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285: STRATEGY. How the Long Way Around is The Shortest Distance Between Two Points.

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This is Jacko podcast number, two, eighty five with culture and me Jocker willing Goody MIA. really and also joining us tonight, Dave Burke Biddy Mean gave good evening or its. We're gonna dive into some work that I have been waiting to dive into it. I wait because I wanted to do it justice I waited because I wanted to. I wanted to be thorough in covering it. I waited because there's a lot of work to come and knowing into this. This particular book books series of books, articles individual The more I read Over the years it it got better and better and kept getting better. make more sense to me from our from a tactical battle war perspective, from a leadership perspective.
from a how to lead perspective and all contrarily, like a red cell type, how not to lead from our relationship, leadership, capital perspective and a gender perspective so basically, I was just seen everything in my life wrapped up in in this particular this particular individual and his work half of that, so that there's another podcast, that I've got waiting in the wings. Worse, gonna take a series of markets, but its waiting in the wings arm. Super I had to do it, but I can't do that podcast until I do this podcast, or at least This punk ass for at least a couple progress on this individual, this one man, highly influential a guy named beach, Ll Adele, heart basal, Henry modelled heart
probably guess, if you don't know who he is, if you know military history and military strategy and military fury at all, you know who he is. If you don't know who he is, you can I guess that he's british cause he has the first name basal right I mean it's pretty british name, isn't gonna buy, based, I guess he went by be H. I guess I'm guessing That's how we write his books maiden name was Adele. She was scottish rate born and raised. I guess on the border of England outside the LE dealt the heart side. Was farmers. was, he was wont to some really nice. Private schools we grew opening want born in France for growth in England, he went to some really nice private schools. The first one Private schools, it he went through is called Saint Paul's, which is in London, and it was founded in fifteen o nine high school.
In fifteen o nine? Ok, so you just kind of crazy when we think about England than he up at Cambridge University which, by the It was founded three hundred years prior to that pink one thousand two hundred and nine one thousand two hundred and nine one thousand two hundred and nine. Well, he left Cambridge University won World war. One broke out volunteered to the british army. He was in the king's own Yorkshire. Light infantry that Light Infantry broadcast. Recently Dave you trying to tell you you like that. One day, new idea may judge our thinking about supplied him for treatment, because it's a mindset, it's just that just have way that people are trained. It's a way of thinking, and I gotta pull that real time at muster. And do it all the way to muster and put it into my brief loans at point that you made it well Oh point behind that, like the largest theory, when you went into it, was the size of the force, is not the deciding factor this large this. If
if you have a smaller force, doesn't guarantee or defeat in the whole point of this is like hey: how willing to move? Think maneuver, way that a smaller force it looks weak on paper and his outmaneuver, these big giant forces because their inflexible immobile their dug in so that, theoretically, in my mind, Connected with all sorts of, can you imagine, as I was learning jujitsu and thinking about that actual thing? How many? How how many elements started to just come interview by come out of the fog as I'm thinking through that very thing, I'm going to do some like. Oh, if I can maneuver myself over here and put all my force against a smaller portion of their strength, I can win all right, so he, He goes into the british army. He is part of kings, own Yorkshire, Light Infantry, shot up to Yorkshire,.
You spend time on the western front, World WAR one got sent back from the front two times because he was born and had concussive injuries, cool Ellison, you into the front. You got blown up so bad that you got sent back yet concussive interest. Could good ok go back aright, get blown up again bomb, but you know what you good: ok, back again. Third time it goes back cool. back just in time for the battle, the song and during about asylum wounded. Three times continue to fight. Finally, he gets gassed badly enough that he can't continue. Fighting his battalion was just about wiped out on the first day of the offensive. Boundless on this to his battalion was some of the sixty thousand casualties on day one and then,
of them and those events clearly left a mark on his mentality, because you let me go off and talk about the animals have used. The word stupidity before cause is not the right word, but the the the problem with world war, one of hey, ok, we just lost a battalion at six hundred core zero six five gave your battalions going ok days, but just got, wiped out. Okay, echo it's six ten year, but I go. So what we're doing that mark on him. Eventually after you want start queue up, went back trained new recruits wrote the infant retraining manual after the war. After then, after the war in the bright me for training manual, he got married compared to women
stone were wondering what layers there had a son, your garden, in twenty seventh came a journalist military historian. Military theorist wrote them. With road. So much, it's ridiculous were so much if you'd, just writing all the time Historical writing analysis. For Prime Minister chamberlain- and he was The key was kind of manoeuvring in and getting people to think in a different way by way of using air power different way of using tank power, different way of using maneuver warfare and, of course we are What happened with Prime Minister Chamberlain? He was weak and Churchill took over and when Churchill took over, they kindly used the more traditional our strategy. In the beginning, who didn't do that you didn't do that Hitler. The knot
who were actually paid attention now, some question around how much influence heart Adele heart had over the these there is definitely some meaning they were written. You know the line and patent I read your book right. So patents ain't. He read Ramos Book. Well, there's there are sure connections between Rommel and some of the other more known, more well known and some of the less well known nazi leaders that were written hissed often young activists makes this makes sense, there's all a lot of people that will say that that beetle, Heart kind of inflated that a little bit but there was some influence so, regardless of how much of a connection there was, even if there were the connection they were both thinking the same things right. They were both taken, learn the same lessons which does not happen, sometimes hear you.
Somebody in one situation there in a vacuum from someone else them in a similar situation like World war, one there's a prick the chance if they could come to similar conclusions like maybe it smart, just to line up and start attacking all once maybe we should use them decentralized command. May we should use maneuver warfare, so they all I came to the same conclusions, meaning beach, Thou heart meeting, some of the German Patsy leadership and That stuff kind of came in a black, so he wrote a bunch of this stuff down. He wrote a book called the strategy of the indirect approach, which was also printed or as the way to win wars which pretty cool and what this is kind of. What kicked me into hyperdrive of doing this, and we talked about this on the underground, so I did a post about. about the civil war. I oppose the social media post about the civil war about the battle Chancellorsville about
acts and taking the indirect path going. Fourteen miles around the flank of the union troops and The battle in an hour, as opposed to just taking the direct assault towards the union switch is a half mile and from the comments in their work. Where would we focus on the most? The comments like that makes sense, use the indirect approach- and I about using it towards people and an elite position how the indirect approach is normally the best way to go. and people were like you know, you should just tell the truth like are you saying you should lie to people's those that whole thing? And so I look I I. No, where I got these ideas from so mystery to me, in part of it is the fact that. You put me in and put someone environment and you make them figures. We're gonna come to the same conclusions right so some of this stuff Think of whom men go. the flank makes a lot of sense, and it makes a lot of sense leadership, but but I asked
know that these ideas were drip into my head over the years and when you do a basic seal assault on a target, guess what you set up a base element, that puts down covering fired than flanking element goes around us? What you do? It's, not! It's not rocket science, so I know that some of my indirect, theory my thoughts around into the indirect strategy, the indirect approach. I know some of those we're just from being in the military. But I also know that some of it came from reading cart made me crack open some of these books again and made me kind of fast forward. In my mind too, getting to these sooner in this part, cast. because, let's face it, win. Well. The theories based in reality right in that's good. That's what's interesting about this. We have some of that spent time in the military, because the the.
The name of this book that one of the books were look at today is: is the strategy vendor indirect approach in its about the theory right? But if you someone. When you have someone that's been in war and spent time it military leader and spent time in combat in spent time in the worst kind of combat, like the actual worse com, the actual worse, combat boundless all like the worst com. actual worse combat. It be it doesnt is our fear any right. That theory becomes based deeply in reality and that's what we have with this book and were becoming covering two of his books today, or at least trying to cover two of em we might make it through. I don't even know how much because there's a lot to talk about what is called the strategy, the indirect approach which which
that was also reprinted, is the way to win wars and the other one is called strategy straight up. So I guess we're gonna get to anything. Dave, I wrote down the word travesty when you were time over one, I just brought that were down just to remind me of the thing that I think about is what you'd you when you type losing a battalion. It says, there's a scale that things actually kind of hard to comprehend. When you think of a battalion I've, we have lost I've been on patrols, we lost a vehicle lots of people in a wholly A battalion is on a scale and distorted the willingness the willingness to allow that to happen overnight and then than in retrospect thinking, and I wasn't this, as you said, it was the Germans had to learn that same lesson. They had to have learned the same lesson in on the moon. We're takes little bit of pride and sort of showing up having the similar
words and then saying, when we not doing this anymore and really takes pride in that and we teach at history but in actual world war. One you're Talkin, yes, in actual, are one of showing up after the war had been under way for quite some time, getting border. How is how is due being done and then get suffering? of casualties in the very initial engagements insane. We're done with this direct assault approach The larger pointed out is the ideal that just for him, but for Germany as well, but the idea that the way we did, that was a travesty and that that that you would see how those lessons apply to well beyond just warfare that that would sink into your site in every single everything you did in your life would be, informed of such a ban, waited astride like its influence on a level that you wouldn't it think how you did war. You will rethink every aspect of your life if you suffered the casualties too. That degree because
of their willingness for leaders to say does. I could describe your betimes gone Europe next, the fact that influenced every aspect of life is actually not even remotely surprised me Deanna boils down to know, and I know you I could I say this Dave it. It becomes not just a theory, not just a strategy but a way of thinking away. That is what it becomes and what's interesting, is we're about to hear exactly how that transpired in his head. and this is something we covered this week actually covered this on the underground. But I just I had to touch on the underground, but we're gonna go deep. So here Here the preface my strata. My original study of the strategy of indirect approach was written in nineteen twenty nine published under the title the decisive wars of history? It has been out for it for some time. So there's another third title: that this book has been published under
in the following you in the years following its publication, I continue to explore this line of thought and from them results of such further study compiled a number of supplementary notes which were put ITALY circulated since the court of the present war has provided further examples of value of the indirect approach and thereby giving fresh point to the thesis the issue of New edition of the book provides an opportunity to include these. So now he's writing this these putting this one out in world war to an actual towards the end of world war. Two, because, while he's three heads of talking about World war, two what's happening when, in the course of studying a long series of military campaigns, I first came to perceive this curiosity of the indirect over the direct approach, I was looking men, we for light upon strategy, so we started off just
like. Ok, how we, how does this work? How can we win seems like this indirect things, pretty cool a good strategy for the battlefield with deepening reflection. However, I began to realize that the indirect approach had a much wider application that it will as a law of life in all spheres, a truth of philosophy, a love life in all spheres. So this is where we get Z, because there are so many people, so we others like. Oh, you gotta be direct like that she's such a common theme in the world. You gotta be direct. You gotta be frank, you're too, so so I get it I get it I get it. He found that this has a much wider application.
a love of all a love life in all spheres, a truth of philosophy. It's free and was seen to be the key practical achievement in dealing with any problem the human factor predominates and a conflict of wills. Hence to spring from an underlying concern for interests kicked so here where this gets awesome, so he's talking about conflict right, a conflict of wills, and what we might fail to realise is that if I'm on the same team is Dave we can also. still have a conflict of wills. Cause Dave wants do a, and I wanted to be So even though we are on the same team, that's Like one of the other perspectives that I about this, you don't I said leadership, capital and relationships that this applies. A hundred percent there too, in all such cases.
all such cases, so this case is that where you have the human factor, any You got the human factor in all, cases, the direct assault of new ideas programme, looks a stubborn resistance. Thus intensifying the difficulty of producing a change of outlook. They ve. How long have you? How many times have you heard me tell this to clients, tat people? This is it it's I don't have, the vocabulary explained how often we save in some version of that sentence in everything. Would I be careful. I could barely two just is hearing it invokes many things I think about, but he's almost articulating it like when there is a human component of this, and I think it myself so when is not when in my life and my not interacting with another human being. If we're, if we're doing computer software design right, we don't have to worry about the threat. If we're over,
Actually, programming a machine of some kind really to worry about other than that other than that you directly assaulted idea, it's gonna provoke ribs distance. So, if I impose my plan on Dave, it's gonna get resistance, the motives of my team, I imposed planet it's gonna be resisted, asking to make the choice Dr Outlook harder gonna make the change of outlook harder so If my wife wants something- and I attack it, it's gonna be cargo for her to change her mind. This can be more resistance for her change. Your mind on where we're going out for dinner. That's what's gonna happen back to the book. Conversion is achieved more easily and rapidly by answers. did infiltration of a different idea or by an organ,
that turns the flank of instinctive opposition, so you're gonna get more easily more easily and more rapidly conversion of their brain will come when you flanking check. and faster and very rapidly and more easily by an unsuspected infiltration of a different idea and by the way, don't let what we'll get to it So so there's some people that are thinking of what your nutrient alighted if now knocking alighted Dave, Does it mean I like doesn't mean I say why should they wish to use my plan because Adamnan make up some intel that sports my plan to make but time line that sports my plan. No, that's not what I'm talking about at all that the book in commerce. The suggestion that there is a bargain to be secured is far more potent than any direct appeal to buy.
And in any sphere is a proverbial that the surest way of gaining a superiors. Acceptance of a new idea is persuade them that it is his idea, hello,. This is something arm again, maybe She just are paying what is paying royalties. I did so royalties to biogas leadership strategy document stolen there. Let us make it their idea. as in war, the aim is to We can resistance before attempting to overcome it and the effect is best. and by drawing the other party out of his defences, great we're not attacking harden positions This idea of the indirect approaches, closely looked related to all problems of the influence of mind upon mind.
all problems of the influence of mind upon mind, all Brown, any time. To my mind, against someone else's mind, this is where we need to go indirect. The most influential factor in human history yet it is hard to reconcile with another lesson that true. conclusions can only be reached or approached by pursuing the truth without regard to where it may lead or what its effect may be on different interests So what do we say in there now we say: wait a second raising what should we know, and after the truth like, isn't it the look if I'm working we Dave I think my plans better. I need to tell him that that's the truth truth is my plans better and what hard about this is almost universal things. Piss me off there's, no one that it's it's a it's! It's against all
more high ground to lie right, The opposite of lying is what truth telling the truth. So we're sorry to think that this is not telling the truth and what are we doing? We must be lying. so, how do so? How do we reconcile, as we say in we, reconcile this wait? I've plan than Dave, I think, might it's better, I she told the truth, that's what I should do. I should lie to him We're not talking a line to back to the book history. bears witness to the vital part that the profits have played in human progress, which is evidence of the ultimate practical value of expressing unreservedly. The truth is one sees it. Okay, so now we're gonna get he's gonna. U the example, historical examples and there's countless of profits
someone that is profit that stands up and says. This is the truth, as I see it and tells the truth. yet it also becomes clear that the acceptance and spreading of their vision has always depended on another class of men. What's the other class of men leaders leaders who had to be philosophical, strategists, striking a compromise between truth and men's risks, Tivoli to it? So lately I've been saying a lot of, good, is telling the truth. If no one hears it or no one listens to you, you, if you stab somebody in the eye with the dagger of truth. What are they going to they're gonna be passed, they're gonna, they're, gonna, lash out you they might even you know, pull side. Armand shoot you in that got, but they, If we don't want to hear anything from it and they'll, do there ass, to pull thing back out. The stab you with so even
Any progress at all, so that's a profit. Does it says this is the truth and aims to have you in the eye with it. A leader has to find that count. Mice between telling the truth and getting people to actually listen to it. their effect is often dependent as much on their own limitations in perceiving the truth. As on their practical wisdom in proclaiming So, how are you going to tell the truth, practical wisdom? How are you gonna what're, you gonna say how are you They will actually be listened to. And then he goes on to say this. The profits must be stoned That is their lot, that is there of their self fulfilment. By what happens the profit, the forget stone. The prophet gets crucified. That's what happens. But a leader who is stoned
may merely prove that he has failed in his function through a deficiency of wisdom or, confusing his function with that of a profit. This is pure brilliance by the way. This is absolute, pure brilliance, if you're, that the Vienna leadership position and what you do is Start stabbing people with the dagger of truth in the neck. and you think, you're doing a good thing gets what they're get TAT you and they're gonna stone you to death. There can execute you get used to having people and offended eminent hurt them and- using convince anybody, have anything Sometimes you get a leader that look. The truth is they are the true here. That's not good! That's not gonna help you It's crazy you're, like on page one page, one yeah, I think.
the phrase. That's been coming to mind a lot lately we talk about this is, is. A truth at its impose upon somebody compared to the sugar. They discover for themselves the difference between those two and I'm thinking of all that, like the phrases that people use when they're going to reveal the truth. Let me stop right their actual when you hear people prepping for the the direct assault, which is I'm not gonna. Let you know, and even the preparation for that. Just praise alone puts the other person in a position where all we want to do is defend themselves and end the words they come next, almost don't even matter because, if I say actually Jacko the reality, is that reality is the first thing you do is. Is you mentally your dug it? No matter how true well, I'm gonna be after that it just connection these making, though like the how universal about as to all interactions, is just the Ets
it's crazy! Listening to this and then the the application to every interaction you have with every if any human being and how instinctive it is too. I guess tell the truth and how ineffective that way of thinking is the outcome, the you're trying to shape a controls every receive the movie writers of the love lost orchestra calf. So there is a arc light are fully arctic of the covenant and I think that With this kind of like that, if you review that truth in it, proper way people's faces are mounted off. That's what happens so people people treat the truth. as if it's only benevolent as if only do good, but you got me this collateral that truth causes collateral damage and people don't pay attention to that too. When you start pole,
if the lid- maybe you gonna, like you, gotta prep people, for it you gotta turn your eyes for a second here, there's gonna be some bright lights if you dont problem for and what what we want to do what we want to do is we want them to reveal the truth I'm that's what we really want really good leader, look a profit, will show you the truth. Maybe you'll get melted away. good leader. You son, discover the truth. That means go, but you need to know so the whole expression, the truth, hurts that cause I've, gotta commonwealth drivers would that be an indicator of maybe a profit or or of the problem is not the correct but all day, long profit. As I look look echo to its parliamentary some, how houses help open minded or you when I get done with that statement I would meet. It was stubborn resistance check, and you know we like to think that we, you know, I really have a good relations
Put some great, there might be one person in your entire life that you like a dude that was jacked up in your cool goddess of what miss Rennie. There's one person in your life, you can do that with you is maybe isn't that end of the day in a way the indirect approach anyway, because you may say: ok that one person yet, but you know why is that one person, because you have this year's in years and years and years and years of this indirect, innovative approach or whatever? And then yes, oh, you open up the little hole that yeah yeah that direct light all day now there now these out? Oh, yes, you are correct. Even that approach, because of you too, met that and day one three years ago and said you are advocating a video you made and I'm not feeling it actually you know the camera Ngos that you use a marginal right does it mean the five years of working with you before I could be like bra the soundtrack not actually Put a Christmas song in. There is actually a way back to the book.
I'm alone can tell whether the effect of such a sacrifice redeem the apparent failure as a leader that does or to him as a man. So there is a chance that you could. You could present something in overtime, people go yeah, he was right at the east, he avoids the more common fault of leader of leaders, that of sacrificing the truth to expediency without ultimate advantage through the cause. So occasionally leaders like you, know what we just need to tell the truth: any sacrifice it, it gets killed a gets thrown away and then one of the books that are or what the pond cast an eye one move to from this one, which I will get to him, not hump censure when, but they all these examples of problems in in the military and milk thinking in one of the problems, and I forget the exact number, but there has been twenty major advancements in naval warfare in the last five hundred years?
and every one of them was met with absolutely stiff resistance, not everyone. Seventeen of them were met with stiff resistance by all. in your naval leaders in the world, the only started making ships from steel instead of one like? This is real. You can't repair steel. We need a well drafted. They resisted- into the steam engine, switching to gas, which I read these all switching to that all the every people resisted every one of these things, every one of what was our seventeen out a twenty of great advancements. It happens all the time because, Somebody goes hard with the truth and people the fan they go: an instant defence mode to Lake Rimmer, the movie or independence, Armageddon dried, I dont think I ever actually saw it, but that's good flick of yours
Was not up for several Oscars anyway Armageddon Bruce Willis, oh yeah Come in right was that it was the plan that want to watch arm again a deeper started from independence day I was law has dominated mountain has completely lost. I apologize. It's ok Alex. We do asteroid coming right, world, a world ending asteroid, global killer, so like hey, let's just for a blast it with nukes employer right on the sky, then than the smart scientists like that's about idea, and one gets all mad rate. No, that's it we're going to eat a direct approach. Lunch nukes right can't get any more direct than that, but the smart scientist, it notice what you going to do you going to go in there, you got to drill a little hole,
you're, gonna, put a knook. In that whole, you gonna just nudge, it just a little bit side. Another trajectory that trajectory gets changed. He seems a thousand smarter approach same thing exactly right here I going through historical bookstore, unofficially this device with that arm again we get an audience will say you will get a bother without check back to the book. We good. Yes, I'm just saying these ideas everywhere. I go back for whoever habitually suppresses the truth. So this is this: is it as we have to pay attention because again It's not me lying to Dave and say well, actually gave the timeline that required for the plan you, but we better use my plan. Whoever habitually suppresses. The truth in the interest of TAT will produce a deformity from the womb of his thought. So you can't
you can't lie about what you're saying have to maintain, You have to maintain the truth, but you have to take an indirect approach. That's it. It's not a lie. It's an indirect approach bound to the truth, he explained and a little bit more. Is there a practical way of combining progress towards the attainment of truth with progress towards its acceptance. Is there a way to get Dave to think about I plan and utilise my plan with also doing it in a way that he is open to accept this idea? Is there a car nation of those who thinks of cattle. Dave the truth about what I think of his plan and at the same time getting him to accept my opinion? That's what we! right. A possible solution of the problem is suggested by reflection on strategic principles, which point
The importance of maintaining an object consistently, and also Of pursuing it in a way adapted to the circumstances. this seems so obvious- is that we were We continue to focus on the right thing, but then we continue move towards this objective, but as Circumstances change we adapt we d, just we maneuver, we say: oh yeah, there's a mass enemy location right here. Let's not continue in that direction. Let's go around it. Isn't it mark to do that with our ideas as well, it doesn't mean we abandon the objective. Doesn't me we were Oh we're, change, the subjective, we're not gonna continue towards. It means we adjust our approach maybe, instead of going direct, we go indirect Position to the truth is inevitable. That's a good thing to remember,
Opposition to the truth is inevitable, especially if it takes the form of a new idea, but they did of resistance can be diminished by giving fought. Only to the aim but to the method of approach. avoid a frontal attack in a long established position. Instead to turn it by a flank movement so that the or punishable side is exposed to the thrust of the truth. But in any such indirect approach take care not diverge from the truth for now thing is more fatal to real advancement then, to lapse into the untruth so for the people that commented? when I talked about the indirect approach and we like oh she's, gonna lie your people, no no, we're not gonna lie to our people. The truth is the objective, but we are going to adjust our approach so that we're not offensive
the individuals or groups that we're talking too so that we don't caused them? to put up a more stiff resistance to fight against our idea. Two to four to look at it as if it's not the truth, flank. That's already do. And then he goes on here- and he says Meaning of these reflections may be made clearer by it stretching from one's own experience, looking back on the stages by which various fresh ideas gained acceptance. It can be seen that the process east, when they could be pissed, did not as something radically new but as the revival in modern terms of a time, honored principle or practice that have been forgotten. So he was his one of his little indirect approach has has
take a new idea and an ad camouflage it with an old idea, catholic wonder what the Christians did with the Viking right Easter. You know where that you know the term Easter, and yet it's it's a pagan thing, but we call this a pagan were. And it's a pagan ceremony, but decreases or you can call the thing in the spring. We call at Easter, it's cool it's about Christ rise but you know we called Easter. sort of a thing that you guys already do they just gonna take an old idea. Rebranded actually they did think they did, though, with Christmas, Christmas, two. So that what we're doing we're gonna camouflaging this idea. So it's a little more open to. You know how you guys do the this spring thing you guys celebrate mirth right. We had you know, like a rebirth conduct
colbrand. That thing we're good can, like you dog rate, when freedom, the heart pills, heartwarming pills, ok put a little put a little pieces stake around. You know, like you, been eating this food. This whole time put the heart one pills in. because it goes on to say here this required not deception but care to trace the connection. Since there is nothing new in its own right, you can always figure out something that ties and know what you're doing a notable example was the way that up the opposition of mechanized mechanization was diminished by showing that the mobile armoured vehicle, the fact moving tank was fundamentally the heir of the armored horsemen, and thus the natural means of reviving the decisive role which cavalry played in past ages, which is what we call what we call armoured cavalry now why Is that because people resist this tank, it's gonna get stuck, it takes gas, I'm in a hoarse can go forever, can eat off the way
Are you to refuel these tax people to resist that idea, resist and then said, None of this is the New cavalry, ok kind of cool than were down. So what can you, do as you trying to convince people of ideas taken all idea, repackage it and its true, because you know I did new ideas on Amazon like you're lying down. I don't know I was here what's coming, in terms of you know that thou must details in woman discuss but even just eat. just the word, the truth, how that's that the topic that you're trying to get across yes, and even what what that means like. If I have an idea, that's different, then me like trying to get you to understand. Some sort of like Haiti was too is for, and even if they know, ok as I think we should do this and the abandonment of that
truth verses? I was. I can't just walk the shock and go hey. This is that it this is the new way wanna do solve this problem, and even just what truth, as connotation like I'm right in your wrong, as opposed to How to get you to see this a different way and it might not exactly how John about maybe my drawing is like ends up an eighty percent or whatever, but see people getting hung up. The idea that I have to convince job of the truth, meaning I know the answer and eat and if he doesn't, then I gotta figure out, maybe the password it over his shoulders Vasco dude. This is what we're doing, as opposed to getting him to see that there might be another way of doing it, which is actually the truth, as opposed to to be exactly my way and if there is a minefield between you and me, I guess I could go into that minefield. But it's not. help me you to see something different and at he having said the quotas, resistance The truth is inevitable,
resistance to your ideas are inevitable. So, what's up, let's not like you might be able to avoid that resistance that minefield that that barrier, that wall is there. I just The idea of the truth of us come into it. Is this way, as opposed to I wanted Think of something a different way, you know that's a great point, because what we're really well, when we start talking about it in a leadership capacity. It becomes hey it's my idea and as we were talking on the phone line today, it's like my assumption is that my idea is flawed right and I present my idea to you, but I still presented as if, not it's the truth, but it's an idea of a possibility. Now it's interesting is: what is that, due to my idea, it may
indirect total it makes it indirect me packaging. The idea that I have as a possibility or as a fought for an idea for me as opposed to this, is the way we should do it. It makes in indirect approach and what we talked about today. On A phone line. I actually believe that, but I feel like I don't have to pretend. Like hey, I'm going to pretend like this, isn't the best idea ever and like Dave just shut up, and do it my way, I'm going to I'm going to and that so that way, it's a little more indirect, nor I actually think we know what this is. My dear seems like a good idea, but there could be some holes content, which is which is fine. I'm ok with that. So young start talking about getting peoples. ideas and any time you I mean, there's very few things that I Actually, there's something I've said part gas is the. MT of times that I say Dave brought listen. This is what we should do.
The only reason I want to say that is, if I am a one hundred percent. One hundred percent convicted that I and the other You probably have never even heard me say that because it's so rare, now look There were times where, in this you'll team, someone do something that was bad. Oh you wanna! You want to upon two sides of a road and ambush someone in the middle, ok, so that means were to shooting at each other like this is bad. We do not want to do that, of course, how often the guy's present a plan to me like that, almost never so much at the time it was your hey think through that Very rarely to bear we rarely do. I have the what's that? I actually know that capital t true right, so this is very good point to make you
you whoever you are you don't know the truth very seldom. Are you one hundred percent convince a my idea? Is the truth? Don't ground that attitude, not good all we're getting into this next section here, which is called his. is practical. Experience starts off by saying full say that they learn by experience. I prefer to profit by others. Experience this famous saying quota by Bismarck by no means original to him has peculiar bearing on military questions for his often been remarked that the soldier, unlike followers of other person, professions, has but rear. Opportunities to practise his profession is not interesting. Look you're in the military coup a professional soldier awesome. How often do you actually get to do that job, The answer is not often is a normal, not as often as a carpenter, not as off, a plumber nodded
Often is a software engineer, you might get rain for you might, but how often are you locked in loaded- and combat with someone else in the military backed the book indeed it might even be argue that in the literal sense, the profession of arms is not a profession and all but merely casual employment and, paradoxically, that it ceased to? profession when the soldier of fortune gave way to the professional soldier when mercenary troops were employed and paid for the purpose of war were replaced by standing armies which continued be paid when there was no more so if you're, a mercenary, that of the war with echo and the goat, that's kind of like a plumber others, for where you're going to go to that one I was therefore very will be more of an actual profession. You might end up in more combine your life than if you're in a standing army. That's doing our job in one is no war going on this logical, if somewhat extreme argument recalls the excuse, often made in the past for paying officers a rate inadequate to live on?
by some of those officers for doing an inadequate day's work, the content in being that the officers pay was not a working salary, but a retainer paid to him for the benefit. having his services available in case of war. This reminds me of some of the sum of the information about the british Army and how just the officers during certain phases were just actual aristocrats that dad almost no interest in fighting wars, and also complete interest in going to the country club some of them, some of them by biographies of some. The guys that led, the blue or war were pretty embarrassing and then they showed up for the boar war with pianos. Just use that crazy, if the argument that
strictly. There is no profession of arms will not hold good in most armies today on score of work. It is never be strengthened on a The score of practice by the increasing for in frequency of worse so is less and less work now. Are we then left with the conclusion? armies are due to become more and more amateurish in the popular bad sense of that, much abused and misused word. So hey! Look if you're in the middle, you're not going to final times I mean you become an amateur over time for measly. Even the best of peace training is more theoretical and practical experience like what the reason I, do the section, but guess what is the same thing, with leadership, it's the same thing with leadership, urinal leadership position. How often are you actually in a challenging situation and leadership? How often does one say: hey boss, I'm not doing this How often is someone say that I'm not working that person like you, you end up with combative situations, but how
often is economically. People are aid, yet you have got boss up. That sounds like like that's what you're normally getting. you're, not normally as a leader hopefully you're not normally being combative. So it's the same thing. How do we train, for that bismarck throws a different and more encouraging encouraging lighten the problem. It helps us to realise that there are two forms of practical experience, direct and indirect, and that of the two indirect practical experience maybe more valuable, positively wider. So lucky you can get that experience of dealing with a bad employed. But how often do you actually, me, how many Marines did you have the right up, Hardly any year ever beat it like how many see, was that I have to write up how many you did I have to fire, we worked with but as we work with companies with thousands of employees, the com active situations, are
much more rare than the day to day hey. This is what we're doing normal leadership. yeah and how often is the problem even as bad as you think it is. You know when we'll get questions about. How do I deal with a boss who you don't want my team to fail? When I say if you really think about the problems are not their often not as bad or a significant and not of the man. to that, we even make it out to be threat Even in the most active career, especially soldiers career, the scope and possibilities of direct experience are extremely limited, in contrast, to the military. The medical profession has incessant practice right to doing surgery a day to surgery, safe researchers that the great achievements in medicine and surgery. Have you we ve been due to the research worker and not to the general practitioner. Direct experience is inherently too limited. A form to form a secure foundation for either theory opposition? So if the only Cobb
spurt, you're gonna get US combat experience, Europe, you're, you're gonna be you're, gonna be screwed, at the best it produces an atmosphere which is value in drawing in hardening the structure of our fought fumes, a little bit of combat experience. That's what you but com. If you don't open your mind up Do we have a little bit of leadership, express that's what happens when you get in the seal teams, know we'd have the on the job, training leadership, that's how guys we're become that's how they get their usual changes by watching their platoon g for their opportune commander. So if they weren't good, that bad example would dry in hard in their mind and become they way they would be to cause they didn't open their mind up two different in direct experience, the greater value of indirect experience lies in its greater variety in extent, right, history is universal experience, the experience not of another
many others under manifold conditions, both. So we can learn about leadership from everywhere. Here we have the rational justification for military history, its preponderant, practical value in the training and mental development of a soldier. but the benefit depends, as with all experience on its breath on how closely it approaches the definition quoted above and on method of studying its. We got to study and look whole premise of this particular podcast. Is standing. Human nature is understanding leadership by understanding how people act in war. Why is that? Why? Don't we a bunch of business cases well because you want to see human nature be revealed. You gotta puts pressure on it, you gotta put bread, there's, no better pressure. Note pressure to combat
soldiers universally concede, the general truth, Poland's much quoted dictum that in war, the moral is to the physical as three two one copy. We covered them on the spot, cast an olive napoleon's, MAX But here we go. The actual rhythmic arithmetic proportion, maybe worthless, for morality to decline if weapons be inadequate and strongest, will is of little use in sight of a dead body. but although the moral and physical factors are inseparable and indivisible, the saying gains its immortal value because it expresses the idea predominance, the predominance of moral? actors in all military decisions Obviously it's not like. Ok, here's, the numerical you have this much! You have this much fiscal situation, opening Morales three one: that's not we're talking about Bates that idea on them. Costly turns the issue of worn battle and in history
of war. They form the more constant factor changing only in degree, whereas physical fact, are fundamentally different in almost every war in every military situation, that's important part of this vast important part of this, you ve gotta, you got the physical factors right, the physical, but that changes, but what doesn't change the history of war? They form more constant. just a green, with changing only in degree. Physical factors go all over the place because we got machine guns. We are tanks, we got people with night vision like it's their different physical, think, but the but the the human nature. Doesn't it this realization affects the whole question of the study. If not our history of history, for practical use them method in the last few generations has been to select one or two campaigns and to study them exhaustively as means of developing both our minds and fury of war, but the
Annual changes in military means from war the war entail. A a danger in a certainty that are look will be Nero end Lessons fallacious in the physical sphere, the constant factor. Is that mean and condition are invariably inconsistent, so so the cool stuff, we can study it like ok, would how did you maneuvering situation? How did you have What weapons did you use over here? Well, guess what you fast forward! Thirty years, we get different weapons. You fast forward Six years and we go from no a vision to all night vision, Throat what were studying? What are we looking at. in contrast, human nature, varies but slightly in its reaction. The danger. Men by re, spy environment or by training may be less sensitive than others, but the difference is one of degree, not fundamental, so people are people.
The more localize the situation and our study, the more disconcerting and less calculable is such a difference of degree. It may be Ben Inexact calculation, of the resistance which men will offer any situation, but it is not impair the judgment that they will offer less. If take by surprise, then, if there are on alert this is like so does matter where you look in history, the right person, surprised version the person, that's on alert, you're gonna get the same, also the exact same reaction, less if they are weary and hungry than if their fresh and welfare look. We then they go back thousand years two thousand years well FED troops. That are well rested are ready to rock and roll weary hungry they're. Not the broader than the broader. The. Psychological survey, the better foundation it affords for deductions. So you have to look throughout history and see. All these different battles and see what the psychology of the soldiers and leaders was. The predominant
of the psychological over the physical and its greater consistency, point to the conclusion that foundation of any fury of war should be as broad as possible. An intensive study of one campaign unless based upon elite, almost based on extensive knowledge of the whole history of war is as likely to lead us into pitfalls. As on The peaks of military achievement. So, if you just look at one campaign in that's, we base everything on you're wrong, but if it Certain effective seem to follow a certain cause, any score or more cases, indifferent de parks and die first conditions. There is ground, regarding this cause as an integral part of any theory of war. You see some one time it doesn't mean Jack. If you see something four times, but it's all the same campaign in the same low cow and the same soldiers fighting against the same other soldiers. Again, it's a minimal, but when you take it
Centuries or millennia- and you see the same thing over and over again, maybe you should pay attention to that one. The theses set forth in this book is the product of such an extensive examination? It might indeed be termed compound effective certain causes these being connected with my task of military editor. Fur encyclopaedia britannica- that's kind of crazy for previously doubling the various periods of military history. According to inclination? This task compelled the generally general survey of all, often against most inclination, so we use the military editor Ferndean Cycles, Encyclopaedia Britannica you're. That is echoed Charles courses on design. Your way you, but you know, I'm not talk. Ok, so people. I bet a kid right now does not know what the Encyclopaedia Britannica was, when we were kids that was kinda it right. That was Google that Google, you forget, that was Google gotta, go, find a letter
yes by yeah, that's my boma pull it out. There you go, and there are some letters that we're like two in one like q and I right good with that book without value. so this guy was the end of the military editor any previously you're just gonna study what he wanted to study within always on here to go back and study all these other things new start seeing all these continual. similarities, everything you sing. and here we go he says in the survey or even a tourist, if you will has at least I'd perspective in police, take in the jail Live the land where the minor knows only his seem, so if you you study one war. One battle mattered: you just go deep in that seem You know a lot about that one scene, but the guy that's up up up altitude surveying all land he's, got the whole lay of the land.
During this survey, one impression group ever stronger that throughout the ages The ages, decisive results in war have only been reached when the approach has been indirect. Instead, de the longest way round is apt to be the shortest way. More and more clearly has the fact emerge that a direct approach to one's mental object or physical objective, and he is he uses this term a lot as educator, Herbie red. He does call something the object. We always call the objective- and he actually goes into like why? That's not a good word so the terms you hear me say object more. More clearly has the fact emerged that a direct approach to one's mental object or physical objective along the line,
of natural expectation for the opponent has ever ten Two and usually produce negative result of you. Take that path. That's kind of expected! jobs are we're not gonna, monogamy blocker work. How well the region has been exceeded. Vividly in Napoleon's dictum the moral is. The physical is three to one it may be express scientifically by saying that, while the strength of an enemy country lies outwardly in its numbers and resources, these are equally dependent upon stability or equilibrium of control, morale and supply. to move along the line of natural expectation, consolidates the opponents equilibrium and by stiffening it augments his resisting power I think that comment may just a minute ago. That quote the longest way around. Is the surest way home? I think that's the peace that
That, for whatever reason, I think we see as the most hard to two to accept that and I think my point is probably better served by saying the opposite is also true. The shortest way around was the longest way home that that there's this believe like. If I just get to the point, I will get to the end faster and the It is true, and is the willingness to recognise more indirect I I am the longer this journey is to get this other person to see the truth. The fact this is gonna be, and that such a hard thing, I think, for people too. embrace If, for example, we just, as is the case you see me taking this direct path towards you, the more it the more in you will become cause, you see it coming and what I am doing so much less important than how I am doing it that you won't hear anything. I'm saying anything these at em off. You need anything, the truth that I'm delivering and it will take me.
And the way I'm a direct person, I have to tell the truth: that's just how I am there commissioner, that these long is the longest way. And sometimes you'll never get their yeah the Where often explained this to clients is they just preemptively. So I know what you're thinking you're thinking that doesn't sound very efficient. It be much more For me just as a Dave, this is how we're doing he way more efficient to do that, and it's just like you said it's just so I do realise that that's the longest way home, that's the law, August way home the law. and I just read to move along the line of natural expectation. That's the shortest route, consolidates the opponents equilibrium. So when you, when you are going where they expect you to go, that's where they put their defences. That's what happens! That's why jujitsu
you have to mess with their balance. You have to come from a different angle. And by stiffening by stiffening it augments its resisting power by the way. because when you know what I'm comin out, you from you are ready to fight, and you know what to do to fight in war, as in wrestling the attempt, throw the opponent without loosening his foothold. Imbalance can only result in self exhaustion, increasing in disproportionate ratio to the effective strain put upon him victory by such a method can only be possible through an immense margin of superior strength in some food, and even so tends to lose decisiveness So, if we're rustling, which, let's face it, a wrestling. what we do is attempt of us take down with no set up or attempt the submission with no set up. It doesn't work, it doesn't work.
A good training with carry today carries a White Bell right guess what he's away betray him for a year. You grab his arm, you're, not gonna, get it you're, not gonna. Get you have to do something else, you to set em up even a white but Jujitsu. In contrast, an examination of military history, not of period, but of its whole course brings out the point in almost all the decisive campaigns, the disk location of the enemy, psychological and physical balance has been via the vital prelude to a successful attempt at his overthrow this location, uses that word a lot dislocation, putting people off balance getting getting that getting in their head. letting them? Well, I guess, is the true opposite. It is the opposite of.
Consolidation of equilibrium, bright, like here, I am unstable, Open dislocated now not right now, when I want to be This dislocation has been produced by a strategic, indirect approach. Intentional or fortuitous. So sometimes people just accidently end up off balancing somebody cool it. take varied forms, as our analysis reveals, for the strategy of the indirect approach is inclusive of, but why but wider than the Maneuvers, Sir Sir lay dairy air, which is french German, when I tried, but it means maneuver behind someone which, Your caymans researches showed as being the constant aim and key method of Napoleon in his condom. Operations while came in was: can primarily with the logistical moves, the factors of time, space and communications. This analysis seeks to probe deeper into psychological foundations and in doing so, fine
underlying relationship between many strategical operations, which have no outward resemblance to a maneuver against the enemies rear, yet are none. Definitely vital examples of the strategy of the indirect approach so Sometimes it doesn't look like what you are doing is an indirect maneuver what it is, to trace this relationship and determine the character of operations is not necessary. Indeed a relevant to tabulate the numerical strength and detail this detail supplying transport are concerned simply with historical effects, in a comprehensive series of cases and with the logistical or cycle logical moves which let it led up to them. If so fix, follow fundamentally similar moves in conditions which vary widely at scale, nature and date. There is clearly an underlying connection from which we can, logically the deuce
common cause and the more widely the conditions vary. The farmer- conduction this deduction and in what he saying. There's look when you take a bunch of example, overtime throughout history, it becomes really there that this isn't just a fluke. This is the reality of the situation. That's so so here's what we're gonna do. this guy's a historian right and the next a giant chunk of these books is. He goes historical that book we remain people went statistical, oh yeah, that's right, it was one of those world war tooting. Somebody went statistical that often What statistical arm he started telling me about how about how long officers were living here average officers women about women about four and a half hours up their good luck. He was too is the gloomy. What the actual Del does egos historical, and he goes from the fifth century to the twenties
He goes from the greek wars, the roman wars, the byzantine wars, the medieval wars, the seventeenth century, eighteenth century, the French Revolution Napoleon he gets First World war this? World WAR and he goes through just detailed battles and talks about the indirect approach and what we're gonna do is rushing to bypass this and there's a couple reasons why number one get the box get the books number two. This is what we do all the time on. This progress is actually We do all the time on this podcast. We talk about Napoleon we talk this portion, Russia, we talk about world war. When we talk about world war. Two we sought about Vietnam. We talk about Korea. And we ve seen and pointed out the indirect strategy all the time, all the time. That's what we do. We how are you talk about the flank right? Does this talked about maneuver warfare? This is what this is about this. What this whole part guesses about is thesis
local lessons and an beechwood dough, heart, he he serves them up for us in this book, the so so If you want to get those brine, who knows, maybe one day will jump into these, but if want to jump into them. Get the book did the book strategy I'd be excellent heart. You can get in depth on these things but what I want to do is I want a kind of jump ahead book strategy where he goes into the theory of strategy. And he starts opposite. Having drawn our conclusions from analysis, oh by the way, the analysis that he's talking about that he draws conclusion from his like three hundred and fifty pages is this. You know this, when he started about. You need two studies, all these different ears. He does it and points out direct approach in how it winds every single time. Even was by accident. It's what makes us win.
As having drawn our conclusions from analysis of history, it seems advantageous to construct on the fresh creation of a new dwelling house with Strategic fought, so hard looked at all these things that have happened and we got a kind of get. We kind of gonna hit the reset button. He says. Let us first be clear on what is strategy. Klaus wit in his monumental work on war, defined it as the art of the employment of battles as a means to gain the object of war, in other words, strategy. comes strategy forms the plan of war maps out the proposed course different campaigns which compete. Was the war and regulates the battles before me now? This is Probably since episode, seven of this punk ass people been occasion across what, You two concepts on what you gonna on war and theirs.
Couple reasons why I haven't done it yet, and I am sure we will- and I owe it to military history to do it, but there's a couple reason reason it's like kind of such a popular one. That's a hey! You know what that's right out there. Is it really the first one I want to hit I'd rather hit some other strategical ideas. I mean I guess I did do something, so I'm were so. This is not. This is ward. Excuse me. I've always known that Klaus wits or I always felt that crosswords, you know, respect respect. Crosswords were given in respect by the way. Here's why this crossroads, is no just hey military theorist right this guy that sat no ivory tower and thought about war. he entered the military at age, twelve as a lance corporal ignore them say it like. This is no joke
in the Rhine campaigns, fought in the napoleonic wars. Winston military Academy at Berlin worked works. sure unhorsed who have talked about a bond On this point, gas, because when it comes to maneuver warfare, he's gotta that guy in the beginning that lost with the press army to the point, the battle agenda, and we need he looked around what the hell just happened and realise there were some centralized some indirect warfare goin on and started kind of, making that well browser, it's kind of was under his wing. And then, when the Prussians made an alliance with Napoleon concepts like now He joined the Imperial russian Army and then, when they buy got that alliance you back to the depression army. It was for staff, a three core and just battles, Napoleon battles. At the battle of Waterloo, he was he was in that
campaign. He was preventing someone Napoleon reinforcements showing up which Which obviously caused the problem? Women was an instructor at them. Then the director of the of the milk the academy at Berlin. and, by the way, this whole time he's writing down what his thoughts are. He he ended up are dying of cholera before he. These before he was able to complete his works and really before you might say, and Labelle Heart kind of makes, the assumption that he was kind of hidden in a different direction. So he's crazy, he's respectful but critical of crosswords, that's kind of that's. I must say that we have always felt but a kind of have always felt that way a little, but I don't know maybe That's because I am a little bit of a contrary, but may be more than that.
which says things that I go really really by the way the Klaus Wits mentality is kind of what brought us to World WAR One and that mentality of mass, which is what his primary premier principles is like K, we're gonna get. I have more people than you, I'm gonna win, which. As we know, we compare that today the the principles behind Light Infantry, not what we're looking for there is also a connection in there to even and what was talked about earlier between the physical and moral of these. Glad attributes and very from campaign, a campaign which is part of the reason why you don't we overreact to the west of the physical lessons of a particular campaign, because, even as simple as like does Warfare versus jungle warfare. That was lesson
sporting rivers of those physical lessons, and then they start invaluable, but the fish principles of mass or or those components. Are less important one without the other it you have to have them both, but I was in you're thinking of one Tom five was here, who is talking about? or to Korean Vietnam, not from IE eight historical standpoint, but actually participate standpoint the less as he was talking about. He didn't in the budget and one or two we are dealing with this physical environment. It was the universe, luck, The universal nature of his lessons were: take carry your people the books have we live. I listen to on this point as read that the fundamental principle of leadership in success in battle was taken. your people. I am looking at about faces as I'm looking at the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of ages and
probably has a whole bunch of physical lessons and not to say to those are important Those are never the ones that the leaders really when their talk. But the lessons they learn and that that moral component, I'm just using moral too, to use the same language. It's the human nature, peace like you're, talking about it, how much more what that is- and I remember the even Getting a masters degree was was class, what's the sort of central to the strategic studies and there's a physical focus on that and the principles Mass is a great example. And listen, we'd love to go to war within it. In addition mass every time. I let that be awesome. but we know that that's not the deciding factor. We know that interesting as you pointed to about face, there's one book that we haven't covered on this broadcast by Colonel David Haworth, which you think would be just like. Prime, it's called Vietnam,
You know primer and Vietnam. Primer is a book to get you ready, gotta, Vietnam, and it literally shows like hey here's. How far you put your claymores hits. It's just we could covered I'm sure we could. We could, some lessons from it, but compared to face not even close, here's. The other thing is interesting. Is that cover move right? Cover move the first law of combat leadership, if you're in the jungle you'd better govern move, if you're in the day you better cover move if you're doing a river crossing you'd, better cover move. If you're doing an assault you better cover, move if you're an airplane if you're in an airplane at thirty eight thousand feet, ac, kicking You better cover move, so it that I think what what was weird for me was as like: cover move and that's another thing cover and move
Cover move movement- you win by nuver, you don't win by sitting still and when you see talking about club Whitson Mass out- it's like we're here yet so That's again, I'm not trying to do a much like get crazy in talks. Mac Klaus words like I said if you were alive, corporal at age, twelve, I salute you and I will listen to what the hell, you have to say a hundred percent, but. I will not. Our question, anybody I question I question pack worth red read opening like this. My came in guy was not. Guy was not perfect. I mean he's he? U use him as the prime example of a lesson we teach in business. All the time is if you lose your influence and he and and
Pride, the most influential figure in your life is a leader is still your prime example of what not to do in a particular situation. So I think the country component of it is, is important what look Cosmos is awesome onwards. All ended up a bunch of good stuff on there to pursue and I know that you are saying that, but just a link it back That conversation and an end. The human nature component, I am thinking about the direct approach. Can thinking of human nature of you just thought before you took the direct approach of anything, how would I reacted? Somebody do that to me. Ninety, percent of the indirect or ninety nine percent of the direct assault would go away if you could just take that perspective on it, unless you lie to your site, seriously like, unless you are yourself, which many many many people will do, which is marriage. What David it's comment, if I'm wrong just common told me yet like if you like yourself, then you you prizes, keep taken interacted approach all the time which is not going to work
end of year, if you're, the person that prides himself in listening to other people's direct assault on you. There is high risk that you're lying to yourself check all right. Back to the book one defect of this definition. That was the definition of of strategy, which was the art of employment of battles, as means to gain the object of war, so that that's crosswords his desk F initial one defect of this definition is that it in truth on the sphere of policy or the higher conduct of war, which must necessarily be the responsibility of government and not of military leaders. It employs its agents in the exam, We have control of operations so he's he's gonna go through this. But there is you know we say all the time, you can think you call time. That's what he's about to about to address. Fourteen different ways and he's got to go into a chaperone northward,
today, but there's a higher level strategy called grand strategy, and so he's thinking ram strategy policy. Another defect is that it narrows the meaning of strategy to the pure utilization of battle vote, conveying the idea that bad who is the only means to the strategical end it easy step for Klaus, with less profound disciples, to confuse the means with the end and to read the conclusion that in war in every in war, every other considerations should be subordinated to the aim of fighting a decisive battle so so about that. That's your attitude as I hate the hope, studies do is to engage in decisive battles were doing so. Then, what do you do during world war? Want you put more p One line- and you put people on the. Why did you put more people online? You send another battalion and a little bit brigade another division over the top that
what you do. There's people that lead like this in companies, organizations in their families and the way they lead is by trying to win battles. That's the way they lead and the commitment that every argument is a decisive back and has to be one not being able to recognise where that- and I think I I I He called them like inflection points or something along the lines of the recognition of this is where is this? Is this is decisive and the beam and recognise what do you mean in point, is in combat. As opposed to like every inner every engagement is not an inflection point, is on a decisive point had been but a reckoning where those points are an and fighting those. As opposed to every single engagement, you mean the idea of picking your boundless figure about who's been told that before
hey pick your battles, commons seems like such common sense and yet the time people look at every discussion argument contention as the decisive battle for their eco relation of policy to break down the distinction between strategy and policy would not matter much if the two functioning normally combined in the same person, ass with Frederick or Napoleon Bus, but as such autocratic soldier rulers have been rare in modern times and became temperately extinct for the nineteenth century. The effect was insidiously harmful for it in soldiers to make preposterous claim that policy should be subservient to their conduct. Operations, and especially In democratic countries, it juice statesmen onto overstep the definite border of his fear and interfere with his military employees and the actual use their tools. So there's gotta be a line between these two things: and we are stay in our lanes a little better. Haiti
the policy? How do you wanna executed? Hey here's, the resources I need? Oh dont, know change your policy. Moltke Roy a clearer and wiser definition in turning strategy quote the practical adaptation of means placed at a general disposal to the attainment of the object in view monkeys prussian Guy Chief general in the team, sixties and he's the guy. That kind of, I would say he had that the idea of the old making sure you have an overall active and make sure that people understand what the overall objective is. The german word ALF trucks tactic now over. Objective. This definition, it fixes the responsibility of a military commander to the government by which he is employed. His
possibility is that of applying most profitably to the interest of higher war policy. The force allotted to him within the theatre of operations assigned to him, if you consider the force of law. It is inadequate for the task indicated he's just a importing this out and opinion is overruled. He can refuse or resign the command, but he exceeds his right. sphere, if he attempts to dictate to the government what measure force should be placed at his disposal Like I said there is a line here that he's talking about on the and the government which formulates war policy and has to adapt to it to conditions which often change as a war progresses can write, intervene in the strategy of a campaign not merely by replacing a commander in whom it is lost confidence, but by modifying his object according to the needs of its war policy, while it should not interfere with him and handling of his tools? It should indicate clearly need the nature of his task, thus strategy
not necessarily the simple object of seeking to overthrow the enemies, military power when a government oppression, that the enemy has the military superiority, either in general on a particular feeder. It may be wise to enjoying a strategy of limited before I get into limited aim was tied his back to corporate leadership and vision, leadership. What are you doing if you're in charge To make sure that you are empowering your subordinate leaders to make things happen, and not saying hey. Here's exactly. I want you to do it. Here's what I want to do with your team. Here's one! What to do with your tools: here's that's you're crossing the line you shouldn't have to do that. to have those conversations. We should be to say, hey Dave. This is what we're trying to make happen. How do you want to do it Dave who's on the front line, says: hey Boss, here's what I'm think it looks good, go exe
and, by the way Dave, might come back soon tables? We can't do that must give me some more resources. as is all we got, sorry and you said that what we need to back combat it- or we do not do this market area because we don't have the we don't have the resources, we need ok, cool or maybe I say well, I think it's because you suck you're, fired oh, you got the can't hear so Let's make sure that we delineate the roles and responsibilities clearly enough that we know what we were trying to do, up and down the chain of command? Not now to get back to this point of a strategy of limited aim egos into a little bit here. This is the strategy of womanly limited aim. It may desire to wait until the balance of force can be changed by the intervention intervention of allies or by the transfer of forces from another fear. It may desire to wait or even limit its military effort permanently, while
Economic or naval action decides the issues it may calculate that the overthrow of the enemies, military power as a task, definitely beyond its capacity and not worth the effort, and that the Jacob. It's war policy can be assured by seizing territory which it can either retrain, retain or used as a bargaining counter when peace negotiated so so right to every one of those things is indirect. It's it's. It's a limited aim. It's like! Oh, you know what I wanted to kick Dave's ass, but he's way, bigger and way better at Jitsu than I thought he was So you know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna like say: hey man instead of let us fighting: why don't I buy you a hamburger and we'll talk while some stuff and what in autumn say like it's a different just taken a different approach to totally different approach, and we know what to do and actually kick my ass. echo, is gonna, be heard about thirty minutes echoes
bigger and stronger than Dave he's been training more Jujitsu operative. Wait to hear a Dave you mind if we had better. Have you roll with echo rights on bringing its reinforcements the strategy of limiting limited aim so policy has more support from history than military opinion has recognised, and is less inherently a policy of weakness than some apologies imply. So just because I say You know what, if I'm, not, really look involve human way to echo, get your does not necessarily week. In fact, it might be smarter in fact, if I think you can beat me and I'm pretty sure, you're gonna beat me, It's way smarter for me to wait till echo shows up to kick your ass. It isn't bound up with the history of the british Empire and repeat It proved a lifebuoy to breathe, allies, as well as of the permanent benefit to herself, however, unconsciously, followed, there's grounds,
inquiry whether this conservative military policy does not deserve to be accorded a place in the fury of the conduct of war, so how when did Britain got no want, maybe we'd fight fight that war, maybe willing give that up. Maybe wanna give that area. Maybe we needed bargaining and moving move into an area that we know we can take and then what will negotiate for back later. The more usual reason for adopting a strategy of limited aim, is that of awaiting a change in the balance of force. Wait until echo shows up a change. Often sought and achieved by draining the enemies force, weakening him by pricks, instead of risking both. What, if you know what a Dave Adam, we want a role today, echoes
you're in a little while, but while you're waiting wants role, couple rounds of carry and wants role a couple rounds with dean, and so here you are fighting all these battles by the time ECHO trolls Joseph Fresh he's just had a discipline, go he's Re Rock n roll you're, tired your nine rounds. Deep ass might thus That's a great plan, great plan, so weak in you, Ex, instead of risking blows these essential condition of strategy, such a strategy is that the drain on him should be disproportionately greater than our oneself, because I was sitting the coroner keep in time, that's what I was doing while you were rolling with guy after guy after guy I'm keeping track of time. For you the object may be sought by reading his supplies by local attacks, which annihilate or inflict disproportionate portion of loss on parts of his force by Loring him into unprofitable attacks by car. An excessively wide distribution on of his force.
no least by exhausting his moral and physical energy. This is that the exact example right, I don't think I'll. Kick your ass, but what echoes gonna be here in a little while in the meantime, I'm great entice, amateur, go hey again, go get a couple rounds of Gulf Google CUP, rounded Dave boom and just rough you up and you the couple different people by the time, ECHO shows up no factor, that's what I'm doing and I am also thinking of just the idea of even going to war, the american military and in more of our opponents. Certainly more recent history. The aim wasn't destroy the american military. It was too Make those series of little pricks overtime become intolerable. Where we are no longer willing to have these little success of losses so work. not going to have that decisive campaign at all, because you, This intolerable. For me, in that connection, a policy too we talk about it. All the time of the will You know somebody will be doing that is hey. I dont want,
doing this over and these small little things these little added. Those things add up over time, as opposed to somehow the object his work and had a force on force, Ito culminating event between some military american military wooden, which, again It was speaking. Nobody wants that. We want decisive engaging with american military so wanted to some other things instead and make that intolerable. For us with by the way we suck in many areas of this, the United States in general, think of the propaganda damage that gets done to us on a regular basis that has been done to us on a regular basis. Basically, since Vietnam, Each time we get into, I mean anything. We get into a conflict now the propaganda that is used to turn us against ourselves in this country. Is it's it's raising how effective it is for you, you look the Vietnam WAR,
it's crazy, how effective they were at turning Americans against Americans in that war. back to the book. This closer definition sheds light on the question previously raised of a general independence in carrying out his own strategy insiders theatre of operations, for if the four, The government has decided upon a limited aim or grey strategy. The general who, within his strategic fear, seeks to overthrow the enemies. Military power may do harm than good to the government's war policy. So what that say at Saint like Dave out there. He super aggressive unease at no one on when it comes to take this whole area, and we want the can take. They can worry, we're not occupy it. I don't have the people who occupied now calls more problems so, just because you're winning doesn't mean your women. Usually a war of limited aim. A real policy of limited aim impose the strategy of limit game.
Decisive aim should only be adopted with the approval of the government, which alone can do so, whether it is worth the candle old school expression. I didn't really nordic men had a look it up worth. The candle means we're gonna something- is what we're doing worth the candle that the light it's gonna take two for us to be able to do whatever we're know. India. Is it worth the candle like we're gonna, we get some work to do to night call like the candle. But how much are we really gonna get dont, not work. The candle is back in the day clinic. Is the juice worth your sword, the squeeze exactly We can now arrive at a shorter definition of strategy, as quote the art of despair. beating and applying military means to fulfil the ends of policy. End quote: strategy is concerned, not merely the movement of forces as its role often defined but with the effect,
when the application of the military instrument merges into actual fighting the dispositions for and country of such direct action are termed tactics. Categories, although convenient for discussion, can never be truly divided into separate compartments, because each each only influences but merges into the other, which is why leadership Strachan Taxes is called leadership, strategy and tactics kind, a convenient that it worked out that way, but but listen. Here's what's important is what we're doing. It doesn't matter what matters is how it ends up matters is the strategic effect. That's why we have to think strategic all the time. That's what we need to do next section higher or grand strategy, as tactic
in as taxes and application of strategy on a lower plane. So strategy is an application on a lower plain of grand strategy. So he goes one level up. Oh mother, think we got tat. Go we operational, pleasantly talk about operational. There must be a modern thing. Tactical opera strategic and then grand strategy wall dickie synonymous with policy osier. Would you study in college posse dang voice? when you wanna try middle line no eyes out your ruling man, but I mean they're, they're so plus elysian stuff in there, but that the previous, It was as thinking of sort of like the business alignment of this, this military concept is how often we are we engaged in tactical battles that don't promote or support the strategic goal and I think was. I think it was the debris podcast, but you said this is: if what you were doing it
tactical engagement, urine, supports the big picture strategy, it's not tactical its strategic, and if it doesn't it tactical and your engaged you shouldn't be doing, and how often do we, dig in on these, these small things that, even in the end, if we win dont reinforce the big picture, call the objective How often do I, on with my team, the marketing team gay and on how to do this. This thing and I'm gonna fight with the. The sales team over resources and supplies and equipment and priority that don't actually help the company the company achieve some. some sort of success are enabled to look at that as a leader and go on a listen This this doesnt matter this we don't need to dig in here. Let them have this we're playing the longer games, because what was the company to when and how? It is for us to decouple this idea that The battle is a strategic notes. Now it's not
if you of my right yeah absolutely for the role of grand strategy. Higher strategy, is to coordinate and direct all the resources of a nation or band of nations towards the attainment of a political object of the war, the goal defined by fundamental policy grand strategy, should both calculate and develop to economic resources and manpower of nations in order to sustain fighting services. Also, the moral resources for a foster, the people's willing Spirit is often as important as to possess more concrete form. power, which is why you need to pay attention to what's Goin on your country when it comes to propaganda, that's being used against you. Grand strategy too, should regulate the distribution of power between the seven services Between the services and industry, moreover, fighting power is
one of the instruments of grand strategy which should take account of and apply the power of financial pressure, diplomatic pressure, commercial pressure and least of ethical pressure to weaken the when in swill a good cause is a sword as well as armor like one, chivalry in war can be a most effective weapon in weakening the opponents will to resist as well as augmenting moral strength. This is why we always take diagram of Hydra Grant you take diagram? Take the high ground causes a sword as well as armor and when you give up the high ground when you get down into the mud- and I think there's a quote- you references you get down in the mud: you're, not getting money. Could somebody throwing what it you it's because you went down there,
How hard it is, what you get up a high ground to get back up onto the high ground when you give that up, back to the book. Furthermore, while the horizon of strategies bounded by by the war, grand strategy, looks beyond the war to the subsequent peace, it should not only combined the various instruments but so regulate their use as to avoid damage to the future state of peace for its security and prosperity. sorry state of peace, for both sides that has followed most wars can be traced to the fact that, unlike strategy, the realm of grand strategy is, for the most part, terror incognita, still exploration and understanding. That means unknown territory. So this is this: is beyond thinking strategic and it's kind of the way we term thinking strategic in off everyone. our relationship and embark in order you? Where does that get me.
Even if you do that thing, where does it put us in the future? how's, our relationship. If we have client? And we decide you wanna billow many ways, even though they didn't, you know they didn't participate, but where bill in many ways has I can work out for us, we get me a little bit more money right now. How does that? How does that factors in a year when that client needs help so The grand strategy looks beyond the warder subsequent peace. How often are we doing that? Looking further in the future goes into pure or military strategy. Having cleared the ground, we can build up. Our concern kind of strategy on its proper, plain and original basis, that of the art of the general staff? depends for success first and foremost, first and foremost for sorry, first and most on the sound calculation
and coordination of the ends and means of the end and means the end must be proportionate to the total me and the means used in gaining each inner me It end which country to, the ultimate must be prepared, to the value and the needs of that intermediate end, whether it be to gain an objective or fulfil contributory purpose, an excess, maybe as harmful as a deficiency. So that's, first of all, that's a free, run on sentence, but with executive for but second of all, it's important because what you say is you should constantly be assessing if, if juices work, the squeeze, you should possibly be saying like listen, we're gonna put this much effort. towards this client or to put this much effort towards this relationship and to put this much effort towards this team, whose we,
Oh how they're going to do so. You constantly have to check yourself if the end that you're going towards. is your investment worth it. What's the aura, why by the way spending too much. They can be as bad as spending enough shortly and and and spending much too you win a particular battle or between a particular work, but you spent so much. They look rounding up. Well. That not that use wasn't worth to squeeze wasn't worth the candle. What are we accomplish and that that next level up grand strategy and, of course, the commission is making is, as on this large scale, literally took a class called American Grand strategy and the military is he is is a component of all these other things you named a bunch of diplomatic middle economic is open to different tools that are inside that are actually there all connected, but the motor is one arm of that one of many course you're uniformly.
The oil revolves around military power. We know we sate down. We know that's true, but in well that you use we all the time and in interest trying to explain this. we have utilizing resources and making decisions. When you talk about means means. Everybody is limited means we don't have on limited means or unlimited resources and If I'm looking at this particular area that I want to, I want to open up a shop here open up a couple of locations in this physical. You know this geographic area to compete with our competitors. I think all of my resources, every penny. I've got every tool it I've got and I get in their co. Baker go that's right and in the end we did it. We get in that region and doesn't quite work. or even if it does, but we now have no other tools and resources do anything else that the larger he's. That is the strategy. Isn't together into that area. The strike jeez, actually to make our company stronger in that limited understanding or that understanding being limited of Hawaii,
here to take over this region. If that, as I can, to the company being successful that larger piece of it. All all the means all the resources to getting in that area. They don't help you wasted to waste. You learn that Canada you know, it's interesting is from a leadership. This is a totally the leadership capital discussion right, it's pay. Is it worth make spending leadership capital on getting gave too. Although my order on getting Dave to you don't pick up. A client No, it's going to be painful and now forcing them to do it in whatever one of the case may be. Is it worth that leadership capital? we have two way that out- and you know what you're talking about a we got, the the diplomatic we got, the the commercial pressure, the financial pressure, the ethical pressure, all those things in the middle. There is part of that guess what it from a leadership perspective.
The military thing is this: is my rank higher rank you and we're gonna go by force, that's wars that should be there's six, seven, eight twelve other components that I can utilise as a leader to make something happened and the I want to use the one that cost me the most leaders of capital as the military one, which is my rank, which is on the boss, use you listen to me to compel someone, through the threat of force, as your only tool to get them to comply the threat of force and even ill. The the moral high ground I mean how convenient would it be if you and I are in a situation looking at something and mine was the moral approach and yours is the immoral approach which requires no money. No time no resources, no equipment to go out in a loud, hey, listen. If we do this, we take the IMF if we take the on ethical and we get found out at, and someone just goes owe him in your right. Now listen man. I was you're right. We need to do this. We do seem to do the right thing here. The the
teaching a win from that alone or the the spectrum, the military and, as I come, force and a man and through risk of of destruction is I'm getting you took to behave in a way that the time. I've got this. later on and only remember I got the court from, but I talked about this podcast media talked about Eve online. It's It's something along the lines of Could you win and now your charge of a wasteland? Great? Oh yeah, you won the war cold. Now you have burnt scorched earth. That's it! You have called good job. What did you win nothing back to book a true. This is a true men would establish a perfect economy of force in the deeper sense of that off. Stored in military terms. So all the time we heard the term ear economy force, because of the nature and uncertainty of war and answer
increased by lack of scientific study, even the greatest military ability could not achieve a true adjustment. success lies in the closest approximation to the truth again, his use more truth is a little bit is- bit broad. But what he's dogmas How much should I applied to this? How much for should I applied? We want to apply the minimum force required, but when to be perfectly that so, which one is close is weak hand this relativity is inherent because, however, our knowledge and of the science of war be extended, it will depend on the art for its application. Art can, only bring the end near to the means, by giving a higher value to the means, enable the end to be extended. This complicates calculation. Big No man can exactly calculate the capacity of human genius and stupidity, nor the incapacity,
Well, so there's all these things that we have to account for as leaders and were end and we're not gonna, get it perfectly right, but how close and we get it next. Sex elements and conditions in strategy, however, innovation is simpler and a close, approximation to truth possible than in tactics, solution very interesting point its easier to calculate big, broad, strategic things, because you are a little bit further away from the human component for an war, the chief incalculable is human will, which manifest in resistance which, in turn lies in the province of tactic strategy, has not to overcome resistance except from nature. Its purpose to diminish the possibility of resistance, and it seeks to fulfil this purpose by exploiting the elements of movement and surprise. Now
school and everything. I would say that there is definitely that's a stretch because we ve seen collect the collective will of a people, change the outcome of strategic situations for sure, so even though I said hey, it's it's closer to its still. Can have a huge Impact I mean look at Vienna like oh well, we beat them because we can kill one hundred. Fifty vietnamese soldiers and vehicles it is for every one of our people are killed so whirlwind now. Actually we want when, because guess what the their collective will is: freaking incredibly strong but movement and surprise me lies in the physical sphere, and on calculation of the conditions of the time. Topography and transport capacity by transport capacities meant both both the mean
by which the measure in which force can be moved to maintain? Ok, so there's the fiscal fear, sphere of movement. Surprise lies in the psychological sphere and depends on a calculation of far more difficult than in the physical. or of the manifold conditions varying in each case, which are likely to affect the will of the opponent. So you got two things: you ve got movement you got prize. This is how we're gonna kind of wind. This is how we gonna win by movement. Surprise, movement, physical, surprise, psychological, Although strategy may aimed more at exploiting movement, then at expo surprise or, conversely, the two elements react on each other. So even though their different spheres, there still closely woven together, move generate surprise and prize gives impetus to movement, so this digits right. If you surprised somebody, they have to react to it, Make someone move by surprise. there was something for a move
which is accelerated or changes, its direction inevitably carries with it a degree surprise, even though it be concealed, while surprise smooth the path of movement by hindering the enemies, counter measures and counter movements. So if I suppose you don't under active you're, not defending this, obviously not something this guy was thinking about. When I think about flying stealth aeroplanes, the psychology of that is what I what I have discovered and its true, not just an airplane, ensue in every situation more often than not pulls reaction to being surprise, is not the right reaction. They don't usually racked well, even when it I could still like an overreaction and reaction think about how you react at winder surprised. Are those usually like good, smooth, effective responses, Hunter Preserve, Yak and when
You look at stealth, aeroplanes. The advent of Americans showing up was still there. A pleasant and sort of accommodating really was in desert storm when note even knew he had of and all of a sudden tell their brains are over Baghdad dropping bombs. and the Iraqis didn't under they do not understand what was happening and there action was over. Now you know that their proliferated, that's on a significant, undersized force when your flying around the stealth aircraft- and then I'm fine against you and your conventional aircraft and the first call you here is hated the first four of your aeroplanes are old debt and and psychological response to that? is almost always the wrong response, the reaction that they may behave erratically. They move in different right. They they don't know what to do the cycle, the responses. Surprise is almost always the wrong reaction and the our of creating that action your opponents is really hard to overstate, and that's really one of the three.
That stealth aeroplanes have allowed us to do is get our opponents to behave incorrectly. To give us an even more of an advantage, you're off balance them some, yet because what you just said when you said they either of reactor and react, guess what you there either. balance right, a balanced, measured response back. Ok, we didn't really him off balance, but you either overreact or yonder react and through Surprise you cause them to move too far in one direction too far in the other direction. That's what's gonna happen in that's we're gonna! Take advantage of it explain this a ton like if I attack your arm and you only react to a point where you do not almost all react at all and you just let me have it then I may actually culminate with an hour but more than likely you're, gonna overreacted. I want you to react and it's like an attack, something else, but it's, like you said: it's the lack of a balanced response. It's usually an overreaction. Usually that reveals a weakness somewhere else that I can then explained the up
as regards the relation of strategy tactics, while in execution the borderline is often shadowy and is difficult to do I'd exactly where a strategical movement ends in a tactical movement begins. Yet in conception. The two hour sneaked tat. it lies in the fields of tactics, lies and fills the province of fighting. strategy, not only stops on the frontier but has for it. Purpose. The reduction of fighting by this undressed possible proportions. Soda purpose of strategies to not fight Go on with the aim of strategy. This statement may be disputed by those who conceive the destruction of the enemies armed force, as the only sound aim in war who hold that the only goal of strategy is battle and who are obsessed with the Klaus Vision saying that below that is the price of victory, yet, if,
should concede this point and meet its advocates on their own ground. The statement would remain unshaken for each decisive battle be the goal. The aim of strategy must be to bring about this battle under the most ad. And he just circumstances and the more admin. he? The circumstances? The less proportionally will be the fighting some of those realities, we're not fighting! That's we're doing that factional of strategy would be, therefore, to produce a decision without any serious biting history. Now think about that. From a leadership perspective, I'd never get in an argument, because Dave's do What I need him to do to make it happen, that's the most effect. Strategy, not how'd, why out wit, Dave in an argument that doesn't matter? Why am I having an argument?
History, as we have seen, provides examples where strategy help by favourable conditions has virtually produced such a result, and he goes through some examples here get he's real, recalling back to some of the examples that he talks about in the book these cases, while these were cases where the destruction of the enemies forces the enemies, armed forces was economically achieved through the disarming by surrender. Such destruction may not be essential for a decision and for the fulfilment of the war aim in the case of state that is seeking, not conquest but maintenance of a secure of its security. The aim is fulfilled if the threat be removed if the enemies to abandon his purpose with such while such what this victories have been exceptional, their rarity enhances, rather than detracts from their value.
An indication of latent potentialities in strategy and grand strategy despite many centuries of experience of war, we have hardly begun to expire, the field of psychological warfare from deep study. WAR Klaus, which was led to the conclusion that quote all military action is permeated by intelligent forces and their effects. Nevertheless, and called never nations at war have always striven been driven by their passions to disregard the implications of such a conclusion. Instead of appeal, intelligence. They have chosen to batter their heads against the nearest wall, so here is cause for decades? It's it's an intelligence. You know we're doing what, but all the time we countries people leaders, teams we get? We do stupid things. Banger head against the nearest walks. We get emotional were not intelligent, and we
Look out for that It rests normally with the government responsible for the grand strategy of war to decide whether strategy should make its contribution by achieving a military decision or otherwise justice. Military means is only one of the means to the end of grand strategy. One of the instruments in the surgeons case, so battle is only one of the means to the end of strategy. If the conditions are suitable, usually it is usually the quickest in effect, but if conditions are unfavourable, it's a folly to use so called you gotta battle, but if you, were prepared for it, and you don't have the advantage that stupid. Let's assume that a strategy is empowered to seek a military decision. He's responsible, is to seek it under the most advantageous circumstances in order to produce the most profitable result. Hence his true aim is not so much to seek battle.
to seek a strategic situation so advantageous that, if it does not, of itself produce the decision. It continuation by battle is sure to achieve this. So we're not engaging in battle that we don't know we're going to win If we know we're gonna win them, why can't we convince them opponent that we're gonna win and they bow In other words, dislocation is the aim of strategy. It sequel, maybe. either the enemies, dissolution or his easier disruption in battle. Dissolution May involve some partial measure fighting, but this is not, but this is not the character of battle. So that's what we're trying to do we're trying to win fight without fight it we're trying to win the argument without having it I'm trying Dave one. I want to do what I want to do without him, even knowing that that's what I wanted to do its rays idea and think about that statement.
you getting me to do. Do it do what you want me to get done without fighting with me and take us away from this book, which is talking about fighting your enemies and you're a literal enemies to someone on your team Norma, my team, my guy, because the human nature doesn't change it. Doesnt changeover in the jungle desert. If we're in forty two. If we're in one thousand five hundred and sixteen, if we're nineteen thousand four hundred and twenty eight doesn't matter. If you're my enemy or you're, my friend, if there's, if there is a component of human will, then we need to utilise these principles effectively. next exception action of strategy? How is the strategic dislocation produced in the physical or logistical sphere
It is the result of a move which a upsets, the enemies dispositions and by compelling a sudden change of front, dislocates, distribution and organization of his forces be set, rates is forces? Can I got a little the elegant little by little? tingle. In my mind, when I saw that endangers his supplies, D this is the route or routes by which he could retreat in case of need and re, establish himself on the base of the stairs, these ways that we can cause strategic dislocation. a dislocation, may be produced by one of these effects, but is more often a consequence of several right. We're gonna win dislocate them from multiple different direction. Differentiation indeed is difficult, because a move directed toward the enemies rear tends to combine these effects. There is active influence, however, varies and has very throughout history. According to size of armies and complexities, their organisation with armies, which lie
on the country drawing their supplies locally by plunder. Requisition though Communication has negligible importance. If you got an army, that's out their living off the land, the kind of know what they're doing you can kill you, you can't really cut their I want because they will have any, even if a higher even higher stage, a military development, the smaller a fall the less dependent it is on the lines of communication for supplies, for larger an army and more plexus organization, the more prompt and serious in effect, is a menace to slide of communication. So, depending on you're fighting gotta make some adjustments We're armies had not been so. Dependent strategy has been correspondingly handicap and attack wish you, a battle has played a greater part. Nevertheless, even thus handicapped able strategists have frequently gained decisive advantage. Previous too bad. By menacing the enemies lines of retreat. The equal of his dispositions or local supplies for doing so. We're with
people offered by messenger this project by messing with our communication and by the way, broken Immenseness fifteen fifteen thousand more times he's talking all the time about disrupting your enemies, communication each one of those. Is the red sell the red team for us to go? Man am I communicate. getting properly, every time you hear that's one of the main ways that the indirect approach where is by disrupting the enemy communication. What is that Tell us about our communication. It tells us it's freaking critical, He goes into some some talk about how to disrupt communication. The effective such a menace usually must be applied in a point closer in time and space to the enemies army. then a menace to his communication and
thus early in warfare is often difficult to distinguish between strategic and tactical manoeuvring in sight, logical sphere. Dislocation is the result of the impression on the commanders, mind, of the physical effects which we have listed. The oppression is strong. We accentuated. If his realisation of being at a disadvantage is sudden and if he feels that he is unable to counter and enemies move. Psychological dislocation fundamentally springs from a sense of being trapped straight out of like the Jujitsu world in this is important, so we feel, we feel dislocated, we feel nervous. We get trapped, guess why you should never do as a leader, hey Dave. I know you want to do this, but what, if that happens, why my trapping in my tracks you dont, trap people around your team-
That's another little red, sell the red team. if you're sure, if I set you up to trap, you you're gonna, be uncomfortable. You're, gonna get defensive, you're, gonna be unstable and my An interaction with you, the next time you know like all here we go, let's see what what jocose into China do to me this time. loyalty and respect and things that you actually want for me in the end, you know when you when you're the leader that likes to set your people up, you could hamper them, That's a classic like. I won that argument that our good man, I never have really like an idiot shit reading your job. He won't want to step up again. This is the reason why it is most frequently followed. physical move on the enemies rear an army like a man cannot promise we defend its back from a blow without turning round to use its arms in a new direction turn. temporarily imbalances in army, as it does a man and with the former
the period of instability is inevitably much longer. In consequence, the brain is much more sensitive to any menace to its back is why it's what we tried to which our attack back. That's. Why, on the battlefield, were China, which are to come around to the rear, because then they have to maneuver and face you and their exposed in. In contrast to move directly on an opponent consolidates his balance, physical and logically and by consolidating it increases his resisting power. When I talk even front, you know exactly what our common at you and you can resist it more. What does that mean from the leadership perspective? That means that I I don't want to have you resist my ideas by coming right at you
for in the case of an army, it rose the enemy back towards the reserve, supplies and reinforcement of the original front, driven back and warmth in new layers areas are out tobacco. We give you make the enemy retreat. Well, guess what that's? What the Russians did to Napoleon enter the Nazis? Where's Richard yeah you good job. You beat us today, cool. We just got closer to supply chain. We just more reinforcements our communication lines, got got shorter you made our job easier at the most. impose the strain rather than producing shock, thus move around the enemies rear against the Move around the enemies front against his rear has the aim not only of avoiding resistance on its way, but in its issue. the profoundest, since it takes the line of least resistance, equivalent in this psychological sphere. Is the line of least expectation two faces of the same coin. This is
wide nor understanding of strategy. If we merely take what obviously appears the line of least resistance is obviousness will appeal to the opponent also, and this line may no longer be the lineup resistance used when we still want. We got reconnaissance missions you put on reconnaissance missions like I can't Pendleton, and you get up to Camp Pendleton and you're supposed to be observing some area, and there is a one spot to observe. There's like one bush you're like we can now it's so tempting to go to that. Bush would guess exactly where the they're gonna look there. Look at that Bush, so you're, better off a whole doing whenever you gonna do taking the worst blocking Bush and others for bushes. Three of them are pretty good one of em socks go to the one that sucks
In studying the physical aspect, we must never lose sight of a psychological and, when both for combined is the strategy, truly an indirect approach, calculated Dislocate, the opponents balance The mere action of marching, indirectly toward the enemy and on the rear of his disposition, is not constituted the strategic interest approach, so just because you try and come rather it does mean because, if that's it Think you're gonna do doesnt matter strategic. It is not so simple. Such an approach may start being an indirect relation to an enemy front, but by the directors of its progress towards the rear may allow the enemy to changes disposition so that soon becomes a direct approach of direct approach on a new front check. Because of the risk that the enemy may achieve such a change of fought, it is usually necessary for the dislocated move to be proceeded. Move or moves, which can best be defined as the term distress,
in a literal sense to draw sunder so have to do. Multiple moves just like in Jujitsu. You can't just do one move you can't recently We're just do you can do multiple moves to make them. We're not sure, what's really important. What's really going on, I was doing a little bit of research cause. I was people sometimes bring up D day, about three day: frontal assault, right, yeah, yeah kind of guess what the deception that the allied forces did to make Hitler the Nazis, unaware. I think it was something like I dont think Hitler com did all of his forces to Normandy for seven weeks because they were expecting General Patton I was the whole big scamp, like hey. We got patent, Gonna come in this other spot and so for seven weeks, the Nazis roulette no dont commit so we
no, it was a look like a direct assault. There was a massive fate going on that that jury he didn't commit their forces for several weeks. That's crazy! So it looks like a frontal us I get it but man, there was some distraction going on what just like Use, he was saying it's only a frontal assault. If the enemy recognizes this frontal assault and then lines up his defences against that frontal assault, and The psychology of that the human nature reaction is the thing that actually matters. The most is your wrist wants to my interaction and a few It's a frontal assault, they're going to react like it's a frontal assault and you're gonna dig it and it was like a something's going on something is going on here and they actually it's a frontal assault. You don't know what I say is interfering with all its flag because they are putting offences elsewhere.
purpose of this distraction is to deprive the enemy is freedom of action and it should operate both physical and psychological fear spheres in the physical it should call, The distinction of his forces or their diversion two on profit whence they are too widely distributed and two committed. Where was exactly what did was to have the power of, your fearing with one's own decisive. We intended move, which was we're gonna hit in the Ecological fear, sphere. The same effect is sought by playing upon the fears this. The fears of and by deceiving the opposing command Stonewall Jackson aptly up expressed this in history, go motto: mystify, mislead and surprise furtively, define mislead constitutes distraction, while surprise is the essential cause of dislocation is through. the destruction of the commanders. Mind that the distraction of his forces follows
Loss of his freedom of action is the sequel to the loss of his freedom of conception profound appreciation of how the psychological permeates and dominates the physical feed sphere has an indirect value for it warns of the I will see and shallowness of attempting to analyze and fear arise about strategy in terms of mathematics. To treat quantitatively as if the issue turned merely on superior concentration of force at a select the place is as faulty as too, geometrically as a matter of lines and angles, not just numbers. Even more remote from the truth, because in price, is it usually leads to a dead end, is the tendency of textbooks to treat war as me, a matter of concentrating superior force in his,
a broader definition of economy or Force Falk termed this, the art of pouring out all ones. Resources at a given moment on one spot of making use their of all truce and to make such a thing possible of making those troops permanently communicate with each other. Instead of dividing them in attaching to each Action some fixin invariable function. Its second part, a result, having attained is the art of again so disposing the troops as to converge upon an act against a single new objective. End quote: it would have been So there's that there's the economy force like hey, we're gonna put all of our forests in the right spot at the right time, which we all know, we learn that all the time- and that's that's part of prioritizing execute that is part of
our ties next year is listen, get multiple things. You need to concentrate your forces on on objective efficiently. It would have been more exactly he's gonna take Little by little hit on this quote from far too, who, by the way, this is burning Ferdinand for this is that if the French out I'd commander World WAR one. So we kind of already or super stoked on him guess what he did. He carried out his strategy paper to get more forces, you concentrate all force. We blow the whistle we're going to break through this time. No why it would have been more exact and more lucid to say that an army should always be so district distribute distributed, that its parts can aid each other combined to produce the max impossible concentration of force
in place, while the minimum force necessary is used elsewhere to prepare. This excess of the concentration is what cover movies. This is cover movies, is you and Anderson doctrinal terminal used to tell us. The young seals are doctrinal term, called supporting distance and what supporting distances you Dave and me platoon Michael Tune or your company a company or Europe China, my battalion, we aren't yet so far apart that we can't support each other. So that means if- if we only have rifles we're going to be, for five hundred yards from each other view, depending on the train. If the train is cope, you know, mountainous or we might be closer than that cause. I want to be able to provide support to you if we have order cool? Now we can stretch it out a little bit more. If we have artillery, we can out even more but We need to be able to cover, move for each other.
We need to be able to support each other, and if we get too far apart you're alone man, we had a term there we got the coin. It was called fluid mutual support which, when you say we got the coyness expand brow itself. This is wicked: good, be obeyed, well, rear, making stuff up, listen, long list When we talk guns figured out like used to have just superior equipment superior technology. better machines, more of them. They worked better and we are fighting in Athens. Talk about this, a while, you were firing in fighting an inferior opponent, To be totally honest with you, our tactics were kind of straightforward. Wasn't that complicated we didn't just like borrowed right in their fight it, but you know our tactics relied on the fact that in Our stuff was better than your stuff and others phone correctly. Well over time. We couldn't rely on that anymore. There occurred got better than ours. They really do things we couldn't do and what we have to start doing has taken that same equipment. utilise them differently and
one of things we have to get away from was cover move for aeroplanes used to be a thousand feet away too ten feet away, and you stay together. I draw neutral you'd, I go, you go in and your job as a wing man and how I go. You did your performance as a women as how well you stayed inside that. What we called for, visual mutual support- and, if you lost sight of me believe me, you re here about in the debriefing and what we Evolved to was because of inferior equipment. We had it actually get farther away from each so in simpler terms. We can figure out. Who is the person who is the aircraft in the formation that was fundamentally, the most at risk or the most likely to be engaged in the other aircraft could then fly or maneuver, coming from a different three dimensional direction to support that person, and it was fluid because it changed it wasn't
exactly on the thirty five degree, bearing line at five miles it it evolved. Based whether based on weapons basin, the formation and just like you describe as and I had no one. If I got too far away, I couldn't support you and if I was too close to you, I couldn't Maneuver, in a way that allowed me to have it and entry to the problem, a flank because I was too too close to, and While you were talking to that, I would just thinking of the friendship Tomorrow, one culminating thing verses, just the standard combined arms effect of cool I don't need a million eggs well thanks. Are you don't rocket attacks called they're gonna run you over you interact with thanks, cucumetto holes, we're gonna get her there till you dont want to deal. There are ten million a day and cool all rolling with an aircraft, and I don't need. But an overwhelming roaming force at any those three, but I need them together. in support of one another animal, and who's gonna get the killer who's gonna, be the reason why I am successful, but you're gonna happen, the act of something, and if you don't one of those different
as different supporting elements will eventually be the thing that causes you loose, supporting distance, covered, move and and now fluid mutual support, we better amenity right. I should know that that would I was gonna totally submarine your goals of getting through this by talking way too much. I I planned for this so well who wrap it up with another paragraph and then well we'll do the next on the next podcast Here's where he's gonna break down Fox statement a little bit. He says, Whitcross Fox said the hour, of pouring all ones resources. So so, Adele hearts as the concentrate. All is an on realisable, ideal and dangerous, even as a hyperbole. Moreover, Practice, the minimum necessary, maybe a far
larger portion of the total then maximum possible. They would even be true to say that the larger the force that is effectively used for distraction of the enemy, the greater the chance of the situation succeeding in its aim. for otherwise it may strike an object to solid, be shattered. This is like gum in Georgia to it you if I try and sweep you, but it's I'm, not really trying to sweep you you don't even have to react to it. I have to We tried sweep you then. If I we tried to reboot venue exposure neck. Both call you stick your neck out to you you proportion to me and will know that I can get the gaiety if I don't actually put enough forcing it, but if I put too much force into that well, you defend it? Well will now I've used much energy didn't work, and how often am I going to do that we have to be careful and what he sees you want to use this. What we talk a lot about a lot about at
which is a minimum for required to work, how much forced or need to use, you to react and if if I only have to use you know ten percent of my force over here to get you to react? That means I have ninety percent of forced to finish your finish. The job on the flank cod. in the south superior weight at the intended decisive point does not suffice. Unless that point cannot be reinforced, in time by the opponent or you can can put a bunch, I can go for your arm. But if you're gonna grab with your other arm indefinable defending matter that matter singled out your out, it really suffices unless My point is not merely weaker numerically, but has been weakened. Morally Napoleon. Suffered some of his worst checks because he neglect this guarantee and the need for destroying it has grown with the delaying power of weapons. So there you there's a warm.
with almost two and a half hours deep right now we're talkin it's it's only gonna get deeper from here. Let's call it for right. Now, let's get into some out an extra maybe the buy anything. Any closing statements Dave let's, let's roll into a little by little quicker activity with supports you, don't I know we're trying to be ended, act, but maybe there's some direct ways. We can counter by ourselves out here what are ya or some helped in are on our path, which includes being indirect furs. Effectiveness goes: concur software stuck with our friend care and I just kind of come to realise that this path is not that hard anymore, it's hard, but it's not as hard term of a path.
Look at that. We're alone and ok, I didn't know that basis that the pact is got easy. Little really heard more lives easier, easier, not easy, all its heart still but it easier in this way, Jacko Few bombed is why you drink energy drinks, is longer a problem if you on that I think you're, like into energy drinks, break it to get rid of those in sometimes it'll. Take willpower understand. You know that, Listen adjustment period that might not be very comfortable must not like that and recall energy drinks, you want any more discipline, go drinks good for you both path. here right that I just have to concur their powers as a lot easier bridles with the correct gifts issue. Also, we have dessert right. There were, here, the bad where'd you get it. You gotta start excluding dessert from time to time, in fact pretty much all the time on the pan. Yet the occasional dessert can happen. I mean, I reminded I arrived on his birthday. Yes, yes, I understand,
I was you that I was at Ragland, which is kind of one of my go, might be my favorite restaurant surgeon here and they have that that cast iron pan with the toxic its they call it. The illegal there like it's so good, should be illegal good name, so we had orders because from my daughter's birthday, that's a birthday, my daddy legal girl rights and when it showed up the ice, you just one the pan. It's almost situation, Let's face it to your point. We can't be doing that every day. Every day, exact, we would probably not even more than once per month what he could do, because you know for the illegal necessarily most of us. We do it because he that combating taste- good- you don't, let's face it after dinner. Ragland them assume that some steak or some like It's not like you're, like starving and hungry. After the stake you just
They said so you get out, so you get it. You get the illegally, that your thing sweet cool, but you pay a price you now on this new path. We don't have to pay the price look at those do it. Everything was worth talking about more target above down other monitoring. The value of yes and you get additional Brodie in the form of this desert, so boom right their path? Little bit easier. You sometimes easier the music, also we got some other supporting elements for your joints, don't wherefer supercool, Oh, that's not the immunity. What you know what you're saying right now is actually a pretty big you ll give you make about. If you think about the fact that some right now is like well, there drinkin three energy drinks a day and its. good for them enemies and have long term negative health effects legitimate
well, they're doing it for reason right they need the benefit of the original whatever. That is, but it's like, like that, it's a problem to a problem in all of the sudden. What like that, like with a snap of the fingers year, you can actually, you can actually still get the benefits with no downside. No, that's freaking crazy, no problem! Yes, thing would deserve all. If its sweetness, goodness feeling Let's face it. There's a certain texture too, like that you kind of you know you want that more clear that Denmark, sorrow, get crazy love, but but it's all true so does that go against the whole? Hey man? The path is hard, brace the hardness, you'll be ok, but that his his the dichotomy. U turn me onto this account big deal is a big deal too. I think I thought Beetle Adele,
our action in fighting yesterday, but apparently I control in common with the facts, the true of doing the best they can talk over to benefit the group. Look: are the goal isn't to drink mark? That's not the go. Some means to an end. I'm learning tinker junk so the monkeys, the protein to help us recover from our work out insane so it's more efficient. Why should we fight Battle when we don't have to seems a coup was take them off. No gradual, move easy money, both more when, without a fight when United, Looking down some wrapped, yes, M, chalky, how much do you think forward to mark very much? I looked. I get super aunt.
And it's the kind the indiscriminate had a model for future. Nowhere do that, but I do believe before returning to their cause. I got done with your phone line like what twelve thirty and we weren't gonna train until two thirty aspect has no madame until after the treaty, but today and again, he was calling out certain desserts call your name. That's all I've honeydew resentfully, but guess what no problem calling this path that we're just got a little bit easier and you're gonna worry about that. More check. Vs lays out immediately. Add that you got immunity. Stuff is well cold war, vitamin d three boom. Take that our guarantee your bath would be little easier versus. If you don't take now not getting sick. All of a sudden negative, which we like a toy
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easier, even that you have just gotta, leave uneasy more efficient, I'm remembering what I'm worried about it more efficient. When are we can focus on someone else? No distraction the age limit horribly, like all yet of distraction. When are you to write down remembered order? No, it's delimited! That's rubbing, focus our efforts executive on a per cent in awaits decentralized command to because peak eyes over there there over their taking over their jam now and there. For you, please go move elsewhere. Example: candidates. Subscribe is what we are saying: yes, give free shipping jack straw, also origin, USA, decamp misery. You can get your american made goods durable goods, as it were, but what that means you can get American made Denham genes. Few models there that dealt to succeed in the factory factory in
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forging USA. Also, as you too, to jersey main ties. Skills done some good work up. Their main tie us talking today about some stuff go into anyone tried out there. Also psychological warfare didn't know that it's an album jock level with tracks chocolate tracks telling you us how to get past and through our moments, weakness make them be less of a factor on this path. Bomb got a little bit easier again They got giacomo their supplements, a day's good, no factor and bore me. You can just keep rolling on their path. Little easy little bit more luxurious. Do you know Flip side, canvas dot. Com to quota Myerst Company has put stuff to hang on your wall stuff, that's cool made check it out. We got a bunch of books, final spin, a novel common about novel stuff,
have you read the lay everywhere, the final Dave? now I I read, I think you might have couple of small at its since then or to assessment. You know my son the better assessment was my wife. Does it say what about your wife's assessment? That was the real Ossetia cause? She has no one zero skin and are not going to get no loyalty organ the invariably here an amount. We rightly looking to drop the hammer. What was her assessment? Well, the best, spent was she finished it in two sittings? While and that's like going to bed cracked, the book open, I'm okay, just read this tunnel think gonna scenario. Now I get big pressure move and I m sure I got through the two thirds of it and then the next. I finish insight that was really get like that. The Finnish
book in a day in two readings, sittings speaks volumes to have a good deal, it's good so that's coming out. Actually the date change on when it comes out coming out now know is coming to limit earlier. Yeah seems like the band is: gonna kick good, let's not remove that rights diving its November sixth. Now so, if you want that, you have a deal you mother first today, leadership, charging tax fuel, mainly because the evaluation, the protocols dismally freedom field, feel manual way to work. It want three and four about face. We talked about today, making the dragons pricking the dragons, it's incredible. How often have to talk about Mikey on making the dragons? You explain that story to adults, because we will come of red. Do this, I'm afraid odds, common question and even from leaders, like I'm afraid, addressed this all the time,
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goes misplaced, meandering or perhaps even more Dave's animated additions. You can find us on the inner webs on twitter, on the grim and on Facebook. Echoes adequate trolls Dave is that David are Burke and I am a jackal willing and to the military service men women out there. Thank you for putting the strategy of freedom in the tactics and keeping the world darkness same goes to our police and law enforcement. Firefighters, paramedics empties did Bachelors correctional officers, border patrols, good service and all first responders thanks for keeping the world safe from evil here at home and everyone else out there. The direct approach is not as direct as you think, to think
get em, maybe maybe just try taking the long way around, because the wrong way around you might find out ends up being the shortest distance between two points. Till next time this Dave and ECHO and Jacko out.
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