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406: Refer To The Things That Ground You As A Person. With JP Dinnell.

2023-10-04 | 🔗

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JP Dinnell is a former U.S. Navy SEAL and now a Leadership Instructor, Speaker and Strategic Advisor with Echelon Front, where he serves as Chief Training Officer. J.P. is also a pro team athlete and spokesperson for Origin Maine and Jocko Fuel, an American clothing and supplement company. J.P. has a signature Energy Drink flavor “Sour Apple Sniper” with Jocko Fuel.

Jeremiah spent nearly a decade in the SEAL Teams with three combat deployments. Sent to the violent terrorist stronghold of Ar Ramadi, Iraq in 2006 with SEAL Team Three’s Task Unit Bruiser, J.P. served as point man, machine gunner, and lead sniper for Delta Platoon opposite the American Sniper, Chris Kyle, who was in Charlie Platoon. For his leadership and courage under fire, JP was awarded a Silver Star, 2 Bronze Stars with Valor and the Army Commendation Medal with Valor helping Task Unit Bruiser to become the most highly decorated special operations unit of the Iraq War.

He worked closely with SEAL Officers Jocko Willink, his Task Unit Commander, and Leif Babin, and was the driving force on many of the daring combat operations Jocko and Leif wrote about in Extreme Ownership.

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This is jocko podcast number, four o six with echo charles in me, jocko willing good evening. Echo good edi. Also joining us tonight is jp to know. What's up y'all good evening jp seals point: man weeds out of tune to ask you close quarters in urban combat instructor at trade at chief training officer national front and, of course, my brother jp thanks for coming down. we are going to talk today about a book. While a new new book and expanded edition of a book about that. I wrote called leadership strategy tactics field manual. This is the second a dish New additionally expanded a dish, that's out there and There was a time actually when this book was now yet, but so
one at echelon front, had found the file for the book on our shared driver. Watch out riding it ensured it. that's where I knew that the book was going to resonate with people, because the team was reading it and like teaching it and using it and implementing it. So that's leadership, strategy and tactics, field manual, it's The reason is a field manual. Is it somebody can refer back to like in the military. You have field manuals and you get to our operational I haven't done a long time. We haven't done in awhile, you can just go to field manual. Look up! Ok! What am I supposed to do here or you're having a with a weapon system. You can go to the field manual and figure out what that problem is, and you can get it fixed and that's kind of the way that I wrote this leadership
strategy and tactics field manual. So there you go jp. What do you think of this book? I think it's great it's a great resource and tool. I know I've used this book many times over the years, just working through some problem that I had as just a human, and you know It'S- it's not like. You were just saying that field manual, it's a resource for you to be able to go back to and and and look up and see. What's going on and there's be times where I'm working through something personally or somebody would reach out to me and say: hey, I have this when on and I would use it as a reference to what I think the answer was, and I go back of my quilt yeah I align with it and there's other times I'll go back and make mad. I was my perspective. Was off on this and I'd have to actually think about it and say: okay, you know this is what's in the training manual, how,
was I off base on this and kind of evaluated, but it's it's a great resource and tool, and you cause at the end of the day. Leadership is a solution to every problem that we have that's one of the things that we teach at national in france, one of our core core values and beliefs is leadership. Skill set and leadership is the solution. So I look at this The training manual as a tool and a resource has helped me with my skill sets as a leader as an instructor and as a member of the national front team, but it's also a great resource for not only developing my skill set but finding the ants and then broadly being able to expand my horizons. In regards to my my thoughts on leadership and different scenarios and understanding like hey my perspective is flawed. Let me look at this from a different perspective and it's it's really helped, I would say, probably open up the way. I look at things in life and I met I. I can't tell you the amount of people have referred to this book. I usually have.
I few of these on hand. I ordered ten of them at a time from amazon and just have in my house, and I give them to people, and I mean we had a guy come and do some maintenance on. I dunno houses, some stuff, and he just talked to them a little bit about I often went and grabbed the book signed. It gave it to them. I said: hey, you know my boss read this books is going to help you I mean I give out this book regularly and the reason why I give it out is because it has value- and I know it's going- to provide value to somebody's life what they have going on in their life, they will be able to use the book and I'm excited for this new expand aversion. Yeah, that's awesome. And that's definitely the feedback that I get is people like yeah. This is what I this is. What I have on my desk is what I have on my nightstand, the psu. What I keep in my locker like this is the book, but people can go up. What's going on think in this way right now? What's problems which my boss, problem. What's my support its problem with my buddies problem? What's my wife's problems, what's my husband problem, wire
they so messed up and they bought the book and they're like oh hold, on a second yeah. What one of my buddies from church? He you know he's in the air force and I he works for lockheed, martin and and and he just got a promotion and talking of brian about some stuff- and this was the first thing I said- has ok. I know your registry mentorship. I know you know the principles. Have you read the field manual, leadership strategy and tactics, taxes like no, not yet my orders look right now and then I saw him. I don't, I think, maybe it's like a week later and I brought him like a copy.
then he had already ordered. I think, but I didn't care like hey cool two is one one: is none like att or go give it away? Ok, I didn't care if he already had one and just the value, that's the value I see in this book and everybody. That's read the book. They say the same thing like man. That book was was incredible and obviously the base and foundation of what we do actual the front is out of extreme ownership and a cottony leadership, and this just gives different perspectives and idea. As an and ways to handle those problems here, and it's very pragmatic, literally their sections. This book that actually tells you what you should say here yet Oh you're, the snare cures. Dont say there s blah blah blah blah, say this blah blah blah like. Please give you an example of oh yeah you're talking this way. That's not good! You should do it this way, that's going to be better! So it's repressive, Madigan very implemented, so that a word echo trawls checked with
it uncle charles dexterous. Where were you know? So I get some leeway with your your approval over their appreciate Very implemented all the boy and whether its word I normally using- and you know who will correct us- life balance it's always been hot. No, I don't know I mean well, you know I grew up with a speech impediment and sometimes I mix up my words and I'll make up words. And I have heard you make of word yes call thing is well there soon. number one like I went to school and caught studied english in college writer the english language is made of made upwards there's words that just get developed out of weather it's convenience like people bore towards together or they're, trying to scribe, something that really hasn't been existed in existence before they know what it means. So, whenever you use some weird word that I know doesn't exist
everyone in the audience, not their head. Yes, because they understand what you're talking about, even though this word has never been used before, finding can sometimes I'll do it and pause or someone. You can look at me and I'll. Just stop him back that wasn't a real word was there and everyone is funded because the position on the stage and speaking to them, people like they need to like back me up and I'm like? No, it's, okay. I you know, I make up words. Sometimes it's a really cool gift to have when you speak for a living and everyone laughs and I've had a few people go well, hey it's a real world real world. Now it makes sense but life and I were doing a workshop one time and he pulls on a break he's like hey. You keep saying this. He goes, that's not a knock. Where did you remember what the word was now? I feel like we talk about this one the report, as I have like, tried to just remove it from the actual video speaking at an event, and I use the word and they had-
happening over and they hide out clause. Things passionate men are all that we have to further now it was awesome, but in in light true leadership form like life like he'd. For me siders. I came I just because it's not a big deal. I know he knows he's like I'm just giving the feedback so that even correct it. If you want my what the actual work for it so your work in the eu, in implementing multiple, that's kind of work does we're going with its well all right. To jump in his book. A little bit, and so so there's additional material. I added a bunch of information of this book and I want to go some of that right now read this extra. Which it's gonna to this is gonna, give you some background, kind of the way things develop in my head and then kind go out into the world a little bit
on a little one of new actions and, above all, leadership of charging tactics. Here we go The sections called developing leadership instincts shy we after the release of leadership, strategy and tactics field manual- I was, council in exclusive event where several members of the instructor staff of echelon front, my leadership, consulting company, were joined by about twenty successful leaders from around the world who work in a broad spectrum of industries We do these events one or two times a year, spending three days at a remote site in the mountains. Discussing leadership, issues, challenges and solutions, because the group is small, we are able to drill down, get very granular and spend time on aspects of leadership we made. I have previously explored in depth. The conversations are generally based around stories from our collective experiences. We explained specific situations we ve been in the problems we face and how we ve worked through them on the second day nor afternoon session a leaf ban or call my co author on.
three motor ship and the dichotomy of leadership told they come that story from our time together. That's your team We were, I made a decision that kept our troops from getting into a potential crisis soon after Andrew Paul and other former seal team, three officer who is now a leadership instructor national front, told story where my decision allowed ourselves to get out of a bad situation unscathed- Jamie cochrane, our chief operating offered echelon front, recalled a business decision. I made that saved us a significant amount of money and simultaneously helped our client. To me. These stories reinforced the fact that everyone on the team knew that decision making was the crucial, function of leadership and that justice, We teach it echelon front leadership is the most important thing on the battlefield in business and in life. but after this session to be anti attendees pulled me aside. They wanted to talk to me or more accurate accurately. They wanted to compliment me.
they re, told the stories they had just heard and emphasised the decisions I made. They flattered me We might decisiveness and each situation and commending the inherent leadership ability they thought I was so clearly borne with. I was a bit take back at first, but as it contains to commend my leadership acumen. I said We nodded and thanked them, their kind words. My ego could not have been more delighted. Ass. I walked back to my cabin my ego smiled with satisfaction and whispered. words into my brain. You are such incredible leader, your leader, skills are unmatched. You truly are a great natural leader. This is what it's like to be born. A leader. I almost started to believe it as my ego like most egos is very persuasive, but it didn't. Last long, No, my ego is a liar, so I pushed back
I knew that I have not always been decisive and I knew that I had made many bad decisions as a leader and I knew that it was absolutely not simply born with the ability to make consequential decisions. It was something that I have learned through trial and error. Disease making was a process. I developed a mental checklist that overtime had become so automatic that I was barely cognizant of it anymore. So I pulled out no book and reviewed the exact steps I worked through when I need to make a decision after a few minutes, I'd written down my methodology in a checklist that I run through over and over again, as I think, a decision. So the checklist is not a static one time process, but is actually a loop that I repeat over and over again an hour later, we convened the group- and I explained this thought process I used to make decisions, which is the backbone of how I led Can decisions and then steering as such,
We as a situation allows those decisions into execution is what leadership consists of acts This process, the extreme ownership leadership loop, while most The components of this checklist should certainly be familiar from my books and Gas assembling them together into a checklist protocol that guides decision making is something people have found very useful it for leaders to continually analyzed the decisions they are making constant. considering if the decision makes sense in a comprehensive way that is in keeping with the principle, Is of extreme ownership here? Are the components of the loop time The laws of combat leadership, cover, move simple prioritize next year: decentralized command ego and humility the emotions. Perspective mission, tactical answered
jack relationships and then repeat: these are my primary considerations when making a leadership decision. So that's a kind of an interesting laurie. That happened was actually two years ago. I think at the council of this. Wasn't this pass councils, but one before and it was so weird the other thing I didn't write about was when these guys talking to make sure was at the first council. when at the first goes out the first one. Ok what's, three years ago, three years ago other thing that, after when I got back a cabin it s kind of like thinking how awesome I was also You know, as my egos I started from my ego check most like hey, wait, a second. If all this stuff there's just a natural capability than we can, then you can't you and I know I've taught. I know we ve taught it yes to thousands and thousands of people, it's not like
tall right, but I can't help you be tall, echo like thank you. You just are what you are refusing to deal with it, but it's true: and it's the same thing with leadership. Its leadership is not just you not is born, That was another component that made me think hold on this. There was another inflection point in my head that I said hey this isn't just your ego. Look at this. If this wish. was really what you were born with. You can't teach its what good are you and why have you been able to teach? This is so many people, so that's gonna work came from that's awesome. before we get into a loop we're going to go through the components of lip. I want to make take a minute about these lines in the book it says I explained. This profile process are used to make decisions which are the backbone of how I led make decisions- And then steering and its importance your. It says, as suddenly as the situation allows and privacy.
Those decisions into execution is what leadership consist of, and this is a part it's in parentheses, and I think a lot of people have this. Not even in that fought not even there, this idea of of Lee in as subtly as the situation appears. I often use, and we often use the phrase minimum force required right. So, from a leadership perspective you gotta be barkan orders, that's a problem. it doesnt land right and what does it mean if you have to park it for what to do? That's just not good, leading with the as suddenly the situation allows the minimum force required. That's what we're doing that. That's what we're doing I know so, J p look
there are times when you win when you as a leader, have to step up. I'm like this is what we're doing and you gotta make that perfectly. Yes, there are, but you see me all in all kinds of situations over the years for how long what, since two thousand and fifteen, it's been since two thousand two thousand five, two thousand four yet doesn't five because reading started two thousand and thousand five april, I was thinking the fourth month of the year. Ok April, so a row of two thousand five. When I first met that's when you came into their task, and so you see me through all that a trader and then it s long front in youve, you ve seen This is what I do. You see me do things where I've had to be like: hey everyone be quiet. That's what we're doing you seen that yeah you've also seen like whoa like looked around and be like hold on a second we're, actually doing something that I thought I thought of, but this was actually jocko his idea like two months ago and now we're doing it. I never said a word about it. You've seen all that stuff, you are
as you, ve grown up as you ve got no as you been in more more senior leadership positions at how have you developed. It's more subtle leadership. How have you noticed it? What part does it play in your day to day life? You know for for me, it's just it's it's the reminder that the indirect approach wins and, and and for me seeing that from you and then over the years, seen that from life and south and other and then just expression with what we do it. I shall in front it's! You never said the indirect approach back when I was working for you. The teams are getting use that Cribbage always I don't remember us ever having a conversation or me hearing you talk about it, but you did it, and so I was one of those things where He saw so you, like our cool, maybe try to emulate that, and I remember you did you did aside. You in one of the other synergies that was that was running training. Any I came am when you
yelling and screaming at these guys, like you like, I get it like. You stand while you're mad and frustrated by, but doesn't work, doesnt work at the level that it could work. Knowing you, south remember that these guys are your brows, and these are your teammates. How you talk to And for me that was as like? Ok, look. I don't need to be yelling and scream at people, because what we we look at because of movies and or like you know, coaches and teachers. and people are the years like people think like a though the good leader, as a guide us enough for our the galileo programme. Hey listen up, I'm in charge. Call yet echoes the charges are going to run over there, but that's actually not what good leadership is in what I've seen over the years- and I try to do- is the indirect approach and just asking questions and asking people what their thinking and getting their insights and their opinions, and you can use questions a guide people to to get where they need to be towards. They see the answer themselves and the like
yeah that actually, this is how we should do it. Then, when you've done that with me over the years, it's that it's one of those things where it's now my idea and I'm going to have ownership over- and you know my wife and I we do that with our kids and say: hey, do you think you know boom boom boom and they're like well. You know it's like okay, there's gonna be a little bit of pushback and that's fine. It's not because we're being defiant but you're dealing with other humans. I think their ideas are the good way to do it and their egos getting involved, and so you're just massage my ego by saying. No, I'm not I'm not saying the sahara. The idea like what are your thoughts if we did it this way or hey what about this, and then you slowly guide them towards that, and so the indirect approach always wins, and it's something that I've been trying to be more mindful of he's really good at that. You know the guys at all the guys and gals that we work at echelon front are are good at implementing it and using it and
sometimes I it can be to the point where meg and I were doing an event the other day, and it was like this back and forth and she goes okay. We can do this for the next forty minutes. She goes. Let's you know we think about this. like MR, let's just no, the yeah that the kids thing and I just got on with an event. And ended up with some of the families actually from this this group- and it was interesting because the kids were in the room kids pride between the ages of let's call it seven and maybe a all the way, like twenty year old kid so then had been the parents Werner. They were asking me questions and you know I was. I was told them this. I said: listen, The more you empower your kids the better human being you're making and you want your kids look, do you. I give you the old, let your kids brush up against cartels, guard failure. Oh your case. One stay up all night can play video games, ok, cool! still have to get up in the morning. You started
your chosen morning, like you, can stay up all night if you want to, but that doesn't mean you can sleep all day. That means function as a human being tree, your kids as adults, and look marketing crazy, don't go extreme with us, but oh your keys, don't wanna help clean up cool. They don t. Look at you What is wrong with you, like? We were kids, a first of you're gettin working to starve to death in one day and believe me do they miss lunch because they didn't want to clean up their. We cleaning, For dinner and I'll get to eat, but just just setting up some consequences, some life consequences and pay What's goin on, like you know, your mom is not wave that is here to just clean up after you and so either how clean up or you don't get to eat, ok, ever. Ok, cope, let's see how that works out for those kids get hungry,
yeah, it's very rare, it's very rare that a man and I will actually have to have to targets hate, go to sleep now, very rare, most of the times like hey this one time it is. Do you think it's time that we started getting ready for bed and they're like wow? well. You know, I'm like hey like this is when you have to get up and do the math and they'll be like oh yeah. I need to go to bed because there's been a few times like right. I call yourself awesome. You're still waking up the next day and like having a struggle throughout the day, and your man is really good at how she handles that, because I'm gone all the time, and so she has to deal with this all the time without me and the wage amanda. Does this indirect approach with our kids? Is it's credit just like the old trick with like. Oh, your kid, you know is smoking cigarettes as you make em smoke a whole pack of cigarettes and like crazy it buds for me somebody's. I didn't you, tobacco and somebody brought chewing today motorcycle many island which you weren't allowed to do like a neighbour,
like a full months supply for proper two or three people and They got us out on the grinder and they start. Making us due account body builders, and then the instructors put dip like pact, mouths full of chewing tobacco. And yet I was doing eight count, builders and I'd. Never don't had never done chewing tobacco and it was abs. absolutely freaking horrible and disgusting, I didn't puke, but I Never ever had the urge to do chewing tobacco again, that's an extreme example, but I know I think cody's dad made them do that like he like. I think something along of a cigarette he's like alright cool,
I took the filter off and made them smoke like a full cigarette or a full pack or the other and he's like bro. I was so sick, never never again, yeah! It's just like yeah, that's a. That's it. That's the powerful thing about the indirect person, the other thing when you are talking about people being in charge and like do you hear the stereotype is echoed europe in their time of what to do when someone a really good leader, they don't even say the they never have to say that turn a leadership session, because everybody everybody knows where not like Hey was not homage archer or hate. As the ceo you know like when you hear people say that you're like this is a problem, those problems there's problems going on, and if you feel yourself wanting, you say that catch yourself say No, that you felt in the best thing that you can do is immediately apologize. A hey you guys, I'm sorry! I should never have to use my position like for them
Yeah and then why are you having to do that through their secure yeah you're insecure, but is also wrong with your idea? Yes, if someone was J b on the oh, I see on the charge. This is the plan we're gonna use. If I have to do that, what's wrong, with my plan, because it's not like J p wants to use a planet. Socks like you like. I want to get blood in contact with the enemy. killed, no you're, not thinking that, so I'm saying no, that's the way, we're to do it and the only way for me to flex that unused to use my rank, there's something with my idea, yeah so or something or like you said, there's nothing wrong with my ego Why am I believe, those lily feed into each other because I know, there's something wrong with me. Idea, but I still want to run it I'm insecure about my ideas getting exposed, because if, if we talking about mighty and thinking about it and are asking questions and expose my bad planned.
It's easier for me to impose my authority, so we just go, execute it and you're secretly helping our hearts and you're hoping your people are smart enough to adapt and it's just that the horrible I mean I was just talking about all the time. Like your ego is now, our ego drives us for sure, but when you can't control and subordinate your ego, that's when bad things happen. The problem, yes, the product problem, alright, I think that covers what I want to touch on their art. Let's get into this the the leadership loop here and are off with the second time. Time is the first thing I consider when making a decision, because it is the one thing I have almost no control over. There is no getting fact time once it is lost. Time is also the key dry ever of the need for many decisions, whether or not to act and how to makes some situations get worse. Timing, other situations get better. This is this makes
I'm a double edged sword. Sometimes it helps me, but sometimes it hurts me. So I need to consider what impact I will have on my decision and its outcome. Some people have an objective. We good sense of time and I'm lucky to be one of those people icons We hear the clock taking and I profoundly understand the incessant nature of time? I know that things tend to take longer. seems they will. I know that wasted time cannot be recovered. I know that time create pressure. and I know what can happen when pressure bill on unchecked an explosion, so I always so. Why and always have been acutely aware of time contrarily. Some people do not have an accurate assessment of time. They dont feel the clock ticking there lately to meetings like to eventually to complete tasks and projects they report he'll be misjudge. How long things will take estimating something will take ten minutes when I'll take an hour or that it
One month, when all take three then and scenarios where the clock applies, that kind of pressure that causes things to break these leaders, so succeed without having people on their team who under who do understand the impact of time left on their own? They will lose the battle with time over and over again. I don't want to talk about. This is something that I learned right like I hate the feeling of fighting against time cause you can't stop it, and the only way to to to not have that focuses not there's nothing. You can do about it. There is nothing. You can do about that where you can overcome. That is to be ahead of it, that I would it comes to decision making. Time is always the first thing I think about like doing make us is now how much time we have that's. The first thing I think about, because once it goes to god that idea of the power curve. I talked about with Dave dave burke good deal. Could you labour it's a thing from flying right in its
like at a certain speed you have, you have to be going a certain speed with an aircraft in order for that thing to fly and not fall out of the sky, and your Engine can also hold you up like by applying power so that you're moving for enough, but you're not going fast enough. There's none of movement over the wings and they called out. Workers and if you get behind the power curve, you can't recover you crash, so you I can't get behind the power curve and I first heard down it and know that it came from aviation, but in this, teams when I was young too. They use that expression a lot like, oh you're, behind the power curve, and once you it behind the power curve, boats that you can't catch up and take me don't you get to and you get behind, like someone's initiating, often on you and you're. Trying to and you just of outside years behind and you can't catch up you're going down, I feel triggered who disposing my jujitsu in some people,
take a little bit of she with me saying you can't control time, because, of course I can say like well. You know we you don't, I get up early and I'm going to get this done ahead of time and you can you can but you're still not controlling time. That clock is still freaking ticking, uk and there's nothing. You can do to stop it. Like you said. The only thing you can do is try to get ahead of it. The only thing you can truly do with time
it'd make the most of it is just understand. Hey this is what I have I'm going to make the most of it and if that's just understanding what the priorities are in your life, like that's what you can do with time, but you actually can't control people that get offended by that are the ones that understand that they've been wasting time and that they're not willing to be disciplined enough to make the most of that time. Those little only people that are gonna get offended by saying. Oh, you can't control time. I'm sorry, but that's factual, so yeah wasted time is like a sin really is it actually is it's in proverbs? I dunno the exact like chapter and verse, but it is in the bible like
Wasting time he says you lazy bones, he talks about how how ants prepare, even though like it has to drive me crazy. But, yes, it is. It is a biblical principle, so it is a sin to waste time because think about it. This is a gift that god's given sure, like god, saying, hey, I'm giving you this time, I'm giving this, paternity go. Look I don't know. I was good in that region because that's why one of our minds is for victories default aggressive, because our natural tendency is delayed action. Our natural tendency is delayed action. However, if we're being default aggressive, making the most of the time that we have it does like that's what we need to be doing yeah. We are on the academy call the other day and the topic on the academy call us how to stay focused at work, and we got on this tangent where people are asking questions like well, you know, you know it was a funny cause, it's gonna call with a bunch of peace, that believe in the principles of extreme ownership and every
kind of started, saying like well, you know the thing is with the phones these days and it's the email chimes and they got something and that collective there was a elective blame on the phone zero ownership, zero ownership and of it, and this one guy was like you know we put apps on, and I said. Finally, I was like hey everybody, we're all sitting here, saying that the phone is the problem one problem is your problem. It's my bra. it's our problem and that phone is gonna, keep what that found us, and if you keep listenin to that phone, then you keep looking at that. Full, yes, what's gonna happen, all your time is really wasted. That's what's goin down, so don't waste any time Russia also quoted rbc yeah they'll What will be done in italy, because, for me, one of the things that is in the world The way my personality is, if I have to do something tomorrow like if something is due tomorrow. I have to get it done tonight like I won't let
preparing for a back ass. If we're recording up gas tomorrow in the afternoon, I can't go to sleep mentally until it's ready today. I just can't close enough to read that you brought. Would you looming like loomer. I forgot that industry is just another of doing it will be done, is kind of like there, related the avenue in that way, but that goes deep. Do that it will be done. It goes deep feeling I always got be like when it really landing. Black eyed is done when you already did it do not be so glad. I did that big one daily is like working out. Working out in the morning, which I try to do, I try to work out before lunch. I don't do the fourth dirty. Sometimes they do, but any it's early brother feeling later like after we record after we do the stuff you do during the day, and I only already
in my workout I'll have to work such a good reward and it'll be done, and that's yeah huge massive pal b, c, b, c, n b c, all day coming in hot, alright theres in ephesians, ephesians, five fifteen. So be careful how you live, don't live like fools, but like those who are wise, verse, sixteen make the most of every opportunity in these. Nowadays, don't act thoughtlessly, but Your stand with the lord wants you to do, don't be drunk with wine, because that will ruin your life instead be fit. with the holy spirit, singing songs and hams and spiritual songs amongst yourself and making music to lord your hearts and give thanks for everything to god. The father in the name of the lord Jesus Christ, that just talks about moral experience, relationships with wives or husbands in ephesians. It talks about it, but I know they're in over it does talk about the I mean I fusion right here. Don't waste your time on useless work, mere busy work? The baron pursuits of darkness exposed these things for the sham. They are
scandal. When people it's scandal. When people waste their lives on things, they must do in the dark. it's where no one else will see that was ephesians fellow ephesians, five, eleven, alright, alright, so we're gonna have to take this from the top and you're going to have to read. Yeah rito read five eleven through sixty okay. so I'm gonna. Go you get me, I got it. Wrapped you can. Actually I say here it is the here. This fee Jen's hold art let's go on to the next one, but before it did you did you pull up that yet a biblical quote. Let you up well I'm going to find the one from proverbs, but we found ephesians five eleven take no part in the worthless deeds of evil, and arguments instead expose them. It is shameful even to talk about the things. ungodly, people do in secret, but their evil intentions will be exposed when the light shines on them. For the light makes everything visible. That is why it is
awake. O sleeper rise from the dead and crisis will give you light so the careful how you live. Don't live like fools butler those who are wise make the most of every opportunity in these evil days. Don't act, thoughtless I understand what the lord wants you to do. here's, a modern version of that? Imagine if you were being, than watched. All the time like I was there, I movie do yeah. I show you jump right if they imagine, if every that you are doing people are watching and, judging like us, his brother made me think about what made me think about that, as if you're doing things in the darkness right the things you do in the darkness, the things that you don't want, people to know you're doing if it's probably wasting a bunch of time. Probably right. Yes, look some of it
just be downright freaky. You shouldn't be doing that right, downright right, nefarious found it programme proverbs. Six, all proper six is great, but here Proper six, six take a lesson from ants. You lazy bones learn from their ways and become wise, though they have no prince or governor a ruler to make them work there labour hard all summer gap. Food for winter. But you lazy bones: how long will you sleep? When will you wake up and little sleep a little more slumber, a little forty of the hands arrest them Poverty will pounced on you like a bandit care city will attack you like an unarmed raw like an armed robber. Why are worthless and wicked people like they are costing liars signalling to their deceit with a wink of an eye, a nudge, the foot or a widow, the finger perverted hearts plot evil and they constantly stirrup trouble trouble, but they
be destroyed, suddenly broken in an instant beyond all hoping healing, and I just keep going. I made its awesome pro words progress is great and you don't even know where to start in the bible just whatever If the market is read that proverbs today, the twenty ninth, I'm on a reply. It twenty nine later today, so that right there they were playing around. They wrote that one s eyes off, saying like hey, you work hard and then it saying you're, perverted and evil. Thank you come straight down right, and that is where actual as human rights clause is, where it's going all right, so don't waste time. when making it is going back the book when making decision consider time and ask yourself how much time do I have witnessed the deadline is any way to buy more time How does time impact the situation? What will happen when time runs out? There's no again, is there too I buy more time. How do you do that? You you just you can't control type, but there are times where you can
more time you can pull a decision. You can make some small adjustments. You can hang on a little bit longer than the current situate. Like there's things, you can do to buy more time, but you just have to be cognizant of it. Alright, The next. The whole sector is very familiar to those of us that study and live by the laws of common leadership, the first ones cover move and a rabbit covered moving here, everyone knows, will cover movies. Now but when I am making a decision, I need to make sure that my decision is not going to leave any part or parts of any team. Unsupported too. Eve teams, unsupported is all but guaranteeing they will fail cover and move also ensures that the team comes first. If I may, a decision that only benefits me. I am clear, we not covering the rest of my team. A good leader puts the team above themselves team comes first that the essence of cover move making
sure that your decision allows people and teams to support each other is critical for success. and this is one of those things that I think it life was telling the stories listeners are on the podcast, with Jordan, peterson and leaf. I think it was life was telling me listening to it and I think jordan asked me what what's a good seal and he was kind of thinking like oh what chocolate says. We don't like it, because we never really talked about like what makes good seal. And finally, I said: oh you know, I said it's not the best shot, it's not the! it's just not the strongest. What make someone gets yours when they put the team above themselves when they don't leave you hanging when they cover for you like it when they cover for the team. That's what makes a good seals number love, combat leadership, and this is something that may. And when I recognise this- and this is thanks to well- is Roger Hayden in arms you who was like
you didn't make some big deal out of it like I was doing something in his. We won't cover. moving, I wasn't common somebody. You got I got no coward. And for some reason it just hit me that, oh, that's that's what you do. That's what this whole thing What everything we do is like all of our immediate action, drills, moving down the hallway and everything that we're doing, and rigour, everything is based on. You got a cover for your front, what it's all based on when you go, through basics, your training, you have a swim buddy, you never leave them No matter what happens you support them, you cover for them. So When I'm making a decision, then it did, it carries out into squads and pull tunes and team. And that's the way the world works. and then even when we're working with the army work in the marine corps like oh, are we doing everything we can, to make sure we don't leave them hanging, I mean it.
Operations that we did, whereas I you know what we got we we ought to do this, The army needs. The marine corps needs is out. There were owing to tell them rank or like a sorry, you guys can cover your own. Now, is another chance zero chance. So it's a very very important thing to consider when you're making a decision, there are so many decisions that you can go. Oh yeah, I'm going to leave jp. Hang it can't do it say about that J, p hanging on situation you can't do. I can't do that's not a good decision. Oh I'm up, I support to this part of the company, but not that part. That's not good. We can't do that so think about this? Is you that's? Why it's pie up and in the pecking order? And I think as as humans, we need to be very intentional with implementing this into who we are your address and is like one, the guys that helps us out at national front regularly, Josh straws burger. He helps out with
all the mastery she's there every muster help now? He helps every of tax. This like as yourself. This is josh novel we're friends, a lot of people I could add to this list, but as your sound like this is josh to his core, and it was just as your Come out this handsome, I'm listening, I'm thinking he does what All of us as humans need to be more mindful of his he's very intentional about this principle about taking care of around all the people around us the yard, the men's event that I went to talk to you about it: copper soup, of back in served and Josh went through and he was serving and part of that was he's like hey I'll pick up people along the way that need to get there, because he just yeah. That's part of like some of these guys maybe not want to go last minutes like, but you know that if I'm picking you up you're going to be ready- and so it's he's picking these guys up, and while he was driving, it was last winter. When we have some pretty bad storms in texas, he told
Lord, his truck like a semi truck almost hit em. He would do move out the way a car ice spun out. True total, his truck, so gets toad. He takes an over to get and many then rental yours get the rental vehicle and still picks up everybody in shows up to the event serves gets everybody dropped off back home and then like alright, I gotta figure out what I do next, like you know how If it has been like I'm dying, man, hey, hey hold my truck echo, I can't pick you up and you would have been like alright. Ok cause everything. Ok, but instead he still got the job done, and I think If, if we as humans, now everything on this list, we need to be intentional about everything on the list. But if we're not one obviously the time one as I hope very apparent, but if we miss cover move all these other things fall apart and that's. Why he's at its the it's a tactic that we use?
all of the tidy up all of the time and I would have loved to have put cover, move simple prioritize, an extra decentralized command as number one. I would have loved to have done that. Yes, here's the problem you have, think about time. First cause you meant that that's the most important thing that you gotta hit, I know I'm going have time to make it a certain amount of time to decide between what I'm do this formula that so you have to think about time first, but they media after that it's like, am I providing support for the people around me and if I'm not do that, is probably not a good decision. There's probably there's probably an issue with this decision that I'm about to make, and if you move forward that decision, you are wasting time. which is the limited resource that we don't have enough audio. So often like youtube like we're run in trade. It up if the team ends up on their own they're, going to die like they're just going to die. If, they lose support. Are gonna die it's in the business.
What you are we we ve got this project going and we really can support this element. Cause they're doing this project that no one really cares about call you might as well just cut them off and just let them out of their misery, because what people are alone teams unsupported they. They cannot be successful, so cover cover, so people can move. going back the book, your when making decision, consider cover move and ask yourself: am I put the team before myself are the tea, I was able to support each other. So when a leadership position you sometimes like I, I might be saying echo- you do this J p that but I'm putting, you both in isolated areas that That's a mistake! You! If you look it's not necessarily. I can't cover for you, but maybe you can't cover for each other. So that's a problem and finally, is any person team or element being left alone. So there you cover. Remember that next one is simple. The next check
I am going to do when making a decision is for simplicity. Complexity is a killer. the battlefield in business and in any leadership situation, so I owe You always want to choose the simplest course of action. and this really plays a huge role in the fact that when things go wrong and you have a complicated plan, it's gonna be ten times worser, fifty times worse or a thousand times worse, you, you have to keep things and if you're, starting to veer into a complicated decision. Well, there's gonna be issues. I break it down in the book here, When making a decision, consider the complexity, the situation and ask yourself and get 'em, I'm fast falling for excess and fast sorting through a bunch of other information here about these topics, but How can I simplified as planned? They're, a simple solution! Imagine that europe
to make a decision sacks of Hamas. Second, is their simple solution. I can just about guarantee you. The simple solutions better- I can just about guarantee you. You look at three different options, which one is the simplest option If this is a complex problem, how can I break it into simple components? there are things in the world that are complex. We work with companies that do some incredibly complex things. Sometimes you gotta take complex things. break them into simple components. Next, one my conveying the plan in a simple, clear, concise manner, and how can I make sure my team understands so there you go simple: go from there. one prioritize: next, you for love, combat leadership and fast a little bit here. Trying to solve all problems at once leads to a lack of focus, resources being spread too thin and too many things happening. At the same time, I do allow that to happen. I pray
ties and then execute according to those priorities, there you're pretty for this is an easy one. To get to lose your mind on, because we're destroy You know we talked about your phone, distract you found you're right, but guess what else distract you'd nine different problems that you got going on and they are all opponents you Annie. you try and solve them all darkened work so Focused together, prioritize next execute when deciding how to solve a series of problems, consider them all and ask yourself what is the highest priority problem I have. Is solving that prom going to have the biggest impact in bringing the team success you ever since get sidetracked on a problem. That really is a complicated problem, but it's really not good have a huge impact on its way. A breach or at a door, and it's a really crazy door to get through, and it's gonna take fifteen minutes
Meanwhile, you could it taken two steps: the left and gone through a window in three seconds That happens in lifeboat like I am one of those people that will like watch for a little as people are trying to solve some big crazy problem, and then hey. Why don't we just not do that? They hey? Let's just go around that: let's not let's just not engage with that client or, let's not produce that thing. Every time you ve been gonna make something and. Oh, my god, it's big giant, freakin problem take so many resources and so much effort so much time as I get it. Let's not make that that thing, which, by the way, was gonna, have a tiny amount of revenue which, very mixed group of people, actually want and need that thing. So why are we putting all the time and effort into something that doesn't matter so just because something is amiss? problem doesn't mean, is an important problem here. So that's why
that in there is solving that problem going to have the biggest impact in bringing the team success too good question asked. and then is my decision going to focus the teams resources to get the problem solved so think about that from a leadership perspective when you make a decision on something, is decision going to focus the team, because that, or is it going scatterbrain them is going to sentiment of much different direction. It should be focusing them now. I also made a no hear other methods because We always talk about an primary methodology of prioritizing excuse to take the biggest problem and get that problem solved. You have to tie to that. It can have the biggest impact on the situation because, like, as you said, the biggest problem is unnecessarily can have the biggest impact, but there, our times where,
Solving some of the little problems I just getting I'm off the oft plate right. Let's get this thing out of the way there's times where that's a beneficial methodology, Sometimes I do that depending what the scenarios but We could all the issues and be hold on a second. We can get this thing done in fifteen minutes. Let's just get that pink done, but you're off the plane and then we'll have this other things can take nine minutes. Let's get that thing done. Then we'll be able to focus one hundred percent on this big thing is going to take three hours yeah and the guy know he is a a billionaire with the be right, legit billionaire and one of his roles is, if I can, done in between less than three to five minutes. I do it right now it just bone. Ask you get it dont get it done. Gives him the freedom to think strategically for the bigger problem that he knows he's going to have to attack throughout the day and then so that just reminded me of that- and I try to remind myself of that- was like hey if it can take. If, if this is going to be three to five minutes like let's just go, get it done,
The cool thing with you know the next law of combat that you're getting ready to talk about decentralized command is hey. Can my team be doing some of these things? Can I delegate these? smaller tasks that I know my team is more than capable of getting done, so that allows me to look at these bigger, pitchers, more strategically, which feeds back into prioritize and execute of like okay, hey, what's gonna have the biggest impact to the overall accomplishment of the team which feeds into cover move. Because then, if I'm taking care of my people, my people are number one. Then I know I have to get the job done so yeah. So here's something else when it comes to priorities. This is like, on a daily basis, kind of scenario. thinking about doing the long term strategic things first- and this is a very difficult thing to do, because the easy thing to do, and
seems like the biggest thing to focus on- is what's dude right now. What I gotta do right now, so let me give an example. I'm writing a book and I'm getting ready for a pot right so I have to write a certain mounted day day I to write an hour a day, a thousand words today call taste. about an hour and I've got a pot gas that I'm gonna with echo Charles tomorrow and I gotta get a book finish. Reading book and taken the notes on the buck, okay, cool and then do the like actual prep. That's going to take me four hours five hour or something like that what but the podcast is due tomorrow yeah. So that's the bigger bigger priority right. Clearly, what do I do? First? What do you think I do first echo charles podcast, nope, nope you're, doing that but you're right and I'm doing that book and here's why I'm gonna
The freaking podcast is going to be done, no matter what can be done, I'm not I'm not going to like have. I ever rolled in here echoed and been like: hey bro, I'm not ready, like that's, not happening, it's going to get done, you're, putting yourself against the wall, knowing that you will perform based off of your capability I know that I can also like yeah The progress is the priority for today. So I guess what now taking for five hours take proper park asp, like maybe oda. From e mails in there. Maybe looking at local book to do some little exploration about the freaking whatever, and I start doing some weird tangential thing. All this I did take seven hours and then think it don't work. I just the other books not do for another few months. I don't have to worry about our work extra later, oh yeah, frigate I know. You're discipline is rooted in the draft that we target you're freaking life, because now it's like ten o clock at night- and you like ok, You said you do this now. Will you no? Actually, I need sleep too
I gotta get up the morning of tomorrow's. Like day, like you do just roman excuses sort, I do do the friggin long term think? First, I do the strategic thing. First, it's kind of when I went talk about saving money right there like they look. They make your budget The first thing you're supposed to do is what they call pay yourself, but it's really pay your future like to see to put the money in savings. First right, you don't say like hey, I'm going to by that new freakin surfboard that I wanted my wife out for dinner. I'm gonna make sure that whatever blah blah blah this other crap and then whatever's left over I'm gonna put in savings and if I don't quite have enough double at next month, which is a lie? Knobs. You don't do that. You put the long term stuff. First, if you get it done, that's a euro so distant, this some of the other methodologies that you can you. With prioritizing execute the the thing is that you have to prioritize next.
you have to look at what actually happening and to use your word of the day. Intentional you ve got it intentional about what you are going to focus on and focusing things in the proper order. That actually makes sense is what you need to do so there you go, and I just smiled when you said it takes me about an hour to type write up a thousand words, because I just started doing that the other day- and I also talking about that and it's funny. It took me right at an hour for your husband works as well the up- and you know what I just I mean, I'm writing now and I wrote a thousand words the other day and I my estimation, is seven hundred fifty of them were junk there, just like all, I really knows. I got lost my train of thought and I was just being stupid and I was tired of the plane and whatever else I was I can do this in my mind. I was like. Oh, you know what you're you're, not
and this isn't even worth it right now. That's what my lawyer yeah my little lying loser self was like dude. This isn't even worth right now. I was like oh check the higher week and then I wrote and two hundred fifty words for good two hundred and fifty words that didn't exist before now exist. That's because I got it through it I hope. Two hundred and fifty of mine are good too cause. It was for my podcast not just a right for not writing a book, and now someone heard that like is no but as I was talking to you like write the damn book, hang it up like it when he says that to me anyways, I just thought it was funny like the timing and and just gone back to like you said, my word of the day is like I had to be intentional. When I was writing like I had to be very intentional as I typing up in thinking about these things. Putting your long term goals at the top of your priority is, same thing when we talk about strategic, think, you've got think strategic all the time. You absolutely do. You have to say,
strategic, all the time you have to do. You have to execute on your long term goals if you're always executing on the short term stuff to do today or do tomorrow that that stuff is not get you where you want to go so think strategic act, strategic price, ties the strategic things in your life priority as your decisions properly when you're making a decision. Look at your priorities. Right. So even when I'm deciding should I do shipwrecked podcast or should I write, I have to I have to think through that decision. What is the priority sure the immediate priorities? I got the pockets to timor Voila. long term. Strategic goal is to complete this book, which needs to take, hundreds of hours to do so, therefore, need a prioritized. The long term goal the strategic goal, and I do that. First, that's decisionmaking! That's why that's in this loop our next want decentralized command to the book
a goal when making a decision when every possible too is to be used whenever possible, to delegate that the action of solving the problem to one of my subordinate leaders. I know if that, if I take direct large of implementing the solution I beat directly engaged, and when I am directly engaged, I am likely. I am likely to close to the problem and might have a hard time seeing the bigger picture. So when I'm making a decision part of my decision making, as can I can, I can sum up What do you do this like? Gotta take down another building. We planet up, ok, sure I go take down that building. I can be like hey squad come with me or I can be like J p. Gotta go labelling, you're cool got it If I go and start trying to take down the building, guess what I'm doing, I'm taking on a building now who's looking up and out lose track of the aircraft. Now we struck and other friendly forces
The minute that you get focused on we executing something yourself. You yourself down out of seeing the big picture. So as I'm making a decision on like ok. Can I the centralize, this cannot delegate this. Beat you ve had some issues freaking get now the weeds our like your running the entire after export program at national front, and you like said the battery charges for the weapons in your room, and I was like an eel. yeah. I liked I like to work. I like to do the working and that's that's a good thing. That's a good characteristic to have you know I learned to work really hard for my parents, but I also realize that when I'm in a leadership position, if I'm doing all the work, I'm not able to lead- and I have a hard time with that- it's funny that you just brought that up, because I literally said
here. Thinking as your time, I like an indicator you're. So as as leaders, we also need to be detached and think in assessing ourselves, we ought to be doing honest self assessment of herself and yesterday in indicates or to me was. I was touching justin who works restful us fulltime, fraught he's your acting as Executive system for me, but also running the, although the logistics and operations for the feel training exercises that we run and and and supporting protein, stuff and him- and I were just taxing about jason, upcoming of taxes and stuff that was going on and He said he was like man, so bad, I didn't, is only right. through the text. Message rice grew this up and I didn't communicate this to you. I said not at all, like you don't have to like I just I I was lily talking with one of the other guys randomly about some staff in, and they made a comment and we just we're talking and inhuman ire bringing it up it for me,
just as reaction to that told me that I'm still a little too hands on with the guys in regard to the programme, or I have they said feel like they have to feed me all this information and they didn't. I just reiterate that on my man did I trust you one hundred percent, I trust cody and danny, and you guys one hundred percent, yes run great training, it was just more vague, a casual conversation- and in fact for me, as I hope I call like if that was the reaction, that they should have run it through me, then that then I have actually caused a problem that I need to fix of just resetting expectations in and letting these guys know a k, like these, are oh by the way and ass. Why top of my head? This is something you ran past me. This is more of a hey the way conversation you're just letting me now, because I still do I as a leader and national front, need to have information as to what's going on so that I can count,
do you and life and have understanding for strategic reasons but I don't need to be in in the weeds and regards all the decisions and in the garret, yeah for a long time, I was super hands on with all the gear and literally charging all the tatars and doing all the battle maps and flying the drone and doing all the I say literally every single thing in the end and tell had cody and we are code again full time and he started taken stuff off my play and codes great example of a good leader who leads up the chain of command because he knew of hands on not because trust him not because I didn't think anybody else we get it done like. I did it just because I Look I needed to be doing that work and he is, I k rome and he would cause delays take things off my play and and in a really good job at leading up the chain of command of hey jp. I got this like I need you to be focused on getting us more clients, hey, going, go and sit and talk with them.
I won't do all this set up in public. We don't need you doing any other stuff. The most important thing that you can be doing is building a relationship. The client that they want follow on work or we can get. Some workshops are some l daps from these f taxes to further grow and expand echelon, fright and so as cody and danny and justin and the guys have been doing that they have a rule. The there's like this internal wrongly after have extreme that I'm not allowed to do anything when I show up to I'm not lying it's like them. There The hope had paid got this. I hate jape he's not allowed to do anything because they know that if I am able to sit and talk with a client and donor relationship and end just listen to what they have to say in a kind of have a better understanding of the issues are clear that that why is dealing with then we can modify and tweak our scenarios to deliver greater impact to them to further solve their problems, which, at the end of the day, that's what we want. We want to provide value to our clients. I can't do that if I'm tweaking the gear and unloading the gear or
What nice and the coolers or you know, pick up trash, taken a trash out because its overflowing you know- and so the culture that we have an empty ex programme is, is incredible and out. Like we. We just got done with a week, long walk. It was a full week. We did three of them. It was one day field training exercises that we provide the echelon front. So we have the two day: individuals and now we have a one day individual option, and it was awesome because You know a different price point. You know a little bit cheaper than the two day and also it's just a commitment of one full day. We travel more people could do it and it was also to see the impact that code in his programme. His has created these guys and I didn't do it. I think one time I took the trash out just because I was like I'd come on. Man like I wanted to go yeah I was an even like, I hear footsteps and I guy sprinting after peter rabbit ration
It was a good reminder that the culture that coat he has developed with that programme is awesome. But for me it's ok, strategic strategic strategic and yeah. I I struggle with that, because I was never in that high position. I was never in a high leadership position in the military I was at. You deployed to remedy as any five. I was one of our youngest guys and one of junior aching, guys and then, when I was, I train hostility, five still any five and then maybe six thousand your patio sir first class petty or so I was never in. Chi senior chief master chief role. You know I was never an officer role, so I never experienced that hide leadership position. So for me to fully detach and delegate was very hard for me and it's, it still struggle that I have because my whole life it's been, do the work, do the work? Do the work, do the work and I've always been found with the I that, like hey you're, my boss hate just how much?
while many do and I'll go, do it and I would take pride- and I still take pride in like in thinking I'm not saying I'd, do this, but thinking that I that I'm gonna work hard. When everybody else and I'm fine with like hey, you know you need me to get this gear, don't have to ask or I'll drive eighteen hours straight, make sure where there were all the gear set up. I had to do that one time out here for the first one. The first big wanted it so, while that that, while the characteristics is that my father and my mother have instilled into me and my brother, my sister, that's a great thing. There also needs to be a balance, because if I'm always just doing the work, then I'm failing my people because I'm not leading them and if I'm not leaving my team I am actually failing you and life and when I really about that. That bothers me, because I don't want to ever want to be viewed as I can. J p like you're, not actually leading your people. Therefore, your failing echelon front, my my wake up.
came when I was there was just begun Officer and I went for sorting one sought him too I am too and now think manner. which makes me the number two guy in the platoon, let's go and was still like one hundred percent like an e five in my head, especially when it came to working life, darya like who wear make it happen and we were building a pallet and as we are building this pilot. I was also like you no kind of had the pride of ownership. You know what when it comes to building a pallet. You want that thing to be squared away, and you gotta know what go where and I built a million pounds in my life and blah blah blah and so now my plotting we're a team to wear building a pallet and I start with the like: hey get that box over here like no push that want to pay put the edges and all the sun. My appeal was a great due to foresee passed away. scottie, the oldest freakin, just a great gotta work with and are
we had an awesome relationship, but yes, I walked over to me and he was like hey, sir galahad. Let me do my job and I was like I was a hundred percent housing check and I shall my mouth and I just didn't. He told me to do and that was like such a great wake up call for me because that was I realise a hundred percent real. Thankfully I had enough self awareness to be like. Oh a hundred percent he's right. I should not. I should not be doing this. I should be working school like you get your hands already like you do. You do do heart manual labor up all day long, but that's not my job. and if I'm doing this, if I'm down here and hungry I'm just interfering with, undermining him he's. The appeal did he's running ship most of it and now I'm down here thinking gonna start trying to hone in on things that he's was responsible, that's bad! So. you hurt the people below you like it
Talk about you want you you're, letting me left out never mind that when you are, micromanaging you're gettin weeds, the people below you in the chain of command can't develop. You know when we were asking task unit, the life and I talk about is all tat. I could have directed every single, like planning thing like this, is what we do. I had been doing this for fifteen years. At that point, lace and seth were two years deepen the teams. They didn't know shit right, but if I would have done that, all I would have actually done would hinder their growth and they wouldn't have become freaking, capable leaders. Because I would have noted all tat and so that, this terrible so an anomaly that, but what was you an was talking or commanding officer talking to the brigade commander talk in the battalion commanders developing those relationships figured out what the plans were for,
for you know where we're going next out what stretches doing things that I actually should be doing. Instead of down undoubtedly folkestone. What's going on with that pollutes, so this idea of decentralized command of putting your decision loop. If you don't think about it that way, you're gonna most people are going to drag themselves back down into what they used to utter covered with and what they re doing their whole life and death, The part of it is even if you're not a hard worker a lazy bones, you we people, I have tendency to do what we know we like. While I know I know how to build a pallet like that, I'm comfortable with that you like? I know how to freak in charge about I know how to drive eighteen hours to get this done. You know how to do that. It's very comfortable like you, you're, actually awesome at that think about that you're awesome at getting all that stuff set up and when that happens was like five years ago or whatever is a long time ago, But even at that time I was like yo gps got
if the battery packs and shit in his room in his hotel room, there was a forty five minutes of sleep, the abi cause. I was doing everything else yup. It was terrible. But you let it happen because actually was the one situation where I most how to do most of it, because it was our very first fcx. Nobody knew how to do anything that I barely knew how to do what I need to do with the tigers, because we just learned it. Who gave me the feedback on the next have t actually like hey, you need to bomb. and jane cochrane also was like hey on the safety exe. no need to be going in doing all this stuff like one or two I went and ran and grabbed ice problem. The heck was, I think we had a haughty, would be like your run to the gas fishing grab ice and also its important. Remember that back said there's a lot of people go grab ice. Only. You can
work that new scenario that you want to put it in that some of you have developed for clients that you had spoken to on the phone that has happened. This issue you're the only person I can do that with theirs. One person that had talked to that client than others. Their issue and knew the scenario fear is that we had the option for how we can, just as only one person could do that and that's you and here you are going to get ice or whatever. So don't let that happen right The FDA axis, one, you guys you the one day have to access the individuality axis. What's that we'll call for that. What is at day looking If I'm from shown up for one day, what does it look before I comment when I get there, so it's a wonder the d. before people. We do a little check in registration thing and then we have some time allotted for like a brief, like introduction class. So let me back it up. They signed up for Now get email sent to them and they are videos that but he did and where work and also more videos that coding are going to do with us. the leadership principles that we teach us law in france. We don't have to do that class in the morning. It's like hey,
watch this video they understand all the principles that we teach echelon front, oddly Work in antwerp also have access to some of the videos. extreme ownership academy, so they can get prepped on some. The courses of recourse is that we offer on on the academy and then so they check, and on sunday I say it's a sunday. Neither check in do the registration get their swag that we have set up for their mother gear. And then we have about an hour hour and a half of like hey here's, the weapons systems that we use the gear in and just kind of just working through some stuff, and then in the morning on the shoulder ride to it, which this was a force detachment for code. You and I We ride in with the clear on the shuttle. So, instead of us being their early like, we know we were like getting everything set up, do just and danny colleague, Jesse Josh, James, all those guys they are more than capable and they have ever Things set up johnson in his guys had everything set up when we showed up so cool
I wrote the shuttle in with them, and we literally just talk through these principles, these thoughts and got them ready for the day. Hey, here's, the purpose of the training, and we Are we arrived there like six forty five hours? We have breakfast out there, for them coffee and then boom. Seven, I am we're starting and were kick off. The day gives them reef classes on patrolling gear, prisoner handling, just some basic basic things. It's not focused on tactics, we're not teaching tactics. We don't really care about your tactics. You know we have jesse, remember whose a former green moray, who is a full time, denver peace, officer who takes time from work to come, help and he's teaching some of these classes. He he lily, looks like the rockies like these,
as an aroused, oh he's, definitely bigger than yeah, absolutely bigger and he's a legitimate bass like the rock plays jesse, really is alive. Think about that the rock would play who jesse rembert really isn't like that, which is incredible so shout out to denver swat those guys are insane what they have to deal with. So that would be another podcast to talk about sure. I didn't notice this year, him and his guys have been in five intense hostage situations. Five, I was talking to another police officer about that, like you know like getting one of those in a careers I crazy- and this is five this year so far- we're in september so anyways. These are the guys that we bring out that are helping with the scenarios and teaching the classes and then boom writing to write into runs, and then we go going to like five five thirty and would get in seven. Eight runs in a day, so everyone is in all different leadership positions
and its caucus. We explained everybody, ok, everybody's, not gonna, be the officer in charge, or this is also in charge and that actually a good thing. That's by design, because the most impact for position- and we always refer back to hey- you- listen jockers podcast. squad. Leader makes a difference. Everybody will be a fire team leader and a squad leader and that's that position in the training that is truly the hardest position, because your leading up you leading down in your leading across and that for most humans is their actual real life. Most people aren't that ceo position that literally all they have to do is most people are in that role. The people that come to our training are that squad leader that fire team leader that are trying to lead up the chain of command they're trying to lie down the chain and they're trying to lead across the chain of command with their peers. that's where the bulk of our people get those positions, and while we do have some seals and higher executives, I come it really
cool because their feedback is man. Now I know how my people feel now. I know how my people feel and they go back in there like that I've been failing my people. I need to actually drive more ownership. I need to be more intentional with my communication and it's a really cool day of training. It's the hands on applicant, of all the leadership principles that we teach irrational and frightened so tat I may were actually it. We have an opportunity it. You know where the muster coming up in january and four must ten days. Only they're gonna have the ability to attend a full day of tax. On the back, and I know, will work out the details. They were we're having a schedule for next year come, and I was well, but it it's a great day of training loss. the two day option- and we also do this- was companies where you know we have a few clients that are now bringing us out to their companies to do a full day or two.
Or three days of all. This scenario base leadership, training to help in grain, the principles into the culture, I'm sorry too ingrained the culture of our principles in a stream ownership into. organization, realization. One thing I don't know if I've done the best job of community about this programme is that this is not. This is not a physically challenging. Programme at all, is not intended to that in any way. We don't. We don't actually, honestly, we don't offer a physically. We don't offer physically challenging training. national front. That's not what we do. Maybe if someone requested us that they want to do something has been challenged. We could do it, but that's not what we do. We focus on leadership turns and what happens the FDA ex, isn't the stress. Is extremely stressful. Yes,. None of that stress comes from physical exertion nope, literally none of it comes from physical and you will likely be the most
you ve ever been in your life and you won't, You will be breeding hardy, maghreb, renal but hard, but that'll be from come here of your mentalities, panic panicking. Yet it is mental stress. It is making. This is everything that we're talking about right now in a very intense environment and what's awesome, It is you'll, be going through this loop in your head, you'll be trying to go through this loop in your head, you're going to fail at it you're going to forget things are going to mess things up. You're too good. I realized I just made a decision. I realized we left those guys hang or Does that seem like a priority for time? All these things it we're talking about are going to come into play, but what's awesome is imagine if you are when jujitsu and you're going against a guy that's a high level, black belt and you're, like a white belt or a blue belt, you're getting murdered right and then you go and you train with somebody that doesn't know anything. The whole world slows down, it makes it easy. So what happens you go and stressful environment
pressure so high that you formulate some good habits from it. But when you put those good, That's it. You formed into a normal scenario of life. You are like seeing things in slow motion. What am I what I love about their tax? Is it should it was you who you are because that's what stress does stressful situation. There is no hiding you can hide who you are. It shows everybody I'll see. You are too exactly good and bad, and cool about the TX program that that we run a dash on fraud and again, ass stands for feel training exercise. We called the leadership laboratories in common. Well thanks, because we want to make sure it's very parents is not a tactical training thing. That's not a physical beat down type of sasha. If you want to learn, if you want to learn how to shoot out of a car while you're tired, we'll do that We can do it or you can go to jail
draft survival or your sheep dog response. Those guys are all, do you guys are our friends. Those guys are awesome. That's what they're doing If you want to do what we can do it do, we also did stuff our whole lives, but that's not war focused on that's not the purpose. The purpose It is to learn how to lead in order to learn how to lead. You have to learn how to think under stressful situations, which you most certainly will be, and it's it's the it's. The awareness that you get as a human about how you need to be more intentional about these things that you're literally talking about right now, it's you will live, leadership loop all day long and I still always think to the very first individuality acts that we did, that we didn't as you and lay for therewith, the team there and I, remember that that couple that came through the training and I met This guy. When you look at him, he looks like a big grizzly bear he's a diesel mechanic awesome guy cabin right. There with his wife- and I just remember him, reflecting at the end of the day when we said
Now. What were your takeaways? Were you going to learn from his training and he stands up he's just this massive human and he he gets super emotional and he looks at his wife and he said I'm so sorry because I have been you are my eyes just goes into in for him. He had a lotta. Take way business, but for this guy it was the understand the how he had been failing his wife and his marriage in their family and just to see that I remember we're all I couldn't did you I couldn't make eye contact with anybody. I would, as I feel, that I am an emotional person I know about me it was just, is awesome like, while this is an x, oh sure, to your strengths and weaknesses and like anything in life, you have the choice. You have the choice to take that up, nation on more knowledge is not power, the application of knowledge is power. That's what can make you a great leader, you can have all the knowledge and you can
all the knowledge in the world. It doesn't make you a good leader. It's when you decide to apply these principles when you decide to apply this leadership, when you read leadership, strategy and tactics, and you the knowledge and then you apply it. That's what makes you believe. That's what makes you too, the power to help serve the people around europe there's, not physical stress, but there is screaming most from the people that are attending not from the instructors the people start screaming at each other. There's explosions there's smoke, there's gunfire. There's mayhem is absolutely happy and we ve had all kinds theirs, it there's a couple guys. Two guys we're running after s programme and I was what which you guys they were like totally professional totally call, and I We started talking to him and it turns out they're from a very high level the highest level special operations in their country
and they had travelled here to do this. If the acts as a core and they of course. They also made mistakes and learned from sheer, but but I could tell these guys I've been in and they serve a lot of time, fighting it get us but even those guys had a litany of lessons learned so yeah there is. It is stressful. It's not physical stress, its mental stress it will absolutely make the rest of your leadership life you'll see more ill seem like things are moving in slow motion. You build a make decisions, much clearer, much more fish efficiently and if you bring a team with you or if you have, run is that your company you're gonna get that times how many people you put through and you're gonna started. you're going to get some of that bonding right. You go through, structural situations together with a team, you you you become closer city, you start to learn about each other. You start to know each other better. Your trust increases. So that's the
as program, that's decentralized command and continue on with the book here I said when making a decision, consider decentralized command and ask yourself, should I be the one executing granular tasks, or should I be leading from an elevated position? That's all, Good question to ask yourself can I delegate the action connected with this decision. Will this decision allow me to detached and look up and out instead of down and in straight up. Pan these principles there Functional next one ego slash human, was one of the most disruptive aspects of our lives and our decision making processes ego. We might think that the ego is not strong enough to actually cause any problems. That is wrong. each one of us has an incredibly powerful ego that can certainly- pack decisions decisions in fact there are kept,
this military examples throughout history, where ego drove leaders to make decisions that cost people their lives and, in some cases, cost the leaders, their own lives. So if You go, can lead to a decision makers at getting their troop troops and themselves killed. It can certainly lead to bad decisions in less consequential environments. so people make decisions that they stick to be, There you go and they destroy their business. They destroy their family, they d destroy their troops that that actually happens all the time It's crazy to think about it's crazy! think about that's, why bring up what I would let my ego make. Oh yeah. Ok, ok, ok, path! I say this in a book our egos are addicted to glory
they want agency. They want us in charge to use our plan to get the credit to achieve, these goals, they will lie to us. Reframe circumstances in unrealistic ways and even complete. The ignore reality my dismiss information discuss its sources or paint in Europe pictures you ve, had your ego tat, you lucky, I echo, does notice talking about you're around you. You know you egos like, like discredits discredit discrediting sources around you. Yes, that's it It does. dismisses information that won't happen. Logo Maybe jp, comes and tells me ok, the markets turning the other way. Like that's not happening this dislike my egos, ignoring it, we're paint totally inaccurate pictures? This is just common, despite your. ego is like Vincent Van gogh. Artist in there is that a good example goats is like the old, the artist agitated
chop busier off right. Van gogh chop. As your also my ego, Push me to undermine another team in my organization, so I can win. It might make me overbearing so that I get to be in charge. My might also ignore suggestions from others so that I can implement my own plan. It might diminish other people's efforts so that I can take the credit men that egos of evil evil thing The ego is also this is, and this is an interesting perspective. Ego is also driven by short term gratification. It wants to look good now, not some time in the distant future. This me Is that, like any abject, can be very challenging to reason with and is now reliable help from maneuvering through nuances its will,
I never really thought about it until I was writing this book is that egos like a short term immediately, applications think it's like an adequate. It's it's addicted to glory. That's are addicted to glory it's a dude. You need to be. You need to be like getting this credit right now you need for gratification right now? That's the way that thing works. And then I say, to keep your ego and check while making decisions. Ask yourself what was my ego playing in this decision Is my ego and check? What is the rule? of my fault process? I actually that that that question. What is that of my far process- I put that in their because that's like a double tap. the first one is what is might what role is my playing in this decision, what goma you're playing no role you just like yourself site to ask another question we like, What's the route of your fault process, because you gotta start thinking like will it's not my ear?
so what's the route and user thinking when, as you have to like double can firm that if that is your ego in their he's one Why am I having a hard time agreeing with other people, is not interesting. because if J p and I work at the same business, we have the same company, we have the same goals. We both want to take care of our client. We want take care of our team and we want to be a profitable organization. So we can stay in business. Why are we having a hard time agreeing on something? Why can't? I agree with J p. Just a good question. Ask yourself because does J we want the money to the organizational lose money not be doesn't that does not want to take care of our team. Nobody doesn't want, does not want to take care of our clients, nobly doesn't want that I cannot agree with multiple? Could it be? Could it be?
What do you do for ego control? What did I do or do I do? What do you do just that reminder of what you're talking about, I mean this book has helped me. I mean and obviously working for you and les for you know. What's crazy is this, so this will come out next wednesday, which will be the month of october. It's been seven years, you know at the end of October october, at I believe it was twentieth and twenty first is was the first muster that you guys did seven years ago. So just the just working for you, guys and being in this environment has been a just a good reminder and and you know I mean I have all my wrist tattooed. This too shall pass as a reminder of like hey when times are bad like dry. Keep your head up, it'll get better, but also when times are good, remain humble. Because things can quickly changing. I mean we ve talked others on private, I guess what I knew dive into a book. I mean
six and a half seven years ago I was delivering pizzas, make ends meet and I saw my hat from markers pizza that sits in my closet, so my wife and I just bought a home and when I walk in my closet. Might that hat is right there I levels, for I see that every time a lemon for work trip. I see that when I come home from work I see that when I'm home it's as I see it every single day, is it just a good reminder that, are you get a marcos pizza tattoo? I can touch it but yeah. It was just for me. It's just like putting things you know. As a reminder, I mean like the names that I have engraved on this bracelet. That's a good reminder to stay to stay humble because it's a reminder of that time. That time It's fleeting, and so I put little things in my life as as reminders, but for me I know doing doing hard things that are going to humbled me like a hard workout where you're just like okay, I am I'm actually not in that good of shape. I'm not that's true!
I am not that good at jujitsu on the air just having the ability to do hard things that remind me, because fatigue makes cowards of us all and when we're tired and exhausted, we we do stupid things and you know, fatigue makes cowards of us all as a good reminder to me of like hey, I need, if I'm not taking care of myself and taking care of my team and taking care of my family, like I'm, going to I'm going to do stupid things and I've done a lot of stupid things over the years and I think me being able to be detached and local assassin and and humble and transparent, and share my lessons with people like when I'm on this podcast, like I would I dunno like. I think I'm pretty transparent and just I don't have a problem. I don't like sharing. You know the mistakes I've made and that's why I started my own podcast. You tell her like it came out today and it's you know just to share like the lessons that I've learned in my life, like growing up in the seal teams and working for you in life and like what I've learned from other people. It's like into to also share the mistakes that I've made and I think
me for me, when I share the mistakes that I've made with others to try to help them, learn those lessons in and talk through those things that reminds me of just what I did that allow me to make those mistakes so that I dont make him again and the the the awesome part would be where, if somebody that I'm sharing these lessons with whether it's through echelon front or me being on your podcast or somebody, listen to my podcast or another podcast or I'm a part of like if they can here these stories and say hey, you know what jp made this mistake in his marriage because he violated every law combat He allow complacency to creep in and is why surgeon divorce papers cause he stopped doing the things that he was doing initially in that merit If somebody can hear that story, you go man, you know when's. The last time I took my wife out on a date when's. The last time I told my wife. Thank you for everything that you do for
family and I know I'm gone a lot, and I know that because of you doing, all these things are allows me to do these things. If somebody can go do that in it saves their marriage, its work, If somebody can listen to you- and I talking about you- know time as fleeting and they realize you know what I need to be more intentional, with my time when I'm at home with my kids and that allows them to create a core memory that their kids I called on to worth it is somebody can go back to their team and say hey, you know what I'm sorry. I've been way two hands on I've been in the weeds and has actually taken away from me being able to lead you guys, and I trust you guys
and I'm you know what here's, what I'm gonna do moving forward bhumibol and then they can implement something that allows them to be more detached, allows them to drive more ownership to their people, the cool it's worth it. So for me, it's just sharing it, just being open and transparent and and just sharing the mistakes that I've made and and trying to help provide value to other people and because I also remember my man life is humbling. I may I've been where, like we had seventeen cents in our bank, account then we're I've. Had my bank account negative? sent me here. I was sent me image the other day- and I think your balance was zero, it was zero like, I don't even know you get back, a bank account to zero which, when you spend all your money here, but it was like
I dunno it's two thousand and whatever he was like five years ago seven years ago. I guess we all now know it wasn't. It was yeah yeah, so seven or eight years ago, before we were working together, you sent me like a text of like hey, bro, just F y. I this is eight years old or whatever, and it says your bank account is The zero point zero zero. That means you have to go in there and, like withdraw your last like seven, in dollars, and thirty two cents me like. No, I needed all. They're, like sir, you have to have a minimum balance of one dollar you like to close the accounts. I need that dollar. Thirty, two! So that's a lot. front than where you are now rather brand. You are freaking, awesome house and, and when I think about you, go okay, this echo charles, yes, star, wars fan I get down with them.
There was a program I loved. You know why you know, and I I don't know this is like a main theory of it, but you know how I think yoda yoda says: there's a disturbance in the forest or maybe I'll be one cannot be says that thinks there's a disturbance in the force for me like when, I feel there something like doesn't feel right. Like there's some kind of disaster the forest like in you like, like, oh I'm, I'm something's, frustrating mayors. Like there's some disturbance in the force right the that immediately as ike of despite is needed are ok. fine ask, as I know what it is: the disturbances in the forces in some rob cause. All the problems that can happen right what's going on There's a problem with this is a problem of that. Ok go. We think that causes the disturbance in the force is. Oh you,
he goes involved here. This is your: u go tartans rack yet one things I've learned from from you over the years in your podcast and working for your life. in an and dave and remember who set out how it was said, but I started and I you're just talk about this in the book is not that of its driven by my ego. because factual one hundred percent, my ego is in place for everything that adieu my life How is my ego deriving this response that something I've been trying to be more mindful, because I have to recognise- and I know we ve talked about this before this gas and on extreme ownership academy sessions that we do is my perspective is flawed. I know that this is only my perspective, and so I have to be mindful that my egos come into play and my ego is Like I gotta be careful because our egos can going me lawyer, and you don't have to understand that my one my perspective is flawed and then just
assassins, ok, how's. My ego deriving my response- and I have two detached from my motion: that's why detachment is a superpower and allows me to pull back and go and get different perspectives to see the big picture so that I can try to respond with all that formation, instead of just one little their oddly enough, the next section and then This topic on the leadership lupus emotions, and I write this Emotions such as anger, frustration, sadness and joy can all impact The to lead and make good decisions. Ego, as you just pointed out, is often, driver of our emotions, especially our negative emotions when Our egos are offended. We we get angry when our egos are impatient. We get frustrated when our egos feel loss. We get sat in that interesting. So often those things, those
negative? I my immediate check on negative emotions. His ego, I'm like one hundred percent, I'm feeling negative about something, I'm feeling frustrated and feeling impatient. I'm feeling angry. I'm immediately like this is an ego. That's a first check, I'm going to make and there's a ninety nine percent chance that that cause of that emotion. That negro motion is eager. Ninety nine percent chance one per and it's like, oh dear, I'm freaking guy, hit my car. You know in the parking lot and frustrated, because now I gotta go go His ensure just is holding its just gonna, be a pain doesnt like any of it right. This in convenience? I don't like inconvenience You know it's one of those things from so when's then gets thrown at me like now. I think of all the stuff that just got added into your day into your life. When someone like hits you in parking lot. And now you your front quarter panels all bent up to the your whole there's a hoe. Series of things that are now got it just be inconvenient in your life:
Wait till you say: nigger ego doesn't play a part in that part of it, like that's the exception kind of a thing. For me, that's not an eagle thing like me, like somebody, hit me in the parking lot like let's we had on the box and walk in the parking lot in my front quarter, flannels all scraped up. That's not an eagle reaction to be like janet. You know like to me I have I could be wrong. Do you think I'm wrong your ego yeah well how's that ego but well- and I didn't come just come up with this right now, because at one at one point I went down deep, the ego rabbit hole. ro. I discovered a bunch egos everywhere so that is like okay. So do you we're in here's the questions I was asking myself, so I'm just going to ask you some because I could be wrong, so use someone bumped into your car court of animal jammed up whatever their sobering convenient super. You live in a world that inconveniences don't exist.
your you want to be honest with. Yes, please, my life is very mitigated when it comes to inconvenience, of course, Hell, yeah series go gay huge series goes okay, just to say you make a good point of your life, so there were therefore in a world with inconveniences every single day when they affect you face it. problem, seems a rest. Will now. You know whatever thought you accept that part of in duty, but when it happens to you, son acceptable sounds like ego to me. yeah you're in there, so yeah. So at the end of the day, again like in those the question I am asking like. Okay, do I believe in a world that this never happens under any circumstances, and then it's like? Okay, no, probably not, and then you kind of you know you deeper, bring differ and then it always arise at all case, or I think I'm special. Therefore, I'm allowed to react like this. Well, when you
go into that mode of a yet you're, actually right, right, when you go into the motive, I'm allowed to react. You know what my reaction is. It's not like. I actually react in any way. I go well I gotta go forget it feels like I don't get mad, I don't yellow anybody. I just can't carry on pilot. I spoke there is a completely ego. Free world where you know. I look at that brent quarter panel, and I say this: great, I would add the economy. I wanna get this thing. fixed sum people going to make a little extra money. I get to variants to exercise my patients in the world, so basically mercedes good, like far corner printed smashed good good, liar life gives you the opportunity to train as we agreed rotational, that's a buy in. Obviously you know. That's that's funny and everything then, and I don't think that that's the expectation rita, just automatic? In fact, you have an ego we
jp. We have, of course like how you write it that the key is to not have an ego. The key is to control your ego sub subordinate. Ego that so in an incident in one an incident athens where your ego, ass, to be subordinated. What's gonna look like right away that right off the bat? What's gonna, look that you guys gonna lisa lies at the very least. That's not really he's probably taken a breath. Get ready, allow letting ready specially viewed good, healthy one he's ready and when you go good right very springs into action. As far as behaviour goes, that's what it looks like behaviour right before that, then you can quote unquote check your ego subordinate your ego, then your behavior will follow suit. So yes quarter panel smashing and you are about to be like. I can't believe this happened to me on this day of all days. He said I'm saying them on or before that goes down, your ego goes. Is
to make it up and then hugo subordinate, your it's okay, it's okay! This happens to everybody, it happens. You gotta expect this kind of stuff that you know you'll get subordinate quarter panel, so I guess I could trace from what you're saying based he's not ninety nine percent of negative emotions? A hundred per cent of negative let's throw ninety nine point. Nine point zero one. This way, the only reason why you can't really say hundred because it's like that's a bold statement to be like there are no exceptions ever wondered. No, certainly you know so I don't know, but put it this way. the rapid why window we really. What was the rabble exploration of eager. If you know it came to mind. As your tell the whole thing is: there's the one of the worst possible like violations. Do you know who I am? Oh yeah? I want you to say they are what you just said like the way that leads like that. Would the worst cases like. Oh, I got there my front corpse some guys, backed into my front quarter panel like the ultimate like
violation and my ego comes find out. What is my ego say my ego says: do you know who I am whenever, like a movie star, says that relations which person says that we just are disgusted by you. If you get caught on camera you're, a movie star and you're trying to get into the club, or your name is something stupid like I'm trying to take it. Yes, feelings I get gallop In addition, this I know who I am do you know who I am that's like that violation of eager, so this going to be one of my I'm tryin to incorporate this is asked myself that, like winds, she's going sideways, I made a mistake you know who I am I like: that's right, you're, not anybody and your front what're panels, no more precious than do shhh most quarter panel, and this happened good. You could exercise your patience and looked by no means is: does anyone exe Do you even yourself? I think anyone expecting
be literally happy that happened in good things happen that make you I'll be out regional right away. Then things happened that make it less happy, not try magic? And I'm not saying I would like it. In fact, I would straight up dislike it: strader dislike but end of the day. You know the old question like okay, I see I understand your feeling, but how are you going to behave now seems so This section is about emotions, though What is interesting is so many emotions where it's ninety nine percent, whether it's one hundred percent, whether it's ninety eight percent, so many of them are tied to your to your ego. It's freaking actually ridiculous and I think a lot of the like I m a relatively like I dont, get super emotional about stuff, and I think it's cause. I am run it through a little check before I get freaking mad or before I get angry or for I get frustrated, I'm going dude. I know at this. I know where this is coming from you.
I want to be wrong. You don't want to be shown up. You don't want someone else's plan. You think you already thought you don't want to look like all the sex, all those things that's what's going on, so that's why, when made the decision, you go through this checklist and you go all my second. Am I be an emotional? I I added joy into this cause. You know people make dumb decisions when they're happy right like made done this is where I was super happy in stoke like yellow go out and buy that thing because you're happy you're, like all you do, is go great. Let's go ahead order, another round like that kind of thing. I never have so to avoid letting emotions drive your decision making ask yourself. Am I being emotional Why am I feeling the way? I'm feeling is, This decision, based on logic, if I were
robot, what I make the same decision, so some good things think about from the emotional prospect and I'm not saying you gotta be devoid of emotions. In fact what I've been saying for ass couple years, I said in the book too you gotta put you gotta, put the emotions in the calculus of your decision right. if you're, not if leadership position- and you know it- This decision is going to make everyone mad. You better put that in your calculus, it gives me? Ok, you can be mad, but would counting your emotions in this decision that whole teams now. What teams frustrated? That's not a good decision. It's crazy that some leaders they know that and I dont care could again. That goes back to the eagle thing. You ve heard this before like her, you might be mad and that's ok but it doesn't matter. Isn't really quite right, do you hear what saying there, are people that monitors
What sad is that skill set tabasco set. That skill set is actually been taught. because they sought from somebody else. They saw saw the set to not to ignore the emotions of the gas and I'm saying skills it a bad skills to website. Let me the habit trait that trade that habit is at a bad trade that the mad habit, has been taught because I saw somebody else. Do it and I thought that's cool there were here I'm gonna- do thou wert or hey it actually work, and by went when I say it worked- means the team to when and executed this thing we're all mad yet because the p we think about it. The people that work for us, the good people, their hard workers are smart, they like to win and they want to get the job done and those people who do, though, though, though the allow that the environment that, though, allow that culture
oh yeah. I n n me out most for a little while some for a very long time, but here's the deal like if, if you thought that the best way for you to provide for the family was to stay in the current. Let's just say, you had a regular job and you're the average person, and you have this good job. It provides free family? You know it has. Some stability are going to tolerate bad leadership. Yes, motor nice. One hundred percent people will tolerate ban leadership because, what's more important to them is their family and they'll go under that we'll be keeping their open for another job, they lionheart israeli, I wandered reset. Absolutely. I agree not argue that at all, but there's a lot of people out there. They just tolerate bad leadership in a hostile work, environment because they want to take care of their family, but as soon as that good environment and that good opportunity comes up bomb.
Goddamn yeah. They have no loyalty to guess at their loyalty, is to the family and if they can be happier and be better by by and by the way, who performed better as a team. So if I, make my team do something that their mad about I dont address it, because my thinking frustrated man. I gotta. Listen I understand why you're frustrated here's, why I had to make this decision. I know it's going to be a real shock to our system in the short term for the next three weeks. While we work through this can be longer, if I explain that to them and we talk through it. ok cool. We made our decision we had to suck it up, but and the team is gonna work harder like when they're happy yeah and they have ownership there. I am so very don't make emotional decisions, but that's what I'm sorry Iraq, but that's what quota is when you drive ownership. You're actually is calculated into this into this step of the emotions, not just your emotions.
emotions of people on origin and I'm building up the emotions in a positive manner of my people. When I give them on russian people liked have ownership, they like have control now that there are in a good emotional place, it the better work environment which affects all these other things in a positive manner, so they do a better job Yes here it and store it for are a check fast forward a little bit perspective, she'll teams when performing reconnaissance of a target building. We observe the target from his many possible angles as we can. We do this so that we can better understand all aspects of the target only observed the north side of a building. We wouldn't comprehend what was on the south side, where there might an enemy fighting position? If only observe the west side of a target building. We wouldn't understand the east side, so we endeavour to observe the target from the north, south, east and west. We want to understand every day, perspective and its possibilities. Similarly, when making business decisions, we have to understand
the problem we are faced with from as many angles as possible. We do this by collecting inputs from the people involved with the problem, so listening to other people finding out, what's going on standing their perspective, its everything we talk about. If I see that my team is angry, etc, Why are they not about this? They should be happy like we got a new quiet, there's more work to do everyone's gonna make more money there, man because they have an outbreak in nine weeks right, you can and it still doesn't cash out with as much more is there making compared to our good enough to work. So understanding other people's perspectives? Absolutely critical. And I say this to ensure you see the fullest possible picture when, making a decision ask yourself: what can I do to see and understand more? What do my subordinate see? What do my piercing Does my bossy? What does my competition sea have? I
asked enough questions. What am I I see Asking yourself like when you said earlier, your prospectus fought, of course your perspective swat. You only have your perspective. We have to asked questions and trying to stand other people's perspectives, so we can better decisions next one mission tactical and strategic the term mission creep originated in the military, but his morphed into civilian vernacular. It refers situations where organizations expand the scope of their goals beyond their originally intended mission. As the mission objective expand overtime. There is less and less focus on the original intent of the mission, often causing a fail, to achieve the original mission. So when making a leadership decision. It is critical to assess the original mission objective and ensure that the decision supports the original intent and that it will not
wander resources required to achieve the actual mission. So again, if you're, making a decision you can think about that decision is this. helping us get to our long term strategic goal. Is it what which must be focused on right now and then something that throws off of people it companies, sometimes it rex families? Sometimes because we're thinking short term or doing things that we should be doing so you ve got it all. We ask yourself: this our mission is another one, we're talking earlier about like We're going to build this thing and is going to take all these resources and I'm like hey. I got an idea, one which is not built that you know. Or like hey, instead of like trying to hammer on this door for the next thirty minutes, when we just walk through the window or you know, go through the window with thirty seconds, this other one, it's like people will start talking about something other cases even our mission,
this. Even our mission to do this I this is what we want to do. We want to focus on this right now, because we Obviously we can do it. what is this, what we are doing Is this what our mission is causing It's not our mission. Why are we doing it and in times like well, we just kind of you get little target fixation right to some niche product to me there's some niece need in the market and I think we do. Then probably could but is it your mission? So thinking about intentionally. Thinking like ok is this actually, my mission, I have a construction company that builds, you know diver roofing company go, and almost any get someone's like hey when you ve done a roof. Can you do our gutters and you can and you can say you know what we can do that and me that's an expansion that you make, but Maybe you run the numbers
and maybe you say, look gutters is kind of a little bit more niche market, we live in arizona. There's not a lotta rain here got us last a long time you, what one we subcontract out this gutter system right, Instead of now investing in a bunch of your equipment and research and p ball and training to get the guys up speed where they can do now. It was a waste. So what Do that must not allow mission creeping brad cabinet was really good at reminding guys are traded that in what way he would you say: hey? Is this what we need to be focused on line it a very simple, and I am he's iron he's retired now, but I'll uses nickname wink.
He would literally do the same thing. That hey is this? What we need to be focused on right now, guys we're okay, whenever they set up a breaching scenario, one time and guys were just having a like they were so focused on, like this session, the door get into the problem, eighteen inches away, global oversight at an angle of the wall was the key on a low thumbtack. The kiva unlocked the door. It was right there, and I remember they. They put together that scenario, and I was just like man. This is awesome and guys are like just fighting on trying to get the door locked and I can't get in there trying to kick it and they're, trying to do all the stuff and they're getting ready to call it the breacher, but they had the preachers focused on some the bigger problem, so they could get those resources over and right there member wink day an and brad just point out the key? These guys
I was just a good reminder from hey detached a step back and and just look at the big picture, and it was just a just remember: brad, when you know it run, and trading just just remind haze, is what we need. Be focus on hey? What are we working on right now, guys just and that's what good leaders do is ok to say that to your people, I guess what is this, where we need to be focused on? Is this what we need to be focused like? What are we supposed to be working on right now? You're, not being direct you're, not saying this is what you need to nearly focused on its its indirect, broach gonna hit guys. What do we need to focus on one? I clearly not this right now, I always now like if your life or ask me questions, I'm probably not doing the right thing or you don't know why I'm working on something which means eyes failed to communicate to you guys what why we're working on something. I know it's one of those years. Unquestionably, you don't have information I dont want. I understand you, don't understand you truly to understand like because, in your mind, is like
one you know, have enough information or two you don't you noticed, why would I be doing this? And so, instead of going directors and hey that's stupid. Why would you do that you're like hey? What? What is it Now that I don't know, and so europe the question so any time you guys are anyway Jamie Dave any any anybody. My life's ask me questions and like oh, they didn't have enough information. We don't have online that we are not aligned and that's my fault And another thing talkin about like that key on a thumbtack that will get nine out of ten people that they won't see that thing? This is this is one of the situations where being you in earnest, if you're not up to you, can literally afford to be, did you you can be afford to be detached the entire time, because no one else is like, like but slight everyone or goodies loomed african door with
a bunch of region with a lock on it and there's noise behind the door. The nurse I'm gonna wanna get their night ten guys are going to just their yunus. To how do we, through this door. How do we breaches things? Get the sledge admirable a kind of charge marketable, nothing you can afford to the guy, that's like constantly at high port looking round cousin, no one else is going to see that key and it's so weird to be in that situation. You cease you'll, see so much that other guys are going to see. So it's the same thing in your but the chances are your company When you ve got some product that everyone's also like hey, I think we could make us. You think we could well do have the right tools for this year. We have the right tools. What do we need an order from what? What what? How is it that how long will it take in everyone's can focus on our problem and there, are working on it, Others are moving down that path and then you know, you ve created a product with a bunch of spencer and a bunch of time in a bunch, an effort that seven people in the world it at its freaking, worthless and if you would just took a step back and like five,
its into this pulled a broad governor bill. I hate is this what we should be focused on renault and look at each other and as soon as a people look at each other like AL yeah you're right yup as soon as they as soon as brad points of the kenya like? Oh I'm, an idiot. You don't think like that trickery know you think, like I'm an idiot, I'm an idiot so check rest in peace next section here relationships This is the last thing I consider when making a decision, but it is the most heavily weighted of all the items in this leadership. Loop checklist. I know this might seem strange after all this. Ariel typical priorities of a leader. Are things Accomplishing the mission managing resources and ensuring timely execution, but for me Building in maintaining relationships is the most important thing a leader does, because
relationships are the force that holds the team together under the relationships, the stronger the team, the stronger the team, the better the results the team achieves. Because of that, it is important to remember that every decision, a leader makes either builds or denigrates relationships. I why every interaction I have with anyone on my team up down or across the chain of command to build in our relationship is not to say I'm always able to do that, but I absolutely always try? So this is one of those things that I think is counter intuitive for people but when you're leadership position and you're making a decision you can should and must weigh how this is going to impact the relationships that you have with the people on the team and it's sort of like the person that we just talked about that might be like. I don't care what you don't care, if you're mad or not. This is what we're doing.
There's some people that are like hell, yeah broke out LEO does yours, leader makes those hard decisions right every year that should all time like no a leaders, nakata freakin, just cause. down cause someone's frustrated like ok, ok, I get you are there times where you're gonna make decisions as a leader that are gonna, make that's gonna make the team add up. Are there times without relationships, gonna get sacrificed little bit yet there are. There are I have made decisions in my life that I negatively impact in my relationship or somebody, and I had to work through to build a backup. I've been through that countless times we all have but do not recognise that and not be? intentional about saying hold on a second there. Six in one half dozen, the other, but if I choose, ex echoes, gonna be frustrated or gps. Gonna be angry. Or our relationship is gonna, be negative impact it. Why don't I just go with a dozen or half dozen? Why don't? I just do that
People make decisions all the time without considering how it's going to impact relationships, and this is the biggest mistake you can make. So what is relationship again in the book? I talk about. It, trust, listen, respect, influence and care. What's interesting about to build these run about fast forward a little bit to build relationships with these attributes. One must take a slightly counter intuitive approach and proactive. We give first. If you want someone a trust you, you must first put some trust in them If to get someone to listen to you, you have to listen to them. The more you talk, the less people. Listen respect must be given to be received. Try demand. Respect does not work. In fact it backfires by the way you bear fruit. Respect me. to become influential over someone. The first step is allowing that individual to influence you
and obviously, if you want someone to care about you, you must first display how you care about them, and then I go on to talk about your ego. Stifle can stifle these efforts, it so interesting right If I don't want to, I want to put a trust any in jp. Well, why not? Well, because I don't think you can do is good as me. That's ego Jesse, Japan should be listening to me since I in doing this longer cause. I have more experience because I've been in this position. He should be listening to me, that's eager by the way. maybe better treat me with respect. I've earned it. Ok, that's it! Your ego thinks it's all kinds of ship: it hasn't earned Why should I be influenced by J p? He should be enforced by me. That's eager and obviously
rule or supposed to put J peace needs, above all, my own, which isn't weird thing to think about right. Think about that there's a whole like road. We could go down of. What's that saying, are gonna look out for number one right. Do you know what I'm saying you got a man? Look I kind of look out for number one. So that's my ego. So when I say look, I know gps, gonna kind of get screwed on this deal. But you know I gotta take care me: ok, ok, how's it going to work out of that relationship. Look at that time. go, get it's just disaster. That's all we got on that's where for people will twist what you said earlier, because they hear from other people like pay yourself. First, and that's mistake that people
it's like well, I gotta make sure I eh, I gotta get mine, I gotta get mine and they they take that the wrong way and it's they don't understand. The the major leadership would rolls that they're making and just how bad the actually ruining relationships, because people see that they know they know exactly what you do. As you said, hundreds of thousands of times your intent has a smell and if it stinks, none of us like it now like that sweaty geese in the back, your car in the summer, taxes summary yeah, There's probably nothing worse than a g that like got left somewhere burnt and his work learn from origin, whereas there, but are we gonna, do. I go on to say this to ensure you are protecting and building relationships instead of diminishing them? Ask yourself? How will this decision impact my relationships? Again?
by citizens the most heavily weighted thing, which I think throws people off right because as a leader type, normally job dot right. We're here abraham get resources with that everyone thinks it's like now, actually make you already, let's make sure, were building that relationship. If we're not build, If what we have, what do we have? a shitty team. If the impact is negative. Are there any options that will more positively impact relationships? If the impact is negative, is it worth the return, investment like I said, I've made decisions that ever relationships that I've had we people robin. Like look dude echo. I know that, like that, the video, look, the view that you made it a really good video I appreciate it, but we're gonna use carries video, There is sometimes where gotta think that's gonna hurt our relationship like echoes mad, our relationship just took a step back but like let's face it
his video wasn't as good as carries in this. Whatever situation, and asking our relationship, but the business that We gotta do and that's the way it so I've had to make. This is how to make a lot of decisions like that, but I when we do it what's the hour. Why? Because you know what echo made. A video was pretty good. And carry made one that was better but I knew that echo was like super emotional and attached this video that he mad and, like the difference, wasn't epic of the object. Echo rent, your video is good. Let's launch that thing and there's people write another like the, but if our? Why would have been better? It's ok, but we'd have to strategically, because it oral. I was a little bit better. With carries video. Then with echoes as we we we did a little bit better. We didn't four percent better, but now now echo these these Luba pissed off. how much effort he put his next video. It's getting worse right. Matter of. He might not even make it through your echo. This f
echo. May ten videos and they were all better than carries and carries videos like words like hey, that's good will fall on the back burner. Finally, carry comes out the big win and but we as we, we uses video and I'm like oh sorry, dude. This is not just another time echoes frustrated man that relationship this got her. What do we do when? Is it worth it? long term. Is it worth it so Is it sometimes worth it? Yes, sometimes it's worth it. Sometimes you have to make those decisions more. The time it's like I'm in a particular the relationship. That's might not like. I said it's, the heaviest waited thing I have and I'll tell you why? This is the way you have to operate should operate like this. Look, the other three uribe successful for a while you can, a scorched earth policy, and everywhere you go everyone hates you and you. Have no true friends and adjusted nightmare of disaster and by the way where that is
If you make some money along the way or your build your business or you get promoted or whatever it is you're looking for you'll get it short term and new look up in three, for five years, and it just scorched earth and there's nothing else to burn right. There's nothing else to burn will always be chasing their fulfilment that you can actually achieve because, when you do what you're talking about their fulfilment you do what, when you all, these include talking about everything in this loop when you do those things when you're an actual leader and again you don't the title doesn't make you a leader. Doing these things is what makes you a leader. You know, building trust you're listening are people showing them respect like influence on that's what that's? What makes you a leader is your ability to build relationships with people around you instill belief into them, belief in the nation and and actually go inspire them to take action. That's what makes you a leader- and you know when you do all these principle
that you're talking about that brings you fulfilment when you violate all these things, you're, really chasing fulfilment until the day that you die. doesn't matter how much money you may it does it all These things will not matter, but you can all get all these other things that some people like that matters to them, while also being leader in and what we ve seen is the people that have good intentions that are taking care of their people and their they're out there serving people they tend to get what they need and want life and like that's. A true thing is like the happiness. comes from peace, not from, although, like the things that people are chasing like that, the happiness come from piece of being a good leader in and serving and and taken care of people. yeah and if you prioritize your relationships and part of inherent in relationships is caring about other people. S. If that's what you're focuses on the promise you I get to
I guarantee you will end up better in a longer period and historic when you sacrificed relationships when you don't listen to people when you hurt when you don't care about people when you do those things in your life. How much are you like? I said you, to get some short term windsor. You know I'm freaking came. Better with the business deal it you Jake, was building this thing for me and I kind of like pushed on what he wanted to charge and he came in. Finally, he got it done and pay him what he really wanted. Ok could do I one bright eyed you built my dad for me. He built a deck on my house and you wanted five grand and I got you to do it for forty two hundred. I want right know what I'm saying I want short term right I saved eight hundred bucks. You know what happens What happens when you know my ruefully can one day and I need some help and I call J p was he say sorry, man, I'm busy
or that you know that what would this? of way life works. You know I sacrifice the relationship for me right sacrifice: slow. I make a decision, that's good for me, not good for you and that's not gonna work. I could now you could also be saying you know jack I'll do it, but I can only do your deck for six thousand dollars. and I go man- I mean we ran the numbers and I looked at the labor and the cost and stuff it's like five grand is really fair and you're like I can only do it for six grand sorry, okay, so I pay you six grant. You know And yet you and I both know- that's not fair. We don't the same relationship that we did an hour ago before we shook hands on the video, so now whose building my my next house in three years, when I
become wealthy and I'm like? Actually, I need a whole house built. Guess who's, not getting the job Jps not try to get that back a bit of matter me so if make decisions and consider relationships and you wait that heavily can do other times. Yes, there's actually times, I get it all you. People are right now, like got some opportunity, sometimes go to just break. It the door you're on this year on that ship and the ship it with a torpedo and there's guys in the engine room, and you see a lot freakin door and those guys we're gonna die now. that's a decision that gets made and you that to save the ship I get it and some of the guys on the ship are gonna be filled with hatred. You made that There are times when you have to put those things aside. We get it. We understand that. But
I'm telling you when you're running this decision loop and normal life priority, these relationships. That's the way it works. There is a times where you'd be in this situation should be sent a very small scale, but what I did notice that jocker with due to new prelate thought for this, Any time we're like there's a decision that maybe I wouldn t necessarily greed weatherby like red, on board with you'd, always explained the bigger picture. I come like L k, you know, hey look if this is what we're doing is where we're going. Hey follow me. This is why, and because of this and the more you explain, kind of the big picture, the more acceptable it starts to become, and it's like, okay, the guy said yeah. They won't said they might not like you for it, but I would say in my treats its not that they know I wouldn't like you or I'd like, less you'd, be that I wouldn't like it
necessarily good key, so the relationship is essentially maintain but even I'm doing something that I really don't want to do, but I why I'm doing it so kindly? Ok, I get his colleague tom, you, kids, a clean, the room right here. Gonna gonna disneyland today, but before we so you gotta clean your room, they'll be like what like, oh my gosh. I was excited for that and then I'll clean the room they understand. Hey you gotta clean your room, rooms, good are the seven. They understand the like. Ok, don't like cleaning the room all of a sudden, but at least suck it up they'll do it get it done due to be done, and boom disneyland time soon saying yeah yeah. It is that's why communication is the number one skill set of a good leader like you have to have the ability to communicate, and, if, like yours like when you do those the explained the. Why and you can clearly articulate that to your people. They may not like what has to be done, but they understand it and then they can actually get on board and then, if you could drive ownership down to them in regard to what we're doing, why we're doing it
then there should be less push back yet more via a great example that, as I hate there's a way to do here is why we gotta do it? How do you guys want to get it on your right in that something that I use almost a hundred percent of the time you like Hey look. I knows a lot of debate about. doing this thing: here's one! we gotta do this thing. Let me If you want to do it, but we gotta get it done like that's just That's a good leadership right there in the point. Is there that the relationship part of it, gets maintain even though they're doing stuff, they don't want to. Do you told them they do stuff, they don't want to do they gotta suck it up like even with like kids, for example like the desert, alright the dead who says, noted deserve and they're not gonna. Like you know, you're sleeping these kids are not going to like me, I'm going to say no to their dessert on the weekend. Oh my gosh, you know, but if you explain to them here's one little hack, you can borrow it. I mean I'm sorry little bit more advanced than me.
For anyone listening who might want to use this one. This works, you like hey, what's unhealthy freakin don't serve your cookies doughnuts for some other donors aren't for dessert. People have them for breakfast, cakes, cupcakes government, so cut in overdue. What no cupcake it'd be like it? Why or why you're not going to? Let us have cupcakes that's what their focus on right. You did it. Let me have this pleasure cupcakes be like hey. We, we know how bad cupcakes are you know nobody perfect! I get it, but we know how bad cupcakes would be a good debt. If I just willingly gave you these unhealthy cupcakes. Would that make me a good dad very hard through that for little kids we would all it gives it might be more clever. They might think up some stuff. What little kids it works. Have here's a mistake I made with my kids Like good order remembered through throw him is, I've done, like I'm taking ownership and been like.
Listen! Obviously I haven't done a good job explaining to why this is important or something like that and, like my my eldest daughter, would you young should be like. I know a bad person as if I'd be like I do like You know. Obviously I haven't done a good job explaining the imports of whatever gb like dad, I'm not like a bad person, you don't have to say that, as if you have failed as a father cause. That's the way. I would make it sound, it's really. Okay, I I get it didn't you get scolded for like the type two diabetes speech or something you'd give to your kid didn't, I gets hold it yet like by your wife, probably, but I I'll. I would give the type two diabetes speech. My kids might do you want a cupcake co? You want that type of guy like I must have said that a lot when they are so okay, so here in as funny as that is like the serious part of that is, I mean obviously that's partially joking. The way you always do it or whatever might go a little bit too hard for some people, I get it, but nonetheless I recognize so
in this podcast we were talking about. Oh you didn't clean your room cool. You don't eat or whatever you don't help clean it up. You're done we're going to get some shit on that one. I guarantee people are gonna, be like your steak, thick birthday yeah, I mean obviously there's more to it. You know like some kids, they're kind of picky eaters and they'll just starve themselves. They'll be like whatever start itself, meanwhile, they're losing weight and it looked as if it's nuance yeah this isn't that's not what we're talking about we're, not talking about a kid losing weight because they didn't clean up the dishes at launch now: they're, not getting dinner. That's what we're gonna do a whole different realm than another. The point I'm making is there's more to it than just like. Okay, you don't eat. You know, there's a process, okay, so, but you boy and we're just for the record. None of my kids have ever lost way as I freak in gilt trips. Yes, stand fully, but in this part of the point like different families are different. Different kids are different than your kid sport. You know very specifically what every year you know, there's gonna be
investments and by the way, there's all their art. You know people out there that they need to do the opposite. They need to eat right. They have like an eighty two eating disorders and stuff like that which are horrific so exactly where we have to be careful around this subject here. So, but the point is where's you. You don't have to. joking: you go hard, you know all this stuff or whatever, and you said oh yeah, you want type two diabetes department. Remember everytime shoot frick man. We just wanted a little bit of frozen yogurt right now. Whatever and celebrate you don't have to go that hard. So if you go hard for your kids. I could see I think it will, but I could see how that good kind of jam up there, nations Europe a little bit climb. A progressive cricket rebellion was accurate, worthless sugar attics. Now exactly and that's what I'm saying it really would be. Folks think this is where you talking about the relationship right, that you're trying to maintain that's, why came up with this. Clever one be like would be a good, dare you know like some trying to be the best dead. Isn't that what you want?
It's hard. I mean you get a smaller at coop, but the kid's not going to be like. No, I don't want you to be a good dad, so it's like they have no rebuttal. You know they say. Would I be content? If I just fed you this terrible unhealthy, He stuff is just really hard to refute. You know and the meat in the ship gets maintain check this. Here's a whole don't open but can right now? Is here's not checked herself hey you're supposed to be there their dad or their mom not their front right this is another one of the things I am look. I get the concept right I get concept, because people say the same thing about leadership to like hey you're, not you You're supposed to be their leader, not their friend you're supposed to be there platoon chief, not their friend you're supposed to be the platoon commander, not their friend you're supposed to be their ceo, not their friend you're supposed to be their department had not their friend is a very calm and
common theme of like you're supposed to be there mom, not their friend or their dad, not their front, and I get it. I get what they're trying to say I what they're trying to say is, like hey not trying to make. You know J p, my boy by being like hey buddy, like I'm your boss, but you know Can I bob liken lets you you can fortunately like like. Oh it oh you're, my son, hey, J, p son, oh you your buddies to come over and have beer cool. I have some beers if you guys that that attitude right that one people, say dont, be their friend, that's what you're talking about like all year, you guys what're, you know cause what to do see whatever rattle your guys. Are smoking pot. It's no big deal. You know I'm like coup that, like that's what they're talking about, but I think that you wouldn't want to have, our relationship with your kids that isn't like a b.
Of their friend is an aspect of it to me as crazy. I'm friends with all my kids like Kids are my friends like hundred percent and. I just want to warn people and by the way, every one that works. For me, you know everyone, that's my employee, which I never say that but everyone that works in the companies that I own Like my friends does not like well, you know I remember the boss who never side I never ever anything like that before I got a crazy thing and for me to say so, I would just keep that in mind and again I know that there's people right now that are like I'm going to be if you're meant to be the dad, not the friend, it's like I'm telling you you can be both would encourage you to be both. I would tell you that. There's things that your door, Or sun made, tell their father but they'll tell their friend Andrew
and so when your kid might be going through some kind of trouble. and you know whether their gettin picked on whether they're having a hard time with something whether they're like breaking up with theirs boyfriend or girlfriend. Whatever those things are you if your other friend and you're just their dad, you might not hear about it. So I'm saying there is a element of friendship as a leader, and it's a positive thing, it's not a negative thing and its port of relationships right, the Components that make up relationship in a business relations are the same components that make up relationship in a friend relationship and the same things that make up relationship in a father, mother, daughter, spouse relationship, trust listeners. Influence and character. That's what relationship is Don't you want to have that with your kids? Don't you want your kids to trust you don't
What your kids to listen to you! You do! Guess what you better! Listen to your kids them. But my kids only ninety does noticing. Ok, don't until see how that works out. Will you nine year old kid, has an issue about something, Tell him shut up. You know what you're talking about you're too young that doesn't matter when your kid gets called play. Face in school, comes home, a little bit, teary died and you say what's wrong. You say I got made fun of and you go hey shut up. X and stones, breaker bonds names can ever hurt. You don't worry about it. That's your reaction. I'm telling you you don't you're, not listening to them and they Well, guess what they're not gonna, listen to you. So this relationship thing is universal and the better. Relationships. You have with people the better things are going to be in your life period and a story And it also includes people that you may not necessarily like.
So you might work for someone that you don't necessarily like I work for J p, gps arrogant. He goes flies off the handle he yelled at me in the rest of our employs the rest of my peers. So what do I do? While I don't like him, so I'm not going to build relationship to it with him. Okay, so then, where get us in life. The things get better for me or worse. For me, do, I have more influence over him or lessen forest. Can I get Stop yelling at me when all I do is not listen to him. Disrespect and no, Yeah he's gonna get louder and worse. If I treated with respect Maybe just maybe he will start to treat me with respect. If I listen to him, he he's yelling at me, I get out. My notebook is, are taken out to the hotel. Are you doing, I get what you're saying boss I wanna make. I got this, that's that's an attitude changer. Does this made me and asked kisser know, doesn't means that I want to win means.
To improve my situation for me and for my team. That's what it means. So these relationship things even if someone that you might not like I've, worked with a lot of people in my life that I didn't like. I've worked with a lot of people in my life that I didn't like Jamie and dave are always wondering if it's them, they do about that they're, like is it me, is it it could be, but I'll never tell them you. Might you work with people that you don't like what good is it if they? we know that what good is it if you're not trying to build a relationship, the best thing who is build? Our relationship and move things forward you have no influence over people that you have relationship with there was no word that you say so build relationships. This is Winning is a way to win or you go through life like I don't do that, I know who says I don't do that. Make us as I do- that migrants Baby yelled at me: I'm not endless new damned thing. So that's my ego and said
like oj appeal to me. I wonder what kind boss ass. He worked for that. He thinks that a good move. I want what kind of childhood he had where he loses his temper. All the time wonder what's going on in his house with his wife, it's where he seems real short with the rest of the team. I wonder if everything's part effect in J p life where he's coming into work. Late, he's mad he's, Yonah people I want, if he's got a great thing going on right now, like you think, through these things, and it's really, You said you know what maybe I can be a little better of a human being here. So prioritize those relationships, last thing on this list. It's once I have run through this checklist loop, I will make a decision and then run through the checklist chap lit checklist loop again and again,
leader I must continually assess these components over and over again and consider a feedback I received with each decision and how the decisions affect situation, to do that. I must do two things detached and keep an open mind. detachment is a superpower as the failure. Inability to detach causes, a failure to see clearly don't get to it Jordan. Any one aspect of the decision take a step back in read to assess the components of your decision from A broad and, on emotional vantage point and too the great your observations into your decision making process. You have to keep an open mind. keeping an open mind is always a challenge. Outside Ideas feel threatening to our beliefs, dont be intransigent or let
was feeling close, your mind, invite those thoughts and recognise that challenges test your ideas and make them better open, mind and detail. Judgment to very difficult things for human beings. It's very difficult to keep an open mind and it's very difficult detached and in order for this leadership loop in order to get the feedback you have to detach, and you have to keep an open mind new ideas. We don't like challenging ideas, we don't like difference, of opinion. We don't like we literally. Surround ourselves with people that have the same opinions. Us. go onto social media coup, you falling, I'm falling a bunch of people that are the same as me: that's what we're doing what news
I watch. I watch the news that has the same opinion as me. It's like that's what we do. Because our our mind wants to be closed at once, just not hear anyone else opinion, because we think we're right. So there you have it that's a little so of this new edition that I added to later charging tactics, feel manual, pragmatic, the pragmatic book and its other books design. And you know you were saying this earlier. J p talkin about referring to books, and sometimes we gotta go back to the book. Sometimes we gotta go back to the book
The harshest example I have of that is the book discipline equals freedom, field manual is coming out and it was coming out like october fifteenth, two thousand and seventeen, and I had the book had showed up at my house at boxes. The book- and it was like you know, will signing them or doing whatever and stoner died, and so it's like september thirtieth, and so I had a whole bunch of you, know, press and all this like trip to the east coast, and all this stuff were that I was doing for for promotion of display, was free of field manual and so. Whatever that's all happening or supposed to happen- and you know standardize in kind of maybe a day goes by
So sorta, like all these initial kind of, like calls, you know where all you know we're all talking to each other, we're figuring out. What's going on we're starting to plan stuff and, unlike that time had gone by that first, like day had gone by of where you're kind of in the reaction mode of we have administrative stuff, that we've got and then it was so now like that was gone, and it was the first like time where I was left alone. With my thoughts
and I remember I was in my room where my wife and kids were gone or whatever, and I'm just in my room by myself and I'm laying on my bed at in the afternoon, which I don't normally do and laid in my bed the afternoon and I started to just freakin: go down the the the spiral of anger and resentment and just. Unproductive terrible darkness and I literally felt via a best like opening up like do on this, is. It just it's just all. This is all shit, salt dark, it's all horrible and I felt that economy
felt the draw of that and I like stopped myself and I I actually sat up- and I had this big box of despotic- was freedom feel manual and there's a whole section. They are about death and I had to I had to. I had to open that up and read that section of myself and get a freaking grip on reality and that's the that's the way life is. you are gonna need help. You're gonna need reminders. You're gonna need support. and for me to be able to refer back to a book for that terrible moment in my life s kind of like what, though, that's kind of what these books are for and
The the leadership charging tax, romania, obviously a much more positive book. Is it about positive things? It's about leadership, it's about moving forward, but over time you can develop these instincts and over You can learn to deal with tough situations, but you I might get into a scenario where you need some help. You need some support and be no fruit from a leadership perspective. That's what that book leadership strategy tactics is about. You might get we're good at that leadership loop when I'm having trouble making a decision I'll whip that thing open to be like hold on a second. Let me think through the steps, if you think, through those steps you get to the end, you're going to have a pretty good idea of what to do so,
leadership. Charging tax fuel mental- sometimes you gotta, refer Why mean we referred to the bible today to book out many many people refer to yeah right, there's you, you can be rooted in things we need reminders. You have a tattoo on your wrist to remind you of things. You have a hat in your closet from Marco's pizza, to remind you of things. We. We need to put those things in our lives and when we stray that, that's that's what happens right, we stray, we stray from what we know we should be doing. We ray from remembering where we came from. Stray from our humility. We stray from leadership principles that we ve talked about or lived or read about over and over again. we stray from the under
standing of life and death. We stray from these things and we have to bring ourselves back to them and it's it's not But this is another part where I think feeling that disturbance in the force? Well, when I talked about, if you have some of for me, if I have some sort of emotional disturbance in the force, I mean do we know okay, this is a this is my ego if I'm having trouble making a decision? If it's not clear to me. Ok, I guess what maybe I need to get out the field manual and go through this leadership decision making loop debt that lead to bring me back What are you gonna set these things up, but most important if you dont racket, if you dont detached you want be able to see what's happening.
Where your strength or that you are staying in the first place. You know announced sitting there thinking about stoner I was, straying from what I know is the right thing to do. In that situation, and luckily I was detached enough to go hold on a second you're not going to a good place right now. This is not good. You eat your straying from what you know is good your straying from the light in your moving towards the dark, and this is not good If you're not detached and when people not aren't detached, when we watched people go down spiral into destruction that could be from a lead. Your perspective, that could be from a personal perspective that could be from a family perspective, most this time, they haven't had the ability to detached and take a look at themselves ago. What am I doing right now? You I was put in a movie, seem like a guy looking it himself in the mere or a woman. Look at himself: themselves in the mirror right. It's like
that's where they see, oh god. What am I doing right now? What am I becoming or their catch the reflection that we have to do that. We have to look at our cells and examine ourselves? I need you, have two detached be able do that when, when you're not hatched you're just caught in a moment, you're doing your way in time, you doing evil things right. We read that passage. It's like that's disturbance in the force we're doing things that we are hiding, we're doing things in the dark and a lot of times. You you, you're lying to yourself. You're ignoring the fact that you're wasting time Europe the fact that you, you are doing something you shouldn't be doing. you're doing something you should be doing and your line yourself and you don't think You can see you, but it's having an impact.
the number one person. I need to see what's happening as you, and if you cover your eyes to it, you're not gonna, see it so keep those things in mind. Dont stray from the path and be aware I'm telling you that's the thing. Is people Don't make a right turn off the path they dont know. I like walking down the path and they take a right turn and then they're off that. That's not what happens. They take like a three degree turn, and it can't really tell when they're kind of, like, though you know to I still kind of on it, and then they travel more distance in the lot. Looking around the not penitence next thing, you know that there are totally off the path and a life is going in the wrong direction. So find some ways to ground yourself: fines, things to some references to refer to write things down. Hang things up, yourself reminders refer back You say you re a song or opera
herbert day. That's a methodology right. here's a book with timeless information in it and instruction and guidance open it up, read it. It takes use the thirty eight seconds. Ok, we just reminded ourselves where we're supposed to be going. Do that do those things to keep yourself on the path in all aspects of your life and Probably good on the books, leadership, charging tactics, female gave a brand new additions out. It's got a cooler cover too by the way, Also black agree like the earth.
Nor dish was all of drab eau de green. You know, and then this one we went, we went blackouts tat. The more you know you know black is not actually a good tactical color in most cases, actually work you're worth robocop, not the old school in the newer one took eaten he's like when they are. Formulating the robocop soup suit, which is classically silver or stainless steel. Whatever Michael Keaton was I come well, I mean we need to change it from the silver. Is anything limit more tactical? both black, so us we're gonna, be here? They went blackberry it black stands out alive. I gotcha managed it yeah. I think this, though, to us know what you call them normal people, not in the game or whatever like we just. We just feel like. Oh it's at night black. You know, let's see you more time to see an inch anyway. Please continue yeah, but this one
Block, I can say tactical: maybe it's not the best tackled holler, but it's the coolest color still, let's face it, looks cool, and it's got the night vision green on at two, which actually looks really cool so that the expand edition. I would refer people too one. Fifty seven one. Fifty eight in leadership, strategy and tactics, field manual is like the twelve list of twelve things to do as leader. What's going on, where you don't know these the stewards Well, I guess you're, the one that you have in your left hand, is a fake copy. I'll kick his ass. it was like a like a proof copy of what Cover was going to look like, but you can see the the fake one is glossy. A real one is a little bit more matte yeah, that's too so there you go I jp you got other stuff going on right now, obviously got no use for national front going on yep run a new training here the chief turning officer there, which put you like you ve, already talked about the FDA x. You got the battlefield events, you got it,
council building out a training facility life- and I have been talking about that very recently and you know driving that you know cody danny justin. I know justin's working right now on building out like the specs for kind of what we want trying to get an idea. You know working with mike and our in our accounting department of a okay hey. What does this training department going to? like a training location where people can come and not just only have access to our are our future. exercise but having a nice awesome training facility with classrooms and big, hosts and facilitate all aspects of the training that we do not show on four may guess you anything that we couldn't replicate would be a battlefield review because well yeah we're not gonna, be in the vanguard about what the eyes with some of the technology that's out there. yeah being able to give really good briefs and vantage
points in three hundred and sixty degree like the camera that you have equity else, we could walk someone around and an entire battlefield, no problem actually and it'd be virtual, but dude it beef, so we got all kinds of stuff or in there and then what She got you mentioned earlier. The J p D now pay gas, is your hearts. Started by it actually came out today. Today it's really had a tour every I'd say it's gonna launch were on itunes, spotify youtube now said he has one check it out on and if you like it like subscribe to, it, have leave us economy, leave us review, but yet that the purpose of me, starting my own pockets, was what we ve been talking about today is just to provide value, is just my prospects if my insight on
What we do in iceland front to share the stories from me grown up as a kid lessons I learned from my childhood and also like liked. hence in stories and experiences I had from being in the military specifically in the seal teams. Yet when I now, the I know we ve covered a lot of those stories over your podcast, but just build elaborate, and just we say: pull the thread on different stories that I have from my life my perspective on on things and that again just poignant all back to what we teach it echelon front. My my my intention is to provide value to people through the lessons that I've learned. The experiences that I get to have because of what I get to do at auschwitz front, to share people stories all the leadership, lessons outer people stories and tie it back into what we do national front and arduous. you are. Also, though, to share my faith in and is how they have a different platform that
just hopefully reaches more people to provide value, and bring them back to what we do at ashland front and my my body lucas's, yeah, producing and hosting and anchor hosting law with me, it's I met him. Because of the Jesus and jujitsu podcast that I do with my body, Stephen Isaac Josh and its he lily is everything I remember when I saw like the place that we recorded in they can I room in their church, uniting the patter of small baptist church and in denton texas and he cried Did this when covert hit for a pave the way for us to get the message out two different people and provide value to people and I was the guy's awesome if you sure you do you'll see. Doesn't it does not look like you're typical pastors got long, beer. He looks like a biker liking. Owen and you know it's just it's. It's a cool opportunity and unfair. For that I have some alike lucas about it is because our zero zero
and chance, I'm gonna be able to do all the things that he does like I mean. Could I learn how do yeah? Could you learn how to do all the things echo does yeah by others? But what do we look at a priority as a core dude? If he does, he just magically is uploaded right and messed up while you said that so quickly immediately, but you act like you're, shocked or surprised like already, this was pretty impressive, so I impressed with how quickly I can just be it is good to say I've. They fall for that and then on no other things that we ve talked about before little Kaliko launched a few weeks ago, beef company to receive a little- and that's all some and then I saw where people go to get that little cattle dot co. So little cattle dots
Oh, it's our name, as was a little kaliko is the name of that come so you can find us on its grand. But if you want to order beef, its little cattle doc co and what caused like If you just want to order to flies and five pounds ground beef, you can do that. You want to order We are, we had somebody recently reach out and they wanted to order a bunch of revise for for the team, because that person named Jocko now that I have failed to get you a of the beef. Yet we are, and when you get an order for twenty seven revise all know, you'll know what crazy I mean it's only a couple weeks and we were getting everything lily, stevens right now get in all of our are resupply and there we saw them. Of rabbis and sirloins, tomahawks and briskly- and I mean it edges was- was pretty cool to see how that happened. We were able to when we had the the one day after the xs last week in in texas, and you know cause we wanted to provide. You know as we do at arsenal in france. Okay, you take care of the client provided,
we get value. Part of that was like you know. We realized on the f t xs like we could increase the the types of meals that we're providing to our clients. Now the hard part is get. How do we duplicate this because last week? It was good because steamers out their cooking, hamburgers and sirloin and ground before everybody. So Everyone had a half pounds hamburger from little catacomb, sir, wine, even loafers. I he's like matters, are rabbi and seems like that, sir lies like there's no way I mean. No high quality beef is different than what people are used to in. So I in all its texas blocking it that has no hormones. Antibiotics, no steroids, his uncle awkward rocky he's been doing this for thirty years and that's how we have access to all the stairs, and just Good quality beef? I didn't know this. This is disgusting, play euro according to some experts out there when it comes to ground beef that you get from a grocery store or yes, summit
higher, like the bigger names names that, like in the high volume that you buy in bulk, try not say names. You can have up to a thousand different steers that you at ground. Beef is being combined to make your own beef, which that is increased risk for cross contamination and all this other stuff. Our ground. Beef comes from. One steer may study the mixed with the forced years that we slaughter. I time eight is all It's from that that the chuck roast and the fat like it's good quality, high quality ground beef, make big different like a big difference, as you can tell as- you know you're in the beef game here now, and you understand the value of like that: high quality beef and in those states, uncle rocky you know handle and all their business in europe
at the of the stairs and the beef and then tyler, and I and you know we invested into the company and helping with the business aspect of it, and it's cool that all of our families are involved in the night before we, you know start, Fulfilling orders, like all three of our families, are up there and we prayed over the warehouse when we prayed over the orders and prayed over our customers, because we are also understand that this is an opportunity that we get to to serve other people through our products, and so I'm thankful for that and man. It's it's been really cool to see how it's I mean guys, definitely blessed the business already here are awesome great and then the other thing that we've talked about is you know the the on the path. running that Josh and been doing doing and both of us are. We just eight couldn't make it as a it wasn't a top priority and now is hard for us, because our ego wanted it to be hague, don dandan and but we really both had to step back and from the uk, hey one or the other priorities that we have
on our life and I also to listen to people that I came and he got a lot of stuff going on I'm a guy now and then I really like ok, They say that because they're envious or they saying that, because they care about me and I realize that the people are saying it was because they cared about me and they were seen something I did see and I Josh and I had to pay- on the path on the back burner it because it, was it yo? Could we have made to happen sooner? Yes, but it would have impacted other stuff and, as you said, a lot of software on including what we do, russia from actual affright is my number one it is my number one and had to reiterate that most people. The reason why I'm doing my own podcast is to provide value and bring people into the ecosystem that we have with echelon, fries origin, jacko fuel and yes, the other things that I do. The minutes. Is I help hours? You know my bodies walking in truth ministry. Those pursued events, Jesus in jujitsu, I'm sure to help, but my main focus is on
always gonna be echelon front, and I think I shall others with you. If not all. Sure who'd you now, as I also realized, if something I happened to me what my family I mean, I know you and life would take care of my facile say: don't got a word, but I know but but the reality of that is at what point I mean I know I have investments in a man, and I we ve been good, starts with our money. God bless us. We tie those an act of war. shop, and we also are trying to get through to their money in regards to investing in and and and saving. But if something was a hat me. What would my family have now? Might my wife she's a rock star, she's gangs, her she'll, make it happen, and I want to put that burden on her and the kids. So I looked at little Kaliko s
because I knew the intent that Steven and his wife Amanda had was it's a legacy play you know, they're, not building it to be able to sell it. Now we all say and they could have some comedy comes in like hey we're gonna, give you one hundred million for it. In my case, even when you have conversation dude, you could probably take care of, me with some of that when he asked the automatic. My equity would probably to be very well, but it was
looking at it from a different perspective of like hey, I love what I do at echelon front. I mean you guys provide for me. You guys take care of me and you bless me for sure, and I know you guys give me the opportunity earn it, but I wanted to look at you know these different things as a hey. If something was to happen to me- or let's just say, I couldn't like something happened to me and I couldn't continue doing what I do at ashkelon front. How do I ensure I like stability for my family, like how do I provide stability for my family and I said: okay well, a little calico is an option on the path. Printing is an option. The investment that I made into jocko fuel isn't an option. Other companies it's an option, and so it's a lot of little different things that if something was to happen, my family still has the ability to where I'm not a burden like. I never want to be a burden and I've been a burden in the past because of stupid decisions and I'll. Never never. I don't ever want to put my family in that position again ever
and so just trying to be diligent and a good story of what god is given a man and I- and that was for me little kaliko on the path I mean without. I hope it's very apparent everything that you guys allow me to do it. I shall on fraud, but then origin and jocker, fuel and other companies. I've been able to put funds and to you now for me, it's I just want to be a good store of we're. Gonna, give me their whereabouts friggin of course. That's, I always gonna be a priority. Why are actually let me take that back? It's not always a priority because at a certain point: We are in life and we don't have the luxury of being able to think that way. And yet, if you look at you eight years ago, survival, you're and survival mode. Yo does way a lot of people live, and so it's off that you can now like. Look up, look out be like,
and it wasn't an overnight thing and that's what I tried to explain to other people who are in hard likes: tough situ. I'll, tell him I'm a hey, you're living my life. I was lit. You're living the life than a man, and I were living six and a half seven year goes right I have friends right now that are just who its tight and in my came and keep the main thing. The main thing don't keep, don't get distracted, just keep like doing what you're doing here on the right path You know just it takes time like the what I've been able to do to time about it. It seems like this. It seems just cause all like my bodies, my friends I'm talking about. They remember that they were there. a part of those times and now it's like hey this. This took some time and you and life both said that termini you're. Ok, this is this going to be in three or five years grinding it out. We built a team. I built that team at the five year mark, like we kind of thought we were and then it's like, hey, there's
can be another three to five years of grinding an hour after we build the team to get us where we need later. We can be more strategic air with that, with the toy discipline equals freedom mindset that you have in the manual that you gave a man, and I were very disciplined with our finances. I know we we weren't in a rush to buy a house, the house that we bought it was a. It was a blessing for sure. We did over a handshake with this guy. and it's funny like there's some things that are coming about their right. You know we're gonna work. Do these things that this new house, but it's like That's his part of own home. Now we also understand that its hey, you know it because we ve been doing with our savings, weaken we're not sure what you've got. You've got some. Some some uh surprises with the house: surprise, yeah, yeah, yeah and I'll. Tell you what, like you know what you're talking about like that. Like that that few and creeping an earlier in and its everything that we deal with in life is spur warfare. Man- and you
well. I started to kind of go down. This bad rabbit, hole, thoughts towards this guy that bought or that sold the house to us, because I was like super frustrated with some of the things that were popping up and then I had to er. Then I had to remind myself of the conversations that had with the guy and when we walked through the house, their prey. They are playing, praise and worship, music and notice that I'm like hey. I liked the music that you're playing. He goes yeah, it's my wife said if somebody doesn't want to buy our house, because the music They don't deserve to buy the house and I'm like okay, that's kind of cool and then the fact that the guy honored like when I we we got to the end of the house and I'm looking at, has a beautiful house. I've sent you pictures you see anyway, marathon. It's it's amazing and I remember looking at amanda and what classic I'm okay. What's the next step, I'm like we're literally looking at those people outside the gate waiting to come look at it. We are the first people and he said well, you know talk with your wife and if it's something that you guys think you like just make an offer this weekend, I knew the amount of people that'd be looking at this house and
I look at a man and she is like tears in her eyes. Get my check limitless ochres. We had lost a lotta houses from being our bed, he will come in with cash deals, and I mean I was talking. You call What do I do now in life? What do I do now and every little black belt move that you guys had for real estate it just it just wasn't working at a man, and I both had to understand like okay, then this isn't this isn't the home that god has intended for us, and what I was able to do was you know, look at amanda and realize ok cause she was his house and were taught I can picture advantages like tv like how do you like diseases, like candy, yeah just tears in her eyes as she could, and so we, you know, talk back and forth and I just it was cool cause. I just looked at the guy, and I said, sir, cannot by your house, which I know is like in a real state. You don't do that anymore.
He useless in agent, and it was this house was able to have- is a unique amazing opportunity. He puts his that we shake hands. It goes. The house's yours down and now he knew that we had lost all their deals and he said the houses years and he goes. I just need to figure out what I'm going to What I want to tell these people were not thousand, I can happen I'm just joking he's like no, your own will let them look at the house. He goes, I'm not going to lose my integrity over a dollar. He goes this. Yours, I'm looking look afford you like raising her family in his home, so I have to remind myself than because if this was in the house that God wanted a man dying to be, and he wouldn't have opened up all these doors, this wouldn't have happened. This guy easily could have been like a place. You're offered will see how it goes out. Knowing and I'll. Tell you what the the vehicles that were parked out front, if that was a representation of their livelihood and bank accounts, I wasn't playing in that. Where is bugatti is out there, it wasn't happening. Have you seen the lambo sv yeah that was parked out there, that you knew porsche.
you ve a brand new raptor truck, unlike who is this group of people could not play the game, but I just have to remind myself a cookie these in time for reasons while we're working through these little things. I know its cause full circle, amanda. Today people are coming to check out some of the stuff. It's one. The companies are groundless. Just requires one in our clients, they're gonna come check out. Our foundation is broken retaining or on from the house, and We gotta find some solutions work first row prompter, my worst day is somebody's during yeah, think about what I'm talking here. There's a family listening violin some guy listening his families living in an apartment which is not the wrong that been there done that whose gone you know, J, p, I'd love to be in the house, and I know that- and I respect what you're doing sir, then, where you're out not the stuff to brag or anything else. But it's just just remind me.
I came in just keep, keep pushing forward you and I, and also as a reminder to myself, hey my worst days away his dream. I've gotta, I am, I am blessed beyond belief yeah. What's up? What's the swimming apparatus at that thing like it's like a pool but not what is it a school? It's not a spar. Not a poor? This is what a guy called it now because I represent. I was like oh yeah. It's pool and you're like no, it doesn't have a pool, and I was like ok. Then next thing I see is a picture of your kids in a pool, and I was like yeah. What do you? What did I, I clearly didn't communicate properly cause actually are real. Our realtor almost didn't rene power shallow to renee she's phenomenal agent. She almost didn't show us a house because she knew how small that the body of water was because we'd go look at other houses that, I guess are port them. My now, that's a hot I shall try to sell me that this is the core of our. If I'm fine house will pull out Paul. I wanted to be legitimate.
I just wanna buy things I wanted a space for jam and a poor. I got space with jack. It's amazing It's a to the guest house which is crazy. Like the guy dave resource the house he just had dislike for when he said it, he goes, and this is my sport I didn't want to pool it's, not a pool, but it's bigger than a spa. I call the spool and I'm like is the water hot, called both arcos every virtues. Ok, so you can be. Children can be heated at the same time. Is it separately knowledge one temperature toil? You want yeah yeah, that's cool, a couple: twenty pound bags of ice from bucky's. It gets cold, quick right, its awesome rights, I was shopping for house years ago and there The house came up and I was like brow this is. I could tell my wife. My wife was ikea. You need dipped like same thing like tears, like you,
need to make this happen. I'm like I will make this happen, so we oh look at it and my group and I told the real I'm ok, like we don't need that way. You, I think I'll have not done anything about it like we're right or wrong wrong. They're like well. You know like we're, going to show up this weekend and blah blah blah, and I'm like okay. Well, we'll you know we'll put together an offer letter and blah blah blah, and so then, like I get home. I write a letter to the owner of the house. You know I like Google, it fine now blah blah blah. I write it. Ladder. You know you know ma. I just want to let you know we came it looked the house, it's in a board were from here and we d all this stuff. and we want to raise them here and they bubble watch. Is this really nice, you no kind of heart? felt letter, and just you know, would really appreciate your consideration on I've, just retired for the melter babo block the whole nine yards and
better cash offer from someone else to get it to happen. To us, literally the week of this week of I wrote a letter, a man wrote a letter or call of our kids wrote letters like just I mean you know. My kids were like this is to suggest he's got his kids writing the next level. They had five letters, they can our our daughters, Cora knowledge pictures of the house and like all this stuff- and I thought the same, like the house like this is, and it still that place was gorgeous and edges, and even the owners yup owners, told our realtor. They told her in a like hey. We really like this family like we want this fat and then whoever it was. I came in and got the house they just came in with a cash deal. Congratulations to you yeah the regulation that the moral of the story, we're not the moral but the finishing those that has told us that house that I that we had written matters now was like really wanted. We didn't get it and then like three weeks later the house that I have oh yeah, so
was just like in korea. It was. You know, crazy that that that it went the way it did, but the way things work now and I even told him out o my cape like how much over this asking price. What would you have wanted to go for us to get the house, and so we are talking about? I'm ok, so even the repairs that we have to do, even if this stuff is covered by warranty, which the house is less than three years old. Foundation problems, guess what warranty tenure weren't, you foundation, so we're not going to come out of pocket it when ground company that their acquired whatever one in Dallas it we're working with. They come in We have to do work, they deal with like whoever did it like. We don't have to pay, and I even told her I'm like okay, hey because I thought I was like oh we're going to have to pay all this stuff out of pocket. I'm a good lord, and I told him like hey, even if we go up to that amount, we're still good, and my mind, the ouse hocker, where a bunch of guys over from church, we did frogman friday and work out of my house where we just crushed Eric
when he they came over, they prayed over the house, the property and everything else like that, and we did awesome work out in our talk with one eye: passers passer drew analysis. Like yeah, you know, like I dunno what we're going to do with this. I was spying. It I mean you bought my house, you see the broken wrong bro. It's not cracked, it's a broken retaining wall. You see it's very obvious and come on guys. I wasn't like that when you bought it nope, they stopped watering the month. They did the least I'm not saying that this is what caused it. However, comma I give you don't water, you're, you're property, in texas. It dries up quick and is going to cause these issues and like they're, retaining wall like cracked and broke, and it just doesn't matter what we've done like it hasn't. In fact, by the others, no issues where we bought it the month, they did the least back there. where they stopped watering and then a lot of these foundation. Things started to happen, but whatever I mean they didn't do it on me as clearly- and I was talking to the past- drew and pass retiring about it. Am I call you no worse case like asthma like do we got
great deal house there's equity and already, if I had, to take on alone undergoing a redo the whole retaining wall and the backyard and create the most epic backyard pool system set up their life. where it's, what we want- and I never have to like why would I take a vacation when I had the set up so so yeah we're doing while we're a good girl, Adele backyard you want. Will you tell me what you think about how much money you wife is willing to spend we kind of how we are having this random conversation with my whole family, we're talking about like my dog, and How much we, because one of our friends had a dog get sick, somethin bright spent, a bunch of money on it, and so the commerce If she starts getting fired up with my well, you spend what would you spent? Don't ask me that so my wife, my life, one of my cars? What about you mom and my wife's? Like I consider odin. One of my children, like all I know is I got no sake. That's that's a big ass from nice to act
I consider odin one of my children, unlike okay. So let's hope this hope that dog Second, we forget broke something along those lines like what the price of a nine no around. hey. I hide our heads in the hot I'm just somebody's losing their mind or that comment on katy somebody, definiteness you're kidding check, don't wash youtube hatrack social action what else recover everything we have two speed. We got the stuff done. I appeal we're coming the muster in. october, and they want to hang out, were actually doing to Jesus and jujitsu event, the saturday after the muster so october. Twenty first, and as in taos in task, can be no gi right. All we usually do again. This will be no geese or the easy for people travel with the rash guards in shorts and stephen banta. Who is the number one ranked brown belt the world's now blocked by underage, while rocher he's gonna be teaching this one,
I don't which is rare, where is it going to be? Is it going to be where we do the monster staffers me somewhere else now that would have been cool, but that would have cost us a lot of money. You are a ministry that don't have a lot of money. but it's gonna be at double five mid cities are one of the affiliate gems and how figures double five mid cities just thinking that when people hear this I mean if that's probably behind up thing are also our hands. I cages outlets for a lovely golden, avowedly aid. If we had to the point where there are so many people that we couldn't do jujitsu and we have to, Oh take people out, I mean that's a great problem. The house will adjust, You know I did think about. Maybe we can hosted in eight years ago. If I get hundreds of messages on instagram will forget. Our Jesus and jujitsu page get the messages, then I'll do something to some money to where we can rent out matt space warfare out something I don't I may. Who knows, if that happens, that's a good problem,
and we'll work through it, so free jujitsu and Jesus seminar, yup october, twenty first elsewhere. Then that's our five minutes. It is mustard, we saw that way that we have this area can muster common upward, sell out character, so just be advised that so called there. You go J, p, What else we got? We got shock of your. Obviously we are, Do we, as greens, we got joggled, go which I've drinking one and a half at this point in time also We also know that new pre, while more or less I know you're a pre work out. Guy right let's go and I it has now been toying with the right, because its he's experiment, it's crazy, eat, it's crazy, but its ricky tan. I only transparent go during this. In case I was gonna, get like a little dry scoop header of that pre work. I do I don't know it's it's no chance of it.
So that's the way up. We had the pre work out. That's out, we are mark which is a godsend is where else can you just get thirty grams and protein in less than thirty seconds, less than that yes. Yes, I didn't notice that too recently, where you know I like you know, I mean I'm sure you ve down to the rtd ones right right, you down the whole one in one one hit: ok, so I've never done that with any other protein drink. I've done this probably fifty percent of the hand with this for ill. It does We can all maybe they're just smaller I dunno, maybe but it's cuz, it tastes good and here's another hack. I dunno, if you'd call it a hack, but you know how, after jujitsu right? You? May you drinking your water? Whatever you go home and you like, I'm kind of thirsty for like a water, cold ice. What assemblies tried drink a mark? is actually kind of like on the refreshing side, but it still that hitter gradually to put me little on black in the drc of your team.
will there ever be a strawberry rtd I think it's on the product roadmap, but you know what is coming coffee Oh that coffee one tried it when we wish that origin summit they had it, I've taught a few people, I'm glad you said it, because I've been very cryptic. We now know that probably secret hours are. It is waiting, coffee, coffee or coffee flavour. Its yes coffee, flavoured with caffeine, am protein, go everything on ok that can always roderick drink coffee, and I don't like coffee, but of course I had to try it just to see yeah like what the guerrillas here's the deal here. the deal it do. You know it you're on the service term a senior officers, tiramisu has some kind of like coffee in right it does. Thing in it. That's coffee its way the other small coffee called expressive. Yes, it's got something like that in it right tiramisu this.
Somehow tastes like tiramisu. Like case sweden, anyways. We got that common, what else jock of your hydrate saw hydrate this rate adieu my morning, routine, daily non negotiable, hydrate, creating if you do work out. First thing in the morning you add the pre worker rights report back at your success, you mix hydrate pre workout ingredient all in one drink. If I'm working out first thing in the morning, if I'm not working out first thing in the morning, is just the hydrate and the protein or sorry hydrating. Meeting yeah Susannah hydrant greeting team water, easy money, aiden's has been on the creating more train. Oh yeah, skin is your legit. I can't wait senior wrestlings, I'm so fired it's on. It is on tat, oh yeah. speaking, hydrates socket of my daughter, my oldest daughter, the other day and like where's
I can also introduce she was coming home from that judge it virginia and also you know, unlike save them, because gas and like what I had hydrate my bag enough. They she's like that. That looks on training, agnes brow. get on training and you're, just just sweat everywhere. So I also tried with them. Bulgaria travel dehydrates me out. I think a traveling dehydrates most people I always have one in my backpack in my fanny pack. I have a few of those little individual hitters purchase. He mixed that on the water with your water on the flight, he kind of a desert thing to again like thai juice, it's sweet, it tastes, sweet and it's free it has gotten all sorts got vitamin c and it's got like one hundred milligrams of vitamin c in it too. So when you're traveling, it's like all good crust, part anyways. There we go geography, dot com go check, it out, go to vitamin shop, go to gnc, go to military commissaries, a fees hg be down at taos. Thank you.
ass people meyer up in the up in the mid west. Thank you all crushing harris, teeter I've time, fitness shields, small james, digital gems, cry fit gems strengthened. Listening Jim's, just Jim's, just people places were p we'll get after it. If you on one of those go just male J of sales of jacques, a few of our common, will set up a wholesale com for you. If you go to windows based- and you want to tell you tell the owner must make us and so they go jack if you'll get better, get stronger, get faster, get smarter home on yards origin, usa, dot com, you need did you get yourself? Some american made gear genes boots, I was just hunting was an unsuccessful, my hunt, I did not harvest, but I had an awesome time. I was so close to elk camp haines. Had he killed an Elk. The Elk was two yards from him.
what a few yards, because he walked up again, see em cause he's in full origin. Raptor came up to june arts, the suddenly to you, it's it's on video. The video is not that great. That could have been an awesome hatchet kill, oh, it could have been, it would have been it, but it's an awesome, kill anyways, just freaking epic yeah, the the camera work. Rihanna was doing the camera. God bless her. She was multiple thinks you call, and she was film in general- got two things going on, but it It is a savage video and who is campaigns raptor camp two yards elk screamin in his face- kills. I think just He said he goes, that was in self defense us freakin frontal shot on an ok. You is ordinarily check out the hunt gear look you're. Obviously what do interjected did you do to argue no gi, rash guards boots jeans. that's ordered all made in amerika, you're, not gonna, happen
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anthony crock. What the use that emerged, canopy helped as an expert. What am I black belt under for me guy. I saw the light to hit the gym and they're no good cause. We got. He pants today and tomorrow in dallas and he's a brow? I haven't worn any other type of shorts since immersion counties, our czech shorts are incredible. You know its word about the anti microbial an aunt I stink, funk were the first like set of architecture. To so pete sounds like two to me and to the cap. And we get them in like three days later. Four days later, like we're on the three of us on like a call- and I was like yo, my shirt, freaking stinks and kips, like your mind, is Heinous and we were like you I got it all and are anyway turns out the want their national ones, that they send us we're just zone, but they didn't have like the treatment to it, and so they just wreaked bra, threw it away, but that that anti
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Kate I was weren't today. Was that sure locker it's at the discipline will not allow this sherlock that brand new two months, I wrote this some people around here. Don't have that hey some people got it some people, don't you determine your own involvement? You seem saying yup yup, so If you are involved in new short every month, designs. Last one yang I haven't seen others known freedom in solid right. There Actually, it's not out yet not the first. So yeah. Actually, when this comes out, it'll be out, but anyway, we'll see people seem to like the designs. What I'm saying so? Yes, it's on jocko store dot com. If you like something like get something yo, if you need steak by the way you got some, we got some options We are primal. Beef, dot, com, freaking legit awesome steak. I I must have had nine of them in the past like six days. Yeah. I got mine too by the way, so the king vinos
if the dry ice raid a lot of time when your kids are all grown. Kids love. That dress is like a pushing you put in the water anyway. That aside, the hot dogs brought you can one. It's like a sweatshop hot dog in like a primal, real hot amendment. We ve got our bro. Each opted output in the chilly men, so they do the well, I know how they do or other Did the fruit venetian gotta gone, so we got primal beef, dot com, that's virginia. We got colorado have to beef by the way which is emerging onto the scene. Call our craft beef for another, just awesome os. ranch with awesome beef and we got. Work and so check out cholera crappy. If, if you need beef and then finally, obviously little kaliko got some options which they look. You need stake, need stake so that,
Why do you think I'm involved in some sake, I'm involved in some say we're even stake wheedle, state revenue, beef, hot dogs. Now that's what's going out in chile apparent actually it brought I'd die, not really that down fraught dogs in general knockers could cause not cause it. He spent Just like that, I don't mind the thing. The whole thing the whole idea bright. You ever look. You know how the you know when they say see how the sausage is made. It should be see how the hotdogs I mean it's like ten times were, and ground beef. That's what I've learned like that's what stevens educated me on an incense launch little calico and you know all primal beef in cairo craft like if you're not getting it for? These companies, like your ground, beef, like you out. Just? Do your research and your you talk about? What's cool about this industry when I first talked about little calico, I think that was epic. Three, seventy six, the guys from cholera craft reached out to me on his grandmother hey! If there's anything we can Jeff, he was like hey. If there's anything, we can do to help. Let us know- and I was like that's crazy
two shows you there in tat and how cool the agricultural just beef industry is because a site if we're going to help out, and instead of had this scarcity mindset, it's like? Not? Why don't? We have the mindset of growing and expanding our customer base and our reach and people's knowledge like hey, why it's good to know what's going into your food or bodies and you're helping america's you're helping the small beyond smaller companies? Are you order for our company? you're right now, like his wife for picking up and his family is The warehouse right now stocking the freezers, You follow us on his ram you'll, see like his son brody, is really going to the freezers and point out the orders and filling them my eyes. It's a really cool. I am going to be working there. This you know in the evenings in the summer as well. Once wrestling season is over well, yes, that's his focus during residency can be either he's going to consuming guess. Is he doing this year? I dunno
I think you, what do you want and run run up in the one I these down? Dude? What is he six to thirty? Six? Two? Yes yeah, I don't think he's hit six three. Yet awesome. Six two so that once and hang up upside down it's that sort of decompress, but yeah the the industry is cool and those guys at colorado craft. I thought it was really cool. How grace just helpful great companies great companies doing the right thing she machines lodge and we were all should I like thousand and stuff soft past on each other's just. I just I love it. It's the up so get your good stake from one of those places strata park ass under de jacko underground. Check that out jargon, regard dot com. We we control it. That way, no can tell us what to do and look. We don't. We causing problems over here. But you don't know, what's going to happen so dark honoured dot com checked out you too described all the youtube channels, logical warfare that still in action by the way,
if you need a reminder, I talked about reminding yourself. There's reminder for you checked out. One out it's on itunes. Google play are all mp3 platforms. Will you do that cannot do remember sixteen dude I was saying I was going to make another one of those, but I kind of stopped saying it, but I do owe the world well. I awesome people I feel like just generally speaking, you're a lot of the stuff sake high. I mean it's all it's you know it's a hodgepodge for sure, but it's a it can be used for the same function as psychological warfare. I found okay, okay, like it reflects our gave. Us dakota Meyer, make an awesome stuff to hang on your all written a bunch of books, obviously, leaders strategy tactics expanded at bash black. Looking cover, get it order it get this information that we talked about today and then all the other books, that of written, stressing the warrior kid books, get your kids, the warrior kid books, please Did your neighbors It's the warrior kid books that is than I have
them so much and all the things that you know you should tell your kids to do and you tell him to do and they don't really listen to you. They will listen uncle Jake. A proven fact proven fact they want to listen to you? They will listen to uncle Jake so get or your kid bourgeois, your kids are not brought you here. I about aspect. We solve problems through leadership or Problems are leadership, problems, correctional front dot, com come to one of our gigs. That's what we do in your company and also we have online training platform, extreme ownership, dot com these things that we talked about today. learn to utilise them in your daily life in your family. With yourself with your company your business with your pick up basketball team, this principle our for everything that you do when you interact with other human beings when you when you are trying to build the relationships we talked about, that we talked about, so Extreme ownership dot com and you
take these courses online. Does free courses on there by the way, like big money grab. No, we want you to learn this stuff. It's gonna make your life better check it out extreme ownership, dot com and if you wanna, help Service members active in retired, you went out there, their families want help gold, star families check out marquise, more mamma, we she's got an incredible the organization really helps helps out a lot of people that Japan I know finally, we ve seen at transform them doing medical treatments that the government doesn't pay for so hyper barracks amber just incredible support that she gives so America's me the warriors dot org. If you want to get involved in that heroes in horror, horses, dot, org mica think up there in the mountains, he's up there in the mountains right now. He just got done
like skinning an ally that he killed with a freakin of carved, stick. that's what he's doing, but he just got out of it. He did just get out of your took to two groups this. this season takes veterans, they're into the mountains where they can fly themselves again and its help as out so much so checked out our heroes horses, dot org. Also jimmy maize got that organization that he started behind. and the brother were, could dot org jimmy? May helping guys figure out what their next exhibitions gonna be and help get into that next mission. So there you go beyond. the boat brotherhood, dot org. If you want back with us J p on instagram he's on twitter at J p d. Now to it two else and little door behind to end. To else that's, what's don't have told me I was like I was right about to write your name on something, and I was there
we got the now he's like two ends to else pattern a wire. I remember that fresh. Remember him, he knew I would not a spell it and he's went to else check so as wife never misspelled. Your name, echo, is adequate. Charles on Georgia will encounter social media things, but just be careful because the algorithm the time waster, the the dark pervert of wasted time is on their it's in there and instagram. It's called an algorithm and it's got your name, and it knows you're trying to think about gonna intercede as much as it possibly can and why and destroy your life. If it, if you want it If you let it it will waste and destroy your life. That's what I'll do for one thing to the next thing, to lexington next thing: dark- hey, if you ever gotten led out, of an instagram scroll session. Have you forgotten led out, whereas I hate this just took
something with less interesting. The last thing, so I don't want to look at it in europe. No doesn't do that. Every single thing is selected based on the way you look at that screen and how long you look at something, and then it figures out what Entice shows you like an aid be like it. First shows it well, Maybe he's going in this direction. Don't know he's going to kill him for more than anything, is freakin evil, so just just get off of it. you your check in chicken, but I'd rather you dont, honestly I'd. Rather you dont check it I'd. Rather, you just do more morbid. That's what I'd! Rather, you do jp excrement out thanks I join in us thanks for everything you ve done for me that you continue to do for me everything you did for the tea everything he did for our country and everything that you are continuing to do now with everything you're doing all the lessons that you teach the principles sprang the principles. Just thank you. It's thank you it'll always-
it will never cease to amaze me everything that you ve done for me, and I appreciate it. Also thinks all the men and women out there, are serving right now and who have served and if. Might say so. We did talk about this much today, but I want to give a special and solemn appreciation to the snipers and machine gunners right which J p was both a sniper and a machine gun And our machine gutters and our snipers kept so many americans alive with their skills and their tenacity, so special thanks tonight to all you, pig gunners out there and all you snipers in the military. Thanks for what you do, and also thanks to our police law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, gm tease, dispatchers correctional officers, border patrols, secret service in all first responders. Thanks for what you do to keep us safe here at home and everyone else out, there
Leadership is hard Life is hard and making leadership decisions is one of the hardest aspects of leadership, but it doesn't have to be. Does not you can fall the protocol you can check the list you can go through the loop. You can go to the book. You can refer to the book. You can use the book. and this applies not just to leadership. Stretching tactics fiend feel manual set up those reminders. So you don't stray from the path. refer back to the thing that ground you as a person and then attach detach, take a step back, so you really see what's happening in the world. Don't get caught inside your own. Had you gotta, take a step back, that's what you need to do in keeping mind, closed mines, dont make good decisions
closed minds, don't see the mistakes that they're making so detached, keep an open, mind and lead, and until next time mrs J p and echo and jacko out.
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