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309: There's Always Room for Improvement. There's Always More To Learn. With JP Dinnell

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This is joggled podcast number three o nine with ECHO Charles and me Jackal willing good evening Erica also joining us an eye J, p d, now greening J P good eating. So I am very lucky in my career, very lucky my career and was able You learn a lot from the notary. And a lot of what the military taught me. I was able to learn because I was able to teach us put in positions in literary where your teaching which is an awesome way to learn, and it starts in a sealed him, such really young, by the time. You overseas, you can be teaching unity. in sum, nation person now MA Oxman shipper map encompassed or whatever, and so you just kind of learning how to teach, but then, when I really
realize the power of teaching and learning. At the same time, was when I was in training, sell us your team one when I got into training. Zella Jilting wants on three deployments: three workshops, and I went betraying shall jilting one. When I got it training out tilting one. I was single. No kid No cares voluntary for every trip that there was, which means I got to teach everything I taught every subject that could teach at all why warfare seek you be? what we used to call seek you be when I came to see you see with it all, did you see for you they would they would switch, are between seeking being seek you see in equity? leave my first book June. It was suit you see. it was there really trying too hard like hates now, seek you see, never Had we had only arise of reasons. I must I can, but we re Edison, awesome guy and we're
He had a right up like the new. and a right up there bullet points for their evaluations and he wrote com did see. Q be training about here see cubed it like who had three the power to secure peace that seek to be added every year, see Cubed, b and was totally shares a key thoughts. That's what it was called so Maybe that's why they had to seek to make up for the homes, but look I gotta teams that I got to teach mouth or We go on Mount trips, more ops, o t b. I taught a diving course. I thought a friggin awesome, diving, coarseness back in the day when the diving course was five weeks. Long and unity you'd take off your rig and climb through pie, up into the peers and staff in and go do something then come and put Rick back on site Greek on Spec Recon, so I got to teach everything was very, very lucky and that's why I felt like I
really started to learn. and the world. You'd be held a learned. So much is your detached. You are you our detached you're, not portable Junior, watching the tune. So you are detached That's when you, if you pay attention pay attention, you realize that you can see so much because your detached and there we brought it home for me and it's you know to what I lot wrote about leadership charging tactics. I kind of figured that out on oil rig. My first book about powdered attach, but then, when I realise as an instructor, oh, you can see everything. Everything everything when you're in an elevator position or when you take a step back, so that was awesome and inform Erika picked up the programme, a system to command opportune, commander task in a commander went through more workshops, more deployments. Could you need to learn, assemble thoughts in my head about how to do things About how to run missions about how to lead- and
those workers in those deployments solidified a lot of ideas in my head about combat leadership and the or I learned, as I was teaching the guys apple tunes about stuff, And then the battle Ahmadi, obviously put theories to the ultimate test and you know, were able to utilise those those principles for victory, but I'll tell you what it wasn't all I got home took over naval spent. or for group on trade at that's when the leadership principles that we talk about all the time. That's when they not really crystallized, because at that time in that place, in my opinion, I think that was the best leadership laboratory and instructional facility.
as ever existed in the world and look. I know that is a crazy, crazy, big statement to make attacker, but the What we were able to do at that time book get a huge budget The war was in full swing because deployment because of art com experience and task in a browser bean and sustained urban combat man. I will given like the widest possible boundaries, to push the oblong and do whatever we kind of one to do That's what we ended up with and look the training that we went through when we were Asking the browser, the trade that the country that posed to turning was also awesome is what not like it was like this revolutionary change, but we look it, we did take it even further. We took an end.
That training. You know one. When I had Roger had not. We came back from Vietnam. Still do stuff. So it's I'm not sitting here saying that that this training at that time was better than anything else in its cause of us What I'm saying is true that the training that you get to do is awesome, and We were in that lucky moment in time, because of the way the free in planets aligned. It just was epic, it was epic. So what we want we end up with is that we have- We have multiple arenas. Malta, arenas of leadership challenges to test. and train leadership capability. they're all different arenas. You know too that the two that I want to talk about the most because they probably had the most power was the land warfare, arena and and the mouth or south arena, and this is another thing that they changed. Some point used to be Mount when I was younger, which was built
the operations urban train, and then it got changed to South which a special operations urban combat, but we want to call it the to these two Irina, that we were allowed to run these training missions and we had the opportunity to put platoon after platoon after platoon after platoon through complex dynamic, react Give intense, realistic, high pressure scenarios where the difference B we'd success and failure came down to one thing and one thing only it on, came down to one thing, and that was leadership that those we It was one hundred percent leadership ever if it a tune or a task unit was successful. I was present leadership and if the petitioner task failed? It was because leadership because there some Constance, there's some variables in some Constance. The Constance are look
We mean stressful situation. There's gonna be a complex mission, it's going be a opposing force, so the bad guys are going. Hi, we capable there also going to be tightly controlled most of the time sometimes subsidies. My brother we get a lot ahead, but most of them its tightly controlled and then you have a platoon or to pull tunes of seals. Now some but I think, while you know can be a variation in the seal opportunity and that is there is going to be, Some level of variation of the skills in a sealed platoon, but overall, the variation of the troops of the fourteen or sixteen voters in that platoon overall, when you combine altogether you you're so smart guys. You can have some gum
you're gonna have to mortgage now some new guide. You can have some aggressive god. You can have some passive guys. You can have all these difficult, big or small, as you have all these difficulties in you take them altogether and you mix them up and that platoon is gonna fall within the margin of error of normalcy. Opportune, that's what's gonna happen. Seals common, all, different shapes and sizes just the outline net outcome that you get when you put him altogether is a seal, platoon and they're all kind of pretty much the same thing they look there's a variant. I guess it there's a variant. but they're not theirs. Not one platoon, that's filled with idiots. It just doesn't exist. There's not one platoon its filled with tall everyone's stud. It doesn't exist. Kazan. We get big mistake, platoon occasionally in somebody imploding. Sometimes it is good because again you got the mixture, but what would happen when a stack balloons, However, the leader was the leader contain those egos that protein can be great if he couldn't boot fall apart, so because the
tune is kind of the same functional thing: within a margin of error. The only differ, between success and failure, ends up being the double the the platoon leadership, and it doesn't really even matter where that platoon leadership, is coming from, doesn't really matter. It took me a problem we took me. one month to figure this out took me one providing care who the leader was unaware of what was the chief on a careful obtain commander carefully if it was the leading petty officer of the Putin adding chemicals that e five, three five- that we're just awesome and they could make- should happen that debts but leadership opportune that they can win all day. So you talked about when you're running trading it you get, Martin, really not care where that leaves you came from or we you are in your first. What do I would say. no one I was when I took over trade at I was watching.
I thought hey here's the job with. Oh, I see here's the job for the potential. Here's the job the system, platoon commuter, here's the job for the appeal, these roles are, but I wrote those roles and responsibilities out and The people in issued him to people, they were like. Ok, this is cool but then you realize you'd have a platoon chief that did not use don't Oh you haven't. Oh, I see that did naughty with don't answer couldn't handle that job whatever that job was but if you had a horrible but to achieve, but the LP. was a bad asked, boredom, really matter that I would just cover for an end and make it happen, and maybe the Maybe the chief is good at admin, and so, it's kind of a web mannahatta gear, the paperwork career. You know you gonna, do you think I mean it's not. Like Leaf ban, was relying heavily on Tonia Friday to handle the paperwork for hate right. I bet you totally did the how to turn on the computer right, because that's What is skills that was, and it didn't matter one bit layoffs doing paperwork, his junior, also doing paperwork Tony's.
run in tactics like Tony should be run tax, but that can swap yes that concern you can end up with a plan commander who just herbs stud and has a good comprehension of tactics, and platoon chief that doesnt work get it he's a good guy but he's not gonna, add much from the tackle front. But so that's what it boils down to. I didn't it took me about a month ago, Lugano care as long as we have leaders near I'm happy and so going through this training, the train that we had not only identified who the leaders were and then what their shortfalls were, but most important it allowed us the opportunity to teach them how to eat That that was the most important thing was that it allowed us the opportunity. To teach them how to lead and and the lessons that you get learned in these dynamic environments when you feel them you're her that,
had. He who suffers remembers guess it's. I think I think I quite frankly got that enough. Virgin cookie at some point, my life onawandah set, tell you I gotta from Sun Tzu or Lusatia, I'm pretty sure it also Summa Bible, verses round. That is well, but ok, yeah and get it from any those ice think I legitimately got it from a fortune cookies. He who suffers remembers and that kind of what happens you go through is training and it's hard not so much like Oh, it's physically hard, but all the son you look around in everyone's. No, what's happening anymore. I'm supposed to be in charge of this. I'm horrible and you don't want to make this mistake again and and that's what's incredibly important. one of the key components of this training. All of it. It was there's three major components to it. It was I'm pulling, it was humbling and it was Humphrey. and, if you couldn't, if you couldn't, if you approach that training,
humble way, the guys we're just u awesome and we had freakin studs, just total studs legendary seals come through. That training, legendary bad ass eels, company that training and totally humble and be like the up. We screwed up just be awesome and they would turn nipple tune around and just kick ass any would be unbelievable. and then you have other guys come through whether they had a lot of experience or not or whatever their background was where they didn't have any humility, any would just eat them alive, it would be horrible to watch and you couldn't really help was painful. It was painful but having this training and running this training and seeing that the the law digital transformation of mines to see. You could see it's a lights which sometimes delights, which are some guys some guys little bit more, like a demo switch, it's gettin turned on
to see them. Go from not understanding how to lead to fully being capable of how to lead was incorrect and we would see it because in the b getting of let's say, that the field training exercise time of land warfare or of urban training first couple days, notes for five days. Maybe sixty of training the first few days the platoon is getting annihilated annihilated and as the start to learn the lessons as they start to implement the lessons. All of a sudden you fast forward to the last day and the the opposing forced the bad guys can't get anything done there, get lock down there getting shot, they're getting pinned down there get maneuvered on, because the leaders learned how to lead and that's why you know. Eventually we took this this training and wanted to duplicate, for the business world, so we can get same tools
help, organisations in and help leaders The lead, which is the most important skilled world bar none, but J p. You ended up taken a European Europe coming over here, we're getting to that. But let's talk about you came home from the pointed to remedy and immediately went to buds for a short glorious and Craig to talk. I don't know it just feels that it's actually kind of photos talking to a couple young, a team guys the other day and I was explaining to them that when you home you when they were like asking about you- and I say, do you know when he came home? He he went to buds and and lack who, and I go. Oh it was hidden lad was so bad. I just it's embarrassing, really embarrassing, because we just came back from remedy and
You know I'm I'm looking at all these guys going through training, compare them to MIKE. You mark and Ryan and We and all the guys in our task unit that were injured right and that maiden the fight and we had two guys gave wounded on that important that state on the appointment. Then those Marines and the soldiers that we worked with me the bravest humans we ve never been alongside, and I'm I'm. Mad that I'm not overseas, because I wanted to still be over there and I got pulled from my. Tune, and that was what was the worst part is because I had shorter surgery in put some temporary nerve damage where I would just drop something he can't be an unacceptable to when that happens, and so I get bored from the voting. What face did they put you in indoor? before they start first fast so how old were you like? Twenty three, I was still twitter,
yeah. I remember yeah I was as twenty three when I was at buds now. I'm sorry, as I turned twenty four Then I went there because I had the surgery and we had a little more time. He asked I mean not mine, show me come out at Normandy and then we started the work up. I was I went to you know I was going to school with start the workout and had to have surgery issues with the surgery out there. I was still at team three for a while, and like a stone, was my task in a commander, and I may I was just super fired up I was so excited about it. I think we knew we're going. We gonna sawdust solder city at the time, and so they will. I get bored, I gotta buds. And I am just an absolute train wreck there- I'm comparing all like us at all these guys to mark a mighty and Ryan, coffee and my rights are what we are supposed to be doing it in dark years puzzle,
pitying, I'm a kind of like your preparing them for first phase right, so you're not supposed to be beating the shit out of no. I gotta comprehend that well, when I put aside- and they said, hey, J P, this isn't first phase you're not supposed to have this many guys quit yeah. I was how long did you last? They won that long, wasn't long, thank God, my for the commission de I mean so like that load, you Bowser February, torture, students think about this. Do so, would you get this leadership laboratory than we had yet where what we figured out was what exactly? What where do apply pressure, where the rules pressure on these leaders to fall them to start to. understand how to lead and how it didn't, understand how they were gonna break. But I was thinking about if you're a buds instructor, what you learn is how to get
people's heads and apply. sure to make them break yeah. Yet so one of the arguments to examples of some stuff like one those product the worse than I did The deafening should know their statute of limitations on the stuff. We clear measures. Sure leadership knew about this. Eventually, it was at the end of the day. And they were leaving the ball deck and all the other instructors had gone and items a great deal at the earliest polygon structures. As by myself, there's a lot of other stuff that was going on in my life, so I literally had no life outside of this, so I don't have to go back home. I actually got a room at the barracks, so I didn't even have to leave. I was a sleeping in the barracks there like just making these students life absolute hell, I'm out
It wasn't cool whereas doing like. I know that I'm very polish attic, I feel really bad now that I'm order no more mature, but I want one took like they were trying to pull back and someone did something stupid. Maggie are based student, saying like it should have been like twenty push. Ups, her y'all make them. I jump in the pool with a gear and come back out and go, but I was like nope. I brought them down to the pool deck fight, so you know the observation like deck down below aware underwater yeah you're under the polio underwater and you can see the poor can see. The pool ran his dark down there and nobody knows there and nobody can hear that you're down there. So I brought down there and close the gate. The compound tore it looked like everybody was gone and beat them down their fur over an hour, not just like just doing different father cakes like the. valley, backseat draws Rowan's, I mean, but it back. I can really only a guy with the daily back ripped off she, I just I just can't against,
containers continue going through it. Who is the happened? And at another time I was walking by the barracks and looked one, the windows of the barracks, and there was a knock them cool climbed in their window in the room was John, was such an open up the fridge and there's like two eighty packs, a beer like ok, so I emptied every beer into the room and then went round the classic. He brought, though I see I see in there and the kids are in there were under age. Oh I like how he has one handlers but I wasn't gonna try to get these kids in trouble for underage drinking does not can be hypocrite when I went through buzz eighteen guess what I would do and weakens I would you have some beers, my friends. I know what happens and if you drink under age, I know you know, condemning this, but if you're triangle in zeal, teams and you're happy, dear enraged like for me, that's not something. I call we can't trust. I gag
in our expression, our community. I know it's not right. I'm not saying it's right here. Well, you and now it is now able to hear your dog yeah. You done a hundred percent and zero words is an actual real thing now, and so there isn't. I wasn't I wasn't LISA least stable, after you know that I'm not gonna ruin somebody's career over this. That now that's not fair. I haven't brother. My brother was in a school with a contract to go to bed. he would have been much formats classes behind me. And he was training in a school got injured answered. You got rolled back where he couldn't class up had surgery came back most kids and school right. They go off base that he has some drinks, he came back came back, they had been drinking, turns out
like Mozilla Susie under age. I use enrages eighteen at the time and he got in trouble and there I q, whose with you drinking his I may as well, Who was with you? He wasn't. I say they use around on the guys at all. I didn't know about this until recently and tell a guy who was in the teams at a different command running train. The reason why I'm still in the navy in here is because of your brother, I'm like what does yeah your brother covered for all of us. My brother didn't like was like nope. It's just me, smile brilliant up, getting admin stepped out of the Navy for underage drinking and loss of contracting to buds and everything So I knew tat happened to Corey enquiries of Frankenstein. You memories super small he's ones Mars, guys. I know he's he was physical I'd stories anxious. I'm gonna be there was India. So I gave I see I see an option and we secured for the weekend and it was just uniform inspections.
bout every ninety minutes and on the other, everything I didn't know it and tell. I came to check out mustard you're one with your met, Jamie Cochrane, anxious I gave you my my husband. Here's, the teams on issues exams, flannels like how now no fun. and die then later on, I see a Mamma. What's a brown who gives an umbrella hug in recent years and now I've Jamie shut. You know each other and he goes yes, sir. You know my cochrane, that's how we knew each other I didn't know, and four entails Jamie he's like yeah. Jape, he's a reason why MR wedding? What we can then I secured them here, Oh I see he didn't. Me. He was supposed to be flying up to Seattle to have a human Jamie got married. But then there have a big ceremonial, artificial recited, the official of another. Do an artificial Duna Party from the family. Was I secured,
We also hear missed out on this, and also like this is greatest my first introduction to Jamie five years ago, we ourselves- the one thousand instructor a buzz. I was I was there. But when I went through- what some of the instructors seduce and those instructors were, evil evil, yadda yadda, you know about the with the red circle round the red circle and die phase where you'd have to bear crawl with all your gear, on until there's blood in a circle, from guys like hands and feet yet wrong. just crazy stuff, like now there I'd be surprised if some of that stuff still went on will they have no other way say they are not always as there should be. Other ways too, then the herd and hold that there's that training is freakin hard right now, Oh yeah, like it's, it's probably harder guarantee, partly harder injustice, different way, though order there not like? Like I mean I had instructor that got in trouble because he would
has the sharpness of the knives by cutting people's freakin palms right, like that's what is happening, that's crazy. He got trouble for it We had an instructor that gotten trouble because we had to do pushups on the back of our hands with twin seventy two. Honor Basque, lessen the I mean you're, disparate. How hey? Why don't you Why just hit people's freakin hand with alpine hammerheads his collar good went. I came back to the court, I guess it. I lived on base and then I had a room. I live, dared Benson, whose motto Moreover, since like we check in, together gather just really another. Another good team from Northern California had an awesome house. We lit, I lived there. But I was so obsessed when I was a buzz instructor and I live on basic aside their room, the barracks and I will stay there and I caught a guy. The quarter, deck watch asleep and I just be his boots off man for actors
or straight and then I made him called. Oh, I see who lived down an ivy he had to get dressed. He came in Brazil appeal. So he calls him. He was out of town as well and I always used to be session until all of them. I got there and I explained what happens when guys fall asleep on watch overseas, and I told him about the stories that we'd hear about Marines being murdered, because somebody fell asleep when they're in in a building, right or soldiers. That same thing happened to me is the same thing that we would about one we're in Almaty, we weren't gonna? Let anybody else be in charge of Saint Watch unless you are a team that, because we knew we like working with iraqi soldiers, Mackay use and watch. Ok, She's gonna fall asleep, like leaning on his right toll on the trigger, like it's crazy, so yeah. I was, as it has round rotate. What was straw that broke the camel's back, that what was
was there anything specific happened, whether like I we gotta get this guy out here. It was Cosette like I didn't problem is, as I remember I, I don't think I called you sit together. They were like a basically. He can't get your boy amateurs iron prostrate ray. I was ass like really trying to do. I was temporarily assigned duty to the command, so I was getting ready to. Actually, I was probably get in trouble because I I didn't want the horrible things like I didn't respect the chief that was in charge of the train he's a piece of shit team guy. He just didn't represent the teams in well in anything with his life, his reputation. The teams who set the hour were instructors at a buds- and he is grossly overweight, Anderson and it wasn't because of an injury there are some guys have injuries that go there. That's what they know. It was his actual lack of discipline. Just it was I had zero respect for him,
he was the one that was I pour me aside and trying to like hey, you shouldn't be doing this you're goin harder. guess- I'm like ok, we'll Roger that you let that that feeling of This is the same type of feeling that I would have so when we'd be out at Mount or something like this When I was wrong in it- and I did like a guy standing in the middle of the street, and I would get like a knot in my stomach out, I would start to sweat I would get so how so emotional about like hey this guy's gonna give Fuckin killed the end and I can't imagine like here you are- you're having the same problem, but all this guy's fallen asleep or watch. This is a night. I can't allow this guy in the teens like that level of commitment, and emotional commitment to wanting to make sure that the guys are going to make it to the teams are the best freakin guys, and that was me. I was trying to make sure that these guys were ready anyway
a very. It was an emotional think. It was an emotional thing yeah I was a hundred percent. I like at my miners of the time, would was falling apart, and I was okay with that, because I was more concerned about the teams and in hindsight, like okay cool, she was a good person. We weren't good together, like I'm, very thankful that that didn't work out because of my family that have now I'm very thankful, but I was soldiers in the two like that's all. That was the teams, the teams, the teams- and I I just I was like you just said I was just emotionally involved and connected time as our guys and I put through training, they come back their train later on, like the training we ran in the nice humanely genes and Malta, hey man, I'm sorry there I'd bro, you cared about the teams like we're with to it's funny, because the Gaza needs through training that turned out to be good team, guys it by
but none of them not one of those guys ever. I gather cast off their dislike pro you're in the game like you just came back from it, so they they understood it and what you just said is that the leadership that's right! You're! So emotionally invested in getting these guys trained in developed, and when you took over training, you saw the void of the leadership training our time drugs are ridiculous amount of money and the highly, We train that we have with incomes who, although like the tactical stuff that we do is, is all can we make it better all the time? Yes, we're we're always trying to make a better, but we actually didn't have any actual leadership development, and it showed in all other areas of the team, and I now have talked with you a lot about this is, was very aware that was young and immature, I'm not gonna be a good leader. I knew that and I wanted I trade, that leadership, development and training
saudi outside military, like I was reading business books and personal development books, because I knew I just needed that and the teams didn't have that and tell you. I was out of Christ. You didn't go to like leadership, training until you're in IE, seven, eighty, nine amateurs they need as an e three, four or five or six were there's a large ports of our community is out that rank. and they have a large amount of interaction with other forces out there. They need professional development and leadership development and it was until you took over trade that we didn't have yeah that it was really strange the way the teams used to be an you. It was all a jetty and you're gonna learn. You learned your leadership skills from whoever your chief was, whoever Europe commander was you know, you're putting canaries, probably to learn from his chief, but which is awesome if you have an awesome chief If you don't have an awesome chief, the? U dont and in some you'd, get it like a platoon chief common through our training, and
He'd have issues and you'd could pull them. red and see like who he did his Lp O four, who he'd you can kind of figure out. What is background was because you just get the stuff the people that just really the best leaders they were. You know people are. through their rank or people had didn't Anderson. And tactics, and so you end up with had a very wide. Variety of a white. Fan of skills that these leaders had and there was no one. There was no one teaching on our here's the here's, what you so what put together that freedom, leadership brief? It was like ok, it was I was very lucky to be able to do that and that's what now that's what cool. That was awesome for me, and you know it's funny, because I never said to like I never
at the leaf or to staff like hey. Here's the furlongs come out and say that we do the Isaac hate Dude, you ain't, you need, if you put your machine guns out of you, gonna cross road. Why you cover for that? Many cover. Ok, that's gotta! Move like do your planet frickin way crazy complicate so do those guys got it over time? You know just through repetitive interaction. Of Saint. Do what are you trying to get headcount right now If we can get shot, I would you do it like you still We wrote Roger Veto like no handle that shit and so on Those I had a bunch of things in my head, but when I got to try That's an old like. Oh, I well that was that was the huge eye opener for me. I had left sat and the officers and be able to say hey what can do adoration again we're gonna, be here for a month at land warfare, I'm gonna to teach you this little things make little adjustments, but when I took over right at it was an amnesty putting for a week here and a weak there in a week there and I need to dump,
Them all this information as quickly as I can in a they can understand. It does so that's why the very first thing that I went. The very first trading evolution I went on, went back and wrote most warlike, combat, because we wanted eggs that we talk about and we teach echelon front is when you put somebody in charge of training or in charge of just anything. It changes the way they think it So you had been thinking this way for your whole career, but it and until you are in charge of trade it that you are actually more mindful of O. yeah. Then you decide you thought about. It is it's one of the things that we do. Obviously the fuel transactions exercises is ever when gets rotated through different positions of leadership, but you started really implementing it. At trade at work, or actually know, I'm sorry in our time, SK unit were ever
but he was going to be in charge of something oh yeah and if a k, pickles guarantor, you're the Joshua Manner for this right, what J p you're gonna be? There can continue water, but once we're in those positions of leadership is forced us to think differently now and then, once we have that new young thought process, it changed the way we operate going. Foreign. That's why training is critical to success. Here. Has thinking if you are right or not and a right, because I think it if I would just on another task unit, I would have done this exact same thing. You I wouldn't have. I would have tried. The guy's the same way, and it would have train the guy's through more of an indirect method of like hey. Let's do that again level. You need to make sure your covering hey, make that's a little, because I would have done it the same way. I did it with way and soften the rest. The guys like pay this way, learn over the next year,
I would have said of the stuff needed, be distilled down. Here's away it's gonna be, and I need a kind of get this formula that who can utilise immediately? I wanna done if it wasn't, if I hadn't been put in training, so yeah you're, right, you're, right. I think I do. Whatever I heard like a little rumour, whatever out an who called me, but someone will you know? Basically, like Carl Troutman was getting the call. My cutie accompanies your boy to give the reference hope. People understand what you talk tomorrow: Rambo Rambo out menu, do rainbows out in the woods You know killing civilians killed friendly civilians around over these rights, but he's out there doing that, and they have to go. Get or girl. Trautmann shows up to get him out and freakin get him back under control I got some kind of a collar dat forty because Everybody knew one hunt
percent that I was one hundred percent going to absolutely take you read you she'll do ignores, can be no beef about this whatsoever. No one even made like any reference to anything other than this. Is one hundred percent gonna go Jacko. You know, J P not really fit me here to catch your boy, all good. It was like a disguise known, even known, even would say a negative thing about you. They were just say it like: hey you you might, he might the little better if he goes back work yet I'm like Jack, I don't know who was, I want to say to you that was no longer, but I feel, like you see, I dont like some might have been body. So body was there. because that's enough with me- and he actually only I was probably him. So he put me to say a few times and I have always had to
this amount of respect for him. There is awesome. Yeah he's stud guy always looked up to in a few times. I keep on his side. I was just like so wound type. but this shitty she That was in charge of us just completely like even bodies. I can arrange back, ok, yeah and then this guy Nope gotta go harder and tell em might have. I don't know. I don't know what he might reach out to sea Z got a hold of you either way it was. I was probably get in trouble. they're. Like oh he's too. Eighty he's allworthy attack. Oh, he stopped him three, but you can't go about their jobs. Bring him to trade. At that moment I went there is that data I've been there I went on talking. You you entered at you and I just made a few guys and it was as if this were in vain. I stole a noble given saw them There is, I was excited to be their fulfilled, be there, but I didn't fully
ass, we had better. Do you still want to be oversees? The shooting people, which is a big, gaping hole in your heart when you're, not overseas shooting people and instead you're back in America, which is boring and miserable, and you don't wanna, be doing that whether it was instructing in dachshunds or trade yeah, but yeah we decide to make a connection between. You know you bein outrage at and by the way, make sure guys the best trained in the world. You and that's the conversation we add, and then you right. You weren't you I didn't south? Did you read into south? Yes, perhaps Sal can seek. You see I was running out in in both and then South is one thing I was there for a year and then I became the appeal, So, let's talk a little bit about south were
interesting? So this is again. This is urban training that we have a few. urban training sites it we would use, we would say, They were very realistic, very realistic training we had sat does Minors come out to design things to make him look like they were little villages in Iraq or Afghanistan. We would have speakers with noise simulations coming over em. I remember we had we'd set Burnham. Set tyres on fire and because I remember the first time I went into remedy at night. The move It set fires, said Tarzan, final, replaced, wholly screwing up your night vision, and I was like damn these. These deeds are next level too smart and I say, ok and sure enough, we would have- fires. Goin we'd. Have the noise simulators going? Are you here like urban noises and then you do? We then comes the called a prayer and
it's very realistic when I would put down my neck, odds because I'm an instructor whatever I'm in mind, struck remote when I would put down my nods and start walking. I would one hundred percent feel like oversee out. I was in Iraq, so the realism is legit totally legit The interesting thing is that common into training, we, tell them actually what they needed to do to win and this is what this is- why this what's interesting so going to secrecy. When I go on wants, did you see you have some instructors? I would like to talk a lot. and you'd have another instructor that or another group of workers when they do a little bit more action. A little less talk, little more do and you take. Two groups like that we want platoon with a talking in structure and one platoon with that action instructor until the talking instructor
he said in their talents stories and talking about this and given all the details and talk and food again and hey watch this in watch me do this and let me explain to you this and talk and talk and talk and talk, and then there be another guy, the gay here's, the basic aims to find out. I start doing it and almost. Well, it's guaranteed that the platoon that started doing it is gonna, learn it quicker the pollution just gets to hear about it. It's not owing to its not going and now look you need some level of instruction. Somebody needs to tell you like. This is what we're doing. This is how we do it. You get go blind. Obviously, but it's interesting is we would tell the guy's hey here's what you need to do to win cover, move simple, prioritizing, execute decentralized meant. You needed that if you dont cover move out here, you gonna get shot up If you dont have a simple plan, it's gonna be insane in work a bunch of problems. You need to prioritize next, you by the way,
You need a: u decentralize command, because things are happening, that not one person can control you need to detach, take a step back like we would tell them these things. We would tell them, but, they would understand it. But then you gotta go and do it. You gotta go in poop, get put in to those situations. I'm I'm just writing so much down like this talking, how does one had all these points, but what you just talking about goes. with a remember when I was at trade at one of my chief told me as an structures I hate. We have to teach you guys how to think now, what to think, because battlefield is very dynamic and these guys need to go to think on their own. And it wasn't until we actually had them out there doing it. It doesn't You can give a scenario all day long. You can tell stories but in tell somebody is actually put your hands on it. It doesn't matter
I teach shooting on the side. I can talk about it all day long, but tell I have somebody actually load. Rounds into a magazine and then lock in this light to the rear and big o thou little but yeah. That's how you locked the slide the rear, and I can what about all day long, but if they ve never done it somebody fumble over the most basic thing that I think is just the most dangerous thing ever, but if they never shop of war Ruby deal lock inside the rear, putting a loaded magazine into a gun, releasing the slide make sure rounds chambered. These are things that you and I do without even thinking no thought. What's or no thought was a, I can the psycho forwarding Novi round his chamber it or not it was our magazine. Seated, all the way was not did around our your chamber and I've done form like there's nothin in there, and I checked, the magazine was informed seated
gently up no round in there, because we ve done it hundreds of thousands of times. So it has never done it. They actually have to do it before they can feel it and when people feel it, then that's what that's. When it comes home. Like you're saying early like when you, when you make a mistaken, you feel that mistake when, the whole thing about their tax programmers I've been able to build a team known code. You ve been on full time with us for cheese. Almost over three years. Now he's got Carlos Mendez on on board full time work. All these guys have on the team. Restarting your car Danny and we you, what we teach right, and so now My team is doing all the classes of the interest in the morning, so I can be detached list and observe I come in I point when I need omen once things Carlos all says that I always said
Cody always says it. You guys, I says hey when you make a mistake where it cost you something you feel that and you remember it and it just that's. The power of training is when you can feel a mistake. You'll remember that mistake there. something when you said you gotta. Do it right get so strange. The x periods that you can watch people have as they get wrapped up in absorbing overwhelmed by the mayhem. and this happens when you run your half the, when I'm out I watch people go insane there too. lead their having an out of body. Experience like an out of mind experience. It crazy to watch and sometimes they don't even understand it, are our memories for start getting video cameras and we started video.
owing training. This was like the first time I would say I video training was maybe in the late nineteenth nineties: hey, let's watch our room entries and see what they look like. An occasion you get a guy. That would just do something so insane and they wouldn't even understand that they had done it They wouldn't understand that they done it and you'd have to say, look at the video watch. Watch what you just did with. Ok, you I doubt that rule? Are you back out of? Nowhere? Are you ok, What's this there, you are literally backing out of the rough right, you didn't even understand that you did it at member I used to have my little audio yelling require site Gary little audio voice, recorder, ECHO Charles and the reason, because at during these nighttime after axes, there's all this stuff happening and you can't write notes. So I would just most time. I just be sent out a political, like over there that guy's left by himself that this gonna go back. I would be
make a myself when I come back and be like hey, you has left, I gotta flank, that's how we got left behind, so I would make I was myself, but then sometimes I would use it to capture the audio of what was actually occurring of people. Do in their minds of people yelling screaming, giving crazy orders not undersea like I would accord, conversations that were mutually unintelligible between two people were to be bore talking to each other, and neither one of them it may you can play it been. It would be a senseless conversation. I made no sense whatsoever there talking about two totally different things like one as we needed back over there and other guys like yeah. We do, but one person is talking back over there behind a building others pesticide about back over their across the street. They talk about totally different things and you I recorded an end in play back for them, and they realize how absorbed and how you get into this mode. Where- world is shrinking you're you're getting it fixation. Europe is the op
of detachment, you're doing the opposite thing, you're, just getting fixated on! Watch, writing funny you and be a total disaster, but that's good, his made here that video here that audio and you see the look on her face like damn ice suck. I suck I sounded like an idiot. I sounded like a complete idiot and then- That would be a way to kind of our track. The eagle Open the rack the mind open and for them to be like dude. What are you saying I need to do? He appears what You, do take a step back May when the star stores get crazy when people start yeah and if you re Ellen, you're, the platoon com if your young and screaming this is a good indication. So as soon as you start raise your voice. Think yourself! Why am I raised my pleasure now? What What is happening? I'm not saying you never have to raise your voice cousin Aren't you do? Sometimes you got it. You gotta get control things, but if that's what's happening, you know something's wrong, so guys we're
That would start to kind of get their minds open, sometimes where they were to realize, like oh, I'm, not as as I thought I was, and I just how to freaking out of body experience, and I think I might be an idiot without that's what makes the feel training exercise harder, umbrella rush on front. That's what makes it the most impact for former training that we have an actual on track, because you're feeling, like you said that late. This isn't just me saying it's my my programme right. It's. because it's the truth, like you actually feel you come back from IRAN and your humble and you're sitting there and the first thing. We do. Is we debrief that run are what was your key take ways and wrong There are clear: remember we don't care about the tactics where I hear
you tactics and if you're so come were supposed to come up with a eastside doesn't matter, would it what you're take way that applies to business or your personal life? And so people are. You said that you just cracked it open they. feel that its humbling we had a guy here talking about like people to sing crazy stuff. That we ve heard this one multiple times or black squad, one line upon the left squad to light upon the left. The you look around and there was nobody movie made whore who has said that we were run and one a few weeks ago, a mesh again and it mercenaries were knocking given out anyway. It's stresses, nation and also a week. We change something on them. Deprived rising, execute run and the guys in there and they come of the plan, and somebody asked Chinese! I is the plan, They came up with we're. Gonna do it. He was quoting as if it was somebody else's plan
but it was his plan a he just came. That is how much you go, but he saw Angel whelmed and I remember I was watching him and he like just robs the laser tiger to cite his hands hand, suicide and takes a step back and looked around and goes. We're gonna do their plan. Oh I'm rightness one down here. and then I heard that Jason Gardener story. Jason gardener, they get done there at sea. You see there like out outright here, so count just in our little kill house, they do a run. and their standing around debriefing one of the officers racks off around as their stating their debriefing goes between like a guy's legs and got the guy ex up. Then he hid hydrants. He was D cocking, it meaning he's talking about himself and murderers and as if this were the exact same thing they're like here when you start for into what because if someone else in a bag
way. This is not Good side, stole your your voice recorder trick for when I got out ass, doing sales Abbe driving, me. I was sort of cold calling and then I just gotta appointments and more efficient on the road, but I will try to hit as many people as a day and I get down on the runway to take notes on the conversation I just had. So I could follow up with right contract and unearthing also that, but I also couldn't sit in a parking lot for fifteen twenty minutes. I had other client. I had that anxiety that I need to go, go go. Why was also commission, based only so I needed to get out there, and so I bought a recorder and I get done with the meeting as soon as I walked out of their doors to my rental car. I'd start debriefing myself on that meeting as I'm driving the next one stop and then I would do that and then at the end of the night I would listen to all those notes that I had for each one
generate the emails contracts. Whatever groups are now knows and asked all that for me from trade, I guess it was efficient. I have some of those records I sent. I sent a group text with some of the escalating some some team guy costing that you so Call me debriefing nigh, wasn't me wasn't dosing. I do have some of those things to still some of them out in a field like like a what's going on right now, I have no idea that we're all gonna die so some of the problems that we throw at the teams obviously given him down. Man was was a big one. had given them civilians to deal with putting them in an ideal failed. We will build little simulated ideas, so things are blowing up kind. It they would and up with split forces for whatever reason whether we set up a target where it made sense for them to split forces or We would just drive some situation that would make them, but their forces give em tardy
and then change the targets of the got like updating Intel at so that a bunch of problems right there. And we haven't even mention that there could be an enemy shooting at you write. So those problems down man, civilians, Idee field, split for the changing targets. You haven't even encountered the enemy s right. So you know it's gonna, get wild and then once we started bringing the enemy on and that's when you start to get into you know, barricaded shooters and you're. Taking me of casualties and how hostage situations. No, we would capture that so one of the seals we get left behind would capture him. I mean I to give seventy two our liberty, if you could get a c o j, I do like our boys, you bring me back, a body to bring back alive. One you got. Seventy two, our liberty abroad brought you back a few and one of the time to actually took the guy's cameras and gear off oh yeah, and then put all their close back on and then joined back in.
The group and restarting murdering everyone's inside a gardener. One of their Hungary's drove all came back was like shoot them with their own city. Calendar cook was our guide daylight hours, wherein the kitten families and it'll. I look like. I want those guys you of that That's the kind of may have that would go down what I didn't help when you like JP actively personal back at a shark till I get away with it and here's. Here's the deal like I said before all whose problems they can be solved and they can be solved by utilised. That was combat leadership and if a leader didn't step up and again, I don't care what leader on fears and e five I don't care. It was a new guy. If someone in the platoon didn't step up and and start to lead ever would die every day.
And that was another interesting thing that we could do sometimes is- is poor. Take up to guide me like I do used to come. Walk with me on this one and you can watch and you can see how this unfold and then you give them the ability to detach or times just while some craziness go on evocative. Ok, do camera get off your gun come over here still stepped back with and look and see. What's going on, do you see what's going on? Yes You will know what decision to make now three seconds go. You have no idea what to do cause. You were looking down a quarter point your trigger and nothing was happening everywhere stagnant. I pulled you after Warner, someone picked up security for you now you look around and it's really obvious what you need to do is yes, it is so you have to. people see and feel, like you were saying, feeling the laws but feeling it feels like to detach and then they realize ok that needs to be my protocol. that's what that's right need to focus on any proof.
And learning curve, be so fast once guys, doing this, like I said, by the end of the summer, training by the end of world war for training the petitions would be but to crush the instructors most of the time most of them, yeah. Occasionally, someone feather we'd have a failing, troop and just couldn't get it together and they would get recycled reloaded one thinks I rode down when you were first talking, then you said it again is just as a reminder when I, when I was acting as a world player, my at the beginning of like then come out there for that training. I would literally just have on a pair of gator sunglasses like, not a mass, not analysis? I wasn't really worried about being shot up too much like I just. I was wrong, confident and my abilities as an individual, because, when you're moving as an individual, if you're good at what you do, you actually have some advantages but ass a training. Would progress along the group
really starting to get it? I knew I owe this networks can be really bad for me I have a picture of me I'll, try to find it more one I didn't have a bad at forgot to grab. Balaklava are full of, and I just had Maggie some glasses and I got shot three times the face assimilation and those plastic groundwork, sticking out of my cheek and my, but that's What happened is when they would use the laws of combat. We couldn't beat them even use on because it off I appeal to the area and when you're moving as a fire team, I can do anything. I'm, acting as a sniper from a distance yeah, to have that avenge. But even then their use in the laws of combat and they they under stands situation. Then they're gonna therein, and me down there to manoeuvre me they're gonna call in their support there. They are owing to win win, they use the laws combat the same. It's the same thing for every aspect
life, I don't care. What your businesses, if you decide- do use Eliza combat you will win slim professionally, and I just remember like when guys would be progressing and training. I just knew I'm get mascot and there times that I got my aspect as a rope ladder and I loved it. Because it meant that we were doing our job harbours and admit that those guys we're going overseas and what they were, when'd you, those enemy fighters was, can be glorious and they were all gonna come up, and that was the purpose. That's why was our mission yeah yeah, it was so rewarding, get to see them start to step up and see the leader start to lead and see the e five mafia start to take control of staffing, and then it would just be mayhem and may have for the robbers you guys. be doing everything you could cheat lie. Freakin sneak,
yourselves back to life. Just do every few good and they were just kick your ass because, like you said, there's forty of and there's maybe six seven role, players and you're, just gonna get your ass kicked out. Well, what have you come against forced? That's, forty? Why should we training it against forty people will know should because, if we're not gonna go fight, a fair fight when I dunno fight forty against those forty enemy fires on covering four thousand yeah exactly and- we put them in some areas like that as well, where what what the right call would be to back off leave this building is so well defended that you just kept throwin bodies at it and throwing seals out and they keep it guilt? You ve been killed. Keeping guild now take a step back to get your J tact drop a bomb on that. Damn thing: that's one of my favorite, I wouldn't say my top ever run that we do, your transfers, programmers it doesn't matter what they do. Is they keep pushing forward there all gonna die and is not tat
get done and we in the scenario and we end it right there and we do. We do a debrief real time, so they can see it and feel it in their life, shit, yep and then it's like okay, so you have a business. You ve invested in some marketing campaign, the turn on investment? Has been zero What should we do? Go put more money into it. Ok, so we put more money into it once, return on investment now. Nothing, ok, What should we do? Well, it was I plan, I think it's great. Putting plan, let put more money into it and we can do go down that path. We don't take a step back. We let our eager driver decision making process, and we realise that everyone dies. We lose all of our money over marketing money for the year, because we are committed to a plan that didn't make sense, and so, though, the kinds of transfers of knowledge that goes from this. This thing that you feel during tax into a thing that translates
rapidly to how you're running your business. We we call that scenario murder hole and it was really cool. Ah, we did that with a group that we had gone. I mean The amount of diversity of people had come through our field tracks size programme is, is incredible, me with little scene. Every walk of life come through that training. guys on our super fired up. I mean they ve got, they got the job cut, there were in the jacket teacher when they show up. There were in the origin boots origin genes, I mean they are in origin. Dont like head to toe origin, Jacko Fuel Jocapa cast off. I mean their access to lead a hundred percent. Yes absolute, and then you have the complete opposite spectrum. It's an individual that you look at them in your like, ok, they're, not now on on the path. When it comes to their health or working out or are just you could try. In some of them. They don't want to be there there there's there because their bosses made them com. Can I do corporate and then in ones
we're doing it with his group in their these peoples? There, too, small a group of engineers and we get done with them, murder whole scenario. We stop and we too wish sovereign to show them the train and eel, and this lady eel if you were to judge, but by the cover your private, like hey, she hates. Is she I wanna be here. I got the big the day that was just probably her body language? We get there What is run, and I'm just talking through issues, can I can, I say something like absolutely sure, this represents. As she goes down this path of like something happened, she goes we work on this coding problem and action. Then, like two weeks, she sugars, seven months later, as this is that that's exactly this is what we do all the time because of our egos we get sucked in a project because of our egos. We need actually detached. It actually understand what our priorities are. She's going through ever the autism like this is awesome.
It was so cool and she just has his big smash was. This is the best type retraining I've ever been to and then you re for lunch and it was like the run run for lunch. We go back and it was for me to sit back as an instructor and and watch the guys, run the training and and have my points, and I have my points written down and then for the student going through the training to literally hit all my debrief points. Beautiful was incredible because it shows that they're actually taking on board what were what were telling them, but the reason why is because of trains humbling like you're, going to be humbled in the training? I don't care who you are you you're going to be able to that training And that's what awesome is gazettes when the learning really Sars happen, yeah, that's the first time we tried, it differs tried it after acts with civilians. Wave and
we're doing it. This is when would by echelon. Front was basically just leave me and we were we. Tried it, and you know you don't know what you know. What do you? actions, gonna, be you dont know if their people gotta make those connections as correlations between leadership. On the battlefield and leadership in everything that they're doing it was so awesome I mean you want just is that exact its aimed at restoring like? Oh, this is. What will this is? You know, ops, never support sales. This is probably due to like. Oh you dont cover move for each other. This exactly right. You are never their force and this. So you get to see these things real time and and as soon as we saw that that application and how well it correlated that was when I was superstore for you. Do you come over and with a long term goal of taking over them? program running that programme and and growing it. So talk me through talk, talk us through cow. What program. Look like right now and not not like broad programme. But let's say I got a company
I I I hear about this thing, and I want to bring my team together Am I doing what is my? I got twenty people, I got my leadership team executive leadership team. What is a program look like, so it would like a preliminary call with the Clyde to kind of figure out exactly what they want to do and Jack Daniel he's he's been doing all those calls them Fair enough taxi then does another call with them and me Jack. So asked me supporters who busier one put my k if his friend of Tax Paloma counter we're doing a call. and I guess I really want to understand what during TAT is, what are they looking to get out of it because every of tax, its customizable to your industry, your problems, what you have gone on now, as you know, the principles are universal, that's what's beautiful about this about, but we can make things to wear their different than the others, to drive home certain points to
you and your team, so we do that call, and then your now, because of covert the virtual world, like we used to Harry'Ll quick example, I'll have a car, money and their growing rapidly, and- would the younger leaders aren't stepping up and make things happened and, on a call, they'll be Look, we need to have better decentralized commander and then it's like a J p. Let's Set up some runs to make sure we really drive home. The point of necessary. It is for suborn at leadership. up that's the kind of adjustments Whitley, yet we're making. So we can drive home specific addressed specific issues that accompany has yet absolutely so what we are To do that, I put him in putting the notes in the night. we're, not the scenarios will be out a kind of change for all the different scenarios but most of time we do half day or for the club
ahead of time to make sure everyone understands the principles you know talk about. Almaty laws combat my sister victory. Do some application drills? If that's something want, if they don't, we just do a quick virtual to lead them up to it, because that's the yet gram, you're gonna love, the principles real time so, depending on the companies time end or budget some companies, they don't have to four days where they can take the fourteen other field. That's fine work, We can send over prerecorded video that everybody watches or we can do a one hour to our three hour virtual session had time to prepare them with the principles, and then we we come to them all they come to us. They can come to different locations that we have flexibility that we have. These programmes are incredible and then they actually of taxes is all the hands on application. So will sharpen the morning we'll put into their. Their squads will sign. The leadership positions will give em and Intel brief, and then they get a plan, the first mission and go out there and I think, did
skip, explain how you teach you give. You know Mary who's never handled a weapon before every day and it has never been never be handled escort gun. Before and now the sudden you're gonna have a clearing rooms, and I know when we first started actually with you. I had to be like bro. You're not going to make these kinds of seals in a two hours. They need the basic fundamentals of how to enter a room in a safe way in a systematic, they can clear. That alone is a great example of me Not ask enough questions from you and to get like your actual commanders, intent on the filtration besides programme gives you my motto. My Coloma teaching had to retire leadership, and it's really important that you're soften is like Actually I don't have to many of this because we're not here for the tactics. So yes, we start off. We
Roma hey here's. What to expect brief, like it's in Oliver no books, we buoy briefing on safety we from the fact that hey you can impose more stress upon yourself than is actually needed every kind chuckles am I just you wait and see, After first come around, there was a man I am put too much stress on myself. My weird it's like we talked about that. we we run through all this after to set the station. They know what to expect, and then we give em they're gear and so we invested into these high speed laser tax systems which, by the way as what we used in land warfare, we usually use those in our urban by land warfare in the seal teams, we used high speed laser tax system here that this thing is the civilian equivalent to yes, if we can withdraw its in Dallas a complete God thing because when we were. We ran a few have taxes, it is all it was air soft and that's cool getting shot but there's a there's, a major safety concerned with our soft and people. Listen up. There now
Can you get fog and my gravity stop training and it took away the from the purpose of the training, which was leadership in as we sail communication is what ties everything together and they couldn't promptly communicate doing air softer paper because the mask out to a team, nobody, I'm K. I know you did like some events for kids and he had laser tags. I can you gimme that guy's info so he says to me. I look up my of these. These aren't what you think for laser tax are pretty legit reach out looking like a nerve lady knollys, Non Islamic millennia on Green and which, by the way, props nerves. I've never be dark about this. Those nerve guns, the nerve, lazy, tat concept. I raised my kids with our freakin legit for teaching tactics by the way, just F. yeah just let me Robinson to introducing a gazette. Yes, how I wasn't what we needed for their future programme and we had a client that was the Tories hey. We want to do this, but we cannot
do air software paint. We cannot have any safety risk tonight. Ok to reach our team. Rybody gives me therefore look up thirty five minutes from my house from what we just moved there to Texas MIKE ok. Thank you I go meet a guy guy was a veteran export explained on what we're trying to do is like, while I'm actually changing these systems to where they live, very realistic housing. Ok, this is ass himself. We invest to him, and so we have. the gear, the sensors? And so what we do. Is we just we in the guys they given awesome class on hey here's, how use these tigers. East tigers are tools like you, have tools at work like you in ordinary, get the job done, you're too has to be used properly. So we explained to him: How do you use attackers and so, if we have somebody that super nerve, I'm I've had people say I'm not comfortable with
guns and, unlike that's good, you shouldn't be comfortable around guns. Unless you have training, that's it. That's a good feeling that you have. once you understand the use of weapons, you shouldn't be scared. If you know how to use and properly, I told the slayers like it's the same thing for these tankers, one these tankers can't hurt you, that's why we said into so, even if you actually polar trigger and has pointed out you're somebody's face, you won't hurt him later. Ok, that's cool I could choose Super one night, and so should we ve never been around a weapon or a toy at all and an arm, which, for me, is the realisation of like the things I just take for granted of just What I've been around just is not normal for most people and so that was when we really shifted over to hey. Let's make them feel as comfort was possible like if they're not yours right make sure we're not be like hey, you know, get Naunton like we would team geyser Marines does
You guys, I'm range are very good at going back by default, like hey you stupid writer. They ve never done this before so we have all the guys there and there like help and put on the sensors and hey you wanna plugging the sensor, and we go through reply. ass. We say: hey. These are your recipes for how to use them throughout the day before you, you know you, you get your intel You plan the mission you breathe. The mission you get approval, and you ve gotta go find the key guy, the key guys gonna turn. Your guns are key guys, a minimum wage employ that's only jobs, on your guns, every single time. We get that brief. Every companies like oh. We got one of those guys, it's just a minimum wage person that affects whether they can go do their job. The learning point there is: how do you treat that key guy? and we ve had everything from Hey mother fucker. You need to get guns on cause we're running late, and I was like I wonder how that works out for yeah she's. My way
show my church trends that are less and I apologise, but that's You are holding somewhat the apathetic strain like we will have that were right so we don't we get the class and then we let him have fun like I hate shoot the guns that shoot him as fast. You can here's how you reload it. We teach him how to put like a basic patrol, and I All my keg, as these are not tat. Gypsies are the basics. These are too single out column, here's how get ahead cow we give them enough tools for they cannot. go be. Success on the first copper runs based off of the level of those first couple runs. When you talked about was interesting to suggest a point out, you're talking about the amount of stress that gets created, and I just to say that a lot of times people think oh, will you these are seals. They must be talking about all this physical stress, but it's actually almost no physical stress its all. It's all meant,
stress its all the confusion, the chaos, the mayhem and that cause the physical this isn't a physical evolution. Now not isn't a fiscal evolution. There's no effect. You don't know people to sprint or wrong that that part of the embryo no running apps but we know running for informal tories, one safety, Ok, if you run you Roy ankle you're hurt yourself nutrition. had a tree want these buildings now you're done, you ve, taken away from the purpose of the train. The purpose of the training is for us work on our leadership skills for you actually go to the runs. Aus tell us or like when you run and train at when somebody would do something they're not supposed to you would say, hey, stop doing the enemies, job You get arrested, Allentown. You can't deploy you get in a fight. You break your handicap, boy, you can't run training, you can do whatever you. Dante, enemies job. So I always we tell them. To make a real. Ok, don't do that petitions job, I'm taking you
this training, you need to finish. It because it is they don't do the competitions job. I love. I love watching, the left on people's way. Posture change- and I mean we go back to that lady. She didn't a touch attacker. My just pay your ear was. Your chair was brought her chair. We have down there, but he just watched just watch the class by Tom we get over the clash comes up. Ok, do you have an extra like setup for me to my cow? We will get you taken care of and she goes over at ally. Get your size up runs through it like a real, quick with make sure you're good with it lady. Was a rock star yellow, even if you think about it from somebody? That's maybe not familiar at all with the military not familiar, nor with weapons and their just intimidated by it, and then they set off to the side and go away to second. This is legitimately, like they're playing tag Europe, but they have teams. This is a game that we're about to play and I think
play this game and we're not going to get hurt. So that's another thing: it will be. Companies will let you know. We got people that are in the best physical condition and they walk down the hallway. Then then. Do this training and what's interesting, so we're saying all this stuff. Look, you can't run you can't get her. You can't shoot. Are you you're, not gonna shoot. Somebody no gonna get injured you through all these things out. I know that my became a lame right in They are just thinking about, like chief shy, freakin pull oh yeah. The winds first a time, the only things, totally borne away of taxis, represented the leadership lessons that you learn. I we got we all kinds of it's going through, which I what I had this when I was in the military, so believe me, even though it is even though it is like. It's it's contained in its presented in a way that is very safe. And very profession professional very almost does the world
looking for us to try to the word benign It seems benign it's like always second, where it like We can't even rod and words can be moving around and these are just laser tag guns It seems super benign. You think of this sounds like it's not that big a deal at the? U go to run number three where people like I do so went out over here. We got another and after reading ok, Austria, you're, not supposed run before sprinting people going crazy people losing their minds, people giving orders that don't make any sense. All this stuff happens from a benign lie. he's or tag system. That's what happens! That's what unfolds it's crazy! I mean We ve. Actually we had a guy back multiple sclerosis To use I mean here like a cane and so We are doing the classes you sit in a chair. My guys like took care. I remember watching how my guys to caravan with I'm even having to say anything and I shocker
a little emotional watching that cuz. I was like my guys know what they get it. You don't even like Codeine, coward, taken care of this guy, and this guy had the biggest smile on his face. Cuz tryna when he showed up, I remember you pulled me aside and just like hey, I'm, probably not going to do anything and you could tell he was upset because he wanted to be a part of it. And then, when the guy retain caravan, might for him say like oh, This is cool. It's on it on to the point where our guys were. I cooperate. He can't keep up. The group is not committed to walk, we can drive amount to the play, feel so we will drive them out there. The role played by Dr Moth as a sniper and he'll be in places and was also cuz. Listen to radio and I'm here in the roll plans, go dance discussion, pick us off and he was a huge part of their training in others. One lady came through a carriage garden with my chemo, and I am now can we ought to do too much right, ok, cool would you can we positions for you. You can show me in act as the ground.
Course, commander and relay information, and it was after two ranches. Kay? Can I get in there and actually have a position of leadership? Must absolutely we change up to the real organ? It was cool, seeing people who showed up with these, self imposed mutations day. They came up with these excuses. Lack a better word from you about me. To them in a derogatory term. Listening but they have excuses as to why they wouldn't be able to perform, and then, when they realised that that was all bs, that I was imposed upon by themselves. Nobody else. Given those limitations, vague to themselves and they saw like oh actually, I can be a part of that, so I can actually leave o. I can actually do this. I can learn it's incredible, I mean the transformation that you see from, and we had a lady who was like weep. We gave up the leadership
comes up. She S. Recent gave out the leadership. What you mean by that is you assign leadership, we're different iterations? Yes, ok here, I'm heterogenous yet each and has a new set of leaders, so you eat like yours and you company. Twenty people everywhere he's gonna, go through multiple positions of leadership to where they feel all the different. Like stresses, oh, I see austrian charge. Assistant officer in Charge Squad leader our team leaders or just the shooter, where you're just trying to listen and do the work, it's it's incredible, They learn something new and each one of those levels and you'll see things differently from each one of those levels and you become a better leader by serving in each one of those levels like Denver, witten from Dagon Construction They have to exert or one- and he was like super frustrated by he's a very motivated, very smart, dude very successful construction company out and the Phoenix Arizona area, and he came to that end. Users,
member, I remember, watching him and listening to him the comments you say about the other guys and then he got put in a position leadership and I think said it wave pretty if he does I now know what my team feels I now know what my team views: I've been doing all the same, and it was for him to have that. aha momentum and then too, weeks later he had us up are now we can have later he does I need to run after tax for city of my employs. We did two days of after training with a half day classroom on the back end of how do you implementing strategically, how do we implement all these takeaway? So you see all this stuff happening real time from all different walks of life is, that's ridiculous. So I cut you off your document, a female yes, so thank you exerts like what. Where did we go his one, So we give out the leadership and she comes up, makes a comedy item mistake: potent females in charge.
And I looked at Her- and this is from a company- were they have a culture where, if you say something offence looks like you're getting a lot of trouble and I looked at him like if somebody else said that to you. Would you find that appropriate and she just pauses? She was one just being real right now, I'm like that's actually, by saying that, just because a females in charge is gonna, go bad, am I dead? as I know, a lot of ass females at run, companies that are kickin ass. I know a lot about our female leaders in the military that decent phenomena, things like, don't Ass though she was like serious when she said she was dead serious. She is. She was dead seriously yoga decide. This is gonna, be horrible like posture, like go down to the side like animals like ok, so immediately on like there's something there like there's something deeper there, obviously for her to do
like she was not throat, and you startled me bad. So a talk with Carlos in Cody, like we give the intel pull them out of my Kay we just keep an eye on are we need to like poor enter because she thinks it can be horrible like we need to make sure she gets the burden, losin, cholera gap, how'd it go. We go to the run. Obviously we put a bunch of stress on her, so we wanted her to feel like we do. Everybody wasn't any different, but where does very mindful of you were watching us now, Could we have some people come to the train? Were they just stop there? Ok, I can't this is too much for my yes, you can Come come over here. Ok, let's talk through it ok, then this one I was like that was on. I put to mistrust start, I won't let them. So it's imposed stress to a point where the guy who wanted to stop training. He tried to physically stop to training
so I want to make sure this didn't happen to this. Lady, just FBI. If you feel like you, are to stress that this is a massive red flag, the telling you to detached take a step back, take a breath which is essentially a you said that guy ok stepped back. Take a breath. He's ok, can you have gone up? I'm ready, Roccanera, yeah. and I really felt like I just I knew there is something else with with this lady ass. We get back from the run, it was hard, but guess what they accomplish with theirs was accomplished. We get don't run wording debrief and its one of my no books are rode down what she said, but the great was just the limitation she had
and I asked her because she says something earlier heard. Take away. Was I dont limit what your capable of that was like ASA as it expand upon a little bit? She goes well. I just I didn't think I'd be capable of this position. I said why should waltz. through the deeper, unlike what do you got like this is like this? The time was doktor as it if you're comfortable, if you're comfortable. That shows well for my past. Ok, and I know online ride in a line that risk you don't really but some news and opportunities that if we could talk through something that shit never has to go through again or just as able. Let go something than our days been worth it like. You know, that's what we're here for is stuff like
because that's going to make her better leader, if she can let go of these, you know limitations that she's put on herself goes well. When you come from another career where your life was threatened, and you know you, you know, your life was actually threatened. She goes because you weren't doing what you should have done. She's like I care that what was her old job? We don't ask. I just didn't feel like it was a time I shouldn't afterwards skill and were like, I guess making the situation worse. But We talked to her and I said well I'm glad that you came to that realization like these are ones that's. The first of the train is for us to feel these things and realize I hate these. Two work when we use them and all the other stuff that we have in our mind it a lot of its all bs, because its that's not the reality, and then it
we did our end of the day De Vries, like our key takeaway. So we do the runs we rotate through different positions and then at the very and like hey, what was what is your biggest takeaway, that you're gonna leave this training with? back home and hers was same thing like I'm, not gonna. Let me pass to find me. She has today is a fresh start, I always try to explain that when I'm talkin clients and that's what you do when you came in and asking abuser- hey we're not talking about we're talking about all the other stuff, does matter like this is who we are in. This is what we're going to do now. Act also tat it, and when I'm talking about remarks the only talk about like hey when you come back from the phone, we talked about the cost in the burden and all that stuff. I tried to make it very clear when I talk with individuals or large groups like. Wrong and how those dark times Robin have those things from our past that could hold us if we allow them to, but if that's all
We focus on like anger, frustration, darkness, Gill down all it gets us nowhere, and I know we ve talked about this multiple times, but we have to focus. Is the lessons that you ve learned and more really what are you going to do going forward? And that's a big thing that we talk about the feel trainer size hey, you guys made mistakes, but what are we gonna do going forward as a group, if we're not sitting and debriefing and coming up with new standard operating procedures, more waste our time if we judge to reorganise are: a new leadership go new leadership. new leader should go there wooden there, wouldn't be that progression that we get. If it wasn't for the De Vries and The De Vries are an awesome opportunity for you to do some soft reflection and in that's what's powerful. Is that self reflection yeah. Well. What what's interesting about that is this this training programme
in situations like this, which I've seen you ve seen when it goes. Beyond business Application beyond the com an obligation, obviously beyond the business application, and it starts to get in people souls and sitting there listening to people debrief, seeing grown men? Weeping- because they realise that they have made mistakes in their lives, see and you know women apologizing for behaviour that they know they shouldn't have done and it was negatively impact for to their family life. seeing those deeper those deeper changes that's always. It's always amazing to see that this replies and gets through
do the people souls it does. I mean one of our larger feel trash size, clients, one of their upper executives, the company talk about everyone that we ve been interacting word since two thousand? Eighteen run these F taxes, all of them key leaders. They they don't just know the principles that actually live the principles they apply them. They believe in them. And guess what every single one of those individuals has grown within the ranks like multiple tears of it now level, executive leadership positions and, the individual I'm talking about is to spend in the game since day, one with us help to bring the programme to them. He sent me a tax now for them to you in life and Jamie endanger. So we are all aware of, like the impact that were truly delivery. I know we know it, and I always give it to my team and I have to if I'm in person with the guys back Bouquet Jesse. You guys know. This is what your apart and ass we grow this year.
more and more and more of this, because if we do what we teach And we do it the right way, which we are you all are gonna. Have teams eventually run in this training, and this is what you need to focus on is the impact that we deliver everything else it's important, but it's the impact that we deliver that we have to like strategically what I want, you guess thinking About- and he said this tax where one of his his executives that during wars directly is his direct report, said the training said my soul. Thank you I didn't realize it's what I needed the gist it's incredible to see that impact in I wrote this down is one thing talking about was when you were running training. You said literally, we could almost do whatever we wanted. So I wouldn't wide boundaries. Leadership, capital withdraw return on investment. So
It reminded me of when we went back and you are running training and we literally can do whatever you, and the reason why is because the training we produced delivered results. hey guys come back from the point of saying the hard train you has put us through kept us alive. It kept us alive and I remember one Osborne, an absolute jack ass, a training. we require of said this model and always want. I know many unique position working at national front I wasn't this phenomenon leader in the seal teams. I wasn't like south were you or Dave. I was some unique positions and times where I was a good leader. But I also know that I was a jackass and then I was. You know that I was that
guy, that my leadership to deal with salt does know, how is no one on the team there's known at the echelon fronting that doesn't have that caviar borough. No one does therefore I yet- maybe we'll, just airport authority of the area of deep. You wanna go, I know, but there was no That's why we're here? Yes- and I know- but I also know that, because I have that background perspective. I do at times appeal to larger base then some of the other instructors, because I can relate to all the different levels, and I and I get ass- I wonder when I'm like talking through the ceremony. I don't think I was Phenomenal, like perfect leader, military. I was a good team guy. I think I think I was good team. I believed in the mission, And I remember when you put me aside, because I was struggling with some personal stuff that was starting to affect me professionally. That's when you told me: ok, your job is to be the best. Damn instructor that you can be. So that we don't have to put our uniform on
go to another funeral and I know shared that story before multiple times. Is when I realise that it just changed. My perspective and when we started delivering that impact- why we really do whatever, with with training and because the amount of leadership capital that you built within our community by delivering the absolute there training, it allows us to make large withdrawals. but if you make a large withdraw that has a high return. You're, actually, at a higher level, when you come back, it's like basic, investing, em up a hundred dollars out what is going to make, a hundred fifty dollars cool, keep doing that every I'm, you ve ever made a withdrawal in your court. Freshly tasking abuser and I trade it the return on their investment was ridiculous and that's all
we tried it on companies like hey. If you're, Michael withdraw their better, be a large investment there better, be a large investment the more relationships you have within your team, the more trust more trust you have more influence than you can actually go out and do those things and that's what people see real time training, your member on you had a situation. There was a safety incident took place and the report came back if we hadn't just on through this training. This would have been a complete disaster if we hadn't just gone through this empty extraneous is look, let's say up up up a company. does dangerous work. You know dangerous construction type work, they had it if the internet take place and they reported if we hadn't been through this training. Whatever was two weeks ago this been an unmitigated disaster. We re able to get control of it, prioritizes execute and Centralized Command. We made things,
happen and got the problem solved much quicker than we would have had we not into this young. Sir. I've talked with the leadership about that and ass. I came here I share this. I share sharks. I know some of his sensitive sought out share what I know we can share actually a death on a job site, and It was we ve been running a week of after ex training, and it was on a Friday is a beautiful day and I mean we came out from one of IRAN's and was looking around, and I could see people's posture changing as air looking at their phones, and one of the guys comes out mean, has tears in his eyes and he said: hey one of our guys just got killed on the job site and it brought me back to win win sack like hey marches got killed age. It brought me right back to them
Marcel LAW, that's all I could think about is just like. I did think of dealing with this stuff anymore. Then so, I said, are you guys can let me know Ogilvy Yosemite You think about in everyone's kind of like checking their talking and there's a few people crying in their upset and if I make an announcement to the tax team and entered the client and I just shared with him. I said you know: hey, I told you you guys deal with human life just like we did in the seal teams and you guys have a very dangerous job, but it's a very critical job as well. If you guys don't do what you do, people can suffer like people's lies. Businesses can suffer back so necessary that you guys do your job, but is very dangerous, and so we go through this whole talk and, I said, hey, I know one of you guys have to leave because it's actually your your team
as you have had all the training objectives, and so we can be done, and this would be a good day, training. Or we can do one more run and we can do to honour this gentleman. I just got killed because I'm telling you right now. Leadership is what's gonna solve every problem within this organization. If we The thread there is a leadership failure somewhere that allowed this complacency to creep in, and this individual just got killed, because what this guy was doing, he had none thousands of times over his career. It was lily thousands of times and so we finished the run. We finish the day strong that wasn't Friday. We had another week with them that we're supposed to do at the end of that month. Two days later we get an email from the leadership saying hey we like to talk to you guys about noon. Since last week we get on a phone call with them and they're like
Can we do another two to three weeks worker training before the end of the year were like I don't know, if we can, we might. I think we might have a two week park. Open ended. Amber by December in your regions miserable there I hears adults They took the reason. Why is because, when the executives showed up on this location, where this individual being killed it was a situation they had never seen before, because there is no pointing fingers. There's nobody blaming it. Wasn't the union blaming corporate corporate, blaming you there's none of that when they showed up everything would have been taken care of this, Your leadership was being told what they needed to go. Do haywire Are you doing this? You as you go, do this boomable everything had been taken care of, and There was no blame. There was no arguing, none of that in the CEO in some of the other leaders sat down with the union. today and some other leaders like hey how we
get toward this never happens again in a union president said we go all and with the echelon front leadership training. That's the only thing. That's going to keep this from happening again,. And this year was ok, the executors right. I will see what we can do and when they came back chosen, said hey. We knew we want another two to three hundred leaders put through this training. we put four hundred leaders that training and two thousand eighteen too thousand nineteen. Worse was, do a bunch more and can continue to have a great working relationship with him with his clear, but it was a union president that was telling the executors. We need to go all in with this training because he saw at first hand well. The reason why everything was running so smooth at that fatality was the leaders had gone through our training earlier that weak. That's that same week,
and you know it was you. I've had a few members from that company go. It was a complete godson that we add your rises training that weak, because it was a real whose real hard thing for them to handle, and I mean they ve also explained to us like how there Two has changed, I may have been a drastic and you know I hit us on the details, awesome of just change in issues when we talk about complacency and leadership, solving people's problems, and we can't get personal and weeks Wyndham. Ok, That problem is a leadership problem that is, use your problem. You allow complacency to creep in people get offended at first are you the yet offended, but then we cannot change the town like must pull the threat. If we pull the threat enough, it goes back to a leadership problem that allowed the complacency
then, because if we go to war with that complacency and combating we do or spouse, or do we mitigate all those that's what we talked about in default. Aggressive I'll be ok, give all address a visit and mine Set for victory against another human being now in combat ass, but we're not talking about that. We're talking about being for aggressive too prove a relationship work on your unification being default aggressive to mitigate safety risks and if you're not alone that complacency creepin, because of the leadership that you have because the culture culture is also form of decentralized command, and so, if your team knows what what are we doing? They don't go the corners? Therefore we keep people safe and enables like you're talkin your talk, Amanda Scenario, a K. I haven't junior leader step up. They see and I've been in the snares. I we run there's a void leadership, guess what we should do. Oh Johnny step
I don't have an orbit. My leader, I just Can I told my head right Roger that is, it's amazing its. It is all all. Problems are leadership problems, and what does that mean? The beautiful thing about that is. That means leadership is the solution and any that way you can solve the problem. We can solve these problems liberating and that is a a powerful, powerful thing. A man. I mean we work with so many different companies. I was going to ask you about two about the clothes, but I think hey, that's one company we work with all these different companies are now hack companies, financial companies manufacturing companies, construction companies, energy companies. It is every different facet. Every different type of group, you know from the Tec World too the financial world and The lessons are learned and the the culture is changed and leadership right,
to the surface, to be the solutions to problems that these companies have yet I have to show I have to show love for ground works, because you talk about a client, that's in the game. For sure I mean, mom alone. I call Mister Maloney always gets piss me as its mouth and why I have a raw. I can't do that. I have a hard time I can't ever since I was a kid that's, whereas raise but Matt aground works at me. He saw the power of extreme ownership. He read the Balkans like hey. This is this is what I've been looking for came to muster paper. Some guys gonna most with them came back, was a One engage with you guys. We did it. We did a blow trial, have tax with with a bunch of their leaders and when they saw that have tax or like ok, we need this. I won't get another all the details of how they run the business and what they're doing, but I can tell you they are extra. Most successful, growing expanding dominating the more you put like dominating in one
The things that they do is every small every company they acquire their are requiring small medium companies in their industry within days. They run enough tax. and the reason why they do that is to show this new company that they acquired there Mehmet to them, to develop them as leaders to give them hope today, them like the tools to lead and be successful, and he says: there's no better programme out there to implement The lessons in the principles that we need, but also to tie in the culture, because it's it's like hey? This is how we do things aground works. You are now of our tribe, yes, you're. Still, this company right you're, whatever that company you're still them, which are also part of our tripe and its I mean just to see. I could get the corresponds like to see. Companies entered that committed to see an individual like mad that task, that is, that committed to their companies, growth and
man. It's provide to share with you one of the personal examples that gotta pull me aside recently was the images yeah, it's a huge impact and that's a great example. Like you said, of the of a company that is, he's taking these. Taking these leadership principles about applying them continually. Replying them applying them at scale. Yes, which, awesome and continuing to see success after success after success. That's That's another great example of the many companies that we work with that go out there and take these principles implementing and dominate Yeah, it shows them want, as our written down I wanted to hear is the import. so like, like the diversity of people's dyke, different peoples, ideas and backgrounds, that's one thing I was talking to accompany. Unlike the reason I, you want the reasons why the seal team, for so successful, is because we have like truth.
Firstly, a skill set and thoughts in how we conduct business hey, I can have a couple tuneful of eighteen jockers and that can be an awesome put you, but he doesn't have all the things that are not as good as a balloon full of eighteen different people- yes, not even close. Yes, can I only see what things one way mind right active and that's not what we want. I won't have eighteen, different perspective, yes, and that's what people see real time left he acts programme is as everyone. Rotating through different potential positions of leadership. We act We developed this workbook for them so that afterwards it can capture there. There take a waste, and you see the take ways. Evolving ass. The day goes on because there's always different ideas and thoughts in the diversity of a company that now they say like. Oh, so one, so I could ideas are awesome. His ideas were awesome. Let's get him to work together and at the end of the day, when they start working together when they start applying the principles
socks Moreau blurs the well. That's it that's what talking to earlier, when we kick this thing off us talk about a super state, and I was I owe you got. Different types people must adopt it and you got smart guides That's an educated guys got some on educated guys. You got some short guy, some tall, guys some slow guy, some fast guys. Got somebody that was born with a silver spoon in their mouth. You got someone that was raised in the ghetto. You got all these different people with all these different perspectives, and that makes that platoon strong. That's what it is. It's not like. You said, eighteen, jocose cool, that's great, but it's not as powerful as eighteen individuals that all bring a different perspective, a different mindset, a different viewpoint and that's all makes a platoon strong is all the differ, is that people have they they d You get to see more, you could see. The problem you could see. A problem for Malta different angles. You know when we went go out in the field and do a reconnaissance of a target we don't just look at the target from one side we do.
Cloverleaf around the target. We we back out. We going from another angle. We back out. We go from another angle. We go all the way around, so we can see as many different angles of the problem We can figure out how to solve it, so it with Eighteen, you that's one viewpoint. If you have eighteen individuals, you got cloverleaf, you get to see as much that target as you can possibly see, and that's how you can solve the problems of some as you say, the cloverleaf, but just I've watched Cody do this with a group are the other week their brief in their plans. and you crimes in their listening, and you could tell like it wasn't the right plan and so by him and Carlos You, instead of saying hey, you should do this. I just asked questions hate would have like. So I see you have your guys right here right here. their split, so that would be support for the rest. We want to make sure they know we're talking about a crisis as if somebody pops up the know how to shoot like, would you gotta shooting?
It's every single time, though the client, was Euro tactical. The training goes, that's why we should do that. We should split forces rock ask an idea in Cody built train map for the law Why do we have that? We have all the work with he built. A actual three the terrain map of the feels that we use, and they were going through some staff and courageous grab, though I see who's on one side of the table. Looking at it, and brings them around. The other side is okay. What you see here, This is not a major, but just the changing of that guy's perception I'm over. Here. He saw it a different way. He goes yeah. We shouldn't probably do it that way. Until he's like, I, like your plan We were talking about a bunch of our corporate clients, but also yet what was at last year was at last year we started the first after Ex individual ethics for dessert March. Ok. So if somebody wants to like- let's say I'm just Fred and I this sounds awesome and I got a small
company? I can't I can't bringing echelon brought the teach my company, because I only got to employees. I got three people, my main, you know subordinate my two team leaders. I want to bring them so we have for that to the house, our yes, we have the individual programme. The individuality ex programme too An individual, like you said, can sign up and come to the training or guy like Denver. What and who is like. I think I want this, but not sure like. Let me go, ass. It out. He came to the training tested, allow out as I I need to. they want to this training, and so we have the next one. The next one is in April. I want to say apes, not the data lockdown yet know. I'd have to put my Togo were of what we're gonna have to confront dot com. You gotta, be very then lustre individual one, so I have to zero zero. Four, it's gonna be in Dallas, Fort worth so savimbi backing down again in April in April. It's kind of cool, yes,
What's the weather should be perfect and it's so it's the last week in April, whatever that Monday Tuesday is, I want to say hello to 23rd 24th, something like that it will be have not one in April and then we're looking depending on how bout one cells out. We have some. We already have corporate, better, like putting locks in our county around twenty twenty four of taxes, and so after exercise, Euro five and Euro six we're not sure those dates in locations yet, but right now and it's gonna sell every the first three sold out it's gonna, be in April, so in India. You can sign up, really is twofold, ways of training, so you didn t four days of those, your training exercises. Why? what do the chicken meat agree on Sunday not the prevention bags with all their gear. And then on Monday we start the class. We do overview, give the classes and then the run emissions all day. We have a team dinner and then
open culinary with you, lay myself and then on Tuesday, for they run emissions and then we'll do to afterwards as well there all debrief at the end. After make sure you get it If we can write on awesome, glad you came to echelon frauds and you take it as they run with it. It's just it's amazing to see the impact on individual on companies on businesses on teams it just how? rican awesome, and that way take these lessons and pass them on, and people can put to use to go out there and just and just do what they're supposed to do in the world saw some. Thank you for the opportunity once again, here echo Charles Gesture we're over here. You know a running after taxes or doing jujitsu were left tincture. You know F day. Yes, earning leading right seems We might.
Wanna get all the help we can get The departments were industry. What we gave our support recommendations well. Well, we can talk about a lot of stuff, but you know in the physical capability realm yeah. We do appreciate the support. Can get it off her weight. Gypsies are when we talk about our apple sniper all day, Wee wee, wee, pee, ok, let's rewind you're a trader with me. How many energy drinks re in a day, What do you think you're? What do you think your worst, like your max energy drinks a day was and we're talking big ones. I had a baby hundred ruin him, sir. Oh, that was sixty seven eight, oh, I know I've spent my true about, the recent disaster. I was absolutely
alright so so me means repaper like this is my body like with all the czech light like a load of waste that was your mere trader. me on the outside doing sales and financial? Happily send me for a long time, but not more. They like you know like whatever soon we want about me. I don't have. I could not make something like that and so people As far as I'm concerned, I might as well be drug dealer that that a drug dealer that is it that a person is given freakin so methamphetamine to people and end knowing that they're gonna do get addicted. You know that you're hurting the health problems to kill him and you don't care. I'm making money. I could not that, from a moral standpoint as a human couldn't, do it the zero chance and yet
I felt like I gotta do something because otherwise people out there their visit in the bath dealers right, gonna, seven, eleven, there's a man you're in there in guinea, freakin, icebox and theirs a short term, benefit that you need. I need sometimes that Charles needs. Sometimes you need It's a long day. Whatever its last night, I got I guess I got like three have I was asleep actually woke up. thirty years ago K five, not feeling it I'm gonna go back to bed. I was I I need more sleep. I try to go back to bed. I couldn't go back to bed. I could go back to sleep, so he's gone up, worked out and but then they weren't here, I'm tired. I was tired and I showed up denied So what I need, I mean, something to help get over that fatigue.
What do I need to have one of these things? Do I wanna go down to the crack house and by some rocks That's going to hide me up. Do right, there's gonna be up right, that's a terrifying dogs! just go on. Korea is gonna, hide me up, but guess what he's gonna kill me? Yes, we're not do enough. So we made something, but you can drink. That's good! really good, for you literally no downside make you feel hype said a good. Well approved. This out is not even you shaking your head. I sense. I'm not there yet say them well, a better word: I was digging deep nailed up. I like like fired up, that's like them no fired, I think I'd prefer Hypo were fired up pipe. It is my man, JP anything better than that. I may not everyone's gonna forget this, but there's a few times I've, cracked, his open eyed, is Thomas
of activate here, that's gonna get evacuated shock. Is HIV activate on a radio made its levels have invariably alone. If you follow me on ass, if he ever seal on opposing The hashtag activate rates for that AIDS is hey. Josie yeah, so Jake you age would be a bad guy. One of the bad guys and Cartoons would be like trying to work through a problem, whatever they d be screwed, something up, screwed up and up screwing up and they needed to pay the man upon the region like droopy, activate we come out of a spider hall of Falls in love with the weather mark. Forty six have reconsidered, as it does lay ways I never won the times. I was like waiting for it, I'm not conceal named he stolen, but nickname Man Bear pig self
we'll just very setting for the human being the terrifying and he was like a now. The new European is towards my innocence. Getting out and us waiting. I was a kid he could tell it. I hey wait: wait Jacko gives the call slacker lichens like waiting outside it up. I mean I loved what I did. I have loved every single day of being in the seal teams as us. Thing. Now a national front running these filtering. I only people like man like you, How did he bottlenecks? I love I'd lily love. What I'm doing- and it was like- same thing he's like wait, wait, hold black hole, hot and also your gb activating go. It is only after. It was only a few need to activate activate elegant boom. You need
activate freakin crack open. One of these and you'll get broken activated, kick out that door start laying waste with embark. Forty six is the right way: Belle S, nope, no price european embrace later how nice go. We're not doing Freakin Nazi thing put, nor guys on on math area the deal with the Devil S like all. What do you need only need that it and then they collect that check afterwards. Are you in big trouble? Something big trouble will withdraw. Jesse was talking about that withdrawal. What we're looking for all goods, yes, joggled discipline, go or we're going with Jacko go with Canada. Interchangeable! I later change right: that's the energy drink, that's the one that we, what the form we want to stick with our efforts as our apple sniper, it's good for you to their own good flavors. Either there all did flavors I can tell you personally, the the Ex programme is run and fuelled by the discipline girls, because we get set to every location had a time Jack Daniels,
he's in the gay. He takes care that ice duties I gotta Judy. I got we have em at every of tax for our came for all the crap? I headed the days ahead of time. All the south are doing. and then also for the client as well, and we to put it our k, you these are healthy, but don't need a drink when, after every single Iraq as a case, so good, we have long guiles like I hate it was over much twitching before now, because you literally could drink six of these equal to two of those larger drinks from the devil. and so on the side of my k, how many easy I've had one after every run? Am I you're drinking water Venus the day, my dear good, still like not an unhealthy level. I said, but men like you just you don't need to be done
pages day so good you now want to as I'll let you know secret. I know that in the future there talking about, hopefully having caffeine, free there is so excited. Girls in the game will get there. I am, then it makes sense. Could because You know how can you drink under different drink or whatever you drink? One you like go you drink to and you like, ok, tooth kind of good weather be the flame. the heaviness of whatever don't have that as a elect relates to dig eighties drinking one after your limit, Yes, I suggest mango that's my suggestion. Talking to a gentleman and idolizing, my buys a little bit little bit by us, but hey. Maybe it's a year by us, you, David I said they're all good. They aren't you going to throw the bias okay, so one guy he was talking to you is like hey, I'm going to I'm going to try either
Age or the mango care, was making tea witnesses or think and I said, ok you're asking me that okay, alright, I said, I think, if you wanna go a little bit more a little bit more risk. Thank intermingle. If you wanna go to the did this this would in true you go orange I think sour apple, snipers kind of like on the on the same level as mangoes. Far as that goes, I think. No, I don't think so. You think it's a tried and true, I think it's tried and true with the sour apple. Is it this hours is allowed it's a lot more sweet and sour. I'm ready for you taste it sweet its Regan sweet. So orange, sweet, sour apple, If we sweet mango some exotic to it, It's still sweet. Yes, we ve actually allow people they light. They love, love, love in think. It's like way matter, but then something we're Distrait up, not down. Actually one person for the matter be me
Yes, yes, you're right. I don't like mango that tax hours will throw you off cause, you don't know, and then you take your o wisest good by driving around people. That law, Daphne deco admire starting a distribution company because he should do he's just society is gonna, become an distributor of drinks he started just Roland into places and now do you go on the warpath, so I've, not at that level I think, is a heat he was talking to Amanda. Not to have the biggest monster well she's labelled as that's amazing. You know. That's how I introduced to the new judges agenda is through deco. It's for Mega rice, his Jim Double five and seven Perhaps I have are, even though many have under me as like wholesalers like instead of them, and I thought I did a code- was you
well you're, not gonna, like music restores, did he so off in the game was, I checked out here- oh good, of course, very exciting, step by step the game with all this stuff helpful had today and any breakfast lunch had one is in the house. to the pills with it just happened to follow for the flight crew. Don't forget about your joint enough. You talk about complacency, creeping Andrew, I like not but yeah sometimes it they'll, come on slowly, regional notice, no wonder you're, looking implement them feel like a warm up just to live. My normal I want the so you take the joint warfare super krill oil is keep keep everything in line and skip the EU be happy, did also vitamin deed. Ray and Cold WAR free moon, immunity, greens by
Why do you say some good stuff? There really good yeah, you do what you use the particular case. You do you're gonna go into tat. I was like pre podcast taught by another. Now the last say you have some cocktail, just some wine with your significant other so and I were how does have some drinks? the next day. My exactly, why drink to drink own Drake drink. For this reason, when grab to scoops of the greens have water, half apple juice, tasted phenomenal so amazing afterwards, special arrange, greens green kind of him, the greatest casual miracle. You can also do read before bed like some of you,
some drinks yeah, maybe shouldn't be drinking in, but you do in one or two schools to the dream of the greens. water bread for bed? So we hang over prevention we don't even know official languages, we have it live we're talking about the you know how you feel things real time like when I have the greens. I feel really good really gets study sample size. One word starts a hundred percent for the valuable sister, Also mark don't forget about book. You want to make the programme more report is hard to figure more Europe, but yes, that that is another there's nothing there's nothing there. Have we met, you just sit. There lay you'll be in some random spot and just think me, I really welcome good. That's the thing there's, no other even stake, even state I won't have a. I won't have a craving for us. Stake, as
much as I will have a random. I really want a more right now. That's how tasty honey Miss soothing. Have you makes the greens with mock now I have not done that bald spot. Think about this vanilla, guerrilla with grains. get crazy overheads religious drinks young vanilla, protein potter with fruit right. If you wanna go smoothly or unpleasant frozen fruit and their well, the greens have that flavour of the pineapple non cocoanut, so it's it's really get interesting, because yet and how much the nature of milk can be misery mixer, other stuff in their letter. A look. I stick with a chocolate, so if I put it in the jargon put a little bit about froze in banana and that sort actually arrive, that's the one eyed there. Yes monsieur the Manila, you can mix all kinds of stuff in there is an answer No tells you done a lot of amazing things in her life is enough.
anything that you seem to care about it that she told you about half right hand. Your freedom, brow grew dim veteran congresswoman. She has a surfer she's fighter and you're over your dogma, rotten bananas, goat in Denmark and those like the deal. Well, it's been alone toll sees surfing abilities and you know her service and stuff play less. Moreover, in my dated their life and but I'm just saying that frozen banana mark face spaces How do we give to the daily shouldn't? Do much for you as it as a representative of Hawaii. She do. Which of you as a combat gaunt overseas that didn't help you but data Day, Oliver not mark the most. It gives good advice and you leave the drinks. You get the drinks. A walk on the EAST coast will go into a bunch of other stores. Right now are key proposal on all that you can get it. You get everything vitamin shop go.
The vitamin shop and look you get all of it: of your back home and if you subscribe, there's no shipping payment, which is a big deal, Look. Let's face it, there's other companies out there. You might have heard some of these companies in their get you on this little thing. Where you get stuff, your house for free and that can be hard compete with Patty comply with it, dual subscription actively help was put down the big boys, but if there is an issue with your order that, if you order for Jacques Fiona Comp orgy may not come, then you reach back out to origin Joggerfys and they fix it in the the other ways that you can get a check if there is an issue which border issues your order, that a jungle of human origin, they're gonna, resolved that problem there care of it they're going right. Yes, true also, you need mention origin
Virgin USA, not committing the origin Menteur. It did. I unfolded dollar thing gig now this is American made stuff. Denham boots belts wallets, whatever else PETE thinks up. Heavy hoodie great things I don't want, but that's terrible I understand you over there would rotten, proud bananas is good immersion campaign, not leave heavy hood yeah yeah, that's gonna, jump up and opportunity real. but be over there. I gotta who eager gotta, get inside everybody that attendance marshy cap unworkable organ USA, Automated America, everything from the materials themselves. Oh, by the way there's a bunch of people that have been trying to get stuff from overseas, there's a bunch of ships, off the coast of California in New York and they can't get their stuff in here. their supply chain- is all jacked up. Guess what we had Americans project.
An american supply. Jane did I just say that the whole thing single part of that garment that you're wearing be genes be boots, beat a freak risky. The matter. The whole supply chain is right here in Amerika were not waiting in the port. When we're not pay and somebody to have imposed slave labour to build you a. Compare genes and then column American. No, that's not american. How can a pair of american genes not be made in America answer? with real, be that echo Charles? It's a hundred you can't you can't solve it cause it's wrong. It's a lie when I do not know origin, USA, dot com, also Jaclyn store called jocose store nifty
get it, but some good stuff on there, this windows, freedom, sure, tat, civilities digits whose livelihoods is life indulgence to visit. Jujitsu cannot sex an looking. You ran through acts, I don't I don't condone, not doing, jets, choosing not condone it, but some people dont some people do the people who do not like the little section of representation on the path on the Jujitsu bath is being is emerging right now. You know Many people have told me that they ve started Jujitsu, because the podcast beyond anything. I don't know how many you know how many both come up means it has started. You do too, because the Pakistan, I really regret it zero That number is zero if you, are listening to the broadcast if you're living human being so go training register, because our train judges are so right now
it is, then, you can stop, then you can shop. This digital sack we're and also about all the people. That said, only I started two. I wish I will start sooner percent, I'm one of those able well I'm I'm too. I wish born on the map of justice. Just a guess: your locker do relax, The Euro is excited about little design. You say there s for you. Give these you try and explain to me. You see their more creative order more yours, you just say weird stuff about you. Don't argue, describe your limited vocabulary tricks you up right there, just as you up like this, so I was, juggle live last night and I see eyes. Walking up to mean he's got a shirt that looks freedom luxuriate got like a metallic tank. Riding on the top of its discipline, and then there is an actual tank with a barrel pointed at the you as you look at the shirt and as you can
closer. It's a comic book cover I'm autism cartoon version of me riding a tank teacher so that the first one that I've said it kind of dope the first one is, but even if it's the most it's the most differentiated from your standard Jacko story. Shirts is the most differentiated one day. I was kind of a curve box, Nihilist Stickley obscure I think it landed very well. I did so Deaf Court the core. Yes, I learn something new recently. Somebody who saw him the shirt locker subscription- and I know of good amount of people that, like manna, be asked not have too many shirts. I got I get it trusts me get it, but recently I heard a common front of arson, put his name, a blast in the pocket But he's like I waited measures are needed, but I do share locker justice.
Echo and where he does, is he all these surety he for a little bit? And then he just is Mount as gifts to people and people like super spoke about it end if you have, if you think, if I have to be sure, I don't need the shirt locker get ashore locker, you re gift on the. guy loves it. He he get so much fulfil Phila, just being Oda, give out the shirt people are somewhat like hey. I liked you but call It gives it there you go, see the shirt locker gonna pay. You twice, gonna pay you gonna get will t shirt are paying when you give it away to your friend and liked it. I don't mean it it depends on your life's. I don't feel like. I have too many tee shirts because of the shirt locker. because all of em they come in or in the rotation granted a little bit by us, because Parliament make one. Then I wouldn't where We hope- and I don't think so now become no whack. You know because it makes sense to do that.
yeah. But you know how like you just you know how some people don't anticipate Anya or they get a lot of recommendations for something or you'll, be like this time. It's a good idea. I don't know if I would necessarily wear that, but it's okay, but they the proof, is in the pudding and it's actually Nick I guy I see I see, and now it is now you're somewhere at the whim of the people of chasing the glory everyone likes his arms were an ideal conquered it. I'm not letting a collar. Listening to my blue, that's what I call it. Should I not listen to look it's. Maybe maybe I was a girl ass. I have always said I, unless our listen to nobody urology resign or does it says there is a demand for these negative report. Would you go Vienna rather, in the words of both you guys bite aware if there was a demand signal for the next thing. I am I consider, Sir,
anyway short locker, is on job with Georgia Armenia that Romania will we often developments in that section by the way. So, if your current member, we know some up grades and some of the free Anyone enough. Don't start up. Companies subscribe to this bar gas, where research round upon gas check out the unravelling podcast would Darrell Cooper DC, grounded box or you could pick ass? I got jock alive last night, kids, children put me on the spot, I have one question for you, MR willing What's up son? How can I help you when is next warrior kid podcast coming out cause it's been fourteen months, next question from a kid Uncle Jake. I'd like to ask you a question o what your question, young man? How can I help you I was wondering when the next warrior kid pot gases coming out.
I get which have sorry man also Jacko into our com. If you wanna hear some alternative, cast them some alternative information life it vice by the way my advice, Q and a in law the queue nay and there you can go to jog. Ana Miranda come now Here's what we ve been talking about. Why do we do that? Well, because we don't control the platforms, we're not from going to do the platforms, big tech, what what we weep? Ok, whatever, What could possibly I be doing that would make someone say. I know we need to pull this guy pull the reins in on this Jocko guy. I don't know, but I got instead of shadow ban, o jet shadow. Luckily you yeah. I was gonna text because on one year poor, while the video that we did have a malaria and you both is ugly. I fun to see people's reaction to that can stop and men it was given.
No track notoriety ourselves, like brothers does, and then you had that other one that you are kind of posting like stuff for aid like on the video. screen radio that someone sent me of my screen, not seeing me right, The upper Morales you got straight up, shadow bears out o banned for what I actually dont know I actually I'm not honoured censure. I have sums suspicions I have. Some things that I think it could be yeah. I've spoken about some situations that are unfolding on instead, on par gas, my progress on other podcast and
don't worry we're someone makes me so mad. I was in Colorado and I told you this right for the mushrooms. Their work with a client was on about that. This family there's like little kids emissary talking, I'm ok, you should check out my boss. He's got these kids her eyes with his books for kids called war, you kid and amongst a teacher history, a phenomenal and so that the downside. What's his name, my Yahoo willing. he's: ok it which twenty anytime, you say, your name is someone who doesn't know you it bothers me later. How would you would you talk about you don't know. I haven't I go now one doesn't get, but they will and saw us humans. You, foreigners, or give Israel, might open it up. because I don't want to do like hey. Look I'm up later. Another forget so now is, devices, I hate opened from ok overviews. Ok, like onus heroic,
I just take it and I start type and allow me to hack he's. I guess I am. I know that a meme page about only those he has a mean page about on a MAC We are going to Asia is a quotation here. Oh yeah add type your name fully for you to show up, I clicked on it and then I may, as I hear your phone max how'd you get back on the has I. Why would I saw my Will you being shallow bandit three sounds like looking throw your staff he's like why he be shadow banner might because he speaks the truth. Frequencies is crazy that that's that's a dangerous thing is to speak. The truth is that it is very good Durban, it is very, very disturbing and, to that degree where they can, where someone in a totally to speculate but they'll hear you say something that they didn't like like somewhere else in the middle go to his Instagram M shadow.
really makes me start to think about all the level of inner connectivity, but We need some of these elements out there in its because it is very strange. Now look could it be like? Oh, I was you know, someone mentioned me or something you some far in and they got an algorithm that runs and it's like oh yeah, this guy Beaumont he got and then they went obligation of we ve done that now Apparently, I think I might be on general ban right now. I think so. I think I'm not sure I will answer phone and looked for your new pop right up there, but I think she's followers you follow me. I know well paid because of all this, but what if he said It is even more confirmation that you know you did the right thing, we're doing the right thing: dogs, don't bark parked cars. True, you know because of this, we-
when we figure this out was a year ago we started Jocund around our com, because I knew we need a contingency plan encased things once I wish we could get taken off of every platform. That could happen. and so if you want to support us, go to to Jacqueline around our com dominating sense a month that allows us to have this platform that if go sideways. We will be standing by in the underground to do what we gotta do if you can't afford it, it's all good. We still want you on the team, email assistance at job. Went around our com and it for like our reward or an appreciation, we do another little podcast and talk about some alternative subjects knew it. what you don't I'll do opt out on that. I will do one about why I think I got shot abound argued the details, because I pretty confident I have about I'm pretty sure. I know why interest to answer. I don't need to sleep we can do tonight. If you want a guy
you too gentle subscribed to that official, the up its official or whatever. can see what J P looks like you can see, is to his life t shirt you can see It is surely only where the safety framework- that's gonna. What I do Borgian USA has cool you two channels. Well, we psychological warfare. I made a little album. You can look Do it. If you have a moment weakness, you can overcome that moment. Weakness, flips canvas speaking of the quota Meyer. Not don't you see a distribution company he also has website canvas hand, cool stuff on your wall. Go to Meijer, prison One of my heroes got lunchbox finals J, P, J, P D. Now without J P D now read in you the plain and you read final spent about work out for Yogi
This is what I love about you. I people don't understand eyes little behind the scenes. J p- and I can both we are both we can. Both we can both get emotional at certain and it's funny to watch each other get emotional and make fond of each other, forgetting emotional laugh at each other little. I was at the last master of city backstage of GDP, choked up laughing preparing these just preparing, so I'm like ok, so anyways as soon as he gets walked in yeah. I read the book on the plane and I saw the look on his face as I always hid him, because it's a rough book to read emotionally yeah emotional rollercoaster, its awesome, so we got the copy. The a final spin at the muster, so we're leaving Vegas Amanda Amanda had a copy. I ordered ten Reich when they first came out
and I knew so. I had some coming until I stole from her like. I took a picture on Instagram she's like give me my book back MIKE and let me read it for a little bit. Okay. So I start reading outside. Oh my gosh, this is legit, get you she's like textbook back. She she finished she's. Reading on the flight, then I'm gone for at the exes. Come back, the books are there. I grabbed it and I read it in twenty three days I just I could not put it down and I didn't want to read it at night because I knew like when I read at night I was, I was not going to sleep cuz, it's like no one, more one more one more and today you know find out here I'm finishing up my packing and I irritated me because I knew I was gonna finish it before I took off, but I needed to finish the book but I was gonna finish: arms carrying another book for weak on the road again by other book drama. Reading reading finishing
but the I was awesome. I was just like sitting there and I'm very from the plane airlines coming on board and I have tears now my face ass. Unlike read the book you gotta be kidding me, everybody knows me. While I was not surprised, like you known emotional person, you want real close friends with my black is one I bought or sold. While men- and he does not he's like Brodie I know when you're gonna get emotionally if he listens to a yet and then I'll get emotional. Just if you know me well, you know that I am an emotional personally. I'd use a bother me. I don't carry marks and Michael That's the way, God made me it's way, God design me it's part who I am but yeah if I don't spend that was awesome sitting on the plane tears going down my face when I got to be kidding me because I think I'd like to talk to more people about it, but I truly think every human that read that book will be able to relate to all of the care
I don't care what your background is hundred percent. I don't care what your background is. You are gonna fuck. and a relationship to every one of the characters, everyone like the store manager, I wanted to be that guy, because I've had some of those bosses in the past four percent. Already man that kid you know just just everything. You know just what the main character did for his brother edges of a book. I truly, I would put a large amount of money down and say if you read the book, you'll be able to relate to every one of those characters I can give it away the amateur, because it's ridiculous by will say I just that style, that the style that you wrote, I I'm looking forward to more bless and, if not then
you're, the biggest jerk ever. What that out there and then not have more what's come down the pipeline read on presented that book is called final span, its national roller coaster failure. that you don't even expect it really at some point and oversight. You like wait, wait what! Why am I getting choked up right now? so I wanted to say I quote earlier and found the right time, but I think it ties into this book did like the principle the book use. this. I warn the loss of taxes at Kiev's, yours or too that we had in San Diego voted down. I night a shared at the muster Parma talk, but you said when you transition from loving winning to loving your team winning,
More than you winning yourself you transition into a true later and that sacrifice, if, if, when you're willing to put the team above yourself, the mission above yourself, that's when you become a true leader and you you ass his question and we ask it out all that taxes. What do you think makes a good kinda and everybody all the answers are great. Third, is not the right answer. It's when you put the team first and the mission first, that's what makes you the teams and that's not just for the sill teams, company x Y, see when you and your employees put the team first and the mission. First, that's what makes you that leader, I don't have a title to be a leader. We said this. Your title doesn't make your leader your ability to influence us around you to do the right thing to believe in the sauce to believe the mission,
What makes you a leader and I've? I love this quote: I've written in all my no books that I have just as a reminder, as well as discipline, is rooted in the truth that we tell ourselves that you told me- and I just a reminds me. I think that's also why I got emotional red netbook is because, He was willing to do what he did for his brother and that's what good leaders do like that they are willing to put the team and the mission above himself at all costs. Now what he did in the book is obviously part the book to, but the base of the is he. It wasn't a volume. It was not about him and when we look at the good company that we work,
the leaders that care more about the team than themselves. I don't know I called you. I sat and had dinner with Denver before we were in the Ftx and I he was sitting there and he was emotional and he was talking about how much he loves and There's about his team and it was real. I e on we worked with companies. Were you knew their colorful that there can put on the game? I mean he put out like index cards that he had no time for our talking, just that the level of impact of the training had on him and how much he cared about his team. I remember I text you in and life afterwards and I called you cause just the burden of that and you are hebrew you're gonna live the training that he needs and that
as a Czech. Rather than just it's cool just when you see leaders truly care about their team and they put the mission first, what their able to accomplish it. Man final spend a lot of those themes in there. But one of my friends texted me and said this is a great piece of american literature and ice thanks. Man rigid the bold statement right old votes day finally been leadership, tragic tactics, field manual record put the code, the evaluation the protocol does want freedom feel may well wait. Or your kid one, two three and four best books ever apparently that's what people are thinking, adults, children across the board.
making the dragons come on. Come on about it is perhaps worth extreme ownership and the dichotomy of leadership better, but with my brother, late Bab, and we also have where we talk about once a day. If you, if you are interested in the EFTA actually, the consultancy that we do it s non front, dot com. You can also find out where we're doing next muster, which is Dallas Texas March twenty four and twenty fifth. We also have an online training programme, Extreme ownership academy. We are gone there all the time. We got courses that can take. We live interaction that you can do you come asked asks questions your soul. Watch benefited. It's a leadership jump you! Don't good at leadership by reading one book it doesn't happen just like you don't get good at Youtube. By going one class, you gotta the party or life got extreme ownership dot com to make leadership, part of your life and if you, help service members act retired to families Goldstein! families check out, Mark leave me Mamma, we savagery
organization she is really helping out veterans. Just giving them treatments, you had those treatments, yeah Hyper Barrack Chamber, Yang Changer was an came to my body was in a medical state out the doctors, literally rock, we don't know, what's going on I'll, tell you what's going on your drink and nine monsters a day for three years. Ten years I was half lives, having can Nina dreamland failure and we just when you're gonna doctors, now ok,
This is what we know is going over. We don't know what to do with how to stop we're, always causing it and then covered here in my mama leak issues, a k you need to get these treatments for your tv eyes, like ok, exit, robot tonight, Essen they'll, just issues with just remembering staff and headaches and stuff like that and promise leaping, and she just been trying to me in the dream. How I couldn't I couldn't commit to the treatments and how to do because of how busy we were called it, and I was able to do it and I did all the treatments. All those issues were gone, but they're gonna have come back and we have no other king guys. They had masses grew going in there in their head, pituitary gland, like cats. Serious types of masses that
didn't really know. What's goin on going get the treatments and they're gone like just it's incredible. What those treatments do actually to the point that one of our clients at national front, that's part of days out a programme that we didn't have tax for when the Gaza hey. What's a good charity that we condone age, you Tom America's minded warriors this we're doing one these team. I was so motivated. I told him I happen to me other men there's a cow issues on our team, you and others treatments. Ye said it's been a game changer named in day and every everybody. I've listened is not just for team that we're talking just any service member has problems or get them in their well. This member, the client that we We work with ran up the chain of command and now their company is doing a thing to where they they prove they produced trail, a cubbyhole trailer. He flew trucking industry. They designed a it is my warrior. Trailer were has logo,
on the trailer on the back, everything and their donating democracy them out, but for ever trailer they're donating a large amount to innovation and their goal is they want to be able to pay for online sales like five or seven treatments? Two minutes: it's and she's only able to do this through companies and individuals that done there. It's it's insane! If you ever wonder what happens with money that you don't need to a charity and with its effective it is one hundred percent. This is what's happening, medical care myths that are their game changers for veterans, so that is America America's mighty warriors dot. Org is marquess, mom Molly! That's where you can go to to help out with that, if you want any more of my hideous tirades or you need any more of echo's perplexed ponderings
or you want some more of GPS hyped up hypothesis and you could find us on the webs on Twitter on the gram Facebook, GPS at J P D, now ECHO is adequate Charles. I am at Java willing echo enclosing thoughts, good Fiji p person again good beer JP anything because it out now. So what I want is a run on all right well speaking military personnel to all the military personnel out there around the world, bearing evil in the eyes in order keep us safe. Thank you for doing what you do and too our police and law enforcement, fire fighters, paramedics e m t dispatchers Correctional officers border patrol secret service and all first Sponsors. Thank you for protecting us from evil. Here at home,
everyone else out. There remember, there's always more to learn: there's always information to absorb you can always hope your skills. You can always improve your technique. You can always increase your knowledge and you can always always get better well, actually, almost always because if you can Would you mind- and your ego says that you already know it at all and guess what you won't learned? You won't improve and ultimately you won't get better and you won't win. So put your ego and check go out. There. Keep learning, keep getting better and yes keep getting after it. Then, until next time, this J P and ECHO and Jacko out.
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