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305: The Worst Mistakes are The Ones We Don't See. On The Psychology of Military Incompetence Pt.3

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This is jack upon cast number three or five with ECHO Charles me, Jack. A willing bidding me. I didn't also joining us again tonight, neighbour, could even gave get it. We are going to continue the review of the book, the psychology of military in competence, which we start on paragraph three of free, continued, three or four or genuine more now, and we got through some examples in the last part, customary wartime examples will get there. Rest. These examples tonight, and this is a big set up. His there's an arduous set up for the part to the book forget into to the book tonight, which actually starts to dive into the psychology of military competence. But Like I said before, those
special relations continue. Wesley refer back to examples from the beginning part one of this book, which is what makes the book powerful because it's not just theory, it gives you examples that connects the theory to react, So that's what we're doing If you haven't, ordered this book order it it's called on the cycle. Of military incompetence written by Doktor Dixon, whose combat himself, if you have a list, MIKE S three or four, and three or four yet, and go back and listen to those first. We're going through these military examples and were started. You can see him start the tune in certain call out some of these psychological pathology that ends up with bad leadership and with that we're gonna go into the book This charter is called between war, so we end, we end World WAR one and this chapters called
between the wars because watch be happening between the horse. What should we be doing? We should be assessing what we did wrong, assessing what we did right see what improvements we could make seeing what new technology we could bring to bear, and let's face it, you fight a war. Like World WAR one and there should be insane amount of lessons learned on forces quote starts off with them. But this chapter starts off the quote from George Bernard Shaw. He says the british soldier can stand up to anything except the British were office. What a horrible statement that is I'm gonna Book Milton stock is never lower than at the end of a costly war, with a million dead societies. Appetite for aggression has been assuaged people, weary of the war and tired of soldiering for them Terry. The truth was rubbed in by
swinging cuts in men and material or dawn nor once done you anything about being over it there over it. From being the most important members of the community, they were now relegated to a very minor role that the military, this thinly veiled in gratitude at three effects upon the military with the horse. Yet self consoling cry, knowing back some real soldiering, they withdrew into cocoons professional impotence, strange you get down with the worries are now we can get back to soldiering, which for them, what does that mean in accordance the principle that more florid aspects of militarism or defences against threat to self esteem. There was a falling upon the rights of the barracks Square, renewed? pension to spit and polish help to expunged the last traces of the mode of Flanders levels of military hierarchy service thing,
was now embodied in an extract from a paper on imperial defence dated June twenty second nineteen. Twenty six, The size of the forces of the crown maintained by great Britain is governed by very conditions peculiar to each service and isn't arrived at by any calculations of the requirements of foreign policy, nor it possible that they should ever be so calculated Fettes. Most insane thing, I've read and quite some time. Well, I guess it's. I read the last chapter of this book: hey we're just gonna worldwide The we're building our military, the size were motors is based on a kind of what they think it should be had nothing to do with what's goin on foreign policy, no calculations, that's not what we're doing In the period between the worse the shape and the equipment, if
The size of the armed forces were partly determined by a number of curious military attitudes. These centre peculiar procure particularly around three instruments of warfare, tanks, planes and horses describing a tank attack. He had witnessed nineteen sixteen general survey. Gale tells how the british Command tried to exploit it with cavalry. Apparently, they failed as it was borne out by the grim sight of riderless horses returning whence they had come that Europe's image, isn't it. Of this experience he writes. I was impressed by the Tensile of the tank, as I was pressed by the employment of horse every in modern warfare conditions. Yet you're all our experience in that war. It took us further twenty years to maximize our cavalry lesson was clear with them, was as clear in nineteen sixteen as in nineteen thirty six. In truth, it was
one thousand nine hundred and thirty six, but one thousand nine hundred and forty one before the British began to him lessons of nineteen. Sixteen What happened between these wars, shows the alarming extent to which reactionary elements can draw the wrong conclusion from what to most people would seem quite unambiguous facts rather than recognise the potential of the tank. They drew the conclusion that innovation and progress are inherently dangerous and therefore to be issued. The symptom is not without precedent. Nor confined to the army while on naval maneuvers in eighteen. Ninety three admiral tryin wished to about two parallel columns of battleships from his flagship. He org that the two columns should reverse course. By turning inwards. Unfortunately Combined turning radius of the ships was greater than the distance between them. With Math
article inevitability, html Victoria was rammed by H, M S Camperdown and sank with great loss of life. Other officers had seen what was going to happen but dared not question the less from this disaster seems fairly clear. Admiral should be their decisions upon information supplied by their staff and junior officers, should not be afraid of speaking when their knowledge, for example, the turning sir turning because of naval craft and respect abilities. For example, superior eyesight and greater capacity for mental arithmetic, led them to believe there are given order, would end in calamity the it seems sound enough, indeed, even the most junior shower lady, which is a cleaning one. At the admiralty. Had she pondered the box could hardly have failed to draw the same conclusion, but this was not conclusion reached by her lords and masters for them.
Try on lapse just went to show that it never pays to try anything new. It was the lesson learned dont do inward do that's the lesson and don't do inward taught turns in a column. To return to the tank. That's excessive chief of the Imperial general staff between one thousand nine hundred and eighteen and one thousand nine hundred and thirty. Thirty, nine, with the support of other senior officers, did not exert themselves to mechanize the army somewhere actively obstructionist against these reactionary elements stood a handful of progressive army officers and a few like minded civilians, the progressives who'd assimilated the encounter incontrovertible evidence. The preceding war with Germany and were only too well aware of Hitler's preparations for the next made, their views known through books, essays lectures and by word of mouth. These move
we're countered by the military establishment waste. So you got this whole group of people. Let us in hay, Bro, Ambrose. We need to make tanks a lot of them. We need agonize, our cavalry look, what happened and that's what they're doing books word of mouth lectures essays. These moves, Countered by the military establishment two ways: firstly, they resisted dissemination of progressive literature, hate stifle that paper. Secondly, they did their best to curtail the careers of those who questioned their own obsolete ideas aside, deathlike evil as far as actor Guy's got a good new idea, curtail their career, for example, when fuller,
an early protagonist of MAC Mechanization, one, the r? U S, eye gold medal for his essay on tanks and later produced a book on the same topic. He was castigate by successive chiefs of staff and remain unemployed in the wake of major general for three years and then forcibly retired in nineteen thirty three in the course of these events see I see I e g S, Lord Cabin, whose ideas The fuller were about eight hundred years out of date, opine That no officer should be allowed to write a book insane. You can't make this up. You can make this up. If your river, in a situation where you're subordinates, are coming up with ideas that you don't agree with and your your reaction. Is to shut them down.
Question yourself Not to be outdone, his successor field Marshal Montgomery, delivered himself of a diatribe against. His books, while admitting that he had never read them, because it would make him so angry if he did clear: unambiguous. Was the treatment meted out to Le Del Heart, a man described by the press, as quote the most important military thinker of the age of mechanization in any country. This is the guy that we covered on the pond cast how many so we did, but it's a lot of them. Beat the Dell heart over the years, the Dell Heart produced a number of articles in books on mechanization on new infantry tactics and on the strategic and tactical use of armour. His efforts encountered extreme hostility and resistance from the british General staff.
When he submitted his essay mechanization of the army for military competition. It was rejected in favour of an entry on. Limitations of the tank. The judges were a field marshal and in general and the colonel Unfortunately, we ll Adele Hearts entry was not entirely lost to view. Why could not possibly be unfortunate? Well because, along with other products of his pen, it was enthusiastically studied by Hitler's Panzer General Guardian and came required reading of the german general staff. You can't make this up there. You can't make this up like those of his fellow protagonist, Bodell Hearts Army career with immaterially cut short by the military establishment. The case
germane to the thesis of this book here is was a man who is cultured, fluent lucid, highly intelligent and that rare combination, a soldier who is also a first class military historian, one whose advice on military matters was frequently sought by such civilian leaders as Whore Esha and Winston Portugal, who in due course became the military correspondent of the Daily Telegraph and subsequently the times chosen by these papers in preference to a number of retired generals who applied for the same job horribly should, by the way, was the secretary of war, prominent figure. Here's a man whose views and writings were eagerly studied and acted upon by many foreign powers, including Germany, Russia, France in Israel, whose prophecies and the military sphere were borne out time and time again and who live to see his ideas on mechanization and tanks. Tactics used against us by Germany and nineteen forty.
But here was a man so deplored by the british establishment by a bridge military establishment that Lord Goerck Chief the Imperial general staff at the outbreak of the war, felt move, To say during a lecture to four hundred officers of the territorial army. Quit kindly remember that Le Del heart does not occupy a room at the war office. So not only do these people that can kind of play a game did advance people that have trouble playing the game like Labelle Heart, get get pushed out. Do I wish she could play the game a little bit better absolutely do I wish Had been a little bit more indirect in his book when he talks about, if you become a profit, you get crucified, he became a profit. Profit need accurate, crucify. He was the same. Lord Goerck, the armies tat
man at the outbreak of the war, whom or shut described as a quote utterly brainless and unable to grasp the simplest problem. These the people that are trying to get rid of LE heart heart remarked. If a soldier advocates here's who hears exactly what happens, if a soldier navigate any new idea of real importance. He builds up such a wall of obstruction, obstruction, compounded of roses, meant, suspicion and inertia that The only succeeds at the sacrifice of himself as the war Finally, yields the pressure of the new idea it falls and crushes him. That's what happened here. Some military leaders, even in democracies, have become a death Nicky leading their civilian bosses. Such was the case over the issue of war. Minister whore Billina.
It seems he was not appreciated by military establishment. Five reasons relevant to our general theory of military incompetents may be advanced for this. For this antipathy for we, he was probably brighter than some of the senior officers with whom he had to deal. Secondly, his ideas for the army were progressive. Thirdly, he made no bones about using the Dell heart, as is, as is literary adviser. Fourthly, he was with every justification critical of generals whose job it was to prepare the british Army in France against the german US on the western nineteen, forty fifty he was a Jew. It was unfair. Mixture of these reasons that the general staff persuaded Chamberlain to sack the man who had probably done more for the army and defence than any other single person during Hitler's rise to power. It's weird
How generals I mean it's not weird, it's so prevalent how generals become untouchables right. How could you dare say anything about this generally servies and then that's what's happening here and and look. Just because someone serve their country just because someone serve their country and did a good job platoon commander as Accompany Commander as a battalion commander, it doesn't mean they're gonna, be awesome is a generally in fact, there's some things might indicate that those are very for jobs especially when they did good as a company commander or opportune commander during World war. One when doing Good job was not disobeying orders and doing what you're told the dew and frequency bringing to a position where you dont get killed right as well. But the brave soldiers MA
Most of them got freakin killed. We ve talked about this thinking. Tactically unthinking strategically are really really different and it's actually really hard to evolve from attack Titian to a strategist. It's not an end. In the military, there's kind of very clear delineation, like your sort of taxation, is a junior officer in the middle officers or like an operational guy? What's between him and the generals of the strategic fingers, but that evolution is really art its really hard. You talked about Peters Principle, I think on the last podcast, where you get motor to your level of competence, that barrier between tactical thinking and strategic thinking is hard overcome. Will you, into it with companies as well, where you get some dynamic person in a start up under the sea yield accompany, but there's only forty, eight and poison. They can make things happen in a kind of impose their will and they can fortnight can kind of win them Can I talk to people in a good salesmen? It works out, awesome, and then also they got.
Five hundred employees and they ve got a board and they ve got ready the Tory environment that they don't want to handle, and they turned to a disaster, doesn't always happen, but what leaf to do as we dont really do a good job, training people and leave making them aware of the situation that their facing everything rode down what you're talking about this is- and I saw this as I got a little more senior and the officer ranks and kind of a get a little more observation of that that general officer terror, that flag officer tier for the Navy is what gets them there's a bunch of success a bunch of success, and with that success if you're not careful what that success can do, and it's not just through the militarist you everywhere that success is this is equals validation and if you can, to start to get his validation like hey. What I'm doing is working in what I should do. I should keep doing the same thing
and that flies against what you just talked about, which is the training in the evolution to think differently from You did One of the simple things we see this as hey. If I, if I may really good at a frontline task to go to that, your task of my mind to get promoting I'll, be the former there's other team, and why the former, because I'm really good at the task, but my job is do the task anymore. My job is to think strategically and lead this team, and I no skills and no training to do that, because the criteria for getting promoted is being good at the task and that six in that validation, sometimes not sometimes leads them the level that there are not cable doing, but this is doesn't allow you to give them any feedback? Because, when you're a general officer, guess what I'm a general there's something that you said it. There's a little bit more exploring
and that, as you said, that when someone gets advanced to you know a general officer or see YO in many cases based on their successes? There's something else. It's based on their lack of failures, so who you know Dave and I go on deployment Dave does for operations they all ok. He gets the done job goes. They were on the same deployment euro task. You, commissioner, on the task of commander. My task unit does a hundred and seventy operations, a hundred and sixty eight of them go really well and have a huge impact. Two of em are jacked up who gets promoted. Gets promoted. This is not like a theoretical question who gets promoted? I'm gonna reed's get promoted, because I didn't make any headlines for this screw up. I didn't cause all this equipment, and God forbid somebody got hurt or killed we're not to or not having conversation with Dave Dave. No
friction, no resistance, no problem for me! No additional paperwork. I want us Senate investigation out for what happened, so It's not even that extreme. It's really not even that extreme, like you're you're you're make really obvious, but it's like hey you note, day did for operations. They went well good job Jacko did Hundred operations they had you go roll over right. They lost a radio and they had a Geiger wounded. The guy get wounded. It's like people understand that, but vehicle roll over or can it? What was this it was really necessary and all of a sudden it won't. You know Dave kind of keeps his nose clean. You do you do your job, whose get promoting Davis so That's disturbing the other thing. Is you took these these generals, who may whose whose getting promoted the ones that frequent lived, how did they live
all use, or maybe I could go back to the rearing and help you with your strategic planning, a yoke. Here's another cup of tea, I'm like gave you know he's gonna bring him back with me, makes me go feel good. Sir you're a little brown knows her. Then you end up living free world war. One- and now I put you into my wing along you- go I'm sticking around the army to after work for a while, but that whole thing is. I was all the guys that came back and like don't ever call me again, I'm not don't don't ever call me yeah and not to mention I come back and, unlike hey look, I did my time. Corpsman go out, be an entrepreneur, make money and build a business. You're like amicable got too scared to get out to stay in. Here will begin a paycheck three hats and caught You know I get a uniform people's treatment respect. I'm good. Back to to understand the psychology of these reactionary elements in the military establishment of men who
used to make the army their career Painstakingly work their way up the hierarchy to the highest positions, but then behave in such a manner to ensure that if they are remembered at all will be only further conservatism. We, needs must have. Recourse to eat? psychology? Thus It seems in that, in the present instance Terry leaders, like Devereaux, Montgomery, Milne, Ironside and Gort displayed behaviour symptomatic of extremely well Goes in this light, their behaviour typifies the neurotic paradox in which the individual's need to be loved. Breeds. On the one hand, and insatiable desire for admiration with avoidance of criticism and, on the other hand, an equally devouring urge for power and positions of dominance. Weird.
The paradox is that these needs inevitably result in behavior so unrealistic as to earn for the victim. The very criticism which he been striving so hard to avoid. Consider a few concrete examples of this syndrome for those who had despaired of anyone ever learning anything from the events of the first World war. One thousand nine hundred and thirty three bought brought a book, He did a gleam of hope with the publication of the Kirk Committee Report, which was uncritical of the high command. He could hard have been otherwise, but there those for whom preservation of personal reputations counted for more than the need to avoid the repetition of senseless slaughter what to which their direction of given rise. This is this is evil I'm gonna say that work. This is evil. We have Europe, that comes out. That explains what we did wrong and some people wanted to preserve their own reputation. Instead of trying to save future lives from lessons learned ones.
Was field Marshal Montgomery, whose immediate response to the report was to block its dissemination throughout the army one can wonder at a system which would make it possible for one man to operate. Such censorship precise reason for his behaviour is by no means obscure, Montgomery, as key then was happen to be the chief of Staff and the fourth division during the battle to some. So he's gettin read it out in this report and he's like To put this hides, the report. That be like. If we had the blue ombu in remote emails, I hide that would stifle it. Our second examples rather more complex, concerning as it does that major obstacle to military development. The horse as a noble if uncomprehending factor and motoring competence, this animal was much in evidence between the worse. This is very
trusting. If you know anything about horses upon reflection is hardly surprising that the horse became the sinner Kwan of military life for a thousand years method, found it in it enormously vantages. There was nothing better for transportation. Unload, hauling horses raise morale and enhanced egos horses took the weight off the feet, enable people to go to war sitting out when they lay down. You can hide behind them. When it was called, you could bar there warmth and when they died, you could eat them because of the traditionally rural origins of so many army officers and military families horsemanship in the context of sports, like hunting became the preferred preferred leisure activity. Since such sports as polo pig sticking at an earlier age, jousting not only act out symbolic asp the real warfare, but are also associated with a higher social class. There is little wonder that they should find so much favour with those who choose. The army is a clear. All in all is not surprising that the cavalry became the branch, the army with the high status. Nor is it surprising that they should
become the most vehement Denunciation of the tank, were seen as an intrusive junior, rather than they earn her apparent. So they had. Blog fascination with the horse. They love the horse. The people that road horses in the cavalry ended up with a bunch of prestigious positions and high ranking positions. And they saw the tank not as like hey. This is, what's gonna take over the horse, it's trying to treated too Its junior said the horse is not as good as the horse now where's it surprising that the desire of the war office to placate the cavalry was stronger lot then logic. Not only did they veto any spanish, in of the tank core, but under the direction of Montgomery, ruled that new tank brigade should never be reassembled and in the mid nineteen thirty's, with Hitler arming to the teeth. That's you can't you,
you just you have to have it. You have to be a kind of like a psychopath there, since there is a level of insanity in their it's like how. How do you look at a horse in a tank and look at him? Go well the up I was thinking like the boat. The action rifle the automatic machine gun late fire that one I thought were actually talkin sword. Virtually Adam Attic Machine Gun, I'm just draw color something that I hang you gotta go furry gotta go harbour yeah, it's the very point that it is just that the deaths of crazy it. Look that end and carry was talking about this after the last blackest Kay was talking about. This was the culture of the of the have you worry- and you just said in their at what was thousand years we only use and horses and combat like theirs. Culture inside there. That's gonna, be kind hearted break into the tank com.
And its evoked a kind of the same frustration. I took articulating the very first part gas about the machine. I know it was before them I'd rather machine gun of how long does it take for me to watch a machine gun mode down? Some of my guys, Virgo time out, stop stop I got this one wrong. We need to come up with another plan, as opposed to know just keep sending him in and do that for four years for four years, at the risk of literally I mean millions of people, but but the horse and the taken even like old pictures of the work. The the crazy thing about warmer one tanks are like the pretty. Arab tentatively leverage from these giant massive things like almost like committally, too big, but you, if you would, Put those two side by side like you there is a level of psychopath your level of of of of Christ. Gotta go now the horse, you we the horse and the Lord Dude There was a little bit of. Maybe
but more than a little when, when we started using night vision, you ve vision. Goggles, Yeah I'd never talked about that. We had guys that will agree. We. We'd be wearing night vision on patrol has bequeathed where nitrogen, like what you're insane. It lets you see in the dark here you get to fight an enemy, that's blind to you. Why does this mean in. Dinner in aviation. I got the fly stealth, aeroplanes, very modern sell their plants and, to this day, despite the insane advantage, the insane advantage. There is still ongoing debate over whether or not we should have non stealth. This is not visit like info There is reason to have not set a cargo planes and attack points, but in this world of like airplane, fighting against another airplane or using aeroplanes are getting the contested space. There is still an ongoing debate of hay. We should just retrofit like really nice legacy are pointless cool who missed,
and cool engines and stuff like that. My airplane is invisible. My The point is invisible. You will not see it doesn't matter how fast you can go or how much gas you can carry or how cool your weapon is you're going to lose. How much longer to pilots are not doing this job fighter. Pilots. I think we are one generation away. My opinion is at the next generation which what scares like it's much sooner. It's not like forty years from now that the next generation aeroplanes gonna come on the next fifteen twenty years and there could be no pilots. No, no! I I think this like their building this now they're designing and building it now real. And so technology one of the drawbacks of aeroplanes, Ike conception to development and billing. It takes a long time. So this point has been on the drawing board for ten years and it is what happens you at the military industrial complex
the EU law must clear. I got your fire irons electric an answer to his dismay. He probably wants and thinks and understands that we should degeneration had, but be that as it may. Even that I think, would one more air point in us with a person in sign, that's my opinion, and you know, even with that, it has met with so much resistance, so much institutional resistance, that's which is crazy, right cause. You too the pilot out of the plane and an end to the other thing is you: can you don't have to fight a plane with a plane? You can find a plane with nineteen on and drones that have that cost action of the price and can get maneuver. Don't have to worry about the stupid human in their screwing things up and that's why story of the naval officer gone. You should by all these tanks, because he's got no. He is no personal vested interests in the tank. You got inside that whole thing he's not a cavalry guy. Writing horses like I'm over you're in a boat.
Telling you for my vantage point, it's not even close by this thing by I'm all right now, because he's dead Matched his is like it or not. This is not for my personal gain, a majority in that tanker on that horse telling you from four warrior: it's not it's! Not even close. Just do this because he sees it from a perspective and that's what I think that's worth. That is at the level of frustration of hearing. This is really horoscopes hate. You the I said Bolt action rifle and machinery like go harder and harder. So what does I'm just slingshot Anna Heavy Machine gun automatic having machine gun? If that's how big the gap is? The only way did not see the machine gun as we so invest didn't so committed to your point of view that, just like we had last time, you will dismissed the truth. Because it doesn't align with your preconceived alchemy. You, you created your head, which is probably to some degree the Deaf
should have been a psychotic a psychopath. By the way They weren't just anti tank, and this gets into Burke territory there Anti aircraft to we go for once the four the usual rivalry between the two older arms, sank beneath their mutual dislike of the new upstart, if anything, the admiral's waxed more rather more negative about aeroplanes than they did then did the generals whose minds, as we have seen, were already discomforted by the issue of tanks as mechanization threatened horses, so aircraft threatened battleships, but, unlike horses and military minds, battleships were only the last secession of obstacles to progressive naval thinking before battleships it have been wood and before that sail each will. Think we're each relinquishment and transition had been bitterly resented, heavily opposed and productive of such irrational thinking, as tends to occur when
dearly. Loved objects have been renounced when this is the I've been I've been referencing this a lot. When I talk to people when there was talk of iron replacing would in the construction of ship. One admiral was heard to remark that the idea was Austria, since iron was heavier than water, the ships would be bound to sink on this She has been calculated that- and this is fascinating of the twenty major technological developments. Lie between the first marine engine. Polaris submarine the admiralty, multi machine has discouraged, delayed obstruction, obstructed or If we rejected seventeen, seventy twenty the ascent, unnecessary. Incorporation of these developments in the structure of modernization has been achieved, by individual and sometimes undisciplined officers by political, industrial and industry, pressures or at most frequency frequently by
their successful adoption in rival navies. So if you, I'm I figure out some kind of artificial. What that list is it's like iron to war, while iron to wood and then when a sales for steam and then from thirteen to what are you know these old info? And there is people resisted every single seventeen? Twenty those advancements learn of resorting to put a nuclear reactor and about imagine a browser. That is not something you ve ever heard right, but we do know submarine. Are you insane capita per capita as for battleships, its future usefulness, and indeed very existence, was threatened by the advent of aircraft quote two most animals there Respective value of battleships and aircraft was not basically attack. Logical issue, but more in the nature of a spiritual issue. They cherished the battle fleet with the religious fervor
article of belief, defying all scientific examination, the blindness of hard headed sailors to realities that were obvious to a dispassionate observer is the only explicable through it. Spectable through the understanding the place that quote, ships of the line filled their hearts. A battleship have long been to an admiral. What a cathedral is to a bishop, and you can't walk away from that. I don't know if there is an equivalent, the teams that, if there is let me know, but that scripting is raised his beautiful because in aviation. You literally fall in love with your airplane, like it's a person like it's, a human being and and degree to which you cannot see. The truth is, I would say, part of the two degree that you can't see the flaws in your own children who pay hey Jack, you gotta ugly baby, no wide
that may be is perfect from head to everything about this thing's unique, imperfect and special, and I can't gonna go hey man you can not some flaws here, because that is in the degree to which pilots fall in love. Equipment, matches what he described the or like the cathedral. That's not an exaggeration, and you will see people make these decisions based on in a rational physical attacks. To a piece of equipment? Thank God. I a bunch of developments like kind of like sort of fell in love with my first girlfriend that four zero point, but I still cannot look. Look back finally go man. I really love that airplane and to be told, hey this thing that you have is flawed like deeply deeply flawed and generationally behind weren't supposed to be and the end Robin sort of an objective? Oh yeah, you're right, there's some things about this at aren't very good oftentimes. You guess I've heard a rational emotional response like you're talking about a bit like I'm, not trying to be critical of your visit machine right or not
in love with the machinery. Well, it's pretty spot on. That's like when you come up with a plan and you fall in love with your own plan or Mackay Dave, not quite sure about your planet. Disagree we talking about like about speaking of emotional detached attachments. There was such strong emotional attachment that lead animals to deceive their political masters. You can, it doesn't get need more horrible than this as it does, but practical issue is whether or not battleships could defend themselves against aircraft. Having form the opinion that they could the emerald the he decided to prove its point in nineteen thirty six, while aircraft production by access powers was getting into top gear king was invited to demonstration in which naval ships would attempt to shoot down a radio controlled Queen Bee target aircraft. Unfortunately, their demonstration did not go well despite the fact that the plane was limited to fling eighty miles an hour and flew up and down
out drinking while the ships were given a running start on a parallel course, thereby reducing the speed differential to something approaching fifty miles an hour not hit with scored. Dismayed but resourceful the admiral's Their last card deliberately crash. The radio controlled plane into the sea, thereby proving at considerable costs to the british taxpayer that planes are no match for the battleship when these are in the right hands. That's like an active trees that is, and I got an active treason. I hate imagining the actual scene or you're like the remote control guy and I'm over your shoulder made. We hit it yet now
put that thing in the water, and it has certainly been wondering how do you know like that event had to occur again real time? There's something like eighty isn't going. The way we plan, let sabotage her own experiment to prove our point that we ve already predetermine witches planes. Aren't scholarships crash that crash that door work, women like rats or whatever you do you for nothing in the world to see liquid out. So this, just as essential in a big scale like what you always see, you risk like somebody will sell it sabotage your plan because they want their plan to be, they went to prove you know the buck or unique as role player whenever the review approach, the guy in the wrong way, who will again the Europe we shall the planned, Download S throat and then their local
carry out your plan and then they might intensely sabotage to prove to you that hate your plan sucks. Therefore, we shouldn't went when my plan the parallel sauna, but this is actually just like. Like trees, right to adjust straight up. Why because you want to protect your little five them and were putting the security of your nation income. We jeopardy because year, so arrogant and stocking. Old ways and in love with your piece of equipment. That's, like that's treason, rest treason,. Yet in its it's also going to result in your PETE. Your people die the test is actually designer hey Let's see if we can learn some stuff here, he turns out this airplane thing is a good thing. We should end rather than to the outcome you,
you will sabotage the outcome to get what you which is I want to show you might my battleship- is still supreme and the what is your killing your own people? It is, I can happen for five years or whatever that the timing of that was, but it's going to happen and we're gonna kill. Hundreds of thousands of people as a result of that that's its treads treason of China. Remember we had something happened, one time where I was testing some gps for an and they were supposed to be waterproof. Then ok, this for this year as water proof. You don't need to our present and I was like trust me. How's. It look at a forty five in the seal teams going over the beach all the time I was freaking expert on what was waterproof away wasn't, and I look at this thing and I was like you're saying this thing is waterproof, like that's what you're saying and there like you up, and I said no, but how do you? How should I prepare their like? You don't need to animals like
want me to test this thing. You know like eyes, waterproof message: ok, cool show like not even close abroad, gave him back their flooded out crappy gps, but there was there was sort of like indications of like you know, will what did you? do you know, did you open it? Why not acknowledge an opening these things? It's not waterproof, but you can see that kind of test where someone goes putting a plastic bag and that's why you got some contractor. That's gonna, sell, these gps is too to name special warfare, not on my freedom watch. Your not sit is a joke. While to quell any potential, can despite that scenario of like that, water that prevailed or to veto battleship when british thing we're just like hey we're, just gonna sabotage and endless falsify the result. I never saw anything about degree. I saw some resistance for sure, but I never saw anybody or ever hurt anybody. Hey
falsify the report sabotaged the plan so just open realize, like I in my experience- and I Add some interesting things happen to my career. I never saw I'm sure I'll pay guy either yeah I'll have to offer gone out, one by private stood out so much the mean somebody over my shoulder saint hate, put that thing in a waterproof bag and call it good like what- and I would have never done- that in a thousand years yeah. I love you I join in the water. So what do you mean crash it immediately and tell everybody got shot down their lives already, as we grab some drones as butterfat, we're we're going through through urban, by training and task in a brutal and possibly using these drones and everything else here's. What the latest Ios users like a drone pilot and whatever he was doing like he's like alright, I'm going to look, what flying going to go, look at the target and he tries to
back in the sink a minute like I don't know how fast those fees girl. What would be a realistic speed for drones. Fifty knots, this thing comes in at fifty. That's it just waylay into a tree and, of course they're like hey. You know how that drone workin out I'd like that drawn socks and needs has been on drones between timeframe, two thousand five, and now like night and day, but if I had been sent another report or whoever would win seven galleys, integrate, know we'd, be like this thing: socks this thing socks make it better, that's what they did. Thankfully listen. We also didn't like falsified stuff on it. That's. That's that's now. Moving into the Second World WAR approved the pre, the in between war period is over. Nothing learned, nothing figured out. No, no one taking blame responsibility for anything. Second, war, There's a coating here from Adele Heart. The jury
success in May, one thousand nine hundred and forty could easily have been prevented, but for the opportunities presented to them by the allied blunders blunders that were largely due to the prevalence of out a date ideas afternoon start in which the allies were out fought, outmaneuvered outstripped in the quality of their military thinking in equipment. The second World war produce the biggest transition a military competence since the days of Wellington. It was born of necessity and may be said to have dated from Dunkirk this jolt to one hundred years of myth, military monitoring and many years a blind complacency achieved three ends within the space of days shattered many long held dearly of delusions about the nature of modern war. It hasten the courts of the old, the reactionary me untenanted final by rendering the armory temporary Impotent Dunkirk Put- junior service in the center of the stage Dave Burke has excited now the first time
continued existence of the army and Navy became totally dependent upon their protection I ve already f. Looking his smile on this guy over here? As for the bad start, the legacy of factors that touched on the previous chapters. Rigidity of thinking overcome patents resulting from a pathetic belief and antiquated methods of warfare and refusal, to accept that enemy intentions may confound? The arm chair profits followed samples from Labelle hearts, history of second war illustrate the shortcomings. On January tenth, nineteen forty Germany aircraft carrying the. We gaze on officer of the second AIR Fleet lost its way crash landed in Belgium by the ordinary chance. The officer was in possession of the complete operational plan for Germany's attack on the west. Did you hear
I just said by extra nurture, the officer was in possession of the complete operational plan for Germany's attack on the west. He tried to burn the plan, but failed to complete this task before he's captured in way its contents became known to the allies. Hitler's response, was to devise a new plan which involved attacking France through the art. Rather than through Belgium, as originally intended. This Episode was damaging to the allies for two reasons. First, firstly, in the belief that the captured plan was a deliberate deception. They failed to modify their own plans. Secondly, contrary to advice received years earlier, they clung the belief that the word in the area of the organs was impassable. Tanks has risen The strongest outside force remained points for attack through Belgium, while German suffered little resistance to their outflanking drive through the audience.
There's another one. The French, though, possessing many tanks which were as good as if not better than those the Germans were stead. In their belief that Horst Cavalry could straw german armor. The ordinance for this reasoning used to accept the suggestion that fell. Trees might be used to delay the german advance like the poles they were set. He disillusioned about the outcome of a conflict between horse and tanks at the Poles and the french making the assessment that hey you got tanks, we got horses, the british treat from the Gazelle aligning nineteen forty two, which resulted in the loss of Tobruk file, by a headlong flight back into Egypt was the second worse. Disaster of the war after Dunkirk, Tobruk cost Britain, thirty five thousand casual, these and an enormous loss in ground and materiel. Why do happen now? quit generalship the army commander, major general, need
Richie, a fine looking man has been described by his contemporaries and ways. Strikingly resemblance of and stone RAG linen Buller his ears here's what his contemporaries had to say about em but she was all haywire by then offer counterattacking in this direction one day and another, the next optimistic and not an trying not to believe we had taken a knock when I reported the state of the first armor division to him at a time when I was planning to use it for a counter attack, he flew to see me and almost took the view that I was being subversive on other, general rich: he had a great air of decisiveness. It was really Other indecisive. Accordingly, same core commander. He court had a tendency to ask your advice and, having received it, acted the opposite way. Here's another one Richie is not sufficiently quick, witted or imaginative imaginative. Another
a fine, robust, looking man with charm and manner, but no aura and finally competent and decisive in his speech. But one did not always feel he was quite so confident decisive in his mind. That's another thing I talked about that. I think are the first one: this act that you learn. You learn going to raise your voice a little bit Yolanda project launder, follow your eyebrows a little bit and you say: hey, listen Burke of their right, because it is something that we experienced so much in the motor was not Burke amnesia, but right now We need to make a move. Bark like that thing people learn that in the military you learn how to act like that, and eventually you can learn how to hide behind that see that all the time, So people get full by civilians get full length by that. Like it's going out a style, I mean that's what they're looking for their look. For the type cast colonel the type cast general that furs brow sit
straight with a good posture and speaks in a clear, effective manner that people are going to listen to. And the politicians love to take back. I put him out there to put out the word. You know Will you not Amazon, they do they take. I gotta pull him out there. Hey Reno, willing willing to be put on an act. I don't want to mess with willing, but willing on this down. Really gonna stand. Will it gets me put his uniform on Friday, puts his shoulders back just out and then says: I'm gonna tell you this one time here is how it is going to happen. Boat people question in that Fast forward, a little bit under the ineffectual leadership of this big time, Mccurdy is unimaginable, apparently complacent. Yet occasionally touchy general. The army suffered a decline in organization discipline and drive. It became Abby, instead of taught sluggish instead of agile once again that
fatal amalgam of overconfidence and underestimation of the enemy produced, a doubling of military endeavour. Rama, self in his diary ascribed his success to the british predilection for frontal assaults. Brave costly charges by small groups in which the attackers bang their heads time and time again against the whole down german Panthers hold down. Let's do a frontal assault against attack. And I hope that's that's whole bounded, meaning meaning they ve position themselves. Where the whole is, you can't see the tank, you can always you ve turret. That's her down ECHO Charles Mister Hale, down deaf away. You put that thing
in a little bird and a little ravine, and you can't see only the uses this like the gone and guess when you see the dirt ninety five. Secondly, for it like you up just walk and right up, it's hard, a picture that, because you know. You know the story of the Hey the french Guiana. Digged is a you know. We should do per longer, wider trench and of worse, that's impossible by armor like that's their plant, hey. What are we learn? I got an idea, hey remember that Jude in order, one not good enough. Let's dig deeper trench and their hundred percent sure that the armor can't go through this forest, so we're in No, that story so years waiting to hear this. This be revealed, which is the idea of the horses in this this this forest is impossible by equipment So you know your name, some horses you're not gonna, had when I got some trees when had been mulligan on front from his book,
water beneath the walls. One of the interesting things like the marine tat issues at etc. Their solution like hey, we our tracks did make it through in some of our marine and make the beach could they hit. You don't hit the three eight hundred meters out marine solution was ok. You guess what a simple: we need more more marines and more tracks. We needed we need. You know eighty tracks to make it through and have him no make a call exceeds the number and the Navy was like Papa. We don't. You know trying to figure out where those reefs are. Hence, utilities if you didn't listen, that bank asked. I think it's to ninety eight with Ben Mill again and get that block get that book, that freedom book is out standing by water beneath the waves talk about a go
In the depth and figured out an understanding why things are the way the arts and outstanding book from the standpoint of human behaviour, human feelings, leadership and decision, making the events of nineteen forty two in North Africa exemplify in microcosm the major causes of military com underneath his robust exterior Richie, like Buller before him and Elfin stone before him, lacked self confidence and seem more concerned with proving himself to himself than with prosecuting the war. The presiding over interminable committee meetings, which the army was run, the seeking? advice and then not taking it and that this in June, U S way in which he managed to convince the commander in chief that he was protecting Tobruk rollin reality, leaving it to the mercy of the Germans, are the actions of a man beset by inner doubts. These doubts
skilfully, but not perfectly concealed by his often enough, brief facade of monument complacency Now we gotTa Singapore chapter Eleven, One can sum up by saying that those responsible for the conduct of the land campaigned in Malaysia committed every conceivable blunder. Major general would burn Kirby Singapore, the chain of design stir in the nine weeks between early December, one thousand nine hundred and forty one in MID February, one thousand nine hundred and forty two, the impregnable fortress of Singapore Europe. Weight to the east its thriving city, huge naval, dockyard, strategic vital airfields, fell locks compared to the hands, the Japanese, the invasion of this aid stronghold. The complete defeat of the combined
the British, an australian garrison with its army, Navy and AIR Force units was the ultimate unconditional. Surrender of the whole area was so Rapid that even the Japanese were staggered indeed, one almost might say nonplussed by the ease, speed and enormity of their success, in the long run, the results of this disaster may be deemed incalculable of european supremacy, ovary asiatic people's was exploded for ever. Prestige of competence of the british military, endeavouring the eyes the world in general and american particular were damaged beyond repair. In the short run, Britain lost her last and strongest foothold in the Far EAST and appalling setback for the global WAR effort effort will, thousands of lives, both military and civilian, but worse, perhaps than the loss of life. The military debacle condemn thousands more than three and a half years, a japanese misery. In June.
Police and torment camps. Finally Economic loss ran into hundreds of millions of pounds. We ve fitted elaborate and expensive doc installations, naval and other engineering facilities, military stores, fuel, the major port for exporting urgently needed rubber and to new first class battleships most he's material assets fell virtually intact into the hands of the enemy. Thus, in effect doubling their value. The Van you have their lost the allies. Like other cases, we have discussed that of Singapore is essentially a human problem. A product of human behaviour, human intellect intellect human character in human error. No explanation in terms of geography, climate, broad, political or military considerations can possibly do justice to the facts. Bottom and at the top, we are confronted with issues that are primarily psychological and we
Only a reduction to psychological principles can possibly explained so this in disaster unfolds in Singapore. A disaster. And now you're gonna see it's not Who was smart and it's not about like the military situation, it's the freakin, psychopath ecology of the the leaders but state the problem in terms of a number of questions. Why was the impregnable fortress planned and service in such a way that, while presenting apparently formidable defences on its southern side, its back and northern sure was no more of resistance than would be invader than the back of Bournemouth? Why was there total lack of coordination and cooperation between those who have been entrusted with the job of defending the island? Why was it clear that the japanese food and would assault the island from northern sought. Northern side was nothing done to erect offences in their path. Why did that
the general officer commanding Singapore, lieutenant General first of all, ignore. The urgent advice of his subordinate Brigadier Simpson and of his superior General wave or to implement these fences. Why, on the one hand, with so little done, to protect the civilian population against air raids and, on the other, so much to prevent their knowing the true facts of the situation as these unfolded. Why did General Percival Persistent believing the Japanese would attack from the northeast when confronted with overwhelming evidence that there are some would come from the northwest? Why did the officer commanding the australian forces on the island forbid his troops to escape while secretly plodding his own get away from the island? Finally, perhaps greatest of greatest interest. How did the men who could perpetrate such colossal error of judgement ever reach a position where this was possible? Quite the set up in eighteen, twenty five there is a protracted and acrimonious,
argument between the army Navy in AIR Force chiefs as housing reports should be defended while the older services pressed for fortifications and heavy fix guns repellent attack from seaward trick. For the area of advocated for large force of aircraft to repel any attack before could become come within range. The island, Needless to say, the arming, the Navy one their case at the expense of more junior surface heavy fixed on and armaments became the order of the day. This eight, in which the Orient had to concede defeat, had three unfortunate com what is. Firstly, the island was left expense and undefended on its northern side. Second, we senior army commanders from that time on stubbornly clung to the dogma that no Japanese, whatever advance on Singapore down them allay peninsula. Finally, the boy
Inter Service quarrel, which ensued resulted in an almost total lack of coordination between the three services for future reference. Missus Dale You have a in to innumerable tune. There's two different. Let's call them clicks and they have two different ideas of what you should be focused on and how you should operate what you do is you sort of negotiate up? between these two clicks and you saw compromise and you figure out hey like will do little, but this click labour that clicking you kind of you can bring forces to a compromise. You get them working together, you get them to like take these things that they could be arguing about. You give one here and give the other side one here, and so you with a team that, although there now
We in sync there at least sort of working together. My platoon, I have two clicks, and what I do, I get mad at them because they don't get along, and then I agree with one of the cliffs actually a little bit more and so on of them favouritism, and now we in with this veto, head buddy who's gonna benefited right. So you think about this in a large strategic view, and you look it up called the United States of America right now and you look at how miraculously your strangely We ve become a super divisive about all kind, Thanks to the point where we are based against each other's heads in we don't get along
We ve got people that sit so far apart in their beliefs. Normally do they sit so far partner beliefs. They can't find common ground on anything on anything and we ve got known known actors in the world that make moves too. Increase the division. We in the sides of people that we have in America The people in America don't even recognize All of this fighting is making, platoon, weak, very interesting, isn't it It's very interesting that we know that there are actors that create their state actors that are creating divisiveness in our own country and yet instead hey. You know what actually we should
Are you about? That's all I know a day. You got your opinion on that. I got my opinion, but you know there's a bunch of stuff. We agree on. Let's focus on that. Ok, you know it makes sense window execute the mission. Now instead You know I gave you will agree with me on this. Well screw you I'm going to work with you now we can operate. We can't get anything done, So obvious, it's so obvious. It's hard look at two Not only you gonna disagree with Regan actively actively sabotage my effort, Honneur person and and the horse part about that as at the realities as we are on the same team, Those two those two patterns in your task unit there on the same team, very disturbing I've been true. I've gotta pick a widow, articulate that a little bit more clearly and in sent in a way that people can see it, but it's very difficult because
when you present, if I presented to the apple and into hey guys, think, looks like we're. We're actually looks like we're, acting, not helping here. Move in this thing forward. You dont want sizes who also you're trying to take their side. Are you that's exactly what happened sets and that's the point. I was thinking when you said that when you, you know you, you are sort of overt, like I show little biased towards as one team which is All the other side needs go. Oh I see what senator I owe you which are, I don't trust you wanna value. I see what you're getting at so I've gotta think of a way to articulate this properly and people, because right now, net, but we understand it as Americans. We are in this sort of trap where there's a total lack of coordination between the different sides, our gut I can't even get anything done there there their losers, they're, just not making any progress. I know all the dunes frightened with each other and
Realising that what were fighting each other, number one. There's other state actors debtor that are feeding this fight, And while there, while their feeding our fight and we're having these invites, guess what these other state actors are doing growing, economy unifying their people knowing their military strength grow the will of their people, and we are being divided I'll, think of a way to try and communicate this, so people will hopefully started. Understand it. I'm done a good job, thus far, meanwhile backwards. A poor does a total lack of coordination between the three services that the reason this is such a fitting thing is cause you to see what happens in Singapore when you don't work together. And when your ego, oh yeah, by the way Dave I
I know everything, and so therefore, How can you possibly be right on anything at all? You certainly know you're right Oh, I deaf. We know I'm right already have began constructing airfields without consultation with the army, who would have to defend them. So there's a great move, japanese military machine was oh yeah. This was the belief, was look the Japanese there there primitive they're, not the elder we should region even take them seriously. Thus and now fast fordable, but thus, when the mate Mullay Tribune publish the news that japanese transports have been cited off, the southern Tipp of Indo China, the editor was immediately castigated by the commander in chief of the Far EAST Air Chief Marshall, Sir Robert broke upon him problem, who said I cigarette most improper to print such alarmist views at a time like the present the position isn't
half so serious, as the Tribune makes out. This is that great little section uses. This form of complaint is not without interest. Firstly, he not deny the truth of the press release. He hardly good since it it originated in report by Reuters, which it's been passed by the sensor and which undoubtedly was true. Secondly, manage to imply all in one breath that Situation, was both not serious and yet likely to cause alarm. What are you causing alarm like this Dave and by the way, there's nothing to be panic about his words exemplified a tendency seen all too often to talk down to a civilian population as a group through some weakness of intellect or lack of moral fibre. Us our who, through some weakness of intellect or lack of moral fibre, could not be true. With information held by their elders and betters mean the Milton. Suddenly, usually not honor. You need to worry about that
guardians of Singapore were prime exemplary of this motivation. After a long history of wrong thinking, they could not afford to be found mistaken the more and prove them to be wrong. The stronger their defences became against admitting this to be the case, and this is very Britain has Hitler's administers administration demonstrated in its starkist form, passes important, so russian of the truth involves two procedures: one hand, censorship and the other hand, official communiques behind demanded Singapore employed both measures. The order of the day released to the Melee Tribunal bear two months before Singapore capitulated. It reads we already. We have had plenty of
And our preparations are made and tested, we are competent or defences are strong and are weapons efficient. Whatever our race, we have one aim and one only. It is to defend these shores to destroy such of our enemies as may set foot on our soil. One of enemy. We have seen before us Japan drained for years by exhausting claims of her want non sort of China? Let us all remember that we here in the Far EAST form part of the great campaign in the world of truth and justice and freedom as the editor of the rebuke said it was hard to believe that any weaker deliberately tell so many lies on Monday. The eighteenth nineteen forty one general headquarters, issued First war communicate. It stated that the Japanese had failed in their attempt to land a coat about through this was followed shortly after by a second communique, which stated all surface craft, are retiring at high speed and the few troops
on the beach are being heavily machine gun the communique was essentially untrue and deliberately misleading within the space of a few hours from the time the japanese landing quota peruse firmly in enemy hands. There's a couple battleships as a desperate metal measure to battleships the Prince of Wales and the repulse were sent to Singapore to create an eleventh hour presence. They were on the command of Admiral, Sir Tom Philips, in the words of one who met him quote a real Old Sea dog bluff and tough. Unfortunately, they lack sufficient vision, despite strong warnings that he could not expect adequate air cover. He was soon off with his two ships in search of trouble. At first, all went well as the ship steamed reassuringly up. The east coast we heard that there was whether so we thought it Ok, his ships bought the weather lifted, the ships were spotted
japanese air force, torpedoed and sank with a total loss of eight hundred forty officers, men by all accounts fillip to propose a brave and conscientious officer, but his bravest bordered on foolhardiness and his error of judgement not only had a devastating effect on that much cherished commodity, but the Marie Of the Singapore civilians also sealed the fate of their city. For the Navy in their chosen field, the senior command The array acquitted themselves little better, better It has already been seen how air Chief Marshall Brook Pauperum undressed a job, Japan's air strength in comparison with his own ill assorted group of obsolete aircraft. The same so. The three year old officer whose Notable characteristic was a tendency to fall asleep on the slightest pretext showed disasters, hesitancy. And indecision in his capacity as commander chief, that as the affair, History was moved to state quote, it is possible
that he did not fully realise the importance of speed. The need for quick decision was not apparently realised at headquarters. Malaysia command, and this is something talked about earlier. The first night raid They get a big it. A warning! Thirty minutes early that there's a japanese inbound. And they re doing It seems. The Japanese had committed the unforgivable full power attacking at night unforgivable because conflicted with the official dogma that the Japanese, were unable to fly their planes during the hours of darkness. This idea cost Singapore sixty one dead and a hundred and thirty three But the recklessness of the animals and the dithering of the air marshals were nothing as to be uncompromising of the generals. Seen that nothing could move them, not even pleading of their fellow officers. As no oh barber says in his book, sinister twilight cloak when big.
Get your general simpson- and you remember this is like the good guy, when Brigadier General Simpson, the chief engineer, went to see major General Gordon Bennet Command the eight australian division. He found it impossible to make him realise that there is an urgent need for aunt. I take defences at first reading Want to discuss the matter at all. Simpson noted after the meeting Simpson was horrified, could not the US alien general understand that there was nothing on the long road to prevent the enemy from reaching them, apparently go Bennett could not, for you diary that night he wrote. Mullay command, sent Brigadier Simpson to discuss with me the creation of anti tank obstacles for use on the road person. I have little time for these obstacles, preferring to stop and destroy tanks with anti tank weapons. No wonder the Japanese never slowed down. No wonder that time after time, truth were annihilated by skilful japanese enveloping tactics.
British side, wrong decisions were made, communications broke down, whole pockets of troops were cut off. First japanese tanks appeared and came as a group surprised the British would not one single tank in Malaysia. In a young country where the British had insisted that tanks could never operate. The japanese tanks moves easily between spacious rows of rubber tree and quote made General Gordon Bennet was not to use the appropriate for an and isolated pocket of resistance, nor did he holds the record of obstinacy in barbers words attend by Brigadier Simpson to move and add to the defences had been blocked at at every turn, largely by general, General Percival seem to have had a fixation against such measures. Nothing had done. Nothing was being done despite previous, please hazard of belonging to any rigidity. Any rigidly authoritarian, hierarchical organization. Is that from.
At the time, the individual out of dire necessity or from strong personal conviction feels compelled to apply pressure to those above him. It is a hazard, because the ethos of the organization, whether it be victorian family, an English boarding, school or the bridge army demands that pressure always moves only in one way downwards, rather than upwards to buck. System by prodding those above can have unpleasant consequences, are totally. Freakin rigid situation? and Simpson is trying and is trying to move fast for a little. But it seems that Simpson was past. Taking no for an answer for he said to the general sir, I must emphasise the urgency of doing everything to help our troops. There often only partially train their tired and dispirited. They ve been retreat for hundreds of miles, and please remember, sir. The Japanese are better trained, better equipped and their inspired by an unbroken run of victories, and it has
be done now, sir, once the area comes under fire, civilian labour which will vanish he's want to get these just just get friggin obstacle set up. The plea was forceful, respectful and logical, but amazingly the general remained unmoved. Simpson in his rising anger, said. Look here. General I've raised this question time after time. You ve always refused what more you ve always refused. To give me any reasons, Tell me one thing: why on earth are you taking this stand? Who is right what the hell aren't. You won't be billed obstacles drawn with you. Why not last the general offshore commanding Malea gave his answer quote. I believe The defences of the sort you want to throw up are bad. For the morale of the troops and civilians. End quote, since it was frankly horrified and remember, standing there in the room suddenly feeling quite cold and realising that, except for a miracle, Singapore. It is good, is lost. He put on his SAM Brown since could not forbear
to make one last remark quote sir: it is going to be met worse for morale. If the japanese start running all over the island. You came into his head at his sword or listen to For whatever the validation of my head of as soon as you said, it's bad from Rollin forestalls, you know it's. For moral and, of course, I don't know easy to say, but I understand that's what this guy seeing hunting him and you saying that doesn't make me feel only better because it's just I'm just getting repetitive at this point. It's just a you have to be crazy. To not accept cannot accept the fact that don't align with the world really create in your head, you and I'm only reading, talks about even worse than I it's worse than are making it sound, and I have the distinct did advantage of seeing how much
how much arms as we have gone through a go bothers charm. I mean big big chunks, which I can only assume just has reinforced Elwin Ovary as another example. Another example another example another example and is due to a good writer, needs a good writer and you in, and I am glad that in the very beginning, to set this up. Is this isn't a researcher? This isn't like theorist, or or a you know, an academic he has always pedigrees. This guy fought the Skype It was more than is order. He wounded. Yes, yes by ozone.
Compromise through its own admission, mother, comes or like ass, humble, which is awesome. So this is this is often- and I think what I'm still adding to this just I think it's at a point of repetition of just it. It's really hard to accept that these are real stories from real people in real leadership positions, leading up to what was just people getting slaughtered. You know, like you, said he was a soldier, but he's also a psychologist, and so he gives these psychological assessments is too is so here's a here's, one of them in the case of Percival and Gordon Bennett to erect defenses would have been to admit to themselves the danger in which they stood. In other words, Their professional anxiety about civilian morale was really placed anxiety about their own morale. Looking for learn to the story of Singapore. One is struck by the compulsive element in this
fuel of the military to defend itself such compulsive behavior is typical of many who present an authoritarian personnel. DE and are reared in an organization which traditionally deals with fear and danger by reach ritual listing means, I e bull, shit, chicken, shit drill and parades, etc, or is what I think referred to earlier the real business of soldier and we're gonna get back to you know I'm drill and ceremonies. So there's a admiral that comes along or who was it Supreme Commander of allied forces in the Far EAST, this guy Archibald waving, and he He shows up in his kind like what the hell's going on pro The next thing happens is of direct from Churchill, giving detailed instructions on how to defend the north shore them
Listed were precisely those which had been advocated by Simpson, but despite these pressures, Perceval still did nothing he eventually issued. A planet was already to wait for the necessary civilian labor was no longer available, just as it is that it was gonna, be on the disk, fishing of his forces, Percival Thinking, seem no less deranged. Rather, and hold a force in reserve that could rob could be rushed quickly to wherever the Japanese eventually chose to land. He D it spread his troops thinly over a long front. Words. He decided now because it would be good for just ignore actually would he had refused to do early because it would be bad for morale Battle of Singapore and they put that quotes order of the day Perceval made it made good play of phrases like the enemy within our gates loose talk. And rumour mongering all calking to alarm civilians and this a man who had laid such stress on the importance of
billion morale. Period, barber rights in all the catalogue of ineffectual leadership. Nothing is white, so public puzzling as the virtual absence of aid turn action during the last, precious hours of daylight before the japanese attacked, it is hard to believe that a modern general could so easily ignore what was happening around him That's I've never heard coitus bold statement, as in all the catalogue of ineffectual leadership. That's a bold one! That's a bit catalogue! says for the allies there was. Week of chaos and confusion on relieved by any vestiges of camp competent leadership or generalship thanks the act since of defences, including a failure to use searchlights which had been assemble.
The blind and make targets of the attackers as they paddled away across the Joe horse Straits, the Japanese landed almost unmolested. Despite it, overstating barrage from japanese artillery British go instead of pounding the enemies. Point of embarkation remained mute awaiting orders that never came despite weeks of warning. Allied ground forces were speedily outflanked, encircled, caught off or rooted in the event. One hundred and thirty, eight thousand seven hundred and eight british Indian, an australian soldiers either died or women in captivity.
This is the beginning, a few forcing a broadcast number twelve Alister or a cart. The forgotten highlander. This is this is where he starts his captivity. I think he'd been in the army for like two or three months at this point: nineteen years old hundred and thirty eight thousand men, one event. Of all the instances of military incompetence considered in this book is the fall of Singapore, which most clearly gives the lie to the so called bloody fool, fury of military ineptitude per of all was in fact highly intelligent and had shown himself in pre previous years to be a brilliant staff officer. What he shared with other earlier military incompetence or passivity, the opposite of default, aggressive by the way and
courtesy, rigidity and obstinacy procrastination, gentleness and dogmatism hundred and thirty, eight thousand two battleships by the way insane. The next chapter is about our NAM This is one we covered we covered, so we covered part of Singapore, obviously recovered Alexander Earnhardt, art, we covered podcast. Ninety four, the the book was called men at arms, read my Jeffrey power. Who was there who fought there.
And I think you were when you read the reading. This assessment really puts her really puts that book in perspective. It starts off for this. Couple quotes all the accumulated evidence confirms that, like Gallipoli, this was about This disaster, where naked courage lack the body guard of competent planning, competent intelligence, competent technology. Yet wars object is victory, not the Victoria Cross, and it was shameful that by autumn of night in forty four, we could still be so amateur. The object is victory. Not the Victoria cross me, don't that's the equivalent of the metal of honour in England. Here's a private soldiers comments. It began to seem to me that the generals had got us into something they had no business doing
if it achieve nothing else, operation, market garden, Montgomery's, plan capture and hold a bridgehead across the Rhine. In Northern Ireland at least policies, the myth that military incompetent stems from stupidity for you're a initiative quickness of mind forded, and selfless heroism the conduct of the who actually fought the battle has never been surpassed. The same token, the men who planned administered the operation were probably as intellectually gifted well trained, professionally competent dedicated and conscientious as any military planners have ever been, and yet the unfolding of market and revealed all the symptoms of high level. Military competence. We eat that's like incorrectly what? How would you feel if someone said you know a day, you're, intellectually gifted
trained professionally competent, dedicated and conscientious. But that's what we're can foreign our readers, and yet this thing is a disaster. The failure of the operation resulted from a linked together of the following factors:. One as a result of his neglect to open up the port of Antwerp by clearing the show at the shelled estuary. Montgomery allow the german fifteenth army to escape north into HOLLAND where was available, Revenge, the approaches to optimum too. The arrival at item of thirty core depended upon the advancing across sixty four miles of enemy held territory on a one tank front along elevated, unprotected highways.
Flanked by a soft and tank and sodden tank proof landscape interspersed with waterways any delay A blown bridge and enemy ambush are blocked road and the entire Your column would be stopped, the way and the Germans would have more time to bring up reinforcements in the event is hard. We surprising that thirty court never did reach on them that they could not achieve it, even in nine gaze. What had been scheduled to take? Forty eight hours now I'm gonna, say I gave credit to twelve year old daughter. And I'm gonna say, met your twelve. Your daughter might not be the figures, one look you looking you. No sixty one sixty four miles, sixty seven miles, sixty four miles but were much Amy lead. Corporal? The marine corps see h, analyzed sixty four mile road: that's com
we exposed to the enemy and doesn't like this plan. If I'm hearing a cracker, what you're describing as a one, essentially a one is it yielded a single tank approach and one lane highway, which on either side is impossible. Due to you know canal and in the train, whatever it is, a one lane highway and your entire formation is going to be single file is how this is going to work and he mentions we might get Amber right or or we might get a blown bridge about this. A broken down tank about pebble. We have freakin crash number. Three As might have been expected from what is known of English autumn's, the mists, if not the mellow fruitfulness of the of an english late September, delayed the departure of subsequent gliders, paratroopers for reinforcement, first armor division, we didn't think they're, my be fog in the morning where, in England Market Guard
Perhaps more than most military operations necessitated good communication between the various units in commanders of the attacking force, but here technology failed them it was now fifty years since Marconi had succeeded in sending messages by wireless, the radio sets worried by the invasion force, prove useless. I must within earshot of each other. No one knew at any. One else was doing. I look at you can say technology failed them before freakin military planter and relying on the com locations in nineteen. Forty, four, that's! What's. To make a successful you're an idiot we barely rely on communications. Ten years ago we can rely, of a lot more now. Maybe you ok, not tenures closer two years ago? Twenty years ago your barely your barely like to the year two thousand,
your barely thing out. Wouldn't we will get coms, we had got coms all the time, backup creed. And plants. We had all the time and you know what we Adam in Romania as well of course, tat, sort of thing. That you're coms gonna be good to go in nineteen ready for that's, not tech. You re a freak and lack of planning, a thing Point of failure of pile of probably the most critical thing you're able to do is talk more than employed or weapons even more than moving your ability of it It is probably the most critical thing that you have to coordinate, always different assets, always different things going on. I kinda secondary, haven't we had. I remember when I was in Almaty because, as a anglican marine corps it was my was really the number one thing he was secondary did that to the utilization of the aircraft number one was comes with incredible com. Sweden, every brief was hey. Let's higher, let with the privatisation of how to communicate, and it was
based on where war, how far away we're gonna be what assets were available via the hum be cool. I got vehicle its power, I got this high powered and ten I've got these cool power radios and, if I gotta get out of, Maybe it's our walk and another thing in your second have a backup plan. Every single mission I went on me my radiometer, talked about. If this work. What are we gonna do and guess why stuff, if the nicest best ties to tax it didn't work routinely and by the way, when you do and then you'll get now your signal panel right Marking our position to pay no heed or in Johannesburg number five since the airborne assault was to take place in daylight and because was vital that thirty core should complete their journey within forty eight hours, sixty four miles in forty eight hours and single track, the. Whole enterprise depended upon the absence of strong german forces, both in our name.
Area and on the approach route from the south. Hence it came of something as a joke. When they receive reports from the dutch underground that to assess Panzer divisions which had mysteriously disappeared. Some time previously had now reappear. Alongside almost alongside the dropping zone. This information, in past bond Montgomery, receive support from the british aerial photography of german tanks in the autumn area. Meanwhile, or troops in the british Second Army report a build up of german forces along their intended line of advance I want to reconsider this moment to reassess the risks involved, but since these ugly facts did not accord with what they had planned, they fell upon a succession of deaf ears ears, taking the lead from Montgomery described. The report is ridiculous. British second army headquarters were quick to discounted, also
when one of his intelligence officers showed him the aerial photographs of german armor Jane Browning British Airborne headquarters retorted. I wouldn't trouble myself about these. If I were you their problem, not serviceable at any rate The authority stronger form of just straight like denial and idiocy than that right there you get shown the first Intel reports. I mean you get shown photographs of the armor tanks that german tanks on the ground- and you are there- probably not deserve risible, you can. Shut up You also know that there are two divisions there that are gone. It's it's. They didn't peer out of nowhere. You know these divisions existed units
The intelligence officer was then visited by the core medical officer who suggested he should take some leave because he was so obviously exhausted and at First allied army headquarter. The chief intelligence officer, burnish British, Lieutenant Colonel decided there was no doubt evidence that the army area contained quote much more than the considerable flag defence is already known to exist, as Rhine puts it quote. All down the allied line of command. The evaluation of intelligence on the Panthers in our name area was magnificently. Bungled. Finally, just in case there were any residual doubts, the intelligent staff of the second army came up with a reassuring opinion that any job and forces in the morning area, or quote we demoralized and likely to collapse. If confronted with a large airborne attack, that's insane
The freakin Nazis, nazis, are trying to defend they're like there fighting for their lives. They are fighting for their country, They know what happens if they lose their. Some of the finest fighting forces the world, and yet we're gonna go headed catalogue them as we demoralized and likely to collapse and by the way randomly I just if there fronted with a large airborne attack like that's the thing because hey when you're airborne attack. Is I mean you, you? Would you even have anti tank weapons? Barely you got no armor. This is ridiculous. Mark a garden went ahead, but not so quite as planned, of encountering a few old men who collapsed ran away. First, airborne division fell upon a Hornets nest of german armor armor far from
demoralized. The enemy fought, like tigers, to defend the gateway of their homeland and far from sweeping across HOLLAND to aid the hard pressed paratroops, the tanks of the second, armies. Thirty court were reduced to crawl by the combination of unsuitable terrain and determined. Opposition on this is going to finish out. The section of both defeat was absolute and terrible short on everything, but courage. The men of first airborne division held on until their numbers have been reduced from ten vow
seven hundred and fifty two less than a quarter of that figure, total allied losses and killed, wounded and missing exceeded seventeen thousand some five thousand more than those who can't became casualties on D day So there you have it defeat was absolute and terrible and that, despite the fact that, for the beginning of this section, Sheer omnific initiative, quickness of mine, fortitude itself selfless heroism, the condom, of those who actually fought. The battle has never been surpassed and, and this new ones Talk about disturbing. Field Marshal Montgomery, described the mission as a ninety percent success. That's that
He presented it now. Three percent success. I think, to be their voters, everything in the aftermath, in the aftermath of everything that has he considered it yeah. He report considered told people right that this was a ninety percent success, actually there's a little there. I got a red based on that. There's this the so he says this is a ninety percent success and there's a prince Bernard of the Netherlands said Michael We can never again afford the luxury of a Montgomery success. So that's what we ve got. That's insane
it's weird how you and I are at a loss for words over and over and over again you know. If you listen to this and you ve got some free time. I think I mentioned at last summer talk about some of the characters Ben Brothers covers this end and market guard from the american model. Airborne troopers and in our name, there's a cool replaced. And of this of what we saw in the combination of, but this has revealed their it's it's it's very well done, but it does not. It does not expose the depths of the wye behind it looks at looks like it looks at from a technical point of view, and it's very good to see it's really be should watch it. It's not Ben brothers awesome, but this takes it in reveals it on a level that that, for me, reason I can't I don't know what to say is really hard to just it's. This is this. Is nineteen forty four,
We aren't knew we are now experiencing now. Yes, we Nowadays behind us like this, is it figuring out how we get our footing here. Things are not going all this: isn't Singapore to Pearl Harbor, this isn't the invasion of Poland. It is the battle Britain. This is nineteen, forty, four, it's it's! It's crazy! You know where you can see up. I guess the British, the british generals, but they do have a different little character that they play. You know when they get up and they need to commence. Could we can see like Monti right now, get up, but gents Zoophyte, but we ve got ninety percent success right. You know you didn't like that. They're doing different thing by the same two different accent. By the same bullshit chest out, furled eyebrows a little bit more we'll, but more haughty from the Brits from Montgomery
plan that same role and you gotta, ask yourself: why does this happen? Why? Why is this happening? Why are we going through these historic examples. It's not from technology is not from lack of fighting spirit, if not the terrain, that's bad leadership, and where does this Bambi too should come from where's it rooted well, it is rooted in the psychological, the psychological mines of these leaders and there's plenty of great one and we're not talking about them on the spot, cast we're talking about the psychopaths and we'll dive into that on the next Pont gas. Until then echo Charles, yes, nowhere we're trying to not be cycle. Ethic types of leaders
That would be better and always Minos, gonna recommendation force. How does your better retrain not to have monumental complacency? That's definitely whore China. I think those of the thing there. So yeah it's not do that company that will get well, let's start with ourselves right. You start with yourself, I'm not gonna Put your oxygen mask on before my own, otherwise Lincoln We cannot function Well, I guess, technically speaking if I was in charge of a group of soldiers. Guess. And I was I had gout, I was overweight I was unhealthy. I was mentally unstable. Yes, I don't think I'm going to do. Good job leading my soldiers can be very. Aren't you gonna be difficult year. So, let's to Europe let's make sure we got our shit together. You, sir, I agree and yet you're some ways to do it.
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arbitrary answer. Your questions we bring up some adjacent things complain come on compensatory. What's the word that wouldn't contemplate contemplate contemplation yeah, not contemplate tooth? If Roca thoughts of jocose does what kind of discerned from it you gotta house thinking about this, and you like this is there is me little outlet yea outlet for a little deeper dive in various subjects. Discussions some good q and Anna So there you are. We also a Youtube general where we put up the videos this proud cast. We been putting up the unravelling part guessed but surely, Maybe some more of us could get up there for if we are not to be, working hard on now pursue some other clips that echo Charles puts together. We think
what's your favorite Jacko Podcast Youtube Channel Video, not the one of him talk, interest me and assume: I think the framing one. My fellow group, it was that an exposure framing the framing up. Will you think it's just on the ground, Oh yeah, the larger the longer ones are Anita Day you're right, you're right of you went see. What's that cop behind the scenes here. We have always allow me talking shit, yes, your heart your heart deserved well any case scenario, smart, always sometimes go to my dear black eyes deserved, maybe also gives we can a Youtube channels? the origin. Usa. They have a good. You do general in hd. You want to see how the inner workings of an american factory resin
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us all safe and everyone else out. There there's a common theme in this book that, like I said it's really not in this book, and that is a failure to detach and as we read these blood there's errors and catastrophes, it so easy to see these mister being made, but they're not obvious to the people that are caught up in making these mistakes. They can't see the tactical errors. They can't see their emotions, they can't see their ego and rex them and it causes these disasters. So don't allow that to happen to you but worse mistakes. We make other want, we don't see and we don't see them cause we're too close. So step back detached
see what you're supposed to see and that will allow you to do what you are supposed to do until next time Dave an echo on Jacko out.
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