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286: The Indirect Approach is The Best "Strategy" in All Cases.

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This is joggled podcast number two, eighty six with ECHO Charles and me Jocker willing good evening. I can't believe and also joining us again. They work greening if you didn't so, if you haven't listened to two eighty five just go back and the two eighty five right now we are. Experts during some of the works of beach Del heart. We as on ready five he's a british soldier or more one, Very few military historian wrote influence. He's am he's an influence, her he's kind of an oh gee influence earlier planning for any legit. Was he had a lot of influence inside the british military head? It info all kinds of different military organizations including some enemy military organisations that actually listened to what he had to say. So, if you
was an authority. Five yet go back, was maturity five and we're gonna jump right back in to his book, which is strategies. We do when we covered was the strategy of the indirect approached this, look everything he does is tied into the strategy of indirect approach and an organ jumped back into this. His other buckle he's got many books, one of his other books called simply strategy based on their heart. Here we go David, before I just jump right into this thing. Now, let's do it? Ok, so we're gonna, get a new here called basis of strategy, and I think it's very interesting how this one kicks off a deeper truth to which Falk and other disciples of Klaus writs did not penetrate fully is that in war every problem, and every principle is a duality.
like a coin, it has two phases. So this may remind you of another book. You might have heard of called the dichotomy leadership there. You go again, I think, oh this guy, some royalties- I didn't know what I mean I could it called the book duality of leadership, but I didn't write called the decline your leadership, like a coin- two faces. Hence the need for well a well calculated compromise as a means to Reconciliation? What does that mean be balanced, big shocker? This is the inevitable consequence of the fact that war is a two party affair, so imposing the need that, while hitting one must guard this, just that you got about that, I caught him use of leadership you can't just beyond all too often you gotta have a girl up. You can be have your garden gotta go offered. You gotta be balanced. It corollary that, in order to hit with effect
the enemy must be taken off his guard. Effective concentration can only be obtained win, the opposing forces are dispersed and usually in order to ensure this one's own forces must be widely distributed, thus by now word paradox. True integration. Is the product of dispersion so isn't this interesting. We have to count our forces, but we have to disperse our forces in order to deceive dislocate and put the enemy off balance. So there's a dichotomy. We have to be Together, so we can act effectively, but we have to spread out, so we can put the enemy off balance. What happens? We did too are spread up. Well now, we're now we're week what happens here? concentrated well now we can't dispersed the we can't dislocate the enemy, a further its courts of the two party condition is that
To ensure reaching an objective, one should have an alternative, objective or alternative objectives. Plural Harry herein lies a vital contrast to this go minded Nineteenth century doctrine of FARC and fellows a contrast of the practical to the theoretical if the enemy is certain as to your point of aim, he has the best possible chance of guarding himself. An Hunting your weapon this is, why did we have to do more than one move? You can grab the Armand figure in the market, not gonna work. If, on the other hand, you take a line, threatens turn active objectives. You distract his mind and his forces this more, Where is the most economic method of distraction, for it allows you to keep the largest proportion of your force available on your real line of operation, thus
reconciling the greatest possible concentration with the ness dinner ass, the of dispersion. So you have to have some different objectives. If you just grab the That's not going to if you just flank, but you like. Okay, hey we're going to plant the enemy. Okay, the enemy goes away. It looks like they're moving over there cool. Now we adjust our forces now that blank becomes the front so you have to have multiple objectives now, what are you gonna flank and they think? Well, that's not just a that's just a fake move so now don't put their forces will then you attack it? but if you only have one objective, and the enemy recognize what that is. They're gonna defended heavily and you're, not going will to achieve victory the absence of an alternative, is contrary to the very nature of war, It seems against the light which bore
at shed in the eighteenth century by his most penetrating dictum, that quote ray plan of campaign ought to have several branches, to have been so well thought out that one or the other of the said branches cannot fail of success, so you gotta have multiple branches and they should be well enough thought out that one of them is gonna work, of one of those branches. One of those lines of operation is going to work, was the light that his military air, the young Napoleon Bonaparte, followed in. Seeking always, as he said, you want me to go french Yak,
Fair son fame endure fashions there you, whereas I mean it means major theme in two ways: you you ve gotta have two different approaches: and it's just leave. You he calls it it's a sin against the the old victims right, which was you gotta folks, you gotta aim for that concentrate or forces in one spot. cool, but if the enemy to funds at ones bought, you screwed in technical terms, Seventy years later, Sherman was to re, learn the lesson from experience by reflection and coin, his infamous maxim about putting the enemy on the horns of a dilemma. End quote in any. Problem where an opposing force exist and cannot be regulated. One must foresee and provide for alternative courses adaptable
is the law which governs survival in war as in life, war Are concentrated war being but a concentrate form of the human struggle against the environment. Thank you amplified hence a fight, but nonetheless a concentrated form of human struggle to be packed. any plan must take account of the enemies power frustrated. The best chance of Coming. Such an obstruction is to have a plan that can be easily varied to fit. The circumstances met I've been a just was saying this today. Only a fortnight like eat you, a flexible flatly. You gotta have a flexible plan, you'd, think that seem super obvious, but you know what you know what people want to control and they want to eliminate the unknown. And how do you imitate the unknown? You come up with a plan guess what they're still unknown, even when you have a plan and the more
did you make a plan, the less adaptable, inflexible it becomes, which is bad. To keep such adaptability wall keeping the union if the best ways to operate along a line which offers alternative objectives for thereby put your opponent on the horns of a dilemma which goes far was sure the gaining of at least one objective, whichever is the least guarded and may enable you to gain the other one afterwards boom. In the tactical field, where the enemies dispositions are likely to be based on the nature of the ground. It may be more difficult to find a choice of dilemma producing objectives. Then it is in this direction. equal field, where the enemy will have obvious industrial and railway centres to cover, but you can in a similar advantage by adapting your line of effort to the degree of resistance that has met and exploiting any weaknesses, found. A plan like a tree
must have branches if it is to bear fruit. A plan with a single aim is apt to prove a barren pole I'm just thinking of his idea of having multiple objectives and then the dilemma that that causes an even just in in in like aviation terms that we go out in the mission and our objective is to destroy enemy, air defenses SAM aids or Mobile, SAM's or others might be, but it's actually reliant on them to have those systems active in operating costs. Are you find a myth or shut the dormant you actually can't find them, then radiating they're, not uncovered if we do not have them there, but if they dont have there SAM systems are bare, defenses was active, then the things. defending our vulnerable, so there
secondary mission we'd. Have these did these collar teepee Target party list of these things? Are there could go to this? Those other could go to this, and sooner or later one will be exposed and, as you start to attack those defended positions like bridges roads, things that matter return on those radar surmounted radars exactly right, and that idea that we would have multiple target priorities which all eventually are designed to lead us back to the number one priority which might not get on that mission, but we get in the next or the next wave, and similarly are stuck in a place like well, we don't turn these things on we're gonna, lose all our critical infrastructure and there's nothing to defend and training that by having multiple objectives on each flight yeah and in the business world. I get this. This whole concept is it we hear we hear debates or arguments against this right. You gotta have a clear,
objective- and that makes sense, I tell people that we got make sure we understand what the objective is that being, Said we also have a single point of failure where pay you know what we're gonna put to make a one product we make one product and if this product does, Its products is one where to put all of our money. Oliver birds in this basket, eggs our eggs are going to go in this basket known. Do that don't do that. Don't put all your eggs in one basket: that's does there you go, never beats Le Del heart. Whichever farmer fall that one after he had dropped the the the basketful eggs right, hey kid eggs in one basket. Put him into baskets same thing, that same thing, sir, and yet we get focused on one objective?
and as you meet resistance, if you're not ready to switch to another one like Dave Burke flying, but you know up there and gone home is not an issue that go what's the next objective bridges: let's go rock n roll ok so now, enroll new section called cutting communications in planning any stroke. the enemies communications either by maneuver round, is flank or by rapid penetration of a breach. In his front, the question will arise as to the most effective point of aim, whether it should be directly against the immediate rear or the opposing full of the opposing force or further back when studying the question so again- and I talk about this before on the last podcast- is. Every time it talks about communications, it's an it's! It's telling you hey, you better, you better! Keep your communication open. We talk about tackling the enemies, communications and that's how we cause unbalanced and that's how we kind of crush them great.
we're glad to know that. That's also a reminder to us as leaders that communication is so paramount to getting our job done he's got a whole section called cutting communication. Guess what that should mean to us from a red cell perspective? Don't let your indication, get cut, and yet we work with but he's Alla time where the communication isn't open and it's not flowing in people on the front lines. Donor what's happening and the people in the head shed dont get the feedback that they beginning from the front lines? There's not communication happening and yet there's a whole section you're about cutting communication and you're, allowing your commute, is to be cut when there's not even an enemy. It's not like you Competitor got into your e mail system or gotten your phone system and didn't let you call your frontline leadership that didn't happen. You fail to do it so Where do we cut the communication? When studying this question at the time that experimental mechanized forces were first created this than their strategic uses under consideration? I saw guidance on it by annulled,
and by analysis of cavalry raids carried out in the past, especially in the more recent wars since railways came into use. While such cavalry raids had more limited potentials, then a deep strategic penetration of mechanized forces seem to me to promise that this difference emphasised rather than detracted from making the significant evidence which they provided made, the necessary adjustment. The following deductions could be drawn, and I'm going to burn through the section in the autumn RO concept. Is that the new or to the force that the code is made, the more immediate effect and nearer to the base, the greater the effective common sense right if you kill the. the note at the headquarters. They can communicate Danny body, but he's take a while for that impact to hit the front lines for them to actually nano tone on was, if you cut the- front Y know that immediate notice kind of messed up. So that's the that's the
and war consensus that he gets into their He goes on to say these deductions were confirmed by the experience of the second war, above all, the catastrophic the catastrophic we paralyzing effect physically and psychologically. That was produced when gritty Guardians Panzer forces racing Far ahead of the main german armies severed the allied armies communications, where these crossed the far back line of the song. and this is where you run into problems so catastrophically paralyzing when we start to cut off communications, so look: are you gonna go into your competitors? You know headquarters and destroy their there. There who met in their email, no you're not gonna. Do that Are you allowing this to happen just by just by human nature and laziness, and not lack
prioritize next cute are even allow EU communication to fall apart. There's a decent chance. You are. We work with companies all time that aren't communicating They might as well have had Panzer forces go on car off their email between their fault lines in them, because there's no, he may happen. If there is no conference calls happening, there's no tax happening, we don't know. What's going on, we ve lost communications through enemy action, but through our own fault yeah? And in one of the ways one of the places we see that with businesses at the communication is a one way. Communication where I am, I dictating work or directing or communicating to you, I'm transmitting and there's no response to that transmission. There's no The greek case really isn't designed for me to hear what you have to say. It's me to tell you what to do and how to do it and when they do it in and where they do these six Yemen in there that compliance, but I don't get it.
Medication, which is eight a m almost guarantee that sooner or later, when than when they re friction with that without it indications that plane is going to fail Even when I was just talking about communication, I said you're not getting that you're, not getting the information for lines and you're, not getting the feedback you need, which is what you just said like hey communications, both going to ways that's what's must be happening. If we don't let it happen, we're gonna have problems. We're gonna have problems in that. in making this relevant to to these civilian world or the private sector the needle the biased needle of the communication would to transmit is little was possible and and receive. As much as possible, when I have when it when I have my team, communicating to me more
committing to communicate them. Here's what we're seeing here's, what we're doing yours, the programming, here's, how route! And so that's what you would want that and how would you know it set up the bias? Yes, the biases. If I see that I am the as the leader doing ninety percent of the communication, I am an undue needles in the wrong direction. and so the ability for my people to communicate to me for me to hear from them. What they're doing what their seeing where they are and I'm doing less communicating to them than they are communicating up to me. That's why I want on you now into something I was talking about the other day on on our online platform. I use this when both it struck. I think both you and life Have you never heard me say before I started using the term traditional leadership and then like an arc The goal leadership. What does that mean? Well,
when we think of a leader? What do we think of like if you just say, oh, what is it leader do, while a leader gives orders a leader talks, leaders tells every what's going on. They tell people what to do. That's traditional leadership. and actually in my mind, if doing that sort of traditional leadership. I've made forty seven mistakes to get to a point where I I have to tell you what's going on, I have to give orders. I have to give you direct, about where to go and what to do I've made so many mistakes it from doing that traditional leadership role, here's. What we're doing does that happen, sometimes in that was when I was talking about right. The case does sometimes happen where we gotta leadership, vacuum known drew knows what to do. There is some confusion and sometimes we do have to take a role as traditional leader, step in telling him what to do is what we're doing structure we're having heading any traditional leadership role I'm in charge on the one that's putting out the work we want to. With the script. On that too. What to your point-
Traditional leadership is not what I ideas, Ideal leadership is Dave. Actually giving me information. and telling me what's going on, and I have to very little communication back because he already understands the and ten and what is rolls were ready by the way knows more about what's happening on his front than ideal totally trying to inform me, but sillies there, so that traditional leadership, verses, ideal leadership is, is something to pay attention to it. And if you had, whatever version of a catastrophic communication failure exists with it doesn't have to be the phone lines in combat, but some something that prevent you from communicating. If your people care operate based on your intent with zero communication and go out there, an ex you'd until somehow that communication line is reopened, for whatever reason that again, that is, if that is
our failure as a leader that they don't know what to do, if you're not better, tell them what to do so. I dont do you know in wherever world, during your version of a communication, cut off your people, Sylvia and execute on a result next little section called the method of advanced until the end of the eighteenth century of physically concentrated advance, both strategic to the battlefield and tactical on the battlefield was the rule, then Napoleon sporting bourses ideas and new divisional system introduced a distributed strategic advance. The army moving and independent fractions, but the tactical advance was still in general, concentrated one
This is where we start getting a decentralized. Her end, you know, I mentioned bore, say already be all u r C decent another french General seventeen hundreds of people, yeah lip born in one thousand. Seven hundred died in one thousand seven hundred and eighty, but was another guy that that had a little bit of vision right, Had a vision about decentralized, commanded, that's kind of one of them this. national system, where you can start to get people to move on their own, and that is a better way to advance back to towards the end of oh and by the way, to Dave's point. We know where we're going. You lose drift if you got your division in ECHO's, got his division and carries his division and you lose With me, it doesn't matter three days later. Your worries post, because you know where you're going back
Look towards the end of the nineteenth century. With the development of fire weapons, the tactical advance became dispersed. I e and particles to diminish the effect of fires is when we really start to get to dispersion. These strategic advance had become concentrated this due partly to the influence of railways and growth of the masses. we too the misunderstanding of the napoleonic method. So when we, started use. Machine guns will then people started dispersing tactically but because a trains we're moving these mass groups together, Bible distributed advance was required in order to revive the art and effective strategy. Moreover, new conditions, air power and motor power point to its. Their development into a dispersed strategic advance the day, Revere attack. The aim of mystification
and the need of drawing full value from mechanized mobility suggest that advancing forces should not only be distributed is widely is as Compatible combined action, but be this first as much is compatible with cohesion. So what saying there's a balance that you have to have. We gotta be as far apart as we possibly can as long as we're still a cohesive unit that the dichotomy that you have to balance this comes essential in the face of atomic weapons. Obviously we can't be altogether cause. We hit nukes, sir, it's crazy, weeks, it here in chocolate that be because for us it's almost like hey that couldn't happen but pay and we ve covered. We ve covered awesome site Forget military manuals where they talk about the actual their planning. How they're gonna maneuver when the enemy is using tactical nukes witches. I urge you to think about
the development of radio as a timely aid towards reconciling dispersion with control, instead of the simple idea of concentrated stroke by a concept force, we should choose according to circumstances between these various gives them some up some some options here dispersed advance with concentrated single aim. I e against wanted objective. Does first advance with concentrated cereal aim, which means when we get there really go off their multiple successive objectives: dispersed it with distributed aim. I e a guess: a number of objectives simultaneously. The effectiveness of armies depends on the development of such new methods, methods which aim at permeate. And dominating areas rather than capturing lines at the practicable.
object of paralyzing the enemies action rather than the theoretical object of crushing his forces. Fluidity of forces may succeed where concentration of force merely entails rigidity, a perilous rigidity, so at Times Bruce Lee we want to be like water flow video force is it sometimes better than just concentration of force. Few can move Jeff Glover on the Jujitsu mats. You you grab something on him and easy somewhere else. You grab something on deem he's countering really you grab something on Jeffrey Glover, he's maneuvering like it. It's God is my car a piece of slime to serve, you squeeze, one party pops out another party rave within you
squeeze forget doesn't go anyway. He does the squeezing yeah you're getting squeezed. That's the way it worked out. just a word fluid and imagining before at our food mutual support. Just the idea of of being fluid is its flexible it's the ability to be reactive to the situation in a way that Put you in a place to be available to support as you need it far enough away to maneuver as you need could I just, I think, the idea of of it in this era talking about fluid, went the backdrop of one. I know we ve hit this a thousand times the backdrop of a water. One was. Was whatever the opposite of fluid. Is we just in ITALY, Inability, the inability to to adjust to maneuver to do something you that,
that analogy used it like that slime thing of I squeeze eurozone partlet over there, that being the ability to be fluid and the the inherent though, you'd want described organization or your or your reaction to things go on and organizational being fluid and how quickly people get to being rigid. Their thought processes their ideas, their objectives, what they want to accomplish and how quickly it becomes rigid suit, so check this out, we're in world or one ok, We actually have a culture Views, fluidity as weakness Torreon culture. If you want to run away from danger, you're a coward your week now take that and bring a thread to the boardroom. Bringeth add to the conference room and accompany, and if
It presents an idea to me- and I bet down, because I agree with his idea or I backed down, because I all I see some old media. I, I'd be viewed, is weak, I'm going to be food. Instead, I'm going to be Richard, I'm going to stand up today, we're going to fight about it and by the way I buy you, I'm gonna win freakin, ridiculous, crazy, but we have this culture and an culture. You know, look the culture, the reason that What's your exists, especially the culture of rigidity is correctly, tied to our human nature. Archy are eager right because we feel like oh, I want to back down to Dave Luck and let that happen to actually you're good called. If I like your idea, better, Look the odd thing about this is that it makes me look stronger. It makes me look open, minded and flexible and confident to be like, Dave like your idea, what's wrong with that the whole region
the whole Freaking conference from God, Damn dog got some confidence, he's good with that. One planets wants us to win, as opposed actually gave you what averted from you will come with me every one in the room goes out these weak, I think I'm strong on being weak and everybody perseis me is weak we body pursue this is the one of the hardest lessons to learn. It's one of the hardest lessons to learn is that Flexibility. is viewed as a strength. Fluidity is viewed as a strength Eagle and being humble is viewed as strength and we do the opposite. When you rigid its viewed as weakness when you let your ego flare up, its viewed as weakness is viewed as insecurity, and we this all day, long We see this all day, long next chapter
the concentrated essence of strategy and tactics Doyle rose really, do I gotta get yourself a year, but then maybe onto the to the to the children and descendants of beats little heart, unfortunately, for you, this book was published over fifty years ago, so we are cleared, and I apologise, but that's where we're at hopefully people by this book and you'll get some support. It's fantastic This brief chapter is attempt through epitomize from the history of war and in zoos. You hear this day we're gonna kind of like Eureka. This brief chapter
is an attempt to appear demise from the history of war, a few truths of experience which seem so universal and so fundamental as to be termed axioms. They are practical, guides not abstract principles Napoleon realised that only the practical is useful when he gave us his maxims, but modern tendency which we cooperate. We can ask we covered the Napoleon's maxims on this podcast you can. Google Adsense, ECHO does not know. Nor do I check The modern tendency has been to search for principles which can be expressed in a single word And then need several thousand words to explain them Even so, these principles are so abstract that they may mean different things to different men and
any value depend on the individual's own understanding of war. The longer one continues to search for such omnipotent obstruct abstractions. The more do they appear a mirage, neither attainable nor useful, accept. As an intellectual exercise. The principles of war Not merely one principle can be condensed into a single word concentration, three saying this work, concentration which we all learn, content, new forces he's a good day. These principles and put him in the reconstruction. Ok, let's start there, but for that, but for truth, this need be amplified as the concentrate enough strength against weakness and any real value. It needs to be explained that the concentration of strength against weakness depends on the dispersion of your opponent, strength, which in turn is produced by distribution of your own. That gives the appearance and partial, effective dispersion, you're dispersion
dispersion your concentration, such as the sequence and equal and each is a sequel, true integration is a force of calculated dispersants recent. Even those really easy. Second concentration is a little more going on in that year. Here we have a fundamental principles whose standing may prevent a fundamental error and the most common, that of giving european freedom and time to concentrate to meet your concentration. This is why, when you cover and move you put down covering fire and then the other element moves, why it's that covering fire that doesn't allow the enemy to maneuver. To me, your concentration, but to state that the prince did but the state. The principle is not much practical aid for execution the above mentioned axioms here expressed Maximum cannot be condensed into a single word, but they can be put into the future.
The words necessary to be practical aid in all so far, six positive, anal. So far, it's interesting he's ain't like this bragging to change, but this we're we're up so far. Six are positive and to our negative they applied it. six, as well as drought strategy, unless otherwise indicated number one, and these positive ones number one adjust your end to your means. Adjust your end to your means. This is another, that's between you. Gotta know your objective, you got a stick to your objective is actually say: look man, you gotta, make some adjustments you're you're end may change base upon your means and here's what he says in determining your object, clear site and cool calculation should prevail. Wouldn't that be nice, it is
folly to cool bite off more than you can chew. End quote, and the beginning of military wisdom is a sense of what is possible That's the beginning. You militarism what's actually possible and this is where you get you can get into some mom. You no theoretical ideas about, but if you believe nobody else actually interesting. I murmured the early masters I get asked about this and I explained belief as seeing an actual pathway to victory? You, you ve got it, It means you can actually see of an actual pathway of viable pathway to achieve what you're talking about big you think you know what I want to be an astronaut. Why, right now
Thirty, nine years old. I guess I can't figure out of them of no, not really I probably have a better chance of becoming astronaut. Then up an NBA player right seem so is there a kissing thanks to the support broke, Is there a viable pathway for me to become an mba player? Not really not really, so, therefore, I need to adjust the end. A little bit find something a little more feasible. He goes on to say: solar so learn to face facts while still pervert preserving faith? There will be ample need for faith, the faith that can achieve the apparent impossible when action begins. So we gotta have a positive attitude. Confidence is like the current in a battery Void, exhausting it in vain effort and remit
that your own continued confidence will be of no avail. if the cells of your battery, the men upon whom you depend had been rundown. So this is a again. There are very few people that would think that the military mind should focus on hey. I might have to adjust what I'm trying to get too because it seems like the military is more. You don't like me, we're gonna get this time, but no, this is the number one one actually means talking about a just your end to your means number two keep your object always in mind. Now. This is a dichotomy. Right, keep your aunt. your object always in mind, while adapt Your plan to circumstances real. is that there are more we do that there are more ways than one of gaining an object on object, but take that every objective should be
on the object. in considering this just just real quick if use a leader, can understand the fact that there is more ways than one of gaining an object. Your life just got a thousand times more easy. Just go a thousand times easier. I've seen countless leaders think that they know the way and want to do something a certain way and waste time and effort and resources and most important waste leadership capital to get something done. A certain wait when my attitude is like, I don't care I don't care how you want to get this done. I dont care this We want to get done. How you do it call sounds good. It's a fight, both plant, it's a minimal. Viable plant Dave's plan,
no, what I might do differently. These plants looks like it could work to cool and by the way, No! Your plan is gonna, work perfectly. No, we don't do my plan is gonna work perfectly. No, we don't. So. Why am I going to invest a bunch of resources in time, in arguing in leadership capital? Try! convince you to use my planets at your plan when they're, both a freaking gamble. Don't waste your time connecting connecting those to those two. I guess axioms together or those those those finance things from a leadership standpoint of, and we even talked about this from as a leader showing people a path to the to the end state that might have and today might happen tomorrow, but it's possible if you can say bringing in the three of us or we're gonna wanna behind a hundred million dollar company, and I ve got no way to show you how
That's gonna happen other then either just Belief or faith or or hope for a miracle or a this one product. This is gonna, be weren't, have is magical product and is going to work, and I can also say, hey, listen our goal. We want to be a hundred million our company, but let me tell you what what's? Can it? What we're gonna have to right now we're not. But we do this in this and that's gonna so. Bringing this other group maybe getting access you're an extra to lay out the path of people and I've seen it in those rooms. Where you see the leaders lay out the path to getting there not be exact steps, we're gonna take, but what we and others People go on yeah we can do that and that can only do this and that we bring in more people and we bring in more resources. We bring in another neither does this laying out the steps people in their minds understand- and I am just saying this because the word viable, the the
the value of people saying oh, that's it! not crazy. What you're saying is not this magic, crazy, pipe dream. I can act, see how, if we do this and then on the second is supporting leader, understand what you're trying to accomplish and you're, not here nursing till after him right here. Do this not telling me what to do or how do what you just tell me the end state that we want. Can I should be the one that drives us to that goal. That is actually so much more believable now because I will because you lay that out and then let me Let me move towards that objective. Here's a detail, but I just picked up on taking what you said when you said what I said back to me and others, and it is an error in when I said when I, when I say a belief, is seeing a path to victory. What it should actually be is seeing
ass for the victory be in the region. I thought this is because, as you said, you're talkin about well, if I say Dave Way to make a hundred billion dollar accompany you go up. That sounds Awesome come in, but how we gonna do that, and I lay one single path to get us there, all, let's go on every, but for you, your faith in that is gonna go down a little bit. But if I say hey, listen, here's our five different lines of operations and hears each one of these things are going to produce, and you know what chances are Dave one or two. These might fail completely good ideas. I like em, but we don't haven't gone. Foreign of down than to really. But we know that of I ideas. We have made some progress in all of them and we see potential. So if two or three These paths go the way we want him to where you been where we want to be where you get hundred million. So even
going back to the last podcast having multiple avenues of approach, highly beneficial to your belief system being destroyed, and how you go to an objective, Riah right. Having more than one objective. Having more than one path. To that objective. and by the way also say look. We might. We might not make this one objective over here, but we're still gonna get where we want to be, same maxim here, continue on and in considering possible objectives way. Their possibility of attainment with their service to the object, if attained, to want down, aside track is bad, but to reach The dead end is worse, so especially If the dead end is the only path way that you ve got that's, why haven't a couple different pathways, a smart number three,
use the line, or course of least expectation tried it. Self, in the enemy shoes and think what course is least probable. He. foresee or forestall number four split the line of least resistance. so long as it can lead you to any objective, which would contribute to your underlying object. Right. Oh yeah, it's cool batteries, Let's, it's gotta be going in the right direction and tactics Maxim applies to the use of your reserves and in strategy the exportation of tactical success, number five, take a line of operation which offers alternative objectives for K. Sorry, we went a little I had on that one: for you will. Please put your opponent on the horns of dilemma. Its comes last August, which goes are to assure the chance of gaining one objective, at least whichever earthy guards least and may enable you to gain one after the other because once you get one
If we make it one line of operation and now a bunch of money go we can invest in that other thing. That was a little bit harder out of the gate, but now we have the money to spend on and we can make it happen alternative to objectives? Allow you to keep the opportunity of gaining unobserved whereas a single objective, unless the enemy is helplessly inferior means the certainty that you will not gain at once. The enemy is no longer on as to as soon as the enemy knows. What you're doing your chances of success go down dramatically unless they're helplessly inferior, there is no more common mistake, Linda confuse a single line of operation, which is usually wise with these go objective, which is usually futile. Number six on the last of the positive maxims ensure that,
of plans and dispositions are flexible, adaptable to circumstances and by dispositions at that, where you put people. Your plan should foresee and provide for a next step in case of success or failure or partial success, which is the most common case in war. You dispositions or formation should be such as to allow this exploitation or adaptation in the shortest possible time. Young people, people argue and fight and struggle with owing to figure how they're gonna task organism organise a group of people like one Dave, I think this person should report to David, has persisted report way for this person should report to me. We argue about this of all with all day long and by your past, I'm pissed and guess what its company Agatha you'd want Dave. You call had their purse can report you that sounds good and you look up. I mean to you hate this. Doesn't it we're since article big enough for you, like you, don't it's not set in stone
a tattoo on your forehead of your task organization and by the way it doesn't look quote, look bad to say: hey, you know what Fred you and we work over Dave and then a month later, Safe haven seems like your expertise, is really gonna, be a little bit more beneficial to life and what he's got on we're? Gonna shift you over there Do you want to do this every two weeks? No, obviously not, but two, someone new or or task is organised in a certain way and have it flexible flexible dispositions, that's exactly what it is is the smart. to do things and obvious These were the flexible plan as well. The negatives do not through your way, into a stroke lost your opponent is on guard walls. He is well placed to Perry or evaded the experience History shows that save against a much inferior opponent, no effective stroke as possible until his power of resistance or evasion is paralyzed heads,
commander should launch a real attack upon an enemy imposition until satisfied that such a pair paralysis has developed. It is produced by this organisation and its moral equivalent demoralization of the enemy, so cool set it up set up the move, eight and the last one do not renew and attack along the same lines or in the same form after it is once failed, a mere rain Worse of weight is not a sufficient change for probable that the enemy all will have strengthened itself in the universe. Is he more probable that its success in repulsing? You will strengthen immorally? It's one of my favorite coaching moves in Jujitsu You know you do it harder us out to carry the other day he's a grabbing your wrist grab that thing order. It hasn't them for six minutes
grabbing the wrist flies in your guard, but if he doesn't order. You know that my work, that's what this is like it didn't work, more gonna work. Don't do it harbour just because you hey. You know what we spend more money on. Advertising we haven't seen any bump in our inner of sales. Spend more was spend more. I guess showing a surprise me is from the guy who's in warm or one that that wasn't were wise, less. Like our first thing, he says: hey, don't do we do. for three street years. Maybe that's why it's his last point like hey by the way you freaking idiots, All this other stuff core, listen, you freaking idiots. If it doesn't work, don't keep doing it. They didn't
with ten thousand men is not going to work with twenty thousand. That's crazy get sucked into that from here. You like you, know what the way you get sucked into it is when you commit yourself to the outcome of your plan, this plan is going to keep this outcome and if I, if I Research I work for you, hey, there's a plans, we're gonna. Do I allocate resources and doesn't work well, I can either abandon that plan. make me look week like out it or I we're going to allocate more resources and more resources and more resources, more resources, because I'm a inflexible to say waxy. Maybe I didn't connect my ends, the means to the end and about me didn't you just might need to do something. regroup, reassess or coming a different direction, as opposed to Saint hey. You know what the hell was that I planned in work, and we take a step back when you too can see what wheat, what we did it with its marketing scheme, it didn't they
we wanted before we are putting it more resources. Let me get a better assessment. What's going on and can give, at you, maybe that we do the same thing, but we're probably gonna need to make some changes, here at least quantify your efforts right it is really disturbing, because it really is one of these things where that is so tempting you get close, you get. You know you feel like depression like you, try and arm lock, and you almost. you tried again like the person defended at once. The person can offended again spend that money in marketing spend that money. and you know you saw a little bit of an tech, but it's not quite what you want, but still made, which is put more money into it analysed I'm listening to you, talk about some of those things and I'm I'm almost trying to think of of What is the human nature to do that, and I think some of his is weak of glorify this?
single reminded the Gatt similar things we the there's like this, vocation of irony, used to give, and I refused to give up, I refused to tab. I refuse to accept defeat and So my answer in these I'm just gonna send more minutes and more and more- and I think the times at that That perseverance pays author, some sort of like Google. The creation of that single mindedness wet. in reality. How much weaker does it make look by being unwilling to say hang on, I think, there's a foreign, my plan, let me let me just I need to take a step back and rethink this. I'm I'm missing something missing something and the weaknesses shows in your talk about before you know. That makes you look weakened. The exact opposite is true. Yo section and leadership. Stringent actors called when to quit broad debate
The nerve require actually totally wrong totally wrong when you quit Oh, this plan that we have is not working. We lost a guy. Two guys three guys. This is stupid. Let's go different direction now, just imagine doing that for battalions and brigades and divisions of soldiers, man, it's free for Croatia. It is crazy. Just give us which we just had. If we just what I had another ten thousand soldiers at that moment, got it so tempting is it like? Do you feel like it's? Maybe it causes LISA glorify you'll, never created, yeah that never quit, and then they open oversimplify it because you say: persistence, right persistence, always you know that's the way this guy was successful. Eustace persistent inner fail fail, and why? Right?
the dichotomy like you can say: oh you know what it didn't work. We wanted to ok screw it we're going to some aspects. So there's a dichotomy in this room. Even us, I'm not like you go from your remark. You don't get it you go for your mark, you don't get it do, there's plenty of fights where the person went for the armor three four times. Finally, they get, it What I'm saying where they oversimplify, where they have all these cool sayings like you know, if they, if at first you don't succeed, you know again when you all these things, but there's more to it than somewhere else. Yes, the Pacific Island campaign hey. We should be done with this operation in three days: cool now, ten days later, were not even a quarter away. Where is supposed to be like guess, what we're gonna send some more resources. There really get it done. Man That's why this is even this is a dichotomy So the persistence- and you know it if at first you don't succeed, train again or whatever the its past,
this did not in the same exact methodology like persistence, but you kind of got make these little changes within that we can really fit that in the little slogan. In a little time, I was just going to say I mean in very simplistic terms. You know, I think, that's what One of the differences between the tactics and the strategy is, I will abandon a tactic give up on a tactic very quickly. If it is the wrong tactic. To get to that now, giving up on a strategy is a very different thing, but giving upon the tactic or or Maybe it's not even the right word, but adjusting my tactics in June. the plan and getting feedback from the ones implementing the plan. Whilst still to the strategy or the or the long term objective. again, very simplistically, but the commitment to the tactic you see people committing to the same thing over and over again, as opposed to go here. tactic isn't working is better
To do this. To accomplish that same end, goal of what we want to become as a company or as a team that that difference for me, Is how often we see people unwilling to change their tactic? Won't is so obvious that they need you and that's exact. That's exactly in that section in leadership charging tactics once I splain like hey. You need to quit what you're doing that's failing this doesn't mean you abandon your overall strategy. That's the actual words that are using open it up. That's because after this two percent right just because I got You know what this doesn't seem to be working right, look when in a world war one. It wasn't hey! This isn't working, let's surrender! No! It's know what this isn't working, let's figure out a different way to do this, but figure. different way to attack. I think it's also just freaking sanity check that you need to do. It's me. It's one of these things were look, you beat your. Are you
since otherwise. The my limit forbid. My head against the wall is forty. Seven times like once, a bait beat my head against the wall. Forty seven times are: okay. Now, forty four forty five forty six. ok, forty seven is in to work. I gotta try something else. You gotta check yourself. What is that but how much you? How much money you willing to throw into marketing? How big? How many more people are you willing to give to that leader? That's failed hammer we're projects? Are you? You will there's things we gotta. So is it for? Have you beat your head against the wall? Forty seven times any of your head have don't go the forty eight time and it re evaluate, you're you're tactic, doesn't mean you know, banned in what you're trying to do mean. Johnny did freakin check yourself. back to the book. The essential truth underlying these maxims is that Success to major problems must be solved disk.
Creation and exploitation one precedes and one follows the actual blow which, in Comparison is a simple act, so it's pretty Did you hit him but you gotta set up the hit angel exploit the hint once you ve done, you cannot. hit the enemy with effect until you are first created the opportunity you cannot make that affected decide, if, unless you exploit the second opportunity that comes before he can recover the pause, the importance of these two problems has never been adequately recognised, a fact which goes far to explain the common in decisiveness of warfare. So we don't make decisions. Because we don't understand how important it is that, when echoes off balance, I better freakin attack or before I get on balance, I need to set em up sword near him off balance the tree.
King of armies is freaking epoch. The training of armies is primarily devoted to developing efficiency in the detailed execution of the attack. The concentration on tactical technique tends to obscure the psychological element. Fosters court of soundness rather than surprise it bleeds breeds commanders who are so intent not to do anything wrong according to the book that they forget them. necessity of making the enemy do something wrong the result. That their plans have no result for in war it by compelling mistakes that the scales are most often turned make the person make mistakes. Here and there a commander has issued the obvious is found in unexpected in the unexpected, the key to a decision less fortune has proved fowl. For luck can never be too
from war since as part of life. Hence the unexpected cannot guarantee success, but it guarantees the best chance of success at what we can surprise people next section, the national object and military aim Look, we talk about alignment a lot, and this is where inside of an organization this is this is really talking about alignment, and so, as you ve you as you here's discuss this thinking about alignment Your organization, this is we have to be cognisant of as leaders in discussing the sub of the objective in war. It is essential to be clear about and keep clear in our minds the distinction between the political and military objective. The two are different, but not so bread for nations that, for me
do not weigh wage war for war sake, but in pursuance of policy the military object. Is only the means to a political end. the military objective should be governed by the political objective, subject to the basic condition that policy does not demand, and what is militarily, that is practically impossible. So what are we trying to do in our company? What are we are we trying to do in sight of our companies and if we're trying to do something it's out of our company? Does everybody on the team understand what we're trying to do and are there maneuvers out there inside of what it is worth trying to do? Thus, Study of the problem ought to begin and end with a question of policy. The term of directive, although common usage is not a good one. It has a physical and geographic no sense and thus tends to confuse thought. It would be better to speak of the object when dealing with these piece of policy and of the
military aim when dealing with the way that forces are d, acted in the service of policy. So I mentioned on the first part asked me that a kind of goes into this objective verses, object and use the term object. Both aids, not it's a little bit of an archaic way of using animals. Only nineteen, whatever thirty but for us we use objective all the time. This we definite using military sense but to his point objective, we think of like airfield we think of beachhead. So maybe it's idea, what we'll go with it. The object in war is a better state of peace, even if only from your own point of view, This is a new our stock talk about climbing the latter. Alignment. This is the highest, you can get, and the latter of alignment for war The reason where work is cause. We a better peace? That's what we're trying to do
Hence it is essential to conduct war with constant regard for you for the peace you desire. It is the long long long term thinking lies to boast both too dresser nations who seek expansion and peaceful nation to only fight for self preservation. Although the views of what is by a better state of peace, are very different histories. Was that gaining military victory is not in itself equivalent to gaining the object of policy but as most of the thinking about war has been done by men of the military profession, there has been very natural tendency to lose sight of basic national object and identify it with them. Military so happy happened inside of a business. We start the business that people in Europe in the field trying to make things happen they, lose sight of what it is. We're trying to do. In consequence, whenever war has broken out policy,
is too often been governed by the military aim, and this has been regarded as an end in itself. Instead of They merely a means to an end fast forward, a little bid for more than a century of the price. Canon of military doctrine has been that there has been. That quote, the destruction the enemies main forces on the battlefield constituted the only true aim in war, thus ores just destroy the enemy, destroy the enemy forces on the battlefield, actually that universally accepted engraved in all military manuals and taught it's all staff, Judges, if any statesman ventured to doubt whether it fitted the national object in all circumstances, he was regarded, it was regarded as blasphemy. and violating holy writ, as can be seen in studying the official records and memoirs of the military heads
the warring nations, particularly in and after World war, one so absolute rule, would have astonished the great commanders and teachers of war theory in ages prior to the nineteenth century, for they had reckoned Eyes the practical necessity of wisdom of adapting aims to limitations of strength and policy. but how long we enjoy invite this thing before they know what this is frequent, not good, Work spending over national treasure we're not getting anywhere does a bad call. I now we're gonna start hammering on costs fix again. Klaus fits is influence, the rule acquired its dogmatic rigidity. firstly through the posthumous influence of classmates and his books upon them kinds of Prussia soldiers put particularly monkey and
it's more widely through the impact of their victories in eighteen, sixty six and one thousand eight hundred and seventy made upon the armies of the world, which copy so many features of prussian system plus, is a vital importance to examine his theories. As so often happens, Klaus his disciples carried his teachings to an extreme which their master at not intended, missed, interpretation has been the common fate of most profits and thinkers in every sphere devout, but on compromising, oh sorry devout, but uncomprehending disciples have been met. Damaging to the original conception, then even its prejudiced. and per blind opponents? So what what happens? We get people take things to the extreme. do more damage than the people that are against the idea.
We admitted, however, that Klaus wits invited misinterpretation more than most sorry classmates, a student. I can't second hand he acquired a philosophical mode of expression without developing a truly philosophical, mind. Ouch sorry, do is hammered. Glassware Constance has taken heavies how we? How did you guys talk about classmates in a positive way in Poland, cooler mostly, I mean the pulled from two classes of take away from was there were components inside there that the things that he said makes sense an end. He talked about, ends and means to attack. Has a strategy is really a good tool for people to understand and the way contacts we use is actually, I think, very important and very similar. What he saying is that the Mai, military which has this sort of outside recognition, is outside
status of the the the being a tool to accomplish the political means or what the state wants it it. It's almost sob it means in and of itself as the military exists for the military as opposed to this is a tool one of many tools actually accomplish the political means which and to discovering that back a little bit when you talk about the object being a greater peace or a better peace, her or whatever, the term that you use and it's funny because They got involved in my thinking when I hear objective, I dont think bridge anymore. I don't care for anymore. I think goals I think outcome so, but eaters, This point asteroid remember in the beginning of my military career. What's the objective Otis through that bridge or order to do whatever that particular thing is. If we ve got a company and our companies option are our vision, our goal is to be
the premier hardware producer for a product that every company in the world needs for them to be successful, I'm gonna sales team inside their number. They will sales is like the imo important thing? We have. We had a sell. This thing, it's the military version for this company and your they're running the sales team in your objective, is so as many of these things is, you can because that obviously how we become the indispensable, producer of this product, that everybody can a neat and be the most reputable and and reliable company in the world? your other selling this product and it hasn't been made yet because Racism is and stood up. Air yours, doing this, and we will have the support for the clients that are gonna buy. It actually give them the tools, the need or you're selling this, and we don't have the software to update it back it up. You can we accomplish your objective by selling this product that doesn't help us achieve the object that doesn't actually help us be successful and are not defending cause. What's but there's
the military, has some somebody's got all good the the military in some ways has become this, This means that sort of in another, opposite, don't think like the Middle there exist to defeat to win wars and into feed the enemy and destroy battlefields. Was she not. it's one of several different ways and when you made that What about the military's existence? Like the ideal thing you thing for the military is I want smelter do exist to deter, potential opponents from ever going to war with us in terms of what I want from a little too I don't want. I would love to never set foot on the battlefield I loved you never get now, whether but realistic, but I would love a military force. People are opposed to look at and go. You know it. Good. With your plan. I, like your plan, I'm here to support that when you want to use our or bridge roads to two per commerce and maybe occupies some of my towns. Let's find
compromise make that work as opposed to know. This is going to happen, and your military shows up to compel me to do it in a way that not necessarily want, but the object, objective thing and I'm just trying to make the connection to two business world of. If you think you they're just to do this one thing and doesn't support the object of the company of the or the long term goal Europe not successful, you're, not winning. I saw them product cool. Can we support it now? Can we build it? No? Can we back it up? No can can the clients get what they want? No then we actually aren't success. What happens to our reputation? What happens to our backlog? We get crushed and you're gonna see hee hee hee goes. He goes realm, we heard a password. He also explain some of the things that people mist which he he can also blames on passwords, but there's a lot of things that clause which says in the aid that just honest memorable, their owners memorable as some of his really kick ass statements and people,
Amber what sounded cool overtaken like? I think how remedies actors or non war. I think he wrote like the first three by himself and really well written and super complete and then several opera is written by his wife. Factory died away like half done and like it, and they ve been hearts. Probably wrote this in English and clause was written in some sort of brush inversion. That's been translated a thousand times so again, in his defence yeah, and when you do that trend nation, if you kind to think that, maybe, ah you know, content vision and masses out a win. You deaf we're gonna emphasize that I think this is what he meant back to the book. His theory of war was expounded away too abstract and involve for ordinary soldier mines, essentially concrete, the soldier minds are contrary to follow the course of his argument, which often And back from the direction in which it was apparently leading impressed yet but fogged they grass
at his vivid leading phrases, seeing only their surface, meaning and missing the deeper current of his thought, crosswords greatest contribution to the theory of war, was in emphasising the psychological factors raising his voice against the geometrical school strategy than fashionable. He showed that the human spirit was infinitely more important than operational lines and angles. He discussed the effect of danger and fatigue the valley. boldness and determination with deep understanding it. His errors, however, which had the greatest effect on subsequent course of history. He was to continental in his look to understand the meaning of sea power and his vision was short on the very threat, hold of the mechanical era. He did. He declared his Conviction that periosteum numbers becomes every day more decisive it was a little bit late, they removed for content, yet one of the class
The discussions was the the what's the word I'm looking for the relevance of class? Was in the twenty first century you are talking about, you don't like nuclear power, nuclear weapons, stealth aeroplanes- and they lay hid- do do these maxims of these do these? Did they hold onto the scrutiny of the twenty first century of warfare, the modern warfare in a bunch discussions on that I kind of chuckled at the idea of like his desk I the clause was disciples who cannot aren't that smart, but it really like what he had to say. You know that like me reading leadership, strategy, tactics and there's a chapter says: don't care, and leave you. Ok, everybody dont care about getting that wrong. But the misunderstanding, like I care, as opposed to I don't care how we do we want to do. I don't care what you at your way, which is a little different banner Harry had thing you know, D, Burke, jocose disciples running around telling all the rest was evil. We dont care and
I don't care and were now, but you little care and how you could see, but this people whose remember the court, but The most damage done by more concrete brain well. He said the disciples it not at the misunderstanding of his disciples did way more damage than the opponents right, because I'm run around espousing jocose Ino edicts, but actually really know what he meant by dont care and I'm just using that one example of China Boeing from this book of like a great away like I care, that that is not what he meant. I know that's what it says on paper, but that's not what he was saying or like no one to quit. You man, you know what you gonna throw in the towel would give up on it now.
So he's talking about how important, oh, I don't say I was taking note when you're writing only got down the two letters, em a and then I was looking ass. If what that was, I going to write us can write machine gun because for me, where the town dicks sort of solidified, where you can say you up things hold up, it's you gonna have the machine gun, that's where we start to get the modern machine gun where we can start to kill a lot of people and how concentration is like the war is worse than a young and spread covered. Move becomes totally important, it's important in all areas, but we These starts to solidify around there were used. Example of like on steroids of nuclear weapons dispersion, you know versus concentration with nuclear weapons. I thought of it. The one just as I was thinking of us is hold the line, Jack was his hold? The cool got it.
Morgan. I know why and look what we're talking about. Is the story behind the book, the dichotomy notice, if the dichotomy leaderships chapter, twelve in extreme ownership, so cool, we covered it. Why you have your own. Look up his pupils do like extreme or worse got a whole belie it. Depleted archives like they took everything to the extreme. That's why the story of the patches? It must do so powerful because people are like This is gonna, be awesome, charcoal he's going to hammer that platoon and destroy them for violating his direct order to never wear patches, that our professional and ignoring the fact that, with what it says, white their hold the line again, but actually living in the extremes didn't actually doesn't work. usually doesnt work, but the title. The book is extreme ownership, very go, there's per examples this would happen across with an even get to finish this book. He wrote frigate three chapters
and old. Lady finished it such a command. Gave reinforcement to the instinctive conservatism of soldiers in resisting the possibilities of a new form of superiority which mechanical invention increasingly offered. It also powerful impulse to the Universal Extension and permanent as permanent establishment of the method of consumers. Conscription as a simple way of provide the greatest possible numbers? So if you want a big army, If I want to be in charge of a bunch, people you know to say: look we need more people for underwent, CO, star cool start drafting p I want to be in charge. More people call draft more people, this bias, disregard for psychological suitability meant that armies became much more liable to panic and sudden collapse. The earlier method, however, unsystematic had at least and to ensure that the forces were composed of good fighting animals. This is an interesting shot at classmates classmates
tribute, did no new or strikingly progressive ideas to tactics are strategies. He was a codifying. Thinking rather than a creative or dynamic one, he had no such revolutionary effect on warfare as the fury of the divisional system produce in the eighteenth century or the theory of armoured mobility in the twentieth which, by the way, let what kind of le Del heart like. is about rights, and he said causes. It knew anything compared to the theory of armour mobility will ever came up with I urge you feel bad dogged about these guys, dark eyed that we're. I didn't know how much of a hammer he was gonna be clauses of the cooling as I'm hearing all this, but but that means there is a lot of I understand what you say. I mean I can make sure yeah and again, why didn't
were two hundred eighty six episodes deepen this and I haven't covered one of the most respected and well known. Cannons of milk Mary strategy, a clause which is on war. Why is that this kind of why employment going to catch some degree for this one out, you're gettin craze. Well, what interesting is, if I think, if you cannot just pulsate bunch of and as that, historians at her civilians. But if you look at what the military and sort of key policy makers study, what's this higher on that list than heart o you so sure not you not in the same ballpark I you may get some heat as if there's someone that's been studied in Florida. Kind of lionize causes the guy United, and so does the people out there hey. Well, you don't have taken some heat over the years I had a little guy named. Colonel David Aqua Through is a complete black sheep of the army and hated by the Navy totally, and
in the Navy talk about that guy back about that in seeking to formulate the experience of the napoleonic wars. The emphasis he put on certain retrograde retrograde features helped to cause what be termed a revolution in reverse back towards truck driver warfare. Cause was theory of the military aim in defining the military aim, classic was carried away by his passion, For pure logic quote the this makes it really are the start to make it really obvious why this stuff, doesn't men with my normal way of thinking quote, aim of all action in war is to disarm the enemy. We shall now show that this, in theory at least, is indispensable. If our opponent, is to be made to comply with our will. We must place him in a situation where it is more oppressive to him than this. Face we demand, but the day
Advantages of this position must naturally not be of a true, transitory nature, at least appearance. Otherwise, the enemy, instead of yielding, will hold out in the hope of a change for the better, every change, In this position, which is produced by a continuation of war, must therefore be a change for the worse worse. worse condition in which a belligerent can be placed is that are being completely disarmed if for the enemy is to be reduced to into submission. He must either be part actively disarmed or placed in such a position that he is threatened with it from this, follows that the complete, disarming or overthrow of the enemy must always be the aim. Of warfare, end quote. This reminds me of the bath party in Iraq being completely decide. How much did that help freakin her fright,
maybe some class, witty and people were saying it's gotta disarmament, completely completely good job. The influence of of can't can't we're, Darrell Cooper Del Coopers, making jokes about like he's just bring. It indeed echoed our looking at him like brow wrong. The influence of cod can be perceived Klaus, which dualism of thought he believed in it military world of ideals recognising a temporal world in which these could only be imperfectly fulfilled. So, he's giving credit yours a little credit going back to two crosswords came and he got it that you got. Ideals, but it's the real world and it's not gonna quite go that well, for he was capable Distinguishing between what was that what was militarily ideal and what scribe as a modification in the reality. Thus, he wrote reasoning in the abstract, the Mai.
cannot stop short of an extreme, but everything takes a different shape. We pass from abstractions to reality. This directive war in the abstract. The disarming of the enemy is rarely attained in practice and is not condition necessary to peace, so he wasn't even say and what he was. He goes back and kind of backs offered a little bit crosswords. Its tendency to the extreme is shown again in his discussion of battle as a means to an end to the end of war. He opened this startling assertion there is One single means it is the fight he just this, by a long argument, to show that, in every form of military activity, quoth the idea of fighting, must necessarily be it. The foundation end quote having a Albert Lee proved what most people would be ready to accept without argument. Crossword said, the object of a combat is not
always the destruction of enemy forces, its object can often be Paint as well without the combat taking place at all, so there you go he's saying some of stuff that that I do agree with. moreover, Klaus, which recognise that quote the waste of our own military forces must cease risk paribus, which means things being equal always the greater the more our aim is directed upon the destruction of the enemies power. danger lies in this that the greater efficacy, which we, which we seek recoils on ourselves and therefore has worse consequences in case fail of success. So he's got some heat. Some quantifying statements out his about his thoughts and theories.
Out of his own mouth class, which here gave a prophetic verdict upon the consequences of the of following his own gospel in world war. One into four was the ideal and not the practical aspect of his teachings on battle, which survived, contributed to this distortion. arguing it was only avoid the risks of battle. That quote, any other means are taken. So it's like trying to avoid battle. That's the only reason that we're going to do anything else because we're trying to avoid battle and he fell, the distortion in the minds of his pupils by hammering on the abstract ideal. Here's are de, I guess I guess I ll Adele, He's gonna go hot on everybody's has not one reader and a hundred was likely to fall the subtlety of his logic or to preserve a true balance amid such philosophical jugglery, but every one could catch such ringing phrases as here's where he gets a the branded, the the
ass, with branded statements that that are click bait. Here we go their freaking Gerda girl, like you, hear me like yeah,. We have only one means in war, the battle the bloody solution of the crisis. The effort for the destruction of the enemies forces is the first born son of war. I mean come on if you're in the military you're, even these things out like like a giant nice cool mock, only grow and general battles can produce great results. Let us hear not of general to conquer without bloodshed. Right, that's a difficult from a guy that earlier was aim like hey, listen, you don't always want to go to war, but who remembers? Hey? Sometimes you can use other means to achieve victory once a year that they wanna hear. Let us not hear of great junk generals who cockle without bloodshed
So he branded himself, but man by the reiteration of such phrases class, which blurred into the outlines of his philosophy already indistinct and made it into mere marching, refrain which in inflamed, the blood and intoxicated the mind in transfusion. It became a doctrine fit to form corporal, not generals. For by making battle appear quote the only real world activity and quote his gospel, deprived strategy of its morals and reduce the art of war. Mechanics of mass slaughter. Moreover, incited generals to seek battle at the first opportunity. Instead of creating an advantageous opportunity. Crosswords contributed to the subsequent to decay. general ship, When an oft quoted passage, he wrote philanthropists.
may easily imagine that there is a skilful method of disarming in overcoming the enemy without great bloodshed, and that is the proper tendency of the art of war. That is an error which must be extirpated. so like hey this idea, but we get rid of that idea that you can bet you can have war without bloodshed. Gotta get rid of that idea. obviously, when he wrote that he did not pause to reflect that what he decried had been recorded as the proper, aim of general ship by all masters of the art of war, including appalling himself, like We want Sun Tzu Napoleon everyone in between, like hey man, if you can win without fighting, that's what we're doing and he's saying the opposite. switch phrase would henceforth be used by countless blunders too.
Excuse and even justify their futile squandering of life. A bull headed assaults, the danger, increased because of the way he costly, dwelt on the decisive importance of a numerical superiority, we'd deeper penetration. He pointed out in one passage that surprise lies, quote, at the foundation of all undertakings, for without it, the preponderance at the decisive point is not properly conceivable. So, let's we're talking about that's cool, that's maneuver warfare, but his this. apples struck by his more frequent emphasis on numbers, came to guard mere mass as the simple recipe for victory. Horrible. You know what we did was a similar. I do. That is like my rank right, Sir Rank higher rank you. My superiority, that's what I'm really used to lead that was, that was brutal. The air
got any data, this the some little statements. There was a case that we also said this, but it's like. when the general reads it when the soldier reads it? What do you want to read? You must read about check and ass What did you want is corporal street. He wants a corporal street about taken ass to lose written about kick in Austria We hear what we want to hear ECHO Charles. We're not done yet with crosswords crosswords theory of the object. Even worse was the effective, is theoretical exposition and Saul of the idea of absolute warfare income in proclaiming that the road to success through the unlimited application of force, thereby Adele from which began by finding war only as a continuation of state policy by their means led the contradictory end of making policy the slave of strategy and bad strategy at that.
I would say that one of his most famous quote right, is that war is the continuation of state policy by their means, but he he ends up I'm taking things to a point worth wars. What we're do like you said what the military exist for the military Everything else exists because the military government is here to provide them Military with the resources that we need to go fight battles, the tree was fostered above all by victim that quote, to introduce into philosophy of war. A principle of moderation would be an absurdity, war is an act of violence pushed to its utmost bounds. Do yet in some good quotes. Therefore, they sound kick ass, unless you're freaking soldier in world war. One
The crazy thing is I'm as I'm just kind of patriotism, and I'm asking myself now question that I probably should have asked five years ago ten years ago- and I was thinking about this on more academic minded of how to our wits or any people that are, I guess, disciples of that of that- can appear logic, trade, perceive the value of their own people. as you can see the train of thought of like hey. This is the the purpose of the military is the utter destruction or what you know. Those those quotes where's that that, though the You can make a very easy leg of like a my soldiers. There just implements and tools there just resources to be expanded to achieve that end state and how quickly, make the stretch like in warmer one you can almost imagine like yet are not there. people that resources ages, Gimme, ten thousand, more resources or more tools tat to accomplish this thing.
I mean you kind of phrase. That is a question. I think there's much questioning the obvious where, where these guys we're coming from, and it's it's really scary, that you had a culture that supported that and you had you know, you know, I think it's really strange, you think about like Kipling and an Kipling who wrote these very patriotic poems that fuelled this culture inside of England and his son was killed in when world or one and like the last thing they saw him was he's blinded and he's gonna like stumbling on the battlefield before news killed, whose body I don't think they ever even recover, despises lost in the mud and mock he's got a really Horowitz poem. I think I know the phrase of the pony
It is my boy jack or my son Jack, it's sorrowing to read in if you know what the fuck is talking about, which is that he, you know he was this patriotic guy who supported in London and was contributing to that propaganda. This victorian this this, this culture of look look over the top time to go. You go in He lost his son and you wonder what find of your how that, just at the impact at that add on him and ended. There is an impact when you read his poems and you see before and after you see what happened. You can see that
definitely had an impact, but the fatman, the idea of that tens and thousands and hundreds of thousands of of people, like you said like we're like okay cool. That's what we're doing that's what we're doing we're going to go over there and when they say goldentop we're going to stop the Germans, the French, their canoe since the Americans, that I mean that's what we're doing so very very hard. You know Utah about the value of life. In your question around like order, they think these people attack what did they and how did we get to a point where Modern civilization poses a hundred years ago, a hundred years ago, a hundred years ago, this was happening. It's like it's crazy to think about.
And I, and you can kind of sea, and he was There- is another good saying it's something along the lines of like old men like the sun, young men, fighting young men like go fight like that's kind of a thing right and you can see how those sort of animal mystic instincts that we have. tribal instincts that we have are an end. The heroic instincts that we have are captured and capitalized on and by like a house which, like when you Red Cross, which you like cool, I'm down with heroic efforts, down with try oh behaviour, I'm down with being brave, like all, Things role right into this. So if you don't want to be Guy that sort of like well Maybe we should think about these soldiers as human beings.
Whose doing that no apparently, no one, apparently no one. So what you have, I guess, what I'm saying is you have a human inst? than a human, slash animal instinct to be tried to be heroic to be sacrificial to make sacrifices for the tribe, what does a hero? You have talked about this. This book, a hero is someone. That's not doing. they're, not making a sacrifice for himself right the hero, someone, that's making a sacrifice for someone else and that's a com, that's just the definition of a hero in any language. So when you say hey, got kind of a programme here that allows us to be heroic on a massive scale. This is what you end up with, and we can of lean towards and we tend towards an see how you can how? The contrary is that you have beach le Del heart.
hey, not smart, not smart, it's better to maneuver, it's better to leave it's better to retreats better to attack on a different day and an hour getting Brady's gettin brain like what are you talking about? We? U a coward What's going on your coward he's like ok, Brian wounded three times and gasped almost to death, you fuckin savages, you don't Oh what that was like you talk about how many times has come up this the capacity for the dehumanization of our enemies and how theirs? danger in their in theirs, there's a natural piece of that, but you gotta keep it to allude to it, in place, but I think for me just that. Reconcile the dehumanization of your own men. I understand the dehumanization of the enemy. I understand that, and I also understand that there is a limit to that too, and if you go too far, you can undermine
your own objectives. We know that we know that, but the ability to, That with your own men, your your own people- is it I think that is why students once or twice just sit in its own category of two so hard to come to grips with with us doing that it does its easier in its own categories. As far as I'm concerned, yeah right I guess that's where we end up with these two kind of opposing theories of war and who wants to be called the wimp to be called the weak right cause. That's where you could easily go back to being a jardin. Cynical. If you want to run away, he wants them the ito. You attack people from the
This time were attacking someone, the rear, shoot him in the back was like a horrible thing, right side of cowardice, yeah Zanna cowardice to go around and you know not lying. Like the other team, shoot him in the back. You know I've been the coolest part about being on the pod costs in this seat. As this is I hear this life as your reading out get there. Copy. You dont, like say day were premise. I get to hear this and I am I'm thinking about China, analyzing, I'm making connections and correlations and and I've just been chuckling a little bit like it is hammering Klaus, what's what he he it's almost like. I understand more now of why he so brutal on the attack of him when he made that connection of he's. The reason why we had just rules any. I think you used the word blunders which, as far as nice, as you can describe what those leaders did and water or one is.
I actually think I understand why he's so brutal on him as because of what it led to an end. I don't I think, he's doing a good job, saying I class was his goal, was not to create this circumstance and he's defending. Opponents of that, point was: this: is the outcome that he created this his words and his fur ask is what facilitated this this window of of warfare in our time. that allowed us to dehumanize our own men in honest. Gale. That's really hard to really comprehend, and understanding in real time. Why he's saying what he saying about him? It's such a brutal fashion then, as I understand it, yeah and I kicked off this whole- podcast cast, but the last podcast By explaining what he'd been through- and I said this shit left a mark on him, I'm look. It leaves a mark on you when you lose one guy and combat one one
find combats going to leave them you're, never going to forget it you're never going to live it down, you're, never going to go a day without thinking about it. Can you imagine when your battalion gets wiped out can you imagine, when you're brigade, when you're division, when you take sixty thousand casualties in a day. That's what's going on. and the quote that you're right. Back was classmates. Phrase would henceforth be used by countless blunders to excuse and and justify, their futile squandering of life, in bull, headed assault, yeah he's talking about exactly what key lived through and that shit left mark on him without question and this is his his opportunity to tell a generation of leaders contemplating the impact If that guy's words, the reality of without
logical thinking about what he really is trying to say, this is the path. Go down, and this is his way of saying you cannot go down that path. Yo Yo, read the rooftops at this guy and turned into how you're gonna fight a war, reared idiots, idiot wars and act of violence pushed to its utmost bounds. That's a lie: quota, give. He says that declaration has served as a foundation for the extravagant absurdity of modern total warfare. His principal Fourth, without limit and without calculation of costs fits and is fit all for a hate, maddened mob, so he's not done yet it is negation of statements, ship and intelligent strategy which seeks to serve the ends of policy. If war Be a continuation of policy as carts with had elsewhere, declared it
It must necessarily be conducted with a view to post or benefit a state which Bans its strength to the point of exhaustion, bank its own policy and by the way that all players in world war, one switch himself at qualified the principle of quote most force by the admission. That quote the political object as the original motive of war should be the standard for determining both the aim of the military force. also the amount of effort to be made Still more significant was reflective passage in which he remarked that to pursue the logical extreme entailed that the means would lose all relation to the end and in most cases the aim at an extreme effort would be wrecked by the opposite weight of forces within itself.
What's there what's the return on investment, you're gonna get classic work on war was the product of twelve years of intensive fought. If its author, lived to spend a longer time in thinking about war. He might have reached a wiser and clear conclusion as his thinking. progressed? He was being lead towards a different view, penetrating deeper, unhappily the process but short by his death from cholera and eighteen thirty, it was only after his death that his writings on war were published by his widow. They were found in a number of sealed packets bearing the significant and prophetic. No, so he wrote a note on his I and it said, should the work be interrupted by my death, then what found can only be called a massive conceptions not brought into form open to end This misconceptions. Sorry class, which I mean he covered it. He did his best to cover it.
much of the harm might have been avoided, but for that fatal cholera germ for there are, significant indications that, in the gradual evolution of his thought, he had reached a point where he was about to drop, is original concept of AB war and revise its whole theory on more common sense lines when death intervened. In consequence, way was left open to endless meant misconceptions: foreign, excessive? His anticipation for the universal adoption of the we of unlimited war has gone far to wreck civilization, the teaching of Klaus, which taken without understanding largely influenced both causation and the character of World WAR One, thereby it led on all through logically to world war. Two.
syrian flocks, next section after World war, one the course and effects of the first World WAR provided ample cause to doubt. The validity of class, which theory at least interpreted by his successors on land. Innumerable battles will fought without producing the decisive results expected of them, but Responsible leaders were slow to adapt their aim to circumstances or develop new means to make the aid more possible. And maybe That'S- why are you doing what he was going through? The eight items We were talking about earlier on the earlier. I asked. his number one thing. Memory saying the number one thing was a snub rating. His number. One thing was a just your adjust. your end to your means, and he received the responsible leaders were slow to adapt their aim to the circumstances or device. New means to make the EU more possible facing the problem they pressed,
we too, a suicidal extreme draining their own strength beyond the safety limit. In pursuit of an ideal of complete victory by battle, which was never fulfilled. That one side ultimately collapsed. That one side, ultimately collapse till the Germans ultimately collapsed, do more. To emptiness of stomach produced by economic pressure of sea power than the loss of blood, although blood which was lost in the abortive german german offensive, nineteen, eighteen and the loss of spirit, in consequence of their palpable failure to gain the victory, hasten the collapse. If this provided the opposition, the opposing nations, with a semblance of victory, their efforts to win it costs such a price in moral and physical exhaustion that they, the seeming victors, we'll left ink the ball of consolidating their position. If ever there was something wrong with the theory or at least with its application alike,
Plains of the tactic, strategy and policy Pauling losses suffered Vain pursuit of the ideal objective and the postwar Austrian of the nominal victors, showed that a thorough re examination of the whole problem of the object and aim was needed. Besides, these negative factors are also several several positive reasons to prompt a fresh inquiry. One way the decisive part that sea powered played without any decisive battle at sea producing the enemies collapse by economic pressure that raised the question whether Britain, in particular,. Had not made a basic mistaken departing from her traditional strategy in devoting much of her effort at such terrific ask yourself to the prolonged attempt to win a decisive victory on land. Yeah England we can survive forever, just by road, We were ruling the sea, Britannia rules, the waves, that's what we do in England,
we're over here fight these these people on land. Two other reasons were rose from the new factors, the development AIR Force's offered the possibility of striking a cop, the enemies, economic and more centres without having to first achieve the destruction of the enemies main forces on the battlefield air power might attain a direct and by indirect means hopping over opposition. Instead of overthrowing it good deal. Dave, that's always been the goal. Whether, as ever to prove to be true, make a couple arguments, but it has always been the goal we can do this without actually fighting on the ground on the ground. At the same time, so I think that we have air power. At the same time, the combined development of the petrol motor and the Caterpillar track opened up a prospect of
helping mechanized land forces of high mobility. This, in turn foreshadowed a newly enlarged possibility of producing the collapse of the enemies, main forces without a serious battle by cutting their supply lines, dislocated their control systems or pretty paralysis by the sheer nerve shock of deep penetration? To often you got vehicles that can haul ass not get shot up. move a bunch of troops in a short amount of time. Mechanized land forces of this new kind might also provide like air power, though less Degree, the possibility of striking direct at the heart and system of the opposing country. while air mobility could achieve such direct strokes by an overhead form of indirect approach. Tank mobility might achieve them by indirect approach on the ground, avoiding the obstacle of the opposing army to illustrate the By a board game analogy with chess air Mobility introduced, the knights move and take mobility, queens move into warfare analogy does not have
express their respective values for air force combined with them. the power of the knights move with the always accessibility of the queen's move, on the other hand, nice force mechanized ground force, though it lacked voting our could remain, and occupation of the square it gained a couple. Other things These these new, these new technologies, increase the range of military action against military objectives, making it easier to overthrow and opposing body such as an army by per up by paralyzing, some of its vital organs, instead of having to destroy it physically as a whole. By hard fighting. If you could give out some of the key nodes. That's gonna be better the some effect
of the advent of this multiplied? Mobility both on the ground and in the year, was to increase the power and importance of strategy relative to tax. The high Your commanders of the future would have the prospect of achieving decisive results, much more by movement than by fighting compared with their predecessors. unfortunately, those skipping ahead, a level of forcing those who were at the head of the armies after World war, one were slow to recognize the need of a fresh definition of the military aim in light of changed conditions and war instruments. Menu should be absent, We rethinking ever you he moving on from not having tanks in aircraft to having tanks and aircraft. You should be completely changing, though, your way you're thinking about warfare. And by the way, this is after world war. One right.
did a piece we did have upon cast on the boar war and they look all these lessons during the Boolooroo warning, they freakin didn't capitalize on any of em. like World war, one shouldn't happened happen just based on what they learned a world war in the bureau or I M going extreme analytical six There are many lessons that there were learned during the Boolooroo war that they could have taken back. Instead, we need to do things differently and they didn't freakin adjust very many of them at all going back to the last podcast and in one of the first comments he made about the the Natural resistance, the the matic resistance that will happen. When you proposed change. On paraphrasing Amr, exact quote. But the idea that, when I suggest a change to the norm. There will be, there will be resistance in. I want it we need to call me even his in an amateur is, is a compliment, but I even think about
the advent of air power and the resistance, even in the Navy, to the idea that air power would somehow supplant the battleship as the pre eminent force and how obvious. It seems now certainly put at the time can I hate the? Do you not you not see the potential advantage if we could somehow occupy this third mention of battle, exclusively at how much risk it creates and the resistance in my guess, would be said for the few folks that had the audacity to vocalize those lessons. Run out of the Navy and by the way remember last bank ass. My talked about seventeen out of twenty advancements in naval warfare. One of them was aircraft carriers and air power totally that's one of what fear you getting late and we have a battleship broke right back off
It's it's. This book is harder and harder to listen to it because is it because I have that the hissed, the hindsight of his of of what he sang in the context of that which he didn't have the future contacts that we all have now. But it's me, It is so more damaging than you know. What he's saying Strasbourg little bit practice in world war. Two ex war came a handful of new laws, forces of mechanized kind that it had been created amply filled, the claims that have been made for them and for a decisive effect if employed for long range, strokes at strategic objectives, unfortunately, is the Nazis, they re just gonna, say yeah yeah, a mere six divisions of this kind were largely instrumental and of increasing the class of Poland. In a few weeks,
a mere ten such divisions. Virtually decided the so called battle of France before the Infantry Mass the german army, it even common action and made the collapse. of all western countries on an almost inevitable sequel, this conquest of West was completed in barely a month's campaign, with amazingly small cost, the victor indeed, the blood. She had all around was very slight and in decisive phase trifling by fast witty and standard. me. Can you imagine you fight. Those freakin were of three bloody sate panic battles. Will I mean camp means in world war? One just the incomprehensible and then fast forward? How many years? Twenty years, twenty years, twenty years, twenty two years whatever and it's over said a month like that's what we're talking about and is no logic is it just happened so fast, because we.
Maneuver on our side even begin. between those two examples, not not to marginalize. You know what the Germans did too to Poland, but its way happened to the French. That seems to me, more remarkable because of costs of of what they had just been through. And to see I mean that the image of of Hitler, Eiffel tower mean: that's that's a it's hard put into words what that means for him to be standing there with with with sickly, no real cost of doing it right relative, crazy, while this sweeping victory, was attained by action against objectives of military nature, who is mainly through action of maneuver strategic more than tackle, so it's a different explained, a different game painted different game,
similar reflections, apply to the even swear, conquest of the Balkans in April of night. in forty one which once again demonstrates the paralyzing effect of the new instruments of strategic apple battle was insignificant in comparison and destruction How public inappropriate term for the way that the decision was achieved when it can, the invasion of Russia. Somewhat different method was tried, many of the german generals, particularly holder chief of the general staff complain of Hitler's tendency to aim at the economic role. Than military objectives, but now The operational orders and of their own evidence does not bear out the charge. While Hitler was inclined to think that the economic aim would be more effective. It is clear that the crucial period of nineteen forty one campaign he conform the general staff preference for fighting battles, thankfully The pursuit of this aim did not prove decisive, although it produced several great victories in which it
the forces of the enemy were destroyed, ok, bookkeeping, and killed a bunch. Russians concentration on economic objectives would have been more decisive, remains an open question, but the reflection that some of the ablest german generals considered that the best chance of defeating Soviet Russia was lost by aiming to win battles in the classic away the Ceta driving through as fast as possible to moral, come economic objectives offered by Moscow, Moscow and Leningrad the leading exporter. Our gordian, leaning exponent of the new school of mechanical mobile warfare, wished to do on this key western Hitler had sided with the Orthodox school. Like Microsoft. Thank God. In the series of swift german conquest, the air force combined with mechanized elements, a land forces in producing the paralysis and moral disintegration of the opposing forces, and
Nations behind its effect was terrific and must be reckoned fully as important as that of the Panzer forces. The two are inseparable in any evaluation of the elements that created the new style of lightning warfare. Warfare, the blitzkrieg, so when a fast forward a little but there's a section in here about strategic bombing and and what he calls grain strategic bombing or industrial bombing. Any kind of goes into. Into how affected actually our effective. It actually was. He says that the actual affected, which this kind of we achieved in contribution to victory, is very difficult to assess. Despite much detailed investigation, the estimation of the data is confused, by partisan estimate assessments both by those. favoured industrial bombing and those who oppose did on various grounds. Apart from the fire thus created a correct assessment.
is handicapped and me almost impossible by the amount of aid under billions in the data even more than the evidenced about any other type of military action in Imponderably Leah, meaning things that can't be determined so he's basically saying that some of the industrial bombing may have not had been effective, as we thought it was. Fast forward, but still clear, is the extremely detrimental effect of industrial bombing on the post war situation. Again, women think grants tragedy, but what's happening afterwards beyond the immense scale of does devastation hard to repair are the less obvious, but probably more lasting social and moral effects. This kind of action inevitably produces a deepening danger to the relative shallow foundations of civilized life. Think about what you are owing to this civilian populace, and how is that going to affect the future.
that common dangers now immensely increased by the advent of the atomic bomb. Here we are brought to the fundamental difference between strategy and grand strategy, whereas strategy is only concerned with the problem of winning military victory grandstand, we must take a while longer view for its problem is the winning of the peace. Such an order of thought is not a matter of putting the cart before the horse, but of being clear where the horse and cart are going. And I'll tell you what, with that were approaching two hours right now, we're probably really close, if not at two hours, and we have a lot more to cover so.
Echo is the goal we wrap this one up front after all, right so we'll come back to you, one more podcast about this book and will go about these books until then. Until then, look we're going deep right now. We were drinking some swore trinkets, some drinks, our getting after it, how we get there drinks were drinking. Why are we doing here? another one open, sir, well, actually real, quick at a thought, though so Klaus wits and Liddell hearten they're kind of that year. What cried a kid? Yes, the Oji original Craig is John Crease, Mr Maggie, so closely. Its cause bits are classed wits depends on what kind of an accent I'm kind of like a
thing so he's John Crease strike first strike hard, no mercy like kind of that philosophy, ass. Mister me hugging, others, John Crease. Ok, you no kind of the bad guy, but he'll get you fired up we'll get you fired up a kind of Roy. Let's face it. We all want to say no mercy. This dodo, like that fear, does not exist in the studio check right all this stuff, so it gets. You fired up no, but Mr May Oghee for forty second, by the way, oh, There is a real life in the civil aviation. I got a book about the four forty second I get. A better one? I got one who has a history book, cool and somebody sent it to mean a kind of stuff like tat, but it was a history book wasn't a lot of first person. could we can? U history book songs, a bunch of first person, council really was not many in there. I gotta get. I gotta get on the four forty second. Did it nonetheless missed me oghee his old thing was bad
balance right, takes Daniel son out on the river or the lake, and he has a moment the right balance. First before when we learn our fight all the stuff. What else is there? Why learn karate in music, so you don't have to fight, have would have even a village name the balance when it's what it seemed like two girls provided Moreover, here I am reading these books and you're just getting it from karate crowded. You gotta face at all adequate, MR, unless you are right, we are here. Drinking discipline go sometimes yet during disciplined. good. Unless I must say how now the path is a little bit easier thing is, I don't know if the path is actual easier Easy easy is not the right word. Maybe it's comfortable like the right word either, because they comfort beyond could be cable, you'll be comfortable. Nonetheless, more pleasurable habitat were drinking
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let it where some Jujitsu studies, rash guards belts. Wallets boots still have your boots, but I think we need those yet to worry that dancing in the car and less or Jim. You say that we can get the stuff rugged stuff too big deal to made in America the way it is made in America from the beginning, all the way up into the final product year. We have a factory full of awesome american people up there. creating their stuff sewing it printing it I'm here every aspect, cutting it we need it. Just legit and if you follow that, if you, if you pull them read on a pair of ginger can end up in a cotton field in in Texas or in Georgia, like that's, where its common from you so now, you're routes through three roots also Jackal, has a store.
That's his roots called Jocker store for three can get the discipline eagles freedom or good or get after it. All you get the shirts, the hats, honeys rash guards on their stuff bunch of stuff. Anyway, they attacked our now chuckle, it's a chuckle stored dot com, and yet you like something gets something. We also have a subscription situation. There called the short locker Who can off shoe conceptual designs? I dont think you really figured out how to describe the designs. It's a work in progress and I think buddy, I'm you gotta progress yet progressed your description, yeah, but just like on vertical warfare. You, don't you Always progressing seem saint, where you want some. Sometimes you go for it. Sometimes you go backwards and hopefully the whole grand what he called Freakin grand strategy jia longer on. Hopefully, I end up forward of
in the goal of explaining how cool the shirt locker is. Its authority did a better job right there, we needed a little help. Little help, ok, good uncles and some criticism from direct feedback Your weak repetition over your try- and you know- and I think the people are responding. People seem to like in I got to admit when the master- and I saw some people that had Sherlock served on totally residues. Any extra level of connection I agree, Exactly yeah locker, that's at Davos, DORA Company essential for that. If you don't like subscribe to this progress too, we also unravelling podcast them do with Darrell Cooper. Who knows? What's going on We're getting crazy on that thing got all kinds of topics were digging into. We don't always agree on stuff, come come to find out.
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sterical about stuff that he not suppose he actually makes me laugh harder than any one. Currently, in my regime of contacts, interesting feel wanna, see open cry say up to as true. That's a good point was a different kind, yea diet. You know what Theo getting middle, laugh get me laughing on a technical level, sir, with with with with the governments of those were laughing at a strategic, deep love yeah. So we got that foots, like Amazon COM, to go too far whilst gonna want your books. Final spin. It's a book um manuscript transcript new form, new format of literature notices,
that try to give new format of literature? My wife's literature cause she's british Hertfordshire, so new of literature, which I invented the text tax. you go let anyone who observe the tax. That's the highbrow, the ideals that united you that none of you know about that. Yeah. You told me that this is. It They say that when you want to get your masters music, if you did you If you reference the text in this situation, I didn't call book cause you're. Just the loser. If you have a book gift to refer to the text, the text yeah freedom, like that any ways if you want to check out the texts in general, final spin, pre order right now Also leadership, strategy and tactics field manual, the code, devaluation of protocols, disciplinary didn't feel manual where the word I want to remind the dragged about faced by hack worth extreme ownership of the dichotomy. Leadership is all
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You want to do that check out the FDA. Exe, San Diego July, twelve and thirteen grassland front door com. If you help service members active their families, gold, star families, you can check out Mark Liese MA Mamma, we gotta charity organization and if you want to donate- or you want to get involved, go to America's mighty warriors dot org. And if you want more of my exhaustive explanations or you need more of echo's disjointed delirium, perhaps you need more of day
exhilarated expositions. You can find us on the interwebs on Twitter, on the Graham and on Facebook echoes adequate Charles Davies, that David are Burke and I am at Java willing and to all the military personnel out there. Thank you for taking these tactics that we're talking about and putting them to work around the world to keep us free and the same to our police law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, empties, dispatchers, correctional officers, border patrol secret service and all first responders. Thank you for keeping us safe here at home in every one else out there. Well, if you know the way, broadly, you see in all things
So I've got an idea: try your best to open up your eyes, look around and see the way in everything that you do then, until next time this is Dave and echo when Jacko out.
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