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367: Wake Up And Get Some Some Sleep. Doc Kirk Parsley

2023-01-04 | 🔗

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After serving with the SEALs, Doc entered medical school at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences (USUHS) in Bethesda. Doc graduated in 2004, 1 year after the birth of his third child. He interned in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Balboa Naval Hospital San Diego in 2005 and subsequently completed a Navy residency in Hyperbarics and Diving Medicine in 2006.

From 2009 to 2013, Doc served as an Undersea Medical Officer at Naval Special Warfare Group One. While there, he led the development of and supervised the group’s first Sports Medicine Rehabilitation center. Doc saw firsthand the effect that low sleep and high stress had on the young SEALs who were under his care, men who he realized looked a whole lot like himself just a few years before. It was during this time that he began to develop the all-natural Sleep Remedy that is now the supplement of choice for Navy SEALs, pro athletes, C-level executives, and thousands of others. Henry, now Sleep Remedy's CFO, was one of the first to experience the life altering impact of Sleep Remedy.

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This is jocapa gas number three sixty seven with echo charles and me jock away like a good evening, echo goody. I dont like going to the doktor just why I dont like hospitals. Actually, I always think that things are those can heal up, right. The bodies is gonna wolverine and is he'll up and they do most that I occasionally they don't want I woke up in the morning. I couldn't move my right arm, but then move which is not a good feeling as like. Ok, well, it'll get better didn't have to go to the doktor went to the doktor got. You know next surgery, So unless something is really bad, I'm not going to the doktor town of that's left over from basic seal training worthy you you're, avoiding medical at all costs. Could you don't want to get rolled or anything
it stuck with me, don't like the doktor little while out after had next surgery. I still I would start by randomly getting dizzy. Like dizzy like I just spun round in circles. Sometimes I would get. Really dizzy? Sometimes I would be trying to walk and I would be bouncing into walls on talking legitimately busy. I nauseous I'll walk almost almost like a continual. Almost all the time, nauseous an man, sometimes jujitsu. I would be doing today to an I'd like role. spain, or something like that, any would just be the G8 the whole Jim. Would you start spending. Sometimes I would roll over bed at night and the room which starts men and it was then You know you're feeling sick and I What kind of learned to us lloyd, something's, known jujitsu, I try not to,
go? Inverted and stuff like this and in bed I learn to brawl or like. If I wanted a roll over in bed or even to roll to get out of bed, I would learn to do it very, very slowly and avoid head movement. And I thought it would go away, waitin waiting for good away, wait for wolverine blood to flow and for them stop, and it didn't stop so again went to the hospital what the doctor and they did all kinds of tests. Ami mri tests and blood ass in the ear, nose and throat spy, they just did they look at everything and they didn't have an answer. For me, so I'm just dealing with it. Just bt effingham do you like it and it definitely socked and like so fast forward a year or something like that. I'm action, start my retirement processing and I'm starting my retirement physical. He got get a fiscal before your time,
and I'm talking of the dock for the west coast seals and what go about this budget? your dark ass, he was a seal himself who had gone to the military medical school and become a doctor, so you know we knew each other and he's getting overhang an hour and then he's given meeks or this. The standard retirement physical questions about my health and mg in him the standard retirement answers which is fine, fine, yup, that's fine and finally we're just kind of shooting the breeze a little betty gazette anything else. You want to get our message and I suppose you know No one's been able to have helped me, but author out there s a demand for the last like year, a year and a half. I've random. We gotten just really dizzy. Sometimes, and sometimes it lasts for long time and it kind of never goes where moisten like a constant state of that these are till his head, a little bit looked at me in kind of farming,
My record is seen now these looking out. He sees a bunch, a test that I've been through, and everything like this. I think I might know what this might be He literally like turn your computer. Then this is too and ten but women it was two thousand and nine something like that cause I I retired in two thousand and ten, but it was something it was like around that time, but he turns his computer and he he google, some stuff and he's like you're here, look at us in east Nine positional, vertigo, We have to do these the lecture sizes and die. I'm like ok, I mean I don't know what he's talking about right, but nine positional vertigo ignored this means and then he likes is ok. Lay down put her head over here turn a backward turnover sit back up again and got did John does like through. Four times. Does these exercise and, unlike like says, aren't stand up and he looks at me. He was how pulls out and I'm late
doing a self assessment, and unlike dude, it's god, I'm good late, lit literally in two minutes more than a year of dizziness and constant test, and exams, and this thing is gone two minutes that seal doc Give me my balance back and it was pretty freakin awesome and this particular doc has helped Countless other seals overcome countless health challenges of all kinds. His name is Kirk parsley and it's an honor to have him with us. Here today to talk about what he learned in his life in the teams and taken care of team gus, so doc, thanks for coming by man,
thanks for. Haven't you remember that I'm in and out of eight million people, so I am very clearly: did you the ep maneuver here, but you you, you weren't, like sure about it. When you said it's me, you're sort of like look at you can if it was like it seems if you had heard a rumor about something that could have been in you cook, kind of like halfway, remembered it and then hiking I could. I could remember. I could remember the name of the test that you do to test people for that right and I was like and I'm blanking on now it's like pikes hall, something like this and I was like hm and you look for the nystagmus right, the shaking of the eyes and something you do to like hospital patients and- and so I knew that part- and I was like I know so- there's a little stone and when your semicircular canals and it's blocking that into the fluid not flowing, and it's the same as seasickness or something right at that point, and so
I remember I remember well, there's there's a waited till there's a way to tilt this out, and I couldn't remember if there's like a certain pattern, could have three canals and they're all at different angles. So that's why you like turn your head, all this different angles so many times and as I got another another something to like do this in your medicines, full of local epidemic like she shits is named after people right. So what is it believe maneuver is not descriptive at all. So I didn't know what the hell that meant to somebody's named maneuver derek I'm like there's some kind of thing, and so that's what I googled like here. clearing out all that and enter. Issues like clearing the stones, in the semicircular canal? I think I'm looking for that video here's, how we do it so like leaning, the table, not gonna, go into the dirt right because
like. We knew each other. We know each other super. While not point me, oh, but you had your fuckin bt, a reputation Another very told you did. Did you hear about the bracelet. I know at our clinic right, so we at the rehab clinic in jason chain trained all these guys, yep and you know it It is hard to bounce back from surgeries a lot of time right and people are in all that motivates acres they're. Just there used to like this performance on me, I'm supposed to be appear and light the barely hit very performing grade school kid from and so there's always a motivation component, and so he had these tasks for people to like. You know, try to try to get to this level. Try to get to that level, tried it and it's like he's progressive
stepson so and then there are some sort of reward involved in it and that's that's how we ended up doing the sears tower with elliott and all that stuff like that is the reward kind of pathway, and one thing we. So this is horrific and I hope your audience doesn't hate me for saying it, but the Debbie Debbie j d. What would Jesus do we heard like a hundred of earth? given their. What would Jesus do and we are like just running list on the wall like children, with my contribution, was Jocker sleep. low earners, gun runaways, jaso yo, you had an obligation and a new york is an hour. We're doing all that and going to have this work done and yeah and and I and then we we get to know each other more of the years. I know you you had to you that these too happy do prior to do at once a year and
It's just such a non factor. Now I got oh there. It is I'm a little dizzy pump. I just do it air man, it's! I was like that for you in half and it was gnarly gnarly. I remember I was doing. I was training, a guy for a fight, and I'm a fight, and I he was a ground and pound what we have got on like where we're going at it in all the sudden, like I did something where I did a quick head movement and all of a sudden I got super did like suit like more even more dizzy than normal. I'm standing there, unlike lane on my back any easy, my guardian punching mean the head and I Look at the clock in quarters like this was this was thomas member thomas german law, yeah you're. All I mean he's is freaking polished, warrior these punch me in the head and others like twenties. Can left. Please let us stop and I got up and what I was doing: a drunk
walk out. You know all unstable and he is kind of like look at me as if he had hit me too hard or sentiments dislike nome leaving now that and when the good thing you have Scully from that guy reserves against yeah had are actually that's when yeah and that the champ currently, but we come back for it. Sport with that maniac dude, that's not a good way to be healthy. yeah that I had the few member, the site. I go I was trained, you do too. I didn't, I didn't know dean data. Biceps slice on and like my bicep like I often move and I was like god: you've got a partial tear. I remember any, and so I go in. I see jason. I see doc and they're like
pay linkage schedule for georgia right now. You know like adding a complex inside me up: let's rock and roll and they all came up. We got you sign up your europe, measures have been four weeks. Our something like this three weeks is something like this. Oh, come on this day for your pre surgery check. I go call and so I go in I'm like jason. You up here, I'm here for my project and he goes. He started looking at me all weird and stuff like I'm not normal here. These are key doc. You can come and look me in and like yours, You also you chargebacks, r c I remember I married I like there are still being like some sort of defect in the agenda. and I remember we totally like, while still might rip right with what do because if you're resisting an arm bar or something they're like you know, you are doing pull ups whatever
it might sober up, and that and you're like what happens if it rips or like when you do this surgery like same surgery. Pretty much like to see if it rips went on about your life and I guess it never it never. As I was going to ask you about that now now echo over here he's at one on each arm. He doesn't really need that surgery twice. I'll call you when you, when that happened to me okay, we well yeah. So that's funny, you don't remember cause. I was I'm glad you're here to kind of confirm that cause. I didn't believe I was like bright. It wasn't ripped you can't it's not just going to heal like that, like it was a rip like the doc made a mistake or whatever and you're like no. No, no, I'm like a wolverine guy. That sounds good. That does sound cool, but Brad didn't rent or whatever and was like whatever argument we do you remember I do accept been confirmed, therefore, are not about that let's get into you, will start to beginning so where, where, where were you born? Where? Where were you born?
drop it does born in sort of a various houston spring spring taxes refrain spring branch actually spring ranch hospital and I'll try to use them, and that is where you spent your your youth tab, pretty much so by today's standards. Definitely because Katie, where I spent like a second second half my childhood was in katie, and that was like forty five minutes outside of Houston. Then, and now it's just like part of houston are like the old sprawl, like you, literally drove through, like cow pastures and rice fields, for forty five minutes, and then there this one road and you took that one I rode for like three or four miles, and then you ran into the neighborhoods of katie and last time I went there, there's no break from downtown Houston to that. It's, like all concrete, just go like shopping. I couldn't even find the house
robin. Do you think it's still there now? It's still, there replied all the landmarks. I knew to look for and every names and streets and stuff, and so on, when you get off the freeway now their streets immediately. Well, there was nothing like, except for three or four miles or just pastors, where we wrote our motorcycles and played football and whatever even went hunting and like, and that was all you know on whatever farmland and an untouched ticket, and it was just like buildings and shopping centers and streets, and I'm like I like. I don't really know how far down to go, and I was looking for the main kind of street that went through my neighborhood and I think they've renamed that street at because they can did it not much longer now, and- and so I couldn't figure out where to turn left till I go into the neighborhood, so small town in texas, hockney, don't have a texas accent. I do
really tired. It's got it's gonna be coming back more. I deliberately get rid of it. How come just to avoid been chest Then the military on people people screw the about because a listener country music I drove a troika yet like it or red, nay, chris, my elegant, when the good front line from the seal teams he he's from essentially detroit right in he don't like. Damn gets him go near me from Chile or, like everybody, just rode me all the time so I didn't have a super thick ever but yeah. I purpose get rid of it. Now that I'm back in texas and everybody talks like I used to target,
it's coming by comes back and if I get really tired, I think my deflect ass, my real like it. I think it's it's an and it's an unconscious effort not to not do that and not I've. Let the cloak he listens, come like now, nonfiction fixing to do something. I wouldn't do. I y'all. Instead, you guys and I've always thought that was more appropriate because, like that's a contraction for you all and guys, this is for gendered words so doesn't make any sense called bunch. Girls, hey you guys, eh, alright, so yeah, it it it. Can it kind of, comes and goes what's your what's, your parents do have, while my father split, that was what he did to like about as like six weeks old or something, and so I I actually met him at my wife do you want, is twenty five sword. Your mama bear my mom. So those
first half of my childhood one we're port trailer park trash now. And but my mom, my mom, actually had to drop out of highschool little raise her younger sisters because her parents ran off you know, and so my mom had us when her super young, like me and my sister, she had like eighteen nineteen years old so she knew she got married a high school essentially and
So she went to she's going to college and working as like a cocktail waitress or something like when I was young and then when she remarried just want to move to Katie and she married a cop at the time and he he went on to do at things. But she started working for delta airlines and was like a reservation at us to make him a flight attendant and then she retired from that and worked for southwest as a flight attendant for awhile and now she's in her seventies and she just retired like a couple of years, from southwest. She would get after she's a hard she's, a hard like irish redheads, feisty wiring strategy, strong woman, you now, and so the idea, and ended cheating. She divorce that nuts up other. When I'd like sixteen he's. A super super abusive to everybody, but specially me and
so how did you react to that was begins? well to me, because I was the man of the house until that right so looks like a. I was up up until like eight years old, she got married when I was like eight or nine, and I grew up below women. So it's my mom, her mom, her sisters and my sister and at five years old they'd be like, I think I heard something: good luck, right, okay, get my red ryder, bb gun and I go and look and look in the living room, see if injuries there, literally sent me out the front yard to kill watermarks and what the be begun and, thank god like like a man I was driving by saw this shit show about a half. Originally I'm going to save this little boy, and so he came out like yeah, and I taught me how to like stepped on the snake's head and cut it's head off with his health and all that and whatever so I
so. I was really blown away by the fact that some but dude showed some dudes kind of like hurt, my mother or my sister right and so I'd always like try to get involved and then he'd turn on me. So that was my strategy for awhile, but he's an evil, fucking yeah, and so he he figured out. Well it's worse. If I don't turn on Kirk right, just let me keep trying to interject and just ignore me and keep hurting my mom or whatever so, and so I grow up very fucking angry angry and I wanted to kill him and I fully plant on it and now my mom ass. I asked my mom poor awaits at for christmas. One of eight
The thing already come out: I'd seen arnold like mussels on a crush that and- and I knew my dad- was a big dude in kind of a bad ass and they knew each other. I grew up kind of in the same town, and so I think I was a threat to him or that I was my potential father, so his biggest fear was that I was going to be better than him bigger, better, faster or whatever and this fierce came true, but it at sixteen I had to do to get it we'd saturday I get the weight sedative aged jack helio. He came in to me came into. My room is like heard. You want awaits it. We want wait. It would be one as those faggots she's me tell me: will body those are gay? That's why they like
their bodies mirror another man and all this other stuff, and I'm like, I don't think so, whatever I still want to wait, so I didn't know what to do with them. We got like the little borrowed the concrete weights grounded my whole life, the whole thomas with emery. So if I got a bad report card, I get grounded till the next report card and then ground into next grunt and then the last report card of this year. I was granted six weeks until the summer because that's when another report card would get so I'd had like eight weeks of summer, like that was the only time I had any kind of social life. So
sat in my room, allied, get, grounded my room a lot and I'd sit and like all you had to do. Was overhead press? That's like that's what you think of. I just sit there like a red pressed from the front and back from back front and then and curl and that's all I did, and I just sit in my room for hours and just lift weights and and then you every time I tried to take any kind of martial arts. He did everything he could thwart that, and so I'd like I'd, get in something and he'd just make it impossible for me to stick. I didn't know that so I I was really really angry and that the only reason I think I was good at football is because I was so damn angry and and out- and I was a big, fast, strong kid and I just I just literally wanted to hurt everybody I could like. It was a way for me to hurt people not get in trouble cause like and fights dig out years got trouble for. The fights are most of time you. How do you sort of football
actually started starting kindergarten. I played we lived on this island in the ship channel that to our trailer was and is key. Metaxas is the name of it. No it just now like it's richie tourist areas, but it just like this little blue collar crappy did but a shrimp boats and stuff and so we I lived there literally my sister and I say year old and I we walk to school cross, these railroad tracks and I remember walking to football practice. Walking home from football game like in my pads her in her cheerleader up it. Will it walking pride my shop inter school going crises. if the road, whatever it's like parenting, was a totally different bag back then right, but my mom was, like I said: she's surviving she's like going to school at night, our guns gonna day working at night, and then her sisters were just kids to write. Like your sister to reasons with their fifteen and labour, the fifty year old now- and I sometimes with the fifteen euro- gets
car when the car runs and drives us around and whenever so it is, is a pretty sketchy scene. And then in texas, you can start playing, so I played what we called dad's club pop born around here ring and I play diet and then in texas should start playing for your school and junior hooker and I had the head coach in junior high was a former marine and he took he took a liking to me, and so I I did well in junior high football and then train- further to the really a really good football team, my high school there, too, icicles and katy. The one I would use the newer one and they don t know. a couple years when I started, but we're to wait, a great coaching staff and in the and texas lake
due to make a big money and they got recruited out her odessa my senior year, but but really really good coaching in that and that's what led me into power. Lifting is one of my one of my coaches was a power lifter and he- and I and I dunno if I was the strongest and like every lift, but always as one of the strongest and everything- and I was the strongest in several of the things I do, and so he was. He took a liking to me and he's like I'm gonna teach you how to lift for real, because you like just as football lifting, and so he taught me like the below parallel squats right and I had to do it with a bar and then to do one hundred perfect reps before he'd. Let me put any weight onto him and it took me like a month sit down next meanness counter watching her. You know- Can he turn around? He does it for the day and visited arizona. Second, rep is on the second rep, but it was on the ninety eighth rapids, the ninety, eighth rep and they're like nope, and then
Did you have the potential of playing in college and I could have played? Don't don't think I would have. I wouldn't have excelled. I just wasn't big enough. I mean I was. I was actually grew a couple inches in the navy. When, when I enlisted seventeen, I was five eleven. I grew up to six one somewhere. For years. I don't kid, you are well. How did you hear about the navy did you ever? Did you know about the teams? That's a funny story so the recruiter? We had a recruiting office into an key and the recruiter. The marine recruiter was but a boxer and
in my last year of high school. I lived alone where I lived in an apartment with actually with a guy who owns a gym, so I split an apartment, but in a work I worked at a gym as as like this the assistant manager of this Jim and in a way- and I would add box with this marine or greater and now heartbreak rigid artie. went out says like force recon, you know, and- and I you know, and I love like I've- always loved the water, like I've always been like, as I was a lifeguard and we're always like doing water sports and going to the beach whenever we could and all that stuff and working on breath holds just because it was cool. In fact like, I would go in a pool and just be so upset that I had to come up for it cause. I, like I'd, sit on the bottom for like I just want to stay here for like forever and you're, now sort of I know more the physiology of like what I was not like, a settling down my nervous system os- and I was feeling really good now and
so yet so anyway, I then I started boxing with this marine recruiter and, and this documentary came out forty eight hours, it's a news documentary show like it's like sixty minutes, but it is called forty. Eight hours and days followed a budge class, actually a crime. And you remember, criminals yeah. So criminals like the star of this are falling a bunch class okay and was he in the class he was in the cloud ain't like he. He was the guy right like he was the one here's, the guy who got all the camera attention like this sell teal first year, fishermen from Boston or something right somewhere in new england and and they kept This is the toughest training in the world. Does the toughest? What did I groped during the link with this abuses that other I wanted to be the toughest I want to be the biggest bad ass in the world right. That's what I wanted and so I would I I watched that thing
wait on vhs. I watched that thing like twenty times and then waited for the marine recruiter to be out of town and went over to the navy and talk to him being a seal? What you what you and high school you. well, there is my fourth year, but my fourth year us only a sophomore by credits. so sad cause, you just were failing everything. I started failing classes soon, as my mom got remarried and I got in the world right like when you have screaming fighting and cops over at your house all the times like and I'm grounded all the time at home and he's abusive. I dunno I just like hiding for like and it just wasn't. Gonna be doing homework and now, like my sympathetic nervous system, was ramped up to hell, like I'm, I'm in fight or flight kind of all, the time being home and so yeah. I I.
I'd I'd whenever I I I was screwed up my the super turreted midway surviving. I went and talked to the navy recruiter and he's like I'd, never put on a show before I dunno I'll, look into it and that they just started the delayed entry program. So that started literally months before I I signed up so I told my mom what I want to do and choose later so she signed off and off debate here today and yet so anyway, I sure from like third grade for years, a high school. I don't I've, never really legitimately passed any class. Unless a teacher like me, and then everybody starts telling you what a moron you are and you're afraid of people finding out so you're like yeah. I don't have wanted.
colony attention to my stupidity and dislike being quiet and like, and so nobody like none of my friends, knew that I was behind in high school. Like none of my none of my friends knew that I wasn't gonna graduate. I knew I wasn't gonna graduate willing and stick around for two or three years to get your high school, obviously, when when I joined. I was just like yeah at some point, I'm going to go, get a ged and then and and then I took the asvab and then actually did decent on that and and that so I I join and I and I didn't tell I still until the marine traditions cause I can. Freight here seem to be so pissed off at me and and then he had just like
A month ago we had all the street parties. You know like vacant street she'd go get park, our cars during lights, on, have keg parties and whatever and and his awesome mix of the high schools and there's always some friction cause. We rivals you in sports and so about a month after I joined about a month after my marine career found out that I joined the navy after I think, there's a couple of months after I joined, and I I tried to break up a fight in a stooge swung on me and like grazed me right, like I'd, I'd died, decent of head movement together, waiver deal that graze me and I was such an angry rage, ball and so arrogant. I was maximally offended that somebody tried to settle on a who, the fuck. Do you think you are so,
or look at the guy just bewildered and I guess there's something in my eyes that made him realize and he took off running, and so I took off running after him and I body slammed down the street and punch him in one of his buddies. Come lesser beaten his ass and I beat up these two guys right and this one guy he'd curl up in the fetal position, I'm picking him up by his ears and tell him to fight me while not spitting I was in anchoring nasty, dude and a way, and so I pull up to see marine recruiter road to to the navy. Recruiter reported recruiting offices a few days later and the marine recruiter comes out and he said so we're supposed to care about you beaten up on marines. like it so so I I watched that thing over and over again wanted to do toughest training. The world went and joined. I didn't notice, it was. I didn't. Even I didn't notice, it was when I was in buds, and I wanted to do the toughest training.
and here I gradually learned more and more by stood a network when they did it. When you went through with you a couple years aftermath and grim, but we they used to take us around all the different seal teams and then you had to ranked choice like that and you had a ranked choice. The east coast, well as all also without visiting any of those and I remember like when you start taking surrounded the change for before member can hitting minute Actually do here's, here's, how here's, how neighbours she remembered the delayed entry programme gave people three chances of passing. The test occur again, see tat, you could take the party and if he passed it you're a guaranteed trying to go to bed.
At first, because remember when the way it was before you could pass the prt, but then you're gaining command had to had to had to agree to. Let you go to buds instead of coming to them, which almost never happened right. So you had to go to the fleet a couple of years to come back, so the delayed entry program is all about. If you pass, the prt you'd definitely go, and it gives you three chances of pass the prt, and then you get like some sort of promotion, not a bootcamp promotional of a school and so the so I I took the test and read his name. I remember his name. Petty officer. Winkler is a first class Vietnam arusha at like all vietnam of super cool guy, and instead they had like a morning training for people who failed the test to going to work on a swimming work ethic, whatever they want good at
go workout, so he had to get up a couple of hours earlier an hour earlier and you could go and- and he excused you from a little bit of your time at the at in your regular boot camp company cause, we didn't, have our own stuff advantage. You know, and- and so I I just smoked the prt and Winkler- really liked me and he's like hey. You should come in the mornings and you can coach guys cause I'll say he had worked at a gym. as I said, of personal trainers stuff anyway, so I'm doing that and then got to be really good at the time and the other she'll mode of and after after a coach people in the mornings agenda sitting in their office, shootin shed that they be drinking coffee and recovery and he said something about dive, pay or hazard, duty pay or something- and I was like what's that and he starts explain it to me in this light bulb goes off in my head, I'm like
I'm gonna get paid and he's out there. He is a handy he'd ever heard, so he took miranda every office like tell them what you just said inside and I literally had- I got as just a dumb kid like I just want to go to this training. I didn't I didn't know I was going to get paid like white, Why are you gonna pay me cause right? I have your give me a place to live or give me clothes and then there's a chow hall like what do I need? I figure like I'm just gonna, be training to kill, people are going to kill people and what else? What else am I going to do? Why do I need money? I didn't think about pupil having families and kids. Like you know, you just think. Like other guy said, and that's what he does that's all he does. I had a similar. I was in my first platoon I think, was my first putin Whenever I got paid per diem for the first time they had
waiting a couple of times, you know you're getting the wild guns out: okay, you're going to the desert and here's fourteen hundred dollars, and I'm like. What's this for and they're like fun and food, and I not only make one thousand bucks a month for me fourteen hundred dollars cheaper. we, but I mean I what about what I'm not in the desert still gonna buy food every year, but when you're there we're gonna give you money to buy food. Unlike ok, I'll. Take it down while the comprehend that the whole the whole thing. When you got a buds wiser Is there any challenges for your buds, yeah the runs, I wanted you way to thirty. Now and now I'm not I'm, not I'm not a fast runner. I was a great sprinter, Morocco straightest like fat attached which do men and, unlike what you will did frog hidden there. Marijuana soccer you like
you're like a which it we would have me you're dead, left and that, as I do, that can like I'm dead, lift That most of our dead lifted is like five or five or something? And you looked at me like- I was scuffed yeah, I know so. Yeah you're, all fast twitch of the runs, kicked your ass yeah. I I, trouble struggled. I knew I work as I am. I struggled and preparation. So when I first I didn't join the navy and the marine recruiter actually talked to a seal and had the and had the guy talked to me. So I had a phone call with a guy and then he said well. It sounds like your biggest promising me running, because I only done, like I ran, track and feel that I did like the furthest I furthest. I ever ran was four hundred yards foreign meet ride like those are furthest I'd ever run in my life, I'd never done a mile on attract never
and so- and I hated that, like football to be like take a lap to warm up right like smoke. What do you mean warm up? Like I'm dying, I come back from a labral or what are you kidding me and unfortunately my son inherited that for me, so this this sealed. So many it's a big problem for you is going to run. You need to be running ten miles a day. I don't really okay, so I don't know where I'm going to run ten miles, so I got to like the main street. I told him one of the guts from the freeway down to my town and it goes several miles the other way. So I clocked it off my car and it's five miles, Michael. run down to the end of this thing and back ten miles a day. I didn't even have any shoes. I got I owned, like one pair of shoes that are like top siders, and so I just ran barefoot down concrete streets and start run ten miles a day, I did it, I mean I'm sure I didn't do it every day, but I like
memory is it's like. I did every day and I and then when I got an at and then I started timing myself in the mile half because it's right me ended up prt and I knew I had to hit a certain time and that that I didn't degrade it like. I probably I probably only beat that qualification time with thirty seconds twenty seconds. Something like that I like when I and then when, when I went to a school, I really focused on running a lot and I did like a couple of ten ks and I I get to where it's running like six and a half minute miles and tennis shoes and shorts on a road on the street right. So I think the cut off time in but like seven and half minutes or something and pants and boots in the sand. So it was, it was all I could do. I mean I was always in the goon squad. Always in control every run us in the contract, but as almost always the first guy out, because there's like- apple, raisins or sprinter, like something that, unlike
in my bag baby. In fact, you remember frog hill on the island yep, it's like you have to do pull ups before them. You already had to frog hill. I was so fast it frog, hill and and and like anybody else, I'm going through, but scared, at that. I'm getting kicked out every day every day, like every second sight there about to figure out here too, and so I dislike guru, just keep your head down like remote, humble time of my life was with bugs, and I wasn't any attention myself and- I don't think I really realized. I did it because I think they had kind of groups or something- and I I mean I just smoked everybody in my class. Like I I'd, think I was calm. I was almost all the way back down before anybody got to the top And so then there is one is doctor decide I must be sandbagging. The runs gets look. How could he is running right? So so a turned on me. Nike analysis be down boy.
Then they got to where they were dropping me for pushups when they started the class, and I still had to meet the time and then after a while, like you have to beat, everybody are still going to the sosa. So I did what second base like forty pushups or something I dunno. I remember I think it's like twenty forty, sixty or so yeah I'd, say the phases, and so whatever that was and second base, I had to do the pushups and I sprint and I would still win and like. I would really good at that, and I just sucked it at the run as you'd barely pass. The formaldehyde runs. there I mean every wrongously five bore for me, diving across the finish line, in fact one of the instructors, because I've always been pretty good at everything else, like some of the calisthenics stuff, like flutter kicks forever. Like. I wouldn't like that. That's just too endearing for me like I couldn't. but, but I obviously like a pressure is the biggest better.
Daphne I wanna talk to react to ferries a big due to get onto, but let's finish lodged at one eighty five, Then I started budget one. Seventy four, I graduated budget, one. Eighty five so you and I met in the metal yeah. I did. I think, call me like the sideboard gorilla or something could like. I lost all my muslim ass, my torso, but my arms didn't smaller should look like ours is, as is weird looking thing, but I could do it anyway. I greatly regret But I could be like six hundred pushups in a row now remember going to the gym the first time after buds and I couldn't bench two plates and how hurry you like. I almost cried. I never gone, oh god ever like. I tears willing of my eyes like. Oh, my god, you because we have as its super
strong, but I am definitely like well into the three hundreds in high school right, I expected we stronger and I'm like. I can change my body wait a week, but not the opposite. Comes back faster, madera. Do you remember when they started talking about medium twitch muscle? Remember that frame that that happened because I remember reading they are intermediate intermediate. I guess maybe I just remember I was never. I wasn't like the fastest guy, but I wasn't like the most endurance guy so. Unlike the loser that couldn't win a sprint and I couldn't run, I couldn't win the freakin formal tundra right, I figured out eventually when I started hearing about like intermediate twitch muscle that there are certain people that have this thing. That was me, and I was like oh yeah, cause like I could put on a rucksack and just go forever right in jitsu like I have really good endurance. I mean that eta see me get tired, so
I've been doing with him for ten years, never seem armor retrain with you like watching role, guys and egypt have like sweat pouring out of it. The prize rebel select breathing through your nose I just calmly matching people online that killed manchets like I guess I mean I'm good for three minutes from then. If I had that, I find them, I haven't one in three minutes: I'm not gonna win alike by the time, but when you do like near round or director clash metallic until they I mean, I will be wrong with a five year old girl cause. I have nothing. I have no strength whatsoever yeah, but I I I just to have that that plus, if you know again like max dead left like I'd, be embarrassed back to an unjust. yeah, and that's just the way it is. I mean it's just a different. You get you get your certain genetic thing and that's what you're going to You can work on a little bit here. You can get
on a pushups instead of a lot of bench. I guess apparently yeah. Well, I'm you I mean oh, but nobody is like one hundred percent of any fiber right and like in different muscles of your body, you're going to have different makeups of em, and so everybody. Everybody can train to some degree to get better at I get raised in really good at something. If you really work, it's just like any as like your mental attitude but like you would have zero percent chance of being a good marathon runner yeah, and you here's how smart I am, though, when I was in medical, school and residency, I knew that the smart thing to do, then.
start doing triathlons cause. I was going to get good at this damn endurance thing. Finally right! So when I was in college, I worked full time and went to school. I worked part time in, but it is allotted for partners like thirty hours a week and then I went to school full time and you know for half of it as married and had kids and whatever so like. I was burning the candle at both ends. You know, staying up late, first, break get papers or whatever and finals, and all that, and so all I really had time to do- is run so. I'd come home in iran and had started like around three miles and then for five min six and then I said no marathon, because you know whatever I'm not like: I've, never been good at dance, I'm going to get good endurance. I did marathon brutal, like like I had at the time. of indifference, were like. If I go slow, I can go forever, but I don't. I can't go faster
If I go fast, nigh goats and if I go anaerobic, once in her like that lack the essential like I'm done a good job that day I don't wanna try outlines so so I did that I start don't I'm me to do trash lawns, and so I started with the super. What did you, how much weight did you have to lose a bunch of weight, or did you lose weight while you're not or just go clydesdale yeah just doing clydesdale, and something happened to me at some point my life is after the teams, so is during college. I think my bodyweight like settled out around two forty give or take five pounds right nothing. I did change that to this day. Nothing changes that I can starve myself. I I can lose weight for a little while, but like gimme two days and I'm right back to two forty. I can be like it kind of doughy and soft and out of shape and away to forty Acme ripped and like nobody back to four. It's like that's just what I want and
so I was running marathons it that it that way, and so I did a super frog and asteroids I know like throwback to the teens like it'd, be cool and, and so at the end they have a cut off time. Look if you finish by certain time and its basically a half triathlon right. There says It's a it's a hassle to have ironmen such one point two mile swim, fifty six mile bike ride and half marathon road, and so I I do it and if you don't make the cut off time, then you're you're deanna, for I did not finish same as somebody who dropped out I made it about like three minutes. The thing is like seven and a half hours and there's dudes during this thing got this guys doing it like two and a half hours right, and so I've been barely make it. three years later, I've been done. Travelling the whole time ring a ride, my bike to work or ride my bag back and forth,
the school, the hospital or whatever- and you know running whenever I can- I never really practice a swim cause. I I actually just did said shirt because my side trick with his fastest my curl anyway, so I just did that and you can do it forever, obviously like after buds and he gets over, but you get so with fishing at that movement. I could give twenty miles today. And so I do it again, three years later, two minutes faster. after all, that training young I'm gonna going, I good at this I did when I was training. It was trading at ot, neto school. I do know yeah yeah, so I was training at his school and I was it was like in
if reading digit training into my bike ride like their nose to the hospital and then leaving the hospital and stopping right there and then going into it added like five or six miles to my commute and at, and I still gassed all the time, and I was like what the hell like kids, I didn't understand the physics the did the time and I'm like how can still be gassing, like all like I'm doing all this endurance work and I'm still gassing on the mats like I remember first time he had us do like he put out like whatever the five or six black belts, and it's like you can roll two minutes. And then the last guy rolled off this him. I mean hued thump yeah fall over it thumped me. I felt like I couldn't do like a dream for like a guy that owns a school that is a black belt in ot, probably ways where do you think I would into it? Seventy me there, maybe one seventy yeah so he's just like. Oh I get to beat up the ceo yeah yeah. I always try to keep it
on the download it as a seal, but it gets out eventually right now in a single, even just the you're, just a jack to an forty pounds do that with a white belt drag Jeff glover Jeff lover I've seen this. Now he the best, the worst it s called the best the worse, but it's the east is for him to go against the guy. That's big and strong like he was here. He is if he sees a guy that big and strong is like guy that have fun with them and of what can do it watch like big jack guys come in and he just is all over many sea like another guy, more his size or a guy. That's you know long and lanky or whatever it's more trouble for him, but a big jack guy he's like I got this fool No, I didn't. I didn't he doing some sort of exhibition in or something in another guy yeah he's a bar in all kinds of stuff is like watching too snakes by air. I mean just like two lovers: I'm in this world forever leg from
they're from position, deposition of business, tat attempt attempted down just like I like it or not. So you get on with buds Did you do you're rolled it all now, that's good a year, you're, what you're eighteen nineteen years old site I technic yes, says nineteen could a graduated in technically. Could we actually had christmas break before we grow why should a graduated, so we really do. With bugs- and I think we had like a thirteen mile time drawn over something very wasn't time. Try. It wasn't was there some time to bounce it. Wasn't the same as like four mile: I think it was more like he better, not you'd, better pass it type thing yeah, but there's. I think it was a time on it. Three hours yeah
I think there's a time limit, but it wasn't three hours for them. It was. It wasn't like the same. Consistent yeah like everything else was like whatever, though, that that same time right, I think you're, seven and a half miles was like the cut off on all that stuff and that I think it was. It was a little longer, but I saw that all we had to do was come back and do that, no, we were graduating so too. I graduated technically january. Ninety in winter and then you gotta go to airborne march. I would have turned twenty okay, so yeah, it's not internet yeah! Then we went to. We were the first class accent as a class. Oh really, hadn't done it in a really long time. Man do we get in trouble. Oh yeah, oh yeah, we got and we are the first time anybody died. I jumped school really in the dude I mean he was like come here probably to approach the mass like that, far away from it like I- I heard that he disappeared when one avenue we
in combat equipment, and he doesn't know if his exit was bad or whatever. He ended up inverted with it's legs, cotton and and risers and and a cigarette ruled to some degree. She then he pulled his reserve, but if rock was on top of it because it flopped on it, so he's nineteen he's from texas horrible. Then he just I mean I heard that dude hit and then some like just like after you shoot a deer or something, then you get to write that I do, and I I remember that so clearly and then anyway, we would go in the chow hall there and you know how the the us army, kids are taking that school seriously and we're we're cocky as shit like on. You can say whatever
the job for us and so we'd sit around and smoke and joke in the in the towel for like an hour, and I keep going back and whatever, and so this stars and stripes reporter comes around. He starts trying to ask a question on catcher eating like a robot and then bolt out the door right and that and they re like hey, tell you so we alone, You told me that the guy didn't hook up because he was gonna deal are at the door, and the charter pushed him out. Of course we have no idea what went on. and they printed it and they sell my as told by any navy personnel or something like that. Our whole class gets called up in front of the head of the school like. If you don't tell me who did this, throwing all of you out, of course, like no one's going to If anything right, I remember like alright, throw us all out, that's better than getting rid of one of our guys, it's better than being a rat right.
and so nobody said anything the school shut down for like two weeks and we just got like hammered on like all the time like all day, every day, they're trying to break out, and now the dude ended up printing our tracks for the first time anybody died. So there's a couple of weeks. They have been other people that died at airport school. They told us is the first time anybody's ever burned, and that seems impossible. It does. they put out thousands in the house. I now paratroopers every week now made the first got dinah while or something like that. But they did, they shut us down. They shut the school down, we're going to get fact checked on that one. shut the school down and we did. I mean just like nothing for like two weeks and then when we finally jacked up to go again. They're still super edgy and we sat like we sat jacked up and combat equipment for like six hours waiting hundred percent to get in to get in the plane and jump out for five seconds
yeah it was it was. It wasn't a goal by Nicole time, so you end up checking into your team five yeah and- and this is what nineteen nineteen, ninety nine, ninety nine? U s t t what we call it then, instead as qt and that's, the team yeah every team did their own yeah yeah. That's what I went through to get to you and your white one. Seventy seven one! Seventy seven! What would construct your new guy? We want sixty three one, sixty four one, sixty four yeah always do you your first platoon any any aid anybody or from std for an hour now really read: did you send you out I'm sixteen zero your job. What did you call with me? The others I got? I I I hate me. I hated them succeed on cattle poodle, whether pink and thinking elegant
spring, silently, like a cap gun, I want a real gun man. I loved this sixty in a super mechanical right like I grew up like working on everything and like super mechanical. So I was really good at clearing jams and knowing how to work the weapon really well, and I really enjoyed it hell yeah, then you so that's where you get your first platoon and first lieutenant rep sixty first lieutenant rep get some yeah, I'm actually halfway through my first platoon, I became the department lead as a new guy right on and then on. Then I was like always first for my other to platoon, just motor had head yeah, so you're, getting their sovereignty and you're goin? On deployment, I mean what work up like what you guys focused on.
What's the big mission, I know I've when I was for my early petunia was always like. We were preparing for like one big mission that we would pray would happen like we. Wouldn't we as much as I prayed for war, which I did I couldn't have dreamed of like a two decade, long war glare. I thought if we're lucky, we'll get some kind of One mission, you know they'll be something will happen in and if we're in the rights bought at the right time, maybe we'll get to do one thing: yeah Pierre's, it was yeah people don't know that you're like competing, like used car salesmen, for any work that comes out for special horses or I like you, have to have somebody jockey to try to get. The work was gardener in your first button now who's in my sister you guys get like rolled up or something. My my twenty first birthday to walk. I can't remember
I remember any the names of the bars, but we walk in this one bar, that's really common one. Jason was standing up on the bar. When I walked in chugged beer and then like slammed the bottle. Why? Because I can't am I like this so now that wasn't my birthday. I take it back, that's like when we first those are like it tuesday night. That does like that's like the first time. I think I've been out in town really it wasn't a big deal because I'd already odyssey could go drink. any age, but my twenty first birthday is, I got home with a whole, putting while first of course, Yet a rigorous. Take me for a major reversal. and in his so stupid. Like a trailer right, divided and half p. I did you get. This I am sure that the requisite amount pinatubo yeah, so we had to do so
The regular trailer news like partition and his parents, based on each side now have like a regular hasp padlock on on the outside, and so well we're walking up walking up to our trailer nurse sister between them was in. There was in their side, and my lpl goes opinion puts there has been like weather weather in the lock, and so I think, Alex locking them in and then we have our full tune meeting and then he maybe the meeting he looked round. He says hey whatever you guys do. I don't want you to rigorous tape. Buck up in burma share river. and I look around and everything oh guys, holding a roll of real estate, I totally miss this whole time, like all you gotta do me mad
now, I realize that sides locked her. That's what that was about and just a fight man, I'm like forty, I'd minutes and I finally got described my balls and distorts squeeze in my life. It's like they're likely going to fight under okay, everyone's a tough guy. Take me out the guy grabs your nuts and starts squeezing them yet and everything. And yes, when we got into town- and I don't even remember how it started like out near her We remember the fight, although not some short patrol guy out and judgment to the bar drunk more on a night, I, like it he's on doctors working. I go got the barn and when we come out of the bar feel like there is and like all these people start swarming all of them and try to run and then like a hit some other guy, while out, is trying to run away thereby goddess.
and there are got me and then got me in front and even a drunk guys, like that's a dumb and so I say so Indeed, two padua, like a toy yoda truck with like two built on gunnar of camper or whatever, like a patio aiming and in the due date, I don't your patrol guy. That I'd hit was like stand there, holding the door smirk and inside, like said something smart and I fucking hit him again with both hands in front of him like he. He went out cold and hit his head on the bumper, and I was like. Oh that's really good so then not they don't recognize how stupid we can be yeah yeah. They just don't know yeah, so throwing the patio again I liked the wagon spin and nine so drunk, and so I lay down on my back and put my feet in the corners and then what the jail. So when I
and now jason's in there and he's like hey man, I'm like hey, like he doesn't know what he is and everywhere I don't even remember and that they get us to the police station and they pull everybody out and I'm like I'm not getting out and they they're trying to pull me out. They can't get me out, and so they, the door and they go in and they come back. If I did not again, I will get up and then they bring out this big, thereby tough guy shore patrol guy or whatever, and he's going to get me on. So they put him in and locked the door and- and I I managed to like put some pressure on the shoulder and like to me and he and it was like I'd essentially breaking his wrist backwards right, it can cause the heat and he couldn't get off of it, because, like the way his body position like he was just half his body weight was on his wrist and it was inverted poland on him and he's screaming They let him out I am still laying there and then all sudden I hear I was maybe forty five mins
goodbye and I hear my officer go hey buck. I was like yeah he's supposed to go like I might get out there and handcuff me and I went back to barracks with him and then you're you're mad, your senior chief, whatever goes in smooth things over the next day, gives the guys a case of beer or whatever leaking it's the stupidest time like we, like all of our excitement, moves self induced And- and I was in for the first gulf war. I like it the said the first gulf war shut. My work up down was that first work. I first work up here and We were, we were so we got. The cool thing was because that Whatever they sought the mission the was they was became. We became a and said the said. The first thing I did was gonna freefall school. I think only had like. Two or three more jobs. Whenever you get nasty like the only estonia, the downside had other than jump school, so I'd never did static line again right. I just
unless it's in the water reproduction. There's a wee wee, wee gutter or work up guts. I think, work for like a year and a half then write them and they get we get shut down about a year got compressed, and then we didn't end up gun gulf war, ignorance because I think maybe it's like half of it might get. You know how limited that whole thing was since then we deployed to the poi and then MT too bad blue and are out there, not thousands. Are you interested in what you guys do on that dislike provide security. How Yasser one? So we were so la people noticed by like when not mount when mom pinatubo blue, probably because it blew. There's a typhoon at the same time, and so the clark air base, the air force base, which was forty five minute drivers on the way they had
boulders, the size of this room coming down from miles high in the sky, just like landing on holdings in cars whatever and that place places demolished and We just got all this asked. We get some rocks, but what we get all this ashen ash had a ton of metal or in it, and it is mixed. and with a typhoon. So you have like seventy eighty mile, an hour winds with rain, and then this ash with all this metal in it and it was- and it was sticking sticks to everything- and looks like gonna grayish, no, but a super having classes there. They all built your collapsing eiger are around pbs and are in our peers, are fully fears were sinking and all our buildings. Lapsing so there it is the first night of this thing. In l, a k we all need to go down to the unit and light save all the Of course, there we go, wish your weak shit. We we only map shell shells with boaters right leg and I and we're just
and like a boat or of this stuff pray. Wait. Thirty pounds like images, super compact and so we go and shovel that often and we're going up on the roofs and were trying to save the of the building. We are on the paralyzed and- There's no light right. You can't see anything. We're ran flight suit with scuba mask You could shine a flashlight and you could about see your prey headlamp. So crazy, no one had thought of headlamps yeah until I get up to the top of the parallel. Often disguise me on hey over here over here over here and sound, like I'm walking their way. and night, the staff I'm like, like em like em. Gone around camp trying to remember the buildings like, I m, really gone wrong way. Pull out a flashlight, and I look at my feet and one of my feet, like one of my toes, are hanging over the edge look one more step. I was going to fall. Sixty feet your hand. so anyway, we're shoving all this off. And then we go into like one of the big barn kind of things,
or shall I not unlike buildings, are clashing over on a more like jumping off whatever In so doing we are punished ravenous and this bar and has a big. I beams supporting the roof right, and we're in there and somebody's like. I think. Maybe we should get outta here. What, if this one collapses, and I look up and I'm like there's no way this is going to like we all died all like two doors ears like this. Why the doors open this wide, my twin guys get through that they, like five seconds on the whole thing collapses. So there is, a powerful in six weeks, water. There is no anything in there by his land and ditches all over the place, of course, in town, they have like generators going and everything's gone like two days later. They learned to like up and running like nothing ever happened, and then we have like the big and Pierre, like the debate now,
quiver error the philippine equivalent of there being a vietnamese communists. I guess and they start trying to infiltrate the base and light git equipment in all the stuff we are closing debase devices damage in the negotiations had failed. I think we offered him like ten million dollars and they went like undermine dollars so we're out here, so we critical observation you I am so they started trying to come on the base and sue we're like Peter playing against them and, like you know, arresting some of those guys and stuff, and I was like they're kind of like the closest thing to combat that that we saw yeah. And then we had like drug interdiction with the fbi and stuff the most exciting. They ended its guy. Why? The reason I got out and, like you know, we're just like the same: training trips over and over again doing the same stuff. Over and over again saying, I don't think we're ever gonna go to war again, like I'm gonna, get you some alsina. And then of course wrong in medical school, nine eleven happens. So you
he did a couple more platoons, a team. Five and, like you said, let your if the nineties you're just going through work up to it's always fun. I mean it's super fun hollywood seals what we call it like. I just super fun, yeah and you're evolved for me. I was always like thought. The big mission was coming and so was always is like hey. You don't gotta, be ready in my mind. I was trying to be ready. I wish you're carpet. I was like your plan and why doesn't it were never going to war me? So you moreover, do video like our. I did you when you, when you decided to get out, did No, you wanted to become a doktor now, What would I do I'm waiting around when you got out? Well, so I started dayton. This girl, who became first wife like after after my first but in a day later. you're. My second work up nine deployed and came back, and I supposed to do like now.
Lots of shore duty in Alec, working in departments start school kind of transition out, and then I got thrown in a platoon because somebody got hurt, and so I kind of blip, actually until bless me until the day I got out, but it ended up being like four or five days after I got was actually technically out, and I came back. Anyway. So I she was in physical therapies graduates or you're dating each other, you got married. Did you see how weird we were dating the time you're dating and she she doesn't want your you date this you start dating this girl. You figure going to get a guy going to get out, but you end up getting thrown into a platoon. You do the deployment you come home. You have. No, plan and you're out of the navy. Bobbed right if she's going to physical therapy school. Yes, so she was by the time I came back for my second deployment shoes like three months out of grad school and she was working at san, diego children's hospital and and I used to take her textbooks on deployment and read them cause. I like I.
Interested in me of physiology and allowed me, unlike anything to me, me bigger and stronger and faster, and whenever better and so well had an interest in that, but I didn't know I'd never done long squad, convinced that I was dumb really until I e until I got in can a school I did really well. I class and then like a really well academically and budge and so I thought well- maybe I'm not stupid. Maybe I dislike never really applied myself, but we'll see right said to like an abba gd, so I can't get into any college. I have to go to the year of junior college, probably too, and so I went there and like started said nick, every class I thought, maybe you'd really judge you urgently like trainer maybe a physical therapist, if, like things, are really worked out great for me and too to apply to physical therapy school. You have to have two thousand dear hours right. Well, that's not a year full time. Work right, so part time work
that's a couple years, and so, unlike while I get a start, get my volunteer hours and nay, hired me after I volunteered there for maybe a week and they're like we want you to come work for censored. Then I worked at it as a physical therapy assistant. That's any sports medicine centre, the whole thomas large, and that was would like a healthcare mecca, they'd everything head or speak surgeons, sportsmanship guys it guys in it he said podiatrist head massage therapists, pts, athletic trainers, it's a week we had everything and I'd like to know all of the people and at sea nobody's work, and stand in the hallway, with a couple of doctors you say about my eight right. Beside his I've been in the teams. First, so there may be two or three years older than me
and I got to be friends with them and pretend I'm hallway one day and then their tommy you gotta medical school the razor spargo ugandan government close to medical school, and so there trying to convince me that I can get into medical school and I'm like no frickin way. I can get I'm getting into medical school and then the the doctor that owned it levy she's out here still he said he steps out at the office and he goes Kirk. I didn't even know he knew my name or the kirk. The question isn't whether you can get in question is: would you go if you got in, and I said corks, I guess when they kind of have to try on you shit trapped, you yeah, I guess rat and then
if we're going to work for him, when I got to the navy, like my first year in the navy, I went back to his practice. He had a concierge practice in point loma out here and now, but that that's how that came about and- and and I I mean I was fully plan to be an orthopedic surgeon cause. I'm like a mechanical dude. I like a like this succinct, broken, not kinda hate this program and put some bolts and screws, and then the plates- and it's not gonna, be broken anymore and that's it and then I'm going to go on and do it again. I don't want to look at anybody's fucking anime gap like you care about, medications, is on my other diminish me. I want to go dex things and then in the navy. You have to do that Regional tour fertility finish, residency studio your first year and then they have to get to the if you don't so we are doing
would have gotten commissioned, or were you planning to go back in the navy? What what was? Oh, we totally ship that part yeah, so when so, when I decided to apply for what school praying, That said, we went to the bookstore and started looking through the kaplan books to see like what schools would. I be competitive for, with my with my g p, a my amcat and all that and that's when I found out that the navy had it's own school when I was like no way a kid me and so I look into its like they'll. Pay me to go to medical school instead the other way round and of course, I'm married and have a kid another kid on the way like well It makes a lot more sense. Right, like I was an excited about. Eighty to trust me, like I the team as a good fit for the tv. I wasn't a good fit for the navy. I knew that and as I will do this right night and I knew that there is this eight year commitment afterwards and I was like well I'll go back to the teens for a while, and I like give back to the community who saved me
from prison. Whatever I was gonna end up, if I, if I didn't, have something new channel my anger with right joy I did. I know when you do your operational to to get commission in two thousand, Oh, I s connecticut, basically when the knife and fork school knife and fork well they gave me some kind of award. There are ditches item. I think I did like a pretence. paden like twenty five percent, less. They couldn't make pants. We have a really big legs, a normal waste and they kept making they're like trying to make catchy pass from scratch linking girls and their, ridiculous. I mean never and it I think, trial the stuff. So I, I never had a uniform and I'd be like well. I gotta go to. I gotta go to the store again and that's all I did for like three weeks. try to get a uniform effect and then in and so
Let then give you some sort of award is comical and then yoda medical school and then there, I did either some tupolev. get into but ended up, back to santiago to do and turn ship, which is the first a residency essentially and then you have to go to the fleet. Do that bobo. I did about you and the you do that If and then after that, you're, if you just say hey, I just want to come back as soon as possible. Then they just send you out to some fleet job you're, probably going to go thirty second street, be on the ship or something right. But if you go to flight school, you can be a flight surgeon. You go to dive school and and your mo school in connecticut, and then you can embassy quebec, like our units, are diving or something like that
so, as I got a dude demo and I'll go back to the team, throw up now connected pinch, residency and agenda I will. I went to die school and at the end of it, there weren't there weren't any orders to the teams. So they put me on that submarine rescue unit out here on the end of point loma nuclear. No, not it sorry at the end of the north Island- and that was like a policy job really. is a lot of people. Don't realize this, but like every country that has submarines like the all day, had this agreement. The war will rescue each other sovereign. Given our like china, Should that matters like You're submarine goes down on our waters and sable will use our system to save your guys guys quickly these systems can go anywhere in the world, but with a ring.
Mr time, windows is primarily realistic, tilling flight over there. said everything up. So you can be much better off if the country that your closer to saves her then, you have to make all these agreements like well who, whose patients are they going to be whose dive tables are we're going to use? We have to rican press, I'm like what like what's going to be our product and so that's all we did was travel around the world and me in meetings and come up with new policy and dad and then had the opportunity to go back to hospital or go the teams If you like. I should do that and so then I go back to the teams and that's right when they call it. I think there on their shook. I became a performance programme, then switch the tat classing, bertram and so I got there right when they were funding the build out of that clinic vice. Of course, I was perfect fit for that's a broken
T clinics were guided his fur at its all their colleagues, like I note a man so and then like and as a great I'm like a got to be there when we hired everybody like one when we heard the first as the first ethel, I try, The first pity the first nutrition ass, the first strengthen condition curiously, which is crazy, They got everything that you're just saying as the first, the first, the first three out of twenty thousand nine. I had any of this to labour, just like your pity, was whatever or ceo or whatever your actual was into so your extra like to run into him. Guess what you are doing for eternity like run, swim or swim on one january. If you got injured, it was like yeah wiki dealt with, it is like figured out whatever your corpsman could do for you, because you are a dry across the bridge and good of rehab had pete friction bobo and even if you do that, what are they re having a sailor at thou role, for having him till I get out of the navy breadth of medical retirement around That's it. Then we having him for unity
if the guys want to go back to work right, like I'm hurt or you make me better now, I've got to go to an island in two weeks. Make me better right now, great, that's the other thing, you're traveling, so much like how much Do you really have unless you can, you pulled out your platoon, but image will die before you. Do that, like just let your arm fall off like a bee will still be able to make it yeah yeah that that have invested so stumped came over and saw me when he was getting out and he's like. I didn't know him. I knew you any was agenda. He comes earnest. Okay, now get now two days and iraqis tommy should look at my record, so forgiveness I can just like paper then, and I opened it and his discharge videos like good, we are going to have so? Am I didn't you catch yeah. No, no that's in here is a hawk. Doesn't matter like, yeah matters like I said,
regardless of how you feel now, if you start having some serious problems and you need surgery revision like big care, like that, you know what what, if We have with whatever and so he's I got a hooker had so check internet like you I have to say that a nazi he was best man or when he ended up ended up. Did I just saw him recently and I was like It used to piss me off. There is enough messing around much longer how much longer he ended up at like in another year. Damn cause he had to go through a med board, oh for sure, yeah, but dominoes. hang in there is nothing in drivers as this is that it was literally just like signed off the good good god like I said, medical record like I said what I was saying. What's your answer to questions like finding out how generous she'll just find neophyte neck, fine yup you've got surgery yep, it's fine, now, everything's, just fine! Fine fine! Can I get outta here now. I want to leave yeah like like you're, saying the beginning, nope nobody wants to see a doctor, but more the point, no trust the doktor
because that's a guy who can put on the bench was the singularity guy, pornographers, stone. I give something this disqualifying, I say: oh, you have a problem. We need meds you're, just qualified. You can take any real modification in the teams and need that that single you because of that nuance. That's that twice ended up learning everything that learned the symptoms doing what I do now, I mean less than one percent of what I do now has anything to do with what I learned in medical, school or residency or anything like it. It's all outside. I was talking to a guy that was oh, it was jason, I think it was jason, but you know he come from where the the baseball or football, where do you go? Yeah yeah dzeko, is baseball yeah and Maybe it wasn't him I'll talk to somebody that was football. And dumb, He said something like even he worked at buds medical.
And am buds medical he He said he would see like whatever the number was forty cases of patella for moral syndrome a week, yeah and he said when he was it with the nfl. He saw like two cases dry, any like that for every injured, like shin splints year, if europe buds medical, you see fifty This is a week of shin splints. Every just go down the list of shouldering drew this answer, teams the same way like you, oh shoulder injury, knee injury like you're just gonna, see so many of you get so good at it right that the it's in environment. We're just gonna, learn so much so so, You are in this go role as this thing kind of stood up, where the team started, taking the health. of the seal more. Like as serious as we could pass. We take here and in proactive stuff to do so.
did you, what does being in the teams due to a dude so this out, I got started right, we build. the slutty. We hired all these great people, like you, said poor people from proteins from at the training center, really top notch top tiers, sc colleges, and so do we have all these brilliant people are great at there. Now the dumbest guy there right because, like just a guy who looked worked and sports medicine, centralizing college and I don't really know any stuff, So what is the navy doing damage control later will now you're gonna, supervise alleys. So, like I now have the supervisory position and in the rehab facility and so you know like my office with some between those two sides of it. I forgot beer there don't rehab and
yeah I'd been seal recently enough to where there's still a ton of guys in there that I went through training with and that I deployed with, and so I had a good enough reputation. The guys trusted me and then come and shut the door and like hey. Let me tell you what's really going on alright, like you said, fine, fine, fine, like five by buying everything, should immediately put rigour stable, if bullet all of the attitude is really I don't, I don't want to get put on them. I don't trust this dude and, and so they came in. I can remember her. The first guy was this point by companies like in which really gone on man a talk about waiting. I can't remember anything right hockey comes in a room, gets wise. Air leaves off, remember correct for that not, but it leaves his house five six times in the morning getting the car back. I forgot my badge and going up forget that's for that and
and then they be saying when you know my motivation to sucks my concentrations sucks sit in a certain mean. If I can't, I can't follow anything any by, like my attention spans to second sir. I'm given the brief and I'm not interested night yeah, but their team guy said are still gettin after, but they just don't feel like it after it. Nick basically and colder weaker fatter like the fallen in nutrition advice or fine, strengthen conditioning advice. The doing exactly how they should do it and adjust they're getting weaker they're, getting fatter and slower they're getting moody sex drive down sexual performance is downright and really all performance issues right. So I've noticed ass from not a strong, and then they be able to be a. But maybe, as you know, madam, I, and you're thirty. Four like it's over for you right, you're screwed, you her just go, go sec, start your sag right now, man, and so
I honestly didn't have the slightest idea first guy can't office and tells me that someone I dont know some like do bunch a lapse and I mean it its first important apprentices with when I first got there. The department had was actually appear physicians, assistant was supervising the physician and had been in maybe he's a former team guy and when the first thing I told me in his office he's like hey. These guys are gonna, come to you and expect some special treatment, I'm like yeah, like we can't give it to him when. Why would if you don't like, you have to treat everybody the same like it's in the name, special for is like they get special treatment works were here because fingers. When I hear for tax, a poorly goods can go to the hospital I like. If we,
the capacity will see them, but like I'm here, to help the team guys it's like he can't think of it. That way, and I'm like we're not going to get along then that's what I'm kinda like I'm here to help I'm here to help a guinea and give a ship. My my seat it was a supply officer right. It grew upon me, english everything at once. Concur, I'm here to help my my boys had I'm gonna do with it. So so, you I did was that laying aside- and it wasn't popular it wasn't part moreover, the seals is not her sails. Came in tell me this story about. All the stuff in Nothing they're saying- and this is just like repeat- got one guy a day. One guy who was just like word of mouth says like one and then one and then two and then four and and you know I'd say three months after the first guy came in at promising hundred guys right now.
I told them their store, but I'd listen. I take notes and listen. Let them hell it and they hold on the same thing. They ve sense. Done some research and then I'll call operator under my calling if the seal syndrome and syndrome basically means here's all the symptoms, We all know why. So it's a syndrome, pray and so on I'm sleep vultures test, a bunch allowed urgency I was doing Ninety eight blood markers so they're gonna hospital. Getting like seventeen miles of blood then again everything that be high was low. Nothing should below was high liquor, anabolic behaviour, super low catalogue, stuff really hi there inflammation really high oxidation, really high insolence and steady, even nowhere near what you would expect it to be a guide. This fit this unshaven. This evening's way
I have the slightest idea ongoing and then maybe fifty or so the guy's into it. Somebody said to me: he takes ambien every night and I thought like oceans in sight. Put a poem nyssa admirer of like one of the few days as in khakis? Like somebody, you just remember, she's super clear like way of sitting at my desk, and I remember putting us note the margin and then after he left eye? I kept shadow files. Is none in timor twenty seven the records like I'm just keep it out. If I give it to you when you leave here or when I leave mean new. Do you want with it? So I I checked the machete files every single guy had been my office of the navy hundred sustainable? Like her? I wonder if I could be it now. I took pharmacology in medical school. So I knew how Amy work
but I didn't know enough of like a new it acts like gather, gathers neuro, peptide and figured gap. Attentive me give it. Nerve banks that slows down their function essentially rancor and am I but how none about sleep to know why that is again one cat a dozen sleep. I don't know. I don't have a single class on sleep in medical school and and you know the way the pharmaceutical industry works when they apply fur at the approval they only research they give the FDA what they want to give em. They dont, given what they don't wanna give em, but then it get sued in court that pullup skirt and joe everything so that it happened with a like right before this happened. And so they were getting sued, and so now he knew the real side effect profile and so I just had to learn a ton about, non traditional medicine had learnt about sleep, I thought, may
during all fatigue like china, which is uneven, are like a real thing, but yet I was kind of like alternative medicine, they would only during other. Do it is like an P, a mismatch that there's some valid chauvinist. It really not like the way it's proposed, but I was having some success. Gonna like, but it wasn't. Huge and then but I'd nerves like everybody's testosterone, with low average growth hormone, was low, like low love, might buy in medicine. Like western train medical physician right. So I know how recognize and treat disease. What I do disease right it's within the bell curve, but. it probably should be higher, but there's no sewed The chair you see allay the chairman, acknowledge it usually had done this research, where hee hee
stratified the bell curve for testosterone and broke it into quintiles for twenty. So eighty per cent to one hundred and sixty eight right In the top went out, he had the lowest risk death from any cause. Lois risk any disease frequent how you go down it doubles so that I mean the fifth quinton it sixteen times sixteen times more likely to die of any cause. Sixteen times more likely to have any disease every guy who came to see me within that went off now, magnesium medical malpractice to not give everybody magnesium and keep them in the frequent top, but because athletes use tear or testosterone to cheat in sports. It's political. She don't give that right knots and not to know now. So I wasn't about they were about to. Let me give guys testosterone, Then I learned ay when you're sleeping us when you're testosterone made us whenever things rebalance all your hormones the most anabolic time. Your life is the first sleep cycle right. You get your first
sleep cycling, most, the most of that is deeply deep sleep has the lowest stress hormones. The catabolic hormones you'll, never have in twenty four hours and and has the highest anabolic so much stevie repair right out of you. When you work out, you don't get stronger, weaker, gammoned yourself, when it repairs comes, strong will that's happening while your sleep so I thought so what I learned foot what goes on when you go to sleep and then what going for me, was it The teams had already done some great work and I had a great reputation because, as like two thousand and nine ranked doesn't ten, and until I could call up anybody be like hey, I read your book or saw your ted talk or heard your lecture and I'm the dark for the whiskers she'll teams. I wonder if I could train with you're consult with your clients when everybody was like ear to help us. So I got to learn a lot really quickly and I said and I started trying to tell
If a ship that I fight dead, other performance issues. on injuries and are just guys not feeling good, not performing well not feeling motivated. not being resilient. I think why this is from their hormones. Had if the woman, sir, that dominant an eighty year old man and an eight year old fat man actually and and I think it sleep everybody was like tat, a river. I remember you talking to the media. I was good and you're like you're, like dude you're, free, so yeah, the testator seventy drove off. Where I was like yes, yes, there there, there are some people who who just get through like for whatever reason they stay resigned but but but if we have a biased sample because
if people are coming to me because they have problems with everybody? I said you are just getting me because I was retiring and, like I am right right got it. So most of the guys were company that feel like shit, yep and they're. Just coming to you like bro. Can you please help me right so then, once I, burial to avian day, certain dagon into that which, by the way, have never taken ambient merger super eunuch. I had had the corpsman pull, pull medical records and look an eighty five percent, of our command of the west to eighty five percent was guess, your team had a prescription for yeah, whether or not they are taken out. I don't like me, doc we're on deployment. My dockside here we need to get where you succeed. It we are eating. They need need to tell me what you just tell me like: hey we're we're out of them feel like we're almost out of ambien. I've got to get more, I'm going to whatever and I was kind of like. I didn't really think each other because, like I said I'd, never I've never even try to know what it feels like, but
guys were frequent on ambient like it was like it was: eaten ams man right, so. What does it? Does it? Jack up here yes, so they fight so the weather to people to sleep with with benda volume revived and and out if you overdose on those quit breathing and you die and their super hard to get off right, that's what happened to your computer's doing like super hard to get off so They found the z drug, so gabazoos nearer peptide the basically those neurons downright so when you're way You go to sleep one of the primary things tapping asleep is your neo cortex is part of the brain. It you think of the human brain wrinkly bit. That's where illegal your motor functions, your sensory and all your processing of that, like your interpretation of the world and tell you interact with the world, and was that part right? so that that slows down and you quit interacting with the world, could pay attention
since a to work. Obviously right did. I can turn on the light in your eyes I still sense light and you'll wake up. Alright, I can make a loud noise cigar at all. Your senses are still working you're, not paying attention to him so gab is primary no peptide this making that happen so the pharmaceutical industry, the way they work like. Well, we figure out this one step of this process. We can supercharged that rights, and now this is gonna binding, gather receptor, but it's do a hundred times more than gather dust that was benzes and then the z judge, a thousand times would gather. Does what the z- I don't know I can't think of another brand or another form as a category. So that's like ambien and lunesta, and there used to be a third one. I can't remember, but these are like a thousand times- that's a thousand times effect of gabba. So what was happening? He says just dissociating people. So
so they would take this and basically they quit interpreting their senses, but take it. So beware, and so the reason ever get sued is people were like dry and down and don't let your brain stuff, their driving, I'm picking up prostitutes the dry down in eating. Do you know did the hundred dollars worth of fast food they're going to beg, gambling, their life savings away, mortgaging our housing and wake up the next day down here, member, no recollection of whatsoever instead with a certain after their get sued, is somewhat objective. Two ambien would it is for this reason, so so The first thing that happens. I see the blue light goes out of her eyes that chain that make some changes in our brain and act. And melatonin gets a creative return that this in to hormones in your brain
like the initiation of everything right, that's the as matlock, because at the starting pistol, which I think too great metaphor so that initiate everything and when the Many things happen is gabbett, comes in and slows down the brain. You quit paying attention to your environment or body temperature goes down. Unlike that's, what makes you feel sleepy so if you, your bodies are really smart machine, wring its efficient, I'll do anything! It doesn't need to do that way. If I get you testosterone. You quit making testosterone. Why the hell? Are you spend energy, making it you're gettin up for free. So if I, give you gather and its having a thousand times the effect of Gaza. I'm sorry. If I give you see georgia's having a thousand times effective, gather all the reset it for gabba We only need one thousandth of a judge, have all you have all of this work in every like you, don't need all these receptor share so
happens. You down, regulate receptors and now you quit taking that your gathered, deficient, no matter how much gotta you have in your brain cause. You need a thousand times what you would ordinarily have just to be normal. Now because you have so few chapters and then the receptor state sixty eight weeks to come back. Nobody can wait six, eight weeks to our sleeping again right, so they There really hard to get off to traverse where the ambient becomes addictive. Yeah people can't quit it let's just making a normal. It's the same thing when people take fifty milligrams or even ten milligrams of melatonin like the brain only makes about six micrograms from the time some goes down to you. Wake up yet in ten milligrams, all at once, way more than you and you're going down, regulate receptors and now, when you quit taking melatonin your melatonin deficient, because you have enough receptors to take to get back to where you are producing bell sounded again, will you
he'll producing at just like your producing a normal amount with maybe a tenth or one one hundred that the receptor secondary share deficient because you need both. It doesn't matter how much now, let's get him back eventually, bs upward takes like sixty eight weeks at ss. Our eyes are very similar, like their working on serotonin rehab, taken their work on receptors and takes like sixty eight weeks thoroughly start working antics sixty weeks to recover from a guys. Do testosterone, you eat ever start making out again. If you go on, if you're on austrian. It depends on how long you're on and what you do, while you're on it right. So there are things that you can do to maintain testicular volume and function most dark in the box. Guy don't do this they're, just like hers with those instruments and then in most of the the guy said I end up seeing yeah there.
Seen by some guy he's, given like two or three hundred milligrams once a week or once every two weeks should get like huge surge they're going super physiologic for a few days turn into a caveman for like two days and then they down regulate their receptors and that testosterone gets converted into estrogen and estrogen as the signal in your brain to tell your brain. How much testosterone your house, if your students high brain assumes that from testosterone, so now you producing as much testosterone, and so they get this peak now they down regulators after his right and they down regulator on production and so after a few months of that, once other receptors of change. Now the physiology of change now they're superpowers, the logic for maybe a day or two nights- more for a day or two another load, well the rest of time, some guy that's two weeks, and so the law is coming to me like he s it doesnt. I felt great now
feel just like I did before started and I'll say how much we take and how often are there. Looking at your dh to you they looking at your estrogen. Are they looking at your sexual and binding globulin? Looking like they're looking at anything other than your testosterone? Are they even looking at your free testosterone, because total testosterone really doesn't matter much of it is available, and so the lake This is true with every hormone anything anything any hormone. I give you you're going to quit, making it now. There are things that I can there's things that can give you that will cause you to keep making testosterone while you're taking testosterone, it's not perfect, but those guys I can come off of testosterone, probably Ok, there's the sugar back off right because they they weren't able It can off when I met them. So now there can be a little worse than that when they go into line.
I was dying, but the team guises I as first done it with like all supplements, first time getting guys to sleep and getting them off of ambien right and that's that just came from me and I couldn't just say quit taking your ambien. Dark near our community. One is good he's better in three pilot great there taken like three ambien with Seven, the taking three mb was the couplet cocktails and then their waking up it for three, not until their way for four thirty, and I like can go back to us whoops, I'm going to going to the gym or going to work out really hard. Today, I'm not going to take any breaks from work all day when I come home tonight, I'm gonna retire I'll go to sleep. How long have you done that, like three years, you got frightened eyes tonight. Is that right. our society is not are obviously not working right. And so forth. I learned how ambien destroys remsen plaque Eighty per cent of remsen goes away and knocked out about twenty percent of deep sleep. Alcohol do exactly the opposite!
Oh destroys deep sleep gets rid about twenty four, So when I sent these guys in for sleep studies, Ninety nine point: nine percent states do sleep during any. Deep sleep, any rem do they except the mojave like shit yeah. How did they? Even I don't even know how they survived it honestly like and that's one of the things about Matt improved you how little we know, because that should kill them, kill them and a couple of weeks, because at the same is getting no sleep, you would think, but this is where ambient lawsuits carve were fortunately where I could learn all that. So I couldn't just a way their ambient an alcohol in, say, suck it up. Buttercup right, like I d, give em something I did some research and came up with a bunch of thing. they are having to go to alter its pre amazon. Sir, I've round to three different stores and get all the ingredients and try to travel with? It now has a pain, and so now they
really her bring me into making a product out of it for make it easier for him. So the allied, I fear it out the sleep was a huge component that that was causing Thirdly, a lot of their low testosterone and then there's I can give you like the precursors to testosterone like d h e a and you can do a form of Daca, seven keto de ha that can't be converted into estrogen. that's good right and give giving zinc citrate, which will decrease the amount of estrogen you make from testosterone and dan some guys I was giving a pharmaceutical called a remedy action that blocks estrogen conversion due to its color, aromatase, inhibitor, and so. just like the eighty eight pregnant alone, which is another preacher. into the testosterone pathway.
And some z incur a remedy x and getting s asleep: geyser tripling quadrupling their testosterone levels over six months for six months, now I want to see is out there. He got like an for years are treating me like three pr like like wait. Let's, running and like say something else, and in his forties like this is the best ever benefits life because ease, has been broken down, In like our community has some of that, just because the chaotic sleep anyway right just because well tonight, you're working tomorrow, you're working too and then yeah and now we're going to travel and we're going to cover here. We're going to this, and and so every like you, sleep you cannot see right, and so it's chaotic and if you are in line with their circuiting rhythm, sleep is nowhere near as valuable, and so
I got guy sleep in an age. Had huge performance gains, there are few older guys that I couldn't get them to make enough testosterone to be in an upper window. So I think when they they daily shut me down, commander investigation for awhile and, like I am most centrally sacrificed my car, for like there is no way of getting any, can navy residency or anything, because I'm in trouble all the time with be mad or the hospital or war com. Whenever, like everybody's, then even like mine, where they met about. practicing outside of my scope, that I was like giving people gave held if myers cocktails. When I thought that it was the journal, fatigue, ivy vitamins, parent lamb not allowed to do that. As a doctor and I got a lot of trouble for that.
Remedy ex ignorant doctors will say to me: anti drug wagon somebody, cancer, drug cancer, drug, more humming you give it to women with breast cancer because their breast cancer is estrogen sensitive when you want them to make less estrogen as nothing. with cancer like you, just don't want them to amsterdam. It's it's an estrogen boy. Cause. That's all it is so yeah I just like everything I did you know in an all it takes because I was a junior doctor right, like all it takes, is for somebody senior to me anywhere in the medical chain, be like he's doing what. Why is he doing that like? No, we can't allow that and so then they call war common complained that the rogue doctors doing all this crazy voodoo stuff. That's what it's call like voodoo and when I, even when I, when I told the leadership andrew, was. chrome guard with Alex Alex from her
He was the commodore at the time and he was supersensitive he's smart, educate all the stuff, but everybody else literally laugh me other office going to kill me their testosterone, represents leaving right doc late? You got some problems and, But then I started getting results and people, performing better and more of mouth spread and then they start have me lecture at the pre and post retreats, and then I fear that when I like was sharon's stage with like rob, walden well born? Crasser, unlike all those guys and then they started inviting me on podcast, inviting me to other symposiums and stuff and like that's kind of where my career went because of what I was doing with art. Our guys. So what? What year did you get out of the navy janet thirteen, so you return. From the navy january thirty I didn't retire, but I gotta night
Can you see, sir well so medical school is like the academy, certainly counts. Rhetoric the twenty four years to retire. So it had to stand five more years and there are There is nowhere for me. I mean, let's get it up in an article on libya, that burn at burned, a lotta bridges to do and it s so them, you do when you pointed out Gonna have no wind worker, the concierge practice in employing lama with it doctor who me into becoming a doctor, and then he wanted me didn't see. In that practice and take it over and it was exactly what I thought I wanted. You know and I was already doing some private consulting like people heard me on podcast and be like hey. I wanna work with you, and so it's sort of to tell them medicine like zoom, stuff and skype in those days and so so doing some of that and then, but
of course, when I left I created like this vacuum, because the next guy who came to the teams was just like a doctor or like a regular dog there is just waiting biting standing behind you like a turnover of what you learned with him, yeah bite, you are gone, but I want to stay the daily. After seeing what happened to me, there was an anybody here. We re interested in doing what die. Has the world caught up with these protocols, yeah phallic at I'd, say For five years I forgot Alex so calm, hired, I need to come and lecture there and like lecture all their medical staff and my damn neck hired me to come and do a lecture and teach all their medical staff, and I I consult on all those guys, on a fairly regular basis The age labelle heart who wrote a book called be robustly roomed countless, but but you know, he's a these world war, one guy fond of the sun. He wrote the book that I I have called the indirect approach, but one of the things he says in that book is the first.
Person with an idea if they stick that idea they hold onto it. Guess what they become a mark so amy look out through throughout history, like you have an idea and you you hey. This is the way to be you. You end up a margaret collect what I you cause. It takes a while for ideas to get accepted. He he rose, This one example of with them major changes that have been made to warship over the past whenever it is two hundred years every major change that came like now? One accepted it until like somebody got Margaret and then like going from ever from sale to like state, It was the first guys like. Are you an idiot? When are you going to do when you're out at sea and there's no call you're an idiot like we can sail forever and churn
these guys get fired and then the next guy says you know we should make the holes out of out of metal instead of wood. Will you idiot? How are you going to replace the metals heavier than water, all those things and that's what happened so, if you're, if you're the first person or roll out, if you're, not careful You can be careful, you can get it done in. for this is what he talks about a more indirect manner. So, if you would set, our item will be like super strategic and I'm gonna run this up the chain of what to do im argued. Have you added tell a bunch of guys that can't do anything for you now? You know it would take you seven years or whatever. So I'm not saying it would have been just that that that indirect approach is is the only way to or not the only way, but it's probably the only way to avoid becoming a marker. For you, you're sit there looking at people that are hurting in your like item and help in two thousand and eight or two thousand and help right now like it. So you tell me why I got out fully aware what I was doing, I'm not I'm not wine and about it. I knew it was done at the time I uttered adequate
came to my monitor from buckminster fuller said. It said. I never fight the system create a superior system to makes the old one option it sounds like I have something to do. I'm just going to do the right thing cause like. I learn and all this stuff from other people, s not like, I invented right what I was doing. I had a few noble ideas, but for the most part, like I learned all this from other people This was going on in the world, it wasn't going on in our world, and now it's in our world lingo bear leftist. I when I left- and so all these guys kept coming to me like when they got when they got out especially- and I know few dean Do you not think about that on her behalf and found it yeah yeah, I mean I I definitely about a yeah for sure so Joe mussulmans provoking a couple times. Yes, sir Joe Mussulman who's, the guy who down? There was a guy did make their buds and
he wanted to do said. Educational component of it had seen enough team. Guys scares me in a medical rehab that do rights like educate them four year but like let's get him in medical shape person against We learned, so they can remember that you sleep taking right. That's too, there are not negotiable racks in iraq. The things I do and all those and all this other stuff and so and he he we pitched that's how I got back and involved with doctor rice, a guy who talked me in medical school as he had this great clinic, and point one is huge and very few patients, and so he had to close space and we're like Joe pitch him like a man we run like this pilot programme through here and who were true. I raise money for that and there the money just wasn't there for the medical cause too expensive, but we did like my life. What I think we did like ten families, like Jim Kim, got a train or something proof of concept, and so
but then I will end, then I'd have working at the clinic. Instead of just don't let my plan was to do that like to build that because of it, The various communities rather team does not in any way, and they still this day. I am always managing fifty eyes and you one they trust me too. I I know arc you better than anybody and I know what they need and other problems are before they even now the problems are, and so I was death Caliban. My thumb traffic work it just like. I just kept you that for civilians as well, do it for civilians and they pay me they pay me. They pay me a lot so that I don't have to charge the team guys and up until just recently like I'm, I'm on a bunch of different advisory boards for the non Profits are trying to help our guys up, thumb and-
so I've never charged. You need the team guys for my time, but they have to pay for their meds, because they're not gonna, get me through trial inshallah these foundation to pay for their methods, and so the last couple of years like it's, it's gotten a lot better and there there's, even I haven't seen a but there's other doctors that are doing this work with these donations and their treatin some active duty guys to sell and then you ended up making your year. Sleep supplements here. yeah so actually, when I was when I was I got the clinic the concierge clinic, his wife wellness by the way you give him a shot out marrying like romas. Almost no has diameter still roiled area like wellness, instituting scott. and yes, I worked there for a year, and I mean I I just had so much, there's so much debate
and for my time and like there's no way I could do what I need to do that seems to heighten call out their short doing anything about sleep and so the you're, just gonna harangue him into like to just make a product like how hard it is to do from like like all so like every step away from the clinic four year startling, some others live off, my consulting I was doing an hourly rate back then I do like annual programs now, but I I said I'll just live off of my consulting I'll start. This thing up, I gonna go back and so you're consulting is. Is this medical consulting for individual humans? Is that okay? So I mean I do like I do some organizational stuff like the one like whatever law, sportsmen professionals working professional, though pyre meal lecture and can help them design a programme you're. Talking about like hey, I want you to help me feel better.
We are so where's, my money, yes or now I have now. It now do annual programmes. People can only do year like among, I don't do multiple fiercely in case you everything you need to know. In a year you have to have another doktor cause. I'm not your earlier at our whatever yeah yeah yeah wholly ever broken leg. I guess not me, so I and and what I do is performance. Like I didn't break, I didn't call it that at the teams, but if you think about it, that's exactly what it's doing his performance right now had a disease they swarmed reforming, like they felt like they should perform and so to that sir. I do now to its mainly like your bid, executives or entrepreneurs traded help for welfare, twenty or thirty years and now had like a big exit, wearily sober company, the upon it
I don't care about money. They want to buy that health. They want that health back. There wouldn't be division. One athletes again, I'm like pump the brakes sparky like maybe we can get you. We can drop forty pounds of fat off your in the year and get you back into the be able to be physical, jaso c I a day I those guys a lot of money, one to make sure that their motivated and to do so patiently treating us and then that, right before it's like a here before I got out at a conference where a guy's lecturing on tv- and I had at least one guy I knew that antibiotics as that was what we thought about. You be eyes and this time so Somebody had been knocked unconscious, then you didn't they. at a tv I said, then I went to school lex. he's working with pugilist and handsome and of our guys.
Just thrown up his case reports and light. Looking at their blood markers looks exactly like my guys, you're kidding me, so then I started my own research and in two thousand and nine there is a jam article written than it has done between cambridge and harvard thousands of people and they had his imaging called gaiety eyes, and it's like it. So it's so the resolution so clear that can see a single new runnel track breaking bay, They call that a minor tb I today the threshold, it turns out one point: zero, nine jeez there that from their work point zero. Nine jeez can cause a minor tb on minor tb. There get not that from the acceleration changes on rollercoaster, like, I wonder how it after this I start investigating like and this stuff,
tested like raven, test everything, obviously, but he had been there like the fat like Damn next passports, they average sixty jeez four hours they peak over a hundred g's. So it is a head injury, head, injury, header, injury like every. second wave right and then I started learning about over pressure, relation tv, I rise, gonna, be great and so I dont know if the thresholds for that, but if something close to the one point, her height asia well if you're, if you're a cop, create room with three and every round, comes out as thirty geez. if you're shoot nikobob gustaf the there. The shooter gets two hundred jeez. The spartacus, like three hundred the end of you know hard pair.
She'd openings or to three geez. he had been in the back of a humvee with a fifty cal guns, like sixty gs. Very every round. Yes, unlike I don't have a guy who doesn't have thousands of tv eyes, and this has now been proven than if we no lark. frank larkin near his sonia suicide in any, had his brain analyze, So when you look at, if you look at fighters and look at nfl and nfl guys, they have the t right. Heard of knits, like specific regions of the brain, show some specific abnormalities what happens in the end, the over pressurization is like that pressure wiped goes through your skull because, right there and then they have on photography. Now, like, I guess, what a lot of frame, per second, so sixty five francs per second, some nagging slow that down and get really wrestling with it. So as the best
the wave comes by its just like any other way. It's moving at him. act on the material is going too well the different Cities move at different rates. So The lining of your rang, the dura that moves at a different rate than the basket letter, and that means that a different rate than though why modern that moves at a different way than the gray matter that moves at a different rate, then look possible to hold a serious matter that was put in a black suit, a sheer everything we have an when you do autopsies on our guys suicide it their entire brain is covered with these top ratings. Like the these markers for damage, At every interface aware where the vascular church It's the brain where the durham each the brain, where the white matter reach a grey matter with gray matter, reach nice, the cerebral spinal, fluid the entire brain, and we don't know what to do about that. now there's peptides out, though we know help that can be the next person next fronted,
medicine. I believe now, I spent a lot of my time with our guys now I prepare helps for sure hormones obviously help so here that that's that but that's what it that's, what our guys needed. It needs to be done proactively. Can you think of Like over time didn't equipment, Keeps getting more and more dynamic. The people in question have the same right, we're the fragile bit now and there's gonna be like it's different. For. from people always bring up george foreman and muhammad ali. Like george forming right now he's up there, you know till they get a girls were great good, an abnormal fighters and some fighters are just like they're. Fine and some guys are not clearly and write the same thing with football like you meet guys that play football, their whole life, and then they went out there don't talk to a normal things and other guys get totally messed up from football. So there's gotta be some genetic,
two hours, while the others, their genetic variation to everything. So. and I don't know why, anyway surprised by this right psych. we like to say that all men are created, equal is not truth, like every people aren't equal some people have of aptitude that other people down how you like this, this may this misnomer of the super sleeper right. If you had this gene combination, then you don't need as much sleep. That's not true, you know what what truth that you don't suffer as much as most people, when you don't sleep right when you sure When you short sleep, you don't have the same problems as the average joe now there's somebody on the other side of spectrum. To that you take a few hours asleep way and their computer. incapacitated. These are people who don't make it through hell week. These people don't make it into our community. I've always Well, you know people always talk about my sleep and I the genetic composure. I talk about because, like my oldest daughter, I would be
went to bed at eleven o clock at night when she was in high school and should be up studying and I'd wake up at four thirty in the morning. It should be up study. and so she was just kind of like me right. She didn't need a ton asleep my wife, why does girls gone, he is going to bed like she'll, be up late, right, my my middle daughter, There is not an emergency goin on she's in june, you gotta get out of bed when she feels like it like. Theirs is not major mercy. Going on my side. kind of like he can be, deal without sleep pretty well and then my youngest daughter, but like my wife, so it seems to me like and you know we all live in the same house. There's, like half of us, get up early and go and do something the other half are still in bed and that's the way it is every day and it's not because I treated him any differently. I wanted them all to get up early and some of them just it's not part of their gig right. Part of my wife's give european peoples to me.
How do you get up in the morning like we are? We cannot be left. My wife ain't waken alpha. Unless I certain fiery red room, I got good to go. Live girl is she's out and she's in her home and allow land, which is also so It seems like there's some level of genetic component to it, where and you know this even happened in the teams like I would I definitely percent like I would need to sleep with at all, and- it would be like a. I need to go down and I'd be like cool yeah go to sleep, and I I could go for a really long time without you know on very little sleep and have always been like that raw and sellers there's gotta, be some level of like an unlikely not claiming to be like going to genetic give, but there's something I think I can get by with a little less. You know we we can test your genetics and safety personally prefer. I bet I would. Surprised if I was. I wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't it super rarely. The everybody wants to put cells in that category miller. God is a right and I'm saying that I am not saying this issue, but
and why just kind of did that. So I guess I'm guilty, but I actually don't think I really am yeah. I don't think I really am. I think I I think he you know I think the odds of being. That is something we being struck by why, in the hell being attacked by jacques tourniquet obeyed his superior prayer, but I can listen to think about us think anything else like Heaven Do suffer from Iraq like yeah. Hearing I do whatever ten twenty miles, like how much you can suffer, does everybody suffer the same now right But what can you do the same with everybody else like retrain? The same could be sprawling. How many? How fast, when you read how much do retained like ever everybody's different in every somewhat sleep? Do people need eight hours. So, like I If I go to sleep, I can't sleep eight hours no will not separate ours are not because it is useless.
at ten thirty wake up before thirty, like that's kind of one, seven hundred six chicken after chicken don't show it's supposed to go to bed at ten. You know a mere six and a half hours, but you know, if I'm its high. for me to sleep like I'll I'll, be in some situation where you know whatever I'm go a member, if I go stay somewhere whatever and we have we theirs, no, what is it does nothing to do right, we're on vacation for lack of a better word, echo Charles were recruiting and like I'll go to bed and it's so annoying because you know like but then I'm awake, wherein some random place and my wife's going to sleep for more four more hours. Right now, like walking around in circles. Doing burpees in my room, yeah, so yeah It be interesting. You know,
you know what else was an interesting sleep experiment. The arc. Did you ever? Do an article platoon or too narrow, narrowly avoided, or you go out on a ship and went out on the ship. You have no job as a seal. You have no job you're in this weird compartment, where it's just dark. If you know you know guys and we had a guy's ida guy. In one my patterns, he would leap for days like susie and and he was also guy that probably had some kind of a sweep disorder because, he would fall asleep on patrol like we'd we'd be patrolling and you know, take a ten minute break. You know patrol fifty minutes break for ten patrol for spring, pretend we'd be doing a hump across the desert. We we, sit down with an older guy. Now no, He lives in textile industry, but here we We like take a break and you you're like freakin. order hump the desert, thursday and almost three minutes in the break. You hear like he'd snoring. But he might ownership, he would go on a ship.
Sometimes he slept for like actual like eighteen hours, you know and then he'd get up, looking all groggy and so on. you could sleep as much as you possibly could want. I mean there's nothing to do like suburbs. Yes, I've seen what, even, if you're the most like highly discipline person and you're, trying to complete your degree and you're learning to play guitar and you're working out. You still have like an extra seventeen offers to do nothing yeah so, but even on the argue it was like. I could sleep right and really think about sleep too much, but I like you I gotta see. I didn't wake up like okay. Well, I'm going to do whatever I'm there, several genes that I I wouldn't be surprised. If we have some of them, I I'm I'm a guy who can get away with it that much sleep as well. It is true that this afternoon, The older you get the harder it is my breaking off old neighbour, vietnam, dude this this dude, like wake up in the morning. He be synonymous porch. There
He he's like. I don't sleep, I don't need to sleep, I'm watching the neighborhood. He tell me I'd be like ride all men yeah yeah, I mean it. It's the Is there variation like when, when I was in a mean the whole time I was in college the whole time as a medical school. Like I said, I'm married and have kids don't know like I'm coming home from medical school like making dinner my kids. You know give him battery and do so using all deprivation like it and our sleeping. five hours a item a good night for ten years, Now, though, partibus age were part of its And it wasn't until I figured after the team, guys that I said well, maybe I should lie to shit myself right. So I started sleeping more and now I know now I'm really bad at functioning. Without, if I got used to it, and I think Can it the under the thing about sleep like one things it makes.
Obviously I don't just usually but sleep too big component when I do just gives us them important factor your health. If I do my job well, first of all, the sales pitch sucks, because we're asleep good for The thing was the worst thing you can say and marketing like takes us anything every year better. At every thing, when you sleep well, you're smarter, your faster, stronger, smarter, editor, better. Looking like everything, everything's, better, lower stress hormones, higher anabolic romance better apple. regulation everything's better when you sleep, and so that's a terrible, selfish, now- the other thing is: if I do my job really well and you sleep amazingly well, you won't remember at all and light nope trust me. It was great for your night. now at least you have wearables near people tracking their sleep and something like there's some yeah. There is something to make it a little easier for me and are in that respect, but, like the there's I mean there's
question is the most important aspect of your life and the big problem, the other. The sleep is that we need to make the whole point of me going to sleep tonight, MR repair everything that I did myself today right everything that it every fuel source I exhausted that needs to be replenished or any damage, I've done. That needs to be fixed, and then I did your store things and organise things and set hormone regulation for moreover, some repairing for to day in preparing for tomorrow It takes eight hours to recover from sixteen hours. Vast majority. As I was saying, ninety five percent of people on the planet that ninety eight percent of people- maybe that way, if ireland six hours, instead of eight hours to marshal, comes if, didn't repair and prepare a hundred percent. How do I due tomorrow right? Where am I going to get the energy from? Well I'm going to get that from stress hormones that can increase in stress hormones or called
If you think about it, if I went to sleep and I can repair a hundred per cent prepare a hundred percent for tomorrow. I would never age. Be exactly the same everyday wake up exactly the same every day there would be no aging involved. The fact that I can't The reason I age, if I did side. Cutaway twenty five percent of my sleep on purpose on choosing the twenty five percent faster, if I'm somebody who's capable of sleeping adores right, unlike excitedly, not everybody is, and some of others learned some of that There may be like hat habitually right in I had an eighty while she was in her late seventies at the time a client like probably ten years ago and she's like I haven't, slept more than four hours in twenty years. I thank you for so I get her like just sleep. jeanne. Just my sleep.
no drugs, no hormones like just like nutritional supplements and sleep hygiene ritual around sleep charged, leaving he out and farther now she's still edge in a few years, but she feel better. She just feel like she's wasting one quarter of her day, nasty fish yeah. So so so here here this. This is true about everything I do so everything performance based. So I get people to sleep. I get people to eat right, get people exercise! Writing get people to controller stress, gets her mines in order. I get their information now peptides. Whatever they come to me like, oh, my god, I didn't, I saw tat. I was until I felt good that's like a month into her, then, another model, it? Oh! No! Now now I feel like I used to feel like now and then bring it said. like three or four months of like really good behaviour to realise how much you ve lost, because Awareness like at our where's asleep. Isn't there with us idea, right, we're not paying attention that,
but our self awareness of how impaired we are just like a drunk person. The research has been done over and over again I deprive you of this much sleep. I give you this mini alcoholic drinks. blood alcohol level is this. You haven't slept this much same tank like correlate. I guess like that so hard for me to know stated plainly does plateau. I, like that example. Nevertheless, we do an event at national front called the muster and it's a big event and when we first started doing it, talk about the second one that we did was in new york city, it's others. Nine hundred people coming there's all this stuff to get donors and so on. Story short. We we behind the scenes we weren't squared away as we should have been, so we had a bunch of stuff to do preparing these big if the slides get ready and we had to do all this stuff and so leif. Who is doing it with me? I think it was like one thirty in the morning and were
the events the next day at one thirty in the morning were signing nine hundred certificates. of graduation working, awake but three thirty to go to pity so whereon stage, I mean, I'm on stage with two hours sleep and on three questions, I'm giving presentations and that days like starts it. We give it three thirty we pt we go for thirty. The group comes in pts, we go get up and say we do all day: during the next day, the next it we got other stuff we gotta do. We know sleep and, like a brow, I mean where we're on, operations- waste going on an operation, especially in remedy you're planning, you're planning, planning, planning, right adam Hussain, especially in ramadi for me, because we would plan with the army we gotta go check in with the iraqis got all the stuff going on by the time we go on the field we haven't slept. I remember I been so happy to go in the field, because I can finally sleep like three hours under under a bush on rocks and cactus, yeah and so great, and I never and look what I mean
drunk before right and I wouldn't want to. I wouldn't trust myself to get up on stiff and and end and you're fired if I had. I think I could probably have for drinks. and still like present at the master. It be a little bit extra death. But if you got me like six drinks, it be a different event right and it would be good just a minute. So I just like I m an exaggeration acutely. You can compensate right. So if you think about it so we are. You have the autonomic nervous system written in the pair sympathetic and sympathetic and and the maximum sympathetic output who we call firefly right. So when you go up into fighter flight, what happened? She become superhuman right. You, pupils, dilates, are taking on a bigger filled, vision right. Your lungs expand start taking a more oxygen. Your blood pressure goes up here. Peripheral profusion goes down,
So, if you get caught, you don't bleed to death reflexes, get faster. You release a bunch of glucose. She have more indifference, more strength, faster reflexes, like your superwomen fuel, I feel amazing you're scared right, but you feel alive and ready right and your like super. We like you, can react to everything faster, the. Why don't you run like that? All the time has come I like you're using yourself as the fuel source to get away from the danger because it doesn't matter so that's what I do in those event yeah. So it doesn't matter if you can digest your food doesn't matter if you can fight off infection, doesn't matter because, like you need to get away from this thread before any of that matter, so we're going to marshal one hundred percent of your resources and have that said, what you do on digging into in the well yeah you dig in it. Not you recover from that. And believe me, I know you are not a big deal like we have gone to great lengths neck now at the mustard. Everything is just so well oiled irene we're going to bed at night. You know nine o clock and I we joke about. Will a guy
eight thirty, I'm going to go to bed like we. We love that you know it's this this. This is to support what you're talking about. I know this one hundred percent- if I don't get, Actually, when I'm going to an event like from speak, I keep a little bit less because it makes me more, I am sure, engaged with what's happening even emotional, like. I will be more emotionally engaged from farewell rested, I'm just kind of like coop, like every ass everything's good. And I'll tell you another thing: it won't your dimension like round. If I'm eating that crap brought myself it's a disease, I feel like crap about the sleep is crap and that's a disaster. The other thing is: when you talk about stress I mean I don't stress about, want even
like, and I think it's getting you too. You get used to in the team that one what I wrote about in this book, like what you have to know what to worry about. What's important, what's not important, and for me the, though of a list of things that are important is this This, too, has like four things on. Is I raise your pham? Is my family healthy right right? like ok, like that's something but Health is not just about that. I like it nothing else in the stress box that I'm really like what, because, if you know what's going on, oh, I believe this products coming to work well with the fails? Ok, then we do not do something, so I think I'm pretty good with bookkeeping. out of the stress zone, eating good, When are you like crap, I feel like crap look and pieces of you know, look at some pizza, whoever invented that, like one evil, bastard temperature cookies on insurance. It, like you, get that, but I'm lucky adam, unlike
I didn't like it until I was like, but, like my wife mention made this cheap, my words are the best prime rob prime rib in the world when asked list. world class, prime rib in somehow she triple ordered or somethin over thanksgivings we tweet prom riverbanks embassy. We thought we haven't people people and show a bubble ass. We had just massive surprise, reappear and prize like almost carnivore thing. Now we're late. for five days and then and then she cooked another one like one big slab of prime ribbon day. An address was so good diet and then The sleep works out and en us everything matters right. Everything mass. you you and I are very similar in that dress or anything and violence
do things because I don't really remember. I don't remember all the stuff I have to do. If I remember, if I could remember all of it, I'd be, I might be stressed, but stress, hormones, get a bad rap. He's everything's it is negative. It's not now get it right with no stress hormones. You die right, but stress hormones. Keep you alert in proportion to your environment. So, if you're doing something, that's really attention want to be able to stress right. You want stress hormones because that's called adrenalin northern linen it right there. That's amping you up making you feel good. That quarters I was helping us releasing blood glucose and suchlike, it their store, baggage and and and blood. Glucose making. You feel better making you sharper right like there's something making sharpen our does impair the prefrontal cortex a bit which is like you're executive functioning year young so you don't want to be too high because, like you think about your fear- and if this why can you remember your phone number and probably not right? Could like your prefrontal cortex setting work and like you, I can. We planning your next trip or something wire you're and something stressful, so
that means that one factor not another. Actor is if you, sleep really well and if you dont stressful during the day, even if you short sleep, it's not as bait deal right, because but the of sleep is keeping your stress hormone, lower like the lowest your stress hormones ever hours. When you're in deep sleep, and course they peaks in the afternoon when I've heard a lot the one one, two three, I I it seems too, tomorrow knew no one it most. People like I test you that it is the it as that he goes up people having more and more alert, robotic temptress, going on as all sorts of like good physiological things com, but people feel better under more stress one making excessive and in becomes it becomes negative by just
The fact that you're, not somebody who stresses a lot like one of the one of the biggest things I do, and I and I I can. I can put out a link for europe if anywhere near all of us at once, to check this out. It is like a but it's a pdf on my website, but I can lead to plan their fur. We'll do not parsley dot com Don't ya gotta, fort less jockers, like weren't, no more, but people can download this the most in need. powerful thing I do is seems ridiculous. How people take a piece of notebook paper and like draw a line straight down the middle like on the left side, your right to do. The right side is to worry, so to do list is, as far out as you're likely to worry about relic me. I am kind of I never really gathered, but some kind of like one evolution at a time like maybe I'll, plan, two or three days ahead, like I don't I'm not a I'm not it can be worried about something a months down the road, but some people are so was far out as europe to do.
to worry? Is shit you don't have any control over, but you know you're going to worry about it and you don't want to forget to have the opportunity to worry about she put that on the list and and other some other stuff about setting, alarms getting ready on the stuff. But the big thing is: when When you go to sleep you realize like to first, I have to convince you that you have to convince yourself. That's that the best you're ever going to be at handling. That list is after you, ve slept. Well, Exercise is good. You, nutrition, good, controlling a daily stress, the best, ever going to be as after you fully wake up. right to maybe an hour after work, it after a good night's sleep. So, there's no since in thinking about anything on that list, while your sleep right Could you are interfering with your goal of being the best you two more so now at the time you go to bed till the time that alarm clock goes off in the morning. You don't ever know what time it is cause. It doesn't matter
you're going to lay in bed and you're, going to meditate and breathe and relax if you're, not asleep, and then you're going to sleep when you sleep and if you wake up you just lay there and meditate breathe and relax or like whatever. if your laundry can go for four hours, you'll fall back asleep. If your alarm goes off thirty minutes later alright, yet and a half hours of sleep in thirty minutes of meditation get after it go right. so you can have that builtin naturally in and I think lotta team guys do because you you gotta get relatively could get out. An entrepreneur world is like kind of vessel but like if I may, I can just start something else. You have like something collapses. I got it's not really that, and I mean I'm not getting shot at, I'm not cold and not wet. You know it just at a different seemed. So I think that's that's. Why you're granting which stretch out the other thing to remember those like
if somebody goes out for a drink right that meet their body. That bar, like I m not going to stop by. Chat for a little bit and take off so I'm just going to have wandering cause. I wanna drive, great, I won't be mirrored in somalia and to my mind, have another and then, by like the fourth drink, I'm fine. I can and drive home like waded that decision making shift. At some point. You lost awareness of your impairment. You became more impaired. You lost your ability to recognise your you're impaired. Sleep deprivation is the same way she wake up. In years like I, I feel good cause distress woman's making feel good right, you're impaired to like we just I like its unwavering like putting alcohol on your blood pudding stress hormones and brain make prefrontal cortex not as active now, there's there's a there's a little bump, where it actually better right, because
internalized, you can't do everything better, but there's some advantages to certain asp, just certain behaviors, but then it goes too high and it's like it's really impaired right, like you think about someone who's super anxious. Are they good at anything? That's a bummer? No, they. They can't be good at anything because their prefrontal cortex is impaired. That would that's what anxiety really is. you don't trust yourself, you don't trust yourself to make a decision, because you you have a bad track record of making good decisions or something, and so you don't trust your ability to do it, and now that stresses you out even more so it can be. really a das by or for a lot of people because, like I said If you dont get enough sleep wake up the next day with more stress hormones. Well, the absent The stress hormones is what allows you to fall asleep. So, if you're running around twenty percent, more stress hormones than you need now,
try to go to sleep here, twenty percent higher than he should be, and it might not be low enough to fall asleep and the other thing is you stress, hormones or which waking you up in the morning. Cordials waking you up so, if you're running twenty percent higher than you should be running, in your ear genetic background, when happy running well, now you're gonna wake up. when you hit that same level that you may be would have hit an hour leader. If you didn't have this excess stress hormones, let's talk sleep product for optimal sleep protocol, So my cabin- as time utterly. You just think about think about humans. Two hundred years ago, right, maybe go back, say a thousand years hunter gatherers we aren't we all see while at night work work.
Happy, predators, anyways, right without weapons were useless or we can fight a raccoon ride were so we all see well at night, the sun goes down the blue light. leaves our eyes. We have nerves in our eyes that sense blue light. They have nothing to do with the vision and the triggers the changes in our brain, which leads to the melatonin being secreted melatonin then changed. A lot of things are one of the big things happens, increases sneer peptide about. Slows down our brain, we quit interacting with the world ass much and our body temperature goes because the sun went down so dark. We can't see we back into a corner to be safe because we're pray a thousand years ago, maybe getting a cave. Whenever we make a fire now, you're really can't see fried cassie pass the fire, so your world secluded, cannot interacting jumping riding climbing lifting tonight right, maybe I want some stories whatever and then
about three hours after the sun goes down, you filling sleeping in you lay down and sleep in your body temperature keeps going down. Your stress hormones keep going down some point all that You start coming back up your body. Temperature can hit a maximum low and then start can fires I will respond to new start building things back up, cortisol comes back up and you wake up right around the time such coming on, you don't wake up, because the you just coincidental hiring like that's how you're wired like every atom every mammal on this planet uses the sun is, as is want to be awakening, be asleep that's our ancestors. Did it closely I can get to that that which sleep hygiene is right. Everything you read about sleep hygiene. Is that right, so blacking out your windows now cause you don't one you don't want the light too, Don't want to know what time it is when you wake up wearing gather temperature house taken a shower taking a cold shower like you wanted, so you think
would he do as a little kid right three for your own. Kid bashing truck gather brain drops, whatever you don't just throw that kid in bed and turn the light off and walk out they need a ritual any time to get ready to go to sleep study hunter gatherers today makes it sleep thirty thousand people who have never experienced electret have never experienced electricity, they still live like our ancestors lived, the gout they hunt food hunt and gather food for two hours a day. The rest of the data fucking off having sex playing around like. Dare the original aristocrat like that's where we would be if we stayed in alaska so lucky you take your kid would eat ears like last time. For quiet play right like put that stuff away or now do puzzles or whatever. We knew something more sedate were going, a kind of dim lights that stuff right and then we'd give him a bath. Wine can lower their body temperature. I you not. give him a ninety. Eight you re bath you're more than eighty to revamp. Eighty five regret, then they get
You powder him up and you put them in early soft, clutching a cage you're not stimulating their skin, and then he put them in bed. You make I think soft and comfortable and warm and cozy. And then you read him a book that they already know right. They can think about something like DR seuss, like trance inducing rhythmic rhyming, like this been done to. Yeah. I do not like right and so big The kids already know with distort and that's why they wearing a catholic. They want to be settled down. You wanna distract yourself, so you, and overcome any of that right, you can overcome. Any of those systems. No sir, you're still gunnar secrete melatonin, but you can. You can get past the gap. The gallery to slow down the brain right, so if you ve, ever, had any experience where you like you, wake up in your super tied. You didn't get nicely
you're a grating whenever you did last night, because you didn't get enough sleep well, man to go to work. elegant. Do it have to do Dana? I'm gonna come on get mad like sex. Sleep for ten hours and feel great tomorrow and then went french stock in early gonna, have a beer and then That's a scene s! Depression should make you more tired right. Drinking beer and theirs attractive women around there's, music gandhi, lights it or whatever, and, like you all, the sudden feel really good and you don't you don't need to go to sleep anymore. and then you stay till midnight that night now use your second again the next day. So so you can. You can work as our past. It so just walking the light sailor. When everywhere blue blue. glasses, germany, lightship, light bulbs and house, I don't have any blue lights on like thou art It's available your blue, carrying out. Maybe eleven live by candlelight after you, whatever you didn't spinning three hours getting ready for it, but you're
computer working on some tight deadline for something for worked at stressful, I'm gonna work till night thinking. Go, get mad at ten now less on our she got it. You got it If you have to do something to approximate the loss of light in your eyes, you have to do something to slow your brain down to what you're not paying as much as much time or attention to your environment, and you have to drop your body temperature that I'm that's what it is to that that pdf. I was telling you about that really for people who have problems falling asleep problems going back to sleep they wake up. and so I had those people set an alarm clock like an hour before. Bed in this is generally a good idea, but, like anything else, If you have problems, be super like beef studious and with this and link being sacked can be yeah very regimented,
and then once you get healthy sleep back just like once you get fit. You don't have to do everything that you had to do to get in good shape, like you just generally adhere to those principles, so like? But when you're having problems like setting an alarm clock an hour before trying to go to bed in the new spirit is that our getting ready for bed right even ideally you'd be damning, I can your eyes three hours before bed, but ideas. Reality take an hour yeah and so ok, so do that, once you get bad! You have your list right. You ve invent yourself that the best time Hannah let less is after you get a good night's sleep you get in bed. You have nowhere and of the time until that, a morning alarm clock goes off whether you need an alarm clock or not right, because if he does had the alarm clock, that's something to worry about the here's, a jacket, mission. If I don't have an alarm clock,
there's any like, if I have to be a worker, have to do something. And I don't have all, but I literally will not so I will just sit there like. You know why I wouldn't for sir travelling and lecturing us fine! I was gonna oversleep, unlike not make it to some lecture. So even with a couple of large set on why we wake up. I kept like, like every every nook and what we can do in my long go off our hope s right and I guess that's a thing so I see a morning alarm clock, even if you think you don't need it cause us one thing in aachen: worry about! So you get it. The last time you gonna see your flock as when you get in bed. until that long progress off it doesn't matter, because you ve already made yourself the agreement that I'm gonna be resting. Relaxing meditating breath were whatever Well, I'm gonna be sleeping for the next eight hours. That's it! I'm not doing anything else in some.
thing on jumping part my mind ago: that's unless the list handle that less than the morning when I'm feeling good right when prepared now, if there's something, that's not on the list, give my permission to turn the light on and bright it down. Now it's on the list, and then you just lay in bed when you wake up, If you don't know what time it as if to go to the bathroom go to the bathroom get back in bed, you don't know what time it is. So I have like the little ellie d red light like clock by my bed. That's that's not needed, just not needed. In fact, it is counterproductive, counterproductive because I'm thinking about what time it is as soon as you have seen the sooner you know what time it is Europe You have some decisions made right because it's like well. darting instrumental math, I humbly well. not feeling sleepy instantly one thirty at night. So if I phone, if I can fall asleep in the next I write new start thinking about stuff like that or I'm going to govern forty five minutes anyway,
I'm feeling kind of awake and I think I got this stuff to do and I got that so I might as well just write and so did you not now go hey, no I'm gonna be. I want to be at my best tomorrow. My best When the alarm clock us off, like I said I don't care how much attention and breath working relaxation, you get relative to sleep. Do you do your best to get all of that asleep, but if our of that's meditation breath broken relaxation progressive muscle, relaxation, whatever you want to do whatever conduct rose you out whenever larger stress hormone, I m cares like that restorative, like that's. non sleeping rest has its benefits as well, and its helping with all of us are an end as pure heard at this point no sleep, delete your appetite right so How hungry I am tomorrow which can be determined by how? Well I sleep to also what I crave
The only animal on this planet that sleep deprived itself is us other animals only do it if they're, starting or the being preyed upon their bienstock. the rolling in asleep the bare minimum theirs? are, being they're. GonNA. Wake up earlier go to sleep later, so the hope can travel further and find some food. evolution airily. It makes sense that were wired the same way if we're not sleeping our brains like oh, I have been stalked. Are we starving, which is it right and so when eat novel foods, when I'm starving sallied anything like it, the union brown, green and orange. Don't ideology that right Also if I'm starving what I want, I want sugar fry brain like right now, much glucose, rank and get my range working off the glucose, or I don't have an option, their key can do some of it if you're really cute hybrids, not it still majority glucose and
if I'm starving what I want store some fats, are better eat some fat tear. I said what to a donor. It's fried sugar, bread and, and so like I get all the I get the fat and I get all of that- and I get all of the glucose in me. So not only is it regulating how hungry I'm gonna be, but what am I going to crave and then the worst part is that it determines what my body does with what I eat right so protein, carbohydrates and fat. Some as can be stored as fat. Some of that that's not going to be absorbed at all and scan your yard and wasting some of that can be just as energy depends on how well have slept and how my hormones are balanced and so yeah wanted one of the big jokes, especially on men, is that the arts are The fact that we think of his being fat right, not nata, not the fat or on organs of italy, are subject
any us that that has a lot of rheumatism. The enzyme that converts testosterone from estrogen in your brain uses estrogen as the measurement how much testosterone you have served? stringent, really high your brain like. Oh, that's, coming, from testosterone. Sir testosterone must be really high too, so we don't need to make as much testosterone now and now you get more fat and more. Your testosterone becomes estrogen, unlike the seller defeating spire. I could just keeps getting worse like now. You're getting fatter during other hormones or low, but you can we, like you, have higher estrogen levels, is more family, it's ours by air, and so now you're like is the same thing of having I stress romans because you're not sleeping will. Now you can't sleep because you have high stress hormone, nice, nay, I can get. It If so, tomorrow can have a marsh treacherous, and so you can't sleep because you have much stress hormones and you have too much stress romans, because you can't sleep same thing with
Natasha, like testosterone, guest converters like we do not making tests as much testosterone because your estrogen levels or high, which leads to higher estrogen levels, which means lower testosterone level, and that's a self defeating itself put. Beginning downward spiral and so, like all all of all that stuff. non negotiable right. That's what that's going to happen! No matter! How will you eat no matter? How will you control your stress and and all that other stuff so and then how much you exercise in and the other thing I tell people the time which is not popular at all. He that If your sleep deprived should work out shouldn't exercise, I mean you should move, do activity because its benefit to that, but we shouldn't exercise with the intent of getting better or something right to get stronger or faster or more coronary because, like I said, like all that's happening when you're asleep. All of that
all that repair and actually getting better at anything, is happening while your sleep, I'm just gonna, plead the fifth no yeah, I was, I was gonna. Ask you that, and I was like a pretty much know what you're gonna, because their speed Well, I have to make that decision. Like am I better off tomorrow? Okay, I know I gotta be at work by eight. I know it's a late night, it's one o'clock in the morning my kid was awake or whatever it's midnight, my kid was awake. Do I get up and do the the work out I get an extra hours sleep, which is better and years like sleep all day. Sleep is, though, is the answer to an extent like if sleep is gonna, prevent you from doing anything any type of activity than on your final as medium, like your go. The day or split it half or some like that kid, you need the activity. Does it there's a lot of benefits and by activity I mean now whatever corner
walk during like some zone to type of cardio. Doing some movement like you could do whatever you can. like movement, drills or something like that, but like away recommend rolling somebody intensely in europe and not doing schoolwork like actually fighting. I wouldn't do that. If I'm sleep deprived, one you're way more likely get injured as well like theirs. A very, very clear correlation between how many hours you sleeping a risk of injury and its in its search, huge its substantial. It's the the different views. studied on high school students, the devil between five hours now, six hours, asleep, and nine hours asleep with like a three hundred percent cent year of getting injured getting into the due to spend three. More hours in bed every day. Of course, things are getting injured in their sport so like while they done this. So
I need to get our sleeve, that's the so here's here's something that is really interesting for your guys for your eye. When you work, with fighters right. So you have let sam a great guy. apple er and I'm going as a striker, and I wanted a nightcap at camp and I'm like whatever eight weeks to get improve my boxing or whatever my striking us, and so it it So if I went to teach you something I said with somebody I do write, so I'm going to teach how to tap type with your left hand or something or plate and insurance. Something like that, hey, come in for an hour of training in the morning. at the end of that. Our we see where you're at sea were skeletal is now when you come back at seven o clock tonight, recast you when you come back if seven year, any worse than you left training, if you go, when you go to sleep and come back and test can be better than you have training contractual learning. We, interestingly, and if I say I teach us,
this morning. I would you take a nap today and then come back and tell the seven you'll come back test better than you your training and then, when you gonna go to sleep, you don't get better again said somebody could be. their day. I have a mid day now. They can essentially get two days worth of training in a day off for So do not all the time like fire. That's fighters do get a leg. Com drain, gom sleep current drain, gom sleep brown trained gums. They provide better. That's like that's like of today's vote I'll do right, like a huge, huge scale bomb in those two weeks, because are you doing sleeping in practising I like it just it's like one long day, just like I slept, woke up and went and when and practice and slept and woke up and went to practice a cause we would like. Because said I'm hot, where we are lacking a hundred and fifteen grecian somerset, mid daddy.
sent us home go eat it sleep for two hours had ever go back to practise in, but like they were For that reason, but camp there a lot of things that once once you start learning revision. Ology of things. A lot of things become obvious ethic, desperation and boot, camp. The sleep deprivation like Hell, weakened buds that strategy like bert one word. Seeing how are you deal with it, because that matters, but too are also looking for psychiatric disease? Running costs sleep deprivation. Can things come to the surface? Yak can read I feel that an were in that age group where young men tend to have their psychotic break it and we schizophrenia or the polar like that can be revealed to like in the mid twenties kind of thing. So, let's just make it happen,
docile brainwashing thing like We'Re- brainwash the annual. Brainwashed sleep deprivation, get you out of your way more suggestible, because he and prevent a court. isn't working engine like you can, and you don't have enough energy to like defend your thoughts? You sounds just like whatever the past few are clearly. China great america's during her who do not man all some one else: Do you get that get caught up to the current day? other than where. Where do people find? You now doc, partially dot com, you gotta, parsley, dot, com, you're on instagram, kirk, While I'm on instagram, yeah, Kirk, parsley, yeah at kirk, parsley and you say, you're back on twitter. I think we're talking about your back on twitter yeah. I got my dog got reinstated easily yeah you're instated cause you got shut down got you got yeah I was I was like publishing or
as a sharing meal, published research about about covered over new russia. Now mask socially and seeing like whatever, when my ass grandma count? I started really with them but your videos on code cause if such such bullshit at the beginning. I just like I like everybody knows is still none, I'm not brilliant. This, like everybody, was any kind of basic biology and stance that natural immunity is a thing right better than a vaccine everybody is it always always been true. We are like it in naming, says I come point that out cnn has their death. After rolling at the bottom of the screen everyday like if you did with car wrecks? No one would drive cars either right because it's like and they never give the denominator like this. Many people died today. How many people usually die Oh some, twenty more right, so you so I
I spoke out about she gets it surprised me, I didn't get banned by instagram but a tweet on twitter. I was just sharing some I'd like share research and be like yeah. This suggests that that doesn't work, or this suggests that we're missing that right and and just one day. Nobody said anything, argon emails and one day I wasn't there, and they're not like couldn't get honest. As you know, you ve been banned or blocker the phrasing was there and I had about ten thousand dollars or something and then often they're gone jeers, but all my posts were still there and I can access it many my face. I can do anything with them and then it was after the announcement that that was gonna buy twitter, but before he actually bought it.
appeared all of a sudden just reappeared I got it. I got an email that time you ve been instead in Finally- and you can get your ass a formula partially dotcom the people. What year britain into dark partially got come jocker. Ok, now go for your audiences. An end will not put that were children tunisian rebel region without actually gonna questions. Yet couple thought by the way, echo is in full support of everything you say like this idea. Rest is at the top of his last year for life. I'm telling you re can just he saw his hawaiian. The wrangling yea and I'm way is a very good culture, robust rest culture, young roma, so
based on the down regulating of receptors. Is that kind of the the whole explanation for tolerance of any joke, like you know, yeah that sort of technical phrase for that it's tacky for lactose yeah, not really what that means a essentially the there is there some new asta that, but that's an easy way to think about it as it is. It doesn't matter, yeah? It doesn't matter which, in your blood, if it doesn't, have a receptor rent, so you have behalf to have a place to catch it both of their sanctuary. Think of it like a lock and a key right so like the the keys maybe be floating around in your bloodstream, but then the lock is blocked. It fits that key. Is the receptor and serve in other sectors? It doesn't matter how many keys are floating around. Indifferent receptors combined, bind different stuff right. Linking holly said and you, mr free and all the other names. But you know receptor made for a very specific thing? Can a drug can be developed, it'd be like hey, can bind to that receptor and that that's how most pharmacology is so most
my or your most most medicine most biology is just a truly just descriptor, rightly refer way to look to see something or to measure something and then we'll go out. This happens and then another and then we memorize steps as though we now know something like I did like names to shit. There was happening and memorize it like he'd, united, but then of oil prices. This molecule. We know This molecule binds that it does this, so we can like cut that out. That's a problem or weaken ads elkin. We can have something bind that receptor. That will do nothing or we can add something bind that receptor. That does better than whatever is going to find it right, and so that that's really what pharmacology is mainly about other than biotics, which is like a different category, but most most drugs that have some effect on your physiology I started and then is catching up on sleep, a thing. Yes, so,
there. You got some sleep, never catch up on. Sometimes he would now be well it actually at first says, like I heard that it is, then I heard that it isn't rain, but then so we were talking about like hey, don't work out when you sleep, deprived my bra work of sleep deprived some, then some great work up. Yes, we do that the next day brown did so, never do it, so I I feel like I use. I went into the bank little bit, you some stress, hormones, banged out a solid work out. You know cod upon some sleep did my foot recovery and understand I'm good to go no noise original. is not one that united around my kind of at a bigger loss because it works or what I do. What I say about it, recent, the reason that it takes eight hours to recover from being awake for sixteen hours is because your centrally essentially stripping yourself of resources in a building up waste product right. So every cell
you're bodies like a miniature version of you. What do you like? Your wake, a certain portion of the day? sleep certain portion of the day you taken nutrients, you do work without nutrients and you create waste products right. and your cell has to do all of that right and so yourself, producing waste products like that, a thousand cleared out while your wake, it has to be cleared up where your sleep, especially in the brain So, if you don't do that and not see its mildly toxic such costs some inflammation don't get enough sleep and especially like you, stay might will you If you know you're going through tomorrow and you're, just building up more waste products, and so that's sort of damaging you not hugely. It's not like. It's not going to you
cause some sort of noticeable brain damage, but just a slight impairment right, maybe a little inflammation. It may be the strips themselves of some nutrients or something so I said it's like if you break your leg and he just walk around on your broken leg until it heals is still gone il some to some degree at some point and just can become the functional, knew you now How badly is broken and how well it repairs will term and how good how good the new you is. But if you break your leg and you go see a doctor and you line everything back up and you make sure that everything's right there and you put a cast on it and you'd take the weight off of it like now. We're not repairs of bones, actually they're still like a scar tissue, and I can still get do an extra and say that was broken. There mate that bone might actually be better.
and then arrows, but there's some noticeable changes and there's a noticeable difference in there. Whereas you didn't read, you didn't repair it as quickly as you could and maybe there's a lot of deformity and a lot of problems said. It said, that's a weak metaphor, but it's the best thing, a half so paying back your sleep that does rebalance your hormones, rebalance your inflammatory, cascades you're alive, you're signaling molecules that tell your other cells. What to do and tell while tell cells, what to do tulsi of cells, how to communicate and all the that stuff can be mended. But if there's some damage done in there to where, like you start You have some inflammation you wall off from the waste product with the air, with like a protein that kind of like encapsulated and like that's all damage and soon you don't necessarily recover one hundred per cent. But you can recover your function back, but that doesn't mean that you didn't do maybe a little bit of ensuring the area.
Interesting seal complex. This is composed of the great you gotta get arrested, jock any causing thoughts ran, man is happy to be her brow deserve, there, sir there's so much to talk about further for people in there and not not not sleeping well I'd, say that's less the less the foundation. I don't think you get get that get that in place and then that should repair hormones, but if it doesn't like percona hormones and then
what you and I were talking about outside of it. I think any anybody who has some lingering issues after that had to go find yourself, a doctor that does good peptides, that that helps regenerate helps changes. The cell signaling changes with the selves do a lot like hormones. Do there's a lot of promising stuff in there you can. We can probably start fixing some and while we can definitely fix some injuries without surgery. Now that used to be surgical, especially migrants also lacks answer: unsolicited advice, drear audience, awesome. I I know I always I and get a bad rap for being aunt. I sleep- and I am certainly not- and even in the book display freedom feel marijuana. I wrote like hey, you need sleep to get as much it is. You need to be performing at your optimal levels. So yeah I'm on board said so
I say eight hours because the research pours out there somewhere around seven and a half hours, patrimony half an hour so could beetle closer to seven. The old the way? Anybody really knows how much sleep they need as if they go to bed at the same time, every day, wake up the same time every day without an alarm clock when they feel good and refreshing, like that's the only way to know that. Again, that's ideal! What's reality, like I don't know, there's some there's a bridge between those two or did you use gadgets x and supplements, and things like that like to help bring reality closer to ideal. But that's the only way you'd really know- and this is not the same everyday like the thing is to remember. Biology is not a shot of cars and we're not tuning carburetor. Like mrs biology is messy its approximate and you know don't need exactly seem much sleep tonight is you'll need the next night or the day before
if I go run an ultra marathon today, then I like twenty six hours in a row, sleep if I do nothing but lay on my couch and watch tv I might get away, six and a half hours of sleep right I get it. proclamation in the whole idea, yet the prayed, a distribution like anything outlined. like eighty percent of the time you wanna be doing the right thing and that man shoe more resilient for the twenty percent of the time when you can't do the right thing rank or when you don't want to do the right thing in and give the trade off is worth it for you. So, in the most important part does not to be a zealous in the number one reason: people don't sleep whilst cost are worried about not sleeping well I could hear something like this rice I can hear me on law enforcement. Pod As for something on shift work, there's die on average twelve to fourteen years earlier. Than there everybody out, because the world health organisation called suffice shift work as a type two acres,
anything which is the same thing as cigarettes where which means were pretty I am sure this causes cancer, but it would be unethical to test that, like we can't give research and cause cancer and people. So it's a type to a carcinogen and you risk of heart attack stroke, like everything, increases, because you're sleeping against your circadian rhythm night and they hear something like that now there panicked, because while I work for I'm gonna die died for years earlier, So what do I do and in a more reason people don't suppose because a worry about our sleeping while This is one of the reasons I sleep well, nigh, chill out chill out. Do what I say like down when that work cheat and do it I said get get in bed. I get in bedford How should I like bigger out a way to do that? That's not possible,
I realize that it's not necessarily one hundred per cent possible for one hundred per cent of the people, but do the best you can to do that and lead it. be what it is like you'll help. People say you can't get. You can't go to sleep, get up and get out of your bed. Yet when associate your bed without with not sleeping, I said then go sit in the living room and read a book or something then come back and when you feel tired, I don't agree like. I have not seen that work well and I mean I've been dennis her thirteen twelve there in years now, I've been I've been People on this, and I I don't don't see any way around the fact that get up in red, I'm not doing myself any benefit right. If I lay in bed and meditate, at least my stress hormones, lower least getting some non sleep rest now. So just lay in bed and the only reason if you're going to associate with negative thoughts as if you're stressed out about sleeping Jeff, you're, not stressed out your skin, while I'm just going to meditate labour lunacy. Now it's just a
the meditating, meditate and y. like all, is a great thing like being There is much we can be so I think echoes That too is gonna, say get in bed. Stay in bed. Before my my son. He wrote like this commercial for me. I couldn't find anyone to work at to work to have actinic cars I was like, oh, like all the team guys are like. Oh it's cheap and I got it. It's like you, I'm a bad answer. Whatever's like bad ass is like me, or something and and and then like, I can't afford any sag actor because they, like you, gotta pay and have insurance and all this stuff and so never ended up making it, but at the end of it, he's like. So what are you waiting for? Wake up, get some sleep what I like your tagline back. We have liked user to learn of brutal we're going to get some sleep. Also man! Well, thanks for coming down all
well anyone that's listening this podcast right now at this time or if you ever listen to the podcast before you can thank doc parsley, because if it was four doc parsley despite gas wooden exists. Why is that? Because doc parsley entered used me to peter a tier and said jacket. You go on TIM ferris is partly so that That is literally the one little thing in my life, whereas I go peter in petersburg up tells us you should have this guy on here, and there was. I went on TIM viruses bond gaston ferris when we got recording he looking means that you should have your own part. I was that I could the thing and then Joe rogan heard that part gaston invited me in his by gas immediately and then in the middle east I guess he's had used everyone by gas and so between two guys. I started this progress so well in the kind of two top
pod gasters tell you they should provide. Yet it is. funny differ progress already was rob saw, and it was because he at my house, I think we're join. Every one of the prison retreat- maybe not we definitely lecturing at the same event. And so you stand at my house and he Alice oh shit, swift, vienna, podcast you do. I guess what's so. I get sit down, would like a computer between us and an isa in it's like on armrest and between the two of us and we just talk in this computer and my own. No doubt
and I'm not the slightest bit nervous or concerned, because I dunno what the hell we're doing honestly, I'm just talking her off and then he he calls me and maybe like two weeks later- and he goes, here's dude, you gotta do your own podcast, I'm like. Why is ad ferris on eight weeks ago, your podcast has more downloads than his doubled, the podcast am I just his inner. It's only been up for two weeks and I was like what's a download anyway, so it like, he tried to talk me into doing my own podcast and I'm like I dunno, like what I'm gonna do. A podcast on sleep like that doesn't seem, doesn't seem sustainable. I all I can do for under data, so I sleep whenever I get time you and that's the only thing anybody knew me for saying so. Yeah I think, would be cool cause. I'd liked it there's lots of people like to talk to him, but had the work ethic and time
it just like I travel so much like Adam I'd, be scattered like trying to compress do intended a day or something like I dunno, like it's more work than Well, then it's a lot of it's a lot of work. Yeah. I think people don't realize he's into it, but oh well, Is that if it wasn't for you introduce me to Peter and then to ten were well I think he got him. He had to give yourself plenty of credit. I mean lots of lots of guys have been on this. Podcast has not done with you not done with you done well but yeah when we knew the winning, Jocker legend spread, while I appreciate it and later the tax coming out Try me obviously, thanks. Your service, thanks for what you The teams hold the line. And you know refer when you got done with it, he's coming back and taking care of the teams, and
team guys and thanks for what you're doing today, to continue to take care of them and take care of other people. Man appreciate it. Yeah is actually my like a truly is very thing to do her by if I could just do a faggot just work with esa guys like out not do that all day like it's. It's on my guy in other communities is like it's cool, it's cool guys to to to treat and they're not fucking entitled little bit. call me every hour or so gave poligized for calling me once every three months. We like a really sigh life, a man like six weeks ago, yeah, so it it's it's good community, unlike us added, you have team solely turned my life around like there there's no way I would have achieved ten percent or whatever jude my life. If I hadn't gone ever so like
I there there's no amount of payback for that. It's like I'll die. I'm indebted to that organization for the rest of my life, so yep you and me. Both man awesome thanks for coming out brother. Thank you with that. Kirk has left the building. Echo probably you're, most beloved par cast, you her will say, make up a tea cup of tea fuck him. fact that rest is important, as have to say yeah, but use was years are talking about the fast twitch, slow twitch, and you know how, like your intermediate to a Gente bro that was like I never had a gorilla, even though I understand areas then, and so our like, like him, were sprinting. whoa there, even if I get in good shape raw sprint all day. As long as I get some rest between sets, you know kind of a thing, but bro put me on the
michael running or something, but I feel like I'm suffering the whole time. I still do it and then even one I'm done if, if I'm in will shape whatever if one I'm done after super gassed, it's just I'm suffering so much during the run debts. I found out. I wish I should I looked it up, underwear coverlet subject, but I remember reading an article and they had discovered this new intermediate twitch muscle nose like that's me. I felt like I felt so good. Is it made sense? Ok cause like, I said, never wearing any sprints, and I was never winning any fourteen. Runs baronne, rucksack It's like hey, you gotta, put out for a long period of time, it'll be a little bit strong yeah. I was good at that. Grappling is the same and by the way, my grappling my my physical genetics, their good for a partition, kind of grappling and is actually on forty four years the kind of grappling with you and I do
like you, have the genetics for three minute round or to three men around or something like this. I have good genetics for thirty. Eight minutes. You know well yeah. I would put it this way. Yours you're good, for thirty, eight minutes going like add equality, non yap. How you answer me: yeah, look, you're not exploding thrown off which actually introduced to Egypt. Avoid exploding into and out of stuff on lower than those men and match. You know unless I haven't, even if it is evident to match our money, you know you're getting the take down like if you and I went in a set of united, a tournament right now, a tournament match ten minutes would be problematic, for you We can't even go back, but we had to go out and do about like five minutes or six minute match you go in with you know: You could with even I would say more like a three okay, three hundred match, you could win six minute match, probably to be here after that four and a half five. He is you're going to get like some kind of
takedown. Maybe even though the problem with you trying to get a take down on me, is you you'd, be too threatened by the guillotine and you'd, probably not go for it, and you'd probably lose that's true and now you're talking to, and this is not a strategic, yes, which I suspect is what I'd be doing anyways by the way yeah so, which is a good point? Actually so, look we're talking about jujitsu here right, even though, before we're talking about kind of like endurance and conditioning whatever so jujitsu the part of digital his way more important than the physical part of it, then we're like guinea. excited in all these things and what I'm going to do, how much you know compared to how much I know what you know about my like all this stuff, like it's such a huge factor. So just keep that in mind, so we're just talking essentially like nuts to nuts. If me and the physical attributes, and I give or will say, standard amount of, not digits, knowledge, verses. You and your physical attributes versus the same amount of fit like knowledge. Just a physical attributes. she would be problematic for me anything after four and a half minutes. I would say that if we
we're even on everyone, even on knowledge, basically clear both about. I mean how we're both like two twenty five and we're both the same height and so so that's a pretty good even match, but added no more than you do, but took that away and we're just you against me the same brain. The same now wish you'd be good. For a little bit of time, Actually I I could probably turn up the heat for good to two and a half minutes and maybe get the better bro that heaviness in that later after, while a broad just this year, and I'd like to revive two and a half minutes be a pretty much within. So that makes sense when you are talking about the rock where, like someone, like me would be like wrap. This light do therefore like the ten t, Any thirty minute brought no ways brown. When I want to take that thing off. Like after a few minutes or whatever, but it'll, feel that'll get heavy real, quick and the new and then an endurance guy.
things can be an immediate one yeah, but it's kind of like I can jog pretty easily, even with a rock, even with a rock. That's like seventy five pounds. I can jog jog. if it's going to put a hurting on some guys that are a little bit smaller. You know, Why would I have so much endorse most certainly, since, when an emerald thing impact on experiences warm suffering again, it's not like. I can't do it, but I feel like of these guys running, to be suffering way. Less. Each reigned for a couple of years, and got worse. Triathlon. That's crazy said it's cool, but I know your laundry sitting, we talk about rest vieira proponents. one of the best one, that resting up you re the best restroom that I've ever known, brian to be. You know the kind we're like he can fall asleep in the meetings to be brilliant, now little bit spoiled where like. If some has like liking.
I go to a hotel bed and the pillows, not the right, thickness. It'll. Take you a check or the or the or the bed is like kind of like oh yeah cause you stay in the luxury to iron. It's actually here's! Here's like a little thing. I feel bad about sometimes I'll go Do an event for somebody and they'll put me in the presidential suite right and then how come down in the morning how's the room. Always I say you know, but in my mind I literally do not care at all. Remember the time and I'm damn sure not going well. You know the pedal pedal. Pillow has a little too, though no gary remember the time he was you. Can you somewhere like em I stayed at I dunno, you didn't have a hotel or something so you stayed at like Jamie's rental house, I dunno, so you stayed somewhere like in someone's. Like an occupied house, yeah
and you didn't have any blankets or anything. So you got like a shower curly james unoccupied. I was, there was a ray. You told me that story in this is like well into your career. So it's not like. You were just because I know you're actually noted jock alive twin, just row category like, of course, made me laugh, would brow suffering with you mentally as a pot, no pillow like in your just battling through like whatever, but I couldn't have done. It probably would have cancelled the show or get a shower curtain and a rug or something bro no way, no, no way. Yeah alright. Hope you need rest you're going to need fuel. Another component is true, as they say, yeah of physical fitness rest and and get out you re, exercise rest fuel as the three components for getting stronger, sir, so Jocker feel what we kind of everything. Now we have pretty much everything so good.
discipline, that the energy drink new paradigm, all healthy, no, not healthy, all healthy. No sugar preservatives, nothing and taste all upset, also mark That's it that's actual protein and you need If your brodie, when you're trying to build it's hard to get all the protein, you need by the way for how much protein you think you need out, you know I usually have an ounces of protein per lean, bought it per pound, rebound on one grandpa right. That's like the standard want some people say point seven grams were I say, one gram per pound: ok so nearby if you're going jackal philosophy, that's if you wait to twenty two hundred twenty grams of protein. You have thirty is a protein one can of tuna thirty. So you need how many of those
What frickin a lot deeper, a lot of protein lively stakes like labourers, because I like fifty heating already so you need for stakes in one day, bro get real. You know not all of us can eat four steaks but boom you get the ro the mark into the equation: bright, easy money, you're entities goes a dessert, beauty, math or rarely that's disciplines for it we got the someone suffer. You joints, keeping the game, all good creep pack on the creating train right. That was a thing and then It's it's so well studied. That's the cool thing about it. Yeah and the cool thing about an hour or finding is not just not just for the. in stronger all kinds of theirs: cognitive benefits or health benefits. Do we rolled out with that joint? fair, super crow.
Immunity stuff, mirrored it's kind of everything pure. I have to know how this is a real thing: getting sick when you take a break member that killing I think we all know is a number you superman if I was telling human, or he mentioned something about. When you body, kindest when your mind stands down like oh, you have a break. Now your bodies are oh cool. We can get sick now, real quick cause, you get you know, and that happens, I happen to me legitimately five times in in the ass, twenty years where I had ok, wanna go and hard working really hard and then plainly get a break and I immediately get sick, oh yeah, and so I'm you know cranking the cold war to keep that stuff at bay yeah on anti inflammatory the minutes. Goodman juggle fuelled our com, Walla vitamin job the military, commerce, commissaries hanford,
stores in maryland, wake firm and shop right circle. K in four eighty be commodity to be met. access there, you murphy's I'll feast admire in the mid west we get the stuff go, get stronger, get better, get healthier. True, Jocker feel what else origin bore me. You do together with their rash guards that apparel, Will goods is what they call Due to these, yet train jujitsu, that's my right. In addition, a bigger also don't forget about the genes, the belts, the boots over your back and stuff This is like a big deal, because nowadays it's hard to grab, get those don't the stuff, its main america, but for real made in america from the from the dirt from it. inception is a thought, its maiden america, when someone thought about it was in america
it's true. So there you go origin, usa, dot, com, yep. Also jack was the doors where you can buy the stuff to wear. represent on this path: discipline, it was freedom remember concept of good for you and represent that all day, add to these all that stuff? Christmas is pretty much done at this point, mr you miss. It is inadmissible Jack was stored. Dotcom also, we got the short locker, which is a subscription people like this deeper reference, in a word on the shore locker, Where are you a little bit? Different designs always has to do with a path, though always the design always have to do with a bath for you to understand. It's gonna, take some some mental work, but it's kind of fun But anyway, let me reward too. It is a reward to it, so she called me shirt. Locker, it's on jocko store dot com. Is it fair to say that the shirt locker shirts can be heavily layered?
These are very heavily on family affairs, rather awesome ass, rather paragraph or javelin around our come. We recorded It was today a dollars and sense about that's month that when we have our own platform, you can see on with the platforms right now, they're giving people man. Some people not get man people. Turning from sterner than its needs may him out there. That's where we have our own platform jacqueline around our camp we own a week. We totally can which is nice. So if you can't ward, eight dollars and eighteen cents a month, just email assistance at doc on or around dot com will take care cause. We we want you to be free we want to be free. I want you to be free, so burger, youtube channel psychological warfare, flip side canvas dot com. We get a bunch of books, technological publishing, dot, com, the only cry for living get final spend all the other books have written, get em, some front leadership. Insolvency. If you need
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barclays mom molly, she got a charity organization and if you want to donate, only want to get involved goodwill, America's mighty warriors dot, org, also don't break forget about michael think, taken veterans out of the wilderness. he rose and horses dot org. Connect with us, well, roma doc, partially he's on the into doc, partially dot com he's got instagram kirk parsley he's got twitter, doc parsley and for us echo, Charles is back on twitter by the way Are you engaging, sparsely linking engage more? I think, help monitor Well anyway, I guess a narrowly worth. Mercosur has got they're gonna. Do I'm and twitter on facebook, I'm on,
Instagram echo, Charles on all those things to echoes adequate automatic chocolate. Willock watch out for the algorithm it'll get you thanks to again to doc parsley for what he's doing and what he has done and thanks the people out there in utah. We are pushing your body to the breaking point to protect our radiation nation. That's was talking about you. Do that job. whatever you do in uniform and you're you're, sacrificing your body to protect the country. So we thank you all for what you if everyone in uniform and the same goes for police and law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, e m, these dispatchers correctional officers, border patrol secret service, all first responders yard with doc, said about shift work, you're staying up opposite hours in every one of those jobs are just mentioned. The all do that. You also sacrifice your bodies to keep us safe. So thank you for what you all day,
every day and everyone else out there, yeah you gonna push hard, but you do need to get rest. You do need to recover. That is critical for growth and for health. That being said, if ever dont wide yourself, because some people are gonna, take doesn't run with it. They're gonna rest the priority of their existence and I'm not Look, I'm not saying don't! Rest rest. You heard me your dockyard, echo charles timing. It. But when it's time to get up, get up and use the day to make yourself tired. So you can sleep well and the way you make yourself tired is, of course, by going out there and getting after it and until next time this is echo and darker out.
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