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370: THE GAME Is Going On All Around You.

2023-01-25 | 🔗

Make sure you know you are in a game.

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This is joggled park, s number three, seventy without controls than me, Jocker well good evening, echo bidding. So if you are listening- and you Didn'T- listen to the last part cows number three. Sixty nine go back and listen to it. This is a continuation of that. Cast we are talking about. the games. We are playing the sum coordinate games that make up various aspects of life and then ultimately the game of life itself and Just say this and we kind of talk about this on the last one: recognition. of the game, is a huge part of the battle. Just recognising that there is a game going on is a huge, the battle. It's like win people are alcoholics and sort of the the Beginning of solving the problem is admitting. Oh, I'm an alcoholic, that's what they say:
or realising that you ve been hustled inner in poor right, so I, like you, don't know that you're getting hustled they're playing a game with you, you you will you literally stop getting hustled synergy I can also tell us ricard the three cards, shuffle everything that you Think you're gonna win that game, the fine again when a different aim than you are? U turn away that card hey you realize someone's playing you in a relationship right. That's it common term, We don't talk about the game we talk about, getting played in played, once you know you're getting played. Hopefully you go. Oh ok now I understand the game that happening, I'm losing the game and we get out of the game If you don't know, there's a game known on you're, just gonna lose the game. So that's kind of the rhine
primary piece of information from last podcast was to make sure you know you are in a game. I'm gonna go back to. David foster, wallace's, commencement speech, which I talk a little bit about on the last podcasting. Here's another factor here as this? By way of example, let's say an average adult day. get up in the morning. Go to your choice challenging white collar college graduate job and you work for eight or ten hours and at the the day. You're, tired and somewhat stressed- and all you want to do- is go home and have a good supper and maybe unwind for an hour then hit the sack early because of course you have to get up the next day and do it all again. But then you remember, there's no food at home. You haven't! I in the shop this week because of your challenging jobs. From now after work, you have to get in your car. and drive to the supermarket. It's the end the work day and the traffic is apt to be very bad.
So getting to the store takes away longer than it should and when you finally get there, the supermarket is very crowded because, of course, at the time of day, when all the other people with jobs also trying squeeze in some grocery shopping and the stores italy, hideously lit and all infused with soul, killing, music or corporate pop, and it's pretty much the last place you wanna be, but you can't just get in and out quickly. You have to wander all over the huge overlooked stores confusing isles to find the stuff. You want and yet after maneuver, your junkie, cart through all these other tired hurried people with cards, etc, etc, cutting stuff out because of the long ceremony here and eventually you get all your supper supplies, except now it turns out that there are enough check our wines open, even though, at the end, they rush, so the czech outline is incredible, long, which is stupid infuriating, but you can't take
your frustration out on the lady on the frantic, lady working, the register who's overworked at a job whose daily, tedium and meaningless ness surpasses the imagination of any of us here at a prestigious college. But anyway you finally get to that. out wines front and you pay for your food and you get told to have a nice day in a voice that is actually the voice of death. Then you have to take your creep. forms a plastic bags of groceries in your card with the one easy, we'll that poles maddeningly led to the left all the way the crowded bumping literary parking lot and and you have to drive all the way home through slow heavy suv, intensive rush hour traffic, etc, etc, area It's done this, of course, but it hasn't been part of your graduates actual life routine day after day week after week,
month after month, year after year, but it will be in many more dreary, annoying seemingly meaningless routines besides. But that is not the point. The point is that petty frustrating. Crap like this is exactly where the work of choosing is gonna come in because the two After jams and crowded isles and long check our lines give me time to think, and if I don't make a call just decision about how to think and what to pay attention to be pissed and miserable every time I have to shop because my natural default setting is the certainty that situations like this are really all about me about my hungry ness and my fatigue and my desire to just get home and its go.
Two seemed for all the world, like everybody else is just in my way. who are these people in my way and look at how report most of them, are and how stupid and cow like in dead. I didn't nonhuman, they seem in the check, our wine or at how knowing and rude. It is that people are talking loudly on cell phones in the middle of the line and look at how deeply and personally unfair this is or, of course, If I'm in a more socially conscious liberal arts form of my default setting, I can spend in the end of day, traffic being disgusted by all the huge stupid lean blocking suvs and homers inv twelve pickup trucks burning their wasteful selfish forty gallon tanks of gas and oil. Dwell on the fact that the patriotic or religious bumper stickers always seem to be on the biggest most disgustingly selfish vehicles, driven by the ugliest. This is the
example of how not to think was disgustingly selfish vehicles, driven by the The ugliest most inconsiderate, aggressive drivers and I can think about how our Children's children will despise us for wasting all the futures fuel and probably screwing up the climate now spoiled and stooping selfish and disgusting. We all are and how modern consumer society just sucks and so forth, and so on. Do you get the idea. If I choose to think this way in a store and on the freeway fine lots of us do except thinking this way tends to be so easy and automatic that it doesn't have a choice. It is my natural default settings it's the automatic way that I experienced boring, frustrating crowded parts of adult life when I'm operating on
the automatic unconscious belief that I am the centre of the world and that my immediate needs in feelings or what should determine the world's priorities? The thing is, of course, there are true. There are totally different ways to think. about these kinds of situations in this traffic. All these vehicles stop an idling. In my way, it's not impossible at some of these people. These suvs have been in here apple, audi, auto accidents, actions in the past and now find driving so terrifying that their therapist has all but ordered them to get huge heavy suv, so they can feel safe enough to drive or that the homer that just cut me off is maybe being driven by a father whose little child is hurt or sick and the seat next to him and he's trying to get his kid to a hospital and he's in a bigger, more legitimate hurry than I am eating, Actually I who am in his way or choose to force myself to consider the likelihood that everyone else in the supermarket check outline is
is as and frustrated desire- and that's all of these people probably have harder more tedious and more painful lives than I do again Please don't think that I am giving you moral advice or that I'm saying you are supposed to think this way or that anybody expects you to just automatically do it, because it's hard It takes wheel and effort, and if you are like me, some days you won't be able to do it or you just flat out, won't want to, but most is, if you are aware enough to give yourself a choice you can chew. Is to look differently at this fat dead. I over made up lady who just screamed at her kid in the czech outline. maybe she's, not usually like this, maybe she's not usually like this. Maybe she's been up three straight. night holding the hand of a husband who is dying of bone cancer or me This very lady is the low wage clerk at the motor vehicle department, who jesse
today help your spouse resolve a horrific infuriating red tape problem through some small act of bureaucratic kindness Of course, none of this is likely, but it's also not impossible. It just depends and what you want to consider. If you're automatically sure you know what reality is and you are operating on your default, setting that you like me, probably won't, consider possibilities that. an annoying and miserable If you really learn how to pay attention, Then you will know there are other options. It will action be within your power to experience a crowded, hot slow, Consumer health type situation as not only meaningful, but sacred fire with the same force that made the stars, love
fellowship the mystical oneness of all things deep down, not that that miss cool stuff is necessarily true. The only thing that's capital t true is that you get to decide how you're gonna try to see her so The reason that I wanted to go back to this speech is because it points out the fact it's very easy. It's extremely easy to go through life on autopilot, Right to actually go through life see things through miserable color grow. Let's is right you get the rose, colored lenses, it's really easy go through life. It would just seeing everything is miserable. Just like it
that's easy. we actually get to choose the way we look at things times, we don't even realise that we have a choice. We get down? We get done down and I think that's why oftentimes people don't realize that turn again bouncy, so They end up just simply following a long and just existing in the game, without noticing that its being played now, there's a couple things to think about. As we continue this discussion about the games and playing games, and the game that, wherein with games in any game ramos games, there's chance, there's a level of luck involved! Good luck, bad luck! Right I mean it happens on a football field to get a basket of good doubts that can be win or lose a game that in russia,
like this. We literally toss a coin and wrestling. Could you top as issues very bombs and if europe great top player you could and your boy at bottom player. You can literally win or lose the game on its own on a toss. So there's there's a certain, aspect a certain element of luck in any game. And there's a certain aspect of luck in life. Fright, oh, it's really nice to be born into a good family with with health and money. And connections and stability. That's that's great right. and there is a certain amount of skill that can you can be lucky enough to have You want to be a basketball player drilling when you're, six nine! I or if you want to go and academics new, ever
Photographic memory, that's your pretty lucky! Not everyone gets that gift. given the business world, and you have a good knack for numbers, those those nice things that have so there's luck and there's some skill that you are, that you you might just have through that luck, but and this is sort of lends to what we talked about last podcast. It's your play that has the most impact in dictating success or failure see it's the way. It's how you play the game that counts. Now. We need to think about this. Because if you were six, nine, probably pretty good pretty good decision to get into basketball.
Guarantee, but you you at least you're kind of On a beyond on the map, a little but I mean in high school you're gonna be a dominant player. You six, nine! you dominant player, so you got to kind of make a decision about what game you're going to play and that that starts to play a role in whether you're going to win lose the game, because if your six nine and you decide to become a gymnast. You're gonna have issues right. do you have issues. If you five to five three. And you say, you're gonna- play basketball. Your progress misuse knock that can be done. Right, muggy boggs five three, I think, he's five three five, Three, no muggy bogus five three in the n b, a
and like playing in the afternoon sitting on a bench he's playing in the nba. You know he didn't get you get that gifts, but what matters is how he played so. we have to pay attention to, that that you have a choice as to what game. You're gonna play, what games you're, going to play your choice into how you're gonna keep score The choice, in what means winning and what means losing so. When it comes to life, what we plan, what rules and how do we, when we were talking about broad the supreme game of life. I e. U could prob we start with mass lows hierarchy: it's right
so this guy's him, this guy mass love, Abraham maslow born in brooklyn lighting. away died, nineteen seventies off a psychologist and he may. Up this motivational hierarchy in psychology and was his biggest contribution, and so would the base of the pyramid of lois thing. The most important thing that you have to get out of the gate is your physio. logical needs. Obviously, air water, food, shelter, sweep clothing. Reproduction Like these are the basic needs that you have. both your physiological needs above that in his according to his hierarchy is safety, so personal security like How can you make sure that your safe and they klute in this, like employment, and resources and health and property. All those things are sort of wrapped up in safety. The
Ex one up is love and belonging. You know, I don't know wax to the l word on the podcast, but love and belonging. This is friendship. This is intimacy. This is family. This is his sense of connection you got, steam is the next one which is respected, then status and recognition and strengthen freedom, and then you get self actual asean. which is the desire. For human to me, the their potential. So some of the characteristics of that are how you perceive reality that you care that someone itself actualized can- perceive reality. The way is now we ve talked about this before, like Everyone's perception reality is different. so we don't really how we judge in that were not really hundred per these people itself have
self actual as ized actualized. They can accept themselves for what they really are, which again that's an inch Getting one because if you are mugs bulbs and like well, I does have to deal with the fact that on five, three and I'll never know, actually he didn't accept and accept other people for who they are self centered their creative they resistant to conformity? They appreciate basic life experience. So that's this. That's this hierarchy of needs. right physiological needs. Your safety I get it, we had a star with that food, water, shelter. Sure we get that you don't have that europe does not much else going on safety. Sure we get that
If europe under constant fear further for the mouse trapped with the cat, that's not good! You gotta figure out, Then europe needed to this one belonging. Not everyone has this deep desire to belong. I get is pretty comment but some people prefer. To be alone, I mean there's such is a hermit right and I think different people would prioritize this differently I yet that you could say for most people, we want to have some social belonging, but I think this varies a lot. That being said, I think it's a strong. I think most people is a pretty strong thing. That's why we have tried, That's where we have gangs, that's where we have free condemn crafts and republicans that's why we have
sports teams that people where the coming can you imagine how much it's billion of dollars that sports teams makes from the sales of merchandise. You can wear your your game insignia on your jersey,. so that clearly indicate you spend that kind of money. If you dont wants some kind of sense born So this is I'm just saying not ever One feels this way, but definitely one of those things that I can understand. Esteem now, we'll get a healthy a healthy ideal like it all I want to be esteemed ives, good self esteem. At what point does this start turning into ego right. My staff that's what we're concern is. Why is that. Or recognition. I really want to be recognised. That really will ego man. and I'm not saying that it's there for sure If you can, I would recommend you break the break away from that. He could. He could ego anchor
that point you into status and point you and recognition. And then you get this idea of self act, actual asean get to me. This is like an ideal. They got someone, that's focused on becoming who they are right. Into namibian too much money ass, you hardly well yes, and it can. It was this the status you esteem part than where you began. Your bernie into two hundred in the pink, the the status and ego recognition and stuff. Then again I dunno, I could bureau, I can't read maslow's mind, but this is what it seems like It's like an inner need. Now, if you need this above and beyond normal stuff, then it starts to mutate right like just like how you say, like a health. There's, a hell go of it, yeah
verses and inflated eager where I m lady goes like bad starting. The deck autonomy, as one might so like the like master, will say recognition, for example, right It's not to say that, like someone's Pining and yearning very, very hard for the recognition is just that when you get recognition for something you did good and it's going to be hard to find somebody who just doesn't care and doesn't make them feel good. So there that isn't indicated. There is some meat in their new, not to say they're gonna break their back occur, throw their moment the bus for that recognition. That's like mutated, as I say, not saying they wouldn't do that or that people have done that. Yes, sir, yes, sir, in the end, I would imagine this kind of goes for everything where yeah it can kind of go too far or whatever, but generally speaking, we're talking about the nor more level of hey I wanna be. I want to feel belonging on a few esteem,
amd, don't want to feel recognized and appreciated. You know all these things that we normal people we like to feel. So what I'm saying is you have to ask yourself if that's the game you play, and that is that the game you're going to play you want mission. Okay, you want status. Okay, so that's that you want this quote on quote self actual asean. What is that actually mean? That can mean a lot of different things. Look, there's people have occurred, The actual situation is becoming a buddhist monk in thailand right there people self actual- is becoming. You know the digital champion theirs even gone down. Why so that that's as a real vague terms, how sure some psychologists gonna then, from the gipsy at three p m,
if he does, he probably say what I'm saying where it's like. I don't really know what to think of it in terms of like an ego ex takes three terms think in normal terms, you know like they want food, oh, what does it's brutal centering his whole life over pursuing food. No, no! No! No! That's not what we're saying we're just saying! So it's an ideal each one of these. If we view them as an ideal, they're somewhat more acceptable, but they are games. And we did the last bank ass. We talked about these, but some of these specific games. We turned our work. We talked about health and finish. We talk about relationships. We talked about life to talk about legacy a little bit the and those are sensible pursuits for most people after waters. The food and safety, in my opinion, work like good job, the patient, health and fitness yes, good relation. ships. Yes, maybe the relationships that that build. That's an belonging right,
Maybe the work goes into esteem of recognition and status. So just trying to why me up and understand what I think with what some a little bit more. You know. Academic version of this is but When we talk about these, we talk about esteem, we talk about job and we talk about life. We talk about recognition, you could put these into into various gay, comes with various reward systems with various ways of winning a real obvious one is money while lotta p they're playing the game of trying to gather up money on, and I think really Money is a little bit of a substitute for freedom, Right it's supposed to be there. If you have more money, you actually get freedom,
and there's the whole idea that you someone is ski bomb, there have any money they work. You know upon the mountain there are lifted. upon the mountain and they got. Work for hours in the morning every day, but their skin everyday They even have money they're kind of doing within. Meanwhile, there's another guy, that's working eighty hour weeks down in no doubt in the city- and he passes ass. We can go whisky for those six days vacation. So you're supposed to be getting freedom from money? Does always work out that way, pursuit of money actually banned, a being sort of an addiction as well. Where now that's what you did comes your master and and listen I've known people that they love that game. David, literally love making money like do you,
and they love it and Free time may make money. It's it incredibly, rewarding to them if they are lucky their good at that game in, and I've got friends that are really good at making a lot of money and are good at it, and they're happy and You know you ever wonder or how many millions of dollars do need right, people a lot more, but there they are. Hey they got enough money to do whatever they want and what they want to do. They want to get more money cause as a game that they're playing and they love that game, and some people want to play that game. They're, not good at it, not good at making money and they're not going to be happy. So That's terrible: could you get someone? That's not really good at making money and
play that game and they don't win and they're not gonna, be happy, so you gotta be careful when it comes to the money making game, are you good at it? We talked about last time. Are you in the? Are you play? the game with money. That's gonna make you a lot of money cause if you're working you know eighty, ninety a hundred hours a week in the wrong game you're making any money You know you may fifty two thousand dollars a year, can eighty hour week. You were hard worker, you're smart, but it is not given you there. Gotta be playing a different game now the thing the weird thing about. So this is one example rights common example. People playing the game for money. all kinds of british people that make all kinds of stuff into their game like what they're into right and a sort of ecosystems right. You could be Indonesia agenda to you want that.
That's where you don t! You are a basketball player or academia right people pursue a life in academia. They want to win that game. They want to get the most prestigious college. I want to get the most brutally. They want to write the prestigious paper that gets public the procedures, at journal earlier. There's people that the game that their plainest cars but good, cool cars or be in the military, gotta bring out one of our new motor us play the that game. In that game you trying to get. You know, get the right job Work in the right place. Be a seal, People want a chess for beyond a whim like you name, it and there's someone- that's gonna, make it, that a huge part of wood, a game that they're playing
Canoes with anything. Actually, you know in a book final spent sure that's all of the character of already the cleaner, whose only in the washing machines and dryers and folding laundry and stuff like that nets, sort of a statement about people that emerged in the random things. That's the main game that their plight. in their life. Here's. What and a good about some of those games? Is that their DE there's their defined right? so you want to be adjusted. champion! Here's what you do hears you train! You compete if you get the pinnacle, you learn these moves. You caught. Wait you get this champions You win. That's the deal defined. What you do academia right same thing like: oh, you wanted you wanna, be a respected academic. Go to them
school. Go to this school. Go to this school. Get this degree get this degree guest green, get right! Your paper for the job bright. Do those things and eventually you're the apex, or your least in the top per cent of this academic group mill. terry's really to fight. We are going to go in you're, going to get this job you're going to do this job you're going to promote so They tell you what the game is. They tell you how to compete, may tell you what winning is. So Indeed, in some respects, those games kind have something quarter their defined. What Bad about some of those games is there they're, not as all encompassing as peace. think so, people get wrapped around being best digital. the best basketball player, the best acted, the investor academia, the
in the military happens, a lot with the military right. We see that the person's doing the military thing and then all of a sudden, their careers over like hey, you're, a general or admiral in the military, let's you're, a four star am or three star general bro you are kind of a king right, you're kind of a king. You have chauffeur your people, vehicles driving around you get up. The plane there's people waiting for you. They set their schedule around you, you got. You got bill, lions of dollars at play, like with fuel for ships planes and hayworth displaying a really you can do it. you're, you're, sort of this incredibly empowered person. And then one day you retire. And all this stuff is gone now, look you pay We're gonna go get a job at some military
company and fuel that military industrial complex. But even if even then, you're just another. put your another admiral you're? Another jenny got. They got twenty eight animals to get forty seven generals, So, all of a sudden year does that person again, or you're in the seal teams are urine force He can't or you're and maher soccer, your green brain. That's all They man, you walk in you're, an army dude. Are your green brain. You walk into a or conventional army battalion also about people giving you respect once you get up, but whatever you're. Jujitsu or you're a fighter you have see fighter. You know what happens when you're done. What are you doing? You are a champion. Or you are a contender now the sudden you look around, but you have you got
by doing better now, you see but ten, years ago, even five years ago, I guess go ten years ago. If you the champion of the world. And then you couldn't find timor, for whatever reason got to how old are you got beat up too much? Are you you know you just don't you got injured? What do you have. Because those guys literally don't have any money because there's nothing so all of a sudden you. Look up from one of those games that the types of games that we're talking about you look up my game, and often you don't have anything, You have anything. you won the game you won the game. I was talking with us very senior. Flag officer, a marking, a narrow it down between the services, but admiral general type, with multiple stars. Mom,
What color is that would flag officer cause they have their own flag, that fire skin. You show up your flag officer, they fly a flag for you, one star, two star three star flag is flown them: okay, but he was telling me about another flag officer that he had spoken to and The other flag officer was even more senior to him and that senior flag officer, retired a junior fire. After was like all your house. Retirement gone, you know, do you miss the navy news? Besides, you said it was an eighty one thousand eight, because I do miss do you miss the navy in his eye? That's all bullshit! I was a game, a very senior personality wasn't seal teams, but a very senior person. Saying that his career really spent. You know what has twenty five thirty, maybe even over thirty years. That's all bullshit, but even This is this. Is he was in the game.
knew he was in the game, but thought that that was the supreme game. And it wasn't and when he got out looked around and said dale I was this game over here I was like that most dominant freakin kick ball you're on school field, and I was champion and people. Give me their their cookies. and because I beat them and almost any looks like gets like leaves the school field and realise there is major league baseball right you just, wasn't it Just a little tiny game, so we as people need to be cognizant of the fact and ignores the game that were that were focused on and make sure that that game is what we want it to be.
Make sure that its equivalent free effort that were putting into it and look there, some people they get out of the army. They get out of the navy, they get all the marine corps and there there's totally stopped like oh yeah, I play that game was awesome. I loved it and retired. Now, I'm good with it. I'm glad I invested all that time and effort into that gave cause I loved it. I feel that way I got out of the symptoms of a tale that was. Freaking awesome. I, was awesome, loved every Second of it, if you don't pay attention you might be putting your time and effort into again, that's not as important as you think. It is so be careful that can see this with social media as well. Right like people think Social media matters in a big way.
and it's like. Oh actually, you know what actually You could go off social median, Ok, sure someone might be like. Oh my god, what happened all actually wouldn't say. Oh my gosh nodded at all I notice your email, social media, really I canceled my account. I left taken too much time and it wouldn't be like oh my gosh. We all know people like, oh probably, aren't around yet there's, probably a handful of people, though notice to be honest with you for most of us do for sure bianca, but and in the same thing I of the likes and follows in the comments in the subscriber smallest after whatever whenever it doesn't really matter, not that big of a deal. But you think that's a big deal. The happens with it. That's a problem. That's a problem! So
when you're investing a lot into a game, make sure that it's the right game and if this game really matters, And then figure out, if you should be actually playing this game or not. Or how long you gonna play for what are you invest in it? You can play thinking. Maybe you can so what you truly want to pursue. And what we have to be careful of when you start asking these questions, you can't lie to yourself. Because this is where this, is where raw your problems, begin So I got I was in a few years ago: twenty twenty zero jock alive of it in new york
and a guy s question you know these hey. You guys fired up. She said you know, I got a good job, I make it the good money I ever family run away from two kid to point. Phocas. Whatever was you, A good life is explaining these I just can't find the motivation to get up in the morning and do more and as I thought through this. I told him he is very The reason for asking this question is cause he's lying to himself and he's lying to himself he's lying, to himself in one of two ways: The first way that he could be lying to himself is lying to himself. That he wants to do more than the lie like you, I will I will. I will want to get up, and I want to do more there the chairs that that's a lie.
Because if it's really there, when you view that lack of achievement. When you feel that you could do more when you know you're not reaching your potential that, Each you up jointly defined motivation, motivation finds you you, kids, we, because you want to do more so there is a chance that this guy's lying to himself about the fact. He wants to do more at ease content, the other- why that he could tell could be telling? Is there these when he says he's happy and he has a good job and he has great money and he is a happy family there's a chance that that doesn't really exist. There's a chance that. That is all that stuff was good to go. he wouldn't really feel the need to want to do more. Silk he's looking. Probably I'm totally good. Go no you're! Not should tell the truth about
be like you know what I'm making good money, but I want to make more money I'll set my kids up for life. I want to take better care of my wife. I won't be able to spend. I want to be able to get a vacate, whatever those things are tells the truth, and if you tell the truth about the things you go, you know what I want to get another home. If only you vacation home, I need to work the bus. My ass, I need a break out. I need to get up early, I need to do more stuff and listen there's some people At are totally happy and content with the rents covered. The car payments handled the netflix account is paid off. right, we're good cousin! I suppose, the illicit, a heavy orphan medicinal Well, I guess there's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with that. If that's what you're out new like hey, look, I gotta rent got a cool place. I got you know I gotta go Netflix covered. I got cool car. We're good got him
His girlfriend were all good. There's people, that legitimately are content with that there's so people that say we're all good and they're not the longer themselves. So don't like yourself, the in this case, that I'm sorry, this guy from new york, most likely the lie is contentment. most likely. It is not as happy as he wants to be most likely. He has on reach potential that's a serious issue for a lot of people and the old you get the stronger that grows. right. When you look at yourself in the mirror and used no time has passed that you wasted that our strategy that can start to eat at you, and so here's what told this guy said: listen discipline that you're looking for that motivational, desponding you're looking for discipline is rooted in the truth we tell ourselves. Discipline is rooted in the truth that we tell ourselves- and this is gee- I
Couple weeks later I was doing it gave a J p jpg now and I Here we have a discussion about where he was at and I told him the same thing. Discipline is rooted in the truth. We tell ourselves If you tell yourself the truth, fine discipline. And actually, if you tell us the truth, most likely discipline will find you so do not lie to yourself. Do not like yours off and believe it or not. We tend to do that. We need him to just say, I am actually pretty happy, I'm actually pretty happy we tend to tell ourselves or why do you do that? the in your life could be. I want more, and I want to do more. That could be a lot you could be tent with where europe or Your lies that I'm happy. And by the way, if you want more go free, can get it
and if you're happy cool enjoy if you get. If you pull that it's out of yourself and you know what I'm freaking stoked. I got a. I got a house I got a girlfriend, I got netflix, I'm good If that's, where you get coup, enjoy it. but don't lie to yourself And here's what you gotta watch out for. people lie. About the hard games, People lie about the hard games people lie about. You know, I'd really care about money. its friggin hard to make money. So people lie about it I really want to spend my life work now carol big. I don't care stronger supply in all cases, but lotta cases.
Barbara care about have no one was a big house that you ve got to take care of it. Ok, there could be a lot to put. La detector, on if the goal, We are talking about you. Don't care about is big and takes hard work for you. Its actor on it, make sure and allied yourself. If you don't care, if you truly don't care, that's cool, that's fine! If you do care, no wide yourself you might have to put some realistic goals on yourself right, you might have to be like. Ok, I'm not happy. With I'm at this? What I want you know I wanna freakin mansion Or I want I wanna, I wanted a house On beachfront malibu twenty mail by the way That might not be a realistic goal for you, but Like well united, you're about that. Some good, my apartment over here, good renting my apartment over here.
If that's really, if you really like look at your life and you look at your game and you look at your plan and you look to where you're going to be and you're like. Like grudging, an apartment. In this way, truly happy ok, burma. Can you please don't lie to yourself. this happens with with. We're going through sheltering they say they want to be a seal. Big they sign up, for, Six years of their lives, they tell while the friends that they're going to be a seal, they tell their girlfriend they're going to be a seal. They tell the parents and the grandparents are going to be a seal, and then it gets cold. and they decide that we care about being a sealed suddenly. Not only for me, it's not true was a lie. And they quit and then two days later, two hours later there like down a nice you do. I do. I do that yeah, but.
at the moment of truth. You lied yourself. So that we end up doing a lot. We end up doing a lot of lying to ourselves about the game that were playing about the game that we want to play about the game that we should play. We don't tell ourselves the truth about it, This is also why two very important to be able to take a step back and attach. because your little conniving mind will outsmart you. They will outsmart you in I agree with the fact that you really don't care about you know, have a good relationship with this girl or this guy,
Or all say you know what I'm really care about getting advanced at work because I've I'm good with where a map. you your mind will tell you that in and you got Watch Alex your mind, is smart and knows how to manipulate you and knows what to say so: pay attention to the game that you're playing, select the right game and make sure that you don't wind yourself, the the the lang yourself, like that super deep lying to yourself about, like that, I had a nerve, did actually kind. but you know- and you make this joke sometimes were you remember, twenty red squatting if you like, I don't know if it's even I don't even know if they care about being strong or giving me that you're giving me a little bit too much like niceness. I'm really like doing
in a twenty rep squat like the I don't even care about this is stupid. I get I get that part of my brain gets aggressive, oh dude, this is you're going to get hurt and that kind are they going to hurt economic model? The role you're going to have to surf, like you should just it wouldn't re. How big do you want to? How strong do you need to be throw it it is so easy the thing is it like that and that's why I was kind of laughing because they thought about that and book, and I have some some pretty bad ones as well, where you know you and the lie is that you'd like europe, really care much about being strong things like being song, is imported, always has been a boiler. Your stolen, a fuckin suffer either pay check this out. If, if, if we need to the gym its someone's, like at that moment in your leg, if they break and I go you not only care about the strong and the. U like: hey here's a bit. you can take. It will make you freakin super strong one.
In the present and people are taking it. There's. No one that says I don't want you to feel yeah, there's people that are willing to make the sacrifice. Yes, cause us face a duty duels. Twenty rub: squats brow, That's it. That's like a say, it can be like a psychedelic experience like you, you get to like the the fight you're going to say cycle traumatic experience there. Well, I dunno, I guess, depends on your. It depends how much weight you're doing depends on how you feel, but yeah psychedelic, but what you just said, there were like they do want to make the sacrifice reign in that sector is lexical. That's Two different things you can invite you don't, but really that's the truth, but that's a hard truth did say it's like it seems waymore comforting to be like that. Really that worth it, because one something's not worth it, and it's like clear, as I say I could go the store but press not worth it for the water I'm trying to get a whatever they that's easy, that's an easy one to accept. But if you're like yet it is worth it and but
right now. I don't want to endure that suffering, I'm too, like mentally weak or whatever you want to know what the situation is like unto mentally week to go through that suffering offer this twenty five. Second, one that's hard, what's funny as you'd, never say I'm too mentally week to go through this, because if you say that you aren't you actually bring you actually what you say is like. I know you. I don't think I should go during the danish myself. You got all these other excuses that you make an what's what what we have to watch out for is we can prepare ourselves down the path in life of getting on the easiest game. exaggerated, you can say hey here, The easiest path to take that's a good enough game for me, and listen to what you gotta watch out for you gotta watch out for on utilised potential that you have as a human being, if you have on utilised potential as a human being, that's
what ends up, in my opinion, becoming regret that become resentment towards other people as well. You ever We talked about this on the last point. Cast away all your friends. Don't want you to succeed, there's some friends that don't want you to succeed, that's because they know that they didn't do what they were supposed to do see someone like doing something. That's hard core you're like a little bit. jealousy mad and like frustrated I feel like our parliament, the s by, I can't think of anything of it, but I am so much when I'm when you see like. Oh Also like I postal, I just got on training jiu and you didn't tell you a little bit mad little right Sometimes a little bit mad it because it causes reflection of you. You decided not to train that was your choice near sheets
first off, you know through a funny how that is like that you're right in you're right in probably more ways than you think, because sometimes I'll be like a blake, You didn't call me to go train you know sometimes you'll feel texts and below training, news time or whatever, and then I now see. every someone pose a picture of themselves with eu training and, unlike like us. Almost like a justification like I. call me, but what every nook anything but really the three pain is like that. I just that you did and I did it. So I imagine that over a lifetime, my wooden, we're dynamo, one training session, makes you feel a little bit. But when, but imagine you look up- and you know that, sir, what else whose pretty much the same level- human as you like, but I look at like damn that person's doing. I don't have the capability of doing what they're doing in that. whenever that arena is for, can Tom Brady right? What's he do don't like this
This is a human that was built for that game. gordon ryan, right. This is a human that's built for that game and those guys mass. If work, ethic, debt occasion, just that's what good, that's what that's the game that their plan and they have committed to that game and a born for that game. So I'm over here, not looking to gordon ryan like frosty. Is about him. I might be ro. I might be like that that duties did just now. Actually, now I'm trying to think of what my emotions are when I look at Tom Brady or I look it Michael Jordan or I look at gordon rhine, it's like! Oh, that's, a human, got the blessing of having of level of natural ability that then took it to the nth degree good for them, spect! You don't you feel frustrated about that here is working we'll get frustrated. They look
Joe schmo and they go dude Joe schmo did this and I'm sitting over here and that person did better than me and now I have more talent than them. If that's where people get pissed that's what people get resentful yeah, that's it feel. Like where leg you in these like elite level, gordon ryan and michael journey Aubrey, it is that it's almost like they're, so good and so like work that they have the connected all their dots in their whole life potential gifts, and work has begun it like, You don't even compare yourself with them because of all these elements that are different. So, like you, someone's like in the same line as you. That's when you're gonna pay attention from where certain people, even if someone's like is playing a whole different game. Like someone who's like won the nobel prize, there are other people in their in their little environment in their ecosystem. That they're like I, should warn the nobel prize or there'll be hater issue or whatever, but you I presume the nobel prize you're, calling for that
pretty impressive? You know you don't care at all you just not in that leave. What's the deal with really is far is like you know, you see these The numbers that he did in the combine when he was getting drafted and he was like. Not you know herbal numbers, I think I like the worst forty and this pictures of him. He had no vertical. Was he just not like the best athlete and then he got he worked that athletic already just not been on the right programme, we is tumblr this a breathless ignore or something I mean he's frequent friggin one. However many super yes, so how such aid forty five years, all he I fully so the other than you noticed like where there's different like types of athletes. But more than that, it's more what kind of player are you like? How good of a player are you so certain positions? If you're more athletic, that's going to add to how good of a player you got to have other elements for sure holy one hundred percent now quarterback he's kind of the most cerebral one of the thing. So
he's gotta, be he has to be a good football player like court, acts of there's something in his mind and you can train all the stuff like an and, of course, equally like his tall guy. You know that helps and you got physical attributes for sure, but just You don't have a vertical like that's more like basketball, your vertical cinematic when the mean a quorum think he do you think he was not on the right programme and at once he started getting honed. He was able to become more because, let's face it like he could have been a really good athlete. I just did not a train right near spoke, korea, very bilingualism, research, yeah, but me eat. And to get like these really good, and I told you about my friend tim Carey, where he he was a quarterback at. U H, he actually talked to him briefly. He was a he. I think he played in canada for a little bit too but and I'm not saying he's not a Tom Brady level athlete, but he was sober huh, but he was one of those guys where you tell him run a forty is not very fast he's pretty tall, but you don't jump.
Vertical he's not gonna, be one of the highest vertical guys. You know but his mind and his just way of connecting with the people around him on the team or whatever was like. you could tell he was really good at that and I'm sure you can train that a lot of his like personality. But it's like the way you are in touch with the game and eat with your game. That's gonna, really the tale, more so than how fast your on the forty or do those combine exercises? Phaedr so wanting about phaedr when people talk about the different towns that people have right and you got some fighter is super explosive right you got your well romero right, decent explosive he's like a superhero explosive. You got some the guy that you know neat d, he's gone, durrants brookfield is going he's, gonna keep going, nothing going, stop him from an insurance perspective, beekeeping, and flexible super flexible. You guys just cardio machines, Frankie edgar, right through the different people of different towns. What I,
round about fade orwellian anko, who a lot of people say is the best heavyweight of all time in mixed martial arts. What I I fought like his talents was that he knew how to fight really good, you know, like you know how to take his rustling is boxing is striking, is grappling. He knew how to take all those things. His talent was being able to put them all and a one in on package and utilise the right skill at the right time better than any one else in his error. Yeah and you know here's another two and you mentioned that everyone to over, he was unshakeable likely wasn't. The kind were like you get him in trouble in it. That means on the internet. You get a mutual means. Nothing to me has nothing to do. Yeah clerk, Kevin randleman, just smashing him on his spine like where you and airborne airborne and you think, they're the think at least there's a decent chance. This guy's and he's gonna be paralysed.
really paralyzed from the neck down? Did he get smashed on his head and he had forgotten, looks like it looks. I just walked up to you and, like said hi, that's the expression he dislikes totally normal. Then he gets a guy in a camera, but that you see that and you go cave that's what that guy's talent was was taking all those things like he If there was no mme there there just boxing, he would have been a world champion boxer. If there are this resting you wanna, been world champion wrestler cause, there's blood, beaten, arresting people that beat him a boxing. There's people are biederman sambo, but take all those things and put them together and that's the skill he had. So when we're cruising around life, you if you can, and you can identify what talent you have that can help you identify what game you should get into and if you're lucky the game that you're good That is the game that you also like to play. Right causes
People have a natural skill, but they don't like that. No game right there, so some people that lack a skill, but they love that game. Look I'm I'm ok with that to an extent right like hey. I really love this game I suck at it, but I'm gonna go for it appreciate, hard man are you you, you met, that might be the right move for you, because you're doing something that you love and beat doesn't really matter as long as you accept that an you understand that- and you understand what winning is gonna look like for you in that particular game by it, not paying attention to that. You might be involved. You might say the same thing you hear with you know all I just always did what my parents wanted me to do and that's why I went to law school and now I'm a lawyer, and I hate it yeah right like watch out for that. If you don't light. If that's not the game, you wanna play at all in europe.
We're getting you lost, whom you wanna be a welder. Could you like fabricating stuff with your hands? Let me tell you what game you should pick. You should pick that fabrication. You should be welder, because passion and you love for welding will more than make up for the fact that it might start off with a lower income, the being a lawyer which, by the way prize new true these days casino. lawyer there, so many lawyers out there it takes a long time. Up here life you look, business and it depends on what kind of lawyer you are like. I know handful of lawyers, and most of them are don't make that much. Why this very true very true, most welders debate Good money here, so that's what game you want to get it and you and you and you just you- just have to pay attention yourself. And what I would say about both those europe, I want you to be a lawyer. They told you to be a lawyer.
If you lie to yourself and they gonna work out well pay. You made a really good point with the admiral's and stuff where and then you see has that, where you know you put all your eggs in the basket play that game hard core and then once it's over your sorted done so I know like you know, prefer. Sports. That can be the case, and you know your watch that, what's the show the rockies to be in an hues like a sports financial adviser, no idea it was a show. You watch it for a while, and I was like I'll get what this guy is that when I first started watching it and I like oh what he does is he manages like the money in the financial future of athletes. They come in as you know you come at school yeah he squeaked out a degree a little bit. You went to the draft or whatever, in your whole, your whole plan for your whole life, all your eggs in that basket of football and then nothing else afterwards in your playing football. That's all you're doing football party, whatever whatever so the rock was like
adviser that he would help plan like hey you should you should take some of your money invested here. So when you're done playing football cause when playing football, you don't think about after full moon using for football forever. while, unfortunately, most people between the most men for sure between the ages of fifteen thirty aren't thinking about anything. Your you're gonna do not do you know where do the something will happen which is by the way like yours office you so he was, he would do that and that, like kind of men. You can obviously will have a lot of us. Don't have financial advisers when we get our first great job, vienna, but it's like, that's the kind of mine. So you can, I gotta keep that's gonna help you, you know like we're mindset that hate this is gonna end This job is gonna end, and then what am I gonna do so some jobs are good where you can have it
job and you get so much experience just by doing the job that like when you're done you like ocean to me, admiral seems like one of those jobs I don't know. I know there's definitely like I said the military doctrine, industrial complexes, looking to hire you up and made arguing whatever air thing in there board, meeting and you're gonna, go to the big meeting and get more missiles bought by any of you. What does go on for you, but you are if I am not guaranteed by the way what I just said there's always a slot. There's always some slots for that flag officer but also that flag officers like well then they're, like yeah yeah. We got a job for you, just gotta move to whatever this places and the guys are cool. I wanted to retire to tennessee like well We don't need someone in tennessee. We need someone in washington, DC, tennessee or deasey ye. We did indeed not tennyson, and so the now I guess I'll. Just not do that and look I got an admirals, you get an app, was pay animal retirement or a generals. Retirement which is good money by
it's not getting you anything. Goes to the life that you had when you're on active duty general after cause, you had a driver and you had a car, you had a freak airplane, europe flying around in delta. You're not flying around in amerika, you had a plane and you're dead. Abraham go in there now go in there now. There's a group of people waiting for you in a video having foods and treat tree with respect alison next thing, you know you're on dealt the airlines in the church seats, you know so that swear it sneak up on people and people to do that in every industry. That happens in and in action I it happens in the financial industry, it happens in any industry, any any job that you can have. If you re, gig, the ecosystem that that job actually encompasses and think that it encompasses more. If you think that, go system encompasses the whole world like theirs, like being a seal right, no one!
like there's an admiral seal There's me there's some other guided did for years, sickness, throwing moral basis to seal they're, all the same dude run. What this guy was natural, assure some people might say, will admiral sounds pretty important was I'd over here says yeah was a master chief, goes mass chief, admiral, those guys both sound pretty also to make the right. This is the same thing You think that that ecosystem expands to encompass the whole universe, any vacant expansive compass life it doesn't If you're not paying attention you will be invested in a game where, when you walk off the court, no one cares. What the score was. People do that macadamia, like you're, going to college and are trying to get good grades and all the stuff. No one cares. No one wants to see a report are actually a lot of things. I don't care what university went sure. If you went to the big one big ivy league. There's people they care about that, but then there's also rely on or care where you in school, whatever,
you went to harvard you went to Princeton, you went to berkeley, we went to yale, you went to wherever does okay cool, whatever we don't care, perform in this job and that's the question. So if we're not thinking about that, we end up with issues. That's why you know I've tell told that's for all these years. You need to find a new mission, I didn't emission cuts that once you how the military, no one calls you master chief anymore, no one calls you commander anymore doesn't happen. Sure you can go to the country club and someone calls you admiral. If you tell em all about it, but they are there kind of like whatever it's so big deal. So we have to be careful that this new on the? U have see thing for sure is that you guys that fought the you have seen, then that's over. You know. Even jujitsu guys, like all that's over, like you just said football guys like you're on your own, nfl football team nowadays, cool you're gonna get a good retirement. Your new take care, put back in the day,
I can the seventies like you I dunno knows no, you don't have any money, you don't care, cares, get to go, get a job! Yeah you gotta go, get an actual job. It's weird! That's a strange thing! Yeah! Actually yeah! my uncle. He died, but he. I believe that a feel for like six, years or whatever what team I kind of played for cleveland and he's old school he's like a he would have been like how dare you results in seven? He was hard core labour helmet. workmen at great, but nonetheless one first by heard about in one hour, but I for when I first met when it came to visit whenever he was yeah he's like just a normal dude. I thought in eyes it is huge, but use I come. I thought you knew me some big time rich dupe. Has he got that anna fell money? but not like when you're done. You sort of that. I mean your focus right when you get that you folks on retirement investing all this most people don't do it.
It just came was just a normal. Do I think he worked in, like I dunno some actually think he owned like a shop or something but what's interest, thing is, if you were in the nfl back then are you in the? U s he five years ago, ten years ago, You recognized the limitations of the game. You are investing in and you pull chips off the table. My game and put an end to the bigger game: that's how, you win? That's how you look up and go yeah. You know I didn't you know. I didn't do great. You have cfr, I fought for the belt. Twice, didn't win it, but I you know bought these three apartment buildings. You know over five. If your period yeah, two of them are paid for, you know what I mean and then all of a sudden you go oh so The only way you get to see that by following the advice we gave on the last podcast, take a step back and write down the game that you read in the more for games at urine and in one of the strategy, to win these games and by the
You can be playing a game, a short term game, a subordinate game that is going to cost you in the strategic victory of the supreme gate. So you're doing dumb things hey gonna deal some drugs right now right to decent georgian only makes money or in our waters. Then you get caught and now you're screwed So you can do you can make mistakes in short term games, you can get involved in games that don't matter you get involved in games to take away your resources. Any You do that you're gonna, you're gonna, say aggravates the supreme game. Again, please please go and write down, take a step back detach right down the various games and subordinate games at your involved. One look we're all plain at least one big game together. All of us and you know for you winning
The game of life might be hey. I've got a big family. I've got a bunch of kids, got a bunch of grand kids, that's a w It might be hey, I'm not really into big family, but I got a bunch of properties and I gotta I know, can spend my final years. Do whatever I want. That's your w! If that's your w fight, Maybe it's a look at it. We care about money, but I want to live by the by each year. I want to live in the mountains and I want to be left alone and not have to worry about anything. That's the w, ok cool thing You know what that win looks like figure out what that w, isn't in figure how you gonna play that game to win. Do you? You know you her, the whole thing were in all people. This, where they'll interview, people who are like really old, and sometimes they interview like the super successful people were really old in kind of retired or whatever, and they say like what are you regret or whatever and it usually stuff they didn't do more. Maybe I should I get them what then
two questions. I d ever like do that ever like a motive, not a motivator but like a a tool you used to be like hey. I should do more, or whatever by thinking like otto wanna, be old in regret not doing certain things behind. I think when I talked earlier about the knowing that you have a certain level of potential now, we know that you We have a certain amount of time knowing I have opportunities that that's on my friends don't have anymore. It's like! Oh, if you don't think, I'm going to try and do my best fulfil the potential that I have to. Squeeze one I can out of life well, yeah Now, of course, I think there were you, I think, of all my friends that don't have that opportunity here. So Do you think of now? Do you ever think of like thing? in the past, like the internet, can't new anymore cause you're, not in that position in what you know like. Sometimes when you like Ashley,
enjoyed myself more in my twenties or whatever do you ever forget? I enjoyed myself a lot, so you don't have any sound like I drove myself a little bit too much in my twenties. You know what I'm saying yeah. If was. I was playing that game. Pretty hard. Yeah right I played a little too hard. You know, I probably should have been all those martyr, but I think also you know I think that the years that I was like bulgaria blowing money on partying and checks and all that crap, I think in those years I also Those were years that were a little bit for luck. The better word, a little bit expendable, meaning like that, I was doing I knew I had a longer future. You know and I knew I'd be able to kind of have some time to put that together. But that being said, Otto my kids. I've been like If I would have been smarter did this the whole world would be different. She knows so I guess I do have
I would, if I think about it, for a kind of by four kate. you thought one of them is like well yeah. I had a good time, it was fun, but all if I look at it from a more mature aspect, it's like yeah, No, I would have been in a much better position now. Then then I am now listen. I will say that I'm in a really good position right now, in my life, like I mean I've got guts of going on, I have what I want. I want but you know if I wouldn't have ought not to this path that we're on right now fight it out a retired from the military and run the german and taught jujitsu have a look around right now and look at the time money that I wasted as a twenty two. Two as an eighty nineteen, twenty twenty one, twenty two, twenty three twenty four year old I'd be like tat. I should I wasted a blue a lot of stuff. Luckily, like I said I think of
made maneuvers once I I and to fight game that I was playing with, I didn't really do until I was like twenty five years old. It's ok! I see this game I'll get now, I'm in a game. Here's the here's the manu here's the moves that I have to make here. things that I have to do to set myself up for the long run and once I did that, then I was able to sort it out, but if I and then and then continued to Dana! Oh, this is the game. It's going on right now. Ok, here's shares our can make moves. I think if I wouldn't have identified that I would be totally regretful here, but as a right now you can I feel good end there and in the other course negative measures are well. I didn't have those other experiences. Would be who I am right now, I'm the there's probably know. Probably not you know. So I I was due doing things and learning about life going through experiences that I learned a lot from, and
I think that was beneficial and it makes me who I am so yeah feel feeling here. You know in your position in a lot of people in the position where he has had such alike action powerful, a letter to you like young life, you know that it's are to be like man. I wish it because you know you mean bring up the people who follow their parents' dreams, you know, and then they get an even one they're for real successful there'll be like dang. I wish I would have. I wish I would have paid attention more to my friends or my whatever my family, whatever or or even if they just say. I wish I would have followed my dreams instead of my parents yeah. So this is to your case wait, I followed my eyes are gay. I wanna go be a frog man get after it like that's what I'm doing, and I did it. And so that to me very very. Satisfying gratifying and room regret, removal, writer,
Like I think, if I, if I had not done what I wanted to do like well, you know who played football? We are a party, the ghost pet. If I would have pushed a little bit harder if I would have trained a little bit harder found him in a little bit more dedicated. I probably could have you know. Maybe but a gone whatever. I could have gone to the nfl. Maybe I could have done or you do have those thoughts that you should not have died like yeah, not even close. So I I think, like you, didn't, have the capability of going to the nfl, I don't know I mean, this way. The guys that, on my team, that I know that when to that I felt were like waymore gifted than me saw way morgue. did or the way all across the board everything we or did they work harder. Those yeah we're both. Here's what I realized like within two years it was actually after I got injured. I had to work my way back into the depth chart is like I don't like football enough to like half
I play this game as hard as everyone. I'm looking around and guys are like they're down for the grind of football and that's football and they're watching the games on the weekends. All this one remember, I don't care, I kind of to be honest, I kind of care more about the party on after the game. And you know like practising like all the stuff. I liked lifting wait. I like that part of it in certain like running drills. I like that part of it, but I think, the reality of what it takes to play. Football like wasn't worth it at all. To me after, like about two years in college, and I No, it's like you just into working out a need run faster than everybody says he can get goods you make touch if you're good at football in high school, like you just gonna, live a good life, you no kind of it there and then so be it and it didn't take the kind of work it did in college sold. It really brings to light like what it too senor like our brothers is like. I don't even like football that much I like it, but that might what, if you are still about so right now? Not so,
would you gonna be like damn ours? I would if this is the. If, if I was just trying to see, if you lied to you did you lie to yourself at all when you were like, you know what I don't care about, that much about football. Were you just saying that because it was a bunch of hard work and you're like oh, I don't really care about football. It's like what I talked about earlier today, yeah, I know cause it doesn't feel like in any way even now I don't watch football matches. Our great european, but like all try to watch football because I want my son to kind of be into and think of cars and it is fun to watch what I'm like not into it, really I'm not into it. So there's truly zero regret for your football currently in what I think. I think what drew me to football. Was my dad's like he was so proud that J during football first, when you're like when he's ten, when we're ten in my
so proud of arm and I'd watch and play and how he had once loved it, and all the sufferers are ok and then the next year I went in work we're good you're not coming up or whatever. So it's like you just get the path of being good morsel. I really liked football. I think I did it for my dad to be like another flew, so you to have no regret the full thing. Now. That's good yeah, good cause. There's some people that you know would have been invested in, From what you're saying you weren't actually that net that'll, you know what say I e per cent natural town, if hundred gets you to dinner, fell you at eighty percent, yeah. I made it up to eighty seven because you would have you would have worked really super hard, but you still wouldn't have been here so consider who went to the nfl from my team that I mean there's some other guys kind of later on, but lily. Six three right afford to something forty. He went on. Well oh my friend jeff over climate. He ran off
five. He weighs two. Fifty five is the term enemies. Good affable that's the thing to okay. Now she has all these touchdowns. Unlike just good football my friend a drink, clamp who, when he was lima, new, six five, three hundred pounds good at football, long arms he was really. These are real. These are elite athletes in division, one college football. So you don't just go to the you had a realization was their anybody that surprised you, anybody that, like no little freddy, oh yeah area there there, the handful of those guys they use usually make it too, like the combine, starve and the practice squad, and they do some work there, but they don't, you don't go, and play in the felt no harm. No, surprises there gatherers tony forget his name, everybody would be another guy went to the nfl played on some. Some squads didn't plan games are nothing but plants in Sweden.
the few! That's, definitely squatter! You get paid their good practice better than like a normal job for sure yeah better than your average job like you can and that could have been reviewed. Could then I you like it if I would, if I was gung ho about football like these yeah, I think so. I guess I a review assess that the game was not for you games, not for me too I chose what I didn't have I didn't have a contingency as I didn't have really like like goals. I was just trying to do whatever will be a personal trainer or something like this, and then you know work in the clubs. You know when you're twenty like whatever teachers, now it was. It was well into the club, or else I care. I gotta do something like creative. You know with what people that I like that, like that, has a real future, not just the manager of a night club. You know
it's not a! I didn't see. That is who I was kind of a thing so idea. I join with my brother and started off well, I'm glad you were able to assess. Actually you not me something passively. What's up that you know how you're like a navy seal or were whatever whatever but then you're. Also black belt injured, to end this, what I found out about you are like early onto where you like dabbled, in, like real estate and then find out you're. This leadership dude had that until inverse podcast lou, They didn't even know that their own soul the point there is. You have like five us like what for five different, viable games to play five. very viable alone, but you have five among going on at the same time. Yes, that is
something that is strategy and of in it. Weird thing is, and I'd say that this is probably you know. We talked about fate or talent being altogether. I would say, the law but a talent that I have cosette. You know me, I'm not that talented and anything really what I was pretty town, the was being able to like work hard in a bunch of different things, kind of science. Dangerously kind. Awake I mean it. Do these things and they're all our time, suckers and they all take a lot of effort and time, but I'm gonna go ahead and do them all at the same time, and I think that's it's hard to do that and in sum in water cases, is not even smart to do that, because in a lot of cases you know if you're doing one thing and then you're doing something else, Andrew doing something else Andrew doing something else: you're not prime we're ties in executing you're, not
focusing your resources properly to actually make anything happen, so that In many cases is negative to try and do a bunch of things at the same time, You know I I would say like how much more dedicated I was. I was very dedicated to jujitsu and I still train all the time, but. and there was a time- maybe we're out pretty good but like train, I'm trying with deem western train with dean and he's like a world champion. I recognize kind of like what you're saying there was a gap in now. natural ability that would not be would not be closed by any amount of work in others. There is certain I that he is and then a train with other world champions. Ok, that person's better than me now. Look I we have got to close that gap, more
If I had been like, aren't you norms getting out of the navy and I mean did you get to all the time sure I could close that gap more for sure one hundred percent, obviously but yeah, I think that's, that's me working hard and not only that. when it does come to prioritize next cute. When I'm when I was doing one thing like, I would do that think there. two hours later on doing something not focused on that thing. In two hours later, I'm doing the other thing, I'm doing it so think the amount of focus that I would bring to the table when it came to pursuing goals was strong and I never like. I never sacrificed to one second of work in the sea teams for anything else for nothing else. There was no way that I was gonna ever be like
oh I gotta go be annoy never left. Work do never never never was like. I gotta go! That's why you know for many many years dean I trained at eight o'clock at night. Because that's when I could safely no, you get to work, six o clock in the morning. I know by eight o clock I can get to the mats burgers. I was never gonna price, we're ties anything above, the primary job, which is being in a leadership role in the seal teams, which is gonna trump, all other things, so you some of it, though, in Yeah. Maybe you're like yeah, some of your stuff, where you know especially now it's clear, but maybe maybe early on it wasn't. But you know like a lot of your stuff, all the things that you're good at like certifiably good at you produce results in they like kind of play,
off each other too. You know so leg. It's not like you like, hey, I'm gonna pursue bein a rock star and then one s own front is like there too there so different. I mean unless your songs for them and we can do better, but you they don't like, which are worth its veto, play If each other's much, you know right by the Van diagram, overlap yea of jujitsu of seal teams, leadership? U n! You know like either they then you got like the real estate thing, and that was always just a matter of me was like there's a game going on here, and assumes I realise that all hey man like realizing, was pre young, I'm paying someone else's. Mortgage went up and ran away in someone else's mortgage How do you win that game? The you do not win the game. You do not miguel retire, You do not win the game. You have to get in a position where you're putting money an equity into? your future, not someone else's future, so that
it's the kind of thing where it's like. Yes, that's a move, I'm gonna make and I'm going to sacrifice to be able to do it. I was poor, my entire navy career completely sport drive and ninety ninety seven dodge grand caravan for thirteen years. That's a piece of shit! Car man! That's like there's! No, that's! That's the ego you know you see guys with their big trucks at the other end of the spectrum rather than later. This is the deflator like hey I'm rolling up in a nineteen. Ninety seven, the freaking window on the driver's side didn't work because it was taped up, but switch. That's when I read when I realized that these games were in play. That's when I start to be able to play the game whether their game is like a real estate. Paying someone else's paying rent is else. Someone else's mortgage! That's not a winning game! That's not how you win the game. Am I We're gonna need a house kind of amazing to place. They ve got a family
and believe me, there are times where I looked at. All I can live in. I was going to do the boat liveaboard thing a lot of people. Thirteen guys do that. I just live aboard about whatever save that money cool, but again You all. You have to do a study that for fifteen minutes- and you realize that a boat It depreciating ass, it doesn't get the losers value over all of like ok, you meet a car. That's that's a clue. sk or wherever it that's very rare cars. It's planes are all depreciating assets. So when I realized that it's like oh well, I'll move on a boat, okay, that's depreciating asset overtime, I'm gonna end up in the worst bot only way to do. This is gonna buy house. Ok, they want I bought a house. It was like okay. Well, how long do I need a hold on this house before I can buy another one, how long for another one? How long for another one and again. When you look at all these different,
things that are happening, you can start to say. Oh, I can at least see the game that's being played and I can get in the game My recommendation with that. We will continue this thread. We'll see perhaps on the next podcast I dunno we'll we'll review this one and see if there's a little bit more to add to, and if anyone has questions about this one hit us up your ass and helpful men, for even for me, just listen man. So half will that's what I realised with these past couple. Podcast if I've got friends that I communicate with regularly and they don't realize the stuff. I know there's a lot of people that I haven't done a good job of communicating this too, I know that you know look. I come a lot of military stuff, coverlet leadership stuff, but it's interesting When I talk about military, and leadership things. I always think that.
The correlations to life or so obvious, but they're, not us obvious as you think they are not as obvious as I think they are so this is one of those where hopefully, people can see through Pretty direct communication, the the concepts that we're talked and about and everyone is, susceptible to the problems that can occur. If you dont know about the game. ah so speaking of that we have of europe. We want. We both have been drinking a lot you drink or smoke during this is how is it good, assigning banana cream all day, It's not as obvious as my normal chocolate but bro. I I searcy drink two of those a day, yeah cause. I got that the weekend the pilot yeah, so get you. Awesome protein- this really easy. You know you. First,
Alerted me to the fact that, if you're trying to get the amount protein that you need a thirty. comes a protein is, is a legitimate nudge legitimate like all this. Is that this illegitimate boost to the protein intake, I think that's more than a normal like what he call like the f g. Unlike normal meal, like a normal one, serving meal, or whatever three times more than in a normal meal, very go so milk. We got these beautiful, thanks, we didn't call them energy drinks, I mean they are called energy drinks technically speaking, but they're not because energy drinks are bad for you and this one's good for you, so we're in a totally different level when I'm in the game that there is not a game of poisoning. You we're in the game of making you better, smarter, faster, stronger, jocker fuel doc. Comp get some of that you can get it Y Y you
vitamins shop, the military, commissary. Look if you're, I got word the other day that a military commissary that was lacking. So also check in the yacht. In like the health and wellness section of stores, Sometimes you look in the energy sector in some stores. Put him in. There are sometimes they put him over in the end and wellness so check that out, Military commissaries hannah for dash stores in maryland, wake vernon shop right circle came for eighty b, out to all my people in Texas that are rolling in hd being clearing shelves freaking, standing. Thank you murphy's meyer up in the midwest, so they're your job. If you get some get, some is what we like this here too also urging usa merkin made apparel we'll get started, you just of geese when you don't. You Jesse need a good game for when I get the best game and put
options that way about like Y gotta get the one. Now you can get which everyone here Why would you run out and buy a model t for that was rusty when you go out and legitimately by a cadillac s cause? That's that difference between a normal gave, an origin It's it's like that, and that's not even to mention words made some say. It's a whole. Another thing huge actually probably been huge or when you really think about the big game, if you seem saint but yes, best both worlds geese, rask guards got some short, some hoodies case. I have for actual, like eight origin, hoodies, a hundred percent the past month and a half hundred percent every single day even weakens worthy yeah. It's been a little chilly out here in california for the californians, especially for the hawaiians, be thinking you are a heavy hoodie brutal. Well, you- and I were when some filming today and I had like
I wear my origin hoodie every day and it isn't covered in food. I was like dude, I gotta I gotta. I gotta give me a second. I gotta like scraps estate on here all those meatball on there. I just had to clean that they run off. Causes me now: I guess, I'm not one of those people that is super into like you know, whatever fashion hey and you look great, though we get the hunger to get the jeans delta jeans delta, Sixty eight pm on multiple levels of wash to around that's right. Wash house in the usa. Dot com. Do you know the dynamics between the the? What like do you know under what circumstances you were the dark, the medium in the late? One what circumstances like you know when you were light genes, that's like a daytime sprang more casual, dark genes more like dressy sixteen and then its spectrum, but you gotta know that kind stuff and when you're in the gate, you're going out on dates, just saying I'm here to help you gotta know the game you're playing also
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they might as well be giving you cocaine or methamphetamines, and it's getting better, or two by the way. Slowly me they're, getting better at manipulating your brain with algorithm. the algorithm, is just home, toned I give you You are indeed jujitsu but you really into my plotters excite showing you moron if you really surfing, but europe. You really like single fin. Seven, these guns, sir, which I do that guess what does miraculously pops up their tracking on that's the algorithm watch out, thanks to our members of the army, navy, airforce marines, who are playing the ultimate game around the world, preserving freedom you for your service and thanks also to are policeman. Judgment, firefighters, paramedics, e m, tease, dispatchers correctional officers, border patrol secret service and all four
responders, thank you for preserving our way of life here at home, and to everyone else out there don't lie to yourself and until next time this is echo and jacko.
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