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355: Jeff Glover and Pete The Greek Letsos. Keep Training, Keep Learning, Keep Living.

2022-10-11 | 🔗

Jeff Glover and Pete The Greek Letsos talk Jiu Jitsu and Life.

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This is jocapa. Guess number three. Fifty five with echo charles in me, jocker willing good evening. I got good evening so it was. out, two thousand nine or two thousand and ten I think and I'm in san diego and that year in san diego whenever year, this was the eighty c c trials or in san diego. So this is the championship of jujitsu of submission grappling. have to do. You have to get qualified to go there. A bunch of competitions all over the world and the North american qualify happened to be in san diego, so I went of course, and I brought my son with so I got with me and you know he's like seven or eight years but you know he turns all the time. So he knows what's up and they announce you know who's next up in this one map and they go next up is
It's going to be some guy blah blah blah some guy vs Jeff glover, and I was like I told my son. I looked at him, I go hey. I got this guy we're going to back map to watch this guy Jeff glover. I said: he's crazy, and so we run What about Matt? We start watching and sure enough this guy if Jeff Glover and I knew jeff glover cause, I we started competing in jujitsu around the same time. As a matter of fact, I have a. I have a sheet of paper that has the champions of like her group. bring games or one of these old school, Joe Maria, when he's old, school jitsu tournaments and though for place winner of the white belt, is Jeff glover. The first place winner of the blue belts, I or second is me, and then dean listers like the purple belt or something along those lines, but it's pretty cool writing so anyways Jeff, clever, comes out, and what does he do he like does don.
Guard, which means he basically turns its back on his opponent, calls on all fours runs at the dude backwards and engages eminent fourteen seconds areas, got the gun, he'll, look in the guy taps, and my son, who again he's accelerate years old. He looks at me and he goes we. You said he was crazy. I thought you meant crazy. I didn't know you men crazy, so that was it that was done. it's kind of a moment, and in that I really remember about Jeff glover and then luckily for me, golly for everyone in san diego Jeff cover, came down and actually taught you do too at Victoria may. For five years, for five years we had Jeff Glover here teaching Jeff
wherever he ended up. You know, he's done all kinds of stuff used. The pan am champ two thousand and five, the pan and champ two thousand and six, two thousand and seven no gi world champion two thousand and eight gnocchi silver medalist Twenty seven time champion of ground where's quest, maybe it's more at its but a lot twenty seven times champion of grappling quest, and we are super stoked to have Jeff over here on the pod gas. To talk to us tonight, Jeff what's happening. Thank you I'll go there is now also with him is p. Let I swear to you. Pray dont know you pray. Dont, know lets us, but that's ok, you might know beat the greek is. He d greek knowledge, you legend, I ninety ninety nine then thousand pan am third place as a bluebell, two thousand one great greasy invitations champion to them,
to Sao Paulo state champion two thousand we pan am champion purple about. God is black belt Two thousand six under the under the crossing greasy side at a family, and you know tat means the greasy junior two thousand six pete degree opened his academy up in chicago peace these famous in the digital world featured in the book. The gracie way he's without a doubt, the best risk locker in the world, making sure that the world is not ignoring that five percent of the body pete the greek thanks for coming down that aid. They you surf things ago, at least We are to ju jitsu legends in the house, nice for me. You know I love you too. I loved you. Do too, nice for me to come in here and be able to talk about, Did you ever thought about you guys in an hour got started in the game. Jeff
so tell us a little bit like where'd you grow up. Would you parents? Would your parents do my mom was a nurse and my dad had all kinds of different jobs and they are ended up in santa Barbara, which is where I found it. It's like sixty in starting you're. Sixteen. When you start anyone thought I was like twelve year cousin still look like you're. Sixteen, the about what what have you to the jump? What happened well? fringe, actually moved next door to my mom's house, him in his whole brazilian family has twelve of them. Moved into a house together and like next door, neighbours yelling, whether the same block that bill cooper lived on there wasn't even in the senior but He lived in the neighborhood and was one of the kids but a
and so the way came over and was like, you need to learn how to fight boy. I went over there to make friends you know and knocked on their door. It's kind of help. Isn't that neighborhood? You know like it was a nice spot, it was a nice place to live, and yeah I knocked at the door. He opened the door and like he had a tv playing, you have c in the background. They wouldn't areas. If I mean this is like ninety. Ninety eight, ninety, ninety eight or nine and dumb knows just super crazy like He had you know the cauliflower, the shaved head. It's intimidating. You know the you remember the first time you saw a really good grappling with the way that the way there It just looks different So did he say, like I teach jujitsu you're like what does that karate, like gonna wanna, do karate that looks. I mean I didn't understand a word. He said for the first six months. All they know is, he was very
persuading persuasive and was pulling in pushing me places, and I found myself on a map with people trying to choke me and it was awesome. then how long was before you like in the academy taken classes like first week that first week after that, first we I like told him I was like dude. I wanna do what you do. How do how long did it did you realize the power of jujitsu immediately, where you just like? Why is this happening? It didn't? I didn't like dawned on me, there were none of that. None of that profound stuff was dawning on wheels. Just so Who would have this like mentor, I telling me what to do that was like telling me to do. shops and yelling me, like you, kicked me if it and do the calisthenics work you want a museum in, I've never had. Then we and also I didn't care what it was doing that if that dude was jumping off bridges, I would have jumped off bridges, but that do jujitsu tournaments on the weekend and push ups during the week. So that's you know it was just really nice
did he opened that academy immediately. This is by the way, if anybody wants noses paragon, jujitsu This is the ricardo friend Jia miller, like epic instructor and you know, obviously he has Jeff glover under him. Has bill cooper under him? Has the other guy? I run glaring glover, so he's made bunch of just incredible jujitsu people who still up their paragraph yeah, piazza empire, that he runs and operates out of of, inter in all over. My my middle coast, my middle daughter, is now part of the paragon empire cause. He goes to slow yeah chris Lovato. He was. He was one of the first guys that came into fringes, jiu jitsu world, with like really good wrestling, and I used to fight chris Lovato when I was like seventeen. Sixteen ten eighteen? I would, though, like one of the first like men, friends, you would let me like fight We are saying- and I got some good work out of that- do
is that we started developing good wrestling. yeah human tyrone. You know tyrone came in was like I put all these brazilian names. Are these judo names that you have for these take down their wrestling names for those two? You know like double leg sets that's called dirt. That's not called by Jana right raise, they called it is not called by honor. That's called double leg and he's like you need any change levels. When you do it too, you don't just like brown. over and grabbing yoga yeah, that was it. I started wrestling early early early yeah, you're resting his is like underrated right. People you're so fluid on the map that people might not recognise that anymore. you're freaking creativity on the matters, ridiculous, it's ridiculous and we'll get into like where that came from, but before pete, yes, sir, how'd. It go down what well. First of all, you from shy count right. Yes, so tells a little bit about that. What's goin on working for idea, my dad owned hot dog places. My dear The first one they have a urals in Chicago said, put an spit in
and we may soon lip restaurants with flip hotdog play that low standards little like across the street at the mall shop facing those type, a place, lovin smaller and so my dad would we'd go and find a place. You know where greek we we'd find someone struggling to that. Could they'd open them, not know how to do it and we'd just take it over and flip it. You can either flip in a few months, maybe a few years, but one day we kept called kings and queens, and in berlin, which is right next to chicago tread on the border, and there was a crowd place next to it. So my bed, my dad's tough he's from greece, his parents left him at thirteen, is only too clear himself since thirteen, brought him. The united states, where war too that was all is born in that and at times musics born nineteen. Forty two they brought him over and There's a you know, I'm out, and he and left them
so he made it to Chicago is a tough guy, so he always waidelich, but he work so you never really worked isaac. I never worked. I just worked in the crowd he plays next to the two place in my daggers blackball, and you just do private lesson it's like the master and all that, and so my dad would train me and I was born. He had me like at forty years old and so He began his knees and fight me. the time making. Tough in, I don't know where he learn avenues like war training, so so so I started doing that and then I went to the court. replace, but I didn't like it. I would just show up for the bell promotion having all these kids are getting promoted, our fight him and then get promoted within the fight me in I think guys. Like look man, you can't come back, you have to come to class and I was good at floor hockey and baseball and stuff and I followed my cousin was the bus ice hockey player names, christians who thus ones
he's in any choi lived in san diego and why well. The kids was getting bullied so that dad's like no, no, you were going to teach you, and so they brought me on their ice hockey team and I beat up the bully day one. I was never that big. I was ready to fight people for my friends and and so bad already did not know the exact globalized egg. I really to find anyone, but it does its funding. It keeps you strong, it's a nice thing. What happened next somewhat undue delay. They brought me to ice hockey, so an ice argues cool, but I never really wanna play eyes argues want me there to beat up the bully so so them, I saw you have seems like ninety ninety, through my mom, I live with my mom growing up. My dad went back to greece and I'm like I want to do. I looked at my momma said. That's what I wanted
and she looked at me like that. You shouldn't, like the only mom history, others curve, so it is watch it Adam we moved around so I few high schools are less high school I went to we was called maintaining in and there really strong rustling programmes. You see like John John Russen, coaches from their easy resting on his kids. Are top addresses and so I would go resume and fight them pretty much as fourteen fifteen and I was able to do well organs all them, but I would never russell gazelles ice hockey season son. Finally, says why the gracious moved in town- and I couldn't dr yet so then on My mom's, like yeah, my mom had a heart attack and I still can't drive a hard ticket for teens. I took the car went to the gracie's and I met crossing junior, like wall like this, is guys like he's one of them
and he didn't like to drive so I became his personal driver and then, when I would drive him, people want to kick my butt cause. I show up at the coach, I'm always with them and that's where I met Carlson Carlson bring the tour and everyone I was so happy. I didn't even know there were jitsu tournaments. I just thought there was pride fighting and you have c and then should I join eyes, became one of them. Came the driver drove everywhere, and then eventually Eventually, you went to Brazil right Therefore, along with that with little, then there's a tournament gone, and I lived in ohio so causing lazy, junior he's my best friend I mean he live a moment. She call he lived alone, but you can't I moved from rio de Janeiro to Chicago. It gets depressing. It's like I'm knocking on his door because my job was to pick them up and take them to class, like people still have that, like a lotta, jitsu coaches, he loved the other students come pick them up, hang out and take them to class.
So knocking on the door and not answer. I kicked the door down and I'm like look come live with me and my mom, and then he live with me and I started getting really serious about jujitsu. I was about sixteen at that point. What year was that? Ninety six somewhere on their ninety six. Ninety seven sooner your train in freakin hard hard, so I'm is dry right shop to every single closet, some crossing gracie team. So We always appeal from result. Carlson gracie always come visit us cause. Ohare reports international. So before things were different, they can stop. I think they can still do that, but whenever they go to Brazil or wherever they'd always bring new team and stop in chicago and visited, and how to fight them, and I didn't even know there were tournaments existed. I'm like whoa these. These guys make a lot of money like no one on my team was broke. You just seen vittorio coming getting metrics pet food mom. I wanna be like this got my dear looked at amusing. Oh
my dad and understand so much credit limit on bottom. I understood that I want to do and so on in ten percent behind me. And I never really pay for training, because when you train like the way jeff- and I do I first- we sort of clean in the first restart of usually is like training dummies. We help with privates. We help with everything. So you know, god bless all that and start training. She ran up in Brazil next thing. You know I told em at a turning point in ohio salesman. The first day that I should go is a blue belt and Crosby junior says: look you're going to purple belt around, like oh yeah, show up there and on I smash everyone. I do a couple over under moves in a guy smash a lot of pressure. I beat everyone and then a guy comes out of the other. Out in henry memorials he's back in the day he he fought raphia kudrow and in the old valley, tudo things, and it comes out.
anything I want to go and see if they be paid a salary eyes and business. Our man still owe me and then I beat him and then on the hurry hours a day. Were you train it all day? I would just pick them up. I was as their jeff. lifer Jeff. How many hours days are you training once used? to train a lot as much as pete yeah right in he came after Jeff came after They met on the met people in Brazil and scottie in them. and then saw I at a train that hurt, because I wasn't accepted my my team destroyed it fall apart, and so then I met scotty and scotty had all the information he had Ok, so called on. You got you that cost. And gracie team cause a bunch of people left to make brazilian topped the right woman is tournament in ohio and coaches, the the rough.
Is Cristiana Marcelo. He had he's like the guy from creasing, my top and he goes and he's coaching shoe box and he goes tells it calls me a junior this guy if he moves to Brazil No one will beat them so they said that about you yeah and he was rough when I, when I won and so then bam, I say to see the units I need to go to brazil, dude and he's like sure, he's like perfect. He calls his mom show up during my backpack and I'm like what did you tell your mom or something growing up? My mom was happy. How old are you I'm about twenty okay my mom was happy and what years this surround, two thousand check. Ok go up shop there and I'm in junior is like my brother. Carlson is a junior. He live with me and stuff What clothes like real plus I mean Jeff, the mom never met me. She just gave me a sick beach cos main force he's like a dog like pit bull, pa
If she gives me a hug, I give her a hug and no- and I could understand hey, there are some swear words, but sure she works at the gym, crawls and wife work at the gym. Forty five. This is jujitsu crazy, so I walk over. They take me everywhere. This is beach, you know, don't mess with them and we meet all the bikers. They have all types of you know: mutual friends, that they notice they don't pete and she I was like is grave. And then yeah, but I showed up to the gym like the third day. They asked me to teach class because the team fell apart and I was like whoa like I didn't come here for this, so then I tell Carlson I'm like look like. I want to train hard cause. He only had a few guys left most of the guys that stay left somewhere like the loyal guys, but some of the guys that no one wanted. A glaring go with them, because no one wanted then saw the wool.
I'm like I can't stay here. So did you feel like it was like a political scenario. It was like a war. It was like shock to a war after your team has got massacred and it just like they're like whoa, so you were with what was it that made you not want there's one guy there there's a few left like this will realise that all the good guys. Lastly, all left is a two or three of us left One of them was so tough he's a baker by I agree, I think music and the hell's angels, or something he is for sure he was. He went back to brazilian top team to beat all of them up and take them back. He was hectic and he was doing a great job of doing it, but he got in trouble and- I dunno what happened to him, but he was actually doing it at one guy at the end, willing to go there and beat them all up and take them back, and he was doing a good job of that. But didn't work out
things like that out of context that force the whole idea of like one guy go to another place, beating people I didn't know I didn't know yeah cause crossing bus from rural pakistan or actually I went through with scotty scotty's, like the american guy over there that films, everything everyone, loves him scotty always has money around. So I show up to the brazilian top team with scotty one day and it was like in enemy territory. I was like whoa, I'm like. I saw all these guys. It was in the. Brazil banker, Brazil, laborious, has also worked for bank of Brazil, so he hooked them up with they had a country club where they trained. It was bad as I walked in. I was like whoa there's like eighty hundred people. it seemed like I was like whoa and then the guy never be ata. He was the guy with the tattoos my best friend or or cause it. Here is the last one loved. He comes up and right away
a man there. He stops the whole drink, as these guys are trying to sell stuff. I'm with a bunch of american do them. the little guys I got from top teams like oh buy this buy that I'm like what I meant by buying vinyl top team, nothing and then now ass, you may beat you're here Only brother in the room in a fight with me against all you guys, you're suing. Everyone come back to the cross racing team. He got hectic and they're like yeah and he's like don't worry pete and my and we just stood there and there was when I went to the top team. it will never the same after that never join them. So I went all the other schools across and look I wonder how are you go there again, you can go anywhere else. So then I went to every other team. I should have greasy buys train. I lived in those walden. All's, I train it.
Today. I want to every other, Jim normally like me, but they respected and usually gringo train her ring alike, causing gracie, I'm I can already portuguese. I knew that the timing is bound to get heated and so scottie, like replete with every school. We went to ever try to murder you share, scottie sky You got the videos, everything and then I got some glovers being built at that point. This is when scotty's making videos like ringworm and all videos, all this stuff, yeah dang fever. Oh that's, right! Gotta gotta make the videos because of me, because crawls and best friend was pocket to. He was the guy that films like thousand buzz rising. What should you do? You should films, a pact of film everything? So then they showed up to the house that we don't like your friend scotty. He films, every you make it out. You can be sure to Brazil, film everyone, we don't.
like him, they don't like when you do that here. Let them rest of the day don't come back in the day. Wasn't like now. You know you can go on bj fanatics and just get like the best moves of anyone, because there you can go, buy it, but in the day you couldn't buy the best moves from anyone, because it was a secret inside that academy know who's hectic as scott is from health. Gracie elf made them nervous. Health still makes people a little nervous, but they don't really care scotty's scotty I gotta go and I'm like delay. do you think of him in Brazil, We talk like that entire family. What do you think is scotty scotty, like my brother, look at pagoda. What do you think is scotty's scotty's, like my son, so bam scotty at the film everything at their point, Do I remember those movies back in the day I really like wild. time, they're like your time, but this glover guy I'm here about these guys begging
states. I didn't give a shit. I was like no way I'm in Brazil, I'm here like. Oh, I don't care what anyone There are many, and I was there on one thing: it was just a smash and and do whatever I needed to do just to who has the only one left on my team and saw glover glover- is able to like scotty. Big barton, laura guarantee united, I will tell you that, like fringing for sherman scotty of giving access to things Not just me, though, like that's. His has scotty that were tat from the original idea, which involves a hospital, the atlas guardians, but back, the deal now he has a hospital, wasn't even hospital in mexico chips, chips, are so he's doing a bunch of great work but beware stem cells. If you're interested in that you can find as india go down.
The boys anyway. This way before this is do this is by me, when I told you guys yeah what about those guys they were living in like like. woken down up in up in san francisco mean dean list go up there, for you know to go out. Train hang out training, I was cool, is person at that point we want close people in america is furs. bringing people together? and show him a good time like because not too many people were able to do that. How was he going to bring all these people right? Whatever we think from all? shapes and life your crushing at peak you'd gone. So what with the, when did you meet Scotty them Jeffrey? I mean early He was already sponsoring tyrone and IRAN was like you should look at my little white. Rather sky was I care, he's awesome and then, as a blue about I had a odium patch on maggie. you, so you started competing as a white belt. You just start gettin in there and you are you're, so you must have been like sixteen seventeen years old when he started coming
yeah, I think the first one I did was seventy there's something about you, though, like the whole time that you ve been doing you do to you, been doing things that other people weren't doing you been when things that, at least as far as I know, it's kind of its similar dean lister like my brother dean, he was doing things it literally people were not doing and you're the same way as a white built. I don't. I don't know that early on. I was like that. I think I was doing good. Everything goes to introduce you to write and just with really good motor skills and amazing balance, and it was just normal, jujitsu done in a way that looks different, he was actually doing different things. Dean was doing things that were like you
we go back. You know what I'm saying I was taking. The bathroom triangles do a bow and arrow chokes. You know I was. I was I guess I guess you're right, because now I think about allurement, more what you were doing normal stuff, but damn you're doing it in an abnormal way cause. Even today you can go watch your videos from when you were a white belt or a blue belt and you're. Like that does not look like normal jiu jitsu the fluidity of your movement, I know Your teaching class yesterday and you're going If this thing were like, hey, just sit here and bounce back and forth now, you're, just talking about shadow wrestling, and so I'm sitting there like just doing what I'm told like okay, we're bounced back and forth and then you're saying that it is simple, hit a double, and then you like our rights, dania square but saying a square but now get get it dead. Sit down and have courted the department and you're doing the shadow like there's, no other people and I'm watching you do it and I was like damn I'm a loser. I am such a loser because I can see that you're getting better. with no partner,
doing the moves doing movements, your brain is just tap into go: Through and making it happen outside Such a loser and your literally saying like this, is how you can get better this again. I'm thinking common aid, How did I not be doing this for all these years? Gone by to the story, though,. You started competing, you started. Kicking Ass really are I mean you're freaking cut, you came onto the scene in a fury yeah I mean for my against my peers. I always did really well hey how many hours they used to you like, oh peter, more, you must have been training. Freakin, I mean tree and, like I think when people say training, they mean like rolling or I mean on the mats. I mean I was assisting in every class. All a friend He is private classes. His women self defense classes is little kids class out how long a day, how many hours a day we already got him. I mean it was like, if I may, more than two classes. The whole like free jujitsu thing was over
some years. You're you're doing five classes a day forecasts as a day every day, but I didn't roll know you're not going to row every single closet, but that's the thing, and I notice there's another thing about you. You have a way of rolling that is. it's not rolling fully, but its rolling it's like a playful role, all we are going through wild positions and crazy things are happening in that's nothing and I used to watch you do this when you taught here and I'd be like Well, awesome here and I kind of thought of it s like a cool thing, and then I just realized when you were here, and I was watching actors watching- you repeat- pete like oh. This is how this bastards getting so good cause, Try and all this wild stuff against a partner that he's kind of playing with their plans. Together that's a different thing, and I remember that actually dean and I used to do that dean and I would do that where we're sort of going, but we are also kind of just playing but
If it's going to work, you can kind of tell it's going to work, and if it's not going to work, you can tell is not gonna work, but you don't get all locked up in one position and sit there crossed aside for forty eight minutes, which You have to play before you can fight it's like an boxing, a box. Coach won't hold paths for you unless you, at shadow boxing and beg work? First, you're, gonna, fuckin, hidden! You know, you're gonna hurt him as a judge, coach. I don't want to work with a jujitsu student that doesn't have a good stance and I'm like. Let me see your stance and they're like duh, I dunno what to do my hands on like whoa, I'm not rolling without dude. He's gonna hurt me. I wrote him. I'm gonna only only win, there's no way letting this dude get anything cause he's gonna. Do it wrong and hurt me you know saying, then I start feeling bag of india breaking subdued off. Like hard as I can. It is all brand new. He doesn't understand, I'm just trying not to get hurt yeah well. That was another interesting thing. You told me one time you said you have for me the easiest people for me: Jeff,
however, to go against is like being muscle guys, and I I witness that countless times were some big jack guy would come in here and you could see You know whatever he's thinking is hanging onto is not there any more like a half a second later it's gone you're all of a sudden over there are slipping over their humble. Your flex, billowy bro, you got some wild flexibility. How much that is natural and how much of it is work. I mean it it's natural, I don't stretch, never stretched. No god, that's crazy. You ever see me stretch. Pete know he just like does like freak show stretches just to show people like how twist and goes around, but as far as like going out there and do yoga, we went to like meet some chicks one time yeah. How was it that he was more flexible and everyone like when I found for that again now saw you know glover's, whilst people united,
If you tell someone, you know not users strength, but then I tell not user flexibility. So then we all have talents. We should but yeah the way global players. what's wrong with you. I know each other. We warm each other up in case. We really have to do something is for me those people see were expecting to be rolling and then said Dude wants a challenge. A sober warming ourselves up at all times is the hurting each other and then someone walks in the room and then what you unworthy hurt like the way we play he's getting sharper? I'm getting sharper and if we really gotta do it, then we do it We're sharpening these things pretty much we're not we're. Not in battle, because we already know what I could do to keep a sharp sings. a sharp, no, not sharp at all. So,
Jeff you're saying you know, white bell bluebell your kind of doing. normal digital moves, you just doing them superfluous. Again, anyway, go watch youtube or whatever and check out some of the stuff. What what first thing, you remember kinder kind of thinking, hey, I am making this up. This is new like I've, I'm creating this thing right now,. I don't know that I did it intentionally. It would be of somebody I was pointing it out to me and be like hey: did you notice you did this when you rolled and I'd be like? No, I have no idea what just happened. I was just you know. Respond I told the training that friend you put me through and it would just work. You know, you're a deep half guard that I mean you're, definite known for the deep half guard, especially back in the day. Would you That's something that you are like all the son. You realize you had this prisoner. I remember you teaching me deep half guard,
and the coolest thing was the you do deep half guard to me and you'd, just like sort of pose the question like what what are you gonna do: jocko cause you're two hundred and twenty five pounds, and where are you going to and you have you have control of my leg. It's like you, all bodies on my leg. But then I can't do anything was a deep half guard is It was at the first thing that you started get recognized for as like, your own thing. It was our teams thing friend you used in just as much as I did so did bill so did tyrone. Anybody was winning tournaments from paragon team was using that fuckin sweet, but I think I think what I did was I recognised that all the sweeps are not randomly used it works best when you have an initial off balancing movement, and
I realized at that point that I was doing that. I was going into deep half guard in just trying random moves and hoping they would work and often they would they would oftentimes work. I would take them try. This random move and phoned the go get swept, but our course and then would you load that into your repertoire? Yeah ok, I got another sort. What I do it had the light bulb when I realized it was only three sweeps. I thought that it was like fifteen twenty different things I had to learn when I found out that oh, my gotta keep repeating these three things over an organ, and it took me so long. I used to do like three months old. It would focus on three months on one move. Every time I rolled with somebody else only doing on a platter for three months, at the end of three months I was I was frickin. I hated that move I felt like a cheater. If I was now so good at it. It wasn't fun anymore. You know what I'm saying when, when you gotta move that just works for you so well, you feel like you're cheating, you know doing it to white belts are like what When do I really feel about that? You know what I'm saying: I'm setting the bar higher for myself, so it didn't get like that with deep half guard it got to like
three and four, and I was still like excited to use. every time I rolled in any was making life so easy, and you started seeing that clarity in the simplicity actually get narrowed down over time. And because you're half guard with so many different moves, but really you can sweep them to the left. You can sweep them to the right or you can come out the back, that's kind of what it is radically yeah. It's always going to be what a variation of one of three moves and they all set each other up there. All the they are all there is the whole thing. That's really easy to learn. You know if I can grab your leg, I can show it to you and explain it to you and like five minutes. Most guard systems do not take five minutes to explain most guard systems. You need like two hours, and I can They give you the gist of this system in like under ten seed explains it better than I do to be honest with you the its work. those things that when I see when you, when you were teaching here and outside of this stuff, is it's crazy? How it is pretty simple
I mean when you you are already to the point when you came here I mean you are a freaking champion and everything else, so you are not only highly proficient at the move. You are also highly proficient at teaching it. And all the little drill is another thing that Jeff clever has drills. Physical drills that make you better at the movement that make you better educated. Motor skill. Somebody said: let me the other day the glove you got motor skills. who I said that you, the other day when you were you know what I said was. I feel like I've Jeff covers watch me. Try to do one of his moves. He just thinks this guy's an idiot. like this guy, does, does never motor skills. So you're in this competition mode. So now what Unlike what is it now might in the year?
thousand two thousand one now you're compete in all the time, two thousand to two thousand three, your mopping up competitions, the other thing that's right, about Jeff glover is what's have governs wait, class, one ever dude all those old by grappling quest videos where you're going in against geyser three hundred pounds, literally three hundred pounds to under forty pounds, jack giant dude. What was the story behind? I just didn't, give a shit deep, af gordon, deep half gotta bigger they get the more. I use the deep half guard back door. upon a single up on any of them on their work see, if not when you're caught quartered position. When someone trying to mount you, you, if, Look at the eighty she shooed with the supervisor, gordon verse Galva
Gordon Adam trapped in the quarter. Guard saw god two options or three: he could either accept the mouth turned stomach down, give the joke, or He couldn't went and did Jeff glover return dive under the went deep halfgar. That's something new! became a crazy to do it. It's the deep half the way I teach de bath guard you'll never get mounted again you dont get me. and you don't get your back. Take the anti mount pretty much. It's anti this here's how jujitsu used to be when we all first started. Ok, it used to be you go from closed guard to mount there's. None of this, like me, slide to side control shit. First, it was go from close guard to mount and when do are good at that fuckin sucks. Roger is unanimously gordon, so good at that. Now he so good at risk We stray to mount dude, you know what I'm saying and that's what I used to have to defend with friend, Gia all the time and fringe he gave up on trying to
allow students to do that. Shit cause everybody on the grappling scene. They were all like. Oh nice, light to sidemount friend, who was like that's wacko to mount, and people like that but that's harder these again The first is harder, but the end result dog. You get amount where the submission is just right. There now checks and it's like a checkmate type mount and that whatever no one wants to listen to me and we are the or community. We're all agnes lies. Niece lies in how born enshrining gave me slice mount credit, council pressure. So this deep half guard is is designed to deal with that under that mount to do with that sharing, That's how gloves able to beat these big eyes because he came. stay there and get trapped and mounted oregon dive under diving under scary, because right above you If you don't know what you're doing right there most people try and then the cunning it was it claustrophobic forward earlier the cluster organ bail, panic and new bailey had egg negatives america's and work with us
another thing you- and I were talking about the other day- jeff- is when you first try. A move in jujitsu is not going to work. I mean it may work like ten percent of the time, but is the same thing with anything in life when you incorporates the new into your life. If you work enough at a as an you incorporate some new process at first, it's gotta be less efficient, that's the way it works to you're gonna. No one knows exactly how to do the process so kind of messing up in there Taking a little longer and so you're going to get less efficient when you first start trying a new process and a business same thing in jujitsu, you bring some new move into jitsu. It's good, it's gonna, make you worse. For awhile, and I said for a while you like three months because you were each and a whole another series the other day and- I was, I said to you, I'm like bro me to get my back taken a lot when I start doing this and you go yeah. You are the ones that yeah cool that's the way it is, and I got
when I was rolling another guy got my back to back taken in your letter. You gonna keep your back taken for a while and I remember there is opposition I used to teach and, and I we teach it, but for me it was like my main go to position of how to pay, scarred. It was a kind of unstoppable and I would teach its people, and then I see them try and do they be all awkward in all off balance and stuff, and I say to on baby. There are fewer, can we get swept and they they would get swept and I'd say Hey man, you gotta, get comfortable in this position. First, like it's going to take you a while to get to where you can just be here in bisbee, like nothing's, going to happen, you can't tranquil me, you can all mock me. You can't sweep me I'm totally comfortable here and I'm gonna pass your guard, but it, but it takes a while to get used to that stuff. in order to do that, you got for your ego and check you're watching you Jeffrey, you like people are just getting you're just giving up a rear, naked choke.
eighty percent of time you get out twenty percent of time. You tap and you're like cool its role again. Yeah I was getting paid in those classes. You know what that is. You're not doing that you're not going to improve, yeah? I don't you know I like I like making the students truly believe they got coach. You know like like like they and they go home they liked to knife. I swear. I got a tap coach today. No, he legit like tat hard and everything and he was struggling grunting and I don't take them explain to them whatever they want to ask. Did I really get you I'll be like nah I'll, explain it to them, but if they don't ask I let them go home, I'm not going to be like I let you by the way I let you by the way I have just so you know, like the good job to me. Do you can match their energy almost met match their heartily
these targets are to restore law and order are right. So what when did you see what was like the highlight of your competition? Could repeat, then? Well, ok! So, besides Raphael about on and myself, there wasn't too many americans pretty much on the rough would come out and visit all the times debs. Could he wouldn't lived, in brazil where you'd come out and so him and I were able to do well out there, and so they put us in the great kid the girl we would usually get ripped off and tournaments sake. We would I would can be more than handle the brazilians like those because we would get ripped. There was no internet so much in like the last time they compete in brazil's against bronchial steam on you think of my fifth match the war. and I should have one, but then they gave him a time out. They call
while the referee, he brought over an oxygen tank right after a deep half guard, swept them I dumped them, then they called a time out. They bought them all. the action they put them in his best move. I didn't even know what was going on. I was like causing came now. He made switch to roughy throughout one of one of his cousins, a referee and then is this. Is it you just realise again, these table games. You could get cheated they forget him some ass, I e in the term and would be physically weedin in those in spain you just stuff someone in a position. You're good at time would run out and you'd win this I wouldn't have the flesh, you wins out. people there wasn't supposed to be. I go to prison, beat all those guys and they would never expect there. And only remember most of their names, there's a lot of good ones and all the rest, You know me and then,
when I came back to chicago cross and moved to Chicago. But the level was law in sugar well yeah. It was just like regular people, training, and so it bj penn had called me is one of the friend scottie and I went over there and I was a little bit pen There was a good while in hawaii why, in Hell so I lived over there for a while, actually pete the greek brazilian brazilian sicilian, peruvian hawaiian is all bunch so I lived alone hawaiian in jack Daniels, Jack Daniel hill. He was another guided lived over. There is any and train like six hours a day. Yeah, we mainly japan all day all day, he'd pick me up in You know he lost one of those towns where it's adrenalin rush, all the time. It's raining and stuff and we're just having fun cruising and have like randy couture come and teach us how to Russell, and he
The item is Sheila that I saw how long you, how long you live in hawaii for for a while. Can you put that in some kind of it I'm perspective are still there, but are you gonna? Do you remember me that only five years ago I beg to Brazil first time and sixteen years whose remit covered everything was shut down. I'm talking about everything. No one on the street. I've brought guerrilla hands out there. He's from Brazil, but he never been a real and he went with me. And they just let me and hands on the street and we actually bumped into each other, just me hands on gorilla hands. I have pictures and all have real. Only people on the street and they thought they still live there. They think I'm really.
I do think that's how it is when I visit here, but you look like we all look like each other. Do you still live here? You have no idea, I ever left. You know wherever I go, they still think I live there. If you know pete, even here, I'm kind of still jeff- and I are still here even though we're not here. and so we leave that ever presents cause. We love jujitsu. Ok, so for some on quantifiable amount of time living in hawaii, hawaii rainy, with with Egypt, and this would be a pen is like fighting. Yet you have the angels one. He just beaten met, use lick the blood off his face. Also, let me just say this out there to your talking about how sometimes the tournaments Brazil could be. Very. Offer. An american to win be depend we're down there, not even on the video. So if you get the video from that year, that match isn't even on the video you know. So it's like that it can only put their use.
train at gracie, ba he's from health gracie The same thing happen: he got. There was a hundred black both on the mat the first day, when travelling on the second day? No one even touch him, so then he went over to another team, karlsson, greasy black blackmail, movin yell parent. As he goes over. There is a purple belt. He told me like pete, you know I walked up in there. I was nervous, he walks up the stairs and hubs, tomorrow's, like one of the best blog posts like a triangle them day, one and they're all like they were surprised, you the purple, bow and then I talk ensure that I was lucky. You goes back the next is a guy tribal them again, and then they gave game brown bow and they're a competition, heavy team, and so they needed someone at black belt in the weight class. They put them into one and then, I was a purple both the next year. I think you two thousand, so two thousand when I was a purple while they were gonna. Let that happen again like no way did
They do not come in here and do that again saw, but you know people like you. If you're supposed to lose a new when it says they give you a crowd, favour people like you, doesn't matter what the muddle says and I won a lot, but then in hawaii hurt my neck how'd. You do your neck We want the sandy beach, which is like a notorious beach hurting people be repaired and then see He let me in control when he'd go to japan and suddenly hit, he would tell us brothers pete's in charge. Let me why is Larry, so you know after some time I ended up, it is beach. I hurt my neck, so they took me other competitions. Those rang out what happened slammed on my arm body. Surfing at breakneck, beat the beach. I had no idea that the most dangerous beach in the world they didn't tell me they're not going to tell you. You know what I mean so you're, not you're in a room full of staff. Know
it tells you mercy whatever it's like yeah. You know just lay on the couch, so it's the same as a jab at me. I dunno, if you guys, knew that was a jab at me cause all my couches have ringworm and staff and fuck you man. He didn't train on a moma people when you go to their house and you We buy one of their coaches, like it's like a joke. They're like yeah, you can stay as long as you want to stay on the job cause. You know like day. Four is going to be itching wow I haven't had ring rumours now and say that the general new ever maids is crazy enemy fighters. From back in the day I met tat, Jeff is clean and he's great friend. He think he american rights, I have personally witnessed Jeff, kick people off the map for doing whatever kind of stuff that that was not. Hi, jenny, great but hey how so what what? What was the injury to to your neck? So I get slammed on my neck and I was like fuck dude. I thought I was paralyzed than that
and I man those little guys. I heard some people laugh and start getting. Pissed bj penn grabbed me out of the ocean because they think it's funny like if you, if you get hurt at first kind of This has to be in a hurry. You know, I'm being like injury. Entire series of movies called jack asked me has literally about that right there in your main friend cadres. Like you know any time you want to come back here will build a house for you there just like their happiness, I took it like a man because most people are gonna be, and I still stayed there for months like four or five months and you get surgery. Did you get a raise? What does it suck so bad end up taking in your arnold's? It was fucked up at first. When I got hit. I was completely numb. I thought I was paralyzed. I was like I hit it and I was like wow, you shake something offers war war I'm paralyzed sucks like this sucks and I kind of like started accepting it, and then I thought about what
in girl, when, when I was an eighteen years old at travel to cancun, one of my best friends, she died notion undertone. They call me crying like we lost notion. I go out there. I find her. This one has eighteen, we are on the news and everything in chicago came back anyways first thing I thought of when I thought of her. When I got apparently they thought I was like whoa. I was like back in the ocean again like fuck, I'm paralyzed sucks. I heard these fuckers a thing and then I felt a pain com is the best pain in my life is like real pain. It. Look at these I'm her. My friend he looks at me. Grab me I'll, be falling bay, felt so fucking bed, It grabs me out and his friends didn't know anybody. I used to smash them all day. It was like purple belts as random. Hawaiians I'd smash shit there is so happy.
I ran past it. I'm just saying like I was there for bj penn that wasn't there like these guys are just like adrenalin dudes, like they'll, just show up like the type of guy that show up when you win and they run when you lose You know what I mean. He knows I'm talking about bj penn, my good friend, so it was like those type of friends they weren't, like top notch friends. So now you keep. how long before fuck this shit, I go back to chicago piss, ass peter. Greek brazilian hawaiian back in Chicago I was like fuck carlson's lost his team. He was like fuck, we became best. Friends were just like whoa. We're like we need to gather It sounds like he's on the phone. Like the shoe box coach was his other best team hated top teams like telling him how to dismantle everyone is like yeah. If you're fighting like this guys would be nice to middle child because he wasn't bad.
yeah me either just telling him how to dismantle these people. They call them up and it was just funny. Carlson was great and we study ever make videos every night and on knowledge like I read all Jeff and I studied jitsu. We study I'm a main we watch fader and everything I carlson. What do you do there and he'd stop and explain it? No, they start learning, and then we met stuff in banner don't bother, watches bluebell and causing life put this guy to fight in the guy. strong guy, tough guy, we the camorra, and you have see, calls up a put a man. is crossing like that to a person like people that they think are really big cousins. Talk to him like a killer, Dana white for a man,
stuff and change. The whole damn game, of course, veto did before, but you have seen a boring until alternate fighter came out and then, so why Dana white and all then they love and real indiana will come to chicago. He took Gibson's every time he shows up when he gets a wine from a friend from pete degree like automatic cars had like fifty times so we go under duffin. Bluebell nos one move does like the fight however, the century guns force griffin, because when you fight against Charles knows that you have cross and stern, you got a mean over his spiritual, so safe you dislike fog,. Are you saying that guy who find no history, its everything stuff and he knew enough? He did the golden ball. Boxing knew the camorra. You strong he grabbed the key, more arms get ripped off and
did that change. The whole game you have seen went from rags riches are dying. now everyone watching it again. You have seen huge people buying reviews, I didn't ask him chicago and miguel Torres came to. We helped him off and at Then he wondered w each year and that some damage crews took over his wake up. since all its related, and then I became from the dominant cruises Ali smaller smart guys When did you open your academy I had surgery mark com and I'm only colbert guy, because for the it's a fighter. I was like their bodyguard is funny, I'm not a big guy, but they like me so stuff invites me and so all the guys leaving their all there and I'm in
more dominoes for the ultimate fighter season, one and we're all it was like for the grand finale. So all that layman's cobra kai and what's his name, tells me: what's the big restaurant, it repeat greek over. I just had back surgery, Dr Joe, it's a guy in pittsburgh, and I show up there and the guy fixing my neck. He does like to dissect me. It a buzz he's a he's like a sniper. He'll fix you, so I go there my game here from our common fix my neck, but I didn't want it one too Peter gonna since shoot it. one injury from being away from homeless and that are open to Jim I'm looking for shelter. Where do I go? Who can I try I'm back in Chicago. I live in Brazil. rio de Janeiro hawaii and I'm back in chicago a broken neck people are left. Yeah me.
I went and worked in the ghetto or chicago doing what I tell my friends they're. Getting all happy like. We knew you'd end up getting hurt. I'm like fucking assholes and you got hurt or surf know what I mean. It doesn't matter that you like, when you got hurt from that jitsu. I'm like okay, I am here to work a job, and so real estate licence, and I was working for my friends. In section eight housing, so I pick up people from the projects or turn on approach and bring them to the apartments I was like fuck dude. I don't wanna. Do this and then embed bed, jitsu guy like got having to like really like. I don't want to really of. I want only I know what I'm gonna do: soya open up the little jim, the real one glover came music, sketchy, narrowed era, glows daily.
It comes in glovers on the door waiting for you, like y'all, do tap out cars at a tap outside yard, to tap out. That's what glover said when he went outside the thing you remember the first day of time at the gym. You remember that cause I had a big tap outside, so people in Chicago thought that I didn't leave, though jitsu was called. But crazy. So then I am, open up this little Jim everyone's tell me, you know: you're gonna get shot. You then am. I guess right there of the jimmy, and then I get my best friends by students right from their so cool cars ran north everyone, western two biggest streets in chicago, so it s pretty much everyone can get there from the cell cited, nor so from downtown from everywhere. The little gemlike six hundred square feet and on man I mean my best friends from there. They knew I was her. I told them straight up. I'm like look. My neck is hurt and, like you guys, just gotta get good
tell you what to do and I can fight you learn how to listen and man. We got a lot of students in there was crazy, a car it's parked outside and next thing you know all my friends are open up gyms next to me, I'm like. Oh thanks, you guys are great friends, you see. Business is going great, and shoot. Jim Jim Jim, got big kid students, I open up a giant gin and- Things are going rate. Blubber than came to my giant maoists have glover offered is always what my guys. Revenue seven are living with you guys meet for the first time. I could scum, That was that was through scotty Scott never been. I would have never been god he taught me how to be a california boy. I was sure call a cold, enter than anything. I need to smash when fight in scotty shows you serving shows you everything.
Well, a joint stuff like that scotty had one of those scooters. I got like a week scooter in brazil. We, the sky, like forty miles now, scooter you're the first digital camera skies like from the future. Then. Now I don't know I could now is what the house will survive and spend too much time on them, but back then use from the future. You teach us all this stuff and men Hawaii brazil everywhere I go back to chicago its connally, its community service like I'm, I'm really helping out people, sugar I a barter systematic, a third world country. People don't want to pay them much they. Rather barter you and it works. How good, because everyone there has a connections. This man, This guy on the place he owns. A restaurant, you try and charge him, I'm getting less so hey everyone, trains for free, so am I people. Pretty much pay it's like here. You don't charge people that much jerkily. We try and keep us
try and keep it so people can come in. I don't have time for the EU overhead much lower and its own sake? dude. I know if you have money, I know of you know like pay. What you think you should like. You know if there's food in the kitchen eat what you deserve and I understand, and I could make a lot more money being nerve. I wouldn't being jujitsu I'm doing judges service with the glover, with the return, those with bt and all these people on I'm doing. higher service. I could be a home teaching white belts and they might quit, and fuel and might win a tournament and I can make a lot more money for sure hundred percent. But if I'm looking at it from service like we help the whole world where all over the place. leave is better in california and cheaper in only legal rights legal into let's make part of asia
cause, I'm gonna stores forty percent taxes, and yeah, I love chicago a I love that place, but with my broken neck see I got hit by ok, so I open up the giant gym bam. Glover comes over, who we do the summer with joy. I have on but yeah again, every summer glover at my school It's just the way it is, and so we had a couple of other ones that most of them, like eight out of ten summers, are with Jeff and the sickest. I ever got was one of the seminars I did at your school. You took me to the bird He took me to burger king twice on the same day. Yea was coming out of both ends and ass. You know it's like you're right in their glover. I was like I hate you and I am down in this basement. You know, like I got a great home back in san diego waiting for me. This place was here and I'm like in pete's basement
vomiting. I can this taste the like chicken member chicken phrase used daily dash. This is grown. I was bad, that's when it wherever pete dogs, whether that's all I ever think of so so so. My last few and close as ever fellow death. Do, let me tell you happiness and Jeff comes over. I'm feeling great. drivers hurt me in and break my my neck again in my back and then I was just like. I can't live here anymore, it's too cold and then I went live with glover government. Would you sequoia you're? My therapist did I you're my physical therapists. I've met you guys so so so Jeff when you started compete. We started. like competing for real light now you're like no, when you start doing the worlds and So two thousand seven, two thousand eight. What's your life like at this point, what your training schedule looking like it, just jujitsu jujitsu jujitsu right?
mean that the judges, who is the only thing that was not chaotic, were of what what's chaotic I mean just lies: social life, family life, fine Where do you live where you living there? I mean I, I live no stevenson. Let me live in his place for like two, my sad a time I was living all over. I was all these places. in your whole. Existence is to train. Judges are pretty much are used. Are you still with frazier this whole time. I will between. I started this where I started. Go realising that, like this one place thing wasn't for me that just being with fringy, wasn't gonna cut it and my a layman was already big influence to me. Making those videos mark lehman was the first. You too, you know and the worst I came in here is an outrageous heat. He went back home to her michigan have a school out there. Yeah he's all loki, though not now
instagram. Nothing, he was a beast but he was very influential and its core. I get to say no. I trained with mark and dean. Martin dean were the tyranny I've. It was I who are the best americans at the time. It was always mark lemon, indeed, mr, and they fought to be you know. I've spent so much time about those guys and yeah. You know I started doing the mark thing and I told for mg of marc offered me a job in las vegas of full time teaching job. It was my first full time teaching job and fringes, school was like friend jack, You match with marks offering me, and he was like sorry boy can't you know if you want to keep assisting me for free so I went to mark leaving them like one friend, you gave him my black belt, He tied it around my ways than I had already told him. You know I was making the move and you in my area, was taken on a boy: go shorter guys how we do the paragon jujitsu in the las vegas, I'm proud of you insane he's like you ask you welcome back any time. Boy was aims.
So I started going between those who place is an age. Hey that's like when I started hanging out know like rudy that's my rudy at tournaments and rudy would I would come visit Rudy. That's how we started meet making friends all you guys right. You know, and it was like yeah. How many hours a day you train in it this time period. I mean Well, I wouldn't reign in every class. I would teach- and I would take classes, yeah. So you still it was still recently. It was like you know, four times a day every day, eight to ten hours and that we take absolute. How many hours a day are the retailers on the mariner they we have taken absence frequent cat kidnaps here and then the european nature. I think nowadays different training. Now we do more nature training, Recovery are mobile recovery. Now it's good outside allow
when you surfing, I you know I mean I know not how to surrender surfing at all talking at servility nice, so serve with them. They, like these, serve a lot. when you are training and Let's say: you're get ready for eighty cc or you're gettin ready for you know the worlds. much drilling you doing nothing changed all day. I did everything the same and I think there was one tournament that I actually had like a professional coach, but it was just one what you do to coach like a fitness nutrition, a guy named Chris eklund in two thousand and eleven, and he had me doing all kinds of shit how'd you feel I mean I that was the best year in my competitive life. Here, sir he's you stepped up, and then that made you better. He would he would like frowned at me if I was baked
You know you were there, if you're making me feel bad for all the times that I've smiled at you and your baby yeah cute? You know he would be like what did you eat today like stuff like that and make sure I did like real, like weightlifting stuff and that was two thousand and eleven, and I had the best results that you're like hands down but other than that I never trained hard, and I mean I trained hard, but I didn't work out. There was no it's. There is no sign of what he called stadiums. There was no stairs. There's no elastic bands, there's no box jobs, though Hocker bell hung about video games and just dope ass judge the other interests, the best technique, the most like dork out. It would go down the rabbit hall of what's next. What's next met move after that Twenty thirty move combinations before the dude will just give up, and I would tap them with glover trains in a sleeper. Then that's where that's where the magic happens! Dean does
that too, like we know when he would fight and we'd all wake. We all broke, and everything, and so we'd all stay in like one hotel room and like I'd sleep on floor but you'd like wake up and would be there like a sleep but you would be trying to be like, like not just his legacy. We in a triangle like triangle, links air, and then you seem like role overboard. He'd roll over. He would like he like, adjust his feet. I get like a body lock the shadow marketing like that's where he would sleep like he would sleep, he'd be doing jiu jitsu and he was sleeping or like he'd be asleep in his. His hands would be like on a rear. Naked like he'd, be asleep like one hand under his head, but his hands are in a rear, naked choke. So he's just like your dreaming of of digital sleeping sleep. In that where I met demon Brazil. When I was out there, hearing on my dead, my my dead game and my dad stronger to deal, I'm a run compared to my bed, and I It is love me now a days
Your friend was strong I p looking at me like. Why can't I be like dean, you know how I'm just like. Well, so they they'd always hang out. It was like for like three weeks and dean showed up scotty cells and that's right, madam it has got a little may. I live in scottish wholesome weaken during the big! I lived most here as waldo owls witches little Jim. Where under a go all lived in January. We all lived in their together under the bluebell and at that time, that place, they were locked the door on fridays. So if they locked the sin, we'd have to stay inside, there is no way out. Like a dog victory like son and friday until Monday, so me, and gloria figure shit out on the weekend if we're living in the little little gym a little bit bigger than here. So.
I will leave and go to scotty's house in baja. It's like forty minutes away. A vacation scotty had his house set up like a hostel, so all these people would come stay. They have the mats. I think we had the original had deandre. The guys from mom. I think the original friends frontiers and hebron them indeed was allowed to train. They were known, train anywhere because he went like the year before leg lacked everyone, so is banned from every germany had eighties ye see coming up, and I was kind of a similar situations So we just some scotty a little thing dinner and now in the living room and dean, does train with me and you when the first day and Lost- twenty two susan's also staying other tony. You got disqualified from making a guide to bloody. They disqualifying for being too mean to the opponent. No one even seen that match, but dean dean is kind of bummed out and wanting to hung out. We hung out some chicken had fun that night and I want to do the absolute and enjoy
expectations of winning goals there and just crushes it and then tells like whoa dude like this is so cool like that's an yeah that's what I'm at dean hughes became eighty cc champ. It was like he just turned in like national superstar brazil like after that play in the leg everyone, I kind of felt happy about there and I was Reading raccoon go down ass. I was, I can't go down for a reason to cause. Normally, I would corner a bright and I could go down and so on, reading the updates on the there were in the guard forms. No, it was not in the guard. It was on submission grappling ethics, a bishop grappling dot com and their pudding. Put there it's a translation from portuguese but it's like some kind of a computer translation that someone's transiting posting it. and I remember paid upon- oh that in in portuguese- that translates cloth foot.
And so it's were saying, like the american, no cloth foot has the american in an armed strangle. Then it says this american has tubes to his long, the cloth, what cannot make him tap. It was our duties waiting and then is like the Eric and got his back. You don't like reading this effort, as in my car's in my frequently lady Van yells, I get my money back. Look I totally fired up that he's he's doing this ends up with dean's like a national hero anywhere I go like. If we go to Brazil he's a we hung out in Chicago. It was great. I just feel like teens in there in the bars, How does the arms from these great person shoe a you guys, really helped glover, and I call my darling I said he's got a strong alpha dude, but I didn't really him that much? I worked with him and I
in glover in the ST we have strong, moms and stuff, but like meeting you and and seeing how you do thing really helps us like a right, clever, we got, We got pretty sera, mostly echoes arms, so we got seriously life and, like we've tried to better our lives from meeting you like. This is a truth lover right or I'm joking. Of course you know that you guys know that yeah If, when you, when you, you always give Dean some some credit or lot accredit. Actually, when I watch like interviews, you be talking adina, we talk about like how key help our your leg large game. They would that happened when you were teaching here. You are already leg, locking in he awoke and people right yeah, but I mean a dean motivated. All of us here, but even those who didn't train with him. We were all like my boys is gradually
the leg, locks, bullshit, yeah, but dean or you know the best comeback ever team, you know what I'm saying and yeah. That was the one when that was when friend gf, like I've heard him admit, like leg locks worked, usually cook. There's this guy Jaffe. I was like why there's this american guy, he's taps. Although life has ordered ivy league luxury, it is a sad day dogged, but you know it's like the demon. Ok for us You know that when a o g would be like no nah, I dunno I'll be like shut up. You grumpy old oji, this guy's, making them they're legit. So it is true. You know yeah. That's what about the guy like I'll read about your game like you'll? Do donkey guard witches? for anyone who doesn't do jujitsu. It's gonna, be kind hard to explain, but does imagine someone that you're gonna fight and what
they do as they turn around, get all your kit on their hands and knees like jump, go attack you with their ass. Basically, it's what it looks like if someone doesn't know yeah riggin mayhem. Dude, it's. You know it's based off defence, it's based of self defence and a master of people grabbing me to rob them grab unit you. I encourage you to grab me and positions that you know they think is good. men and myself defence should kicks in, and it just does what it and I haven't you look, you know it's a combination of like the flying leg, scissors technique. You know that and just kind of doing this backwards. The level of confidence in you have, I might the unmatched down or if anyone wants to tackle, we're gone mass level of confidence, mainly on mass eleven miles. like no one's, even clyde, think isn't on mass level of confidence to see you compete. And see you just.
for positions to your opponent, seem insane I would now will rather look stupid, then looked scared. I don't I also don't think that there has been a grapple, or that is more my head to say the word but like more entertaining, watch like watch it like. I go. Watch you watch you all day, role jujitsu! I got you all day. Like I told you, I have like video of you and my son like like, we are one one year, one like the next year, like eight any videos, you guys just rolling and always watch him, because it just no you're going against the kid oh god, what are you doing their own ambiguities doing right there, but then, when you want, you compete same thing. It's frigate. I am amazing, to watch. Thank you. I worked very hard to be as good at jujitsu as I am that level
confidence. So unkind of unmatched, I mean even like you been teaching series this week. It's like stuff I've. Never even while it's weird cause used, I teach in this series and you know I watched you here for five years. I watched you give your back to people. I watch you like. Do these we're position silent loud manasses like a jeff, glover thing, and then you are then works We need dovetails I've. Oh, this is not just a jeff, clever things the that Jeff Glover's doing something that I didn't understand I trust my jujitsu. Don't you trust your judges? two, sometimes not as much as you do. Bro at all. I trust any dude. My coach used to tell me believe- and I believe dude yeah leave. Jeff doesn't reference other people and he does things he'll just think of it and do it way. Cooler know that's like that's where I say dude I feel like an idiot like you're like, oh, don't you trust your jiu jitsu, I'm like well, not as much as you do. Bro, apparently cause you're does in there just not caring what happens and still you know
governments as well on the way first. Actually I think I'm the worse. People. Ask me about you everywhere I go. Do my seminars than I would you like to row ajar go unnoticed I don't think you were always so nice to meet you and dean and eco. You guys are always so gentle with so little and like all hard, and you guys are that cry little Jeff and one one time you actually like turned it on and put me in a kimora. You know people love when I tell them that that, besides people being like whoa choco, guys really good her that's why I was you know would feel like. I wanted to learn how to kind of rolled out that way. Were you learn more you know: I'm not a guy's real nice to me. I'm not a good roller and learner you're. That's what you do and I try I do like get that from you to be good roller and learner, which is it's ridiculous? That's what's more funding
I know I can see that's something that last longer to this day for sure yeah I mean I got like neck surgery right to get an extra friggin dean list, you're trying to choke me and I'm not happy because I'm an idiot dean wasn't as nice to me, as you guys were. do you hold win the growl looking over, you can't get a look at that. I everybody. It's very clear, look at the way yours, your mom was in america. Do to this. What glover try to get out that you can look at wiki is that's! That's like the nice compared to what dean? it's humid, it's it's like a a test and humiliation right. Yeah, like I gained a lot of respect for you. How can I do jujitsu? I have two hundred and twenty five pounds. I lift weights every day, freak training, jiu, jitsu, everyday and an a group of me. I'm a grown man and dean would put me in positions where I live. Not move, or he no credit,
Look could not move my body in any way. How's that happen. I remember you'd say that trade is a holding me with one. Then he doesn't have wait now d. Never this way he would say stuff like as they like, he'd be like you need more cross. If it s very attached which got along what are you doing? squat working out right now. That's fervour that so good. We also need a desert treated school britain awkward, but so he can only dream of dark or think, as I will save. Thankfully, I've got be dean, lister's guy, you know in those years when he was becoming a champion. I was the guy, our during with him every day we train two hours three hours four hours a day. You need to have someone like that. Your life, you had bill the grill river, that's your guy! So anybody that's doing jujitsu. You need to find that that guy and the when we provide we target the play for rolling and work. I just talk about dean
humility and believe me, he'd, humiliate me any day. I get a position on him brow would go twice as hard humility. having him and fun with it pay backs a bitch, though by for jujitsu you gotta find somebody or like probably gonna, be one person is hardly even find more than one person like this but someone that's gonna, be your like Bruh brother teammate that you're going to roll with you're going to learn where you're gonna work on stuff you're going to stay after you're, going to drill stuff, you're gonna get tapped out by each other. You don't care it's just. Like that. You have been the girl. Had he come into the sea, he did. You know jonah, how far behind he's he's five years younger than he was thirteen years thirty when he started, but we, I'm in the middle class by the time, use fifteen. Who was the purple about national champion breaking off adult having chrome gracie made it to the final of a tournament. They were both
Fifteen years old got tapped eight dudes on the in the way to meet each other in the finals, and it was like you know like dude kids can be really do it. I had a conversation with lovato junior we're at eighty cc cause. He was like seven, the team you will see. Well actually- and I know he was seventeen- I don't know how old I was, but I was like twenty. I was maybe even grow, daphne a grown man, and as I do beat me us as a dude. You pete me, I say we were per, about. You beat me because I you twice the weight capacity, it'd be absolute rule out like hell, yeah, that's a seventeen year olds I dont know brow, he beat me and open, but he swept me like I, you know. Sometimes you get swept than you dislike. Man hope no one got that on video. You feel real ignorant landon like one of those sweeps meals, all just dumb and no, please just awesome, but there are only a guy, that's young! You know I don't care.
like a seventeen year old, can work out a lot, but he's not going to be he's not going to have man strength. Yet you know that was bad. Ass bottle, just just just retired, but and we made it two rounds. At eighty cc gets the best in the world it's hard for me. talk about about turkey's dude You just can't imagine as you so much I say we met him from scotty to yeah yeah good friend of another one, oh tm. I would see him at every tournament and yeah. We were bros yeah, those got while him you, you guys we're just competitor, he would go to him. He would go train with lemon a lot. A lot of you. would make their way to vegas spend time with lemon and I would run into them. There is layman hired me, as is jujitsu teacher for two and a half years how many classes day will like you know, aforetime thing, I think I was doing here for a day I almost had the job to it was.
a job, a layman, John layman job, but I want to- I went to hilo instead hackers. What I used to do, as is ices stay in vague, is money you thursday, in and drive over to to los angeles, is ever got back from Brazil, a driver los angeles trainer, eddie bravoes school. That's how I met them, Joe rogan any bravo. Take Fletcher those in the palm squad. I'm a friend now rob came in here box or in their over there, and so because in vegas the hotels like forty books and I had stained heroes and the weakest, three hundred I make up I'm goin fairly, since his brothers, how sometimes Cade which was on. I also wish to live there, so scottie left Brazil? He became like the los Angeles guy. So ten we go to allay. We hit up scotty. Scottie new everyone in everything and shootin glover.
that's. When I got hurt you know I was. I wanted to be an enemy fighter, so I I was once in like I'm like you know, put the metal decide what was your weight bj penn I was a lightweight layer middle. When did you guys see? they know ye versus the g megawatt point: did you see that is sort of what you're gonna do you see, there would be like one. my coach karlsson, he didn't like together, illegal racy put him. The fight is first Mme fight with again he tall never do again. You're crazy took them down and there was there and then the cross community merrily used a key to use it for the kids Is it to warm up with the best as a cross, just grabs him by the neck like this doesn't mean they're a kid or not, and if they'd flinch like these, like no no you're just jujitsu, and if you go like this it's like. Ok, you five dollars adult knowing that he you like this.
The kids are like a man who grabbed nick Diaz, like that he's going to be happy like oh you're, about to fight, and so that's that's hard team was, Carlson news nicer did a bigger guys, so filling feel sizing me real nice to too, if you're my size, it's kind of like you know, it'd be like Jeff gets the same way, do and judge on the big big icy. I mean to me a little bit crossing the same way. You know, but I'm just saying, like big people have a good presentation. As for like dean, he's an example you I respect bigger respects eyes little did big dude scare me he likes whether they know judges were not lover? Eyes is big friends. Do some strong, tough guys? Do they come folklore, weird? about dean sees a mutant because he still so flexible,
he is it's crazy, weird flex, brothers are like bj penn. These are all special like. What do you think are special people that we're all pretty special just like to wear jujitsu people are some of the coolest people world today, our day we're the dna like it's, there has to be in a dna to be a superhero least know Somethin jujitsu there Well, there's there's definitely a threat of like it's. You know they said martial arts right leg, it's an art like an hour form in the new think, stereotypical artist, you think, like somebody, a rock and roll artists, like he's a little bit crazy a painters a little bit crazy, a poets a little bit crazy. Let's face it! the jujitsu player he's gonna be good, is gonna be a little bit we're going have a little bit there's a decent chance. I should say he's a little bit crazy.
but I didn't have garter go under someone like that there have to be, but you gotta be. You know when you talk to dean, you use talking to him about jujitsu. He knows weird things about it. It's like you were saying about lover the other day like you glover. Some question some detailed question about some weird section of jujitsu and all of any sudden about something in your like. How do you know that it was no longer than says whales it's the have you ever as de like did you say like what eighteen I'm having trouble with this triangle and he'll say what kind of triangle- and you say what you mean and he'll say: well, there's nine types, a triangle and you know then he'll tell you what they all are until you all specific about this work like that is, I think, like know, you're a little slower me tell you a story about. Do we we are at an event: and we're doing some jujitsu like presenting based digital kind of self defence to a few hundred people.
And I he showing a way to escape someone's like bear hug right. basic jiu jitsu are basic self defence. So you If a bear hug and he's showing how you put the one hand in front of the face, then you put in, for the other hand, underneath that one and you can make space and you push the person away, and so he shows- a couple times. This hand goes here. This hand goes here. He pushed away, makes baseball and use any questions. and a guy in the audience says: hey. I have a question: decency. I what's question the guises. I only have one hand any she holds up like he's, only got one hand. What what should I do, Indeed, without missing a beat like just instantaneously goes. Oh, if you only have one hand you put this into your usual into Egypt is a had the ultimate solution. For person. That only has one hand that's doing jujitsu self defense. Like that's. That's some next level knowledge you know. I'm says he can improvise, because
If the amount of knowledge he has when he improvises it's, not bullshit yeah, that's the weird thing it didn't. Even he answered it so quickly, he'd even need to know. I would be to be. I will come on out here. Let's look at it. Let me look, let's go through. It deals I knew what to say. Noise he's good. It doesn't know how to not say anything else was freaking crazy. Jeff. What injuries have you gotten from jujitsu? Then you know what's the worst, why was I mean I had a back surgery, but I can't eat, I say that that happened from digits of the injury itself. I dunno where that happened. I dunno how that happened, but I had like. Would you have done my good to skip me is what I had and so they pulled some discs out wearing your back lower back and my lower back and that that was the most miserable long chronic pain I've ever had. It was a drill. the pain that people get down there. Leg myself as crawl neurons allows crawling news to the point where I was, but I would wake up
cry for like an hour, you know crawl into the shower and increased back to bed, call someone my friends can feed me. I mean it was just horrible. You know that must be You texted me one time can't remember dude. I was at chaco help me somebody help me. Do my backers, yeah glamour text or shits, getting sick? It's like reality, as I was eating, advil's and shit cause. I don't want to take like I dunno. I don't want to take like pill yeah. I was like I'll take the tylenol or whatever, how long ago, did you get that back surgery that was in April, and how's. The recovery is good, I'm back to mean dummy jock. I wasn't even teaching glasses. I couldn't I couldn't do anything like I'm back to like I did. We want to build a role again and unrolling again. I was like I like, listen doc. not trying to get you to fix me to the point where I win world titles daughter. I just want to be able to like beyond the mat and show a move to somebody without crying. You know
and now my the point where, on my shoulders returned mergers like nothing any more man. My surgeon is a digital guy has won a frenzy, is students and and will do a disk ottoman micro desk out of me. So he pulled some little disc out, get it away from your rupture disk yeah, something like that. Jeff took pictures of yeah, no, they recorded it. They took a whole, they really showed just break. It looks a little teeth. The doctor was just so kind to me man, he he, you know he's like you know, see you tomorrow, at six, a m for surgery were was take a week or nothing is like no tomorrow see their got it and he's got a gun. and how long did it did? The relief was like instant real as soon as I woke up from anesthesia. I was like so happy What are you scared about getting back surgery nodded? or you just so. Gay I've had enough. Those does cause. I know a lot of people, you know they go that time beard with I don't wanna get surgery, which I get,
as oh yeah, when I did that. I went through that, like I'm, gonna have foundational training it away. There's like a state and that I'm going to hold for three minutes, and it's like none of that shit was working yup. All that stuff work now and eventually the pain gets to a point. I people that have had surgeries and they haven't gone great and it sucks. So I generally tell people like hey, if you can put it off, put it off and then at a certain point you gotta go k. Look I tried, and this isn't working and I know a lot of people have gone just like you. They they wouldn't got surgery and they were governor, like I'm healed, meet a man, now go from debilitating pain, which what you had you wake up and yeah you I did that. What surgery was that well had five, you first the first in hawaii clean? Now there was fixed and then later on, like I had the glover one in my lord back, but it went, sometimes those things when you get caught in this discussion,
gear, pete scar, your scar, so big like mine, scar that I have from the thing you can't even see it do it and when I had, A showed the drunk drivers, the aisles so it made my neck numb again my arm and my leg. So I had both. I was like whoa. So the reasons for the year to I dunno there's summer, I dunno, but I artificial, dissimilar and also when they that in there it took away that numbness tells us like, but it still get sore, of course is not perfect, but it took away there you just say it. I thought I was gonna do said to me under whatever they caught, I went the surgery thinking they're, going to clean up every things, as does replacements to I'm like shit This replacements are only like ten years old, twelve years old in the neck share and so often raised
is so he says why I did it in I met these people ass. I may I can't tell your word, but I've been everywhere but I m also funded hagen machado and I was helping him you'd tell me, I guess we help each other with friends, beverly hills at his school teaching Ashton culture in all regions would guys. And they are recommended daniel burner so he's dead. after he's, a guy that took over my garden. He, over after vandam really can kickbacks using vandam. Then it became like some other guy. They became him and then he is the director of all the matrix. I only saw his kids like me, a lot. I was teaching them private lessons and who else is there? joy ideas I gave I got you we deal in to actually here he did a comedy show in Chicago and he calls me it was in indiana cause. You have to be degree
I haven't met you, but they tell me you're the guy I'm in chicago, so I went out there to his comedy show and after show like he was talking about martial arts with with passion I'm like dude. You need to join jiu, jitsu and he's like serious. I make any got like a tear in his eyes and he went back when he went back commercially joined and when I showed the higgins I saw him there and I did a village on everything isn't this? A cool. Do thou know I'm bottom up, but I Think of him he's a good deal. Is one of those big do like that people? Just inspired around and she got to shoot if those guys met glover, they would not only like me, you fricking. Now he can use to make a point. meet me at every turn in saving nights stuff to me, dog, mercury, This boy is genius and genius, just like stuff like that of a dog. You are so cool and nice to me. Thank you and we used to hang out demon Hagan and I am in Brazil, my dad and stuff. That was like our little crew, and
that's what he can did. He went to everybody like everybody that was coming up and was cool. He would go up to them and just encourage the shit out of them as critical cool. You know there there's, like z, Oh player, Haider in that deeds body, and like I have a rule with him like we're not allowed to talk about jiu jitsu. Is he The exact number of karlsson gracie causes favorite uncle is like it. The mature, the brothers could train with anyone they wish they would have trained, carlsen cause. That was the part that they didn't get into the mixed martial arts part because they didn't have him as a coach like if Carlson's are, Would you to fire and sword mine hagen of Karl sinhala? He loves, have me around and I met all those whose high level, people and enjoy ideas, and I I just want and things because that was part of my rehab too, was. I lived it Higgins house for a while. He rehab for your neck judges say come back. We think which, when it comes to the colleagues and got both of them,
If you got, I was on the news in Chicago. It was a big thing like took me in all that stuff and it's the gang mayors trying to run off, so they hit me and they ran off and it was funny. I'm like these fuckers are running and they're running away. They're running out of the minivan that hit me and then they just start dropping cause. They were injured too. no, they take him to the hospital and they thought I was part of them. They're, like notice. Listen here, buddy, I'm like look, I'm the guy that got hit like I'm like give me outta here and I just left, and that was like the same hospital, but only see the joker in batman leg is blown up. It's called saint Elizabeth. It's right over there in chicago I leave right now I was calling I come from The family had hotdog family, sassoon and greek, so my grandma Besides the retailers, it's funny their dirt tion their dead he's. Actually that I think
we're cousins. We figured it out lesson yeah, restaurant or related to la villa. That's the last restaurant, with my mom before she passed away right by our house. It's one of the old old school restaurants and shoot. Let's take this guy was from Chicago, Well, it's shy turns a little town. We all know each other and shoot hover here I'll tell you one thing: I've metal! Creative people, sky he was creative, like glover in his own way. As far as putting everyone together so that sky, I know I keep bringing up scotty, but man I wouldn't have met any of these people without him. He he like propelled jujitsu through it, provided a lot of fuel for jujitsu. When there wasn't much fuel for jujitsu and in Brazil he thought he was pocket than he thought. I was Carlson glovers like holes, gracie Maybe like different spirits. Fine, I don't think you like them Maybe we find them, but holes
in karlsson were business partners who holds the buzz buzz I bought from the other side of the family. When he became black belt, he would come to carlson's and training, sometimes the guys who beat him there's like two guys that could beat holes at crossings and holsters. You know train with you guys and so holes came over and caused wait a minute you're not going to teach her my class. You can have your own class Carson school, they add two rooms saw also teach in my room, a monday ones in friday in holes take their room tuesday. There is certainly a switch, go, the other room the other days, then they would have a friendly competition between their students and there while they kept the levels so high, it was the one who's got hoses black. He his his best black balls were Carl Carlino gracie. You know he had. He had Fabio santos, he had.
hmm and Carlos Gracie Jr, but most of the guys went to carlino when the holes died, because they want to stick with the grace family but the best one the guy is not the competitive. Most technical was jack or recover country. It would be like we're friend gina, so that was the most technical of holes. the old, but the way I wasn't, he. I went to his soul is Carlson more, like karlsson, know like not gonna work, but in glover's like no ignore nanos, grammy Graham you there's two: that's why we're? Probably friends because we can we're gonna like opposites therefore, the discussion you had with her grace you the other day sports fujitsu self defense. What was that? What was that discussion about yeah? I was like a mean that I saw anyone like softer
Was talking about how how people in in like self defense digits will say something like? Oh, I plato. They have problems with tournaments sport, jiu jitsu. I don't do that sport jujitsu shit. Well, I do that self defense style- and he was like- imagine a boxer telling you that it'd be like. I don't do that sport boxing shit. I just do that self. Defense boxing, it's like crazy with this answer, so this is the someone that might think. Whilst all oh you owe you do that, you know you train on a man with a key on. That's not realistic, so you'd get your ass kicked in a real fight. I mean this whenever was was a funny ass mean than ever and then one of his one of his students, dude road, just some some pretty hostile life. You don't what you're talking about over, so I went to his page, and I saw tat. He was like this scrawny there five year old dude, like my size, you know, and unlike I'm fucked, is dubious,
So I I like, I took a screenshot of his belt that he had cause. He had a belt that I had never seen and I'm like what is this some karate belt? You know, This is the kind of guy who, like argues with me, about anything injured to some dude who doesn't even do jiu, jitsu and hunter was like hey. What up Jeff send me a message that, and I found out that the hunter has his own belting system. I didn't know that dog didn't know. I was personally, he was like yo. That was a personal attack, roll and also a first wall as your friend, because I've known him for a long. We were both like you know seventeen as I get there. and if you filling a personally attacked you honestly, whatever was I apologize, I gotta one personally attacker. You demanded by like on a professional level. I didn't know you had your own belting system and that I was. I making fun of one of your duties will be in and he was we have this whole system- does not explain it to me for like an hour,
Have you know of any danger? I never was. Actually I imagine your own. I want our prize we're all now right now, that's got slightly under the ground relation with the wheat is wearing off, you made your point, you know, I hurt your feelings yeah. We all basic jujitsu, but I dont think, like I dont think, like p, only do self defence will ever be able to beat somebody who does sport jujitsu. That's the end of my point. I had a guy on social media or last couple days a posted somethin, I wish I could get their exact quote for you, but you, son, like this, and I get this spirit of what he was saying. He said you know, I know guy Something like this guy wants me to train jujitsu, but I told him listen, there's differ, between jujitsu and crazy, old marine and you're, not gonna, be armed bar in me,
when I'm gouging eyes right as allows the comment he kind of like fought April we fought like I'd, be like hell, yeah cause. I love the marines. I love the daughter, but I haven't responded to him yet, but I'm going to respond to them, knowing that, I'm going to say, hey bro like actually you're not going to gouge in anybody's eyes, when you're, getting choked and arm locked, because that's what's really going to happen and you know, dean always has a good explanation of like oh, you know a look I'll see to dean like yeah? I would just like by your face. Indeed, be Dean's ike yak. Will then I'll be mad nice, no cause, then dean mad. We they could you do to go mad so now, when their mounted on you, let us also going to your face the air we had a friend here. That was a seal. did you do to guy and he gone too. Reed fight and he like was across side on the dude. You may remember he bitten off, but kind of not been off but like if you took, if you took he's a pizza and like
to the side and took a bite not out of like this truck the tipp of the triangle, but like out of aside, it looked like that, like This up by was gone. What god forsaken like a bite, was gone of this due of this seals ear What? Now? What happened in the fight now he was pissed oh yeah, I mean he just like annihilate this. Guy coda killed them or whatever, but oh, that self defense stuff like while all you in the nuts are all No, I gouge your office yoke, you know you actually or you may. Maybe you will, but it's not gonna help she's. Not here and the other thing is like. Oh well, oh jujitsu, why would you want to go to the ground in self defense? Don't want to go to the ground self defense hope we don't have to. Hopefully just knock a dude out. You know hope we just you know, give them a nice one, two three and the dudes knocked out and you move on carry on with your day, but we landed there and now we're here yeah, but all of a sudden I got you know gang,
gold on track by somebody or I tripped and fell, and now the only way I can handle the situation is if I know how to get back on my feet and do digit through our block somebody or whatever, and I'm a purple belt, pan am champ. So guess, what's going to happen, yeah I'm going to do all that shit. You just said: yeah yeah, it's going to be is going to be not good, so yeah, That's that's. Definitely something to think about. Have you ever had as jujitsu performed for you in the streets, every I've never lost a street fight and the wit Yes, What is your go to move? in a street fight. Not you've, never seen me, I'm a witness
add a witness written statement that dude know what you're just imagined league. How can kick ass? That would be. That's what happens when glover tells you about a fight that he had it's like, I'm there, like, I already mad cause. I know his moves he's like yeah double leg. The guy ran around on my left at him trying to change me. That must be so. That's what I was trying to say with with hinter. Is that hitters like he? He he fails to mention that he's a bad ass, wrestler dog and he's a dope, ass, boss, no you don't Jane is like how did you and streets weights on like? I never really use jujitsu? I always liked double eggs than punch the shit out of me when they fell to the vote I want to get double egg and I punch them and I was like well didn't even use any jujitsu there yeah, but but my coach was with with Elio he was. There was this bus. It was his best student look on this subject, it's like I said I started off with many truths exist at the same time with his own. These
they're both through their both exist at the same time, and it's almost pointless talk about this call it a paradox You got that right on the sunday. Sorry I got what else you were orders. I do a lot of them when people have a strong argument for against their they look at it. My boy up, my brother would call in a vacuum so they'll take a very individual thing unchallenged in the real world kind of a thing war and then concept. Nothing jujitsu as a whole is just like you said brother, so many true is going on in there. What I'm saying a concept and then the challenge again sometimes a straw man, but sometimes not another in the vacuum concept and then they'll go to battle, but a lot. time special kind of way, were seen in that debate do not straw. Man is be now like the euro zone and explain it in a nutshell. Like the worst example, someone side usually like inaccurate, but I got it and I understand, but either way like
when you talk about a competitor in jujitsu and then the other. It would be like all you. You would never pull guard on the street, which is true, but then there representing that as like their position say. Never, I wouldn't never say evidently on key garden, vulgar street. and then even that does not necessarily true, maybe four jeff and that's all no, because you jump full guard unit land straight on the pain and rent enters credit. He did say some things You know, I think the judge community wanted to hear him say I asked if you thou, Jan John Dene. Her was the number one do in the world right now. What is, unlike, as we all agree on that. Do you up? Do you agree with that? Are you going to say your grandpa you know what I'm saying is that yeah John danner is number one. I can't deny that You know I was, do you think duty to guys who do tournaments can win street fight? And yes, I guess I grew that law as a core. That's what that's all saying so as I got, I disagree with anything he says here and see and then that for the conflict really comes when the the inertia
in the ability of generalities versus pacific's kind of goes. I and that's how deep and I'm happy look if someone could always say, generally speaking, a phone always could say that and then, when they go space, if they say what specific that's great a lot of specific, have no place in a general argument that grew. So he will understand that it is this very carefully. I judge its commentator. Freedom in this area in a way it works, see that at all times, greater dumpy if her generalities are different in specifics, I always say on one of the worst people to introduce people to jiu jitsu, because, unlike big and strong and so we fight when I would like to introduce someone a juicy they be likewise, just because cause you're being and strong.
This day someone will be like well yeah, good raw you're, really strong, you're, big and strong or whatever, and I'm always like yeah thanks man. That's why I lift yeah Jeff. I think you're, like I think, you're the ultimate I live too, but yeah. I think the ultimate person to introduce jujitsu to other people because you're you, our on assuming in what made me think of that is dude. I can't Imagine the fool and how how crappy. It is when someone says you know like I I'm to talk to me, yet to this little skinny way kid right now that happens. You I've been a witness Then we need a large Y know. Nothing! Aren't you mexican know my dad is half mexican hampering much to you. from executing well my dad my red look like a white boy, man, the half spanish keys. I have white, have cherokee indian so, but they would you say,
Sk in great your dad is halfway and half cherokee. India is your mom, like my mom's, all eyes person ever. She is cause damn I'm way, your wife. He soon it would be crazy. When I view my grandma people think she liked it never eighty cc so speak in which I saw you up there this year. What did you say of everything. What was your impression number? Let me start by saying this group ro. When I went and saw you when our was talking going to see you at the agency she trials like that was literally in like her. Was it in like a hotel back rumours is illegal ballroom. The allegations are ballroom: we're not a nice hotel, either bridges like some shitty hotel in naples. mass on the floor. I thought it was nice. There's like to utter. People watch a great, less and less than the right of people there there's. No. What are you watching? Yea? Actually, just people completing maybe there's people competing in watching the others,
compete at it, this. One was crazy. There was epic doors. Fifteen thousand people in a big damn stadium and the jujitsu was just freakin knots to watch. It was not to watch. What are you seen in the evolutionary due to run out, trusting right and I'm a very interesting perspective? I wish I could explain it. We said the vocabulary to explain that, but like it's, it's remember when you first saw those first abc matches with the she can they liked dunked took due to continued the boot. the drums and arab dude plain drums and backer and you saw it was something some magical. You know I've been a kid again, blue as, like all of a sudden problem member, when we found out pro, was fake you don't what I'm so heartbroken. I was.
and then I found aboud derby, and I was like, oh my god. It's not like pro wrestling really gets real. You know like the like. These dudes are real real, like dean's. A real fucking problem like like macho man is like you know that one of those like dean, MR dean's lesters like a real live macho man yes step every every year. It's always so special. You know you could go back and watch eighty cecy. Ninety ninety six an untrained. I watch that shouldn't be like that's fucking, amazing. You know can imagine somebody who just started to do to last year watching eighty cc and being like what am I am myself into. That was crazy, you know. Am I going to be doing now like whoa, it's just yeah, it's it's! I dunno help help people don't want to do it? what do you think about the evolution of the game but what it looks like now, tough question people asked that one. That's a tough one,
It hasn't really evolved, we're all just going for neck arms and legs yeah. That's true! I was pleasantly surprised. The last couple of matches in big tournaments I've been watching because I'll, be here. and training. Unlike for his is an example humphrey trying to pass dean's guard trying to pass west his guard. Whenever watcher leg echoes gonna work, but a lot of time trying to pass guard. And Man sometimes I think dude. I just suck at jujitsu. Now I need the freakin. You know like just find a new sports go start playing croquet or some shit. You know like white board or no, because I suck and I'm like dude I suck and then we'll watch like that it seals like I was watching us. That's right and I'd I'd realises of ie six months ago like oh. This is what you do to looks like more now. People are better, their guard is better. Their leg attacks are better. You can't die. in the stuff, the way you could.
everyone's just better, so it takes more skill and more time to pass the guard. And ass. I watched all these matches on my god. This is it's just interested different game now now or evolutions that are happening right now and I'm seeing like peter talking about some of the night. I try I do like okay, so with the ivy, you have tournaments it. There were before we still have now it's on. You know how We specifically to good at that many skills. You could be good at two or three positions and hold the person win, but now it determined to submission only glover as tenor tab system abc systems. penalised for just holding again one position, so with no eu neck and build a whole anyone know under what he saw were people. do analyses, leaning on the person making them carry the weight, and then on the ball
you're pretty much changed. It's always been my new, where the evolution is coming in. Ok, preying on failing to fund them, others say It is the only real styles. It's always got old is only about, will lose all look at these old greek isaac. Achilles and Zeus. Does this new grapple I guarantee we kidding? Did he come up the achilles lock in all its staff and all that stuff. So will you get off a friggin focused on risk locks brow we're going down this rabbit whole okay. So when I lived in Brazil, I lost it. in the worlds? It was like my fifth mansion and oswaldo owls are he's. The old guy, Andre Gomes was telling the story kind of fast and is always wearing on come on Peter guy, is the result master. Can I tell your story I used up and then he taught me a couple risk lax and they want to hurt my back.
I couldn't do armbar zone wars. Have you grabbed the arm? You gotta spin all the way around, like glover, you see when he grabs an arm he's jumping around I just I focused and original one I snapped and if it works it works if it doesn't work, I use it. To pass a girl, you could see like cade rhetorical. He used a risk wagons meagre go well he said snapping his arrest. You highlighted dire meagre pull them, then he he's common around circling goes back to the centre goes again, Mika hides is wrist, gives the peasant takes lay and he stuck his leg. and I only had these videos out for a couple years now mind you. I came a restart the world muslim, but glover we're sitting over there in national city over here. Working with you guys, and I was so pissed I was like fuck the world, I'm like no.
Restart. Whistler meeting like tat covers fuck you pete, it like, I need something like that. Come up with something like that for me and like it just took off I- You know I started w p. W stands for a lot of things. Pity g stands for past a guard passed a black pass, the guard pressure the garden trader, are you choose as a lot of things and not and danger to a glover. Is fun and I cannot see sailing I didn't, I don't have like you had bill or you had been. I had karlsefni passed away, Those are my guy is gone. The thing got end up in the bus rooms at the bus people love jujitsu in lately, I've been on some, I ended up with Tolo brothers with them every day. We do this foundations training. No, we do experience.
This and all this stuff is fixing them, but I It'll be around them, so fixing me in and the guys like living in hawaii, where I heard hurt initially and soldiers our common full circle. And, what's so cool about martial arts is comes around full circle. Last time we were here, ottoman missouri, jocko podcast, when we were here years ago, I don't even know has only been around for about six years or so years, yeah, so you're, so it just our common full circle and I think the more you love jiu jitsu, the mortal love you and and I have made how many videos I mean like I should the be judged fanatics who made restock the world danner is the one that actually got me that job I don't norm soil, but he gets a kick out of me. and they call me a bernardo called me up and short term. I seen it jeff glover dvd in their own collection, whose, with like another company, I forgot there
I thought I thought he was bullshit. I would like to repeat for some ice cover. What am I supposed to do your I've been here. I give a shit about were just everything he said. I was like the stupidest. He lies biochemical here, always examines scarcely like him, like I'm, sustaining rig, he's used to like me I second the owner like never before he thinks I'm a bunch of different addicks yeah and when, when the guy he was like, oh yeah, just passively as a good dean gets these blah blah blah checks every month I was like what My govern get your ass. We look you pete, I'm not leaving sand years ago I got a stool austin hold out there Excuse me, I'm a guy glover, and then I get on there and shit and then glover always we always try to top each other. That's really cool like so I What we do is we hang out extremely alive and then we'd this ban. We try to come up with more stuff, but I got her before him. So I got a good people.
They got a really be into it. You know me they got a pretty much be into its. No. they don't even gotta, be into it know Joe rogan Georgiana he's the one that private he's like this. scottie now he's ever he's eye. I mean scotty's like that, like for the us, kids benign I like Joe rogan and we're all friends eddie? Bravo eddies are good friendly shoot. He does the other half gardena column, lockdown so like nemesis, that either kind of from us planet or some I don't know, he's milder good buddy the shoe, get a kick out and we're all well connected in Jerusalem, a things le because Every just gonna worlds, think that guy for sir period sure spreading the word joy diaz. I gave him that class.
changes life, he put a video or shut out to him to cause he's on and he knows everything about martial arts, believe it or not. He did kung fu and all that stuff, and I looked at him and said: do what you need to get on the max brother and I talked to him at least once a week like when my mom was on hospice. We call him joey, He thinks he's really is your uncle through mom says where they were really related anna cool dude? He loves over an hour? Rwanda, yes or no, guys calls me that my mom was passed with a few weeks ago. Eddie bravo calls up every night play music for crazy. That's means calls me up. Do you guys, member that eddie? Bravo, video that was cribs, oh yeah, I'm in every time. I try to find it on its not on youtube, but we gotta go.
at the agata that was called the twister I'm on the easter egg. So if you like go up down up down left right yeah, so it was on eighty. So that's why I have it so I must have it, but I don't even have any player anymore yeah there's a way and you push like up down left right. They called easter eggs. Scottish brother caters like a computer genius. This guy put it, So when you put the little cold and I pop up in in eddie rabble, yeah he's we'd just rather do like us, and the next thing you know he's he's another one like shoe ten planets. Everywhere there nice to glover- and I like we've, been knew how many term planet schools, tv diesel. one thing: that's cool your back. In the day it seem like there was more animosity, and maybe there still is, but between Jiu jitsu schools and all that stuff like that's, not so definitely worth mummies, it doesn't seem their deftly they're. Definitely not that as much animosity as there used to be between, or maybe
between all the people. We know we're in systems in all their moves name after glover, their research have to me. I'm should they'll what You're part of someone system. There is no denying it covers guy, like that. They have like moves and they have a system of moves like they have like. How can you not be friends with your entire system? all right answered. So, if guys, Look and follow you guys now want to do a somewhere out of they get to do your Jeff cover seminar inert out of me. I have the same booking agent. The dean has to gaining D. Herbert sir. Where do they go like yours, international? It's a it's a it's a you know booking. agency, and where he does a seminar spur of striking people in whatever Dean came to my turn, may introduce me to the guy by being bought a boom he's book in all of our seminar for us and making it easy so strike international on instagram is the guy's page and or
you could just contact me on instagram and we can book seminars and flat rate knowledge stuff, and your instagram is at Jeff Jeff glover be J J, a try, you guys are both your dimension, this be fanatics which is a compilation website of all the best guys in the world. King videos Directional videos, both you guys, are on there. We have a lot of content. Most of the people have a couple of videos Jeff, and I are there a lot like we have between the both of us made probably forty videos in the past year and a half, and I I just started work in which strikers international to see who contact them or you could find, was due to remind me after this what's talk to the boys at bj fanatics and put like a special on when this comes out, you know what so maybe people could buy like like ten, your videos or somethin in others are always even if you buy one video every little but helps you know, jaffna actually tat. We talk a lot of class, I weep memory, told them. We told the marine together
stuff yeah, Joel hoffman remember original joined here. There is no discrimination, we're here to teach you know and if you're watching his years from now and instagram, maybe doesn't even exist. Who knows you can always find us pete degrees? You know what I mean: jiu jitsu and Jeff Glover's you to enjoy you can find this. If you want us, it would only back like these apply. All the guys european greek restock the world is at one big thing on instagram is it the whole thing is just employing thing be together, south repeat the greek islands europe's you're vision. School is called, you'll be gj dot com. Let's see, what's that and that's also where you can get tee shirts or whatever. It just go to reflect the world dot com. I bought that brings you to everything on my instagram, the world dot com. I put up, I put a link tree, so you can set up all your links and leg instead of instagram's not around in the future. You can
is find. As you know, we do its youth, wherever they judge it to your phone glover in the greek battle, an endeavour. Taller rose. I want to give a shuttle to learn because my mom is passed away. I was feeling down Jeff, although we in santa Barbara and these kids, the connection with them and and thereby The only ones is cool is watching glover as far as I'm concerned, because most matches I fall asleep. and these guys I get there the only ones here, my mig lovers of go man. I just want to add eyes when his mom died, I showed up nor glow His grace on their mother fucker. I was there for that. Okay, well, the glover was in Santa Barbara. Now I came, I came to be with you and my mom looked at me shows I'm tired of sabotage anyone's listening things bad friend, I'm not your emotions from Chicago as a good, my grandma leon from resolve pizza people, I agree with the first woman and she called him a russia, a business so
Hey shut out the shy, turned it down, You know what I mean radar awesome or do anything else. Billiard coupled think sandy beach, ok, that's real sense. images Ottawa who, though, by the way, is not in hilo, they might know they took me. There are going to go to training boy yeah, so it's very notorious for there's the short break and the shore pounds or, if you will I'm saying in this scenario, probably appropriate short powell yeah and it's super common for guys who get injured there, it's so you know they they post signs and all that stuff. But you know what people agree. Can't read no signs when you're going with the boy, so you gotta watch out, though, for that that it's notorious for that kinda, stuff respect or the shore break. Yes, it's helped my spirit watch out for a sandy beach spirit. Secondly, I think- figured out, maybe five. Ten percent of your whole thing, who Jeff growing ever Jeff Jeff clever, resolve almost
you like. You took the original structure. If you will of jujitsu in euro, like oh wait, there's more stuff underneath the hood here so you just like you can only ever be like a remote control car and be like ok going you take it apart, You see the motoring, you see how everything works like ok, you take the originals did you do and then, when you really you sort of take it apart, like you do stuff, they you're not why do you let them out just see what happens see? Let me take off this wheels, reverse engineering in a way in a way, but more and more, it's like a it's a form of experimentation. So it's like when you do that. You start to see the little connections like all this peace doesn't have to fit here. I dig in fit like over here I dignity and the reason war. One of the days that your teaching and I figured that out is you did this drill that I never been a part of before you're like ok
get into whatever position. Mout bright and you'll, be in then you'll just call out another position or submission and you'll be like get there as quick as he can in some people would be like. Oh, I gotta go here some people, they don't even know how to get there they'll just sort of climb over and for which we really work, but it's part of the drill, yo you find the shortest path that ours is gonna, see exactly right, find the shortest bath. But now it is a test to see who stumbles through that one and can just you know, yeah. It makes fifteen moves that could have been two, but I felt it, though, because when you were like oh yeah, mount you, we're in mouth, and you said: good are the neighbour and those like, I know the drill, so not just going to just go to the new bar like the way you kind of care. really do it. I gotta go to another step. First, like all go guard, then the knee bar from dean's knee borrow whatever and I remember you watching and been like kind of look
king as if just a little bit discussed, no, no, no, he was kind of approved or not to say that that was such a great performance of the drill. He was more like liz. How I felt I dunno I couldn't read his mind. I just read his look where it was like the way I feel at that time was like this is. The purpose of this drill is still, I dont think in terms of like I know it, amber. Let me just go there, it's more like figure out the quickest way and you'll probably figure out that there's quicker ways in how you do it when you really role or theirs actually ways to get there, even though it seem right there available at the time same. And then let's say I started thinking back not to say I did this all in one day or nothing like that. But then, if you think back to like a lot of your stuff like you'll, do a darcy, Cho, Cho one, their passing your guard like this usually where they teach the darts joke is. It is usually from a very specific in a number of positions
and then you, if you look like it his match against them, is that in two thousand nine oilseed, you wanna against Joel first and then build a girl cooper. I forget who you want with first, is a phrase one of the low martinez, I think those Did you hear stronger? Did you get it, but it was a random tournament in denmark, the ogre and does it further I think I seen you in real life and I was watching you do suffers agreed he's like doing a lot Creative stuff, yes, creative, but it's like your violating a bunch of rules just so you can implement something that works by the way and then It's a good demonstrates the best demonstration that that I remember is you against build a girl when his were both doing it we we closed out several fro events where we are like in the fight against each other germany's eggs. My little brother, you know, yet we would just like, let's, let's put on edge
in the show. Yes, it's going to be a fixed match, but it's going to be so cool that people don't mind watching a fixed, oos yeah. It was crazy yeah I just got its likewise. it's not about like musicians and how a musician that's real like Jimmy, you know he played like as a studio musician for debt for decades by Gaza as a teenager, he was playing a studio musician. I play these exact noted this exact time and he's so got so discipline and so good that when he got to lead. Zeppelin he's like oh watch this, I'm a play. A note here with us we can via linz thing, whatever that thing is called an ominous we're playing a good guitar and a totally different way, and it's going to work and it's going to sound awesome. That's that's our jeff cover on the mass of justice compared to lead the failure you did right. fellows I you guys common down, I'm looking forward to taking classes afternoon. That's all I got
thanks. I will spare you boys, you we out and with that Jeff clever, compete. Le greek have left the building little digital talk today, you know from me from my perspective, is kind of interesting to be like last night thinking. I was gonna. Do this podcast talking about jujitsu with Jaffe and p it's kind scanners, a lot different right, a lot of times, I'm reading form of book form we're talking to someone that's been through some horrific things really pretty heavy emotionally heavy. So it was kind of, I must say it was kind of relaxing light hearted to come in. Just be like. Oh we're, gonna talk about jujitsu with with Jeff and PETE, who are both. You know like nice and chill yep. So there you go dude,
you did too. It was fun. So my I came in this, the just just the scene in two thousand and five and which was in kind of the beginning of the height of of just love, so I saw bill the grill Jeff, over like these guys or whatever. So it is interesting to hear like his version of that time line here in size, like all that's when that's when I came on the scene, grappling class ass to the west free again, the worlds mission. Grappling championships is like so gremlins quest. A little behind when there used to be used to be some really interesting, tournaments. Good tournaments but yeah sunday there's up there's a series of tournaments at though that you're talking came after there was like I want like these and picks up grappling or something like this. Grappling games
So I think that one faded by the term knew there was a police and illegal, neutral grounds that was old school back in the day mean we're talking like there be fifty people there in a cage. with a grappling matters in a cage de MR, how to turn him in a match against together. Indeed got him in some kind of hold, so Solana chokehold, but like oh no Rico rodriguez got this guy, but the guide didn't tap and he like, when the breath started or whatever the do like didn't get up for awhile like they were. In this guy may not be alive. There were some crazy stuff, but rilke back in those days yeah, it's crazy, how hump different it is now it is the popularity of digital. This is from the sea, Andrews and that the way the Jeff glover rules makes it even more for watching him role the fun
yeah he's like the ideal of like exploratory told you do and then what you gain like when you or I mean him as the example like what he is gained, exploring jujitsu in that way so much is that's what exit. So like can I used to that? Can stuff so tat. It comes off, is so amazing and its in it, able to most people like that, but it's hard till I get in that mindset conceit straight up during competition. They watch like metamorphosis. I like four c matt, oh yeah, he took out the announcer either way now they're like a secret match are you shoot up there who just it was the theme of eighty cc might away. Bert Yoshida versus somebody had a secret rights like a surprise, and there like jerk glover, the announcer gives off, takes office suit and Angola's rolling and bombs explore sorry digital donkey guard all this unorthodox stuff, but sake spite.
design on an essential sing to cause there lay they live kind of four lack american legged. You get to know mad style, you're right when they go around. Everyone knows me, though I might come for work in the earth. It's crazy that for five years. a victory in the main fitness look. We have dean, lister, teach which is insane just thank. You can learn all the stuff from the list. but for five years we had been list which is as good as its guns. Amber Jeff, Moving over this crazy every day, which is a good crazy was epic ones. my robe with Jeff and I brought him many many times and So the thing I remember about er the thing that that makes this very memorable is this was a whole day or will do with them like a bunch of times where we're well he's been all he's, keeping
play for whatever, and then he switched and kept a real. But if you know there's two two modes keeping to play for keep it it real container heat on great men of this term of parliament, but he gives east. He is over to keeping it real and bus out some wrestling on meat IRA. I mean on me because I'm so good, and so that's what I'm not saying that I'm saying, because I outweighed him by a lot and he just put it on me. Another notable thing is earlier case, so I like him more especially on smaller guys. He saw the camorra coming. He gave me the key more any reach behind his back is held his arms as if to be like I'm giving you this scheme were, but it's your job to finish. It couldn't finishing asset proceeds at the end, it's not like I'm smaller than him. Where's second bigger, like that. That's me finishing. It is going be higher than you know, maybe smaller guy still does it, but that's that exploratory process. That's gonna allow here to understand all his available maneuver maneuvers hands. Already behind your back, he has
We talked about it, but that level of confidence again say level. Confidence in you do you know when you dean lister with full locks. He has that, specifically with full oxide hill, they ve been turned dean will stick his feet out like go. Please turn for lock me, but man to govern Has that from a position of attitude He doesn't care what position someone gets he's gonna, so awesome stuff, thanks of those guys we're coming on sport about gas, you wanna support upon us, your supporters of Hopefully you gonna start dron jitters. we can't even starter. You can't even start to explain how much did you just gonna help you in your life. You got you gotta, you gotta, say: listen! I I have faith in what we say right, because I can't explain it. Echo can explain it you gotta have a little bit of faith just to go. Try and my recommendation. Is you do jujitsu until you submit someone? That's though I made that
make that apple take credit for it. You do. Did you two until you submit someone wants you met someone. If you decide our, I don't like this. Did you give him I would argue that it is a bit like it's like a drug right anymore. Like a drug, if you have, the right attitude is getting submitted, is like tat. How that happen? How that happen? He also don't can be our thing, but changed you too, for your doomed to two you're gonna need a few that jujitsu get yourself some. Of your clean fuel, clean energy, good for you make us. if there's literally good, for you got it uncle fuel dot com you can get. These drinks got her good You get these drinks. We if you tried the drinks like six months ago. The jackal go drinks, you may now, like the taste he might be mighty, but we Because of that, because that feedback we reformulated the flavors and now they frequently delicious. So that's that
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Jefferson, instagram at jeff, clever, be J, J and listen. Both these guys, have a bunch of instructional videos on be J, J fanatics, dot, com, and I know the guys from be j J fanatics, dot, com bernard. anne and Michael the guys that run it because it own it. It's there they're doing a great job. Putting our great content so check out videos if you If you want to check these guys out, if you want to learn from them, they want to learn. anybody you gotta, be hey fanatic, stockholm and you probably gonna, find that champion that you want to learn from honour sober. I've got a few, are flown the basics of jujitsu, there's basic videos on their so check that out. As for us and by us I mean echo. Charles and myself were also on this. The entire webs want robin get a little bit back into twitter since seems like it might be picked up by you on mosque who merriment
Probably gonna do a better job of not censoring people which make you on a question. Gig soak so twitter, the graham Facebook were on their echoes. Adequate rules are magical willing of core you gotta watch out for that algorithm because it will catch, and the reason I notice catch you is cause we're. I cheat When I go in my eyes, bath can achieve. When I go on my back, I would look at the instant more some some social media when I'm in their entirety, goes by you and elsewhere, six minutes. How that happen? Oaks, brain was captured a said, did so that's a good rule of thumb. You can only look at social media when you're in some uncomfortable scenario by getting a wall. Squat and as long as you can hold it, you can scroll, don't you get seven minutes cool? You know what I'm saying you go. Could you hang off a pull up bar no cause. You'd need your hand to scroll.
Maybe you could what others? What's another crappy position getting ice bath for sure talking you I back the you could sit there and have to talk to me. You off straight today, was a frustration about out perfectly normal, it yesterday? I know you were right raging. I wasn't I read your agent yesterday. Why does he do Does he took it upon itself to interrupt me in the morning by the way, in the middle of my work, with some nonsense? Do you but you responded during work out. Neither is it a good movie thing now nah. I know now bad move there but was lose. The trigger statement that I made I'd have to go through the thread, but through cause there's a few multiple, certainly multiple nomads religion to her sister, then you have come here and sit down and talk to me for a long period of time. Then I should have been scrolling social media in that sets
mental anguish, language jack. Alright well watch out for that algorithm. Unless I'm you know verbally abusing you, then it can be a nice little escape see. That's what you need. You need a little escape from my from my abusive personality. You know, apparently the world makes sense you're going to train after this I dunno. Fifty fifty have another engagement that I'm sure you knew we were doing this today. Yeah. I have my clothes everything: okay, alright, okay! Well, hey! That's on! You know! That's on the world! You know Guess it's not your fault! The your whole tone right now see that's what level as part of what I'm talking about with part of it is part of it. Yes, shack. Alright! Well, once again, thanks to Jeff and pete for coming thanks for what you guys have done for jiu are we start to have your around and thanks for help and somebody go out by giving them the gift and is a gift of judges.
So thanks fellows, and I also want to thank our service members from the army, navy, airforce marines coastguard. We get to train jujitsu because you I'll, protect us and by the way, all of you in the service. If you can, chance and actually should make a chance go, find a way to train jiu jitsu. It's gonna help you in everything that you the same goes for the rest of our police and law enforcement and firefighters and paramedics, empties dispatchers correctional officer, border patrol see good service all first responders. Thanks for protecting us in keeping us so that we can live our lives and same thing. Guess what please please go out and start training jitsu. If you don't already, it can save your life and ever not out there
guess what to say the same thing if you're training, jiu jitsu right now cooled keep training and if you're not go, find a job
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