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33: The Killing Zone (F. Downs), Male Psyche & Fighting, BJJ Frustrations, Talking about Yourself, Fear of Failure

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0:00:00 - Opening 0:0:3:13 - "The Killing Zone", by Frederick Downs - Book review 1:27:48 - Internet / Onnit Stuff  1:41:07 - Is Fighting ability the most overlooked essential stabilizer in the young male psyche? 1:58:01 - Frustrations of beginning Jiu Jitsu 2:11:41 - Checking ego while Talking about yourself in an interview 2:16:02 - Staying humble when you know you have better skills than others. 2:27:15 - When 2 leaders have Extreme Ownership have to go against each other. 2:35:06 - Overcoming Fear of FailureSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/jocko-podcast/exclusive-content
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This is a joke about gas number. Thirty three with ECHO Charles and me Jocker willing good evening echo getting people say there is a line, there's a line between good and evil right and wrong between light. In dark can that's a nice clean way to think of things, but the line can be hard to recognize. It can get blurry didn't get twisted by emotion and passion and by one's own
you go. Then in war, that line is tested, its pressed, it becomes even more blurry it gets crossed and violated in sometimes abandoned and we can see that throughout history- and we ve talked about it here in the japanese sleeve camps in Rwanda,
me lie those are a few examples, but there are thousands of an obscene align. Then I've seen men approach, the line driven filled with fury and with hate that fury needs an outlet and if it gets a purchase, it can become on stop, but it can also be controlled because there is a counter to all that evil. There is the man that steps
but he says no, no, not today, not here not now we will not do that, and the dichotomy of leadership and the dichotomy of war is so hard to balance. Soldiers are trained and tasks to kill. And yet they are also train to be humane and fair, and moral and good. For how does a warrior reckons
I'll. Those opposing forces that dichotomy. How does he know to balance. God their thoughts. Rush through my mind as I try to decide what to do. Women old men and kids obviously noncombatants. But this is a free fires. They're, not supposed to be civilians in this area yeah, but its occasionally ignore those warnings about free fire areas. Maybe there point element for Vietcong or NBA travelling behind them. Maybe this post Give the warning. If stopped it happened before in that he's some of my men could come under fire and be killed or wounded for six. Killed that one being last evening and he had a Thompson
there was a whole squad of common. That group. There was incoming fire. When we made the Elsie, I didn't try to cost crossed a dyke last night. These p, Look innocent enough maybe carrying supplies for the com in the area of food and or ammo it's a free fire zone. It is supposed to be considered enemy. I'm response support for my men, they'll get killed make the wrong decision. He's dead coming toward us mean nothing to me. My men mean everything. What if the drinks are innocent, My men depend on me to keep them alive, folks off, we didn't men around me. It's I call on them when I give the order open fire. I brought up the m16, deciding on the drinks. Speck was
turning to my right, his M sixty machine gun, supported on his hit by a sling around his neck and shoulder he reached over touched? My arm, his whispered voice reflect the agony of doubt in his face. No sir, you can't kids women. He moves toward the file of people coming towards us. I felt ashamed. Speck was right, wait one eye whisper to the men around me I'll call for them to surrender. I felt relieved. Sing them with the best solution. If they were the point for a visa group, I would just make sure none of us was exposed to fire when we captured this point. The Danes were almost at the intersection. I step the brush with some of my men dongle, don't worry. I warned they only the twenty metres from us. They are glanced at us standing with our weapons trained on them. We had them dead
rights. They had no cover no place to run to a perfect cap. Her situation. Most in mid stride, they all moved with astonishing speed. The two boys in the point split up the one ran past us heading down the trail pass the school house, the other boy, the woman, the old men started running back toward the bridge, stop stop them Well, I didn't Loi. I yield to no avail. I could not offer the men to run after them. It could be a trap me You can let them get away. Why would they running in a split second, though, thoughts ran across my consciousness. I gave the order to open fire irrevocable wave of death swept in front of us. Have the initial burst of gunfire yelled cease fire. The two women survive long enough to cross the bridge and anyone of the Hutus. Three, my and crossed over the bridge and through grenades and the Hutus we heard led to Dover, the bodies on the trail
As they were lying in the open, we had no desire to be caught, exposed the men, for that some of the dead had been carrying hand, grenades in their ammo enamel packs. I felt somewhat relieved those I could have been four could not have been for anyone but the Kong I received her port from the squad down the trail. Firing at a loaded them barely fast enough to fight I read the teenager running toward them down the trail. Some one hit him on the shoulder and knocked him down. Surprisingly, the boy had jumped up and run past the squad to safety somewhere in the brush. I no pleasure in reporting the Delta six, that we had killed six drinks and one wounded I knew he would ask how many apple weapons we had captured. Here the gray horizon for a long time before answering that the banks will not carry weapons only supply Grenades I felt low this putrid war,
I thought of so many ways. I could have done it differently. So easy. Think afterward. After all, Now I knew there was no dink squad behind on the trail. This episode would be the artist of my career, called my men together four march up the slight Hilda Delta Sixes position forcing the disks out of my mind knots from a book that we're looking at tonight. It's called the killing zone. My life and the Vietnam WAR by Frederick Downs. Now Vietnam, it was a hard war. Obviously a wretched war. For many reasons in the meal I massacre is almost the APEC summit, the technical, it almost seems likely S
Of the war in many respects, at least it view that way, and it did have a huge strategic impact. It was devastating to the war effort at something. Should always be remembered. Is that tactical operations can have strategic impact like hack or said. You lie, Masker probably did more to end the war and hasten our departure from Vietnam than anything are. Communist enemy did. Then, in a similar vein, no more. I was in in the mistreatment of the prisoners. Abu Ghraib, prison in Iraq and afforded draft that showed that mistreatment likely it more fuel the insurgency in that country than anything Al Qaeda did tactical actions can have strategic. Jack impact and that actually happened in business to one bad customer experience for a car.
Let's get some reach and there can really be a strategic impact and what the fuck line troops do really does matter and what the front line, moves do is based on how they are led, clearly in may lie. There was a total lack of leadership, a special Leave from the moral and ethical perspective, but this was not the norm not by any wretched and, like I said it's a viewed some times as the representation of what the Vietnam WAR was like, but it's not and I said this- we talked about me lie here America has done monstrous things in our history, but we most certainly are not monstrous
We are in amazingly benevolent especially now, perhaps into our own detriment, That's why I wanted to talk about this book. The killings zone, which show that challenges the Vietnam WAR and how american troops and all those challenges and pressures on a day to day basis. Then how they sometimes cross that line, if only for a moment, but then most of the time brought themselves back from the brink of darkness into the light. Now, let's go back to the book here.
Going to the beginning, when Fred Downs, young lieutenant in the army is flying in Vietnam at all three thirty hours, the continental big bird with a golden tail DC a drop through the night sky into landing pattern over the black land. Escape of Vietnam, twenty three where's earlier, a hundred and six the five have been crammed aboard the commercial jet at the airport near San Francisco. I looked around me. Yeah, but the obstinate list at the officers and enlisted men who come from of the United States to catch his flight from San Francisco. How would they return? How, when I return. I had graduated six months earlier from the: U S Army, to oh programme for banning Georgia, and now
we seem to be leading men and combat. I was twenty three years old and I had been trained led physically. I thought I was ready. Mentally. I was as confident myself as any young officer could be, but underneath a conference with the ever present questions worry and curiosity about war and my role in it. I was eagerly looking forward to finding answers. I would not have to wait long, so we thought but that for, when you're stepping into a leadership role you're, not that good chance. You're not have Europe's Avenant and that's ok He gets to Vietnam, he gets us, aren't- you are fourth division, Then he actually, he hadn't heard a fourth civilian scene at the papers he caught his ask it hey. Why why? Why haven't I
He then the papers. What are they doing any said? You'd know reporters up there where their work and to reform and he's kind of San you. I want to get out make sure I I get it on and in some of the old timers autonomy, one of em says: you'll get a bellyful of fighting up their son. If that's what you want, so it's one of those be careful what you wish for scenarios- and I thought this was pretty pretty unresting? You do we talk about hack worth and not the hard core condos as the salute and reply. The reply is no fucking slack, so here's what they hear here. It was asked Peter Salute in the fee in a company area, but not the field when, in This demand saluted, he would say. Golden dragon. Sir, the author. Return there, the salute with right and allied. I asked about this. They told me that in that the first the fourteenth- that's the that's a division is with
the first. The fourteenth was an old infantry regiment, steeped in tradition, the box rebellion in China, the unit had fought bravely afterward. They adopted the symbol of a golden dragon. The their part of the saloon, came from some battle in the civil war right before large bat. Staff officer asked a general where to put the first, the fourteenth. The general had roared back them to the right of the line where they belong the right of wine is where leader traditionally puts his best men and units. This comes I'm through military history, when a man with the shield and sword the right arm, or sword arm was unprotected. The best fighter was put to the right to Britain the sword arm of the man on his left. Only the most trusted best fighters held the position to the right legit
so he's there in the in kind of in the in the headquarters area, for a little while, and then he gets his indoctrination and it gets flown out. He's flies out into the field into where he's gonna be operating out of here. Up there. This is straight out of a movie right here. Bugs swarmed around my face, I swore looked at the men who look right back at me. It was my first view of american G eyes who had spent several days in the jungle I stood there and sparkling crisp fatigues brand new boots New Rifle clean, shaven, fresh haircut. I even smell the clean, my helmet. In a flash cover, didn't have a mark on it. Nor did I do You men opposite me, were filthy. Their fatigue were torn it scratches all over their skin two or three days of growth on their beard and dark circles. Under their eyes they looked tired and they Now the high Heaven
that's right out of a movie, the boot lieutenant communists take over reason is: pressed Kemys luck, it Hall squared away, and these guys look like you're living in Hell, and they introduce the the company commander, and this guy bureaucracy drop a book. This guy captains This was already she asked, or twenty six years old son of Son, of a father wooden Korea. So that's you know the guy's dad got killed in Korea. The during the Vietnam WAR is joining up and in leading men at all He's a copy commander, and if you remember from from the book platoon you're really remember, he didn't even meet the company commander, so his direct Boston even meet him for weeks. He'd been in the field for weeks before. Even Madame and here's this this complex matter Bobby. The much more squared away walks around the introduces and everybody's. Given him a heads up you of this, Is the way it supposed to be? you know, he's gettin told that there's enemy all around
and you might have heard in the intro peace that I read. I was talking about Delta six in here's a little piece about that. He informed me that his radio signal was delta sexual. That's the Delta company commanders Delta, six lieutenant smart before putting leader was dealt a one sex. The set The two leader was delta to six. Six is whether commanders of the unit- and this is a tradition that holds true in the in the army them record today because you're when you're in the field you'd here someone called bore the six, and that means we want a toxic gases in charge up there. Their seconds, a command or notice fives, Prince Delta. One five was the first platoon sergeant. And this is your goes on- to talk more about Captain Cells- who's asking about his family is getting to know him and he's below. Downs had I had a wife and two little girls back in Illinois and so on
and you're giving. The impression that sells is a guy that trying to get to know his people on a learn about him, which is, which is the way leader. What a leader should be doing. Now these guys are out and he's talking in this is this is something straight out of up straight out of a movie darkest quickly engulfed us, my who major watched in astonishment, I pulled out mosquito letting in spreading over my partial, liner and air mattress. They were ass it I carried so much extra weight. No, I answer This is all the good stuff. There are men grew as I revealed through. Changes of underwear and fatigue clause wait until next day they scoffed when the sun, it son and heavy pack, will drag me down. The jungle, what exact at all for every outside carried we'll see. I answered not a good answer, can a smart said, yeah you'll see you'll, see
that the only change a closure carries and be an extra Para socks. You'll learn to live in one set, a jungle fatigues until they ran off you or ripped to buried, aware. It's that that actually rising, we were not might my first employment to Iraq. We thought we had three sets academies and just warm rotated. I'm in body that the Op Temple was so high and ended conditions of fighting. We had order mommy's within within a couple weeks, have been there guys destroyed, chemicals across rather gettin in a dragon people they were just ruining their their camus. So that was another indicator and remedy that we were in a totally different scenario that I wasn't my first appointed to Iraq. Back to the book my first days on combat control, combat patrol, introduce me to the vicissitudes of war. Ten foot deep punchy pits
wait. A minute. Vines are collected around the feet and legs until the combined strengths stopped you and you had to say, wait a minute while you untangled or cut yourself loose the hot sun, beating down us on us, as we march around with seventy pounds, packs the sweat pouring office, the bug so stick our faces, the around our faces that we sometimes inhaled them with an affair, the agony of forcing tired muscles to keep going it was a search and destroy mission, which men we searched all. The Hutus. We found and burn them down whether aside, performers huge or a whole village all were burnt few. Vietnamese we found in the area will women, children, old men who had been left behind when we say the burn, their particular hooch. They reached our way in crying and pulling at our close. We in harm the people but the orders were to destroy all the dwellings, so we did the first. I saw a vietnamese family go into hysterics when there who was set on fire. I wish I was unsure, whether burning their home work,
I wish our mission the mission, to deny the enemy use the Hutus to destroy any food. We found had to teach the people a lesson supporting the enemy, but I quickly got used to it and accept This was one way to win the war in. That's your view If you talk to anybody, any Knowledgeable about your counter insurgency: this is not a great plan to go in and basically abuse the populace. Now, if you know that their supporting the the insurgents sure you want to you wanna, disrupt that, but often times there, not this there are supporting the insurgents because they want to their. There are supporting answers because their fear for their lives. That's the way was in Iraq when, when I was there, so Back to the book, Sheldon Brand took the opportunity later that day to explain in the EU in this unit everyone.
Called the enemy. And ultimately, all outsiders thinks so that their word and I found this interesting. He says ultimately, all outsiders. It you ve ever mean either lay from in the book. When we talk about moves, that's what we call the ottoman called the enemy move, but It's interesting is Europe. All outsiders, That's exactly what we did if, when we get resistance from the opposite. The command down the Turkmen, guess what we call them move. We Although the boss, ASEAN, is simply that moves, so it became the word that we use the ever to all outsiders- and that's that's you. Cohesion and some dehumanization of the enemy there, obviously, but the fact that you when using the same slang word did to describe anybody. That's against you is. It is interesting that the book it turned out that the enemy started, calling us thanks first, because it was an insulting or demeaning, turn them and Harry Man from the jungle. We.
His turn the word around and started calling them tanks. At least that was the story. I don't know, if that's true or not, I never never read didn't do any research on that. One. I saw the face of the enemy for the first time, Then machine gun down by one of our countries- the powerful web, through a hail of bullets in the brush. Where we had spotted him. When we To his position, I saw for the first time the death of a soldier The machine gun crew had done a good job. The young which is green. Combat uniform body was riddled with bullets. He was sprawled across his bicycle. With his face toward the sky. At last I had before me the enemy. Been trained to destroy he was a young man for whom the war and life had ended, one evening, a jet was returning to base needed a target to get rid of his unexpected bomb load. The captain called the border control and given the coordinates of a sniper, three hundred metres away, who'd been pestering us often on for three days as the jet pulled up after
Having napalm snipers position, we could hear the pop pop of Cyprus firing at the jet then talked about the gall of that sniper. As I watched the napalm burn itself out I wondered what would drive a man to stand up to death in so remarkable, a manner game. You're dealing with a hardened enemy, you're gettin napalm, dropped on your position and, as you burned to death, you're trying to shoot down a jet fighter, Back the book Sheldon Brand, with both his weight in gold to me in running that petition and introduce me to the petition motto. It's a lick. A leg is a lick on a young man's ass lieutenant you remember You're kidding. You did something wrong or something got fucked up that you got the blame for the old man. Would give you a link in with a switch or about yeah. I Remember getting leggings weapons
something goes wrong. It's a lick on you. You see everything that goes wrong. I'll, give you a lick and over here you'll get plenty elects Archie, always of the other most important man to the platoon. His job scary radio and stick to me like a shadow. The radio was our link with Lily, we everything outside opportune from supplies to survival without a working radio and a good archeo opportune leader and opportune where's good is lost in this war. Artie. Oh man, a skinny kid five feet. Eleven interest all was next to perfect for his job. He loved what was going on and his job is akin to the central switchboard operators. So that's the Archie. Oh, that's why that was actually one thousand. Unless it's you that's what I was I was. I was at the same attitude when you're the one you're, the ordeal you always know. What's going on, because the the Sir telling you you're right next to him, you listen to what he says. You always know what's going on, and I was a real good education for me.
Growing. My whole career always be annexed to the to the guy, was run and obtain. A little bit about the troops here. My Quad leaders were first squad, delicate tall, cowboy type from Wyoming Second Squad Porter a light, a slightly built black from EAST Saint Louis. Third. Claude, Jose, skinny short, smartly port Rican Fort Squat Gallagher, a medium bill, red head from New England States and of course there was obtain medic doc. The police make up was whites, blacks, Porter weakens Mexicans, Americans and in Indian and the japanese American, all of them, from eighteen to twenty one years old in a calm the tune we are evaluated by appears on our ability to help the opportune survive and now on our racial backgrounds, a combat platoon pulled together. And was tight with each other with no, for the soldier who wouldn't do a share. So I always did you just point out? These are just people first cross sectional America, these these are pretty stereo
typical, right, cowboy from Wyoming this is this is stereotypical stuff and that that's one thing, that's an order, so what a joint. I grew up in New England right. When I joined the navy- and I got to california- and I went to the enlisted man's club, on any be core, not Oda, Gator gardens back in the day, I was eighteen years NOS nine Ten years old and I showed up the officers clubs of the club on base right, and so I go, go their peoples in a way that the clubs I go. Groundwater, let's go see. What's going on their side of the club, and as some kind of standing outside, I see two guys walk by with with genes on with cowboy boots with big belt buckles and cowboy hats in like a wrangler shirt, and I was kind of figures that there is some kind of, is how we know he's getting dressed up for something and
in this pre internet man, I mean it in and then she a couple more guys go by two turnout was caught. You want western night, but club, the lab, but I had never seen a person in Europe come from a small town in in Connecticut and there's there's theirs. Cowboys up there in interestingly there's farms and there's people raise Catalan. Is people grow, you know, have have farms, but they don't have cowboy and they don't work outwards. And so it's just that Right, that's what I was thinking about when I read this is just how you take all these did people from all of which they had no idea. You have no idea what other people like it again. This is pre internet. When I joined the Navy, we'd get Google, we watch it.
Youtube videos cost you your expose, the entire planet and an galaxy through Youtube. First time he thought real cowboy, how it is, I thought I thought they were. I thought they were dressed up redressed up there. It is gonna crazy and then you know I ended up. I mean in in, do you brute we're all kinds, gas from taxes and third to all kinds of cowboys down in Texas, like coming Chris her scarlet psychology it whatever rodeo, in life well calculated absolute cowboy you're, absolutely that mean there's all kinds of cowboys there. So I now
wait wait up it s a little bit. It's the first time that that downs is actually in charge. He did. It will turn over with that with a form of tin commander he takes charge up to. And he's doing security for the bridges for of some bridges that her out kind of away from the main camp and out there land mines and gather entail. One can set up a check point and there there there directly staying out there, so they would, they would set up by these bridges. They're, getting set up for the first time, I'm going to book explosion, rip the air behind me, followed immediately by a scream, my body instinctive through Might through itself against the sandbags. As my mind, shouted mortar attack, My eyes register the scene of men who's in shocked, wonderment their eyes staring behind me. Man was during. In front of me and the track. Men were often the background reaching where they, where they were
when exposed when, after their actually out there was some tracked vehicles if we turn it my eyes swept an awful catastrophe. One claymores had gone off shattering forever the lives of the three men in front of it Jesus Christ wasn't a mortar. No one of our claymores went off, get those men, quick No wait! There's another claymore out there. What the fuck set it off? What about the other one? So imagine this you, you get to a position and you want to pull out claim minds and if you don't want a claim on minors, it's up its directional blasting, I know that you set off by command. That name If you have a little a little thing that you squeeze and when you squeezes thing it's as electrical charged down the wire into the claymore detonator blasting gap that the claymore exploded Everything in front of it's gonna die. Well, they. Set up the claymores in then, We're gonna put some barbed wire out and asked
they were putting the barbed wire out. There was a storm electrical storm, you know thunderstorm and the static electricity near actually set off the claymore, so it killed or is it some serious damage back to the buck only a few seconds. It passes the explosion, one of my men- and I doubt ass to the other claymore frantically fumbling unscrewing, the plug and holding the basque and grab throwing it away the claymore, then I rushed back the radio too and were applying first aid. The other position were covered by the men assigned to them. They had stated during the action good training. I fought as I found, but my map it was holding a plastic radio bag. All of us, to carry maps in Delta, excess once ex over once exe The Delta six over this once, I need dust off It's been an accident resulting in three peanuts over, we tried to say nothing of authority that can be understood by the enemy. Thus, when used code words for certain things, a coup laid was dead soldier and appeal was a wounded soldier. This deal. Six! What the hell happened over.
This. They want sex static electricity in the year set off a claymore. While three track men were putting out barbed wire over this Delta sex. What your position over! now. What would he asked me that, for I was on a bridgehead assigned to me, let's see we're here: so I read write not real easy, just like all the training, so is look in his map. Trifecta worry is, of course that was my first responsibility where men, in her, so maybe that accounted for what happened next, in spite of trading lieutenant lieutenant, you ve got to get a dust off out here, quick this man's got. A bad head wound said: soldiers. They brought the wounded over me dirty black clouds lightning crashing around and the confusion has the wind howled over from all directions. He drain drop, start spatter down this is one sex. I'm accord the two nine eight zero to eight over. I read them out. This dealt a secular you sure of that over this one sex, let's see yeah it's that's it all right there, one six, there are checked out again according to
you gave me you're in the South China Sea over What did he say? Mad goddamn I've done this a million times the fought. To my mind, is a sweat broke out. The wound. Were groaning, the storm was reaching gigantic proportions and attracts sergeant was demanding, and nowhere that fact that dust off was concentrate first, concentrate. I said to myself was staring at the meaningless blob of colors worlds and numbers, so look at his map is just trying to figure it out. Suddenly ever in Jordan, perfect clarity, delta, sick. Once you're right. My coordinates are two: eight eight zero to eight aided dust off fast over on sex is delta sex. I know where you are. I just want to see You could figured out already called the dust off, so captain Cells- This statute is talking here. Captain cells, that's that's dealt the six, the commander of the company and even in this, their situation here.
Trying to make sure that the guy is thinking he's in the opportunity. I think for the first time under pressure, and he already. While the dust off, but he still put in the test human seen how we operate under that kind of stress and pressure, another following situation there, they're kind of sitting in this location, and they see a woman start to start to approach where they had some some equipment and she was look like you're gonna steal some. And you know it's kind of no big deal. Ok, she's gonna steal some, whatever some parties, those are something Well then, they see her what she picks up as a case of grenades and thinking wait a second now, there's just got really bad. If you still want poncho, ok, no big deal, but if she stealin grenades, let's stop that can be used to come back and kill them, but again because we have a guy with her with a conscience I that sees where the line of darkness is any doesn't want to cross it. So, instead,
that you shooting her, which he could have done, hello there, a magazine of trace amounts into his hand into his weapon and he's starts shooting up around her kind of warning shots and then eventually start shooting he's a good shot. He searched shooting at the little rope that holds the pace that she's holding onto he started. Shooting at that rope shoots out like fires, I'm? Finally, here's the rope candidates, her hand she drops it She runs off again. Just trying to show the discretion that this guy's, using as a real contrast to the me lie episode now. Speaking of that Leave little later on, they roll up some prisoners, One is an old man. One is a young man, and this old gray, haired sergeant, starts got after the other got these two prisoners, the captured in here.
Sergeant so you're the fuckers that that my bodies in the tank, the old gray, your sergeant snarled without warning. He swung the heavy faced in the face. The old man knocking him down the other four. Swung into the face. The younger man knocking him down beside the old man. This It was screaming and bellowing as he pommel the two men on the sand. They rolled into balls for protection for hampered by their tied hands. Irene From the road yelling my two men to pull the sergeant off the prisoners, they grew by soldiers as he fought them to get back to the Vietnamese he lashed out with his foot the prisoners catching one of them in the side. What the hell are you doing sergeant? Those men are my prisoners I exclaimed his face was red with fury the old back at me. You had no right to take those stinking Kong prisoners, he smelled of beer that he had drunk you should have killed those motherfuckers like they killed that other tank crew fuck, Men are tied up, we don't know who they are. I yelled back, I would say,
if by the sound of lieutenant, not cannot since voice breaking over the argument. Calm down sergeant go back your tent slow, though Lieutenant was the commander of the text. Again: I am pointing this out he's new in country. He see somebody beaten up a prisoner, they had just lost a one thanks to a mine earlier and You see the gray haired sergeants PEST and he wants to take it out on these guys. But you know calmer cooler heads prevailed in that situation, now speaking mines minds back to the book. My continue to be laid in the road at regular intervals. It was a fact of life, but the test. Of explosion never failed to send a shiver through our got no matter how many times we heard them whatever we are doing our heads with jerk around it was a tariff here the explosion see the ugly Graham black crowd cloud. Is it written the air Sea dark pieces of metal
and this machinery and human beings flying in the blossom of death out from the centre of destruction. This one big mine, happens and he's going to check it out his truck. It's a vehicle. I approached the twisted right. It was very disheartening to see the smoking wreck, which had once been the carrier of human beings there with smoke drifting upward from the hawk. As we approach closer, we saw parts the drivers body mangled beyond recognition, the cabin on the round. The main portion of the driver was only recognisable because we knew that was what it was supposed to be My men ran toward the still living being huddled in the rice, Patty mewing over and over that his leg was gone. This you ve desolation brought about the true impact of the Vietnam WAR. To me there was,
oh enemy to fire rat. There was no nothing to retaliate against at a distance, the traffic of vehicles and vietnamese. What all that remains, is messy job of cleaning up. While thinking that this could happen ass, a small part of her mind tried to retain its sanity by remained itself over and over that it would never happened to us happened to everyone else, but it would not happen to me. With that in mind, we started creeping up. What was left preparing it for the plastic body bag. Now. Eventually, they they go from guarding the bridges.
To where they start doing, patrols out in the jungle ambushes out in the jungle and direct action missions out in the jungle, and at this point there out the jungle and I'll go to the book Michael Tune and I had not shaved for three or four days delta. Six was a bare about shaving combat patrol or not just because we live like animals did mean we had a look like them, was his way of thinking, throwing my fatigue act across a bush. I grab my shaving gear and towards bag and vis visa. Nor to accompany me, we would already each other as we shaved, so that the company commanders coming out and their own shaven and there like. Ok, we got shave real, quick, but the again. You can see that captain cells has a real influence and you can see that that discipline. It carries.
And when you let it slackened, but then you go visit your troops and they got to get back in line. It brings about humanity. It makes him reminds nothing because think about that saving something you do in a military every single day. So when almost one year on the field, you start losing that used slipping away from that and things start other things start slipping away as well. They get into Asia the into some firefights out there and at one point. He gets wounded and I'm going to the book after homesick finnish bandaging. My arm I put on my fatigue, jacket, lit a cigarette. I feel good only been in country a few months and I had my second purple heart, the first. What had been. From a wound received in October, to top it off, I've been Will it twice in one day, shot in the ear in the morning and hit with a gun? a trapped on the afternoon. Luck was with me. All three rules have been slight.
Now you can say luck when you get shot in the ear. And you are lucky for sure. But that's that's a real. That's a real eye, opener indicating that you realise Of course, you want a diamond had guys get shot in the helmet in anything like it. One bit, gazettes real close. Someone got real close to getting you now going forward more. There is. There is a battle going on in their companies out in the field and they are not directly involved in the battle, so they get. Pulled? Ok, you! We want you to go set up where the where we think the the visa fee is gonna, run to where we think they're gonna run. You guys set up a blue, king force that we will have easy runs into you, ambush him and take em out they're kind of manoeuvring to go said that up his petunias manoeuvring to set that up and we're gonna book after fifteen minutes, or so we were
we half way down the ridge. The captain gave me a call dragon six had decided. It would be better. If I have my platoon marching the two elements in opposite directions. In order to cover a larger area I was dead that against this mobile tune was built, who strengthened dividing? It would be asked to reinforce rifle squaws, defend hundreds of acres of jungle against a foe of unknown size, so dragon sixes above the company commander This is now the battalion commander. You get an order from the battalion manner thoughts. You know you a young, lieutenant bottom Commander and you'll get told to do this and he has a feel good about it. Back to book, but orders were orders, especially from dragon. Six. I passed back the ward, Foreshorten Branda come up. I was poring over my math Encompass when Sheldon brand reach me. The battle was for the full blown it sound
it sounds provided background noise, they breathed Shelly on the situation and our orders shit. I don't like it. Sir I know I don't either, but it's a lick. You got your map encompass good since all kinds of reasons why they don't like this idea obviously one that he already stated was that you take your opportunity: carbon half, that's that's! Just You don't have the same fighting capability at all and I think they had one one heavy machine gun in each squad said. I got basically there down to two squads. Could they were under strength, so we're talking one heavy machine gun and by the way, if somebody gets wounded, You know you got your only guy ever gonna carry that guy. It takes two or three guys to carry the guy, so that's four guys got so you could very easily be outnumbered out man outgunned by the enemy, so he doesn't like video. On top of that, I tell you he doesn't talk about it here when you speak
it up in a situation like this, it's becomes very difficult to do command and control. And now you got two elements that are weaker size and you're. Here no longer able to support each other. That's the debt. The premise of cover move cover movement. You want because nothing you could support each other. You dont want to split far apart, where you can't help each other something happens or that's what they're getting told the do they don't like it and. But they do it. Then maybe you should a protest it more, but he's gettin he's giving orders from the tank manner. Nieces. Ok, let's do it and, of course,. We then a couple minutes of doing it there, whose radio contact so now they can't they can't here other in their started a march apart. Finally, they It radio, the connected on the radio. Ghana get coms again, and it sounds like this: One five is one sex, figured out where you are yet, this is one five negative.
So Shelly with his squad is lost. Does no areas. Ok. Now, the lieutenants all set up, though there are there in their position, whither thinking the enemy, might come by their set up to attack them, and here we go back about Lieutenant Porter risk whispered ass. He reached my side where he we hear noises to our front. Men are moving, thus in front of us in the jungle hold on a second porter one. This is one sex. The sound of the ban should be on your right. If you're going in the right Direction where the sounds over, this is one five. Negative on the right, the sounds or on the left over one five Did you just say the sounds or on your left. I was squeezing the handsets so hard. My knuckles were white affirmative affirmative Jesus Christ, one five I hoarsely whispered intensely into the mouthpiece you're heading in our direction I could hear the sounds of men. Moving through the jungle below us. I whispered the porter, get back
down there and tell them to hold their fire. That may not be digs after all hurry. Portrait heard the conversation with jelly and quickly turned to to carry out my order? He couldn't yet Because the sounds were coming from the dink soldiers, his yeah, I would put us in jeopardy as Porter started toward the crew, the machine grew opened fire, the harshness of the guns. Multiple explosions ripped occur, my thoughts as it sound, echoed through the hand said I was holding next to my ear. The sound of american swearing and screaming rebounded from the jungle below and from my answer at Sea fire. I screamed cease fire, so he can actually hear his guys getting shot by his own guys. We have a boom port and I were running the gun crew. Both of us yelling ceasefire cease fire the sound of their gun, blanketed screams in front of them abruptly the gun quit firing. Yelled in the jungle Shelly. Is that you? Yes? Yes, stop firing, don't fire! I was
sure by many voices I stood there, an instant The horrible realisation that I, fired on. My own men swept over me like a wave from an ice old hell, the gun crew looked at me, their faces filled with shock. I ran leaping and falling down to the brush line, where my men were asking the question anybody here. For Christ's sake, Gallagher yelled back as I burst, into a small clearing, one man, the point man, so there you blew on blue. Another reason why, if you don't have to separate your forces, you don't you don't separate forces and unless you have to and when you do what you do with extreme caution. And we ve Beth it every book. Weaved we talk about blew, it happens, it always books. It happens in my book and some of these, Britain's right here. I
recognize those a hundred percent when he says the horrible realization I fired on. My own men swept over me like away from an ice cold hell yeah. I'm totally recognise that and the fact that he says the guy look at me. Their faces filled with shock when I, when I expect Indeed, my guys in the field like that was a blue on blue. Their faces were just Please shock If you're in the military for law enforcement, the very careful and split your forces its if it just multiplies the Now, just sometimes it is necessary, but you gotta keep control over it. Now we go to where he is calling for manufacturers for his wounded guy. Delta sixes want sex over this delta six over this one sex. I need dust off for a peanut. We run into a little action over this Adele six. What do you mean a little action? What's going on? What happened over my knees fell
week in my stomach with sour. This is one sex. We had a little difficulty with with the terrain and I bushed one five over what how the fuck, You do that one six! You mean your ambush drone men were cut out, but are you running up there? That's the most Ass I think I've ever heard of you get your head out here. Ass one section get opportune straightened up! You got that over this one sex affirmative over one six gimme, your coordinate, the dust off on his way. How about you He has over this one. Six, not too bad kaluza couples. It was, but everybody else is ok over. I once settle down out. He was more over the last transmission, because I'm sure he heard my voice showed the strain this feeling, whatever the reason I welcome the sound of his voice. Perhaps Understood better than I thought what had happened, so he comes out of real hard. He realized
that the gauchos horrible admit in and then he got back off. Zella. He also knows he's gotta stay in the game here. They get him to stay in the game and there's a nightmare of a video on Youtube of that is actually it's. It's from a duck Henry, but there was a really bad- do want blue in the First Gulf WAR. Where? gee gunship. Let it lit up because a bribe, some kind of APC, it's a nightmare, but you can hear the one guided fired their saint, hey, you gotta, get back imposition. You hold the line, basically he's like. I just kill my own guys. I want to come back in there, there's a negative, it's that, basically what this, what captain cells? dude here said: hey, listen, ok, I'm pissed, but guess what calm down settled down? Get your shit together, face it out, in and by the way for those folks at our military over When you say over at the end of a transmission on the radio, it means you expect a reply when you say out. There's no reply expected.
So like when we end this park asked I say: outcast over there. Do you don't say moving back to me, it's over don't say over in some of you here, people say over an hour in the motor that doesn't do don't say that doesn't make any sense So when you hear that a movie know that they know that they are cheesy, that kind of like when you hang up, the phone on the movie, the stir, and here the delta. We had earlier that has really happened either. I think I trudged back back. But I try to back to my position one five and his men following man handed me a car, ok, coffee! I chain smoke my cigarettes and drink coffee out of tune expanded into a larger perimeter. Facing the mountain, the battle still raging on one five. Walked over to me still shaken from his experience. Show me how he was sorry that he got underway in such a Dutch with the captain and we discussed. Operation going over his mistake, while we attempt to figure out ways to keep it from happening again. You're ever split up Shelley, and I
If you too much together for me to blame him for what had happened, I told him so when we let it go at that we have been lucky besides I blame myself for what had happened. The risk possibility for any units. Actions ultimately rests with its commander. The leader Got the glory when things worked out and he took the blame when they didn't die when with the job we came right down to it. The men were my responsibility and I had failed them today. Little bit of extreme ownership. If you read the book extreme ownership, the late and I wrote the opening chapter, that's what it's about blue a blue and doing exactly what what lieutenant downs did right there taken ownership of what the mistakes were made in the battlefield back. The book there's a couple guy? Well, actually, not yet there they they live, up with another, wouldn't let opportune and now,
there have been a conversation seven, a conversation with another officer named Anderson. I think, was lying next to us. As we talked he had black ace of spades stuck onto his fist hands. What's it all about? That's it thanks. No, what out fuck them up over here look around mostly digs got those in their hands. Sure enough didn't raw holding an ace of spades. That's a good idea Where'd you get all the issues, one of a guy, His moms works in a card sorcery rode home, Ass, Indra Centre, a couple packs of nothing but the ace of spades. Why did we want to killed? Thinks? After all, we have you ve been law abiding citizens back in the world and we were taught that to take another man's life was wrong. Somehow the perspective got twisted in a war. The government told us it was all right and in fact I am stick your members of another governments for people there.
Add the law on our side, it turned out that most of us like to kill other men, some of the guys. Which you did it take as much as they would at a target. Some of the men didn't like to kill a dig up close the close of the king, the more personal. It became others in that the tune like to kill in close a few even like to torture the drinks if they had a prisoner or cut the day, bodies with knives in a frenzy of aggression. A few did. Like to kill it all and wouldn't fire their weapons, except to protect their bodies mostly We all saw it as a job and rationalize the in our own way. Over, it all read the street the anger of fear that four brief moments ruled us all. My job is peculiar was to control the spectrum of emotions to guide the men towards survival. I didn't even torturing or allowing a dick to die a lingering death.
Jungle. We never took prisoners if we could help it every day. We see the jungle. You wrote it a little more of our humanity away. Prisoners could assume, to become our enemy again. Hence no prisoners, the fish, Sophocles arguments in favour of man's ability to resist the slide into barbarism, sound, noble and rational in a classroom or at a cocktail party But when the enemy is bearing down on you bent on making your life away from you. It's not his country against your country, not his army against your army, not his philosophy against your philosophy is the fact that that son of a bitch is trying to kill you and you'd better kill him. First. That's a reality right there now going back to tactics a little bit. Back the book. There was a spot about midway down the mountain marked in blue. That meant something bigger than a stream
if I were an enemy commander that would be perfect spot for a camp high mountains on three. I too good water supply, sick jungle, growth and escape half in any directions. If he decided on that location, the enemies commander would be counting on attack from the valley up towards his location. He would have his back guarded, but not very how heavily or so I reasoned, I just like that, because you can see he's getting his mind in the mind of the enemy, he's thinking Would you look at the map? Is stream. He sees valley he's good good up, covered positions from three sides thinking, okay, this, what the enemy must be think it right here now, The fighting continues, then add. As always, you know I'm burning threw back any. This is this is a two hundred and fifty page book and I'm reading. You know what maybe twenty pages From it, so there's so much action going on in it. So
when he got lessons to learn amnesia, get cover more. That's why you can buy this book yourself as you, good, but here we go I'm going to appoint here. Where I ve been in a fire fight. They got three wounded, one. The guy's lost an arm, one of them's unconscious and their git now they have a helicopter to come in and helicopters lower down a cable in their lifting the guys out to get him to a man of access situation back the book Signal was given and the cable pull them off the ground about halfway He waved all of us need grinning like a cheshire cat blood drift on US It was a picture I shall always hold in my mind, a man. Dangling from a cable holding a stick fastened to a turn, a get on, stump of his leg waving, comrades, the other hand, a cigarette dangling from his lips one Six is getting Harry, appear, we're starting take fire. The pilot reported hold on just one more so again, I lifted the unconscious man up. While we slid the vast on to him,
one had to be the cable which I hooked onto the ring, the young I'm just man was winced upward, dangling like a limp doll at the end of a cable spam I stood underneath watching this final accidents as a crew man, stout to grab the man. Something went wrong: the man had become on hoped and somehow fell through fifty feet of sky towards us. We jump back as the man fell in a heap at our feet. American, I pulled the man over fuck. He stopped Reading the goes on to say, the attrition rate on our side was terrible on our morale, although we killed and wounded. Many the NBA. We never how much it hurt them. The team. There was an unlimited number to take their places, but
Our side, when we lost a man we all knew and at war heavily on our minds, the constant marching in fighting demanded two things of us strength and absolute reliability. Now they're moving out another operation and there is one of the one of the soldiers named guilder. Yoda was the point man he was experienced and full of good humour duty His promotion that door Gunnar a good man to have on point any day he was aggressive, an unafraid. Even though he was going in soon. There was no question of putting someone else in his place on point. It was his turn would not have any other way so he's gettin promoted. We're gonna be pulled out a feeling of fire and now look after you. What if we save compared to being in the field. He reminded me of a hillbilly with his
Where's language, mannerisms and humor. I was always ask anymore: he's gonna, get that front tooth replaced the missing which made him look more like a mobility than anything else. He always laughed and said: fuck, sir I and about let them fuckin army, Dennis work on me. She had. No, that would be a lick on me, so they continue their patrol they're coming up on this kind of lad area and YE odor crept forward in a crouch. Looked back at me in grinned, a grin back and nodded my head. Yoda stepped up for a tree route holding up part of the city all gully bank at that women all hell broke loose as it should a car machine guns, strafed appoint element euro. Is in the body it fell forward into the gun. The machine gun acted as a key which triggered a complete ambush. We walked
to a classical. You shaped ambush with a machine gun being at the base of the. U, so we used to call this a fire sack when you get ambushed in your completely surrounded by the enemy gnats, whether that's where they are starts with this machine gun, hidden, Yoda and then just breaks out. Explosions, machine guns and rifle boards read through the air ricocheted off the ground and trees around us. The noise was overwhelming. Men were screaming and yelling trying desperately to get cover or screaming when they were hit or thought they were hit, which was almost is terrifying we still, not seen anybody enemy in the thick growth around us. Most of us in the point played dead. Lay trying to get my thinking organised as to what to do so it's taken massive air ambush. And your lain there thinking, what am I gonna do. I could hear Yoda crying on the other side of the room where he had fallen. He cried out for me to come and get him.
Lieutenant I've been here. I've been hit bottom Dian, please come and get me. Please come and get me. I turn my head in his direction. Twigs and bark from trees were found. Like snow all around us as a terrible shrapnel. Fire power rip through the jungle around us. I was terrified. So they're they're, pin down and he's actually ends up, going to try and help one of the other guys first, a guy named Bell. Then it gets the bell under covering fire. And he says, Bell was able was able to help me. Couldn't see anything. He limp, crawl by pushed and swore as we continuously fell in our flight back up the hill, as I pulled, What the hell one of my feet was shot up from from. Underneath me. I've been, Shot the heel one of the boards knocking off a piece of my boot here and then, and the force had knocked me down
I got up again and felt a tremendous blow to my hip knocked me down here again. I thought. Finally, I got EL behind a rock dock with their instead, working on it. I lay on my back. Looking up at the sky through the jungle Can it be not believing I'd actually made it down there and back Yoda wish? he'll down there and although I witnessed the bullets hitting him, I didn't want to leave. I had to be absolutely sure he was dead. I would never forgive myself pulled back and he was still alive. I was ready, call artillery in our position if we were overrun, that's like the ultimate the old commit game over move. We're gonna be overrun by the enemy. Ok, here Yamanaka call all ordinance on my position drop, but luckily the fire subsides one of the other petitions had come for their help and now an opportune shows up any enemies, pretty much gone and stop shooting. We all stood up
a couple of my men and I ran down to where three six point was standing over Yoda. I leaped over the edge of the gully and stop at yours body. Kneeling down. I turned his body over died with his headline downhill. His face was a dark blue from the blood which Have you pulled into the downhill portion of his body? There was much blood on his body, but numerous bullet holes were cut into his fatigue, covering his stomach and chest. His eyes were closed. I looked at for a moment. My thoughts running back to our many conversations in the past. Once we had discussed whether He would go to the aid of one of our fellow soldiers if he was in trouble. I told him. I would always respond to one of my men if they needed help, he had replied. The election me. I wondered if he had known that. I tried to get to him. He was the first man under my command die.
I looked up to see some of my opportune and three six opportune standing over dink body in the gully three six had an Indian, his platoon. And I had an Indian in mind- the tune they do their knives and slash the enemies, body and frustration. This is the only dead think the men could find one lousy, dig for all that pain and suffering at least we can take our hate out on that son of a bitch they'd, also taken one prisoner as well that the other platoon head Hence it now he starts thinking back the book. This is it I thought and wounded four times in battle. I'd done my job captain Was it asked after my third wound? If I want to be sent back, anyone with three wounds: Do that all it took was tools to get you out of the field Shirley forward. Let me live with myself. What was I trying to prove
But I answered my own question: the men pinned on me. It's my job to keep them I've by giving them good leadership and looking after them, they need me yeah, but shit. What did I or myself? I had a wife and two little girls who needed me the ten thousand dollars and ensures money, wouldn't do them much good where they might be they I was still shaking. I couldn't go through this again relocked We almost against my will. I started walking toward the captain Captain, yes Fred, you asked What? If I want to go out of the field if I'd been wounded a third time he turned and looked into my face? Yes, well, I think I mean what do you think I was letting you and my men down. If I did I stammered nigh, wouldn't you ve done your job? I can get you a job, get you a good job with S2. That's an intelligence back in the rear.
I I think I want out. I don't know if I can do this again. Maybe I can cut it. Does nonsense? you're, a hell of a fine officer and the men will understand what you think about it. Ok, I will let me think a little bit of confidence returned at his words. I hated voters things to him. I wandered back to the pact's thinking. I should find voters back Bell had stood up and was coming toward me when he saw the blindfolded dink. In one motion he swung his first into the digs face. He hit him again and again, knocking the surprising down in a burst of fury. Bell started, kicking him, it was obvious: Bell was going to kill him. The other men and I stood smoking and watching we were gonna, let they'll kill the dink Bell had the right.
Captain cells yelled and ran over to us, pushing me out of the way and pulling bell off the dig here. What's this what's going on, We're not going to have this in my company this man's a prisoner we'd, get it downs. What are you doing just standing there? I looked at in surprise. Bell was killing this mother fucker. What's wrong with that, I retorted You know God damn well, what's the matter with that lieutenant this man is defenceless and our prisoner. Now, let's get this prisoner back to yell de Elsie, I wanted the dink dead, but the captain was right. So you can see there obviously- captain cells has it a great on his shoulders and there's something else. It play the Their thing that's at play is that by phone king of the way the battle went down.
By function of being one rank above the tune, commanders that are in the firefights, guess what he is de facto he's detached. He's detached. He didn't I mean Bell. The guy was pin down almost got killed right, the guy, that's emotional and guess who pull them out risked his life lost Yoda. That was doubts. So These guys are emotional there there what they want. Kill, the sky, the catch them he's busy but kill him. Captain cells is detached because he wasn't in that fire fight. He wasn't directly there so he's able to maintain enough mental detachment too, to make up of hard decision but also hold the, why this is That means we go through the meal I masker. This could have happened over and over get. This could happen in aid. You anywhere along the way, some because it hey. What do you do it right there? Stop we don't do
that's exactly what sells does and I think another thing that that's important from a leadership perspective. It also before I go to that point. You know Is that when he's having a personal conversation with lieutenant articles and Fred, but when he's screwing up and he needs a kind of put him in his place, his lieutenant doubts- top of that from the leadership perspective from captain cells perspective he's gone. Always remember that What is happening that they all emotional, that they did just lose their body? The, he's gotta. He can't just go We saw on the straight and narrow that goes along a court martial you he could court You could call Marshall right, hey you these the prisoner, your deal, I'm a court martial you and he doesn't do that because he, he understands their perspective, and that's why you know get throughout this book cells really Presses me as a as he very squared away, good, solid leader, as
us down? I mean gowns. Obviously, right here he's emotional and he's lost. It is EAST cross. The line right, but all it takes is still just wanna get back over your buddy. You cross I'll come back and he says the captain was right. So that's all it took just a. We'll snapped just get him the cash little bit from emotions and then move move away from the darkness back to the book I walked over to the bodies. The owners eyes were partially shot. I leaned down to push them close, not that it didn't good, but for some reason I thought it was better that way I stood with one hand on my aching, hip, smoking and thinking whose faces all money from the numerous times had been dropped in the mud, and it was a trickle of blood at the base of his throat. This is the way it will always end. I thought men being
but in the jungle, other men dragging their bodies out putting them on choppers and there, there was going back to the fighting when they left on the chopper. It was as if they had never been. Man's beginning and man's end would always be attended by only a few, those that bore him at birth and those that bore him at death. The only important thing was what he did in between good or bad or indifferent. He would touch those around him in some way and then be gone. I wondered, if I salute, would be in order not necessarily in the military sense, but a salute from one who had known him and who would never forget him. I decided it was, and I raised my hand, my forehead in a farewell now the birds coming into pick him up, as after gives that final salute to you
smoke was pop in the large chopper swung in towards us for his landing. The doors will push back. I saw the door Gunnar on the side facing me looking around anxiously searching for the ominous for the omnipresent enemy good man. I thought not trusting it. God Damn thing, even with an american company surrounding the Elsie that this love, that he's noticing this door? Gunners common in the he was coming to pick him up and instead of this guy cutting corners and got his every job together around been farms can relax? No disguising the game opens the door doesn't was he said he says not trusting a god. Damn thing: even with an American, if your company on the Elsie Many thoughts were crisscrossing my mind above everything, else ran the thought that I could not abandoned my men
built a shame that I had asked captain cells to pull me out. I feel earlier when I was still shaken. What would the men think if they found out? I was doing such a thing worse. What would I think of myself. Now they continued you operations and eventually they get they. They get pulled out of the field on this. For the final time on a helicopter back to the book. The machine carried us away. Looked over, my men sprawled along besides the chopper they'd, remove them exit from the weapons before boarding and now we're holding them close to their bodies? The men were doing in unshaven, their clothes in various stages of disrepair, jungle boots, worn and torn with clouds and mud between the cleats. There were dark rings under their eyes and their faces were drawn and tired. Some of those funds. Were new men set out your places, the faces that start
the operation and were raised. We experienced the worst of life and the most challenging we had survived. The platoon I took back was not the bull tune. I had brought out. Now thereon yet another operation. If they go back, they get recent. And they're out another operation? Doing a patrol and I'm going back to the book about five meters past? gate. The two men turned me and waved me forward all clear, sir. Let's go Rita, I passed through the gate my right hand grasped my m16. My left held my cigarette. I was, coming. The blue tail fly as I mentally ticked off the physicians around the saddle where I would set my men. I noticed the time
zero. Seven. Forty five hours, my foot slipped backwards, a fraction of an inch hitting the trigger mechanism of mine. I never heard the explosion black powder and dirt, flew by My eardrums ripped, my body, was flying through the air. I threw my arms in front of me in a reflex motion to balance myself my eyes registered the hall river, brilliantly white jacket, bone sticking out of the stump of arm above women After elbow had been ragged. But he flashed surrounded the splintered bone. My my and cursed as utter helplessness and guest repair. Despair overwhelmed me another my body coolly, calculated what it calls the explosion. It had been a land mine, but what kind blow off my arm and said o my legs. Of course it had to be a balancing daddy, a mindset flies up two out of the ground after being trip and explosives waste high. That would do it
my m16 had been, in my right hand, the right. Four was shattered. My hand was mangled. I stared and horror How what remains of my right arm the flesh had been ripped? we're exposing to bones in my white form. Rest the elbow the bones look like to wear. Glistening narrow rods buried in raw bloody meet thinking, my God, my God, my god, I felt told them feet of my life, as I landed on my feet, five yards where the mind explode, exploded after landing. I staggered for two or three steps and then collapsed. My legs. What work. The might have gone off about six inches from my left. Hip from the waste My body was mutilated and torn where large chunks of flesh muscles blood vessels and nerves had been ripped. The way by the hot exploding shrapnel. My box were blown away of my legs were ripped the bone down to my heels era,
the overall, my back being careful to keep my stump and right arm out of dirt and sand. My body was, in so many pain signals to my brain that it overloaded like an electrical circuit. It cost we feel a racing humming numbness I lifted my head to view a scene from Hell. I watched a couple of men run by me to the wounded point man. They would only glance at my Emmy sideways ass. I lay there holding my bloody strengthen the air. They seemed nervous some of my men ran toward me. Then suddenly away at the sight of my torn body. They stood near me, but hesitated to come to a close as if their movement, The air would make it worse spare gas It turned sideways a little bit, so we could pull my gear off. There were tears, is not and his eyes ass. He worked over me with a grunt. He pulled the belt out from under me. Is there anything I can do for use bag asked yes run over there,
Pick up my arm and bring it back to me. I don't want to leave it in this stinking village. I told Molly to get my squad Peters go take out the other men doc they need you. I looked up Marley my squad meters, ending in a rough line along my right side, I asked who is hurt. I was feeling weaker and weaker. Oh god, damn cold. As my body fought for life, my thoughts ran. My man in my position I felt I was cheating them by leaving them when they needed me most when I joined the police is their leader. They taught me the way to survive and combat a second lieutenant whose new and country, and they were old, timers eighteen, nineteen, twenty, but or to the ways of combat and death has gained experience and confidence is leader. I became what timer having to make decisions. That put me in the position. I was in now wounded in maimed facing death. My men were still up there. Looking at me, despair on their faces, their involvement.
The leader had been brought down. Marley. Yes, sir, I want you to your men to get the gang who planted that my I want him dead, We will want sex, don't you worry at that. They looked at each other, then back at me, the gray haze. The day was strong. I pushed it back to look beyond my men. It was cold there now and harder to see I was thinking of my grandma downs and reform of the woods in feed. Those of India and I love so much if only I could walk them. One more time, I'm only twenty three years old and I'm dying what a waste there are. So many things I had meant to do and say, but I hadn't now I will never get the chance. So obviously, although he thought he was gonna die, you
He lost his arm. He ended up with a with severe wounds, got discharge from the army, and you know it's one of the thing in the story. He had actually get picked up for a fairer pilot programme, so he's gonna be up a pilot in the army. He was standing Army become a pilot. We see that was gone. You haven't how many more luckily we were able save as other arm, but your severe wounds, real long rehab and eventually he has gone back college. And here we go back to the book. In the fall of nineteen sixty eight as I stopped at a traffic light on my walk to class across the camp of the University of Denver, a man stepped up to me and said hi. Without waiting for my reply to his greeting, he pointed to the hawk sticking out of my left sleeve.
Get that in Vietnam, I said yeah your term kind, one core serves you right. As the man walked away, I stood rooted to confused with Shame and anger to react. Ten years have passed, the hurt, shame and anger still flood over me with the memory, but why, thing, I'm certain. None of the men I knew who served in Vietnam deserve to die or be maimed either. Physically or mentally, It is necessary now to give Vietnam to given review of Vietnam, that, of the day to day life of an infant on the ground, I have always been asked what I thought about Vietnam, but never what was like to fight in Vietnam
this is the way it was for us. Opportune, a delta one sex in any afterward. He talks about why he wrote this book in writing the killing zone. I had two goals I want. Future young infantry, lieutenants noncommissioned officers to learn from my experience is both good and bad. Some actions it took us combat, offered worked out. Well, and some are not. The time had come to deal with both perhaps would learn from mistakes, especially the lessons that combat especially the lesson that combat does not go by the book,
I also wanted to show future generations that the american soldiers- Vietnam, was a good soldier, Eighteen, seventy eight, the thy war ants. I military feeling in the United States was pervasive in the newspapers on television among writers, movies in colleges, I'd started college and at the the virtue of Denver in the fall of nineteen sixty eight while I was still on their duty in the military, the students, democratic society, whether men and other ants, I wore groups on campus targeted. Anyone in the military is fair game for their aunt. I wore stance. Such hostility was now pleasant for me or other Vietnam veterans, it was hard to begin created for serving your country Many veterans have now admitted, many veterans never admitted they were in the service for many years after Vietnam, angry the Anti WAR faction. I wanted to set the record straight by proving
The men I served with had fought and died with honour. And here are the men that died made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom, for their brothers in arms from Delta Company First battalion, another Fourteenth Infantry Third brigade. Fourth, Infantry division, Pfc Donald Lawrence, Glover Pfc Norman Charles kissing, her. You see Robert Wade, Seton Speck for Gregory time is Thomas aiding speck for
Charles, Darwin Edwin Doc, Hoffman, Pfc G aims Garret Miller Speck for. James, strong Yoda, Pfc, William Henry Hearth,. Speck for Stephen Richard Anderson Speck for Lou Charles Nelson. Lieutenant William Dwight Ordway Pfc
James Miller, speck for Jose Cortez, Pfc, Charles Peter Toilet and second lieutenant John C Martin, so Fred downs. Second lieutenant asked us to do two things in this book. First, learn from his experiences the mistakes, the lessons and that is-
what we do here. We read and we study and we think and we learn then the second thing he asked that we remember the man who fought and died with honour, then that something that we need to do and we should continue to do each and every day. Remember. In that is one thing about this part cast. That is a Has a lot of meaning to me is the fact that people, or listening to it, and the memory of these types of men and the child
Which is that they faced, it will be remembered. They will be remembered always so. Once again, the book is called the killings on my life. He had no more by Frederick Downs, it's it's a fantastic greed. It's a fantastic book, it's a fantastic dedication and
it doesn't incredible. Job of honouring honouring these men fought so hard and in a very unpopular war and by the book and read it he will, we will absolutely get alot out of it echoed Charles. I believe we can move on to the next sector of this podcast and again, if nothing else is delivered through this podcast. You know, let's let it be these couple things these couple ideas of learning lesson.
From other people's experiences. In remembering other people sacrifices, that's definitely on the driving forces. Behind my will to do this part cast in we're gonna. Keep you in the park as ECHO, get me out of here. Please me out of the situation in that zone. Right now, I need to send a parent starck Austrian or that is so zone military when you need help it's a red star, clustered, it's a flare you pop up. In I mean you can communicate with anybody, and you need some help. Sir. It's dark, was really needed, jump in and say, hey, Jacko speaking of the pot gas tap here's how we can support it. So
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Did you general that way when echo Colombian I've been I can only echo to make little outtakes in other we'll conversations and videos and he's Well, you know we got some subscribers, but maybe you know if we had some more. Maybe I'd be more swiftly to motivate ECHO Charles this a little bit because it so we could get some take video, some other other interesting videos, I wanted to do a little pre video today of what it was like when or didn't set up, because we have little ritual that we of whom we were making some simple beverages no, some Brigham Alpha brainy in We also recall, if you show little Video- is that, while you know Maybe- I wonder what the myriad No, I I actually an immature so such I'd through the out together I mean just gonna: go the Jackal Back Ass Channel on you too subscribe yeah yeah. I think if you took the countless and also what Cuba. That is. When you do that, then you get little emails, it say not like you did
and he knows, as a joke about gas, just uploaded a new video. I get those animals like oh yeah cool. Now I can watch the video and even that option. Ok, if your laptop but yeah that's a good, and I have a member that that one TAT children's, but idea had yet you pretty forget that no you neither am. I got a lot of anyway. I had that. I had that on video or to any other before here, so yeah about some some things you gotta understand, so I was certain standards and thought not aren't you, echoing talking to people that are listening. I know I mean you here to Sargassum talk you too, but that people can understand that there is. I expect in my mind of what the podcast is and what is supposed to be so. When something happens, that's not quite there. I'm, like reading what I do believe you know I don't wanna talk about it. In the past, but we dislike, for instance, before
we hit record we recording, but before we go before. I finish no we're talking about something right, we're always on our southern Asia Minor. Those conversations are twenty minutes happened, Our we'll talk about real stuff, we're talking about budget fix, but we haven't even introduce the pound get it so that goes and scrap pile right. Now, some of the scrap biomaterial. While it might, a b in March marching, step with what the podcast is. It does perhaps have a heavy life that it could live a good guide people in a certain way to stop the people might be interested it, so that could be the Youtube down, you know, you do just post on this that we will get a taste of other things around a package which I think people did yeah there. That makes sense the lake
you not be free ride, yellow just remind you probably right. Thank you. Thank you watch for once yeah. You know if you listen to it on Itunes the climbing to sit and watch echoing jostled talk right to each other, I listened to a one and I gotta look at em to allow two minor be interested in that there is some really there's some moments where you. What I do is I well. I watched certain moments of the Prague on Youtube. When I know I was feeling intense about something, I don't see what she would that look like see like ok. What does it look like when I'm feeling that does it look like? Does it look like the outside, what it feels like from the inside today I was getting pretty fired up, like I mean you're talkin about hero. A young man, man, eighteen nineteen, twenty years old. That said, ok, this on
copy the war I'll go fight. It I'll go, find You know I'll go risk. My life I'll go out there, the jungle and live in Europe. Was I was up out this week in the field right camping. I thought I'd keep putting encroach on twitter, I'll swing, goats because I was like, I can't call this the field, but you know it wasn't the comfort of house right it was in it was. It was in your bugs and answer. Am. I think I myself you know this is nothing thinking back to up to the Forgot Highlander, he remembered a large majority. Even those guys alive, and you know you just you just can't you can compare so these guys that that just stepped up fought. I just wanna.
That is what I always use. That kind of thing will get me fired up. So when I go back to the videos from as I go man, what was I looking like great yeah, you know little self assessment and I wonder if you know cause We feel that way. I'm like ok, you gotta catch little, but please don't look at farmers are breaking the start. Getting like really emotional about something I gotta I got up the red flag goes up. I gotta get back off a little bit here. We don't have to the video look down, so I gotta just God it's amazing. I see. What does it look like? Does it look? Can you tell am I looking in our? So that's it the thing that I'd like to go back and look at the Youtube videos and say you know what was his look like yeah, the added value that the latter Diane Youtube. Denham were probably not capitalizing. On my first, again who care in its. We do because the interesting thing about this is used. The word capitalize right in the fact of the matter. Is we don't really capitalizing on
on, and I keep getting told by a variety of different people what to do to you to do what that their capital, I meant it just capital I've not for us to get my. I know everybody, you know I know, but what we want. We want to do Is we want to maximize the effort that we put a new one maximizing the people get the most out of a year, and I think that's that's what I d lethargy man. I know you didn't mean like less one, the cash machine because we're doing it for the passion of doing it. That's what I'm saying here for Sidney or so I can tell so. I can tell story right here about these guys, and I know You know I gotta hear from all kinds of cops. I hear from my monsieur bodies that are still in that are listening to it. That are ask me taxi me: questions grown Haven. What's going over there hey? What would you done differently, but those are my bodies that are in there are getting ready to deploy overseas right now and I get tat send emails and twitter things from guys were guys, interact, duty, the Marine Corps and
the army, so I know We're getting a word out there and that's what networks it. Therefore, yes, oh yeah in making the point with you know, there's a lot of people who don't watch, the video of court them they had only. I don't, watch podcast videos revenue. I won't. Why are you the reason? Parker your convenience: we can, we do in something else to dedicate yet to dedicate you're all your senses, to you only have to dedicate two of em, your ears and your brain. We ought to dedicate your eyes, you not gonna. Kick your ass to sit down. You want something you can walk around. You can do your work, you can drive the due to gotta, do but I think the shorter little Youtube legal aid check this out this jack, and I were discussing a kids book that echo was talking about ordered. I feel that the proposed processing and it seemed to think of a lot of people. Apparently, don't I mean don't arson
I said I looked different than I sound of her again: oh yeah. They think you're, a skinny white hipster or that's relieving media at heart. Maybe you're right you just trap. Maybe you identify as a skinny white hipster, maybe no Europe a two hundred twenty identify myself by physical, characterised. What's in my heart the content of your carrier, is I'm gonna, Miss Eyre? I daresay I think Youtube. Edges good idea was pushed. Must I have a lot to men, saw many I'll, take the lead I've got to get out. Take videos in the past. From what we are feeling commercial since that already area the others were good or anything else w in John Restore, did you dogma that yes go the store by, by merging the somebody hit me up on twitter you'd. Like You should set up. We got ass, much time to set up a patriot, petrol level.
Patriotic, where you could donate to the park ass. Certain out- and I just said: hey man go by a teacher. You know that let's just as well, and you get a t shirt and just that's a good way to sport. Guess you eyes and merchandise bison gear, yet the Jackal store that they couldn T shirts, cuff amongst stickers. Those can cool. One of my friends sought to jump. Stickers in the while in wonder, but maybe there, where the location sending acts everyone in India. We know everyone in senior done count air and Sea Cleveland only a good meal. So now we get to those questions from the inner webs. First question:
Georgia is a minimum amount of competent defensive ability solve the fifth century, the most overlooked, essential stabilizer of young male psyche So this question is actually what this actually came across the entire webs, as he as a statement, an opinion and I can't rephrase that just a little bit to make it into question, but it actually came across some was ain't. Look. He believes this person, Greece, at the no one how to fight NEO competent it's a bit defensive ability. I call that knowing how to fight is it, he thinks it's the most essential stabilizer of a young man. Psyche. I agree with this statement. I think that.
They are completely good. I think that learning how to fight and knowing how to fight gives you real confidence and security, not just in the form of being secure, but as in in opposition to even security, because when you know what a fight all this and you don't have anything to prove anymore and we this, Ain't you so I'd. I wish I would have had a fight at a much. We fought all the time when I was a kid we find. We know how to fight so what we have to prove it. You had a fight. If we, actually knew how to fight. We will not approve at all times, so I absolutely agree with and that's why I'm costly trying to get people to get into jitsu you'll get your kids and it gives you did you thirteen year old boy, you ten year old boy, get him in a jujitsu. Your girl, too. I mean
got you because your girls gonna use it for defence. Girls, don't have the constant tension of fighting that guy's have it is we are. When I shake someone's hand, I don't care, what kind of mood I mean. I'm thinking about, taken him down. And thinking about what I'm in due time in a fight. It doesn't if our meeting Santa Claus, I'm thinking about doing a double egg and think about what it, what is waiters, does he have cauliflower your that's. What I'm doing in guys do that guy's do that and it's real enemy, especially in an environment. I grew up in the seal teams. I mean everybody's got that constant, like tat yet we re evaluate the evaluation. So we, if you don't know how to There's only one way to figure out where you are, and that is to fight answer you end up doing stupid things stupid things to prove
of your. Your man heard, and I use that word Vienna doing stupid things to prove your manner, so my recommendation is. Why totally agree with this statement? I think it is a huge stabilizer of of your personality and and your psyche as man so cheeked get those kids to learn? Jujitsu they're gonna understand things. You understand violence, you respect it. Did you know you ve got choked out. You know it's happened. You know that that is a horrible feeling it's a horrible feeling when another human being can control a hundred percent. You know what physically it doesn't matter how smart you anymore, I'm sorry it, doesnt matter it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter how smart you anymore, when you are getting completely physically dominated by someone. It doesn't matter that you're, smarter than them at that time is nothing. You can do about it, get your wedding the channels into a spelling bee. It's not good hope you
each year under their control and that's horrible horrible feeling and so I think it's you know, and I felt that you don't I'll get you know I got bully just like everybody, everybody gets boy, that's absurd, pointer. He shoved Highschool you're thirteen years old. I was there. I was a young whatever how that works. When you are bourns that was blamed for timber cell, I was a young scrawny kid and I didn't get bored. Do some crazy extent, but you get picked on you, get picked up you get in the little scuffles you get thrown around by a kid. That's that reach puberty, He was nine and ease. Now you know six three to twenty. I'm shown up at school thirteen years old way to buck forty five, you gonna get you gonna physically controlled, and it's not funny, and so I didn't know how to fight I figured out, and it was no no one you have I backed, and unless you are box, or maybe a wrestler, but he also definitely
this is a huge peace helps you with. I think I think, kids we had a fight are getting lost. Less street fight signal. Do a lot less stupid thing. To prove themselves because guess They already have the essential. Prime all animal logistic characteristic of physical domination, and that goes a long way and we talk others before it back to the girls thing getting your girls into it. You know how you get into any kind of physical situation, even if you're in a crowd and some sort shoving someone else not even you inform you, feel the force of somebody or someone's just all on you or even if someone like, tat was yours, I'm like that think this kind of imposed physical ritual Asian and when you aren't, you did that today as you get used to that real, quick and in fact you get real comfortable with it, but as a girl,
oh you're, not trying to like wind fight. Now you know, I know you did someone's trade when fighting Peter guides us now, really what it's for four girls, it's more for, knowing a function knowing where to be were not to be because then, if you don't know, you just simply don't know in also Louis and also being totally right and then also being inoculate tv, the physical, yet it happened. So will you get when I mean the invites? There's go watch you two years all kinds: videos of girls is working over guys army and street fights whose one particular where this girl's gesture trial, Marcus Choke, is crushing yeah. Well, that's the truth is. If you learn to do some of those using someone. Does it the chance a person knowing you didn't winning the fight is very, very, very high. Yes, even if her girls still applies to their course, a girl that, if his good, if disadvantages, have you ever smaller, weaker, whatever but like, if it did, it is just this huge jump in
Billy is worth lights, go anywhere else from pure self defense perspective. If you, voters lets you, girls, not able to physically, let's say she's a hundred pounds and she's a guy attacks with its two hundred pounds. She might not be able to put him sleep. She may not be able to finish him, but she may able to be able, survive within the guy off. For maybe in thirty seconds instead of two seconds. Look instead of four seconds instead of eight seconds. So that's what it x, for someone to hear for someone to see so every second counts, and if you know, did you too, I guarantee you it's really hard to subdue somebody. That knows some jujitsu. If you don't know anything, you gonna have a hard time getting control them. They're gonna there can be an even if your stronger than them you'll be able to get a hold of them. Maybe eventually, if there are a lot smaller lot weaker than you, but it's gonna be a fight and a lot of the lot of you know. You read a lot of stories when in self defense situations, if the girl puts up a decent fight,
guys nor can have any of you know he's. I do realise that he's not looking for that he's not looking for a fight is open for something else, so the fight begins. He backs off so yeah absolutely replies for four girls as well in this a certain level of confidence young. Don't I've seen that you're, my sons have. The little scuffles. The couple that I've witness to where you know he just was. Like not trying to not trade the problem until someone is grabs him in his obviously gonna. Do try do some German than that persons can launched like a perfect, because you're gonna, get you to Howard is a duty for some of that doesnt know any judo due to it so easy to seek it I threw the air hit the ground. You see my son, you know just like there's no guard passing because the person whom no throughout as there is no right to mountain and then once you're and mount the first has no idea what's happening in and there we the controlled undergoing put to sleep. That's it it's easier that yeah so funny how you this is the kind of the part that I forget. Actually everyone,
in a world. Where are you brought up when you shake someone, and you're always thinking about or whatever. So that's it that's funny That's right, that's why it's almost like, if you dont know Jujitsu like or or for real fighting, so many of them in this, not many, but even with this, if you download you do too. You might fall into this trap by thinking. Well, you know, I might you know you never knew he's not on all the time or he might not be ready for this or in all the problem of the like this ponds, or somebody like this built. They won't give it its due credit but the thing is when you learn Jujitsu brother, how you think about you like to take this guy right here, one hundred some of the time you you can be laying in new in your bed, with your wife and she'll, be like me, hugging your liking hundred under hook there yet exactly the whole time. So you can't really to surprise a guy who knows jujitsu to surprise them is super heart, like you, gotta do
from behind, or even if you say that for me I'll, let you know what to do from getting to you. Gotta like a hidden or something really aren't knockabout one punch, you haven't heard an authority within so, but that so funny goes that that is. What is even as like talk like a high double guy you're still like Always on your mind, like it's like you're walking around with this big powerful, like God, something like cookie who wants to get shot, not that you want to shoot people specifically, but it's like this radar, that's like ok. Once they get shot pen a thing just rates ready, and are you ready this idea into me honestly it so instinctive at this point we are just part of every movement that you make is thinking about that in here, you have read somebody that doesn't know you did you like. Maybe
they seem somewhat in a while. I had the opportunity to see them for a while, and I mean, if twenty years so they have no idea what you do is we got a completely different browser eyes and they like ground, call the view as if it was the old days in Europe have a tussle yeah. It's just that it's just a for. Second, you know spirit, crushing maneuver of death. In your happy. They do it. Do you work of an adult like you know, I think anywhere passed twenty six twenty seven years old, it's hard to get it they. Would I get into a wrestling match in public or either somewhere Thank you, my dear, you may not another, but I didn't. I think I speak for more, that more people than just myself, but there's a pretty you. My leg had hoped it happens. Just what
your friend in our something that just yet always on your list, always hoping for scrap you want. I right click back to the point where Worthing is kind of hard to surprise at you. You today, I radically the easiest time to surprise that you did cigar is on the map. Fear another Jujitsu guy. What you do is you play like all we're just going like right now and then you go so you can release prize them in look like in public. You got like you, gonna learn you get to go on a matter. I always make him think it really are then surprise any new. I think that's part of it is you become more aware when you're sorry, we But you ve been talking about the past couple. Minutes is awareness. And when you have to do in your brain, then go in. Did you with boxing too, and in my tie, when you have that stuff in your brain. Then you can't help but be whereof, what's happened, aren't you because it's in there, it's like knowing that the color, The table was brown like you, you know what that means
since body positions, you're looking and seeing that their stances off bounds, you're seeing an under hook exposed you, so you can't help it take it away so your where does Greece? You also are aware of what problems can occur frequently. So if you start the of you're a girl and you say: oh wait! A second! Now I'm back to a corner where I check it out. I don't like this feeling. It becomes a increases, your awareness as a human and making more aware of your surrounding. So there are so many benefits here. It's kind of ridiculous you're gonna get you couldn't have almost like one level up from that. Their way, if you're talking about, because I can't you think it's part of that, even if you don't know how to fight it still can On your mind, you know you, like all guys, have that consider three value in search of the guys close to Europe close to you, you ought to know whether the aid size, whatever whatever scenario even like, if you're a scholar in no one of the sky, then another scholar walk through this evaluation? Europe, for the thought is naturally smart. This guy,
the air so or so, as a date is naturally you have even more? It's, like you know, of the color Brown is or whatever, but just instinctively you're, always looking for Britain, that's kind of what it's like so now You, when you're doing these evaluations. That can happen anyway. You're jujitsu mind is right there at the front door. Eddie the whole time interesting tragedy, but that's not to be confused with like your aggressive and want to fight. That's the weird thing: it's like you, don't wanna, actually with people, because you feel the need to like. I gotta tell us where the sore conversation started off and also do you not feel like need improving, but I literally, unlike other really wanna get if I was gonna get my knuckles, you re pregnant, my pleasure discussed. There is really no, I fight every single gay. I don't need I don't. I don't care. But this guy, to second thing: right, scuff up my knee on the pavement,
in a rip my my shirt and ask the pain to deal with the cops if they sure it's a big paid. Whereas if you don't fight anyone, an opportunity, may be rapid thing inside you know you don't know the pay off of the fight right, if you don't know or if your does insecure, the pay off of the fight and openly winning is bigger than all the detriment that I tell my putting guys we. Overseas before the war started so guys overseas. What're, you doing you're drinking your out and bars you'd causing problems whatever it'll be What are you guys if you feel like fighting tonight? Confining because if you fight, confinement and we'll be all be good enough. Will fight and it's all good. You won't get job. We all get arrested, you'll get hurt, it's all go yoke, essential, job efficiently. You're getting a job with a long remained united to get that kind of job trouble. Your situation in Europe in your positioning troublesome so. Yet better to fight a most yourself than a fight against the outsiders. You are gonna sue. You poem
I found in stab you in the throat. Whatever right you don't do that stay on the street fight not worth. I agree with it to the end. You agree that it is the stabilizer look: if you don't know, you don't even know how much you dont know twice. A lot of people that have started training, Jujitsu yes, it will be about they'll, come on twitter or on on the face bookie and and say you know they started french judge you? Oh my god, I I can't believe I do, I need to train this all the time. I can't believe I got control out, may I say how humiliating Moses humbling, but some of their thinking when they say humbling, they actually mean humiliating because they youth. Yes, the weird thing when you're walking around on the earth without the knowledge. You look at other people, you think you know what this guy, Jujitsu ire this guy
if you do it doesn't matter, I'm wrong. I'm athletic out is hidden in the neck or even even you to watch a stronger. If he's not gonna get my house you gonna get my arm over. There is not going to work out for my own back on the mat ego o. My Lord. I have real control over the situation in disguise. The effortless We making we submit over and over and over again, when the reality is reality, its doesn't know the first time you tap gonna. First, I'm! U Tapie go! Oh I'm a minute I'll, just I won't do that single movement again, I won't stick my head over there. Ok, so you get your mocked, yes, and then you get your foot locked Can you can you can hear and then you get to getting again they get rich. So you all you just lose lose lose lose lose, lose those in any go after you. For me, it's like three to five times with somebody, never changed it before three to five times. Before they realise that, although I will never know when topic. I once had never dreamed before. Aid comes out you so hard in his mind. He thinks this time, I'm not gonna, get him and then
I'm considering and realize three get on the mat man and learn, learn the jujitsu. Please cover the over our pleas cover. Overcoming the frustrations of beginning Jujitsu and, as you come from a fifty four year old by the way, but not creating good good for him. That's also glad you're picking up the jitters. Four years old, ok, so how do you the frustrations of beginning to the end? It is absolute Eve give the wrong mindset its viciously, frustrating get him everything we just talk about. You think all just do it scolded harder. Nigel put my on their now be able to win you're, not gonna win. You are gonna lose you gonna lose over and over and over again to people at her smile more than you weaker than you nodded tough, as you literally, not as tough as you are not as tough as you are. You'd do too has a faction of of nerves.
For lack of a better word, straighten nerds and no one nerds out there but people that are not physically active and For some reason, they fall into geezer some point and ended and the horse under gotta go this they're, not tough, but they'll know him little known moves and our finnish you so that those people going to lose too so anytime say long long, slow journey that takes a long time now. That being said, If you train for a month and someone strange zero journeys, not that long, you bet that guy you you that I mean you know again, you take two people. One of em knows jujitsu for a month And one of them doesn't He's gonna win a meeting basic. Wait same way is exam. You know you can have something: that's completely weak, but in six months, you're beaten anyway. Its untrained
ninety five percent of maybe uniting I'm so declared on trade, but but but as far as like you think you show up and in six months, you're gonna be beating a blue bout happening here. Yeah, it's not having a beating up about it, on happening. You knock you're not going to catch a purple built in in the first two or three years, how much you got to somebody does worry. Lets you get the angle, of course, linked to the again in the Elect Glover, Jeff Clever. He hoped the hill, but people put him in all Maybe he does that accompany, decided metamorphosis mood. He let all categories things happened. Oh yeah cannot happen, of course, but his forest legitimate we taking someone down yeah, it's not gonna happen soon. So that's all that's what I'm saying is a long, slow journey, especially to because everyone's on that. But we ve talked about this before Evans on the bus getting better so that Bluebell Bit started that you started six months behind or a year behind, so he's about your year behind him. He's not stopping
better. So, as you start to pursue his game, his game evolving in changing, in approving sure you're not going to get there and and on top of that when Did you learn something new? It takes time incorporating your games of. I taught you echo and new move tonight as it here. This calls its ears, this new set up for the work we do the ten times- and you went, I was sorry to apply that it would make your game worse, because You be trying to apply a move that you dont know one hundred percent. Yet, like you got some solid moves that you do and those are. You know, the work Willie? Well. So when you start incorporating this new move, you don't know it. Well, you don't get it altogether, so you're gonna fail at it a hundred times. It's not gonna work a hundred times before you get and by the way, every time you tried it on me, I got on top and smashed you and so your ear, sacrificing its in every time, you're actually going backwards a little bit before you can go forward. So
problematic and that's very, very frustrating Usually, you might learn something that, like a really improve your game dramatically almost in some that happens from time to time. Some will say: hey put our position here, aid or whatever the case may be, but generally when you operate? Something new it can take some time you gonna get injuries, You're gonna get little injuries, you're gonna get big injuries, you're gonna be sore you're gonna. So, yes, you will be frustrated. So how do you counter all that you just gotta embrace it? You got to embrace all those things gunning, joy, all those things in it. And be creative and you got to enjoy the journey you guy, we enjoy getting tat thou by somebody. It's more idea be amazed by that date. Dying, how did that just happened? That is impressive. You know, Sir gamble war scar. On my face, I got you know, split the eye, open, ok, cool. Sixty scars. You know, I'm just gonna go don't do it don't work, it all. That stuff is negative. Look at it, as you know, is a good one.
Rush to the end. Don't rush to the end, don't mean a rush to get their dignity enjoy the sites that you're gonna go for. Also have said this before select your training partner. Carefully, especially like your fifty four years old, you don't wanna, be wrong. Twenty year old stare right freak, that's going to wipe out trying kill you. You wanna be wrong with a cool, mellow, probable bout. That's wants to do you in in train, and finally, I would you sick room. Remember that Jujitsu should be fun. It should be all those are the things always frustrating all those challenges, all those things all that humiliation and human and getting humbled, but should be a good time you should have found. Where do you get too? I know I do the illegal videogame, my home town, for a couple days, man in action. Back and have no injury that I think figured out took me that a wagon reject a finger I think we were once in a while to get the right get the right.
Apparatus, splinter properly and protect it, but it's but tonight a train so have I was so happy go anywhere. Norman that the same yes, yeah, that that is how we were all these all the junk parts that come with it worth couldn't go jump. You know like they did the Baron s here that I got choked hardware. That's all part of the game seems out yeah. It's all part of the game, but be happy that that's the game. You're in you, don't I mean Jujitsu basic, I mean if you don't do. Jujitsu does have become a kind of an insight base, We all it is you go if you gotta class, you go in you may or may not warm up. You learn a move This omission, move just move. You learn a move to move three minutes Sunday for moves, and then you cut to Roland straight up. Either fighting no strikes, that's it you're fired. No strikes. If you whatever moves you no golden doom, what one in real life against this gale than that If you don't know, if that's your first day,
and you learn one. Two three moves that first day you better do those move, that's it! So, of course you know too, move that you learned once by the way in Europe someone who, even if you still away butter whatever he know those And then three four more any practice, some in ITALY in real time or whatever crease gonna, get you just how works, but keeping and the more you go, the more you do. The move more movie learn the more you practice, some in real life, the better you get Adam in any. No Let's go. Hadn't just apply this to life swell procedure. To such a great metaphor for life. Whatever you're doing whatever go you're trying to achieve. If your letting those frustrations we hit those assholes. If your letting them control you and get you down, that's the wrong attitude to have a look at it. The learning opportunities. Look it as something that's good, that's happening! Look at is as it should. Through you to try something new, look at it as the Jew only that you're trying to achieve in by the way anything that's
easy to achieving it out in the outskirts. What's not worth it right, that's not gonna get the full satisfaction that you want out of that. So Life, as in Jujitsu, don't get frustrated embrace those challenges, because those are what is making this goal worthwhile. I'm telling you when you listen, you go back to the avoiding frustration. Specifically, it does how you think, train partners that doesn't make a big difference, because sometimes while I ever heard of people were they their skin, you'll doesn't allow them to catch like the bigger class, for example. But like have no trace, I gotta do this more intermediate or advance classes there, the only white belt and the next you know gave and close. The team is like the advance bluebell. So that's gonna be a steep learning. Curve can be tough. Because it's hurrying to practice your moves in the while ever you won't get work. Your office, yes, really
I hear he's kind of a good thing you get to work, you do what you can do is the opportunity to exercise like your office, whether you you get another class or just comes by just takes longer whatever, but can how good you, defence gonna be here, and I actually so from training the dean for so many years. You know he's got some positions that are brutal, Google positions and being afraid, since his mouth is, is outstanding. He's when you the mouth when anybody else than I have ever trained within my life has mounted with the exception I guess of fixing Gracie, I felt like our not being. This is not universe in every area. Right enough, but I'm not that worry. My tribe degrade people have trained with, but that is a great it has an incredible amount and on top of that gain cannon knows my escapes so where's. If I roll with a random other, really good, you know or class blackmail they might not know the particulars of my slave dean actually does know those any good and he's good at it. So so you right in that the more you trinity
let her better than you you're. Your defence is gonna, become very good cause. Like when you make me, I mean you gotta good, solid mount, but I'm not I'm like Ok, maybe atavism out in a short period of time, with with no real threats, in an area you bet, I mean, have shared the same way. You ve got Dean mountain on. You mean my mouth, because I don't have a great mount my mouth is nothing compared to dance, nothing yeah yeah fully. Yet that's up to, and at the same time, though, so what, if you fall it in our states like a small cars, pretty big chance where you, if you enter a beginner class, there's gonna get be a guy who's. Just as much of a given are as you and that's where you can really flourish because Europe, you can practise moves. You're new moves I mean for lack of, welcome your junk move, United jump people. I will say this, though, whoever euro, with, where The worst knew the same issue about you. You're gonna, get a lot out of it. After all,
real piazza. You should role with all free those actually, but I have a tendency. You wanna, usually well, with guys that are met. You dont, like good an end, I should spend more than I do. I mean I definitely with everybody that we gotta dehydration everybody, but I always prefer course. I guess I should of course There are people that are like white belt hunters they want to go out there and be bullies. I'm not like I'd rather get bullied right I want to get out of. The older I wanna get after you know, but you definitely get benefit from training with people are better than you worse than you and the same as you cause. You practice one of em, your Braxton defence, one of your fraction purified someone that's equal than you Yasser proxy or set ups and and your approaches and defend do often defence that same time, so it's all good Brower yeah basically the concept here role. Yes did Andrew consider that scenario
grow within you're talking from an ideal standpoint, road people better than you say, miss you worse than you are not as good as you for beginner. That's not really option the worse than you guys. That's an observer! Beginner lip really are soldiers known thrilled him first, overcoming the frustrations or whatever. It is a good situation where you can get in with guys justice beginner as you and in the hope that they hang around after a certain amount of time. Those who are as new or were hired. I could see where it could become frustrating. If you were the guy, you someone really say guy, that's you have to work late. You can only go the advance glass, in all this and you think you get you it's just getting cry. He asked and I can't learn this room, so I guess they endured instead to understand, but yeah. That's that's a good point through You been mine that if you're in that situation, it's ok, you're gonna you're, going when you eventually get a row with people that are more
school level. You will be you'll, be that much better off yeah, yeah Fisher and watch the, Stan you tap someone out with a move that you learned celebrate that did you that's it in good times like Twitter, Chuckle How do you balanced idea of checking the ego while in an interview scenario where you need to talk about yourself? Ok, so good question, I would say in that way that something that is not just an interview situation. We need to do that. I mean you're dealing with your dear superiors. You know throughout the course of your career. Whatever that may be your costly interacting with people you got, you gonna wanna, make an impression so I think, one the best reduces instead of you speaking about.
Why you're so awesome, just state facts of let's say account men's and let them speak for themselves, in other words You know you wouldn't want to say I'm the best project manager in the entire world. Right, that's not! That's sounds ego centre You said, you'd say you: I got this aid, we have thirty, million dollar project gotta done on time under budget. I had a schedule and when I got down without when they move me to another project that was off track and we got that one back on schedule, contracts as well, so that that's the kind of experience it I've had it above the bring out here to this company right. So you're, not you're, not. You know, there's a hint of hey. This is, did I can get some stuff but you're not saying? Listen, I'm better
and the people eagerly have so used higher makers on the basket of that, and you know so yeah just build think about it, Before you go in how what one expert is that you have represents the good qualities that you have so then you can say it. You say your: how are you at meeting timelines guilty? I am Africa, river late, I'm dope- you just say you say you say well, you know for meeting timelines? Here's a bunch of projects that I got completed on time, the only one that I missed was one that we had to roll back as whatever that we are actually shown a little bit more humility, you're, saying: hey here's! What happened here be illogical about it, you're speaking that I actually A good question is similar to this one about what's the bed. Way to interview people to see if they can be in a leadership position. And this is really hard this, it really hard. Can it really hard to interviews and working hours
work has a different companies in everybody. Always, as you know, hey, what's the best way to interview and manner this guy and he seemed so greater? I interviewed this woman and she seemed incredible water. Her paper. Look. You know she will Graham apron. We hired orange juice disaster or he's a disaster, whatever the case may be, because because there's people that are very good interviews- item. Its people like an interview. Well, they have to give the gab bacon can be asked their way through anything. It made themselves sound good, so it can be really hard to identify someone's good, is actually gonna be it for leaderships, an orderly, any position. So one of the things that I tell people to do it when you go to these, when you want to ask any questions, asked them scenario, base questions and Ok, here's! What's goin on! You got these three people in your department and one of the people has come to you and said that they think there might be something illegal go on with
there too what actions do take? Any new have a scenario built out that you can have we talk through and see where they go and you with their mindset, is and see which are going to develop as a plan and see how they would actually to answer it way way of figuring out how people think and then you? Even that's, not a guarantee. Kurdish people. Second can navigate this type of ages? Well, so you know- that you can do is higher people on a little bit of a trial basis, and that can be difficult situations where people walk away from one job to another job. We're not gonna. Do it on a ninety day, trial basis, but we do have that opportunity. It's a good thing to do as well, but AIDS going back to the first question about keeping your ego and check in an interview, like I said, be Calvin
but not cocky, and let the facts of your experience speak for your your abilities, rather than being your own, just guess, Osama of incorrect information here. So you sneak essentially even if you're talking yourself up AEGIS simply state the fact that thirty to state the fact don't say your opinion about like do you simply say their backs. The here's. What I did you know well returned Project around we gotTa Ranch contract law budget in the desert tabled at the table birds that I have in those situations right just like you ve seen. Even if someone got like in a word to be the best, whatever sales of the year, the right signal, you're the best whatever of the year and then like to see it in a factual way would be. I was recognised, as the ban
sky and lower instead of saying I'm the best kind of world he's my award to to prove it. Also like you sing the fact that you are recognised not so much the fact but a very good way of doing it, stick to the facts right just the fact is the facts show next question: how do you stay humble when you know you're better skills sets than others. You seem humble with if accomplished well, there's just what like in general, just humble yeah how'd you stay humble when you know you have better skills, sets and others at anything, there I seem humble with all that have accomplished, which is which is actually when I read that like it's, not the I'm sure that for that, he's asking this question he's thinking I accomplished all the stuff and it's not. I don't feel that way like. First of all, there is always somebody that's better than you. That's the
guarantee. There's someone that's done more than you there's someone tat bitter experiences, someone's accomplice more and an if you are truly the master. Some thing. Whatever one thing, you're a true master of there's gonna be people that are a lot better at other things you say you might be the master of one particular thing but are You have to respect the fact that people are gonna, be masters at the things or better. You know them. So if you're super strong, that's great lets, you run a marathon if you're super flexible awesome. How much? You dead left here if you're smart, that that's great you're, smart academically, let's check out your common sense and see where all that's out you're. So so you you gonna, be good. At one thing
but you're gonna have failed in other areas or have weaknesses in other areas, and so you just have to keep that in check, and I cannot tell you like I I recognize why I've been successful. For one thing been surrounded with great people for other been lucky and certain situations that have been in certain times: India, you no going back Jitchu a little bit. It's a good example, because, just because I can be someone in future too, It doesn't mean that I'm a better person yet is It doesn't mean that I'm a better person. What it means basically, is that I happen to get into this random fringe sport before they did, and I spent more time on the map and they did that's. What I mean it doesn't make me better version, and I say what it goes with you if you, if you
you, like you're, smarter than someone, it's probably because you ve had the opportunity to study a subject or you ve had a bunch of education or other you, you ve dove into some subjects that might make you see whereas if they applied themselves in that particular because what they will find themselves, something else, so yeah stay you gotta stay humble with that and also windows. We talk about it when you for our usual, I'm smarter than this person. Well, guess what there's something still submit their better than you and what is it you might be smarter, lemme guess what maybe woods, guy talk about earlier, where I'm smart, as I could be guess what this bearskin physics, you. Take me down and dominate me and that's horrible or their beds. Whatever better athletics, your some people really good craftsmen with their hands. I mean they're, so many different things tat can be skill that any view start thinking that yourself that you're that you're better than other people you're going
issues? Because in the long run you wanna stay humble just stay alive, because life were hungry? Humble you, life is hard and, if you're pushing hard and driving hard and you're trying to achieve a lot you're, not It's gonna win model. Care who you are you humbled is going to be hard, so we so, We people that are successful. They got some hard luck stories along the way of things that they had to push through and overcome in order to get there, they got humble and if you're weaning every single time, then you're you're, not goals. Are the high enough so step those up. So you know. I appreciate that the kind of comment, but man. It's not hard to be humble when you need to take maybe someone. I read, your people always think O.
Oh he's a Navy seal whatever you know, there's a lot of seals that are more bad ass. In me, gone more deployment set of gotten after more than me, and I know that that that that's awesome, I mean good good for them. I you know they ve got after good, so I don't feel like. Oh, I did more than everybody, no there's, no one like that those my God, even even your Mikey Orton who want with seal that one amount of honor awesome guy, you know just suggested your keys. He's a hero, but if you should be when he gets interviewed of watch when she interviewed had heard him talk he's like you know, at all, you know you, you got another albanos economic. My guys guys I was with represents all so. There's a guy like who's gonna, be
if anyone a world that leads to that, could not be humble. Maybe it's Michael Jordan, but guess what might be Norton, his humble as they come cause. You know He also has been humbled by combat because he realizes things that he tried to do. They didn't get done theirs, Have you tried to see that he couldn't saved so you're gonna that no doubt if you're leaving the right life you're gonna be humbled by an there's. Always always always gonna, be somebody that's better than you that somebody so just stay humbled by the way. What does being caught he gets you anyways. What is it turn you into what we ve got but something what is what does overconfidence get used to cut corners? You start slackening just ridiculous, so you, gotta stay humble you gotta stay hungry. If you, if you want to stay in the game and believe me, you want to stay in the even yours data game. He d think that light.
I can't I mean I dont know. If maybe this is where this even the question is coming from, but if you know when you're in securing, like you just like everything's, a competition like death in life. It's like goes beyond just what you're into its like sounds better than me, for it makes me mad it makes you an easier whatever. It's like this insecurity kind of thing. So when you do, is that if you look at everything is just this big life compared like I gotta beat that I gotta be better than them, so when you are better than on its like you're still looking at us, as is competition like air, you know like you're, not on my level, so you don't deserve to be treated, is gonna like it. Maybe analogy, maybe not, but I can jujitsu where, if you roll with a white belt, you don't go hard. You dont get set. Factually whatever so in the jujitsu. Competition arena you're, not giving them the respect you're not going on, like you, would you not respecting his?
are the only you're? U smash him, no satisfaction in whatever its in that specific competition setting, but if you're, just in insecure person where you think that all life is like just one day common oh, you got a smash that per year and if you're, not worthy of my smashing is like outlining the treat you like you should be on the matter a single, but may I mean Do you think that maybe that's worth some of that come from like if, if you're having trouble like being humble like I'd better than you in life years, probably just had a driven from its the insecurity, but there's also way there's that Cotonou there too, because men I like to win like it like. No doubt about it, I like to win The dichotomy of it is that I also don't literally dont care like if I get bead on like ok. Well, I What can I do to get better? What it's not I, feel this despair because I lost it.
Losing actually can motivate anymore. I yeah as opposed to getting angry and the worst thing that happens is people decided not to compete right, they're, not gonna, compete in the game of life. Because they in where NATO feel like they can winds, they got. Ah, you know what I'm just gonna farms going back off him, not going to participate in the game. But given the game in the game seem so maybe it comes from not understanding what that means. When you win and stuff I guess I didn't like little baby like like the fight like back to the fighting situation, where the about being a secure part of the males, balancing role psyche. If you know that you ve achieved, they still have this, of two when people who don't have your skill set, you don't want to fight them for you, just like whatever tried it.
It's like you, you have a better skills that yet you're still blowing your horn about your skill, set you know, you're, not humble about it. Think he come from me No doubt there could be some insecurity that charges that makes people super competitive beyond healthy comprises, like enlightened, come just in life, no matter what which again, there's p that art that way, myself included and but give. The dichotomy is like that. No do I I know I am what Oh, I remember echelon front. Remember the logo. The right gentlemen opposes the twitter to Jackal made the original echelon front logo lives like on time. And you re like a you know, this is the logo, something like this and then basically, but you didn't care that it,
Junk none, but I also want to do, is get you. The idea work competing with me, but you do- and I do but like like someone is competing in everything in life like if you draw something and I draw something you life, I want to make my I don't know one another worrying, but well I see I wanted to win with the idea now, with the skill lie, the war. I wonder whether or not the short term battles like who can draw this thing better though the war was who comes up with a strategic victory, which the icon and the symbol for ass long front is the one that I drew, sir. Yes, I didn't care that it looked like junk because I'm not I was just did it. We should both access prevented it. On Powerpoint, with, like, like a crane, looks like a crime.
I didn't want take what time I know I do that I think, would take you fifteen minutes to make on your. What is it a I ill illustrator man, a lump of like that, might have been, don't be mad at me. That's probably the first logo I've ever actually made. Maybe they already exist for thanks for trusting me next question: What do you do when you have to extreme ownership? Believers they'd have to go against each other sounds like a big challenge inquiry but it actually shouldn't be because if you think about this, if you truly, about this. They should not be an issue and here's. Why go against each other again, Each other, so what are the goals? Are these? to people on the same team. I'm assuming thrown same team
there on the same team. So if there are on the same team- and we want to win, we have same goals, we want to win, but we won't work together, because if the goal who is to win, and we both want to win. Why would we be going against each other? We are. Taping taking actual because if you an hour had opposing ideas, but we have the same long term goal commenting on today I echo we gonna come to terms here to work this out for it. If you do saving the yacht. Absolutely that sit down this figure. This out was forget. What will be the best will take to market was due to markets and we're gonna forget a real solution were taken ownership of it. So what's the little let's not get that get into the system here in school things up its aid ego, a hundred percent and I will say this, Occasionally, the idea stream ownership can be very poorly and very incorrectly interpreted as
micro management, an eagle media, meaning like oh yes, I own this. This is mine right we're not that's not what extreme ownership is at all. It's you'd, you gotta own everything, but you don't. You feel the end transit, need did do everything right? Could you own it's like owning the outcome is only on the progress in owning steps along the way and only the responsibility of mission achievement. It doesn't mean that you all on each individual step and you have to make it your way. That's not extreme ownership, that's micromanagement! What extreme ownership, is about leadership and decentralized command than using indirect tactics and make things happen in owning the outcome
So that's that's why, when you, if you have to people that were truly about like hey, openness Amadou Eminent have the attitude which most of you and I have the attitude of extreme ownership. We're not gonna fight already because we have the same long term goal. India, you- come up with a better idea of how to get. There are many say, ah echo, awesome job, that's a great way we're going. It's where we want to go, we all that outcome, we're gonna make it happen boom. I'm gonna support you, the old, the time it's gonna be a problem is, if I have an ego and then you have an ego, what were we both have an ego issue, and usually. One person with a big eager that debt in flames other people's, because, if I say hey echo great plan for out of these. We need to execute it. My way. There's little bee ego commoner
now. Your ego was down, but I was anyway. It would have been your way. We wait a second just right there. Now we got nothing. Now. I guess I'm not gonna. Let you go. You know we're now we're working against each other instead of working gather, so that is is absolutely problematic. Ass to say tat for this. In a nutshell, the with, if you using the principle of extreme ownership, the most important thing you need to take a ownership of is your own ego can put that thing in check yeah? I think that the extreme ownership, the first owning it is more, is essentially to Greece. Instability like at all costs kind of thing for more, like that, just the bats, That happened. Oh absolutely about stuff, that's a good! You know, but unity weak, because apps only if you and I do something. It together and I was the leader-
go! Yes, that's right! I was a girl, I'm no, you say: hey first, Edison, mostly on echo heated most work. He did all of you know, that's what I'm gonna say. I'm not gonna say novices mine, but when something goes wrong Obviously I don't it knows echoes fortnight ahead, as is my father says a you know, I should have done double check on the audio before we started the pot gas because we want to make sure thing was recorded I don't know echo drop the ball Did? I tell him I citation double checked, so that's if you truly have to people that have real ownership and they put three goes in check. This is literally not an issue raised today yeah, this is a question for that re cause. They don't go against each other, their line with each other and what are the chances that you as a person
It's really put your ego and check in your exercising your. What are the chances that you work with another person? That is exactly what the same mindset taken ownership, but no ego what what are the chances that there actually pretty slim. This is not easy to do this. It simple might is right. So that means you have to be even more pro active in helping us apt to their ego scenario that happening in when ECHO says hey. We need to do this. My way of UK know what echo will take a look at it Will you ve always come up a great plans, a signal of the boy? What they want is here and all of a sudden, This aren't you a little bit you're feeling good about it. You, like oh yeah, that's right, juxta, listen to make! Is that That's great! That's exactly what I want you to think do exactly what I want. You think so you can have
work. Do you gonna have work to do that's vessel, that's what does what it is. It's a challenge, its work, but will you have the basic principles that machines they basically of the fundamental principles they are going to work well for you and when they are not working well, for you don't get mad, the other person and blame very go it's your own ego case. You can adjust and adapt and maneuver get that person disarmed and you can fly income and then you're gonna win through interesting that thou. This question is like that. I get seems like wouldn't like when I first read other gosh, you that's a good question, no one there and it is, but in a different way, because this question is essentially what it does. Is it like when you call it like a strainer whatever, like it shift its fifth scythe strains out the guy who's not doing extreme ownership feels as if they're both get, but if they're good
yes, each other that me there's some extreme ownership not being practised somewhere in here right now, but work in it. We can find out who's going again soup, anything if both going against each other or maybe they both have you flip. Does any one person it will not always but they're. Usually me one person that is got it gave that understands it, Can it be working at this guy, just so good and so smooth and so tactical? and they're gonna win and that other person that's like them. Right, you I will winning cause. I got extreme ownership going on. I took ownership, this project and you're the guy says real. The real leader is absolutely men, you did it,
the job with that. Meanwhile, he knows he just made- is manipulated and flanked him and made. It happened to the best of the best for the team, keeping the train going area, especially as this may be one more jacket. Can you talk about fear of failure in how to overcome it? Fear of failure to obviously fear
Failure can can keep you from taking risk. Then it can leave you to sit in their paralyzed into not taking any action at all. Then, obviously, that's bad, but I dont actually want you to overcome the fear of failure. I want. I want you to be afraid of failure. Fear of failure is good. Fear of failure will keep you up at night planning in rehearsing and going over contingencies. Fear of failure will keep you training hard it'll. Stop.
View from cutting corners. Fear fear of failure will keep you working in thinking in striving in relentlessly trying to be more prepared for battle. So I want you to be afraid of failing, I fear, failure but more important. I want you to be. Horrified. I want you to be terrified of sitting on your ass in doing nothing. That is what I want you to be afraid of of waking up in six days. Or six weeks or six years or sixty years. In being no closely your goal, you ve made no
progress that he's the horror. That is the nightmare. That is what you need to be truly afraid of being stagnate, so get up and go. Take the risk. Take the gamble. Take the first step. Take action. Can don't let another day slip my head, I think that's all I've got for the night.
And if you got something out of the park ass night, you wanna hear some more modern. Maybe you should go and support the park asked an echo. How can the troopers out their best support the podcast while one of the war The initial way is dissipate yourself. At the same time,. And that is to supplement on on asthma supplement, you know it's one thing to save her their supplements because I like up, but they are for us the best up like that. Logically read all the stuff about straight up the best in your ten percent there's a support, your wallet as wealthy of sporting pot. Guess yourself and your wallet ten percent on it. That outcome slash. Georgia, also
if you wanna passively support, can do the Amazon click through that he got it, but I would say: Stockpile Gaza come origin cost or the Jackal store is Amazon link on the top. Now we have international airports. Well, poor overseas or you don't ask me hey what about this? Could it's it's a long story but whenever he had everywhere overseas Canada being a woman, and I started the ones that people have actually called me. You know like They were here in the UK. We want to do you know about the thing or whatever in yeah, so so I did those, and so those are up on both workplaces. Well, thanks for pity me up with that, by the way overseas support initiated
as fully thought out and also spin Amazon, the the new trooper tour, this pretty it's cool little too thanks again Brady for Thou, and I teaching and you get to student by the way by nonetheless like this toy, you just click it you got. There is a link to things. Colored covered true job, I guess trooper tool, chrome extent, so it's got. You click on the thing you just dislike. Equally anything. If you want you, click on living, it shows up little icon, jackals head. And you can even high that if you want it on your browser, what every just hide it if you don't want it there, but it looks. I think I can report that there would have anyway help you gotta aid makes you gotta Amazon. It helps equal to the affiliate link, so you have to go through the website anymore dynamically. For you please say some time.
Also, we know, of course, subscribe to Itunes, and you too, I think, we're pumps more valuing you to some outtakes on there. Think I like that I like we're coming from yes of heavy subscribed to Youtube Channel, though it be cool, so we know that you're out there and you're gonna receive these things. That act was put together yeah and then also the year, the Jackal broadcaster yeah, if you like sure that you are sure it was dark, restore stored outcome, Doc, restored dotcom ill t shirts. I still, I think that I still have yet to see one in the wild, not someone. I know so I'm looking forward to seeing that somewhere in the world somewhere planet earth. I am thoroughly enjoying the pictures that people said yeah. There are some funny that The Heather Gray Right gray sake, that's the kind of
like a little later culture. They get real like dark. If you I then read every idle they'll be like picked. I don't, even though I think it's funny what is interesting, because the other one is charcoal great, that's a dark grey so that we can make this with you and they see the bottom like looks like a stripe unlikely. What that's weird have alighting is so there's a strike on the bottom, your shirt, but it's not the charcoal. Why didn't you know they thought they were getting after its inclusion of getting after years? Very what so, I don't know I thought those, but is it looks funny not funny. Combating out about his interesting looks like a shirt than thick optical. Illusion saga started come there is some other shirts on there. If you like some coffee, logs and stickers, awesome Others, also, if you like the bar gas and you won't, This information is a book that I wrote with my brother lay fabulous called extreme ownership. You can order through Amazon. Already
anywhere books, are sold its available in hard covered digital, an audio format, the audio format leaf, and I actually read so get some of that. If you want to talk to echo- and I you can find us on the into webs at twitter, ECHO is at ECHO Charles. And I am at Java willing were also on the face bookie, some of that Instagram I got Snapchat thing I signed a port or whatever. I am done anything with it. Yet I got explore that, but man the social media stuff takes time and- and I can't If you want me finally, on Twitter, that's the best way asked your questions on twitter hit me. Upon Twitter, that's the most common thing that I use I do. I do
Facebook. I mean I re everything that has ever been sent to me. I've read, I might not have responded to it because I can't literally camp found every single thing that get sent to me. Which is what's nice about on Twitter, I can just hit that I like it when you know so that people know like how he read it call on Facebook. I read it, but there's nothing depress to say I read your thing, so maybe I should figure something out like that, but anyways feet solid unto, like you get back to people and stuff, which is cool Some people, you can tell it's not that it's like their their social media, I won't, let me- and I was just out where, where I just was, there was very low, ended internet saw was able to get like a tweet out in the morning. A couple reach out in the morning, but when I go to starting responding. It was, you know, taken three minutes to get it to look at the tweet for somebody, so I'm backed up right now for like five days before days behind recently got five days behind.
You have achieved anything that, like that you're like backed up, means Lake, here either your engagement, that's good, but even then I was reading and do better. If you sent me someone on Twitter Embassy read it. I might not spend two it directly, but I might have had a day actually more than once but I'm remembering the very specific I'm a day were I wasn't gonna go. Did you do to? I wasn't gonna go to express their will. I I wasn't gonna go. We can't. We call that weakness, they call it what you are. Nonetheless, when you see pictures I thought the animal in the name of the specific problem. It is a pity, first, the educated and I'm like you know you get that feeling one like with that. You weren't you do too I took a picture of me on the mat Saint food. I'm here without Jacko do everyone's water. My friends, I'm here without Jacqueline's. You can, like you have this. One thing I wish I was there right now, just to whatever I kind of got that feeling that weird computer
Agnes you're talking. I look like I wanna, be there with you, maybe maybe a little bit but oh by the way Have a look into this in all I gotta go our committee at the GMO ripen? me so young a guy showed up go when I was out of town Yet- and I too I say the days are gone this these days, typically in whatever soldiers hit me up, Willoughby on Twitter, whatever, if you're in town- and he did in committee, though the reason that significant one of the main reasons what I said to woozy from Arizona, so they seem to maybe maybe the man rolled money, yet so because a lot of people in life and nothing the fund twitter to sing in life. They always will be. Ok, oh you did you the camera combined can show me or or whatever- and I would say, a good ninety five to ninety percent of them. They don't they. Don't there were a lot of times are hidden you up from love is a further away than than I am even talking about like before the bucket since the whole thing. Like your friends, you know,
Oh he's already, whatever you know who you are, you do come check, it out sounds cool, you know, and they need why does the road before maybe a beer yet I sit here either, he's like a three straight white voters, something like hey. We didn't open up there sky and evaluate you. Ve got a baby thanks for coming here, yeah n n. Obviously this was given out. We talked about some soldiers today, but I want to give a thanks the police out there a guy you're, a lot from police officers all over the country, and thanks to you guys for doing your duty to keep us. The same thing, the firefighters, I've actually here, a lot from five. This all kinds of fire fighters and all you guys to on the home front, is much appreciated and then course the military. Folks out there especially
Those that are deployed right now taken a fight to the enemy, be aggressive and crush him and will soon get home again
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