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377: Don't Do Dumb SH**T.

2023-03-15 | 🔗

One of the simplest and most impactful little piece of advice for success in life is, "Don't Do Dumb sh*t". Avoid things that may make you do dumb things. Like alcohol, drugs, out of control ego, peer pressure, and many others. With Jocko Willink and Echo Charles

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This is jackal Barak s number three. Seventy seven with echo charles and me java will academia committee. So a while ago we might say back in the day, I gave some advice willoughby As to the boys in certain situations and I think this piece of advice they gave. it's one of those pieces, vice versa, simple piece of advice varies, simple piece of advice, and yet if you follow this very simple piece of advice, your whole life will be in a much better place. Gold, nugget now I know that's a little arrogant right is it. Your me say tell you that I spewed some gold, nugget, trees, advice right, but I think you might agree with me when you hear this adviser gave some people and have given it to other people. over the years. Here's the here's, the very poor
if a piece of advice that will help you much in life, the piece of advice is: don't do dumb shit and I know it's not earth breaking right. I know its, not some ancient westerner eastern philosophical statement, but let me ask you this How many people do you know that have negatively significantly negatively impact their lives or wrecked their lives. either slowly over overtime or very quickly, in some cases, honey, well. Do you know that I have really made a mess of their lives by doing dumb shit. I know a lot of
And ass I was I like, I said I was actually giving this vices some of the other day. I started thinking to myself the so obvious. Why would anyone. Do dumb ship Why would you? Why would you do it literally the reasons, and then I started thinking about actual reasons that cause people to do dumb, ship, myself included and I'm sure we'll find some examples for echo charles, but I've Let's sit down, let me think about some of these things and weak. discuss some of the primary reasons for us to do dumb shit in that way, maybe we can prevent some people. And that means me- and I mean to you from doing some- damn shit. Ok, first on my list.
This one's real. Obviously this one is this: what is the winner by far alcohol. Look, yes, you take you, take the ceilings or take the military in general. if you removed alcohol from the equation, there would be alive, Less dub shit go hung, look, we're still do not shit, but When I used to have guys get in trouble, ninety five percent of the time there was alcohol involved, think about that Ninety five percent of the time when the seal did some dumb shit. Maybe nine percent, ninety percent the time there was a whole involved. They were doing some dumb shit think about highschool by what goes on When people get in trouble in high school probably eighty percent, maybe seventy we ve got that little. You get a spike of
rebelliousness. That's going on in high school mean that doesn't require alcohol. Further would require the stupidity of our college. When you see when you see like with something hits the news for college then there's alcohol involved that might ninety, seven percent right, the frat guy, dies from too much alcohol. The date rape thing happens because the guy's drunk the girls drunk like it's just a disaster, the vandalism happens, the kid falls out the window drunk like you. Take all those college things ninety Seven percent I'll call: and again, I am I right you- I would that's write to me you're more of the college experiencing this bill? The military, like, I said, and life in general, life in general. This alcohol thing is just going to lead to bad scenarios, will lead to you, do dump shit some of it.
a? U get pulled over by the cops you you You might be in that mindset like while I'm fine, but blower he no point zero, a m. On or whatever say now, your technically george you're drunk up yeah guess what you're out ten grand europe may be out your driver's license? You get an accident with that now you're getting suit like it's just a total life turnaround in three seconds. Never mind if you're actually drunk, and you do something dumb? you hit somebody whatever that's terrible. You in fights I am eager to do it are there any fights in the supermarket right. There are occasionally really the right, but now what low percentage. Are there any fights under the poor, the on the board, fuck like during the day on Saturday, their camp. but does not lot border Saturday night. What changed star
what really change they put their names about boobs drinks, they put their whiskey in the sea, everybody people go crazy by the way, somebody Alcohol makes him go crazy This is a legitimate think by friends their drinking did did did not going to dirt actually not gonna, do anything stupid they're to go. There have a drink, sober deal Have some friends They drink alcohol. There is losing her mind. They're gonna lose my you have to watch. You have to put up a party of the warriors to like keep them under control hand Let us be so there you go. I my boss. Well then, I could they worked in hawaii didn't drink. or he told me he didn't drink us at all. Why not invoke the kind of? Was it didn't? Compute, We work in the night club or whatever is one of the few people and he said,
I'm a belligerent drunk. He knew it. Yes, self aware will be totally was but but what was more like what made an impact on me was the idea of being a belligerent drunk as he does it, I'm a belligerent junk, so to me how it came after me was like. He does, and we all know about what a belligerent drunk is like someone who gets drunk and just wants to start stuff on whatever scale you know like. I want to start I'm going to start a fight with my friend, I told you start an argument. I talked about my body like he was passed out on a high boy table. You know what that is. the standing like a standing table about hall store or ever so he's kind of just passed out of them, it's it's all by the way. It's only like ten o clock at night of these passed out. we ve been dragons whenever this back in a day or two stoop, and- and so you know, I I meet. Some girls are like hey, let's go to this other bar and I'm like yeah. You know this is backing them and I saw
like, ok, we're so the bar. So I wake him up. I see a brow whether he would warns of the bar. he like stands up, looks at me what kind of looks normal he takes. Who steps and he takes a swing it some random, do that's walking away or walking by with his girlfriend. He takes a sort of scotland I grab him and I get a hold of him and he's yelling he's going. What did he do like that's? What Why does my friend is and what did he do? What did you do? I'm, like you? Do anything man, he do think it's ok, it's water did he do I get him outside and meanwhile the guy gets outside and We get outside the guy sees that I'm holding my body back, and the guy looks at me because yeah you better hold onto him, and I look at the guy and go hey man. If you don't get out of here, I'm going to let him go. He just does like when he took off. He didn't want none of that, but that's that's That's animal behavior behaviour commoner.
this is no judgment, no judgment like his judgment is just and by the way, this guy who's a friend of mine, You have a real was kind of a he just gonna take action the brother of the apparent sober or not we like when he sober the he might have like. Maybe too or three seconds of consideration before action, and you're, not long seconds he's, considering maybe cannon get killed right now, or can I get arrest? Is our a in the meat twenty feet around me. No, I can get away with some new. Do it but I've always not there's no far, process whatsoever. The zero armies can do whatever pops into my head. Does alcohol, so that's why I think he did it with I think everybody got a kind of joke like this of you know if it wasn't for alcohol the irish would rule the world. The seals would rule the war. All dino, like you say about all these different cultures that the angle, should rule the world alcohol.
Screw you up you dumb shit. Oh yeah, you bet you brought up the judgment thing you're, somali king pin. And without the bowling movie bowling the hours, so here You said something at some point where guy. You may turn to develop this new bowling talent right amish. Do and then he said, they did some. Then it failed in mass and phalion he's like you said you could develop into the next time. You like I've, been hammered for the last fifteen years or whatever. So my judgment isn't on ahead and guided, got me thinking and were even if I'm at home by myself in further. Peter watching tv, whatever like by myself my job it's not good drinking alcohol, so I admit this: So all these the dumb shit I do, which thankfully don't have huge for repercussions but I'll get like an idea.
To do a rather like a handful of people that are literally like that. For this. This fact, I'll give you an idea and I'll be like all that would be so cool if it like started doing this right and who can I do that like who would who would help me with this? I could bring some really cool shit to the table for this idea that, but the developer is developed right now, so architects, like Keenan cornelius, to like that, is dumb. It's a dumb idea, but the fact is, my point is: like judgment is bad yeah, even if it can literally seem like bro. This is going to change like the whole trajectory of like what We didn't know what kind of society and then you wake up the next day. You see the texts, because it's like three in the morning, so the normal person not going to text back at that time so in the morning and hit the reply. Texas. Oh I'm waiting. I'm waiting to hear this idea. You know on a phone, I'm like oh yeah, never mind about that idea, but happens a lot, even if the kind like
Mccain were all know like if I was drinking or whatever all know like hey like. Sometimes they do come up with bad ideas, so I understand so, but osama be aware of that. You know, even though I know still still the judgment terrible. We have a thing. the seal teams were because we should try again and They say like all. We were solving the world's problems yet rise at accommodating. Ok, yeah, it's very similar. What you're talking about we are, Oh you know. If we just did this and we didn't and you're coming up with the dumbest silliest, oh yeah, and thank god you don't act on them or whatever they might be, hopefully but case in point alcohol, big contributor to doing dumb shit. The you said something about the or when you mentioned the drunken jerked drinking driving aim where thou once Oh ok He's the kind where you drink all like some using some in your like, maybe I'm over- maybe I'm not but like I firmly I feel I can I can drive, is no power like the risk It doesn't even seem like a risk
that's the alcohol do telling you that that's a b is risk straight at risk and it's not hard to asian technically, like not a small risk, either the huge and its bodies like a hard decision is not like only a limited way out these pros and cons in like manner. Ok, ok up on all of them. ease like so easy to tell me, nor would do stressing our goober like goobers, just problem solver fully. So let's make sure I guess we know when people do the young, like the psychological, wholly psycho drugs, it's? Yes, I could do drugs whatever they say. Oh, you need to go to like a special place, special things to do where you for the coach. You don't do them at like costco you're supposed to go to a place where you're not going to hurt anybody you're not going to hurt yourself it's You kind of need to set yourself up with alcohol like that. I think that that's actually
That idea put yourself in his leg. If you really feel the need, to a situation where you're not gonna be around these these problems, come come that sounds funny, but really well kind of think of it in ignore some of the social stuff. That's probably a good idea, a and b when you really think up. Look at its kenneth from that perspective, a barn a club is the literal exact opposite, so use id love to have you in a responsible, safe area with a coach that can guide you through it. Maybe multiple coaches, you know cause this is a powerful drug and it's going to make your feelings that you think are real but they're not and all this stuff and that's true- but actually known. Instead of that, let's do this. Let's put you in place where you can get as much as you want, literally as much as we do not pass up or start throwing up Whatever you can, you can have as much as you want as long as you can afford it. By the way cars are going to charge you a little bit extra on that one as much
you want and we're gonna put you in the vicinity of two things that are probably the most emma. slowly compelling thing Is that a human being can do it? If your boy it Girls were dressed up the best they can buy the way to look lives there as attractive as possible for a bunch of other guys who are out to do the same thing. What you know to to compete with socially that you don't know and have no like no ties to or whatever, oh yeah. That's the perfect recipe for safety I was I was talking to a friend of mine is a couple years ago and he had, I'd seen him a long time and what you been up to an eu. kind of told me what you been up to and said yeah, you know I'd wherever I got ya got trapped. Here I got arrested their aid any signals addicted to I started using or authorities and coke than authorities and cracked, and I started using matter all my nerves and and has
open to any goes. You know what the craziest thing is. He said the king she's thing is the worst drug from. Well, if that's what you got arrested for, we does. What The only thing I've been arrested for he'd been rehab reopened, stuff for these other drugs. So the only thing actually been arrested for he's going to drink alcohol He was my drink alcohol. I'm totally insane- and I can vouch for this. I see drink up on these toys, and he said This craziest thing that the drug that makes me totally insane is the only one that I can walk down to the corner, store and biased? Much of it as I possibly want, he said it did it's it's terrible and that's a very point ended. The weird thing about it is is that alcohol affects different people differently. I mean for real, it does, and so some people That's why, when I talk to like younger people? you don't know how it can affect you and if you don't know what again
it's the risk that you're taking the risk you're taking this. Maybe this is just you're one of those people that just goes freaking ape shit when you drink when you drink this stuff and you get addicted to the whole nine yards even in speaking of just setting yourself up at a minimum like oh you're, going to go well, you normally going to drive down to the bar, and I might have a few drinks. Just don't drive there just get an uber there, yeah, like put yourself if you're smart, at least set yourself up for some kind of not being an idiot yeah, that's them, legit mitigation idea for this scary one. Just one we're add additional scary part of alcohol- and this is this- is this: is it lands on people and differ, areas of spectrum here, but what it does so you know you can think, and we all think sometimes most of the time anyway, I can drink and like I'll, just I'll, just really monitor myself and focus on monitoring myself. I won't do nothing dump a promise to your wife or whoever but I'll call does. Is it literally makes bed
ideas seemed like a good idea laid with you to have your words, perfect frameworks for a lot of reflection. We ass, we got ass on the underground up. Somebody asked about our it's like. Well, you know I I feel like I should cut it down and I've been addicted. Like we had a big thing, he said you know how. How how can I do better of cutting it down and I base greece at the end of a kind of went around us and less america's can't get behind it at all. I just can't I just can't how you that there's any positive way that you should be doing this just you shouldn't be doing it that I had several people reach out to me and say thanks for saying that, because, as right answer. The right answer is you shouldn't be doing this? you just it, especially if you have any kind of you have a problem with it, you should do it at all period and a story Then look if you are one of those people as lucky enough that you can have a few and it's okay, you, like a glass of wine with dinner and all that stuff. I get it and I'm not trying to say
having bad about you and I'm a tragic, take away your bottle of wine or your beer after a hard day work- if you can do that cool good for you, But if you're one of those people that that glasses, and turned into a bottle wire that that too, here's turns into eight twelve, you know twenty four beers does not good engine don't it, and if you wanna those people that your judge because We off the rails, you shouldn't be doing it they're, just other things you should do so had to put that one as the number one I would for people between the ages of you. No sixteen and thirty five Probably the number one cause of doing dumb shit, alcohol, careful out there drugs I had to list drugs. You could obviously drugs or similar I knew everything that we just said about I'll call. You can kind of say about drugs. Do yeah so
been alcohol as our drugs? I I think I've told you this before. I had a friend that he he told me he was he did math and said he just got out of jail. He did like seven years in jail for stealing and doing all kinds of stuff and was doing all this bad stuff could use addicted enough, and he said that the first time ever tried mouth, the very. First time ever tried enough. He said it was the only thing that he ever wanted to do for the rest of his life. He was like one hundred percent totally addicted and he started in his image. family, stephen everything that they had been grandma than his granddad than his aunt and uncle everything from his family, then everything from his friends and then went to a different city and did the same thing again and same thing again same thing again until he finally ended up a place where his luck ran out. He got caught and ended up doing seven years in prison from one try of meth, yeah so Drugs again
the same thing I just can't. I just can't Are you know? Do you know how some people say? They haven't addictive personality and is almost a little bit of a humble brag you're gonna need your personality, Cosenza, that's the reason I say, as I think I used to say that for I yeah, I kind of having an addictive personality might actually think I'd do not actually have an addictive personality. You know I I like to do some things. but I really like you do too. You know. Could I say: oh yeah, I'm kind of addicted to Jesse but it's not it's not like running my life, right. What what does that mean? What do you? How do you interpret? that when someone like, I did demeaning rethink that meaning, meaning. Oh you try I'll call, it makes you feel good you're. Now get as much as you can't and you're. Not gonna stop it'll some good bad. let's say not even drug or alcohol like just a pr. If you have an addictive personality, you know yeah. I don't really to I dunno if these even a technical term for it I feel like I used to say it.
You know what I was like. A kind of almost like a humble brag in Probably when I was like thirty I was like. Actually, I don't think I have an addictive personality at all, like we would go on ships and we're not allowed to drink- and I just wouldn't care at all- you know wouldn't care at all and took whatever addictive personality. Me strikes me as something we're like if you, like kind of get into something from big thing. Small thing, whatever whatever you get into you just go hard into in into that sub. activity, that's what it feels like. It means you I am in no way. No, some people like that words like all he's on this now and he d spends like ears just being into this every day kind of a thing I could see it, but I I think you're right and they didn't really think about that where it's like it's kind of a humble brag as if to say, I just go hard. If I get into somebody's skull hard to sell ham like sandy, I'm kind of a protectionist that battle whole. You know it's they have got into this personality. Goose, girl, hey man, I'm gonna go. So I dont think I have that, but
definitely no people that passengers are definitely. I know some people that work hard in these directions. Various actions, and you can also you know you hear about people that were drug addicts and when they get done with drug addicts get off of them and then they become like addicted to fitness yeah. You know what I mean they just oh your school, I was a. I was an alcoholic and I started working out and they just get addicted after I started running marathons are started. What rights are that, though? I think the when I think of addictive personality it someone that's just disregarding other parts life there. Just doing this thing, whatever that thing is so there's alcohol drugs. Ok, now next one here there, was thinking about, is in a lot of these, things are related, but these kind,
if instincts you or animal mystic drives that we have as human beings. So these can make do. Dump thinks right so that protein or you got food right. You got the reproductive drive. sex. You ve got the aggression, aggression like you, have a natural different levels but a natural level of aggression win Have you ever done a sport where something made you mad, like you frustrate with sport: can you like hit Like you frustrated on the matter, you hit the mats reaching someone like put the punch, the walmart after you get tat right yeah fully. That's the thing or they get they get submitted where they get worked over on. The mat may start to get hostile year away. You're talking about just hostile in general or hostile towards the person or whatever of general hostility like and aggression level, gotcha,
So those are animal listing things and most drives that we have that can make. You do don't thinks and hears it to do not go to crazy on an example, but you animals to drive to eat food, so vacant if you make bad decisions, because if you get a freak in big ass box, it don't not in front of you, you haven't instinct eat, those doughnuts hung two percent and That's your eat same thing with you know, with the sex drive that you have here You could be in a situation where all the animal listing party, you could just make you break down and you're gonna go the aggression You get into a scenario where you can act into a corner the animals to things like. Oh, I better protect myself. I beg needed your grasp of right now, here also can make you do things, which is an animal mystic. A motion, I guess, is fear and there's some animals take things that are positive too. You know being protective eloquent
when a guy runs into a house or or mom runs into a burning out to save their get in this protective. When we hear about the better, protecting its cubs? Will humans will do that to it's positive think spot you, have to pay attention to make sure that your animal instincts aren't make you do dump ship because they can show that you talked about the food thing, though, and I say because it's probably very like prevalent in common, where you know you while fasting, just the fact that so some people. They might not be ready for that hunger. We ve talked about that too, if you're not ready for that hunger or actually free at fasting? What if he just didn't? today, because you don't have time or whatever aid is not used as a normal person, and then you, when you get home ok, save me. So I get home and I'm here angry from cause. I miss launch gazelles doing whatever and again
and you know I'm like. many people where I put pay attention to what I eat, I'm not just like whoa, I'm hungry. Oh there's, a mcdonald's that sounds good, but you know like so I pay attention and try to you know I'd, be I'm thoughtful deliberate. He had delivered, dns exactly so different. Super hungry. Let's say eight hours, no food, like that's hunger, you might have been, but all go home, and then, if I see something like candy walnuts cruising over, there are some chips like over there, whatever like I'll get into them. When I, when I didn't, have any plan to do that that wasn't part of any program, it wasn't part of my plan. You know I will be way more thoughtless of what to eat when you're hungry. You know where it's like. Oh, no, no dinner's coming out right now, all it's still! meat or you know the so
I kind of like make you go into that spire that animal mystic like tells viral you? That's that's why this is on the less. Where are you gotta make you gonna watch you gotta watch and really this is in this kind of goals. this whole list, alcoa like everything even self that'll, seem robberies to some people, part of the problem or if A significant part of the problem is that you not paying attention almost like you not like you lost focus for one second knew just let the animal is stick whatever it can to take over the owner that, like the momentum of the, what do you know your whole thing? What are you doing? I also think- and I use in talk about this- were peer pressure right where, pressure doesn't come and in ways like how you see on the old school eighties nineties commercials where it's like come on, dude be a chicken. It doesn't always come like that. You know it comes in like a lot of subtle ways that just sort of you, and forward in life in the peer pressure nudges you write to the site like. Why would anyone and in this is no like judging it nothing. Anyone who,
this was. Why would anyone ever smoke a cigarette like there's? No reason ever, especially now ever too what's cigarettes, but why do people smoke? Cigarettes there should be not one single human being technically were in america. Technically, who should start smoking should vizir like what that decision making process is polluted by this peer pressure by by something is polluted by something distracting the decision making process which and that's why you don't judge cars face it. You know. I have said this about alcohol to back in the day you you, wanted to prove that you are kind of willing to sacrifice for the team and that You were tough when the way I could do, there's a watch. How much I can drink watch. Much can abuse my own body and then so go on right. You see somebody it's day and age. If, if you were, if you're going to make a decision to make to smoke cigarettes, it's literally a way of saying hey, look, I don't care about anything. I don't care but my own health. He does so much. I don't care it's
I think, if you're gonna be that. That would be the only reason why I think someone we go. Oh yeah, look at me. I don't even care this is horrible. For me, I can a horrible disease, and I'm just over here. How can a cigarette posting? I post malone just out there sigurd and and freaking smoking a cigarette yeah, it's a bummer. He must get addicted to the cigarettes. So yeah in in to me this is all real. This is this. Is this? Is real life? Isn't this isn't like? Oh, you guys are so dumb, it's like not, and it's it's actually pretty obvious. Like I see exactly why that's going on cause, I've been peer pressured into doing so much start where as an adult they'll be like hey, did you do this and then to say? Yes is actually embarrassing, even though it's something that, like plenty, young people do or whatever there's a lot of stuff that go like that. Go like that. You know that we've all done or whatever so hey, that's just one of them. So whatever dude you dig, but when you really stop and think which I was gonna say
it's earlier, where a lot of this, it's crazy, how it goes back to all these simple, simple terms. You know back when you're, like five years old, when your teacher telling you hey, don't do dumpster, okay, I want a stop and think we'll hear that just stop and think right. So look if you just stop and think before you about to smoke your first cigarette stop and think, and they make a con his decision you'll, be like oh wait. I am probably not going to smoke that cigarette there, which Back to this very simple piece of advice that's where the simple piece of advice is powerful. So there you go and- and you know what you can see like- a lot of things are tied together, for instance, when you drink alcohol, your animal mystic, natures, more apt, closer to the surface. That's why we're fight more! You know like that's. Why that's why you it's done with a night of drinking and you swig by that pizzeria uno. You give me that triple g right here with a dribble cheese, accurate of me when I was in a warm
we would like drink and the new is this freakin, like twenty four hour gas station food mark and they had these microwave verbal rib sandwiches. and I would literally get five of the disappeared edam at four o clock in the morning. Yeah, just a boundless, but it's outcome, maghreb sandwich you through in the microwave I mean there's probably nothing worse. You could eat as a human. You know, but in five four clock in the morning three o clock in the morning hungry. Let's eat this crap, so there go watch out for that this next one this one, this next was obviously very, very, very clear. Very prominent that are ego could be as far as internal ways for us who we are you take away the external drugs I'll call you go, is gonna, be a huge problem, its we do so
done things because of our egos and what is interesting is he starts to the thread between the EU. and sort your animals drives. There's a connection right. Does a connect in between aggression. You know, when you get in my face where in a bar or in the supermarket. Doesn't matter you you get in my face. You steal my cart, the right I get my end, but I might get mad or I might be like hey. What are you doing, but then you say: what are you going to do about it? You just you just, zack mega now am I to speed up shit, because ass razor, what am I gonna guinea going gonna get out of fighting you in in the funds parking lot When will you get out of that? I'm not get anything out of an effect there's almost no good outcome, at a minimum. skinned my I broke a finger, or skinned. My knee more
I mean that a maximum I get killed right used at you. You shank me with a friggin a butter knife, sharpened butter, knife or issue. make it you got concealed, carry like what what's what's happening, that's an ego situation, so how many times are we doing dumb shit, because our egos getting in the way and driving our decision making process going to some. We talked about all the time from a leadership perspective. Of course, oh echo's got a plan and I've got my plan. I think my plans better and my ego gets in the way- that's cool. We get that, but first, just on an individual human being level. How much stuff. Were you doing because your ego gets annoyed and the answer is autumn. That's the answer! everything from an animal listing fight because your ego gets in the way too. You know You're talking to your wife, and she says something that offends your ego. So what do you do you snap back or cut ways not back for clap their thinking. My people
I guess you get aggressive back at And I was on your escalating situation. now, instead of going out for dinner and haven't a nice friday night, everything the disaster. you're doing darmstadt cause riga. What about you're, either out with your buddies, you're sixteen years old and its do something crazy. We're gonna jump off this thing we're arena dive over that thing, we're gonna throw things that this vehicle, like we're, gonna get do troublesome stuff. and you know it's not smarter than someone check on what are you a wimp? You eagle gets Now, what are you gonna do? Watch this, I'm going to prove it so, we do dumb shit cause of our eager put in check No, it's not just the leadership thing. It's a life thing, it's a life! even this even lilac peer pressure, peer pressure, they use ego as part of peer pressure, you're too good. Not do
it's to boom next thing. You have to give me pass me the cigarette stupid and he gets an ego yeah that you said You mention the thing with your wife, where it's like, instead of a nice at night, up at dinner disaster. Yes, oh it's a eat like you're, literally working from a detached perspective, cause currently you're, not in an argument with your wife or going out to dinner by the way. So, but that's such a like, It makes it so clear when you pointed out right. So if you can even tell it that to yourself in in in europe and like oh, what do you want to do? What do wanted? Do you want to go out to dinner and have a good time where you want to be in an argument with way for an indefinite amount of time cause the weird thing worse than up there could be worse in october, the way by their side out. So you rushed. he training the idea, yeah, so he would say that he would say he would do that. What you just did he'd be like hey, you want to go to jail, you want to go home and it puts you into that perspective. Words like
Let me think, because we, you know we all, even if we've never been to jail, we can kind of imagine what it's like to be in jail and you usually there for all, regardless, if you're getting sentence or not you're getting held in jail, you're, not there for a second, you know you're there, for it it's a shitty day or you want to go home, We all know what, if you like to be home, he put those two thoughts in your mind I for syria, where he sets us up well The first one is is it your could. Do a perpetrator, yeah a first one was and then and then he said I forget the second when he said it and then Jake the other guy said to him too, at the end of what ever what it was like. The kind if a recurrent thing but yeah exactly he was like yeah, you want to go to jail and you want to go home, always set it to snoop dog. That was the second one. If I'm not mistaken, but yeah, I felt it check So there you go watch out for your ego. Let's face it! Your ego, I'm gonna want you internal forces egos number one. I think you're right
I think, it's actually just as bad as uncle. If not worse, because like I think it might be worth because its internal, but when you think what to think about the effects the potential effects, some people I get it we're thinking, drink alcohol or have an eagle bear, can kind of they'll do it'll. Do some damage sure do not have it sure technically, but no, no huge harm, no huge for with a call and either. But eagle, can literally ruin a relationship. Many relationships with critical people like your family, you, whatever just eager there well, you know, what's what's messed up, but ego is you know you wait. up from the dumb decision that you made when you're drunk least you get the Z. Arabs are under a rabbit fairly anyway. I look we're not you have ownership with a faggot you dumb enough to get drunk, but if your body does something when their drunk and you wake up the morning you like dude daylight. And you can like you get it, but if there is doing it cautiously, without any impairment.
because they're eagle tat they have no control over. That just means just bad. It's the executive body personality go so it's like, like jacket, was John he told me like that. He never really liked me or something else like they hurt us yeah. Maybe he can come back the next day and you'll feel guilty and be like hey. I was drunk and like for my job like. I don't even know why you could apologize really bring up the alcohol thing and it can be also. I could see it. They'd be like if that makes sense to me. I've known I've had plenty of friends that did dumb stuff oil when they were drunk, and I was like bro. But forgiveness is very easy there and maybe we're inexorably are drinking. Ok and all you be dumb again, but I wanted to He goes like bro, that's not some external alcohol, that's part of who you are, but also you gotta watch out what about what to eat? What about what alcohol unleash is the ego too, damn double when you know Well that's freaking ridiculous, and that then you go even though they're they're, like I'm drunk and you're like yeah, but that was
such realtor, the truth, europe's common here, then, even that, though like again there's levels to it, which you know obviously, but that is the real thing when the ego comes on actual that's common right there like solar, gimme some benign egotistical stuff. You can send like stuff. That's like If you could see yourself, you be embarrassed, but I'm in a hurry, my feeling so carry on brother weights. That again, what's this for, if you're drunk in your ego, comes out, you know bragging about yourself all the cool stuff that you did and how awesome euro whenever him that's real. Some people do that can stop, but that doesn't necessarily heard anyone's feelings or nothing. You know you didn't like do any kind of betrayal debt, the fur like flipped out in your girlfriend or kid or nothing like that, like it's benign, you know it doesn't like. If you're going to be like yeah, you sounded dumb but you're. Over now, so whatever like you, don't ruin our relationship, but still real. Nonetheless,
hi! I watch out for your ego. Next, had a gory actually pretty big category, the categories called emotions and look. We start looking adoption that we did like how many friggin males between the ages of sixteen and twenty five have broken her hand, punching a wall with a broke, Your car window have can your mirror have a hole in the dry wall. How many guys have done that? Like it's a big number, it's a big big number, so anger real obvious, your most get our gel gettin jealous will do I mean, let's face it: people murder people when their jealousy display, kill other people and goaded and kill themselves and like it, just terrible the anxiety, you know you. People are making bad decisions, because they're they're totally nervous about what's happening, and indeed in sum from moving forward guilt.
now you know that some of these things work a certain level guilt. And shame like those types of banks and discernment certain reasons why those and keep you in line a little bit like out, like echoes gotta costs must be moving today, but, and I was going opium, but you know what Rather you know I feel guilty. I go help him You know there's a certain level of this stuff. That's ok it can also, if it's taken too far, can be bad envy same thing just getting in that point of sad, MR depression, where you don't feel like anything, europe anything and I do something stupid, so emotions can can make you do some dumb things and which tricky about emotions, is no point pound will say. No one is very difficult.
For someone to be able to externally show you that the emotions are you feeling are not worth the decisions that you make your mind. telling someone that just got dumped by their girlfriend just got- don't buy their boyfriend that, like hey, listen, you're, gonna, be ok, you won't even remember that person. You know you're in europe in tenth grade by the time you twenty three. You will not remember this person's name, but you can't tell them that you can't just emotionally wrapped up they got the the anger, the sadness the jet all in there and they might do I'm stuff so teaching people as early as you can to be. The control their emotions. and I don't wanna say, control your emotions, but but imagine being able to harness and not be at the whim of your most like surfing. Right like
you don't just learn your burns, up waves from coming. You learn to ride the waves and not let them smash you into the rocks Did you learn to do so? Learn like? Oh there's a big emotions coming through me right now. I don't wanna, let those things push me into the rocks or let them hold me underwater, I want to build a ride them and use them and not get abused by them. Pretty simple, straightforward concept, but very difficult. specially. You know, let's face it when you're, when you're hardly they have no emotional control. Your someone, takes their rattle. Mr Scott, right! These are time right little rattle, and then ass, you get older you, but you should more more control over your emotions. the supposed to happen. You might not let you might
Have things happen where you don't get control your motions, so the more you explain that to people the more you can explain. Okay, this is not a good idea. Hey. This is your emotions right now, which is real looking for, if you are freaking mad about- and I was like- hey uncle you're just getting emotional you're not going to happen, it's going to make you more emotional, actually that's what have in leadership charging taxation of the whole idea of reflected diminish, like you, out of your show you that I understand your emotions like that kind of ink, but don't Let your emotions drive your decision making process as it down one. Since it's part of your natural self. Emotions. It kind of seems like an I'm, not a psychologist. You know this about me. its, but it does seem like, but It does seem like this sense as part of your natural self uk. We got a train that three hundred. like alcohol call, you have, the train is don't drink alcohol. Simply
make the decision, but emotions like you that kind of train that You mentioned the surfing lecture, throw someone in me. You know me ever snowboarding background. So you're not gonna same deal. Throw a wave brother me. Whipping up they're be fighting the wave all there you know swear even going. You know, like I'm teaching my son to go under the wave rate when they get big. It don't matter, big, the wave uganda. You no factor here, but people won't be like hey the way it's going to smash me. Why would I go down there and get smacked? It's like that's the intuitive thing or whatever, but the more you do it. The more you're like oh here, comes a big wave. All the the my automatic thing is to go underneath right after you train or if that experience for a while, but he most and so emotions kind that same thing. Where special. If detached word, I learned You mean detaching, really identify all. I'm feeling this emotion re now brought it to decrease that perfect filter. if my emotions and behaviour is to feel I get
little, only like a o, not enough sleep and deal with like a five year old, whose determined doing something brow that'll be the test, but and I've done that say that could have done that before and I found myself. Oh I'm feeling super frustrated with this kid reno soup. Frustrated, but am I if I can see it almost like from detach and I'm like, I won't flip out on them cause like I'm not going to make the decision right now to flip out. I'm like perfect. It's that perfect filter. You know but yea that a train. That, though, because its face if you like, if you're one of these people who flips out all the time and you dont like mentally dress it and you're. Just gonna flip out all the time. That's just how now and there's adults that flip out. Yes, sir, there is freaking terror. then, what's really terrible ass, you know if I get angry, if you and I worked together and when something's not going my way, I get angry and you just kind of like back down cause. You don't want to. You, don't want the drama yeah I guess what I just learned that work. My angers good temper, is good and or if you're here
I got. I forgot my wife and I see it every time I get sad. She kind of like doesn't want me to be sad or she kind of capitulate to my ideas. Now, all of a sudden, I'm getting reinforced that my little emotions we'll help me went to get that. such or your your wife. I do that to you. You know, like you know. Instead it has been like. Ok, these are just emotions. I'm not gonna, go not going to deal in emotions. look at this one to get this does mean you can ignore motions, if your wife, sad about something, you ok russian right, doesnt work I'll put it in the calculus, but don't let him be the them in force behind your decisions, not going to go good. It mean it's as simple as like: where do you go to the she? Would he go to the grocery store when you're really hungry? Yes, Did you make it all kinds of come out of there? You got very good all kinds of food. I just went up on a on a trip and we were going we're going to be on the house. We're going to be in this house for like four days and we
I left early in the morning and we drove mobile blocked by the time we stopped the grocery store. I was category a cloud always in their buying all we had enough food for months, not real, but we probably had enough food for two weeks, and we are in this. We are in the house for five days at the end I dude I'm gone in amerika, pursues a eight As the house knows, I do. How do I get to eat all this? We got many have eaten said that rollo with every good pepperoni, zella Montserrat mozzarella fresh, mozzarella, with basler tomatoes, oil and, unlike the tomato interpreting oil in the balsamic vinegar and on it, and I got like so much that I had enough for weeks and I did, I think I had one serving of it. So that's emotional decision, It is fairly twenty, because everyone knows that potential. right now.
It's a it's emotional assume. It's also the the animalistic drive you're like oh food. I need as much as I can. I need to hoard as much as I can making bad decisions. Did you get chips know I feel, like chips, always sneak in their when you're hungry. Naked chips. No, no, no, I'm I'm definitely I'll I'll eat chips. I mean stay away from me sit up front. So when you're like right when you eat something, you immediately figure out all the dump stuffy does by thought to how yeah we got to the house on pact What the thing is, if I would have had a mock just before I walked in there. I'd have been good to go bro it helps. We will be good to go, didn't do it bro the girl scout cookies. Those peanut butter, ones, aliona bridle box, no problem, there's no factor no factor, Have a mark intervene So there you are that's kind of combination. Animal is take, emotions, the whole nine yards next, one
your pressure. We kind of brought this up already. You some dumb shit cause peer pressure. Hate, like you said sure there's a peer pressure that I come on. What are you a wimp there's that there's also subliminal peer pressure, where everyone's doing what what's happening in there it'll kind of given you just a look they're, not even say anything or just looking at you that peer pressure can make you do some dumb shit lack of confidence is makes you more susceptible to peer pressure, the other thing that you gotta member of peer pressure is I think everyone looking at you, drugs or not I was actually not that big of a deal right. Think? Like all efforts watch me, efforts can wandered from a smoke this. but to do this, actually no really cares, and the other thing is There is a level of respect when you hold the line and you have the car it'd be like nah, nah nah, I'm not doing that tonight is enough. I'm not I'm not! That stupid,
we do have to say. I'm stupid argued in an argument you're causing problems, but just back now I don't. You know not undertake not drink it tonight they like the crabs in the bucket, though they like to drag you in there. They like. To put that drinking your hand. Do you remember the first time you try to drink yeah, I guess so, but not Louis specifically I'll, have to think through that. I'd have to think through that the first uh my traded, Joe, as like, I think, as a kid I'd like tribe, like a sip of beer. What is that tastes like, but I remember the first time like took a drink. You know like it was like straight a peer pressure, start drinking maneuver straight up like theirs the two guys they snuck in which is weird, because our school is pretty like good. It was a team school, but they snuck in a thing of crown royal. I remember cause it had that bag on it and they're like oh, come come come come
well there wasn't one year younger than me. Two guys were one year older than me and they're like they're, like oh yeah here and there Jan I was just sorta there cause they were all my friends, but I didn't drink. I didn't want to drink, not like it. It didn't affect me at all and they were like come here. You want some and other non thanks, and I knew everyone knew that I was in to drinking water and vigour. that's, ok, and then I looked over remember this is given, is owen, he'll be here. He looked at me promptly, given meant to he looked at me. Kind like oh, like Danks, like it's ok. It's ok like almost like he felt sorry for me in a like. You look stupid right now, but it's ok. It's ok! You're, not gonna, like almost like felt sorry for me, but a fuller, like almost like unintended peer pressure, So either gimme the santa Carla looked up to cause. If he could bench a lot and stuff like that, It sounds like auggie gimme it I'll, try it or whatever, and I like tried it and was like. Oh it's warmer and he was happy after that. You know sounds like that was full on that's what the the one hundred percent that's, what our ship yeah, I I start drink.
to a garden, the teams? And for me. Wasn't like you, I kind of made a conscious decision, like oh that's kind, of what we're doing. Ok, I was moving That's that's what's happening, that's that's what we do through the technical preparation. Yeah yeah, but it wasn't like it. Wasn't this overt thing like come on Jacques? Who you need to know, someone said that to me was like okay looks like we're drinking. I never really done this before so, let's Rock'N'Roll yeah and then I was like. Ok, oh we're going hard core. He asked me another one that kind of it That's my. My son was a little kid, I'm talking like maybe five or six point five like little and You know. I had a couple of the boys over whatever happens to earlier, and my son was like you know, kind of like like you want to try some another court teach him not right now your beer doesn't taste good to a little kid. I hand about freakin rolling rock, and he like takes a sip
in this light within Second, just like I'm trying to shout the homepage answer a sip calculated and then just boy back up and start trying to grab it away from him to do it. I did not expect him didn't go hard to lay a little kid There is a desire to grab that that isa. Australian dude, he just drinks beer, he gets. does this technique where he likes swirly, worley yeah, and he is, and he just chugs beer. That's the whole a few, those yeah, that's crazy town right there Thirdly, in the morning could be in the afternoon it could be in the evening he discuss, lay a beer, it is no wonder that he then drag me up. That's another form of peer pressure. It there for for what for us, so actually that technically not peer pressure. Right, but it's like influence, so bad influence. You know
I get the oh, that's fun! It's fun! It's light hearted! It's not that big of a deal! It's quirky! It's fun! It's not like! It's not like. I remember the the group. There was a thing, I'm pretty sure it was just anti smoking, but they would call himself like truth, it's a truth. At the end, it was like a bunch of anti smoking ads. Oh yeah, do these crazy, like we're morbid stunts, they'd, lay out a bunch of what looked like dead bodies, it'd, be like those how many people your every year and it's all these body bags at the beginning. Anyway, they do that. Can it's not like it was there it's that, there's certain guys, making it fun kind like hey, like that, that's the kind of behavior that elicits like copycat behavior. You don't do it. You know it's like. No. He looks like he's having a good time good old time. Yeah. It is, and a cool. I could because I seen some guys in real life. Do that can stuff, and it's like, oh damn, interest but he's got you he's gonna get the attitude that is, It makes me sound like zeller yeah, that's real! So that's peer pressure, though yeah, but wait you're back to your team, the teams,
That is peer pressure because you know, like you even said this, we're peer pressure can be good if it's for good style. You know so that's like repression, the teams that good yet I do what do you? Not you don't! Oh. I was also like oh we're running like we're working out like okay, that's what we're doing we're drinking cold. I was just on board for what we were doing like whatever was happening. I was on board. I wanted to be doing what we're doing a hundred percent celebrate. Today we train to he does. Some good training today was the soap rick text me or I talked to him on the phone like three days ago and he's like hey we're, gonna train on friday to us. Oh yeah, cool, maybe put put on the radar, and then like, oh you're, not going to come or whatever all this stuff. I said. Hey, maybe you know boom peer pressure. That's number one! That's one step closer to the to the persuasion. I'm going a taxi tomorrow as a reminder. He does step to cause. He told
me text me now. Photos show. I made a decision that I didn't just forget about it like I do all the time. So what was the closer? The better you, and this is actually the most influence, even told him this today, where you you text yo put like if you're Sometimes you offer up some training in other reform into somebody mobility having to ex you whatever, but sometimes you put a word the record after we capitol, we train, you can't not go at that point. It's like hey! You gotta, shuffle some things around. I plan to do squats yeah. It is in writing de scots before prior to prove it dear you described after maybe this was the night makers. I will. I am very very. Excessive. We thankful that I work doubt this morning at We have to go home. Work up cause that session that we just did for some I was not have a good day. You don't owe me mean hard. You know what I was saying: I didn't want to go, and you know
I didn't want to go. I didn't want to If there was a little to ring out a bit like or what Of course, I'm not ring it, but I didn't want to go so of artists. The that's already going in there. Like you already are you know you? Can we heard and then you know that my right there, you're not having an easy rounds, not all zero, easy routes. You're not even gonna, have you're not really even going to have uneasy twenty eight seconds, you're not going to have an easy, and a half year, even when you're in between rounds you're like breathing the euro, it's you're focusing on recovery so that peer pressure. It can be a good thing also make you do some dumb shit exactly right. So peer pressure technically is like. That is not that the cat, the the bad guy in the scenario, the dumb shit and that's the bag to hack moraine along in theirs group. Think right disappear
pressure, but it's like it's like amplified peer pressure. His group think this is where the mob. This is somebody's. break and shared? You start breaking shit to start doing. Dump chip making decisions based on what everybody else is doing bad. the news. This whole genre of of just doing impulsive things, and this is sort of a result of a bunch of different things that are happening right, something are genetically impulsive. By the way people have genetic impulsiveness. Sometimes based on. What's going on inside your brain for as far as a brain chemistry, types like dopamine, can make you impulsive to dupe. Did you kill but more dopamine writer, you millionaires last march, Look, that's what's taking over our minds are now. If the people that are on their social media on their phones, that's just dopamine, they know there's impulsively swiping there The brain is not even thinking about what's happening there,
Looking to the next friggin are real or whatever so that impulsiveness is at you know, some people have more self control. Look. believe just like all of our traits theirs, certain amount of self control that you have, you can improve it or you can let it get worse, but I recommend you tried improvement. I recommend You pause for seven seconds, stop think before you, something tells me you're funny when people impulsively by erasmus areas an impulsive by poorest impulse, but rather is almost as a thing yet will You know supermarkets set up with part of the final communal europe, the counter their region chocolate bar impulse, oh dear boy, but little things that are going to give you a media gratification like you, get something that's good you're gonna get to eat in. Nine more seconds.
Throw it in the register road in the self check out baby info. That is not crazy. You can make dumb decisions. You can do dumb shit cause been impulsive. What's the biggest imposed by you ever made biggest top then vehicle know how Thankfully I'm very weak. What's the opposite: impulsive, Not in a pragmatic deliver, glamour deliberate with the buy stuff, with the exception of the freak in rhesus sticks hearing them before, but there I, like you, know a kid. Cats are right so, like a kick up, but a big big beefy version of kick out with peanut butter to so this chocolate. In peanut butter. I dunno, if that, would that kick cat, especially young thing about it, but the thing about kicks that's are used to have him in the summer time from the concession stand and they were kept in a fridge. So they were,
if you like, you get, but you gotta like peanut butter too. I really like you, mrs, but is that, like your Jemmy jam? No, no I'm saying for me a kick out just a cook, a cat in the in the summer time, I dont mean peterborough. What is one thing to me? I mean provides more than we are to meet it and look I'm not advocating for this cause is unstoppable impulse. My straight up, celery Acting on that, that being said, reasons next to me, is the best kind of our ever created, like kind of by far too, like a distant The second is like a butter finger scenario or like after looking through its of risk. Slicks, threesome sticks. I'm sure I know I've bottom impulsive things before and just been like. Do not smart I can't think of anything. I'm have to think about this. she did have an impulse by, but it was, it turned up. What was it? A red came, the red viii, wrapped, the first half non renewal the other the way when they have the view is romania. So when you buy
camera there, the good cameras, obviously so, their judgments, their extra Yes, they're way! More expensive, if you don't know anything about this pi, if you told them how much it costs people get. What in god's name are talking about? This isn't, like. Oh six. Seventeen hundred bucks totally different scenario. Yeah they saw yeah they're, because more than your average car, how much justice if people having to google and but this problem, which is a red camera raptor, whatever you're, no raptor just for the body which its when in twenty nine or twenty four ninety, nine point, forty, nine twenty four thousand nine hundred and twenty five thousand dollars or just the body. No, no batteries. No batteries, no lands, no viewfinder, no monitor nothing. Just the body! so you can use it there you gonna buy. lenders and in only fit cinema lenses with a full framed like it's a whole thing and those two to be alarmist. Zadig was. This is a hundred grand scenario
the kid now for the viewer uptorn in there. We lesson. Then there were the camera about before that, but it now there their cheaper because a push him up, I think more efficiently but all the news. I pray for that kid that I have to that. Particular one is public. Forty, almost forty, like thirty, six thirty- and that was an impulse by doesn't impulse This is why so I will gladly deep into it, but when you red cameras, you're part of like a club. for like a better terms or what The first one way back in the day and read one for people, no cameras and remember the red one. Its little. We ways like twenty pounds is like cast. Your tricky was. That was that with the podcast, I The good video remember good yeah. That was like episode like five. I did that with the red one that without so that was the first one you bought the first one I bought, if only resume, and that was twenty five grand for the body to this is back in the day. Here's the thing I didn't get it for twenty five grand the reason I got it. They were getting rid of their discontinue in it. This is the least
practical camera probably have ever even touched with member and so its cast iron like suit like there's. No, it's It's really hard to use, but its red man, they're, they're, getting rid of them and their offering people on their list or whatever list of on the opportunity, by on no ass part of like some form in you could buy for foreground, because our getting rid of day like I didn't want to use it never used it before I just like. I know it's a deal, so I got it and I just stricken spent the next day. three months: saving money to get the accessories to be able to use it finally bill to use it for, however, many years and then they offered to trade it. for the new like helium, a k a year to fork is like a k, whatever traded, and you can get a big discount on the sale of fresh, but it's only to a certain amount of people so that technically wasn't it by two so anyway. This already does not a capital in another area is exactly right in a nutshell,
If your wedding relations you could there like hey. This is only to be oh offer right now they capitalize on. We don't have that many that's the thing I knew. We don't have that many, so they can't once in the red ecosystems and you're gonna go working, they get your emotions working to get your animals that competitiveness working competitiveness is. If we didn't talk about that, a gilded some dumb shit just from being competitive, oh and that's, could those exactly right. Where had the red helium and there like a year on our list, we're coming out with this thing called the v raptor and I heard about it already and all these like all this tech, he was like man. That was, if you have that one, there is no one else. Has it only the people, so it was like me there I don't know how many people on the list, but like jays, ino, jason more. He was on the less like. So I felt like yours if you got the white one you're one of each one of the first people. Turning to me I don't have a serial number on it. Didn't number them yeah. I would say: well you know when you ensure you have the serial number or whatever
but when you know that going in there like hey, you don't have to buy you can if weak. If we choose to continue making these you can you can wait till an earlier for shirt but, thankfully than you know, when I got it, it was all that you know it expecting it to be, and you don't we put it together knows it's legit towards The reason that I shouldn't have done. It, though, is cause I bought the what's call them Strove! That's the that's really expensive one at the time I bought that like lily, months before I got three red cameras like literally right now. I have three of that. Originally helium aka cut the monster, and then the veer after saying hey full fledged production. Isn't that bad the record, a podcast us very unrealistic to garner their freakin crazy, but those
in my view, wondering we. Actually, this is not recorded on the red camera because they would be just like crazy amount of debt oh yeah you'd, have over a terabytes of stuff just a little punk all right so watch your impulsiveness it'll make you do dumb things we do done things just some. nickel wants your time pressure. This is another thing they threw the mix on you you like that. Hey others, only a certain amount of time. We do don't thinks we don't have the time so you have to pay attention that you have to stay ahead of the power curve. You have to not put yourself into situations where you're going to do dumb shit, because you did I have time to do it the right way. there's a couple here that are our sort of well. I guess these Can I connect, as I was thinking through them? People do dumb shit because they like experience of their lack information, the these are both.
A little bit harder to to throw yourself, because it isn't Classic you don't know what you don't know it. it so you actually really truly dont know the all the best you can do to two to cover the bases and mitigate. These is to know that you dont know to know that. There's things that you don't know to not be like. Oh, I got this. Oh you know whoa, like I can figure this out. Go to to who put yourself in that situation, you be more humble I think humility is what helped you with these two. Do you know when you don't have the experience? It's it's like that the person that shows up further jujitsu. That, like is, st lighter here and there I think I can I like they look at some skinny friggin hundred fifty pound dude underlying problem disguised ass and they when we don't have the experience of it, Any dont have information. So will you
is that the solution for that to me is humility, actually saying hey my mom. so sure about this. You should know Look at anything thing think looks pretty easy and not usually like many other centres, some things I don't see there there's a month for the information that I have who does should be your go to default mode is ma, one hundred percent sure and I'll pay. My eyes. Openness, outshine figure this out of the way why do some dump shit? You know about plumbing? Yes, I do so realistically keen about this very thing today. So I don't know anything why the hell. Are you talking about freedom, plumbing, with cuba. It's a watchdog, legislative I'd with data budgets. I'm the climate, the. So at issue with a toilet in my household, and It feels like a thing or something and worn out or whatever in so
microbes valve something it was like the little thing that connected the the the flush well can't you see, I'm all these terms not attend to it, but the capacities of me, not knowing what I dont know so I go in like an old look it up on youtube. Like I solve many of my problems in my life and you figure it out Look it up on you two minutes. They form they didn't. You got the diagram. We got a guy, do this or whatever, and unlike cool, maybe it up just wanna on the internet like a diagram. Someone who I understand how this whole thing works now right, so I go in And, of course, it doesn't like work out. The things just is broken as it ever was. material. Some like I needed, study this whole thing, so I go back to youtube, keep watching it. So I found this channel. I wish I could tell you which one what which one it was, but it was one of these like kind of bigger channels like a it, could have been like a home depot channel or something I dunno. If it wasn't, I forget but so the guy goes into it, and it's this long, ass, video and I'm about to skip it because they need to solve it right now, she's saying, but I'm like. No, let me just commit some time so I commit the time and he starts talking
about all these issues that can arise when you're just trend. fix this one issue, so he talks about like experience with certain times where you have to fix this issue since one time I was still having this problem, so I had to go. back over here, could sometimes these are made like this and he's doing all this. It is basically giving me like his personal experience on this thing and forever. Additional thing that you'd say he d this to me how much I don't know. It's not just like hey you're, going to go in and he's going to tell me how to do it. How come I ended up fixing it. This is a longer story and it doesn't matter. But that was me not knowing what I don't know. So I wasn't about to take apart my whole toilet cause. I was one of the lucky. You are humble enough to recognize that there could be some shit going sideways literally before it is accurate like it before I made like a big commitment too, you know cause one of the options that I came across it. My haste was take out the whole toilet. And just replaceable the but said enough to do that, but when our
Do you not know what you don't know can cause you to do that kind of dumb start their worst like all Oh that's the option cause that's the fur it's advice? I gotta whatever, because when I see only advice that I've ever heard. So do it. yup, the humility will help you with your lack of experience and your lack of information in life really good. Remember, because you don't know what you don't know you Thank you know, and you don't in writing. There, too, is another. One. Similar is lack of self awareness right. You you just not self aware too. Don't shit, because your cousin self aware you think people can't see the dumb things that you're doing you think you're out maneuvering people all things stem from the fact that you just you're not self aware. So how do we, yet gained self awareness number one if you think you're super self, where you're, probably not you probably not so, take a step back.
Detached too. We have to do there to throw this one in there, because it does happen. Physical and mental fatigue. Right. we ve deprivation All those. Where do you get tired? You can do some dome ship, that's that's what can happen and it'll, make bad decisions when they're physically tired people make bad decisions when they're mentally tired and they just break down yeah? Have you ever watched? True, detective? Yes, but not very much there's this part in true detective. It's really good for I didn't. Why did the the second one got a bunch of bad reviews, so I didn't watch it, but the first one is freaking great. winning. He know mechanic yes, madam guy, hey, praises badass character.
and he's talking about he's. Looking he's a he's, a detective he's talking to talking to some other defect. Detectives are investigating him and he's talking about how he's looking at dead bodies like photographs of dead bodies over and over and over again he's seen all these dead bodies over his time in the the police force and he says he's good goods great you gotta watch it but he's talking about how, when you look at these pictures, these dead people, you can see that, just before they died, They saw for a moment how easy it would be if they just let it go. Like at that moment of death. They go. You know what it's over and any goes on this big thing about. They realise at all love and all they know the things were a dream. im that you had its I locked box, probable blah, but that's it
extreme example of what happens when people just break the break from fatigue right, they didn't break, they just can't take it anymore and they just go. You know what, don yeah? That's one thing: that's that's like the ultimate bad decision that you make is like a oh. I just give up, but there's all kinds of bad decisions that you can make based on the fact that you're tired Sometimes it's not mentally breaking, sometimes you're, just not thinking straight. If you ve ever been around people that are there did Emily you're. So tired, I'm not thinking straight yo. You get p where you been seriously sleep deprived, they might be, they might be, do its job shit, so I had to throw that one in their physically Mental or physical and mental fatigue can definitely make people make bad decisions. Now we can open up a big. Can something you I've talked about on the underground podcast. Quite a bit. Witches cognitive, violet, biases and people have a bunch of death.
Cognitive biases and they will make you do don't shit. so confirmation bias? You know when you, when you Will you have a belief, you're looking to confer my belief- and you will you- will absorb the information. That's going to support your decision. You, did you some damn shit, because you just are listening to the people that are telling you that smart. No you can find france's like? Let's say you liked? Let's say you don't like to run you can go, find a bunch of articles right now, there'll be like. Oh, you can get better. you can only find running is bad for you, enough articles that are confirmed. That you're right running is bad for you, Lifting heavy euro I lift heavy cool. You can find a bunch of articles that are injury prone and blah blah blah blah, stiffness and Allah. You can find it so, make bad decisions based on the fact that you are. You have confirmation. Vice
Availability bought, biased, a similar one. This is like you act based on them. Recent information or the most available information. This is why you know You, google, something what's the best knife to buy, There's people that are paying to make the most available click delete that comes up first baby we paid for that? therefore looks like he's. The best knife came up there. It is dumb growing bias this is when you, when you get addicted or why, in the first piece of information that you have swear, first impressions are so what the russians very important issues This is all that I used to see in this europe aims which was whatever the first way. Someone learned to do something is the way they Was correct, is really hard to change people's minds around
a new procedure if they had learned in their first platoon. This is how you do it, so you got it. You ve got to be careful that that peat piece of information that you got first in the same things like I think we talked about this when we talked about negotiation right. The? U can use anchoring to offset somebody Yeah! You know I can use it to mess you up. I can give you a low ball, offer that you're now anchored to new, like gees jocko, offer me seven dollars for this knife. I thought it was worth seven hundred and I'm like I'll, give you seven bucks worth and all of a sudden when I offer you fifty years I'll, take it yeah. So be careful with hindsight bias. the tendency to believe that event was more predictable or obvious that it actually was after it occurred I knew he was going win that fight rights.
I knew he and going I say what I think, I'm pretty good at comes to mme bride. It's almost like all bets are off like I it's almost like. I just look at it like. I just don't think I can predict. What's gonna happen, theirs and For reason, there's been I could have happened where I was like this a hundred percent. This is a done deal, although it did it the other night? Did you ask feisty, then I guess yeah and watching valentina get beat like. I the announcer John Annick said like as all the other girls name I dont know? like she came out of nowhere crops to her she's about us. Big johnny, excess own she's got much improved. Jujitsu and, unlike bro, that's what you're bragging about then. She hasn't achieves up with a real naked choke victory over bullet valentino amazing.
I don't fall into this trap though, but I did that night ideas. I can do this good luck against. You got to improving jujitsu and that's your rear, naked choke, but I immediate was, I could do damage idiot, I'm not saying anything else, I've I've. If I would have bet that there's been a couple of times in my life, where I did bet actual money on fights, and I was wrong Things that I was like this is a done deal. This is a done deal and just then but I am certainly not a person that gets done, says yeah. I knew that was gonna happen, so be careful that hindsight buys framing bias. This The way information is presented or framed, so if someone like for doktor says this, isn't it de percent success rate that sounds better to them than saying
hey if I do surgery or normal. Ninety percent can heal you'd, be like okay cool. If I say If I do sir John you're on ten percent chance, it doesnt work anymore. You like Wait a second we're talking about. I should just stay till you. Ninety percent. That's the way it's frame to you that can mess up the party that makes you do dumb shit boy. So you ever watch teen, wolf, remember back in the day scene! Well I never got into. Was that a tv show or was it a movie movie? Then they did a tv show later, but I'm talking about the movie, the original cause like Michael Michael Fox earlier, so he had a battle buckholtz named Bobby feedstock one you're click, one of the best character is ever created my opinion, but cyrillic just checked out coat. just so used to achieve his tradition of losing he's like you know anyway, he had a famous like pre game speech there, like got. You gonna be inspiring words whatever he said, he yeah hey, you there's nothing to be ashamed of, got there and do your best, that's what he it. So it's like
Of course, you know, like the facts, are nothing be shamed of? Do you bet like that's all factually true, but what he how we framed. It was like you guys already are we all have lake things undermine that we're ashamed of. You know about the steam, which you know that we're losing teams that whatever but how we framed it was like he has already lost. You know you don't bit, don't be ashamed of. Ten, and the thing is that framing does in teen. Wolf does the guide. into a wolf on the basketball, korea and they like let him play, maybe they'll good at it mutates or whatever yea, and then he's already can sneak in downtown stuff. In many turn, super popular school girls are acted to imprison, regularly got hit his hairy. Yet is a fourth werewolf it's a fund will be there. some things it'll make you do. Don't shit, biased, wise overconfidence bias? we're what that is, there's also a hundred confidence by us right, like you, don't
you can do it. Well, you probably not gonna make a good decision You know if you ve got an opportunity decent me like. I could never do that called. Then you don't do it and now you don't get the wind, moreover, converts I could do this. No problem your decision, a europe looking like a jack ass, so bigger that's some cost fallacies, are all kind of one is that we know about gamble. Is foul see the the the belief that past events influence the likelihood of future events, even when the two events are unrelated? For example, believing that a coin toss is more likely land on head, if it is landed until several times in a row, that'll get. You sit still a fifty the chance manner. Oddly enough. Its doors to fifty four chairs. Does the weird z why it is what it is. That's one of those The cognitive biases fall into this, but you kind. Got a train yourself in a way in, like you have to be super aware, because our own image,
equally dislocate mentioned. Does if you like it, and now it's really hard to lake believe first structurally when you're like because his ways a look at it, because so, if you're like, if you like it, This coin, animal flip at ten times in a row, is going to land on heads. That's a difference of odd straight there. Then you actually flipping it, and then it happens to go and heads nine times in a row and then the likelihood of it landing on heads again. Is there is still fifty fifteen, but before you flip any of the coins ever in yosemite maybe ten times rural man, you gotta different, said odds and crazy. Suzanne. So some boy and one of these people cause. I thought I had roulette figured out about rather like where I thought that I was like cause I'll think of it like before any rules have done so like hey. If I did, you know I'm a bit on red or black or whatever, and I'm just keep betting on there. It because, in the eyes of the chair, there's a landing on red like hers,
terms rose, become smaller and smaller, more exponentially, some care indeed to win at least my money back so take up a foolproof system seems, like you figured it out, you that's what I figured and turning its green Well, after every rule, the odds go back to what they were the beginning, so technically doesn't met Yes, that's true, as you are roaming. It's too it's different. Did you do the thing we you like. double your money that you're betting and you see what I'm saying yeah. I never did it yeah. I never played. I mean it Yeah, I never did my system when I start. I basically you like all. I bet a dollar on black right. If I lose, I put two dollars values and I put four dollars on values again upward eight dollars get those the system the essentially it's not we're tried it out in what in what's reared. What makes it not work out is not only that the reassessment of the tube arts, the two
greens on their fifty vienna around. That's, not your catch. You let's see halo effect. This is like when you Joe, People's overall, characterised, ex, based on one characteristic, economic, make their decisions. Losing control. This is, are we we think we have more a bill. To control things and we actually do that's and to make, you do some damn shit negative very bias and optimism bias is too, are you know just what they sound right? If you have a negative out, Well, if you do will lean in that direction. You might make bad decisions because of it. So there you go there a bunch of biases cognitive biases that you can that pay into us making bad decisions, and
there's a bunch of these, the last one I will say to cover today and this is one that I think echo echoed trust said the biggest impact on your life since you and I started hanging out and discussing all these topics- and that is short term thinking, verses, long term thinking, strategic thinking versus tactical thinking. Any time you consider what the long term outcome is going to be, you will make us after the decision that, if you just focus on what I'm going to feel like or how I'm going to be gratified in the next seven minutes? You are That will lead you to doing dumb. Shit so think strategic, think about the long term, with all decisions that you make and you do a better job, making better decisions.
These are my list some examples of some of the many many things that there are the drive us to make them. decisions that drivers to do dumb. Shit and I also think you need to think about this. What kind of person are you you didn't know what kind of person you are you have to, What kind of person you are you have to know what tendencies you have because you have tendencies. I have tendencies. And if you start applying these various subjects. These various examples, these various factors that can make him make bad decisions, to some of these. Things are more susceptible to maybe you're more susceptible to your animal S. Behaviour maybe are more susceptible to your ego, get not a control, maybe you're more susceptible to some of these cognitive, biases that we're talking about. But knowing who you are so you can watch out and you can leave in the other direction.
to make sure you make better decision, is also important. Part of making good decisions, so no account person. You are and don't let dont, let you Tendencies get the best of you. So the way that you can kind of make that happen is by detaching and one of the easiest wasted attaches to take a step back and write things down. I'm just saying when you things down. You are detached from them. You can see other perspectives, because of what would if I was if I was someone else are now- and I was looking at me and I was about to do this thing. What would I tell myself no. I can afford this vehicle car voice, one it's my dream car will you pay We are going to beat seventeen hundred bucks a month I, but this is going to be it's going to make me really feel good about myself and also clients are going to see me in this car and they'll know that I'm a player like but you only make for grant a month. I know, But that's gonna grow is what would you be telling yourself
If you are talking to you probably be saying: hey man, let's go, let's go! Look the chevy's! and write down also write down what the launch The outcome is going to be this is what the short term gratified you're gonna get, and that will help you to do the right things and, you make good decisions, powerful seem small, it seems almost too simple right of that. The solution to improve my life, probably like seventy five to eighty five. You know it's a big, always a big given in Britain's any any given endeavour, but most of all in the big game in the big in life game? If you can, I do dumb shit me way better off seems so easy have of this. I would even say that
it's a powerful every one of these is, if you just took, I dunno. Let's say that for the first one and the last one will say the first one, alcohol and so carrie carrie K dog. You know we all know and love them. He the way he because he don't drink he quit drinkin saw sheep. he put it in a way, whereas open that's a really impact awaited put it even though We knew the idea, but he put it. This way said he said well, after while, like you know, you you get in trouble when someone himself is like you get it get in trouble, wanna drink and they give seventy one I drink verses, I don't drink, and every single aspect of my life just gets better and better and better and doesn't stop it's it's a. Logical decision not to drink, because I think I was asking us like that's great on drink, so like what you don't work at all at all. Why are you, like? You think, you'll just relapsing going cause trouble using now was is not necessarily that in many said, that's what he said. Words like my like, gets better
he's getting better and better and better and better and does not stop desolation? Little decisions is true stack em up, please dec. add on to the last one. Was the shrugging verses long aim like think about that, whereas, like that's on your radar, it with every kind of move you're making in throughout your day how men, no drinking clear men you between some good stuff take a long term, can move in that direction. Awesome Hopefully this house people out and with that was we ve got to make a decision on what were putting in our bodies rang with your wise mark right when we're done training today is so dangerous and brown telling me that he has earned. Did you do all rounds today? Did you take any? I took one round off and then towards the end, and you know when everyone was kind of done there was today there was no really like hey we're all done. That's what I feel kind of faded.
so. I took one around on off. Aside from you know, sloan in them and kept going competent not a corner? Yeah, it's it's a good time. I felt that I earned my mom the idea of no easy rounds. Think like only I sure, what did you do to you at rest between rounds or whatever? So it's like to say doesn't sound as an impact, was it actually feels because when you have like please if you willing to mix class or whatever- and this is not good bad. This is the nature of what you're about to say. Yeah, that's a good type of train in the class. You won't be beat this guy, you get a swept yes wanted, even But you didn't look see a bunch of different, looks and varying levels of output, but it's like. If you even wanna, do you in the environment like this, everybody's black building in in kind of better black welts, your output,
has to be kind at the top, the whole time otherwise you're kind and that even doing digital, you just been a dummy judges only further gaia because they want so good, so you well through hard for me at home and you usually do like ten rounds or eight and ten usually yeah. So let's say you do, even if you do the eight or nine rounds of that, but it's like it's way different, then do in ten rounds in the mix classing ensure you need us did you ever go on your way there I had a go on the way there I'll tell you I was: how do you want a drink, but like if it wasn't for the commitment you cause, I'm not. Obviously I am shown up, plus plus you gonna the atlas after a few nights ago, but I had that had that go on the way you know just walked out of my house grabbed a go drink it on the way down here and finished it in the locker room and by the time the I got out on the mat and was warm, I was like, can feel it re go well
added to change. My attitude changed last time when I came in train with you guys in this. I I didn't, really feel like training more distant, my dear I feel like training cause like I said I got reminded of it. It was on the radar and I wasn't rushing doing other stuff. I was completely ready, you need you need time like mentally to prepare yeah and I feel like you, don't. Actually now. Here's when I need mental time to prepare when it's just me and you it's, but like this guy and I don t at all costs like You I always feel like I like something prove cause like. If you like, really beat me up. I don't feel good like I feel, like all you're, just kind of like a hold it over me and then, if I do good, I'm kinda like I don't have to say nothing, but I can be like yeah what up or whatever kind of thing I feel like there's a little bit more at stake, or writing will say, but this guy. Don't feel that, for whatever reason I feel like it's like say anyone so cool do so
my mind was gonna put it this way. I want my thought. In my what I was doing throughout the day, weren't in they were interrupted by ok, I gotta go train. You know, like freckles, just thinking up soon. I think, about this a little bit and I gotta go train or whatever, with these hard guys and my fricker my mind was wasn't even there, but today today I had time considering and was there are nonetheless lotta output. and yes, I had to go on the way down, good its go. Do it more and more great ass, a good procedure for life you gotta eat. It is true. The super cold mokroe until me you'll be happy. When my Wife makes this banana milk in the morning with the banana milk, the powder. She does a good job with that. Now. She makes me like a little extra lead. his number- I don't. I don't like to eat that much in the morning, I'm talking to him after him that I'm talking this is like nine o'clock. You know, oh after the workout after
we're drown. You know what kind of show colonel like bring a little more to me. She's got hers in like a shake her get these bone meal of glass eels investigated good and so good, so you get yourself whom go? Did you sell some milk and the savage cockfield? Welcome that where's that doctor nah com. You can also get it at vitamin shop. You can get it at the mill harry commissaries. Much more fronts hit me up a military come with islamic pictures. We go for dash towards h e b mire, wake fern, chop rights, While I was still a while, I go grab some in while ah there's three hostilities man in these convenience stores, there's hostilities f. Why there's big companies and I mean the biggest of companies, the biggest a beverage companies. They go in peace. ministers and they buy those slots
by the shelf space. You know why they do that because their threatened it's a threat. We are a threat, and we are like. We are like the rebels in star wars. Right the empires are, vampires if you're fine around the liquor once you threaten them, they gotta comic our fight me and that's what they're doing so go into these convenience stores clear the shelves. Let him know what's up? It's us against the empires them whereas by the way are trying to poison you. We all know this year they're doing evil things, that's the crazy part about it, and you mentioned this on some another one of your instagram things where you know they'll call you Call it like these industry standard, like kind of earlier,
it's just general advertisement or whatever, and you call it brainwashing and I'm like. Oh, do I go being dramatic, but then I thought I was like wait a second, that's exactly what it is, and you know they use all actually and some of this stuff where it's like you know, framing bias. Like opposite, where yeah They'll say the good like parts of it. There can be like three good part so? Something short, by the way. And then there's like twelve bad parts of it short and long term twelve and will see in the twelve and will do it in them. is blake. Here you go. Here's your little product drink as much of it as you want. In fact, when we put something in to make you wanna drink as much as we wanted to write knowing it. That very knowing, if you drink the more and more and more of this stuff, you drink the worse and worse and worse health, you will have literally not- metaphor: that's like literally the deal so all silent, and I don't I don't want to speak too much into it. But I heard this thing some girl on a podcast and she was like america so dear bear with me. This is just what I heard Does this thing called single dose talks?
city or something like this. Where and look into this, but keep this in your undermine where work is a thing, is for regulations? Go single, does toxicity, meaning, like its harmless in one dose. It's fine! It's admit, but to be in your product, but you take ten doses. The toxicity goes. Ten times is no longer single those technically, but that's not the rule through, isn't it, in doses the rules single those toxicity, so you get a energy drink, stocks, the you get it, You know, maybe some chips or maybe a soda four year, four year, bang or maybe you'd eating something. That's not like all natural whatever which let's face it. You know it's it's hard to navigate that sometimes you that you're toxicity of five to ten times- and these guys are just push the more the better and then to the point, theirs in all this jacko go. natural. No taxes All the stuff all make off course signal by that lets. Let's, with fighting against them,
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represent unspent jackal, store jacques Lasorda sweeteners? you're, a good good shirts insurances, good. They could make a fee. Where are the variations in that one picture, though one has legs, it was a good one to represent and play fired a guard key. I was at the I was at the expo west, which is the natural foods event and I went up there we're showing people geographers. First of all, she gets crazy. How many people know me- and I didn't know you had supplements- I didn't know how had a drink? I didn't know you had ready to die. Protein like people didn't know that A lot of them did but a lot from didn't pretty big number. But I do came up and you started saying the. Good video lighted word for word like jack in the game. I, but what's crazy, is he didn't know? here he said the whole video like memory, we're laughin, he's inviting know yet supplements. We have. We got a man, I'm sorry in a bad job, but not the word, but very go good path, all kinds of, stuff, and also this when it was freedom, do you and represent that represent
We also have the sherlock so don't forget about then, if you're not on it's, ok, it's cool, just check it check it out, What do you want? I got a little pretty hot liquor quota sneak peak, see what you're dealing with for general coming for four, I formulate a surprise, correct, correct, correct yeah yeah. So it's like a it's not a surprise, but it's not a full reveal, but anyway, subscription scenario, get a new shirt every month, it's a cool when you're still representing on the path, just in a more little bit more creative, more in the game. Kennewick like it, I'm telling you anyway, yahoo store dot com. The history subscribe to the podcast subscribe to the the jackal underground, joking around our com. That's all that our own platform that we care kicked off of because we own it so they can't kick us off go underground. Dot com took our youtube page. I got origin usa Youtube check out the java field. You two page, you have people put now, content info for you on those psychological warfare check afflux. I came a stopgap obvious area,
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watch out for the algorithm. It's strong. It's there, it's a beast it's got clause. Scott teeth its teeth around your neck and kill you the algorithm, so watch out thanks to offer. No, it personnel around the world who, out there making the best decisions for us today. That doesn't protect our way of life here, and also thanks to police law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, empties, dispatchers, correctional offshoot, border patrols, secret service offers responders. Thank you. You all for making the right decisions to keep us safe here at home and everyone else out there life is a series of decisions. Every day, little decisions, big decisions, decision,
the decision, but all those decisions have consequences. They can have good consequences. They can have bad consequences, but they have consequences. They put you on the path in life, so make good decisions and don't do dumb shed until next time. The zero and jacko out.
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