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319: "Shut Up and Return Fire" with Admiral Thomas "The Hulk" Richards.

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This is joggled podcast number three. Nineteen with ECHO Charles and me jogger willing goody me. I come green. as the seals inserted into a rice patty near where they had taken fire Carl Nelson, you age, one b, C, Wolf, gunship, commenced a right turn at eighty feet above the ground to cover them is Co. Pilot Earl, shot work, the Elsie's edge with his many guns, while as gunners petty officers, Michael Dobson and Tom Cleave, on fired. There sixties seals old, northeast and then east on a dyke separating the two rice patties and then move north on one in particular to the first ass they advanced. The enemy began, firing from well concealed and dug in positions on a dyke covered with heavy vegetation. The seals and Nelson's gunship immediately region Fire as the patrol continued close
toward the tree line, the seals took accurate, withering fire from both sides of the dyke point man. James Roland fell, shot through the growing he was hit. Again as he crawled for cover seconds later, that platoon Commander Grant tell for were shot and both legs both seals, to return fire despite their wounds, but the severe We have their injuries and the immediate necessity to extract them soon took them out of action. China Gigi Tom Richards, immediately radioed Carl Nelson, any see wolf for fire support as he and his fellow seal Gary Lawrence advanced under fire to assist the too seriously wounded seals. As he dragged We want to cover one round Ask your Richards right hand, hating this donors, pistol grip. Nevertheless, Walden since window hedge and Donald from trade,
return. Fire Richards continued to expose themselves to enemy fire to drag the wounded to cover when the automatic weapons. Man through trail was shot in the chest he cried out. I'm hit, I'm hit Richard Sensing, the rising pannikin through trails voice suspected the man, was going into shock to distract him richer. Ordered from trail to shut up and return fire for tat briefly did so with his M sixty and did not go into shock, as future became semiconscious. Richards pulled him back as well. When Lawrence and hedge ran out of ammunition minutes later Richards pass them the linked five five six ammo for his now inoperable stoner, the squad Regrouped behind a dyke and Richards urge the seals to keep pouring fire into the enemy, as he radioed for emergency extraction.
When Lawrence and hedge ran out of ammunition minutes later, as the battle raged extraction became, imperative, including himself you had for wounded men, three of them critical for peace. I would coral, Nelson and the Sea Wolves helicopter squadron flying in support of seals. There was no hesitation and here's a quote from him, My crew knew that leaving any one behind was not an option when Nelson. So Richard's, dragging the wounded seals to cover. He alerted the transport helicopter flown by Lieutenant Jg Edward Dyer to get ready for extraction and descend it to cover it from an altitude of about five thousand. Two hundred and seventy feet from the ground seals
once and hedge providing covering fire with theirs donors. Nelson's gunship hit the enemy with devastating rocket and many fire many gunfire, while dire urgently searched for the seals, exact location on a second pass dire spotted them huddled next to a dyke and came in hot bleeding off airspeed during his approach as the slick covered its wet in rice, Patty Richard drag each of the three wounded seals in turn over the dyke, then through the rice Patty to the helicopter, lifting each aboard with his one good hand, Richards later wrote with one And it was probably the heaviest lift. I ever made the best one too, fire intensified during the loading Lawrence still providing cover fire was about to climb a board when dire began, to pull pitch for lift off as enemy rounds hit. The fuselage Lawrence grab
slick, scared and held on for dear life until Lieutenant J G. Reach down with his uninjured hand and hauled Lawrence aboard for Richards Action and disk regard for his own personal safety, the officer in charge of seal team, one detachment, Gulf, Telford, immediate Superior recommended him for the Silver STAR, the war, recommendations, summary of Action stated quote without their consent, he was gallantry and cool perseverance of lieutenant J G Richards. It is doubtful that the press, rule could have survived. The next senior officer in the chain of command located at Navy special Warfare group Vietnam inside Saigon, endorsed the recommendation inexplicably but for staff, for the commander, you s naval forces, Vietnam downward did the award to a bronze star that
staff went so far as to change the wording cited in the original summary of action, the citation for downgraded bonds, bronze star now read Lieutenant Junior Great sure courage under fire, cool professionalism and devotion to duty were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service, such as such, dancing. Change in wording undermine the rationale for the higher award. It remains Remains unclear why the chief of staff located more than a hundred fifty miles from the battlefield made such an unusual decision. no explanation was ever given the honor and recognition that were on that day, but now granted still rankles many of the seals and see wolves who, along with Richards, wrist everything to save first squad from certain destruction. Some of you, argued that his original ward recommendation should have been upgraded to Navy Cross as Carl, Nelson and Edward
dire were awarded- distinguish flying, crosses pointing out that Richards extraordinary heroism under fire, a great personal risk, with total disregard for his own life mirrors. That of those recommended for higher wards, see Wolf pilot Carl Nelson. who's on this part, gasped number, two hundred eighty eight expresses the sentiments best having for more than six hundred combat missions with scores of those flights, indirect support of two seal teams. Nelson vividly remembers the scene unfolding below his gunship as the wounded platoon struggled to survive. Nelson recalls quote watching a wounded Tom Richards under intense enemy. Fire drag each of his wounded seals to safety across a series of rice, Patty, dikes and load them onto the see Lord Hilo. It was the moon heroic act that I have ever witnessed.
Tom Richard heroism rate, a Navy cross at minimum. He directly save the wives of his pull to now that right, there is from an article from naval History magazine was written in April. Twenty twenty by a guy named captain, Michael G, Slattery,. another? Secondly, article they give us more small details. Some more back. Round on Lieutenant J G Tom Richards, and it says send the hulk by his fellow seals, Tom Richards was well liked and respected, and he enjoyed but a reputation as a highly capable operator. He was a native. bright Waters New York, a graduate of base, your high school, where he wrestled in play football following graduate.
Should he attended villain over university on a Navy, Oro, Tc Scholarship there he lifted weights and Routine Lee bench. Press four hundred pounds you commission an answer in the Naval Reserve and nineteen sixty nine, while still it. Shipment villain over Richard was accepted. The basic underwater demolition seal training when we began the rigorous programme with class. Fifty four, the six were Tall Richards weighs two hundred and thirty five pounds. He grew He waited ten months later with class fifty five at a lean and hard two hundred and fifteen pounds. He was assigned does your team one in corn, auto California. So that's what the article focuses on talking about that one day in Vietnam, but the The hawk continue to serve in the seal teams and if you follow his career forward. From that event,
Nineteen, seventy one and you go for about twenty years to ninety ninety one I was a new guy, a seal team one I didn't hear how much right it. Yet I wasn't even in official seal, I graduated buds, but I haven't got my trot it. Yet it was Saturday morning and I was in the gym by myself and I was smashing some weights and I was blasting Metallica on the stereo system, and this was a time it's your team, one where there was a five disk cd player the entire thing was filled with me to all the Metallica albums? At that time there were five and it was locked shut. So the only thing you could lift you had no choice. You were just going to listen to Metallica, so I'm in there I've got the music cranked up to an unhealthy level and then walks Captain Richards. The hulk. Now he's a full Then he just taken over as the commanding officer buds actually took over before I grab. So we all knew who he was, and I am
immediately I'm a junior and Mr Guy meter you run over and I turn down the stereo cause. I dont want to bother senior officer and, as I said, down the stereo, captain versus mean him in there. On a Saturday morning, Captain Richard was high and I look over and he says turn that shit back up, and so I did and worked out He was workin out and we were thrown rate wait around and he was thrown around more weight than me by the way. I doubt that and then you fast forward a little bit further. I think. Was one thousand nine hundred and ninety six or one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven through one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven, and now I need the hulk again, only now he's the admiral is in charge of all the seals and he interviewed me and wrote me. A recommendation become a seal off sir, and I got to
that programme and carried on with the rest of my career, but never for Got the impression that Admiral Richard left on me and She'll community- and it an honour to have him here tonight to share some his experience as some historic some, his lessons learned from a thirty year career in the seal teams, admiral thanks for common by well Jacko, thanks for having me here when I sit here and listen to those excerpts from my Michael Slatter article. One takes me back to them. rice patties and it is a day that I would have to describe as one of the worst days in my entire naval courier and be the worst day
but also tat. It was the best fuckin day because I got those guys. I got those guys out of the kills on over the protection of vague, and then under the evil. He always a big strong guy there's something called a drone, rice drown high and all other stuff on YO. Maybe you could you help summer Yoyo Limp Dick, I? U pencil. You got your drags over those guys cross rice Patty, but I seriously if in doubt it. thankfully was me: there was only one didn't one hand and I was able to drag those guys had her listenin to calm else. Make those.
Gun runs out or authors. Any car, not so the Roma listen in here, but when my room, it's gone overhead. Nineteen sixty seven corvette for twenty seven, four hundred and twenty five damn oars power and when skip stood on that thing, I believe he had a couple, a cut out legal or not, but when skip stood on that sucker, roar. Well, that is the closest. Sound that I can describe to those. You haven't been there when a mini gun, rips off and lights off, and I was one of the most beautiful sounds that I've ever heard. So as I'm going back and forth grant tougher in his Please update to the to the award recommendation. I use those terms that you used in the article I without regard to my own personal.
If you're my life, I have to tell you that I never gave a thought to anything, but my teammates, who will grant, was shot both legs Rock Jim roared, shot in the chest and a growing and, of course, Jimmy and your concern with those injuries was what the equipment ever work again. Ah and then you you, you mention our don few drowse get ready to go into shock. You know I've never been trained about what somebody going into shock sounds like or die and I had no clue but as soon as I heard dawn and I could hear his voice Goin up a few octaves. He referred to it in a note to me about his girly voice. Aidan, you D shot and a damn chest and
you got a right to be. You know you're going to the panic or whatever it is. I didn't we didn't have that conversation. This is flashing through my mind, but I could hear it and I just said you know you just came to me- get his mind off his situation and get it back onto our situation. I didn't realize how badly he was injured and that he was gonna be useless and states on abortion. After that, but I just wanted to get him back and action and and out of out of any any shocked because we're were we're in the middle of nowhere and I have no idea how, if we're even gonna, get out of there and if we get out of there, how on it's gonna, take it so on and so forth. So, ah, just Thea the great training from me
legends insulting one. Before I got there, the other. We used to call your basic indoctrination training and then we'd go through it breed appointment, training programme, but those who set the history of seal team one before I got there. Those guys made all the young men all the difference in the training and my reaction and everybody else's reaction in there in the right paddy. So, as I was saying, was the best days and owes the worst days. Thank God. Everybody got out of there I don't know how often it happens, but a willing, but not very often, both Roland and future when they were shot in the chest. The bullets pass front. The back didn't such a bone you're just went through soft tissue and they
the heat of the round. Actually I caught her eyes, the yeah Cotterets injury. Those guys worker God damn lucky his eyes. His is all I can say. Of course. I didn't know that at the time- and it was just I just a real crappy situation, but as those guys got wounded, my here my focus became. We gotta get out a Dutch near. We got to get the hell out of here and it was a hot deasey. We had seventy or eighty ninety of the sea. We hadn't realised that, of course, but we had all these guys in the in the jungle. The other side of the rice, dyke and constant fire on the heels Carl providing that fire at seventy eighty, a hundred feet above above ground level,
he's a he's right there. In the end, the inaction- that's that's not a hard shot to make If you know how to shoot at eels, thank God they didn't so call his crew are in danger and, and then the than Slick Hilo was called a slick is because it doesn't have the many guns and rockets, and so on Slick comes and naked to earth pulls out a out of Asia of a hot elsie. As you said there, he hovered there and I had to make those three trips under fire and without window hedge and guerrilla providing that cover fire. I couldn't gone back and forth to that rice, dyke to get those guys and so on, as will never forget it. Jerry Lord size, YO, YO, bang it away, and
here. He runs out of bullets and any calmly turns to me any says: I'm out of bullets Jesus H, Christ saw seeing is Maya, is my weapon didn't work and I usually went off with a thousand a tool pretty rounds of of ammo on my body. I I ripped I ripped off a bandolier and an overload but a background as he had just like you see in those old movies, with Pavlovian all those. a bad guys and in the westerns I got these bandoliers over a mammal wrapped around or body. Well, that's exactly what I had, but what I did. I put on I put on a t. Shirt were blue and gold. The bandit lears around my body and then on top of those I put on a set of Camus not only to cut down on the on the noise, but it also cut down on a reflection of the other branch of the rounds and pretty did them from anything that we might run into saw when now, when those
ran out of bullets. I did a Butler Maya, my camera, yeah yeah, sure top man just popped, the pop the Lincoln three one hundred and twenty rounds off too large, a hundred and twenty, and we can like you if you, if you watch it, can like a snake flying through the air and then they grab it and they are they pop it down, and they I'm your slammed in India. In there however, of their other weapons, and they start return fire quite. quite a brave situation for those guys and- and they were completely suppose near while we're all completely exposing and is We need the guys in the Hilo I'd like to take full credit for that, but the as the crew members like out these guys up out of the Marquis Emmi Linnea, the because and set down into the rice Patty, the other. The deck of the of the cabin of the of the Huey was too high for me to lift these guys and I'd. Get em up high enough and then the crew members are done. You dragged into the year Ragman the halo so
it was. It was a bad day at Black Rock, a real shity day at black rock. To be honest with you, so was the worst day my career and a bath. I got a bunch of questions up boo. What will get the back, backed Vietnam's I'd like to hear about how that you know what you're workable, like how you and there will get there, but just to give us a little background on you, let's just started we await worthwhile. Your childhood was like how did you become the hawk? Well, that was pretty become a law. Gotta. Tell you why Maya My dad was a policeman and today policeman, who were first responders, go out and deal with. God knows what, in society there not paid well enough for what they do go back guy sixty or seventy years they weren't paid no period so
the word alot lot of second helpings at the dinner table. So while I grew about about six. What five eleven and a half is probably the God's honest route if If it wasn't now down anybody else than ours was elite net. I was there's an old story But the only thing that ever broke was a handle on the refrigerator door. Well, I broke them on a refrigerator door more than once, but somewhere in the ice type, and never rustled. I went away a Catholic grammar School and now I am a retired catholic, but I went to a Catholic Grammar School and
got to the high school was the first time I saw anything like like wrestling and Anne was interesting and exciting when out for the wrestling team, and we had a great freshmen wrestling coach and I want to say his name was Gordon House wrath, but that a great deal of great coach and he was kind of ambivalent on the benefits of of weight training. But he also was helpful and getting me area a lifeguard job in the village of bread, borders in one of the other beaches, and now it was on a bay and a canal. So you didn't in any open water skills at that point in time. So what I did that summer is, I had probably like a hundred and ten one hundred and fifty pounds,
and I and I brought over to the to the beach and we have little new garage kind of thing and and on my breaks you know I'd go overdue. If you set this out of the other thing lunch break, I do a few more sets and before I got on my bicycle and rode home, I do a few more sets. I came back to two wrestling Leah, the next year for and the coach House Wrap calls me out to at to use me as a demonstration dummy on some particular who they was going to do right. So he calls me out, and I'm lay down on the mat and telling the rest of the team, what he's going to do, and I just locked and yours is you thirty five year old man, a hundred and sixty five hundred and seventy pounds, a Yo Yo Wrestling IO champion in his in its own right and ears,
yo. Smart ass carried and lived waits Alzheimer's and he couldn't moved me any any said Missus. What did you do an eye or change people's lines about weightlifting and conditioning for at least baser. I school waiting get. Where did you get the idea? Were you looking at like magazines and how did you figure out even the idea of weightlifting where'd you get the weight set from well. I played, if you listen to this, that's your fault, We had a year we had a guy on the on the football team. Name was re plate and saw him. Another hear me a fifty year union a few years ago and is doing well but Ray had arms, look like somebody's legs and Ray wasn't the biggest guy on the team by any stretch of the imagination. But re was our nose tackled and nobody on Other teams pushed re around and I said that looks like
it works. Let's give that a dry, and so I did- and I learned learn- learn a lot on my own, but I went down to her I got the navy already see scholarship. You said to utter the villain over and that's a up. That's an academic scholarship. Ah, you ve got a pass a physical, but it's it's not like I By this I mean you gotta, you gonna find a mirror. You gotta, you have twenty twenty vision and in that kind of thing- and so I am, you got the scholarship and I went on down a villain over and yeah I could have tried to walk onto the football team. They did not have a wrestling team. I could have tried to walk onto the football team, but you know I said I don't know what this academic stuff is really going to be. I've got this scholarship so
before I over load. My myself, let me just stay here, not go out for football, and so the football team at the time used the same weight room as them, but wannabes earlier anybody else at the school. So I guess I lifted dialogue with the little out of the guys on the other Barton. There were around. There were a couple of monsters on the football team in the the number one rated one hundred ninety one hundred ninety eight pounds power lifter, not only collegiate Lee but nationally a you- was on the villain over football team, namely job Rico stronger in the law allowed, but with it was an aim,
like serenko. His nickname was busy, but that John John could do good quote only bench press about three and a quarter three hundred and thirty five, and he was always complained that listen to Sazon, two hundred and ninety eight pounder y'all five foot, eight one hundred and ninety eight pound earth played fullback and he's banking, three hundred and thirty five lb, that's something to write home about, but John could squat six hundred and something he could deadlift seven hundred and something if somebody tried to tackle
around the waste that we're gonna break their shoulder. So I really got interested in in enlisted at the time and we had a year. We had a hundred ninety another hundred ninety eight pounds era at the school and Jim Reboot. She was, I was also rank nationally and he was the number two one hundred ninety college, lifter. Ah Jim was all but stronger in the upper body, and I Jim had a hundred ninety eight pounds afforded ten pound pinch, press competition, bench breast, so we're we were always go neck and neck, and I lifted it to forty two. Ah, yes, I did get up the two. Fifty of my wife is listening, but I lifted to forty two and a half I had. I had a good strong for fifteen
bench. Breast and my last collegiate meat I went into I opened it for went before fifteen, because Jim's record was for tens. I had to break it by five. You gotta gonna, screw it boys, so I had the four fifteen just to get the school record and back then the equipment was not is regulated. If you will, as it is today on the bench had to beat, it did not have to be x. Number centimetres high x number centimetres wide, so this bench with just a little bit whiter than we were used to bench with, and when I hit that for fifteen I came down in it. It sort of my shoulder sorted tweak, but a push up anyway, and I just said we know: you're gonna do do Daedalus your onawandah really screw up to shoulder at my plan had been to set the other. The record I had I done in Jim and for thirty five, but I never had it in my in competition headed in the gym competition so that the whole
living thing became my it. Is it woke it something that there that I am still trying to do so fast forward to show up it by women? We gotta go back there without the bank. Have you hear about the ceilings readers digest? If you can believe it readers Digest magazine. I've been out with high school were that way, while you're a veil over that was when I got the villain, although, as I said, no My father was a policeman. We didn't have a lot of money in the house and our will on my older brother in law and an older sister If there was any money to go to college they got at night tonight, so it was. It was explained to me. If I was going to college, I was going to college on a scholarship, so I actually
part time jobs that I was. I was planning on doing the day of the ROTC exam, and my father says you're taking this test and wanted was twenty or twenty five bucks doesn't sound like much today, but nineteen was at the six thousand four hundred and sixty five. I was a lot of money, six thousand four hundred and sixty five anyway. I passed on the twenty or twenty five bucks and went into the hall. Rotc test will a bit of a bad attitude, but since I got in the room is wait a minute you're not going, the twenty five bucks yeah. That's that's! That's history! You, let's, let's take test! So, as you may know, you have to take the test. Then you have to pass the physical and our ROTC programme tells you that they will provide you with the scholarship. You then have to reply to the university and get accepted. There are completely different process. Salt. I did my father being a practising or convert Catholicism was
he says neither you nor about fifty schools on the less than it had already see scholarships. He says you can go to these five or six. Those were like I wholly crosser. You have gone over Notre Dame those with those of the schools and I had to apply to I applied, and I owe that to the rest of that is history. So it was a it was. It was a great programme, so I get the villain over and what most backup of mortar staying in school I was- I- was good student in high school. I was I was the one that the rest of the honour class kids couldn't figure out what I was doing in the room so headed in new York. They had air still do probably a program called the regions, regions, testing So at the end of the end of the year, are you? What are you doing?
gay statewide examined me a math chemistry, physics, whatever it might be, and I don't think I got under ninety for any of those. So that's part of what the help my I am. I transcript Farrah Review by vote of look look pretty good, and I had a scholarship offers to up the state unit, city of New York system, and I was pretty much determined that I was gonna go to a place called Cortlandt State Cortland had a an actual die. You pity programme fora teaching and yeah. They also had a pretty good rustling team at the time. So I, how did you do and wrestling and Highschool did better than better than it shows, and I hear so I'll tell I might Maya my complaint on that one,
In my my senior year- ah I I was rests on this one kid, and I want to say, was from my from West Iceland but die one of our big rivals and so on, Anyway, the guy stood on me from the F in wrestling. You have a new, you start the start. The matchbook guys are on your feet and in the second and third rounds, do you start with one guy and what's called the bottom position in the other guy his arms around the around the ear, wasn t opposition, one of the most common mousses Stan from the bottom of the guy on the bottom, will stand and rip. The guy hands off of his wasted. The guy was on top and you get away and get his one point for the for the neutral position. Well, I said, ok stand so when I did is this guy was then- and I just went up with em used his owner, his
momentum lifted him off his feet and swung his body. So it was, can like perpendicular mine now I did his eye instead of thrown onto the man. I just feel let down to the man. I mean bent my knees and, as I said, this guy's new perpendicular, maybe an upright so he's parallel to the mat. So now that he's a sliding down my side, my knee would hit the mat heat slide down along. Out of my body and hit the mat. Nobody knew that this guy and had a couple, a damn concussions during the football season. So when he bounced off the map he bowed and laid there. Ah, that was not my plan. My plan was each him not to stand on time. Richard and say he is lay on a man here in terms of an ocean yo what the hell's Goin on here, you went through my mind.
And unfortunately I got quote branded as a dirty ressler as a result of that and right do that they re wrote the Damn New York, Highschool wrestling rule book that had said the man controls knee had to touch the mat before the opponent, which is exactly what I did to the man on top must safely return the opponent, the mat,
I suppose. It's an old girl, sport sure. Yes, that shows a certain amount of the male chauvinism, you're right, but anyway I get to the yeah I get to the county, meat and I'm in the summer files or something like that and this guy. I kite guy, stands up and starts to get away from me and I try to take him down. Ah, not in the manner than adjust discuss button dislike her. A doubling down and I get home and I pick him up and he squirms away from me. I don't have control of them. He squirms away from me. Next thing I here is a is a whistle. I get penalized one point because they claim that when this guy got away from me that I threw down to them,
that and when he got away from me, I had managed to scramble round behind him and get control. So I should add two points for takedown long story short, the guy put on tracks use after that and the Russian never call them forestall, unlike chased them around. The mat, yeah daddy young women, but I can say that they re wrote a New York State High school. It was, I was real disappointment, but, quite frankly, had I- and so here he ended up like second or third and state that year, I'm just saying to myself: you should have been a track star in but anyhow, but all all things considered the I went on we're onto the outer ROTC scholarship, and I had I had I go. The New York had a one New York state. I D probably had any number of a rustling scholarship, so you wouldn't be taught
me today. If that happens, we were good we. So there you see you pick up. A red die. Just some pointy read an article about this. Your games. what was it about unity so much? Father. As I said, I didn't have the money for first call for a four for high school. I college wish to or anything like that, so wish your dad that from and more to yes, he was he doing. He was a it was a gunnery instructor and la. he never never left the United States, but one of the places he was stationed was ports with New Hampshire, and after I retired. I end up working for company important New Hampshire run on the naval base, where he was I was assigned, but does go back to the authority, she scholarship. Ah, that's that was me that was my ticket. The college might take it into the Navy so as onlooker, on the Navy, I'm trying to figure out what it is I want to do. I've been lifeguard
years and years, and I wasn't me a decent shape. I could swim awe, and so I ask maybe I still had new p p boats, I other using over there and nine Vietnam sought an ice again. Small boats, stuff NEO sounds like you: have some fun mucus. cut grass in the summer time and save money, and I bought my own YO fourteen foot, the boat with a three horse. Our Johnson Evan rude up we're motor and salt. small boats were someplace. I look at. I want to do and then, of course, maybe didn't have much of an emphasis on that inside. I look or I find this unity stuff cats, women working in the working in the in the ocean, and I work with demolitions Violette. That sounds pretty pretty interesting. I yeah now try for that.
and then I find this this article about the year about the seals and, I said, really sounds interesting. I think I'd really like to do that. so I couldn't find out much about it. But while I was there on all I let the up that the staff know that though this is this is what I wanted to do and I made the May the application for raw for budget and got accepted Well, in my junior year, villain Villanova, I hand change major. So in my between my you're in senior year, which would have been your first class cruises midshipman. Ah I I'm going to summer school did not make my make my first class crews so get ready. Graduate my senior year and graduation and commissioning his eyes held sort of simultaneously and villain over and I get holding the I hear excells office?
there at the already see unit nieces. I got some bad news for you Thomason now you will get commissioned here and in beginning anime, with everybody else cause You gotta go on y'all, go on your first class crews before you can get Commission you're like I believe this. That's when that's why, guy did so was as you ROTC test yeah got is I got his brain back together. That's the first time. I learn the power of the of the pen and independent thicken, the Navy, I write this letter, the blue pearl, you say a I'm gonna be Fraud, man, I'm gonna, be a seal. I don't need this first class crews. What an arrogant, Jack ass I was so story short than it becomes balances. Ok, you don't have to go into first class crews. I get commission Everybody- and and I go out the buds got it back up the slope here so as
understanding that there is a certain amount of swimming required and proper we running and other conditioning yeah I've. I've just got out and your bench pressed forward pounds at the at the decline you're, weightlifting, champion you're walking around at two hundred and forty five. I was walking on a two hundred and forty five at that point in time and YO squat five hundred and something on your deadlift io5 in a quarter or something like that. in time, long story short several years later in the great empty Maya and was, I was in the navy. Ah, yet and ten years later in the navy. Twenty five a pounds lighter thirty pounds lighter I lifted more, except for the bench press than it was a villain over but anyway, so no Buddy and the arrow TC staff could tell me what I needed to do when I showed up in Coronado Awe- and so I said well
you, d, D underwater, you got me some familiar sought. I jumped in the pool had gone over about three times may before, and I said well if there's gonna be allowed to run and involve the earth, and I started all over roadwork Illinois ahead. I dropped ten or twelve pounds and I shown up corn on, I think, and I was ready to go right, so I show up they give me my first dahlia issue of equipment and they told me that the ad class was in pre training at the time is, is over here at the at the ocean front go over there and Tom who you are another year join in the class. While I showed up and walk up and instructors, look Amelia who the hell are you Anna before
Even let me take a step they make me go, get a prick in a cage ii because they shut thought that I was short fat, new pilot whatever, and so here's another time when no, when you hear your alligator mouth overload your humming bird ass, so we got instructors. Honourable member of Terry Malloy, was there he's a legend in our time and alleged in his own mind, but tat was, I was quite the guy, but there's another guys then, and there. Ah, your complexion echo agenda he's. A his name is Dick. Alan Dick is about five eleven. he's the all navy and I think he might have been the Inter Service Boxing Champ and Dick was standing at about two fifteen to twenty, and I now put the chief Alan and I said no jet Pekin do what I can do
Oh, my god that had what are the damage? That is all I ever said in public daddy body, so they they. They kick the shit out of me. I did not pass my first green test like us. I didn't even know the screen. Tat was so they rode me back to our from class fifty three million class it before I didn't even sign up with them, but tat what you resist. Nineteen sixty nine, so Vietnam's in full swing force. What do you know? You're gonna Vietnam, if you go to a sealed in absolutely and remember the railways to shield aimed at the time- and I guess you guys rooster in order to unity outer buds do at that time, the majority I'm coming out above got. I got orders to the deity T answer was Ernie. Aren't we? The culture in America just so split that you just didn't even think about
the hippies ETA run around in protest in wars. Did you did you see her with his people around villain over where those people and Corn Otto, so in my last semester, Corrado excuse me last mastered gone over all these years. Younger polluted They act of Individual decided that they had to make a statement Oh they're, holding a rally and there are blockading access to her to the campus and shit one of these guys right knee and well. I didn't I didn't. Have the bank accounts, I didn't, I didn't go to Porto Rico or the virgin islands are not spring break, but I'm one of these guys
they know who I am because I was the machine year was about to recover the bars and everybody went through so here they are. There have in this big demonstration- and I forget what particular class was over Barkley Hall. I had been walking over the bark we all and he's got this new Massa students at camp is closed. Gecko click on campus. Now I say: well, we we have one a problem here. I've got a class and Bartley Hall right over there and I'm going to Barkley Hall and that the only problem is here temporarily between me, all was gonna, be they stepped aside. I went glass was easy to see you, No idea what was going to happen to I had no clue not a clue. Cleaner pretty good I had had. I had no, I no idea what it was gonna be about, but
While I was while I was at VON over. Not only did I lifted the german base, but there was a WI him CIA in town, and I ran this guy, who claim to be a retired Yo Navy Corpsman who would serve the seals? Ah, care members, namely a hundred and sixty five pound. I dark complexion guy. I think he was a tie in american whatever and last week we got to talk, and then they told me a little bit about new war stories and then and how tough it was. But one of the things that he said to me. He said every one of those instructors- is humanoid everyone those instructors had done whatever it is their about to ask you to do. who or what they are about to do. Do you? Ah, so I said to my
If I locked in my mind at that point in time, I said, if that human being or that human be or even that marine over there can do that. I can do that. So that was the mindset I went in the budget. Will he can do it? I can do it. it worked. What was at what was was anything that was hard for you, at? What was your running to? Do you suck at running, or did you get good at a pretty quick I sucked at running to graduation day, but five hundred and some odd pounds going into gone and training. I could I couldn't. I could run I could I could do fifty or a hundred yards quick. So when we back when I went to training jobs. Your memory was hard. We
We we train. On the other side, the backlog, Biofuels are former field, is so we'd finish up. Are our pity on one side of form and feel that the side away from the bay towards the ocean and over on them on the basis of former foreman field, was a row of pull up bars? So after pt we would go over run over to those bars and do pull ups dips will the deal was the instructors would break you into groups of x amount of guys, and you would run over to the to the pull up bars. The first guy in each group got the scratches your scratches ass else is Nalina rest punching out two thousand out twenty fifty hours pushups. I never did pushups. After pity I was always the first man my running group to get off
if it is over a hundred yards. I was the last, but I never had to do. Pushups group butter salt pattern of though com goons squads, when you went through echo I'm, god you're. You made a few of those. I made some goods grass, you movie, I mean all of the deal and I didn't realize that the deal was the instructor staff. Is it wherever rents enriches? That's where we got the guns. So one day you, you know a Babel re Psmith. He was a nice class. Fifty four and fifty four class I started with went through third phase: for I gotta say lightest infection. So I'm a man of two can These are two classes are but a great graduate with fifty five, but anyway, first is ray, and I were you were one of the conditioning consumer rights non northwards North island fence and were
just about in front of the other lifeguard towers Centre beach there and not in Granada and re, and I will run along just haven't a conversation you know how I mean, because these conditioning runs word passed there were you hard enough, but though a real fast so Ray, and I are running along having this conversation and ray looks around and he realizes OSHA it where we were right about here at the point where they're going to cut the goons, Tom I gotta go re literally took off at that point in time and he was no more than ten or fifteen yards in front of me where the instructor stepped in and says aright everybody up soon that is pushups because we're starting guns, and so they cut the goon squad wherever I was up one time
no we're doing to soften conditioning, run the stable gone south and I were run down towards the towards the earth, the public beach down there and that's better a three mile point, but the right across from the YAP. Ah, where the marina is there used to be a great big pile of sand and we call them Mount suribachi. Well, the the instructors. I would take us down the saucepan road, which was between they had the ocean front and just probably thirty forty yards and from the strand highway. we'd, run down rondolo and road, and then we get them suribachi we'd run around minister about you. We that over mount wealth I got time and of all those run up and down mouser body stuff. You know tat. I have taught my cookies me more times and I can tell you and
I am one hurt and son of a gun, so they they go up over mouser by Chile, loop around and they had on down towards the towards the state bark beach. There. And I don't even have the friction class in sight today. Today, a new structure get shot for losing track of up of a student, but the day I don't even have a class in sight, so the class goes down, and I know what I note the run is for the day, so they're going to come back, so I just knew loop. through a real nice and easy loop run. Sir about you. The class comes back. I loop round in the back of the class and ETA just worked out through the instructors, we're looking forward as I can, and the goose squatted already been cut down by the state, then stay part. So, as I had caught up to the class now, this great big guy instructor by name attracts, bear tracks whims
looks over the class- and he sees me is the last man and the formation, and he looks at me Then he says it's an Richards. I don't know how you got to be here. I do know you're not supposed to be here, but somehow you did it. So I'm gonna! Let you stay here and that is the only good squire I ever missed comedy. So I guess you did you and fifty four after you went through how weak with riots I went through how weaker and diving phase was a third phase, and at that point in time, so I went off. away all away into the second phase. Diving week before I gotta say ally selection that actually hospitalized me woody. How many people quivering how weak We started with slightly over slightly over Four hundred guys in class fifty four and we ended
up with our right around fifty two, fifty four guys. Ah you, waiting out of fifty four, so we lost modern drifting eyes. Just ringing out ring ring a bell kind of crazy and then You said at this time some guys we had ordered unity. Some guys get order, Cecile team. It seem like at one point it was, you were gonna, go to unity, most likely couple guys will go to seal team. You ended up in order to shielding yes and as far as I can That was no action, because what I did is up. I realise that the situation is just a few expressed that only a few guys and then I'm going to the seal teams. Well, ah I a petition to couple of the of the instructors that pay. I really wanna go shielding and one of them was a highly
decorated seal chief by the name of via Tommy Hatchet honour of tat name rings ability you butter Tom was, was one of the few black eyes. We had the teams at the time and I went up to us to chief hatchet, I said new chief. I really want to go to go seal team one. I think I should. I think, that's where a blog and I went up to a couple of other the instructors and not disappoint time. Chief hatchet was she had. It was in the second phase and I'm in third phase, but I went those guys, because a second phase, of course, but of course second phase was when in warfare and those of the London does your guys- and I said this is what I want to do. You see them as it sets up the somebody in Gaza, because he let me go, you show up the seal team along, but let looked back up. I want to help. I want to training stories your hundred percent in different dick
how weeks have have different lay out your watch done well because, of course, the of the students, learn to much about what's come on up by next and then and they can sort. Are you get their minds, get their minds around it. So winner? will Smith and I went through training together? One of the events that they did was young and I don't know what they called it, but it's called the last man standing. That is a drew, a circle in the sand, the class inside the circle and said to do a sky inside the circle. Get s number points for his offers, both team. Well, you re Smith was: I was a box and champion at the at the Naval Academy Jesus, I want to say he was a year. He was a white man that, as he threw her through the other hammer, something like that so rose a pretty pretty strong. I re was about two hundred pounds,
between five at the most, maybe but ninety five so he's all or to write about my height around my major slow baton, Emmy cause it it'll come to schedule, Ladys, Sola rail. I want to each other. We said islets liquids A decision on ourselves will throw everybody else out of the circle and be you and I see you get two points of bookoo at exactly as we did with those other fifty suckers. the circle and came down array and I Ruslan on the ground and I'm trying to pick me up and thrown out of the circle when instructor Moyne season I've. I raised my head there, you see where the line is and where I've got die, where I got race like, if possible,
other, and just as I raised my head instructor boy, had I b s powerful ascend through it. In my face based gray, had eyes. Ears knows a mouthful of sand, and, quite frankly I thought I was blinded. Ah, but tough, they yeah the students say that after I roared at instructor boy that I only miss them by a couple of steps, because I have ring accident screwy, scooping scooted, Lieutenant J, J Smith, I'm going after next time, a begging, just my faithful. Then I must I must the instructor one of the guys. Take me down the water and clearly outline the crappy thing. Is the Re Smith and even get the points we spoke through because he didn't throw me out Daya. I left my own. A corporate so fast forward. Twenty some odd years
I am now the the skipper of of bugs and ah ah Roy is: is the admiral in charge over? There was much warfare command and ran his wife, Cathy, are living across the street on the infant base and raise son is going to use your training so gray. We have. We have the break out, and some people on break out includes busting. The students out of the barracks giving them all sorts of confusing directions and things to do. There's also instructors firing blanks from M sixty machine guns. I use thing are you flash bags were germ very bright. Very loud. Explosive simulator, disorient the students. and yet here a couple hundred yards away on the other side of the strand. Highway is Navy housing. So you
that Sunday night when we started how weak we, the phones, lit up in one night. It was their movements. Wife, Cathy complain, you re! No, what is termed doing those boy. So is there someone goes through training. I was mere particularly careful and make sure that the that I did not single. I hear him out, but I was too is also why you attentive to the fact that yeah sometimes the sun away. We call him legacy is going through training just like they did, and what was that there was a movie animal house legacies. But that we wanted to make sure that you know somebody's father had been not jackass of the week to one of the instructors that that that didn't carry over and take this out sounds attempt to get through training. but anyway I remember a member ray, come and tell me the story about
re do realise what they're doing the boy, Mozart gas? If you hear this birth rate was re, was concerned about Cathy was concerned about her. She re and care, were married when one ran I went to training, but you re obviously did a phenomenal job of not telling Cathy about what how bad is day was yeah. That's a hard thing to camouflage. Do if you're coming home with you Shay feed your bruised up and beat up and got cuts and mix all over your body, and ankles amnesia swelled swelled up pretty savage, absolutely but the yoke Cathy obviously didn't appreciate what re was going through when you went through training, so we get through needs first phase. He makes it makes it to Hawaii and while not quite so, when rain, I went through training Hawaii.
secured on Saturday morning. Not did you added easy, Jacko training training secured on Saturday morning? Well, when I was the skipper, the centre train secured on Friday morning, twenty four hours off, so the as I mentioned, earlier? I your guys, learn new tricks about what happens at what point in time during the week, and so the classes head that come to understand it. Ok around ten ten thirty may be eleven o clock on Friday. There can secure do you know because the Corbin got to give you a check and then they got a you got to make sure they would get anybody over to Balboa, who needs to go about by Balbo unable hospital, but of course the instructors wanna get up via by three or four o clock in the afternoon, so gas cure body earlier. So this, No that's so the students site I get the instructor staff
genesis, what we're gonna do the students think that The end of this particular evolution, their weak as over, so when they get, when you get them lined up here. There thinking we're done so we're not done So what I did is I went out to you. They thought I was coming over the coming over the do to these guys lined up by the by the ocean that I was going to secure training, secure how weak secure means to finish up close down. So I come over the come over the Burma and I walk none of class. Can I start to engage, had said Smith in conversation. along the lines of Knights Smith. You Urim, probably remember stores of your father that he and I went through through, but together and everybody soup sandwich at the end of hell week, whether it's Friday morning to switch Friday morning or Saturday morning. Everybody is a soup sandwich and some Smith, with no better and
He has no idea what the hell I'm talking about. He just knows Thursday in their get really ready get secured. So I said and Smith Do you recall that when your dad, I went to seal training, she'll training, secure until Saturday morning his this is only this is only ten thirty Friday morning, if you guys got of twenty four hours and I turned around and I left I did not secure how weak we got all. These kids thinken we're done. We ve made it. Maybe I can get a hot shower. I can't take another step if I had to endure guys with tears running down their faces. Ah, they turned turned with her. I can't do it
Can I can't make of twenty four hours so the deal I haven't instructor staff was ok, they must have the kids up and off they go on a year on an idea, carry towards the towards rocks in front of the hotel down and what I wanted him to do was to suck it up and do whatever is necessary, and so these kids sucked it up I went out of the two thou dost thou and came back and secure. I secured him. I said this is You're, probably never gonna forget your life. You thought that this was gonna to that is was gonna be secured an hour ago. It didn't happen. He hated the second up and figure out what to do at that point and maybe still goes on today, but classes would have a t shirt made for her from her class and there be some kind of a cartoon caricature on Albania and the same
Well, that class say was it isn't over till it's over and every one of them every one of learned, the lesson not only in that class, but for the next several classes. They didn't know what was gonna happen. That was my objective: keep em confused heating. Confused. Something else I did when I was a seal. Buds was- That was something called a junior, Austria training course now, as we are
well today. Ah seal training is broken to several sexual, but two distinct sections. The first approximate six months is equal to what I did back when I went through training. The second six months where you earn your qualification is seal, is more advanced training. Ah in in my day, ah they had something called seal basic indoctrination training. That is, you would get to the seal team. You would go through this five or six weeks of advanced training, which is what today's second six months is. Ah, you would go through that next, six weeks or so of advanced training and the decision
be made whether or not and planning. Auschwitz could recommend you for your tried in turn, to become a seal off. When I graduated untill training may an x number guises. We discussed a few moments ago went directly to shield him one, but you guys went to eleven and eleven and twelve thirteen was then to then. Ah what happened was those friendships that few and believe me. As you know, Jack, I'm sure you guys understand. There are no tighter associations or friendships and you form when you go through buds training. So what would happen was naturally, when you get a bunch of guys, ten or fifteen guys from political class go no particular team. They tend to hang up gathered to include the junior officers da the yeah yeah they were. Special warfare is probably one of the few organisations, whether a lotta, close friends,
when the offers only enlisted- and I mean really close friends. First named basis, you name at the Rio Grande Yo Yo, godparents kid you name it close association. What I wanted to do was I wanted to break that bomb. I wanted to break that dependency I wanted those junior officers to have to go to a team and stand on their own, not be able to lean on a budget guys that they had gone to training where they were now officers. They were now going to have to make some significant decisions that would potentially affect some of their fellow classmates
They were always offers. If you won't, you know going through training that offers were assigned more responsibilities and lay not harder than the other than some of the troops, but I wanted to give these guys none, we separation, but I want to give them some tools to work with. So I started at that point in time when I call the junior Oscar training Class, and it was only two and a half for three weeks that they at the outset. I dont know what it is today, but we set that set that programme upper for two reasons: leadership, training, ah YO management. I yo training exposure to two others, other factors about the Navy other than buds training. So I sat up and and now that junior ascertaining is part of that second, six months of awe of
of the of the budget training butter. I feel I feel proud of the fact that that still exists- and I am of course is part of that evolution of training. That is naturally going to happen, but it was one of the one of the best things and I thought that I did what I was to seal off, but then just its expand. the times I know my buddy life was actually when we got home from our last deployment together. He took over the that jockey course spanish, we start. These are taken guys on the field. We really focused on leadership, and I think it by by the time he was done. I think it was out to maybe six weeks and just trying to make it or more comprehensive and get the guy's more prepared for when they do sharpness yielding it's still. There we put together. A reading list. Ah you are, we not just saw the disguised. Have a list referred to
we we made everybody, take a book and provide a summary. I forget the name of the other young ensign, who took her Dick Marcinko First book RO warrior and before I say they also sorry to see that Dick has passed He was a year. A very influential individual in the development of development group, she'll teams wherever it, whatever their called. Today, although addicted things his own way, ruffled a few feathers in the process, I have nothing but the greatest personal respect for Dick Marcinko. So Dick gets out of the navy after a pause, some kind of a felony conviction Tom Richard personally feels it. I don't think I don't think Dick Marcinko wouldn't
anything less of a felony nature. Just that's just not new Dick was too could be a royal pain in the ass an iota you, you name it, but ah, ah you Dick Dick got some things done so anyway. He writes this book row warrior off. First of his books,. And in it he reveals. A number of things were. Probably I owe you a classified at the time and the Hague he'd just serve some time, and I think I think, a retired as commander, I'm not sure what would happen to me and it had been promoted to captain. But in any event,
ah the the Navy decided not to slap his rest about some of the things were in the book. Ah, but you can tell reading the book that the Dick had not separated from the Navy and the greatest of terms and so on this young junior Asher, who was the first Guide Review Dicks book tunnels, his book review, Robe Weiner, as opposed to road warrior. Ah I'll, never forget that dad than it that answer he had eight. He noted some of the things that the Dixon and he saw some of the of the way the Dick was YO broken his finger back any I, the United States Navy kid did a very good, very good job and, of course, that's exactly with Dick was doing
fuck you, the United States, Navy cursor, now Deca. Well, that's Dick was that was so junior ass. Your training course was area was something I was really proud of. So you, obviously at the end of buds, for you, you have junior after training course used Chirruped insulting and that's why that's why I created a junior Oscar training courses. I I saw what I was missing. I mean I walk into a team now, I've gotta were how many years you have before you got commission juggle. Eighty eight years here I go the wet behind years ears Ensign and I'm walkin in and I've gotta be the guy in charge of guys like Jacko who's got eight years under his belt orally In my she'll put whom we had the Jack shorts and who is the rain,
sure it and to do first class. I think Jack made chief during that period of time. You know. I really should have been in a learning mode as opposed to a leading mode. At that point time, and I learned as much as I could from those guys so again that could that goes back to that the whole. The whole premise of that Don say so so you graduate from body out it's just check in initiating how many guys from your classmates tilting one I don't remember you allows Gary Stubble field, you best, madam I weddings on, and he had I deployed to view shortly thereafter was rolling. Seventy. When you graduated Ryan, I graduated in April of April nineteen. Seventy yeah that was fifty five class. Fifty four graduated in February and Jerry was from
before ah DORA half a dozen allows, maybe no more than a dozen now that went to the team, one and Iraq. Into a right. It patterns right into redeployment, training and boom gone. I know act. I talk to you other guys from Vietnam and answer when they checked in the team one. I remember one guy tell me: what's gotten a shower, after a pity, or someone is looking to every everybody's like shot up everybody's wounded edges, so much bat for those guys back in that time and the seal team silky one. he'll team to that's there for the seal teams and here's what you have a hundred fifty guys at the team. Thereabouts. That that say that's a good number of Anna. We had we had situations in tilting one where apple tomb would be scheduled to a new come back from Asia.
But deployment and deploying petunias had alone over there and and maybe they are they hook up in the Philippines. Where a couple of guys opportune. That was supposed to be coming back to the states couple. Those guys would admit that platoon and go right. There go right back in country there were. There were a lot of their allotted deployments like that and a lotta laana hard men come on It is for you to get your trying to see what s behind SB eyes. It was like a week's long about probably closer to six Ella enamels judgments. straight just jungle, training, a jungle training. I remember now island there, California and the solvency and they d irrigation, canals and saw that feed into that, provided some really interesting. Train and of course it's the friction desert, so it's hot
so if it was it was, it was a really good place to train, and then you and then at the end of Spi. That's when you get your trident right and then you get put into a platoon absolutely, and at that point I mean you're gone into a Andy, the challenge of seal and echo. The time, of course, is ok, what's the other make up of the Potomac? We know we want to have a year and offer make an a second deployment, and then you ve gotta couple a couple of senior enlisted and maybe a couple about junior unlisted senior unlisted might be a third drifted. Junior guys might be an error on their second, but we had a year we had a green Putin.
great. Tougher was a surface warfare Oscar before what through training and he started training as lieutenant. So I dont remember how many I? U Amity year, senior to me he was, but he started training as lieutenant awe and ah was at his first platoon is wrong exactly around here. He and I graduated class, fifty five. So the actual call me and asked her father ass, the fire wanted to be the way I see it. Grants button and I say to her that that gets here yet it gets me where I want to go sooner than a normally would have you back and as if we had done Jack actual to a later got commissioned retire. There's. A commander out over the dead group are ready,
urban who got wounded in there, and I think he was medically retired from Africa and action and not in Vietnam, with what the Baton ah Randal hedge awe and I think, Moses Marquez, where the other two guys who had prior era prior deployment, we're out of out of fourteen geyser tenements wherever energies so we work up and you're, and go now you, together with your platoon, and how long is it? Do you spent six months at nowadays? We do Noah, and in that case, as the sun, so I got I got, In April, we deployed in the end of August. I got there in April when, through SB I've been doing math, I gotta go through SB. I finish up ass b I and are put together this Potomac Zulu button, and then we we get through,
put together. We go right into the right into redeployment, training, Sola and it was only x number weeks, ah a couple of months as we enter your finish up my lifetime to give give guys I a weaker ten days off before our compliant justa, yet care business. So it was, it was a pretty yeah. Yeah slam bam situation, but you had the Awesome thing: is: you had guys come back from Vietnam that were running your training for your platoon, absolutely the FBI programme when I went through. It was run by guys like a mass chief Huey and uncle our There are two value is I was a fantastic individual think I ever heard him raised his voice. Had I don't think I ever saw anybody Workin form not do exactly what the hell they were told to do. Ah my whose aims
his work, I've ever admirable work without later in life and whose Justa just pleasure butter, ah Gary Gallagher, ah, You know Gary and, as you know, these names- ok, Jerry Gallagher, nickname Mature Navy, Judo Champ he's one of the instructor, so we set up this this event, where wars Post to take down a hooch were supposed to enter it searches does anybody in there. You had taken hostage and I you search for whatever might be there so we go to the year. We go to the huge and we we set up, I'm I'm on the outside of the door and I'm unfasten away from the huge just as security just in case somebody comes up while geyser inside while the bad guy, and there is much muggers two hundred pounds like I say,
maybe judo, champion right launchers. Rose, a couple of guys away in the inside of the inside, of a huge ye comes blast and out the door. The hawk is on his knees. Yo there to us to provide security. I got my my my weapon at the ready and as our Huey ripped on fixed chief Gallagher, You let that two hundred and twenty pounds lose on his knees, catch you and wrap you up, because I mean I caught him from behind. I got Gallagher for me, I'm just a wrap them up in a nice neat baggage best achieve you. We had had a black with that, but but lesson learned below there, We go here's this here's a leader coming up- and I owe you gotta- be prepared for error. For those. Often those leaders come out, and you guys
there was no other missionary, were looking to do. As you know your own in Vietnam and that's the two hundred percent the focus complete. I mean when you look at this the mission focus at the super tunes have today the breadth of the breadth of the year. The type of missions I can get oh, like area interdiction at sea? Taken down a shepherd see I never thought yeah I mean I, wouldn't I had a clue how to do it, I'm sure, as our guys have done today, we clearly figured out how to do that in those type things. No there we're we were oh on one thing, we were created by President Kennedy to do that, and did you curious donor, right. That was my that was my weapon in the field and even we were telling that story you you were throwing linked five hundred and fifty six ammo to two other guys right. So how many stoners did you have in that squad? were Gary and Bulgaria, one might have been the only other. Ah cause, I think
yeah. I think Gary Window with probably aware the other two guys rest of the guys m16 over m16 variants, but the important part of that. and one of the reasons why multiple guys were carians donors is so that you had that ammunition in operability and yeah. My the receiver group of my weapon took four rounds in the end. The guy said. If, if, if that stone, I've been across my chest where it was a bit. I had four holes, I wouldn't be. Who would be? Haven't I conversation today, so my gun was an inoperable model but as I said, I carried me anywhere from a thousand twelve hundred rounds on her lap and I had I put it to give away when you so Does she just get on with the appointment and now you're going you're, fine or Vietnam justify commercial over to Vietnam? How to get over the fly commercial all kinds of other guys who, over there are a lot of army replacements. They flew over their commercial air or August,
chartered flights, that's what it was just a regular army guys which, over there in commercial flights, we we flew over and I believe, What might have been the last United States Navy see one a teen I believe was, and I we were gonna go to Hawaii from Hawaii. That b I and into an end to our tonsils airport, not incite on so as navy. Pilots would have the habit during our shocks. We got the hawaiian braver. Broke down for a few days. Well, none none of us were rich at the time poor now, but Don T, I I had a few bucks, your managed wasted,
but I also I was able to distribute a few bucks to some of the other guys in the baton, because we had no money. We didn't figure we're gonna be anywhere we're gonna have to pay for anything or have a chance to go by a beer. But does We're we broke down and broke down, and why swear as were granted. For short, as is his palm tree climb, skills you up and pick a coconut did from Are you going to stop and apply? We did, from where you get into the announced, what what's the, what what's like when you hit the ground of Vietnam hotter than I can imagine we're Talkin Augustine in in Vietnam and yeah, I didn't grow up with Thou with air conditioning. But I grew above on long island and you had a long island sound on one side. You had the Atlantic Ocean and the other side's would never get really get your particular hot. So dear, going through a
through training in the summer and Coronado is as high as I never been before. I got two before I got to Vietnam and it was just hot humid, muggy, awe and Asia hyperkinetic level of activity like it's hard to describe. So what was your where we were you locate? we, we spent a few days in Saigon and Then we were shipped down to the very southern Tipp of Vietnam You look at Vietnam on a map there, so it's kind of like a little tail kind of like the the keys and not in Florida, with his little tail down there or not the very bottom part of a Vietnam. On the year round. Some call the Cologne River down there and have another platoon. With your suggestion. There were several patterns, audio cycling through there
What we had was something called a sea float and see. Float was a series of barges lashed together in the in the river, with that the taxpayers of Yo Patrol boats operating from there and seal patterns operating from my from the yeah, from the barges shortly after we got there in and when we arrive, they had already started building area, a short airstrip awe and some Mamma. I wouldn't call see huts value of new plywood Anna YO screen sides, and no, you didn't much more than block the rain. Coarser is no no ac, and what was emissions that you guys were given. We were, were there were to look for offer VC, ah Vichy Tax collectors PA anybody. I infiltrating that that part of the world gather the internal
just try to find out who these folks were where they were and go after him. Ah, we did we, we did specific got going in for an individual paddy, a location we did things like I'm going out in San pans patrol at night, lookin for the for the Vichy tax collectors. Eye tracker hit up the. the locals we'd sit on us in on your riverside ambushes, io. Looking for these guys. Ah, I missed a particular up operation butter. Grandpa grant tougher squad had I had a phenomenal up of your based on some intelligence that we and again you Jack Schulz would I would go off. I you Second, with the pr use, the the advisers and you're lookin for bits and pieces of intelligence, and no one of the one of the crews that day they came up with was
a weapon storage facility on not too far from my often where sought anchor was located down there in the name can province at that point. Time. Our squad was up at a place called damned twenty five thirty miles up the river, something like that and operating out of out of there. We thought there might be some virgin territory. We could not go find some bad guys, but while we were up there on grant and the other guys found this you're one of the largest camo cash chaise located nor and war was robbed Temple like. How often do you guys goin out I've heard they didn't. They sometimes rotates want one tonight squad to tomorrow night and go back and forth absolutely, and sometimes, if you, if you didn't, have something to work with, it might be every third day, my very first fourth day butter, oh boy, we had a year.
We had a little was signing an earlier on the outside of the huge, I actually that that's that here we go a little and then a slash to a new fibre over the those with that was. I tell that what we of the other known K. I really don't remember the the total number of options we did in that in that six months, but but as a heavy optimal you workin lot it will. It was heavy enough yeah how up- and I would not have wanted to have to go out more often than that. I come back here because you go out completely brachyura circadian rhythms? Ah, you go out and you glad at night near your exam
did your slogan through through ECHO Kneedeep by you might carry on your fifty sixty pounds over a year and a few are you patrol YO five, ten clicks fifteen clicks doin that stuff you're whip puppy turn at the text a couple days to respond cause. You don't wanna, go out tired and you don't want to God fresh, because if you do somebody's gonna die, so you had. Would you guys have you guys have fourteen men in your power to tackling fourteen gasjets? Your squad, you're going out with was seven seven checks by wherever, whenever raw, whenever we felt, was. necessary. We we were sitting down there at the on solid anchor and we were routine we're getting mortar from some place near few clicks are three east and a few clicks north south. Oh, what you do is you look at the at the impact of the mortar and you can tell by the
the size of the hold the mortar makes whether it ceja, ah fifty one or two millimeter mortar, that's The bad guys did the eighty two. We had everyone's right. Ok, thanks, it's been oil, so you can tell by the size of the of the crater. What what what size motor it was, and that tells you the the maximum range of the mortar and you again again looking at the crater, you could also tell was a year. It was a high angle, shot coming down from your short ranger, and so you can. You can kind of figure out that range and then, of course, the Orient nation of the of the crater from impact, told you the the asthma, the back as with words come, and so we kind of did that we said ok, they're, probably come and write down is here. River and set about here. So we went out early and set up further so that they'd have to come down in front of us. We were tired of having a card games interrupted by a mortar attack. You know so we
Quite frankly, that's true. There were several movement had tax, where we were out of that out of that card game and into the into the bomb shelter before the frickin cards in the floor dominant. But so we went up there. To try to intercept aside this mortal crew and I course you wanna be careful not to your hand with with anyone. Over the are visual reconnaissance of the of the area. So we we did it we are, and we can. Then we said the upper few a few days later, but the canopy so hard. What we missed was another trail on the river, so we set up x, number yards off the river, so we'd have a field of fire on the river cause. We figured out come Non river.
These boys are coming down there as well warn track behind us. You know you're Whistlin, Dixie or whatever the Vietnamese were right. We doing there you all the sudden we're sitting here facing the river, and we hear the chatter going on behind us, as these guys are walking behind us with the with the with a mortar and we couldn't. We couldn't do anything. That is if we started to make the noise fifth and try to take them under fire. We d, given that these guys are walking down the trail with her with their guns and her end, your worse it near sit near lion near Neil in their ah Yo Imposition face River. Was our guns point in the wrong direction guns pointing in the wrong direction? So we We have made a hell of a lot a racket, and will we don't you think it's amidst So we call off the mission and later on, we were we're in our own
SAM Pans, Palin back to back the saw an acre and you look off in the distance, and you see this flash well, the Vietnamese had a hundred five millimeter battery across the river from plot anchor. and we also had a a shared talk. He attacked O operations centre and before we went out, we put in a desert, they did. No fires. So work how on earth back down the river. And I see these flashes and because of the no the flash notes had it near written direction. Nurse alone cannot come anywhere near us all of a sudden there's an air burst almost directly above us, and then a few more air bursts
up and down the river. Where we are, I get on that radio and tv. I? U S, side of the talk cease fire probably said a few things in the earlier than I shouldn't said, but cease fire. They cease fire and Edna, and I got back to the talking in Islamic J G. I had this fuckin lieutenant about the hanging from the rafters is. I was explaining to your how he almost how he almost new killed some us. I could not believe you could see. You could see the shrapnel peppering, the water all around us, nobody, God I don't know how that happened. Another lucky day on a ranch. How often would you say you guys we're getting enemy contact when you guys went out?
The kind of guy I am not enough, yeah we went over there to kill bad guys. You know these people would cause United States of America get into a shooting war over here, and so my job was kill the bad guys, and now we didn't, we didn't have enough contact. As far as I'm concerned you out of a finish up with another fall on that butter yeah. That's as that's what I sign up to do and if the nation comes to a point where that needs to be done, sent me out oh that's, that's that's! That's! Who is in the seal teams? That's why you seal teams, special forces, Green Brays, Airforce, but operations guys these guys. You send me coach, that's what we're here, for so
as you got towards cause the the event that we started off. Talking about. That was one of the last operations that you guys were scheduled to do. Is that right, absolutely we had no, we deployed in August of seventy, and we were scheduled through her to come back to you beginning of February. Seventy one end and my squad had YO started die you mean cleaning the gear and preparing a year to pack up, and an instant at home is one of the last thing you have to do is is clean everything, because it's gonna be expected to make sure you're not bring in LA back. Any particular mud, flora, fauna or whatever from from overseas? So you you gotta, takes while prepare which started that process. My squad and Grandpa Gray want to die do one more operation, then, since it was grant- and I with whether whatever information he and had, I wasn't paying attention to it. I was working with my guys getting ready to get ready to come home.
But his operation didn't quite go plant because he flew. They'd be contacted in the helicopters that they took fire, on the way into the area where they were going to go on ass. Well, now, Marcus Royal got shot and shoulder and wounded seriously enough, the end up being medically retire. So they re so squad, one goes out to execute this mission as their flying into this Elsie. They take fire a royal get wounded bad enough that they can't they have to have two aboard the mission they come back to base. The come back base and they take Marcus off the plane, our Corpsman Dockers, Tom Harris whose on his death bed, Harris takes Marcus donor. We add a cosmic bay, not much more than that. There it's on acre and
Tom is monitoring YO. What's going on with Marcus, our cars was her choose me. Marcus was the year radioman. For that, that's what doc. Hers was the other radioman other radioman inopportune, Doc Harris had taken care. of our markets, royal and so on, grant needed radioman, and so my basic thought is: it's not smart to go back, Grant wanted to go back, I said: well, you going back someone's gonna, carry your ass out of rice, petty now carry the radio Words, they were words to that effect, and I we it wasn't too to the grand saying defence, but in grants process. It wasn't exactly where he was going in, but so anyway,
go back to that area, and we are. We took fires we were coming in and nowhere we we landed and we went up a rice patty over one and up the next and we were, as I say, taken far almost immediately, but we went up that through the section arise- patio we were just we're, just gonna kill them had you guys had anyone wounded prior to that? Yes, ah Randy. Sure it and had been seriously wounded. Ah, he I e basically lost his elbow as a result of the wounded he got on on. One of my squire
operations at add. You guys had anyone killed in your power to know oh yeah and AOL Yo. I feel fortunate to be able to talk about the operation bone. Thirty, one January, nineteen, seventy thirty January entry, seventy one because nobody was killed with that number of bad guys and without the than the flying and dedication of how three call Nelson in particular and his.
his door gunners. Ah, I'm not here to have the conversation side, it sir. It's interesting to be able to have that conversation, any any smart ice remarks and I might make about it. Call it she'll humour, but you know that's that's what it is. I am happy to be alive. I'm glad those guys are alive. And then that ended up being the last mission that he raised it, So there is nobody left company where we in fortunately there would not. A debrief- ah you we're all their Anna or we all their into anything except Marcus, Marcus, Edna, Marcus went Well, I don't know what is his his event process was, but the rest of us, where there are not enough in been too ether,
nah field, surgical hospital together, a few days, but then, then we went different directions in the in the processor. Jim roller went one one place came back to San Diego. I don't remember where Grant went, but basically Jesus. I don't know how many years it was before I I saw grant again. It was just one of those deals about what your hand messed up. I can't imagine get shot the hands. It seems like at For you to be totally mobile, your hands were drowned. Lucky yeah. I got lucky and NEO when, when you tell somebody that you're one with people one are you people are almost hesitant to ask about your warwick because figured going to pull down your pants and show her your shot in the ass for no but I've. I've got a better one, because I was I was holding holding onto the pistol grip of a of a machine gun
The round went through the my thumb through my finger. You can see how the now? There is a somewhat damaged and then through the through the head and just shattered the the bones and a hand. So I was radioman at this point in time, and I was fortunate. I was able to use my thumb my index finger in order to at the operate. That is a handset Nick cuz. They, the end of the end of my middle finger is no good. My ring finger is not good, and neither was my my pinky finger I had. I had two fingers due at the work. The radio with Anna was fortunate to be able to do that in
in great tafurs, recounting of how this this went down. He said, ah, you heard me here you'll per scream when I first got hit and then he then he mentions in the summary that he provided Ferrara Captain Slattery. I heard no time my Europe second time. Well, let me tell you about that. Second tat, we ve all seen. Ah people like john-
or are they coenties would get get wounded in your go on and do great wonderful things- and I remember, was too mules were sister. Sarah, whereas eastward takes an hour in the shoulder any puts, will gun powder on the hole in the front of his shoulder and hold back of a shoulder and pulse yarrow back out through so I set my shit he's would get it. I can do it so I looked down at my hand after I got hit, and I see what I thought was the bullet sticking out of the back of my hand. So I was just take a second and take care of this. I reached down. I grab what I thought was a bullet between teeth an idea, and I discovered a good yank to up to get that borne out other well. It was one of my finger bowls and that figure bone was still attached, that's as Grand Herbie yoke. The second time
I mean I don't know what the pain is like given birth, but I'm telling you that was. That was absolutely. I swear to God my toes curl and but that's the kind of guy you have the teams, that's who the fuck? We are young. Okay, I got all my hand it's a boy when we get rid of the boy there's an old say, fuck with the truck and you get down right. That's who the special forces are you Want someone you go in there and do the job you want somebody to ignore pain and do it. It is their supposed to do one eight hundred special operations. You're coming home now from Vietnam did, you know the war was gonna. Did you know that was probably going to your last opponent? No, I didn't, and quite frankly I got guts.
Information sort of like as a surprise, my you when I was first wounded. they told me they would probably have to have a second operation on my hand or restore your full function. So I get to Balboa Hospital and they they are unwrapped, the other, the cast and so on, and they say we don't think you're going to be able to at the movie ring finger, and so I move my ring finger and not a whole lot of strengths are, of course, but it's a no If you don't think, we need to go in again and beer straighten out the other bones, and so on is since we function or not, go through recovery process. You're could go so. I said: well, I don't have to have another operation on my end, that's good for me, and so I I went through the rehab an eye he as soon as soon as I was given a medical clearance and I was good go. I went by the Ex Post office said Exo tie me up
and he said Tom Red Brick can't do that. Now the other war started wind down. He just said Jacko Anna, the leadership rightly so, who wanted to make sure that the a bunch of guys, but you guys the rest of the guys who had not had actual combat experience, would have that two for that exposure. To make sure we understand opportunity, exposure and the required experience that you want your military fighting forces. So the the seal on the exile, we're getting as many new guys the opportunity to deploy and get that exposure to holy shit. I'm gonna die, or maybe I'm gonna live and lived through it in your different person. That's what they were trying to do. Exo tells me that the
Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to become a member of another pattern and I said well, I'm out of here. I can't I can't a year and watch these guys go. Do what I want to do so at that point in time I went through our decision process trying to figure out. How do I get out and Amy? If I do what I would do more to protect all FBI? Ah, what I would say what's gonna be ah do I do I stay in the teams? If I do what do I do so? I went from seal team. One to the training centre is a diving offer and that was a year.
I was grey experience deal what the as the kids, the new guys getting the guys like four year, the ostrich, like three or four years younger than me so I that job was a. It was a great experience, so I said well around for a while longer ended up in thirty years. But I was, I was really really disappointed not to get the opportunity to go back and Asia No, I went to El Salvador Winna lieutenant manners. Awful burger was killed and. As soon as I heard about house death, I raised my hand, and I was surprised The word a few more people raising her hand butter. I raised my hand, go go down there. I mean that's where the where my trade, in my experience in my skills, were going to be needed in some way shape or form. I want to do that ass wise, I love so before
we went down to El Salvador, so you did you into buds for little while, as as a dive phase officer to you, do you tore it buds and one of the thing Then I felt was a Yahoo was a failure on the and the mission where we all got got wounded. Therein thirty, eight January, wasn't it agents failure so from. But I want to defence. Intelligent school was a nine month programme back at the dead, the Navy yard and I in Washington DC actually an accosted annex name of programme and from there I went to two years as the year as Intel officer at Naval special warfare group. To then I got to us too, want to team to as as the saucer and, ah. Ah, that's where I met folks, like ah ah Bruce Van, hurt him Dick Marcinko, ah,
You name it the earlier cast characters Bob Bob Bob Wagner of the Navy Cross it across winner from one of the Navy Cross Winners and seal team. To was I. Was running the the training programme at at at team to and he was he was a young. Here's just a heart is now son of a bitch. You knew a great guy. He wanted to make sure that the guys were our train and ready to go and do it dad do what they needed to do. What was the at this I'm in the late seventies I mean they're just be combined, no money for the seals, imagining no like what was a as far as the as the Navy drew down, you know during like the cargo years, always alike.
seeing as I'm not sure if the Navy can stop my pension? I have a hard time answering that question When I came back from Vietnam, we had, before I left to go to other- be the diving offer. The navy was cod the Navy was tearing down its ah brown Water Navy in and they they weren't really thinking about special operations, though just thinking about Brown Warner Navy, ah, the yeah you? U interview, Duff, call Nelson from love, how three the helicopter attack light squadrons that were set up in Vienna were commissioned in Vietnam, and this established in Vietnam never even came back to the United States. There was not a commitment by the Navy to support special operations. Aviation assets when I came back,
seal team one had I had a directive to reduce and strength by it was you thirty or thirty four, the area they sent two guys to the fleet ripe. They sent him back to the fleet the expression that sticks in my mind was thirty, thirty, four, as we call them might the dirty thirty, but it was thirty or thirty, four guys and yoke Bruce Bruce ran Herman La George winter. Now, your God rest, his soul, George just passed away, but can you imagine somebody in in the Navy were reducing and strings comes down and they tell Commander Worthington and in command ran, hurt him. Ok, you got a shit, can through
before your guys. You ve just been through some of the most difficult training in the world and an and send him back to the fleet. Ah, they they came up with the best ah set of criteria that they could at the time for people who had. then the team for a short period of time guys with no deployments, Guys under the rank of such and such YO there were, there were a number of those things when they did, they did the best they could, but it sought, ah and and to those guys came back, probably Most of those guys came back, but what that those are my just said about the the house, a jewish and seal team, one and I'm sure seal team to went through the same thing. I actually have never talked anybody about that, but
Ah you look at the at the green arrays. They, the army, words, were toss in those guys left and right. So the military did not understand. The Department of Defense State Department did not understand and what was going on in the world and the and the type of conflict we were going to see coming down the road to Europe. right there in the seventies it was. It was a period of time and not much was going on, but you turn around and you stop. Looking at the end of sovereign other locations are the the relations. We are, we did down there in Panama. Ah things things are starting to look pretty pretty stinky around the around the rest of the world you're, not gonna, send an aircraft carrier battleship do that you're gonna send some they like us and even fast,
forward to the to the to the Gulf Wars yeah multiple. Ah, who was it to his gettin most of the assignments every once in a while yeah ship submarine, but launch a few missiles on a particular strike. But who know who who was getting all the there was? No, the press was doing all emissions name special operations Navy Special warfare- ah weaver we ve evolved. Did you ask me earlier about the sum of the types emissions come then then, as compared to now we ve evolved incredibly and that that evolution is is absolutely key. Weak today are the same people that we were
Fifty years ago, Teresa time flies where we are today, the same guys were fifty years ago, the guys you figure out how to get it done. You people like to use the term out of the box. Thinking. If you think there is the box you're already constrain. There is no box and, as we move forward people people about what it is about: naval special warfare. We are problem solvers, we need. We figured out how to get We are given some of the most difficult missions. There are in the inventory of missions and told the told to figure out how to do. I'm sure-
We draw in all kinds of other specialities, but that's exactly what we do. We draw in your look at the whole business, whether your Bin Laden, ah here that wasn't all us but look at what was brought to bear when we went incredible intelligence assets, incredible aviation assets, incredible planning. Assets are guys figured out how to fly behind mountains in and out of our radar signatures. So I saw the host nation wouldn't even know we were there that takes a lot of innovation problem solving one, talk to people about who the military is. What we do people think of us as a Yo Yo bullet launchers tank drivers airplane? drivers caught submarine skippers. They donor- stand all the rearing and thought and problem solving person
oh management, you name it that goes into having a successful were successful unit. It's not! It's not just push the button of launching a missile that the General Dynamics Minor, built its Paul there. The planning the goes on before after that is so important. It's what sets at such sets the military aside. So when you, let's talk well now Salvador, and this is one of the small conflict that was going on how bout you and I'm getting down there well unfortunately I was at a and a team party back in May of nineteen. Eighty three and people shooting the brazen it turned out that the lieutenant manner ouch offer burger. Who was your servant? A tore down their azalea, see Member of the military advisory group had been assassinated There's there so much that I can. I can say about that. I learn I've. Had I've had the opportunity to have some great jobs in the Navy,
each one of my have learned so many things on you. You don't have enough time to listen Banda, look! Look at El Salvador, so I've I'll get killed. I volunteered to replace them. I was creating are sure of a special unit. Thirteen at the time, a great opportunity, so the requirement for the guy we're on your replace Nelse off burger. Was there on its seal experience. They want a boat experience, they wanted the gotta be able to speak Spanish. They also one of the. Be a volunteer well when they are when my name was forwarded to the year two thousand. After the military advisory group is well three out of four bad cuz. I didn't I didn't speak Spanish about had I had had the other stuff down, but that's exactly what I did as I mentioned Lubin earlier. That's that's why I went naval, special warfare. That's what I wanted to do. You know the yeah you one of the
one of the guys at the city. One had his when I was a skipper had had his brother come out, never runnin around and now did BT with us and so on and so forth, and this guy says to his brother, the seal who's. That guy looks like you're gonna, be assigned, urges incase war break class and he told me about that- and I had the laugh, but that's what I want to say about each and every guy in the deep case, a war break glass. So that's I went down to earth what dinosaur. Ah, I wanted to see what was going on. I had two or three weeks over ah personalized.
Spanish training, but how was the outgoing commanding officer of unit I had because it was active in reality? and reserve I had x, number of active and had three time that many Reserve Austria figures, reports, chief evaluations together to get out, and the other thing is a lot of those guys did things to deserve recognition in a period of time that I was commanding officer. So I had awards to to get written up and I saw it was a. It was a hard you're too time. I didn't get a whole helpful on spanish, but by the time I left El Salvador, I was dreaming in Spain. How long were you down there followed down here for a full year, but that it was my first down there and I work in the embassy, whether their Americans or salvadorans, they all had to speak, flew in English us all. We could get business done because
I'm not here couldn't speak Spanish. We could get business done. Speaking English and I tried dont dried. doing it at all and not in Spanish. When I first got there and it was- a way out of a delay. I said: ok, we'll work on this gradually knob langleys, so we are weak. We went nowhere. We spoke English, but that was one. most exciting times and I ve that I've ever had the military. Ah, I got down there and there was a those civil war going on. They are the men Group Commander gave him a Joe Stringham, Colonel Joe Stringham Smokin, Joe string of awe the yeah I don't want to say the guy was on speed, but I don't know what made this man take, that man never slow down that and smoking Joe. I made Hey p dot M,
but tat. A copper kinetic. You pick your term. That was that was Joe. I couldn't keep up with the man and I thought I was pretty good, so I get down there on there for about ten days or two weeks, and I have taken over the job that ours doing part time and I am the actual idea at the office was a Navy rap and are there is there's a retired, her hold it hold? It wasn't in the air force long enough via held his secretary, was off hispanic American and she was off piecework for brought out this piece of paper that the current
drink him in written. This is the kind of wants me to type this up. I can't I can't read this, and so I held- and I will go over this particular piece of paper- is the only reason I can make sense of figure out what it was was because I had been part of the conversation no, it is trying to do, but that I mean he didn't he didn't have it didn't have time to write the great clearly so, ten days after I There are finally he's my position as I could see. You see the daughters office and maybe even seem to partly in his office colonel Springs, getting ready to go off back over to the start on my or do you start on my or is is their equivalent of the joint Chiefs of staff. He worked with the ad that all the the leadership of the salvadoran military he's getting ready to blast off and go over to the east out of my heart and
I was not at my lifting peak, but I was there. I was you pretty big, but almost Jacko side Anna colonel string and was a future shorter, and I owe you a good fifty pounds you maybe sixty pounds lighter, so I just stood at the door. I said colonel we gotta talk. I gotta have some left right margins it. So he sent ok from aroused and I are itself, but that was a fantastic year. Colonel string, spent his time working very closely with the start of my own because I remember there were things like death squads goin on before I forgot down there and before the colonel got down there. Ah, I thought there had been a number of nuns had been kidney rape kills and all that other stuff and being blamed some of this, our northern armed forces, not the bad guys been this hour so kind
spring was doing everything that he could provide, that the? U S influence on how to conduct warfare and soap, in order to do that in spite of his time aware, so I did a ban, Stuckey in the embassy and wiser I'd, say Stuckey. That meant that this now this meaning that came up that meaning that came up or this delegation coming down a sovereign and so on and so forth. So it was wonderful opportunity. Let me drift right back to re Psmith for second. Ah, Secretary Armitage, they with Rachel Armitage, was unable academy graduate and you Secretary Armitage at the time, was the assistant secretary, the friends for international security affairs, I think, was
he had a couple of active duty. Military assistance. Re Smith is classmate from from Labour Academy and at another guy, so international security heiresses what paid for what goes on what money comes to to us after and they they monitored and review it saw was locked. Money at this time. It was. It was a lively billions of dollars. I don't remember the other numbers butter add. I should because I can't tell you how many how many hours a week I spent going over the numbers this than the other thing, so about after we had a conversation girl- and I am coming country- knew no more than three weeks. No more than four weeks and off secretary the fence comes down to visit Kasparov, Limburg Secretary Limburger comes down assistant secretary armoured, his wisdom and.
in my accelerated preparation to go down to our Salvador. I went to I will, of course, is in those is air force was a major the time anyway. He and I became friends and his three. We course Airforce basin hands up a ban and assistance to the two Weinberg. So Weinberg comes down for the for the for the full full treatment in and I'm a man on the backside operations making sure that your everybody's, where they're supposed to be yadda, yadda Anna, they'll have any contact with with Armitage View Limburger this year, Airforce major her that I had met Colonel Colonel bring him comes back Ravin Debris for the day. First thing out of his mouth says: who are you what I mean? Who are you said three or four people
and the secretary of the fence staff today asked me how Tom Richard to those who have suffered. So I said to him I said: well, what am I or my buddy Classmates is a special assistant to the Ohio Secretary Armitage, Edna YO work. If we ever needed to play a nation, the whole things work quite gone right Diane. I could always call Ray and yeah. He died be more than happy to help figure out how to unscrew something and string just shook his head. But one of the there are any number stories. I you may recall that we had a limitation on the number of advisers we could have. Had a at a given point in time and that number happily be fifty five and, as I say, there's a number stories about how that number came up. Be that as it may, the
the lower the we had to live with. I can count to fifty five. In my sleep, starting with my left hand, my right hand, my left foot right foot. If we had fifty six american, material individuals in country the press was all over us like a hangover on Saturday morning, oh you're not liven up your obligation, you're trying to get too many trainers and country you're. No, and the bottom line is my job. my ass was gonna lose a chunk. If number fifty six was in in country we some points in time we had guides getting off the airplane Edna at the at the Salvadoran AIR Force Base and other guys get on. At the same time, just to make sure we stated fifty five and I.
At one point in time we had a series of challenges, security, challenges and country. Ah I had my go bag packed. I always had Michael Paragraph fifty five include like Embassy Security Marines and all that, no that's what I'm gonna go the them, Greens, had a security detachment and it was one of them largest, it was o twenty five. Twenty eight guys was. It was a larger hurried, curry detachment and are so he had more insecurity detachment. You had the military advisory group staff, so that was me the colonel. Ah, amid Martinez are a couple of three four ah army offers an air force officers who were five six airforce officers who were Armenia, forces who are doing very things.
my group staff. Then you also had the defensive days office, Defence Attache Office, there, only a handful of guys over there s, no one half a dozen, so we had a meeting at the at the embassy. We called everybody in get everybody in uniform on the same page, it was about security, kinds of things and, of course, there's a half a dozen media personnel costs keeping alive on. They counted.
fifth new end, and there is no way we have fifty five of our advisers there, but we had a bunch of our advisers area and a bunch of the marine. Sir. We had our mill group staff. We had arrived at their shea staff, so they counted well over fifty five military guys Anna. So I spend part of a press conference explaining to whom you who these people are and how they count and how close attention. We do pay too, that the panel that number but that was a real are real pain in the ass and about so. I suppose I mention I'm talking to the after the press about that. Mrs Richards Little boy Tommy did not go to Salvador, prepared to be fielding questions from the Washington Post, the New York Times San Diego Union. Give me a break. Ah, I was a fast learn ago, but it was up it was. It was difficult to analyse the head
They had a year, they had an agenda and I had a year. I had a mission and so I will say never the TWAIN shall meet, but I had to be be careful with that with my answers and I had to debunk number of their of their concerns While I was There- and I apologise for not being ever recall a man's name, there was actually a reporter from San Diego, whose killed, killed on ion and and also and of course the colonel was
with these down. On my oars, I was taken that next press conference, and I'm saying they are one of the things they press complete complained about- was the year the number of up, ah, what they were, calling noncombatants injuries that were occurring and, of course, this reporters interior death is is his business. His noncombatants should get but try to explain to him. There's a fire fighting on their there's, a gunfight goin out there, these these bullets, when they come out of the end of the gun that our aim by people are not necessarily the best marksmen that they are, that there could be these bullet. Don't have named tags on up, and I you it's hard to tell where they're gonna go and who's gonna get hit, one of the things that the year that the guerrillas did, because they were guerrillas and they didn't have the other kind of funding that you mean.
wanted to have was when the polluters, the guys, are out there, one of the guys get it fall down. One of the women or one of the kids go right out onto the battle zone, to collect the gun and but what's the other guys, so they still have weapons and ammunition to carry out the fight the right there in the middle of the year of the fire fight, of course, they're gonna get hit It is in our decision that they choose to make them combatants, but that's what they have done. Their normal were women and children. They are, they are combatants, they are right there only under the combat. So that's the kind of thing that these different countries with these different senses of values due to the Americans and it, and they do it ah tie up throughout the year throughout the Middle EAST. They were doing it in an hour and that's the type of battles that our young servicemen are forced into.
you. Take an american kid weathers come out of high school or college. What are we talk about today? We ve gotta. We ve got your women's right. We ve got gaze rights. We have equal opportunity, algae Bt Q, whatever the whatever the variety of things are that our youth of today is dry. don't to be so aware of, and so conscious of We treat women in the United States. Ah, my wife weighs about a buck eighteen or a buck. Twenty If I was to raise my hand that lady I'd breaker and half I've never really thought about it in foreign countries, they these women s flag jackets to protect themselves. From my from bullets Those kinds of things are so antithetical to what we think and we believe as America
and yet we take this kid out over Yo R Peoria Aura young pick your eye yo centre, the United States or central american values. We take this person and we put them in the middle of this shit storm this, this soup of total disregard for human rights and human life, human values and yo. We do this the people on a daily basis. Ah that sir that's the kind of thing that I really first encountered in Vietnam sought broader brought. Again in El Salvador being on the ban on the ground. As I was so weak, we do some Many interesting things to our right to our youth of America by throwing amended there's cauldron over of discontent. We do
I couldn't. I could go on go on for that. We need a little bit more, but that's that's a yet said incredible thing, so I will go on with Africa so that more, let me talk about something people call PTSD. and I won't you some of my terminology you're on your podcast, but we need to lose the de. Let's just go act my day in the rice Patty in January. Over of seventy one, I got down Phutra with a bold homeless chest. I got great tougher shot in both legs. I got Jimmy one with a boar homes, just in his grime, my loosely looks like a look like cut a YO, Yo Raw hamburger. Your left and I left in a pilot juice, I'm not ever going to unseat ACT.
I'll say that I dont mind, and I really do Because we had signed up to do that, that's therefore, but people today are coming back from coming from wars and seeing far worse there seeing roads I don T know I e these. You Supposedly impenetrable armoured vehicles, Yo Yo, ripped apart, like a like, like a beer cans and in parts of the people in I know that that they try to traded to safety. If they happen to be a survivor and I just watch bleed out or the or the comment that have to do without on a daily basis. You can not on see any of that. It's not gonna, go You look at our first responders of today, You got a knife fight, you gotta gunfight, you ve got a fire and how
you ve got a gas explosion. What are those people see they see. Fellow members are don't you or whatever their association is in parts blood everywhere you sometime Human forms irrecognizable. If there is such a term, you never we're gonna see those things. So, let's not talk about post, traumatic stress as a disorder. If you do have some thoughts some concerns. If you didn't wished, your fellow American wasn't such a jack ass at times, The cause is kind of hate, discontent, pain and misery on other people if you didn't, have some form of thought process of up again regret the third that these things happen, wish they didn't. And wished it. You didn't happen to see it. Viewed in Heaven
kinds of thoughts. That's the disorder ill. I told my wife that I don't have any post traumatic stress. I don't have any flashbacks, call me a lion mother, but the guy there are things we standing outside a day, a dinner theatre. Shortly after he came back Vietnam Car backfired, Jackie look! Where am I I'm on a ground, I'm looking through what the problem is where it came from what I need to do better, I wouldn't call outposts max dress, I say that's good training, but as we is as we look at all these all these individuals who come back from these situations, onawandah. I want to include the first responders who face these things every day as we look at these people we need to understand. We will never understand some of the things they cannot on sea, but we need.
I understand that they have been in those situations and we have put them there. We, the american people, set chalk on myself. The rest of us, the various places around the world we live, could find on a map before we went there to do things to try to support people, undemocratic pursuits and shit happens, and it's not it's not pretty but yet we do that to the Youth of America time and time again, so we need to understand that this post, traumatic stress eggs, exist its nodded disorder. and we need to make sure that we dress it. Where did you when you, when you came from Vietnam and, like you know, you talk that story about the Leah, gunfire them backfire on a car at one another you're platoon, it sounds like you got kind of went to the four winds and all in different directions. We should and I think I mentioned earlier in the bud cassa- I Hadn'T- seen- grant off
before you, fifteen twenty years may be even more after that and he he later became a commanding officer via of seal team one. While he was in that position. I was on the unease coast and years later I bumped into of in the gym, Rowan and Don future. I want to. I went into your d and another one of those easier hazy: warfare specialities. He wanted a Odeon, Don retired as a w for but surely. After after you wanna Laughter platoon, I lost track down. I knew you wouldn't do you d, but we re and I did and I spoke in his retirement, but you crap. That was not my to safer offer. You keep tabs on between members. Other guys got out
Marcus Arroyo Azalea, was a highly successful YO executive, India, boozy, F, F, a war was a t f, ably awe and soap bubble, but we lost track of each other and sold. Really I I know- I am really looking forward to seeing some of those guys again era this weekend, but those guys your they carried out right, so, whatever pity ass, they had they re say okay. This is my is what do we do now me to go to the FDA or I'm gonna, get out gotta you d and and were able to to force through those what whatever what is good whatever was going on in their heads. That appears to be the that appears to be the creation, of course, not of course, Jim Roland. I got out of the Navy furlough, but after a after Vietnam, but he came back and retarded synergy,
so let's go back, you get you get home from El Salvador what's next on on the agenda I see. Where do we go from elsewhere? When I came, I came back here too beautiful, sunny southern California, and I I was, I was on the staff of special warfare group one and I work for a couple of old, who who end up being a flag ushers Chuck Lemoine and George Worthington couple a couple good guys and, of course matter, but a whole for the good guys and and and what I'll say what I need say years when I retired that's. When I miss most the guys I missed the guys and of course, no one. What was going on in the world, but you, Mr Guys, you miss Misty Organization, the associations, so I went to her two to group, one ah
and from group one? I went over to the b c of Skeelty one. Now, that's almost like cheating, because I was the operations officer and the group one. So I knew I knew how Group staff work. Ah, I knew how to commander worked on and when I say the staff just just how it functions, who did what the who and the local you could all bill, Tuggle relationships right I have already thin and that I wanted had a and several other guys were the commander, their heads, secretary by the leader of the virus, like remember leaned, his last name but Leon was, was a piece of work. Leaner knew everything and have you a good lawyer. You learn a lot but I remember one day ass, I think it was. It was Lemoine,
Lamar comes out to Lena, and you there's this this this. This. No that sounds kind of familiar. She comes, written in my office. We we try to piece together and figure out you. She had some of the files for the lads, Files but the year she was, she was I, your query: equity Unlady, its young, wait, elderly butter. There were some great folks on staff and I guess I can like cheating to have that chance before with seal teamwork and then you see of seal team one for a couple years, and this is what will years a use this Cocok one. Eighty six to eighty eight and during that time, At a time I had a chance at point of the Persian Gulf is missing the oil rigs enough counter Iranians write stuff right, so we had that we had to up to bar
is that were really all rig support barges. Ah, we use those is floating floating operations basis for a couple elements of news couple aviation at elements- I think their participation was later declassified, but will just leave it at that. A couple of aviation elements, in course we had our patrol boats and opportune boats were doing escorts of awe of U S, Navy big Wholesale, so doing escorts over takers viola. As you may recall, a number of those foreign flagships were We flag to: U S ship, so we could actually Sweden. We could actually escort them up and down the year of the Gulf. Goose was Ernie, highlights two
was the point the her. There are a number of my. We had that you may there's Asia, Paul Owen call Lenin upon something on a boat call, the IRAN's ajar, and IRAN Ajar was caught, trying to see a few more mines after me around having been told stoppage known anyway. They conducted the op by the seas, the boat but your mind, and so well best Ford near several months later, I'm out there is a year. The task unit die a commander and we a report of area of a craft in restricted waters, and it looks like
there might be mine like objects on the back end this boat, and that this is another group gonna be land mines and the ceilings. So we go to F g q. we are. We launched some of these aviation assets to try to get some my night shots of the end of the year of the boat in question, and it was, it, was coming up near, come up towards die and obviously those early hours are the good time too. At the hit folks, simple forget not some books, goin off a watch, some folks are eaten
so in good time to make make ahead if you're gonna do that, so they came back and they had some. They had some some pictures and sure look like my like objects, but you know you got that little. We call spiders. something not quite right. With this picture and one of the things I would say to the guys, if you think that there's something wrong with this picture, stop what you're doing and defeat unto you figure out what is wrong with this picture, so we got guys like that loaded. We got the. We got the slicks we got the gunships. These guys are ready to go. Take on these boats, this boat- and I said
fast when I go anywhere. Give me one more shot at the at the early twilight. It turned out to be another oil rig supply boat that had a bunch of fifty five gallon drums, not mines on the app I won't say what country was from they were. where they shouldn't been. They have no idea how close to death. They came so I'm sitting out there in the talkum monitoring all the other communication
and I'll move, I'm the one that we had these guys and years in you know, and not the the three star Davy Type, who is in charge of other committees, for you now Navy, Minis, four key yeah. I didn't realize it, but he was in the talk the whole time. Listen in Najaf, unsure them, though a sow was up, was based in Bahrain. Were out there in the middle, the Persian Gulf and Thea the arrows area? Just listen and it wasn't an yo when I, when I called it off when I saw what it was ten went in sigh I came in, I came ashore
No, you wait. Ten days later in the o, six are obsolete. Calls me over. He says good job, but you know we had done. We had american lives on a line. We had International lives on the line could have been a mining up. I just did not know, and I was not sure that this was a minor, ah mine laying great vessel. So I said no, What I do know what your major lessons learned or what was a good take away from being the commanding officer, tilting one trying to train the guys are going to follow me prepare them for their jobs. There was a platoon with thy Dave, pedal cows manning manner, the button and gardener houses assistant that that would be vice admiral.
Was his assistant and they were gone over the Gulf and as therein may am? I in my office get ready to go to one of the things I explained to him. Is it I feel that you guys are as prepared as you can possibly be to go over there and to conduct the litany of operations that you would be called upon to do? But I said to him: I said my fervent hope is that that doesn't happen, and I got these to confuse, looks or inquisitive looks ah from these two young gung ho, seal off shoes. Who're you get ready to go to war because a wouldn't shoot war at that point in time and what I explained was, if you guys got to do the things that we ve trained. You prepared you to do that.
means that somebody has failed big time, and so that was up learning experience for offer David gardener. But it was one of things and I tried to try to impart to those guys you others, while in case of Brittany case a glass she's glass case, a war break glass. That's us
following, but if a devolved to that point, that means that White House policy has failed State department policy has failed any number of things I across the spectrum and leadership of our country has failed. So it is truly in case of war break class. One of the idea that same platoon as it turned out as their preparing to preparing to get ready to go overseas. You have any number of valiant training operations. Edna work, we those of us in the teams of familiar something we call rubber duck a rubber duck his age up as a airdrop of Asia, of a small rubber boat. Ah, ah, on a platform,
as it were drops out in the ocean, and you are you sink the platform and from that point in the ocean you go ashore and you do do your job and if everything worked right, everybody does everybody else in the world doesn't know that the sea, one hundred and thirty or one hundred and forty one might have dropped this up. Yo boat and seals off the coast. Well, they they had a rubber duck drop by your practice event, and there was a YAP parachute rigging malfunction and instead of the parachute deploying In the year the rubber duck creamed into the ocean YO the up the the platform breaks into a thousand pieces, the other boat,
shredded, the upward motor is lost, etc, etc. So I had not stayed up for state at the commander for the after the event, but I get in here that the command about seven o clock in the morning and I get area. I get a high speed, the Euro five minute, a brief that data, the rubber duck died, and it was. It was a ringing malfunction. So before seven o clock before quarters are today at the team, one started with quarters at seven thirty sola,
It's it's about seven hundred and fifteen before I could even get to lieutenant pittelkow or lieutenant how the parachute rigger from the squad comes in bangs on my door, petty officer, second class pockets, pockets apologizes to the commanding officer, the team for letting his platoon down for letting my platoon down for not meeting the expectations of of everybody that they had. Four. Bacchus in the the troops to do their job when Bacchus came into the tea in into my office. To do that. That told me that I clearly had some level of communication with the guys some level of respect from the guys
It before I could go out and try to rip him a new one. He shows up at my office and apologize. You know That told me that I must have done something right, tilting one that was. I was probably one of the greatest experience with the team one people taken ownership and that that's an attitude that starts at the top so you wrap up it's your team one and then you The next big command is taken over, but that was that was my my legs. My next opportunity I spent the I spent three years at the naval- See Systems Command learning a lot about money, purchasing and all another kind of stuff, and I followed a guy by Tommy Hawkins. Ah, who was a legend in the world of our research development and acquisition and
even though I left that job is a Quote- certified Navy acquisition, professional. What I was I was offered jobs in the acquisition side of the house. I was offered a toothache jobs in acquisition, as opposed to continuing in the end they will special warfare so yeah. I could have been a program manager in NFC, or is it went to the job at the at the center but dove, I know I probably never learned as much as Tommy Hawkins New Amanda. Acquisition- quite I quite a guy, so yeah my my next to my next to my ex command was, I was at the at in a couple of things are really really fun about the centre. You watch
men come in there and they're not entirely sure what they're getting into, and there are also not entirely sure whether they can do this or not the pretty sure they can that's. Why they're there in the first place they really want to. Which is why there there. But a lot of folks have- I have a little bit of Asia and a nagging doubt, and ah one of those guys success is at Times Asia, somewhat of a surprise, perhaps to their parents buddy and in many cases air and achievement of of grape great pride on the young parents part and as a year as commanding officer of the the centre. One of the things that I did was I attended every buds graduation now again this
This was went. Buds was the year was the six months before he went on to the other. Far wanna ask you to you. I believe it still call these days, so they would come. There would complete the year the six months, and then they would go to the various teams for that follow on training before they received other special warfare designated anyway. I cannot tell you how many parents would come up to me at these graduation events and they would say: ah you captain Richard sire. We really want to thank. You and your staff for what you have done for I offer franker era for ECHO or Gary and inertia and their development and their maturation process. Yeah he's a eyes change man after Visa yeah, six, six, eight months as not miss Smith. You really have to understand. We took what you gave us,
an individual who had some pretty high. Aspirations, and you taught him to have those high aspirations we turn up, individual who thought he had the qualifications and you helped him developed. These qualifications you might have thought he was a little bit of a misfit here and there and probably speaking from personal experience, but you prepare this this young man to to get there. We wouldn't have this Young, petty Ashura. This young ensign graduating from seal training. If it hadn't been for you- and you know these parents would just colonel look at me. Look at each other yeah, maybe there's only with some, do that, but that say that that's a point that I would really like to make that the individual who is who graduates after now, it's a year but that individual came to buds with a certain amount,
preparation, a significant amount of preparation and its preparation that reflects family values his family family motivation, family support for a year for an individual? And I remember some you never thought he was going to be any good. He kept trying and trial. You know your ship, in trouble and whatever it might have been an that's my point, you kept trying trying to try and glory, is now so that your phone and I have a date stopping they think. But it's that it's that that preparation that their that growth that goal setting that these are the young men have as a year as a start looking around and figure out what they wanted to do. It's, as we talked earlier in the year in the pot I really had no. When I was in high school, I didn't have a clue what I want to do when I got out of college. If I was gonna, be fortunate enough to get the college and
in today's environment is significantly different. Our youngsters grow up ass, Rob lot faster, but that said, they're not gonna, make it too but without that, without their background, without that preparation without those family values at that so important to have to have after had that base whether they realize it or not. They have that after that base to succeed in it. so strange to to look at buds. Ets seems impossible, Victor's gonna make it in whose not the the amount of incredible athletes are short there and quit the line. I know I had a guy that was in my class. That was, you know, and suitably water polo player had another guy. That was a gymnastics, alternate on the Olympic Gymnastics Team and both those guys quit. Indeed, I was like an average
maybe even a little below average athlete in high school and, like I just, was registered. Stick it out. When I was one ask you, and I don't know how close you were due to see this, but you know, I can remember Talkin to so my friends that worked as the physical therapists right at buds and couple of him that had come from my professional sports its own professional sports. He was too me, you know he worked with a baseball team or football team probe pro level teams and he'd say no. Might see one. two cases of Patel for moral syndrome or I d be swelling, or this type of back think he goes. I might see one or two, those in a season as I literally solve forty eight cases of Patel for moral syndrome in the last three days. It's like this high, we
you just get this so much repetitive, injuries that have to all these guys come in, but then also don't think I'm going to ask you about the Who did you start to see? Commonalities I mean you can't just mentioned, but in the like, the psychological make up of the people cause. You got kids that come from rich families that short there that were deal to parents that went to church on Sundays and the kids do great. You also see those same kids quit you see some kid from the hood that grew up without parents or you know a single mom or a single dad and didn't have any money and have anything and they make it, and you also see kids like that that quit. What would it look like you? Ruth Yarn, ten percent, you mentioned the other. We had a we hadn't olympic swimmer in our in our class. Fred was a butterfly Fred made. It. There was another and see doubly swimmer in class. I believe is night. Well, maybe not import.
there was a and see double swimmer in the class that that major you like it, what the top six your topic, in Europe. In your your event in the country, one of those, in any event, this guy busted, his ass and one a in one of the series of nuisance races in the pool this kid beat Fred in in one of the races. Two days later, kids his going to be able to say that he beat this lip swimmer he was in there for the wrong reasons: I have never really been able to tell you who was going to make it was not, but as I've as I've looked at it now for years and years, and I work with a guy being with cat, be set up and in New England is he tries to prepare guys for training. Ah, he
is he has somewhere around seventy better nor seventy percent success rate for his candidates. Ah the average success rate of any classes, you know somewhere on twenty five or thirty percent graduate in in Andrews case. Seventy five percent graduate. So as I have is I've looked at things over the years there was another group when I was a seal, the centre, who had a seventy five percent graduation rate. That group was a naval academy candidates. Let's stop think about real account. My leg, comedy of more naval Academy, seventeen of the of the Naval Academy, people who came in all I see some. Seventy five percent enable academy guys make it right now, let's stop and think about it. in order to get into the Naval Academy. That is one hell of a competitive process. I don't
The american public realises how competitive it is to get into Asia a military service academy. It you see the play. appointment, a combination of political appointments and exceptional academic capability and and physical ability for years. Those academies only gave engineering degrees? Ah, I don't buy, it might be us, we're back in the in the seven he's where they started up with some other degrees, but it very difficult to get into the academies so. If you get into the academy you have a go. You have worked hard to achieve that goal and you ve attain that. Go now in the case of the Naval Academy, in the universe those who end up with accorded abuts? Ah, I'm not an academy graduate fairly sure fairly how works, but if there's a guy had their wants corrected, please do so. They have a
a warfare, specialty selection process and The number one guy in the Classic Label Academy can pick what war fair specialty, he wants to go to the the way it works and that's the way it works. Well, He decides who wants to be an aviator. Of course. If you want to be a seal, he's got to pass the pay of tea butter. He's got the Phd in today's gotta go to her so ass. The special ops, acquisition and selection, but ah you ve gotta, be at the top of your class. So you ve you ve not only fought to get into the name, economy. You have fought to keep Europe your grades up. You have fought to keep your. Are your physical conditioning up because out of the top hundred guys in the Naval Academy. They're, probably- eat up those quotas to go to bites, and so now there's eleven hundred guys in the Naval Academy
Every one of those one thousand one hundred individuals was pretty outstanding to get there in the first place. Now you've got to work to being a top hundred hundred plus in the in that group to get selected the bud. So those guys. This is my reasoning. Those guys have fought and challenge for every everything that they have gotten every step of the way and so they're used to fighting and they used to overcoming adversity and they're used to succeeding. So I give you desire that goal setting attain those goals figure out where you want to go, set those girls early and and and drive towards those goals. To your observation about the Patel Syndrome. That now one example. I remember kids, my class got this thing called the telephone moral syndrome or they got there. I t band was this problem or they got this ankle? What I do know the my ankles rolled kill, the the medics at buds will see instead of
in Vienna Football Practice and in one season they see whatever in a whole season. Elsie ten bad ankles rent involves. They see that every week areas every week they see that and wages serious injuries over and over again- and I was just one and, from your perspective, what you saw. What was the reason when someone says it would why they quit it's hard for me to comprehend that you enlist in the Navy You know you and listen the navy. When I listen. Maybe I'm listed for six years in the Navy, I'm freaking eighteen years old, for six years of my life. That's what is that a third of my life right? I must refer to my life I signed the dotted line I I run and swim to get ready. I go to. Camp. I put up with all that crap say goodbye to my friends and families. Do you know tell everyone, hey, I'm gonna, go try and be a seal get through boot, camp
then, finally, show up to buds and, like the first day after going through That's a people, quitted it it's it's hard to comprehend. Did you ever we able to together any kind of understand. Of that, no and and and I've I've gotten into some conversations with people who think that they ve come up with the with the test. It's going to so who's going to make it news not, and as far as I can during their full, a horseman or let's go back to my observations about those families of the of those successful kids. They have they have sense of values, data whether they know I'm right from wrong. The way wooed wanted to be that's, that's that's hard to say, but they have. They have a sense of values that they have grown up with an end like the Naval Academy, individuals and I've said these individuals,
succeed, have set goals and there they are the very determinant and getting to those goals and light I said to the to the family. We didn't give them something that they didn't have before they got here. and that's the thing that I don't know about. Ah I will tell you out loud that I never thought about quitted in boats, neither I puke yeah? I cramped I used to I was the worst runner in the class yo- everybody knows about getting a stitch in your side. When you're running I had a goddamn freight trains run it through my liver, and I can't tell you how much it hurts, but I would actually saying to myself to my domain yes, nibbling body, I would say is that all you got the edge
go through training. It's all between the years you ve got to have that goal in mind. You got to be willing to put up with whatever it is theirs. couple things: I'm gonna say here from the net down his if support system for the neck up. Therefore they for the brain housing group. As we call it, it's all between years and and I dont know who said at first but there's an expression that are used. About mind over matter. If you don't mind it, don't matter and alike, I mean I can't tell you again how How much I heard on those runs as I as I look so there's theirs. then you are right or wrong with the way, with a few thousand of our american service members galled seals. Ah that have this that have this mindset. There is theirs
definitely a mindset. It's not a killer mindset, its success mindset, it psycho, wolves in sheep mindset. You are aware you are what you are, and I strongly believe that there are people like that my wife, my I've knows? Who I am and don't don't mess with me so and that's the way it is with with with with every seal. I know, yet you don't mess with the guy, and it's not just because a my size or Jacko size. It's because of the attitude you're gonna lose your instructor more one day, I'm on the amended goon, the diver Iver, I mean and for those of us who are old enough to remember, there used to be a half a dozen, by around half a dozen palm trees out in front of the hotel del the go down to the go down of the rocks where we do Iraq Portage, I
maintain that item that I have probably caused the death of at least one of those palm trees, because I ended up. You can at the bottom of those because of what the what those guys made me do in the in the goon squat it didn't matter. I didn't give a good god damn what they did to me. They could not get that for. Let a word enemy quit. It would not gonna happen. I was I was We were down there by the rocks and done the year. I done the role and the surf the role on this in the area and the soft dry sand. We used the calm sugar cookies, because now I am, I am coated and water and not an end in white sparkling sand from the corner of silver strand and I'm doing what called the duck. Walk for your ear, your squatting down and you ve, got your hand for hands folded behind your head and I will met that I was not doing the duck walk without with any
grey of alacrity shall say was I feel inside for myself. You bet your ass, an instructor Boy comes up to me and he's, like I say, I'm squat now with my aunt by my head Trans Squat Wattle, walk whenever towards the towards the ocean. And moilers roaring at Missis now you given their ensign richards- and I looked up at him when I said, would you call would you believe, a sick duck hell I watched watch chieftain, have to turn over his shoulders were shaken ours. Not. I was not good at an end and those that there is not something that all these psychiatry psychologists whatever they are. They haven't quite ban figure out what it is again, a keeper after the goal setting go back. Today's training Young
and young men not only have to train in order to be able to pass the past a Phd yo. If, if data, if if they only do the run in twelve and a half minutes, they ain't gonna, make it through buds, and that's where a couple array it's not only because of the physical ability per Se to do the run, but it's what I look it as the ability to recover, because when you get But if you haven't been doing this for years and years you haven't been running. If you have been swimming, you haven't gotten If you haven't been known for years, you are are going to break down when you get the. But so you have the really had built up your ability to recover, ok didn't do a lot of women. I didn't do a lot to run and in preparation for but but I was lifted waits at that time. It pretty close to damp pro level, and I was doing the twelve and a half thirteen months a year,
That's what I thought. That's what I like to do. I was when I got the buds. I could do pitied all day long. If I only had to push up with my own body weight. I was a whole lot of doing weapon out with three hundred and fifteen pounds altogether. If you push ops, it's ok, I am a joke about that. But push up, didn't, bother me. And two to up to the Olympics. When we had no class, Fred was probably on vacation, durno swims problem. We fell asleep on the six miles, swim out at the sink many island, but that gave Fred a chance to recover Well, when I was doing p d, you pity circle in the morning. Ok, I knew that I am less some doktor got really innovative. I probably wasn't gonna have too much trouble with this, and so, if you ve got unlike the swim or Europe.
Credible runner and you can keep up with those instructors. I you through the soft fan, runs and not always not difficult for you physically, but because not difficult free physically, it's an emotional break, your you there's a certain amount of mental stress or mental strength that you don't have to use during that particular of Lou so, if you're, in really good shape, that takes a strain as dress factor out of a particular event run swim yo, whatever whatever it might be. But even with that ability, ah you are we had I we had a high school or junior college mylar who did it damn island somethin like four minutes in ten or fifteen seconds, yeah yeah clock me with a damn calendar. Is this guy quit
but you are you take off the iq, low nylon run in short and you put on the other canny pants and the boots and all of a sudden, a different kind of running. But all that said there has to be that mind that mindset there and, in addition to that, that physical capability who's gonna be
mindset what it is. I don't know every once in a while, you run into a guy. I have Asia, a classmate mine, I'm not going to mention his name, because somebody still on active duty, but that years ago one of his sons was expressing our interest in the in the teams. In that particular individual did, did not gettin get two teams. I didn't get to up to training, for whatever reason it was, but we had gone down and we had spent some time with my classmate as I'm driving back whether with Jackie, I said to Jackie's sweetheart.
Schmuck Othello he's gonna, be there the member that family that makes it through whose just that feeling I got from that kid, and yes, he did ah and every once in a while. You get that, but but not often it was it was his demeanor. It was his presence. It was his eye his confidence that car, but it but it but his confidence. You can always see that, and I was right we'll be lucky in that enlargement. Ah, but here he made it a proud of him. Ah, but you to your point, the jackal I dont know what the IT factories and I look at the the cup
in the end and the goal setting and the and the ability to recover to get through as use is you're and I like to think of an individual's gaudy. I've got a specialty where he can take a break. Ah, that that will be very helpful to him There's just some missing link there that that I don't. I don't know exactly what it is, and it's just so hard to put your finger on. did you notice anything from from when you went through in nineteen, sixty nine nineteen, seventy and and then you asked forward what twenty something years was anything that use at all they got soft over here they ve got week over here. This is easier, or this is harder sake. It got harder and la So I take overs ceo of the of the center and one of the few
What I did was I I looked at this schedules for the yap that each of the different phases ah and I also looked at near the schedules for the advancement, because one things I wanted to do. I want to go out and observe observed Class Germany instructors, yadda yadda, I went I spent time out say San Island. When I was the other commanding officer, I went to the wherever there was a where the restraining, so I take overs skipper and I'm looking at the yard, the train schedules. Now when I went through training, I do not recall a training day, started before zero. Seven hundred,
We had to be underlined its euro. Seven hundred now is after breakfast, so we didn't you form up, but training started at the zero seminars and I got to training and I'm looking I'm looking to schedule zero four hundred zero, four hundred zero four hundred zero. But when I went through it was early in this particular thing, jumped out at me was a zero five. Thirty where's, your five four zero five fifteen formal timeline. And I'm SAM. What the hell is this shit, you know I was they had to. I was doing so whether was the first phase of the second phase. Here they came up to me, and so what are we doing here? Well, that's Thea!
that's the only only low tide and that guy is one of the luckiest guys and naval special warfare, because my question was how fuckin stupid do I look one night I in the morning one low tide morning, one eye in the afternoon one lonely afternoon, and that that is not cast in stone. because you're a certain number of days in the year where you only have you combination three I know you get two eyes and I said, do not even think about, opening your mouth saving else about the dikes. But to my point we were there, there were now doing ah form time runs- and maybe you know, coarser another session before breakfast and
I guess we didn't do that now when we hear when we're to say many island there was no schedule is new twenty four hour today but die. otherwise, I you know coarser- were there were night swims yea, which court when you get it wasn't like seventy five every day you you might have a night. The young knight navigation. Are we die we'd, go up to different places for or caring and so on and end again. No, you you throw the clock out the window just because over because of what you're doing, but basically when we were at this and it was a. It- was a seven to five or seven to five hundred and thirty or getting you to talk about night diamonds, a lot of course you're you're working through a lot. You know one thousand and eleven midnight whatever might be, so it has changed
they are putting off at least twelve or fifteen pounds into a ten pound bag. I mean they are really very they're using every every every minute of the day. So somebody asked me his training are the day. You bet your ass, it is and the got you're in better shape their all they're, all in better shape so like if you're running with your boat crew dear you run with guys that are able to run faster, so you better better, be able to run faster than is all in better shape. I was over there a couple years ago in one of my body was now a civilian work in there we're we have the same conversation and we were sent out by the first phase office and he a hundred helmets lined up and then he said you know he is look at the hundred and whatever one hundred and twenty two helmets. He was every one of these guys. I'm Tellin, you was a stud and they're gone set. This program is hard, said, yeah Roger that it's a heartbreaking,
grab. It is at an end, as he said that every one of those hundred twenty guys was stunned and any goes to that. Does that mean sing factor in there. What is that? What is it that caused you to put up with all that crap Why did you do that? Some? Some of it is YO, just personnel, perseverance, young, bull, headedness and so on, but there's there some other factor in here here we go. The two are you wanted to do something for our offer, our country? We want to do the best job that we couldn't. We want do and, as a result, we select what we thought was the year the hardest. I didn't realize that when I did that new year fifty years ago, that was now it was known that way, but I I knew there was gonna be hard and I selected at anyway in today's ay and environment, everyone, These kids knows it's gonna, be a ball buster, it's gonna be hard, and yet they yet they select that third theirs
missing factor why those young Americans decide to do that. I can't I can't put my finger on it at and there's that missing factor about what it is. That enables these individuals to put up with what arguably the most difficult training in the military in the world. Did you, think you're gonna become an apple, never had that's it, wouldn't seal admiral. Were you number five serbian there'd been for prior to you how that gordon- how about how that how'd you hear about that about the food about all the above. I guess! Well, let's go. They can going to I'm gonna, get done with this torriby gap and retire cause well Jack Jokela. I will not ever do I have been the sharpest tool shed by
probably one of the hardest work and motherfuckers and in the building I took one particular job. from a friend of mine and I remember him yeah your first couple of weeks, three weeks, you know you might be able five thousand five hundred and thirty six don't like that. But after that you can get it down, you'll be out of here at four hundred and thirty everyday. Well, I never left four hundred and thirty in the entire two years I had the job and, like I said I worked, it is as hard as I could. and whenever job was- and the other thing that I will say is, I think you really have to be who you are somewhere around seven twenty four. When I was selected a flag Asher Arbela Morning, chuckle mine was, maybe seal on the board. There were
a number of guys a year to senior to me that I had a high expectation that Tom, Dick or Harry was gonna, be selected that during a period time, but that was my basically my first time up. You have to have, completed you're off the major commander. due to be eligible and any gotten you got three looks, but so anyway. Chuck was on the on the board and I the work frown every morning when he was a group, one commander and As I said, you have to be who you are seven? Twenty four When I was working for Jack, I was the.
as a first road, we senior officer in the building in the day. Ah, ah you should be. The chief of staff in the EU should be Thea beat come on are in all the time is not our job was to prepare their prepare the environment before he showed up. Ah and so anyway there was a. There was an individual in the organization. Now who was I? Who is up for captain and didn't get selected and because I was there and was out here on the West Coast. Ah, you member mark, indeed Margaret the detail, a great great lady. She ass. She did. She did well by me more than one occasion, but the little anyway Margaret Margaret called out the asking for the chief of staff. You wouldn't there about the galleries net days.
here's the deal, someone so didn't die in the empty or six list, as is coming out, and now you young, smack Othello is not on it, and we wanted to give me the chance to are not the problem before us before everybody else saw that sullied be prepared for bad news, so Evelyn Wine get sign, can captain at the time gets in ten or fifteen minutes before the morning, a mere meaning at eight o clock and by by habit or custom. He didn't like the be interrupted before the year before the meeting here. He wanted to prepare himself as well slap bang, odor margin in and gives me captain. I am beginning to hear this and ass. I shared the share the news and
left the office. So it was, it was my job to up the herd, the cats and get everybody into the air to the briefing room in the morning and there are few of us stand in India in the smoking. Joking, usually do I get ready, go in and sit sit in a meeting that the vote be sixty minutes of your life that you'll never regain s death. So we wish Movin in Georgia and kept them. One comes down a passage way, and here he made an observation is I guess I can imagine what you're talkin about and my take on that was. He thought I might have shared the situation with the guy who did not get selected, and I turn to the council. No cap were up. That's that's! That's not on the agenda that the thing that I felt that I was in my pursued share with anyone
and its things like that, when you deal with new junior officers and senior officers that that leave an impression, I think I I think I left an impression on law on Catalan. So in several several years later, he's on the on the flag board. He had some personal experience with that who I was and what my values were, and so that's that's kind of how how that that works. I believe you got to work hard. You got to got to do well and can't do some some some stupid things that I have to tell you that I just wanted to do a good job as I could and take care of all the people working for me that I could ah Anna and I think it paid off our people.
I am a worthy then, and I am a minor I'm I'm sure that the two of them had had a conversation about. I you who's, gonna who's, gonna get selected, saw the enemy at that time. The just wasn't that many seal admirals. So now he had no there there actually work and I get not Worthington Buck. Psmith Worthington was returned by then butter you know I mean you just gotta, be who you are seventeen for Anna Workin Hearted and everybody else helps being here when accounts. I said I might have said that there was a short list when I raised my Andalusia go to El Salvador. Ah. they are neither one line on the list, though there were no other volunteers at that point in time
and in the leadership of the community are recognised as those things at the last the last place Tom Richard I d go after being seo, Skeelty one was the naval, see systems command and sit at a desk, an undue procurement, research and development. I couldn't even spell it for Tommy Hawkins. The community would have been in deep gimme boy, so you end up going taken over what we call naval special warfare command, which means you are in charge of all the seals. All the special boat units are in charge of. Sixty or training advance alter your charge of everything- and that was that had to be a pretty a pretty climactic moment. you to take command o Jacko. That was,
that was an incredible opportunity and an an incredible honour to her to be selected to at to have that job to lead a community like Naples. Shall warfare? Ah not everybody, gets selected. The fly gets the opportunity for that job and I I I am thankful to thee. leadership of our community Europe, again Abdullah Moyne Fora, forgiven me have all my normal Psmith. Forgive me that that opportunity- and those with some of my most most rewarding years. Now we were still in and if you will early years with special operations command, We were still in early years of no more of a divorce from the Navy. If you will, because a yoke Maya I had had to people I reported to.
One was a joint service commander Army, Navy, airforce or marine down there in temper and The other was a cold up on the young Abner staff. Your ultimately, of course this you know, but tough, the the money was theirs. There's something called golden rule. He what's the gold rules and on the other, that the money, that time was from so calm and that's where you, the vast majority of Maya, my attention when,
butter going back to the to the opportunities there were so many things show me things going on in the year in the world and in specifically when it within our community. Ah there Azalea captain by the name of Todd Visa. He was not a captain at the time, but TAT was a station down at the Navy Military personnel command after I believe that was after they had no. That was, after they had I down to Earth Memphis, and what time did would he carried the water for our efforts to create the switch community switch yoke?
when I hear when I took over seo special unit thirteen, we had fleet sailors coming to drive these small boats, the engines, the quote main propulsion engines of Asia. Sixty five footmark three patrol boat worry Detroit, the Detroit Diesel eight be seventy won t. I ah, I think- and I was a long time ago, but that engine was usually if they saw it on a ship that might be an auxiliary diesels generator not made propulsion engine. They might not ever
seen it so you get a yet and engine from the fleet, who's, never senior engine. You get a gunners made from his fleet who, looking for the five each gun, you get a yeah, you get an EIA. Communications are electronics, technician whose Lookin Ferrara yeah see. I see it ain't there and oh by the way you need to learn about the M, sixty the prick. Seventy seven, ah near you, you name it that they ve never seen before in their life salt, We get these guys for two three years. They learn a lot about names, Bush warfare than boner gone. I took over overs seal the centre and we had continuing conversations with the,
and current ceos of the especial boat units, Father called units, then that teams and they decided that they want the centre to host a up a training programme. For thereafter the fleet guys come in, we were still losing after three years, but they wanted it instead of having to learn all is on the job. Let's with put it to you, there and teach him about this. Special warfare stuffed there now in the middle of so we started out first class with the three and a half we class. When we laid out as the three and a half we class, they were concerned that that was too much time to have these guys away from the team. Now, of course, because every team. That means that they had a boat or to that was not man. So I understand that the finished top of the class skippers were so charged that the next class was five weak class
They did so and that all grew. So I go from seo special you. Thirteen with the problem trying to solve part of it as as a commanding officer the centre And now, when I get to the to be the commander of naval special warfare, I was able to convince the Navy to create the switch. Any see and that was just stop? I was just I think I hear a great complement for the community, and I have to look at folks like TAT Vision, congratulate them and thank them for their work, and there was a there was a boat guy master Chief Kelly Web, unfortunately Kelly's since passed
but Kelly was area was a big prime mover in that as well, and I will also say that the at one point in time when I was looking for the year for the next up, Comana Force, Master chief named Special for it came down to Kelly and Asia and Anne and tried in winter ass about those last guy standing, but he was. I was quite a guy soap. Establishment of the other speakers were community was something that was just just outstanding. and its and now it's a rate and everything the guy's going. Nuts are career, then go and have their own career and special special voting in one of the EU. It it's a member having a get together. I like factor is many folks I could on each coastal member
the focus of guys. This is this. Is this is hard for me because so much my time is gonna, be directed upward YO, whether its new budget, personnel matters that are then I'm gonna have to work with so common, the in the navy. Ah, when I walked into command at that, and they special warfare. There was a a relatively new building. They didn't come clean, too accommodating the staff at Naples, special warfare command when I walked in six eight ten, maybe twenty. Preludes surrounding the building, yeah onawandah your friend Anybody, but I I referred to they will special work. Her commands facility is trailer park crash, and yet here we are this Yo Yo sitting right next to the year to those out those
gorgeous multi million dollar condominiums there looking down on a trailer park and pure love that so the first budgets I called that I went into with the with the forced our commander down there in the in temper and an idea stood up and pounded the table and I said, look at this building. You guys got you look at the addition. You put in hand, I didn't I walked in, and I've got I've got my people working in trailers in trailers. long story short, because it's the way things work. We got that money, not an accelerated military construction program that near clergy wasn't done the time I I left command, but that was that became one of the priorities for the so come so come milk on budget to her to get us some buildings and go one step further here this afternoon I'm getting a chance to go down and now and in view of
how the new new facilities Fora for seal team one that whole naval special warfare complex down there is billions of dollars. More importantly, that says that that billion dollar figure was high and from the priority list to get funded. That says that oh come on United States Navy in the Department of Defense recognised the commitment required to retain the capability that now the special warfare provides to our military readiness? They are stand that in their funding? It is not just a bunch of new buildings, it says so much more than that. That is so in serve, what's down there, what they built for, and it's all the, although s conceal, team down there, it's absolutely phenomenal. It's like I mean I remember when I got a kill one and checked in it was very
under well any rate. We can't, I guess our building, I don't worry you that building was built, we're sitting, one was but it was made ten years old, maybe fifty years old and I'll tell you when it was built because it was, it was turned over to me as a ceo of seal team, one in nineteen, eighty six, so the building was five or six years old. I guess when I got there are nineteen twenty one and I mean all it was, was pretty Marcello office building had some had some lockers in it, but it was it was underwhelming. You know the gym where I worked out with you was just you know: it's a normal Jim look like somebody threw together whatever ray, equipment Whitman. I think we had. We had two squad, as someone who is this kind of hodgepodge, and you didn't expect that you know is the hope and the whole thing kind of felt hotchpotch. I guess that's what I'm saying you go now
now check out that feel you're going to be. It's like a it's like the James Bond movie, know the James Bond movie with a training commando somewhere, and they open up the door and her people repellent doubt. There's two schools and all this shooting ranges. That's what it's like it's it's! It's phenomenal that that the nation has made that a priority to to put these guys in the right spot. Had the chance to go up to go up to Alaska and we ve got a training facility up there in Alaska, and I was stunned to see the improvements that have been made to that death. That training solely to include. I got it must fifty or sixty foot climate wall in there? Just just absolutely amazing and again those those those improvements news. Not we speak to the readiness, but also speak to the recognition of the other you ship of our era of our military. When the importance of the special operations community, then it's just such a great way, support those those guys. You know the last thing I did before I retired
training on the West Coast for guys integrated, deploying there's nothing more important than making sure that geyser radio do that job? Absolutely no, sir, none of your trip down to seal team. One yeah, you do not this afternoon were prior little over three hours right now. What did you, you. What did you want to retired? I got the idea, I got it and to work for a year, a boat company up and up in New Hampshire, and I work for Asia Gentleman whose yeah probably probably not much shy of Euro area a genius? We we develop data about to call the called the ghost and Gregson coffees, a gentleman's name, so many innovative things that he put into
The navy is just not the just not ready for that crap, perhaps yet and coursers a few other challenges to get it in to fit in be interoperable. With the with the systems that we have available today, but not that was a that was a fun experience had the chance to take what I had learned as the nameless push warfare programme also now see as end of course, knowing what I knew about the other requirements of of naval special warfare knew what some of the things they could do. That was eight now is a real fund job, and I- and I also work for a fern alaskan native Company- Ah, alaskan native companies are a minority owned and operated by alaskan natives.
We have that we have other up news. Small business are set aside, die, there's other are also up set aside for the black guy hispanic Muni, ah I'm not sure, but in in any American Indians off. So they had no special contractual, ah advantages. If you will and what I saw, whether wish for thee in Alaska, his native Americans. Ah, these folks would take those advantages and do a good job. Whatever was it was requested, are required and India the contracting world Friendster the Defence Department contracting world. There is a requirement or major contractors to have a percentage of minority contracts.
One of the neatest things that I saw about this company and and and the companies name is a lunatic fog knack of the apparent company, but the the programmes that they had for the development of their of their travel. Members were, or were absolutely amazing Carl who ran computer side of VA of things was absolutely amazing. Ah here he was a he's, a native who went to school on scholarship programmes, Yo Yo College Masters and so on, and up here. You had such idea impressive computer system for the F entire company, and I say that because I've never work anywhere else
where's nears good. If you hear this, one call me a beer, but just in car was one in there. There were a couple of a couple of young Ladys in the in the end, the company, ah, who were just apply, you to work with when you saw that they were, if you will a product of the system and an in Peru What a good job that there were, no one! Ah, yes, was college or vocational technical training that all kinds of programme set up for our further folks, a wooden yo Yo Ian Tiverton. thousand bucks every year, every six months or a year. Whatever was they had all these great programmes? I sat up and end they are. They would take those take those funds and taken the profits and build a funds on I was. I was pre impressed with Thou with
They did it, and I always say this much about it is because of some of the young bad press at some of the people have given it in and how our how was non competitive, etc there, through on a cup this month, those alaskan NATO volume, companies and innate and they they did a damn good job saw, is required. Impressed
program and again an opportunity to learn so much about the alaskan NATO's register gray opportunity their base. Ah, is uncourteous island where training facilities, their nerve corporate headquarters are real. Business offices are anchored, so I get to start meaning a number of the natives here, all the board members where raw workers were natives and many of them. I had spent a lot of time on Uncordial, where we have retraining facility, and then they learn it, I'm a retired seal, and they tell me about the time those goddamn seals walked across these. Ah,
special sacred, the burial grounds or areas were set aside there weren't supposed to be, but the I believe those fences fences are mended, not not do anything that I did but other a couple of up a couple of folks who have whenever raw acreage they have on either of fog, neck or Kodiak and the end, they allow the the seals to hazard Kentucky some of their missions up there, not to use some of that property throughout the touch base and now uses staging points, and that kind of thing. So it was really fun for me to see that relationship a couple years ago one or two to ask: where were you when September eleventh happened? I was I was driving in my truck working for essay. I see at the time- and I was coming up from my from Virginia Beach, headed to headed, to DC
and my wife was my wife- was up. Your working in India in Vienna. With with a friend of hers and Scott in my truck, and I hear this and I called Jackie and said, get a tank of gas and when you can get out of there get out of there. When I heard it and by time I had a chance to get older
wait. So I was headed into earth essay. I see and I knew that whatever had been, not forgetting jack, what I was going up, therefore, but I knew that that was out the window and I said to myself: how is that think I was about project Fredericksburg wanna hurt and I said well, if I keep coming north, I'm not gonna. Be home for a long time. I just knew that they took a few of us with military experience, then we set up a attack and we set up and started setting up phone trees trying to find find out. Who was where and how everybody wasn't so it was. It was quite a quite an interesting experience from that side of things
Did it look like to you, as you watched, the seal teams, start to engage in an open and the war on terror, so shortly that my wife and I are sitting at home, watching a new show and her showing something about the northern alliance doing this, that their thing and they showed to be open, backtracks, we'd com or form for her other six buyers like that- and I looked at the I looked at the video and I said, Jack s sweetheart. That truck is filled with Afghans. That truck is our guys, who I can tell I say I can tell by the way they sit. I can tell by the posture- and I can tell, by the way the holder weapons look at the differences, and now I knew I knew right then was gonna
here you are quite aware quite a deal because of the work I was was with with the essay I see. I had the opportunity sit in, I briefing that was given by the chief enable operations at the time and he had been with president just a few days before and as he recounted his experience with the out the president, you you couldn't hurt a pin drop in the room, given the other commitment and the will To fix that and guess what are you up to right now, he retired yet for real, I'm retired for real before I leave I'll give you a business guarded, says leadership by management and motivation, butter! Ah idea. I would-
with a few kids every once in a while. You ve got a desire to go to buds, ah, but the jacket air supporting area, a wildlife museum in in Virginia Beach and others that were, I were pretty much shot pretty much retired, but Anybody wants IA and, all far with an opinion LE you gimme a cock like a senator, you got another points after new not going to check out the teams are properly good place, wrap up echo you gonna questions. Yes, we go. We still lifting later one well given the seven plus decades I've been on the face of the earth. Is the area are few and a few and far between I've? I've actually, just in the last five or six weeks started to do it. go back in the Duma: butter it something I'll, never stop, and the reason for it is here at Duff. It's seventy four years of age. I don't have to hire somebody to cut my lawn. I can still go out there. I can do it.
I don't have the wrath the hire, somebody remove those boxes rather house around the hire. Somebody moved the dresser yeah. I can still do that and that's that's, not speaking to my physical wellbeing. It speaking to my medical well being and seized my mental well being just be able to do that. They gotta Jimmy your house. I've got a few pounds. A year ago, when I went down while several I went on a company for a year and That now is able to send a thousand how's your eleven hundred pounds over of personal gear, seven hundred pounds and weightlifting equipment. I had had squat rags bench. At least five hundred pounds of pounds awaits in my own room. In my own mind. Building when I am, there was a
the guy, I believe, was assassinated, but they actually had two goals in El Salvador, so I said well I'll give that a shot, and so I know what the goals a few times and I'm deadlocked in five and a half or whatever, and not drawn any it, Listen to yourself, yeah you're, right stupid with a Kapital ass and I ended up yet I found out from a certain, intelligence agency that my nickname, the Jim was. I grew up, stands for the crane and and thing- and I hereby the colonel I mentioned Before- calls me into the office. He said that we got a report that that there's some folks taken notice of your attendance of gold. our shit, and so I was the last time I want the goals. Man well, look
we got a bunch of stories out of you today, like I said, I gotta go. You unequal thought you wanna say had a great thirty years, a lot of good guys and I'll. Tell you one one and closing thought when I took over in ninety six we wish deploying Seal Bethune's the say way same way. I walked out the door in nineteen seventy twenty six years, a lot of things change in those twenty six years, Captain PETE, Tony's and Stan dammit. Both guys had been the Man is on the EAST Coast had come in and had the pitch data pitch data recommended change of how to do business and we were calling it the squadron deployment so what I did at that point in time as I sat down with her
our most Smith was still last on active duty apple, Eric Olsson, couple of other folks guys. This is what I think we want to do You may not be aware, but in the year, eighty four, eighty five timeframe we had tried something like that with that was guilty. One and it didn't work. Will go into those details, I sat down with Aerosmith at Molson Cuz. I knew it was going to be following well, maybe I didn't buy that point. I've been my goal was to make sure I was going to be the next flight officer how good judgment on my part by the way better, better work by Eric ah, but I sat down with those guys guys. This is what I this is what I think we should do now. I don't know exactly what it's gonna look like, but
what I do is. I went after talk of those guys I went back and we set up a set up a working group on the on the war com staff, and this in your guy in the working group, was probably a cat commander, and I said guys last thing, I ever want here is. The admiral said, or the admiral wants other than the fact I want to figure out how to make this work, I think, would I think we need to change how do business. We had all fours Don T sixes on that the working group, the figure out how to make it work, and we we we didn't, get it. We didn't get it fielded by the time I am by the time I left the command but we had the year we had the core of
of what we were looking at we're already or he looking ass die, a different does team deployments and how we gonna change out also would have one team with a boat guys intelligent support, just export tat, kind of thing, the poignant forward and up as I as I stopped and look today, it looks a whole lot different than than what what walked out the door. Finally under a Eric also- but I am I am so proud of Stan and PETE Awe of you that to me an US has taken that and laying the groundwork, because this is now this twenty two goin on when three years after we started work on that, and here naval, special warfare with NEO lipstick on me. The pig and a certain number of places, but it's it's still the same pig and horror at sea and brought. It is probably a boar, odd. My now
but it sucks it's what we it's, what we started framing at that point in time as the as a way for naval special warfare to do business, and I had again I'm proud of that working group, proud of PETE and Stan and the other guys agree in cuz I did like I said it was dark, go alone is road. If somebody was gonna, you throw out new dozens of man years of work and planning to her to toss out. So that was that, in the end, in combination with the other switch, any see, ah were the two things that I figure were probably the best accomplished
Instead, there that I added I ever had. Let me say one more thing: you talked earlier about up working with the year, the physical therapist and so on. You need to do back, and I thank God I believe was PETE Tony saw who started that you bring it in those are those physical therapist to work with the with the with the team, guys? Ah, but there's it's it's interesting for me to hear your comments on how important those kinds of things are worth to you in your career and I thank you know where to go. There beat those guys were those guys we're doing doing some good things. So, but those are the those two biggest things that now that I'm probably proudest of that. That end. and petty Ashura. Bokkis come up to me. It's your team! One lets us. End that transition that you'd started the unique shaded the cab horse to you.
Yes, Europe through the chain of command to to redo. The wayward point I mean the way the two points: when eventually once war started, we would have been just kind of worthless. You know being a random platoon out there by yourself. He just use dont have the value that you need to bring to the battlefield and and what we are able to do as giant squadrons with all the augmenting, with all the did logistical support, that's what we needed and Look I didn't mean we lost our ability to be nimble cause. We could still take a platoon from that squadron and kick him out to some random owl station. You could have of five or six men element. I have I had little elements sittin in tiny spots out and on their own, and but we re able to do that of that. That squadron idea came to fruition In other words, we want to build a been functional. One other thing contributed to the success of that squadron, When you first came in the teams were, were petitions.
oh deploying any amphibian yeah, I did too Zeb deployments myself had started one. My first book to point it was too Guam, and then I did back to back art buttons out here in San Diego six months on a ship well being able to take the patterns of the yard was another key part, that- and I can remember Goin to Seek- is now you're forced our island. say- and this is what I want to do- and this is I want to do it, and that is when the emphasis train do advanced force ops. That means you gotta get those amphibia ships within a few miles off the coast, you're not doing anything advance force and one of the terms at them, one that they use is doing in stride. Amphibious operations was, I can just drive up to the beach and do their thing, but if you have to stop and let the seals do their thing
yeah you're sitting there were they with both I, and so. I had to be somewhat doubtful with things that have you, There's no no leaders ever want to give up their assets. They don't want to give him a note that they did not inside explain to on how a submarine and explain them. You know Jim was a Jim. Was a commanding driven nuclear aircraft carrier is probably not much after explained, but as it is, as I laid out to him and said. Yes, we we have these ah Theatre special operations commands and these forces allocated them they're, not only namely special warfare. The army in air force assets that available to you there and you can get thereby submarine in get there by sea one thirty, you can get rubber ducks, there are no, she one! Thirty
on the emphasis that I've thrive, seem, etc, etc. Any civil well who's, gonna who's, gonna pay for that of the wheel, Neighbours, push special warfare in your special operations command, he said, sold and That's that's! How we're that's! That's the third biggest thing that I feel better than I can now yeah, hey my hat on it in my career. You didn't get people to flee. and we understand if you want to do something in stride. Emphasis you're, probably gonna launch that does that reconnaissance from somewhere else, you as it should be yeah well, outstanding outstanding stuff, but on the other invite any time you come back, if you listen, listen, there's other things. You want to talk about an animal's scratching down on a piece of paper. This this place is. Yours has been an honour to sit down and talk with you
Obviously, thanks for everything that you did for the country for the teams for the Navy put some faith in a for that came to your office, wander request and you've view legitimately change direction, a life and, and at how I ended up here. So it's and thank you thank you, Jocko and if you knew it, but the fur the first two or three years that they had that seem an annual programme, and I guess you were like the second year. I was naval special warfare, you and the other boys went in there, you guys, with the top for candidates each year, we're just gonna hold up a good job. Thanks are appreciated all right. The hawk has departed the area of operations, the it's just for Hake and cod easy to sit here colleague I crazy, with with Might Durrant with out why
seeing him on tv. After being captain Somalia, I was watching him and ninety ninety three as a young seal new guy and now we're Senor Darkroom. Think of how crazy this is here. I am talking to admiral who literally wrote the recommendation for me become a seal officer in night? What was that thirty years ago, twenty five years ago, something like this and he's legendary seal from seal team one where I'm from he was the commanding officer Skeelty one right before I showed up he was. He was the committee also our, but by the way, when I graduated- and here is the street debris, I'll, tell awesome and I'll talk to him about this little bit ozone and that we might Thornton came on the palm cast an eye had I forget when MIKE for an actual retired, but we overlapped in time. You know I was in for a while. He was in not not very
as he retired, probably somewhere around when I came in Panama but but there was overlap time their time here in the teams he was a seal team, one guy he's metal, Vano recipient legendary legendary like you need a music behind that when I say it like in post, some some like foreign, but as much is, I knew who might for. was. I met him. You I'd had met him multiple times, I'd also Madame when making on sores. When, when his and were given monkeys medal of honor at the White House like MIKE Foreign, was there we talk, we hung out, we drink beers like I know him, and I had never gotten any kind of a debrief about that. The operation where he end Perceiving the metal water until he came on the park as and gave us a two hour, full details, debrief on why he
receive the medal of honor. So it's the same thing here like I had known that admiral I was you know about, asked me a non guy that sea. Oh, that's, just there's a whole category when you're new guy in the teams in the nineties who, just like a whole, there's a whole group and just a nom guy in you're, not in that or even close to it cuz now it's one thousand nine hundred and ninety one when I'm checking in Vietnam has been over for a long time, but that's at that's. If that's the group, don't know too much about you. Don't understand! you couldn't debrief like the debrief that went through today. How awesome is that it's it's, just hey here's exactly what happened. Here's! What was going on here is what I said here is the war It came out of my mouth: here's the war hero. What the other individual here's, where the helicopter just hearing these details,
an understanding them it's just so I'm so lucky to be sitting here. This, though the whole time these thoughts Lasher, my head, like if you, like, I d C, guy or NBA guy. And you for whatever reason get face to face with this, motherfucker. You think I don't know you has lost all your weapon hundred with every night, you gotta go hand to hand user render until the day at your surrender, with his leg removed, I heard the most hardened most hard envy. A just warrior. He's sir Jesus I'm done brought forget the wrestling kid who that body slammed in a concussion you get there by this guy's going going down. When you can tell- and you could see, no, he threw his numbers outright numbers, but you can just
hell to some people are strong, like they're, just genetically freakin, strong and by the way, when you're fourteen years old after your freshman year, and you weigh hundred forty pounds and the the hundred and seventy pounds wrestling coached comes out, can't hold you down and you're, not a good of arrest order for you to do your power you one of those words you are just a strong jacked do is now having just jack it's like the genetic that that dense, just strong, freakin muscle and he's just made that means that our checking and above one forty five by the way for us, our two forty five
look of user cause. I checked into budget one seven before like a little baby like a little baby and it wasn't like. I was a skinny. I know I wasn't skinny but I'd Hampshire. Wasn't two hundred and forty five pounds dead, lifting over five bench in over, for I mean come on, then he goes. There were a random Vietcong fight you're that you been raised in the fields and eaten rice. And u way he was saying after the bark s he's, a gathering of the average vietnamese fighter was keys. I think he said five, five, one, thirty five, that the average fighter, its literally the says, yeah, and so we are talking about just that. What what the whole it's like them, who is like really actual hulk around only ahold start shaking your head around. So
that's in. I remember the stories of YE say like oh, when you're in the way the whole comes, and I knew turn it down. The other someone new guy may know, that's interesting that they plus the other thing. That interesting, is. I thought, You know who is old, guy right and my mind: he was a hundred years old could use it now, and how he was. I did the mouth he was. He was like forty three or forty four. Six or seven years younger than I am right now and I'm in their thinking. I think in my mind, I think this guy doesn't know what rock and roll music this so ignorant, it's so ignorant. Meanwhile, Is about these users. Tell news about this bar. How can people on their head of rigid bruised or do I wanted? I should talk to him about that. I'm a balancing background we could assure, as have like that
In short, we ever do not answer, I'm sure his his time as about my might have been more robust than mine, probably Europe and well that's the way you do anyone. You asked about lifting and still lifting like such a key component of life, is just a keep exercise. Cuz I mean what what say was: seventy four years old vs, seven, the army he rolled in here to date with no, for I mean you just intellectually perfect health and your shook my hands. You know you this to happen Jake is kind of a little subliminal morning of just what could happen if he's got a like look, you might think you're tough they're young Jocko, but you know you want to play I did him in. I was doing the mouth when he told me the year he was born during the brake, and I was surprised I thought maybe like I am sixty something good
You know that you can just tell guys like Julia S, energy so, but my estimate was where, Yemen. In that analysis thing to like, obviously, like you say, like a running, wasn't my jam, or whatever the threerd lifting nothin, but literally nothing else. Really I mean unless I miss something, is listening: diseases, this Yakima, steel and plus wrestling recently Fisher days. You know a good skill to have this kind of the jam win, win the Jew no navy, do all Navy Judo champion comes running out of a huge on a training off and you got a double leg. Good stuff
or a things are ready for listening and we appreciate Yang in our view, if there's look, you will probably want to jack steel after this in the house. I know I'm kind of feeling like I want to go deadly something right now. Yes, probably gonna need some supplementing. You muzzle get some get get over that joggerfys dogs Robocop. That's that Norton too big deal. It is a bigger here, so we get energy drinks Go Jack, I'll, go get em protein tastes, good, an cleanness, clean protein, no sugar called Mark. hours if you get a job of your larcom, the the. If you will the drinking get about while law, you can also get all the vitamin shop were in the process of going into so many more stores run out. Awesome I'll. Keep you posted on that on where you can go to your local neighbourhood and get your kitchen you of fuel together. So that's good and you might have
in recent weeks started talking about the hunting. I d hunting apparel. We did a little I've last night, Lou wife was it lives, two groome street- nor am I sure yes or did there yesterday- was the was the take away on the side salient catch it, but was it I guess: you're gonna have to go back and re tapes right. That's why? Why shared it or whatever? I understand fully. That's right, shared firstly, that the players on their hands, who else John Roberts Kip folks so where we started Accompany Origin Han and we're making American made hunting gear. Kip folks has a massive amount of experience. He was one of the original guys at under armor.
so he has done all kinds of product development and one of the main guys that they sponsored well actually the longest guy sponsored out on her honor was campaigns and campaigns is obviously a legendary Beaumont so they had a relationship and the things there was an opportunity came was going through whatever use going through at under armor, so we had an opportunity to from a company together, all of us as one s awesomely wrote like. Oh, oh god, he cams whatever the first ambassador forged haunt and the fact is no he's not an ambassador of origin on he's a founding a founding owner of virgin hot, so tat talk totally cool thing for for us to be a part of, and and and listen I know it seems a little bit crazy
I know you might think I'm a little bit like oh you're, going a little whatever right. When I, when I say to you that hey we're in economic war and people I oh they get it, but the ears a thing: it's like like one of those things is not from your face. You don't worry about it right now: Oh there's something wrong with our with our sewer under the house then you're like ok, but as long as it does the stink you not you not com, a plumber think that check engine like yeah, to check engine light, but it kind of flickers on and it goes off and then flickers on and goes off and it flickers on and goes off. I'm telling you on the czech engine like right now for the world and I'm tellin. You are now the chickens and light is on. It should be on the need to get in the game because that's what's going on, that's what's happening. William Economic WAR, China, in we blow it off,
MAC, like it's no big deal and keep driving a car people flush in the toilet down the sewer pipe were to look up in that thing going to burst at the ship everywhere so and your cars gonna break down. So let's not do that. This American made stuff origin, USA, dot com, this American made stuff. It's the everything about Bismarck, inmate, so get game. That's what we're doing we're making work where we're making Jujitsu gear were making hunting gear. Guess what guess, what I need in my life, jujitsu gear hunting gear work where, if firm- and I'm not joking by the way with this so I saw us out and offers a sample or does one the pants rate for hunting. So that looks like something I would where I dont go hunting as yet, and I don't know if I am or not as of right now, I am desire to high I'm currently not hunted gay want yea as well, thanks for sure, but what I said:
Those things is one also rounding up yes and I'm going to get there. Yes, maybe maybe anyone question is what region, where many way Is that posing? I mean tat at the time, not I'm not doing it. I wouldn't be wearing these hunting pants to make like I'm a hunter one of the things one of my philosophy of life is you you want to have more the poor purposes, for everything that you have so even like Delta genes they're called aware. If you want to go to a restaurant with your wife there, also, if you have to do Oh do squats in, or you do yard working right these that that's the kind of flexibility you have. You wanna make things that have multipurpose capabilities, so the the. clothing, that we're making for origin hunt we'll be multi purpose and of urine and urban scenario where things are unfolding in use. Habit of EU fomenting deep ECHO, Charles Darwin Vera, Kemys, six, no one's gonna give you a second look at other than to go man. Those things look legit site,
You're gonna, clear, new, hot, ok, so there's no scenario unfolding the only thing that you'd have to use caution and, in my opinion, with origin, USA, dot com is, if you didn't change due to at all, but you ve got the keys, look cool use without a colony. You are wearing it down to the club. That makes sense to me. I wouldn't do that That would be posing yes, but if you happen to the view happen- a region, the friggin cupboard- and you pulled out a pair of free, in camera, origin pants than you were like the great is you are aware, I think we're good we but the camel, was hunting cameras different than reg like right. Now, I'm literally wearing camel pants as and when we were in camel shorts and we're not fighting in the jungle or not could be ready. If we needed, we delay either way. You know now going to be like, oh, like thinking that I'm actually trying to act like I'm actually doing Xyz in the junk know. What is mistaken you for a commando if it's too wet
You work for, for a jungle warrior correct! Yes, so do I am. I extend that same sorted, courtesy or latitude tone you good and because the mysterious that we use to make this stuff you're gonna. Why were you really like? This will become the standard kind of I think, there's, maybe all of America just we're going to the grocery store in more urgent haunt GMO. That's what else could I gotta? Do you think that's what I was planning on you ve got enough. Only guiding pheelum, I saw pitcher of em at I know I know depends on. I see him. She would say like with a cut that that you ve got it, I think that it has always been good. You know. Well, people got something special talent, abbot orgy was a dark com. If you wanna get some cold of the count. What would you say like the things we you and I have said on the bar cast? Get some shock was stored, dot, com, stuff,
well you well, of course, I always say how to represent them had ended. The reason why I always say it like that new, because that's the best way to say: ok, it's not who is it? No don't have anyone who does not? Apparently it's not fair leaders whose you say so. One day I learnt now- you're gonna go critics I want. I want to go. The way of your free also means feels the most accurate, but that ok seems it. when it is not enough, that's good! That's good either way if you want to represent while you're on the political when I'm on the path- and I wear the shirt I am currently representing. I'm in and in the middle of representing, while on the path
You seem say right now, you're in the middle of over explaining no help in the spirit of accuracy, inconsistency and thoroughness, thoroughness, yeah, explained Nutter calls out better than either way Jocker stored up on us. We can get the stuff good apparel, good apparel fits good, looks good, surrounded. Castro Jacko underground dot com does work. We got an alternate site case. We need it. You know the deal. If you want to support us, there were put out an actor broadcast for you, some extra information, a dominating sense a month you can afford it. Look if you can't afford it, you can email. Assistance on the ground are at at juggling around our com. Also check your situation, check your situation, because, if you, if eight dollars and seventeen cents a month, if that's putting an a negative tax on your zone, then check you need to do some assessment where Europe does not where you want to be so:
back in our lives in the park ass out, one who can go through all kinds of things. Are you help get you to a point where you're like a thousand eighty cents a month to provide freedom to the world wherein that's my recommendation, their Youtube channel. Where are you to jail? subscriber that too proud of you S, origin, USA, you to jail! Flip side, Canvas Dakota Meyer Scot I was gonna, bring something about a coded oh, you know, is going up the Kyoto, but it didn't was win. For riches was talking about first responders, Dude Dakotas. Was responder right now like not not like. Oh, he does like training for them. No, no I'm saying right now he's a first responders, Code of mine is currently right now, probably out fighting a fire helpin somebody had in a car accident, but he men it's it's a freakin insane hard job and I'll give an example,
I don't wanna I'll, give you a bit of a pair of free he's a conversation I had to go to the other day. They pull up to they pull up to a site that they could they paused to call it's a suicide. It's a young did a teenage child who has committed suicide by hanging themselves and I think Dakota said something like an old like as were pulling up and I'm starting get out of the vehicle, like the person I'm with whoever he's with his more experienced person and they're like hey, grab the bolt cutters and he was like okay and he grabs bolt cutters cuz. That person knew that they would have to cut them down, and that was like the easiest way so yeah all the first responders out there
We appreciate what you're doing and that that's Dakota Myron this Dakota Meyer, who is not only a? U s- marine, not only a mental VON recipient, not only a friggin awesome guy, but is also currently at this time a fire fighter empty paramedic dude. That sends me p teachers at one o clock in the morning of him, responding to a car accident, a house fire of freakin medical emergency. So God bless a guy and go check out. Flip side, cameras, dot com by some cool have to hang on your war, which is what it is. I've got to tell you that. That's what you know, I don't really matter. If I was like hey he's, selling cottage cheese and and and freaking clay bowls I'd be like or go buy some cottage. I want some cottage cheese on some Clabough's, that's what we're doing to Dakota Flipside camel dot com. and about books, check those out, ashine front leadership: consultancy
if you need help inside your organization, cornerstone front, dot, com, live events common up. We know we got common. we got the battlefield, EF battlefield and we take and we go and walk historical battlefields. We do gettysburg, we do little bighorn, so going check that we just go site by sight. We walk where the where the leaders walked where the troops walked. Wee wee disk their decisions, the good decisions, the bad decisions, that's a smaller group. Yet it's like twenty five, thirty people. And its two days- and you know we like have dinner, rang out- have lunch all those things. So a look if you wanna go there, and you also want to ask about hey here's a leadership John tracing. Here's one under my company that that's cool to end those answers that we give well many times be given
with the overlay of hey here's, an historical bow. Here's what this general did in this particular case. Here's what this carnal did! Overhear here's, what this this Regan WAR Chief did over here. So if you want to come in checking that stuff out go to echelon dot com look for events, rule seven all my training academy called the academy, extreme ownership, dot com look gotta go to the gym. If you want to stand shape, if you want to improve, if you Learn guitar! You gotta practice. If you, want to learn a language like Spanish cuz you're go now Salvador because the person, Europe, placing just got assassinate there and you're the only person Rogers up to go. Do it and you have learned Spanish, you gotta go practice it you gotta, get taught it leadership the same way and doesn't happen overnight. You got a lot you gotta study it. So we have the academy
stream ownership now come and listen guess what leadership is. Leadership is life. Where are we doing in your life. What you have to say goes, you have to figure out what tat you need to complete You need to prioritize next cute. How you're gonna make something happened, how you gonna get that house bought how you gonna pick up a new job you gonna go bit rebuild this relationship with someone that you heart like those I think that we do those raw leadership things they may not sound like a leadership. Is life so in ownership dot com yeah it's about leadership, but dont, think yourself. Well, you know I'm not really in a leadership position, so I guess not for me, you're in a leadership position we're gonna leadership position if you're the, if you're, the most junior person, working out Wendy's if you're the the grill Guy Wendy's, which was my bought job. By the way, when I was younger, if you're, that that guy your dear you're flipping burgers at Wendy's, which I did you're no leadership position and you can build released
with the people there and you can start to figure how things work and you can get promote. You can move up. You can buy your own start. That's what happens by the way when you're them was junior person. If you become a leader, if you think like a leader, that's what you can do with your life and it just doesn't apply to work. You want build a relationship with another person that Europe leadership position. I this might sound cold, but guess what you have? wife or you have a husband urine, a leadership position, the way you interact with them The techniques that I use. What I'm talking to you, echo Charles as my work compulsory, are the same techniques that I use when I'm talking to my wife. What I'm talking to my kids there its human interaction? So if you need help with that which, by the way, we all do because you're not born with it you're not bore look, can be a born leader in yet. Yes, you can't can become a charismatic ass. You get the best leaders still
Make mistakes they still have room to improve and people have maybe dont are blessed with that natural leadership gift. Guess what you got room to improve too there is there is, it's totally sublime my mind right now, where at Bottom Richard was saying he didn't, ever raises voice. I can never heard raise his voice, but everyone this into our Huey. Yes, ok! So it's like guess so consider that phenomenon lying in life. We were, Benchley Year, you have this praise in when you think about is crazy. This ability to navigate through all kinds of different personalities and they all get on board the programme. or like. Basically, you know how to make everyone do what they want to do for themselves. Group or whatever, even in a lot of times. That's support that I think maybe color those over my head, even where it's like? It's not just what I'm trying to make the whole group do sometimes is just one person in fact, most is just one other.
person in many different situations or whatever, but it's like as your brother, your wife, your friend or whatever, and you can navigate no matter the personality. You can navigate and control the scenario for everyone, a for everyone's interests. That's like a superpower. And you know who else is interesting is, as you go through life, the more you understand these concepts. You see him everywhere. You seem and the reason is that what maybe think about it. When you sit in your wife, this new you mentioned wife, you mentioned like appears your mentioning all p. that you're close to that met that you interact with when you, When I walk into a restaurant that you ve never been in before, and you interact with the hostess that person that get you a table, there's only
ships situation happening directly? I ran on ahead and none of the current legal. If you really look, it's really happening over there and you might get you might get like put oh yeah. Yes, come have a seat over here, sir, and you get put by the kitchen and there's noise common out. There may be some background. Smells that you're not particularly fond of that can happened right there and you can also get point put in the window seat. Overlooking the ocean. That is a leadership scenario and if you know how to enter with other human beings. You're gonna end up by the window. You gonna end up overlooking the ocean, not with the racket from the kitchen commoner jewels. Civilian extreme ownership, dotcom. Let's get you over at with the ocean view at the restaurant. Let's get you in that situation, where you're not having to raise your voice like our Huey and people, are doing what you want them to do.
Because they want to do it because they understand what it is. We are trying to do as a team go to extreme Amish of Gorkum also, if you want help service members, active unretarded want to help people that served in the military that need help. Mark leave me Mamma. We she's got an incredible charity organization. She helps people so much someone If you want to help her help. People you wanna help her help veterans you wanna help her. the gold star families go to America's mighty warriors dot org, so you can eat a volunteer. Donate help out somehow also check corrosion and horses dot com what's up with what's up with Mica MIKE, I think Just one unknown he's doing right now at this moment, but he's probably
wrestling, a grizzly bear shoeing a horse or like capturing or maybe sit in a sweat lodge hallucinating about dyke or of what use nearby about cap. traffic light travelled allies. Not so there you open it. Doesn't all programme check that out. And if you need more of us, were you in order again do I want you to go and just sign up for the algorithm and put a put up a friggin carabine around your your heart. and hope it into the algorithm and having without ripped. I want you to do that. I don't want to do that, but if you want to be, if you know what we're doing check it out, but don't let that check it turn into Caribbean around your heart. That's what I'm saying watch out for that. That's the social media platforms at her out there, carbineers are given way, they they want you to do there can they wanted to put their legs and for some reason you think it's cool
Look at this shiny carry with them, even though They give a little kid mousetrap, that's rig to blow their grip pick it up and get lacked by it. They think there the right thing, curiosity watch out for that man, the gram the Facebook Twitter echoes adequate Charles, I imagine willing and thanks once again to Animal Thomas Richard, for coming by for sharing experiences we table by the way. Unfortunately, as soon as we had stopped- and we started talking he's like told me, fourteen more freaking awesome stories about his experience about norm about what they were doing, what there weren't so we'll get him back on again, but coming on, thanks for your service, admiral in and once again, thanks for for taking care of me as a young, the young seal, trying to do better and thanks for setting a great example for the young seals on how to be
bad ass problem and to the russian military folks out. There. Thank you for your service in protecting freedom and our way of life around the world. Will what it had more Richardson keeps in seven twenty. Four, three hundred sixty five days a year you're out there you're up or something and thanks to our police and law enforcement, all the firefighters, paramedics, empties dispatchers, correctional officers, border patrol secret service, all the four responders! Will you as are just out there. put it on the line every day. So we appreciate what you do as well and everyone else out there a listen, I'm a little at risk for saying this, because I talk about things like the indirect approach now
make sure your situations, I say you should do make iterative decisions about what you doing so you're, taking small steps to move in the right direction. I say this is all time cuz, that's what I want you to do. Ninety nine point, nine percent of times. That's what I want you to do, but occasionally on the rare occasions when things get bad, you have to do what Admiral Tom Richards told his wounded machine gun or to do in a rice in Vietnam and that is shot up and return fire. That's all I've got until next time, Zayigo when Jacko out.
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