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387: You Don't Inherit Self Confidence and Discipline. You Must Choose. With General Michael Ferriter.

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Michael Ferriter is a retired United States Army Lieutenant General. He served as commanding general of the United States Army Installation Management Command/U.S. Army Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management from 2011 until 2014. During his career he has participated in Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, and served three tours of duty in Iraq. On June 19, 2018, he was named president and CEO of the National Veterans Memorial and Museum

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This is jacobitism three. Eighty seven with echo charles in me, jack, o, willing good evening accompanied me come additives? The of hand to hand, combat bridging the gap between physical training and tactics, products of a good fiscal training, plan, strength, endurance and flexibility must be directed towards the mission and soldiers must be prepared to use different levels of force in an environment, where the intensity of a conflict changes quickly military operations such as peace keeping missions or not combatant evacuation may risk the use of least lethal force Combating training prepares the soldier to use the appropriate amount of force for Any situation combined lives. Training includes arduous physical training that is mentally, demanding and carry over two other military pursuits. This training produce
his soldiers who understood and controlled aggression and remain focused, while under duress possess the skills requisite to the mission at all levels. In the spectrum of force have the attributes up, the warrior ethos, personal courage, self confidence, self discipline and esprit de corps, and that right there is a quote from the: u s: armies, technical circular tc three tack: twenty five dot one. Fifty combativeness and the army has made huge advancements in the past for decades in their combative capability and ability the incorporated elements, grappling striking and weapons into a comprehensive system. That. has become a solid foundation for soldiers that are in any military Occupation.
but as the manual states, combatives doesn't only help soldiers with hand to hand combat it, helps with improving all their attributes. As short soldiers and as human beings. It is an honour to have one of those soldiers with us here tonight who lead at all levels has an officer who not old. Trains trained, combative, but helped doubtless the combatants programme in the army. His name is general Michael fared he's a retired army general. He said in small. You served in Iraq, he's a black belt in brazilian jitsu and he's here to share his experiences and lessons learned with us general. Thank you for joining us. That's my pleasure good to see you I always have a good time. Diving into the history of combat is in the army in the marine corps. Even
You'll teams has a little history of combatants. We have an old, I have an old field annual from years and years ago and its prey. To see and there's been some some asked improvements, combating over the years, I'm sure we'll get into that. But I was started to beginning lester let's talk about where you came from a what made you you. Where I came man open an army family, my dad your near me or two it began or to these are private. He went after kennedy school and in the pacific. He was in four mulatter. They received a single serve cross. and ass. He raised. Brothers and sisters. She always told us you I'll, take care of them, in particular your troops and then things work out for you and so He also been author candidate. We had the roller socks and put him in the drawer smiles face an up, and answer the phone
colonel ferris quarters. Mikey speaking, this line is unsecured back in the sixties So how long did your dad stayin for twenty seven years, your tartars curve and were you just old school move in all the time drawn up there we removed I lived in eighteen houses by the time I was eighteen years old. and then raised a family in. Having moved them just as many times as that. We just came out much of the military child, then there's a lot of truth to the resiliency and flexible buddy and adaptability of not her kids and their ability to start over my mom is across out. You can take, go explore, find out who lives in this neighborhood see where they, The kids are so your dad was put in for the medal of honor and ends up getting single service cross what'd. You grow up
the debt, mean to you. What did you know about? What happened? Did you the gd of the citation hanging on the wall. Did you hear the story from him from his buddies or what was added, like that's, pretty amazing yeah that you know that generation my dad had, I think, starck run stars couple, purple, hearts and therein image analysts they didn't have, and I I love me room like like my generation did right, so I, but I went, backed guadalcanal with him. When I came out a ranger company command and nineteen, eighty nine and we walked on his back fields and we went in dugout canoes were covered with islanders and we walked upon the soft. or just a poor and range when red beach and Finland, and then only up to a almost two new caledonia. It was a man So your dad did like the full pacific campaign. He did We talk about casting a shadow,
you must have always felt. I mean this day. I really. How do you ever feel, like you know you, your dad that guy, that's amazing what you want disport only you could take a weapon, but If you get the d word. You know I'm disappointing, then that that that just kills yourself. He was a great athlete he played for the nba who play professional basque wall, then plato, the aaa baseball came our war too went back to play baseball. He had lost. A lot of stepson, lower speed, and so he went back in the army and then continued on and then you go korea's well. He did not. Fighting career. He would he went to like probably and fifty three fifty four fifty five fifty eight I was always interested in that part of dick winters book were there. What does he know fought world war, two of the entire european campaign. They recall infer for korea
If he gets to think it was san Francisco they're about to get on the boat and they said hey anyone that was that fought in world war. Two you don't have to go. He goes cool. I'm out. He he he he had enough combat you done cool, then he said go back my foreign pennsylvania no so so your grown up, your when a different schools all the time what what schools were. Also what sports replant I play baseball in basque three you any good. I was pretty good. We disappointing your dad. Now now my I, I did not go back to that military. Her child did different different kids it could could get after better than others. My older brother didn't like it and he didn't play sports and and and he you know, he would get the d word more than than me, but we moved to germany, so we lived in heidelberg to burden in berlin. So you know
a lot of my deeper about where american strength power in the investment in r r, young men and women. You know when we have to football in berlin. The russians did not so now in the Middle east, when we get sent over there, there's there's some validity to when we're There then, the persians or not and so pretty and network For incidents one, everyone mounted upon the berlin wall in your machine guns and takes up a psychotic eugene. thirteen fourteen year old, good taste. If there's a real world out here- and so you you, you know, if you're going to do something, do something that makes a difference and be ready when it's time. So how old were you and you decided european you go into. The army is brief, Does here I'm in san diego and now we retired my dad retired and we went up to lake tahoe. For a couple of years and then sent my high school
and my last year was down in Monterrey edna in pebble beach at the school aside. replied the west point and not get in and applied to already, seeing and back? Then, if you got it in order to see scholarship ever school that has rotc rights here. So I I've I felt, like you know, Tom Brady. Everyone wanted me, and so I said to my dad: dad up university for the same barbara I can play baseball. Runner has all kinds of you know looking girls down, there and he said I want you to take a look at this school in Charleston south carolina to charleston yet military school said that I got shoulder linked air. Madame vine baseball, he said: do you need to take a look at this and start now I'm gonna. U csp any said and take a look at it again, and so, didn't wanna, disappointing right and so- and I said I love In fact, when I was in berlin back then in view
If you were great athlete you- airplane under Khomeini generals, football for pad football above the rim, basketball and and fast pitch baseball is I would talk to his eighteen nineteen, twenty euro, guys and say shit really. don't ever put a uniform on, except for sports, a nasa dad, I want to join the army. I do that. I was kinda back my head, no, that really wouldn't be that way. Don blot of people who ve known me for a thirty five years. I serve think than that's probably what I did and has a lot of time. When the german timer under plainfield on. So I said: ok I'll go to this military school. For one year fight the works finally what year what you did was that you graduate highschool. Seventy five, seventy five so you have long hair in dad was ok. It was not kind of music. Were you listenin to decide the typical,
seventies, wrong, probably beach boys and eagles, and do your brother's ed and he convinces you to give one year shot at the citadel pad. Did you have any when you went there? You know a lot of times. Young men are impressed by the whole, the uniforms and the discipline and the get a little bit excited about thing Did you have any that or you just do it to gratify the old man? You know, there's a lot of physical challenge. There too saw I enjoyed nuno. the run in school courses and anna workin out and then some elite. Or drill teams or other kind of teams, enough for those things. But what what's one is Two years later, my brother goes to you It called for his santa Barbara wicked little road so but ya. The president of the circle was gaining sickness, lieutenant
retired, and he had been the commanding general in berlin, so they they had me booked. You know six years earlier that I was going to end up going to that school, dang yeah and it It worked out pretty good, it's you show up there. They shave your head, the whole nine yards at the end of the first day, I'm revenue, shaved, head, think and dad on my zero. Let's see where this goes from here were you I respect people about the shock of boot camp and it's. What did you get that little shock of saying what the hell am I doing here not really you're down you ready yet and then you you go what you studying when you're in at the citadel. studied business model the management, leadership management side of its interest me accounting not so much and what was worse, you play sports, ended up, after the baseball team, and got a call back, and that was the
stay. We are allowed to go downtown charleston, the young women work like five for every cadet inside this week. Now for the baseball career became a huge intramural player. They had sports at all year round. I got to you still get the bugging. and you are a good experience. Our opposite adela eroded then what year Your commission, seventy nine and did you So when you get commission and nineteen seventy nine, what this is Jimmy carter's president, the what what's the outlook on the military is you're goin in law, Funding problems recruiting trouble, I guess we're getting that might not have been to back. The economy was bad and post vietnam, all the good in chios and good officers. Many many had left
Firstly, they seen what combat is like, like you said about the winners and the So, in the first couple years most the ngos, that I had Bertha, kircher, hawks and job, a volunteer force just started, and so did Andy. I ended up at a mechanized infantry and for rather kansas. The army back then had tiered readiness and served nineties stays get on a train go to germany, but if you, and the eighty second, level. For so your unfunded. We had a rifle company. three platoon authorized, but only men for two platoon, so it was very bad until president reagan came in and and really your resourced us a couple big things happen in his first secure
when you, when you got commissioned, you go straight to go to the infantry officers. Basic courses outward as I, with that pipeline was here was and how long was at school. Fourteen weeks, Are you feeling, like? You got a good education in that I mean I hadda james web on here, who it wasn't a marine corps navy for recipient and he was went to the basic school went to that marine corps infantry school imagery meter school got on. twelve days of leave, got on a plane, went to vietnam went up walked around the middle feel pointed up original and said that there's your platoon, he walked up there. He said whom I relieve. In a sergeant said: I've been a commander for last: whatever was our other between commander gotta wounded or killed your in charge, and that night they got a big. And fight and he was common air support. and I said well you ready for that
he said yes, so they at that time, you know in the middle of the vietnam war they. marine corps was squared away a given those guys ready- You know. I've often looked at some, the train that I went through in the nineties and thankfully, we did get thrown in a war because we would have been ready for it. How did you feel that that course prepared you? Then I think we would all say it prepared us to do a squad later. Stop not command platoon and combat and I was gonna be taught when you go to your first unit in if you squared, where captain in a row. Three then restart, and if you didn't mere sergeants would probably bring along if you're smart enough as an author. Listen, then that's what happened to me, but my captain was was horn
shop, your cabins horrible! So now it's on the NC o's that are going to get you trained up. We just kind of said: hey we're in this one together. Let's you know, let's get me, get me: train, I'll bring leadership energy, but It is bad leadership, look for look like for a captain just for informational, educational purposes. When you say your captain was a bad leader was up with his sword always tolerant darker than europe, you, enter the service with your faith. and your friends in your family, your integrity and you should lead the service when someone tries to take that from you, and so my first captain was a liar and a cheater and he would steal things and he he gave me that he said hey take this truck
topeka and trade, everything that's in the back of the truck to the guy and he's going to give you some stuff and put it in a truck and bring it back on Sunday said I'm not going in. He said Your career is going to end right here. I said I'm ready for that. I'm ready for that. You know it. There's nothing you can do is nowhere. I'm gonna end up. I doing this, for you is going to it'll, make it right, so he should get up get out of here. He called in another lieutenant the guy took the truck. and it was a chucks forced on goods or somethin yeah, yeah yeah. He would I ended up getting excess e e trade internally to get stuff in, and you know he stole a trailer. It was parked in the field and he sent inspire guy. Hey go hook that up to our supply truck, bring it back because he could trade effort, someone who needed trailer, who had lost Just come back, ok
so your first! Yes, what makes you say, you're gonna stay, and I guess I guess you had the family tradition. So there was no yeah Yet now. Well you're. My mom was really strong, elegant woman from Boston vienna. And she would say. If you don't like something, then you get to the top and change it and either in, and my father probably add to that. If you walk out, who do you think it's gonna take care of the soldiers, so and are you he would have supported me leaving home at the end of the first four years, my high school best friend, at about year. Sixteen said you ve, sir, sixteen year for four years, a college, your foot, no job. I stayed in cause, I like: so yeah, so that's your first job out there, in four riley Kansas sounds like you're learning some lessons of at least how not to act. Now, where do you go from there? Well,
as you said that I went from the base, of course, to four rally, they didn't allow my class to go to ranger school. So here I am a lieutenant with no ranger tab and every paid a break. Just some general says if you're an infantry guy and you don't got a ranger tab, then you're you're not worth it. So I lived for years and you know the song a theme is wanted to go to west point didn't get in winter second string to settle which, My classmates would agree with that, but it it ain't right, our gosh, timid and then go basic course. You don't you dad is now a pair trooper and and a distinguished soldier. It's like get my range, a tab and then get ready go to combat no ranger tap. So I came back to the nineteen three went to then
I offered a bunch of company commands as a lieutenant. You stay here to camps, job that you got what it takes and I had if the tank manner I gotta move on to big army. You know I got I got some things are gonna fulfil, so went back and about eight captains, and again the same number, two hundred lieutenants during sergeant started: ranger school after the camp spur coarse and only one graduate It is too easy for them to to say: hey I've. Already I've been out there have already led. I got good reports here I can get. I can get what I need where you are captain. Yet when you went through ranger school, that was yeah, so you went through ranger school as a captain. What year was that, like nineteen? Eighty three now we're talking? Nineteen eighty four sound like that october. Eighty three two two january or december, like Did you prepare for ranger school like nowadays, people they're going to some kind of selection. They they go through a preach thing before smarter
We were pretty hardcore training regiment. To get ready. Did you prepare training prepare for ranger school than I did then? And I'd be? You know, Columbus, ga. You know august and July August june, current at eighty pounds sachs when, like I was all probably a whopping near one, thirty, eight pounder one, forty two, you know enough, but other guy, on the golf course inert laughing a joke in and you know, in holding a beer up uneasy mean my but our work and laugh at you, Nesmith I'd, say: hey Kelly got there go, go, go, go sit and what they have said and we can sit in not all that butter. Nightmare navigation, on all things, not time all things ever gonna come up here. Are you spend the time and you, sir, you are ready for what would the numbers that you just throughout their yet how many people start this less aid, probably to twenty eight.
And two hundred and twenty eight in these worse captains, only eight were captain. So only captains had the courage to try can retry it because they already more comfortable. patients is a killer and so in this case, as we started and and only I've only I gradually it got him. Danny Green was recycled. He later graduated and all the others quit along the way and then have the two hundred twenty young officers lieutenants and young sergeants, probably about forty eight made it. So we probably had a graduation around fifty starting to what was what was the hardest part or the biggest challenge, for you arrange a school
oh, and if you are one hundred and thirty eight pounds, I'm surprised you even lived through that davidoff. Everyone was one thirty eight at the end, I didn't, and I lost probably about four pounds and I saw big men lose a lot. Part of it was. You know I been deployed with unit from four rally around country and overseas, and- and I had done a lot of training We ran a basic in it, a t, dance, individual training, the army. My dear, send him to the unit and new train them up so it s going to rain or school. I kept thinking, they gotta have a safety net around eight work, but we're going down this river tone pretty fast, so they gotta have a first aid ten around heraclea, for I prefer man. So I was I had already a support. Platoon, leader and detain logistics are so. I was just kind of an admirer. my ranger buddy was edward visas? staff started from eighty secondary morning. He we thought he was gonna die is like
Will you die other stuff to me. I thought it was like disneyworld viz are than making you can get on this right here, and so a man get five extra jumps. This is great and and and I literally would near he would eat everything they gave to give you two miles off for a day or three meals for two days, and I ended up just my right. It's getting heavy with the c rations on my rug was going to have an extra challenge and then, when he'd start whimpering echo here, take this ears here. Spaghetti or you know all that so, if you know everyone has a day or two that are bad days and ranger school and in if you have your ranger bodies to carry through, and likewise you do for themselves. to me it was a leadership opportunity and yes, but one for not proud
the other. What was the most significant leadership lesson you took away from ranger school and it you know. I think he is a billion teams, their fallen apart to life lesson, and so, each year your constantly trying to make the team stronger, who all around her and in part We learned it because I thought that's probably the right way to do it and now and then, when you knew she had come together, new sheep, that we can get through this together kind of thing than you know aye, sir, with a lot of those. Unless the guys all went to the range of our times So then, when I started serbian rangers, there's all my range bodies her now and shows that no comforters he's legit when you get done with that. What you're next duty station I went up to alaska and took it infer banks nor to the articles
ended up, taken command of the parachute infantry company charlie airborne, and we had. Fifty guys had ever union so from nineteen. Eighty five, fifty guys still get together, for banks, alaska and end the arctic, the uk's they call it makes men in the mail women's skinny, little legs and buck teeth and figures and no neck. Now take your rucksack to them through the winter, on snowshoes, their tightened, their type group and air studs I end up with a thick neck, big legs and smaller ears. Yeah, that's right exactly it's all moving in the right directions! So now you're you're a company commander. He said at that point and what was your you know how? What was your premise? You know from a leadership perspective when you took but he command hat. How did you lose? Your? Was your first sit down with the troops what'd, you tell him what was your kind of your principles of leadership somewhere longer time, echoing the idea
your arm the motto you're we win together, and so it's pretty simple budgets we and its together and it's about outcomes and they are warmer a maroon breaking a fancy. And they thought there invent swollen and item because we don't life no one in the army, but I don't care about that. I care about us so first was applied. Marksmanship basement. richard than applied marksmanship. would challenge the it's yours and reason? I think we're still togethers? Ok, let's, let's figured out there, there are great shots in this world and everyone If the companies do that and we will walk everywhere so we're parachute in and we'll walk to the front gate. There's no buses come to the drop zone. Alright, where we're going to be hard on not not full of ourselves, but you know
so they're. We challenged to my best friends company to wrestling match, so he got the un's your club is oct kid it up and when the first paratrooper get pin by in an airborne guy. They couldn't believe it. It's like wait, a minute. We're supermen were airborne. It's ok! So now the hype in reality. Less work on this here, so we get to it, maneuver live fire level anna in there just great so that the whole thing is, I think, in life If you treat everyone like they're, really, wicked smart. Then there guys at the settled at work, run like near dumb, private, and then you to mount a basketball for, and they were natural leaders and those kind of observations. Tommy You have no idea to fierceness and in a platoon or company in Europe no idea the town, that's her, you unless you let it come out I was asked way than I do.
there my whole life. So then I got a call. From my department, the army, have you been up there for three and a half years. We got something for you and I simply mean they said we ve got. Of recruiting job done in San jose through close to your home or recruiting or reserve dude and I Ah, the phone lines up here in alaska are not that good. I called down the second ranger battalion and eyes doktor friend of mine in very sharp. Oh, I didn't know what the type and became an orphan and I should have coming out accompany command and I'd like to come, compete, try to try out for rangers supposed to be the best. The best Hey man, you should call a year ago near we were more booked way out and I said: look I'm off golf
down there are give it a try what everyone he saw can't help you then a guy quint, and so he had my name right there. So you know What is worrying gretzky says you miss eyre miss every shy. Never taken, and so he calls up just a likeness Bernie but if you can be down here and as I understand it, next, and here I am so long so I worked out really well did you have to go through some kind of selection to be an officer and in the ranger regiment, yeah yeah wait, we call it wrote back and ranger or- and programme now now that europe, yet now these rascal selection programme and how long was this selection programme probably three weeks and you're ready for that thing, even though he had been prepared We've been preparing just by being an energy company commander up in alaska, humping iraq and doing what you're doing and wrestling against the the legs yeah. That's right, exactly
again on the basketball player in there and the baseball player, not not a group or yet back. That's what's really unique about so yeah, so it combat water survival test, which is you know, simple and I grew up water, skiing and playing around and then shoot, and then a twelve mile foot march five mile run in thirty five minutes and So the idea was one: it was innocent orientation. Program, because They wanted you to know how to tie your gear down. Where goes what see all the weapons that you're gonna see when you get there and then and emma, but also denoted? If, if you take that you
the day, you arrive, they go on a twenty four march, you can do it and at first it's just an investment good good. You know people management, you don't want to waste time, bringing someone in and then have to flop out cause they're, just not fit so you get assign then you'd. You view get assigned to the range regiment As far as I can tell why I was in the navy. Obviously- and I worked with the marines a lot- I work with the army on deployment. I work with the marines deployment, but in I work with special offer or special forces I work with, More sock of work with china wants different units, I've worked with ranges before I was living. Rangers, but but the from what I could tell me outside looking it seems like ranger regiment is
kind of this, the most spartan of thee, units out there in terms of the day to day life of being and I ve also been told this by by friends at were in in rangers at ranger battalion- the life that you lead. There is your ranger laughs at nothing else and what we're gonna do is being the field drain And- there's a lot of young kids there. It's a very young group, you know got kids, you can go right out of high school the training you didn't have to go goringe battalion, You can just go through that two or three week thing and boom you're. Now a ranger enraged battalion. What was Tell me a little bit about the day to day life of being in a ring. Every time there was it the day to day life started on Sunday word. You got a hind. Hair cut every sunday and so either had a flat top or you had. It looks like it:
give it from a golf course layer on top of your here and it's an end. So everybody starts right there everybody carried and arrange or corn. If you can have your coin, you guess smoked we buy. beer. For somebody from giving smoked is yours action like doing pushups and pity like your and boot camp, so that kind of thing: doesn't happen in doesn't happen, the ceilings, that's for sure, like no one's gonna make you do pushups or even the seal teams, though you be my wife, do something really supermarket slap around? You might get actual. Duty assignments, but you're not you're, not walk around this there's. No there's no feeling of boot camp whatsoever window atta skeelty the ranger. Regimen is not like that. You either If we as a boot camp, you know you yeah, you don't want your son company being obtained as three being regimental s, three command and arrange orbital so
you've seen it at every level, yeah and except for the regional commander, Jackie anna by but there are some there's a rights, a passage every officer who said gives, in the range regiment has already done the job. So our commanded, the parachute cut me I come back and when a ranger com Commanded a parachute battalion in eighty second came back and commanded, oh, had been smart, retainers three in the four true division and then patina three for third range for time, we enlist in the there there are actual I I joke about. You know you, you just love it when a new private comes in because he gets the green scrub pad and you get the buffer right. No longer sticking your hand in a toilet cleaning it right, but that until the the ranger gets to ranger school he he stuck his lesser now. I don't fight in a bar together to take care of him and combat together, but there's theirs
gone to ranger school. I may corporal e4 crime may sergeant five and you have not yours spare was the came from korea, and we have seen before you're, not the same so that such start. staring terms to sport, life thea here, the officers was at last make sure the troops The rangers got their child. That kind of thing but everyone has to meet that standard, and so, if, if A guy falls out of run out of four march. Then their army gave Summer, release authority to the range for time and so eager dropped me sit down to leg, land or send down to night after division or twenty fourth, after division backing days and help me if you had to stay on it and you had learn to play, hurt and tell you you're, jumping to workers in the night and fallen ending.
you're hurt the wounded, wild beasts, kind of syndrome, pillow. Dying, see the one that's limp, and in here they'll go after the ngos or someone will go out to someone else can keep up, and so so it it's a good. It's a good, tough there, the so you get you get a haircut on sunday, you too high and tight on Sunday night. We monday morning. Aren't you going in the field all the time? Don't they spend a ton of time in the field in an era that they'll go so first? First of all, there's no other than combat prep, there's no picking up trash, that's what the divisions you know on the same post we'll do rotation of the stock in the shelves in the commissary being the gate gone and all that brain just don't do that in some states probably in the rough accompany poverty,
they more now out thursday evening, back or through the two weeks on a thursday back weapons, cleaning late into the night weapons cleaning the next day. Hang your boots to dry somewhere and then get a haircut, and most guys, don't spend more than one tour at ranger battalion is accurate and accurate data. I was where was I I think I was it either brow or banning and there was a guy who look like he was made of. You know, Leather and freakin muscle look like he might have been forty five or fifty years old, he's in the he's in the commissary and he's wearing like his ranger panties in like a ranger t, and I'm like this guy's one hundred percent ranger, you know he's
and I've always I've. Always heard that most guys, they do like, maybe maybe four years hitch there. Maybe do one more, but then they move on capital. The lifestyle is just so spartan the the senior. Senior, and yours will stay in hand allow guys go from private too. platoon, sergeant amplitude near its autumn here and now, and then and then some some leave so much messes up they're not like. I said the doktor get rules, drop rolls and a release, a you gonna tell him how you can come back here six months, you come back his unit and never do once they get to us of life so, but but dad it's very close and tight. Here. You ve got this the scanner caste system, but also it's a brotherhood like
none other mere. No sir, I salute the rangers room, Every time I work the ranger. You know what you're getting at you really a one hundred percent professional soldier. That's ragged the job anytime, many were outstanding. What was from a leadership perspective? What did you away from the rangers as a leader. So probably came out of their with with what I would call my my command philosophy, freedom, but which has furnished with my son patty commander. the same ranger company that I did and the only time and in history that a father son command the same ranger company, and here he wrote me instead many years later, some two thousand six zero head out of reach. My career, phosphates, six pages. Would you read it to make us know how to read it. No one else will either ask rates expansion. I said
his well what's yours, I said it's easy. I've had it since problem company to some by one is: do your best? Do it's right, improve daily build? themes take her a little guy or show that you care can never quit and I kind of came out of there with if you're not doing that, then proper fallen behind her as well as an older guidance and older officers general but told one. Do your best me don't try to be the best cause, the Team suffers when you tried it, managers in unison and then do it right. the true to your wife and leave everyone else's alone. All like about who I am- and I said the summer religious thank mrs you're gonna, come to go up that he'll. You can ask them to your lady airplane, combat. They trust you. Too many senior officers and senior officials
the chief? Otherwise, I think it's no big deal now acknowledge with closed eyes fake. He realized her glad anybody right in the rest is about the building of the team and anna. When I wasn't in alaska this guy finance, sir, I pull him to the cage in finance building, because this private charlie airborne got no pay due So I condemned in furtherance of saint. John says no pay due heights and more finance next. morning no pay due means he's not gonna get any money, and so the next day here Jones s voice preferred men, students aren't talking to narrow. So I'm listening well he didn't have enough copies. When went over there for finance kicked him back now. He's got four copies: ok, suddenly
they're yours voice, voice. He signed copies in blue ink and at that point, that's enough so the preferred to first personnel this guy's wife thinks he's an idiot because he's working for free so are going to finance and a captain. There was my next door: neighbor name's art. I said: hey art, my my privates know pay dues been in here. This is the fourth day in a row and our caution we can fix out. What's the what was the problem, while you didn't have enough copies yeah, you got out four cops. You got a copy machine right. There are number two he signed it in blue yeah. We we got it one hundred percent. You know no deficiencies noted in our inspection. At that point, I grabbed on to us I'm going to kick your butt in front of all your troops right here or creed. It is quite right now that you know that were gets through to the boss. Is gonna stand up for us and I take it We are supposed to curse. That's what I ve learned in us. First, complex manner
when you were at ranger battalion or you goin, on deployment anywhere, or do you just we disdain for louis how it the world over here, I'm back, then we are journals, training and fort sherman panama. So every year you go there go up into the arctic, for banks her or for richardson or norway, or something like that and then come when you do along in flight, rake pursuit reagan, imperative in germany and can move for three it through days and nights in an attack, bad bad toll system, but the army are found there. One of the boys you Idaho jumped in the desert with we would go, would go quite a bit. Three just go on big turning operations and and your back. switch gear way get ready to do it again, those field and and and then once every eight weeks he take too
stand down and then twice a year you take two weeks of block. Leave the whole. Yet shots goes squared away for eight years now player out. So what you get, what you do, and you have done with the wood with this toward the rangers to go next door and not the end motorized infantry and an desert she'll desert storm kicked off anna, no. I want to create a general staff college and then come when I was in when general staff college and ninety one many too, but but the mercosur came to interview. We had about twenty ranger company former company commander, sending in the course- and the word out was these guys as the scurry, this guy and this guy were going back to the regiment as majors and and so I thought well that they've already picked
but I stopped by to see the colonel general buccaneer. What's the regiment commanders glad to see. I heard you were gonna go. First, when I got a spot for she had said I'm here, sir disco, when the gulf war went down, where were you go you and not the command? In general, have college when how pissed off you try out, I meant and whatever it was to six hundred, you know, pissed off captain promoted posts are majors. Yeah people tried to call back tried to go back to the unit and you're back in those days, poor lasted and the other on the last, what seventy two hours and forty six hours and without her nato's that way just causes oh yeah, grenada to lean. Did you got it? You did you gotta grenada, Now I was in ranger school drop and what about panama again
but the ranger company and six months later, panama man here so one of the things that I would say to you and for this part castest theirs. A lot of times. You don't get what you think It'll happen in life. You know in in, like the lord is your assignment officer. You know, and I and I know I should have been it's not as not a good way of looking at how it's looked at the windshield and not the rearview mirror and make something of what's in front of me, is kind of what I would tell people so didn't get west point where it cut the cetera, didn't get ranger school got the weapons, but didn't didn't get a rifle platoons. When I went to ranger school I was like a blank disk earlier, so may teach me how to maneuver
because I have been shooting mortars then got up to alaska. Got dearborn company got bravo company in in rangers, and it didn't get to go. Oh, but and in each case he got to him. Go with purpose to your best to try to care somebody and thinks start work out, yeah the wound. In those days it was just a roll, the dice whether are going to get to go to war or not, and in those days you might be in a unit where you know you are not clinical, and so you still had to motivate the troops are. Are some of them didn't want to be motivated? And there are no stays. We invented something called a your analysis in our part of eighty three and solve. there had drug use and stuff like that hammer then suddenly, now you get, you know who is, and you could punish them and or correct them, and all that, so the army changed a lot in, in from seventy nine to.
your money for so after college Would you were near? I mean where, where you learn, and what was your main main takeaway is that you got out of going to the two years of command and generals after its one year in cambodia, and someone told me that that the next ten to fifteen years of service will be with this group. So no one. There are people who are not infantry and their squared away, you're, smart and up into kind of carbon sequestered into all male two units in an and one thing. I never left her if three battalion until I made colonel and that's very rare and so on. I always find a way to get back and in different kind of true, maybe and then back to the rangers in it and second airborne it back to the rangers
So then that's what happens. You get the they had a slot for you back at the at the regiment, first, first regiment and anna general grange or curl grange, maybe the battalion regimental s, five, which could be so motor affairs, but actually it was. I want you create the ranger monument forbidding due to create the jew james dietz prince. I want you to create the papers and all that stuff, and so he heat he went to go worldwide because we we've been left out of desert shield desert storm, except for one ranger company from first ranger and schwarzkopf didn't didn't like the rangers and he'd been at fort stewart, and so he probably felt that they were
Pre Madonna's his hope, for whatever reason rangers didn't get a lot of action and so general granges than current ranges. view was I'm gonna go to each of the combat commands and then range for an exercise will be used. In any case he would come back and He asked their communication officer at there's. These kind of radios delta force has these kind of radios two and he come back said. What's the word on radio nicole, I can't I didn't, make any progress and then go to this guy. You know this kind of supply stuff. We needed this kind of rapid deployable parachute donut from a helicopter. No action I mean- and I said, here's the print. You know this or this premise- that here's the sketch and met with these guys from florida and at and and. so in sixty nine days at the region. level I was then sent down to third time word. Everyone wants to be his excise assured us
I was hailed and farewell to disable social of it. And that so now you get into the battalion and what are you doing and there yet we have extra- feel grade in the range retired who does the special ops liaison coordination for one and you really school in your cell phone on what the other s three but yes reached. Gonna, do in your probably the heir apparent saw saucy, eleanor and anna after year and moved into the us three job
and then my tank manner in another range per tank, man were killed in a helicopter crash in the great salt lake. On october. Twenty ninth nineteen. Ninety two, so then danny Mcknight ah came and took over third ranger battalion and and he he led third into mogadishu with bravo company and they worked with with the joint special operations task force there. He was not half the map of the of colonel keneally, and I think I had had a lot to do with us a lot of problems in the street there, and you know when you think about the lieutenant colonel there's there still. yeah. But when you're our captain and a major you expect a lot from and if he's a ranger commander, we expect a lot. So ours have asked to be the chief of staff for the army's aide de camp and
So, where were you when? When did you deploy to somalia, then I did, but I deployed after the big fight drought, as I brought alpha company and a squadron forward from from a delta force, and we we had trained, we were going to be the replacement and October third had the big fight and we arrived october. Fourth at about six at night, and then we did patrols got MIKE durant back and then in the the president. President Clinton struck a deal with iD and we thought we just lost six of our buddies. Who gordon shoe got last. You know certain cleveland who was pretty good friend, who did a lot of missions with?
tough forsworn sixty he was dragged through the streets and then you see here and has given up so I am very proud of the rangers. It I think are ranger scotty, millard, retard four star was the captain underground for dealt force, great friend and great great great officer person I think any other unit in the army that day would have been killed to the man in power, company and and elements of favourite task force. Ranger did was amazing, remarkable reaches beyond description. What was the when you, too you land on four october, who was
atmosphere when you get there yeah, it's really really eerie sullen. We got mortared that night and we went guy killed and and DR marsh task force doctor wounded badly. Chris Martin was killed. He he had been a second range, but tank guided. Did the long, walk and join the a break, but it was eerie that there is a sort of this ass. An illustration that occurred tat view the ranger standard didn't happy. Follicles were hanging out with these school guys, and I am now I felt we sent a colonel there, well ill equipped to command because he didn't have his staff, and so I can when I think I felt when I got there, that I assume that role of leadership began to get the rainer standard, backup to
It annoys me that having a sandbagged, you know the place that we're living in and they're just kind of plain volleyball hang out and had gone on missions and stuff. So in an endeavour to new they lock, we lost some. We lost six guys. It means a lot to all these guys and me the answer. Obviously this just now one. I mean I was ours in the seal teams at that time and we are all just why Have we had durrant on on gaston. It was so so surreal to me. sitting across talking to him when you know like I was in the seal teams and we're watching you know seeing the videos of him and watching him get dragged through the streets and watching the videos that got posted or that were on the news- and he knows these things
sky, where you want to do everything you can help them or knob something like in. I was in san diego. You know my world we're not going to get to do anything to help them out, but the water or a tough fight of situation and arm so when you get done with that, what you want next job after that, when I became the regimental operation saucer replant haiti, and I got ready to go into haiti and then at internal power and a few others went down nerd brokered peace, so we were rigged an airplane clam show. We are three hours from term peninsula.
comment clamshell and then actually that night, my mom passed away, so she had cancer and so an air force, tactical air control. Guy drove me from Savannah to afford bedding were a memo. My wife and Margaret linked up with marty and then she pulled out a payment up to monterey to settlement the estate, so the whole time period was from keneally dine mogadishu, Haiti, my mom passing and then one month later, I take battalion command at fort bragg and it probably was kind of
none for about six months. Someone told me once you got that smile back. You've got that sparkled back and I didn't know it was gone yup you must have been quite focused when you showed up with where'd. You do your first battalion command or braggin second battalion fibre, fourth pursued infantry and with eighty second, the eighty second first Gay commander was sir John opposite really great answer, and the second is the famous dave betrays so, job creation. I would raise each other and so on
Well, the tank management, Patrick Quinn, when the current then colonel patrol would come out in the morning to look around. We don't be stretching and need to run and hide behind the bushes or the barracks, and so he would say: white devil. Six, let's go for a run at the heights or so then we'd go to out two miles out and then come back in at the beginning of fourth mile. Would race and so I think he's probably caught me by about three, but I say a surfy one play one on one basketball. First, he you know you wanna wrestle you you're going to do anything else, but
we had our fun when when he would come to Iraq later and our termite brigade get a call tomorrow night at twenty three hundred to meet with general petraeus at zero four sir pet shop. So we we learn to take a day off before the race the next day, because he would try to sneak in there and enter know you- probably smoked yourself the day before so soon. You're doing the baton command now at the second, are you guys doing work up cycle where the training and then you're moving to a higher state of readiness is that was that what you do in the army, I'm in the navy. So our cycle was always and it's the same with the ships and the marine corps falls into this too. They do kind of what the navy does witches get right. It'll go on deployment and then you board ships and you go on deployment in the seal team to get ready go on deployment. We sometimes we board ship. Sometimes we just fly to another place and we stay.
appointment for six months as a sort of that sort of the methodology of the navy and methodology the marine corps to when you- eighty seconded there's no war going on. What do you do tat? You have three cycles. derision ready for forty two and three. If europe in two didn't tensor. Training cycle knew him. If, if you're good at it, then before you enter too you've, you ve done your basic marksmanship of all weapons now straight into collective training and then not at the conclusion of that. A week cycles really feel time. Then you- and you become pretty force one in all your vehicles, her rigged up to be pair, dropped all all europe's emeralds you go to risk on stand by that point here and then you're on three. You can take your block, leave or you're picking up trashing stations, shells and concerns.
you would you do that soldiers legit? Do that starch alcinous commissary coup? I did not know that. I don't think anyone in the navy stock shelves in the in the commissary in the navy. I don't think so yeah I could be wrong, but at least in the city we didn't know now. when you try to argue when you are new officer first time in eighty second, and you try to tell a sword major mike, I shouldn't be stock and shells the the dog doesn't hurt very log into his actions. Would you take away from general abizaid and then colonel petraeus at that time? Well, not to do so. Attributes were they're very focused. One intensely focused job trace, the other focused and very cordial, very friendly one.
very good listener or in a pretty good listener, and so I can see this. Who is the very good listener? Who is the pretty good listener? Cohabit was was very good, listen he's, just curious, hacking and jump trace was printed thinking? If you know what he wanted, then didn't need to listen as you did. You said, The little smoother I'd bring it up, so it'd be helpful and useful, if maybe those kind of discussions- and I have great relationship with both of them really great but they're they're little little different leaders when I as a as a battalion commander, would you take a waves as a leader? Did you make any big mistakes? Did you have any huge lessons learned as a battalion commander so. The first was understand
It really you know who who did you need to own their heart? What level did you need to own their heart to know that the unit would do anything for you? So at a company level, you, you know all one hundred and eighty guys or one sixty or whatever you know, and if he kept the e for mafia kind of with you. Then the companies can do anything and- and they are at the staff sergeant- insurgency five right in the middle of that was where the tank manner submit. So how do you get back where you gotta run pt with you know your role, whether you here you got a perm beyond that foot march when, when they step off for the expert infantry badge, you got you not only do step off, but you you beat everybody to a mouthful march, so they know they know he hit
into a new stand up to the brigade commander commander when they knew somebody's ragged. On your guys go sir, your job you're gonna brigade around appetite. Then I got so that you have earned or trust sort of thing. I learned when you can do that, then you can do anything. then what was the to the EU? we're told me that the you do in rangers. You already did the job somewhere else. So now did you go. Is this when you did battalion commander at rangers? After that day, I went down to fort benning from from bragg at this at that time and took third range, protect and this is what ninety ninety six ninety ninety seven timeframe as ninety six to ninety eight and this is where you get your introduction to jiu jitsu am I correct? Is and what was that introduction like
it happened this way. What you know what it was like it was awesome, but it happened this way. Then colonel Mcchrystal stan Mcchrystal asked me hey. What are you What do you think about tat, bringing these guys hoist gracie and hoary and gracie? in training your sergeants. This idea of hand to hand or combat answered what sort of second across many sets forty thousand dollar for two weeks. Well, we didn't even have night scopes on all of our machine guns in ninety. Ninety six, sir I'd rather take the money and put put it in the scopes. You know, and he said oh you're gonna do it. I just want to know how you felt about. So then, within a week or two I walk into the
we do not have solely and nurses two guys net the table? Somebody produces some to me and you're on flickr horse great disclose something when what we do. If I slept right now, I didn't say I going to say I asked do know earlier. I do now. We all know that, but the day they introduced grounds, writing in the form of gracie, jiu jitsu and ask him? Why are you winning- and he said my your our father- took two japanese style of fighting and put the brazilian side on and and we can win and we will win. So I I r a recurrent theme is to trust in and super backup, your your noncommissioned officers and so We have set up the training and then we appear flitted it anna right ass. I started to understand
Then the army soaked to boston so home when up there in the kenny Florian place once or twice, then a train with his brother Keith slept bob two months ago. It was pretty good, pretty pretty awesome time. Better, so third ranger battalion is where combatants were sent introduced. I wanted, fletcher, school long diplomacy down in a university as stroke, I got a senior national defence fellow, so let's show little respect around here with title and when I came back is another one of those example. There's a lot to talk about third ranger battalion and learns and live fires and and guys get killed and and and hurt and training is that during live fire. Evolutions.
as getting killed at a demo range we had to someone put pie for plenty he just trying to: let's get rid of it all to a dirt, clod it of clay and in ear the size of a piano or something and landed on on guys that were behind the borough. And but you're you're. You learn when you're doing these things that it's dangerous and if you do what's right back to that, one you're going to be okay, if you're with the right people you're going to be okay but When you do something wrong, what did the investigation on that look like I mean what was that, if you, if you're talking to a young soldier right now, a young ranger right now, what what would they take away from that there was negligence and- and he know the master breacher was foul- was court martialed and
the part of the army or what was he? What was his thought process just said: bigger boom, not not trying to be show off he but more like cook. If we continue to do this, we're going to be here till ten at night. So then, let's put it all in the whole skit out here no kidding how much explosives let me make one correction. I was that that happened when I was the us three and I was in mogadishu when it happened, so I got investigated for having signed off omnia the range request and then deployed in southern. Did the oh. I see in the until I see where the one the farmer and responsible and the water one other major takeaway. Did you have from betraying command ranger regiment, as will you talked about live fire
what was how much lie firewood? You guys do live fire maneuver over the dell. I would it be data, company law fires so so did not turn up for the rangers to take the mission in a similar way as in the eighty second, we would always do it short readiness exercise, which meant we had her helicopter assets from the one sixtieth and from airforce special absently, gunships and now and then you know, sometimes it would be, there's a purse of special forces location and put copper peru. So we rebuilt it to her to seize it back should was shining path whatever and they had taken it than men. We would, I far take it back,
so it's always built around some kind of ongoing or actual objective out there, yeah yep and and again you you want ranger platoons to be be the best platoon sized element that can overwatch support for fire, breach, assault consolidate. You can breach any any kind of fence store whatever, and so you stringer a lot of the blocking and tackling, and then you put it it's a concept in which is interesting because a lot in a twenty year war, which we call this one where we're just finishing up, are still working on a lot of our officers are sort of like latch latch kit
key kids. They everything's been given to them. They haven't had to conceptualize visualize conceptualize, put it together and understand angles and- and you know, moving force stable force. So I I think we learned a lot about that. Also in enraged retain command now you're one. You have to know things about three levels: up when you're company commander, you get a sword or know what the battalion manner thinks soon, as you get to the time and suddenly jason and all the assets, its combat command and orders if our forces Characters forces nation and Emma partner nations. So there's lots of that. I think the biggest thing is how to sow
mark the ranger officers and a senior and ceos are the data. That's when you realize, oh, my goodness, yeah and I had four cut company commanders, one of whom is air curl, now forced to They were always point classmates when their great guys never, but they there so smart and they would voters block, so they can walk in and say. Oh here we go alright. But if I needed to do anything I would say to to Jeff. Martindale is Eric. Doing okay seems kinda droopy these days and a minute later Eric be my door, sir I'm gonna go so I think you ve learned that. And not as experienced, but there you find out that wow and his guys are really smart and and a senior and ceos. You know probably all ncs, but you get to see it at the senior level
really smart. You know from a training perspective in the aggravating the nineties and the seal teams, and we did live fire everything I mean we did a live fire. Everything in fact that. Pretty much. The only way we trained was live. Fire with did live fire. I ads, we did fired at night. We did, I see, see all the time. That's it that's what we did blank kinda, wasn't even a thing and I would you know here about the army here about the marine corps and they'd be talking about using blanks. We can I mean I would personally, my own ego would be like wow. That's so lame that they're doing blanks and we just did lie fire everything. Everything everything's lifer did you think about it. It wasn't even a question what we're we're doing my fire, but in two thousands we started actually using both the and we better form of miles gear that was very high, speed and very very realistic and we
use that and all of a sudden it made us so much better. Both those things made us so much better. We do less live fire than we used to, but where a lot better these now we go against. We go against an enemy, that's manoeuvring in shooting back at us and killing us, and we haven't down men and all that stuff and then, when I ran training, I I was really focused on that force on. straining. Did you go see that? Did you see a kind of transition as well? We did special goin back and forth from big army too to the rangers you would see and the advent of the combat training centres, com, join readiness, national training centre and there she empty see over in germany Now you had a world class off for that. That's what took the army out of the doldrums have of posts, the alarm to some
everyone's getting harassed. You gotta fight, you gotta know what you're doing and so then it's like, and then you have world class observer controllers that are saying you know you're the fourteenth iteration of that I've seen you not that good. Yet you know, and they would not what paper off the side and it's it's you know someone the same rank the same. You know. You're planning is not that good, your communications, not that good you're, actually an object. Aren't that good! So you know here's your take home packet or you get better. you gonna mission in two days, you didn't you didn't rehearse anything. you guys out of her wounded. They stand up that anti see Here now Was it the two thousands? Was it not? No! No! It is eighty I have had it for they are the army brought in it.
combat training centre, the black hawk them one and bradley call within five years. Man returned version, all right, so you get done with school europe there. And then you come. Where do you go back when you, when you get done with that? Where you go yeah, so you know, god had decided that I was. range with a capital are so I should probably command the seventy fifth ranger regiment didn't happen so sent me to the alarm infantry, which is the school brigade and you talk about humility, haven't circuit up like the home, a gap. The twin arrange, her company, partial company, patient battalion range, retain ups and then attorney regiment in training and saw ahead of secondary school and for jobs for basic course jumped school. The captain's advance coarser
of course, and then a battalion of dogs and cats. In now if you're we had a little issue with this in the soup, we used to have an issue with this in the seal teams, where no one wanted to go to training especially the advance rennie. What we now call twenty detachment bodies be called training cell, where you are actually training opportunities, platoons work and You learn so much their number one, but number two, it's real What seems real obvious that you would want to take your best, guys and put them where their training, the other guys, as opposed who, taking the turks and putting them in charge of trade, so, did you were you able to make that mind? Shift after you got assigned to the training and realize you're going to have an impact on a bunch of people that are coming through training, including the basic? for three officers course yeah right away and anna, probably in July, of of ninety nine,
I was new moping around and my wife from noisy, ok open times over. Let me see what we can do with us, and so The entire generation have fought in Iraq. afghanistan started underneath he started captains. I wouldn't allow the captain society more than eleven months in any job, so they had to go back to the divisions, otherwise they broken and been dead in the water they wouldn't make. It's always guys learn how to train had first gardens when in training companies all they were the first wave of captains, and many of them are two and restart generous down on a big impact and then also, but I got called to a forced our office trader commander, his office, and he said that. Ok, you got The lieutenant course there too soft, the lieutenants or buncher wimps, college was powerpoint nero
to do a quick study come back here in three weeks and tell me how you're going to change based training for all the officers in the army so and so, we found out. We did analysis for a quick and financing of the sixteen. The branches only for qualified, with the base with a rifle We all know how many out of sixteen branches whose artillery of a tree engineers engineers in armour and everyone else might might fire weapon. Might might not why so this before levin, so I decided the course with a couple of the sergeant in a couple of officers. And we did the same same thing. We did in the rangers said okay, monday you're, going to feel you know and then you're going to shoot every week that you're in a basic course
Her pure flee of that and then the cultures of the other branches about three years after I left you know, went to their generals of quartermaster general's of finance or whatever and got cut away. also saw the opportunity to come, insert sir combatants into every coarse and had to fight. They are the big organization and you can't you can't to combat. If you don't have, The manual says you should have affirming knife and fight like the brits didn't in what were too so two wrote a t, see it turkey in credit goes to Matt Larsson, enjoy thomas choice? Just return As for ten colonel matt long friend and black belt for energy charter, eight they did they did it hard. I did the review and all that an end. They said you, you can't do it because you don't have any master trainers. So
created a mass of train or she came to a cause. Your health facilities are traded too that's a memories for the book warehouse. If the sky was a deer hunter who see the post, op sky, military post- and I said: hey colonel jordan, I'll give you what what? What can I? What do I have to give you to get that book warehouse? He said what bunch of memories would be helpful because I'm out, and so She asked when they'd finished their last training exercise. They'd, just throw them or reason to the basement is big room, so we bundled them up traded and then we went to from high schools and got the first wrestling report together. So you again, unless an earnest reject, rejection and nephew, Oh, it's right, then, even several of the course directors didn't want there The tenants captains her up poorer offer candidates rolling around on the mat, and so who says that what kind of work
for human being or can a soldier says hadn't want my my troops alone. Combative seems insane to me. Where was it, since you just play through the night, the captain's would sneak downer in again all of them ended up in combat commanders as captains and majors and a tank manners and combat, and they are. They all got it in an orange. She always got it right away. Said stats are level, they got it right away and knows where all commands are majors and divisions. For me. There are eleven. and what years as this is like around two thousand, that all this is happening here, How long did you get the manual first combatants, those published if we published a buyer. I took over July of ninety nine, probably by July, two thousand then? Where are you at win support? The eleventh happens, I was it. standing outside
admiral matters office, join joint forces commander, norfolk virginia? Who we are I had to go to her about iceland to do tat? We had an air base up there that we were responsible for we're. Just keep. It was just gonna go. Do european tour something sort. So I was in brief him on the trip and he and boom we see the first plane on his tv boom. The next I've been assigned near for weeks maybe cannot bring hake man against What school, Pentagon's posada during staff it up in norfolk? What's the mission of joint forces command, It was the idea sector rumsfeld than that we needed an honest broker to select to use the navy's global force. Present posture presents to you
state that the idea of the new rotation, har division, division, rotations brigades, aviation, hee, hee, sort of solvency. Some of that we were. We need some broad coordination between all the services and the whole supply, Jane and all it was a big time. Disruptive innovation obey like torn forces command. and so yeah. I wish I could go down. Everyone wants to stay in their silo. They do yeah we're happy knowing bothers us. We called we called norfolk, the colonies, we'd go up to the pentagon and say we're going back down to the colonies in august, but so I was there and then I'm sitting near thinking, I'm gonna miss another day more. I cannot believe this. How can I the enormity of this time and everyone's deployment, an alarm, the deputy J, three
preparing the deployment order for every unit in in in the military and I'm taking shit, and then I saw were from there until two thousand and four so from nine eleven to two thousand and four watching everyone, war, then someone said jerry, you you'll make general. If you can get your boots dirty and carry everything's good, except for you. Forty then general array and general vines. Chair vines pulled me out of their separated, beat assistant division commander and I hadn't in Iraq. I had had all and peace on the aviation no sign of social affairs and arse armies, half as higher whenever upon arose the street, that I didn't driver? What yours at two thousand five? Ok,
and what was your own would explain what what your job was, that they had this separate brigades that would rotate in and there wasn't a division headquarters on top of a to star and there wasn't a ones or, and so they can just run in their own thing. What each combat team was Deborah aviation brigades no turk police brigades, gotta guy, got it, and so I became this sugar daddy for for them and how long was at first deployment over their thousands are just under six months whenever and then, What was your? What was your? What were you? What was your viewpoint of the war? Look, you watch. The thing happened, you're kind of detached the first. three years of the war actually. First, four years the war you're seeing the direction that it's going You know why she was just talk about honest. park ass yesterday with bulgaria, who is with me and in the battle for modern life and
I was saying we're we're not winning where we're losing this war. This is now in two thousand six a lot. People weren't saying that you know a lot of people were like. Oh yeah, we're winning you don't well. My battalion did this many missions. That must mean we're winning and my brigade did this many missions. That must mean we're winning and we caught this many guys that must mean winning and are winning. Was. There was a lot of that going on. Will you see that when you had it over, there did look any different when you got on the ground, where you start to question whether we are winning a not yet I agree with the arctic, First of all, if you saw a lot of transactional actual leaderships, hundreds We ve got this unison. We honestly, the ground and were out of here until I fourth, we know that in sight sought good hard work. You know to search, next time. I want to tell him the search and current three times, and so.
I would have people would ask a question: you just said, and I would say well: play golf with my friend chart. I hit the ball over the hill under water, down there, george, you think I went in the water and you, sir, to close to call and I felt that way about iraq. The whole time when thomas a great how's it going to end up when I close, is too close to call, and I think that the kurds and iraqis could screw up anything, and you know that don't get me in trouble but culturally and they they can't take the win. You know in a tickets, their culture at that you know the groot all the way back to. are you coming out in the far east? Are his camels and everything and they have to trade and say: hey? Can we have am the shaken of six camels and all those rocks and the cargoes? No? No. No! No! No, but the shake was powerful. He go back to his village and say I
They heard what I wanted. You know water. They gave me one rug and all that so that their traders they do trading. They also have multiple wives in the wives, promote their child and the one who becomes you know what you say about marsh: that's that's the father of marsh, so that cartels, the tribe wash or how was I eat or abbot aid so obvious. I aids is the father of side and sudden. so there's maneuvering always yeah, and so they, did. They know the new brigades coming into brigade commander didn't get another suburban when that guy shows up and all that southern. I think I think that that's the problem. You know my wife third job there,
tour around it the advising and training. So my team trained holder, the national police, the police, the army tv small. What year was two thousand in. Turn. Would you do on a second appointment as this e g for operations technically in general, for operations had for the three star headquarters hundred troll lord Austin, I ran the army special ops, what we have to see J sort of, like that. You know all about over there, but within the course area of operations who it was. the siege, a sort of really was a ribbon peninsula and then inside Iraq itself was a what would bid brigade commander court towards special operations, task taskforce and karasin,
gave them to me is a? U. You speak our language. I will use this two thousand, and fifteen months has long towards two thousand eight two thousand, so the surge was two thousand eight right. I think exercise yeah, maybe seven, I guess I didn't. I was in my last point over those two thousand six assert wasn't happening again, I'm just trying to figure out when when now you know what was going on when you Were there so you're, who had oversight of this. you just sort of in Iraq it during that tour. The brigade commander everyone's got a thousand father. She Norton way back to brad call it put the brigade commander direct reported to me. I approved the nightly missions if we went into whatever was hillier hill, whatever it was LA yeah. Now that was a prime minister, Maliki's home town shot up his nephew or something we shot at at
as have guys first and they shot and killed him. And then so I mean you're, the guy generosity, the photos and with the tape show, it did not go to prime minister and show him home here's what happened? You know Da Da who'd like to pay the family or we're not paying a fair me. They shot at organizing the first and is dead. I didn't do a lot of gfp hunting as cars that the makers or the delivers coming out of her out of huron, and then we had a. We had an iraqi special forces version of they they would live in this camp. Take all that uniform off, go home once a month then come back and nobody knew who they were, but we went in a solder city. I went in with them a couple times and then another and bigger
high level psychological operations and influence in operations. Now two thousand eight will not search happened. It sounds like you were there. You started to you know. This is something I was track on. You know a general betray us and no more I've by counterinsurgency. We I get out, and- and this is what we did in ramadi battle of ramadi- we went into the city, you know when and we is the the one, maybe going into the city and setting up combat our ports and what not I see that take place throughout the whole country, and then did you start to think maybe we can actually the lack of a better word when I think you feel that way, Furthermore, commanders or optimists anna, it a good thing to be its battling to not be realist, but you could be optimistic,
and then you see the gains being made, and from my role at that time. You roll entered especially when also tenor. Curls of might have been a captain underneath me previously, in turn no stays how much they ve grown. I feel the collision of their their organization. She see what traps they were running against the Al Qaeda or her or whoever. So I think he he you still got to characterize it as optimistic, but also knowing that at some point he we can't sustain. You know eighty thousand men and women here we can't sustain this budget or we can if they can't take it over. For us, then it's not gonna work you! I was a big thing. I have to tell my guess: we had to start working with iraqi troops and Of course, all my guys working getting me. These guys are terrible, they're, not trained or not trustworthy. They don't have any equipment, but one
tell them was hey. If we don't get these guys trained up, they can actually go out and the level of violence in their city than worry me, We are forever, our sons are going to be here, that's what it's gonna be and that's a losing that's a losing proposition and the guys mr that and move forward, and certainly we were absent. Successful in ramadi, and that was based on what john When the master did up in time far and in general, Macfarlane went relieved him and then, since it had been pacified, they took them. Macfarlane, some down to remedy who relieved general grant ski who went home with his troops and and where they did, they implemented that that's Oh gee inside the city of remedy, go in set up I was in the neighborhood start to get to know the local population that so we we left and we left. Within months after we left the romani He was like a completely different place. There was the
level of violence was almost one. Nothing you know you had shakes attire. Busier was out there. They reform it up there that we had. There was a thirty. at least thirty iraqi police that were pretty much collecting a paycheck and not do anything when we showed up in radii now there was two thousand of these guys, so there was a massive transition and it did look hopeful from from our perspective back here, looking toward the trans transition that it happened in ramadi, we started seen in other cities, and you were there for that- wanted that what they look like on the ground for you here that the other big task I had was taken, The sons of Iraq show What we were well, we had was through one hundred four thousand sunni men that conference started can get india, the sawa or the awakening goin emma, and so the thought was hey if we can get them on an area. Accordingly, we can get out of there.
I ended up having new briefing molecule, But every other week on a wednesday showing him We went around every promise, ursa iraqi special forces to star general move there who is sort of their their god. a warrior god. So he and I would go- we greeks shakes- were rigged, it forget you Asperger commander or the coalition eight commander, the police. We get them paid three hundred dollars a month and then after six months, then the iraqis would, during that time direction would learn to pay him and then, after that, the iraqis with money would pay him, and so were we we converted it all and in about a year after I left does she have started, calling it the sunnis and and then that
them into the arms of isis, annette drove at search again, sir, anything that we could have done different in that transitional period. We ran and all those promptly we had the she army coming into to remedy the obviously remedies filled with a bunch of sunni. We had the suit Police like I said there wasn't very many of them, but there are definitely some some antagonistic relationships there, but we did see a unification of the sheer army and the sunni populous against Al Qaeda, like we absolutely saw that they, neither one of whose people neither one of those groups wanted Al Qaeda insurgents inside the city, and so there was a brief time of unity. it seems like where we drop. The ball is not nurturing that relationship to continue to be positive. Maybe it's him. I don't know, but You think, there's anything we could have done better. I think-
understanding them. Better is the first step, in other words because of that brother thing. So it's me against my brother and then it's me and my brother against another failing and then it's our tribe against another tribe and then it's all the way up to the muslims against the world now, and so that there are culture of other self interest and so you have to that. There's no delay. It is very low and so- you say we're gonna leave. Now you got this. There's gotta be something in it for an if, if you, so, what do we, that find that's whatever that was. I was written for walmart, I thought, If there was more walmart and you employ people, and they could have a place to go, get a job and they would have a place to go and get burgers and get. and you know, cheetos The route we made some progress here, but
We when we left, we just expected things to work themselves out, and what you end up with his riff, there's no walmart to dig it to go and work together. That's what I'm saying like you have to give him something comes from. commerce give them some kind of positive generations to get rid of and look. Maybe they never get rid of those things, but eventually your live in right next to each other. Eventually say you know what this is a little bit easier if we wish, we all are doing if we're all working together that are working against each other, but we just we are in think we recognise the depth of the rift between the soon is an issue which is which is Completely pathetic, not directed, that's pathetic not to understand that. Have you say that to say that we didn't understand it, everybody knew it I mean, look, might I knew that my levels, my platoon commanders, knew it. My my senior officials will like oh yeah. We ve got sunni, we ve got. She is we ve got to make sure they get along. So we
on the ground knew it. But boy we didn't end up at a higher level, figured out a solution at our stuff. No, no. He didn't get your creating here within the parliament and then within the provincial yogurt, equal representation. You could even say I mean a leaky. So when we got to remedy we thought we actually had the when we were going to do la felicia style, just complete smash of ramadi we're going to go in their massive kinetics and kill all the guys in and get rid of him molly. He said you know, moluccas, a sheer, and he said if we do that. If I, if I send my shia army into remain It was filled as soon as it's going to look like right. Now, it's going to look like an extermination. It's going to look like genocide, can't do that until we took it for an approach
so you're meriti understood that he knew that he couldn't do that. Yes, we just didn't it's like. We is like we just drop that boy Oh, you know we're headed towards dance on. We just drop the freakin ball. You think about their your fifty or sixty years of peace in occupied germany in korea and japan and anna, because we remain the presence thoroughly and learn as a kid in berlin- and I think when we went back behind a wall of the embassy, then we were tell him first route we moved are footprint out too. Al Assad in the middle of nowhere yeah, and so now you know they're like there's some americans here, but they're. Not they don't get skin in the game.
many more and it's amazing what the american presence brings to peace having it really does you know when we left, I don't think, there's a one single military person when we left in two thousand and ten two thousand and eleven that thought. Oh, this is going to this this gonna work smooth. Now, because anybody the thought that I don't think it would have taken a huge american presents to keep things like that the school teacher in a room right. The school teachers in the room, the kids are pretty much What they're supposed to do that What did you leave the room? It's may have its mayhem that's what happens? and is not like the school teacher has equal force to whatever us twenty five high school students they can't they can easily overpower that high school teacher, but the press the understanding of consequences on leaving the understanding that you're being observed, like all those things, make a difference- and
when we when we just walked away every binding. I was sick. Everyone was saying this is where there's this guy This can be a disaster and sure enough. There was hurried. We asked for fourteen thousand troops, was a permanent presence on the ground, and that would have been enough. Absolutely here to have commercial presence in a by spike, earn in baghdad and timber, no belts, it would have been, it would have been enough cause. Now the school teacher size has shakes and an iraqi generals to hold them accountable continue to ride around with them and all of that and but tat. I was tonight and went from four thousand. Fourteen to forge a three to two to over the horizon: kuwait, and we- and we just saw how it played out in afghanistan as well- and we also got to see how it played out to have what was it three thousand troops on the ground that we are in afghanistan for eighteen months, and that was really low levels of violence? And you,
we're gonna, let tat wound he'll, you gotta! Let these would let these wounds he'll over and let these relationships starts to form, and it might like you said, take generation or two generations fifty sixty years and in the meantime, Ok, discouraging it's good training for our guys to be over there and working with these understand these different cultures and just this, this lack of any kind of presence, and then it was the utopia. who were calling Afghanistan like this forever war and been a war had been a war for the last eighteen months. Before we pulled out, it had been up a piece being observation of what was happening in maine, maintaining some presence that that we could continue down the path that we were on and now I mean it has been a complete disaster. Yeah exactly you know. Whenever I hear some on the news for someone says you know, the troops are tired of this
however, say that isn't true after picking up trash and for riley when you're doing Ready three year not having sufficient bullets to work to do live fires. That's what groups get and troops get tired. Look you put him into strenuous combat whether losing your friends, yeah you're gonna, get tired when you say hey, you're, gonna go your friends and your brothers and sisters in arms, have gone and sacrificed so much we're going to go, but we've gotten to a place. We can maintain this. That's where you're going to go and do you're doing something positive and productive in the world troop said, roger that I got it. Let's go right? There's! No! There's no fatigue, for troops are going on. If we go on employment, anyways, let's go do something that counts so we definitely drop the ball and that in this, what you saw in your last upon monsieur you last deployment wasn't what year it was all of two thousand.
Eleven, so you are there for the shot down here I was ass: to stand up the office of security cooperation, which we have We have run world different, different names, no groups offspring cooperation, office, defence cooperation. This is called security and I worked for ambassador jefferson and general lost and at the same time in knowing that my replacement, who was gonna, be Bobby Caslon channel castle that he would be working for the ambassador out of the embassy homes and so We downsized too, and locations where we would have mostly contractors who to maintain the helicopters maintain their and one tanks that we gave a maintain idea, come wraps and teach their them the maintenance, and so it was.
generous was the four. I was the three star, and this was your second time working for general austin. He was, and how is your relationship with general austin is great. and his attitude about all this was he did he have the right focus. Did you feel like comfortable with the decisions he was making, what I did yeah and he he's a he's, a really really great leader. I dunno what's going on in his current job, and I haven't spoken to him in a couple of years, but he'll fight for the troops take care of the troops. You know what we'll go after someone when they're bad bad guys. He doesn't he's going to let loose the dogs of war. I said very tough, a big thinker and in that regard I understood his role was setting conditions and being out here and then being in the street, or the troops can see him
and leninist layers of two stars and brigade, commanders or now squatter commanders do their part. So and then it soon so are you there when dad- will pull out happens were founded on eleven november? Second, I think they went up to much later so and my accurate when I say that people that everyone that was in the military looked at in and thought it was be a disaster. What did you think that you did? You have hope, And were resource I had open and going down to two thousand, not not having a presence, then that would be hopeless and in your circles. You know with general austin. Is their push back on back up the chain of command or people say you know, MR president, that would look, we got it.
people that are saying this is gonna work, our his eye what's happening. It is here in and. Do you think it's political pressure on press no obama that Wixom, say yeah, you know what wear work wear out. I think you know israeli officer tommy. What's the first rule of the regime is to remain the regime and the second rule, if the regime is to remain a regime, and so he ass they caught the polling and or anything else the new cycles hum their plan not more than a national. Strategic defence, which is strange because Obama's bombers articulate guy that I think I do the job of selling. Well, what's the sullen snow? Don't ask him out, but he seems like that type, a guy that could say hey. here's the situation without any mail believe looks like that
that's not going to be the best plan. Here's are here's our judgment that makes sense I think so I think so. How come you know? I think politics drove it. Why they did. I don't You know why he will choose this that way, This is another and I dont know an, and that is just a complete, create a complete vacuum over there. Again. I go back to nineteen. Sixty eight berlin commit if we, if we pulled out a berlin leaving a german forced her, the russians were to come tat day and taken it. There's a book I haven't covered in the park gassed yet called the donkeys written by a guy that kind of observed he wasn't in world war one, but he he observed what the generals did and of milk, and the military government leadership in world war want any
throughout this book a long time ago, but it's called the donkeys, and it comes from that quote that everyone's heard- usually they say, lions led by lambs or something along that that are there? would say about the british that some german said that about the british, the actual quote was lions led by donkeys what the german set about the brits. And this guy wrote this book just talking about what what did you know? That terrible leadership, it was and on and on thinking of fur I think a lot of these leaders that we have nowadays as being donkeys, especially me she's collective decisions, where it's like, Everybody knows everybody can see same thing with afghanistan. There is not one military person that fought them, he's gonna go well, not none, none and yet do The leadership is, securing on these terrible plants. Ok, so for you,
down with that I think what we think we skip when you were when you were at the what eighteenth airborne corps, which kept what, as a two star granting forbidding ochre, got it again that sort bening ass, lieutenant bening. as a captain in the careers course spending as a major and third ranger battalion penning as a potential commander, lieutenant colonel benning as a brigade commander and then back for two stars. So we would tell the housing office were coming back There are ten of the house. You about you'd varies greatly. These people away these young soldiers and their families said it. So another transformation job, you know lot of em in each of these, we talked about transforming the sons of iraq to be neighbourhood. Watch instead of Al Qaeda transforming the way, the soldiers,
fight hand to him that that story about transforming the sons of Iraq. before they were sons of Iraq. They were called something else, and I can't think of a right now, but it started out now came here and and they have the marines said hey these locals autonomous, what's goin on desert protectorate so they call them and they form this program called desert protector and so the first meaning that we had met my information operations officer had with shakes the bazooka. He said We want to be desert protectors, and so I got that information like answered. I try what the desert productive work, desert protectors had been shot down because molly gate and want a bunch of soon tribal, rebels running around that were armed ironic. It's so had to tell shake Keziah hate it. It's not dead. protectors anymore. It now called out
he police and we get you trained, and then he was at that sounds good and then the one one d came in and colonel dean and john macfarlane they took overran with it and it was great, but the way those things happen was and then after that came the sons of Iraq that we actually my mind. I came back with the document that they create It was like the first one and he he showed it to me. I was like what is We have a translator, go through it and was pretty need to see that stuff unfold, like tat, was in here: a common theme on all of this is kind of the sparkle in the eye of a young soldier, marine or seal. You know that they realized. You were doing something now that this spree squared away at fort benning, general dempsey, told me
I want you here straight our commander. I want you to bring the armor school from fort knox, kentucky to ford benning and change the infantry centre into the maneuver centre of excellence. they're walking the streets together, anyways tankers and artillery everyone's everyone's. Don't it. So trying to bring me the tree and the armor and cavalry together is the shia and sunni in the church itself, as I was trained in many ways, but in the end and always happened. The old shakes, all the retired generals I'd go to, and I say you know, Retired, forced or armor guy look at him stuff up? bring in the armor school you need to be. He known ambassador for you to get ideas by the way. Doesn't everyone agree that it's better when we all work together right right? What doesn't is there? Anyone that thinks we're we're we're going to go, and you know branch off and become our own country. Now we're going to work together, the united states of america. This is what
except. We all have support each other on the battlefield. Wouldn't it be better if we actually train that way, but then spalls, though silos exactly exactly in the the platform of the tank com is really important to the army and so that they will always maneuver job. and positions where they can protect the budget line covered order on our better rama, huge supporter of tanks, myself tat, I actually love tanks, and I love tankers and god bless them with it's a team. You know we deplore, at a time when you need help you shift assets and they show up and you love, em stack stacked up points nearer to the moon. What was the head of a seal platoon or arrange a platoon, and it's all good you know, but, but that that took a lot of leadership. Two years to to
pour issues about fourteen months a command, and then I went back to recast the three star. None of you and I came out of it. and took command of all the army basis around the world torrents, seventy five cities in seventeen times zones with a hundred and twenty three thousand employees delivering three hundred services every single day from development centres. At that point, when the golf courses, which I thought, I should inspect myself but also then I realized, I guess what I have every jim Maybe we'll have mats and most of those jobs, but a good spot. before we jump into the the gems the jujitsu and the mats and gems of how many gems you, oh now, that you are interested in this position before we before we hit record today and we are talking about donkeys you mentioned that your father in law actually worked with.
colonel david hack, worth in Vietnam correct, gimme, gimme some stories come on that is the situation, so They were, is probably nineteen sixty seven. Legislative and so my father lord, then worse lieutenant colonel per modal john, simple cost. Fifty one last point and David Hackworth website. I'm pretty. sure brigade commander, a mother, I'm pretty sure anyways there were orders. I came out of the hunters Division headquarters. Tell him hackers to do this or that the word came out later, helicopters and show up for whatever reason he perhaps stormed up into division headquarters the tents in the jungle and not started telling them when the data screwed up and in their ventured jerk
and young professional, and so my father in stepped in between curl hack written in his his people and said: let's take this outside and talk through and correct, where the allegedly or reportedly said no, no, I'm not going anywhere, and so then they, they got it on right? There started to fight in the tent and rode out into the darkness, but they are great friends untold, but my viable or password. But two years ago, they They were fond of each other. The newton each was warrior, then that tat, you know, have discrimination, get it on and then, get over it. Now, when I was kind of becoming a disciple. I guess for such a thing, but a kind of when I started really getting interested in hackers and I his books and reading them again start to see a lot of good leader, you ve, been there he was absolute, who is actually hated in the entire davy because he had donna report, you don't reporting on the.
of naval operations at the time admiral border, who is a beloved guy who's, prior unless guy to come up in the ranks, become the chief naval operations and colonel worth, had done. A report on him that he was wearing some unauthorized in unearned. Awards on his uniform and am aboard killed himself. So he wasn't popular. There wasn't popping the navy at all the army. I pay. Much got mostly the same thing from the army that you know backward, Hackers are just bad now recently talk to our actual, not west, point and went away. When I was at west point they. I would. I asked the question hey, how does everybody view hack now and they pay much say I mean aruf hack worthless right? What
did you did you would like you? You did. You know that hack worth from you're from your dad or anything like that? Just just a little just special went about face. First came out to him from the hand me: the book taught me to read: it and then told the story so, but he would what what did your father in law of the book? Well, good. Not to give it to me talking about good point. It's interesting. Has you read the book as read the book. You can go and I actually had these thoughts- and I thought you know woozy- I mean you know- you write a book about yourself. Of course, you're going to put yourself in the good light you're going to make yourself look good. You can pull the quotes that make you look good, you're, going to tell the story that makes you look good and I had a guy named general Jim Yeah on the palm guest, who was one of pack words, company, commanders and vietnam really excited. I'm like an elm and get the dominant, get the real story on what what was really like, what they really thought of him. Always you like for a commander,
Then you are so I ask that general general movie amr in a he could, given a pack with any higher price levy. Absolutely just love backward He told me that everybody norman who was, he said when he checked in it for louis, went when hack worth checked in mukha yama was working like the the the desk that admin desk personnel desk, where he was an aide or something he was, but he was the kind of the lieutenant check in a man and ass. It did. You know who he was needed. Everybody knew who he was mister infantry. Everybody knew him everybody news reputation, so That that was very reassuring to me, so this is now more reassuring that get word via your father in law that Fourth was the real deal of both of em back and in those days
body count was, was a measure of success or effectiveness, and so both hack within an mortgaged agile, later general hamperll turn people and who, who doctored the books, and so they marty stab was the first west point guise of his class to make oh six and here alas, west point guy of his class to make one star in all the generals that that day he reported had also fight. The number of vietnamese been killed. Her a nor three may recall here. He he rendered a report that is not true and when all we back too to the pentagon and of all those guys over three and four or five years ahead of him that sat to promotion boards cut him out and when the last one retired the next day he he made,
for the next forty or so I think. That's you know that that's the lesson of leadership is, is: can you stand strong when others won't, and can you stand strong when it's personally professionally, not in your interest and can do the I think we need a lot of that. Many more that we need to celebrate it when we see it Do you remember because night in eighty nine. When, when this book came out, do you remember when it came out? Was it a big deal in the army where people passed it around where people saying it was a bunch of crap, if there are the other word lovers and haters, eighty nine, I was in sight arrange return outer for louis, my father, ah had retired and eighty five out at fort louis and so like it every sunday we were over at their house, you know for sunday
afternoon dinner and I became I loved my fatherland and liked him, but they can come over. Have a beer, we're gonna watchful. Absolutely mandatory fun, though in, but when the book came out. That's why so easy for him to say, read this now and that there were some that you know The thing for our generation who we order, look looked at home if the person wasn't charismatic in a big way. We didn't want to hear about back in vienna, so many camps, the book that describes a warrior leading in time or combat was probably a little bit her over over casserole over shaded by the context of european law. So what what? What gave you guys that that a penny was like hey, vietnam
We know all about vietnam wasn't hey. Vietnam was, yours is a difference, different stitch, different situation that doesn't conveyed what we have to deal with now little bit a little bit of that that doesnt conveying done match up, but the other was thick the context of arriving in your first units in your captain, screwed up in your sardines, have two or three deal eyes and nodded thither, carol, and then they start telling you. You know you we squared away like we are and you're looking thinking, you're, young and full of life and going I'm not sure. I agree that you're squared away you know, and so so then, when we're in the basic course of the course courses, some say well back at nam. he like. Oh, please yeah, I kind of look at you now, yeah and now again you know that in time they sunset and then the new,
noncommissioned officer, the more professional on purpose, using those words, literal, a plan to make them professional came in when we called the you know the sergeants in vietnam shake and bake kind, and so nowadays people don't know what shake and bake is, but back in those days it was a pouch of of breadcrumbs and you put the chicken in it and you shake it up and then you bake it and you have kentucky fried chicken. Well, they made sergeants shaken
in other words, after about a month or two in a combat zone, they put, pin rank on them and said you're known in ceo, and many of them didn't have basic unseal course. Events entail course. You know primary leader development course. They didn't have a noncommissioned officer school like we do today, like we did in the nineties and two thousands. So so anyways point is when, when, when his book came out, probably have to be poor like I am you know, I'm not sure of the lessons of we're gonna, be relative, wrote him to me or permanent when in fact merely to ships transcendent yeah and the other thing is. It seemed like what I came in ninety ninety. Ninety, ninety, against like we're gonna, have another big, long, prolonged war, whom you know, we all thought we do. One mission, you know, do one big mission. That would be that the big mesh,
there was no look there and then the four The gulf war was over in seventy two hours. Okay! Well, that's what war is now you maybe we'll fight for you. Maybe we'll do one big mission in a seventy two hour war, but that's what war is going to be like from now on. It wasn't gonna, be this tender your thing like vietnam, where you got all this experience. You're gonna be out doing all these operations side after night after night. and why were we wrong about that? So right, so I just want to get some get your perspective on hack. I appreciate that now you're. Just saying you took over all the bases in the world. That's right! You there are released all the best in the world, which means you're in charge. The golf courses- I'm not a golfer, but it means you're in charge. The gems and inside Jim's you can put mats now. At this point, I think too thousand twelve. I saw an article that you got your brown bout from
Jacques chirac, not the zachary that you know from you have see other everybody, the old school jacques array, whose brazil jujitsu blackmail from the previous generation unaltered with their training in high school. When I went from Austria it's gone in Pensacola florida. I was gonna to into a virginia beach and I stopped in in at lana and trained for seven days were turned every day all day that was into that was in ninety. Ninety eight so, you're a brown belted. This time you've been you kept training jujitsu, which is awesome. And and now you have you up to used, are put some combative training areas in all these different Jim. So I was that well, like anything else quitted it took, one two three cups, a t, shirt go to the location meet with the two star general.
and you know where you have your guys, so you already of certain songs, so their major solar cells there And so you go to generals eight now resource are tied. in the army there always are, but I can square you away, and so you we can. We can build a world class facility here which gm would you want to put it in. So rather than saying I own the gym and have the truck show up in the middle of the night, with mats for the program to stay alive that general needed and his sword major needed to to want it and and for the most part they did, and so we went to fort drum then to fort Campbell and fort Lewis, and and some of them now have huge train facilities that they spawned off of the original Jim idea, and so the the strategy was take away. Any excuses for people not training their people and not,
Oh yeah yeah. We all we got basketball in the murals. You'll get you'll be okay. You're going to be he'll, have enough yeah at twelve gems, at fort bragg you're going to be okay, and then all people get hurt no more people get her plain racquetball in army facilities than training, judges and or combats and mostly you know, I just don't want a generation to be asked by their grandson. You know you're getting a fight at a granddad nice, nobody, but I can. I can put a powerpoint presentation together, like he'd, never seen you know just that's not the warrior ethos and he said it early if there is a place where the eternal flame of warrior ethos should burn fort benning in front of the the at the main building there and as fort benning and the infantry go so goes the army and, as the warriors of each service go so ghosts there. There were. There were ethos so
so tat, he had no one likes change, but a baby with a wet diaper right, and so, when you show up until the guy who's in charge of all the gems who works for you, that we're gonna do this. He says another. Commission money, not not morale money in any time. Do you think come taken that stance is worth job, because One of my guys had just unencumbered their future. I said this program is going to happen, so, let's all be for something that's going to happen. That's a stammer crystal told me we're going to do this so that before bedtime
your love, your love, your life, much more than if you drag your heels so that that guy three years later, I was two thumbs up and he had been a wrestler department. Every civilian he'd been arrested. He was just reading to you know he was he wasn't doing. What's right, he was doing it right and I said, let's do what's right. Instead changed the manual design. I had to do it to to get there. Your em wr manual says the gyms are solely for the use of you know after our basketball volleyball m euros change and for use by soldiers and training go for it too easy exact of him at the end. It's really is impressive. Army combatants have the combative tournaments, which are you're pretty awesome? just come in from Matt Larsen. They come up with that idea. troy, try there that I have a picture.
Wallen museum of about twenty eight people were all in the army. Green wood woodland be to use mats and picture chores in a picture, a young, colonel ferrers in a picture that was the first army, combatives tournament and and And- and I I kind of just close my eyes once you started because just last week was the twentieth ochre and I and I got too busy and I couldn't go down there. They invited me and all that matters to the father of army, combatives and and I'm the godfather I was going to guess grandfather, but that would be a bit much for you. Well, no. I take that to your grandfather's have uncovered national love, frere grandkids button. When someone messes with the program, then I show I'll show up again and just close the door, but the whoever it is and say you know if, if if, if I say to you
one anxious mercosur sniper everywhere, cushion the parrot, oh yeah, drop a mortar up, oh yeah. Here what is missing in the area paul lanyard on our cheddar pizza to go down to the mat. Oh well, my back is you know, and I I told her to see your officials. Just don't say no, you don't have to you. If you're not into it, that's fine. I think you should be into. I think you should try it enough. You're dead, you're too or any other more short enough. The you understand what it is and if that doesn't move you then then don't be moved. That's fine, but don't make it you would make it that decision on anything else as a leader, but on this one there's so much he go now go yahoo, lacquer humility! I came up with protocol for how long you need to train it to fork out. I get asked this question lot by by people that don't really like it for whatever reason it sweaty, is there even get cross the message you that my
recall now I tell people as you train jujitsu until you tap someone out Then if you say, if you don't, if you get their feeling of tapping someone out and you don't say yes is pretty cool, then maybe jujitsu isn't for you but you haven't you between that- that long, I like it So then you two thousand fourteen european diplomats black boat once again from jocker rifle when your training, when you're overseas, when you are deployment? Will you training? Did you guys did you haven't, got a train with yes if you're people that norton thinking that part. or understanding that I started training as a fulcrum.
How old were you when you started training? Probably forty three, forty four jack, so I I we took eighteenth airborne corps in into iraq in two thousand and eight january, two thousand and eight and stayed till june of roughly june of two thousand and fifteen Just wish the second plane had the mats and- and I brought a just sent a picture to Henner
I refer to here on and and are given anti in miami and atlanta bros, and I brought them over and they they gave seminars at twenty, eight different operating business, yeah and and and so over there. Yes, when deployed, keep doing it, we we built a a gym next to the embassy and the union three across the street from the embassy and part of it was probably something like seventy feet by seventy federman beautiful and then someone went to the eigene said. You know I misused the gym. I built it for my personal, you know and it's like a blue belt for everybody, and we want everybody training. You know you, you would want a squad leader who are young. If you're, with a team of four or five to come in near three times a week and and go through situations, okay, we're in the room. They grab you now what no
what's so say outside I continue to train and then most graduated to blackmail, perjury and man whom awesome this man demands by powerful jocker? He did that's awesome and now two thousand for teens, where there was Without your last year it was John, I retired in june, two thousand fourteen and then what would you do want to retard? So I went up to fort louis, took margie, to the hometown were her mom and dad in her for versus. Where am I told her when you're, sick and tired of your for sisters will go somewhere else we were there about two years and she looked over and said. I'm ready and and Dan was to point to how many kids do you have for two boys and two girls: megan
eight, forty, two dan h, forty patty thirty, eight hannah marijuana about forty fallible. You sixty six, I'm still trying to Echo is spoken, I'm getting better, I'm getting better all the time you get on a matter that you know. How do you do? What do you do for work out besides jujitsu before. I ever did you cows thanks everyday. You do nothing at all, except jujitsu, not get about ten work out in a week and has stopped running I'm about to restart but inner when covert hit? We got lockdown in monterrey and anna sinned bad place to be locked and my three of my grandkids were there and we started just getting cup coffee and walking them until we would walk eight miles, walk out into the valley and back, but then out of the way to to the peloton
bike. I am now resorting to build the quads working, the quads and lower legs quite a bit and then golf I play golf about and I and I'm I'm in this, your skills and drills, I'm not into score and you're, never going to get me pissed off on a golf course with all the starter we seen in our life, it's like looking system is mechanically. You can't hustle, you can't try harder, you can't motivate yourself, yes strikes all, but so that's what I do. Yeah and then, when currently you ve got the national veterans memorial, a museum? and tell us how that came about their. So when I retired, started the fair to group and we we decided that we would help transitioning veterans, help find employment,
and all like. I said it in our stored now at museum. Every some too, like forty eight different companies all veteran an owner, heather merchandising product. We have books in their wish to take years as well. We have. And then then, when we bring an exhibit in there so anyways. So I set out in two thousand and fourteen to help also started hands on inspired leadership, which really is using jujitsu as a metaphor for life to close the distance established, fishing in finnish and then, given that two high schoolers did all the eriksson and nurses, and now the hospital at at fort students refreshment class at a suitable three years in a row and basically it your tone: young girls, like women, empowered era,
your body is your body, you can say: stop right. There take two steps back. You can tell alcohol stop right. There could back. We can defeat suicide. We can defeat depression. We can defeat clark. And so am I I'm still on that mission? We re now committee, Columbus police department set up a high oil hands. This partnership with them, because they they do have to jitsu instructors but thats the sport side of it or not. I loved side. But how do you decompress someone? You know I've got a picture of a ball. My my executive assistant puts the rubber band on the next one next one, and so it's it's about the size of a baseball, and I took a picture of it and- and I said to someone that's what ptsd is that's what pts is right there and you gotta take that apart
one by one by one until the tension is gone, but you can best do that through healthy activities through sports to jitsu through the connection that comes in the gym, when all those guys who just walk biking is feeling gray so, and so then I started helping companies. If you tell some If you ran all the army bases around the world, he had a twelve billion dollar a year budget. He took it down to nine that you have more than two hundred parachute jumps and four combat tours. They say you know thanks for your service, He tell them those basis. You were dispersing the czechs and people say: oh now, you're consult so So my further helps companies connect wherever they need to be connected so into the military or army or force exchange service. We do that
and we need to have her. I reach we do it because there's someone out there making goodness happen and we want your grandkids. say granddad, whoever thought of hoping you how to get that product and big lots is another another friend of ours, pretty big, hum westport graduate as their seat, you restoring and human. veterans to so then, so I get this call first. First, first, I went to three things happen, senator I extend my said: I will fix the vizier who just fixed the biggest part of the army, and so are tribute with president team, eight lawyers and come. The wall street journal announced that I was a finalist to be the secretary the v a and the next day president trump went in and said the sector will contest, keep it you're doing great in the team. So then I
I interviewed to be the present ceo of the wounded warrior product and not my good friend, Michael Huntington got the job is done. A fantastic job. then I got a call to common interview to be the president of the citadel, which is when you figure out how I ended up at the seville, that's kind of comical, to think about that and then class maiden friend, marine retard four star declared walter scott. That's high turn margaret madame to get a good job for three, and she said I win, we note or unencumbered were free to do whatever we
what then I got a call from a lady korn ferry in atlanta and her secretary said. Can you take a call on friday with a with with jane, and I said of course, and so then I said: hey wait, a minute, your your phone or near prefixes, seven or six. Are you in Atlanta yeah? That's what I'm going to be in atlanta on friday. Can I just see her face to face and she said she said if that's breaking the rules, no problem, but Mr Coelho psych when IRAN interviewed with his head hunter and not we hit it off brigade and when I was leaving, he said. Who else are you going to see in atlanta today? I said no just came up here to say your heart, anyone unevolved! No! So so! Then I took do columbus ohio living In columbus, georgia and interviewed me, and they said what you think this national veterans, mamore, museum or nash,
the immense dot org freedom for the listeners, and it is clan was the senator. The astronaut fighter pilot testified tat. He would look and on the old vets and then he would call the titans of industry in Columbus, ohio and say that that is not a fitting. It's not good for for our vets. It's an old raggedy, looking thing, so they knocked it down and they built this beautiful facility and when they walked me when he was a bill tory seventeen. Twenty six to the girl looks like it's brand new, yet powerful suddenly found She young president. They said what you think, neural jennifer, and I said insufficient to our need this? Oh, my god, we put sixty two million dollars in there. What we forget, you ve, you forgot their spirits
san, diego there's veterans and Tampa has veterans in port louis an hour, and then I come into ohio, so we're going to eat so that they they said so so what what it puts? That's smart, a password even to do so a war have virtual tours and more, a veteran or store and will bring product and in health veterans that are small business owners we'll go to ohio state university and we'll have a leader certification course for veterans, and so one when it s a question as veteran you don't have continuing education. Would you been doing and the answer is yes, patrols and remedy. That's what I was doing, and so we run for semesters of leader certification. They get six hours of masters credit? You can take it from right here right
and so will grow in that program like this. Just like off the cuff disk, you know and you can get paid, it's nice meeting anything you want to say and- and I told him that we would probably have awareness and resilience programme with things like jiu jitsu, an and yoga which we have had for two years, and I told him that we'd have young inner city youth, especially as youth ambassadors, and we run summer camps home on a there's, a big giant field right there. and so now in and when we run the summer camp, the coach will be a policeman another first responder and a veteran, and these kids are throwing water bottles at cops and and vilifying cops and and all this to get to know the decent men and women of character give a shit about people.
And our leaders, so the national veterans memorials him. One of our models is more than a museum, and I'm an army ranger more than a history guy and now we can build teams and we don't need own anything where we started employment service. Now we call during concierge, so we connect big companies and little companies to veterans. We have an id solution that that called upline and it'll use you just fill out. A checklist went to boot camp when went to birds went to here deployed here, cut this college to assist, have a driver's license. You know I'm a sniper and then it'll say you're fully qualified and here's the kicker you're fully qualified for these fourteen, jobs needs seven companies in these different portions of the nation and so one of veterans going through that now. Instead,
I have gone all the way through the the employment thing and then they say you're, just not a perfect fit any scars start over start over. So we're we're in our pilot year, probably best way to say it then, all of those were the original vision of what we could do and and much much more so we're getting after and you got your bride away from her for mistress the phone Moreover, the other thing it's interesting do not regard as we bought a house in ohio in council, and that is first house that I've ever purchased, while the boys been honorary basis or whatever. So life is good, well, Zack. It is up to speed that that pretty much we're we're at this gets us today they does and working people find you
they could find me at national fi, m dot org or am feridpoor at national human thought, work or ike at the fair. Intergroup, group, ok and fair. You got the fair to group dot, I'm assuming as well and then you're on social media, ireland. My linked in facebook, instagram and and and and the social media of our museum, as I water had sis fantastic, socket What's the what's the social media of the that's the one I don't have I have I have you on instagram at at mike ferret or on twitter mike underscore fairer, and I have facebook at michael, fairer. What's the what's the social, media of the national. Are you in paragraph four women dot org, which would give you the landing? and you just scroll down and adjust the ogre awesome, it would you. Would you guys, post under that on this,
social media aside. Our podcast run on our facebook covering all and then no one I think, in that same discussion interview, I said you will do these podcasts and and in essence, I will have a virtual museum hall, so, whether it's short stories or whether it's a thirty minute fifty mins, you bet you can cook, be able to query and say I'm interested in the vietnam era, guys I'm interested in in war voiture, I'm interested in lessons learned in leadership, and so so it's like. We have thirty five thousand square feet of museum. We got about nearly four thousand square feet of mats, just saying and then but I can have three hundred and fifty thousand square feet of virtual museum all day camp and will never rent. You know like what did I hear three? Eighty six yeah
This is podcast number three. Eighty six c I mean you got. You got your your own, you know virtual museum storytelling opportunity here. People can coven, they can get here here about hackworth directly. Now you know it's awesome yeah. It's awesome. echo charles. Your questions, you, what are the rules for that combat its tournament? cause. I mean how do they differ from like in your general jujitsu tournament, rules to rules at the beginning, psychic at three levels? Not one is one, is it straight matters there? There were not. The army battled rushing to former fatigues level to write your advanced and whose kicking in striking the torso on that in the final kicking and strong.
like her nightmare scenario, so the first level is essentially like general jujitsu rules. You get points for passing guard site them that kind of stuff, and then only if you don't happen, we have First, I submission, and then you go essentially to like a pang creation scenario up here. I know no head straight and then to Emma. Well, yeah, that's legit right there. They just had like I said they just had the the tournament and I didn't get to go, but all of the beginners, all all of the founders were there they're all older men if they do they escalate through all the bases and have like all army combatives tournament, nothing needs to be televised. Think jocko fuel needs to sponsor that yeah that'd, be I see them everyone everyone's? Where do you see? What do you see him on anti wear something out and youtubers are not on like a big channel. It's not like the event show it's like a clip like someone recorded it or something like that yeah.
They were ready this year, for if we had this four months ago, our centre for years ago, europe and who are responsible. really will next year will be doing it and yet him kennedy who is a friend of mine and how would you like be like an army dude, and you show up and TIM, you have to fight TIM Kennedy, unnatural! You. I see a lot of a lot of an event. I think we got our blue built the same day. Oh you and tim from hoists, yeah, oh right on and tim was I had to fort bragg with the special forces guys in it. I'd be going there once in a while and So, if I'm only like this, then what the other works. Ok that's all some now anything. Echo jobs. Now, that's it. Thank you bring me to my pleasure genuinely any closing thats why I just proceed,
the chance to be here? I'm really humbled too, to be sitting with you Tom. I hope that the message that I say out there to someone can help somebody. Secondly, so there's a guy and columbus founding zaki said: if I had let zach sit there, he would let me out. Food and beer at his dad's restaurant for rest, my by the usual run down. I might not have they ethical watson. The visit somebody turned you get to know I will send him opposite and he can train some jujitsu and we'll make it happen. Then that way you can eat for free there. You go then take care of the general to to the rest of the audience. We are not there. The needs to hear from you give a call, send a text check on your back body your ship aid here for your fellow party members. can somebody don't know if that's the one is gonna make a difference. Sometimes they just
in the end you'll start working out again and all that other times they say out a gun right here in front of me, so we can all make a difference in net stuff and then, if I could get you to find something. Failure, after those guys know, probably not be great, put the really honoured To me too, for the person and people that you guys are and the difference that you make for a lot of people obviously thanks for joining us. Their fair share, your experiences and your lesson learned over your career of thirty five years and on more imports. Thanks for your service in those thirty five years in in somalia in Iraq, countless other places around the world stage, clyde jumping into god knows where to do. God knows what and thank you for what you are continuing to do today too, preserve and memorialize our veterans and our history
is much appreciated. Thank you, sir. All right sounds good, thank you and with that general mike, fairer, has left the building. we just walked out. He was definitely excited about the digital mats, he's definitely into digital and did you two helping in all aspects of life. If you're not trained in jiu jitsu go train, jiu jitsu, I think it's pretty straightforward yeah. I think it's Shreveport is a good way to add value, and that's not upon well, it's not something like a say why? Because in the military, that turns into a thing like that, add value, hearers, corporate buzzword, right and it in a military corporate in the military is a buzzword. Add value.
Value added. Even when I say we go in the direction, but did you two is this going to add value? to every party life. Now I would say on which in fortunately or fortunately- secondary to what you claimed one of our early park earliest podcasts that fiscal for us is across the board. gonna help out every aspect, your life. I would Our ties that as number one from physical activities, I would put jujitsu as number two. That's where I'm putting it agree, yeah so, and it was interesting that recently I forget what I even yet we said, but it was along the lines all He said something along the lines of ours to talk about lifting me to return. While, if you may tell that that'll help every aspect of yearly rain exercise, what would you say lifting weight
then you're like well, even though you don't use it all the time, because it's not like every day, you're gonna be like you know, power lifting something something along those lines he said and the thinking later on us a greater second, that's good! That's not really that the benefits of the the weightlifting venice benefits the weight lifting his little you're like strong, like notably strong in all left in all things or whatever it does, late, everyday stuff like of yours, you ever change, one of those water bottles of five gallon water bottle from a healer prattle easier when you're strong for some say so
there's tons of little things that you can do day to day, though, what you're going to say that you're gonna say something that was meaningful, that is beautiful. It meant something that you could say like hey when you lift everyday decrease discipline in your life makes you overcome a challenge every day. It makes you mentally tired, so you just go down there. I think they're gonna to talk about five gallon water bottles, but it's true that it's all real, it's all part of it. That's what I'm saying that's how beneficial it is because we can go deep like you or just go, not so deep. Like me and everywhere in between and boom, the lifting is going to. You know it's going to add value or jitsu. It's going to help you with your comp. I would look for physical things. Yep. You can be more flexible, you're, going to get good, cardio you're, going to get good grip strength, strength in general, you're going to get to proprioception going to be improved. so there's a bunch of physical things are you're gonna get but ban mental aspect, the release of aggression. The confidence built like you want kid you indicate that lacks confidence, prevented jittery privileges you, you have a
when he two year old that carbons, get him in a digital. You ve got thirty eight year old that lacks confidence, get him. you too, so it's gonna be beneficial in some different. And yes, you know what else that gives you gives you discipline gives you the power overcome, gives you the power to fight through things. Your sense of community introduce EU new people, there's all kinds of beneficial things when it comes to you too, Is it secondary to two's? health and fitness strength, training, cardiovascular training, mobility, retraining its, canary those things. It's also Complimentary than theirs people. We do you lift and digital on the same day, everyone troika is but it's not it's not plant. It's not if you, if you set up your perfect schedule, would you do both things on the same day, one day, one day a week, one day, We could have two days. Yes, but only one day a week earlier, there are essentially due to end fitness. We'll talk about
work out who would have would overlap on one day. Ok, only wonder, they are complementary you can't do that you can do. Did you two one day lead store work out. The next stage of the next day work out. The next thing you could do that you do like I do did you do to edward out does the same day all the time I do It will allow videos where every time I train jiu jitsu, I lifted that day, so we're batting one hundred percent, and you know some days I went for a run as well. Some days for a serve as well. In fact most and went for IRAN as well. So we got, controversy about this. Remember on more plates, more steroids, yeah, that's one of the things that that he said which I was my fault because I said he I work out three or four times a day to me that was like. Oh lift. Jujitsu run surf
this isn't me going in doing you know super squats, ripe and so He took that as of the skies lifting fort three to four times a day. He's he's doing steroids. So my fault: la clarifying that, but I do that do that as often as I can as a matter of fact now am I tired rig it in due time tired. We got home from training on sunday, the sunday I was telling you you, you were directly no no and you've ignored there on saturday, either none and I never I never gotten on Saturday. I don't think I've ever been okay, so right off. I was tired on saturday nor a sort of sunday that's good training. you get out man you get! You leave nothing on the map good training, feeling good about that, but doesn't inhibit me. I might feel a little bit too.
But I still serve also go for what you're still go for run a still do other stuff. All! Let us stop me in his arms and hard training is not precisely for doing more training and may not be them the best. Run. I've ever done yeah, but I'm going to get it to get some get some peanut, I'm saying so, Let's see jujitsu does want that's my recommendation. Work out do jujitsu look at the look at the general here. Sixty six years old right still, training, yes started up forty three zero to three. So that's what those men, forty three those a couple years ago for me just starting and has a black belt, so it's that universal, whose combined, let's face it, that's a common question. Whereas, like hey, I'm forty shit is it too late for me to start Let him to see these tournaments in these guy. You know he's according ryan,
excelling in jujitsu and all these other guys, where you look at me like bro, I'm forty right now. That's not me, that's somebody else. You know kind of thing, but it's right. It's not necessarily like that. You know even actually, as a competitor, you can still start at forty three. I personally can do the masters yeah the divisions yeah. They got weight, weight and in age divisions and belt divisions and pill across the board. So let's go the you do to transfer jutsu guess what needs and fuel you? What need your warfare, the joint war for one hundred percent, the go, get some joint warfare from jocko fuel dot com get some get some drinks get yourself. Some I went to. I went to the disparate girl, you should have some discipline. Just a mark. You pay, training mark, maybe that's why you can just keep getting after. He got that mark hitter, we'll get that protein going. That's all good for you! You know hydrogen coming I'm drinking one right now to rear meal is freaking. Awesome electoral
beverage, miss so good, so good, you know once again natural lateral, that's what we're doing odin poured making it literally get so we have a common online if you want This stuff check out talk of your I come or go to. Wawa could have vitamin shoppe go to the military commissaries and I just got word today from Joe moss moss yeah. I got word from Joe moss where pending going into the military exchanges, so those who, in the military, no I'm talkin about where hanford went. Ass doors were awake for shop right, H, e b, in tat house by the way you're in texas europe. your support is appreciated. Of the cause cousin h e b, b is like is This is our front lines. So, when you their nature be, we approve your support on the front lines of the battle, wherein my
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doing good, There are actually lying. there. She lying about this. There not doing good there there there They have slave labor for one thing instantly. If you have slave labor you're, not you're, not doing anything good, you can't do anything virtuous, hey if you want to go, and you want to make yourself in china and you wanna sell it here, you wanna, keep your mouth shut, I'd make money. The ok you're bad. But I of beef with you, but it's a contained beef when used, tat telling p about how virtuous you are when you are literally have slave labour and you're done in chemicals into the into the water and your point, chemicals into the air. That's what you do and then you're talking to the american people as if your virtuous you're, a liar, your scum, so don't be a part of that don't be a part of that git american made.
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Well, what are the? What are the different models of the genes? I know the delta sixty eight. The many washes the horse, then there's the factory factory, yep yeah and that's more like the thicker one, not as stretchy still a little bit stretchy. Oh, it's definitely stretching but more heavy. Yes, just fucker, if you're in, if you're in minnesota, you might want those factory genes wintertime. if you're in, montana, wintertime. You want this fact origins Even though I'll do I'll be honest? I wear the delta jeans I were dealt a sixty eight year round but my legs and with your legs ever get cold. Now now spread like some yellow chile, why manners skinny they have the ability to get cold, yet they were asking. You must have, generally speaking, we're pretty warmongering generously like you, the jacket for asking but yet another sixty eight oil all year, oh you're, all day
this my mind. What you call me, my former, where check me too, Nevertheless, I would also like historical jackal story. Fiona represent on the path between equals. Freedom could does by the way the idea of good right something bizarre if you, if you're faced with something bad there's some good to come from, you know, represent telling you sure, tat, socrates. What are we need? Jock historic, come also. We have a it's called the short locker corruption scenario, gettest new short every month, different designs, creative, say: did you see life and dave on airplane together where they feel that now Dave wrote? planned or not what you think. I don't think a lot of the gospel because I can't really see them like calling each other I'll, be like hey. I'm gonna, wear the frickin again shirt, so yeah not planned That's a good shirt, though so, and I understand the combat kind of coincidence, and that's not even that much of a coincidence because it's like hey, if you can choose one, I can see why someone would choose elon. You've got to be doing it. So I get it in that way
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he may I use bad ass. His marine he's just a guy that can make things happen and he makes things for your walter. They can hang on you folks. I gave a stock on chechnya, We got a bunch of books written a bunch of books. You know what they are. If you dont have on google If you get and lend listen levels, critical, these look you're you're thirty, eight years old or your forty two years old and you want to get you get leadership. Charging taxing become better yourself, cool. but more important. Actually, the view a kid. any carry your neighborhood, the kid across the street. He seems to be regan constantly like sitting. The yard not do anything. Maybe he's taken two holes for no reason here can rocks at things. No doubt action get a kid. the way the warrior kid books, all five just literally get em and bring him over to that kid
Oh, it's a girl, not doesn't matter girl boy, doesn't matter so many girls red way. The warrior kid doesn't matter, no factor. And then you know what go to home depot and spent twelve dollars on a piece of pipe and hang it. a tree in their yards. They can start doing pull and then just watch their entire life, better change trajectory of their life where the war you could go, get it Also making the dragons, so that's what you need for kids. What hackers? Today, I wrote the forward to the release of David awkward book about face copeck, tat thing up. It's a eight hundred page leadership lesson. It wasn't written for leadership, lesson or just run about a dude. Life but we read it from a leadership perspective. We gonna see, what's in their power, to check that Now, as we have excellent from which the leaders consultancy, where we solve prob the leadership, we have asked
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understand what I'm saying right now you extreme ownership dot com right now and you should check out one of the free classes and see go. Oh. That makes sense. You go, try it and it works so check that out and if you want to help service members, active and retired. You want to help their families, gold, star families, check out MARC Lee's, mom, molly she's got a charity organization, and if you want to donate all you want to get involved, go to america, had warriors dot, org and all not freedom mica think who is, I guess last report his wearing a air skin. Scaling, a fourteen thousand foot mountain in the rockies, with no water, And he's helping other veterans do that kind of stuff here is an horses, dot, org or some amateur go there when I'm older, I'm gonna. Do they do that? whatever it is. Forty five day programme learn how to
The horse go out in the mountains, so cold water eat? You know air or whatever their eden. you do not around now what little bit no no not arrive written a horse, a bet we have, I think, I'll. council echelon front and its up at an hour. Site location when we have horses. So they put me on what the trail horse, nor trail horses, trailer suggests the old worse, it is walks on it. Doesn't it knows exactly what to do it, like I'm trying to think if another situation like this, it's just a horse that's gonna kind to be compliant. It knows just walk on the trail of the travellers. Well, it's not new, not really riding you're, not riding a horse you're on the horse and it's walking, but you you're hitching a ride. You're kind of you're kind of just there, okay yeah and it's well tamed but yeah. I saw I dont know how to run a horse. Now
been on a horse, but I don't how to ride on very well at all if you pull the rain this way, you pull the rain. That way, I know how to stop it in emergency yeah, but right now I would just be empathetic and with the now iris iris, gardiner yeah really she was she's like she was a horse wrangler. My wife to my wife's grew up on horses, so she'll just jump on a horse and jump over stuff and run gallop and will do all this other stuff. You know she's like a cow girl, yet in a sense and er and iris yeah, swimmingly It is a cowgirl from england, I dunno. Whatever you call girl from england, english british Kalka, I dunno we have to. We have to check with the check with my wife, okay. I don't think so, though, cowboys armor. I think they might be american, no, but there's cowboys and like south America too, there's a cowboy in mexico. The cowboys like down in south america
in hawaii a coppola, because I think there's also in like a new zealand stuff offer. So anybody that's are basically rancher yeah yeah. I guess so in a way they campanulas when it comes to access to their governments and public, I think I would know how to lasso and do the the whole gig yeah. In fact they have like shows and stuff too it's pretty cool, yeah it's impressive. It's pretty cool like I said at some point. When I have time I'm going to go but, like a faint camera, learn all the stuff like affected. It he's a grew and grew up What new york long island, or something like a and he's like, is I'm going to actually be a cowboy in the wilderness in the wilderness, and straight up is so good on you. There you go connect with us. First of all, with a gentle, fairer, you'd know the fair regrouped dot com you can go to national v am am dot org.
and then there you can find the the social media for the national veterans memorial, museum, you can also find him on might further on instagram mike underscore fared on twitter and michael fairground facebook, Echo- and I are also on the social media reluctantly kind of little bit whither were there, Look we're not trying to waste your brain cells with china Maybe you gotta question, may you want know you wanna see what's happening, you go on there. I'm just saying that there is now grew them on there in an hour, to tell you this there's a dead Some chance, the algorithm, is stronger than you are Chance at the algorithm is stronger than you are. Don't let it be is not not because it's more physically powerful because you're allowing it to be stronger than you What I'm saying don't don't allow? the abu algorithm to be stronger than your willpower. So bad move
and it will make the rest of your life force. they will make the rest your life worse. So don't let that happen and thanks again to general mike fairer thanks, service, like for your sacrifice, figure for lessons that you passed on to us today. Thank for spreading the word of jujitsu. And started combative since in the army awesome one man. lotta impact and also thanks to the rest of warriors out there in the military who are making sacrifices right now, so we can remain free. Also, thanks to our police, enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, empties, dispatchers, correctional officers, border patrols, secret service offers responders. Thank you what you do every day and the sacrifices that you make every day so that we can be safe here and everyone else out there, let's think about, please think about those attributes.
Then a warrior is supposed to have from the army combative manual, hear something: My personal core courage self, for its self discipline watson Trusting about those attributes. Is there not inherited. do not pass down in your genes. You know get personal courage. from your mom and dad you don't get self confidence from your genetic gene pool and you damn sure, don't get self discipline in you bloodstream. These are choices that you make. You choose to be courageous, you choose to have confidence and most important you whose you make the choice to be this
Plenty to have self discipline so make the right choice by getting up every day and getting after it. I think, that's all we've got for tonight. So until next time this is echo and jocko out.
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