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291: Are You Prepared? Stack The Deck In Your Favor. Army Special Forces Soldier, Mike Glover

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This is Jocko podcast number two. Ninety one with ECHO Charles and me Java, willing good evening echo. Your responsibilities may involve the command of more traditional forces, but unless traditional roles, men risking their lives not as combatants but as instruct Your advisers or symbols of our nations commitments, the fact that The state is not directly at war in these areas in no way diminish. The skill and the Kurds that will be required, the service to our country, which is rendered or the pain, of the casualties which are suffered. To cite one final sample of the range of responsibilities that will fall upon you? You may hold a position of command with our special forces forces would or to unconventional, to be called conventional forces. We are growing in number and importance and significance for we now know that is holy misleading to call this the nuclear age.
Or to say that our security rests only on the doctrine of massive retaliation. Korea has not been the only battleground since the end of the Second World WAR, menace and died in Malaysia, Greece, Europeans, Algeria and Cuba and Cyprus, most continuously on the oh chinese, peninsula,. No nuclear weapons have been fired, no massive clear retaliation has been considered appropriate. This is other type of war, new intensity ancient in its origin war by guerrillas. Subversives insurgents assassins war I ambush instead of by combat by infiltration instead of aggression, seeking victor by eroding an exhausting the enemy instead of engaging him, it is,
form of warfare, uniquely adapted to what we What has strangely been called wars of liberation to under the efforts of new and poor countries to maintain the freedom that they have finally achieved. Praise on economic on rest and ethnic conflicts. It requires in those situations where we must counter it, and these are the kind Challenges that will be before us in the next decade. If freedom is to be saved a whole new kind of strategy, a wholly different kind of force and therefore a new and wholly different kind of military training. That right, there was an excerpt from a speech by John F Kennedy to the night sixty two grand glass at West point
since military academy and that same year he also released a message to the: U S Army and that message red, To the United States, Army military dimension, guerrilla warfare has necessarily been added to the american profession of arms. Literal, translation of guerrilla warfare. Little war is hardly applicable. This ancient. But at this time modern threat. I note that the army has several terms which describe the various facets of the current struggle wars, the version cover aggression and in brow professional terms, special warfare or unconventional warfare. By whatever name. This man a tent challenge to freedom calls for improvement and enlargement of our own development of techniques intact
communications and logistics to meet this threat them of our armed forces, and especially the army today, is to match are these skills and techniques and to be able to help those who the will to help themselves. Your military skill is not enough: a full speck, Of military paramilitary and civil action must be blended to produce success. the enemy uses economic and political warfare propaganda. Naked military aggression in an endless combination to oppose a free choice of government and suppressed, Rights of the individual by terror, by subversion and by force of arms.
To win in this struggle or officers and men must understand and compiled, and combine the political, economic and civil actions with skilled military efforts in the execution of this mission. The green Bahrain is again. Becoming a symbol of excellence, a badge of courage, a mark of distinction in the fight for freedom. I know the United States Army will live up to its reputation for imagination, resourcefulness and spirit as we meet this challenge signed John F Kennedy. So the green race, the? U S army, national forces were formed for this new type of warfare. Well says, J F K said new in its intensity but ancient in its origin and today almost
Sixty years since JFK made these statements, there's a new duration of soldiers that have trained incessantly to fight this new type of warfare and were honoured, one of those soldiers here tonight with us to share some of his experiences. The? U S, army special forces worked as a tractor for some Government agencies and has continued to hone his skills and teach others through his company field after survival. His name is my Glover MIKE banks are common outlook. The round me ass, an honour to be here embrace green brace. The deal got a big deal. Yeah you do. Obviously the seal community gets quite a bit of you know flak because we're like. Ah, I guess for lack of a better word
the popular right now. Yes, but people seem to forget, there was the green rate green berets movie way before and and then I was thinking about the actual Delta force movie the day which was way before anybody knew anything about the seating himself? so anyway, let's get to a man. Let's go back to the beginning. Let's go back where were? You grew up where you're from what terms went to you who can option in Korea actually in Korea. Conceived in Korea. Adele was a joke army kid would you would you do so he had to Mars. He was a ninety five. Bravo, which is military police officer in a field artillery I what years was here have late seventies into did Mitt eighties Ochre is instant was was he did he go to nom? He didn't he was.
He great. He was in high school, Drovier, Vietnam and then, by time you get out. The war had been fought as over but he had stationed in Korea at some point: yeah gas station in Korea and met my beautiful mother at a very young age. She was eighteen years old and then they had me at nineteen we how old he taught five. Twenty four and dumb just live in his best life doing the army thing We actually moved to California for ORD California, where I was born in Monterrey. Look like a zombie apocalypse there. Now the actual base for or looks like a simpler, how silly shut down it did they they shut down. All the buildings condemn them, but it still open, like you could drive through a publicly so there's no gates. station in Germany for a period of time with my dad as a young child and then parent separated, so
got to come the Daytona Beach Florida, where I was basically. he's gone with. Who would you go at Malta that we're dead marble speak in English met guy in Germany, wanted up gettin back over to the? U S. Where am I I spent time between Florida, North Carolina, Sputnik difference grown up. Will you. Will you look at the army like the deal we all round the army all the time when you when you're living older? Yes, like it's like ass, you know yet we live in these, civilian lives now, but there is always this evidence that we serve some capacity. So I saw that evidence as a child. My dad had heal the dog tags, the pictures, the military gear. an aeroplane with steel? Fifty is old military gears as mess kit and all of Us L B, and all the old stuff that we had the wedding and I just got a new grown up in that environment that I was gonna be in the military. His brother was
a career Navy guy saw, was grown up with Charlie Sheen and heavy seals north and Delta force in kind of immersed in that and decided a very young age mean and is, is as young. As I can remember. That's all I wanted to do was due in order the other is the same, and may I say people like when did you that decision on, like I don't know, because I just remember what wanting to wear camouflage uniforms as a little kid. That's what I remember will but you're in most grown up and Daytona Beach. Yet beach and then Sputnik difference between North Carolina, my mama she settled right outside of Fort Bragg North Carolina, which all it's been a long time. Will you you born eighty so you're grown up to now. This is like the nineties: yeah as we have said in your talk new and for some reason in my mind, I'm thinking I'm talking like what, like an older person there
I'm thinking to my mind, like always the fifties Lion Programme, because it literally at K. I guess I just Reggie F K something: oh yes, the fifties and then I started thing myself wait a second. This is like. I was already in the Navy when you're freaking teenager, whatever your grown up in the nineties nineties when you're gonna Navy, ninety ninety The UK arouse ten year NOS ten while snaffle young, all of a sudden three. So what are you doing in Daytona Beach? What's the scene down there in the water, are you surf and are you listening to music? Would you listen- and I was on my dad joke since says absent, part fish, because I was always in the water. I mean I remember training. I wanted to be a new system of her started thinking about the military. My uncle was very prone av. I've seen my dad was pro army. and I remember, jumping to dive into pools and doing underwater. You don T challenges tie in knots. Scullery Channel or there was no
representation mainstream of what Navy seal stated with beauty. Tea was true. Seen in eighty seals, so to do that, but I grew up in the water outdoor fission, a group on a boat, and I think I was out weep. We probably fish for days a week. What was your dad civilian job? So he He immediately transfer from the military and work for the department corrections for the state of Florida, so don't directions at an early age right out. military Transitioned, his retirement benefits all budget cool stuff for him, and that's all I remember him down and then are you or is he disease or another like did he get remarried or somethin whose take care you he's at work. Here I mean, if I can refer, during that time? Varied bigger did a lot of taking care of myself, but super independent. I was an only child soldiers, measure you know so growin up Good imagination was very spot. was a kid. I remember get into trouble
Was an bars was an indoor we'd, all the typical things that gives her into? I remembered like doing? Caught up a concept? operation plans embrace as a ten year old out a toy simplified and planted ops. Gettin Gucci and geared up and during these. Like loaded, operations at night and then in a or are even when a your words and after action review. I would come back like let's talk about it like weird stuff, whose we let all my for alcohol around, and I was just a kid- I was a kid: hey. Did you what about that fact that your parents got divorced. You did you have like animosity towards dad or towards your mom, or were you just? Did you kind of because When divorce happens at a young age, sometimes your kids can understand it and it if it makes him you know, I got to have some kind of animosity towards one parent of the other sounds like you were pretty. Maybe you kind
cuz. You can also when you get older, you go yeah, you know what they just. You know they did this when they were little too young or they didn't get along. They weren't quite a good fit, and I get it and we're going to carry on that was made it out. I just never had a. I never did animosity for any appearance based on? the things they weren't potentially doing right. I don't It was because I was taught not to judge people and even my family and the circumstance I was in what I looked at. It was a very adaptive opportunity for me to to go to different places, meet different family members and then how he's core experience. I mean I grew up in North Carolina. Would my cousins run in the streets doing plain war should be guns, and then I come the Florida than those hanging out my dad fission outdoors on the beach in the water, and so I have really a childhood at despite the price alone that was separation which We at the age of twelve wanted at moving back to my mom's, taken advance opportunities there
I was the only option user. So when I went so mice, obviously my mom and dad or in category two hoots in competition with each other, because they want to. Have me, you know it's, I'm goin. can fourth getting spoiled ins and separate ways by remember actually a summer of like when I was twelve or thirteen miles, trying to convince me that hey, you know, your dad dismounted do woman, which he did, which was gonna, be my stepmom. She had three kids at the time and it's an allocation of resources are right. When you have three new children, the home, you don't get taken care of like Easter. and so I was like. Maybe I want to give my mama chance and little my mom and it's a good situation. So too said: Durham, I'm just gonna live Mamma and he was, I remember, painfully he was bombed out altogether. Herman debt, my dad crier or song cry- and I think was cry and on the far when I told him that an
it created a divorce is only baby boy, but he had or to take care of you had a new born with the woman at ease with, and I knew this life, yet this vertical yet to concentrate on so I live with my mom and then Carolina in and she wasn't, would she wasn't wealthy at all. She was an entrepreneur, small business pity salon wish, I thought I was gonna be like ours is cork, Mama buys be crap all the time, my dad, never bought me stuff and so on. Added to that opportunity and realize hey. I made me Mamma and have to fit for ourselves and wish you if another guy that point she was. She was with my stepdad to eventually that my Stepdad fifteen she had a boyfriend of a time named Alex is a good dude. From that she had met in Germany had brought her but she was trying to find her way. Maybe I don't even think in this is this is on reflection. I got shoes until I was like fourteen. I can flip flops is like
should they have a car to us fifteen because, forty or so we, have a lot of things that were basics because groaning as an entrepreneur, but that taught me more about life, moving forward being adaptive and eventually become a military leader, a lot of those experiences come from that you said you said well. It's pretty amazing how you were kind tat, NATO able to not be national about these decisions and stuff as a kid. You also hey. I was taught not to judge people who told you that our group has a to this end I was like I'm, not a super religious person, I never have been, but I've question, I'm a cry: the kid when I was in my bed, trying to think about what the next step was for people what happens when you die awry. Actually I remember this thought gives it stuck with me. I said so my head, I said, wait a minute if, if
God's Jesus Father then hoots Godfather there's this point in my brain and like oh, my god, I can't figure this out and I remember being distraught and so religion kind abroad. Together for Miss our group like a Christian, Non Denominational and was taught a lot of values that way off my dad's, a military one guy so discipline in Haggerty honour all those things were still at a young age too, and then what What point did you cause? You were in the water all the time and its like that would be a good call to go in the navy in trying the seal teams, what made you the decision to go and army instead Viagra question. I never been asked that, but specifically, I know the exact moment I was on my the steps of my grandma S house, and they told a beach at my uncle who is still active Navy had just come back from being on water and in the and I was talking about being a Navy seal.
And he said- listen, I know your torn between the two do. Any agreement it would be an insult and if you're a kid, it's like it's a choice, but you don't realize that progress that you have to go through, and suchlike So what happens? If I fail if I go to selection in our goodbye If I fail what happens, he goes your map in a deck forever because it and they told me about the whole recruit me. He asked We tried out for buds and didn't make it when he was young in the Navy. And he said: hey, there's a whole. What you guys I serve with that didn't make it that fill all. slots in the Navy that nobody, what to do in unlike so what happens? If I'm in the army and the my dad was there too, UK, MRS listen you'd be an airborne ranger! You pass render school you go to selection, you don't make it you're still here when I enter combat arms and I'm like, why is going to be in a fight and I made the decision right there in that moment was like ok, let me see the path that leads me to be a special forces guy when Austria
Here's automated that when my dad's gonna be a agree, moraine, Damn betterment MP, five bed him in in tee five as he did, he pay up now out of It must ahead of us. you buy me a phoenix arms, twenty two right now the the fact that what we the fact that you are able to calculate. That is incredible when I I freakin, you was I I think I was eighteen when I joined, but I might have been sent. The Match programme anyways! I was young, but I was then you are aged ten and I don't even see the figure out that hey that that never came to my mind. What, if you don't make it yet, which is a stupid, to be thinkin, Khazars, eighty percent attrition rate and buds, and it's totally it's the worst. I mean
here here was the worst. If you join the Navy, because you want to be a mechanic or you want to be on our work on aviation equipment, that's awesome than the Navy's freakin a great place to get those kind of jobs at a sort of industrial, blue collar jobs, the Navy's Freaking out For that you, you, like I said you wanna be a diesel mechanic broke, go, go, join the Navy. You'll get awesome experiences that you want to learn about Communication systems, technical stuff- navies great, but the I personally wants to be a sealed- doesn't want to do those kind of yes at all, at least as far as I can tell so But that's what you're gonna end up ass and so it's really a bad deal. If you don't make it it's not not gonna be fought. its worst. Do you train up for that job before you used IE right use a train up for that job here said, then? What?
good thing, is you see how much that job potentially sucks? So when you go about that's your motivation out, I want to go back to that thing. Vocational thing, no, it's its crew and the other thing. That's that's really good about the army in the marine corps. Is you get all this fundamental basic Infantry small units training before you go to special operation training, so, in the end, in a sealed teams you have that have the sort of base of knowledge of fundamental small unit tactics like you have in the army in the Marine corps, So I will do you and your last seventeen June seventeen and go to boot camp, got what you expect, yeah, whatever true bouquet. Would a sand hill became mayor eleven? Bravo! Actually sign Medea Airborne Ranger an option for contract which is known as the option to good range. I am also that's. That means you're gonna battalion. Yet always outsource set to grow, obtain
But what I signed up for us, an SOS was called eleven x ray eleven x, Ray similar to the eighteen x Ray were the axe stands for they fill the gap, They they decide what they want to make you so. Back in the day the it it's not like this. Now back in the day, there was for difference, she's in the ever tree, a lover Charlie Delta and MIKE that might it not delta, but MIKE and hotel So if you are lucky, Bravo Impetus, women, if your choice, we motormen if you're a MIKE Mike he willed mechanized vehicles. If your hotel heavy armor like run on these So basically an average remain with different scale sends well. When I got there they selected us in group does was based on where we were standing. So he said,
You guys and our group you're gonna, be Bravoes Jimmy S letter literally standing literally no longer standing in your class rank or anything like that, just where your stay, where you were lumped together and so there, like you lump you're gonna, be a bravo. You know when they made them less well, they may be an eleven hotel, and so am I so many efforts, regarded rise in Humvee shoots. Fifty thousand toe missiles cope with this at the end of basic training where they transition you and they go to a HIV. Your advanced training, this they're supposed. However, rip brief, arrange your declaration programme brief. So the Its Roger comes in like what's going here, like he's not talking to us he's talking to the bravoes and the Charlie's, my wisely talk in us. Don't big anything about it. I'm like you want to have a rank right so now no four the sand on. So we go through the training and at the end they go. Hey, microphones,
loose Washington to arm. Then every tree, like I've, Ranger Contra Airborne Ranger contract so. They look at my mossy. Go no your hotel range of time, have hotels, unlike what You mean they don't have hotels, Iraqis, They told us before you today. I feel like I'm. A private eye. I tried to say something, but you guys nordby so luckily for me my Cool was a sergeant major and eighty, thereby Encore big division of airborne amateur units, to call him during a little break and like this is what happened so he gets there. in a long story, short gets. This connection were this old guy. Recruiter comes in and I'm in a room like similar to this they're like I know your uncle on the hook. You up like little guy says it to music, you five and he's the request for the old guard! Third infantry regiment right, I don't even know what the held over it like. Ok, what what am I going to do in a city
he comes in and he looks on, my orders said Jim, your orders a looks in my invoices? Love? No tell he literally takes a pen in scratches at eleven o tell rights. Eleven. Bravo sciences initials both an instant eleven. Bravo and unlike and I'm like okay. So am I going over time to go spoil first, we can't do that. We have to send you the old Guard cuz that part of this deal when we send you the all garb because your ear, you can only Eleven. Bravo going yogurt ruining sinew there, and then you could put a forty one. Eighty seven, every body a day even kind now so forty one, eighty seven, the way that you might rate and do whatever you want to do natural. so I get the old guard, no idea. What the old guard is a long story short there there ceremonial unit of the? U S military, they do all this funerals to state dignitary, escorts, all the stuff. I didn't Wanna do I have to take advantage of my time, MRS Pre, but you out
so. I'm like we're talkin. What like ninety seven, ninety seven, ninety seven, so I get there and Luckily, for my circumstance, my uncle is very well known, uneasiness. He he said, does between sort desert storm he's just a puppet. Character, the imagery in this in these particular units and the old Guard for Infantry Gaza's, like a break yeah. You gotTa Korea, you gotta, the eighty second Nigger Yogurt take a break, so I get there you dont, know anything, and I realize it's not place that I want to be, but I had to take advantage of my time. so. I had on a trajectory to focus on setting myself up for success to be the best version of special forces that I could be, and so that's that's. What, journey began. Didn't was anyone to tell you what do was anyone talk to you about it? Was anyone told you about selection or what you need to get ready for anything like that? We read about it, so I was so books or
been a big part, my life, since the origins of war. I wanted to be the motor the Marcinko books, the you know, the the marine sniper all these looks. Jarred plaster, Maxie saga, jarred strike stories. All these stories I was digesting in absorbing Ivan. Told in basic training a book called commandos? That was a paper bag book from the drill, sergeants Pool Table Hall whilst doing Kpi Ross clean crop up because I was like I want to die just ass. I was like hiding doing that stuff and so I had an understanding of what it took in discipline, but I'd no idea because I didn't get any until as I got into the if a tree, maximize my time. I tried up for Ranger School. I want to register was an eighteen year old, Pcso, private, first class. I want to air, How hard is it to get a bill it to a ranger? Go with an eighteen year old almost impossible. I was getting so there's a there's. Try
else, most aperture units run which call pre ranger and people there, Hey you raise your hand Agus slot. That's not true for retired its requirement, so they get the majority of the slots. If your regular infantry unit you get slots based on order of merit, so they haven't aware Maoist and if you earn it, give you a slot and then you're on the list, and then you just chuckle, you waited the time. So I tried out for but thirty of us tried out force. Three of us got slots and I was a young pfc. What is it what's? The tree based on free completed in new weapons assembly or something what's harder than Ranger School? So it's it's about a week. Right. So in a week it's like how much wrap. Can we put together in a week to crush these kids did too He whose most likely to succeed because easier had the reputation alone. If the third of two regiments since five dude strainer school and nobody passes it, it reflects poorly on on the regiment so when I showed up
rucksack use. I owe you a rock march twelve miles in time it was land. Allegation. It was a common core task? It was patrolling the number, One thing: that's gonna, make you successful. Is it your physical fitness and render school it? Your ability to lead, and so ass a young eighteen year old at the time I've navigating this problem set psych hate, Piazzi Glove or give a worn out get caught up in like like. I have two brief, this so planning in executing that raid was a reflection of your probability of success and rascal school. So successful. European Sea and there's thirty people try out and you get selected. I got select and now is one of one of three. They got selected which renders gloves actually the only one of the three that went all the way through without recycling and in my
infantry company. The only people read requalify was me as a pfc and my first sergeant, who is a seer ie, eight in the army, so it back. Then it was rare. I was ready to have a ranger tab under uniform how's ranger school kickin balls kick animals fear, was the the thing that I had overcome as most difficult thing that I had overcome. I recollect the night before Ranger School fear, my fear of failure, fear failure, absolutely and um. You have no but if you just have these stories in know, my squad leader had been arranged school before so use feed me information, which almost makes it worse it, like you, gotta, get a b. This in an you're trying to live with that solution in mind and Europe hit with all these other random jobs in the face, I shall up and I'm a super physically fit and remember getting my mom I had.
body. Fat hype, physical, fitness score. When I got there, I realized we quickly. It wasn't about that. He was a dancer the ranger assessment, part of rain or school, is relatively easy. A minute's we're eight pace five miles. Forty minutes, we're talking about basic pushups, sit up and running and pull up some basic stuff really quickly. You start tyranny cause you're, not eating your averaging about one. In Maria Day, when I went there time Andrew ravaging about three half hour to sleep, those the cruelties for a dude I mean I would render school was even an eighteen year old at two hundred pounds, the guy's or meat heads that were big deeds suffered the most, because you need protein to feed And when you're not getting that your body starts deteriorating and its painful, how much weight did you thirty pounds? Thirty pounds
yeah. That's that's good time! Yeah, Ludwig Man. I might have taken the gamble, you know: they're, like hey, listen, Jacko, you might end up on a ship somewhere, but If you got a ranger school guaranteed your naughty naughty, reminding them about our role, the guys that another ball games, that's the thing about, but the thing about: buddy you're, getting fat man, it's all you can eat beautiful to just want you jacked has huge, but the thing is Ranger School, like you said, Ranger School really the Premier leadership School forty army, it is, you run in operations you're you're here. filling a different role. Basically, every operation sometimes you're the leader, sometimes you're, freaking machine gun, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's You know how to read or school was a very young kid. I didn't.
to expect and then it sink or swim. You either step to the play in your prepared to be let their dove characteristics been successful range warrant that difficult but be a clear, concise Decisive leader under stress is super important and I saw an effort for come. You don't come terribly to all my peers, which warrant peers. I'm talking about second lieutenants, that is gradually Io Bc. After your best course Navy seals, green berets, These are guys at a highly respect. So, a whole plethora like a melting pot of a whole bunch of different backgrounds, and I realized when Look away food. When you took away sleep when you broke every body down we're on this equal plain, its they're, very minimal characteristics that you needed to be successful and shine were not that difficult
and so I saw people sink, and I saw people succeed because they swam those people that sunk verges. They couldn't decisions and then, when they got stressed, which they ve never been tested and stress that could do baskets basic skills. That's right range gonna give you the formula. Here's the caught up. Here's the five paragraph operator. Here's your executed rate just follow that step by step. And you'll be successful and I realized how Anna that was in. So I just To get through a check the block and get it done, and I saw a lot of people that I highly respected because they started fall apart. Amidst all guys we're beef beefy due to Jack too, were strong and they were getting broken down the most because they could handle the deprivation. sleep food, and when, when I saw that as a young man as a young leader, a change might our perspective on life like it, we the hierarchy of things that are important.
It's not important like a like eating. eating and sleeping in the field to be able conducted operation are now the new priorities for me, taking care of my guys came out of that, very young leader who wasn't even in our informal leader. I was in a designated leader in that shape me to become the leader that would become. You say people that would have trouble or people that will have hard time making a decision like what would they be having a hard time making a decision like hey, there's where we can put this over watch position or where you to set up the the basic element like those kind of decisions you everything from technical to very cognitive decisions that have to be made in adapting to change rapidly. So Your school you gotta set mission, which is based off your caught that you planets a deliberate mission sent Contingency Base mission, sent in the field with that, and then after that, it's all Franco's its fragmentation, orders of missions changing we're doing this
and mostly had do with the adaptability of adapting to rapid change. Hey guys, this just happened now, yet the dab doubt you gonna do I have no idea. It was probably a lack of glucose in the brain is lack asleep. I mean I had guys that broke down in, like just quit because when you get to that state, where you can't function mentally, what's gonna get you through that in typically its grit, its resolve it its digging deep in some of those guys never found that an even though they were there tested in they had an opportunity. They never found it. So when we came field the greater about render school, is your judged by your peers, you you're right down on a piece of paper rat at the vit like the second, you come out of the field. Yours, daddy your mind. They put you in a classroom. They sit, you d with a piece of paper, and I say, down a person want to go to war with and write down a person you ve bought in that's
super platform for young man being told that they would be left behind by the majority of their peers. That's Emily super prepare because it's like him in adapt change do some self reflection or fail and just be guy for the rest, your life that right read their set. The president's revelling move and enraged school. Why The way that you could drop this by getting peered out right, where you get if you get rank the lowest guy exe of times, then the instruct. Like yeah. This guy's not got it, we want. If you get peered and its becoming a routine out of the field, you immediately get recycled so a recycle, isn't it I going back to beginning of that face its potentially go back to the beginning of Rayner School, so talking about fiscal semi plus days was couple months? Three different phases when I went Darby,
which is in the of forbidding Insane hill the long ago, which is in the mountains and the land which is in the swamps. So if you get recycled you potentially will go back to the face or go back to the very beginning. I mean I I I You do a womanly suggestor whose, when the first females to go to render school, she failed every phase she got to the last phase and failed, and they said you failed. So here's your options you could knocked at it like. It was a weird, like knock out these pushups because we get assess if your physically a fit to go ahead and go forward. If you don't knock em out and you can't be destined right now, you're done but we're gonna recycle. You did a very beginning so cheap using ryzhkov like a year like Spain, combat operations asleep in food deprive for like a year, and I can't imagine That was your options. It's either again soon, sink swim. You have an opportunity to succeed and change the way you look at yourself.
Because the most impact for that they give you that opportunity, Org to be that guy, and then you get your when Arthur helping people out by Lissy you get graded low, and instructed room covert you and say: like hey, listen! Here's what's goin on here! You're! Really indecisive union start thinking through these things, but the reason asking you. This is because, like in basic seal training, first you're, not doing anything really tactical, but second of all, there is no real hey. Brow. Here's the mistake that you're making, whereas one kind of training that I ran, which was like these straining like that that the training that we do petitions before down upon a right. I mean all I'm doing ass. Being like hey man, you can't be. You can't be sitting there being indecisive. You need to find out what you would call you gonna make any deal these, give you guys and direction like I'm com We do in that. These guys is happening, arranges, goers it more like yeah. You know it you this guy and got it yeah. They I'm in here
the reality is, they know if you're not gonna, make it that the your peers, no, the students There's guys who were made for war guys who aren't made for an The things that I think is port and about the the ranger tab in the experience creating combat leaders represented by a tap now. Now we don't wear tabs necessarily all over the place, because we're indifferent uniforms when you saw that tab. You undressed, that that guy was capable as a leader in combat, and it told a lot so a lot of the times, especially with the officers who come on I'll, be see their new twenty two year old. A second lieutenants though, given the opportunity and they'll say hey. These are the fixes fix this if he don't fix it, you're gonna say you gonna? U report your first detestation as an embassy. Also with our major tat forget about your career field for the rich. you're. Just not you might as well just get out for free,
Jos, IP of seas, that I was for specialist or even young in ceos, not commission offers you have an opportunity to give you some feedback and they expect to see you take that opportunity you might not get another opportunity based on the cycle of getting patrols, which means recycle and you'll get another chance, a month and a half later, because that's how long it takes to get through with attrition rate, it renders go its pre heights by eighty percent really adds by eight percent. So you get you get down Now you must have a pretty freaking good reputation or are you? Are you nineteen? Yet a nineteen nineteen you educated from that arms. What's next so my uncle when there was a guard some of the unknown soldier. He was theirs a guard. He was opportune sergeant before my time,
When I'm there, I put it four thousand one hundred and eighty seven good ranked time doesn't get accepted that like now, I have a ranger tab which one as a prerequisite to get a forty one of their like. No, we don't. We don't need the numbers and in ninety eight, that it neither numbers money not and so on I talk talk amalgam like what do you want my office, like I'm, to be in a fight which there wasn't a fight and that's part of the reason why I didn't get four thousand one hundred and eighty seven fruit there, like he's like go to go, try out for the TIM and at the time and instill unit the two million the soldier was the most difficult. It's probably most difficult thing. I've ever done my life to be honest, selections, in smash operations, comparatively we're walk in the park compared to what that was. I went there. the army, has been guarding the tomb of the unknowns since the that the fifties it's been around since the in terms of they were one and no end.
an honour. It was something that was gonna, build me and said: for success leading into. But behind or special forces, and so I took the opportunity I went trot out. How long is the trial so you typically due to two. We try out. It's called titty. Why they do. Is they titty? Why you to the tomb? We do how much of assessments and then they go. Good enough for you not to continue to select and try and seven in line with process, if you're smart, seven months, if here not so smart, not once so. It took me like too much, so it will be a long time to get my earned. My team identification bad, but the process is almost a year and then what's that job until I mean obviously we know what it looks like from the outside guarding the tomb. But what's it look like from the inside to suck fast man, it's a suck fest, I mean it's the most difficult thing I've done, but the most
bull responsibility have been given an altar, so too many unknown. Soldiers have been guarded by the army since the the forties and they garden to twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and rotation takes place in three the space on height, first the tall? Secondly, in the MID Mid guys, Thirdly, in the shortest minimum six feet tall, and then you rotate, basically a firefly cudgel day on day off day, Andy of Day on in four days off all around. You know your schedule for three years in advance and you typically guard If you're a guard, you have your badge during this baton, seven walks a day. Thirty minute walk. with the seven minute, Gore change and then about to four hours of guard rotations at night at night we don't ceremony, you'd uniform, it's typically class. Having he's at the time were beady use and it's a roving patrol you're you're
job is simply to guard the Timothy unknown soldier from desecration or disrespect, and we do that. Snow sweet. He doesn't matter the whether it's this being done what makes the what makes it so challenging to get through the they suggest like microscope Inspections of your uniforms in your hair and you're freaking knows hairs here here, hares and stuff, like that, it's the attention to detail lines. so the signals, Creed States, my standard war may perfection, and so you build this culture around paying attention to every single facet of your motor uniform, even your life, even your personal life of being squared away. So I did that job and you know painful to be a new guy doing that job but inspections every uniform every single day, if not by the hour they have culture where you earn a walk. You don't just get a walk. You have to earn that long. She has by understanding knowledge yet the voice.
Beta memorize, twenty pages of knowledge about the tomb of the unknown soldier in the history of to national scimitar. Your representative, like you, can go do a tomb guard walk and for three thousand people coming I d quarters change and go out three minutes later and communicate too many unknown to winter? Represents the yes Walter. So it's it's a diplomatic position, not just stay a guard weren't a uniform, walking back and forth, and so I remember that I first walk was it for three thousand people at twelve o clock noon. CNN Fox NEWS. Cameras were in my face our hearing, standing up, poor arms hearing, the ban at rattle on my weapon cause you're, freaking nervous, but I was nervous standing in for I'm looking through aviator glasses, airum upper. If you see people like in, from a just staring at me, and every movement during the guard change has to be perfect and its intimidate, but its own sharply
curve and again it's a huge opportunity for me so the programme of the selection broken age arm about that's ten months long, are you working in that time, are you doing any guarding or no you're dead? We all the guard walks where there's nobody watching you. early morning, late afternoon and everything at night even did was called a vigil because, wanna get the hell away from the guys they wanted to hear used and abused? I did visuals where I would work all day and so on. You don't helping prep the guards forms doing early morning late afternoon walks and then at night I'm taking. when they cemetery closes at seven p m until seven in the morning, standing guard for twelve hours straight no sleep in guarding just to get away from the gods, housing breaking records. Don't that after twenty one visuals passenger back, so what the hell is going on with the guys that were so bad was just freedom,
all your shit all day, long white, the soda, the tomb of the unknown soldier that the actual badge is- toward badge in the: U S military. Besides the astronauts batches, you know, they're, not a diamond, doesn't Walter. So, the Timgar badge is- is very much protected by the Timgar Badge protector. They don't want the right guys there or the wrong guys there. They want the right guys and they they want to make sure you earn it in I did in back then hazing we from a military were hazing was normal, I mean if you weren't haze, you unit your loved, like I got my ear, be my airborne wings by HALO wings punch into my chest, my every rake punched in my collarbone into the phone and now just as the universe we evolved in
was very much the case, everything from running through the cemetery trying to find you know, inscriptions of of specific people getting smell. death, low crone across Europe, down in the lawn did in August smoked just routine hazing. To make sure this is a word were testing to evaluate you constantly. If you want to be here and it's something I guess is handed down a tradition What's the award ceremony like when you finally get the badge not not that big a deal amidst pretty saw a picture of it. I ever saw for by six picture of it and on the third relief or the third in future regiment commander comes down a no six Annie pins, your back. in the morning, and typically you worked the whole night. Take you take your badge test, which is a sin, he's a specific tasks, including changing the guard at noon, reading verbatim the twenty pages and knowledge with no errors being perfect,
written test, all kinds of stuff and then your badge pit and batch seven zero out of probably about almost six hundred badges today then how long did you have that job for not long? it for about a year and a half afterwards and then so for a year and a half after you went through nine months of the shit down there ok this what you don't let your job! That's your job, How did you like it. so? I love the hunter the duty, but It's not what I wanted to do. The motor, I I you know What one thing we have to do is maintain our common core skill sets. So we Are the field in those three days down. We do training we do raids. Patrolling we had retain all these things, so you get the amateur experience as a part time position, representing the army and a full time position. And it's not what I sign up for me
was trying to be the best that I could be be all you can be with the model back then, but it's not what I signed up for and then Nine eleven changed everything for me in that, in that situation now. But where are you station when nine eleven went down so I wished so I got all the army. My first rotation of four years September, third of a one was my adsl get army date. I transition into the National Guard because I was going to college and, was a squad leader in the controls, your plan light and federal beer, of investigation in Turkey. I was like if there is no war, if I can't the battalion. I'm gonna get my college degree, and I'm ago I'm gonna be a sniper innate Shorty and that was not my sites were set on that and when, Levin happened. It was a week after by ETA and how do you now twenty one to twenty-
years old you get out on September third September. Third is when I left the army: ok So then, what do you do so September? Eleventh comes now you're freaking! You got all don't bizarre con freaking out like that one. September eleven happen. Also, the national guard- and I knew the now The guard was gonna, get mobilized and I'm like I'm not gonna work. no offense the National Guard, but I'm like I'm, not gonna worthy states. I a media like I took, I was at college in the cap. very unfavourable near for rational Caroline. When this happened, I went home and through my battle- dress uniform in the washer and sorted back in my stuff, because, unlike Or is it an immediately us or make a phone calls there? Like you do enough? In man, Nothin's go That's right now stand by to stand by and unlike optimum moves, so I started recruiters and very rapidly get back in the notary and went straight to selection, which
Degree brace was hard to get the prostrate selection that dustbin lines out the door. At that point in impossible, I was a. I was a twenty year old five I mean I mean sergeant I twenty years old, airborne ranger cloth but the tomb garbage and when I should say, recruiter he looked at me like. I was a sixteen year old kid who wanted to play army- and I was like- is this not a bit and at that time they had eaten worked out this They were guys who were prior service, come back in and serve. I do just get out last week and he's like sorry, man, I guessed or over, and so I'm duck walking barefoot with a whole bunch of teenagers. I'm trying to get back an army. We will owe cause you to go back to like the recruiting processor Larry beginning I mean I have a good basic HIV had a major tasks are to have the duty that stuff, but I had to go back through the hour. me and processing system called thirty of aging from the beginning. I'm duck walking, I actually wit,
they the recruiting station, which is called this is where the process you in military, uniform and I'm? I remember they us in the room and I M stripped down and guys looking at me in I'm battle, dress uniform stripping. Now, what is this do? Do it like this you're recruited like what is happening at the Mai. x or briefs, like everybody else, duck walkin do in alma, though drills to get back and then straight selection from her. So I through our programme. Basically in eighteen x, Ray Programme- and I had try out word special special operations preparation course, they by you. Wait like they did me and render school today. Is this kid? Is probability that he's gonna be successful. If I wait, I'm in land have let's Rock M, let's be team and is in the fees. Good will get slot, and so that's that's crap. You just said prep. It's basically the preparation for
giving guy slots to go to selection because it is only through you into select and have you fail there set you success, and so I quit eve. I waited there like eight states ready was sent him now. How long is that little evaluation a week s it's not straightforward, and then you go to selection and election This initial selection is only a few weeks. All right we're not a selection. It was twenty one. Twenty two days a few weeks this is just sort of weedin people out yeah and in making sure you wanna be that yeah at the time you have in your head three years in the army, so you shall not experience typically he owes now. Commission answers, are junior listed guys who have experience and motor and you show up it's a week of us spent land now all these gates to make sure that your good to go and that its team weak? It's it's basically
a little many version of how weak and then they do the long range movement. The long range movement is what gets everybody its way navigation leading into a long range movement. Were they assess your body as an individual, to learn a skill set in the wood line alone, execute at school, set to be a success and that skill set aside land mouth land. If we're not via its art, it's like you Guys- is waterways, land and numb hey. Can you help for a long period of time, duration date night and keep moving, and can you finer points and just like the water was a lot of people can't illnesses? Mrs crazy needs it to me like walking, very primal and People feel yeah put their rucksack on its attack, not clear, walk it anymore. Yes, sucks life. Are you sure, at the first, I've always found like the first seventeen minutes, where the rock on noise like earlier
however, this shit, yeah, we'll body sorts of warm off everything hurts and then you start moving. I I've always been a good run that's always been my strength So I've never had a hard time with broken. My feet were hard. My back was good, so have a difficult time with with selection, but what I saw as a lot of guys were prepared for that level and duration of movement, and it is broken now. What do you do in a day, those then that selection, where you did what a week of rocking will need, would you think you're doing today on average. Sixteen. Ten kilometers per movement per gate, so you know it. It depends like you start that whole enterprise years philosophy behind it is we're gonna, start moving you and get you on your feet. and they will give you at eighty miles or to twenty advocate that the average is a twenty something plus smiler. It's your broke when you start
and then we'll move you for a long period of time and see it. It's all attack on preparation by the way it's as now to do with the actual assessment. It has being to measure whether or not you heard in advance, and so what they want is the who prepared in advance and so at one point for large movement, which is thirty pride, thirty plus miles over a period of twenty for eight hours, you're not stop moving and if you bed down for appeared a time and you sit down each wow and ran out and you're, not I mean yourself appropriately use fail, and so you have to be his gates, but it's all all. In your own and that that Jack's people's minds when, when somebody comes into a room and rights down exactly we gotta be what uniform I'd be in and what time your movement that independent it's in setting off with no destination of mine, hey students. I want you to get ready to rock on we're gonna move until we tell you to stop that a meal.
Destroy people's might set out the gate like what do you mean so they go out there. These are spreading middle placed themselves and they burn themselves out or there so in secure with a circumstance they impose? They self induce with stress and then quit you like your self selecting? Because you don't have to Zack parameters. What could be done? That's how war is may war is a we might be flexing all night. We might be fuckin all year, who knows and the uncertainty that people breaks people now and they ring out or whatever what do they do? How do you quit and select so in selection in Reed's of time. You go back to your barracks in and when I went to sleep and it was a piece apply, would know pillow and you have a buck The has no pad nothing, nothing comfortable, you'll grow. You go to sleep in the morning and you'll wake up. And half of your entire crew that you went to bed with is gone
and you're like what and so what we were going to give up their leaving knocking on the hut and this self somewhat. Like literally saying, I'm done an amount you have to. voluntarily would draw in order. The conversation in order check on a select yeah, there's something I've always found about being out the field and humping. Specifically. There are two things that comes to mind. And I ve been talking about this lately from dislike a leadership, respect which is it my own personal mom mindset. I am very aware of time Beware of time I can always feel time creeping up on me. I can always feel time, like people think we'll be able to make it work? We can rest a longer and I always had that sense that actually actually know network we're, not gonna make it. In fact, we need to leave now for can make it or what to come up with a plan. I say you know what we need to start moving We can't spend any more time when it's time to go. I always That sense of
time- and I still do it is almost a level a its summit it always. Is it in front of my arm heads display right my heads up displays always going hey, wait. Checker time checker Don T get up, but that reminds me Leonardo patrols, whither total dick. You're patrols where you're carrying a shit on away and you're going really far, and you still gotta get to the target on time and again the the the intrinsic motivation that it takes because one sit down, you take that load off, and you see the guys all freakin sit crappy perimeter and just there they'll sit there they'll sit there indefinitely like like you take up to now and, and they ve gotten the dirt they can be crushed. a five six seven hour patrol, they won't get up. Bless you like a boys we gotta go and if
If you don't do that, if somebody does do that some years hey guys it's time to get up and go there's no there will be no movement. What will happen then does not that target Belburg. We could make the target. That's what will happen? People accept that, like you, know, warrior and ends. we have in that happen, intrinsic will to say your watch you go. You know what we said. Ten minute break, it's been nine minutes. Boys get ready to roll. That's a big deal the assets of the idea of the other part of the reality a discipline. His freedom, part of that freedom is control that you have self control. If you want Stan what you have to do, to be discipline to make gates to meet time, acts You have control your offensive, you're thinking proactively and alive guys don't have the discipline to do that. It's it's it's it's, RO, crazy to see that something so simple, a task so common core kin, we'd the masses and evaluate who's gonna sing
aid with a combination of attitude and discipline versus who's, not yeah, and, like you just said, What it really boils down to is when you're, tired, when you're sore and when you don't know- how much longer this gonna last do you have what it takes to put your rock back on, stand up and start walking again at it. Now you wouldn't think it's something that freaking simple, so simple, so primal, two so you get through selection and then been you hit. The queue course hit the key courses. Eighteen, Bravo: special Forces weapons guy, daunted third, special Mrs group, any any arm highlights out, of course now. I think that you know and in the lead in talking about. Kay and the representation of how we wanted to establish this irregular and unconventional means of warfare I learned that truly from the law duration that I was in the queue course. I
the Robin Sage, merely weeks ass Robin Sage. After that experience, I was living that training in Afghanistan in remote far base so Robin Sage, which is an exercise, basically live unconventional warfare in environs. Which is Rockingham North Carolina, the surrounding area, where all the Seville, or sub contractors and bought into this whole thing? This elaborate, a scenario was so impact for free is crazy. Yes, it is to give a little back on this, so that the mission of The green brace of special forces is to go out and work with. Indigenous forces get them trained up, get them organ. Used so that they can fight by themselves with very little guidance from the from a special forces and eventually would know gains that all that's it that's the mission. So the
you guys do this big exercise its or is it like? The final exercise that you do you're pretty much and in its called robins age you go out and you have quote indigenous forces, which is really just the local populous inside this town and you have to train them and you have to work with them and you have to get information from them and set up a target. In the whole nine yards, because that's what The primary mission of special forces us to go do that yet by through its foreign internal defence, it's been coin counter terrorism, foreign and turned the fence based on the words that were now, but it's the eye. Of you have don't relationships and were poor with indigenous people with forces, you just can't go undue delay, actions only, s r d hr those things complementary to a strategic plan. The strategy is, we have to win the hearts and minds. So and I went to Robin Sage. You had west pointers like junior West pointers, we
RO players from the military down inner weaved. In this scenario, where you can't just went to this circumstance and treat them with. military mind, you have to break bread with them. You have a drink, with him? You have to learn about their family and build this relationship, because at the time these guys on target, and so that's what I really took away from Robin Sage. Was this opportunity to and grow in culture and then deal that relationship which meant or building a bond where we could fight side by side in the with portion of it and find a fix and fit these bad guys together in power. the host nation that were doing warfare with that that super import, because it translation of going into the war was exactly that with the circumstance with Afghanistan at the time
you know like I wanted the scenarios I built conduit and a chicken coop, a chicken house for six hours with this kind of Michael I might look at the other. Do them with my did, which corn like what are we doing right now, are we just? Are we actually just doing tasking and his help stood up because its we got pass. It do this and that in that six hours, we heard a noise like it's all, coming together. But our input we ran in the woods per enforce together out of her backpack an ambush these two, due to her interrogating and bullying this former like this is so awesome. I mean it's the long, it's a long burn, but it was so awesome as inexperience and then you, you, Sir you on with Duke anything else in due course stands out. Thus survival school I may survive school got. My ass handed to me is the first that I am, I mean how long is the survival school? It's pretty long emulated it's private. A few weeks when I went through psycho escape like a sovereign, viable blast, sir, yes, sir,
see or see the heresy oversee version, what you guys got through and then you know you escape of aid, and then you go into Artie ill and just get your ass Hannity in and again learn very rapidly that were not all created equal in our capacity to deal with stress, and I don't find with it. I mean I I I fight and I grew up in more short group. Do all these things which set me up. success there to go home, and this is an exercise. Learn from this experience. Wait. What martial arts did you ninja to before straight up and induce you want some did I My first instructors we're all green, raise at Fort Bragg North Carolina, who opened it did Jitsu school active in, and were ass of guys and it was gangster
you're doing stuff, like my mom once not to do. Have them shoes with the tow cut. Oh yeah, look it's like hell, you're Katie's had, although recovery honours you're just get, it was crazy. I was wondering who is by an all that stuff out of the back of freakin black belt, as I have got it wrong. It was. It was at all the red knives, although it was crazy, it was. It was cool experience, because my guys that were the instructors were all green brace, and so they like you, do like allow, of guys with our experiences. Do trot in part. Does experiences in and impact on, young people and so they are doing the same with me. So I felt like I was mentor by these green brace once did your class and mama drop me off. And for my mom to be paid for this courses have big deal. She dropped me off. She saw. The instructor put me in front of a mirror. She came back an hour in ten minutes later. still standing in front of the mirror and she was.
Starck issues like my paying for my son. Why are you doing Are you only having of standards like it's an assessment, and I said Let myself for an hour and meditation like what the hell, a lot about myself in that our it's crazy? so back to back to did you stay away? for your there. Did you guys fight each other, a ninja to school. A lot it was aggressive allotted use got her. It was I think it was a lot of before or wage earners was this ninety three, ninety four, so you have set of common out yeah people. This is with during the revolution. Oh yeah yeah. I was a lot of I mean there are judged. I mean Ninja too has end, and this japanese form has led a traditional jujitsu tie moves on the ground, but it's not ground and game, so move. Yes, it's a singular move is a singular, that's the problem. That is the problem that Herod problem with that
and so I I learned a lot about discipline from that experience, but it may be hard so when I went to survival school, I was just man. I was good. I ain't it wasn't a difficult thing, but I saw due to fall apart and when I went to survival school it was the last thing that you did in the queue course. If you failed, you failed everything It is you d spent two years of your life training to be green brain and they let deeds go. How many people fail. We have a couple per class, and it was, it was commonly have a couple for class that would self selecting them like I'm done the two reports making quit the stress man, what stressful warming getting like even just a hood, like people aren't used to take an if you, if you don't grow up in those martial arts, we don't grow up and impact sports and that used to when I hood comes off your head. And you get slap by do hands who like pickle, fingers, Magee and he slept
your face and you can't do anything that starts breakin you down and by you know day to experience the away. Make it yourself Lex Cuff, in a box east melodic I saw select, I thought it was. I was in claustrophobia, like being a small places, I hid, I slept, and also this is awesome to keep me in his box, slap so hard. When I got captured it's your school, the it surprised me Jeff like it was. I mean this guy freaking out. No, the hood- comes off. I'm standing up against the wall, it down the woods and have like a war to get somewhere Hollywood wall, where it when you get pushed into a kind of gives beer yeah. So he push me into a once in, like whatever I must have some kind of punk ass, freaking smirk on my face like whatever, and this dude did not like it at all and he carlock to me I mean talking as hard as a human being. Can I mean
imports in the face he was like. But he happened to be open and I forgot the little capital flash and all like o day, thrills idea, Emily be that was that was number one is all about one year, but I, you I can't imagine, then that would have made me wit but I guess the sun was not used to you- know, maybe scrapping and whatnot. That's it They are not really for them had what dangerously may in their psychology was playing you have to resistant right. The whole game is your resistant armor your building, in the sand, a single there and the Communist Yoke scenario and we are building a single and how of us. We're advertising the sickle so guys would make it anymore a guy who are how respects use between sovereignty of the tree had gone through training with me. I was scared,
all the stuff out after they were building it, nor can it over. And he turned round and walked me guess what are you doing? I'm like Maybe I don't do that. I, like worked in our on that, unlike waiting, you realize that were supposed to bees subverting this whole circumstance that you're not supposed to actually be making this any site. And he was in the scenario man free the bridge on the River Kwai. Our duty was insane rests on these guys. Like the headlights I mean it was they had the deer, the headlights look and they thought for real therein. The back country of Vietnam I mean it was. It was crazy. It was crazy, local cool experience. Getting get good will cut. faster phobia, stuffed in a lot of it. Was this desk carriers kennicott forward yeah? We ve been working with exposures, the way to deal with that, but its it they had. I mean it was. It was very
tight secluded spaces, where you couldn't sit down on your butt and you couldn't stand above way, so your inner uncomfortable stress position and then close the box on you, internal flights, They play the music like crying babies, all kinds of different stuff and our ally, People are big, they were transfer you in a different boxes based on your fear, two faced all the fear coming out of you. They were exploiting that fear. They, like all this dude in a big box, is getting scary. Let's put them in at the spa and so it was a varied from small boxes, tat, big boxes, but it it that lot of people I of people I mean it was. It was significant and then, along the stem cell, a long time a youth you lose track of time has received deprived here's. story- I I thinking I was a smart guy. I I was like
similar to VIP pets right now, but it all I had to piss really bad, and so I'm like, if I piss in this box, they're going to hook me up, I can't dismiss box so this, but I'm thinking logically, I think- and am I is completely logical. Wait till hook me up is a bad thing. Hooked like like for me out of the thing in slime slap, my friends my face and unlike look out piss in my boot, and then I'll take it outside door in the gravel of the epistle. Forgetting about this whole thing called displacement Right IP in my book. I take off my book. We do have socks your naked get. These bear budge Amazon. I feel my boots with this. And then it might ok, I got in here. I feel good, it's not all of the thing and then I put my full backing the boot, and then it goes anywhere MIKE.
They immediately curse me like TAT, was a horrible idea. That's austerity and piss in my foot. My naked foot is covered in personal. I do that. I had a plan that was not. However, executed was horrible, It's like, as you ve taken about there. Was: U Time abandoned it? When you ask that question echo No there's some look out. If this is- and you know just straight Sam Harris meditation type scenario, but you get your brain. Where you just aren't there anymore you're done go you reforming the box cool when you're sinner, you're thinking about friggin, whatever Kentucky fried Chicken and lemonade and what an you're just in a totally different world- and you do off, it's been an hour or five hours, and you get and slapped a cool whatever like whenever they gonna do to you, you you just syrup the same thing we're talking only about humping rucksack, ok, look! There's just I'm not
the pain, is there, but it's like somewhere else. It's almost like you're watching it happen. A new kind of can be like whatever hey keep going Voyager you're, you're, sedated man. Yours go with the flow, it's a similarly to I'd. Think about when you exe at some point winter in water that year, pass out, and you accept that you're, like I'm, ok with it, that bridge that gap industry accepting it is the the first part and been successful and that environment, and then you can If you create your new happy place or you're like men, as long as I'm in my head- and I had this space then I'm comfortable with I'm good. You can do whatever you want, your enough EU yeah. If you are present in the shit that you're going through yeah, that's gotta sock. I can't even I can barely relate to it because I think the oven you just get gotta be. Am I gotta go one I've? That's it we're don't go whenever I can't
It's got a really! That's what that's? U not that when I start thing about what makes somewhat quit its cause their present in that shit that's going down there, we in it. There are now the either there looking at the future going it's just more shit in future. So all this is horrible and forget it I'm in a ring out it's our fears, is the contemplation of impending doom naked about the next that's common and they your whole life, is all these little small progressive like doomsday doomsday destined. It's like dude, I'm I'm on the beach drinking appealing, Falada, Edna piece of Jack, I'm I'm I'm living my best life in my head and I'm good- must have learned from that. The tomb situation costs that stuff that sound fund to me. I would rather go through sheer school twenty times right now than you uniform inspections. I would rather do. That is why I would take that with the two taught me about self awareness and being pro
within my own mind and D. In this relationship with the cautious That's my head, but also this passive observer. This person, whose kind of observing the narration with the voice in my head and sitting back and like measuring all these inputs because you're standing steel for twenty one seconds at a time before you Twenty one stems repeat. At times in our for a long walk during the winter hours times. Forty six walks a day. You have to get real good at being comfortable with yourself is: are facing movement in there. There is so it's face Washington DC. Twenty one seconds face the mat twenty one seconds walked. Twenty one steps and repeat the entire duration, and its one hour one hour, seven minutes with a walk in the guard, change how often
would you be in total, auto pilot, where you get done it be like all those constantly jack constantly you you're at that. that's referred to as the flow state, your complete the inflow state because you're what I like about you, you you're talkin about time Time has always been an important metric at a fact which private him we're close, because that relations with time. I think That's and establishes these gates and plans for your whole life. The structure of your life right when was it in guard? One that you're trying to do is count twenty one seconds exactly and they turned face for twenty seconds and get this rhythm than cadenced out. but when you got into that flow state, he was unconscious. So now, I'm just on autopilot- and I mean a meditative state. There's time I came off the mad after an hour, walk and feeling like the best diver felt like soup,
Calm super relax super focused, and like I was doing meditation in my own head space. There translated throughout all of the uncomfortable, even experiences. And flights and everything else. I did my life created. a structure in my head for being comfortable and my own. Had it in physical stress in my environment,. Sometimes when I did you jitsu, I don't really know what happened for the last hour. Like I'm dislike it would How did you get that on? My guard? Remember get anything I remember early on in my in my sea or career like entering a Roman, shoot some targets and then and then also like wasting my weapon for my weapon. If there are safe and not want to draw the attention of myself, I don't want to do is say that all my web but moment weapons on safe did without and then you know did absolute. I'll think about it. Now was pretty early. You know, and eventually you're just like doing this, like a friggin robot, that's just execute yet
that high level. I mean it's faded now for these, these wavelengths of, like this neurological consciousness when you're Alpha State and you're taking it at that. Formation, similar to like when you're in a shower or a drive in all these thoughts. Come to you, this creative becomes. You those things happen and that flow state, because your streaming information That's when your most, I think, when you're, at your best, it's when you're foreign and security and everything comes together. You like, which has happened like we, we were just check secured seventeen seconds. How did it happen I barely remember anything, but I was so conscious because run that office state of afloat It's me it's an amazing state to be in, and I think very rare for what a fine these days, what the distractions f You wrap up the cue where's the last thing you do as Robin Sage. Working with you know, roleplaying indulge, and then you
at your almost immediately in Afghanistan, right out the gate deploy with third special forces group. team and they're not do night, What's enough gas in remote fireplace disrupt off the gate right at the gate. operation redwing by company, was involved in redwings. When I got to a team, it was the traditional green emission, we're gonna, put you in a remote fire base on the border of Afghanistan, Pakistan as an He bravo at a hundred fifty afghan soldiers that weren't even soldiers as before, asking An army was even stood up in solidified, especially in our region of understand province, and we, rain, assisted in advise you guys, made em afghan special forces, guys sort of conducting operations understand what can operations were ignored movement to contact.
We did s are such reconnaissance. We did D a lot of training and a lot of getting attacked. I may we got attacked every other day in the remote location. Wherein, where the furthest for northern fire base B, on J bad, be honest about in a fireplace called the re run on the border. surrounded by the hindu kush I mean we were at the bottom and at ball so rockets and direct attack someone's every other day, and so we did a lot of directive. You not react to contact immediate action rules and a lot of patrols. I may we drove, up and down one it s our. I got up and went to pare account and you know eventually ended up sure trawl, Pakistan and conducted a whole bunch of Arabs and grown ups in that area.
With a psycho traditional odious team of ten or twelve guys, twelve guys with a young small contingent of civil, fair, for a period of time. One combat controller in a fire base. Two hours from air and J bad soldier is remoteness, I mean we were self sustained. I learned a lot even fast forwarding it with the how I keep survival and sustaining oneself and what we called just homesteaded as we teach it about how you have to take care of yourself cuz. You don't have the opportunity in those remote stances depend on any cut assets. I mean a snow storm in that area, which should us down for weeks at a time where we get nowhere. Support no air support no cas no supply no medevac platforms. We are solely dependent on the men in their skill sets the bath based on their experiences.
That's freakin sketchy. It was the wild west. Greatest time I had a NASA to be asked you to have a fly poor. We had Sippel. Five Debbie's were caught up submissions, it was It was a good time and he did you realize that, while you were doing it, I do Had the intro spect everyone marijuana showed up and down we did at ten thousand plus feat of elevation piss and mellow yellow I mean I was like do. This is insane and I look I remember standing the minimal far base. We are corner river very small base in the rough aboard hit every gate. I look looking around, and this is my home for almost a year. Gig half the board this, because this is how it's gonna be an immediately transforming and using those cultural tactics and building relationships, but getting comfortable with time, because I didn't know what we're gonna get out at a no. If we're going to survive,
We lost a lot of guys that rotation operation redwing. It happened so there's a whole bunch of circles, It says that happen during that trip run like do this might be it made us. This is pretty hot circumstance: are you gonna get out of this start thinking about that character in band of brothers that the officer who says you know who's basically is walking dead. Just accept the fact that you killed. I had those kind of moments going. This is hitman to focus on the mission and it change. A lot of how I would I assumed at war in practice and how it executed in real life a lot of it. steering concepts and did necessarily translate what was the delta between the two? the biggest thing was my relationship. in the audio was teaching tactics in creating a base defence plan, and so the doctrine Tole me do specific things that didn't work in our environment So you had a base defence by, for example, where
I would exercise my guys say I want you to hit the walls hit the roof be prepare for that direct attack. That's the deal static when you're receiving one of seven millimeter rockets that have a kill radius of a hundred yards, and so you produce in the roof, which I did self when the first direct attack get on the roof with. Forty machine gun and I'm like do what am I I'm gettin and we I want to seven screamed over me, mating, Charlie, my engineer and in packet of fuel Bolivia behind us and exploded, like what am I doing, and also practice, you could immediate action to death. What it's like to react to contact the smaller But how do you react to contact when it's a windows, seven army to rocket once in eighty one millimetre mortar, all of it
are for change rapidly when that kind or nits and munitions and firepower come to bear completely changes everything. So I'm like, oh, this, isn't like running through the wood line in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, this- is a little bit different and so that change my perspective on adoption or conventional answer and solution is being created and come up with new ways and tactics. Azure revolve at the speed of war. Did you guys have any your battery or anything like that, none I had mortars add one twenty millimeter mortars. I mean now Lee that I would go out and we drop in on on point of origin sites on parasites. But that's all we had the biggest. What systems we had were munitions in caches that we found in cash is that we found where we took them in turn them around a bad,
but a marked. We one want to save Molitor POD. We get one rocket from the bad guy. The sit Rep would read. You know, o D, three six six responds with fifty seven when us at the moment, a Rockets. What six millimeter recall us rifles. We had mounted a TVS at our p jeez that we carried with us in backpacks. And we are using Chinese, made one twenties to respond and react to contact, so it is truly a thinker, significant grim, bereaved fire base mission, the you ever seen a movie heat before Gatwick. This makes me think about is the second time I thought about in recent times, but you know like the cop is telling that the the copy saying hey you can make mistakes or not I can make mistakes of matter if catch you or not, like I'm going home at night One mistake and it came over and and that's what I think of you know
the enemy. In that situation they don't have to take very big risks at all, they can lobby should achieve from wherever and they have to get lucky one time to get a guy in you Gotta be vigilant all the time and you gotta keep your gun. up all the time and even if you keep out time, you're still just exposed used by the nature. The fact that you are in a valley, surrounded by indirect fire or direct, fired terms, a rocket our strategy in that fire base was a test bed for creativity. We built a mosque like physically bottom ass with my hands. My ogier brick by brick helped build a mosque. Why cause we wanted to build report with having a place of. worship inside of her far base for Afghans, but at all But indirect fire because
Terrorists will be responsible for drop at a mosque in the middle of an American. Far abyss like we had to think outside the box in We truly were set up almost failure and that circumstance, but every five your base, how to hold its territory. we're vs so where village tables stabilization operations where you're setting up in the actual village the idea this- is derived from obviously from Vietnam. Her from John Track of earth Let's go out set out these bases and establish a presence, and so we are present and the bad guys new bonnet, and it was a sharp learning curve steeple into service, at least where you get food typically initially we're flying in until we started in creative, we built a a breadhouse. Were we are making foot bread afghan foot, bread in the middle of Airbus, then we started
hearing, goats and sheep, and then slaughtering them in and eating them, and then rice and we were getting us supplies for pakistan- is right across the border and bring it in two to make actual good mills versus the murmur chow that that was garbage gusting did you did you take any casualties from all those attacks I mean we ve, had we had wounded and actual killed in action or company. We during the mid range, though it wishes we just had the anniversary of operation. Redwings wishes the twenty eighth of June we got hit up for that mission tasks with us with that Camp Vance, which was in Bagram kind of assembled? The quick reaction force that eventually went out and lost one of the birds? Are they made
some of them shutdown. So we did cure effort that did some big operations in what coat you barricaded in. Took casualties. We lost image, forty seven during the trip pretty expensive bird But it was a Emily was overalls, a good trip, I mean our or fire based. For success, one disrupting enemy, but would you started Overman the dead, the detriment to warfare? Is this vicious cycle and when you take a playbook, a new plan, the playbook, but you don't put in the same continuity pieces to a stand a long term relationship, you just start the vicious like all over again. Every detachment commander every teen sergeant once their mark in history on that battleground and it doesn't do well long term and in warfare, which is obviously with the point we are at today. I mean porn on of Afghanistan,
you- do during Redwing review on recovery up so up two of my companies in a sought. A bad and J bad south of us task to actually do the rescue of markets to so good buddy. My can't was the ground forced him for that too odious and the Rangers went in with some intermittent smash operations, guys we got hold because of our proximity to the actual site crash site to hold. ass. They sat next to us to be the cure of for the other group and then the rest of us. But all the other odious did the body recovery with battalion. So there is the whole company was involved in some way, but I out my airfield for the entire operation not doing much so your leadership, lessons on that deployment, were you know you gotta, think you got, you can't follow the doctrine all the time,
Look. Green rays are known to be unconventional, an irregular war for exports and thinking outside the box. This idea of hay or not stealing your acquiring these creative task to bear that bit fit you on the ground is well about actually learn that in in a remote fire base in Afghanistan with minimal No resources are at all it yet come up with solutions, so I learned about us ocean problem sets coming with creative solutions and the path to execution. For those is a formula that are used in a combat rotations later and you're running a company of hundred fifty Afghans. Ya, So I was there when I went, I was the only Bravo typically run a junior and a senior
had been, the junior causes a youngster, sorted my senior had surgery, so he could show up until later on in the deployment my team our came to me like, on the first any said: hey formation outside with your guys, like my guys, Like a yet a hundred fifty Afghans out there you're the commander like what my right. that I go outside my guys, let's lemme. Give you a brief list, would argue. Assessor given the plan and I to build report these days. These due to look at me, like I'm a child, and I was merely a twenty five year old child. So they challenge me immediately. One of the guys says to me MIKE. They want to know if you're good shooter and I said well. What is that assessment? Look like you or what they like to? Do? I'm ok. So this has been done before What they like to do is take a piece of bubble, gum, wrapper and a delaminated, and they put a one inch square at twenty five yards on the target and they said whoever get closer.
whoever is closer winds, but then you are now respectably, because what movie. Man is this. This is something that all mercy- and this anywhere and like it's part of their Ok, so we get the problem and I saw it which rifle not its rifle egg, if suddenly so, but no red dot. sites, and I don't even know the point of aim or impact on this gun is no. Oh, it's a random random acre, so I So I say to the guy said on: this is the same weapon that you shoot at the circus at the little Red star, gradually hazy, exactly not in the start up very so he he sits down? It is a well respected nurse, and these guys look like me. I mean I, I look like I belong in that tribe. In there Chinese influenced, and so they all got the the asian eyes so reply were initially right off. The bat is like accepted, but out the prove us off. So this guy down approach, it takes a shot and we goeben expected. and he's like an inch off or the pasty
They get my head he's holding it any shooting. It brings a little bit high and a twenty five yards flashed bang. That would change The boys were five yards. Something and let me just aim at the base of this thing so my eye lollipop this one inch pasty and a break shot, and it goes through the peace I try to contain my excitement, somebody you and our delegation what's up, but I as part of this whole, story this journey. So I can an aid they burst out like you, I may so excited, and from that moment it's like I was their commander and we had this relationship where, I tried him every single day I broke bread with him every single day it was a beautiful day. I felt like I had a company worth of valuable human beings who would lay down their life and in what I not later. This is this. Is it in hindsight, looking back and talking to different guys when I left,
I had those afghan commandos I handed over to another rodya. When third group came back and they rotated in and there was a guy by the name of la Rob, rob I can't Remo rob something. I can remember snakes like errors name, and he wrote it in with them as the eighteen. Bravo. So when he gets, in that position. He starts grooming these and they're telling stories of of that circumstance. So this involves later in the war. I find out that one of the guys that we had from third group that was killed posthumously in a gunfight running uphill, with a machine gun, gets I earns the medal of Honor and die fighting side by side with the same guys, in fact, some guys that I trained were killed in that action, where they're good
I won the medal, earned the medal of Honor sacrifice his life for those Afghans died on that same hilltop, running uphill, against an enemy machine gun nest in position, and I'm like Dude, I mean you know you look for all the delight in darkness and, unlike man, that that means world to me that maybe I had an impact on these men that did side by side in and fought uphill, and that naturally meant a lot, and so those guys you are the respect you operate with him, but when after it was like the end of the world, and you know that you talk to guys like John Stryker Meyer. That's a common thing, that's something that we're not very good at pretty horrible, Now, of course, you must be gonna, set your stomach saying that were poor now and those guys wool be rounded up and killed or they'll join it our ban, because that's what we're gonna do to stay alive ma.
likely all the until has been leaked already there We know who they are and where they have their target deck built and right now mommy, if you look at all the different places, especially the remote places of Afghanistan, which is very tribal very geographically regionally, there were two taken over, I mean they'll. Have the estimates from the experts is in the next six months? Bagram and KEN are. The Taliban, if not sooner, because there is a formal agreement, a diplomatic agreement that means- you're supposed to take over into capacity anyway. But what that means? the rest of the men that we ve Of all over the country, all these guys we rode up and more likely executed, which is its its adoption. Yes, here in some reports- that the Taliban would go to As you know, some of these villages whatever and send a note to the police chief and say: hey man, it's over get on board or where to kill you and give your family and the
three four, whenever local afghan leaders like Roger that on board- and that's that does eyes just like in Iraq. Just like other burns in Yemen in Pakistan in Africa. It's a vicious cycle that doesn't stop in. We don't learn those lessons, but I don't know the answer. another solution, men making them citizens and bring em up. What taking the fighting for. It's the most capable human beings are doing it. I don't know the answer is, but it's it's a horrible thing. I know it's transpire likely right now. You get done without deployment, you have done with the Afghans and immediately come back and get outta Sephardic, which is our version of advanced Suki? Be houses rescue to be alive with India Company in order when I work with the seals and oh six or seven ordered the law,
irritations. It was mostly with a company the commander and extremist force, which has now been renamed. The crisis response force, which has been recoiled by deep underground unit for tunnels and stuff, so get part of that unit, which are focuses D S or not h, or an get through sephardic no problems and get him he'll be reassigned to the commanders extremists force which is having on a plane the next month to go. Arrange. So I won't be home for four months. for four months I would also like to point to Afghanistan. Nine months. Tal said nine months, get back, do support for two months and then get about a month and a half before we burn out for
I rack for Baghdad. Have you forgotten married or anything at this point yeah? I actually out about that. Actually, gotten that Mary right before this rotation and in a court house, grandma passed away at the same time period didn't get allow lot time to have any kind of anything with the family and they were turned and Vernon for Iraq. for months on end now what you what's its deployment, your service now, your first employment to Iraq. First Mr Rack go and arranging range see tee. Is there and this is our six oh sex, and so you ended up working in Baghdad in Baghdad. Baghdad International Airport, we're at camp knock him answer area for So we stage that area for a couple mission sat seen working with our he counterterrorism forces working with taskforce as a unilateral force and they work.
With the e r: u wishes the emergency response, you, the equivalent of the FBI, each party that prosecutes targets in Iraq. I reckon That's an iraqi large Russian. Just for every Leon. The icy t F is an iraqi unit. There a key unit. The ear was it you are you are you are you? Are you an iraqi unit and then occasionally given support to some american units that are out there yet yeah acted like them might force until the Mai for strike unit until we get there and we say the joint operations with naps off and then this. If so, it's it's couple guys from my if a company which was beating three, the third groups of work, hand in hand with six when guys from of super too, and we would go out and at the time, what they were doing. Operations with Americans cause accompany a contract Company was training them, but they weren't the advising them, but they were doing counterterrorism operations, so we actually took over
It started during the first counterterrorism operations with him side by side using or assets to bear, but doing the true see tee for internal offence mission. So you now a hidden hidden dies every night, his basically what those smashing targets. Every night I mean our our PBS S or redeployment deployment, site survey who gotten again find kill deeds and our PS us. So we rely It's gonna be hot here and now, as a you, were there yell out over a modern guesswork down a Baghdad. Your work that's him the guys I was worth while that I knew over there, basically nightly ops River cycle nightly ops. We had a cycle of you, know evergreen your train deeds. Even if you When suits you, probably gunning on truck trucks or Agnes, Jeanne Gunnar on has on healthcare costs assaults, but every single reprocessing target, sometimes to three torrents and night, depending on what was going on. So we had a target
everybody else in taskforce have authority deck and at the time which was in transition for the big surge. We were prosecuting at the time she abase targets So I looked solder and his network of shit heads were gone after every night. were you workin, mostly in around back after all over the country, pretty much all over the country and we have with the Navy assets flyin us out the sixties, worries and pave low or the fifty three or using taskforce. One sixtieth. So little birds sixties, depending on what was going on it was all over Oliver. Who's your specific job on this deployment, so I was in a Salter, I mean in the six thousand assault arose. A preacher actually was deployed with thumb at the time Jeremy, wise Jimmy wise a young No space seal member who wanted up
filled with the CIA as a global response? Staff officer e posthumously was a word that the CIA Star and we were both breaches together, so we'd every night we did did is we did unilateral pieces of our up? So a couple Americans like me in and others have guy and like three or five seals would go out do our peace we hit one building and then the rock is we're with within another building, so Unilateral Salter's is basically what we were radically different deployment. You you have to answer me like not even the same Freakin ballpark insane, complete different. I try to use some of the inner the similarities where we are training them the back end. What they were these guys if you saw them operating in their kid. You think they're, Americans, a competent assault, snipers, Americans Diana had all american gear and weapons cause death. I was Sonya, went over and on yes and because we are going.
I actually, if that were to happen, I would even call Loki with you and we would have been run the same. We already know each other. We dump rose savvy together, we rolled out, but we model going to rainy boner embodied said, but the other the dies yes and there you are, you had like I'm can issued weapons. They had now. vision had everything everything that everything at over there and they were well trained weltering. They had to be the ass trained. I ran most reliable iraqi soldiers by and slide yeah the colony the iraqi counterterrorism force, which we poured out. I reckon Jordan in isolated train Your? U that turning did the emergency response battalion with the highest paid trained, experienced units eventually took ices. These same guys, I got. I lost, probably half my fighting force that I work with over the years against the fight against ISIS in two thousand for we put our guys out and those deeds went to war, and then they would.
So they went to Baghdad, they went took Kurdistan, their funds, bill they were probably with close air support, meaning the J Tat peace with the sole reasons that ISIS doesn't exist in Iraq today. So it's it a long road ahead of where's, the beginning stages of it. What did you prefer for fur the deployment. What do you like you? A better man? That's a tough question, so different, so different, right, in the things that I enjoyed like oh landing across Afghanistan and the wild west with it, not a lot of oversight and just wings and learning a lot of lessons in that verses dead. Liberal, like land on the x, fast Roupell top of the building and kill bad guys. I join both I mean, if I could have, if I could overland to an objective and fast on top of it that whole combination it I love both of em
and then how long is this deployment to Baghdad six months now, so you do at six month rotations. You did you guys taken casualties on the planet. We did. We took deployment that we wanted had taken? We want to lose in a team guy, so we joint task force, which included tier one units in the Rangers may in this and then in the navy. You guys were taken casualties, theirs tease that were affected, guys, gunfights the casually one of my guys. My troop was killed, that rotation autumnal win was killed in their numb counterpart purple hearts states getting gunfights, it was. It was an act of here was was tongue. The first guy that you lost, that was in your actual element. Yea in was on my team in my true first first did. Didn't know him great. I mean I knew him out and new guy there one
most respected members without unit. The guy pity, assess with his long gun, who kill my through bad deeds on a pdf says. You goes titty. Why and kills a few. It comes back after you know, internally we get cement and on target. You know he he he was that kind of guy the It needs to set two so me, and him were the only Asians that group and he took he, took her. He eggs, his job, serious and when he saw me, come into the company. He took me owners wing in and try to take care of me experiences author belong to see one one, which is the first groups scythe and in haulage operator the Philippines, all over South EAST Asia and just a highly respected. Do that Miss Gregor and when in how deepened appointment that may the gate I only couple months in. We still had four months that rotation
and then at the end of a rotation was the search. So we got super hot super active, probably some the closest experiences to death I had in that, and that rotation for for me personally from fights from ideas now, gunfights I mean I was on top and sought or city once said, moreover, wash position for horses rescue get pinned down and roof. I had a big army sniper team. That was with me that that one and a half hour, gunfight small arms refugees, waters It's all in the same gunfight all on our position on Africa, Jolene on the roof, try to keep my head flat and stay in the fight because he had a retreat out. You could have went down and into the building of the third story that we're on and I looked over my buddy Chris Cuz, it's two of us with the army, sniper unit, was
laying under the satellite dish and were the three stories high so we're above most of the city, but there still sex their story, buildings inside saunter city, getting the satellite dish to Senegal it over his ass a couple feed over his but am like these close. They have a staff we haven't stout in and then I looked up in the sky. I stopped caught? My attention are locked up in those Archie jeez air bursting above us, and unlike this, is not good. So we we basically sort of way lay a bad guys that were skirting into the objective like tried it in full on containment and that were Britain contact are the objective and all black mighty militia dude spike the german chemicals. Adam allotted. It was commanded control because we had CAS. I had control or had coms, with closer support of sixteen that was above us and we are trying to relay and report on it
patient, we're having cops prompts so what law that fight in the long story of it. What law that fight an F sixteen zero to be a seventeen panel in the middle that roof came out of its rotation its orbit and over five feet above our building did a pass and pop flares. I thought you were gonna, kill us all, because we lost com So I thought that the seventeen and I looked up and he started back in and I'm like, I yelled at me I'm a guy like do you have any coms and he came down in ran the perimeter road which was used to call home base where at the base of the leg of solder city from home, based at third base. He ran and entire road at five hundred feet turned his wings. You grow must cease his face and pop flares
and it will the gunfight enough for us to get outbreak contact into Bradley's and bring contact week. We killed, I mean total drama top over a hundred dudes and got to shut down for like a month on a soccer city, I'm a tanks were, tanks were destroying buildings, five feet in front of them because they were, I mean they risk it and smashed with our Fiji's and nails, pretty pretty, not again, fight, I was the that was the end of your appointed it no sex, but about mid rotation. That was that was but meditation good times, then you come back, do another work up. Instant work up, get ready for a new deportment, and then we could arrange O seven different beast the height of Al Qaeda on Italian, about rotation. The surge begins the sunni strategy. They start there,
if Iraq we sort empowering cities in others, war going on between the cities and she is- and typically it's like you know, big Sawder city verses, everybody else in the country and now, and these are getting supported by the. U S, going to war with I ran back. She is in it into that rotation in our time, forced as a couple thanks D a mission set. Were they go? Hey you guys, you're gonna, go bilateral operations working with indigenous guys like icy tee. I, like your you like with like we talked about, but there's another component, mission sent worry work, which I sought a joint task force so We were under joint ass, worse conducting counter: terrorism operations, hunting https on deck, for J Sock as part of when their action arms, that a whole rotation. It was. It was epoch.
One of my best rotations licences. Oh seven, your back over there, oh seven irregular in Baghdad, again yeah we're adopt Fernandez, Mss Fernandez named after you, Gaskell and you're doing and you're doing one hit your working with the industry one night and then to night later you get a package from Jason, and you're gonna hit that so we divided our troops. Oh ok, so my troops is doing unilateral, earnest killer, bang us made earlier, every night to drink. Now it was that was How big is your unit, a Europe with twenty? So our troop is about twenty plus guys and at the time, I'm a sniper now so I moved over. my perception. So I must I prefer team according to assault teams, foreheads every single night, so my job specifically was payment. So setting a thousand containment lotta building climbing that rotation a lot of over watch
Helen squatters, running out of buildings, Kelly bad guys, trying to get to the fight, and it was like the gloves- are off strategy that we got passed down and rules of engagement were killed them all and that's what that's? What we're doing. answer was that it was epic rotation. We had what age treaties, whether foreign fighters, a lotta, gunfights alot of casualties on our side and a lot of dead bad guy we got mostly getting vehicle to redo helicopters. All done most of it was half with helicopter, still two little birds and an Mh Sixty into all Blackhawks and little birds every pretty much every night, and it was that. I don't remember too many ground assault couple. In strikers. If we are going to suffer city, we took tanks that would leave way into solder city. Bobby of peace, a colleague team rock, they were blown up for us
even to railway lesson. How even to the point where these guys would get blown up. They pull oversaw the road and we just bypass. They were just a brief point agenda that they were the hammer we are going through and Hitler surgical targets, and it was a great asian and we we lost a guy on one of our our team, guys just a monkey, was killed, sit on fresh played Idee. We had about and my company we had about fifteen purple hearts to reduce injured, shot blown up in a lot. We can not a bad guys knows again ferko among us how are these home you're? What what's your position of as forest leadership inside the company here saw I my I'm a too I see so, behind my cell leader as a new viper. I do myself leader at the time Jason. I tells me to do and Most of my role is because I was reporting lean and a good climber me in a cup
the other guys were climbing team, and so, if we the containment set. We had a building. We ladders or even building climb travel, ladders from building to building and second tame it from a high position. We called high team to be able to contain the objective from top Wiley Salters hit at the laboratory set. So traditional countdowns, five thousand four hundred and thirty two bridge goes off at two and then and we had to throw you and you're doing tonight, night, basically and other yes, sometimes a couple more than a year. We a lot of this, this time It was taking advantage of SSC, those emphasis on sensitive site exploitation, doing compost analysis on the objective lot of time. Irrigation to lend its. of two taking advantage of the Tunisia on a target in flexing to other targets, to take down networks. So super aggressive combination of two too
ass? He s, ranger, battalion, gag arson and death. Five action, arms TAT were sixteen and sustainably MC crystals big project rain has his his big machine of war. with when what it was was when was significant. I think most significant strategies in the war, especially of nutrition, of taken aback, Gus. As Europe, we talk about you you're, losing some guys now has how's your how you guys handle that so the reason I ask this question is because some he's gonna be listened to this in ten years or seventeen years or twenty three years and were gonna be innocent. Waken where there has been any casualties in a long time and all the sun, what's goin out and doing what What soldiers do and they're gonna take casualties, and I know when I
I took my first casualties and had lost my first geyser was no one there. Tell me, like hey here's, what you think about not just from up look. We get the protocol of hey here's the the book tat, would follow. Here's the calls we gotta make, but now you got You guys they just lost one of their best friends and what're. You gonna do about that. How did you guys go about it? A great question A lot of responses that are doctrine would have guy stand down. I've aim. Moments, if not days of mourning process. I remember when we ve lost tongue, I know six or mediate strategy at the tactical love? So you, Tom Selling,
yours and trips are matters said, listen, we're not waiting were hidden targets night and we got aggressive in. We win. N n, o six or seven we had of addiction vindication bore. This communication board was Phil with team guys that we lost knows dozens them on one side and when you killed a bad guy, could you took call sign patch in it. You know was Tony goes to the third group. Team sort was killed use guarantee why honour left shoulder under your costs, eyepatch, and if you killed a bad guy, your success when your mission you'd come back and you put it on the vindicated side and We had all the pictures of the guys that were killed on that and every night. We feel that board in cycle and back and forth, because-
We understood that getting killed was part of the job, comparatively and you know this you're you're very school in this history of of warfare, including the Vietnam WAR, were thousand sixty plus thousand Americans were killed, sometimes hundreds in certain battles were killed entire MAC. Zog teams taken off the planet. They accept that risk. So when we lost guys in our community, there was no morning there was a time. No more. Get back on helicopters to remember something sounds to me from the o seven trip we lost due to ask us, they were killed on target and those two or three of that were killed. The task force commander. How does come outside in the who to essayist commander, briefed five different tasks, units and he spoke to warfare. Re spoke to the importance of under
gaining the fight wherein how this works and getting back in the fight was of ten minutes and we're all sitting there in kit with guns in our specific units and at the end- speech. He goes ahead and our signal and all the little birds and all the sixty spin up and we load five different task forces. the little birds and innate sixties and fly away and smash bad Gus that huh Experience was what the task force was debate What unit you were? You might have that experience But if your task force that was experience overnight, we accept that risk. We lost gauze and then get back in the fight because we had no time to more. It wasn't a time for morning. That's some same strategy. I had no gotta get your back on get your gear back on it go back out end dumb, do you're supposed to do
and do what your boys would want you to do exactly. any good leadership. Lessons or any leadership, lessons from that deployment that stand out the biggest one is process, nay, nobody's retired, was the commander that we worked on. His name was Tom to Moscow. To leader in black hawk down as a young ranger at the time was a keg commander and it was our commander we got to that country. We had gotten used to the way that we did business breaching blowing every door, she'd magazine the face, and he reef. Doesn't he said men regression? This new tactic this year and of course call out and we laughed we joked, Kaliko. This weekend we even wrote drew cartoons about how comical this whole tactic was:
so let me get this straight. You wanna go to a building when little birds offset surreptitiously approach and then knock essentially knock and call them out. Yes, that's So we wanted to do so the whole time or like this ridiculous. This is insane until We hit a foreign safehouse that libyan foreign fighters, and in the war in Iraq positions to and four out of the top four guys, Kyoto I do feel that were killing Americans formidable foes were from Libya to for number one, Saudi Arabia number two with Libya oddities foreign fighters. they are turning the green mountains, Libya. They had gear that was comparable, tars, a solo boots, Santo, watches, chess rigs, suicide, vest proper guns with red dot, optics and
All the tactics to bear we hit a foreign safehouse offset on in Phil It was about a forty two to four k offset offsetting away from any objective. Seen a good compromise. We get compromise spy early warning position. Our little bird attack helicopter kills six do throughout the ban on info. Birds, get straight the burden in the sixty, I'm in feed over sixty takes incoming rounds. In between us in the chalk in front of us, we land, we make movement. We think there's a couple fighters, there's thirteen they're all suicide invested out lost or a rabbit. You saved my life, a cat dog, but enable Veni but a suicide bomber fifteen metres from me soccer ass, his life for mine, we into the house? We kill everybody we establish SSC
Your objective, secure and real. They have peek a machine guns barricaded in Santa positions. I threshold deep away from the real point if we'd have breached out like every target set, we breach of prior would all day we would get the first assault element would been been up, it would have broke contact, shouted back and we been fighting for allies. your fight for realising containment. We had off contain. It called them out and we were in a hand to hand rage, so you did that You can pay me to do the call out on them. We did we did. We did exactly but he train is to do and even in that amount through six hand, grenades on the other side of a Burma in direct engagement in contact with enemy, I mean the key, grenades. I was drawing with my teammate remaining in guys lapse on the other side of the borough, these do too ready to get it. On my desk If target one of thoughts from a Spectre gunship, we recover
then body, and then we dropped a J dam on it on Expo in daylight, and we get back. you know of any was covered in american flag, the hotel worse there was. their dissolute us and work We have put our shoes some data. injured and were like? This makes sense, and I realized it from that experience- dont be interrupted, so many guys wanna get on the axe and they want to do this thing called kick it in where's she back as in the face, but they don't understand the tactics and techniques pursuit procedures. If of every single day at the speed of war and who is the realisation where I had the coolest guy- the course commander of course unit telling us, Sir, that it seem cool
that realization coming home and going damn? Okay? Now I got to change, we got to think outside the box. We can't get, we can't conform to convention in the routine and think it's going to be the right solution, every single time, this time change, and that was a huge impact of my career move. For now I went through similar transition in of three or four, where we were breach in every door and we ended up. some some people, you know and something not the right people, and we start to get some pressure hey. You can't just keep doing this and so well you're, not gonna explosively, breach than that leaves you mechanically breaching. If your mechanically breaching will now you're sitting, there were those who leave swing in at the door and now you're the exposed so why not just take a step back and hey get the Turk on the horn. these guys, come out at night We gotta know odium with an as yet as you can
imagine the push back I got was. Was you know strong from from the guy's, because taken were given at the tax advantage, we should explicitly breach every time an end. I was getting pressure from my boss. And when I realized is, if it makes sense to explicitly breach awesome, we will do it so. My boss evident sense. Rustics was we reach we're gonna. Do it, and if we don't need to we want and if we call out as appropriate recalled, is appropriate or right there's courses of action which, for the a few months. I was there, there's one course of action, and how long does it take the enemy to figure that out I like your saying by what we now this, oh seven, of course they figured out. Oh, we can put a barricaded sandbagged position too, deep on the main breach point and will have a field day. Their Emma I mean look guys I often think about warfare and I think the appeal, using side is
Are these shadows in these entities? Newspaper targets? These are creed. human beings who are conform to convention? They don't have doctrinal. I'm hacks and requirements that we have to abide by. They wake They use our imagination and times at imagination. Trumps. The fighting force can conventional a tactic that you bring to bear and yet adapt yeah, malleable yeah. I mean even the idea of what we ended up. Combat clearance, Combat Clarence and are of you guys called a combat current, but like we're going opened the door and we're gonna look inside hey? I'm not. Why would I run in their and our the terms we got rid of their absolutely organ shot at the hallway? I want to get into this room we're getting shot out, mistreat, we're gonna bust onward in this building. That's what's gonna happen, but if we're safe in the street and secure and we but this door or we breach the store. What do we run an inn for their? What what are you running? Why We do that so
Again. That was another thing that was contrary to everything that not everything I burned, but to the bulk of what I had burned witches hey speed, violence of action like we're, get work when the door opens we're going in and I get it there's plenty of times were the appropriate behaviour. Absolutely there is also times were: that's not the appropriate behaviour and its difficult overcome what I feel like what you look. What the first thing you learned is what you kind of you prefer right. Whatever you learn. First, whatever methodology learn when you're new guy, you think that's the way it is hard to overcome that guarantees a biased, there's, there's an actual bias around that I forgive them with a biased, but there's a cognitive, biased round would have o anchoring so whenever you learn first, wherever piece of information you get first, that's kind of what you anchor together so can be difficult to overcome and say: hey, wait, a second. This really make sense Believe me, I mean I've. I met that stiff resistance with a lot of guys along the way and and I try not to do was be like you.
no were this. Does I black, ok, we'll see, let's talk through it knew and actually how what let's break items ammunition. give it a shot. Why don't you show me how it works out? We Go russian into this room. will you dont know what's in there and there's no reason to russian look if get shot on the whole. We I get it, but if you're, not man, what do we do? It don't mean Russia die so that was a freak and savage deployment, then it was. It was epoch and once again, wouldn't you you knew it at the time. I mean every time every night you're load that birds gone year, it has its ever gonna get gap. I I had multiple On relations with guys in the team room in the kit room get loaded out like it doesn't need better than this guy's. Remember every single moment of this good you'll, never get
again. How old were you twenty six seven? Now that you to let your third deployment, though Joe you knew it yeah yeah and you gotta Why shouldn't? I was comfortable and more tat was that was I was getting. I was fixing mistakes. I was making and holding this craft- and I was getting pretty good at it in- there was opportunities out of my unit to do whatever I wanted to do, and I took off,
opportunities and it was. It was a great Plainfield for creativity and we we do a lot of cool stuff and it was. It was amazing. It was a that task force. Crystals task force was awesome. Colonel sir major commands on major Naeyc with the units of measure of the time- and I remember we got a team patch and a brief and our team patch had some schools on it and it was like when those bad ass like punish her school deals rank and I'm thinking some major nations go see this and he's gonna be pissed. Sedona brief were doing FR up for loan helicopters and looks at it and I see him side- I wanted the patches says killed them all on the patch. Any kind of side as it like. Oh I go too much myself my Jason dude. He sighed. I note that we're screwed
The units are major, and so he he over and he's a whose, whose patches release and Jason Sapsworth and Porcelain hall that come with me and he goes on Let me see that patch. They pulled it off. Shoulder, not see this go down in the hallway. I'm like oh dude. This dude is like Jason's going home like it when I doing this up and he hands in the patch and sir major reaches inside of his pocket and pulls out a handful of jsoc coins. That's a task force and has all the numbers of the skull on the back side says a operating at the speed of war and a handsome coins uses the course bachelor's any slaps on his arm a walks out like that. did not gonna. We have as critical as it were the right place. This is this is work that run at year end. This is where
This is where you lose people. I mean mentally, lose people, because if you if you, if you, if you don't know what we're talking about if this sounds like hyper aggressive were crazy or whatever the the you're forgetting. Is that the whole object of wars to kill the bad guys? That's that's what we're doing that's the purpose, I remember I heard a story they were. Then I read some new story and it was possible in unit and they were talking the fact that this marine unit had like us or board on the wall of number, a bad guys killed, one of them was like a keyboard like a little Kay bar was drawn up there and the tone of this article was Ino just just
sturbed by their saw, can you believe this? U S Marine corps unit. I think its marine corps unit had these keeping score of a number of enemy that they killed and proudly displayed a k bar knife she's thinking man. What what? What are you pink or human over there. What are you? think we're doing over there now gotta be careful is is, For one thing, you gotta be careful here, you gotta protector guys if you get him in our minds that they can go too far with, of course, you ve. Also gotta be careful because you're not building good. Relations with. civilians or reporters or the public least part of it. Look as part of public goes. We do. It we can kill them all. So it's it's a touchy, think touchy subject, and yet The entire purpose of a military unit is to kill the bad guys and management. the other day somewhere in people were like freaking out about it.
And unlike while no I mean I understand you- ve got supply people boilers. People supply displaying bullets, So let the frontline guys you're. What about people better? You know acting intelligence, whether collecting intelligence from my guys go, kill people like every that's what we're here for that's what we're here for there's no other thing, and ensure other humanitarian missions. Yes, are we try when hearts and minds. Yes, all those things all those things or secondary the fact that a military permit, the military is to kill them Are they here to protect and defend? Yes, absolutely how the second event kill biogas wrap up that opponent, that deployment in the now sardine advanced training. May I have a lot of catching up to do so because you don't for back to back the backup. Yes, in every break
a month or every day a break is getting get more honed. You know, like the EU, to get more train. I think that you between those rotations I went preschool freefall, school or Digitech school. All again become an asset more of an acid. What teams and want a special forces, snipers scores? How long is the special forces microscope couple months? It's pretty long. I think it's an opportune, ass, much or little technical level tackle, let alone gun, but its evolved over time rangers go to that same school tax neighbours to that same school and special forces, snipers good at school, as well great experience learn a lot. I gotta those at about break. What I learned most was the difficulty of closer. Support. I was one of the few guys that get picked up in tat to go this,
or like I'm gonna, so tack would so tat special Operations Terminal AIR Control School. My dear, I won't go to so tat, Look if you're a sniper and you're doing reparations. You want to keep the team small, somebody has to have that skill set, so you could draw off might make sense. Does that mean tethered to a radio likely, but it kill more bad guys. I'm all about them, so they sent me to the most difficult schools have been to a so tat by the way. How long's at school? weeks having three weeks to come. Weeks of our ground in an air week were. You call, lie fire and all different aircraft platforms Our model are always who are almost failed rule I wouldn't worry about it, the technical, specks of speaking big, our big military language. Like last long I mean I I It speak injurious in Braille, like on the good at impure us, but DNA said What long my? What the hell is that
for the AIR Force controllers that I went to their like you, Lastly, my dude I've, ever even heard the term like. What's that long, like I have to learn this like it's all that long cause you to communicate to the aviator speak loud oh, no, and so I was thinking of doing homework late at night. I was the scenery. Seven allows the class leader and I was blade running almost failed. That course, so I was disclosed. and I think the air force deeds there. They would want to see me past they therefore lost stoutly, like other senior us have guy the steeds on these blade run a savage sprout. They wanted to see me fella past now, and I got my air closer support certification and then rotated back and wait another war, and what are you doing this last this last time it away so away? I was a troop advisor for the icy TIA, the Iraqis her tears and force was born and bred by us.
companies, a one five and be two three. A fifth group surf Intergroup's. If pull these guys, in Jordan, isolated am train them and then infiltrated back into the country smash and bad guys and the icy tee of the young Breeders are the icy tee. If they don't get bricks, they don't get area a red cycle right they they stay in warfare and they threw the Many years of war get the most experience in were summoned a most experts, operators of herbs or with so our I advise the whole truth another time we're downsizing american forces so me and the Eu De Guy, a com, au guy, maybe Carlo Guy, and then a troop full of icy t speak a target so what time in two thousand
there will be a task: the entire summers of pry March April timeframe, until six months into an almost Christmas and this is smash and targets off all, but we are true bilateral operations right. They were trying to work ourselves out of a job. A lot of guys were bombed out by things were getting political. Sonny Shooter statements? If I was a bit and ask your bad guys, which we stop stop doing when we stop it mating, we're cool Madagascar is at that time. If you killed a guy, you were issued a statement and it went to the OJ in Iraq. I actually member one time. I came back from an up my commander macabre commander comes amigos. It MIKE you good to go back on ops as like. I just got back from it up. So when you talk about oh you, be investigated for that last shooting at a MIKE. What what do you mean investigated like-
yeah. They had to do a trial process and they took it to trial. They did the shooter statement would This is in everything else in your good, unlike what I will do my team storm. I do what is going on there, we're going on trial under an aid through paperwork and then were shut down operation sees a gauge it's part of the climate, unlike in its it's one of the first times in it in leading cause. I was leading a troop intact. diversity of that. I started getting affected by the political climate all your times have been insulated, buy, sell leaders, team, sergeants, good leadership who knew that they just keep All that should away from our guys and let them do their job and it's the first time is short trickling down like a oh, they are saying about that. When you talk about Euro seven deployment, I mean you're. Let your focus was one hundred percent on your job. That's it
and so when people above you agenda grant and that that was up superlative, supportive chain of command as well, and so you weren't deal with any of this other crap. Now, instead of Chopin await you find out you're under investigation, Superbowl Superbowl, so do you kept doing ops backed off a little bit. Did you back off a little bit or do you do it had sworn? Is it aggressive, like I remember telling my new guy, because I was silly or the time in Tripadvisor tell him. I knew God bro it's, but beyond get your stuff ready, bring the thumb plenty of work. Forty, my MIKE Robotics biogas and go we went dishonor city and it was crickets. Am I it's gonna happen again: ambushed tease nothin, like what is we got back on my videos, That was probably just random wit to get back into it and we're gonna go Cuba and they then we get one
I would again like there's nothing happened. what is going on and because of thee? at times the cities and the shares we're doing a ceasefire and any time they killed Americans. They would pay for politically. They started Poland back just this isolating building, on the river start their castles and not do not be an aggressive but all the things that were hit more dry holes. We we and if you gunfights killed a few deeds, but it was, it was not what I expected it to be, and it was the transition of what became of I think the transition out of that other. fight ya know? No one of my bodies took over my time unit, Lieutenant dishonor city with snipers in I want to say it was June June of and and they killed all kinds of bad guys about about four to six weeks of operations are in the in.
The shakes, they're kind of like art, we're good were, were good. We don't we, anymore this year and they made that stuff. Are you the way I looked at? It was like they'd been and operations for so long like the the the mighty army and stuff out Assad or city, and he would take so few casualties. I mean they go, set off the F P killed a man. Or to your. What Guenaud Gulf LAW and, like I said, then We have too little have to win every time like it doesn't matter gotta go back and don't attack and monitor the next night and but then what start to take its massive casualties, like I think we ve got enough for this year was pretty much. I remember that time period sort of slavery at the time so in between my true but being up. I did behind sniper operations, and we actually took from what I understand. We
one of the missions that you guys had. You guys were doing daylight over watch for eyes were building the Tiberius runs out of setting up an he s coat a whole bunch of people when we came in they switched it did night ups and we can go on about I sat on rooftop like days and weeks goin where they hold the bad guys in gas, would they ve killed about like where are they like they're, not coming out? They all gave up their if what you did reverse ops. That tactic work because they get smoked in daylight. and so I crystal at what point had that all and dumb. So I remember we remember hearing his name. Is some guys and like or do they have a high body? Count we're so excited and we all day. One is like crickets and, unlike what is- and they had a a drone, embarrassing a drone overhead and there are I find this drone during the building of the wall and the complete unlike no wonder to snow back like all guys here this drawn on purpose. As a tactic,
we applied, but there are keeping her head down and we can join him knows I gotTA sucks, but the stay bites of postponing the that those of a big kind of Not one thousand remedies same thing like the bad guys were. They knew not come out at night now, ninety four, replied ninety seven percent of the bad guys I got killed by might asking all the data on the other. Percent were a night cause. They knew if they came out at night. It was a bad deal for every far, so they came out the day. the same thing with those guys didn't solder, city, That's another sort of the point in another six months- the signature and go out here- targets, but it's definitely more. Melo. On this deployment yeah. I was more of a leadership. Role in truth advising the sore matrix, those acting as the ground force commander for every up. So I look I started learning alive. Bout processes in life,
before us is an analogous alter. I've got a ghost assaulted, just they're, doing my little narrow piece of the pie now to step back in the big picture, I had a controlling or assets. I had a flex two different topic I had a strategies on the fly with much our major, deploying his troops. We had a whole bunch of incidents like were, you know me you're, the guy, the Navy. You D guy, are hitting targets by yourself because there are heading building we get into hell. I don't know time to flex that whole troop we have to do it. go inside. The house is by herself in those fine where we had a blast. It was like it was cork, as we had a leash off and no, the it was in his active. I mean we're. when I remember we are Intel Foma, a soccer field that they had a couple. It sets the poor lady to soccer field, nose like we're. Gonna get the soccer field, I said, hey guys, we're gonna moved the soccer field, so we started walk my I need you guys to move out and they would move out. I grabbed the EU
yeah we sprinted to soccer field. As He ran around the block. The weird we treat like that. But guys were meeting and they in the middle of soccer field, a middle by two in the morning they see us and worse still across a noble field trying to shoot like ten. Due to move in ten different directions- and we miss everybody end and when we get back the everybody, the Giacomo talkers laughin, because if I did was the best of everything because we saw you guys break contact for the main element in here like screw it and you start spurning, but they all went to Harvard so we can track any of em are running in shooting standing there in the feel. Like dammit, I was the rapporteur. There was guitar, wrap up that deployment. Then what's next, so I I I get back. and I go to Cagoux in encouraging a technical recalls, its role and I back to Iraq into Ballade, and I only I run because
My reconnaissance background is Hog recorded in ironic. Interagency task force of interagency organizations which a sock to do reconnaissance over the entire country of Iraq. I was, I was under cover as a lieutenant, colonel Sellers- and, oh, I see young. Oh, I see nobody believed it, but it put in a position to see to control all the things that were gone. four reconnaissance assets in the country now Ballade at that time period, because everything was downsizing, including the Bay below here is this: now, oh nine years, that's really slow, now really slow down. In fact, the reason they brought me n is because reconnaissance is obviously another way we get involved without involving tax on the ground. People on the ground so we still had ever have eyes on, but we have
use technical means of reconnaissance and that just depend not deeds and hide sites. In fact, during that time period there was a restriction of one or two Americans per target, and you had a stake attain so, if your move into a bag I place you leave behind the Americans, dates on contain what the vehicles in digging force would hit the objective come back and then you roll out, and so at that time Working the junior ABC, I don't feel like, was missing out on much. I felt like outer broader role to fill up in that capacity. And you're, just overseen all this reconnaissance elements, that's we're all of it. I I'd had leave e t seas with us in command naps off both which was the main effort way, there was lot of ESA guys in the country at that time. So
believe you theses with a navy and supported their operations and technical reconnaissance means tagging tracking. Locating, although all the sexy stuff for technical Regan, for tar country plan, and that was based on the fact that you had sniper experience yeah. I guess recruited gone and experience or whatever gag recruited want. Selection are successful in my back from my terror list, my background. At special operations was mapped for that that feel of expertise, in the transition government, coming back from away till nine, I won T J Sox are technical reconnaissance course, which was like six months, pretty intense, Courson and learned a whole new world of of operations that I didn't even know existed, I know a little bit, but when I went to that course, arms like wall this is. This is some cautious, so I did that for taskforce. For Jason, for my own on rotation and then what happened after that get back in their numb got with,
their squatter and at that time, we had been in Iraq, since we can Sir copy. The tasks amid Iraq. Really since I mean intermittently, We own Iraq, but Afghanistan we completely gave Sir, I was an eye on the ball. in Afghanistan because here too busy in Iraq, and then all of a sudden we had a change of heart. Look. Al Qaeda was on the right We don't even notice they caught ISIS existed and we d I need to do a surge. As an organisation to Afghanistan, and I was on the first thing, smoking. So my first real good deployment with that organization with a special mission Junot was in Afghanistan and got there the rangers on the battle space, a colonel guerrilla, was in charge. I we're the Red headed Stepchildren and I was like
what housing us amuse structure, but when I got there I was taken showers, bottles, water. In an open field like this is the perversity unit on the planet. Doing this and like did we have or building everything from scratch. So we, Set up shop there and sorted out bad guys and it the first few months, was prompt and then the second two months was killing biogas, and we did a lot of it that that that second, sixty days of that form a and when I saw more bad guys, killed and a two month period than anything that experience before it was because the the assets that we brought to bear good,
as you Know- and you are- you- are still overseen rocky at this point yeah I was always that squadrons reconnaissance and seal, which just specialised and recall serving from appeased her technical Ricky too, of the inner agency like even controlling aircraft fur Prius are in. There was inactive trip, lost a dog. We I got shot. We advise blown, a lot of active operations during that period of time. It was. It was amazing, to see the talent and you can't really get an idea or understanding of that talent and capability when you, when you focus on individuals, but when you see come together and a combat operation where everybody so efficient and effective, really see the benefit of the selection process.
Training process in the support mechanisms that make that yet the most lenient, no in the world younger you here, like Yom sports analogies of like well, you know, tat professional sport scene, but these are like that. The chair right, these are the NFL frequent Superbowl winners that the other you see, the Superbowl guy that, like gum whatever gets, is or massaged so that he can whatever he other guys doing. Speed drills with the first four metres of his spread and he's gonna work with specialist. That's gonna get him even a little bit. You know one millisecond faster and then there get their helmets dialed and so that they can have coms there and they got this either get all like at one hundred percent pure focus for every individual to be as good as possibly can and then you
that team together and every one of those individuals is one hundred percent focused on being as good as they possibly can, with all the support they could boss, we want, and this would you up with just just frequent the best. It's the big for sure and when I realized in that year, even been a very good but it shoot respect, member of special forces and dumb Vienna a pity stared at the time that there was men above me and beyond me that I'd never catch up with now we're just so talented and I was like it was humbling and am, I'm not the mostly dude. I thought I was. I woke up and went dude, I'm crush on it, and then I see they talent. Over there and realized. There's this thing, this machine and, like you said before these guys, are trained to be diplomats to be fit experts, the trend of Cuba, gas and there, the best at it in the Navy version and the army version through the best at it in the world, and now it was a humbling
An honourable experience to be a part of that through our came after that so at a very young age. Actually, at the age of twenty nine I made IE eight, if handling all this by the way, she's good, the Champ apple. I dont she's memory to me now, you didn't ask- but she's handling it well. Man, I mean, I mean lucky her perspective was if I was happy doing what I loved. That was my moment in time and she would support me. Germany, kids know get now, none so for us and she was busy getting our nursing degree phenomena woman. Just this handling business and grinding. And then, when I came back, she was my support and sure made sure does you knew I was coming back and in that you'd, and especially those does boisil having downtown it, doesn't exist
even when you're down you're, not down Europe on a call cycle for being able to quick, respond or you're in a downside, when your training you're always gone. I was gone more than any part of my career in that organization, so When I made the eight lest I made it on the black side. There's a blacklist and the blacklist is just it's that advertised and always double just to give it. I don't know the exact numbers, but for that year but like a hundred sixty guys were promoted. I was one fifty point: seven on the blacklist has the black was like you're liquor intermittent number, that's than ever I was the last guy on the black side, which include, the navy that was promoted to IE eight, which means also last guy to get picked up and on twenty nine years old as an eight as an eight year, and so I
you know it was mainly because of the combat experience ahead and then in IE. Seven school is, for us is called a knock, I wonder, will leadership, ward and so those Thanks set me up to get prefer that fast, but I wasn't prepared in my operational career to go urinate what's next, so if I stated that unit then I would just been what I was in in that unit you you're not, He it would call bluechip. She don't get bluechip because you have experience you quit your special operations guy when you shop that unit day one you earn your bluechip one day at a time. and so me, starting, I would starting starting from zero leaving the EU. and going anywhere. I could have gone, I'm a team. Sorry I'm a god nor in the special operations right and it's the job that you want because you're controlling and
operating with your rodya with your detachment, I had no Look I wanted to go back, but I would like, if I go back the d put me on, a regular rodya, not meaning that in a derogatory way, but just not a sieve company, not a specialised company ray Emily gentleman by the name of command, sort, major Bobby legend and social forces command communicates to me that he heard on it hurt I made a year and heard about my experience and he wanted to recruit me to stand up a new Chris and is a new commanders response worse for the the continent of Africa. and have one because we're so busy fighting the Middle EAST. We have one J sock approve long story short. I stood up a safe as applying quarter from scratch. We went into company and tenth group meeting For me, it stood up from scratch. Had for power
to train anything. We wanted to with our guys reconnaissance gas and build this unit from zero as we build the unit we get vetted invalidated and in Benghazi kicked off which the buyer benefit wanted. I've been in Africa, so What year did you deploy immediately deployed immediately? I was the first team to deploy for that unit tubing ass. He took to Libya. This is after the September twelve attack the September eleven and twelve attacks and twelve and two thousand twelve during our train up, we literally get task to go to We start developing intel and then be Gaza kicks off and that happened. I was actually in a special.
the compound doing cross daily breeze with Libya, and then this thing happens and then, a few weeks later, I'm in Tripoli Libya go on building out a counterterrorism force going after I look at all the guy responsible for did you run and we didn't run any those off. So did we. So one we didn't do anything about it right. It was a big there now said the galleys reflective of that understanding. But We had the opportunity to kill abacha taller and about sixty to ninety days There are other uses, sock elements with us and they positively identified. I do it in a short period of time. I was there in the meeting when we propose it to that country team which included the ambassador. charging, Alexander Pope who was appointed and he denied he said the political climate will allow us to do.
The representative from EAST Sock Senior IE, eight stood up in almost detonated, I'm a dead end in a very tax away, but that was the climate we with it was it was so politically charge they wouldn't last do anything for six months. I was in that country fighting to kill bad guys to do our job as the commanders response force, but also representing you suck, and they wouldn't. Let us do anything. It was horrible. It was that there was the worst political military experience in a dry faced, so what you do and got home from that that had leave a bad taste in your mouth. What did three weeks after I got back also the army. Other people work as a senior create with how many years in the times, sixteen sixteen years when I was downrange got recruited by the CIA on automatic a job. paramilitary operations officer, which is a continuous rca.
I can apply for the excellent job description there yet My expand was one of the first casualties of the cold war terror in September eleventh, and no, he was actually promoter operations officer. I wanted to be MIKE's man, I I had just finished my college degree which took me fifteen years to accomplish. it is a prerequisite for government service and federal federal government, and I decided at that. point. I wanted to step aside and work for this agency because I saw the good things they were known at the time after I got back in out process very rapidly where people like my troop, it might mean The main element wasn't even home yet, and I was already out processed. My independence was July. Fourth of that year of two thousand thirteen and immediately sort o Connor, which we backed Libya, I was in Libya on terminal leave back in Libya as a civilian, and then
I started cartwrighting with the agency of the lot for the next two and a half years, while at the same time in a reserve component operations and where I was a team sergeant in Texas they may sergeant major and taxes and so contracting deploying with iterated interagency coming home and then the point deploying again put on my uniform job on a plane. And they went on. I came back from Yemen, a weekly I was back in his year, Africa with a sword, major uniform on doing a counterterrorism staff, operation or staff exercise. It turned into an operation, came back put on Macedonians and then went back to him to send out a cycle. Give us a little bit of a brief on what we are doing is what your job was as a contractor. So honestly, it's nothin sexy, I was basin case offers.
job was to protect him overseas, always outside of the white people normally refer to, as industrial contractor saw actually work directly for the agency in and baby sat saucers and protected. When your case also come on a school you get off. Five hundred pound had lots of experience in training, but it's all concepts when they go overseas, We only have enough time to repair the biggest in this minds. On the planet to do what they do, and so we we order the shield that protects you guys to do their job. at the time that I applied yet amid minimum experience of six years of special operations and got to shoot your ass off, and when I showed up for this job, I bet it. It's a shooting call, you shoot and you beat the standard or you leave my class.
We had by ten ten deeds that our senior level due to operators in the mostly its half of employment or because the shooting cos competing for six, for your job. Also The pressure is high and the shooting standards of the, The hardest shooting standards, I've seen apparently in federal government cause you're. A federal law enforcement struck, her ass. You get to this experience. It's a Tavis federal law enforcement. Claw, that's informal! It's not actually doctrine, and when I went down range without innovation. I was confident that even me and my riding partner a typically, we were seals that with our little Gluck, seventeen peashooters in a span that we can do some work enough to fight back to our vehicle or back to the machine gun in her vehicle indecent. But he also taught me about what
these inner agencies in these brave men and women do every day which, as they put it on the line like you, have a cure, rough greater battalion element in image. Forty seventh prepared to come rescue your ass. It's just you and I might do you do this. Yet we been doing since the beginning my what this travel around randomly doing your thing in, like that's all what's the nearest taskforce other about three hours away. Okay, so we're at our own that changed everything. For me, That's that changed. Every thing I thought in DR potentially knew about Singleton operations and love is operations weaving loaded with our guys thought This, like putting a small garden. You know in hiding the chest, carry or play Corredor, neither their dress their madras. It's not it's! It's a it's a new game. It was crazy. So you do that for two and a half years, two and a half years, and did you sir you you?
originally wanted to actually be in the CIA, not a contractor, you did. We continue to try and pursue the job of actually being a member yeah what is to be a staff. I wanted to be a blue badly, were it to be a full time employ, and I had a change of heart when I was in Yemen, Yemen was superfluous. Go. The hoof ease the political climate in all these things that were transpiring was doing what I didn't make was possible and that interagency, which was debilitating their ability to do there. And I saw great guys that were on operational- saw on the operational side that we're getting stagnated and I believe it? I actually I remember thinking to myself on one rotation like this is Avonlea skies, guys, there's no way! these dudes there's no way these guys are getting. There's gotta be something going on coke dagger and it was.
Because the oversight of how the I see the icy works in the intelligence community with well over seventeen eighty six now there's so much director directorate national level, oversight and micro management. They can't do their jobs, and so I had my holding with the another military was if I can't kill bad guys. I don't belong here, so I left and went to an organisation which I thought were still killing bad guys and they may still were in some people city, but where I was in the situation, I was in, they weren't and I went. Do I have to make- have to have a change your heart here I have to figure something out, because the war for me is over. There is no more killing eventually ISIS pot their heads up.
was a whole new cycle of killing that I missed, which I I I wish I was part of, but I had to make a decision to get out, and that was it now as it was in Pakistan, and I made a decision. I I brainstormed my my ride. Partner Cecile, his brother was a deaf through gotta was killed on arrayed restaurant rescue, a hostage in Africa and dumb he's one of my best friends, and I said, hey, minimalist or business- is a gross brainstorm, and we had course of action, development, man, we sat down afterward and no doubt some plans and such many conversations over dinner, trying to figure out like what I can do and now you know With- are background of expertise. The obvious round, is a tactical something right, but I don't want to do that man. I I I saw these due to get now in their dealings with all the backlash of coming out and say: hey
sky of time it and have any social media, and, unlike I know I don't want to be a tactical kind of guy so the kind of different in a row doubts rival in primitive survival is what most people think about when they talk about survival. What a thesis niche and develop like this modern rival, take on preparedness of training citizens, not just Malter, want force for citizens to be better prepared in their culture. What years us this is two thousand fifteen, answer, your ahead of the curve gap, sifting and unlike for something here, I wrote a mission statement. I did a con up. I wrote a whole five paragraph order on the whole business plan and resigned from my position with iterate at sea.
came home. Talk to my commands order, major as a sergeant major is an upsurge in major. The time said a man I'm thinking about doing this because do like the oven like there's nothing the group of the active eight, the entire unit, any you you'll be staffs order, major sit in a talk for a year and Afghanistan. There's nothing on. Do do what you want to do. I said: how hard is it for me to resign? It goes out. I will type the paperwork, that's how easy it is and then seventeen cited for for your position in your rank. You don't have to do anything but technically resign. And you're going to our status, inactive ready reserve and that's it- and I remember I did that in the next day I was like Hulu Crap, like I just cut the biggest umbilical cord and a man in the history of man, and now you're flattened and I have to make a makes. It happened. Energy still married at this point on that
three years, remove or two years removed from a divorce and dumb but you're, not you, you have to take care of anyone by yourself. Just me, and so it's kind of like a little bit of big umbilical cord, but I mean, let's face it: you're gonna, be older. Gimme a ground pad, I'm I'm I'm wing in it. Madame I am, I think, a pie was living in a grunt. Like. I was probably air mattresses sort of her a ban in place I was smart with my money because they caught the thousand AIR Club because you making a thousand a day in your bank, rolling most guys go home blow it or Holly's and trucks and come back, and the vicious cycle again, but I take that money. I because twenty five k and investigate start my business What was the first move, the first? with education. I had no idea educating yourself, educating myself. I had no idea
marketing about none, I could have a degree and homeland security what's echoed a trance. I do know much in my new field of expertise, so I took my business plan started doing gotta go fidelity on the correlation between a concept and then the the crucial that concept try to use historical data and it was not. There was no good case. Studies are examples of business, in that John Raw Thou, Wert, very narrow. In their field premise, yeah sure you could find a hundred business plan they all suck in there I do it very well, but what cultural thing of like this? John or of call preparedness where mindset, self awareness, a technical training. You know all the things that we did in our culture and purpose in smash operations. How does a transit citizens and how do you scale vertical business that that was intense for me, it's something I still learn today. You know
five years later, with forty plus employs. Unlike did I'm still more transfigured shut out What was the first move that you made then in terms of what what's the first gig that you did so the first great was the technical training, because I could make a revenue stream saw. My weight duff figure out one thousand two hundred and twenty four people, five hundred dollars slot pistol. Carbine, let's make some revenue. Then I built the website. Started marketing social media for me was brand new and I think, at the time, was new for people to see special operations guys on it. I know the time only handful of us doing that, and people like all in a gravitate towards us, Armor TIM Kennedy I was his boss. Tim Kennedy was, is an enemy fighter. Success watch manure his boss at the time it I'm like dupe. How are you doing this heap me on his social media. I get ten thousand followers on like this is how it works. This now, building. That's how easy it was, and so I start, building
I design a young survival kit, contractor. I went to the love. ray of doing the enraged see direct contract position. I can go retraining. I want to and they sent me to a whole, which I speak. Schools, including s, arrival school, where they had I speak contractors who develop dislike, zip, lock back theory. There's this guy run works, recovered, Estella, he's in the field now day to do this Two hours, a blog back challenge on Foie GRAS, arrive on our instagram and were updating it and the ideas if you're in a foreign country that semi permissive, not permissive The worst case scenario for you is: it loses its sovereignty, a coup happens and now you're on your own, the first star in in the fifties that was applied to the CIA Board the guy who escaped invaded from China and got killed in Tibet.
By a random security guy shot the chest with one round with a thirty two british pissed revolver. That's a thing: and there's dangerous. So the ideas like a zip, lock bag is the things that you can carry on your person, your physical body, so took that and I literally in the course went everything you guys, but this back. How did you come up with what we did? Aren t with the best things that we could put in the bag and you're gonna live it for thirty two hours, which happens to be appropriate amount of time to escape, evade and then carry the appropriate motto, stuffs and reconnaissance like not overbearing, and I said I'm gonna, take everything these bags and return to so it is like duties, how ya doin it it's like the our first survival kid I sold like a thousand on day, one of that kid, and I was like there's someone here. There's a problem thing here. There's a training thing here,
there's this revenue streams and I'm seeing and we built it. from very small diversified, an in built up all the vertical one went by So you sell a thousand of these survival kits almost instantly instantly. not so now. Your theory is correct. There's demand there is man, I'm creating a new demand signal, but there's demand. that that starts off what years that sixth, the very getting of sixteen the very beginning of sixty five years ago, you get there out. You saw a thousand these kids, Then, what's the next move? Now you know there's a market, you start developing shit. What's next Why are they parted? It was. I have to draw up a quarter year like there's that there's a sting that exist with that try to redefine most people who We have seen us on the surface. Even think that,
primitive survival company for survival synonymous with with primitive surreal like Robin sticks together in the woods and so not a big fan of an amended expert that those guys that are talented at that. I hire those guys now, but that's not me I'm the guy who understands that Wendy operators could go out and deliberately hit the worst case scenario and come out on top, and so apotheosis like why's that happening. What why do why do intentionally, men put themselves. In harm's way to kill the bad guy and wisely If we do, they come out on top, and so, if you see looking out in laying out all the reasons why it's not because of one widget one school, because the culture that are immersed in its they all got selected together, they train together they pay attention to all the details. They do contingency based planning there, sir, Support day due course of action development they rehearse they pay
engine to their equipment and everything they do an ultimate. Their conscious to their culture, their world there they're here right? our paying attention to what they are doing and when I, get citizens and everything happening in our world that we never learn a lesson from working be complacent in freedom as a benefit of freedom because after born routine, and that huh instead be r m o as Americans, which is beneficial right that you live. Sovereign societies. You get all the luxuries and freedoms of all them You go out Warren and do this thing, but what is it to the detriment of? What's that? If you look at statistics, This is what I do this is. This is the greater our point is doing this research, I sort of realising there's no understanding of what this even means. There's one God that I found this couple guys, but one guy significantly, but then he would John Leech who did a study on survival. God. He asked a question: why do people live in? Why do people die
specifically catastrophes here theory based this case study analysis of mostly natural disasters. Sum of man made that there's a breakdown about ten eighty ten, ten percent of the population happens. making the right decision and they survive. Eighty percent- Bobby broken in half. Fifty fifty make some I was the right decision, sometimes the wrong and then temper are the bottom. The barrel there the guy, who runs this is in a survival situation of some kind. This is a catastrophe, a disaster, so all of the things- together a typically associated with compressed timeline. High intensity stress so The bottom ten percent is the bottom of the barrel and children. Happened to be in that bottom ten percent, and so the the the She is. Why are some people at the top ten and why are people at the bottom ten
We get the people who are at the bottom, even children, and to the top ten, and that was the on this of my business in answering that question. We need to figure out why people die. What is their background and experience what mistakes made in how can we put them in a bracket and a ten percent bracket to make sure they survive that that was the the question that had to be answered. That's worth that where it started, and then you started looking at ok. What did you find? What did you find as far as a curriculum that you put together? that most people from the bottom ten we're getting killed to the top ten the most impact holding that I found, which I see a lot of correlation and what you're weather discovery or just dissemination of your books and all the information that you're doing is of awareness breeds situation, awareness, rent, so there is a lack of awareness, there's really a lack of understanding,
the analogy I like to use this- that the avalanche cruiser I'm a big fan of bankers, so I take my land cruiser, which is a ninety forelimb cruiser, which is Fc G. Eighty, if your links are nerd head, gasket problems or are notorious for these things, they overheat there. gasket, blows and then its catastrophic. So the question is when you're driving down the road and you see smoke, you addressed, smoke, most people see smoke and they go okra smoke. Let me pull over right, what aaa so there. Dependence on something else and institution. an insurance company, whatever it may be, and so dont source source, the solution, another call of action. Is you keep driving cause? You don't understand what's happening, so you just pushed through and you think pushing through Hake, as is only ten minutes away from home, is the answer, so you saw the smoke you didn't have a. Answers avoid darkness in the back of your head, so you just do,
dumping random, its randomized behavior, you drive you get home, and before you get home, we get down your street. Your card catastrophically employers, you hear a pop, you hear noise. It starts, though the buck you poured over, saw the road. You lift a hood and you realize you have borne engine right, that allergies representative of people's brains and the understanding of the brain, so a lot of things that we have to happen to us in our lives, mostly affected by stressors happens to be a catastrophe. By the way a stress was just either oh great or high grades catastrophe. Wheat in stress we start filling these things. and then we don't know how to control it. We don't know how to diagnose it. We don't understand chemical processes, and then so ignore it until becomes catastrophic so now, you're in the vehicle accidents and
you're only role is to do certain technical things to help the person whose burning alive, but you don't know how to do it. Why you don't understand how to break glass? You don't understand the fortitude as required to push past the pain and break, US or maybe, if you understood technically, that you ve just crack off this. Why, lieutenant slap it that you could shatter the glass or, if you even had more for thought- maybe curate tool like a bridging ass, a Winkler hated by breaching ass, an you smashed. The window but then you let that person burned to the ground, hopefully a family member obvious you, but this happens in this little thing happens to everybody in some kind of circumstance people is if it hasn't happened, it's bound to happen. The difference between us and our experiences and survey, is that we ve seen the detriment of not following these basic processes the understanding of what take places. When you don't understand,
so what I want to do is Lynn. these processes and understanding, so people can self diagnose, Beale, what's happening sympathetically, Paris sympathetically and then the more awareness so when they see smoke they go on that smoke it all. That's water, vapor, that's commit from our radiator Ahmad pull over. let the car! I don't set political down our carry gloves and a rag in the back of my car, I'm gonna, partly the other cap. Oh, I realized. I looked in the reservoir, theirs, thing in the reservoir, I character, but because of a ninety foreign it eats call it. I get call it put it back in it top off sit it, let it idle. Everything seems fine and I'm on my way- and I just survived that The thing is not done in a very tactful intelligible way, and I think we need to change that so it requires processes. It requires progressive learning. It requires a different, a lot of different pass that have been created, which is too, which is the business challenge, because it's easier
regulating. Did your podcast do a book, all those things but too great a progressive path for civilian. We're disinterested in the first place, it's the best, in my opinion, MRS problem to have because it lends itself to a new challenge which I'm all about So what are the courses look like out of the blue? Let's say you just saw me: and I'm like hell, yeah, I'm in the game, friggin echo the whatever salesman, and you just told me: what do I do there stood progressive, passed this this path is flew across Europe? Feel grasser outcome. Jesus. It's the website, its physical training. It's like physical things that you can do its gunfighter pistol, gunfighter Carbine, its first eighteen technical, combat cancer cases, visa website visa website, so you're, for instance, on on on a video. to me how to put a tourniquet on my kid, this
opponents, is you physically come to our training? Ok, so there's indifferent, sir. You said website, but then you said physical, so go on the website. You get for the training rabbit and in the in person. Physical training, is one component of it. That trend includes equipment, augmentation equipment, look we're not. We'd all the monopoly on medical gear, but our I will show you the best medical gear. That's made north american rescue the same, seven tourniquets or cat tourniquets that we use we seem save. so we shall tourniquets rockets, all the maintain for enabling people to be better prepared. That's real cross her, while the second component is progressive learning, You have to be able to learn progressively at start point and understand the path I really that deficiency years into this whole thing, because people go Why, during that further pistol? What's next like get further pistol to it and there like Outside of that. What's next like, I need a whole,
this path to this, so we a girl, her name's, Amber stay at home. Mom nurse somebody who understands Elam Ass systems. We actually teamed up or more, which is learning manage it based system. The same thing we do online learning for your masters from my bachelors, where we take online learning approach to get people involved, including families, so You can go online, you could sell up. You can sign up on We the prepared dot com and set up an element component that includes like stop the bleed You take a class where you receive a tourniquet. You apply that tourniquet, and you have an interactive experienced virtually its online learning, but it's for the purpose. Miss minded is for people who you know who don't the time or money to fly from North Carolina You talk to take a physical class in person, so there's a progress. learning path that touches all the fields that
breakdown down. It was called pillars of preparedness which, moreover, of how we are worried, similar this information, so people can understand it the last component to that is what I have realised. That prepared offices is its this thing. That brings people together not super toxic, like everybody if you're, a liberal and San Francisco or conservative and rural Montana, you can get on board that you'd need. idea, preparedness to make you better, care for the worst case scenario. Generally speaking, So when I have classes in person or online, I see This community building built based off this one thing: that's not segregating people or that doesn't have toxic underline things about it right, it's not french! So we started american contingency, which is a committee. Community based programme where, if we educate people too, better prepared. What's next, what happens when you get around people that you like Azure, you're, you're thinking about this
in considerations are gonna. Take your my family. I want to protect myself. How can you inner operate? Well, there's look, there's a theirs, Your picture right, the breakdown of the family unit, breakdown of our communities when we mean you grew up. We knew our neighbours we knew our neighbours, friends and family. Now, if you see your neighbour and his check has now you Lex you like who's that why's? He look at me like that's your neighbor man like what do you do for the first time in history, you could be in an apartment complex with thousands. People in a vertical and that no one person and be disk interested in knowing anybody. But what you do when you have to be banned their because a hurricane destroyed the infrastructure of your town, while Amerika the tendency. We actually have a member's dot american continent seed outcome that allows, porter group and network we have hundreds of groups that our inner operating now that are like minded that train together that work together.
that, build assets and capabilities together and then the brick read together, which is building relationships, so, in every tier I miss you, happened, which you know. Look. I think that the most powerful thing you ve done in your career and you're in your life is you are showing in and what you do and your actions out of the water rights it somebody for me, as a young arch, we were I look at you go did these? Are the right things writing a book in publication that it that exposes your ideology and your thinking to impact young people who don't have anything to lean on in purpose is the most powerful there are human beings do especially from our backgrounds. So I said, How many do pillars of preparedness teaches thing? Let me get a book deal. Nobody wants a touch me for years They thought I was french. I mean I bid quarter,
from right wing extremists, which is bizarre chasm half asian too, you know your nazi to all this weird stuff, because I'm I'm talking about this idea being prepared. Just two weeks ago I sign a book deal with a major publisher that very for two years, which means they just paid attention about writing a book on preparedness and, unlike That's big. That's a huge for me. Why to be able to impact some somebody via the written word, which I grew up with, is a powerful but two A publisher now published Michelle Obama and so Jordan, Pearson on both I do the spectrum is taking a chance on me in allowed, I'm I'm! am humbled by the opportunity allowed TAT the opportunity to pass this word in major Two people who might be thinking about but don't know how to contractual eyes it is assigned to me that this is making sense to people. Look it up
for John Reed, because it so bread, so thin, but the time- in the place that we live in our society. Right now were people cell phones virtual reality are more important, significant dinner actual reality, at the detriment to their fit fist. go and mental health and wellness it it needs we need to bring this to bear conversations to get people involved in something outside of their cell phone. So but it's my mission but has become something so different than I thought was gonna, become as far as scaling a business vertical May I say what I think this is what I think is very cool and- and I was wondering if you would get there just from you ve seen so far too, took to what my perspective is and what I perspective, is.
Is your sort of like what everything you just said to me is the tip of the iceberg. Actually, it's just tip of the iceberg and I'll tell you what I mean by that. If you look it for me, jujitsu Did you for me was a huge component of my life Because I learned how to fight not because I got good physical condition, because I learned a new way of thinking and I said, to understand the world from a different perspective and I started see correlations between Jujitsu combat tactics lead. Ship, interacting with other human beings? The way I appeal two problems, the way thought you did. You became a way of thinking and it's actually, I can't say it, jitsu is that way of thinking cause it's everything combined. It turns and translate into this sort of just the way of thinking for me. Well, when I start thinking about being prepared about handling situations about about reacting
to emergency situations about handle contingencies. those things can learn. You can learn for the specific for the specific genre of actually applying to a survival situation. Just like you can learn an arm walk for actually applying to grasp situation, but guess what you can take them. I'd, say you comply to everything that you do so you can take what your teaching about thinking through a problem about foresight about prepare for a certain scenario and the continuous round that you can have apply that not just to how you gonna handle a fire or an earthquake. Oros civil unrest, but how are you gonna handle a bit situation that your and how you gonna handle interaction with someone in your own family zone, a hostile interaction, but it's an interaction that you need to think through. So the way that you're, too,
talking about preparedness and I've told us people before they're like well. You know how good have to get a jujitsu. By giving a certain point, Europe Bluebell your two hundred twenty five pounds: Jacko the gear ok, you can handle yourself in self defense situation yeah. Absolutely I can. What about shooting well What are the chances Jacko that you're gonna get into a gunfight you're. forty nine years old. You know you got a wife and kids. You live in a nice area where the chances you're gettin in gunfight. Why do you need to be training? why do you need a? But why should I be trained? People me. Why should I work with a firearm Let me tell you: why? You have this narrow chance that, for whatever reason somebody enters your house are you in a situation, so he tries to steal your car, hurt you or whatever, where you got to use your fire, the chances that let's face it there? Are there tiny, but guess what you get guess what you get from practicing and art like shooting
You were not a control, your breathing. You learn how to detach you learn how refocus after you throw a shot and, and still today, the next clean shot without worrying about what just happened. You learn how to calm. You you'd calm yourself down, you learn how to associate or disassociate from problems that are happening right funny you so there's applications the art of shooting a weapon that you applied everything you could do. There is applicable For what you learn to do too, that apply to everything you do there is applications to if I went to your courses and you taught me how to what what put together for a go back for a car. Here's what you should think through cool. I can promise you how many use that I'm going to put a go bag in my car, but put together doing, but that's what I'm going to do, I'm going to think contingency for my business and well
you can do as a business to prepare for certain tipsy. What do I need to prepare? What do I need to think through as a leader two to be ready? So you're talking about a narrow when you talk bout. This mindset of preparedness, you're you're, not a pretty narrow thing. How am I gonna survive a situation to me, it's couple to everything that a human being does an end, Why does a special operations guy When there's up you know on earthquake or a flawed or a car accident parity, Porto reason that they survivors hey. They know what to do this know how to break a windshield. They know to do in that specific technical technically know what to do but part of it? Is number one. They been under pressure before and number two. They know how think through the problem facing so what you're too,
king is only applicable to survival. It's actually applicable to everything and that to me is It should broaden your audience to everybody, and I, like fact that you said you know, there's a certain alignment with what you're doing the alignment is here we what this within sometimes if you go higher up enough, the the alignment ladder in a business you you might want to do some one way. I want to do something different way. Ultimately, I say: hey, listen! Do we want to take care of our clients? Yes, do we want to make some money? Yes, we do. Do we want to take the people on our team? Yes, we do so Maybe a liner like there's. No one you're, not gonna, leave you and I are business to getting so watch you don't want to make any money or actually know I want to screw of our clients are. As you know, I want to take care of our team. Can you say that did say that we were not working together, ninety nine percent of time, you go to any business. They you can go
a point where you're a line where you and I are thinking to say, hey, listen, we do we, take care of our clients we want taken. our team. We want to make some money. We can agree with that. What you just said I don't care where you from care where you're from you what do you say a liberal in San Francisco or We can read neck in Montana. Pull them into romantic. Do you to be able to take care of your family. What are they they're gonna say yes, do you want to be able to handle yourself and oppression situation? They're gonna say yes. Do you want to be able to take care of yourself? There exists a yes, so there's an alignment. That's that's inherent in what your teaching that absolutely will bring people together, but it'll make them better, not just because their able to survive it'll teach they may way of thinking that will progress them in every aspect of their life and that's why I think it's even more powerful than what you're saying, because I could take some company executives and sent him to one or courses and and
it's cool benefit. That they're gonna learn about survival. Just like I run a programme where we take our guy. We take civilians, we teach how to do a room. We teach them how to move between buildings right. This is is this a forty five minutes? I should right how to clear room and how to move from building about building in a group that we teach him we say: ok, here's your mission and we start giving omissions now what are they learn about clearing buildings? Doesn't matter doesnt matter at all But what are they learn about leadership what're? They learn about thinking under pressure. What are they learn about? How to get people to move in the right direction? What are they learn about being able to attach and take a step back and not get caught, the fire fight we use, we lay attack not get caught up in their laser gun and at freaking about that. So we take people and put them through this tactical training, not so that the and become great tacticians but
so that they can lead better. So what you're doing hey? Listen! It's great! You put people through some training that they learned survival skills, but to me even even higher up of a hierarchy of of benefits that they learn a way of thinking. That's gonna benefit them in every aspect of life. I think that's bad us yeah appreciate. does. The lessons learned that we found is exactly that that most often people are exposed. They do have limited exposure. So anyhow opportunity to do something like a five day, experience like we have. You know we do retraining we do? We ve done it so different work law and smaller companies. The it's not not like you said the technical experience there did mine, is they're, not gonna, learn enough wraps to build that technical expertise and less that's on their own, but the lifeless, since they learn and taking it back,
processing stress, like you said, is so important and viable? I dig what's happening with this introduction of technology and our lives is its limiting our ability to be exposed. So What are the about vices that I give for people who are like? How do I My mindset in already a mindset mindset minds at what the hell does that mean in are filled expertise. It has to do with resilience your body to bounce back, your body once suppressed, bounced back and be stronger to thrive and serve to survive and get by. so. We expose people to new challenges. Have to be extreme you I mean we have extreme versions of this. We do sear school gave a civilian Circe, gorgeous fund run, but those guys we'll come back from that experience from a five day. Sear experience survival escape resist, evade and Togo. Since the motion pack for thing, I've
were done in my life and unlike really ok let me reflect on my powerful experiences. Oh yeah Ranger School when I was in Rayner School and supposed and I'm I'm vulnerable its impact for because it's some different, and we understand this, obviously about even single, organisms. If Europe's was the trauma that is the first stage in growth, because no Rough takes place without exposure to trauma, and so whatever that One factor is getting portal mats and jujitsu you're learning as you go, you're breaking to build so what's fascinating about this whole movement, that the biggest preparedness is that its positive? There is now a negative things that take place in preparing people to be prepared for that worst case scenario. You see positive impacts on community with law enforcement- with relationships with people's understanding
for me getting getting the all this collective of information and making sense of it and being able to really disseminate. That is the biggest challenge, but it's the funniest thing about the business men to the elements, for example, creating this idea that learn online and you can learn these lie savings, the name, you came out said why you, teach somebody how to apply tourniquet online, like that, don't you think that's kind of like us. Its high and liability and its neglectful am I did you- could build a eighth, a rocket ship Inside of your garage of a Youtube video, so I can dig it teach somebody had to stop the bleed with a technical tourniquet applied to their body to help them survive