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378: If You Want to Be a Champion, You Can't Just Lie Around Sleeping Like Everybody Else. "Kimura".

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Masahiko Kimura (木村 政彦, Kimura Masahiko, September 10, 1917 – April 18, 1993) was a Japanese judoka and professional wrestler who is widely considered one of the greatest judoka of all time.[1][2][3] He won the All-Japan Judo Championships three times in a row for the first time in history and had never lost a judo match from 1936 to 1950. An author said," In the history of judo, no one is the strongest before Kimura and no one is the strongest after Kimura."[4] He has often been described as the strongest judoka in history.[5] In submission grappling, the reverse ude-garami arm lock is often called the "Kimura",[6] due to his famous victory over Gracie jiu-jitsu founder Hélio Gracie. In the Japanese professional wrestling world, he is known for the controversial match he had with Rikidōzan.

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This is jackal Barak s number three. Seventy eight with echo charles in me, jocker willing good evening. I come good evening. I was in his control as soon as we stood close to each other, I had no time to even hold or grapple him Taken into the ground and I got shot, first, it was difficult to breathe healthy working enough. So I was wondering if I should tap as I promised Carlos well this is what I've never told anybody before it see I went on conscious, while I was thing about what to do to give up or not Camera had continued to choke me would have died for sure. But since didn't give up kimura let go of the choke. Went into the next technique being released from the choke and the pain from the next technique revived me, and I continue to fight kimura
went to its grave without ever knowing the fact that I was finished if possible. I wish I could have talked about the fight with him and let him know about it. Kimura was strong, strong, and a gentleman he spoke in my ear and japanese good good, while catching me with an arm lock. I dont, unless, the japanese at all, but strangely I was encouraged by his voice. It gave me power. I was anxious about it. So I, asked him later here. I was admiring your heart. Seemed to him. I think I got the authentic samurai spirit from him. I might have been japanese in my previous life and that right there is little quote from The great a emile gracie founder of greasy jujitsu, which
in my opinion, what I say in my humble opinion, in my humble opinion, kind of makes him the founder of modern. Martial arts agreed disagree mater, at least you have to that's consideration. What are they see when I say in the conversation The conversation for cheap for the founding of modern, mixed martial arts, Elio gracie, has to be in the conversation hundred percent it's a quote from an interview that is quoted in a book in the book, is called kimura the tree and tragedy of Japan's greatest and most controversial judo champion? This book was a river originally given to me recently by my friend and training partner mia. You know me up, of course, as you know, the train with me, I sometimes hear someone went on you are right that the training physique zone it goes down so me are we want. we'll Tripoli we need. He gave me this book to check out and I thought
let's check it out and me how easy You know, obviously he's a jitterbug pro he's also a judo black belt, but he thought I would like the book so read the book. and this is a book obviously about kimura. This is a there's a submission hold, also called kimura. So one of my favorites understood with its named the the the submission. Hold has other names, people called other things, but by now pretty much everyone calls it a and is now after him. That's the move that he put on earlier racy and we'll get into that your grace e mail- that they had. No, your gracie was a lot smaller and they had a goods property eventually had the town a throne in so he didn't get his armor from his body by Kimura but interesting life incredible fighter I just wanted to jump into this book,
We background on kashmir over just the same, as is you What is that right? There is a huge already super wellknown guy in the martial arts world back in those days, oh yeah, but he was one of that he's kind of the main catalyst for Elio gracie. From what I understand from what like, and going in you said you actually meant you the one of the main. What do they found? Elio grace had been there founder of modern mars alerts mixed martial arts, I think so, although they were doing valley today, stuff and in other ways or whatever, but yeah how it kind of came to america now what it is right now, mme outs, if it if it wasn't for wasn't for earlier gracie gracie jujitsu. You wouldn't Quite have what we have now, evolution of marshal. Parts in the last, we could say in the last six months, the heat in the last ten years- it's crazy, but since
ninety three, since that, first, you have see the evolution has been incredible: the entire world old of martial arts is change. I used to be a totally different thing: oh yeah nineteen, seventy nine. What martial arts war was a totally different thing than what it is yeah, the main one so back in so gracie jiu, jitsu tech, technically It was found in eighty twenty five made up came over and taught the gracie family what he called Judy to which was very close to judo. Yes, yes, and then you see it's so he became sorted. This source cause it's kind of changed the source and then the main vain was actually horror and greasy. who use the oldest son, where he brought it to america, was it came. You need to like show everybody so he's the one who made the first, you see, but a voice in there and butter. I'll training there already in it, but it was revealed to the world because of now where it was later because of media you'll, see this big
I can go wherever and then slowly its slowly starting to spread through that main vain and then in two thousand five when ultimate fighter came now was when media really took it. into a little reality show because that's when reality shows started getting their legs, you know so boom. They mix that up boomed from there was just this massive massive explosion. It's crazy to think about, like these guys, is back in the day. They knew something that people just didn't know They knew something that people did not know and nowadays. Look you can do a street fight. There's a chance. People know what the guard is. They might know how to set up a gear teen on they might know. You know what the mountain like they're, gonna, know this stuff, and if you go into any delay, fiscal like there were not a lot of it, may it back in the day like when I too I got twenty changes for the first time with master chief, Steve Bailey. Where are you? There was no comprehension of what was happening. There was no
comprehension all this. This was not a thing out. There was no. There was not even like a thought of what was happening. It wasn't like the the the idea that someone would take your arm and put it in a position where you would have to say uncle. It makes sense it wasn't. A thing is especially the go was bigger than you, We went from not being a thing at all to being fussing. Think it that transition so these guys and you No, you know we, we ve done some forecasts on judo. We ve done. some progress on came to talk about where that developed from, but do a very powerful, very poor. Four martial arts and- and it is you know, the roots of jujitsu two seats Trusting as judo is rooted in jujitsu, but modern jujitsu is rooted in judo again back at it. So anyways
sky, one of the greatest judokas. Ever we are going to roll into it or to look at his book here, and here we go camera master. Go was born. On the southern island of Q shoe amp. I apologize for the japanese speakers out there. I don't speak japanese at all and I mangle all words. So born september, nineteen september tenth, nineteen. Seventeen little is known about his family background. Although the family was said to be poor according to one biography of camera or at the age of around ten, he began to help his father collect river, gravel and stones to sell they had to do the gravel from the river bottom and delivered to nearby truck on sundays and holidays. When commute was out of school, he would work from four a m. The six p m, hauling gravel inexperienced later credited with helping and build a straw. body. You gotta have a little bit of mythology going on here when you picture this ten year old kid hauling, gravel out river,
called river got having to I mean what how deep is he going to get it? Is it knee deep, or is he able to get little breath old activity going on and he's doing that from four am to six pm? That's what's happening here. uncle also encourage the young, should a drink, corpse blood which is said to be good for heart scenario, ages, rip in their heads off of fish and drinking their blood, walk here Rocks out of the ever for free, fourteen hours a day. You know you're gonna, be ready percentages or pseudo competitions, job children were generally protected and not disciplined until they were about five at that age. They begin to face strict discipline of especially from their fathers. This often lead young boys to act out with Britain, we, the rebellious streak and based on his later actions, can europe almost certainly developed into a mischievous child when he entered school at the age of about six. By the time he was around nine or ten km euro was relatively large for his age and appears to have become
something of a ringleader among the mischief makers in the school during its fourth grade year, in this crazy we're talking about a guy, fourth grade year. We got some specific details on this guy, students were mustard too. gauge. In. Oh, so g, a thorough mass cleaning of the school with his teacher MR turco, up, absent, kimura, snuck, away, dashing to nearby snack shopping, gobbling down five or six men. two or steam stuffed bonds. Returning to his class, he saw several students moving MR target was desk. He ran toward the desk and jumped onto it causing the destined normally collapse. Come here, a jump up and down with joy, screaming bonds, I bonds and then He is theirs quoted here and I look for this book that he has autobiography out there somewhere or its can render use. I couldn't find either one of em michalek farmers while could find it. He says
this. This is now kimura talking son. me, someone grabbed me firmly in the rear, lapel and pulled me backward when I turn and my head. I found her mistress sir gawaine, who I was absent. Glaring at me with a very scary. Look. He yelled idiot face and slapped me in the face. He through me to the floor. He pulled me up. Lapped me and threw me to the floor again after this I, scolded in the teachers room and stood the corridor. This incident I decided to get even with MR to Gaza. I thought about how to revenge on him for about a week and investigate his background. I then found doubt that he was a first dawn in judo. I thought is judo such a formidable art than I be able to throw him if I became a second down soon after this, I entered into the shore shorter, can't ojo nearby by eleven
true school. So he's got a little bit of a streak right imaginary. In ten years old, and whenever he s fourth grade waiting for yeah forthright, you ten years or so ten years old. This team he's actually being jackass the teacher slaps miranda little bit and he starts plan, revenge researches. It does background check, figure out what this new deal, whereas weaknesses. Finds out he's only a first dawn in Juba. Once I become a second on I'll, be undertaken, It goes on to say, MR to Gowers. Corporal punishment and humiliation of the young kimura was exactly what he needed. He began to practise judo and after only about a year, he entered first competition, which they call she, I I think, a match with the a yama dough Joe, which was located about three miles away. He faced a much bigger eighth, greater camera attempted a body drop, throw and a major out
reaping throat. No effect then attacked with me your inner reaping throw, but is upon reversed the tec. Meek on him and pinned him to the ground, with the top or corners hold for the win. Camera continue to practice hard driven on by the memory of his defeat in eighth grade here george prefectural sumo tournament and play second narrowly missed. First place, He threw his opponent by a sort of garry, but the referee declared that his foot had been out about This success and probably a growing reputation and judo circles ray come here as a disability are recruited for chin, say junior high school, visited his home and invited camera to attend the school and play either for the sumo or you no team in nineteen thirty two camera enter chin, say and became a fantastic of a training fanatic. In addition,
practicing at school. He trained at the cow walk he the dodo three times a week at the brutal could in and the imperial fifth case. altogether, he room he later remembered. He practiced judo five hour. was a day and did three hundred pushups daily. so we're getting into it that that idea of when people get in produced into being dominated physic. We dominated can have. I guess you can have a bunch of outcomes, but the outcome that we remember already makes you say whenever this is I'm going to learn it so that I can never make This never happened to me or you can say whatever. This is. I hate and I'm gonna avoided. All costs of this never happened to me. I'm sure there's some grey area, but especially, I think
ten years ago with people didn't really understand what was happening. They didn't understand that it was a technique and if they figured out there, If the technique they say cool, I'm going to learn these techniques. If they didn't understand it was a technique. They just ran away from it and sorcery who was the first person. I put you to tap problem, my friend Jimmy Jimmy, trusting, yeah but keep in mind. This is a you know back so next, ninety three you'll see one in chooses. Ninety four ish. When you, We bought the videotapes, the great racing action. No, no, they weren't greasy in action there were they the instructions yeah the vhs. Do you remember gracie in action? Yes, I do. I still visit those very often causes are those kind of look they age Well, could you still get to see it, but that's when you get to see what I was talking earlier: just zero knowledge, but people that literally had no idea that the cons
of a fight, was to get the position and get someone to think about that that's a totally different concept is that's a toll. we different concept, it it's like a foreign concept that you could you you might not understandable, yeah and into prove that's actually, probably more true than that even sounds as far as you've seen it so, and this is why I know this so the reason that I watch them a lot now is because I watch them with my son Does he don't know that you his idea of like all its play, fight right and you always want to play fight? So what is? It is? Kicking me punch me and stuff like that and he's like. Let not we all like, grab them and block his punches whatever and I'll put them in, like a choke or whatever, or put them in mountain camp fight for american use like no. No, no we're not doing jujitsu we're fighting. That's what he's he say he you didn't just fun like a game and then he'll think the real fighting, is just punching in kicking part. So I was like you, what you don't understand, is just as both the punch and kicking and the jujitsu, and I'm saying that
you too, when faced with as the punching and kicking, if you don't put them together, like you'll, lose to the jujitsu like Moore, when he saw a show on the gracie national. As I look, this is a fight watch, this guy he doesn't punch or kick or nothing. He just uses jujitsu, and these guys really fighting. Look there really really fighting and he'd watch and watch more and now he slowly understands awe and sees any understands now. But it's true because you don't you see, well yeah. Two people got in a fight. Oh, it's always who knocked this guy out or kick this guy's ted or insta, even when we watch on the movies when they get in a fight on the pretzel punching and kicking in also like our ideas little bit skewed in that way, was anyway new member. We talked on a couple upon Cassa go about. The fought, I think, is the fog bury flop, the guy that jumped over the was the hedge I jumped over backwards and only change the game someone that was look they've been been. They been training that wafer, however many decades of jump over split jump whenever they were doing to get over it
This was a brand new thing that people turning away to second, what is this year that how different it was to say. Oh we're going to get a hold of this opponent and want to get a hold of their arm or we're going to get a hold of their neck, would eat a hold of their leg and when a force them to tap or in a break it. People's didn't understand this, all right nineteen, thirty two at the age of fifteen, he entered his first promotional. She I testing for showdown. That's for the first on this first degree, in terms of that time, a candidate often state on the mat until he was defeated, career a beat five other, school students and earned his show dancer, get us first degree, the now dear his run in with his elementary school teacher and his vow to achieve nightgown apparently
forgotten. He entered the promotional contest again defeating all four members, the opposing team, all by a ball and was promoted to lie down, which is the second degree. So interesting and judo. If you don't know, this report is a way that you can mediately win a judo match by Throwing your opponent, where there leave the ground in any part of their body, touches the ground before their feet. If you do that, you instantly when we could discuss the way, That really means cousin, Fortunately, ok view Concrete. Then you throw someone on concrete. It's definitely hurt them. it's gonna hurt them more than a man. Is gonna hurt them, so you could understand why people would say. Well, you know if I threw you like this, I would win. So, therefore, if I throw you like this in a tournament I will win That being said, you can
and get thrown even on concrete and not be knock out and not be. george badly, and that's it jujitsu comes into comes into play, cousin, jujitsu, you throw some wonderful far from over. Doesn't matter how you from you have to submit them. You have to get body, control you have the really really dominate and submit them in order to win so the ball again are certain upon throws that have happened on concrete, like here, you're not get nothing for shirk. But there is also a bomb throws that wouldn't knock you wouldn't would knock you wouldn t able you from continuing to fight, but Those the rules as well the problems with the rules in fighting. you, put rules and fighting things change any rule. Things change, sometimes they dont really matter. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they do matter No one is like and since in mme enemies, jitters. There's a rule
That says, no small joint manipulation, all that means is I'm not grab one of your fingers and bend it and break it so Let's I am trying to choke you and you and you not allowed in a jujitsu tournament to grab my finger and break you're allowed to do that. here's what you think this is a legit rule, if you and I were in a real fight- and I I your back and I was trying to choke you and you. My finger to try and break it. Guess what I would do the get angry freely. I would you Let you break my finger as I joke you and I'll kill you so it not a game changer, but it prevents injuries. So rules like that using make sense. Now, look, there's gonna, be someone who says he, but if I broke you think you might freak out. It's true true life or death battle, not I, you know, even happens if, if you off with you and I are training
I get he'll hook on you, since we're just training. I dont really crank it and so then you get out in I might say we know I gotta go hard because we weren't competition. Well, guess what you also! If we want but this new might not top that you might just let the sprain happened. So it's actually the council's itself out a little bit, I'm not ranking as hard as I could. You are also not avoiding tapping at all. You know just not gonna tap, which is a different thing. So, through they're all police will, in my opinion, I think that all you know this. Sportsmanship element to to all sports policy in digital is that those are just some of them were blocked because energetic turn if there was small joint manipulation you get guys who aren't register tournaments, not life. death so technically that finger
breaking that finger or whatever might work cause an uprising, life or death. Is this guy broke my finger? I'm not going to compete with a broken finger. You know it's not that serious to me yeah now. I can't you know, do my job, the next four weeks. Why let my finger he'll up on homework or nothing in real life or whatever so its kind like our list. that a rule is gonna vary from person to person, you know me well, Have you get a hold of a finger and it's not that serious? If somebody's, like kind of effective, you know it's like cause, it hurts and you get someone who's, not thinking life or death boom they're going to stop me, but hey you're, smoking whatever. So that a rule with keep it sportsmen, like you, know the hooks is kind of the same thing just to like one level lower like in practice right where and this goes for any submission really, except for jokes cause, jokes or you can just took the guy out, no harm no foul but like. If it has kimora or something like that. Something where I like the more flexible the guy is, the more he'll probably be able to resist it kind of a thing and you're bending this guy's thing or he'll hook or whatever. If this
we are training with thinks. It's like life or death, he's going to kind of jam himself up yeah, but it's up to him. He can if the tap or whatever or or he can be like yeah and get out or whatever it's still just training. It's not that serious. You know so don't necessarily have to be a rule, so you can that going on. I think that chemicals for most sports too, but you do have Be careful because there are rules of like, for instance, in mme, you're, not allowed to kick a downed opponent in the head right. So that means some of these positions are changed there, back in the day in pride, you could kick in the head and you could mean that I remember I used to spar with dean when he's getting ready for pride and like if I shot him and sprawled he'd need me in the head. Seventeen times like legit teach yeah he in its it's. Not it's not a good thing. Whereas in the? U s, see you're not to do that. So that means you can shoot. You can get sprawled on the person has to adjust their attack and makes you it makes
the shooting a much more comfortable thing cause you think I'll I'll. Just you know whatever I'll get back to the top or I'll get back up to my feet. If you know that every time you shoot and get sprawled on you're going to get needing the head nine times, that's a problem have the thing with death, quote downed opponents So if you and I are fighting and you're in a position where you could ne me, but I put my hand on the ground like up against the cage happens when I put my hand on the ground. Now, I'm a quote down. Opponent now: you're not allowed to kick or nemean the head. Well, let's kind of, right, the rear started effective. The the way a fight would go yet when the college game in it there yesterday middle system first part and that's one of the things that happens with judo another thing and judo is you can pin someone? You know you, if you hold someone down, you can win the maps outweigh ingenuity You can't win by pinning look it sucks. Being on the bottom. When someone told me you down, but you that that person top either has to hold you there and towards over and over
we're on points, or they have to try and submit you, but they can't finish the fight just by holding some one. So there are rules that a fact and remove some of the realism from some martial arts, you know some of them point fighting us striking arts where you're you're through owing strikes, which are actually now allowed to, there's some were not allowed. A striking ahead, so see guys come out and they have their hands down because they're just trying to deal with body blows which totally messes up their fighting for real. So I have to be careful with rules. Nonetheless, on a ball. Indeed, in judo you win, correct, back to the book. The following year may of nineteen thirty four he travelled to kyoto. For the first time in his life to test for his third degree, he was required to take a written exam and sky
test as well as compete after asking the skill test he had It's in his autobiography, which again I tried to find to be. Clueless about the written exams. So he turned around and snatch the finnish exam from the boy behind him and turned it in obviously the increasingly serious kim kimura, still handsome mischievous boy inside in the contest at only aged sixteen, he was awarded the rank of third degree. He moved up one degree for each of his three consecutive. Here's next year's a tenth greater about age, fifteen. Sixteen kimura fought in the saga, prefect turmoil, bhutto crude in white t match, amazingly only about a year's time. In grade he threw four of the other third degrees and and other opponents putting the captain of the opposing team. Ten. For ten
He was awarded the rank of yo down, which is four degree at the age of sixteen. After only six, there's a training. He was named captain. The chin, say highschool team, as a junior, an honor usually reserve for senior unease about us and ultimately turn five hours dan. now you're turning five hours day, you're, not doing anything in school but just training, eared now look there is a distinction between people that train hard people that are naturally gifted and then there's a. our group, which is people that are naturally gifted emma Jane harden. If you're in that, group, your rare, your rare human costs, a lot of time. People are naturally gifted they get away. I don't even learn how to train hard. They didn't even know how to drink hard, because they're just so, naturally gifted you get other people that are that that there they they don't have to gift, so they have to train hard. So they learned a trainer and both those groups actually can become champions. But if you and become a go,
yeah! You have to go, you're going to be a goat. You gotta be in that third, you gotta be george ST pierre. Naturally, did an train like a friggin maniac right, that's what that's what you become in those situations. So my My suspicion is kimura had natural talent and train like crazy, does what end up with a guy that just murdering people any sixteen years old man a fourth don high school student was extremely rare and camera began to attract national attention. In his senior year, camera competed in the national junior high school tournament, kyoto, his team advice, the finals any had any had to face a very tough team from kyoto. First, commercial, junior, high school, a team known for its strong groundwork, no water. That's everything! Your members, I mean the stuff that's going on in
in high school. You know, judo is the sport in japan, especially in this time, It's kind of you know when I talk to people from around the country and people ask me people used to say, like oh, your son's in high school or your daughters. Are you what sports do they play? and you are to say wrestling and then for my son. I'd be like. Oh, my he's on the surf team, you ways. How about like they have now. Yeah. He's uncertainty at his high school would meet with David They compete against other high schools. They have a california stay champion like that's the way it goes down. it was like that in Japan, especially at this time this was the sport. Does what they're doing He was not, of course, think of you. If you ve been to thailand now in thailand. My tie, it's like the national sport and If you go to america, you flew around us town and a helicopter, the tennis court all the basketball courts are?
baseball diamonds, all the soccer fields, all those things all those different sports in thailand the way? I remember it there's only one thing: you're, just my type so you be walking down the street. You like little kids is throwing more time kicks at each other. Kids kickin bags like hanging in. Instead having You know if you drive that through a neighborhood insane, ago. How many basketball hoops do you see in every day? Since you know, Twenty five houses, you see seven or eight basketball hoops moved in the driveway. in thailand does is heavy back. neither is that many heavy backs, there's no, nothing else, privilege the its lead Yes, I am. I think you can see videos online of inner diskiver, remember Stuart cooper, Stuart move or films day. He lived in thailand for awhile and you know you can
watch, cool videos or whatever and yeah when you see the other out on the streets the same way and that's such a good comparison, where, if you take football, basketball, baseball and actually soccer- and you put those all together in the u S, it's just that yeah cause like it's like a thing worrying and you may see kids just plain basketball with a basket. the union opened up, or you know guys disrupt we play soccer in a place where you don't really play soccer and drive where in the cul de sac or some like that go down. Neighborhoods you'll see the basketball thing, that's about basket, in the cul de sac for everyone thing it's like just kind of we can pick up here, but there whenever, whenever the same exact thing. But it's the kids randomly hanging out at the park, two guys doing retail designers tinkersdam, whatever those kid kick in african palm tree over there, and that's what judo was at this time for japan, like that's what we're doing we're doing, judo him being a champion, it's kind of like being a surfing champion
High school in California, you're you're compete. Do they have teams in Hawaii rwanda, you not not for high school. Now, what I know no, not in high school. In fact, now I'm thinking of it there, like clubs, they're not for like highschool what you're talking about them, the scholastic surf program and you compete. why, if they do have anyway, I don't know about it. It's like in them. they have ski teams at high schools. You know like that's what they're doing robots? Nobody, probably problem, but I know I can't speakers Nobody, I don't notice well, but in new england grown up like some kids, I went to school in vermont on new Hampshire. They had so little schemes. So that's really really good program good, better, word indoctrination, but the jew though the whole that's why we ve cover the judo books- and here I forget the number the park ass, but you're there a whole jewels.
not a sport, it's a whole way of being the whole way of acting in that's what they were trying to inculcate. The people with was It's sort of a a warrior spirit that was centered around this martial art judo. So sky, kimura just being as good as he is, that's saying a lot fast forward. His Does another contest? There's a bunch of results of contest in here. Want me he a triple victory. And his school for the first time became the national champions about some of those fights here which is interesting to hear he says I had to big fights during my chin, say junior high days in those days Bhutto was widely and feverish sleep practised. Given this background, it was a natural consequence that a young man who rapidly became famous became a target of challenge first fight occurred, when I was in the second year one
or of chin say: junior high judo club, whose name was ida hook peter for the position of second year student captain with me and lost developed a hatred towards me on a saturday of june on my way to the school do Joe, he walked up me and said I have a little business with you. So come with me in a case like this, the meaning of businesses tactfully understood he uttered. You are impudent. I am going to get you today and took out a job can knife from his pocket and suddenly thrust it at my abdominal area, I fought I evaded it successfully, but the knife got into my back. He got on I go and started to run away. I also ran after him, while bleeding from the buttock and finally got to his house. He stayed inside the house and did not come out. Instead, his parents came out and apologized to me thoroughly and sincerely. They said our son cut his own hand when he stabbed you he's in his bed. Now, a doctor's on the way it turned out that
as injury was more serious than mine, but I had stay away from practice for about twenty days, so he caught up dude back in the day, dislike down, dude hope layers, my play in my third year at school, I was challenged by kay the name of the students kept secret in the book Who is then consider to be the number one street fighter among all the junior high school students in the area he was student of coma coma. Moto commerce, junior hi, he was small in stature, but was known pull out a knife and every street fight it was known that when he loses his parents and relatives all join him and ambush for revenge on my way back. I was about to cross the bridge. He found me and said: hold it right. There come with me. We walked to apply, near sunset. He said you are come here, aren't you this was
first time that we saw each other face to face. We glared each other over a distance of about one meter than suddenly pulled out, a tonto which is a freakin short sword and thrust it forward at me, I evaded grab them through hard onto the ground. Now in this he is no match to me. I am kay I surrender you are strong. He honesty revealed his identity and apologized. After this None of his parents came to see me. Moreover, no junior high school student chow, with me for a street fight when you get a sword pulled on you just jack the dude. You not worried about gettin picked on anymore in the fall of nineteen. Thirty. Four. he's now going to universal university, tackle shockoe tackled. Shoko again. I apologise to my japanese people out there from mutilating your language.
he's gonna college now, curate defeated Consecutive opponents lost his ninth match. Although kimura smoked, as did many, A many reporting was an excellent long distance runner during his key oh Jesus, said in in eighty seven interview, he train ten and a half hours a day. He would begin by striking the mac. He wore a which is like a striking posts, a thing that you punishing those things that are not there what they wanted the rope around it was, thousand times with each fist a training methods learned from studying, karate then he would head off to the police department dodo where he would work out with other tough judo go for about an hour a three hour training session at taku die followed from six thirty two about seven thirty p m. He would train at the quota can follow three, our session at a local judo dough, Joe near the campus, but that was at the end of his day after I went home and eight I would I would take up Ass and then do solo training first, a foul
and pushups. Then body building Six hundred bench presses with eighty k g it's a hundred seventy five pounds. Roughly bar bells that would take about an hour so That's a savage worker. I I'm thinking about doing that, took it I'm thinking about getting into like dude six hundred wraps. That's crazy! That actually kind of sounds like you're going to work out. You know, like you, your you. You told me his couple of times few times where he was like. Oh, what was the workout you'd be like? Oh yeah pull ups. Today but whether they be like my desire for sets a five five sets to you, like epilepsy I don't like. I don't have thousands of pull. Ups, but it's like overtime like you, just see how and that's what that sounds like where it's like yeah eighty eighty kilograms grams. This exceptional I mean, obviously I dont like bunching cause because it I don't
I like the way it feels on my shoulder made out to figure out. Maybe there's a dumbbell equivalent or something I dunno, maybe hell yeah dumbbells all day, so benching bench is a good one. I feel I feel, like I don't know for sure, but I feel like arnold kind of was like one of the main like proponents of bent, so it kind of got like a thing. But then again I know there's like french beef, It was a guy when I got to the tea in used an older dude. You know which means he was probably a little bit younger than me right now, bracing he at the time, but he was you in the pair aloft, which is where they did pack perish, it's stuff. I think he was kind of. you know finishing up his are finished his career, but he would allegedly hugh just like pack a parachute like do do I collect say it takes twenty minutes to pursuit he packed. For five minutes, get like to a certain step and there's a good job. Steel for fifteen That's her ten minutes and come back and do a little bit more and you just basically
lift all day. Long does The kind of thing where I think that'd be real good for you yeah. I mean I get all this, so I learned this phrase. What else kind of getting certified to be a personal trainer? the to write. That kind of forgot about the time on attention now Did you call that want to be around those deep by the way, so some people, They think, like almost, was put all our attention on their or sorry a lot of time under tension. Well, that's pretty low tension. If the time is going to be anyway. No it's not that it's an it was in regards to you know in the end, there's a I don't you don't go to the gems in public jim's? This is putting an end to public gems yeah. So what okay life of a believe it or not, there you go, but you'll, be less familiar with this. This event occurrence whereas someone will see someone doing something, cortical wrong rate and then, though, going no crept corrected,
were given tips or whatever unwanted advice, advice exactly solicited unsolicited, so you know some guys they do it to girls to maybe just get an in to talk to them. What there's many different reasons for it, but the main one of the main, like problems that come from that sometimes is like When you ask someone like hey or tell told someone he'd know that you're doing wrong is the right way to do it. No matter how nicely say at the thing you're missing is: what are they training for? so really one of the things you have to understand is you have to know what the person is training for to be able to determine if they're doing it right or wrong. For the most part, there are exceptions. But then drain in a block, your back. They were like us, I'd like that in there are so many times were, even as a professional train or for decades. Whatever you find a what, in foreign you're, like whoa, wait a minute that makes a lot more sense. I don't know about that kind of training. That's like some fitness routine. Or or competition or whatever you're doing is that are unfamiliar with, and you have to admit that. Obviously so you can
and be surprised with that, suffer you thinking that violates every rule that I've ever learned ever in a certification, worse or outside, of course, that violates violated? You go find out whether training for you, like, I never heard of that. So I I have nothing to input on your training anyway, so you don't like, as in back the point you gotta fight, know what their training for. So you know you, you just said that sounds like it be good for you. There maybe the I mean if you're gonna be getting in forty minute judo matches and you can bench press. It takes you an hour. I mean if he said that took about an hour. Dude, that's a lot! That's ten reps a minute for an hour yeah! So there's one! That's a freaking, tough workout man! So this cause there, certain physiological and biological like things that go on in your body. If you train certain ways so into bulgaria, if you look into the bulgarian streamer every rights gaiety, so they they do so
fly gum they just max out. It be like an eight hour, training sash all max out, They ve max out like at a certain time, so the right the volume would be like kind of small, but that intensive would be just the highest couples and singles. Oh and there's Can always do that it depends. I guess it depends on what you're training for depends on the approach, because there are many ways to get that to that goal depends on. The person depends on like what can change, regardless of everything that you're saying right now, sir, let's face it you can bench press a hundred eighty five pounds six, hundred targets in an hour the guards and whatever you're saying you're, pretty good shape. the training does ass exactly so then, but tat, but think about this, you know, I'm not just being a country at all the, but it's something to think about where bench,
the press, whatever that's usually for, like part lifting or by building. So, if your training for like to be able to endorse them punishment and still have your muscles and joint function, so that's what you're doing that training I could see it for sure, but it goes about. It goes beyond like body building you said body when it goes with it. not them, means body building. Now in the way that you're thinking ism embody building like I'm gonna, be on the cover of a magazine. He means on building my body for war at the gear. Correct What He then goes, go back the book. This is his himself and was training routine. Then uchi call me which is practising throwing. Without a partner. against a maple tree a thousand times I would rapid Judy. Belt around a very thick mate maple tree, but doing that thousand times a day.
The trees would snap rather quickly it was really expensive than our own. A rope and do so together a training. So this I was training, like a madman, camera told the same interview that he slept only about two hours and night feeling sleep was a wasted time. No one where he trained and no one He gained reputation as these raining ogre training, demon, self he ended up have Some losses, one time I name, o sour, can ichiro through com head. First, on the mat game, a concussion, it is concussion. He fought another match this time against abe. can Shiro was another judo prodigy younger however, some of his advancements it and he lost. He org key. Also big mirror
Had another lost by yamamoto ideal He had some losses and, of course, as this new book kimura was extremely except upset by the unusual experience of losing an reportedly considered quitting judo. For a time all day, when you go through mad This isn't! For me, that's actually that's actually are over use joke of mine, knowing, if I've or of the other man man jerry here yesterday I was thinking. Maybe I need to give up budgets. That's, whereas yeah yup, that's how they re. Remember like you did. You have a word for. I think you might be talking about something else, but the guys in the
teams who are there's like so good at stumps. Something and they've never lost it. They don't really lose devastates them way worse than the average. This isn't the shield this is going through, but yeah going through buds who's, a gazelle gazelle gazelle, meaning they always when they want everything their whole life there and it never lost anything. And then they just you, know they're devastating yeah. They can't handle that kind of pressure. So is that you, you feel like some gazelle, like quite qualities. In that scenario, for forty more nope. I don't think so. I think that he had won a bunch that may ok, little bit does like a jackal can attend and others like a little like reuse, eight about. Squats. Where yearly ethics was the twenty one. I want to be worth it and then we're gonna be weak Let me out of here just goes like between Europe's cups of decoupling questioning your whole us straight
It is those those those squats when you do as twenty rub squats for real when you doom for real there, there there s a journey a mental journey. Now we ve had people. comcast talking about thereof, psychedelic journeys, we're like I, Alaska and all the staff and screaming and cry like an inside their burning in all this review. Twenty rep squats correctly same thing for say fifty just do one giant set or one like hard set, or is it like like two three? So how many sets? over twenty. When I was really into that now, I this, where it's actually the book, this political freedom feel menu I haven't done is in a long time and I would need to like change my lifestyle little bit again and get back in the game on that particular game. So I used to do warm up and then I would do twenty wraps what twenty minute break twenty min
squat or twenty rep squat twenty minute break twenty wraps so we take one hour where anybody twenty minutes of recovery ass. It was horrible it was so I would The time I got done like I would take you'll get dawn, go for a job to try moves in the lack of acid and by someone had done, I would be thinking like I have to do this again in a week in whatever it is five days and I'd be like upset, yeah I'd be thinking. Maybe I should get into crocheting. Maybe I should get some other thing what's funny about that. I can relate one hundred percent by the way, but what's funny about that, especially when you're like frickin, like you're so mad that you have to do it, you don't want your workout, you made it, don't have to do anything, you know, but it's like you're, so like connected to the Work out is like twenty rub scots. If you only got nineteen wraps, like you, probably mentally candid, jammed up for a little girl. You am very proud that too, that's weird in This is fresh in my mind about the twenty rep squats wagner.
we're done the twenty rep squats like that I've done twenty righteous. Why did you ever go on it with a weight that you can only do today, like as the work out? I've done fifteen and actually did fifteen today, but here's the thing: it's not it's different so I did my regular squat routine and then I just put a light, isn't there and I did fifteen, but this is at the end and I try to keep my rest of the kind of a minimum, so I'm like kinda like jammed up so the blue basalt fifteen real malaysia burning right now, they're weaker in on you like we are and I went. in my usual higher rep is twelve. That's my usual higher rep day, so once they get the twelve, I could just feel my body like strength, just drop our five thirteen yeah like homo. Like physiologically, it thought it was done for ill, so at four dinner like almost like the thing that so heavy all of a sudden. Then I did fourteen and then like the fifteen, It was kind of that, like asia, that almost like an outer body, experience kind gonna like hey your legs kind, don't really work anymore. Look
lighter waits. I get it, but I could feel the little hints of this where, like your legs, don't work anymore, like a like your legs are saying: hey we're not supposed to be doing this and they check out so you're, just like using your whole brain to get like the rep or whatever I'm like dang. What? If I had twenty of those things, even with the we re, thereby, I think I think that might take me off distant land- I gotta get used to that. You do do. I saw freakin. josh hangar ray. You know that is re, addressing he's a train that yeah yeah, so he it was like to some video clip. Posted on embryos like I am finishing out, though my leg work out with it set a twenty and those two wheels to twenty five he did all twenty homesick brown and is smaller than me. I was like bro, you got me beat by so that being said, we're talking about this quitters mindset that can come in and
to whom europe you lost a few times last four times and he says maybe I should just quit, but then go back to the book competitive personality and encouragement of several friends, let into rededicate himself his teacher even harder at the? U Firstly, he train to increase his strength by carrying around two hundred and thirty two pounds bag of sand. He said I thought practicing twice as much as others would be sufficient. Since I heard others were practicing about three hours a day. In reality, however, they had been practicing. About four hours, a day which I found out later, he its revenge section called revenge o sour can janeiro of Kenneth Shiro, one of those were defeated. Kimura in competition regularly trained at the can you shoe police dodge, and kimura exacted his revenge on oh sour, their throwing
him for a poem. a, but can shiro was more difficult to catch up with because their paths seldom crossed, but kimura caught wind of the fact that abe was going to be training at the codecanyon a certain day and showed up to challenge him, the Five hundred Macedonia was silent, except for the two eudocia the twenty minute practice abe was thrown many times kimura through aid to the hardwood floor presumably off the edge the mat eleven times and six times the tommy disgusted able eventually quit at the time. Kimura was still a college student, while abid graduated and was professional instructor. So he got his little vengeance, those wounded training hall, but a sound I give you the training hall and every stops and watches you you dont immediately is one thing like: oh let's say you and I had been. We know you beat me and a tournament, and then I went
your cadmium, be you or are you came to my or whatever we met at a neutral academy, just in training sessions like open map, and then I be you. I wouldn't feel like I really got my vengeance, but if everybody stop than they watching and then I threw you eleven times under the hardwood. I'd be like yeah no it's up now, there's a little bit of revenge, and especially than that's a good point, you when I went stops and watches rate, where I mean there's, there's a few subtle elements that are sometimes most of the time like their intangible, only the two people that are competing or practices. feel it where you know like one things: s and you feel the sense of training start to diminish and the sense of competition really take over. You know like we all had that before commit. So with a scenario like this, where it's like, hey, you beat me in the tournament and then you start feeling that bubble up and then,
people start watching. That's when you know that's like one hundred percent like hey, this is no longer training. This is it's on. This is the rematch going on right now. I feel, like that's the case. You'll feel that no, I think, you're right. I think when you have, bunch of when you have five hundred man, that's a huge dodoes photoshop and is a massive place and everyone's watching feel that escalate you're, getting smash like, however, many times in a row of wrath. Imagine being there much of a champion like a was, and somebody comes and just be to what seventeen times, that's humiliation, rough in the fall of nineteen. Thirty seven kimura repeated his victory as all japan collegiate champion in the biannual turn. winning six matches. Three with a sort of jerry one with a paul one which is increasingly famous arm lock and one by pin as a result The swiss kimura became the first student.
Permitted to enter the all japan, Judah champions, chip held october, twenty third and twenty fourth, nineteen. Thirty, seven in the finals he goes against a guy knocker Jima maza Yuki, whose a fifth I got these there's a really good adham. Just reading little excerpt of this book obviously get the book get the book. Christopher m clark. I don't think I mentioned his name yet, but that's the book. It's christopher m Clarke who wrote the book get the book is on amazon I'm only reading some highlights from it. So if the details get it, but he goes into a pretty good description of how he of of this competition. But let me let me take you through what he says. He says after. After the thirty minute battle, both my skin and g were so
with sweat, sweat was dripping in so much quantity that I could hardly opened my eyes I had to open my eyes, alternately to see the next overtime. I, nakajima sat to bring our geet to the proper position I tried to untie the bell, but I could not generate enough force my hands to do so the knot, this hard as a stone. My fingers were almost completely powerless so that it be a long time to fix the key then I saw knock a gmo. Extend his legs alternately rub calves with his hands. I thought those legs are the key for my victory. I re tightened my black belt and watched his motion carefully. As soon as the joy, just announced start I tackled at his legs.
Fell on his buttocks. I then caught him thinking. I could never win if I lost this chance and frantically held him pinned the intense battle which lasted forty minutes finally ended, so that's kind of crazy there's another we in preparing for that match. I read an interview with him as well, but he has like up basically it's it's a near death experience that Has it says this in a book camera costly pushed himself to find his limits in nineteen? Thirty, six, while training for national championships, he had what he called a mysterious experience in which I truly discarded my life We goes to this. Some other donors
and actually had an actually me hon. I were talking about this mahal pointed out that they have something called date: decay go which is practice outside one's regular dodo, which is really mark it's really smart, not just to only two look, it's good to have its great to have a great all that you train out, but it's also good to go and try other go to other gems in any way. as for anything we knowing in this. You'll teams like when I and training. We had rangers came in working with us, we'd special forces guys it came hey. How do you guys you we would send guys did their schools? Why we want to pay is outside of our own. Dojo will get the other look, and you know that's kind of a term that gets used these days. To get another. Look you so that's actually how I met bihar cause me I was coming. You know some of the guys from legion come down here. You know like let's mix it up,
you know: there's the honor open mandate, victory, there's people from every base, we every academy in southern california really. So that's a good plan That's what kimura does in this particular instance- and he said I went to train and there were about To students there, All of whom were on under who had been undergoing strenuous training. They were strong back then we worked talking about instructors. College. I said, then he asked a polite way of asking the trainees to engage in practice. I'm not gonna, try and use the japanese food habit in here stepped down of the donor. Sure he basic says: hey who wants to train and he says in a friendly way and he stepped in for a type of training that called continuous attack practice which make sounds like what we might call a shark tanks on this He says I had won the student championships, so when I threw one of them the next would charge,
me and I try to hang on and go all out to throw him. I thought Even if I went to my knees, I would get the airport I do about five minutes. one person for around seventy people. At some point I began to feel faint and when I braced myself against it, I lost consciousness and forward. However, my body was moving, even though I lost consciousness. The offence and defensive techniques kept on fighting for me I dont know where I went then, when I looked about this keen, students of the instructors college were gathered together. Looking at something in one corner of the dodo, I wondered what they were doing Oh, I wish training and when I glanced over, I saw somebody stretched out on the floor. When I looked down from above I said, hey, isn't tell me. When I looked at my face, stretched out on the floor. He looked common these four I was smiling as I slept. I felt that this was
the way to sleep, so strenuous was the practice that even kimura felt he was dying heart eating so fast. He felt his heart was going to explode. However, he held on a gradually regained his strength and mental power. Back through this guarantee realised that, no matter how exhausted eu eventually regan his power back this belief. Was one of the reasons for kimura is unbelievable. Victories. Taken it to the limit, as we like to say, have an out of body experience he's, I was getting the empty getting camera jujitsu. If you are so good without happens, look I haven't living being knocked out or choked out unconscious in both those categories where you have an out of body experience which I've deafening had both those but push yourself and then hard and training like I've, never done that, but
every time you go hard and training. You feel good when you're done and there's something there, something about jujitsu. I must say that's better than like what say you know what else could we spent work out? Let's go, do khan, like those do something so super hard core that does it feel the same theirs, the same goodness. You am I wrong. Here at we really right so, and I shall all oddly coincidentally recently. This was part of my like rabbit all thought: process Why? Why is that right? We're thing? Ok, you could say in which I I think I would agree with words like when you especially as a male human being you you battling against, like another mail, is like kind of like there's a pay off on top of the pay off with that kind of exercise. It whatever sure think that's true, but after a while, I was thinking like here. Think
I think it's this. I think, like you know how, like you, when you, good friends with someone, that's kind. all I could be doing this thing, but if my friend was here with me, we could do it together. We could like share in the fund times and whatever and then, when you think, that long term, when you have like a really good friend, you share in the fun times, and the joy times. Then you can to normal, and you can go either bay. Remember that time where this, then it really something we but useless to shared sufferings. This shared suffering exactly right. So now a combination of, and I think some tat sum in some weird where, if you like, this is kind of part of the purpose of life. I think where you have, that shared suffering and its concentrated really concentrated shared suffering, shared joy. exercise and everything that that comes with, because it's not like normal access. Think about like how hard ten rounds is, because we did ten rounds in your only did eight but Less aid is still suffered, think
in a hard that is as far as output goes like if you had one those monitors or whatever like thing about it, to replicate a work out like that within that amount of time, which is a you know, you figure there, five minute rounds, forty five, how to know how long between wage consider the whole time frame and then the output that as a whole hard work of the new note else's cool. Is you get done with a jujitsu work out? you know that were no matter what level europe, even if you're a white belt and you're on your third month and you train hard. You know you know that you can now be based we anyone that wasn't in there with you that day, you know what I mean. What you did to people obviously cause you're. Only a white belt. You only been training for three months, but that's a small number. When you talk about the population of earth yeah, so you you get that thing where you
like, like even the other day. Ok, we did a bunch around the bush, really good people just being thereon. That map means that there's most people on planet earth you can actually take. They were not on that. They were not on that. yeah and yeah isn't that that goes with, kind of what I was saying earlier. We're like you know like that, just what that entails, and what that kind of deliveries to you, that's part of, like the whole joy like where afterwards, when everything is settled rate that one of the things I got deliver too, but the part you can connect with another guy in the in that hey, where, like me, straight up when a battle, it's a proxy for a battle, but we did like, as far as our brains are concerned, we kind of did so. We had shared sovereignty, we had all itself and then we opposed each other in that
in the end, we sort of made up right were no longer enemies anymore, and let's face it when you, when you battle with a guy super hard like in, like in real life like you hate, each other or whatever as a kid and you hate each other and then at the end of the day, you kind of like wait, a second we're kind of the same, and then you become friends with them. I feel like that's kind of a nap a part of existence as well. I think you get it some kind of a pay off deep down. I think you get some sort of the sort pay off. Generally speaking with that rule right, so I feel All of those elements all mixed together in one experience the judges to experience. I think that's why I feel so good, there's a weird dichotomy, so the when, in remedy we worked with this battalion of soldiers called the first, the the five six six red he familiar goodbye the brothers best awesome guys and they had a little saying That was why stand alone together.
so that's kind of what happens when you do too, like use your alone together, so kind of you think about when you roll with a guy who you ve never met before You wrote that many of us have a solid sickroom, no matter who get to work as in retirement, doesn't matter the outcome, but you have a sick rule with em. You kind of feel connected, well for sure. You see that guy next week, like at the store the rug way better friends, then, if using your class in college or something like that, you want to lose out to the car one for it. Get you there's a kind of friends like you jump levels in the relationship with one roll so. He wins this national championship right, you, the all, japan, national champions he says he couldn't sleep for excitement despite exhaust in today's competition needed five hundred pushups and a kilometer body hops.
Come you're still didn't sleep well as he laid down in bed. He said to himself today's victory was a fluke. add more starman stamina, the knocker Jima? Simply because I'm younger than he is, could I beat him again? Probably not. I would lose next time this obsession, Before the tournament commuters, go had been merely to win the national champion chip now, however, he decided he wonder, remain undefeated champion for ten years He realized that two compresses go. He would have to redouble its efforts and train harder than any one else possibly could mulling over his goal. He finally came up with what he called triple effort. Training regimes as he looks, later told it. I am the champion, others would stop to train six hours a day to beat me. I could not beat them as long as I trained as hard as others
Fi opponents train twice as hard as others that I will train three times as hard as others. I e nine hours a day. This way, we gain an extra three hours a day, and I will do this every day accumulation of these extra hours will become my flesh and blood that is. My skills and my mental power, that's what he's doing once a national championship and realizes going to train times harder than anybody else. Physical activity gave kimura a monstrous appetite? The ninety one, the nineteen thirty seven championships reported we celebrated by eating thirteen bowls of rice during his power me. Seventy eight bowls of rice in the morning, twelve bowls of rice in the evening, plus some fish, such as red snapper and e washee, which sardines this dude grubbing down. Fishing
Can europe principle coach during his prime competing years was who she jima tots. You touch a coma. Who she gmos. Teaching was ferocious as his own training, according to hirano training under who shimmer, who sheet who gmo was hell training, a cloud consisted of five minutes of warm ups fault three to four hours of nothing but continuous knew was a witch the mere noises what we do in digital rolling. Basically, it was considered this graceful to tap out and surrender when being choked. So at any time for five students were likely to be lying unconscious on the two tommy, as others continued practice around the behind our laugh laughing about that. One like there's is bought Students, stupid bodies on the mat you know hey five minute, warm up, then four hours of new aza four hours training I like that,
gmos teaching was tough, was a tough cycle if we as it was physically, his motto, reported wooten reply really was attacked Till your heart stopped beating he had no patience for self. Congratulations are excuses after kimura, one eight as in a row and received his go down at the nineteen thirty four quota con competition here, back to you. She to probably shows accomplishments rather than Praise him for his victories, however, who she Jima slapped his face repeatedly telling him that competition is equivalent to a real sword, kill or get killed. Dual between in she warriors to throw an opponent, to kill him being thrown means being killed. You killed eight men, you got killed by the ninth man. Remember if you
devote your life to judo. You can only survive by throwing your opponents are fighting to draw, no matter how many tough opponents you face so ferocious. Was she gmos desire to win that famous match, you want to turn me because you he wore because in the end he was able secures opponent, walk trolling him using his jaws and teeth to hold them by the belt. That the true spirit of blue jitsu judo that who she Jima income euro lived by ass historian, John Stevens recounts the style, who should Jima, trained in was quote extreme there was no such thing as a draw, the match went on until one of the competitors gave up or died some matches were fought with a wooden dagger, captain ones belt. If you pick your opponent, you could mimic cutting off his head with a dagger Gmos. Judo was the same attack attack attack who she Jima visited every dodo. We could find to engage anyone who is willing to rent in willing, in and dory and spent much of
knights, lifting heavy boulders and striking trees with his hands to bear to build strength. The night before she drank turtles blood on the morning of the match he ate powder made from the body of a poison adder he would cooed himself in a cave for a week doing Zaza. In reading we saw she's book of five rings. He nearly trained himself to death. Developing a life threaten viral infection that end, his career, who she gmo retired from competition in nineteen thirty, four thereafter devoting himself to making cameras the world's top fighter. So there you go. I mean no slack, having overcome is for losses and adopting a ferocious ferocious training programme. Kimura win to win tournament after tournament he's the champion from nineteen thirty, eight nineteen, forty one
talking about that triple effort. Training soon after kimura started his triple effort. Training rumours begin to circulate about how it rivals were stepping up in their training, what kimura has to say. Initially, I listened to this information with competence thinking I will never loosens I've been training more than nine hours a day, however, after a while. I started out myself confidence in them days I was interested in then I wanted to reach the state of no ego, discover secret judo text, can throw around, opponents using the techniques, but in reality I missed a chance to go to a zen temple one after another. That is. because it was evident that I would lose my precious time for training by doing so, after all, humans are weak when they get sick get into trouble. They depend on god. I was no exception. I medicine trying to reach the state of no ego. I first to reach the state of no. We go by soon lost the force for struggling. Forgot about tomorrow's bout and the that I was sitting so
after reaching this state, the character win, appeared in my mind, actually has appeared on my mind, but the key your soon got superimposed on the character of loss. However, my mind was already empty. I did not, make any effort to get the character of win. I dont know. Which time has elapsed since I started to sit suddenly. My whole body became hot as if somebody poured boiling water over me from the top. But my head in my body started tremble. Then I noticed the character of wind was shining at the centre of my forehead as if had been waiting for me to notice its appearance. I wind tomorrow's bouts. I was convinced of my victory with pleasure leave. There was a message from god that can only be given to them who pushed to the maximum limit of mental and physical strength and get to the broader did border between life and death. If pursued only pleasure. I wouldn't
seeing the character of loss sides, with only those who challenge a difficult task. Despite the possibility of death even the wide wished, even though I even Oh, I had no special belief in any religion. It was mine interpretation of the existence of god. I then calm down from a joyful feeling of victory, turned on the light of the room and prayed for the protection from various gods. I also prayed to the ancestors of the Kimura family centre ago. It is said that we saw she Mew Miyamoto, who was called the greatest swords master sort mastered. History visited a shrine before his battle with you. She got your. She got family and try to pull a bell uttering god, please protect me, but and but regained his calmness and did not ring the bell. I do not, on gods, it was his otto. I thought, if I lived the same era of massage. She pursued the
of the sword and even fought masai. Would never lose at worst. The fight would go. Even there. You go some meditation going on dig in deep. His little section I had to talk about costs. Echo trusts called Kimura weightlifter ahead of his time. Few japanese, martial law does in the first half of the twentyth century engagements systematic strength are we lifting training, some utilised old school methods such as cameras carrying around a bag of heavy sand. It was not until the late nineteenth fifties and early nineties when a man and martial artist don Draeger begin Introduce western weightlifting in strength, training methods to see that such action became, became commonplace among you doctor. Europe was decades ahead of this time. However,.
As early as his college years in a bid, nineteen thirty's kimura had became a devoted weightlifter. A method that country did significance to his ability to overpower opponents, albeit with excellent technique. His prime community, hundreds of pushups and other strength exercises but supplement them with bench. Presses overhead presses. Another way, training exercises the photo on the next page shows him begging a substantial amount, apparently more than three hundred pounds. He mostly focused on high repetitions with moderate way. According to him, one account he would perform five hundred or six hundred repetitions of bench with one hundred and seventy five pounds, an astonishing feat of endurance and strength. So this is like you know, kind of his gig. Amazingly kimura had come. You're me all the foregoing accomplishments. Before graduating from college, to that's incredible, but while
he was attending taku die and cheering and tearing up the jew tommy. The broader world was closing in since nineteen there seven Japan had been engaged in a near full scale. War with china and many of japan's young men were being drafted into service after Kim year's graduation in march nineteen, forty one he was kept on the the assistant martial arts department of talk- you die as the teacher he worked in that capacity until november when he resigned and took two months to go home before his military induction, ingenuous nineteen point to entering the hi air defence union. On january, first, nineteen, forty two camilla, apparently involved in defending japan southern sector. He recounts fastening story, isn't that may have indirectly saved his life and he says this one day there was announcement that master of ju can was to come, who are you know his name was y know. The name is kept anonymous:
who is regarded as the number one in japan and was a dawn. All the members and the unit got together in the field at on p m, to receive instruction from MR, why he explained the basics of thrust and defense. He then around us and said any volunteer for practice with me. Come forward any reservation, but nobody came forward If I engage in a match with such master, I would get humiliated or could get killed. Men around me whispered. Suddenly, the captain called my name now I cannot retreat I walked up the master slowly, slowly as possible to buy time and come up with a workable strategy. If I engage in a bayonet combat, there's no way I can win. If I would, it would be like a fire,
in between an adult and a child, since I'd never held a wooden gun in my life, we bowed to each other and held the wooden gun toward each other. I tensed up the instructor said Rust frost come on. What's the matter I knew I would lose as soon as I thrust the gun at himself. I waited for the right moment for attack. I fainted a thrust then, through the wooden gun and his face with full force, At the moment he deflect the wooden gun, I attacked at his knees. He fell to the ground. I mounted the just removed his face guard. Despite his shouting, wait, wait and try to deliver finishing blow to his face. Stop stop it's over the captain stepped in separated us, but it was clear that I had won the fight master looked as if he had not understand what had happened, he dropped his head and left the scene the classic top left just left the scene and that's a classic. You ve done that before what my You know some he's gonna stick someone's gotta summers got somethin, they're, gonna, they're, gonna fight you
close the distance? No, I don't think I know, it's one of those games where you do good it's one of those. Have you know the dog brothers right, yeah yeah, so the brothers. Our brothers, nothing, but arsonists. These guys were up and allay area. I dunno what there right now, I have to look into it, but The dog brothers would do weapons fighting like gold, out there youtube videos of dog brothers the dog rose with fight with weapons did vote with sticks primarily sort of mistakes. But then you see people now. chains and with all kinds of crazy stuff and where, like a campo, helmet, usually and maybe did where lacrosse gloves so you wouldn't get like broken fingers which we talked about, but other than that it was on so you have left you guys with sticks. staffs or none shocks like logic, and they would fight each other men.
Chains like you may have Well, there's somebody is where people are due to guess. and what did you do to guys? Would do is kind of what this says just no throw a stick at amendments bomb. Russian closed the distance you're on somebody there there Striking, isn't gonna work anymore. So that's a good plan. If, if you're grappling Udall want to you don't want to fight someone. You know with a bayonet. train with bayonet unified, a box of the strain on boxing you're gonna try. Wait. I got the train the more time you want to close the distance. You want to get close to them, so they're striking doesn't work or runaway, but that's what keep your did? To me this is a key mirror was. Was sure he was going to catch. Her from the captain does the guy runaway, but the effect was quite the Is it not long afterward an announcement was made that those who wish to be sent to combat should see the captain kimura v.
And and was given a five day leave to visit his parents when returned. He reported to the captain who said I have known about your achievements in judo. I liked you, or two and often practice nicola con compared with you I must be like a kid, but I still got the fourth dawn. He poured whisky into a glass continued. The match you did with the jew window do kendall master was very interesting. First, nobody step forward. I knew nobody had a chance against him, since he was the best master in the country, what, if nobody volunteered the dignity of our unit would be tarnished. So, even though I thought I would be dead curious to you. I picked you but once the match started, I got badly shaken when I saw your posture since you looked like a complete novice, yes, that is right. I'd, never grabbed the wooden gun. Before I thought so but I did not even imagine the tactics you used. I felt like bowing to you. Thinking
After all, a man who excels in one art is different from others after the match. MR white came to me and asked who in the world is he? I then told about your chief mits. He was deeply impressed, saying no wonder he's the number one you d master in the world, the captain then Paul used and turned his eyes downward engaging in thought. He continued it's super topsecret. So do not, I was to anyone help His voice tone and said: do you really want to go to the battlefield? Yes, absolutely really, but that's a problem, I had no idea what the problem was. You will be sent to the solomon islands. He said it is certain be twenty nine between needs will be waiting for a unit our planet. absolutely reckless. All the members on board will perish in the ocean. Don't you think it's better To use your talent in judo and work for the benefit of the country,
instead of wasting your life on the battlefield. I think that is the right thing for you do so want to go to the battlefield. I replied. Yes, I do suddenly his tone of voice changed. My order, is the emperor's order. You are not allowed to go after all, it became in order. I had to follow is order, I said I will withdraw my voluntary application. He then murmured very good, very good later on, I heard that the transportation ship unit- I was went to get on board was discovered by be twenty nine immediately before reaching the solomon islands had all scattered over the entire deck, received numerous bombs and was engulfed in flames of over five hundred and several tens of members only one of them survive, they managed to swim to nearby island. Despite a severe burn. In retrospect, oh, my life to the captain judo moved him and saved my life.
Keep your estate for the rest of his torn the mainland. Japan currently transferred to her. Post near ass, a cura, his head, mile island in southern japan. Although he was in the army, he reportedly was allowed to teach Judah once a week at the high school. camera was known as a heavy drinker, as well as smoker and according to one account, showed up at the school one day after drinking excessive amount of saki he's holding ass on the wiser after demonstrating the chokehold, he called on the students to try them out on him. Although communal was extremely strong and had a neck like a bull, he was choked into unconsciousness by one of the students as a result of his intoxication. There is no evidence that this experience reformed his drinking habits, but it must have been least mildly embarrassing for the national juno champion to have been choked out by a mere high school kid. He's on that sauce very strange, You know you ve, just
alcohol is so strong. guys. Gotta know that is not helping is judo career remember we're talking about addictive personality. Yeah sounds like he's in the game. I mean nine hours of training a day. It sounds like it might be: addictive personality outcomes, just one of the many smoking cigarettes, smoking cigarettes You're a got married on July. First, nineteen forty five units, japan, was preparing to face invasion by the increasingly victorious allied armies and navies forward here. The war's over the occupation authorities closed down the boot bhutto coup tie. That goes for all martial arts and banned the practice of judo candle and other militaristic endeavours shut it down. He says here fast, for but I was standing at the end of a line of sixty or seventy people waiting for a train and was reading,
paper back so me for mp does milton, peace is the occupation forces men passed through the. Why near by me, forcibly when I turned my eyes to them. I found them shouting. Jap jap repeatedly. One grab the japanese man and at the front of the line by the collar, pulled the man toward him and me made a ring with appointing thing you're and thumb and stop the knows that Please man with the flipped pointing finger full force the man come his nose with his hands and stooped down from the pain. The mps did this to the empty men? Did this to everyone in line one by one, including women, when somebody Stu blow they delivered another strike. My turn was approaching. While I was wondering about what to do, my turn came one The mp men extended his arm trying to grab my lapel. I struck his hand with full force. The facial expression changed suddenly before
Impey men surrounded me and took me to the middle of a bridge near by the station. This was not an ordinary fight to me. I had to win this fight to defend the honor of judo, one of the came suddenly through a right straight. At my face, I blocked the punch with my left arm and kicked him in the growing with full force he crumpled on the spot. When I turn my head another huge mp, extended his arms and attack me trying to grow we from behind. I then hit his right arm with a hard nice hand and threw him into the river. There were two the other. Two were watching the sea in amazement, but charged at me only one by one. I delivered a head, but into the face of the third man he was knocked out. I despise The last man by squeaky squeezing his balls with full force Ever since I was in junior high, I have been called master groin squeezer and had an absolute confidence in this technique asked all the audience to keep it quiet, since I would be in big trouble of news. Got the mp supervisors
somebody must have led the news. I started regret what I had done, but my concern to not be unnecessary when I got to the end headquarters. Captain shepherd said. Thank you for punishing the rogue mps there. The way once in our union lives actually assaulted women ate and drank without paying friend people with a pistol. we were about to be forced upon them, they are also depressed after you beat him up. I am truly thankful to you that you are the greatest judo master in Japan. I have a request to you: could you teach? as judo once or twice a week. Of course, I will pay you. I myself am anxious to learn judo. So that's how he kind of starts, bringing it back. That's a scene out of a with aha kick in for guys asked, but you can see how it's happening again. This is at a time where, like these guy, what couple and peace for mps that one of these guys russell patently not did
when those guys bars, apparently not if they just random deeds and you're talking about I do this bent pressing hundred and seventy five pounds six hundred times now- and he treads you doubt judo nine hours a day- skilled world champ world champion borderline readable human being yeah That's when you see a movie and guidance on four people. Your column, you know, but if you put in the light of this actual human yeah we're we're nodding in agreement and you're talking about like a judo guy right, where it's not like a like a you know what I mean no disrespect to the keto, but in all its as I kido guys, like it's different judo guy training that hard for real judo. For that long, that effective that successful! against an untrained guy just one on one. This guy literally, is like one of the easiest things to defeat of a person like super easy right. They are for him. Them
It's actually not that much of a factor I mean sure you're going to take some this a hit here and there or whatever but His training is harder than probably anything they could do on this for allocating or what I have just one training sessions way heart away, more adverse and their use to beating people up do you know they're not used to any aggression whatsoever, so they don't even have the idea to like gang tackle this guy. They can't even get their mind right, there's the even too we're watching this after you know, I mean that to me is very, very, very believe in their surprised, as are watching you see you guys get in. There asked gets you gotta get thrown into the river you like what the hell just happened. Imagine if haven't really seen all that you know, and you see two three, your friend just get handled like super easily, almost like this guy's been training for this exact moment and then your next and you have no training, or maybe the some street training cassettes. There does have no idea what you're doing aren't you
gonna grab the guy you literally getting thrown judo like like a judo player, it for you and me to imagine, because we ve been training for so long Hard to imagine what it's like to not have any training. You know, I don't remember what it's like to not no jujitsu anymore. I came when I talk about like mass chief baby I just remembered that instance of like well. This is confusing, but I don't remember what was actually what it was like the day before that and like if I were to look and I've been in a lot of fights, actually growing up been a lot of fights, but. What my far process was was ignorant the a rigorous wrong word. It is like a hollow emptiness year like blood. Like a big blindness, you don't see anything. You say one or two things and you think that's the whole story when you're, just not even part of the story, you just have no idea talks a little bit more about the ban on martial arts, the ban of marshal the ban. teaching martial arts extended to all levels of schools. The better
Juno schools, one of the pre war strongholds of judo training, seriously pack of the ability of pre war judo cup to practice and eliminate hundreds of teaching jobs for for top utopia. As late as night, In forty seven, there were still great confusion about the legal status of teaching practicing traditional martial arts, especially in school at all levels is not so between nineteen, forty, seven and nineteen. Fifty that controls on the martial arts were loosened and judo. Another martial arts were again permitted to be taught schools, even us I trust that I'm just skimming somebody's highlights of what you know what he's going through. Even if such restrictions had not been imposed on the teaching in practice. Do many judoka, where no economic position to spend their time training. This was you. Ve come as well from the end of the war, kimura was was on but a practical use. Sports family with unstable jobs such as broker for coal sales, bodyguard, etc. Nonetheless, kimura entered one of the first judo tournaments held
for the world war. Nineteen forty seven west, Japan judo championship, his pride, one that cameras prize for defeating both opponents was equipment of ten thousand dollars and was pretty good and nineteen. Forty seven tell ya. much needed windfall that help us boys family. During the difficult early war years following a eternal kimura, was promoted to seventh dawn First all japan championship held since nineteen forty was was contested, on may second nineteen, forty eight miura likely would have been a faith. the boys denied entry because of his refusal to return the championship flag, which had kept after winning four consecutive off. Japan, championship tournaments before the war. So this something that came up in their their base.
He was given a flag and he didn't return it to like the judo people and they are mad at him, but they were really mad at him said even let him in the tournament and. it can. Europe did participate in the nineteen, forty, nine all japan chomp championship at age. Thirty two. He remembered his match against He cow one of the toughest and most concerned in opponents after second overtime. Again, I'm fast for me. There's really cool details about these about these matches. After second over time. The judges decision had to be rendered. All three judges both raised by red and white flags. It was a draw the nineteenth nine championships, the highlight of Kim euros, judo career It was the last time kimura would completely all japan championship, leaving him with four winds and a coach championship. So at last time that competed. He actually had a draw and there was dual champions their shores
after nineteen forty nine, after winning nineteen. Forty nine all japan championship kimura was offered the highly prestigious position of judo instructor of the Tokyo metropolitan police, he began working there in of nineteen fifty, but the sound is insufficient to support his family now, consisting of a wife, son and daughter, especially since his wife had contracted to berkeley some medicine was extremely rare and expensive and postwar japan kimura could simply not afford treatment on, sport and salary, in the reason that support to bring up is because he had to figure out what to do to get money Luckily there is a new start up new start up a baby and they use that term back. the day, but there's a professional judo came out in oh juno's, first tournament, kimura workers. through various opponents to reach that finals we face. Six don yama gucci two she'll come here: a beat yama gucci by south gary, followed by a pen becoming the first professional judo champ
and then this guy, that he fought yama gucci star begin, the pro wrestling scene and there's a whole our whole story, and we need to get Josh barnett on here to get where we can get down and get the whole history of japanese. professional wrestling it where it came from and how it went, and we got the americans at came over the americans at work, catch wrestlers that went on with japan and taught these guys how to do this stuff. But kimura, got involved in that and you went to hawaii given a three month contract demonstrate judo hawaiian islands. Progressing fast. Water were from progressing promoter which gave my offer to take. Pardon weekly pro wrestling bouts money great using Will they get the medicine able to buy the medicine for his wife, she able to recover from her disease,
now meanwhile in brazil,. There was a guy another judo guy named cato Kate await about a hundred fifty four pounds. Your grace, you wait. A hundred and thirty nine gracie faced Cato twice in the first match on September six. Nineteen fifty one cato gracie met at the ricotta stadium in rio De Janeiro, brazil for a three round draw. So the first time we had judo verses jujitsu. It was draw guys that were roughly mummy. Fifteen pounds is no joke honestly, but there are more equal than some of these. the matches that are going on time then they had a second batch of second bout september. Twenty ninth nineteen do you want some twenty three days later, going to quote or a story told by kimura about the second match? The rules of the bout were different from that of judo.
We are progressing. The winner was decided by submission. Only matter how cleanly a throw is executed or how long someone was painted does not count. He issued a challenge to cato fifth dawn. First the gong rang. Cato good condition and through Elio a number of times, however, pass the fifteen minute mark I started. Again this is this kimura watching us? I start to see. Frustration and cato street throws had no damage on Elio, since them was soft at the thirty minute mark it was that cato was tired, was Our cato gonna work that don't stand up the japanese in the audience, yelled cato, then alien down by also the gory mounted on a leo and stuff it across hand choke the audience roared with excitement. But, as I watched carefully alien was also applying to choke from below. They were trying to show
God, each other. This lasted about three or four minutes Cato face started, it turned pale. I shouted stopped the referee and jumped into the ring. Alien released. His hands cato collapsed on the mat face. First, by being cato gracie became instant national hero Unfortunately, as supporters went overboard and celebrating his victory as kimura remembered at two days after his bout, I saw alias students marching down a city street carrying a coffin. They were shouting dead. Japanese eudocia cato is in this coffin. He got killed by Elio. We ask your support for judo master paleo gracie. swift, gracious, gourd hardware, pay back in the day do just bring another coffin, actually a picture of young alien, gracing here and yo yo, aurelio, gracie and most pictures. He looks kind of frail and weak. Like look at that picture right there,
no dear little, reggie is actually only her Georgina. Where you got here, you could tell us, do training all the time to take a look at the Essen summit traps seeing this kind of jack he's wearing a single it, a wrestling singly sold. What happens after this cato gets beat the shame for judo Kimura now accepts the match and So now we have a match of of kimura risk area, gracie one of the most significant matches in the history of martial arts moroccan you're, not wrong. I don't think I'm is one of the most significant matches in the history of martial arts and wood, That's right open with is how gracie, remembered at what he thought of it now what we covered in the opening of this. Let's hear what's here, how kimura describes this match
He says twenty thousand people came to see the bout, including the president of Brazil, LEO gracie was a hundred eighty centimeters in eighty kilograms. When I, which I think is I began, we would say used lighter than that, but because eighty kilograms is a hundred and seven hundred and sixty five pounds more than that to hear and yet they usually say alien was like a hundred forty five pounds of something that anyways what I entered the stadium. I found coffin asked what it was I was told this is for Kimura elio brought this. It it was so funny that I almost burst into laughter as a approach. The ring raw eggs were thrown at me. The gong ring your grabbed me in both lapels and attacked me with a sort of garry, but they did I move me at all. Now it's my turn. I blew him up in the air with a bunch of death.
When throws I'm not to read more about the ten minute more. I threw him by a sort of I intended to cause a concussion since then that was so soft and did not have much impact on him. continuing to throw him. I was thinking of a finishing method I through both by I the gory again as soon as Elio fell. I pinned him I held for two or three minutes then tried to smother him. With my belly. Elio shook his head trying to breathe, he could not take it any longer and try to push my body up, extending his left arm. That moment, I grabbed is left rest with my right hand and twisted his arm. I applied the tangled arm, lock or be kimura. I thought you would surrender immediately, but alien would not tap the Matt. I had no choice, to keep twisting on his arm. The stadium became quiet the born of his arm was coming close to breaking point
Finally, the sound of bone breaking echoed throughout the stadium alien still did not surrender his left left arm was already powerless under the rule. I had no choice but to twist the arm again, there was plenty of time left I twisted the arm again. Another bone was broken. Elio still did not tap when I tried to twist the arm once more, a white town was thrown in. I won by tee cato my hand was raised, Japan brazilians rushed into the ring and tossed me up in the air. On the other hand, Elio left let his arm hang and looked very sad, withstanding the pay so there's video of this by the way go, go watch this match pretty awesome the de her for he had line of the newspaper says,
moral victory of A failure gracie, but the funny thing is the moral during the moral part, is really tiny despite this victory for hell, you're, crazy and look in their minds There was a victory because they thought, hey, here's a guy! That's a lot lighter a lot smaller. A lot less athletic and he was able to go along time against. This champions owes a moral victory for settle visitor is definitely the sums bias in the media will say back then, with that you know. That's, like I said one. The most significant. matches in the history of martial arts go back the book you're, has been fast fortune. You decide to join the group, in an increasingly popular word of japanese professional rustling in november nineteen, fifty one
and then there's this whole story about this. Been coming pro wrestling star, who'd fought under the stage name of ricky goes on. He established his own resting federation called the japan progressing alliance. Regos on is often called the father of japanese pro wrestling and is even said without him the likely would be no such thing is progressing in Japan. He goes on had trained on in karachi, and in sumo and reach third highest rank. Before long, we could design and community decided pair up in an effort to put Together, a winning play bill and hike their income. Now he goes in this thing about these guys named the sharp brothers ban, an iron mike both six five in over two hundred fifty pounds so again, I'm sure he's america's rolled over there and there and I do air. they did a series of tag team matches again rico design and commute against these two guys, the sharp brothers- and this is this
is pro wrestling. These are kind of worked matches were getting into where we know what's gonna happen right and this they're trying to it's a little literally like pro wrestling today, but again this japanese pro wrestling. There are some things that are real that happen. There's things that aren't, we are getting. We gotta get Josh Barnett down here with his knowledge, exceptional knowledge of all the stuff to talk is through it so then this happens. There grow popularity led the media and the public to push for about between kimura and ricky does on build, as that, tool of the century. The map who's. The last sixty minutes came here remembers what happens? What happened next, that with rick. It goes on and asked his opinion. He said That is a good idea. We will be able to build a fortune. Let's do it how bout was going to be a draw. the winner of the second bout would be determined by paper scissors,
stone. The second match. We will repeat this process. We came to an agreement on this condition. It is all just fake, fake person for the content of the match. he goes on, will let me throw him, and I will let him strike me with a chop and we rehearse the karate chops and throws this just you know big progressing show. However, once the bout started, reproduce on became taken by greed, for big money and fame. He lost his mind, became a madman. When I saw raised his hand, I opened my arms to invite the chop. He delivered the chop, my chest, but to my neck with full force, I felt the man then he kicked me neck arteries are so vulnerable that it did not need to be reduced. Onto Causa knocked down a junior high school kid could inflict knocked down this way. I could not forgive treachery that
I received a phone call informing me that several tens of your cruiser or on their way to Tokyo, to kill ricky design yeah, it's a male then he goes all goes on prevention, records on. He didn't get killed that night, but he died of the died later on other issues stab with it What do I mean? It's, those ten ten years later, something that but a kind of tariffs, you ve seen some of those matches gone wrong on no weight that this lever on rustling. No, I know I did it. I was seen occasion someone get caught in a kimura, actually clear. You see remnants than that of like, like people get past. Why are we as part of the show sometimes one famous one, where I think Kurt angle gets caught in a camera by like a on upcoming wrestler that new jujitsu like puts it on him for real yeah, it's gonna master.
Yeah away, and I don't know the deal I wonder how choreographed or how like injured, do they Is every detail gotta sorted out beforehand or is it disorder like hey here's, the gig, you go, you get ahead in you come then you get ahead and then you come back in win or like what I don't knowledge of the yeah. I almost like you, You have to go to practice with a mandate. I bet. Let's say you and I were going to do an exhibition match probably the same thing we do I be like hey man, you know I'll come out in a kind of Let me get a good throw on you and then I'll I'll get you. A good position you can escape and you can. put the heat on me and whatever we disfigured on we could. We could act that out pretty easily with our knowledge. There's a dead between that us getting together beforehand like day of an like weeks of like kind of practice in it together. You know, I wonder how in depth it goes some of them also accurate, coincidentally, like within the past week, or so I saw it
I'll, be there the female one and all Big brother didn't really practice this, because there was a lot of dead time and kind of confusion. You know. Is it a like a professional movie yeah the one with the lights in the video have local pro wrestling offer. You can go check that out. I think it might there's some. and while this street it was written, spoke guys crazy. Like you look at him, impressed by this is dangerous, letting whenever there doing, I seen a guy jump off of a building I got jump off of the building beach, california in a wrestling match, jumping out of the building and land in a ring on somebody like you. If I did that or viewed that we would be heard on percent, yet hundred percent much any building the anchor under what kind of drugs these dudes wrong? What they're taking you know whether their on whatever but hey man, really- there is definitely sum paid women were scenarios gone on. I do know that there's technique, though, to
to the safety of your soul right. Thank you actually used to be this. Reality show on nyc wrestling school or whatever. So I think, that's my initial knowledge I like the little techniques, but you know you know the one I dunno the the names of the moves. Well, when the guy's laying on his back and you do like a drop with the back of your leg, jump up and you land on with the back of your leg on his face, you like are you dear you're, too little somehow yeah like you need a kind of ban toward her there's like all these techniques and either funding that budgets is the complete opposite that you're just gonna hurt the ethics If you take away that space here, making more effective yeah. I do wonder how that is, I think freakin sakharov was in that forbids yes, the devil wrestling definitely was anti. That's the thing in Japan and in Emma may and
pro wrestling and shoot resting in paying there's all kinds of cross over their work. Fights are we're not work as it is a does a lot of. Of course, it was drafted its hard to follow. That's why we highlight the guide deviated from the drift, and then they accuse those immediately on Austria that funny, but that's interesting yeah, then you wondered, did they have bets on it? they betting on this even more renews vaguely what's going on I'll. Do that kind of violation, ruining the shell for us, maybe that, sure, there's a bunch of stuff, that's kind of dependent riding on on that show. When weird you can always here like when rogan saccone, somebody that their industry, wrestling. He doesn't like I'm not way too. I can't I can't I can't buy into it. You know I can't be, like all that's cool like rick room in the other day, rick rubens, huge fan, a pro rustling.
He's like talking about how it's more like life than that, I'm sure it's a boy will talk through it, but him and tony. I hinge cliff he's totally into it, and I've heard you know him and in seems like Joe has a hard time with, like figuring out why it's cool and I'm I'm. I agree with Joe. I gets more when you can watch to humans fight in a cage for real Why would you possibly one what watched you people acted out? This is a very sensitive yea. I am sure the something we're missing as far as the pro wrestling and life parallel. I know he never know how much pro wrestling do you watch yeah. I don't watch enough, then you know I don't watch enough. I I it's hard for me to watch it it takes a long time to We know that you know it. I will give up concede. You know you're clip. You know a clip of some pro wrestling. That might be pretty cool. You know like us,
the day when all of a sudden the gong would go kissed. The undertakers, like shown up like stone, cold, Steve Austin, like that never entry wild entry. Here you know you're right about there's some dramatic elements that we give credit to. We have really fun so can and when you consider that part of It- and I'm remembering back to my childhood days, where I didn't really watch the whole thing, but you know like they'd, have the commercials for it and be like bro that event whatever they're doing and they're doing whatever they're doing that looks fine so and then you'd have all these crazy characters like when the rock was in his heyday, and when do you smell what the rock is good, because we were waiting for that were waiting room to say that you know like him. You know he. You know what he's about to do because he has the whole ritual. You know the the people's eyebrow and all this stuff, so so when they came out with like the real care, actors like I in the earliest, I remember. Is the parents like two twin brothers,
and they had a movie or whatever, but it was like that era the eighties and then who was the freaking ultimate warrior the whole programme, like all those guys when they were there when they were like these, these care. Is a real romania run and while the area I do so that, and just started: getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger yeah, and then the stunts are all crazy or whatever so yeah you individualized like a certain sequence or a certain like action or whatever, oh yeah. I see it. I see it, but at the end of that I think we're talking about what we're talking about is when you watch to that like in your C4 say, and there really fighting you don't know who's gonna win you to know how this will be hard to fight is real fight. If he gets elbow, There need in the face brides like there's some real consequences and then you'll ok this one's obviously like choreographed, I obviously that part of it his heart. I guess what we're missing is. You know to give credit to wreck reuben and tony hinge. Cliff is like, If they're tracking that whole story, it's like a euro watched breaking bad
some or some series series on tv, where there's a bunch characters and their stuff happening as then. So you go. This is a cool story and we're gonna follow it yeah I've, never participated enough in that to really like understand all the stuff, that's going on, so that another, probably why those guys are into it and super hype about it, and I doubt That Joe has ever participated in enough or paid enough attention to be like wait, a second who's going to win, because it's real easy just to be like losing a win today is no yes, so I'm not going to watch it even though they're not really exactly so. But but that's a good point, though, and. cause you're like that, you gotta make investment and yes, like really, I'm really honestly not willing to invest in something. When I could, I would I much rather watch two people fight for real, so deep and you used mentioned breaking bat. So did you watch breaking bad? Is that one where you kind of know or remember when that happened? Do you know kind of the storyline give or take breaking
If you're used to it's a story, it's one big story right, so are you familiar with that particular story, though I am now that I watched it. Yes, I can recall it all right off the top of my head, yeah, so perfect. So if you if you get into a show like that, and you know you got. Netflix is really good at that right now, like the format is like cool, you can't leave for the next one kind of thing see what happens all the stuff at the start, Essentially that in the wrestling combat sports format. And honestly, I don't even know if there is a sustaining plot through the profession. I haven't, even though I might be another, I don't know actually you right. So I will the here's my my statement, if there is, I can see it now yeah good before it's like all this other stuff sure we know that, just like we know breaking bad's out real here or there to really see a real meth lab, be operated. Then you're not going to like breaking bad because there's just not real, you know, but if you like, the story, grab. You would everything personally and I can see how they could. good job too, with these characters in burma. I totally see it now.
John Siena, so You know the idea of one, not the idea, but they take John c the there's a clip I dunno, if it's just one clip where they always say to what end he says, and his name is John cena. You ever heard that no, what okay? Despite the I know a little bit about maybe the eighties wrestlers and then maybe that some of the nineties wrestlers like we're talkin whole coke in ultimately warrior undertaker stone, cold, Steve Austin It may be even a little bit further back, like Andre, the giant and and the iron sheik, but again at never in any mon. In my life, were they anything more than like a highlight reel: yeah, yeah, same boat for sure, but These clips are so like used for a bunch of stuff now, so it's like his name is johnny ass page. I because he has dp yoga, he's out there, given
after all, it seems to help people out good for gdp now you, but so like hype. In other words again, his name is John c and I'm sure they say it out a very specific time. I actually dont. Think of it. I recall them actually using that clip in your life, I've never seen heard it are seen to be done. now don't do it on videos were like you know, like your phone. You ever seen that video hens are always freaking posted or you saw he posted it, whereas like two guys are fighting right and then somebody comes like oughta know, it comes with like a huge jump, kick or whatever. So for example, how they would use that club is just the audio clip. His name is John seated, then it pleases music. So the we'll have like a unrelated video rate of two people really fighting in real life like a street fight or something like a crowd bar fight or something, and then someone can fly outta nowhere and then they'd say they'd play the clip audio and his name is John cena right when they land the kick, and he goes and it's this big thing so that that they have ice
laid an individualised one I understand and feel that high when they played on opposite difference, quick by the way that feeling that I If even a fraction of that is involved in pro wrestling, I get it yeah there. You go alright tony hinchcliffe and rick reuben carry on and you guys we're down where, where our minds are open. Until to your things here, fast forward a little bit march. Nineteen fifty five commuter went to mexico to do pro wrestling matches. In november he traveled to france to teach jodo during judo during the daytime and do pro wrestling matches at night. He did the same for london spending a year in paris and london from their commune traveled to Spain, for four must teach judo and pro wrestling. We can kind of see where his life is heading to and back so a nineteen? Fifty nine returned Brazil. What would be his last pro wrestling and judo tore? It was challenged by Valdemar son, Santana
twenty seven year old champion of greasy jujitsu cap wetter, boxing camera claimed that Santana had a fourth dawning. Judo, though this may have been his right and greece jet, you at six foot two in five pounds. He was taller heavier and much younger than camera. Now forty two the year before Santana had knocked out LEO greasy in a fight lasting three hours and forty five minutes. That's not no time limit activity right there, these two guys fight camera. recent anna Applied his camera lock, then they a re match. This rematch was valley, todo camera is left knee the promoter insisted that they fight anyway, says. If you refuse to fight today, the angry audiences will set fire to the arena. This arena got burned to ash. I would make you accountable for the damage and he gets pressured into this fight with little choice. Can you when ahead with the fight, they give
a pretty good detail rather face a tree kicks within the entire audience, was standing with excitement. Even in this situation, I was able to think clearly was thinking he's one level higher than I both and kicks and open hand strikes in order when I must take the fight to the ground as for dollar, but all of us and I received a head cracking impact. I experienced a tremendous ear ringing got momentarily unconscious. I'd receive if a head, but on my left temple, it was a head from the side. I thought that all head who come from the front I never move aside had but as I cannot lose here, I must win even if I may die, I thought driven by this willpower. I try to fire find a way to fight back. The referee came between us to separate us we're all covered in blood, the fight was brought back to the centre of the ring. Again. He threw it open right hand strike. I caught the arm and attempted ro it seem like it would school. I would score a clean. Throw, however, was miscalculation. We were both.
fully covered with sweat, as if a law, The amount of water had been poured onto our heads. Moreover, he had no jacket on. There was no way such a technique could have worked under these conditions, his arm slipped through, and my body rotated in air, one forward, and I landed on my back so this the classic right. He tried the judo throw but they're all sweaty. I mean kind of crazy. We when we do and you get to like oh yeah, the sweat here. Like all the I can't do that when a sweaty we literally say that now, even about no he'll hooks external super sweating, your guitar, to get to work harder, our mark and someone gets too just what is harder to get through. Judo throws a real heart. I who'd up, I shouted to my mind, but it was too late. He immediately jumped at me. If you on my chest. He could freely strike. My eyes knows just with his elbows I caught him in a body scissors. I squeeze his body with full force, hoping to sever his intestine Rumbled momentarily, but did not surrender since
the body scissors did not finish him. I realise that I was in the disadvantageous position where I live. My head us off when I left, had hundreds of stars flew out of my eyes. I took a straight punch in the nose and my eyes it was an accurate, intense punch. The back of my head got slammed onto the map moral. in intense head but attacked my abdomen. I fell like my organs, would be torn into pieces once twice. I hardened my domino mosses to withstand the impact and waited for a third attack at the moment, the third head, but came my right fists accurately caught his face by counter it landed tween his nose and eyes blood spattered I'd also been heavily covered and blood. The blood interfere with my vision, kill him kill him. The devil, in my mind, screamed
he wobbled and stepped back and tried to run with the ropes on his back. I chased him throwing kicks and open hand strikes. He returned head butts and elbow strikes, but neither of us was able to deliver a decisive strike. Maybe we were both exhausted or maybe the blood in her eyes prevented us from aiming clearly at the target. After all, the forty minutes ran out and the match ended in a draw. I don't know, I didn't look for that. One on youtube, deceive its honour getting into the final years. Return to Japan, retired competition nineteen sixty took up a position of juno doktor at his alma mater university he was, I was successful coach. She train a bunch of champions his final years, however, were marred by the petty vindictiveness of the code of conduct. Forties who froze is ranked seventh dawn because he had refused to return the championship flag he built if he had earned in nineteen thirty nine and because he had promoted
number people in Brazil, the blackmail ranks and judah without authorization from the quota on his part, national wrestling experience also upset powerful figures who controlled judo rank and who thought had to mean the art by engaging in form of entertainment. He remit and a seventh dawn from the age of thirty until his death at seventy five. We're closed. This out here says. Come europe never lost his spirit. However, he continued to teach rain, even while many of those he had defeated were promoted, the eighth, ninth and even tenth dawn in the early. ninety nineties, kimura
a lifelong smoker was diagnosed with lung cancer hospitalized after surgery and seventys kimura started doing pushups in his room. He died on April eighteenth. Ninety ninety three at the age of seventy five, arguably the best judo competitor ever and one of the most important judo figures ever to be mistreated by the leaders of his art. So there you always important to know your history always important. No, your roots, important to learn some lessons here and test cool book from Christopher m clark. Once again, the book is called the triumph and tragedy of one of japan's greatest and most controversial judo champions
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It is in a snow cave, He has killed a mountain lion and he is making a jacket, from the mouth minds. That's! What's going on going the latest reports, which you know unverified it this time here, but you know we have faith in you, wanna connect with us on that on social media, echoes adequate Charles homage aka willingness, watch out for the algorithm. It's there their its debts literally artificial intelligence. That's meant to make you watch it more! That's all purpose! You people oh I'm not gonna be evil. Some happy like oh ai, is evil. I going to tell you that a high is evil. It's a little dopamine dealer, and it's in there going spread around got you. Isn't it embarrassing that it gets you here the kind of embarrassing yields embarrassing year but why we feel that it is not what it is.
Discount what I'm mopping it so in hindsight seem sane thing is made specifically just like you said, made specific the oil you before you like in a way it probably is not doesn't think its evil probably thinks it's good. It's really like hagen what I m doing its job ba I doing his job a care, about you. It cares. The internet knows what you like because you told it what it looks like smothering mother that thinks she's doing a good thing by like smothering the kid you know all this love and joy and toys and cookies and crackers, and that kid ends of weak strew. That's that Now, if you like, I saw his his is beautiful smile after a game that cupcake, what am I do, other one human other one, maybe another fleet don't meet openly. Dump me heart so watch out for that algorithm watch out for that dopamine dealer stats locked in your phone weight and get out.
he doesn't even his work in twenty four hours a day by the way is a friggin robot isn't given these not getting paid he's in in this was just an inanimate thing. Is taking your time stealing your life from you. I don't just watch out for it and thanks all the true warriors in our military that are out there on the front lines protecting freedom around the world. Also, thanks to our police law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, e m, these dispatchers rational officers, border patrol secret service all first responders. Thank you for protecting us here at home and everyone else out there You know, there's a doing my research on Kimura there's an interview, from a nineteen eighty seven issue, a full contact. Karate magazine and curiosity bunch of stuff. You can google it, but one thing he says is you can't just lie around sleeping like everybody else yeah
that's how we trained three times harder than his opponents. That's how he was lifting that's how we use training, that's how he was conditioning that what he did? That's how he became championed by getting up every day and getting after it, and I actually recommend that you do the same and until next time, Zayigo and jacko out.
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