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399: Live With The Confidence of a Black Belt, Learn With The Humility of a White Belt. With Rener Gracie

2023-08-16 | 🔗

Rener Gracie is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) black belt instructor, coach and entrepreneur.

One of the most recognizable figures in modern Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He is a well-known and popular coach who has helped develop some top UFC competitors and has also trained celebrities.

As co-owner and head instructor at the Gracie University of jiu-jitsu headquartered in Torrance, California Gracie is known for his initiatives training Police officers in jiu-jitsu based self-defense and his advocacy calling for a nationwide police reform.

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This is job on number three. Ninety nine with echo charles and me jocker willing good evening echo good evening, due to his life this. statement is often made by practitioner. Of the art of jujitsu, some mean in a playful way, it was so fond and engaging that it seems to permeate every aspect of life. Others. In a more serious way. The power of jujitsu becomes an obsession and every Waking moment is spent trying to learn, develop and improve jujitsu skills. But for me, statement jujitsu. His life has always been about the actual correlations between jujitsu and life. Yes, the straw. was trials tribulations. Triumphs that are part and parcel of You are also reflect. we all experience in life, I was introduced to judge
two in the early nineties by revered navy seal master chief. I was a young seal at the time and I was overseas on my first appointed during our morning, muster the man your chief asked if any of us wanted to learn how to fight. I raised my hand, and my life changed forever a few hours later, this lanky master chief, who much older and smaller than I was timely and not placing in positions where I had no other option than to tap out to surrender. I was dumb it didn't make sense, no matter what I did. I could not survive from more than thirty seconds, with the master chief, I tried over and over again doing something anything to survive, but I could not. Neither could any of my fellow seal teammates, who had also joined me for the lesson.
After almost an hour, the master chief looked at our exhausted faces and said welcome to gracie jujitsu. I had no idea what that meant at the time. but it seemed like. I had been exposed to some kind of magic, a magic howard that I did not understand, but I did, stand. One thing needed to learn this magic power, this power of georgia to the mast. Chief, whose name was steve, Bailey, had trained did the legendary greasy garage in the late eighties and early nineties in torrents California. He was by no means a master of the art By his own admission, he was just a beginner, but even with the most basic jujitsu moves. He was able to compete They dominate and easily make my teammates in me submit over and over again. so began my duty to journey. I continued to train
with master chief bailey on deployment. When I got back to the store so I found a jujitsu instructor named Fabio santos, whose due to lineage traced directly back to the greasy family? I try is often as I could sometimes speeding to the jujitsu academy for lunchtime training then returned at night for more classes. I was obsessed learned the basic positions of jujitsu mount the back, the guard, the half guard, inside control. I learned the six emission holds of digits you the moves to actually make opponents tap out the straight arm, lock the camera, the americans colored, the guillotine, chokes the rear, naked joke and foot ankle and new ox overtime and how to fight but I also slowly began to recognise that you jitsu was not stay catalogue of individual moves. Instead, all the moves were interconnected. They work best
combined together in secret to support each other that lesson soon lead to the realisation that jujitsu was not, the combination of moves either, but that there were under lying principles of jujitsu that made, entire system work but, most importantly, oh time I realise that the principles of jujitsu will not just a way of fighting. They were a way of thinking I saw the correlations between the principles of jujitsu leadership, combat and life itself I began to apply these principles to everything I did and the more I applied these principles and other aspects of my life, the better I was able to execute I became a better seal, a better leader and a better person, so that right there is an excerpt from
before a book. It's afford that I wrote for a book which is called the thirty two principles. harnessing the power of jujitsu to succeed in business relations epps and life and its written by hinder gracie. of the renowned gracie family. We ve had the most significant impact on martial arts, in the modern era, and I oh, that family, so much and it is an honour to have better here with us tonight to talk about his life. His lessons learned and his book. The thirty two principles and our thanks for joining us. Thank you guys what a pleasure to be here after seeing you guys do so much good work with the pod cas in everything else. Yes, you doing so. Thank you, echo for helping policy.
Together, and thank you job over that amazing forward. Well, has an honour to be able to write it and, as I was telling you before, You gave me so much in life, it's an honor for four me to have the opportunity to give back in its also kind of weird for me to say that jujitsu gave me a lot in life because for you, can't even imagine what it's like a grown up in your family and with your last name and doing what you ve been doing your whole life and I'm curious to hear what that sounds like from the inside, so Let's get you a man, let's get to it talk about you. Let's talk about how you got here and let's start at the beginning, so hurrying gracie! Your dad, sir of earlier gracie earlier gracie, the creator of great deeds. You are presenting to us giving a part of that. Is that your group other elio was kind of
small, guy and kind of a sickly guy. I don't mean to be disparaging, but he was like us. frail, looking guy and had to take what came to brazil In the form of Japan, jujitsu me be judo wish what came in that form he had to take them, and turned it into something that worked for him. What do you think you're spot on so when the gracie brothers, my father, my grandfather being the youngest one hour introduced to jiu jitsu in brazil in the early nineties, hundreds my grandfather was actually restricted from participating, so only his older brothers were allowed to practice these japanese techniques that they had learned
and he suffered from, vertigo dropped out of school in the third grade convince his mommy couldn't go to school, so he was a frail young man was not really allowed to participate in any type of physical strenuous activity, so he would watch his brothers practice. Jujitsu several years past, watching his brothers practice and teach and one day his older brother, Carlos, the oldest of all, the brothers, was scheduled to teach a private class to a student and careless absent. The student had showed up to participate in the class and l you, my grandfather had up to observe the class, but Carlos wasn't there so Edu at that time offered to teach the class in his brothers absence and his sixteen years old, give or take it the time he says. So. Would you like to go to the class with me to the gentlemen? Who is an infant, sure banker and brazil in the man said of course kid. Let's go. He had known the kid from watching. So many classes he's always around the man. You know little matt rat, but not one who had practice So my grandfather that time went through a class with this student purely
based on what he had memorize from watching his brothers practice. Indeed they were successful by the end of the class. Carlos eventually showed up late, apologetic, the students, no worries. I actually had a class with your little brother and if you don't mind, I would like to keep taking classes with him from now one and this Duty in that moment promoted my grandfather from nothing to being a teacher of jujitsu. So my grandpa Was thrust right into it? Of course, love that he was able to perform what techniques he was able to perform, but then realized soon thereafter that there are many techniques that we're not suitable, his limited physical ability and began, modifying and adapting the techniques. His brothers were involved in this process as well, but he darwin. Head first is almost like one of those things where, because you can't have it you more right. You're during the desert dying of thirst, the water tat a lot better. So for him I feel like that. provision from not being able to participate in it made him go. Gung HO turns out. He becomes the champion of the family history.
Fighting and challenge matches as it as an older teenager and be the guy of which? Basically, there organizing now valley tudor challenge matches for my grandfather, cod? being kind of the manager, older brother figure, coordinating these fight and in my grandfather's out their fighting anyone they can get their hands on to demonstrate the efficacy of judges who, unlike you said he was a spy, Guy right, I guess five, nine hundred forty pounds give or take and he's defeating I am with these techniques and that's really the beginning. if you want to go all the way back, that's where the beginning of you don't emma, may involve judo in these gracie challenge matches in brazil, and was successful and in the name became very the gracie name. My grandfather and his brothers became very well known in brazil at this time fast food, where'd. You know twenty thirty years, nineteen fiftys when fought kimura. My dad was born. soon thereafter and now, october twenty third nineteen fifty one. I think it was when he fought kimura and- and I think my father was born in fifty two- born into this legacy of fighting, and this is what we do. Everyone does jujitsu in my grandfather. Had nine children, his brother Carl
had twenty one children. So the only we're better at danger. Jitsu was reproducing, and these red, like rabbits everywhere, that greece has been borne out. You can believe in all of them are just kind of on the mat from day one and learning this thing, and father, grows up in that environment of jujitsu for everyone from day one everyone's choking each other all the time from as early as they can remember, and then you know it decided to to america. Nineteen, seventy eight He landed here in southern california, and everyone he met, he invited for a free class if they told their friend the friend got a free class and the referring person got another free class, so everyone told every friend so that they would get all these three classes and before you know it Seventy eight through nineteen, eighty nine the garage before you know it, there's not enough space. I think there's hundred and thirty people on a waiting list to get into the garage and throughout this entire time there are challenge matches happening in the garage. Is original gracie challenged matches in america, where you
these students of the garage would go out to their professors of other disciplines and say hey to their karate com for their tech. Wander kung, fu coach, I'm training. Jujitsu stuff in the garage with these crazy brothers and brothers, really works in europe. I think you would love it and, of course, in there you goin pride, the instructor of the other disciplines is no think that works and in fact, if they tried it on me, I'll, just knock em out and then student would go back to them, is a hate. You know too your gracie, this karate teacher, doesn't think it would work, and then that would go back and forth two or three times before. Eventually my dad says look if they wanted, I stood up, they can rob whenever they want, will be happy to just see what works and what does it and those happened in many of them were recorded in their on youtube, as gracie challenge matches and Was really the precursor to the actual creation of the? U have sea, which was, of course, my father and our davy, his partner, who are like dude. If this is so powerful. Display of jujitsu in the garage when you have these mass of other disciplines. Guinea strangled unconscious or tapping out in thirty
I can sixty seconds if we're doing this in the garage and everyone who watches this is just absolutely enthralled by the display of truth ineffectiveness. What We put this on paper view television and you have see one. You know november. Twelve nineteen, eighty three and the rest is history it is crazy. You watch and those that the first video greasing action. I think its fully on you too. By the way, yeah think sure should fully on you too, but it was look you watch it now. You are, of course, but you watch it. then in it? It was mine, blowing mind boy and I I was a very lucky in that I saw I did you do to before. I ever saw any video of deeds you before the first you have seen. So I knew what was going to happen, but If you didn't know any that and you're watching, it would be hard to believe you I have always found that If someone doesn't know anything about, you do to date there three to five submissions before they even think that this is real soon, you'll get a ressler. You know
has never seemed budgets before you can't really find a resolute anymore, but in there nineties you could deftly find people that would be like a what's this bullshit that doesn't work here. Ok, and you are all a new tab and then like up Let us go one more time and you go again he's out again and then dig up, let's go and it took three five times before they go wholly crap. There's something here that I will dont understand so yet I must have been are raising for people to watch in the garage and Fabio sent us here, a bunch of those videos and he was in a bunch of them yeah we'd sit around and watch those things, and you could see the disbelief in people's eyes after they got tapped wants twice three times after through those devastating what they thought were devastating ponchas, what they thought were devastating kicks and the greasy dude who practitioner? Tis closes the distance, takes down and jokes them, so this was like this is a revolution, a true revolution that hasn't really
can't think of any other sports. That have had such Dramatic change in them martial arts because of this phenomenon of gracie jiu jitsu, it's it's, an unbelievable change. in the course of events, yet I agree, and people as they would. You think the biggest impact was, and I think that for the summit I would say the gracie family change the distance from which fight is fighting right. When you talk about hollywood, he took about bruce Lee and chuck norris, unlike the era of the seventies and eighties early nineties. Pre, u s there is very much of a belief of flashy punches in kicks from that range that striking range and where men fight stand in trade, those in you hope to get one on them before they get one on you and what the this family kind of came and said was no no intelligent people don't stand in trade blows. Fifty fifty and risk getting knocked out. We stay too far where you can hit us and then
think you're gonna hit us. We get too close where those heads have no more power. So each the fundamental distance from which a fight is fought and it was cheating it right, was cheating, because once the person who doesn't know jujitsu is in that close range, not only are they not effective with the strike that they learn from watching television or from years of practice right depending on their source, was not already not effective. There actually counterpart, give because there's nothing more energy depleting then throwing strikes that don't land, that's like one, most exhausting things imaginable, and yet, when you're in a close range in you pull someone even if you're on the bottom, you put on top eu their striking not landing there, just pleading so fast, and it is thirty. Sixty seconds later, we just pick up the pieces, and decide what opportunity we want to take advantage of and dumb you not. So that's too that was the biggest shifted change. What was acceptable in terms of the distance, what a fight looked like changed,
and to me it's like when you talk about what makes jujitsu so addicting, what makes you so powerful right like Wherein right we're saw it'll be part of our lives for the rest of our lives. Yeah, there's a man the population out there that no nothing and have no participation and have nothing to do as you too, but the people who were in are all the way in when I think about why that is. I feel that its because the practice of jujitsu changes. our operating system as human beings me or profoundly, and I think we all agree in less time than any other activity we can think of right, and why is that? Because, when you practice jujitsu, there are three distinct.
Incredibly, profound, psychological ships that happen in the practitioner first, is how they deal with problems. The second how they deal with other people, and the third is how they deal themselves how you face yourself when you talk about how we deal with problems. Conventional wisdom says if two people get into a fight and the fight goes to the ground. The person who is on the bottom is losing the fight right, but in georgia to not only is that not true In many cases, the opposite is true. If you were to send someone down the street to the nearest bar and find the meaning bad his beard. You could find three hundred pounder drag him over here. Any one of us on our back and put him on top of us. and then let the world a survey and say who's winning.
Everyone who doesn't do jujitsu and doesn't know of our skill sets would say that as the beard is winning that guy's losing its automatic, that would be the assessment and the conclusion the world would come to. but we know at the moment that guy layer on top of us his life is in danger. That's crazy! matter of thirty. Sixty seconds he's tapping out with any number of choices that we make from underneath him to end his life or too, you know dislocated joint if we go all the way with it, but we wouldn't because we're compassionate human beings, so Will you do too? We often hear the same, and we love it so much. It teaches us to be comfortable in uncomfortable positions right as a very common. What I think is much bigger than that and much more powerful jujitsu teaches us to win. In worst case scenarios.
So what the world perceives as unwinnable worst case scenarios we look at as absolutely winnable suits this that we can optimized to our advantage, so that affects the practitioner in a very profound way. the second one is how we deal with other people right and when you talk about the evolutionary way of things and you look at members of a species. A larger, stronger member of a species will consistently defeat A smaller weaker member of the same species right, the larger silver back defeats smaller silver back for a mate or for territory. The large squirrel defeats, the smaller weaker squirrel for the nut, but here and our unique in their ability to kind of gold Hence the natural order of things and learn, skills and pray. this information that will give them a strikingly, consistent effectiveness,
against members of their own species, who are larger and stronger than them and you shit, you is the fastest way for a person to accomplish that such that. If people saw if people the world saw standing side by side within, but the monster beard that we recruited and stood up next to that person. They would go. Oh man, the same way we lifted at hoists. You have see one. What do you feel poor hoists? But if you in the family, what did you feel poor tech guy for our jemison report? Gerard Gordo, because he simply doesn't have the resources to deal with the techniques that we will bring to the equation and the fact that humans can do that, we can learn and violate the natural order of things once you, into that you're on the inside, and you don't leave because it's true rewarding aims to special. It changes the way you do with adversity. In aspect of your life and then the third That's how you face yourself right
ninety nine point: nine percent conservative estimate of the has never tried a huge it suits class because they don't feel capable. I am too old, I'm too young, I'm too old, unto I'm too tall, I'm too short to fathom to skinny you name it. They ve used as an excuse not to do jujitsu No, they heard you about it at nausea over somebody pike ass right, like they hear about it, but there still I'm not good enough. Now, it's crazy for the lucky few, who take your advice. Adventure onto the man Not only do they realise that their initial fears were almost entirely unfounded, but they realise that their body is so much more capable than they ever imagined you unless your secret potentials, when you do shit you and the analogy. I've come up with an there may be
others, but it's a swiss army knife, imagine if every one was equipped with the swiss army, knife Ninety nine point: nine percent of the world, is only using the knife blade people who do shit. You know that there are, I looked last night was then swiss army knife with the most instrument, is thirty three instruments, so the knife plus thirty, two others and I'm like wow So they don't know they got the tweezers, the magnifying glass the nail filed, the phillips had screwdriver the scissors. All these other tools, you don't even know you ve, had those available to you all your life but right there, your body is the swiss army knife and Do you get the ways in which we connect Other human beings to increase our. effectiveness and decrease their opportunities against us. It's it's! It's on its in its infinite in it's amazing to tap into that. So I look at the world people with swiss army knives only relying on this blade, and I go man what a sad existence you only live.
entire life only using the knife function, so makes me so happy when someone starts doing jujitsu and they realise that they are too a swiss army knife. They aren't too all they aren't too young. They aren't too fat there too. Skinny So for me. every single time used upon the huge its who met, and you practice this incredible art your right, programming your brain in this. We significant waves number one. The problems you thought were insurmountable. Fully ceremonial and in fact, there We techniques waiting to be discovered. number to the people. The opponents you thought were unbeatable are being and number three the body that you have, that you thought wasn't the ball is capable That's where the rewiring happens, every single class and then naturally that does into a human being, and then it changes eventually how they live their life.
Initially, you're learning techniques, every technic, you learn its exciting because you see a new move at a new solution to an old, probably like, while that's awesome, so be it action is to individual techniques, initially And you learn hundreds eventually thousands of moves, but somewhere between blue and purple belt, maybe a little bit after purple built a dedicated practised. Ships and there obsession and their focus goes from technique obsession to principles of the art, right, a rather limited list, a relatively small number of principles that make all of those thousands of techniques possible. and once you tap in and you have a relationship with the timeless and universal principles that make everything possible. And you you separate from an obsession with individual techniques and then, once that relationship with those principles is true, profit and, labelled and totally real for you. Then it started look into your everyday life and at that point
You do too isn't just a fighting system for you anymore. It's now operating system for your life, and why I chose to wrote the book because- I realise that these thirty two principles were not limited to combat effectiveness. They were as relied upon in my own life and as effective entrepreneurial early right from a family post active relationship perspective business perspective in every asked they were as reliable and effective in these realms as they were in combat. and I thought man what if I could write a book where the reader doesn't have to go through that first, three four five years, which can sometimes be unforgiving right. There are times in that journey where it just kind of sucks, where you're having to sort it out and figure it out. So how sad that people who don't want to go through the grind will never get to the top. Glory land of these thirty two supposing available for them as life tools. So I it what if I could write a book that makes those principles right kind
still the art down to those principles and give someone with no martial arts experience the abyss to understand what they are and how apply person. We fashionably and then hope, that after they read a book like this bring him in the back door and we go hey. You know, love the principle. So let's go do some jujitsu, I'm just saying the last page. The book might knows them in that direction: I think it's me how the other day, one of our major trading partners, He had been ass. Something about me posted a video about your work, his belt to get into jitsu, and you know he had his black belt in his hand and he's like nope. This is not the hardest belt in jujitsu the hardest belt to get the white belt, the the the the biggest step you're gonna, take as a human being is actually showing up the jujitsu academy with a widow. so full of humility and put on that white belt and stepped out on the map. That's the hardest one! Now, what
talking about about this different bodies and people. We all adapt our bodies, you did so my digital a little bit different, then echoes you too. The different energy we all we develop our own jitsu in it all worked for our our size nor shape and its classic your grandfather he had to focus. A hundred per cent on being on the ban on one percent, but like a vast majority being on the bottom. Being overpowered being strength, and he had to use these very technical maneuvers from his back as you know, I think the guard is the most prominent thing that that really, stands out from you grandfather for greece, jiu jitsu, oh you can be on the bottom. It went You can be on the bottom and when I mean even judo you can if you can get, you can get pin you know. It's authorities is along pen, but you can get pin uk appendages
If you're down there and you're still breathing, you can keep fighting and a huge difference. I mean wrestling european for food for three seconds and it's over so he had to figure that out. He had to do exactly what you said like open up all the other. tools in the swiss army knife to make it work and clearly created, a system where that's the foundation of the system is no matter who you are you're. Gonna lie, leverage and you're gonna learn these techniques that are functional, regardless of how big that other person is because, no matter how big you are there's always can be someone bigger. Does it may be somewhat stronger, so you ve got to learn to do the technical moves and that's what's so powerful about it. The other thing that's interesting about jujitsu is when, When I see you, don't you don't to have these memories cause you grow up did you too? I get to have these members. Echo. Will have some these members when, when we were kids, we look, martial arts, as
mysterious. Thank right as this thing where when you watch the movie about martial arts, you saw some things right. And some of the things that you too would be like this, this, this discipline right after discipline you see like the the koran school with everyone. Training in the punching boards and getting hit in the back of the neck with cain or whatever and having to stay still. It was like this rigid discipline and the humility, the being humbled, and you have to be called the master master and you have to humble yourself and then, you got to win fight? Could you could come to have this magic power, but then, if you really started. Pouring the marsh large, like some had stuff a true. Nor are we like some of that discipline. You got from the master down at the strip mall. That guy was full of shit right and and some of that humility that he was talking about. He wasn't humbled all and some of them winning that he was talking about- wasn't a real thing, because he'd never been in a fight before what
Did you brought was I item like you will learn discipline and you too, because gimme night you dont want to go down to get on the map giving you artists night or ten our levin our day, you get home you're, tired, yours you're sore from the two years of work out and you don't wanna go train you have to discipline, disciplined train, you after you I have to have humility cause you're, one hundred per cent going to get submitted by people, people that are small new people that are weaker than you, people that haven't been training as long as you're going to catch you to move you're going to have to tap so you will be humbled. So these things that seemed like magic, but do not only addressed. now they existed and then finally, you can to a fight. Like me, the chief bailey, like here's, a guy, I'm looking at him and he was tall, but he's not a dino. He's a pretty skinny guy and he was super old too. He must have been at least forty at the time. So I'm thinking legos his old man. What's he going to do and he could win
could win every single time. It wasn't like a chance now he was gonna win, so these met these things there, when echo and I were grown up watching martial arts thinking. Oh it supplanted humility to winning fights. they were all, not a hundred percent. True in a lot of cases, look I'm not trinity. look there's you know of a lot of things that come out of taiwan to a lot of great things that come out of karate and there's schools of those of those disciplines that are squared away and and and respect to them, but there's also a bunch of you know, there's a bunch of schools that don't have that kind of stuff, and you two had it how did spades so that what I think the appeal was. It was like the answer to the question that all these young people group go on. I want that magic power. I want that serious power. I want the discipline: I want that humility and I want to build a win and
did you do to you could actually have it, but she had to it. You had to earn. So your dad moves up here. Nineteen, seventy eight he's growing that Jim to a hundred and twenty students to have a waiting list that this is the the seals used to go from Cindy Go from coronado goal trained- and I know a bunch of them- is awesome- talk to those guys about those old days and mastery city below one of em. you're born in what nineteen eighty three nineteen eighty three year born. how old? Are you? Ok? it's your age, zero. When you start to institute is doing to from birth, how old are you would you realize? What your last name is in what it means you have see. One
are you so nineteen? Ninety three? Ninety three is prior to that when you're born in the house and in the garage is the thing it's happening. I think this is happening in every house right like everyone just does they were pajamas and they do you jimmy their garages, the normal family thing little did. I know that was totally not. The case The growing up around this and seen these challenge matches when I'm seven years old and there's guys fighting in the garage and I'm just standing there by the rabbit like this tiny little rabbit car that brown rabbit, that we have and I'm just watching and people are fighting and is totally normal and we're desensitized that very early and they moved to the the nineteen eighty nine. We grew the garage removed to the school in nineteen, eighty, three, one that you have see heads in the sand and be on television and I'm like ten years old and I remember, begging, to go to You have seen you have see. One heat on was twelve years or two years older than me and was invited gotta you have. She wants I'm unlike let's go
This is my right. All my life, I've been waiting for. This boy was very contentious and boom. He don't got to go and Henry stays home for his tenth birthday, which was two days before you have see one and I was watching a home with my mom and also passed so pissed at my is his whack. You know so here Over there and then to make matters worse in between the fights on you fc one head on and hawks on, hicks older, alderson, we're in the ring with rags and little hey bottles and they cleaning the blood off the mass between the matches and ours. Ps, I might they got to the blood boys and men after you. Have she won a bunch of parents called insane uses crazy. you have children, whiting blood, run men off the floor. That can, ever happen again so when I finally got allowed to go to you have see to several months later. I did not get to be a blood boy. I just got
walk around and get a bunch of autographs backstage, but anyways after you have c one and two of those early. You have sees I'm at school, it was on ivvy and then, like a substitute teacher, comes to school and is like reading my name off the list and goes gracie he's like yeah. I just saw the ultimate fighting championship. Who was that I was like yeah? That's my uncle. So then I'm like! Oh, this is cool some people know who I am. This is crazy. So little by little I start to realize that this is a real thing and like it's, a real ten, eleven, Years old, you really sad to say: ok, something's happening here that is shocking everyone else, even though its totally normal for us the way. Is waking up to something that is not familiar to them, because our magic, what we doing as normal for last eighty years, seventy years its magical to them for some reason, and everyone thinks voices gonna lose, but then he defeats these larger opponents. That's normal for us weak, back him to which we would be shocked if he did it, but to everyone. their shot that this look, no pretty brazilian guy in a key six one hundred and seventy eight pounds is deferred
can shamrock? They don't understand that and that's when I realize ok, this is it. This is a special families, crazy. Not all families are doing what we're doing. How many hours a day are you train, injured, jujitsu ten, eleven, twelve thirteen years old, so yeah. As a kid you it's an interesting thing: it's us! It's it's a and I'm dealing own kids right now, we're careful because you're born into it and it's easy to overdo it right. It's one thing to break your parents being their child to the school. Years old in the kid motivating and once you do in false head first love it it's another you're born without a choice to be around this thing, and this thing is to some degree what takes your dad away all the time to go to work and what keeps your parents from being around you and playing with you. It's kind of the culprit on the other side, so it this given take relationship, but eventually, around ten having twelve years old
training? You know every day in an hour or two doing a classic its class, but there was around twelve years old. There was a time where I would go to the class and there was one other student in the kids classes, who would consistently b me and it really made it hard because in my mind you have do you have seen three by gracie family legacy. I gotta defeat every one. This is crazy. No one can beat me in the jam. I gotta be number one and her name was tat, so my nightmare is a girl named terry, whose kind yet let a girl and you just a little bit bigger and had trained, consistently and just had my number. So here we go in class and it would be a bad day of terry. Was there so it'd be times where I said that I don't want to call it a jujitsu and he says Henry have options you go or you sit in your room until I get back in six hours He goes in works all night and come back at ten o clock. You know how that is
One time, I'd stayed home. No video games, no console, no phones, no, nothing right! So I'm sitting at home in my room, oh my gosh you'd go to the bathroom, come back and then finally he comes home and I'm like man. I can't do anymore. I'm going to go to class, even though it sucks to get beat up, get beat up, And then everything changed at thirteen years old when there was a man who came in with his son. His son's name was robert Mendoza Jr five year old kid getting bullied like a targeted bullying case bright, not a general thing, but specific incident. This boy was dealing with and my dad said. Ok, let's do some private classes with Hannah and I'm thirteen years old right never had a job and never really just training and just doing my thing still in school, the whole thing henry maybe be his teacher was like ten dollars a class to train with Henner for a private class. So I start teaching this kid, Robert Mendoza Jr, and it's successful and we build this kid up and he no longer has problems with bullies and he's confident and several months pass and I'm like. While this is awesome and I'm having rewarding experience as a teacher and that
when I found my other wigs right, one is the technical proficiency self defense. My own ability, you know to be perfected effective into the other, is what I can do to empower other people. So now I'm like a kind of got that addiction were on like this is crazy. I can be a source of improved quality of life of cod. but of really rebuilding someone from the inside out. I could be the architect of that. This is amazing. Let's go for. This more students, more students before you know it. Fourteen fifteen, sixteen more students, privately eventually, I'm teaching kids grew classes at fourteen fifteen. I'm teaching adult group last by sixteen and seventeen I'm teaching delta by eighteen years old. My dad you north carolina for brag. So like it went all the way you know, and I'm like this is while people are doing this kid's of my age or not having this opportunity and then soon after round, yet eighteen years old, he almost twenty is when my voice in my father's wait hoist decided I'm going go, do mounting, have his own organisation and move on their teaching kind of shoulder to shoulder that whole time post? You have
all the way until two thousand and one two thousand and two and then when he went to do his thing now. It's me it head on. Who are eighteen and twenty essentially who are thrust into leaderships of head instructors of the gracie academy in torrents and were kids. I was we're still rambo and theirs. You're, not two hundred students, and unlike this, is crazy. Those guys been training here. Who are black belt I was seven six, five years old and now was a trust me as their new leader How is this going to go over so Actually, we lost a couple students, but it was that it was a very cheap testing for me and he don't and for the business for ways to leave, were you going to school like high school and they like this, so you're doing normal normal school stuff wrestling in high school. You know my junior and senior year. Did you only wrestle you're junior? In ten years I play basketball for two years and my wrestling coach, whose Tom hazel, whose oklahoma states died like in all areas,
in several time. Tom Hazel is the rest and go to the school, but also fought hickson on gracie jujitsu inaction. He's the ressler in EL camino college, who hickson him grappling with a grizzly, bear love the guy and he ends up in hexagons guard guard and takes on arm, but he had hickson in affront, had locked on turtle. Hickson slips out. poles guard and then thomas in the garden natural wrestler equation. Is europe going to be on the bottom they're gonna be on top and takes on arm bars him from the guard and and wish. It was that it was not a striking challenge match, but it was a challenge matches like this amazing wrestler in the south, by against hickson hicks feeds him all respect. All good festival I don't know twenty years and Tom hazel is the wrestling coach at west. Torrents high school right go to high school, so am I play basketball. For two years I was tall, I could dunk as a freshman, so they like that and then for two years arrest me every single day, coach hazel saw me on campus. He would come to me as a hunter. When are you to play a man sport? every single time. You saw me because you wanted me to resolutely and are willing to pay mansplain, just
is digging it. And finally, after two years I am they army mrs shot, I shifted a wrestling, did you use a wrestling and I was a change for sure how'd. You do nothing good. I won the first see I m right. Seven section third place and masters in much is that most of the southern california and then I m rate forth and state went to state loss to some said, went to national that they I got like Nathan, stay and then went to nationals and then got rolled up while like to two about nevada, h, africa cradle. That might do these guys know what they're doing so at the at the local in california. In southern california level I able to hack the whole system, because I'm over europe, my butterfly guard and my hooks and my guard and my I don't control my back control, so I was able to put a spin on wrestling that really they weren't used to it was like wrestling an alien, and I told coach hazel. I said here's the problem I'll wrestle, but I can't practice every single day because I'm running the family business I leave school. I have lunch and I go to class. at four clock, I'm teaching kiddies all the way. Nine o clock grew classes in private classes, because I'm
this business with my brother and those are a hundred long as you keep winning you'll have to come to practice just shop at the meat and if you win those needs, you just keep shown up to those, and I say we got ourselves a deal so I did two years are wrestling with no wrestling judy. sue and hooks, and there are many times round pull guard he's like I won't lay on your back and I'm like butterflies in the amount he's like yeah hold on, so I basically just kind of hack that whole the whole way through that I didn't really take the wrestling serious. I just applied my skills in that environment and I was happy, with it- and it really taught me how to turn the switch on because wrestling pace and jujitsu pace told me, fruits are all lay down for ninety minutes. I'll just show you at the very end, restaurants, like six minutes, you don't mount on this guy in six minutes, you're going to lose by points go, so it taught me that it was. A beneficial shift. In my timing. In my energy and my exclusiveness that I was, I was grateful for that to sharpen it in when you go to a jew, arresting tournament in California. Right now, like this this day,
age. You will see you get to know you like a kids just there's somebody kids come from new jersey and they go when the wrestling- and so you see a lot of butterfly sweeps, it's kinda crazy. You see mount pins like that's, not a normal thing in wrestling, but it is in southern california. You'll see people get mounted beds, it's kind of ridiculous, so you're working all day I mean all night you're going to school all day. Are you Are you have any normal norm? Normality in your life? Do you are you in the music? Are you know, mused nothin else, no music. It was at that particular time as waste. Can I stepped out in me and he don't take the lead. It was crazy. Anyone do homework at home. I would go at lunch. I would go to the library to do my homework, because I, new? I have to go run the family business at night, and I pride in getting good grades and school. He don't not so much, but that was his choice, so I like a cared about doing well, so I just
make things work and then I would go teach for five six hours a night and then go to school the next morning and do it again and know that that was the routine. So it was like a full time school and really a full time teaching job. And then I graduated and idea, went to college or not was a very tough decision as well, because here I am running family business, but also in a position where academically I would qualify, got several colleges interesting scholarships for wrestling, because my Akkad Mitch were there and the wrestling performance was there soil. Like man there's opportunity to go to college. I be the first one here in the: u s to do it. My debt went to college and Brazil should I do that, so there is these mixed feelings about it by the conclusion, was that I know what I need to do to conclude was jujitsu. I haven't. I couldn't leave for four years at that critical time the whole business would have suffered him and and and I been, it might have been the end of the rainbow there for the greasy academy as a stand alone- digital business- so I stitches to stay. I learned everything just running that business. I made every mistake imaginable and then you know eighteen, nineteen, twenty twenty
one twenty two twenty three after four or five years add like overseeing the business side or was he kind of like yeah? It's tough right, because it's such a it's such a human interaction based business that he was already. I think in his fifties or late, forties, hoists and if were the ones teaching most of the class is so when they stepped out. He was not a figure on the mat in a prominent way so that people aspect of our best. This was really just avoid so me and he don't feel that void and then We were the ones interacting with the students. He was largely on the administrative side he's there, but really its people bid. right we're in the people business. We just happened to teach you jitsu in those connections matter so much so he was There is a supervisory role, but in terms of what are we gonna do to grow this business to a level that it will allow us to state either and prosper. Compare to what you see so often in jujitsu, which is like two splintering splintering of one do their own thing. Everyone spread in one move off and leave each other so that I think I'm like look
Ten years ago we started running it by twenty to twenty three I had caught pop my head out. We had built our confidence, was a black belt now the students who stayed love thus in the students who left left, but after for years we were still around two hundred twenty five students and that I was like hold on it, really rattled me, because I said we took over- we had about it, students when we started running this word about to twenty aye, but several years have passed. What is going on so that MR asking the right questions of say, wait a minute how the student experience in this building, we treating these students from the first phone call from the first interaction, the first, class certainly and how Where are we losing them so we started running it's like an actual business and really asking ourselves the right questions, and then everything started to change. We, rewrote how we teach beginners. We rewrote how we teach kids, we wrote how we introduce people, how we talk, people on the phone, everything and then
In eighteen months we were at seven hundred and fifty students pushing beyond that. Once we decided to start asking the right questions and we'd grew out of that location. We moved to the artesia blvd location and After seventeen years in the first location we moved to our teacher and it was a lie, your school larger matt we needed the space and then we can afford. a rhythm, and we we were so successful in our revenge of how we run a jujitsu business that we finally decided sort licensing our programmes and our methodology to who was all over the world, and that was in no two thousand eight doesn't nine and now two hundred fifty schools deepen our school in torrents has two thousand students, so we figure out we we we jujitsu, jujitsu school operation, right. We really just started to be analytical and technical, and key more efficient processes in learning from mistakes, nando very happy with worse landed, so Europe, competition life, I think did you really compete that much before brown bout,
because I know come of the first big wit As far as I know, the first big when you had in competition, was ass brown belt I be Jeff right. Is that or did you can before that? But you just kind of year, not there was where you could be in time and I'd like to know about a complete competed. It blew in purple belt and brown bell different regional, different tournaments, Jeff Higgs. I think I competed against Jeff a couple of times. How did you do? I beat him? Oh yeah, he was cool, he was really kind, but I think I choked him a couple of times He was strong, guy he's already base and just like so stable, so Jeff a couple times, and then the pan am thy father former world or world champion Fabio leopoldo beat him as a but very early, my blackberry career, so nothing too crazy. You know a scratch that each and then it was interesting because around nineteen years old actually suffered her needed disk from training incidents
and in my l, five ass one lower back and I had surgery and then that prevented me from doing it too for ten months, so that was for me a big paradigm shift where I said wait a minute. I suffered injury as a teenager as a late teenager here that will affect me for ten months. What happens if this happens, when I'm thirty or I'm forty, where I suffered injury or something happens in my life that will prevent me from using them swiss army knife too. Living every single day, like I believe I need two suffrage to teach her. Your body is the only tool you need and the only tool you can be without so I really a very early age. I started asking questions about wait a minute. This is this, is this? Is it worked like it can't get injured to be sidelined? This is crazy, and that's when I really Ok, what's the landscape right now, because remember growing up in the? U s c kind of the reality of our families, fighting voices
and you have she's going. My dad was involved in all that my dad sold his part, but it was still happening and all these people are fighting very. The question in my head was: is my future? A fighter, fight and that's how you pay your bills. That's, u entertain, and you feel new train every single day to go find some other guy you beat him is. my destiny to do that until I'm forty and then retired hoped to have enough money and that would you when you really assess the landscape, two factors played at number. One was this injury. I went man. This is crazy because if you get injured, you're out of the game and number two was when you look at the escape of who was fighting in the? U s see when I was nineteen, twenty, twenty one, our talk in ten years after the? U s seas inception when you look at Spidey now No longer was a matter of karate verses, tagline oversees jujitsu, it was karate tackle. An jujitsu, an wrestling and kickboxing all blended into the same person fighting each other. With all very much the same skill set with slight
Variations from person to person based on their historical can upbringing. Martial arts, some fighting, gets guys. very much believe what I believe, which is due to two is the best historically in the greasy family went all the way back. That really wasn't what the fight was about. It was about proving that jujitsu is better than whatever else you're doing, but if we both believe in this religion of jujitsu, then we're good like I believe to a and unless it's a personal thing right unless there's a bad blood and personal thing. But really when it comes to the great challenge matches it was born someone who doesn't believe that this is the best and, let's prove so once the enemy- and you have see, was absent. Of that reality. I went man, somebody waiting for jujitsu any more I'm fighting for. Only me my money to pay my bills, and I thought, listen that's commendable, and the people who do that requires a level of discipline and dedication and and and and expertise in there after that is bright. It it's it's unbelievable. What it takes. We ve all seen that.
But I don't know if that's going to be that that's the end of my road here. If that's the, if that's the path I want to live so instead, looked at. The landscape is had meant, jujitsu is known worldwide, but there is no relation sure dissemination of this art? Anybody can teach anybody. Is this? If I know a friend who has a friend from Brazil, he'll teach over here, this guy knows that right back in those days it was just like wherever you could get it, so it was clear that it was a demand for judges do, but there wasn't a supply effective supply chain. So I thought men if we could really organise right in the wake of this accident as well. If I could organise huge it's who, in a way where everything that I've ever learned could be put on line, in linear fashion, so that anyone anywhere in the world could log on and watch lesson one and once they finish lesson one wash lesson to which builds on lesson one, and do that all the way through every skill that I've ever learned in this family, I would be doing great service does, if I get hit by a truck been somewhat
log in and see centres path through jujitsu inhabitants, path through jujitsu and learn the art very much the way we learned it and its forever. immortalized in this in this online linear curriculum and that's where greece university was born, but it was fuelled by his fear that, if something busy where I can't do jujitsu anymore, how can preserve everything that I've ever learned especially in the wake of that accident, in that that injury, that sideline me for so long and today We know grace university is really the central communication media this website, where all of our sort of we're training centers, that's where they get their information. People who don't have a school near them are learning in their garages from all over the world. Three hundred and ninety thousand students and one hundred and ninety six countries, learning they've open up a room, they put some mats down and they do jujitsu and that all came out of this realization that someone's gotta be responsible for organizing this in letting people have access all over the world? And if I injured? Again, at least I can say, I documented everything I knew so you
fuck you cited focus. You explain, you decide to focus on being a teacher and spreading the word of digital and spreading the knowledge of digital, and so this darts in your academy, the guy, see universally used to be the great. He got me right now, it's great university, the quarters is up there and allay, and and so then, from their. What came did start with the the training centres. The greasy training centres are greatly certified training centres and then the greasy garages, one of that one of those two things about yet so once we refine the curriculum internally for one school in torrents to a degree where we felt comfortable. This is how beginner should learn jujitsu. For the greatest retention and for the greatest preservation of these right fledglings. it's? U journeys where they so fickle right. Someone has a bad experience. There got you see here. I'm sure, what's like one, a twenty day on a third or fourth class and you'll never see that person again under due to mats. So once we cracked the code on how to avoid that I attrition so commonly associated with jujitsu. Then
began licensing those programmes out to these other schools. Certified gracie, jujitsu training centre now where those were those things you first gave out let's say it was two thousand and six is that, where these things run on two thousand two thousand and eight was okay yeah, we change it internally, two thousand five thousand six. We change it. It was successful for a couple of years and then we licensed it so two thousand and eight. If I'm wanted, I want to be a gracie certified gym or whatever. How do? How do you We do have to go to your carry me. How does it work? Because you don't I'm online yet right yet Initially, very very beginning: we didn't have online, so we said. Look we want to see. if I some people and a lot of these people had other martial arts backgrounds, you might wanna karate school we want to certify you to teach just a curriculum for beginners thirty six techniques. Very much like we do it. Enforcement right, you're, not a master you're, not a blackmail, but you can teach someone a beginner curriculum and then as involved, is you evolve your skill set and grow? You can grow your level of certification system,
comes in says: hey. I want to offer jujitsu at my karate school. You learn thirty six. is, he combative. Is this beginner programme? Thirty six technics once you learn those thirty six techniques, we ve been teach you how to administer and teach that programme, and only that programme and When they learned that material they go back and now they're teaching it in the very beginning they were white belts. We people left us as a white belt with a few stripes and say: hey just go teach these beginner techniques and nothing else. But what happened. once gracie university, the online came into play. We said: look instead of when coming here spending eighty hours to learn these thirty six technics learning on your own learning, wherever you are continued, ought to leave your family for so much time once you learn the material demonstrate efficiency either by going to an existing school or by sending in a video, or you show me that you know these thirty six moves and then you I'm to california only to learn how to teach them so now somewhat take a year six months to a year to learn this little basic irregular and then they, the california, learn the teaching methodologies and then once they
that their level, one certified training centre. Now many of these schools, our brown and black belts much higher school level, but they don't have the structure they suffered from what we suffered from, which is Henry I've had a school I've been under so and so. Member of the group he family affiliated for the last seventeen years, and I have a hundred and twelve students. How is tat possible you're teaching brazilian jujitsu in amerika the hottest martial arts in the hut market with the number one promotional vehicle, the, u f, c, and then you in jos podcast number two and three right in terms of like attention to jujitsu, and you can't get more than a hundred and twelve people to want to practise this art in your community, sir, the thing is wrong, not with jujitsu but with how you're delivering it. So many guys would come in with the lots of ju jitsu background, but no business acumen and no knowledge of how to deliver jujitsu in a way that makes it safe and structured for beginners they would come get certified and they would go back in someone like that could be a higher. of certification, because they had that pre,
knowledge so on the web. I be listed differently than someone is only teaching gracie, combative and only teaching children greasy bulletproof, like simple. in vienna curriculums. So so and once you have that thing on a well so called on, what's the grosch, gracie garage, so people grace university online, hundreds of thousands People want to learn from home. Most of them don't have a school near them Some of them will go to just a random local b j J school right. Where they'll go in and say hey, I want to learn. I watched the grace university online. I want to train with you guys. Can I train here Yes great, they become a student and we never hear about them somewhat. See what we do online. They liked the methodology they like to safety, the right to self defence emphasis in the beginner programme. Then they go to Jg school they go, and this is not resemble. What I saw in those videos and want to do that because that's what I believe jujitsu should be for me, I'm older, I'm out of shape and I'd feel safer or
curriculum emphasizes what I care about so then they'll say hey, even though it's a b j J school here I want to learn on my own, because I want to follow this curriculum, so they don't have a training partner. So what we created was the opportunity for any one at home anywhere in the world who has access to the curriculum who has trainee Matt. and by ten hundred square feet, which is smaller than this room. Ten by ten mats, the curriculum poster my grandfather in their garage or in the room. If you have those three things, you can apply for gracie garage status. Now, what is the greasy garage? It's an unofficial at home training centre. for like minded gracie university members who just want to elaborate to learn together in the absence of an instructor, but they just need a body because their wife isn't interested in rolling with them on the floor outside of the bedroom right like that's, it so sounds like a networking. It's a it's a it's a yeah, it's a totally networking play and it pays homage to the gracie garage, but none have certified instructors. Now the beautiful thing is it
wait, wait for someone to statement, I need a partner, so they list themselves and then they get enquiries from people. Another address isn't publicize, but there's a comment and like a direct chat feature where I could say hatred, So I see you have a greasy garage I came out and you would go well. I don't know you. So let me for coffee and we sit down a little meat for some jerk off. You and we sit down and we have a conversation and you feel my vibe and if you like it, you invite me to the house for a training session and before you know it not only are we best friends we're recruiting, people and other seventeen people in this gracie garage doing gracie combated in absence of a school, that they want to trina and their building, and in many cases this has happened where these garages exists for twelve months a year and a half the people who run these garage has become so fanatical about the curriculum about their progress and actually make measurable progress and they become good at you jets in their house. Then they apply to come duty, instructor certification programme level, one basic! they go back to open a school, those seventeen garage members, they get, it
come on the membership for the first year than they start painful price, after that they have all these built in students they till all their friends and it turns into a or profit business, so great He garages has become the greasy grudge. Classification has become the ceding programme for for so many certified training centres today that started and then guys grow their businesses like this apples California johnny vasquez is a great example. Corporate amerika full on well paid job star, the gracie garage starts training moves out of its opening school once you get certified as a blue belt and then in the three years as a bluebell after opening his certified training centre surpasses three hundred fifty students as a blue belt. Then he gets his purpose. Continues to grow, changing locations and now I just talked to last week he's pushing seven hundred fifty students as a proud out he had to quit his job, because the amount of time that work took was taken away from growing the school. And now more money than he ever has, but he's running a jujitsu business doing what he loves and he has like ten or
other instructors who been through the same certification process, any scaling his business and growing? It for him, as you know, been open, multiple location and he's in a neighbourhood with usc fighters other, like belgium owners, be J J, he's not out in the middle of nowhere. There's actual schools within miles of his location and he's the most successful school and apple valley, the most successful martial arts who, as a brown belt so all of because not John is hard work, ethic and and and dedication to the process, but these systems that we develop that then we said hate me can be the only ones, and I say like coming up in this family. There is very much a feeling of. If we don't do, it is not right. we can do it right only we can do it. The best only we can deliver saw I have to say that there was certainly some mould. Breaking that mean you don't have to do to get there. who came before us to agree number one to do. Online learning read because there was an be scrutiny there and number two to allow other schools to be certified,
with our name and with our programmes, because oh no, there never going what they they're going to violate this they're, going to break that they're going to do it wrong, they are going to water everything down, and I said, unfortunately, if we have that mindset, we will remain as one school forever and other organizations which trust in the other people more are gonna grow more, actively and then, at the end of the day, we just box ourselves out of the entire jujitsu growth opportunity, because this feeling of it is not a hundred percent; no, they can't do it. My theory is no It can do at eighty percent in the beginning will reach their hundred percent over time and we have to delegate and we have to permit me at the trust that they're going to do the right thing now in the Two hundred and fifty schools we ve been, sometimes we ve had people who made terrible mistakes as leaders, and we had the terms those relationships, but what I take it all back, no way because the tens of thousands of students at these schools, are benefiting from our processes. Right
all the lives and the letters in all the happy changes that have happened as a result of us trusting in these instructors all over the world, many of whom are the same type, wandel karate kickboxing. Instead, yours who, twenty years ago, were the other end of the challenge match, but now there not only not our enemies, their action. are needed allies in the gloom, expansion of the way that we teach you shit you. How did you come about with e online? greasy university, so great, a universally dot com. Yet this is your all mine turning protocol One thing I will says you know from the perspective of the rest: your family. Look at you like, you can't teaches stuff online. This is before people understood what you can get online, and you can get all kinds of stuff online. There's people that have fought the you have see that only I mean even Evan. Ten remember Heaven tanner Evan you
they're, like hey where'd. You learn to do too he's like the videos, like the greasy inaction, video like he was arrested over. He learned jujitsu from watching those greasing and videos that and so now and then you ve got other other fighters out there that have learned moves and learn jujitsu, genuine. They where'd you learn from. Oh, I wonder from youtube. So I think there is a maybe a lack of vision I can put myself in this category. You know you think. How did I learned to do too? That must be the only way to large did through tat. Somebody grab your arm imported over your god. You're, yet put your. We have here an inch dead physically do with you not understanding that you could sit down. You could watch a video and you can go hey come in for a minute buddy. Let me do this. Do that to me to try it again, they said. Oh, they are real specific about putting your wrist over here. Okay how's, that for old, oh yeah, that definitely okay, so you can do what it takes. A little bit more effort takes a was takes up. More studious mindset need to learn that way. You can
it'd be a knucklehead like me and go to a jujitsu class and you're going to learn like you're, going to you're going to learn it when you, because I do this now to obviously look at video go online look dyson. What's happening? You have to be more gauged mentally to learn that way. There is no doubt that you can learn. by watching videos so did you come to that conclusion. To start the grease university, I want yeah. It's a great care. Should end when it all began. There was a lot of scrutiny whether or not you could actually learn on line and the need for the online university I have explained, which is, I got injured and I said if I dont document this stuff forever it may never be documented, and if I can't train for the rest of my life, it was more like a fear right like a active paranoia what I can't teach anymore. So let me capture we have learned and leave it for my kids in their kids in their kids in their kids
preservation of history was my mindset. My grandfather didn't document everything he learned, man dad did not document everything he learned my uncle's not document. In fact they were very anti video of any sort. the father. He had some vhs as instructional and hoist was in on those, but I have other uncles who were not only were they not producing videos. They believed that no there's, only one way for this information to be transferred. Is by touching another person and theirs honor and there's a humility and there's a respect in that engagement that can never be violated. There was also like. Let's death for us. I may tell you I'm under way. So let me tell you about this. One so gracie combative is was Our beginner programme, the first adoration of that programme, was produced in two thousand and nine as an aid, and we just right now finished production will be releasing in the next two months, gracie combat. two point after thirteen fourteen years were issued in that programme. What makes greater
If so unique is it's the first attempt at instructional series. That is a complete like clay system that is linear and builds off its right people do a lot of instructions and most homer on my knob, even dvds, what did him even during dvd arab instilled online to this day? What are most websites a bunch of videos you log on? Do you want to learn sweeps or do you? Wanna learn, arm bars and you click a little filter. You write something and it pops up sweeps or arm bars and then use your group class of an instructor teaching a technique in front of twenty thirty students and you're just happen to be a fly in the wall, watching that instruction to a group that model the problem is. It doesn't consider the student who is actually using this material as their sole source of instruction deal for students who train somewhere else. One a supplement, training with additional details that you're specifically good it. You know guillotine choked him and walk jockers tutorial, learn guillotines. You already know what you need when you went to jackals website so, for I went no, that's not good enough. We need to create it ricky them that any one who is increasing,
you did so for any of the avenues in the marketing in the EU have see who says I'm gonna go learned your jitsu online lesson, one has to be high, walk two jujitsu. teach your trap in raw lesson too has to build on that lesson, one so that linear progression was very, very new very and the reason why other people dont do it I'll just put this out there. It is much work when you from a group class. pretty teaching that group class, so it's much easier on a camera, unjust film, but I'm already going to do for a room. paying students when Filmed our linear curriculum mean he don't had to budget times separate from all the classes. We ran every single day. We had about Standalone time to film classes, there were only meant to be watched in order by a girl we'll audience of students who wanted to learn where they didn't have accredited schools that they believe we can offer what they needed
it was so what is like, having another full time, job versus double dipping on my existing full time job I just filming the classes so that what we aimed for that's what makes grace university unique is everything is in order and that's what makes a greasy combat it at the time unique. So when we came out with creasy combative, the original dvd programme. members of my family, the feeling. Was you don't need to do this this is too much if you'd this programme with this level of guided. Clarity and linear learning progression opportunity for astute it. With this much detail Why would they come to our schools? That was, said to me, and I went holy cow here- all I'm trying to do is due this family, proud alike, the jujitsu in a way and get it out to the world right. Do what my grandfather want to share jujitsu with the world, empower the weak against the strong, and I got an go saying that they don't want. Evelyn
Of course, I can say that no one s ones I can about J, and I will tell you which one He was a bad ass though, and they all are so have an uncle say, hey hunter. This is too much the detail and the clarity of the curriculum is too precise. They don't need a teacher with this level of clarity and how, a night was conflicted because on one hand, I don't want to point my uncle's, unlike feeling on the black sea. this doing something. That's gonna take food off their table no way I just people who don't have access to my uncle's, to be able to allergic to also source you crazy dilemma and There was enough support and enough in the family as well. There's enough support for the curriculum in the way we approached jitsu online and on dvds. At the time we went ahead with it. Now what I now know in retrospect and all those people who said now you can't learn online. This is crazy and I think some of them really believe that you couldn't learn online. Others were fearful that, if it's
through that you could learn online. Then why would you ever go to a school there? mixed bag and some people will say you can't learn online, but really what their feeling is. Please make it so that learning online is impossible, because if it is, why would anyone go and just not learn online? What you guys? I know mixed emotions for everyone, but here's what I now know after the fact in retrospect is that five percent of people are capable of learning on their own at home with the treaty. partner that they found on a website offer website through near online curriculum. One out of twenty people. Have the discipline Studious personality engaged ability of block it out and I want to do this in order to be a fact, because I know the numbers of our website and I see how to go sign up and I see how many people stick it through all the way it's five percent give or take so a hundred people go to the website, five of them
see it through and go all the way. Ninety five out of those hundred many it happened to them, but it's my belief that they watched the first three four five lessons that are free. We make the first one's free, you will log on you say: oh, this is awesome. We try to hook them and then they sign up for a membership. The ninety five percent of those people say this is amazing. I want more of this, but I want to learn in person because my wife doesn't want to train, or my husband does want to do it on my son's. Don't wanna do it or my daughter's So when we go find a school and they shop at their local, be J J school blurred. because they liked what they saw and we don't have a school in their area if they did they'd, probably go to that, but we only have two hundred schools and in the whole world, that's very little. So ninety, I would say ninety five percent of the time there isn't a certified gracie school of hours there. So they go to the random b j J school. They show I'm saying yeah I've seen some gracie videos over there and I want to learn jujitsu. I got my introduction with hunter and he don't online, but I want to sign up for brazilian jiu jitsu, because you're in my neighborhood right proximity matters in this case, and they sign up
So not only is it not true, you can actually learn online because I've seen those who put committed to the process, not only with that not true it. Also. in true that we were stealing students from the brick and mortar schools, the opposite was true. We became I think, pre your podcasting pre rogan doing what he's doing. We were a top driver of peace. indonesia, to with the gracie breakdowns from you to believe you break down these. You have sea fight in tropical that enemy sent him to the website. They were, the lessons online and then right after they go find a school near them. So I great pride in being an ambassador for georgia to who such people into the art, with very good breakdowns in then guided them on how to solve the cvs first lessons and were to end up so many people in the times since then have come to me as it had her manner, start with your breakdown, and I started online with you and I found a school near by which go a random jujitsu over here and unlike do that's working dope, I'm responsible. I got you in and
I never got a letter from the owner best schools, the hunter, thank you for this student, and maybe it was the same guy who was saying you can't learn online, but I'm ok with that, because I know what I've done- and I know where I sit I already in all of this is today every one of my family members. Everyone has a website, everyone's teaches you to line, and I'm just like cool. Alright, they came around especially post covert rifles covered animals like here in the wrong. Do something that's build these website because we can teach in Britain water. This is crazy, so thankfully, everyone's on that page now and learning on minors is, is one the most reliable ways and everyone agrees and happy. You say we to a great job in terms of presenting linearly and but there's a lot of other great resource you can find whatever you're looking for now. our focus rave? If, if for those who don't know, is really that beginner experience, whether it's a woman, whether it's a police officer, whether it's a child whether it's in a man any one
once a learned jujitsu that first six to twelve months, if it's done correctly, will set them up for train for the rest of their life. If it's not, they quit they give it a second chance in most cases- and we never hear about that- I believe the the the skeletons in this, you should see graveyard the volume. Those skeletons are greater than the number of people who do jujitsu today more tried and stopped, then who currently practice and I'm trying to I'm trying to change them so keep talking about greater combativeness explain, really combat us so post you have see one too. U s army rangers right. They recruited gracie family, to go down there and to begin teaching these soldiers right and at that time I am very much like military things. Are it's a one week thing? Let's go do jujitsu for a week: let's go. Do this shooting for a week, let's go snipe for a week so jujitsu for weak. My dad hoist other members of the are going down their teaching. These rangers and loans,
hold right, as you know, well over time, the entire! U s army modern army combatants programme is rewritten to incorporate you know the gracie jiu techniques that are taught to them in the early nineties there and when, teaching in that type of constrained environment, where you only have so much time to teach a soldier uk, to say be J J, vast art, thousands of techniques? Let's just do jujitsu, you can't do that. You I say: wait a minute. You only have forty hours. What can we teach when forty hour Is that if you get in a fight six months from now- and all you have- is that you're gonna survived that fight, and that is the sense of what the greasy combative programme is. It's a mindset of number one. The adversary is not a jujitsu chess player like you right we're not playing the game of jiu, because that takes the countless years to prepare for and there's infinite techniques and there's always new ones being invented. What does a beginner to learn in the least amount of time that, if they get into a fight six months from the date of commencing their judicial practice there,
survive against someone twenty pounds heavier than them who's, trying to just punch their head into the pavement. That same mindset that we have with the army. We do, I admit, let's make a programme for beginners civilians- were they learn and we named gracie combative, because the mindset was the same and many of the techniques I'd say. Ninety percent of the techniques and gracie combative are the same as the ones we originally introduced to the army in the early nineties in this mindset of least amount of time, maximum preparation, if that's all, you have you're going to be okay, you're, not a world champion you're, not competing in jiu jitsu, but you understood, distance. You understand leverage, you understand, timing, in a way that the person who does not know these tools won't. Have the resources to hurt. You re in any significant way. That's it so. We started teaches us to the civilian sector. We made a very specific curriculum and people that's what we did in two thousand and five in six weeks, I realise man. This is crazy, like we're not growing as a business, we putting gracie combativeness beginner programme, these thirty six techniques and we put a month.
card system and every time you do the class you gotta check mark for that particular class. and there were three boxes next to every class, and you wanted to do each class three times in the genius of the program. Was you didn't have to do those twenty three classes in order? You could do them out of order? Any sequence every class. You came to his class seventeen today. Where did you see the leg hook, take down from standing clinch and we're gonna see the kimura from the guard done? That's the curriculum if you ve already done this class great. You gonna get it again. If you haven't done this class, we're gonna teach it in a way that requires no prerequisites to make sense of that class so now you have this begin the program or someone can shop any time into this curriculum. Never your confused over whelmed left behind incapable, because we're speaking a language that we call elsie de language, lowest common denominator, Everyone in the class is being spoken to as if they ve never seen the class and those who know the class knew what they showed up work on the schedule and too matters, even stronger
Every single one of our members has access to the great university online curriculum, so students, preview that lesson in full detail or review it after the fact. If they forget a detail and that reduce anxiety so much because we are in a very of educationally stimulated society. Brazil wasn't like that. Brazil is go to the beach speech sandy show up. You know. Why does them off on the mat induce him to do too? In whatever we learn to morrow doesn't matter, we do something different in we did today. It's all no big deal, but in a man, because you have a beginner show up somewhere in a place of study of up of educational. Suit and you say to them hate in order to move on the next level, just keep showing one day I'll? Let you know when you're ready, which is how Ninety nine percent of fiji schools function just keep doing the thing and then one day I'll, let you know when you're ready for the next thing, no matter going to stand for and they just said, keep come into classes in one day. You'll get your degree. No. You have to tell them what they need to do and they will commit to that process. So, as you The two was largely absent of that and our good
The Valenti brothers in miami had their own version of a beginner curriculum like this, where it was clear to do, there's a set number of techniques, different techniques, and greasy combatants, but a curriculum, none the less and they had success within that allows like men and we tried that would greatly combative these these military kind of rooted techniques let's offered to civilians, and it worked in that pudding, programming for beginners is what workers from that to twenty five to the seven fifty plus in eighteen months, and that's when I went holy cow if a big It comes in and sees this and knows what they're gonna get and is this stimulated to show up in it's almost like game of fighting because there's a check mark is a box and every class they come to. We check the box within the receptionist. Does that so they say a card filling up and then once you fill up this column over here, twenty classes or more years the eligible for a tripe on your white bell, and you keep filling all of this up and at the end of this, once you can all of this, which is typically eight to twelve months, there's a test you can take demonstrate proficiency in these thirty six techniques, and if you can,
tat you are in your gracie combative spell, which is a white. with a blue straight through the middle, and out of this into the equation, and it became so clear for the student, what to pursue and then once they earn that did they move on to advance you jujitsu class were now. Rolling intensely with other trading partners bluebells and beyond, and there figuring out the deep waters of jujitsu and in the pr the best analogy you go from playing checkers two chests You go from gracie combatants for another beginner at some who doesn't know jujitsu to the car. Black cities that we love so much about infinite jujitsu and that chest match that we're so addicted to. But the mistake that ninety nine percent of bj schools make. Is that that beginning doesn't exist? and the chest match is the beginning. So when someone comes in their immediate thrown to the trenches of survival sink or sink or swim, and you just go and figure it out and only strong surviving when you role because think about it too grown men sitting at a desk to ten hours a day joints stiff ligaments art like dirt, their aid,
should ligaments and then they sign up because they see a podcast and they hear you enthusiastically praise jujitsu. They go there, we'll be J J school and the coach goes in incessant. I've heard this story. A thousand times are guys you're, It is about the same size, cool welcome, digital first class. We see a technique, may be second class there class. They might delay a little bit, some do it on the first day, youtube spar now. What does it mean coat? We'll just try to beat him and you try to beat him I do understand like I don't. How do I do that? Just dont tap out is whatever, Could you say to beginners so then serbs and now the thing is this: you guys want to care, and you want to go women that engage makers. The coach is watching and cares to be effective, and you want to be successful but you're it's all right. If you do not twelve years old, you not fifteen years old, you not twenty one where those jobs you're, just kind of pliable steel right, you're, you're, sick if your old so now you're sparring to grown adults, region the situation in santa Monica. One of the cops who we know was recommended by one of my friends: go train b, J J go cops, need to learn jujitsu, he goes to. Local school because everyone says to four:
day their sparring standing start up role. The guy falls down posters arm dislocate in damages his labour room and he's gonna have have surgery, so this is first day train jujitsu and too. this is where it so sad Because the art that is for everyone is taught in a way that makes it for the elite and That's the saddest part, my grandfather's, not here anymore, but always but a channel what he would why and in my belief, it's like he was small, the weak right, jujitsu the triumph of human intelligence over brute strength, but if one able to give it to the small the week the an athletic people in society. Then what service are we providing we're? Giving jiu jitsu to the people who don't need it or giving it to? people that we need to prepare for instead of giving the forgiving sir, wings to the rattlesnakes. They dont need wigs their rattlesnakes, so this is kind of something that I struggle with today in Anjitsu and why I do What did I do to try to tip the scale? back, because if you're one of
people who want to learn, but you don't feel like the school near. You is safe to do so. You'll go in your track, and then you'll? Never do it again, you know, but if we can make sure that that initial landing is soft and so on for and so forgiving and so in so a relevant. That's another thing be, J J class first day ex guard lapel, feeding through the lay and doing nothing, and a beginner seeing what themselves I don't I understand, what's happening, but what does this have to do with? U of c one truth? What does this have to do with hoists and the gracie challenge matches at all the fight prowess in effectiveness that the greasy countries known for I don't see the connection so for me big one on safety, they can not get hurt for several months you can not number one number two is contextual relevance: it has to make sense every class a beginner comes to Every single word that comes out of your mouth, they have to say, makes sense, gimme, more
I love this, I'm so glad. I didn't spend time with my family tonight to come here with you guys, I'm so glad I chose this hobby after hearing apart gas I'm. So this is I want nothing more than more of this in my life textual relevance and that's what the greasy combatants programmed us for our students is it like it makes. reclassify Georgiana fight manage the distance manage the damage we one of whether knockout clothes that distance get ahold of every fight. Every class started the same discussion so every has been framed constantly about. Why we're doing this thing and then, if you if two women empowered right gracie, bully proof other programs, all of them there's contextual relevance with every technique tot so kid, whose nine years old here's a discussion about a bowling encounter or exclusionary bullying situation or cyber bowling, which are discussed in the classes. They role play these scenarios, in addition to do, you and so schools. They teach you did too and then no context too
really good, and the hope is that the child will get the contractual relevance if they need to one day, even without being instructed on what that contractual relevance would be safe. as for women, the active doing you do too is beneficial, of course, but in the very beginning every day, they're asking themselves, should I come back tomorrow, If the answer is, I dont know why we did this today. you know the answer to the first question: how long is the bali proof programme, so greatly Only proof we split into Matt munchkin just three to four three to five years old and then begin all beginners and then five to seven has little chance and then seven to twelve, is junior grappling. These are all entry level, beginner programmes, kids come in if the bat munchkins are just playing with their parents on the mat. Having fun but five to seven and seven to twelve they're learning, they're they're engaged in discussions about bowling every class different scenarios. What, if the guy, does this? What have you done that? What the opponent does this, where the borders
what? If you at your house near play- and they say, do this or you're- not my friend- let me write my name on your forehead with a sharpie or you're, not my friend, and then Look straight out them say: hey, I guess we're not frenzy kids. Two role play this kids need to hear their voices saying these things it is to assume that they're gonna muster up the courage and the clarity in that moment just because they learn. If you are mars in some sweeps, there is no guarantee that that connects, but You can have them role play these and they getting that same is an arm bar in a trap and real escape or noble escape. Those are rehearsed techniques to build muscle, memory and confidence in their execution, the verbal aspect of jujitsu in boundary. Setting is so critical, but its largely completely untouched in ninety nine percent of schools. So you expect kids, who make these connections that didn't make so in terms of the late they stay in these entry level programmes until day, six, eight twelve, a year and a half, sometimes
then they evolve out of that towards called the black book club and the kids club. Now you have your more advanced kids who live several techniques, twenty thirty, forty techniques, they ve done all these roleplaying situations that make perfect sense for the lives of their living and they loved him. They lean into them. They, like you, were like yo. kid who's, the bully. You know you, the sharp you like you're about to write it and then the other could not get out of their hands a yo it. That's the I guess we're, not friends, then so they lean into these situations. And yes, you. Feel silly as adults talking about this, but it's crazy is that for them This is normal because it actually happens savings. For women empowered classes. When we talk about someone encroaching on their personal space- and we teach these women. Like look when someone walks towards you, you have to look them dead in the eye and say don't get closer it take one more step. You triple your escalation in your intensity in your voice, do not put the audio, but you freakin ripple- and you say I said back up.
And you look him straight in the eye and here's the thing a woman might know jujitsu. But if she's never heard her voice say that telling you right now, it's class number six A curriculum is discussed, stop block frame and my life is the head and structure of the programme. I just there to get beat up by her and play the purpose and we're doing these classes and these women bro. We have a class of seventy women on a tuesday night like tomorrow, night there'll, be seventy women doing beginner jiu jitsu in women empowered Roleplaying these situations and I'll tell you it's the hardest hit in the whole curriculum for a woman to hear her voice, acting someone's encroachment and speaking assertively and potentially districts. Fully to another human being, because all their lives, they may be taught don't ruffle feathers don't do this. Don't do that don't be a gm cause. A scene be pleasant behind, be right back.
All of these things and there being box stand in for these women. They get very emotional about expressing themselves like this because they ve been holding it in for so long and no one ever told them when it comes to your person, be polite, be friendly, be cordial, and this is true for all of us, but when it comes, Your personal safety screw politeness would you have to do, but someone had to teach them that in some women are forty years old and never were told that there are to be disrespectful through allowed to be a sort of their allowed, looked straight in someone's face and tell em, don't take one more step and here's the point with kids. with women and even with men, bounds Setting is the number one self too, and to all of us must master because how many fights have we avoided, Just by using our voice and saying hey, listen to me, I can see you're upset. You think this was your parking spot. Let me do me a favor, don't get any closer, I'm into my car but stay you are don't take one more step towards me. When you can assert like that, what are they? number one right this
eyes a ninja or he's carrying a gun is one of the other, because there's that level of clarity and precision now here's the problem with this formula. boundary, setting people typically only set boundaries that their capable of enforcing the truest self defense statement. If there is one, people only set boundaries he'll capable of enforcing you're, not gonna, say don't one more step. If if they take another step, you don't know what the hell are you going, gonna do you're completely panic, but we're going to you. Don't do it, you don't do it. You never set the boundary. In fact, you never look at the person. What do they normally do? They look down. They pretend like they're on their phone. They grabbed their keys, they fidget they do anything but engage with this person because they don't want and don't know what they would do. Should things get hand right here, but when you know what we know and we know that we can handle this three hunter on beard from the bar down the street gently. effectively he's I going to get hurt, I'm not going to get hurt and we're going to take care of business once you know that you can talk to them.
We can say this. American see you had a few too many drinks, but do me a favor? stand right where you are don't take one more step in my direction: If you say karma, you don't have to even yell at the top of your lungs and he goes whoa whoa whoa, I'm done but I'm not bedroom. I know this guy means what he says right now, because the the power of a boundary is directly correlated to the ability to back it up right, you learn how to fight. So you never have to write. We I went to the: u s. Air force base a minor airport based one time to go, teach a huge course of a hundred plus airmen. Of sexual assault, awareness prevention, defence techniques, and I to the base of the commander of the office of the commander, and he showed me the map on the wall, and he, I shall be red dots like chicken pox and I said commander. What is all this and he says each. One of those is like a silo re or whatever. It is in the ground, with a nuclear warhead ready to be deployed how thousands of dots on one base- that's all I may not right and I go
the commander like how many of these would it take to like and mankind. He was like probably like six I would have the numbers- had like a nominal figure why so many- and he said This is why we don't have world were three and anyway ju. You learn how to fight you prepare for war, so you don't have to go to war right in, such a massive component in all of this. So we talk about kid. We talk about women, there's an initial threshold of time that somebody suspend voting confidence learning this idea boundary setting for their own safety once they find their voice their safe have a kid max who just kinda me two days ago, his mom patricia and match is ten years old, kindest little boy and too kind. Britain is one of those things, work, respect and kindness in politeness, and the parents raise their kids to be so sweet and so kind, which is what we all one for our kids but other people, sniff that out and the boy
without a the weakness and sniffed the kindest nigger up, there's my target so mad. That junior guards right this beach thing with a swim, he's very good swimmer and could be made. This is literally last week into joke, is being made about him and the guy says yeah, I haven't you to channel, I'm gonna call it matches in eighty eight or whatever he says you know, and then a friend of max, is actually said: hey man, let, and in the boy start shoving. This friend who stood up for max the boys, are kind of sweat now and then in this moment. Never ever has use his voice and the mob. tormented, because this guy's a chronic bullying victim never spoke up ever so matches his friend is not being targeted and in that moment max's. While this I have to do something because he stood up for me and right what he's doing so. He stands up. He put himself between the two kids and mac says as instructed verbatim, if you the problem with him. You have a problem with me and the bully goes turns and he walks away
and max. His mom came to me the next day with her private class in georgia, which is his head, or you have no idea what this means we celebrated when we got home. and you have no idea what this means. For me, I've put on sixty seventy pounds in the last year dealing with the bowling issues, because if I have to worry about him every single day, I can't worry about me. So the fact that he did what he learned a hundred percent as taught- and it worked perfectly- he found- and his inner strength. He found his voice and now the can focus on him, can focus on me. So This is why we do it right, but the contextual relevance matter to match, because it was so specific, the struggles he was having an affair ability to overcome that his life will never be the same. He now knows it on the other side of asserting yourself verbally to a bully. Most likely will be not a fight, especially if you bring the fire and you bring the conviction and the skills that he brings most likely. The bully doesn't want to fight, because if they did, they would have punch you in the face they're going to go up
what the easy target. So when you show that you're that hard target, it's not gonna, continue and in math this case is that what happened? The mom was like over the moon so that's what I hope to provide every beginner, it's not like and use. And be J J. There's this attitude of survival of the fittest. If you can hang, then, is not for you. It is not for everyone, but these are all random projections on the art that people I have joined the train along the way are making up about this like yeah. This is only for the two, only the strong survive and I'm like this is crazy. The very That was designed to empower the weak. Those p are precluded from learning it largely because of the culture that exists. in so many of these schools and its again it's kind of sad when you think about it, because who really needs it isn't getting access to? It lot of times. When I talk about you just from a self defense perspective, one of the things that places which part is. If you did you get to, you are used
people grabbing, you you're, used to the fiscal contact, your used, the grind used and if someone grab soon you're not used to that You don't even know what to do. Like your ie, eight take you seven seconds. Just two contemplate and comprehend. What's goin on, whereas if you do jujitsu someone grabs you, you actually are one hundred per cent comfortable and ok with it, and you have a plan. You know what you're going to do, you're going to make something happen, there's no there's! No! ecological barrier that you have to break through just are reacting to it. So that's a huge part of it. I mean lot of times. if you ve never been grabbed by someone before your immediate response, just frees up mentally freeze, the other thing that I like to say You know get asked this question, you know, ok, If you are a hundred and ten woman and you get you get salted by a two hundred and twenty pound guy kicks that woman, really,
stop that guy from lets a dragon her into a van right, dude, classic, whatever horrible scenario, Kennedy in ten pound woman? Stop this When twenty pound guy from grabbing her employer to vat. First of all, what you already mentioned is part of it if that guy. approaches her and he sees that she's gonna be a problem here probably in when you, when they do interviews with with perpetrators, they always say they're. Looking for a victim that looks like a victim. That's what they're looking I'm looking for hard done number two can a hundred ten pound woman stop at two hundred twenty pound man from grabbing reporter car, there's a decent chance. She can't there's a decent champion, But let me tell you what you can do first, while she can make it a problem, probably in order if he decides no. This is the one
she is going to make that evolution last twelve seconds longer nineteen second longer seven seconds longer. Thirty, because it is going to be a totally different story and seven seconds is what it took: four, a passer by to see a license plate that seven twenty seconds what it took. Four, a police car. well by that night, Secondly, what it took four, a bystander that was watching that saw the suspicious thing happening going intervene in the situation, so that that time that you will buy yourself could be literally be the difference between being abducted or not being abducted, the same thing with little kid you don't you little kids when they know how we may know what they're doing it can take on extra. Let go trying grab my daughter like don't try and grab my daughter polar into a van good luck. Dude. If you're going to have problems, you're, probably getting choked to be honest with you, so so that just just to let people know.
that yes, it gives cause. It gives you the confidence and you talked about hey it's, this sort of conflict, that you have in the way you carry yourself which You know I remember seeing on you know why self defense videos in the eighties right and it would be a woman that would be you. Oh, no. No no weak, it was kind of a kind of became like a thing right. This loud voice this a sort of voice and yeah sure that's the works of the but you need to have more than that and an that's. What these techniques will give you made look there's a decent chance. If someone, you know you, you react correctly, so a perpetrator discuss do I'm out here. I don't doesn't what I'm looking for, but they are determined. It's going to cause them time at that time. I could very well be the difference between a life way being seen on someone else intervening you person- just Ain'T- oh not put up with this, so very:
important to think about that is the woman empowered. Is that, of course, is that it is at the same thing we talking check marks yet exactly the same. Everybody intercourse is the same in the sensors a card there's a twenty techniques: women empowered is twenty techniques for check boxes every class in your goes to fill in those boxes overtime. Every month, lessons cycle again and again, no experience for any one of these classes, its avail, online for those who don't have a school near them and we have women all over the world doing with their sisters. There mom their husbands learning these texts. as learning is twelve thirteen years old. Fourteen years old are doing this because that's how early this is a problem right for these girls, so one hundred percent the same thing, but I love what you're saying because there's an absolutist If the cord of men online, largely men googled that would never work like, will show a self defense technique of me and eve on instagram and like try that the two hundred pound guide that would never work and theirs they can absolutist approach, which is, if you can't beat up this man and submit him in time. pretzel, then, what's the point
of learning jujitsu love what you're talking about, because we explain concept of the bystander intervention score, in fact, when it perpetrator is selecting a target he's, so the target as much for who the target is as what the Opportunity around that target presents so he's looking for the low chance of bystander intervention if you're gonna grow, restore and I'm standing shoulder to shoulder to someone and traitor is right there and there's people walking by the opportune to carry out that assault is so limited because the chance of bystander intervention is so high savings. perpetrator, same exact potential target, put them on the path to take are from the grocery sort of the car and he's waiting in the car right next to hers. No one else is there a ten of aachen at night there's only two like our guy and you in the parking lot, that's a whole different opportunity, so he's more likely to act in that situation, and your right here, determination to take action in that moment is a function of his belief that the chance of
bystander. Intervention is very low and if that's the criteria for why he's choosing to attack in that moment, you're saying, is accurate in the sense that you don't have to beat him up use We have to delay his successful strategy, whatever he s, plan you have to delay that long enough tour. He concludes that the chance of bystander intervention is rising by the second for two this number one you're slowing down the progression of the assault by making base by going to the ground by tangley up his leg by tripping him in the process again beating him up, I'm just preventing his outcome for me capable and the number two you're drawing attention by yelling? At the same time, you don't you a bystander to come. You need that attacker to conclude That intervention is highly likely and if he concludes that he's out- and this is the best- device for women, is like you, dont have to beat the guy up use, We have to convey it's him in that moment that your more headache than what he expected he was the attack to be as fast and
why it. So? What does that mean? Let's go slowly and let's go ass. Loudly ass possible and a lot of attention, we teach our based on this understanding and just think of what a reduction in burden this place. is understood it right, in this case talking about women in sexual assault, but think about what reduction in burdens placed on someone when they, stand that victory in a fight isn't necessarily beating someone up. Victory is preventing effectiveness against you That's a big difference is a big change, unlike the marker, because people. Think of martial arts. Historically, what do they think? I am punch, kit annihilate chop. Progress, rip. His heart out of his chest is yeah you to and kill someone to win that fight. But what we learned through jujitsu is right. If you dont lose the fight, if you didn't die, if you don't get up, did and if someone larger and stronger than you, then you wine, if two people fighting nobody width who one that fight. I asked this question to group classes.
two people fight, nobody wins, who won the small a person. The person who is supposed to be annihilated prevailed in private putting the larger, stronger attacker from a cop seeing their objective and most girls, don't each this mindset. The mindset is: go, go, go, go, go swimming annihilates we'd get on top dominate even within jujitsu such that your create mentality around people, learning it for self herself before applying it in self defense, where, if they, don't win the fight they lost we're, not, I think people should. I would not have you survive and you dont lose. You won over. time. You develop skills so highly that you can tie someone in a pretzel with one arm and no big deal, and it would be a big guide. Is it just its the joke right after the level that were at but early on, think about what a reduction in burden. That is for a petitioner to know that the bar success in this martial arts is simply survival in the ways that you're talking about. I love that So that's it. That's the women, empowered We have the
the gracie survival tactics and and then the the bully proof out the bullet proof, that's a curriculum as well. Like that's a card type thing yeah, it's a card type thing, it's an online course. I say all the same, these all these beginner programs, it's the report or to jujitsu for people in our bricks and mortar school in torrents at all of our certified training centres, and arm and hundreds of thousands of people online learning, parent teaching child the greasy bulletproof online curriculum is very much teaching the parent how to interact with the child. The way that I was interacted with with my parents growing up, it was a game. We call these the greasy games, these means that kiss learned very early on and then what happens? Did you learn these gracie games start building playfulness about jujitsu once you have that relationship with it? Now we teach you really use the rules of engagement because it wants me teach techniques and not no wind in how to use them. Rule number one avoid the fight at all costs, remember too, if physically attacked defend yourself, rule number three
verbally attacked. Follow the three key steps. Talk, tell tackle rule number four, never patrick bali, establish control and negotiate rule number five when apply submissions, use, minimal force and negotiate they, to memorize internalize this, and once we see a child has that, then they go into junior combatants programme, which is also online. They do these taken. at home, their learning, more advanced adult type techniques, they're, just growing, and eventually, when the parent thinks the child is ready, they evolve into our greasy combated in our master cycle kind of advance, adult curriculum annex It could be twelve years old and learning adult curriculum with their parents from home now hold on a second. How do you know anything about getting bullet hole, road map, or is this an inherent in the greasy, also household? Yet so so people think that, because I'm a gracie that all yes family have legends fighters, you never got bullied and the wrong, they're, wrong and and- and the reality is the bali was in the house. He don't was the bully
an older brother that two years, older, probably brothy, soups or super freakonomics, listened and explained the keep it playful movement gave this came way later in his life. He was not playful when he was eleven, he was nuts, so He comes out of the wool twenty three months later, I came out. That's a big difference. That's a big advantage, a big head start in the race in a family of intense physical practice and jujitsu in fighting from day one. So he has essentially two more years of jujitsu at every phase of my life, so were growing up in this crazy family fighters, everywhere doing our thing and he's just beating me in a normal brother stuff and then we're getting older and it's happening. You know whatever kind of frequently there and everything's kind of okay. Just beats me up when he gets mad. He just pissed off, let it out on henter because holick next brother in the lineup was just too much younger. There was like abusive, but we're like. I was tall. What kind of you know what ever closer nature you just beat me up. There was a time when our uncles,
There is a very famous picture of all the uncles in front of a house on the grass and from small little garden, ass, the torrents red beam house, we're talking the machado how's that enzo hoist toiler my dad when they all came here for the famous chuck, norris seminar were shut recruited, my dad to bring some graces and they all went and they were all staying at our house on red beam. and they were all there and it was so cool to have all these legends right. Most people have idols. They admire the heroes. They were all my uncles. They were my grandfather. They were in my family, so the guys I admired most were all there and you guys he don't freaking got me in beat. So bad I don't know if it's because you know they were there- that he like felt this testosterone bump of like yeah bad ass. To like these, my uncles, I'm the men got the short end of the stick and he just ripped into and beat me up and sadly it. So what is this
you guys rehash it's how you guys are having like lunch. You guys raw hanging out and all of a sudden he just hits it does so. Here's the here's, the thing, here's the thing nor now will do. You were on nine eleven right so or like ten and twelve, so The problem is, is that I'm pretty sharp Intellectually, and virtually he don't is low sharp in both those categories, but more physical, very sharp and we let it can very strong and very good jujitsu relative to me at the time. And just older and stronger and have your bigger, but the point is the way these kind of went is there was, I was not innocent and every encounter. I wasn't just minor my business doing homework and get beat up right like I was a little sharp with the tongue and, I would say in their bimbo mobile removal, but at the end, the day. My final, my final play was always one of intellectual. You know making them feel stupid right and then his final play was. Are you gonna do that you're gonna get it
So I was an entirely innocent, but the point is it escalated and I got beat up so badly and they were all they are. So the shame was eleven times what it would have been, because all my idols were there and I was lying on the floor and he's beating me up and I'm just he laughed and I'm lying on the floor crying like in the feed opposition- and I remember thinking to myself. I have been very many times and he's done this other times for different reasons and to different degrees. But I will never forgive him for this one, it's one of the most profound feelings. I've ever had as a kid that I wanted to hold forever nine years old I will never forgive our forget a lot of things this one. I remember thinking on the floor crying there's no thing that will happen ever that will allow me to forgive him for this did it right now in front of my uncle's at the house on this fateful tuesday morning, red beam avenue in towards california- and
you know that was it and I called on to that end, I held onto the and I held onto their, and you know we thought of me other times. Nothing is remarkable as this one although there was one time when we were like thirteen and fifteen, we were playing on this trampoline before they had the nets right. The crazy trampolines back in the day didn't have the nets and we were fighting and he freaking. Let me have it on the trampoline thought it was cool like a: u f, c octagon, he beat me up on the trampoline and then he jumped softly trampoline to leave after I'm crying on the friggin trampoline lain there. So as getting off and you just let me have it relentless beating me up, because This can do that he's walking off I run from the trampoline. he's on the grass walking I run, I jump off the trampoline with both legs horizontal, an ice by him in the back between his shoulder blades, sending him flat on his face on the grass for face plan and shot joint whiplash. Let you wouldn't imagine falls on. space and I let him have with everything I had an
at the time he got up. I was in the kitchen hugging my mom's leg, mom and she turns around and goes he don't stop and she yells at him in the kitchen and he freezes in like you can see it in his face and it was one of those. But I, now is one where I came back with a vengeance and violence, and and then our parents divorced, and he they might, they said who do you want to live with, and I said I want is like a month later, you're late, I used to think right. They do and had only with my dad and all other for my siblings chose to live with my mom Simon my dad velma and asked how the end of a speedy each other up cause. There's not one hour ages neck all day, so still working together, teaching every night right, I'm due at the at the academy, we're doing our thing and then one day we're training. I'm seventeen nineteen downstairs old old academy, Carson street, the original see Bailey academy, and we're freakin doing our thing over there and
inspiring blah blah blah blah blah, and this is still when we think like we're going, there's got to be fighters. This is gracie family. We gotta go hard and we're training crazy, just him, and I in the room completely alone. I had never once submitted him in my whole life ever so our training, seventeen and nineteen and african goin hard and he freakin guard, I jump up a try post I go for an ombre. He jumps up. He I have an arm bar leaving one I mean for the triangle. I love the triangle, but have long legs and he's kind of thing like I am so he goes to pull out of the triangle. Hiding arm shrugging to sort that out of the centre area and it gets done and I grabbed his wrists like phaedr verdure and iron bar him in the triangle, and he quickly and I swear to god. I looked around Nobody was watching. There's no cameras right, I was like. Did anybody see that nobody and I was like no
and right away didn't no emotion on his face: shake hands memphis. He beat me ten more times right there in ten minutes on long island and then, but what was impossible was not possible everything changed. Haven't you roll the people that were unbeatable to you? In your mind, he thought there. We unbeatable and then you cracked, the code and we just once and you got holika and you wrote them differently on the other side of that momentary victory, where you go It might not be over time, but as possible and in the ratio started changing ten taps to one and then out of and I would get too and then I have ten out get three and now of ten, like nobody wins five times and of the five or somebody winds? He'll get me three and I'll get him too. You feel like we're closed, like I'm pretty good so and then what happens is I'm just waiting now there will come a day or two years advantage.
it comes to bat- is over, like fifty seven and fifty nine, I'm like, let's go and I'll get him so I got bullied in the household and when I got bullied at school too, he does defense. He did help and back me up when it happened, and he'd almost say, like. I tell the story all the time and he laughs and yeah now hunters tough, because of all that beating and this and that and the other. But I know a thing or two about having what you feel is you violated and portance, of setting boundaries standing up for yourself in it's a real thing for me and by the way the whole, not forgive him forever once freakin took the helm of the ship together when hoist laughed and we took over the family business and we were running it and would create a grace university and we rightly crickets and we're spending countless hours together document all of the duty to that we ve ever learn it clear that it was written him and I were taken us all the way you know. And he's been such a loyal and hard working and reliable pillar, and I feel like we were up again so much scrutiny and with a lot of these initiatives, online licensing doing these things
you know greasy combative spelt. Who are you guys to change the way things are like there's so much scrutiny from the outside that? I strongly believe that, even though these are all great moves- and I in many ways I was I was, I was kind of that that the brain behind the engineering of some of these, if not for heat, on standing right. Next to me saying how yet let's go, I got you this, I love Let's do this together. I don't know if my stand alone, poland, the wind would have been to withstand that level of public scrutiny to us. It was like Joe is knowledge. Is you re here with so knowing that all we built would only be made possible with both of us. I went now we're good like we're good. So did you did he ever say anything about? It, urges that the mutual understanding of what the tap out or the beating me the beating you up and be my came in. He never apologize, but he'll very make very clear that I am as tough as I am because a him today,
so he's actually he's actually taking credit for this classic. He does not very sentimental, so the point is, but it's all love and man. I just everything and more that I could have asked for a brother, and I just I feel I've so lucky and I feel like people who don't have what we have. You know it's it's it's just a different existence. It's it's now we have kids together so when we first shot gracie bulletproof, the dvds. Fifth, fourteen years ago, the first kids program that we put out, we borrowed other kids like five year old, a seven year old, a twelve year old, an eight year old, so weak literally last week and that's, why are we so now we have children. I have a four and a seven year old. He has his in eight and a ten year old. So literally when jack asked me to do the podcast with you guys or reached out to schedule last friday's what he proposed. I said jack. I can't we're filming we shot last week after fourteen years, gracie boy prove to point out with our own children, so the whole programme revamped and we did it together and the kids had the best time, and it was just a big bonding for us as fathers now of kids, if he has two dollars two signs.
and I wouldn't have any other way. Speaking up apples? I learned a principle from Jeff higgs who you apparently defeated her by choking, but Jeff exhausted, but one of the things he told me one time is like if you ever catch someone that you don't normally catch She you have to like next roll. You gotta be going one hundred and ten percent because they are going to free to go hey I'm on you and it sounds like that's what heroes do to you? Oh yeah, and there was nothing I could do about it like. It was straight up, and you know it just. I just found the kink and I just knew it was possible, and that was a big change in the psyche for it there, when I knew he was beatable, I was like dude that's great, I use it for seventeen years, but you guys started as adults, so your races are with other adults who are other, let it even in my make up, this would ever happen. So it was break breakthrough and dumb, that's hard to imagine, can honestly that's us, I think that's when I forgave him honestly I think I forgave him for the beating when I became I'm here. I'm tough
bad ass to like you and he started, batman. He never beat me up, there's no more at seventeen eighteen, eighty we're already older and we had so much other things to worry about as a united front to run this bill, and take it to the world that I think that with the tell me honestly ruin all we cow he's he's human like me, and it's all good We mentioned gracie survival tactics and, I think, is important. While the law enforcement listen to this, contrast, and this is a huge topic and in the current environment, that in right now the greasy survival tactics come from, whereas it right now, honestly it traces back to rodney king incident, early nineties, when you know that happen, Lapd right afterwards contacted the family and said hey. We need help kind of revamping our defensive tactics programmes. They created a civilian expert panel of civilians
to come together of different disciplines, my father being one of them, and to suggest that different ideas. And what can we do and, of course you know law. Forcemeat use of forest became under high scrutiny, not just for a but nationwide, and at that point there became this demand for Hey. How can we control people in less violent ways and with greater degree of effectiveness so's, you sure to happen to be a kind of on its rise right than you have see wine like ninety three. Ninety four, ninety five and his hair was unknown thing. So It got us into some rooms in my face, started? It was called grapple initially gracie, resisting attack procedures for law enforcement and the police office started going forward and little by little, I was Up around the arrow teaching a lot of classes, assisting a lotta classes, and then one day my father and I were set to schedule or reschedule to teach a course in their early two, thousands sky that is, of course, in texas, Arlington, Texas, near dallas, and he couldn't make. It was had a situation with health situation with his family,
and he said henry you're gonna go teachers and I was like nineteen years old he's like. How are you gonna go run this yet nineteen it doesn't it he said you gonna, go run this gs, t disgracing survival tactics course had since changed the name and I'm like Sweden. It's I'm gonna, go to a room full of law enforcement trainers in texas. They expect whore. we on gracie the creator of the: u s c, to show up and some It's gonna show up teenager to run a class of grown. Men have been: teaching in law enforcement for decades, some of them was sixty fifty sixty guys in the room and unlike unlike this, is the worst thing imaginable. well. So I show up in texas. The host is charlie Fernandez, great guy and still works with us to this day, and I say, charlie, you know my dad's not coming he's like. Oh, I said yeah, you know he had to stay home, so I'm running it. He goes alright, Henry, let's give it a shot, let's get out there and see what they say. So I show up in front of everybody. I say guys. I know you're all expect.
My father here he's not coming hitherto health condition for his family. He had to stay so here's what I promise you. This will be the more productive and rewarding training course. You ve ever taken of any kind in your entire law enforcement career and, if not you just tell me on the last day and I'll give you your money back doesn't have to be second day. Let's have some brought about by the first day. I learn everyone's first name in the room by literally the first six hours, so that was connected with everybody felt full force, go, go, go, go, go amazing techniques, amazing, weak. The whole thing taught the class everyday connecting more with them. They accepting me. They love the teacher. I knew what I was doing right and these these are all white belts for There are other adults, but their white belt and I'm a black blackboard at the time. So life is good, so I teach Look that's on the last day,
like them all up and spot with all of them. I think it was fifty eyes. I spark every single one of them. Everybody taps and was like thirty seconds fourteen seconds twenty seven seconds, one minute right back to back to back to back to back, there's a good, look up tat. All these guys and then after I do that, and then I say guys thanks for coming. You know: here's your certificates, doesn't we want their money back now graham their money back, and that was the last G8 t course. My father ever tied so far, at nineteen years old, I'm taking over this program that is kind of the the teaching you should to law enforcement and it just just wrapped up, I'm travelling every month, typically every single month a week a month to go, teach a course to some state in the union. Here in teaching techniques and certified trainers or for those who don't know, we train the trainers The agency has a defensive tactics instructor or to or five or twenty, depending on the size. and we go certified he's instructors and about forty hours. They learn these. Or techniques. Twenty three technic
level wonders at level two course that teaches additional seventeen techniques. Forty techniques, altogether So I'm teaching these courses certified these trainers, but what the world doesn't know what america doesn't know is that once a train or get certify by someone like us. They go back to their agency in they train their colleagues, the amount of training permitted in police, agencies across the country is disastrously Barry singly low in most agencies, if you had average the whole country, I would guess from anecdotally. I would guess it's about two hours a year that the average police, so the end user, not these trainers that we're working with, but their colleagues, its two hours a year of training that they're getting in these hands on skill sets and that's laughable.
It's not it's barely even laughable. Some states have as cyril annual training requirement. California requirement, for example, is four hours every two years, harmful. So what the propeller this creates in law enforcement. Is that when a A use of force incident occurs. and you have an officer that engages with a subject, goes hands on and quickly escalates their level of force to what is often perceived as excessive force general public is very quick to me. The determination that that was abusive escalate, and a deliberate escalation of force based on their path. Or advantage at this officer has. but what I caution, every one to two of no one and consider is that In many of these cases, the officers- escalating their level of force, not in all of them right. There are some bad apples are officers. You shouldn't be police officers who do abuse the force in the power that they have
But in many cases the officers are escalating because there having in a migdol hijack right there, their lives. In control their prefrontal cortex and there operating in their lizard brain fight, flight freeze and their panicking and when they panic, because they only got zero one or two hours a year of skill set designed to mitigate This type of physical encounter they panic in that situation, they're gonna escalate very rapidly to the levels of force that they train more regularly right. So many agencies have their officers qualify with their pistol every month or every quarter right to hit the target to make sure there on point four liable he purposes. They want to make sure that those officers adult in their so Actually, when push comes to shove, what are you gonna resort to your taser directly, your baton, your pepper spray, your fire, I'm gonna resort to those tools that your training more regularly so issues so sad that, right in these cases where these officers are escalating this there, therefore so rapidly and the poor
work is now scrutinising them so heavily because every incident is being recorded on seventeen cameras. to be clear officers have always been this poorly trained right. It wasn't better seventeen years ago, worse, we just didn't see it too. Five years ago. It was worse. We just didn't see it so now that we This wave of new ability from the general public and visibility for the general public there is what the general public perceives as an appropriate level of force based on the threat the officer is presented with and and and people are saying that cops should not be using force and peoples that make that suspects and criminals do not need to be handled times aggressively and sometimes the high levels of force, no insane that, but there is
When you see an incident take place and you have a teenage girl who's fourteen years old, who's prone doubt outside of a mall that she was accused of shoplifting, and you have a cop on her back punching her in the side of the head, because she wouldn't pull her arms out and put it behind her back, and this cop is two hundred and forty pounds and the woman at the girls hundred and ten pounds and he's punchy, her or an elderly person in a similar situation, when people see this, what are they feel? They feel that the cop is right, deliberate and excessive and abusive with their power, and in some cases they are. But I would go so far to say that in many of the cases, these officers who sk late. This level of forests are doing so because they dont have lower less it's less aggressive means of accomplishing the desired outcome, because they're panicking and all of us as well right, we train, so that we don't panic, but all of us are
in areas where we are not experts- and we are not investing in those skills- were all equally prone to panic in some other environment. If you asked me to cook thanksgiving dinner for twenty people, I'm going to start sweating bullets because I don't have the training in that capacity, but to know that we're standing officers into these physical encounters, but yet again Two hours a year is the biggest lie in law enforcement- that these are there are sufficiently trained and it's a tough we'll disservice to the officers, because now there is there not equipped to gather into it safely for them in their families. For the age he's at an incredible liability and for this civilians villains. Do now getting arrested by an officer who, in literally all you have to do, is rip away from a grip and you just flipped that officer switch because their panicking and now they're gonna do everything necessary within the law too Neutralizes subdue you and It's all came to a head in marietta georgia. A couple years ago, when there was an incident at an eye, hop were an officer.
Number of officers were trying to arrest the guy. Who was unhappy with the breakfast experience. There I came to shop and the dog piled the guy in the rye and they're ripping away, and they let him have it right. The typical dog pile but excessive force in the pile punching him from every angle. even though he was resisting arrest right like it was justifiable that they had to go hands on they had to take him down it. Did it look so there within inciting incident on the way of marietta police department in georgia- and this an agency that we had been. We had been interacting with from achaeus t gracie survival tactics, train the train or perspective for eleven or twelve years, so their trainers were trained by us, but it fell apart when they go back They teach their officers an hour of a year or two hours a year. So it's one thing to say: the trainers had been trained at another. Have the officers be prepared in this capacity? So this inciting incident happens in marietta georgia, the command initial. Knee jerk reaction was what what the heck is with these officers? Why did they do this? Why do they do that? So they want to get upset at the guy, but the problem is they
look in the mirror and they said wait a minute. The guy got two hours of in service last year eighteen months ago, was his last in service block. Whatever twelve months ago. how can we hold them accountable for what the training that they never received? Let's be honest, so at that point this there, let's pilot something because I have been advocating for as long as I've been running this program, I had been advocated. Look it's a joke. We're all here. Doing this and I'll sit in a room with one hundred officers who are trainers and I'll, say guys. This is all a joke right. We all know that you guys are going to get certified, go back and it's all going to fall apart, because you're only going to be given two hours, because your chief is too scared to and always excuses? What we don't have the money? We don't have the money to train these officers two hours a week. We don't the band workers comp were scared of injuries of the officers on training, so we don't want to put them in any physical encounters. realizing that if they don't train when they get in the use of force in the field there more likely to injure themselves. So it's it's one of these, so
I have always heard the reasons why command staff will not approve regular weekly training. My recommendation is the minimum one hour per officer per week in america everywhere and that's like bear these gaps, the surface twice two hours a week is what it actually should be. Let's be honest, you lift twice a week. You'd lose you everything you do. If you do a thing, you better, do it twice a week or you don't do that thing right, that's just a non! You don't if you don't serve twice a week. You're, not a surfer use, know how to surf but you're, not a surfer. If you don't do its twice it. We cannot do and you did too so anyways. I have always said this, but I have always get roadblock click hunter. They will never proved whenever proof, salt, marietta who'd, been known as four eleven twelve years decided can a pilot programme where we're going new police, recruits and working. allowed them to try at a local civilian owned, bursley injured you to school, carefully vetted brazil, india, the school where they can do regular classes. Couple nights a week after police academy training throughout the day amity this. Goes. They put these recruits through that the record that came off. The line were very clear. Them
was confident the most mentally prepared and well adjusted right to do what altercations then class. Did it ever come off the line they go out in the field and within weeks and months they're using the tea techniques that they had learned in jujitsu, simple: queen take downs, arrests and senior senior officer to look inside your word. You learned, and there like help at that practice. Last week like this is this is what we do. This is what you do too superficial so it was so successful with the recruits. This can a pilot study that they say, let's openness to the entire agency, less that every officer who wants to train jujitsu on the departments dime, and they did it now the five out of a hundred forty five officers opted in to destroy in program at this digital school marietta under the command staff there and Data that came back eighteen months later is the data. That I've been waiting for for twenty five years Since we ve been teaching law enforcement. Is the data that ever police chief in america needed to here too,
neutralize there very much close mindedness tunisia to so ninety five out of one forty five eighteen months pass the injuries off sir injuries in the eighteen months, following the commencement of J J as a regular, supplemented practice. Every week, eighteen months, the workers, comp injuries for officers, in use of force. Encounters in the field went down by forty percent agency wide, so you have historical workers, com data, forty eight a reduction in the following eighteen months, number one number: two oh by the way of the ninety five officers who opted in and the other. fifty officers who did not. one hundred percent of the workers cup claims came from. The non jujitsu training officers so the ninety five officers who opted in that eighteen month window no workers complained: zero were attributed to their injuries there weren't any to report. So does that tell you all you gotta do is get the other fifty officers on board like any
I no punches to make that happen because that's how much safer it is. Fifty three percent reduction, in injuries to civilians in use. Force encounters when the officer was one of the major population. The untrue officers were more twice ass, likely to hospitalized us. billion in the use of force encountered? This is common. to us, but there was never data to substantiate it to the chiefs of amerika, who need numbers to make actions right. Fifteen percent reduction in use of force, encounters at all. They studied a shift of officers, were it went from officers who knew no jujitsu and they can with these switched out that shift with officers who practice used to the entire shift and the use of force incidents overall went down by fifty nine percent, so anecdotally their say, wait a minute so you're say not only. Are they less injurious to themselves into some civilians there less? We too have a use of force, encounter they know, jujitsu, of course. For all the reasons we already explained you
de escalate verbally and you can set boundaries when you're capable of enforcing them, they're like candy, I believe this data. Now it's only a hundred forty five officer, so we'll call it a relatively small I've seen six sir agencies and twelve officer agencies. But this is a relatively small agency sixty six thousand dollars in change saved in workers com claims that never happened. This is one of my favorite numbers, because this was the number that I can now go back to every police, if whoever ever set Henry too expensive, because the costs- the training during the same period, was twenty six thousand dollars Two thousand six hundred classes at ten dollars a class for this can the relationship twenty six Six thousand dollars they had taken two thousand color classes. One report, The training injury was a crack knows when one of the guys was rolling. Zero workers complains attributed to the training at this agency and the in the civilian sector, in the civilian training and
in there with civilians in the regular classes, bonding with civilians, building that community relationship, so all kinds of unintended- and we don't know what law suits were avoided as a result of this training being in place. So what additional savings? This is only the measurable savings. So now, twenty six thousand dollars. Take it off. Of the sixty six k that you saved from fewer injuries to officers because they're not clumsy in their use of force and look at a net. Savings are net profit of forty thousand dollars for the agency. End of all this in more than paid for itself, so This is the type of relationship police department. civilian. Own jujitsu academy were officers need to be sent to train with civilians on a regular basis funded by the agency. This too is the future of law enforcement in america. Every single, I think, between ten and fifteen years from now
the agency is not engage in a privatized partnership like this. Is it We're talking archaic. It's like yahoo, you guys are still in the two four six hours a week what's wrong with our for six hours a year, crazy, like so and was wild as we just sign contracts in southern california. Manhattan beach. Police department is the neighboring city of torrents and elsie. Under police farming to neighbouring cities may for they both started on this exact same deal, all of their officers permitted to train a grace university, our headquarters paid for by the agency every. officer shows up their wearing a either in classes with everyone else and within a thing is may june July, so we're just two or three months in over thirty three percent of agency offices are already opted in. This short, this chief, is blown away, cannot believe it and as a kind of the people that are opting in because of the safety because of the structure because of the curriculum design, they feel safe, they're having a fun time learning they'll get video access, so these
officers are engaging in that, but wild is the chief didn't want to do in the beginning. The chief said her. This is goes every against everything I feel to outsource this type of training because historically in law enforcement. It's a very like closed off no everything's behind closed doors, how we train what we do, what we know who we let each us and who we let influence us for closed society and he said Henry I would rather have this in the initial negotiations. Why don't you send me an instructor and do the training in my agency? He asked send me your best guy. It's only down the street. Let them train my officers at our police department. I said listen to me right now, if we send you one of our officers best outside one of our best instructors. We have many a dozen good instructors if we send them every week, twice a week to teach your guys and gauss here's. What? happen. as the room is full of police officers who know each other and their trade an environment familiar to them and their treaty with people. familiar to them There's gonna be this cop culture that in fact,
and permeates the mat and it will prevent the progress that is the time of progress that we want for these officers for the officers that need it. Most is not it'd be possible. They will infect their own environment, cop culture, the profanity on the mat, the disrespect one guy is a wrestler in high school you're, going to walk in and say, hey show you try that on me, it's not going to work and there's going to be the attitude the whole program's going to fall apart. So let me just say this right now: please try this in this civilian partnership can a form gimme six it is not the best thing you ve ever done for the agency. I will send you one of my instructors six months from now and will do it from that point on it. Works. We keep going, he said deal were three months in three months in endless last saturday, two saturdays ago, chief, neighbor mutants the elsie under police department, came to torrents at the academy on a saturday morning. and he authorized the pinning. Of a gracie triangle pin
bronze, gracie triangle, pin on the right. pocket uniform duty, uniform officer sergeant, Alex Levitt, the fur officer of EL segundo tusk to complete one hundred classes in this partnership bronze It is a hundred classes silk. Japan is two hundred classes. Gold, pennies three hundred classes agreed. There should be some extrinsic motivator the same way they have marksmanship pins or your sergeant or your swat pin. ignite. The thing that you want people to care about, and they will care about it more so The pin got awarded to officer Levitt two saturday's ago and he said this is the best thing we ve done. It couldn't be more excited about. The partnership is excited for more Mr Lovett, working on his silver pin. Now it's a little crazy triangle, nothing on it. Just a triangle and its the period he got this approved by city. The whole thing this chief everything's official said I have also going lobsters wearing a gracie pin driving around, and I call
gracie de escalation pin and they're so proud of it. So this the future of law enforcement any age? This not doing this to me there There there there pretending right there play they might be saying, okay, we're doing our two hours a year, we're doing jujitsu and touching it, but until You enter this type of partnership with the civilian on school you're, never gonna get the officers, the culture and the training environment that they need to get still sharp so that Officer Levin encounters is just another day of class only way, so we be happy with it, and I look forward to more these partnerships and more agencies all over the country, yeah. This is so badly needed. The country I've been begging for this for years now, especially like after though the george floyd incidents and all these things that happened. Man We need jujitsu hundred percent. There's a. I also want to say this
You know I started off, read my little extra private scribes due to his magic right out your magic, and I truly believe it's magic, but guess what You have to learn it. You have to train it all the time. It's not magic that you can learn one time and now you've got a magic trick. Now you can use it it's going to work like you actually have to practice this magic. In order for it to work, you can't just two hours. You can't just take four hours. You can't just take six hours, you the train on a regular basis. You know you put it out, there is as two hours week I've been saying that police officers should train twenty per se. of their time- and that's me, just pure jujitsu. That's de escalation. That's weapons that legal procedures. You should retraining twenty percent in the seal teens. We would train for ten months going to six month, appointment, please Authors trained to four hours a year when you say defensive tactics by the way that a time that includes like their weapons, handling their coughing people when you're learning not a copy of us, not easy that this its of theirs.
techniques to learn because people into coughing people properly when they say four hours includes coughing. It includes weapons retention, it includes all kinds of stuff. Then you get this thing where people ask me, because you were used to combat and on the whole, we of course people prized by that the prize, but I could know all I've got a gun. I've got a primary gun. I've got a secondary gun. I've got a bunch of friends with guns. I've got knives. Why would I have to use jujitsu? Well it's because when you enter into a building in Iraq, There's civilians in that building. There's people unarmed- you kid is going to shoot everybody. So you deal with these civilians. How do you do with civilians? While you ask me to get down? Sometimes I don't get down. Sometimes they resist sometimes are scarce, a motor frozen. You to be able to put hands on people and get control them in a way that doesn't hurt them. That Would you Jitsu does? there's a scary thing going on when it comes to trying to subdue somebody with strikes, we we were taught a
ethnic called a muzzle strike. The muzzle strike. You, basically you have your weapon, a! U you hit them in the face with the muzzle of your weapon, which is a very sharp point. Its putting a lot of intense pressure into a very small area and when we were taught this and look. I was already you I d already understood all the stuff, their teaching like hey. When you do this to someone there going down and I knew that that was not true, because points a lot of people and of here, other people and of his people with blunt instruments before and you don't always get a knockout. In fact you rarely get a knockout. You very rarely get a knockout. So if your method of subduing someone is to hit them in the face with the muzzle of your weapon or to hit them in the face with a baton or to punch them in the face or strike them in the face- and you think that's how you gonna get control of it.
it doesn't work and what was really horrible, but those muzzle strikes is when that muzzle would hit. Somebody would cause this acute, wretched, really heinous acute damage, so they get big massive cuts, they're bleeding all over the place, they're scarred for life by the way It didn't knock em out now there actually pissed and scared another fighting back even harder. So what is the practitioner do muzzle likes them again soon. Muzzle striking some one, five six seven times all their duties bleed money all over the place. Now you still have to tackle them and trying to control me, you don't know you do too. So it's just a disaster jujitsu You don't need any that you can. Control of people without striking them because striking is totally unreliable now, where you at or what are you hearing about chokes because there has been a lot of of department. that is completely banned. Jokes behind and part of this accurately, the vast majority of reason for this is because you untrained people that
trained for two hours. They were taught to choke neither panic, because they really dont have the skill set, but they remember how to put that choke on and they put it on this greece, their heart as they can, the brig somebody's high would bone in it and and they die that terrible right, If you, if you know jujitsu, you know exactly what's happening when you're token someone you feel them you feel them submit. You feel them say: I'm gonna lose this fight or you feel them pass out and buy them. I've been choked out. I dont know how many times this is a normal think you get choked. The most beautiful thing about getting choked out as you up and everything's fine. You can do it absolutely you're normal you're, a hundred percent normal you're, a little more humble, but you're. Everything is the same. You get you could hidden ahead with a baton. Seven times before you finally get knocked out. You have caution for sure. Obviously you have whatever kind of brain contusion. You have all kinds of risk of getting killed. By that you hit someone wrong in the temple it you can kill somebody variously doing that
If you kill someone with a choke, you really, You really made a huge mistake and you don't understand, what's happening. or you intentionally did it. It takes a long time to kill someone with the choke. You can't kill someone choke in five seconds. They go to sleep in five seconds. They go to sleep and seven seconds to kill them. You have to purposely hope them aggressively for a couple minutes. That's all to do so. What are you here in right now, there's? Obviously, a lot of resistance against strokes will be right now on the front. Yet from so I was very active in the defence of vascular, neck restraints. Right choke is a bad word. Him law enforcement, but we're all talking about the same thing right. Restricting the blood flowed to and from the brain loss of consciousness is met. You let him go. You come up best thing imaginable. The moon, it's valuable tool imaginable for law enforcement. Please don't take it away because you can take I go away in a fight, but I can still get your neck and I can
still save your life and my life. If you allow me, this proven effect in very safe technique, so, but that broken from a room of jujitsu practitioners right and it's all We did that always the message from people who train regularly to invest in their skills and know this technique intimately. The problem is we're talking about population of you know how remaining in a hundred I was in tens of thousands of authors in the country right, hundreds of thousands, millions who are getting that hour or two a year and if one of those hours is here's, how you talk some one and all their members is wrap. It can pull as hard as you can win. Does it what happened. What are the effects? What does the result with the after care procedure if they dont have those things out in it is more a lie ability? Then it asset so for the this time I was of the opinion that, because I was king from this silo of jujitsu expertise, and you know how many times that many choke, so we see on a regular basis and how safely are they use
because we live in that world and we see the millions of chokes on a daily basis that are completely no long term adverse effects and are safely d. in an emerald emerald and released when their effective, it's a whole different person, did you know, so I just seen the amount of chokes that were used incorrectly and adjust generally listen. What I've limit enforcement? Is you know they can't change too quickly, right, that's kind! One, I've learned the hard way is like twenty five years ago I was like AL. We gotta be training twice. We know nobody listened in, I'm saying so. Instead of saying screw it. I dont. Have you two guys anymore? I'm not gonna go teach law enforcement in what we kept doing it and then marietta couple years ago. Has this thing Finally do the model that we ve been touting for, however long in terms of regular weekly practice. This glowing success in now influences others. So the point is you: gotta have to move at the speed of law enforcement, which is a massive institution and its very gradual so my point is I
I used to advocate much more strongly than I do now and now I fall into the lineup, for example, chokes for offensive application decent, vastly neck restraints are not part of Jesus teeny? More because what I Not one is the chief to come say up just either he's fast. You in restraints, as an offence of talk, can do it in fact in california I was on a on assume call with the california post police. You piece officer, standards of training commission about actually this. They said now that we're taking up vascular, neck restraints by law. You cannot teach him as an offensive to California. What can we do instead of that, and we were there talking about like over under, like seatbelt grip in there is, like seven hey guys and on the call. I was like this: you guys we're thought and I'm a civilian areas is a cop and I was invited by lapd who we have a good relationship with, and I said you know, commission I said where you're talkin about in over under instead and take this technical
Why is nobody talking about the real problem here, which is the fact that post this california commission mandates only for our every two years, who are we fooling by pretending like that is the acceptable training minimum for an officer in california to go hands on with a civilian and weeks, back them not to escalate or level of force unreasonably. a moment of panic can we shift the conversation away from replacing the choke with an over under and shifted to, and the guy said, Is it hunter? Thank you for being here and call today. He said if you want to about. That is a much bigger question and we should talk offline and then both we stepped on line, and we spoke privately and he said, look in her life. the gradual, think slow moving ship and basically we were not post certified at that time, which means gracie. Our programme was not endorsed by the state and basic His without so much without so many words, he said Henry listen. If you want to make a difference,
post certified for your current programme and then once you're in you can make the change from within, and I spoke. I talk about this in the book, and I did just that and I california, post certified for gracie survival tactics. Soon after we got god, east state certified but forty one other states in just been amazing, because once your state certified based on the state commission, You officers can come to your course without any problem. It's like Hell. If you go ask your If say I want to go to the gracie course. There are first question: is it post certified? If the answer is yes, go get, it have fun if it's not certified which we weren't for twenty plus years. All, but we don't have the budget this net, but if its post certified check, so many boxes and estates reflect real requirements so too, so the question chokes neck restraints. I strongly support them, but term I've, I've kind of that sword down- and I said man is not worth it worth- the fight of coal country moving one way and public opinion is well by the way public opinion supports a lot of the changes that are be made. You don't get the pub
screaming out, say no, Let all officers use neck restraints because jujitsu is safe and we need them to strangle us. Instead of punching us in the head are beating us with a baton, they're not saying that because they aren't educated, so you have an n educated civilian population, you have an uneducated law enforcement population about the safety ineffectiveness these moves, and then you the little you to community in law enforcement or guys like us who are kind of on the edge that community This is an amazing. Take me, please keep it. It's like if came and went, and it's not even talk about anymore, it's not time any of our programmes as an offensive tool, but we duties too defensive to it. So since their doing it but they're doing, in the bright under the Will they have to learn to defend themselves? We have people, people nodded. I we re mme ones, watching I and we ve, seen choked I've, seen officers get choked in naked and the officers. Don't what to do so, we teach the defence and in that sense its part of the discussion, but in a very much the other side of it there I have a question or quicker. It is that for all chill like all what you call it. That actually remember. Stranger is
for all of them like a like a head and arm choke, for example? Anything? Yes, now it's the case, where anything that prevents blood flow to and from the brain is, can vascular, neck restraint. That's the intent of the move like an arm triangle triangle triangle, adores aping, if its, if its intent is to stop blood, and make them go unconscious, you're, not seeing it taught in law enforcement now there few states in the middle of nowhere like out there, that they still have shown at what they call it. An intermediate level of force words able to be used before firearms, not consider deadly force. I've worked with some departments where its lethal force, nigger elergant, joke asleep afforded in that's caught up in that's the thing is it. the force and like I would be ok with that. I would be ok with the tubing permitted to be taught so that, if a fight in the suspect has a knife or takes my gun that I can. Up his neck, put him to sleep. Pant government, wake him up and save his life and save my life in the process, but there's some agencies now in many states where they say no, you can't even teach it so you can do
If the guy has a takes your gun and is running towards someone else, you could run them over with your car before you could neck restraint him like it's crazy. How restrictive it is! You understand like it's. It's nuts well there's a huge uphill battle to re, we educate the world on the the safety. of neck restraint and what's happened in the last few years- has done nothing to her that, because there's been people that have died in terrible situations and it's like oh yeah, there's, no one, that's standing up and saying: no, that's that that looked great, was a super move, but if you to come and arrest me refer wrestling. Please just told me so fiercely choke me. So here's the thing we don't hear about you guys, We don't hear about the unremarkable uses a force right. We hear about these crazy. This guy killed this guy. What about all neck restraint, which there are countless inland ports where they were successfully used to not just
the person stayed alive, but it saved lives to save my life saved the suspect's life, because we use that to Arlington has a great example. They enter a house they're clearing rifles out swat team, the guy jumps on his bed, the suspect reach. crawling towards his headboard to reach in and get a hold of something. This, the swat officer. Rose, he slings, his rifle? He jumps on the bed from turtle position sinks in the vascular, neck restraint, rear naked squeezes puts the guy to sleep, wake them up in cuffs. There was a gun in the headboard equation over there, and he said both of their lives as a result of not shooting them. So we will hear, but that didn't make major news that disguise life was saved by a neck restraint. So Yes, in terms of re education. Wind might this happen,
indeed, if ten years from now, when every agency has every officer training, two plus hours a week and their learning these in the civilian sector and their learning them safely and how to deploy them in their capable someone in law enforcement, gonna bring back the discussion to say, look lives are being lost because we're not having this tool. Can we please get it back at an intermediate or even a lethal force level, but let us learn it and let us have our own judgment as to when we use these techniques there. If you learn them correctly, you'll know: what's gone and you'll be calm and you will be freaking out because your training all the time and that's what we're doing also this secondary effects of this. Like you take a normal cop who draw kind of stress his family? freaked out, like things are going on and you sentiment jitchu class three times a week. His whole life got better. Here came up. He's gonna become a better, more relaxed, more confident, more competent human being across the board. This is have so much impact in in any way that picks this up and start move in this direction. You know what this taught my fear
of twenty percent for training. That means you know you. You work for your five days a week. that means one of those whole days where those who eat our days is training who and because we cannot afford that cause. You know we we we can for. We need people on the streets. Who would you rather have on the streets who'd you rather have on the streets three cops during the shift that now get trained or cops that are highly trained, haivy proficient highly competent, who do you there's something bad happening in your house, and you're gonna have ten officer respond that haven't trained in three in nine months or Eight officers that have been training twenty percent It's no brainer, it's not even a question. Everybody knows the answer to that, so there needs to be a mind shift that is just about quantum getting people out at a street. It's how well they trained and training has to be happening all the time it has to be sustained and am happy to see
what you're doing and listen, it's just a numbers game. Now you guys every single agency white three have marietta, we have also got to. We have manhattan beach, we have. Other agencies are on the country that are engaged in these parties and all of them marietta was, first in the first that I know of this type, a prominent data, but all of them are producing data. So now truly, what's gonna happen is you're going to be eventually, you're gonna be achieved. That looks at this in its like a deliberate endeavour, That's right, you're gonna be you're to be guilty of not taking action. When you could have taken action to provide says, ample training to your officers and this idea of two hours a week to me as the biggest lie in law enforcement is that cops are amply trained to handle. Hands on encounters effectively and because the lies, so why Bread and the general public thinks that offers retraining training. I think, if you were to ask server the general public right, this is and that very general public and say how much time would you say in a police officer gets per year with their guide they're going to say I ten twenty hours a month
training, would they get on hands on arresting control tactic, same thing, ten twenty hours in a month. The problem, because, when the public expectation is that their amply train in that field or that activity or that debt that route, that skill set But then the reality is so far from what they better to be. Do you see how you set up the public for such a massive disappointment when the officers performance does it match their expectation of what a? Because, when you look at a police officer, what do you see? Nice boots nice, uniform, shiny stuff, nice car nice guns thing is in high quality stuff, so its natural to think they must have money to spend on the things that matter boots uniforms cars, try and learn how to use hands on skills. So you don't have to worry about your taser too soon or your fire, I'm too soon. That's that it's a reasonable expectation from the public What we see is that not the case so the disappointment factor when an officer does escalator level of force, whether it's right through
abuse of the force or whether it through a magdala hijacked, a panic that ensues when you simply aren't prepared to handle a situation that disappears, The gap is so massive, and that is why the relationship with between civilians and law enforcement right now is at an all time low in the history of the world in amerika. For sure never has there been so much distrust and and just lack of faith and belief in what law enforcement is capable of, and a lot of these are rooted in these violent videos. When we look at it- and we go man good at cop- could handle that better, every I need to go, watch those videos and goes you gotta, be kidding me at some point No, it's gonna change at some point c civilian, whose family member was killed, shot whatever run over he's gonna sue there. Please department, because their police officers, were trained, they go and and once that happens- and I would if I was on a jury- I'd give that all day long legs, you know you're you're mother father brothers, on whatever you drunk she
lifting mouthing off all of a sudden get shot and killed somebody's going to go hey. Why did you the kid wrestled in highschool? Of course you pushed him. He did a double take. What do you think he's going to do like there can be a lawsuit like that and that that please should lose that lawsuit because if I was in charge- and I and police officers going out that were supposed to be responsible for being able to handle these scenarios? And I didn't train them. I didn't roleplay them. I didn't put them in scenarios where they're using simulation and figuring out when they can actually pull their weapon out or when they shouldn't all those things the people, are going to somewhat some one at some point is going to sue these police departments for not training their personnel properly and there's gonna be a seismic shift and what's going on at least theirs, I agree and the more this data exist with more agencies, the more the stronger the case you write, the plains we have in that- in that situation. I agree. One hundred percent it'll come to a head, though you know, but luckily there's progress,
little by little the ages and what's crazy, this one last thing on law enforcement and we can move on. Is that there's this general belief? lack of awareness, I would say in the general civilian community regarding Law enforcement is, as an institution, people believe that law enforcement is like a federal thing like there's like police in america and in and unlike the military right or like the f b, I, like a federal agency. A lot of people have no idea Every single agency is its own, independent entity every single one. So that means torrents men, in elsa condo hawthorne telephone within five miles of where we are their seven different agencies. All of them have their own chief that decide what their own after you're going to do so literally there what is eighteen out of know how many eighteen twenty thousand agencies in america. Every single one of them has to make the decision to step in this
correction- and I think it's important- the general public know that because then they realise that when one officer in the middle of nowhere in iowa does something wrong and excessively you know, uses force excessively in the use of force encounter one that goes viral on some video that we'd villain ice all of law enforcement- is a police in general are bad. I think it so important that so lions. No ok, we'll know that agency is not providing ample training to their officers, but marietta's doing a great job since their incident. I hop went viral and they ve tighten them up now. They have no remarkable incident because everything gets put out quickly. There pudding, fire with water like to do a good job. So it's a disservice to law enforcement, to the communities to the civilians nationwide to think of enforcement. As this one big thing- and we if we have seen that right in the wake of deal viral incidents that have you know in terms of that really rattled the country, this general nation of law enforcement, I only its fair is not true. It's not the fact. The fact is, because put the agency performed poorly and has zero hours of insolvency year. Does it mean in ages
doing two hours a week for every officer isn't doing an amazing job and there agencies in America today that are We amazing work and they should not be bundled in with the rest of these agencies who are stuck in nineteen eighty and who still don't even do any jujitsu, even in that two or four hour block they're not doing jujitsu, but then you've got other agencies, many of which I can think of Bellevue washington at the top of the list. These agencies in southern california, so there's all these agencies, where it's like very progressive lots of jujitsu lots of great training, and I just it's sad I think that, because they're wearing a blue uniform, the general public sees them in many cases, as the same as wherever middle of nowhere officer who uses excessive force, and I think, that's wrong, and I think that the public should be aware that not all the same and the chiefs and least she's out their need to know that it's up to them to our about their own identity as a police department and
to hold themselves accountable if they dont want to be bundle in with the rest of american law enforcement, which is so highly criticised by the general public. Today, more than ever well glad you're doing it. before we get into the book cause in the book, you refer to some of your business practices, one of them obviously being gracie university. You also have a couple of other companies that you talk about in the book. The first one is quick, flip quick, flip hoodies, which get a breakdown man, freakin outstanding idea, and and when I saw that thing I was like dang, that's a good idea. Did you did I tell you about this? You did many times I did. I was like yo. Let's dig it out of a good idea, it's a hood. it turned into like one of these string backpacks. I was gonna back last year, jostling back this rostrum. Backpacks you made this hoodie. How do I mean I? I takes twenty Second, to tell the story of how you thought of it, because it so obvious. If you especially aspire
if you live in southern california, california, in southern california when you leave you bring, you bring a hoodie with you, because, as soon as the saying goes down, it gets cold, it gets cold. Let me say it gets cooler cools off. You cools off cause. We were in a semi, arid desert, what's known as a semi desert. So as soon as the sun goes down, it goes from eighty degrees to fifty four: greece or seventy greece, too. so totally comparable in future. Some goes down twenty minutes later. You're. Chile break out a hoodie. That's what everybody does that's what I do they do. It what am I lived in California? You, you'd out that everyone has to do that and they don't have a cool way of carrying the hoodie. So you came up with this idea. Yeah it's in the book. It saw the river principle and in jujitsu the river principle. What you guys know. Well, it's a concept that right when enough the comprehensive self right when you of the waters falling down the river and the rock presents itself, the water doesn't bother with the rock the water, simply flows where the rock is not where's. The opportunity ignores the odds,
poland on it goes, and in jujitsu women, one thousand miles a minute right, so we're just constantly things are always changing and when there's an opportunity, we go the second that opportunity is gone, it's what is now available as a result of that opportunity, no longer available to me. It's such a fast and this constantly reinforce on the mat, so it december, twenty seven, two thousand sixteen hours of my son, who was then to or one at the park, well he's now, seven or whatever, and I was at the park- he's chasing squirrels, I'm chasing him, I'm wearing a hoodie, because in the morning it's called the same way at night, it's cold. You leave the house in a hoodie, but at ten o'clock the sun came through and I'm like, damn it. Why did I bring the stupid hoodie like it's sunny now the morning layer had burnt off? So carry my hoodie with me. I take off the hoodie. I was about tied around my waist, and this is for the viewers for the listeners I'll just kind of describe it my hoodie, I was about to tight around my waist and I was gonna- go fanny paxton, but I swear to god. As the hands came together, it was like it was
magnet opposite ends of the magnet where they don't want to touch frightened. The two negative sides and I couldn't connect my hands and I thought was I'm a cool dad. I can't do that. I swear to you. I just was like no I'm a new dad and housing. I wanna be that dead, who just so anyways I was pissed off. I threw it over one shoulder like this. I do like the lofty toss over and then I would have been over to pick haven of its slipped off the shoulder and it fell onto the wet grass. So the moment of frustration when there were so pronounced, because I try to be cool anyone, bent over it got where, in the little kind of slightly muddy, wet grass- and I was like tat so stupid, I tried to be cool and I paid the so I pick up my son. We take a hoodie. We go home is today's after christmas december. Twenty seventh doesn't sixteen. I lock myself in the office in laws or they are all doing whatever I come out of the office after thirty minutes, I went in with shoes, strings paper, clips, duct tape, scissors and the hoodie that I was wearing at the park. I come out thirty minutes later with a prototype
and I say guys, look at this have ever worked or where you go either all confused, and this is what they come up to inside goes my hoodie one turn outcomes my fully functional, backpack and they're just happy, so it functions as a backpack. You can put things inside of it. It has action little a pocket for your wallet, keys or cell phone, this goes on and you can wear it and then I was like butte it's too loose. You know how sometimes you bounce around those little dropping back as they hang too low and you're, always man, I wish it would hang a little tighter, that's a functional string length based on the circumference of the opening of the pouch, so I invented the world's flattest cord, lock and see it shaped like a paper- could cause death tool. That again, this is a christmas tree. Lock locks up and then you go here and on the same thing on the other side, and now you can go to any height with this, and now
can run by kite park. Ordered you to this thing is not coming off, no matter where you can even shadow boxing. I watch your video charles oxide shark day. They did you did it, you don't on short thing with it, so that it goes in and now when you get cold, my son's hoodie when I leave the house right now, even if its sunny when I leave the house, I'm in a quick flip My son's hoodie is inside the quickly and were enjoying our time at the park at disneyland, whatever so I'm going out the house and it gets cold in three hours I reach and take out his hoodie here. Son. Take this reach encountered three, please two slower already back to the hoodie, and I don't have a backpack to look around the just in case backpack that you bring just in case. You need a hoodie it. They just in case backpack. So I did I did a video I went to santa Monica are so venice beach and everyone I walked biased video. Is there a better way to carry a hoodie and I courted thirty interactions of these people? They went viral this. video shark taint called when they saw the video and said yellow this amazing. We want you to come on shark tank. So I did season ten of shark tank episode. Twenty three went on there
offer some lorry from robert and from mr wonderful and it was a good Experience freakin freaking blew up the next day were selling we're doing. A bunch of that and then lo and behold or selling direct consumer doing a great job and things are awesome and we started getting calls from google from entail from warner brothers. Different technology large corporations, saying hey, that's cool. We want to do one or brothers for all of producers, all across america, thirty five hundred hoodies with our logo on it, and I was like the principal principle, twenty one, I'm like of course right. It's not just hoodie that they want to buy a quick flip hoodie, let's put their logos on it. So then I realize the real opportunity was in the custom labeling of these hoodies for these different organizations and that kind of kept going and kept speeding up until eventually, disneyland called and look at this avengers hoodie a ventures hoodie fully dialed in fully sublimated and, of course, at the park, one talkin role and its your of injures backpack of
horse, you at the parks on off throughout the day and every life. So then I thought as the holy grail, but it went one step further, which is the first ever jackal sharing, let's do not act as an aside goes the jockey fuel, and once this types in one turn and look at that we outside look came prepared. Man came prepared bone hard work. We feel no excuse for you and a thing for you. I made one extra since, as the only job the fuel I get extra for sure I citizen for your number one jacko fuels last jacko podcast ban world it's figure out who that on- and this goes to them- the only chocolate your quick flips out there for original soul. So anyways, that's the river principle, and this idea that I could have a modern apparel guy. I you guys have to understand Jesus
Who is the only thing I know someone I dropped the hoodie in that frustration moment hit. It was the same as like any one of us being on the mat and being in an arm bar situation and all we're asking is okay, this sucks, but hold on. Let's feel, let's see is: where is the opportunity in this adversity, whereas the oh potential around this obstacle of this rock and- jujitsu, the hoodie and that's what so wild. How interesting that you have. Apparel industry of billions and billions of dollars and all kinds of people focusing on knowledge there and on a faithful. tuesday morning. I invent the best hoodie on the planet in terms of just functionality, and I go out ass, crazy, but it makes perfect sense that it came from outside. The industry often does right the innovation and attribute. One hundred per cent to jujitsu that I didn't accept that rock and say: okay. Well, this sucks like life just sucks. It was not a no there's a problem, no one thought of a solution. Where are we going to take and a company was born, and now I haven't
runs. The whole thing his name is: Jordan. Does an amazing job in it's my side, hustle, there's just a thing that was more in its like. We have adobe it it's a similar story with sleeper right, where is your travel, tell? Does sweden revolt written so you're, like a committee with a proper comedian over here. This was it out so again sleeper crazy I'm flying travelling gs, t courses every month, fly and my wife eve word for the Debbie, w e vince MC man, the whole that whole show she did it five six years travelling every single week with no like seasons, the craziest travelling job of any profession, I've ever seen is doubly w and they try well every wednesday come back every or travel every friday come back every wednesday, so we're both traveling every month for several for several flights and I'm sitting next to a guy one flight and he's just boom and we've all experienced the freakin bobblehead and I'm sitting next to this guy, and I took a little selfie footage of that and when I landed the flight, I texted it to even as a paper we're going to solve this
problem we're going to invent the solution to this because he was wearing one of those conventional. U shaped memory, foam pillows and I said we're going to solve this and I ordered two aeroplanes he's on Ebay and within three days there in my garage airplane seats are actually in my garage and we go to work with every strap, every rubber band. Every mechanism you can imagine to connect to the sea, backslash headrest of the airplane seed to tinker messing around for several months come up with the first prototype. Jobs is awesome, so it's all about supporting, because every pill on the market tries support. Babo had at the right. So, basically, as your head bob, they try to say. Ok, we're gonna put something under here. The problem is from appeared, jujitsu standpoint support, the net is the shortest lever because it went from the base the neck to your. I bone and that's a very short lever. The way to stop a head from bobbing is that you need the longest lever which is right here. That's a much longer lever and will require much less force to prevent the head from Bobby. The problem is
is no mechanism that hold your head up, inefficient and and accepted the socially acceptable way that looks ok when you're using it so went to work on these traps and bubbled up a lot and fast forward. You know six months, we finally figured it out, we patented it, and then we got busy with quick flip around At the same time, I invented quick flip and I had to choose which invention am I going to take to market, and I chose quick flip. I felt it had a more widespread use so we sat on a sleeper hold for three or four, years and then quickly blew up, did is thing and then covert struck and then I'm like thing We didn't launch quick flip because now no one's traveling and this thing is completely fell asleep for a year and a half or so no one was traveling and then post coven. We finally said man I'm going to do this. I was using it traveling to Cincinnati for a keynote at procter and gamble leadership. Jujitsu note and on the flight, a woman behind me sees me, strap in basically this contraption that hold your forehead covers your eye,
pillow behind your neck and completely eliminate babo had with perfect head support right. So I strap in, and she lit it touches my shoulder random woman in the class in the in the in the in the airplane. Her name was patty and she said, sir. I just have to ask you what is this and I said well, did you ask- and I had my video for their because we're going for this keynote- some like coal record, this right everything you here, but the mike honest role, we film, are first infomercial inflate in a coma of light on the way to cincinnati all these reg passengers whose face I kind of blurred out and mean patio interacting and she gets the full spiel. We show russia Campbell even she set her. This is crazy. Why dont you produce these big is this is I everyone needs this, and I said what petty I'd just been sitting on it and then covert it. If you make this all by it and we film the whole interaction. I sent that even with a flight landed five years after we invented it, so I said
but even if they were going to take us to market now's. The time patty is ready. The world is ready, let's go so than we did six months of preparation. We launched on kickstarter four months ago and we sold thirty two thousand in thirty one thousand pillows in forty days on kickstarter- a million dollars raised and is the number one travel pillow ever crowd funded, and we just the shipment of fifty thousand pillows just landed weak and we're shipping this week to customers over the world and another company is born again out of necessity, jujitsu, and case. You not just timing. The release properly and stop go, stop go when it comes to covered in any way. So I don't know you guys, I don't know, what's going on you know I did you jitsu, I teach police officers. I invented a dope hooty, and I saw in flight sleep deprivation, and these are my sight- vessels, so you have his pillow ordway area, but I have a few another one for your daughter day hastily at what point three
did you did a video about jujitsu that is key it also called the thirty two principles right yeah. That was now is that on greece university? Yes, it's an online course, and this was during covered. We all know that there are principles on which all of you his based, we no that because there so many similarities with so many different techniques but evil naming them and identifying them and classifying as a curriculum, it just unknown thing, but feel like they were largely unclassified aspires on the micro level. What of the macro principles? Leverage, timing, control, fish, see which is a blend of leverage and timing and control the efficiency of public, apex principle, all jujitsu, inundate the the macro principles are leverage timing, control, what we realise is that there are many
girl principles right and what we found where there are thirty two micro principles. You know the cloth so clock principle, distance principle, detachment principle, connection principle, consciousness principle, there's all these ones that are taught to urge communicated in the book. That are all like it's almost like there, the nitty gritty of the principles, because these macro principles, or almost too broad for them to be general in a very specific way, and when me in, Don't count have realised that there were these thirty two micro principles we thought wow. This is beautiful it. If we can classified these, we can teach them visually teach them. We could really impact brazilian jujitsu, because it's almost like we would give all of people who practise user to kind of like the alphabet on which their language is based, because it's one thing to learn a language. Do us most is right. You grow up in a household speaking portuguese. You learn portuguese! Imagine if you spoke portuguese ratan
heard the language, your whole life, and, by the time you twenty years old, you realize there's an alphabet that makes sense of all that I feel like these, thirty two micro principles are the alphabet for you. there is no due to technical, doesn't rely on one or more of these, in most cases, due to technical reliant, two three or four, or sometimes more, and for students to have that level of clarity on what those principles actually are and call them. of their jujitsu changes everything because happens is when a student knows the principles that make their jujitsu possible. They can into them more deliberately and they can deposits in those principles more deliberately, because and the day when any one of us is doing jujitsu and you get a rolling with each other or any one else, and you land in a position that you don't know a technique for we happen but every day I've never been here before what the heck is this position? What I do right now, what
happens whether it's a conscious effort or not for all of us have been around the mat for years decades or more is what I call a thirty two principles: diagnostic your body parts from the principles that you ve, immersed yourself in for any number of years and based on all your experience, you create a solution, a you a solution to that unique situation that you ve never experienced before and if call right. Haven't you seen anyone you admire in jujitsu come up with a solution for a situation that you just asked about and you're like how the heck did he make that up right now, and the answer is it's not that he had in the catalogue you didn't have that in his database he puts in the position I dunno. Let me see, lay down and get on top of me. Let me see we always hear the masters do that right and that in that moment they just make it up so what are doing is they're, calling on all these principles and when I lay down in a position of of of of a foreign position for me I'll lay down and I'll just get someone on top of me. Here's the threat happening, while I'm rolling my boy,
automatically scans. All did you principles for their efficacy and validity? In that situation, and the let's say these four are possible: its rapid process, these for a possible, but these two or get a reply to what strength one is gonna require me to expose myself to punches in a way that I don't think is favourable. So this is the remaining principal or to whatever is remaining after all, that that I'm going to use to create my solution right now and you invent a technique that is based on that principle or two diagnostic happens every single day on the matter in real time diagnostic that diagnostic process and diagnosing capabilities, is increased, exponentially. You know what those principles are by name right you have, ricky. You you've, you have a relationship of each one of those principles. When you get in those unknown situation, you can create solutions rapidly and on the fly exponent we better than if you dont, have a deliberate
I really a true relationship with those principles if it's just kind of esoteric and lives in the background- and you ve never really studied it, and this is reporting that we're getting from people who have taken the video course in it watch the thirty two principles on video. The jujitsu, based course, is that it is clarity for black belt. It added that clarity for white built. It taught them that it's not about technique, in the beginning learn the techniques but inside a fixation on them. Try to extrapolate the principle in every technique, because that principle would be applied over and over again, whereas the technique can only be applied in a particular situation for which that technically it's it's a singular rates for one specific situation so this is true in jujitsu. We all do it and I realise, is that I do this in my life when I dropped hoodie when I see Babo head or any the thing that I've had major challenges are major milestones. Your major victories. It's always what's the situation
diagnose the situation, the threat, the concern the challenge and then run a thirty two principles, diagnostic, not for large large part of my life. This was unconscious effort. It was just the natural way I operated, because jujitsu was my dna now, that I've classified these thirty two principles with my brother and created this published curriculum and they all have names. I looked back and I went home leak, how the extent to which these thirty two principles played a part in that milestone in that negotiation, in that victory in that invention, became so clear that that's when, became very committed to the process of say met. I think I could teach people these suppose and then give them the kind ex personally and professionally, where they can be applied and let them my operating system without having to spend thirty plus years doing jujitsu, I think, could be it wait service, the big challenge in all of this is that judges something so physical and so visual, and when I first contemplated writing the book. I,
limited by ink on paper- and I went, I don't know, dude to communicate the detachment principle with written word on paper, might lose some in translation in the interpretation there. So- the publisher, I said: look. I only want to do this. If you will allow me to add a cure code at the beginning of every chapter, so that the reader can scan the queue our code before reading the chapter and visually and utterly here and experienced the principle in combat, as demonstrated by myself, and my brother initiative five to seven minute video explaining a technical issue that encapsulate that particular principle of interest for that chapter. If they can understand conceptually that physical application of that principle. Then the soil is fertile for media then take them into the ink on paper in the chapter and communicate d. The personal professional application of the same principle,
You know in life in business and they said henry we'd never done that. That would be awesome. Let's go and great, and it was more work for me now. I gotta produce thirty two videos on top of writing a book, but I was Have you to do it, and this is the result and I am very happy with it and I think it's a completely different experience for a reader than what there two, because by the time there dumb with his book, they will not only understand how we principles applied a life in business, but though also learn several jujitsu techniques and these principles in a combat application, and even if you're, not a practitioner by the time with this book, going to walk a little bit taller you're, going understand some concepts of of personal protection in self defence? That could that could be saved your life in a fight that. You have the muscle memory in their movements, but you'll know about distance. You know about timing, you know about leverage in so many different ways as communicated in these thirty two micro principles, the yeah.
I get the book heresy. I can't read this whole book on on the podcast. Did you do the audiobook to Jabra? That's the worst experience of my life yeah. Some people have a real. I'm surprised, you didn't just love that thing. Don't give me a script I'll talk for three days straight, got it. Give me a script and watch me struggle. Was me yeah, I'm sitting in the studio have one quarter the size and I'm reading to pay henry go Do that again, every sentence every period, every slender theirs scrutinizing and I'm reading. Seventy thousand words in two days: twenty hours in today's thirteen hours on day, one seven hours on dates day too. I had to do it in two days because I had other things went on and I may never read a book again because of the audiobook experience so get the book and there's a ton of good information in here. Obviously I just do want to take the opportunity since you're here just to through these things out, got so many notes. But I'm just gonna burn through these things and go through the principles, chapter one which is which is rule one or principle, one
connection principle, optimizing your success by constantly evolving the tools and tactics you used to connect with others in the world around you. grace university dot com is the example. I talk about in the book. How right I broke my back I want to reach the war. Was you sure too, and I use these different tools? connect myself with the world of connecting with each other and injury. it's you, like I mentioned what the swiss army knife right. Our body is a tool and its people much more than we imagine. We have really thirty two different distinct body parts that we counted thus far. Calf me ankle instep. with all these are little tools, and you did see right, but normal humans don't use all those. So this is the idea that in life are you up to see all the tools available to you to connect with people in the world measure effectiveness are really are you? Are you optimizing what's available to the new tasks principal recognising when holding on does more harm than good and when letting go does more good than imagined?
think everyone can relate to that right like it's, a pretty universal like principle, but in jujitsu right? How common is that, where you want No, there sometimes wouldn't let go right now and choke becomes available, because you let go of something else right with brother. I was going for the armor he's pulling out and because I let go the arm bar, he ripped it out and threw himself into a triangle. So that detachment principle I too story of my mom's, you know untimely passing a couple years ago and how after sheet, what she was struck with a form of cancer and literally was everything- was fine stomach the pain one night. She was gonna babysit, arse art, my son's mining, eve, sons, header, my tongue, It hurts a little. I don't think I can watch the boys tonight lake street and we live next door to her adjacent. We shared a wall, so my house in her house, are like this soap my grandma's house, tat night she's account taken, watch him enter and lo and behold, a couple days passed. She goes over get some skanska. Some things couple weeks passed. It was goal stones. You know thing, let it pass. She finally goes
the scans and she has bile ducked cancer. Like a really rare and very aggressive form- and I'm like account so massive in rapid decline in her health in a matter of the next couple of months, and what s interesting is, of course, we all as problem solvers, we all go into safe mode right. Let's protectorate, save, let's go and ever was every evidently going to cheapside mexico and do this alternative therapy and everyone takes into gear and my mom she really rap- declining in real discomfort. She comes in and talks to me and my siblings. She says you know you guys have had a really good life, I'm very happy it's awkward in not so many words and that's when I realized that we were holding on for us even for her so the type of love and support and support this she needed at that point. Wasn't the love and connection it was the detachment
and the hardest was her her husband, my stepfather in that case, who equally was so committed. No, no, no, no we're gonna do anyway and as long as he needed her, she would not let go so to the talk with him to say, hey mark what she really needs is freedom from us right now. She made that clear So this was like in again he eventually came around and said o k and stepped back in his desired. offer go, go and so proactive and was the most significant use of the detaching principle in everyday life and once he stepped back then was able to pass away and she did so peacefully and we were all there and of course times could have been worse in general. She was still you know, sixty mid, sixty sixty seven sixty five years old, but It was so interesting to realise holy cow were doing it not for her, but for us and when she
made clear that she was ok, I'm good guys. I saw my grand babies spent so much good time with him, I'm ok! Then I went while we get us if everything to now support her the way she needs to be supported, not the way we want. The support and the taliban made it possible to so many times in jujitsu, letting go when I didn't think it was the right play was the reply this powerful story that you right in the broken and again the debts of the book is its various stories either from your personal life. You also have stories in here from other people what they ve been through, how they utilise principles so allow, a lot of these story. We are told that really reveal how the principles can be used not only by you but by people around you. That's the book is yeah other now, it's extremely powerful number. Three, the distance principle, understanding the impact that distance has on your effectiveness jujitsu. This is the wife right.
As we say, we changed the distance from which fights are fighting in america, in the world when you fc one hit- and this is true in relationships as well right- you gotta be careful because in a fight with the way we explain it is ju jitsu strategy. You want to be all the way out or you want to be all the way in and if you're, not careful, you end up in, what's called the red zone in a street fight or in an altercation where the red zone is where you're not all the way and you're. Not all the way on your your punch of was the tip of the punch. And in life this exist as well right, you want to be either in relation to that are close and meaningful, enrich where you're all the way and and your invest in that relationship or you want to be all the way out where any doings of the other person in the relationship dont profoundly. Fact you in a negative way that you had no control over because If you exist in the red zone, where there you're in but you're, not all the way, and then you
expose yourself to that relationship red zone where damage can be done. Serious damage can be done, and I tell you a story about released ships where my failure to manage the distance effectively caused some people that it listed with my brother and I in the relationship red zone to do tat. image, irreparable damage that I I you know I to some degree some ownership of, even though it had nothing to do with it. The fact that this person used our reputation and the fact that there was a relationship but the fact that we weren't close enough to mitigate the damage and to prevent it from from furthering- and I have some sense of ownership of that, so it was a chapter where I talk about a failure to manage the distance effectively and the price I paid as a result. Never for the pyramid principle investing in a strong foundation, you got it were five, the creation principle beginning with the end
all in mind and then using targeted actions to make your vision a reality. One thing I found it about that. One is with when I teach regional, don't like how to pass guard immediately like okay, put your hand over here, but you've got to get in posture. You've gotta push that thing down. You gotta, once you get there, you've got a staple that you've got to give him all these little specific. You can tell a kid get out from between their legs, and they like you tell them what to do with where they're trying to go unnoticed figure out a way to get. There is pretty, reminded me, the creation principle yeah, a hunter percent and into jitsu right. We talk about this concept of you, wanna be first and you wanna be third, yeah, you know, so this idea of deliberate targeted actions to get reaction from the opponent that you're looking for and then capitalizing on that that reaction of theirs in its its? it's a powerful concept there and its a powerful concept in life in business, as well
six, the acceptance principle recognising when it's better to yield than to resist should they were? Probably travel in the book was marriage yeah right so so for me, it was you know, tell the story about my wife and I may now wife than girlfriend, and the struggle that we had regarding my beliefs- and this is this- like generational beliefs, brazil, macho, crazy family women, you dishes and stay in the kitchen and don't ask questions like that's what can I grew up with and do you know, What would you married? That's not what I'm married holy cow. You called it so so I married and eve says Henner lake, so I'm like when I'm starting to even Think about a family, I'm like babe. You know like you're, not going to work right, you're just going to kind of take care and do this and she said well. I have different beliefs about that. My mom she's, like her mom, was the ice right. Immigration and customs enforcement
ernie, like a federal ice attorney high level that senior attorney ice in colorado, her dad the psychologist her sister to psychologist. Her brother is: is that scientists read a biologist, also, as family. Everyone successful and she said had all I saw with my mom work, forty fifty sixty hours a week every week in my life, and I had nothing but admiration at all. I grew up with and were perfectly healthy and we grew up and all of us excess one. I will be here thinking my mom didn't work it oh she's in the house, because she had to be and she's cleaning and she's mopping and she's doing this and they divorced for twelve years at thirteen fourteen fifteen years and to her. Parents are still married after fifty years, so tough situation, I have a belief about what it needs to be because the gracie family says it means to be this way and she's like well. Let the numbers speak for themselves bra we started talking at eleven or twelve that went till four thirty morning morning, time
eleven or twelve pm to four thirty am fair to say I tapped out, the result is now evident, I have a wife who would not only works but she's integral running the whole grace university chief of operations. Sorry, chief of staff there putting all ray pieces in place, overhauling all the systems and has an incredible impact on the business. Is the head of the woman empower programme a fit for self defense, woman all over the world and I have two signs: they love it. They see her going to work every day. She comes home. She loves them when she's there and our marriage is amazing because she gets to live her legacy and she's doing what she wants to do and acceptance simple saved my marriage, big time jujitsu, one or one, never, seven, the velocity principle adapting yours, to maintain balance and optimize outcomes, how much injured you too.
We go stop go stops us if you're fast, always vast european if you're always slow. Your predictable right is the velocity. This was a constant changing of our operational speed to disrupt our opponent, so this is the idea of you knowing when to go, knowing when not to go, and I use the example of sleeper hold. This pillow right launched launch launch dont launch in there were so many factors coming into the public launch of this pillow that up It came in and we stopped and then I plan on going and then kenny marketing director who actually trains you what you guys. You have to send you go kenny when he was a kind of We can't launch right now because the wrong month and timing of wine to go and went and when you go go, but when you're not it is not time to go poor right just being able to be flexible in the velocity and induce you to we do so much of the changing our pacing and I about that in great lay there and its critics principle when it comes into the clock principle, which is the kind of the other side of the timing principles, clock
simple right. Recognising that the right move at the wrong time is the wrong move and the clock. People also talks about rubbing the other person against you, so you're gonna do a technique, and you have your anticipated timing. My job to disrupt your separated timing of your move to throw the whole thing off and in the in the book. I talk about an example of a young man, Sixteen year old boy named shane, there was a cycle just who train with us in called in its it had her. I have a kid who had suffer from the most severe case of social anxiety. I've ever seen right. He vomit few sleep in any type of social inclusion. Going to school. He vomits every morning before school. It was crazy. I think he would love you did too so I said grace I would love a chance to work with this, and I can t help changes life by all means to do this, so we it up for thursday, and I set it up for a time where I knew no one would be in the building so that he wouldn't feel this anxiety. So at four o'clock class, it's like four or five. for ten and the mom calls me from the parking lot and says hunter. We're not gonna make it.
So what do you mean? She well we're outside part in front of the building, but he's not coming to the class. We tried and we want to thank you for allocating the time and I'm sorry I said outside my building right now can I come out and say hi. She says of course, so I walk out mit. I walk out and I hear the most abdominal early enforced cry. I've ever heard of my life scream in cry the mommy any outside the car he passed passenger side on the curb he's sitting. The passenger side backseat mom, is outside I sake, go inside. She says, of course, like a kind of mouth it to her, and I go round the passenger. The driver's side I get in the car, sit down and he's crying you guys who fold over with every breath and crying punching it out, and I'm like I've, never seen this before. In my life.
This is a situation like jujitsu, I dont have the technique, I dont know the answer, the moon. For this submission that this guy has me, and so I sit down like this and I shall say a word for twenty minutes. Why cries depletion principle? it's in the book. He then sit up. He runs out of steam. He sits up. He looks at me It is not his breathing normal and he's not hysterical anymore, and I said a shame. What do you like to do for fun and he says that your games, I said, tell me more about about fifteen minutes, asking a question that I don't know