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40: Avoid Conflict Without Being a Weakling, Dealing w/ Random Threatening People, Was Jocko Disciplined as a Kid?

2016-09-14 | 🔗
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This is Jacko podcast number, forty, with ECHO Charles and me Jocker willing good evening echo good evening. And the last podcast that we did. I went a little long with the book the book was brave men by a guy named Ernie pile. And there was just some incredible writing in there that I just went deep with- I read it all and so we had to postpone the community so that Ok, give us some time here too some time ago, little deep on some Q day, this spot gas number forty by the way, forty weak straight who want some
forty weak straight is where we're and that's apparently, that's the battle rhythm here, We put out pod gas and we do it weakly and we ve been doing it for forty straight weeks and I did get em in it's not always easy. You look ass if you think about the times bigger. The times when you're not doing anything. Well, you're, not doing anything more when I'm would normally not be doing anything for forty weeks, I've been doing something I've been reading I think I've been researching so forty. We is legit and I'm stoked whereat number forty metres, and now we get to talk about some questions from the entire
no thanks to everybody for giving us the awesome questions through Twitter, Facebook, it's pretty much where they come from Twitter and Facebook. I guess I get a couple emails. I get tax to from, like some of my somebody's Michel teams. Don't hit me up with a question here and there, but a tender just respond to them, can't real. Sometimes I use them, but anyway yeah. Let's get to. Let's do it? Ok, chuckle first question: from the vote in from the vault. I've got a lot of questions, get a big volt gotta. Before its. I was just trying to go through and make sure there wasn't any question or just review questions that might be good, that I missed the first time around. So is one right here from the votes from an old school, almost one that you always in
the two maybe revisit. Yes, we go revisiting it. Yes, let the revisit begin started jujitsu thanks to you, any tips for complimentary exercises, as was especially for non athletic civilian was the hardest stage of your an what's the heart, a stage of your jujitsu journey, yeah, that's actually for four has. Actually it was two questions I find him in one corner. Kind of are similar and ok, Digital one thing: it's got much jitsu. It's a very well rounded physical activity right. You gotta flexibility have strength you gotta have endured. You gotta be able to recover quickly wing from fatigue. You gotta have some agility speed, balance coordination. Proprio section D, nor appropriate options its
its knowing where your body is in space, it's in its a talent that gymnast have very well, maybe a dance. Sir? Has will they know where their body is in space and jujitsu demands that you know where your bodies at all times? So that's the stuff that you need to work on all this. All those things because, due to the unique test of all those things, it's a test to be strict. It's a test to be flexible to test of your endure. It's it's a test of your ability to recover its it. Save your agility, gets a testing the speed of your coordination, the test of all those things it's that makes it. That makes it a really good sport to practice in my opinion. So what do you need to do
What what you need to do to train them to trade? All those things you don't so for flexibility. I, like a person like mobility, was, I think, that's So once you know, but you know get some kind of stretching protocol gymnastics types movements, there's gymnastic bodies, which is a ridiculous Lee good Protocol. You can go on its inner, nothing, gymnastics, bodies, doc. What's it like a workout yeah, it's warm it already like somebody. It's it's it's hard core, it's hard core, but that's really getting you know, you'll get your flexible. You get all kinds of stuff on that, but so you gotta be flax Will you gotta working inflexibility? So what you can do like I said you do. Mobility, water, some kind of stretching protocol, so you get limber you gotta working,
strength? So what did you Workin strength olympic lifting? What does that cleaning jerk snatches that brings in things like cleans by themselves. You know presses hang queens and all that and then on top of that for frank. You also have the simple movements, the dead, lift, the squad, the front Scorpio Red squirrel, And also first strength, you can go back to gymnastics again, go back to those. Gymnastics movements and basic calisthenics polyps pull ups pushups debs squats Flutter kicks the whole nine yards. Now I haven't heard right. So what you find out, you could see where this is headed furniture. That's what you gotta run swam bike, some kind of met con. Like the met con personally for my for my cardio vascular, endurance and recovery, and what not you know. So. Yes, you
and you can add, running and sprinting to those, you can sprint swimming, you can sprint on a bike you can use kettlebells to work. Your met scenario, you can actually use bar bells do met cause. You do a bunch of cleans and you will get tired. And and then with that, when you work on your set, it thereby improves your recovery and so that's That'S- gonna, help you there then you have guilty and for a jewelry woody due to some sports, some some cross training of sports. I personally like to serve, but you know it's not just that its basketball, its go play. Soccer, go Hocker baseball. Whatever set you work on your agility than you do you speak Dare to talk about this. You got your running your sprinting in the air biker, whatever.
The appropriate reception that the gymnastics, the movement type Do your holding your body in space. So that's! It. Lot of stuff- a lot of stuff in You pile all that together and you got a lot of varied varied activity and what Nice about that is. When people talk lugging burnt out online, I never get burned down on work and help ninety seven different base exercises that I can use, not gonna get burned out so who ate inwards foreigners you jump into these challenges like we're You find something that's challenging that you can't do you think I want to try and do that unless you, where I can get my wait up, do on their summit to see if I do this movement in gymnastics. I'm gonna see. If I can do this, many pull up so whatever you do, keep continually varying, in heading in a different direction, and I think
when you combine all those things together, you become a well rounded athlete. That is what might well be the most with the fugitive, But I don't one exercising Hey: this will help you in Jitsu, although the cleaning jerk is pretty yeah anything with like your body weight. So because and you just when you don't you get it that mainly what it is sure there are elements where you're you're trying to control someone else's body with but mainly what you do with your body so like when you do you don't Lena like those in Ukraine? Oh, the Peg board. Yes, here, like that kind of stuff bars the all the gymnastics dung and then is forest like being strong in these weird. We ve, because I essentially what you're gonna be doing in Argentina, there is there is, though there is the engineer to your oftentimes you're moving. Someone else is waiting
yeah in in guys that are super explosive. That's a different thing to deal with and its yeah. It's a good trade too, have to be super exposed. Yes, for sure, so That's so you combine that with what it like when you shrimp out some sure something we shall holding you, but when you shrimp you're, pushing your own body weight, that's your own body weight of chair, you add his own. That's it you're with a guy, that's just kind of part of the game, but if you can control
your own body, in these stronger ways. That's gonna give like such a big benefit so and then to your limping lifting to me that, in my opinion, that probably one of the best- and this is why not only do you get that little ex little exposure explosive movements in there, but when you, when you put a limping, live lifting to make up your met Khan and you do like a clean like a clear s- reign you? U muscle! Work is just for a second and then for a second almost color relaxing and then put again and then cut a relaxed and then you hold in boom and instead repetitive, that feel that you did to you that's kind of what you did. It can be done again, more money so and if you're, in shape in that way, where you can go hard rest for just now,
a little bit in the guard again, if that's kind of, if you can do that, if you're not gonna shape that can help. So when you do when you do in that kind of circuit training, something like that where, if you can do, the exercise dynamic rests like active rest in a worry, were you're walking we ve jogging. Can that's what you do with slow work and you cause you never really just laying do that kind of thing and do it in my grounds, if you're into like attainment around. You did soon. That's really your thing than do your target Jane tenement around, like help it'll, you can aware of like ok, I'm this time, we're going to manage. You know all this stuff, but yeah I agree met cod swimming almost swimming. Both you do swimming sprints like Nobody is mostly the less the least the less comfortably you're in the water, the more those Swimming things are gonna, be challenging, for you were speaking of Olympic. Let you know no more mobile
Have you returned with some, although all feed? If for listen, I don't know where's he's really incredibly good, rationally wrestled in college and any he is a he didn't even making applicants, but he was. I can. Second, he almost made the Olympic Games, but he's a big guy. So he's gonna like two hundred and five pounds, and he is he. I think he is the most explosive person I've ever trained with we have trained with some unbelievably incredibly expensive people and you'll find that anybody wrestled on a high level like if they were and if they would highlight college wrestler, there's a likely chance that their very explosive we're there very, very life, and MO is explosive to a crazy level,
but the reason I thought of it when you said Olympic Lifts is one time he was just trying to help me with some take downs, and he was the way he was exploding in tomb, He was all fired, a piece you know it's like when you do a clean, a jerk this right here it is the beginning of it, and if you could see that he's elephants, so much explosive, not the first time I ever train with them. Dean. The day. I can never read Dean with when he sets me to train with somebody he doesn't get me a heads up like if I were to tell you there's like let's say there was a guy there's, a really good wrestler. And I go. I go. Hey echo train with discover, hey he's a really good ressler and if I might even say I mean it's a hey. Man is a really good rest and he's got a sick gaiety. So you're like thinking about it right now give you a little heads up. Dean. Just just goes hey. You should train with him right. That's what the and so anyway, he did tell me on this occasion. He goes hey most common down. You
the train with him he's a really sick, ressler and I go awesome. I think myself I'll call. You know I've. I three four guided didn't Russell in in high school, I have decent taken on defence, because I've been defending data transfer on time and are utilised Jujitsu refer. Might it down so I'm sprawling in getting in going for communism, doing active, aggressive jujitsu moves to people when I turn taken out, so I'm no I'm not trying to say I have any major skills their, but I'm not a slouch to take down, So I figure hey. I got a good rascal. And he was not experienced Jitchu, which tells you ok called Mono, you gonna getting this guy's been or you ll have a good chance, whatever switch them. Thinking that so I meet Mo good? Do you know where we're going over some moves and in its time are trained in deeds? Are ok yeah, you train with em Jocker article who we slap hands and we're doing the and most get ready for fibre
you weren't fighting it we're just I'm just the kind of pudding contact them and you say most good wrestler more also happens to be the Bela tour If I can only was amp or they ve wasn't that this time this was before this is like, as he was getting into Mme there so it is really actually probably sharper rustling at this time. Clear common out of you, don't try to be on the Olympics and yet he rustled, see wrestled at but anyways King MO is is what he said. Came up and so anyway, so we slap hands were, did ready. No, we can square oftener. Unbeknown, ok do my thing boom does the sate down to me his his face his, base. Hits me in the chest in this is in the less than the blink of an eye. His face hit me in the chest in his hands there,
grab my legs. They just for my legs, like a double egg. Last as a blast, and I'm a mere. Maybe he knocked me into the air with his face zealots data lack of your huge yeah. He knocked me into the air with with his face. I I I fall down to the ground and The funny thing was it was the I got back up immediately like heating. Even took me out so far ass. He could even chase me to the ground, because I was already I was back up really quickly, but Thou is the fastest. Take down that you know that I'd feel That is why the fastest it now we one more guy, there's a guy coming up right now at the gym, nother, sick, ressler,. But you know you rascal. These are really good. Wrestler a secret, their collegiate ressler and all that Taylor hey, you hire terror, Johnson
Taylor is another guy who has mutant strike he's he has mutant strength, No, it is not normal I was on Taylor and I going for like a deity. Were. I think I should go for crucifix. Oh I was, but so for those you don't know what this is. Taylor sure, take pitcher guy on all fours on the ground and someone else is trying to rip there had off. Ok, so that's Taylor he's on all fours on the ground, I'm trying to get in and rip his head off. With one hand he he he goes up to his knees and lifts me into the air and shop, puts me through the air on to the ground and is and then gets across side and I started laughing. I'm like blue
you just shot put me anything even do a form is from his hips like eating at them the strength from his hips. He got it from his Bert torso. He didn't use his legs at all no legs because he was on his knees. Each has its massive explosive nervous, but then in the finnish really scary about Taylor? Is that he's adapting II because because just because you're good Russell. Doesn't mean you automatically adapt well, did you do to some people? Never adapt really well. Did you get when you can see, I mean in Emma may in the? U S see, there's plenty of wrestlers that you look at you go but I never really transitioned into become a comprehensive ground fighter. That was comfortable on his back as he is on his cross, as he has gone for submissions there's some guys it been truly successful but never made that transition, but they stay on top ground and pound,
If you watch him wrong, you, you might not even know he was a ressler until you roll with him, then you can feel that you can't move him, but if you watch him role, you like all while he's going for you, no advance jujitsu moves by the way they training for less than a year, yet very surprising with him. In regards to that, let me look at em, if you look at me about okay, I'm but to roll with this guy and roll them union, Munich. Ok, I'm not surprised at this case like strong, is now whence it just like like magical balance, kind of thing, so, when you look at a mean on on service, but if you know that he's such a accomplish, ressler you'd think given is experience, you think, ok, his is jujitsu or even his like what he's training his jujitsu. You know you wouldn't expect it to be that their Louis. When I rode through the mother, I thought when you, I get dealers who skins
guy, you know you, you you haven't rolled with. Money should go with him because you know he'd. He gives good training the really good. So what I'm thinking is good, but I'm thinking it's gonna be real wrestling. The training scenario. Then it'll go out on your million people, but his whole being we use the word. He doesn't care music, I'm here to train a mutant. You know Gerda whatever man in his in that kind of attitude you so good and his men You wasn't trinity like ok, We gotta me like Russia, this guy he's we're doing straight up you to end, and he it was clean, was good but anyway he's got that super explosive and ass to that's. That's me level and also a striking yeah is rejected, and he hasn't been no he's just a natural Afric Superinduced anyway. So that's him and we got a bunch of papers to em. You got Eddie, whose Arza Justin could run just enjoy
You showed up, we get some getting good training, it yeah, but back to this deal, so I was talking to tailor about I got brought. Did you ever like Olympic Anybody I got an across the public a month and an already forgotten Emma may, and I was doing pretty good and also what is I mean he's always I could now snap like three hundred hours what an invite made it across the games leading Ross Fit for a month and never snatch before. Also these national was three hundred pounds. That's that's insane meal so, but that And that's what it feels like when you wrote: with somebody that has that kind of explosive strength. Its very very it's it's a very good, too We have now there's other. We could go through the entire list of body types, strengths and weaknesses, because you know you get you get away.
In key people that are strong and why relay the Higgs? You rode with heads before right now he exists lanky wiring skinny when he put the triangle on you, it starts to cut into your body. Is all you know concrete owes like that. Compels us to give a blanket you. How can you sweeping when his arms is basing like four May, not like eight feet over. There is where his basic, so you get back, when a body that you get the wheels like stocky. People with no limbs sticking out right now. Yeah. You can talk to choke on so he was, we got everybody style but and each one of them has. It has an advantage, but the thing that's cool about sportiveness. It is something you can somewhat train. You can someone, I know you can't you're not gonna, be able the natural we get. Explosive as Malta Wall or as Taylor Johnson, but you can get strong yeah right, even stronger, so but but the other thing is where
Where can you defeat them? Where and you where can you be better than that? Maybe you can be more flexible. Maybe You can be faster scramble, maybe you can be heavy and tighter, so there's some ass things that you could try and do try to prove to overcome gate some of their advantages hard to do you get some people that are mutants. We're getting big and flexible right. Dude is being sought, shockingly flexible glove is so flexible that you know have to negate Glover. You know he loves. Training with big muscle. Bound guys That's as fast as I can easy for him. That's what he likes it that's it! That's he that's it! That's the the easiest me job body style for him to someone just super Super strong and muscle about here in the EU meetings like I'd, say that came with kind of good way of putting it meet. Unlike Taylor, where, He has a rustling background, so he's no stranger, delicate functioning.
Oh he's, tired you also if your big, explosive, strong or whatever, typically you're insurance is not a good, typically saw if you get those factors and flexible and stuff, and they have insurance. There's your bad day right there. If this guy has other than that, if you take one or two different attributes, you can always find looks like rock papers. Is you can always find one that can, if you just employ this strategy, Give you more than a advantage in because I was like the tightest together to leadership. So it's the same thing with leadership what could be lost no time our leaders born or made you know. Can you can you develop a leader? Everybody is born with certain leadership characteristics. It's just. A video game where they rank your strengthen your intelligence in your agility and all the stuff that we just talked about. People have that further leadership capability is well right. Are they articulate you know, because that's some people articulate and that as a good advantaged have
Can you read people well? Well, that's another thing that some people naturally good at. Can you simple Why things that's a town, that some people have now you go on this list, but would you find him people. Some people are argue, did they have real? strong leadership, characteristics, leadership traits and that's great. And then you get some people that dont have those into what he can do. The same thing that I have to do in my jujitsu game. How do you develop those things? How do you become more articulate? How do you would simplify things? How do you recognize that you are a purse, that makes things more complex and how you focus on me: can things simplified? Do you go right down the list? So yes, you can be born or some natural leadership characteristics, but if you're not born with them how'd you develop them. It's an. It's usually these things are that hearted develope there, you know so
when you have weaknesses, identify them behind. Well enough to identify them in then see how You can improve upon them and although they may never become yours staple of your game, either as a leader origins, where anything else, they can become it is not something you have to protect jobs, the worry about yea, can function in those little regards. Yes, you can become functional yeah in it, for instance, if you're, not the most Particular person. Well, number one: you can you can study, you can listen to people speak, you can record yourselves speaking, you can videos of two. You can beat practice and become more more tissue. It and you can. That means. Oh, yes, one another took the sagoths warmer. Do I'm in a plan more before I go in brief people. Go through what exactly what I say, I might even rehearsal two times they don't get a sound articulates you gonna make up for those most
and that's all you have to do- is figure out how you can hire you can make Upper how you can get rid of or how you can mitigate some of those weaknesses that you have. The other thing you could do is use around yourself with somebody that super articulate go you're more, take you with me cool. I want you pull out the work of the troops boom done. Though I might be in charge I'll, say or I'd. Hate echoes. If this operational or echoes gonna brief the strategy nimble, Mr Articulate ECHO, gets up there and does it maybe not the best example, but but that's what you do. That's how you want to that. That's how you you fill in the holes in your leadership game and the the way. You'll never have the ability to do that. If you're, not humble enough to admit where you have weaknesses and that their there are totally and I know you d, better Geezer, quick. I know you're saying all these things can go with it with the guy then that really the main thing to train is how much you know Juliet that's
What kind of a mean that is the main thing tat the number think. So that's all it's like us at a given because the cushion in mental stuff you're sure so yes illicit these. All these little comparisons liking to me aside from knowing Jujitsu, that's the main strength, or whatever is everyone's even to me, the taller guy has the advantage that to me that the most effective advantage that I've seen it's interesting. If you think that I dont think necessarily agree with you. What a very tall very lanky guy will have is a body type that that you'd come up ass, the least. So since you are coming across this body type, the least developed train, you have the least radiologist, it isn't of la strangeness, a directorate and by the way they constantly work on their strange body style
because you are correct in the fact that the lanky body style is, is gives you more moves, more unique moves than any other body style. So there's you need me there's more more union. It moves that only are utilised or can be utilised by a tall lanky person than there are, any other body style right and also you can pretty. I mean deep it. I'm not saying he seven feet, I'm saying like, but it's fine up two year like science, six one doesn't do to me Wilson, one can do it if the brightness like limb, beginning beginning of it, but how towns like we have stilts appropriately named at the Jim and he has he's told my kid six five, but he has really develop
lanky guy style that people are used to, and it's a challenge for anybody. Yes, who stood with good example where in this case, where he's little different, because stilted has links but he still, but he review it. Pretty he's got he's going pretty hard in that direction where he is. Perhaps when using moves that only he kinda hairdressing result. That's what has exactly the point of making right right. So my, whereas most normal body, styles, everybody, that's! U! No! Five we too. You know six, oh, They all have pretty much the same right right. You know. Yes, oh what I'm talking about, I'm nothing about them. I think there's that the, but those are the kind of the outliers. I think. Overall, I mean every piece of strength in one way or another, but course I'm saying just all things mean equal. So, like the two or three Gracie brothers, hide your grace. Even these guys were hurt taught. These are like sixty six four six, five type, guys we'll take hard you, for example, he doesn't really do
any kind of crazy I'm tall? So I'm? I can only do this truly, you don't do that. You're, like movement, but his like just might, for example, be or his arm or set up from the bottom. More direct from the bottom stuff is just way harder to deal with because he developed such a good based on top of the fact that physically, made for such a good base and he and ok here's the thing about tall guys in general. They are not limited to the music and they can do more Leslie. All the moves so like that. I was five three to fifty or It will save by three to twenty he's gonna Martin. They say five eight ensure two to thirty, Where would you say that's a stocky bluff. Guy he's gonna have hardened, doing triangle church on guys. He those eyes and ears, wait division here yeah that's a chocolate triangles, the major part of the game move. Yes, you can do better, I don't have a problem. They can do all about children bars of whatever in the three easy. Also
but like that, that's why I think- and I am of course the flexible tall lanky guys they do have that. But I think We hope you, I think, a colleague who were an ad like our body style yeah, give us special moves only we can do you, even if you like, for instance, the list of moves. The bet list of special moves that I can do with my body style is like yeah and the list that still can do with his body style is infinite. Stilted two things, though he has torn lanky eneas, flattened what ok, so yeah. So that's like you have a double that hearing about the tall has the most in their bucket. I think they definitely have the most options of moves. You can't do that again. The main thing is to know the main issues in order to measure for sure that is the that is the amazing thing. And then the other part of this question was what was the hardest stage of your jujitsu journey,
me out, see the whole thing just in completely different ways like the view that the first part is like dang, you get tired way too. Quick and Guys, who are we smaller. The? U way you know whatever they knew or beating you up on that kind of thing, beating you up with no factor whatsoever here they're like teaching you hate, as we did wrong you're sitting there are. But let me in my case I like to twenty five when I started in unlike sitting and the little guy and a few member George, but here is a little purple got those I was rolling with a lot. He taught me butterfly guard O J, ai he's teaching is Don T seen over my big bottles, any like teacher you stuff. So that can be heard a guess in getting tired, but the thing and then you go up Bluebell in my particular sperience move out was prudent. Easiest. I think, because nothing really was expected of me about,
at the same time, away from people who most frustrating yeah. But if your bluebell, you're you're boob out so people know that you know, did you a little bit but you're not expected The tap anybody you and if you get tapped out by another blue belt, approval, Baltimore Brown bottled up. It's no big deal your book and even a white belt, you and your like yeah. You know that should happen, but the Isle of wanting to learn their totally in India that you and you know how you know when you learn something from the point of not knowing anything, and then you start to learn. You learn the most quantity wise at the bottom, when you start for sure know. So that's a philosophical with reading, it's a specific way of putting thunder some stages in the mid levels where you were your mind, starts to fill up and you start to be able to really absorb yes, stuff too big giant thing.
Right, but in his words digits totalitarian, that's what I mean by like. That's it that's the way of putting it. Maybe philosophically maybe, but it's because when you I mean quantity, wise, meaning learning the moves you do too at at like black belt. Unless, as he's weird I shall move that are coming out of every you know them, and you know this stuff. It's now it's about other stuff, you gotta, learn other stuff timing, will approaches and others more like interstitial stuff, but from a blue got used to like three movie, you just don't know ever got so you learn way quicker. If your interested, you know so you like off, I have no answer to this guard. Pass I've known from a bluebell literally no once it has got us. So we can the others. Are you? Do you just just block the research I automatically net, so you just learn more. So in my experience, so I did think bluebells refreshing at all and that instead much Amabel and then, when you had purple about that's when the
earning frustration, hits because you're good enough in you kind of have this weird confidence is developed and then in Europe, you're doing so well against all these guys, and they just you just hit that one love love where you can do nothing and nobody and you just there for a long time. Because it's almost like you got a switch over to learning different types of things. Now open your brain up, open your mind, up an open, your game up and you gotta be vulnerable to learn without making yourself vulnerable from time to time. You and again there's a good parallel here with wondering about leadership. I think the same thing you come into a leadership position for the first time. And it doesn't take long before you. Ok, I gotta got, does not like your bluebell phase, restart, feel. Might in then. The more people you commander them senior leadership positions you get put into where the harder situation you have put into, you realise that all you gotta continue to exercise your mind. You gotta continue to grow. You gotta continue to try and absorb new information.
And try new strategies and tactics and still stick with the fundamentals, because that's that, One thing that you know that the fundamentals of jujitsu their funds mentally the same from white belt to black belt, and yet there. Stay change and are sometimes you break those rules in their new us it it's the same thing would be no leadership position. Does fundamentals, don't change, but then or those how're. Those fundamental principles, we want to handle these different situations that very challenging the women S. True any and brown to me, is more the same as purple built but just Morton like refined, you know. So it's it's like less of the frustration, but the frustration become like more concentrated in one crazy for me, and I don't know if this is just you know when you remember back in the past, like you forget the bad stuff of the past,
You know I mean did. Does everyone knew that depends on that? yeah I mean I know that's at all. When we were in high school, everything was great writer hey when we went to college everything was greater than in the sea years ago. I that deployments, but we forget about all the hard stuff on deployment or any one that was bad or whatever didn't work out. The we wanted to I don't know if it's that, but when I talk about the hardest stage of my Jujitsu jury journey, is one big blur of fun. You there's nothing were, I think back while I frustrated this, I'm no man, I never had anything that I go home, the job. Every time gonna like good, good nature, but those one allows cool that I learned this or manic if we like a cop what that guy he's getting good or whatever you know his carter, I don't have like these. These hard stages to media. Maybe I'm just a prisoner really enjoys a lot. I guess you're in it and oh I would say that that
most people- think so idling, I think I'm the same both in Europe were used the term for Australia being a woman when I've. Actually you know I don't. I don't want to bring the sound public audience, but actually I've seen you get frustrated entirely or I do my ferralti way of getting frustrating whenever I've been seeing the same thing with you when you miss one time you roll with IE and dean head, you Ladino get ahead of you psychologically and he'll, be like oh yeah. Like me, baby you and landing and stuff, and then the more he last less, you laugh so you're getting really met, and I remember he's doing thing where you stood up and you're like you. Look like you were just tired. What's goin on your night, haven't you turning up the heat in demons. Just like, ok and then likely does what he did. He leaned against the wall like or you can t in autumn. We get so, and you engage a word because we down and he got you. I think you got you with armor and I remember his armor because I remember thinking- humping oversee
doktor eggins out be with her arm, but I can see like a foot lots of where you going The army, you, whether you are frustrated here, then the less those like a what we could call a microphone stretching over there. But these are like little hare levels so that frustrate you know, is it possible for it to be called frustration? If it brings me joy, is it possible because either in the depths of like frustration, your good evening, untapped out yeah this ratio, can reflect on, and that's why I thank you said what when you said you forget about the bad things you forget about the bad things in a certain kind of discourse. If you regard that overall, this course as being a good thing, then you'll start of yours and I think he s and vice versa, but I never go home and say, like all man, I can't believe that I couldn't get out of there
condemned thing at least is remember they are going? I gotta have a few into their Sonny. I have to be an really what they are just the challenges that are specific to certain stages, and these are just these are real general meetings that probably applied it to everybody in one way or another in the stages year. In the same thing, with leadership like most of the time, even though I've been some situations where I was like me, I didn't do a good job. There are done better. Normally, I'm not frustrated worms working for somebody that wasn't. Let me do what I wanted to do and I had more manoeuvring to do to get right need to be the thing get frustrated joy that game. I guess they gave
yeah micro, frustrations there, like micro terrorism, your muscle, you feel em, but their offer like benefit over a month ago, and remember that injury awesome their wished excused chuckle. You ve talked about how getting into into adversarial relationships. Is pointless, but people always get into adversarial relationships with me. I've been told them scary before, but never understood why. My quest Do I maneuver on this without acting like a little weakling pitch black with bitter to appear less threatening? Do I just accept that I arab people, wrongly So this is a question I ll do my best to answer because it I am for definite time for some self awareness, her for the individual asking this question,
it sounds like you are. You know a big abrasive person that is aggressive and intimidates people, and I know what it's like to be that person, because I could be I could come across as intimidating. I know that I can definitely come across as aggressive. I can be agreed. I am aggressive in many ways. Abrasive know that not necessarily. Categorizes me because I'm very cautious about not being abrasive, because, if I'm being abrasive with people and my building relationship and make any progress they answers. Obviously now so something the thing is. When I hear this type of question, I think that there are some little bit of insecurity going on right some low. But if that's not an insult, that's when I sense cause everyone's gonna stories. I do everybody does and
But but the fact that you asked this question, I'm hoping that that means you wanna make some kind of improved. You wanna get better and. You know I'm a little worried that you might just be looking for, like a reinforcement, cause people think jobless, in aggressive. So if I say how big an aggressive needle jungle just gonna say: hey those people just scared Eu Nato deserve your mercy or Europe, Do you use your intimidation factor over run those people write that might hey what you're looking for, but you're, not going. It that here and the region in aggregate that yours cause? That's not gonna help you do not going help. You achieve your goals. And he's hardware people being scared of you. But the fact likely is is that you're, the one that scared
In you actually said it yourself that you don't want to appear to be weak, you don't want to appear to be a bitch little right. That is that feeling that fear, that's fear its fear of looking weak, its fear of looking wrong. It's fear of failure in its fear of vulnerability and those are. There was a real those are real and if you're you know, everybody should be almost fears at some level, but you have to overcome those fears. If you don't then how you ever going to step up if you're, if you're, too afraid to be wrong. How are you really answer question if you're too, you afraid to look weak, how have you ever been exposures, any weaknesses? Have you done?
Suppose any weaknesses well just build a bunk around yourself and sitting there by herself. So as a leader, we know that up and down the chain of command. You need to develop relationships right. That's what that's what you're supposed to do? That means you need to communicate with people. That means you need to talk and you need to listen and you need to develop trust in one of the best ways to develop. Trust with other people is mine, exposing some vulnerability By saint haggling, I'm not quite sure how to do this. Are here? Go it? Can you can you help me with this issue? I am going on here. I dont know how to solve it. That's ways that you build trust in thereby build relationships, and it's hard to do that because you don't look stupid, you don't want to look week, you don't you admit, you dont know,
Something because you wanna be MR strong know everything in so you're, probably putting up a front on aggressive front and abrasive front. It's a wall to keep people intimidated and then, in your mind you think it's not my fault. It's their fault, cause they're scared! Me it's their fault, because I'm so intimidating. So that is not good. And then you get the your kind of closing statement, should you just accepted, I run people the wrong way. You can. You can accept that Europe? wrong way, but then you might as well accept right then, and there that you're never gonna be true leader That's you're, never gonna build any relationship that you never get. Inspire anybody and you never going to be a leader.
Bad. Ass, unified high performing team, probably not worth it, and that the better thing to do is too humble yourself. Is to open yourself up to the pain and the discomfort of displaying weakness and error, and failure and open yourself up to try and be nice to other people, instead of being scared of what can happen. If you expose yourself go out and thrown out their act, pleasant to them, so they talk to you without fear, ending doing those things,
can overcome whatever these and insecurity, and I don't know what you're you have. It could be. Any number thinks maybe don't think you're smart as they are. Maybe you don't think yours where'd you get as they are. Maybe don't think that they have. You have the strategic. In that they have whatever those insecurities our target. We all got no big deal, but if you stop hiding them- and you owe them- you will become not only a better leader, but you become a better man, so take a breath and get up and take another crack at this gig.
But I think losing your tempers, a huge red flag, like have always said and always will say. Usually if you lose your temper and I'm nothing screaming yell undressing you're, getting married displaying that anger, what's really read once really which really bad is when people utilise their temper as a tool to scare in ITALY people go. Oh man, I want to say anything to jog. When this is you gonna lose lose attempt. Raise mind, go crazy, like that, that's that's me, using it as a tool which is not good because you're not building relationships, you're, not getting any input from people here, you're not respected by the way people my fears, If you have a bad temper, but they don't respect you, I call on you up and asking you for advice wanting you to run their their project. No and they're not motivated to do good by you and you know,
They are definitely not motivated to do good by union not around. In fact, the only reason they do anything is out of here, whereas If you have a relationship with them, you could leave for six months and the people that no you and respect you, I care about, you have written there still Boston there. Ass do the best they can for you, you glad when you come back to yet in in a lot of homesick. So the adversarial relationship thing did a way to look at. It is a kind of tax. Both you too, to kind of cultivating adversarial relationship, because for a mile Yes, I know it will get so here you you keep being dick to me who say and if I just keep being nice to you, even though your being a dick to me even though. Have a job to do with. Yes on all that in Romania, the integrity of that, but I'm keeping nice to you keeping a date to me. I keep being nice to you after
The way that shakes itself out is I'm be nice It is profoundly alternator, no law, here's the thing still get the job done or whatever, but my Reese, my response to you, if you'd be a dick to me, is not be a dick back or defend its. Just been. As you know, the weariness eight checks out as it shakes out the work guy who's, Dick Stanza, so everyone's being coup and when all is said and done, we're just dealing with one days dick. So if you, If you cultivate the adversarial relationship. It's like. Ok, you have this competitive situation, not to your uncle. Or did you guys, are jerks yes agenda with yeah, let's say: you're a nice gonna begin with dont becoming a jerk. Now you know it's true so, and I because the lead him some if you're, like a people with cream,
creating adviser relationships with me. You're gonna play a part in that relationship. In the thing with this question- and you know I mean in the terminology used which which, as you know, harangue maneuver on this, without acting like a little bit, sharing literally so eat you gotta figure not not meet, are not the most mature persons on I'm guessing amen your pride twenty two. You know twenty for something like that or you. Haven't mature lot, you're twenty seven, but you're still caught in that in that game. And I think, a times you know people when they when they meet me or they they learn bout me or I show up at their business. They think I'm gonna be that guy that's what gonna just common here and in it it's always really cool. When people go man yeah, I didn't think that it's all you have this approach that we didn't expect,
yeah. You know in by now. Most people cannot, you know at this stage in national on fraud and when our shops and where people have listen about as they know where I'm coming from now. But you know two years ago: you know they expected dispute, sergeant slaughter type thing to go that these folks in the alley these people to shape and end guess is that the individual that asked this question was kind of thinking. He gets a moral support for me, and I'm trying to get more sport, because I wanted to be successful, but I wanted to go out in a dominate the world, but to grant dominate the world, you have to be a a chess player, not a checklist where you gonna, you gonna, think you they use the relationship. You gotta use indirect warfare to go out there. Be blunt forced trauma, everybody we'll get you it'll get you you know get you. A quarter of the way there if you lucky and NATO one could you arrest away? So, just just it's no big deal man, you're young. You got some learning to do. That's all
I wish I would have a smart enough to ask this question when I was a young stupid. Twenty three year old, you got some you're thinking, you recognise that you are in a situation, so I gotta do is justa just start taken a different, a little bit more of an indirect approach, a little bit more of an open mind, a little bit more humility, dont worry about. Looking week, we had the people that are scared to look weak. Are the people at our weak? the people that are ok being exposed or the people at a shawl they'd like I'm, when we constable my leadership capabilities. So when I have initial Mackay I'll feel comfortable at this amount worried that some exotic sailing over, we don't think you can handle this. It none and I actually, I care about Situation somebody got so If you're paranoid about looking weak, it means you probably are weak. If you do we care about being looking week, prime means you're coming along,
pretty good solid check. So you don't need a hard shell. If you have a hard core, But you need Ard shell, philosophical. Yes, that is true kind of thing: yes you just made that yeah, but I mean I'm not looking at it like TAT. I was deeply I'm not thinking but that is it your statement, if you're, if your phone mentally sound on the internal envy meaningful structure of year of your being. Then you can withstand attacks. Are you don't need to put up a big wall right right? You? Nobody! your fundamentally weak. Turn away in the fundamentals of your of your being are weak. Then you need to put up a big you better tell. Protection, you'd go round it. But what to people and yeah you may resident weapons out. There really keep a boy from Gaza,
heavies- is nice- are good next wish would love to hear tips for moving to wake up earlier alarms and not disturbing spouse. Keep an alert throughout the day. You'll. Wake up earlier this year is a thing, so tips for managing the implications are making that change to get up earlier. While keeping the space or keeping to speak or keeping the peace at home and work and working groups, have you put that they have a good work? The ads are here. Type or he's he's on the inside, which area? What that is not is that's homage to the portuguese accent. Yes, Mozilla notes. It's who marched to the fake portuguese accent. No, the real work the old anything at like ie and like it will come up here, you can eat address
Certainly there myself included it gets So I wake up in the morning number one looks it looks talk about. I don't want to board pieces out of Youtube without disturbing the house. Cuz we don't want to. We don't If your spouse angry no adversary relationships with a smile at Fort there's, no, not aforethought, so what it thinks real, real, easy one out of the gate given escalating alarm What that means is that starts off quite sure. Any gets louder gets progressively louder. I am a much lighter sleeper, then my wife So this is not that big a deal to me and I can't answer but I've, I've I've slept with roommates at one to sleep. You know like in the military. No you got, you got bunk together or whatever so I've dealt with is a little bit, but it's really know factor didn't escalating alarm and they were nothing. Thing goes off.
Do you you wake up before it gets too loud await your spouse. It should be on your side of the bed, seek and make it happen, or you can pick a song that starts off nice and mellow in that kind of builds and for a long time. For this particular reason I used to have. As ban called the sword, sure is war and they have a song called Iron Swann, It starts off nice and mellow if you'll get up in time its common sir, you got. It sounds like a kind of like a game within the game right there. Where are you gonna beat the clock? Yes, you gotta be declared. You gotta get up internet thing because otherwise n n n n and adhere to it. What is it? Blacks want. No iron swan irons, it's the sort of buzzword! There
because others their size in my life, where I will put like the ultimate shocker of a tune in my in my playlist. That, if I need to get up and you get up and get on it like there's a song called rip repeat process by one hundred demons, that's all will get you out of bed will get you out of bed when it kicks in it. Just comes a constant. It's like it's like getting its, an explosion happens in your room great some by a great banned, but ways? So if but this case? You wanna go with hundred dunes. Now you don't want to go through the process, you wanna go with the sword, Ironside or an escalating along now, once you do that you gonna have the gear,
pre staged the gear has the morning. Gear has to be pre staged saga, so we're not addressing we're, not porn open drawers. Flippin on lights were searching for stuff. No, we get up. We walk out of the room quietly stealth mode, then you to either the bathroom. Now, if you have the bat come on sweet. Maybe you have some stuff staged in the other bathroom in the house. She's, walk right out the room, shut, the door and you're good. You major escape. You know, oh and obtain anything. Heads up! Midge sure that you set off your secondary. I mean if you turn off your secondary and tertiary alarms. So if your like me for any sleep with multiple alarm clocks, if you leave cause they Go off sequentially right. You know you got your first one. I phone bill, how can one battery powered- and you get a third on wind up, the wind up is the gnarly last one way right right. If you leave that things, if you ve got to shut that thing off before you walk out, you knew about it,
Iraq is now when it goes off. It's a start over because it doesn't go off. I mean most Lino fifty percent of time about before the alarms. But if you leave them on their to start work and then the new year spouses waking up in a panic moat, because now they don't know where it is theirs effort there being attacked. It's a gnarly situation, so shut off the secondary and tertiary alarms and then get out of the room. And then you know, maybe you can have your toothbrush and toothpaste aged and another in the other, bathroom or in the kitchen or get your work out gears not in a drawer by the bed we're poem that open making that racket? No, you just get up and leave so then that's! That's! That's how I do it again. I wouldn't advantageth. My wife is a pretty heavy sleeper. She gets mad when I come home from a trip and late at night. I do some on backing in the night that can be offers. Turning for
but anyways this issue. Now the next piece of this question was for alertness throughout the day. What do you do too sailor throughout the day? I think. One of the things you do is check your diet right check the diet make sure in my opinion, make sure you not ingesting a tone of carbohydrates because those are gonna make it out there can make you excited or make you fired up for Twenty minutes, I don't know. I haven't, had been a long time for the twenty minutes before you eat em like great when you actually that's really what, for your current lanes and energy, yet war, and they put you to sleep so when, when you, when you read it, it's basing them really basic sequence. Is a minute: do some output. You know in the wild and go hunting and whatever gather would do some output that expended some energy needs.
Energy animal need some rest when you get the energy providers food anyway. Serotonin on these come Was there induce you to go rest? That's the secrets prima insulin, because he has Eleanor also went away. The insolent gonna make it hard to so check your die these occur, I set a guy on Twitter man he's ease, I M an entire during the day, I'm dragon I'm sick or chequered. I his well. I think it's ok! I'm drinking a lot of energy drinks, no good! The energy drinks are addictive. Yeah there, tasty their addictive and there. They filled with sugar. Most I thought so. You're gonna get her a major sugar rush and then you're gonna crash. So we gotta be careful that they also you don't wanna, be on the crazy amount of caffeine all day and that's gonna message
system as well. Does the same thing? Is this the chip, caffeine rush and then the crash? That's that's the same day. What can no more than sugar, yet in any way I'll tell you right now. People ask me all the time their surprise that I work out without caffeine in the morning, but I'm telling you Give it a try, because it'll be harder. Maybe it's harder for you to get out of bed, maybe it's harder for you to to get ready. Maybe it's hard for you to get into the Jim with no caffeine, and maybe it's hard for you to start your work out with no caffeine. But once you start to work out. The? I don't think it's gonna be that big of a deal and if it is good, make your work out harder you know, I don't think it's a big deal so don't become addicted to the caffeine in that's gonna, be because I can get problematic and in power nap talked about this before. If you need to
it's a little power that you take sixty minutes. You set your alarm clock you Bellevue feet above your heart. You lay down and you in black out. If you really tired, dude sixty minutes, you feel, like you feel, like a rock star after one of those agree. In another thing you ve nuth your time. During the day, no big new find a little corner somewhere go banks, Pushups out, go back out of ten Berbeus yea I get. The blood flow is above all a near there's no way it's it's. It's physiologically impossible to do, Berbeus, Anne and remain tired, whatever berbeus. You can tell you you, since you turn into a physiology major over here tonight, If you want to tell me what that does. Vizier logically, I don't know, but I do know that if you knock out ten Barbie's the smallpox Paul small prescription, you will not. Tired for at least half an hour you doctor ten barbies and then field. You gotta do it. I can tell you, is illogical.
Endorphins get released, others of a german like you know you're gonna do physical activity. When you know it, you have done nothing to huge adrenaline loaded with Russia. Little bit, you still going part of it, so that those are some tips. I guess for alertness throughout the day that I use and forget that a better and by the way could better leave night yeah got a barrier, and I go to bed like using around eleven I commend that I don't recommend. Gonna bet eleven get not before thirty. No, I don't recommend that I recommend going to bed when you get tired, shut your computer off, stop looking at the into webs and go to sleep. You know what go led. An actual book Cosette, Maggie, tired, that will make it out like the opposite of Murphy's. Go read, go meet a book, you know and to sit there, and you will get more tired here unless
The real exciting are interesting book, then, while of course, of course you don't red blood meridian bed, but in Europe, because you're fast, asleep, fast liver or you only damage sleep Yeah yeah yeah that no sleep thing that'll get you so quick promptly, put you into a crash the next day dear. I don't know where you can powers while utterly Ike. If I'm gonna make matters even you at the latest, the baby here who came in here on a couple hours sleep Yahoo enrolled in here, ready record. You sat here you got after gear is true in there's all these different. Does that make you realize that makes you realize how much more you can do ethical out of people I don't wanna go to this full subject right now, but the other day I did a seventy two, our fast no food for seven years, and there's a bunch of reasons we can talk about it, maybe later parkers. I will say this, though, what one small thing if you
no seventy two hours without eating it. We calibrate your hunger meter because we just think. Oh, I haven't had of Adona into hours, I'm star vague, no I'm starving, You do not even hunger down close to Hungary so weak, break. That thing do a fast. Even if you just don't for twenty four hours. You realize that most of your heart, signals that are common. Your brain are lies and are not say in their wise, like oh, don't eat but I'm saying you don't need to eat and how liberating is it that I was? I was having so much fun. I was on this fast and I'm just like you don't even need food I don't need me to eat that. Does the ultimate control right? What our need food, food is the first will increase if your weak- you don't believe it's that type of you. That majority, going in guess what now you going to travel day and you go on
and I'm going to be in the airport all day today, and I know what I mean. I don't need anything your capable. You know there have been no seventy two hours. America will accept thirty days without food, so go, three days is not that big of a deal. It's not even that big of a doctor I did when I just didn't seventy two, our fast. He was just like I did everything nor more with Jujitsu. Ever I did worked out a did. Squatted impulsive everything was normal everything was almost not that big crazy deal, just We just get so accustomed to do just feeding the machine all the time and you can have a you know, you gotta have a meal. Two thousand it so at our fingertips, its, but it's all so you just what I realize so inconvenient to have to eat. No men ass well, so it's gonna nice once a day but happened, but a big old stake on yeah, I mean and again here, It is all kinds of people I'd, there's people at no this doesn't want to resettle like talking about this.
Particular topic, is logical and like study this enormous about this novel. These facts. So if I go into the research y. Know the facts to, but I dont care, Magaziner quote them right. I don't have the in depth knowledge that Peter a tier how's on faster. You know me or downright Augustine those guys, their ph their doctors. I'm not a doctor. Don't go ahead. That was ended. Things, people what you know. What did you do to prepare for your fast? As I did neat yeah I was. I was with If we are on a trip and we have like a lunch and then we did a gig that night and unlike eat before I do a gig and then, after that we stayed up,
bit and its work in and woke the morning. Early flight and came home and I want to trains- are worked out and get on with that. Now, when did something else in Mexico is twenty four hours. I guy you know what the next day to Filter Congress as Ireland and is held on so it wasn't. No preparation just got after it again people. Don't do. This is Annie Donalds check with a physician or whatever you gotta. Do don't listen to me the as far as like a recommendation. You should do because you know you are different in some to our fast Eddie. I dig it man, but I think really kind of the point that you are making or one of the many way I think is absolutely true. So you're in a lot of it is like habitual hunger but it goes beyond just like psychological habitual. It's like physiological is that ok, I'm used to getting food every four hours. So when the for our mark comes round physiologically you your stomach and Belgrade, my food, your mouth, where my food and then after a while, if you like, hey
you don't get food this time you something you're. Ok, sometimes we don't get food. So let's kind of act right you know and then, when the food comes, ok when that haven't recalibration real, though because then after us, beaten again and then the next year. From feel hungry ever eat something I M actually not hungry. So why am I eating? Why my eating, if I'm not hungry, This, to my mind, is controlling me when I should be controlled by might yet you know so in that's another thing where your ear is nothing new right, your mind is so strong or whatever, so you can trick yourself in schools for sleep too, so you think that you got nine hours. Sleep you'll be way less tired. Then, let's say to people is that people that identical to read identical life experience whatever one guy believes the next morning, given both got eight hours, sleep wonder, believes you only got four hours sleep and when I believe he got ten hours later plausible scenarios, but that's how you're mine nose like this. It's your mind accommodating what it thinks. The stimuli-
is so you so the other twin before our sleep believer, you can be way more tired and he's got tankers that napos looking forward need a whatever's using imagine if you woke up everyday annual accounting for our sleeping. Exactly right. I've when I actually believe our work better on How you, like my damn apples, exactly that's right! That's what he's gonna be my point. There were year like told you. I've told you that before us of its so I've told Bacco before that when we're getting ready record the pot cast the day before I record the part that night I like to sleep less like four hours, because I feel like it sharpens.
I'll. Tell you what s to be quite honest when it when I think it does it it brings it. It brings my emotions, little closer to the surface, for, like you feel like work, I'm kind of under attack, sordid like I better, like pardner right now, a better like maybe two memorandum that it's like. Oh no, this! What is I can get more like what I'm reading something? I more focused on a more into it like actively oh yeah, because I think when I'm well rested on like like a like rock solid right: oh yeah, we're not that went on a little where sleep less I'm a little bit more exposed, I'm a little bit more vulnerable right. Mentally writ and I need that because otherwise I just become very detached. I become varied attached
in its its nine also I wanted when I come in here I want to be, I want to be on the fringe of little brain right, a man if I wanna be exposed, I want to be walking in here, be like members is gonna, be this in intense this is not a walk in the park to know this can be hard to limbs. I want yes, I wanna be stressed a little bit. We I come in here. I can dig it. I see, I whispered. We like black sinking in Jujitsu. I feel better when I'm stressed- and I am a little bit more a little bit more stress- the women were tension, woman, The pressure on myself. I want to be there, make it I'm gonna, be the whole time- and I say, what's just sort of Renault: is there some days were I'm tired or I'm just hired- and I just Someone'S- I just need a power nap, so bad a parliament of literally fall asleep. You know and I hate that's a horrible feeling, but you, you know what else your feet said we operate minutes both you didn't wake. I feel like super by your colleague when people hit themselves before they go.
Because if we do, you mean they're, like slap them solely for sure I saw it on the surface. Look they always get fired up at your wise again. Invite us an exact same reason that you're talking about, because it's not like I'm getting these things where I got a kind of boats. Random under tat, you're, gonna, legitimately adrenaline rush to write for physiologically the same exact sequencing, but you're just going to consciously and instead of slaps its lack of sleep this or what have you got that some answer in everyone's grew attack me on social media for not sleeping not eating, and all that yeah yeah. Well, they worry about you know it Azalea hatred. I appreciate your advice, I know what should I do know. I should sleep or I do know I should eat. You know better, I'm sorry. What is it may even be I'll? Do it
the word should. What does that mean you shit? It's anyway the thought it a jackal dont, be you anymore trade be different than you? That's. What What actual action plan on others in the world as it earlier is. Just like hey what you're saying the foot like. You're, not citing all the signs are making claims about like what how this going to benefit. You're not like that. It's not what you doing its. It is adding doll, and I think the point is that if you push yourself through certain situations- and you prove it to yourself- they can function just fine with five hours- sleep rather than eight one or two times are, or ever or hammering. You know that you can do that. Like rule, we talk about this before, where you get kind of dependent on certain things and then to the point where you believe that you cannot function without it, whether it be sleep where the b, coffee in the morning. What would you know whatever or eating every four hours like when I was really into like weightlifting in petty building type stuff. I remember thinking man, I got it. I got hurry up
it's for hours or whatever and then can a later on in life, and I've got like I've even yet today, in its late in the day, I'm fine you're, not not lose yeah whatever, but in game. So once you prove it yourself, it's like if you stay up all night when you have worked the next day and you didn't you do your work when you gotTA begging been ok. If I had to, I could do that again. That is another thing that I enjoy about pushing those antelopes is, we feel really good good, and even wakeful oughta give feels really good to eat a meal when you haven't eaten for four. While you, you appreciate that's good, that's true, but that's kind of a psycho aware of invoking appreciate my being understood, mix wash o back to the iron swan. That's that's the song, yes disagreement or even to try the sword. The sword next question: what's the best
they handle awful random people, say bunch of intimidating thugs on a bus or a violent scary, drunk person, wealth and there's even more awful random people out there that you might need to look out for. I think this is a joke. I wish you got. People letter pointed criminals that are coming after you got terrorist that might become in after you or just trying to do random acts of mass violence
So those are those are particular type. I think that this is a question directed for more of of something that could easily happen to plan right, random people, letter being jerks or thugs or people at her drunk or higher will approach. Ok, so obviously, what do we want to do? We want to be prepared, so, to start with, you, wanna be a really physical condition, condition something you want to work out. You be be read, handle yourself physically, you want to know how to fight, that means you need to train jujitsu boxing. Might I wrestling you if you're in high crime area and a high threat area- and you think Stuff is really gonna happen out. There, then guess what you need to get a firearm either learn how to shoot a firearm. You need to train with them
I you need to understand the ramifications of utilizing a firearm, and then you need to carry out so you can protect yourself in those same things. Go if you decide you gonna carry any kind of weapon weather, its tapirs spray or a mace or an ass. Or a knife, anything that you're gonna carry you better know what you're doing you need to prepare with it. So That's what you need to do to be prepared. Ok, that's that's! What At this before I set it on the same hereupon gas few you, if you do these things, if you work in a critical condition, if you work on your fighting, if you work on your shooting, if you work on your your. I've been skills- and you never have to use them great- I I will still say, is not been wasted time. It has been time
that has made you a better person imposed discipline on you. It's got you better physical conditioning, it's good for you, so we guard bless. You should be training in these type of situations. Now, once you get to this type of situation. First of all, how did you get that? Because we need to have the judicial right. How are you not paying attention to what all around you. You need to pay attention. What's going on around, you and then you watch for these scenarios that could unfold and you avoid them period. So So how are you getting stuck on a bus with a bunch of maniacs right He there's something when they got on, you got off, that's real, simple right or go to get on and you see these not glad you walk right back off. I mean that's, that's pretty easy and all there's a bunch knock, let's walk down the street towards you go across the street walked on the other side. Situation, whereas oh you hear him coming up behind you go step off cross the street, avoid we want to be have situation, awareness.
That's gonna solve that solve Ninety nine percent of your problems is- being aware of your surroundings, understanding your situation, planning! What about just simple planning? Look where you going when are you gonna come home? You know if took a subway into the city at night? And you know you're not coming home late night and you're alone, and you who are suspected what's happening? Maybe you get an goober and set a ride in the subway. It's just planning that comes into play Well to avoid these situations. Now, if you do get caught in these situations, here's a couple recommendations. Ok, my number one is to kind of do your best. Dude detached from from the scenario rights you, Let's say you're on a bus and there's a bunch of people acting crazy,
they jumped on right after you got on and you couldn't get oftentimes now you're on the bus with em. I want you to detached from so that means you're not looking at home you're, not so Adam you're, not being intimidated, terminated you wanna, just detached just do what you would normally do you never the phone these days break out your phone started. Looking at your phone, apply. Your papers are looking at your paper study, You don't have either one of those you look outside. Look at their passing. Just just don't enter their world, don't become a part of their thing that we have gone on because what they want to do is they want you make eye contact? What they want to do is glance over them. What they want you do is entered their world because locked them these, What's that they're in their own world and you actually have to penetrate their world. If you want to get in there, so what you want. This is what I'm going to do. Is I'm going to remain? I'm not going. I'm not going to cower, though there's a difference. Okay, you give the impression of you're just like cowering and scared will then there that's that's entering their work and their they're gonna recognised now. But if you just pay
near to doing what you normally do and it's not a big deal. You do this all the time you don't care about them. Don't care about me leave me alone, that's that's where I'm going now If, for whatever reason I make some kind of, I got that right. Now I made the I contacted I've, their world, I want to go against the little had not just a little very just a little regular had not like. I would do with you. If I saw you on the street, you know just a little respectful little head now and never go right back to what I was doing. The right back out of the world I ignored their world, I'm not going to give a bunch of a market. Scared. But well of aggressive and going to be respectful. Little had not, you know. Have we have good night. And then go go back to your business again. I just wanna detached from them. That's my attitudes and wanted to tat. And this avoids them saying you know like if there looking at you and you don't look back or or they're just like bearing down on you, Will you are you?
Aren't you why you ignoring you whatever you to call for me or something like that? So sometimes you go. You look a little had not it's all good if, if now, if they do start now, seed creating severe ass clean ass, a now if they do start escalate this thing in life- You know why you lookin out or one of those things it's just again. We are trying to do. Is your to de escalate without being appearing more memorable. So, maybe just you know they know issue here, just something up like that. Now get like what will you do it right? The bustle you know mean just real matter of fact. Just did go to try and get back renal you might want to just You can try and and and connect little connection I'm trying to go home because at my piss some people often have a home. Or their home is a bad place. So what
be better than say that, as you know, are get done with work now, you're, just a working man right of course, I begin with some of those. Never job lost their jobs on save you, you're not gonna, come up with a good, but my point here is just you just gonna try and make, simple non, confrontational statements that don't, give them anything to grab onto because that's what they want. They want, Bombay. They just want something to grab onto you know, that's what you're looking for, so you don't want to. Let that happen now things can still can Ask away you know you get someone, that's determined to be a jerk or determinedly hostile return, regressive. Now I'll tell you that if you train than you work out- and you did you did you and you have skills people know it. People people better belligerence generally, can tell even
the drunken state when you see are offered some one. Are you look at someone and they have an attitude of like look. I do this all the time. I'm unified. I'm here not saying that, but just a living in people can tell the real troublemakers they can tell now? Sometimes that's not a good thing. That means do the challenge. You know So you gotta watch out for that. So I think that that's right even though on the internet it might tell it may seem like selling and different story. You know it's like all conference the wrong guy. You know Guy Street third conference, you just the master or something, and it shows that they actually fought so kind seems like all now they dont know obviously out there, nobody, but that's rare men and that's why it makes the internet it's rare. Typically, and this is no guarantee, but on the stairs I could tell before I started doing due to you, I could tell somebody was ready. Rumble I've
as is like, I was ready to rumble no fight training to a guy who was built, drink to me directly right Terry, was there we working in all I did was act like I knew I didn't know better. I'd like a new and in front of everybody goes on. Hey, I'm sorry man, my bed turning, I believe little bigger than me too, and he just said, but I was ready to avoid it. You're. The best fighting I could used is kind of go time. At that point, the use like candy raise talking's again from Chicago and he's like rubbing against me in my face. King, not like I want to fight you, but just like, like Lech Walesa, dogwood, enormous and rubbing against me and then, whatever United made like ok, we're about to fight, took up my jacket real quick whatever Annam and with a guy that the scope, just like our you're, saying no to room matter back home. Romano yeah do this all tied up in that they understand that it is on right now and then the guy in here
Surprisingly vaporize aim a mother might have brought my dad mother in front of everybody them. It's not surprising, because people that act like that art are weak, and therein secure and their acting on that, and so, when somebody's stands up to him and they look, I don't think there's no monarchs you're, not a fight. Isn't that what happened and by the way, when you do train all time, you do know how to work when, in this matter of fact, you like yeah, oh all right, you yeah hold on this It's it's good for to know that Uganda yourself now. Well he's analyses continues to escalate and you know it. You just try and keep your distance from You want to. Let him get close, you don't know they got a knife, you don't know. What kind of did these days want to keep away from now but eventually you might not be held back up anymore. You might want to keep any distance watch their hands, keep as much since you can eventually, you gotta put your hands up and kind of a non confrontational way to protect your face to protect us
Hocker points, that's common near you put your hands up just in a non confidence a up around your head and continue did he ask him out of here? I don't know why we Brahms now look looking for I don't know what you're issue is, but I don't have any issue you I'm just trying to get home from work. You don't want those things and finally Eve You get to a point where you have no choice. Well then you you'd like, the skills you giraffe you hit hard hit faster, don't stop hiding until the friends, neutralised and then you get away. Then that's In order to be able to do that, you don't go to step. One prepare yeah did some ura, the ninety. Nine percent of situations will be avoided. If you just aware most hard hit men, the most important thing, the huge
so true yeah. We would much rather have you do that, because any these situations I could go on pretty well prepared for anything I could go out tonight and have some guy square off with me and ass, I get He defiance fight his body. Cracks me the head with a boy the bottle in kills me: you could happened tonight. I could happen at a restaurant tonight. That could happen so I'm going to try to try to avoid the minute you square off with somebody you now you are now a target for all his friends. By the way I've been in some bar fights, where the idiot that these being belligerent, doesn't, the common sense or doesn't have the sense that he surrounded here by Europe by my friends and you're just taken during your doomed here. So luckily the guys that I hang out with a pretty honor? while people that are just gonna, you know crushed somebody's skull, but you don't always give us no guarantee that
guarantee there's murders every day in America and they're? Not play and all of a cell, the more they planned style love Facebook. I want to say I think I was get confused with the name because, like a lot of people We like hey, echoes and ask me questions in ingress this point castle. Leslie other bunker response, but I don't wanna be like ok, he asked me, but now you will you anyway. So guy asked me like. The scenario was used at a bar party or something Annum in Gaza being disrespectful to him and his wife were girlfriend coming in And he's like, I know the high road. I know the right thing to do. What uncle is did to deal to be done with it to leave the situation, but when you leave, you feel like a little like you washed out and that's really powerful feeling that you don't want so like what do you do men? How do you do
how do you reconcile it, or should I find there are certain circumstantially just fight for the honor kind of thing I what's the thing in so I've always really looked at it this way, especially if you're kind of like, if you have mental, can kind of control over the situation. We can be like a camel, my pride, this guy or what so when you choose to engage new and fight the guy units in what you said, the wrong thing me and I'm on a square offered to my wife or whatever you know so I mean it. Used to square off. Now, all the way to use you took on all the potential results of that you took all that on. Even if you in the fire you get arrested like everything as opposed to taken on all, the potential results probable you know it, but that come with not engaging, which include going save your wife's safe everybody save wake up tomorrow, just like you said the other day and then compare that to jail. I'm in in some way. I can't you know,
function less tomorrow, if I may make it onto my death other stuff, when you can consider the outcomes that you want In the reason, you're gonna make one decision over the other kind of becomes real clear, even though at the time, so powerful, because you're, like a man without a front everybody or my way, Vinos my honour and, from my way by your wife, wants you to leave noise does waiting to be got. The horrifying would like I'm so proud of him. You don't know you kids, like I do hope that you learn a little. That's another thing that comes with. I think, with training what time is we all know where we stand Like her, I mean if the, if there's a person, that's gonna, meet me at a bar fight. I no him like you. It's a famous fighter, it's a famous jujitsu where someone that is a known public figure that is known, providing that's like who's gonna, give it the civilian.
Doesn't train mean that they don't know. They're not gonna, stand a chance now, afore the friendship and, of course, you units measures will be Yes, the the best thing to do is avoided, but does your wife, when your wife knows that you train. Today that you get after every day that your physically fit physically strong and knows that you could destroy that person. Does she. Down on you when you walk out of their no she's like well, I'm gonna married an actual man set of an idiot rat and it's not do that, but you do like April, if unified here, Communist Jim I'll, be there tomorrow at ten o clock, Bulgaria's go, I'm not gonna find out. You get arrested. Man you're ensued by you after you, after I put you to sleep, and then I make it so you can use your arms anymore. Forever yeah and even then I mean really looks really admit it in doing that, like hey you wanna fight, I do want to fight you right, but I am a smart.
Fighter so Jimmy even that that's like there was little volume of the extra exactly as far as moves, although halo. If someone does that in posted on the internet or something like that or comes come on, let's face it. We all want to see that up There was once a Yo Yo suitably get bail outs, but but Billy, at the end of the day, that's not the decision. Vision. Is that you're right it because it goes back where said that earlier question, if you securing your manhood, yet it is not that big reveal the goat, dude you're drunk and carry on. I'm out here with my wife were to go back to our house and carry on with our lives like normal people. You can find another person getting drunk fight with an end up in jail, Billy Massey, this you can be honest, even as a full grown secure man, if you find yourself in that scenario and you're late,
me and my wife we're gonna go home, there's still a small part. Of course I will show what else. Well, especially when you enjoy fight it, you don't mean fighting us foreign, but actually you know one of the guys at the gym. Cruiser roundabout MIKE hasn't train much when you're there. Where's MIKE I dont duties. He usually goes in the morning. Tat is usually they're bringing anyways. He had somebody like say some to know. Somebody somewhere like smacked his group, friends ass like what like he brought his girlfriend into the bar and he does DR procedures, burmese, bastard Walks in the bar and this guy just straight up just ban slaps is girlfriends ass. He like turn around boom. One too to the head, dropped the guy needed phase out. Was I get boom
got arrested, be paid eight thousand dollars or something did like seventy two hours jail. I mean it was. It was the jet layer, Amy He any talks about it. Just to show you like a different in that's. Why, like his attitude, you know I talk about his again. You know the guy Cross, the line that I had to put down a hooker. In in that's, that's an awesome story, better it gives me like it for real, like What let's face it, though, that wasn't the right move as far as before you do it. Yeah? I mean you're right because we don't know what could have happened here. We know we know what the actual outcome was ended. It was like a thousand dollars ill and his wife government. For an ogre, just his girlfriend muscle bugs Durham want to say that your wife and then another, if you like, a kids, the eight thousand dollars seems more detrimental, yeah sure. But you know so I'm saying this is why we will respect you know, because otherwise,
you never know your message with and MIKE done. Look like he's a big intimidating I bought a chance. What does he way? One? seventy I'm thinking of a different guy I, but what makes one seventy he's Tophet he's at top bastard do I mean on the Mat EAST half, but he's either one. Seventy, and you know what he's probably due to really get the key. Andy wrestled. Buddy rest I swear to you any any framework. I so he's just a tough dude and you don't know who your message with an boom but the resting thing is: and you know this analyse when you make eye contact with another person in a situation like that, you are, you know if they train or not you, like others, got trains for sure I mean, for you know, that's gonna, be me out. That's awareness from the training, but still. Awesome story. Don't do that the air you I know don't do it MIKE did for might keep. I think it's just feeling just kidding,
why dont do it again mess with my girl Jacko? Were you very disciplined as a kid, and was there a set day or moment when you saw how important discipline was and decided to do it, well as a kid I think I was for the most part, a kid I was not so extremely discipline. Kid I was. I was pretty stubborn, when it came to certain things which may be some kind of in early? immature form of discipline. You have just being hard headed, but I think, as I got, either. I saw the fur thing I remember along these lines- is seeing a lack of discipline around me. I didn't identified as people having discipline, I saw like a lack of displaced are weak,
as I saw drugs. I saw alcohol. I saw laziness an ice. I started to get after it. A little bit right, a little bit a little tiny bit? But there was no one. Was there no internet. There was no guidance. I I didn't have the sense, too, to go to the library and in fine Bob off men's ball cow to be held. Pappy health is wrong. I didn't know to do in that sense to do that it. So we did some basic things, c mon, I mean some pushups. You know in any of the book. Push up work out that I did when I was thirteen years old are laughable laughable. I mean, I think, if I did, You know a set of fifty pushups. I was corner. You know boom on the right now, You are the man, thirteen fifty in, we did some silly little. What kind of barbell Dumb Bell Circuit training kind of thing now
I always liked the military. I recognize is that as a some kind of a train of discipline in there, and I looked up to military veterans, I knew one marine corps drill instructor. And if you know anything about marine cordial instructors. So now we're talking eighty five, eighty six eighty There was any wars going on, but you know when you were a kid you dislike now he's a marine corps drones he fit the part. He was just perfect marine corps about drone structure which most ring cordial instructors are per day, imperfect. Incredibly in credit, We found a job, it's very well choreographed! Very it very structured in its if it's a very fine script take your time is a real tight situation. If you could Marine corps georgia- and I knew one right now- kid- and I disagree with echo- got right this guy.
Rink order in and of course, you get like sixty eight camaro of course you do with your like. Does the man and so now so I got it I go on and then there was the whole. Core bands and I started listening to and they seemed to have some kind of there was something there right. Recognized somethin there I recognise the black flag. I recognise something with and called slap of a year, recognise something with the crow mags, and I saw there was something in there work I can't I didn't know what it was, but it was some kind of strength right in some kind of discipline was in there, I didn't put it all together, though, There was no sort of unified way to go down this path. It didn't. I didn't find that
I don't know if I founded if it, why would look like me, you know, maybe you could say that that path was the boy scouts right. The boy scouts are disciplined group of individuals that learn how to hike in Pont. In I mean so was that it don't know why? Maybe I didn't identify that are that didn't have didn't. Have the right personality was kind of kind of right move a little bit you know a little bit of a rebel, so I didn't put it all together in add some little flashes of like being hard core where some of the things I did would be like you kind of getting after this. I really minor way some some minimalistic level of discipline, but it wasn't on so I started training in earnest to join the Navy that I started to what we could recognise now is getting after it a little bit. You know it's an
get it nothing compared to what people do now. What definitely not wanted video now we're talking. Eighteen, eighty, nine. I was running through marsh she's in being covered in mud, and I was swimming in the ocean and I was doing pull up some pushups in depth and citizen again, it's nothing compared to what I do now or even what everybody does now, but I was doing what I could with but I knew at the time then I didn't really have any idea of what I or a really what people in general were capable of. I just didn't know I didn't know. I never would have thought a good pull up. Work out is fine
two thousand ports. I wouldn't have thought that you for me. I did three sets of ports and I was crying Marino, so I just I just didn't didn't know, and I guess I guess you could say I didn't even have. I didn't know to even explore those those outer limits of what I was capable of, which is a bummer, Now I see yet remember, I didn't even know another person that did polyps like the one we vote. Does it wasn't like pullup bars around it? Wasn't you know the woods somewhere in the woods in New England. There's no polyps people, people aren't like hey. I'm reports. Can you Never that question and you know anybody swam in the open ocean. I know anybody that did push up work. Gouts right, I don't know I was just in the sticks,
So when I joined the military, I was a blank slate really for all practical purposes. And it was really easy. They say you do this. This is what you do and you get advanced the switch due to be ready this. What you do And I realized very quickly that the harbour you worked net, the more disciplined. You were the easy. Your life was the easier your job was easier day. Was these your physical activities would get, and when I got to the teams. I'm really going through buds when you're going to about to my finding that guys that were going to, but then we started doing a hundred, so we started doing one hundred and fifty four suite two hundred and two workout, and then it was like. Oh wow, you can do a lot of stuff. I was getting ready to go to buzz and you go to buds. You know you realize that people, it's not dismiss individual, like spiritual,
Awakening, but no you must realize that you can do a lot of people. Can it's not a big ready on everyone know you find that I'll need only gonna buds figure that out. You figure that out. Just I'm telling you right now, he noted in all you need is a have that knowledge, but I can can you do realise that being discipline? All these things waking up earlier and working hard and training hard keeping your gear squared away and studying the material, and we are small snow. I realise at that work that discipline made life easier and it made us freer made me freer. And the more time I spent in the team the more. This came imbedded in my head and now. Oh me as an individual did I realize this, but I realize this very quickly, but I very much but since I started moving in leadership positions, I realize
that the more disciplined a squad was the more disciplined Appleton was the better that water that he was going to be and that's kind of where the evolution, the evolution of it human. It's that whole process. Finally, finally, but right now it's starting to become clear. Where the whole, you know, you're gonna pay the price. At some point, you gonna pay the price for your action. So if you're gonna prepared, like would say, I'm getting shape you committing to working out every day. That's you pain, a certain price. You need like this. We did having the discipline it do it. You gonna pay the price we can early, not comfortable work,
every day it's not comfortable, you're gonna pay little price rate there, the next day or the ito inner. The results of that work out, you not paying the price of reaping countrywards or you can not pay the price early with the work out and stuff. You still gotta that tab is still outstanding so, when you balance do we're so when it comes results time there, that's that! you're gonna pay your little price there, your body, your health, whatever. At some point you're gonna have to pay a price pay now Hey later men saw an pay. Now now you get way more benefit. Like no one remembers, or we do some of us, do we I dont remember entail pleasure in remembering the time I skip that work up possess, wasn't feeling like doing you know like that, doesn't provide its sense of pleasure in my life to think back in those days
that's not good and at the same time, when I think of like the detriment of doing the work out when I didn't feel like it, that doesn't not a bad memory. To me. You know when I do think back of like and or think, even after the result of being in better shape than the review of the average for and we're gonna judges would not gas in orbit or whatever bringing in all the girls. You don't wanta, let's face it, that something. That is a sense of pleasure that I have the freedom to be able to do that. What I want you know, you know what else is interesting about. This is sometimes I hear this, and you did this couple times tonight right people go well yeah, but your job might like, as if I'm as, if I'm not a normal person but not a year, but an unseen like your eye come at, went through like the story, the end in its painted pretty clear picture that
I'm pretty normal first yeah right, it's pretty normal, but I made decisions along the way that maybe weren't normal and that may be open the doors to being a little bit, not yeah, but their choices that you can make. So so our have. This with my kids too, you know. Who else knows or have them? I would have friends will say that would say you know what yeah. That's you. You know I had known of. If you want to win this fight, for instance, you will win this five men, you gonna be gonna. Do this you gotta get after this, you got well. You. Not that easy in in that's that's what you do, but you're you're? U in that's! You know it's almost like yeah I get on achievable, doesn't apply to Vienna and kids will say that to me you know my kids
I think it's actually a pretty big detriment that they think that I'm not that that oh I do it but That's because I me and I'm the note, I think I'm not true. It's not true, and so You know occasionally I have I hear people say that may go man. This isn't like. I guess it's come like what We are talking about the other day with someone saying: oh, oh, that's a good picture. You took what kind of camera did you use? What like that. I'm right. Oh I wake up early. It doesnt it's not just because I will give you the way I or I work out a lot o did cause you're super motivated. That was gifted Yemen. I just inborn motivated right. No, actually I'm a person, I grew up in person and so well
makes it very clear that these are just choices you can make and you can get after it totally true. And I would say that it does. When I see one who anytime, I would take consciously in meaningfully sable. That's you if I would be talking about a way of achieving like the same thing like you, do this way I would try to do it this week. I think if I was confidence that I could get them results. You know whatever that is. But what wonder is it to do about you sleeping here you can do for our slowing things, are so more so then you can do the four hours sleep and still function. I meant you're into the four hours five hours sleep thing here which is cool but I don't wanna realise there are some genetic points in there. I believe right. I believe that there are some genetic points in there. I believe there are some genetic points and in everything right and I've, told you this. I have one
of my daughters, who is most similar to me both physically and mentally sleeps. About the same as I do, if not less one my other daughters, who most physically and mentally wealth is more. Like my wife, she sleeps a lot. And so there is a giant and my wife sweets more than I do. And so there is a genetic component to it. I believe I've read articles and people semi twitter articles on time. Oh you're, one of these you know fast sleepers, a two percent of the population, all the stuff and I'm just saying, ok yeah, that's great, but then people say: oh you just work out everyday cause your super motive line, and or are you just try?
Jujitsu all the time, because you're just super motivated inside ok, rare, the boy you dont great great great thinker, absolutely correct, and even with the sleeping thing that is like, because, ok, ultimately, if you dont, have to sleep as much as an expert ensure that an advantage because yet more time, that's it it's not like you know, someone would would be. Like hey of other than that reason, blockades, cooler or it somehow more beneficial for me to delete five hours, rather my normal ate like so I mean that it put it this way, we'll wants to choose to sleep for hours? Just because you do it that's kind of weird yeah. Now That being said what's awesome is: there are a bunch of people on on the internet. Want to ban ass troopers that our between almost all these people go hey, you know, I'm.
Asked thirty two bounce hey, I lost forty to bounce hey. I You did my first speech. Today with three hundred pounds: soothes n n and there's no difference in what they were doing before, and what to do. Fundamentally in there in their genes or their or there. Physiology, what they did is they decided to make these decisions? They decided that they're gonna go out. They decided they must step up their game side going to wake up early, the deciding to clean up the died. They decide, they're gonna get after it and when do that over sudden boom, and you know what you fast forward like six more two people go well. You just do that. Cause you're super motivated. Now we ve done. We think, and you don't want. No, not I'm. I'm a person and I choose to get after it meal I recommend you choose to get after it and anchored any want it's not easy. It's not easy there
the nagging weakness that is pulling you down. You you think of my friend any about this yesterday and I always Benjamin guess all decision making right we're, wired this environment. Right now we're wired to not get after it in our brains the wired for the short term pale free now in times of scarcity of amendments, but Why do you better get it while you can't food may rest right everything you better get it when you, when you and your body starts to adapt to the environment, has been going on for so long sword like men. If you're tired, that your buddy telling you something you gotta get their rest, you see food some fat alot of calories, mom, you know fashion.
Bugger, Lenin, energy. Wouldn't you better get that you gotta eat it now now physiologically you're like that in a mental you're like the? U wired that way, so my point hyperbolic discounting All that is is choosing short pay off over the long term, pay off oftentimes when the long term comes, you regret your short term pay off decision most of the time right yeah. So it's a spectrum in others, some some some things are more or less detriment. So discounting is when you choose that short term pay off. You can try traced back all your success in failures to making that short term pay off decision over the long term pay off. But here's the thing here is my point: it brought the odds, are cut. If we you say it's, it's not this is a fact, it's not easy because you're not why you have to learn. You have to be trained out of discounting April of this year to be trained.
In one way or another, with his friends from somebody from your environment near you know like if everyone's, if, if ever eating healthy around you, it's variant clear that you're gonna be like all this, Ok, I'm not do it. You know it's, it's really unlikely, so you can get trained by that wavering and by. But the point is you get you have to be trained out of this way of thinking is required for it in all. It is the short term, but offers a long term pay off like a city that pay them price somewhere, you might is, will pay the price short term now and get the benefits for the long term. There they were wired against it. So that's why it's not easy, but it train yourself out of the man. You know you yourself out of it, drew up get after it get after. You is through the richer. Speaking of instinct, is it possible to train instinct and can we trust it wholly in fighting and in leadership
Well, the first instinct is: is it like a voice and it's a voice that you can listen to its voice, that you should listen to and you have to get no your instincts right. You have to get to know me. I know how accurate they are and which ones you should listen to and which ones you wouldn't listen to and its real. I would like with fighting. It very obvious. With fighting you train to appoint that your instinct knows what to do so. Gets in deed, in four under hook on you, you you, you swim to defend that under I'll give some gets the underdog bomb you put on a wizard right buddhist instincts and its good and in its good to have those instincts. It's perfect now, sometimes even in fighting you're in
Things are actually wrong and I'll give you a very good example of this is Rowan with a guy by the name of James Nicholson. Give you all the James before many many many came so James Black belt, spinning, and in forever he's got a different jujitsu, a different digital, weird jitsu. It's weird, It's different in the thing that you have to remember, when you rolling with James that's your instincts are likely wrong. The ear crazy, but your instincts are likely wrong, and I know that that that's a blanket statement in its actually true for instance, he want, two to pass garden, get across side. He wants you across side, which is crazy in Jiu. So your instinct, get passes, guard and get across side and dig in deep water with with had control on him and haven't his arm. He will get what he wants. You do because he has a whole series of mood.
Was that he does from there now much like we were talking earlier about along lanky guy. That does moves at no one's used to James does move that people are not used to and the moves that he does. Cap, a wise on your instincts. So, for instance, when you trap is head from across side, and you want to put your arm their new put it there that your instinct, he wants you to put his arms workers, he's gonna get hold of it, trap at ease, gotta sweep or nor mockeries gonna set up from their. So that's the thing you have to recognise and you have you can't just blanket obey your instincts all the time, because sometimes your instincts are going to be wrong. That's the way it is, and it is definitely the same thing
leadership and it will win win using instincts and leadership. The first thing that you kind of have to do is you have to become aware of your instincts and you have to pay attention them and pay attention to what you're thinking and paying attention to what your instinct is no your instinct and then look at the after the post mortem and see if your instinct was correct or incorrect. And then you ve got to see how often you were right with your instinct and how often your instincts were wrong, or what's your name, Biases are, for instance, you got some people that are there. Their instinct is too positive right. All you know will be able to get this done it in how oftener you write about getting it done, and then you get somebody to negative therein It is a negative that will never be able to get this done. We should even go. No,
maybe you're wrong. There met there's some people instinctively, they trust people too much sago echoed, I know, he's gonna handle I'm gonna, given the project he's gonna run with it, he's got it and there is some people that instinctively dont trust enough and they go man. ECHO, Zambia, Landless, I gotta I gonna micromanaging and so those those two other examples of learning what year per no instinctive biases are so that you can calibrate them correctly. In that way, you can adjust your biases, and you can mitigate their impact and you can utilise them and give creed in to them and understand them and utilise them to the best of your ability and both leadership and fighting both of them when, as the more you do,
the more you pay attention to your instincts. The better the book gonna both become now. That being said, there is another kind of instinct that joining beyond be on the lookout for and this one is a liar. This one is Sabbath tour. This one is a backbiter And, like the devil himself, he's shape, shifter he's gonna disguise himself and make you think he's got your best interests in mind, but he doesn't This is the instinct, it says you ve had enough. Does the instinct that says you if you ve, given it your best shot
you can you can stand down? You can back off. You can taken me. This is the instinct. It says you can rest now do not listen to that instinct. Do Not listen! That instinct is a liar and wants to bring you down that that's the sneak. That's a defence mechanism wants to give you an out of place to run too low. The place is sympathy, an amnesty, a little place of amnesty, where everything is forgiven. We're all these These failures can gather together in comfort, drown their sorrows,
Lies in deception and they tell each other and they'll tell you you did the best, you god they'll say the dac: the deck the deck was stacked against you and they say it's not your fault. And I'll tell you it's ok! To stop! It's! Ok! To settle! It's ok! To give up. And that is the instinct you need to fight. You need to push back to smash into the ground- do not take the easy way out do not give up bay.
On instinct. If you are forced to stand down to retreat so that you can we old and re attack, so be it but make that decision based on logic, not on the instinct of surrender and defeat, and you need to green. That instinct, your instinct train to say, get up, go fight on. And if that is what you become? Is that becomes your funding
it's all we action to adversity. If that becomes your got instinct, then you will overcome just about anything stands in your bath and I think that's about all I've got for the night. So, thanks to all of you for listening to this part gasped and for supporting the pot cast the now echo is gonna. Tell you how to do that in the most efficient way,
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Some some good supplements, which is saying a lot because this you know, there's a lot of not good supplement on. It supplements the best. It's like it's, not even really a debate anymore. Really. Now I remember disintegrating given like what were trying to do what all of us are trying to do here and, if you're in the game listeners nor yeah. So it's not like you're, not gonna, find power. Gainer five thousand chocolate protein tub of outer it's not that it's like luxuriate supplement our brain new tropics proven they got all the literature on there too, by the way crude oil the best quality eco friendly produce, at any rate, the best supplements by far on it that can't lush Jacko eating at ten percent off. So these resources were shown DEC.
Shrimp. Dickie recommended highly recommend. Have you committed state story last time, but that about the crude oil in joints? About my? Ro, I'm telling you the crude oil. Even if you do even realize it. I didn't even realize it, but when, after a while, when you take you like math its scale, good Julia Route from TAT for you, if you're getting after it high intensity stuff, for you know you can a prolonged period, that's gonna help you, notably you feel it. You have to utilise like oxygen better in your most some like that, I'm that the scientists behind it. Obviously you can read about it if you want, but down a good one, and we should also supplements- are ten percent off and they're all legitimate and our know if a warrior bar is even a supplement, but it's a bar
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help. Do that actually helps the ratings are something with with Itunes. When there's more use. So why do we want to have good readings ratings? So then it gets bumped up. Why do we want a bumped up? people do. Why do we want more people? Listen to it, because we want more people getting after it. We want more people to do better. I want I want more people, Newgate get more feedback on we'll talk more people. When I see Brady Lantern at his duties. To class scene, I just got after Tommy Lou. He lost thirty pounds you did. You know that's what we want more that's not what I let em assuming that sitting. That's why so, ultimately, it really gets down. I definitely I use the word motivated by us. There is no other way. I am definitely motivated by the people that are making their lives better than the people are getting better physically by the people. It again
better mentally, that right mean email or send me a note that says: oh had the use and abuse flanking on my boss. Today you got him. He opened. That is good to go thousand percent. That's what I like to hear when someone says ECHO can. I use your in jackals likeness anything on my bulletin board for my students to employ extreme ownership. Can I do that just the fact that that's a question you wants to ask. Makes if just just a lot of your fingers exhorted what today I didn't know about getting after it. When I was thirteen years old. Imagine someone being in a classroom and be like you after he has got to hear this. Here's a cup guys there get after it. You know what why don't you get out thirteen year old boy. Thirteen year old girl once make something happen. You know what you know. People are: do five hundred polyps work out you two twenty eight twenty eight done anything around here, step up your game.
So exposing the world so that people can do better do more be more ago. Yes, you had more people being less abrasive, losing their temper left, or less exercising stream ownership, Nan Discipline, in all things, pursuing freedom through discipline. That is a better place across the board You might even go so far as to say unmitigated, Davy, disappointed. All things will feel that the ultimate goal also subscribed e too few want what's more videos on their aside from just the park as video at my videos on there and we have been- and I think that we- not u echo, but we, the rat
thus, I think we can motivate you more to make more videos, because every time we make a video like when you, when you not just a clip of the park, asked but when you make a legit video, a noisy and I think a lot of people say the same thing and is actually want to preserve their data that are making badass videos to issue a gene, Jean Rotten, Jeanne Roderick makes some healer these We put his videos on the Jackal podcast page. I think it did at damn put videos on there in a Yes, we can. We should. Yes, we will we'll do that, so that, but you can see all the trooper worked. It goes out there. You know what it does to in the small little way where you not ok, you're say some words you saved were ill, say what you say and I take it a certain where my team really hit me at resonated with me. Other people, other words might hit them harder or
less harder or whatever. So if people have, like video, editing skills or they know how to video edit and suchlike, then put tracks and do that so when they put it out it it's kind of, it is a representation of how those words hit them. You know, like a you, make a decision to put a certain type attract behind What you're saying very recent source interesting, see dang, that's how that hideous. You know in this field. This feeling is how it hid in the USA to hang. You can get a differ dimension of it. It's three because for me I mean I don't hear my word. Right here my words then I I hear my words with with the same thing, you're saying like the way it's entering their brain, because we know that your video right, when you make a video, its reflection of the mob, what's going on in your mind and soul, some of those videos that gene made. I was like. Oh yet, like yeah
I got it go it's taken me inside his head and what appears to be from inside his head, which is awesome to hear an awesome to see so we are. We should get those and hit a couple that when didn't go through the copyrighted material He took the wrong songs or somebody it was about Our committee has of those around that's the other part of the battle, or is there a need which, whichever anyways. What I was gonna say is, I think, the more people that are Youtube drivers. I think, more motivated that you will personally get that's my opinion to make. Even more bad ass videos less my opinion, what like you think it might get like a competition, can make them No! No! No! No! I don't! I don't think that I think you're inspired. This video the same way, I am that other people make, but I'm saying I think you will just be motivated more of the more people like you know when you say of videos just been uploaded by Jacques
broadcasting. You know that it's got one of fifty thousand you'll, be that book click bomb, gradual start getting more. You personally what you'd get after the directive, probably as it the process, One is that one of the original ones that someone else me. I hate that I can't remember like the names of the people, did it, but it's the one. It was too The Pacific Sancho here is one of the original and throw I'll admit bribes drinking one night. Random India on them and you may drinking that made you drink even more I'll I'll drink. Some ass plain ass, a problem feeling so deeply right now I played like literally like eight to twelve times just in IRAN, tangs soul like just because you see There could remove visa cliffs from this in its data, its mash up and in all the
music and here's the thing: it's not like hard core music. It's not it's! Just like man! It's it's really good! In I think, like I said, that's like such a good way to see not only just your words but how someone else heard em interminable and put him back out there and also like dang. It's like a whole new dimension, anyway, yes, I get more on the tube for sure, I'm already more on the idea you are but I'll keep it will keep it up or deepening. The small. Doesn't different topics. Make videos yeah. No. I will again due also to support this package in the event of you being in the mood to support this podcast, you can get some cool stuff. I think it's cool a jackal store dot com,
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Which is awesome, and we appreciate it, go ahead, pickup copy, if you don't have one, if you got people in your life that you want to help them get in a game, Diego Dismal Sutton, for constant twenty bucks, and then you get your? U help somebody so that's good and, of course, If you haven't heard yet October twentieth, twenty first in San, Diego California, were having the extreme ownership muster. Two days of get some with life in me, I've gone deep on combat leadership, on the battlefield in business and in life coming get it
the amount of troopers letter signed up. It's gonna be killer to have everybody together, all different industries company businesses, fire fighters. Police officers, a the whole gamut of people that are in leadership positions that want to learn they want to share that want to get better. So come the master. Extreme ownership come and get it, and, as always, if you want to keep on.
Can a kick in it with ECHO Charles and myself. We are all up on the entire webs twitter boom Instagram yup Face Bookie, where their echo is at ECHO, Charles. And I am at Jocker willing and fine Lee to you. First, those in uniform military police fire. Those of you holding the line. Train hard be vigil, be aggressive in be balanced in your approach in all.
To those of you that are out there working and I I travel the country- and I spend time with you folks as well. You folks tat are out there working that are building that are making things from construction workers, building roads and bridges and buildings to those Eu Building or remanufacturing engines or building, Cars or trucks- those you that are out there. Building the next generation of technology hardware and software- that's gonna make life better. I
with you all the time I see what you're doing the builders, the makers. Thank you for working your ass off to build the world that everything in it and to all will you troopers out their living life. Driving
grinding and doing the work, give it everything you got, put your head down, grit your teeth and get after it. So until next time this is ECHO and Jacko out.
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