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289: When The Call Comes, It's Time To GO. Seawolf Pilots, John Farr and Carl Nelson

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This is Jacko Podcast, number, two, eighty, nine the seals from Zulu Platoon, inserted into a rice patty near where they had taken fire Nelson Huey are you one. Bravo: gunship com, stay right turn at eighty feet above the ground to cover them pretended do Your grade, Carl Nelson, a fire team leader at hand all three detachment, one commanded to see Wolf gunships during Zulus last mission. Already had flown more than six hundred combat missions, his co pilot, Lieutenant Junior Aid. Earl, shout controlled, I am one thirty four many guns. petty officers, Michael Dobson and Tom clave on fire the left and right, respectively, M sixty machine guns from the doors lieutenant Junior grade, Edward Dire, would pilot the we? U H, one lemme, see Lord transport. That would in
and later extract. Zulu Zulu from a very hot landing zone, should worked the Elsie's edge with as many guns while Dobson and Clive Craven fired their M sixties, hills, patrolled northeast and then east on a dyke separating to rice, patties and then move north to one perpendicular to the first as they advanced. The enemy began, firing from well concealed and dug in positions on a dyke with heavy vegetation, the sea, was an Nelson's gunship immediately return fire as the patrol continued closer towards the tree line. The seals took Accurate withering fire from both sides of the Dyke point Men Roland fell through the groin. He was hit again, as he crawled for cover seconds later, tell was shot in both legs.
Both seals managed to return fire despite their wounds, but the severity of their injuries in the immediate necessity to extract them soon took them out of action. lieutenant J G Richards immediately radioed Nelson for fire support as he and Lawrence advanced under fire to assist the too seriously wounded seals. Christened vote By his fellow seals, lieutenant J G Tom Richards was well liked and respected, and he enjoyed a reputation as a highly capable operator. he was a native of bright waters, New York and a gradual of base your high school, where he wrestled and played football, going graduation. He attended villain over university on an navy decent, see, scholarship. There lifted, waited routinely bench press four hundred pounds. He was commissioned an ensign in the Naval Reserve in nineteen sixty nine. As lieutenant
Gee Richards dragged Roland Cover, one passed through Richards right hand, hating the stone or machine guns, pistol, grip. Nevertheless, Lawrence Hedge and food trail Return Fire Richards, Can you to expose themselves to enemy fired, dragged the wounded to cover when automatic weapons man food trail which shot in the chest he cried out. I'm hit, I'm hit. Returning Gigi Richards Sensing, the rising panic and fruit trails voice suspected the man was going into shock to distract m. Richards ordered through trail to shut up and return fire Who draw briefly did so? It is M sixty and did not go into shock. Has patrol became semiconscious? Richard pulled him back as well.
When Lawrence and hedge ran out of ammunition minutes later, Richards pass them the linked five five six ammo for his now inoperable stoner machine Gun the squad regroup, behind a dyke and Richards urge the seals to keep pouring fire into the enemy, as he radioed for emergency extraction. As the battle raged extraction became imperative, including himself Richard four wounded men. Free of critical, for And a J G, Nelson and the sea wolves. There was no hesitation, he said quote my crew knew that leaving anyone behind was not an option. We Nelson saw Richards dragging the wounded seals to cover. He alerted die to get ready for extraction and descended to cover it from an hour the tune of about fifty to seventy feet?.
from the ground lords and hedge provided, covering fire with theirs donors, Nelson gunship hid the enemy with devastating rocket and many gunfire, while dire urgently search for the seals, exact location on a second pass your spotted them huddled next to a dyke and came in hot bleeding airspeed during his approach as the slick hovered skids wet in the rice, Patty Richards drag each of the three wounded seals in turn over the dyke, then, through the rice Patty to the helicopter, lifting each aboard with his one good hand. Richards later wrote With one hand, it was probably my heaviest lift. I ever made best. One to end Fire intensified during the look bloating Lawrence. still providing covering fire was about to climb a board when dire began, to pull pitch for lift off his enemy rounds, hit the fuselage Lawrence
rob the slick skid and held on for dear life until the hawk reached down with his uninjured hand and hauled Lawrence aboard. having flow more than six hundred combat missions with scores of those flights, indirect support of two seal teams. Nelson vividly remembered the scene unfolding below his gunship as the pull tune struggled to survive. Recalls quote: watching a wounded Tom Richards under intense enemy. Fire drag each of his wounded seals to safety across a series of rice, Patty dikes and load them into the sea. Lord Kilo The most heroic act that I have ever witnessed Richards heroism rates, a we cross at a minimum. He directly saved the lives of his poor too. that's an article four,
the Naval institute. You can and an online, and if you forward from that event which took place in nineteen, seventy one that fast forward about twenty years Ninety ninety one. and I was a new guy. That's your team one and Saturday morning. in the GM, that's your team, one alone, cranking summit- look on the stereo system. It and when I say cranking I mean it was easier, damaging levels of noise because I was young and stupid and then the Hulk the Hulk walked. but he was wearing his Jim clothes and he was there to get to work out. The same. Guy doesn't now who was needed J G. This is now Captain Richards, legendary zeal that you just heard about its now. Twenty years later,. And, of course, I knew who he was. We all knew who he was. He was the hulk. Then you want
The Jim to get his work out on that, so I respectfully walked over to the stereo and turned turned it down. Dial about half way back to bed to a normal. Listening level and as I did, that. the hope, shouted, hey over Adam, he said turn their back up. I said yes, sir, and I did fast forward, another six or seven years. On top of that, and I was walking in two the admiral's office now Admiral Tom Richards the admiral in charge of all the seals, and I was going To interview with him, hoping get a letter of recommendation for selection. So I could get my commission become a seal officer, and he gave me that recommendation and I did end up getting selected, certainly thankful to Admiral Richards for that but
more important on thankful for what he did for America and for the teams and. For me, in the end. And therefore I am also thankful for those how Opera, pilots and crews for getting him and his platoon out of there. And these are the same helicopter crews that wrist there Ives tie. And time again to get the seals out of the worst double situations. These were the legendary, see, wolves the you navy. Helicopter attack squadron three, and this is a unit Is the most highly decorated naval aviation unit, did we awarded in Vietnam. Five Navy crosses thirty one silver stars to legions of merit to utter
nineteen distinguish. Wine crosses a hundred, fifty six purple hearts a hundred and one Braun stars. A hundred and forty two gallantry caught crosses over sixteen thousand air metals for. thirty nine Navy commendation metals to twenty eight Navy achievement metals. Six presidential you citation citations and too meritorious unit commendations and we have. The honour of having a sea wolf pilot on this podcast once before. Dennis rally talk ass, one fifty three, If you haven't listen that go and check it out, but it is an honour to have two more see: Wolf. Pilots with us, John and Karl melt. Nelson, Carl Nelson. You just heard we read about hoop I did cover fire Wall Zoo, Platoon extracted a serious gunfight are
relationship in the seal teams. with the sea. Wolves in Vietnam will Ever be forgotten, and therefore it is an honour to have you two gentlemen with me here tonight. Thank you. Thank you for coming. Maybe so I know No, I could sit here. Just listen. You guys tell stories about Vietnam for the entire time, which is which we will get to, but start off a little bit? Let's start a little bit about where you guys came from and how, grew up. Just as we have some background. What are you John, you want to start enjoy you're the reason you're. What's yours on connected us right. Yes, Eric my son, he was oneness Marine and his big into jitsu. So you'd love this, for he does quite a bit of that, but there is one that Sir the military wealth. Thanks to him thanks Eric for for linking us up in and out behavior, so where'd you guys grub drawing up in the Chicago area, nor the Chicago went to
School learn: I went to a small college in Indiana Saint Joseph College, which is in regular about half way between Notre Dame and produce and my senior year there was a Navy recruiter came down looking for requests for the Navy viper. Graham, I actually somewhat years is this. This would have been nineteen sixty eight so Vietnam has fallen. Yes, yes and And that was here they had the lottery for the draft and I got the paper. I started at three hundred and sixty five looking for my number, that's what she sent message so I started,
We went through it again, as they don't have. My number in her foot paper over the first number, predictably was may eighth. The second number picked was April twenty fourth, which is my birthday, so there's no doubt where I was and the same time I was looking for a job, your graduating from college and everything in one of the first questions asked his were what you're dressed ass. I said what to say why and most people say well which come back at your service. And then I interviewed with pearls corporation. They never asked the question and I never provide the information. I got hired so high baby girls graduated start working with them and meantime I passes fight exam down in college and if so, when are you need to go up the Glenview for an interview and physical, and I lived probably twenty minutes from Glenview nor to Chicago so S, verses grace I went
glenview my mean real reason. For going up. There was on Saturday night I go down to rush street for the night and it said his back home. So I did that went through the physical and everything went fine. I didn't hear anything for lunch got to take, through the process, and then I started working at boroughs and what kind of company was borough spurs? Was a computer company so calculators machines at a time and but our work- and we also say computer company in nineteen sixty eight a little bit of a stretch right well, Willie Calculators, animal choosing what they did become, one of the larger computing urgent appeal against IBM. In fact, later in my career, I had sold the largest computer that boroughs made at the time to the universe is cargo medical centres just before they merged with Spirit got it, but that's throughout the track. So anyway, I started working.
Then I got a notice from the army to come in from my army induction Physical bought a week after that I got a call from the Navy. Think congratulations! You been selected for the Navy's flight programme and this is why just job. I can't do this. Guy says son you're in the Navy, women which, like what's a later stage and it was at home- or I think I told her a kid- I says: ok I'll, take them so now I gotta go in and tell my boss, go in the Navy, So I went in early one morning ass. He was always in early and set down talk terms his jaw and went through this programme, and I ve been selected for the Navy Fly programme. As it turned out, he wasn't a marine fighter. Pilot Dern will work to Missus hey. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You can't set up. Brill's always be here, so I would the summer with them. In the end, they all party for me had this big Kate there too much.
Letter planes added and gave me a candidate, a nail clipper kid that I have to this day, and that's how I ended up in the Navy, when you were when you grow up, so you were gonna high school in the early nineteenth sixties, yes, a graduate of sixty three from sounds like you were pretty Had a plan rare you wanted a job you gonna have to you. You knew what you you knew that you were going to move forward in a positive way? Yes, very much so well in my my father was was in a corporate world and business and is a side story was actually Eisenhower's personal mess Arjun all during World WAR Ii, he went over his patents. Mess sergeant Eisenhower, find out about him him. On his cell
and so he was with him for four years and I must tell a story finally, guy. No, no wonder either some conflict between eyes now and Patty took his best, freaking color and so in. Finally, before my I passed away. We got and write his memoirs just for the family and Carla. Many of our friends have read it and in there one point he was coming back to the states, and so he has people on the staff you like to come back to the states, because all his citizens and eyes now was coming out of the eight to me with Roosevelt garbage just like a week or so. Of course, all his rooms are top secret. We wrote a letter to my mother and says Nemea DC at this hotel on our continent. We came back in course, nine months later, I am, of course my mother lived and Elmira New York Natural. I was born Of course, nobody knew my dad had been home
talk over the ban anyway, Eisenhower bought me a war back and at some point, did cash daddy and I wish it had kept. It can really work. Today, but I do have the letter signed by. Eisenhower authorized in app purchases at war by when I was born I'll get into, but my dad served on his staff for about four and a half years. I was proud of your old before I rip some Iphone But he thinks the world of Eisenhower and says: he's never saw eyes are do anything new challenges. Integrity is honesty, steers reputation. Impressive, you don't hear that very much anymore. These NASA we could use Eisenhower. They know it's all right. Carve Where the hell did you come from. I was born a poor black child. Shelly
I believe it or not. I was born and reared in their Panhandle of Texas between Memphis and Turkey, Texas and Hall County there's a little spot of dirt, and that's where I was and Maggie induced number three child, and I was the first Nelson mailed graduated from high school songwriting I thought I was a flip. Ingenious get emotional everything right. So what would your parents do for work? They were children of sharecroppers and sharecroppers themselves. We didn't own anything birth rate, Catalan, Euro cash crop, which I was gonna, kick the term cash when the remaining money on it and that was cotton hand army people that you know I'm sure that drug cotton sack five, six, seven and eight nine years old, every fall are who started early like an
let out for a month in September October, whenever the cotton was rated harvests and of course, we needed all the family to pick the gotten because there's wasn't enough labour and so Dragon cotton I was in a course re goin wages. Those days was when you paid somebody no wasn't often was it. dollar. One hundred Benny abound for picking cotton and my dad picked a thousand pounds. One day day Mostar regardless, like two hundred but little so that's my routes we moved Oregon when I was in great schooling and It was a great relief getting away from that. Damn cotton but The downside was I'm chopping cut
Would you know the old story goes. I was fifteen, for I knew my name wasn't give would I have to get through it all the time and, of course, being up very the family I carried water. Do we didn't have a well? We had to get water from couple mile Ways- one Karen Water and sounds like a lot of racial outer stories. My gives yonner rolled her eyes averting, but I'm really proud of my room. India is interesting. I might goal was to high school football coach. First of all, I thought I was gonna, be a professional asking was sure I was gonna, being Anna Fellows Middle Age bracket. Well, your drafted, but the real world was there was, What's going on, I had just got married And I thought you know what a younger brother new Army in Vietnam is nineteen. Sixty six when I
and you have to John I'm surprised by the really here. I was very pressure that time Richard Finish High school, and John far. Thus breaking news on the same programme, eugenic Joshua factor. I got a dream job. I thought if I know, if I don't I'll, do the try out in San Diego Would you try out if, if. I don't get a real job that I really first class job. I want a first assistant job in high school and a large high school and and already. Then I got that job, so I daddy got again and then I had to guilt setting in all your long and my brothers pills. Having he's going for other during the unarmed, so, I resign. My eye was to be they had football coach of spring from high school. The following fall
and it was like April may- and I guess I couldn't do- that- resign- that job I went to my department had doktor boys be in chemistry in high school, my Kim she departed, there was a guy named John Vote in John, was unable aviator, isn't what it can do in us, as I think I'll, probably join the Marine corps. I don't know no don't do that for so soon Point Mailer station was opened in those days up in Seattle. Washington he's come with me to reserve weekend in an hour Fly and with him and then we hung on the old club and I was on the stage dancing with some. polynesian. Ladies, I thought I could do this. I could do this job, so I took the test and then the interview and- and I was in class- three thousand two hundred and sixty eight and the fall of sixty eight and Pensacola
any real. She glass and John. You were thirty. Thirty, six weeks later, ok I'll kettle Three go. So did you guys meet each other? But after that, when you got into actual aviation training programme, I met in Vietnam. Yeah we're friends, or he was always enough far enough behind me that I didn't really gets annoyed only three months, but you know if you go through his pretty intensive training and. not a big social azure nor Regina, don't thinkin. We worked pretty hard in so I really no John in Vietnam Minafer ACT. I think we, can a lot, but today, my logbooks somewhere in the bottom of storage and Sanger California, but I think we flew together probably a couple dozen times so here and he was my ears. We called it today. We called it a Clarence punkin calls out at sea.
Canada is my Clarence pumpkin, so damn Goodman by the way. I don't want to make you feel good about himself today, buddy, you know it. critical every job in a complex acquittal thing combat or not, but yet we are gone and all sums being switches and Position and when you roll in, but me hard. That means we know and to do with interval amateur whether winner flyer, pirate far Para to bear and an eye on things go about besides operate in the many gowns or whatever else she does John was excellent, linen and having to go by? knows what he's doing more than once? I've? U have to play with caution, you, probably Abdul John user women say don't touch. I dance, then don't touch anything No, when I want you to do something, but John was not gonna get. You said he was, he was in a moment. He was a good guy. So what did you guys figure out?
get assigned helicopters as opposed to whatever else the Navy has to offer. Is that happening at fight school at the end of my school? Here we go to fight school and you go through primary training, which is playing a key thirty four day vans training which find eighty twenty eight it's after that you have done. Your carrier remained engineer, issue flying information flows by debt either go multi engines, judge or heels in my situation, my class needn't needle pilots, Vietnam, so they took my whole classes. Are you guys go and he lost and for me it didn't wasn't burning desire for one or the other idea where some people at wanted multi engine cuz he wanted to go with the airlines. Are people wanted to go jets because she wanted to go jets, and I told the guy says why I like to play the big transfer
and he said with Asia. Join the earth so go on with heels, was fine with me got through the programme glad I did think flying and health for use, probably last about war to type fly as long as your bought the plane back in one piece, they really do here you are what you did was another they're worth there are rules imply rules, but the other job is to get the mission done, and that was the main thing whatever took to get the mission done. That's what you need to do I was in flight school. In my I had my flag used for my primary flatly structure was gaining, I'll say Dave Johnny, Henkle, Johnny's retired in Florida. Another dated thank Madam, talked him since nineteen sixty nine his eye on this, eve of male listed. You get comes in with addresses numbers as in her ankle. At the same guy back. I call him up A lady answers, Yvonne, who missed
calling I Sir John Carl Nelson calling like he knows like he remembered forty two years ago, heads up more than that. Fifty two years ago, I'm sorry, sir. We come to the vote. Cautiously like I'm, not buy anything done hello, Johnny ices who's calling you didn't admit to anything. Well, I guess I should hate. I'm a flight New York from February of nineteen sixty nine sharply field to thirty four. He says he's really, I'm sure you remember me should actually I don't know that I know you don't but here's what he did I'd I'd was where it- and I thought I was gonna fly just because I join I left my teaching coaching job, I'm when new military, because I wanted to serve where my brother were serving. and he was serving actually back up the clock,
I, when I got into offshore, can school he was serving. Sadly, he was killed, action on November. Twenty two nineteen sixty eight, so twenty two you're all young man, second Door infantry point with industry, and so anyway. I was in a hurry to get there. I wouldn't trying to get. Even that was my go on. You want a servant and I want to to Vietnam, and I thought just was only where they get there. I knew I couldn't do in the transport I didn't want to fly. May older Saigon, all God bless the male guys, but and so I read about There- was a pool in advance training in Mississippi. I thought- oh, my god out and then Nixon's trends, after the war good law that guy's trying to ruin my plan, so I got I was born, depression. Tat was the poor, the pool. What do you mean? There was a well there were in
flight training. They try to keep moving through quickly there. Yet there are scheduled to get students syllabus every flight from primary to advanced and after advanced after primary, where you go to you, gotTa Meridian, Mississippi the advanced jet train or if you go through to the Ellison first the other. Is the twenty eight flying, whether their preparing your for fixed wing or helicopter? Therefore, for multi engine helicopter- and so- thus for the decision was made after you finish primary and softly field, BT, one they called it the teeth, thirty four meant or so I was new, I'm getting down there for a far more flights to go and I and it would be worth there was a weather hold up or a maintenance hold up whatever and the student were backed up got it, and so we should get intrusion Meridian, which was kind of intermediate training
so again, through meridian and six weeks it might be three four five months curse. Lord. I will never get out of here because after Moody and you gotta go to kings will and evil, and then you get your wings and then you go to a rag, and you know it's a long time. I didn't how much time from a time machine are you fly school till I got my wings, was lemon luncheon nine days I was in a hurry, is eighteen month Programme John withdrew pretty quickly too I was very well that day Pegasus Watch was wrong. You fuel down so I'm way down here said the other got pool and murder I'll, never get. This calculation presents come to stop the work, or am I going to do. This is awful gave up my Greek of and he says what are you doing tonight? I'm study, unsure of wasn't it
coming to my house gave me the address. I go to his house, my wife, and I am just as he's a pretty important guy when your attention and engage wings and everything another wow I'm going to an officer's senior officer. I'll get it there and we have only what we had for dinner. I remember I was just nervous What are we do have a way act try to remember all the term schools that they told us well, he brings a millimeter movies, how three movies- and I went out, my God, where Is that what he told me how a man I will I, I flew out of his House- and I flew all the way through my wings, Ellison and then sweated Elgin, because it might to get my wings they only to slots for health. Three. Can you believe that two sludge-
Buzz Buzz, L, nine buzzy, past great guy, great friend, but Dick puzzle when I got the orders so that the first time you heard of how free for some are health rivers from Henkle at Gee one when he showed me the movies. And didn't. Tell anybody about my secret. I wanted. I want to make a good job Germany leads to anybody so Was a blushing and I'll. Tell you I'm talking too much on gives, but be for John, your butt greatest thing that it probably not out of our planet birth of my two daughters, the greatest thing happened to me because of the mission was incredible and credible guys to fly with and working with she'll teams and with the boats really at that, a mission we were needed and it
not a better mission on earth than that. I thought it was worth when you get assigned to HAL three out of flight school. Where do you go? The first thing we had to do is we had to go to Fort Rucker for three weeks for gunnery training cuz, the Navy didn't have any gunnery training for the Helos Renee think the army had that. So we spent three weeks in Fort Rucker, which is an Alabama, went through gunnery training. Then we had to go through Sears school for escaping the Bay
that's so we went through that and I was interesting and I dont mind and low creek and actually was on the field in the corner, and I remember after that, in your out there for about three or four days coming back. There were on a bus, rain aspect of base after this and they started this hamburger place and I had anything to eat in the upper Threerd day. So when it got a cheeseburger- and I can t said, she's tilt at best a cheeseburger over the, but then we get back, then you got orders. It was actually about six months from the time we finish bicycle before I get to Vietnam, which reached the first August, and I my wings in February to us it got our ways. Yet there was a marine pilot and use fine covers me was actually kill. Him did did how three have any presence in America,
what was their headquarters hear anything so you didn't even you use, that's it you're. kind of on your own working through the system at least graduates commission in decommissioning, Indian yeah yeah. That's that's exactly only that's it. The Arusha recognition dry in combat zone. So there's but there's no presents no headquarters back here. Nothing, So you don't even meet your team until you get to Vietnam to get into a right. I just haven't we, By the way I go back to Louisiana Annual, It occurs and I'll say it airborne. Am I not name to be an, namely, but where my dog, unfortunately, is in prison in an goal and not a good place to be Louisiana life. And while I am on this trip, I got to meet a guy. Ninety two year old, Robert Spencer, retired Navy, captain the first commanding officer of healthcare.
He stood the squadron up, assisted and he's out. If you saw the scramble to see wolves rebuilt he's in there and quite a character and you go to his house and he'll smoke, twenty five cigarettes in an hour, and I was there and drank eight or ten bottles of beer. Writer go right next to his chair actually share great guy Greg. What's the ogre had why Gaza is. Ninety two is very doing very well, but the so my first one the health reason we got to bend to eat and then he has a first part of it. Had these phamflexx just get familiar with the area and one of my first flight. I just don't care about this today that one of my first flight was to voiced a three hole down the debt. Six expand on that score
says where we built our three acts. The three holler was the outhouse. I didn't hear one down that six could just kind of former lab, and so I went there and dropped it often There was a lot of combat mission. by one or my first mission just visited Gaza is all in the Crimea and so one my letter flights were bought a month later was winner we had one of her heels good shot down, and this is a b c language down now near where that six was done by sun and dark, and I was found with a guy who was in the last couple weeks in our three,
what's the time they just doing easy stuff. We got this call. Gila was down, we went in to get the people out by everybody was killed, we were, it was in the kind of a swamp area, we're able to get one of the bodies out and we're at the hall, this time we're taking fire and I was shooting an m16 out of the. I was a copepod, I'm shooting outside you. Finally get the one body get out. Some cobras came and able to get us out. Then they brought in some valve for the black ponies and they through the area than they parabola secured again mountain next day. But when you get back and landed Pablo foot behind where I was sitting, there was a round of five rounds right hang on a study that was my very first combat that you're here Obviously they was a day John they're always September September, fifteenth big major major. Major operation, we lost four.
She walked off from that six. So then, two weeks later, I was assigned to that six was one of the replacement pilots. So is fine first, I take the three older down there than they got this mission, were they last summer, pilots and then I am, I am assigned to debt six, so I would like destined to be there and you said to them, I was again Your pursued, I showed up ass. I brought your three dollar John Mark. Ok come on up, he saw we were there and actually sign in Dhaka blown up. We want to go to their story on the twentieth of October. I got there the I told her and we are more than in the sun and dark was on the river and we had a week
have a perimeter around where the helo pad was, but they had all the barges in that for the swift boats to all the swift boats were down there, big barges with jewel, and everything was about twenty thirty. Yes, couple hundred feet from where the heel pad was, and one nights, It's very distinct sound when you ve got the incoming. So we heard the incoming ran to the bankers and was late early evening now is accurate catch twenty two, but wait till I still am. I still haven't from a little ironic Niagara isn't so there was a little low on the action we ran to the I was on flight status and they ran the he laws. We got airborne and we flew the rest of the night we caught and health. We scrambled that one there were just done: reserve liver. Irwin Kyle. We flew all night long, despondent strike air to strike on backroom review. Finally, in the morning we kind of got it secured
back and landed on the pad and they had come in and ransacked the sharks and everything we want to make sure you didn't see the people are still in the bunker they actually got into the barges and guidance and his boss. got out to sea jerry by, I think, there's only one person was killed. It was on one of the barges but half way through the night. They finally hit the fuel barge. You see the huge fireball come up and you could see it from down where debt one was, which was Thirty clicks away or so and easy navigator look a bit by flight, yeah and then neck. we found out. There was five rackets pointed at the he lost because of your most vulnerable, just as yours turned the lift off and for some reason he messed up. They didn't work, but they didn't go off and we found out afterwards. We were first detachment ever take after in more detail. And make it another record. No doubt.
So then so now restart fuel like you we're gonna black cloud over your head because right now I got round it behind. You represent a good guys. They were killed, cut the first per person there goes on in the first two months three months, and no wonder you didn't finish. Reading catches wonderfully regime realized you're, freaking crazy, but the thing is it with counterattacking modesty other days. As you know, we were there to do a job and do mission. So you never thought about those things. You never thought about the negative we what could happen. You may be years later than we had some close calls and we did, but not and was happening when you're like the Europe. They would see the pilots always so calm, you're always playing there and that's all you're focused on is to fly. The airport with the engines go louder than is aware. They screaming rethink because her focused on doing your job
Just fly the plane safely land. How well did you guys feel you your trained when you showed up their highly trained? I think we were some of the better pilots and cause retrained and done ass, a million times and and planning. It was one more intense and where you're focused on your job, I think the Navy does a great job. I training their pilots, no just doing a carol, and it was a piece of cake that says whatsoever. of course we did it in a beautiful day, calm seas, but we shall probably a thousand approaches, simulated land so get out to sea, and it was not an heard about long oars at night in rough seas, storybook hell three had nine detachments and throughout the MECCA delta, strategically placed
although written cambodian border down to where I was down, Lord Coombe Kemal Peninsula, if you are from a few gotten trouble at night needed a matter back at night or an advanced technical support. Bayesian eighty us be kind of a triangle. They got Constantine all around it and they got yet the time at night. He scrambled fuels and we would, We were all whether pilots, in those days and Mercy Army guys were not all water policy were Vila, be afar data but not all, and most of them, as you say, bye, whether that in good night time, night, Jane and rain, their we'd monsoon season. You could barely see from your face we're flying instruments and all you it will be, but we were all instrument trained and we, heavily instrument trained after we got our through our primary training. twenty eight. We had any more training there. We through another squadron bt. Six
thing but instrument draining, so we go We got transition to the aircraft precision. robotics and then we got over industry didn't instruments again and then was to do if she'll peace feel landing carrier practice for a lot of em before you hit the boat and those days every naval area at her had when John was the carrier qualified not in it or were saving money now so not anymore, and obviously the army's just peered, not even landing on carriers at all, and- and you don't- I mean just regular, maybe the weaker helicopter to do a red to do a resupply at sea in this that decks move in and you gotta do all whether anyways and there's no horizon half the time and everything else, whereas you don't necessarily have to contend with that in some of the other services It was always interesting to me when the Erika package would come down
where I was solid agar, she float bizarre anger when we had the runway there, come and get there by nine and they usually by five gotta get back and when it gets dark. Ok, but to be fair. We mission song it. I got a memory as I was a cop out in those days. and I was co pilot for to go on named an open sea and we usually food eight hundred feet and he had me twelve feet at night. That's it, sir! We're getting nosebleed up here. We are rockets, are burning up for the ground, but had Roma as what song dopamine. So after that they brought in and honesty, and we did. We flop analysis tee the rest of the time they were down at sending back after so the right that base got car over run then,
but then they got a secure and they stood still kept. The shipowner sir anything but did you run that night? Together they did ass, they did and then they left assuming their left. What we secure the area get the dearest cured again went back again, but then they moved a He Lopez lowered and kicked the yellow pet. They brought in there wasn t a flop last year the rested so so going back to show up you show there you feel like you're, you're, you're saying you were well trained and then what was the kind of- the job training procedure to get you guys where you know you start to start off as a co pilot. Every time, every new guy started off the cope. Islets, we have enough time you minimum time for aircraft commander, was five hundred total fight our most of us showed up at a training command with two hundred and fifty two six thousand two hundred and seventy. So transition in any Squire Navy when you get there new, yet the transition to the type you gotta watch called a rag replacement. Acronym
you know, replacement air group, and so you go the rag tell you about. All the systems fly the airplane and Europe whole body. When you have enough time and you qualify, you become aircraft commander and with how free once you show the capabilities to manage and control to aircraft and tactically be more knowledgeable. You become a fire team leader after another acronym Suggs John was an ideal, raphaelites motionless work and then what point. Did you realize who you are supporting when you saw that when he saw the eight millimeter home movies, worthy Z, Saint, hey, we're supporting the seal teams over there and, let me say with seal teams are yet he did, and I never heard of a seal had no idea what to seal was, and I forgot what it wasn't asking the next day. What did you say? They were any similar like like frogman. Yeah. I know what movies and war or do I need. Frogmen were
and he said well, they revolve from that community. Their show unity, but third, and then that was nice sixty eight, the seals hadn't been around long time as seals, and yeah- and I remember going into reverse- foresee Float- was a bunch of barges tried to get and then there s any the bought the body river. I think aversion cooperation and was great because you had to shield rooms. Are. We lived on these barges, you'd need than the Johns were the river was rushing down below this way it more in this way in the afternoon, and all night long. You couldn't sleep at first new guy because for setting off concussion at age all night and the next morning many mornings you'd be a sapper. There was trying to get there the place up, laying the government
I voted up the zone, you know and as a couple times a year Sap resigned the boat, but they got him. The zeal down before the didn't damage it's amazing the perseverance of some of those characters. The primary mission was rigour. We were the closer support for the swift was grown up now into canals and if you ever go, I've gone to places talk to somebody knew it was on the ship boss and he found out. I was until three and he's buying me beers rest tonight, so they did this with both guys really in the seals as well supported the seawolves. It's it's a legendary too. To make sure you give nothing but for respect of seawater. Renewing the seal teams for sure was so. What's that normal mission look like how are you getting the tasking? What are you are you? Are you meet and with guys beforehand or you meet with a suitable tunes and going over hey here's we wanna get dropped off
well how's. That was that look like low income can speak to that cuz. He had that. He was with the seals on death sticks. We didn't have any seals with us, so we can triplets and there wasn't a lot of coordination with the Swppp boat except when they got in trouble, they call us up and scramble is perfect for close air support when they got in trouble. But the seals, those missions were coordinated and I'll. Let Carl speak to that many types emissions. As you know, Jack O day in and many times, I would just be advising us look, we're gonna go and at night we're gonna go by boat, you know with the gotta KIT, Carson, scowled, there's no leading men and John says ACT wisely is here and they would lead You know what they're gonna be and then It is worth they're, gonna, be an and and I'll tell a story. Urban France, and those are username, John and outstanding offered and the Good NEWS on him as he operated.
Often in heavy in nice seemed like: I don't think he got it. There was one purple armies but he was a heavy operators and hats off him on that one blow, but he did night operation, one nobody's gonna be in, and I wish we were already five scramble aircraft role our gears all and we ve done all the checks we crank at once is ready to go on. You literally hop in there in your airborne and, like you know, I've heard trip term for image. We made. We got off a lot, Workin Truman's lots of times and we got airborne and it was black literally well, we'd pre brief John. We gave John what the strobe, what was the strobe called it? We had John, we carried them strobe, since it had a guard around it, never directional yeah using any had one anyhow.
Prick ninety radio mine that I gave because it was small and it was easy operate, and so John himself. Jeff she always after and they enemies over here and free over here and John, is between both him and he's. Gonna defend pennies, author fuel laundry fire in north about three about zero, three zero, and just one: look at it and I'll tell you the wonder: start milk is so we will be holding and shouted layer brackets and it was the earth is, it goes. Ok, allow closer little closer. These boisterous raising a little bit sure was Gaza and I give you a good you're rock is going off at growth and jobs in Europe. I'm saving sounded eight other feeder, but Iraq was six hundred feet and
there was learned, is never letting forget that ever so flying at areas we how black it can be at night like it can be so dark outside. So when it's that dark you flying pure instruments. You're just looking to yours is united and look up outside have nothing to say that's your looking to fire company bachelor that in some had never done Israel bright. Sometimes we get lucky, and there's a moon out there's a brain out. Then you get flashes of light after squiggly and rivers and streams, and and but yeah there's nice out there when you're like this, and when you have to have a cold Who knows what he's doing? Who can now the gate, busy is keeping then on attitude on hearing and real you gotta wingman who's gonna have but two, gotta know the heading your on, and now you got
the collision like top and bottom to keep track of each other, but it sir, they can get Harry out there or not and yet in some guys, you look her what type of measure shots were always go by my marriage. good guy, but here they're like this, she got the leans pretty bad, because the similar server Klaus gonna get messed up, and you think your level but you're. Not when you start when you again the burning all these other. Like us, ok, you're, always just ass, we were Tom, better, they were just line. Values acquisition. Ok, you got into well, that's ok! I know you got and I'm over their lavender crews, Levin but actually powder, but once in a while, you can get a like tat, but no, it is dark in his liked how do you say the inside of somebody's rectum money show that nicely it isn't it a moment ago
If you're doing enough you, you know how to do it near you're, comfortable doing it So what were the swift? Let's talk about the swift bone operations cause those guys were pushing up in pushing the envelope into enemy territory. While what was that optimum alike, Well, there's Granby under the go where the coordinates were than you just put in fire, and I once again your duty to write overhead since you I want you back a little bit just make sure, but does those would get intention? I see you saw quite a bit of their when they did they dug material scrambles evils in that's what it was like we're out there supporting them put in due course fire to them just so they could get back out of this situation, and you mentioned John. You mentioned the DE war, war to attitude when it comes to. Flying in fighting, and I mean I get that book. You can talk a little bit more about. I know that you the way you all felt
a your gunners, the guys that were on your birds, but also your maintenance, crews that were key your birds up and running in using your cans to patch him up and whatever else? So that's that that sort of world war, two mentality that you're talkin about where you said there were rules, but but she had to do the measure right and I think that was perhaps it every. It was a team effort. So you talk about the gunners in the main as people we all worked very well together. We all had our part to do and it was all a coordinated and it all came together and we had to get MC. The gunners do their jobs and meanness, people and adjust. It was a team effort. Is everybody supported the team and all heads of the same mission to do? Even it was a different part. It's like a football team YO. You got your job to do and it doesn't work unless you're doing your part of the job and that's what we did it just worked.
Society and you ought to know. Jack goes at a fire team, and most attention was put come on for twenty four twenty four off. Forty four on your on four scrambles get your meals and unjust arrest when you again but you're on duty free. Known. Renewing, usually we did it, but wherever but an you're an anything can happen during that time. Yours, crews at their value, your all briefed and by brief, you got round it too faulty or see with the army the dead Operations centre. We know where are there? We were. There are challenges that we know where the units all the units are. We know, with a radio frequencies. Are we know what the pie? and operations are. We have a general idea were the bad guys are most time when we weren't actually involve a combat operation- will be protected?
well, basically looking for trouble what we always did and we usually find it and sometimes peopled hit with never. I can't I have a hard time thinking about flight that I was on, that waiting, a shot at I'm sure there were some, but it was rare that region that shot it and we want to shoot at us because we could shoot back We know where they were. Genetic offer, clearance shouted could just in fire in my own, worry all done a dead one before I'm with the dead, just six was John and we had was literally a free fires wrong. We could shoot any eligible age male now, didn't, we were them. That's not how we operate, you don't go, we didn't go blown poachers and shoot. Randomly treated everything she ran between. Do that, as ever
you do that some, his crew and you're gonna get your butt, kicked off, often back it back to home garden, heartbeat, we're professional, but Else, relation male could be the wages we might just take his champ bound up. Mushroom eunuch disease are wrong era. We don't kill a guy but be PV swimming, and if its, a guy, you get stupid and start shooting back within we're reset, guy and but began. We were we we knew where everything was. What was going on? and more often than not wicked brief teal she is was, I could bring. We get different frequencies from them, but the Intel Wicked beat them. We what was going on everywhere. So, in a twenty four hour period, where you're on these eighty twenty four hour on and then twenty four hour off in its before our peered that you're on how much time are you in here depends on what kind operation you have, but I
honestly, I flew a lot because I was, in my opinion, the more our born. I was. A better powder was better. My crew was preserved by doing their job, they loved it. I love and better. We knew our area of operations. I have. many times flown with you say every holidays. Fifteen days. Lifelong many months for a hundred two hundred and thirty hours a month and dirty day. Maybe eight ten hours. It was an unusual. We we Get your lot look today. We feel together, first month at Devil Day long here, all day long And there was something that was our job is to fly the sitting in the huge were not doing our job so we're out fine, just even if it was just training. Looking for action are looking for. Some So will you day off? What are you doing, you're doing your job, whether it shops or admin? or may knows what every job is or sleeping
As you know, the next day you may not getting sleep so yeah you sleep and now it was. We were. jeez- and I remember I was getting offenders report debrief. From my own, see very nice man. I didn't work That is where I knew what it was a certain class of time, but I really know the Finnish wasn't and he was broken mean, I didn't know it, but he s now. I know you really like this mission, you're really enjoying all yes around me. I was just he says: the real name. Now like this you're, not gonna, go to a squatter and have this much authority and responsibility memory. Authors deciding who live in he dies. I read and we're trying to make the right decision, I think we did.
So he was right. We ve got the Lakers Moser like it was so we're J jeez and your fire team leader you're responsible for that whole flight. You are in charge of it. Even if you got a lieutenant commander, sit next to you, you're the one. That's cause such energy conservative charge and how is important, I think- and I look at people say: what's the best peered your life, I was high school in college. I can honestly say that this period, my life was six years. I spent on active duty in the Navy, the rent, the friendship you make drew near Paris. Special combat are so close, closer than any other friendships I have to like Carl and Pearl and TIM Ziemer. We were all there, we done the same thing together and we had a reunions. What ten years ago now was two thousand and nine at my house up. Yours go up and is not automatic, and a car or first right
lighted, Earl and his wife up to Chicago his way and never been discussion will come up with show that this big in the bright lights and everything and then an hour later I got a call from car says, but thanks for invite me essays? I talk to mean tat. I will call you back before you're always welcome the next thing. I know I had my house people come up for a real we're cornering show that it is on the fourth of July, far Scot free food, imbues gotta, wait, ten put it up and acting in everything, and we had this little reunion and Jan Santos. Seal that everyone, one of is very small. We just a small group of people who were together when I found interesting by the first that we did it some of these people. I have seen in forty years and so, where you sorry was common denominator. Was Vietnam remember this mission? that guy remember that incident
by the end of the evening, was like we ve just seen him last weekend. I was amazed at how fast you could catch up with somebody. You should do a study well it's like your family. You, these I know all your crap and they still like you, and they know you on bad days and good days, and I'm going to tell the story. It's just one of those to say no now, but it's true. He talked about being when you are charge of a fire team urine charging in rank matters, but rank in the car. It goes away you may censure, but you're in charge. The airplane, Copilot Captain, ok, Cabman, Shutter, dutch, easy that you are in charge and and Navy rags that you, your hair, Crafty cannot be commandeered by some guy on the ground and fly over to undo. Do this? No, the only
I condemn economic, your commandeer eurocrats, your occur commander, there's a flag officer, a line officer in your back shit in his seat We can override an aircraft commander flag us so that, What night one captain, Martin Twite great guys past! now you are she'll. He came to flight at one and you know each year, flying in you, don't mean it. Bad way, which get your chin out near just up and your aggressive. you know be issued, laugh and have fun, but the mission? Serious no screwing around so cut Try one going to comment, Fletcher came down and he was Michael bought it I should nonetheless freedom respect, balloon other right, which aircraft manner and the helicopter my wingman was to other guys. I won't username, you ve, put lieutenant Commander Anna Lieutenant and I'm a J G.
Very, very green. but you're the junior guy in rank, but you're the but you're the the Khartoum litter got it and we're down there till she, and there was this army guide who like anywhere user Catherine, you didn't like me. He would just he was just too good a cushion to goody tissues and didn't know squat. What are you talking about he's up there and he's briefing those eagles on captain twice. He kept listen up. Undigested! Stop! Stop brief me! This is not the army, this is a navy. the navy. It has nothing to do with Ryan gets, whose smartest sky year and on this on the smartest sky. Brief me captain twice, should you said the colonel He was so nice to me. I should have slap me, but he didn't do it in that army guy was mad, but
he could do about, but that's kind. How it is. The aircraft commander is the ultimate dislike the captain of a ship view what you say goes in your job is to do the right thing I want. I want to try and get a little bit better fuel for the sum of the operations, and I mean just the first operation that you two were talking about going to the Vc Lake you're going to recover a helicopter. Like talk, through from you, get the call to you you're leaving the scene and you got that body recoverable. Was it You know, you're sitting in your you're sitting in the in the ready room and honest, the car comes in what I look like. We know I was in a fan flight shall we were out flying just in the general area, and we get this call it a heel was down. We got the coordinates and we're close in accordance, so we were there
fairly quickly, so he got in and you have our you always for you're, always find with a section of birds of two birds. You're always find. Now there is a single bird. Ok causes a fit with you, it wasn't John was new and country, and you were flat. an admin flight right, yes, You find a sand flesh, Lennox are flying around you, you don't had you still had door gunners, he slid crew in the back, but you might fly alone. If you do an admin mission in life, I would just one bird like when you hosted the three whole down just a single attributes because you weren't, you are looking to being the mission. Combat sayings are just trying to get familiar dear, but if something happened you gotta respond to it and we did this bill belts was. It was at last, we can country and he flew in and try to get this guy. Is best we could and someone else was year was year. He was a the helicopter commander. Pilot the one that went down to the one that you were in the one. I was it ok,
So the wonder we read his last week. In contrast, we can countries getting ready to go home and everything, but he was going to be around the area and stuff isn't as a new pilot, and then we get this call at heels down respond to it in the cream. In the back, once we got down low they got they jumped out when I'm going to take you to get to try to find them to fight the down Hilo those minutes. Yet coordinates and you can see smoke it's well. We would it wasn't any smoke or anything, but it was down. It was a kind of swampy area, so there wasn't a fire but that we're close to the area they give us according to switch your gun right there. So we were there within. I want to see within five minutes easy, and so we just flew and there wasn't any fire at times were down there. The crew jumps out to try and get the bodies out, but they were kind of the heater was turned in. They were kind of pinned under it. They're only get able to get one
yeah, we got dead and heal. In the meantime, we started taken fire from the tree line and that's when I was shooting them sixteen at the tree line, and then we ve got enough. Then we forgot the body in and then we just then some cobras came Keziah heard about the corridors, cover us as we came out. Let me ass John was on the flag or two guys at one. We were down to one bird because every hundred hours, where your new aircraft from maintenance, the major, mainly John and been doing so where do the all changes in further changes so forth, but they did all the heavy stuff, but to guide him get one we're sure Michael ago argument, image Lambert. They came up and they shot down that day to where they already shot down. You got there. You got there first problem ginger, I get it for you, get there first game and scrambled up went in and they are gunship and the bad guys. I think out of fifty one calibre
and they were knocked him out there. It was like a set up was like an ambush because once the first one come down, they know we're gonna, try and come and get people out. So they can, you will hey you guys were shut down very lucky winner. when, when you're, flying and and and car you mentioned, that You can't even remember operations where you didn't take fire. How often is your aircraft getting hit? You know it. your post fly really heavily when you get back and you couldn't, you know it when you're when, a new guy. You can hear third certain things, but when you're got expression you can hear gunfire you can hear from from eight hundred feet. You can hear you can dancer heard when you're breaking off target, when her feet, but back but anyway bottom line is that we would get back imposed. Flight
and more often than not- and we by the way we ve We found we would find the shields are bringing entail stuff can never be a drawing ever helicopter and in Vietnamese telling the bad guys were to aim so they could get. The aircraft has most attended, shoot at us and hit the tale section most all my his, not all of them seven more apt of the cabin. Never so the cabin and they were uncomfortable and sometimes I know John gotta purple heart and beacon to let story and I got one Earl got one gun. I mean it. no big deal, I mean you get it because you got shot, not nothing. A surly, heroic people think big, a burglary Dealers, not a big deal, I give my name they wanted and I can have the whole back period. Personal sense, you brought the topic,
by this. I suddenly out of Let's talk about our own. I talked about this all the time, but under so we car was under six. At that point we were out that one only had one other birds, anyone in maintenance, so we went down, one who informed of three plain formation- and so I was a pilot one car was a pile of Oneness Earl shot was a pilot a third, so we went out took some fire upon the target and I'm not sure who is first one end, I think maybe you forgot to add it was a heavy fire team at I was averting later so It also gives your doom everything else and we do not yet so also further ahead. Majority means you got three bird, three birds hooker, so cows, first one in and you're going to do. What were you going to try and put in striking so far when you put in a strike in meaning you're gonna lay fire down onto rockets. Is the isn't closer support necessarily or is it
What is on the we have taken some ground fire and we're gonna put it out bout it with I saw your erosion in and then cause a first Earl was a second one. Is Carl feels off and Earls put down fire, so I see he's feeling off that's when the planes was between the second plane supposed to put down in the fire. So Earl pretend fire by that time, Carl supposed to come around then when it comes off to target I'm putting fire down. I came off the target and that's when I got hit and soldiers or we argue today, ICES Karl, you didn't cover me coming off target, and this is where you were out a position that I wasn't how to possess a new or out of it I enjoy so I got hit. So where did you get here? I got him the foot came out in an active tips, my to draw closer to blow my toes open, my right foot and no new saw the scandalously was my.
Gunnar. That day was eagerly. At the same time kid he was not kid Anderson The embassy was at the end with IRAN Came up cut his my cord came out, dotted his helmet. Undoubtedly I'm cool. on the back of his helmet it was in the movie move in a cut the back of his neck, like you currently enough and elzevir, so he gets it. I look back and I'm trying to calm and is now respond. I looked back now. I see is blood cheese. He gives me a thumbs up a big smile and start shooting in the round just cut my court just grazed the back of his neck and core when you cut your neck, just bleeds like crazy and then so then we go back land Carl comes over picked me up and carried me indian.
Are you really should? We are the real story? Well, that's the signs of this day. We argue who was out of additional, but where the best friends it is. That's I do see opportune, that's that's the basic maneuvers radio, like one person shooting, is that person roles out. There's someone that's picking up fire right behind him. Ass personal out. There's someone technology really that's the way it supposed to be. Ass. The ways erased Reggie enriched right pattern. This better do that. probably had Eight hundred missions and fired barely knows our pre flight imposition, I'm not, but what money we got back and and I didn't know the parent and was wanted we got back landed. And John with Oh my god, he's probably. Body, shod, changes, body, Jack
blood, and I can find these largely were I'm lookin, nothing nigh dry and again and again in my own, and I picked him up and generally carry him two hundred yards down the infirmary, the lengthy debate Mon in Norway, meantime farringtons bleeding and he's what just an old I'm Jones Johns moment. You must have a brain mood. I can see you're a supplement to see what I put up every year, Downer textual Buddha, shot in the big overruled vetoes Earl, call you. Earl, causing nine those that's his name. So then I get married act up to have been too. It is a surge which is the army hospital, and I obviously wasn't that barely wounded, and they put me in the back room and
that night everybody came over to see me I love nightstand table. I must have had thirty scotch and waters unable to table because everybody value Drake. Did you save your boots? The boot I do I do, and I was very lucky the doktor said because it came and those who had still told boots, but it came up to the bottom- is a just Mister Steele tall but they seal told their ricocheted around in taking all your toes there's a bullet. Our life. Stan Living room, header, withers, sprinkler music and he's got plaque there. That's but I do, and I have had the round there came up, ok. We were gathered around for obvious gas around. It came out with my foot, then hit me on the side of the lake. No, you can, I feel, one pain at a time I like it when I get out of the heel, I saw this round down by the collective. So I picked it up and put my pocket.
Later I could not have been. I bump my knee and got cheese. I really hurts- and I had a big wealth about this big around on the inside of my thanks. There is a! U can only feel one pair just feel my tolls at the time a couple days. There is real and the other one, but there was Who is a sealed in all change command. That day, I got you. I was a change of command and Captain Bergstrom was taking over from captain twice, and the tuition was at the first guy that got shot to seal head to buy. About a sky through regional rubato, scotch sawyers we're asters meeting a month later. Some I then sure enough. He gave me a mammal scotch, brought it back to deadened children with the with the tea. Was it cheap? I can remember drivers or something So what about you car? When did you get shot? What I would have now role every other wishes? We just.
It was minor, was minor stuff, but I believe lot I used. We took around cut payment was what was the operation? You know actually we ve just patrol we weren't actually, even but in a strike you could take around randomly and it happened. one time when we were taken up opportune to insert them, radioman got shot on the way in which one Richards guys tomboyish guys but We took a random run, as I recall, and and around I took both a slap in the face. Word bounce. Half of the Senate provider. Anyone screens glass in our innovation meddled in our vision. It look pretty bad shaved beard and actual there was minor so I didn't limp anywhere out and have to be carried down to thirty two thirds surged number balmy bourgeois nobody cared. I care but when they treat you
and your wounded in the treat urinate statue, whatever you get a purple propeller! That's what Annabelle Joam Garral figured out at her Morgan, so wrapped in that, given the poor Skinner and my toes and stuff and night assault my foot for about a week to make sure that no infection We gave him tons of grief over that and we, Johnny's Greek guy wondered best guys. I know and a gentleman I don't have many guys. a gentleman, but I know least not civil Bailey flowers backsliding in two weeks and at what point? So what point did you guys link up and start? We were you at the same. That was at six. You said yes, what caused that, what caused you to to be just our working together when it happened? Well, I I was a very expert five team leader what they do is they, when you first get to a health risk These days you had a month or two in the home garden. You kind of transition to you,
the transition to the age one. Could you forget one inflation but transition to the mission and build you try get to know the area of operations. You fly every debt taking mail in parts and people, and That month or two you do that and then you ready when you make aircraft or manner, and then you make farting leader and after a period of time before you go home. They bring you back in your flight at home guard again a couple of months as the aircraft commander, like Bilbil skin for Europe and when you were you, when you want to be, she like and show the leaves Executive offer was one to bring me back to do that, and I said it March. I got too much March and April. I don't want to go back I'm just getting good, does leave me alone, and so I wine and wine, and wine and finally demoted me a minute Middlesex one result
they didn't have a far too meter one and got killed. and one had done. We genuinely door, and so. They had from really really good aircraft? Her manners in you you're, a cop out offers, got threat can you become? Maybe you were not very romantic equipment or yoga, whether there were three or four five good guys, our name on John Far, John Barnes MAC when Paul Waters, who did I Miss Mapp him that I miss him no it's a neck and super guys. the actual should go, get those those guys giraldus. They need low leadership, a need, little experience, and go do it. You gotta give me a known. She not so much He had a bad case of agenda commander in which do not
I tried to figure out and when I went to the major has tried to avoid lieutenant commander back of golden Lieutenant a commander Ottoman very happy, but anyway. So I sort of had to be me in a little bit my chin on just now these these great guys that took about thirty minutes to fire up and get going and all of a sudden, we flying all day every day like this bush, do not shouldn't back the boat waiting for meals and then watch on the movie we don't give them was a movie we're gonna fly period. That's what you do not show. You know your a that's, how you support the people out there in the boats and that's how it happens, so my biggest shot down your right there on the spot? That's what we do Are you guys flying the same helicopter all the time? Do you have a particular one or you just whichever one ready. Well, whichever
one's ready and able to fly until you got in mind that the two you have on debt you're flying nose, obviously, and then they have to take out with you once a month- remember so many hours to do the annual. turning to get another one back. How much differences there are between you know this one and that one none geophysical find out the same driving a car. You know what to do there Polish allows our training, squatting withdrawal and BT three after our helicopter women back the twin farewell and I remember guys fighting over aircraft up was smoother and it was our long suitable charter mileage faster and men who gives you crap go fly What we did we did. We didn't have our name on aircraft as top gun crap. You didn't put- I you know I am jealous of book
when I became involved should be three. I was a boot lieutenant commander. Unfortunately, and we had forty Plans and we were starting to downsize taken these. Charlie models that were made for care they were all be from hardliners, and join him over and scrapping. Well, my assistant mainly ushers again combs Gregg Chinese. She won't be your money. Blush removal, put your name on wage airplanes, I sent you But my name, one was aeroplanes coms and I will bring rebuild, in your body. Don't you do it would solve one day I get that come back my flight uneasy. I got your plane problem. French urgency illnesses. I go out in all the language around laugh and he took me those old Charley, mild, scraped off the exhaust painted
Commander shady Nelson Rotor had an entrepreneur in our western fraught and it was a big, essential, they're gonna, take it the main shine, just scrap it anyway. Shall who cares well pretty soon? I got a phone call gosh ring, I wish you sincerely believe museum in your aeroplanes. In there they took that playing MR random, and reward that Charlie and put it in the museum in there my name on the museum, Donna, Pensacola and but I think it's gone. finally, last time and then God for that matter, no, we didn't what we didn't. Care will be flew born, fly like Tom
get his name on something we did have nickname for each other. I can t Johns real nothing. Miss his family's gonna see that Sewell six. That sounds like the fever. You talk about the last weeks in the squadron and people just come up and can chill out the last two weeks before the left, and I actually flew the last two weeks and I was in the squadron, the CIA sold something on the black market and they this is down in human force. It was some kind of communication center in a minute, Uman Forest and they couldn't quite figure out, was what it was or where it was so they sold sometime the black market. They wouldn't tell us what it was, but they knew it would end up to this headquarter area and so they had they picked up a signal. Frequency there wasn't
used by any other friends in the area but dead at home in device, and we wish to follow it, and we did this for ten days in this went on Cyprus, discuss, slowed goal of a hundred miles and spend the night fro, spend the night and finally got to an area or we're getting a stray signal. We never got a real strong signal, so we talked is one night. We just found the signal back in a few over this church in the needle. Just did a one eighty, so I went back told the seals about this and they went rated at church and they found a huge. Communication centre in the basement of the church. So once I knocked out, we had this real strong signal, so we fluid errors. I hope this guy gets placed before I leave country so the last day
I was in country we finally cited Wallis's. It had moved for three or four days that must be the place and whether exactly where they thought it was but must be the place. So we were to fly in throughout smokes in they had a couple flights of air force after coast, so we went in hundred feet, throw the smokes out pull back and there was the best Herschel errors in my life and therefore came in just bomb the place, and so then I flew back to bend to we literally jumped out of one Hilo. They had my bag packed in another hero jumped another hill through this again next day, the rifle omission. My last day in country, when you guys were there, you know like gum when we my generation looks, looks at the wheel, now more and the late sixties early seventies. You know it's all this approach esters and hippies and
controversy about being in Vietnam. How much of that stuff? Did you guys? Actually, experience think about when you were over there. I didn't think about it at all, not at all always we're doing our job doing our mission. We didn't think about. What's going on back in the states to be honest least for my part, I remember going to honour and I didn't go darn are until like my eleventh month, one. I don't want this attitude flying those terrible, I'm awful flight. I guess what You spoke about me and I wasn't name. They call me, but we got I remember with flying over two Honolulu gonna meet my wife, my then. Why? Then she liked me then and she girls emission, your mom and so on goes wrong. Cherry on all excited and we get on this old bus and we're going there. Ticklish afford, drew cedar on and like a key.
and all the women are all lined up and as we drive through AL, one DR pass the park and everything is we're going to four drew she. You could hear a pin drop on that bus. All that chatter all decided died and guys were all agape, because women. what were ambrosch, I ve never seen, and men. Her parents, your long, isn't MIKE and they looked funny, they had beards and they were found Ty died, taste up, I'd, never see so ten months. I didn't nice, where I am honestly, I was in shock, and I also remember what we're doing by women to a movie in Honolulu, wonder times,
and it was the movie version of MASH Knocker and I was so offended by the disrespect for officers in a military. I got up and walked out about ten minutes would stay is funny. How are you saw offended n N, N N, when you shut up. I remove goin in this nineteen, seventy Goin ended, leaving me saying goodbye to people and their Google Rorschach, but when I came back, shame guys were. Was it really bad? No gee kill babies over there, no, but some of that stuff, not even Fifty years later, my living room one of my real losers. Tommy
I already know european yeah, oh well, were you what she used term, what Germany she use made a derogatory terms. She said: whatever was, will you disappointed? Were you ashamed of whatever she said? but no matter fact. I wasn't my son in law's. Give me the cut sign because it's just step on it. He doesn't want me to blow her away with with my fire and fury, but I didn't. I restrained and refract I don't know anybody that I serve with. Who feels that way matter fact, and this is interesting, guy friends of mine that didn't serve and didn't go to. Vietnam have yet to meet one a topical one: who's, not sorry. They didn't and I have yet to me one who served. That was sorry. They did so that's my little
world? I thus people run mostly good people, Did you see anything like that? Like that John I came home. I was welcome From a family perspective, I got to the house, and then my parents pick me up at the airport and I was in uniform, got back to the house and they had to assign it was a eight x four board particle board. They had written on it, welcome home and head. My sister had painted she was an artist. The Seawolf Signia on this was an eight by eight by four foot board. Until I was going to sit up in the front yard, headed in the front yard, up welcome Home John,
am I cross my my dad being in the army and his history is very supportive of that. But I did have one incident where they had me: go on some recruiting recruiting duty. My first came back for about two months and I had to go down to the University of Illinois and we were down there for a couple days doing some recruiting duty, not that we got a lot of people signed up for anything, but I went to put my pants on one more into the legs and my pants just fell off. So when I was there Apparently somebody had thrown some acid or something on my uniform. Yet that was the only incident night I had with that, but other than that. Recruiting very well are getting lot of people into the Navy that time what what the question that comes up a lot and I am working with drafty and from what I've worked. Well, I've talked to Vietnam vets
Well. When I read about them, the the common thread is that people that were People that were good leaders and took care of their men. They will would either not know who the draft these were because they just they just were good or they like draft these and could tell who they were, but they had no issues with them, because the draft would say what did they kind of had to step up and the draft J. I d like to do this and say: well: how do you want to do it and they would kind of engage them into the into, planning in and get out, listen to their input, and then you you can read some negative opinions of the draft ease when you get someone, that's the ito. It's almost like an excuse for the draft. These didn't want, do what they needed to do. What did you I did you guys notice any difference between
if these and and and guys that were, I guess for lack of a better term lifers. I dont think I did it did. I think if you are drafted in was maybe a specific for the Navy may do. It may be a different situation, because most people air drafted went into the army. They were, then, I think the people it ended up in the Navy were more volunteers and wanted to be the navy. Durban pick a service I want to be in the night, You therefore send a certainty and darted after she will observe onto any voluntary bc. Whilst I read it One time to give a speech. I was asked to give way can we, of course I did to give us each on memorial to come out of your shell, for that, it's awful the cemetery in little town, Gridley, California, up North Sacramento about an hour, and they ve got a real. Many Arlington in the back. I was really over It was neat yet know this but
I wonder how they know, but supposedly the first shaver killed in the Borough harbour attack was from Grimly California Nominal decided that kill first up formation budget and salaried they built around that and they have a celebration every year. While I've met the manager of records, friend of mine was on the board wreckage outside a board of directors of a cemetery where you do fine over spotter me. What are you the board for the four a lottery for a bit plant plotter anyway. And I met her nice. Lady gauging she says you know you serve not only I didn't Jesus, we, the speaker. This is like November. I said when she is all it make the moral to Ellen. I mean I'm busy. I was farming those days I was raising olives for olive oil. Five undertake.
Zasada. Stick your Jonah water, you good to end up. So I got this. I got sick Allow me to judge what everyone else at realistically she's a twenty minutes as a local asses, don't read this peaceful, forgive casino plan would become nauseous whatever you want So I started reading books and kind of going through stuff, and I read a book that was pretty neat and well. It was well documented and well reference, that's at all the pages, and then it was written by a guy named B g and the book is called stolen Bauer and about guys shoe tend to be ranked or not or pretend they serve, and they didn't even mentioned our friend former senator and Secretary of State John carrying the people like that, and it was really
fishing, but because I learned a lot and what I learned was that I ask you: what percentage of men volunteered for Vietnam? What would you say? John down, ten percent? Seventy six percent, Kansas Research, ok, yeah, a big number and a big number. Now I volunteered met, but but mill was a lot of shocking thinks about drugs in wooden all people gee or Vietnam, you must have proper drugs. In smell where one philosopher John Dimmer conjured? Nineteen, seventy five? No, I mean it your drugs. I swear Albert and we were close. We live by shy we're like a family. We are now I'll give you that I had no nandi the enlisted. Nobody did drugs and never saw any that Indian.
Mademoiselle those guys Jason women with buying them, tease, So I don't know, but we didn't have any women to cherish where I was, and just a bunch of other guys. I think they may be part of that is because the squadron Ryan, you know it's a different level. You in the Navy, the training and people were selected, go just quality. People never went into those things that gun. country change, Yaquita Joggled, because that day I remember opening line of my speech on and in about where walked. I wanted I got up and a on, but I will together speech a memorial day and really two thousand and five think was idiot. I am I where's drop me off and I'm gonna walk and do the showing you want to stay in, and I walked past his big hedge in this big. many aren't they had five hundred people in there.
And that every Miss whatever county sing a song and add a fly over from from there. patient, Sacramento and Daddy The guy from World WAR wondered, could barely walk. Unease uniform, Linda I mean and Adam I don't honour their. She called it. She call it a fine squab. It is not so and I remember my opening line and Eileen with that was the last battle of the Vietnam WAR was fought and won for the swift boat veterans against John Kerry and people got on their feet and clapped that's what kind of crowd I had how's that for changing the country, amazing. So that's coming a long way from nineteen That is very definitely hadn't back in the other direction for sure you know before Rita, I know I been talking about that operation, where you were
Karl, you are, you are supporting Zulu platoon. What what. What do you remember about that day? That had to be sort of that sounds like that had to be one of the more you no more, I guess dramatic operations that you support it. had some we had with the she'll seems we had some exciting was most have more night, but that was a broad daylight one. When the omens Zulu handyman than before, and we sat down they mention about communication. We we live. We live within fifty seventy five yards, those guys so yeah wit, premium night before and talk about new war. There go and most time and all they didn wasn't Lady was a knight up and we would generate scram, if they got in trouble and but this was gonna, be there I often he got intelligence about some supplies. You're footmen herb
Am or something that was north of bar of our base, probably know, maybe fifty clicks, I'm not sure. If twenty clicks and we breathed it and what he was going to do in Europe had a shield. What come on a diary, swine those you mentioned in it- was a form parking leader of a dead nine bulletproof, understood fire team, Catholics and so forth, and so we briefly himself. and we took off India and I call pilot might make Cooper We are all you will experience real. You Earl was ready to be. I think he was about this far from aircraft commander and obviously was very successful Fighting leader retards Navy, Cathy hell of a guy, and but but my wingman To go unnamed was questionable,
but we put him with a nuke with a new or co pilot. Who was a pretty solid guys? We always try to put a solid co pilot with it. maybe not all polish voracious herbaceous like John, but some gap. Is there some guys you're good guys, were they didn't give those skills. So less fat, salt. so a new momentum is questionable. We breathed off the awful over gonna. Do we're gonna escort the slick in Nanda? I would I would lead, will lead it into the algae and alive usually with I'd leave it in, and I it was gonna, be it was gonna, be a break left because I want the right door was my adoption gun to be the outside of the circle. We would go down to about a hundred feet.
Ass encircle low orbit, while the shields exit the slick and cover Uller, lay cover fire down, not wait for a new fire and and then once they're all out and clear and imposition and the slick wonder pulpit and he would call for me. We would escort him out I'd. Let him out other women following out. Well, Hey is I made my turn and I'm looking across Earl, I made it. I made a left hand turn. So, I'm looking across my co pilot and I'm santoral. Do you see see? Will whatever his number was. I know his number, but I'm not saying it Call him say on the radio find him. meantime I gotta she'll team on the ground escort slip out and my wing was missing so
got to be shot down or had a mechanical failure or something, but I guess I'm trying to raise them girls trying to raise them, I'm communicating with dire. We get diarrhea. getting purpose. We get him over to safety area at algae. We could orbit and wait until we need em cause Become are sometimes so mean and were calling for. My women he's not answer. No ask can find him well, Then I got a call from Tom, Richards and John. On the ground. He said. when you're flying over here. Did you did you see he liked? You put your strike, anyone, but a striking but strike a single job, which is against squadron policy to single, should jingle ships drawings, because, but I had no Choice obviously guys on the ground, and they were. Invite. We were taken fire on the way in one way out so pretty had they were, they were not. people on the ground there, the baggage, so
the old. You see anybody acid. After put the strike and thus a job. I gotta maggot Central Guy's dead the army, and what else you see ashes. There was a big dyke thereon. They were on the dogs, were kind of running EAST West and they were flooded. They were little dikes and there was a great big die can be that of tree line and asked for the Why was coming weren't from from behind the Big dyke and the tree line? Will we knocked out that big died pretty quickly, but the tree line? We had a hard time stop in the fire wheedle relations. Pretty good manner wash the million up and down, are many times, but started, get concern about conserving my own, making sure make sure accounts and we got a fine like, but I couldn't Warrior those four guys were my trail ship, my lost him but I'd say shields on the ground, my own
or guys and four guys on the other play of divers. So we got forty guys I gotta worry about of my own for. I worry about four more and all of a sudden and terminal Jack and all of a sudden, the shop and heavy fire in an idea I knew who was, but it was Grant Chelford went down, you took around in one leg, and it went up and mix at mister family jewels and went down the other leg. Maybe they heard about that any and survived it, no, no fee moral artery buncher I mean he could have been gone and in those wounds or was a guy shot, the chess I'm not sure which guy gosh run lower abdomen. Tom was gettin a hand in disgust, disabled his weapon and and I'm talking, Germany was obvious to me and I'm sure near low level- I'm doing pedal terms literally the aircraft
you know what happens when you're go slow. You get the treating blades dollars called in aircraft, what's gonna fuckin, but I did that because I wanted a flat profile on the aircraft show that my right door, I my left door. An earl could shoot. Because we needed every weapon fire meantime, it looks like and before Tom even asked for extraction, I could see that they were in extremest absolutely more than I'd ever seen on innovation, guys in trouble. You know guys totalled they have on the ground at six, and so that was that Lech carried in all others. All the six eels in one yard and an eye- and I and my haste I mentioned or a forgot them first part of the story, on the way in I'm in front its edge in the mill and Microsoft behind and were cringing up in about ten click short of the Elles Z,
The kid shutting on there, I think it was the right side. The aircraft Yet the shoulder radioman got hit the right shoulder, so it in that happens when you're flying and ancillary. So we turn around and flew back, won't back, landed get the kids medical help and time wasn't Neutron Richard wasn't even partly operation and tell for shit. Let's go back ass. It ok, curry. cs enriches I'll, go and and I know that a couple of guys and I'm much RO imo user names, but a couple other she'll sure don't, but they wanted to go so. Tom option off. We want, but the story got, can a muffled over fifty years because we never got to debrief.
up the guy's got, wounded, went to third surge went home; they were to enter their tour, most of it already backed up all their stuff, except for their vapor weapon. Shall we never debriefed it ever so come back to them a mission here we got loaded got time on board and up. We went back again now this over the years. I remember hearing from other shields. Well, you went to the algerian and New went brought back to the same algae. That's why they got here. That's not true. It didn't happen that way. We did not even get to the EAST Elgiva. First time we didn't even make an approach to it, because again. We just got yet translating the area, so we went back inserted. They got him play I could see I'm coming back to the tremors Bart and- and I call it in an air- was already on his way and thank God it and was a former
later. He knew the story, he knew he knew how to fly yet a slip, a lot of power, and because I was about a quarter of an inch From landing and pick him up myself now that you been the last possible situation because, as you know, all know, John on a hot day, a shoe loaded with armament. The probable you're putting such people and taken off is one percent. If that, if you could even get airborne at all- and He even understand that these you one bravoes were eight nine thousand pound airplanes and we I'm loaded with fuel normal armor and for people in it and on a hot day we could sometimes we couldn't even hover. We had to take off, skip along before we got translational lived, we had been and the wind in very careful and be smooth. We would say I share my Copa. You wanna hold this collective and they stick blanket.
Beautiful woman, you don't want to offend her. You don't be rough, you want to be gentle, and just he's just think it off the ground is what I would say, don't know the bitched think it up and we did, and sometimes you you'll get hurt, opium short going down six thousand red light, comes on an get, and then you gotta be kicking out. Oxfam on the river, throwing out your rocket. And hope you all crash- I never did, did you know Jetsam closed, also analyse, tease you the same thing: you barely hover, we get it over the edge and anyone dive for the water to get airspace over the years before he got to the water and use of water to push on the air Translational live. It spoke were that heavy stuff out crap on my guys Lou. We may be dumping rockets to the bad guys, a lot of women to get these people
Wade's well aired came in, he got em all I didn't see the kid hang onto that. Basically, I was busy we were putting uttered in butter, thank God for Tom Ridge on that flight. I did see John dragging guys across several levies under foot and the two guys at WAR Mordred did heck of a job laying down fire and Tom will show you to cover the extraction of those wounded. Guys branch elvers lucky to be here in this world. And whenever she Tom Richard Sir, it never fails hugged me, which is not all that nice, but he'd. Thanks for him being on the green, shouted grass did the same thing that your house, last year, China and
that's a sharp and in my mind what am I crewman might option he was who is back of a guy stellar one of the best, and we had some good ones gunners ever and he he says why didn't we get more awards on that and I said well reward is if their six guys got wounded and they survived and they got family most automatic all got back on active duty. That's a big award, so my women! What, under by women, didn't answer, wouldn't answer we're escorting slipped back to the base with wounded people lesson am I not going to get the Amis yet they get their guys, ready and so forth. And
You'll call him on the radio, no response and all of a sudden Dobson says, Sir. She will light black just joined up on us. We joined up on us. Well, my temperature went to our nor thousand, and we landed and forceful way to get two she'll straightened caravan. They weren't and you know, when your kind of coming down from a high off you that much adrenaline is going, and I talk to you dear little Craft command We should remember what happened. We ve got stuck on the ground and us at all I'll, say benzene. Supposing One when we were going and low, he just lost it, and under the ground and got stuck Odin. Couldn't get out. That's the story I get from the corporal now dead.
away from the Kremlin. It is a sad day for she was because- and I reported that happening to my ex own up- to see what the actual who anew pretty well and nothing was for reimbursing. If, if, if one of those I promised the aircraft manner, that was by trail ship those children make at him? He wasn't gonna, make it easier and minute, but they all made it. So less Canada story has been told and when they were MIKE Slattery, Rotti, Rodya award recommendation and I was talking to Gordy Pollution and was also as she will for awhile debt, one in debt to
policies you mean he abandoned blue in the face of the enemy S captured it. Now again, the guy was suspect we shortly Thank you would do that, so I'm conflicted by that one I wanted, Look I still another and a re made it out every other job. My four guys Tom slave on splashed on my doubts and edges, saw last week rural shot. I just talked him a few days ago, we split it was really good guy. Another percent auction about away she'll be de problem, but what a guy- he's probably gonna, leave us both jobs and when I talked- and I know you're still connected to Tom Richards, who their eyes mentioned tat. They played a role in changing my life for me-
Hopefully we can talk to him and I can get him out here to sit down in the Roman Thou, be just an honour to be able to do that, but arms There's a lot of lives, one time he was looking at her. She woke dimension in two thousand for and so but he is a camera me now. The l and so nobody says an hour. pretty rapporteur sat, will show me your wound. He goes. This figure he got shot the vigour but good, makes a clever like Tom Change, live he's one of the again when the bravest nice guys. I know- and it's all because a Jackie, I'm sure not much. I've done and there's a good guy and happy he's a friend of mine and happy easier, any other John any operations that stick out your mind as a sort of the pinnacle of of your tour over. There.
I think the one note when been too he got hit or yours son on deck that one there was a big one. So, all night long ago we were like twelve arduous putting straight. it is striking to strike in so you're. So year sitting there and the bay starts to get attacked and is it Is it the first call that a contingency plan that you all have hey if we start getting attacked when you get these birds out here with the first reaction was to get to the bunker? Just silk then assess the situation and then, with the doors at law is now is the time to go and we we just ran out to the heels, hopped in took off at how many guys were on base defending the base. Ordered everyone get him your helicopters report and get out of there. Whether with the base was, was an open areas.
no perimeter round debt, six and and I'm not sure there was a perimeter around the the the barges around the river. They just had Austria barges right there down the river and it wasn't a big village, but we didn't have any primitive guards around where we were in we're. Just a couple hundred yards off from worthy the barges were so we just got the bug and after we took off and then we went back as we are unsure about the rest of people live there, the crew, the other pilots, and so what we found out. They had gone to the bottom and got out how much view. How long can you guess why, for the hearing When you have loaded out to bear couple hours, have most lights, pretty sure How long's, like you and the twenty manipulate, is very accurate
I had one motion we're looking back and I we literally the twentyman a few like him on. We went back up to come out, which was where the three was in as we as we touch down the engine shut itself. We ran out appeal as we were touching. will you flying with me when we had to land and send out for fuel, because we read about law, I would not have we gathered about military? I can't believe this is this. Is it scramble to see what's right, yes, story here in his eyes about that? One might adoption was my agreement again and we did run out of you, but I but I landed to him, because I was at the end of the twenty minutes. In that light, gets bigger and bigger in at night time its huge like a daytime its job, damn big? What was the mission that you're doing? We
covering shields that day- and I don't remember what specific operation was. It did the missions all come together I remember my Slattery asked me on the phone time how bout blah blah said you know they all kind of blend together hard to separate him out. Remember, the Zulu and in detail? I I dream about that. One, and- and and thank God, about it every night, not overnight, but most nice, but we were, we were covering shields. and my Dobson KG in more detail, but we had to make a call about what are we We nonetheless fuel than my wing one and we end up swap stations and revealing one time to cover a back and forth we gotta get so low. I couldn't go back at the Chinese Those were already in. We were safe, but You stayed on station to support them absolutely, even though you are low on fuel and you
you had enough fuel just to get home and then it's your rice, Paddy some ambitious Wellesley placed all haughty and it was in it. Wasn't fuelled Erna. Wasn't any better was right, Betty Neural Town, yes, So we said a perimeter up and we set up for fuel and by any sending out for fuel you'd, you grab ammo camel gains, and fuel from the other bird and an is pretty membership. you think about. How can you let yourself rather feel well son you. Don't I'm envy, nor the big thing is contamination. You worry about gettin fuel contaminated and but it worked out. Ok, we made, but that was sir. It takes my option tell the story he can tell it without any alcohol is better storytelling. I am Commission focused So then, when you guys get home from Vietnam, what what happens with your careers at this point cause which
Whoever was council, you Karl that told you the rested a navy ain't like this. He was I know I had some new guys that were their first appointed one thousand about a little more about our Mahdi and it's it's kind of a corrupting thing to be in this situation, where there is very limited bureaucracy. We have total control of what's happening, you're doing the job you always dreamed about, I remember some of the older. Experience grass and it's not gonna get me better than this. This is the best diploma. Your ever gonna do so enjoy it added. Like you have got some of that advice, but what was the reality when you got back how many of us, we want. I'm health reopening once did acres. Well, I, when I did it said I wanted to go Lakers, but I had there's two Kwanzaa point: what was Lakers Licorice New Jersey Enabler Station and that's where the lamps programme
started and about what was the lamps programme laid airborne, light airborne multipurpose systems and we were they will had he lousy H. Two's could track summary in Summary warfare S w he says and so why to detail, it was actually in Vietnam and an early and Karl had already left and they were going to Lakers and I had orders to Kwanzaa Point and saw the detail it wanted to go out on a mission. So I put him the co pilot seed. We went out found some targets and then I'm shooting the many gun everything I told the crew. He ran that the many guns dry had by the crew a case of beer because it was so hard to reap restricting their view is easier than just get the next were long ago. So I told her let em shooters much. You want
I'll buy a case of beer. If you want to try while he ran the mini guns, dry get back in. This is not really like to go to Lakehurst and he said I can't promise anything but I'll see what I can do. about four weeks later I get my orders in or delay cursed fearful and then I'm in laying her so many unsolved a lot of problems on its own defence. Raymond Lakers not walking through the hangar and as he has commander company, otherwise I slew them and I'm still a J G, determined she's. My name tag is far because viewers, I think you were supposed to be my squadron. This is why I don't know they gave me orders to come here and I'm just following orders, but that's how I ended up in Lakehurst and then that's for you in the three of us were still real, close and became closer, even then we got the Lakers a bunch. I held three guys what was almost embarrassing was. most of us had three four.
Rather than we do know what most a man. If we give Ghana Valleys metal. You know somebody s more than what were you write, adoption ass it on work, would you like a notion of storage somewhere but with weird threats, worthless basin, there's bunch of guys it either dodge the Vietnam WAR, there are thus given the benefit of the doubt they use didn't, get a chance to go, but there on the east coast. And there were resentful They were resentful. You know and they reward someone's wards were follow us. There was all quarters in Euro is yet another word and I was like I'll grab. Maybe I should take leave. I don't wanna get up YO sour grapes- and you know why I show up there and I got Levin, twelve hours, whatever in most those guys got avenue aircraft commander, yet good women flatter budget.
and I ve been in most well. I think the guys from held the came back to the squire, like that from Hell three we have been in combat we'd, seen a lad- and you mentioned in the book, the German, but the tactics and strategy about filling a void and just taken charge. If you see something lacking done, you gotta steppin and take me, and I think the guys from Hell three stepped up and they did their jobs better than anybody else. We just stepped up and started getting stuck done. Can I remember one point? I was a knight mains officer in the squadron and one in the bird there's, always birds down, but I was not made a saucer one night. We got every single aircraft in the squadron was up and ready for flight the next day
Then I went to war drum and put on the boy says: all aircraft are ready for flight today, and I think that was a nice accomplishment have all the birds up yet, but I think I can charge and working with the chief and the meanness people in that we worked late hours. We they will. Actually. We were past midnight one time just to get this last bird up, so you could have all up on that next year. That is when I got the liquor say had timbers one up forever at her with our she'll was a guy. in a nice guy, the first one that had what was there? Mr Pina, I told you about him. He looked like the guy in the plan of penal charity and I was alone division azure amid I have in charge and nothing but much guys we're yelling women and try to keep all. I could try Highschool guys. Well, I really
on em we trained and we got pretty damn good and they look. They looked almost like a troop. Well, there was one bird up and I all trained up an I'm watching them from a line check on the end, which is out in the big blimp anger, and the commander comes out her. She only briefly, Sir Grafton. It passed the pre flight. Why? Right? He claims in go about it, claims in the Gatt through the checklist. Ok, they plug the power. In short, one start to write. perfect? Everything is good. They, the guy, had heard blank Evelyn, the ones and he's holding Georgia and so forth. We
the guy who was on the ape EU. There are generally power units like like a like a four wheeler and he turns the old and end the shield sluice whom he slew him hops back on and drives off Yanks. The flood outside of Europe It is down and I ran and hid so we were finally age. Two's we were assigned, who destroyed so that we were landing on the back and forth and we are with you are like the third dead I was on six dead. I went over. We had lost a burden, the mad and they put an end to an eight c4. Our see five, we food over in there just the repressive accusers to Palestine, acumen and so,
to sit in the cockpit, see five flashed across the Atlantic. We flew over and I was in the carpet nigger a warning fuel light on one of the engines had to shut down. If I hadn't been said, thing. I would have never known it shut an engine down. We had to land in Madrid, wait for waited a week for a part to finally come then we finally got over to Naples naturally unloaded the the Hilo. Then that's who I know the bowling and the never you flew in MID June S, w work. Why John didn't want a story about development happened. Why were you didn't tell him? Was the crew that you replaced white? They the guys you replace the aircraft. The then crashed in the med laughs at last have a bird and a crew in the man we have. We were working our planes restarted
drunk like flies at that time and he's gone or their whether it had occurred. Gotta, be on your mind, John! I wouldn't I didn't. You know you don't think you got a job, do you do you're thinking about doing mariners, happy to be in the med and we're? oh you work in a mad knowing You're really wanted to go to was Greece and so were put into Greece dropped anchor, and we're going to go in liberty. All asunder is some russian subs coming out of the Adriatic and we had to pick up,
no occasion so you're chasing across and we're actually one point. They surface dollar sobs and we think they're trying to sneak some nuclear substances to the med. So they had all surface when this is up on and we're like a giant perfect formation. Ten russian troops, ten new S, ships in formation going across. Amid all the Sunday stating that all their subs when under aircraft, fine, every which way cause we're trying to keep track of and ass a work, but you can never get a confirmation where they were because there was just so much noise in the water. If I was six and everything but they're flying around in their helicopter. Taking a picture, son. Our hangers were flying around taking a picture of them on their hangers and stuff. Like tat, we go all way across the Med and the admiral from the russian ship calls up. Alright mom says thanks for the escort across the bed and they peeled off and wouldn't Alexandria. That's course we did have good relationships with
Egypt, was it interesting? Across him, then, with the russian ships ceased How long did you guys and abstained in the navy for. I stayed I well, I did a tour, the Lakers and then that's when I met my wife at the end of my tour, I gotta the Navy went back and work for girls, so the job was to wait. I will go there like, like you were told they burn is always a year was so I went back and work for girls and then I join the reserves, so I spent twenty four years in reserve, so actually got thirty years in your task captain. I know that you are in Guam for a chunk of time. When will you and go on point when you, when we last and go on man, I was policing when, in the eighties I went over there as a maintenance answered and we dare to it. We consider good planning to leave Chicago in February and go to the South Pacific and and do our to exist.
dude good for ass, we did that, and the unit I was in was you: gonna go glum unit in a gotta. Go was here where the naval, our station, I was there and we won the bark told trophy one year, which was a best Reserve union and all the Navy, and we won that one year. I think we know the training of sir we have there, and then I became a seal of them. Midway unit actually got to fly out midway on P three. Commander midway. I know many people can say they were known midway island than I was seal, the calm never land which it was done in Norfolk, and I wasn't,
Tor for me and then the they're gonna glum unit ran in the sum of times and they fired to see only brought me back in and we turn that around, and I found us this marine poster and was a couple a force and sit on top and sub took this poster and ice redid it'll been ices. Put this poster up we're getting back on top and we took the they gotTa Guam unit back up and then I went out. There is a seal with unit to gonNA, Guam and captain now or fuel was a seal out there and he was bound in that the tobacco when they try to get the hostages out of paralysis.
We could use some good helo pilots on that commission for sure, and but so that was like. The ladies and I just know, I was in Guam in like one thousand nine hundred and ninety late in any to early night in any threes. When I got there ass thinking, maybe you know our name here at the same time and based environment, I'm ears to seventy five year old guy lump sums were suddenly it's a real guard, but I love ground was great places like this, and I am nice tour with, with the reserves
then my last four years I was on the animal staff as a deputy for training the readiness of the great lakes to they cause Glenview at the time. I thought he had actually talk to MR keeping Glenview open, but I think because we met with some the senators and there was one Brac was goin on Earth United. To give a speech about why we should keep Glenview open to these people, and then I had lunch with amid a table. I thought I thought I'd taught them in the keeping Glenview open, but I think they went by yoga endorse as well. You can have Glenview organ, have great lakes, and so the Navy had to make a piglet of great lakes, which now today is the sole training centre, You go in the Navy's unlisted you going through great lakes on president, but I was under the admiral step up their for about four years now and then a retired out there and how long to stay a boroughs for, for I was it
girls until it merged with Spirit, may actually my picture in the last boroughs, any report as I just saw the largest computer that girls had to universes Chicago Medical Center, which was the eight fifteen, and it was a big deal then a murderous bury then they went. Then I went to Digital, I ended up workin for essay. I see hooker, which is this up in the higher, and I was in telecommunications in telecommunications, and we did all software development for the hour box and I had Ameritech's than Sb Seaboard Ameritech's by Peck Bell. So I had offices in Chicago down in San Antonio. I can partly cassettes. Were the main executives were the noun San Remo.
pack powers- and I remember with President one day- and I said you know if I put all my offices ago- there be bigger than Europe and he looked at me. So you know I could fix our responsibility for all the our box. Nor can the software operations for their patents, got it and so what about you girl? How long did you make it in the Navy asked how fellow John omitted the part about tat about Glenview. That really important. That was I grab. G20 doesn't ask Waterford Range, one overwhelming would take off our own. I would several times come on time or shot nine old time getting gems worship issues referred to by some Zepplin, I would fly up when we got just stay and John sleep for free and give him our dive. Let tat guy I
I wasn't Lakers there and I I wasn't sure, what I was gonna do I was Jill? U S Genera Haddan Augmented, but I was thinking about it and and Steve Schreider, and I were both on track to go into the blue not going to be happy, Steve actually went in I didn't. I was my. View in every other day, J Wallis LE pride running the New York office. When my questions, we have all been financial and well? We got you got J, EDGAR Hoover and you got jail so proud, and would I be Carl GINO and she d- no, he didn't laugh but he's a good guy producer. That was so. I came down to go back to school. Teacher but ever so, but I I went down was flight
from what the West Coast. Thirty five get bigger, only from genetic manner, commander diminished or an apple five I got offered a job by a guy on a ship. My crews and my wife who at that time and rest her soul. She passed homage He was not a fan of the engine like being unable offers webpage. You know that some work is not easy. and, and Oh well end up getting divorce later, but I was getting say MIKE. I got up because my left and like the Navy but turned out shooting, me. I can imagine that, so I don't turn your love monster. Nine days, Navy was read to me. I can't imagine anybody. Really well, my retreat by the Navy just a kid from by Oregon and literary and jobs and today the Navy's got a great system of thy waiting and promoting the right people
Some, exceptionally would look at me but I met my wife and I was stationed Lakers Oh yes, sir! I was just getting ready, it get out and active duty navy, and I met my wife we dated and then nay the seal, maybe the open sea of its take a detachment out and with the North Atlantic Coups detachment and ices and went on says you know. There's people are more clout find to take this detachment out than me, and he says he looked amuses you're the most qualified in your gun,
and then you I was dating Jean at the time. So I just met you mean so we dated for a couple months- and I hit was gone for two months on this North Atlantic Cruise and the Boeing and Carl was on resiliency of a debt prior to me until we both know this new seal, the ship, which was just a great guy, pretty close to him and came back and got of them got out of the Navy in December, got married in January and started back at burrows in February. somebody says you, you shouldn't. Do three life changing situations like deadened succession, Shepherd sometime between
so we dated four eight months has gone for twelve of those months and we months later we got married and we just we around forty seventh, what wedding anniversary, less junior outside what are you gonna do across the rest of Europe? Want you got out of the navy? I got recruited, jug drink operation, I ran up Sarah Linda lived a thank you Beach, California, men and Newport Beach, and then get recruited to bushy cask, incorporation of spanish division. cells manager, I never saw anything by lucky a bottom up, a solid, and so then then I Let's get recruited to to hurt you position eleven western states over snake beverage, and- and I did a tour craft- manufacture a couple times in Chicago John, I had dinner there with his dad. He was a great man. John far Senior was
no reason, no wonder that he and I stay close and communicated through the fiftys when I president. He still had time to communicate with your dad to make a couple of phone calls for your aunt was at hand. Yeah and in just a good game you his dad, was absolutely class. I always sat buying, at Johns, worrying and other times I always was trying to. that man's brain, because there's a lot there and just He was a senior executives canteen cooperation, which is a contract feeder for our companies and so forth, and emissions and vending machines of just a good guy, but anyway, I am Grafton than I am got recruited I met a gardener. Plainly at my sheikh I'd flutter frequent flyer point and so I had won a first class. Jose United again rolling,
for a long weakened accumulation. For your work in Chicago about that roof and be myself up and down here. she's got chat and me to be my first ceo job and sovereign Instead of running at three three hundred million dollar section of craft and on health, future recital three million dollar muffin? bunny. I remember it's more work and a paid less money. That's how smart I am self took just be part of a gun you going public after that. We show that company garden. Burger was a vegetarian garden Berger I and a six Rigour ranch. You thought I was Catherine. She thought I was an ideal candidate, but my food background to run run a veggie, burger company and all my employees at her rings agenda? fine large and what are they only publish user? Those leather shoes, nor can start
Burke and they all have broken down you're talkin about your I'm sure. There are three basin start shirt almost must starch Johns got and anyway, was ready. I was a lot of fun, They are in the last year. You do is start my company, made olive oil up to three thousand gals year. We were the second largest in the. U S when I shoulda got lucky some guys came along and maybe an offer. Not a stand and they came back and doubled for then I understood so I saw I've been the luckiest Well, I got two grown daughters through granted, and they were the granted help me in there in the plant. They were always cut, was born, but I poured gangrene everything veil nebula, with great gives great life lucky scan. I live on a houseboat on Pine flat lake six miles from Sequoia Honeybee. That ought to be
I was talking due to the couch up. We were dark eyes and I haven't got back to him for a couple, which is what I said: I'm sorry Dick. I dropped my phone in the lake lying flat. He said you know what, if you drop your phone lake something's gone right sounds like you're good flat and that's it. That's a has been great in the region. connected with John is family Polygon Genius Yet much ink but genus Rob, so the outfit and reason he was nervous about going cruising the register, by the backstory. the man, is one ends. Words were Jean worked, she's she was just Google he's your work in their management in summer, gibe, good, looking woman and she still got it
is she had lots of suitors and John did not morally run attended? I left my car with her one day when I grew up and I don't want to leave my roommate greater, really got your Georgia that agreeably edge landfill went to get orders. The Lakers is well justified, I just want to get in and out a new jersey without meeting the Jersey, girl my home respect accuracy, girls We have three lovely boys and eight grandchildren, and so now. I'm tired and we're just traveling the country cuz one lives in the Chicago area that we spend some time with one lives in boulder and his family. We just spent a week with we're out here in California, because my eldest son, his family, around here, Sir Arthur out here, visiting now so grateful I can add about gene by a wonderful tribute thing. She short of a celebrity other than the fact that on I d card melter, I d it's commander Jean far
you got that, but other than that you Jersey, MIKE's subs. There's a picture in there of the original he's laughing the original Jersey MIKE's it was on in point pleasant. Wasn't it yes, and is the first Georgie my birth sub. I read and nineteen seventy and there's a picture, Regional Jersey, MIKE's and The add ons now work there and bought it out, but there's a picture there. The beach, appoint, pleasant and there's a girl is yellow Red Baden should read. It was to be bathing. That's his wife, Well, that's outsider, excluding those googled picture after this after this podcast comes out. You welcome gene, We been go for a little over two hours, now, probably a good price. For I mean this is just a good place to wrap it up. Got anything else John. I just like to say that
I think my time in the navy I've. It was best part of my life, especially that six years on this active duty and it's been a privilege and an honor to have served and supported the United States, and I think more people should feel that way and- and I d go through- do that and the people we had that we learned Hopefully we made a positive impact on other people's lives and made it better, but it's been a privilege and honoured to serve our country. Carl get away. I remember run you talked about the question about people's attitudes and we came back and so forth, hi. My brother was killed in action. nineteen. Sixty eight I was my last week off school. I hadn't we're getting ready to.
Put on the bar and be for real and then exchanges for weeks and months exchanged at, but I met his body in San Francisco and escort the body from since the by Oregon and in Spain what was going on countries in it was most moving experience, you can imagine the the airlines handled his body with respect how they put him on they. They put him on first, Turkey Montfort, put his body on last and took off first, we landed how the captain held all the people in their sheets until my brother was off until I was actually the aircraft. and since I've been retired, I've done a lot of travelling John she's, more ovine and our own in Jem. More than me their light, but I see a lot of good in America in spite of what the newspapers,
If we put our even today, the twenty four new cycle is our problem. I she good people out there that and I don't she racism at all, I see good people doing good things being kind, each other in particular young old man who did not know reasoning behind it. Not me, and I see it in every state. I've been have no magic branches and I've driven perpetuity. Thou miles last five years ran a country I ve been a Honduras. Show me a lot of good people just like save enjoy this, and I too thank my son Erika II. Someone had taught me in doing this and that began goin out Tony when I've done in things like so he I'm glad he took the yellow, took charge
and came through and you'll talk to Helen and got this arranged? And I've enjoyed the two hours that we spent here with you, and I have looked at some of your broadcasts and enjoyed them as well. So I want to thank you for having us and I want to thank Eric. Help enraged for me absolutely thanks, too arrogant, and thanks to both Eu obviously thanks for coming on and ensuring their your story and The story of what you all did. more important thanks for what thanks anyway- Guys did for America drum And four goin out and hold MILAN. and on top of all that.
Profound. Thank you and a solemn salute too forty, four members of the sea wolves pilots, donors that were killed in action in Vietnam and who gave their odds for us. to take care of my forefathers in the seal teams. We will not forget their sacrifice thanks for common on the usual thank you, and with that Karl Nelson and John far see wolves above the building always good to hear those stories. Man, I'm glad, were able to capture them. This is a unit,
was founded and commission in Vietnam and then decommissioned in Vietnam. This, with their whole life of the sea, was was in Vienna. That's it. I'm pretty sure most highly decorated Naval air Squadron in history, which is also a kind of crazy. So. You to be able to pass on these capture. These stories appreciate them come in on here and well,.
These guys are always ready to go echo Charles there thinking that we should probably do our best. So we are also always ready to go what you think to go. Yes, I agree because they capable that's kind of deal. Does the gig shop window for working out were reading, obviously doing jujitsu, thankfully combining be thankful for that always think. There was a time where we're doing a lot, less teacher, You don't like that and capability hit some challenges. All good, though we're backward into Jitsu reading working out or maintaining relationships as well forget about that kinda. So through this path that we're alone, you run into some pain. Unfortunately, the truth is reality. Pain is part of, it will say, pain and suffering
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the short locker, so that's on Jack was stories well, so yeah. If you check out check out that, if you like that and by the way, all the stuff there were taught him up. If you want to support- give their support to the park. Ass is how you do it, otherwise we will run people are out there running advertisements for stuff. yes enough, that you actually dont want registry can Therefore your computer. I have nothing against registry through your address, but you hear about that when we were talking about Freakin Huey, on ships don't want to tell you about that we talk about huge gunships, so all the stuff, Jocker fuel bar com, darkly, store dot com, origin, USA, our common foreign support. We urge it yields interesting in this second a jail.
our boy, Joe Joe MOSS, india- and he reminded me of this- and I know this analyse like it's the back my hand and expressing any I know this, but everyone somewhat am reminded of it. I'm reminded of the ruling about a term interesting this of it where all this stuff, Origin genes, chocolate store, stuff, Jackal, fuel stuff. This is all stuff there, you that we actually use now and have before even though These exist, there's like just the better version. Now I'm sure you're wearing Raina. Oh that's from drug historic duty that I wear chocolate the short than they were literally like these shorts, are so, where worn out They were in every single day that, like it, has the outlined from my cell phone like on the pocket it whatever ordering set.
drinking origin shorts, the by the way like it's all I have to. I have doc, restore dotcom short on right now, exactly right with the digital pattern. So it's not like camera as one of the option. For sure. So it's not like oh yeah support the podcast by buying some key that we we just made up up whatever, which would be clinical. I guess again go where they use kitchens, but they're not arbitrary, your black belt future. That was a gift. The goods are also, if you see him, maybe four Hobbes, a back to where you Africa from August he's got it on. His teacher is again you will do need here. Let's put these keys on the table where there are visible, get there first off those gift from like from today. magazine or can, when I'm due disrespect him by putting it somewhere
all I'm saying is we know we are all no black Blackwell. When your keys go on the table, we do where they always go in front of everyone. Anyway, What else try trying to tell our people is that this is a step that we use anyway. Even before it, Is it so that some arbitrary thing we're seeing a support, but guess whether we will give you this this moderately valued thing. You know it's like these are things that are like when you're in the game on the path we are legitimately theirs Jack ACE, enshrouded forecasts also check out a Jackal unravelling podcast, that's Mean Darrell Cooper DC, talking about all kinds of stuff. grounded park ass. We had to work it back ass. We got Jackal underground, dot com, that's our own platform right. We can't just be. We can't be parasites on these big platforms, cause guess what the big platform I described, the girl scrape you off, Now, what are you gonna do starve to death die? When I can
that happened. We have contingency plan if the big forms decided, scrape off asks whereof there. Now we have our own platform, it's called Jacko underground Doc honor. Dot com- you are helping us build it. Just in case these people get squarely, they start injecting there behaviors into what we're doing. As we see it. The good thing about apart ass, covering about a park as you can do it. Well, if you are, upon cast in an inn, it's way, which is here this can do we want. Then you can do what we want. We literally do what everyone on the spot cast, but what, if, forms it works. You wouldn't want you do that, and we wish you this organ, appoint an advertisement in their whatever that, whatever they continue, their can do right. So we don't we to allow someone else to control what we are doing so. Therefore,
help us out. You can go to Jacqueline around our com and we're making make another little park. Asked for that we're talkin about interesting topics, adjacent topics, it cost! money, because eight dollars, nineteen sense I'm off to keep it rolling. But if give you can't afford that we get it we're not trying to x lewd you from the team, and exclude you from the movement. You can email since a jackal underground our com, it will take care of appreciate thus parch wheels over. You general, by the way, speaking a platforms wherever you tube channel. This is where I put in a lot of work creatively, the assistant director to many of these videos, the good ones, and if you want to check out my work. He wants you to what the the good Nickel assistant erecting new contracts,
these videos out on Jacko Podcast Youtube Channel, yet the epitome The pinnacle penitent go other system directly, so my daughter she's a mile away. So keep keep that in mind. We freeze flyer for him plushy enough you that Galicia, Une Docker you tubers, I'm like oh, maybe do not even lodge mean whatever so she's. Ok, what is like what is jack? We do, then, Rights Book, to whatever he's a cabin. He already wrote those books like what did he do There were three: they were now yeah like. What does he do and you know it? Oh dear, what do you do you? That's what you think right, you think. What do you do? What do you do when you wake up like when they do? She knows what I do. I planned the computer or the most. You know that you're not gonna, think she understands anyway. So you know what every does his thing she goes. Jacko hardly does
Thing you ve got is a tradable you do most. I, like you too, pretty much everything like other laughter right jack. We just talk Cecily she's a year. He does talks like you're, the one has to film for you. No one has come on you're. The one of us is eagerly next time, she's ism like that I'd be like. Well, you know he does. He is the assistant director on some of these issues. Are you know these are now we know I am. I am. I am implies individual. My my work is: is the pinnacle of Yes, you do your part, the tag so yes, Youtube too. We do have also We have psychological warfare scenario. We made Jacko made technically of him. Helping me through moments of weakness that I might have from time to time. Then we extended it to
their weaknesses that others might have from time to time. So she do that in you feeling the more you escaped our work I put in until you and why you should not do that drawn from a hang on your wall, get something called a hang on your wall from Dakota Meyer flips games. Dot com is gonna, send you you call designs check him out and supporting the customer and if you do not like your whole day, is good in my opinion, got some books, final spin. This is not a book about leadership. There may or may not be some leadership, lessons near its moral book about life and death and the and the journey that human beings go through and the pitfalls that they fall into and how they rise out of those or don't you check out it's coming out if you want to get the first a dish, NEA best order. Now, because you know
publishers like well, you know, We don't want to mess too much unless we haven't ok cool so then often print enough you're not gonna, get one unless you're in the game Jimmy. Also, leaders, restructuring tactics feel manual decode the evaluation programme, despite because freedom field Manual, there's a new version out the has my head on it, but it's girl in my original head, my head is grown way. The word you get one two three and four Mikey in the dragons about face by hack worth which I was honoured to light the forward for extreme ownership and the dichotomy leadership. The first two books. I wrote about leaders with my brother leaf ban. We have echelon front, which is a leadership consultancy and what we do we solve problems through. Leadership. We have an online training platform. online dot com on there,
all the time courses on their get your team aligned only to come out to your location, good you'll, Dave Burke, does need to come out to your location. waistband doesn't need to come out here. We're we're rearing your location, virtually check that out. We have some some live events that we do. One of them is called the muster and is today leadership seminar. The next one is in Phoenix August, seventeenth and eighteenth and then LAS Vegas October, twenty eight and twenty ninth good extreme ownership dot com. If you want to get in the game there we have. Something of this will be out. Yet we have the text, which is a field training exercise. You learn tactics, you apply the tactics with light your weapons used up, The leadership tactics that we talk about all the time and they will be ingrained into your brain when you are done with the fuel training exercise massive learned and if you wanna help service members, active and retired
families, gold, star families check out market, mom. She has a charity organization. She gets what one of the things that she's doing is getting men cool treatment. Service members that the government doesn't cover and shall cover the whole bill. So if you want to help service members, get those medical treatments you can donate or get involved at America's mighty warriors dot org and if you want more of my gruelling, ruminations or you need more of echo's hypnotic hypotheses. You can find on inwards on twitter, on the Graham and on Facebook, echoes article Josiah, magical willing and thanks once again to John far and Karl Nay Nelson thing Johnson Marine for getting us linked up
thanks for sharing your stories, gentlemen, and thank you for your incredible service to our great nation and thanks to all the sea, wolves themselves that flew in Vietnam and risk their lives sometimes gave their lives for their brothers in arms on the ground. Into all our military personnel and veterans around the world. Thank you for what you do and what you have done to protect freedom and our way of life, and the same goes to our police law enforcement, fire fighters, paramedics, empties, dispatchers, correctional officers, border patrol secret service and all four
responders. Thank you for protecting us when we need you and to everyone else out there. You never know when the call will come and you never know how much time you will have. In fact, you don't know how much time you have so don't wait, don't hesitate. Dont procrastinate instead, like the mighty, see, wolves of helicopter attack, Squadron three go out there and get after it until next time. This is ECHO and Jacko out.
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