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322: Sometimes the Mission Chooses You. With Tony Cowden.

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This is job I guess number three, twenty two with ECHO Charles in me, Jocker willing good evening activity. We find a new mission that right there are some advice that I have given a point guys a bunch of veterans over the last decade, because you leave the military that miss that you been on this honour both mission, all sudden overnight it's gone and that can leave a whole. And the longer you serve the bigger that whole is going to be, and for some of us, if the only thing you ever really one do was serve and execute admission. It can be a rough transition, especially after you spend
twenty plus years with the opportunity to do what I always wanted to do where the cloth of a nation to take the fight to the enemy and it's an honor to have had the opportunity to do that to work with a bunch of other people. There are also dedicated to one thing in life, and that is executing the mission once that's gone like yours. It can be a rough transition and you have to find a new mission and some veterans going to business some of them Because on their families, some of them start nonprofits those it up.
Positive things. You can do some servant other ways and some just seem to keep going and keep getting after it and keep moving forward with new missions and we're lucky enough to have people like that in our country, and I no one in particular that served in special forces. Green Bray, Foughten Afghanistan, Iraq, served as a contractor, supporting the State Department, sport and CIA spent. Almost nine years all told. Iraq, Afghanistan, in Syria and in a bunch of places all over world as well, but that wasn't enough needed, more missions, disguise small businessmen, Crossfire Jim, a giant cry.
Fit. Jim has a firearms range, Andy Tactical Training, company and he's competed and cross and weightlifting an iron man and ultra running and he's coached athletes from Cross fit and strong man and triumph allowance, and on top of all that In December of twenty twenty one, just a few months ago, he volunteered once again with a new mission to represent the people of North Carolina by running an electric elected member of Congress. This man's name, is Tony Cowden and it's an honor to have him here with us tonight. to share some of his experiences and the lessons that Eu Law, along the way tony banks were covered by these radically. What's up with that by,
hey just take it easy man, you know people always say like hey man, I know you're busy. You know yeah, I'm busy, I'm always busy. I don't take naps and I'm busy. You know if I got stuff to do and when I don't have things to I find things to do you know the old thing, like being anything to do clean, something, I'm probably not that good at that. If you ever seen me my guns and that's not what I'm known for
and one thing after another and any hidden on that at intro. How many? How many of our brothers in arms got out and that whole consume them? You know they didn't find purpose they ever by us, no wise suicide, so bad most veterans and and across the United States in general purpose, people with purpose or commit suicide, and when guys get out a military, like you said, especially after filling used and abused in the twenty some years war. Now, where even the war itself, guy story questioning the purpose. What was the purpose? And at this point we certainly don't know, but I am, and without purpose in our guys start drinking depressants poison laden, stop training cause like me. I've always
to train by myself, and I only have one trading partner, my entire life, my girlfriend Melissa, she's, the only dude. I know that can Kieva Kitty. I shall try to keep up with her, but I was just a guy it when you begin by myself. It was my time I will run by myself and rocked by myself, swam by myself that safe or anything but whatever employee, you know those guys on the team that go to gym with their buddies. You know they got a little click little too, and three man team that goes to the gym. You know when those guys can service it stopped working out a loser. Physical fitness, they Drink, maybe they got hurt and the VA put them on opioid. You know the story and they don't have purpose and it breaks my heart. So many Americans not just veterans right because you know throughout the gym and everything grew so many civilian friends or whatever, and I don't use that term. You know
anyway, I'm someone best rancher, regular people, some best friends are civilian backgrounds are regular people. I learn its arms, you know the deal we see we would use at terminology like when only teams and stuff like regular people like us, look out and I am not down at him, but you know we recognise that you know. Would you get this all too? And we really think where the most awesome ever you know, like the old joke, you don't even know who the best isn't special forces or special operations, asking I'll? Tell you ask us you feel so: bad ass ranger there, the birth, your help, all with very different nations, but yeah man. Murders in general, especially after his whole pandemic Y know, people are losing that that purpose we're losing that pride in our nation, and you know now, with all the containment and mass in the mandates assessment suicide. Mental health is minus. It's scary
of despair. It's been a nine years. Let's get in all that a little bill, a bullet start off just to get to know you a little bit start at the beginning, treasurer net good from very role North Carolina. You know that's deftly terms of endearment, my my dad. Eighty seven airborne guy Odeon unmerited one, a we leave from fairer for brag and well that my mom is. Are you possible weekend. Big data, women's value vessel Anna. Apparently he head over heels in love with my mom right here. For again, They got married. Another army move back to where he was from up in Indiana. She was from pamlico counting or go on and we are issues we have to use the county as a marker, because we know tat
and political canny, that anyone would even have heard of unless you actually lived or visited their often I so near sounds like newborn. So it is very wrong when the biggest counties in Oak Elena smallest populations, so anyway, they went up in Vienna and were you born yet at this point not yet my elder sisters above to be on her way and I took a job with them when the coming soon made parts for general motors all that area up there, any Nablus, Detroit everything's, all General motors forwards on so for Anna after three or four years of being up there, he did a couple of things like as pilots licences ends in which occur. That didn't you didn't actually have to have they were due to wines, are usually drawing airplanes while drinking liquor and stop the stories that they use the dollar's, rather small new findings, little super gobs piper Cubs around and you
we are not shootin. Do an aerial. You shouldn't foxes, stuff online. These crazy suckers, we're doing aerial sniper shit with Freakin, Hutton rifles and shot guns is like early usual super comes a fly so slow that you could shoot coyotes and foxes and deal with a shotgun and like all while drinking is I you know. I mean you guys a joke that you never were all out with. You don't think you were cool, shooting out of a helicopter, bunches It has been for a long time, but I guess so you don't ransom affirmative action policies, but I got pushed over for some promotions over those years and, like you should have been a supervisory role. He was like people getting promoted that have less time or less qualification get got disgruntled the whole manufacturing world. I would call it
rate per se manufacturing unknown said. I welcome the move back down the Carolina where my mother was wrong. I took a job with a seafood company strike on the Pamlico sound, so docks food and seafood come off the boats there they package process it sinnott. Restaurants, fears later he ball that company. So this point outer scissors born I was born in this little time frame there and you'll be like so I was going. Seventy sixty by eighty to the business is doing good. You know so and I'm old enough to be aware of it and I'll get older sister, in a younger sister. So when my dad needed help Guess who the labor or was it out so but outside my dad, but I wasn't like nearby today's parenting standards,
my dad was a horrible, far right leg. He wasn't that nice to me. He wasn't the lobby Derby Hudson kisses type, but it was an abusive either like you, I get a spanking. If I deserved it and looking back probably deserved everyone plus a few. I didn't in butter Yeah he was, he was a very good teacher. was the type of guy I like by today's standards. He was just he did it all wrong, but you know my little sister is a world renowned, pediatric endocrinologist, if you, Google, her name pretty amazing woman out of one of the most rule, underfunded school systems in America, my younger sister's, a successful social worker in Raleigh. She helps a lot of people. Do some amazing things of the three of us
most left. I dont know that you didn't over me my order sisters, evil in a moderate motor sisters that you know, the mother in America that was in the middle and kind of got pushed into the left over the last year for five years, but she's she's that person I talked about. We need to win them back. You know she's conservative she was raised conservative. everything I did, but anyway my dad was that got it was like hey look. You need to do this. You need to do this any better. Have this done before I get home and I'll do it. I don't have to do that stuff figured out and at the time I thought he was just an asshole. You know I just thought he wouldn't didn't like me. I don't know what that's mean to me. Whatever. I shall probably wasn't even aware just how it was because most of the fathers in my neighborhood were very similar and I got the neighborhood like if you caught misbehaving down the street, you might get us.
Taken from the neighbouring right like they were all family, we always church together. And it'll you get another one with that got home, but you know looking back many taught me so much. He taught me to figure it out and come to find out. That was the whole point. He didn't care. If I completed it, you know at one hundred percent. You are whatever you know, just point. We try it's not like these days when someone gives your task like you to know it's right here in here. I just watch a video step by step will be easy now and we didn't have that grown up right. So Not only is this an extension cord, rigid skill saw right a lot more veto. Can I still have all my fingers and toes because he let me handle tools that I saw I am my police lush in terms at the ranger with the company may not I they have light training programmes had to go through the cages.
one of my chain saws chop your leg, offering a chainsaw like circular songwriter Lemme get was like a man just get it done welding. I learned well because by broke something better. How to fix before he got hung like a big polity bubble. Gum laws would hold is now set out. I was my childhood man and it was so many lessons learned. I wash my dad build this business from nothing to you took a stir in comfortable, I would say upper middle class bit me you slightly above average middle class, especially for all North Carolina prosecutors, not huge and key balsam property developers. he's a property to a subdivision on the water down. There was one of the really first subdivisions in that
in Pamlico County when it was a lotta resistance for change, re people who we want them Yankees coming down here Bonaparte. Yo River front property rights, and so he got a lotta push I can- and I remember that was my prone. My first exposure you he would come home from the county she knows meeting, and these are all people we know right. There's. Twelve thousand five hundred people in public opinion has been for, like eighty lack of population as exchange Gazeta Roma people that move their or born there die or leave yeah man, it was we that's what I learned to run like large machinery at twelve thirteen years old and at home we run the DE six border like what were put into culverts in for the road. I we built the roads in a special layin, let layers and layers of gravel. So he bought a d three d, six ask a better back all the stuff. I can't even reached the point.
what's on these pieces of equipment and out there running them without a lot of instruction, you know or any instruction just go and I'll. Never forget. You know putting a big, concrete tiles into the ditches for the road. I'm on the back of steering these things in and he's in that ditch Talking thousand pound concretize. If I make a mistake, I would kill him looking back I would have never trusted me. I wouldn't gotten that age, but he did as well no either. My dad was a complete cycle, which you know he's ones guys like mission men. We will get it done being in the rain in the military, not a big deal, because my dad was like it would those that local restaurant in town, where everybody eight breakfast aldermen Nino, and it be raining. We gotta go now our work in and rainy days like, I don't get. It used whether fancies attitude. He was just a tough mouthful just hard.
hours upon hours of work. You know- and I like to say a decent balance between him and my mother, who was the more gentle and when she was a Apush by any means right, like she didn't put up with none of my bs. I shoot I probably got more spankings from her and whoever did him right little pops on the on the ass or whatever you got more quality the old man, but from an some people say that I was, I was Mama's baby boy right of the old boy ourselves different. You know my orders mystery man she's like she's, like a t, one thousand she's, the first version of the terminator didn't she is like when people meet her there like whoa dude, I thought you were interested in my older sister than machine as it is five or six people on this planet, I'm afraid I want off, and unity there's a handful guys, we're we're all view praetor,
do dry, no can hold our own and all I can to stop others. All of us have that and four guys you like scary, one of those guys from my own. and I'm not kidding right like she just and she is what she is successful because of it. The young man. You know watching my dad build those businesses develop, that piece of property really set at foundation, and you know since involved in so much of it. He didn't have labour. He didn't have helps. I had to be there in. I didn't get to play sports in school like I wanted to, because he needed help and looking back in, I always lessons just continue to carry over whether in alike, Afghanistan right before going in Afghan assimilate F, O b, you need equipment Well, yeah. I knew how to run forklifts. How do you think we look I was running that seafood house faultless. Even a big, crazy machine grabs the con access
I wouldn't jack one of those from the air force. One time we just went to moving around the entire lot and all the contacts as you know is like it go, get that and bring it over here next to our tent, so we can pack out get ready to infill. Well, I can do all that when we got in afghanistan- and you know, I knew how to do little local tractor. fella had you know we needed to move some stuff around hours ago. I can run so that foundation was huge, but more than any natural stuff that I did or learned what he taught me was that I can do anything. You put your mind to it. It's just like selection. I don't remember selection being that difficult. You know it was just like. I had this mission and it just had to be done, and you know he couldn't really afford all three of when the college you know he was struggling little bit. My mother died when I was sixteen hours after that, I went out to Mr Karim out your mother cancer
yeah for your bout with it man and ultimately, it was really the cancer it killed her. It was a surgery, complications from a surgery, so it's gonna heartbreaking, like. Yeah. She had been fighting it or whatever really know the struggle back. Those chemo which it still is, but only talking in the early nineties, man drinking hours rough and saw learn a lot from watching her deal with machine. She would get up and walk and exercise and work in the yard mow the yard. You know, while the stop and throw out from came so one of the toughest be by our group will my mother, and yet so after she passed man. You know I started be that bad kid smoking. We want to do a little blow, whatever freakin gotten trouble. Brigitte jumble reflex yeah you schooled along arrested, landrigan norm. Luckily you know
We are just minor Darmstadt rise, not like. I was a young dealing, anything or stuff like that. I wasn't. You're, making money off Otis Party and just dom redneck stuff. You know like club road, you know you wanna get on the road, you get, it eat every eye, but we can run around he's Hutton Club, dirt, roads, redneck, stuff, drink beer and yo and do all the dumb stuff we were doing, as I was when years. Don't high school here so yeah missing in high school, you just being bad, and but I was still making good enough grades. Seasoning knows just you know the man just how like everyone in software are pretty smart news. We can get bees without really trying any course we go too. You know most of us are be students and every coarse and, of course, as always at one nerd over there. He gets honoured. You know and well go ever make fun of that guy. What a nerd yeah
the nerve thousand misbehave kid just been it Jack asked from London: plainly sports cars, your work into Marilla. I did play a little bit, but, like I'd, withdrew from You know the team in senior year stuff like that. Just discuss Yemen. He needed help afterwards. So we do have also governmental and also our men. We were the smallest school system and right next door to us is like Wes Craven your this. This that's a school. It's producing, you know pro football players. You know I Dh Conley over in Greenville ECU, the big schools, man and we are like the playoffs and they would just destroy us Like defence and orphans. In special genes we had a football to leave the field. Man tells me what the football games we them due to the global air. He also after a couple years of that man, I wasn't really interested nose like what's the point,
As you know, our team. You we had at one two hundred twenty pound guy, we're your West graven their entire lineup, Stuart puss pounds. We would just they would mark the floor with us, so lost interest in that I started working more and party a more and yeah man, so good enough grades to get in the NC state. I look like I'm like. I'm still, don't know how they let me in you know not good enough grades again kind of scholarship, so you might after the second year about my younger sister lonely here behind my elder sisters for years ahead of me, she's entering medical school where'd you go to school. She went down medical, sweat, easy. You where'd, you gotta underground at USC, chapel hell so you know dad's paying out of pocket policy still very much in agreement with the death of my mom and he had not yet a really hard time and freakin you know arm. I watched him lose a lot of work.
No heed and talk to people he kept working on. He work more, which was already Donner impossible and YO. a young, dumb, punk kid. I couldn't recognize it. Glum selfish, like kids, are an arm. Looking look man, I could have been a better kid. I feel a bit better son to him, but we work it's reopens, I'm lookin, looking back them, Montauk me the number one best lesson in my entire life, and that is everyone. You know is going to die right so as we entered that war, I had already lost and I try not to use that term. one, the people, those closest to me in my life, and so that set me up for being able to deal with how many of our brothers guy killed, close friends and so on and so forth. You are partner forces thing guys always realise how tight we get with those partner for six years ago
best friends on this planet. Are you know, Muslims that people don't always understand that you don't like, especially not right where I work with the cards for years, the same Pina dudes for seventy eight years, and so anyway, her passing taught me to appreciate why you have them and that's why I don't use that terminology, you lost them. I didn't lose. My mother, I can go, show you right now where she, I know exactly where lose them. It was a gain right if someone in your life is so tight with you that when they die break your heart right. You lose anything, you gain something in life cause if, if when we understand If everyone we know and love they're gonna die. You start thinking like that short appreciating them every day. You know:
so I can say my mom Tommy the best lesson that I've ever had any set me up for success in the world: I don't get me wrong, doesn't me like I'm somehow, callous or immune to feeling, sad and and upset. You know, they're still, there's anniversaries was just thoughts. You know those memories that pop back up to make us all upset. You know interior up and you know, and so on and so forth, but and then freaking without her death. I don't know that now today. I would be as healthy mentally as I am you know it just laid. The foundation and I told him that our time have throughout what I realise that it and I'll tell you. really probably number one thing that really woke me up: two thousand and thirteen April, two thousand and thirteen. My best friend was carrying a gun and then dinner then was better than everyone else. He was that cocky little
low that guy. I know who everything Ugandan up till he was just better than anywhere else. He was it huge or jack, but he was strong and fast, and so anyway, man, I got a phone call. Amy Melissa, Huffman Dayton, Gray long. We are driving to five hundred and forty kind of early on a Sunday morning. I got a phone call to who's. This hey bro, then been there dude rockside Road and threw up cuz the one dude. I thought that was truly immortal right. Just got suckered by the enemy intubated Ambush right and it had not been mean shoot. As thirteen murmured twelve years into the war party got plenty of memorial braces. something about when women died. It was. I polygraph were not ignored it. I've been injured bona. You know how it is
as a young drivers, sometimes right those close cause? They make you more arrogant, cocky ray. You know you start thinking that you can get away with more and more, and that's probably where I was and thirteen when I got blown. Two thousand and nine like after my recovery away, back meaner, more aggressive. You know how we taking risks that I shouldn't have. You know I'm looking back picking. Rest with my teams and in my apartment forces lies just because I was emotionally wanting some retribution. You know that killed some of my teammates and and damn near killed me and and then Benda, but they say without amounts that I don't know that I would have dealt with any of it very well. So Yemen arm in sea state I like to say that I was enrolled at insisting sitting
participation level with low. Well there's, like you know my graduating class, like one hundred and four people. So let's say there was no five thousand five hundred and sixty girls in that class right and then I get to Nc State has girls everywhere. everywhere of holy created manners like thousands of yes, I was distracted to say the least and quickly found out the classrooms. We have to be climb pay attention to a professor and not the best place to talk to these girls. Why would I waste my time going to do so anyway? Freaking partying wasting money. You know that that we didn't have my sisters in med school. Now my younger sister is going to school. She It was going down at you'll Wilmington, and you know it was clear. You know that I was wasting money,
inhabit a dynamic. So I withdrew and join the army. It was that your first time playing my join the army. Absolutely no! I don't want your account and you know our generation. We have to parents for everything? So my doubt let me Rambo Forest blood, wireless, nine or ten years. All done my screen raised a real bad ass. He says that movie. You know so from now on, you like, let's face it right, like some guys why You know something it's got seals in Austria or some guys a lot. You know either movie with Clint Eastwood Bill and your impression married again point or mine was Rambo First blood man freakin that run around The snow lie rags in the cave was already plain in the woods all the time. Anyway. I love the hard I just man so from their own out yeah, just as Bunny Green hats, which, looking back on my Dana hats, made out of war.
They taught is hell right, like you only where the war in favour will eat your hundred plus degrees in the summer down the sand, eels and hotel on a night like this has done bill it and keep the son out your faces now, Bonica noblest production? Why we even where this gum act like anyway, but I wanted and I'm I didn't help. I met a felony Jason Mackenzie in Sea stay in was going green, gold and story tell me your former room where he was a gb at the time and he was getting his commission.
And he went on to get his commission go backdating off course, name when over to the unit, Freakin study was stuck real smart. It still is an arm and manners. I sort of talk in hand, is a halo brow. I get an commissars. Let me tell you about this: really cool secret, its car doesn't cost the national guard. Special forces groups like were outside impossible, hugging ever reserves, but operations will come to find out. Most all of us have. That is that it is the poorest, most least known way to get in the special forces. What you mean I, where do I sign up again. Enzo paisley you'd go in its just like an active duty group. They just no less bullshit and has really well almost comes down to is like the guard gets on. Orders is not like they're doing you one week a month, two weeks, a year type of thing. You know they're doing weeks of training at a time if, when they deploy its
months of workout pmt, just like the group to have to check all the same boxes just not last time and I'm like okay I saw. How does it work is a girl. You know he's got me. I hooked up with nineteen group because up and West Virginia had to get up however, for my miss behaviors and arrests rye and what years So this is ninety seven and Organ waivers. It wasn't were you a minor when you got arrested? Yes, yes, and both what I had just turn. Eighteen would one of the arrests outsourcing in high school and but everything else was before now: man freakin I'll go and talk to these guys in Colonel Holier was the battalion commander for a second time of nineteen special forces, groom and human
Donna become like the general, the Tiger West Virginia really smart man rose Margo and I'm not I'm, not a very imposing figure. You know just an average, looking guy door suit on and disappear, you know not not the jack TAT, you guys core statues on and sleeves, and all that were quite partlet. It's on a member walkin in thinking this is a special forces I was expecting like John Topman from Labour rights. Do you suppose you scared the shit out of me very unassuming which come the violator? Those are the do that really the scary guy anyway, when he lay, I guess so you labour. You gonna do this anymore, no, sir! Don't that those three years gone. Get! Ok, that's easy! You know in Haiti,
He in his assessment, for whatever reason you know no him to have turned down similar cases, but man it was. There was no interview, nothing. He just took me on a very first impression base. And I was just a dumb kid. I didn't know, unlike scared to death all these debates, you know I'm trying to join this very exclusive club, and I don't know say I don't have to so nothing We don't have been right anyway, but I gave any waivers. Would you from school on a Tuesday morning in Raleigh to Pamlico County to the house, is about two hours I went home. My dad was a homeowner can change into some pizza, went for a run, sure not met him on the road he like his devices like. Are you doing? Why are you home you're supposed to be in college boy? What's wrong with you, and you he knew at this point. Like oh sums, are right. I daresay I know a great he's, probably in trouble again. That was probably his first impression, unlike
I'll run out on me in there. he probably would have pulled over to the side of the road and got out and we've had that discussion with Spiro, but my stepmother. He luck, take Lauren and luckily, for my dad meant he met an amazing woman after my mom died and became one of my very best friends, sad story. She died of cancer too My dad man, God bless his heart, so my step mom's with him- and I remember she kind of like patted him on the what it was like, let him come home and talk to us, good. I wasn't a little dude either Riley Keys, you bout, my son I know right. I was always smaller than him until I finally started lifting some weights. I was actually way more of a runner dude early on. I was like about seventy, and then I could run. I know real
Don T, you know, but he was like two to tango. Strong. Do work may be far out on the eighteenth elbow before the few terms. We did scuffle up all of it, yet he just why worry arrival I just covered up in a way. Is it anyway regional, so I got it I tell him he's just shaking his head, but it's like he understood. You know he understood. He knew and need to come course on it. So he knew me I'm his join eighty secular. More of the same reason, I wanted to go so Now man arm Buicks, I rose and basic training that quick huh. It was like two and a half months from the time I signed up to our ambitions back then you know, like nannies, recruitment was at a pre low there administration and aid rotted, the military and cut so much funding, but Johnny Guises,
for combat arms in owned. Recruiter would be ok. I guess I might up come on in here. You know so yeah I did. Powers Brook Camp, I was such good shape, that it was like easy worship. When I got here, I was already getting like at three hundred and forty on the army. Pt test. in a lot of it- was yucky max push MAX push up ups, but my run time was, I elsewhere, like the leaden flat two miles to little just little runner runner, and scaling gobbles, Harlot magazine in pictures now like, while, while boy you need the! U review never ran like competitively now in high school. Anything! No! Now I didn't start run at a joint, ROTC and insisted because now go, maybe I wanna join army. That may well be an officer. You know I didn't really play out that way, but
I was the first on the story. Do imputing and running think like my first peachy data must run like a fifteen minute two mile, but like my second sub twelve, so apparently had some decent Trina, Greece Disposition genetic predisposition running and your mom, The shock of blue camp was no factor cause you're to stoke to be their rights and an ill, This point now, twenty, so I'm one of the oldest its basic turning them even back, then I looked around doing don't look like he discipline suppose where these kids come from right likely related more. Like my dad you now in my head. I think every american boys, like me, have now there's a city, kids and when I remain habit, that wasn't hard Amerika like new top, he D. I was quickly made like the stupid, platoon, Sardinia, whatever you're not like right now, and you know there was little click inasmuch as I did. The basic and eighty back to back sounds like fourteen weeks. A u same, draw sergeant away through by
in May and he's got other boys are the order of a bit more mature. You know we were running things. We had our little mafia gone. You know we had let us cleaner draw sergeant, Sir Office, we took the keys, knock off, pose, made a coffee, a copy of it, and I to drill sergeants office key which had or personal bags, and rightly so. We were going to listen to the walk me and you see the easy hide out and it was finally became. The Germans had no idea we're doing much less it we're leaving post, inherently posting basic training of self What is make phone calls and be on the internet? None of that Europe, downright we wish they cannot posed an eye because we had access to the civilian clothes, a postponement
beer and it's stashing it in the drill sergeants office in the personal right we go in there at night and how it's a few beers and I'll buy some liquor. No clue so I say, like I, was already running an underground auxiliary when I was in basic training- and I guess I was just the over where I was I got other Regan immediately went to aggression course or whatever pldc. Whatever p l d c, we had to go from your to get your promotion whatever, and it was like couple days before I finish that little three course. Thenardier e4 after, like a few months now and so on, E3 finished because I did have old college chosen. Finnish basic, isn't three and so nominal appeal DC course. So I can get promoted for
Ok, you re go selection, I'm like gas when night in two weeks- and I haven't one Iraq'S- I. And that's all. Our selection is growing rucksack for twenty eight days. My yeah ok. cause, I'm like I'm, not gonna, say no and turning down a slot ass. If a s looking back ok. I really could stand another month of training and right. Ok, whatever and put me in the next course, I didn't know it like that. I thought just an opportunist watch. It must have been a godsend, you can't say no, So I had a whopping two weeks to train for selection. It went straight there you know, and even then I looked back on my one really that harm, but it wasn't hard because quoting wasn't an option right. I couldn't have withdrawn from college. All go to special forces and in Fail
one other thing I could not have sold that to family members. My dad right myself, how many people get how many people make it through so that first select what does it twenty eight days, you said back in its twenty is right. It is changed a lot over the years. I think right now, twenty one days of actual Corso. Maybe twenty six days come admin. Alas, it was twenty eight beckoning exactly four weeks on. Yet there was two hundred fifty or so did my client fifty two finished and forty or forty one, we're selecting and I think, a lot of folks. Don't know that right. You can finish that course and not get picked up. A twenty eight day non select yeah that got hurt has got to her
and so yeah I got picked up. Those people are quitters or their performance drops or medical drop, so they hurt their knees. Yeah. You know that the the number one attrition rate is voluntary withdrawals. Do you know that's probably ninety five percent and then injury, and he was funny I've seen some dudes and I'm sure the same at buds and everywhere else. You see those guys that, like they've got stress fracture. Is broken ankle, broken toes torn Patel, her tenens anything who I was young, it's stupid man breaking any I'm so lucky. I don't get blisters on my feet and never have. I got some of my first book ever last year, hunting in the mountains of Idaho cuz. I bought a pair of boots and didn't really break them in. I will be at warm around in North Carolina working around the house and then I thought backpack on and go hiking in the mountains of Idaho, and I call it hiking. It was armed hiking between killer
It's not really hungry. You read all you know, it's just aren't I really well armed hiking good training. I guess you can talk it up ass by yeah. I'd. Never even gonna bless her late, so I was lucky when it comes out, because at a big thing in our selection is, I just did speak, turned hamburger woody. How you know rub March. If you got the seats, blisters that started the toes like the back of the heel, Sri Lanka rings. It like you could lose a leg area, the medics like. Well, you know how horrible romantic station analyse pictures and you think just some genetic than you don't get blisters I just for whatever is my feet, fit jungles, which is where does not lie there? I just did
so yeah, I'm in that just worked out finnish lottchen. It was funny because at the time Reg said to finish, is before the eighteen, nor the ESA Baby programme ensures arrives before them. and but the guard had the back door. It was like Dating ACT, was lingering other unit and arm. So it's graduation day I had to go to the store. And to the board a couple times without any three inner like you. Can you not even supposed to be here much less finnish like what were they don't know what to do with me again? Some do look at it the waiver, but it was funny because you know the company commander calmly, commander
the training of turnings really involved in anything. He shows up in adding outermost work. The illicit boys run selection. So come time you know he's handing out in those graduation, not very formal. It's out a camel call you just all dirty a nasty and walking across his will stage in his hand and out these staff sergeant such a search gotten such as such sergeant such and such a shaking hands, and I get it private for he looked at the far sighted and the whole class knows we don't wear rank instead there, but you know right after four weeks. Everyone knows who the cherry lieutenant is an annual, it was some geyser Polly who were is that I was theirs and only three, but most of you guys were like, while his deeds crushing and he's a baby I wasn't a child, you know what an eighteen
the average age in their like twenty four or somethin yeah. Very much so you know your average il signor E4 promoter, bowls ethos and six is made up. The bulk of the class in most of the officers were in a first lieutenant and captains, so It was kind of funny because the whole class like laughing, because the criteria that the coming commander major was, I gotta talk to you. sergeant, Zahm Asian and they like really and unlike standing, narrow, Miss Hale, making ready to get outta here is a commendable yo nope right here So anyway, Reagan, Shakespeare, haggard, eyed, private first last count and welcome the regiment so man, it was kind of screwed up. I was in a recent motorcars one week before I was supposed report to the queue course broken
femur couple ribs at a raise, should have been raising. Are you not allowed and erase it? Wouldn't like that? You now that one on illicit ain't, you can't do you not was the skydiving one, never thought it he's. Not. Words are out there like don't go right. Rodya is on the list of things they are not supposed to do while in the queue cause problems in the queue course yet, but motor cars. What monolith until I broke my Bremer they added motorcycles, do the list because of me, so yeah man, I miss my cue course day and I was supposed to go to the delta course. I'm wanted to be a medic island of my plan was to go, be a medic and you to go to Pa School or medical school. I wanted to be like my terminator sister
I was the one, but we want to be a doctor morn she did and are, but I was always in and I want to be like the near. The art are going to be the trauma guy, so eighteen delta just made sense. Well, eight months later, still limping really put a ride. My leg and all that I got my run times back down pretty good, but man you hurt, it just hurts. I just destroyed this leg and it was like YO so Actros. Afterwards you had to put my hands around my clock. It it was just a bone in their nose it's nasty looking at it they see what happens over, jumped a triple jump, the jump that wild up to keep the bike for my buds were standing there, so they could see the drain plug on the bottom of the bike. The bike was plenty of the ground. I was still up right when I hit the ground the front tire basic trap this way and then
catapulted me just through me up in the air. Soon you said it's not raise. You should have been to advance the race. For now the exact opposite was like a local outlaw rice, not a sanction. It was just a fine race, but there's no fun races gives you still got away and- and I was battling first and breathing was. I was recently Two hundred and fifty class and the one hundred and twenty five class at that time, so I'd already erased those two and then it was just the unlimited class where Nathan married you anything you want in it, and us I was raised in six motives that nine six different races that afternoon night I was a six month- was exhausted and functional realized man like I'm in phenomenal shape at this time in Motor Cross, is still one of the most physically demanding things have ever done and because regional relies ear. You strapped to two hundred and thirty forty pounds piece of equipment there
Forty five horsepower nor the right over there you trying to control that thing. You know it's not like you just relaxing on your standing up your clenching AOL, twenty laser Latin anyway, Yemen. Oh now, my career, I ok our so through advisement. Ok, look! You lost all this time when sang yet for the Charlie Course engineer. Demo course, unlike I, this boy I just want to get in the course of urban basely, doing nothing for eight months as ever, rehab an asshole. nickel did you Charlie course. It was kind of funny man enjoy course, because I'm from North Carolina, so I know people have you and see W, which is a Wilmington as a college down with a beach problem. I stay easy. You party, could I have
branch errors. I was like the tour guide on trial. Again, no people, the school was go to this party on that kind of stuff. So rarely get on us. One at that fella been bitten, honour. Our little click man bunch crazy. Did you know borderline YO, we're misbehaved any cougars yoke. Is it wasn't that hard, especially in the last phase, at what, in the very heart of your party in blah blah yet did all that of language school wasn't hard back to him, because no one cares about language. He really did have to go to languish. Go so I went to languish goal but did not learn french and then of course it didn't really matter because it was like eight years later, if I ever anywhere that spoke for a lot of french speakers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now they have
freaking cool stuff. I got lucky, though, because if I had done the medic course I would miss the invasion would have been in language Corsair school during that time frame. So because I did the shorter Charlie Coors I was already done, and on a team and doing some pretty cool stuff Afghanistan kicks off. Now to go to begin. Where were you when September eleventh went down so when I so doing cool stuff my warrant? He was the S guy right this source operations, guy, not the door kicker guy. You know he had done all that He had just matured into understanding it. That's the best Harper. The Finnish is the easy part right. How does that take us to execute a target? You know Thirty two ninety seconds, typically right, we're on target everyone's it I'd or done we're going to take
no don't ssc its quick is that find fix part so stuff, it's actually difficult. That takes a brain and he was all about them and because I was that scheme In college kids, look like in us after so he got me and up on this programme, that fit group turn through all activity groups were participating, was tat groups here too and it was the red cell against the intricacy beneath your command and control. So four months leading up to nine hundred and eleven I'm running around the nation, tracking and new development patterns of life of this general. It's got a suitcase attached to him. He's like number twelve in the chain of command and running are
in a time of nuclear war with Russia, and I had no idea of those very cellular whose broken down in a little cells, which is ironic I now we're playing red against the United States, need look command and control for No six months at it interact, I do not see face the faces, all old school, cold war, trait graph, dead, drowse. Note, no text messages, nothing in the time. I got text message or call is why actually called the handler whose achieve out of tenth group- and he was running out So we were in Oklahoma. Nebraska silos. Man in the sky will go from silo facility is solid facility with these tracker trailers that indiscreet three tracker trailers, or so and I could change and in security, detail that helpline,
himself right, like you drive and on how I would never noticed this convoy because they did not do but calm were either. She ceased retract. Your trailer trucks Anna and sometimes more than that. Sometimes Conway was much larger when it had other piece of equipment that I had no idea what was only cared about him because the ultimate goal, Was when we were supposed to execute we're tenets create for second hiccup in the United States, Nigger reaction, Russia's attack regime or SEC? that was what it was that all supposedly russian needed or seconds man will we'll find out man. It was a worldwide effort I wouldn't just might Four goofballs, I knew knew was a some others with other teammates in were scattered around the country, and I knew they were due I had no idea where that less on my song was at a meeting in Northern Virginia. Working together, they breathed a citizen, is wise and will find me this new park, as do many with you on limited budget freaking. Just
swiping government credit courtiers days. I had two different: two cars regain cars hotel. You know and it was an amazing thing. It was really because you know how to get interim ts which backed in low baby ie six have ts glances so that that paved the way to get my my clients, who set up in all that much younger than than I should have probably or was standard at the time, so yeah man on the morning of nine eleven. I would crawled through this drainage little clover written. I went to Walmart
some leafy gucci flag from Walmart Freaking Odin, Crappy, Walmart Gillies, you and I called like for four hours to get within taking a picture of this general that was gonna, be the shot in like a semi need at teams around the world, taking pictures of different types of planes and tell numbers- and oh this plain took off in intellect turkey and in it landed in Alaska like flew across the North pole mean these or is there some crazy assets right? Well, I am an so I get a text in his eye. Abort moved as such and such like, I'm not compromised on good right now was the text I got back abort right now
and I'm watching his security detail change what would happen if an arm as on crawling out man freakin, like the local shares department, freakin start pulling in huge I've got shot gun right, local redneck news, some bringing showed up, I guess you're, like Freakin, had been hovering this whole times marine detail that I was not even aware of likely. They were unaware of neither so now I'm calling quick because it's clear something is going on right. Cuz, I got mags in their guns. Get out get my car. Call hey what's up yet meet me at the small towns. Like you side of the road Dirt motel, one story old school. You know, Nanking fifties built motel and there's like forty Rennell cars and his motel parking lot. Am I what
he's got a virus, not my Forman sale, and there was redundancies upon redundancies for all these cells but every location around the world, men and none of us know about each other. When a couple on the light can I get these things we, moreover, martyrdom like I saw you in Alaska, so you males females, and this is a desert. That's a good point, because that was the first. I realise how important females are for your reconnaissance surveillance shrieking, like that, while they do have a major role that that change a lot of my career, the way Saul women and how they can be an asset right like me, and you they're right. How do we walk around eighty wherever we don't blended an average? U S, freaking city, much less the lonesome, a man dress and try to walk around Jalalabad work lasted, but man these Ladys can go in
especially when you recruit the ones that can speak Arabic and YO can blend in which we learn that lesson. But this is my first time seeing genome like Hologram come the fire one of the people. All my team was a female. I didn't know unjust dead drop in letters notes, so as I walk in a hotel remain yeah like forty people in this little hotel is not mean just cramp dance it and looking at even burning towers sitting on ok with you we're under attack and at this point, in its early in the morning, no one even knows Pentagon had been hit. Yet an arm soap That happened over certain areas like well. Ok, so we pack up, we actually wit linked up with that asset and provided a ring, a security form and escorted them. So we went from
reds area, some to helping with their security cordon. We were unarmed, so we put an outer security and escort him to a hard location, yeah and then got on planes and flew back to where we were supposed to every unit guys over and got some damn neck involved. Everybody flew back fast as I could, but planes were grounded so they're, sending C seventeen from wherever they could and picking us up. We drove a hundred mile, an hour away to Colorado, Springs and attends groove and Kyle got on flights wherever we could get them is always funny. Cuz you're, like the twenty one, guys neither the learjet we're waiting for them or just wait, no like whatever we could get. My argument. Can I get on at grandmaster get a ride back to bribe me now, but it was always remember. That was my first impression of those guys like how can we get learjet other their important where the scarves but come answer: that's how it all got started. Now I had a
flock to go to another in a new national barred young ass. If due to get us, slot in freefall was a big deal, backdating yoke and I think we can all, as after all, gotta Freida, and so that chief was, I well. you mean you're. Orders are good for another year, your detailed assigned assigning to us and what we want in winning while you can freefall or you can come with us and my mother, I'm with you. Let's go giveaways like a man, we're napkins young Duncan What that look like some will I mean what kind of what would they do say right, here's what we're doing yeah, I got it all figured out lightly, dad used to say to you, I mean it's: ok, you call your family members, we're going in isolation Monday, we're doing what it was that it was. I think
like I like I just I knew about was at Robins age. I completely understand right and honestly, mostly guys it, neither like now, just because I was new, none of the force had been war either. No solely a handful, eyes Inessa, because only a handful of risk group dues got to play in the Gulf WAR handful again from over the issue. You know no combat experience yet progress in your actual team. There might have been zero. The chief had stuff in south american eighties NEO, but all you I was in through advisement starve. But young answerer. Ok, here we go again. and I got to go and be into a bore. You know, sir. There is basically a lot of because-
for us that we all know how it all played out but mean there's an entire generation of Americans. Americans were born either either right or after nine. Eleven had all understand right was to parts of Afghanistan, those the the Taliban right, the soldiers and invite came down from the north and background you triple nickel in all. That team did all that and in those two or more permanent, Ok, so I got lucky enough to be involved in all that my teams, in Jalalabad where'd you go. wait, wait, how'd you get in there. You see here It is all about. You guys get up. We beheld in South Jalalabad, not a toolbar and then motion. Would you do support it mostly supported the day. Tax Cctv dropping bombs and tried to mostly Courtney and keep are those two main. lords in this region, and one was has rightly- and the other- was summoned
answer. Mine spoke English. Man was the agency's pick to be that an angle? I warlord threatening Bihar leader. Was a man had lived in Britain for ten or twelve years? He left Afghanistan. Has early was moved man, he was. He was a farmer, video lotta photo. man. You know Afghanistan of the fourteen most opium producing countries in the world. Afghanistan was under. Fourteen evaded one right now: that's a horrible result of this war we'll has early who ultimately became the minister. Defence of Afghanistan was a farmer, but us freedom fighter moves against the Taliban Taliban very much just allowed opium probe. You know they were all about. That was a thin. So can we change that? I can hear the Taliban. Alright, everybody said they're going on with you.
Beautiful fields, those pink red flowers, man, they're, beautiful, but death, growing on the ground, so anyway, german- on how long you on the ground floor I wonder how much less resistant where motorcycle in this is. That question is where my fairytale of initial entry into special forces begins to end. So fifth group wanted out, as fast They could search January February. There already like we're going to the horn when you get there November so November, in January and fifth coopers already sister dislike- they want out there. Get in the Horn of Africa right you're still no talk of Iraq. At this point raised like one of Africa's we're gonna Somalian, everybody wanted that at all carrying a get. Some return that favour right. At ten year old favour. We owe the Somalis everybody went together. Will then and we'll about applying the change in a rat became a thing. Well so nineteen group and
third group start showing up so they're like hey, look we're just you and you're gonna, be continuity hearing and help this next team rip it right. I got left. Other states like another six buds, ran out like no, so that's where that fairytale everything happily really cool Conaway. Oh shit but it wouldn't bad, because I wanna be on a tomb, much ado that there were good friends, my actually gotta go be an Alano for a few weeks up in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, so as a young, twenty four twenty five year old young little buck. My first experience in a former soviet area I see that for which a party and I'm supposed to work at the embassy at the government embassy twice. I was sick. As we know, the Elinor was this former tat group dude, retired got called back in and he had been,
like the Miami Dade on organised crime taskforce, he was he wisely in on us as it, he had a very ukrainian name. He was from the crane. He came to American like twelve, so he spoke russian ukrainian man. He had all concept go on Ukraine or not Ukraine, whose back down- and he was connected as the Eleanor there. You needed something out those banks that he could get it. I mean the second night at her. The dew took me to a party at the. U, Pakistan ease in its daughters house. To imagine this do knew everybody. He was the quintessential S F guy, but he's like almost sixty he's got a way he speaks russian in his is fluid so like four days after I get up there is. I owe you I'm going to the states so now it is up.
the assistant Elinor animals in the Sheraton, which that's rushing for Sheraton Hotel rooms all alone, and so I just parted for like four weeks ago, are basing my job was to take new my bird minds, Becky driver body and go pick up people from the airport taken the hotel and taken back an airport, so they can fly into F, o b so yeah man, rigour in pretty girl by ourselves. Afghan stand and finally home- and we did- you- need good object. What kind of missions regional yeah will you did a lot of course, of course, new job, all bond in a turbo school course. We started and there is still a lot of stuff out there. We went after some mom down on Chechens summers as they were ill because
there were you guys already working with a partner, forced yeah. We started the initial. What became the commandos? I was called the MRI F, the Mirth mobile reaction force there in Jalalabad dilemma wasn't base copy airfield every time we went to get resupply, we had a clear the airfield and through the runway monsieur le Unpleasing, I am she went. There is good news squeaking Milon, I drop our junk off so we started doing what became Jalalabad efforts, be rebuilt, ranges out there and started turning Hazara these guys I met a man and has rarely they there. The reason freakin you be got away. They were. Supposed to be helping us deal with our kid and they turned on each other, but I suppose am on the CIA's pick. No one liked him had no real pool. He was nobody had. Most of these kids have never heard of him.
And I ve who's been there you're running the show these not have in it so a man. They start fighting with each other and you got like you have to change There would damage on the other teams and enough of us over here with drama or other of these guys and are fighting each other like maybe wait, wait which supposed to go knows dude It's good the world for about three days as resorted that mess out and came in ass, one, that's when he escaped when you gonna, get sort that out Ultimately, the agency stepped in. They were running the show their right, the Juliet teams and we were basely supporting them and we had to masters right may therefore be and fifth groups, Comma HOLLAND and then, of course, we had the diagram branch, gas and eight there were on a show and into a boar an arm. So
we are friggin sorted out, miss out and basic day, told you mind like a stand out and once everything was hatched out settled by what the Jaw Abad Zuma actually went back to them to Britain. They ends out him. What had early to whereby it he examined, but really agencies, and you just need to let you know I was a bad call and it was one of those convenient things. He spoke English positively, didn't back all on our part on who we decided. We thought we could put him power. We didn't really understand how much influence has. Play really had over the past. You paid well. At least they had the humility to recognize that and say alright cool. We screw this up. Let's get this guy out of here and move forward in history repeats itself there s a guy's Vietnam. They have those blue. What like guys chew
each other on base between the but the monks in whatever other groups like the right of veto me aren't they get and fights and should each other It will prevent the border mission with these guys, that's one of the biggest problems right. We for some reason. As Americans, we have this arrogance that we think everyone's like us and likes the things we like, and you know we have this amazing experiment in American. This diversity has never been this way anywhere else on the planet ever so we can walk down the street gotTa Mcdonald's and see twenty different ethnic seas. In people from all around the world right, at least our ancestors are, and in some cases they literally just came from their one other point. those people will fight each other, their life from different villages, indifferent, tries and then like each other and never going do we think we, impose that right, like a man,
You can't grass, whether Shia and assuming only hate each other will fight each other and only tunnel come together is too. someone else they hate more us or Israel Americans in were bad about it? You we really think weaken, imply or impose our way of doing things and is inevitable. You got your kind or whoever else it ever be, we're out their living with these boys living with him. There are thirteen and we're trying to explain all the dynamics of it. You got some crowns, never done even like fits Argius, it much less run unconventional war with a partner force whose frustrating you know because it to me is just simple. Yes, I can just be nice. All these people share again subterranean like crap and realize it, that tribe and I tried should not ever be put in the same unit and given loaded weapons. They will shoot each other
what is its us. You know, it's is how we do things like you say we just repeat it time and time again. Yes, sometimes I think it's it's can see but whatever arrogance it, we think. Well, if we tell you guys to work, either been worked here and sometimes I think just arrogance it. It just don't realize. Like eight at least these two people are, your doctor, and now they dont they're, not gonna, get long ever ever nothing, you can do yeah unless for some reason why the adversary ass his I ever learned goes yes that was able to settle down persons, God be an ally for the next two days. How much money is of ITALY and less money? I have always tried to telephone there's a huge eventually allies and friends and allies are usually pretty predictable That means we have a very common goal: a common enemy. I can't we have a commonality,
where's friends a lot of times rendered that's a loose relationship based mostly on emotion, right and you use it all the time I really hoo hoo hurts our feelings amongst our friends. Our allies are predictable when you go into an alliance of light business advice of always giving guys business advise one unless a dollar was dull sort of business with a friend. If you have to have a partner and you shouldn't take a partner, but if you, after overboard and get this endeavour started. Do not do it with a friend. I must now like all my business is all my for his hope. You had better luck, it's hard, you know when you got especially, we tend to like start. Businesses would guys like us and were also hard, headed and set no ways and let you know if there's not some type, a clear hierarchy in those operations, We must not stop it. You can always go back to emulate Hey buddy. This is what the company says well, in my case
We didn't. You have argued operations agreement. We just started it minute. You it luck it didn't dissolve into where we hated each other that, but my dad always told me his eye new partner, don't have any sure enough. He was right, but you smart, the admin, crew was awesome, I am so how you end up going to throw you have spent in this first like what is it a Europe of nine months in Afghanistan at a time when the backlash seventy seven half months and then what happens so we're home and you're in the National Guard or your international are yeah, but I'm not I'm on active logos is no different right note. If so, you know the gargoyles would move indeed mode and be too much on the day. The city deployed for eight months announced regional. It was two months of mood and in two months of GMO for a turn of the year, deportment got it and so outlaws deployment,
two months on the front entrance on the back. That became the standard for S of National Guard well miles. What do I do now who do not belong to working for, and so I was lucky, I'm freaking, where did some the colored drug mission for the National guard? environment to law enforcement. So I did that, to step aside, and it's it's providing surveillance training no deal with my ears counterpart. We would about positive stir. Well, you know we're unarmed. Most of the time. Sometimes we really gonna go out. The middle of West Virginia revile these methods, with the thirty six rifles in politics My personal firearm and do the renovation later and I had a couple times were: methods like Blue we're snow. We I shouldn t
he was home. I must have been sleeping it off because methods would they be up for days and in her sleep for days, and we thought this matter. There was no new, they weren't cook in her and our citizens eyes mountain snow where, where would, Camouflage wreaking were messing about. We didn't go to high side, some come up, we're not taken seriously and we were like two hundred fifty metres from the stews eyes like a cabin and a trailer openness holler in West Virginia did he comes out and starts scanning with, Hunt for the scope day, which is a signatory like get behind new trees, were signal sort arms are not wearing overweight or anything just down, because you said we were taking it seriously. With Afghanistan were much tough guys. What is done, run aground lucky that redneck didn't see us in shoot us right. Let's face it, rennet boys they can shoot. Women first
and he shot somewhat rifle. We now have a good God. I was running concourse one time. This is like before the war, and I had this group up in the mountains and they're they're like laid up and in that right. a lane greater right, so I'm I'm out there, but I'm carried up took some all fired up, so I would like sneak rounded so I'm kind of sneaking up on them to kind of observe what they're doing to make sure that there be squared away and as sitting there observing I'm not that far away from like fifty meters away a guy, I hear dog right all these cause, you're gonna get you know, boss dear. This can be cooperative watch the whole thing, so a guy comes out, he's got to form in german shepherds were them and they look bad ass. They looked like freakin wolves and so the guy
yeah I'm watching this often play out and the image you guys pick up that their common cause that it was a squared away to a crew. They they pick up outcome. They like fade in their their conquered down guy come. Walking down this path was even wrote. A path and peers He's none the wiser and all this on the day. I express the doktor like they stop, they start ground and all the on the guy like starts scanning. He reaches and pulls out a forty five bro, an arm fifty meters away- and I go exe I saw the guys. I just go. Excuse me, sir. You know cause we're in America. Let us know the Hell's come on man. I'm like excuse me, Sir Sir. You know sir. It's ok, I said we're in the military training operation but elsewhere, the scenario to have now. There were lots of things like diagnosis, machine urban side had good
reminder. They called in the Ssf cowboy that use his likeness in that video game, and all that I don't remember some of the first picture that came out of Afghanistan. Big dude, sleeves cut off people feared he was my roommate in a low minivan. I watch in this House African O crap like two in the morning. You know I'm freaking dude walks up. Oh shit, revolver point in us what what what Freaking rose it down. Most of the time we had a law enforcement guy with us, but in this case it was him and I and law enforcement dudes we're in another car up the road. And now it's like: hey, bro, hey, hey, hey, hey what he's just a concern, citizen and we're lucky in that regard. So bagging imagine the headline. I say one of us made a mistake in put him on the dirt american civilian rule.
yeah, and you are so since- and I've done a couple things where I'm at and vising law enforcement in the States Minneapolis before last night. When that whole mess kicked off and it's like, hey man, I don't care. If your far left, I don't care if you're, yelling and riding right you're an american I'm not squeezing the trigger on American. wrong answer now, if you're threatening me that's different, but just payment, if your Robin in Luton best buy to me, that's not. Mine paternal somebody for man is not in my in my book and it's weird, is weird, like you have to remind guys: okay, guys, this is not an operation. We are here in advisement only only if you have done everything you can to get out of that situation, and it's defensive yourself, a third party and write like it, though cuz of
large or something like that would be huge reserves on. I was an old, the border survey Oh yeah shot that guy, like light nineties the name of the there was that it had an operational your NATO's there did send all kinds of guys tat the marine shot that one fella and I was a big Dulaney Shut, that programme gown and we were calling a part of that same umbrella. But here we all she said no joke and is not really that funny now, I'm order that you know you pose Positano taught us now it back on light. Should the military agency- be allowed to advise, because this way see right like in Waco they were twenty one advisors on the ground. You know that that stuff, that's kind of scary man. You know because the rule of law says that our intelligence organization-
and our military can operate here course a national or gets around it a little bit without state measure, but it's scary. That there's a reason posthumous exists that military can't turn his weapons towards our population. So, looking back like might man we're your kids, we're jokingly prosecutors now, like it's not funny anymore, I, like you new young and dummy make jokes that are an approach, Maybe you young and diamond I'll back, I'm like I don't know that we should be doing right, like I know, are unfortunately, hell, but the other is that we should be getting it from us. There is definitely a positive and negative tour to because, obviously, if you have guys that can help law enforcement improve their what they do like that's beneficial and then there's two too. at that point too because guys it on them. Military have a certain mindset. Part of that mindset is payment. We ve been
before somebody gets get crazy, we're not worried about it when I'm freaking out like will be escalate. In many cases, the escalate better than someone that hasn't been in these shitty situation before, but then not all Terry's created equal, so you might get someone from the same unit. It goes usually does that should you are free can go anywhere like now? Actually, it's not for an answer so that there is a there came here. Positive. There can be a negative that boy, If those situations you could have somebody from the military perform awesome. You could also someone In order to do something stupid I mean just as you in the military doesn't mean, you're doesn't mean you does it that's impeach. all over the map. You know all the map, some guys, thirdly, there in the military twenty years there tactical eighty I've gotten a couple times with a whole campaign like well. Just as your veteran doesn't mean you and I'm like you're, absolutely right. Bingham veteran doesn't mean
I was even good it being a military right like it just feels you were in the servers doesn't mean you really good, whatever your job wasn't service so doubly, does it automatically call by you to be a politician, in a lot of ways right, you like me experiences completely make me unqualified to be a typical politician. Lake so I'm gonna get Nigeria that you're not up fishing and never have been, and that's what our country need right now and my experiences the military have set me up to where I could go. Do good things for our country and never become a politician. I don't have that. My blood is just now yeah as I look at the everything that's gone on the last six months after downfall there in Afghanistan and then even looking in Afghanistan, Iraq and then compare that vietnam- and you said yourself like, like
those lessons. Every lesson that we view can look back at Afghanistan and say: well, you know we learn this. We already knew this. We already knew this stuff from Vietnam, and so, when it comes to, people be being in the government that are figure out where we're going to war. I usually girl. You know somebody shoot. Somebody should be in the military. If they're going to serve in in the government, there be a politician. They should have this reserve. Walter did be helpful right. I should think like earlier. That makes sense, like all the other. Ok, you gotta make sense. You understand what I can do its service. Like oh yeah, you know what it's like, but now I'm We absolutely need military people that are that under in these lessons to the core that aren't just thinking with the arrogance that that that the gene it's not just status to work. I will fight for me, in principles and button that
or even more, who is going to fight you say we who's the. We know not we're here, those whatever the others military guy anyway in it in it funny right, you're here about folks who had these awesome blessed lives? Maybe Tillman fell football player. You hear these crazy stories about these people, who are these awesome jobs, or maybe they came from this awesome family and they go in in listed like it automatically assume because it came from a in family that he should have been an officer. I like that prejudices weird. So the fact it a rich well to do. Guy lists and goes to fight work. That's a story wise at a story that should be a story is right not just use Tillman, because he's such a famous story What were amazing man, you know freakin pro football player. Real life is set for this guy
quit that and listen to Ranger Regiment right, like whoa bro, you really asking for it like that's an american stuff, but my point is who's going to war. Typically, it's just those young. What else did you have? he would your life type guys. You know in in the guys, like a lot of us right, let's face it, you know blotter upper middle class deeds and saw no one knew but an empty that calling that I need to do this stuff, because her dad much ram owner good about it. But on Yemen, Congress is the only part of our government for the constitution that can declare war. How is it we ve been at war for twenty years? What's the point, what was the point right because in Delilah Bonn, which
it has been considered for ten twelve years now, hot spot, but in January February and March of two thousand and two I was walking around the market without a gun at hop on the ATV age, up in a trap, hop in the car, we want a mud troopers when a man Afghanis run down where that guinea garb the biggest threat to me in there market or anywhere in July butter. All evening a whore province was having the people hug me too tightly. That was the biggest threat to me. Or maybe a car accident, ECHO's traffic greatly? You know they loved us loved us. So what happened? The conventional miller, he showed up. So all the grounds and journals can get their stars in their awards and get their promotions. Those politicians gives us face it right. Once you become
a certain level whether its enlisted or officer at your career becomes being in looking out for your other YO upper scene, officer senior unlisted, we gotta, get them bronze doors. Impalpable hearts are unit needs. Metals are unit needs combat because you to become a now without a sea I'd be in the army. In this timeframe, Boone you gotta, go, get some right and you can Polynesia solar store at least bronzed only so how do you do that unless I got a war? So let's take the strikers in these empty rallies and destroy roads and run over innocent people, and I won't do it on purpose there, just thus the conventional military they have tanks in. you know I've, never driven striker before, but I've sat in a hatchet like. How can you drive this? They will not run over everything and their life What will you do run over everything because it can work no, what may we made those enemies? We made the enemies
then we're now fighting the second generation were fighting the sons of the men. We killed intolerable, or fighting the sons them. Then we killed in the Shine car and Helmand and everywhere else. At the beginning of that war, we created an enemy and the same thing happened in Iraq. and you know, let's face it right. Afghanistan was righteous located needed to fall, I looking back. Is it a good strategy too? apple regimes that are predictable. The Taliban was very predictable. The Taliban has never met the requirement to be listed as a terrorist organisation. They were a sovereign nation and yes, they had horrible horrible means human rights abuses, but they were a sovereign nation. Could offing sovereign nation Greekan Iraq, sovereign nation with dictators and dictators, are present.
They care about one thing. First and foremost, our main priorities, their power, so their predictable you're in the interviews with Saddam. He talks about, like I thought your kidding he's like I. I thought making it up that you thought I had weapons of mass destruction that haven't had gas in years. I don't have any of that stuff in his ear. He's gone. I really think you're gonna invade, so why deeply my own theories. My theory is because people say who went to war for oil and might have you seen the oil prices windows or for all women to war with Iraq to stop it's all production prices up, because if we, if all ever rack you and me although all, coming soon made money right good as new
source that we didn't. They have rights or access to stop the oil lower the supply the man stays at or continues to increase prices go up, So that's a little bit of my theory on that, but whatever either way at least that's only based off of what I have seen since right when we first invaded at right, go, you know like every other, William Trooper, but really we're talking the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis thousands of Americans in and what did we get? What, if Tell me: was war was Busby explore expansion, mineral the rich right throughout human history war has been to expand your empire. What we fuck it being an imperial power her because we go to these wars and we do nothing with the spoils. So why do we keep signal?
Americans gives us base, it wasn't really for our national defence or was it for a national interests, cassettes two very different things: Most of my work throughout my life has been for interests less about defence, because once Kedo was destroyed and eliminating even ices and a kid in Iraq where they ever. really capable of attacking us here, yeah nearly the plains, to those powers and killed three thousand plus people, but did they ever really threaten daily lives, they threaten America, the United States, probably not, you know, why should they robot that war on a large scale to America and affected the average american sale? I know that you have that capability in an image. Clearly, right, like none
Naturally, we have had a big attacks, sits in Ireland and I think they just Buller WAD. They were done, they knew it. I don't think they had a plan after that is like a crap now what we just these guys often oftener, coming force. Now what right? They never really getting things So my point is right like wearing. Congress, been, whereas our representatives in our Senate Ben these last twenty years, military, that's. Your complex continues to make big time money- big, timely when I listen. Soldiers are in barracks, covered in mold. Just nastiness writer living in poverty, whereas younger than Jenny this house on any posing a well groomed lawn and basically little mansion? So so what did we get out of these wars? Well, that's arguable right! So very honourable, but the bottom line is Congress has continued to set aside.
at its authority, its duty, its role, its responsibility to either declare war cut the funding they didn't cut. The funding lotta people got rich off these wars. Amy I was a contractor I'd guilty. I died. I got paid for going to war, nor did I get paid like block or you know Northrop Raytheon or no course not, but Well, you got a positive outlook, believe it or not from my perspective, because the positive outlook would be that somebody was smart enough to figure out that if they did this stuff they'd be able to read the price of oil in these other. That's to me. That's a positive outlook to think
If someone were smart enough to actually craft the things that you're saying I dont know if they actually, it was planned or do you just we didn't stubble in two years, because I worry about and they re World ITALY's conspiracy theories on. I have time they can bring out with a bathroom. That's what makes that's what that's? What disturbs me more than anything else, is that it's the arrogance combined with the being naive, the naive to ok! Here's what's Goin on Iraq, look. We know that surrounds not a good guy. We can probably create some kind of a good ally there and we can probably just turn this into a democracy clause. We like democracy and we you know, we like it and almost people must want to be free to and we ve got people that came from my act or that are or in say how ya we want to be free, so cool, let let's invade and
their minds. It plays out pay, it's gonna, be like the First Gulf WAR. It'll take us, you know a couple weeks, then we'll start to get rid of the bath Party will establish. Will start building Walmart right that I think that that's what they fought more than anything else? Probably, and it's just it's just an arrogant. just arrogance, its wealth, not just arrogance, its arrogance and its ignorance? To think that you can go and the others when it comes? The economy right when you start trying to dictate when you start having a centralized economy, its cannot pull it you can't do it. You can't pull off a centralized economy. That's why communism doesn't work. You have to let the free market kind of. Do it's thing. So if you think, if If you wish, we know that you can't control on economy, which is a finite thing and controllable thing in some, then some feasible way
and we can control, but at least you can understand what it is. But now we think we're gonna take a bunch of millions of people and predict how they're gonna respond to predict what the secondary tertiary effects are going to be with what they think and how they're gonna behave like that Completely insane think that we we think we are going to control the future with other people. We think we understand what the don't we can't. So we have start behaving in a way that we we utilise our power to make the attempt to influence, but we can't think to ourselves that the things are going to play out the way. We think that replant because they don't they don't they couldn't even figure out these two freaking guys in Afghanistan, one of arms from England. Hey everyone's gonna! Listen! This guy me me while that local here that's been running shit for years, and we think this other guys find from England. He speak English. He must be. Smart have, of course, have no no, and then you just play that
over and over and over again in a bunch of different scenarios in Iraq and Afghanistan and Iraq, and that's what you end up with. So that's. Why so happy the guys like you are stepping up people that understand that we don't understand people that understand that we can control everything. People understand that the enemy gets a vote. This civilians gets evoke like all those things come into play. When you run around like we can figure out, nothing is two plus two. It was for No I've always been equation with hundreds, if not thousands of variables and eating tongue. You change one variable to get the can renewed result, you're gonna change, every variable or many of them in Americans we couple: aren't you the arrogance rights? What is always a arrogance is ignorance and cockiness combined and and Lord knows we are a lot of ignorance and in you, ve got the cockiness and we think
We really think that people want five g or forty or three year, whatever it was ten years ago, we d they want that. You got this culture that no one wants to bother to understand who understands the alter the Afghanis relations, a culture of the ASEAN northern Iraq or the Kurds in very north Iraq or the sheer in South Eastern who understands the stuff, the guy on the ground. I'm glad you we're talking about you leave from it. with a lieutenant colonel, Stuart Schiller, hammering courtiers on a broadcaster. You wasn't right right now. I have a touchstone a couple weeks. He and I went down to the border and I was cable. I gotta pee, not joke about how we met. We talked
we're we're without with a J t with a rifle and when we are talking about how we manage previous store, but on we went down there and we talked with border patrol agent, who is a very good friend of mine, a course of beneficial. Could she would get fired for even entertaining having caught a conversation with congressional candidate House of Representatives Canada, but he talked to us and showed us some places we can go and let the look before and broke it down for us. Nothing in the media that I had heard was anything like the border really is, at least in this section. In this of Texas, aroma and real grounds city. It was just nothing like I thought we were on the ground. He that follow that border patrols, he's the guy on the ground
I just went and got some info for, and then we went driving around and stuff and looked and everything he told us was exactly the way it was like holy crap man, but the border patrols are basically a gag order. Man, they talk to somebody, they do their jobs over done right. So men of Colonel Schiller, nigh the funny thing is man. He I got word that he might run for house. You know he went now the Marine corps yet and I said, and I had announced at either so a friend's wires, some mutual friend, a major who had worked for colonel Irish. I was like hey he's like hey Zack gave me your number said you want to talk to me. Like yes, sir, you know our career paths may be about to collide, be nice. If we could just meet face to face and chat, it's like okay. Well, I'm up and hammer. Are you willing to come up here house tomorrow morning,
sat down like you, you think about run in the fourth fairly. At that time he had told to people the fact that I knew it blew away these data. Luckily my team, my consulting team or very well connected and supermarkets elsewhere. So anyway, Zat shouted. It was really cool conversation, mature adult conversation because he could have easily been like an arrogant, dig. Milly, whatever arises, whoever I want, but we set food, or to very similar types. Do we really need to run against detail? I live in the fourth he doesn't announced at the fourth any more than we can get them and I was just really cool conversational coffee shop there in Emerald Isle, North Carolina, and we left it with and had just me on getting a lot of respect for the man. When he's he was like. Okay, I think this, I think, know if Imma get out the Marine corps enough time to even you'll get in the rays
a wise and would take it over his. I wouldn't you I also want to say: is that ok, what today's brow, let you know at least then you'll know if we run against each other like Roger that thanks anyway, my and Denmark out or whatever, and it didn't work out for him? I would like to think run enjoying twenty four I know is considering a lot can happen in two years, but yeah mammal- what I want a good guy man he's deftly Marine corps officer. I like you, know ye. I thought why they write his raw veto, but that we need some of that man needs that mean that do through his seventeen. Almost eighty, your career out the window to just stand up and say so which is buying because, like I hear and see, people on internet like condemning and for like enlisted, Gaza might fellas
we ve been begging, pleading wishing a colonel would stay, up and now you're trying to say this, this man's doing it for recognition, I sit down and talk to him for two minutes. You'll find it out not so much. May I we were I we're in Roma taxes they now we ve found out looking like the people are coming, cross the border in the middle of the desert they're coming across, like the bridge that goes across there's the border patrol checkpoint Roma. walking under the bridge coming up hit the cul de sac and every night they get picked up by the border patrol buses and taken in time of silly Think it across animal desert, walk right up in a town sitting down and picked up. Every night has been going on for months right. This shipping in the round, the nation thing does not need for months. I had no idea that those headlines had just broke the day before that when it is time, but it was like pro,
shipping illegals around this country for nine months. Bro he's like the numbers are down, but yeah he's like yeah. It was two thousand cross the border in this little section every night. He was in then cartels figured out and they all figured out right that the boar patrol can only pick up about two hundred and nine So now only two hundred a night come across on the other side on the right side of the border. They have warehouses, hotels and it costs the stay there, but they let two hundred each night so cartel the cost to come across. for not being ferried, not good, Coyote, not transportation, the cartels tax or fee to walk across the border to get your armband, so you can walk across the EU.
site on bank when the cartel gizmo armband budget, our men on our side, nothing but trash armbands. It's like going into a club, you pay your man, you're clearly go across well and answer, color coded from which country you come from, because in those warehouses that you can see from America right over there on the my side, there basely hotels, it's just cotton and format every night you stay, there's a hundred dollars to walk across that borders. Nine hundred twelve hours going where you further, where you come from or if you want to spend a couple nights in that hotel warehouse, you can pay more, but that's what it costs in two.
This alone. Last year, one point: seven million illegal immigrants, illegal crosses of our border, were detained, pushes humming were detained in Texas, just taxes and somewhat detain. Now how many people came across and his whole evolution of the book border patrol and customs, facilitating the integration and varying throughout the country it used to be no cavities would continue and pick up we destroyed that business and gave it all the cartels. So one point: seven million the same thousand bucks on two thousand dollars and we can only Guess that double that were not in detail, so let's just call it and even three Milton time, two thousand hours, that's what we give the cartels just in Mexico, when I say we gave it to him. We created this market place for them. That's what this administration did by opening the borders are created a marketplace where the cartels
now they don't really care about drugs. The jobs that are across our borders. Our come across in a backpack, not truckloads, limo marijuana. When I come across in truckloads. That's very seizing marijuana anymore, it's backpacks fit known heroin because thirty pounds pack of no I condemned near, kill the holy ghost stuff is so poem, thirty Forty pounds of black tar on process opium hash breaches stage process in heroin. One backpack turns into freakin half a million dollars with a heroine. How do we combat that? If we don't get serious about tat the border, security and even beyond arise, because no that's what my palms with Americans but Republic, more so that everything's, a linear solution build a wall and then what.
No one's asking and then what so we built this wall were indeed put guns on paper like yeah we're gonna shoot our southern neighbours who want the canoe America? Ok, I don't blame number one come here, but there's a line in the back of it. There's a line to come here. So yes, is it's gotta be multifaceted right! It can't be just boring that does not solving the problem, that's just a measure to slow part of the result of the problem. The illegal immigration wire neighbours. Wanting to come here, so because our southern neighbours, their countries are crap had here too the Monroe Doctrine, a quick word about Europe, worrying about the Middle EAST, who spent billions and noise. What have we done?
That's it that's our southern neighbours. Instead of letting say, I don't know where the reaches richest, wealthier countries in the world, Venezuela Fall of communism right underneath our noses. Why? Why did we do that? Why are we not actually hoping Mexico or we wanted to ease hardliners and looked like a bunch of tough gas solving the problem. And any kills me that, that's that's all all these solutions right when you all my opponents across the nation, if you, if you taught a Republican Canada's for any office from City Council, probably to the next president they're gonna- have one lineal solution for any problem. You talk to them about because what talking points, but no one actually discussing root, causes problems. So the border security, a wall is a measure not a solution. It's not it's not going to
solve the problem? You build a wall whether these two bodies of water side of it. You know the deal theirs single security measure put on this planet, you, whatever you build Weathers Judy Protocol you build their skies like us, they can get around right is just like yours right. Lawyers can write a bunch of legal documents and, in some other lawyers can figure out how to screw that it's the same thing, not warfare is like your enemy. Does this they set up these obstacles. You figure out how to get around them. Well, here's an idea, let's address it at its root cause- and I don't know- maybe the demand to come here
the save twenty years from now. Oh, my god and ass out of american thing right. Twenty years from now. Let us want action cycle only warriors all Americans think and pour your blocks if we're lucky. What? If twenty years from now Mexico is a thriving ally and there's no cartels, we help them get. We give him incentives to stop teaming up with the cartels. Same goes for Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Salvatore and with the game problems. We help them and I don't mean just toss money. I waste money when I say, invest right in vast means. There's a implied return on that investment by Americans are Congress just allocates funds extra money. If things do not actually follow up or had measures in place to ensure our return on investment. So my point here is
that's part. One running is I'm so tired of these very lineal ban aids to hemorrhaging wounds now, and that the was one create example you know- I mean in name any other hot topic right now. Abortion ban it. the same people say banning abortion will solve that problem, same people that will tell you that banning guns won't get rid of were where's the logic and reason here, folks so light with abortion in it. It's horrible right I mean even people who are pro choice will go it yeah, it's bad. There is very good only the craziest the crazy or like like for abortion, that's this human beings are not for killing unborn children generally speaking, so why are we having abortions must an illegal? Ok,
cool legume illegal were done, but we're not down could examine addressed. Why are we? Why are women wanting or feeling the need to border unborn child? First of all, the three of us will never ever be able to understand sympathise with a woman's that is so desperate that she was a border top right up, assisted. First of all, we have to that out loud right. So, let's bring in the experts must not some Ladys. I know it sounds crazy. Right, go find the subject matter, exports and figure out why this is happening well,. I ask you all. The time was the number one demographic in America haven't abortions. He has no, but your inspiring
Yeah, I was a little surprised to seventeen to twenty two year old upper middle class white women. Why? Well? Because their fathers had told him the need to go college because modern Feminism had told them they need to go to college. Then you get crease and a child inhibits. And then this is a very summarize version of this very, very complex problem. So what if we as a community as a gun right. It's ok for the government to do things for the community right like we can. We can have some good social welfare our problems right, things it support the wellness of our communities and our culture and our nation. So I use welfare, I don't mean just drawn money, suffer not expecting some type, a return. So if we start saying ok what if we
create a robust, inefficient adoption programme. What, if there's assistance for these women to carry their children to terms set of terminating them, What if I say what? If because I don't know the answer right now- that's weird for a political can tell you he doesn't know for sure what he's dogged by right, but we know that right. We come up with courses of actions and in say: ok, we're you do this and we try to anticipate what are added want to do. If we do ask Dale D Y in Them- and this is how well that's just how we have to wargame all these things right. So if we sit down and say, okay.
It has a really bad thing about the adoption process in America today. Mimulus are not married. We see marriage as an agreement between she and I M God, not the state in Northern Ireland. Also she's, a very pragmatic, practical person in she wants to hold the whole thing that if she gets tired me, she can just Bootmaker walk away. How long you been together, ten and a half years for were married in my eyes, my heart, my soul. I married that woman and she the most precious thing on this planet. To me.
rightly precious he's the only one that help precious seems. So if she and I wanted to adopt it- could take three to five years. If mean you will adopt, we could have a Kinnear or less that's. Our cultures evolve now write a gay couple canoe adopt very quickly. It doesn't make any sense. Does it make any sense or may Melissa could go out of the country and by a job we could adopt from Africa, China, let's face it you're buying and Charlie. You do Does it cost a lot of money, but you can do it and you can do it a matter of weeks. Typically speaking, when someone of Africa different countries differ
right, but you go over. Your visit. Come back, go back the next trip. You have your job sufficient and it's a good thing right like these are these are parents who want children who can have them for whatever reason and in ur these children need pair. We have so many in America, but so why are Americans leaving America the United States ago, adopt children from other countries when we have kids right here we have an abortion problem. Why? Because his easier. you know like this later I mean, let's Let's say: Melissa couldn't have kids, not why we don't have kids, we don't have kids because just kind of choice we been busy- she's, been busy with her career and I've been busy with mine, and so, if we wanted to it takes time right, but we could go get a kid, it doesn't it
make any sense. So my point and all that is whether the border or abortion or name it. You ve, got all these candidates and he's politician right right now, a lot of politicians sitting already elected politicians, there now candidates again the terms are coming and these one liners these talking points. And then they go back to DC sooner really do anything. It's so frustrating may make us less phaser. I were problem solvers, we're are given problems every single day, whether it's out of it that much equipment that one truck Cosette, other drop, is deadlines right or supply, won't give us another truck. You know because need some sort major needs that truck.
for his ride to the job or whatever you know we solve problems with very little and at this point in our nations, history and future present and future in a week we need those type of people need guys. From our communing and you can from the global war on terrorism, those type of energy problems, ours who have seen glackin the neglect in the abuse and the fraud waste in abuse? That's what these wars have been highlights. It highlighted will realise how many billions of dollars of equipment we left in Iraq. To that we have destroy in Syria because they ISIS took it, drove it across the border and then bought us with it. There's still billions upon billions of dollars and equipment in Iraq and we haven't abandoned Iraq. We have been in
It was just less publicize, less emotional furlano Cyrus men and women, because it's just away Afghanistan so quickly it was the easy for the media to cover so and so forth and in all the debacle in Kabul, what the airfield that was defiling, didn't media when I offered video it was a disastrous. Now show Iraq happened over a course of numerous years, then uninteresting krajina, Anyway, one thing to talk about a lot when I talk about leadership: a robot on the books, iterative decision making process which me you don't know necessarily what's gonna happen, and you don't necessarily have all the information so to do sit there and just do nothing now. You go ok. Well, here's a step that I think this might have an impact, a positive Let me try this one step. You try that one step. Then you get with the feed Bacchus. If the feedback is good
you say until gay. Well, that was good. Let's will do a little bit more in that direction. Ok, great, but it still working that super. Let's try a little bit more in that direction or wait a second now we're getting negative feedback. What we thought was going to happen isn't happening we double down. Now we actually say: oh, let's make some adjustments to what our plan, what our strategies and that that's what was as you look, it Afghanistan and Iraq and Vietnam. You can see inflection points along the way where the direction we were going was not clearly giving good feedback now. Do you immediately abandoned it? Now? Maybe press? Ok, let's try or let's make some adjustments or wait a second It's definitely not working. Ok. What we do. We should try a different plan. We should try a different strategy and we should be afraid to say you know what we were wrong about this and we are going to back out, and we are provide a different type of effort to try and solve this problem. So, like you said,
a lot of politicians a lot of that, just partly as people human beings dont want to say. hey wrong, I'm I messed up here. I was wrong about this. Here's, my just its usual can do I am open to ideas. Covert cadavers happened. All of us would like whew. Ok, yeah man I carrying some hand sanitizer, I yo, I put Melissa, go back together for the first time I am not a not really a proper Morbo worth chariots fan. I've got enough that I'll be how to make it right only been brought in. I arrive in ITALY unless you know she drives back and forth a woman, you know and ourselves. If you want you, she she competing three gun and she's doing the tactical games and all that kind of stuff, and that means you can shoot righteous Rainfire cell phone, that you know she's got her own import all that kind of stuff. She packed up to a little, me, too, our go bag. In her trunk right, we were all like this pandemic might be some within about
twigs were like and we all knew like these cloth mass right, like we ve all done, seaborne right, we ve all done some counterfeit liberation of biological nuclear meadows, though soon in the gas magnetized of re. As I do that. Stop that might now you told me this man, we all knew it was just horse nor I gotta handkerchief autumn goodbye. I think maybe, like you said I with a right. We do you think I really like you didn't. It started out good in India. Yeah. Like you said about Afghanistan. We, when we got to Iraq, there was there, was Iraqis, Wavin american flags and welcome is there and they it has to be there, and even I was there in two thousand to two thousand forty thousand sex. Six, all the way that, through that time, there was the the While iraqi Populous wanted us there and by the way in two thousand and twelve thirteen, when I started to to flex there was there. Is
plenty of iraqi government officials and people on the ground. Saying please America, please come help us take. We need some help over here. We weren't thinking that these guys come back, but here they are and we need some help. Please come help us, so we- a normal part of the population. It would act that wants that right. When you cause a problem, you are kind of obligated to deal with it right. We call that problem right arm. I was all for with withdraw in the Obama administration and withdraw, but once they decide they were going to withdraw their came up when ISIS rose up that we need to halt the which all deal with ices and then pick back up with the withdrawal, but since they started to withdraw it couldn't see they made a mistake. Americans will never would just don't like to say we're gong. I told him I was like I will kiss your white ass live, whatever social media platform you wanna go live on. If you can find me a politician and elected official that has said you know what realize now I was wrong and
by me one politician who has said that, and only one Crazy thing is, from an ego perspective. People think, if I say hey guys. I was wrong about this. You think Evans, gonna think you're losing out no, they actually oh yeah local. I'm glad you admitted that end. We didn't know either like like. You will bring up the example of covert hey. Ok, it, looks like a bunch of people in ITALY are dying or showing these pictures of people died in the hospitals. Are all overcrowded. This look like it's gonna suck cool. Oh you want us to stand down for a few weeks, you're cool we're gonna flat the curve. What does that mean? I wouldn't want to hospitals are overwhelmed, ok got it. We lay only prepare, sounds good. Ok, now need another to each ok. I know what I'm american, I support. American ones. Have people you're? Ok, you got what you wanted. But you know you one or two months now, one of the six months. Now you want another year and then after a year we find out the death rate, your most happy
are dying from Kuwait or dying from something else and encoded accelerated and that's fine. I guess you know I put it, we hire now had information and data right. That sir as all the measures that we did they now we ve got a vaccine that really isn't right by new. They had to change the definition of black like Could you imagine gettin three polio vaccines and then getting flop polio. We got rid of that that boxing got rid of that disease, like this vaccine supposedly makes your symptoms less, but it could kill you. That's one! That's as this one on one drug we haven't seen commercials for, I was all those drug commercials and tv is like when they
They get into the vibrant speaking really Fatima. Other side effects is like an could, kill you. You can have crazy diarrhea and you could bleed from your nose in maybe your anus and then you might very well die from this guinea value and we will. Ok, but ask your doctor, but your scheme will be clear after two weeks. I could you imagine what did your Johnson Johnson axing got pulled right? Why the citizens, another accident about J J vaccine killed some people making people don't even know so many people, don't you know they're, just an exhaustive axing was port and then it had killed. People would strokes and fancy or medical terms, and I know ha. I like we won't just stepped back as a hey. We now had differ. formation, we're gonna just this plant yeah and by the way on that, you can say: hey there, Here's the fine print on the vaccine. Here's
can do to hear the side effects. You can have an make a choice. You know as a human being, if you have some compromised immune system or you're living in some situation where this covered, according to The statistics could be really bad for you maybe vaccines is a godsend? That's also, maybe a mass is great for you, but if you're a person, that's young and healthy- and you feel like you could- oh- and you know bunch people that I've had it and it didn't impact them at all. You say: hey, I don't think I need that vacuum doesn't seem like it's worth the risk. So that's my decision, so you let people make a decision about what they're going to do with their health. That seems, a much smarter move, then trying to impose things on people which have gone off on this about when you try to impose things on human beings? We fight especially Americans. They don't like. We don't like it, but all human beings are like. all human beings don't like to have things imposed on them
and the only way you can impose things effectively is to do it through force through violence or now were recently finding out, but you can also do it. Bye bye, Making their money and seizing their assets before they can even know what's happening, which I never never really follow that before it didn't even occur to me that like what, one on Canada right now, oh you're, gonna protests cool when I was going on last year sees your assets that to me, is like when you come to my property and you say, you're gonna take my house say exactly the same vein. So that is a problem in Canada is just so hard to watch and good law enforcement. Guys who, just a few years ago, not even two years ago, they were being defended and demonize me during the whole bylaws matter thing, and now these same police officer, the ones that are litter, Lee trampling on on p
and I was like please god- let it come to that here because I'm a lot along enforcement brothers and we all know good men follow orders and good men need didn't, take care, their children will follow, orders we have take care of their family, rely on that that paycheck follow orders that scared me, because it is, we'll be at that point when I, my hey law dogs, I love you have always supported you, but we are now in two different sides. Rightly we use like what happened in Canada manner, siding with Trudeau that little to her and I use it on try not to talk about President's elected us. Elected president and of sovereign nations in that kind of derogatory terms. While you have told us about it will admit that he is wrong and double down on every every step aside. I just won't lose anything
An arsenal he's going to military he's, got a national police force. Men and national police force scares the shit out of me dude. I don't like it the feds were more take em and military stuff right like it makes we uneasy? I don't like to local pities where beady use right I would like some shines, use your diary, betrothed aware. At least you know they look like police officers, not military members. I still don't like. man you want my Lord offers a had every tool available to them to do law enforcement mothers. Things that I definitely mom not good, like no, not want warrants the stuff. I add if they're not necessary, and we learn that the EU be dangerous list, just knock on, come out o you don't wanna, come out of cake or just turn your power off
won't play some loud music maybe sent a robot in which some gas you you'll come out. You'll get tired of this right. You ever known. Awkward things is definitely some monies to stop. Our law enforcement need some help. Prior, it really does Ass America law enforcement in general needs help to address logged out a good good american there and even up in Canada. I dont think that I think it's gonna continue in this direction. The direction it's gonna now I don't think it's connected in this direction yeah, I think, having it's gonna stop, and I think the only reason that that's is what's gonna happen is that the people there are pressing like you, but I should just a bunch of policies. They think they want to but have you now do they really want to fight? Wants the bullet start
science stuff, you know, and things get pressed. I think. Ultimately, we going to see introduced uptown. I just looked at my watch to recognize the date, so it's the twenty it's a 21st of February when we recording this right now so be interesting, be interesting to see how it all washes out I hope that when I do not want to see canadian shooting Canadians no more, I want to see american shoot. Americans. You know you even like You, Americans are still mad about the whole riot in the blacklivematters up and rightfully so, because it was all perpetuated in funded. New black lives matters that those folks on the street riding they were pawns of rich people, and that the sad right, because sometimes I feel like we ve, been a little bit upon doubt in the wars Aachen Connor relate I'm not mad young, black or young. His spanish
whatever group or even even young antiviral your white kids, newer riding in breaking stop their pissed, going too far absolutely right. We have the right to protest peacefully, but not break shit. Central fire, strong, ass, riding up protesting again root cause at home. Ass was perpetuated. It was funded. Many reports of bricks at his poor showed up, and you know, was the root cause the root cause man what's really gone on. How do we reach out to you, even more so in, like our poor communities, poor intercity communities, which often times are predominantly black but also latino. You know your your poor white confused to be roll right. Well, why are these things happening? What what is the perpetual process that it keeps these communities in their situation? Well,
welfare system, and I don't mean the good kind of welfare like illnesses society. I'm talking about are the key BT and in all these things, there's no there's. No, it doesn't help people get out of this situation. It perpetuates it it destroys the nuclear family and it was bill. We can go back to LBJ. You know with the modern welfare programs. There's plenty of quotes out there. They did it on purpose the new guy actually playing that stuff. Like I think, back in the fifties and Sixtys the intelligence agency in our government. They were pretty sinister and they were thoughtful. They weren't just meandering right, even go back and look at what they did in how they approached it in London being Johnson and Nixon whole bunch that were raised, of World war and a fear of socialism in communism? You that FBI
Hoover's FBI that CIA, I know mean and whose they were proficient, I feel like they knew what they were doing, and so they created at welfare. Pro and here we are today, no one's ever really came up winning indecent solutions, the only real where welfare reform our nation has ever seen actually came from Clinton. He asked propose some things that would help the inner city become more productive, involve citizens in all that expired and there was done anything said, I think it's funny. You got the Democrats to manipulate and coerce those communities for votes. Need republicans urges snotty worth to talk to introduce one about democratic life recruitment one one folks, you ve got young three people that the systems
working for, let's go talk to them must come up with a real welfare reform. Had he viewed through problems, there's that's another one right just cut off welfare. Tell me get jobs, that's the average! Why? man in America is wreaking answer your welfare and poor, intercity problems, cut it off on the good jobs. Yoke haven't now we're talking about decades and generations, cultural change cultures and are based around this point. You think you can just turn off welfare in just gonna get jobs. There's your answer: that's it ok and then one ok and then what an awesome I met. A fellow who's running for faint those mayor, Villefort prevailed for brag.
And I never thought about this like this- and I have only had a few days even think about it. But his proposal was this in disguise on an immigrant is poor region which, in a part of the states, but not a state, so stone hammer, raise poor nine brothers and sisters poor family anyway, he said hey man, what it let's say. You ve got a mother single mother with four children in some people say: well, she just each had a more children to get more welfare. Ok, maybe that's true in some situations are not being asked to across the board thinking a lot of cases these most more more children. May they don't have access to birth control where there are super educated on arms. Just want sex education in general right. Whatever that problem
we have this person, they are reality like they exist this family of the single mother with a full charge. It exist, they exist. How do we help him? How we fix him? How do we get those poor children to grow up to become productive involved? Us citizens? That's the question. What his answer was this and, let's say, she's getting one thousand four hundred dollars a month from all the different programs total. That's about what you doing. One thousand four hundred pottery Brown, But ass she gets a job, she loses all of it. She gets a job, only pays her a thousand dollars. Now she would be it twice four hundred dollars a month now, she's just barely given by still she still in the poverty, but the second she takes it. Legal dollar, something is not under the table. She loses every cent of her. Her welfare funding
How does that in cinema her or her children to to go? Do some? So he was his plan and I was like, ah ah he said, let's lower it takes on welfare away. I wasn't expecting you to say that here's how he said he's: ok, let's not get down. Let's cut that that fourteen hundred to six hundred she doesn't get a job, she gets six hundred, she gets a job. Maybe she makes five hundred a week. She gets an additional hundred hours a week for welfare so she makes more? She actually starts getting more so essay. She goes from that fourteen hundred now she's making two thousand. In addition, her own. she's- making two thousand dollars a month at her job, she's she's gone from now: five hundred or whatever initial, instead of the fourteen, her now she's at a thousand there's a certain point
and when she makes enough money to actually pay for her own welfare on tax dollars. It now pays for itself. The incentive is for that lady, that young woman to go work harder to make money, and now she will actually pay for her own welfare. It's a zero sum game for american taxpayers, and I was like should have never heard that before never thought about it like that before like the more you make, the less you get from welfare. Rightly we are making fourteen her welfare now you're, making two granulated seven he's like now, though, is capped right now, like she just keeps making now should making two hundred thousand dollars- here she gets fifty thousand and welfare. I know it's capped, there's a point in which it all goes away and he was there. He goes now. Maybe there is actually a pyramid where it goes up to a certain amount and as she continued, I weren't goes down a little bit and then it ended. But it's all based off of and he's like it would take a lot of work.
Because everyone, a nation, the cost of living, is different. So you'd after builded around. All of that is like, but it would work would fix the whole problem, is that you will be addressing the animosity and resentment the tax paying harbour Americans having its welfare recipients that stigma right that whole just cut cans. Welfare type were now the welfare is happiness paying for its own welfare for their own work or not. It's right. That's the humanising mean to do that, but that person is now paying for their own welfare outside, while what you can The only person you're here this he'll put Regan American is running for mayor. In fact, William between the only person ever thought of this and probably not he was the only person ever told me. I was
just never thought of that has never been in my entire life had I've. I've never had to sit down and start thinking about viable ways in the welfare state in America has not been problem that I had to address in my military career or my small business right, NEO, not a problem. So now that I'm running for House of Representatives, it is something that I got to start looking at, and I was away so again back my boy of problems are never two plus two equals for. Certainly that easy. No, it's! Never! That is when we will have that conversation. We sit back and say amen. isn't working. We need to adjust just like men if we're in route to a target. You briefed your book I believe, my? U troop in Iowa, report back no know, there's not fifteen more on this target manner.
having some type of get together those forty mall dunes on this target, you know and trucks I'm up here should be some pecans in those trucks we thought was going to be easy target on and off right. That's what a fun Tuesday night I started reporting something different. Do we go yeah Rodger that and hang up, and we not talking about anymore, not even a brief. My my troopers know we probably come to a little tactical hall huddle up and let's discuss this at the key leaders are going to sit down and chat right. Is this force. Even able to take that target will probably not ok, let's head back to the house. We made a mistake based off of information, that we did make a mistake. Based off of information. Has it changed was just hit Paul's, you know, or maybe we request,
air and we pursue gone up and we don't hit the target we. Let therefore do it for us or or the Navy or the moraines or whoever five was that night. You know it's shredding man, because his leg in others there's eighteen as I've guys run over for all yours house- represents seven seals, said twenty five thirty global war on terrorism. that you know some. I asked me where they will. What such you. Apart from these other candidates, Moroccans, It is we all pretty much agree on how near the we all have the same stances on everything. The difference between the first ever strike me into my opponents is spine and shoulders only in that way like her meaning and light, because you're good people right of the folk, someone against. Since barley, one alone are good people, good people-
really want to go change, and if you ask them they're going to copper here, they're gonna save the planet. Here's reality: is a freshman brand. New representative in Congress has zero influence and no friends lobbyists don't even knock on their off. store in the ILO, Cubbyhole an office over that other building their nobody's. So they look for friends. They make friends with lobbyists and other little groups and Cox's right in the end But there are three four five twenty term representatives they recruit them. They do them favours now we got clicks, and this is politics and the grossness of it. Here's. What aside from mean, not being willing to compromise right up, said straight up four terms with America. If Mary
not your line of district thirteenth or whatever, whichever district I want at one in four times, as all will do period, we need someone is whether or not we can get that pushed through or not. If, when I'm up there, the restore him still not going to almost self imposed moaned hormones, I don't wanna work in DC, and I was one of my opponents recently told me- I was a ignorant wannabe and I was like yep, except for the day. it says I was like you're absolutely right. I am pretty ignorant who exactly the kind of bullshit you guys are doing in politics, but you're wrong about the wanna. Be part not want me. I don't want to run for cars, but because of people like him, American means us to run. Well, I'm not willing to compromise
that's the biggest thing. I'm not, and I just talked to him right, I'm not even mad. At Democrats, just don't fit Republicans who have compromised our rights away. They keep sinking somehow that they can negotiate or not even negotiate. Cuz I'll, clarify difference between the dossier and compromise they keep compromising with Rick, with the the left in the Democrats, thinking they're all going to get along and come to some type of agreement just keep taking that shit, but it out back. I wanted up got some more from we get some more from the republic of which we would keep playing nice with em, maybe one day that we are friends, no man, the democratic help increase communist regime. In this country, it's I don't care what you think don't want to be your friend. They want to get rid of you. They want to replace you and we see this playing out and support.
That's right now, right all of a sudden you see in everyday life was the was to cure for covered mid term elections. Alison mandates. Size is no bull, shit and very gay. No, as though knows, because no. I haven't changed at all. The signs are that change at all. Midterms are common and Democrats known her bottle news and the across the country through boards of election, every different means they can they're. Trying to protect their what they have laughed and we see it, not airline with reduced Turkey in August nastiness, but anyway. The number two thing sets me important: that group of veterans, those green braised of seals when we show a less a half of us, rightly says: there's thirty is just over thirty global. terrorism veterans, young, vibrant, not old, gray, hair crippled old May on the grey hair brush you're, not only you're, still lie rent in there.
I keep looking at like this right, we're still young if most of the twenty year old, troopers that the twenty two thirty year old, troopers in the teams or on the Otas, don't want to fist fighter the second. They know that word we're not able to hold our own, then, where that old line and gets pushed out there. If you know, but I would say right now- the average twenty two thirty year old, soft trooper, don't really want to throw down where they re coming so other worldly piebald ass, is, will be sore the next day, no matter what the difference is, they know we got this old known where either highly aggressive, violent and marshalls ride like you, don't get through twenty some years of war just being lucky. You know and always tell him that you know I'm feeling nine hundred and thirty seven hours of Falcor and I'll pick on the young and then I'll be like okay, whatever man, you know that that fun, you shoot the ship
the talk and what are we gonna collar and unlike ok, whatever manual fist by on the outside? I look like I'm ready now ray. after on the inside of my, please God don't waste in this regard. I am actually one take me up on his offer. Good he's, gonna hurt so bad that yeah man could you imagine twenty global war on terrorism veterans, twelve of them special operations, guys sworn oath for a second time on Capitol Hill. The Democrats shaken in their boots. They know they just laws and a republic gone where it hath ass. Those guys those new bees. These fresh means we have to really team up with these guys and work with them.
got some stuff that could change America's trajectory and that's the difference in between me and some of my really good apartments, good people right now, yeah man, I got a guy, that's running a disorderly guest room and he's a good old boy, good old country boy. We talk after meeting Domino's at man in any other time you and I met- we just be hunting fishing, buddy he's a good Carolina boy, and I told him I was like: hey man tell you what Don't you just let me my but he's got. Therefore, couple years I told you I'm out I just not a career for me. Retaining the help you run after I'm done, in taking up these days. You can beat me
Maybe you can, but that's the cool thing about democracy right. I have to show the people in this district that I'm the best candidate- I can't just say I am have to go- show them so anyway. Then it's some interesting stuff about so much. It is like so simple, but not easy. So little sidetrack right there you get you get done with Afghanistan. You go do some stuff working with long horsemen what not and then, when you end up going to Iraq just before, then and so on it happens. All it goes down. I'm up north and made more friends
record friends, more friends over at the agency and is Rebecca doing that advanced prep for northern Iraq, with the Kurds and everything. But so you got there before the invasion and you're up with the Kurds and you're prepping, for what government towards common- I yes, oh you know, evasion goes down again. I was run around it was all cooked, create all that stuff. Are you with us oh yeah, I'm actually one of the young, but wonder as I didn't cause, I'm that young.
Kid done like yourself got so really cool arm, yeah Iraq happens and then in my neck should in Afghanistan I got Bob off a cliff broke, my back. How do you bumped off a cliff one of our partners, tripped we're walking down? He was above me. They tripped eighty ninety bound by bag, nice, You can also info near thought, I'd. How far outweigh the cliff Nigel, fittingly and after basic when, when he hit me, can I like feet when our Atlantic basely on my ass light? My feet were going out in front of me: will outcropping in it that rocks edges right? Just
but my r l five. How much did you way at this point? We jack Jack, Giuliano Turnip, Osanna, put on some kind of balance: Giddy Kyoto. Now our three years in the war for years in the warm and had been hidden away, Pollack, everybody else, I'm I'm probably cabuc. Eighty five and Yemen AEGIS bitten over split. My vertebrae, part of the re, hit my spinal cord. The prognosis was you might, while the crutches want So, are you like paralyzed on site that whole I can't feel my legs out inexperienced because I could feel it in her how right, if, if you took this dude put it fire at nice, an orange and stuck it in the side of my spine back here. That's what it felt like all the way to my toes it was. It was like I was on fire: did they Kazaa vacuum spirit?
three or four months and embrace do in a wheelchair. Truchen got better really fast. So within a year I'm running it? Well, my each yes take him up, and I had a flight back in him. I want to be a pilot I thought you know my ground pounding days was already done everything we could write. How many more countries are we invading? I thought my amount. Nine days was over and he's Apache gunshots, Keep flying in just doing all our work on my grandma condition they got like it only work a few hours ago, my man, these these woman officers. They can fly so they're Lodge noted that the army has one officer programme I put in a packet. I had to do, is get home and go to fly school. It's gonna, be awesome. Will that clearly changed at all Margaret was over. So luckily those friends I made the agency I got out, and I initially
You get medically retired or young and gum in mind. I thought I was gonna: go contract further while get better, and I will come back in the army and flood Just take some time off and has always often contracting jobs. I repaying awesome. Oh, I see cause, you know national guards, you could say hey. I am non deployable for a while. I'm a dial up, but you'd still be in the National Guard, but I gotta contracted out only got completely com because at this point the guard, his figured out that they're just hemorrhaging duty to contracting do you always battalion command years, as is so often over? yeah? This is like hundred bucks a day. Add a contract stuff, shutting it down and they're like no new. You still got to be at your drills. You said: where is it like? two hundred and three you had company commanders jumping in and they're like yeah. I don't care if y'all show up or not and if you think about it right, like you got your troop,
overseas? Doing at least combat is tight stuff. You know there was a good thing for the guard. Do you guys were given exponentially more combat experience through contracting than the active duty groups. doing because they were just rotating in out. So it was a good thing. For the guard, but it wouldn't good for their numbers ride and look good data, guys it weren't getting there online training done, but you gotta, do your ego, your sharks, Drang Rhinos Killin, those numbers for these commanders salvation got it down so, like shrewd, I'm out I'll just come back in I'll go, make some money whatever Bauhaus or something which is news was accurate. I did, but, as I got better you know, I went became operational again started. You and cost of wake all in the army ever was gonna. Let me do this is as a contract, so never went back in and I didn't go back into fly,
One point is gonna find you could. I did go back in June twentieth Group like two thousand and twelve, which I'm I'm still in how long but that's a pretty big gap there, like seven, almost eight years, seventy years we contract now hold on hold on non, stop ass. They really busy with that process the germ. I would come home. I got lucky man, you know teamwork! Writing what makes a dreamer when I started my Jim to open it in January, two thousand and eight that here in this room opened their very cool it'll do those nay. I was gone. I want open a jam. Luckily, the team that I put in place ran it like it was their own. They do amazing job. Mason jump different by doing cancer man. He just did a done deal. Hey I was dating at the time Julie Day. They ran the damn thing and in so I could come.
home and be the war hero that showed up the run the take over for a minute and ruin their lives. You know they had. They had way they did they did they know I'll. Do it my way in a light now? Hopefully I would like that, but no intrinsically that'll happen, but they just didn't awesome job, my job and I could I kid I could stay deployed and I did the gym grew, so that was cool is kind of a parallel there and the Jim was great. It was possible. It's a little prospect, Jim the guys like us Marie recon boys in Marseille dues richest south illusion. Come in there, take your shirt off spit on the floor, throw up if they want to and we'll just brash ourselves. in regular people started showing where I live, soccer, moms and stuff- and you know I'm so at this point in my life on, like hey you, you know
you, you stopped being a person in you, maybe stopping so many donors, fat solely in you couldn't gag on, be a pity. Star do and will win thirty three year old Thirty, six, your mother of two or three that drives a suburban pulls up. You can't talk to her like that, because she won't come back and those are also the people that have the money to pay their gym membership college kids- that are stud that you want to train ain't, got no money. You know that you got at least pay the light. bill, so I quickly figured out how to talk to regular people. You know you can't be like hey Sally maybe cut out that bottle of wine and a box of donors every night you might be to do a bullet the real courage machinery. For now. You had had a real adamant about not being that creepy Jim owner, and you know who's like you, have an interpreter
zation clients survives a big deal and I did start at Joe with a partner. quickly figured out it was going to work on not a bad separation they're just like he couldn't move to Wilmington and but yeah man. It was that Jim taught me a lot about teaching. You know just how to talk to people. You couldn't hey Sally Career, what's goin on, you know you hey when you're ready. If you like let's sit down and you may be, laying out some nutritional diets and stuffy nutrition, not diet, write this words mean something cuz. If you say something to a lady who needs to drop twenty lb. You know, if you say, let's talk about Didn't you wanna die on my guy, just she's gone. She hates your gut, but really k limitless Tunis summit. When your shoulders are starting to get really defined looking gray and was a logical thing about ass. We rise at one up, a body started to develop and inner clearly can't be that creep and talk to about her legs or any other.
your lady parts or whatever you you can't buy, hey Sal. You know your bombs. Looking great, that's that's inappropriate rise, not professional I saw you. I really learn how to talk to people and motivate them and bring him into the fold. and you before you know it was one thing my Jim was so well no phone so proud of it is that are women monsters people come to me. I other Jim honours us like what are you doing to motivate internees women into these monsters? I recently got ILO on eighteen differ athletes who the Cosmic aims out of a town Only a hundred fifty thousand people a day and if it was just, I didn't even have to recruit once started. We had one of the original Super strong female. She just showed up. She was a bible, buyer, powerful right. She could very coordinated, had taught her in
We let them before you know it. She was like fallen, wait overhead that most attitudes in a jam couldn't touch an arm too. People sort of hearing about her and then it grew and in her For others, and next thing you know I've got these, I'm looking for deeds are. Our thing was the team of that I love the team of it. The individuals is cool right in a whole different level, but the team was fine and all about donut. Sorry, Teams did really well, there were years where a couple years Well, we didn't the team, you gonna games, because the guys on nineteen March long enough to get us on the podium at regions. It was now the girls man, train one young lady. She came in the germ of fino, rightly just this diamond in a rough fast, twitch powerful soccer player swimmer, at least you God bless your heart. Just a
Maginnis, most hard, headed Ranger young seals pop you ever get out with this. Was her man like the first uncovered dead? Let each picked up over three hundred pounds. I won't. We will stop, stop stop. What are you doing? Who is she why she, picking up that gonna? Wait is clearly knew right, horrible form which is powerful. So anyway, that's impressed He quite Sheikh. She could have been an individual athletes, yet that type of genetics she, when a different route that year I can put on my team. She wasn't ready. She couldn't work with the team came in a little lay. She had everything gone for. I was like an interim: let's play withdrawal Might we just started getting strongman equipment was getting more and more work into the Crossfit stuff and we've kind of did a thing and somebody gym members. I was that guy, who is, I would like the most Anti Crossfit Crossfit gym owner on the planet I was like. Crossfit was supposed to be to get you in shape, so you can go. Do cool We want to try traveller, you wanna, try here, you wanna whatever you know,
I never saw costs with his light becoming a sport, but I can have it I like to compete needless get in it so anyway, somebody Kimberly Lawrence. She has a halo stretched on that, so she did like a local event, crush it and still is super strong. Will that event qualified her for the world's at the Arnold's game to one hundred and sixty five lb? She never touched any drugs and strong as not attested sports rights so that the middle way class in the females are them is the most competitive and it's a heart for your hundred eighty pounds and most of the girls cut from two hundred there's five. Eleven six foot tall two hundred pound females set. Not testing. Can we go so the honourable wins world second strongman carpet, Isn T wings it and she didn't cause. She walked on walking competition from sixty five pounds, as is what she waited the time. I M issues of pilot five dollars.
I'm fired and I'd just naturally much We're not natural issued been an earthly college right, but just explained he swam and played volleyball is at and soccer ok, just aggressive to just like hostile. She should the time there was a good image presents Wilmington, that's where she should have gone swear. She should again as one of the gems Salter in those guys stood up in jail in image in there and added Instead of artists- and, moreover, I mean going people with a Euro Mediterranean was checked, would have been scary, arise, use she would go there and train and play and she went to low phase where she was doing some striking and staff, and obviously man. Anyway long story short with her. She kind of got involved in the wrong people and stuff, and I didn't culture anymore freaking, but what an amazing chica and, like I said man, it was just so cool
with our females, were so well known when, like every leaf, on. The team is snatching. Two hundred pounds dead left in three plus I Kimberly was dead left in five hundred pounds in a book. Seventy and had Arabs mean she did not look like. a power left her, and this is just the Ladys we had. They were just bad ass. You Melissa went to the games, she was just a small and she was the body weight and as costs fit matured, and now the average Crossway females like a buck, sixty five and those grocer bigs, unless it can compete with whom she can't move the weight that day.
But yeah man that the ladies and Melissa was instrumental in helping at once Melissa realize she wasn't big enough cuz. I last time we went to the game. Dawn was probably at the time one hundred and sixty one hundred and sixty five hydro man, one hundred and fifty lb, another volleyball player and Jordan, probably one hundred and fifty lbs and every single one of them words deadlifting, four hundred lb two. I mean these these chicks and run in subsequent MI like, and I mean luckily that last year the boys Robbie boys and starts, but nonetheless it was an amazing amazing coach to those ladys watch The deal. Would you realize you ain't? You ain't ever gonna be in a ring again right like you can either what is it? Those who can't do teach?
and that's just really safe for me right like as water? I was like. I don't stand a chance of being involved in this sport, but I can damage or coats and people to it. Jim was amazing man for again It was lucky that I could run it in a parallel once me and Melissa started dating I started. I went through a phase where I didn't deploy a whole lot. My teaching staff stateside, how a patrol friend of mine, ass, restart helping him like teach some firearms eyes. His father had a nice ranges from again man why you know he was going through a divorce needed. Money maker saw, you know he's at yachting. With your background, you we can We can bring in some people and as hellish the whole shooting part of my business kind of started was just trying to help us a body that needed some of the money is going through a divorce and armed, so that Turner meant, I just don't know how to doing have going to do something I'm doing it.
That's why I, like all the physical set, the drive on the altar tell I put myself in a hospital after the big foot two hundred now after quite finnish mouth seventy seven unpleasant blurred, robbed my leases freakin hours in bad bad. How many hours into it was polly seventy some day, three on Youtube. Familiar the company softly the eyes asked some bread. I dont know I know who they are Brent, one of the founders and owners and a marsh acted good friend of mine. He join me at my one hundred and twelve that race and I was already in bad shape from like a section erase. It was a lot of downhill, first black mountains, where I live in North Carolina, so I trained up going to stare no dude. I will go to the gym. It's been forty five hours walking on a stair mount miserable misery.
stupid, but I said a goal like running a discipline. At this point I live on a light running any more. I desire you wrote to her mouth race. Why, too, sad did well in that race One of the sanctions about eleven MI, all downhill, all downhill, ran the shit out of it and your muscles weren't used to that clods destroy them destroyed At my one, twelve, I was already present blood and that's what I'm so my kidneys were hurrying feel it felt some. I just work, no, my freakin back man an arm by my one hundred and fifty something at that age station. That was the last time I can even keep water down. I was my tv I was Stephen word up. I had a lot of damage to my brain stoner stuff. When I got blown up in two thousand and nine and yeah man, I was in bad shape and I wanted to sleep. He wouldn't let me sleep going to find out later he's like yeah, I was worried you were going to die.
those having a seizure, and I was laughing about it. You know I had convince myself. You know the Duma knew how we we can be, and I just took it too far at. Bi Mart one hundred and seventy seven man- I don't you know on an almost entire night, twenty some miles without any food or water or no sleeve. Just you know, Brett was just trying to get me to the next eight station peace in the mountains in Washington State around Mount Saint Helens. They have no evac plan,
there's no way, I'm probably the biggest run on the course right, I'm doing used by two arrays like two hundred fifteen pounds. You know and I lost weight to do you know they are easily Walker out about twenty five to thirty issue. What I've got some waiting around this race and how many months did you prepare for like a year and a half the so we train for about half a year for the two thousand and seven Bigfoot Melissa tore her magnificent. Like my one twenty, and so we we stopped at Mount Athos.
we're doing it together and I had time but during during that last track, I didn't want to leave her. It was cold way colder than it was supposed to be. So we didn't, I mean teeth, chattering. We were both hypothermic and she's busted. Her knee can't move fast and also it like not one hundred and thirty two or three at eight station. We got there in time and I could have taken off with no rest or whatever and got to the next one that I probably would have finished the race was just now is behind and I would have never left her home at mountain right like especially hypothermia that you know she's she's never had hypothermia, freaking disoriented or something like that, and you know clearly, I would have left a runner. I didn't know in her shape much less amount, leaving the most precious thing on this planet to me. So we got it at a station in, like you know what
honey, we started. The other must go, get some breakfast together in a single sky monopoly drawback to Portland at breakfast. The next year. She decided to do it, but we made a deal that we wouldn't do it together. No no preconceived notions. Her knee was on the health issues. Like I'll, try it- and that says a lot about her- You like this energy and give it a whirl she d, like seventy seven miles and dropped only seventy seven busted me she's sprawly, worse, not better yeah man at my one's one hundred and seventy six one hundred and seventy seven, whatever it was bring. It was like a man run ahead and make sure the crews ready he was run had to make sure the medics and the doctors were there. So they could drop my ass. Two hundred and five miles manual. So I had him whatever it was: twenty nine MI or something left, and I get there and then like yeah, here's, the drop paperwork online, I'm not signing that
I'm twitching having seizures my trickiest freaking like not working correct. You know some of my damaged stuff, I used to be left handed. I'm right handed now cuz. This didn't work for a while. I got done hold onto things I definitely but worse. I would have a seizure if you're holding the glass in your hand, seas is a good thing for us, which we re headed. All that was happening. I'm like seizing and in its time monsieur cedars. Asean s eager and it's just we're, doesn't hurt. But women it happens. It looks we're looking at this point, I am brow the pictures of me and gray wholly dehydrated, a body temperature was ninety six point, four degrees and my heart resting hurry. It was like a box, Stay laying down will cause. You know when you lay down your heart rate, should drop me minded by bodies freaking out and I'm convinced
I got it only twenty nine MI. I got this and luckily luckily one of those five people, I told you, I'm kind of scared of was helping me he's like a bubba. You can either get your ass in that truck. Put your ass in that you are done this race next time and I woke up in the hospital in Portland Oregon. How long is recovery from that? of more fun story. Three weeks after that, on the last data register for the MOAB two hundred forty miles miler, I went got my blood work done. Eighty eight percent, function and I'm like alright, I'm good and I signed up for the MOAB two hundred and forty and how far away was that at the time. As far as like the how much time did you have before that out? Oh, he was only two weeks away last data regime and here's my thought process.
Oh, I gotta hear this good idea. Rhabdo hurt a lot more. I heard of rhabdo right across it made it famous everyone. You knew what raptor Rapto wasn't no, but we all give ourselves micro cases of it, and then we take days off the reason actors no days off in a four day to an about rights. You don't get to recover, it gets worse. Well, Three weeks after I go in and like okay, I'm trying to figure out. Do I train another year? This isn't first thing in my life. I've being asked for SAM ever did not finish. You know man, I've been like first time goes and every hard course they ever sent me to you know in like this so that making sesame voluntarily withdrawing the year before because Melissa was hurt. I was ok. Would I like it didn't hurt my feelings. You know I didn't feel like. I had somehow compromise new mice.
Your integrity is a mad now, but now that bid for your Isley almost tried to kill me and unlike ok, there's no one to forty is all Rambo saying people is more to her forty marice, socially two or three miles, just like the big put two hundred to five, unlike Jani, to fix your teachers. last summer, Chirk, five mile, that's like a racing so Jimmy Credit, so the demo had to forty two and forty three miles in my head. Ok do I turn a whole another year and when you train for to item on going, midnight and train until six in the morning just to get training under your head, lamps and stuff, like that, it's Israel did in this one, my life, I'm not a runner anymore, and I don't enjoy training it. Shit I think everyone about six miles. I was due dominating right and it's all be like the three differ, only peachy test tat. You know I reckon icicle our mountain bike and stuff, but anyway the man- oh, my god,
I can turn a whole nother year or maybe I could knock out this two hundred and forty and just check this box to say I did it. Two hundred credits 24th should be good makeup for this disaster suing into the Bigfoot last day of registering. I was down and out at each. In turn, his groups of outward Joe, those local blood workplaces and my lads pool interpreted myself very much qualify for that these are gonna, be they derive on fire, good clothes. Men of dense nutrition, counselling for people doing right, I can get written. Teenage levels are almost back in normal caused by and with water a popular signed up for the two forty Clearly, I know it's not a good idea because it in twenty one until a couple days before it at an eighteen delta mine. It was gonna your crew me at the race and had just by some means drive the trot from one aid station to the next in the truck. Is places
sleep and I'm so yeah man. I got pneumonia. Two hundred and forty two always say that you were dumb dumb. Ranger Tony did Bigfoot what I was like I'll sleep in our a night and I'll just keep moving and I'll keep banking extra hours for the MOAB two hundred and forty. I just approached completely different when I'm asleep two hours to three hours every night and I'm going to use every second of time to make it from here to here. I was trying to bank time and go fast. Now you build up this extra time. We know how many people remember my finish time of that MOAB. Two hundred and forty, I remember I was all I know. Is I finished it and I got a picture me walk on early the finish line right and I do no idea had about six hours spare sixty eight hours, a spare whatever it was. But the point here is: unlike the Bigfoot warehouse,
I know Joe so hard and not sleep. I walked every step of the way last except the last thirteen miles of two hundred and forty three miles. I dropped it and I don't you just wondering when I'm silly little vest, you know it might. Maybe ten lb Did you go in between aid stations which ill they're, pretty conservatism, you're talking about a cessation, twenty twenty five miles like marathons, it's not like a marathon where's every mile. Missus Miller. Nowhere nowhere Malaspina CM, not that crazy shit. Out again, we had I was so far. ocean and ok. The Hockins drugs understand him alive drawback to number so yeah man frequent good experience, Don't necessarily recommended anyone, but if you do get a wild hair and want to run and one of those races gimme
arrange a dear Mamma. How out tell you my shouted, you much arduous brought marks a whole. I don't resolve, ran last thirteen issue in IRAN, who it is I leave that would I do that. I had met at the big foot and we tracked it in an, but I would say that we ran now thirteen. We just I picked up the pace. jargon, Bob LAW, the M in on you know, is it just gotta get after purpose. Like night, we talked about the whole having something How to get your medicine having something to live for, but that's alternately what it is and yeah I stay busy these days, I'm over the craziness these days. My pity is all about just stand healthy, so to hunting. That's it just ass, molly, real hobby. I have left on.
enough to throw a sixty lb backpack on and go hike around the mountains, and you know that that's where I'm at in life, I'm I'm done your Melissa's they'll get after it just crushing herself in the german there, like ethical due back by name, have maybe maybe just chest and try to date in a nice little white like day they my death man I just heard forty six and, like I knew for fun, let's put some weight on their five hundred for three on a dead letter, my oh yeah. You know me I'm still carrying on with taboos boogeyman four hundred on the Dell as I do and just do some wraps and that China hurt me anymore because you're alive. Stop that idea. Man, my back hurt by tv. I hurt always on the edge
and where'd you you get blown up in Iraq, yeah honoured Sudan. I deem it for a striker sucks Moussa, only one of four in the vehicle to walk away and at him walk away. Yeah. Sorry, man freaking! We just happened. We were we're the mark car for the ranger judgment. They were there, big target for where wasn't neurotic model, and so we, basically we were gonna Dennis I we're going to identify the gate
they were drive the strikers through just by simply point just passed it in parking. At that point, my turn they got there. I would already be out of the vehicle lasting remembers, buckling, my home put in the bottle- and I just put my how it on an ass I was in a girl- is on a level seventy and w, but neither bulletproof clasped not definitely of people. You ve hit the right behind the rear, see so the two boys in a back seat men. They were dna Javert. I guess he he died in eight or ten hours afterwards, D, a funny story. Man, like you, tell that smaller. A few years later. One of the training courses for the inner for them for their security, not participating in that,
And I was in the class everybody got picked in this one young ranger, whatever you know throughout the class we talked about yeah I work for those people. I was in MOE's Obama blind. You know, cuz he's a student, he didn't ask until afterwards you know they buy graduated, let's go get a steak and some beer, and he said he tony Did you know that that team of guys that the agency Tema guys or whatever up in in Mosel that got blown up the whole team died? I was like two thousand Yeah! We were up there when we were. I was an arrangement of whom we help recover, that we were on target for that. We're gonna do that and they threw me in their trackers. I thought Because reality is writing and it blew that car across three lanes is a main highway. Fourteen the frog way we were
right lane, I'm about to make a right turn into the neighborhood where the target was. That's, why I just talked with my helmet and if he knew that car all the way across three lanes, big medians in Alameda ends. Are there and stuff right across that across three lanes and down the alleyway yeah getting other cars, wasn't a small id and how I live in. I can only talk that one of the God you know and minute hurt blast injuries hurt. I came to Germany heard everything hurt. Man, like I say, like my finger, nails, hurt my guts blast good. My lungs had Edina my lungs and if you know the honor carbon,
I would include save me- Baba blah, but yeah man. My whole left side was screwed up freaking, just from damage to that and brings to him and all that stuff and yeah, and that was why you were contractor cuz. You ended up going back in right, yeah, I want two thousand and twelve. I was like you know what you know freaking. I did these now that's eight years. Maybe I should go back into guard. I could help the next generation right. You know. What's that thing about good intentions, I say that if you get out of the military in and go back into military, it's like taking your car drive it into a parking deck, putting in reverse and in backing over the spikes and blowing your tyres. One purpose: that's worth going back in areas like I do Joe right so do yeah I'll try and keep them
in all its ally. You know those morning when I wake up like, and I thought you not cause people take me back red ragged role. I am as went so I for ass, the advanced skills, attachment group level, SD sire! I get to teach the courses like or seek you be course about, and it is worth it, but the it is his own beast right, there's like all the beatitude put up with with active duty, military and then there's the guard. It has and personalities own type, a crap, and because it is a part time thing for so many people and the few full times at the full timers that they have their trying to manage your own half staff. All these guys, To all our problems were all the most important people in their lives viable block. Luckily, amazing, an admin staff where I work itself and they keep squared away. But you know it's
the military it because we're not full time. We have to jump over asses to do stuff. You know the budget, barber. hell. Alabama national Guard sent a bunch of people to DC after the January. Sixteen, the federal government has still not paid Alabama back for that right and not across the border. National goes across our country that don't have funding pay people so, like some our full time guys in October, when the fiscal year older, I last fall, lost their jobs for like three weeks, What and these are people, mortgages and families and stuff you Know- is their job? Oh no. You have money because you know Dubai. No one! A Nielson is my personal actually whom sized budgets so that eurobonds fault or is it a river
I always go this right. First page major amber the leader is responsible for everything. It does and does not happen on a mission or patrol. So you MA, am I digress by other guard man? It's good. I get interact with the young eyes. Only dumping colors shares a mom. Lessons learned now, it's worth it, but you, if I go teach set out for four weeks, back to make an army money. So you know that you lose money doing it, and sometimes you ask. Is it worth it? I got to go put up with this bs and you know whatever, But then I remember like a man, we now have a service for all the combat. That's There's no combat voters laughed in special forces for the most bar. I sang with the seals maggot, some guys from
can you be so calm down and in use my long range, all young young pups and her snipers? Oh, my Athos numbers rosary like the most experienced. These are like we are definitely aren't you like twenty two, twenty six, So you mean to tell me you are one of those experience news in your platoon when you're in the team. Now thirty a m and everyone with any experience laughed. I might well craps same an army salmon ring. so I look like this man. I feel a little obligated to give back. You know, for whatever reason I am still here would Alma Verizon toes. I still can't she. I still can't eat an arm men. I get down I can't help it. I'm not the Duma catalogue. Somehow I judge I put my on going in and do security with the teams and, like I check it out and you do not as an act as a guard. Garter you wanted to go back in the dark about twelve thousand twelve. Did you gonna need,
for me, you get two thousand well, I haven't not with them draw clear, that's better! Until I mean. You know if you are so away it out like this, since a blonde ass, they were not a deploying you anymore. I were training. Detached rose to go, do and eight month opponent with assets of the return on their investment. Just isn't there from the aid as a pay, one of its too long, whereas I can do stuff. You know the agency in projects and stuff like that are shorter. You get a disease, Dublin contract an older. Did you go to Syria, who you with over there were the contractor was alike I mean at its coal because, like you said, were
not that would be the wrong. I was going to say all these are different. Darweez aren't different. We have a much more efficient canticum and I don't have to ask for permission to you pick potty break, whereas you know teams typically to move from here to hear have to ask permission. We are given a mission. We're allowed to go, execute. We send upset rats, we don't have to ask for permission most of the time we always have a marker for sums to revise, says yeah. You know it's not free for all, but we get a mission and we go. Do it a lot of stuff is no know, you're type stuff them sort operations and then AFO New, doing the reconnaissance and, and especially with with the delay of the ground as far as the local population in the lot of primizie type stuff
you told me not to do that here. I am with an academic freedom Parisians like that, that area study of of all the equator make up a an area, whether it's new population resources and all that sort of thing, not not just like combatants like the entire area. What's going on in this area. We do a lot of that and, of course, we can win ashen targets if we need to typically like in Syria, since we are working in such small, that you know it was like a guy Rangers not doing anything tonight. You now you're an odious around here that can come do this year, where the seals that but on Yemen, at that, What type of work is really cool and I've done stuff in Haiti and and will get a life things going on there. I said more more: U S, interest than national defence.
In one defiling leads to the other right like it's important. If you talk to other two all we need to withdraw from around the world. Well, if we want to continue to be assessed, We have to continue to influence in a positive way around the world. So why are you play. It's so hard to figure out right now, I take on Ukraine is hey man. Europe is full of a bunch of reach. The well powered modern nations. It is there a there with modern very modern, militaries right. We we help with that. Russia, Watts russian land back the parts of the Ukraine. It really one. I don't know, maybe maybe Putin Anna weapons they can write like maybe wants the whole nation, but
They shown us since even fort since fourteen when they took. Are they didn't take cry me right? Crimea allowed themselves to be annexed to the big difference. The Ukraine in the south and used in their native Russians and again. Americans were too stupid to know that there is a difference between Russians and Ukrainians. Two different languages right. and you there's a lot him speak, both of course We know different in like the border of Texas. Lots of people spoke speak both, but there is a clear difference between Americans and Mexicans right and that's what's happening here in in Ukraine date. Russia wants it lay his back. Does what Russia also want? A warm water port will ya. Russia's word one report for decades, a century or more, I'll probably longer than that. Since navies have been navies, they wanted war more well. Ok, I get it are we adopt
in our. So we had to things right like this president, who is weak, clearly could stand up. Russia Dollar, in the sand and be the heroes in Russia doesn't get to invade or we can act of Russia invades. We look like a bunch of persons. And now were obligated to fight that's the wrong answer: an american boys and girls. Don't you can die in cried. The Ukraine is one of the most corrupt nations on this planet. Now that is partly due to Russia, keeping them that way a corrupt Ukraine can't get in NATO, but they do not letting them in their current state. It's just not happening so that border. like all? We want a NATO if we really want em in NATO, we didn't, but let him join NATO three five. Ten years ago there not eligible so I mean come on and we got it
there is a difference in messing and meddling and getting ourselves into, and you gotta you again not conspiracy theories, but when everything is going wrong for this administration, one can't help, but to at least entertained the idea that it's a distraction from all the are crappie crappy mistakes. Now, with sudden Biden wants to look strong well, there's Biden and there's Putin and I dont Putin is ready to step back from binding. I think he's corners bluff me You know and analysing the buyer has that hey, let's sit and hashes out type of freakin mentality. Won't. Unfortunately, in that case, where, unfortunately, truthfully I have a hard time
I'm thinking that that bind could carry on a logical conversation and negotiation with food and like it just doesn't seem like that's a feasible think he is a hard time has a hard time. Unfortunately, as we watch him he's a hard time putting together sentences right, I mean putting together legitimate sentences that are prep form, but that's just really really really disturbing, really really horrible to see, and you think he's gonna go in with Freaking KGB agent and and be able to carry on a conversation and not get manipulated and taking advantage of its very disturbing a KGB agent that, for the last twenty years, has not been distracted by some wars in the Middle EAST and we have been he's been preparing in preparing for whatever he wants to do. While we ve been messing about in the Middle EAST and that that's talking only about iterative decision making here's another bad move when you're the leadership position is pain yourself into a corner. You know, don't
yourself in into corner the world changes things changed things to happen, and you don't put yours from a situation. We can't say hey. This is the direction we're going now it's a little bit different than we were heading, but it's ok cause I Time was saying I might go in a different direction: and you know what let's say we have this amazing, charismatic badass leader, which we don't that allow Just a look like we're. Let in Russia paints a new quarter and improve he's got home other plant. That would be cool. but that's not what does not what happened and rightly so old and was the violation. The whole on you know was the chinese book sensor right, always Lapham like whenever somebody suit yourself? I can understand war that- and I court that guy a feudal chinese battle in and you wore theory, ok cool, but good Some of us have actually participated, unworthy forgotten, but there is a good
The holding of the ruse appear weak when you're Sean impair strong when you're weak right, like all give miss signals to your arm to your enemy, an amateur it s, not what we're doing our adversaries clearly understand that we have a very broken. Later I wanna safely weak clouds, that probably abiden as goofball as he has been throughout his career of binding, cities and Ninetys was deafening, an intelligent person I that guy as a president, probably could have been decisive. Despite we have two days in an old, broken parson. An area that I talk about, turn limits about a retirement age whose point here I mean we have eighty push your old running our country- and I was asked me:
yeah. Would you trust your eighty five Euro Grandmama Walker down right? Like put that into perspective? What would you trust your eighty five year old, your eighty year old, grandparents with and I'm sure there are plenty of outliers right there her ears, only other that are brilliant, outliers, never prove a role, various retirement as retirement age. Every industry has retirement age, our government sixty five. Why are justices? Why are representatives wiser president aloud when mean its socially acceptable to have a retirement age on these things you know and of course, our motives, but it it scares me that we are literally at a point right now where this this president, this administration could lead us into a world war, not ready for it. Damn sure
meanwhile humming coming weeks. Would it take for american soldiers and sailors who get ready. The military is ready for it. The military's, ready, technical fight, of course, but but are we ready to start losing peep? in Ukraine, which a lot of people could even figure out where it is a matter that we don't understand. We don't care about that. Much against Russia, whose Russia so, whose ready for that, when you say who's ready. I think we're indeed, fight, of course, but are we ready to go and die well and killed bunch of people that we don't know and civilians that are gonna dies? Well tat? We may not to think through that a little bit, I'm all for helping our allies, that's good we need a strong bunch of allies, but the Ukraine
had known for well over a decade right that Putin wanted that land back. So my question is: what has the Ukraine? What has Ukraine up? I've been told you're not supposed to call it until Ukraine. I know why cuz Ukraine, I guess it means frontier and, if you say the frontier, which is, though Ukraine, that's the frontier of Russia, so calling it the frontier. that's that's. Why look better than I had heard from some? I told me like an economy, social media, that it's not Ukraine. On my it's just Ukraine. Ok, sorry! I don't know that I am not purposely trying to diminish that nation, knowing implied yeah. I don't know Jack Planets is so frustrating is like we have all these problems, and I again I'm not the I'm, not the guy, hey. We have to complete withdrawal from the rest of the world and we have to be available.
not maintain our status, but like two years ago, with the Ukraine when Dave done very little to prepare themselves for this state which they knew what was coming. They ve done nothing to get their allies in Europe to help them live in it. and again, by any these situations, any these situations around the world, just as they are we're not gonna get volume. Anyone anymore, that's not a good move. No, it's not a good move. It's a good move! say: well: ok, what's happening, what would make sense? Let's try this approach, let's see what happens with this approach. If this approach works, cool will continue to invest in that approach. If that approach isn't working, we'll say you know what we didn't realize:
there's a bunch of different cause, Ukraine's got all kinds of different factions in there are we to realise that we looked at it a little bit too broad and we thought Ukraine was Ukraine, whose Ukraine against Russia doesnt really look like its anymore or we're gonna stand out great or we're gonna back away or we're gonna really support. This group that we know is now come to the surface as being the the prominent power there. Ok, instead of saying What we're saying right now like we don't, understand what's happening fully and we can't predict the future. So don't don't over. Index on things that you care predict, don't do that anything will also lose the influence. Clearly, we are still a superpower with tons of influence, even if our
european allies? Don't respect our current leader. He still brings to the table an immense amount of tools that he can use to sway them. Hayleigh, oh hey Britain. He hasn't been. Gaza with whatever we want to do we're gonna cut such and such off. Oh hey, Germany, my all those things because as those eastern Bloc- and they all love us right here, Then there are. There are two allies. Now you ve got audio the Brits Franchising Germans, who are kind of they ve, been put in her middle finger up to us quite a bit, but, alas, in use. Ok, guys ass, your stand cool we're going to continue to be friends with Romania and Hungary in Lithuania, Estonia, yeah, I'm going to back them up, cuz they're they're on the line with Verizon. You guys screw. You guys take care of yourself for a little while right. Just like Trump wanted to pull funding from they don't like you guys, are going to start fun,
That's right. You took a little bit hard line with our allies, like a willing to treat you guys, like adults, that we cut some of your fun and you guys are going to start contributing it's, not a horrible approach, right, accountability own it right. You guys what NATO you like? No, don't you you guys like that security of having us backing you up from across the pond, just like we did worldwide to ya, know so check it out here. Some new rules would in a play by including funding this thing, we'll take a step back when what you guys take the lead for a little while see how you do right, there's nothing wrong with that and I think Trot was trying to do that. You know- and you know, let's face it. those leaders and in those countries man they they. They led the way that they are the binds had abiden Europe, America. We lead the way. Everything why we led away with with this crazy goofy have say: it is in all. This does not end.
was way ahead of us on that of their leaders. Rights have been crazy liberals for a freak in young five ten years now they they definitely to jump on that force. Now, that's a good thing. So until we see to stick a step back and say, hey guys doing, I do think you know clearly in this case with Russia over Chinamen you're talking something it would affect. The entire will be so expensive for all parties right, here's, the reality, pollutant doesn't what war with us. It would destroy his countrymen over money. Exactly so check him out Oh, that means cutting off that pipeline. We told him they could have shit, that's doesn't mean we have to freakin admit we were wrong sanctions. Russia can afford an even more so right like if the rest of the world distanced himself from just stops in Russia's stunt standing there with a China.
It's kind of their ally, but also training of allow the way. At the same time- and I ran that's your for the rest of the world can a tardy, os, crap and think about behaving. in an ultimate again recalls: why does Russia want this honest Russia wanted identify that we that wouldn't cut him off at the knees. It's just a frustrating man and again you know always that back say you know what I dont know everything I don't. I don't get the pig behind that car. rightly clearly Biden or whoever your and our country Vice President Harris. They no way more than I do so. always gonna give any administration a little bit of benefit of the doubt rightly hours. I admit I hated grown up the military worrisome leader will like what you just don't understand. The big picture,
and then, as I got older. I realise that I used all understand a big vader matters there, of course daily. Neither I like that was their way of saying, like we don't really know what the hell's going on you, but now I am older. I do have an acceptance dead, don't have the big picture and I never will write none of us will ever know what the President of the United States knows: rapping like there's, no security clearance out there, two touches with that guy gets to know or that guy now, presumably one day, no, so you as us as the guys who work for that community always have to come, sit back and go cuz. They know more than us, so I always try to keep that in reserve. You know like that to keep me from creating assumptions and assertions There is real eyes in that. My assumption of my surgeons are always going to be less important, but the other got massive intel net.
ex briefing every day sources all over the world like they got summit. They got some information lie. Still I like to think they do some good stuff with it May I please, god- because right now, man what we got ourselves into a scary and in again China like these- are my China. What China makes move on Taiwan now, like they're, not sitting where there are going well we are agreed that the withdrawal from Afghanistan is what set this stage right like I don't know anybody, except for light, some staunch lesson. Some are even if there is any binding supporters left, but there, The Democrats, who are just never going to say that they were wrong forgotten for him or that he
anything they've done is wrong. Are you this? Is our system works, but the reality is any objective. Synthetic thinker knows that this all started without withdrawal from Afghanistan and then weakness that was just you know somehow cross the world worldwide. So what was the or was there a broad that broke the camel's back. That made you say, I'm gonna go and run because I mean let's face it here. You are, how would you say you're just turned forty six Turn forty six, your businesses, you gotta, call woman in your life. You got up a nice place to live or whatever things like you could be going into actual literate retirement mode like it said.
in your life long dry and asked where I was, and I've been working towards it pretty hard you even living in woman, tin, drove me in saying: stop lights and traffic in new sectors. Who yesterday, because you must know about sixty two. Lakers about our outside of Wilmington Newark came with three donkeys chickens and fenced in pastures, and we turn on dogs loose. I mean if I want to walk around my yard naked, he doesn't mean it's that type of country. You know it's the same. I grew up and I think you know whether that's genetic or not I've always craved it. I like to be in places where it's just quiet, you know growing up on the coast. You know the water and because of a dare or someone talking smack. I went to diet school one upon a dive team. I wanted to be on the mountain team
Afghanistan fell in love with the mountains, because before Afghanistan, I don't. Some training in Colorado, but not really done enough to fall in love with the mountains and the thin air, and all that we would have to understand man, Houses- and you I mean we're looking round like into our borders dolphin in you know like, while This would be some amazing snowboarding. What are they doing here? You know, and at the time I realise that he actually was a destination back in the sixties, out my stepmother and her friends, all went to Kabul in a late sixties. The smoke way tat. My stepmother is used as a volume alarm Billina North Carolina girl can trigger a farm girl. My grandfather was a farmer in my settlers from out here, oh yeah. She was from my car
I wish you forget her home town by arm between here and Ella Anna. So she was like a hippie little bit in the sixties. Turning unless you is traveller, yeah Ocumpaugh right, I got out and not like, are not like an anti government. Just like a California, young girl deal so cool stories. You know, and I had no idea there- was- that part of Afghanistan that it was actually very western and modern near in the Sixtys in Kabul. Look at pictures you, the roads nice. It's clean people smiling. You know so yeah and I'm just not into the city. He knocked out these days. You put me behind it you're a combine. I gotta go six miles an hour for ten miles. No stress nodding rode up what I don't care, does live out that damn rarely in a hurry days that I have work to do and clients and guys to shoot word and classes, but all my days,
wolfman, I'm my boss and I don't get me wrong. I can be my own kind of a pain in my ass, but I'm flexible with my time, no stress gotta. The city everything's awesome sought from the list because she drives almost an hour every day, one way to her promise, but you know she's, chill you. She loves you the European Council, that kind of stuff- and you she's a den- and so she works for days a week, an arms or Friday. She gives to go and do whatever she wants her ever so you before we did it. I was you sure you sure prices cute places- and I found it by accident- is happy we drive and down that road took a different rules on one day an ass for sale, Saint Paul, dockside road, put up Google maps. She could kind of see the property who called the realtor man men we closed on it. So yeah. You know
days were like my most intelligent conversation is with a couple of donkeys in some dogs. Docks Irene, see people in My nearest neighbor well, my nearest nearest neighbours like some methods. It live like half a mile from the words we basis. An agreement day. They sat at my business and their business and their trailers doesn't burned out and you how meth cook, and sometimes you catch fire, so we're good we're good. Every nodded wake up. Like you, I can hear me I don't like four in the morning or something but other than that they don't mess with me. I don't mess with them. They're just redneck meth head than the other neighbour man is gonna. Call she lives like one point two miles. Why she's completely deaf, so she can't hear the right each other now No one lives within two miles of us. You know so we get out there and shoot. No one cares. So it's real cool man. Yeah, so
We were planning on moving to Idaho, as the cost were going out with shotgun. Look at Montana's, well, cuz, it's couple years ago, Montana, being really expensive. Idaho is still like. Alright, and the cool thing about Idaho, for me, is the on his high there than the same elevation and say Colorado wherever Idaho is like sixty percent public land lots of hunting access I like hunting, I mean on those mountains, man just quiet most. I was just me Melissa. But yeah man. We, we found a couple different places, we're looking at one place very seriously and Idaho City, just North Idaho City, and then everything in America started happening this man, that's where I was at you know. My business is doing great the dinner so like or she ready to pull chocks to ya.
For her to do that's kind of a big deal like clearly like I said I can again pack a backpack in a double bag and move some guns are the safe. Let's go he clearly. No I mean she got eighteen Eighteen employees are all females, it's always fun, because they've always got something going on. You know. I don't want to call it drama cuz. I would be dismissing it, but the dynamics in that office are always fun to listen to. You know cuz, I have teamdynamix stuff and then I get to listen to listen to thirteen directives and is like a lot of the same stuff that we would do with only with a hint of the lady stuff. Now don't be hurt, can at least legality ran in theory. You could always got back sorted out release go in here, but the gloves on sort that shit right. She doesn't have that option so and we were really
postponing Earl Moving- and we talked about for years like our first date. That we claim is our first day we were when she and that she and her boyfriend just broke up me and the girl I was dating, it just broke up and we were real skeptical if each other, we known each other from the gym and kind of looked at each other like I'll, know who's that punk who's. That punk, you know both very strong personalities, she's Rome, boss same with me, boss for a while, now really and dynamic, was just so interesting as we came together. We can I kept quiet that we were seeing each other, so are kind announcement to all of our friends and you how Jim can be everyone. Friends from the german and we did a hike across the Bob Marshall Wilderness out in Montana Mary, but it wasn't supposed to be a hike. Acrost was supposed to be a loop back to the car two days. Twenty some miles
Well that night we had our turnaround point we woke up in the morning and there was smoke everywhere largest forest fire ever in the Flathead national forest thing in the Bob Marshall is inside the flat head. Oh now, what so now we are running from a forest fire all the way across the Bob Marshall, so it's like seventy or so miles, and we didn't have the food for it and right now, in the console of my truck or protein bars, they're, not mine there for her her favorite protein bars because the laughing eating what is from elicited get hungry. We angry she, a hanger woman, so Melissa is. This. Is half german and half Japanese? I live with the axis powers. Keeping her FED is a priority. I'm telling you man it in its now
the gradual descend to everything's cool and now she just wants to tell your throat and you don't know it yeah and you don't even know it's coming online on blissfully. No, like do you know, I'm not real crazier angle about my diet anymore. I like my thing, is like I just started order, sir, not have ads so it is quit eating breakfast and lunch simple. Some people call that internet fasting icon screw it less cowards, No fancy dat names here. No dude. She needs to eat. So we have to keep her fat, but yeah. We run out of food from the cost about Marshall, so you one day in when the forest fire hits and how many, what's it all day I wanna do it in in two and a half to three quarters days and send me some miles when we had to go across
goodbye, so I got to climb like nine thousand CNN, like a mile and a half, it's like zig, zig zag, then we're going up the the the zigzag stripe, the switch bags- and I remember looking up the trouble go here to here and on the trail right there or three or four mule deer, and I was looking up at their bellies like right there, but I could almost touched him like this anyway, a butcher hartman on that trip across the Marshall she learned how to read a topic that prick in was running the gps. She never done never done that, so she doesn't ice climb, mountain climb type in all kinds, national Forest, her in her body from dental school, were like adventurous young ladys out in some case, they tell me stories. Unlike that was dilemmas dangerous. You could have been learnt of missing persons stories and heroic, like probably well anyway, just that type of her.
then, and we had to cross the White River and it's in August. So it's snowing now. You know and man I made a huge mistake, freaking and it's so because she's so physically fit, but then she's turn twin? Maybe one hundred and twenty five lb at this time and I'm like a good place to cross this river is rolling like knee deep to me halfway her quads, I got to cross drop my pack and I could see she was struggling and I'm pretty sure, footed have been in the woods bags. Walkin stage walking stick, but it's got her were starting to leverage her off a man. I got back out there and you are the rocks and at worst slick and are much get out there. Man and I put my hand on her backpack she slipped
we went to drink. I was lucky I got under neither a man. It was like that whole pusher. Up get me some air go back under a man. I got scuffed up my whole backside. My knees, this whole side just beat up. She got her Pakistan, so she's pretty protected. Whatever and luckily there's a curve in the river cause a couple hundred meters on down this way, the salmon River. Regarding that confidence, but a in thousand, and we would have died what we will caravan it washes up, I'm sure we can crawled out laid. There were many afternoon, but men, the water was cold, real called and I cannot work
bleeding and scuffed up, but I can't feel- and I'm gonna be sore loser Gaza. She Rosa Milosevic's. You saved my life and as I go with that exotic that river crossing an almost killed her almost killed that girl man and I will never it spooks me even talking about awry frigging in because who would have believed afterwards that I chose that river crossing rather by already did that'll purpose he drowned. I girl but no we renew- and I was like I'm in love with this chicken stuff horrified me they had made such a stupid decision. Just stupid what we're running from whatever freaking hast? All that I did learn that she's, not one of us. You know I still have to be careful, she's, smaller, so on and so forth.
Anyway, man we get across there, whatever freaking. That was like our first date coming out of the closet as far as us dating and stuff, and it made it worse ever since then, Vacation we took me to the mountains. Sheep. She ought to climb. Everest clearly puts me in an interesting position, because I don't give a damn about at first, but I can't just let my girl you now I guess I'm gonna have to go out there to, or I just said Let me say: hey Honey, I'm awake, we're gonna base camp freak in hang out. If I had to freaking I'll talk to you on the radio, are you dead now you're going to keep going right at that thing? But now so we start climbing the fourteeners in Colorado we're doing that stuff man just falling in love with a mouse point being his. We want to move the mountains, her best friend from dental schools in Colorado or originally come up on the Colorado, and then it got a little California on us.
Lots of public, certainly in their one of two states, left at you, get over the counter dies or Elk no big deal and if you leave number bolder right go anywhere to regain its still dodged trucks? Would bumpers still diesel pick ups and grow boys know. So I would you call if you want it, but we cannot figured on budget. My friends Medina home by, but your friends and move died. Oh it's like. There were everybody's going the last conservative hold out. I guess well, you're that close man. We were getting ready to pull the trigger on moving in and, like I said, a big deal for her with a practice and then everything started happening the pandemic, the weirdness it got to the point where, like I was like wow
one year ago. If you ask me how long it was gonna take first to get right here opposite twenty years, but some house, the- U S, got put on fast forward to its progressive decline and every nation has it. But history tells us, reporter fails and we have some very distinct parallel to the last greatest culture, Averil s greatest city, state, room, roman empire. You know she's dead, a nation and culture founded on slavery, the backs of slaves. Right there are men, parallels a nation who care more about entertaining themselves than protecting their borders. Its spooky parallels am I go and then I'm Can you my very good friend, allow upon tunnel alarm you? If you do? Have
he was the marine and delusion that shot and killed to terrorist airbags and then was charged with their Mars lieutenant type armed too, he on his return. He had lost some boys the day before, so he was in a list. A guy scout sniper was working on Wall Street that happened doing great for himself and his family, smart guy, real, smart, dude and nine slash eleven happen and he got back in and then in Fallujah man. Or going to very clearly terrace right member Fallujah, get out or fight us. Anybody that stays you're a bad guy and they were bad guys. They had weapons in the trunks on a cell phone What got weird for a eagle look history up a bottom line: they charged him with murder, two counts of it and for
lots of his life. He was having defend himself against a nation that is so much love than when the war for well. A lawyer ran for cars in two thousand and ten and two thousand twelve. a very bright before then two thousand eight timeframe. When I open my job so I watched in as he was running, I was still very apolitical- wasn't really interested on and so forth the partners to work out for him. They were fighting him human another fellow who is now the incumbent getting David Rouser. They were fighting for that area, what they were really fighting was a thirty some year democratic conduct. Well between the two of them. They did finally asked him in, but David Rouser, best of the lawyer in the primaries. He just had more pool in one highly populated segment of that district, and you know David came out the winner
Since in your lawyer, he became the director veterans, affairs and stuff for North Carolina, most or short man just has dedicated life to try to take care of service members and just just a great guy, but last Easter day recent. Don't I'll get my truck range or just chat and took a job at Syracuse University in and was liven up in Turkey's down, visited and we're just chat about things, the nation state of it and so forth, so I so I was thinking about potentially maybe duty hearts, tailgate and he's any psych and heating cited here like when he gets his eyes, really excited. Yes, it there's every time, it's twenty twenty two, the nations ready for the climate, need you it's! This is where he just got in. Even let me finish you ask us and which I thought was pretty cool gluttonous. I think I will
broadcast something especially something so out of that bill for me, but he just had a feeling, and it was because it's Easter Day and he's like you know what has the largest kicking nurseries Ike its Easter day, and there is clearly God sent me here today to tell you that you must absolutely dues and I'm scared, Ok, not really were I thought this is gonna go, but now like are so the upheaval strongly about. It he's the first person that I've even mentioned it to. Maybe this is something I should look at and at the time I'm still like. I just want to move. I just want to go HUN, that's really left alone
own business. Then I realize that the reason we're we're we're at it because to psych me, I've been minding our own damn business, why? The left has rallied protested, organized and executed a subversion campaign that the world like the world, has never seen before right at very success. For subversion campaign and so fast. What a little bit- and I was Yesterday- put me in contact with the folks were now my consultant team and all that we start kind of exploring must come up with some courses of action see their viable. Let's see if this works well, North Carolina, the census, picks up an extra an additional non extra, an additional seat. So we had thirteen or fourteen representatives. U S house or evidence yet
so we're like. Ok, let's just will have to wait and see was right. Now I live in that same district with the incumbent, David Rouser and by all means of pre Square awaited hasn't peasant, nothing really upset anybody's, not rhino. I wouldn't say he's like a champion. of all things patriotic America either, but what he has in his take care of his district, which is agriculture. I think he's probably going gonna become the lead on the agriculture committee? Listen that's one of her well, so we decided hey, look, I'm going to run I'm going to have to wait to see the new districts because challenging rauser is probably losing thing, I'm not doing America any good, challenging an opponent that can't be be. That's not a good strategy rat and university graduates. Duties must do represent wrung his district. That's right! I am off.
for challenging republican incumbents that suck they need to do. And I said numerous times- reelect, no one real, let no one, but the reality is. There are still some good deeds up there who need some backup. They need a cure. F. Ah, so the new districts come out in the county. I live in and couple others to include crumbling counterfeit or Fort Bragg, Karnak Counties, little block almost us, Why are right? The male North Carolina mostly role and I live in it and it's got fail for someone who ok. now we're making sense and no incumbent damn like it's, he made is just sitting there ready for me to go womb run for cars, so we announced man an arm We don't put it together, ready right, we're just wait on those districts and hence a cocaine this. This makes sense I can do
listen and hopefully go do some be put a positive change. How correctness trajectory I joke it is like a thrill h Yet we were trying to make it like a like in all three, some five and eight trajectory you know less listless was flattened as current, not demand any like flatness trajectory girl that America has been placed on by crazy socialists So yeah man they happen was ok cool. This makes sense. But U S like the straw that broke the camel's back. Then I'm not super sentimental type, personal whatever, but that my father passed last summer we held here. This memorial service. Over July. The force weaken my niece, my elder sisters, daughter, I guess at monastery A very successful pediatric pediatric interconnectedness by niece, has never known what it's like to miss a meal.
She doesn't know suffering and in a lot of ways. I'm kind of that goes like this next generation socks and these boys need to learn how to change all in her car and we will get into that sometimes white man. This question is this week, but I'm looking at my niece was this beautiful young lady lacrosse player she's, almost six, the tall stud breakin, a gear ahead in school super intelligent arm now, Here's, my sister, you more aggressive, unleashes a brilliant mind. So her son and her daughter got some of this way way. come to the house, my nieces playing in biotech so citizen Biotech Socialism Boston, so my nieces acidic it so she's out o my your property rights,
four wheeler playing with the dog's freaking thrown into the dummies in the pond for the retriever and I'm just looking at it and like she's, never known what it's like to not have Wi Fi, that level of luxury. That's America! I mean even the poorest people in America today have a pretty good like homeless people, demand you know, I have a pretty good we take care of even our poorest, but I'm looking at earnestly her she's. Never no one is like since she's been over use a smartphone. They had Wi Fi on airplanes, as I don't want to. I don't want to ever know what it's like not to live in that type of luxury. I don't want her to live in what Western Mosel look like in two thousand and five two thousand and six and in for the
entire none other be burned to the ground and crushed in indigenous folks of Nineveh City to be murdered by ices. Ride like I don't want her to know and America at war with itself, and if we keep on this trajectory. That is a potential course, and that scares the shut me, and I don't know that any of us will be alive to see that type of demise of our culture, but she might be sixteen years all and that was a day but also Let's do it too. I the fourth weaken last year and wasn't because you are the first weekend. It just happened. I is discovered, I guess a cost or in another very sentimental type personally, but it was about my knees. It was the weaken that when the moral my father's live animals like ok, eight years is all do that. That will put me at fifty five years old and then all retired
and hopefully, if I can tell you about that, I would maintain maintained physical fitness and at fifty five are still beef, fit enough to go wherever crazy animal. My chase around a mountain but I was like you know what, if not me than her I'm out of place where I can send me and Melissa: don't have children and you know as well as I do right like overseas
had different times. In my life, where I wouldn't take a married guy with kids on my team, I would take that young ranger, because I know he wasn't distracted, but I built a team there for a while. That was just. There was some scary them men that no distractions I have sent men home for being on the phone too often too late, arguing with their spouses pick up, go home sort it out I'll, see you in a few weeks or grow amen. I understand if you don't want to come back, go take care of your family, but you don't get to be here running operations with us. While you got that distraction when you're in or near me- So I'll have kids man. I can go and gotta to DC and be fully vested right, while another person like me, who might be considering IRAN, have has two kids They need to go ballet concert or belly recital a concert or a band concert or soccer game.
lacrosse gamer football game or whatever you be Sidney your desk? I can get the work you will they can happen that the that the whole desk images. Can we not put me right to death Yeah I was joking. I was like. I want to make c span the most watch news work like this is agreed. How would you like me to new diseases like ok, what in the world has totally and so this is gonna, go right, air, sea and that weird bunch they calling the squad right. Clearly, another infantry Swann So myself, J Collins is a seventh grouper who's running in Florida. He's an amputee he's a stud man. Stud of starts
and so he's running down authorities doing really well as well. We were Jochen it hey man. If they can have the swan will be the data. The joint task and that the thing that we are trying really hard to take it all the time America yeah uniform are at the caucus right. The JTF cop is the veterans. What are we going to cause right but you may not know is how I made a decision as like in oh, hey, man, theirs entire generation America's that that that needs to be taken care of that we set up for success, and I like it's, my generation, the in other fora the six year olds right now who fell this last generation and allowed all this to happen, because we were just how good working concerns. It minded our own damn business and by my Damn business, we elected these spineless cowards that went to DC and sold us out time after time again compromise. Our rights away, right and rose had to say and conservatives
haven't conservative damned thing because conservatism people and they think dealing with the left as it is. is a rational thing upon his left or not rational people. They only want what they want and are not going to compromise. The righteous keeps compromise and bit by bit, I bet every single right that we hold dear they let it go piece by piece by piece and ass. All this nation can far right is clearly no national as well as William invade us. I get anywhere. You know the old there's a gun behind every blade of grass right. The Japanese knew they were hidden. This mainland right, tiny knows they can't say with Russia. The only way we can because if we allow it- and we have allowed this country to get where its act and when I say we I mean us all of us, good people, it's our fault. I made a puzzle
social couple weeks ago we can Elinor was attired. It go the biggest problem in America question. What does it's us not being involved ass people who who's your representative. what district do you live in Hoosier County commissioners? Are you involved in the local GOP? Are you or not, man, or not, and of all the while? The Democrats are organized super organized or not, and that's how we We don't even the average voter in a primary on the Republican can aside. Fifty seven years and older young conservatives are not involved, and part of that problem is a lot of young people in this next generation. They they don't realize it.
Hosting comments and in things on social media, it's not real action, right and unlimited funny about, I used to be some kind of joke today, like ok, you think fighting on the internet is not like a real fine. Oh man, like they really they have begun, equating seeing things on as if it's a real, Somehow influence is right because we used the term influence sirs in I influence and a damn thing. You know even a little bit of ours. I will answer him. I ask people, I begged. I say I am pleading with you. Please go join your local geography. How do we get loftily? Go join your local gnp. How do I do that? Ok, g on your phone, in which both Google or whatever searches and you're using this would you typing. were counties, name and the letters G, Opie or Republican Party, and you will find their way.
And you ll find out that they have monthly meetings and you'll go there. you'll find out that on average is only thirty people there. No one They are the conservative like raw ass. They want to be involved but they're, the ones that will tell you like in North Carolina. They want fifteen thousand volunteers to watch the Poles sit at the polls, fifteen thousand people and not enough- that's a very, very low number. They polity double that, because early voting. Two and a half we had people watch the Poles for, for our ships to shift per day need to people per shift. At least the the need is there, and it is our job, this generation that they want something just like our generation to. We want something that we want to participate in something and becomes our hobby meant. We know everything about it,
Youtube and we google it and we- and we all right here everything you want to know everything known to mankind suffer classified information in some other he's all right here. It's enough, oh right! So if you do not involve man, try here when you go and you talk to those people, those meetings, yeah man there, the fanatics there that really passionate conservative rebellions, who really do want to change that Republican Party in the image of the old GEO P, the rhinos and all that, if you go to these European Means man there Mad republican party. There is a republic What are you there mad at republican Party? They want to get rid of the Rhine out there, There are the people who want to renovate that party. Currently I hear people say you. Maybe we need a third point: ok, the son of viable course of action that America is not ready for it. It would take that
Democrats and Republicans getting together in deciding. The third party was a good thing. the other deciding to surrender the whenever power they had done his hand. I to do powers like matter it never goes away, can be transferred bright and we have transferred willingly power throughout our nation's history. Write. A good example is when we gave Menards to write the phone right, so we are capable do it. We gave women the right to vote so we have transferred power willingly. Typically speaking drew out, I'm not american human history powers transferred because it's taken rarely given that that's what makes America Special is that we have given power willingly in an effort to create this amazing country.
But yeah man freaking, you know it's going to take us get involved. The biggest problem on this planet has day is it or in America. Today, that's going to continue to lead us down this path and not change its trajectory. Is us mining own business and I get it man. You got a job, you got a couple, kids and if you don't get involved right because what happens when you go to the GOP and your eight hundred and ten at fourteen year old, so you get involved. What are they going to grow up to do? setting the example set the example exceed the standards. All that military leadership talk. It's not bullshit. You know, you know it's bullshit were an entire book about a couple of.
No certainly example for your children is not just making sure there taken care of right. We we ve, got to get involved and if we don't man said our adversary very involved, their organised and their scary now ass before MIKE name. One thing the left has wanted in the last six years they having done one, is complete, reversal, the second in it. Why? Because there's a bunch of people out there with guns that ain't going to let it happen other than that every niche special interested ever wanted that got in it. And now it's like bored lookin for shit I mean like
transgender Israel in college sports like or I would you gonna make up some stuff but actually goes against our whole feminist movement is like their board like we got everything we want well. Can we take from and particular continue to take because whether not most left's truly want communism Turner folks under that? Do not believe that communism is the right path, the recipe of all is a shiite leaders. Right, you mean to tell me: Hillary Clinton is not an effective leader. I'm not saying she's a good leader effectively right, like Putin, isn't effective leader is not a good person she's. Definitely not a good person. She's effective thing. One thing: Hillary Clinton, hadn't gotten that she wanted presidency and I don't know that she's done yet.
Scary shit man that one out soon, hopefully I got a. I got a factory down in Asheboro, North Carolina, sixth district. Hopefully at some point, when I get down there in the next several months, we can link up definitely and hang out. You got to come check out the factory I have been there yet, but actually we have two factories were consolidating the process of consolidating right now button hundreds of jobs hard working people. Funny theme in that district. I think, because we ve had so many changes. That is probably the district Jim continuity is gonna run in he's one of those eighty bees o rum, lieutenant colonel tie seventh grouper. Ah, he not adequately It should be tough race for him as well. He had more counting and now they re district again and I guess I could read district another time is going to report this week is for
and it's you right now, which you where you running, for I know ok, but I could change, so yeah was that new forth, which was Sampson County. A little bit of Wayne County Harnett, county Incumbent County and now is the new new thirteenth and that's do Boone, County Samson, county Johnson Kind, little bit county and Southern Wait County and it's so weird because these new districts, they don't hold communities together. It was I again it was out of the republicans- were trying to make the dams happy get some soft push through that would actually work meet. All the numbers for the districts have to have equal numbers right and to do that, You know you gotta get a city in here and a part of a city over there, and it's not like it's. Ok just pick. This region is more complex than that.
So this new district, again armed men- and I said this- goes back to republicans- trying to make the Democrats happy. The Democrats suckered only gain the so we have an activist very left, leaning Supreme Court in North Carolina. And so, when these new districts they check the Democrats challenging it with the Supreme Court, they Bhutan they had to rewrite them, so they rebuild them. The house did asset and I, like that, Matt pretty good, this new one I don't dislike. It is just not my favorite cuz I lost Cumberland County. I want to represent Fayetteville Fort Bragg, it's kind of personal, so the this week have to go to three panel court
judge panel on the court and that's two concerns one level. It will get the thumbs up their most likely. The Democrats will challenge it again, but that the shy stealing sinister part is when they were voting these maps. It was by Parson, in the center and in the house. Both parties working together they created, is mass dims given within him up. It wouldn't vote Dems all voted against it suckers. Now. What? Because? divided half in half and one Republican voted with the Democrats. That sets the precedents for go to the court in them toss it up. Then we gotta even agree on it. Clearly by partisan. This is mostly or is clearly partisan. They said again. It's again, you like you guys, are bending over backwards. We use to draw a line in the sand,
they could all lies in and take it to you in the USA or U S spring or that's expensive, and it takes a fight and time. That's it. In a word about the time, because we He pushed our primary back from March Dumay Napoleon pushed back to June. Now, that's getting closer and closer. To the general election in November. They could, in theory, move that right that the you that November election date is not a hard set date. The state can choose a different day. They could push at the January, but that cuts off the whole next cycle pushes the next cycle. You knew now and they were in such an uncharted territory, and I just don't have faith that the Republicans right now know how to deal with this fight and the Democrats almost like I said it's almost like you're, just trying to see what they can get away with, but they're panicking the Democrats and no ride what's coming in this med terms. So these new are
districts. They are so close to any other year in a bit. If they would, they would motion, be fifty slash. Fifty split they could go either way I'll, be swing districts, but because it is Dissipated red wave there they settled it looks more like they set em up on purpose, to be republican, very much favour Republicans and did the date will certainly but they're not gonna. Constitution says it is the role duty, responsibility of the General Assembly to set the districts. So, of course it's gonna be partisan, is rarely. If ever, is your house incident fifty fifty right as it doesn't happen, so there's a whole constitutional battle here and State constitution.
and I think people really understand how important your state constitution is right, like when our government was set up. It was supposed to be. You know all these state, these nations of the United States and we've gotten away from that. The federal government gotten too big and that's one of my big things. Man like hey, let's return that federal government was put it back in its constitutionally limited box and put the lid back on that. Austria has climbed out of that boxing on all over the place, and I was either Hey man. If you simply attempt I see we got a seventy percent solution on getting our federal government back to his constitutional limitations. We would solve over half of America's problems with the federal government. Just return it to what that constitution says.
Many. I just feel like too often folks up in DC, they used a constitution is toilet paper instead of reading it for exactly what its stated its its heartbreak Well, like you said, it's gonna be a battle, it is a battle. I know you mention about how to what to do for people to get to help out, you know We were that happen. People think this display pretty good place, wrap up cause we begone for of four hours but If people want to support you, we got twenty Cowden dotcom brain. as the main that is, the campaign website campaign website, you're on Instagram, you just said Tony Underscore Cowden underscore for the letter for court scenic. That number, for is there a letter for the number four in C and
have to Facebook, page pages, my personal toning down and the campaign turning come there, both me and then you ve, Youtube Channel, which I saw gear. much whether I was crazy. You have one video I wanna get. Let me get real tony guy. Turning it gets out. There is an idle interposed. Eighty seven videos on Youtube just never been my favorite for whatever reason and I've had numerous Youtube channels right. I've got the one right now exists, gallic couple videos may be on it and in light of the New Youtube was a big thing had Jim had lots of years on it, and just some happen where, with the home cheating gun thing, Instagram became my main platform. In as much as I do, I don't really like social. I don't like the Hawaii you're very had much other go back to just now, but it seems that at least-
Evolution of it all know. There was even by design that you have an instagram page with what grew and funneled me business, whereas others going to head to gym Facebook, Menzel's, Facebook, so local. So now I'm having to get back out Facebook, because dry campaign is very local products, but Yemen, the reality is in his socks, Mohammed Assessment, my entire life been pretty independent of never had ask anybody from money, and it's weird the reality of this house: mass and it is a mess cuz. There needs to be campaign, finance reform. The reality is if the campaigns not funded, I don't get to advertising. There's no face rushcard, there's no recognition or surname face recognition and I won't get the phones and you should technically speaking, you are addressing fundraising talking to donors and in our voters, not always the same people
We ve done really well so far. The soft brunette, just like you have a me on here, been ruined, but you definitely guys and when I launched that soft network man just started sharing it, and we raise aren't thirty two grand in like thirteen days over Christmas and that's what got people going, what away who's this? Do Where is this guy coming from any there's? Always? Is the there's some contention that oh you're not getting your funds from the district? Well, I know the difference. Our duty is to get someone to donate to your campaign. Would they don't even know if you live in their district or not? You think the Democrats don't know that course they do right with what they're doing is creating voter apathy or whatever, so they won't donate and they're not going to vote.
Not new done it before so yeah man. This is where how you know: that's that's that asking for money thing is hard, but here's the cool part, one hundred and thirty, two thousand dollars the number one, not the number one donated amount was fifty dollars its sixteen hundred or fear. nine hundred individual donors from across the nation. All fifty states over Christmas when Peter don't have extra income cuz, it's been on their Christmas present donated this campaign. That's a clear signal or should be a clear signal into folks up in DC and everywhere else that the american public is tired of their shit. Excuse my language, but that's what and they want normal people, and if I fall- and I kind of worried that well or not, they want more real people who have never saw out politics. You know before we go,
as you can tell me about the M, my opponent, whose State House RAP and take the Khan the Al Gore of not on politics. They sold out most gonna taxpayers and sent tax dollars all around the nation to invest in green energy and so on and so forth, lost or short he didn't like it. I think I'm right about with early start what are referred to as the Algarve deposits will realities, that's what they call him right. Like he's a North Carolina Member North Carolina House and all of his contemporaries they all calling that he didn't like it. When the other day charged up to me is rob you and ultimately I was like: hey look man, you know you can say whatever you want. You sent that money out and you told me told me I was in ignorant wannabe.
I said I might be ignorant to how and why you do things is Jerry Ass politicians as it, but I'm not a wannabe like you created me Like you are the reason why men like me are coming for your jobs, we hired you you suck so now we're gonna fired you and that's about America wants right now, Rayless Clear America wants, and I said man we get that J T up there, so you ten bucks. a hundred bucks, maybe got twenty nine hundred. That is the MAX contribution. I could stand some of those because that new districts more expensive but southern, county rally. That advertising is its way more expensive, that market right, a tv add in rallies expense.
but that's what I need. I need funding people progress. What can I do? Ten bucks? Don't get your Starbucks coffee today. Give me five bucks, and it's weird man asking for people for money, and then I came to the conclusion. I'm not asking people give me money. This is an investment in America's future, because I promised people I will not become a politician. I would rather die than sell this nation as people out, and I put myself in that position before that I would have died and almost hit a CUP I feel like I have that proven track record and people like, but there's this guy and there's this guy he's is this veteran in that, but they were not there and they sold us. I am like I'm, not those guys, I'm not those guys. What do you want here? I am stepping up help me get there and if I turn up
be some spineless, dark bag. Politician farm I get involved and fire me, but I promise I'm not cable will be of being a dirt bag. Politician is not in my genetic x you know, is not even close to something I could ever be. You cooperate. Since don't have things that I want, I'm not a gear guy. I'm sorry if you remember Paul Shootin thing. As far as I am not a gear guy corporations or have they don't want a boat? I don't want a boat, I dont want I dont desire money, a desire. Experience is less. Why, like hunting- and you know with my girlfriend- you can't sell me that I'm not I'm not for sale. So yeah man, if you got a few books, tony calendar com- and I will take Manuela cool things is when you got the website when it pops up. There is a pop up that that has a video and stuff and watch it. It's cool videos me tell me how cool I am or something to it,
just move pass it run on or is it says dirt like prize I'm, not a something for nothing type, a guy. So last year I got this parent. My ass, I was gonna, get back here, photographs. Someone bought a brand new kegs for fifty rocket ship again excavator at sea the three acres cannot build a motive of dragging my backyard all at girlfriend going. What is wrong with you and that dirt bike? It's been, I got it last November, so it's been whatever here in a few months and still as take a gas in it haven't had time to ride it. So she going up rock I don't need it to the campaign. Soda raffle aroused raffle. It's your ten thousand,
motorbike that's never been laid over. I was cautious getting back into riding, so I took it easy boots, helmet nice stuff, and I didn't bullshit about some nice stuff for five sets of riding gear. Oakley goggles all iced up chances are not something for nothing type, a guy. They are coming on board and a procedure, IFOR Custom Procedure rifle at my body, who makes my precision, guns, freakin Boden force, so point me in it right. I'm not a supplement for nothin type, a guys. If you don't have a campaign. At least you get a chance to win some cool stuff. So how are you all right so echo your thing? Not we covered it. Also man,
hell yeah nah bro. No, thank you for having me thanks for sharing your experiences, thanks for what you've done for America in the past, and thanks for what you are about to do for America Austin to me tomorrow that I just don't know. Thank you so much for having me this. Is this how we went absolutely hell? Yeah thanks brother, thank you and with that Tony Calvin has left the building heading back, You north cock lackey, and I failed to mention a failed to painted north cat. Like I've salesmanship look, I mention the fact that we. Origin USA have a factory in Ash North Carolina, which is awesome, but I failed to mention, and it just like these conversations on over there going. I failed to mention the fact that, when I went through buds and s, TT sealed
cycle training and then got the seal team one and then I did three deployments. And I was in training cell with a way my running made at the time, I also. He was my roommate that whole time and he was from North cock lackey. it is written bad guy, awesome, guy and total stud across the border is super good athlete playing a ridiculously good athlete like we had. He played the guy played basketball in North Carolina as a kid, and then he got drafted. He was five eleven he locked heap, he missed a foul shop and lost like the state championship. He did that and you know it so he had yet
that. But you still using the Japan is obviously a key player and he got he got some, He got drafted or whatever recruited to some d to DE three schools, because such a good basketball player and he ended up he's like listen, I'm not going to I'm not going to be a pro. Obviously. So, on the focus on my education to the end up going to University of North Carolina and while he was there, he grew five in so he graduated at six- for this is a guy. You gotten shoe and shoot basketball with him and you just sit there and three pointers all day. So then, then we had all me grizzled, who was the Navy quarterback and whose himself that's the guy who is a great friend of mine and he ended up getting murdered in a corner which is awful, but just
stud just start across more I'm. He played he broke all kinds of records at the naval. Carry me just a beast and those two guys got a little throwing contest. Who could throw a football further and my body from north, can Lackey also play football and so on sit there watching, because I am not going to participate as competition against these two freaking studs, and so they started thrown back and forth just backing up each time and yet the kid from North Carolina through a further. It was like sixty five yards teal I'm talking to, being an just a beast mandate, but so, whenever I hear North Carolina, I always think north casual attitude is this. How do you get this funny? Look he'd. Give people me everybody.
You said North Carolina. If you said North Cackalacky give you look like of the most affirming of love to do like, like that's everything you know like you know, as if you just said, you know chocolate, furthermore, like is one of those books, so you dig very cool to talk to Tony and Scrap man it's a scrap, he's gotta go he's goin hard and the paint you know, don't harden the pain he He said something that was. That was interesting, and maybe I don't know I don't follow public politics as much as maybe others do but he did mention something that I thought who lets them. That's that's good is a good thing to be talking about and to be thinking about is, though, the lack of effectiveness of a linear solution there, because men that
the solution like that just in everyday flip bra, I dont know how to run a country, knows that you know that about me, but I do. Think that it's gonna be difficult to make decisions for what for million people or whatever you know, what's in the best interests for three its that's hard understand, but if you can it, and let down or whatever, let's say I do not, for example, your kids. If you start implementing linear solutions with it gets kids, no, no crying. They want a soda, soda pop that's the last year the crying their unhappy we seek as their crying. Whatever was the linear saluted? there I the soda, but that cause all kinds of other problems, a lot of them to buy them. Not just one other problem is like a bunch of other problems. So to me, how it be that same formula, except times a million with running the country, in whatever way so they get to focus.
on that concept. We're Cycle Kay sure this will be a linear solution or understanding. Ok, that's a solution! Not linear solution, understand what what happened, then he kept saying and then what right just to be permitted no that's up, I think that's a good thing to remove. and I'm not saying no one else pays attention that, but that's not like any kind of front running concept that people are kind of pushing you know doesn't seem like it is, and I don't know, but I liked it well. If you can lend some support to Tony just look I agree with him on every every topic that there is maybe see something a little bit differently than you, but the guy's character. and just the fact that he's gonna go up there and live in his room and make things happen. Help me if you can, if you want to help out yourself a little bit too
We can of origin. Usa. We have a factory in North Carolina to kind of two factories right now, which were concerned we have factories up and main were built stuff in America. Look! Here's something else! You knew Disport America, you wanna help America by American by American. Do you need a pair of boots? by American Papoose needed her genes by an american prisons. Where have you ever Heard of Jake Tran, ok, so maybe maybe what he does is he kind of breaks down things that have to do with money and power, and it makes these key to videos Nude Jake Term, so one of whom one of his recent one ones were fashion like the evil fashion industry and that's what you talk and talk about, like all basically fashion is built by slavery in other countries, offer
so did not listen to me for the fatty everything I have, and mainly just looking at here from Jake Tran Reggie chance waving rings. It did it better than I got up. I love you are. You are the man and this one he didn't really really good job. Will you maybe if I had someone that I worked with, that could put together figures, I kind of extended the things that are saying that would have worked out better. You know what you make the point. You make good points, I fought for not finding someone that was read in social value, media and media arts again again great point, but the way he does it does he, has it in terms of like, like you're the evil one man he's talking egos? All you have to do is just get some sleep into like he'll talk to that's all we'll make it its desire to see you got all time, but yeah color, it's kind of sarcastic but kind of lake like when hills out a common at your little bit these
Coming now, your sinister side, almost like in certain ones, it's more heavy than others, but then it will be like with the heaviest one. this also so heavy it made me considered, actually doing it, but at the end of the day when you stop the Youtube video you're like that, was going to do that. You know, anyway, what about charities like how charities can defraud the government or something like that and would, like all he'll say, You can do this this in this with no strings attached, of course, and then he'll keep talking in your like seawater. did they're ready, you're gonna start of charity to defraud the. How would you say to yourself there? That's not what it's about what I'm saying when you watch the video you like. That's, actually not a bad idea like back, and I thought, but it's the way he says you're what you two from the sinister and rapid people, all this work to open that anyway. What's
what about the international scene? There's gonna be like brow, yeah! That's in! I get what you're saying when you're like that's what you ve been saying. They would have been an insane effective enough for you to understand, apparently not to know. I understand it, but he d like it is about a job. Ok, I'm gonna watch him will look at the message. Right. I'll get the message rates will people that will understand that when you bought Some fashion crap that made overs, Yes, it was made by slaves day. That's what happened! You remember that one building in I, where it was but where a collapsed on almost the all the workers are so he starts off like with that and, like all all, is crazy and then a lot of it. It's all. It's all borderline free stuff like stuff like how is made so much of it just goes to the track
so much of it is done so they're, just just who cares kids, whatever? That's? Why useless and absence of those high fashion companies will take their surplus and just burn it because they want to keep the the supply loaves man's high, but they miss read the next fall the easy in order. However, so they got a burn it. So what's not support that. Let us court freedom, let support America. Let support origin, USA, origin, USA, dot com also get yourself some Jacko fuel. I mean, let's face it, you gonna have some. You know whatever injuries Soreness furniture was stretched. Green muscle, soreness like when you have a joint sorters who our duty call it, If you did, let's say you did waited dips. Yesterday, Sir hypothetically see waited debts,
every time I do waited dips. I feel like a little bit of not just soreness in my try, sects and chest, but I have a little bit of what is that called in my shoulders themselves, the joint pain highlighting a little bit, but its minor rarer major, an aggravation yeah. I think a lot of the times. It'll come obviously from like certain attrition elements and could be pass injuries as well, but eleventh its imbalances in certain places in all seek an overstretched under stress certain. Thanks and ever but well, when you have joint aggravation too, you can take lecture. If you have muscles warn us, you can take more, and these are neutral elements that can improve better than improving unfortunate scenarios and kind of fortunate, because you least you were able to do him exactly how you are able to get after and as part of the game. So I learn early on and else so I make my daughter do Little worked out, sometimes punishment sometimes
Is this what we're doing and she's eight so doms delayed onset mosasaur is new to her, so when you do when your neutered dogs, you, like I don't like this feeling like- why would I do push ups? Or why would I do a bunch of spots on my legs and feel like this? The next it's like, it's like you feel, like your body, is kind of being destructive, destroyed whatever but when you really understand what dams is you can invite it saw. I understood the value of DOM's early on things like ten or eleven years old from reading about it or just understanding that I have worked out yesterday- sort some straw. Yes, so I found I forget I found out this is whenever make any aid whatever of older? Whatever? but I knew that your muscles were sore because they were triggered into like growing back being or whatever, so my o shoot. So if I do want to push ups- and I'm not or might dang and in doing a pushups or if I ran a bun like when it when you you're the first two days in football practice, you get sore like you.
Sorry legs us or your address or from being set up to next arose them, but I knew that No that's because they're about to grow back bigger, you can invite it, and so now, as an adult, I understand he meant that Don's life is part of the part of the game. End but you can mitigate it, can mitigate not by the working out less or working out weaker last still by by eating the correct food for thought. Taking the whole dams process there. So all that stuff, Jacko fuel dot com put plus you can get the drinks outlaw by the way we kind of dominating Walla. If you go out and you buy stuff well what I am personally thanking you at this time for making us dominated Walla, don't let up clear,
else going there get after it we're working with a bunch of other countries. We are going to put together a list of where you can buy Jackal fuel, but right now I can tell you you can get it out while all the drinks- and you can get it at the vitamin shop so or you needed at Jogerfy, although everyone can butcher I don't like it mean either in that's kind of the thing works. Are you know like new drinks, Cambridge, you all the females in my family, the dinner drinking that stuff, like its method, federal teach their own knight. Errant methamphetamine, like it's, a very big like something that there and you hear good, look behaviour, anyways levy retract that my wife and daughters like Cambodia, for whatever reason- yes, I think it tastes like crap like crap, you, sir,
and I'm not even they get my father loved. He makes his own conduct roadway suicide thing. Ok, obviously great for you good enough for you, there was a do that made computer with Jacobite tee by the way he was so. you come back, came boots on what happens? If you were not these making combat com boot, Cambodia came butcher, come Boutros, Boutros Boutros saw the deal. We want to see you Well. Ok, yemeni vegetables, that you'd, just like you, knock either good free, but perhaps I can eat that cause numbness I didn't do it into the taste of whatever it's not like asparagus utopia, Like asparagus resulted up, live brow. I think it is going to junk. So I'm not gonna be excited forks asparagus So the thing- and this is why I think that most people like this energy drink, because when you do, get and you have no guilt. You know that it's actually good freeze not like asparagus, contain a spark is good for you, but it takes bad s. Discipline GO is good for you in it.
And it is good that other bonus exactly right. People she the mangle one. By the way. I heard great things about me if you wanna get some stuff from this part. Caston represent. Do that to echo, made a store skull, jungle story, and then you get some of that stuff short locker. So there shirt coming out that I created mentally and then you have brought to fruition. I think it's gonna be a classic. I think it can be a classic it's good one, and that one is the March ouch, shirt, conquer and it's pretty squared away the through occurs the membership. Would you make the adjustments union you make to the shirt as directed at no time? Did him tat? It was already what we call the ship hobnailed only overcome by events. Yeah. Well, look we're good dispelling good
and bastards look elixir, that's the march sure and the whole shirt lockers squared away anyway. So it's like if you ordered a march first second, and what its all like up to date seem saying a big it to go back to China, historic. Our com subscribe to the park, ask a jackal underground juggling around our Who knows. I know women and covered during this particular podcast. That's the kind of thing that apparently people band Kinspeople in trouble? That's why we, of Jacqueline around our com, it's eight dollars. Nature sends a month. It allows us to have a separate platform that we actually have control over. We can say whatever we want. We won't be censored. So if you want to help out there, you can do that. If you can't afford it, we still want you in the game. Just email, darkling around assistance ajar going around our com, took up the Youtube channels check out the the Jackal Park asks you to jail
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Oh she's got an awesome charity that she put together, helps out veteran, so much go to America's mighty warriors dot, Org for that, and also check out heroes and horses, which is a house standing charity run by Michael think, up their montana gettin. It have you wanna support, Tony, how'd it go to like, like he said earlier, go to Tony Cowden dot com and he's so an instagram which is sounds like that's his primary mode of communication with the crew. It's called Tony score Cowden underscore for the number four and then an see for North Carolina he's also on Twitter, Tony Cowden and see and Facebook Youtube Tony Gout and as far as echo, and I go we're both on twitter or were both on or both on the Facebook academical job.
I'm a jackal willing, of course, be advised come to check it out real, quick, also you get sucked in by the algorithm. Don't let that happen! That's the devil's plaything right there. The algorithm watch out for that one thanks once again for Tony to Tony for common on tonight. Thanks for everything that he's done, you know we barely even you You can't spend what is it eight or nine years in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, the Maoist stuff that that he's been through, that he's done the amount of risk he's taken to serve our country, you're not going to cover it for our palmcaster. It's only our podcaster one hundred hour podcast, but that's the kind of person that's been out there lay in his life on the line for the country. Now he stepping up again so supportive, if you can add thanks for common Tony,
and the rest of our mill american military out there and the veterans? Thank you all for what you ve done and continue to do. Serve our great nation and to our police and law enforcement. Fire fighters, paramedics, empties dispatchers, correctional officers, border patrol
your service off first responders. Thank you for keeping us safe on the home front and everyone else. How much can you do? I should know that. Answer that question more, that's how much you can do. You can do more than a guy like Tony makes that obvious, but it isn't gonna knock on your door. You have to kick that door in you have to make things happen. You have to initiate action. Did you do that by going out there every day and getting after it till next time is ECHO and Jacko out.
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