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34: Leif Babin – Ambushed Cops, Benghazi, Tempers, SEAL Combatives

2016-08-03 | 🔗
0:00:00 - Opening 0:10:27 - Is Darkness Taking Hold? 0:24:18 - When to fire someone. 0:37:32 - How Leif and Jocko met 0:58:08 - Thoughts on Bengazi 1:04:16 - Best BBQ in Texas? 1:06:52 - Having Hard Conversations 1:11:55 - SEAL Combatives and MMA 1:19:06 - Dealing with Tempers. 1:28:18 - Thoughts on Cops being ambushed. 1:52:20 - Metallica or Pantera? 1:54:05 - Thoughts on the deaths of BUD/s Students 2:07:34 - Dealing w/ rules of engagement. 2:12:36 - How often did you guys get shot in the body armor or helmet? 2:15:38 - Would Leif/Jocko consider politics? 2:19:32 - Muster 2016 Info 2:23:06 - Remembering Marc Lee, Aug 2nd 2:37:30 - ClosingSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/jocko-podcast/exclusive-content
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This is Jacko Podcast number thirty, four with ECHO Charles and me Jocker, willing good evening echo this evening tonight we have a guest on part gas back for a second time, My brother leaf baron good evening life good evening, gotta be back with. You Even if you dont know life ban is real easy thing to do is go back to Jocapa gas, number eleven and listen that I gave him a long introduction and tell you about who he is Guy that I served in seal teams with and, like I said, go back to eleven, I think it is wrote a book here we wrote a book called extreme ownership, I'm sure what
about that tonight. Lave was one look to commanders that their work for me in the battle remedy, when we deployed in two thousand and six and just the one of my brothers. So thanks common on the park asked me, What do you say to a man? that, by his own admission, has no soul. Why would you say anything? I've thought about it a good deal, but he wasn't enough compared to what was coming down the pike, say the eyes are the window? was to the soul, I dont know what them eyes was windows to- and I guess I'd is soon not know.
But there is another view of the world out there. The other eyes to see it in that where this is going, it is done. Brought me to a place in my life. I would not have thought out of come too. Somewhere out. There is true in living profit of destruction, and I don't want to confront him. I know he's real I've seen his work. Walked in front of those eyes. Once I won't do it again. I won't push my chips forward and stand up and go out to meet him it ain't just being older, Wish that it was, I can't they didn't even what you are willing to do.
Because I always knew that you had to be willing to die to even do this job. That was always true. The sound glorious about nothing, but you do and if you ain't They'll know it they'll see it in a heartbeat, I think it is more like water. You are willing to become, and I think. A man would have to put his saw hazard, and I won't do that. I think now that maybe I never would now, let's the opening from the book no country for old man, which is written by CORE Magna Carta, you also wrote
favorite non military Memoir Book the book, blood Meridian, which is just an outstanding book and no She rolled man was actually made into an outstanding movie is well in which all This follows the book word for word: it's it's an honor. Movie and in been moving in the book. There's a there's, a guy that you're talking to that opening sheriff Tom Bell and he's explaining that he's seen evil in the world the living profit of destruction in the sea work and walked in front of those eyes and ultimately, net kind of what the book is about sheriff fellas, Explaining that he doesn't really want to face this evil, he and want to put his soul at hazard. So ultimately he
really wanna be a sheriff anymore. He can't face that kind of evil, so he leaves it to the police and he retires stays in his own little world that's the basis of it. There's a way more to it than that. Then you should definitely read the book. The book, which is it said, I think it set about them T East early early nineteen eighties and this evil that speaking of that he's having a now deal with as it as a sheriff is the drug cartels. Come in Mexico, the border attacks is Eve, escalated from your petty little drug dealers back in the day and now it's a roof was organized crime syndicates that murder with no mercy and like us it it's just too much for Sheriff Bell. Eddie. Walking away now. Meanwhile, in two thousand:
in sixteen. The evil that we deal with now is even more pervasive and stronger and completely without mercy and its every And we can try and ignore it. We can try and act like it doesn't happen. But there are some things that you cannot ignore and in this case, is something that we cannot walk away from. In late July, two thousand, sixteen Father, Jacques Hamel and aid six year old catholic priest was doing what he did. Every Sunday conducting mass for his parish in Normandy. France, obviously decided deed
we are one of the most impact for operations in history in terms of protecting freedom and liberty took place in their in Normandy. France in this church, two young men and I use that term loosely burst into the mass brandishing fake guns, fake explosives,. But real knives in the faint guns bombs apparently allowed them to get control of the people in the church, including Father, Hamel,. They forced into his knees in front of his parishioners and they slit his throat. Many factors slit his throat with such force, said. The report's came back and said that they be headed.
When one of the survivors who was unknown, said that the attack Yours, who. Cleaned loyalty to the islamic state smiled and appeared to be happy as they slip the priests throat and these two savages attempted to use the nuns from the church as human shields to try to escape and when they did an escape. Fortunately, there were some french. Police, snipers that shot and killed, but obviously the dam which was already done, one priest slaughtered, one of the nuns was wounded in obviously peace and serenity destroyed in that
is pure evil and that's the same evil that slaughtered eighty nine innocent people at the batter Clan Theatre in pay. Is the same: evil that murdered twelve cartoonists, Charlie no, the z evil that lead in Islam Extremist a murderer: forty nine people at a night club in Florida, the scene bull, that brought down the twin towers and hit the Pentagon and his cause death in May. And destruction all over the world and, unlike.
Sheriff S Tom Bell in the book no country for old men, we can't just walk away from this evil, because this evil is everywhere, and I regret to tell you that its growing and it's gonna continue to grow. Unless we we, the civilised people of the world, do something to stop in a course with life and I'd background. You know Both of us spend a lot of time in the seal teams deployed multiple times overseas. To confront this evil enemy.
And, of course we get a lot of questions about our take on this and to open up the questions for the night. First question is here is the darkness taking hold or do you and leave see the way out of another war? What can we do to prevent Lone Wolf attacks from happening in Europe and America. Life thanks for coming on, I know this is obviously Some both of us think a lot about, and I know a lot of people I want to hear what we think about it. So is the dark mistaken hold my brother.
There is no doubt that there is some serious darkness in the world and I think that darkness we seem to grow we see the growth in the number of jihadi terrorist attacks across the world grow substantially over the years. Statistically, just the fact, and I think it's up a net I think people to understand your across Amerika across the world people need to understand just how evil this enemy. As we talk about darkness, we talk about evil and in I forget no country for all men summary that adds that ensure really really captures it. In a way, certainly seen that, with with your drug cartels and refugees were going on Northern Mexico across the border in India, it states but this is alarming. Enemy, in particular, is in my opinion as evil one enemy as the EU. Ass militaries ever faced in our long history, and I am very well aware of the horrific evils of Nazi Germany.
Imperial japan- and I think this through is is every. It or even more evil that then that is it something that we're seeing as you just described from that wanted tat at one example of hundreds of hundreds. If you could use stir ear to allow a year and a good point on that. As we hear about the attacks that will take place in the western world right, that's what we're about. If we, if you diving into the butchery in the slaughter and the torture and rape that happens in their world in the islamic world in the Middle EAST. It again You and I have been there. We know for a fact that the majority of people do not want to live under that rain of tear no doubt they want to have normal lives in
and I say this all time I know you say this all the time they want to have normal lives and they are being brought down and driven by this, I mean you evil is. Is it like? I want a stronger work, I don't know what stronger word there is, but this is like this is. This is the personification of Satan? That's what this is. So, and I know that one of the things that struck me and in as we were talking, that made me think of no kind of romantic when he says I know he's real I've seen his work in, and I know both of us. If we know Israel Anybody that support overseas seas and seeing what these people can do is it knows that this is real. Now the other parties question life was: what can we? you to prevent these lone wolf attacks.
So to weave which it what your thoughts on loan wharf attack First of all, the low mortal jack is a myth. Internet the myth- and this idea that there is these people this randomly we if we are to use the term along with low more of these, the term self radicalization I'm self hisself radicalized? You know He was a normal cared, everything was great and all of a sudden he followed. A twitter feed from ices, undecided grand kill people and in no case Are we seeing that we may not be true? we were discussing. This is this is ideology it comes out of out of the room medical islamic jihadi movement? and there's of Sunni Camorra that there's a she. I components that there is. There are a lot of followers of this error, folks it in a way the Orlando shooter was a great example. We have
someone would like oil yourself, radicalized The reality was empty. You can go back and interact with the guys father. And see that his he had oh Taliban posts on Youtube genuine and there is is anti american oh jihadi. Neither the citizen and the fact that the Orlando shooter, also happened to go to the very same mosque where the only known among Fuckin born suicide bomber attended and when do the same on his well, a guy who traveled to Syria joined with ISIS in Blue himself up an american citizen, and they both the same mosque in workers, Lord, so
Where's is coming from its coming from ideology, and we have to do. We have to recognise that a fact in so many of you wanna bury their head in the sand and say your Islam's religion of peace. This has nothing to do with Islam. It has everything to do with this, obviously, and, as you said of course Most of these on a more doesn't want to live out of his brutal reign of terror and we're abandoning those people do the likes of of the islamic State and that their reign of terror. If we don't stand of, we don't do anything, and so we have to recognise that the route it is. It is an ideology that pushes that threat and it is not a lone wolf. They are connected by that ideology across the world and in that inspires people to join up, and I think you're back today, that arises back to the first question about: is the darkness spreading? There's, always darkness in the world. There is all we need all the world. What keeps that darkness a day. You can go back to the parks, romanian and taught him Peace in the in the ancient world and how was imposed through strong military. Might
and it's no different. Today we have enjoyed the relative peace, a post war war too, because we had to say August most damage in order in the world, and so we keep the darkness obey. That would have been the case if the United States and in our allies it not one world war to the darkness, would have I would have taken over the world to the world still on he threw military. Power, peace through strength. Can we ensure that there's light in the world at the darkness does not take over that. We keep in check and I think people need our standards this can this is an army that can be defeated, that this darkness spreading only because we are allowing it to spread only because metastasize only because we have not gone and rooted out, and so so many. Organs, I know the ass you just like they ask me years ago, when we saw ices taken over Syria than coming back into Iraq and established foothold there,
he can over huge cities like Moses Evolution, and then remedy before they were pushed out its people ass. Well, what are we really care about? Why does it matter, and I think now is we're starting to see the kind of? horrific attacks that are inspired by their so called caliphate. That real estate absolutely matters it matters to us and spires they can aspire attacks here among us, and yet we all shouted connected back because they will. We don't know if it was related to ices and if our. Hocker Baghdad, either yielded it is. Islam make head of, the islamic state had given them direction that doesn't matter none of that matters. The fact is that there are able to. Spire dash were people here amongst us in America, in Western Europe, in Accra, so the world go out and kill. Innocent people declare their allegiance, and so we have to go there and we have to destroy them and is it is worth the effort,
for us, and we have a military that is eager and is ready to do there and they are each and to make it happen because they understand the nature of this evil. Just like me and you they faced it. They ve seen it and ass, we talked our bodies who spent time there are there now Their frustrated and they want they want to close with and destroy this enemy, and yet there is a lot of work political strings, holding them back Do it so when I think that southern edge it simply requires leader, who understand the nature of this threat and understand that there is a military solution to this and we have to lead that Fight America hastily that right and and I think we can absolutely do that and we can have of tremendous imagine a world and make sure that people dont want to join. The losing team. Does the islamic state is getting hammered people die and in large numbers and they When I go there be a part of that data the joint over the losing side? We gotta make sure that that clear to everybody in the world that if they want
We are on the side of the room echo is Lama. Jihadis they're gonna die a blood A nasty death. One of the things that you mentioned real quick. Then we will Better go off was was the fact that these be for normal people, one of the things that you and I heard so so fuzzy dont know later I fought with the four Brigade First Armor division in the battle Ahmadi December, two thousand six with the city Romani was taken back from insurgents and when we did that it was a very tough fight. Very here's fight and we were able to get that city around and turned back over dissidents, your body It occurred to emergency, it was the peaceful for seven years in- in ISIS, then took it over, took it back, they again and again. This is what what life and I were told by people that we knew that were on the ground over their eyes.
Came in and murdered. They had a about five hundred families and they went in and murdered every urgent family. These, where this is a list of family families, of whom some one in the family head With the coalition forces work with the iraqi government been against the ito, this form of radical Islam. So I came in and murdered five hundred families which to me tell everybody out there that this is an enemy that we must press we must face, and we must destroy our I think what people dont understand either is that those same people, we're on that that list that ISIS brought in they were screaming and begging for our help. They wanted american troops on the ground to help them they d live under that brutal reign of terror. They want us there. They want us to be a push pushed
we back and give them the chance to live their lives. Relative freedom and peace and security. Yet, as a great great value on on vice news that shows prior to ices come back and remedy it, and it is very difficult for me to watch be difficult for you to watch too, because it's exactly showing exactly what you're saying but going around their interviewing people and a guy it's doing the interviews as some kind of it. I think he's an iraqi american cause. You speak Arabic, any speed conversing with people in their shown subtitles, but every he's talking to you say well, what are you what're you gonna do track. Ices is coming and there's a word. We what the Americans back. We want them to come here. We want them to help us, then they got the governor of the body and there they show him on the phone and he's talking to these. His whoever his superiors and he soon. We need the Americans out here. They are getting to quote the ices is getting too close. We need american support, we need them and that's that's the thing
so many people miss in America is the fact that the normal people in these countries they do not want to live under this kind of regime and they, but they are It's hard for them to defend themselves against it, and so that's where America, the benevolent nation that we are, can provide this sort of peace, stability there and it's gonna be hard and I think, all the time right, If you're gonna go to war people, the die America you're gonna die innocent civilians are gonna die, but look at what the Turning to this, the alternative is you: have this disgust in despicable idea. Ology getting a foothold in the world and it is absolutely disgusting and it should not be stood for I think people here said you are talking about destroying the Islamic Caliphate, as there is a call themselves and how that real estate allowing them owning that real estate inspires those attacks it doesn't take in in
giant ground invasions with hundreds of thousands of jobs in order in order to feed his enemy it it take few thousand american troops to go in general, momentum to beat them back partner with folks on the ground like like on Bari shakes that we worked with back in the day. And U S forces word with for the Amber waking and there there s, if our help we need apart before I like that, present of Egypt and in king either Jordan who have talked about how this is a civil war within Islam and they don't they don't wanna subscribed to that are live under that kind of brutal rain. They they want to lead the fight against it. We got to help him. I support him in the team up with folks like that it is, we must do it and if, if we don't do it, you can see the darkness continue to spread until we actually do something about it. So many people want to say well, let's But others over their lead, the fight that like wasting. Churchill said in our
the naughty Sir Jack was a body of France's that's that their problem, where they coming next exactly that's an islamic state, fully folks, Move on to the next question here: Jack only How do you know if you terminated too early I wanted it removes the toxicity before damage the team. When do you know it's time to fire, someone so plug it into a little little change in pays here going from the darkness of the islamic state, into something lot more positive, which is people running businesses and what could you clarify that is terminated as a different idea? Rabies downhill check. So this is a good question. But suddenly, your lot. It would get a tonic questions when I put this out so when you know it's time to fire. Somebody.
We get this rush hour damages their needs. This is always the most difficult thing and it is incredibly difficult. Even for you know, people who feel like their super super tough leaders, strong leaders in a single teams who better Our training and and and proven themselves on the battlefield it's hard to Firefox, it's always devoid of our people. It's hard to have this talk conversations with folks and so. We ve got. We talk about this, that the right out of somebody is when you don't feel bad about it And what I mean by that I dont mean just because you're cold blooded, but daddy. Actually, But that you actually have taken every step to mentor and train and provide resources and- and I hope that person achieve performance that you need them to achieve in order confirmation, give him every chance to succeed, and what
you, you should feel actually covered you. You have exhausted all options and then you sure, you're not gonna, feel that their deceived, you ve taken so much time and effort and they shouldn't even they. You're not gonna, be upset about it. Not a day. Minister love, you were thank you for firing them, but so often you see people. There are literally relieved when we work with comments, and we see this happen. We see people Relieved because they are in a position where they just their overwhelmed. There's massive pressure on him and they knew there are the evil. It was beyond their capability and they didn't want to say. I can't do this when they got it. Fired or just transition to a different role. It was route they were leaving So thank you and I really was There- was really eating at me, but I I didn't feel gave were added Phil. I knew I let my team down. And that's almost always gets Ever- was why you, the torture geniuses, just kept. Big direction or won't, listen, who's, never gonna see never get you will see that our habitat that'll get together
The only other thing is lay out the real crystal clear expectations of where you need to be a if this but this is where you need to be, and if you don't get there, this forthcoming and that's why you said it should be a surprise that should be hey. I knew exactly what expectations were I knew exactly what was required to me and I knew exact Who's gonna happen if I did meet those expectations requirements. So that's how you know any only other thing is we sometimes It is totally normal. We build our relationship with our people, and so sometimes the relationship gets strong to the point where you might value that relationship more. You value the performance of the team, That is not a good situation. Do you have to look out for whole deep enough? they all this guy's not doing a job, but he's my bro sombre, keep em on I'm letting down the whole team. That is another little element that you have to pay attention to it. If you would,
about person, metro culture put him into position where they can sometimes be more good at something. And you gotta move to a spot where they can't you could take advantage of their strikes instead of putting the spot where their weaknesses are. Gonna be totally exposed that aid, the care someone. So that's it! You gotta do before by one thing to you that I learn from you in in the Navy. During our time was when you How, though stuff conversations you write it down you have to write it down and that something that I thought was very powerful, because so often even in the audience, you'd, see leaders who would say well this leader screwed up this partook manner. This chief got an issue and we d his car. He's dangerous or make a bad decision to freeze on professional ruler. You know he's he's Hagen's unit where it where they need to be an he'd call me entitle him up. Have a conversation behind closed doors. When
the person is present and like right aren't would call a man, let's tighten them up, you come in, they sit down and eat. You are face to face with a person and you just had a close, your conversation, the how terrible it were and how they really need we're going to squirm away and now facing is the conversation goes like this? Will you do you do? the job you dont a big job, overwrought there's a couple days. We need to work on here there but NEO. Maybe now you and now I think, that's that doesn't help anyway, that's the force jure leading is a disaster and its that we talk about all the time and our business, I'm sure you mentioned on the park ass many times before when you write it down, you have in front of you, you have to have a tough conversation and you give them a copy, so they have it with them as well, and then they can take their and understand where they need to be, and women to be there, and In that forces you to have this to have conversations, it's it's, it's absolutely a game, changer and makes-
make your dress and then again postulating as a disaster. People, then, when you, the fires and wanted it. That way. You said I was doing a good job you failed as a leader another another good thing you can do to soften the blow with this stuff when you're when you're. Delivering. The heavy news is your say: listen. I wrote this down. I completeness and funny Why am I doing that? Because I think you can do it? I want you to do I'm investing in you, this is not my waiter to make. You feel bad this my way to make you get better. I want you to do. Better. So here's what we're gonna do for me here. It is in plain English. Do you understand this bullet points? Do you? standards ballpoint do you stand as bullet points. That's the best possible thing you do and you gotta make them understand that because otherwise they walk out the rooms. In always pick an army. Doesn't like me not a little. The opposite is true. If I do Like you, I just fire you, I want you to perform a mentoring, you could you
But I want you do better on given you this list, so you know exactly what you have to do to win through take the wrong way. My brother just get in the game and get this done. He d think. I remember seeing this evening a conquering, remember, sinister dj, remember you're, like you were like when you don't feel bad enough. You put in those exact words wrote that basically the message exactly said when I don't feel bad about yet both know beyond our did. Do you think that there is a difference between like the steel teams, for example, because he can't just or I'm assuming you can't just replace the guy thoughts like it. It's worth it to invest as much as you can because you know alien world and this your teams. I thought this would be different. There not differ they're the same so in israeli world. Every company go work with, doesn't matter what company is there. There's no
immediate replacement for somebody that knows a skill set for a software engineer. Is there a great guy waiting to cover? The don't know, is our great well there waitin Commodore know. Is it just no matter what these things are? It does not perfect replaced, become affords the same thing. This you'll Digital have a ready replacement ready to come in. So of course, you ve got a person. You ve gone through the agony of finding him. You ve gone through the agony of recruiting them. You ve gone through the agony of bringing them on board, issuing them their gear, getting them their computer, letting them understand that the the culture. Company I've done. Having that you already invested so much you don't wanna, just fire the person. You want him to work out it's all? That's why it's important on either military and civilian? You got him, you ve made those investments, but the best outcome is to have them succeed. That's always the best outcome and that's why you ve gotta, be a great measure. Great coach, a great leader and I've taught That is the one I can going to run out, but some people are allergic to the words mentor and some people are large toward coach. You get them
with an eagle problem, and I go halo welcome the two. I'm gonna go and mentor you you don't owe me irony should certainly not be able to that. They think you know that offends them implies of sex before that implies that I know more than you do and you know less the meaning and the big guy. That's gonna help you little guy. So some of that debate, Kind of coaching is not the right answer, but you don't clearly get your point was somehow get fired. You it is of direct logic. So that's why we're right now, we'll get it done correctly. One more point on that which is a great gray quest. Nobody is that the easiest having fall back, and we see that the latter leaders, as we saw in the military and we see it throughout the oil companies and in order that we work with now oftentimes its people that well, persons are good enough money to buy them, get someone else an enormous most done outside the gates, most diamonds. They just need to be led. They need to be
we need to have the mission better explained that they need to have. Training they need to have better resources need to have mentorship. I just doc was talking about, and so it that's an easy fall back it, but it's not it's an excuse and it's the opposite extreme ownership and really all the case of that torture. Genius right now We wrote about the person I just cannot take any direction, no matter how how valid are aura are positive. I needed they can't take any criticism. They won't accept any responsibility that they have it all figured out. The world just gives you the genius and what they do. You know that's gonna, how they look at things. That's you the time that you really have to fathers, this worst jelly yet The thing you did say you hit like four points you wanna wanted. Best placed to start. If some of not doing what this was, we don't explain to them. Why they're doing why? This is why I want you to do this, because their name, absorbed. They understand what the deep mission as they understand the commanders and so
Whenever some was not doing this, you know what I'm gonna break out a story right now, so I got a seven year old daughter. She can't ride of bike. Yet right. That's not good. You should be broadened bike it for my family is poor, so she can I'd like you to sober, it has become a thing to become an issue right, so the the day and we're goin on a big camping trip, and it's gonna be necessity to be able to write the bike so the other day, I start, don't argue we gotta work on your bike right. It somewhat come get your shoes on get ready, me we goes defensive. I dont know I'd want to run a bike. I can't write a bike, I'm not good enough and I started get right. You know, listen get shoes on. I went that route like an idiot, and I, what we have got you for another road, just stop myself after direct orders with no explanation of why- and I said, hey sweetie or illegal work on your bike right. Why? Because, when we
camping almost everywhere, we're gonna be going, is going beyond the bike, especially when it's time to buy cried to go, get ice cream, we're gonna have to ride bikes. The ice cream in and so all I want to make sure that you are able to come with us when we gotta get ice cream. No, I mean I don't want to have to bring it back, for you must come with us. And you can see I just completely Changed attack and shoes you know: ok, let my shoes on in ITALY That's an example with a seven year old. Writing First of all. The first note there is that I missed a big leadership expert completely went down the wrong road. Listen to me because I'm your father and I know you do what I tell you the wrong approach. A hundred percent of the time when the Samuel sooner that we're back and said, hey here's which any I told about other things. You know it's really good at this. How we're gonna do get around inside me around the beach all these things and change erratic
it literally change rat you in a minute. I wish it would a videotape offer we could have posted. It would have been a good little case, study their flying through the ice money. The wood, You say back to the high the hiring and people. You know you don't have to someone waiting in the wings to get hired to fill that position. Rumor That is the case of most of the time were, if you fight Someone is an old replace them. They re. All that workings of you that a rehire somebody been that you're wasting time in resource to do that and you could just be investing more like. I always want your your team to succeed in Let us be what I got you far. We examined, He wants a decision by the Knocker forcibly, so there's always about road anatomy there. But, yes, that is so. Do you make the exception? If, let's say you, what the hell am. I I hired this. You weigh it.
You wear pro. So, if you do have a guy can awaiting the wing ought to know my neighbour course, eighty anyone, so you can invest lessen the Skype. Is we got this guy ready to go well know you you, you, invest less you're, not invest anything. If you got someone, that's gonna coming to do the job on this point, can't make it happen, has failed redder, currently get rid of a jerk good terms. There are eight years ago. Jack o and explain how you first met and work together in the second part, is how do you say stay so disciplined every day, so life meeting jacket. Times how the house that we judge on his love it, but yes, there are eleven, but It was a year. It was a good guy. I checked in it. I checked resulting three back in the spring of two thousand five
and now taken over as though but taking ever charter. But doing, and I see I see the earth, I see the name, the more Jacko Eric had heard his name around people. Continuity was in, but I didn't I didn't know much. I don't know much about Jack like, but our chief Tony, We also talk about. I was just a complete bad ass amazing warrior, incredible combat leader and eight. He said a jocose good to go. Is jockers who you are right on a motive for meat jargon. Understand Jacko was the animals aid, so I think you are. You are still there you gotta run around and try to turn over those duties here, a busy job difficult job, but but in poor job, certainly- and so when Jack of any showed up the team the first time our mercy was it was it we era, information. So we ought, we all go to our morning me enemies to withstand formation. Our back of the team and everyone must resolve and and
we're looking Jack, had zero smile on his face justice. Scowl. No smell whatsoever. If Did you smile for the first two months I ever gave rise to much moratorium when I meet people for silence, I just came to US newsletters is it I'm Jacko just staring through is like you wanted a murderous and the shaking her head. It was me, and there are other the relative entails a few. Can I go there and We knew each other. Well me in the delta. Take mentoring, we're we're like each other, he looks amazing. Absolutely. I can already tell Shockoe eight everybody, but what I didn't realize later until after we were to go, he gave me a copy, the book about face which we talked about many legitimate many jobs or on the bog. Yes, and tremendously influential book annoying use early on me and our entire generation about faced by Karl Day David hack worth. I realize it
That's what he D already checked in The government has unit which he rename the hard core Edna and actually are he said I didn't smile at anybody for self over six weeks by the first first of what you there. I liked music art MAC, Whirr psycho too much weight, didn't get it from act where there was no doubt you riding over member. I probably did a rip off so much suffering backwards. I definitely ripped off. We need we renamed their task, which was called. Bravo. We renamed it browser but incomplete rebuff backwards. But but I always work our guests, I always ever have But when you meet me, I'm gonna be stand office, I'm not I'm, not a big. You know I don't open and I'm just not Will I see you did me like that? Yeah real cool. A bright smile of the first two years that he knew you yet it at the top of the eyes, though, is when you take over position like that seal teams and in life. You know this either no you're gettin, you don't want,
in about him you have guys that you are gonna, have to put trust in faith in two to lead, guys and combat and it's it's a very that's why I sought and I knew that with you guys you guys with a petition. You guys gonna, be on the battlefield every day you guys gonna be leading guys and combat the most. There's gonna be so much pressure on you guys. There was gonna, be violence, there's gonna be war and so on. I wanted to an end. It was a chance you get fired. You know, I don't want to be friends with you yet I wanted to make sure you made it through certain wickets and then obvious The more I got to know you, and actually there was the it is time you know I wasn't. I guess the word is I wasn't is mature, as I am right now, so I was talking to one of the weather senior officers at the team, and they were thinking,
Maybe switch guys around or moving up tunes around and now this that this point you guys head, I gotta know you guys, we, u and adult between Commander S, realize that you guys were exactly who I wanted to be with me in combat exactly the type of guys that I knew would never back down would go forward and would kick ass I knew that, but this guy says to me This, as you know, a thing about maybe movements and obtain commanders where possible. Of law and order not that you guys I got. I did you guys, I'm keeping like well, you know they have the quality, Did you want it offer and I said they have the two qualities. He said the qualities. I said. I only need to qualities, they need to be able to listen. Me, their humble, and they need to be tough. Then that's what those guys are good
I just out all kinds of crap. You guys always took it. We wouldn't lasted long because we were all train jujitsu at zero, five hundred everyone, its own role, and it was it. We are asked to ask you in your Jacko were measured. Trained us? I'm sure he was frustrated performers, initially Gazette alot more serious than the mere dealt with their commander in and yet he said the time to train a major us and get us to where we needed to be about time. We deployed Youtube. I feel and remedy unleashed us on the battlefield to lead dunes and and even in our underneath us within the budget, are our seas, but her manners in our power to achieve and our lead, petty ostrom in our senior leaders when they were out leading their own elements on the battlefield and so he yet have tremendous bathe addressing those guys in, and we certainly built that in it was all certainly due to join. Because leadership to your browser,
thanks to our girl, David Hepworth. Yet, and you know, Everybody should know that it's late and I are the mouthpieces right now for a bunch of that ass, guys that all stepped up and when we are going through training crushed women overseas crushed it worked were to to do people from from a big unit and all those guys you know. Or just get after it, and we put we put them all. They know we didn t know where to start our fire people. We fired people from asking a browser that didn't did make cut and we tried we did the things we must do. We measured and we help them along and at the end of the day, they want ready. And so we got rid of it. So when we, overseas. We were We re rocketing it again or everybody, no doubt the up, and that's adding that some people you know miss We talk about that all the time. That is what makes the biggest lesson we brought back from Romania was at least perhaps the most important on the battlefield.
Leaders at every level, and so why we had an extraordinary task in. It was because we had those leaders at every level is stepped up, not just not just Jago. Our bomb squad leader in charge of a guys are fired him leaders in Georgia for guys to man shoe to bear down the frontline. True Brutus stepped up this being the mission in and learn got after their end. Even when you think about actually as Amsterdam Senor thinking about good- and I really thought about this too much about the problem. Yes, going from I, don't know these two guys I don't trust you guys. That's the main piece of it right. I don't trust these two guys, because I don't know them. How do you build that trust and Somebody asked me that the other day in just a really good point of how to build trust. The people in a ring. The best way, I think, to build trust is to give trust. So I said you know: leave to hate. You run this operation. You know, you run a straining operation. I trust you
now, when I give him that trust he's Epimetheus negatives of pay. This guy trust me this sort. So we building the trust, whereas if I say life I'll run this you just you just follow you just get in the back seat you just step aside. I that's. Where you were not building trust and if we want to play, if I'd like another point, are we gonna point I want to would have had built any trust I say one more thing. As I was it you're thinking, we did everything together. I've seen no doubt a dinner, we work. Doubt we did you get you this is? U me that the other party comment, the other dub think of the adopted where we had everything together I mean you guys live together. We all live in the same neighborhood we serve together we lifted together. Everything was together, we debrief together, and that is how you get this bond. In this massive amount of trust. Where I look You know our house a word. You know the deal. I know the deal and we
go forward? One thing I was just thinking about: who is this nomadic, adding brought you brought to the table mean, as you were, Training awesome measuring also spend time with us. The building, building that trust as well. We're going to all this train. You get ready for common format. If you come and say you talk about for, like I'm a monoculture woman, a mentor you, obviously that makes people when you actually say when you said to me like live, you got this cable runners and then I put a situation where I know Jack was got about experience in this field. Is this particular direct action in a rage? You just come back from Iraq and at about six, where it I didn't, have any experience. Another few cyber operations, but ours and now I didn't Bernie your direct action like that. So here we are getting getting on get dressed. Then do it I'm in charge. I got it makes him cause it's humbly So what does that make me do it makes me like a jack? What you think about this one?
there's gonna dig in here. What do you think it? It opens up the conversation of like hey looking for mentorship, I'm looking for training, rather than I got it all figured out so even headache. That initially you know Adapt. When will you dont have expired? You even know what you don't know so and when you put me what a situation that there is beyond their comfort zone, it outside of their real knowledge base. Didn't they the oftener looking to you for help there. Looking you forget it. That's a good point. Actually somebody somebody point we were work would accompany the other day on the EAST coast and we are going through something in an area but you're describing me we're on court mentoring? You and again I hate use that word, but But when you describe it, you said: hey Jacko asked me this, and then he asked me this and then he asked me this and what I was doing was in her life. Why you do not read there anyway, Well, this is what I thought, and I said, ok we're. What would
to do that if this happened enlisted. Oh that's a good point in so instead of me saying leaf. Don't do that! Do you do this right here I knew tat. I was ask questions in letting him find the answer and also a report this for real is. I wasn't just asking the question like so that I could, guide him down the perfect bath and legitimately ask them like why you do in that region is maybe he's gotten ideas at that there could be positive idea. I can can talk to that example. Gazelle was in there in the Gil House, yeah we'll work into the glass and for those who know how to cook your house's. You got up you gotta rooms and hallways in a building and oftentimes ballistic wars against you live fire in their seventy Swat teams use any military in the world, but if it's you work, your clothes square, combat skills or seek you see where you you Your doorways and you weren't you working together as a team clearing these hall halls and rooms and moving through it of target building in a train
and often they can change them and move the move? The hallways around or change doorways you so mixed up every time you get really get used to it. You're doing it one way or the other and ends and so I ve been told as an officer. My job was to stand in the back. I just take the report, so that's what I did the report being how many bound People have been shot. How he has just been captured, Hemi seals been wounded, they had ever for. I've got a little quarterback her sleeve on my arm with Greece, mental and understanding about doing a job. The question doc last me was eight leaf. What a leary ass it wasn't condescending. It were in the tone, really matter needs. Is it what why? Why are you in the back and that he was very curious about. Why wives about what was it route? More was my tackled, for that it at a local level that's what I was told to do and someone who had told me didn't really have any real, experience on a real battlefield, its it will universal use, data back and so
so I thought under aggressively. Do there that's what I'm gonna do and that's that's where worse aggressive, we stand in the bad, I'm pretty default, I'm a pretty default aggressive leader- and I was I ate. My job is to stand back and take this report a minute. Do it better than anybody watch this and which also asked me there's a worrying about inasmuch because that's what thought was to be an then he s? Village was. What do you know what's going on in the fund the train right out in that I got fifteen spread out through through the building their different rooms of I have no idea, what's going on in the train of run, an answer the following question: rivers. I will. How can you? How can you leave haven't you led the steam? How can you be the commander control for your team? If, if you know scorn on a bright mosaic. It was just like Burma go off like I have to. I have to be in a position where I know where you were
to be in that. Was it showed me that I was? I was not. We was wrong in where I was. I was failing as a leader in failing my team. If I couldn't actually domino, what's going on so proper position for me was for somewhere in the middle gently, but I can move around. I don't want to get so far for them. Getting sucked in every room clearance are getting a gun fighting in the hallway, because I gotta be always stand back and see see what's going on, but not so far in the back. I don't know, what's Goin up front so that He never need to. Tell me that again it was. I knew where I need to be understood that It made sense to me an attic if you wanna that's a great example of being able to successfully mentor you people. So I understand asked on those questions in a way that meaningful condescending. It's not. You know, I know breathing it. Why are you doing, but don't do this, but but actually asked me the questions and I didn't have a legitimate answer. Libel goes off. Nobody ever need to tell me that again feel like that. Like such a critical component, the tone,
I can say the same exact question, but you say it in all these different or so, like like. What are you gonna? Let you always think bore you thinking there on that thing off when I went down as opposed to what were you thinking economically, less common will, do you think Saddam and I think the factories there is that I recognise a true. We recognise that I could be learning something in there might be a lousy. I cannot say what lay not bad earlier man how bad is humbly? Any I've been in situations combat where I did not have control and I did not do good and I looked those situations and out of that can happen again in what when, in whenever situation, to my mind is not sitting there saying, I know everything cause. I know I don't So what I'm asking those questions? I am legitimately asking you the question echo. What what are you will you think on you when you spliced listing together? What were you thinking when you when you, when you posted this thing,
on that video. What's the purpose of that? You know, and I actually want to know now, I'm so that's why I'm not saying echo why the hell you post that you know I mean it. I generally I genuinely amount, not overconfident in in, don't think. I know While I was there was one of the biggest lessons are in addition to this leaderships, most importantly on the battlefield, the what what are they big lesson was humility and that you are the time I deplore dry rat before I was a one, but in wonder, crews, wonder exactly why you palm chopped it sir, you ve really feel that their happens. When you have been deployed, I've been overseas and you have done few combat operations get down your bill, and yet you don't even realise what it feels like to be. For well to have things that are audio visual. Take to have the enemy flag, your do some of that you had foreseen. I think those just sustained carbon operations for almost seven months in Romania just a day in and day out of intent.
Scan battles were softened that it was gambling- and I think I was one of the biggest lessons- are we rebel comeback impasse onto others? Was this why do you think you gotta figure out? You haven't really Dorothy Gale the year end? the other thing that happens in this this is actually pretty exactly to your point. Somebody goes oversees Andy. They did. You say, combat operations and they don't get challenge they'll get test Julie ended actually falsely increase is their confidence, and we see this in the business world through, like you, haven't you ever company that came out of the gate and they just time things right. They were ahead of the curve and also their doing fantastic, and they think they can make no mistakes in there. Now humble, so their success, Success actually mean, Some get arrogant. I'm his real obvious. I mean look at round arousing right round arouses she thought hey on. Go on, get a beat all these people and that that that arrogance will bite you.
So I think we saw that in zeal teams were gods overseas. Do do a quote on quote: combat deployment, they get some experience, but it wasn't like hard. Or sustained, combat operations and so that their that actually we would be negative. It almost be better, not have any experience. Almost probably better, have some experience, but you deftly so so my point is whether Europe combat what you're going to combat. Would you been in combat with your business, whether you know sport just because you Some success don't stop cutting corners, don't let dont get arrogant. Is carbon, said stop, but we still see it all the time when you're in the mix e its needlessly is compelled to do it like I'm winning I think, if only to train any harder We need training harder. I'm gonna go slow. The guy running the mile. The guy who's running the mile radius. Beating airborne is willing, but then you got the guy who's had them. Firstly through the four lapse and at the end,
whose turn it on and the guy randomized gone. Cruising them again passes. That's why the OECD, the underdog, is its eagerly. Take advantage of overconfidence of arrogance of someone who just gonna take your judgment. It's like what you say like I'd go to Iraq. We don't we done a bunch of operations, but out In my mind, I did You'll wake. I had been tested. New and a lot I felt like hey. We still believe that where we always thought wars, commissioner, with the worst things can happen with how bad can this get? That's what I was always looking at, and still and when I would, when we run a drain, well run Jane, you wretched. We also know that. What are we I want the treaty be harder than combat, you know so, keep your ego czech people and we which are leaders about it all down. I just had a conversation leader, not alone oh that gun.
Tell me ever these gone good is implemented. The stuff we talked about his bees, rock and roll. These principles is teams goin greater. My ok, well, we're gonna go back, we're gonna go back, what what are you? Wouldn't you miss what resting Are you not take the proper steps? What's the worst case here that can have another good leaders are gonna, be doing that all the time never gonna be satisfied. Always they were what around this there's always a little butterflies there. I think when you are, When you are often taken, I got it all figured out what bad could possibly happen. Working across the enemy watch out, it's gonna go bad for you, moving the next question. I'll tell you, though, what these people, in underdog. Is that not much is expected area so even
you feel like whenever it doesn't, would throw up any kind of red flag, the move, the needle, but when you do good and move the needle, because no one expects majority the up being the underdog is easier position. Less pressure here can be seen no air Fisher next question, they would go Jacko in life. What once the crisis started in Benghazi was a cure of practical. It is something that the there's so much discussion are busy with the heated political debate the idea of election season a lot has been said about bagasse and now I think what Bothers me so much that is. The answer is yes, of course, a cure rough, you're sure then set up and ready to go in the event that this happened, and so
The issue with this is what we ve been guardian. Why it's a big deal and why it's important is digging for those of us in a military is because, when. U S. Military personnel are employees of the. U S, government, anyway, out in harm's way and there calling for help leader, real leaders are going to step up and get that help to them and make it happen, and I take what Whether or not a cure f, which is of a quick, quick reaction force, we talk about sending Una force. Maybe it's real, maybe soldiers, Maris Mesh operations, various air support me. Their support, cloak, closer support which could have gotten, are certainly in the matter of ours. Its. Those things would
probably have made huge efforts on their battlefield worthy of save the lives of of Thai Woods, whose our team glint Glinda already at another teammate that you said a perversion lasted longer lives, including the master Christine. It's I don't know. I don't know that it would have saved their lives and no one could say that, but that's not what leaders are asking themselves when they dont know the outcome. I they are true, good leader is gonna is gonna when bad things are happening is going to. How can we resolve this? How can we help us get ready to the hard thing when you look at the scenarios for everything that we ve seen and understand about what happened in awake? in Gaza is when the car came in. That? U S, forces are under attack. Do you mean response was happen. It was this have. How have we How can we make this better for us politically spin? How can we spend exactly so, We do that when we Libya had to be because I was
the party line the title in Libya, had to be a big win. We liberated lit Libya, U S forces when it air power liberated Libya from the evil a greater more market daffy. Without has to be a victory for, should get say that Al Qaeda terrorist groups are taken over the threat levels there. So we have to put a spent on their. So, let's let's, we cannot say that there is a threat. Let's come up with a story about the video and how the video inflamed Adrian against Americans and, and and blame that, and so that was the crisis response and no one ever said: and every asset. We have to help those guys and here there is always the elder. The paperwork and them Permissions had required in or another country's airspace, but we very seldom and what, if the president at the very top says, get U S aircraft they are now they're gonna get there now is what is Libya gonna do for us
they were digging when their nation that ninety eight leave I am a pseudo government at that point poster oppose revolution so, It was a travesty and how to get a real stain on our own american honor when you s, troops were in harm's way, calling for help. America did not send help so couple things from my perspective. Number one in a kind of touched on is the proper, vision was awful, there's all kind. The documents showing that these guys at itself a threat and Eliza threat. New? The threat was real and did not get the support that they wanted down there. That's just step number one. So from the beginning, never mind once this once once what was it was question once the crisis started the crisis shouldn't have started, you should be proud. Active. You should be aggressive in your containing the planning you should be aggressive in your security measures. You should be aggressive against a known and
on a viable threat overtime? So there is number one there's the first failure, then a second failure. You already said: how much are you what you American troops in harm way harm's way, we're going to do everything possible to get there now, and you know what how Is that crisis gonna? Last you don't know You don't know how long crisis gonna last. So, if the If you start- and I know what's going on, I'm sending help an obscenity the first help I get up from set in there and its executive established more helpful and send them to, and if the crisis is over in the end, the embassy is overrun and twenty minutes were to eight ok, we did our best, if the crisis last six hours in the day, the patriotic he arose that stood the line and far held Those guys for five hours Your seven hours long enough to get support. There, then guess what we win everyone's alive and we did our job so it was just a disaster across the board and, like you said
We'll are real. Not only a stain on on american presence, world to have an ambassador, a sitting ambassador murdered. Our reaction to it was completely it was. It was a travesty and not to mention, of course, the loss of some real euros that debt stood up and held the line we even without the support that they needed from their country at that time, which is hard for meat, even say I'll back as down little bit, take a little breath, throw yourself ball from the front the troopers out there. And this is actually some might be sought. Lay photo your passionate about this. What's the best barbecue in Texas, that's does it Edward IDEA deserve people have their favorites
You know what today we're gonna talk about. You know politics. We talk about religion, work in its eyes at life, with their asthma, barbecue took out a little man touchy. Subject: savvy we went, I wanna get another one on what you too much twitter haters, say the wrong barbecue not involve any to test how to take their barbecue very seriously. Think there's no doubt about that. It is certainly a dashing down their taxes, the big deal, but I gotta go with them. I gotta go Cooper barbecue where's Lando taxes that the original leave out if they of a couple of opened up and arsenic now, but it is its awesome. You walk in their place, you get it just a big plans, the tray and theirs giant smokers around, he got up and you too sick. I want that piece of rescue. I want those words that sausage I just take it and you will then you just get after it,
job EU private Laminae unknown that now they ve got big brother John Jago is not of the aid for those out there. The listening. He is very, very much a guard of war. There are some weight. What's this body, Cooper, spit barbecue, Lando taxes are next question. Is there a way to practice is back to leadership, is. Are we practice. The hard conversations I'm not known for my delicate finesse, Well, I'm glad you're not known her delicate Vanessa is neither I generally I'm a pretty direct guy and I'm a default aggressive leader by nature. Nothing that it. I love, Jago really is, yours, joys use jujitsu with Ezra analogy and allow the direct approach
I particularly as a result as a white but wonder myself, and when you change due to its you're goin, for the three moves that you know, people know its common and it's very easy to defend read. So if you can set up like I'm going through this within our borders. Others in it that indirect approach generally Julie is more more success. What you just talk about that were the icy rather bicycle. Earlier your daughter, so I'm an ivy gets you so many examples that were received and are often that direct approach, hey my way. Do it this way just doesn't get the job done. I think is waiter practice our conversations one. Hundred percent there is- and so many people think they're above rehearsals role play Those are those are things that are critical to see of origin, about of living love. You don't realize that we act. We will we do work rehearsals and walked throughs before Every single operation,
And we try to mimic that, maybe it's a were out train the desert. We might even have lake. I lay out rocks, are put tape on the ground, so it it in mimics bill. If we, if we had there not actual buildings, to use for training facilities, or are we there are one stand together in their sticks in. We know whose get on a helicopter here and he's got an army on the second helicopter there, those I think that allow people in the dark of night, when it's crazy and chaotic to go in the right place, do with theirs so do everything a simple as unloading from a vehicle. Just we the practice that we and we are- we had this where this giant truck that were you when we idee threats or get really bad in Iraq, initially your sort of riding in the back on benches, in in the back of a humbug kind of an open there like a truck trucked, I back and then the idea, rather Rojo, banter surrogate so dangerous that we had guys inside armor and so well let me
of armies were going here? Five guys you, if you have guessed tobacco, so we how to take this giant the man drug, and we would do any we nicknamed big save. Was our job and it was, it was a big gun. Five contract, your flat bedrock and in deed I don't know of previous seals or of the army, had done. It worries but we'd welded. These a corporate steel pleads around it and we had there. Can we Adele sandbagging the bottom up, so that was like our that was our protection and most sandbags like torn up his boots. And so's? You just said nonsense ever get blown up. It would not have provided a whole lot of protection for me, but you begin One up and sand getting out of drug is is substantial when you got twenty guys at the back of their truck inert neo it with, some of our guys iraqi of soldiers that were with us our journeys annual, open swing, openness, giant heavy in corporate steel doors in the back and then
but a ladder out in everyone's, you climb down the ladder that takes some time and. Guess what aggregate there can turn into three stooges real go. No doubt was even a small boxer. They wouldn't get injured. We ve had guys fall off the trucks I gotta dislocate their shoulders and literary how to get sent home but more important if its David, three minutes or four minutes to do some like their debts The former is that you have guns pointed it in every direction and its So we had a practice that in practice that practice that until we get but in less than thirty seconds and then we have two different ISAF forces, get a major assault ones line up unless our road assault, design of the rights of others, and we do things that you we have to practice, over and over and over again, and it seems really juvenile. It seems very elementary. But if, if you do he took the time a practice that performance, your performance is so much better. We gather darkening the chaos of mean an unknown area and worry about it.
Bad guys and where they are, and always things happening to make it should people went to the pressing need to go so having those conversations practice, it sitting down with someone who understands how that person might respond for a tough conversation role play. Maybe How did they did they? Try different scenarios whether there really it's a soft law. Easy scenario is difficult scenario and, and is the worst case scenario worst case in her. So the more you do that better idiots- and this is on the job. What I've done quite a bit is with comedy work with is roleplaying. You, the council, and its easy just say what you gotta be were fired you, but if its visit the guy. He must stop. You gonna try to get him all border use this plan, or you have to talk him down from doing this out and all he did that mountain town that is making the cub but that when it whatever it is and you have to talk to them in that role. Play is critical and it makes you better and enables you to perform better. So, yes, you have, do that you're, hearse yeah. Your forehead durations with someone deal with
in a role play scenario, they get better even literally see them get better prettier Creakle. We. Pretty good, getting out of nice are right. Next question There was recent news about combative in the seal teams. What was the ever? you shouldn't, Mme too, looking has gone through a whole plethora of various camp hand to hand combat type things, When I first came in there were some then called scars- and I said for scientific- something something something something, but it was It's gonna. Look like a and her ear was he with very IKEA figure, was based on say ensue right, which is a martial arts anyways it was kind of. When I showed up there, then we and a more towards something.
Little bit more modern and then we morphed towards something else, and so we are costly, cannot looking at searching for something that was a vision we added go on with this one is worn. Contractor for several years- and you don't say Use this this one contract or for several years and then eventually, especially once the war started in we had guys on a regular basis. Doing hand to hand combat against the enemy and fruitful? As you don't understand when that would happen, if we go into a building and theirs people in there. They dont have weapons. Well, you kid, got him all about you have to control of them if their military age, males you propaganda column, you gotta get him down the ground, gotta control them now the whole variety of things, can happen. The guy can be honoured.
But literally combative. You know he could square up and say: ok, it's on. We ve seen that and we will not be surprised to hear that people should do that. We know you. Gotta began a big tough seals, they're they're gonna get a put you doubt what we ve had mobile people not comply. Oh you're, not gonna, put me down and it does. Years ago too. Well, for so that that one on the spectrum, you, then you go down the spectrum or some other just scared and their frozen with fear. So, but but your yelling at them to get down and arabic, which is your Arabic, not gray, yell at them. They're scared, a freeze on how we gonna do Get us anarchy beyond item you gotta get down to the ground, get them patrols. You continue declares then there's people that are They all the way down to someone. I just you know you Stacy, they say you they put their hands, they lay down. That's great! That's easy, So as we started getting into these scenarios on a regular basis, we we realise that the system that had been taught was ineffective in that who in also, luckily, we had a bunch of guys and seal teams that were ended, jujitsu
which I addressing and Emily in general, and so that they came in and are people starting hey? Why don't you just do this and this will act? we get a person under control and, as you told a good story, today, when we are talking about Jujitsu about that, a teller, that's good! That's good! Little explanation of where we were and where we were, where we got to get my first Mattoon. We went through that that training, and that was our pressure, Hamley training, so that as we did in and that we meet with practice, handling prisoners and searching them in, but I'm not gonna. Let self handling to answer. We are told us the way to do it. This is the well when we start going to get role players. I remember one in particular, we're going to get there were in the kill house and were Withdrew and inequality were this is why bar you're going its role pleasure there shooting back at you with ammunition, which is a paint round throughout our actual weapons, is great trainings. Then you have then you're dead. Have to deal with it. We have to act resolutely,
If we actually have to engage target or their shooting baggage you outside need training, and we talked about that before, but but there it is. One of these, it really stood out to me, was armor and want one particular got. One of the roll players was up. Pretty large guy. I mean he's Bobby six, four, six, five like to utter video guy, bigeye and me and- and this guy wasn't a sea of he wasn't a see. Other user gunners major users while journey come up, be a robot great helped us with training. Oh you know a small roleplaying ever get them Gallagher on hold them in and get a surgeon, and me, and in another one of our guys, who is a big about Guy is gag arms. Big aroused my legs. Seals was alarmed, Large man very strong guy Anna we grab, the scabbard will try to give the ground and he's not being supplied he's been here. Just in Us- and it hard
this. This is difficult for me and the other guy we're not we're not small guys and we were were strong, guys, we're we're getting scared. Grab he's not cooperate, we're having a hard time, keep it down another one of our guys who is actually lot smaller, does use bobbio hundred eighty baumgarten, two hundred pounds and any other shelves ceramics Bobby Cure, thirty bound guy he's. This this other? She comes up air he's like a hundred eighty pound guy he's dead, you get to you got a little bit about you. You spend spend our time below it, integration, Jeremy and had it was one of the wheel, the first guys. I knew who is pretty preschool the energy issue and, and he He gives us. This is big guiding role, pleasure ass around the gutters maiden cooperating we're wrestle around with him. He comes up, their gets. A guy gets, it gets in the autumn, goes like neon stomach and the guy guy can't do anything and Here's one hundred eighty down guy completely controlling this large
the two of us couldn't do before, and I need urges budgets who decides of works and have adjusted It was just a reactive like body control. I can control this gun need some get. His arms games have died, done armies and he actually, when we debrief with em, I he comes now. It now is out of his role play element. Is that it's pretty cool, and then I ve actually brought me storage because he he he realized just how effective it was for a guy who really understood by control. To be able get in the autumn, hold him down an enviable control, even though he was emphasised this. Interestingly, that's almost that's what most of us start it happens to you in your level. Wool those like Do you like how's, my guy who, yet you know he looked so much more than me, and it is Russia we other battle So that was you know and that that case that you just described happened, but that you know every gay and seal team, somebody else that news him do you do we
Would we have this never happened and eventually the the The answer rises up and people say: hey, look this work This is not working as a that's how we ended up with with more of an Mme based approach, because not just pure jujitsu be its everything. It's my tie its boxing its It's you no weapons retention pieces to it. It's people learn how to hit people with your gun. What we call muzzle strike, which is, again. This is one of those things where we can I would keep me told the delay muzzle strike would with Jill we'll be there will kill. People is definitely incapacity me instantly and not people out, and the fact of the matter is in. I know I know wave and I have seen I don't even know how to be more bobbing. The strikes over and over and over again, and it is that the amount
do you think I ever saw an actual knock out? I mean you see some damage. It hurts consul persons face open, it makes a bleed everywhere. It is complete nightmare, you're, gonna, taken a medical and it's just a bad thing, whereas we get those a little bit of Emma making going to control these people came down in its did, no fact, or so that's what I would have taken over and it's definitely a good thing in a positive thing. It's been if we call the doktor geyser now carry on with programme next question How do you deal with anger and flared tempers in yourself or your team Lay from go had turned out all over you Why do you ask lakes way more experience than he was moving a template for a large part of this, and I thought about being a direct guy beer dna, a deep. Of aggressive guy and their end.
Yeah there's a lot good in that there is also some bad when you lose your temper when you lose your cool one, you know when you get emotional about these reactors are viewed omega decisions, and so we, He always taught art our guys at the most important question, they can have the combat leader is to remain calm and make. The decision under chaos and pressure so that doesn't happen when you lose your temper, so when I look back on the Irving about Jews, We do not lose your temper by stuff. In its I can give a number sinner as it were. It happened where it is, I said, people say like seals, are always focused all the time its life and death. For you guys out there we talk business, they say it is life and death for you guys is our life and death for my guys, we're out get embassy focus, guess what people losing
someone right people lose just want it. There's not leaders at home that those standards and pushing I remember one time: particulars we, patrol backdoor carbon outposts, and now we ve been long operation is for patrolling the dangers area, and we can. A bunch of prisoners- and we had, we had no walk him back on foot because there are so many idee threats in that area. A matter we finally met. It was rather fighting vehicle to smaller, take from the army. That came very low room of anatomy, and indeed they took him back. From there, but so we're walking back patrolling and we're almost there were still a few hundred yards back away from this coming up with more an enemy territory, agate need some geyser started not he spoke is like looking down their weapons and job insecurity and the things in an I was infuriate about it. I was told we buy. It was because I knew what was at stake that look. If, if we're this went all the way back until we're inside that wire of the other from the common up. What we could take fire at any moment and if we're not
watch and knew that very second, we get shot it. People Maggie guilt, it decrease our probability of winning that firefight of a brain or body actual absorb is a big deal and in but I have lost my group when I came back. I was too, and it has like fired up people, and this is why I supported- and I look back on it are like that's. That's not the best way to do it right. The best way to do that is to say what I mean for gas. It is to give security reminder that keeps journey, certainly, while, while its avenant but get back. If you guys years why we gotta give security. I know we're Roy It'll come on yards from the carbon apples but recognise their enemy fighters out here and They're gonna hit us, we least expected I just got it hasn't happened to us before you know, even though it done this does a dive. Does not me, that it won't happen to us the next time, and we can't will. This is important figure how you would feel if somebody got when you wish, but we also curiouser across the street, and you are better DEC
you're, the interests and use that example. I almost feel that you showing legitimate anger that point as positive thing like you want to make if we cleared everybody anyway, you get their attention because it's not like you lose your temper Alla time is by getting angry and people go. O Neill he's here, he has lose temporary. Often here is supervised at what I do. I don't early to problems which are probably get angry. I got really really angry. Ok, So it's one of the things were eight. It would have been more effective for media to be stern. An end not back down from that in the least and not treated I'm not saying that at all, but I think just to lose it to yell and scream those things. It is nevertheless work you're, right, you're right. That is true. If you, if you completely losing your Yonah scream minutes, it's it's not and even though you have to write it was important, and I wanted that addressed. It was
it wasn't the best. What he s, looking back on it at one time in particular, do as I can a girl when you wanted to make changes, your operation. Oh yeah that's right care will be guided by the last biogas. Whenever we we are, I was right cancel the op Jacko came. It was like. Well, what about this yo? Maybe we do we look at it from this direct white, wanted, you guess maybe patrol in on it, Drought and not go across this bridge the child point, they might very ideas in the road and we Looking this four hours a day, This change in ten minutes prior to get all the jacket he got. You gotta losses call me cause. I just lost my goal and I've been a booby hours at this and I was prostrate. I was ready to get get this lodged in all the pay work with fire regional levels of proves that we need and run around shouted visualization and,
yeah. She just like the music. We don't need a ghastly up, It's gonna be by any any you. Yes, I get asked me a question. Does what I'm saying exits and I wanted like no idea here every year I totally bitterly makes as you like, a gay hours can take jaded our two minutes. We have eight minutes after Nobel. Let's get we don't need, cancel the operation of say no. We down there in in. Like said it's important to maintain year, you're cool. The way I do that is by being detached talk about all the time. In that situation, got fired up at me. I was like, like ok, let's get fired up. I didn't think lace get fired up because he's you're or crazies- doesn't care controls? I find myself hey. You know what you ve been on this all day, he's he's gotta
lot of pressure on him. There's a lot of frustration when you're doing these plans are doing all this paperwork. I understand why he's coming from Lemme give Spaceliner very little bit and then, let's reproaches thing, that's on common the situation so how you handle it, those pervert, because at you, blown back up and what is worse, the natural human reaction was right. Then I Matt were yellow needs. Even though we have a tremendously close relationship, we would agree, I'll be out, yet it would have been a big deal it or even, if, even if you end up satellite, you know, as so many leaders would do that. You're gonna do Do it this way and then I'll I'm mad at you and I'm I'm all pissed are you? Are you came in a drop me, oh by the way? What happened when some goes wrong on the operation of a job? who told you to do it do this and yet again, then you have a stretches, but the body, the the
you did in a situation where you actually to smiled and laugh over just right lad ever give it is disobey Geiger. I didn't laugh at him like he was a little clearer. How did you know he knows me, and he knows exactly where I come from, like hey. I know its will it was the purview to DE escalate. The situation which, which made me the ethical exactly and made me realize. I fear it may totals as any we Studios Nebraska, that's You're with that, are you deal with so when some its Matthew DE escalate. When you feel yourself get spot up detach winning. You got spun out at last. Your girl, I've said this before in the park asked printers and copy machines. They they don't like we do not like them, and so every time instead of office space, the outer space thou, I'm gonna like runway printers and carbon machines, they don't ever do what I want to do, and so I get agony agreed them. So I lose out of my mind.
But neither I dont use whatever very often doesn't doesn't. Do me a lot of good at it. Usually they usually doesn't help situation. You don't doesn't help you solve the brow. And, in my mind, is always our. How do I get this things out. They never help. You solve the problems, you know If you like me in, and you lose your call, your beer practice, you get rehearse that you make sure that your detaching and not losing your cool so that you can get the job done away. That's what it's all about an adult to commander! No cute go a little bit of rage. You know one day the dealt in commander is gonna, be
out of the military in he's coming right on this part, guess he knows it he's fired up, but you know is my my other brother and there's gonna be a good time, but Ito he would get some rage going right after you. I'd have to back him down a little bit and say brought me Rais D get fired Africa where we're herewith enamored help you any girl. I know they are right next one. This is a pretty up pretty heavy subject. Actually jock on wave fought on cops, being ambush, watch. It police departments do be doing you prepare, especially with no command support for training. Ices is an american law enforcement role. Battling this terrorism.
We ve been training. Active, shooter lots visa. This is actually a conglomeration of a few questions, but the basic question is fast in the Caspian ambushed. What should police departments be doing to train for that, prepare for and in how you civilians fin that picture? And what can civilians due to help with the horrible shooting that took place in Texas? horrific, horrific stuff, and certainly we left of the families of those laws and our prayers and any time the iter. Police forces in Dallas, in batten, rouge and across the country where they live, lost, lost their brothers? I think That is why we have tremendous respect for law enforcement for the boys in blue and end now, but Withers police deplore what's your sheriff, japanese federal law, Foresman in that they protect opera and we now that we have to have? we have to have,
We have to be a nation loss in and without that we ve got complete lawlessness, and so I think, America's you to show pronunciation for their police departments and for their love. Prison officers? We can't do that enough. We have to thank those of those folks. I thank God. Or is there. It is just another example: we talk about these, the police ambush. This is another example that, just as we talk about the first question, darkness right, the evil that in the world there are some evil people that sell this evil like it's a great thing and I think. There's just no. No justification for further cannot rid itself that we ve seen alleys ambushes on police officers and so think police need to start. I have you already seeing the urgently Please that are getting there get long guns if other forces it didn't have a lot of madame, but maybe they have access dormer can give them quickly.
They're gonna need to have a longer swear. If some ice, targeting you with a rifle and all you have the pistol. It's not good for you. That's the inefficacy, they don't know anything about guns like ECHO, the different between havin a rifle and a pistol is night and day I mean let ledges break it down so you're good shot with a pistol? Maybe if you agree child a pistol, maybe get now what what fifty fifty yards? a good shot with a rifle and you're out two eight hundred yards pretty easily. Now, on top of that, you, got a pistol you can see? A pistol round will stop when it hits something to eat those pissed around stop when they hit regular windows on cars A high power rifles going to read through the doors of cars, no problem it's gonna be so there is a. There is a massive massive difference between being out in the street with a pistol and be out the street with a rifle.
So luckily, there's while not luckily, but they are starting to arm the police for these scenarios that you're gonna get it. I remember the first that first patrol. I went on in Iraq in the interim. These and we hit. We we hit a a steel hedgehog, it's a little obstacles that Americans put out an off. They left and there have been some problem some driving along also boom. We hit one of my vehicle and I thought to myself: I just at night: I'm about to die, but our vehicle gets jacked up, we're like propped up and everyone poured out in the street, and I took up security benevolence. There were two will enforce in any feel, even in old books. We want a machine had we never went out again without delay to heavy machine guns per humvee, because we wanted to be ready to rock and roll
select. The same feel you're gonna get rolled out with just a pistol flats number one number two these, that the police departments vague. I start looking at tactics at urban combat tactics and how to handle the situation, how to govern move primarily how to cover and move. It always is shocking to me when I see the the winners we're not using these cover, win, win, win, there's gunfight or potential gunfight, or even if there's not that's one thing and remedy we're going to walk in answering your body or walked on street you're moving covered cover? a police officer, let's at least being your cover so of shooting starts at you can get and cover way. When I, the arrests happening, actual recipe to China's they're trying to get someone to stop in the police officers are standing out in the open to try and tell someone to stop. Don't stay The open stand behind cover now, there's a there's, a complexity there, because you walk the
now you're trying to stop to be able to clearly identify that your police officer right, but let's make the error on the side of being behind cover. So if that person does draw gone, you can be able to reach. From a place a cover if you're the difference between Instead of behind cover and standing out in the open if someone start shooting at you. Ah, if you got cover you're gonna go that's what are you gonna go? They have to do. They have to hit tiny tiny little target of whatever is exposed to your party, your head, whereas if you stayed in the open, are gonna hit you. So I think I think The tactics needs to be looked at very short, looking at the individual tactics of doing arrests and then they need to start looking at the larger group tactics. When you have a one. You know you got your part. Rather, how do you operate together? How do you cover move together, what's the best way to react to these scenarios and then, furthermore, when another group, when other, please show up. How do you then quickly organise into elements that can operate together like a
military unit and I was going to make some people scared, but like that's that They should be aware that when you're too gunfight, you need to use tactics gunfight. Tactics in those come from an order, so they should be able to operate in pairs. They should be elaborated elements and grow into you. Get to a point we can handle these situations and that's gonna. Take lot of training and that's gonna, take money and that's gonna cost and I'll talk to some of my friends are police officers in. Perfect one guy just met. We really good guy really flat fired up. Did you play, of course, and he said the amount of training that they get is very, very minimal. So, for example, awry Geller police officer. They actually don't oftentimes, they dont have designated times for trade, They don't have time to say: ok, you're gonna work. Forty hours this week for those hours are going to be training in that's completely wrong.
You should have mandatory real good training. Force on force training it that's what makes talk earlier where your shootin live. Simulation rounds or pay around that each other, so you're getting used to those stressful situation. So I cannot say you swear, offer the guy. Three, you scare off the guy one time it he's got simulation and you stand out in the open and knock it cover and he pulls out that gonna shoot you three times in the face with with simulation. And then the next time you go get your livelihoods and proper. It's gonna happen is that? What we want people to do you know anything about. That is the way Where is a real emphasis on live fire when I first came in and into the seal teams, and a lot of the instructors that were voted through training had not had any real experience. Any real combat experience it so we shall have those folks that were saying well we're going live fire, Cosette, more port and that's better training and the reality is it's not. It's actually worship. Gus your deal with paper targets and
examples like either there aren't as it there's a weapon in their hand, are there not shoot him? don't shoot him. Did you had a targeted, not so important, be able to operate with my fire, and that's that's great so much here to operate against a rope? Where are you going to room like the guy's moving? You can't see, it means trade issue is issue using our shooting. It is easy, maybe is an armed, but if bomb rushing you an inverse in over guys yelling allow bar and running at you he's your hive suicide bomber threats he's get smart. He gets more, so it sir. So I think police, police forces of absolute, they cover drank, but I gotta put this realization areas, and there too, and in it our pleas, Azure, jockers it we got many May Fraser and law enforcement. Some unforeseen work where they ve got gone, that right now therein very difficult and urges all time. It's one of the hard things about a close course combat is,
our shops ourselves. I don't game it, don't game, it means and I started out with a kill. How are you can change the walls and maneuver round when you're thinking? in your mind, I know what I'm gonna see when I enter this room that what you Jerry Sea and so it is difficult for you gotta make it easy to get really apt up your heart, Raids, goin in your like up here, you know you because of pressure on yet instructors era. New energy made you shot, make good decisions, but it is a new guy. Would you have done that before you go do for the first time and so It is your game in it and yours you already envisioning what you can see That's your actuating and you and I remember I shot a targeted Georgia, Babylonia Target and theirs. No there's! Nothing the guys here, there's no I'd. I'd thought I saw a weapon in the target, and I thought I hammer the target and always with rounds, look at the whole day that suggests that gave rise to hotel
You engage hostels. Ivy provides us with the Good Movie Navy seals, but that's the kind of thinking really get to you. So, and only you only learn that when you, you only realise how easily that can happen when it happens to you in training and when they change those things around, so that you go in there and it's the hallways different in your move. In a different direction and there's a veto, it. Causes was gonna issue. So what you're talking about If you want to train for the unexpected, that's what you want to have happened in the things that you see in combat her crazy. The things at cop deal with GO watch Youtube. I said this last time we talk about the subject, go watch Youtube and we see the crazy things that people do out there in the world you gotta be prepared for all those things and how do prepare you gotta learn to think we got a little too faint quickly. I was taught one of our guys from TAT your browser the other day and he eats up. Democracies, name obviously, but he's one of one one of my favorite guys who did this
The point with us came back in, I think, was either. Is next appointed with foreign after went to Afghanistan and did a lot of incredible. Stuff in Afghanistan and again I put him through training for that thrives the draining- and he was just great guy- stepped up- and I said, hey man, What was it a gratifying Afghanistan as it? What was always a difference between what you know, the point to Afghanistan, where you got a bunch of gunfight got after compared to what it was like a body, and he said you know that This difference was in Afghan, then when things are happening there, they're, usually at a distance. You know you're in you're, looking at across the valley, you're, looking down a ridge line, you're looking, you know your you can observe and you can got some time to think you can get some covered. Think ok, I think, is where they aren't. We take another. Look: you can pop your head out. You could assess it. Any just looked at me and he said in remedy. Had to make a decision now Oh,
I started laughing because that you, don't you there's no distance. The person is across the street, the person is to buildings away and you as a leader or even out his leader as a shooter. You gotta make, as is right now elaborate believers knock. I tell you what to do. You can engage across the street, you you're not to wait for the leaders say what do you gotta know what to do? You gotta acts and, and- intensity of urban combat combat any ghettos is like we're. Not when we talk about the Chechen war, what those guys, if so stress, warn those lessons learned with us today in the urban combat environment. These guys need to be cycle. Bout of the urban combat environment, because the idea wreckers a sniper threat cause the immense pressure of having made decisions. Now they should be psychedelic ethical. Every two months- and here we were I'm putting you guys out the field for six straight months into an ermine, combat poligized leaf, Paul jail. Do you Bruce your eyes? Damned hard loved but so so that enough, your back and that's what these cops are dealing with. That's these police also deal with is vague of good practice in
curse, making these decisions now, because that's what they have to do so now, what can you do to buy yourself? An extra quarter? Second and extra half a second well, don't stand out in the open, creates distance. Why you approaching the person? Ask yourself why what made of where's Guy's gonna run for me. If he's rods, what's gonna happen, you're gonna come more of a threat less of a threat. Even you can make those decisions a piece of this citizens of America. Why don't we actually need to teach in high school? In ninth grade freshmen classes. I think there needs to be a class called how to get arrested by the police, and they tell you what you should do when you get over by the police or you get told to get down by the police, or you get told to get away from the wall by the police. You know it, you do you do it, you do it, could you do you show on your hands? You get your hands out your pocket, you put your hands in the air and you know what part of that clash should be is thus
students that are going through the class get to be a cop and get to use ammunition, get to feel what it's like to know the not no actually do not. When you pull this guy over. Is he what's going on? and I watched a video here- the data did a great job. Somebody suckered me it on the internet on Youtube, It was on watch another horrible police brutal, What is this some kind of title like that and watching it in this this guy, that's in a car, traffic stop in the guy. The cars is being totally compliant and, unlike God, I can't believe it. Cop is going to do anything to this guy. Look at his guy he's getting his license like he was asked to MIKE like. I could barely watches is like another. Shooting out was the title: another shooting another death. Because I always think does the harbour, the watch on watch and wait for the cop distant pull. Gunnar see, quick moving abroad is gonna shoot the guy in the guises,
in quite a nice and reaches in to grab some then grabs wallet or whatever poles are gonna shoot got, got shot. The cop got shoots. Cop us out of car runs totally me by surprise. So when you got getting arrested and we need to educate the citizens of America on how to get arrested, and I think that would be very helpful instead of protecting the cops for sure, people they should ok? What can we do, which takes motorcyclists? What can we do a citizens to do it our job of getting arrested. You know be complete, showing your hands, that is it again? I think it important to understand the pressure that that that police are under an end hey just so everybody knows some of those videos that I watch. I know for its horrible and the police were are too taken shots that have made me made my stomach turn because
they ve been a nightmare, though I already described one of these on the pot gas. That one where I saw the guy with the headphones on an hoodie on, couldn't hear opposition reach into his pocket turn off his Iphone and cultural them. You know Where was the cops standing he was standing out in the white up anyway, It opens up a seven eleven parking lot, so he hasn't. Cover no concealment, he's yelling at the sky. The guy turns around what was shut off his Iphone where's, listen to music. So you can hear what the composition, cop drills and the call was you know, guy with a gun so I understand the anger at police when police make badge that's, but less figure out, not less. Let's, let's we just talked about let's not be temperamental about? Let's not use rage, let's that's lock and solve the problem. What is going on the promise, take a step back, let's analyze, What we can do as citizens to do you ask
They all these situations. Yemen, that's good idea there about. Let the ito in your eyes ear examples icicle, but let the citizens know how it feels to be the cop, because really that's easy, The cap has all this power. You know all this stuff, but they don't I think when they see that kind of stuff they dont know cause because of the emotions that get invoked when they see it. So if they I understand that a two way street to facilitate that learning process. So when you saw in the village It has a common thing. Those one of like a normal thing, one of the world, what was commented at Fort two people go through the stranger in one way and now they're kind of part of what our culture you know. Where citizen. We know we are well aware of what cops go through in August of because we ve been through it and we understand we just fully understand that would make The whole landscape of cop verses sit in or cops working alongside with citizens. It would stick out like a sore thumb when someone
Suspicious, otherwise people would be discussed here. I know exactly what to do it be like clockwork routine. In and myself, I've done vehicle interdiction over Iraq and I know what it's like to walk up those cars and see what those people looking like an answer when I would argue polar about accounts which hasn't happened me a lot, but you know Spi. I've got busted for speeding, I'm sorry but the other pulled over? I'm veto totally discipline. It was really the only good I'll, just just hands very slow movements. I dont we want to make their job as easy as possible as easy as possible cause. I know they're stressed you know, pays officer, I don't sorry gaunt little fast. You know what What for me the mere to comply, on that note. I mean, of course, they're gonna be there can be police, it they'll. Make the decision to end and maybe go over the top- or maybe there the other day a circle for some other through issue, are they or their? a call on and off. In the end, this is gonna work. Gonna talk about his earlier. Was it
get a call like I saw an arm guy or you fit a description of someone you looking for their already seen, use a threat. So having you know, if you feel like you're, not get believe me. This is this is always the cat, a myth and our culture as well. I'm about is a white boys. You can get as a blonde headed their appeal. Skin guy, I've been mistreated by the police, that's for sure, and it will. Now, when I was happening when I got shoved on the ground, a little short real shotgun jammed into my my skull Even as we apply it, I've I didn't lose. My goal. Because what is that gamey? I another resist irresolute, I'm just gonna camera. I go. Suck up, I can now. You are our complain about my rights later I can do that. I was gonna knucklehead, as a younger, you know, is a young guy back in the day, but in our private deserve to be rough, but it was. It was one of the central like then now's the time, a complaint about you. You called a brave or the police you want to buy
complete later. You can do that and that typically ends up to be or I'm in Vegas debatable. I guess, but that typically becomes the best discourse, because at the time, if, if a copper, whoever whoever isotope answer swords we lower level is kind the same thing amber under those days ago. I figure we had about me out of the bar, if you'd probably, but if, if you start taking right then, and there were you know, you're, losing a temper or something like that making that that the job difficult liked, as I said like- that's, not gonna you're, not gonna, write. Captured your rights at that time like if you think your rights are being violated, you're not gonna, you're not going to get your rights back at that time. The one I remain very limits say some words in that you ever read: he cop that doesn't know. He's doing that. Well, for whatever reason decided We take that shock on off safe. Or he decided, gonna put the finger on the trigger and nice
jerky around and moving and all of a sudden. You got an accidental discharge into your head, but so no! That's arrow! Beneficiaries of his life remain before before it gets too that it think about just the person who's gonna make the decision to either resist or put up a fight about their rights or ignored this after being a power to having a power. Whatever you think about that person's decision making. Rather as opposed to we're gonna let this happen and cooperate fully regardless of your power to regardless of the right that you violated or whatever, and then, if I believe that my rights are violated to pursue it later. I grant aim because the future, is to pursue it right then, and there aren't gonna work out new, actually knows anything about this. It doesn't need to be like a high school education to grab a great but like what can we do in the media that the government, the police, should get? It
for a start making videos of Saint hey. Here's goin on here cops feeling. Yours, cops, think and watch this life universe, plenty, a body, cams, Alyosha, here's what the cops thinking! Here's, what like? They decided a shooting of a the guy up in northern California little bit ago, and he You know they showed him region for his reaching behind him after he's being combated and walking towards people. So it would be called the just raised that frame and say this, What a police officers thinking right now, you're doing this he's thinking Does this guy have a gun, here's the report, I got here the situation. I mean think about what you're doing and do the right thing if you get told get get down to get told, show your hands show your hands. Big we gotta start educating. We ask our training our police, better. They deserve it. We owe that to them so that they know how to work as an individual to use cover as pie. You gotta move as elements jeez, govern, move and then wait.
It put them in a stressful, realistic environments that are changing all the time that they will have to learn how to think now and then civilian side arsenal and need to be educated, is well on how to get arrested, how to comply with It feels like to be on the other side. Emanate them like is that I think that does create this ten this overall understanding of the process like remembers it used to be a bouncer, and you know it's like check ideas, a czech ideas and when someone has a fake idee Usually you can tell in their behaviour and I'm nothing. I can our age or whatever, if their behaviour, and I'm not saying that. But if there's some suspicion whatever his behaviour, is gonna tell more the tail you know. But there is this kind of standard.
Standard, operating gonna. Wait when you present your at Easter. Your idea, you be quiet, any just gonna stand there, so we can look at your faith about from the that's what typically, what people do automatically, but when people do there are things it sticks up. You know so like that. I think like a you're saying, if very this, understanding there. I know how it is to be a cop. I know how to get arrested. They'll do no create this patent, like as it were when they are acting suspicious he won't be. He was just kind of general suspicious little stick out way more, exactly an altogether heard the leaf next question Metallica or Panther This is the open up a big can of worms, because we too have quite a big debate about this to your browser.
In the day and now Jacko gave me a hard time, because I grew up in the metallic of black album error, which Jack Odin even consider real Metallica. It was gone all school right, ride the lightning, but advert for me. Here is what I think about Vietnam, the Vietnam WAR, and these guys are going to the Vietnam WAR in their there. Listening to Crosbie Stilson right there. Listening to the grateful dead, I mean a large portion of population was we're going to war. Listening to Metallica kill em all Look, a mindset, shadow, that's pretty good! I gotta say, though I think interior crushes Metallica, and I got to say that. Cowboys from Hell is probably the greatest song about Roger that I
Actually, I actually really like the early Gallagher. Indeed, I thought the pandora got better after that, our men and move to longer display observers way when I got up and went harder hold your mouth a war as I suppose the Metallica who got softer so dig in both. Then when I got seal Timor there was a big stereo system in the Jim and had a glass case in front of it. Did welded like a rod into the case where you couldn't open it, you that you can. You can open the case and it was locked shut in the first five. Do you remember the old days they had that the cd disk changers there was no. This is a five disk, seedy changer, the first five Metallica albums work and they could not be removed that have you any idea that yours, if you back in the day team one style your dad's aright,
I'd like to hear what you both think regarding the deaths of birds trainees in the past few months, yet Let's get some have been all over the news. Our bodies be underwater demolition seal training. That is, that is the basic seal training programme as the pipeline that we, go through that graduate from it at that twenty seven wheat program or so, it's gonna, seven, eighty percent attrition raids. It's why they considered from the doves military during the world. It staff training and it needs to be doctoring because we expect you to be performed in a very high level on very dangerous battlefield. Across the globe and a lot of highly dynamic and high pressure situations. So the key to standardize one thing that misleading, as there was in their symbols, We three DES happened in a short period of time in a few months back at a burden, and that's
Have you not truly wasn't two of those two? the three does actually didn't happen in training and so people need understand. So what were the three death? So there was. There was a One get actually happened in training. There was a death or of a student drowned in the poor, we're going to evolution and the instructors were there they try to resuscitate him, got him the hospital, but they could bring back. He was gone so that that is a trained. That's that wondering at the two others that happened was a student that quit training drop. Dropped on request as we call it what you again, your most of the students are go there. This isn't happening head rat, most people quit we regret that the seventy eight researchers Europe means motive. Closure walk away. So a ringing the bell and and and drop in on request, which is what the programme so
harmful situation, but the this individual, soon apparel That was weighed heavily on him, that he quit his dream. Eurobonds, and on liberty, meaning meaning he quit went out wasn't under supervision. Anymore, went into down downs NBA. Where do hotel jumped off the twenty second for killed himself, which is harmful. Which is why I believe that that was not a training death even oaths, attach the can the time and theirs. I'm sure there taken some substantial steps to babies. Try to monitor guys, oh, but more, a! U get. You can't put you yet what, while horrible and tragic and they're going to try to do everything we can to prevent that you can't put guys in jail for six weeks after they were an age. You can't be with him. Twenty four so. I think it's hard to hold your disinterest. Our chinese and responsible for for their deadly and the other one? That happened was,
other guy, who had a quick training student who were training while on Liberty got got drunk and a crash score? I was given a motorcycle. Was the girl? Well, you know what I think you just kind of explained. This makes you don't want strain death, training. Guess she wouldn't happen. It's horrible when it happens, but what a lot of There have been other drownings in the past oftentimes there's some kind of up some kind of a medical issue that the person had I don't know what the results of this guy's autopsy or are, but the guy killed himself. This was wanting. I founded arresting the Sagrada guys. What am I bodies out networks over there still and I suppose you gotta killed himself and do look like stud. You know He then a couple pictures of Miller almost look like up almost like a professional photography other of a guy. You know he was using. Rugby player and he was kind. I took a stud.
And I mention this to the due to my body: that's an instructor over. There said hey man, I look like a stud. What's going on in my body, said a Jacko they're all studs so when I went to training, no one knew about seal deems it. We there wasn't it. A giant. You know we Have the huge publicity that have now, and so, if you want to go to sorting Jakarta, had search, I wasn't just gonna eat the ceilings, weren't gonna, just Can you do you had to out and go for it? It's others. There wasn't a lot of me. There was all kinds of knucklehead going through training. And he said he said when you looked down the line and you look at you. You talk to these kids there, the captain of the team there, the class president high school. There there starts, and so it's no, it's no differ with this. The kid was a stud and I think in actually written some the articles about him Here this was his lifelong dream. He told- everybody amateur BC.
I want to be as you allow me to be a seal and I think he quit on wine. Stay once you wind up alone, equip pretty quick in how weak and and he told everybody- that's what you gonna do, words are distress was due, must bear to go back to ruining, say, yard and make it are you I want to be clear that these are horrible. It's horrible, absolute young, young men who aspire to be seals and whether their killed an auto accident we'll drink driving or not or a suicide is hard, and we will try to prevent that. I'm sure I know that there are twenty dinner is doing everything they can to try and regret that. But again you can't lock these guys up, You can't be at some point. They have to be these two beyond liberty. They eat. We can't be with him wherefore, Savage YO, Yo Yo I forgot you could talk to folks and what a shame about each other.
The suicide is made some of the best guys we serve with guys like markedly and MIKE monster. Both had quit buds rang out. I've got a majority, went to the fleet worked hard to get ready. Come back came back. That training at the park and look were outside stream gas. So this That's just that. That's a horrible gradually deftly at, but I think, what's important we understand is here, for the for training death, this stuff is there. A lot of protocols and place it very its When I was instructed the acute interpreter. Isabel you don't know, life was an instructor out, but I was never an instructor buds belief work there. You worked hell weeks, I did, and so would you don't realize when you're going to ass a student, it just seems like mayhem. These guys are put you ve all these difficult. These difficulties will very controls, its very control and there's no theirs there's a lot of supervision and there's a lot of different safety checks and medical Jackson. Always laser happen. All the time that are going
behind the scenes of the students, only been realised You know it doesn't mean every instructor always behaves where the ship most gasser outstanding professionals there's their levels of leadership that are there too sure that day they perform well, do what they should do in almost every case. That's that's it. Those instructors you're done an outstanding job. I think that the vehicle- thing here too? As I understand it, those standards have got to be high and People love you outside the seal teams. We had a lot of pressure on us right now, particularly with the push to open up. All the special operations to an average the units to two women. This is it. The new push on administration and are ours Virginia the Navy re. Maybe has been all over this and pushing their and wants to see one the graduate from a silk aims. I think that's pretty he's pretty open about that and so this is the danger here and the concern I have is that
tell you something like this: the politicians you don't know what What what makes a good deal? You know that they like they like they like to think they do. But they don't, they have no idea what makes it gets you and They don't understand how difficult combat is you'll, be worth. Sometimes Jacques ragged quotas, I tell us a good boy did or that we talk about words, because everybody when devising the ceilings and an lesson bodies is a given the Nazi. It's a good training programme Stuff is art. Certainly others himself. At one disorders, I've always data was gonna beer or should have been better but love. It's quite challenging and difficult. But it's a screening process in addicted to weed out the guys that we believe are the characteristic they're gonna in it. Them to succeed on about a lot of that adjust the wheel were to succeed in persevere. Do some really difficult challenges, so it is critical. Let those standards remain high because carbon, is so much harder physically hard.
Then Georgiana throws lobbies, are you said, hey it's important. We find that they have the will, there's also a level of physical toughness that you have to have that there is. This: In IRAN is a physical, doubtless I'm talking about the actual ability to your for your body to withstand, wear and tear in that's one keeper, You know where the eighty percent attrition rate, not all those be workpeople that quit its people, that can't stand the cold, they visit can't handle called its people that physically can't handle the the press on your shoulders on your neck, on your back on your knees on your ankles. It is very hard for you know, there's a great article has written by two female Marines outward it after We stand that you're gonna put out an outpost where they were for all practical purposes alongside the male Marines in a field environment and they both wrote, said women should not be by the way they were both their both really awesome Marines, who had been like that
Put some got a collegiate athletes, there there were starts and they just said: look we didn't have. Our bodies didn't hold up as one of the many things you know, you just said it when you're combat it's, not it's not in not a sport. You'll get a good you're gonna, be training room afterwards and get an ice bathroom, massage you don't, and if some happens. They don't blow the whistle and come up, the field and at the train or work on you and implore. You often put a substitute, it didn't happen on the battlefield and there are weak classes either the no wait clauses for sure it some so they they need to maintain the standards and they need maintain standards I think we we cannot allow that to celebrity, goes a shortage of doing their utmost to make sure that that happens. Using people need earnestly. I do is when you're stewed God through this For me, this is my dream and guess what, when every come, I'm gonna make a medical check during our how weak which they do you ever every day you get you get Jack every morning in their taking your temperature in their there, their tech taken here
speak to and in making sure that the you'll have pneumonia. You have some other good day direct physical medical condition, you're sweating it out you're sweating it out, because you know you're not gonna, quit this training but would have felt that I take a droll habits. Would if I get Pneumonia get food, my lungs were. If I get sick or shop inhabit, orgasm infection in my leg right break me. Oh my ego How many things happened, two guys in so then you end up. You can yet role that a training maybe ages. How's Indonesia you're doing your utmost to me Do those medical Jackson people understand that the students, or trying to get under the right arm and make it happen and will often pushed their injuries your friend of ours. May all the way through his how weak, with a broken ankle running on it ages when gotta stop. Beat I wasn't gonna stop, he would be in the dark, so you know that the cap, people that we wanted to seal teams work but, on the other hand, instructors that has a difficult job because they have to make sure
that those guys are hurting themselves and I've. Actually, I do I thought it evokes. You wanted to go and resilience and had some medical condition. Daddy. We'll get, they were failing their navy physical is a very difficult physical, exactly how to take your medical exam and I said you know what I just need a waiver for this and they just give me there's an irish explains the mobile people when they told me those it listen. Those waivers are there to protect EU. They are there to protect due to make sure that you don't get killed in training or an end. They protect the deep You know what we were lying on. You and your carriage of growth will be the year in work. Removing you dont go down so Your cover jury. Yet exactly so you it's not about you it about the mission, and so you know, unfortunately, this is when you're talking about, these unity. Just not everybody can dissipated lesson out of our planet. Of about as a linebacker
well that I'm five ten year two hundred pounds out, I would have loved played in the Unifil. I'm not big enough, our strong enough, our fast enough to play in the Unifil, so the Unifil names, are not gonna benefit. If I'm playing lie back before back on their games, they're gonna, be weaker. They're, not gonna, be as good zoo That is the reality of that right. We gotta keep a standardized and- and political pressure because it is a very dangerous thing in politics. It's for you. We ve we're lucky. We have some great leaders better leading that training that are going people standardized understand how important it is unfortunate. It takes one week leader to get to go in there and now for the bald political pressure and standards drop in the world. Is that darkness continues spread, particularly without that conversation that we openness with as darkness. Fred throughout the world. We need our seal teams,
special operators and arbitrary units to perform at the highest levels possible to go and be able to close with and destroy that enemy. Indeed, speaking of Destroy the enemy. Next question is: how do you deal with rules of engagement? Are they necessary? Did they inhibit? You. This is a question we get all the time and people When I talk about rules of engagement, you know everyone, There's always complaints, gas combat about illegal rules of engagement are so stringent and these are different wars or fighting is your counterinsurgency wars and oftentimes people use the term civilian casualties in a way that it that's you know, they're talking about innocent civilians, but what they don't realises that everyone were fighting is severely. None of them are uniformed members of alone, opposing What are they blending the populace? They act like their normal people. They hide amongst the people and use them as human shields and in their shooting at you and shooting
the Jews, Aurora Machine guns at you and they maneuver, so that is a very challenging environment but there was engagement, really don't change, there are rules, engagement are pretty clear and there you observe of a house lack bad guys doing it. You are shooting at Friendly's or are you you observe hostile tat, meaning that that's where it becomes law, more grey or to say was. This was a person acting in a manner that batteries sure impossible tat had so Its judgment call up to her the Jews from about a few of those rules gives don't change there. Always the same. What changes is illegal? Is leaders, leaders change and there some leaders that are willing to delegate that down to the lowest level, troopers trust, guys train them, make it make them understand. Just how important it is to make sure that their, that they are operating within that rules create that they are not accidental
engaging some innocent person and consequently collateral damage that he may do so. And there's some leaders that won't delegated and keep it tight and in one really scrutinise yards from making the car I sway for us with this Inter Alia, for people to understand how you are Roger put in a tough position, because We know that anything we do in today's world, with social media, with news in new cycles could be absolute frock age headline news it in a happy and in those can have massive catastrophic effect on on the entire, used strategy jerk, yet the strategic GO mission so This is this is that we have a deal regularly and end if a guy thought ere. He thought he saw someone digging in the road in there and I d layer and and they decided to pull the trigger but something that was an ideal air and it turns out it's not.
We get investigative that we becomes a big deal, an end that shooter Are you a servicemen who'd you are or what and who engage, is potentially looking at going to prison for innovation, I got to which a big deal if they vote neither was engaged with one of the ways that job Jack Odin, an amazing jobless and in one of our four principles, are lost. Combat that we talk is simple, and one of them is that he did there is for us was: all this lawyer Spiegel Hungary's will shortly of hostile tat all these things he would stand before. We were all about the gate. Every time everything operation? It say. If you have to pull the trigger a better make sure the guy you're killing his bad, simple everyone understood that it we had total fate, addressing our guys do that and I'm so proud of that they were
will execute. Would tremendous discipline and and minimize collateral damage it in a way that other units couldn't get in the way we did that, so I figure, rose engagement. Our message, People have to understand them and it's really well Ye its delegated down is entirely up to a letter you and you can De the up dead, situation that led up to me lie which we get a couple: podcast gas, that the rules Gatesman were that the weight were briefly wasn't: hey nature people that you're killing a bad it was everyone in this area is hostile. Every has been warned if there that to leave, so everyone you see is either it can or vehicles sympathiser kill them. There's some scrutiny about whether this kill them or not, Cosette Cosette. That was a very simple, clear message, but you know that France in that
way that the rules of engagement or briefed were definitely a a. A cause, one of the causes for the new I masker happening. It's awful situation. Rules of engagement are right. Next waste is probably pretty quick but how often with guys take shots in their body armor or help at all Does this happen? All the time and when we were in that urban? combat in order to sustain combat day after day after day, both for us and Charlie Button and it in arose Situated dealt the tune. It was operating goes out of city. It was just did this and regularly until we had guys who, on patrol the camel back in the camel basque ideas, is a water bladder on the back. You wear a backpack at the low hose tube you can. You can
water on on the move. Guys know no waters. Back, realise later round, went through it and are you talking inches away from his back more more gas shot in the plates fraught plate back plate. Got a warrant, one of our guys, peeking above the rooftops. They gunfight Bam takes. Takes the opposite, a fellow. Am I put him in the face and caused by down below the roof and got it gets out. Wonder what's happening, takes office. Help ellipses helmet realises been shot in his night vision mount which meant that that round came in directly at his face hit. His head is nitrogen ricocheted up had hit just millimetres lower, it would have taken his head off. So that happen, our time and energy, I'm sure jogger you move, this may turn out, which would put come back or not Parker our I walk into do out like a jack in that? No, what what? What
it would happen now there what's goin on here. What's what's happening, we know now. Are there other ass when you get reloaded for things to think about, Ok, dissolves in forcing our Jerry Zoos, God is, Glenn gods of robberies, look at airports, I don't know how we made it clear that we are losing guys are. This was so many close cause was just accosted thing all the time. Where you body armor, where young. Yeah. We always had guys honour- and you ve talked about this laborious before, but my four, the point that we have guys that would wear body armor that was like like Six edges: basics, minimalistic by little body, armor, nobody, n, N n I get in those gonna gunfights ever was a real bigger play, some guys, they cut their helmets and a half years before we gather after we are. There is no good mile.
Somebody on again ballistic suddenly, otherwise they would have the four they look. Like almost like nights, Crotch Virginia the draft budget collars, the arms leaves the sides happy birthday. They were a couple of good autumn, Because they were taken will rest out there, so yeah, but you know, Jody medical when he was on here? We ILO conversation about body over. They did not expect to be served, but they weren't there ain't, no body, armor helmets Anthony his ears, it I would add. Software, Are you on our all the time? Next, one life We truly appreciate your father's work here in Texas. Would you ever consider career in politics? While I appreciate that. There's just a job. I understand my dad is a: U S, congressmen now fresh when you, as congressmen, from my taxes, district, success. How these taxes,
There are very broad em. He replied heard after a career as it is a small town Dennis in a business sir, the point is Lamar Army, an air force, Army Army and air force better, and he was fed up with washed in an didn't like the options that he saw. They knew every right, let's eat, and he said you know what I'm doing my had the ring and go up there, I'm trying to make a difference, and I we need What people like that and washed and dad is mine that is there to make a difference and only to make to you don't care about a career, you don't care about being for decades. In decades, in decades, visa fees, retired any rather efficient aid out straight gives an artist he would, but here about your guardian, cares about the country and he is sacrificing to be there. A key item damper out of a job that he's doing and step up what I consider a career politics. I and imagine anything to be more miserable than that.
No one. On the other hand, when I look at our nation justice, Dad its goal. You called it We need to step up to lead. If we don't do it who's gonna, do it. So somebody's got to step up somebody's ITALY and when you look at the direction of our country right now and put the political climate and in all its going on in this electoral cycle. Would I do that may De I just might be able to be talked into it, but we shall see what you jogger get sound, We got. We got the barber sitters challenge. What is agreed, it echoed Charles. I think I would be running as if I was run for political office. I would run as dictator and he's a ruler of of America and that's why I've downloaded
Where did we get bring back from the Roman? We'll? Try triumvirate me you and I are going to stake dig over our nor by the stomach robotics. I I really don't like the political arena too much and nurtured something I will never ever have the desire to do it. I guess my that's where I sit, maybe when I was seven years old yeah. People. People ask me: do you know I gave you were present and what would you do? You know about the situation of the Roma and their development of nuclear weapons or China again, you know maybe big moves the Tsar, China, Sea or Russia pushing the anvil open an end, How can a film in their noses us enough? I've told that if I were present I would immediately nominate Jocker Willingness Secretary to that we would change Socrates. It affects the previous title, secretary of war.
DE. I think those problems would would disappear immediately. I think it for if I was President may be very slight: my policy would be pretty simple. My policy would be kickass that we would do economic organ. You equity economic plan, Jacko kick ass, a witch are we would you do this situation over here in the Middle EAST? Oh there, oh yeah organisers warning to kick asked what about the drug problem that we got coming in through the borders? Oh, that the drug cartels, the outgoing kick ass on that, so that that's my policy as I get so this. Why probably wouldn't be the best policy that can like BT? If the anything? the next question. Can you give us details of the muster sofa? you don't know. Are doing an event.
In Sandy California leaf bad at an eye, and you know what equity us gonna be there. Maybe gonna be there on the sidelines, he's gonna be signing tee. And cutting videos. Where do you live October? twenty one, you don't even twenty first and what it is. It is a deep dive. And to combat leadership combat leadership, is all about how to apply I combat leadership to your business. To your life how to get out. Their lead and win. The reason we're doing this is no wait and I've been doing. Is this gig for the past five years, working with much different companies, we wrote the book stream ownership is very popular in we get a lotta requests. And we ve got a week with the eyes you weren't allotted demand and people once come, a worker, the budgeted for companies. We can always do it. We ve actually had a razor prices so that we can kind of slow down a little bit slow down the demand?
but when we do in that, that means work were Cutler people out, you Know- and I am a man of the people in our support to work, a man. So how can we get something where, where regular people can come, maybe maybe a copy as a support. Bringing us outer Tewksbury first come out well habit. You sent two or three the critical leaders out there. We spent a day and a half git deep working work Do the things that we ve learned go and faced. They should people in explaining, explain, to them how to deal with. This is not one thinks he's not gonna be. This is now gonna, be a. I feel good. Seminar visiting gonna be hey, we're here to pump you up and that that's not what we're doing we're here to educate. We are to talk about leadership. Organ learn to can be great to have a bunch people, leadership positions that we can talk to that committee. Here that we can learn from situations that they been in. Here we get willow When I put out that you're gonna back on a part as the hundreds and hundreds questions, I get thousands questions I have on the pie.
In the past question back it ate it. Who pages long, eighty two pages Were the question when I have run out I am answering fibres questions about gas. So, let's get. People that wanna come out, wanna get face to face with life, and I and learn about leadership, learn what we ve and how to apply business life. That's what that will do with the master is important stage. It is this. Is that you're? In a word it when I take this from city, the city, the silliest theory, this is we're going to have one muster. This is annual event yeah. Maybe it somewhat will expand one waistcoat when he goes. That's that's uh. Maybe right now we're gonna. Do we're gonna do one one muster annual that and this for leaders were here, whether you're a leader, follower. Anyone who was the better themselves a dive deep into these issues of leadership of teamwork. Stream ownership of the laws of about how to apply them. This is for you. They'll come the San Diego join us we're lookin.
Where'd you dive enablers issues. Helping you saw some challenges. The lead and win boom come out to the master, there's a There is a will, there is a website for it and will, tweeted out, go to echelon, front dot com, you can find it on their that's our company, so we go check it out. We looked for. Do are the people who want to come out come gets up. Now. The reason that leaf was out here, with me here and say: Diego was for a series of events to commemorate. Ten year anniversary of August. Second, two thousand six which is the day that mark only who was the first she'll killed in Iraq. Was killed in remedy and also the day where ride job
otherwise known as beagles with gravely wounded. In the face and her wounds that ultimately, lead is as is well, this Particular events were focused on my mark, in any event, to support. A charity organisation that his mom runs called America's mighty warriors and at One of those events, I was honoured to give a speech from my perspective on mark, and here it is ten years
Ten years is a long time a decade. In many ways it seems so Far in the past, in some ways it doesn't seem so far away at all. It is hard to remember being employed in Romania rack in the summer of two thousand and six, yes, sometimes that seems like distant place a long time ago, and yet. Sometimes it feels like we were just there yesterday, the sweltering he the dust, the danger, the Chris,
the clear focus on our mission, when we had, but why my purpose in our lives to close with and destroy an evil enemy bent. Destroying us and our way of life, and it doesn't take much For the mind, to return there to regain that mindset to get into the combat mode and remember. Remember the operations out in the city. Remember the trees around in the night sky explosions shaking the earth. The way of body armor and weapons and gear on our shoulders.
Remember the stress and the violence and the sweat and the blood and remember the evil. The pure evil that secondly, the city and committed savage vial SK, dusting, acts of mortal sin, murder, rape and torture. Inside that dark world. How world ripped apart by war, a world war, sometimes humanity seemed all but lost. That is where we got to see and experience the polar opposite, the counter to all that darkness. Against that backdrop of evil we young men
we banned a brothers. We got to witness light and life and love so strong that it makes the darkness feed and makes the evil cower and hide its wretched face evil, bows down when it sees the barn we develop with the soldiers and Marines we fought alongside evil. Not contest the bond we formed with our brother seals. With whom we had become so close. That there is no stronger force in the world, nothing more powerful, nothing more meaningful than knowing that these men, these frogmen, that we, would do anything for each other, we saw powerful acts of heroism, encourage?
on an almost daily basis, which reassured us solemnly that good will triumph over evil and amongst All that glory. There were a few men. The Who heroes the ones that rose above the rest of us to symbolise and personify courage and faith at selflessness in love?. Mark Alan Lee was one of those rare men, one of them Was heroes one of the few men, my life, that I literally describe as a saint. That is who Mark was
I d warrior whose ferocity and combat was perfectly balanced by faith and humor and compassion. A man that left its mark on everyone that he met a mark of happiness, positivity, head of humility and of joy. A man whose love for his family and friends was sure unbounded so limitless. But you could actually feel it emanate. From his heart and now. He has left its mark on the world market D. Mark Alan Lee
When faced with fear who, That's could bring a smile when faced, with sadness wealth could bring laughed. When faced with hate, who else could bring love. And when faced with death, who else stand and say take me, Lord, not my brothers. I will be there shield now from death. Take me at them live on in. That is what mark did.
Full of youth and energy and courage and humor and full of love? He stood. He stood against evil any stood against death and he gave his life for his brothers and for our freedom on August. Second, two thousand and six in all remedy. I rack ten years ago ten. Years ago, and in those ten years thing
all that has happened in our lives. Big events. Like marriages, children, born birthdays, new houses, new jobs, new careers and small events. A morning surf session lie with your buddies. Weekend in the mountains. A cold iced tea.
Hot summers, day, smile, a laugh, life joy, happiness in every moment of that happiness is a gift. A gift of gift given to us by Mark who sacrificed everything for us. Who gave up his own precious smile. So we could all have ours. Now I can tell you
Without a shred of doubt that, on this day today, Mark would not want tears. He would not want sadness. He would not want sorrow. He would want smiles and laughter enjoy, because that was his gift to us. Every smile, Every laugh every ounce. Of life and love is all a gift.
From a warrior friend a comedian, a son, a brother, I hero a saint in what do we owe Mark four mark each and every one of us must relish the gift that he gave to us and cherish each and every day.
While remembering the incredible man that gave us this gift of life and to the seals. That are listening, the frog men, you all mark what we owe all our fallen brothers, the grave mid meant to carry the fire The torch and hold it high to take The fight to the enemy, every change you get without mercy and without remorse,
until they are vanquished, and there is peace. Thank you mark. We will never forget you. God bless marks family God, the teams Bless, America and God Bless Mark Alan Lee when I think that's all we ve got for tonight.
And I want to thank everybody gets out there. That's listening. Thank you for remembering that one of the things that we do here remember my one thank lay for common on. We been we been tied into so many things in your point that out me the other day life without him. So
be different things and so many far reaching stories that women, apart of- and I thank you for coming on here and help ensure some of these stories without with me for everyone to hear such ravening, everyone can mama Either those you are out there and you want to keep listening in you wanna, keep remembering echo How can they support the smell me out here, red cluster Red STAR question? Yet thanks for permanently Miriam
we didn't talk much about working out, for you know that can stuff, but if you're in supplement, even if you're, not into supplements my opinion on a darker slashed Jacko get on, it supplements the popular and ten percent off, so we set up a bunch of times, but I can't I can't I can't say it enough really is further benefits. Would you Hertfordshire, so you get ten percent at that. If you want to support with the Amazon situation, the one where you go to the web, they click on Amazon linking I'll be free. Do your shopping? That's a good way to do it. If you They have our time remembering we have the trooper too, which is good. Brady Brady boy came to her now it's a thing. You got there. The link on the website is called the Jupiter. You click on it takes you to the page. You click on it. You see, that's it
The little things would automatically directly to the Amazon, while the it advocates please links, will you please support the broadcast? You don't have to go to the website. It were for the good and yet described in the pot guess on Itunes. It's a good dinner and worry, there's other place described. You sure you to Google Google play by the way yeah and stature to return to their. I do, they think is the main one, but amen Stitches go as well go play to thunder. They are incomplete general. I was gonna we release of video today of out take or whatever, but what You protest of the health through fired on Yemen as to further with a list of opposite tonight, and we get so we set out what is it out? Take video yeah thick one was the,
What makes me nervous about this is leaving decentralized man they can attest to that? Roger had even decentralized matter, but now I'm sorry deal with it made possible. Trust scenario requires thrusting leisure would have my brother, ECHO Charles. I haven't seen it so this is the unauthorized outtakes yeah? so here we even to this day oh there's, one just off the top man where I was telling you about my my children's book idea. Parker, you can have the UK it's a good idea. Ok, that was the fish in the waters are actually remember. Who just hit me right
Ok with it, I was just the outlook- is her that you might have a rendition of me and using- and we are the world- yes, yes, we're not going. I don't think we have recorded. We don't want whatever their earlier aroma when life and I will readily headphones on and the might in front of us were sent here, look at each other and it felt very much like if you were alive during the eighties. There. We are the world's video and for some reason that just hit us both at the same time we pass it asked it out. We are the world's markedly with Brown, really when I was proud pressure, in India, so the Youtube videos? I I told you last time go needs, motivation, he's not. Is it just a laid back guy? It's a we needed, motivate him any more excuse was. No, that's me scribe little or no good. Do Zella History motors rational, ask that many members said that that think encircling think it too technical, it's not only.
What evasion aid incentive overtake the different broken. I want to get into a big day. Yeah yeah I don't want to either Arthur. That's it take you yeah or the Jackal started doing you know, get assured if you like those in a bumper sticker whatever. If, if you like this, I forgot about the teacher to store the Jackal STAR, yeah, that's a little. But I feel like a mere if you dont, like them, don't get them or we obscene allow those on twitter, yeah yeah pause, ragged pictures, or will you do that, but idea eat You say: stop asking us for like a donation page now we should consider ok, but Was it don't ask no hatred on petrol, Peter history on one August, probably not going to do. If you don't, you can donated for paper yeah. If he can, that's Let's go we live. It is clear to see those goods like for thirty four.
Yeah Gazelle. That's the coup get the kids, do they donate four dollars and thirty four cents a month to keep em up gazing out before the enemy and thereby to sleep deprivation, I'm on it right now slave and I went out late last night and we're up very early this morning to work out and then go serving, gets right. We were, we will work and play on this journey disciplining. I deserve a good, exactly ass if, by up those are the ways good Indiana. Also, if you want I believe not disguise it here with me. Lay bob- and I know he and I might not look like the smartest people the world and we might actually not be this most people all, but we Write a book, people, people look at me and probably think I get spill, my name or we much less right a boy, but we did write a book about continue, do really well if you're interested in
if you are interested in the book, if you're interested in that the concepts of Jacko talks about the stuff tat we just talk about who talked about episode alone, the job Papa, I guess, give the book and dive into their stuff. Do you talk about remorse, talk about the laws of combat and how apply. We use a combat scenarios, we talk about the principle and we talk about how it up. I had a different businesses and organisations that we work with over the years it's something that for ass. Our mission was to write a book that could be you. Support for leaders as a reference and a good read that debt that people can get into have some exciting stores that that are applicable but but also as a useful reference for- for leaders to highlight underline tab refer to regularly your dog your pages and in it as we receive that kind of feedback. People post messages on social media by their their books and the dog. Your pages in the Tabs highlights see that we receive has been tremendous and and
We ve done that in accomplish that, for those leaders, as is that useful reference that has helped them be better leave this better flowers there. Team members accomplish their mission win. Then we succeeded in our mission. I say what Matthew I'll love, Zena Allison, what people are like gum, there's Jonah aid, they cause the I post pictures of the books than I do on the Pike asked and they're all there all that stuff go on get ready. I dive deep. It's ok, do that to our backing, like said as awesome, and we love signing books that have massive over the other cool thing. There's two other cool things there can related, one of whom is when people send a picture of a stack of books. They're like issuing these. My teams today we're gonna, get it on that as a new something else. It happens at a little bit might be more awesome
Might be the same awesome, but it's definitely awesome and that's when there were there giving the book to their boss in there's something. So we hit us up your day like how do I give this book to my boss? In the end, I think Lave wrote. You know something along lines of hate. It's it's great ate a great thing to give to your boss and will you do it say man, I love. You know you want to see. You the main thing you don't want to do is say you need to get some extreme ownership. So I'm giving this to you as I hit know what you're saying. Ah, got so much out of this book and I'm gonna turn Europe. I look forward to applying what I learned I want if you see a change in attitude, I want you know where it's coming from. Do somethin like that detect interestingly enough. I am I right. Luckily, looking at someone saying you need extreme ownership, is not extreme ownership. Rec room ownership is about you and you
control their relationship. You gonna build our relationships. If you feel like a boss, uneasily trim ownership, then you get out there and you get a leader, the jetty command, which has won the Javary Rover in it. It's cool too. Where are your obviousness weaken voice? Our lot of our, of course, your body, and, it's interesting, Alzheimer conversation with managers, three or four of us and circle, but they will talk about working in no it's the guy that were junior to us at the time and now they're saying you know this is awesome. Get lot out of it and then guys at our senior to us with the I wish I would add block any rising? I do What do I do? I wish it would have this book. I mean it's just like a little step up. Did you know it be other reading? It just give you that insight and so on Brigida appreciate.
That precede everyone given us that they feedback killer, you anything else leaf that's all I got these readmission gotta be always guess again, always looking for the next then ECHO Charles COD, the comments pointer, Blanco, It does not like that man. That's all the Texas Batman taxes, love that life that it actually never heard that I never heard that until the audio book taxes bam. Jacques ownership. We we read the audio both dreams. Rural Jones wasn't available. So we re yourself out of gotta, give her upper James, your Jonesy, there might have been there, but we re yourselves and that's the first. I'm sorry to hear that you really you sound like text that may other than what are you doin?
you know only they. May I really like your dress play, and you said you know what one too many immediate action drills over the years ago, scream out of demands are maybe was when I lost my cool, we got a guy. I should, unless your voice awesome As always event. In other words, can t this conversation were all upon the inner WEBS twitter, Facebook E. Instead, ram. Echo is at go Charles Leaf is at least ban, and I am at Jocker willing and to all those folks out there in uniform those, in the military on the front lines in the war against evil those pills, He's on the thin blue line, Fighting criminals in terror. Here at home,
the fire fighters that run towards the danger to protect us in our homes, Thank you all for everything that you do. In the rest of the troopers out there in the world moving forward. Stepping up taking charge in
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