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344: Modern Combatives. How We Fight, How We Train, How We Live. W/Dean Lister.

2022-07-27 | 🔗

Dean Lister and Jocko analyze Military combatives manual and evaluate.

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This is jocko podcast number three hundred and forty four with echo charles and me jocko willink a good evening, echo good evening. Just an dean lister good evening, dean dean lister from podcast one, thirty seven, if you haven't heard that go. Listen to tina. One of the greatest rappers of all time is. I have ask echo ass was safe to say that it is safe to sunday s like you, it's a world champion? Is that accurate yeah about w? So it's like the hardest tournament submission. I wanted three times to supervise the absolute in my division, I dunno best, it's always relatively well. We get at least at a minimum, we could say he's a good grappler, it's certainly safe to say, he's a good grab. I agree with definitely good news, so op good evening dean. You fought and in a bunch of stuff foreigner pride open japan for you have, and I thought I'd be called bring you on, because we have
some to talk about is speaking of the? U f c, so the. U f c, find a changed everything from our schwartz. And really I guess you go back to like valley to do in brazil in each be in brazil, but that type of Unrestricted fighting, advanced martial arts in a I or two more than it had vanished more than it. Had advanced for ever in a very long time, but you don't think about that. I think that what you said and action think, that's actually not true a little bit and here's why I think it acts. We brought it back to reality because if you went back to ancient greece and looked upon creation. those guys you we have images, of people doing punctuation overthrows and their due normal clauses are doing. Clears there doing you're doing he looks, are doing what we do and
pink pancreas. If you don't know what it is, he was in the olympics. I'm- old school. I think I'm talking forty, eight b c is win. Pang creation was introduced into the lamps and was a combination of wrestling boxing kicking joint walks chokes. It was, in other words, an ancient version of amendment, but over time over time, things got separated. The disciplines got separated into boxing over here rustling over here, more tyler here. Did you two we're here judo over here taekwondo over here karate over here, and I was to think about why that happened. and I actually think I have a- I have a suspicion. The map, offices, people generally only want to do what they're good at, like oh you're, good at bench, press
What are you doing for workout today? We're doing bench? Press or, oh, you you're good, at squats. We want you to oh we're going to do squats, oh you're, good at you're good at grappling other people. So you know want. I don't want you know boxing on a want deem mr grabbing hold me. I'm taking me to ground on some to make a different thing. I'm good at how to drawing all the people that are good at that thing an overtime. it seems like you- just have these separate things now, whether weather The actual reason I dunno, but everything got separated And- martial arts became salt silos right, where's, just different sections and then unfortunately more so Parts became theoretical and it didn't take that much time for it to go from,
theory to lies and a strong word. But if you go look at what's the worst. instagram mick, don't really look at my dojo. Those are lies that that dude posts what's his name don't you like me, don't you life so view, in the dojo life you can see. People are teaching lies, actual lies to other people, you know the wise or things like this one strike or my she will prevent me from being taken down or can absorb your strikes with my aura. Just how yet it's you think it's a form of, I will say hypnosis but like what is it you think, like that is it like? Oh everyone else is doing it, so I guess I'll. Do it I'll play along? Oh, is it? Do they actually there's
absolutely some kind of psychological there's, a psychological phenomenon that occurs, he is making a movie about this year. He leaned dementia to expire I and I'm sure that I'll that movie, that's all unity echo Charles now, okay, so Macdougall life is making a movie about it, but yeah there's some kind of psychological manipulation that happens where oh point your finger at my sternum and I feel, like I'm pain and fold out, and then the reason we know it's allies, because plenty of people have challenged, like oh tried that, on me mother the customers have to worry about you. You were at the or about the seal base, but you were there and someone was like yeah. You know you put your finger in the collarbone and you're like no he's like yeah. It works in use. I tried on me and then you double eat them or something like that? No well, I I had a guy saying that, like they, they had a name for this like neck strike and
and they're. Like immediately, be like paralyzed on the right side of your body and that would cause you to fall down and then led to my next move, which is a heel started going to write and those who cool. Do it to me I, in the guys, are all notes you don't like and also do it to me, just do it and he did it and obviously it didn't work. Karate chop to the neck they were. We, I don't even think I retaliated, no Jeff higgs had a guy that said that couldn't be taken down once he settled his cheek route into the ground Yes, he would route into the ground, and he guys like, you would not be able to take me down and he exists, you know what do you mean If you don't know who he's been on the podcast he's a black, you're to resist a former seal and a good friend all of us, This guy was saying. Oh you can't take me down once I settle my chi
I was always remember that the good quote right once I settled my cheek cause. It sounds like it might be. A legitimate food right, like that's like you, just didn't make that up. That's you, you've told that to other people and so Jeff Ok, okay! Well, what are you going to settle that? She and I go through his little ceremonial thing in like it in the horse stance it it's like. Are you ready he's like yeah, then Jeff, just like double legs and slaps him on the ground, like my toes were crossed yeah? She was, it said. So there is some when you get to that kind of MC dojo stuff, there's. Definitely some psychological weirdness that's going on and it those lies were spread you know whether it was you can't. You can't strike through my aura or the, mark which is a. If I touch you here, you're going to literally die, if you feel it which also leads to the hey. I can actually do this to you, because I don't want to kill you and go to jail for murder. Okay,
what do to you cause you're, making me mad, but I don't want to go to jail for murder. So I'm not going to do this. You know dimock to you. And furthermore you know what my the reason you don't see. These moves accomplish, because they're not allowed Jocko times as a u of c firefighter guys called me. A you know, saw your fight, you're, a good fighter. You know I'm a street fighter, Joe, you know, and I'm like okay, but they added like qualify that for some reason to me, I'm like well, you know because that's cool. You know this is kind of funny that, someone thinks that maybe I never been in a real life altercation outside you also like, like I I've I've had my that's, why I looks we have a bit of an potan wherever they are simple. Imagine, but it's like yeah. Those things are called targets of opportunity or fighting dirty. But you can't replicate the eye couch over and over. You know and wanted? I want to say so. I dunno, I just think it's funny that people think that, despite all your training, if it's a street fight, like you, have no chance
if you could produce an experiment where you took someone- and train them in georgia, too, I never got in a street fight and they went to get someone that was it with street fighter in the street. It's like it doesn't matter, yeah, the so so, the training will transfer now look. Could you pick up some bad habits where you do something in the street that takes now. Takes you an extra two seconds to win because you you should on the specific thank you yeah, you could do that, but that's like tiniest percentage if there's someone, that's it! That's why don't train you know cause I've already for ST back to the storyline a little bit this? These lies, which, still exist today,.
in the seventies and eighties. These lies we're just kind of like out of control and they definitely got picked up in the military I was looking through some old army. I looked look old army hand to hand manual from nineteen. Eighty two. This is like in the heyday of cheese, and it said this in this manual- no judo, you have probably already asked yourself what about throwing and take like in judo. We have purposely, excluded throws and take downs because throws and take downs are normally only an intermediate step to taking your opponent out after your hunters thrown to the ground. You will probably still have to strike him to finish him, so, let's just Walk his attack and finishing with counter strikes, instead of blocking throwing then striking its leg. That actually makes you think. Well, you know it's a good point. No, you know that's a good point, your market,
We have to take someone down to take em out. This thing goes on to say that throwing puts you in a vulnerable position to throw your opponent. You must first grab him. This puts you close to your opponent and vulnerable to his attack. Certain throws, your certain throws, oh for sure, will fear. the again that's the problem with this stuff is theoretically, especially I say: listen dean. If I, you know We'll knuckle punch your sternum, it's going to cost. You have a cardiac arrest, so why am I get it? albert for you, and I could just give you a literal heart attack and you will and if you would, if you said well, why don't you show me that I'd be like cause? I don't want to kill you bro you just have to, but trust me so Actually, what's interesting is in that book that that the old man was looking at, I am looking at the rest of it, and it has all these like they have their foot patterns and
like these dance moves to like a void in like strengthen your power and is just a bunch of nonsense to be honest with you, but like I said if this up is getting taught by some Fourth tyrian figure and you can really has to in any way- and you know This is someone that you know eight year old, who's talking to an eighteen year old recruit that kind of wants to believe by the way. most people are like oh you're, giving me a special power. I'm going to take it, I'm not going to question you and that's probably what leads to some of the weird mic. Life type scenarios so this to me, this is like below point of martial arts in history, in my opinion, is the nineteen seventies and nineteen and look I get it. Some guys were doing the best they could with what was available and good on them. I know some of those guys member doktor magda
permit, was one of those guys and he had a whole crew, guys like in the seventies they did everything they could, to the extent that they could do it. and yet there was also some guys are often awesome back due judo gene labelle like no one can question the effective This and the efficiency and the awesomeness of judo gene about fifty sixty seventies, but as a whole If you look at commercially that time period was pretty rough for martial arts and then the u s he came and the u of c brought the truth and with that everything changed for the better I'm taking notes by the way good stuff. Everything changed for the better, which What you know do you have any so far well, but a few things out. I just think we'll get into this, but
as the old saying of butcher, it probably but I'll. Never do something like hard work achieved without payment or without sacrifices is something you shouldn't trust. So the quick way to get this quick knockout without learning how to box for a quick way to get the the flank submission, or this seems like a neck break without learning the craft, well, you know it, it seems good, but it doesn't work you know and trying to get in shape without without working out. You know, then I'll just get like like implants in your biceps, like like you I say this work exactly and I'm sorry I mostly on the internet right it but you know these countries is short cuts. You know that become a millionaire tomorrow without even have business plan? You know this is insane. That's interesting!
Ds always sounds good, and I think if someone trained a lot in boxing kickboxing and wrestling, did you know you could do that stuff? If you train all these disciplines, I think it's interesting. That is something that I think it's imperative to get into. I ask you this jocko, it's a it released. What we're talking about right now I had a. I had a zoom call with like twelve marine officers. They called me. It was a colonel call. Me they're, all the rows. I dunno captains and lieutenants, and they were talking about you know cause they had fought. I guess they saw me compete Brazil, talking about my my training patterns and whatever, and they were saying how how it can relate to the military, and I said well- and this is something I know it's stepping a little out of my my realm, but I I mentioned something- you know simulation training. Of course you talk about that and that's not combat, but that's closer to combat than being being being. You know, and I know the argument that go through walls and always realistic, but you get
interesting, you got you got hit and they were like now, there's yeah that that's a closer to a gun battle, then laser tag or like that. What was the what sources That would be the others. All system called miles gear, laser tax them and they have more advanced laser systems which are actually really good now and yes, that's a very those are great training tools and sure are there some. Little things about using those systems that are not accurate. Yes, but just as you said, it's closer, so if you're getting ready for even a life or death situation, I I would rather trust the person who has trained ten years in str and a struggle where they've they've dealt with adversity. They've been they've, been in panic situations and then com vs, someone who arrow but says open to more dirty things, but it's never practice in real life. Then again it's the one. That's what you've been through like this situation and used it. That's that's good, I guess, but I think it's important to find that training medium so gloves, and if I guess I should wear my clothes
What a train! But you know, if you don't wear gloves your hands get stronger, but you can also hurt your hands and so gloves have a place. But then again you can't rely upon big gloves of boxing of your small gloves and you can't cover up the seam. So I think it's important to find a happy balance that medium between hard need a realism, yeah yeah, and that's what? What the? U of c did and really jujitsu is a huge part of this. Is you can train full speed right? You can go hard and- and look you can are boxing and you can in wrestling you're you're, going live against other people, but when you take that put it together to martial, largely due to is like bringing that forward and box did it rests and get it did you two does it might I does it, but who didn't do it was like denmark and the old kind of weird traditional martial arts that didn't act. We do anything except for fear except for theory. So.
as as the ufc happened, courtesy this in the military and people military started learning and testing and started to move the military combatives too, a much better place in one of the leaders in this guy named Matt Larson. I don't actually know him but everybody kind of knows him, He's a former marine former army ranger and he's I think, he's pretty much known as the father of modern army combatives, he's the one that started a train and formalize and kind of this well rounded approach, realistic approach hand to hand combat, and eventually his work. And look up given one personal, the crater, unarmed sure he would talk about. while the people that helped him get there. But this is that I know of that was involved. Then I said, I'm many more people, but he certainly was a spearhead on this and his work.
and, however, he was working with at the time of it We became an army field manual an army field manual, three tat, twenty five dot, one fifty combatants- and I thought three, maybe we could take a look at this manual go through some of the highlights, discuss how it can be applied, and now we can it be Why to? How we fight, of course, but also how we train and how we live so there you go with two go. Take a look at this manual. Combativeness sure of a dude, with a freak in cave or on the cover. Gonna love that here's the overview the overview to kick this thing off it, as combatives training stands apart from the vast majority of martial arts. Training in that producing the individual's actual fighting ability is of primary concern, the mental
physical benefits of training, gained their worth from usefulness in producing more capable soldiers. Now, I'm not a hundred percent sure. I agree with that opening statement only says you know, combatives training, the the the The main thing about combative training is that you're trying to improve the fighting ability of the person doesn't do do boxing and more time trying to make you better fighter. I must be misreading reding, that or something but What we're trying to do is make someone a better fighter I'll go with it. Purpose. Combatives the art of hand to hand combat bridge the gap between physical training and tactics, the products the good physical training plans strengthened during some. Flexibility must be directed towards the mission, and soldiers must be prepared to use different loves force in,
environment where the intensity of a conflict changes quickly. Many military operations, such as peacekeeping missions or noncombatants evacuation, may restrict the use of wood the force combated training prepares the soldier to use the appropriate amount of force for any situation? Okay, so that's that's always good! I use on those people ask me I'll: have you ever used hand, and I mean they stay? I think my answer is going to be no and they think that Most people would never use his hand, but it actually is very common to use combative, combative techniques in combat. Why because you're dealing with civilians, you're dealing with unarmed people, You can't just run around shooting everybody, am I permissive or even in a wartime environment you and that's not aren't you enter a building. There's a male or female, a kid that doesn't have a weapon you have to contend with them so calmly
it is very important to have as a skill set to handle you know actually, when the person when the enemy has a gun, that makes everything easier, you show them, you shoot a done deal no factor. Would you write down the a couple of these by the origin of martial arts and how how some things have shaped regionally just a little before, but also I was which one do you tell? I saw someone from one military service of one country. I wonder that one will get too specific, but I saw the person teaching all he has had his knuckles right here on his hit on hand, like he's a boxer with big loves, and if you do that with no gloves, your own hand will cut your face yep. So things like that they're teaching the recruits I'm talking to like two hundred people in the class, one of our services, I won't say which one and teaching people to all that like there's something well even in boxing. I wouldn't do that, but with big loves mixer, since you can see over, there there is someone who actually never no reproach the face with with without
Clubs are teaching that to two hundred people. At a time I'm like I didn't, I didn't correct them yeah I would, but you know, he's actually he's having them write this I'm like man, I at least wanna, be here or maybe I'll. Just it's just interesting- that that person teaching people how to punch with no gloves on probably every punch in the face- and maybe a skilled boxer, yeah, absolutely yeah, probably he's probably may may have been punched in the head. you know while he had his while he had his cover up and you can read as you can absorb, you got there to be a glove verse, your big glove and it absorbs it. Does big gloves off the punch right through that That is a little bit we're looking at the sport boxing, which is great. I love bob, but if you do not alter that part, but we not every box, does it snow in the same this person, some boxes in the corner and cuddled like this? If you don't often that rule that would actually cause you to get a lot of damage in a fight, because this also you don't care about your face with us now
little hands will say, but what with Alamos? So that's an example. I was trying to say how we're looking for the happy medium yep, because we are dealing with the military, not boxing and not wrestling. It's actually a military application yup it goes on to say here: combative training includes arduous, with physical training that is mentally, demanding and carries over to other military pursuits. This training produces soldiers who, stand controlled aggression and remain focused while under duress. That's awesome, that's true, so when you get good at fighting, it's going to help you stay calm in other situations that that's an awesome aspect of training, You process the skill, the skills, requisite to the mission at levels in all the in all the levels of spectrum of force, so you're gonna learn how to control different scenarios have attribute it's that make up the warrior ethos, personal court, self confidence, self discipline and esprit de corps. That's huge
It's so good for people to know how to fight. you still good for people to know fire you actually when you know how to you become less arrogant. might be you might if you're, twenty years old you might, you might have a spike in your arrogance right you'd smiled at that one. There are exceptions which is where you spike your against butt, over time. You'll realize: okay, I'm the reason I'm it is because I train more and guess what there's someone this train more than me and that's the way it is so generally speaking, it'll help self confidence, while at the same time preventing you from becoming arrogant, beat up so much you have become I mean it's ambling man, it's humbly you, member the first time you kept me out a hundred times in the gym. When I first showed up, I was a young seals, rolling in their thinking. I knew Our fight didn't know, jack jack would when he would die you. Would you say that
express train again so it's humbling what what were you, seventeen or eighteen? We started training nineteen nineteen years old. You are one hundred and seventy pounds and I was like two twenty, I twenty a grown man, your kid and I'm like you know I am to smash his little head. throughout modern history. Attempts to build successful, combative systems have failed or have been. With limited success. This is how and for several reasons, quite naturally, commanders desire system that doesn't require any training time to learn and maintain. So that's all we'll problematic problem out gate people think what you like on. the thing where you can just learn for deadly moves and you'll be good to go. Why don't? We just use that browser timeout exactly for deadly moves to end any street fight that coming
It was like hey, I think what you just learned. I I saw those four deadly moves. Why don't we just focus on those that we don't have to spend much time, as he actually has such a tagged, and that youtube was like an ex army ranger plus ten years of bouncing experience has won over five hundred bar fights never been in the face once what it is. I, u systems, link check it out, just just when every fighting two three four seconds later now, there's ways to surprise people as we get to go there, and it's want to the to have your friend is all kinds of tricks to trick you. we're not public, but I dunno just as as funny how this this get strong, quick with almost no sacrifice game or get rich quick as a saturday or I dunno kind of like not the future, The up it's it's going to take some time, I'll
Further training has often been conducted by experts in civilian, martial arts. These experts use training methodologies that are designed for more civilian hobbyists. That, in reality, is a war. That's exactly what you were just talking about. The boxing gloves right. Oh I'm, a great boxer, Joe box cool burma my way and gloves now break my hand. Now I'm getting punched in the face. When I thought I was covered up that there's the issues often bad. It's training has been approached by allowing a soldier. First in a civilian marshall, are to use a limited amount of training time, usually during another course. The teacher four technic, blinded by their civilian training, retraining, demonstrates what the trainer thinks are simple, effective and easy to learn. Techniques selected by based on situations soldiers may find themselves or an attack the commission of the specialist training, the train or teaches the soldiers these techniques, but due to the limited amount of training time, the soldier quickly forgets them the soldiers quickly forget. to overcome these tendencies. A combatives training system must be based on certain principles and then maintained, so
This was another thing I ran into that in the seal teams like for awhile, the seal teams was using the system where one of the one of the one of the best benefits of the system cleaned. By the people that were pushing the system was hey this system is we're being taught only takes five days to learn so and meanwhile some people are talking about becoming you know using more mixed, martial arts based systems with those things take years to become an expert Why would we do that? you have been so like seven minute. Try your later on that. Why do all this cardio weightlifting diet and all the stuff. I can do seven minute, apps and I'll be good to go with the at six manoeuvres: six minutes, or so you, oh yeah, you out. So so don't fall for that that that idea that zero, reason you she used. My system is cause it's faster. It's not a good! it's not real Not going to become a good fighter in five days.
Could you learn a couple fundamental moves in five days? Yes, you absolutely, could you absolutely can and they could save your life? You could. Could you could you, it could be saved by knowing some funds mental moves that you learn in a five day period. What are you going to be well versed? No Are you going to forget those moves? Yes, are you know how to react when there's a variable involved? No, so there is no easy, quick solution to be good at fighting doesn't exist. Could you learn you know, three dynamic moves that, if you're a bouncer in a bar and you're, going against some drunk guy. That doesn't expect that you do. These moves. They'll, probably work a lot. But what happens when that If the drop center does a double leg on, you know or squares up and is like a skilled fighter, it's going to be a problem.
So here's the here's the principles that they recommended: sys, systematic training foundation, continuous training, competition, drills, live training, integrated training, combat feedback co. Would you rate it I just. I was going to say like a kind of funny story like we're talking about weight loss, or so you know, let's say when I go to my weight cutting phase. You know I'll lose like fifteen pounds in ten days and then I'll cut water weight, which is really unhealthy, but it's really really bad for you to do that, but you know to cut thirty pounds in and you know twelve days have you, you were there with me on that, but so how how you lose that much weight in two weeks and I'm like? Well, it's not sustainable. You know, I'd be honest, it's not the secret! You could do that, but it's a miserable life. It's hard to do, and you can't do it forever and remember. Remember sarge, when you try to cut fifty pounds in a week and he had the look of death in his eye. So sorry to say he lost like twenty five pounds right up, sarge price or just a good friend of ours exiled, but he he actually, I think, was.
it was forty pounds or something like that yeah he wick and look sarge is about as hard as they can. As far as like just being like, I'm going to finish this thing whatever it is, he's he's up we're in the top echelon of I'm not going to give up on this thing and the walking dead on the walking dead. I mean and I remember I showed up at the gym and I saw him and he'd already he was. I thought he knew he was done- He was like he was yeah, I was cutting and he goes. He looked at me like dancers. Like he's like I was going to die. yeah. That was his assessment. Then it was like he was like yeah. He goes. I got there. I use I cut thirty, eight pounds and whatever, and he goes and I I got to point where I was going to die soon. And he's he's a corner. He's a medic he's a visa it in
and a duty corpsman, which is like the highest level of europe, and you know a special operation, the calmest little surgery so he's just like he's like yeah, I was going to die soon. That was the sex good story about what our bro is, but it's just funny sadistic way, but even so it. He has a good sense of humor. type of humor, but so. There is a way to lose weight that fast, but it's not sustainable. It's not healthy, plus, you have to know what you're doing and then you're done correctly and then you cause trouble. So we lost our quick way to lose weight. Yes, it's possible, but it sucks as miserable as it is not sustainable, but you can actually get on the sensible diet getting a consistent, workout routine, and you know what you could lose. Let's say two pounds a week: I could do that consistently. You can't you're going to eat and actually have interesting would be fine, you'll be hungry, but you'll you'll be fine, but it takes discipline right up this month. So I'm talking to this learning I see what you're saying it sounds marketable, but, as I was mentioned earlier, the quick fix way to go about things and training is easy. Not the best. Will you not putting the time people
and this exactly what they say here. This next section is called systematic training. Learning to fight is a process not an event to be effect. Combative training must be part of a system until soldiers learn techniques that form the system's foundation. They are unprepared for follow on training shortcut, or teaching soldiers. What they need to know is counterproductive. Much as advanced technical training is counter productive. If a soldier has not first been taught how to operate as weapon army, combative training must be based on a system that plays a the foundation of abilities that soldiers take with them wherever they are signed. It is flexible enough to fit the wide range of specialized missions. Soldiers are asked to do so. It's the same thing that we're How can a continuous training? Combative training must not end upon graduation from a training course for This is by the way everything we're saying applies to police officers as well. Unfortunately, a lot of a lot of cops. They don't have any more training after the
now that's horrible or they could, three hours a year for hours a year, so training has to be continuous. It can't and when you graduate for some, develop their abilities. The majority of training must happen outside it's too some training environment. So that's a very well that the majority of training to be outside what you weren't in the school house. units must develop their own combative programs to spur troops through involvement, encouraged commanders to invest resources, so there you go competition. Competition is the principal motivational tool used to spur combatives training, competition should be now. I only used to encourage excellence by giving soldiers a chance to be unit champions, but also to make for the fighting ability and integral part of soldiering. so you're not run in some competitions. You're not Get people to train, can you get someone? That's like I'm just eddicated, no, my on the job sure, but how
Neither twenty year olds that we're talking about going to be like dude. Are you going to do the are you to do the brig Aid competition to use got it you see, where you're and by the what about your doing the brigade composition, so you might want to like train sir you're at least ready freezing living a jag ass. talks about drills. You know you've gotta do drills, live training. Live training involves training as a fully resistant training partner, which approaches the reality of combat this. What you were talking about earlier deed there many as of live training each has its own strike. The weaknesses, therefore leadership combined several approaches to ensure proper training. Integrated training, combat Engagements do not happen in a vacuum. They happen as part of a mission, so if soldiers, the tools they need to successfully complete their missions, combatives must be go part of the training, so that means you can't just make it an isolated. Ok, Like you know, the redman suit is
it's like the guy. You can punch because they're wearing like a big padded outfit. Will you need to integrate that into a random part of a regular mission? Your training mission, you can't say Well, today, we're doing combatives only know you need to walk into a room and there's gotta be some person who read minutes, you've just ready to throw down, and you got to deal with it and you gotta see how it affects everyone else in the room and how many people it takes and how it slows down the assault force and all that stuff, that's integrated training combat. Would you write down, be just different things? Those are just stories. I was a member of this evil people, listen this yeah yeah, but the
The pretty lie is more appealing than the ugly truth you know. So the truth is it's not really ugly. If you get tweak it into the sport is not so ugly or maybe that is the beauty of it that way, but the pretty lies always still appealing. I have a forty. I have a forty course for you. You know you're going to win every fight. That's still appealing to most people still is, even though we're seeing this, and I just hope that people listening to this is not well it is. It can be torturous It's something that lights a fire under your ass but everyday. As far as you want to train more, you can get sick of jiu jitsu for one day and the next day, I'm fine I'm back into it. For some reason he gets sick of it, Mcmahon to the next day. You're like okay, I went back to the definitely have a rough day on the and spinsters it it's just that we talked about work, repetition, drills, competition, all that stuff. It seems like a lot to do. It is a lot to do, but I mean this is the ugly truth, what I'm saying so
that's what I was writing down. Just a pretty lie is still appealing to people that are listened to this right. Now, the pretty lie is still out. There is still reason that people are going to be tempted by the still and and the pretty lie you want. You want it to be true you want it to be true. Our get rich quick schemes work right. Media people want to believe that a mere one thousand two hundred and ninety nine dollar investment. Now, when you learn these skills, true chocolate, To believe that you can lose eighty pounds of water by being in it I wanted to believe that it was not true. What about have you ever missed weight? No! No, I was me, wait. Yeah yeah, it was my weight man. You suffered a few times, yeah a big bonus. I dunno it's not fun big bones and pizza yeah. She gonna do a couple of dives. It was like all right. Let's check your weight. Oh you're
when he ate pounds over and you gonna fight in six days can has it Peter tasted, I hope it was good. Feedback when soldiers engaged or gauge Nana combat the acquired new information about combating these lessons must be captured and analyze. So the combative pro ram evolves to fit the needs of soldiers through combat feedback. The following lessons have been learned and it goes through. Every fight is grappling fight of This does not mean that there is no striking. Every fight also involves striking always as integral part of as an integral part of grappling ever If the fight is over weapons, control of this element will most likely determine the outcome of the fight. There is no shortcut to develop your fighting skill, the combat Feedback think this is something like Even when I was try to move special warfare more towards.
a mixed martial arts view, as some people would be like, you think he'll youtube just think speeches and I make no. Actually, I don't just think it should be just to at all any and this is the most important thing I tried to say- was it shouldn't be closed? a closed. It shouldn't even be a quote system. It should be on all When learning continuous learning, evolving thing that we're always getting better at that way, there's things at work and they work now and maybe, if the we have a different type of body armor. That is we're dynamic or it takes up more space or its heavier or light or whatever, like things are, gonna change. Or the way you sling your weapon, our different radio, you gotta carrier that cost if there were a helmet like there's all kinds of things. You've got to make adjustments to you grappled plates on while you're with plates oh yeah cause he plays get really they get really in the way. Let's say: yeah and there's the censure things that the other certain things that might not be optimum with plates
ok, we'll have what adjustments are you to make and maybe a new set of body armor comes out like you could put some outside Sappi plates, in which now you have plates on your side and how does that inhibit your movement you're, probably just ridiculous chocolate under the frame with the front plate and a backplate at the belt on with with you know, whatever y'all say just just stuff, on the belt and up I set up and guard and and I had a little. I was unaware that have your back. Then the front plays a pinch million with the belt and you tap doubts cancer. Demagogic everywhere, with your body resists the definitive, so there's gonna watch out for that belly. Fire lounge gathers away national problem areas they leave. So that's that's. Do this the idea that every your training in should have often look it's beautiful to see right out due to two revolving worry see kind of evolving exponentially Did you two is evolving exponentially now cause every
one move leads, lets you say, theoretically radically, everyone move leads to moves. Would you say something it's claim that should be mentioned. Maybe even one move that could be that one move leads foremost and some one moves led to seven moves? But let's just say- in general, conservatively every one move leads to move sure. So there's been so many new moves created in the last ten years that any of all created and spa and more moves and more moves. More more, so highly evolving sport, yeah, absolutely and some things that some things have been forgotten or were reinvented again for sure someone's done a lot of things before some things have been forgotten. Some things are out of style, but some things are definitely being invented. Right now
hmm. Alright, then this is a really thorough manual, and this is what the army does man, the army dumb play around. They leave no room for interpretation and stuff. They got things on safety. They got the things on risk assessment assessments on how you're going to keep everybody safe while you're doing it. One thing this says: combated training has inherent risks. These risks may not be readily apparent and are sometimes counter due to the untrained person. Therefore, a combative instructor certified at the appropriate level should be involved in the process to mitigate these risks, and it's so important as a trainer to be point out the risks of not training like if you don't train If you train, you could sprain your ankle. If you and you can you hurt your shoulder, but if you dont train, what's the risk there, the risk as yours, yeah it's gonna end up being worse, so they go through. You know how to set up a training area. What what general safety,
actions to to make, and then they got. This thing is interesting. According to a report, wished by the armed forces, health surveillance centre, seven hundred and thirty individuals who served in an active or reserve component in the army, navy air force or brink or were high. specialized or medically evacuated for injuries in current incurred while performing wrestling, judo and unarmed about training between January two thousand and two and december two thousand and nine. averages to roughly one hundred personnel per year during an eight year period? Now, quite frankly, that's not that bad! I think that's actually pretty darn good to go, considering how many people are actually training it as it should be noted that one hundred and ninety four personnel, forty percent of those hospitalized and twenty six point, six percent of all injuries were injured while off duty- or, unknown duty status.
an unsupervised. Execution of combatives techniques is strongly discouraged. This also means some of that percentage is I got a bar fight and I went to my my my gunny sergeant said: hey gunny, I I was training combatives and I broke my hand on you know my training partners face. Why was your Well, you know how you, but always ok, but you know I need to get my cast so there's some of that going on areas of the body, most commonly injured, of the injuries, document in the study. A large percentage of forty five point: six percent occur to the lower extremities, in fact fractures I of the ankle, tibia or fibula the accounted for nearly one half of the injuries that to I didn't mean any note. It shows you they're doing a lot of take downs yet they're doing the, want to take notes, but isn't it weird, also fractures there about fractures and so self.
Fractures percentage was fifty percent, it's constraints is only thirteen percent, and what I thought myself is: that's because you know what you don't have to go to the hospital for a sprain restraints, you're, not reporting it. I mean how many, how times have you hurt your ankle. Or your knee training fidel's kick body. And got and not go to the hospital made, It's like ridiculous right how many times I go home like kind of limping a little bit. You know my shoulder I tweaked my elbow got straightened out the list or whatever So I think a lot of the strength I think sprains and strains is actually you're. Gonna get is like almost one hundred percent, but we'll just kind of like. Oh, let's put ice on it and call it good. Will you think, maybe that the the these lower extremities injuries is from like kicking? Well, I dunno, I think it's takedown
industry, the fractures I mean. I guess maybe that they'll turn the wrong way aggressive face with hips like when someone's learning you're going through those those rough areas were more likely. Yeah, yeah yeah If you think about how many broken bones, have you seen on the mat during training, It's I think I've seen two. I think I've seen two one like ankle and one was radio yeah guy got caught and my buddy got caught by some bicep slicer, I heard a crack spiral fracture and he was the stolen unemployment, but but yeah. That's why it's weird, but how many people? How many times have you seen somebody get a sprained ankle? Bring me like you can't countable so there's a weird thing is a weird thing and was on the dislocations and the
fractures and other your cranial injuries, other injuries concussions connections. Able we got a three percent taco. We will get hurt on the obstacle course. on the obstacle course, probably not attend but how many people get hurt going through land warfare training out in the desert? All you know in every any kind of training, young people are going to get hurt. Lakewood in land warfare, training like a twisted ankle running, hurt me and used in April in europe back right off, rob picking up my body of his mercy with some people were honey, I'm warfare and there was a lot of body it can be done. Sorry, fellas just try to be ready for, but Yeah people are going to get injured, but here's another one like fast roping or parachuting like people break their ankle, people land wrong people get hurt, so yeah you're doing high risk training. People are gonna, get hurt and traumatic brain injury.
The armed forces health surveillance centre can study concluded that a relatively small percentage of fifteen point five per cent of combatants related injuries occur in the head. Back and nervous system dude. I don't think fifteen presents a small number I don't like that number. However, these injuries can have disastrous consequences which can include traumatic brain injuries. That's why you get as far you can't spar everyday know, it'll be with boxing yeah. oh yeah and for sure that's something that we've learned and you and I had did not learn until it was too late? We already probably sparred hundreds of rounds back in the day live with mma gloves by the way, which is not smart. you see better, you I mean yeah, I mean that's, the disturbing you know when you think about all the rounds. You did back in the day, while training for camp
is a lot of you getting punched in the head. Do you spot him with mme gloves just striking, or is it a full of nerves? But but you know you put vaseline on it or or you put a you, were hager and small, gloves or big loves into high gear. but that's we kind of evolved now evolve like Geismar a whole lot, less a lot less wasn't back in the back when you were going through seal training, they put the boat on your head and jump on the. watch over there, but now they don't do they don't do that anymore, yeah, but see you learn from your past. You listen from. Everyone has bad next cigs. You cause everyone, but sarge dealt with it. Yeah, that was unhealthy yeah that was not healthy. He got a boat on your head in the freaking two hundred and twenty lb instructor jumps into the boat but soon- and it's not like that moment been impact, the weight is distributed, evenly
amongst the six or seven heads in their- not he lands wherever he lands and it takes at least you know yeah. That was not good and, if feels like, there's no real benefit What kind of quote unquote treat d? There's there is no benefit, is only a negative, it's kind of like getting punched in the head. Yeah yeah, there's various. Now: let's you have to get punched a little bit so that you are used to it and you're, not scared of it, but you don't get battery, punched in the head. That's why we don't walls and start going. In the face of those videos. Okay, I live on the walls or detention. That's leslie, freakin different tax must not just different tactics. That's like frequent jerk seeking dramatic injury occurs. When a son trunk trauma head injury disrupts the function, the brain initially the onset of worsening of the following symptoms loss of crease level of consciousness, loss of memory for events mediately after all, turkish
Duration and mental state confusion, his orientation, neurological deficits, weakness, loss of change in vision, so you get a lot of these things if you're sparring all the time and you shouldn't so don't and it goes on to some more of this danger at a soldier exhibit the symptoms of traumatic brain injury. Soldiers should ask, should seek immediate emergency. If I, this is out, I mean remember when I got a really bad concussion from three four. yeah, but there was the worst one where I went actually had to the hospital, and I remember the doctor. Said: hey. You know you no contact for. I think she said six months. What happened? What would be
on my knee or something no, I wouldn't lie shot and it was ahead. It was your hair sprawl. I had an inch in my head of your chin, yeah yup, and it it it didn't. Knock me alt knocked me down, and then I remember I was looking up at the roof like I saw that the the the the I was like. Why is dede rotating me right now, cause that's why his name because he was cross eyed and like I'm, looking up at the rafters and city boxing room, the city boxing at those big rafters and I'm looking at them and they're. Turning and I'm like I'm trying to put my feet to stop you from turning me, but it wasn't turning. I was turning. You know your work and then I woke up in the middle of night was throwing up a disney bathroom, and so I went to the hospital cause at box, I had just died. That's right! Yeah a boxer had just died and I was like bro, I'm all messed up and one of my team, good friends, came and drove me to hospital because I couldn't like I was done, and but here's the
the here's done now- here's dumb she's like no contact for six months, and I was like cool and weeks later I was like, I think, I'm going to go, and I was we were training again like doing that. So don't be Did you get amnesia or anything like that? Now? No, I didn't concussion from football. I told you this where I got amnesia straight up, woke up like not, conscious, but I woke up you. I come to amnesia whatever just confused same deal, no contact, but they were like when you first can cut the next week. I played a game. The first I took another scenario like I out of nowhere am within us. Why they have concussion the call now has an idea they didn't used to have that back when the day when you over there at a choir I'd, probably about ten serious ones, but one of them after japan, father roger. I would to spain like rats words in, and I was like a twelve year old kid like them, either
the mental capacity of about twelve years. They didn't I'm just too. I would just, and was very at all for about two weeks did: did you feel well out of it or was he abstained on or I'm gonna fall down catch myself, you know sometimes twice a day, sometimes twice a week then went down to even like six months later got like one or two of those like whoa, I gotta sit, but not for a long time you like playing with legos and stuff time, but they're like hey how long six months or whatever cause You feel better could even- Next week I felt dizzy, I don't feel no pain or whatever, but like your head is so weak. Now so like you could get like a small lake, I got a light hit. It was a light and I was just confused like I don't even know where I am, can pull you out of the game then or yeah cause. You were just everyone on the whole team, like new, I'm like breads kind of
scary- to be honest with you, like you, don't know, what's going on at all and oh yeah, they knew cause. I had it that the week before they pulled me out yeah well, then you've taken some shots in your moma career. Like and you've never been knocked out Whenever a fight ruck down, I've been going to be knocked down, but you've never been knocked out, but I watch some of your fights. That. I was actually at and I still can't believe that you didn't get K owed to next month like cocoa, whatever I keep fighting you as reason. I don't look like justin bieber. I look a little bit different. Alright, let's be careful of dramatic injury chokes next excellent jokes chokes are the most effective way to end a fight without a weapon they incur acetate an enemy with superman and chokes can be applied in training exactly as a soldier on the battlefield. Great training purposes.
Only until your opponent taps holding a choke for lengthy period, cause injury or death. Okay, so This is one of the one of the things we're dealing with we have to. They have to say that but we have to say what I could be entered. Doesn't mean if you ultimately for five minutes yeah. But if someone goes to sleep you, let them go they'll wake up now. If someone is there certain substances that can actually interact with with certain organs that can be dangerous. That's true! If someone has a medical condition, never know, but I I I swear being choked out for the main knocked out, oh it's not it's! It's infinitely safer its infinitely safer. Now, if you Wrote out is I would get. I would go so far as to say being choked out he has no negative impact on your health. Now look would you get choked out all day everyday. No, but if you get choked out
thirty seconds later, you are totally viable to do anything that you will that you need to do with no impairment whatsoever, you get I'll just I use it echo charles if you see someone gets knocked out its ground? messed up and you have. probably some kind of permanent damage to your brain. He out no factors. Would you compare choked out to like your leg, falling asleep, I'm sure atomically and physiologically there's a lot different, but yeah, probably something like policy you like. Then it comes back every year. Then your face. What it feels like to be honest, yeah, it's just it's horrible, because law enforcement. Actually, this there's so many law enforcement departments where the choke is illegal. It's some say, machining shooting someone up, it's a lethal force, and you
will be charged and when properly trained. Now. Look if someone's improperly trained There is a higher percentage that they might actually heard somebody true, but anyone properly it ain't happening, please. If you come to arrest me and I'm being a jerk cause, I'm on drugs or drunk or whatever took me. Please choke me, don't shoot me and don't beat me in the head with a baton right cause, that's going to mess me up permanently as you took me out. You put me to sleep. Put me in I wake up sober up and I'll be like yeah, I'm sorry man, whereas If you hit me in the head with a baton six times which was going to take to knock me out, I'm going to wake up, I'm going to be messed up. cut cuts all over my head teachers stitches, Brain damage of some kind, I'm going to sue everybody. I'm, going to be it's just a disaster, whereas but before we sleep less on ninety we're naked choke. It's a terrible thing. It's a terrible thing.
it's been demonized the way it has and and look has been some cases where clearly it was a freak in major problem because it show called got put on hold for too long put on by someone that was panicked or otherwise freaking out and It was the wrong move to make and the training wasn't there too, I first realized this person's just now. I need to let him go and no one was detached enough to be like hey you, that person's subdued. Now you can let him go but that's jokes would you I don't know it just those same like them. You know about the illusions of well. I mean it. we'll see Sophia. If you have so yet Fiona chokehold, all your arm or I'll pull rise in and truth is you hello, black belt, in damage. Organ try to actually start star with merman you're in your mouth? If you want your, your teeth will won't shatter, but you europe,
well you will stop biting me or, or you reject promise. You have three seconds go to sleep. I can hide my ass to and eyes are not like jello, I mean they're very sensitive, but I mean It's just funny. People think all of it. That's yossi the riddick charges reads: backbone, zeiss, that's annoying! It pisses me off You saw that video it boss, ridden with its hopeful reach back from, is in it it's or or reach for the growing. So these are targeted to me. You have them include that as a possibility might by sand like that, just a thought of who is a quickie. We have two choices. We started? I know it's not that easy, because they know their doing this with you tat you three seconds or sleeping the actually here in their eyes out in ninety seconds. You might congratulate yup. It's I've. Had people try to gouge my eyes out before and it's ineffective compared to a joke. They're going to sleep yeah, it kind of pissed me off of a chalky Joe carter yup bite my arm right through your teeth- and you know it's just stuff
it sounds brutal. It is brutal, but don't don't bite mark what I'm saying so that there is a happy medium of including that as a possibility, but not really awesome that that is a quick fix is just something to include your training joint. locks attacks on most large georgia, for example, elder elbow shoulder at me- are painful long before causing injuries which allows short soldiers to conduct full force training without significant risk of injury. The exceptions are Mr attacks and twisting he attacks. Therefore, this attack should be taught with great care and shit. not be allowed during sparring. That's interest, If the greek disagrees, one hundred percent cent, the way we You jack, o echo myself. What the talk about is something a told or he'll look twists your your he'll, more your foot, but the consequences you need twist usually depends on. If you have a strong and we can call you with your ankle, my PA
first now these kind of things done responsibly can be done, a training as long as you catch a release. Also, your partner has to know not turn the wrong way. It hurt themselves. So I think this should be included training, but I see why don't you know, teach me yolo can go hard because guy does with a boot on a military boot. You can just grab the boot twist it you don't need to get this boot, so so with boots on, like luck. City brought here it is. It is with your hawks. looks, do not hurt until I pot until your injured right at the edge of your right. The exit might fertile but I've. I actually hurt someone with a heel hook. I was a blue belt and I was training with a friend of mine who's, a seal who's. All amped up and I put a heel hook on, an idea. I put it on to a point where I was like: oh you know whatever he he's not tapping- and I think I just like- let it go or whatever, but it hurt him. So
then he didn't really feel the pain from it. I went to something else, so it is a thing and you do need to pay attention to that that he looks really don't that much until your injured wrists law, ix, yeah, there's all sorts of weird. Yet I dunno, why there's credit? There's many bones in the hand, is always wants together and others. Certain little pop could be the one going in this one. This one little asked doctrine. Luke would also have the handling man of obviously, but it could be the subtle knuckle. It could be. The finger convince you get me that it could be that finger could be so. A little pressure could pop a finger, yes, so so that's what they mean. They are affected or something there's some really effective, bridge locks and, generally speaking on the ground, there's not a lot of very effective standing reflux against the trainer,
at least because there's there cause the opponent has a lot of mobility asks you asking you to isolate one of the major limps the neck or one of the arms to control. Next to the trunk of the body is what I'm saying yeah. You know how like the heel hook right, you don't really until it like to congratulate scenario right. What about me bars in europe? The bars of same do a key. More is worse than a strictly lock. what the paint twisting the twisting motion. If you keep your optimal kumar, it could be a problem if your knee pops from a straight or you know you'd, be sore now. If, if you don't tap it on, it does break and then it's of course serious injury, but the straight knee lock, you feel the pain. Right away, but for your question about the pain level, yet exactly right, hey level in a straight me, luck is their young. You ll notice, tat. Yes, you know truck I've My knee pop from a knee didn't feel it even when it patent, I didn't really feel it that my new there's something wrong sought. Let it running your life may thus running running running, lose the nerves in your your, yet it's very possible
yes you it did swell up? I didn't like it actually ended up. Use like you and those where needs to that same humming, a noise for no reason they papa yet good point. It probably was that they were swollen. For I don't know week two weeks, maybe which actually technically, as far as compared to a real neat injury, is not that much time so was I injured, moderately injured, it did swell up and I think it was just a meniscus situation, but I didn't feel it though, There was a pencil range, so they adopted the lighting a unique think budget with our market than that next day there are swore yoga the music more serious, but it's not as bad as the key more I came, or if you get injured from kimora, it's a little worse than it. Then it's treating you, using you look different yet will your shoulders of complying with complex joint twisting you, you got knee surgeries pretty early, then you dean, Sure, seven, and to those how old were you, I must have been twenty twenty.
and what what was the first injury it was. It was from high school football. I got hit from the side when he was on if someone was on there like already got knocked down there, and that has an ease in my mind. He got propped up against the ribs. I didn't see him pursuing downline as a linebacker and someone hit the right side and it's a twisted over just perfect, and I just see that I I saw the video money planted on the side and I got hit for the right just as popsicles. So was it fully? Oh AC hcl at the lcr and the ms meniscus meal. He didn't. if you got that triple threat surgery bucket handle tears, that's why they call it but yeah, and then the doctors like any surgery. But you you have a strong knee capsule. What does that mean? Well right now: you're, ok kinda, but that eventually just came out James nielsen had to try and go. I was in a full squat. Just came out one time on the mat and ninety seven and then it got searched and then you the needed surgery. I always kind of forgot that you got surgery and ninety cents, I at you. Most of your career was post in these
The romberg for I employment for them, and my insurance lapsed just like a week, is that so I had full weight. So I got ya thanks to rob Burton for the jobs you got lucky on that lucky, that's an expensive thing: yeah and then you've got another one in two thousand and one yeah, but that was just a meniscus. That's just a shaving meniscus, two thousand and one to three years. What was a good year for me in Brazil, two thousand, when I was younger, for three weeks, and then you got sore shoulder surgery. So does a jet I had. I had five solo surgeries and in a year and a half yeah, that's not fun cause. I didn't infection in brazil in that basel I effing affection. You know really bad serious infection like they ve, been seeing in portuguese. Like hey we're, not saying you make a garment cut off, but you know how it happened. I'm like bro, Doctor says they're kind of like but they're telling you, reason. So yeah
What surgery was that, like the original problem? What was it? It was my medial, not my interest, but it is my subscapularis and my labia and my rotator cuff, which was all ripped up all the competitions I've had also in russia broke broken russia. Snap but our best, but it's ok, let's interests these we have a lot of overlapping surge herb injuries. Even actually I did. I tore my knee I know real simile in a similar way the year before. Ninety six youth football same deal, and then I have two near the buzzer. In fact, one of our surgeries was on the same day. We ran into each other, didn't know that yeah go in for the surgery and the acted like oh yeah, dean's year as it was then he's like come into after his surgery doctor where he like. Do you guys well yeah cause you sit when I first, tore. My bicep was after utopia as it was at a different time, so
when I to remind I was like a who's. Your guy like who did you go to cuz cues back in the game? So I can. Let me go to that guy who's, norman king. I soon so I went to him and then then he pats me on the deeds. Here I didn't know that was the first one, the sec, or that when I ran into team, was the second one. When, if I could make echo, don't do it, then I would have trusted one bicep avenue, d or yeah. Just it was complete My you were there when there as budgetary but the sec it was. It was like nine years later, when you got your other surgeon, your shoulder bicep. It was that you had to be hit a big surgery, so I enormous cain did yours right that one, but I didn't get it from normally, he didn't do my news other guys like his partner guy or whatever so, but I but that's who told me when I walked in, he was norman kane and
The call was a man d. There is no, we finish or any sodium engines like you know. What it was a bad sign for jujitsu. When you let go to get surgery, your other friends are getting thirty. Not a hundred percent rica is europe. How is your strong as kittens rehab in progress, so you'll be okay, yeah. it actually has protocol. Like I said the army doesn't miss anything protocol for injured soldiers. You know it's got. Everything in here It also says the striking is not the most efficient way to incapacitate an enemy and often results in injury to the striker. So this is a pro grappling statement. Not only is it not the most efficient wait, but I'm to get her to color the old school boxers parenting with no gloves would punch. what he wore hands were down here, because punching the forehead back those days with your hands.
Okay. Now you're, like you know, pilots retire now, or are you you're not you're, not going to go to the job at the factory that these guys actually worked at the time, so the rumor actually remained pretty much known with eighteen ours. It was like the hands were low We a more the body face but but you're taking a chance. So so there mean they knew about didn't have seen medical care. We do now is reason they were as yeah, that they actually keep them in tucked to their sides a little bit to present those body shots and yet further out in front of them. So they may be and get up and like defend the face a if they need to that's interesting? It does say, however, strike is important. Part of old roster fight strategy strikes can be very effective in manipulating the opponent into unfavorable position, striking b practice with various types of protective padding, such as gloves, defense can be practiced using reduced force blows. So there you go Talks about, like I mean this- is such a detailed
arguments and the army just does this man, the army is squared away. When it comes to doctrine, they may make them just in red we detailed things in this team, obviously put a which into this talking about training, the military profession is inherently dangerous commanders. must train their units to tough standards under the most realistic conditions possible this chap discusses the combatives training program from an instant, who shall training to operational unit, training, training areas, training, technique, teaching techniques and safety precautions that must be considered before conducting training, and they just go legal date. Get after listening. This thing I mean this is like ie. You didn't know anything about anything. You could pick up. This manual started pieced together, you know deliberate risk assessment worksheet. to identify unnecessary risk by comparing will benefit the potential lost. The draw process allows you to try to define troll hazards conserve com,
power and resources and complete the mission processes, cyclic and continuous it and be integrated must be integrated into all phases of operations to training like these guys are just they're not even playing around with and they us and then Just saying like I like how this is structured, I really like it because you need to have a guideline, especially in the military. I think it's really good that they're doing a good job so far from severe complete wanting. I think, is a very important far as training on your own, if you're in the military or it if you're in some some guidance like this is ass. To be some wiggle room. Some leeway, such as to remove that. I don't even do that. Well, but I know my students too well like a like or Eric and a better darst than me. Maybe I taught it to them, though, so so certain is I'll teach that would not be under my guideline, but I teach because some people do this moves naturally. Well some people, I wouldn't strive- wouldn't teach teach the triangle, but that's an extra not very long. It's not going to mean move but gotta learn it anyways. Someone else unit is going to be that's going to be there.
If so, I think it's really important. We had the guideline, but there's also has to be some wiggle room. So that's why it's important to train in your own, your own, free time to find your own style. Think it's really important for So yeah you don't want to learn by the book. Only it's good enough guidelines. You gotta have the guidelines, but you gotta get out there and then it goes through the whole thing of like how the basic combatives course of instruction there's a b c c instruction and what that does What that's? What includes an intact, combat its course and what that's all about and what that includes, and then you get them combatives master trainer course of instruction the m t c This addresses all ranges: the fight by training, striking skills and introduces soldiers, the integrated degree, in combatives training in the rest of the warrior tasks and drills. I e come incorporating bad into training, close quarters, combat training and mission unit training. And it goes over duties,
the combatives master trainer course certified instructors, the end it says: everything that they have to do. the things that they have to do to be like a master trainer in this stuff they went to great lengths to get this program. And you know a lot of this. I bet was the day you got to play the game in the military. You know you gonna play the game. You gotta give the leadership what it is that they need to say: yeah, we yet the oh. This is I bet you they pulled out. Like some immediate, ex drill, rifle training, guidebook and said I going to put all the stuff- that's in here about safety and put it in here They did an awesome job of setting ab, where it's kind of hard hard for the leadership to say. Well, you guys really haven't thought this through. It's like, oh no. We thought this through to the freaking nth degree here some of the stuff, the the
combatives and structured instructor has to do Receive at least twenty hours of instruction gain the ability, teach basic, combat, isn't developed scenario based training and understand standard competition rules, pat pass a hands on performance, oriented test on basic combatives, combative techniques. putting the following: maneuvers escape them out, trap and roll past. The guard achieve mount from side control, arm push and roll to the rear. Mount escape, rear mount escape the mount shrimp to the guard, scissor sweep rear, naked choke cross, color joke for the mount a guard bent arm bar straight on bar from the guard straight on bar from the mouse sweep and attempted. straight on sweet from the attempted straight on bar close the gap in achieving clinch take down from the front to the mouth rearing rear, Take down front guillotine choke, guillotine choke, sorry tools. guilty for pass a written exam on the combatants programme and standard combative rules conducted, One scenario based training exercise,
and receive an additional twenty hours drink. So they they've got everything like that's what you need to do right. So that's. This is as thorough as you can hope for the forgot. The spinning jumping double reverse upside down we'll blood but those beg. You know we had TIM Kennedy on and he was talking about use the free time the three time army combatives, champion and when he want you want twice and the only person ever I to twice in any one of three times so, but an awesome competition. It's ruling what they do. It's like, multiple, fights and the real what kind of escalate as you go through, I think, like the first day, just trying to weed people out says I grappling only and then the next day is like grappling with strike on the ground or something like this. I had been like The final this just basically ever made a freak and fatigue. John, that's freaking, legit man and there's, everybody shows up to that thing.
The army right. Fifth, freedom, legit Outstanding way to figure out where people wrap, then it gets into like unit training. and a successful eunuch about his programme continue focus on the core techniques top disorders during their national military training. Mastery of these moves and exposure to a large number of techniques will result more profession fighters for combatives training to be successful. It must become an integral part of the units. Culture, except you. Look about his programmes have four characteristics: training every soldier set standards and hold people accountable for them. Motivate soldiers and leaders to achieve excellence in combatives in training. So I think like that's the kind of thing that statement right there. This is what I want. four hundred to look at combative training for everyone. They need good all the time it needs to be part of mission training, and you might be going around saying for the last couple years that I think enforcement should be training twenty percent of their time.
Twenty percent of the time that you're at work as law enforcement. You should be train, but I think a centrally jacko, we talk was personally bout, want foresman you're, like you, ve done vehicle interdiction, no virtually done in wartime scenarios at night in all, and the thing is I, it the rest of my job with him. Actually, no yeah other people would prefer to get arrested of my chocolate. Then someone else who doesn't know jujitsu. So the thing is- the nice would mean a most, I'm also not recognise backed by the effect, but if you it's gonna, be in those extra. I think the idea of it? You know humor computation just being used that more and more it I mean. How do you get debate skills without getting into you're? Not getting the argument not fallen, an argument you actually have to get into the debate itself. You can just talk by yourself or get in the debate with someone else to get skills like that. You know. I think it's a good good point plus get in shape.
Yeah. So so let me ask you this question picture. You have police officers and. There's a scenario. That's unfolding and. The groups of ten is like normal police officers today, and they the normal for hours per year of defensive. tactics and combatives, but of all ten of them Versus another department that is training, Twenty percent of the time spent training so and they ve been for a year. Having spent twenty percent of their time training and there's a call some emergency situation. There is a there's somebody going crazy with a knife. There's you know domestic violence scenario, where a guy's on p he put his freaking out, and and or you come home to your house and there's like something bad is happening at your house who do you want to show up that is it
the ten people, the ten police officers that have had four hours of training each so forty? training all you want only eight two of these guys are actually on their training right now, they're, not working, so you only get eight, but that eight has trained hundreds of hours over the last year to prepare for all these different scenarios. There's no doubt who ever anyone would pick? so anyway, while that time could be allotted buried, studied law could be a lot more for I don't want to ship their stupid if they say that it can be a lot more for for for counseling sessions, I mean the thing is we're talking about human competition and I think how to deescalate because inch is not always about being stronger than you. It's about me finding way around and it's all it, and also that training is not necessarily it's not all, combating this, not all shooting you will be taking de escalation. Hey. How do you deal with someone? That's all. You can tell they're, clearly angry to domestic violence situation, the guys freaking out. What are you going to do.
hey, you need to settle down and that's like no, that's not going to work out. Well, you need you ate, keep some distance talk to him. You can so you're gonna get train in all these different aspects, not just training on shooting in fighting its training on. How to deescalate how to get control How to how to set things up? What psychological maneuvers? Can you make to get someone to calm down like all those things? What you need to get trained? It so fact that I hear the excuse of like well, you need to police out no untrained police have less value way less value than trained police, not even close. and you know that was another thing as I was having some of those discussions and arguments that while I was in the seal teams about hate, it's the system that we're using right now the guys are trained up in five days. The system that you're talking about would take years. You know three, four, five, seven, eight nine ten years to get proficient at and I remember, is like and occasionally get a good come back or whatever I was a boy you're in the team for twenty
So why not get good at it? You know! Why would you expect someone to get good in five days at something that takes a lifetime to get good at it by the way you're in the seal teams for twenty years at least well. I guess you could be for most guys most guys are in it for four five, six, seven, eight, nine ten, eleven twelve twenty twenty five years. Let's get good at this thing, so? That's the unit training and they talk about standards and they talk about making it part of your your physical training right. You're, going to train. That's another thing, like police officers that twenty percent of time that should be spent training that includes like? How will you getting in shape? Are you in shape, want to be in shape if you're caught homeless are You know you see these. Do you see these some of these videos police officers And you're thinking wait a second. How is this person going to personalized gonna? Stop anybody that's remotely athletic. Even if I just run away, in a catch, anybody
and you know this whole thing- you know that we did it cast on the eu, while the situation in each case asked her. What else needs to happen in america. To realize that we need more training and, by the way. That uvalde situation. The fact that people didn't respond and and and acted in a cowardly manner? Is all part of training, Also part of training costs. You learn like. Oh, if I don't do it, think aggressive. Then I'm going to get caught, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, look bad, I'm gonna be a bad, I'm gonna, the culture changes if you have a culture I used to see. This was your important if you're a culture that, like you, had some of these symptoms coming through and they were like ready to take on the world and you'd throw some scenario at them. They were going on the attack and that's a culture that that happens You have another symptom words like well,
cautious, we have a zero defect policy. We don't want to get in trouble. We don't want to do anything wrong. We don't want to look bad and that's what happens you see them stack up on a building or don't want to go. Do you wanna? Go I don't wanna go so you have to you have to incl I hate them with the right culture where They know hey. If you make a mistake, it's okay because you're getting after we just did a freaking podcast about the damn nazis and part nazis culture that they tried to instill was we'd rather have you make a bad decision and do something did not make a decision about So the training that I'm talking about involves everything and it corrects all these problems is give them a shape, get them or you are attuned to to stress hume confrontation, the escalation How did you find yourself being hung around not damaged or how carter less damage to a suspect you legacy? I think as autumn. Overall we have the problem that look innocent But this should be the policy, but one
the mission in some county sheriff it and want to be a bluebell and used in his department saying that should be more than again We want more money, dry weather, attract their abstain. Like MIKE, I think I but then again we're parcel, because when we have this great reality, colleges were exposed to a person, but also we're seeing the news and we're see. Cops, have to do things and get beat up by one guy and take two or three people to take somebody getting weapons taken away, and it's like awful to see how does this even happening? So it's not look, we might be is towards jujitsu fine. Take my buys out of it. I'll still tell you that You better learn how to fight and you better train and you better spend time training chocolate. You seem these ten different videos are two different, I'm is a black belt. Vs ran like like, like president, these manner on the icon, Dagmar sir, they has drunk. I was aroused sentiment and even in hall,
right a whole. Also, some restaurant I'll know. Randal ryan, however drawn people there better, just matter like a medical. Now there are so you and this only got cold crop. You know. Insecurity in the morning? It's punched and I notice the cops and the guy doesn't have a gun. I understand, but I'm saying these are black belts, which is of course different level but we're holding around hurting them then and there, and they don't have three homies with with with batons. So by the way you want to have groups want to have a team tactics with law enforcement. Of course, I'm not saying, but is cool if he had the ability and the opportunity to look at that, and it also one from Brazil. This guy tried it. I must say- and I think she had just left but if this guy tried to, I dunno rob, take her purse or something and just like matter on the guy just beat them up in brazil. Legit backbone is female, just the guys screaming he's going to court osaka, which means helping to go out on top and parties, and no one opened and take this matter to meet the guy thanks man got a brutal, but by them that
Just listen a grandiose comparison, but if you have that opportunity and that ability is pretty cool, the arrogant and and and it's it's. It's heinous to watch this stuff. on an almost daily basis, or I mean at least once a week you're seeing a video of a of a cop that is not trained and it at about outcome and look. There's all kinds of cop that are doing the right thing? All the time describes a change due to this cops it or that are doing things right to the best there billy, by the way, their investing their own money, and their own time, They can be better better police officers. Good on him, but should you have to make that sacrifice and by the way, what if you guys got a wife and kids he's got a mortgage to pay and all of a sudden, you know it's one hundred and forty eight dollars a month to stranger or two or hundred and sixty five dollars a month trained. You did to all offices. I I I make a choice between you, know, get
My kid, a new bicycle and training judges. Do you know what I'm going to sacrifice this month and the next thing you know they look up in three years and are not trying to anymore. So why not help the these so that they can help the community the job is opera ryan, with a baby, the actual yes, that the opposite was. We acknowledge coded board there are like the federal swat team with a border that those are the guys who kill the volley should a hundred per cent of these guys, actually right, His guys I mean they, they do medical training a little bit everyday, but they have they have the barricades training. You know, although we don't ground, even if you simply have classes out there, like the new neil are keen on the polluter like that matters, but for it for the board troll as pretty is it's pretty cool? is they're not just sitting around a lot going on duty into, but actually training everyday is pretty and that way away. That's the way law enforcement should be. you should train,
we percent of your time? If that means, you train, you know an hour a day or an hour and a half or two hours every day, or that means you take one day a week where you train all day I dunno but figured out because if you're not training, you're not going to be prepared when you're not prepared, then you overreact. We overreact that causes problems, and then you get innocent people getting killed or I don't deserve to get killed, get killed. Why? Because there's a panic happening so extreme chocolate, but I'd have acquaintance that we're talking to you. He told me he was in afghanistan, he was, he was the he was in the marines and he was like no army. My back was army. Both sides will kill me for saying that, and he was talking about how they would they would practice putting ids him with night vision on and, like you know, what will will Y while in case we have night vision on. We can't see you know, and you know, kids, it's different that perception or whatever, but he's like yeah. You know that's something like okay, that makes sense, but it sounds kind of extreme well. Why is extreme wonder you might have to do
yeah and how much better are you prepared for? If you don't have to have nightmares, not wilco? That happened to if you happen to roll up on a suspect and they attack you and they weigh one hundred and ten pounds and I don't know anything call you can handle of great, but what happened or two hundred attorney pounds in their a purple belt. I wrestled in high school is most for in case something goes wrong. Should big have a jam, your pistol, the dominion the pistol credibly won't they still gonna happen. Someone of james this level, one two and three: what level gets its arts army different ways to clear jump? It's ok. Son was wrong. Something goes wrong. You external needed will both think that body. Why did we when you drill, if nothing ever goes wrong, go wrong eventually. So that's I'm just saying jujitsu martial arts they're doing an army, I think, is really good because we're getting before in case something bad happens. Yeah all of this will straighten out, your mindset to straighten out your mindset cause? if you don't, if you're not used to this stuff
when somebody grabs you and you're not used to it. Like somebody grabs me or you are you, like somebody grabs one of us, there's no mental hurdle of any kind to be prepared for combat. In that moment most people when they grabbed, they have never been grab before and they if they have a giant mental hurdle clear before they can even respond in any way, never mind the appropriate and, by the way, they're not going to respond appropriately to respond badly. So it's this has to change. and, like you said, I mean I think this is a lot of stuff. That's in this army, combatives manual is suitable for law enforcement. And there's some people that freak out by the way, when you say that all we want the book cops to be military paramilitary Yes, actually well trained. I want them to be ready, for whatever is going to happen so there you go
let me go through like how to sustain how to People sustained where they can, where they can then keep up their training, and and stay good here's? The everyday mission, essential task list requiring use of combative skills are compliant subject at a traffic control point suddenly becomes noncompliant. These are just like things. To run just scenarios to run the battalion indicates that an intelligent subject must be captured during the search and seizure mission. The lead man in the search team encounters hostile opposition and has a weapons malfunction. Okay could, It happened. Yes, absolutely three when turning a corner in a bunker complex, an enemy grabs, a soldier's weapon and pins up against the wall. Okay, could that happened? Yes, it could in close quarters and enemy attacks a soldier under zero illumination. Could that happened? Yes? It could. These are every day situations that could happen.
yeah. They can happen combat, but it could happen in law enforcement as well. If you're, not ready for me any way not going to know what to do and you're going to fall apart and then can end up doing some stupid the chocolate would you know I I've. I've heard actually talked about this when I was in puerto rico, working with a couple of military guys that was a guys are used to this. These objects, like these Take one of these things on the down their carbines or the pistols. If that doesn't work one day or goes out there, not practice with open sites. So things like I mean if you were lie upon that right. There is specific that You don't have that available to you, like you know: you're, not you're, not keeping yourself up to up to after date in the morning. Something goes wrong. The grilling! I think it's really good. So if you were, if you weren't exactly caught- and you can't see if I can have some one thousand five hundred,
when I don't mean minds that much. To be honest, you really don't need your eyes. Five five. Your lake temple compete when they're blind yeah, absolutely the wrong guys as long as I'm ryan job, I was trained with ryan job after use blind and it was like you know, once you make contact with him, it's like it's. Ok, talks about A bunch of stuff with live training, ground sparring, situational sparring right, that's something that we've been doing for a long time soldiery begins with in soldiers bees guard they spar until soldier a pass. The guard swept her submitted regime Well, there might be some points here. That's it it's fair, straightforward things, but you could do that with it with every aspect like any of these scenarios: you can run these scenarios. Okay, it's dark! You grab my weapon. Let's do it wants us to a twice: let's do it three times as do it five times? What works? What doesn't work user like like piece of the puzzle that separately as each each piece is different, but in the end you put her on,
was it's hard to do the puzzle. Unless you see what what the picture of what we're going to make, then if, if you don't understand the pieces to make the frame with corners first, then of course, until I think I said it's a good way to add a situational or I call reset rules, yup or timing. Great, really good death yeah and they go through everything from like how you spawn the ground. How do you spar with takedowns how you do this week? We called shoot boxing we're like sing, gloves, but you're doing take doubts. I would they call that they got close by him take out? and then you still have to sometimes, as you said earlier, if We only do shoot boxing and we never do wrestling by itself or we never we never. advance to where we're doing a full sparring. Then we're going to miss something
So you have to you, have to you mix it up to some extent or can be a problem This is where it starts. Talking about basic ground. Fighting techniques. Basic ground. Fighting techniques build a fund, so all that, like we, we are now working. It isn't just talk about like how to run a program. How to set up a program about the safety protocols are, and then it gets into like the actual fighting basic ground fighting technique. I build a fundamental understanding of dominant body positions that should be one of the primary focuses before moving on to more advanced techniques, basic fight strategy, when to One trained fighters meet they instinctively fight using the universal fight plan. They napalm. each other, with their fists until one of them received enough damage that they cannot fight back effectively. Most of martial arts, training are designed to make fighters better at executing this strategy. However, this approach has to drawbacks one
or both fighters are unarmed. Progress is solely dependent on the development of skill. Bigger does actually three drawbacks Bigger, stronger and faster fighters have a natural advantage developing enough skilled overcome. These advantage requires more time that can be dedicated to during institutional training lets a little bit of a weird thing to say because we really talked about, and they are to talk about the fact that it's gonna take time. you can use that excuse here a little bit Combating programme uses a more efficient approach. Finding his tongue contacts of strategy, the basic fight basic may serve as as an edge Caning metaphor to teach the basic fight strategy. Fighters, learn to defeat an opponent. By controlling the elements of the fight range angle, and level the one element of a fight is range. The combatives program has four phases: projectile striking clinching grappling
this chapter involves soldiers, provide social. These basic techniques at basic levels, again an unarmed enemy to circumstances or on a conflict fighters can use these techniques to disable upon their force. The upon it to submit you know turbo these forty four like those of the fort therein. They protect us from its good basra washroom. If they elected you to throw a chair at some of the pressure and stuff for sure. So one thing I notice to the more thai muay thai, which of course, a great great style kickboxing the kick with a chance which that's how I kick, but if your boot, on the block finishing with a shin you'll, strong, chin, fine, but a boot, hitting your shin. It's an issue bro! It's an issue so savage for france. They have these little like recipes with little metal tips, though it's like pointy button. If you block like more time, they have little those little shoes on with the metal tip out just shin is it's a problem so interesting basement. You dressed a book,
block, your shin, a boot kicking your sand is going to be, let's say not a winning situation, for you so understand, say we're looking at now, because I'm sure they're, not there, they're thinking, having a uniform, maybe body armor. They meet the boots, maybe not a boot namibia shoes but different points in your dressed. That's nothing too. however, I am on the side of which I am on the side of you know these even this style in Burma or they use head, but crazy. It's pretty affected by the way added to a headline this kind of stuff, so I do think it did you get the training and when you got a helmet on it's true, then you can head somebody and it's like no damage to you at all and they won't. As a result, the times that recipe. Yet you know so We know, but if we spar boots and kick in the needs of women, I was going hurt you going hurt real fast, probably can't it can be more dangerous. More time. You can learn how in case someone attitude on how to defend it.
the training for more time with the tactics in the save the open minded way that maybe the arm sugar and you can adapt tactics for sunlight that it thinks good I good dad projectiles it actually who good you well yeah by projectiles they also besides rock answer me for foreign rifle which quickly Here's some here's, some like that. The basic concepts create space when, winning combat a soldier's primary goal to be established should be to establish space between him and his attacker or soldier mosques. enough space to transition to his primary weapon. So so there you go. Maintain space when in combat soldiers may be unable to create enough space and transition to their primary weapon. If unable to do so, they may need to maintain space to transition to their secondary weapon or call The distance gained down a bottom is an offence to fight. So you want
Great space you want to maintain space, you might have to close the distance when training soldiers. The primary goal should be instilling the courage to close the distance, the willing, it's to close with the enemy is a defining characteristic of a warrior and the ability to do so against an aggressive opponent is the first step in using range to control a fight. This is something that I've talked to so much because you get that questionable time will is to just you really the best thing for self defence and you ve heard we give this explanation a thousand times. If I have space? I don't need any self defense. All I can get away from you run away. That's fine, it's when you grab me that we have a problem, that's when I'd better know, jujitsu, that's where better know how to grapple at least gained so they say closed the distant if you have to, if you can't, if you can create space or you can't maintain space. The next thing is: actually go on on the attack and you close the distance you getting close, gain dominant position and then finish the fight. That's there, that's the protocol that they give and then it gets into ground grappling ground
Bring provide a sound basis and by the way I am not reading the whole book. Obviously, but it's Can you head to the ground grappling basic techniques standing with primary weapon, fighting stance opposing grip, thumbs, grip, wrestlers grip farming thumbless grip, dominant body positions, rear, mount mount guard side, control and then where's, giving basic positions basic moves and it goes through. You know: basic finishing moves, runic, a joke cross cultural from the mouth and guard Ben arm bar from the mountain side control street on bar from the mouths straight on barred from a guard. Gill, gaiety, job blood, chokes attack the what supply to the brain air joke support attack the year supply these jokes. Take longer to cause unconsciousness. gives joint locks, tat being procedures. That's always good I think that's I failed on that one. When I, when I, when I hurt John Dudley, my buddies, John Dudley, he pushed
No, I didn't give him like a pre brief. You know, like Hey dude, I just assumed that he would just and it may or may not help cause. He was also kind of fired up. You know go go the circle but never mind and he's a great athlete in like twenty nine, different categories, so he's going ham. You know I didn't give him a good, a good. brief. So make sure. If you're teaching someone you tell them how to tap, then it's ox about sweeps and take downs, and you know a good one thing. It's interesting is starts given like how to stand up and base which we all know. But how do you stand up and base will the weapon that's also something to think about. So they address a lot of these things that take a little bit of thought about how you're going to do it. Cuz. You don't want to put down your weapon, so you can stand up. Do you want to be able to
You want to be able to stand up while you're still holding your weapon fast forward a little bit again. You know they talk about the fighting stance and the fighting stance allows the soldier to assume an often the posture conducive to it. AK, while still being able to move or defend himself. The fighting stance is not only perform a platform for an unarmed fighting. It can also be used for various weapons from close range contact, weapons to projectile weapons, just detail, man, the fighter, keeps their chin tucked the fighter looks just beneath their eyebrows. At the opponent, the fighter uses the lead shoulder to block the side of the face. This squared away procedures and and even the the whole, book the manuals got every conceivable thing. I mean fast forward here, the mouse, the mountain I was a fighter to strike the opponent with punches, while restricting the opponent's ability to deliver effective, punches return punches. The output as the lever to attack the opponent's upper body with jokes and drone attack. through in detail? All the
different positions and then you know the guard. in all the services steam stuff we say a fighter, never wants to be under their opponent. the guard enables them to defend themselves and transition off their back into a more advantageous position. That's not what will you do a strict by poor guarded? No, no one says that not one person has ever said that in a serious way joke about it. But no one says pull garden. A fight guard is made. You mean you made a mistake, you you must up. That's why you're a guard. a fighter, never wants to be under their opponent right exactly. We all agree with that. Guard allows the bottom fighter to exercise a certain amount of control over the range by pushing out or pulling his opponent with his hips and legs. Yes, so there you go, I mean it's got. Tons of detail in this manual.
and by the way I was just meaning of unclassified you can find on the internet, but it's there and you want to look through it. Go look through. It learn, learn some stuff. learn about intermediate. fighting techniques so It starts talking about the inner fight. Your intermediate fight strategy involves adjusting the basic fight strategy, Tom chapter three, to accommodate the unpredictable and very very nature of operations. learning basic combative techniques taught chapter three soldiers are instilled with bite. Fight strategy the easiest way to impact of soldiers fighting ability. However, soldiers often find themselves and unpredictable situations that span the spectrum of operations. Therefore, soldiers must be prepared to adjust their fight strategy to fit the situation. rather than making every situation fit the preferred strategy, so This is telling you to learn more and be adaptable and try different scenarios. Now you start talking about intermediate mount and side control techniques.
Posting on the arms posting on the side. larger opponent pins recent, just getting in a more advanced stuff, how to pass the guy or to tax from the mouth attacks from the rear out this is it just, Continues to grow your, skill level and eventually gets to grappling with strikes. right. So now, we will leave says your leader should not make the mistake of practicing ground fighting techniques exclusively. biking, is an integral part of all types of fighting grappling with open and closed fist strikes force to ensure that they have part control over their opponents hands which in turn can prevent the fighters opponent from striking them in the face for using weapons is what school about eddie bravoes combat jujitsu right there. Because there's some positions and you get to them: work, and you did so. But if you did him in a fight, then I'm gonna work. Oh good. When you get passed in the head special paul launches a slap paul, shrikes
approach direction, not as bone breaking as a punch knuckles, but the steam more his loves her. of slaps definitely her here. They don't damage your face as much what I like, like cut you break that was a different kind of pain, but I'm getting parts, and the contract can, but that's the blue slot man there's a suckling slot slapped on your chest, your back, oh yeah, The slaps to the ribs, the slaps to the ribs is like a torture jog over myself into three types like grimmer like. If we're having like one of those days From the sort of ro got back and forth like we're still but we must not just like those leaders of definitions of why that's it. Let's talk this is called gown. It's funny there's an escalation that could occur sometimes, unfortunately, for me, I'm usually getting the raw end of that escalation of on a date.
For for a peace out there. I remember one time when my kid, my son was probably like twelve, maybe and we were training and I had a bad ankle injury speaking of speaking of sarge sarge, shot a single on me and, like I did something whatever an idiot I was one of the worst injuries. I've had an actually with sergeant you like as was probably going to break. He like released like, but whenever moved his way, but my it really sprained, and saw rolling a couple days later of had like one, you know the ankle is that like lace up were tight and they have like a reside one of those things on so I'm rolling with my son and he's like twelve, and you know I like
get side control or something like half guard half guard, and I like pull his shirt up a little bit and I slap him right on the ribs that painful spot. And you can see the toronto to move me? Can't really. You can see is like, and they know ever transition to another position. He let him get up on top of whatever he dives on a toehold. He dives on a toll on my injured foot and well. You know, quite frankly, I probably should have tapped. I probably should have tapped, but obviously there was no way I was tapping to my son, so I like escape that it is this is I've told you story before so then cross eyed- and I was I was I was like
sort. I did the paper cutter, choke wiki yeah and I go. I said something like hey: I'm injured you idiot do you want? I don't don't attack someone injury in their injured area and try to hurt them. Do you Your stand, sir. Yes, no, he didn't answer Looking at me, and I'm looking at him and I go. Do you understand and he's he's still is that I slammed fits so I start applying the choke I'm fine heart. Do you understand? He still does look at me. I'm like a camera, I'm kill him, but like kill him. Okay, the test of wills he's going to have to die, that's it so I start you know you draw the paper cutter choke you go down, then you start going out. I was down and now I'm going out and
I to turn red purple and find these like one hundred. That sounds like what you're good at and I was like. Okay and then we just kept trading. Do you have to buy by oh, I definitely had it coming to me. although there is a debate of principle for sure, but you had it coming to wait what Why slap things that link, but eleven though this I think, is still done in infant writer. Is there still a level of fun to it? There's no fun about trying to hurt someone a injured, yeah, but it could be made hey. Look, I'm not your son, I'm not I use, but maybe some of us didn't sign up for that fun. That day seems saying that's good it's fun, for you really is congratulations. You know what, though gotta learn
control those emotions a little bit? It's part of the process. It's part of the process, never remember windham. When you are back that city boxing came back from wherever you'd like tommy Grady mac, he had meal, yet all these guys them at. Like ten seals, Yet one really was that was the first reading. I require and training I was. I was laughin them like, because now there were down with it, because I'm going ready for employment and willingly care- and I was talking to smack of them- may come request permission to go. Go back to basic mission, accomplished I'm going to go back said mrs scrubbed request machinery. Then it was a game, but then again there. This fire guys, and it was like the game. So now is personal one you know scrape cross about it, but the sun injured, foot arrested What's your what's your assessment, echo says: I'm wrong. it's kind of music like like like you and I we do it cuz. We think it's funny so just to be funny. Jack was a daisy. He makes me feel kind of ashamed, sometimes
I mean it's a mutual thing. It's just different. Why are going to on time we always train out. We we ve always been that way for sir richmond. you know how case so this is. I think this is true, so you know rattlesnake trade when they're like not full grown. When they bite. They say they're kind of dangerous right because they can't control their venom. So your twelve year old kid right, you're, like okay, we're going we're going to street level or whatever it right cause such thing. So Ok, we're went street rules and not what I would say the slap is. I mean it usually mutual and kind and understood in this way. With someone might misunderstood, it makes coherent art like really are exaggerated, you're just do it to anybody, so ok, I my room like a random personal yell, a friend or you're, getting very indra enemy. Why and why? Don't we do not? Actually you live, how anyone really slap rib slap, your ear.
enemy that sort of like don't move rare does. This is just like me, no general friendly harassment, yes right, yeah friendly harass with exactly right. So, but the reason you don't do it too, like a stranger or something you don't know the reaction middle there, not under that element of control, that your friends are now to have your own kid who's to say. where he's at mentally same sandra, apparently believes in vengeance like a little rattlesnake. Where he's like. Okay, we were taking it to that level. Will take until he dunno, though he didn't know that means, as far as the translation to what he can do it for you just going for. What's going for children, I'm not tall, halt leah rank, like I said frank. You had that coming to you, sir I don't know man I I see you you're, probably right man, yeah I told her to me that aspiration I guess you know what it is part of it is for me. This was just like oh wait,
make things more fun. I would actually agree that you know like like there's a certain level of if dean and I get in that zone, there's a certain level of it's just a way to make it a little bit more fun a little bit more consequences, the the the other day. Jack o, like I was on a good day and m macneil. We caught park bench when pregnant as institution. Isn't the facial you can't move into microsoft street your legs are trying to make them like lie against the wall street, but he won't. Let me do it, so your opinion is like your backs on the wall. Inside someone's chin is your face in your stomach. You, like fuck, been scrawled. Where's. Your stomach is is a very demoralising. It was ingenuity to back to me, of course, but what use is it just makes a fund?
It looks real bad too yeah. It looks pretty bad humiliation levels high that one hundred twenty on the bottom you're, like you, feel you feel like. I dunno. Why I'm here both made several mistakes too? we're not another. We're told is basically grabbing like you're to do that, but for your to and it's actually your arms more flexible than your, then your ankle, your knee. So it's actually, it can be a damaging move for anyone wondering what I'm told is grabbing the top twisting the ankle. Therefore, the knee well for the record. I don't think necessarily that you were in the wrong. In fact, I think that son was kind a technically in the wrong, but a little rattlesnake. You can't expect them to control. He didn t know the lionel deaf and arduous title, whose strategical, which was tactical strategic, was that to teach tv or to a respectable, stringent he's trying to make into a tougher better fighter. Isn't, theoretically, was it a good tactic
Maybe I should let him out yeah a long lasting less than a the of the thing that I will say is like it surprised me right. It surprised me that he drove on the toehold in cuz Yet the weird combination of keen listen and Jeff glover game. You know cause We train would deem the strange, of course here the weird hugh hooks and like tolls and then he's like do and weird flexible things. So anyway, scope lyricist kind of went over this with you real briefly, one time in our whole life, where okay, so dean. You could probably understand this to kill it say we roll right and I in my mind I just know I believe, like you're, just so much better than me and were rolling I'm just trying to you know but at the end of the day. I know like you just so much better than me, I'm twelve years. More a me in your? U or whatever right. Let's
say: okay, you taught me a diet. You've taught me out real quick and then I'm like oh man, cool and then I like, like I'm going to walk away, and then I jump on your back and we start rolling again right, just kind of it's half joking, but we still go and roll whatever you kind of concede a little bit where it's like. Okay, I see what's going on here, like we're in a real training scenario. We wouldn't do that escalate. Asco school configure it, but what you did was an escalation by the way. Yes, but it's half joking. I assume I'm saying it's like seeing what's that over there and then you see the time you're exactly right, solace, yeah! I'm I'm now there's a there's a like a legitimate like you asked. if you just jumped to someone's back, even though you quote unquote are joking. You still got their back and now you're trying to choke them with what is that's exactly what he said when he was like. Indicate, forget your words. Will you indicated that, like like? Don't do that?
It's like. Oh you mean that you did it to me for real yeah. Oh yeah beep for a long time, but you always do that kind of stuff. Do you and then I was like hey bro, did, I suppose, one of you and when we actually talked about a euro like yours, you forget your exact words, but you weren't down for that. Let's not isn't ipad behind it, but you found a group of call me out put it this way. I was surprised because it's not like you did anything, you know it's not like you said: hey, don't you know, don't do that or nothing because you never said anything like that, but when you indicate oh yeah you're not down for that I understood but you, have to understand. I wouldn't do that if we had a real compare, it was like you're so much better than me so yeah. I would jump on your back and I still don't expect to get the better. Even if I jump on your back because you're soma it's like that attitude, I think so that could have been what your son had in his mind a little bit too, though, since said, go for it like I mean obviously dean's not going to do that do you do that? You put your injured value.
There you go. There's some protocols, there's some etiquette extract that sometimes gets violated. Sometimes graders I may accurate and probably wrong. Kids twelve should be nicer, should have been a nicer nicer dead. Certain that kid yeah we talked about grappling with strikes and all that it goes through some of those things and then it gets. into like advance ground fighting tax in north south escapes and north south, like all those things change, attacks and how everything's connected so so leg attacks, dean, lester her the section covers the advance leg attacks. These techniques are taught as a way to change. That fighters position into a submission. Although the techniques are advanced, Still present, the same amount of hazzard has attacked learned at lower levels, so we got some, ideas behind that as well reading
opponents moves. I mean this is just a thorough, a very thorough book about combatives, and they just did a good great job with it, and- are the theories that are in here just cover. what we know and they do it professional way in a very thorough way and then again the last thing that it talks about is competition and the of competition, the cost competition principles. You know that This is important, will finish with this. Techniques are too dangerous for competition. although many techniques are too dangerous for live competition, many benefits can be gained by competing, even when using a limited set of techniques. So there are some things that are too dangerous. And then it says, risks of competition outweigh the benefits men, if programs have failed, because there was no motivation to train
Petitions are a useful tool to motivate both soldiers and unit leaders to emphasize combatives training, so competition very important, and there you have it like. I said great document an outstanding job by the army for moving in that direction of some credible, yeah and and the marine corps has the mc map. We go through that you're, going to montmartre large programme that I know operation, drawing on the seal teams. We move in that direction as well around the same of time wise. We all end up in the same place and You know. The theory here is like you, gonna compete, you gotta, learn you gotta test. You gotta get better than others. And keep it real? You say that echo I say: keep it real. I say it from time to time. Yes or dean your say: keep it real high school,
I actually, I actually say, keep it real or like almost I kind of just throw it out there like. If I'm you know, someone goes hey, what's up I'll, be like oh you keeping it real like that. You kind of just whatever kind of a throwaway comment sure I was thinking about it. It's acts a good attitude to have combative with fighting with life, keep it real and that's. I think this does keep it real, don't allow for the lies. The lies. You got test you test, and you have to adapt to go to improve than you gotta retested, and you can do that with fighting You can do that with everything in life and that's. How would be want better fighters, and that's we become better people I want my recommendation. Man train get out there. ah anything else on combatives dean list, combatives. Well we're looking at that fine balance of training, something you could train you could replicate over and over without getting really injured or hurt,
with, also include surrealism as far as getting ready for the actual threat that you will face, such as by the way, if you drop on concrete all the time it's going to suck. Now you want to be aware of friends is on point: I'm actually a fell for some reason. On the concrete, with my my hand, broke my hand, because we are mats, so I actually know how to fight if ethanol mats, but I I I made a mistake, I should hold my hands at the right time. These are things I have to keep in mind, but then again you need. You want to train on that right. So so why not? Why not always trying to conquer
well, because there needs to be a jacked up your head, you're, going to break your elbow eventually, but you want to be aware of that. One thing it was, it was one of sergeant knows him and all the guys in puerto rico, when I was there for for a few weeks after the hurricanes working with delivering water, that's all one guy, and you probably know him. I don't know his name. The story is the guy was an ex tier one. Whatever I dunno seal, I think seal became a cop, but he was ranked top ten in the world with shooting, but where your hands are here and he reached it's quickdraw and the guys like ranked top ten in the world is at the quickdraw, with your hands above very sorry you got stuck up like he was off duty, so I'd actually pull a gun on him. He went like this because he's so trained to do that. He still wants killed. He drew out on the drive and the guy was mean faster guy you stay, I still gets.
Well you're, not supposed to draw? If someone has already considered done this guys who facile so he actually went from yours to eliminate no survive when the guy? I don't think he immediate the eye with a loaded gun to try and robin The thing is that training of him being so fast is good, but he didn't need to this he's trained. So much that you shoot from here. He still won, but that's a wasted movement thing, but thats we still won so that right there, that kind of training. I think for quick, draws good but then again dope your hands up here. Maybe that actually played into the hole the enhanced comply. Maybe, as I say he is always, there are saying how you still survive because he was trained. So so I was and you know the guy don't know his name, but that was sergeant all the guys on it like it's a tight community, so I think it is good to have that middle ground we're looking for the middle ground. You want to replicate things when you're doing a relatively safe environment, but always be be prepared for what is going to happen. Potentially like with arms donuts, it's a guideline
flexibility there. I think of course, leg locks. Did you hear the story about the russian? You don't actually have the first time I learned leg. Locks before choke holds in seminar is an equally butter and he is a soldier champion of sambal alter tar was there of other russians were teaching, and they were saying like the recently before league walkies, because him being in russia and with my wife she's very attractive, and they go to bar a strange man grabs her inappropriately I'm very upset that break is on now. He was the view gets Kalashnikov becomes bacon did like bro and eighteen but the magical scenario guy grants, my girl very properly. I break his leg, takes a law and what a commissioner As always the usually like this, it makes sense in its body with life at home, sleeping in bed. it wasn't a before chokes, believe not so yeah saga devil might well, but
looks, are part of sambo as well combat symbol in usa ill good, because this is back Steven seagal days, they thought chokehold, you die, you like you know, and sports indoor, sambo or I think combat son was not illegal, but back then it was, and you can do straight arm lock not can do? Kimura, assemble discussions on street new, giving online? I stand on my feet. It's illegal commissioner. We start your feet that's a that's an escape from a submission. Standing if he, if I stand up, I have nothing, but my my feet are the only person around stop. All submissions are illegal, so yeah One point is probably had some reason for that. You, like probably like, if I may, you up now I could drop you on your head had yet so. Therefore, it's not it's not going to work anymore when We actually know you let that evolve a little bit further And now I'm gonna when you start to pick me up on the grab your ambling hold on lucky be down in a so. You need to let things of all naturally
rules, don't help that usually I agree. I agree. I want to turn the national sample. Championing samba was like nineteen. The third time was going to get. Third, I was going to be three time, but then I got the finals and the guy my day, but stood up. So you means give up it's guy one day. That's it! commission white people across from the neck they go. It was almost chocolate minus one, so I got human minus one to zero, so I lost it. So I took second place one year. Unfortunately, I have four time champ and then one time san francisco sports, good specials, also russian martial arts were good and the combat is almost really familiar with what the racket shit the enemy. With the jacket mean. cafe door. If a door was a was a samba champion to combat summer, so was cubby. You know yeah Would you say can be more of a wrestler yeah yeah, but but east is done, judo sambo, but yeah his his style is very much he's very suited for for
we just smashing people smash less he's got right on awesome. Aright well presented one your commitment to some real facts. Only one. Anyone looking to august seven, eight, nine costa rica, we're running attributes of camp and if it was on instagram interested in training for all all skill levels wrong. From a bj hero, bj retreats, is a good guy to contact if he was interested in high level, ju jitsu for three or four days and beautiful costa rica. Where can you spanish, ten and your leg locks? hit it up right, hero camps in costa rica, us osceola you can post it on your instagram as well, so that people, when they hear this they can follow the link or whatever, absolutely goderan and check that out I mean that sounds like a rough deal going to costa rica and doing dare to how long is. It is worth three with forties
what that sounds like a good time. What is it august? Seven eight and so soon everyone rides the six seven eight nine in the tenth is like is like a free day. So it's like forty years yeah check that out, but you want to go. Learn some jiu from the boogeyman. The boogeyman Every the check it out. Thanks for Barak s got the podcast fuel dot com. If you want to get some of these drinks by the way which are freaking good to go, they taste, delicious and I couldn't say that for sign language, well, yeah there could be like. Oh, they taste good, now different different ballgame, yeah yeah, reformulate it to perfection. I think and yeah so so get yourself, some of that. That's the only the energy drink thing. The reason we made him look. I was on deployment we used to drink.
other brands of energy drinks that were filled with sugar you'd, be too many other things. Oh yeah yeah yeah for sure, and you feel awful, it's even worse, not worse than drinking, but I mean it's not as its horrible photos, bad, and so that's what happened on the planet. It would be like that. That's why, when a jackal fuel you know it was I hate you, Brian asked me like: do you want to do an energy drink and I was like I would only want to do that if it was possible to make them like actually good for you, yeah and then he was like. Let me come up with a formula: cranberry white started with his white chocolate. Propaganda ultimate from getting white tea. What did you say chai? Is that irritate cherry cranberry pomegranate is not as obvious, so I get it. Thank you. Yeah, if there is a benefit there are times when you need energy, so you will get it and you might as well not have a bunch of sugar in there and have an overload of caffeine. That makes you jittery and crazy just get something
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if you do get you're going get better. I think you're diet, hence gets better when you, where does your struggle or could you stuck more if your offense gets better when you don't yeah. You have to do it really giving me you have to keep advancing more with nobody. Could people slip out easier What will you should get a give its made in america? by slave labor, but by made by hardworking americans, that's my recommendation or a dot com got some hunt gear on the way? Actually, what's today could be hidden. My though I should isn't that the first like production stuff coming soon, can you make a key there?
it's just like sandpaper. A really good excuse me actually know cause you're, not slipping out of the emerging east are so comfortable are different. Things are there. We are spoiled now yeah. The gospel at my first jujitsu geese were like bloody nasty awful to wear yeah, so do that. Gorging, usa, dot com doesn't jeans boots, hunt gear due jitsu gear we we got, you cover main america. All of it is true to the bone. Speaking of apparel jungle store as well well store. Dean lister has his own shirt, we're going this is it out, is alive frets been life? Why, Actually we have a real lionesses foot yet for ok, so it's a take off on the good should set up a molecular start off with the good sure we have my head on. and then the echo shirt which dang
sure that which add to your head on ladders on and then who designed you're sure do him, like images I didn't make an pointy minutes does weren't, and it was a guy more like a level that is only if you dont know de MR is notorious and famous for changing this the realm of jujitsu by tracking the feet, the legs and the knees and so he made a shirt with his head on it. We made a shirt with his head on it and instead of saying good, this is foot Instead, it actually came. I really really here also yes, a new some new stuff on there, just when it was freed up stairs issue standard issue, many colorways Were you taught? I acted promptly, robert them, your time, her color wait. You taught me you do that you knew that it, sounded familiar but you're the one who said colorways and explained it. I was like okay,
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Atlanta October 12th to the fourteenth the muster. It's going to sell out. They all do so. we'll see there also have an online training academy just like to jesse you're, not gonna, get you not gonna get good at fighting. In one day or one week you got do it all the time. That's why we made the extreme ownership, academy, extreme ownership, dot, com, com, learn how to lead and live. That's what it's going to do for you and if you want to out service members active and retired their families, gold, star families, check out MARC Lee's, mom mama Lee she's got a charity organization. It does outstanding work, supporting our warriors, and if you will help her out or you wanna get involved, go to america's mighty warriors dot. Org also check out mica, like a fool. he's got heroes and horses dot org gotta got on the field. I think today, but bunch of dudes been out
field for forty one days, ride courses sidney cold water, eaten raw meat. Just back back to it and check that one out and if you want to check out dean these on the gram on the instagram he's at dean, lister, b, J J, that's right! I cannot be held accountable for some of the things that he posts, yeah, there's some drama. You go to some dark places in weird times, so you wake up in the morning and there's posts from dean lister at three o'clock in the morning. Hey what's that be advised, did raise the it's random. You might be offended. you might be disgusted or possibly you, man, I sent me one the other day it was added posts from instagram the guy getting cut in the neck. Oh that was was sent was sent to me. Yeah, I mean it was like a horrible scene of a of a guy. There's like a
It looks like your typical kind of couple of drunk do like three or four drunk guys. You know going to fight another three or four drunk guys and they're kind of talking smack to each other and in one of the guys like pulls out a knife in kind of that kind of like way like. Oh I've got a knife out, you'd, better back off and the other guy sorta like to wear. You wouldn't do anything anyways and it just sorta seems like this kind of innocence. Crazy kind of I mean as innocent as it can be pull out a knife. He was that innocent. That's all I'm saying as it didn't look like the intent was we're about to murder somebody and the one one dude that doesn't have a knife comes kind of like walking over like oh, you caught me like with that kind of look on his facebook, but not that anything happen and in this millisecond in a millisecond, the dude, like swings at him with a knife and cuts his throat and the dude. He's dead in tents and hence even ass. He passes out in five seconds. Then he's probably dead another. So another reason: don't get in street fights in street fights they're stupid. You get stabbed in the neck. You could break your hand whatever
in between. So don't do that If you want to check out dean lester on instagram, very is deemed lister. Be J. J on twitter on the graham on facebook, I'm on there as well echoes, goes on clinical trials are magical when watch out for the algorithm by the way, is that going to grab he's going to waste an hour of your day? take an hour from you. Imagine that a monster that came in every day and took an hour from you or two hours from you can't get it back. That's the algorithm monster. It's going to get you so that's it Thanks to all the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, who continue to find ways to fight better in every respect, thanks again a Matt larson driving this initiative in the army, I know there's, like I said, and I'm sure there's a bunch of other people that helped out. I know that he was the charge so salute to him and The rest of the military personnel that are out there putting these skills to the test on the battlefields, thanks for what you do also thanks policeman forspent? Do it
You can to get out there and train you need it. We need it. Also, firefighters, paramedics, e m t, dispatchers correctional officers, border patrol secret service, all the first responders. Thank you Keeping us safe here in our own country and everyone out there go train Train, whatever you can train wrestling train boxing jujitsu, my type train, judo and sambo, and train with guns and knives and bow and arrow and test and learned and adjust and get better, and it will make you better in every aspect.
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