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308: You Don't Even Know How Closed Your Mind Is. On The Psychology of Military Incompetence Pt.6

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This is joggled park as number three o eight with ECHO Charles than me Jokela good evening. I'm getting me so At long last, we going to wrap up what has ended up being a six part series. I got a little out of control them well I gotta go to the well controlled this one. Will how Not to do it cannot be overstated. How not to do it? Cannot yourselves explain that means like if their little too, How not to do something, let's face it, that the value is we'll call infinite its infinite check. Good point: the book is called. Psychology monitoring competence. We started on three o three pike S, your three three or four three or five Theo six. we also have a lot of progress. Is them. This is the winner most. Whereupon gas on a single book, If you haven't was knows you can go back. I can't I actual say this in bearing this one, if you dare
listen you don't have to go back? You can listen to this one there might be, the references but they're not super that you'll be able to get through. and this this second we're about to cover conduct, starts with the crux of the book, but again. When I started reading this book couple years ago, it was a couple of e mails ear. Maybe a couple years ago, I shall forget when I, when I got this book, but I knew it was gonna, take a while and not gonna take this line but here we are, am I apologise for taking so long like you said, though, there's. When you understand how not to do something- and you understand what pitfalls are and the mistakes you can make and the tree these things are all traps. They're all traps amused, to be able to see the traps its. It helps a person or a lot. It doesn't I'm not gonna go into traps. That's the
point, that's one whole point of this book. Is people know that this and they walk right into it. They just can't even help themselves like remember the whole name, dropping thing that he talked about. I forget which one it was, but a name dropping everybody knows it looks whack and they still do it. They can't control Well, let me rephrase at an arrogant, egotistical. Person, that's nervous about how they look. They're gonna name drop, even though they know it looks bad. Even though Thou pointed someone else and say: oh listen to carry DR they'll, do that and middle name drug they'll go ass. You carry was named drop interviewed, you seem lean drop and I was talking to Joe rogues here, the Euro zone. It's our lack people on that That's how we get stuck in lame situations, so The crux of this book is actually the chaplet porn star with right. Now they burn could make it by the way the two working visit- the didn't chapter,
here is called authoritarianism, and this is kind the crux. This is. This is what we need to watch out for what this is. This is what we need to watch out for this authoritarian mindset. Mindset, look d need watch out, for as a nation. Yes, you better spiciest starck it imposed on you're on your life, because that slides into authoritarianism and that's that A slippery slope- and I know that you're gonna bring up the slippery slope. Fallacy Well, I see it in your eyes. So no well again, and I see that, as I said before, work, such things a slippery slope, and there are such things slippery slope. Fallacy they're not like one, does it, you know they both exist. They both exists. so authoritarianism in our minds. We have watch out for it, our teams. As leaders we have to watch our port and yes, as human beings living in whatever country you live in, you need to watch
for that authoritarianism, because it's a thing that once it starts to take hold the authoritarian It's no boss, like I get a little bit of control, authoritarian people and they get a little bit of control. They want more control and then I get a little bit more. They want even more and they don't stop and it's a it's a it's a go pathology that they have, but they can't contain it. So here we go authoritarianism in discussing military organisations. It was suggested that a symbiotic relationship exists between certain characteristics of armed services and the private needs of the individual members, that saying is when you want military. There's certain needs that certain people have certain ecological needs that people have that going in. The military. Satisfies, though, need those needs. For instance, here's here's an exam. where this is a bad thing, I like to rule over people
I know if I become an officer in the military I'll be able to rule over those privates, so it sort of It satisfies that to me so there's a nice relationship. I've I want to be an authoritarian. This puts me in or darien position. I love it. Is this true voluntary people, know it's not continue. Emphasis was laid upon the central role in this relationship of anxiety that insidious motivator of such of much human behaviour. In the military mind it was pointed out. anxiety as many sources, fear of death and mutilation, fear of suppression, fear failure at social disapproval, fear of public discussion, yes, and underlying all that fear of total disorder, which is inseparable. Art of unleashing normally tabooed instinctive forces. So if your personal does like disorder, you look at me during on Alex pretty good.
You got a better sometime, always people listen to me. We get to follow orders ever to tell me what to do everyone's gonna. Listen when I tell them what to do that. You Europe, don't like disorder, that's a great place to be. until what happens The layer of total disorder on planet earth open. its jaws, and that is combat. So now a person that doesn't like disorder and for job at the mall. Of truth. You are thrust into the jaws of the highest level of disorder in the world that is combat Why? This is that? What this book is about this cycle g of motoring competencies, because people that, like order and when the military, because they like order and then there actual job look part of our job, is marching around a parade field of inspecting uniforms and keeping everything squared away. That's great, but that when that that homey shows up a shit getting crazy. They lose their minds
So when you're, looking when you're judging and yours on one hand, I beg I'd, be a good military. Ostrog have highly disciplined their high. discipline they death, they bought, they follow orders thereafter. Terry and they seemed likely be great. You need a member what's up persona, do when things get wild and they're gonna get wild continuing on. Finally, it was suggested- and you can see where this whole book little that that crops, Why said, this is the crux of the book that Crocs right there is. why this is so fascinating to me, because This drop, my career people, squared away people that were highly disciplined people, that work love for things to be an order, and when things were going right or things were getting wild, they loser mines and by the way, if they never got put into a situation where things got wild, they get promoted by the way.
Not because they are the most has ordered they kept the tightest raids on their troops. back then, but finally, we suggested that a special predisposition towards these several sorts of anxiety, maybe presence people as a result of their early childhood again, this is where so many pointed this out to me. I want you to comments the word I was can form a psycho babble, psycho babble cause again, this guy was a psychologist. We ties all the stuff into weird Freudians freakin childhood experiences, and I can't back any that up. I don't know about any of that, What I do know is this people have different personalities. Where those personalities came from, I don't really know, and I don't care you show to a seal team. Your personality is that, whatever, whatever your personality is- and that's that's great- that's fine. I don't care. Where came from if you'd, hyper,
ordered- and you can't stand it when things get wild, you're, not gonna, be a good seal officer or a good seal leader, if you're too, league rebellious and you can't fall into line ever well. That's for the other direction, and now you can't control anything. You can control yourself, so we a fine summer that bounces that dichotomy, but whether it comes from early childhood in the way you were potty train and got gotta cycle babble out of milk. I don't know it s got George be Petersen, may drop about that. Want it as such people may well be drawn towards military organizations, because the latter have, of necessity, perfected devices like bullshit had discipline and hierarchical. Command structures and rigid conventions which not We allow aggression without anxiety, but also reduce anxiety that may have originated much earlier period of life ochre again little bit. A bit psychoanalysis too much. For me, it's sort of its bummer, because
As I have said many times Joe Petersen, maybe start to like think, maybe so I'll, give sort of a real thing. This is gonna drawbacks sorry psychologists, somebody put somebody of which I was reading, Youtube notes, no comments, and somebody was told me that what much of what Freud said was actually right, but he's been so hammered by his reputation, because he was a cocaine fiend and not now we kind of this disease. first there dispatch everything that he said. So maybe I was a little hard on him. I don't know sforza unconcern, if you, doing a lot of cocaine like that and you're prescribing it to a bunch of people and you're lying about whose getting cured I can't take a lot of what you said and thrown up with what is it? What's the there's that there's a that's a biased to write the
ok, addicted and ass, my bias on bioethics, honest people are addicted to co clause, not sorry, otherwise, its and logical fallacy out an off your near coquetting. This logic aroused, but it's it's the I what it is but the example is like, oh, why would you listen to Fred Fred doesn't even have a job, so it's kind of like ok, I think I am in committing Nestlike kind like. Why would you listen afford voids addicted to Coquet? I look line to be saying you're, making the bad decision, and, unlike that, I'm saying from a logical standpoint, technically a fallacy, it's ok! That means, if you do cocaine, everything else you say is incorrect. This means logical servant, the right, ok, I concede that. Well, that's not what I am can Freud was right part of the time give Freud, is put on some stuff, as you know, for disallowed
In light of all this, it is encouraging to encountered a substantial body of research which not only provide support for the thesis, but also fills in many of the gaps in is that on the authoritarian personality, and then they get into this massive section about the authoritarian personality which are not covered. All things are already spent six freakin podcast on Spock, which is all good, but I want to do a little bit of it for the imp, this behind the study of authoritarianism, we have to think the founders and proponent I'm proponents of the third Reich they who was presented to the world a phenomenon the like of which has never been seen before. Hence the systematic bureau, bureaucratic ties! Murder. six million Jews, the inquiring mind, Anti Semitism on this scale would seem to demand at the very least, some explanation for group of researchers at Frankfurt and later at Berkeley. California,
act that human prejudice could assume. Such monetarist proportion suggested the possibility of a particular person, howdy type being implicated in the perpetration of these dark events. So basically he saying look the Nazis were psycho. Where did their personality come from? What type of people that personality and then he goes into a Patsy psychologist? Whose name was change? Something like that change? Sorry, there you nazi bastard, From mispronouncing your name so he broke down and there was types which s types at the at the high end could have something called seen, the seizure of Europe's citizens is you before, since seizure This is very interesting story, so cynicism sandstone he, was, could memorize any number immediately. So if he
like a female in a bar he would say, what's your number and they would say it and he would immediately know it and then he was really good at weird math problems and and he could memorize dates and one day we were talking because it was. It was enough It was noticeable enough how good he was at it that you think yourself. there's something a little different, that's really weird how we can memorize this stuff, so he said to me one day you guys. You know this is kind of weird, but when I see numbers I don't see a number. I color and end it has like a texture to it and also ok. if we were to the military had figure, maybe on some? If it sell LSD or whatever he has it. What do you mean? He says well for me and he
Then he described the colors of each the colors and textures of each number so the only ones I remember was that zero was like hollow. He said said Cyril was hollow. It's not it's like it's not there. One was white And the other one I remember is seven was yet and there is no murmured outlines cause I've to seventy my phone number and would first I'm asking what my accept say my phone number in colors and he was like you: don't with yellow, yellow hollow barbary, yellow, yellow, and I have two seven's ass it. What's I got seven yet because yeah. So it was just where he had no idea why this was the situation. So one day I mean a bookstore and this kind of day when you would just go on it,
a website to buy your becoming a bookstore, a bookstore, and I see numbers on of cover of a book and they're all coloured and textured animals and that's weird and walk over pick it up, and I start looking through it, and it says all this book is about person that had since and so it's I look it up since seizure is a thing where you have multiple, multiple modes of of, Inter brooding information, so, for instance, numbers have colors they can have, Letters can have commerce, but that's so that's the way that's the way, surf, fought and so for this Nazi change that was kind of the far end of this kind of wild creative thing. This
a wild creative person. Here too to have subject. The experiences in one modality when receiving stimulation another. This is the kind of wild, this brain that you can get, and so this Not guy, this is the s type. These are people that are, as types doesn't mean they necessarily have since these you, but their leaning in that direction, and this call Has the liberal in his views, eccentric behaviour also, we a feminine and prone to heretical belief that people are largely shaped by their via environment in education, Genesis, a Nazi psychologist, which her feet If we're not listen Freud, where certain well isn't this Nazi viewed so buddies making a downer two types, the S type and then the other type is the J type and according to this guy, the J type, were quote good types that would make. good nazis amongst their sterling qualities were purity in perception and
sure knowledge that human behavior is determined by blood, soil and national tradition. I hence Friggin Nazis the J type, so them, see type would be a he man hard and tough, a man. You can rely on qualities he said have been handed down by a long line of north german ancestors. So this is The Nazi says it's just it's kind of funny, because well system was about his heart of a bastard, as you could ever know, certainly a he man. Individuals well and were the big freak, invite or your taxes Mombi overdosing day thanks Let me hang out with that. Freaking savage viking- kid of yours hum, So now we go to the Berkeley. Studies, so we just did the Nazi study, who got these two different types, the S type, which a sort of a liberal sort of offence.
type in the the J type, which is more of the conservative hard core type. Then the american researchers later go back. also found to contracting personality types, and these were very like those described by change Needless to say, they evaluated the proper differently, the one that correspond J type, they called the authoritarian personality. Such person anti semitic. Rigid in town of ambiguity, again think about this you're intolerant of ambiguity. Think of how you performing combat you're gonna be great in the military in the in the in the rear of the military cause. You're, you why can begin to combat your minds back? You know: what's happened you gotta make. It is in hated so tower of ambiguity and hostile to people or groups racially different from himself by this
token: the polar opposite to this type change, contemptible, aunt type, was individualistic, tolerant, democratic, unprejudiced and egalitarian, So you got these two different personalities. The Nazis called the bad good and the burglary people got the good one, bad seated through our. We want to break that down there. test provided measures of anti Semitism, even though, and tourism political and economic conservatism and implicit anti death, Craddock trends or potentiality for fascism, which they called the scale like what is potential of becoming a fascist much of which is based on by actual utterances by the Nazis, measured and individuals predisposition towards so this is what the F type, if you the tendency where you could become a fascist, conventional, ism,
He rigid adherence to conventional middle class values we're a terrier submission. a submissive, uncritical attitude toward the idealized moral authorities of the group, which he identifies himself. That's what kind of crazy right you would That authoritarian would be you be hard to control, but if you're part of their if they are part of that group there in the game, you're. So that's why, like the young, the officer in the military them he's too We doubt he's he's saluting with most vigour because he's part of that system- and he just he's on board his submissive to the system were tearing aggression, I e attend. to be on the lookout for and to condemn, reject and punish people who ve late, conventional values, it's kind of weird others like right now you ve got.
anti for who is supposed to be sort of like the wild anti fastest xanax. We totally on board with one on say right now, as they're they're off the charge on the scale. So like this enough, this s skill would reflect this specifically or or accurately essentially I like to two sides eight hundred and eleven is real, conventional right there, they're, probably probably I don't know but they're, probably going to ignore exceptions. You know the value of exceptions and nuance and all this stuff right, they tend to ignore it many of the other side, who probably oh or value nuance in exceptions, kindly creative, there's these exceptions, or that must be just as equal is the rule, because You can look at the individual you so that that anti for an hour He is absolutely correct. You here do the exact same thing: they just reversed and lift the air you gotta, get it kinda back, imitating simply
one was way: mergers in the middle world allowances. What with what we lose and and You won't even on these two things Do you wanna? Be a fascist? No, but you want to be crazy. On control, but now you want to be balanced. Yen Even just valuing like the the group and then on the other. On the other hand, the valuing the individual tat, you haven't valuable, all those things. The present next one and die interception. I e opposition to this objective, the imaginative and the tender minded superstition and stereotypes. Power and toughness preoccupation with the dumb its submission, strong, weak leader, follower, dimension, identification with power figures over emphasis on conventional attributes. The ego exaggeration exaggerate exists rated assertion of strength and toughness, so how
much of that is important, but that's You out there on that scale. What about I'm started drafting had started drafting struck, deafness and cynicism. Genuine possibility. Vilification of human, so. You know what, obviously there is a lot of this was focused around hey the Nazis and where the Nazis came from part of that everything is making look at humans black whenever they don't matter, productivity The belief that wild and dangerous things go on in the world, the projection outwards of unconscious emotional impulses puritanical, and agitated concern with sexual goings on so you got these two personality types.
Another little note here, these tortuous machinations of the authority of the authoritarian, mind ramifying yet further, because he has to deny its own shortcomings. He dare not look inward. he's fearful of insight and strenuously avoids questioning his own motives again, This is when people are there, not real com. But it would themselves so they projects and look at every one else only the authoritarian personality is intolerant of ambivalence and ambiguity. We already had that just as he can not harbour negative and positive feelings for the same person, but must, I caught a mise reality into loved people versus hated people. that's very that's a very restating what you said cause someone. what should you be able to do? You should be able to look at that going to be like you know what I like that echoes. You know, he's he's pretty nice, but also he can get.
I'll bet lazy. Sometimes, but overall, you know we're good cryptic messages, That's right, but fairly say echoes, knows he's crazy. I've can't stand right. and then you can start looking from one individual to look to a whole group of people. As you said, and we are looking at a group of people and you saying well that group of people is bad. try to do that with Anti. I just kind of Might it not rising sovereignty, for I needed to be a little bit more open minded tier individuals either the there one of those groups that they, therefore, their current public, face persona, not that on them. There is another, year, research that took place published a decade after the Berkeley research, and this is something that I've been focused on a lot and its
The open and closed mind centred on problem of an individual's capacity to absorb fresh information. Humanity, it seems, varies considerably in this respect at cop, at his trial So this guy his name is real growth, each rock each something like. Doesn't he The study started breakin now open the clothes might some people have of months. Some people have caused much, and I actually think that this is even kind of trumps. The f was the F scale. the epsco. I think this trumps, the upscale. How much can someone might open how much can close? Then I've been talking a lot about this from a leadership perspective, because. It is. to me? What we have to fight over We are reminder costly, trying to close and be defensive and take care of themselves. And not allow any other ideas in and what we have to do as people and as leaders is costly. Pour your mind, open, costly except other p,
ideas doesn't mean you have to think that the right, but you. To listen to them and assess them in an honest way and what we have been doing lot of as a society is closing our minds. Everyone else's ideas. We don't want to hear what their perspective is, because we think we're right. And if you do that, as a leader, you know you come to me with a viewpoint on I plan, and I opened my mind your viewpoint, I'm wrong. goes on here. Humanity, it seems varies considerably in this respect that the one extreme are open, minds, ready and willing to entertain new fact, even if they are incompatible with their previously held attitudes and beliefs. That's what we want. you gotta opium under hey, no want. I wouldn't expect to see those numbers or get that feedback, but there it is- and I Do I need to put that in my calculus, the other at the other end of the scale are closed minds which, as the name suggests salute we resist taking in anything that conflicts with their preconceptions and treasured beliefs, not
very surprisingly, the possession of a closed mine turned out to be yet another aspect of the affair Terry and personality, is that ok see, can only make like an analogy to wait. Lifting for some reason you I am open to hear him. Well, I got one like a leaf, is you know, like a book nature, like the human body and brains kindly for lack of better please it's conserving like Energy Alla time likes or even like In wait when you live weight, your nearby, he's responsible. Lifting waits is just a lazy laziness mechanism so that Eu Bodies basically saying oh shoe those kind heart. What are we gonna do, turning the body to make a little bit easier next time, and then it adapts and gets bigger and stronger whatever some kind of like a weird, like, I said, laziness, LA competitor mechanism so like The other closed mine is gonna. Carroty. Learn that, like that,
gimme some more stuff. I gotta learn powers and kind of thing, salinity easier like cause, it's all mental or physical. So you kind of resisting against it, and you can see where this ties into everything that I have talked about from a leadership perspective. Where my entire life, which is humility because if your humble you're mine is open. If your area, get your mind is closed. You thinking we thank you, don't need anything else, you not to make any obligations tat. We see that little system that kind of since my somewhat said right is Portugal, regular weightlifting, MIKE you give your body from that only around out here by the next day that you get that arms, but you don't like stuff like Irma one of little do some pushups right thinking, Mcluhan ever do somebody the next day and likes. I didn't know about dams that much in rather a terrible feeling. So Superman more or at the very least of them in the inside my body, mobiles, ok, we gotta do something easier or make it so it's easier. If that happens so from them
so standpoint it makes sense, were bred that what you call it the fucking you, colleagues, you talked about elastic the carbon dissonance or whatever. That is dorms for your mind, essentially Maybe the precursor to do. I don't know it's one of those thing, I'm just saying it makes sense that hurts when you get that new stuff. I want a new stuff, with his old style closed mind He says you're before leaving the section on authoritarianism. There are several other research findings which are pertinent to our present thesis. One of these shows the relationship between conformity afore. terrorism and the tendency to yield to group pressures and extremely ample of this pattern is the phenomenon part of the participants. and Lynch MOB worthy, naturally conformist individual. Happily, yields to group pressure for the poor. Situation of a criminally aggressive act, which, though, wholly at variance with the ethos of the wider society accords with
his own narrow self interest. So again it's it's! It's it's! counter intuitive to think that someone, that's a for Italian, is be more apt to go with the group. Another finding concerns the effective authoritarianism upon problem solving intergroup situation, and you know I love this one because again, I'm thinking of it. a military perspective and use you start thinking of naked. Or for terrorism in command. How are they a problem? Solving? Well, let's The book from their research W, hey foreign and his colleagues- concluded this that voluntary and subjects I e those low one. Authoritarianism were apparent more effective in dealing with a task in problem, then war, authoritarian, oh that open mind is way better for problem solving seems obvious, but this was
elected in higher readings of effective intelligence, leadership and goal striving on the sword of leaders queen merging the group situation they had this to say, emerge leaders The low F groups were more sensitive to others more. Active leaders more prone to making suggestions for action subject to group sanction and less likely to give direct orders to others. This is insane how much this matches everything at the target about A conclusion, incidentally, which accords with the observation that authoritarian are less able to appreciate the effect they have upon others and may well think themselves more liked and popular than they really are. Chuckling, as I think of my military career and people that thought that they were super popular and everyone Even people attracted
to a career in an authoritarian organization. I E. The military have been found, prefer leaders whose score low on a fantastic. for terrorism, presume we, because authoritarian are less sensitive to the needs of other. So even when Europe, when you're kind of four tearing yourself and you joined the military, where you get asked about What type of leader you like guess what you actually like less authoritarian leaders, because they listen, they treat you with respect their minds are open. so this is the best way to lead across the board. You know skyscrapers here in sending healthcare. For I'm sure it's like this. Ever I'm not an engineer you. You know that arms, but from what I understand. Okay, so think of a tall building. Its talk, selecting better, be strong rate and hold itself up but Tom,
things aren't made rigidly there made with a little bit of limbs, flimsy miss on purpose to absorb, like movement, the various movements and vibrations that may or may not come about Insane sorts essentially the same thing on the service you feel authoritarianism. That's the way you can destroy the destroy it. It's we can't break it or nothin like that. But let us not words be too, if you too, you're, right, you're, just gonna crumble when the wiggle start coming when the earthquakes are coming up again. This is why he melodies the most important aspect or characteristic for leader cause when your humble you're able to me a little bit you're able to take on new ideas. We able to sway, when the earthquake comes later adjustments, you not just crumbling and fallen down. It cannot be stressed too strongly that, in talking about authoritarianism, we have been discussing people towards at one end of a continuum. This is important as this is the kind of me this guy couldn't quite put back concur
that concept like you boy right here there is between cause you got about. A dichotomy would hears visas between this and, on the other can be found people with all shades of opinion on the various attitudes measured, the general point. this. When discussing authoritarianism, no value judgement is intended. Few would dispute in moderation, many of the tree which make up the authoritarian personality, have value in society. Civilization requires that there be some writ repression of sex and aggression summit. Exercise of discipline and a modicum of conformity and orderliness, so there's partners aspects of that personality which are good, and that's true in the military, in fact, Milton getting a little bit extra You got to be a little bit more conform to cuz. You got to get that to you know you got to be put on board, but but it attracts people that are too much. Little bit fast board here. In other respects, I wear the likelihood of above average levels of a
protectionism in military personnel may well contribute towards incompetence, particularly when the authoritarian has reached a level of command. Were flexibility in an open mind, are mandatory, for success. To be more specific, the personality traits of authoritarianism and the associated characteristics of the closed mind and obsessive character may contribute to incur. but it's in the following ways: ones: Its authoritarian have been found to be more dis honest, more irresponsible, more trustworthy, more socially conforming, more suspicious than non authoritarian, they are on likely to make successful social leaders, for a tyrians will be less likely to understand enemy. Intentions. I never thought about before actually you're something new for Jacko. If Europe tearing your less likely to understand what the enemies do cause you can't even understand their perspective, and
upon information regarding such intentions as conflict with the beliefs and preconceptions which the commander might hold. That makes it forgive me for all the analyses by the whims, three we're gonna give up his dumplings look case and others teghmus cameras or two or four whenever any comfort to the they were accurate, he's lefferts everywhere perception is, amongst people will consent camera right or or a photograph or whatever. You have high resolution low resolution of the situation, so authoritarianism seems, like a low resolution scenario, way more black and white way more. Like oh yeah, I, like her neither through this way- and if not this way, then it's obviously led the other way but you get a high res photos. It's like! Oh, that's, not! That's all! That's just black! Obviously none or no just look closer. It's it's kind of bright, it's actually pretty dark gray, and then, even within that gray, this darker and lighter shade The great nor easy, collars or, and all
others. What you would have this one might be orange. This one might be salmon, which is the common rare with Ramallah and type better with them. well, but see what I'm saying, though, where you get a low risk situation like they dont get it. They don't know, and then, when you said what better, not enemies, thinking yeah because they thought they see black but enemies not on back there black there over here. Eighty four great, the executor it so yeah. That's just the way working, seem Sancy, gotta, being nothing you gotta I'm just saying it might be as the book is demonstrating. more fish effective to have more nuanced perception of what happened some higher is it one. Fifty four american research showed that people with a high score on tests of authoritarianism had greater difficulty. The non were tyrians in recognising threatening messages when these presented visually.
A year later, another study confirmed this finding with threatening words that were heard instead of seeing so it's a supplement four tearing they will? Even they just don't comprehend the world accurately that that is now you're you're metaphor just became more ample sin that right there they had, they dont. They can't see as well. They can't see is clear. See the new wants? They can't see the message, three. The inability to sacrifice cherished traditions and accept technical innovations, the history of the machine gun the tank and the aeroplane contain striking as evidence of this disability in war or an ounce of calculation is worth a ton of intuition and also save many lives number for the underestimation of enemy ability. For five and he's got a whole sections about each of these nets. We're gonna by the book number five
emphasis upon the importance of blind obedience and loyalty at the expense of initiative and innovation at lower levels of command. So that's just if you lose that you're if you're in charge of a company of soldiers and your focus on is on getting them to be blindly obedient cause you're moratorium, it's bad and you and you're doing at the expensive Having decentralized command alphabet, beware, numbers the protection of the reputations of senior commanders and punishment of those in the lower military hierarchy if they voice any opinion, however valuable and the self employed. Criticism of those higher up. So they don't want to hear any push back on anything which is again a stark contrast to what I encourage all the time up and down the chain of man. I want push back from my team. Might
this important back? Actually, I'm nervous now I've I've got blind obedience, which I dont want. Number seven closely related to the foregoing. Effects of authoritarianism is an individual's propensity to blame others for their own shortcomings. This is the opposite of extreme ownership, so the opposite, extreme ownership is authoritarianism. Blaming other people. Don't talk about arena spoke like right now and it just wasn't working not shake up, All my theories were wrong. Number eight, the close relations. between authoritarianism and obsessive traits has also played a significant part military competence. This is a matter which we discussed earlier, Finally, to say that the worst excesses of bull and the clinging to an acrostic ritual have
Played not a not inconsiderable part in holding back the military machine. So when you are hyper obsessed oh c d on little things, it don't matter. This is not, can help you number, nine there's one trade of the authoritarian personality, which at first sight may seem to have nothing to do with military competence. Belief and supernatural forces the contrary, in fact, the case as a general issue. Since military decision should not be based upon a proper weighing up a fax, the introduction of metaphysical variables in decision making necessarily contributes noise, which decrease the probability of decisions being correct, correct concern with what the stars, foretell or hopes and occasionally fears of the divine intervention constitute prejudices which can I, as decisions away from realism and towards a wish for fantasies that's a weird one to me, because you would think that the people there,
anti authoritarian would be more kind of superstitious, but he's in run through all the table. The girl kinds of examples of that all kinds of examples throughout throughout history of people that are authoritarian, I mean Hitler is a good example to use all into the occult and all that and superstitious about stuff. One of the least number. Ten one of least attractive aspects of the hope of authoritarian personality is generalised hostility. What the Berkeley researchers called vilification of a human. This was a treat which was manifested such extreme degree by members of the Naughty S thick commit wholesale murder, not just without guilt or shame, but perhaps most surprisingly, without the slightest Evelyn, revulsion. Many says. Finally, there is the fact that a for terrorism, authoritarianism, its If so, damaging to military endeavour will actually
dispose and individual towards entering upon the very career wherein has restricted personality can weak the most hazardous havoc, because what I can open up its Antony people that have these tendencies are attracted to the military and he gives a fuck In case study case nineteen Cecile or Cecil Cecil. August this year will be a Grozny one. Yes, so Cecil's a mailman more of a british name we don't have never met an american dude named Cecil of you, the ESA, really the ogre. I have not just one was from England now Backer Cecil, your radio waves, Some people say that an actor noise and there you Sega Cecil peoples. So you see the commentator ref. Maybe I think his wrath, I'm drawn a boy, programmers, Cecil Peoples, it
Cecil people shut up, I'm I like it. Was taking the referee. Early on cookie is seriously I I can't remember him being might be right might have been a judge, maybe the judge you might get somewhere background and bear knuckle fighting or something, and then Connachar early, you have see active he's gone so evil Cecil people's peoples is very ill blacker. Only sport is a judge why we need to support image Cecil People's run on what, from what era what was his background? The era that I was watching. You see, which is fairly like five years before this
So this is the guy that you claim to know. I knew I worked with a guy at American movers Cecil and then their Cecil people, so here, Cecil are who is an obsessive neurotic? I was going to read this thing, but I kind of have to know play. Why did we get the in his iq was in the bright normal range personality testing indicated that he was very dependent on his parents, but that they were as being emotionally remote and extra we demanding in fantasy. He expressed on feelings of aggression and anger. He seemed most interested in the history of wars and in playing war games. He shot darts with and delight in the therapies playroom, and if, given a choice, would choose war games, his power said he refused to play with other children unless they others did exactly what they told him. What he told them to do
Cecil said when he grew up. He wanted to be a general, so there you go, that's the kind of personality we don't want joining the military, but that is fired up to join the military nature for twenty three mothers of incompetence, we're going kind of heavy, not gonna, go to to deepen industry. because it goes a little bit in the cycle Gee World, which again, I think this some of the site, college is a little bit outdated. This coming from and I'm no psychologist sounds like a close mind scenario. Ok, well, open it up to a point where you got me on busted further reader. Not previously versed in the psychology of authoritarianism, the preceding chapter may have come as something a surprise at first sight, the tree, have orderliness tough, mindedness obedience to authority punic business and the rest well may have seemed the very embodiment
hard hitting masculinity, daily suited to the job of being a soldier. That is an epic statement. Right all that's exam nets with so many people think so many people think that is what we The foreign military, unfortunately as represented in the authoritarian personality. They are only skin deep, a brittle crust of defences against feelings of weakness and inadequacy the authoritarian keeps up his spirits by whistling in the dark is frightened, he's the frightened child who wears the armor of a giant his mind a closed is a door locked and bolted against that which he fears the most himself I don't get much out of that, but when I did get a lot out of what did your lot out of is the fact that when
hear these personality traits tough mindedness, obedience to authority. It sounds like that's what you want your people to be. You ought to have to soldier to be. You know it's not what you want now, what we're looking for fast forward a little bit. before going on is one further point concerns the distinction that has been drawn between irrational authoritarianism as dealt with here and so called rational authoritarianism. So this is A clarification here. by the latter is meant the readiness to accept and obey the dictates of a rational authority. So there is such a thing is, is basically making a distinction here. An irrational antipathy towards all authority is evident in some cases of student militancy may just be, maybe just as neurotic has not adaptive as a predisposition towards
nor authoritarianism, the common denominator of irrational authoritarianism and blind anarchy is that both states of my our compulsive and derive from an underlying ego pathology. In fact, this distinction between rash. an irrational authoritarianism has been implied throughout this book with the exercise is to reduce part without the exercise and acceptance of rational authority without certain minimum levels of discipline, even without certain features of bullshit military organisations would cease to function is something I have to talk about some time with them with clients and national front cause decentralized command. We want to have decentralized, Mandy Sunrise, grandly, centralized man. We want suborners to build up, made choices, make decisions and a key me get him get up a group going to wild with that
all of a sudden where nothing is centralized anymore, and I have to bring up the fact that hey guess what kind of uniform Every guy in task in a brutal war, a matching uniform. Why cause we couldn't have some guy that was wearing apparel who genes and of sweatshirt out in remedy cause. They would look, they wouldn't look the same, and therefore the guests What happens if I run out of bullets? Guess what I, your balls from someone else and thinkers we're using the same weapon. What about my radio I can use my radio and I can pick up your radio news to why cause we're using the same radio. So you to have some level of centralisation, some level of of we're a terrorism that we're all gonna kind to be. On the same page, he says Ben is necessary to labour. This point because of some of the semantic confusion regarding the term authoritarian throughout this book. It refers to irrational authoritarianism for the so called rational for, and we prefer
the praise, autocratic behaviour. The terms are not synonymous, whereas Autocrat exercise tight control in the situation, demands of the authoritarian is himself tightly controlled. No matter what the external situation fool semantics there He goes in this next chapter: education of the cult of muscular Christianity, Kay This is where he starts talking about. You know the British Schools, how these kids were raised in sort of, this mosque. What he calls muscular Christianity, knots, not kids, but some of the kids in this timeframe were raised this way here's. Your some of the things that are highlighted by the reasons for this stultifying educate a programme are no doubt many and various, but two serve particular consideration. So this is the education programme that some of these kids were subjected to the first
sides in the belief that enforced application to unpleasant boring tasks, develops character and the sex that any truly intellectual exercise by which is meant the cultivation of independent thinking, as opposed to wrote, learning harms that fine sense of loyalty and obedience which shots which such schools strive to inculcate to think is to question and to quest is to have doubts. So you get some examples of how these kids were raised. What they did at these schools, are they replace sports, they were due hazing its walls and memorizing things, and it was all I mean this- is this true to this day we ve got this sore school system, which is meant to teach you to be a good worker. That's what is meant to do meant to teach you to be a good worker. they don't want. That's why they structure things. It's ok, some stuff that you who has no value whatsoever there trying to get you to follow the rules
but they say get on board. the programme fall in line with the authoritarian rulers. We care for that year, yeah, sometimes you feel like they were there. Are doing it on purpose, and sometimes you just feel like, but I think this is just some curriculum that, like no one had the like gusto to just feeling It we're doing overhaul it. I think you're right. I think that at some point right now, let's face it. If you were to go ground, zero and restart your educational system in America be totally different than it is right. Now, what is it- is slowly change we changing and I'm not even sure that the way that their changing is the right direction. I think they're taking it and the fact that it might not have been the best in their changed it to make it worse in some cases the idea- and I think it is from a social standpoint- I think they might want China to harden in a certain direction kind of crazy son. what kids are learning in school
Durban. In some cases, workers are learning in school by my only point of reference, is my own, the elementary school, so my kids the full spectrum from elementary school from the college. I got a law seen at all, do you think thinking about this now and I'm not really in support of the Do you think I don't know the answer to this, but I just I do kind of consider the other side of this. You know how you are you to sit on. The school can is structured to provide or to develop good workers aren't most people workers anyway, not necessarily not all you want to know something. What I think is messed up now is, I think, a lot of times a school right now is to develop people to go to college and feed the academic growth. colleges yeah, but even though they were just trying to get you to get. Oh, you know it be good for you to get a degree in bringing basket. We
giving or whatever no one needs a degree in that. There's a lot of degrees. It you get that you don't need. If you want to learn and others have go, read about it, don't pay too thousand dollars and go into debt to learn about something that has no just give you a skill set that always felt like a social problem to me, though it fell. They are Four can now when I was a kid, not not my kid, but when I when I joined the military I've I used to use the term on and off its ever caught honour olive I've ever heard of but educational inflation, because the kid, if you dropped at a high school, you could still get a job and have a normal life. Then as I got to high school it was it. Was you gonna, finish icicle? If you dont finish high school, you can't get a job, blah blah blah Then it was the idea in the military. Thank God I the military. But, as I joined the military, it was hey. You knew you would need to really get your whatever. What's a two year degree socio associating you get. Your associates gets a meal good, some and then it became
actors and now you got kids- are going to get in. There sisters and in their doctorate they spend their they spend their. Thirty, three years old, thirty five years old, twenty nine years old before their even getting a job and a bracket I mean this is all now: it's all common, like Enron, Drachen up three, four hundred thousand dollar, two hundred thousand hundred thousand dollars worth of debt, and skill set that they got in whatever degree they got, it gives them a twenty nine thousand. None on product polio, thirty, eight thousand dollar, your job as a whatever in a whatever right. Where, If you were going to see if you were dropped at a high school and becoming too this welder right now. you make a hundred twenty grand here cause you're hard worker and by the way, if you're, smart, you start put, you know you get. You figure out that welding thing and you buyer
but welding, a couple, welding machines and you like, and what I get two guys I can apprentice them. I can teach them book, you can grow, you can make stuff happens me while the person that has thirty eight thousand dollar your job, they actually have no skill set So I think a lot of the educational system right now he's a feed, programme for that college system, which is going to charge people money- and this is sort of like the housing grass to so the housing crash came because the government, was loaning money or backing up loans to people, rock and be able to afford it, That was the I was what one of the causes when the prime causing of thousand crash right now The government backs up these loans that these people get and so loud to get loans for two hundred three hundred thousand dollars, and they realize it. They should but they don't realize that pay now long. It takes to pay off three hundred thousand dollar loan, which is by the way, is the only loan that you can't go bankrupt from it's gonna get your may.
thirty nine thousand dollars near by the way. My my daughter just graduated college in spring her and really, good college and her friends are making thirty nine thousand dollars a year. Forty two, thousand dollars a year. they're, not making a lot of money, so I think, a lot of the what used to feed the workers now into this into this. Educational, nightmare of college debt and loans, and all that what kind of nice about what we're doing at origin? Cosette. Origin. You don't need a college education Newton, go get a job and get a skill a career right, got people that have careers. Now that I've learned skill, that's a highly valuable skill and I don't have any debt because I didn't go and stuff a basket weaving for four years at forty. Two thousand dollars year always gets better.
it also see how she last weaving would be a better skill than some of the degrees that people getting would basically movie worldly Israel, you can sell baskets knew, but Deriving need to stop harassed basket weavers. It's almost that feels. I'm not a nothing like this. You know that You gotta seems like that. There is a certain times and then the education is kind of. Like China facilitate those times, then we have people running their education and then times. Change an education, This follows up with it with the change, but just way way too late, like might even fifty to seventy years, late boy, and thinks another, nothing about a consider that so now they now it changes from like just straight up factory workers too a little bit more advanced workers, types,
so now it's like, ok, really, the change that should have been made on chemical is first for you to be influenced to go to college, get a higher education right, You have higher level jobs generally speaking in a lower level of those can exist in all the stuff where, but just generally, Sweden's just general saw boom. I would everyone should be going to college long time ago. They should be doing that they want to. A degree that creates waymore opportunities back then there's all these crazy degrees. Like now, there's quite plain decrease. When I went to college like they started doing this problem, could liberal frickin studies right, which in concept concept, it is it's good? The concept is good, but You gotta do is get your little degree approved and you can study, whatever you want essentially be like at my degrees in this. As long as the title was approved, you can get it's called liberal studies, but it's and then you have a title for it again. You start doing it. Just the sake of getting a degree when you get out alleging that you, you could be jammed up. That's where I just
exactly right, but ok, and thus the latter part of it. But so now you have, and when I say it's a social thing or it feel like a social thing is kind of like people are still stuck in that little zone. That's like it is beneficial to go to college, preserving spires readiness zone where, thankfully, we think that they act. Oh, oh you would you don't have to go to college because now there something on the path the end and realise that if not the car, that's not the reality rate now react much has changed, and then you have all these people who back in the day is that people can drop on ice, going, get a job no prosaic and drop out of school, because all you have to do is know how to read and do basic arithmetic and get a job more like a factory or or at it. You know of one of the jobs our freakin prevalent in the for those times as times chain You need a little bit more education out for these german onto what they're always ends up just what there is in fact, I'm in there. There is massive jobs that are, you know, carpentry concrete plumber, Electrician autumn mechanic Dry,
I've like there's all these jobs that you definitely do not need a college education is to have your, do not need it and those are awesome jobs and they, those does people got em. Old America, but to your point, You are you working on my right now that I'm talking about right now, jobs full exists. Procures! Here's to your point, people would say: okay, hey watch. I do with my life and the FAO nine things that come up on their list are go to college. go to college. Go to college go to college, whereas when I was in high school Maybe the first thing would be your college, but the second thing was like becoming practice. Electrician, you don't like. I took. electricity. We in high school using those kind of the social credit. I think that was way more normal. There wasn't. There was the mandatory track to college.
and I think nowadays, almost every kid is being told, go to college- go to college, go to college instead of saying hey, you can go. And become an apprentice electrician and that's a freak in great job You can have a great life and you can tribute to society in a mass away, do something you enjoy because look when I was in high school, I don't wanna be looking up box right. I wanted. I would much rather be an electrician, much It would be an electrician year, N n. yeah. I think the zone where ok and basically break it into to these two things. where the social influence like hey, you should go to college or you should whatever or it's ok, not to go to college. You can just get a job here would have this that passes and changes through time, the social to me, the social part is lagging like way behind the reality. Is that's what I'm saying yes, so there was a little zone where it was the best to go to college that opportunity that was his own written in brain of socially. The influence is still in that zone. There's still saying it started
he's the user. Your people didn't like eight hours away, some of you and your people saying that of yes, but it's die. Think it's still there. The reality on the streets is broad colleges. For a handful of people and that's it I want the others, people out there that are actually hiring they're, not looking for college degree. And I'm Socrates or like I think Peter deals, one of em for enhanced. Out there saying we'll test. I don't know if they got a testing program, but they're saying we just want smart people, it doesn't matter where you went to college or not. That is so freaking legit and here's how you know you're, so you kind kind of kind of like if we- about like this, I can kind of tell that people are still in the zone of like college is a good thing. You can like all yeah back, I hear degree from from Harvard it's like a total up I appeal to authority. The college being the authority by the way you need, up to say what he has a degree from you can say he has a degree from Harvard in that
Madagascar. That's that's it, but I'm just saying that in and of itself is appoint like a positive thing to say, Are you running ahead of the zone? Nobody like, so what is it? What's he doing a large one? Is I actually here that, right now starting the eye. People that I know for sure started here, like all the other person as their mba or whatever, but yeah whatever already getting there. It would not getting their boat moving in that direction. I hear those comments check back to education here We are perhaps the most fatal of all the private schools ethic of honour and fair play. Admirable in itself lead to disaster first results when mistakenly imputed to those like Hitler who play the game. Different Centre. Also, these kids were told: hey you gotta, follow the rules, and this we play with honour and then Hitler's I've already watch. This dispute the weakness of military endeavour continue to feed
in many subsequent campaigns, indeed, is no exaggeration to say that an absence of adequate recall since the refusal to believe intelligence reports and a general, or of spying continue keep our armies wrapped in cocoons of catastrophic ignorance. This fatal preference for honourable ignore rather than useful knowledge gleaned by devious means, was not come the soldiers in the field, but as now, you mind, permeated the high levels while military intelligence. So another thing these goodness what these kids get educated to do they got dictated to live without it, That means we're not gonna sneak around we're, not gonna cheat watch out? For that you know. Sometimes you get that. ideas for cowards like okay? We get it that's for cowards, but we have less recount ideas. Roadside already very tragic that you're there tat a coward, yeah, yeah sure areas, guess what we have to contend with it.
just because it cowardly doesn't mean it's gonna, go way, doesn't mean it doesn't produce dead bodies and main lies. Is it Thirdly, yes, it is. How do we counter it to put some sniper over watches on roads and sh wax and people at a gun like a reformed because enormously successful burglar who self righteously puts down his Jimmy to take up for the time being on the evils of crime. We took too humiliating? These very traits push cleverness, Let us ensure naked aggression that it puts us were where we are The reason it so it is seen as you like, a criminal that sort of May sit and, like all the sudden, put down his thieving tools and sorting you're feeling it's bad, righteous wet, but he's forget about how we got there and what is what is the point he's making here is? We can have a tendency to do that, link pay in
War, if you gotta, be brutal, we're we're on top, because we were brutal, we're on top, because we spied and you didn't, broke shit and killed people. That's. What goddess here and We cannot and others will not all wrong. You gotta be careful about that. Now we get part three of this book. Interestingly enough, you you're here we'll call, it starts off, there's no bad regiments, only bad officers. We ve heard Napoleon say we ve heard hack words it we ve. echelon front say we know that quote. an extreme ownership. Well, as we raise a difficult, no bad teams, only bad leaders, what we said did we steal it? Yes, Cousteau of hack worth who'd hack worth deal from
field marshal. Lord Slim, who is in World WAR one World WAR two wounded three times and guess what he still it from Napoleon, so we're stealing it were using. It cannot deal with freedom where attributing Also, too much of history is written as though men had no fee things, no childhood, no bodily senses, which is, which is something that I have tried with all my might with this podcast, to make sure that history is written. and its clear that these men had feelings had bodily sensors had childhoods and beyond that had hopes- and dreams for the future. A lotta history is not written like that section here called worse than the best? So now what he does is he starts point now some, and this is why
can start moving a little faster? I told you before you started recording like hey that there's a big chunk of the book when a government to cover what park ass because he stopped going into a lot of details. It's worth reading. You have to get the book if you really want to read all these things resource pointing out the worst in the best Some of these military leaders said this Hitler or John Straw, since it is about Hitler in a war from which so much human error had been eliminated by technological advances alone. Human error was still the principal factor in determining wars. Outcome Hitler, Slipknot. Little bit about Hitler. Hitler's particular brand of military competence is precisely what one would expect he showed a total unconcerned for the physical and psychological welfare of his men in his armies, and we may well. We covered darling, growled memory, commerce. On drought on this past, actually a book called Stalingrad written I on Nazi soldier and they were there
were listening on the radio They were surrounded they were listening to Hitler talk about praising there. dying to the last man. That's like insane. number two. His this imperviousness to human suffering, which resulted in such enormous wasted of his own forces, was a contributory factor in his stubborn refusal to ever relinquish gained ground three from his extra asked no centralism came another well known form of military competence that which result from a gross underestimation of the enemy and, in particular, of the ability of civilian populations to withstand the effect to war, Thinking that you're new now two soldiers are just superior and then you come up again the russian civilians and there like what form play and thinking that there going to fold, think
that the Russians are just the russian civilian populism and even their red army, which is made up of Europe isn't soldiers that they're going to fall, under the might of the of the Nazis. You want to check yourself homey. while many foreigners, while many of Hitler's decisions, were military disastrous, his under And eager weakness in fear of criticism, eventually in several other traits, which are undesirable, to say the least, in a military senor commander. He promoted his aids and advisers for their sick, see, rather than their ability to promote people because they sucked uptown He refused to accept, believe or even a listener. Unpalatable intelligence and with things got, went really wrong here. first to find scapegoats, opposite extreme ownership, promoting people because they kissed her ass, not listening to Intel it's coming in. This is having closed mine being an idiot.
like his henchman, Himmler. Even Hitler could on occasion show that over control of aggression that procrastinate Nation which has in cat incapacitated some other authoritarian military commanders, perhaps as disastrous decision of a war was when he halted the german advance before Dunkirk, thus allowing the british to escape we are not on April twenty second eighteen, forty five Hitler failed as a military commander in a way that he had never failed before in abdicating possibility. He betrayed his command and of Europe leadership and duty. Like so yeah. He quit he glee the ultimate quitter deal, art into the yard drop on request on April twenty second eighteen, forty five and then a few days later on April thirtyth kill himself. He could also commit enormous blunders and these when they occurred, seem less a product of stupidity than of his time, sustained, all pervasive authoritarian. So that's an important point
Hitler made all these mistakes did all this dumb shit, but he wasn't dumb what was driving that what was driving them go his ego, his his go Patsy, his authoritarian nature, all those things not stupid, so you can be. Really smart and do really dumb things because you're afraid Karen, because he was out of control, etc, some good samples Hum and Sir James Wolf. He was bitterly and unfortunately opposed to what he called the Spirit. Breaking tactics of harsh punishment in drill was quite right, to disobey orders. If these conflicted with what he knew was right need not see just going through, like these are the opposite of authoritarian personalities, disguised or James Wolf. Through some of these, at the risk of making himself on popular, he forces officers to attend that and to the welfare of their men to vis their living quarters, have rigour
for their health and generally get to know them as fellow human beings, Wellington next Geigy highlights here: Wellington did not evince signs of emotional restriction, did not remain unmoved by human suffering. Suffering did not see. Popularity was unimpressed by bowl and did not seek scapegoat, for his military setbacks. This is a good leader. He spoke the decorations of authority large staffs centuries, gold, braids so you want to be all dressed up. Wellington self confidence is also reflected in his refusal to make scapegoats of others. Thus, at the bar, goes fiasco. He said I see that a disposition already exist to blame the government for the failure of the siege of Burgos. It was entirely. My own act thanks, he didn't put that into a book and call an extreme ownership. Otherwise I would have been gone out alike
that's what he did right? Here's a bad situation that unfolded during the siege and he took ownership of it then blame anybody. As usual after a battle, his mood was set by the losses, not the glory on the morning after the siege Another Wellington showed himself to his deeply esteem staff. He visited the dead. and on seeing so many of his finest men destroyed he broke down and wept, but not authoritarian. Finally, he displayed an open, an open, Find new ideas, quick to innovate and see advantages in the progress of technology he was remarkably laissez faire regarding the dress of his soldiers. Thirdly, he not commit the cardinal air of so many military competence underestimation of the enemy he took. Infinite plans pains in Milton
planning left nothing to chance. Selected officers for their efficiency always did recon. so you can see what he's gettin out here, Shaka Zulu king. of his general ship. It has been written shock us put. Particular Jenny genius lay in his meticulous personal attention to detail in sheer hard work if at all so he always insisted on inspecting everything himself in every one of his critical battles. He insisted on personal writ reconnoitre the ground and the dispossessed no enemy forces? He invariably checked all reports by procuring collateral evidence. She I could also be humane. He talks about shock, actually being pretty brutal to his men, which I don't I was a little bit thinking. Well. Why are you trying to give this guy's a great example? Those who has to follow his example and painful initiation weren't, so we club the death sentence authoritarian me broke loose Dixon
where you at what I mean. I was handsome some slack here. So here's the deal another eggs ample. This flexibility refusal to dominated by tradition with shock as banning of sandals for his fighting men by. and then run. Barefoot are considerable and by no means popular break with traditionally invested his army, the speed of movement far in excess of that actually achieved by his enemies. The displeasure he incurred through this innovation was hardly reduced by an order to his warriors that they should hardener feet on the parade ground strewn with thorns Who hesitated to follow his example in this way for tradition, were instantly club to death. Seems to be a little authoritarian, they're wrong button, as the shock or could also be humane, as well as punitive in for his army, to ensure that is, fighting men were kept, warm well rested, well, FED and orderly was provided for every three soldiers under his command. No battle was fought without adequate supplies of food, water and bark dressings
being assembled at strategic points beforehand, it can be some. as autocrat totally non authoritarian, high and even the motivation and yet capable of great warmth and sympathy according to read Skype wrote about it. He was highly nor sentimental behind a facade of ironclad iron self discipline. The fact that he was the finest composer of songs believe dancer and windiest posture suggests an artist who would naturally have a highly strung nature and more sensitive than the calmer common run of the young the race, so their Shaka Napoleon It suggests that though he was ambitious, ruthless, devious, unscrupulous grandiose, despotic, machiavelian, dictatorial and Craddock. He was not a forger again Missouri he's getting some semantics here, that's kind of like only and could be the reverse of extra punitive faulty argued,
not so much of the men as with himself. So he, when things were didn't, go the way wanted here often said it was his fault cool, I think, is stretching man on a point because I think it's Elisa scale right and a napoleon, I think, had an open mind when it came to combat you know, but I think he was an egomaniac. I mean we have a free. Was that Napoleon complex you're a little when you are trying to be big, stern and imperious too. In his business hours, Napoleon was all ease and sunshine to his intimates. They admired his pleasant with his unaffected gaieties, rich and brilliant handing of moral and political themes, China, make him out to be a little less authoritarian. Anyone, in my opinion, some of these are even the gas Chuck Zulu. He was but he was authoritarian,
certain. That's what s right said: scale riper, whether in other ways and a kind of fun truck a balance. Yes, lakes, Becky Shaka, he he would being. Not what is the one with the opposite of thirteen airmail, authoritarian, liberal, whatever I would like to add a third Hughes, Anti Exe, when it came to those feet? Man knows feed gotta, you know, like you, gotta, let go you. They say the line on some stuff. You know those radios, you gotta lotta programming radios, sure, but the patches its line, another sliding over so shock was like that with a lot of stuff, Shaka Kenneth, keeping it real kind of plan, really you, but that's all that's the day caught him, that's the dichotomy and I think that's he's trying to point out some of that kind of thing is leaning to try show these good leaders has been less authoritarian. Does Napoleon I mean gusher. You know Hitler Napoleon these guys, like yeah loss, and they last huge in their bad, but they did so.
effective story. One! The pole, use, I mean a pull. You want a lot and hither one. A lot. Do man, that's what I'm saying. Let's Craig kicking off, took over giant swaths of Europe. Napoleon did the same thing, so there Definitely, some they did some shit. That was that they want it was effective, and by the waiters. Other people outward the authoritarian that did authoritarian shit and law and am also want the Crimean WAR right with the Brits Brits we're doing. The dumbest Horrible authoritarian ego driven moves and getting guys killed by the bushel, and yet they story of the wind. This is a little bit more about a point. Finally, like many of the other commanders on our list, Napoleon was without that vanity. This, like struck Bro Pro,
then he, which partaken too weak ego, was notoriously careless about his dress, had a wide range of intellectual interests and promoted his subordinates on the basis of their efficiency. Ok, let's go make sense. Nor did he display the debilitating over control of aggression, which has on occasions paralyzed warlike behaviour of less successful commanders. Nelson Nelson did not display a compulsive concern with orderliness if his dry I was anxious to give pleasure to everyone about him, distinguishing each turned by some act of kindness and chiefly those who seem to require the most of Nelson seems. Like he's just really good guy, residual doubts. One might have regarding Nelson's freedom from the crippling effects of weak there should be resolved by considering his famous characteristic disobedience possess. Boundless moral courage. He was himself prepared to disobey if he fought it to the advantage of country.
often he was right. Nelson was in fact always urging others, even ally, superiors and officials of the army to disregard their orders, if necessary in what he. Thought was to be the general interest of the cause. This is one of the best quotes on decentralized command I have, were heard in my life, so this is Nelson Nelson's own view of this matter was uncomplicated, as he said to the Duke of Clarence my king and to destroy it. French, I consider the great order of all from which little one spring and if these little ones militate against it, for who can exactly tell at a distance, I go back and obey the great order, an option, End quote: that's a beautiful under standing of decentralized grant. Here's
we're trying to get on and there's about. If waging get it done. If I'm Tellin, you do something, but doesn't quite makes sense in putting the strategic goal dont. Do it do somethin else? So that's it. Non authoritarian mindset, which is good T Lawrence Rights of Arabia of his simple Adele Heart Road Lawrence can bear comparison with Marlborough Napoleon in that vital faculty of generalship the power grasping instantly the picture of the ground and situation of relating the one to the other and the local to the general, he was able to see what was happening, not just what happening right there, but seat in the big picture is able to detached. Take a step back, look around think strategically El heart considered that Lawrence also showed the same profound court, profound understanding of human nature. The same power, commanding affection wall commanding energy and the same kind blend of diplomacy, with strategy
cool head but there are also considered that Lawrence, the most widely read of generals was Morris. Was more steeped in knowledge of war than any other generals at last, one in personality, disorder, read a little bit more because, Well, because this impersonality Lawrence is probably the least authoritarian senior commander, the world has ever known totally without personal ambition, refuse promotion, honours and awards for himself and deplored the pomp vanity and ritual Ized Boeing and scraping which one associated with the power structure of the hierarchical command systems. We like this guy right out of the gate you're here we were known this guy The fact that he could renounce his name for that of Ross and later Sean happily resume his role of a lowly rancor after tea in wide fame, indicates a degree of self effacement. Quite you,
amongst military men, contrary to a characteristic predisposition of authoritarian individuals, Lorenson it's like interfering with other men's freedom,. You can impose on other people. You should impose on other people. You showed mess with their freedom. He disliked gave Orders and, in fact, exercised, effective command, largely through the tendering of advice river. every word lay fab and explain how many times I gave my direct order. Yes, every effort little number and their zero types. that this advice was acted upon, suggest that by his personality he achieved levels. Leadership rarely attained by military commanders.
He himself was prepared to obey foolish orders, but disliked passing these onto others. As la Del heart remarks in war, such orders are often the result useless sacrifice of men's lives in peace. They often contribute to the establishment of men's reason. Oh that's a good one. New bark orders you may People do what you want and what you want them to do Sterilised, their brain Lawrence was agreed respecter of reason and considered that the possession of knowledge was of prime imports for a military leader in his opinion, quote the perfect Jim, who would know everything in heaven and earth and quote by the same token, this most open minded of men deplored the closed and Bacchus mines of his military compatriots. Men who displayed a quote fundamental, crippling fundamental, crippling incurious. Gee Lawrence.
we got slim who this thing kicked off with general slow. Like so many generals when plans have gone wrong. Oh you take him a bit of ownership here. Like so many generals was quote: when so many generals, like somebody generals win plans have gone wrong. I could find plenty of excuses, but only one reason myself: two courses of action were open to me. I had not chosen. As a good commander, should the boulder I'd taken council of my fears reference, there is no evidence here of that telltale defence projection and even he had ample opportunity for making scapegoats of those borders who had given giving advice, regenerative failure so you got another guy Slim had he written a book and taken you know given Nicole title extreme ownership. We need a different spot right
taken into account with other traitors warmth towards his family. His absence of rigidity is parsimony, with the lives of his men, his ability to improvise his popularity with the troops and relative lack of concern regarding his popularity with his equals. It should come as surprised to learn that the chivalry, autocratic and most efficient generals enjoyed a happy childhood apparent on marred by those stresses and strains which may weaken the eagle and start the personality kind in I've been skip. these parts a little bit. I guess, I'm being a little bit biased, I'm skipping clock, Mcclure Psycho Analysis, cuz, it no bat and I'm just giving you that little taste of them you want to get some of that. You got to kind of get into it. A little bit on the next section is exceptions to the rule, got a little corner from Rommel one. I'm not judge everyone in the world by his qualities as a soldier. Otherwise we should have no civilization. That's Rommel to his son, interesting
incompetence is not confined to those who were extreme in their ineptitude, but may operate a long, a line of a continuum of military excellence from worst to the best in your commanders. Military shortcomings of Montgomery, Kitchener and Hague. and their positions along a dimension of authoritarianism. Authoritarianism are We call itself is what you were saying earlier. It's not like, oh this is that you're either for ten years or not. Could be anywhere on the spectrum and, as we have been discussing You want to have some level of authoritarianism. He does not want too much gotta be a balanced, but some people can be. Oh there, a little bit in the Red Rights and peace for green. Maybe some we will do much grieved, don't even make it, but I think The military people that are far green, don't even join military right. We gotta lotta people might even in their seniority, have a composite. people that are a little bit, at least in the middle
maybe a little bit orange some people in the red. But it's it's a continuum. Talking about Montgomery and again you gotta get. If you want the details of this Red get the book. It's not my purpose too. bait. Montgomery's greatness. Suffice it to say that, while not blemishes he was in the main, highly competent commander and as such, need to be considered in present context. Does he or does he not support the hypothesis that competence depend upon an absence of authoritarianism and its associated traits. So So that's what we're really hearing there is that the more return. Your the worse you're gonna be Must we have zero authoritarianism and he put sell some things that makes him not authoritarianism, afore Terry, Mr Kerr's, Montgomery lack those obsessive trade which tend to accompany authoritarianism is not particularly mean, or particularly obstinate, and judging from his own dress and Lincoln attitude towards that of his treaty did not harbour any compulsive urge for bowl in this as
matters is approaches essentially realistic. That whatever else he may be Montgomery does not evince a documented signs of authoritarianism and yet This case there remains the indisputable fact that, for all its greatness is a military commander. Montgomery did have serious shortcomings which could not be attributed to a lack of rational ability, so Montgomery some jacked up things and we covered in one of the earlier part gas. We also become coveted on upon it s not about this book. These lapses were. An inability to get along with many of his military colleagues like Kitchener, he had a knack of making himself enormously unpopular with his contemporaries and preferred the copy of younger, more junior officers with I was talking about this on the academy the other day, extreme ownership com somebody's automatic haggling if you're not getting along with people you're due to bad job, which all of you getting on with people
we should be getting along with people whose party your job build relationships. What's happened with your Montgomery's second short coming, was that he sometimes allowed his own desire for personal glory to influence planning a military plan tainted by an attempt to satisfy the commanders. Ego is unlikely to be the best plan and irrelevant factor has been introduced into the calculation. Clearly, that's jack! Montgomery's. Next, your coming present something of a paradox. It concerns a matter of communication for man who is adept at simplifying the apparently complex, whose ability to extract the accent essentials from a host of irrelevant factors with second to none who could come indicators, intentions and issue, orders to subordinate the lucidity that left no room for misinterpretation and who could write his memoirs with such a style that puts most generals to shame. It is strongly that he should have been almost incapable of explaining so himself to those above in the chain of command kind of crazy
got a whole big explanation on on Montgomery and who are some of that stuff came from fast for a little bit. The kitchen or kitten who became secretary of state in the first World WAR had, according to Philip Magnus two basic attributes, unparalleled thoroughness and an unparalleled drive, he was individual individualist of great sections whose hard and selfish nature was capable at times of kindness, simply and even affection. These traits, his Ass, a drive Lord Curzon once described Kitchener as this molten massive device wearing energy, is individualism and is fuel to conform. The originality of his thinking and the occasional flashes of underlying warmth and generosity are hard to reconcile with the notion of authoritarianism so he's got Montgomery. Who has some authoritarianism? pensioners a little bit more protectionism and as we We pushed through his authoritarianism from Kitchener frauds Grey
no Kitchener seems to have been a victim of the repressive forces implanted in his child presume using marionette of his father I go on going on but what were those traits, regardless of where they came from his aloofness. His unpopularity with many his fellow officers is failure to work as part of a team and most damaging of all his latter in decisiveness and hesitancy in directing Gallipoli campaign must be ascribed to defects of the personality rather than inlet again Interesting to point out that for terrorism, you'd think that makes people make calls, but it actually freaks him out. Pressure situations, because they don't wanna get they don't they they don't and or failure than oil you do, and it is there What to do anything branch paragraph, where's, something that's a little less authoritarian like ok, you know what we're gonna call here. That's what we're doing now: the Hague. In trying to answer
the question whether the recurring features of military competence derived from aspects of the authoritarian personality, even in a commander who ultimately emerged Morrie's. One cannot do better to consider the case of Douglas Haig Commander in chief of the british armies on the western front, between one thousand nine hundred and fifty and one thousand nine hundred and eighteen. Judging from the war of words, which has raged between a ditch, actors and devoted there is never more controversial. Military commander Harrison quotes Hague this number one war criminal expected germ to advance in this attack and, at the same time, slow. At the same slow pace of his own clumsily plan results. Another quote: he seem to be most highly equipped thinker in the british army. That's totally different quote another Coat Hague, perhaps to see that a dead man cannot advance and that to replace him is only to provide another corpse. Here's another call it is.
did strange that the man who stubbornness in the offensive had all but ruined us on the psalm should, from August one thousand, nine hundred and eighteen onwards have been become the driving force of the allied armies. That is crazy. You freaking doctors, horrible operation, so many people die in use, continue being in charge and directing operations Hagen on imaginative, maybe use company according to his lights, but these were dim confidence. Divine approval appeared to satisfy him. Nothing can excuse the casualties of the salmon passion, Dale World WAR. One freakin nightmare so, what's up with his personality, did Hague evinced those character traits that are associated with authoritarianism? He certainly had most of them for study was conservative, conventional and in his attitude towards the French, no ethnocentric his diary dispatches suggest he was on emotional and totally anti introspective. I e not able not,
one to reflect upon his own motives. He was manner lastly, lacking in compassion towards his fellow man. It's just important. As you hear these things just think. What do you think military commander should be like, and what should a military commander actually be like? He was and formed believer in the direction of events by supernatural powers and reserved to the point of being verbally, almost inarticulate also betrayed that triad of traits which, according to temporary research, defines the obsessive character and correlated and his colleagues with authoritarianism. He was obstinate, orderly and mean about his obstinacy. Little further need to be said. The beginning to the end, his handling of the thirty brace betoken and obstinacy of statuesque proportions this guy? Would you stop or never changed its mind? We're sticking with the plan for the second rate,
his dress, habits in appearance Hague was immaculate, orderly and quite probably, the cleanest man on the western fund, a contemporary of of his at didn't remembered in particular for his cleanliness, a remarkable attribute to be recalled of a fellow schoolboy and for an exam for the love of bull there's this excerpt from cavalryman Cavalryman letter quote he had a personal escort consisting of a, full troop of his own regiment. They were Finally, the smartest thing in France not a buckle out of place stripes of gold. for the Ngos, silver, great silver, skull and crossbones. End quote: other writers have mounted on his meticulous attention too minute detail and his habit of planning each day according to a set pattern. So there Yeah any breaks out basically said Montgomery out of
Those three was the best and had the least authoritarian Nature Kitchener little bit. More authoritarian, little bit worse performance and then finally, you get to Hague, total authoritarian attitude and well the worst example and the worst leader and now we're getting to the final chapter of this book six book six part cascades. I went hard in the Bay retreat. This one's called. Hail YE indomitable Heroes, Hale, despite all of your generals, ye prevail, that's from a land door, wrote a poem about the crimean heroes, and I just was talk about this right. The Brits want the Brits in their allies, beat the Russian, despite their eighty leadership. Causeway
this duff difficulty in seeing things correctly, which is what The greatest sources of friction in war makes things appear quite different from what was expected. Good job cos. you know what you better learn how to do. If you want to see things correctly, you better learn to detach you better, learn to take a step back. You better learn to put your ego in check you better to get control over your emotions. Are you not seen through an eye egotistical or emotional lands? It is not the intention to leave a comparable impression of general ship, but rather too, showed that the nature of interests, species in the the nature of interests, species aggression, praetor supposes, the leaders of armies and navies to certain sorts of error, so he said, Look when you start frightening killing each other. It Lee to certain types of air just in its own right. Then he says from them.
far from diminishing the stature of senior military commanders. The existence of this predisposition makes the performer of the majority of soldiers and sailors doubly credible, so it so for there's so much natural disaster about to happen. That win. someone does a good job. It's Youtube all credit to goals. Cars? For me, EL the pull it off with there's all this. All this natural gravity towards chaos. may have destruction, ego authoritarian, personalities. All that stuff is going on, and yet some people's most military people from the bottom up do a good job and overcome now. So you should get double the credit
The fear- and this is all kind of a conclusion here- the theory advanced in this book- starts from the position that, by its very nature, military competence cannot be attributed to the dulness of intellect we ve hammered that point home. There is, it seems, reoccurring pattern to military mishaps which defy any explanation in terms of the bloody full theory, so these people aren't stupid, it is in its stead, is tentatively suggests did that the syndrome occurs through the enormous difficulties of professional icing, the instinct, your activity, If interest species aggression, this professionalism entails growth of militarily militarism that collect. Of rules and conventions whereby hostility is controlled and anxiety reduced. So you ve got this system set up to put come, and in place to reduce anxiety to overcome some natural instincts, that's with them whatever is set up to do
surprisingly Emily. Sorry career attracts a minority of people with these sort of anxieties within a military organisation. There neurotic needs are gratified they for their part up to reinforce. Those very aspects Militarism, which are so congeal to their requirements in return, as it were for fitting in so well. They may rise to positions of considerable power once there, however, they become incapacitated by the very characteristics which hastened the reset you come in here. Ordering you loved you because you're authoritarian and you want to fit into that. Then you get in there and gratify, because that in your vance, because your authoritarian and if you make it all the way up the chain of command the very rotarian traits you have are actually a disaster. So this is a horrible thing and its six podcast give someone for a theory based on past history, has it any kind.
Those bouquet look. I showed you all these examples which this book four hundred fifty pages of this book is examples, and but he's so much. For this theory based on a past history, at any relevance for the future. Since armies and navies have changed out of all recognition, perhaps the sorts, the sorts of military incompetence described in these pages, are no longer likely to occur. In fact, evidence suggests this to be a forlorn hope zones should still happens. Some of the same sort of mistakes occur now as the as black the lives of soldiers one hundred years ago, Vietnam, in three we in nineteen sixty eight, the TED Offensive alone cost the Americans five hundred dead in the South Vietnamese a hundred sixty five thousand dead with two million refugees. Why did it happen? One reason was the inability to respond to unexpected military intelligence fast forward a little bit any doubts as to where
The three factors of remote drunk he goes into a thing planning how some of them changes that have taken place. One of them is wrong. Control, meaning we now radios. We can micromanage people out on the battlefield. We make these swollen, staffs and and all kinds of weaponry like has this helped now, what do we have multiple people on a staff? Maybe they can help sort through? Some of these people are incompetent, or we the power to like see what's happening on the battlefield. Maybe we can make adjustments to remote control, and we're gonna need resources and weapons. Maybe that help so here's what you said doesn't and he has any doubts as to whether these three factors, remote control, swollen staffs than a wealth of resources made for a competence, are removed by the contemplation of Vietnam. In this, ill conceived in horrible of wars. There was commander, in chief Lyndon Johnson, aided by his advisers. Dreaming policies and even selecting targets at a nice safe distance of twelve thousand miles
There was the man on the spot, General Westmoreland, by no means unintelligent military commander, but bemused by the sheer weight of destructive energy and aggressive notion supplied by its president. together, the MECCA, Lillian, mind The one coupled with the traditional military mind of the other, produced a pattern of martial lunacy, so abject and appalling that it eventually did for both of them. like the Boolooroo leaders a half century early earlier, the verse aw general gee up. This is the Vietnamese, normally enemies matter and his commander in chief, a little a man with a wispy beard. Archie men made a huge professionally trained and over equipped army of their enemies, look on really ridiculous and their leaders helplessly irate unfettered by traditional militarism lacking Excessive brute force and without an obsession with capturing real estate ho and job real
I'd on poor men strategy, surprise section and the boy you melt away. They relied on the fact that West Morland would expand expend his energies swatting wherever they at last, been heard of while they got ready, Distingue him somewhere else. yeah it's it's one of the most fascinating thing it. When we covered General mouse, like little red book, wanting that's so fascinating about. This is what the communists do. To win wars is utilised centralized command and they do a great and then for the way they run their government. They decide to make an authoritarian and centralized, which is crazy, which is crazy and that's it exactly what that spells out right there, when we're in battle. These central command. Make things happen, small units out their acting independently with freedom and then well for the government. Guess what we're locked in all doubt: you're gonna do
obey, obey this brings up yet another hazard of modern war government by committee take the dust to invade Cuba with a group of croup cuban exiles Bay of pigs in approving CIA Plan Kennedy in his advisers made six assumptions. Each was wrong. They assume that no one would guess the? U S. Government was responsible for the invasion in their contempt, the Cuban AIR Force, they assumed it would be annihilated before the invasion began. They assume The small invasion force led by unpopular ex officers from the big test. A regime would be more than a match for Castro's quote: weak army of twenty thousand well equipped cuban troops. They assume that the invasion would touch off a general revolt behind Castro's line. They assume that, even if unsuccessful in their primary objective, the exile forces the x out force could hold up in Cuban reinforced Anti Castro guerrillas. That's their plan. Do assumption assumption assumption assumption in the event that each assent
It proved a gross make any event. Each assumption proved a gross miscalculation. Nothing when his plan nobody be believed the C. I a cover story, the ships carrying reserve, our ammunition for the invasion, forced failed to arrive to or sunken who fled by this. Indeed the the invaders were surrounded by Castro's army by the third day, the reader dead or behind bars? Seven, save the United States recovered what was left to their vision, forced for ransom price to Castro, three million dollars. Kennedy was stricken. How could I been? stupid ass to let them go ahead. He asked So once wrote, his anguish was doubly deepened by the knowledge that the right The world was asking the same question Arthur, said injure Junior noted that can. would sometimes refer incredulously to the bay of pigs, wondering how a rational and responsible government could have become involved and so an ill starred adventure.
Sounded as ever, seventh eighteen forty one had been set aside by Admiral Kimmel Commander in chief of the typically for friendly game. A golf with his Are we general short. Ninety six of the ships, the american fleet, slept at anchor in the harbor American Plain stood Wing Tipp to win Tipp on the tarmac, american servicemen were off duty in doing we can leave by the end of the day. Harbour with ships. Planes in military installations had been reduced to smoking, ruins two thousand service. Men have been killed and many more wounded or missing the end of the day: camel was offering to resign later. He was court. Martial reprimanded demoted to a position where is never again required to make decisions of any consequence. Pearl harbor, like the bay of pigs, confirmed once again that military competence is more often a product of personality characteristics than of intellectual shortcomings.
for these american disasters show very clearly that even come by Intellects and specialised knowledge of highly intelligent and dedicated men are no proof. Against decision so totally unrealistic and subsequently to tat, the credibility of even those who had made them Far from diminishing the chances of ineptitude. The group actually acts century waits the effects of those bear retreats which may lead to incompetence in individual commanders. So you get you get a group together and you think that this would kind of cancel out I'd, say eight echo, Arnold, that's a good idea. No, it actually gets worse. It turns into grouping the symptoms, this process, which Janis terms group think include
on an illusion of invulnerability that become shared by most members of the group to Collective attend to ignore a rational eyes, away items of information which might otherwise leave. Group to reconsider shaky, but cherished assumptions three and unclear Jim belief in the groups inherent morality, lesson enabling members to overlook ethical consequences of their decision for staff. YO typing the enemy as either to evil from negotiation or too stupid and feeble to be a threat. You can see you here these this happening in the room right here. The discussions happening A shared illusion of you'd unanimity, in a majority viewpoint, augmented by the false assumption that silence means consent and six self appointed
mind guards to protect the group from adverse information that much after complacency about the effectiveness and morality of their decisions. So that's what happens when you put a bunch up. boy that have these tendencies into group. Together, it gets worse- and this is the last thing, but I read from the book here finally is worth noting that the personality, determined malaise of group think produces once again those for most frequently occurs symptoms of past military incompetence, wasted of manpower overconfidence,
underestimation of the enemy and ignoring of intelligence reports. These, it seems, are the enduring hazards of professional icing violence. and I can tell you, these are not only the hazards of professionalism, violence and these are the enduring hazards, for US as human beings as leaders that we can fall into and, as you pointed, this book is up is a big warning What not to do I got it. I say as a lasting one read, but there's a disguise funny, and I did a bad job of relief some of his humour, here's the afterward of this book. This is the last thing, but a red from this book. After six back ass, sir, he says this is open. This has left the reader should have doubted my qualifications to write this book,
May I assure him that I have marked authoritarian traits a week. Ego fear of failure. Motivation no illusions about the fact that I made a grossly incompetent general, it takes one to no one. That was from the offer made in front little bit. Humor anyways hesitates want to no one, but that, unfortunately, not true For its, unfortunately, not true, if you feel gearing competent there, a better chance that you're not incompetent you could see you I'm going as if you think your prominent there's a jet there's a better chance that you're not incompetent, because if you think you're a competent you're, you're, actually humble you're thinking. out of the ivy divided to listen. One of the people have to say I need to check
myself. I need to learn, to my mind it see what other information I can grab, because I gather because I've I feel like I might Bianca incompetent. So if you it's kind of, and people ask me about the impostors syndrome. good. That means Actually thinking man do, I believe, need to be. I would add that I was falling, who manifest guide men we make decisions? I better do my homework better. Think this, through a better the attention. So, if you think your uncle but you probably art But if you been listening to these six straight podcast, had you been think that this book is about all the incompetent leaders around you that little warning sign be careful because if you are in that mindset, where you think man, I can't believe out. Act up all these other leaders are not you red flag.
because chances are. This is about you and look. Here's the other red flag, its scale right. You brought back up it's it's it's a continuum and We all of us, even if you feel like you're, pretty competent. You are under threat of being dragged to incompetency, These are all these little. This book is just a warning sign after warning, sign after warnings and by the way is nothing new, most nothing new. It is one thing I said that a new thought in Africa when it was but in four hundred pages and what have we just twelve Fifteen hours worked upon us. It's all are we have a reinforcement of information that I already knew that we already knew that we talk about all the time that we ve seen in a bunch of other situations. It's a rehash, but we're all getting. You can weaken all get pulled over their weed.
Hold towards out of Fort aromatic as to why we get pulled towards the authority. Might we put towards that authoritarian mindset because it seems easier, it seems easier to say, shut up and do what I told you to do. It seems easier to say you know what I'm not going to listen to that piece of information. It seems easier to do that. It seems like the right move, it seems easier to say: you know what the competitors never can build a dual where do it, it seems easier, and it's not so you get watch your watch out, get a bit and you'll be careful. We all have to be on guard incompetence. Companies out their sort of ready to attach it's ready to attack us and if you're, not on guard it'll grab. You pull you down we make a bad decisions and getting people killed are ruining your business are ruining your marriage aroun in your life through incompetence, so we have to pay. Attention can be careful. We us down a path. Yes,
the path speaking what do ya forest? how do you advise wee wee wee, avoid incompetents avoid competent mental incompetence. Leadership incompetence, physical incompetence, we don't want have that would offer secretary dose what he called the Dunning Krueger, a factor that you can refer to. Wear them it takes one, and no one does not necessarily true year that it feels like when you You think you know everything. It's like easy to know everything when you think there's only like three or four things to know, but then, when you start Did you in your like man once I know how to stop that unlock I'll, be good high level? because you are like three times bison, random? You know boo belt, you like to talk to you about. Stop that didn't you I figured it out. You ve learned how to stop the job in Europe, Stop that Europe does goes on. Stop
ass though the guy well actually does stop. After, like you get he'll hooked on, walked, Ezekiel choked freak in Then you got others a lot more. I don't know what I'm doing this, so it seemed a minute to convince you that So that's when you kind of when the called the dining Krueger effect as its essentially like. Yet when you think you people were like so confident they're, the ones that no less than the people who are like not confident and all because they know how much there is not to know they have a grasp on whatever. Here these good deal did said something Africans exam words, but I wish I remember, do something like oh yeah there when you start my digital music on you, it's almost like you get what you you learn. What is our thumbs? you get worse overtime, because yesterday there was only three things I didn't know like now. There's like forty things that are now gonna tomorrow, there's a thousand with a day that you start to look sorry feel: ok is when you got others an infinite, no yeah, I just don't know anything
well. So we want to know stuff. Complaisance anyway. Hooray complacency, that's one of the deal's, it's like your whole brain and body, but brain China. China, like be lazy for of a better term, like I said before, to save energy trying to save work. We do our work or less work. Your team saying, like a Rubik's Cube Europe, where you didn't really brood, excuse yeah yeah. Can you know the formula yet my all all the algorithms to get the sides turned a bright. This good well see. Didn't three miles is kid Brian the surprise me one other day, alright, there's like any civil, knew how to play the piano, but it is an algorithm there. You learn how to do stuff. A little aliens Mercer little Lamb steps. Yes, yes, exactly right, like you yet Lou formula for sure
but whether you know the formula the or not I would imagine that lets you got that thing figured him right, but then on once You got that one freakin different, color on this? I just the one. You know that Not just one move this, like you know the thirteen hundred moves you do not like all you know the formula those at forty moves, bump bump, bump left left up to two four I would immediately be like multiples of four for some reason why I think that copyright could be. where's the deal. Let me ask you this. What you know I the kid and when we would screw came out, me like that. No less than you know, fifteen minutes to figure out a break that thing apart, augury assembled in the correct order and then actually that smart to do in a couple of clear its creative put it. This way. That's the thing all Europe years might I'm nothing. You're creative cause. I don't know, but you seem like the type you didn't do it out of creativity. You did it sort of like brute fuckin Jacko.
He's a nice guy, jock use like hey. We are going to solve this problem, most direct wig, but If you look at those rules, do you take it all apart? It, though, last pieces, those centrepieces unkind to tell a little bit of a story doomsday there's doctor. Oh, no, I think I ll take him. Are you problem that is like those little I largely yea mewed, make less sense. A juggler it that's what I'm saying it take. It tells a little story there, so you like, I see you know that we now know what you'd vigilant and put him on foreign here's another way to do it there colors are little stickers, got less brute, we're doing a little bit more sophisticated forms. like glue, although richer freakin hands, I didn't say, was perfect, as it was perfect either way. That's the frustration you that all figured out exemplary use in seconds yet aware? I brought you here so Ruby.
Cuba's whites, nine on each side right, pray everything those ones with like freakin like see. Step, four squares on each side or whatever have not seen her they're nuts dazzle doom to in like time lapse. Order nonetheless, see my point. I have no idea what were you think he's out? No thank you that things figured out in life right. Then you get this, this one loan idea that kind of gems up your whole way of thinking, just that one way easier to take off that sticker, or maybe just turn it to the site. Where you can see that thing. Some saints way easier, say way way more energy, but the reality is. The correct thing to do is right. You got another algorithm before, Mozilla Firefox can take some steps and take some more work, but the innovation, and I have a correct- that's what I think seems a hundred per cent.
that's where you got to think it away. So amazing. Even even your attitude right now telling me that you're, you might be feeling the effects of the what he called it will had. You put it like slipping off the first to let them half of my mind so close to your freaking metaphors right now. It's ridiculous anyway, we're working out season, by the way I heard apparently Scots he's got back to his glass, the words or were on the path of staying there. Hey look the beginning, squats ease in the beginning of any physical related season. Anyone squatted it's gonna, be pain in specially beginning If you go snowboarding the first day of no morning. Season that day, you're gonna have dance before simply three way much what words when is it going to need some supplement taken here, and there is no problem we got some for Egypt will have some four jackal feel those along.
Well, let's start with the energy drinks, see this this new see. This is not seasonal. This euro engaging complaint, but not that you and it energy during this a health, healthy energy, drink energy health drink, but have you call it? I'll say no downside all help before you be healthier after you drink wanted to see you by the way. There's a new pre worked out powder formula which J, p D Knelt did to dry. Scoops when the chaser our apple sniper here, but I did I was talking to my daughter today and she just did her first experience on the new powder. The new. Go powder and while I was talking to her, she was on the roller driven at sea to kidnap Polanco. Check out said Jane out this.
She was saying ass. She in between breaths I won't even RO today, but I took the girl made freak in here. And that is very worrying. That's real rights here so and I was in a mention this before offline, where I'm no sir, due to the jittery pre work out powders, like I'm, I'm not scared. I can stuff in fact, you get the jitters or whatever outlets. To meet us no factor and in fact, when you like tired and the jitters hit. You I'd rather have jitters and be fired up to work out the not have judges and not before it and read some like I'm, not I'm, not scared that can stuff right, in our jitters necessary think, that's it. That seems like we ve discovered that we don't need it. I didn't even think about that stuff. To me, that's just what the pre worker was good I'll, take all of it, whatever you do whatever
but it is a tirade. I realized that I heard people say like only how you drink this like tea. They say this about some titties like yeah you're up but you're, but it's like a smooth or whatever the smoothness or whatever my cool man's movements, all good. Whatever. Just wasn't part of my world until I got to experience so the pre work I took it Michael. The thing is, I haven't been doing three work out for years now, so I took this I called no jitters, I'm thinking. Maybe Jack was just scared of the pre work out experience. I get it a little bit more mild, I get it man, I get it, but when you dart warming up. That's when you feel it like that, one starts flowing it's like it connects you reindeer freakin body more there's something about Let me now in in bottles nonetheless, one saying where your daughter was about. I understand and its true and
think it Riva add to revalue evaluate my whole standard of the pure work out, because I knew like the priest Gaza has taken us a good. That's why stopped because I know it's working, but probably I known to German myself on my heart. I don't know what I'm doing it up on the inside, but on German, something up in em. Now now I know the new standard soutane so that you can get your super hard work out with a little extra, check, which might mean in to protect yourself from a joint position, a little bit more. Let's go join warfare. Let's go super krill might as well keep your immunity and check because, where or start work hard, getting like needing recovery, one maybe the immune system signal ahead- will get a little boost. cold war. So vitamin d three, I'm a guy! You cover! You know when you kind of like all go down the less you can. I got it's a whole system really
and it's not the came like like a useless cause. I'm gonna like put put decadent stigma and other types of supplements, but it's like a whole system too, to stay very solidly like on the path in the negative because we know workaday squat season. Apparently, then, then, you can be inscribed seas It means you might want to get on board the mob drained yessir could you gonna need he built from your activities last captivity So I just got tv failure. I too stakes the other day, Concurrently like why in one we're in one meal, just makes progress cause. We just have one big stake there. to medium stakes incur another, eyes, you bite the store less yoga guy right. Maybe I could. I went to the body closure Gimme that how how resources were you thinking
the medium regular when you know the thin one, the revised you ve been revised when you have this super those super fat one they get from the guy behind the counter, and then you have the regular medium ones. Yet do those through the medium which is not normally in December, sunlight cool. I needed some additional proof. That's why I came home late, didn't eat ordeals eleven one meal, so I need to double upon the protein had to see progress, but can be doing that saying I'm just saying I am vignette, and also let's face it. When you get done, you still bodies, I even with closed those rabbis new. I can see Wait. Don't were to revise marbled, tasty good would prefer yeah and you can still get done. I can still get done and want to have desert. What now? What do we? Not for dessert? Could I, something that is negates my physical progress. I could- or I could do.
Mark one more step- or you are good ones, the lips guy, like you, just go for the live thing ass from a movie, you should a picked up on the epic Romagna brow imagery of you now the lives, that's frank, the tank man in what movies it kinnock Oh yeah he's talking about beer like a beer funnel wasn't gonna be fond of that right, beer fuel belong nearby, so good once it hits. The left was gonna like markets, a saint good, wanted this same thing. I understand fully Europe by in Burma, but I think that the new thing get across it. Listen we by smaller, but birds,
Well, actually, the thing over other people's houses right now, actually Elk. That's right August. I heard you know you. You know Zactly where it came from just open it up. We were there at the when the truth. Did it good good? Yes So, in the event of you not having elk Your freezer case may be from your haunt, as the case may be, or double rabbis. Let me give a moment or bison stake. Wrote you want some additional Denmark train all day long to get all the stuff at jerk off your back com. If you subscribe to it the ship Three. You can get the drinks I'll walk you all of it at vitamin shop. We appreciate those stores carrying this cause, look you may want to roll in their role in there.
Onawandah get yourself a wholly and a girl I don't really know what a hoagie was by the way that our east coasting yes, yes, there's a whole bunch of names for that particular subway sandwich subsidy sub sandwich what you know, We used to call where I'm from grinder. ensure that before all, they got rid of my wife, whose from England would call back p yeah, there's someone? once I think we're missing a poor boy, Paul boy, poor boy, that's another! So there's Newsome names out there, the other, while also also origin, USA, this American made stuff. Look, you get look. Our health is together. We know that already foreseen in the path. It's not don't complacent about stand on the path right. You look. U wife! Furs apparel goes well where close, hopefully. Well, maybe we were You say that
said, our luck, we want some iconic American made attire Denham genes boots some shirts some other leather wallets knelt disgust of what it was all made in America, is or why they served by the way. But you want that bison stake go about. The bison boots, Bulgaria, another higher made in America, Apple, leather vermes. The term supple before probably did want one time an event from two year and when you use it again right now describing some bison boots which our supper. You heard it here, but Gulf, but guess what everything made in America, from the from the materials the raw materials grown in american everything all the way up to the genes you wearing your hips, Your good twenty four hours a day because you got also cause we're turning jittery regularly turkey, rift, each you're never gonna get another kind of key again oil, so the whole
freedom is accounted for, iter seems ended its true origin with a dark, come also drachmas door? So now you want to go into straight. representing on the path towards a choice, a conscious choice to represent is their psychological, Hit that you get when you were little kid, you got new sneakers running a little bit. Faster tests were The path we put on a freak in t shirt- that's just blink- was freedom. Do we go a little bit harder in the domain? Yes, we do. Moving. That sounds like that's gonna like funnier wellbred. It's absolutely true in here's. The thing do next, the same where's, aware usher or who deal what else is dissonant because freedom law, in the mirror and either cookie see how I'm nothing that community to cookies, I'm not saying that, if you can run volume is usually we lay harder yet here earlier so now, you just in your everyday life, but your represented by the chair,
so the view slipping off the path. Even for the moment, I actually feel bad. We haven't put this word out for this is important. It s got a little. It is yes, it is true. Absolutely true, so I just sort applies like if you're, just representing in general in general, it's just that much more efficient when stain on the path, something and let's face it. You see somebody else representing your representing this region now or even stronger together together also the shore locker. There's a part of Jack was stored, part two. for sure lucky gonna new shirt every month with did you change that we're creative design, and you said something well now there actually bad ass, because the new one I just came out is in itself knew it it's got a new, scenario, the tank, is kettlebells flying off, which I noticed you did run into caterpillars kettlebells like flying through the air
I am writing this tank sort of aggressive hostile Conaway we're in a deaf cortege, your t, shirt near which are more in right now, by the way we re just dismounted, my dank and Georgia viewed ass if to machine gun through regime and the tank as I am one Abrams attained by the way, so you ever good the depiction but it looks like a comic book thing. That's what made it gets kind of adult thing Stu. I commend your your your work. There commended the m. The bad news is that was last month or this past months, shirt, The good news is when you sign up for longer. Ok, if you sign up next year, you can still get that shirt. If you want, if access to that, if you, if you signed up, but nowhere is you a juggler store Doc army on our present born. That's where you can get the stuff to represent speaking of subscription subscribe to this part, ass, don't worry about, traveling podcast grounded broadcast warrior goodbye. Gaza got asked by kids a dock alive which
it was dark alive and Austin Saturday night, Austin, Texas November twentieth through a compliment, and ask me questions or hang out or listen to me walk contract out, but also where you could broadcast. We also Jacques Underground, which again we, we have contingency plans we were recently, we were recently oh bands, shadow meta, yet Bogucharovo bent on Instagram. You know people go Y y. You can chat about that's the problem, we d No, why we have some suspicions, we're gonna talk about on the underground, I will explain the reasons why I think the shadow ban might have come. I've been unshadowed ban. Now, apparently, we have information, could of information about troopers and in what you say. We have
access somewhere, we call access emplacement, we have people, so we will, Hopefully not let that happen again, but look it can happen and four major going around in case mayhem, happens in case, we get locked down You dont control? These platforms? Are you listening this on? We do control lock onto rather com. If you want to help support us because eight dollars, NATO sense a month because we approve shit that support to have that contingency and set up. We make an extra podcast jocund around talk about other subjects. Adjacent to this one is about, come out, is all actually explaining. Why? I think I think I got shadowbanned and little behind the information, so you can check that out. If you want go to Jack on around our com. If you can't afford it, we still want. We were still likely. Were you still with us, you can afford that dominating. That's, not just email assistance at dark underground. Our common will get you access to it. We have a: u to channel.
you can subscribe to that subscribed. Origin USA Youtube For some behind the scenes, we gotta an album called psychological warfare. If you needed help in a moment of weakness and look we could make an album where you have a moment of weakness and we pre press track and its echo talking about a Rubik's Cuba for fifteen minutes with no logical meaning. I did that work, very much larger yes, but we did. We didn't do that. Maybe we'll do that as on turkish people, that people that have more time to overcome. But if you want, that sort of where viewed Mp3S you get psychological warfare I am the artists. Artists, name Don Corleone, very young folks, I Camus Dakota Merrymaking, just awesome stuff. He started distribution company by the ways that, in in Texas, I'm invest
It is beverage distribution company. He started going up proactively, delivering Jacko go. the various stores and now he's got people ordering it better. That's an anti moratorium is my its freaking critical. Meyer, do my ways: gonna make things happen, giving it up and whatever, whose There's someone in a way call I just outmaneuvered them others. Some distribution company, they didn't want to make the connection local Dakota merged in a truck making. It happen. I think you signed up forty stores right now. What would hate? hey. What's gonna hope of figured it out, make it happen. So there you he's. Also got he's. Also sellen stuff too on your wall. Footsore canvas Dark Tom go in order, something cool there books final spin Adele right now it we don't even know what it is. Novel poem. We know that brings tears to eighty two now having now cried in these lay
in public check that out Tragic tax rule mineral called Valuation Protocol, despite Greenfield Manual waiting, ok, one, two, three four get the freakin books for your kids or kids. You know. it's sort of. If you have the ability to get those books for some kid that you know and you don't you Are you not a good person? united in person You know a kid and you dont get them those books, you're not you're hurting those kids. This is a factual. So what I know I've met some really cool people. Lately I met down at the muster you due to player. He's a very accurate? I carry weight working in my back kid that I mean they're getting it. Please just helping kids worldwide. So do you do that? What did your bag carried around? Is you kidding? I can imagine that
you can influence the rest of someone's life by doing so, where the One two three making the dragons properly the best? What age group is that little kids, what he called a little like post taught but an article that light whose picture level making the dragons get your kids get kids to overcome, fear Pack worth about face rope afford to that one would honour and then, of course, trim ownership and that accordingly, your ship and we have national front Lyrism consultancy myself, my brother leaf ban. We started that now big bunch, a team play a big team of people. and what we do is all promising leadership The solution is leadership, whatever is going on in the organization, the solutions, leadership, God s own front, dot, com for details on that, so check out some of our live events. The muster feel training exercises. The battlefield next
Stores, Dallas, Texas March twenty. Fourth, twenty fifth, we got Jacques alive in Austin Saturday night, November twentieth common check it out. We have online training extremists The academy do you do, Learn any of this stuff overnight, you have to train in it like Jujitsu just like playing guitar, just like shootin basketball, you need to train continually, got extreme ownership. Dot com to get Your leadership skills, honed. If you want help service members, act and retired to families, Gostar Families, Barclays, mom, Molly
She got a charity organization if you want to donate or you want to get involved, go to America's mighty warriors dot org and if you want more of my excruciating explanations or you need more of echoes, convoluted connections, the Rubik's cubes well, I am at Jocko Willink and to all the troops out there around the world standing watching keeping us safe. You for your service and sacrifice into our police law enforcement. Firefighters, paramedics empty. dispatchers Correctional officers, border patrols, secret service and all first responders. Thank you for your son I was here at home to keep a safe and everyone else out there. Maybe ask yourself that question if you are possibly incompetent and I hope you're not, but how do you avoid being incompetent number one lesson from this book
something that we talk about all the time. Be humble, listen, don't think you know everything, because you don't be humble, keep an open mind. The thing that traps your mind, the thing that traps your mind is your mind. So pride open, keep it open and go get after it and until next time, Zayigo and Jacko out.
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