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287: Be Sure You Can See The Pathways To Victory... Then Start.

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0:00:00 - Opening / "Strategy" and the indirect approach.

1:29: How to stay on THE PATH.

1:47:38 - Closing Gratitude.

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This is Jocker podcast number two, eighty seven mythical Charles in me, Jocker willing goody me echo did evening and joining us again is Dave Work good evening give good evening. So listen. If you been tracking, we have been talking about beef labelling heart. We ve been talking about his strategy, the indirect approach we been covering his book, the strategy of indirect approach. Then we rolled into his book, which has just called strategy this stuff is, it is Yes, it is it so important to wrap your head around this stuff. It's a lot of. It is counter intuitive. When you hear it, it's it's counter intuitive. When you hear it, it's sometimes even more counter intuitive when you try and do it, and if you
understand it and you do it and you executed. It is a game changer in the way you execute, and it's also a game changer in them you think so. If you haven't yet listen to eighty five and eighty six to learn a little bit about being the dough heart who he is. I know of a veteran, a soldier, a british soldier world war, one wounded multiple times sent back from the front multiple times sent back to the front multiple times. For the battle, the song I mean just almost asshole battalion, wiped out, gravely wounded with I was gasped I mean, but now, I'm back quite literally in the others does not meet. We can talk about. Obviously that fought in the battle assume in and on the last podcast I was talking to
The fact that key no battle in we throw the word battle tested around. Like always battle tested about battle tested in what Actually, the worst battle ever where he kind of started to think about the strategy and tactics. we're being used. This is what sort of when he about the indirect approach. Is the antithesis tell what World WAR one, Was so if you haven't yet go back? The two hundred and eighty five and two hundred and eighty six and then join us right now with two hundred and eighty seven Dave any info. now manual. You're, writing down thinking about the last I cast as we did, and just where he's coming from an amazing superstar to get to these concluding these. the end of this section of this. This this trilogy, guess
I was saying this last time. I think this is all new I get you here this in real time and So the chronology of your fairy first introduction from two eighty five was a halo but of the background of heart, but I didn't really didn't really. think, as you were saying it of what you just said like what he went through, and you said it left a mark on him, but I dont I did not. I do not appreciate the depth of that Mark and what it compelled him to do to try to was correct this massive this. Massive mistake that that he had to endure in witness the so I've. I think I've been able to understand what he's been saying a lot better as you been reading it thinking about where he came from noon. Should have done is I should go what first, why should have given a little bit? More
Till there also should have gone back there. So many references to Bh Bell heart in so many manuals. It's ridiculous and I should put some of those up and said: oh when we did this marine corps men Why did this army manual? Here's where this come from? Here's the roots of the statement cause they they site. They cite him so I guess part of it- is theirs other pond that I have in the harbour. In my mind, that I want to do that. I really can't do without people. Understood this idea of the strategy, the indirect approach I just can't- I can't go forward. It's like I had to do this so I will go back, I'm sure and do some more historical context around his life. And what he went through I also met. I wanted get the stuff out there. You know it's like a prioritize. Next, you drill to be quite frank with you. I would
I wanted to get people to understand this and and see how beneficial it can be for their fault process because it's been so beneficial for my for the last thirty years of my life, be twenty twenty five years of my life, where I really- wait a second direct, isn't always the best thing. In fact, the more I figured that out. The wars like oh going direct is usually not the best thing. Quite often the indirect approach is correct: the correcting and jitsu selecting and battlefield to correcting as a leader the correct thing, interacting with other human beings, so. That's kind of where we are how we got here, You want a lot, but this weird thing about having upon cast and doing things we upon aghast is part of the Benefit as of it is the immediacy of it right like there's, not
write a book if also write a book about this stuff. It would take three years now, two years like if I just we gave up. Everything else examined write a book about this. It would take two years to do to get it to get it right, to get it published to get an hour so get written edited other, so much lag time to do upon cast a cool. You know what hears about, I've had this book for a long time. Actually, if you my extra copy of this book, so but we ll say you know what I want to get this done as the time bomb you can go and executed and its end. What you sacrifices, you sacrifice some perfection right, You sacrifice imperfection because head, I sat there thought about the best way to do this. Maybe we're said you know what I need a I needed in it I represent about the battle saw my needed entire episode about what gassing does to you. Needed, doing episode about his battalion with the Watch your white regiment right in talk about exactly who is, in other words, a whole bunch of different things. I could have done an added
not an that's where we're that would have made this better. and that's one of the windows promises that you make in moving forward and you mean, like you know what I'm looking back now hindsight, twenty twenty cool should have done that didn't do it. We'll do it in the future to weigh goes. yeah, and even for me, as I as I contemplate. What I'm trying to say you talk about you sacrifice, effectually your sacrifice, even I'm trying to say what I'm thinking is not exactly If not, how I would say it if I spent time to sit down with a permanent paper and right out what thinking or what I'm thinking about, or the references are making in my head, but to be able to sort of rough in real time as you reading this, as accurate or or not is eloquent. They liked to be its. really cool exercises a listener of leadership to think of
hearing what he saying contemplating the frame of reference he had what applies to our world, which is you don't to be in war, one to recognise how absolutely directly affected you can by thinking about what he sang in applying it to your day to day life in how you interact with people in which, When a crazy to think about it, but it is also true: if there is a problem with any this, if there is a problem with any of the things that you are saying, is that There is nothing sexy about the indirect approach it doesn't like. It doesn't play well like you're not gonna, get gap and to give a speech about the indirect approach men, or in a subordinate our egos today? I guess it doesn't that the language doesn't work it doesn't. It doesn't give you that sad that immediate satisfaction that people want with cos. In total war, but
what what's crazies out obvious? How obvious it is and think about how it helps you achieve the ultimate objective, which is winning the war. and how much more satisfying that is. Then just winning a battle or that then losing the war so far for whenever it lacks in in the excitement of the language of we. Destroy every single aspect of our enemy down the ground does actually the tool that you need to be success, point anything this is. Are you So where are you wit yet very counter cultural? It's very likes. It doesn't sell. Well, it doesn't oh well, you could imagine Stonewall, Jackson standing up and turn our guys. The enemy, half mile down there. We are going to take the fight to them, and people get fired up, as opposed to say
hey the enemies right down there and we're gonna, walk forty, miles right now to go Hidden from where he doesn't really expect it cause, we don't want to have to face his really it. We don't have to face his strength. We're all scared do that, so we walker on a kind of push him. He has with me right this idea. It's like his really, as opposed to you know, forward into the breach right now, not really sneak around and soccer upon somebody who's with me, but it's how you win so what's jumped back into it. further revision of theory in town to revise any theory and readjusted for better balance. Oh, that interesting we're talking about balance, because everything is a dichotomy. Again, I owe royalties to the to the water
hard family it a help to have a background of study in the subject. As long as one is willing to modify ones conclusions, not interesting we have to actually be willing to to modify our conclusions, change our mind, I was so far as I know the first student of war, after one thousand nine hundred and fourteen to nineteen eighteen to make a re examination of the prevailing dachshunds derive from Clausewitz about the objective in war. After calling it in question both articles in the literary journals. I was, I dealt with it more fully in Paris or the few Dr War, nineteen, twenty five, this little book began with a criticism of the way that the Orthodox, Quoth quote the destruction of the enemies. Main forces on the battlefield. End quote had pursued in world war? One pointing out indecisive and exhausting results.
to your point earlier, like hey, we want to go confront the enemy had on cool. We did that for three years, for years and we had not only We had indecisive, inexhaustible weir's. Often we need anywhere. Cod would have won a free consent, what a sin to expire, And all those lives and be exhausted from it and have no real, decisive victory. Continuing they went on to argue that the advantages of the moral objective showing how armed forces might deliver decisive blow against the Achilles heel of the Enemy Army, which is the communication and command centres which form its nerve system and to how airforces. Besides cooperating in this strategic action, might also strike with a decisive effect direct. at a nation's nerves system, and that is its static. Civil centres of the industry
he's. The first guided said: hey: where will we didn't world war once socked and we, Do it again how we use Can tanks and aircraft to here's the enemy and cut off there. Medication and ruin their industries. Continuing the general staff prescribe the book for the study. The officers of the first experimental mechanized force when this was for two years later, the air staff, less surprisingly maids, fuller use of it. There then a lack of textbooks on air strategy and it fitted the development of developing trend of their views on the subject, the chief of staff, the chief of the air staff distributed copies to his fellow chiefs of staffs. What said now is thus a revision, prolonged reflection of what I wrote a quarter century ago and in avowal of error over part of the thesis it show
so he's taking ownership of something that he screwed up? It shows how, in correcting the balance, one is apt to till too far the other way this is something I call classic team guy over correction. I would make an I'm going becoming through my training. They make a mistake: hey you're, micromanaging, also they let me will do whatever they want or the opposite correcting answer. One is apt to do for the other way. T e Lawrence observed. In a letter he wrote me a nineteen twenty eight Miss Laurence of Arabia is a guy that the arab revolt, the sign in Palestinian being a world war. Want him in the skies, legendary and Lawrence of Arabia. Says: quote the logical system of class, which is to complete what an opening line but logical system of class, which is to complete it leads astray. His disciples, those of them at least who
rather fight with their arms than with their legs. What a freaking statement to open up a letter, rather fight with their arms and with their legs. What an epic statement. Actually, it's kind of a kind of a ghost with my desponding was freedom field. Men will talk about Oh you're fight, you wanna, you wanna, know self defense cool. You wanna punch me out, run away kick me. Go on a runaway with my legs, not with my arms. Continuing on you. At present, our trying very little help from those whose business it isn't upon their profession. To put the balance struck. After the orgy of the last war. When you succeed about nineteen forty five, these, who, like little jokes, he's making
He's writing this in nineteen twenty eight, when you succeed about one thousand nine hundred and forty five, your sheep will pass your bounds of discretion and have be Chevy back to some later strategist back and forward. We go and in nineteen twenty five. I myself went too far in arguing the advantages of the air strikes. at civil objectives, though I did I find this by emphasising the importance of executing it in such a way as to inflict the least possible permanent injury for the enemy of today is the customer of the moral and ally of the future. Who would think that that's possible think that Germany would become our ally right. Who would think that the Japanese? We would rebuild them to a point of like uh. You know Comic power of where we are in total. operation, were Tuttle. My belief then, was that.
a decisive air attack would inflict less total damaging constitute less of a drain on the defeat. Countries. Recuperative power, prolonged war of the existing type in furthering I came to realize that an error attack on industrial centres was unlikely to have an immediate, decisive effect and more like produce another prolonged war of attrition in fresh form, with perhaps less killings, but more devastation than from nineteen eighteen, one thousand nine hundred and fourteen one thousand nine hundred and eighteen but when one begins to point this out. one soon found that the air staff was far less receptive to the revised conclusion, then, to the original conclusion. There Continued to cherish faith in a speedy decision and when war experienced compelled them too, link were shit. They pin their fate instead on industrial attrition as fervently is that and was staff a last word Don T, Manpower, attrition.
We're not learning lessons collective egos at play. Just not learning lessons A lot of this is why I guess I've I've said a couple times now that this book and these this strategy is set up for me, for another Sears upon cast that I want to do in its all. Gonna come so big, so clear, nevertheless, a realisation of the drawbacks and evils. Of taking the civil fabric, as the objective does not mean the restoration of battle in the own sense of the objective, the drawbacks Klaus White Clouds, wits in formula were amply shown in world war, one in contracts world war, two demonstrated the advantage of new ten chow would ease of indirect or strategic action, against a military objective amply confirming what had been
more cast. In that respect,. Is he saying you I told you so? Yes, he is. He say I told you, so I told you that these things. I told you that this air that this vote mechanized moving elements could chain the face of war, especially when, coupled with air power, told you so in the past. Such action had been effectively exploited by some of the great captains, despite the limited, of their instruments. But now, with the but new instruments, the airplane, the tank proved still more decisive, despite the increased strength of tactical resistance the new mobility produced, a flexibility in varying the direction of thrust and threat which disarmed such resistance and and We talked about last podcast, France, Poland, the Balkans, just
Disarmed resistance. The time has come, a fresh revision of the doctrine of the objective or military aim. In light of recent experience and present conditions, it is much to be desired. That should be undertaken on combined service basis to produce an agreed solution, for there is dangerous, discordance of doktor, at presence. The outlines of a revised theory fitted to present conditions and knowledge, have emerged. I hope in the course of this discussion of the subject, the key idea is He jerked operation rather than battle and old, that is our lived, its suitability and utility rid of this whole idea of battle battles may still occur, but should not be regard. As the aim itself to repeat and earlier conclusion that was struck, kingly vindicated in world war. To quote the the true
aim is not so much to seek battle as to seek a strategic. situation so advantageous, that does not of itself produce the disk but if it does not of itself produced the decision, it denudation by a battle is sure to achieve this, that's what we're looking for and have your opponent recognise that before the battle takes place optimally. Yes optimally, they go. You know where we only have a chance if they don't recognize a core Europe good position that it does matter anyway, the battles over very quickly. Here I mean I'm right things out. I mean just the things inside what he just said average is the first thing of of the common about study is designed to modify conclusions not not to validate your conclusion. Amateur go to research and I'm gonna literally just overlooked and bypass anything that doesn't alive with what I really think. I know but that's not convenient to skip that. So I'm fine,
studies, so I can find information to reinforce by already know he's like now, the study to forgot what what I thought? That's actually wrong to me, a fine might to modify my conclusions. The the parent humility in vat approaches I'm in a study to find out where I'm wrong, hard that actually used to do and then he used the earth at this example and, in course, ill the heiress as a thing that did even exist and now what's this thing, where that account or culture there, there, opposing view of hay. We need to look at these things differently and then how quickly, how quickly the solidified around their new approach and became the inflexible, rigid we're going to stick to these concerns when a state of these, but we are not going to change our Europe. Are our viewpoint of this now quickly that that process happens to human beings
change. No, they really don't and they really like to dig into Ever they got ahold willing on older somebody hang onto it totally. It's like China prior to think a little freaking kid a bit three year old, with a rattle you know, I'm saying they got that rattle go and try and take that away. Then why is that? It's a human instinct to hang onto what you got the general staff after thirty Two years of military service and a hundred and fifty years combined military service between these three four generals, any any and they have that new rattle that they got a hold of and they won't let go of it and they're gonna he can scream disturbing. It's crazy. He said something to that that he's reverenced. You ve already said it, and in this one finally stock is is.
he's making the connection to leadership he eat he's not talking about costs. What so much he keeps saying about his stew, His disciples, the Inn what's he had on a generation of leaders and that that The tragedy that was created by that based on Klaus, what's his influence over people and he's the allusion. To like that really wasn't his intent. It wasn't. in definitely last park, as he deafening pointed out, but I was not as intent totally but the power for better or for worse the power of that leadership, and if you have disciples, said this over again and again, I don't remember the exact copy. The this, the the uneducated disciples are more dangerous than the enemy and too does blindly follow the line which are the words of the leader and to try to go, implement them truly understanding the content,
and then the evolving application of that to the world that they're gonna be in its am I put, from those two pages just point out those through those things. How critical those things are. Can you fathom the freaking group, think that's going on check it out, not only is, Everyone on my side, body, into this bull shit. So much entire freakin army of millions of people is all bought into this idea your site, your millions of soldiers and leaders, are did the same idea. A national crazy that is crazy. It is that our group think is so strong that both Opposing sides both are bought into the same group think at the peril of millions of soldiers like bats.
To think how strong that group think is to think Can a you and you're doing the exact same thing? Is me, I'm thinking well we're going to keep doing it and you're. Looking at me thinking we're going to keep doing it and neither one of us they will say you know this doesn't make any sense. Hey. Are you looking at what our enemies doing this? This is Seemed cut down the power of group think they're the power of talk about right. You gotta attach and you're gonna take. Your word a more strategic view. These are the freaking generals. On both at the same time, at the same time, wrapped up in the identical group think when they are getting a daily dose of reality that the most stark reality that when beings have ever seen ever
stark reality that human beings of everything they're getting slap in the face with that on the daily basis, and they never look around and say: hey you want. This is freak stupid. What are we doing This is the sickest think fashionable crazy. so it's detached its detachment detaching to the strategic levels, not enough. if you're surround if you're completely surrounded, if you're in the virtual reality goggles on right? No matter where you look, it's like you're in the game. You need to take those things off your head alright, this is the last chapter that we're gonna cover in this book. It's called grand strategy and it's gonna die too
things this book is concerned. What strategy, rather than with grand strategy or war policy, to deal adequately with this wider subject would require not only a much larger volume, but a separate volume for wall and strategies should control strategy. Its principles often run counter to those which prevail in the field of strategy. For that very reason, however, it is desirable to include here some indication of the deeper conclusions to which a study of grand strategy we leads. The object in war, So this is an interesting sat, upright the set this hey. What I've been talking about at this strategic level were actually gonna be were actually to have some. Was that a counter to that when we go up one more level? So this is a very interesting setup.
The object in war is to attain a better peace, even if only from your own point of view Hence it is essential to conduct war with constant regard to the piece you desire. That's what's up, to be common sense. What we try to get done, how can we get it done? Not just to win right now, but how can we set ourselves up in a grand future? We're doing what we wanted, so when a situation we want to be in this the underlying clouts wits deaf? sure of war as a Well, continuation of policy by other means and quote the prolongation of that policy through the war into the subsequent peace, must always be borne in mind, so you, you always have to think about the future. You always have to think about the future. you have to think strategically diver or at all times a state which seeks
ends its strength to the point of exhaustion, bankrupts its own policy and future again, what's the hour, why but are a what we're doing we expect in all of our capital to make something happen and we look up and cool, we made it happened, but we have no Kapital left. We can't pay our employees. We can't order any more of our supplies. Good job, no, not a good job. If you concentrate exclusively on victory with no thought for the after effects, you may be too Lastly, to profit by the peace wallet Almost certain that the peace will be a bad one, containing the germs of another one for this is a lesson supported by abundant experience. I brought this again by one of the previous punk ass about pay call you want and now you're in charge of a wasteland. How but a leadership capital perspective cool. I got
Dave to do what I told him to do- and he hates working here and he's not gonna. Do a good job and his partners resume A third everybody else, the job go, but I gotta do. I wonder I won, but he's the germs of another war. Yeah and by the way, go look at what happened between world where one world order. That is exactly what it is. That's what he's referring to his other examples, but there's that's freaking, perfect one No one was happy at that war. The risk become greater still in any war that is waged by a coalition for, in such a case, a to complete, victory inevitably complicates the problem of making a just and wise peace settlement with no longer a counterbalance of opposing force to control the appetites of victors. There's no check on the can
These views and interests between parties realize what a brilliant statement right. This Nineteen. I guess what we know you this is this is so. This is after world war, two as it has to be a mean that reference to America, Russia, that cool we work together and as soon as we don't have our common enemy anymore, now we're pissed at each other. The divergences then apt to come so acute as to turn the comradeship. common danger into stability of mutual dissatisfaction, so the ally of one war, becomes the enemy in the next three go hello: Soviet Union verse. America. This raises a further and wider question. The friction that commonly fell ups in Amy Alliance system, especially when it has no balancing force has been one of the factors that have fostered
numerous attempts to outfits history to find a solution in fusion so joining together. This is like an important. We have a platoon if you leave them alone for a little while, thus are fighting each other ass innocent. What's gonna happen, no, there's no balancing force, no one to go against, even, the training. Cobb dry. That's enough of a will, go Those guys are another platoon, once there alone they're going to start fighting each other we look for we look for solutions in fusion, but history teaches us that in practice this is apt mean domination by one of the constituent elements, and although there is a natural tendency towards the fusion of small groups and a larger ones, the usual result of forcing the pace is the confusion of the plans to establish a comprehensive political unit. Canada, I will say, pretty pessimistic view. It's a realistic you, but it's a pessimistic view.
moreover regrettable. As it may seem to the idealist, the experience of history provides little warrant for the belief that real progress and the freedom that eggs, progress, possible rise and unification and something we need to pay attention to or where unification has been able to establish unity of ideas. It has usually ended in uniformity, paralyzing, the growth of new ideas and we're Unification has merely brought about an artificial or imposed unity. It is irksome. its irksomeness, has led through discord to disarm, I love that that, from a leadership perspective right, we get em, one on board the plant: hey, listen! Everyone just walk up we're going with my plan, Aims to help right, it seems but by the way, no one's now thinking and on top of that people are pissed, discord so now as soon as some goes wrong. You know we have element that breaking off. You got people complaining. Why
we're trying to force uniformity origin. Force people to think the same way it's a problem I totally springs from diversity, which makes for we. Progress so long as there is mutual toleration base, on the recognition that worse may come from an attempt to suppress differences, then from acceptance of them again, if you to leave, and you got someone it's a little outside the lines and all you do is beat them into submission. You're. It's not helping. For this reason, the kind of peace that makes progress possible is best assured by the mutual checks created by a balance of forces alike, sphere of internal politics and of international relations, so he goes into a little bit about. You know that the balance of power in politics right
he says he says any monopoly of power leads to ever written. the demonstrations of the historical truth epitomised and more active famous dictum, all power, corruption, some power corrupts absolutely another. Can version which developed from the study of grand strategy against the background of history is the practical necessity of adapting the general theory of strategy to the nature of a nation's fundamental policy. Gotta, make sure your aligned gotta make sure you want goes into some stood the difference between an acquisition positive state and a concern state, meaning, hey. My state is going out to acquire other proper he's like we're. Gonna go go on the attack and a concerted state, which is able to maintain what we ve got: the acquisitive state,
inherently unsatisfied needs to gain victory in order to gain its object and must therefore court greater risks in the attempt the conservative state can achieve its object by merely in inducing the aggressor to drop his attempt at conquest, convincing him that the game is not worth the camp in victory. Its victory is in a real sense attained by foiling ones bid. One sides book by wheeling, the other side's bid for victory in he'd in attempting more it may defeat. Its own purpose by exhausting itself so much that is unable to resist other enemies or the internal effects of overstrain self. Exhaustion in war, has killed more states than any foreign assailant And how often do we see that companies how often Louis in companies where they are just going so
hard and investing in so many different places and chewing up their teams. We have you have be cognisant of that. weighing these factors, the project can be seen that the problem of a conservative state is to find the type of strategy that is suited to fulfil its inherently more limited to object in the most frank conserving way so to ensure future, as well as presence that there's a reason I'm I'm covering this part because of this statement. At first glance. It might seem that pure defence would be the most economical method, but this implies Static defence and historical experience warns us that it is dangerously brittle method on which to rely economy of force and deterrent effect. Our best combat in defensive, often of method based
hi mobility that carries the power of a quick repost and a quick riposte hosting is a move in fencing its thrust in fencing so school. To. Thank you know what we're just gonna, conserve or and stay here were to be on the defensive, but we have to remain that, historically speaking,. We started about, historically speaking, he's talking about a massive swaths of history that easily dat to confirm that you gotta have some off once you gotta, be on office, and we said a lot like of your if you're, just if you're not growing year, you're losing totally It is also clearly. learn the lesson that he's kind of accused Klaus, which have now applying, which is the context to the statements.
Where you say, hey the conservative approach and oh by the way, if you're over there, thinking that I'm telling you dig in and be conservative that's not what I'm saying antics fi and have the understanding of the com in itself. So the comment or the headline does become the story which he reference so many times of hate. This statement, Big- its own, The interpretation is, it became, don't truth when it's not really what he meant, but didn't actually take the time to make sure his disciples, his learners, understood saying dig in I'm just saying and I know of your hearing- that, let me be living more clear. What this approach really means- and that's clearly a lesson he's taken from the other? they didn't do that and that the outcomes of the creates when you dont, have to explain what you mean we talked about, we almost as a joke inside here of dont care or you don't hold the law.
and if you are hearing, I hold the line on all things. Let me be more clear: that's not what I'm saying I'm saying this this in this inside you apply this, so I really the idea that he's he's taking the comment and I'm giving the tax or honest people can understand what he's talking about the people that are actually studying. What are you saying, the de the dichotomy of leadership. That idea came to me because I was working with these young junior officers and you know what they want to do. They want to do good, they want to do good. So, if you tell them to be aggressive, cool got it. They are on freedom level, fourteen buzz promote their charging into whatever you how them. not to move. You tell them hey make sure you take the high ground cool guess what
doing their running to the top of every freakin hill that they see, so anything that I would tell them. There was a there. Was that a proclivity to take it to the extreme? so within like one or two generations. At our land warfare. Training facility I gotta tell these guys that there has to be balanced and everything that I'm saying ass to be balanced. Every single thing it I'm saying, has to be balanced. We take any Think that I'm saying and you take it resumes enemy about so. I tried to do the same thing a universal man. I hate to say it's like a cop out now cause it's like. Will you do if you're egos, you're saying was no good, no actually to balance right in a kind of sounds like a cop out the sound like a little bit of a cop out echo journals. You seem to agree with me. I mean it can be here, but no, yes,
No, I mean it's a real bomber. I think some, not a bummer, but someone will say we. You say that you do you use in that the egos bad but the egos the eagles? What you want higher people that bunch a push overs yeah. I know man ass, the dichotomy and their colleagues. You think I don't have that they forget that I have that. You know how I feel like bad, sometimes pulling the economy card, but it's the truth the truth is man. You take something to the stream and it's bad. That's the truth. You still don't like it nod. I agree with you Words like you know that it's not a cop out, in fact the opposite of a copper. Yes, like you, gotta, be real specific in you, gotta use judge me you got it. You know there's just more to it than that in fact ones
doesn't recognise the dichotomy that might be the more of the cop out is come. Let go you say, go your I went there. I went there. That's what you said. Right is a right that is so using your judgment, little yup, Ewart you're talking about. Does it sound like a cop out? and in these scenarios of top gun, you know everything is like a scenario. What do I do in this situation, however? Act as an end like the classic answer, the classic answer was always. It depends. Which had this feeling of like a cop aids a cop out unlike or you, don't really know or you don't have to be definitive because there are tons of people want want. A black and white a black and white answer. I have this situation. What do I do to prevent it? Z depends and but actually does depend needed if it does not, it's not a cop out so work on them. Because it's not satisfying- and it requires like contemplation
understanding of the new wants, and how did I get here in the first was? What am I trying to accomplish so, just thinking to myself. When you are talking about this, this this, that sounds like a cop out- was that the events radio, five thousand times atop going to the students is Tibet, and then you gotta, dig in and go through it and go to actually in the case of yours. Grabbing at this might actually be a better answer than this. Situation, but driven by another goal or got there before a different reason here might go a different direction and then HU as a leader, had to actually play some judgment in real time, as opposed to this issue, requires this response. Well, it's nets, not that simple multimeter. What are you do way back there when there's when they're all bog down up in the front, will you told me not to get engaged in like the rumour and clearance total ye have they're bogged down. That your example of where should the platoon commander be ineffectual? It depends where it makes sense.
could be in the front, could be in the back could be in the middle, you know, and it and I I guess we ve hit this. I'm probably beating a dead horse a little bit, but but the answer, it is fine nature that answer when I I too am the basic school, I'm a brand new second lieutenant agenda. We get to that the basic school and right outside of the main headquarters building. Is this giant on statue of the lieutenant. And he's in this poses got his rifle- is porn. His arm up in it says. Follow me, you know, which is what they push you lead from the front get. Forty, your man, it end in a lot of ways? That's right! That's right! Do too that might, but in a waterways it's actually not right but the dark place yourself where you need to be is nowhere near as cool is cool, is follow me lead from.
Front, but That's what you hey! I led from the front. I call you have no idea what's going on back here and have your guy just got hammered because of that there's this. I think this compulsion, which is the Klaus, which think play so well to that that that in just the catch phrases of leadership which don't actually serve a leader very well lead from the fry whose ears they all of us that's a terrible leadership philosophy, but actually sometimes you dont want to be in the front, which is why I have a section and leaders have started and tactics which is actually called lead from the rear, so it kind of lake you have to link the more and more There has to be the formula right at some level like opposite this at the surface, the formula is like earth you might someone make, might make the mistake. The formula is lead from the front at all times night, but doesn't formula for the depends, ok on what is a formula under there,
but then under their you're like ok. Well, if this in this and this, while it depends a little bit more in the deeper you go, there must be some formula ranks. No don't get so that enough? What I was going to say to him that so that the more you know we have the forerunner to formulate the dichotomy or they will take the formulas. It depends so I feel like you're here. So both those are cop out answers. You want to hear a man now, I'm actually agreed with the like. That, does what I would say to it all it gonna always depend so and also on top of it, there's more than one. What right answer a lot of the time or pretty much all it pretty much. With very few exceptions, I would think there are wrong answer so yea I agree with that to ok, you but you're, saying there's more than one hundred answering many cases. Yes, so would say. The solution is no more
You understand about all of it. The better decision you can make and the better the better educated you will be on what decision to make given the parameters of all of that kind of means you dealing with, except for the fact that you may not have enough information to make the decision. That seems like it's going to be the perfect decision, in which case you'd kind of screwed up by not moving a little bit more quickly and making decision, based on the information that you had at that current moment yeah. But when I'm in one what I meant by knowing like educated yourself, not on any specific scenario, I'm saying on how it works on the dichotomy of leadership, her on the laws to combat it. Okay, yes, I understand it well. Yeah, then we're going back to what I said, which is the formula is that I got him and you got to be balanced. That's the formula of the formulas be balanced, like some
The more you know about the whole game will say the more you know when you're gonna be on this side of the dichotomy worm, leaning on this dichotomy, the more you know by yourself, the more you know about it, you guys building relationships and whether the more you know This will bring about how this would then you're going to know more about under what types of circumstances you're gonna lean here earlier. You know, what's cool we have a bit It's called echelon front. Yes, the reason we have a bit this convention on front is because we have to help leaders work through these issues. We can't give them a formula that they can then apply across the board in all situations. Like your saying correctly, if they learn and understand the principles they can start to make better design and right decisions by on their understanding of these principles and applying them holistically to their scenario. Yes, exactly with us, consider that exactly one saying where
Where do you get the formula from you're? Probably the most educated on this will gain as far as the goes right. So the more you let's say you consult with a client right, the more you can follow them. Hopefully, the more they're going to learn that sales game and they're gonna need. You lesson Yes, that's the goal here, absolutely all right back to the book, the! east roman empire was a case where such an actively conservative strangely had been If we find out as a basis of war policy, a fact which goes far to explain this empires unrivalled span of existence, another example, more instinctive than reasoned is provide, by the strategy based on the power that England practised in her wars from sixteen to the nineteenth century, the value that was shown by the way that her strength kept pace with her growth while
her rivals broke down in turn through self exhaustion in war traceable to there Moderate desire for the immediate sir, as faction of outright victory. A long series of mutually exhausting, and stating wars. Above all, the thirty years war has brought had brought states and by the eighteenth century, to realise the necessity winning engaged in war of curbing both there, ambitions and their passions in the interests of their purpose. On the one hand, this realization tended to produce a tacit limitation of warfare and avoidance of excesses which might damage after the We're prospect swede going back in time and they look. We can learn these arrests. It was a regression. That's great earlier. In the last part, ass we talked about, he talked about Klaus, was a regression we're going backwards, cause.
figured the staff of the thirty years war- I mean that's a sixteen hundred. You got Germany and Sweden find Spain. Catholics were spray, all kinds are crazy. Warfare going on to know to know decisive victory. It's a problem. They realise that their Visions and passions frequently carried them too far, so that the return to peace found their country's weakened rather than strengthened, but they learnt stop short of national exhaustion, which again you can take that for leadership. Capital and work spending more than we have at most satisfactory at them, and the most satisfactory peace settlement, even for stronger side proved to be those which were made by negotiation rather than decisive military issue. This gradual, education in inherit, limitations of war was still in process when it was interrupted by the french Revolution, which brought to the top men
who were novices in statements statesmanship, the directory and its successor, Napoleon pursued, vision of an enduring peace through war after war. For twenty years there you go Napoleon go and for peace, twenty years of war, the prison. Never lead to the goal, but only spreading, exhaustion and ultimate collapse, the bankruptcy the Napoleonic empire renew the lesson that it often been talk before The impression, however, came to be obscured by the sun haze of napoleonic myth. The lesson had been forgotten by time it was repeated in the war of in World WAR, one even after the bitter experience. The statement of the Second World WAR were no wiser.
Although wars contrary to reason, since it is a means of deciding issues by force, when discussion fails to produce an agreed solution, the conduct of war must be. Told by reason, if its object is to be fulfilled- and here he goes into how we reasonably conduct war, one while fighting is a physical act. Its direction is a mental process, but better your strategy, the easier you will gain the upper hand and the less it will cost you very important thing to think about. Two. Conversely, the moors few waste, the more you increase the risk of the scales of war. Turning against you and even you succeed in winning victory the less strength. You will
have to profit by peace, just just apply that won the World WAR one. Then it's like. Ok, winded! Stop this three. the more brutal your methods, the more bitter you will make your opponents with the natural result of opening the resistance you are trying to overcome. Thus, the morning If only the two sides are matched the wiser, it will be to avoid extremes of violence which tend to consolidate the enemies, troops and people behind their leaders I mean look at war yeah, what about leadership perspective on that one? No, like the boy brood of the more the more you you shut up David. Do what I told you to do so team. This is what we're doing the more do that the Moors
Since you're gonna have to overcome, for these calculations extend further the more intent you appear to impose a piece entirely of your own choosing by com. west, the stiffer the obstacle you will raise in your path So when I make a peace, that's completely, you know I favour cool. I'm gonna end up with problems more, I impose a plan on Dave and his team. The more I'm gonna end up with problems in Steve looks on the people's faces in a company when I tell him that it so hard to believe it hard to believe that a actually more efficient ways to say, hey, Dave, hey want to do this, eight so hard to believe that
so much more efficient means a Dave. Here's the plan shut up and do it. Give us your team, here's the orders go, execute. which is funny cause people- or you know these military- these military wave leading wouldn't work in the civilian world. Disagree talking about always fun leaves I gather sewage, exactly which argued with me. He built a K. How you want to do in other sounds like nuclear risk. Ok cool five. Furthermore, and when you reach your military goal, the more You ask of the defeated side, the more trouble you will have and the more cause you will have to provide for an ultimate to reverse the settlement achieved by war. Again, When you impose your plan on people when you closure will on people there will be or
guinea rejection of that force is a vicious cycle, or rather a spiral unless it's app, creation is controlled by the most carefully seasoned calculation. Just just think about that. Common thing, I tell clients meant, We want a lead with minimum force for car, so you lead if I don't have anything, that's the best. If I have to say hey, this is maybe an idea if I to appoint we're after bark and ordered someone in town shut up and do it. I told you do that's bad. That's that's the vicious circle of force. We don't like it. Thus war, which begins, by denying reason, comes to vindicate vindicated throughout all phases of the struggle. The fighting instinct is necessary to success in the battlefield, so the fight
Instead, we have to be ready to fight. The fighting instinct is necessary to success in the battlefield. Although in here, the combatants who can keep a cool head has an advantage over the man who sees red. So that's his little caviar and then he says, but the fighting instinct it always be written on a tight rein. The statesmen who gives that instinct its head loses his own. Every does want to scrap cool guess. Happen, you're gonna lose your own head, he's not fit to take charge of the fate of a nation Victory in the true sense implies that, state of peace and of one's people is bad. after the war than before,. Victory in this sense is only possible if it quick result can be gained or if a long effort can be economically proportioned to the now.
National resources, how my Are you investing how much investing of capital from your company howitzer, investing in leadership, capital. Or why where's it at the must be adjusted to the means we throw that one out all the time and its, and it's got like the connotations of being a wimp fox on your there's. Forty eight Freakin inspirational means a day set your call and never fear from it I got a better idea about. The end must be adjusted to the means right. This love Roth that Lambeau, want to dream bored. I gotta Lambeau when I got an infinity, paw cool.
How's that when these salary, kicking it right just your means, a little bit man, but just the end. fit the means to all this. Is this again no one's there's! No there's! No! There is not one single for separation or mean on the grounds that says that's. The end must be adjusted to the means, no one as the actually it's the opposite is far in the inspirational quotes. Industry will for luck, but it's Zack opposite. Originally, I like hey. Basically, it's like just the men, the means or the insulin mean traits those kind like hey, don't freak in. Have this goal? That's like unrealistic, essentially essentially yeah fact, like its unrealistic right, like its response with due respect: you have an irresponsible goal right there, like whatever kill yourself doing you should go in. The comments should be like your dumb
Should we right given the neck fry? If use is, but will talk there, someone right now, that's gonna, here's your bullshit, it! You said your jurisdiction. Have you done for the thing and I get it because all tap heart If you want to be a bit, for your first hundred million for yeah, throw these people had to tap that twice: oh yeah right, twenty percent, yes, sir, and like for a moment, they're kind of like pumped yeah, sure they're pumped the whole time? You still have the ends really but you're, the guy. If you're the guy who says this, what this book is ain't? Hey, like the end, must be adjacent means. That's a good girl like that, the lofty goals which are obviously I can't hate and lofty goals that's not even really love to go. It's just a realistic finger. Do as human, but the real issues, thereby realistic human means. The
in a way that would be the end must be adjusted to the minutes, varied, not inspirational, they would get downvoted yeah, you you'll be branded as they hate her. like that's what that's the point where we'll brain whether one's always hated. This goes into the hole the day that you are talking about of like about hey this isn't really sexy. This is the absolute like non. This is getting download. This is getting haters and what what's interesting is who you gonna who's gonna, get the vote right. this person is getting you're getting hated, could showing actually is unrealistic. Go you should check yourself right all the down or the doubter, our job yeah in things it because, a once in a great while you'll get someone who achieve the super lofty go not to say that they didn't just the ends to the means, because they had the means, apparently, at the end of the day,
means where their cause they end, is there to ring, but here's the thing they had that and and an inspiration, seems to want to Syria, realistic me to Will they be achieved? Our goal? There? Was On Tipp not typically Rielly did you honey, realistic right, comparatively speaking or whatever? and they achieved it. I mean, he could easily argue that, like oh, person did this, because they had the mean the Means that will then intellectual horse power, they had the patients Fang they had now. We think that is actually a realistic goal. I know that that's what I'm saying where but they'll take the the the the crazy Gordon Cole unrealistic and write the global scene,
that's the one read the classic president unites things. You can do anything you want so my goal the highest are possibly can in life present United States. So, like I'd call them, four. We should all essentially set as high as President United States Right does the inspirational message right, Meanwhile, those very few intervene. Was that became presently they cease had the means so their ends technically definition were adjusted their end. Were adjusted to the means because they had the means seem sane Everyone has a million, just though meanwhile once they knew not down. If you can do it, I can do it to write with hey. I'm not saying they can I might even say that, but I'm saying hey You gotta be earliest stick on against the insane. Then, if you say that you just can't say,
I know, what's really crazy is like. I just got slapped in my own face thinking about this because we're kind of joking about this, but what he's saying and what he saw was hundreds and hundreds of thousands of soldiers that work killed because the leadership didn't adjust the ends to the means totally which crazy to think about energy you're talking about thinking my mind, like people this out that their there are even phrases out, there are the one I kept thinking of your talking about this is, I remember the phrase within your meets MIKE I've heard that's a brace. What is not it's not hanging on it. Mr in any kids bedroom anywhere like I don't go to bed and I like it's, an annual gone from living. My means
The irony inside that is the best way to actually ultimately expand your means overtime, your means yet greater and greater is to do exactly that, like that, that's the trick to it is, is the the This satisfaction of the reality is something people overlook and the the the unfunded part of that which is the sobering peace that you just mentioned is that it can actually lead people down a path to do. exactly what you just said, which which almost seems not possible, except for the fact that these that he specifically live. That in a way, is what are we doing here What are we doing? What are we spending to a comment we accomplishing by, do that's what wasn't just the national exhaustion it was the national exertion with nothing to show for it. in the scale of that, which is what is it also seen as opposed to
hey: why don't we operate within our means here? What do we do that and if you fast forward, yet. If there was a kid that had a poster on a wall that certainly within your means- and for their saving in their putting together, and you look at them in twenty years and there are no way better position than centre about was like you know,. You: need the Landau, whatever right, they're gonna end up in debt, they can invest properly and that they have to work job that they don't really like in its a job at a dead end, and all these things at up? You said something about you, Bein, a NBA basketball player. I would say on record on a separation or de motivational post, say neighbour, that's unrealistic. Our Are you there and I think Actually, it is on her way as forest. Factually
it is unrealistic. I don't know that I would tell a high school kid that, when he's really into basketball off out, I would say that like he'd, be unrealistic in certain ways like if the under certain circumstances whatever, but given like how you consider it most people how they get into like professional sports. Whenever they work hard, there really love the sport. You know they go through trousers. Relations, whatever they end up, making it kind of a thing. So, if you get someone That's kind in the beginning of that type. A path broke where that path is not straight. Blocked off, for whatever reason it would be. In your case, I wouldn't really said as unrealistic. The boy Is there a really cases where its unrealistic? So if you tried to, be an mba player hired the best coach in the world. I get it. You wind up, exhausted what you're recess it is true, as you have just my my end.
You might want to make sure that your kid who you dont want to stifle that dream. You might want to make sure that they're not putting all the eggs in that one basket to like hey, listen, go for but you're not gonna drop out of school, you you're, not gonna, stop doing this, and this will be the ultimate meme of focus on your goals. Block out every distraction, so I'm done with school schools school stupid, going to help me begin by being MBA player. Meanwhile, Five, six done growing you're not get a shy, but you ve got this. This passion you might want to keep it it on the track of a coup. I'm not here to crush dreams. However comma, let's go there's some other things. Adjured doing it actually should never have a plan b not fully committed outlined. In his right hand, the Ngos not committed to plant ever inspirational me Gloria promoted, actually addresses some of this here go back
look failing a fair prospect of such a victory, so the end must be adjusted to means failing a fair prospect of such a victory. Why statesmanship will miss no opportunity for negotiating peace, peace stalemate based on a code student recognition by east, Of the opponent, strength is at least preferable to peace through common exhaustion and his and provided a better foundation for lasting peace. It is wiser to run risks of war for the sake of pervert, preserving peace than to risk run the risk of exhaustion in war for the sake of finishing with victory. A conclude, in that runs counter to custom, but his ported by experience, so it's it's better to live maybe we don't have war, and we just cannot maintain peace with colonel? What I've got.
that's a better deal than you know what we're gonna going: we're gonna exhaust ourselves and hope for some kind of a victory, perseverance in war is only the viable? If there is a good chance of a good end, the prospect of a p that will balance the sum of human misery incurred in the struggle. Each one of these statements, Davy just shake your head, knowing where it came from. That's one thing Is every one of these has is what he, what this comes from, just how savage that experience had open for him. Indeed deepening the study of past experience leads to the conclusion that nations might often have come nearer to their object by taking advantage of a low in the struggle to discuss a settlement than by pursuing the war with the aim of victory history. So look you gotta look for those opportunities
We all know La Hague. Are we gonna keep going with us? You oughta maybe stand down three reveals also that in many cases a beneficial peace could have been obtained. If the statesmen of the warning nations had shown more understanding of the elements of psychology in their peace feelers the peace viewers out there like way. What what let me sense about what's happening here and p, we have good understanding of their pay, they don't recognize their peace feelers there. Two is commonly be been too. tis to that, Seen in the typical domestic calling rights, no gonna fight with our if each party's afraid to appear yielding with the rest, that when one of them shows any inclination towards could conciliation, this is usually expressed in language, that is, to stiff.
while the other is apt to be slow to respond partly from pride or or obstinacy, and partly from a tendency to interpret such a gesture is a sign of weakness when it may be a sign of returning to common sense, classic right, like an apology, it is late. You're, sorry guys, don't look weak. ass, the fable moment of passes and the conflict continues to the common damage. We are killing ourselves over something that we could easily Look, I'm sorry! It's. My fault rarely does a continuation serve any good purpose where the two parts, are bound to go on living under the same roof. This plies even more to modern war than to dip domestic conflict. Since then, Asked relaxation of nations has made their fortunes inseparable, responsibility of statesmanship, never to lose sight of the Post war prospect in chasing
the mirage of victory. Where to where the two sides are two evenly matched to offer reasonable chance of early success to either the statesmen is wise. Who can learn something from the psychology of strategy. It is the elementary principle of strategy that, if you find your opponent in a strong position, costly to force, you should leave him in a line of retreat. As the quickest way of loosening his resistance get personal way out Should equally be the principal policies, pressing order, provide your opponent with a ladder by which he can climb down people way out. give your wife away out in that argument, give Subordinate away out in that argument, your boss, a way out they come dig in don't make em fight to the death.
The question may arise as to whether such conclusions based on the history of war between so called civilised states, apply to the conditions inherent in renewal of the type of purely predatory war that was waged by barbarian assailants of the roman empire, Or they mixed religious and predatory war that pursued by the fanatical followers of Mohammed such wars any negotiated peace tends to have in itself Even less than the normal value, it is only too clear from the history that states rarely keep the fur with each other save in so far and so long as their promises scene to them to combine with their interests. That's a good thing to note right, I'm not going to keep any promises if they're not for my benefit, that's what ST tells us, and now we're so now we're talking about
extremists weathers the barbarians, attacking the Romans or. These lamas attacking the West back in the day But the less that a nation has regard for moral obligations, the more it tends to respect physical strength, the deterrent power of a forced to long to be challenged the beauty, so you got someone, that's not gonna veto. You make peace with them, but you dont trust and guess what you better be strong people that don't people are dying spect the moral obligation they respect, strength. in the same way with individuals. It is a matter of common experience at the bully type in the robber type hesitate to assail. Anyone who approaches are our strength check the onto the bully taken on the big. That guy with cauliflower ears
It is folly to imagine that the aggressive types, whether individuals or nations, can be bought off or in modern language appeased. Since the payment of dangle simulates stimulates a demand for more dangled birthday? yelled. You asked its Viking. Protection money. I hate you. I need some Danielle. If you got to pay me a little bit of you know little bit of something from, and what does that do makes me want more o the Viking the day, I ask you: why only some protection money from you, you know you can you can work this quarter, but you know give me my cut. What does that make me want more cut, so you can't buy em off, but can be curbed. There very belief in force makes them more susceptible to the deterrent effect of a formidable opposing force,
This forms an adequate check except against pure fanaticism of fanaticism. That is unmixed, so you get you're fanaticism. It doesn't matter from your kill. You were not you're gonna come while it is hard to make real peace with the predatory. Types is easier to induce them to accept the state of truth and far less exhausting than an attempt to crush them, whereby they are like all types of mankind infused with the courage of desperation, so we have to be strong. You have to be strong, and you look if you're stronger than these predatory fanatics, It doesn't necessarily mean you want to go to war with, because they're gonna tried fight desperately, but if you're strong- and you can keep in check- that sort of a good balance of power that acceptable.
around anymore more you ve got on this, but I'm just I'm thinking of. All the things he describing or all the best Here and the reaction, the action in the reaction. It's all human nature it's all. This is how this is how they will respond to this and. Neither repetitiveness, and it keeps coming back to the idea that if this is not a war, is not a sample size of one. Is it one thing that happened, history and, I think, that's the power of idea of human nature. This is how people will react. This is how people are responding to view understood in human nature mean that to us is, is. Is the foundation of leadership is a human nature, endeavour, understanding how people will react. in any time. We behave in the extremes there be a reaction to that due to us operating in the extreme
there will be a natural human reaction to some other extreme and is it ok you want to subdue human nature, be moderate limit, the natural reaction. I have a little bit of something of the atom summer, but just listening to all the senior saying is a human nature, human nature, human nature, human nature and the response be balance. Be boundaries bounced binds the b to be in the middle, to limit to to minimize the reaction that you're going to get total war Who are you and guess what you got a lot of uncertainty and it's gonna last for twenty years, and in? Is that really what you want or could you maybe operate with some restraint? Understand that we are really trying to do is not beat them. What you're trying to do is create a piece for a couple of decades may being, could you could you of the long game? Here again, that's probably on a poster somewhere. He don't
in recruiting the marine corps without one hears little, maybe a little warning for. The experience of history, brings ample evidence that the downfall of civilized states tends to come not from the direct assaults of foes, but from internal decay, combined with the consequences of exhaustion war yeah, that's a little warning. A state of suspense is trying and and Usage of the word suspense, there is like mental indecision. A state of suspense or mental indecision is trying. Is often lead nations as well as individuals to come. it's suicide because they were unable to bear it.
Suspense is better than to reach, Question in pursuit of the Mirage of victory. That's a bold statement, Oh indecision can be so bad. This this existence of indecision can be so bad that you destroy yourself. You can kill yourself, you want to kill yourself, but that's actually better than to just exhaust yourself completely in pursuit of a of a victory that can't be had. What can you know counter intuitive about that is you know this idea that humans, we need a goal. We need something to go towards right vehicle when he's out when we want something we want to struggle? We want to fight You would he say here, as I now think twice about that one. What's think twice about that. One.
And I think it's probably because he understands what the true exhaustion of a state looks like on a scale that most people can comprehend the end. he said this before our find out and read it: the Mirage of victory, The Mirage, what you are seeing, this goal, you're working towards its actually not a thing, it's on a real thing. It's a mirage and convince yourself vicar for me, as I defeat Jocker, that's three and I am going to move towards that until it happens, that's actually not a real things, not really real, not everything you'll end up with his an insurgency gosh, you know in every area, or you or your rule. Over the baron wasteland that I left right, Ma over a truce Actual hostilities enables a recovery and development of strength
while the need for vigilance keeps a nation on its toes, so we're looking for tourists doc, a peaceful nations are apt, however, to court unnecessary danger, because when once aroused they are, were inclined to proceed to extremes. Then predatory nations, interesting right! This is like the guy that sort of quiet keeping to himself. But when you tell em off, you know the knave freaking hell, that's a technical definition as well for the ladder making war as a means of game are usually more ready to call it off when they find an opponent to stronger to easily overcome, and this is- the last point for this book that we're gonna talk about. It is the reluctant
later impelled by emotion and not by calculation, who tends to press a fight to the bitter end, thereby he too often defeats his own end, even He does not produce his own direct defeat for the spear of barbarism can be weakened only during a cessation of hostilities. War strengthens it pouring fuel on the flames. So, by attacking people by attacking this, the barber, the barbarians we attack them, we make them stronger. We make them fight harder. War makes them stronger, makes them fight maxim, resist Port fuel in the flames we
only weaken them by by backing off a little bit again. Can this is not the recruit poster it's an old counter, intuitive it's also a gown or due to them Two reaction of push harder b, or dominant to get to get the outcome that you want. So love were wearing for the truce we're here for the compromise that is its so called on you to do what we what we preach, what we want, which is to total VIC I like total victory. That sounds good. It's a mirage you're, just never compromise, yeah. You know no compromise. That's that's another great inspirational me because it's none that say hey it's really. Compromise, oftentimes and gonna take what you can get and work out a good deal. You know that's fair hair
yeah some inspirational mean people are gonna, be mad at us it's crazy? Is I mean you ve, probably you know open up this political freedom field manual or pull out. Some like this, I got all kinds often there getting crazy right, sir, you make me crack it open. It certainly is a Norman Guilty as charged kind of wanting to well the good thing about book is that it's not that it's not like you ve done a good job, whether it be in the itself or compromise at eight. Thirty, two despotic was freedom field manual when with other people and dynamic of the sea. This is kind of cool here's. What it says. This is just first thing opened up to when working with other p and dynamic situations in relationships and deals. A person, especially leader, must compromise ff.
in the common ground, between teams, merging different approaches to the same problem bridge personalities with people who might get along region grievance in courses of action. All of the require compromise and in any cases of failure, compromise is a failure to succeed. I guess maybe I'm wrong. I mean. Maybe I'm wrong about me. Writing stuff. That's inspirational, meme, but those are external compromises with other people other humans at have their own personalities and ethos and issues. A compromise is needed to unify so work with them comparable sort of work with them. Compromises must now, with yourself I admit I waited, but internally, it's different with myself have to hold the why there areas within myself, where I cannot compromise. I'm gonna work hard on going to train hard Horridum go to improve myself, not going to rest on my laurels.
We need to confront my own mistakes, I'm going to all my mistakes and confront them. I'm going to face demons. I'm not gonna, give up or give out or give in I'm going to stand. I'm going to maintain my self discipline and on those points there will be no compromise not now not ever wow experience, Thirdly, we might go me on that, one If you go from the headlines of the conclusion there and skip the content of the middle words, his compromise not now not ever have you got a little clause within issue here where your design was like. I didn't quite red the context, but I saw the page said compromise. You not ended. It said not now not ever. I think. If we go through this book, here's one called fight down, swing and I'll. Tell you if you fight with all you have more often than not, you won't go down at all. You will win, but you have to make that attitude. Port
Your everyday life. Do the extra repetition run the extra mile go, the extra around make the right choices. Give full measure I'm in the game inspirational mean game here you are both gonna say is like yeah yeah. To do that, but the good thing about having a whole book and a whole pod gas- million other books or whatever you can explain the whole situation rather than just have the one post something I mean like that, the the! higher book is predicated. Think the opening salvo you have is this is about you and you say I am nothing but weakness. I am nothing but Far as I am nothing but these things so this is this is the this is what you, are with yourself with self discipline as opposed to how and when a treat there are people around Yes, this is aimed internally totally
in the literal sense, and would that fight is against means, even in the video that we show it at them ass. I am nothing but weakness. And I made a fight against that weakness- that compromise always think that made my mind is telling me to do to myself witches. I think. Also you can learn that, like the deepest twin between impose discipline and self discipline imposed, discipline does not work and self disciplined us. It hasn't was that. and, as we impose ourselves on other people in war, in leadership in parenting and insert any human interaction here, and another human. When you and your discipline when you impose yourself on them in the end, you will lose but much more efficient to impose your way faster. So there we go that's the cover for this book. I've kind
guess foreshadowed some of the other things will do in the future and one of those things if you can make. If you can take these lessons these lessons written in blood, not just in one more but in war after war, after war and the exclamation point of a world war, one you can learn a lot, then you can apply this and we know that it's not as striking who we know it's not as sexy. We know it's not as mean worthy as some of the more direct approaches. We know that, but this is to give the original name. This is
to win wars with that speaking, a winning wars, ECHO Charles. We want to win the war on our self. We do you hear that you when you say win war is right. When war is you don't tat at this one that one of the tick ways that I think a dying? That's something good to remember where, when you think about fair in winning the war, you don't think about the peace that afterwards you don't like the aftermath, so I grew up on. Quite so, the thing about choir is like you get in fight with someone and you dont resolve it in a peaceful way. I don't care how I don't care fits hey, we don't like each other for no good reason and we ve just fight him like ok, we're cool. We fighting we're done. If you don't you evidence on peaceful way. You gotta do somebody's cousin, somebody's brother, somebody's gonna, who
our neighbour whose just down for the cause of whatever and you're gonna, see you again to that's the thing you go to the store, he's gonna, be there like next week or whatever you know, so it's kind of who sings worth kind in the back your mind, if I'm going to fight this guy, did I sorta got to deal with that contend with that long? That long game you know a third ology to get that resolved post fight, I think so I mean I've. All the fights I've ever been in have never been like lasting, like he'd, be like a fight and then we're friends afterwards. But I was a kid, so I have very little on ahead little understanding of that. But no less. A point is where some when we think of warfare we think of or defeat crusher enemies haven't driven before you seem say, and we think about the way you know you got your neighbour is freakin dog. Whatever is barking. Is trees growing over your fancy? You can you guess warring years so regularly to do that.
Live next to that guy, when you go to the post office you go to your car museum, getting in his car to you, like all its greater whenever you like bring you have to do it like that. Are you really going to achieve the peace that you hoped for by beating this do not ass right now yet What are the chances? Are you not really? Do you think a little bit chances? Are you not thinking? I'm gonna go the distance right now come on, I'm ready to go, I'm ready go all in all fight. Every cousin, you brother Cisterna. I dont care like, but that- we can end up there
Why are we want an unfair? That's a common thinks we should link with the neighbors would have ominous tell em all it's usually that kind Wermin tell em off, I'm not gonna, take that from him or her whatever and meanwhile ten twenty thirty years, you're working with this neighbour right next door by the way the feud view, yet that's the its total to common thing. You know when all you gotta do is be like hey, like make a peaceful discourse. Negus can live neighbour simply prefer. But anyway, yes or point is like thinking about that aftermath, or considering that thing you know, do like if you rose somebody Jujitsu fight dirty cause, you want to win. Did you not do this afternoon? You done rolling. You tap amount, Haliae ones, talking about you earlier you dirty noble. Your specks knew nobody likes. You in the community through gotta, be careful Arkansas so how can we? You know we the war
that we're all fighting kind of on an individual basis data day with, unmitigated, daily discipline in off their like it. I like it so when I say, Billy discipline, I mean the energy drink so as healthy for you, and it gives you the pay off- that you'd expect from an energy drink circumstances, good news for us in the west, on this path. They were all on. We need some supplement We could benefit from supplement Asian, so we got Jacko fuel to the rescue sense, get energy for you healthy good, short term and long term with our protein additional protein taste. Real good. We got dessert basically deserve that's good for you good short term, good long term. The aftermath of the mark of the protein, the dessert screwed up from the peace, peaceful truth seems to be very peaceful to ESA. Also, when you joints act up when you immunity acts up, we got some
for that. I haven't you, don't let your joint act up? How do we get into continual state of peace. With our joint, like a thousand idea that you used to wait, we have joints to act up as a bad call, how's about to say, pre emptive strike under joint major like here, but a cooperative when you know you're goin down like the oh yeah right rather unlike pre emptive strike here, yes, you're doin, more rattoon without on Marine Corps, recording fur poster it isn t it is called joint warfare, amaze, gualtieri warfare, noble principles or whatever your pre emptive strike on joint issue. So monsieur you beat him down them into submission and, yes, the inflammation into submission with joy and warfare, don't wait until you have joint issues, that's a dumb call, that's what go Charles just told you to do hope
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if you feel the regret what you have done or what you have now, a lot more regret on which you have not think so. Do see. Somebody representing and assure really that's cool, a picnic. Those up. Would you can't it's true? That's what the field is telling me is for a seed that go so I will turn now to feel like this. You anyway, like I, said, Jacko Store Dakar. That's we can get this Costa speaking of course stuff. If you want there because echoes to think that you haven't subscribe to it yet because you ve been listening to two hundred and eighty five episodes, two hundred eighty seven episodes. That's where Europe like no one, maybe tonight's, the night get out Obama. We without my Iphone adjusts hit subscribers Macular Subscribe, pardon button button. Do it's going
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you're salty? But I'm that's not what I'm saying the reason you feel what I think that you're feeling right now about that is because it's like it's super obvious like what they're doing they want to like they that entails for the algorithm right the morning they want engagement. Obviously they won the comments on the likes you wanna, because that's for the Algorithms Lincoln rate their video higher silicon when it- and you will know that we know that we're not demanded that really Colorado here, nor were the oh. I think we were. You are mad. Couldn't quote at the part where they try to like fake, like that's not it, they try to fake. Like all you, no always do you know you here you're talking to each other. We Europeans almost kind of a feeling in your like by you'd, want to know you don't want to know what I think you know what that's what it feels like. I carried the guy's mine sought an off you know not, but the thought feels that's why I feel it too. Well, I'm I dont say in the videos like comment
When I read the garments because their funny their funding and good and some are more interesting stuff, I've got some good ships on books to govern stuff from Youtube comments. Literally, that's kind of crazy right, so I'll read the com. Because their interesting you're funny yeah you two comments kind. I have a reputation womankind of straight up. You two comments have read the stigma of being like assess, pool of just like unreasonable negativity, but I think, usually with our stuff, it's that they can be constructive. Most bitter I'm down So if you want to leave a comment, leave a comment like subscribe smash, Emu idea is we don't need to channel gonna? Look at that ordinary go. Also. Psychological offer is an album that joggled did. I recorded back in the day for the of the other. We are very high
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where's that soon training alone, you listening to this. So final spin novel book palm transcript. What do you think all the texts text? A text literature, literature, if you want that first, the dish we should strategy and tactics, the evaluation of Protocol, despite whose freedom field Manual read a little bit of that today we the work at one two and three for your kids for your neighbors kids. Just for record that you know get him on the path when their young making the dragons about face by hack worth which I wrote the forward to extreme given the dichotomy leadership echelon front, what do you do it? on front. If we solve your butt Leadership knows what we do. Our problems that aren't leadership problems if I've said at once, etc the thousand times all your problems or leadership problems. I stole that. Would you do it some
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all of the uniformed personnel out there in the military who take the strategies and put them into action to protect our way of life. Thank you for what you do to our police and law enforcement. Firefighters, paramedics, empties, dispatchers, correctional officers, bore Patrol secret service in all first responders. Thank you for protecting our way of life here at home, and everyone else out there remember that Napoleon the great military leader. Poland Bonaparte remember He pursued his vision, a piece for twenty years of war and ended up defeated and in exile. Don't do that? Don't do that think strategic.
Adjust your ends to your means, make sure you can actually win that you can see that pathway to victory, make sure you can see all those pathways plural to victory and then start down that path, then give it everything you got that until next time this is Dave and ECHO and Jocko out.
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