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35: Maneuver Warfare, Being a Rebel, Disarming w/ Words, Sliding into Old Habits

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This is Jacko Podcast number thirty, five with ECHO Charles in me, Jocker willing good evening echo good evening. Weeper was ahead when he in born reach. The gap in the wire star shall, after star Shell was going up now in the hall Why did woken up? Machine guns were talking, but there was one that would not talk, the rattle of musketry continued, but the mist was kindly to their made thickened again. As it got beyond the trembling clutching wire born, saw weeper a couple of days ahead of him and what he thought was the last. Their party disappearing into the midst about twenty yards away. He was glad to be clear of the wire
stars gel went up and they both frozen stillness under its glare. Then they moved again hurry for all they were worth born, fell the sense of triumph and escape thrill in him anyway. The Han couldn't see him. Now something kicked him in the upper part of the chest, rending its They threw him and his agony as to cry was scarcely audible in the rush of blood from his mouth has collapsed and fell. Weeper turned his head over his shoulder, listened start and went back. He found born trying to lift himself and born spoke gasping, suffocating, go on. I'm scabbard I'll, not leave the said. Weber said weeper. He said lifted the other in his huge on gangway arms carrying him as tenderly. Though we were a child
born struggled wearily to speak and blood filling his mouth prevented him. Sometimes his head fell on weepers, shoulder at last. Barely art call it a few words came, I'm finished. Let me in these. For God's sake, you can't not leave the said. Weeper infuriate rage he felt Born stretch himself in a convulsive shudder and relax becoming suddenly heavier in his arms. He struggled on. Stumbling over the shell ploughed ground through that fantastic mist which moved like an. Me of rates hurrying away from him, then he stopped and taking the body by the waist with his left flung it over his shoulder, steadying it with his right.
He could see their wire now and presently he was challenged and replied. He found the way through the wire and staggered into the trench with his burden any turned down the short stretch to monk tranche trench and came on the rest of the party outside aid companies dug out. I've brought him back. He cried desperately in collapsed with the body on the duck boards. In that
Is from a book called the middle parts of fortune, which is written by a great guy named Frederick Manning who served with the kings Shropshire Light Infantry in World WAR, one he served with the seventh battalion at the battle of the song and after the war, he became writer in the book, which is actually a novel but based on his experiences, was published as being written by. Private one, nine, zero, two toto got originally published and then after his death, he finally received credit for writing. It did it say It is a very powerful book and I want to start with that excerpt from World WAR, one because it is the
oh shining, in my mind and most horrific example of attrition warfare. Almost twenty million killed usually over a few hundred yards of trench, and I can't I can't stand that. Attrition. Warfare is a strategy in which ones I'd tries to grind down and aware down the other side in they break when they no longer have the men the soldiers, the p.
The humans or the supplies to keep going in its brutal, and it also gives no real advantage to intellect thought and a tactical prowess on the battlefield, and I don't like it baby does it have attrition. Warfare is maneuver wharf in its work in a dive into tonight. The book is the Maneuver warfare handbook, but as we talk about it, I think about it not just being about war.
What about combat, but about how attrition warfare and maneuver warfare can be easily seen in the way that we lead in no and also in the way we interact with other people with other humans, which is what leading is, and so here we go into this book right here. Maneuver warfare handbook, it's written by William S, Linda, We didn't know him in a minute. Here we go at the book. I served over thirty one years. Active duty with the Marine corps saw combat and both Korean Vietnam and attack its service calls from the basic school National WAR College, yet towards the end of my military career, did I realise how little I really understood the art of war, even as a
Pfc in Korea, after being met of act along with most of my opportune, after a fruitless frontal assault against superior north korean forces, its me there had to be a better way to wage war. Seventeen years later commanding a bad, a battalion case on I was resolved that not a Myra Marines would die for lack of, superior combat power, but we were still relying on concentration of superior firepower to win essentially still practicing grants attrition warfare in we. We're still doing frontal assault that opening right. There is. Colonel John C stuff or obviously, in he just kind explained. His his his career path, Sir in both Korean Vietnam, and he goes on the author of
this box or he's doing forward to this book maneuver. Whatever the author of this book has never served a day of active military duty. And he has never been shot at. Although there is no doubt, Some senior officers would like to remedy that later ladder deficiency. So he's a little, but unpopular gather wrote this book with some with some people. Yet. He demonstrates an amazing understanding of the art of war, as have only a small handful of military thinkers. I have come across in my career, so he's talking about this guy, William, William S, Lindh. Did you into some details on William s land and how he how he came into contact with them back to the book? When I first heard Bill Lynn speak, I must confess I resented a mere civilian expressing criticism of the way our beloved core did things. After all, he was not
one of us he had not at blood with us in battle. He was not a brother strong suspicions that he would have difficulty passing the p of tea, meaning the physical does the physical this. So this guy, we lend not not exactly. A level athlete, but what he said made sense for the This time I was personally hearing someone advocated new unapproached, a war that was based on intellectual innovation rather than sheer material superiority, mission orders surfaces and gaps, shared punked inside of the rigid formulas and checklist that we normally associate with our training and doctrine. It was stimulating experience through lines are Speculation years of Own reading of military history began to make a lot more sense. But why all this from a civilian instead of a professional soldier, in fact
the entire movement for for military reform. Is driven largely by civilian intellectuals. Now military officers, one notable exception being retired air Force, Colonel John Boyd, when you think about it, this is not surprising. We ve! Never. Institutionalized, a system that is urge is innovative ideas or curry or criticism from support it's so there you are, Sorry, you want what do you say to hear? What do you say to your superior officer? I don't think that's a good plan know what they're told to do his support. The plan. Proposing significant change is view frequently viewed as criticism of superiors since they are responsible for the way things are and borders on disloyalty, if not insubordination not surprising that the movement for reform comes from outside the military establishment. And he goes on to say, be age lie,
that little heart, which VHF Adele Heart, was a guy that thought what or want to bring the Fawn World WAR War battle, the song he got hit three times eventually was gassed set out a wine, and almost his entire battalion was wiped out. And this guy eventually wrote a book called strategy. An indirect approach in an interesting, I pulled up. One quote from him. Often the longest way around is the shortest way there. This is the indirect approach, so anyway, back to the book here and what be age Adele Heart said: veal, once remark that the only thing harder than getting a new idea into the military mind is to get an old one out in nineteen twenty five when he was expounding such a terrible theories as the indirect
broach the American General Service Schools Review of current military literature dismay. One of the damned hard major works as negative value to the instructors at these schools. I expect marine our schools to receive this publication with similar enthusiasm, but I cannot believe professional military officer would not benefit by reading it. So that's a quickly if you did to catch the set up of this book. He same of this is different than what we ve been taught this different and in by the way, this this book, I'm checking and dates right now this came out. Eighteen. Eighty five, so there has been progress in this direction since then, but at the time,
this came out. It was just. It was viewed as almost insubordination to think this way. So, let's jump into it right here with the theory of manoeuvre warfare. So now we're getting to lend himself writing. Maneuver warfare is not new. It probably aids from the first time, a cave man surprise an enemy from behind. Instead of meeting him clubbed a club, some I'm the word maneuver- is used as a sin synonym for movement such Jasmine references to fire and maneuver in small unit tactics so lets you we have in the book entry, Marcia Cover move and, and that's all, about which our move he Saint fire maneuvers. The same use of the word maneuver to mean move
maneuver is organised movement of troops during combat operations to a new access and region for the purpose of taking it advantageous position relative to the enemy in order to deliver a decide. Strike so that that sort of classical definition. But when used in the phrase, maneuver warfare maneuver means much more only recently has someone suggested a convincing answer of of what maneuver means that and is a retired AIR Carlin Fighter pilot named John Boyd, colonel boys, development of the theory of maneuver warfare. Again, not with ground battles, but with a study of some air to air combat exercises, conducted analysis, for space. Nineteen. Seventy four that let him back to the study of area air combat during the Korean WAR, a man can aviators were very successful in that conflict. They achieved it.
In the one kill ratio over their north korean and chinese opponents, Colonel Boyd- in his study with a question how why did we do so? Well, he noted in several tradition. He noted that ensue we'll traditional measures of aircraft performance, the principal cause it is vital to make fifteen, was period to be met? Looking at eighty six, so you may think all Americans always have the best technology, not true. So in Boyd will end up doing Boyd, weren't here quite a bit about it right now, but guy, what sort of a strategic genius in the air force and a bunch of people on Twitter hit me and social me? I've always been saying early Boyd, Gary Boyd and I know I gotta- do Boyd at some point, and this is sort of a good interduction avoid so Here's that here's the difference between the make fifteen and the American F, eighty six, the make fifteen
it could climb and accelerate faster and it had better sustained turn rate, but in two less obvious measures of aircraft performance, the f. Eighty eighty six was much superior to make. First, the pilot could see out much better better. The F eighty six bubble canopy gave its pilot very good out word vision, while the migs fared fared, canopy made it difficult to see out. Second, The F eighty six had a high powered and highly effective hydraulic controls, and the Mig did not this man. That, while the Mig could do many individual actions, including turkey, climb and accelerate better than if eighty six, the F Abc could transition from one action to another much more quickly than the Mig it. Better in the transition so far you jujitsu players. We start that scrabble. You start that scrambled the,
the eighty six, the better scrambling you during these two superiority, is the american pilots developed the tactical approach that forced the Mig into a series of actions each each time the action change the eighty six gained time advantage because the F eighty pilot could see more quickly how the situation has changed and He could also make US aircraft shift more quickly to a new action. So we can see what having faster than once, he sees it, which he saw faster. Now we can make his adjustment faster. With each change, the Migs actions, became more in approach. Until they were so imp, inappropriate that the mere gave Yes, eighty six, a good firing opportunity, often it appeared to me pilot realised what was happening to women panicked, which made the american pilots job all the easier
here. Colonel boy began studying ground combat disease. If there were any situation similar to that he found in the AIR War over Korea. He found in battles, campaigns in wars like Vicksburg and France, similar things seem to have happened one sided presented the other with a sudden, unexpected change or a series of such changes to which it could not adjusted timely manner, as a result, it was defeated and it was just defeated at small costs. The victor often the losing side, had been physically stronger than the winner, just like the Mig fifteen was was physically faster. It it didn't matter and often the same sort of panic and paralysis. The north korean and chinese pilots had shown seem to occur. Well, Boyd asked himself what did all These cases have in common
his answer was what is now called. The we'd theory, which is the theory of manoeuvre, warfare, the briefing Boyd gives to explain his theory. Patterns of conflict takes over five hours, so his oath. The girl boy does give this brief and it takes over five. Hours- or he did what he was when he was alive, but at the cost of missing some of the subtleties and supporting historical evidence in the briefing it can be summarised as follows. So here's a kind of a synopsis of the boys theory that Linda's gonna put together force right now back to the book Conflict can be seen as time competitive observation orientation decision action cycles. Each party to a conflict begins by observing. He observes himself his physical surroundings and his enemy on the basis of his obdurate observation. He orients that,
to say he makes a mental image or snapshot of his situation on the base so this orientation. He makes a decision here the decision into effect. I he acts there. Because he assumed his action is changed the situation. He observes again and start process anew his action. His followers cycle sometimes The boys cycle or outta loop and Udo o o d a and that's observe We can't decide and act. If one side in a conflict can consistently go through the Boyd cycle faster than the other. It gains a tremendous unfair advantage by The time the slower side acts. The faster side is doing something front from what he observed and his action is inappropriate with each cycle Lower parties action is inappropriately is inappropriate, a larger time margin, even though he did
really strives to do something that will work. Each action is less useful than its predecessor. He falls further further behind. Ultimately, he ceases to be effective. Then we clearly I mean This is obvious in combat is also obvious in Indonesia to mean very clear when you're train, when you wrote Somebody is, if they're not making a job means fast enough, AEGIS, it's two or three, two or three transitions. Are you out of your on the back. The boys theory defines what is meant by the word maneuver in the term maneuver warfare. Ever means Boyd. Cycling, void, cycling, the enemy being consistent, faster through. However, many Oolaloo presentation to the enemy loses its cohesion We can no longer fighting is effective, organised force. Sometimes a boy cycled enemy, panics or becomes passive. This in,
ideal outcome for the victor, because a panic, passive enemy can be annihilated or captured at the lowest cost in friendly casualties. At other times. The outmaneuvered enemy may continue to. As individuals or small units, but because as you can no longer act effectively as a force, he is comparatively easy to destroy oh continuing on. If the object in maneuver warfare is to move through the Buddha loops fast, than the enemy. What do you need to do? How can you be consistently faster Much of the much of the rest of this book is an effort to address that question, but in terms of joy, We'll theory, the following points are worth thinking about one only a decentralized military can have a fast food loop, The observations must be passed up: the chain of command the oars.
Impatient made and the decision taken at a high level and the command for action, then transmitted back down the chain. The Buddha loop is good and to be slow. As the israeli military historian, Martin Van travelled has observed. From played Odin, NATO were his We have command in war, consists of an endless quest for certainty. Certainty concerning the state in intention of the enemies forces certainty concerning the manifold factors which, together constitute the environment from the weather, and the terrain to radio activity in presence of chemical warfare agents and last but definitely not least, certainty concerning the state and activities of one's own forces. Historic. Or commanders of always, faced with a choice between two basic ways of coping with uncertainty. One was construct, an army of automatons following you
Borders of a single man allowed to do only that which could be controlled. That's centralized command other to design organizations and operations in such a way as to enable the former to carry out the latter without the need for continuous control. This second the second of these methods has that's decentralized command. The second of these methods have, by and large, proved more successful than the first, And the ongoing revolution in the technology of command notwithstanding, this is like we remain so in the future, and indeed so long as war itself exists very obvious stuff. In again, you know an inn. In our book? She Mona with that's one principles of combat decentralized command, and- and this is what it is-
you don't have decentralized command that there. You have the report up the chain of command. That takes time by the time it gets back down. But the decision that thing it's made it a higher level than they pass it back down to violence. And it gets do it's already changed and that, in a judge to energy comparison, if you want, if you have to, About your moves, so you have instinct lose Muslim ever when somebody starts ass, your guard, you get the underdog if you have to think about getting there How can you have the command your body to get the unhook the air? He got the under hook, you so the same thing. You visited decentralized command after the book number to maneuver warfare means you will not only accept confusion and disorder and operate successfully within it through decentralization. You also generate confusion and disorder.
I love that is often rights, not just say, hey, look things really confusing, but I'm actually and create the confusion which make it happen. That somethin were any new initiative. Really good judgment. Glover does at Glover creates confusion. He creates Mammy, create chaos in the gate in them in a match. He wanted a scramble to happen. He wants to go as long as possible They reconnaissance Paul tactics of the german blitzkrieg were inherently disorderly Nazism, but its very contrary to what people think of of the german military and even the german culture. German culture is very orderly, and here we say, then that a blood was inherently disorderly back the book, Are your headquarters? Could neither direct nor predict the exact path of the advance, but the multitude of joy when reconnaissance thrust generated massive confusion among the french and nineteen forty each was reported as new attack german seem to be everywhere and the French, whose
System demanded certainty before making any decisions were paralyzed. It is very interesting to think about that idea of we all want to have certainty, what's gonna happen and how, in in battle and in life, if you wait until your hundred percent, certain you're, probably gonna, be too late. Speaking of certainty, three all patterns recipes and formulas are to be avoided. The enemy must not be able to predict your actions. If your tactics follow predictable patterns, the enemy can Italy cut inside your router loop. If he can predict what you will do, he will be waiting for you This is so hard to tell someone how to do maneuver warfare. There is no formulae you can learn. When someone says
cut all the bull about theory? Just tell me what to do you can't you can talk about how to think about some useful techniques, but you can give new formulas to replace the ones. Currently talk instead of a check list or a cookbook manoeuvre, or fair requires commanders, who can sense more than they can see, we understand the opponent, strengths and weaknesses and their own and who can finally enemies critical weaknesses in a specific situation, they must be able to create multiple threats and keep the enemy uncertain as to which one is real. They must, be able to see their options in the situation before them cause We create new options and shift rapidly among options, as the situation develops General Herman Bulk, one of Most successful practitioners of maneuver warfare said I'm a guy
the school approach that says in accordance with the ideas of the general staff. In this situation, you must do thus and such on the contrary, you must proceed as dictated by the person nowadays involved and the particulars of the situation, so he got in Germany successful german general and he's actually seeing you react based. Not situation of the of the common ground, but on the personalities involved, leadership is an art. My friend. Therefore, one of the first principles has to be: there can be no fixed schemes ever scheme. Every pattern is wrong. Note. Who situations are identical. That is why the study of military history can be extremely dangerous. Another principle that follows from is from this
is never do the same thing twice. Even something works well for you once by the second time the enemy will have adapted. So you have to think of something new. No one thinks of becoming a great painter simply by imitating Michelangelo. Similarly, you can't become a great military leader, just by imitating someone it has to come from within In the last analysis, military command is an art, one man can do it and most will never learn. Little bit a manoeuvre warfare, and so so at the it away. A book is broken up, his books, commoner warfare, Hamburg, its it whose into it breaks into another section which we're gonna get you in a minute.
But you can't goes into a limit. Will lend got now goes into a little bit. Talk about education and training back to them. It is my great and his quote is my great inconstant hope that the Marie, coral will produce some outstanding man for this country, Such men are somewhere and they made we'll be at our classes is anywhere else I do now. Once such a person to be hammered down by narrowness and dogmas. To have his mind cramped by compulsory details, is my constant ambition to see the marine officers filled with ambition she gave and originality and they can get.
These attributes, only by liberal liberality of thought, broad thought that differs, thought that differs from precedent and the compulsory imprint of others and as a long paragraph that says free your mind. Free your mind and love pointing this out, as this is the marine corps. That's that that code is the commandant of Marine Corps schools, Brigadier General J C Breckinridge written in nineteen. Thirty, four in nineteen, thirty four he was saying. People incur officers dont go by the book, don't bay. What other people said he was filled with ambition, that's pretty normal, but initiative and originality he's telling. In order to be a good leader, you got for your mind
Not now like, I said, the book makes a transition from being the the for being the introduction by William lend about maneuver warfare and minutes slides into another section, which is just about his big, and this. This part is called fundamentals of tactic, and this section is written by Colonel Michael D, why Lena Essays Marine Corps and he ran a course of fundamentals of tactics course, and this is sort of the this is the visitor notes from the course when he would teach this course. The fundamentals, attackers and colonel. Why we Still he went to the window, using unlisted marine than you would enable academy- and he was Jim WEBS Company commander in vietnam- it Norman in Jim Web is a fairly famous guy.
He was a Navy cross winner, he's s now a serious, a senator from Virginia a book called fields of fire and then there is another great book called the Nightingale saw which is. It follows a couple five or so the applicant states Abby Mccain Oliver North Macfarlane, I think, and and John Point actually was very prominent graduates from the Naval Academy that all kind of stood out in work were connected throughout the book. So this guy so Jim web is this. Is this kind of famous guy and this guy that wrote this was: was Jim WEBS Company commander in Vietnam? So let's cut up its small world
he's tied together. So now we get into these lectures that he wrote in Armenia, lecture anybody, but they're called lectures in this book. I would just column free, fro information, learn from it, first the first section is called surfaces and gaps concept of services and gaps is one of several concepts that bear on tactics. It is. Important, whether you referred to this concept, has surfaces and gaps or soft spot tactics, or simply the idea of putting your strength against the enemies. Weaknesses that, is what it is all about. Strength against weakness! Call it what you will the terms. Surfaces and gaps is derived from a german term, flacon owned Lucan tactic, which means simply the tactics of surfaces and gaps, the services being the enemy strong points which we,
void, the gas being the weak points that we want to go through now How hard we talked about already today called it. Spending torrent system tactic. He drew an analogy between attacking Attacking army and a torrent of water, if we watch out or bearing down on each successive bank of earth and dam in its path. We see that it first beat against the obstacle feeling and testing it on all points. Eventually- it fall, it finds a small crack through this crack pour the first triplets of water, and rush straight on, the tenth of war on each side is drawn towards the breach it swirls through around the flanks of the breach wearing away the earth on each side and so widening the gap site,
can you see the water behind poor straight through that breach between this the side eddies, which are wearing away the flanks directly is passed through. It bans to widen once more. The online. The term of the torrent as the water pours through it in an ever increasing volume, the on reach of the torrent swells to its original proportion, leaving turn each crumbling obstacle behind long paragraph but that's how water gets prefix finds the weak point in piles on. The idea of putting surfacing gaps. Tactics into practice was first implemented by the german army in World WAR, one this stuff that every everybody should know, especially military people. In nineteen eighteen as they prepared for Luton during Spring offensive. The German, we changed its offensive tactics, the german It found that they were being overpower.
The material available to the british and French, the American, we're coming and it was clear that Germany was going to lose if she did not do something differently because they did not have the option matching the allies strengthen material, the Germans. I did that they would have to out think them. That is, they would have to have better tactics, Germany did not succeed in winning the war. It was too late by this time they were, a rounded the women in children, were starving at home. It was simply to ape the wind, yet they made some technical progress there at the last at last. In the spring of nineteen eighteen, the inflicted terrible defeats on their enemies to the point that the owl I'd armies were seriously considering the prospect of giving up at the technical level the Germans put their strength against weakness. They saw the gaps, small assault groups called Sturm grouping sought guy,
in the enemy lines and attack through them assaulting with light machine guns, rifles, grenades and flame throwers, while heavy machine guns, direct and indirect weapons, including trench borders, were used to suppress enemy, strong points, but on a strategic level. The spring of nineteen eighteen offensive failed. Why? Because Luton, turf on that level puts strength its strength, he was seek, though he was seeking gaps. He was seeking gaps at the enemy. Strong points at the very most great great information have so yeah, the guys on the ground were attacking the weak points, but the strategic picture. They were still attacking a strong area. So you might have found a little weakness in a wall of the weakness in the wireless weakness in the trench, but they were attacking a that's it. Twenty mile trench that was over all was a strong area, whereas they should look where the flags are a hundred miles away. Back to the book
the idea of putting strength against weakness was, of course born way before nineteen eighteen class, Rich writes about it in chapter nine and ten of books, seven in chapter nine regarding defensive positions. He states the attack cannot prevail. Against them, it has no means at its disposal to counteract the advantage in practice. Not all friends of physicians are like this. If the attack see that he can get away with out assaulting them. They would be stupid of him not to attempt it be super of him to attempt it. It is a risk, e business to attack an able opponent in a good position. Same thing we heard from Sun Sue, you don't attacked the heavily defended positions back to the book, employment of this concept of services and gaps then gives us many advantages over what could be called slower, moving forms of combat where strength is thrown,
its strength attacking through apps. Avoiding services gives us an advantage of economy of force. If we are pitted string, again strength assaulting enemy, strong points. We are consuming. Our manpower as well as ammunition is supplies as we go along. If we go through the gaps, we are practising economy of four we are reaching our objective without using up our men. We are leaving the enemy behind because we are moving faster. We have the advantage of rapid exploitation. So when you tat, obviously that weaknesses you lose thus be lose less meant now. This is important. The concept of services and gaps demands leadership from the front, as opposed to leadership from the rear, the command. Must be where you can make swift decisions here. Beware! The situation is developing, obviously leadership from the front had become a Scarcity in world war, one Jeff
He foller in his book, generalship wrote in the world war. Nothing was more dreadful to witness the chain of men starting with the tying commander and ending with the army commander sitting, telephone boxes improvised or actual talking talking talking in place of leading leading leading the result was unresponsive leadership and slow reactions. We actually talked about it, In the last part, gas, when life was talking about being in an assault force in being in the assault train, which is twenty guys, fifteen or twenty guys, and he standing, always at the end of the trains that we use told you supposed to be in. He knows, going on the front we can help he couldn't make any decisions if someone's gonna give you needed to make a decision What can you magazines? You know what's going on up there, but
someone said: we need a decision from the Bosnia to pass. That word all the way back, not good, so you gotta meet from the front with these command and before I found and make it sound that simple you gotta be safely. We talk about life. You got me far forward that you can understand what's happening up there and obviously, but you know one of you, the guy, that's doing the shootings and you ve got to come far forward to actually be detached and make decisions Certainly combat is not going to be that simple, the guy. Then, might be any undefended point or any weekly defended point. It may be any. Enemy vulnerability? It might be. The enemies, flanks, the term flank itself need some elaboration think of As a relative thing, John Boy defines a flake as that aspect, that aspect toward which a
Worse is not devoting its primary attention. In other words and fluid warfare. What is one moment, the enemies flank might the next moment be the enemies front somehow use directing his attention a gap for the infantry could be an enemy missile site manned by troops or not combat oriented. The missile site might be a surface if you are flying on an airplane, but a gap. If you are light, infantrymen who's got inside enemy lights, so Does it make sense to serve you gotta if you gonna surface to air missile, launcher any it has a radio radar on it and it can track aircraft coming in and if you're a fighter craft you're stay where you are safe and happy because it I'll get you locked on radon fire he'd seeking this, let you and give you so them at the surface? It a strong point for an aircraft as a strong point, but for a drowned troop they don't put
you know the highest level troops guarding the things because there in the rear a little bit they put Can't you know some what call him here: are manned by troops or not combat oriented Salamis softer target. Back to the book. Let us say we are unsuccessful in finding any gaps we may have to create gaps, and there are ways of doing this. So when I talk about the ways you can do it, you can do with you. Fire power bombs by suppression by assault all those, different ways to create gaps with you with Gonna, using wrecked fire to soften up targets, then I like these tactics a little bit better. Another way of creating gaps is through supporting attacks. By attacking one point along the line. We may divert the enemy from another point drawing him off created gap again.
This is a linear terms for instructional purposes, for simplicity, for not yet a linear mindset sometimes less costly way of creating a gap is due deception by causing the enemy to think that we will attack at one point, thereby enticing him to draw his forces off from another point and when the attack that point where he has weakened himself, but what Do we do about surfaces? That is strong points so, times, they are best bypassed was the end. He has been bypassed. His strong point may be cut off from its support and in that way, a strong point, eventually withers away and becomes a weak point which we can attack later You know we talk alarm near about not attacking people's defensible positions, and this is a classic another way of saying that he knows we talk about people with got the ego,
The ego and are you dont want to confront that ego? Well, if you can bypass the ego eventually, the ego doesn't become a factor and that the same thing when you're doing ground combat. Back to the book. Your certain problems presented by the concept of surfaces and gaps, especially the commanders, were used to slow, moving forms of combat one the commander will not always know where all his people are in the marine corps we become Used to being accountable at all times for knowing exactly where every man is in this fast or move form of combat to do so would be impossible. Your subordinates are finding the gaps and exploiting them. So you gave your control freak You're not going to pull this off. They were. I echo. Where are you aware? You oh echoes others, work and he's right. It's gaps together, not know exactly where he is.
Another problem is that artillery and air might not be may not be controlled as closely this is possible and slowing, slower moving forms combat. Sir, you start to deal with the problems of of air support in order. Worry, is a little trickier to use because you have people moving around the battlefield in you're, not sure where everyone is now makes it very difficult. Jobs drop bombs on your own people other problem associated with the concept of services and gaps. Is that, as we penetrate deeply often on narrow France are flanks, become exposed. There are, however, compensating factors again related to speed. We are moving quickly. The enemy is always off balance. Remember the old adage: there is security in speed, so in other words, as you penetrate into her into his own you're in exposed a little bit, but if you moving fast, you can deal with that exposure.
Critics of these faster moving forms. A combat characterized by initiative at the low level fear that they lead groups to groups of men moving Willy nilly about the battlefield in that committee. There's will lose control. So people say I you I give so much so initiative at the low level farmer lose control and people going to run around my chickens with it have heads cut off this need not be so if the concept of surfacing gaps is employed properly. It will not be so. That is why we are control measures, the boundary the limit of it ass? The phase line can still be used. It must be remembered that These control measures should serve their function, but not be rigid lines that cannot be changed or ignored. When the situation changes, they should be kept to a minimum and must always be flexible,
Tactics must never follow the control measures; on the contrary, the control measures must follow the tactics and the tactics must always be based on the enemy. Other concepts that will be discussed in the chapters ahead, as especially that is. The main effort gives, thus meeting, gives us means of keeping control over our troops and preventing a situation where they can be said to be moving Willy nilly about the battlefield so decentralize command it is challenging and if you don't do it right, we will have chaos. So now we get into the next section, there does a lecture again but get out here to lecture anybody out the guy. I think I can pull that off the com, this one. The second is called mission tactics,
the concept of mission tactics like surfaces and gaps must always be at work in battle. The name is The name is derived from the German of tracks tactic. Which means literally mission tactics. It is no accident that the name includes the word tactics. Assigning a mission and depending on the to carry it out constitutes the tactic. To allow the subordinate to decide aid on his own initiative. What to do Is the means of getting the most appropriate decisions made on the spot and acted on more rapidly than the enemy can respond to your actions? Gotta get your subordinate leadership to lead. You want them to lead. This is the out of print Frederick Charles who is giving a ton lashing to one of his majors for committing a tactical blunder.
Sense of his action. The major explain that he was only following orders. The prussian army, the major reminded the prince in order from a senior officer, was tantamount to an order from the king. The prince was on impressed. His reply to the major was the king made you a major because he thought you were smart enough to know when not to obey orders and now the essence of mission tactics, the subordinate decide. What to do even if an even if it means that the order issued by his senior now should be changed or adjusted, The mission assigned is sacred. The mission is the out, but that the commander wants. That does not change but how'd. That output is to be achieved, may change and it is up to the intelligent.
Subordinate to decide whether or not it has total freedom for the subordinate leadership to figure out how they want to make this happen, they know what they need to get done, for they. They have the freedom to figure out How they're gonna make it back to book? There is a classic example use, time and time again in introducing the student emission tactics. It is simple value so be used again here the subordinate, giving the mission of getting his unit across the river getting his unit across the river, is the output, the senior desires, a route that been given crosses the nearest bridge. The junior commander, arrives at the site to find that the bridge has been destroyed. He does not stop. He does not wait for new orders. He does not request permission to China. Jeez route. He goes to the nearest Ford, several kilometres distance, any crosses there.
He informed the senior of course, as soon as he can, but he did not wait. Remember mission orders are necessary to give the tempo of operations the rapidity that it must have if we are to keep the enemy off. Balance sets a very simple example. I tell echo hey, I need you: don't eat your troops across that river go across average. You get there, the bridges out you like mountain somebody get across the river here. Let's find a climate of waste, Ringo Grasser. Let's make happen, then you to make it happen. Makin a bother me, your doktor com, evaluating hey the ridges outweigh Romeo. Now that That is a little bit. This is a little simplified because The reality is, if you use, are moving kilometers away from where I anticipated you being. You need to tell me that your movie, you need How big is, I might have other friendly units nearer that might don't expect you I might have begun. The bombs that area. So this is this actually leaving out some critical coordination. That does have to happen, but the initiative
make it happen should happen. Yeah seems like you like in the in the process of that decentralized command. The person carrying out the order is it kennedys discretion? How much he's gonna deviate when something changes like he can't he's? gonna deviates gonna make those adjustments, but you dont want to be the EU too much right in I'll see. If I was to give you directions. Echo! Aren't you gonna cry: need you cross the river? I would literally give you some parameters, work with an idea, Guph, don't go further south in this area than this road no go further north and as you can do it every one sided here, so you know Indeed, everyone side that box yeah yeah. Ok, you're you'll, see like. Why are you going to create a river as well and for speaking of why? There is another example of mission orders. This is an actual example. Seas Control of root, six west of the muddy river in order
to destroy enemy forces attempting to escape from coming he bravoes zone of action. So it's telling you the why that's the inward the two s notice in the mission order, the phrase in order to that is it. Important phrase and usually ought to go in the mission order, there's no rule that every mission order contain the phrase in order to if you were told, tat. The enemy company that you see in front of you would probably be highly superfluous. To tell you why they are there. They are a threat. Why waste the breath? but usually your mission order will have the ability to endure time better if you explained the subordinate why he is carrying the mission out. So you called this echo turned to look tat. Could you he's over there. Aren't you in order to this, gives the order the quality that Eric VON Man, Stein, called long term aid can endure the test of time. Your committee,
or can lose communication with you, yet you can still care the out his intent, because you know what he wanted and you can continue to act. In his intent for a long time. Without checking back understand why, as briefed by Lieutenant Colonel ECHO, Charles. Fixed rules are not appropriate in instructing how to us how to assign missions. Too often, students reject good ideas about tactics because they can not get their thoughts to fit the format of the operation order that is being demanded. The important thing is that the mission be clear compared to clarity for me. It is of little or no consequence of this- is that we talk about it.
In extreme ownership, that these massive powerpoint briefs that me hundreds little your hundred two hundred fifty slides to try and make the to try brief emission. When in the leaders would away so much time. Try to put these brief together in any would They wouldn't do the planning that there was to be there when they would be thinking, maybe building powerpoint, slides, and I how to get these guys to think and stop stop working. Our points, that China match your font chapter equalize the Hughes on each slide, to make it look pretty no dont care. What I want to use and I want click. Clarity of mission is the most important thing in fact, I'd work. I was running training in any guys, this to me is one of them: the task of the commanders. And he says hey, you know what is it?
what is it that you are looking for in the brief and he's gonna try to figure out how many slides do I want to see in what format do I want to see- and I said what I want for the brief is that your men understand the operation bone Back to the book, the subordinate receiving that order must be more talented, amateur troops. Awkward, clumsy untrained troops cannot be expected to carry out mission orders why because, as a result of their lack of experience, they must be told to do only there fashionable experienced leader can know what to do without being told what to do. Because we in the Marine corps set our standards. I we expect that are supported will train until they can perform under mission orders. So just if I made this clear or my breathed? A whisper mission. Orders is exactly what we're talking about when it comes to hey. Just tell the person this when I need done
The industry, why wanted done you figured out, as opposed to Telling them exactly what you want them to deal commander centre. Yes. Indeed, commanders intent. Burdens of responsibility increase on both sides part of the senior committed zone. You do and mission orders the burden of responsibility increases on Nepal. Of the senior commander and the part of a subordinate look. First Senor Commander operate, with mission orders, his orders must be perfectly clear. The onus is on the senior to define the junior. What must be accomplished without telling him how to do it the onus is not on the junior to fair it out. What is commander wants The senior must state what he wants, otherwise he should not expect to get it now. Actually, when I went to teach people this item but that the onus is on the junior end, if you, if I They do some
and you do understand why you're doing it you'd understand what my intent is and you still go and feel that tried to it. I blame you, I mean smart I'll do but we're both taken ownership minds, Diana should monitor the situation, but really if your boss and tell you why you why you do why they tell you do something It is reassuring at it. Ass chaos. What's your objective here what you're around TAT with the commanders and tat I want to make sure lose communications with you, I, continue to execute toward your desired and state saw lookin for. An additional burden of responsibility on the seniors that he must train his subordinates and his unit to operate as a team. They are not going to be able to perform mission orders without training Another new burden of responsibility is that he must expect is subordinate to make mistakes. He may not back zero defects, wars the one by people, not machines. People make mistakes if people
were afraid of making mistakes than they are of exercising initiative now and then they will not take risks ending Exercise initiative. Furthermore, they will not when in war perhaps most important new responsible it is placed on the commander who gives mission orders is that he must trust his subordinates. If trust breaks down the whole system breaks down so People ask me about trust from time to time and Absolutely I use! I talk about relationships, the our word, and I thought that's what that's what it is in late and I talked about the other day on the pod gases that just building trust, how that one of the best ways to build trust is give it I give it, and so that's what goes back. Fourth ending the military. You do that. The trading environment. When there is no risk or very, very tiny, rest of life and limb. There's no strategic left
you'd, risking Kaluza, Warsaw Middle lets. You run with stuff. I want you to learn what you take risks in. If you fail, if you screw sum up, I don't try and fire you. We try and learn from it and that encourages you to take the initiative and keep getting after it. Now the v were moving to the next section, which is the main effort. The commander in making his plan must have what and where his main effort is in every operation, whether it be often defensive or withdraw This main effort should be specified in the operation order. It should always be clearly stated in paragraph three eight: the concept of operation there can only be one main effort when you start.
Giving two or three or a three part main effort. You'd better, look back at it because that it is our you. Do you have not made up your mind what you are trying to do so, If your China plan Emission Eve, you tell your telling people has three main things: we're gonna get out no wrong. There should be one year in message: conveyance actually, I think, the newspaper rating they call it bearing the lead you're making story has to you know you can three main stories in one article got it because an evil ones, you can have cool detail right, but you start spending a bunch of time on these who details they collar burying the lead, a bad deal, but don't do that under this paper business and don't do that on the field.
Every unit commander down to the company commander were always assigned a main effort, and sometimes even a platoon commander should the tie: your command must be aware of what where the main effort is the commander can change the main effort at any time, what gives the operation its fluidity and, in This is what I m pretty common issues that we run. It ran into it when I was running training run into it now in the business world, where you work with accompanying the not dare not assigning a main effort there concentrating on fourteen different things time. They don't prioritizing excuses, another form of prioritizing execute and that's the problem which argue fortune things at once, you know not accomplish any of em. The german word from main effort is shared.
Any time in your readings, when you see that an often you will see it written and talents, the german word shred punked take note because it is one of the most important underline concepts in everything the Germans do make them main effort where the enemy least expects you, Make the enemy make the main effort where the me is weak, be prepared. He surprised, Let's go get out of separate there it's interesting. You know, you see the big fortified. Ray of the enemy. You see. Ok, we're week, we better we'd, better attack that hard, no wrong. Answer that the surface willow four gaps, so don't make the main effort that the strong point make the weak point, backed rebook b b. Prepared to be surprised, be weird The council do not ever surprised in war, you will be surprised. The task.
Is to learn to deal with. Surprise, if what you, It would be an enemy. Weakness becomes the enemy strength you should not be disrupted. If your taxes tactics are fluid can deal with surprise. You will shift your main effort to enemy weakness and go on through That is how the main ever works in the office fluidity When we hear a lot about in Vietnam WAR that the vehicles were too rigid, they would just try their plan. Didn't have the fluidity them. Aid efforts should be directed against enemy weakness, not enemy strength. Here you see the interconnection between the concepts, the count connection between the concept of the maid. For in the concept of surfaces and gaps, all the concepts? we're together. At the same time, the main african I'll be understood in isolation from services and gaps, because it is directed against enemy weakness in another,
other one of the four laws combat that we talk about the bucket Shreveport, a is simplicity, simple back but even the principle of simplicity, can be recognised in the concept of the main effort. Is that it Did you ten different things we are focusing on one? There will be the other efforts going on at the same time, but all in some way directed at making the main effort succeed. So what do you gain from this main effort. You gain direction. You great you gain fluidity, you gain speed to prevent dissipating your efforts all over the battlefield. The way the Oh did when the Germans invaded Poland, they try to defend their entire eight hundred mile front, no main effort and by choice, to be strong everywhere. They were in fact strong. Nowhere.
This trying to cover all the basis is a common air in the amateur commanders plan. It is a symptom. Avoidance of decision making avoidance of this making so you're, not saying hey. Here's warrior folks on your you're just wait. Unwanted side yet are not ready to commit. By establishing a main effort, you make a clear decision. You obvious, the necessity for junior officers to keep asking for guidance, if they know their commanders made effort, they can continue to rate, even though communications may be cut, and they can continue to operate, hi tempo because they need not keep checking back for new orders in here. We get to another. Something you might recognize from.
Our book stream ownership. When the commander has made this decision has done something very necessary. He has done something very ethical, he has assumed and taking responsibility for what will happen if the battle goes awry. He cannot blame his subordinates. He can only blame himself. It was he who decided what was to be done and designate a major effort. In order to do it, therefore, it takes courage and moral character does to select a main effort, That is why the weak commander in the ammo you're, so often fail to do this. In fact, the weak commander were actively avoid. Choosing a main effort. Is Very convenient for the commander weaken character to avoid selecting the main effort, because if the battle goes unfavourably, he can blame someone else for the mistake. The commander, who is
taking a stand and selected his own main effort cannot do this. Therefore, since the main effort is a moral commitment taken some ownership by selecting the main effort. Gotta dig that The next concept, in again, you know, I'm cruising through this book, like I always do only reading matter now, probably a very more percentage of it. Fifteen percent and there's a town in here. It actually has a very cool like access, as is where it gives you a scenario. That's happening any go through and you figure out what you do and it gives you good solutions has got its got. It's it's a great book to look at the. Ex lecture is called the concept of the objective.
According to this, germ do, according to joint chiefs of staff, publication number one dictionary of military and associated terms. The objective is the physical object of the action taken, a definite tactical feature: seizure and or holding of which is essential to the commanders plan. That definition is clear enough, Basler, EL heart would have disagreed with Jesse S. Definition at one point in his writings, Bodell hard stated the only real objective is the enemy the Dell hard statement is also quite clear and understandable, especially when we realise that whether we are attacking or defending the problem is always the enemy. Once. The enemy is taken out of the action. Defending an attack. You are no longer necessary now legally thee
I guess they controversy here. If we recall that is the objective not being a specific piece of terrain, its did. The objective is the enemy, but that being said The train, of course, is extremely important. We must use to gain advantage but the object of the iter, is the enemy. The objective must be to take, the enemy out of action to destroy him to disarm- and we cannot do that- simply by seizing a piece of training holding it, we must be prepared. Move continually wherever necessary to confuse and disrupt him through a combination of fire and movement. When term objective appears. It means in aiming point that, towards with, we direct our efforts in order to best use the terrain to accomplish our final goal. The disks action of the enemy
ability to wisely selected objective is the mark of a good commander. The inability is the Work of an amateur and history is replete with eggs apples of poorly selected objectives, There were hills fought for bravely by Marines in Vietnam, after they ceased being of any tactical value, live, were thrown away from meaningless terrain terrain that did not meet either of the two main criteria for selecting objective. Two, in criteria are one that is Luke. That it be useful to you or to here too, your enemy if it is neither one of these, probably not worth the life of a single marine. Any. Good commander will therefore solve terrain that is useful to him. The great commander we'll have ability to select terrain that is dear to the enemy.
In the final concept is the cards that of the reserve. General J, F, C follower of the british army. The original author of the nine principles of war that the U S Army, was to adopt in the nineteen twenty one stated that of all the principles you develop, the most important was economy of force. He reasoned that whichever side still had forces left after the other side's had been committed was bound to win Napoleon seems to have had similar thoughts when he observed that whoever still had his reserve remaining after his enemy had committed is reserve would win the battle. And here's another quote in here from Napoleon that I think we are talking. Bout, committing it talks about your mind, set on the battlefield from Napoleon
if I appear to be always ready to reply to everything. It is because before you're taking anything. I have meditate it for a long time. I have foreseen what might happen. It is not a spirit which suddenly reveals to me what I have to say or do in circumstances in a circumstance unexpected by others. It is reflection, a meditation soap Oh yeah, he was going to have these quick reactions and what's his while he must adjust had this incredible Oh he's, corner spirit. This comes to him and says: hey move. These guys are here: hair sought that flag. No here he thought This thing for hours if they do this Monday, that, if economic Are we ready rear preparation. What Napoleon was saying was that thorough thought in advance prepared him to make split. Second decisions when the.
Situation suddenly changed preparation Preparation is key now that wrap up the book, and I hope that it provides some reminders some insight people not only to the war fighters out on the battlefield but, as I said the beginning, I hope it provides some details in dealing with humans with people and problems. In the business world. Leadership positions on that gets mad in life. Whatever you're doing, or what are you trying to get done, think of how you can use manoeuvre warfare to make it happen.
And I guess we cannot go to some some questions from the into webs and I guess before we go were to be in the webs. Maybe you could tell us about the other websites. But we can do to support support by being on. In a webs, Romania webs annually in the mood to support this pod gas. And or yourself with implementation got on it. Dot com flash Jacko get on it supplements the best ones like that idea there criminals, good idea, crude oil, for sure for your joints and covering some that Albania, Macedonia from tech sport Would he assumed export if you into performance physical activity performance? If you feel you need a little turbo Bosnia yeah, it's funny number team
Kennedy put in, like real real good terms, my opinion when you use like. Ah, yes when I took the shoe tech, it's kinda like because if you want to be confusing- but I can't take this room tack in its like, like a caffeine booster, something you know you know cause, if not does not, so it's in here but in these terms, where he's like you know he, u go a few round Legal, five, six, seven, eight, yet a Harvard many round their ones like reboot, but then you're gonna, like I can give you more round and really that is exactly how is this or when you're heading towards the end of the round or whatever they can t. You feel solid, and I just I guess, apparently it what it does. Is it helped to utilise your the assumption. You're, finally, are alarming avenue dogma. Jujitsu rose people don't range jitsu. Would you should? But if you don't worry, you should, but you also have to keep working out. You have the you know. You said: son were met by conditioning type that here about situations that member states have told you. I do
met come metabolic condition after I d like normal lifting revenue in the reverse, elaborately rarely out, everything has island super warm garb. I dragged with swagger ideas and I feel really good and I figure maybe the opposite will happen because we both know. If you go with you with your thanks movements. First, you take a little bit off. Your met, concentrate right yeah. If either do and so that way, when you do the net conference, You feel like Superman right here blasted your muscles out. Suddenly, the reverse, though, what I'm doing the MAC can type first and then I just read it out Can I get on the yeah? I dig it all. The only reason I say dig it because your savage like that, but consider That is what you don't even know, what kind of lifting you doing with, if not war, if you're living. For strength or or you muscle, growth or whatever. You should do that first, because there is Do you seek
in line with you? Having for energy you'd? Let me I I agree with you. I think you are correct and the met com is it. The result of the echo is for you to recover from commission, see muscular conditioning. So if your time, going in that, war conditioning you have to go from better access. I heard third essentially, but if you want to leave They give your body some some there are some nasty deal. We only cause, like I completely agree with you, and have only been doing this for a couple months and after a you know what it was What else? I was delighted that caused very strong good cheer in and I got nothing so as an amicable solution right rooms on the heavy get Melissa every night when I went heavy as I can feel good, Am I lose some all warm. And so now, I scan started doing a little bit yeah.
If you get used to that, then it it'll start to be more and more benefit. I used it s a run on the treadmill used to do that through a half mile from four miles and then lived, because I didn't have time and innate everytime I lived, there would never feel like running of the mile afterwards. I do know treadmill so that I can order, may get that the running out of the way that I live in then us obtain lifting his it's kind of harder, but aid. We rather endure this discomfort when I'm lifting then want to run over treadmill, but I did that for months and months and months and then one day I didn't run as if it was wheels exterior yeah, so you can see we are used to, but either way I mean what my original point is what I will do the met now I do the mecca after a live doing the mecca. Afghan live. That has been my standard for so long red. But you know he's in, do the mecca before he lived or or are you just doing the met candidates easier? Yeah? because the United States in the air but I'm here, my original point was the shoe tech. So if you doing there
anything after you lift when you're going into the met gunning, if your way better yawning or some cool, so a lot of times, people ask me: what is your? go right, they want to know reps sets weights and that's cool. Of course, and I haven't- I haven't, put it out there for one. I got a book put together book like a book. Anything as intermediary looks familiar work, hard, yeah like a real, a jet book. Upon, which means go, take no more time, but I rather do it do it right but what s interesting is what so cool so people that listen about gas and ass- it had been applying the basic principles because I have never put I'm put out Anthea proud of single work out. I also people say what Do you actually eight?
I don't want to know what I have for breakfast lunch dinner. What I had four snacks, whatever all I says I owe you Roy, mostly though very oh carbs, idle out of meat. I dont approaching a lot of fat. Ok, what are you for workers I get up early in the morning. I hit hard, you know I do it's wasn't due importance to the basic stuff right. I've put those basic principles out there. Well, there People troopers that apply in these basic principles and there getting credible progress in their wives or get stronger their getten leaner. They're, getting in better shape, so it's actually prove. Cause I remember you and I thought that's a long time ago I said. Listen, it's me about the commanders intent. Rightly the working hours about commanders and ten, it's not about. I'm gonna tell you how many wraps sets due to tell you what you want to make happy,
Red Montana, where you want. What where you want to be at the end of this work out were physically and mentally in, and people have been taking that, and I mean all kinds of people- I've lost twenty. Eight pounds was forty two pounds just from applying them, the principles that I am as all those will be consolidated in the book that people can follow and I ll be smothered good stuff in the book to basic philosophy of philosophy here? Yet Well, I was kind of a tangent on on it wasn't war aid rightly so I think rightly so? I think zombie, conversion rate which which actually gonna bring me to my point. The consistency is probably the most overlooked that even the people know we're gonna be consistent. We get it, but that's kind everything be is everything else is variable. Logging in you can theirs, there's a billion differ
or by consistency. Do you mean doing the same thing or use mean doing it every day. Again the Rhine landscape. In days weeks, you know get enough Dorothy, another kind of Stuff these are very indifferent work out. You can do that will give you a result in this nine different results that you can you can can strive for and get up. Is it just so many same thing with diet like you? Can you people have their rigid diet philosophy, but the fact is that many different dates work I mean there's some basic principles. You don't need bunch of sugar. You don't need a bunch of us who do you know the obvious things to avoid. And you can get results with many kinds. I would go one step further and what you're Talkin consistency in in order to have consistency that requires the test, does require the disparate. So that's not a tractor. If that is the key factor, and when people apply the disk went to their lies boom.
Not everything becomes consistent and Larry right, so the books from common books can talk about that However, the pot gas, if you before you dear Amazon, shopping, gotta, Jocapa stuck on more than one, the websites Jack was store. Dhaka click on Amazon link into your shopping in support passively, and you can stop that little to or you can make you forfeit Europe. I put it in my my what's. It called at the top of the book yet when I click on Amazon is our job. Yet not exactly! That's all aid we go crazy with him and ass soon ass, he saw awesome and don't call it a little toward now little to overthrow the trooper tool. The big deal little technically for him he's got into it
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in San Diego Yunkers might still have good to see. You know you pull out as Chris my answer anyway. You look nice cartoon the extra cool like extra official there. We got a real The porter I like also subscribe to the Youtube Channel and you posted workers. Please don't put it it's a deleted. Seen other here, sir. On those deleted scene. If you wanna hear ECHO Charles talking about the case law, gotcha Kids are about a leaner bluff. There's a lot of progress about is Edison allegory of now working to fill in that sub category leadership, war, darkness,
Alien abduction? Maybe that's why it's an out. Take thousands more like an example. Underlining thing is more about. My children's book idea were good, we're good. Those are the ways the up and up less darker. That's a good one! I guess it for supplement. Ten percent off forget dimension, that if you don't know ten percent off the supplements, I guess what that let's get down to the
questions from the troopers on the interim webs get a lot of questions lately, like elected first question Jacko, if you were coaching Macgregor for those, don't notice Karma Gregor specifying what would you focus on to try and make up the Jujitsu disparity, all defence? Interesting? And if you don't know, what's going on. Canada, Gregory's fighting Nagy as again to oh two, you have see so alive. I'm like not like to talk about this kind of thing, because its by the time Calm down, be you bite, you're listening to this might be over no care anymore, but there is a principle here: a concept
I know that does make sense to try and discuss so people can learn and improve and something for media think about my game. So you got this guy who's, a really good striker gonna get a guy who's day, pretty good strike himself very good, very good. That's one of the things that this is this is question the weight set it up as if Jujitsu is the is the only thing that name d, as is better at that not necessarily be the truth and in fact, in their first fight it was the striking. Of neatly as that forced com. Macgregor to shoot a sloppy, take down, take the gun and once you get on the ground, the jujitsu for media, was his way too much for four Macgregor. So this question. It's always a little bit off because the quest
she'll, be there there's just a jujitsu disparity. The question should be you know, what is, how would you make it for the fighting disparity or maybe not even that it's. How would you go against what you tell me what you workin for so much Look at the overall strategic question: you got a guy, that's pretty that's what But what does Europe that's a question? What does he do? with a strike, some kind of a greater he's fast. He strong, but strong, might not even come to play because de as walk around two hundred pounds right now, the final one, seventy three we ve got. A lot of weight. Use can be big and strong in better shape, for this fight corner is pretty. With some unorthodox stuff. His striking is fast. And fairly dynamics of those things that he has gone form? What is Nate DS have own form You get is really good really
given the huge Gigi SEC. His striking is especially his boxing, not big kicker, so Values, if I was Macgregor years, would I be doing I mean what would I be work, my wrestling? We walk monarchs, of course, in in getting control in getting back to my feet. When I get taken down immediately getting back, the way I would fight. If I was gonna Macgregor is. I would back off with the hard punches I withdraw. Mother? Will be fast, light punches and I move around a lot. I just tried Touch NGO Press that I do if I was kind of a I would possibly started. The middle, the second round, maybe near the third round five round Fight Amazon Forest like kicks. He doesn't
nay, sometimes doesn't even check leg. So maybe you can start putting a hurting item if you, if you saw enough of those but you jitsu wise. I would teach him to disengage disengage as you don't wanna go. You wanted it an odour loop with the heat, Macgregor does not want to get new loop situation with with the S, because you can't keep up with He'll be here we changing here. We go the next single annexing, relaxing relaxing in Connemara, Golgi copyright and you won't be able to do its. I teach him to get to know. One thing that does major little bit harder. If here, if you know, don't you get it you go you're, not you! You actually disengage from me and yours, like your whole, go, and we will do that. Shook hands flat Bob and Morgan role and all you did try to do stay away from me, it would be a really hard around for me It will be harder than if you attacked me. It's heartily
few attacked me and when I did take you down. All you did was trying it back up. You didn't try and closer guardian, tried attack me with a submission. You try to get back up and get away for me. That is a much harder round for me. Then, if you actually coming with your full board. You get it right because in its budget first, you did you and I have an advantage, but if it's jujitsu of Mine as run away from you now, I gotta run after you now it's it's it's more fair fight. So that's what that's why Macgregor needs to do he needs to uses, speed and he is. We are used to speed. In everything gets its biggest village. The other thing that I, thing. I find about the dsl where's that I wish that I can. I can I wish the I wish they would not trained so much travel on a train more explosive. This I wish she was a little bit strong
of nature neck. I mean those guys raw, some in their their great fighters, but they ve really train have they do they do literally do Trafford answer you knock any explicit mosses. Now it shows that they have great cardio, but it ravage they were a little bit more explosive. That's bless my personal opinion. I dig it. Oh, I have no. Vice, I think neatly- is so well rounded in this growth, for as this match up goes like just like that. First fight. A mere the first fight, though you watch the first round its not aids, a pushover not- and it's gonna be a white man here man, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying three major is, for you know either how, like you attacked the weaker points. Yonah, like the thing a way better figure than one guy in his duties is way better mine, I didn't steal, you know it's obvious, that's what I'm an attack, but in this case is not like the song
an omen, does offer itself, forgot her. I suffer every fur NATO me there were some yeah, We have listened eagerly Ending of the fight was very lopsided grip. The the first round it was a little closer and I think corner thought he had magic yeah. I thought that some other even set an approach right press conference. He said you know he was the big, a man in a night. I bet hidden with everything you're, not most. Those would stop a smaller man. They didn't stop him. I think that's gonna be That's gotta be hard that got from psychologically Sophie's prepared for that psychologically. This time, maybe he'll be able to stick with it Implanted not shoot on him, which was ridiculous get in, The shoot it wasn't just like here must decide to shoot. It was gonna like. Death. Did you ever yeah kind of Iraq to now you issue in Europe?
and you have to contend with media digits thoughts like if not just I got a continuing need to give due to which is bad enough well aware here, but your rocks and it was like a desperation think then you got to do with it. Then you get that seem like also quick, but, as is like, it was just a bunch of compounding factors and culminated in that the joke didn't work out. Looking for the watch, our next question juggle, like you. Many leaders began as rebels Jugurtha, but his band wonder How did you learn our near man that held in Dubai? You told me about it. How did you learn to see the guy aim and our rule followers at a disadvantage. Ok, so yeah I was a rebellious and
You know. When I got in the seal teams, I was kind of a bell rebel as well and as a matter of fact, if you think about it from a certain perspective being. Instead, cooperation, especially when I came in being so, Wipe is almost a form of rebellion in its own right because your say look the regular stuff. What do the regular stuff right? Where do the other stuff, so That was my attitude. You know I thought all regular Lavie. I'm doing this he does. That was my rebellion in an invite, have explained before joining. Author, I grew up in in New England now why not a huge military pointed out there they, so that was It was almost rebellious thing. America was a rebellious thing for me to join the military in the first place of these, the kind of thing: that were rebellious and yes, we were, we were my buddies and me were rebel youth with rubber
oh yes, rock and roll bans back in the day. So. When I got to the seal teams we actually were I gotta maintain that you know like order me hard core gimme may mean the worst rebel, but we were. We were like outsiders. You know we were like going hard in The group guys I was worth when the guys I went through your tree, where they went to seal team, one with me back in the day, We were the effort we were pushing hard. We were there no being hard core. I actually got told the stand down a few times for doing stuff. That was a little bit too hard core. And is verified, Z These evaluations in the Navy first gone in the Navy, old evaluation system, where you had fifteen things we're getting evaluated on an
everybody it it had been in inflation, so high, great you could get, is a four point. Oh so it was in full, mission of the grades and the time until everyone just put four point over everything pretty much- and I actually I have this- I actually save this evaluation of me, but I gotta three eight, three point: eight in team building and the guy that gave it to me said I you know you're, just you just to harbour. People that are unsafe words. I actually he was one of the guys. I was like ghetto hard on you out of it, so An answer I used to use that word. All that or uncertainty that yeah, so that was
we weren't. We were rebelling by being super hard core. I guess you could say, but then, even though I was rebellious and again that's a strong were not enough. That's a word. We were took it out of the perfect word, but I do I love the sealed it right so in any working for some, the great guys- and I were for I realize that if you want an impact, the teams which I want to do I didn't love deems. Did you catch the sub prime leadership is, as you know, these. As that, I respect that I were forcibly way back. I controls of this platoon. I want to do that. He's help analyses Megan as good so collect that old quote that the as a former revenge, is excess. It's almost like the best form of rebellion is success. And so that's what I kind of way. Four to a situation of China for a situation where I could move forward and can bring this hey. I got this now.
Then my put you play. I guess I was a little bit of. Work is a little bit simplified, but but. You don't want to get our make sound like as some kind of crazy reveled ceilings I wasn't I was I was in this I was in doing the right thing and I wanted to give you best in asserting progress has not really been rebellious at all, but I we still have some of that rebel mindset in one of the things I think is beneficial about having a rubber mindset. Is you question things? you question things you're not allowed of yours. I was never afraid to say no or I don't agree with that. I was never free We can train or some I was never afraid- to hold the line and take criticism. So that goes even if, if you're too of rebels- and you who go against them, whose the rebel now will you so we guys were beyond our certain path. I wouldn't the ok hold malign against them, because I was
it would be an outsider. I guess that's what I've been looking for, like an outsider, smooth and Kuwait, just following and doing whatever other do. I've always been ok with being an outsider, so maybe not necessarily a rebel, but In an outsider like ok, those guys are doing it. That way, not agree with that, and I'm ok being over here by myself March, into my own drum for lack of a better word for settling only if you need to be counting would. You mean, like everyone's doing the right thing. You're gonna, get with better and you're gonna be no go hard. You know the way do but yeah you're not dislike to follow the inlet file. Rollin learn. You know. I never, I would say that something actual every categories that, as being rebuilt yes, then, yes, I caught her eye, would more categorize with being comfortable with being an outsider comfortable with my own decision maker
process? So I do not always I mean there's times. Rug did things at other when I was younger you're, not that's another thing when you know you here we talk of forty four years old right. I spent my. Adult life and the symptoms I didn't show up in the seal teams with like this incredible leadership. Capability invented ran about Norman. I learned this stuff online. Still learning, I'm still in the stuff pigs above along the way. So I don't What people are ever think that you know I was Superstar wasn't I am still not I'm just I an open my, but now I can look back and I was lucky enough to have some great jobs and great experiences that open a lot of it showed me. If I learned a lot,
I had an open mind and the world's top your stuff and so yeah. But what was it wasn't? Just like hey, I was showed up there, but I would say this: the Lee people are other. Their leaders keep the rebel alive keep alive. Keep under control and maybe you don't let the rebel talk to other people right, maybe enough. I've had your buddies, it do this where their their rebellious. Is there an outsider or whatever the word were using as I am, but they just keep it inside to their verbal rising in them, and what are we doing to make enemies they're making there. There antagonizing people they're doing that. I never did that. Complain game. I'm gonna win the long term strategic goal. So don't
the rebel be the one that represents you in talks and open your mouth, but let him whispering here and listen to the tax policy. I talk to my wife, a lot about the difference? There is a difference between what you think or what you feel or whatever, and what you behave so like you can I give you a yet cut off in traffic or something. No, it's gonna be mad at you. If you like mad at that on that Take your whatever. But if you start flipping the guy offer or your violin traffic classical chase Omar. Do you not start behaving because he cut behave in a certain way, then that that's wrong there's a difference. You can feel like all kinds of stuff, but it once you start is behaving. That's one. The violations come up, basically what you say don't don't let him control your judgment. You behaviour, mind control,
at that earlier, before Lobata cajolery control to the other, that just being a rebel. Typically, that's like hey all The rule is that everyone following I'm gonna, I rebelled against those roads by here's the thing some those rules are good rules exactly so you can just be a rebel, did all about Lincoln statement here, I'm a rebel and that's. Why that's why I was kind of pulling back on that Yeah, it's museum. I got out of date, I was not ours. I love tee. The deeps, so why would I rebelled against the people? rebelled against where the guys that were not good seals. We rebelled. Like I told you, we had immediately That was a rebellion. Israel rebellion had a real budget, mutiny when against our creating our opportune command and said hey, The commissioner said that we want this garden more, that's that's a rapid out we're about, but it but then again ever Captain was with me, so we all about so than was I rebel, and
that make your rebel discuss. You rebelled at one time I get agreement so much semantics are mathematics, canopy farther it was not their next. What activists, jungle, you deal with a leader who preaches ownership but does not practise ownership o drag. The leader, who preaches ownership but does not practise ownership, you know what I do in those situations take ownership myself. I work for all on the basis that didn't wanna take ownership, and you know what I did take ownership idea of ownership. You are robust, it doesn't want to lead. You know what I did lead if. For in my mind a boss, doesn't step up or doesn't take ownership there, not a problem there. An opportunity
Their opportunity, an opportunity for me to step if you're, not if you're my leader and you're, not give me instruction you're, not separate believing guess what I'm gonna run with it. I'm gonna run, I'm gonna take control but take Madame make things happen and you're you're gonna you're either going to see what I can and say. Well, he's take yours. I need to step up or. If he doesn't have any potential at all, then maybe He looks at it says you know what I'm a, maybe I'm fit for lesser. Maybe you don't realize it's happening. Europe taken their job from it because The people will eventually realize now. The thing that you have to be careful of is, if you say always not lean, lead, you that your ego started on the leader and then you fought it, and now you might make your boss think that you're gunning for their job and then we gas, Missis Goodenough.
Shut you down here either all kinds of things that negative things it can happen there. So, when you take the ship. You gotta make sure you put your ego in check and make sure that you're taking ownership, which are still given them the credit, that's the hardest thing to do, but it works. I'm telling you, I promise you that works. If you take ownership, but then you get the credit like hey, sir, you know I want to go through this thing. I hear he's right. Did yesterday, based on you, know the guy and set you gave us the guiding giving guidance. Please make it up. We make it up these here. Here we go and you just do your best to make him look good, eventually, you're gonna win. So if you got someone is not leading, does not stepping up. As I take an ownership just do it yourself, do it in a tactful manner doing any Non Ego flare up manner, but do make it happen get after. Yet it
if you keep that go in hollow when you're a team right, you have some objectives and progress is just a handful of typically, if not just one. Cause within strolling enemy make the certainly in a well whenever the goal is. If you keep the goal in mind, then you, if you'd like, really keep it in mind you you can avoid Ali If you're lucky amateur step, I just like everything on the step up in Lee, and then, if you, goal shifts from them. The main goal that you guys all have to now. My google to be the leader. That's my goal to be the leader then comes. The ego is the being a leader. That's what you're focused on Unlady the kind of thing keep goal in mind. You're gonna do basically with your ownership. You're gonna do your part and then some, if someone's not doing your certain things or whatever you can take the lead. You're gonna do you job in it to achieve the goal, therefore pulling her by ahead?
they re learning set. Keep that goal in mind. Yes, indeed, they do it for the goal, not for yourself good chuckle, something I'd be very interested in listening to you discuss is the art of This arming people with words yap end good, and how do we are we disarm people and good thing tonight? We talk about maneuver warfare, because we already know that we're not going to attack the strong point organism for the gaps workload for the weaknesses, organ look for the openings. So what does that mean? That means, if we deal with someone who has a big ego, we're gonna sidestepped that women, throw some compromise out. There might be seen echo your so good at that. When this right here, I could use some help doing that our general-
was eager now he's gettin induce head of persons over aggressive. Maybe you just have to be little more accepting of them. Maybe if they're nervous you gotta just reassure em they're hostile these be open, minded to what they're saying so, there's a lot of ways that disarm and impact some tactical things that you could literally, but it says guess. Aren't people with words are what words disarmed people recover. That's a good idea. Oh ok, or that actually makes good, that's good censored there they make sense, writin disarmed or I like that, guess, armed right, all free those little easy raise. That's a good idea. That makes sense, though I like that those all things that are going to disarm somebody a little bit and once you ve, disarm them. They're gonna they're gonna open up an open up a little bit so so like once you,
You cannot be once you get them disarmed by open your mind, given all compliment Tom that you like with a wider commonwealth, come from and and you start to probe and try to find out what's goin on any, instead of being direct right, we want to use the indirect method here. So you ask questions, say: hey ECHO: could you explain to you? What what the what we're trying to get done here, that's a lot different, then What are you trying to do here? That's enough almost what the hell do. You think what the hell think it hey. Could you explain to me this? cause I'm not sure. I understood, I ain't, really see everything here or hey. Having trouble understanding this. Can you can you help me cause? I'm not sure. I don't think I get this, so now when I say that to you, you in order that explains up, do you have to actually Not you have to say, ok I'll, find I'll. Tell you. What do you say that you open up right now? You open up, the open yourself up. We opium
of verbally with an idea, to explain idea than Europe yourself up mentally to his now. We're having a discussion on China make happen So it's pretty easy fashions s breezy. If you think about it, and you just think about those simple, phrases that you can use to disarm people of its good idea equally coming from all that that that actually, that makes good sense or. That is the way disarms by various yeah. There's little things can do even outside actually outside straight up outside of any specific, like scenario where you know some people just more approachable than other people and then so some people, just there's, aren't so we can do and what notice. Is people then don't talk negatively about people and don't come in just talking native in general, I knew a guy nice alone, but simply more
but every time he'd come in the first thing out of his mouth, with something like an old traffic was bare. It was something ban? No, you just complaining about life in it was just a matter of what particular thing He chose to complain about, but it is always a complaint. Everything and another thing you could do is let's say someone would say something always did you see this or that wherever this is real cool he'd be like yeah but and then say something then can dump on yeah that's true, but that kind of stuff. So don't do that, so that seems kind of easy, but you'd be surprised where dont be super negative is yet it wouldn't be. Dont mean negative person in general. So right, you'll be kinder? One of those guys are more approachable, but, here's one that harder. I mean it's simple, but it's it's hard to do good and he comes Cassandra. Hundreds of less easy is: don't talk bad about people and when people are talking,
add about people like to you around your whatever dont like jumping in any kind of accommodate them and I'm nothing get them or even talk about them- talking that above you don't don't do that, just don't be little beyond those yeah, it's the here's. The thing is, I'm above and beyond, saying, don't be eating certain people? That's all they do is gossip about people who, of course, that's no brainer. I'm saying never traded never do at any cost, never do it if you can, because basically you're trend, establish Arap of being this positive approachable person. That's what you're trying to do so, even though people don't take specific mental note, like all you're talking bad about this person, you always up bad about people, they feel it. So you have you ever been around somebody who tells us
tells you secrets every time. They feel like an animal stay this by this, and you like day. This is highly meal in on a school secrets. I, like being around a minute typically workpeople per annum, ever gonna tell them cigarettes, that's exactly right, so you know that this goes talking about about people or that they be negative or whatever. When it comes to you, why? Why would I wanted trust in the sky or talk to sky, about their suspect frugally. Do something together through and a common out for the other perspective. Not how would you disarm someone use coming out from how do you be a person that does not need to be disarmed yeah like this year, exactly third set, so just so, after all, no no you're, actually right, you're, saying even if I, no, you as a guy that doesn't talk bad and doesn't tell secrets and demonstrate their automatic.
Could be a little late, you're gonna start off my actual, so you ve developed a relationship with the person without real make that your go make your goal have you worked with anyone who lay from an emotional or unbalanced place, but learn to detach and what help them. Well worn out what these questions together. Obviously, here's one where you also have to use a little disarm movement to get someone. That's get an emotional about something you gotta get em to calm down here though you dont reciprocate the emotion, don't coach people when their angrier, notional, that's not the time to say: hey no Geneva. Do I knew you'd come down here, as if that doesn't work actually leaf was telling a story on the last part gassed where
He was using looseness hamper about something- and I guess you know, standards that can smiled and said I didn't reciprocate the anchor. I said: hey, take it easy Nido, though about it. Let us think about it. Can you make this happen and he's gay? I can. Of course I actually I had What am I want, my senior enlisted advisers action, my first deployment to Iraq. In the end, he- and I were oh school team, one guy singer? What what am I mourn? favorite guys in the world actually, but he would sometimes give Lobo still loading little bit here? This tactic that I picked up from him that understood the way he the way he addressed conflict was and I broke it down form of actually was simplify, amplify and repeat
that's what he would do. It actually worked worked a lot of time on most people like four as if I said hey, media by already cup, more guys on this operation and if he didn't think I needed more guys for operation it's a well. Why don't you just take everyone in the compound, otherwise just take every person, other roster will give active that'll, give you not people than what everyone about of surrounding everyone up right now will take every single person that we have out there. Now you grab some army guys on the web that was his work in any and I'll be like no have him know it, but I wouldn't do as I wouldn't get defensible If out of it I would say. No, I imagine any everybody I'm just saying I wanna take three more geysers, some spaces and vehicles it'll, give us a little more ability to contain. Target. In the end, we look daisy. Let's take a look at the map. We can end, so they need keep calm down.
Maybe setting this guy's Casey actually wasn't like two emotional users, superpower and when I actually broke down the simplify amplifying intensify? Oh no, it was if I am, I repeat, is really simple, viable binary. Repeat we and then when, whenever we would start a discussion at he would start doing it. We would start laughing because we realise that it has exactly that using other simple via. If I repeat that, that's what then, you put on his little. That was a levy ology. If you said like us, if I sit handicap more guys, you did all just take everyone. Then, if that's what you re doing everything guide you, he would simplify what you said. He would aim the fire and make it more extreme, and he would just repeated rigid and most people that he did it to. They would feel stupid because of he did to you know he didn't know. I dont need not just feel stupid. Uneasy suggest me ass ridiculous and when he went by
we had a wee wee would laugh about it, but it blogger He was actually true. Emotional users fired up about stuff which is passed, but some of it is actually to emotional. So, like I said you gotta stay calm, you don't don't coach people when they are angry. You said a good exam before and then when people calm down later, you talk to him about like came in that wasn't core and you gotta get a spin. It right. You're gonna get you turning. You don't wanna, like literally coach device echo any two cultures on your defensive and all that. But if I say amen, I I rely on you because of your expertise. Like you, the only guy inopportune there can actually make this happen. So, if you're losing your temperament that doesn't always I can count on you, I need you
make good. We none of us make good decisions if we're all benefit, People something so I Please can you just? Can you hear me by Hey man! If you start, you start getting angry about something, just realized factory decision making and we can have that. May we need to come. We need to make a good as it is before count on us and that's how on handle and someone gets emotional about stuff. Yet that's what it some simplify repeat, that girl. Why amplify reply months? They all girls do this, but some wives might like you say, I lived Charles in. Ultimately, I thinking You know you're gonna get really. You dont really take it that serious threat, but yeah you say like gotta know: hey Youth, you were, you said something mean too
but whatever now below they why'd. You married me, then, why? What are you just leave it to the next level via provided Ripley or watch out for that were hey good, Swanton long term she's a she said. You want me to get orange juice. I went into the store. Considering what mitigate were used for whatever reason I forgot all his youth. Choose not to get oranges forgot. This forgot you come home. Forget that set them along the lines of does any. The USA have important enough to you at all that That is why our provide very dashing needs do said more than once in you got the repeat as well. Women against answer question now here most things are pretty important. I mean maybe not the orange juice. At that moment, I forgot the another tactic like when you talk to people like the common down or whatever
it would say some they lose their temporal Samara, something like that and you have to dress. Like them losing their temperate be okay, you know how I used word. Passionate possibilities. Bill is basically like an excuse. Word for someone being liking would be likely to measure their compassion. Is you ve? Not value can be a can be euphemism or he hears a thing being passionate and been emotional, are two different things. You can be passionate about something and not lose your temper and I've been on whether to different thinks, so we will be like they'll put that on its own terms, can accept them simply not true, but solely if the, but you can use that dear advance, you can click hey. I know Europe I dig it man, one of the things I like about you and another thing, that I like about. You is that you are also a thinker. That's why forming through it go with their little ninja, my dear he lay there is that's what I like about you or what I like about. You is this and then they They take on that role for shooting earlier disarming area there.
Eleven of the very good very good next question doctor: what do you think of the saying you get more bees with honey? They actually asked leave this stupid. You get more bees with honey. I would I was actually heard you catch, applies with honey than with vinegar, but the same idea a bit somethin. I I agree with I mean. Obviously this comes down to the r word relationships and always what I'm trying to do some upheld the relationship. So I put up a honey. We're gonna put up a honey, the care it is. It is preferable to the stick there is a good which is another way of saving the roared, the good stuff. The so so yeah totally that that actually works better. Now
You can give people too much money and now they get type, two diabetes lazy. They get out of shape and they don't work anymore right. So you can't you gonna, do That's that's the that's! The dichotomy that you need to balance as leader not be into Harbin up you should not be too aggressive but be, aggressive enough, that's the dichotomy, but The bottom line is you need to treat people? Well, that's what you do. You need to not spoil them, but give them respects and build the relationships in it. To make that your gold, when I work with all these different companies. You know Why am I wish? He listened? Make your goal with. Personal you're, having a promise made your going to build a relationship that make that your goal we may say something negative say something positive.
We may want to blame someone on you say: yeah you're right, it's my fault, build a relationship with the person. That's going to strengthen the teams can be thousand times infinitely better than having antagonistic relationship was alone so agree with. I also you know when you within a growing laden with fear and you leading with your gear, beating people with a stick that does not work out good. In the long run, do you have to have consequences, sometimes yeah, but the team that is following somebody, because they want to do their best for that leader is gonna, beat the team that is doing things only cause. They're scared right, yeah they if their turn avoid the stick, that's gonna be where they operate. In turn up. Great enough to avoid this. The exact three of the gold over the sting is no honey, not real above and beyond yeah. I think you said something very wise in office space
What does he say? Assessments in his little review? You got hypnotized. Did you ask me? I've watched you have known yet eyes so so eager several days right so now he tells the truth or he doesn't care about things so he's like he's real, open and honest. He goes into little review, which is supposed to be this kind of tents. Think and they say like what's up, you know some than mass and some stuff anything that is the problem of motivation like what you know when only if I get in all this please explain it to him, then he's like ok, if I'm, if I'm scared of you know whatever this punishment from a bus wherever now, I'm just gonna work hard enough not to get fired, but that's true. That's absolutely true! So yeah like these kids, who only get scolded They don't get like compassion in compliment in support, Neither the only get scolded lotta times. I mean a lot more to a but allowed they're just gonna. Do the minimum and clearly entitled scalded too far in the other direction
we're gonna get his spoiled to find the other, and the dangers are about getting giving too like going to for another direction. He put it. Is he not prepare him like big? They wind up one they're on their own, like they're, not aired, for I cared little part as I am aware that this is not a good parts in life when but those tough parts there there too. So if you're not prepared from each act for lack of a better to correct term us last question, Jacko Great topic for me would be staying committed to life change. I start strong and fade fastened to old habits. Please help I'm gonna have to bring in the
Shakespeare on this one Shakespeare between the acting of a dreadful thing and the first motion. All the interim is like a phantasmal or a hideous dream, and that's Brutus from Julius Caesar Brutus in the play is plotting to kill Caesar someone. He was loyal to in Shakespeare. The Mass Durham, understanding human nature captures what that feels like, and here's what these lines mean between the acting of a dreadful thing. So that's the mole.
That moment when you're waiting to do something that you don't want to do and the first motion, so that when you actually start doing that thing that you don't want to do all the interim now. This is all that time. All that time. In that much
while you are waiting to take action is like a phantasmal or a hideous dream. So that moment that moment, when you're waiting to do something, it's like an apparition, hideous dream a nightmare and saw the battle for trouble it takes place in that moment, it's not knowing what to do that, not the battle, it's not actually doing it. That's not the bow. It's the moment in between its there.
The turkish hesitation is the enemy and in war, understanding where the enemy is allows you to defeat and this is where the enemy of action, the enemy of commitment, the enemy of change, that's where the enemy lies lies in the waiting in all you have to do to win is overcome that moment, the weighting the hesitation. All you have to do is go.
Move take action, get out of bed, get your feet on the ground step into the gym. Put down the door not pick up. The kettle bell do not hesitate to now. We go forward, go to war and win every single time
think. That's all I've got for the night banks, everybody out there for listening and for our arson continued support or get from everybody. If you wanna keep sportin echo how they do that. Well, primarily, I would say support yourself with supplement taken, because really that's really what it's about not necessarily thus of limitation but supporting self is well scan like when you will find airplane you in a Europe with the mask or yourself first before you, the heavier infancy area, because if you're not dope that here
You know I mean they so anyway, if you need supplements gonna on it, that comes Flash Jacko get ten percent off on it supplements. What does that mean? That's the best supplements like anywhere temperature. I could explain whether so good, but you can one website really distress, meets only thermometer. I taken either at the Essen beer. You take some dinner, or you can support by clicking through before the Amazon shopping click through the website. Org just get the trooper too. I think that would be a lot easier, so you gonna website get the tube to have called Jackal Podcast trooper tool, Chrome extension click on it bone. Bournemouth, on their anytime shop at Amazon, you support passively despite gas and your kind of official that still I dont want the word passer, even though I know,
the correct term, because when you are shop there, that's it that's a really good, easy way to support the pot cashmere. So I don't agree with you. In the past, I like passing their actively shopping actively getting after it passively supporting idea they actively. To the website. They actively installed the tool or they click view for taking action and are making things happen and level of credit. Not sufficient to give credit beneficial nonetheless, at the way in that's good. We subscribe on Itunes, of course, if you have an eye writer review to write, a review so we will also review the other day. That's appreciate because then we know what we're doing here, we'll get feedback. I'm worried, nervous, yeah. And Ngos. Rina reviews subscribed to you too
Then we're gonna be more lively, were active on the Youtube. So what brings you get a lawyer around you? I'm gonna get act and then do it. Aren't you get along doing it an active and our active work good as a right now, so that we can subscribe to Egypt downs covered this subscribe to you too, I'm putting up done stuff. If a mocking it up like right now, it's just You know the video version of the pact, which it like Pike ass when at length the video version- if even like this, I might add some stuff in their some whatever's attics, deleting others have little mash up so whatever, if their lame just unsubscribe your confident that they will not be I'm confident yeah, but none of them fine and I actually found the first one was sir. It was free yeah, but what's funny about those things.
It's a big inside joke. They were somebody desperate, like no one is there doesn't if someone stumbled across that very right and what does nothing Deanna get we'll get we'll anybody there is. A game, thus further there. They know what they call those eastern liked, his little Easter eggs in their liking, the trooper to video. There's the Easter eggs in there. You know if you lay back in pay attention to what area like the shirts everyday, consciously tales, sharp
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by good three inequality. Quality yeah, I didn't just be like hey gimme, that it is possible one, the ball park giveaway. Why didn't you get the euro? I went through links to the good, a wearable my goal is to be like, if you put it on you like this. This might regard as the what's on it. This is my favorite checked that So the design is just a bonus. I like to think so: yeah laborious beer, shirt, Jackal stored dot com to get a deal stick or if you want a few options there copy mug and may have some Jago White T Pomegranate.
Maybe we haven't Elizabeth and come out here with the working with a company. Lotta people talk to me about the beverage that I drink yeah during some half a brain, but my most common beverage and that further until Ferris their liking for people with raising yak as you that's, what does that was at will and he drew a kind of, namely they drag it. He got offered up, listen, listen to verify governor he's asked for one like an agenda on hearing this caffeine in all the others, a small amount of coffee why she is more easily busy white is about a third of a cup of coffee supreme. I hold on the cafe Microsoft of caffeine. Many actions in any case, and so anyway got approached about we're, whereas the Jackal, Podcast and guess what we make tee o. We want to make Europe
I went through some iterations trying to find it to be a little the mixture and now a garrison awaiting that's gonna be good there, so we will put it on the Jackal store. Connection, to get it when men, these Ireland Alba sometimes the up- and you put the thing on their where people can have get emails from us yeah. Oh yeah favoured the mailing list right here, but simply a mailing list. The ins, it's more for like insiders, you care about. Like an insider stuff, but all in all, it is a lot of mailing this where we can get on in, though like sinew, email every and make it a point not to say new stuff that's not relevant, could use something, no brainer for that
For me, I know, don't feel people's mailbox with stuff that is stuff yeah Ok, here's my email violate my trust, no me out when one, if there's something on his ardent year, another kind like hey one out of all this, people, one of these people might be interested in this. Let me send it every both are not that I know is if I think everybody me interested, I could be wrong, but if I think that genuinely often you something and furthermore, if there is a pandemic epoch, disaster situation. I will be sending fourth instructions. All drivers to congregate at dominate we're gonna do kitty.
It is obvious, lack of sea that alone right. There is there any at some point g. I some point I may send out like a longer thing, like France's upcoming. We got. The master rightly Nardoun here in San Diego Somebody has on that Serbia will know. Has gone down all that stuff. I sent out there so that people know what happened and they get connected. So that's that's an exam Am I going to email at forty seven times? No, a reminder, but. I know if you're enlisted honour on the male, then you're interested in what we say here. Scientists, we are going to violate that my email violate maitre, steer, novel they'll, send you stuff back every like three days earlier lot of sellers multiple times at their ha? Who does that,
I would you wiser magazine and any new marketing I consider to be good marketing. Somebody must be telling people to do that. I don't know you know what that's that's, that's what I don't wanna do These market things yeah see. Ok, that's the thing! If anybody out there thinks a marketing things stopped me. Do it Well, I didn't know: there's a difference between advertising and marketing. So marketing is everything like if it even you wearing that shirt. That's technology think of advertising hooker, while on the other hand I busted up, I want to get into a big thing. Talking about, I guess within we market and we advertise for now we market who don't ever advertise. We don't know what about when I say what about when you say hey on it, has good stuff- and I say, yeah get the girl oil, that's on it and Technical Erica.
And the average as well when I dont want to do, is be people down with me. You know It is by that. I don't want to do that. Yeah all it is actually supporting the broadcast, and I the board on it? That euro, company and general the great guy who help Who was by the way, we're sitting here because European FBI, the other way. I also you got them. You can buy little book called extreme ownership written by myself, and my brother if Babbitt, who was on the last part, cast podcast before he was also podcast. Eleven, and we were book it's about. Leadership is about war, about business, it's about life,
it's available and hard covering digital audio format both laughing. I read the sections that we wrote to that school and you know it's cool is get it for yourself, which is going to help you, but an amputee grab him a copy here and you're helping us. You know little that is, for support, gonna. Think about that book. I said this before, but it is worth saying and is that you know like some books is like? Ok, I'm an imp need improving in whatever I'm an agreed this book, Please help me in this way or that we're whatever, but this is like the council, where you can literally turn on that like right. When you read a certain sentence and has given you wherever you know, whatever this advice is, whichever one it is, but an extreme ownership will say, You can turn it on right then, and there like right then, and there you can walk. We only have to read the homework technically and you already be changed. That's all
It's gotta do it. They, like not all books like that. It's, like all, had this gradual process when, in a way that that the big dick work from now noise. If you're gonna, let us know what's going on in your world, Europe continue this talk We're having amongst us, where are they, learn WEBS Twitter Facebook II and Instagram. Echo is at ECHO Charles, and I am at Java. Willing now one of the things that I made a note here to talk about little bit, gotta gotta come clean here. Gotta redress, Somethin when on a little trip in the bush- out of contact. Before I left on the trip I stopped, I didn't stop, but I'd could no longer keep up good. No
we're keep up with responding there. The tie them up until a week ago, Maybe maybe we could have a go? I committed and splendid to every single person that hit me on Twitter, a hug- three percent- and I kept trying to maintain however, only maintain I didn't. I maintained for a long time for what six months seven months, something like that, but I I cannot maintain anymore I cannot respond to every single person firstly, coming back from being in the field for you know. Seven days were I didn't have it. I have a very sparingly, I'm getting south of tweet today, which is awesome- and you know what I'd do read them- I absolutely read them all, but respond every single one of them. I don't I don't have time starting about a week
half ago you said nice. I can't do this because. First of all we went to the whole thing of like? Oh you go to times a week for the park, the one time two times for the park. Ass may be one every two weeks. Most people do. That. I didn't like it. I want to come in here and get it on so, but what and I used to be able to respond to the twitter in like forty five minutes, a day which I find that time I make that time. Then it was an hour, now in ten minutes in all the sun, it became too hours a day? And then, if I think about this, Mr Day, for whatever reason. When Mr Day and a half, five hours. Finally, one Sunday, I sat down and I did twitter for stupid amount of time. Sir something hours and
Twitter is a great majority occasion, but I gotta be more selective and disciplined about my time management. I wanna K this aren't even further, but there is a kind of came. The laughing is because you're gonna need a social media kinder where its Veronica's, like yours, he's gonna, sound strange but you're that, like nice, of a person that you're like telling everyone like we know. We know you can already re year by year, like really bothered by you like. I can't not rude being rude. That's what's ferrajo battle! Twenty, because from your perspective, it's like it's like someone's talking to fulfilling your dislike, nor ethically putting your finger up saying at all. You know I don't have time for you, but eating an urban area, then we are kind of a group t right of way which makes it even of which I'm sort of like the guy that facilitates
communication between from our almost a leadership position and so cannot be ignored, twenty khazar one or one, the troopers gonna Brandon who's been in the game since day, one Africa how he found but he was an inverse bargaining immediately like follow me on Twitter- am we're going back the fourth on a bunch of staffing and finally, we were email about himself we're in emailing about. Ah, he was with China get Timex to answer the pot, asked or me or something because time, excess sellen watches factually actually the alike. People have bought Timex, I remember, watches were Lawford from your things does from development. From wanting to get the game you know, like I asked cooler: let's do it, you know it's all. A lot of people have factually bought those watches. Nancy Brandon Trooper was like hey. You know what I'm gonna contact these guys, so we were back in a bunch of emails. I have
pictures of me with this watch on with his time, had wanted to show major food. Not the Zack same watch, but the same model watch the same model, and I have I think, five of them right now. It actually says troopers sent me other older. You can't buy him anymore. I have I have enough of these waters to last me for the rest of my life, having its about five or six and actually done surgery on these watches over the years like like some gallic one, would break a certain parts were taken, her own apartment put the insides in us one day I was reading email from brags, we email back and forth on us, thousand in the other day he email me just aid is very now I have given up on stolen Timex ceremony mail, and I was reading it on the way here to record and ah and has looking through the email when I parked Athens phone number at the bottom,
you don't. I thought I had. I get. This thing called and said, he's. Ok, this brand resonate with that man, Jack Odin Really area man what's goin on as well but businesses in, and so I said so we started talking, and this was right as the social media. I was reaching the kind of the end of a line of social media and, as I'm sort of thinking about how I'm gonna make it, and how many would like, if I could tell people like listen. I'm sorry! I'm scared, like physically can't do it and one of the things he says to me while we're talking he goes, you know. What's so awesome is that you respond to everybody darling so wise, I stuck with it. Ok, you know what I'm behind him and sit down, and I think that's what I d like us Sunday, where I just sat there like an idiot. Nobody just boom boom boom boom? We're in?
thing is true is why people tell me could suffer and likewise say, hey my legs. That's good point, all! That's a good book I'm to check that out so when he drove me, that's ok hold the line. I hold the library and then, and then I realized, if I'm an old line on that, I'm a lack of more import banks, one of them being the park asked. One of the in the park. Gaza, not putting forth quality by gas, which to me is the most important thing that that I'm doing re ours is getting podcast quality for podcast perspective. So yeah. There's my air fares, my social media adventures, though what it's funny to think of it from your perspective, because I would argue out get that from everyone else's respective. It's like yeah, no no kidding hearing yeah urea given, but none and get a new value them need yapping. That's that's cool! Well,. How jazz everybody, butter and out
the objectives are like reading them, but its back, he explained but what am I to try and do this? Is I don't- the bee wedding, the the more France's if ituri homage, I'd like to be a little bit more active. As things happen, cool things happened. There was the other works out. Right To close it out, thanks always, and once again uniform folks out there- the firefighters, police and law enforcement and a course of military members thing you are for whole line and to the other two that are out there that are listening. Who have open your ears and open your mind. You.
You who are looking at yourself every day like we deal thinking. How can I be better thanks for doing that, thanks for making that daily self assessment thanks for moving forward without hesitation and most important thanks for getting after it,
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