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405: All on The Field and None in The Tank. Battles, Bullets, and Lessons with Ret. Navy SEAL, Jimmy May.

2023-09-27 | 🔗

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Retired Navy SEAL, Jimmy May discusses The Battle of Ramadi, and his SEAL career. Also his Non Profit, Beyond The Brotherhood.

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This is jacko podcast number, four or five with echo charles in me, java willing good evening. Echo believed it. the enemy rounds, continued hitting the wall and edges of the roof. Top Michael had take The bulk of the blast and shrapnel his wounds were many and grievous with any gunfire. Increasing benny knew that if he didn't get, back on a gun. None of them were going to make it off the roof. he did not want to leave michael side, but this. The only thing left that he could do benny ground Michael's mark forty eight and went to work. sent long continuous outburst back at the enemy. The pain from his wounds faded into rage by this point? The iraqi scouts had made their way back onto the rooftop and began to help benny with the fight guided by dug and MIKE s the roof
was taking heavy fire from multiple enemy automatic weapons safe, guys need to get here fast, dugan, ire, her bad and mikey is down hard mike s called, into the radio. He didn't! No, that seven his team were already on the way to reach their position. Got you were coming Hang in there guys the brow these are on their way south called back in response. Says element had heard and seen the to blast from their over watch position and were already moving when the call for help came in the men urgently picked up the pace when they heard the amount of enemy automatic weapons fire that friends were receiving them. gout from the main entrance and headed west. Initially, was quite at their position, but within fifteen seconds of hitting the street all broke loose. and me rounds snapped and skipped around them, they move
From covered a cover returning fire as they closed the distance to the other over watch position, sir we assume, from the other element, burst onto the roof and handed over to doug MIKE S and Michael, was followed by staff and the other seals one. Strongest seals grabbed Michael and hoisted amount to his back. Seth grab doug and the other, the other took MIKE ass. They could hear Twenty five millimeter, auto cannons of the bradley fighting vehicles, begin to fire effectively suppressing the enemy and provide cover for the seals to load their wounded. When the wounded seals arrived back at camp corregidor They saw the men from the first, the five or six lined up waiting to support wherever they could another testament. The bond that the two units shared MIKE S and Michael we're load.
onto structures and brought into the aid station on the camp. Does Mike S were given out of morphine and for the first time since the grenade explosion finally had reprieve from the piercing physical pain. The reprieve, however, was short lived. The atmosphere in the room shifted the mood had darkened. two men could feel it. then they overheard the nurse say it Michael, was gone. In that sobering moment. I became aware of what Michael had given them He had freely exchanged his life for theirs. It was september. Twenty ninth, the feast of Saint Michael, the arch anger, the archangel the prince actor and guide of war fighters.
Time immemorial and whom Michael had been named after. twenty five years earlier. That right. There is an excerpt from the book, defend us in battle, true story of medal of honor recipient, Michael, a month's or which have written by george months, or Michael's, father, and it was an honour to have george on hot gas number three. Fifty nine. To share the story of his son mikey, who was part, seal team, three task in a browser when he jumped on a grenade to absorb the blast, save three of our other teammates three over other friends. three of rather brothers and the.
Strong seal, who grabbed Michael and hoisted him onto his back to carry out the rabbies, was another team and another friend of mine and other brother named Jimmy may and jimmy served for over twenty two years in the navy. Most that time plus years as a seal troops in combat both iraq and afghanistan, key led training he's a jujitsu activity or key attended, harvard business school and he's been friend of mine, since a day we met in remedy, which are to be on august. Second, two thousand six. The data mark Lee was killed and it's an honor to have Jimmy with us here tonight to share some of is experiences and lessons learned
Jimmy sexual come by my legs were: have a man, you jump right into the heavy stuff, we're not gonna mess around yeah well, I mean it's obviously a day when we will never forget and something that the more people know and understand, and recognise and remember the better off, we'll all be so, I'm sure we'll get there. We will talk about that day but let's, let's, let's talk about how we got there and how we got here The day will talk about you where you came from the start at the beginning. So what texas kid yeah texas, but EL paso. So it's kind of like right on the border. It's very much I mean the mexican influence is all over the place. I spoke a lot of spanish growing up. I had nicknames like wedo or lecce, or anything else. That means white. You know I still to this day feel very comfortable in that latin culture.
and I spend a lot of time in mexico working playing surfen. Do you still speak? Do you speak spanish? I speak it. Ok, I speak spanglish I would never do it here on cause, I'd, probably say a lot of bad words and I'm not supposed to say cause. I didn't learn it in the classroom. You know what I mean. You know how that goes, yeah we employ your mom and dad dude grown up. I didn't my dad much good, my dad three jobs. He worked at gibsons, which is like Vaughan's or something like that, and you worked seven eleven and then he my uncle lived with us too. He worked at pizza hut were probably below poverty family for most of the time, and you know my mom, she worked too and, as I got older, they ended up. My mom went to college cause they're like we gotta do better than this. You know, and so my mom went to college and when I went to high school table finished, but I was mostly lower middle class for my life and then I didn't know what to do. When I got out of highschool during high school. I was a
wrestler football player? And then I just never thought that college is for rich kids. I never thought I could go how good of a wrestler were you I was decent. I I took fifth, the state of texas, my senior year, but you know the guys are going, really when they all come from oils. Midwestern, like good grinding states in order mean those geyser they start early in. There a cut above, at least at that time, and what about football for it was decent. I played a lot, but I wasn't going to go to college on it. I'm a little fella. You know who I was because you guys walking around, but I played cornerback and then wingback, so I I was in and out as receiver and then I returned punts and kicks. I was relatively fast for back then about school. Did you pay attention and school? Did you try and go night and trial? I just It's like I'll, just enlist in the military, like the rest of my family did almost. I think at that point. Every adult male had been in military, most of them thrown out for something a lot of them got in trouble
I was gonna list. Had your dad been in the motor, my dad was a hot missile tech in the army and he got out. He didn't say more about it. But I do remember, like you know, my dad died the things he did. I didn't know much about armor service on this tombstone. It said u s army and it had the dates he served. I'm like that's interesting of all the things he has his army service, honest to himself. I dunno, just kind of was interesting to me. So, sir, your grown up at your parents are working all the time. Now. Did your brothers sisters yeah. I got a younger sister and I think, a younger brother. So my sister's two years, younger than our brothers he's five years younger than
and where you kind of like the man of the house, then a bunch with their if they were working all the time. I was kind of I kind of picked on him a lot I gotta say like I was kind of like the quintessential big brother, like tying them up and doing stuff and messing with them like letting the spit drop ride rather than sucking back up. You know I kind of picked on him a lot we're pretty close. Now, though, I'm happy to say you know, my brothers started, no college started as super successful cell phone tower business. He puts lightbulbs on cell towers, he's crushing it and then my sister she's, a teacher she's just and she works for me now actually was made executive. I I appear to do all the things I don't know how to do and she's awesome trust lowers the cost of transaction she's got. social, my credit card and everything you not take it. I just trust her. She pays room, I don't even pay attention to it. She take some money cheese website. For me, I really haven't seen it. I don't deal with so you're you're growing up in EL paso and basically to buncher. I've been to EL paso, like, like you, said it
huge mexican community are getting into trouble. You stay out of trouble. What was keeping you from life? getting a lot of trouble, yeah I got an. I should have been in more trouble. I used to go around the radio for a little bit. I rode bulls walking around there and then I also used to go. I go to war as which is like the sister city of EL paso in mexico, because you can drink down there and then actually boxes. Chris down there sometimes and justice sort of stuff that my family was pretty appalled at, and I was really hard to control because me and my dad kind of had it out at when I was about sixteen seventeen we really didn't talk much until I left again for the navy, it was. It was widely tension, relationship, was he turned a like control, you and you don't like that. He was super controlling, but I'm also kind of an hard to control. You work with me. You know it's I had my own attitude and my dad he trying he tried to control by intimidation but wrestler.
player after about sixteen. You can't do that anymore. You know, you probably should have done a different way and we got frustrated with me and you know we didn't talk much, but he he's he's dead. Now he died of cancer when when austrian buds, but he really turned around. I have to say you know him. as two years he saw the writing on the wall and he, you know, swallowed some jagged pills and you know really manned up and became a pretty awesome person. So I'm happy to He he figured it out yeah. You know you kids. If you're trying to do you're gonna, rebelled at some level and the more you try and control them the harder they're going to repel the worse. It's gonna, be and by the way, like You just mentioned all oh hard to control our work for you, but like I never felt like that with you. never felt like any. I didn't feel like you're controlling me. Exactly you kind of like gave me a direction and you'd look at me like hey. That's a bad call and explain to me why and then act like you didn't control me. I don't. I never felt like a chocolate pulling. Right now we are still on the mat
it's it's it's a good perspective to have. You know, especially from that kid pursue when you're raising kids like if you're gonna try and get them to do exactly what If you want them to do, there's a decent job, they're, gonna kind of say no, I'm not doing and the probably harder thing, not just with kids same thing like you know, with with your people that work, if you're leadership that people that work for you, you can do I think you can tell them off as well, and you be for controlling and but you might think all my way really is better and if your way really is better. Now you got a bunch of people that don't want to work for you, they're not going to give it the full effort. You're. Not. gonna see everything is your down there trying to control everything has gone on. So, just just don't be a micro manager as a parent or as a leader. That's recommendation yeah, and then you also. I remember one time I do so they re like. I came back from an up and we were doing something and you like worry you and I couldn't find the spot we're on the map. I never felt
so embarrassed in my entire life. You like nano shown the boy in eastern you like, or something not because I want to hear- and you knew well. You knew that I didn't know where we were, and I was so embarrassed and to this day that, like we used to hike across the grand canyon that I had about every stop because it was so angry in say. I cannot believe how embarrassing, yeah that, knowing where you are and that something that when I was a young seal, we what one has gone through seal tactical training. what became sq t and it was without like twenty, I swear to you guys it's your team one and we'll go out on petrol and do every different position annual. quantum us we're security and then rose wearier security for four hours, and you have no idea where you are it was so frustrating to me because I was a cut communications guy. I would be close enough, like the austrian appointment to be like looking at their map. Looking on them, see we're out, but no, I have to know where we were announced before
dps, yo, yo yo domain and you gotta stop and mean meaningful, take out your map and spread it out and put your wetlands low to the ground and all those things it's a pain. So when I will became an officer I would always do my It's best to make sure everyone knew that where we were and then So when I was in e five and I was now teaching at seal team one- and I would have these officers that didn't know where they were oh yeah and how it'd be like butch, you know I'd I'd, break out my map and be like hey. Where are you if they didn't know, I would just like try and explain to them it. If you don't know where you are, you can't call for fire support. You can't call for an extract. You can Do anything you can't you can't even really navigate any working, even know where you are so. Yes, if I probably detected
it might not have known exactly where I knew it too, and I was trying to get out of their tiny office and you weren't having it until. I clearly explained that I couldn't tell you exactly where I was right on all right, so it seems like life in EL paso was looking like a little bit of a dead end, but you're like whoa, I'm going to join the military, no factor! Well, I didn't know what I was going to do so I went. I took a test and I did super only as about I'm. Not a super academic guy end up getting like a ninety nine. What I think is the top, so nor ever you want, and so we should do. Nuclear Are you get automatic three and you'll be four after nine months, unlike that sounds like I want to make some money. Nuclear power is really any idea. What was going on now,
No clue I dont know why join the navy just F, why the nuclear power programme in the third, unless a guy them all in the navy, is a really hard programme and it's a really hard job. It's a very technical whore like down in the freakin engine rooms on a nuclear aircraft carrier aura marie nuclear sub, like it is a freak in hard job and the no margin for error, like it's a really tough training programme and it's a tough job, so they just Wind you up, like hey you'll, make a three and you're like yo sounds good. I think they get bonus for like science for sure I think it's like hey. We get a nuke in here, and so I got to the camp. I did real well a bootcamp, I got you know. I was like the navy league guy and I was the one recruiting bootcamp and I'm like. Oh man, maybe this, but I just I just didn't like it, ok, I get to nuclear power school. That was pretty hard. Study a lot. You know meagre, which are common, coconut
Smart hard anyway, as I get there and I studied hard. I mean it was hard, but I had like a three one gp. I worked real hard and I didn't like it. I could tell this isn't for me. You know, and one day I was coming back, a finished nuclear power school and then you go to the single prototype where you like practice, running a nuclear reactor, and this lady's car broke down the side of the road. I was coming back from daytona beach pullover. It's not that hard to fix. It was like the radiator gasket between the upper radiator hose and the intake manifold, not a big deal scraped. It bottled will cut a gasket at autozone, put it on there for she's, like hey man, I know. Can I give you some money for this and she gave me thirty bucks for pizza, which I thought was fair. You know so I took it. It was a seal's wife, and you know that thursday, where I'm like, I snuck I book in to the to the assembly, because no one talked to me: I'm a stupid student, I'm just trying to study cause. I studied a lot which assembly as it was like this. so they had an assembly on thursdays when this year would address him.
My case, students, it's like broken all hands yeah all hands, called prayer and and they're like going to call Jimmy may up here and er James may seem it was a seaman seaman may yeah. I like someone's. I have a colony on, but there's no way the economy's know, they're calling you I get up there and the lady walks out and the captain and I'm like hey. I recognize you and catholic, as my wife is ok, thank you and that you give me a little letters have like nice city or something I dunno. If they call it the opposite of a reprimand, it was like a characteristic, but it's not quite big enough to like wear a ribbon with whatever that middle ground is and then he's like. If I can ever help you, let me know I was like well, I got up. I got to officer package im, just not going well, because mercedes aren't that good on the mic and eleven hundred guy and they're like because it gives to me, will turn around next thing. You know I'm going to Texas aina, so dang dude, I so now it's gonna to texas em, but
you're goin as a e three or something? Well? I went in there and they want go into the core cadets, and I really had a problem with it. Could you show up in he's gotta yon at me about military stuff and none of the military. You know very It had to be in there supposed to be yellow and I was over it. I'm like. Are you kidding me? I was such a problem child to my upperclassmen cause. I just I mean I I had a job because I had a daughter in college and I had to make money, and I remember I came back from work one night and they had tore up my room so mad, I'm like who did this and I'm not going to stay there, I still remember their names and I I was in the room and I too I pulled their racks over and tore up there unless so pissed and then and then it was interesting that one short do with me and end up eventually getting thrown out of the car cadets for the clerk at at at at. There is
like all rotc basically is about. It is as if it when I was there, there's like two thousand people there, but only ten percent, one military. So a lot of em, it's almost like a military ask. kind of thing but you know they do a lot of leadership, training and stuff, and it's got a really good history, I'm not going to like talk about about the corps cadets it just. I I had a real hard time getting yelled at about militaries to have. People have been in the military and I'm like you know, actually my guess if the book was there at the same time, I was yeah yeah and he didn't even play the game at all. He's like he's he's like I've, been a marine, I'm gonna, I'm moving off campus but he was more than I was. It took me a couple years before they had enough of me and said: you're just gonna go off campus and stop this guy. run on and then how you doing scope. So I kind I
I didn't study, but I found ways around things you know like they. They just have a great distribution, they'd published. What's ok, which teachers have these as classes, so I would like do that, find the easiest classes I'd go to those, and then I would you know I was always you know dating like up a girl that Heaven was in the school athletics. They had the old tests which isn't legal because they have a test bank and so basically, if they have like six hundred questions they choose fifty of him for the test. If you study all of your questions, you're going to find the test, so I always found ways around things. I never really tried to learn. I had to work a lot of work like forty hours a week and what were you doing for a job, I was a bartender eddie stake house out say it's like like outback caliber, but its was cut off for treats. It was like an. English deemed and it was good cause. I didn't have a lot of money for food, and so I used to this rule one as bussing tables like okay, if I'd kiss her out you'd have
so thats. How I got it, otherwise, I couldn't afford food, so we just aid you. So you add up what. When was your daughter? What year of college did you did you have your daughter, my? It was so she was born and ninety nine I got. There are ninety six, but start working right away as well, so she was born in nine and ninety nine soaker over my sophomore junior. and at what point did you hear about the seal teams? Did you already know about them? Do you learn about them in regular navy boot camp like what how that client? This is such a like an like an amazing story. I was just kind of beside myself with everything I was just kind of grumpy, I'm like what the navy I didn't like it seem ridiculous. To me, college is ridiculous. I don't go to class. I have a three sixty pa. This is ridiculous, like what is there anything hard and my uncle? He was he'd been in the navy. He was one of the guys who did a good job. He had been a warrant officer when he got out. I believe and he's like you know, the seals are hard, but you shouldn't do it, I'm like why he goes. You won't make
It's like how come he goes. Nobody makes it I'm like. That's it. I didn't even really think about what a seal did or anything. I just wanted to try to get two buds, because I was looking for something hard and it was hard. so our train in heart I did yeah. There was a little group at texas am so I really accept a struggle with the corps. Cadets thing I didn't like wearing uniform in the morning and there was a group there of guys who wanted to be seals and they just got up If nobody else, like thirty manage earlier, you ran out crazy, hard workout and then you showed up to chow late, but you could actually eat cause like if you're a regular, cadet everytime you upperclassmen will talk to you spit your food out and you have to sit tension and you had none of those games. You talk about at lcs and it was kind of like that. From the moment you quit, you had to have the same ever had the same food, unified chao, it was ridiculous. Then
When I want these guys, I could sit down and I could eat good nutritious. I just destroyed my body now I can get good nutritious food, and now I can't go drinking every night because I got a pretty hard workout to do the next day. So it really like put some discipline and structure and lot of those guys became seals. So all those guys that were my upperclassmen, they were, they didn't treat me. I was a freshman, they didn't treat me like a turd. You know what I mean like sharp. You do your stuff and I really found my nation that groups has cost me, so it's hard very hard to get a bill it for to go to doesn't officer how the hell did. he pulled off. So I I didn't have the greatest grades at a decent, but you know nowadays, especially oliver o's are like for old ivy league guys. You know- and I went to this thing called birds back then, and many buds was like a little taste of Hell. You know you do like two weeks of buds and you do two weeks with with the team going around like some geo get stuck with having to show some midshipman around.
But the two weeks in many birds I did really well and they give the top three guys a contract. So out of many buds, I end up getting a contract along with the I know, the other two officers actually that in there they did pretty well on the teams. So it was a that's how I got it: yeah hard, that's a hard thing to do heartening to pull off so you get down you graduate from college and then it's gonna. Its power out but work out for you. It like two thousand one, two thousand one yeah. I got a graduate august nineteenth. In the summer I took a bit of a victory lap. I was like done the five and a half year plan for college and then a sip, we get there in september and they're like hey. We've got a slot to get this next class, I'm like yes, let's go just jump into it, and so I jumped right into class to thirty eight. The only thing I failed. The whole time was drown proofing, I'm pretty negatively buoyant, and my gods seems like a lot like the black guys had a hard time because they're pretty negative too, wasn't that ilk of those guys. It had a hard time being negative. You don't have enough combat swimmer muscle it that's what I
idiotic lean. I get cold yeah yeah I was like, so I did everything fine, but I couldn't float and do a two minute float, and so I failed and the instructor I was sitting with other nine guys have failed. If you could pass right now. This is your last chance to get back into buds and then struck, not something I can the only gotten one have tried to jump back in the guys. Okay, look you're not going to float and it was a black dude and he's like you need to swim in circles. That's all he told me and then I got back in and I did it and I you know it drop- was pretty tiring, I did it back to back the second time it takes about twenty five minutes. It's even more tiring. If you don't float, it is super tiring. If you don't like for me, I was floating when you were swimming in circles. I was just chilling. I was just cruising swimming in circles, struggling yeah was a guy- has a black guy in my class. He was from africa super good dude you, nobody had a cool african like british type accident and dude. He when they would push them
the water like tied up for drown, proving I'm not kidding. He just sank to the bottom, like like britain, like a bricklayer just right to the bottom, and you didn't move down there and also brought it was a boy he didn't. He ended up not making it, but he needed some like real help. And some pieces shrouded grow like you know like he was you shredded shredded. So use was your first like impression of buds, though when you showed up there now just waiting for the thing I couldn't do, I'm just gonna be something industry be so crazy. I can't do it and who just wasn't. It was I mean it's a lot. You know you run six miles a day just to eat back and forth from, like you know, breakfast lunch dinner. That's all you are on the schedule that just happens, and then you know what I was just pretty stoked to be in I thought you always probably argued with some of the world's part military training, so I just was excited about that.
Still haven't thought about what happens after and of course, I'm in first phase, when nine eleven happen- and you know, instructors tried try to put some levity on that forests. Nose like ok things what changed, what phase were you in first phase, when the first phase were about to do a four mile time run and we were eating breakfast cause? We had like the morning pt- and I was just you know- as you should officers eat last, so I get into classical giant. You know the class starts off with, like hers was one hundred fifty five. We had twenty two originals finish, which actually is not too bad, and you know this is all these people and I'm just trying to wolf down whatever food Guess I'm starving and buds you just you see if you're not running your shivering or you're, carrying something heavy, that's pretty much what budgets for six months and so I got the metabolism of hummingbird. Anyone like you're trying to keep. Why did you way when you second above one sixty five? What do you know what he walked around the right now on seventy five per year
at the, so I've lost a little bit we'll talk about later, I'm sure, but I got my hips replaced too I'm still on the recovery. Yeah yeah. Oh? What do you remember about like guys that made it versus guys that didn't I was shocked to who didn't there were some bad ass do tat I was like, oh dear dear, and then when they quit a bunch of people will quit with them because they're like I dunno if they felt vindicated like okay, I made it as long as that. Guy did so. Maybe it's ok. or I don't. I don't know but like you would see like a big, tough dude quit and like three due to go with them, and I am a member and how we have almost quitting He just signed to bringing the bill up talking. Instructors of messi wasn't because a ring the bells is ringing continuously. You know and- and I remember of like what happened to all the Crews may have there's like three or four of them left. You know, so I used to be the excellent, but it's actually super scripted. So let me down every minute it feels like mayhem owner in it, but when you watch it like thing, this is its super tight
so you're going through and it seems like me, I'm cause your student when you're going through it. I know I never was an instructor buds regretted her anything, but I wish I would it worked a couple of hell weeks or something just to like see behind the like behind the scenes of what was going down yeah, it's it's a lot and we we did. We made some major changes to the way we you know when I was XO there. We end up having someone kill themselves and we we stood up this whole new thing called the aide. Rock, which is really interesting, are no longer job ahead into their will. To move will get there on that lets us dick with where you're going so no issues other than drown, proofing, first phase, how weak no factor night it pretty. Well in that time a year? Did you go through a week? I was October november. How is europe?
Is your chili chili chewed? It was so cold. We had. We had to carry around the stupid pumpkin all the time and the instructors would try to break it and they were like he borrowed the district to prick a pumpkin and so like. On top of that with a stupid pumpkin. I remember I asked charlie was his name. I still remember that stupid pumpkins name and yeah. I mean I don't know I didn't how weak sucked, but it was long, but I remember like ever and was able to exploit quitting like I didn't really do. How is like this is this is hard to see me so I can do and they're just wasn't in a few and pretty good shape, you shut up there I was. I was ready for blood's here. I could say that and you get rolled for anything now. The only think I felt was at one that wonder on preventing and like they didn't role, did you get apple cup. Did you passport come first time, ya. Think us first on everything. Not everyone except I didn't get killed for the first time ever champion ass, they called o sees open circuits, lend basically one through eight, and I think one of em I failed and it wasn't. It wasn't a big deal but like those different
different. Not they tie every time and you gotta figure out how to get it and I I remember one of the most elite. Like relations, I felt my entire life was when they tie the one where you have they tie and not like your ex your ex exhalation hose and so you can still get air, but it feels like you can't it's full of water and you have to drink the water out of your league. I'm drinking comic presented, the errand come on, come on, I'm drinking and all I oh my gosh I got so fired up. I was like, like a cat smile right now cause I was, but I was so happy that there was some air behind that's yeah. That's a pool is a gnarly evolution for you passed it first. That's pretty impressive. I don't know I wasn't super impressive. I was ok. I failed that one thing, but everything else so so you end up getting so that's it. You graduate then, is roles and ask you to yeah went to where the first ask you to class and back then there are like this, a person. You gonna get your trident ass right when you,
team. You, or are you the old guard of the tea and you're like who do you think they had the bird page. We had to put your tried in it and they scraping blue to make him a nerve. Nino, tuzla. Lulled school about things will leave it at that and they were super happy of sky shorn up there with the bird on our chest. Oh, I must not. What year was that I was oh two there, I left team two in two thousand. Ok, sorry, I imagine but my blocky that I missed you. I imagine my boys. Definitely I probably kept it all. Ok over there as t too yeah yeah. Let's see, What there does that mean? You ve been through asking you to do. What was your major like lessons learnt during ask you to ask you to actually was pretty professional
even back then like they didn't mess with us too much, but they were. I thought we're still going, I'm still in buds mode and just the fact that they're talking to me like a human they're trying to teach you actually things- and I remember at the backside- you really thought you knew what you had like a bit a lot of schools, I'm a dive supervisor and I've been assaults and stuff, and then you get to the him, and you realize that you just barely know anything I get in the house they're all running and I'm walking the slow mo walk that we were doing before this god's yeah. So you get to do the for right into a buttered, you're, writing the petition and it was so. It was really has actually call for us. We deployed three months earlier that first, a plant was pay com sent com, and you call so I did three months and pay com because they ripped a team one team out to go over to afghanistan, and then I want to u com for three months. And then we went over and we did what turned out to not be a superfund mission, ptsd personal security detachment and where we are Checking bar himself, who was the deputy prime minister of Iraq, he's a good.
Dude occurred. I know how you feel about things it's pretty out is preferred heard. Was the cancers are definite? fighters yeah sure I've done a lot of work with depeche over there and they're they're they're good dudes. I I I feel bad for how it went down. I was over there in twenty seventeen when they tried to declare independence, and you know I guess I can talk about how I feel about now, but I was, I was upset that we didn't back them more than we could have What will this is your first button? Is there one system to commander or their to you guys. I wasn't coming hours, the third a gas deal of all time. They got rid of it, which basically I was a sixty gunnar. I care to sixty as after you know, people have officer should so I creates I carried the day the and dollar topic claims in the paper. This kind of what I like it I got to get on. The pigs is It's a cool thing when you're a young dude. You know what I mean don't mind, carrying fifty five pounds in just weapon and ammo yeah I mean that's the shirt, let's go and that's a pre
the point of those he went pay com and then to where you can if you can get over in europe, so you did some exercises and pay com eden pay com yeah. We did somewhat to india, we did some stuff with them. We did some stuff with the thai seals and the indians, but I learned a lot over there nope. India's don't put the same premium on life as we do, and I remember that they wanted to do. They wanted a legal right to vbs as visit board, search and seizure which basically like climbing up the side of a boat from like another boat and like assaulting it and they didn't. They weren't worried about the helicopter piece, because we normally do it with two with helicopters: the half he low salt force and the bath. result force, but they just wanted to the boat side. But you know you've got to you've, got this tiny little later. That's wrapped around a gatorade bottle and you like hook this thing up and you gotta climb up while the boat's moving and you need to be able to do a couple of pull ups. You know because you got your where your wherein probably about eighty pounds with a kid I'd, think that's cause. You're kind of when you're on baby assessor. Eighty pounds is about what your word and you
off that latter, not only are you gonna go to drink, but you could hit someone on the way down. Like our good friend, as donuts in atlanta, his head remembered him and broke his neck. So it's a pretty dangerous thing and I end up telling them like hey man. We can't do this with your group right now, like we're just going to do this and the guy he was like. Why not go because it's too dangerous and it's not worth you losing the guy and he the guy, tells me this training is worth more than one or two of my guys MIKE I like this a man. That's not the way we roll or so we can't do it. Then they were pretty upset. I didn't get a good mark from them, but I didn't want to do it. And then you come you com, We just did a bunch of like basic p the training, learning how to allow the turkish universe you're wrong, because we actually didn't do any appears theater and work up and now we're gonna be protecting. You know it had stayed. We did some we protect to some other people were
There is not a fun mission, but you get cool pictures like it is a fun mission because it last time you sit in a green room waiting for them and also like oh it they're they're down or their meeting that long anyone gets up and leaves their whatever their doing jumps into the car. And get ready, so wasn't fun, but it looks like it was one may for some cool pictures yeah, I'm on ass. You saw me she saw a picture of me on fox news. is that how you interact cause, I told I was in Europe and she's like you and Iraq. I think I saw you I like mom. May I remind you and then so you get on with that, Appointment was a big lessons learned from ETA born it I'm not deployment man. I was a new guy. I wish I could say that I had some kind of big profound. But I really was just. It was so many different things, and I would I was often the advice, and so you know I didn't have any super illustrious things say about that time. I learned a lot any first a planet, but I can't even put into a encapsulated its eye.
Get it the sort of similar to having kids your first kid You just know nothing and you're, just like hanging on and like china. I also are focused on some dumb stuff and, like you, I remember you're my wife was cleaning like boil every bodily tap or whatever, like all we got. This needs to be boiled in and then the time we had our fourth kid, like kids, just eating mud methods of georgia, because it doesn't care what you learn so much and ass. It actually almost equates almost perfectly to like what you feel like in your first balloon reelect. We also look, and then your six seconds- you're okay, I can understand that the third, the third platoon you're, like okay, I got this fourth platoon you're like oh, like six fifteen six for the year. Just like you know what to do man, so I So what what happens when you? Don't you? You had another kid in a dead one, we're a team to re idea. So how'd you get married, may well yeah rigour married rapid right during called before I left and then,
he was born. He was born in may. So I I came, I came back early from deployment two weeks early, so I could go in and see him be born right on yeah and then what's your next So next up an exalt on the on the gauntlet of nsw, every junior officer is trying to like get another platoon that that's what that's the golden thing you want to do and so we're all trying to figure out how we could do it because they want to send you off to do this. The associated tour- and they had me, take this test and turns out. I can learn languages so they're like hey you're, going to go, learn arabic. So I thought I could just slow roll this thing until eventually someone gets fired or something, and then I met the team because they seemed like a good call like someone's, going to get hurt or fire or something so, but that never happened. So enough to learn arabic and was, I couldn't believe I was going to miss the whole war. I'm like I'm going to miss all I did in this whole war was protected. Dude and now I'm going to be an arabic school is to be done by the time I get back. So I mean I was just superman studied super hard and I end completing a sixteen month course in thirteen months fought a lot of really
two different jujitsu schools are trained out up their great partner, namely Keith. Paragon the more time you lives up and are more now he's broken to now, so we can travel. We talk about how awesome we used to be and to each other, and I would be I have to say it because he's gonna love this, but you know we have had a tournament and we were in the files together and I when I tell the story, I was talking about how bad I beat him, but it was a zero to zero and they gave me the nod and to this day I have it over him. So and- and so I left there and they're like hey, you're, going to go over over enjoin team three on deployment on my cool, I landed there and the like. Well, let's put him out to our station august. Second, I ended up with you. You know I refer to the arabic test. You gave me. I do wrong. Yeah, because what was it safe had called over and said he needed, but he knew that never turn or we had a teen torpor interpreters to go.
Had the wire one got shot so yeah to platoons in india reporter so he's like Anita turpin them. and you'd even asked me how I came like I can. I can habla your me to do it and I do mean until she lists up. I wanna hear what you have to let your your your memory about fresh thats. Okay, all you get was worried. I see how it and so I'm like hey just let's just let's practice, and there was that we had moose there was that he was a good terp. He was great and he was like. Okay, you said would say some words to him. So I started talking and then we're talking back and forth. I'm like hey, you don't know what we're saying. Why don't you say the words and I'll translate them and you can see how we do and you're like okay, silicate tell those guys to get down at the end of the year. Some like yeah, I'm talking and then in the middle of it. You're, like white duckshooting gamma through only learn, and unlike without like a joke in detail because you're like in my face off, be locked, you did I locked up and out and anna and you Can you in your like fail
yeah I turn to walk away and as I walk away, you like your flight leaves at one yeah, that's similar allow. I remember it. Yes, we have you me and moose, and we did a turf and somehow you got to me and said, like hey, you know, I speak arabic like this. I just came from doubt delay and I was like okay well. How well do you speak it and you're like well? I just graduated with a whatever. What would you do as to party you ass? It was we're impressed by the way yeah and I said, I tell him- and I was all mel like tell him hey. We need people to move down to the west side of that building. You're like durga durga. Circuito guy yeah and I look at moves and I go decent and he's like yeah. He said it and said: okay now tell him this and he tell him to push up one more building. You like darker, darker, darker, darker and he's like,
yup. That's what he said and I said: don't teach by our topic and off the ability of the fleet were locked up, broke or you're just idea. I didn't even know you an ice cream and I'd met you for like five minutes. That was the day Markley was killed, so it was a weird kind of somber somber mana when you jumped on me like that I was like, but you know like you could speak it well enough and guess what you are better than what we have which was nothing low bar yeah so like go grab your shit, I remember saying: go grab your shit flight leaves in an hour or whatever it was so That was that was how it all kicked off. then, why you, where you, whenever story whenever it to Craig, corregidor. The east side ahmadi. You You ran out on some ops over there for a bit, and then you put me back for something
I can't remember what I think we had like a reservist good dude and you wanted me to bump him out. Let him go get on some mobs do so, but I bounced back fourteen corregidor and actually you guys dealt me out to a bunch of different teams. I got on that. One potent deployment I did ops team to four five and eight cause. Sometimes they'd be like hey. We don't have a terp and you'd be like hey. I got one for ya. He's I'll I'll deal him to you. So like I got a lot of ops in and when as my state after that too. So I got I I got to work, get to work with parliament teams yeah. That was a wild wild time for you to show for sure yeah not only shown up. I beg like look. You showed up the day. Margaret died, Jim, well brown visited that day. So, like I dunno, if you you might have even come on the same boat, I don't know I had to. I drove you over there in a humvee, and I didn't know how to drive a humvee because you're like eight and I was like- oh my god, cause back then teach us in work up and so like they like. If you got a jock, so I had a went around trying to find humvee keys because I'm like that guy cause, I gotta, be ready. Mature, had gas
I couldn't find the keys, I'm like freaking out so finally, at a desk somewhere like Gabriel or the keys and they're like idiot. So you didn't you didn't know about that part, but, like nobody made sure we had all the gas you like you're, just going to costume, like I don't care, make sure the gas is full, make sure every a clean, the humvee make sure it's good for you, picked up general rough I drove over there, and then I think you rose somebody else. I don't think that idea. I don't think that iceland cause. We train jujitsu to you, threatened me, from you. I knew you, you know what I knew. This is gonna, come what what? What that happened almost immediately to right now, if you were like call me or office or laccase. So what's your deal on my car and know what your deal, what you mean and you're like yeah, you'll sport, there's we get into an Julie, you're, like no are you widgets, yama, gab and training for a couple of years, I'm a blue belt and you're like oh. So what's your move and I'm like I dunno like now. You got something you gotta make. I guess monitoring of
I doubt that's what I said and now he's like. Oh yeah, let's go you know. What's funny, you told me that exact story, that's exactly right, yeah! I I heard another version of it that was like a a bit like not could cause, let's face it fuck? I dunno how you actually said it. We could probably discuss how to do that, but when someone says the words well, when we raw you'll find out, let's face it, that's a cut of the oh okay. Let's see, what's up we'll see it so yeah, but in my mind. This is this is with us. Where was thinking to my mind, was look. I've been training with like the guys that are there not of market a digital. you show up and I'm kind of stoked, I'm kind of thinking like. I didn't feel that all as I do that. Maybe you got some good moves like hey, I'm gonna crucifix, I'm gonna camaro. What are you good at like it'll? Be good tools
learn whatever you know and obviously I give you that vibes your dislike wolf you'll find out, and then I think I was like. Okay cool go grab your trade right now. You submitted me with this thing where you put your head under my, I call it. The fish fish, like you, put your head under my chin and like a crush. My bag is out great against the other guys. You know I was. I was doing pretty good against them in there and then, when you get showed up, yeah well, you're you're europe. Solid jujitsu player. You know, I mean anti wrestled, but I mean that even at that time I was like I was, it, has a black mountain dew. You chat with dean, yeah yeah. It was a level that I was not did not know existed. I trail on the east coast, there's a difference between east and west coast. Jujutsu jujitsu here is insane. When I traveled, when I travelled, you know I would travel and I will do what I want
brown belt. You know but like between the different schools, and I I would I call it catch and release I Wouldn'T- would never submit the instructor never been catch. I ll go and they would they knew they be london and it would be like ok, I wish to refer this, so we d like ten. You know like a jp, medium term and everywhere romance one of them, but they were mass. There were like those like folding earlier sheep things would like the vinyl top, but I remember you're like after we rolled you're. Not you would like distraught and destroying or destroy liked. What just happened. I wasn't sure, because I've had not been men and the like that I've been five rolled with what I thought was a high level and I was like this is stupid- if, like you like, did you like? That's that's, that's, never We are less. What year was two thousand too now. This is our sex also wanted to know so yeah yeah, so you're, not in your head occurs. You know like that income.
Harrison of the rest of the world at that time. was really good. If you compare it to the rest of world right now, like the rest, is better now, because the whole world is better educated everyone. I just do not. It is everyone's better, because there's no much more knowledge and learning on earlier, but at that time. in the whole world. I was better than I am in the whole world right now. You know what I mean so for you too, that was a level I had was already. You haven't been there yet and like I was there all the time, because I'm training with dean, like I'm training with world, champs out here all the time so yeah that was us here. The ending part of the story. How he told it to me yeah cause. He told me that story and then he had his like additional input as to tell so he said that exact same story so funny how you use the exact words like also what? Where do you move so same story and then, when he got to the part when he said that when you said oh, you know we'll find out on the mats or whatever, and he added it didn't matter, because I was just going to
smash, that's great. How does it I'm just smash from the top. Like that's what I said to you or what I sent him to me, yeah yeah. The story was done and then you were telling me, but it didn't matter, because I was smashed from the top. I remember that story, but once you start a national top, it wasn't a waste of your I'm so he went to the bottom cause. I'm like ok, he's gonna, give me some tom what's that That's where I got the term smash from the top. You tell him that story pants throughout so stop to have somebody that new, like jujitsu to train with another and might come off that way and feel that way, We also need to the twenty squat work out of human, that is the reality that oh yeah was like. I'm just so beautiful work out like hey, come here. What's what you can do ten reps with? I was like two to twenty five. I think you could do it practically.
except the steps of do twenty yeah. Okay, so I did it and I put it up and you're like that- was too easy, you're holding back he's like take a break, puts more weight to it again. So then I there were two forty five and you were like. You do it on my account would again rum. I'm fired up like imagine, You know when you're in the teams- and you get like a teen guy it's like a young, I mean you're young guy to me that right I mean I'm like thirty five years old. You know I've been the teams for a long time, and I am always stoked to have somebody that's fired up to like train and lift and like it's awesome to me like that's, not how I felt I have to say that so I figured you'd asked me a question and I'd be like I've got please. I hope I know this answer. I just I just saw another young officer that had joined us on deployment who's now a captain, talking about number. I put them in our barn and like, and he
I know I'm good at crackling near like bro, I was like how sorry, but I know you to something like hey sir, do you do you have any recommendations, my my shoulders? danger to have any recommendations, and I was again muscle ups. Can I have your eggs now entirely muscle ups? Do lots of muscles website just the workers, the device, yes go good times, but what I was saying is it's crazy, so you arrived there mark had just been killed like it's like you, somber and yet, at the same time we have the this. calm commander common in general brown and and yet this was all we we were in.
So much sustained combat that it wasn't like it wasn't like. Oh my gosh someone got shot. It was like yeah, okay. Well, we have we had thirty to do. Sixteen purple hearts three killed. Is that right? I think that's roughly what it was it's something like that, but yeah it was lot and the for you to show up there that that definitely must have been here about wars going on prior to arrive. Now. I was dealing with those anybody. I led the regular navy, for all intents and purposes, did know much about the war going on. As far as I know that individual guarantees the debts of over there, but I think most of them ended up at a big day somewhere, which is like a big piece of amerika kind of right, like oh you're in Iraq or your bognor merrifield in you're salsa night in there you know you're, not getting. One thing that I didn't really connect with until we got home was the guys they were reading our options, right like trained at they.
How is the arabic school? They were reading the options in the morning like meeting like what the guy's dead task in Britain like an so everybody what we like the west those guys that worm in trade at and talking to the korean trade. Then you're telling the potu training you know so that the erika knew what was going on. So you are It's coming in alpha they'll have no clue as freaky had no clue yeah. It was time to learn fast and I remember the guys were so much faster than I was. I really thought that way because we came up in like I've had my hq wasn't set up like you. Guys was because I had around my hips and it needs to be on your chest, cause we're riding in vehicles all the time, and I I just wasn't ready and somewhere a couple of weeks into it. I stopped noticing the demos moving faster than here.
I got caught up until I stated the next group and t five guys came in and they were moving slow and I was like ooh. It was. It was a weird thing to realize. Like hey, the speed of combat takes a little bit of ramp up, and you know you know when the guys get hurt the beginning of deployment and the end of the planet. That's it I mean that's the preponderance of it because guys come in and they're they're wrapping up and then the end of deployment they get a little complacent. Maybe in about home they're, not fully dialed in it's always those times, and I think a lot of that happened and we got we had a lot of gunfights have happen sprinkled throughout. But in my experience it's been the beginning and the end. What would you so you and over corregidor- and you mean stoner? What's what forty was taken? Really real caddies solely on those donor? I walk up and storage It doesn't say hi or anything you know cause. I got my bags and my kit and I'm like hey, I'm jimmy main. We live in this bombed out thing. We called full metal jacket, basically like blow a building up. That's where I live like some of the walls were down. I remember
We have had a cat and like the cat liked me, so they thought I stole there can but it was nice, does a cat, eight, the mice, and they would sleep with me in there and their bibbs seals taller cat. Then still have, but so we live in this You had to a armor because got mordred daily they're just drop in waters in there, and especially during sandstorm, because, like our counterattack to mortars, was to get some helicopters up or like or get some ice are, which is intelligent surveillance reconnaissance like some kind of acid overhead, the collect drop on the guy's drop in on us, but just sanctions in works. We from you know you get mordred and we are mortared all the time. So you have to wear body armor everywhere, so I can walk up and donors like I'm like a I'm jimmy. here we were army s, use you go in there it'd be a set and we shape our head gave me clippers. Ok, I shave my head put our armies use and then and then
I walked into the thing in my guess was working in there and they got me to work That was that was my end. Up. Sorted novel say oh than that, but her eyes gonna give you that that head that had shaped like especially my head like it was good for you, like you, said, you're doing ops all over the place and how much arabic? Are you speaking a lot? So I spoke because at me up force and if you have a bunch of guys with automatic weapons work on your team. You should be over north are saying, and so I was pretty vi for that, and it's also nice when you have a team guy, because if you can set the guys up downstairs you have it. You got a spend another team guy down there to walk around with the turk and do you trust that interpret? I don't.
What about those conversations going on around you do know what's happening, so I had like widely a wider net of situation, awareness than what you would have. If you didn't have a team guy down there. I can hear of talking about us and use the thing with the prisoners talking. You know, I did a lot of interrogations and I would use an interpreter for interrogation the battlefield interrogation, but they don't know that. I understand what's what's going on and it was a super powerful thing. You know to figure out what exactly they were saying yeah. I remember you told me to I hadda I had written in the email to the com. door still have it I gotta get. I gave you a copy of it. I gave you a copy, it was hanging to my cage. I gave you a cut would you about it, and I made you a copy. I gave it to you and it was it was about. It was about tape,
because at the time they are trying to get seals through training. Is it that one yeah yeah they're trying to get more seals too and they're like you, gotta get more numbers, but you can't like if, if echo, if I had you sit in that chair for five and a half days, it would suck to like your feet, would be. When now add on two hundred miles of running in carrying a boat and in the log and being cold? wet at all that on there So we just no matter how you water it down. We can't get more guys through and then you him up over the top of like don't make it easier, make it harder. We need more eagles. We need a bigger tail. Not more teeth is like so give have sealed, do not conceal jobs and man. I've been spout matter for the rest of my career. Like you know, why do I got you count coms? Why are we got you fixing guns Let's have you assault and do what you need to do cause at a fortune, five hundred company, that top engineer japan, he ain't sweeping the ground, rent he's not doing stuff he's not paid to do on my cab. These seals focus on that and then all
add the tail on the back. So I thought that was pretty wise and up, but I dunno yeah that So the collar was like a friend of mine and a great guy and he had sent out a new kind of an all hands like or whatever leadership, email. Ok, we're looking at. You know, ways that we can in grow the force in burma. One and I just responded all hands, because I also he's gonna halfway through deployment and just that's the that was the truth like, you could see that. the seals needed to be freaking. Awesome guys like that Needed to be tough, like everything. You just said, like oh show up here for your gear go out and getting If that's what's going to happen for the next? You know, however long you're here for you're not going to have good chow yeah, it's going to fall from the sky yup. You know it's like that was that was the time I said to myself. Oh this is, What all that training that we go through this is why, because sir once guy, like you just said, like who's gonna, build up
someone up and carry them out when they get shot Who's gonna run out into gunfire anchors, might wanna get shot whose Stay up for, Forty eight hours, It sure that we're ready to go to like it is it is what it is for a reason that all the time like button when I sleep is on the way to the op like if a calm guy, like you always said, of a pro word so to you know we're at and I'm like, hey bro. I just need to sleep for like forty minutes so on the on the bird. If my calm guy is good and lots of sun, I'm working till the last minute, the guys would throw my stuff in the truck and not so I'm trying to line up assets like you, gotta go hurries. I run in a jump in there and their brief in me one, the things that you might think I'm running, but you know these guys set me up. I trust him. I know I got a good point man. I know I got. Chief and their square me away on the way, because I got a set up all of our like permissions due to the different layers of command in the battle space owners and everything so yeah yeah
that the training is how it is so ya. Wanna commoner reached out all hands like hey, you know: what can we do to tipp get more people to take? give us more level care will be more seals. We need more support. People that I make this stuff happens hundred and make sure that we're getting the best freakin hardest, guys for lack of a better word. Look, smart and cable and all the others have. You need to do that are just broken heart like mentally hard deeds and buds produces that for the most part, nor does it does, So you're doing ops all over the place, we're getting at the end of art, appointed an That's when you know timber. Twenty ninth- you You were actually with stones element, which was like copper blocks away. Probably about three hundred fifty yards away so like the planet's, have two mutually supporting sniper, watch positions and mutually
supporting- means that we can look around there to make sure no one sneaks around there around their base or their house, and we they can do the same for us, but it was really hard because we had to be on the edge of what was called l block at the time and they had some army guys do some eighty your army deeds running concertina wire across ralph Farouk in the middle of the day. I like I mean that crazy cars. Are we insert at night? No one attacks us at night, but it was crazy that those guys were doing them like. I don't want japan these guys but dang. That's that's. Like some world war, two jump out of the trench. I mean I dunno that's a hard, that's a hard bar to get to, but I did not think they were going to make it, and so we were up on top of these roofs were supposed to shoot the guys from this one angle and there was a bad mosque and I say about moss, because I can
what they're saying of the speakers, and so when they say things like hey, come give blood in arabic. That means come in here. They arm up to get a plan and then and then or they get their weapons stowed they leave with the plan, they grabbed the weapons and then they go so I know this is happening. I can hear it over the loudspeakers, and so I'm, like hey guys, get ready. You know I met a girl and sure enough. We've been in a pretty good fight all day, long down on there and they'd killed two we'd killed one. I think our guy was a foreign fighter, because when we hit him, someone ran out stole his boots and that was it Because I can o, usually if they're gonna drag him out, and maybe your cash appreciate that person to you there's some rules. enrichment and escalation of force that has to happen that we abide by straight up. But that being said, the fact they just stole his boots means. I think it was probably a foreign guy and the body was there for a pretty long time. So then, as this fights going in escalated,
If I was on glass, we had these periscopes, you couldn't stick your head over the wall, but you or to a window, but you put this periscope above and I remember this- the house ruins guy named Otto and he was a good dude and I felt bad for him because we were. We went to his house a lot because a nice sniper range a nice good line to shoot and that really bad area. But when we left the bad guys will come in and beat them up and beat his family up and he would always play. Please don't leave them like that, bro. I'm sorry, man like I can't stay he's like you know, they're going to come and he even set up an american toilet for us where he had like a chair. He cut a hole in that would sit because you know they have a hole in the floor, so I felt for that dude, and I know stoner did to stoner always gave them a bunch of money of his own money been like hey. I know, they're going to steal and break stuff. Take some money. He always gave them some money, but I was on glass. When that thing and you know that guy, my guess that came over the loudspeaker met. It was
he's one of the hardest dudes. I know I don't think you'd argue with that. His voice was pretty broken. I could tell oh no, he isn't good, you know and and stoners like a get the iraqis, let's go, and so the first three guys run out in the street. I was trying to get the iraqis, I couldn't they wouldn't come. I had the guy by the front of his front of his plates and it was like trying to put a cat in a bathtub man. He had his hands on the side of the door and I'm yanking. And finally, I I turned we left our like our breaching tools and stuff there, because, as we had a lot to do so, we left like our holies and our sledges and and our backpack. We just at the door night vision on second line and just went out there, and I ran out there and stoners like he's like a worthy iraqis. I'm like thank comedies like tom to come, like I can't, and so now we're already in a pretty good scrap things are going, two of them they come with us jamil Mohamed. They data come with us which we knew them. There were good people,
anyway. We started scrapping our way up, and then you talked about benny grabbing that gun. That was my keys gun. He grabbed and the I was laying next to tommy di and there was like maybe a where, on one side of the street, the other elements on your side and probably like a twelve inch high pile of rubble and I'm we're pinned down. There's like a light post next to us and we're just ping, the bullets or just fly in, and we you're just laying as flat as you possibly can I'm trying to reload my magazine- and I remember thinking like I dunno we're going to go from here and then I heard that big gun light up and I was like oh but I'm like. Oh ok, Then there wasn't pinging around us anymore. You know, like all the spalding of the concrete wasn't hitting, and so when I heard that I looked up and I sign I saw him hold that gun like just no struggle
no, nothing just at the at the shoulder shouldering that big weapon and just laying it down which probably the most important covering fire of my entire life, and we got up, and we just we made it to the house underneath that that that covering fire and as I came up the way that the roof was there was a center fed a stairwell, so you can put the metal roof and you could see right what happened? You know my guess was blown up in his feet because he was laying down when he caught the blast, and then mikey mikey months war was just bleeding up and man benny not only hit it before he did that. What took him too long, he was patching everybody up like you know how it is. When guys are bleeding, you never have enough. Gauze doesn't matter what he made. It work that dude he's man and he patched everybody up. So I but mikey was bleeding terrible and so, like I wrote,
and I like swipe down his chest to see what to see what I had cause was just like a blood and gore, and I just saw holes and they feel backup of blood and I was like and he was kind of making this gurgling noise. So I'm like okay, I think he's going to live that I'm not a medic, you know and stoner stoner was a good combat leader. He looked at me. He just said. get mikey, that's all he said, and then he grabbed. I think he grabbed my guess and kind of had him on his hip, because MIKE kind of hobble and then the other guys- and you know what you and I had this big conversation we met later on. Why just couldn't stop talking rembrandt, just Running my mouth- and I remember you just sat and listened, and you know it was about this cause. I felt really ashamed. I couldn't you know you see me around like his family, like I just feel so you know like like I let him down. You know. I had him as a
As far as I could, he was not a huge dude was like two hundred pounds. You know, and then you've got probably another sixty eighty pounds a kid on both the lesson. At some point, I couldn't carry him anymore because we couldn't get out the front and the brads wouldn't come that way. Of course, they'll get blown up, I'm not saying anything bad about those guys, because they were our brothers. They weren't supposed to get us anyway, and we pushed down to a wall like a little of a wooden fence like a dog ear fence. We push it down, it went out, came out right on route for rukh and those guys were way ahead of me. I couldn't carry him anymore because I just ran out of juice and I was dragging them, some dragging them to the street. His is a closer shredding and we're getting to the brat and just bullets hitting and the guys are like yelling at me, like hurry, hurry, we're trying to close the door and, like I got in there and then you know my guest came and talked to me once when I was xl budge and I kind of was I kind of apologize because I I checked out for him and that, like as a ramp, went out,
I was like how so so tired. You know how we say that no his I was so tired and in a mic, as he's bleeding is sitting kind of funny cause he's got a bunch of frag in his body and he's like dude. Don't do cpr as like, and then I kind of snapped back and say god didn't cpr, and you know that as you you do chest, compressions stuff, popping and cracking cpr is not a gentle sport, you know and then back then I was fifteen and two when I was thirty and zero, but I did my fifteen I tried to blow in and I could see you're supposed to for the rise and fall the chest, because the bubbles come out of the holes and I'm like does that count as one I dunno? He likes one point threw up in my mouth
I don't I dunno. If I'm doing it right and then you know, we did that all the way till we got to copied, which was like the little medic outposts they had set up and then at fire like fire, some rockets and stuff. So my ears were kind of like I couldn't really hear. Was this big roaring thing and the medics were talking to me trying to pocket me because mikey and Doug had got their name to kind of blow it up a little bit and they couldn't have with the blood type was and they're sitting there. Trying to ask me- and I remember I couldn't understand what you're saying and I'm like who you talking about and then and they were like washing cars at all this blood on their washing it off with a water hose or spray me and I'm looking at him and and will not backtrack when that bradley door opened the first to do just tucked her head in. There was at the time colonel clark. Remember that dude, I think he's general. Now he absolutely first dude him in major will max doctor. I mean that little crack their heads in there. He he called us prog. There is man,
I get out of there. We've got a medicare, I'm like alright. You know but good dudes full of respect for those with bus, yeah yeah anyway, and it turned out. They need no kind of blood type, these guys were in their names and so like I dunno why they may be a morphine them and they couldn't get it. I dunno why, but I kind of came to enough to give them that and then then you showed up. I dunno when right before it was maybe a little bit later, but I remember I just couldn't stop talking and you just sat there and listen to me and now I really struggled with did I do things right from Mikey? You know and act as if a better guy was there and I actually went and talked to the doctor that worked on em I came in like I know I just once want to hear like did. I died mess this up. You know and he's call me an extra. It looks like a bunch of fuzz and he's like you see this. This is his heart and these are pieces of the snow and I was like he goes. There's nothing you could've done until he taught me what I needed to know, but I know that I didn't. I wasn't up on my medical care like I could have done like so anyway.
The point was, he told me what I needed to hear it felt good. I dunno you know. Maybe if there was a better guy up there, it would have worked out better, but that's that's how it worked out. Now I mean Although all the doctors said the same thing you know like he was mortally wounded from the moment of new no vandam was actually is actually colonel clark. They called me tell me what's going on, and he told me like that if they're doing CPR right now- and I just knew like cpr- is not a good sign yet to be doing- and you know I I was trying to explain to people like that, it wasn't over either like you still had to go back out in the field. Get all iraqis get. Here that you guys left behind you remember talking stoner, music, I'm gone
back up right now. You know like that, gonna thirty I didn't go with him. He went without me because I was with those guys, like I jumped in the brad, with those guys to show them back, so he went back and got the gear and stuff in iraq because we don't leave gear and beyond that was september. Twenty ninth. We had the I mean you guys still did more ops than that evo, yeah, yeah and- and you know I I teach this now and like I teach more detailed for what to do with the with the the symptoms. But you know I always taught like about minimum forest. What you should have, because we didn't have a medic medic took around earlier, so we didn't actually have a medic on it up and we talk about minimum force requirements and stuff like that, and I used to teach like after that. You know I knew about force and I never did again when those god was an open music. No one million started up like three referred just three of us, unlike I learned to help but yeah
we are still working. I mean it. It's like beyond the mat right I stop you're still go on the same thing happen. We had to fight, wasn't go on so we can build. yeah, that that was a different deaf. A dynamic fruit that the point that I think was for us anyways. For me you know especially, going up in the nineties in the teams it was like in the nineties, the teams you're you're I set was you're, gonna go, do one off somewhere, but that's what you're gonna do like one big sure you're gonna go rusk, save the princess or slay the dragon. Whenever and when it's over it's over and. You know, like remark, was not losing knots like you just said: the enemy still going like that. Care, that of their day they live there. There don't care what's happening there. They're gonna keep going, and you know even even at the seal teen level, the fault of like oh replacements, right. You know like wheat, in their work,
no one ever talked about hey like wants it over trade at you know I would the seals I'd be like hey. What does your replacement plan for if you lose you guys from opportune of sixteen guys? That's it you too, and who did you lose? Did you lose a J tactic used corpsman? Did you? Did you lose did you lose when you're seeing unlisted guys like what we do really talk about that. We just didn't, and that's another reason why you need to have at least troop wide teepees the techniques, tactics and producer procedures. But two why for sure, tps and probably community wide because, like you know, we were like, we don't have doctrine and we kind of do our own thing, but you know in the particular course I teach away when I took over the course he used to teach come again you gotta be able to plug and play with another petunia. Like I'm afghanistan deployment, I took in half an hour puttin and you know they if they could not write with us that they use different things,
wouldn't work, so you gotta have that inter operability, and I think that probably spawned some of that- and I definitely learned it at that point- the of at home yeah. We, we really tried to push that, and you know we have like up. You know we have like a battle book about casualties. I have your couch because going to do you're going to shut down radios you're going to do this you're going to contact these people like there was a there was an administrative protocol to yeah time. Are you you're going to fight, but wasn't there was too that wasn't it wasn't like a combat like ok what words replacements, what we do and what we do here and also like what is it due to the team What do you do with a guy? That's now horrified What do you do with a guy that is now feels like oh. This was my fault. I should have done this like John. The same like everyone's can. Have those I shouldn't honestly record on this difference in your house walk through that. What are you do? What's the even period. How long do you take off to take off short time? Well
for me it was a lot of light. Try figure? This out, honest, heard a lot of it from about face from girl, David hack worth you know about what I would call to reflect on what he would do and that's kind of what I did, but its it'll do no mark was the first to your killed. My rock you know with there was no. yeah lessons learned that I had recovered from somebody else so and it's the same thing for the rest of the rest of the guys in the task unit, and I have a perspective on that. I definitely had an opinion on that, especially after you know, I got hit november tenth. I end up getting hit up. You guys go home, Do this is true. If you know about this, this is exactly what happened. I I end up.
You have a home, their team came in my case. I speak arabic, you guys were surprised me not yet we will have anybody swore stay, so I'm staying at team deployment, gray dude they showed up, and now we got in a pretty we're supposed to do this clear of this market area them. bob keno at the malaga is that was so lava means play. The m sound at the beginning means verbal now, which means place you play. So it's the arena and we're supposed to be sniper overwatch, as the iraqi army clears this whole market for like three to five hours. That's the plant we insert at night. No one mes was the night we get in there. We can't find two good spots, so we end up on the same house and Iraqi army shows up for like three to five minutes seriously. They showed up and he made a. U turn and I'm like hey man, I've got I've got their comms on the little things like cannolis. I'm like what's happening like I think, dinah understand that the scheme of maneuver and, like nick know, they left
So now we get we're stuck in the plan was for them to block grab a big bite, so they gotta big by around circles then we fall into their perimeter and then we we leave with this like four hundred band of iraqis and their humvees and everything and that's how our ex fille plan. Well now you know I mean we've got a lot of as much we can carry, but if you're in a gunfight with the whole city, you know you, you can't sustain that. So it's about eleven o'clock and we're like I don't know how much more we can do this. So it calls me it's like hey. Let's call those this call these guys to come, get us and they already told they can't get us there. So they're not dictate. We cannot explore you. There. because the id threat, but they're like we're coming anyway? So the plan was for me to bounce around the corner. I had a law rocket left, so I was going to hit this house with la rocket and then inside of me, the sixty, which is like a mark, forty eight, which is like a belt fed machine gun. Seven six, two hundred round belt, he's going to went up, but then I'm going to run it. I'm gonna run around the corner from there and then the brads are going to come and we're supposed to run next to brad's and run all the way back to cop eagles.
Remember that without water tower was slow to run back to their. So it's not It's super long way, but what's it like, I dunno during a fifty yards, five hundred yard dash. So we're going to do that. I go outside. I go open up the rocket. I cause. It's like it's a kind of opens up like you know, like you see in the movies open up, that's what it is, and it's actually not a very big rocket. But I shoot that thing blows up in my face, like I dunno. If I hit a wire, if I did it wrong, I am an officer, it could have been possible, but it blew up right in my face, so I'm waiting for the gun pick me up. I hear another crazy explosion, not sure. What's going on, I pick up my I am for I start pepper in the house waiting for the to pick me up. They don't pick me up. Come back around the corner, guys we're running out, I'm like. What's going on like a the brads got hit, that was the explosion I heard so we got to go, and so we are just trying to get out were throwing smokes and I'm running down run down round the
a round the corner on the stadium. There's a house set back about to her yards opens up with asia, but their version of a belt had machine gun, the sixty. It's called where they call it that he can piquet I'm began does now disintegrating link, but its exact same thing. So it's seven six two by like fifty six right, pretty good size around. I have three rounds hit me as I come around the corner. I was carrying my rocket to because we don't leave gear behind right. I mean don't I heard were you in DC, you talked about afghanistan and I was yelling at the radio when you guys did that on your podcast, because I have a spent rocket, I'm not going to lose. You know what I mean, and yet we leave billions of dollars and I was yelling at the rate I was so mad anyway. I come around the corner and my hand was back so I had one round hit. My camelback hose one round go through my chest and the other one go to my backpack. It kind of spun me around. I fell under a burnout car and then he was thought I was dead and my lost consciousness for a minute. When you think you did you probably
for a minute cause. I kind of hit the thing and then he had a thing like a laser on like a little a jersey barrier, you know jersey, barrier, recycle, know it's like a those little concrete barriers between like traffic going opposite regards like on a highway construction site. They got like a little three four tall for four tall linked to cement, the yeah yeah. It's took a jersey barrier, so they all jump behind that thing. He's drill in that thing and then, like figure out. What's going on. I can feel that on bleeding I end up like a still got a come morons in my magazine, so I emptied everything you had to that window. Pretty sure I got him not positive into a bta battle. Damage assessment didn't do that, but when I was done everyone was had run backs while Michael, I guess I'll go back and I ran back and the medic who is now an elected official awesome dude. I got back to eagle's nest on my k, guys. I think I got shot
like you. I am pretty sure I open up my plates and repute. Adami like drew up fresh funds, may happy that this like broke. I don't think that's useful, begun alive, a white barely wiped his face, and then they put a piece hydra gel on it. Hydra gel is the stuff. We use a stick explosives to a door and it's not like an absorbent thing. It's like a. How do you describe hydrogeology just he's a plaster he supply needs is talking about just some still bleeding widely throw up he's a man I dunno, but he's that his work like friends like we're, really good friends, and maybe he just didn't like seeing buddy and shot Oh do I dunno why he threw up. He said he sent me a picture of it on like christmas, two thousand and fourteen I'm at dinner, I'm like bro. The brother had just the just to give everyone like you got if that's not the luckiest one, the luckiest shots to get shot you got shot was like one of the luck,
yes possible ways to get shot. But I was running at a full sprint through it do it, solid beam of ammo and the the bullet here, like basically went through like your chest,. muscles my pack like just like your pack flash alike. The witches crazy to be able to survive. You know, that's like That's like the guy moves, his sight, a millimeter, your dead? Our? If I'm a little bit slower on my forty yard, dash yeah, yeah, got this I mean what amounts to essentially. flesh wound. But not a horrible flesh remind me. You were running around after got shot so yeah So everyone knows what the shop was it was, it was from the side and right through, like your pack itself by armor, and so he said, It had been hit with a smaller round. It might have broke the trajectory and would have went into my ribs or something, but since it was such a
big heavy round it cooked right through my soft body. Armor right behind my plates didn't hit him and went right through and it left a burn mark across the other side. So it went through my right and my left pex. I got like like two little holes here, so it came out in what he called grazed your other pack, yeah yeah. I had this little burn markings. They gave me when I got there. They gave me like a pipe cleaner and I had to like put it. one side, a kind of floss it for my flat throw up on my like so gross, and then I had like you know those squeezy bottles like football players have so they can squeeze through there. I had one of those and I had to irrigate it. They called it were to squirt it and then like like push that little like a pop noise, I'm not supposed to But let me go pop popped, a little blood clot out of there, and I had to do that for a couple of days and then, but I was so. This is its weirder, so I go there I get to hospital, they take. They take gesture x rays, that's what they have to do and I like hey you up,
good news. You can have the important you're good to go and that's why they put that that hydrogen cars as an occlusive bandage, because what could happen is if you poke a hole in your lung, even a small, on a small hole as I breathe out the air instead of coming out of my mouth. It comes out of my lung and it it fills up by body cavity and collapses. Your lung called a tension pneumothorax and then not you like dying from that unless you poke a hole in you and actually the medic wanted to cook a whole meal. Just to get you down, I'm like, I don't think so. Bro he's like no no on the medical mike no you're not going to poke a hole in my chest, like I think, I'm good, like we got in a little argument about it. So then I go there and we're good to go now. I'm pretty angry, like I'm angry and I'm also embarrassed and ashamed because I'm not supposed to be getting shot. Man yeah, I mean like I dunno, I dunno, that's just how I felt, and so I was really
very distraught, so I walked out. I wrote cg for credit or all my hand, because that's how the helicopters worked back then remember and I had a beard and a cool gun. So nobody asked me a question and I got on and I flew to copied as close as I could get, and I got audit copied. and I was running downright michigan, going towards withdraw It is like the most idead rout since the whole team in trail. I think that's how they said it I'll running down that that night, trying to get back some probably like aren't I was It- requires a mile from corregidor from copied and I see the boys pull out onto the street, and so I break out my infrared can light. So you can see what night vision puppet and I make the little bud saw you. And the pullover and it was the same medic cause they were going to get some iraqis to go to albany's. Like he's like what are you doing? I'm like I'll call him that he's like Jimmy said: oh yeah, hell, yeah, Houston, Texas. You know it was like hell yeah and I can play say his name. He's elected official.
ok as well as on morgan. The trial so he's like hell, yeah come all, and so they called in and like K, we got without Jimmy, had like negative he's at the hospital and we're going to pick him up and a like. Now he's right. Here is not enough, then we're going out there now like. Ok, well, until a later and nuts, and so I went on, I went out and now worked with them for another couple weeks until december. Tenth, when you know elliot, got blown up in november noted, I'm sorry advertisement yeah. It was different date saga, so never november tests. When I got shot and then I I went home with elliot miller and Joe yeah yeah yeah. Those guys got really messed up leaving leaving an overall position and have elliot on at some point, so elliot, let's go or to make it happen,
and it through. You fill those guys, those guys outmoded the iphone. with them around thanksgiving advocated thanksgiving, would show in the hospital elliot wasn't really very I didn't really talk too well. He was really really messed up and he ended up. We had it as we were dropped for playing elevation, another a doctor, but he was a coating unlike member. This nurse was like messing, ended. The flight crews like you, need to sit down while we're trying and she's like no I was like I love you. I felt here she's like nope, I'm nope abstained. Org is she did. She stayed worked on him and now he had like an suv worth of medical equipment on his head and she was work and all of it and they were trying to get her to like when they landed take off and she just wouldn't do it. She stayed there in work, so mad respect, fair lady gamblers, As you know, we had we end up having to fly lower than we want to do and we had a top and we dropped off Joe it Bethesda, and then we sent recently
under san antonio for the burn center was pretty blown up, and then you know I land in san diego. So I'm, like you know, thirty six hours are pretty major gunfight and you know my wife had left me and went back with the kids and I the ambulance, drove away. I have a place to go. I went to team, they went to danny's and then I think I slept in my cage sometimes- and I was just getting ready until because we're already in mid work up because I missed part of the work up. I missed the professional development part, so we were already starting unit level training, and so I didn't need a place to live. Cause you're gone most of the time anyway. And so tat was kind of where I I was at that time, just living in my cage kind of and so now, you're opportune commander at a very young, and uriens donors ask your right. I am yeah. I same guys that I've been with before membership of team and you're like
how'd. You get shot, I'm like yeah. I like the trap or something you're good home. I think good, okay, cool I'm training and I'm like yeah I'll, be twenty, that is how it works, that was a one sided bad As though I see that was probably my worst performance in April platoon done in a brought it to us at the time. And I remember you You're that won't we come down the canyon. We you guys killed all of us and like we all dead- and you left me alive to try and solve problems and edges, I wasn't doing it and you know I still remember- I was carrying like a person and a sixty, because everyone had we could even fight were combat ineffective. Just running down this thing, like I dunno stoner, was pretty upset with me. so yeah. You know when I think about this. Whole story cause I've, never really like thought about your whole career like this before, but this Is why turning was so important because, essentially-
guys that it just not been a leadership positions before and exam. That's why I really hadn't, you really had been an actual leadership. Is ours combat interpreter right, and so you learned some really good lessons learned about combat. You look about what how to handle yourself, but as far as maneuvering elements round, and this was very common in the ceiling and you would come sit next to me and I'm shooting and you're like what are you doing tonight? I'm shooting- and you like, you should make a call, but unlike, but I'm sure Because that's what I do you know I had never been leading- and I remember you pull me aside, like you- need to sit behind a bush with your gun pointed up in ear, looking around like that, it's just that's ridiculous, but it's right with at the time I would like broke and it's the same thing I realize discuss leaf and south, where the same way licence we're like when they got into my task. They they have both done something somebody like they were not in tune with. They got today. Keep your mouth shut, your new guy on the but they said the jock do not pay. dear whatever so the
didn't? Really? Actually Was so common in the teams that you could be a young officer, you never been in charge of anything before and you definitely get taught how to do this stuff, and so that's. Why, like that that training was so important and what I do. Remember is one time you guys we're at urban warfare and you guys, we're all jacked up, and I got it like debriefing europe will and stone, resolve, weaken mad and egos jimmy skunk with me any what is still out a fortnight Oh yeah, you wrote us up, so he walks outside and I follow the either cause you to outside and he started yelling eu us guys alright, alright you're about and you know you guys are like roger roger and you should get a lot easier. he walks away, and I look at and I go hebrew how, times, that I yell at you when you work for me,
You, like you, saw the look on his face. He was like oh shit cause, I never yelp them on every other waved, and you know, I think, get a net press on at that time to members he did was it without was an embrace. Oh, he might have made a family or that with a net brazier, but It was one of those things where he was like. Oh yeah, and it was like hey man, if your guys. if you think you need a yell at your guys that meet you haven't trained them right. That means they're making mistakes. They need a word knocking yell bat like I can guarantee you. You know, that's it! when I was saying earlier, when you showed up- and this is like I would meet a young again, I'm not trying to sound like I'm an old man, but I had been in the symptoms for a longer time than you. I could see that you want to do good, freakin job at what you're doing like to me just like the most that's all could man all I ever wanted from a guy was like they want to do a good job. They want to do a good job and your tough.
remember actually was a little poll. Pullup political movements, business during our work up during my work up we're task in a brutal and they were like thinking of having some of the officers around and like Maybe they are going to move stoner or something like this and they're gonna. Give me a different alternate, and the ops officer pulled me to say hey. You know we can make this adjustment and I was like I was like. No, I don't I don't I don't want. I want these guys I won't leave. No, I want and illegal if the other guys might have some more experience, and I was like what I want is guys that are tough and guys that want to do a good job, and I said it's a way for tough and they want to do a good job. So when I met you, I was like oh this guy's tough and he wants to do good job, and so, when you wear your work up with zeph dude you wanted to do a good freak job. You know like, of course, and you're tough, me that all day long, I don't need a yell at you, and I want my point this out was I broke that guy? both you and Scott Yucas wanted to do a good free job. If you screwed up, not just because you didn't know what to do with that. particular moment
all you want to do is learn so, let's teach them not let let's not yell at him and he's like roger so yeah. I didn't know about that conversation, but I definitely you know the learning curve was steep and years later, when I came back the commander. I was much much more ready to go there and I spend a lot of time with my officers, my junior officers, and you know I did a lot of work with them and then I took another opportunity so the way that the seal work up is to start up a professional development. Six months then unit level. Training. Six months was what Jacques IRAN and then you've got at the end. You've got tj task group in the last six months. We get I assets. Well, they gave me another platoon that that didn't go to my work up with me and actually it was Bobby Ramirez who killed himself the weekend after my retirement. Actually great guy tragedy. Truly. But here you came on me as my while I season his eye,
because I came in all this stuff that you're teaching my jails because I bought his jails. I'm like hey, I do Joe developed and once we like, will you teach me I'm like two commander. Didn't teach him that he didn't know how to do ground force commander style now his chief was a bad ass. It was bo, didn't know that guy and that made it for a bit good on Bobby for having that kind of like humility to be like hey your teeth? Can I sit in with the jail, so here he is, and oh I see, and a prior enlisted guy at that, so he's probably got six platoons with experience and he's like hey. I know I need to learn how to do this and that's to your point like we never it really taught him how to do that, and I didn't know it either, and I I failed that workout pretty bad. I feel like like I mean. I know that stoner was pissed yeah well. Also everybody kind of that work up, but by the time you go, everyone would look like there'd, be a steep learning curve, but this should not rocket science either, I would tell you like one thing: like hey dude, you don't want to do that, you'd be like roger and you wouldn't do it anymore, like hey, you might wanna think about this and you do like it so
everyone gets her asked, and Islam. And ninety percent of guys go dude. I just got my ass kicked. What what I need to do better ten percent of guys go. I got my ass kicked because of training soccer, because my chief soccer cause my man, you guys are so what are they just blame other people than ever knew better get fired, but yeah, you're normal kind of learning curve, especially again. I never really connected your whole, leading up to this, like you didn't have like were assistant platoon commander, you know what I mean where you are like: okay, you're, going to run this squad, you're going to run through these, I azure to run through the house or whatever you're going to be doing this. You are ak period a period of sixty years, your they do. Audit rate officer development- I am so I hope that we started doing a better job. You know now was my main after that's why I went to trade at the reason I went to trade out when I got I'm glad you wonder. That was good as good good. For that thing, that's cause. I knew that
We had learned. I knew that. I know what life and set new unemployment. I was teaching them while we were work up. I knew that and I Who's gonna teach these guys you on your six deployed by the term right that was my servant of seven, so, like one percent at about about third tweet redeployments, you're gonna get I'd like that. That's when the jet, I think kicks in, I think about, and then after it's complete difference, the first one euro one, do you think you know what's going on, but you don't three men. Why does come off? You have some excess capacity. I can tell what you're about to do. You know what I mean if you screw up no big deal I'll just play off that and fix it. It's about that. Veneer mark that it really hit? I think the ip and what little? What really help me out? A lot was I when I was an e five. I was in training so at seal team one, and I was a single young guy and guess what that meant I taught so you warfare combat. So I did everything I did. It's so now, I'm
watching these things- and I could see like oh this guy- does that guy shouldn't be over there or that guy on his weapon too much of that that platoon command not making a call, and so I through teaching. It got to look at things from a detached perspective and that's really by the time I got to team to now an internet team. Do I just got on teaching this stuff, and I was like, oh, I know everything browser I can. I know I need to take that back. I know any to look around. I know I know, did dont need to be shoot, my weapon. I know I need it you'd think simple. I know need to cover move reach other right. I know to focus on certain priorities. I know he doesn't like. I knew those six answer was very lucky for me and so then, when I got done without deployment, Romani goes like there was guilty. Family said: where do you want to go and also I wanna go to treat it could say why. I think he knew but I wanted to make sure these lessons got passed on because because also The battle over body wasn't over when we left, you know, I mean you got wounded Joe
well you got wounded mean that that was still hard funding and I was like I dunno when there's going to be over. So all these got all my friends that are about too good an opportunity roll back over there. They need the straight like I need make sure they have this, and that was what became my focus on, but you know, like I said you. You had a little bit of a lack of knowledge, but as soon as you, get tightened up, you fix it. Can kick ass in us? That was pretty normal from from my perspective, like legacy, if someone's arrogant It's ok! I think the bar came in high for me that, like all jimmy skunk come author, embodied plum he's ready to go, but so they came expecting me to know these things- and I really didn't because I was essentially a combat interpreter for their most time. I really didn't. Do a whole lot of leading on the battlefield to be completely honest as an officer you're supposed to be from the front, but I was actually doing what might my niece my part in that cog was that and yeah. I was going to step on stoners toes or you know, anybody who has it and how was so. You had some challenges during workup but, like I said it was normal. I mean stoner
I walked on, haven't you like punter per cent and I'm talkin as you guys went through and he'd be like. Oh yeah. We screwed this up like I, but we got it. You know what I mean. How was that deployment You guys go on deployment yeah, it was. It was a frustrating one because I just came off as super kinetic deployment, and I got all the same kinetic guys that want to go, scrap it out, and you know what it just wasn't that it's like hey man, you can't shoot the rules of engagement have changed. You can't shoot people for what used to shoot people for now. You know we had to dial them down a lot and then you know I had Chris Kyle on that deployment and he ended up. You know he took a round in solder city cause he yanked his helmet off and I wasn't there with him. He came back with me and he was. He was a different person after that you know. I remember thinking that I wanted to help them as best I could. I did all the things I thought I could do, but he
we really struggled. You know at first. It was kind of funny like oh the legend, it's about time who gets a nickname like the legend in the teams, I'm coconut or jimmy whiskers. That's not a that's as good as I can get whiskers. I haven't heard that one, that's a neuron because I got nine lives. I always land on my feet. Eventually, if you went to Gato and then it's been whiskers whiskers anyway, so yeah that that was pretty much a non kinetic deployment wasn't going on kinetic. We rounded up twelve hp eyes hub I value individual, so we had some ops, but it was. Like I mean roddy, I reloaded my mags seriously, probably multiple times we cause I'm shooting live rounds.
people every night and then on that one. It just wasn't quite that you know, and the appetite was more like. Let's try and build this place and you have to you know it's a shifting. It's not just can't beat everybody up all the time at some point. You've got to build some people up and let them do their own beating up and that was kind of the phase was in so it was frustrating for those guys coming off that deployment to realize. Like hey, it's not that kind of fight again, and you know I'm in the middle of that I'm a pretty aggressive guy, I think- and so you know I had to do some growing up there too, shark. So what what's your next job after that were so after that I went to bahrain because, as an arabic speaker, I actually kind of hatred with the exile we didn't get much listed, but He was a want to send me to the pacific. Next he's, like hey, you've, got two back to back tours in iraq and was the xo at team three yeah at the time, korea, and he was like you need the pacific. I might listen brill. Nobody speaks arabic, it but me stooped,
to send me back there have me. Do my took a matter here: roma protest unit, commander backgrounds was gone and he's like. No here If you need to get well rounded you're, not you're, just you're, so one sided. It's going to be bad for your promotion, which I didn't care about. I came in to go to war and I know people like no. You can be an officer, I'm like no. I came in to go to war when I came in for so anyway, we had it out- and I was like that's so stupid, so he sent me to a one year, tour in bahrain to do J sets which went to I'm going to miss the whole war la frustrated with those in the last twenty years, back then I know you know level was like tat. Mister war and I went over and ran J sets and actually for the same twentieth thirteen three, that we had there. Yet he went over to the baron and, we got along really well over there cool cars at team three. I think he was really nervous around me and I dunno he's a good man. I think well of him now he came out to maritime and actually, if you remember his run on here, but we worked together really well down there and I definitely count him as a
now I know now and you're dispensary work in a bunch strove set up these exercises over there I'd run things. yeah. So I think there's like twenty two joint combined exercise for training. That's what adjacent is and then you know, If you fly in there, you grab a platoon this onto plane. That is not doing anything. You pair them up with the skill set. They wanted to learn and a lot of is like showing up, final ceremony I got lost, well with all the arab people, could I speak arabic and I love it. You know I gotta go falcon hunting with the bar anywhere family and you know I just it was an interesting the planet. My arabic got pretty tight. I found a place, a change and yet you down there yeah. They had flown in a brazilian who was good and but then the the guys. The random thing was not very good. He was a black belt. He you know how sometimes people just pay for their black belt and that so much happened, because I was tearing him up as a blue belt and then but his brazilian guy, that was, it was under an alliance school. I believe that brazilian guy
will put me in my place, pretty quick, I got to fight in Abu Dhabi, I went to, I went and did a J said over the air dcc trials or just trained and know the Abu dhabi tournament I got to fly in that turnout. Also like I went there for two weeks and there was a that going on, so I stayed there and train there and they like brazilian black belt- brazil, like you, know, put new in the quad and when you're batching. You know there were good and it was superfund with them, because the the locals didn't want to change you jitsu and it was at the equestrian centre in in Abu I train there and then I stayed and I got to fight in the Abu dhabi that did six. I did six rounds. I didn't make the metal round, as I think I was fighting as a blue. Maybe purple at that time definitely blew our fight with him and I get knocked out via an economic. We have lost my points to a brazilian, but usually call manlike just getting to find. Term you fight all night, you started ten p m and final night cause it's like a hundred thirty degrees at night there.
Yeah you're arabic must have gotten freakin. Good now is tighter, because my last memory of your arab. I know this is a good one. was it was at mikey once whereas memorial, so mikey monsters, memorial and we're at camp corregidor, the guys from the first, the five or six like it's, it's friggin, heavy, obviously, and the iraqi scouts those Mohammed wanted to like have their guys. Fuckin puts more down, and so you are the interpreter. What was so. It was respect because air, because a much more flowery language, they have different levels of respect which are different work, and so he, it'd be like he'd, be like you know, to use your darker, tucker and I'd be like and respect, and he would like duck a duck on a bike heavier deeper respect.
And you ve got to get a gun like super heavy listening to. That's really want to travel to listen to this and you know and I mean obviously it's like super emotional, but then on that was trying to listen to like how Jimmy's doing up there a little bit right and I don't notice it at first, but the guys are going on. You know you see like after a post fight interview like the guys, russian or the guys brazilian, etc they're going on and on and on and on, and interpreted be like he says, he's looking forward to the next fight. You like it does happen so that same things happen here like this Hamas disappeared, he's talking you he's talking for, like you know, let's call it like forty five seconds and then Jimmy's like they truly respected my
and I'm like okay cool and then it happens again and he's like it was a deep respect and I was like this is like a seven minute speech which Jimmy did in seventeen seconds. So we get to broad. I walk up the message bro. What was that guy say? Like you only interpreted one word and I go, he goes well. It's really complicated as budget for words. I go alright bro up I just know you're not ready for like you like it or not waited for the, u n I was out what thirty six hours out of that gunfight. Wasn't there were still in own job was just like not really for the: u n ready for the euro check, so get done with this bahrain, for a year and then up you go out there he's cause. You got your team on the east coast, yeah yeah go out there and it it's a kind of big selection process, and I go
we throw it in the end. They ended up decided, put me in as my own fault, I screwed up on one of the major operations or upgrading and they decided to send me to a different squadron. I don't wanna go to and not now they sent me to others again you're going to plant every twenty. Fourth, like do you mean tomorrow, am I deploying tomorrow there like yeah so boom, I'm out some on deployment It's a really interesting deployment, and I don't know how much I can go in to this one just other than I was running a an emergency task force that time and it was we're wildly successful and you know you met. The emerald is spoken, my retirement and he became a really close meant or to me, because basically I did a lot. I went so far above cause. You know when you're I thought this is my cannot assigned by like the joint chiefs of staff. That means no below that can say no to me, that's kind of how I
what about it? And it turns out- that's actually not true. So I was being like layers in the chain of command. I mean I moved, I moved a: u s ship! Truly. I also launched to mass out of different countries trying to clear the airspace and I just really way out over my skis, and I remember I went and woke him up and I'm like this is what I did. This and this- and he looks at me like he goes jimmy- I'm not sure what you do intern, but we're going to go upstairs and we're going to make sure this goes well and then, after that, we're going to have a conversation about who's, a decision maker. And who is a decision facilitate her hand like. I learned a lot from them because he didn't of course, my spirit right. It's like you said I wanna do good. I just at the point on one day notice, I don't and my turnover was a high five turnover, which means I get off the plane and he flies back on the plane that I got on. So I didn't know so anyway,
he didn't break my spirit, and now we had some really cool things. You know down there here, I had my own georgia to fight club, you know like we do and he would come to it and we had all the different people from different agencies come into it. You guys have a black eye and this kind of like a little like nine, you train with Jimmy and boys It was pretty cool the hand of haven't like little civil war in this country. For a while, and I had to go on absent teams, speaking our cause huge, actually drove right up to a tank in a toilet avalon. And I was like hey man: do you mind moving this tank, so I can then guys. Look at me trying to explain to me that there's a fight going on and I'm like, I totally get you. I feel you, but I just need to move the tank for long enough for me to end the guy finally looked at me and shook his head like okay and I went out and got those things back and was really interesting deployment. We are worried about the embassy getting overrun. The early closed towards going on. In benghazi to how that one, To be honest, as you know, the ambassador was you, ok come on over the wall. If things go wrong, I'm like oh yeah.
He didn't those three of us, it's his three of us to come over the wall. We had nineteen fast company marines which they would have done a good job and should not be. Facetious at all. You know resource they get after itself, but that was kind how it went down over Where were you at when extortion went down? I just, I back the deployment and you know extortion I lost my best friend, you know John tomlinson. He worked for you. Do you remember when he got that big fight? I do yeah and I was worried because he you are as boss of John Thompson, my roommate and he he goes out. He's out an angel. He was probably like picking up your girlfriend or something we now he was a big looking did and walk another boy industry guys tackling from behind, and he like slides on his gets up and walk in. One of them was about her too. Oh, the bouncer plus two other. Do ok, three guys catalan from behind and he's down he gets up, they kicked him out of the bar
there so he's leaving the bar yet and is this: the navy. They came after him right. So I'm just saying all the ways that he was right that he didn't know like he was walking. They tackled him from behind. So now, you've got three dudes. Tackling you from behind JT gets up and puts he puts them in a hospital like jaws wired shut, and it turns out that you did when the navy and so now the navy wants to press charges against him and I was concerned and I'm in you know JT. I had a blood infection because, like you get the streaks that go down your veins, when you get infected- and I was like you- gotta go to hospital bro like you go to hospital I'll go talk to jako cause. I was like that walked in your office. Someone came in, and I just want to let you know what happened, which a t and you're like what beacon thought with three guys and one I need tough guys. I was like yeah, that's kind of how it went down, but up there I know they want to master him and stuff and jock was like yeah. I got it that was kind of it and I don't no nothing really happened of it. The otter
exactly what happened yeah. He went to cat, he went to commodore smashed yeah and the commodore So the commodore and other navy deeds wherein there the navy ass. He got five with the year and there there. don't you get off and so we're standing there and he Boston give us his. Yeah. I do remember this. Yes, algeria reduction in rank which men he wasn't a meal, the screen and he had just made chief yeah. So now he gonna become an e five year. I remember this, so the commodore like boom boom bike year, your busted, like done and he's like. Alright, everyone leave and he's a jocko stay here, and so everyone leaves he asked. I said: hey, hey, sir this. Actually I told him this before I said: hey you mean, the guy that you could in the common interest.
Up in an exercise. Mgt was the D J Tucker called up at fallon by cornell kinds of comedy. I go. You remember that guy that was up there and he's a cannibal. This is the guy you're about to send the commodores mass right now he's like okay, so anyways bus him and tells everyone want to, leave tells me to stay back and he gives me the paper and he goes here. You go and I was like rochester and Somehow you did they get filed. Somehow that paper didn't have made no way The environment is record, and yet you know what that commoner is no longer with us. He became an animal poor. was a guy that was trying to look out, for like a tough good, frequenting guy, like what do you want me to do the job? My three guys, I wonder, do exactly and It was one of those things I always think like well. If JT would have gotten busted, he wouldn't have gone to dam neck. You know yeah yeah, he wouldn't have been so
yeah, I'm one of those things, but he was doing what he wanted to do so back to extortion. One seven and you know so he's my roommate. I I get back from deployment. I've got my kids visiting me out in virginia beach and I get a call in the middle of the night, it gets to the command line. I get I'm like. What's this about, I dunno I drive up there sixty I'm on my flight going back to tell his family because you know like, if you don't know echo and people outside the teams when you go on deployment. There's this like people would consider it morbid that you feel wow about little furry goes like who are your pallbearers? What songs they appear to play at your funeral who do not want at your funeral where's your will it's twenty four pages long and you go through this and it's actually super important because it solves a lot of problems and I'm the guy making notification. I knew it. I knew was found me get there and I drive. I find a minneapolis I drive down there. Bo met us there. He just showed up cause he's a good dude and we go in there and I walked up to his dad. You know I've got two more people from the camera with me who are going to
is squared away like they're just square where people to come with me as part of the keiko team. What does keiko stand for a casualty assistance, something I dunno, but it's the person that tells the family that they lost somebody. So I'm in my blues I show up and his dad sees me as dad's like I've been expecting you in georgia, man of few words I'm like you, sir, and we sat down. We didn't say much and then his mom came home. She was at her forty fifth, she was retired forty five years as a nurse, and you know I'm like you're, going to tell her. like I'll. Do it so he went out there until kathy, and you know it's a hard time, there's no way around it and then, after that we started working on funeral preparations and stuff. I had to go back because I was a little bit messed up from us deployments how to get a surgery bounced back three days later and they had set up everything. They had said it's a town of seven hundred people, we fifty per person, Fierro goin down. So every logistical issue you can think of you think of it was a pain. Imagine like not having enough hotels, and you know what bringing us see. One thirty with a bunch of guys from much team guys, and
where'd you how's this. The answer was the school. We had like one one, a gymnasium and then overflow and like the theater and so anyway. I learned a really important lesson that day- and you know, one of the most important lessons of my life and I always consider it like jds parting gift to me until I get back from that thing and back then we had spreadsheets, that's where we did a piece of paper with like names and jobs and those two contexts tech support, so we can normally there's probably a more pc name for it, but it's not derogatory they're. Just they're non seals who are at the silken, they did a great job, really good job, and you know their friends by in this day and they on it. I'm like. Okay, I'm probably a pallbearer, I'm probably speaking, you know, I'm probably given his momma flag, I'm flipping through I'm like nope, not pallbearer. Okay, that's weird, I'm not speaking. What am I doing. I
handling the vip is: don't get pissed, I'm like I'm getting mad and I'm getting ready to go, say something else. Then I stop in it and then I feel like this intense shame over me and I'm like. Oh, I just want to be recognized for who I am and katie's life. It's about me. It's not. well me and so J t's final lesson to me was to get over myself and you know I don't live up to the humility. I would like to all the time, but I hope you know that I I could manifest at my life after that, and you know what I happened. I shut my mouth I knew I did. I handled the vi piece and it makes sense on the senior ranking of my friend group. It makes sense and you know what the guys that carried the coffin didn't drop in the The people, the guy that spoke did a better job than I would have for sure. He did a great job. You know and guess what the mom found the right seat and she got flag
so and I'm not remembered, is the dickhead who had a like make myself centre attention. But I was super close to doing it, and so you know that's, there's, there's always a silver lining and you know there's nothing good about losing my best friend, I'm not going to say that. But I will say that you know in his memory. There is something I learned in in what a freaking stud and frequent iowa wrestler trained to are trained here. Actually, I've always wanted to some kind of put some lubbock on a freaking kick ass. Memorial thing I do and he was a ranked top twenty try athlete in the trial closed division in his spare time. when you're in the seal teams. You'll have allow spare time that dude here just a phenomenal We call on the human labrador like whether a compliment can you get in here I mean like you just everybody's
india could do something that we would scrap it out. No guys are, we will be mad and I'd be like I'm still mad, and he look at me but like ten minutes later is like but you don't know about that. There was a timid see like. So how are you be mad? I'm ok, not mad you're just uses that way in. So yeah. I mean that that I mean that obviously that time for that, as w was just a friggin disaster with extortion once avalanches horrible- and I mean that's one- you know that's one. This one guy you know and that as much as that impact was it was that impact over and over and over again throughout the community and throughout all those families. Banner was just a friggin nightmare, what what? What did you end up doing after that was your next command
You go so I went over one back to team five and you know my old platoon chief. I can say his name, you jason tory. You smile and we'll head say it s. The other j t I'll be right. Eighty eight other gaiety ya know jason's, like what he was my appeal theirs. Help you when I was at seal team and just friggin heinrich squared away He came out of it. Also, I see them out. My chief was a great guy, but he wasn't doing a good job and I was defending until the end of the earth, and then J t actually got aunt J T, my chief did he get on him in the different everybody and I pull on this item like April. Like that's my chief. Don't do that to him for the guys and he's got on the assault. The salts lead if I'm or do this august squirm way and we kind of got into it and then so then they firing my chief and guess who I He is my chief Michael that guy here we go, but
I mean all of a sudden in the house. I had nothing to do. I'm like oh the assault got ran. Everything just was running and I was like dude hyper squared away dude he's working now. I think he's chief staff officer at psi labs up and have been Washington doing great things and so he's he. He calls me like hey. If you want to leave there, why don't you come? here. I need a, I need an officer like. Oh you think you can make a happenings. I tell you did why in there- and it was just there- was ass- a really good deployment really good work up. We will Afghanistan. He was your esa massey as well. Oh yeah, and you know I didn't. I Didn'T- have to talk much dignity, yeah, but he made up for it. He made up that he'd say a thing and I I would just sit back and he always deferred to me, like you anything so it'd be like most of the time known and it was kind of cool because it gave an extra gravitas. When I did have something to say you know, they'd be like oh he's going talk this time cause
Jesus he's that good, you know in the rear and his freedom, just like a character he's like their use as as rational seal hell, yeah yeah, but also like just to have fun and hang out. The review is like to just It's always having a good time and when I say always having a good time, I mean like no matter where you are like we're in iraq and like we're, having a good time like things are funny, things are fond. Figures are good, which is the course about the deeps, like no matter where you are You can have guys we're gonna have fun no matter what like this shitty a situation, the worst the hottest, the coldest other cases like you over J t and your. miguel he's got a sound effect for years kind of crazy story and you're like oh okay, yeah yeah. So I got him again and you know I picked up four platoons rolled over to afghanistan,
had a really phenomenal repayment. I mean those guys were so good. I was pretty hard on him during the work up, but they did. They did a good job had really good oases and then europe course Bobby came over is one and now yeah they did great and on that deployment I think we had one hundred and sixty eight dudes and I'm not going to go in to kill counts of stuff. But we had a. We did a lot. You know they found like over twenty four thousand pounds of h m e. How many explosives, and they recovered a drone, knitted, all sorts of cool stuff and just really cool. I would just show up as a guest salter. What I would do you know what I mean like. You know how to run your thing. You know the battle space owner you wanna one element, maybe but a few if you need a commonly but well now we got a guy. So I just get us all fallen there and had some really cool at those guys man, we had a really cool op on christmas, where we just in afghanistan, walking through afghanistan and was one of the guys was like we set up a ale jail, which is like a grenade launcher and it's a gas belt fed collagen from this hill
as like a two kilometer reach and he was up there dress as santa claus, and that was really cool yeah. It was really cool, so yeah great deployment and we did lose a guy. We lost chris pike, he was not a seal, but he was an operator straight up like the guy was awesome He was built like a gorilla suzy, one of the attack, one of the technical guys yeah techno guy, so they carry it or he carried around this technical aqua equipment that would help us. I dunno I'm not going to. then just attacked budgeting around terminal equipment, but you strong, you know and try to pretend was a team guy, but he could operate with competent and you know he was a how interest
enroll and his mom and his family. I'm like oh, I see where they come from. You know his mom spoke at at at his memorial. I dunno a lot of moms that can do that and you know she had a little, maybe a little tear in her eye, but she's she's looking right out at us as intense as you can see the tenses you can get and she's like donated a cry for us. We're warriors were pikes and I was like dang. I hope you have a lot. Kids. That's all. We need any other major lessons learned from from vienna to commander yeah. and being a true commander. You know, I think I really I kind of that was one of my better, my better performances and the team's not to sound overly arrogant, but I was ready for it. You know I fell into it. I was tactically good enough at it have to worry about. You know how my weapons work or anything. I could shoot with the guises as well as anybody and I could really sit back at a great chief, great se, a and really solid chiefs,
while those guys are master chief. Now it was just a really phenomenal appointment. Guys did there did their piece? I did get in trouble once right when I got there, which I was at great. So I threw a keg party at danny's and you know I I just decided to buy a cake for everybody, get to know everybody and I left not super late, but I mean I talked, but I left before the keg was done, and so one of my guys stayed and decided to like you know, kill the keg and He went out to have a cigarette. I guess I'm sure he was helping old lady across the street and he gets rolled up by the cops for being super drunk, so he gets put he gets put in the drunk tank and then and then after he gets put in the drunk I think they release them the next morning and they tell him there's no paperwork or anything. So he goes and he tells his chief and his chief is like wait. There's no paperwork!
well just keep it so for all you list was out there that are not policeman. You, I don't think you can put someone in jail overnight without without paperwork. I think you have to put something down on paper: so anyway, so they will tell me I'll find out about it. It goes up to the top do work right, the mayas guys, the admiral, so my bosses, bosses boss, tells my passes boss, who tells my boss hell's who comes out denial and I think check out how awesome we are because I'm like mean we're awesome. He wants to see some awesomeness. This is where you come in so yeah. We are audits siphon will drive in a siphon sixteen next, you know the one. With all the point of hard rocks going to siphon sixty on buckle, you wait till we get down the you're going to see some real awesomeness anyway, the the can any officer or the massive like hey. Why don't? Why aren't you come on rough with me Jimmy and JT? I'm like, oh okay, so we sit in the back and right when I get into.
so when you guys get to do you. I, when you gonna, tell me about that. Unlike like- I don't know- I don't think you're you're right who was it gave me a name unlike Noah. There's no way that guy there's no way he goes well. You got a police report that says that I'm, like you, give me a couple minutes figure it out. So I walk out he tells me. The story wasn't the. Why he's I told you, I thought what you well. You know I didn't I didn't say paperwork I am like
I feel the fire like. Are you kidding me? You know, so I get back to the boss and I'm like I'm like yeah. This is what actually happened, and you know he goes where you want me to do about it, and I was like hold me publicly accountable in front of my guys. Please and my boss goes. Ah, that's not what I expected you to say. I don't know if that's the right thing, I'm like nope, you do that and I got the rest. It's like just. You need a hammer me in front of the guys. He said okay, so you know we had the seal team got together and we got in this room and he wrote me a letter of badness whatever you. Maybe it's a nip locker something I don't know how about was. It was a bet letter of badness and anyway read it in front of everybody and then walked out there. How are you- and you know- I looked at my guys now, as I can
I guess I didn't even didn't say a thing or you don't need to. I had nothing to say I was like listen. This was r one r one silver bullet, like everyone at this team, is going to go to afghanistan. Every one of them want to go this it's ours to lose. So all these things that are going to be your focus is that and if it's not if it's not that it needs to blur out, I that's it, and you know that dude was a good dude. He was dying to get punished. He was I please hold me ass. He was he wanted that gift of accountability- and I didn't give it all- and I know that was a cruel thing to do- Really because it had. I hammered him. He would have felt better, but I didn't I didn't say thing and that dude ended up being sailor of the year at team. Five and he's a master chief now, and you know one yeah yeah, and so you know I I learned yeah
which was toward the end of my title career there. I kind of knew how to navigate their circles, and I was like these guys don't want to see me get strung up. You know, so they really cleaned up their act and the adequate deployment, and I it was phenomenal nine months in afghanistan, losing chris back. You also told me about learning some resilience from one. Your guys, I think, is still active but yeah. He is still active and I'm not going to say his name, I'm just going to call him don. So this dude that that same group that was out in Afghanistan had a group out in the west in Helmand working for them. Means and cause a battle space owner. The marines owner battle space- if you don't know and within that, are different groups who we all answer to allow space owner, because he has to coordinate everything that happens in so he front. We appoint man solid dude. He can brief he's a level three which is like human intelligence, stuff. You just a sharp newt who'd, you put on point, you put the good due to a sharp
and this guy's a mexican do and he's up front and he sees neck annie about to step in and I d he runs up to grab him too late boom blows at afghanistan, half conscious, smashes Donnie up a little bit and he he lost his eyes. Eyes were gone. It's got a trick in pretty blown up lost some of his hand caught sight of the franc, him a blues hand up his blood.
and I remember thinking alright, like I dunno how bad it is, but I wasn't on the ops they flew into ballroom. I go see, I'm a ballroom and were put them on the plane and the lady's cage he's a he's, not responsive, okay, so I've kind of taken by his hand and he's got a trick and he can't talk. He can't see- and I kind of like a buddy Jimmy doorman and he struggles to sit up and I'm like what's happened and he wants to communicate so we try and get him a whiteboard, but he can't see he's got a right with his off hand, because his good hands blown up and he's we figure out he's trying to tell me he wants to come back and I'm like this guy. So I I tell him I was like let somebody like you know it's important for the guys to see you do recover, they're worried about you. So what I would like you to do, would you please send videos of your recovery to the guys stay in touch with us and if you get better I'll, bring you back
And that guy did, it dawn, got blown up on december, the tenth, and so I go out there. I spent the holidays with him and we're getting ready to one up, and you see you see him. He sends a video of him running on the treadmill he's sweating and the guys are cheering, and you know the the physical therapy staff are are just ought at what's happening. Yoda skype put now- and was cool man. The guy owes they kept him in touch, and you know he did make it back on deployment his injuries or two great, but that he still had community. He still had a purpose, and he still had a goal, and you know we send a guy who's mar deployment after he got shot in the plate and we we're doing
wait for him, we sent him home and gave them time, and I don't think he had the same kind of recovery. You know, whereas what don ended up doing was you know he came back and he want to get back in the teams somehow, and I grew back, I'm not a dump I don't know he's about ass. I drew back and eyes. I don't come back in the teams, A lot of the higher ups are like. No, you can't bring him back the teams. He asked to have peripheral vision, cqc skydiving and I'm pissed. I got to give him to me I'll take him. You know I'm the op so now at at at five and they're against it and they're like well what if he does sgt MIKE okay, maybe just a couple blocks. That's a slap in the face man. I mean this seasoned operator like anyway, so dynamic, that's fine which blocks we have to do and it was like a score of combat and skydiving and because of their life,
migdal, often like he doesn't have to breathe underwater again like this, that's ridiculous anyway. He I went and told him I'm like hey, bro, listen, this is their said. They can bring it back, but that's what you gotta do is like oh cool I'll, do the whole thing, I'm like! No! No! No! No! No! No I'll do the whole thing he did. He's the only enlist the guide ever speak at and ask graduation and he the honor man for Mister skeelty, awesome and east he still out there right now, he's gonna do beyond the brotherhood with me after this and super proud of that dude, and you know I learn that from a learner most important things about resilience along the way and I think maintain that community. He still part of the team. You know maintaining the the purpose and the goals with super important and that's one of the things I m trying to do with the beyond the both of which I am sure get to lobby for financing.
Would you do after that? Gaza? You, two buds rights as I was an exile, kicking and screaming, because, unlike the bill I came in, I asked in exile. Third, look, which is your last possible look. I never took a real staff to her. I just did, do that. I just kept going there like you, ve only got to the Middle east, you only you know just done sealed James, you need to do some other things. They want you to do boats or as dv. Anyway So I somehow made XO. So now you have to go to an x or tourist s. My first ever staff to her. I didn't know about all the navy programs was like twenty four navy programs, like motorcycle safety and, like all I didn't had taken a purity. Unlike seven years I didn't know, and there, like lawyer, fair, absolutely and I'm like. Oh now, like I didn't know, I didn't know, we still took the prt just didn't even know it's an norm, the xo in charge of all this admin stuff. I don't even know about and had a great staff there. I still stay in touch with with some of those. Ladies, they were one of them. She just put on warrant officer super proud of her
and nights it was. It was a real good tour for me. I didn't realize how far gone I'd been cause like when you're. If you walk into a coal mine you're going to get a little dirt on you, you know it makes me think of that one you, you did a podcast where the guy living in like the sea, Well, why not for the until it's a dirty world war in the cotton going to combat over and over fourteen years is gonna leave a stain I didn't realize where I was and then he not being shore and be at home in oh, it's. You know, I'm a normal person and it took a while for that sector a bleed off, but it was really good for me and being a buds. We know we learned a lot when I learned a ton. While I was there and back to the resilience thing we had. We had a suicide there, til. This was the guy that quit right, yeah it was it got to quit. I think the proper word used to be a trait. I don't know what it is now to always have a phoenix division or something
I'm trying to be good by nsw, but we called him and tried back then so, usually, when guys quit, they you take them. You give them. The man talk with the master chief, which is like usually some big stud. You know the dude who was at the time and he was like get and then you're gonna put him to bed cause they've been awake for two or three or four days, while this guy didn't do that, jumps in the car drives downtown jumps off twenty fourth floor of the marriott and you know where like and then we start looking at the stuff and we're like wait. There was some kind of suspect car accidents where some guys lost. Could there be I dunno? no, but we had. We know that we have at least one of us and we have to do something about it, and so I had a company's bhutan,
and by this time you know nowadays, you see all officers are so freaking, smart, they're, all ivy league, guys, they're, all just sixty hundred s a t guys and these two guys who went to mit and I was like hey. I need you guys to design something, let's figure out what we can do with these better to treat these guys and they came up with the h rock the hell week. Recovery observation center and they were like look after you quit you got to spend twenty four hours in the truck and during that time, well, first, before you start hell week, you have to put down the name of one person that you're going to call. When you finish helping that that that name, that's first, then you have to talk to us like you have spent twenty four hours in there and you I have to. I have to get a med check and then you can go, you can leave so I I looked at this and, like that's the worst idea ever this is going to be like jonestown the day after it can be one mass suicide. There are always going to like being this huge pity, party and they're going to laugh, you know, but that's not what happened they. It made this sense of community there in their watch them eating pizza
watch movies and then you realize a I'm, not the minority. No one talks about quitting, but no one does and now you ve got all these guys. Who are in the same boat? You know every one of them is the biggest bad ass or their towns, their family has ever known, you know and oh and then they have to call that name and that's an interesting wrinkle to because now it's like. Okay, my family. They love me because I'm the best, I'm the golden child. You know those calls. How do you think those go? You think it's like you're dead to me when they call it's like hey, I'm proud of you. You know, do great things in navy, and so it breaks that glass and it gives them a community. And then we start working on their necks jobs and they get goals and purpose, and it really was a really cool thing that we're that we did and it worked out to my knowledge has been zero suicides from guys from attracts after buds, and I think
It was something that I learned a lot about resilience that I didn't know from these young lieutenant who are smarter than I was when you got a guy like you and me kind of you. You said when you're going through, but you didn't think about quitting. I didn't def definitely think about quitting when I was going through, but at otto wool, What did you learn from these guys likely? The hearing and talk the out brief when somebody just so did you do that? Our brief as well? Are you sit in there for some of those and more now it's a civilian outbreak. You're talking about the man talks the outbreak. We talked to amend the backside and usually We as using not me, you know, we have the site and several doctrine. what kind of stuff to this sector a lot of times they die after so before and after a truck, because, one day after a truck, it was a lot different. But before a lot of these guys we're just like I want I gotta get back. Loss. I lost before us and I lost focus or no, I don't remember quitting. I was hallucinating there always
the time they had some kind of excuse after the eight rock I didn't see. That is much. You know and what an interesting thing was at one time: the mic. Pon. That's a match achieve petty officer of the navy. That's the like! I'm saying it for your paper, it is the highest ranking list of guy. There is in the whole world, like he's the top dude he's the only guy with a third star on his goal anchor, and he came up to me and he's like hey man. You know I was a budget right, I'm like no like bro, you gotta tell me Well, that that'd be a great thing for these guys to know that they could. They could quit not make it another could become the nick pon and he's like. No, I don't wanna talk about it. I was like dang. That would have been a great thing for him to do. You know so we are seeing these guys like if, if some of the lessons is right now- and they like thinking about going to- but and one thing I've always set is: if the three of us we're one about a new will want to make it because you're,
ex girlfriend said you could never make it, you know I think you can make it an echo wants to make it because you know he wants to prove to his dad, and I want to make it because I'm patriotic all three of those guys could make a We can also all three non market like what now, why is I think it really matters like. I know guys that were leveraged lol thought I could do it, so I was doing it that was me yeah there you go, that's a classic situation, I didn't have anything yeah and there's guys that are like. I am doing this, I believe, serves the quick like frequently do so they are these big, like or philosophical reasons and nato I give equipped were not normal again, something like a big superfluous philosophical reasons they don't quit. Some people that Don't you it for their because there act, they want to prove your ex girlfriend on. Sometimes equipment, as you know, what I'm saying is that you just gotta use on you a lot doing as far yeah.
I don't know we tried, we did a lot of things. I find a magic sauce and really one of the best things we figured out was it. We d made this thing where they put out the rack and stack these scores, and some of the major components are self assessment. Cod re assessment peer assessment and they look at those things and if those things align pretty close the guys to better that an early enough being close with your mother, was another common thread? I don't know what that says that those were some of the few things we could, when you say the self peer and contrary estimates. So if we all think. If, like ok the contrary thinks I'm like, not the best that we put a tough guy- and I think I'm not the best african and I'm a tough guy and my peers the best. I'm not. The africa must have got those lenders are in and you're probably you have a better chance because you know what's going on, but if you're like the best out,
ever like man- he's a slow and just know being maybe it's a maturity thing with her frontal lobe. I don't know, but if those things align pretty closely it's been and that and of course, is it based on physical fitness people like it's all mental? Well, it's more mental. If you're not in good shape. You know I've always came out of that rope climb. It doesn't matter how bad you want to climb up that road climb. You can really really really really wanted, but when you can't do it, you can't do it and all the want and all the mental strength in the world you gotta, freaking, train because we're ready for and for all if the buds are going to bs out there, you know just the baseline, you know mile and a half run and boots pants nine minutes. You vermeer swim, nine minutes what twenty polyps, if you can't do that, don't show up and then what's the other one hundred one hundred one hundred one hundred, Wanna push ups and sit ups. That's right! You do those things and you've got the physical tools to make it. And if you don't it's going to be harder, it's to be harder, yeah, yeah yeah, I think, did you say now you're going to pull ups,
Arbogast running was your thing when I was not created anything and not horrible or anything. So that's it. I will I never want to run a failure I never want to swindler. I failed one which does a lot of ones, you can tell there's a lot of runs. You can filter. I never won the course. I never failed one. So, I was just like in the middle of the pack, that's nice place. I I think I got good likely one time goon squad, that's a slippery slope. yeah yeah, I can't be polite. That's why we only get goon one time. You learn your leisure hours ago. What It takes to stay up with the fact is worth it so So if you get goon wants like, let's say we're running, and they decide that this is the cut off for people who really? that's enough. Every behind them has to get in there. So if you made it pass that you're running in a circle, nice and slow and kissing her breath. If you didn't
you're hitting the servant and push arms and just getting beat down, and now we take off again and guess what you know you're, probably not going to do real well, so that slippery slope just gets worse and worse. So it's like you best decided just put out as well. a good wants its did. You work how we told you that I did not. I you know a lot of things I had to do and I've. Never, since your personal surf I've, never I don't yell people it just now I saw my style so I went out pizza, some nights. I would like to go to the camps or where they live, dig that big microphone and they tell jokes, you know and its really cool like in doctrine teams is like day for you're, probably going to make it, and I remember
and like okay, someone tell a joke and they like had couches out there, and I had I bring burritos and pizza for the Qadri and we're watching them, and you know the my buddy BO was the he's in charge of his face. He always ran that and he's you tell a joke and some will get up and they start to tell a joke that mike be it was racist or some people like the syrup, everybody before him finish its employees to serve, you know come back and maybe they would sell a joke. It was like this. As I hit the surf everybody in the middle of it and like after a while. You cecil get up a strategy that can possibly like, but it was a good like tones that are for like a. We don't do that here. It was really cool you talk as though the boys now like they want to say things, but you know he release. He said that to use. That is like a hey. That's not! How do these things is critical. Me why you would also you have another kid at this point. Right do make a little sad here. You know I'm a little beast I'm gonna bust his name, but if you know if he sees if he sees jacko
on the ground by the neck and trained report about it. I am he always approaches me as if what is it like? It's like he shakes my hand. He looks me the eyes and holds you right now: nine. We ve been doing that wasn't. He was like sex like coming up to me shaking my hand and you mean the eyes like good, to see you Maybe he's got like the soul of a free him. Thirty, two year old rhetoric that caused me, five gummy, there's a teach him because I used to bring in the mornings I train with you know the wolf patent will morgan and brown and junior know those guys every morning and I bring him in there like and he would he would train with me for five minutes just because I want them to be at the gym is a fun place right and then I'd put them in thing with little tv and his breakfast and then I'd go fight with boys and my friends would come and he wouldn't he wouldn't walk up and in shakedown he'd hide behind my leg. I'm like what are you doing? Bro he's like I'm, I'm printer, so I read this.
about how like loss aversion is more powerful than like. If I tell you, I'm going to give you five hundred dollars, that's not as powerful as I give you five hundred dollars, and I take it back. So I'm like okay, let me try this new psychology. I have on my five year old and I give him a cape, hey, buddy. Here's five gummy bears put them in your pocket, they're yours, but you can't eat them until after class. So, every time someone comes up and you don't shake their hand, I'm going to throw one gummy bear away. Okay, can you do that? He's like a ceramic okay, we say yesterday isn't that what else the comic okay, so we go up there and sure enough. Morgan comes up the stairs and he's hiding behind my leg and I'm like oh hey, gimme gimme the first place, and he like takes it out and gives it. We know that metal transparent. We have right next to that right next, to want to found a clay. It's like twenty feet from here I laughed when I see it in his based look horrifying like just casually I threw away the sugary goodness, and then he you know him.
Ok, I'm like you do in our need to take another one he's walks up, shakes his head and said and then people react their freaked out there like what does this kid I'll intensity? tell you the guy. Now it's a game now! That's all of your parents out there are five can be, bears antics recognize that loss aversion thing? I know order the the punishment. That I had with my son. Was I one of his choice and brought it to the concrete patio, smashed it with a hammer. Because you ve got something beaumont and he dies out. He done something that was unacceptable in my family and so and so people are completely to you how many times I did it wants and then I had a staging area and I took his next favorite toy and put it in the staging area this one's next. If anything like this, if you, if you're out alive- and he couldn't really
it very well could he was only fortnum yeah, but he was he was like six, though you will change your own diaper and he was like he was like jack We have only do a one time and left a mark right, don't wanna don't lose the the favourite toys buried up. so you got him now and then, after that, you go back to you. Didn't you go to deploy again? a toy on seventeen november, this the second half of the mobile fight with we did western model, which was like that they packed with isis, and it was an interesting thing. Now has new thing called a to e, a three e like advise accompany an assistant, and I won't want to go with the company as a third a and that's what everyone wants
as now you've got these new guys who want to come in and they're like trying to prove themselves because they got all these combat vets, but the war ain't the same anymore right and so these it's time for the iraqis to defend their own country, and these guys want to go and get in the mix, but really You know we can like marked the iraqis where they are let the iraqis fight when they get stuck. They are not italy savvy enough to like do the combined arms things with the aircraft to call in the J cause. You know Colin embalmed, as it's not super hard, but there's pretty big consequences right on a risk assessment. It's like bad catastrophic, so we do that for them, you don't have to be there on the ground with them to do that, and the guys really like struggled with that because they're like come on, so we we made this rule yet to be one kilometer off the flot, the forward line of trace, so the iraqis are pushing you've, got gotta, be one k back and then
I can call the strikes and that's all that's on the with the company. Usually you can do it from the jock. You don't even need to go and the guys really struggle with that, but I don't want to send a guy home in a box for for that country anymore. You know, and we we we went into that and it was actually super super good, but it was interesting seeing how much the guys are always trying to find a way to get up, they're always trying to find a way to get in the fight on like how close are you well, as can be closer, but I can support with the fifty cal and I'm like I know man, I know I know I know, but, what's happening here is going to happen, whether you're up there and getting shot at or not. You know so she placed for me to be on the other side right, I'm sure, there's someone like all Jimmy's weakened you weren't you with a guy poland, the reins. Oh, I was that I was the deputy founder of the seat of soda? And then I was the commander for a while. So that's like all special forces in iraq and syria because the boss had to go home because he had a family issue and you know
w's, like we'll, send a guy over and he's like. No, no, let's have Jimmy. Do it and you know now I'm running these. Matters who were wasting your hands. Well yeah and they know me it's a team jail and no, I because my mind I'm like there's no one here the can I mean I can go one up, I'm going to say I was like, I think, I'm going to go on op, so I go on this op and the guys will like here, sir. This is where you're sitting I'm like. Okay, you want me to DR weir alive. You just said: here. Am I at that time. The system the combat dead, like what a spectator now like, no guys, I can really but now they know what is not a place for me to be the guys did a great job. I went on and off with them and unlike ok, I that guy who is it
as my prior to that yeah exactly so, I didn't go on any more. I just were on that one, and they were good. It was some team, seven guys but yeah. So we did the mosul fight it was. It went. I think that really the integration of technology, unprecedented level guys didn't get to get the scrap on they wanted to get, but also we didn't hurt a lot of guys. We lost a c for charlie keating, but the other technology advancement was so incredible like deployment. When you and I together, two thousand six, like the the You, avian and stuff like pathetic. I remember are one of my officers. It was actually leaves one of waste, a system to commanders. He was like the: u s, guy, like every time you been launched for those who was a member, we gave him such I'll, be there were hidden walls, buildings and
and I was it- the first occupation, as that would have what it was not only that, but the imagery sucker. You know it was from a shaky little frigate IRA. That was on target like one quarter of the times a day and in it Turning to the technology, got so good, so fast, and The time you guys we're over. There was a credible incredible now. Also, the enemy had it as well yeah some of this stuff. That's going on right now in ukraine, where there's like drones, drop, drop. Hand, grenades of using some of those videos very worried about that in Mosul too in absolute they had so we like trotted, also different things in some. Came up with this idea of haven't he's like falcons swooping down and take out the drones alike, that'd be cool. Dakota sea like like? What's more america than an eagle, swap lavender drone grabbing guy drone, but where are we and ended a finding lots of different things, but really The best thing to do is just because the John had had a return address had to go back
and so once that thing goes back, you followed with hellfire, and that was kind about the most successful thing. In my opinion, that's that's pretty good success. How you like me, yeah, you drop you little forty mike mike shown and eat of hellfire did you: when did you end up? You did like the executive. What do they call it when you went to harvard cause you'd, be oh that right now it's programmed for leadership development. It's because I was looking around for an executive mba and I went all I was like I'll. Do. Sts you or I'll do and someone's like that. Every place was accepting me you se, I'm like wow. Maybe I should start the top and work my way down, see what happens so I threw out like harvard stanford and then got accepted. Oh well, I guess I should go now so I went to that end. It was actually awesome. It's basically mba curriculum. Do the case studies and then you do six weeks on campus, the name of long and then you do one more module and it ends up you as islamic and
It was great with the best hang out of there is a network mean I tell people now I think school's overrated like if you're going to be an engineer or a doctor. You gotta go school man, but if you're gonna run business and my brother's awesome at business, he doesn't didn't go to he finished high school. Barely you know, and it's there's just. I think that entrepreneur line is. We need to preserve that celebrate that and I don't necessarily think that college is the right fit for everybody. You know oh yeah. I definitely agree with you a matter of fact. I was going to interview the other day and I was there like men are going to college I'm kind of support that now. If you're, like you said it's going to be an engineer, you can be a doctor, but if you're going to go and do, like when I go, learn how to weld or go learn how to be an electrician in an age month. Trade school where you come in with a legit scale that people actually need in the world so yeah. these are things you plug into into the big machine making eighty two,
thousand dollars a year and on top of that college is in in doctrination it's like nonstop indoctrination, and this is I'm speaking from yeah. I've got a daughter, who's in medical school and then my son is just starting at tarleton state, and you know I just see it it's so much of an indoctrination. They put all these little things it's like. Well, why don't we just teaching the skills they need and leave me alone, and I think the trader stole that way here as well. But you start your business kind of around this time frame right yeah started sushi assassin, sushi assassinate charles now he draws now is entered the EU usa. She got these men, so can you say sushi assassin access is kind of hard to say, but so I came back in business school and, like I got this new business muscle, I got it used and then the teams units what we do. Oh, I learned how to be a hearse master yoda either. So
I went down like a spirit, I'm a big I'd like to spear fish at like two hundred pounds, a yellow tail like what I do with this my buddies. Like bro, we should start a sushi and my dino sushi chef he's like I'm a sushi chef on my bro I'll, get you sure, mainly sensors, to turn like what you do with me and he did a good job and he's got a if he's from hawaii. Actually he he said, I think he said he knew. Your name is Aaron bishop, but he grew up. He grew up in hawaii he's like a small frame, little white guy, smaller. Neither freckles yet does he have a brother named Damien? Yes, he does yeah bishop yeah he's older than me and millions of micro elements so he's a good dude man and and he started this up, and you know at the time I'm super proud of him because he didn't have what's goin on he was workin. He hadn't been its taxes and a couple years, and you just life was kind of now going super good So she is ass, an end. He he runs it. You know he runs it. He does it. I set the business,
and he's got a really nice like live to phenomenal sushi if you're in the san diego area- and you want to do some sushi, get some sleep in your house and what really but that was covered because all of a sudden they shut down all these mom and pop restaurants. You know- and no one knows how to make sushi at me. I kinda can now but a chemical. He makes you know, and so now you can have. It will take a pcr test artists when your house boom minimum of eight it's about a hundred forty dollars ahead, but its super good. All you can eat and you're in your house? If you wanna, just you wanna drink you drinking on stuff and then we clean up and leave, and it's been pretty good, so he's making a good living now I don't take money from it, but I want to have a business after one, but that was my first for it what does it sosius, ashen dot com now he has an instant and I think it's who she assassin dot seo. I think that's I don't have, new to social media man. I have a lincoln, that's all you know it's like It is mainly the san diego area, yachts, mainly san track
all right, sir you're doing that. and now we roll into your kind like your last year last horse was group, one right, Yeah, I rode over there and I was also for a while and then they shut down the ford units and the combined everything group one- and I was I was red line. I'm like I was running all of what used to be down there
I came out and the staff hadn't come here yet so the guys that were there had to come back and I was like hey. I can't can't maintain this because of working from like you know, I get a good team. They'll work at four thirty in till six, get a workout in then go to work because we have like super pumped into our house, actually had a hardwired into my house and yeah. You just like my friend know how to do it. We set it up so anyway, the I was working like crazy and I told the boston I tap out. Man like we gotta. We gotta split my position to three. We had like the also the training officer, which is what the group one ops used to be, and then we had like thirty five, which is like combining until and kind of forward looking option anyway. So I'm like I want to take training and because I'm getting out that's the kingmaker job, but someone in the kingmaker job. So I went to training and there was also a great job. I loved it. You know I'll just say c, b, work with me and one of the best most capable
humble people, I've ever met. You know I I just he was Europe one here. Oh, I see my wife and his he's the Alpha charlie in the book leadership charging tactics who's the guy that I stole everything from yeah and you know it you asked him what he does he's like. I do the bitch work, that's what he said, of course, is just a phenomenal. Did he set up the whole time and for me just he lets go watch from us in other areas, but phenomenal did and with him and we we ran that that training. Now that went well and then I kind of like started working my way out in you know. I started a couple other businesses adele to tell us about the what he got going on now. So now I've got you read well retired and twenty twenty two right yet yeah. Luckily technically january first, but my retirement you! Wouldn't yes, but I talk out was: was it december sixteenth of czech bulgaria?
but I started made executive services and we do high end events for for executives, safe unconventional. I just did one this last three days. I've been doing it and I took some folks writing like waterboard as little water jet boards, and we did some we did some way. What wonder jet board you like stand on it and just keep all around, and you like swine, it's almost yeah yeah right on yeah. We did that and then we did. We went through with the sharks out in the hoya which, if you're not from here pretty big deal and and then No, but I actually did see a small railway are covered, some familiar lawyers, breeding ground for graduates. Yet so it's not surprised to see one but most of the charging seem a lawyer loud regional, elaborate sharks that are they're nice definition, they got little bit, I'll say just barely clams or something. But anyway, they were pretty
big deal for them and then we also need some underwater not time, and then I did a talk with them, one on adjusting Interchange is always really good. I work with a this is through prey dot com. I work with those guys all the time their ceo, Steve patina, has been a mentor for me on the way out. You met them at my at my retirement. And he's I some work with them early on, like in two thousand and fifteen. I did something for them: I'd set up a scavenger hunt or something and he's like hey. Can we pay you on mcknight? You can pay me, I just he's like what can you do? Well? Will you be my dude. That was the best investment of my life. Those guys I mean he's probably texted me. and times are today. I called them on my way here to make sure I was squared away and he's just been phenomenal. You know mentor and leader and just good, oh, you know himself. You need mentor inside and out and the military whose you dave cooper bone actual in those were my mentor and now on the outside. I've got steep, outina he's been amazing,
so that that is called may day, executive, its mayday executive, dot com. It's made executor. services, dot com and I've? Actually Ever seen the website. My sister made it. I dont pay attention to look at it. Furthermore, I heard its messed up on the cell phone right now, so she's gonna fix that, but on the desktop is tight. I don't do under that are mostly word of mouth unbooked through march right now, but I try to just, two to events in london and sometimes it speaking. I do live with entrepreneurs organization in the young, though I appeal grown present organisation and then, but my preponderance of my time is on beyond the brotherhood, wrote such thoughts on us through that beyond the brother, This is a five. Oh one c three correct correct and you know, People don't realize how often seals kill themselves. It's it's pretty bad.
in four months of my retirement, four of our brothers died by their own hand and it's it's a problem and we're just, I think, we're just getting on the tip of the iceberg, because now the guys who did laugh that a lot of the combat are just trying to get out- and I think that you know we talked about resilience community purpose goals. These guys they're used to fighting for a higher cause. You know they're fighting, maybe as for patriotism, maybe it's for the guy. Next to you doesn't matter you're part of a community, and now you get out and you're working for money and let these guys do fine. But years on road, they lose that community purpose centre goals, and so I thought about what I could do to get after that problem, and you know beyond the brotherhood in cooperation with Punta. Bravo serpent golf club, I have been doing work with them for awhile and they're like hey. Would you start a five one c three will will will cover it? What do you want to do on like? Let's get after this problem
and so you know we're just getting started. I did fourteen dudes in twenty twenty two and this year. I think we've got eighteen so far, but I don't advertise. We take the guys in and basically I like to use the navy programs be an expert that we helped them get through the visa process. Then, when they get through that we we plug them into a network, because you know you're in the teams you're like in a black hole, you you don't really have social media, or any of that I got my first social media account in work until you can't we take them. We give them the last bits what they need so like if you're a company trying to hire- or I need them to have this real estate thing I'll, get them that real estate certificate I'll, send them to you and we we line it up based on five. Things have actually learned from a different nonprofit, but it's like what matters to you most put in an order where you want to live, who you work with the mission that you're doing how much you get paid or ability to call you don't control your own time. Once I get that
I get a picture of what kind of thing you need to do and then you know, there's no one size fits none solution. We work with the guys, get them placed and I started. I got good partners, I need more, so you know we. Of course we need donors, because it's a bible and see three, but we also need mentors people to want to take these guys and hiram and I'm finding that they've they've done really well. So it is a value proposition on both sides and we've got. website beyond the brotherhood, dot org and now you know it's a way to give back. The silky me important me made an executive, his bills beyond the brotherhood is good for me, after plug into the community, and now you know, why down the road. I think the magic's, not what we do right now, but I think, excuse me five. Six year the guys are higher up in their. You know, they're at the
the echelon of society. They deserve to be a society that they fought for and earned and then now they're looking at what their life is, and maybe they can find some purpose to give them back to beyond the brotherhood. Maybe they come to our events or they see that snot nosed little punk that just like he was getting out. You know what I mean, but let's get this little fellow turned in the right direction. You have four people hiring. So, if I may add a company- and I looking for somebody to do a certain job I beyond the brotherhood, dot org, I can say, hey look hire somebody to run one of my plants or one of my sites, and you this what I really liked about what you're doing talk talk me through how you are screening guys. as you say, you're preparing on what you talked about here. We need a real estate thing called gives you that real estate, but you're also
I call methodology for screening them yeah. Thank you for bringing that up. So, like there's a lot of organizations just taking anybody, you know what I mean, but you don't know who that person is. Is he a guy that guy no shit canned after a platoon and a half and stole something and lost his beard? He's got a bus class next to his name? So you know we screen our guys for character and not everybody makes it and when I say character, I I take have them turn in when they apply one supervisor, one pier three subordinates and we talk about those lenses. They need to wine so like I, they all think that you're a jerk but you're squared away, but but even your supervisors say that you're like this. This might be the right guy cause everyone seasons the same, but if the kids guys below you think you're a jerk and above
like cohesion, ices person. Ok, that's that's not you not true across the board and you are probably not the guy we're looking for. So we screen these guys and you know the teams of about twenty five hundred of us. Like you know, I fight. If someone didn't didn't, know me and they asked two or three team guys they can get up. converging validity of what my reputation is. That's what we do we get figure out who these guys are they're, not perfect, but they're, pretty good, high, caliber dudes and we'll give them one last bit what they need one away and there was a deal with the with the pointer punta brava, What about punta brava? So it's a private surfing golf club. I've been doing work with them for awhile. Now I would take investors out and take them big, wave surfing or take them to the wineries in mexico or whatever it is. They want me to do and it's been fun. We've got a really: it's a really cool place. It's punta brava dot com, but it's going to be
the best highest and golf clubs in the world. There's five holes of by tiger woods. You have to over the over the water to get on the ground. and they're. Only gonna take three hundred and sixty members super hyaena is cool it's. So if your level fedora is just south events, I will check it out on a map of the peninsula sticks up the south events, another seven miles, yet seventy seven miles out into the pacific ocean. So it feels like an island. Khazars is huge mountain on it and and the breaking ground. I think, before the end of this year, that can have the have a nine whole set up, and there talking, though, haven't strip there and However, with the waves, not that good, but toto santos, the world class big waves spot is a former chaskey ride from their. So once we get, the marina set up can be really easy to balance out there. I took some do out their surfing and twenty five foot, and
they didn't do super great, but they didn't die at my leisure snap and how to swim all we had to go, get it but the school. I took some grass for efficient there a few weeks ago. It's a really cool place. Man like I mean it's expensive, You can afforded its deficit, people get to build houses down there on that point, yeah they got twenty five lots that selling and we know, did they go to the website that can figure out the data that but yeah you can have a house on it and I think the real estate around those really bump and her beyond the brotherhood they sponsor Punta problematical, so they're trying to bring medical care and all the people in that area try and give back to the community there, and you know I got a soft spot from mexico. I replied no persona. I I surf down there. All the time been dying to take you down there, but yeah. It's good people, good community. I I really like, what's going on down there check now a farmer guy, that's getting out. I same thing. I gotta beyond the brotherhood, dot org you'll click an elaborate, asian thing and then
Go to our admin, which is me and charming. We were on me and then one of us will look at it will divide and conquer. He takes mostly east coast, guys I take most of the west coast guys and and then we we do our little research if it checks out cause some. I gotta put you on a weight because I got like a couple of guys in the queue there's only a couple of us doing it. So I've got a lot of jobs, but I really think that once beyond the budget gets up and running in a couple of years, especially when Puno bravo gets the constituency that they're going to get and will be a centerpiece there, and it will be easier for spare. I now super about a fund raising, I'm not gonna. Ask you people for money, I'm just not good at it like it feels weird. You know, but that's kind of what you gonna do for final once he three and what else you married you got that far yet and she's items is active duty or ok. So right, I'm gonna die morale, but she's lawyer, our business. You see on the mat here, sometimes she's, I train in check and- and
You know when we were talking. Before your kind of talking about dislike broad like life, lessons. and one of your dynamos recycling decision making and at some we'd shifting from like making selfish decisions which might not turned out the best in the long run, or to like oak airport, others first like talking through some of that stuff. Well, I made a lot of sulphur decisions. You know- and I think The biggest things I can say that has been a huge effect on me was, I missed the first fourteen years in my kid lives like those fourteen years, you know I was gone. What at seventy three hundred days a year and then, when you're home you just kind of drop off your dirty laundry and prep for the next trip and I was gone, and so I really am grateful to my older kids, eighteen and twenty four especially my daughter's, worked really hard to like maintain relationship with me. She came out here to god s day as you, and
I missed a lot of that. But now I got the second chance and I guess my message so that people out there that may be made some bad decisions. You know not the teams are about decision to. I am you know I was I was made for this, but you know I've got another shot with youngest son and you know I spend a lot of time what that guy. You know when I I pick him up and school. I work for my four thirty am and I'm I'm off by two and then just he and I do our thing Well, you know he's got a bunch of different interests. He does rugby he's here on the mat a couple of times a week, but just that time that I I give him his for him, and you know I didn't do that for my first two I was worried it would be like oh now, you're going to this is. Is he your only real kid, but they weren't anything like that and it's been cool. I took a trip to south africa this summer with my oldest, that's where he wanted to go. He wants to be a vet and then- and I took the little fella
and we self directed safari in a toyota. Camry lions like looking down at animals, aren't hard to find there. But what's self directed safari, you rent a camera step. One step two huge I have two out animal part. Gotta use drive through that's it yeah! There's! No! You drive up on me, like I mean hyenas, Where were you in south africa? was in krueger national park yeah because, one thing that I read when I wanted africa is like there's no like there's only parks I don't know, lines walk around a normal places, no but in the parks, if you re out your car, you could be life would also made that mistake. I got the car. Sometimes these. Sometimes the story life and his wife jenna, and if our our friend Paul down in in south africa, we are driving and we had to go from. Over two like this place, does game reserve right
so our driving and we're talking inward. You know whatever and I didn't really realize it, but we had gone from like the world into the fake right, yeah yeah. It happens, but I didn't really see it, but when we went through like a gate and everything, but I didn't really, I dunno if I was doing something else or whatever it's not like america, so we're I now it's getting dark, but the sun go now and also Second, I sunset across you know like cool like like little woods. Like little mountain thing and I'm like all parliament's get a picture, and so later this guy, please stop the car. good and then I'm like we all get a better picture if I'm not in the car, so I just open the door get out. I start walking around like trying to find a good angle with the tree in the mountain or whatever, and then I just take a few pictures on my whatever phone and then get back in and dude like a leaf. Was I provider one thousand. the good thing and other Jimmy. These are all wearing migrant, the wild animal park.
and also how will your colleague whatever cause in america, that you can eat you, but it is hard to do so, but it turns out. This do Paul was like thinking like haiti. Job was just freaking budget due to just doesn't care when, whenever one two hundred thousand enough talking to that, don't lose his jacket student that has many lines jackals guard dog was dead, he was dumb. Writers got out was just to round my computer. I did the same thing really it's by pulled up on this, like you could go on the river and make these will pull out some dirt roads. I gather camry we walk down and to what am I just out of the corner of the continent's you walk down there and with a capital was it's gone. That thing was setting up on and then on top of that there's an elephant in the in this river bed. I'm like hey boys. We should walk back to the car. I like to walk it in,
My boys are like well. I think I kind of want to look at the alpha and I'm like no, no, no. I think we need to go out tomorrow, so we walk up the thing because I can see, like you know, elephants, big, big, poops and they're all over the place. I was like man. This is like their thoroughfare. We don't need one into an elephant here that my saw a rhino right that's the hardest went to see. I didn't we saw long and browse like we're in a ranger over and others these things are looking at me. and most of the things that I look out in the world economy, I can take not mature women, I'm kind of like look dude unless you're like Jon Jones. Like I look at Jon jones, be like yo. This could be a problem, but even jon jones know I'll stick at all I'll stab or some know, whoever it is. I feel I think I can take I'm kind of I'm at least going to build a hamlet situation, but their own, and I'm ahead. Nice yeah, I didn't have fallen from you food aircraft, so I didn't I was too stupid. I didn't go out and get a big knife, so I didn't have anything it's not like you know I had to
john jones, like that happens firewall if you albert albuquerque, no offense John jones bones, but nobody here. So you know you look around a company, I got. I object to be ok, I'm gonna be ok right, but these things looking at me in its eyes, we're in a corner like did this We'll kill us all in this car. If it decides to right now it s was a weird feeling. Do you see any hyaenas scare? F, do think about ajar muscle to go straight in the neck muscle. I It is my favorite land animal did we put in a little channeling fence and we camped there. We pull up and there's like you to me, chainlink fancy. I know my son, like did just, doesn't seem supersaver its jurassic park, It is true, I was was like dress a program like a little electric wire like tools,
electric wires and on the other side of it, is elephants and an airplane and yeah. I dunno if there were an power outage or whatever, but that's the same thing I pulled in camped in the camry like Well, I'm graduating home and I'm glad to spend all this good time with with your boys We're edward, your daughter's, well hooves, despite their periphery, gray, kids, Now you know about it. You seen him so what are the representatives of sweden? I think it does we may day executive services, dot com. We got beyond the brotherhood, dot org you're only on linked, yes that's all I soldiers, jimmy meaning to connect with Jimmy me he's on linked in male, echoed charles. You gonna questions do arise regard so what's up with the hum these, what they don't have keys is: oh, my gosh yeah, ok, so yeah
well, there's just a little switch. There's, no key, no good. Just switching yeah and told me, I was an idiot trying to find peace in the home b. I didn't wanna tell anybody I never for the keys do now. So we better I buy like remember, like arms schwarzenegger had I'm sure they rick, though they they probably ring and little ones overseas, don't does. Actually. Nowadays, but there's an oil slicks that, like marks the lights because editor and light I dunno how to do that, and I was trying to like cleveland between the lights on right before jogging, once which you have to unlock the little light and some of my r and jocko sitting there with his helmet on, like I'm, a guy, I got five unscrewed circuit, so technically anyone can do so. the humbly there, the attic what actually the rhythm rains and army do. They have a little like lock and they just put a lock on the d like a path, about an hour or so you can't hold- and it's like bulletproof stuff like can be hard to turn that or off, but you can crawl into the top. Sometimes, if there's like, like a crown to return,
but suppose I throw some kind of chain around the freak in steering wheel to like there's, let's face it, there's a fever. go on some borrowing, though not yet acquisitions happening just about tat, about like not want to tell people when you're messed up man. You know about my first guide: I've never did. This is ridiculous. So, like I, I got two freefall school and you you get. Twenty do jumps how good you are trying to john you're, not here to get russia, So I just out of bodies, jump team and he wants to an Dana's girl. Okay we're doing tandems can we you want to take her for Tampa? Oh yeah cool, so we take her down there and he's like hey. You want to jump with us, I'm like yeah I'll jump with you. Cool can So all I know is military right so I walk in like what do I do is a case of applicant with us, an ecological please just walk in oak and they got some glasses and I put my hand out and put the left hand out and they slide pursued on the hand and they walk out the door.
I I'm just in the back of the line. Looking cool swagger got my sunglasses on put my hand out. She puts this thing on me to my horror. It's like a camelback and like it does not look like the kind of like thing I know how to put on so usually and military. I got this giant backpack right and then it has. Another giant journeys as well and it's got like it's got buckles and it's this thing that will pull the parachute for me. If I don't pull and then all these things so I'm like well, that's okay, I'll, take care of the gmp. I the jumper's pre inspection. That's when usually I walk out. I have on my buckles and what one person who knows what he's doing looks at everything: I'd look at all my buckles than they been me around open up my pins. They look every single thing and then they like speck me on that. And then I go to another guy. Who does the same thing touch anything until I get on the plane, that's how it goes
So I'm thinkin I'll just quarters where the gambia I walk out. We turn left Plainly spinning we get on the plane, I'm not even wearing my parachute So now I m, like I wonder, quietly to myself. How do I put this parachute on so I said, into the bottom gill. I look at what other people do it, because usually two straps around my around my legs. then there's a belly band. Then there's these tools behind me that I pull then there's never go across my chest and all things you put together. There's your step due to straps and put one thing closer chest now. My is that it seems like theirs be more so I'm looking at this thing and I'm like, then I noticed it there's no thing for me to pull till. I opened my parachute the plans in the air and I'm I'm flying. My girlfriend is sitting on my nobody's lap because he is like trying to strapper in and I'm
super concerned that I do not open my parachute and, unlike like hey man I'm trying to get his attention without letting her know that I don't know what's going on and on I came in so where's, my pool. You know he goes. Oh it's back here and there's this little beanbag and I reach back there and I feel it and I'm like hey what do I do? Do I squeeze it? but what he was only just throw it places. I mean this play on a per cent. This is how it went down. The honey just lays this is This is why I have to cut this is why the life expectancy of man, s reading so much lower than was so now. This is an area now we're going up and, unlike ok, so I think I'm supposed to throw this thing there's another little canada. Down here on my waist, with which I can only assume is for my my backup parachute, which I hope there is one because at this point out now,
when the light turns green, and I got a jump before the of people jump. So vide turns green. I jump out this plane, my clever plan for safety, because usually I pull it like thirty five hundred four thousand, I decide to pull it seven thousand because you fall a thousand feet in six seconds. That gives me an extra like eighteen seconds, to figure out how to fix my parachute. If I don't work, that's my clever plan, so I I reach. I throw this thing as hard. can any opens right. It opens and usually my parachute goals. I just giant parachute dry. It's like three hundred sixty square feet of just giant parachute. Goodness this single the fucking kinds and I'm not even going much slower than I was when I was falling like what is happening so like okay, it looks like it is
it's going to get so. Maybe I should try my canopy controllability check. That's what you do right! I I usually look left. I shake my leg left, so the people behind me know I'm about to turn left and then I pull my parachute down and it's like whoa whoa. You kind of go slowly to the side. This time I look like a ship, my leg, pulling down. I go above my dear she loved this. Does the military parachutes Were you big, There are three hundred and sixty square feet and they're meant to be able to support you and your weapon in your rucksack and all this weight, and so they're not very maneuverable and he's jumping a little sport. She was probably have I'm guessing. It's prop like the jumped does like a one. Fifty and this is a super a long time ago, so I don't know what the dear dear lake likes like surfboard. This is like up
five, nine surfboard like just a little shred circle where he's used to riding along longboard. since the latter on the word is so I come so now I decided not to finish the rest of my chemical control ability check, because I am a large sum. I've seen these guys land these things before, because I can't you think it is a pop up in the air like your pop up to twenty five feet and then just like stall and fall sunlight. trying to figure out how to land this thing, and I end up pulling it off pretty well and my buddy, his name is johnny dude, you degrading, like I've, got globally. Anyway, I jumped civilian for a long time. I do now and I really understand how stupid that was, but at the time you know I didn't want to admit yeah it did. We do not at the time it made. So much sense door. Look, don't look like a whip brought no me come on. That's like Estonia,
tony affrati tell us turn here. He was like, I use absolutely horrified of heights and turn you It is horrified of heights and he was repelling and, like hong kong off of you, know some skyscraper hung on what gets it literally like a five hundred foot repeller something crazy like that, and he was I was so freaking horrified, but I was wasn't gonna look like a wimp, so I just thought like what are you to do? I don't know that, and I told asteroid is it the older? I get the stupid or it sounds like. I cannot believe I'm like cringing as your story. So a normal protocol. Echo did you go to. a class. They teach you about and then they send you up with a free freefall instructor so like when I transitioned from jumping the military rig to jumping a civilian rig, went to like a class, it's not a big class
it's a one hour class or something you sit there you go. They put you down there to like here it is. You know: here's how you throw it out. Here's what to do! With your other hand, here's the malfunction procedures like you've done lots of, and then they take on the military freefall per hour. Sharia civilian free pump, full person, that's going to qualify you jump with you? We with united onto you, because I think about this so even though we only had twenty two jobs here, you definitely the muscle memory for or doing one thing that if he does that our light, your bottom so they descended instructor outcome and the reason is under threat because people have died as a scramble and look after their rip gordian knot there. So they may go.
people die doing this, so we send someone, so they will see Jimmy doing the wrong thing. You know and that could signal to them and give them the holiday can kill it for you or someone. You know, Jimmy's just going solar aircraft was where he put it on like that, but I didn't I didn't want. I didn't want that chick to think I was the wolfhounds. Are you know what I mean you made the right call hell yeah what else any more questions? Oh yeah, you just talked about the what's it called the freakin talk or the man talk the trait scenario. What are they saying? The? What's? The men talk technical, so basically it's kind of based on the man in the arena. If you've heard of that talk and I'm trying to think who who said roosevelt roosevelt yeah, the other man arena as like all guys cheering got in there and did it. That's that's
as an accomplishment. Is that even though he lost, even though he might have failed, whatever yup and that's kind of, like that's kind of the crux of what we're trying to tell us to allocate your great american you're, smart you're, strong, you're, capable you're going to do great things, just not in this community, and so that's what the man talk and that was kind of our whole. A truck in a in a you know probably two minute thing that they did and now we have it's much more of a process. I really believe in. I think it's good and I learned a lot about. You know those those three things. You know the community purpose and goals and I think it was important. So the men talk is also it's not so it's kind of like an encouraging to us. Like a positive thing. Now you quit no we're not we're done telling you you suck and to quit, and it's like hey, listen. I've got to get you back into the regular navy, you're going to go into the navy and you could be the mc cpa. You could be super, are you gonna do great cause. These guys are super high calibre Iraq, which also means if you have the right attitude they go and dominate. You know what I'm referring to several you know: Mikey didn't make it
for you know like you, didn't make it his first and neither did mark yet I mean I had I had georgian. We talk about. Ogilvy was likely yet in the book called him up like didn't mechanism crushed brow, and Yeah! That's carry out to work like that thing about the man in the arena, there are so many people that go. Obviously, people that go to seal training, props respect, When did you gave it a shot good? Ever you move your family, all new train for years you get here in war through all kinds of people. Don't even do that. you didn't even I'm. Indeed, it takes courage and commitment to to go for really. Does it's a huge step endless I? it's you Lately, I've been to one of the guys were asked me about it. I'm like hey most people, don't make it and most people
don't think they're that persons, but you probably are the it is. Are you promise, we are the person, that's not going to make it. There's an eighty percent chance that you're the person- that's ok I'll make it and you know what those stats are low. I think so we said we know that low, because now you gotta competing in the budget. come into the combine and if you're, not one of the top run swim. you don't even go and that doesn't count against our numbers because we got we gotta. We gotta like appease the higher ups like it's, not that bad twenty percent make it. You know, but it's pretty bad and those guys go out to the fleet in europe for the navy. They get super high quality seventy percent of our eu dogs, they got degrees manner at least a four year. They just go. Let us not, as an officer, cause a super competitive, so we get so high quality, guys in the traits. I mean solid, dudes in this kind of cool scene of build this community after they attract a mere
What do they, what happens to them when they get dropped? Where do they go so? First they go to the rock. They spend at least minimum of twenty four hours there, and then they they got to make that call before they leave the barracks before they they leave supervision, they may call, then they go back and they got to finish sleeping. You know they're, probably, and then the guys start thinking about their next steps in life and then there's a big administrative machine. That starts the needs of the navy. You know when we went through was like you, take your asthma bab and here's the the rates open to you. They start talking about what their next steps are and they have to spend at least two years in the fleet before they can come back historically, people that quit once don't have a good shot of making it back through, I mean you know MIKE and mark were definitely outliers. Could we in the numbers every single way like the the highest. The guys that make it through the most are like the academy officers, because they live that for four years. They know what's going on and they have a really compete to get those slow, yeah, yeah and now they're living in that have a seal up there, teaching them. So
They are the highest they're, the the most probable guys to make it enlisted guys are probably about eighteen percent, or something like that when I was when I was there. So it's super low and you know to make it through under the age of twenty, is super quick. I heard that's like five percents super crazy yeah and those guys I mean we. We I know a couple of guys that have done that me and jason gardiner, chasing gardeners and garner dang he's a long time. I didn't know he was here but yeah, those guys when I was eighteen. I don't think I had. I didn't have it and I don't think I had it. I learned it in college. I learned something in my head, but I wouldn't hundred and eighteen in a way yeah, that's a weird, weird dynamic. Without echo, charles, any more questions. So I got good dealing with the real good to see you to man. miss beyond them out map. You guys got my hips replaced recently in it's. Not
it's been a slower recovery than I wish I had hoped for. But you know it's good to see you guys still out here. Training and this is still home for me. I come to victory and I know everybody here and now my little boy's training here and it's just a happy place. You know I was like yeah. We we do the pocket, It's like? Oh, my gosh, it's just like being home super easy man. I've been here since I was six. We ought to do some for jt in here man that'd be bad. Ass. Okay got that one mat that has like a flag and stuff on it. That'd be pretty cool. To puts up to thirty, I got a cool picture of him next to hawkeye. That was just his dog that we took on the beach when we were living in ib together same time. We knew he was working for you, that'd be really cool, wanna, have it at my house. I wouldn't show it to put up with it. I don't have california's small house and a lot of walls, but it'd be cool to put that up there and make maybe We will work on doing that. Yeah I'll take that for acc, read and write on Jimmy any closing thoughts. Bro, no man, I I you were a mentor to me before you always been the same I really appreciate your jacket. You know your hard on me, one
to be hard on, and then you had a profound effect on my career. I went up and think sometimes you really like all it's one of those children jocose guys. I be like a damn right. I mean. So I appreciate what you've done and you do a lot of good things for teams. I know that there is an undercurrent of the teams like hey these guys there they go out and they use the trident for to leverage for their own purposes. But I know you do a lot for the community and I appreciate that and you know I'm trying to give back as well so good have you guys as allies in echo mana? I love your part, your your your little inserts are always so key, so I love having them here to keep us sane, because your core and I'll just talk in acronyms and go in our own little like violent agreement. Certainly it's good having you here there bro right on man. Well, you don't, like. I said that matthew. I was like this guy wants good job and his tough, and for me That's all! That's all I ever look for in my friends. You know this. Guy wants to work, are do good job and his tough cell,
there's a common down. Man, thanks for turn the lessons learnt. Dangers as to the country, to the navy to the teams. And thanks for what you ve done for me over the years and thanks your continuing to do today to help out guys and keep them on track and the they're moving in the right direction, find the next mission, and I know you care about. It- as much as I do and We are still getting after a man thanks for what you're doing, sir, and with that jimmy has left the building. Jimmy may always learning Jimmy me always improving, always trying to stay on the path. You're, not one but two mimic water, how I knew how in like no humans them. So you told me that story, like some guy yea facility, chow,
story you'll find out you'll find out when we will act, am thinking back. Might have been the time when I realized who he was like when I brought together, because Jimmy may like trained with him a bunch. Does he come during the day and that's like you don't get it back. Then there was no beauty groups of people training during the day. Prior to that story, I know my mother told you re pretty late d. You didn't tell me right when it happened. Yes, in fact, if I remember correctly you I told you about me, Well, he came off or something like that and then you were like. Oh let me tell you this thing about and then I think that's why I think that and then I put them all together so
so I was just training with him. He was this guy. He was like. I am like a navy seal, but you know back in the day africa. I know, but you remember igor, like all these guys, but my friends and settling okay yeah, everyone that I meet like me didn't, say: I'm a navy seal he's like priori, I'm in the team right exactly. I just want to make sure you don't make a gym. You do. Yes, it's not a direct quote, that's for sure so! so I'm like cool and he's freaking good at jujitsu, and it's also you know, I was always really happy to see him so nice. He has a tip. To be honest, he kind of has a scary look in his face when It is easy, looks like oh, but you see nice try good training, really euro rule. You guys was always looking forward to seeing them when I to training slowly but surely frickin Compare you tell me that story I find out all this stuff. Gregg tells me some stuff frickin, that's that that are used to train with considering with them for a long time- and I was thinking about that, extends gazelle seem like he's that guy is just a normal. Do sure enough. That's the guy so before you realize using the teams, I noticed
the teams before I knew about all the stuff he did- and I didn't even know about all the stuff, but the guy. I knew him just as Jimmy not Jimmy make oh okay yeah, because he just said my name's Jimmy it's funny too, because I always call him Jimmy may yep. and in people in the teams call him jimmy, but no one calls him just jimmy. I call them jimmy before I knew he was jimmy simpson yeah. So there you go man, transom jujitsu, I'm kind of bummed. He can't train right now, heart you? He can hold a little bit and stuff, but I think he's got you know. Hill he'll be he'll, be their heating going to the whole like kip. his hideous, yet an area osman. Yes straight up like kind an hour, there are no, that's not do when they replacing your hip, its norway period and a story. You know I mean like it, takes a major part of your friggin.
skeletal structure out and replacing it with metal. You know so yeah, that's that's what it is so anyways, but you know thing is jimmy. Just like all of us should be is always constantly working and training get better, so stayed on the path there you go when you do that, you need the proper fuel get yourself. Some jocks you're still also that pre work out, that's the new hutton. so am I on the pre working. I didn't the two, bullying, actually I shouldn't could I do like a full length worker, but my work. I was thirty. Five minutes still felt the tingling on the whale downer. No other swinging aligning earn its prior to the work out commencing are we can enjoy. ten in here's, the formula- and I went over this with carried by the wind. So if I'm workin out
when I get up here's the formulas that deluxe formula for pre work of creating so its water, right water, creating scoop enough. Creating one hat, hydrate jockeyed treat, you think actually does amount of the flavour of hydrogen, and then one scoop, I'm out one scrutinised with half school hardy. Marge ones, goop pre work out, those three or make some people like the greens, which I dig advocate for the greens for sure, but that's not the deluxe formal, I'm currently on whom perfect breath per lands perfectly ten fifteen minutes before the work both got. Tingling begins or snow, whirlwinds. So good, so good, perfect trail report back check, there. You go jack off your back and get yourself some of that pre work. It yourself some go. I'm too goes deep right. Now and I'm gonna radio train that shit, what you're not training for what I heard nothing because you are in
I did too apparently says what you said to me for girls to have a whole day: five minute workout today and you can't trade just because of that yeah. Now I actually have some videos, and I gotta do it. You know for prioritizing and executing okay right on alright yeah, we'll also get the milk cause. How many most deeper you right now, too. Okay. I am too as we're both sixty granted by the way. It's the only thing I've eaten today is two bottles of milk rtd light. What flavors did you get banana and chocolate? I went vanilla then chocolate at a good nice to have options right little variety activity? Normally, I'm superbum boring What I like my stick with the same more elegant, let go I only drink tactful tee, not only but like eighty That means that twenty four a dime on view and maybe some pink missed, maybe some sour apple.
maybe the lemon lime, but eighty percent is the one. But I find myself with milk mixing it up a little bit more yep yep. I see it. I go from banana chocolate. I don't so much do the vanilla. Do you do the the rest more or go. Bluegrass goes out yet Do you like came out? Yes, I do I do. eyes. Surprisingly, like it too. I'm gonna say this light and refreshing. if it were unanimous agreement that you say well, you know the mega mix to have enough. You heard me explain this: to carry the mega pre work out, mix it's the same mix, but with a girl. But with the go instead a water. Oh yes, you get the blue, whereas you stack the blue, whereas all day so you blew rascal. blue rise, hydrate bluer as pre worker triple brew threat? Will oil? Then I mean not enough that you know the greens are migrating legal there. I ain't gonna cut it. Will europe creating as well so lets them
mix eight there, but I can't take responsibility for the region are now increasingly wigan out jacked aright just have java, threw back I'm getting a while I'll get it vitamin shop g and see the miller connoisseurs a fees hanford dash doors, wake function, I'd hd be down in tee ass mine, up in the midwest harris teeter lifetime finnish shields and by the way, small james everywhere,. and, if you own, a small Jim you little digital economy or crossfit gym you, Europe, a power lifting Jim whenever you own email, J F sales at geography, dot, com, common, get yourself some stuff for sweden, give your clients the product, normally it sounds bad like going to give us a product. That's a drug dealers right your free, whatever product your addicted to heroin, uremic, didn't it the crystal methamphetamine? Then you die, I commit crimes and then you lose your teeth and then you die. Is this the opposite? You actually commit good work out,
you grow stronger and you live better. Real good, so gets peoples and product geography of accomplice go through what else of origin. Usa beaumont so we do indeed you too we working or it would have done. not working overworking? So, let's drink you gonna need a key. Once you go with these origin, geese you're, not gonna, go back their regular, conventional sweatshop geese. from an you are working to see me to bear genes. Maybe too, can you wear black genes in a evaded scenario, like the now has drawn like its valentine's day or some brad noddies, healthier diet at the time we were in california, so we're kind of messed up, because in California you can roll out valentine's day. Five star restaurant flip flops t shirt, surf shorts, you might get a little bit of like a look but they're still letting you know, factor you're, probably getting no factor one factor here, but if of your china, like maybe step,
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So you just ass. My gear hide from you. What you're, trying to kill, jack restored our camp, we ate some stuff. custom t shirts make some rash guards are actually origin stuff, but yeah. They know that limit different design together escorts for more urgent boom for another someone over seven percent but yeah. If you wanna, you represent good dismal it goes. Freedom we've got your shirts and hoodies and hats. I posted a video of you the other day you weren't, aware where you were wearing a shirt that was like discipline, but it was in a g. I Joe font format, sure format and font yeah the whole deal yeah, and there was a bunch of comments said. Where do I get that shirt? And you replied, Sherlock shirt, locker? Well, that could have been slightly cryptic, because you, This is from short of short lotteries. Part of jacko storm, sir programme yemen. You get on that. The short locker programme is one new shirt every month, as just one of many, they can get good to that is passed when the thou from last year, like twenty twenty two lasher, can you still get it? You can still get
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Some people might think the word were putting out shouldn't be put out, then what I can do we'll be there on the underground If you can't afford a thousand intense month, we get it tough times out there email, email assistance at juggling around our com. take care of it so proud of you to channel to trap door by psychological warfare, flipside canvas dot com go to my are making kick ass stuff for you to hang on. Your walls got a bunch of books. You know what they are hate defender. In battle, a cover data eddie with george months or also rose re. She co, authored that she's a military spouse. She did a great job, george months or just incredible book, defend us in battle the story of mikey months or get that look and then I've written a bunch of books. You know what they're going to new version of leadership strategy intact has come out, expand
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taken taken our veterans up into the wilderness to find themselves heroes and horses, dot, org and Jimmy's organisation that we talked about today beyond the brother brotherhood, dot org, you wanna come with us Jimmy can be found only in a webs may day: executive services, dot com, and beyond the brotherhood, dot, org and if your reach out to Jimmy may he's on linked in and then for echo- and I we are also on all these different social media platforms that exist echoes Charles I'm, giacomo, just be careful because the algorithm is a big beast, He'll, try and grab you and waste a bunch of your time and your life. So don't let that happen let's get a jimmy Jimmy thanks for your service. Nature sacrifice and thank you for everything you are doing to continue to help our community and our
the hood and thanks to all the men and women in uniform around the globe at this very minute, protecting us and our way of life, and also thanks to our police law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics he's, dispatchers, gradual offshore border patrols. You could serve as an all first responders, all of you continually step in harm's way for us and our families, and we thank you for keeping a safe and everyone else out. There. You know I started off this podcast by reading about mikey months or and what he.
Yet in the sacrifice that he made will on his gravestone at force, fort rosecrans, national cemetery chiseled at the bottom of his gravestone. It simply reads no regrets and that's the way that he lived and that's the way that he died. No regrets and it's a good reminder to all of us. And I believe that for most of us the biggest regrets come not from what we have done, but will we didn't do.
So let there be no regret about what we could have done, but what we could have accomplished about what we should have done. Let's leave nothing in the tank, leave it on the field, no ammunition to spare nothing left inside. Let's go with no regrets and we do that by going out there every day and getting after it and until next time the zero and jacko out.
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