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353: If You Have The Wherewithal To Do Things, Then You Should Do Things. Congressman Candidate (WI) Derrick Van Orden

2022-09-28 | 🔗

Derrick Van Orden. Navy SEAL (ret.) 26 years of service. husband, father, and Wisconsin 3rd District Congressman candidate 2022.

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This is jackal podcast number three. Fifty three with echo charles and me jack, o willing good evening accompany me. My brave fellows done all. I asked you to do and more than can be reasonably expected, but your country's ec stick, your wives, your houses and all that you hold dear. You have warned you warn yourselves out with fatigues and hardships, but No, not how to spare you. If you will consent to stay one month longer, you will render that service to the cause of liberty and to your country, which you promise we can never do under any other circumstances. Am I right. There was a quote from george Washington encourage
and his men to reinvest in the army, and he made that speech on tuesday December thirty. First, seventeen, seventy six. This was less than a week after the successful attack at trenton and victory for a washing its army loan that everybody knows about crossing the delaware river, and Able to achieve this victory, but the men had suffered greatly price. that they lost the battle of white plains in october, the battle at fort washington in november their uniforms when you, when you read about what condition they were in there, were just in tatters and rags. This point, some of them didn't have shoes The way december in the northeast so This is the last day of the year december. Thirty first and
interesting. We most of the soldiers enlistments they'd enlisted for a year or two years, and so a lot of the soldiers there are lessons were up at the end of the year, and this was potential disaster for the army through this personal appeal, washing convinced about half the men to stay and carry on and they were able to defeat the british at princeton, it can revived the morale of the continental army, but just put that question in my into my mind, is when is enough enough and we call on our service men and women to do so much and it's amazing when they decide to continue to serve and it's an honor here to have one of those men with us tonight, retired seal
twenty six years of service husband, father teammate friend of mine, who deployed to Iraq deployed to Afghanistan? africa asia, Europe's south, a central america and he's I came to continue his service now his name is Derek Van Orton. Calm called van- oh sorry, fair, Derek, thanks for coming down there. Thank you for having me. Do you see it's good to see two? They call me de Vigo dvr. I don't know why I mean I it's made. You gotta have the three letters. You know what that's a little too close to deviant art enough, I like that, it's nice- to hear that man, so I've never been to your place here. It's it's marvellous and I went to the head. That's the bathroom for folks who are in the navy and like thirty his words as talking echo about this. There are look at me like what
it looks like he'll be held in camera roll there, but it's a wonderful facility or man yeah, that's! Well! It's a mixed, martial, sir. I guess your point is that mixed martial arts gym it's. It's literally the middle of or professional pro anime practice is going on now either Jim. So it's the the allow I and team which trains here out of victory was some incredible fighters. Some champs in their dominant group saddam. yes, there asked It's in pete physique in the in the prime of their athletic careers. Certainly amtrak like dakar. If we already arrived just wanna die quality at this point no ass busy man so it's what started to beginning what started where you came from. But for you are how you got here today and what's let's talk about, story somewhere. When were you born well to be
in the beginning, as they say, I was raised in abject rural poverty by a single mom. My dad was not honorable, no other way to describe that. He abandoned us when I was an infant and I dropped out gonna sixteen years old hold on a you, got really quick through a lot of yours, so so so you're born. So is a warns party minneapolis minnesota, my father. And ass. We move in with my grandmother in Laverne minnesota. What's la Verne, Minnesota has for some reason I haven't heard of this matter. We should have because KEN burns did one of his documentaries called the war. Accurate feature, the palace theatre, which is on main street in la verne, and we lived in the apartment above the palace theater. Once we got enough together because we live with my if we were that poor, so what's the what's the population of la verne crash, I don't know now, but it's a small town, it's modern! what was your mom do and to make ends meet
She was one of the first female sports reporters in the country and so has been a stats head and she died nine years ago, eight years ago now my mom's wonderful carol, ann mulligan she's, like this all five foot, nothing Marty's woodpecker lips, she's turned from me and I then she got a job with a company called I anais, which became signal insurance and that's how we want up and was constantly. I grew up in wisconsin southeastern wisconsin, because my mom, got promoted. We. So when did she leave sports reported cash out? What it does prior to the insurance thing. I didn't need the years doing, that sort of writer just kind of stuff right cause. It was just weird to have a woman reporting spoon has no it's just now it's now. It's common meteorites normally she didn't, so she could quite pull off a career in sports reporting know that when, but then
went to the insurance business to start as a secretary, okay and then she got promoted, she's furious. She was very bright and she wound up retiring running the west coast for cigna around this whole office, and it was interesting she she's sitting around hearing the stories, it's fascinating because it helped me later on in my career as a seal that she was like wait a minute. If we have this phone and we anyone has a phone that can call this number and if they have the ability to understand, what's goin on what this phone, they can get everybody's insurance information. So she was one of the first people to get into cyber security because you had the modem, nor I mean it didn't matter. There is no encryption there. It was if you could have a motor, yeah, the reader or so so she started doing. Remember that he goes or you don't know. How old? Are you a couple? Forty four are your every old you remember dial up.
the ban on down the dataset aol, galileo son, you do so. She did that in an oil not having a father figure as a day add my uncle bob, which is her oldest brother she's, one of ten irish catholics and Bob left Worthington, which is outside of la verne when he was sixteen years old and joined the navy in world war, two there's this great picture of him. He sitting like this with his hands over the rail of an ammunition weiler rid off it. You would jima no shirt on. You know this and being a sailor so far, but yeah, so gunny went to on should the navy and then the only demobilized everybody afterward virtues who goes back to two minnesota can't find a job.
man. I need a job. This is uncle. Bob we're talking about is Robert Francis Mulligan, the oldest brother of yours, of your ma of my mom's got it so he was one of ten, and so he wants have gone back in minnesota. This is so fun cause we're in san diego and he goes to the marine corps and he's, like you know, can I join the marines. He goes yeah, some staff sergeant or he goes. Okay. Here's your bus ticket to san, diego and just you'll go to the bus station. Take a cab to mcr d, which is down the road from here, and you know then you're there and you know bob's looking at his feet caught the museum feet and you know you don't want to be in a museum anywhere. You kind of shuffle your feet and the stats are reluctant because you don't have enough money for cavity he's like so he gives a money for cap. So Bob takes the bus, cab and absurdity ring carp. You don't fast forward
twenty years awareness he sees this warrant officer and in that marine, critical, gunners and he's like hey man. I think I know your ethnic. He gas, where your recruiter in Minnesota and I'm the guy that you gave the money for the cab and the gunner looks at me goes: do you know how many people had he if your account, so we think that things are difficult now and we're getting trust me when the economy, scholar in your text, that but the level of after what we have in the united states of america now is unprecedented in the history of the world, and that goes across. All spectrums mean that was like you didn't have. anything so Bob NOS twenty years, he goes, creates grievously, injured,
I a chinese communist soldiers during a choke, a grenade into his foxhole. And then he winds up gone to Laos in nineteen. Sixty two retard becomes a police officer in a small village in wisconsin culture, unequal and retarded as the chief of police, our chief and the village administrator and he ends up being You say your father figure correct, What would you have four brothers and sisters? I one brother, older, younger, older, ok now, you what you are now going to school use living above this theatre in Laverne right till I was in second grade. Ok, we moved mom got promoted and we move to hurt london, scots heartland hardened hawke, just straight up, heartland, wisconsin, yeah, emma so a group, we're still very poor and the apartments we live in now. I think our section eight housing boom that we lived in then are now. I believe so
and now this is where you gotta meet school. Were you crack go to high school and stuff. No saw I we got promoted again, and then we moved to oregon okay right and that's where I was in high school for a year and two weeks of myself Where were you play sports grown up? I wrestled cover my freshman year, but I never was into those types of things I just. I never was my brother's supervision, professional sport. Clearly my mother was because was a sports were reported, but on which is never ever did for me, what were you? What we folks? Are you folks on academics? It now you know what I was and I mean I read, I've always been a huge reader like from when I was a little kid. I was always reading and I was kind of more dunno how to put that. I just I was I was into exploring the world
from a different perspective, because so we were so poor, I mean like dirt poor, and I knew I could never collect material objects because of that and so from when I was just a little kid. I started collecting relationships of people and I had the same friends who have had to cells. Fourteen, because I understand the value of human beings errors in the value of the intrinsic nature. If somebody's intellect vice you know, third, fiscal being and the third crinoline intertwined one is part of another but so for me, that's always been my thing, so I I've always really focused on humans and the the additive value of people. You know the synergistic effect of getting together. You that's how you create, and so based on that, I have done some art, stuff and whatever, but what's art stuff or whatever sketch? I write, poetry and you know believe it
not so easy. So when you're in school or you like hanging out with the the no the frequent poetry club zone, we got going. No, I was wait. Were you wearing all black and like gosh, I am dying air blockade, who's wearing all black hair lets you guys this camera working, so no and I was kind of an outsider because again you know children can be very cruel, and when I say were poor, I mean we were poor, so I was ostracised because of my poverty and then moved. Organ is very affluent community and you know wasn't just on the other side of the tracks on the side of it. So that can be very. You can take that one or two directions. You know
You couldn't consciously choose your path and you can choose to to ride that into the dirt and get into this destructive cycle, and we ve seen this happen over and over again intergenerational poverty enormously. and people feel like they have no way out. I mean I was the did. You ever see someone walker arthur head down there and they walk like that all the time somebody ran into him. Where did I see him they're, like oh you're, so I had dropped out of high school. I was working, you have been spreading myself so sixty in someone's, like I remember you from high school you're, the guy- you always wanted your head down in a sack, wait a minute. You right so I started work with my head up and just that simple we when was that I wanted in seventeen or eat the sauce when you're seventeen or eighteen sam. Oh someone said oh used to walk around with your head down, you're the guy. They recognize me you're, the guy that walker threw down, because I was so I wasn't. Absorbed buddy psych, I felt like
because you are so pouring being. You know just that the other there and you know I shouldn't be interacting with the world around so I start I put my head up and I was like that one physical gesture of going- you know I am here and I am part of the equation and then that slowly opens up your aperture and you start looking around like oh, what's going on here, can I do something here? Can I do something there? You know the the visual feedback that you get from another person, actually, Does your ability to have a relationship with them, which I think is very important, that the posture thing is using a J p d, no on the spot gas, or can I worked with him still, but you know I talked about, and this was a long time ago I talked about, factors watching him like I'm in a like sitting in a door well or something on a street and remedy, and I'm watching J p like maneuver and he's like king with his chest out his head up like a come here like I'm here, I'm gonna get it and-
You know a lot of people your instinct is to expressing combat is to destroy small, get small he's like now chest up head out, and became a thing universal posture thing. I mean Jordan petersen talk about of use straight with your shoulders back. I was like oh yeah, that's that was repeated now and it sounds like you made that transition at seventeen years old. When someone said dude you're walking around with your head down now that makes it it makes a difference yeah it does, and I think that I don't think I know that people now you know they can go. Oh, this is a brash, you know person, but when I sit down with them talk to them, they understand that. That's, not! Posturing, it's posture, so that there's a difference between the two one isn't is something that's internalized and the other one is a projection. So if you have posture, that's that journalists that you're posturing, your pretending, don't pretend about really anything so you're going to high school
stir sized, at some point, you say you decide drop out about the institutional augured anything to offer. that is a from Anna was, I think, it's a call for once in a while, cyprus, ok, so, when you decide what what does your mom say about this? I'm not happy, he was going to say, there's no mom, that's like oh cool you're, dropping out of highschool or soaked. She is not happy at all. What plan designed I must go. I like em out, had you already been working yeah, I start working. I think I was fourteen, and so what are you doing? I work here We fear that I worked at a gas station, roger chevron, gas station party, gas fixing cars in and now you must- What's your reasoning behind dropping out of school, how you come to this conclusion as it was, I don't think the environment was oppressive. I just I just didn't fit her and I just didn't want to be part of the
so you tell your mom what what was in the school year was in the summer time to its into my sophomore now I get him out and then moved out and so would you give her job? I was working the gas station, case over gas station job. You move into an apartment on it. There I mean so. You know. Do I recommend this life path mean? I did that. I got to undergrad degree at forty four. I got accepted to law school fifty. You know that sort of stuff Would I recommend this path and that's a very complicated answer, because in some ways I would say yes in otherwise I would not- and I was thinking about this Clinton was going to come talk to you and if you look at what's taking place, world right now. I think, if more people had more adversity grown up dead, they would be able to.
thrive. More I'm going to get elected to congress next year. That's happened there. Actually, this year november, I'll take office next year and I started from the meanest circumstances. You possibly can I mean abject rural poverty, broken home, single mom enlisted. The guy in the navy- and you know, I'm going to be in the highest levels of power in the most powerful country in the world within a single generation. I tell people a solid start all the time, and you know, what's that called it's the american dream right, I'm the embodiment of the american dream. I lived on five, the seven continents as frogman afghan villages in afghanistan. I lived in cosmopolitan european cities, Iraq and all in asia everywhere. and it's the american dream and it's not the argentinian dream or it's not it's not the english dream, archer! It's not it's the american dream, because it's the only place that my story can happen every day, like all the time like a winsome serious.
Maize emigrating, I'd, say: she's lieutenant governor of Virginia. So that's. What I think is is important about these growing up where things are handed to you as much as I fought for everything. I've had everything my entire life, and I know what that means. I can assign value to that. So I'm guessing you didn't quite see this trajectory when you were putting some premium gas into some guy chevy for four dollars. Seventy five cents an hour cause I worked at wendy's. Did you really yeah I worked when once you do, there was the berger cook. Guy. Ok, I would make burgers, and in your when he's the bridge afresh, which means when someone eight people walk in they. They make a rough guess sure you know and they'll go put on ten, so you put on ten and if two of them don't sell, they go into a bucket and that bucket gets turned into chile. But I did not know that the so I'm working to wendy's I you know
and I knew I want to go and the military at some- wait at what point did the military seem like the? Actually, let me hear the worst, the of Davis of the seventeen year old vano working at the gas station not eating just no food does not eating. Not enough money. You gotta, make grant and I gotta pay for gas for car about bought as a nineteen sixty nine toyota, programme now corona coronado, caroling corona. It was built in september. sixty nine same month and year that I was born is red. With a white racing stripe. Five hundred bucks boom cash on the barrel on the barrel head right, gotta pay for gas cause, you gotta go to work, you gotta make rent, and sometimes you don't have money for food and what's what's tragic, jocko is that people are getting there again in america, they're they're having to make those
decisions and shocking? So we are not eating. Was you know? I'm a great now clearly could be a good thing. Do I tell people edward, you know we're nightingales, the more thou wert reich awkward, nine miles away from an hour at any point right and I'm like, unlike fifth the twenty years, it'd be a counselor for a and maybe a good thing, so so sometimes you're not eating you're. Sixteen you're seventeen you're still working at the gas station. At what point do you go to work check? I went out with a buddy of mine, his name is Kurt and you are drinking beer or in oregon and I'm like. Let's join the marine corps and he's like yeah, I was trying to record so we got, you know, get all tuned up and we were like the best marines for six hours and I wake up and I call them like. I do not want to join the marine corps. It's like I dunno, a trainwreck or I go. Let's join the navy goes okay,
I picked him up. We went to the recruiting office. What no? That was it. That was exactly as much thought that went into it now. Remember now, gunny was he was a marine my I'm the guy that I aspire to be what made you say like you're, fired, If you go to the marine corps six hours later, I don't think so. What was once sobriety yeah that did you did you understand anything about the military and we dislike k you know marine corps that cool, bigger cool uniforms. They carry machine guns. Yeah! No, and you know what it's interesting. If you want to, I mean not to over spiritualized things or get too philosophical. That stuff sounds like we're about to sure. There's there's been several inflection points in my life or it is just kind of like you know three chips to the wind and see what happens because at that point I was going nowhere in a real. is that you know, I guess some alcoholics called an epiphany jackie at this moment,
I kind of had that moment where I realized this is just not. I dont want to lead this way, the rest of my life. and so there had to be a change in it. You know, how do you change? I got him high school dropout. I can you accepted conway that suffering and it just really. Was an epiphany, so I joined the navy. Did you get your ged. How that work I got, they gave me six months, get a ged. I was offered three different programs- semen, apprenticeship from an apprenticeship and air, an apprenticeship that's it, there's no other options. So just so everyone knows what that means. That means menial labour that the the lowest jobs, the most menial jobs that you can get in the navy are at those three jobs in the three different broad departments in the navy, gas straight up, menial labor, and so I just like you know I signed on. I got stuck
in a naval weapons station concord hold on solar. You said it took you six months to get to get your g. They gave away six months they're like so. I wanted to dab that delayed entry program. This is what your active duty of six months to get all ok, so I went to my first duty station ever what misdiagnosis eighteen eighty eight nineteen eighty eight men they were hurt and for some people that listen did. Reagan, one in the six hundred naval navy. That's right! You could like where's hurricane in this tragedy, so you could like wipe the blood off a knife. You just stab somebody with and they're, like don't do that again and they'll come on and write, but and now you know something putting to earlier is that in our standards. Now people have not face this diversity and so were take in recital these prerequisites for best, go to different programmes, specially specialised programmes that can unrealistic but yeah so on. I would drive up over the benicia bridge. I can remember, then he met mir island and I would take classes, and I took my ged and got the
within the six marching through your eighteen. When you actually get the navy, I was, I nineteen and book him. Okay you're suitor nineteen book als camp. I mean it was just boot camp why was a shock to your system? We, like you know I was one of these guys. We truly happy to be there three arts and a con man. You know you like food remain entirely. Everyone understands what you're saying so yeah I mean it was just what you're doing and that's kind of how I lived my life, I approach it like this is what we're doing, and so, let's just do it, let's crack on and let's do it the best that we can and that really paid off in buds and I'll tell you story, though, so in order? get two butts right. I joined the navy, I'm working on it. You know about the seals of this. I had no idea that, like yeah, there was like a or check this out by the way. You can never do this workout talk about because you're a scrub. You know that's essentially the set, so I clean toilets.
and to see you get done with boot camp get and where do you get stations, naval, weapons, station, concord, concord, California, it's close now, okay, here's an ammunition, station you shop there, your new one, maybe no I made to mickey too to account, in, doesn't for your very well ranking individual right I still had the sort of fun now ass. Smart asked you not, to put it mildly wait you're smart, allocate fifty held you. Fifty three years smaller, fifty three. When we work together, you're smart allocate forty something. So I can only imagine it was even worse when you were here the different struck. My have now learned it I've earned it when I was young man I'd, I didn't I was a brush on man and I didn't have humility, and so I
decide to go to core school said a friend who worked at the clinic- and I wanted to go- do that so I had to work for six months, eight months or whatever after hours I struck for a rate for all your siblings. That some applying for a job did you apply for the job as corpsman I was. right, so I made be him. Three persons made third class decorating and then I went and became a comment, but so here here all the time and a quarter inch shackle turned my life around and that's a shock. I don't know how to describe It is as if fastener is a fascistic nautical metal thing right, and so I was standing on the fantail of the Y t v. That's your your tugboat! A to a cada casa. All your tugboat in the navy are named after american indian chiefs case. You order some on the fantail, that's the back of the boat.
and I get being in the back of the head with a quarter and shackle, and I turned around and there's nobody there and a might. If I don't change my ways, these people will kill and that really opened That was a reality check it. I've done encourage change people's behavior modification to violence, but just telling you my story- and I was like while I need to you know change my ways now and I did and then I got it course through applies plot. Is you have to apply to go to court school? Okay? So I worked at the clinic on base after hours and was like six or eight months, and I had to take a series of tests. I did all these. On the general,
The cherry trainings did a whole bunch of correspondence courses like the nato handbook on surgery and all these things that I do, which is a course for physicians. I ordered it used to be able to order at least bullshit name, and I just have a knack for it. You know, and I know I seem like a goofball but I'm actually a knack for nursing out and study on something and passing tests as I've been reading. Since a kid- and you know what I mean it wasn't, it wasn't strange to me to garner knowledge from the written word and so being to read things absorb information and then take things from disparate sources? Combine them together to understand the best way to do things is just something I'm I'm just good at it. It's it's intuitive to me. To work at that. So you apply to go to court school right and then I got accepted
put everything I owned in the entire world. On the back of my motorcycle and drove like everything, drove from copper, california to san diego and checked into course, glitter course corkscrew Haven't weeks, I think, there's a wilder did in any of course, glaring, and you still haven't heard about the seal teams. Yet no, so that revelation must be coming okay. So there was three guys that joined the navy to be seals. One's name is rodney. Unfortunately, he was killed. Working for the cia after he got all the teams, he graduated another one seems Andy. He did x money or got out and the other one's name is Jeff. I didn't, make it to butts and away the wreck. Am I'm going to be at core school this at course corker and they're all hyper? You know- and I'm me- and I
I'm like, what's the seal stuff for your guns in planes and boats- and you know fast cars or my mom I'll, go, do that and they're like you can't just say I'll go! Do that I go. Why not? Why can't you just say all go. Do that so it's kind of mocked a bit, and then you had at tat point three chances to take this screening tests. Did you do this and there were class three one? Seventy seven, ok Saws worry for, and certain member three cats. Are no younger workers, yeah yeah, but just didn't bootcamp. Oh oak is eight. They let you do that past yeah, so I feel this twice in back then, like you, failed the street time to figure out, we don't want to see you again you're dead to the world right get out of here
This is while you were a corpsman this as well as, in course school. I can get formula to butts. He get ability but bachata and fail once where'd. You fail swim. Okay, I didn't know how to do the sites. You know I've been swimming since I was a kid and I just don't know how to do a formal stroke, so I feel this thing twice and they started renovating the barracks, which is thus not the oldest, the second oldest building in san diego at the naval hospital. That was our barracks, so they move us to thirty. Second street the navy base down there and by now this is. This is a personal thing at this point, because the push ups sit ups run dunno. If you did dip sandwich crush holos, pullers right crush. All of them can't do the swim so go to the pool. Does a nine year old kid nepal and he's doing sites, stroke and I'm hated. Can you show me there is an old mentoring member that there's like gold, you that you know, entering hey man,
Can you show me how to do that? A nine year old kid is like yeah just grab an apple pull the apple down with your the anthro that boy grandmother up new to him than the cat. This kind was, god is right that psycho, so I did it pass. The that cortlandt shackle gave me the humility, which was the thing that was missing as a young man to be able ask a nine year old kid how to do the side, stroke. And then what so. We hope that they get you the shack, oh yeah, and they didn't give a shit. Listen man I mean beamed, you re in a back and so you know that those tablets are actually beautiful, pose as pig wide fantail in the back and then there's the old one level, which is where the the coxon flatters. You know that wheelhouse and you know clearly there are
there, and so I I've had the ability, choco, and I think you have also an echo of unforeseen. I don't know you well enough, hopefully won't I don't I don't whatever you're going to say. I doubt he has there there's there's people in the world that had the ability to understand when they're taking part in history or where things are significant to the point where you should modify your behavior Well, that's what I think is going to keep quiet about. This is a lie, at times when you get. hidden ahead with a shackle you, look at every one else and say I can't believe you're doing this to me. I can believe that someone- I u get mad, you get mad at the navy. You get mad at the people on your tugboat, you get mad at everybody else right. when what you actually need to do is say: well, there's only one person I control than that I'm the one that got myself on the back of this tugboat Wanna go myself around these bunch of people I just want to get out of here. I need to take ownership of my life move forward.
That's a huge difference and a huge difference in mentality. Can be the difference between staying where you're out I mean you obviously did the same thing at the gas station at some point. You're, like you, know, being hungry sucks and I can be mad at my paycheck at the gas station. I'd be mad at my car for using gas. or I could say, hey I put myself in this situation. I need to get myself out of it. Where's that recruiter. So that's it that that's the thing that you're talking about when you explain that to me, I think Allah that is going to have that's a difference between moving forward moving up, improving yours, your station in life or staying where you're at and if you have the the the wherewithal to do things do things things are just that simple. You can sit around and and hang out or you can. You can continuously try to improve yourself and I, as I've got free
I like that one of them I gotta give a shout atoms. My camera is dude up in our village, and butternut is just always doing things he just got into sailing with his family now, so he sails in. This is a farmer who now has this big boat sailboat, that it the branches kids around lake superior. because he is always him unless she's just wonderful just kept their eyes open and when people had their head down, we talked about it with your posture. Each don't see the world around you and I'd. I'd made a conscious decision to not do that. I made a conscious decision to be part of the equation and I think more people. They should understand that, like I mean not to get overly political here, but I talked to people on my k and you know you can go outside and you can stare at a hill doesn't matter
how long you look at that the cavalry is now coming over the hill they're. Not coming. You know, it's you, you are the cavalry. So when you care enough about something you got to understand, you are the person that can affect positive change. So I empower people to go talk to them. I can look. Man we always talk about the guys jumped in the same area, police or whenever the beaches enormity or the marines in case on in vietnam or in the argonne forest and in world war, one we think about them. As these people that
at the singular point in time when their when their country, our country needed them, they stood up and they they bodily entered into something knowing that they may not come back alive. In the same vein, that's who the people that care about the united states are now now, I hope to god they never have to get involved in physical, combat. We both been there and it's it's a horrible thing in war should be horrible, so people don't want to get engage in it, but they're doing that now, and they have to show courage, because courage is contagious. We've seen this a lot of people out in the civilian world have not and I'll give them an example that people can understand, because it's kind of funny during the lockdown and there's it's a. I think it's three to three that one zero is the state,
issued in the wisconsin state law. That says that the governor has the ability to exercise emergency powers and it's like a thirty day window. So I'm like okay jack, I don't know. What's going on it's like if you're dudes in combat you're gonna go, do this cycles are, I think we should have a you. Don't know emergency situation tho got it right, but then, when that emergency answer the legal thirty and then it sounded challenge authority. The same person that is the lobbying citizen right. That's your duty to follow the law when you're in a crisis situation, it's the same person that says nope when that expires. That is, that is your duty as a citizen is to stand up for what anyway. So this locked What's going on and I'm like, I'm I'm no longer complaint to the legal authority has expired. I will not do this, I'm not so go to walmart cause, I'm a smelly, dirty walmart shopper,
I am, and I don't have a mask on and someone recognized me. They have a face shield and a mascot and dude looks many like what are you doing? I go, I'm not complaint, then he said well, I'm not either and he takes his cell phone and throws them into his carton and walmart and courage is contagious, die immediately. but listen, don't get me wrong. I covered twice and whose whore And a lot of people died from it. if you are aware, mask ring out where it me out of here if you want to wear a mask and a facial do want to wear gloves. You want to hands sanitized all that stuff. That's your ability, as an american citizen, to choose the way you want to live your life and now everybody's coming around see to see just said that people should be able to so they should have male jews back then I wrote an op ed in like April of two thousand and twenty called freedom mortal fear and it laid it out. Like you, gotta pick cause you can't have both, which
oh, come stream ownership, while there's a bunch of other caught about leadership. But you talk about fears. Alfredo the dragons, their kids book. Okay, mind killer right. You can't function if you're terrified, so I think it's just a different way of of thinking about how we should interact as citizens, and so you want to do that stuff. Go ahead, I'm just not going to. I will not join you, but I won't mock you because it's your choice or speaking at your choices, you choose to figure out how to swim from this nine year old. Now you pass your test passed my test and you're going to, but I go to butts junior you. You have any clue about both the zero, actually, nothing and an again that's why I succeeded so one. Eighty four and graduated at four: you neo roberts. First! Thank you.
In Afghanistan we have got a team to with them yeah okay, so we had our arms around each other's shoulders graduating from butts. I mean he's a great man, Colin fifi, yeah super guy, but so I got there and I'm like hmm, I dunno what to do here and I show up like you: go to ab brights so there you have a clear ok, so you got your pants. You know that you can stand up by themselves, considerable starched. Like sir, that's, not a joke, you can stand them up and society. I pay, Well, this money to have these things done and I go down americanus I dunno what his first name is I'll, just call him see: that's the first letter of his last name, I'm embarrassing. Guy set four in the morning, I'm wearing this uniform and walking like pills, very doberman Amy gingerbread manner whenever and on the sky comes at me. He looks happen now, listen instructor! No, this is
Fellow student, she looks me up and down. He goes to make. like whispers and unlike What do I do now? I was running for these uniforms. Guy get a refund, or do I leave so much I guess. I'm not gonna make it I go to class? And you know one thing leads to another and it's very difficult seal training case you haven't, read a book or anything but and then it occurred to me a meter. I actually have a more again and another one of his business where I understand exactly what the deal is. were sitting on the beach where p and were looking in words the compound so the oceans and our back her and the instructor, he's looking out to sea and were exercising and starts terrain which span, but you'll get through it and then it starts to lightning inhale success.
The rare recursion for sending exactly so working on it tugboat moving ammunition went, their hero commemorates oh yeah, hero condition right! That's! When there's a lot of you to stop stuff, Neri gotta, stop things will blow up and so on. Thinking wow. This is bad santa on the beach. You know. The only thing we don't have is a golf club. Only up there and the instructor he goes and halt in budget. That sounds like smoke em. If you got him just any rigid attention, he runs into the compound and Michael are going to get us off this beach gotta get on here, if the lightning storm, then he comes running back out and he has a dive mask and I'm like. Oh, I get it that this is the contract, so my part of the contract was, I'm gonna show appear every single day and do every
possibly can to meet your standard? My instructors, not my stare, your standard and his party. The contract was he's gonna sharp every single day and make sure that I am here to his standard and it was like a light moment. worried about my head, so it's just raining so hard that he needed the dive masters he said and see if we were performing the functions to his standards jack, so that was that was it I'm like I get by It's at this point. How deep were you in about a couple of weeks that was pt, our our oh, so it didn't last last up yet so I started there is guy I do like sandbag. So they're like you have to do the o course, and I'm just making up these numbers now in ten minutes and then had to be nine thirty, and he had this progression right. So they would do it just passing on purpose, because I knew they were better athletes
hmm and I took the opposite approach. I was like I'm going to get up every single day and try as hard as I can, where everything I do like every single thing I do and then I'm going to get better, I'm not going to stay the same, you know or decrease. I will better, and I know I can do this because her somebody word, I tried it making me do it so it's possible, and so I did that. That's how I got through bunch, where men third phase out down we're fine back and I was certain that plane was gonna crash because there's no way I could get you out of here. What was the What do you remember about like Hell week was how weak your challenge for you but as a booker leader, because I was an e file. Your e four has four wheels: mate, dude yeah and I've farmer yeah. I have
one personally that when you are in a leadership position- and you have people that you need to be concerned about then you're putting their care above your own, which I've done my whole life. So that was just you know something that you do that it actually makes the time go by better, be as you're not worried about yourself? You know you're, not folks. internally, you know this is hard and freezing, and you don't shave to whenever you're looking out for your men and you're like oh, you get this, but your This person is having a bad time, and what can I do for my position to make this better for them so that we can accomplish mission and do you know if someone couldn't make it buds people like all, we should help them and carry them alarm. I took again the opposite approach. If this bridge- I can't get through buds and we're going to carry him through buds. What are they going to be like when the seal teams? So there's you can t get to an extreme assembly, wasn't bad day. You help mount, but of some
consistently port performing below par. I dont want em around. So for me how weak was I I mean very challenging, But at the same time, I think he was easier for me than any other guys, my boat crew, because the there were more focused their more focused on them getting through. This allows more focused on getting us through it I like to it, because there's nothing could fail, like everything else, because I wasn't good at anything. I wasn't. I wasn't good at running. I wasn't good at swimming. It was good to go. Of course I was going to tell everybody that you are always always always like. If you know this, could I could fail this swim? I could feel this wrong. I had to just put out so hard, but hell we was like. Oh, we just got to finish bro. I can do that. He just not quit adjustment, that's my game to play that game. That's my game! No sleep and no quitting out! That's my game! All! If there was a pro sport, I'd be doing good at that sort. So how weak for me was what what? What are the water was a water all good for you pool
and all that stuff yeah, I saw failed pool camp the first time meteor. What do you know why they'll put up the first time, because I forgot the end of the brief. What was in the brief? kiss the regulator sandia would you do I sat there as I do the whole everything and I just forgot the end of the brief greatest regulator and assent, If mccarthy was my instructor zero yeah and he pulls me out of the pool, you know he's like what is wrong with your ego, what he means when he goes dude. If you had just kissed the regulator and ascended you'd be fine, and I was like oh check raj, that's the the brain, so no one could find maids struggles. Swims by town like passing, swims you're a swimmer, a nine year old taught me how to do the side stroke like two weeks, before I went to, but so in fact, yes I was actually about three months before I went to there.
interim period from core school to go into buds. I worked at the naval hospital and I collected dirty linen awesome, but also so the the linen collection shop at balboa naval hospital don't know if it's still there was. In the basement right next to the morgue, and I was like I'm going to go to buds training and I should understand more about human physiology cause I'm going there, and so I would go do just like Wednesday mornings can embrace. well. He was the autopsy instructor. So I'll go! Do these autopsies! You know I would stand there. I finally worked my way up to weighing or but just a really truly understand physiology. You read out a bargain. You can do a could ever That's a recipe for when you have you have someone that is newly deceased. You have a much better understanding of how things truly work in your body is fascinating. Experience actually
It's an interesting little off ramp. We just took into the morgue well I was alright and then I went to the three hundred f one program down in san antonio texas, after graduating from buds, and then I went finally after two platoons, a team for south and central american, then bosnia herzegovina, I finished eight and held the course of which I was the distinguished honor graduate from my class cause. You would go boom. You know why, because they didn't want to go. Exos frogman. I don't want to take six months off to go work with the army going to school anymore, arresting a platoon right. That was my thing. If your seat, of course, you been a platoon as if you're in a platoon should be at war. That's it. You know the and god bless him. The guys do twenty seven years at trade, morocco instructor. Does she know thanks so no one else has to do that, but you get the deal. the seals, natural environments, combat cut, try period over but yeah, so
I didn't want to go and I make army special forces gathered. I have so many a sufferance, you know good did I wiped them. Ha academically right. so that there are very serious about economic sector. That courses really hard. I was a hard course: I've been go through primer, dude kick his ass right, so when I graduated the commander had to give me their commanders excellence going you love, there was just sector candish, so then is just very arranged. And if you're going to do your job, do the best you can that's just I mean everyone should take that approach to life. the area of seeing the sum to document are called hero, love sushi, I have not seen it, but I I know about it. I just started watching it bro and honestly it didn't. It didn't really grab me and I don't psyche. I don't have a bunch of time to watch movies that aren't get me out of the gate and it just didn't. Do it I'll I'll get to it at some point, I think when I'm older,
five, seven, the eminent role into that, because I've heard it's great and so what I mean this is totally focused and he has the most popular sushi place in the world and there's all the hard to get to it. It's a subtle- on the side of the road or whatever and really small thing and he's the best in the world. What I got all of that that you have the attention span of a gnat, the I know so this guy's talking about you, don't you I don't have to be proud of your job, but you have to be proud of your work. Interesting! That's the whole crux that movie! That's what's a fascinating, then you got it. Get that your hearing. So you can. We do anything just do the best. You can that's a hundred percent and by the way, that's the way if you dont, like your job, the way out If your job is to do their job to the absolute best of your ability, that's the way to stay in your shitty job that you don't like is to not perform well at it, and it's not going to work out well for you to stay in that job, where you need an even worse job.
so you're fine backrooms from San clemente island, which means your graduating from buds and you get stationed wordy. Would you get something for? Did you pick east coast? I pick silting for this is why, because voting for was the only seal team. I was aware of that had been in combat since the vietnam war than just like. We just talking about a seals. Natural environment is combat, so I I put that is my first choice because I thought that was the team that has the highest probability of entering into combat. So that was in in panama. This is that was aroused nineteen, eighty nine. So now it's nineteen, ninety one month over twenty. Third, I can only to graduate from butts hooker and ninety three, a shorter, so dear at the time was it man, and I was gonna, tell you and then in the tonnage operation to ask of you at the time the seal teams were geographically oriented direct and
so that meant that different teams had different geography that they covered and shooting for at the time covered centre, south america, which means every spanish speaking person in the seal teams, went there immediately and there is there things going on down there. There was the counter drug stuff there. Revolutions going on. So there were that sounded like a good place for you. The way you look at, If that's where you wanted to go yeah- and I tell you what you smarter than me know, I wanted to go to seal team one because I thought we're going to nam yeah. I was like both team won vietnam. There's gotta be stuff going on. You know. I went to vietnam in nyc and eighty eight that's awesome, in recovery missions during taskforce force here yeah man, so I went to team, for I did to potential. How was it when you showed up a team for as the other thing, a team for that
If the guy had a bunch of friends that went to team for team, four was like an awesome team. At that time, yeah team four was is the east coast. Where was the east coast equivalent of ten five? Much more. Accident, but super super professionals like so we would you do six weeks of land warfare, picket, and then go down the panama and he spent your first month and a half living in the jungle viewing. I actually did that trip from tee one. Did you really and we were down there and did thirty four days or something out in the jack right, so you seriously know what you're doing and I really I really appreciate that a lot. That's why I a voluntary to go to trade at because I was not satisfied with our land or for training. I thought it was completely inadequate. Coming from that background, a team force I did those. Two pertains in here is your job corpsman any
Oh that's right. You are a medic but met again intel, so I did April tunes as a corpsman and a medic, and you I mean you, don't really do that anymore. Once you become achievement of is still my special. it's my forty hours. Those two points through interesting. I mean I got my first like ninety four you're goin on your first deployment, nice. Ninety five! Ninety four! Ninety five! Ninety four, ninety five I got. I got my first. navy chief in battle when I was in s t t at the time which is interesting, there's you're not until the x. I got my second down on my first, isn't that the first one is cause some guy got shot at a basketball court outside of a grocery store in virginia and went save his life, which you know as you do, and then, there is another horrific accident. So I was a new guy but, like I said to my guts right, then I paid them.
And for several times, but I would insist on brain my medical gear back to were staying like four different condos in salinas ecuador. and I would insist on packing up all my medical gear and taking them back to my room every night after training and like the guy we want to, and I'm like, I don't care, you know To me up, if you are, but I would have my stuff like to go, or about big thing this this car, was driving and they lost control and hit a cement telephone pole at each split, the current half and shot bodies all over the street. So I was like holy beanbags and I had all my stuff, and made the naval base? This is written in the subtle navy to the metal and made a navy base, reopen their clinic and had all my stuff and all the guys, my god, but I just I miss, sometimes been around seals because they just perform
It can be sitting around doing something then they are on it. So everybody has that your nascent medical training- and they all just performed on like this- this this got checked procedure by size. So that was part of the reason that this SAM diploma was so terribly interesting. And then Ninety six rules around eighty five. Ninety six rules are they The war was going on about energy for this now, your second will turn. This would be my this wasn't even platoon. I've done to put ends and this is the kind of an organ things really were so there. There. They're trying to figure out a way to implement the dayton accords or sign in eighteen. Ninety, five after storm ratify, which is a croatian offensive that kept the serbs.
so they sign this dayton accords and they're trying to figure out how to implement them. Prior to that there is a program called the joint commission. Observers knows were tier one guys that were going in, and you know dune J tech, stuff and whatever And so this transitions to, how are we going to maintain this presence on the ground, so they transition from the tier one guys to the theater. Soft and SF had this mission and they wouldn't let us do it. Were you around for were what were so. Nineteen night were years us ninety six. Ninety six thousand training, solid seal team, one! Ok, the jcr stuff for gas can go to bosnia, or so they come back on the grinder team for and which is just part of a compound. You know I'm on the east coast and they're like okay, SF, can't man, this mission, we're going to let seals I serve site, yeah, we're gonna war, anxiety, right and think overtaken he said above nah and I'm like I'm an e five yeah, so I'm like come on.
and so everybody goes language lab science. This this is something that I learned and I think I'm I'm not sure. I. I hope that I'm wrong, but I see the military going back to the way it was in the nineties politically and all that stuff right I mean I I do believe we are ago in the department of defense is broken right now, so everybody goes and signs up on this legal pack and then they call them in rank. You know one the next next next next everyone's like well. Actually I got to mow my lawn on my daughter's inside, well. They worked or wait out figure down if I Derek so some guys. It signed up one really,
You understand this concept when you're standing in a group- and you need to be like oh going to work yeah, I'm a seal, that's great and they get really excited about it. But then, when you get them on one on one, they don't want to be there. You know what I mean: they joined the canoe club, they want to workout and all that stuff necklace that that transcends all spectrum. You know, that's that's not unique to seals so they get down on me and that's fucking. Crazy right so to see my cnc things, perry, total redneck, awesome guy and he goes over and over in which dune I go. Massachusetts general patent had to petition general pershing as a second lieutenant to be included on his expedition during the mexican american war. And it goes you trying to tell me some kind of gdp. General paddle did not abbreviate that
I said no masters, but I'm telling you my bags are packed right now and I can leave in ten minutes he's like beat it or at this point, are you married in your marriage? when did you meet your wife in san diego read before a rate after I know, right before I went to buds and get married rate after, but god so I spent I was a silver just under twenty two years. I spent sixteen years with wrong, so I took every single training trip What you every single school I could, because again you have to fine. If you're doing something, do it don't, but that's a biblical principle be either hot or cold. If you lukewarm, I will spare you out. That's in the bible man. So if you're doing something do it and so I got every single qualification I possibly could so in case something came up. I would be the one selected to do it to go defend my country, I mean I'd, live my life that way right how fast it you have kids. Do you have
did you have kids? We got a team for by the time we got to team four, we had tickets, damn yeah and we have porno. I have eight grandchildren impressive, all everything here about being granddad, you not even close to cool it's wonderful but yes, so on a one in that deployment. it was very interesting. Remember we had these different houses, I didn't live in a base and my house was whiskey. Forty so is multinational division southwest I worked for a guy named John CASS. Was a british colonel reported to the special operations command. Actual elements succeed that was in banja Luka. The guy named repass mike repass, was a major at the time I wound up working for him can we do to stir in germany he really cool, but we went into Syria will fly and we were to another drug commission. Observer house does F guys and kind of like slowly
get you in there's two seals there in my house when we moved out to lugano tone for the day and then, like seventy nine sf, guys I get up every morning I drive out, and I talked to all the military and local political figures and police figures, and it was the mission was to provide a ground truth about what's going on, and I had so much responsibility as any five like to plan these missions and go out, and I had like a pistol and a backpack with one other seal with a pistol about packing, you're goin out. Then you are talking as people just wanna kill you and the level of on. I guess the greatest term would be hot spots in you, gotta get out there and This example men. So we got two banja luka to thee once seventeenth virus, that is
server serbian military unit. I wanna go check in with these cats and it's kind of on sir down a little hill, but back then you for salmon Second, you had to have the right look and remember, like you had a calm guy, so yeah right, you know you get all the people that where's my phone. I can talk to anyone anywhere right so back, then you had to like bound to get the satellite so ahead. Do the math problem. I look at where I'm going to realise that I'll have to point this, this antenna into a mountain and I'm not getting coms and there were no cell phones right. So if I understand it, you're not just me and my body, so we go up there and I'm late or excuse me we're on time this guy's not there. His name was church colonel to we walk in and there stood staring right there who s got rosy cheeks like mine, huge white beard fat
belize in me, and I'm like oh my gosh, this kind of looks like santa claus and I start chocolate. So this is a serbian base. Remember NATO had been bombing europe's than they are there was a sixty four days or some break. They want no part of us, and so they are not happy and directly You talk about, it might turn name. His name is zoran as women each becomes orca cause. He was fat and like sarka, like right so zoran there like start and worrying, and I What are you laughing at? I look like this don't now you know, there's like four The serbs are to us. We have, thirty one rounds of nine millimeter with us. Like that's the saga, ok paid in need, They say to have a guy's name, santa claus and you look just like that. or laugh in it, and they start laugh mega there. Sir,
knox. If Saint Nicholas, like that's what we call into europe, and that's all we sit down at the table. Truly yeah. That really happened this weekend was that it needed an international incident cause. You were laughing at a santa sent out there where it gets more banana, so we're sitting at this huge table and chula you're supposed to show up at the head of the table and whenever you use an interpreter, you put him in between you and whoever you're talking to right, so they should just be a conduit. The forward language so he's sitting there, the sky's just late late, late late and we're sitting there drinking schlueter tos a plum brandy is excellent. Actually, France, they call it outta the water of life made with a mirror kiss ordering, but on so this may finally shows up in my My radios in this rucksack and the studies dress like our russian mafia guy.
This is the dude that just showed up the colonel, who should have been there like three yards before he was in Banja luka goofing off anyway, black leather jacket, hair, slicked back and he's like I yeah serbians our great warriors like some serbians cap, europe say from the ottomans for three hundred years, serbian kick. Nato ought to hear any tommy. What I look at my go. You see that radio return you keep that up. I will to rain fire from the sky on your ten minutes zactly. and sword from finally talking to the serbian colonel designs. Are he just like ball like instant sweating, like he just ate? A ghost pepper, then he's like I go Zorn. You tell him exactly what I said right now or you're outta here and he's like oh
hey. You keep that up. He's got free fire from the sky anew in ten minutes and jewels, just like what I meant to say was the serbians and nato, can have an effective working relationship to make sure that we secure peace in bosnia check so get out the meeting here. What really well, after that, we get back in the currents aren't like dirt in order to going I'm cool camp, it was gino Having account call again now. So what I fail to notice is that, like these buildings were. Freshly painted and everything is nice had been destroyed by NATO. When I told that guy I'll be raining fire from the sky and your ten minutes, the understood what that meant not terribly interesting, or it was crazy that that's what I was eating. I do yeah it's crazy. The amount of responsibility get yeah. We, So in the military. I was
one of the guys that ran the six platoons. Its mission was declassified in two thousand and nine, so we we protected the top six iraqi officials and during the election cycle I had scanning Abraham L jafri as a potential So this is team, one noticeably in five was a tinker, and then I went to eighteen delta. I wanted one. Okay, so soon pay competent to hold on so long after you're you're. At team, for you get down a team for cracked and you get done with this bosnia deployment, which is an awesome deployment for back. Then it's like you are. It was the only word, the the the most stoked you could possibly be at that time and then you get forced to go to eighteen delta against your will, but you gotta. Kick ass. Correct graduate number one guy in the class at escrow. Now now? What happens? Ok, so I will supposed to go to dammit You know you have seen at ease and they lay out your whole plan for you and the court.
Detailers for sames tom, sparing a guy resent now so the plan was for me to finish it delta. At that point, they were only taking eighty four, ninety one. So that's the senior level is for your audience to shave for ninety tos, that's the basic special forces medic and then the the full graduate of the army special forces, medic certain course that time that damn neck was only taken these guys. So that's why I had to go to akin delta, Tom sets all the sun, but then ups in there, this member. This is ninety, eight. Ninety nine it I had been gone for the five and plus years. I was a team for an insert and I had three kids at the time and she's a san, diego native, and I really felt horrible. You know what I mean cause, I'm a husband and a dad. no seven, her family still here are wonderful, and so I was like you know what I'm going to ask to get assigned to the west coast so that I can,
tend to work as far away as I should, but she'll have more sport. Our grammy run her sorry, so we're sitting in this meeting. You know Tom pulls all the coroner and where do you want to go where you want to go and he's asking then bam bam, brown, east coast west coast whatever, and he looks at me and he's like you know, just skipping over me and I said west coast and he was like what the hell was cos. Man, it's like check, goes around everybody I put in five, because that was the something for then I point three that I put in one now. This is the person that decides where you are going like. It is up to him. Where did I go team? One he was so mad and at me personally, I mean it great experience her, but it was just so different. Like I got yelled at, I would say
few times in the first few months of was there wrong per kilowatt hour tomb? When did you get this casuist each ninety eight, ninety eight? the fact was there in the region are so I left in ninety eight. Ok, sesar, you judges, we just missed. I left I love, aft in the spring of ninety eight, so viewed and get their until. I can remember me as if I deployed in two thousand so wherever that cycle yeah sorry, I left mistaken idea, but yeah that time. Just we our team one starlike timor, like strict and it was traditional and it was uniform inspections and haircut inspections and for all these kind of things were going on and I loved it. Well. That's why you wrote a book called like discipline and freedom, and I didn't really clear about that. Yeah. This is one of those things where you know that's where I was kind of raised. You know for a young kid to. You know, that's where
I've got all my first experience and like when you talk about faculty factory, was like my some legit and of like a legit rent who looked out for me and my group of friends, we were all kind of his boys and sure you know we worked. We prefer busted our ass and that's what you don't like. What would happen? Remember you check it out cause you're there with Chris yep yep yep yeah, when I was training I I would I was I would say what of the year at seal team, one well yeah that was but the I was there. The only five in history you made I was only of yours. You live till tomorrow, as me, five, which was crazy, but part, that was cause back sharp fuck. Like you know us, poor tom for fact, work right, form, training, john stuff, but it was a very strict environment of much more militaristic than the other
teams and our I went from their team to interrupt you with similar, don't stop, it will stop. We called it stopped us, it was pretty stolid issues rather than they were. They were the same. Tilting wanted tilting too, were definitely. on the spectrum of way more militaristic way. So it that's, and you know what happened at team t1, a lot of guys from team. One would hated it and would go to tip five. They go down. The street team five might be like now. We can like act like humans and be chill and so and that would be called. That's. That's a nice transition year. Transition in the opposite direction is not a nice transit like I'd have the wrong paris. I can make it so dean coming to us. It is a great dude I mean he the same there and always like Van Orton units, haddan socks and this shoes What am I so find that go? Hey mastiff know, remember: I've done two platoons one combat deployment to Bosnia was that I I got the defense meritorious service,
level as if I was most highly decorated, guy from my rotation, because some other stuff they did their right. daughter graduate of my army special forces, medical students course, I'm not some new guidelines that fell off. You know the buds train right eye: experienced at that point. I was a journeyman seal, yup yup mean not a match or I was a journeyman. And finally I like a mastery. Can I get like a matron, of what I can wear with what, because I'm not doing this on purpose. I just I don't know what you did back me too, where every day so pities this need change. He was like tat, and round, and I go I'm I'm not joking, then he realized house in syria focus, the guy you're talking about Chris who's like one of the biggest studs in human history. But we we're in bud together, yeah, and then we get to team one and we're going on a run like we're new guys and he walks out for the run he's wearing a visor.
It's like a visor, like you know, like I dunno. He still wears a visor to cut those that off yeah, so he walks out with a visor on and faculty who did knows it's, I'm new guys looks at him. He goes if I see wearing that again I'm sending you to the fleet like like. We just got our butts and is telling him he's going to send him to the fleet and by the way, this guy. Chris is like this. A total stud in every way he's one of those mutant humans, yeah, he's a mute new and it's incredibly random when he relieve me in Iraq. Okay, I got a cool story about that. Remind me that nice, you eventually figure out what you gotta do is keep here forgetting your ass chewed at more correct. Do pay come deployment and then forced when he one came about. I remember that thankfully, thankfully Thankfully I know there are. Some very decision I mean like hard core negative squealer because of force twenty one.
the first and foremost one as it seals don't want to do stuff anymore yeah. I guess The thing is at that time it was needed. It was needed and it was like Because if we were gone from the old system into what we ended up, deploying as rats nine, eleven would have been really, it would much harder transition, regular politics, but when I say seals don't do stuff anymore. I mean we're stone, cold killers right, that's not change. I just mean like the day to day sort of things, we've lost that we I lost the ability to like learn how to sew your own gear, because people make I noughties an industrial sewing machine, as did everybody in teams, because he'd make her and seven the parallel for things like that. How do you build a dock and whatnot but So what is your job in your paternity one? I was a corpsman to have to yatra announcement to a guy. That's what I did. That's your thing. That's just my thing forgot, but so on first when you want comes around and on I again. I was, I was distinctly.
As fight with atlanta wharf returning there I got at team one I I it was. It was not adequate because remember I came from team four, where you spent. That was what you did. I mean you'd lived in the jain and I saw my there's no warner Anders nothin. I go I'm going to and remember it was over it brown term fields thea unilaterally, you d buildings on the corner. Where would we would without that that field turner, filter turn of yours. Okay, so this is. This is how this can be regulated. This wasn't it's faster. They just put the road comes like per broke home. If I came on team, five to three trade at an you'd go stand behind roca. That's on that train it! lid. I stood behind a rom com because of how they figured out how to detail people yeah. It was kind of cool, actually that's sort of cool, but it a mess,
so I walk over to the building the starship. You know I dunno, if they're, even there anymore, but the one that was shared by one and three and we started trade at we had like the second floor or whatever it was. I walk in an empty room. It's me and jeff green we're like or it like, we're the landing of true land warfare, and so I went through every buddies safes in all of the teams, and I took all of their documentation, gone back to the vietnam war in order to limit types enough after act. Imports and consolidate all those things we wrote all of the curriculum for land worth
You're in the special reconnaissance, taking the lessons CERN going back from our forefathers who gave us our fierce reputation and then worked those over and over again, but I get there. We start doing that and then September eleventh happened and I was down. We lived in navy housing and I like what the heck we got: a phone call from a guy named Andy, dalton, retired senior, chief's, wife, Cheryl, just beautiful people, it's wonderful, I'm sorry and dirt he's a teen two at the time and like turn your tv, so we turn it on right. What the heck is going on and say: hey honey, keep the kids home from school. I do not know what's happening, I drive to the team area. We get snipers up in the building. We don't we don't know what's happening. I remember I went with this big vat boards, big whiteboard. I took a red marker and wrote war
big letters right there. In that point, we had desks and everything like war like it's on and so from that point on, I tried to get out of there because we're at war right and not lumpy was the skipper there and everywhere on his office. Second, two papers like came, revenue basher back, he psych you're gonna have gas here. When I go to afghanistan battle now MIKE Why do you do every morning, every morning, radio, radio and then we're going out to an island? I think I was gone. Two hundred and ninety days at your they'd finally he's like okay gonna leave me alone,
I I weasel my way into an eleanor position for the siege sort of, and I worked that for about a month and then I was down working for the chief of station in kabul because I identified a problem and I looked at the entire spectrum of all of the operations that were that are taking place and I'm looking. We were completely. We were not employed to the capacity that we should be as seals, and it's because we didn't have assets and authorities know all that stuff. So I laid this plan out, unlike if we tied this asset to this person who has control over this, then we can execute much better sales and I went to John casual sydney. Selassie colonel Selassie was deceased, siege, sort of manners, a girl naps off as not being employed to our capacity means. Like I know, what's going on, I said sure if we do this this this this and this- and he goes sorry, beat it, he was, he was the finest joint
the fighter. I've ever worked with, but I mean repast was another one. Is another army guy, unfortunately wish? I could lay out this list of seal admirals? I can say that about there's a few, but yeah John was just. He was amazing and he's like a downer get on vinyl. What's up beat feet so we tied together four theatre solve the first real, inter agency integration purse like biometrics. by my just servants liking. So. I was there- and I was sitting around you know reflecting because he should reflect those looking at one of those charts where it has all the people on a targeted list in our like. We don't know who is still around off this list. We don't know, and so I went and talked to a guy named Jax. He still
super good friend of mine, he's the senior fbi agent in the country, and he s office was right around the corner from my down in kabul at the annex. Combat jacks, odyssey, f b. I know who people are after they are deceased and he's like. Well, you know we do fingerprints, we do all this stuff, Michael okay. So how do we do that here? As I know, there is a huge dream, so I figured out a thing for us to be to initially fingerprint fox, so the first time This is why I am the forrest gump of the seal teams, so the first time that theater soft ever used biometrics in afghanistan really in the war on terror was because I cooked up this idea with this dude, who was on the memphis swat team, and so we went out
it's very complicated, serious stuff that you see what thirty and forty sevens and all night- and you know big target deck and everything, and he had like the johnny G man. You know nineteen thirties f b. I fingerprint kit, the blue suitcase with the silver cores to fingerprint these. You know the the enemy combatants were no longer around, tall at started. That was an incredibly interesting thing that and then I rolled back and want to keep farmers aptitude for you is that where you was that there were you in Afghanistan, two thousand three, I left October thirteenth, two thousand three I remember that, because it's the bats you left afghanistan for my first to hear what you for afghanistan can hack got it. I came back so it took me. I was six or seven months. So here do the math between September eleventh that point, but on that
if the navy junko there you go. I was not aware of that. So what yeah? What can I say? sailor had certain era, but yeah came back and over to our team five, where I was a potential. If so you get to team, now two thousand three, so at this point we are full on like every schools in it to win it. Iraq opened up rate when I got back from afghanistan. Armor we invaded produce right on there. I saw it suit the plant. that was two or three vector for ten or three was though the base, an operational plan and then the letters on the end, our how many Different theories I'd like to write, so it got down to the victor. So twenty three victors, the plan. Why I laughed and all the heavy lift aircraft started, leaving Afghanistan when I was there like there's only so much heavier aircraft I go. Oh, my gosh certainly do tell us through vector, so
me coming back. I don't know exactly that periods city when they actually invasion kicked off, but I know what's going to happen because of the heavy lift aircraft me. So it I'm a potential, and I want to go to war with my duty and I there's one of these books written my dick couch that they interviewed us when I was teaching land warfare and in that book on. My is like what you want to do. Such I make my goal is to become a potential like that it back to me that's a pinnacle other enlisted seals job has been updated, outstripping player, but that was you know. The thing and then we wind up. They think this mission. This mission set protecting these gracchi dignitaries and I'm like a man. So I'm not that it's not important, but the war was not going well.
at the time and again I said the sailor, but that mission is declassified in two thousand nine, so the top six iraqi officials were protected by seal patents. Then the ets they randomly signed, and I fell football teams- name soldier, your calcite guess what my muff, nor do packers from a scots like this deed might live, may like low, so yeah we protected a guy who was a deputy vice president named Abraham Al Jaffray. He was a family physician at six. Kids fled saddam lived in iran, wind up in london and So it was really. It was amazingly interesting. do that mission and all the browser out down you guys, you're doing your gave. You know- and I was essentially my went to every place in that country- running protection for a guy, the training, a political campaign during a war
everybody wants to kill. You knows it was a miracle, not just a miracle. It was free and also work by the guys. Here too the almost I say for many years- everybody wanted, although we had not everybody but a big, some, was commotion. People wanted to kill, one or any one of those people and that leader. was kept alive for how long was admission cause. You said I was happy doing. I wasn't doing anything at that point has come back. You know. I really. You know. My timing was really really good because I was went up to just DA's for my first appointment. That was just awesome as we left that and came up and then what I came back. It was over, so I had often timing as far as not having to do that mission it lasted through. I mean I came back after the elections so again the forest
Something may remember: everybody's fingers down alright. So there's a picture of this guy who became the first democratically elected prime minister in Iraq's history right there's a picture of him with his finger up near. I am standing directly behind camera took that picture, because I was responsible for his scary, so back to chris mad, so he he's come in and bless his hair and rotate now right and to really funny things happened with them, one it's! the prestige thing as it's, where he's coming in with team seven or who's coming in with your team, five must have been yeah. I dunno who it was, and he was a chief and then go and play forces. Oh I see so too funny things happen, there's a cultural thing in some arabic countries, Iraq being one where You want to be as close to the centre of power as possible. I guess it's here in the united states to, but
so we would run these motorcades right, lead, limo, fall and then you'd have elements ahead of you and behind you. So if anything happened you can skip out on these guys get in a gunfight, so you're protecting the principal and I talked to discuss over and over again am I click, your very important people. I get that you know you're the administer of whatever the heck, but are sole function is to make sure that echo lives. You know I mean we're going to be whatever we want medical fees, but that will not be to the detriment of making sure that echoes a lot check, so they always try to weasel into convoy, and these guys had one of those beautiful mercedes. Benz, like a powder blue, not talk of being just some in the guy's name was unfulfilled. He was ass. His security chief fulfil is some arabic for pepper because he had a real hot tempered here
and curses in the current wife, and I were sitting there. You know blazing through baghdad and look in the mirror. You know it's it's interesting when you're in combat you get to that point. Where you see everything you know what I mean like things are happening over here and you have a full holistic understanding of your environment, and that's really why I think people miss being in that you know in combat because you're completely alive anyway. So I'm talking to them like, oh my gosh, on a sec, this guy is weasel behind us in this powder. Blue mercedes isn't fulfill. So I just opened up my door like this is up armor and I point my m four back at him. I'm clearly not going to shoot him, but I point my employer Hackberry goes back to the back of it. The line of the sea are huge, motorcade crystals, like what just He actually uses of an ex what it's like, I'm trying to tell you this
we're going to keep doing that they're on our side, but it's very important that they understand the ground rules that are being set here and that's going to happen over and over again. Chris doesn't matter how hard you try they're going to keep doing it and then the other thing funny were down. Adam do Terek. Remember was I remember that saddam hussein's foreign minister, the gout big sunglass, okay, so his house was taken over by a guy named dual aziz hacking who was part of it our party in his rate by the? U exited the greens on whenever the
fourteenth July sounds like right there. So that's where all these meetings are taking place. We had to go down there. The only take the ai se, which is the agent in charge of the you know, renamed oases. They take him inside. They didn't want anybody else there, so he got all these cars around and I have my car and my body armours in there my helmets in there my rifles in there and I have a pistol and we'd set up everywhere and you'd, be there for hours and hours nurse. So I go around checking everybody who we good to go, I'm in christened bliss car and I'm like okay. So if we have an indirect attack, mortar artillery, whatever you just gotta, wait a minute and see if it develops into a complex attack, meaning so they more
we're stuff, and then they can use that to make everybody go to ground, and then they can start infiltrating. You know with ground troops, so I go so if that happens, you need just wait a sec, and then you punch outer perimeter immediately so that nor can infiltrate your lines and you gotta just you gotta, do it like boom. This happens go and I open up the door copper and boom, like right over there huge explosion. Just like this, I sit back in the trailer seriously it just like this, and I sit back in the car. Wait, a minute, ok go, and then I realized, I don't have a rifle. I have my pistol. So if you remember that little degree army man, the medic running with so I'm running, I gather that the tests I start, we, where would you freaking weapon brow? It was in my vehicle, which was right next to there's like rate there.
Oh so you went over to tell them what to do was going in. I was briefing them about how to handle different attack scenarios. One time you did a one time. You know that tablets both freakin off and so I'm, like you, know, running to a perimeter with a pistol in my hand. I start chuckling because I'm like I just look absurd at this point. but I'm a very tense shopping in what what it turned out. That ain't going to cut it gonna cut it now seriously, I know hey, listen, I think we should discuss things warts and all you know, but What happened? Was the iraqi police had had an a d with an rpg, so that was not an impact. There was an outgoing, but they have that moon dust out there you know, so you can tell it looks like a a mortar outcome and it didn't sound like mortar around, but it it looked like one of the certainly funny sister. What did you
Learn from a leadership perspective on that deployment, that's a tough deployment from a different angle, because you guys that appear to be doing this job, but it's a very it's a strategic mission to keep these guys alive- and I learned why didn't really learn it? It just reinforced some things for me and the mission always comes first. No matter what, but the in the missions- america, it's not some- this woke bullshit. These military officers come up with now sorry for swearing, but that that Ain'T- the mission dude the missions- america, and that's gonna happen every day? That's why you don't my fat, bold person run for cars, not because the mission is america and in the americas being failed by our leadership side. No, so much comes first, and then I also learned to lead. something's wrong again, This is why we were late, but so the
after lived in the courtesy which was like a neighborhood right outside of checkpoint eleven, so checkpoint, eleven went from green zone to route irish, where everybody's getting killed all the time yet to drive down a mile, or so whatever button hook left into the courtesy to pick this guy up. Then up so we're late and I'm you know for crack repair. You know being a seal sailor. Guy we're living in Uday Hussein's one of his joints on the goose grey wolf was the father but anyways, so we're late and boom. Just massive massive car bomb goes off right at checkpoint. Eleven like it was so big. It blew a car like fifty feet up on top of a tree and here's what happened they knew we were going to the qadisiya and this they had this huge bomb and the traffic keeps going forward and forward and forward and forward and finally gets to the checkpoint and they clock themselves off. We were supposed to be in that line passing and would have killed the interpreter
except for the one guy we had working at the jock. So that was a real lesson. Yeah, should you strive to be on time sure, but you need to make sure that things are going. A little pinky try to figure out why I used to have a you know my my thing was my joke was, but it wasn't really a joke, but it kind of was you have no go criteria like hey, we, we don't have the aircraft cover, we want, that's no goal or we don't have enough vehicles. Are we and I it's joke, but I would serious I'd like notes we have in my task. You have go, go criteria which is we're going I wouldn't have aircraft woke, we'll call tax we but but occasionally even with that attitude, I'd be like well, ok, we're done this. We don't have that with you know this is workin out, we haven't, talked these people, I'd be like the universes conspiring against this operation and we're not gonna. Do So is this like a gut feeling where I'd like I can there's our
Obstacle obstacle obstacle obstacle, no factor, no factor, no factor, no factor, no fact huge. This there's this is this we're not doing this. Well, that's a function of maturity. It really is, and sometimes you just look at things and you're like nonstarter- do that and that's ok, so you get done with this deployment in Iraq, Iraq work and then what's your next move, potentially deployment done without deployment which an auction? I came back at a plank honour at what was known as the sport activities for port activities, so you go in there and the support activity based. The commission is to gather entail, it's like a combination of all the ants- and you know I just had a knack for that too. So I was one of the first five guys sitting around trying to figure
out regulations for skipper, his retired captain? I work for the seventy six turns himself, no idea yeah, but yeah? That was a very, very rewarding time to build something else up from the ground, because I only built or helped build. This is not clearly. This is all a team effort, but help build a special kind of system that warfare part of trade it and then doing that. It's like the whole team, which was which, it's fascinating and I did some deployments in that they are not really a topic for discussion right now. But how long did you spend there? Oh, my gosh, like three years, couldn't have been that long. Actually, while I came back from a rack and then that was would have been two thousand five or six, I think I left there in two thousand and eight ish misled two or three years macarthur.
Because I want to special purchase men Europe after that, after that burden you go seven first. So sorry you cause. I know that's why I don't really leads us when you and I crossed, but I think we'd met each other along away at some point, but we, I didn't actually right, say why I see you re until I was a trade at you were at teams as a troop chief, so I went from you're right. It was sport activity, team, seven, special operations command europe and then I retired out of since last week so okay, so you do you're doing working with the ince and by what you mean by that is human intelligence signal intelligence. All that kind of intelligence gathering will say you did that for a few years, we're not going to talk about that here, you go. What through you, I see some computer guy. Well, on the brake and stuff up ass, want to show she's one of the cruellest pictures ever
as this was my last appointment for afghanistan. Check that took out as aware that pictures taken about three or four months after the boats An active valor was filled. The boat seen on active hours, filmed so acknowledged, movie with much seals that right, I'm in the movie was apt. Filmed that wasn't that wasn't a later. It came out in two thousand twelve or some, but that it took like three years to fill my movie because everybody, except for the officer in the film deployed to combat during the filming that movie what happens if someone gets killed? It's going to wreck the moving or nyquil thanks deeply appreciate your gary about us. You have to rewrite a script that will take your eight minutes because there was no script.
That was a kmart two thousand also the sturdy film than two thousand nine ish cause I was that was. I was working up to go to afghanistan when that was filmed and that so here's here's airport that movie who isn't? Let's talk shield him? Seven, four! Ok! So you- and this is something tat right thriller. Yes, check this out. So I am a troop chief at team, seven and then this. Super specialized mission came along that I had done previously and I'm the only one at the team that has done this and I'm the only one with the politics walthers, two other guys with the same qualifications me, but I'm the only one that has actually done this mission working for this other subset of people. Doing this stuff, so the skippers, like I dunno what I'm doing I mean god bless him. He had no idea goes. You can pick anybody you want from the team and take him to go. Do this so me, and the guy who I want matching is actually right. Next to me in that picture, because he's still active duty, we went through everybody's records, a team seven am like this guy, this guy, this guy, this guy and we need calm skies and all these other folks
put together with civil group of folks to deploy to afghanistan to this super specialized mission. That was at team seven, so I went from being a trip chief. We had fifty six or sixty after that was after you did you change troop chief. That was my troop chief deployment, so we sp, we sent guys to ballade. Iraq was not happen, there weren't starch uniforms and they have no magazines in their guns, the walker and saluting people around. I don't want any part of it and then there is a small group that went to afghanistan to get re attached to the siege of soda for the first time since redwings happened, and then I took another group of guys over here, so my guys got farmed to ballade to do nothing, a small group of them it's declassified now or to yemen, and then we went to have ganis tend to do the southern subset, so we didn't have a traditional there. You know tat
excuse, forgotten and bruiser. We didn't it just wasn't available or sold happening. Now it wasn't so I went and did that how'd you. I've been a troop chief light and it was interesting, but it's not it's not it wasn't His hands on that logistics? Part was, you know it was more difficult to get done and the new union, your managing personalities, you know,
I could I I would prefer to do this yeah. I guess if your your troop gets all split up, yeah new, if, if we are traditional chart traditional, your air quotations are five or six iraq or if we could do like one three afghanistan, where you are seriously getting it, that would have been much different, but in effect you know, I had guys like one of my guys are giving example via one of my guys. I think I had six seals with me gone from like sixty. sex but they're all like you know what we were doing, that like driving around and thin skinned vehicles by ourselves during the day in Afghanistan and your cure F has not come, and so the level of
stress that is applied. I mean it's so much easier and you know this to go with fifty dudes and locks up down and going and just you know, do seal stuff and that's great- and you know we get a lot of it's very stressful fats, really stressful when you've got to plan these things in detail intricate, and if you make one mistake it's over, and I did that for several years I mean it's upper division. Warfare is where I call a burger morpher yeah. It is totally because you have to have a holistic understanding of all the thresholds going from the event the electronic warfare perspective all the way down to how do I shoot my gun way different than you know? Go that way. So when you build this picture
you have. You have like a a global perspective, but for a local area- and you understand you have all these triggers that if they start in paying you gotta bell, and sometimes you intensely trigger them so so that was troop to troop thing away. It was not a success. is it should have been better again. That's the first place like I said, that's the first time that I like. Remember? U p, I d, like oh yeah, that's cause, you know, I'd seen you around and usa whatever, but she, but that's the first time. I remember you like we're out at the at the training and like meeting you and hang out, and running after F and all that stuff having good times carry. Some you carrying some. You know some wounded men out there, which
which seems to have left a mark on some people emotionally. At this juncture I was a little bit. I was a little bit crazy when it came back. So, hey, listen I'll tell you some minor, offered you're viewers understand or remember. When you came back and you around attention. You gave a brief that you called the pressure member there, the pressure and at that point, because I didn't know you either I mean like some dude bad erica, probably lifts to many way. It drinks, energy drinks or, whatever she told dime a dozen sealed. Let's just be honest, it's good to be the diamond in the rough, but you gave this brief and it was you call it the pressure and it was what you're doing is you're conveying I mean my perspective, obviously wrote it conveying the burden of leadership and the fact that you truly at that point, got it, which is a lot of officers, never get it, and I
watching you and I thought you were much younger than me at the time I dunno, but I was like this guy gets it like. He understands ramifications of poor decision making and things are real and it just doesn't affect you know your reputation is I'm a I'm a great operator. You know that it affects families. and then it affects the nation and understood that. That's when I really got a respect for your listening to see that cause, I can see your heart was breaking when you're discussing this and that you weren't making anything up being very genuine about leadership, is really important and we're missing. That did we're missing that from the tactical, strategic and operational level throughout our country, in private industry and the government, especially to it's terrible some nice guys yeah. I haven't given everything a long time and I member.
thinking about it and you know I think, about the experiences that I had, no one when we deployed in tuscany brutal in other there, We have lost the guys on the west coast yet again you know even looking into your we're just talk about the work up and you're going through the work up like a down. Man was like a few. medical thing or problem solving of an upset that you're going to get and you're going to go through it and okay. Now that person gets, you know, you're back to life at the end of that training mission, and Obviously, that's not the reality of the situation. Correct and trying to make sure to convey that to the guys and that's when I got without deployment, the old admiral, who I knew was like. Where do you want to go, and I one hundred percent just said I want to go to- I want to go to trade at I, wanna go to trade it and run training, and the reason is because first of all
all the guys in my task and we're all gonna go right back into another platoon and they are all gonna go right back overseas into that meek rider and he didn't look. Like you know, this was in two thousand six and we got home. It was still you couldn't tell when it was going to stop it. Just looked like he was going to go on indefinitely, we saw some indications that Looking in hindsight, you could see that oh, that was an indication that things were going to settle down, but you couldn't positive. We identify them at the time coming home from deployment was like. No. This is going to last. We're gonna have to do this in all these other cities. It's just going to continue everyone's going back into the meat grinder I want to make sure that I can convey these lessons to the guys are going to go back over there and get in it and that's what That's that's where that came from, and you? You went to trade that for the same reasons I did, but six years later there there was to pass on those lessons, try and get things
added in the range of our east, combat survivability of seals hundred percent, and that's why you know we're out at an islander were out it s done. The urban training sites are any was like you know, I remember feeling I'd see a guy like in in an urban environment standing in the middle of the street, and I would literally have of sick to my stomach. Not when I see a guy standing in the open. This isn't training and worried ogilvie to be like. You know the creditor to find cover because you're waiting for the guy to get shot and that's a horrible feeling- and I do
the best to pass those lessons on. That's you know that was the goal yeah that should be everybody school yeah, it's when you you take that and you transition into civilian life, and I tell people a couple of things frequently. It is the minimum responsibility of every american citizen to pass onto their children, a country where they have at a minimum, the same ability to choose to have options and we're failing at that as a society. Collectively, if you think about what the government did to the population during this coven crap, you can't deny there's five.
elements to the first amendment. There's freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and freedom to seek regrets, regret redress for grievances right all of those were smashed into the ground or uncovered. So it's our responsibility to make sure that doesn't happen again. How do we do that? Would take the empiric knowledge from what we went through these last two years when we apply that beneath italy, meaning we don't try to read into it. We just look at it say what it is, and the government now is trying to hide everything they're trying to do everything back yeah, which is one of the worst things possible. When you make a mistake, you know you go hey look, I don't care, and this was. This was a horrible during the whole thing, because If you think that this think spreads this way and you look up three months later and that turns out to not be true. You say: hey listen! I made a mistake here. We thought it was this. It was that here's the address I wouldn't send you out an operation and say hey. You know what you had this target from the north and you ok, ok, boss sounds good and you hit a couple,
the ideas in the way in and you are hijack others ideas, you wanna go well you just he'd go and where I told you you got no, I say hey look. I made a mistake on the analysis. The scenario back out, let's forget about away no factor and by the way you're, you're you're, not you don't lose respect for me. You got while jack was willing to admit that he made a mistake of the analysis of this and learned from it and learn from it, and now we're gonna make some adjustments and to see the eagles come out. Where there's no admission that hey! You know I actually I made about assessment here. It was wrong and here's these just what we need to make as far as I can tell right now and by the way there's these jets me wrong again, which which also is why I'm not over committing an overstating things I was have fun when I work with companies, how often you I don't how often you people think I have to admit that I am wrong
and do people think all you know cause. I talk about being humble, they go. Oh you permit that you're wrong all the time, and I don't know I hardly ever have to admit that I am wrong and the reason I hardly ever have to admit that I'm wrong because I hardly ever say I'm a hundred percent right about this thing. How we should do this mission or this what this means? Or this, how? How to you should interpret this? Now I say: hey this: What it looks like from my perspective, let's take us more step and see what we lower as it. So I agree with it must do their bit to me. It's not the! So I think we should do this. That's ok when one p bull, and this is one of the things that we had a break. One we're were: writing curriculum, fur, sri and and land warfare. This is how this is done. When you saved somebody, this is how this is done. You're over, because This is how this was done at this time. In this place, with this series of variables, yeah we'll see you, actually agree with what I said, because what I said is shorter
know what I'm saying is hate. This wording, which do right now not this is what we should do. Yes, this is where I think we should do right now. No, no! No! No! Not this is this is not okay, there's a difference, This is what we should do is different than this is how this is done. so this is what we should do, namely that this is the way that I think at this particular time. This should be done right because of these variables, it's open the throat- and this is how this done is closed? His rock yet decision making is most is not taking. well yeah. That's why I hardly ever have to admit that I'm wrong because I hardly ever say: hey, I'm one hundred percent right about this thing right here, no you're not going to catch me saying that, because how often can you be accurate with that, it's very, very seldom maybe in a scenario where You know something with in percent certainty it all never habits, and I would rather even from nine nine percent certain what what game out of you,
imposing some directive on you. If you're working for me, what what am I gonna get out of that you got your perspective, there's a decent chance. Do you see thing I don't see so my mind's open, hey, Derek. I think this might be a good way to do this up? Then you go well. I don't Ok, what would you think? Let's talk and my gut my my bike. This is to go with what you say: ok That is my bias, is to you come up with a way to do something doesn't matter if I'm a here's, the other interesting it doesn't matter if we're peers or I'm your boss or you're my boss. My bias is to go with what you say now look you're, totally off but rest assured ideas, just ridiculous. was very easy for me to articulate, hey derek, I know you want to do this. You know jumping parachutes out of the space shuttle, but gonna be really hard for us to get the space shuttle for this operation in a short, I know that you're wheel in each are exactly it's very easy to articulate that put it
if I'm having a hard time, are creating a why. I think something should be done a certain way. Then that's an big indicator that maybe it's not worth arguing, and maybe it's just easier to say: okay, you know what derrick, let's, let's, let's roll with your dice, if you're incapable of articulating appropriately the methodologies that you're mind your problems that you have not thought them through? Well enough boom, the summit, how to seal, how to read, because it's a real good indicator that. so you roll out on this deployment. You're doing some. Would you say higher level you will remember division of revision. Warfare, running around without a ton of support. If any and you get done without deployment I won't go into the details of that one. You come back. What's your next job? Okay, I was going to go, teach what I was doing, because I believe you should do that right, like we talked about that
but then they came with sosa senior chief. That point and the billet the job was for an e seven, not an ea and that's when they went through and they said, hey look. He used to be able to up one down so that the bill for forty seven any six could go. Do that or ie eight. If you could do one up one down. There are no more of this. We don't have enough guys to do this stuff, it's any seven ballot. So like lance, I go check in and start the elephant cage at advanced training, and I was just kind of sitting there in Iraq. We gotta find it the seven billet you know It's not because that's a potential job and I just got done being a troop chief nerd. You know so. Finally, I go up to work on the second month into this. I feel like I'm still money from the government cause I go into technical check, got nothing to do and ass I go up to pugs is the guy
in pogues portray sound like pugs too. I needed a job and he said well, I dunno, so he pulls up the list of like all the seal billets on the planet right and bosnia. I flew through. Germany struck art babbling in the the town on the way there and on the way back and I'm like end up my wife, she did like a semester in germany in college, so much right there. I want to go there, he's like ok, so I get a bill. I get abilities the J three five, which is the contingency operations and see I see command special operations manner. That's why one up there yet and you don't have an act for the stuff. I the provision. Warfare, stuff applies understand. How do you know take very complex? sets and EL them down into readily
available and achievable solutions like it, just something. I'm gonna, I wrote all the contents jaap these off responds to contain shop russian plans for all the countries in europe and that we developed further some of them being executed right now, I'm sure yeah, the average unconventional warfare campaign planned for the crane is one of them. So at that time, when I left in two thousand and twelve me and this other guy named Derek who's, a retired special forces girl, we gave the ukrainians a month like, so we were planning for a russian invasion of the ukraine in two thousand doubts, two thousand and nine ten right, people think as news tat, we do, but we give a month because the authorities are different and what will you give my a month good memory, though, within a month the russians would take over the entire country. Oh god, like we gave them a dvd. I think it was giving them about a week, but you know intuitively Derek, had multiple combat tours as special for saucers, the fantastic author.
but we gave him a month cause we knew him better and then they changed the authorities and this happened. So you could give him javelins and stingers also the the the weapons that are doing this have the the crux of the plant. Without getting you know real deep into it is dis, aggregated small unit operations facilitated by high tech weapons. That's it you know, and and also you have external intelligence and all that stuff. Let us take place so that truly was an amazingly. It was very intellectually stimulating to do that, but you know at that point because I broke my back and all this stuff and I can't carry a rock anymore. and that's really why I got out of the teams is because I just couldn't do the job physically. I didn't want to brett farr myself. You know what I mean, which branch is just retarded green bay watch go to minnesota, I'm looking right into the Why did you do that
so doing that really kept me engaged in in what was taking place, relate appoint globally and on so Benghazi went down. When I was there, and there were still sock, af was getting stood up: special uppers, men, africa and the reserve. Henderson extremest worse sharing agreement in our so's? I was really very deeply involved in the aftermath of Benghazi and everything the Clinton folks algeria and obama is a lie in terms of what that that should not have happened, then, as it was happening, it should have been stopped and and could have been stopped right. So I mean background on. It Jimmy carter, who previously was the worst president in american history only superseded by the current one, Joe Biden, his terrible used as threats.
difficult to watch it stirrup. I mean it's painful, so Jimmy carter did something called chief of mission. A thought the un american ambassadors, real titles chief of mission, said the chief of the diplomatic mission, that's the real title and or said let no military forces will go into a country without the approval of the chief of mission unless its title, ten designated country meetings, titled, tennessee department of defense thing and we're like hey we're going to invade iraq. That becomes a title ten deal. The military can move troops back and forth into the country without going through the state department. That was not the case for libya growing. It wasn't so and as a state department has ambassador Stevens had to approve the troops that were
Their way to Benghazi had to approve them landing in the country, but he was dead and the state department didn't answer the phone tina kate. Now was there, along with secretary Clinton. She is ultimately responsible, then didn't answer. The phone and birds were spent in open. There's really wrong is. If you look up jackal stone twelve, I think google, it jackal stone, is a special operations forces annual european exercise. You probably did it if you're too, duke No, but I know, but I know what the exercise is: ok, so that was taking place in both croatia, and you know that sit there and they have a full pack. None of us is class, ipo devil back it she got. Tutors, they got com say, got medical there we supply water everything that bird was goin their cause. That's why
There is a case of letter had happens, and the agreement between sock, athens and soccer wasn't whiskers sakharov didn't have a scythia yet right so, but no answer the phone can't limit plain and time woodsman did. You know tat s, told him friend of mine, and I didn't know glenn using my classes, mothers, gus tie- was I ended up getting rolled. He spent it right so shameful and that I truly I mean I knew it before, because I'd seen on macro level I really seen honor
at a micro level. I've seen it, but on a macro level, I hadn't seen really the hardcore ramifications of incredibly poor decision making other than the fact we invaded iraq when we did when I was a big thing, but that really really brought it home that You can't do that. You have to be if you are in a position of leadership the phone is on all the time yeah well actually superior to that is. When you're in a position of leadership, you set up the centralized command where people can make decisions without having to run things all the way up to the top yeah. That's what you do and that's the yeah I mean. That's. That's efficient function, great on that depressing yeah, so so this is what you're doing you get a really good look strategically at the world furnace tore that you do right at soccer energy, thirty, five del it do. Planning and contingency planning and that's just a
great view to go from being a true commander literally on the ground and then even as a troop commander being for this particular deployment. Adam, or even more tackle level than a normal troop command, but droop correct, but doing a strategic level mission yes envy but you're on the ground, doing it yeah, that's a difference, and then you get to go to a situation where you're, seeing the strategic planning for these things that take place in the future is a really good education. Rio is tremendous and you do how many years over there twenty oh, I did three years there and how many kids you got at this point for me, speak german at this point: nine. I wasn't graduate of my scholars there, it's: an american high school yeah, just one of my bodies, I ran into team guy and his kids are all speaking german cause. He came back from there, like probably put them in the local schools which you can do, which was not to check
you don't know what you're next job after that centre for sealant switch excellence. Witches the school house. No, that is the command that rights ali advancement exams for seals, the rights the enlisted ladder people are shown. You join the navy, the navy, plants out a career for you for thirty years, so do you think you're join in on a six year, enlistment or eight years or whatever it is? You know active and reserve. The navy has a plan for you and the palm, but I dunno what that stands for, but they budget for you being in the military for thirty years and at least the silt him to turn her off. Other communities do this, but you backwards plan on that. So by the time you're an e five you've gone to the school you've done. This job is six seven eight and it goes all the way up the ladder to make sure that everybody's, hopefully on par with their institutional, college side did that was really fun right in it. That's an example because I call on my bodies
and I can we go out to forward with me for a week we'll get locked in a scare thing or a big safe, and now I go through the previous exams and then we'll write, new questions, updating the tepees and all of the things for the seal teams, then, in order to get promoted, seals would have to take that so that was awesome that's a way to get back to me, but I will there, because I needed to get my medical situation in order and it took like year and a half cause of this point, you're just a beat up old frogman. You not, I mean that's. Why fahrenheit. If I go pt right now, I can't walk. I mean I've got a handicap placard from my car, damn yeah, damn so I mean my knees and hips and back and I got I got a ricocheting the face. Using trading does count for nothing. I didn't even get a free dental appointment because of that you know so I yeah I went there too. You know what purpose get myself physically up to partly stock, men it appropriately, so that
I retired, because I knew I was gonna retire and you know it'd be less of a burden, and so that's really what I did there any again I've had. I've had the ability in the lock and I think on blast man I mean I am I. I have a deep and abiding faith in god and I I look back all the way back to getting hit in the head with a shackle, how led to all this stuff, there's theirs one of the luckiest human beings. It is ever existed and I am so full of gratitude. Man I mean I just I get up and I'm just full of gratitude, and I I wish that more people would understand the gifts they've been given and understand, they're a gift it when I talked to folks about the cavalry thing like the calories now come over the hill. I tell him, I go. Look man, you're you're placed here at this time these people in the circumstance by god, like your put here for a reason,
my perspective. What I'm doing now and the people are speaking It's to save the greatest country that has ever existed in the history of the world The united states of america is an exceptional nation and I dont tolerate any by talking crap on america. can happen in these folks, I'm dealing with like you were placed here by god for that to save the united states of america and that's a gift and you got accept a gift and oftentimes gifts. You get this oftentimes gifts can be perceived as a burden. You know the a leadership that the talk used to give the pressure you're in that at that time with those people in that circumstance, and these things happen, you're exercising the best judgment, the jura capable of doing it had the best assets well you're. Certainly work with the finest human beings have ever existed in committee. Actually in warfare for sure and then around blocking oh dear there,
For a reason, because you a gift the gift to be able to exercise that mission. If your cable, we're doing something and you don't act on it. You are not giving glory god You're, giving the intellectual physical ability you things, if you don't do them, you're fallen short. I believe that other people need to understand What was it that made? You decide that you were going to retire you're at how many years was this. That was, I would say, twenty four, I guess I don't want you made the decision here and retarded twice and how many kids do you have. That was for europe's to up to your fourth, this guy. I just I I can do the job, for I will add that that it deserves Did you have a retirement plan? What you re doing you retired now tat we,
bought a farm in wisconsin, probably ten years before that, and once go back my phone. Who is taking care of my neighbors. Tiny acres is the form it was eighty and what kind of farmers pay and we raised animals and all that stuff. But so I I got out- and I did this corporate leadership stuff with Larry for a couple of years I mean I didn't, stop working that did that and then What corporate leadership were you're, just helping corporations with their leadership, typing and executive coaching sort them in the stuff do, but not nearly at the same all along and you've taken it beyond occur. You know- and it wasn't interesting to me so I'm like you know what go back to the farm. Where were you live and when you are doing that, that was religion, maple growth, which is in minnesota worker? So you move to minnesota after retired for like a year,
because we want, in our youngest son, to be able to graduate from high school. At that point he had gone to four different high schools now, so we thought What a nice christian academy! That's really where I did all that stuff so that he could have that period of time where he could actually graduate from high school in a place that and where we lived. His fantastic is Butternut wisconsin, it's to very small place, and we what we can do to be all around out his education in a christian setting, and that was not available. There are, then we will back the farm and on
the the cafe in town was called the butternut give it a surprisingly enough, but it failed so the owner of the building the person running the cafe it didn't work well, so it closed there's three hundred and twenty six people in the village and these people had they had taken care of our farm. For like a decade. I went to Afghanistan, Iraq the horn of africa and station in germany for three years. Nothing happened to that place, not a window broken of my neighbours, tom and Maria Shockey dead, more frontline is like an acre and they would take money for gas? We are not your servants rear neighbours that cities people think that americans are like these, that the image of americans man, manhattan dude, that's it I mean I live in america and
will bend over backwards. We have so much more in common with each other than differences and its beings, weighted by these folks. It are trying to do, I think, a horrible things for them but that's really, america, where I live now pretty shapes america. You know so This place closes, village takes a huge hit and I'm like man, so tuck surgery and mike. Let's get this going again, so I bought the building from a bank guarded it put a new equipment. I worked in a restaurant for like a year or something before I joined the navy him. Sarah was a waitress for three months. But you know, I'm quick study of cooking cooked around the world. I did bread and five continents did like made bread from I haven't made bread on one with its cathartic, so we got cafe gone again and then saw the two.
A local lady at my bff, her name's bobby when you're just awesome- and you know to it. So so many people talk about things that and a lot of people have money they'll throw money at problems the government tries to well, problems right. If you say you're going, do something in there was valuable gift you can give. Somebody is your time you have a finite amount of time on this planet. Now I as a christian, I believe that you know something beyond this, but a lot of people that don't the only have we only have so much time. So if you really care about somebody give them your time
sit down to give them time, so we we gave two years of our time back to that village because they are so dear to us and I walked away net neutral, but the impact of showing people demonstrating to them that you truly care about them is priceless. You know what I mean: absolutely you build this business back up You saw the whole thing to you, the effect you're bf. What should be a first name bobby Bobby, but Bobby's female tina, ok, Johnson, so Bobby now run in the business she it has she. She had a jenny, run that and Bobby started bobbers on the lake butter like she want.
I get a beer or it will is important. Important, put out cause people wanna hit these places, bobbers slumbers barbours, unlike in butter networks, gaza from Bobby when I actually want to go to both these places that she's, a family madrid births are right. Bobby is a word the dervish She is on the go. I mean you have all these different you know peril that she got something going. I'm she's just peppermint, So you you sell their business and now you moved back to the farm. Now I'm living out of her ok, you're living on the farm and then I'm turning fifty. So this is three years ago and I like, this. This is another point in my life, where you can either you know kind of like just stay stagnant or you should do something to keep yourself rolling right. So I might I'm going to go to law school and just like bud. Man gets glasco. Why can't I just go to law school right,
so I started for l sat for a month on the conduct academy me, which is also free and took it. I got accepted alaskan mitchell headway in Saint Paul, but during So during this period of time we did what we call cousin camp. So we got all the cousins so far, my brother laws in all the kids to five hundred and seventy people that we get him altogether and they are. and Sarah excuse me hard about how difficult it was to accept this point. We had four grandkids ethic and we're having yet we we haven't. We had three we're having forthwith and six grandkids they're going to be born in a two month window and.
So they're, given Sarah Jane a hard time about how difficult was a visit, our farm way up north and was like an hour and forty five minutes, the closest regional airport and then, if you're flying there, that's an extra two hundred bucks person. You know I'm not a wealthy guy. We live on our list of retirement. I can't afford that sir and or you find in minneapolis, and it's like a four and half hour drive, so I'm like jack got it. I missed the kids grown up. I did you know as working deployed training all that stuff. So I set preconditions. Two of them will I love that place up there, but took us to ten years on the house to lose is perfect and on like two conditions with the family, wants you to move my wife
wants us to go someplace closer to an airport router so that our grandkids can visit us or we can visit them or rhetoric right and I'd missed. Our kids grown up because I was a frogman natural environment, combat and so out. Two conditions has to be in wisconsin and it has to be a for so I get on your internet and kitchen farm. I find this place in hangar city, which I did up a one hour. Circumference around The preamble import port operate or it had again what I call the right side of the river. That's political geographically correct, and so I find this place in anger city. I com, it's gonna, remarked the next day, small hobby farm hold for about nineteen acres, thirteen tillable, alfalfa, not any more, but check a drive down the next day. I look at it, go okay! This is it putting an offer by the house
move down there and they the other place. We sold it after a couple of months, so got and an me so, interestingly enough This is how I won't get Bernie for congress, because sean duffy, who was my rap for the longest time. If you look at wisconsin, thea ashen counties had written a middle to the top right and it's written text to experience just pass gliddon, which is the next village up from butter. Not it becomes very liberal because there's a invite,
analyst, liberal arts, culture, birth, northants, college right, so sean and his crew would stop in butter nut and he's a us congressman now he's on fox all the time with rachel kappa stuff, your great couple, nine kids, but so they would stop in our village and I cook for him and his staff. So if something was coming up, I'm like oh I'll, just call sean and ask him what's going on you know, and so I moved down and it that's in pierce county right which is in the third congressional district, got the seventh congressional district. I don't know any the stolen, never trap politics or anything right saw my o this impasse. no come on. I did human intelligence for a very long period of time. I read the steel dossier and I knew it was absolute junk. This is manufactured
this is not true- it was submitted by a guy who was a former british intelligence officer that was clearly colluding with russian intelligence officers. To produce this thing in its paid for by who now I knew it was junk right so mike whose my congressmen You don't care has not shown any more guide him round kind. Am I a round kind but you're stance on the patron of double, tromp for the russian collusion stuff. Didn't write me back, nothing crickets, turban, MIKE what due to the job title is representative start your lordship. There I mean, that's not how representative democracy is supposed to function and it sure didn't was shown so steve. I start looking into this cat bright a minute fighting terrorism, pakistan super heart- you don't mean it's very difficult. It is not difficult finding. what politicians are doing so I started looking.
the sky from the perspective of doing human intelligence and finding out what this cat had been doing. He'd been in office for twenty two or twenty three years at that it's the same stuff in the district. You can find it in newspaper articles and and interviews and then I'd compare that to his actual voting record and he was just wrong. He would say one thing go to DC and do another thing because he was working for the behest of special interest groups, not the people who's representing right. So the impeachment vote goes down. He is number four hundred and thirty five out of four hundred and thirty five representatives cast his vote made public on the floor because he had to he told everybody in the district. He wasn't gonna vote for that impeachment because it was junk, I'm not doing that. Will he did it hoping to slide it under the radar nope
So I sent a text message to this guy named Jim, who worked for sean and MIKE Jim, who do you guys run it against the sky in writing back and he goes. You know- and I read him back Oha and he didn't write me back so when you write something and somebody rights ha and they don't write back through not joking, and I was oh yeah. I should be right. I fixed problems for decades so wire. I fix this problem and I decided to write for congress. So I got hold of the heartbeat of you. Mark Jefferson, executive director interview with him on his ass in an eye form this nascent political, grouping of this talk is this: twenty nineteen should be twenty nineteen yeah, so twenty nineteen
For my my team, I didn't know what I was doing. It scares the metrics people like baroness metrics so wrong. Had been in office for at that point. Twenty four years twenty five years ago, he had three point: one million dollars in the bank. He had a funk. Any political organization, and he had one hundred percent name recognition, hunter percent, hind right and every kind bars at him. I had never thought about being a politics ever my entire life right. We move to the district to be closer to the airports, so we can visit children so that only person that new, my name was my wife, bright, I have no money at all zero. Name recognition. That's that's the starting point. I decide to run for office. Seventy two hours I now my candidacy, they locked on the entire planet with covet boom.
So I ran a nine month campaign against those odds. I came within like two and a half points of beating sky and he wanted to spend over six million dollars against niche That's why he resigned, because I announced my candidacy. I lost that I tried to this. Is this is amazing? You know you can say whatever you want about the two thousand and twenty election, but I did the math. I look at this. I lost by eleven thousand, but I got I can't make up eleven thousand votes. You mean even if we've found statistical anomalies and all that stuff, that's what I mean. I can't you know. I'm not going to be able to overcome that I tried to call at cat. I got that night like four in the morning, calling to concede the election right, because you should he wouldn't take the focal interesting, not interesting that's egotistical person whose entire you're being, is based on being a politician who liked being called congressmen at people, oftener doors for
and I got so close to beating him like all throughout the night. I was ahead and then, like fifteen thousand votes, show up at two thirty in the morning or whenever I get a check that they're counting ballots that come in. Yet he was so angry. He wouldn't take a focal that someone who has no business being leadership anywhere. Right, I've heard a sore leaders sore winners now so on I decided to to run against us talk a surgeon. I mean really that night I go. This is not an abode. for the country. Not me personally, I mean my ego it's over here. This is not about me. It's not it's about our country and our grandkids. At that point we had six rankings noise eight now, so
I understood that I had no idea. It was going to get this bad this fast. No one could predict this. You just can't you could not, but I decided to run again. I waited a shepherd your thing, I did some changes in my team and then we Brennan the number one political campaigning, the termination for twenty twenty one from Prejean know. Fifty six hundred people. And then what were caught, what makes you classifies the biggest newborn put it so a pain in the whole country. So what the insight? baseball stuff, because everybody understands intuitively or they just no. It is that in order to get it away, Now you have to be able to raise enough funds to to get the word out. You know I don't get any money for my campaign. You can take a salary from a campaign. I don't! I just don't think that you should do that, but you have to buy tv advertising. Cable could print media, you gotta pay staff. You know all this stuff
gasoline. Wherever so we'd we raise more money than any republican challenger, an entire nation toilet. What what drove that me and my team? I have an exceptionally good team, I'm so incredibly proud of my and you you can perform it at a high level for only certain period of time. You notice you've gotta sleep at some time. So how do you? How do you pull up? sustained superior performance. You make sure that you assemble the best team we possibly can. So I have incredibly dedicated people who are all on board for the right reasons. I interviewed every single one of them personally and make sure that they're in this for something beyond themselves, which is the country. That's why we're successful our mission?
it's completely pure message is pure and we're here for the right reasons will save our country and that's very, very rare. I think there are some fantastic people in public office leadership or another they're, fantastic laudable, but other people are just kind of there they're the dude that was the more ops and strong for fifteen years? You know a trade at they're doing function, but you know why they do it. That's why we're success? well. So what does this look like from here on out from what? What what what's the next? How how many months are we aware now that we're forty two forty two days ago and was is the next forty two days a quick. I work yeah, medium meeting meeting meeting meeting meeting the is my I've been doing this for three years. Did who do you meet with a much difficulty
My favorite meetings are with the guys in the district, the people I'm going be representing make what has gone on man, How is your farm doing? What is setting you so that you can or cannot provide for your family is while biggest thing. We get input costs through the roof. Joe Biden cancel the keystone pipeline Ok check this out. Getting chemicals is running for governor and he spent friend of mine, for I dunno three years or some start. He had his dad started a company at a couple of hundred employees. He has like eight thousand now he's going to win. He calls me like the day or so after Biden gets sworn in as jerk. I just had to lay off seven hundred people and I'm like what he meant Kan is like. We were doing the electrical substations for the keystone pipeline and by just one click shut that off so the cascading effects of these things. People don't understand, and I do intuitively because I wrote all these plans did this stuff and it's something I'm good at so here's
Happens when you stop natural gas movement and production do nor fertilizer comes from jacko natural gas. That's the nitrogen that comes for. That's where it comes from that that was constance through district one of the top five users of propane and natural gas for home heating in the country. It gets twenty degrees below zero, Kate. You not I put an extra sweater out, like your mom, used to what, about summer Ok, so check it out. We We want our grandchildren power bright, but we have kids now so Biden administration should skip ahead generation. You can't do that kind of brent ridge runs dairyland power for the bigs co ops in my district, and we have a lot of corpse because of rural. They did the yes, so the Biden administration wants to be carbon neutral by two thousand and thirty came a noble goal unit that takes. You have to double the amount of all of the nuke plants on the entire planet.
So that is not a real goal. It's just not so people are eaten it right now because of these horrible policies. just that simple and it's gotta, stop man yeah. You know what, when people that are in business with me, there's a lot of them. You know: we've got a lot of bb. Businesses, shirt and and anyone it works with me knows that when I'm looking at things and work assessing something out get to a point where say alright run the numbers right is, ok will tell me what this is going to cost, how much we're going to put into it. What the aura, why look like? What's the risk on the numbers Tom with the numbers. Look like cause. That's! Ultimately, and then the numbers you have to put that into the calculus of your gut feeling for sure, but you
I have a really strong, positive gut feeling like hey. This sounds like a great idea, and then you run the numbers and you go hey it's probably not going to work man. That's just too much, sometimes you go. You know what this is not a bad idea. You run the numbers and you go hey. This actually makes sense. We can. We can go for this and that's why I kind of you don't want when you mentioned the closing the pipeline occur Because emotionally, you think. Well, this seems like a positive thing. You know people can look at a guy, but we do not want to have to put Pipes through fields- and and then you run the numbers, Did you just run the numbers, and it's not even really that close you not the type of math that you just said. We got a double the number of nuclear plants in the next three years, if we're gonna get there, that's what it's gonna take in the world in the world at check this out, If we don't do enough running of numbers, so You know when you go to your house massacre and wash your hands.
And you turn the faucet on a little train. Car comes with water right and then you, then you pour the water out of the train car know. How does it get into your face it with a pipe yeah, because it's the most efficient way to transport fluids, not even close, and it's a and then you want to like light your gas stove, just a little train come and then you get gas. I know that comes from a pipe to now trains themselves. We are in machine. I train city, usa, man transporting bulk items like coal, for instance, and some there are large p, o l things if you're going from point to point, you have to have a railhead right, so there's room for both of them. That's what folks don't understand, but we have a carbon based economy and if you shut off the the face feels that produce carbon you're gonna destroy the economy? That's what's happening right now. You look at the food costs nude
we have not locked, which our farmers have not left in fertilizer presses for next year, so it's gonna keep going up and up and up there's a theirs two fertilizer plants, it just close in england, theirs in Finland that went down. I think you're only going to produce twenty four percent of the fertilizer that they did before russia not an expert fertilizer anymore, probably for the foreseeable future, at least five years. I mean they hate us right now, and there's these weird tariffs that we put on morocco, where they they produce some fertilizers. What can Congress do? One thing right now. I put pressure on the by the administration to make sure that they open up permitting and then get rid of the tears on morocco. So looking at all of these problems. People get really worried about a lot of stuff and the current leadership. The republican party can mccarthy the house which have a plan.
and they ve done a tremendous job of looking at all the problems and figuring out which one of these from the federal level we have the greatest probability of having the greatest positive effect. that's how you're supposed to govern. So I'm I'm actually very excited and the polls are looking outstanding for us. When I say us, I mean my team but on the head of the team, but us we've done this together, so I anticipate being elected in november and giving it a go. Man isn't that funny. I think about that dude. I come from the meanest circumstances through illness. Well, you know when I can open with that, then for george wash do that and her that we read that court a while ago- and you know you think about I just know your career and no You know, as an average team guy, what done, what you ve been put through? What
your family's been put through and its how much you can ask from somebody- and I look at the political arena and it makes me sick to my stomach like I I don't I just That sounds all whole thing sounds awful when you show me your calendar and a new. You gonna want your meetings with people that half of them. you know, are horrible people have them are awesome people. You got all this craziness going on and I would not say that. Ok, the vast majority of them are awesome. Okay, asked. Well, I know that when I look at what happens to politicians and you're gonna get just you know, your your life becomes this target right and So I know that there's ton of sacrifice that you and your family are going to make again in order to do this and you, I guess you and be setting meetings with people that despise you, but look the presses going to absolutely about half of allow a large majority of the press will absolutely despise. You and they're going do everything to attack you. They are going to attack your family or an attack
your values, your home, your people, you're communion everything, so that fact that you're, like back cool roger that going to step up and and and try to make this happen and looks like you are going to make. This thing happened When you look at all divisiveness in the country right now, One of the things that I have given an answer to a bunch of something that we are to counter discussed, which is pay I look at something from my perspective- and I think, while you know Derek, has a good wait there, maybe right about this. Instead of me, thinking well, Derek doesnt agree with every single point that I have so therefore he's completely wrong about everything and I actually hated. how are we trying to open people's minds up to get hey? You know what I get, that you see things a little bit differently and you come from a different background in me, and I I understand your idea at least We are trying to go and see like in most cases,
can be at least someone alike yeah you want, for. Food prices to come down That seems like a universal universal thick. Who would say? No, we think food should be more expensive so, what we really should be talking about this? If you want? food price to come down and, let's say you're a conservative you're, a conservative republican and, let's say I'm a a left. Wing Democrat right and I want food prices to come down, so we're actually aligned on where we want to go on that particular subject correct. But it's like There can even be agreement on that. And we can have a logical discussion about well. Okay, we'll run the numbers. Show me the numbers that you're looking at and I'll show you the numbers that we're looking at and let's have a discussion about how we can actually make the food prices come down. Let's try and figure something out. How do we cross that bridge? Well, how I plan on crime?
average that, first and foremost it ever needs to understand, and I will work with anybody who is willing to put the interests of the country above their own. I don't carry, or I will work with you and have proven that over twenty six years were in the most diverse environments and hostile straight up hostile environment people trying to kill me environment, so, if you're going to put the betterment of the country in your congressional district above your own personal interest, I'm on board- and this is this- is what I tell people that echoes what you're you're saying said: you're going to agree with people oftentimes
ninety percent of the time you know if I agree with somebody, ninety percent of the time. That's that's a big win right. How many people here can look themselves in the mirror and honestly say that you agree with your spouse. Ninety per cent, almost nobody right, so finding common ground! That's the term! Finding common ground is imperative to make sure that you can actually govern and when you do things strictly,
party lines. You lose the ability to closely identify common ground. How congress has gotten around this? Is they put these big omnibus bills together so you're going to using your example, this is going to unleash american unleash american energy. Therefore, the input costs for farming are going to go down. That means food costs are going to go down or this is going to decrease the price of diesel fuel which decreases the transportation costs for your sharing. Then they'll put something in here like, but we're going to have red flag laws and you're going to have your guns confiscated confiscated by the state. You don't fundamentally did that it is wrong right and they put him in the same bill so that they can vote on it for or against it, and they can justify it when they go back there district, that's gotta, stop it has to stop
because in no way shape or form. Do I support red flag laws I'll give you an example, a well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state. The right for the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. That's the entire text of the second amendment. Do so that's out, but loring. who cost is in so in order to hold congress accountable congress, has to write clean legislation. So that I know exactly where Jacko an echo sit on an issue. That's gotta have are we gonna be able to pull it off? I don't know but One of the things that I will do that everybody can count on is I will do me, meaning like the first pledge it I make. Everybody is alan, buy, sell or trade individual stocks as long as I'm a sitting member of congress, I will not do that and people are like well what about this guy? What about that? Guy? What about that girl? I'm going to do me?
I want to make sure that all the things I'm down or as morally ethically and legally correct, as I possibly can, as a human being when I'm in congress. I'll start there encourages contagious talked about that I mean. Ideally, people will see that and the people that I'm working with they'll want to do. That too. I mean people inherently they they want to do things in a way that is beneficial for other people. The american people are are benevolent with the most generous country that has ever existed. Our populace in with the regular people on the street So if you given the opportunity to do what's right, a lot of people are going to do what's right. They just need to see somebody else do it. You know what I mean yeah and I think America, right now you know you're looking at anybody
looks at some bill that coming before congress. Come before the house and its whatever seven hundred and ninety two new page. It read it ten and and that there is not one prisoner, those that seems like a good thing. and you could go down a whole laundry list of things that every american says this is bullshit. What This is bullshit what you just talk relic having these multiple different. But still the omnibus bills. We got all these different, categories are being voted on in one bill: every american, every american does that's bullshit. And there's only so long that the politicians can continue to get away with this bullshit. Before americans. Could you remember where the people that will like oh you're gonna, raised that the tax on tee by tube two cents per per free giant bundle of t, naturally we're gonna fight you
at some point: americans go hey, this is bullshit and why to get rid of you? people that are doing these things that are clearly wrong. There clearly wrong. Everybody knows it and eventually we say we're done now look at. I don't even think it's good. I think it's can be. An change like you're like you're. The personification of this change right has argued that everyone's can be voted on tomorrow. Here's a guy to just went in there, and so the add. This is a dumb idea: hey you guys, can't pull the wool over the americans eyes anymore, ive made over the next several years, maybe five, maybe we'll take ten years we're going to rid of these things that are for lack of a better word, bull shit right. So I I want to be very clear. I am absolutely I one hundred percent disavow any type of political violence. I do not condone it and that will be the destruction of america. If we take
up arms against each other. I've, no part of that first time must combat bosnia herzegovina, so war, when you have guessed It turn into civil war. Iraq turned into civil war, worked in the horn of africa. Civil war I'll have no part of that in the united states of america. So how do we prevent that from happening, which I will do anything to prevent that from happening politik? violence cannot be part of a discussion in the united states of america. It cannot so how do we do? We do it by what you're saying we exercise our right is american citizens and we get into office and we make change from the inside and here's here's what's. This is fascinating. Dude, okay, ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country, so that John f Kennedy jfk said that right. So he said that in sixty two sixty one sixty two, so we went from that ask not what your country can do for
you ask what you can do for your country. We went from that to you're going to do everything I say: you're gonna do you're going to lock your church you're, going to close your business you're not going to be able to speak to each other freely you're going to go to the store, but not that store you're going to get a shot or you're going to get fired. You're going to do everything, you're gonna, give me your money, the sweater, your brow and if we don't willingly do this, I'm going to use the full course of power of the federal government to compel you to do this. You got that who's that that's a o c, so that democrat party, what from J f k to air sea and fifty some years? How republicans some goes wrong and emission whose first working look at. Did it's you, did I do or not do that led to the failure of this mission
clear, say: what did I do or not? You have led to this the success of this mission. I never take anything for grant, so we is republicans, have let people get away with this for such an extended period of time, and we ve done it by saying that they have the best interests of the countries where they really do. They want the same thing that we do yet. Some aspects you do, but other others. They don't miss people who want to fundamentally change the system of government that is has proven to be the best when an entire planet like ever in history, you know mean we, We are one of the youngest countries in the world where the oldest stand a constitution in the world. Why? Because it is incredibly functional and beautiful document. There's people want to throw the constitution out. Why cause you're not getting away the they are not getting their way so that the bureau about our constitution is something's wrong in it. The mechanism for changing. It is written to the document itself. That's the amendment process yeah, I mean so use it in while so hard cap
it's very to be it's supposed to be right. So are we change and stuff yeah or people waking up to how destructive this the policies they destroy? to effect into policies are having here mean as see people who just beside themselves that ten thousand our college thing they want to give ten thousand I sent. For you, know student debt relief check this out man. Seventy five percent of my district is not over, for you degree, only nine percent of my district nine percent has a graduate agree, and I did a round table some folks and they're all our is what twenty thousand square feet? Ok
the gym is twenty one thousand square feet is what he's referring to yeah. Sorry, the gym is twenty thousand square feet, or do this thing at a h, vac place, probably eighteen, twenty thousand square feet. Two brothers got this thing going, they don't have ice, they have high school degrees and then trade school. Where, in this you know beautiful business, all the people are real estate agents where no one had a forty degree and likable. What do you think about the psychosis, absurd rights? I do this roundtable a go to a place to get lunch. I'm talking to Hannah is her name agent. In the beginning, each of the enter number cause. She said that stuck my mind and we started talking. She will see how the scraping on a graduate from college. I will instead working years of bartender and her greaves art degree was in
cashews like PA public or communications with an art, major or art, minor, right and like well, you know, can get what you pay for there she goes yeah. I think it's degrading to okay handle on a sec. Let's say this place is banging on a friday night and there's there's one hundred people here and you go alright time out. Ninety one of you go over. Air, okay in the ninety one, the nine you sit here, all Ninety one or you are going to pay for everything they eat and drink tonight and you're going to sit there and watch them. Would they be match? Costs it's just unfair and I was like okay, so ninety one folks, even if they were just getting it, you know you're talking twenty five bucks, a person, maybe I mean they can have lavish dinner right. So this is twenty five hundred dollars out of every single american tax.
impairs wall to pay. For somebody to have dinner on you know, does it make sense on any planet right, and I told her that she's, like wow. That is just unfair. Mike Hannah and I run the numbers locked the door as I can walk the darkness. You know what I mean is it: it doesn't since the people are saying that an eye. there are so many reasons to be discouraged, jacko and negroes. Fine on you can find no, your nose easy. It is season or no.
And it's easy to get scourge it's easy to to get down. You know with all the circumstances, but I'm telling you if you wake up in the morning like I do, and you just have an overwhelming sense of gratitude like we talked about just beat so gracious look at yourself. Looked looked at things, the opportunities that you have as a human being the united states of america right now to create something to do something worthwhile to help. Somebody out that doesn't exist in a lot of countries just take a minute ago, like yeah, I'm gonna, go buy that copper cup of coffee. I do that for cops in Iraq. I'm sorry, sir. I can't accept a gift like you're, not the boss me do like. I don't work for you, police officer x. You know I'm buying you this cup of coffee dude or you about a homeless person like help them out? Not just throw money at them, cause that doesn't help anybody, I mean it, it does it the ability to do that is unique. We gotta remember that, and you've got to tell your friends and you gotta encourage you
to tell other people cause you've seen the downward spiral. You know when things start going bad and then it's just that it's this, this negative feedback loop that people get into we're in a negative feedback loop, but the inputs are coming from our government and we should be a negative feedback. Loop feedback loop right now. So how do you get out of that? You put goodness in there? That's what we're doing. it's a mean. Some things are so basically you philosophical. It was interesting teaching special reconnaissance because you have time to reflect what, when you have time to reflect- and I mean that these with videos. Remember like two minutes long. Then they made him one minute, the remaining thirty six Since are you just talking about social media videos? Yeah? There are what seven seconds now yeah. So there's been at crunch of the attention span of people and it it removes your ability to reflect on something. You truly don't understand something until you ponder it and teaching special reconnaissance and doing special
it's missions. You have time to ponder things. Yes, you are sometimes pottering, while you're freezing and starve it you know, but in against her as a kid you know, reading so much reading takes time and reflection and when you you're, putting an authors voice inside of your mind, cause you're reading it then you, you know your hearing that inside you're not receiving this like a television image, it's, u internalized, so I put some good in there Injecting good into the cycle seriously. So being birds someone! You listen people! I want you to be encouraged. Invest country in the world, if you're in america right now in If you're legally emigrate to the united states of america will welcome with open arms. If you do it, the railway but that gets us. I think that gets us up to date. That's where we're at right- and these are excellent by the way. Oh, thank you
Thank you appreciate it had one before. I guess you have this whole line of everything right. We got a lot of a bunch of stuff. You know we gotta. We got it it can supplements here. We ve got clothing. We got factories, we got to dresen main we got. Maybe the factories in maine, depending on what you're, counting as a factory, and we just consolidated we're in the process of consolidating our two factories in north carolina to one factory in north carolina. What will backup? Why don't you have a factory in the third congressional the sake of the we can talk about that. Let's talk about that, we can go out there. Check it out and as as we grow, which were growing very rapidly right now in the regional grown very rapidly is because people want I made stuff sure he did, we ve got power, we ve got rail during the summer time we got the mississippi river to move commodities up down and I have the most fantastical, hardworking, ethically sound bad ass americans in a world, well
at the that is outstanding in and that's what we're looking for- and you know we ve kind of A little bit max our resources are human capital of main, which were still getting people that are there. if the things we've got. People coming in from all over the country are moving to maine moving to north carolina, knocking on the door. I want a job. I want to work here. It's south outstanding and So that's been a huge part of it just grow in that, We are, we make boots, we make genes, we may come on gear, so american made haunt gear out, because I don't anyone more patriotic in the world than hunters, In the country than hunters, hunters need to vote like thirty percent higher. So oh really that, well, we all sit around- you know gripe it about this- that they don't vote. If you're hunter,
vote here, register and vote. No doubt about it. You there's no doubt about it there, if you're, not part of the problem for hunting rights for gun rights for conservation lucky you. You definitely want to be voting if you're not voting right now, but they definitely I mean I I saw a bunch of hunters over the past. You know September the the past hunting season for me and everyone is so excited about being able to buy stuff. That's maiden america, because this is yeah, literally taking money out of our economy when you buy something from overseas you're. Just given that money nobly giving overseas but they don't care about the environment. All in these overseas factors the definite take care of their workers, their workers have no future their slave labour. It's it's! It's it's horrible! We are paying the chinese communist, party to oppress their people and plot against the. Existence of the united states at what is happening and that's what me and my friends are doing to push back against that is,
bringing manufacturing back to murder me? You love it. We are literally, we have have literally brow machines that work outsourced to america from america thirty years ago, we ve bought them and have brought them back to america and are putting them excuse. That's what we're actually doing it right now, but we got. We got a great documentation of this too. So that's what we're doing. While I tell you what did let me get elected, keep working hard and then soon official visit yeah cause I listen. I will do anything to help the people that I am representing those three conditions. Morally, ethically legally correct. Then we got. We have to find ways that meet those parameters. With the end state of your congressional district, the state in the country are better off because of it the minutes. It's just a little nose to the ground
Don't do you really gotta think about what's taking place and then act on it yeah? What a huge part a huge part of what you're talking about? As you know, you've said it multiple times. Did you gotta put your country first and, You know you win when I've as of garden involved in the in these industries. You you can back very easily in the last forty years, thirty years really of the history of the companies in america, where you increase your profits, your short term profits. By a little percentage and therefore make us. You know you know what we can weaken Can it costs more than it did it over? Here, it's gonna cost to transport. It is going to cost. This time, but we got the time cause we're big and gonna save us, you know thirty, eight cents, a garment. Let's do it and that's what they did: and they did that over and over again and then they spread the lie of not now What that what we are up against they said. Oh, you can it produce in america is about,
Are you kidding me this american america. There is america, we produce the world right and we can build anything. We can make anything, and That's what we're doing and look at starts with boots and clothing and genes, and you did. giza rashguard, that's war started. I dunno where we're going to finish, but that's what we're doing so. We we have a. We have a globally integrated economy, right, carbon based and and I'm ok with that, due to an extent where I'm not is I'm not a globalist I understand that we need to make sure that were putting the interest,
to of our people first and the best example of this is: let's say, you're. You know ninety eight year old person mythos to process. Whenever you see someone being assaulted, can you help that person know him he called police and which can't get in there? So you you have to be strong in order to help somebody and this administration either doesn't understand that or they don't care. So when you are the difference between equality and equity, is everyone should have the everyone should have the ability to start with a level playing field? You know what I mean and then you you succeed or fail predicated on your
god, given gifts in your drive right. But if I force you to perform less so that you have equity vice equality, it ruins everything. Thomas souls, brilliant, you we ve been cut to explore and bring it amounts to about gas. Do. If can I got heart about the bunch he's deaf? We had a big influence on where that equality of opportunity not outcome, just brilliant man, so echo what's up my dear me, questions yes, ruin little bit o robert you working at it. gas station If you have any roommates at that, I don't swear. Can you try shiver sleep good work at chevron and have your own apartment free. Then we're starving, if you're check this out. Because guys are you at Dennis Prager,
Mr Prodi, you they did a series of, maybe, as they did this one thing, if you do three things does matter restart on the lower such socioeconomic scale, you're gonna wind up in the middle class you graduate from high school. You do not have a child out of wedlock and you have a fulltime job that can be at the gas station that can be anywhere right so you did these three things statistically you're going to wind up in the middle class. It just takes those things and a lot of people give guff about intergenerational wealth transfer right what we're raised dirt poor, but my ma cause. She was a hard worker when she died. She had a home and we sold the home cause. We didn't wanna live there and then we had to pay a bunch taxes, and then we received this. You know a little nest egg. For my mom, that's money that one
from one generation to another. That is intergenerational wealth, transfer and all also takes. I mean that's what it is. I really it's you don't get to make up the worst seal seals make up definitions of words all the time. Yeah and you'll change your name, you know jason I'll, say his name: jason, jason, gabel, yeah, okay, so Jay bell's his nickname. He was buds and they're like were involved with him. No, I was not he's after me. Okay, so Jay bell's, He was my who is my appeal: when other teams ok. He just our finnish, directing an episode of sealing now run origin. Jordan. I think that's what we're bodies that didn't he asked me. I can't let you to play our ships captain yeah and directing with nicholas cage and I'm like okay, I was working at the cafe. I've never chased acting before, but he called because their facts, like aren't sure I'll, do that. But so Jay bell he's in buds and they're like
we're like give your cable and he's like it's gabel and he's like don't church it up. The cable seals will literally change your your new, so sorry, yeah gas station por but you had your own apartment the same, it seems it's here and here in san diego anyway. If I work at chevron, I don't think I'm getting my own apartment, then move. Can you or get a different job? Well, odyssey. We there if the people that hear that live here that work at chevron that live somewhere, they have apartments or something right, but with a roommate or something like that. Look you actually you don't win win I ran the military here. Especially their youngest, and alter their there. If they got a family there either haven't alive on house basing or me they go out of town A lot of them are on on wic and snap rollins if you have so when we were raising our kids and- and this is it's a choice that you can make so
Sarah was an rn she's ic owners, and I was a eve for I guess. Then we had our second child and I think I made a fight by then and we just looked at it and said: hey look. Her economic gurney potentials. Three times of mine was, but we said we These kids and weak. Goes to invest in the children. You know what so sir stayed home since we had second child, and we support ourselves off a single enlisted person's salary, and we had what's that, it's the wic, women, infant children. You know like coupons to get milk and all that stuff I mean we're poor, but, relatively speaking, you know, if you you, you project, and across the globe we're still incredibly well. If you look at it in perspective- and I think it when the department of army just came in and said, hey instead of payment must be more per month. Food stamps. That's an issue here,
Well, that's a way for them to save money in the long run right, which is regrettable, you're not raising their base pay, which means you to have to pay the retirement as much. back a woozy, point in saying that like making the comparison, but you make a good point too, because- and this is actually kennel maybe a few years after that. I remember. I had a roommate too, though, but my portion of the rent was like four hundred and fifty bucks or something- and I was making like three hundred every two weeks? Regulate. Six hundred variable is yes, he dared to live in march, will use only we were you moving moving company will not another movie girl for summer job globally moving. I was a part time bouncer at that time.
You ain't gonna, drink a bunch of money for being a part time, bouncer. No, no! No! No! I'm just making the comparison with what like how much you can make versus what you can kind of live off of and have your own apartment or whatever, and you know what I'm biased. That's why cause I'm like? I look like the apartment rent right now, it's like three thousand five hundred four thousand forty three hundred isn't gonna marry your daddy eggs at our meeting in any tc yeah like that, there's always in even into even in san diego, which is super expensive, there's places that are way cheaper than that. In fact, I would actually even said mostly it's gonna be way cheaper than that Denham all of products, the former really when you think about it in the certain designated as executive, this crazy but everywhere else is probably a lot cheaper, but you make the point words like yeah: the children, but then, even you say, like oh yeah, you're, starving, etc
ok there, that's kind of the deal, knowns really starving. Now you know I was got which I'm going. They got their this. I am thankful that people are not punctured yea, hopefully, but there's all different thing, though, rather than as far as like, but what else kind of trying to compare yeah, but I don't think we're way off. I think I think it's kind of similar now. I think just now we're just distracted by way more things, but you also gotta look at where you're going to accept. then, what you gonna do about it cause. Is this eyes was in Iraq. We hit this target building and we roll in there and There is a family whatever living there and there's a bad guy, and we got the bad guy and we're now we're like looking at its place, where lips and In the end, it was basically one big room and then like to smaller sleeping rooms, but no one big room. There was, the kitchen where they made the food and then there was like or like a sink to make too. Do dishes with the kitchen. Then there was at least
while bench or table to prep the food the right next, that was the shooter it was like. Well, it wasn't, it wasn't a toilet. It was a trough that had a little hole, but you would shit right there right and these things were separated by no more than five feet. If I moved in there within thirty seconds, I'd, be assessing how we're going to do this different. What change going to make were to make this thing better? We're not going to we're not going to shit where we eat, that's just a general rule. When the order may change now, this family had been living there for a long time, and I noticed that wherever we Would go there would be some guys in between they'll, be like oh we're. Moving into this building now called here's one. Where do they start fixing stuff? They start making stuff, they start building stuff. They get everything set up. They'd they'd get a fan from somewhere they'd rig that they'd make it work. Guys guys would just take take to improve their situation after it- and so we want so if you're in an apartment in your work in a chevron and you starving, you go hey. You know what this sucks. I think this sucks,
I'm gonna go and see what the? U s? Military, if there is an opportunity for me there, that's derek working at wendy's guess what worker wendy's socks. This sucks working a windy stay at these fantastic potato. Salad are legally among number knocking. I can't say I d other there really dig windy say but I'm looking at a gaunt hey no at this sucks I and want to do this, I want to do this for a long time. I want to it's something else. Okay, what does it? What options do they have in the? U s: military. For me, you and I both kind of look towards the military, but no matter where you're at you look around a go, hey. You know what we're about right now kind of sucks and if you think about right now, then you say: ok, what does a sock? What do I need to do to improve it? How can I building in the right direction, but you you don't we look at when we looked at. how things were being manufactured. The only way to manufacture someplace do it over since that sucks and
I have my business partner pizza that sucks I want to make stuff in america, had to go and find a freaking loom and pull it out of an abandoned factory and get that thing working again and find people who knew how to work it. Why does it sought to work to do something about it? it sucks that we can get boots that we want it that were made them. call that sucks what we can do about it. So, if you're in a situation that socks dont, sit therein grovel in it figure out. What you can do to make some adjustments and listen. They're argo, at times it hit people yeah. The classic extreme ownership, question that I'll get hey I it with this disease been hit with cancer. I mean that I remember distinctly. I got asked this question now. At a live event. The woman said you know my might much A child was a daughter. Daughter has cancer how Can I take ownership of that? What am I supposed to? Do almost was take ownership, a house that my fault. I said: no, it's not your fault! Obviously, that your child got cancer.
What you take ownership of is how you respond to write, sought so assiduously. so here is the the the nexus of personal responsibility and governmental control. so the government's job is to make sure that the playing field is level and also we ve got to the point where we seem to have demonized labour. So we have to do not take away the dignity of labour. Yonah mean, like I have a picture. My phone I'm hand in a young guy named joy is first paycheck an error as life. Here I mean that you will remember that charter. Fifty bucks, the rest of his life, raleigh besants handed me. My first check at a movie Peter. I remember that I remember the guy's name that was fifty years ago or whatever you know, fifty one, fifty three so thirty, five years, forty or whatever it is, I dunno
I remember, rally Bevin stone that so what has taken place in the united states of america is set for some reason. We have allowed these folks to convince people that if you work with your hands, you are lower and your lesser. So even for some people there, okay with their circumstances by working at wendy's, and we have to understand that it's okay, if that's what you're going to do. But then again, if you want something more, you that's the poor part where you gotta look inside. I think that's what you're articulating, if you're not happy with your circumstance and the level or the playing field is level because the government has set conditions for everybody level and you're living in a place where you don't want
b. It's up to you to facilitate that change. Of course, there's there's another leadership question I get asked. You know I got fred and fred. He comes to work from nine to five, but he's he's not motivated to do anything else. He's perfectly fine. Just doesn't work, and I say oh you've got a great person that that's satisfied with where they're at doing their job every day, they're working hard. He doesn't mean turn your turn, your back on them and think. Well, I'm never going to pay attention afraid again. No, it means every six months you check in with fred, and you say: hey fred. I know you're waiting for kids to get through middle school, where you're going to a lot of their games. Now that your kid left middle school If you are you thinking about, maybe moving into leadership says nope. I want to wait till the Donald high school may no problem. I appreciate the work you're doing. Are you familiar the concept of the regimental corporal to me on the regimental corporate, alright, so in the british army they have something it's called the regimental corporal like in the american military. You have to promote rough road or ok, so they have people their corporate for life right,
this was her career. They are the best weapons technician in the world and they really want to do that. You know what I mean and that's it's not the english dream. Clearly but that's her that guy wants to be so it the the beauty of the united states of america. We gotta get back the super get away from. It is when you work here in your place, were your content itself, you be content? I mean it's nice to be content, not complacent. There's a difference so in your content with your friend situation, your school near job or our stuff. That's also mature american dream. Then You don't have to have a mention in beverly hills. It would been just fooled. I have guys it had me in social media of like plumbing installs that are super freakin dialed or their put an electrical sub panel, and everything is squared where there are likely to check how yeah absolutely hundred percent trade, that's a skill and that's awesome and I'm superman
I looked when I see that stuff and that's again, one thing I'm very lucky is that you know I work with my consulting company echelon front. We work with companies all over the country and all over the world, and so I get to travel into wherever north dakota and go out and check out the oil rich. instead of being clear about the guys working. What they're doing was pricking guys awesome linemen up in Michigan You don't hang wires going through whiskey in risk all over and in the People are skilled labour. Bad ass job. They know that their job is completely me. They literally supply our the country freakin?
what standards are linemen right. Now, I'm going around right up the great river road highway. Thirty five goes along in mississippi I'll have the largest contiguous section of the mississippi river of any congressional district in the country boom bam? It's beautiful, see this great house on the corner. Big garage, psych, three place truck in the driveway, this new pontoon boat, with like a two hundred and fifty horsepower motor or something up or you cost more than my truck, and so I whip in there cause. I want to put the arts. I guess I can go hey man. Do you mind me asking what you do for a living monument linemen like to trade school for two years, and he had two kids and I can't remember his wife's name
six. She was a radiology technician, not a radiologist, but she because she went to trade school. So you got these. Two people went to trade school graduated from high school and they're bawling dude. I mean they're living their american dream, they kept their kids in school and all and I'm like. Why is that wrong, and you. You can't fix a toilet with green thirteen, such refresh poetry, and you just can't so Why have we demonized the things that built this nation? You know what I mean you, you can't. You can't pump the air conditioning in this room if you have a degree in communications, there'll be a metalworker. You know what I mean you have to be a she metal workers to make ducking. So one of the things that I'm I'm doing jacko is, I consider myself and I think that the federal government needs to do more. Cheerleading like we have to cheerlead. I did a I get endorse. My sixteen in the nineteen serves my district. You autonomy,
because they know I have their back a hundred percent. I have lived in uncovering space, I'm unwilling to do that in the united states, you prevent that. You support the police officers, that's what you do right. So I am all in with these guys. Are all the time and I am also all in with people that are going to treat school, so we have to have people in positions of power go. It is so awesome that you are protecting you, wanna autonomous. Ok, do so I'm a christian! I was never afraid of being injured or kill it. was not part of my calculation. You don't I mean I for me: I've read the into the book seen the end of the movie. I know it happens even be ice to joke. We know with my wife about this and it was just kind from jack she's. A real funny. Funny watch, though she's a that's what you're gonna me so,
I was never worried about that. What I was worried about was my family. The owner mean I was worried about my family and the most precious gift you can have for my personal experience in a combat environment is like a too. Or nap right, it's nice, you can asleep when things are squirrelly. Why can you get that two hour nap because your brothers have guns and they're looking out and they're protecting you in your sleep? That's something I cherished and I still do, who does that for my family police officers? That's a gift and when, when people are demonizing them, they just don't understand that these people are literally watching your children as they sleep to make sure they're not harmed. What is more honorable than that,
noble, I dunno. Do you same thing with the guys and gals that are building our country different from that electrical switch? Is honorable and it's noble and things don't work without that, so the federal government needs to cheerlead. We need to tell people you're, not you're only here, because these people are working so hard. That's why you could drive your car to work. That's why you're eating? That's, why you have close. These are things that don't take these. You know fancy pants degrees. I don't have an issue, I mean I went to law school, you know what I mean I get it higher education's. Very important. Graduate degrees are important by the way I finished my first year of law school and did full time congress so technically on a sabbatical.
Which on it I may not get back to well and we'd, have a greater positive effect, writing laws that I will interpreting them again. You know I I got into that. I went to that for intellectual curiosity, not to be perry, mason or something like that, but anyway, so that the next thing under surely shark? As our exactly I question, although only wanted only want to learn and comparison, just doing he's getting very testimony over you know is up against the big dog. The big tough questions, that's for right now. Ok, Derek any causing thoughts. Man,
gosh I I again. I want people to be encouraged and you know how are you encouraged? Is you you sit down and you you practice actively practice gratitude for what she got, and you understand that you are empowered to change your circumstances, and I know that because I was raised dirt poor in a single home, highschool dropout, the whole works and jerks, and I'm going to congress next year. So, if I can do this, you can do it. It's it's the same way. I told you man, I knew I could graduate from buds, because there is a seal with
friday night in front of me right. You don't need this possible, so act right. It is possible, so act. Awesome words to clothes on thanks for joining us brother and thanks your service will. Thank you for years echo. It's really nice to meet you man, likewise I'll give you my phone number. You can call me sounds good. Thank you already got what god bless you guys and your listeners, and I just wish you the best. Oh, hey where's that thing A baseball bat check this out. So this This was made by the three brothers back company. It's in wisconsin. Got a hold of these guys couple played college balls, that's actually four brothers and sister, but the, decided to start making a baseball bat this back.
It meets all the standards to be used in the major league baseball and these duties? This all buildings are to make any six year, So what happened with bats, as I did like? Oh ok, story of that's here's, a long story about when I went to Iraq putting commander two thousand three where'd you get goes there for the first time, two thousand four hours in Afghanistan, the two thousand I was in iraq, and that will you afghanistan in two thousand three was america sending a bunch of stuff over their dislike care packages and, like son screens, are okay, so that was going on and for whatever reason, descended sons green and like the eminem, just all the stuff and they would send baseball, gloves and baseball. spread, baseball bats. So for whatever reason we had a bunch baseball bat, so we're living in a This was two thousand three. The war had kind of
who says this false, two thousand and four two thousand and three. So the war wasn't very deep. There wasn't all this infrastructure. There wasn't like a wendy's on the base and everything right this. Yet and so we were briefing in this crappy room with. You know like a she hung up on the wall and I would bring I would go get when the bats from this mw are the morale welfare northwestern recreation bucket, which had three baseball bat in it that somebody cool person from america through into a package and sent him to support the troops which has been so I walk over their grab a bad. That's how I brief and one of my friends as a is a video of me briefing with a bat the like legislator, howard point till I came here to go to the rear, remove over there, and so there When I was a task you to commander, they cannot continue. on that we had like a briefing bat and then we did a video. The other day analysis. I talk about leadership on us, holding a bat
What better was it'll be that one in the future in the future, be this one but then pete now a bunch of big. Now I have drafting of received five based Bob bats from various people custom baseball batteries. Yes, he does not want to get over there. I got a few of them at home, but oh yeah, this one is swans us, maiden america. It's says deaf core problem
adult def, four thirty, four, three brothers back company dude- that is in my district- and that is another example of people saying I have got a good idea. There's I'll tell you when I got to get out here and there's weezer concrete, concrete company, Joe just I do gosh. It must have been sixteen months ago, Joe had like six kids and they had a house and married his wife and he's like I had an idea. I got an idea how to make concrete this certain way to make this stuff and it's going to work mortgages his house again, so you want to talk about risk homeless, wisconsin, six, kids,
if that would happen, if you fail but he's like, I have an idea. He died a billionaire jerk because he was like a shack on the billionaire partner wants to check on the diet part, but I mean you're going to die. You might as well due to the million right. So that's one of the things people demonize business people unlike the hardest that I would say the wealthiest pipeline or know are some of the hardest working people. I know- and you know that's their thing- that's their metric as I I start if you know I still do this, I collect relationships with people to me. That is my metric of success. How many people do I know at what level do I know them? How can I help them? Will they reach out to me if they need something, and can I facilitate that need that's my metric of success? There always has been surging. I live on my enlisted retirement know what I mean cause. We don't chase Nichols. Just it's not my thing.
but if, if that, if you're a business man you're metric or woman you're metric of success, more likely than not is financial so there, four. If you are doing this, and that is the metric of success, you should be wealthy as a business person. If you're a doctor, you should be carrying people. So I'd love that about this job, because I get to meet the most, fascinating people like those dudes that make that back for you- and it was an offhand comment- is jocko guy wait. When did you meet him and when did they get the bat to you to bring your hand, carry it to me that got shipped overnight to my mother in law's house that was delivered yesterday. So I talked with the cats and they're like Or you notice, jerk or willard guy, like you know, and they said it like, you know cause. Apparently it's a big deal. I mean I dunno this stuff dude. Like I didn't know you had this. It was like you know. He has all this stuff because I started looking into it and he wrote
his books here. They I go if you're an accountant If you like go watch a movie about tax season or read a book you wouldn't like, so why would I be looking into chocolate? I know the dude is an awesome cat. You know why would I be following them around so I didn't but they're like that. Offhand comment soccer and I go yeah man. I've done it for like thirty years. I guess twenty one re and they're like you're, kidding me and like no, so they follow your I guess they watch and I think that they've taken a lot of your lessons because they're incredibly squared away dudes and families awesome and just their name. They have you know too many siblings to put her on a bat. That's right, three brothers! Back, yeah, so that was made for you and I have one it's in my office, which are I think again. Cheerleading for people is what that should be a primary function of politics.
Clearly, you must write, functional policies and translate ideas into action, and you do that through the written word, vice a gun like we used to do, but the rest just tell him telling people about other people. You know what I mean like if, if, if I could, if I could tell you about all the people that I know and what they've done, if, if would just be an endless conversation and to me that means I am the most successful person in the world because that's my metric of success also man well off, like I said, calm down appreciated thanks. thanks for the service of your family, by the way, what the what military, wives and spouses to the bomb go through and credit the kids that grow up without dad's around without moms round hum really
really challenging. So thanks to your family as well and I'll pass it on. I wish you fair, farewell: fair wins following seas and a lot of There you go, get em opera backs, cherson, o one more thing about then orton for congress doktor van orton for congress dot com on food book on toward and instagram you're at Derek d e r r. I see K van orton, o r D n and you're up on all those different buffer. You got your youtube channel as well. I do so we can. You can explore. You've got lots of thirty. Second clips on. There was a little spots. I do those. I also make these little videos and just trial spain ready for your little videos, take almost family social media hooker, and then we also written over to you too soon. So it's all out there if you want to get a field of better feel if over three hours, a conversation, if you don't think like feel feel like you know, Eric? Yet you wanna get to know
you might know Derek. Do you know Van Juno gino, Do you know Julio or villa honest man? Thank you. You bet, and with that Derek van orden van o d, v d v, o that's. What we're going with d v, o d v o, has left the building a lot going on in the life of db. some pretty important themes throughout the talk. The discussion, and then you realize you know he was in that movie. Did you know he's in that movie? He mentioned it, but then we and I like pulled him. act to talk about something else, then he's in the movie. The movie is called act of valor. I did not know yeah, so he was. He played a scene in that movie. He was an interrogator came in and there is pretty funny
he was kind of like just him with but beam receiver aggressive but yemen, man or dedication to job back into the stuff and get after it, but on hey with that appreciate. Everyone listening appreciate the support, and if you want to support, you mentioned something real, quick. thank you he's waiting for you to timing was something only recently looking puzzled, but I wasn't what is allowing the movie actually poker in him playing himself. Not much of a stretch not know was out a demonstration of range. You know similar tee to you. to my you're asking a to see a pre, a pretty what exactly, but yes did mention something in passing, seemingly insignificant, but it stuck with me you're talking about
you talk about that. The incident where he left his rifle another might, you know needed of, has his pistol new said: that's not gonna cut throat. Why is that mean I can kinder, maybe understand, but obviously have never been in gunfight, sorted I care about. Is the enemy put indirect fire on you, which is more diverse. Maybe its rockets only indirect, but but but they basically are are lobbying bombs at you, there preserve them doing. That is number one. The could could be just a singular purpose: hey we're going to try and ran and we throw some bombs are people kill who have we can re? the mortars maybe kill one or two americans They could also do it so when mortars are coming, you have to get you have to take cover. So now we get. The enemy can get you to take covers. They drop a couple mortars while you're hiding they hence a ground us all either with a vehicle born. I d, that's what they would do
The remedy was losers. News view: be aggressive. They would they would hate you with indirect fire. As the like fire is hitting they start lay down machine gun fire as a machine gun. Fires come in then comes ideas. vehicle born ideas and they overran several several friendly positions in remedy by doing that horrible. So So he gets mortar and he told the guy as a when you get mordred, give it a second see. What's going on leaded device, up and see what's developing, but then as soon as it kind of stops boom push our perimeter. So then, if anybody attacks you can send them off so he's pushing out too. set perimeter and all he has a pistol
the pistols, not a good weapon for a garden fight. That's really the part that I was wondering like it's, I feel like. I understand it kind of by the way, would you say it in my friend Jeremy? He mentioned this one time. We're talking news like yeah pistol is no match for a rifle was not invite us. So my ok see it's not I'd even close, like wise because they're right, we can just aim it better. You more re religious range is ten times as much yellow. Like sure. You can shoot someone a kind of it fifty yards with her with a piss If you really really good anyone just about anyone, can pick up a rifle shoot someone if fifty yards by almost any one, but you can also shoot someone at five hundred yards. so maybe even be more that cause because really might be like twelve or fifteen times more accurate and ease of shooting, yeah and then the impact right. You know the impact of a rifle round is devastating
Once the body armor certain levels, body armor, they can grip through a car. You know certain parts of a car seats can get better penetration with a battle rifle than you are with a pistol, pistol and was funny- is when I got the seal teams I used to use the the mp. I've, which is a nine millimeter sub machine gun. The sub machine gun is basically of a machine gun that shoots pistol rounds, so the small small, little boats and Luckily, we went away from that because its call for literal close quarters combat. So if you're inside of a building, then it there is some potential for it. Actually, I think that the that weapon the a sub, unlike the hacker, got mp, five things a great weapon for like home self defence because it's not gonna penetrate we want to walls,
It's really easy to shoot like really easy to shoot. So if someone here, let's say you want to get your wife of self home defence. Weapons now. Look. She can also get a shot gun. You, media, already shock on, like not a twelve gauge shark on, but like a twenty, eight shotgun pretty easy to hand all kind of a point. shoot scenario so that We want option, five think a good option. Another good option would be a little sub machine gun that you feel super confident julie. Can we shoot machine The california was semi automatic, semi automatic. I what the lie reality is on the end. He will know you can have a fully automatic weapon in california things without certain like criteria. They observe the laws. The laws in california for weapons are really kind ridiculous. Because all they do is they create a law and then,
gun manufacturers create thing. they get around the law made in its just weird theirs. Latest us. We're Dan is a weird dance here is that it must be my paler this week, and it doesn't make any sense the whole. I believe you hear this of all the time about what is it like? What's an assault weapon well so weapon is this type of thing, errant fifteen authority for fifty burn? It because of like the shape of the grip like a pistol, makes it an assault on myself, suppressor flash suppressor makes it an assault weapon according to this weird thing, so instead of having a pistol grip, they'll like put this weird shape thing that serves the same function as a pistol grip yeah, but it's actually not a pistol grip, it all yeah, but it is To give you the same function, they just do it dumb the silly things and then and then the gun manufacturers make something that just overcomes maybe it's a little bit.
Quarter whatever it was cool. but it's just a silly dance is just like you said it's a silly dance. Yet the in one hour's browsing one of the guys there said something wrote one of the main guys their moment owner he said something interesting reads like a wolf. One of the main problems is the people who make the laws and even propose the laws. They don't know anything they allowances by, so they the injustice. It's the The mere conception of the law comes out of ignorance? The first is this: just dumb dear it's just dumb, so one things about california, that's just really bizarre. It is bizarre. Are they may make laws than that literally don't make sense When they land right, it's like where they were like. What's the issue here that this solved and they're like this one goes well that didn't even solve it even solve it, it actually kind of made some more issues and then made
people mad who can in the no meanwhile bike by desert eagle, fifty gulliver's fifty caliber round? I can chew with one hand if I want to that seems kind of dangerous could be depending on what kind of thing you shooting out. you have done your comfort it let's face it, but yeah yeah, There is a that's interesting unless good interests. to know about the pistol verses rifle, I didn't realize you that much operative renewed difference. It's almost incomparable relic of them. Thinking of movies. You know how I can the lethal weapon member there, what bubble apart I use this really good at aiming if you'd like. I want distance oh yeah, he shoots the smiley face into the terry s eyes. Yes, that was one of the ports for sure. That's really, depending on what range, the difficulty I think in the movie, it was far away like pray
pharsalia, he would lose, did pretty all away that kind of thing saying there you said a lot a cool stuff, though, and you know that I like hearing cool stuff like presented a certain way but in time. I do like kind like what it says and when you think about it, you be like man that either what kind of dawns on you like certain things. He said. If you keep your down, you won't see the world around. That's really and even metaphorically, you know like if you stay in the house all the time or if you don't, you know like they say, work life balance. I get that that that's a thing or whatever. But let's say you don't see your friends, so you don't you don't socialize or or you don't talk to a bunch of people as much because you're are focused on this or that or whatever you'll miss out a lot of beneficial like beneficial stuff. For you in your area, your whole goals, can miss out on key elements of those goals. If you keep your head down in, in all these twin, only my first seal platoon, we might my leader-
petty after her. He had this thing like he would want to go out party right and you too, always go out, Oh you know we gonna always go up and I took that grows. the car are right and meter always go out, always go out with surfing. Go out like this. Training mission always go out? oh always got so yeah, always go all party cool, get it. I approve of that when I was younger now from older about so much, I supported that. You know what I mean, but always go out, always go on the mission, always step up always volunteer, always go out. Always the waves always go out. No snow always go up. Yeah always go out. So I I kind of doctor that attitude a little but not all, be strictly with.
Going out partying this guy. What time he was super drunk is, I think he had to go to the bathroom and we pull back into the barracks and guam and he'll like gets out of the car and it's dark and he goes running across the From the parking lot to the barracks, there was, you know, maybe a hundred yards of grass. He was running and I'm just gonna walk into a modern russian or I think he had to go to the bathroom. and often he just like disappears falls. I just this How do you build a whole as others is that yeah? So there you go. That we talk about some of the hay jock of fuel. Get yourself. Some of these go to new, improve flavors, do I am apologising for the previous favours comparatively
comparatively speaking. The new flavors are just amazing With the old flavors it was like. Oh you know, I got my favorite flavour. Don't really like that one, this one's, ok, You don't wanna drink this one over here. You know it's kind of that thing now, no matter what you can go He makes the girl, I m all right. You grab one grabbed, the other they all they're, all free can tasty. So if you, if you were a little bit may be cautious or concerned before you tried. Mueller now you can get right in. There does get right in there and get yourself some some go doc ago, fully good free by them. which is a totally different thing, I was watching the show on netflix, though I dunno it wasn't my show my wife was watching it. How to show your or your you are in the vicinity, my eye I saw, and there there were making this the scene of this girl. She was trying to travel she's running away from some killers. It's not enough
so she was driving up two main by the way and after this coming, she thought the shovelled shots at this good and she's a dishevelled character is to begin with me in a way. that doesn't average it to get the kind of thing stuff of convenience store and just gets like in the scene. I see what they trying to portray there. There she's just like does it make the greatest of decisions in general so like what she get like chips and, like you know, not a good, not a sandwich or not, I, you know she's getting and then she gets an energy drink and it was like a recognisable brand, the interesting how they chose that ran forward to prove too, convey this message about this character. In this point of the story, interesting and thinking. Oh you know it's a bit recognize you like a pickle.
The oh, I recognize ran in the movie kind of a thing as, like all that'd be cool. If there was some chocolate go in there right, but it would not fit the scene exactly ready to be squared away squared away. She had to be legit exactly right. I thought that was kind of interesting, bro opening up a can easy you- and I just want the abc championship, which was awesome, will do some kind of a thing about that load. Debrief on that future time, but we had the red you drink milk. There did. You have one, review. You here I had like, because if you only have one workers frank one and then it was like the man the opportunity had they were like brain was cause he couldn't. Even why are some They like there's something happened. They couldn't. You got scared yet when they hear that five a day for two days, their freakin, so tasty and the sober tree
This good news, we You have been having a hard time finding the manufacturer for it. We judge got cleared out. We just built them. relationship with general manufacture, we are millions of regular drink milk comment. delicious way, better the other brands you and I just had a little taste test comparison and it's not even close cause, I am close, and this is a big brand. We tried, as a matter of fact, my daughter rana, did a taste test. While we were at camp, Chocolate milk journalist argued milk from a milk carton. Like, like ready, made chocolate milk, but not any kind of protest. Chocolate milk has just made to taste good versus milk chocolate mark she my madonna remedies, not playwright, like if she's gonna tell you what's up poughkeepsie school MM s kind of like often if writes kind of, like going to bring it
She kind of raised eyebrows he's I go down the mark. So we are re. Drink more common worldwide will not, while regularly nationwide rebuild order, check that out jackal fuel dot com gonna. Why? Why? Why? Why just clean the shelves in their let em, What's up the the more by from Walla the more flavors they're going to bring in the more will open up that supply chain. So goya, clear shelves, vitamin shop, we got pink, missed at vitamin shop, renounce the only place. I think you can get it. We had it. Run that first run of em white, mature has been awesome, began in there so go in there and just get some get some pink mist is tasty, though we're at eighty c c, as you mentioned, and I'm not going to say who actually hooked my wife, she was like hey this pink one is good. This would be perfect. With vod
in it. She said she said it and I was like you know what you're kinda right, because remember back in the day, red bull, vodka or whatever, right like that was like. I was kind of like a a death trap. Kind of thing, like you're you're, not doing the right thing with a red, bull and vodka and then drinking them all all night. That's bad, but think about it. The miss. Might balance out some of the repercussions, if not the right thing, but isn't a lot is less it's less wrong wrong than going with red, bull and vodka. It's definitely less wrong than that kind of balances itself out little bit it's not balanced feels if it's balanced, but it's a move in the right direction. Let's face it, we're not going out and drinking vodka and thinking that there's this is going to make it okay, yeah, but like a violation. If vodkas kind of on the schedule which I don't human rights is not only get all at all zero percent, but if it's on your schedule and you want to mitigate the issues.
You're gonna, have then Not going to mitigate you going to jail is not going to mitigate a dui is not going to mitigate you. Getting arrested is not going to medic mitigate you spending all your money on stupid shit, not going to mitigate that, though portland may give you a little bit of a less hangover in the morning. We'll go with that. So there you go jogger fuel dot com get some of that origin. Usa, dot com just got back from my hunt and other one. We should just do a bunk about, lessons just but hey we made hunt gear, memorized said If the hunt gear wasn't ready out hunting in an ongoing cloth, that was much luckily, you didn't have to break it into the loincloth scenario, the every His freakin legit and it's just sucks good, to go super stoke the team morgan the team in north carolina, the team in Maine everyone, what that stuff together turned out freakin logic,
so stalked in everyone's costume, everybody that I saw that haunted. Was like hell, yeah hell, yeah Thank you for making this in the united states of america. So did you see anything? Yes, I shouted Elk. well, yeah, just brothers, a lot and there's a lot of people. This is a very tough fear for hunting. there has been a lot of rain now west, and a lot of grass lot agree- It means a lot of eating by mused. The Elk are fat, which means apparently talking to hunters there like, while all that fat on the Elk means its kill him off because they believe less. The blood doesn't flow is easily Oh, it's been a really challenging years. A lot of people at that didn't get elk and
it's been a tough here. I was very lucky very fortunate to get one year and at point. I got for elk with four arrows which is kind of eyes. I told that away from me that dude yours do pretty lucky bastard, I'm ok, I'll, take it man hundred percent. So what are you? What did you do with the Elk would mean? What did you do with them the eating it yeah? Also you bring it back, of course, drove home yeah. Okay, I can understand alcs for dinner. Bro yeah, I understand, but you know, I'm just saying does Everyone like, if you shoot, is that the common theme, of course under communist it's. You know it's a few hundred pounds worth of meat yeah, but I've heard of like oh they'll, give it to the who ain't. You know what I'm thinking of this act. If u story the herd in I could. He was in a different country, okay and then they give it to like the village or something yeah. There's villagers that were like starving may need to
there's no is darted, and but so we have to. of main america, origin, usa, doc, amateur sport, american company, that's true, bringing like, I told, Derek Is there anything cooler than britain buying machines in another country and that war sold to that country and bringing them back to america. Conceptually goal the make our one time care remember back in the day the little it's this little great went back to. It is called ruler racer. Do you remember that thing? What is it is like? Ok So think of a skateboard, ok, think of a hard bicycle seat, but little bit bicycles, and the bars on a hat
of a super skinny skateboard with a pivot and then the front of the skateboard. So you sat on it with handlebars down like this and will adhere back and forth any would go. I kind of cholera drollery people on nothing like a little then add and have as seen on tv scenario back in may be. Ninety, maybe be probably for the eighties eighties. Anyone so one of our friends. Neighbours had that left it out on the road? They live right up the road so technical. Its steel it but I just want to use it, so I grabbed it and I used it for a few days I was going to bring it back for real, for real likely story does not sound good. I didn't bring it back, but I was the to bring it back. At some point I using it, and then I just left it in my art, the top right corner. Few days later it was gone and then we
asked by that house every day and I saw it back at their house. I was like, oh, they came in kind of, took it back or ever than the the guy, the me in a good way like other girl, they grander back no big deal or canada. light and totally neutral in my opinion. Over there you know, like I wasn't in return it, yet I still want to play with it for a little bit, but a man. It is there so whatever and then The kid confided me about it is they have you thought you were all slick and other? What do you mean he's a yak as you off the ruler razor, and I ripped off back so what he did with the looms switches same exact thing. I thought it was all in your brain works for the first time, I've kind of started upon their like how you got to that story from one I just said, Connecting the exact same thing.
words in usa. Doc I get american made stuff will leave it at that. We will try not to more out any store. Is madness it's from a from. You are also three speaking of madness: chocolate store, chocolate starts, called jackal store, so single chocolate store. That comes where you can. You display goes freedom. Shirt to get a new one out standard issue there's nothing standard about it. It's freaking awesome that this is the feedback I'm getting from the field, but yeah it's a good one also have the shirt lock, which the? is the subscription service seems, like you've, been getting a little wild on the shirt locker design, yes and we're going harder, even in the next few. Let's say the next three months are going to be kind of like okay. I see I see what you did. There are very excited about the new designer check right on that side store dot com subscribe to the bar gassed, don't forget about. The jackal underground right, darkling around dot com-
We don't know what happened this platform, the say anything today to get us band made me. If Chin donald trump, oh yeah, there you go, that can be a flag that the word trump so yeah that could be so in the event that we get banned because we don't control the platform that your currently listening on a mushroom travel on about on the right, we're good we're still here we're talking to you, but if you're not you're like way what happened, what jackal echoed got lazy. They start making podcast, hopefully that doesn't happen but does will be ready, jocund around our com, eight dollars and eighteen cents a month to support that and if you we make a little extra podcast for that. We ask your questions. If you want to get involved in that, if you can't afford it, which we still want you in the game, email assistance at dark one round our calm, we gotta youtube channel. We got psychological warfare, we did to go to mars, got flip side, canvas dot com I've written a bunch of books published book polish, but by how we Mackay checked out one out
and by you you know the books rubberin, he don't gotta, amazon and put in jocker willing and the us. Books that I've written and you can order some of them. Your kids books get the key before you. Even you know it. You know you gotta get the oxygen mask on yourself. First, the affected. If you re amazon right now to go. I know a jackal sounds like you, ve gotten Mozart is talk about here. order, the adult book, your kids warrior kid books, first get the oxygen mask on them, then save yourself, so the opposite of there. Know it's the same in the airport in northern europe. Yes, okay, opposite of the opposite of the op you're right. So I can see how you can get confused jump scene cause. It seems the case save the women and children first kind of a scenario, but hey you can't say nobody if you're suffocating what I'm saying but we're if you're cognizant enough to order something from amazon or the kids' books,
cause, you look! Your life is half over at this point. You know you got kids, you, you kind of already blown it. Yeah you're one foot in the grip, but your kids they've got their whole life at it might as well get them on the path to true but rise up the my daughter, was she she learned her times tables last year and then this year said she's in literally the the, where are where the work at one mark yup same exact scenario. So but she learned at times, but she forgot all of a lot of so she's doing this other stuff. You know you know how you kind of need to know the times tables right hundred percent same I feel she starts crying and all this stuff she doesn't know her times tables she's nine years old. All of this sounds like rushed read that flashcards meda, right on the spot, men on the spot, as if you read this whole book twice by the way in use we're crying about this right now, so immediate splash guards on the spot. We do. We went slows a lot of it was review. She already knew it, but so boomers ironed out the wrinkles, easy money back
the gagging middle man. You were your kid digital on the path of iceland front, have leadership, consultancy, we saw promptly. We should by you- and we talk about what're. We got problems. Many in the organization, the problems or leadership problems. You want us to help you solve those problems with these prints will go echelon, front dot com, we have some five events, you can come to they get sold outward maximum, we're doing his atlanta sold out. Sorry but if you want to go, go to their check out events, cumbersome of our life events, we have a online training academy, where look leadership takes pride, it not once a year now once every six months. You need to get in the Jim, the leader, Jim the life Jim. Extreme or should come come on there make some courses were on live a bunch. You can ask me questions go check that out and if you want to support service members act,
retired you wanna support their families, gold, star families, check out, barclays, mom, Finally, she got a charity organisation. If you want to donate tab want to get involved, go to america's mighty warriors dot, org and don't forget about michael think, taken taken, that's out of the wilderness, second find solutions to their problems. In the darkness they can find the light, heroes and is dot org and once again, if you want follow and support derek van o van orton? dvr! That's with glee! Video! You want want to support him v. an organ for congress, dot com and then on facebook and twitter on instagram he's at Derek Van Orton.
You can see. The guy's got a big heart and he's trying to help. I say we go supporter and it certainly if you're in that district and was anson. He brought me cheese brow. He heard brahma cheese. He brought me cookies, which you ate sampled, yes, you ate the cookies cause. We're not. The discipline doesn't allow I'm cookies over on my side of the table, a cheese kurd which I have not tried before a painting. I cook it now No, no! No! No! He said he said deep him or something. Oh, you can yeah yeah for sure to skirt is like you know what that is technically, Won't you know, my wife is is from the tomb, cheese factory area so go visit, though, and every year when we go when I go, but it's the prince, like it's one of the final processes before they do another one or two processes to make actual cheese. So it's like the peace, the taste good
It depends how you do it. The one does cause it. There's like garlic, regular cheese curd, not really. It's like. I think that sounds getting fried in a pan. That's what I think yeah! I could see that overhead lines cooked down solid. It just seems I don't know to cause: he brought it in like a bag he, the albanians, don't must be regulated egg, See how told it other bottom like a travel ban The review was not that forward. Thinking on his transport of cheese currently for jacko, I think you might be regime gale tick, You know that you haven't, I appreciated dark, we appreciate it. We will try it out. We will see. What's up, of course, that's that's Derek Van Orton on so to me than free echoing around there too. If you want to force on twitter on the ground on facebook, echoes ecuador on a dark, a willing. Why
jail for the algorithm cause. It'll kinder, your kind grab you and thanks once again to Derek joining us thanks for sure, and some of those lessons learned of thanks for everything you have done for america and what you are trying to do for america right now. you're here to support and thanks to all of our Monetary personnel that have served and are serving nothin port more important than what you do to keep us free and we are grateful for your service. and thanks to our police alone, foresman fire fighters paramedics, empties dispatchers correctional officers, border patrol secret service, all first responders, as there pointed out you're the one that protects you there ones that protect our kids as they sleep at night and keep us safe, and we are grateful for your service as well. And everyone else out there and we start offer some george Washington today close down,
little George Washington as well he said to be prepared, for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace, and I, as for life as well. Then you take a guy like Derek up from nothing, and is prepared for war. His whole life and I think, he's gonna- be ready. whatever politics can throw Adam the rest of us. I think we also have to prepare for war, because it's coming I know I'm not talking about outright literal war, but in some form in some form you will be a war for your health, for your bid.
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