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278: The Wins Don't Always Come Easy and You Don't Always Win. With Bow Hunter, John Dudley

2021-04-21 | 🔗

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This is Jackal Podcast number two. Seventy eight with ECHO Charles and me Java, willing good evening. it's a little cold outside, but it doesn't matter Nothing else matters right now, except doing my job right. This job I take another step is gently as I can as quietly as I can. This is where, in all matters, I can't let them hear me if they do, they ll be gone.
I won't get my shop partake, another quiet step. I see my buddy freeze, he sees them, they must be in range Buddy slowly looks back at me and give me a nod its go time. I prepare my weapon by now. Oh, this weapon well upshot thousands of rounds through it in the last year. For this moment,.
Ever since I was a little kid, it's been this way stocking through the woods using the distance trying to see without being seen my adult life. much of the same sneaking around in the woods. During the as regards the city or in the jungle. I take a few more steps and find some cover by a tree. This will keep me hidden. My body gives me a hand signal has given me the range. Nothing else. I initiate the procedures. My mind is full, but it's empty
my heart is beating, but its steady. It all comes down to this moment. I'm alive. Now that may have sounded like a combat scenario, but it wasn't there, description of a more recent pursuit of mine, but wanting the body I references, a real person. A real person whose incredible archer an amazing hunter, wanna best coaches. I have ever worked with in any discipline. Most important a friend that is always ready out, not just me, but an entire community of people, the
world renowned, founder of knock on Archery John Dudley, dad What's up? Man, thanks for common knowledge in this area, but I was on fire right and especially this season, where we were on a lot of bulls, And that happened that little that little thing played out time in time. Undoubtedly, I ended up not get any shots off, but man there was freaking refund or eyed man. Let's, there's a lot of people that really dont know much about you and less. Let's go back to the beginning cause I've heard pieced together stories of your life and there's a lot of good work, it's always surprised measure here you weren't arrest, you're, not prison, you're, not dead.
there's a lot of different avenues. You gotta headed down dating right, yeah, just a horrible I don't deserve. wife or myself, all the time, I'm decide karma like you, that real patients sniper had some put like. I don't think he's made any fires. If he has, they ve been off so much I haven't heard em come by but like I'm still weight and adjusting its night because I'd die deserve it. If it happened where were you born Fort Bragg, could you dad was an arm for Europe and an are you? Did you spend any time for broad? You remember Spending needs, I dont remember it now, and I remember it is. It was now as it was seventy six and then I think, by set seven. We earn the Mississippi Delta was used only army. Now I think he just got out and then lose it would he do want to do.
the army- he was a, he was pretty like Bill Murray. He was a grounds keeper for a golf course. While he went to college after getting out an audio teabag relative now was lacking in, he was like a hundred percent lightest freedom, scope and out gophers and witnesses. Caddy Shack, Biltmore Yell yeah, I remember I remember my being with him and that golf cart cruising around and he went to- and this is a vibrant, even talk to allow the suggests from memory from dialogue over I'm sure he went to Delta stay in Cleveland Mississippi. My mom worked for Baxter Healthcare and that's why I think we were there, and so my dad went to college fur psychology- and I remember plugin
learning the plug holes on the golf greens and hen smoking that first ball washer with the golf cart when I was like, I don't even know how old I was. I just know like yeah, my dad golf guard over here and it was in reverse. I just stopped on and his trail over the ball wash first time Karma made a little. That's the first. I promise. I won't wait a second we drag on this dared yeah. I mean, I wonder what my dad would think like him is that a sign cuz I don't like that would have been. That would have been a real easy one to get ticket over yeah cuz it just I was I was For while words would you do like the bulk of your leg, when you were in let's say like six: seventy eight, when you start actually, you know, figured out the world and all that- where are you then, it Been Illinois we we were in the delta until I was seven
and then my mom got transferred up to. Nor Illinois to work for Baxter and that's kind of where I grew up and when I came up there honestly, I was a little bit rebellious, not really sure why I just I don't know just what I was into like. I was asking and honestly, there is I enjoy skating. I enjoyed like Freakin Ninja these and so like. I built ramps and owned in people, and I was just like a punk. Northern Illinois that one
when everything was like skate or die, and there is no all these like anti skate things. That was me so yeah, it's cool. You know there was definitely a little bit of. I don't know hate towards skating. Then, and I wasn't like, I had no drive athletically. I was just one to like pierce my ears, like with fireworks. You blow stuff up these around. This is how old bill a two thirteen just like me of my first construction Java said, was bill. Ramps mean I had ramps all over the place, my sister for hated on how good it stating where you I would say I was just below intermediate.
Is it some really how many hours they were. You skating like a lot had half by whose importance by the stellar level of just below it, turns out that the only instruction. I had was watching the search for animal chin in every day, like a big cereal and then go out and try to get after it, at what point or what was it? That made, you start doing athletics, sports, eighteen for this so I know some words there is my dad was. I always knew my dad was a super athlete. You know he was my uncle and me. Oh, my mom always told me how I flooding my dad was, and not to mention here is good it anything like honest, even the skateboard, just like what's
Learn escaped on this half pint measures like oh me check it out than he just do it meanwhile fears over your drive get involved, no I'd like I said I liked fireworks and light mean a blow and stuff up in NEO. One thing lead to another and friction in my house. Down ten years hold our eleven, maybe a lonely, literally yeah yeah everything, except for what was in my dad's car while is at work and what was in my mom's car. While she was, I think in Porter Rico and a business trip. How old were you think I was like eleven or twelve? How did it happen playing with fire freakin lit some stuff on my bed fire and then, like put it out, call my dad and my dad used you get it out. I said yeah go out and he goes
smoke in the house ago, either stricken tons of smoke and he's like open up all the windows. You said you because I hate smell smoking and get that shit out there. So I opened up everything. Is I go up and up the windows? Everything come back and tell me what's going on, so I came back the forum like it open up everything it smokin but smokes Goin out. So I talk to you for a little bit and then he said will go check on it. Go back down check on it and I went down when I went down liking Gulf is, I just gave an oxygen yeah I didn't like if I would adjusts light taken that blanket and like you, if you would, it is said, go through that blanket out in the yard like game over, but now and then frickin fuelled like open the front door, opened the window adjust freak and gave that thing. What were you burned? My leg match sticks we burn in my life. I think I was just play in full
thrower with a lighter and some awkward net itself, so the whole house burns down. Oh yeah, everything, everything, and so it was, I mean Don't really know what kind of conversation my parents had. because they never they kind of ass. What happened or somethin, but they never like made me, feel horrible about it, and then they, let you I mean you must have felt like friggin horrible, though o still really, I mean I laugh about it now, but yeah, like I think about you know because, like all my dad's, all my dad's military stuff, like every picture he had from me now as a child.
Like everything we had every single thing. I remember it was in the winter, so everything like froze like after they put it out- and I remember digging through it with my dad and yeah we're like digging through the thing like a couple days later, just trying to see what you can find- and I remember we like we're, digging and found this like closet. That was in right inside our the word like fallen through and the like. The glass doors were there, and I remember my dad shock in the glass doors open and he had a pair of these like look ass winner boots and they looked a brand new and I'll. Never forget how excited, but he just like my boots. Math freaking grabbed images, Upload, your own cayona, and I remember like that, was it other than what he had in his the trunk of his car. What he wanted that day like those it so then we He started to rebuild, naturally,
I was a skater and not to mention ten years old I was five foot. Four hundred and thirty pounds sounds like short and fat shorten chubby. And so short and chubby skater Veal, wasn't an athlete. So then me and my dad to tell I was- I was bummed out he know, and so he kept telling me like. You need to go just go, do something you know just go. Get active, hang out with your friends like you know, you wasn't want me to like sit around and get depressed about it, so they talked me into going out to like a school dance or something- and this is whatever fifth grade or something I remember going and they said,
This hey the songs dedicated to John Dudley and it was burned down. The half went home with some Jacko over. There said that my wedding rats adversely that's exactly what exactly my mode when I was a kid to be low frequency, savage yeah, so then amazing that your parents recognised that Europe fell enough guilt on your own without haven't, had just turn the screws on your brain to make you feel even worse about it. Don't know if I could have done it like, I don't know, I don't know what the conversation was. They've never brought it up and there's been times where we've talked about the fire in sky. Now it's referred to, but they've never gone in a detail. Like my dad's never said like yeah man, I knew if I freaking through that shit
You know it crack year whatever, but what happened was no in me a maybe. This is just my dad psychology, but. What happened was after that dance, my dad new, like we need to get this guy out of this town. So we moved about forty five minutes away. without him ever tell like saying anything to me. I knew when I moved like I need. I need to free, can make it right with my dad Oh that's when I went and started, but I'm just like you he's. I know he's always want to be me to be an athlete so like I need to get my shit together and start getting into. or- and this is how would you think I was you keep say my ten twelve ten twelve well The big aggravating Tanzania think the I think the fire was when I was ten and then we probably moved when I was eleven
yeah cousin, but when I got into junior high school, that's what I'm like, I'm gonna be an athlete. What did it start with? What was the first sport? Basketball will ya? Think basketball football dear, is all in the air ask more football running and then be theirs? I mean have you had no experience plan basque bullets Dad always shot hoops smiled a little little a little bit, but then I started growing. So I was like a member at ten. I've got this football card and it says like it, has your stats on the back. That can. I think my grandma gave me that photo cause. We didn't have any pictures going back, pre fire, so I was like five ft one hundred and thirty pounds. I was like chubby and then, when I was a freshman, so was that thirteen twelve one thousand two hundred and thirteen
So then, on that, on that, when I was six three hundred and thirty and then by the time, senior out six five two of surges stretched out and just look like this gun- be going up and down the basketball core? You know my dad's, like I always fella, give ye trip, did sound like a chandelier breakin across How much would you brought like? Look as you didn't basketball? The EU starts and cause I mean: that's that's it for you to make a transition from like hey, I'm a skater with Threeg, whatever you proud, like the tony hawk bang, stuff like this earlier, so you had to tony hard bangs, then you're like I'd, maybe a basketball player. You get a crew caught using freak and training. Is it like that kind of
Are we talkin rocky? What's that thing called montage is in a montage of going on? No not really cuz, I still I mean I still liked Meow getting in trouble and freaking blowing stuff up, and you know Portland fireworks wherever I could egg in some houses are we know whatever Cavendish steers, stole my mom's minivan one time she had this. She had this part act, transport remember. This is like a when sloped reactors. Eventually my parents got divorced and I can't remember when it was. It was some were the young junior high or something like that, but my mom travel. The law and I was home on my own- a lot So I remember me and my mom would have like cars. Take your toe hair and sa. Remember one time like I'm just gonna go
take that ban out for writhed all the ball washers him. You know how you know raised by sir. driving around you know, seventh grade just drive around my town in this minivan and one my buddies by my driver. So I pull over my what's up man just like holy shit. Did you steal a car like asthma, any just like her and you and I I thought I could drive pretty decent because I had my dad would never let me get like motorcycles. Thing for obvious reasons, but he let me get a boat. He got me a twelve foot, Boston, whaler, the twenty five horse on it. So that's like I put a thousand.
In miles on that freakin thing. Did I mean my dad would fill up that little five in five down gas can spend. The Fox River chain was only a block from a house. We live like right on a channel so I just drove that boat Alla time. So to me the many man was grey, no current, he didn't have until this was it wasn't. A pull star was freaking gravy but I'm sitting there. Talking to this this kid- and I see someone coming up behind me in the mirrors I set, I go hole on I'll. Let me frickin with over. You know, and I never put in reverse and trying to like do little within but that long beat on the front of that freaking minivan. I ended up swipe in this dudes, like back pegs in like took him out underneath, like the front of the car and like bent the back of his bike up a lot.
So then I ended up. Having owed me. Trade em, like my good bye added G T, had a trade on like a good freak and good bike. Four and a half yeah for this freak Huffy that he had had and I'm just like, like you say nothing, he said no, but looking back you if, you have our kids rolled in with a brand new frickin g t, with gyro on african pegs on the front and back you'd, be like hey, whose bike did you so anyway, fast forward, a damn knocked out always give broke row. He broke Big guy does get applying God. We gave you happy drove over me and just stuff like that bet you here like wait. Job Dhabi that little it was driverless bombs. Car of gold over there right now hear nothing. Anyone wanting to get close
yeah I mean I had. I had freakin straight mengs down here: slung it and yeah just I think I think when I got into sport there an original added one up really play. Football is supposed to play. Golf, like my dad said: don't play football you're, not you two brittle go play golf and when I went to the high school, like the tough kid in school, came up to me and hey! What are you doing out for cuz? I was standing in the line and he's been. He said I go, I'm going out for golf he's like no you're going out for football, and I said no, I'm going out forgot de Gaulle and our memory said
well, we need enough gas scrimmage and he said me, I'm quarterback so he's like your sign up for full ballroom. The bier ass sigh freakin, signed up for football, never told my dad for like until he saw me in the paper what he would have seen a paper will, because I ended up becoming quarterback in like taking that kids job so that he was saying I would take my golf clubs to school cuz. I'd say like he's like how is golf and it's all right, but I was playing football cuz I kind of had to, and I started out as like defensive end and then tight end, and then I think I like Chuck to football back. I think I caught a pass in like when in the ends and then the coach, like hey, throw the ball back, and I think I just can't you just Hochtief use like wolves in oh wait a minute, so
yeah, just one thing lead to another in just. I think I think I loved. I don't know just that ass, a challenge it it's hard to do. DR, but it's like, I know I'm not good at something which I really had never fuel that then it didn't. Keep me common, like I'd. Get bored with it, but if I, if I wasn't good at or if I knew that I had room for improvement than then that's the things that I progressed app and had just kind of got to the point where no matter really what the sport was, I felt like. I could do it above average.
then, I honestly, like my body, started to change, so it went from like me being like the short fat skater to now. I'm be no second tallest kid in the school and in growing and becoming an asshole. You know, just kind of being years of growing up is being like. Overly confident you know, but I felt I just felt so much confidences. It was like gaseous sports. For me, Was just gas cause? It's like! Oh, you wanna do track a go to track. What did you do and track hijab tripled whatever I want a marine consciously Hunter two honoured four hundred- and good at all. yeah I mean I did for my team, yeah did good boot. You did. The coach is like trying to keep you focused on one thing. I think you you're, like the idea
Some people have that the best thing to do with their kid is put them in one sport when they're four years old- and I wasn't problems on it and then People are like hey. Have you kids play a bunch of different sports and it's gonna make a more well rounded in the end? Well, in a way you look at it like functional fitness. Now it's proven that dino. If would have had more functional fitness and my lifestyle. I would be feeling a little bit better today than I did pre surf for the first time with you, like some of my stuff, is smote, probably cause it's not like functional fitness, and I'm I'm. I feel, like the reason still today do good just random things I pick up is because you know in when you do different sports. You also get street smarts in athletics. That's the thing like there's book, smart people and then there's street smarts people
and ass. Like an employer I'll, you know, I'm not. I don't look further degree. I look for work ethic and I look for someone that me know when they pull up and I look in their car. It's not a frickin rack, it's not trashed. You know, and I look for people that have certain types of work ethic qualities because for me as an athlete I feel like, even though I wasn't like the pinnacle of all these different sports, I also learned different mechanics, indifferent likes me of physical smarts from doing a lot of things, and I always I always wanted to do good enough at it to where I felt like I could put it down and pick it up and still like represent it. Well, you know if I felt like if I didn't look like an idiot in front of people, I'd want to do it more so I can get it figured out, but my son, you know, come in from
England he was in the soccer first, so he came over and now he played soccer quite a bit but overhear sectors like a one season thing so once he got into junior high You know he tried football and I realized that just wasn't his thing, you know it it just wasn't me of getting hit and stuff. Just wasn't his thing, but he was like always fast. You know he's always fast and in he likes I mean he he performs at his highest. If especially when he knows someone's palmed about the fact that he just did good. So made it up, talk them into swimming because he did see he did. Sakai new soccer was coming up. We talked him into cross country and he didn't really like the people love the coach, awesome coach and then I talked him into going to the swimming when it is swimming swimming. Had a a freaking awesome instructor
military dude super discipline swam, like honestly fur. how young you was. I was like. Okay, these guys are crazy. Two days like Sharon's get up at four thirty having him to the pool at five hundred and fifteen, they do a hour practice and then shower and then she'd get him home to feed him before we take him to junior. You know whatever high school or, but you know whichever so he had a pretty like awesome schedule. I thought I'm like this guy and he was getting straight a's which I know ever remember. Taking a book home like I don't I don't even remember being assigned books party was rather than there was back there. I mean like I do, but I see my kids, my kids will have an older now, but we, or in school is homework every day from. They want from my kindergarten on through high school wars and ours now its homework.
I never did homework homework was, a thing, and I wait now me rephrase. It was a thing, did exist. I knew that it was a thing in existence, but it wasn't a thing that I was doing it wasn't. Like always. You know it's at the end, No I'm gonna do homework now is like the afternoon. I'm gonna throw rocks yeah. That was where I was that. So what what sport? Did you end up playing cause? I know like you ran off one time to me, you're like oh, I did freaking wrestling. I did Basque by the football debased by the tennis. I did freak and you did everything you will you just name them all Yad a meal? I did. I did quite a bit. I wrestled a year mainly because I did basketball really didn't like the coach and just unlike freakin hate the sky. So then I went
Ass old and common into wrestling as a sophomore, we had a really good wrestling school to, like both the breeders from disarray year you so we that yes, like Jason, was my garden and clay was a little bit younger. but we have fired up was Clay Greta when he was fourteen, these thirty, whatever I now, he still fired? Let me just eyes: clay were well. Jason was, Jason was like on a clay level, but like more like more guerrilla clay gives. Jason lotta credit for for being a savage and trust me, he was every game he like before every game, you take a mouthpiece out of a packet and we put it on his helmet. and he was like my pulse, guard.
And I remember like by fourth quarter- I'd be like graven. His mask normally like grab his face master to like call plays and I'd look in, it would just be like the plastic he's like cause. He would you like a few at ease, affirm our seas in his eyeballs rely being around rises, juice, nucleic, Jason, yet and I remember we're one time like him in and his brother lived in a part of tat, that was like you know there's a lot of savages over that way. There's like a ladder like wrestlers came from that group. Town a lot of bad asses over there and armor one time light Jason came to practice and he was kind of peers because he was like chain saws, something on his garage and the chain saw kicked back and hit.
in the top the head like chain sought his head open endued. He just through this football helmet, Freaking God after dude like right there I was just on on Jordan, Jason. I wrestled the same, the same weight class, which was what what I think one seventy one in our sophomore year, but he was like way better. I was just on Jordan Patients Park ass little island on. He was like talking out talk him how like, when you are a young kids, ass, not everybody, but you- one like fight and go and a picture, a new picture him just annoying part is wreaking mouthpiece and his eyes were all big. This kid needs to go to combat like that's what he's meant to do any did when it really did So, are you wrestled for why year era,
four year anchor how good enough for you are you roll into wrestling? And did you not just get like crushed? I'll get you can catch up. You know. No, I resolutely observe the rustled. I wrestled Jamie, and I mean they were that we were a wrestling school like we had some really good wrestling coaches and me I was it- was tough, it was tough, but I really I was still like getting into my body,
honestly at cause. I stretched up so high in so I didn't have a lot of coordination, but I had work ethic. You know that's one of the things before like before I go down that route like with multi sport thing with my son. He did swimming after cross country and then, when he got to soccer like he started, the coach wasn't playing him but at practices. This coach was taken weeks to try to condition the other player, but Herod be a third is running circles around people because he just got off of cross country, followed by swim, season, followed by now it's soccer season, yours running around out on get some grass. You know so he for him. It was nothing- and I remember after like three or four games of watching the coach, just bypassing
I kind of pulled the coach to the side after practice, and I said hey I said: is there anything I should be working with Harry on, so he can get more game. Time and he just said. Well, I don't like single player. You know he said. I want soccer players here, he's too distracted with other sports, and I was just like really. You know. I said I do a lot of coaches on pretty high levels, and I said I never known a coach to not want an athlete on the team. I'm like this, the skids, an athlete athlete as opposed to a sport, specific yeah trick, one trillion pony yeah, and so we are right. Then I just can't old Harry, like I don't think soccer sure thing, so he went in the track and did come
country track and swam for years. Even though you didn't like it, you still did it and then you ended up going to college to run and in still gets awesome grades and runs and does all that, and he's kind of like like I was, but a little bit later, he's like now getting into his into his body need to wear and he's also hit a new gear of competitiveness which is really cool to see because I hit that way earlier. You know I would get probably, help me back athletic Lee as I would get really pissed off. You know it's like once I started to compete. I had never been taught the management of like raging out when you like, made a bad player,
through an interception or something that that actually transpired. All the way into my archery career and then luckily an olympic coach like help that that was a big turning point in my career, like in my twenties, when I got taught like how to keep how to not let the arrows in my quiver that have em and shot yet be affected by the ones that already have and that you can't get back. You know that's gonna, how is put to me so that really help in high school. I think by the time I hit June, senior year, I just started to adjust to feel more confident and when I was doing it in you see eyes wise genome by was a totally different person. Then and what I was. So what ended up being like the sport football for sure, yeah footballers,
was the sport and for me I've always struggled with sleep you now I've always been a bit in insomniac. And I also one of the things that kept me. Awake was knowing if someone else was like having more time the train than me so You know I was welcomed by word. Yes, so I was like in high school by my senior year mean I was like substituting any non elective class that I had or all my study halls for, like Extra Jim side goaded like Fgm classes And then I had my my football coach gave me a key to the to the gymnasium. So when I couldn't sleep at night, and my mom would be gone. You know I was home, I was home alone alive. You know, I had Mama just signed a cheque book for me too, like order dominoes now, and whenever I woke up, I go to the high school.
Go in there, and I had my coach gave me this huge bag footballs when I was a sophomore in just said like these are years until you graduate and so just go to the german I'd, pull the laundry baskets out of the locker rooms not just throw from corner the german corner. The Jim. I just run like three step, drills and just like run. Seventy three past end of those are then into garbage cans or then eventually, just like throwing into the basketball hoop and then just do in like three step drops. Five step drop, seven step drops rollouts and just and then I got to the point where it's like, I memorize what I needed to do, but then I memorize with the line you need to do and then every other like every player on the field. It's like this is how I knew the playbook you have the attitude which is served. Horrible how'd, you guys do senior year horrible, just really underperform, and all the camps, we're awesome because it camps,
How should you have done I mean we: U from like a week school a week, football school out from a good for Pasqua. You guys were just plain shooting no, you know it it. It's kind of like. it's kind of like when you I forget what podcast was, or maybe it's in your book when you are talking about through buds, there were the two teams of the two different boats. You know, I remember like one of the sayings my football coach always would have a he'd, be like you bring the boat in. You know he always would say, like the boats lost, he's it's your job to bring the boat in you now and he was like all job, meaning you job yet either quarter by yeah. I was responsible for every mistake we made of we screwing around and practice yet shut off early. He would you would like pull me back and tell me like you're gonna run
apps for every person here that screwed off today and today there was Theo. We freaking forty six minutes early, we quit practice. I want four hundred and forty six laps. You know to be like I like that, but we had a small group of people for like seven on seven camps that were at all that they were at all, the camps they, I would call on the say: let's go practice but was an we at seven on seven we were great, but there is no for other people that warrant being included and then the entire defence. So we were just we had really good pieces, but nothing ever like flowed as a team. Did you did you do good enough? Did you get looked at by colleges yeah? I think the first college I think the first cause it look,
He was ball state. When I was a sophomore remembers at the end of my sophomore year, I went to ball state with my mom, and that was like that litter totally different fire cuz. Then I realize, like you, know, I'm going to I'm going to go somewhere, and so you know my dad, even though my parents were split, my dad was it every freaking game and he was quite a ways. Meal can move to a different town, but he came to regain and yeah we, my life was: was sport, sport and training and they loved. I loved lifting the camps like in the summer time it was every football camp. I could sign a fourth and honestly, my mom's, like she, so involved with were with her position at Baxter to her she's like ass. You want a ghost
wherefore a month in the summer, do it now, because I think she probably just was me aging plants, importer, Ego or Singapore wherever the heck. She was for her job, so I just did not miss an opportunity to I go to a camp or something like that. So You actually get recruited go when you and your senior year to go yet Algeria there were several tonight I ended up. Choosing I wanted to go back. My dad was moving back to North Carolina. My uncle was in North CARE Carolina in one of the coaches that Western Carolina played with my dad, We ended up going out there and it was kind of a decision that I would be closer to the Dudley family out. That way, and I, like the idea of light,
honestly. I never really fell like that. Town was home, you know, and maybe it's because, like my parents were kind always where I saw my mom limited. You know when she wasn't travelling, but we like we traveled away from like me and my mom together, more only go places could she'd say, yeah I've gotta I've got a meeting in SALT Lake for two days. Do you want to come with me and I'd say: can I go to I've been wanting to check out snow bird. She just like out, you know so. We'd fly out there and she'd say the bustle picky in the morning at seven and they'll, bring you back to just make sure back here. This I'm so I just go up and then I started you know: skiing, shredding, love skin, worked at a little ski hill up there, speed bumps, like all the time in the in the winter time,
school southernwood? What happened with college? So I was gonna play football and, like the one thing that I haven't talked about was back at age. Ten, when I was a super punk my uncle and my grandfather got me in, like hunting dear when we go down to Mississippi. We'd go back down there to see family for Thanksgiving, and so they are like near. We need to get out in the woods, and my group was all of korean WAR veteran and he's, like you know, make a man of your cause. I'm shown up with frickin tony hawk here, freakin hearings and he'll stuff, like you stuff, like that so he's out there you make me and fiery beds and you just try to fight and make a man out of this freakin softy that's comin down, and
I got into hunting endless loved like it was. and honestly, probably because it was hard and it like- took a ton of patience and it was very different from being able to just screw off now in, and so it was. It was the first time a form of competition in a way just that it took a lot of moving, to be successful. So when I got my first year, it was like winning my first trophy right. I mean I was totally hooked at half freakin awesome, wasn t see my family, like, oh my gosh, you gotta dear than we ate it everything you known, it was useless thing so, every year for Thanksgiving, I was looking forward to go back home in doing that and I got into BO hunting. I think when I was
the first year, a hundred will they gave me. I had a gun and then, when I was ten is one I started: shooting a bow and bow hunting, so that was once a year that was happening, but then I got a little bit better towards the end of my senior year. I was shooting a lot more around home, like ours practicing and stuff. Lock has again, I had a lot of free time. You know my mom would be gone, There are no homework here, no homework. If I wasn't like grass, like four five bucks alone than that's what I was doing, but I ain't it
drive down this road I actually had hurt my knee saw was. I was moved in college a little bit early and hurt my knee and then I forget what happened, but I I was at home, backed by my mom's, for some reason I was just drive around on this. Like a back road- and I think I was common- I think I'm we went to college the hours and has moved in a move. Did I'm talkin like there are weak? maybe a week and a half, and you can weekend. I heard your knee at some point, and you're not really able to play here and wherever you go back home, Some we did some like run throughs. I know I did some stuff with like I remember wearing like pants Jersey, helmet just do unlike dry runs stuff, but I wasn't. I know I never like hit really hit home,
you know in college and so is the weekend. I went back and saw my mom and then I drove I think I went up to the ski hill just to be a go up there and say how to people that worked up in the summer and on my way back, I took some back roads, backup, and I went by this little town called Ringwood, and I saw this sign on them on the side of the road that you said: archery shoot like spray painted on em bored and just had an arrow like point in that way. So. I went down that road. Might what's this all about you, you had my hind down this route. Yes, you did. Yesterday we went down the road and What's this all about their like? Oh, we gotta forty target Courson. No, here's how goring works on the animal s, three, the animal it's. I had never seen three d animal targets. I'd always like shouted. Elsa, hay and stuff like that
so I went out and freakin pathway the course I was out of arrows I'd freaking shot the it's down and I remember, leaving the course got. My car went back up to Wilma Wisconsin, which was where the ski hill was, but there is also again around now at store their women more arrowes like in a rage and went back to finish because I didn't want to not finished the course so I bought Mario's go back to finish by the time I like finished, Everything was pretty much done and they were having the award ceremony in the guys that were upon that podium all had these shirts. I have like their local shop on the shirt So I remember this was on a Sunday and on
Monday morning like when they think they opened at one o clock, but out one o clock. I was at that shop just like one of those guys common in the one this week. And now I just started stand in there and watching these people. She asked questions and answer. A few days is kind of being a stalker and and owner of the archery shop Call me to the side said: hey kid: what are you? What are you doing? I said I'm just I'm watching I'm watching and he said will come in the back room. I need you for a minute and you took me in the back room. He said I forgot to get this guy's arrows done Eagles RB ever built arrows, and I said no, sir, and he goes okay. Well, here's how you do it and he said you're going to clean this feather like this than you
Igloo on and you put in this plan app and then you stick it down and he's like yeah set this timer and then move on to this next big and do a second arrow. And then, when you get to the six, you can go back to the first. If the timer has gone off, you rotate it, and so I just sat in this room and fletch this guy's arrows and then kind of came out. I said like so he came out and gave the eyes arrows and made the gadget said all right do those ones and he had justice. Buckets of arrows it needed to get done, suggests started, Fletcher arrows and then the next day like if you ever work on a bone said no, I haven't needs like will. Let me how to change a string in p, dot M and then he's like hey. You know if there is he's bowser here for maintenance, you know here's a checklist. You got to clean these axles. You got to wax a string, and it in with this and just started, show me and honestly after prime-
two weeks of doing that To tell the guy said: hey am I gonna get a page in Asia I remember the guy's name was MIKE Donovan, some people Marjorie industry, like old timers. They still remember him cause use. He was a pretty hard core archery manager. The time he goes. You can't put value on what I'm teaching you right now. I remember the time like no sir, you care, but I have a gas and my tang here with experience. So he he's like I'll, give you four ten an hour and unjust psych. Oh yeah yeah, I was freaking. And I remember go on home to my dad, and I want to
dad's North Carolina. Well, my dad at that time I think was yea was still in Rockford Illinois and I remember tell my dad pay out. I'm not gonna go to college to play ball because I've, given you I've got this archery thing: Goin in its history, it's good he's that for ten- and I did he because I remember Yeah yeah he's always been super logical. And he's also like try. do. Not he never really told me like at that point. I never said like what's wrong with you or me: oh that's a terrible decision. but in that instance, he's like I am I right they feel like you need me
your own decisions in you needed? No like what to do. He said, but I have to say I think this is a terrible decision, and I think for my forty birthday, he wrote me this really long birthday card and light in there. He said he's like you could have not done a better job of prove me wrong. His he's like he is as I I can't believe. I can't believe what you ve done and like twenty two years Type thing here: hey work when you went to that three d shoot for the first time on of on the side of them. Whatever, what do you think it? What feeling did you have? What was it that just freaking was like this? Is it like? I listen to TED Nugent
Rogan and Mikey give some crazy description of like launching an arrow, it's all poetic and everything. Yet what did you do that? What you you were just like: there'll, never had that It was. I couldn t like the fact that I knew it that was that showed me how inferior I was with a bow and arrow and I loved hunting, and it showed me that there is every person that was in that parking lot was a lot better than me, and that was a problem and in that a hundred per cent it was the out I had to go to the shop. I had learn and then it's like I'm. in a leave until I beat these guys these guys at her winning like I need to beat them, and then I did that it was our member. I did Well did well fast
remember Goin to issue that was about forty five minutes away to the north, and I remember going in there. My name was like written down on a piece of paper that was like at this registration desk, and these are rinkitink like local sheaves. You know, I don't like you have like local surf tournaments words not like near yeah I'm. So I just said: oh what's up with that name, you got right there and they're like oh. This guy is supposed to be a serious cheater, so when he comes were going to send someone out with him go. Oh that's me whose common and we
so they were thinking this because you have been doing well in the ass cuz. I kind of came from nowhere. So these the people that that was their thing they're just like. Where did this guy come from? Who? Who even Izzy you know? They'd, never see me even at a local club, you know cuz. I was just and then went as I always do, oh I'm not good at this than just like head first, into the deep and reassure narrows at night waken up in the morning she narrows has fallen felonious session immediately. Yeah yeah like had. Like sat around after tournaments and would like take down courses four places. If they give me a target side, have another target you now or I would freakin.
Cut grass or clean the bottoms of people's boats or whatever. So I could buy another target and then you know I had to have an entire range to practice on and then it just me and then I wanted like a colored target bow and then it just. It's just like it's me. It's just meals, who I am the time adjusting I had two like I had you're good at it. But then there came a point were actually that term. It was kind of a turning point because The cheater one yeah so I went out. Did I not winning that tournaments and they had someone like writing score and I said I go without was kind of nice is having some one else, keep score. I'm like a hopefully keep score, these other guys ever problem. You know cause it's called like pencil pushing you know.
and they just said well, if you don't want to deal with that, you could always go to nationals there's to score keepers and some dislike where's that so then I went to the national triple crown and slept in the back of my truck and shot at that and sucked at it horribly, but then the next year, instead of going like two, I went to all of drove all of em and just got. During a better than within, like five years I was at a level that was that I was happy with I was also still refining it. You know gestures. that's. What's cool about archery is, I think, the reason still doing, it is because I still find. if I'm not centred than it shows so its heart, like he you're, never gonna have a perfect game to where you could just back away and know that, like ok
That was a Cinderella story have done, because you can go to have a perfect round, but then an hour later have suddenly got a shooting nothing here here. How do you cheat in Archer. Well I mean there's this: there's groups were enough at alike, go tournament, they're not and send a score, keep her out. So, let's just say like we all went out with our wife. There is definitely a people that view they would shoot down there and score like an eight, but they dislike right. A ten and meanwhile like the wise and kids or dislike, not given a crap about what's going on, then you just turn in your score garden,
this, but once you get into like the professional events, there's two people that keep score the majority, the guru past. It agree on the arrow call and then, if there's Everett divide than you call an official score, Birdy common call it, which is kind of a big reason why I liked progressing, because once I was shooting like internationally the they had like You couldn't even have an arrow judges from your country. So if you know it's like, if an American needed an arrow call, someone would come or like a Jew, unofficial judge from another country would come over because, obviously now there's teams competing its teeth. So these judges had schooling on how to call an arrow and stuff. Like that, so how does it go in I enter the tournament and then what I just shoot em at my own pace, gonna thing and keep miles.
or, I think, what's good what might be confusing year. Echo is like the first turn. But he's talking about are just like kind of like local, would be like you? Gonna fell, so it's going to like a brutal jujitsu tournaments somewhere in there's, not like judges you don't say, were allegedly to turn him like an enhanced to determine what we have here. Haven't you ever in house due to tournament, there's no like SK relating the call them that their point keep. You know, you'd, like hey man, you lost. What are really good is amicably idea, no eunuch in points on that's reap, so these just like local little tournaments, where out you scorn. You, like you know my my aids, pretty close to a ten nominal, its myself. So there's no one watching, reactions you just eat. You just can't her like on a path through like through this course towards not like golf polite, professional Gough there'd, be like a crowd following right. Those leaders through that course which in professional archery like
that happens, and then once you get into shooting in the finals lots of times it's like pon monitors and everything, so obviously people can see on a big screen where the arrows or landing so a mean, and probably the same and competitive like rifle yet the same competitive? Anything you'd like real. He like when you are at a local tournament or a whether its friggin bowling. You know why over the line. You know market zero, they're just having an argument. You don't like you can cheat and then but then you turn in like a scorecard or something. So when you shoot use new score. However many plenty, and then you right out on a car that what the next target area and then you go through a course. Then? U turn in the cart yet be like ie plain cribbage with some. At home, and that also like I was there. I will wait a minute. Do we have to
at least even your likeness keeping score like your style. Look at war, you go to Vegas and play cribbage until I get NEO everything you're doing is under you know, a magnifying glass pipe So what point did you make the transition, or was it the whole time from like three? archery to target archery. I got. I honestly got a little bit board and three, the archery pretty fast in part of this part of what I didn't like about it there gis I felt like I was going to the same places all the time cuz there was trying to think of turn pro in ninety eight. So by like two thousand and three I just felt like I would land know how to get to the sheet without even like, wouldn't even need to like to look at a map. I just know where to go and then you go to these courses and it would be like well a lot like you know. We shot big sky together. You know for the total archery challenge and
We shot the same course because it ends. good place, you know but certainly targets that you like you would be like. Oh last year we had the white Bunny right here you know, and so it got to the point where it was like that I was going to places room. You know twenty six or thirty weekends a year, I'm traveling to to do. An immense and just felt super repetitive and in the end I realized, there's probably ten or twelve people that are fully capable of winning like any weakened but it's almost I give you have that same tournament, two consecutive days over and over and over again, there's probably like five. That would win it differently. Each of those times
And I don't know it just came it. It just got to be stale for me. I got me. I just really got bored with that and it got to the point were I pretty much had it set my mind of I'm a target archer to be a better, both honor that was like my mentality is. I was just barely be focused by the time the World Championship shoulder on August, I bear, they cared because I just wanted to be hunted in September, and that is the hunting was always the focus for me and it was like I am. I got more out of it, oh yeah, I just eventually I did what I needed to do, and competitive archery too, like help me build a platform to where I really, ago, which is I've always liked her to coach, you know and and
And I've always liked really good coaches in I've liked, I'm the a person were I liked, coaches, that, like honestly, that, like yelled at me in were like Harry's had coaches wish me assurance back Agis Dick, like adds, I kind of thing I would love back. You know if he liked grabbed my face mask uneasy on at me like it would make me do better on the next play, whereas now, as an adult, I've learned their certain people were, if you did that, not yet resolved that media, so wait a second, so you do target archer thing. are you doing the treaty thing. Then you start doing target archery like it will like Why what point or you part of team, USA, you're putting on the team USA stuff Day manner. They have my whole life,
outlined so I had retired at me, I got sick of it. I retired I was working at a beau. Manufacture, didn't go back to that, but at eighteen saward over this archery shop, like the one on one experiences that archery shop owner was given people buying new equipment and I was spending a lot of time with people, and so I got called in, and he told me me: oh hey do not so that much time with people when they buy new gear. If they go over fifteen minutes, they need to be paying coaching time per hour and Just ass well ass norms in the shop- and I didn't have anything else to do. Why? Wouldn't we help this guy Now- and I remember He said well. If you want to run a business that way, then you need to go start. Your own archery shop side is up in.
so I went and started my own archery shop about forty five miles away that it was actually my family had a had a horse ranch and southern Wisconsin to tie my mom and my sister. So I ended up building a pole, building there and start my own shop, and that was the same time. I started shooting professionally and then got offered a job from bow manufacturer to move to northern Wisconsin to come in as like a nerd sales Rep, so I ended up workin for this boat company an competing, so I mean my life was archery. our warranty our treaty twenty hours a day, and then I can't burned out with it, and I found myself liking, going fishing or go in hunting or just doing something that wasn't like training, training, training for Tree, and then I had retired for like a few months and retired from
I kind of just said: I'm not going to shoot professional anymore and I just stepped away- and I was doing some coaching at like I was doing a lot for some different, like youth camps and stuff. and I remember seeing another archer it like. At a trade show any end. Said. Something about me now. I heard you're not shoot anymore and it just said yeah. I got me a board with it and I kind of just jokingly said yeah, maybe I'll or to target archery just three. The archery is all like foam animal targets with mould in scoring rings ranging from the size of a dime, beat up to like what would be considered just the vitals, which would be bigger.
but the entire like a dinner plates year, but then for target archery. There are several different formats and that's bulls eyes with scoring rings, but a lot of different games to play right in others tonnes a different form massive shooting, enables I target different distances. Some: u dont The decision of the estimated at some have like multiple size faces summer. Certain amount of arrows at this distance certain mounted that distance at distance. But anyway, I said to the sky: yeah, maybe I'll. Just I don't know. Maybe I should just tried target archery, and I remember he looked at me- goes come on in, the waters! Fine! last year. The now as if I was like, ok wins the first tournaments and the first he told me the first tournament was at the Arizona CUP in the bin. Avery did you ever see the been able
In Arizona, so that was the first one and ended up meal ended up in the metal me I'll go mental match with that guy. At that with that guy with a guy in your first event, yeah that one and I showed up like everything I had was wrong because the others I don't know how to describe. It would be like if you did tactic of tactical competition and then Someone asks you to go to a sniper event, and then you like showed up with your him for something I don't know. It sets its mission, specific yeah they're, both archery, but one of them has like your standing around. You more time to shoot or whatever less time to shoot yours it's gonna be different. All minorities in yes, I remember right, but were that metal match in as
what happened. I was low in the brackets. He was very high in the brackets, but we are on opposite ends of the brackets and so at this center you know there's any notes. Let's say it's a hundred yards why'd. I was like at this end and he was at that end and, as you shoot against someone and go through the brackets, he just come to the middle like when I won my semi final match. I remember like looking over and I ass. I saw that he one unlike ok here we go. And he comes over any said man he's like how I see he said how how you deal with it and I said, deal with what. Well, I'm one this nine times and everyone wants me to lose, and he said so. I can imagine like the pressure you're feeling you be in that guy and I said man I, for I see it the other way, and he is what you mean said
dude. I'm out here, my equipments a joke. I said I'm out here I'm a three day. She during the wrong freakin, both at the wrong arrows. Never even shot. This far- and I said and I'm getting ready to roll up on you and ice and yomei you, one is nine times and honestly I could see like that- was that crap in getting the gold there are you so that the person you want that's freak in knots so then I guess that pretty much kicked off your target archery gear, so we and there was a lot of mistakes like that kicked off my target archery. So I did one type than I did another type, and then I went into field archery, which is my favorite, it's kind of like the tack, but with with different size, bull's eyes and granted. You know in the pro classes, guys aren't missing. It's like you need perfect scores. You know you really
and I went to this field, this field tournament and just sucked at it, because half of it is marked the other half. His unmarked see you mark meaning unknown distant unknown distance, which in archery is a problem. If you don't know the distance closure arrows, what way slower than a bullet. So I wasn't good at it and ended up by myself an entire field round. Unlike meal read up on you target faces and then ended up figuring out a mathematical formula to estimate distances using like the circles in my scope and the circles of the bulls. I side, like frame the side of my scope. edge of the target, and then I memorized, where mice centre DOT, would be based on the rings.
Memorized, a gauging the distance gauging formula, which is what everybody does, but most people keep it secretive on how what their system but because the targets are all regulation, they have to be the same size. You can figure it out. So then I've got good that in an open and that kind of my favorite and then made made a team made a U S team. and then went over and competed. I think my first international terminals in Croatia and Freak Indus loved meddled there and loved freakin when they pull that american flag up and like you got to hear your anthem, it was just like ok this is freakin. This is awesome. They had so how long that career run for a career ran until the archery, but why old, archery
decided to do a world CUP and they decided make the World CUP so at the World CUP. I think only two at the year at the time it is maybe two or three archers yet to be done on a team. would shoot in the world cups. But whoever Finally, the top forward the end of the World CUP. Then you had to go to the World CUP finals, which was like a big thing and They decided to add one tournament and move the World CUP final, it was like September fifteenth this year. And so I remember world, archery. Tell me you know hey. you're gonna shoot on the World CUP team. You have to give us the commitment that you will not. we do offer world cups, but if you make the World CUP final that you also participate in the World CUP final, otherwise we're going to find someone that way
Now, because we don't want alike in making a final and then someone don't can't get off work or whatever and saw it. You know September. I just said I am not competing in archer in September for everyone that doesn't know September is freaking, prime, that's all That's when you you're only think about your think about one thing and one thing: only yes, just freak in hunting, that's it! That's it, and so you kind of walked, walked now, and I walked for, I walked from there and then me now I ended up, business, wise started. halting went out on my own sorry, consulting
are the family share and I knew it was like. I wanted to be home more a lot more people could come to me for coaching and stuff, and I was I was coaching around the world at that time. But yeah just you know life changes you become third and post. dirty issues. I didn't. I just didn't see the future that I wanted just being a target archer my whole life. You know- and I think you know we talked about this- I think some fighters are in that same mission of like yeah, you love it in you know you can go win like fight of the night and you can make a pretty good pay check for that time. But the reality is like. You're one or two fights a year that you're gonna make it pay check out. They're gonna make nine
eight percent of the rest of your life, not as is not what you could make forward if you had a different focus, so me I just I just focused on somethin else now, from a business perspective, did you have the vision of like knock on tree, because essentially what you do is freaking give away, an incredible amount of knowledge and information and instruction. That's what you do, did. You know from the beginning: hey! Listen! If I just give this stuff away, then people will you know why wanna buy some of this stuff that I recommend utilise some of the equipment that I make that Did you have that vision, or did it just start to happen? it's hard to say. If I was in a different position, then, if I would have felt that way, because I don't feel like I'm greedy, I feel like
the better I do for myself in other avenues of life, the more I can give back to my sport and I want to because you know I feel like hey, I'm doing fine. I didn't you know what I want. other people be better, but the truth of the matter is here when you're in your twenties making thirty grand a year or fifty grand a year, your job you're, trying to go to tournaments to win an extra ten on the weekend in years put in a lot of time in an your shootin twenty to thirty thousand arrows L a year in living out at you, know: Sharon rooms with people and stuff like that, like there's a lot of stepping stones that have to there's a lot of sacrifices you make before it gets to the point where it's like you know, you could offer all that for free, but once once the community- and by that I mean you know
I refer to him as the knock on nation. Once once we had a pedestal to where we were able to to deliver our information and our community came in and started supporting that initiative. Then it allows me, you know the more people support like either things that we offer at the store or let's say I do a training series and there's a tree this. Here's that help someone do better, but maybe there's a product that we have as our business that'll be in there and I know not everyone's gonna buy it But if someone does fate, really like that series, and it was worth a hundred bucks to him
Would, rather than sooner than paying the subscription to like support us with a product that we have, that I've that I personally believe in for that particular thing now, everyone has a peasant preference, but. I don't think I could have done it that way to begin with, even though one I was kind of filling in doing what I could to like you build I would always go and do youth camps or go, do christian camps and do stuff like that for free, like I always did that always work with any of the kids after the tournament, or you know it kind of got to the point where I told sponsors one especially when I went out and I was kind of consulting, I told sponsors I would like to travel through Europe and go to every archery,
in do a seminar, but you know I can't pay for myself. Would you know? Would you like to be the one that sponsors the event in Dusseldorf? you know, and if so send me twenty five of your hats and some key chains or whatever, and that's what will put on every one seat that near that coms, and so we just do these tours were at have magazine. Editors drive me all around Europe and every day was a different stop. You know just kind of like a band every day was a different archery club, stop teach archery and then do it in the end, I made something more because the other sponsors were paying something and be no kidding summit.
you're from it and then I also did a lot of writing and I did a lot of a lot of written coaching first because, like git, your foot in the door when you don't technically have like a name for yourself yet is little bit of a struggle, but I saw a lot of magazines needing fresh content, and so you know I just started writing so from like two thousand, I would say from two thousand five to probably two thousand and twelve or fourteen hours. I wrote for like seven different languages are probably do about two hundred,
fifty pages a year, just an articles and honestly my thing was I'd. Send these articles out, I didn't really make hardly anything off any of the articles. I just always made sure that they used my photo content so that you know I was able to give exposure to the brands that are represented, and so you know just kind of like the perfect storm of having enough support to where I could grow into where I wanted to be, and then you know then eventually, like knock on knock ons like evolved Virginia the tv show just a hunting, show but it was a hunting show that I was very focus on having educational portions. I didn't like be role in hunting shows you I didn't. I always thought there needs to be more education and how, you, and why was this hunt six
fuller. Here's the equipment that I'm taking on this hunt, change, arrows or change, brought heads. Here's the Y know here's different mistake. She can make his abode hunter for shooting technique so that, with that kind of gave us the platform to to create a name for herself and then obviously mean just continually billowy, meaning I've only ever done the content. The brand was always Sharon. You know the brand and Teo Nock on Archery cam is always been Sharon. Where is I really don't like that side of things I just really want to like? I want to teach people from my experience of of whatever. in a moment how the tv show come about the tv show came because one of the companies I work for was an artery
company, and so each year they would pick up a certain demographic and tell me to focus my initiatives there to grow the brand in that demographic. So one time it was of South Africa. Another time like Germany, another It was Australia, but it came around a Canada, and so I went up and talk to a lot of shops up. There said he know hey what do you think about it like a seminar tour like what was working for me and other demographics. because over their people jumping on that, because no one would travel over there to do that. Maybe it's like that which you jitsu, if it if a reputable coach travels to somewhere, where there never gonna, see that person they it'll cell. you know for sure verses in Canada. They said at the time, Canada just got there. First outdoor tv network, which was called wild tv in there
hunting shows, but most of their shows were shows that we had watched here five ten years ago, and it was just All this shows domestically were sent. A dollar repeats up their dislike. You just gonna rebranding but then also like selling that air time to their sponsors, like our also Erin. ten times a week in Canada for this or that. So when I was up there, the shop said. Well, I mean we would love to get like super. Nicole seminars, but what brings me on the doors when the hunting shows come like if, if on a hunting show there. If you're on, while tv will freakin packed the store. So remember going back to my boss at the time you actually works for us now. And I told him I said well then really said to get the foot in the door like we need to be it. The need to be a show
and I had already done- dvds that were like a kind of out of the EU the trunk of your car de ease that I thought were a little bit of head of their time, because I always said that, like I wanted, our hunting show to be like hunting kind of crashed with MTV cribs crash with Like Robin big and so I got first Dvds, that's what they were and so they were too like way. Faster pace, music and like way different. Editing then can like the banjo meat does not do put those on Youtube. I haven't. I need to get you on those dvd. How can you put em on Youtube or New Youtube, jail, how can we aim to watch your mouth? Maybe they mean looking back I'd, be like you watching yourself on video ten years ago, you'd be like man. Was I horrible
Will you at least got hasn't fun with it and put him oh yeah admission that Erika Repose Prince value, TAT was freaking awesome Rose: nineteen, seventy seven! That was what was happening and I didn't they gave it. I don't think I really think I fought you don't say I think I thought about like a hair cut. I think it was just you know my mom would come in what were the procedure you down? I wasn't like Do I need hairs, are doing our remit it yeah. Do I need to get a haircut? Do I not be? This is just like that's like that's what's happening right, you have any choice. the matter and didn't care about a one, whether they still barely care, feel like posters podcast. We need to put a thing in there. That says like unless your door, about archery fast forward, to link the hare moment, for me talking about passed to me seems like headway rather
what I remember about you, the most is like how hard we land stuff and It's such a different side! Then the kind of like at the getting of the thing when you're reading, you're so serious an awesome at that. Like you're the year, the perfect person till I d voice overwork but I also know like any given second, if it was just the two of us, you can do but one liner in there that freakin thus be I definitely I mean that's, brought yeah you're right any this stuff, like you haven't found. Why you're doing it's not fun to do, then? Why are you doing here? I will say, though, like I like to have fun. You can form, but man, it's legit when you go into like kill mode on a hot, it's free am I going here it is you cause you go into just like boom, like I just
Am I correct, hang on cause he's freakin he's going and it's it's legit man think Same thing, that's just inside its dormant for an I'm, pretty I'm pretty like Loki, and indocile most of the time. Like that's how I am naturally, but then, Sir, like certain things like that when that moment triggers and it's like a game face. It's kind of what happened when I recognise like I wasn't good at archery. You know I realize, like you, know, adjust its Hyper focused, and it gets that way my training to if I know I'm not up to par, I get very hyper focused on, I'm just getting better hedge and training, and I can cottages go over the deeper
there be all inner or totally out, which is kind of like from a target archery point of view. People ask me why dont compete. I don't have like. I don't have a drive to. PETE that sought to save. For some reason I mean you did it accidentally in yet fired up again now ass. I did not hear that I've seen you that we're we're walking down the tack and all the sun someone's like hey dad. I bet I can do this. I bet I can hit that you like, thing I'll see your face. Now, Michael he's about to just twelve. This thing because you get in that competitive mode. That happens. Euro. I wanted to come back to and hey the reason why I think this stuff is interesting. Look out, but you have to be interested in archery, because you'd you're your path in life. Was not normal right made people look, you I ve been talking about someone that was in despair, fishing or someone that wasn't a jujitsu or someone that wasn't anything to go down the path. Like you did and
for your own way ahead and make a life for yourself based on doing something that you loved Peter, could apply that in any category, whether union knitting or whether you into freakin bowling doesn't matter Sonia, there's some real application. I guess I should have said that the beginning, hey, if you're thinking about the way your life looks especially if you're, twenty years old or twenty five years old and your kind like well I'm doing this, but I don't like it I'm here. You I'm going to college, but I don't really want to do that. You know you, hey ain't end. You ve done that multiple times free the arch of totally into a guess. What I'm not really do that that much into it anymore? Ok, let's do something else go to target archery. Ok, I'm really into that for well guess what its interference by hunting. Not gonna. Do that anymore. Now many folks on hunting omniform, I'm Billings Braddock focused on creating new products or all that It may seem mundane to you looking back at it, but a normal person that can take this and apply it to you know building something creating something it's like you ve well, not just from it.
true perspective, but a business perspective in, same time so- it's real lessons. One of the lessons I want to come back to because we kind of drifted over it, but when you were talking out as somewhere along the way You realize that you can like freak and rage doesn't help right. Rage doesn't help, and you said you had a coach. That was like hey, listen, the errors that you shot, and this is such an important decision Guinness is a life lesson and then there's all kinds of things at times: life and archery, but the if lesson is like hey, you shot an arrow new Freaking Shank, the writer you can blow your next eight arrows. like you can just send em all out the freaking. You know into a tree somewhere or you can just Ok, that didn't doesn't matter can't change it. before. What was that lesson like Hutetu, an olympic arch, an olympic archery? who I'm pretty sure was also a marine me. Like me, a straight up marine haircut.
time, he showed she couple a couple like super high level. F R, yours, but he was also like he didn't coach. Very many people He was also a very. I don't know he was. He was very like stone, so you you. If he was there, he was there watching his few athletes and they like would pay formed a calm and stuff like that. But I remember one time I was leading group. Would you got peer group and then the second day you're? You know like ranks one two, three and four together on the target when they shoot through and then it kind of came down to the law target and beyond needed a twist over somethin to make it into the shoot off you into the top six and- and I missed you know- and I was freaking pissed about
nl. I broke my stabilizer over money in frickin hammer toss, my both words type thing and you ended up come on back like with my bow. Just cannot see the damage I did and, and he came over to me his name was TIM Strickland and he said You know you could be an amazing archer, but he said in you start not the arrow that you shoot effect, the ones that are still in your quiver ye. Never will any said he goes do you know a way to get an arrow back once it's left your bow, and I said what do you mean you guys? Do you know a way to get it back other than to physically go down there and pull it out of the target like you just did, and I said no, sir, and he said. Well once it's gone, it's gone any So if you make one mistake, don't make this
mistake for every Euro that left in your quiver. You make one: Yeah pull out, throw it away whatever you want, but there's others in the quiver that are capable of doing what you wanted to do, and so there's been tournaments rights, alive action, talked it over. I will freaking make a bad shot and then just look down in my quiver and be like it do any you. Sons of bitches want to go in the ten ring, because that guy didn't and you know, and that- and it was just like a totally different approach and mentally it's totally. It at honestly help me this was it's kind of a weird thing to say, but he told me said you won't figure out how to win until you learn how to lose in that
you I was like, the rage of losing was overpowering my ability to perform at my best, because I was letting you know I was letting those things happen, and then I remember kind of wanting to get into that a little more and I read some kind of a sports psychology book yeah. I don't know what it was called, but it's something in there that this sports psychologists had talked like, he worked with a lot of high level pitchers any told them. that part of their success was that they had to be able to accept that there was going to be an empire. That would they needed to expect two to three bad calls by the umpire every game and when they gotta call that they didn't think was right. They could just check it off. The list
of a cable. There was one among, and so I started doing that to an started San. Ok. When I go to an international event, because the Certainly our judges that column really really time here and there all looking at him with a magnifying glass, but there are some like when you say like judge and then some dude comes over. The hat is notorious like. If you will, do the random thing, like judge so and so go pull it. and then you see him you're like it's out because some of you just think like they think like if, if they can figure it out themselves, I'm just going to go over there and look around at it, but I'm calling it out. Do you know, and then there'd be some like? Oh yeah, I got a chance with this guy I like hey Susie, how you doing today but
learning that being a learning learning how to lose, because I've lost wave more than five one and that the EU and that that's it. That's a fact. If you know you have to figure out a way to win in life. You know you do have to figure out a way to win, but few deal with like being a hyper competitive, then you also have to learn how to lose. Otherwise, you freak endearing yourself, way more than others can derail you, and I am convinced that beat myself way more than other people beat me in and most of the things that have lost that he now it's like, which is why now my coaching is a ball so much because now my coaching is so focused on. You know what you execute with in your box, because I kind of got to the point where recognised. If I make a good shot, it's a ten. That's the high store on the paper. So
if I do that, all day no one's gonna beat me were tied at the end and if I just keep doing that until tomorrow, then I guess what worst case scenario mean that the guy or still tied, but shewed nines than the The other guy is already an advantage. So if I focused on just execution, so once I cannot came to that realisation of no one can beat me if I'm executing. If I make a good, right here, I dont need to see were lands because, if my sight, tapes right and I trust the equipment that I've yacht, I know it The middle like I know that, but I have to execute here, and so it really got to the point where I like. took away my spotting scope to where I wasn't getting in the habit of shooting an arrow looking for the resolve. Shooting an arrow looking result
which is something that even today, when I work with parents, I tell them that there's there's like parents that at an artery tournament they sit like front row with spotting scope so that kid I'll shoot and then they'll be like. ten, eleven o clock and then it'll shoe and just turn around like dad to git confirmation of like how that was, and so part of things when you have that type apparent is telling them like listen this kid like they need execute them. Looking for you at you, for you know, the result all the time it used athletes startled, on their coach, so much, and that was actually one of the problems with some people that had that coach that I talked about this
only did really well when he can be there with him, because he know he'd be like all right. Hey you miss that one at those guys, you know you're good you're, the free, but you know, and they had to have than that that ten, your like affirmation, whereas on leave for my life. I feel like most of it. I was alone. You know in regard to like I like training alone meal honestly I'd like archery too, because it's a singular sport. So if I train in if I've prep, then I'm ready and it's in my hands same with hunting in the same way of funding via the I've had HANS were alive, distractions and I've through my stuff, in the case that the the day before and when MR
couple shots, and was you like enraged within ass, a thought like yeah? Do you didn't prep? You didn't know homework yeah, that's what happens so I feel like because of him the train that way, and even even when I lift I love lifted by myself. Verses like go into somewhere were people. Distract me. I just feel like yeah I've? I know that if I put in the work, then at that point its really on me not on someone else in like when I told you we sucked it football, there was a couple people like you like Jason, who knew their role and knew their position and other people's position, and they would cover for people that maybe didn't do some right, but there is also the records of the team that didn't so in high school. What's hard is, I don't feel like anyone really
trapped his heart is me in that, because I honestly like put no effort anywhere else, whereas they probably had lives and maybe he'll actually jacket, grades and stuff, but. I think that's why arteries been so awesome to me is because the harder I pushed the harder I've pushed at it in the more I've put into it. like it's, not like weightlifting, where you plateau, I haven't, found a plateau yet like I can make a target further and I can suck again order the others or I can try a different species or a different now climate or a different time a year and it's a whole new child like it's the clean slate and then you're future. I to formulate a plan, a map out a plan of how do I know how do I like win this challenge,
are our was at you know our attack, the first time we did tack and, like I was few and pre good and, unlike you know, you like broadly frickin. This is awesome, you doing great and were didn't through a core a little bit and then maybe we produce I, like you too branch right, and it was the little situation where you said step back and you may back behind me, but I you meant back away from the target, and so I like it makes sense to me what you said. So I didn't listen you, which is a mistake, started, doctors around and this thing just freaking GIS two or three and everyone now everyone like that it sounded like here he is someone like door with a magic life with the microphone on the back. Dr just do, and this is what
saws earlier. You know your same like hey, you know what somebody groundwater face: master desire, you intricate district together right now, like that's what you want and then, but like I've, I've not like when I was in the one thousand seal teams- and I was teaching like I would be you don't I have some guy that I'd be. They came man if I freaked out in the sky, he's going to freak out and collapse and break down mentally, and I had some whereas like, if I don't get their attention, you know some. My poor signs a halo men think about what's going on another guy me, but you need to think about what you gotta figure out. What methodology you're gonna use so what's for what's interesting for me, is when you're coaching me I know what you're doing I know I go heat he's trying to get me to chill out cuz. I like on that one you were like you like: hey Man hit you hit that live up there. You know it's was trying to say, but you said you knock another one knock take a step back knock another one. I was like cool and I was like he's to get me to chill out so don't freak out, because I just free can t behold the tree and
I know what you're doing but as ECHO Charles has sometimes to me. He knows what I'm doing what I'm talking about. Seven, I I know what you're doing guess what still work, CS. It still work to be like hey here's one ol man, just just back off a little bit or dude you're freaking. you're not. You know how to do this, like those kind of coach and also being like hey get over here like hey, you need to move down like those kind of things are important so for you coach. The way you read on watch now I've watched you coach, a bunch pilecki attack, you sit there like we'll sit a place at one of the targets and you'll. Just like watch for five group. you inside you sit watch you culture, media, listen what you're saying and you can tell that you're going, you read in people, you know Angolan, oh person needs confidence or this person needs to think through needs, a slow things down or dispersants gettin freakin, all all tar, fixated the last second in their crack in the round off. So you read
and then you are applying the right coaching technique to what's going on in their head and that's freaking That's just like that's. Why odyssey to me, your whole life, the number thing. For me, when I look at you, is a coach like that's the the highest thing that I look like man, that guy's off look he's a good archer he's a good hunter here bad us out. We, but man he's a freakin dialed in coach. It's what I'm passionate about, like especially you know with honestly Rogan introducing me to Andy, like I think, was really the thing that started everything down the path of now how many military guys that I've been able to get into an gauss gettin the archery and b I love because there are so many things that are there especially with
team guys, you know others, whether its army. Here you know it. Is it really doesn't matter, but if, if if they ve been, some type of a team are like special forces, they just you know they're good stew, since and their hypercritical of themselves now granted some of more like I got this and be at once. They realize I just made it ass myself, though, though, Listen buddy They don't listen right there by the next time they talk to you. They ve. A hundred per cent, went crazy about tat. To apply that Ino ever that the work ethic is very, it's like the perfect formula for a coach. You know Is all those guys and ever every one of them that I have introduced a too so far has needed has really needed. Archery, as I don't like, like you said, it's like a quiet, it's like a quiet form of what
used to do what it is really tell me it's a new mission, but you you when your whole life with a mission with likes than that. You know that you're focused on an One day you wake up, like retire or you get out the missions, God like You can't have it anymore and look you can try, hang on hang onto it. You can join friggin relived those things in your head, but that's gonna, be that's not gonna work out. there is and that's it That's a shitty reality face like when I had to we went might when I retired and anyone cleaned out my cage and I spent most of my career within like a three hundred yards radius like seal team, Juan Seal team, three. So team seven, I wasn't jilting through and Virginia Beach for for a while, but most of it you could throw up Baltic everywhere I was so when I was now ten years old. I was walking up the steps of supporting one fast two twenty four years and
two hundred yards away. Not even I'm a hundred yards away, cleaning my dear locker, for the last time it has gone all that my whole life, whatever I care about. The only thing I ever knew is gone and look I back out. If I can help out in any way- and I go talk to the teams- that's cool, but it's not my mission anymore, and so this when two guys in they get out and they don't have a mission anymore. So, all of a sudden you go hey man, here's a rican bow and arrow. It's a primitive tool that you used a hunch shit and you can get good at an end the the fundamentals are similar. You know The fundamentals are similar and like when you taught me for the first time Andy was sittin there translating he's like hey what he means it Francais focus hey what measures. It is easy. No justice
the trigger. He was translating me for me, military staff, and all that, oh god, oh god, oh god at you and your aunt, I mean any- is a good example of him to speak. Ok, I got a new mission now here's what I can do and Emma Andy, of course any has a tunnel other things going on in his life and he's got free, Parachuting in Jujitsu now has totally obsessed with Jujitsu, whereas freakin awesome so too, find a mission, but this is a good one. It's a good. Cause- are so many similarities: gear prep right when you're in the seal teams, you're freaking obsessed with dear prep, you figure out what the best way to carry things the best way to do things, and you let ok. I want to be ready for this I want to be ready for this operation right. I got to be in good physical shape. I got to be able to like clear my mind when she gets going sideways and be like all right what's happening right now, so all Things are are so similar, and I know that you spin, I guess was Andy. The first like that that you worked with.
Probably that I mean probably not a yes but yeah. it was the first one where I was where I was mentally really ready for that. I think I was on a different like pulp. Is it like? I was at a difference. Age and that it is obviously it meant more LEO. I was going with Andy like imbue. What may have been different is that, Andy was like what is that saying about like when Winna, when the student is ready, the master appear like I don't know if you could have found some of those more ready to like pick up this stuff and start going. You know an so that's probably why it left an impression on you, damn sure, left an impression on any cause is this: I told you so its awesome and you know what's funny about well. Andy's freaking If you want a later, when you talk about oh jocker. You makes good one minors hanging out like I can listen to any just all day long and in what
really funny to end the like how he. The way he handles like mistakes, his he just hammers himself, so freak email areas, he leaves no room for someone on a lot of and as if it had never. If you know fire off within three seconds, the these freaking classic classic here and that's the kind of thing is when you know win win, you go it gives you a mission. Now you got your friends with you, you don't know you like. Ok, cool now were doing things like what you do in the seal teams. Guess what, if if any nigh on a pistol range and where she other like he's going to be making fun of me Rite AIDS, on the I'm going to shank some round off or whatever need a mag change in the middle, and I didn't need to do something stupid. it's got, it's gonna be formed and you know what's gonna make me better. It's gonna make me better
and that's another thing I noticed attack like the amount of that's that were up there here, it's freakin awesome its awesome Guys come up to me and tell me like Bro, you know I started I started this this. What I'm doing- and these are guys that Freedom? You know two years ago, whatever when they got out of the marine corps after six years or after eight years or after eighteen years, They have a mission anymore. and now the sun there freakin jacked up. They got their gear on their showed me. They're Regan Range Finder in their pumped man, they're pumped, and so the fact that you ve sort of open up this opportunity for so many guys to start going on the path its merits. beneficial the boots- yes, freakin, awesome in its there also comes a point in time or you wanna like unfortunate. I can pick and choose what I'm doing right now,
and so I really want to pick and choose things, that's rewarding to me and hopefully that sat now selfish but There's also like I don't know, there's there's people that I work with were. I know this person didn't live on this planet a lot longer because they have enough August right now and you and arteries change their life totally and what's cool. it is. You don't have to be in like perfect physical shape so I mean there's times or people given our train, kind of a little bit lost. You know. Maybe maybe they're not as in shape they were or whatever, but that's what's cool about it is it's not age specific and it's you know. If you can pull it back, you can do it and I I the natural progression. Is you pull back and you know maybe you're not good than
it'll, better, then there's a ton of people now that her just for a better food source alternative their open minded hunting its can in their minds fair chase which go hunting. You kind of lowers that foundry for people to retire like ok, if I'm gonna put in all this work and do it totally cool yeah eaten a saying killing it or whatever. But then once you take that step, you realize. Oh, this is a whole different kind of hard because now you're dead with. In my opinion, some of the animals are just so much smarter than other things you could roll up on. It and write a mean their first. You can keep up here because I remember. Andy and I were on somethin where it was it was. It was a pretty tough like a kind of look.
the miracle that we pulled off this stockin jack, something I don't know what it was. But I remember saying, like you doesn't seem like it was hard to kill a person he just like do because not this hard at his eye. He is All of us would be he's, like you know, he's like a lot of us would be here a totally different level if we are to learn this way. First, he's like it. He as if, if everyone had this background prior to going into the teams, he's like it would be here the insane Nabil, would very beneficial, very beneficial, there's some the things that you gotta think about better the exact same the other? Well, If the only thing that's not the same, without smell like like If you talk to some of the Vietnam guys, don't like
a visa or than the envious would smell you me, and so, if they could smell it smell them too. So maybe we need to just count for everything will now with dogs like. I told Andy was, I said, listen now If I knew there was someone coming to jack me, you know I would definitely have at least a dog being definitely have dogs around cuz. Obviously, dogs could smell to you know if you train them on something. You know specific time type of gear or something like that it would be. An advantage, but I've actually talk to one as it were with tonight, he's actually took me up with some of the guys are going to do when the training down in one eye for the sniper training there doing a couple team things. There
and so he had asked me if I wanted to go down just two to teach some navigation of like two. Instead of learning the long distance aspect too, like make some competitions on the closest shot two, were they yelled? I would assess their choice of that navigation, unlike what they could do, different two words like ok, we know how how far you can shoot someone from now who can jack, sunbonnet a yard or whatever he adds up. It's totally different do have to get within me. No fifty yards Sanctum, that's freaking crazy, it's this crazy to think that way, whereas with a rifle you know you can be, I mean at least five one yard. You can be five yards, be, like you know, we're good. I got this out. so we want surfing yesterday released. Yet we went surfing yesterday
kinda. I was sure laws that will actually do. I paused for a second to think to myself. Did he surf or not, and the fact that matters you did serve, you did so you paddled on the ways you caught the waves and you stood up. That's why pauses equate to deserve? Yes, you did you caught multiple waves, you paddled into them yourself and then stood up and rode the waves. That's what surfing is so you we did serve yesterday and I know you we been one other time, which was the last time you went was was a little bit at the peer. Yes that appear in its its much more forgivable sort of like easier step like we were yesterday. That's like you can't push self into those wage, can't touch the bottom and be like all I got this. You have to actually serve worries obviously actually have to serve, but when we were only going out with Josh and I was sort of like you norms, can what Jacques doesn't like it. I don't want to do
to be telling you things and just tell you things in your sit near Freaking got two people telling you shit to do, and it is too much right so. I was just going to do. I was kind of going and but man as I was going down, there was like. Get before we even got in the water. Do it ninety seven things I wanted to tell you, I came, and you got to watch out for this this thing over here this path over here you got to watch, here's the lineup, here's with it, the channels are like this is where you want to sit. Here's what you want to act like a light. Ninety seven before we even got in the water just before we got in the water, and I'm not you know if you're at at at a freak in black belt level in archery, like I'm, not I'm not at the highest level of surfing. imagine how methinks going through your head as Europe, watch me like weaken monkey with a damn bow. Just thinking I, with a fifty four serve pusher yeah yeah I mean it was just like the amount
things they that that you do no about surfing the amount of things that I dont know about our tree and about hunting and about sent and about terrain and about the way the freakin animals react to this and different animals react a different way and dislike so much to learn it. freakin crazy near this crazy, it's hard as a coach, because a lot of times you forget more than you like you, don't know what you should be talking about. Until you realize, like oh, oh yeah, you gave me like there were several of those yesterday yearly worse. One was what you told me when we are on the deck like watching we're like why Jane you like meant to tell you when you were like
see all the waves or come in right there, like a half that sat like that's. Why Josh and I'm when we're done, we would go around those like Lou back in these. Like you know, you just kept going straight back up the girl s eye couches waiting for that board like free, can t Rex your face and meanwhile by Bro that would have been some like when we were standing up on the top looking down. If you too said, like hey, see how all those waves break like this. So when you get your sat and you ride, that out you Lupin behind that should not like freedom House, blown like do drugs, training reminder for three months ahead. If you'd like a man and Throat Abner Dudley or is it impacts air, but, but you did not like. While we were surfing, you know you did servant and to me that's a testament to you know like being athletic and being beaten
will they actually you're? Really your first out to go paddle into waves and stand up. That's not easy to do now. Josh all did make you a freak. Basically, the aircraft carrier massive year of Lebanon, six and it's like over, Four inches thick and twenty four inches, which Anyone surfers here in these numbers goin damn that as an actual air. But that's what a perfect plan plus year, how much leeway to forty? Oh, like that's a different level. You big aspect and it looks like we did. Echo Charles is what's up with your surfing career minimal at best. How come there's? No tangible reason. I mean it.
I searched my soul. I did body boarding sponging as it was for the most of my adolescent life and how to turn up how did you not like say? Oh wouldn't it be called a stand upon this thing and ride this wave glide through the ocean at honour. Not just one of you know like where I grew up on the south side of quiet there actually another surfing, but there I grew up at the beach. Literally grew up at the beach and then again you're saying this like this is some sort of a weird way that you would really have an early live your life. Oh no! No! No! I grew up at the below exactly right by the wrong with you understand the progression just naturally kind of growing up there. Oh you're swimming in the baby, upon it, Paypal, Beach and then you're like ok
You gotta body, surfing a little bit boogie boarding to embody boardings, Angie and also, and then yes, exactly that started to serve in and there's a this hush said geographical element to it as well, you're lily the baby bonding you're outside the baby upon, and then this laughing ways and surfing spots? Those are out, so you always see the surfers, but their way out. So I get. Maybe I think what we started getting into football and stuff. It's like the beach started to be less and less in then we just never! I don't know I never did. Are you thinking about you now is because I respect you stop so like you're going to to get out? Might you said it You want to be a little bit further out. That's where the good stuff is its best the crushing of her work out. Like forty five minutes before your first day,
the interesting thing so like we get in the water, why have been surfing before the ran euralia? Nobody, I was lit. I'm talking to do not like it. Bro I've been on HANS with him I'm watching him move through the forest and he's just like you know freak fighting four legs uneasy standing over stepping over small labour, like small trees, is not like us and I'm I'm like do you know and then watch him shoot a watch him Shouto Tom and then like football or whatever, and my God, this guy's a great athlete and thinking we're going surfing and I'm like. Okay, you know he and I said man you're going to. I was I told you this. I go bro with your long arms give you speak for you anything board, you're going to be going to be like a freaking. You know at both is going through the water, so we go in and I like I said I wasn't do nicotine outcome, leaving that Josh and I get in the water, a paddle now and then I looked back.
Was go next and then Josh we're doing sort of clean up bright and case someone sideways and therefore get me so then I see God like ok, he's goodies in and then I start pattern and I'm not like racing, but I'm just paddle now and then just comes up next to me, and, unlike all that's weird, I wonder where dot is compatible but more, and I looked back now? It's been like, probably one minute and thirty seconds, maybe I looked back. as soon as I look back, I see dead and he looks like he's just gone to of wrestling match. Bear up like a like. Oh yeah cause here's the thing and you, all this up to me a long time ago, ECHO Charles, if you're not used to it. That's like it I used to it, it don't matter. I look at matters and, if you'd worn in good shape at all, then it would really saw here. But if you're not used to that little particular muscle group and the technique cause you're in the water and there's balance going on and yet
It's a little bit further european. I was laughing at myself because I will first I didn't know like where, We were going because we were, we were surf, gonna, be servants sats right, never further out, and you know I don't know where it was probably won't say is. I know you have your spots, but so. My first experience was: we walked out from the peer. Unlike were stuff. Was can right there? That's where I was certain so when he kind of jumped off the rock and went out their ways, and I am talking Josh jostled gadgets, get where you're comfortable. Launch out on your board. You know: wait. No. Eight first mood spot jump out so when I did that by that point, Jacko is like a hundred yards out. So I thought, like he's where we were going to be waiting for these, AIDS scientists went like full spread for, like the first thirty seconds,
Josh like, as I'm like kind of starting to burn out freaking Josh, is like strokes by and they're, not going and then Jocko's. Just looking back he's like Can I go about two hundred more yards analogies thing in life and death free, RO I was born in the like us. I would say, in this kind of stuff, like Bro, you gotta give me like two minutes a harp after a few minutes it it's over the past because he was caught him in the lineup, like not months, are using the impacts and enormous on there's a lull and unlike because now I'm right now I put everything together my mind and I'm thinking. If this is other, does it get out there like we now he's gonna be in here for a law. Some you gotta, give you like to be the tv like Cuba to push of work. It was a pussy. I look like I love that I love something that you know it's just too
struggle gives you like, gives you a purpose than today when we are waiting to come here. I just south there and watch those things, and I was like thinking about every mistake I made yesterday and how I would do it differently today. Paddling was one of em, but like even yesterday, Jockers I hated near hit the garage really work out, so I went down in there and its very different than mine. You know I'm gonna looking around looking at the issue of the tools trying to figure out like what I can construct. You know that day so. I've Regan Veto hit, is rings for awhile and stuff in and did some kettlebells. But then I also thought like me, a lot of its like fricking guerrilla movements, so sure yeah his wife and girls had some bans over on the side after eyes
YO slung some kettlebells around for a while, I'm here went and grab some ban. Just did some like burn out of your shoulders and in a freak in arms and stuff, which I thought was a knee. I worked out for an hour. I was pretty happy if everything but like it. A hundred yards I'll freak in China Paddle that aircraft carriers and he's like two hundred yards, than ours, dislike freaking tries, That's a lie back he's like this again, no brow, I mean I just realized for the first time that, like when you see a surfer that guy's in like better shape than are ressler like ease and security in the sick, a shape cause. That's how Martha was unaware,
in a way, but also nottoway. Let's face it, you can be like a fat old dude that surfs like I'll, take you to yeah they're just used to, and they got good technique and they didn't go out there and they don't even know they don't even freaking try and there I was thinking I give a bodybuilder. You know a bow and watch him like struggle to get it back. You're like did. This is a seventy pound dumbo row right and you can't do then is yet what is thy that that they don't have like the the little stabilizer muscles are sometimes thought. No, it's just like it's just that standing of like the technique of like where you're pushing and pulling in like the leverage of it it be like to be just like walking up and even if a big dude, you said letting you know, hey, do a clean and jerk, and you just like put two hundred pounds on there. You didn't mean it's just going to be a train wreck,
making, whereas you get a little female. That knows how to do a clean and jerk she'll take at two hundred and thrown up like it's nothing or we talked about that on. The mace today were clear about what the swinging, the other big mace, that first surfing at you eye like action, you don't have to be in that good shape. You deserve to be used to The sole repetitive like does paddling. Sorry, if the site is not known how to swim. Honestly like on that board, I just felt like you first time, even if someone knows how to sway me throwing the water if they don't know like stroke and like how to block in breathing you're like taken on water in your mouth, in your trying to blow that our and your freakin sprint and when there's waves up like and it was like simple stuff, got my first ride in I think it was on my like I've went up to one near one. Then you got up to one foot for a little bit and then lie as I'm going back out- I'm just taken friction
your mom taken straight wide straight out, and I did that a couple times and then I'm out there with Josh Rockwood Road, one in I'm out there with Josh and a couple like a big set came that we're crashing kind of further out and like as we're going up. He knew it was going to like crash and he goes. He goes bro when you go. he goes to a push up on your bored right as you're hitting the right as you're hitting the whatever you called it, and you know the flake or what is Whitewater yeah he's like you, do a push up on your board. Then it drives windows down and cruise ride, the back and and rode down an obvious like now, you tell me I freakin was taken like full and those freakin want. After learning in the friggin borders own taken heavy artillery jack a whole Josh judges out there like watch redesign he'll be back he'll, be
Geier, fifteen or whatever, there's a lot attacked me man and he told me that you know the button hook method the channels yet liked ones are the chain. We got all the way out and climbed up on the rocks, and we were there to take a picture of the three of us like up at the top the cliffs, and he goes see we're all or breakin he's like at don't, let's had allow egos. That's that's why I like a bright it out this way and then I'd come around the bachelor. Then Josh Josh always rode out that way than he come round. The back he's like you just kept going right up the maiden like many think. You tell me that, like ten minutes in ITALY, and you know why, as you said, there's like only. many things like the ninety seven things that I want to tell you all that Josh wanted to tell you hear that
didn't make the chart. Yet he wants. You want to realize that he's going to be able to survive in it that made it onto the freaking on the prioritize. Next, keep things, don't just sit there in the impossible to try and paddle out going back to the business side of things. Because, again to me, that's one: that's! What makes us applicable Makes your story applicable in so many different realms is the best side and the wave set things up. You ended up eventually kind of like None of this was your Europe. Will your final move but my site, your final move, but you what are your biggest moves was partnering up with with Piazzi. Here I mean a definite came later, but yeah I mean they're. There came a point where
our business had grown a really awesome community. That was a thriving for the educational content and then also like products that supported that educational content, which was all me of Sharon side of the house. I was more. I come up with things to talk about based on someone I'm working with at that time, but yeah the brand became a community. He became share and always said like we're. Not you know, we don't have fans, we have. You know we have a community like we have me. We have a knock on nation that that's kind of You referred to it probably five years ago in a five or six years ago, which we just turn ten years old. So you know halfway through. We realized you know like what really fit our model. and then yeah, one of the hardest, For me,
The hardest things is a very loyal person, you know, and I've since I've also been I've worked internally at manufacturers. I look it meal ambassadors or external representatives of in a different light. Then, if someone just out being an ambassador, you know or public figure whenever that, whatever way different now, but when I was internal and we had pro staff, you know you just, you see what people do that really helps the company and makes you like never and question of. Should we get here? Who are we gonna keep her?
on this year. I just knew those types of things you know to wear if it was just like with four meme, like with my friendships. If it's a two way street, then you know that's a good relationship, but if it's all, if it's always like the others, always a given it take, then let's just not like a healthy relationships for my leg, you build me a bow. You taught me how to shoot you took me on. And then I got bigger- tell Iceland I'm looking at you exactly what I'm looking to get a of people are Do that life when you're here, doing the podcast with Andean Trevor that was day one of Jiu Jitsu. For me, and I was actually in this room. I just couldn t.
Just my there was a parochial- was delivered. The heck cornered is trying to get oxygen, frickin, pull by half the pack backbone Meanwhile you name. It is greatly, laugh and check it out. So we form these really good relationships, always treat me like you and I got a year, and so it's always been tough when, when you change when he, if you change brands, because I don't ever want to be a reform reflection of loyalty but a lot of times a lot of times like the higher up, you go in what year giving someone or what they're giving you there's. Obviously there more expectation and there's more now, I don't know she s like the higher up in rank. He go there's. No.
Things that you need to do better than other people, and so you know when you called that spot its sometimes it's hard when you get to a higher level too then changed his. I don't ever want to people to feel like I'm just making a change from a monetary point of view: but for me, I had gone through two consecutive contracts that were multi year contracts and both of em Canna got cut when our business. Is to rejecting you know in this format, but then you know they're like well in a work on a platter going from a marketing point of view, and you know we're not getting added budgets, but we need to make brother thing, so they are always transparent, but it also became clear of rejecting up and I want to. I want to provide more free content, but I can't provide free content to the consumer. If I have no,
support from you know, by the way, when you say your is going up, you mean knock on knock on. Archery is growing you're, getting more more people following there, more people watching your instructionals on Youtube, there's just a whole new archery pie, like you know, people people within the archery community that Pied be like you know local surfers around. Here, probably you know. That's probably up up whereas if someone just really started folks and on NEO teaching surfing to people like me, you know- and I came in daylight- what does whole other thing to wear these people all over here, probably looking at like. What's this guy even doing you know why it, why is he doing that? But the reality is, you know we're kind of like baking, a whole new cake, because the people that were getting from the military, and in other people, that we get from a lot of our mutual friends like I'm beyond
busy just with are just with people that no should be getting in archery writer and at the end of that contract. My last one I can. I knew I need the open my ears to everybody, because I had been with that company for ten straight years, but I also had taken six years of ring. You two were things reply towing and I could see the wasn't progression, so I listened to everybody and yeah mean through everything. There honestly. There is multiple deals that were better than where I was but yes, he came in and pretty much said like we love what you're doing and we want to support what we're doing, but we also want to give you the tools to work. If you want to do more, will give you the tools for that. So they said you know if you you like? You want to create a beau that specific tee o to your father
hours or if you want to do something, and I said well you: how can I bring in a beau? That's like it a budget price you and they just said yeah. You tell us what to sell for you know, will assign an engineer to you and you can you can do what whatever you want? so it was, it was just. It was just a different door. You know that got opened that allowed us to go a direction with our brand that I feel good about, and I feel, like you know, I sleep well with just knowing that we're giving back a lot and yeah ps he's been a huge part of that. You know they've. Just given me the tools first though we came out with, is the one you and I shoot and then came out with another bow that was focused on you know rice to, were either average person go and get an artery with a really good set up, but
we still less than what you buy goodbye surfboard for economy and then yeah. We can choose our direction. So it's me, It's been an awesome partnership and the other in a mirror. Everything's main America for the stuff that Were designing and vicious, it's really cool, because it's actually the company. My first bow was a piazzi and last year was there fifty year, like anniversary so in Piazzi started in Illinois, like very close to where they are road that I turned down was not very far from there. so there's a lot of cool things like that, that being a lot of times, if things are meant to be they happen, I have I've just learned that you, if you for stuff it's not for the right, reason, so I've I've, just really I've been fortunate that I haven't had to me.
decision based on like I can't pay my bills. If I make this decision So I've always let things unfold of you're really, what's meant to be, will be in air and I feel like I feel like progression of shooting turn then archery and learning What I learned their learning the connections and and growing up working with the manufacture and seen some that behind the scenes stuff, like all those Regis the sacrifices and building blocks that I had to do to get to where I really want to be. I never. I never wanted to be the best turn him in Archer never really wanted to be, and I didn't want to just work at an hour tree. The young manufacture, you go to all the this, I just I love hunting, love teaching you I like.
I got a new spots and seeing new things and have a new challenges so that that's kind of what it's done for me and what I like about it now remember us deal was unfolding. Your tell me what it was like in its like a true partnership. Like you said: you're allowed to go in there, you can the help design exactly what it is. You want. your name goin on these Bonn this equipment. So it's like you can't any more invested in this company, which is which is also gets, and what the other thing to is everyone needs. Remember you know if you can't shoot it well, there's no purpose to it so like through that whole process. I got acquitted from all these companies that I really hadn't done. Hadn't done a lot of due diligence shooting to where I now, because I had only shot to other Archery Rand's, really at from a like professional level, each one for about a decade so
shot other competitors know if they felt like, but that doesn't mean I knew what they would do like in hands every day. So I needed to know that and. Right away after three or four days. I thought this is A seriously underrated product, you Know- and I went out there and met with them, and they talked about a lot of things that they want do especially like at that. Fifty year you know they wanted to. Make some changes from the sales point of view they wanted to make some marketing decisions that were different, the they said. Yes, we were to be able to to hit some like niche markets which for them Our community was a niche market which I think was very underrated. You know now now. I think they realize you what the impact is
yeah really gave the ability for me to take people that had incredible ideas internally and an awesome patents which for me It would be hard to go out on my own and do it, because I have to work around so many things that now that I've shot their bows. I personally like so you know I would be trying to figure out a way around what they ve solidified as a beer. as a proven design, so it just it was for here was a plugin play. Why in and that's what it had to be because you know we ve worked really hard chair and I too really stay on our path at knock on archery, because there's there's been a lot of opportunities to maybe sell out would be like the term, because the problem would be that drastic, but we could have.
I finally made a lot more decisions that would have put our following secondary to do. Visions that we made and the PLC collaboration, was, was of an awesome plugin play for us and I think, as a Actually me I feel like. I was an athlete that built career out of the discipline of athletics. Honestly, I feel, like Those are the little things in business. she now like. So many people build business, soft social media, or you know, maybe they ve Maybe they ve been with origin, fur me, oh using your game for a year and you guys have been good and you're. your laying down foundation to get to where you on origin to go. But then you know brand
comes in and says. Well, you know we're not just going to give you a discount on will will give you key and I was always at the the man. instead of ok I get a veto at one. Do I really need to get a free if I've got one, even though I had to buy from origin and ok, let's say I take the free YE will now I've. like also started a brand new relationship, so We made a lot of really good choices by weighing out like law. long term relationships that understood The direction we needed to go, but we weren't there yet, but they were gonna help at a rate that they could to where we can get to go verses like you start ups or the perfect example of like NEO? They wait they make allow a dumb decisions, as I did as a business. You give
stuff away to the wrong people in those those places come and go all the time, and I think ass, like an embarrassing own ambassador type figure. Whatever you can. I think I again he likes to call influencers. That's how you again for two year which Yeah, that's year, official hashtag for any Leah you can. You can burn a lot of bridges and it is my experience that a lot of these jujitsu surfing Archery they're, like their small demographics there, like small, ecosystems. So it's there's always so many times you can burn a hole in the freak in ozone before eventually, people like that age is burning the planet down. If you would, like about what you what you and adjourn of dawn- and I think this might be the the biggest lesson that I look at you. to try and pass on to the people. Is you go
down the right? Things were right reasons old time you you have put the customer first, you pay the clients. First, you put the people that are watching your videos. I mean there's, there's one: that's what you ve done, that's what you're stuck to making the best products. You can try to get him out a good price point. I mean for you to go to pvc in like say: ok, I could make the above you know infrared this super high and bow, but you, and and the first really like us, the second moviemakers you you did make that first, both at worshiped, but then he said: ok, here's the first! If we are to make above that is affordable to people that still kicks ass. So I think one of one of the lessons that I take away from this is like, if you do the right things for the right reasons in the long run strategically you can better off then you know trying
get China Maneuver real, quick to make a little bit a buck here in a buck there, like you, said your burn in a hole in the world that you have to live in an end up, not work out well I hate to ask you the risks of depriving asked us ten thousand times, but look go to a half hours on like that, but if someone is starting, if someone's I pay due, this sounds awesome I want I want to get into this. I want to get an artery. I want to get a bow. I want to know what to go hunting. I wanna be freaking stocking around in the forest, with candy paint on my face, like army, and I want to get into it. What what are you and how do you? How do you go about that? Well, I think, for you should just meal Google me of Google. tree shops and look at ratings theirs? There are some areas are very fortunate to have an hour, an awesome, archery shop that he now
as amazing, he'll entry, level of classes and programs like that but also like especially from our point of view, knock on archery dot com is we offer free sending content. I just put out a series of archery Wanna, one with Yellow March anchor from kick span gives you and I are both relying frickin hair slingers from the eighties. I think it only fair and life Bam was a hare. Slain was not me. I wasn't listenin to freaking poison like do you believe that you grow homewards? Withdraw you do no offense gives kicks, but they weren't my freakin tape deck. What was your top three
relax, Sabbath motor had led Zepplin eighty DC and then straight into all the hard core stuff than I grew upon: Crow, mags, bad, bad, bad brains, agnostic from threaten I'm alive? Who want sound Well. If you wanted that easier listening, you had alternate gnawed, we did. We did, thought. It was a really cool story because you know he's he's later in life decided to pick up a pickup jujitsu went down that path. You wanted to honestly wanted till I get away from factory farming, and so decided to go down the archery path and wandered. good enough to where he did you get his own food, so to speak, so really cool.
And we documented that nuts was like a three part series which take someone from who had never pulled the beau back and just walked, walked him through like NEO same thing. I did Helen right arena and the learning uninspiring our I didn't know anything about archery you looking man so thankful that you decided MIKE, hey you. You are now really like this because you heard me on Rogan and you like this guy needs to get a free combo so set it up. He came out here, freakin like when they say like It's not gonna. Come you on a silver platter right in life, are going to come to you on a silver platter. I literally got archery on a silver platter, and I know it to everyone out That's like this sample, Bitch just Freaking Dudley, build Macao and teach me like that's what happened. I know. I'm sorry that I got. freak in life. You know my body Jack Daniels as an affront. No do not feel, though he is like me
he's at Bay and doubly taught you how to shoot man he's at all for part, so that I know that I got that but one, but I dont even watching your videos like before you came out to teach me and so then, a media garment. Unlike aren't what are these videos of these and on my own, that literally just what he told me to do like I went through my all. This is what you, anybody, that's thinking I got so lucky. I did I'm not taken away, but you can get just as lucky by At present, we can play on a Youtube, video and you're gonna get you the exact same things to me. You like, hey, that's what you do is restart. Here's the string, here's this and I'm like ok cool I'm doing it and I don't want to be doesn't like that's what you just told me. You gotta just send me the Youtube link. Can you have to fly out here to say the egg, and so every year the middle act that you ve, given access to your actual
programme of coaching and its available to anybody. It's available to anybody so and honour Youtube Channel, unite parallel each other in that format. Ike and I heard you talk about it in the past. You ve talked about. You know like me for extreme ownership right when you first started doing it you'd, probably when you started you would get cash by. no one in places and do in that presentation, which is kind of like when I use Travel european my slide shows people took pictures of em. A kind of weird me out like I need be booking the ear. Need a book and other spot. That's how I'm paying for my bills, you know, but then it gets point we realize now actually the more people you're helping the more people that want a dive deeper. So you know- There came a point for me were
I kind of new. I was going down the right road when people we're on higher levels. We get mad at me because they're, like dont, show how to do that. no. Why are you sure about to do that? Dude, you and because the U S was so dominant in archery competition for a long time and cut in the compound both category, and so learning that ranging system on the unknown things like that was never tell anyone that sort of thing. But just all these small little things- you know we'd go to another country and see him like punch in triggers, somethin everybody look at me like if we can talk to them about punch that trigger them. Punch in the face of. What's really need these people so but yeah just felt like the more I The more I gave away. It's also a really good filter, because you re
start to see how many people are absorbing. What you're saying and not you not being an asshole withered is skiing in they never apply. Ask never reply. Never reply! You see, he already look at him in here. Like oh, hey man. When did you start she's, not silver back in their like yeah watched, video blah blah blah I've been working on it. I think I'm get better and meanwhile oh this because I'm seeing you know what I try to teach me applied by some one that I know I didn't directly tell do so. Naturally, it's like well hey. Let me give you a little bit will you. Let me help you progress. Progress is a little bit and I feel like for you and I both We just we just got to the point where we realise lay it all out there and yeah there's There are certain places that will say We will give you anything to to come out here and I do it in person and blah blah blah.
yeah. I've got people near weave auctioned, a couple bows that have gone for a lot for always for a good cause. But we we auction by a beau that went for a lot for the night. Seal foundation to get to that million dollar March two million mark and Even those raffle and People Stillwell Mio, not everyone's got twenty bucks by a bunch of raffle tickets- and it's like you know make everyone happy. But the reality is no someone really wants to go through and put it all together. Vacant neo can read all these and so many different things that I've heard you talk to people in and give them. I don't know you people coming, I hate Jacko Gimme, some advice,
this and then I'll go through and look in here, no, my elio I've heard em up that exacting doing they acted like YO. He just told them. In this, never Vincennes like actually, if they yeah. They would follow that, like you, I'm a broken record when it comes to archery I've. I've boiled down a recipe to near what I feel is like a boss. Please it's like vigour have cleaner and I know like what can make most archers, who are brand new, be it up. very high level fast in a a lot of mistakes, but you, whether you watch every video I have or read all those articles or you come in person now granted its here for me to see in person or our rate down. What's that is the benefit to be an impersonal. You can directly can,
like right away, you're not having to figure out what am I doing wrong in research it but other not like we put it out there fi learn something new or if we come out with a new product. Then you were we're gonna, pull it out there in mode. of everything we do is always it's always a directive, a derivative of need that. I see that we can help with and I remember specifically like on that boat that we are talking about. I have boards all around me, like our even to my house and stuff, most anywhere, where I, if I sit down and I'm in their very long there's chop- My waltzers painted with chalkboard paint because I just write stuff down so don't forget it, but I remember like meetings,
person. That cannot said like hey, you had loved embark on an artery journey. Where do I start inside? Remember like writing that down, which is the name of Bo is embark because I'm, like you, know, embark on your first archery journey embark on your first bow hunt. Do you know so a lot of the things that we put out there because there was a need? My subject matter comes from someone's problem that I need to help him fixed in the subject of that a few times on social media as start looking to juggle shot. Do it s not like there you go in its awesome. You know and an that's which would be nor twenties was not funny but problem. like the third part, gas that we were doing, or maybe the fourth something but very early on in the podcast. I remember I had been asked a question about leadership I was gonna give the answer has like this, answer that I'm about to give is like very, very, very valuable and
I didn't it wasn't like. I had a major debate in my mind, but it was more just and acceptance was like I said. Maybe I shouldn't give it away, but it was me like I said. When I give this was given away something very, very valuable, and I and that's what I'm gonna do like. Maybe there's a little bit like well, you know cause, I look, I've a leadership, consulting company NEA right. That's why do as I do leadership consulting if I'm just You know J go go ahead, I'm just gonna give way all the answers for free. Well, maybe not a good idea, and I wonder if I had that far like a split second and I realize was like no actually every possible thing that I can give the people to help them. That's what we're doing. That's what I'm doing and and and that's what you do and, like you said, what helps is that solves? Look No one life is going to get to the end of their problems right and no one's going to get to a point where they just like. I don't have any problems, anymore leadership, but I do I've got everything figured out. No one, and so doesn't do you solve a bunch of their problems, cool thing, guess what
now when you work with them. You can do a problem that is actually a little bit more complex yeah. It's actually a little bit more challenging like I get kind of like you, you get ass. hey dodging on you know. Sometimes a little bit load the left and their thinking That's the first time you ve ever been asked, I mean, or they say, hey. No, I once I'm sit nor target. I start my my by start to my hand, starches shakily, but like their thinking that this is only happening to them. You ve been asked tat question. Fifteen million is right and have asked me to let you know: hey Jack, no, you talk about cover move, but sometimes people working with data, really you didn't do their part. So how does that even worked? I've been. They think that that's the only time that's ever have actually happen. Fifteen million times that I've been ask that question. So, away give away as much as you can to people and that elevates everybody and that
there. There seen value what you doing in their appreciative and now guess what they get their problem. Prob that problem solved cool thing a problem again. That's great girl, that's great good for that's all some. I'm happy someone else that promotional learn by the way. It's just an justify it. Doing the right thing for the right reason, like I said, only for doing the right thing for the right reason. It's going to pay off in the end you and I are really similar in a lot of ways like right now. and I understand you in your old house- so just lurking around and see how some of your stuff, I'm you're you're, not like majesty person you're very like even your waits learn here the first one. You got that Ebay or wherever you know before Ebay, when you walked in the freaking second, wind fitness or whatever and freaking fought this rusty hill freaking thing you got, but.
you dont forget to what you do everything you do is that way, but I'm glad you knew that the bands you used to work out we're not my. There were my wives and daughters, but I think you, consistency with, like you get good the tools you have an you eve. build yourself around those tools. You don't get too try to continue to make you better. You know you're not like looking for the Chico looking for the Chico yeah. I know you talk about them for a hack that this fight to get this it'll. Make me a little bit. It'll make a loser now go or not. not surfboards, could you also saw my mouth surplus, which is a kind of ringing regular here? Yes, surfboards is like a friggin junk
These are for it's all over the plaza and there's a little bit of an excuse for that, because different waves require different boards. Yeah there's a lot of different waves deserve a mean. My Archer room looks very similar to that, but I don't change unless there's a change needed for the application. Now, one of the things with me, is. I never really had great continual coaching. A lot of the things that I teach are from mistakes like no one ever told me why I miss low left. I had to figure that out over alive frustration and so like once I've learned those things everything up we'll down, is to try to help eliminate those mistakes. In learning curves, you should its chief codes, but just like me, up frigates, If in yesterday, I do try to take a direct line of attack,
So my coaching method is very direct line of it of attack to work your eliminating mistakes but like getting to that particular point of topic as a it is possible to where you're not expanding, valuable energy in that Archery Sean. I just want to make sure we capture a couple things here, so never done archer four, and I want to get into archery. What's we we look for good archery shop, we read the reviews reviews. What's a good amount of money to spend on that first investment. Is it better to go and like? You go and try like hey. Can I try a bow like? Let me shoot some see what it feels like in the shop just Justin, make sure you like, oh yeah. This is freaking cool or is it like? You know spend a thousand bucks spin. Eight hundred bucks it's gonna get you in the game loathing. you go there new. You try it most archer
Jobs are gonna. Let you tried a little that I think that would be valuable and be really specific too. Two were your new. You want to make sure you by equipping that's very suited for you as a beginner. May one of the examples of that is. When you buy a bow they have like. You know they all have pulling weight. So when you pull them back, you know takes a certain amount of strength to pull them back on real strong, yeah. I want five hundred pines yeah, that's charcoal walking but a beginner like our wives, for example. If they went into a lot of shops, some shops, especially if they are exciting, just wanted to buy it right. Then they would make do with equipment that they have and night size it down for them. Verses, would weigh rather say, hey I'll, wait a couple weeks to order something nor you know
My pull away. The bow was the right size for me because I can always make it work, but you getting the right equipment off the gecko and being Fraught with them of hay out, I really want to do this. I enjoy it. I want the right equipment and it's my personal belief that if you get in on like the lower, stuff, you're gonna? U can progress really fast with archery, so what will happen? Is you're gonna, do it just a short period of time and realize I'm actually better than this beginner piece of equipment? And then you re as the value of beginner equipment is kind of a poor investment, because it's just you're gonna sell it for way. Last, because everybody got that cheap entry point so like with the Bowe that we did the embark that both allows you to get a boat or price to worry,
put some really high and accessories on it because the accessories can carry over it. Be like you know, if you got a cool freakin are within, like beasts me a shot your wad on buying. That think. So, then you, when you went, bottleneck s key and then likewise fifty bucks laughed and you gotta borrow your buddies like red Rider behind, hangs, scope that came on it like put hundreds of ascii, that's gonna, be a problem, so I tell people yogurt hi and accessories gig of quality heroes, high and accessories git, a beau, that's in the middle of the road to were. If you move up in that bow, you can transfer your accessories over, which would be a wee wee done with you transfer. The accessory. I went high and on your accessories because you don't want accessory, like you know, on your site, moving a few years,
moving around or if your arrest is moving around then there's. None of us are going to know how well you're really shooting, because they're just continual there labels, but I think I think, for a thousand bucks you can get in to where you can get in and stay in, without having to reopen re up and re up. But you, on something that has the ability to, especially if you're still going. You wanna have a camp system that, in that's kind of the poorly King things, on the boat you to build a have something that's adjustable in this Finally, when you're learning like as a coach, I'm not gonna be hypersensitive of you being exactly you're, which is like you're posture when you're at it like a full draw position with your boat, pulling it back, because you can pull above
act. Different lengths, there's a good chance that year technique is slightly change over the course of getting better to where you might need to make some adjust So that's it haven't something that has the ability to adjust is also awesome which you get when you spend your car, like, I think, there's one hundred dollars equivalent. So I can get a bow for four hundred bucks, but you're going to be limited. You know, and then I think, once you get to like six, ninety seven, ninety nine for the bow, only you're in a really good position and then put good accessories on it and you'll be enjoying it for a while that that level bow like the embark like you, you go on with that during this is ya out I'll shoot one day at the tax will be within embark and then one day I'll be with an anti in like when I and last year I took that bow wow
my most memorable HANS here, because I have always that they have always done. Is I want people to feel like, even though for a particular brand they how a low and model amid great bottle and a high and model I've always put some of those budget bows two tasks and ive used on, because I want. I don't want people to feel like they can only chewed archery if they have the best gear of proven time and time and time again. that that middle range is, is a very good place to get in? And you can honestly stay there and be told ok. But now it's no different than you. There's a lot of cars that are awesome, but you I, like my ram, but I might want that cat room. Even so technically drives the same right or why it gets
that's good in forward. I'm sure a bunch of people to probably good work approaching three is right now, but I just wanted to make sure people are going to get interested in this. I want people to and by the way you have all this information on on your Youtube channel about like what how to get started. What to look for everything for we can arrows to the book everything Sonya, it's it's out there. If you want to go a little bit deeper, but the man three. I appreciate you common on, but man I appreciate appreciate you're doing what you and for veterans, you know that are out there. What you're doing for your whole community of people that are making their life better cause you're out there they got. They got a mission, an absolutely what you ve done for me. Help me out: delivering silver platter. By wanting to me, which again, I'm sorry for everyone for being so spoiled bomb lucky and I appreciate it, but man it's been awesome and- and I want to help, get other people-
headed down that path, because a man I think its beneficial in so many different ways. Man yet is a hundred percent. I think it's an awesome an awesome sport, especially for people that come from your background. Who are and for a new mission. You said it perfectly because with All of you guys who have done it. You know learning a new discipline or new trade is one thing, but then, once it comes to light, packing up to freakin go on all that lights a whole different intensity, where you know hey we're meeting you third were were were out at dark knack at dark and when you're out there, you know geared We can really get after it. I remember the first time you and I went out and we were, that hillside
Glass in Egypt said brothers freakin. This is recon right now like to know I'd. Have a team right over there then be freaking two dudes right there they'd be like you know, backup and then we'd be here in like that you know it would be all pulled over time. You know if you were in your element, endorphin out. Well, you were head freakin dork on the centre, which also meant echo your Charles is you can see what kind of focus and consistency it takes two are to apply excellence in any element, cognitive folk, but the pursuit tops the pursuit of excellence? Doesn't stop what suggestions? Do you have
We ask whether there really were we talked about being an athlete right, the importance, the value of being an athlete which I was with you the whole time. I agree fully, but we do want to stop that. Just because you get older and take on their responsibilities are yet another well, a shock to one of those things were the life I live and unless we have in the game, even on our off time, there's no off time on time this time, something like the less we things to help you through this journey supplement station first thing he took a focus of discipline this morning I was able to look at you. Just get you on track. Rough is yours to stray. Why, whatever you got, what you are talking about all this is probably chime in on a few things, as I can tell you like three things are pinnacles for me from from origin, cold war.
Joint warfare and the vitamin d freakin have powered through co NEA Covin year was like now frank, you're no factor, but I will those three for me or every day like right next to my cup of coffee, where I know him yet after first thing in the morning the other Does it goes a friggin legit? The joint warfare? Is there the agreed with her views on joint work or not. Listen to me, who am, I am free. I, on the company, of course, I'll tell you right now: read the reviews from other people and what it does to them and what they say that grandmother started taken and now the sudden yo she's, whatever playing tennis again and what not yet to fund this the whole purpose. Yeah you own the company, but the whole purpose that you have this stuff is because that was like your pursuit. Even before that truly gay, you gonna take the stuff
oil, you know all the ingredients. Will you added something into the reserve that ought to make tat was bad because why not like it's not like I'm going to take, no make it better. As possible thing that you can put into your mouth african joints bullet proof, son, through with you with that that combo everyday we're not as much that that's kind of a seasonal being done they told super girl to get that coil on man? Then little fished out? What have they fish? No little shrimp. Europe's will punish forever, like chirps, wish, well good to the My one and fish oil is good if you're right There is a lay buried her I will, if it's in there he's he's ready and research, there's a reason that we see fish oil is like whatever that's your freakin four hundred dollar bills,
Chris Oil, the entry or the oils, the friggin top of the line is the top of wine. Super girl is worth said fully. I mentioned the discipline dismal go halo, Some of us are into energy drinks, but were really were not into energy drinks were into the idea of energy during somewhat they don't tell you about. The whole energy during thing is that this poison insight straight a normal energy drinks tradition, tradition that why? Yes, this is the upgrade. This is that whatever is, as you know, everything its operate because new category, via its new category, oh we're over here drinking poison, you're over your drink. Some, that's awesome for you. Clean alternatives is like a long overdue category, four just think how many guys went in god after it in victory and then walked out and just grab dog, crap in a plastic, bottle alike, halves
thing on the way out the door. It is way past. Do the way past do yet almost like and I'm not as in touch with it, but I'm you know, I'm a cash. I will say, but it seems like the whole energy casual work. It's I mean, besides life everyone all of the above your cash. What are you talking about faint energy during all before you see if it wasn't for me being on appointment like like with with energy drinks and needing them, because I need is a guy, I'm freaking, wicked tired and I ve been for forty eight hours, and I need caffeine into my system. That's why I started drinking energy drinks and then But what are you deal with you deal with the oh? I got done drinking the energy drink. Now I I don't have that way. Freaking too high or more for send. Now I feel like dogs, shit yeah yeah, that's exotic! there's a bunch of junk in their does exactly what I'm saying, you're talking about extra about you in the color
What about you you're freaking doorman the year whatever I never never. they never got into energy drinks as much You know every once in a while, we would ever district coffee could they have coffee available? Whatever is first data. Nobody talk about like activity from a goin on the appointment of the executive to coffee. Understand, sir. I was talking to Heaven in Evans, Ike these accusations, I wanna keep popping up to Utah moment to figure out what what coffee you know, what coffee like there's gotta, be away. You know he's like geez. I got my earlier of the other, the right and he's. I want to create a jersey aims. Taxing me. This is obvious. He's a common man of America to the deal that the beef that you like in the roast that you like and all the stuff I text back. I will bring
I, don't even like coffee ice cream, good luck loud, that's kind of an important factor it there, because copulate coffee like beer words like it end of the day. You're always going to have the beer flavour there's a beer. Labour colleague, labour and then from that flavour, the world. Did you see that their idols or wood as a normative teasingly coffee would be coffin exactly you made it? freaking cocoa beans, it wouldn't be gone, yes, maybe we're tea leaves it wouldn't be. Gough interact, executive or strawberries or whatever Evan was China, but I knew If labour will see Leonardo he's a friggin he's into it man here, maybe you can pull it off we'll see charting a butter. You I'd be that's like you with both bro. Like I sent you, I got whatever you got. Some more can then, like two weeks, That's more like a freak racket Bravo, each wanders mark of a closer
I will give you three days and getting at all. It is true, but the energy drinks is like a lot of these activities that are sometimes in my observation, which is limited. I know, but in my observation is associated with these activities that are kinda list to say they would benefit more from healthy for sure you will for sure or worse. Yet why would you be doing out something that's physically demanding and putting poison in your body? So you don't do it. You live big sky whatever and you let him know you're sending me videos. charging and whenever what's got the pig brought about. What's a mountain, of course was going wrong when I ran up that thing after you, and I will I kept walking down that mountain envy, like penicillin good work, I want it when I windows. I do hope confirms got stuck in that's what I'm saying so so they need. We read the lift
they're, ok, so in the snow was there if you really used to it, ok, good, but just being in the snow just being in the ocean or on deployment or in the in the woods pardon. My lack of mythology, but it is technically it isn't woods just being their bra like that's in and of itself as a thing like, he can't you not just cruising you just do your working raising Sancho and when you doing your activity on top of that and when the big sky, you know the woods water, whatever like breaking any you're, not gonna, want poisoned known that scenario, either now or alone. In anything, they gonna pay the price later something and is not needed. You don't need to you'll need a poisoned, and that's why gotta go off in now, eight while walk. If want this stuff. You on these calls, gonna walk in you know they were saying: to pull the reins ass, they liked don't tell everyone to clear the shell. Stop stop saying we're back commerce! That's what we're back,
if you can run their supply chain under the ground. I looked. I challenge you ought to see if you can run that supply chain under the ground. For me see what happens if you do while figures on my I'll do what something I could do like make. A funny had put on a funny hat endure video or such grow, those bangs back value, paragraph ban that it happens to me all these banks, my hair it we saw its bothersome to me when my hair is like a quarter of an inch long, legged already bothers me. So don't go in that distance with frequent drive me crazy, unacceptable. Hydrogen, something out yeah well, I'm a sharp and there's a subscription scenario. Johnny nobody's gonna run out of that that that everyday supply, jock or fuel dot com which, by the way is where you could think exotic. They called the good good with the good
failure that subscript demonstrating his courtiers your man word we're not look we're not alone in the world as a good good. There's, a there's. Capitalism outer we're competing on an open market were compete with some people that a pretty big. So when you can people that are pretty big, you got to figure out how you're going to make something happen. So what we want to do is free shipping right cuz people are very used to free shipping because of some companies out there that do free shipping. And so our week. How can we make that happen? The way we make happiness. If you get subscriptions to end these products, global shipping for data cool, I also origin, USA, dot com, American made stuff from Jiu, Jitsu stuff, all the way down to Non Jiu, Jitsu everyday stuff and like for real every day stuff. My jeans, like jeans, like a wallet moves? Yeah. We await my hat peat, which had been a backup, that you know the one that he wears
That was what are they all cap? Those are called a flat cap, but they're like can french you want as a cycle of it's called a flat caps, not like Fedora. It's called a flat carpets like what you see like a little british dude. Where did Andy got me one in France, a camel one that I, where sometimes in its Anita M, O flat cap, he added legit in its made out of like sweatshirt material in its freaking comfy on your head. I hunted with I told PETE like make me that out of my origin putty Israel. Is that hoodies, like my favorite thing, aware around the house, everyday yoyo that things freedom, the friggin way that soft ass one free him off re used to say most comfortable, sweat suit. Everyone exactly make
ass. The match their leader letter like longer than twenty eight inches, were I gotta situation, but also to Paris. Refugee law aroused legs, I heard there were, I saw they had some socks, broom sounds and ruined. We're gonna make everything just make everything. everything brain back to America or make it do you can wear, it will end we'll make like they're, making always different like cool socks. But at some point I'm gonna make straight up white socks. You know I wrote a lot of good ideas, do thou and when you gonna make a joke, Strap did you need a mega jocks draft that that's a good call man, that's a great! That's! That's great! I've been here. joking thousand third grade good reason, but yeah
Yes, all american made stuff, really good, also chocolate stores called Jockostore in this week and get shirts and rash guards and hoodies and hats and stuff that are represented in the of the path directly and then there's the shirt locker, which is out What savage solidly onto you by the way. This is what this savage people are. So we This thing called the shirt locker where it's it's a subscription and if you're on a subscription you get like one teacher like if you have to be on, go buy it later so somebody's. Actually, I think, a copper people are the jacking, the design Raymond seller. Doing that that it's not like that design is like do not lay senior people posted it. People posted the real one. So like and then the dna jacket and they put it on these websites. Ok, it's free! ridiculous savage people, savage entities lame, but its there's like a few
you told ideology. I only use the word savage. negative way, but at no, I guess I use a browser where he ever more off. I think you just you just more tomb to it, because I said with such disclose. Just that's just what a savage when, when somebody's like, doesn't have the creativity to figure out how to make a call t, shirt and sell it instead, there, savages and just steel in the design. What who does that yeah it is averages now what's jacked up, as you could also be like a man like that, I can obviously be super positive thing like all these do, like you said earlier, you like hey where the green twins are from where the Guido brothers from there's a bunch of savages in their neighborhood, their wrestlers and their fighters, not like that cool. I totally knew what you were talking about
It's one of those words. I can go either way. That's a compliment word we that many conversations worth Jacko says Savage. It's it's a high comment for someone that doesn't know they just got one. It is a weird thing: cuz I use it as the highest one of the highest compliments in the one of the lowest insult, so I can give it literally the same word that dude's is savage or that dude's is savage for the freaking bunch of Average is, I don't know how they get the deal. The design cause I like ok, like the one, ok, so hard, gory candles and good when it was freedom you go to like, I don't tell anyone had not but it's on display somewhere, but the shirt locker ones they ten there, not theirs a hint of them somewhere what no no people are taking when they get their sherlock, assure all police I get there like hell, got the new short locker shirt.
looking back over. Ok, so hardly how they do that rate than the knockoffs business. The counterfeit pirated, like design shirts they go to. One of these, like internet, what he called purchase by it. the order, recipe, whatever what you can do, what use is a bad? It is if you, if you know about it, you can, if you just have like half a brain, no offense to people who bought those, but you can tell look at it s like this weird, like mark up of the design on this real leg ruling
will you claim uneasy, aided with model and secondly, by metallic a t shirt like from some due on the beach? It looks like there's like plastic stickers here is outer stuck dear Freaking war. I feel bad about. As though is I know that some people are doing by direct all cool like I want to support us, we're like you, like, hey man, if you wanna support, what's goin on here, then you get some gets gear until they actually are Stoke. Like all cool on helping out. You know the podcast we're in the game and then they realize their given their money. Some free design suffering savage out there. The sun savage support, yeah yeah. They use like super what I say: substandard material. It's, like you, know, like the internet, shirt that you print it's like that. Then we get that not to mention this.
or to within just that front design does a lot more to whose lives layers there's little there's little elements of certain. If you examine it, you're like ok and then the game we will be sure even on a physical dimension, the fool philosophical level, you don't get that either brutal anyway. If you want you gonna, give all with a short locker or any of these other things. Jacko store dot com. Also we got you. You should possibly subscribe to this podcast, but but on top of that you have a part, as there are others that there's a pot casket mark on paragraphs here and it's talk, archery bears not just talk about archer you talk about you interview, if only it's cool people, different people from all walks of life, how they whether that, where where they are, of course, You cover
If you just want to get further again granular handsome archery shit, you can go, you get so great a hurry who would know where you are more weave imploded friends. It try to go to deep down the Archie Reinhold like we had one blow today, the girl to day read you gotta, be careful, ran like the crack. Do you know I gotta be careful, you start go now the rabbit all next thing. You know you look up from your worlds. Exploded check out check out that podcast knock on progress, ruin, hear more about archery and just other aspects of life obviously could subscribe to this podcast on wheels. Jacko unravelling I've been roll out some episodes with with with Darrow Cooper, which are which are kind of some crazy episodes, comin out and there gettin crazier him by Redmain. Him are like rabbit whole freakin.
man you're not going to sleep in MID! May him with her with an angle light and a forty five gallery, epistle we're going down suppose that this scary, so you can check that out get the grounded broadcast. Ripper warrior kit broadcast we can also. You can also join us on the underground for the Jackal Underground, which is it's just a little. It's a little like when you were used. Here's something you'll understand which was used to work at the club right here yeah. You know I wouldn't say in there's like a front door right where these are coming. It right, few, oh, my god, I'm in the club, but then there is also like a vip scenario because of the back on this like a little bit more right going on here. so we have. We have the Jackal underground gas Jocund around our com. If you wanna, if you are a common, hang out all about more echo,
wherein there were children. We got bottle service back there. I guess he's at the table. There sure there's boxer risk, there's bombers, metaphorically metaphorically, because you can send a question in an if you in the underground exotic russian. We're going through those questions were gone. Put now little Lamb, the things that I'm diving into yeah. interesting because they explain a lot like when you listen to it, a new kind of put it altogether. If you're one of those people were like all, I see what he did there when you remember some stuff that you heard you like, and it starts a paint, this bigger pitch and explain a lot of stuff. There's a there's, a holistic viewpoint. First, a common tomorrow horizon Jack Odin around our com shrouded in their cause, eight dollars and eighteen sense. A month. We try to check all your money now if you can't afford it go, go Distance at jargon went around our com, but we do need have a contingency encased things, go sideways, encase freak in big,
rather comes down, and you start stamping out freedom of speech. We get have a little access port be able to still do what we're doing and put out the word. We you, don't wanna have a bunch of other sponsors that are saying We don't want to talk about this because we think it might be offensive to our brain we're not doing that job going around our com youtube. We gotta Youtube Channel where ECHO puts a videos also, above all kinds of more information than you could shake a stick at night. On archery, so check those out for a bunch of information in other in USA, has little Youtube. Gentle talk now. What's goin on
Farming can mean we have psychological warfare. What's at all about equal terms, in our jargon, album with Jackal tracks on helping us get through a moment's a week this if they may come about twenty percent effective by the way excellent, we got some books final spin the novel, it's kind of a novel, it's it's kind of crazy! It's cool the final at its are coming back right now and you ll get like little comments and Would you say it's gonna be interesting to see? I was one he had some comments with the editor back I'll put like some other give you at its, but the Nobby like hacking. The railways idea so again is check it out. at first the dish, leadership, charging tactics, field manual, the code, the evaluations, the protocol, this because freedom feel manual way the work. You want to dream for making the dragons about face by Colonel David, hacked
you're going to that right now, right three quarters: the way through your listening to it, yeah how's! I listened to some of it. It seems like as a pretty good breeder, yeah yeah Jerry, I mean some of these readers are just offensive. Like you listen do you like this? Guy is just pick us up for the first time he has no idea. What's going on, no contact needs regional words on the page. I thought that the first, like our probably thought, but then some of the things that he wrote reminded me of my grandfather. So much too were now. When I hear it, I hear my grandpa talking cause. He was. He was gritty korean Ward gritty in precious gritty, so, like I'm here in him, tell it It is an email and even like the terminology like he was a good man, Thou hast, classic NEO vows Classic Papa.
he's like it here. He was a good manner that that demands a cap, a coward or you know he was like theirs a clear line. You're above and urban below it thousand year, Yak worth hackers death. Definitely does that hackers said this got the guys their studs or duds, no offense, totally true who we are front leaderships insolvency. We all promising leadership, you gotta echelon, dot com for details there we have ie, if all mine, which is what all my training for leadership,. We have monsters where we get together and we get granular on. Leadership were executing these this year. The only reason we didn't grew we're going, you one last year, the last of the year, and then I got this Rona so we had to free can cancel that thing.
But we're doing Orlando may twenty five and twenty six Phoenix August, seventeenth and Eighteenth LAS Vegas October, twenty eight and twenty nine. Extreme ownership, dot com we ve sold out every of that we ve ever done so- and these events are we have less seats, cause a social distancing and what not? So there is less seats. So if Wanna come get their asap. We have battlefield where we go out onto actual battlefields, the next ones coming up or in we're doing or gettysburg. We sold out the first one. We opened up a second one, Reggie as a p, if you want to come to that, and if you want, help service members activities I urge you went out, their families want help gold, star families. You can check out Mark Liese, mom mom, mom has her own charity organization, and if you want to donate, we want to get involved, go to America's mighty warriors dot. Org and if you want more of my stained sagas or you
more of ECHO's mistake this meandering, so you can find us on the inner webs on Twitter Instagram and on Facebook. Echoes that echo Charles. I am at Juggling Dudley. So doubly can be found that knock on archery dot com and then on Instagram Facebook and Twitter. It's at knock on tv. Yet what else sounds Youtube knock on archery yup you had just answer not on tv ogre check rip, my twitter might be twitter. Is there? I check them this morning, and an facebook looks like that to echo anything else. Yet, if, like I have kids that I want them to get in art into archery of sea, have you not direction for that? Tenaya no same exact thing doesn't matter the age group me look fergit, chop Suey if ever get these program if mouth and dived down the down there,
rat hole for following social media. Try to give some type of free education. You know if not every day. Every other day I mean a lot of what I do is just trying to help the archery lifestyle, for former fashion. Is there so I got my son he's for a blow from Amazon he eats and it's like perfect way He puts a lot of effort and then he can pull it back. I remember like a compound bow nods was for animals. It's the kind were I pulled tobaccos like all. He might not be able to do and then, but when he doesn't, he can do it. What's that you ve destruction, cops or what's a Jew, my honour things. What to do, I would say, a Brian, I don't know about all the arrow tips heads, but I went what does the elegant may looks? It reminds you of looks like you know the old school lake in. If you have archery class at school, you know a thing
like it. It's not sharp let its made to stick into some address a blunt pointing out like a boy, but it has a little tent to it. Kind of thing you couldn't cut yourself just by scrap extra, herself without our nose, but the court. The question is like if I just by a random bow like that. Is that, like a note like I did not do that or an obviously relations that are that young, just let em freakin watch errors, fine have worker, though my mind, Slovak and let it rip, keep him close. So now I tell people young kids like playing games that they always went out so few. Try to make your kid shoot it. The target year Assistance can be problematic. He don't keep it. He butare big, keep them close, if they see themselves hit in the middle, they don't really make the correlation of well that targets bigger than dad's or this one's closer me up appears saying our aid.
Yo you shoot for the gold on an issue for the girl this year, when, if they're, like a beat you again, I beat you again. That's perfect scenario, ECHO Charles. We started talking about making a warrior kid bow. What do you think I'd think that that's a great idea year, what age dud can a kid get like a bull? That's region like the pre legit, I think, probably by seven or eight, they can be going down the right path where he can teach them solid fundamentals and get somethin set a form the up? That's where your kid age to, coincidentally, we might have to keep going down that path. Awesome, Dudley, anything else from good right also what what like I said earlier. Man, thanks for thanks for everything you ve done for the archery community, thanks what you're doing that's all over the place and and really be no thanks what you ve done for me I know that you, like, I said silver platter man, then freakin awesome. I appreciated and all you got
for me was freaking broke met an african brown paper. Sack. Struck suggested that you'd mere drown. I'm broke you and I can almost without anyone from the basque country the sad he causes friend Josh over like give me a boards online man. This is for you ass, like he didn't even like deliver the cherry. I had someone else than caricatures through me into the friggin. See super watch me drowned we'd, get that forty four leash. That was my son, my board, wrapped around fifty two heads of look, I'm not the best guy in the world. I'm sorry, I appreciate your efforts back at me thanks on us everything you learn today like us and is not just about Archer it's about life, it's about business, about moving forward and face your dad and his service and and thanks
the vets out there and thanks service members out there round the world protecting our freedom. When you get done with a mission, you gonna be a new mission check out some Marjorie man good for you. And to the people out there in service here at home to police longed for fire fighters, paramedics, empties dispatchers, correctional officers, border patrol observers and all the other first responders factual, protecting us in our times of need and to every What's out there. Just remember that bow hunting is like life, the wind don't come easy and you don't always win you, don't always win, but you still have to prepare. You still have to get the reps. You still have to go through the process and you have to keep going keep trying to improve so that you can get what you are
after their until next time. This is John Dudley and ECHO and Jacko out.
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