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372: Figure Out The Framework, The Rules, and The Objectives... Then Play THE GAME

2023-02-08 | 🔗

The final episode of the "Life is a Game" series. The framework, the rules, the objectives. Answering more questions.

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This is jocker podcast number three. Seventy two with controls, envy jocker willing good evening, echo goody. The the fourth and final episode for now about the game. If you haven't listener three six, ivory. Seventy three: seventy one goes where those first were: jumper into the remaining questions, feedback. We got off the first podcast that than we did about this. So here we go talk about the game, question comes from corey there's a couple quest it actually Can someone be so far along in a game, career relationship, for example, that it is not worth it to switch games in terms of return on investment love? career choice, but I've in others who hate their job, but often stick it out to retirement yeah. That does that does happen.
This is the thus sunk cost fallacy. We talked about one we are whereupon gas. You you ve been doing that job for a long time, but and you ve also remember that sometimes the sunk cost isn't a fallacy. Sometimes you ve put no guys in the military right to classic example, you're in a military you been in for eight years, so to get out. Ok, you know we are now you ve been invested sometime gained some skills, you're gonna get, ten years you are gotta still ten years you You're, still pretty young, your twenty eight years old, you you figure out. Another career you haven't invested that much into and you ve got some return on investment already in terms of experience around twelve years where people starts you put a lot in there twelve years into this. You know your job. Well, so between twelve, Thirteen fourteen years through a third.
Can you between twelve thirteen years. It definitely seems strange something going on that, you really have to think about the decision. Fifteen eighteen years, probably about move like if you put fifteen or eighteen years into the military and you're gonna, get out you better. Have! something awesome lined up you better, be or being some terrible situation that you absent We despise because you're giving up a lot, you givin up there, best of your of you money for the rest, your life and you ve already work I mean look at what makes it we're right if you ve got a job for fifteen years or sixteen years now you decide the jewel. like it any more bra that's what we're gonna do. The assessments are often in early right and then you People were occasionally get out eighteen years, mountaineers and that's not it. We don't think that's a good move Could you can suck it up for another year and get paid for rest? Your life
even if you hate it for that last year, you're, like ok, courts, are working on your exit strategy and you'll it out. Then the military's, distinct sort of example, because there is like that twenty mark where you're gonna get your retirement. You're gonna get benefits. After that. You know all that being said, a lot of It has taken a lot more than twenty years to get you to retire. And out of it. So if you, if you absolutely hate your job, it's probably we're thinking exit strategy. How can you sets then up to move on. So yes, that that can happen. Yes, can you be so far along in a game that is not worth it games? Yes, but it can happen. where you'd still need to make a decision that you need to move on. So it's just a tough choice: yeah, there's a pay
off at the end. Like a retirement scenario, that's different than sunk cost. Fallacy like I said because some causes like, I have just in its like it's it's driven mainly by the time the investment in your head that you put into getting where you are, so it seems like oh yeah. I put this much into it. If I just into something out all that time was for nothing knows what it is. But if you, but they can a retirement legacy add some light at the end of the tunnel was all I gotta do is stick it out for this much more and then I get a very big benefit in there. That's different because it's like you're, not it's not driven by your past investment is driven by okay. Let me just like basically suck it up or try to handle, make the best of this until I get that one pay off so yeah like and yeah. That's true, nope you. I know literally like friends, family there that are in this conundrum goes, meta. You know, like police of this military on teachers. Have this, where they have a retirement waiting form the thing the big difference between
military and police police is also have a military. Like twenty years and twenty years, you're gonna get a retirement, serve you unless enlisted when you're. Eighteen, like I did you thirty eight brought, I mean here but most or a lot of jobs are you have to work until you're? Maybe thirty years and also some of his workshop, sixty five. So if you got working to and get a lot of those jobs. You have to graduate from college. So you're twenty two. When you get the job now you work for thirty years and that job you're fifty to the next careers, not like jumping up and down Did you hear hear people we're. Looking at you like well, do you really want to do this and how? How much do we want to invest in you and you're fifty three years old? How much longer you gonna work, for you are also like. Hey I've been working for thirty four years now I gotta go to some are so that's why? I think- and now this dynamic has changed a lot in russia, years me people change jobs, a lot more than they used to no one when I was younger the friend,
If my parents, they all had the same freakin job their entire like lives. They all a job a job and then they stayed in you job there was workin under construction company. Both my parents were schoolteachers. Every school did all the time. Thirty years, my dad, worked at a school for thirty years. You know if he'd like that's it ass his job. My mom worked at us. Who for twenty years, then she became, small in innovation, sport or that what great did you dead, teach highschool particle. but, like I'm thinking of the friends of my parents, they all basically had a job want job not like today were if our hope I worked there for three years in there for two more years now. Did he eighteen months at this place, people move around a lot more. So there's probably less of this. Unless you happen, yet no one of these jobs, like you said, but he teachers are like that you know we're out here: california, teachers, I think, teaches gonna work for until their sixty five out here maybe or maybe thirty years, but it's you.
You work for twenty years in a school You look up you like ten more years of this. If you start to not like it more years yourself, but you also like said: there's a care at the end of it ten more years. That's ten more you get ten more summers off right? Reds, that's didn't do just like a job at the summers are off not I do look at it. Look you get one shot, you one trip through life and if you're free, can totally miserable, then use start to look like. Maybe you re teaching for twenty years, and you really don't like it anymore. Ok! Well, didn't you say I quit. No use are saying we're not gonna do What other options do I have? What kind of business could I start on the side during the summer? I start my crochet business now making what are they like hop
paths to hold a cold, the region dishes right, regardless of in mid admits are making oven monsieur I may, turn, that into a business spear cool. Then you can leave your job, but let's not do anything rash. You may have to pay game for a while and decide what you're. To do, but we don't want to be on our death bed thinking we don't want. We also want to be in the gutter homeless. So in the freaking joggers dosage fault chased my dream you can change the view of a dream like that is strong enough to that. You can do it on the side, too. the side hustle right beside hustle about the side. Hustle is the side hustles, not easy. That's what people make the site. Hustler sounds like some. You just do not decide, but has actually, if you're doing it right. it's taken as much time as your full time job. It's just that you have to do in addition to Doping decide hustle is something you do on. The side is something that you do.
addition to with the same amount of effort in most cases, but you can turn aside also something real. If you put the effort into it, not going be easy question number two from corey. You mentioned how we can exist in our own little world with titles and status, but we step out side. Those worlds we aren't held in such high regard a recognised for those roles anymore. Obviously it can be a difficult transition to different career or lifestyle and feel as if the You previously put in may be invalidated due to lack of recognition while in the military did you have any idea of what possible career path you would have afterwards. Well. The answer is no. I didn't
I thought I'd be didn't you did. You have to be serving the hanging out my family and then opportunities opened up. I did my first like court on court leadership. Talk about six months before I retired and in a group from her leadership talks to book to part gas to products their companies. it wasn't really pre planned, but I will, but I think you know, I think one of the challenges that you can have here is when I got out I didn't say to mice, I did say to the world: I served. Many years I was a leader you should all respect what I have to say and you should listen to me and I don't have to pay my dues and I I deserve x Y z. I didn't say that I was like a home of damp, I'm a civilian. Now wait, and I was joking forget we did all kinds of leadership talks for nothing for free, go into
oh travels and where they might give you the the travel pay to go and talk to her. Money for four hours in the middle of nowhere talk to him about leadership, do it for free! I wasn't like that's below me. look I bid in the always in the shoe teams. always was through the suit teams, their flowers in the military. You are, do we not now be humble, is basically we're gonna be humble in and if you do that part that makes a different is what he calls a difficult transition to a totally different career. If you try and think that you're gonna deserve that respect. That's where you gonna run into problems like it's, not gonna, be there hey, look the military you actually do get like in some cases, people
give you respect all your look military. You have discipline. You been in leadership positions a lot of times that that that kind of nice greeting that you get isn't real it's a little bit of lip service animals not just live. Let me rephrase that they look at that oh echo, you in them jerry, that's great! You ve been a leadership positions you, but you you're discipline. You been training, people, that's awesome, they mean it, but they're not to turn over a frequent department to you, because I, like that's great right, we're not. We are building widgets over here You weren't machine gunfights, so No, they ve, they mean it, but they don't mean it. They have the respect, but they're, not willing Tibet, on that and so you gotta earn it man, you gotta, earn it and that's one of the problems at vets run into is they think, like I used to be in charge of you, know a thousand guys in a battalion.
seven eight seven hundred guys into my battalion, and I had, however many millions and millions dollars worth a gear. You know I was charge of a bill? in dollar, navy ship mocha, but above that's awesome. I really respect the fact that you ETA, you are in charge A billion dollar worship a billion dollar. Worship was completely under your command. And that's awesome. I really do respect it, but they're not gonna. Give you commander this greekan department over here that has annual budget. one point: six million dollars so be ready for the stay. Humble is but which what we're talking about you gotta stay humble and you got, you know you gotta earn that respect, and if you did a good job when you're commanding that warship or your commanding that battalion commander got that platoon. Okay, you should be able to quickly adapt to this new
ever and do a good job from leadership perspective and move at the treatment, as I'd like that. So there are ya That's my answer to corey. Next up we got David, played a win, but the game, it is a zero sum event. Why? Because I'll die and take nothing with us to the nest next life, except our souls fair enough the zero zone. The technical definition is one person winds in order for one when someone testa lose that's what it is. I don't really think life is like that. I think it's a zero sum game. I think I can, we play good game and I can win. And I actually think my winds can benefit other people. so I'm not sure. I really agree with David, it's a zero sum. I think you can do a good job and you can win and I think One of the best things that you can do as a person is, as you win, take other people along with you like hey,
I got a winning team over your old come with me. You know we'll hook a or into my vehicle here and working role. Working to keep rollin come on come on room you know Let's do this so. I think you can leave before. I think you can go through this life and die. Actually actually leave something very positive with other people that you ve encountered in your life when you ve helped along the path help them play. Game bring them onto your team. You look of europe playing the game, get some other people, the game with you there's a beautiful thing, that's what I think David. That would either what they call it. Nihilism rightly out we'll die or whatever It was finally lasting peace in the did you get it You like life is kind of like this big balancing act.
It's like hey. You got you got some time to make things happen and then, when you're done, you gotta pass it onto someone else, and they better make things happen because everyone's times going to eventually run out kind of a thing. So that's why, like when you have kids or whatever you want to knowledge, you wanna past values units ass, all the stuff back to them. But they're going to die anyway right. Okay, that's why it's their job to pass that same stuff and then their additions to it to other people doesn't have to be kids. I was going to say I was gonna say it's like it doesn't just have to be your kids, like you got a group of people if you're doing well cool grab. People and bring with you like that to me is a suit for positive thing that you can do and if you and here's where here's where I think, Again, we use are looking at the strategic game like the game, the overarching game of life. And you're on your death bed. I dont think there's any one that will regret helping, people out giving people a better future with there.
in kids with the people that they affected in their lives. The people they impact that, I think that's good, is going to get. You lived at what you don't. Oh, that guy lived a good life because he made a bunch of money and was selfish and kept it all to himself. No one says that no, they say man look what this guy did with that people very influence and impact. It was you whether they made money or not. Oh, you know that ouch in school that helped everyone in pointing in the right direction and, like all People have a huge impact that is how you win the game. The more people help yet Does that game diving technic way. the game, never really end to everybody dies saw year. It's it's kind of like you know the universe to, if you think of a chain, maybe not a chain but just, but, like all generations like progress right, go on and on this guy dies, their sons, daughters, people wherever they grow up. They die they passed on in that chair,
of knowledge, progress, everything that gets passed through time or whatever its kind like you want evaluate What was my role in that you know. So, if you're just selfish version, you have you'd literally have no role in it. If you just selfish, no matter how rich, no matter, how way to live, no matter how much jitsu you did if you're just doing it. Even though jujitsu you have a lot of training partners, that's in and of itself beneficial to check it out if you're, a jujitsu guy, and what you do is you come and train you get better and you in competitions and you're the champion. But you didn't really you never coach anybody never happen by yeah who does, who does everybody loved every lufthansa, was handle that has your hands. We got a great, petition and Emma may introduce you, but the spread the word. He helped as many peoples. Can you everyone, When you think about like what You want to do to help more people train more people, coach, John daughter,
right? What's you don't he's really helping out a lot of people get better at, it has nothing young, no fees compete as you can beat it before you are back in the day in actually a lot of martial arts from what I still have a huge it's an honor. So, let's before, but but he's having a huge impact here and you know Gordon ryan and his team is all like. Oh yeah, we, like one runs said I'm not competing if, if, if johns, not coaching, which of aggressive exaggerated, but that's how much respect he has ended, appreciative, he is of john down her john donors invested his life into these other guys on his team. That's What made him. That's what made him an icon of the sport not because he's a champion himself, but because dignan, pass it on now. At some point. hopefully gordon ryan, says oh I've done what I can do in the competition I'm gonna go and I'm gonna help as many people
How did you do to his already do that by the way? A lot of us, you know like injuries to read ever know that that's kind of the natural jujitsu progression. especially now that you can like sell your techniques that are have a career of the passing on new techniques or whatever they like part of it. In sure, of course, you get for it and everything but think about that in the big picture. Where now all this knowledge came from, let's say it came from where we started starting at the beginning, with the gracie's or whatever, coming all the way down. The dean lister had his thing, who effected John Donahoe and they're like hey. Let's, let's pass it on Gordon rhine, gordon rain, includes as people with his performances and he's not he's. Prices sprang the same knowledge to other people, be gigi. Fanatics outcome exist yet fully and so now, when you look at the big picture, that chain like let's say, grubbing, individual, take a gordon right right. What role did he play in this process. liberation of this new knowledge, improvement of the whole jiu commute, What role
deeply huge play pujol but yeah you're right. If you, if you just competed and kept it in just like every every one of his actions, was solely to benefit himself and not did like the zero sum game like for me to benefit. No one else can benefits. No one else benefited from his knowledge. Whatever then use asked same question would be like but then correlation is perfect for life. Yes, because if you take someone like in the seal teams, if you had someone that was quote unquote a great operator in the seal teams, everyone, that's known as a great operator. They took their skills like there's something oh yeah. That guy was a great this great that at this individual skill, but someone that took that individual skill and then they taught it to as many people as they can, that person gets sort of elevated in, people's minds in the business world: ok cool! You are successful and business. But if you are successful business and you didn't help, share and start other businesses to help people grow than people? dont really appreciate what you doing so. This
Is someone was questions that I got Ass a lot? I wanted of the alive events A few years ago I was twenty, twenty actual always remember. It was right before cove it kicked in, but you don't say, what would you what's the meaning he was the meaning of life cycle basic question to help other people out and the sword. brought down. So when you're playing the game, you to put into your calculus at some point you need to do. Is help other people because, if you're not helping other people in your keeping it for yourself, you're gonna lose the game in the end You're gonna lose the game. Soap, with that in to your schedule that when you the opportune to help someone out you'd help him up agrees that the that the all And I know they probably mean it to mean more than just this, but how it can often there like a you, can't take it all with you write a supra that
that goes beyond like the attention even of having it, and if that is the intention, like that's like a bad, a bad intention just to think in that way where it's like yeah cause the the the All reason of like ass, not the whole reason, a life part of, like the massive reason of life, is to get what you can learn. What you can everything in the minutes I like if you had a blender right, here's the thing: you've gotta have your. You have a blender you're blending, smoothies blended milkshakes, you blending like all this stuff, and this blend is freaking awesome in your in your you know, maybe you're making stuff for your kids, your neighbors or whatever, but you're going to die. Now take that blender, you say: hey you young kid! You get this blender! Now, here's all the recipes, I'm done! You take it from here kind of a thing, and I'm done. I die. They do the same so now that blender, it's like oh yeah. If I took that blender with me to the grave it's kinda like the blender, doesn't doesn't help nobody, but now you pass it on until they die they pass away and that blender keeps on blending soups and hopefully you're teaching people how to build a blender, and then they can give
wait for blenders when you die, you don't just have one you give it to four people now you're talking like get big time stuff and there's levels to it. You know not everyone's going to do all that, but as far as the the you know, the essence of it all yeah, you don't take it with you. You pass it onto the next guy, pass it on man and and man you gotta, be you gotta, be a real kind of sad person when you're trying to hoard that information you're trying to keep it all yeah. Isn't real that's gonna, hurt you yeah, it's gonna hurt a kind of goes for everything when you think about it and it. Obviously, this is not like were cut and dried, but like when you are one of those people who don't wanna should involve the ito, wanna you'd, want to share evenly poor hoard like resources just to hoard it just to have it all. You know it is like just that. Of being is kind of like who doesn't goes against the thing up and there gotta be a way to work through that? You know if you grow up where you're way,
We are living in the life of scarcity when, whatever it is, whether its knowledge or you were you had a fight, scrap the figured out you finally figured out, or you had scrap to make wanting you finally got money or you had a fight scrapped, get skill, and now you find the guy skill, then that would happen. Jujitsu right and the jujitsu percinet like came up and had to figure it out and got trees the crap by his instructor that person there's a decent chance that that person now treats other people like crap and doesn't share anything that doesn't show how you did that arm. Lock, there's also this. Just the goma can be like that guy, so the the same thing with business is the same thing with life. Like you had the man I had freaking earned it, and therefore echo a mockery to show you my little tricks of the trade, I'm going to show you this the way I did this marketing campaign cause you gotta figure, but if I go I know it's hard for me, I'm actually gonna. go up, that's what we're doing that's all you when the game.
Hi next question from walter. How do you think sun Tzu viewed the game in print his long game and played it and how that different from the way you slash report, I think that here I mean obviously strategic thinker, sir. Yes, he was thinking about the long game, he saw the game and he made basic I is no risk. I actually changed when we would teach in land warfare. We had like something like basic basic maneuvers and change the fundamental cause. People think basic is not good, I actually think fundamentalists good. So he since you pointed out fundamental fee these of the game and principles of the game that will you gotta understand yourself You gotta understand your opponent you got a retreat when you need to retreat. You got re attack when you're able to don't it this enemy, shoppers and all these things here, just to the game,
there's just alignment. I any major in may you're outliers that he had some big different fought enough to all universal, if you know the way, broadway, broadly seed and and all things Michael Michael asks is the game, the path or is the journey as revenge, or is it the journeys redoubt ventured on the path? I as well is my kind of instinct was, I guess you know colonel? I want to get back, and I was actually no really. because there's a lot of different games being played off against the main thing, but there's a lot of different games being played you're playing a game at work, you're playing a game with your relationships, you're playing a game with your health you're playing a game, This is always a budget, and then you got the big overarching game of life. Now
you know when I think of the path of capital. T capital do right too, This to me is the these: the focus on ourselves of getting better right, getting better health, stronger, faster, smarter by creating stability, taking responsibility to me. Those things in life are the path doing that the path is doing the right thing for reasons right. to make sure that you are doing the right things I would say, doing the right thing, one of doing the right things is helping. Other people is, trying to teach trying to pass on what you ve learned. So I guess you could stretch it a little bit, but now you know what I'd do, but that being said generally, when I return
further the path I'm talking about the path of discipline, equal freedom, the path of how discipline your life to do the right things. Do it you're supposed to do and move forward be better, be ass to be stronger, here's the thing unless your unless you, unless you do that for yourself, you have a lot harder time, helping other people your life is falling apart. It's me hard for you to help other people out, so I dont really quick the game as the path and avoid thinking the same thing, Yeah, it doesn't feel like is every feel. The path is like this dynamic framework, that you can kind of follow. An utilised her to put yourself in a position to perform better in the garret failure for sure for sure yeah and that's one of those things to his like sure, there's sort of a universe.
the path that we can all kind of, not our heads and say yeah, but you might your path, my people, but different to my ear. So so there you there's more yet as you gonna like there's some fundamentals in the past hunters, like you, know, there's just a handful of em now you know the health thing, but health can look different. So if you just you're going to be more advanced and the health part of it. Then that can look different for a lot of people, but the whole thing is factor- and you know the relationship, the learning their education, part of it and and all the stuff that the discipline part that just that idea of discipline, dis, we're gonna, look different for everybody, but the fact that you be like hey, I'm gonna do what's right now, so I can have that pay off later in many ways. That's really! You know that dynamics of this is the path of discipline. Ultimately, the path is the path of discipline and wearily
the freedom that that's all that's what the path is. The path is the path of discipline and where it leads is to freedom, and that applies to everything that is going on in your life. Health this business finances relationships. It's all all of those two to reach a point of freedom in any category, you have on the path of discipline, so there you go next up forests. Is it better to apply This game, solo, multiple multiplayer or does it matter season season cool, look there's some games that are sallow. There's some games that are multiplayer, there's some games that are pleading and other people, there's some games at you play against yourself. So again The put the whole reason for this.
series of podcast was for people too. gain the perspective that what you're doing in life In many different aspects of life can be looked at as a game and the failure to look at it is a game means your exactly sure what the rules are, you're, not exactly sure how to advance you're, not exactly sure what the goals are and without goals and without knowing how to advance and without knowing what the parameters are. Not knowing what the rules are it's hard to it's hard to what's happening so this idea of looking at a really and kept looking at a job looking at an education looking at your college class looking Life look that real estate looking at any of these things as a game if you are perspective, to move and do better in that lena whatever that arena is so some of our solar system this kind of a solo. Think now can you play it,
as a team, you can get a couple more people that want to work out with you that want to train with you. They are going to help you you, don't Have you ever echo charles pattern? if you have like a legit work out partner. Yes from yeah, I mean a cyprus. most, I would say most of my life, but I'm sure nothing else. I've been working alone, but, yes, and under percent and who would you more easily let down and not short for the work out your work up partner or yourself? My work up part. The answer short answer is I would let down myself one thousand million percent. Then I wouldn't mare. In fact, I don't even know if I ever, I mean they were so sick, so I mentioned ok, so what am I mean? Work our partners in life was a guy named squatty, louis scotty, louis, please is it he's, we find in the big european I nickname squatty for and foreigners, exactly a hack knew at another guy named wherein the brooks is three of us: surrender brooks had bench
or squatty those good school. Well, more than everybody, and then I was more the more balanced guy who was like you know, we're all pretty close, but about one hundred per cent. So I would even say the multiplayer scenario is, if you can pull that are you gonna do that more often than not? Even you can pull it off. Told em if you know with that, like you got a kind of choose the right people cause, you get new things arise that might working and see sometimes, but I'm saying can pull it off multiplayer and finish, that's a good on right, where it makes not only more enjoyable. The hard parts makes it more enjoyable, but yes, ear women, accountable, there's like so many dynamics that are there with multi player with more people than it is, but by yourself in fact, that you can find yourself and actually this might even be a skill to develop But if you are looking at it that way, you will additional struggles by yourself, like additional
challenges that you might not need. You know if you're trying to reach a certain goal, but with like other people, if you guys are on the same page it you can just blow through stuff yeah having that team aspect, so maybe to amend my initial answers. I gather sallow games and multiply. Probably gonna, be better off. In most scenarios, we get a cup of people getting team, in multiplayer. Yet pretty rare. You can find some stuff and of course you could jewel donegal, really d. Let him be like technically that space, but you can be, press to find a scenario where you'd be better off alone, rather than with the guy who's down down for the cause as much as you aligned and not to mention three guys, four guys or a whole two ino like multiple people, we'll get it done better than one person next to the task. Just that's just the way it is so there you go if you can get that multi player game going next, from ray. What advice you have four enter
the game later in life starting a business at forty one feel like a loss of key years. To me. hey how the sun shines thanks huge part of the reason I got it together as your podcast. Well, that's awesome, but hadn't didn't have anything to do with me. That's you, you got it get undo it. So Here's here's the think, you're forty one years old! Guess what you have some experience in life. so utilise that experience and be smart. Also, you have to pay attention because you're forty one you ve got limited time for we boots. right you got limited games. You get limited number of games, you're gonna play from here on out You probably lost the opportunity to play to three games now. What cool you learned a lot? You may not what what What happens now you look back in like manner missed out on that game. I missed out, but now you know you:
what you missed out on so you know do a little bit a risk mitigation. A little bit extra risk mitigation lean little bit conserve a little bit more conservative than you. What if you were twenty, two you're twenty? You gonna go live in my car right. We Forty one hour, your wife it's do not live in new car, so you gotta, you gotta mitigate risk a little bit. What the good thing is when twenty one years spent money on friggin, booze and clubs. Are you not do now when you're forty one? You can be smarter, so. you keep that in mind. No at the minimum standard, as you know, I yo quiet, no joke! I often no people, that you know what I was starting businesses and why not I told my whether the aim of this doesn't go well. we might be just like living in our our ve up and down the coast of california, serving india's hang out and we won't have a house and she was. I got sons fun, also go back or so.
oh, what the minimum standard for your family is and what the member states for you is and then don't you don't put that money. Take their money off the table, take that lifestyle money off the table to make sure that your good to go. You there's a temptation. Thirty one. You like all I got business going! Gonna come wellman abominable mortgage, the house when you're thirty one, you mortgage the house and you lose it cool your bankruptcy. Clear by time here the time you're, what seven years, so you clear be k and I come back. You ve got a steady job and you can house right, but if you're forty one and you mortgage the house, and then you lose it now. You're, like fifty brow when you want to be drawn up, so that's why I'm saying risk mitigation. That would be the. advice for entering the game a little later on pay attention,
next quest from MIKE coop cart the coup part about Life as a game is that there are no three strikes and now as hard as life can be made or, easier. it is. The easier fact known as hard as life can be or me It is the easier fact known, not quite sure, one hundred percent there there's always something else. You can do yup just the yup, that's true for the most part, we can't screw things are permanently and look. You can You can screw things up permanently, then you can try, recover from them and you can move your life and a better direction. But, like you get it, Do you? Why were you kill freaking care on a bicycle? you go to prison and you can with no license and guilt like you can do better, but you know, you're, giving have our time.
Life is gonna, be hard. You, you know, get caught with you know drugs do something stupid from across the border. Right demi! You can do sometimes have you and get oh you're drunk. You hit some points, some guy in the face. He falls down its etc kirby de dies. and his own video and everybody sees that you started it and now you jail for man like that, so so did just keep that in mind. Just keep that in mind. There are things you can do, that's kind like strike. Three and look you here you can, you can still. Do you live together? You can still moving them in the most positive direction. Like you, indefinitely, move things in a positive direction you're gonna be in a tough spot and is going to a long time to recover. So that's why? Let's be smart. How many those things that I just mentioned worse alcohol involved I mean alcohol. Like just you know it's a big one. There you got rid of that. If you took that out of your life or if you took the out of society
every. So many less people do in dumb stuff here go watch what kind of fights the fights on youtube best street. best street fights or whatever a twitter, but occasionally you'll see two guys that are like sober and squaring off like a road rage incident like they're, both sober but man, a lot of them they're drunk in the streets yep. He has one where that freaking guy got his neck, got his throat cut. No, I can Austria, and you know guys just out you're drunk obviously would emeralds and not totally drunk, but you can tell their drunken you're talkin shit to each other. and you know the guy it gets in another guy's face and the guy has a knife. What are you gonna do cut me and then they kind of walk away and you're like okay, and then they conflict station comes back. They are the only seven the dude just like in a split second constitutes throat and the guy kind of grabs his neck. He
he doesn't really react by the grabbing his neck and you can see blood just pouring out. And he got his neck, he holds his neck was standing for two seconds. Then even flaw sums to the ground and he's dead. You know you take alcohol that neither one of these people have done this dome shit. You think, in its own videos to the guy that didn't The thing is now in jail for rest of his life, just terrible. So yes, I agree with you MIKE there's. No three strikes like you can read. You can fail this business, you can do you can break up with relationship you can start, career that didn't go very well all the things imagine all those recoverable just don't just just just don't do anything really stupid, yellow those. Lot of mistakes that we make in life are very avoidable. Like you know, I understand, like hey man, you made the best decision, it turned out to be wrong and all this stuff, or whatever even a little lapses of judgement like here now but yeah,
like there's some big ones like. I said that, like the do you I warn and cosette super common, then do I should become so they must comply. legally hundred percent avoidable, think even a fight, a street fight. Isn't hundred percent avoidable. The time here, dui straight up, is the alcohol elam, of it makes those avoidable problems harder to avoid, can influence the careful. It's like this powerful bad influence this when it is just just like kind of Your judgement to sleep for last year is like a bad. Your judgment wakes up later imprisoned in euro area like the jail cell and europe. you, your judgment wakes up in its brow where'd you do it like? I did. You know it's kind of like. I hope you didn't do anything that stupid. You know. I hope you just got into a scuffle with a bouncer and you got locked up
We're not here for manslaughter if your judgment wakes up right like more like he was asleep goal that he wakes up. What I mean, what I meant is like really wrong: where are we right now yeah, I will say, like I always had a little voice in the back my head when it when I used to drink I'd, be like it's gotta leave like a rabbit gotta get out of here like this This isn't going to good direction time: hey guys, I always had that little something in the back of my head, thankfully you some people that judgment man he's going to sleep real, quick that saucer there are. I met, says how do you manage multiple games? that are going on your prioritize next year and listen. Here's the thing with prioritizing execute is you're doing it you have to be. You have to have an open mind and pay attention to the feedback that you're gonna get right. Multiple gay,
You got your job, you got your family, you got your fitness, there's three right, we're playing all these games: job, family, fitness, so at some point, your life, that jobs can be more important. You gotta big pine, jack. That's do and like it's with a huge client or it's you're, building something and you've got a big concrete pour that is going on and you've got to get everything already here, you're working from some sixteen hour days, getting ready for that. Your family is getting get put on the back burner. you're. Fitness gets pet put on the back burner little bit, but listen! You gotta. Attention when you, when you come home after that count. creep, poor happens and you didn't successful and now ok, it's time to like Be home on time, it's time to, cut the boys loose for a little while and like hair, but let s go, have dinner with the family gotta go to the the wrestling, and I know the rest in practice. This will check in with the kids you how they're doing maybe your fit This fell off a little bit for for five days, so you
pay attention to that you'd be attuned to the feedback that you're gonna get feedback from. You can get from europe in this particular case, you're fitness you like here, I feel like wrap yea. I was I went up and visited my daughter, and you know we we're not to some like nice, restaurants and what not and at the weak came home to my wife was like either am them. I might be getting sick if you don't feel good. I was like oh no. I, like french fries yesterday and like peace, or pasta or something like that before and I was like. Oh that's like two days of kind of junk yeah, sure enough came home and I did like up little fast and then just a clean for advancing arm. I'm actually fine. I just felt like because I like Jacques, so I'll set some german chocolate cake. If you were this german degree, we got one, we kind of pass it around the fam, but it was really good. You know
that's another figure, you don't feel good. You feel good while you're eating it. but then, when you're done eating it well it's about. Like maybe the next day you feel we pass it around? I probably had seven bites of it: a lot of frosting deep on the frost, is that the crazy coconut in the caribbean korean, it was one of these we ever get been to a place where they go. Oh, you gotta! Try this thing whatever this, like their specialty, was one of those places yeah. I dig it man in seven. Bucks it's. You know it's. You'd like to whole ones, are some. Then you might be in trouble. But then you know I had there for you to know that bread came out. Look bread! Let's face it! You get hot bread my restaurant, dear and dots, and it's got like the euro, butter with the flavour of sign or because they are so we're not shows up somewhere that can be sometimes you go
this money goes freedom. Here's the freedom party. Many give me some of that, but it's gotta be good for me, like I wanted to be really I don't it's. Ok, passing passing! That's all foreign him exactly mediocre. What exactly brothers a place called kilkeel Paradise on quite society, so instead of bread, they have muffin, and they're. Like kind of sweden, I think they're, like I know they have some, maybe some carrot shards, I dunno. What's something in their sweet market and then they bust out are, you sure, are great the jacket strategy. Those carriers are dealing with. These muffins are like really good like in just like you were like yeah. They basalt out bread. I look at it in the crust of the bread is kind of hard and like it's, normal bread, brown passing on every day every time, but so times and depends there's different kinds of where like
There's some a good bread scenarios that you, like: ok, here's a freedom part. Well, that's like pizza. I mean The range of taste of a good pizza verses are not good, peter that a huge range of some pe and people s face. It is kind of not good for you and There's some anderson, peaches. You can eat it and it's just you taste? I cried another word junk. Why would you beating this then? Sometimes you get this couple places where that peter the less well off can give you a piece. Ready and almost reached you'd, probably not new preliminary we're gonna be happy about. This is Papa johns. full unchained. It's really like a lot of artificial this and that in it I dunno. I dunno the recipe, so I don't want to make like that but the vienna fully based peter grotto yea our ear. in san diego yeah, and what do you mean I dig it wrong it.
I dunno that place is next level. It's next level. You dig it. I've always thought. Leucadia was the best place in san diego good, perino good, under the same brothers. The place of brick of impedes on clients were yet we're going back to collect. Really that's the the level what we call it in the top two year. Have you ever seen, dave, nor does like the pizza review thing He disliked tries Peter wherever he goes. Yeah seems like a good. dear you don't hit me it's like a good excuse to delete all kenya and the other thing is a key. Basically just has a few bits of it. You know and then maybe that's not bad any rates it Then he goes out this one's a six point. Two of us point two to me: it's not worth it. You know you had something, that's a you know, basically nine ten with you and with you. So, you gonna pay attention to the feedback that you getting at
Make sure that you make adjustments in your priorities. Cos come home from work after you been porn concrete and it's been a big part of the job and you ve been working eighteen hour days for sixty. days. Getting ready for the poor and the poor. All the stuff now you get done with. I gotta pay attention to your family who you been blowing off and you I say oh this weekend, guess what we're going to do? I'm not going to take my cell phone with me and we're just going to go on this camping trip on a job so pay attention be attuned to the feedback that you're going get that's how you manage these multiple games are going on in life, The idea of subtracting useless stuff and sometimes can be hard swoosh. If you really like doing it, whenever a mouse talking Keenan Cornelius fractured incident we're talking about how like in orkut. Up a little bit in in he mentioned this. How you he would he subtracted some stuff. Out of his life magua video games
It was a big one. So if you like video games, let's face it, I dunno, where you're, going with it's crazy, how video games are so pretty you know, even when I was young, I played video games or whatever, but I guess it's kind of like in a well anyway, I kind of like alcohol words. I've been a surprising how successful that is as a product. The only gets you literally nowhere, but it's like bang, but there is something to it for sure. But anyway, the point is when you, when you slipped practice things that aren't conducive to, especially when you're talking about managing multiple games managing multiple games, what the? What are you doing over here with a video game or whatever, whatever? Whatever? That thing? Is that jeremy Neopixel news, yet the video games? Did you ever get addicted to video games? Did you ever play more than like an hour two hours a day, yeah yeah, would not sales addicted? It's just. I was a kid. I was a kid in freaking. Yeah became taken ever do that too, I think I see, like the graphic say, yeah the original play station. One m precision to those my error
A video game invite my dad's a cheap right. I do now, but but he was also carrying into computers early on, and so he had a car. the door, sixty four hell! You were here to give way so the games were all like kind of cheap imitations of real games. So yeah I read one that was called a buck: a m: okay, okay, a mock! That's probably the only your game, I played what is it very kind of you ran around in some underworld. Try to stay away from its masters or something opening. It talked the opening. It said, another visitor stay awhile stay forever and then you and started the game, it was clear that back in the day haven't a thing that was talking was kind of logic. You like this thing, might be. My friend you sound like a kind of crazy
commodore. Sixty four commodore sixty four member atari linked together, tori now, and that was the thing like normal people, gotta targets. We didn't I don't think games were as addicting back then I think they're, just more they're fun little recreational kind of real basic. You know to have an atari thing where you just get like the atari joystick and all the games are in a of that not atari, though the nintendo and the nintendo on and yeah. I play that doctor are there, some games that are sick. This autistic, some actual like math, like geometry, skill, like tat, doktor murray like these kinds of games when they can be pretty fun, but you can tell it takes like a different type of kill them via turkey, but I would say the most addicted person to tatters was still not like. They start to hone how you get the dopamine, the dough, but mean distribution in those games were now they mean guys.
I mean I we had a guy come the muster, a great dude who had been addicted to video games and he he was like embarrassed. Tell me about it. I'm embarrassed. I see this as the video games because you're not going to understand this he's like I'm embarrassed as you're, not going to understand it at all, but I was addicted if video games- and I was like well what do you mean he was? I played whatever it was thirteen hours fourteen hours, fifteen hours a day, wouldn't sleep so I could play spent my money on it when all that stuff- and he realized it was addicted to listen to the park, asked realize, was dixon and said. Okay, I gotta stop the shit and he sold all of his games sold his console use the money to buy a ticket have come to muster to tell me that story but perfect to your point when you got when you try to get these multiple He was going on and you got some the net encroaching on your time. Isn't giving you any benefit. That's when we talk about one last part gas about this subject. You doing something that doesn't help your long term strategic go, get it out, get it out, it's not worth it to get it out of there
I hear that too, where it's like, oh yeah, if you're binge watching a netflix series like those kind of a version of that where it's like hey, you know, you know so you gotta yeah, you gotta, take action on that concept. The the video game being the new video games and I'm sure this is their gig as far as videogame creators. They me if you care about what's going on in the game. So when you're not playing it, you still kind of care about that game. You know it's like that kind of level stuff, like even the grip parades graphics, noting the graph referencing. Yet they like I remember when we isa nintendo, read the regular nintendo and then we'd go to this place called the fun factory. Basically, video arcade and those be games, you nanda ones, the graphics like we're so good so compared to the nintendo. Now it's like you- can have that. In fact, my brother has one of those big councils in just like other nintendo all games or in it but you look at those you look at those old school.
seems like rats. Damn arrests, do it's like a corner, conan guy, those my fear to super based jump in strike to different weapons, but it would also be or the efforts are really good, but now you look at those graphics compared to like the graphic, the craftsmen like straight like straight on movies, actual emotion and arson. Scenery impressive irregular. get those things. Are you out of your don't play? Those games pay the real games next week that's what keenan said right there, he was like this, I shifted it. with the video games. You like, instead of lake, improving the status of my character in my video games. I am now the video game in my or I'm now the character in my own video came so non training proving the within the rabbit holes of like there are so many things you can learn like you listen, you ask you very robust skill set right. Chuckle. Let's say you have
Six definite skill sets like, of course, is little michael's skill settlement in the middle They have six marketable skills will sit like black but levelled brow black competitive will. Just I don't think, that's a big number. I don't know anybody that has six black belt level skills in their life and that's part of the point where ok, let's say you got for murder, that's a lot for, I think two. Would be pretty pledges marketable skills. It you're exactly right. One is, I would think anyway out and I'm not the nor of all things, but it seems like one is about the standard. If you have to fill brought europe you're in excellent laboratory. Now you have to okay. So fourth, it takes a while to get up a blood is not progressing like renaissance man right. That's it right, raising my little black belt and multiple shell arenas. Now the reality is you don't have to be a black belt and everything in that's how the conversation started. Cinema, he said with a polymath math polygraph, that's one,
and ass, I was I mean you say you have like usable skills in a bunch of different arenas and they all can play, and that's all that in the uk, but it's like men? We he said he was a polly mountains that I was appalling. You echo Charles Josiana, we're up. polymath yeah cause. He had multiple skills that I am okay, so making him. I know keenan from back when I used to make videos for metamora the thing, but I really hit it off with that guy. When I met him or he'd like be talking about something like oh yeah and I kept in touch with him and then we start training to become friends with just over the years, but he was one of these main guys that I like randomly, have thoughts and ideas with and then I'd like call them and like we'd. Just talk like I'd go to like drop something off at his gym or something or see. Somebody whatever and wind up talking to two hours in his office by all kinds. Stuff. You know so it's like what he's got in that I hadn't seen for a long time till today, like in person, so he was like. Oh yeah,
It's a universal we're catching up is what I'm saying and then it's like. Oh what he'd been doing it in. You know, like obviously, there's obvious stuff that he knows that I'm doing because he's online or whatever then there's like the additional stuff and so we're just kind of catching up. That's when he was like. Oh you like a polymath. You do this this this this thing like literally is part of your job Selina, so the point there is in life: There are so many opportunities in ways to learn new stuff where he is when I went down this rapid alone, I'm not of this isn't one my marketable skills, obviously but being a plumber. So the idea have been put you know, like some people, like my annesley, that basic stuff or whatever but never got it upon me out another such works. Like you can go like on youtube, and so many resources just to learn so many things in life where you can get all those gills. Whatever skill you want there now, if you can shift your mind set to be like hey, that's my game! That's what I'm doing
one improve the speed of my character on this video. game on improved the speed of my character in real life, this not or like this. Oh now, my my video game character can cast spells penal code, which is frequently like. Oh, I can actually join copper pipe, because I learned some skills accurate. I got really lucky when it came to console. I work construction for for a little while when I was a kid and like the guy, I worked for he, he did everything and so tat means I did everything right. We built whole houses from nothing to built. You know that means you're doing you have a little hand and everything in man what a good experience cause I did you know like. I did plumbing idea in electrical. I did framing. I did finnish and look in a mosque. My good unreasoning seen applies Ivan especially finish work.
like finnish workers, where you're like a little, I don't have the mindset for framing I like migrate, all two by force, gotta move another half an hour, to the left corps you also have monkeys ape actively sneer whereas trim works like this thing in the perfect needs to get away. Sixteenth of an inch off gotta redoing. I wake up. You didn't hit it, but I got very lucky and in having up to We do a lot of those different skills, very good, and you reminded me of that when you were like when you told the story like actually was a long time ago, but you recently kind of mentioned is what were you like: redid your whole kitchen or whatever over the weekend? And I'm like this. But I wish cause my dad and the company to like literally my dad and two other guys built our whole house yeah, we're like watch them and here's the thing I would help like we'd help manure like all about, but I knew I wasn't like like her.
At the opportunity to do it with them, I was just like. Oh go clean up my dad with the n. I was interested in like the artistic part of stuff anyway, so I, but it just it, blew right by me. Fortunately, and now, as an adult, so my full an adult, unlike realizing the value of in man but man, if you pay attention special early on actually, whenever man display attention by you can just and so what level reign of a video game, you can level that your who else so what do that less for a little keenan, Cornelius I'll I'll. He gave us where we were training. Today's can give me some god some goods, you know some goods. You know the psych, hey I noticed you were doing this bomb, here's a solution. I might and that's the thing with age you too, to sack life. You know it's seeing something that I'm not saying why I'm in the gate and is watching me role with me. Harmonies I pay you're. Doing this if he was- or you also did this with me and it doesn't work, and I was like okay cool. Can you he said
here's the solution. Ok, thank you you mean like that's that's. Why opening your mind up, trying to risk put yourself into receive mode and and put yourself out there like? not to do it does the same thing. That's that's one thing: What's a bombers even though you tubes call for like plumbing now thing better than doing a project. nothing better than doing project, because that's how you are actually gonna. Do it when you do it, you learnt nellis knew me like a dry waller man, respect good drywall, there's no drywall this room like an hour no kidding whose there the wrong is the the rock is up in the mud and tape it and it's done in an hour. This would take me to this would take me like a day and a half for you know. So I'm saying They could do it and now think about that they could do it in an hour. They were taken. There now now over time. You can get better at it, but
got it, you gotta, do it here, you gotta do it yet, but but the youtube or wear or whatever, whatever resources, what it's like, its literally a free like guide in a free, the kind of in a way coach- you know it's interesting is when you are that story about me. Really doing my kitchen, I did my kitchen In my old house and like a three day weakened- and I got them Well, I stripped down the studs did the plumbing raided the electrical and got? the dry wall hung it and get it muttered got the dry wall hung in seventy two hours include it putting in a new electrical sub panel for the four there in itself. But what's interesting, this pre youtube. I want I say this was like hmm, let's see what year was that I got that house. It might have been like I dunno if youtube is out, but was like two thousand and one to that to something like that, but you know I had to do it because I took a lecture
the in high school, but there's like you know you get like the faded memories, but I went to home depot and I bought like an actual book like electrical work or whatever and I was able to carry out now. I remember that plan I kind remember. Plumbing is a little bit easier to remember a thing sucks about plumbing is when you screwed up. You know right where it is Cause there's water coming out of it. The thing that sucks about electrical when you screwed up you don't know what you are. You messed up, it's somewhere in the system. Seldom do you get like a spark? It doesn't go. This doesn't work. Gonna figured out, so very young all right next, crushed kimberly says. Could you touch more on deciding what new games to start coming to the end of the first big game, I may be
coming to the end of my big game, and while I feel like the world is my oyster, I also don't really know where to start. I've been grinding at the same game for so long. I've never really thought about my values or made any other goals for myself outside of it. I want to make sure I'm honest to myself and not just throwing out random ideas that sound cool moment. Well, that's, that's. I good for you. First of all sounds Probably this is a career situation, this on a curse, its region, been inquiry done, good you're exiting or you would have time to move on Slighted has lots of opportunities, you know, and I would not jump into any one of these opportunities at once. I wouldn't just over commit to any opportune that comes up. I would Do you know, do various reconnaissance and try. She would you like this and do not talk to these people and see what this game is like an inner put go trot. You know, go try, tennis, courtyard,
Yes, you can try boxing, go, try, croquet, go try. What's new pick a ball but give much right now. Here's the here's! kind of challenging about this when you try to sports like that. There's a diesel chance that you're not good enough at it to make it fun when you go surfing for the first time is not fun. We urge you to for the first time it's not for grass thing. We want a tennis for the first time is not fun when europe pick a ball for the first time. As my picture, for you just getting smashed do you miss the ball, you get choked befall after surfboard camps, so with those kind of activities you have, do them long enough that you started the oldest the return on investment from the from the effort that you're putting into it? So it's a little bit You know you have to pay attention that when you're talking about what career opportunities you want to get into
because some of it you may go high, tried this. I don't like that industry will go well. let's make sure that you actually understood it well enough. I think so little bit easier to understand and industry than a noose, physical sport, but Are we talk about the fact that I like to try when, from a business perspective on trial on a different thanks, I'll try, this will try that let's do this thing over here. Let's make this and see how they do and don't we're commit to something that we're not sure how well it's gonna do. So I would when it comes to try to figure out what gained plainer next, I would dabble a bit go. Go to I go experiment. Go what's goin on go volunteer at some. You know financial farm go volunteer at some concern. Action farm got the go votes do not to say I want to see what you guys do and That's what I was doing that for us, for. I think that good, what I about this question was when you talked about the values- and I thank you
I've, never really thought about my values or made any other goals for myself outside of the work that you weren't. You said it but outside the workplace, I think this is a great opportunity and I think this really drive the first part of the question. I think you need to write diagonal to do a little soul, searching right down like what are your values? What what are you? What are you enjoy? What do you like? What do you want? What what gives you ratification. and then figure out why those things give you gratification and I think, a good when it uses play out some are some hypothetical scenarios right like your? Oh you You gonna go for this industry. What does it look like when you, with what kind of Oh oh, I make a bunch money well make sure that It's really what you value because of you. Make a bunch of money, but your work and eighty our days and your stressed out all the time, and now, if you this some people that love that environment. You
well there's some people that love that environment there's some people that really liked that I I'll be honest with you, I kind of like it when things are a little bit chaotic I enjoy it. When there's decisions made. I wrote I liked that not everyone's like that some people, start to break down when that happens, so I would try, and yet there is like a push like social push to be like the grind right, the grounds not good for everybody, some people like it. some people bunk, if, but if it's not for you than don't get into some game, because everyone's on the grinding grind in this, in that oh yeah, toxic, productivity right, sure, grain culture I and culture. Thank you. So we watch out for that, but figure out What you actually value. so you see, there's a little difference between values and what you value in his aunt values. A thing like I value. My values, are integrity
I values are trained people. Respect does does are good, but then you also figure out the other thing, which is with what you actually value. Did your values as a person, but what you actually value and then take that list, then go and start to do you, reconnaissance of the world, and see what you really want to do. Don't commit I never commit to anything. Take small steps and you're going to end up in a good spot. Good luck kimberly and our next question from Anthony. when you got into the game concerning the military, are really made me think about some of the struggles I've seen friends struggle with similar to the nfl. Many people just give it everything and don't think about the broader game outside. Yes, you
people struggle with demons post service because they feel dejected cast out military. Just exports isn't an end game and if more young people understood that when joining it would probably help curbs on the issues that that's face later on he up. This is true. You you gotta recognise that whatever your obvious whether you're an nfl player shall operations commando a hedge fund manager, whatever that thing is not you are you. and there's more to life than that thing so Keep that in mind all the time Keep that in mind all the time that that's one game, tenders, beggar game to pay attention to. I agree with Anthony that that will help jessica says for someone say, love these two episodes and the quota. Discipline is rooted in the truth we tell ourselves was so good. My question is
you, please speak on the topic of playing the game you dont want to be in for reference, my daughter's severely disabled by a rare genetic. This disorder, the game I That is not what I want to play and yet, as you say, all you can do so say good, a move on with it, but this game, his play with neither talent nor passion for the game. Only the we player you're playing with comes a lot of stress and regret for a path you don't get to get on. Well, yeah sugar? Definitely there are games in life that we're to get forced to play and- yours is an especially tough one look you're right, but what we can do about that. Can you carbon about the couch and crime which they would go different way. You can do but that's not gonna, help you so, as you said, the best
and you can do say, ok good must move forward. And then I think you know if you want to pull the thread on that, it's hold on a second. What is good about the situation that I'm in right now I have to you know you. You have regret for the paths that I can answer. Maybe you're gonna do a career. You could have more kids or you're gonna want. You know, travel whenever this, and almost and you're, looking around goin up? No, I'm not gonna, be to play those games, I'm stuck in this game for what we take away from that For me, you know the appreciation for what you do have is so powerful to think about the fact that you at this daughter who needs help, You are capable Giving her that help and we
Would she be without you? then the appreciation for other members, your family, that have their health and. You know I've I've I've had some hard relations with kids over the years in a little warrior: kids that are eight years old or ten years old or whatever, and there and there we are facing legitimate Billeting diseases like whether they ve got cancer and ve got whatever whatever debility disease. They ve got, and you know it Talk to those kids, I always do well might give them a smile, and I say: hey: listen what you're going through right! Now, it's going to make you so tough you're going to be able to do anything, and I feel jessica that that's what you are going to experience is the effort
now you put forth to play a game that you didn't didn't want to play to get thrown into a game that you don't want to play, but you give that game everything you got. I think that will give you massive mentor frank's in life and something that I believe will be probably benefit you and if you have the ability. I think it will actually help a lot of other people as you can. On some of these lessons learned as we started off talking on this part, cast about the fact that one of the most rewarding things and when the best things you can do as a human being is take your Experiences and you learn and pass them on other people. So I think that this experience that you're going through that so challenging so brutal every single day, and yet your play. that game to the best your ability, I think, there's
you're gonna take so much away from that. It's gonna give you an incredible opportunity to help others so stay strong, jessica, stay strong! You got an awesome attitude, next question from Jonathan: hey jack? Ok, explained how to compete within your own team in order to benefit benefit the organisation I work in construction, heavy equipment to be exact. I would like to you're out how to generate friendly competition amongst my co workers, nor the progress of our skills and coherence. This is exactly what you said in setting up friendly competitions to progressed. Skills is a thing, and it's a good thing and in the seal teams. We did that with everything shooting you did: competitions, running you're, doing competition, diving, you're, doing competitions at parachute. Everything you're doing is a competition.
I'm in a land closer to the tea when impartiality, I am going to. You know, shoot this course of fire faster than you are. I got everything just a little competition in it. As you said, progressed is your skills and same thing. I see all times of businesses nor the sails petition, that's going on or the operational turn times or that Cost to produce we're gonna to fuck all these things little competitions. So I think you know when you ask, how to compete within your own team. What you do, You just set up fun competitions and you make sure that the competitions are fun and you make sure that they don't undermine the team cause that kind happen where all the suddenly no act, echo against me- and I decided to cheat
or I decide I'm not going to give echoed the key piece of information. Oh, I had a sales call and I ran into this objection, but I'm not going to tell echo how I handled it so that way he won't surpass me so make, sure that you are small competitions that you have our embedded and nested in a larger overall goal that everyone is a part of. So if echo is complete, against me in sales, and we set up a cup tension between us too? We all So want to set up a competition. Where are you what team is trying to sell x amount of whatever widgets So you know we're competing. We also want to reach the overall goal. So that's what we're doing. Friendly competition is good have to make sure as a leader it doesnt turn into unfriendly competitions
This is another question I have as when do you know, you're being over competitive and souring relationships in your family friends and work groups again. The answers in the question you, You know you're being over competitive when you make people mad, and my guess is Jonathan that you like to compete. You like to get they go to you like to get you get fuel fuel off that which, probably, if that's the way you roll there's gonna, be Some people off, and so my mom, assumption is that you like to compete you like to when you do this often, and I would because you have- and if some you know, I could be wrong, but if you have that, if that's your innate nature, then let's just lean towards building relationships and set a competing all time, ok cause. I can see. I can see just buy it now. I see that both these questions, you probably like the super like I've competitive, like that w on the scoreboard but if that's your nature and be careful of it, we all
be careful of our own tendencies. I haven't tendency to be very hands off from a leadership perspective, and I have to pay attention to that because, not yet as do whatever you want. I have to pay enough mentioned about hey. Let me check, let me make sure we're going in the right direction so You have to be aware of your tendency, which it seems like a tendency, is hyper competitive, beakerful, ryan dial, says, are often in a game. You can find yourself in a hopeless situation, say fourth quarter down fifty six points that situation In that situation, how do you find the fortitude to keep fighting back, even with the exception? of knowing and owning that your mistakes gotcha there well. what what what am I options. What our fourth quarter were down by cities is, what am I, what are my absence laid out and quit. I'd be more okay. It is often, but I would not take that option. I would fight.
and in these situations where you're gonna lose fighting is winning that's the best you're going to get that that's the best you're going to get is to go out on your shield now That's we're talking football. If you're in a situation where you're too, where we're talkin a big game, we're talkin I were talking in you made some mistakes. Well adjustments. Can we make can we rebuild? How do we take, ownership of what, if we did, that was wrong and get it back together, and ass an and put together some semblance of forward positive motion. You know like we brought up some pretty horrible examples earlier. You freakin gotta do you are you crashed you give freaking killed. Somebody killed a kid. a bicycle right, your that's you,
so what're, you gonna, do what you can he was the best you can. You know that's what you're gonna do. Obviously never going to drink again avi sugar to spend one bunch of time donating your time in efforts to help solve. the problem of drunk driving in going to talk Schools and you're gonna do a bunch of things as repentance for this horrible thing that you did that's the best you can do. but we're not giving up? Z S, that's the key point here: we're giving up we're, not quitting we're not I do this horrible thing. I now I quit whenever saying that it's unacceptable its unacceptable. Unacceptable in any situation to say you know what Just give up on life no unacceptable. I put myself in a bad situation by take ownership of it,
gonna make forward progress, that's what we're doing so. Keep fighting ryan! we got Joe life- is a game? Should pay a high school class? What would you who'd in such a class I didn't learn that everything is a game. It tells me twenties when I realized how much I screwed up the beginning. My career manager, were selected day. One hundred I started day five hundred Do you know if I was gonna try and teachers to high school kids at probably do something like what we did on these podcast leading up, obviously and and we're down, but this is a complicated If I was gonna, be in a high school class, I would teach it using things that people that they can relate to rights. Are you talk about playing a game of your parents? You know. Conversely, I that conversation with my kids you know when their interacting with their mom, and things are going that great when they're going through that teenage. Whatever thirteen fourteen years old, like it is a game
then right now, you're losing cause you're, grounded or right now, you're losing cause you're you got animosity, so you're losing the game. You'll have to do to win the game. Be nice show respect and then I was on you, you can pay, must do whatever you want sports school, like all my teacher sucks? Ok, so what are gonna? Do? Mrs? behaving class, get a get, you know, don't turn, your homework get about girls. Does it out or do you just haven t much interest, Ok will form a good relationship with your teacher, the ice to that china about do your homework assignments. That's! The way you create. The minimum friction even though Nor was the year that either by the way teacher doesn't even care if we learn ok, going to sit in the back and throw spitballs shoot spitballs at the blackboard right? Is that a thing anymore? I don't know. cat, like spitballs, must still be a thing right
for a moment, I don't hear much about spitballs notice, but it's been alone Before we, like the other things, to do worse, following an early school here here and there, but what await? What's up is that the straw with you pretty much, they take a piece of paper to it in your mouth, it's covered with spit and putting a straw or whatever and like hits the chalkboard where who did that? I don't think I'd ever do in the class but outside or whatever. So that's what you're going to do you'd spitballs at the blackboard cause problems like how is that helping? What does it do make your life worse, you're gonna get in trouble. the dansion, get it back. Realities of the crafts can happen or you can play the game. Teachers doesn't care if you pass cool whatever yeah. That's a big one. When you deal with when you're dealing with other people like a teacher whatever, with special than theirs
both be nice in your mind or whatever some teeth, quick start and salute in my kids school there's a crossing, hardly she's, not Nice is actually mean, says why she's ire So this is because he's means is dramatic. She's, like and so just yell at you in front of everybody. If you don't like it, if you don't step perfectly on the cross the crosswalk or you know like that- can cause yelling at you. Oh yeah, everybody. She she she said, she's going gonna call the police on me so here for he need to play. The game is wrong with you. This is my early experience right so bieber. I don't care about any cross guard lady at all I don't care who she's jelly eyebrow, don't so I'm like I'm a drop of my kids for to school and I'm coming from lately opposite direction is like we would normally normally come in, she's friend in the crosswalk she's got to her in her helpers or whatever. So
I pull in the side of the road, in quote: unquote: unauthorized drop on the spot, that guy in the prime, that guy don't care from dr mohamed kids. Don't care what this lady says so that is where you gonna help you gonna cops called on. She, like looked at me right now. She see me born obviously like violation in her world and then so she said, two yelling from where she is what charging over to me and I'm in the car. I wish I'd say see. This is in his name. He had me my wife is like early on me and my wife and the kids in the car. So she comes. rules through a window in this like yelling at me, tat S, not the spot, like He was a massive personal violations are not the spot, I'm going call apps and have them come over here and like arrest, you for like like parking here and doing all this stuff right like outlandish stuff day and again braddock. I don't care what this. Ladies.
SK was so ultimately it's kind of funny because they were first off you're. because we all know that and even if you did call the cops, the cops would be like. What do you want me to come over there for this? The crossing guard, lady from other, so anyway, well, my kids are like they don't know what to do. They're like getting out all quick and try to run away. You know my wife's, like kind of like oh man, shoot that sucks it'll kind of thinking and I'm kinda, like laughing with my guide, lady, I get it, you know we should. Indeed I get it right, but my neck instinctively lukashka, that lady right could you yelling and everybody there one? Doesn't it cause she so mean right. So later on, I kind of learning call it my! I see what this ladys doing like she's going about it all wrong for sure, but you know she's. So the old lady, those costs or something in her and my daughter is supervised him body like she supersede like likes, ruin supply, so I'm thinks she's we gosh. You know that mrs issues, she has an on a bus or name but cos.
Your lady, like she's, so intimately and all the stuff ass, a k. We What I'm thinking is to myself to before I told her. We should be nice to that crossing guard lady just to see what out, because no one's nice to earn there's no reason for anyone ever to be nice, because she's yelling at everybody. So it's like. Why would someone get yelled at it'd, be like oh in genuinely be nice to this person to us you told your daughter which be nice to so I thought about it for the weaker, whatever in there I came up with that. I was like oh wait. A second. This is like nones she's, so mean that she made everyone else be mean back to her, which fuels her meanness. You know so it's like. I was like hey we're going to be nicer, we're going to follow all her rules. Do I don't care how bad of a mood she's in like we're going to be nice for like magic? The moment my daughter's like all good morning or whenever she back, oh hi insult I'd literally watch, and even than I do it. If she, oh, I dunno- maybe she doesn't remember me from the guy she's gonna call the cops on. I'm sure. She's tells everybody, but whatever she's super nice to me now like when I
whatever in again like me, it's all a war. I literally witnesses all the time where she she's like people are. You know not stepping in the car I saw correctly or or the car like you know, didn't stop perfectly on the line and what, if she's, literally yelling at everyone like she's in the worst mood, and then we walk up and she's, like She shifts smiling I'll pick, oh hi good morning. Thank you, sir calls me, sir calls me, sir. Nobody calls me, sir. She calls me, sir. The meanest fingered lady I've ever witness in my whole life calls me, sir, only because all because we're just yes people with respect to be nice. To them goes a long way. Man, they really does crazy man found little stupid roles. You know like them until the end Who knows what really stood out to us? They perform these rules, actually isn't even that hardened and, quite frankly, I kind of severe what they're trying to protect these kids bro yeah. What if everyone just followed the rules, not the attitude, no added to whatever just what pheromones automatically follows? Probably you know how smooth this morning system windy, roads, lady, has a point.
Just cause she's yelling doesn't have wrong. So anyway, but again like the instinct, is like screw this lady? How dare her little yell at me and all the parents of these children trying to get it and we're like? Why are you yelling and everyone kind of a thing, but no path and her perspective? You know she's like worried about the kid: it's trying to get people. People will just totally disrespecting her mean, like kind of like you are you're like yeah. We call the cops on me. Luckily, I didn't say that laterite laughing at her yeah, rights are you kind of like got to see her prospect little bit staff we're good move their chance. Your command and although I would like to see you get arrested on next, russia's from nowhere is there entrance exit strategy to enter and withdraw.
Bought from one of life's games, or is it quite literally get in get out? Example, I want to start a company, should I do research and get all my data before starting or go in guns, blazing hey Noah, it isn't all the data And research and it isn't guns blazing those extremes and we don't recommend extremes. We reckon, and iterative decision making. We reckon and small steps and then pay attention the feedback that you get so there you go no big deal when I get out of a game cool you want to get into a different game. Alright, just don't do it on a whim. Come up with a plan. Put it together, make a first step process. What you got make another. That that's what we're doing next question is from David and it's says, work, relationship etc as agreed.
causes, a shift in our chemistry we think of Playing games is fun so relating to work as a game creates a context for who we are being when we play the game. Fun exe My connection et cetera, maybe playing the game is more powerful than winning yeah. I like that on another party, but you know we ve answer some questions here, the passive when something socks. How do you make it into a So it's one dear, exactly right, fun and connection and excitement or I'll get us will reach to train the jujitsu right So plain playing is part of the game and part of the fund and seeing things as a game can make things one, even when they may not be thought so
by greek closer here says: are there any games of universal importance, meaning not only to specific groups are circles when one walks away? I think we have to do with health and fitness. I think we'd have to go with teamwork and helping other people. I think we'd have to go with it. Tag. Ready right is integrity game here. It is because it is think you're trying to uphold your integrity? Is a person telling truth keeping your word. is integrity, more important and winning? Yes, it is well at least I guess me it is some people had rather win. Make more money or get get a reward or an award rather than rather than keep their integrity.
but I believe that the longer long game supports integrity so, and I think people that are out for themselves. Universally lose in the end, and we ve kind of talked about that on this part cast so the others are some of the ones I can think of that kind of universal games helping us. people keeping your. In order keeping your integrity are universal already Says: do you ever burn bridges when playing the game and if you do, how do you act going forward if you see the persons involved or even need to work with him again, but now Why dont burgess then november, just because what have what bill? How is going to help me to burn bridges are limited said? Never Burma's, but I very rarely burn a bridge. very rarely burn a bridge. In fact, it's hard, from Edith. I dont think I burned into bridges
I'm sure I could sit here and for half an hour and think about you know. Somebody did something at some point. In my eyes again. You know what that's not happening anymore. We had a company irrational front that wanted to work with me and they made a product that I did not think is a good product for humanity and they We did a call with them or no, I said no and then they supply, do a call with us. We really want to just. We really want to talk to you. I said. Ok, it's also. Finally, relented. Is it ok I'll do call with you and the name? pitching me impeaching and patch me and I finally said hey. I do not think that your product will help people and in fact I think your product hurts people and therefore I will not be done.
Mean anything to help you share or spread your products through the world and the kind of a quiet, and then they were like. Oh, I appreciate you know. You're, honest feedback and then Jamie. We are Jamie was on the gall and music I've never seen you do that before us. yeah because it was kind of also they want really getting messages a guy just now. This is not something we want to be involved in and then a cab alibaba. Finally, I just said: hey: I do not like what your product does in the world. Are you at liberty to say what the product is? I don't want to say it's not hard to figure out. You know something, that's not healthy and kind of addictive, so not affect not kind of something. It's not good for people and addictive for people and at the with really no benefits whatsoever. You know so that was the type of product that it was.
So I'm not gonna jenny I'm definitely try. not to burn bridges and it's for the exact reason, like you burn, bridge today. How do you know what can hold the future and why we want to put better? Did you get from your can benefit from it. Burning bridges with people trying to rebuild spectrum be nice to room it's it's just better for you, it's better for them, it's better for the world self, trying not to burn bridges samuel says what do you think, set the rules and manufacturers the game? What do you think about god of the bible who ordains and decrees all things, the sum of your word is truth and every one of your righteous rules endorse forever end quote, You know this is something that we covered them. I think of the former first part gases and another
look the rules that we follow for the game with the rules of the game from different places, depending on who you are and if you you're, following the the rules from the bible, look much of judo judy christian society get Its rules from the Bible says: oh? Certainly that has a huge influence on thanks, but there's other parts of the world as other there's other parts of country, where people get their rules for different games from different thinks so I think the question is actually not who do, I think, sets the rules they gave us. Who do you think? such rules for the game. You're playing in what rules do you choose to follow so nate? says, would love to hear you outlined the games, ecosystems, your currently engaging, go deep on one or two: we go deep on all the games are involved in all die
what games we jujitsu right? John, improve get better try to evolve. That's a gay man me to bring back the ground in the podcast talking about ju jitsu cause mad as the there's always going on in the digital world. A jock of your we've got jocko fuel. That's a game involved in right. We've got we're, making profit were distributing the product all over the country were going into retail. Where do indirect consumers all those things happened growing very rapidly, very who game to be in, but it's a game, useless, you can make on the board. You can get. What is it a return to go do not pass, go, no denotes couldn t jail, don't jail! Dont! You here, there's like there's, there's like things you can land on the board, the retail board, like there's right now what big companies, one of the jeep just giant. Billion dollar companies is going
into some retail places that weren't in buying out the shelf space, for millions of dollars, so that this agreement where's our work plan against you know players bigger and stronger than us. players that are bigger and stronger than us. Just like jujitsu you gonna go get some people at a bigger and stronger than just like war. You if the fight an enemy that bigger and stronger you so have to maneuver And we might lose a battle here and there we might who's a battle to a big strong person. I've gotta put their expense. Millions of dollars takes some of our shelf space away. Ok, ok, we're we'll will make an adjustment. What are we gonna do So there's a game: it's being paid echelon front, we got you, know, sloan front we're doing a boy of things in islam fraught origin, we will ashland front what we do know something we got all my training right,
huge part of what we're doing right now, because it's the most. Scalable way to share? the lessons that we ve learned about leadership and life. So, we ownership dot com on their goal. Would we don't that's what we're doing Still doing a bunch of other, you things. Yes, we are, but that's a part of the game that we're moving on right now, we're making moves. So that's what's happening. We ve we ve made bad moves like we use, Learning management system that was awkward to log into and had a weird pricing the way you have to check a the software with those about moves. What we you ok, the other that the north too. Well, there's a sunk cost? We spent a bunch of money on it and building it near oak, but it didn't work. The way we needed it to do. She would continue going down that path? Or we say you know what that's not the that's not the way it should be. its negatively, impacting the ability for us to get this information. People not ok, we're gonna, reinforce, given that money and one is gone
reinvest the money into a new platforms. That's what we did we just the new platform what's going on right. This is all part of the game business, those like gretta classic example. Right there right, we spent money on a platform. The platform didn't do what we wanted to do. The way we wanted to do it. We tried we failed. We tried, we failed eventually paid this. He's not working, but we spent so much money we have some cost towards keep going now cotter losses, new platform now when we got a platform we can give parts of it. For free, weaken. We can contact. People weaken scale it in a way that wasn't possible with the other system, so these are all this all the game, it's all happening or and men gave at origin is crazy. What we I call on their here, you're buying what buying millions of dollars worth of material.
Old material that we don't weave. We buy. We buy it from american manufacturers homes. take to make right If you want to sell a pair of genes, you had to order that denham four or five months ago. So there's, think about the logistics of that We ve got a frightened by the way you pay his somebody for Denham, for five months ago, that cost several million dollars. whoa, you didn't make genes for five months. You ordered at you paid for five months went by then you got the money, then you had to so the genes there's another whatever month. Now it's out to be in retail to be sold to six? where'd you get a millionaire where'd, you get three two million dollars worth of material. How would you where to get the money from that's money,
it's sitting around. So that's what we're doing this is all part of the game, so both games that we are involved in at this time. My recent says you must know your opponent for our struggle, not against flesh and blood. But against the rulers against the powers against the forces of this darkness against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places? That's obviously quote from the bible, bible and yes hundred percent. There is darkness in the world and we have to fight, you know I I fall victim, sometimes two. If I talk about something one too, am, I feel, like I said you know we're ok, darkness arrogant, but Obviously the darkness,
Well, there's something. I've talked a lot about and maybe MIKE hasn't been missing for their long, but have talked a lot about the evil in the world than and fact that there is a war going on against evil. So, yes, this correct fuels again. It feels a little bit inappropriate to call the evil the world in fighting it again, but it is Actually a game is one big, Sometimes it wins a quarter right. Sometimes it's up the half time zack says why not you the term sport instead of game. Then he says hell the latin word, iowa caucus also spelled jokers me, joke fund sport, jocose jokers series on treating life objectively and with discipline to win with the rules noted, thank you act go deep. Stephen says: viktor Frankl said: if you
success or fame, don't aim at it. They come naturally as a consequence of doing the right thing How can we win without trying to win is actually up. I totally agree with If you focus on doing good, if you focus on supporting other people for a business, if you focus on making a good product, if you focus on providing good service, if you focus on good work, if you focus on helping other people, the reward will come. the reward welcome. So I agree with viktor frankl eyes. The same thing: leadership charging tactics about getting promoted. You want it promoted, don't think how to get promoted. Just go. Do awesome, work you focus on getting promoted. Everybody sees that you're focus on getting promoted and when they see that
focused on getting promoted. They don't like it they're like an echo, just wants to get promoted. That's why he's doing this? Let's undermine him now. Just do the right thing. If you do the right thing for the right reasons and as victor frankl said it will come will come naturally, as a doctor here, doktor benjamin, says, there's only two types of games: finite. infinite finer games played within rules in a play to be one in games? The rules are played with an played to keep the game going pair fire from James garcia, so we, We we ve, talked about this before the only thing I would say to the doktor. Here is its useful to say: there's only two types of games- and we talked This already, but I won't go into it again: theirs four degrees between finite, an infinite right does different numbers of rules and pliability of rules
and I think it's more important to understand that, yes, there are finite games at one end of the spectrum. in the games at the other end of spectrum, I think what matters most is that you understand that you're in a game and the game that you're playing and what you have to play, how you to either abide by the rules or leave the game or go to a bigger game? But yes, good point doctor, benjamin Jeremy says how to express this effectively the middle and high school students. Again, I would paraphrase what would echoing I talked about on these podcast. You know, probably turn that into a one page or to page outline like I said earlier, use examples that they can relate to school parents, sports interaction between meal, high school kids, that kind of stuff. Do you think that they can relate to little. You know job at mcdonald's or whatever
gotta play the game. You I worked at wendy's got play the game, so use things that they can later someone named action. Is she So someone else kind of said it. But what do you do when you need someone to play the game with you and they don't want to lose this kind. The whole. This whole series started off with sir, Armstrong. Saying be careful of relying on other people in the game because might be let down so so control. Your expectations? But you know you, There's sometimes you need someone else to help. You maneuver a good way to do this. How can you help them. If I echo to do something. How can I help and do it? How can I get go engaged. How can I how can I minimize what I need from echo my counting on echo in some huge way and by the way, or try to get echo to do something about doing it for the right reasons, if I'm just trying to get
echo to do something to benefit me? Will probably I'm actually not dashing, be doing that? How does can I help him and if I, if I'm doing turning- echo to do something. That's gonna help echo loon echoes much more likely to do it. So Let's keep that in mind. Let's make sure that the game or playing is beneficial to the people that we're trying to get to play with us. or find out a way to win without them. or find a game that you know. You'll need account on this person. Now echo said earlier comes like a work out body if my work, our body, but he's not shown up. these lazy, isn't gonna? Do this work No, it's going be beneficial if he does it, but he's not doing it. I gotta find someone else to play the game with me right I mean I'm gonna- put a certain amount of effort. I'll, send you the text in the morning ebro we're here. We're going right, a hit it where you at, but I came, can can make their horse drink so
that's what I'd pay attention to their jerry Jacob says under what sir, him stances? Is a room dedicated to the enemy positions in terrain become invaluable? This was This is like a terrain model. You know I'm talkin about The answer is when you almost all the time, but when you can't see train when you can't just stand on it and look out and sail enemies over there and we can move over there. We have more. It's friendly and enemy units. He got. Multiple things going on is Oh, it's genial that just gonna be people that vision that understand things visually better than through words. So, basically, if you can any time you can put things in a visual representation, it's gonna be health. Now you don't need this. A room, dedicated, ok, He gave you a massive got big opera. no campaign, maybe aromas needed. If you have a battalion plus
about italian or more sized operation. Maybe you needs some kind of room set up I did battalion operations with the army of marine corps. They would bring pretty much set up a roman, we put a big man. on the floor with tape and put little building blocks to build, show buildings and all that very helpful, but like opportune commander, I was I will going to feel that carry this little little box with like a little red. Couple pieces ribbon in a blue one, read one brown one and then some little little squares of wood? These are like canada shapes little wood shapes paper, thin, not prevent, but very thin wooden shaped. Like the thickness of a credit card basically little shapes you will here's a building, here's a river here's and then I had a little again little shapes that were labeled as the different people in a platoon or fire teams in a platoon? You really quickly in the field break this thing out, and I could do a quick terrain model so yes
what this has to do with the game, but there we go. We have to question frank t tank for it takes as although I believe that life as a game- it's not very popular idea for my wife. She feels that make that makes her and the family pieces to be moved around a board. How would you address that? Okay, I would not call if she does this. She doesn't like it. I wouldn't call it a game, I would call all life, I would call it a journey, I would call it a mission or a voyage or whatever right, hey. This is our mission our mission, not playing a game and you're on now. This is our mission, were working together, we're team, guess what on the chess board or on the team on the football field. We all got a job. We all work together to win. I want it caught up in the terminology of trying to call this game. In fact I say: well, what do you think life? Isn't she say? I think it's more like a like a. What would what would not be good? What can we not turn into a game? I think it's a play play. I think it's a play: oh yeah.
and so lets. You know we can shape the outcome of the play and we are now got roles in the play in we gotta, listen the director and we to you know what so well, whatever just just make it work broke, don't get stuck on terminology, gauze, without the that's it the sticks up. Me little bit, because that's true, where you know we get stuck on terminology where like the game saw, sounds like it's. Not serious gets what that's why it's ok, you for your life is a game. There was immediate objections to the term game of life. Is a game? Is immediate objections moved on a game right when we address that on the first part, gas like out of the gate in this same situation, but we don't make our wife mad? He who was it you in the game. If you do that, I'm gonna, let you get scored on for sure, keep in mind to the where they were. Even if I say the word triggered dental trigger, due to terminology, but nonetheless, if, if you, why
is triggered by the word game in reference to life, rain, lighten keep in mind that don't be equally as stuck to your term debt, because I made that mistake before in this matter with my wife and my friend those you remember- pursues anna, yes, the pallor yeah so weak, we hang out and stuff in. It is too little debate whenever where's, I'm like pay officer. Eight words like hey, you wouldn't like The idea of being selfless is can be circled around to having to pay off for yourself right this, so that we talk about that. That concept right where it's ok, can you really find something? That's truly self less? You know, because you am, I said you these are getting some sort of a pay off, and then she he did not like the word pay off. Could it sounds like money in earlier? Just ignore, there's a pay off this path and, as I know think about it this, but
and I kept using the word bay off, not realising all she didn't like the word payer, but if I needed to something else which ideal war by the way were something even any word. It benefit leave those os so this pay often meant, but so mom, if or Just say- and I I and say this by the way, but mean being way older now, maybe say something along the lines of on. Oh, we appreciate the great, good or something like that in a then yet the think Ben was the exacting, but so me not beers, stuck on my word to if they don't like that word, don't think. None of this is the best word for it. Don't think that be like hey, ok, let me think of it like I used to think of turmeric depression, this little bit more, where your speed for sure, while still understanding what I'm talking about, don't get caught up in one's out. For that words, what happens in ashland? Your people will cover moves movies, come war,
just call timor Ben Gunn filing mutually support. Yes, we don't care the day you got you got caught up in that just for second, what was it train when I said when you said your wife? then said: oh you, trainer means that we should not adopt and us about we object, but we had a protesters but think about it train, yet you dark, but you also train yourself in jujitsu. You Jaso, train yourself in speaking or not yourself. You know that, but what you said didn't work for that scenario. anytime, you think of terms in an out, and out maybe did maybe did but while you can go tell my wife than that, she's well trained to see how that works out from tell me that's a good word for that context, right that being retire, but I did. I was wondering what your whole not argue, incinerator big aged about. Did you unstuck What right now you are doing the right thing, you're, like kind, I mean tat,
illegally, given the circumstances, as at this moment, you're doing the right thing like you're one hundred percent, and I'm doing the exact thing that I said not to do where it's like you who use trained me. I said trade and you said well: no, not trained she's, not a dog right yeah. I should have just been okay, yeah you're, right, you're, right right, I should have, but I stuck with trains. Yeah cause I'm like no, no technically industry and trains out of serum, same trains out of bad work, called the terminology, yep good to say. You shrugged her shoulders and find a different word. You know. that for source at hand here John says from the perspective of you and echo, what do you think allows some people to identify the game at such a young age, late teens early compared to others, It was interesting and on this question is I might media once was, I thought to myself: okay, while taking a step back and attaching that allows you to see the game and when you watch and when you observe that allows you to give here's what I think is actually the most beneficial. I haven't. Somebody explain it to you,
the amount of comments that we got on this podcast from people that were between the ages of eighteen and fifty eight of saying, like damn. I wish I'd known this. so having so many explain it to you, I think, is the best way to learn it What's interesting about this? As you know, some things that get explain to you, but you really have to feel it for yourself before believe it. This doesn't seem to be like that? This is one of the things you people, oh yeah, you know that's actually write the ad It makes sense like they see it. It's almost that serve the answers right there in that, as soon as they it gets revealed. They go. Oh yeah, that's correct! So that's what I think I think asked detaching, is a good way to see it, taking a step back and watching in observing is all good, but have someone explain it to you when some you know salty old chiefs as a is just a game boy, you're cool. So those are my answers. there to mere says too great, new podcast still not
we clear most people want the same games, make good money via good job, be healthy. Have a good family, have freedom house? knowing the game help with this, why why do most people struggle well because, even though people want to make good money. They want a good job. They want to be healthy, that when they when they just see those things as as place is that they want to be I give you pull the computer and said you know wanted A good ski mountain, and it just you a picture of a good scheme on every If you ski you wanna, go there, ok cool! I want to go there. bears help you at all. If you don't know what the name of it is you don't know, so that's what happens people. Of course. I want to go to a good skier, but I dunno how to get there. I dunno how much it costs I dunno what it takes, get down reward. I'm gonna stay when on their, although thinks So when you look at making money, look you to see
up. If I should, your bank account hey echo, here's a back out with a million dollars and you like hell yeah. I want that ok cool later. I need help rob, if I say: ok, here's what you gotta do here. Some things become financially secure. You wanna That's your money in this way. You want to save this type of money. You want to know. Waste your money on these things over here. Like I start, those are the rules. All of a sudden. You see this game same thing. We relationships. Oh you want to marry someone that you have a good temper. the complementary to all those things. So there's rules to these games and when people don't see the game and the only see these goals see. People though, He says people want the same game, nothing at the same rewards. Everybody wants a lot of money. Everybody wants a good job. Everybody wants to be healthy, everyone to good family, everyone's frida, those the games. Those are the rewards of the games. when you realise that the game, that's when you start putting structure it, that's roundabouts, start figuring out what the rules are and how you can move forward. So that's my answer to mere and that's not to mention,
these things that he listed? Look different for everybody got his turn so yeah you shit if you shine a light on the whole, the whole game as it exists, and that Your player in that game, you can make your specific moves based on what these things look like for you. We are a few more here, Benjamin Miller, how have you use the game to further or begin your honor plural endeavours. Again what we just answered you, you haven't entrepreneurial idea,. So you haven't objective, but then what are the rules? What is the strong Sure of that game right Oh, I want to sell T. Ok, well, guess what do I just like sit there? think about it. No, you figure. Ok, what's the game here, what's what are you there's different names, you boy, there's an amazon game right, there's direct consumer there. Retail game holds different games by the way. What are the rules on those games where the rules and retail wouldn't rules, amazon. What are we
on direct tickets, consumer. Those are all things you gotta figure out, so when you start to say: okay, here's the game that we're going to play. We're gonna, sell tea, okay, cool. What do we have to do? How much do we need to produce ok what are the avenues? We can sell, ok, So yes, figures, The rules figure out the objectives forget what compared com petition, is seeing an understanding them putting them into a game is gonna, make it easier for you as an anonymous question. Doesn't viewing life as a game devalue it make you miss the deeper meaning yesterday and again this we, we dress us out of the gate, depends on the definition of the game of game that you use. So go back. listen to those first couple podcast. We we specifically talked about the fact that, if You just use the term game like tik, tok, toe a monopoly and candy land, and that's all
Life is its devaluing, but that's what we're talking about we're talking at the game as something with structure, something with rules, something with objectives, something that other people are playing we're talking about like the deepest meaning of game is when we is when we use this. I bet that and just saw the little wider picture that I put up that life is a game and that my vote, will you give young didn't actual nebraska so soon said Nick, like his life. One way to look at it as if it were a game. Make no mistake: it's not. consequences. Again, this is the same thing if you in the park asked you realize that this is just not what we are talking about dean says? Choosing what games you play as a liberating fought, but what about the games? Don't have a choice to plant could failing to recognize. You are playing certain games, be a quasi blind spot of failures in these areas would be ignored. Basic needs aside example: textiles ass designers are right.
Any time your failing to recognise that you're in a game, you're gonna be you're, not going play that game correctly and you stand to lose. In some cases you stand to lose a lot. So so please be careful that aunt says: how do you decide if you're in the wrong game and if you think, you're in the wrong game. What do you do? I am an attorney. That's been practicing for one and a half years can't figure out if I actually hate it or I'm just getting used to it and all right. So, let's detach let's about the return on investment. This is this is another one of those things where, like you know that first year, I don't. I don't know much about being a lawyer, but I guarantee when you first are practising it takes you a lot longer to prepare for a case. What you're doing you don't have any assistance yet answer you. You know
you to prepare for court tomorrow. It takes you nine hours today he get a little bit more experience. You, like, I have done case like this before my sisters can handle that and all of a sudden take you two hours and you can go to jiu jitsu sure Which, which is kind of what your boss is saying like you're, just getting used to it now, I could be wrong and the life of the lawyer is just you know. Forty our days every day, no jujitsu no work now sit in an office which sucks. So I would attach I would look at the return on investment right another is used to be Like a lawyer, if you are lawyer, you gonna make a shit on a money until was eight million until everyone thought that and then the a million lawyers new wars. There are, but there's a lot of words, but there's theirs. supply, which means to me and is lower, which means you can it's harder to get is really good, paying gigs. If you're a liar, you can't you- can get great gigs as a lawyer.
One thing I know about lawyers and that I know that good lawyers of it, they love it they love like looking at the case, in figuring out and figure ways to maneuver and looking at a contract where they love it. They love doing it the way we were looking at the steel pump and they love it. So if I'm a little nervous when you say that you've been doing this and you can hate it right and like I was in the seal teams, you are yeah yeah and you know if someone doesn't like humping with a rock on that review, don't like if it. In fact, let me if you hate that it's probably not you know those I'm I do not mean that it is like part of your job- is to put a freak in heavy rucksack on and hope.
desert through the woods up them out whatever its socks and if you hate it, probably not a great job, so when you're, a lawyer and you're gonna, look through documents gonna, pull up old press, this is from the freakin, whatever you do, love doing that. You love that little good guy. If occasion that you get when you pull maneuver on the on the other so did you know that can be beat this, probably not a great job. For you, If you one of those people that watched law shows right and you love watch in those cases come together and all that after and then get to do that seems like you be into it: like a year and haven't you like a friggin hate this. I think I hate this. I'm just saying bra now
listen. I would still get good enough at it that that you start to get some momentum right? We like ok, I can prepare these cases faster now and I got my assistant to help me out. and you you can you you start going guanaco Now that I have any of you know and help me, and I know what I'm doing. I got a steady stream of clients setting up my days better, and this then it's time to do some strategic thinking figure out again gone back to figure out what not just what you ve. I use our, but what you actually value, because some people the other, some people that the do they want to be like leader of the law world right? That's they want to be. They want to be the justice of the supreme court like they want to do that stuff there into it meant they live. being in that ecosystem, they love go into the the count. club
and everyone knows it's regan echo charles you ve got a big case. Well, there's people that love that yeah, there's people- I am a lawyer. So if that's what you're? cool. If that's, what you value cool, if you do it for the money and you hate it ominous say you might want to figure out some kind of an exit strategy over the next four years? russian anything, don't get crazy, bizarre the figure something the out you're, obviously skills your lawyer, you can write, you can read, you got it interacts with people, can do a lot of different things, but let's figure: let's Let's move would be a good way of saying this. I can say finish the meal before you decide. If don't like it or not, but maybe it's more like. Let's go good enough at it and make it. we spend enough time in it to do a real assessment like driving a car. I guess you know him again a car and you're like You know you gotta start the car. The keys not does
a key anymore by the way scaliger button in the bud. We think it is in some. You mean like this car. You know it you turned to go to turn on. The heat is like where's the button right, or when you switch from apple to mac or mapped out for new at all this freaking, pull socks or ya, this microsoft socks, unhappily just drag the file over well. Here is right, like you know what so you gotta do it for long enough that you actually can do a real assessment, not just frustrated about the thing is mentioned, the he finishing the meal things so where in fact, I think that example because like for me, I can tell to finish the meal. Broccoli take one bite, I'm like this sucks out, but I mean if you shift the analyses matter of fact, when my smell it. Well, you didn't mixer
Well, then again, I dunno parmesan cheese smells real bad, but tastes real good. Does it smell bad and chickens? A small apartment is empty anyway, so things like this helped me, I think anyway, according to allow some or some not allow some of the lawyers that I've known and heard from people who don't like it I thought they did or whatever it's like Consider you know crab you. Could you eat seafood the hollow? Ok, so crab ranking crab whatever colossal king good. If you like, it's really good so it's a good idea. Get ideologies have crab for dinner. We know. The crab is like the crevice shells for every crab leg. You have to take off the shelf and that's a pain in the ass less. You know the technique and it's like or you expected that a new, nor would it, but if you're not expecting all that you like private, it's not even worth it all I saw was the delicious crab on the commercial veto in the now that the reality of it all this frickin work involved I was ready for. I wasn't anticipating and the lorry
it's the same thing where it's like, but I wasn't anticipating twelve hours a day, seven days where I wasn't anticipating all this, and only I thought I was going to be fricking a few good men can't handle the truth, all this stuff. Meanwhile, literally ninety nine point. Nine percent of my time is spent in office reading stuff here, going back to the books that I studied in law, school or whatever, coming back to the case in the it's all paperwork like the whole, things. This paper sign up for this. Just like the crab shells breeding know we had to crack every single shell and think meticulously get the car mete out, then you can have a small little morsel grab, the let's face it to some people I kind of get into that crab thing and they do it well, is, like you know, up in maine people like showing you how to do the lobster right. I want to take the kong market over here and they're fired up about that agree and that's and that's why I use the crab, because I'm into that the technique to get the crab out where you can get it out without like breaking it apart, like there's technique to that in there's a pay off
to any kind of enjoy that little that little games can like a little fun games. Where I am. If you knew that that's involved in the whole process, it's like you're, not surprised or blindsided by it. So it's like yeah you're, embracing both my laptop hell, yeah crab for dinner tonight. Just like some people, like Hell, yeah lawyer all day you can make. This part gas crab for dinner tonight, Maybe your last question close out the game. For now it says it's from nick you, handle losing the game programme then get promotion. Company didn't take off bad investment. Does your game change? I think we all know the answer. This one didn't get the promotion. company, didn't go the way I wanted it to the bad investment good. What did I learned men? What am I gonna do going forward? I just got better at the game. I just got better at the game didn't get from.
Cool I just got better because now I can figure widened, get promoted. Company didn't take off hu, I learned some something about how and why this went down. and I won't make that mistake in bad investment, great great now. I know be a little bit more methodical. So that's what I'm doing when I lose a game, And that's that for now on, the game man and when a lot before I guess about the game with a lot with deep, it's important I wouldn't look at these like out. Look at him he's talking about. He wears setbacks more so than losing the game. You know like not getting a promotion in the in the whole game of life. Yeah, that's a that's the point. You got scored on yeah and actually even yeah.
Maybe if you got fired and now you have to find a new career, I think that's like getting scored on or whatever. If you got, five not just fired, but you got fired and you like got disbarred from that industry yeah. That's like that score, but you can come back and you can totally be over too because in a basketball game you get scored on it's not that big of a deal yeah yeah yeah a little bit in soccer. It's a big ask the ask you to do row huge yeah, it's true, Oh look at it as in terms of like men, is a life in This is a really good one like that weightlifting, the really good example that words I pray you gonna take these blue small else like in the hall in the whole group scheme of things, probably every single day you lose, but then for every step back it's like man? If you can- and you got actively do this- where you gotta- if you can make take up one step- akin to like a step and half forward now you know you know what that took to lose. You know what you did right wrong. Hopefully, if you're pursuing it in boom, now you can make set for next. I may get challenged with whatever challenges that devastated. Before whatever now you're ready for that
I went to that little bit phone keep moving forward, but when I look at it is like a lost year a lot lately. If losing the game of life is like, if you'd be considered by the general, your general community as a loser, so let's get a little test which are not We didn't get promoted or you didn't degrade on a freakin investment, no factor alright with that and for everybody. If you want to we'll get the physical game go. Let's go jack off your jack off your back home. You know we gotta be ready to drink milk, which I had one country which you did not participate in by the well known or those who are not what's funny, is like. I know you can help me this morning about its interest. You get a little bit disappointed when you saw there was kind of some good real good training. The you missed. Yes, oh here a year in the moment, so a lot
at the time. You're like oh, let's go train, I'm like the chance of me really going because I'm already like I'm on this path, like I have hard time- and you know this about me wary of hard time shifting my mental, like momentum, you know so it's like Broadway you're, asking me about streaming right now. I'm really focused on this thing, so it's not like I'm not going to go, but right now, I'm not going to make the decision to go or not! So now, More comes to train, it's kind of like it's up in the no. Let me get started on something that day. So whatever But this time I was like you're like all training before and I was like: oh yeah freak yeah cause. I missed a lot of training and she gets ticket pictures. You know a fomo, you ever get that pictures have been in guys. They trained all good and probably didn't make anyway thinking guys were soon to come. As a comment. Ok, so tomorrow I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go like that's the plan and then I got caught up laid. It may lead to let you know early enough. He did the right thing. Italy did the right thing and then
I got caught up late at night doing some stuff and I made the decision last night like oh man, I dunno. If I'm going to go train. If I if I'm going to continue on this path last night, I mean which I did when I woke up us how much at all, but I did feel it when I came in and seeing you is in the post, training see in everyone's all sweat on the ground. You stocking one or two Maybe you can then breathing hard but can tell they were just breathing hard. It's like a vibrant. By and then I walk while they're on the matter say hi to everybody and I'm wearing my regular clothes. You know that feeling night everyone trained except for me, yeah yeah. I felt that I kind of felt that more than a usually do today, so Dave was there. Greg. Train slow was their me ha's there yeah, we dave, differ. Dave Dave young worth young worth offer ill I didn't see him of the brain drain. Is there to gregson with men at its roots, yeah me ha
slow slender adam gary burke, Andy Burnham. We had a crew row where were you at it, hurt at or so yeah the good news that might be. That is probably a good catalyst form? Can a nudge me back into the sea, like I said before breath now all like for a few tight like the past. My training has been all. one day, I'm, like oh shoot drinks going on right now. If I leave right now, I can kill and then I'll go. You won't be like okay tomorrow. My schedule is this: is I'm a train? It's never been that I mean it hasn't been that for awhile, maybe it'll change So no one I got on training, sir. Yes, and by the way I have not eaten today other than I had some almonds. So what time is it right now? But it's it's in the it's we're closer. Dinner, then we are to lunch, will say that and I haven't eaten today. So I got done you know did this morning and then he came here trained and
I haven't eaten, so I, as soon as I was done, training I was like I gotta, get that little milk. The thing that's great, you can thirty grams of just good clean protein. That's going straight to your recovery. Third, it thirty grams are just luscious, italy, kind of feel it know. I know it's like placebo effect, and what kind of fuel when I drink and I'm like yeah, you can come back from get your buddies, not going catabolic yeah. I would think that if you're, if you're working out then training and still not eating yet and when you do eat, I would think you could feel it there. I'm sure, there's all kinds of biological humanity I talking only about like there was a company that wanted me to work with them and they made something that was like addictive and bad for you. it, but we made something it's a little bit of the same. It's addictive, but it's good for free, because that's the thing with the rtd: it's good to have them. You just get them and have them, because
such a nice thing to be able to accept It is by your hunger and provide good fuel for rebuilding and as something that taste freaking delicious, it shouldn't. This be a nobel prize winner honestly. I say: should I be a nobel prize? Is there a nobel prize for food? Well, you know I dunno and I dunno. If mankind or just for mankind, yeah yeah, hey, I dunno, you might have some the mulk yeah the nobel prize or nobel prize from oak yeah yeah. That makes makes sense I so check it out: geography, dot com. You can get that you get the joint work. Look you're gonna need a joint warfare at at us in point in your life, you can need a joint warfare without lot. What's well, the way you know doing more for as good as the number of subscribers to joint warfare like if you subscribe. People like I need that. I need that same thing. Super girl. You can mean that so jerk off
DA com. You can get it there. You can also get it get. The drinks are walla. By the way, you might have to look a little bit harder. Awhile offer the drinks khazars, there's no law that shelf. is filled up a little bit. So get in. There have a look, don't count get something that he put right in front of your face and then they want like they want you drink, something! That's bad for you! You don't do that you gotta work a little bit look around. Why not go and drink something? That's freaking good for you somewhere I can give you type two diabetes, but you know what that reminds me of right there. That thing you just said you're. Do a google search or regular google search of on whatever s I've done a google search before he s. Yes, I understand that, but the first one to sometimes three results have a little little teeny tiny word next to it says from answered or add whatever right select that First ones, you see you kind of gotta skip those
because the interests are in line with you insane one if they pay money to get it from your eyes or whatever it is. It's not that it's the most relevant so technically that a skip that the conflict of interest ones and go to the most relevant from white poorer. With what you're? Looking for me, that's the guy right there at the cells on the shelf. That's the governor shells. That's you know, When you go Y Y, you gotta just just just look around a little bit of vitamin shop by the way greens, greens jack o greens, you know, we saw a lot of product right of all kinds, our number one thing: greens, real yes, jocker greens, because people realised as soon if you try and be like, oh greens can taste good, they don't have to taste like dirt and mud yeah and they and they can actually have better ingredients and can be cheaper one is. How is that
I'll, tell you. How will you do it right? You need arise that, Literally, what my mom told me the part was oh greens, don't have the tastes like like these activities and she's a green present. like she's down the greens, yeah yeah like she knows, charity accept the whole thing that hey greens like crap. That's all, let's call them. What makes it in a nice smoothie or something like this? This power will have to yeah nope. Any more issues like was impressed like yeah, so check out the greens. They actually taste good. Obviously there good for you, like you, let's face it, we're not we're not roll back to the house after training be in my room and get some broccoli. Where's that we grant from happening. and what about these greens are you know what I've been doing lately lay you have been taken, the greens, and having it has like. Do you know what this is coming from, my wife, do not a port is It's a kind of why lining up we're here was a party of with vigour you're, my what
like I'm from america, bromwich culture g from england. She's, like your teeth, is more way more cultured italy, but you know she would be like. Oh maybe after dinner, I'll get to port I was this when I was no twenty five and like the that you have after dinner and ongoing okay. So for me Green is like a port like you haven't you eat dinner, anyone tat little myself, something just a kind of put you in the morning in the in zone, to grieve is echoed port wine right taste good, if you say so. And I can say like that. Why you're here like on my right. You know I'm right, you know what's really in your own way. Bro. You are a chaco. You do you not agree with me I'd I can put it. This way is more so than I agree, but disagree disagree. I cannot agree with the brooker there's a wit, the riis. I think the reason I if you are seeing a port wine, they look like their thicker.
In my area like it. So that's what the greens alike begins are like a like, then there, What is sweeter our green sweeter? Sweden monkford, like it's a real, think, brought So let me just give you some advice and by the way, then you go to sleep and that all that goodness is just wrong through your body to sleep in a night rebuilding you two african monster, of a boy you might be onto something. I will tell you that our yeah do you drink it in likened the port, the glass nicely everyday for glass, eager weren't, mcdonald four glasses for green side. Do you go home report making them america boom? You can get. this stuff military, commissaries, vitamin shop, hanford dash doors and marrow in maryland, lakefront shop right circle, K. Eighty be the vague you texas, my people, for you know, gb stoked, meyer up there in the midwest good to go so
like all those out dog of you, dot com, What's your origin, usa, still a little thing today, because we made twelve thousand pieces last week in the various factors when win peat and I shook hands like less work together, we were think we had twelve employs. We might have even had eight employees when we originally shot shook hands and we were making like one hundred and twenty or one hundred and fifty like jujitsu geese rewrite a week think about twelve thousand, by the way. This is like rent this. The ramp up. This is a ramp up. So the usa dotcom all the stuff is made in america, the best quality we are hung here too jitsu gear, these rask, our genes delta, sixty aids all day boots. Job There's we got short. We had everything ordinary
how come you're gonna need a key unita guard? We got the the comfort fit rash guards Would you like a little bit more children? Those like a drive it a little bit more like a drive so I normally dont like this little bit comparable tight, I used to complete a lot in that you do too. I hadda shirt that I wish. I were a guinness sure. That's it complete, and that was my low pro reputed at once, Who is the could ever know three words? Shall you figure it out again assure the other jolted rose to pull that after he'd competing like a bare vance advance t shirt, the air like a bigger one to the like. All this, just a teacher teacher caravans, shorts, that's what he was doing crazy. That's the point On suspect, what who's this guy? What do you think come out here and do something to me and then they get triangles yeah they get for locked yeah. So there you go ah Oregon, usa, dhaka, yup, we'll talk!
Let me also jack Lasorda com, dogmas door. Oh ok, scotch The look behind this game, we're in this game, one the path on this game, so you can this. Aid can improve and increase the chances of you being success when the skin you're on the path, represent way on their path to three. Your dislike people's freedom, shirts had thirty second stuff better than march by the way, mergers just in owner, throw this on the shirt nafta. It's like they were turbo a lot of people report back and say: hey this. This not only has good good stuff on it or whatever, but it's the best fitting clothes that I have two extra job historical. We also short locker, which is subscription. service. We get a new short every month, different different designs, but still the path, and you represent a bigger, so love moving on now and then in report, good feedback amounts of secular.
Like so proud of the bank ass, a private jocund around our council fraud with you to general subscribers or go get psychological over check out flip. again canvas. My brother, Dakota Meyer got making cool stuff to hang on your wall, footsore games our com got a bunch of books. You know, The books are common check, those books out we're in a bunch of them echelon front leadership, consultancy. We saw promptly worship, goddess on not front dot com. If you can do any of our events, we orlando florida, the muster use made of here today came out this April. Third to the fifth and then we're doing dallas texas october eighteen through the twentieth. We also got a bunch of other things. Were you f? He acts. We are council, got battlefield battlefield march twenty four at twenty first, the further but sold out look for the next thing we do after that? That's all of that s,
front doc on. We also have our online training programme its opt about that today, extreme ownership, we gotta go to extreme ownership, dot com. Take courses asked questions, get coached get advice, not gonna. Take ownership of your freakin life there. Extreme ownership, dot com. If you want to help service members, active and retired, you would help their families won't help gold. Star families took our markets, mom molly. She got a chance the organization and if you want to donate or you want to get involved, go to america's mighty warriors dot org and also heroes and horses, dot, org mica think taken right, where's, you don't wanna. Oh. He just shot a bear with a bone marrow and he's scanning it as he's leading his horse through the wilderness by himself or not by himself up, no he's got some veterans with them and their opt out their finding the path
So there you, Harold heroes and horses, dot org and if you want to connect with us on the inner webs, were on their echoes echo, Charles homage aka willing. Obviously, please just watch out for the algorithm and thanks to the army navy air force marines that are out there playing the game. The big game keep us safe. Thank you for your continued service and the same thing for police mont, foresman firefly. there's paramedics, e empties, dispatchers, correctional officers, border patrol secret service and all first responders. Thank you for protecting us here at home.
And every one else out there just remember to take a step back, take a step back, look at what's happening and you're going to see, there's a framework there's a framework to a game that is being played and you're probably going to be able to see three four or five of them figure out what those that framework is figure out, what the rules are figure out, what the objectives are and then play the game that until next time the xico and jocko out.
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