then, who speak out so when we were lifting we're all try to get jacked self wherever? If I guess, there's nothing, I've got enough. You necessarily brought this from the Eastern Bloc, but but Bravo Thomas this thing or would do this thing where we would lift when you're getting we're getting your lift on at this time, primal noise, so whatever like a good level through using a GM somewhere overseas, you did your guys got. as you know, in Iraq, is every party came in through, as I was saying that about plateaus roles to bury that set,
the body was leaving with sir but everything every single paternal, kindnesses. Ok, we're screaming the export of prudent booking must hear what that Prague means Ass Slack. I love slackened. Almost everything you know as a good excuse, you lost it, doesnt psych maximum use. Everything was done by our kids and was like oh yeah, my friends, common on the podcast today or whatever they don't care. But then I was like this. I did originally sat cuz. It's when my kids would work out. I'd, be like a look when you're going to go for that big clean you got to get fired up. What you got to do is give yourself a little. Zella speaking of jobs, we will that those in power lifting theirs Laura version of the minutes and as always there and there maybe there's like a physiological technique for that tightens up.
If you're gonna do it, it tightens up kind of your Europe, your posting, Your chain right, like you, gotta, make your whole your whole, like ribcage, caught up yeah like if you do or hard everything's gonna get tights trick straighten up that spinal area. Yes, you know so there is a method that that has a name for it. When you get to hold it we can also when you are bidding. Somebody in this state is scarce them even more fully, but that there is a text that technique has a name like to tighten up everything from There's a breath hold welcome aerial. Now, a brace borders are not slacken. In theory it usually it's an odd I forget what it is announced. But when you say that's, that's like it's like you not totally holding breath you give him a little airs kind like you know, when you get to analyse what we call the blood pressure, this image pump
and then you let out a little bit is kind of like that kind of thing. Anyway, I think it's a fertile technique. Cousin block completely breathing, is just right. It's kind of you that extra pressure and still have that pressure. Vow tat is true. Yes, maybe maybe just that's just how you kind of grew up in your mind, became very natural product will happen, worked what form it for. I think for all of us, because of the eyes and that that day, whether in five seven or work without being shown above that they all with a little bit strong ass. They call it a long time ago ass. He would have acted as a means of people who were asking me inactive butler. What to tell the Muslims everything to dismiss earlier when I will means nothing, but it means everything iced liking deeper When I was in college, I let me surgery. The blow may soon and before I got surgery us,
okay, what's the recovery time and all this and they're like at home, if it depends- and they asked me, are you polish or you do you have any polish blood and I said no. Why would because polish people tend to heal faster, The first is what the lily, what the doctor Tommy potion, someone. So probably didn't ask if you are someone? Did it I'll get off the abbot? Juggle? Doesn't Someone here s a lot less relevant, will just say I'm just saying his ability may be attributed to his genetic finance. how'd you get. The boy asked I man, maybe hopefully that will help me get got through, but also the attitude that was never liked. I remember who see before the hell you're doing to how we can assist the. Why you are here, would you would you come to bonds and stuff? Well, I want to try be a bus seal. The bus guy I try to be a seal. Tried is afraid that so the,
to me. I say I'm from that fucking try anything I'm here to be a sea. I just I will be a seal unless I get injured kicking out, so I'm crying I'm just. on my way to be a seal just leaving the cattle like that. I gotta be therefore that you cannot have. Get to be down for that one cent in order we got man either way. We guess we are on the path so on this path,. not all of us are quite as durable or maybe we are at a note, but without such limitations, chuckle feel so without stuff, rejoins joint Wherefer rehab of you, we ever on automatic review drug has been drinking the Dac Savage Drink and what would woody I'm addicted to us. For many reasons. One is that the taste away because of the story you earlier,
about those came these important though it is the specific case of came these. They were so rather than you can actually trade these candy forward between the kids, those like Carmel White Candy within them, so this is it. This is the definitive candy which I was always like this, like that of pepper. When I had a first paper ass, a holy shit. This is America. We struggle at that level. One kinda like this. I'm here you can't just go to the machine and get yourself one that I love the taste so you so we it's like Amerika what I psychomotor. Why go it's odd cousins on the way down here thinking about it, you know, like a regular, will call it for lack of a better term. A traditional energy during oh,
old, poisonous all drink, so exactly rates of poisonous right and here's the weird thing. Everyone knows that it's a weirdo. Everyone knows that like if they say: ok, so little, you just did some jittery just worked out or something you like, Madam First year, whatever you. Let me, have you like that you're not going to the soda machine, you not getting some sort of hop in guinea energy like an energy drink. Traditional one product sounds like the last thing you need to hear, but me while, meanwhile, you can get on direct or that this is not only a kind in the mood for it sometimes like right you're like a hard work out. It's actually good for you simply, but isn't it weird? I want just knows that that in energy, drink your daddy. It's only known like it's a known, mainstream, ready, crazy shit. You wanna get those if you want to get some joint warfare for your joy
if you want to get crude oil for your joints, if you want to get some what vitamin d three- which all kinds of other- also very good for you for many reasons- mark which is protein disguised as dessert it's true anyways you get all the stuff at Jacko Fuel, dot com or you get. You can get the dream. I walk out on the EAST coast or you get the stuff of vitamin shop. You have all available there and consider getting there, corruption, so origin, USA. That Communist subscription and stuff can save some money free shipping by the way, but that's kind of a big deal twenty minutes. the words almost the primary reason? the primary reason. Is we don't wanna not have what we want when we need it? Yes, but another good reason is its expensive, the ship stuff, but if you surprised, shipping's, very and that's cool bomb and you get it every month more, when you know you don't run out nothing.
Seem like a big thing, but try run out and I'm not gonna be a big bang, organ, USA, dot com, the three can sign up great, doesn't mean what's the matter, but no one has a subscription with origin or USA. So I did not come come spot. there also origin USAID outcome is Jujitsu stuff. So we'll talk about Digital briefly, we gotta talk more Maria, but but yeah. You want some geese. American made geese, rash Kurds, other jujitsu, stuff, other athletic stuff too or January. yeah Maiden America by the way so drug or have really go into this with you. But we are. We now have a company where we are making products in America were and did you two keys were making rash guards were making boots were can genes or make everything in Amerika. I know that because I would also ask us out following you re not yet well, the freaking crazy thing is like, like France,
genes, everyone gets apparel whatever name brand genes and they think that they're getting on iconic american gene, but are not there? Getting genes that are made in common countries, that's where their made. So we don't like that. We, like our genes to come from America by hard me by hard working people so origin, USA, dot com her, but also on that same sort of tape. Let me direct your attention to the store up. Pounds is where you can get up more apparel, more representative directly of the path, so discipline equals freedom. Good. All these things we can get. We have a subscription situation going on as well, so good. Little with different designs, but still applicable, it's just I flax or you get this thing- it's called the Sherlock or, if you want to get one of these call tee shirts the here's the thing
from this region to bring this up. As someone went on, mine was like that you post something and there like none of these petitions are on the store on Jack was, but our com. And yes, I know, but right now explain. Yes, people do I'll go and, yes, they aren't Jackal store, but their only through the subscription scenario, the shirt locker. So that's the only place you can get em like if you do. I mean, if even care about like the difference or whatever is just there. The designs a little bit will just say that little bit more creative from time to time, none the less. Europe. Therefore, with different their cool, their fun, you will get a new one. Every month there emeritus go. I subscribe to this part gas. You can subscribe some other broadcast. We got the the unwrapped in part, gas were Darrow Cooper. We got the ground I guess we ever warrior goodbye gasped, there's new episode down by the way I was really slow in get those out but they're out
did you or your kids us developing? Also, you can also join the underground Jacko underground dot com, where we go a little bit more detailed behind the scenes. Research also some get that like some people ass, like hey? What do they do? Cuban a the early and I'm wondering about this in their survival? Good questions, but yes answered? Yes, we do the Kyoto, but it's an underground exclusively to the underground. Maybe maybe not, but currently don't know only too well here's the deal we had people. That's up to be on the underground and subscribe to get around that asked questions, so we answer their questions on one of the first underground q and as someone who has got a job going around com. If you want a subscriber that, if you can't afford across a doll, eighteen sense a month by the way, if you can't afford that look, we still,
You to get the information you can email assistance at Jacko, underground dot com will take care. You we gotta Youtube Channel where ECHO puts videos up that he creates that he put more to battle one of them knew a conceptual ideas. Ok, so if you're waiting for echoes conceptual ideas, they should be produced within the next twenty four months, because his work ethic is well. It solitude It's not it's not what I well hears it create video varying levels of now my name are mere usual. Maybe I should go home, get in front of your sweet and just go then maybe we'll get some more frequent videos sophomore, that's what I'd? That's what he's doing yeah you got. The budget that are actually is part of my travels accelerated English.
The boys as believed that are the main motivator people here that one time or tat were there first born child. Is english psychological warfare get that on any mp3 brought for we got flip side. Canvas Footsore gave a start. My brother Dakota Meyer Marine Corps. He's got a company where he's making things to hang on your wall we got a bunch of Ok. The first book that I want to talk about is the book tat. I started off this podcast. I took one little section that the book is called you're gonna have to help me with all this drug suitable called Camp Posey the writer his name is. How do I set novel novel so novel? was a guy in the ground in the polish Grom Special, operations guy, I dont know too much about him, because I can't read polish but the book,
available, and I ordered it, but I haven't gotten yet is born Amazon. So if you want to get this book, look can't policy and its. I did look through it. There's pictures of arm Sue Emulous because he was the without the wooden you were there and I was up our picture. The up there's picked years of where we were those pictures of Camp Jenny, Posey, witches freakin brings back, all kinds of memory his Roscoe's nostalgic murdered. So much good work out of there two pictures in it and you can get an english version so check that out can't posey. Have you read it? it is our written both and arrogant. Polish, an Englishman You know that I think is that it gives you the dead, the perspective from the other other guys who are not part of the seals, but they are really good day. They did that day.
how'd. They perceive seal teams right, how they see ass, how what do we do in Iraq and how they work? So it's pretty good inside and the perspective and see us from the different vanished. And then what about this other book that you brought today, which I haven't seen what is called this is from the title of trust. Nation is my thirteen years aimed Grom Hooker. So this is that it is not my fifteen years This gives us a thirteen writers. Thirteen! That's exactly this fucking impose such an ash emerge which national I've fer, you must have voiced going grown. So that's what he's data that are used to you that, over the past weeks that I'll eat you I'd really rather have not brought opens broke. his eyes on the english channel. Drivers switch motor, so this guy was with us. Do you? Actually, there came in another, above all, they were together. At the same time there so
This is a hero, this book much earlier and the same pink ages he's view on the Iraq war on our working together with see us and that how this think, but I think this is a very interesting specially. We want to look about us about see us. how others persicos and other force do you know if this is this book available on Amazon is that it is also available lemme zone. It is also our send you the links that it is also available in English. On Amazon and the english title is also for ten years, my thirteen year grandma a d, this weapon through this on the sums got a bunch of pictures very that look very from it. There is well yeah, I'm in depth for those affected, they can when we were there for an hour We got these books check these books out. We and dragoon already talked about hopefully
get in one of those guys or both those guys on the podcast at some point thing over here from poland- or maybe you know what might we make an exception and do not live like not face too we have never done that before we never done a a virtual podcast Maybe we would do it for Paul. For Poland, like Skype, us on the air, we about actually one of them. I think it would be travelling here too. So are we need to know it will just by don't be awesome, we actually, he could travel town he's perspective on Iraq WAR, why Poland got involved in it and why Poland was spending by our side in that war, and why is Poland standing by side so be good to hear from here that there be awesome, a bunch of other books. Do I gotta what out called final span? You can pre order right now. If you want the first a dish, something we talk about the yellow final sprint If you want the first, have we want that
How dare you mentioned it? Lest? I think but yeah you and go look don't be coming up to me in whatever when the book comes out two months after it comes out new role at me: hey Jack, I got you I look at it. I'm gonna know you're gonna get outta here you got the second a dish priority that we are now leadership. Tragic attack is fuelled made nor the cold devaluations protocol displaying freedom feel manual way. The warrior kid one, two three and four check those making the dragons, which is which is apparently the best kids book ever that's what I've heard and then about face by David Hack worth I wrote, afford on a new version, honor do that extreme ownership. The dichotomy leadership does the oh gee of Jackal books that are with my brother leaf bad and we are concerned company Islam Front good national front door calm, we got a phone line. If you want online virtue training, Korea for mine dot com. If you want
come see. Us live, go to extreme ownership, dot com. We got three events this year cause we're have Three events, the sheer so if you want to to extreme ownership, knock on leadership, a leader seminar live in person. We also have an event coming up called e f battlefield where we walk the battle of Gettysburg. We walked a battlefield, there and talk about the lessons that we learnt unbelievable event. We see we we won't. We will only get do one. We sold it out where We too now hopefully, so if we can get things scheduled or to make that happen, go to echelon, front dot, com, slashed events- if you want to come to that and if you want help service members active and retired to help their families, and how gold star families check out Mark Liese mom. She had
her own organisation- and if you want to help you want to donate you wanna get involved, go to America's mighty warriors dot. Org. And if you want to hear more from us, which highly unlikely at this point If you want to you can find us on the webs on Twitter on Instagram on Facebook. Echo. Is that echo Charles? I am out Jocker willing now, if you want to talk to draw, go he's not almost platform. combined his his free speech has been suppressed, but don't worry he's on the underground here Making things happen. You can check him out at connect. Zing com, I'm also on their now too, because well Was there and he's hanging out better phenomena, be hanging out to echo you're gonna final thoughts? Not that's it
good to see you again. We met briefly towel in my night club days of my good friend Jeremy and introduce me to bat long terminal like almost twenty years. Long term, challenges and say hi to him too great and I remember I remembered drug hours ago- looking seems very nice, but he could probably get nuts Oh thank you! How this was nice and great to be here drug already. any other closing thoughts. Man ass may be smoking.
Like a small player in our mind, for those guys, what no longer with us, maybe a few seconds of silence to honour them yeah! No, I don't know when this part castest is actually coming out, but today is is March twentieth. Today's mark Liese birthday, and I mean just incredible incredible man credible seal, incredible husband, incredible sun and
miss him in the rest, the boys every day so happy birthday remark and draw go man thanks for your service, thanks for your service to the teams, thanks for your service to the Navy, thanks for having my back countless times, and thank you for your service to America and beyond that, thanks for you, service to the ultimate cause of freedom in the world. You can I pay freedom. That's people are asked me. Thank you. That's the other way around Jackal. Actually I have this me who supposed to say thank you to you to you, whoever that might account for my freedom. What I did in the team
The navy is just a token support, for you cannot repay freedom. Nuke data freedom is enough for south is not there's nothing. You can do. to reciprocate that freedom that that than we did. I got from America. A free man- and this also feeling is something that I will never be able to reply to pay and, as I believe that just keep serving in any capacity I can to our great Amerika is import. so I'm the dawn yet of offenders, my military career, but I'm still serving I'm. So I want to make Amerika a better, a safer place, amen. To that end, I I know I will always be proud to call you brother and to all the people out there, the spell
Those that are out there wearing the cloth of the nation. Thank you for protecting the most precious thing that we have, and that is our freedom, and the same goes for our police and law enforcement. Fire fighters. paramedics, empties dispatchers correctional officers, border patrol secret service and all the other first responders out there, thank you for protecting us here at home, everyone else just remember that freedom is not free and we cannot take it for granted. There is evil in the world. There is
oppression in the world, and we must be on guard for a fourth tarrying and tyrannical leaders and like draw go, we must be willing to stand up and fight for our freedom and until next time this is dragoon and ECHO and Jacko out.
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