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41: SEAL Vet Tony Eafrati, Scariest Moments, Prepared to Die, Early Days, Transitioning to Civilian Life.

2016-09-21 | 🔗
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHdur0fmxis 0:00:00 - Opening 0:10:27 - Who is BTF Tony Eafrati? 0:17:10 - Allowing Leif to Give Orders to the men... 0:29:04 - Failures in Planning 0:31:26 - Ups and Downs of THE BATTLEFIELD, and how it made Tony "feel." 0J:36:11 - Funny Story about Jocko 0:39:47 - Tell-tale signs that someone is Good to Go, or Not up to Snuff. 0:43:37 - Has Tony disagreed with an order from Leif or Jocko. 0:47:33 - One driving characteristic that separates a "dominant alpha Team guy" from everyone else. 0:51:37 - In the Teams, what are the biggest Reputation builders and killers? 0:59:38 - What makes a great NCO?  And who was the best Tony/Jocko knew? 1:05:37 - IN COMBAT:  Accuracy VS. Volume of Fire? 1:11:16 - Tony's perspective working for Jocko. 1:13:38 - The Early Days when Tony & Jocko were the "young" guys. 1:19:40 - Tony's BEST Story(s) about BTF. 1:23:41 - Tony's thought Process on what strategies/ tactics to use against the enemy. 1:28:25 - Tony's most Difficult thing he's ever did as a SEAL.  Most fearful moment. 1:30:20 - Tony's favorite piece of Kit. 1:32:20 - Number 1 Quality that allows a leader to lead others into uncomfortable scenarios. 1:35:16 - Tony's attitude toward DEATH. 1:37:41 - Training New guys entering the Platoon. 1:41:05 - Civilian life:  Putting the high of WAR behind you.  Are you still searching? 1:47:35 - How do you keep your head in the game when one of your Squad is killed? 1:54:08 - Why is Tony "hard"? 2:03:10 - Dope Internet/Onnit StuffSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/jocko-podcast/exclusive-content
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This is Jack gas number, forty one with Charles in me, Jocker willing good evening, echo good evening and tonight we are lucky to have a guest on the pod cast. My friend, my t, mate, my brother, told me afraid and I'm gonna start the podcast. By reading a speed That I wrote when Tony retired from the teens for whatever reason, some reason that I don't remember it was worker job For some travel or something I couldn't actually there to read this myself that's the way the teams is you do your job, that's the problem.
Do you know new Tony would understand that I wouldn't be. There would be no big deal to him and I act like. There is no big deal to me, but I wanted to be there and I should have been there and I wrote his speech and I'm email. The. One of our one of our friends, one of our brows nodded seal master chief and he read it there, but I should have been there to read it myself And you will hear that this beaches can like tony- is draw it straightforward and real. And so here's the speech that I wrote for. Only when he retired he would go first of all I apologise that twenty that I couldn't be there out in the desert to
a to see you off. For those of you. Or with him today know this Will you Friday is a hero, a dirty scrappy, rough hard mean bastard, but a hero. I've known him for over twenty years and in those Twenty years, I got to see him in many capacities, first as a young, hard core beer, swilling muscle, car driving machine gun in fist, fighting third class petty officer then as an experienced hard core jack Daniels, swilling fist, fighting second class leading petty officer. Next as a bad, ass, hard core fist, fighting knowledge.
Filled first class training cell instructor. And finally, as a seal, platoon chief. And we all know that being a petition chief is supposed to mean that your hard core supposed to mean that your experience is supposed to mean that you are tough bastard it supposed to mean that you feel is that supposed to mean that your true leader of men enforced We all know that that isn't always true, but with Tony it's a hundred per cent. True Tony is without question the prime more you'll seal chief, the old amidst senior enlisted leader when I join the teams. I joined to follow guys like twenty into unbridled combat into the violent fray. In the hail
I was lucky enough to work with Tony when he was one. The two chiefs and our task to seal team. Three from two thousand five to two thousand six task unit browser we started work up here in the desert. True forging ground of frogmen, the couple years on me, he was the oldest guy in the troop and therefore the primary representative of the old breed, He represented the old breed with honour. He emerged We proved that he was thickly harder, mentally tougher, an operational superior to any the young box. Really it was August, a hundred fifteen plus degrees. He didn't get tired.
He out shot everyone. He ran immediate action, drills like Erwin Rommel. He didn't drink water seriously, coffee in Copenhagen. That's it. And desert training was just the beginning? He left revolution through the entire workup always commoner, with the plan, always training and mentoring, the new guys, everyone else. We train we trained hard. I drew a line in the sand. Twenty held that line we pushed the on open, every evolution and prepared for war. Somehow some way we knew what the future held. We deployed to remedy I wrapped in April two thousand and six into our. Absolute joy. He was an image. While the war zone we ve been honoured round. About a day when I went to meet the bridge, the brigade commander,
Tony was already out the city in a sniper over watch position as I walked into the gay tact Cooperation centre and shook hands with the Colonel John Grand Ski? He said one you're snipers just killed an idea in place or up on race track where we lost form. Formerly three days ago, and that is exactly what he needed us to do: he knew just to kill them. That sniper was tony with the first Joe of the deployment strategic due to its timing, time that opened up the entire battle space to task unit browser, and so we fought in full and killed the enemy by the bushel then tell me was at the front the entire time, never wavered. He never faltered. Despite
The heat, despite the danger, despite heavy casualties, constantly pushed to get out over and over and over again to kill the savages that were determined destroy american coalition forces. He never asked for a pause or a break. Or a night off or omitted off. Everything that I ever asked of him everything he did he did it with every ounce of commitment and drive and selfless possess and professionalism that any human could ever muster, and we would talk, and laugh, and we would discuss what we could do better. We come up with a plan and in the end, Tony would give me a head nod and that had not meant he had it. It was done. He opened it and I never doubted that he never missed an operation in applied himself. To each mission with sound,
gravity the senior unlisted leader. He poured over maps and imagery he held detailed warning orders, he brief the bottom with clarity and directness. At rehearsals he did everything he could do to be ready in his putting performed magnificently accounting for hundreds of enemy, kill when his own men were wounded or killed in action. It only fuelled is motivation to kill more the enemy, to fight harder to slaughter, more of the evil, soulless enemy and rid the world of their wretched kind. That what every seal should aspire to be like in tone. Words, BT. A big tough fraud. Man with no fear No hesitation and no mercy, just Bt Bt have through everything like tell me, did for in for fridays, courage, determination and leadership. I
be eternally grateful I own more than I can ever repay him for what he did for me for the task unit, for the teams and for our great nation. Let there be no doubt the man before you is a hero, the teams are worse place without his presence, his guidance, his leadership, his example. Those that serve with him must strive to carry the torch and pass it, so that is Spirit burns bright in the teams forever. A recent we watch the movie about, let me kill Meister the lead, the leader of the original classic heavy metal, thrash band motor head.
Movie, chronicles the life of me, the hard living rock and roll legend. The movie paints a picture of a unique individual that will never that can never exist again. The movie it's called. Let me forty nine percent mother Fucker, fifty one per that son of a bitch, and that seems to us Let me pretty well now exactly sure how those numbers would break out for Tony, but I do know this. Only a Friday is a hundred percent. Frogman are this was an Boys will be tony thanks for everything
I'll see you on the other side, BT, F, Jacko, and with that tony thanks for common on the show its law. Brother gonna forget about that. There is now good and the guy we're talking about red at previous doing I don't have a big ceremony or not. There is well denial and we get old gummed up. I was about it, but I do appreciate man stood dear brother, good, see new too actually up when I told people your common on the show, your people actually know who you are from the lived to tell higher and Leif placement on here we talked about you.
Told some stories in shit and so on, but a bunch people had a bunch of questions and you know I figured we try and get through some of em. We weaken we'll building answer all the ones that are God, but I picked out some of omens. Let you take a look and pick out some of them so First and foremost, people doesn't want to no kind of who the hell are you and where'd you come from as funny a few years back like we're all in Arizona, and I took a bunch of the guys and opportune over my parents house at supper and everyday was wicked fun, Jeremy, Bosnia, Scientists like you're, actually have parents. If I thought you were born round or a rock somewhere in the desert like shut up those very funny now, I'm from New Hampshire.
This is probably like you do, Sir, it's not so much. Why Don T you see, I just worry some different in. I couldn't wait like a biker gang son just as easy, and I fear it is pretty good chance to stay out of the clanking this way, but not always, but few times in a fair abbot teams just soon make as everybody's the same everybody. Everywhere. You work guys doing what it would do and they tell you would act and it's not always great, but you you got recruited, though, by some of the boys like over the p. The new yeah yeah. I mean I want a see where I was awake. Thousand percent now as in the Philippines, and I was late hour. I am I gonna- do that. That's it so I went and got a screening tests. Northern Subic Dane. I smoked it then
I didn't have his long pipeline back. Then I got there on a Friday, we gotta go up in shape their heads on Sunday and we started Monday. Not that was a week. Actually. I know I was talking to the old master chief. That actually was the guy that retreated. You had told you need to be a team I was talking to the other day. Would you were down at his house on the phone there? But yet here what am I between juices. You know, but I told him I told The best thing you ever did for the teams will get you joy He was laughing at you, probably private, whatever the best thing for you, your ass from all kinds of dry, absolute basis in all its it's, the team slate between us. We get forty six years, a team guy life, it so hard to put a perspective. Fiona hall, you talk, you know you ve never been there be like
People will know that we don't call each other seals, never say that nobody says when I joined Navy Celia like when I became a team guy. I say that everyone, just like Turner Head go. Come on really weird, when you here's a teen guy referred to being a Navy seal, it actually makes you think will await. Do. Is this? Guy must not have actually been, ok. What classroom immediately irrigation link, which would your Hancock on your behalf. I can that's gonna get him, so I give a driver's license a black eye. I dont know where I don't know where that comes from like women don't say it. I guess. Maybe I don't got sea water. It was. I called your talk about it. You know that I know stickers, no t shirts, no, now beyond any doubt
I'm sure all the possible punishable by death saying well, we all thought we're gonna do Vietnam! The next day I say, and after a while. What's happening, Man. Well, so that's Tony grew up in New England like me, and you did you ever hear this- that they spend much money. Trying to figure out who sky I find out regional. Eighty only literally, the own hooligans. Wasn't it. They got was guys that wrestled in guys from New England and it wasn't like a big difference, but you know normal person has it twenty six percent chance of making it through, and someone from New England had like a thirty seven or something like a small optic. I mean you know what. I think also that these good people on a country don't get me wrong with New England as
pretty strong work. Ethic. Indonesia seen that a lot a lot and not the other people. Don't blogger. Mostly guys anew from knowing teams are pretty good work ethic. There were yeah, it is called to the edges, so it doesn't help. Let doesn't matter, I think it does cause. I I thought guys were flora in my classic. Do these kids from Florida there's a couple kids from Florida and they will renew all loud and like they were just big, tough guy. Yet they were already in the teams, basically in their minds in the outcome I know that of the first day of birds and looking around some of these guys, the might while homely crap these. ITALY insane shape and all this stuff store on all right now. I know I know I made it and they didn't. I can't help it
weird: it only to set this kid that quit buds and then he went and jumped off of a hotel down Santiago killed himself I looked at a picture where they missed the poor, Somethin known who was no pulled the job he killed himself. The writer, succeeded, but I was looking at him talking to one got a guy that we know whose instructor over There- and I was looking at a picture. The dude and the Duke was like this strapping guy or barf with egg loud they're. Just look like, and I got me in that kind of click start what happened and its instructor God said. Do they all looked like that? When I read out he's just you know, it's a big deal, I'm going to suit indomitableness you'll teams, and that's what they're saying so their recruiting is really easy, but there could not be stuck. What, but it doesn't matter teacher sharing today as a yeah. That's why you know you know that the government wants more and more teen. Just ain't gonna happened it's
not unless you or the standards and if that happens, and we ve had not done our job is terrible. Some are. I get some these questions here. It says here on the first part, gas will leave. You discuss the story which Tony came up with a strategy for an open and totally told life would be better. The brief would be better common from leaf, and it says: where did you develop this humility and this characteristic of not worry about individual credit versus b team objectives so that to rehash that story, real quick, it was we're out it we're out at the desert train facility and we're just. You planted some like you know we're due iteration train. We have another go to prison, one of those and they changed the target or some then you're, like ok, here's. What do you do for guys over here? Put watch over here and block your online like this and lace like sounds good to go on get because ovum briefing You said, hey, sir, you know what you go ahead briefing that way. It sounds better, come from you, and that is the way to do it, and he was well all right. You know he was your father.
And when I saw you do that also does cause this thing, and I forgot to mention this you and I have known each other for a long time, we both for our gather and and we had the same friends and we hung out at the same places. Yeah yeah, we were never inopportune together. Now we're never opportune together and never worked together like directly together until we weren't asking a browser oh. When I got the island, I knew your reputation, which was which was rock solid, but I don't trust anybody about any We now have caused an idea of course. Yes, sir, I just you know some see you gotta for the first time out there of should we working and the other was a boy, indicator to me- I damn you know this guy's totally humble one. To make his officer look good, wants to make it which is only going to obtain better than we can make everybody better. So yeah. That was awesome and what a great
attitude to happen. I get asked that all types of waste- my bosses is doing this in what I dont like love, giving support to help them. Try make em look at but leaving its tune way. People lose their ego of them. Want the credit. We really do something you resolve themselves so anyways did you realize that did anybody that or where the hell did you, how the hell do you know to do that? I can read and watch people pretty good and I watch some guys kind brought broad me up in the teams. Some guys we're talking about early and I'd, try to Canada mimic down, but then a kind of more senior own shit out now. We have. The first thing is: I was, tired. My voice was gone. I wanted to do just that. So do I saw but yeah like glowed in Boston, do job but
I mean some of them guys that platoon they were already my jobs like Chris Kyle Bob and Jeremy and I'm going to run around oil, and they already know I put them through training and warfare and island so that they know me now and up to that point. That's what I was doing a lot of that shit, no boss, you do it because, basically he's new to them. They are not new. In the teams, but he was no feared he's gonna do this more and more mourner ill and- and he did of course you Know- wave stepped up like us like gangbusters and great officer but in that no beginning stages, I I I have already done is a million times. I don't. I don't care if you want my advice great, but will come on. Let's just get the ballroom mercy and saw that answer the question.
That was and again that was always attitude you had, which was never cared about, looking good yourself and part of that Is you just had such a good reputation in the teams that body you look even better again, another movie com, but but you know a lot of well. So if your lesson in any, wonderin. You know what makes what makes somebody a good a good answer and it was a lot of marine slaughter. Socialism is what makes a good answer you eat always have to make yourself shine. You always have to be the guy's centred attention and, as a matter of fact, Generally, tat shines through as being a guy that wants to be the centre of attention gas. It of a guy wants to have a good deal to it's not like, I was doing it to make rank as an unexpected. Making five minuses. Guy are next question. Please detail the way
you are able to use decentralized command when running task in a brutal and how it was met through the other commanders. So for those you dont know, decentralized command means you're, gonna, let yours bored, net leadership lead and you're, not gonna, micromanage, everybody in that's. Definitely what I did and I didn't micromanage well, I should I should refer- is that we will need to be micro, managed on Micro, manage their jacked up. I'm gonna be all in and exert like you're talking about with life in which seven or with the other, Do the delta between commander, I microwaves Gaza, crazy when we first got it because I'm just making sure they got just because the work that experience is like. Guys, don't trust anybody when you don't know a year and then The goal was to just have them be.
To run on their own and make stuff happens because our day, another thing you can't you can't run everything yourself, nobody can now, and so you got a decentralized command and that's what I did was I let you know what we got on deployment. I wasn't micromanaging anything else beryl. I was just kind of broad guidance generated costs and then, and then you guys were run in the stuff in making things happened, I mean I would have loved to be on every operation, I physically couldn't because we had multiple lots going on, we had to split forces. So what are you going to do? I got no problems with anyone, the lowest guy running or not, but you got you got to. Let you got to let the boys, basically screw up. Then you don't know how they can react. Ok, do they just sitting
power than your slap. Moreover, or do they? Ok, here's what you did wrong, Roger that an enemy we start thinking how to fix it. Is everybody fucks up everything, let's face it mean, we're never always good at anything, stealing good match, pity. After all, and so it doesn't seem like we made mistakes really in those leadership is funny because some guys to allay water and other guys. You scared to death there. You know. Lately I've been realizing that cause people say you know our leaders made or born, and can you may The person is not a good leader into your leader, and I look at it kind of like come when you see these. Your games where people have different strengths and weaknesses, is it in a guy, might be strong and high intellect and good agility and Autonoe whatever those games. Fair posture so would lead
the same thing, because there are certain elements, certain natural things you can have that make you good leader. For instance, it is a real simple: can you be loud, ending In this you ll, if you can't be loud, that's gonna, be this can be a problem. If you can just take control of a room be like you know, you're getting this really. I don't do that. People get here. You did you gotta, find a way around. That right are you are taking Can you simplify? Things are accomplices. All these are all things that you get ranked you base your rank tat in some guys problem I have they were born, will rakes They either find a way to make up for they learn how to do better or they compensate by using somebody else. You know if I wasn't loud I'd like hey Tony telephoned to get in here, that you could do it right away. That makes total sense, though yeah. If someone out there is a leader ban, aware supposition, you know exactly the talk and sometimes it's you know hey
what's the problem now really what's the problem? Well, ok, like you, said good good right now, you identified go work it out don't sit around cry about it to do it in on in five minutes ago. I think the other thing with Decentralized commanded, that's important for everybody to know what the limits are legal or how far you can go and right direction or another, and I know that you like, I always trust. Do you guys wanna do writhing, like you said early on, at work up. You know leadership at every level and I even the junior guy, it's his responsibility to keep me in check. If something's going wrong, cuz I'm doing something stupid like a tony but oh yeah,
it was therefore only sometime old. Sometimes I lose it wasn't. Noggin apologize, nice, maybe also decentralized command. Well, it's a lot easier. If you start right from the beginning, China make everybody understand, decentralized comment because that's the goal It has to be the goal because someone like you, you can't you gotta be somewhere else. We didn't want you on the battlefield. As I wanted you on a biofuel. Every time you were, I was like us is awesome driving. I really really needed you back where you are, of course, in our net. Is everybody at a wicked high level of confidence? Just no wonder you're back their ticket.
Watching her back and out, and never sleeping just doing like forty pull up sweating and in trying to eat everything in the cab yeah. It's easy. They think you talk about is for us getting everyone to know that and understand that from the beginning is is for sure. I I mean everybody's got to know that man, you know I'd I'd. I dont want, like my favorite, things are going on. An operational does not do anything now you know just shoot around is at issue. Is ok numbers in the train of them that you know? That's that's the way it should be because the leaders are leading leaf, is doing. His job has led the Israelis leaving things that the breach. It is doing their stuff and I'm just like article on basically an observer. Now to appoint the right is the dead animals you better, but that's why
You want it, you know and then went something does happen. You can then handle let you can step. Ok, guys willing back off over here, hey this is going wrong and that's the way it should be. So if that's your goal, that is to say look, I want my leaders to lead and I want to be doing other job form when First of all that I made them more confident and make them more capable and then went Something does happen then, and they need your assistance. You're not bogged down with something else you can step in and make it happened right. I think it sir take like Iraq or Afghanistan. That's why the combat that's coming back and they talk about decentralized commands, important, because if you just doing the same, like Army training an army and it goes over there where they can do, go Are you guys now we're doing decentralized man later? You know it all
until that happens in all you got it now they come back here. We need to train like this. Here's a junior officers need to use our antsy owes needs. Do here. Is our fives are in force in all our private sneered? They need to do our next up to talk about some failures in planning leadership and how you built back up. Now we had none of that everything went perfect, you're, one of the things that I think of when it is really a failure, but we would often times make a decision in then the day or in a week decide that wasn't a google lean arise around and I think you're good example. That is how we kind of tat. Organizing. We split up in a different groups. Have you but you gotta run in this area has run this area like two weeks
Actually, no, this area is not good removed because during back together, we felt like everybody is, the US and the leadership in all that we were all like. Ok, oh yeah, we made a mistake. We move on lay not not even a mistake, but you can't change get over there. You go you gotta, Morphinist Somethin sake If you're doing unilateral lots, then its carbon? No brainer, didn't go over there and all of a sudden, you know all you'd be working by yourself. Boom boom doing emissions great, but if you're working split forces in your training, indigenous forces, you doing that you have to have I have to- and it's not always easy to just war, because it like there's a world of difference between Iraq and Afghanistan like a world of difference. It's all kind of the same but stuff. I didn't around Can I do not understand you know, and vice versa, who can do that not even even stuff like the weather,
I'll tell you now send the snow and now and in the terrain late people think our actual desert the simplicity were like in the jungle figure now in our Cambodia crucifix while they were gonna, walk how many clicks yeah well in Europe to waste and mud and all of a sudden that time frames, poorly. I ask is why didn't you made a mistake? I didn't really really read the terrain and I want to ask about it. You ve been up there before she had, but now, but we to adapt another guy exactly. I forget the biggest learn from mistakes. Yet when it comes to failure, adjust ok, what are you now the Vienna good? Ok, let's, let's adapt and move on right next, one I really want to hear you talk about the battle
Well, then, how it made you feel, and the type of situations when the shit hit the fan. Well, economic questions, pretty easy for me how the battlefield me me feel I can say. Is it made me feel much better? in any other place. Then the battlefield, you know what I mean is everything, makes sense on the battlefield very really going forward or getting going away or defending opposition or moving up out of that. What else is there. All things. Even if you have men down, people wanted to get a doing well, as I see it, you think about this, so our optimal was very high, meaning the operational tat low for it, because you don't know what that means is music. How often you doing work and the Op Temple was
very high in somewhat sometimes, for whatever reason. Let's say an operation would cancel door pushed back and all sudden Tony, would have been in camp for like two days The second day, like the first day he'd be no ok is coming up with plans that me somethin else. No human lay for trying to figure out how to do, but then the SEC by the second day he's just. Start to get all frustrated place around the world. This is just stupid. Yeah snacks, we're gonna, go like a big bays like country using consular some I seriously as we understand our food too, These guys, like or you're, just missed. I can remember what consciousness you gotta concerts stuff, a meeting rat shit stuff up in a mountain? You know my really we're all these people do in here. Why aren't you a murderer and the bad guys guys?
So you told me you'd, give very frustrated after like two days in you just come in, and I too ok do not, but here just a gold, this area go find someone to do it and you go back make plans you lay for combat. I we got some more go get about. You got your own met, though no time off is not such a good thing. I mean couple days, break it out now and then, but you got to keep the boys busy. I may start thinking and they start getting. You know, but I mostly did I just wanna to get after There is definitely eagerness Malcolm Butter, you're right. If all the sun there sit around all the time, they is. What's that are a body, emotion, ten, stay emotion, Abbadie right of sense to stay a rest of you start lag in all the sudden, you're gonna go, do an opt in everyone's can. Therefore, distance there's not not non verbal resistance just
it's like us shrugged his shoulders. I just like a resistances as some unseen resistance in the world than wants you to slow down, but when the shit it's the fan in all its it strange as it makes me They go calmer, I think, may not always I had the first first time a shy, arousal jittery will but but Oh my god. What's going on I know what it was. All it's not like. Oh the wool. What's that actually actually remember, you were a briefing some guys we're when it when we were back and you're like you, like, hey, you know, we didn't work on training. When I, when I, when we went through training, you were get ready to go to remedy. We didn't work on on
this year. But what's the big there's this, I wasn't: gonna be cool yeah to all that bad stuff stars and under screaming the hour diving into shit outta jail on them. You know it's gone is one year. They got. The thing I've set on here before us that the battlefield in all these situations, there d just give you this clear focus in light of nothing else, gives you now the well nothing that I've found meeting this like. Oh we're, gonna kill people are gonna, get killed ourselves. That's everything in the world right now. I announced matters now the set this. Excellent camp watching tv, that doesn't matter, would you ok. You got your last year, you good now
now, let's go, One not to take away from the seriousness of what you too have achieved in the seals, but I would like Tony to tell a funny story about Jack wonders- and I put this one and here of course I don't tyranny, humor already laughter in the world, but there was a bunch of people that all that said this so I any ways I figured you might have a story. I got like they seriously like a million. Like a million, I mean that story about you in your roommate like beer, you like you, can live together in Coroner Algeria, yeah I'm talking about the big fella you like us over their party in one night were getting loomed up. Then you, like you know, are built,
from dominoes twenty five hundred dollars. Those don't worry. It's a wicked good bodies, Algeria! We did have some pretty good, one time we're out at an island and it's like two o clock in the morning and the geyser in all their letter. We call out, after you done to the work of vehicles, post posting of April, stopping vehicles and they're all busy doing stuff, and I mean I'd help out. If I had two billion is not my job to then they boys know what to do. Jeremy, Adam great opium manner we're sitting. Amy me you and wave, and maybe one or the other jails were shoot, monsieur about something I'm here to do a work, because what else is there in life was talk in those quiet kind. In UK you're my Marla hum these and
all the son, you just know ages the dirt. You go back, You like shaken your head, watching your first, the fact talking about needlessly mean smiled and walked away like what what What is wrong with you could still. I figured I was wrong with the nice night. No! What I remember you just what do No, I was actually getting frustrated that there was a chance. We might not go to Iraq, like I was so scared and horrified of of that it is, you know this was trying to control but the data discuss. Look, here's another quick one about jobs, am I I there couple weeks in romanian couple weeks
phone. My group operating one night I was in his office, scarcely couldn't sleep wherever and he's a good lesson he shouted here? firstly, the copier egos. This is from my wife. Are you? Ok? you begun three weeks and we haven't heard anything about job you, but you better, even though your wife, the fly over yeah. I talk about detachment a lot and I sometimes you know like I said. Sometimes you get over there and you got all that shit going on and nothing else in the world matters. My didn't have anything around back EU matter to me at all. Sorry tat.
The wife there without she I'm sure she remembers that you made anyway, you did ok, I gotta aright. Here's one. What made you realize, what you guys was really to go or was not up to standard, not necessarily big things, but micro actions or decisions that set something off in your mind, Well, I had a lot of guys work on them over the years and I mean I really think that you know all my brothers and the teams every one of them is good to go. Even the guys didn't get along with I'd still get my wife form in a second There were one thing that sticks out: he was Beagles bono's Ryan job is in. I don't want I guess I could have been more aware- you, nice whatever, but my man, you look like you're back. In fact, you berrigan fuckin shape
Well, I'm the fucking kill you, I'm not going like rage you up and now to do to do that, I'm going to physically kill you and man. I don't even know if he was in good shape or knock as some people. You can't tell they like Google, that guy then they just knocked out their people at iron, marshmallow, yeah and man. Accurate did I mean he really really did and all of a sudden I might chum light and say that I, like I've, been out there like there was light, my praise, Now, what are you hired ranged from now? that's one of the next thing now, but now is really good. I really want to my guys, whilst a piece of equipment, one time in North Kivu upset with them,
It is made me realize that if you are making a mistake, maybe it's not disguise, for maybe it's my fault. Maybe it's everyone's fall, as is a teen their day. It's all of us so maybe were taken there to no one that can help. And we handled it, but I mean another one of my guys: the who's Christmas and you left left a piece of equipment open or didn't lock. Something- and let me know, wasn't a big deal. I could have corrected it right there, but the guys are just taking off on Christmas leaving. I was there nowhere to go so I was drinking beers in the team area, so I just walked around chickenshit out. Sure enough, so I called a guy and he was eight three or four hundred miles into his drive to of western state for Christmas, he was sorry. My no problem
He'll turn around now be wait for you. It is dead silence on the formulae what yeah yeah So he drove all the way back. Stan foreign. More now I was like spray lacquered up by then and just human, but is like I'm sayin, you wouldn't listen, I'm goodly sure positively. Never do that again, that'll! Do it now, as gonna dig move, I guess, but I fear it was a thing though he who suffers remembers yet it's, the the seal teams when you're. So when you just working with guys all the time, you definitely try to pick up things you can indicate. Ok, I discuss the sky stepping up. You know that's what I was noted
the wind when things are going sideways like in a training operation? And you see a guy that certain step up. You know that was always a goods. I am absolutely also like he's gonna get handles it's like that's. We train decentralized command, that's four year. What guys make mistakes and screw things up? In other words, you Maurice weapon train. Unless you bleed more, no doubt about that. One aright next. What Tony, where their situation, while in Iraq, when you disagreed with leadership decision made by leaf or Jacko? If so, how did you express your day- the approval and worry successful in getting your point across most of the time. Ninety nine percent of the time. Now I didn't There is one big one, and I really disagree with you guys on one, my my request to keep them tired troop there for another year and why not
we can't let my. Why will- and I was really really really angry about that, but I think this that this question here is is is from someone. That's thinking. Doesn't really understand how we're working you know in the bottom line. Is I'm not coming down and going all right men and I want to do now know we would you four Maroni readjust all were formed. Our own operations are all kind of bautzen ideas off each other. The best idea rises to the top? I don't care who came from out of care for came from me Tony from one of the new guys had don't matter to me, you were the idea comes from where the plan comes from. I want the best idea to rise the top. That's all the best things about troop was there was no one that was like tat, DR they're all rose more, I didn't care now. I d literally didn't care. I think part of his you and me? Does it plan so many operations and a just you know we just didn't care at all that school you you'd be gets us a good plan. You know, maybe maybe
just meant maybe make out again meant that cool what's executed. So I think that's a little bit different. Then then, what people would envision like I was blocked, mercury or because what is not Britain that now this Why have said to people very flat, even though there's, even though the. The military and the seal teams is definitely a hierarchical structure or me. That's the way it organised there's a and the nurse you know leading parry after seven years, opportune chief than theirs opportune, commander than there's a troop commander, attacks you to command reigners, eighteen, so there's a structured and customers, but That is far is how we actually come to plan and stuff like that. There's been some guidance, but that will work as a team to do that and that's why
I would say, is not always like that. In fact I know it's not always. I back Zasada patterns and other troops in do different ways, but let me we did operations. It came from our commanding officer. What's your name. Three came all the way down. Europe wants and Furthermore, you get good. They give the maybe the mission objective where they would be. Honest I go in here in our continent. We ve. Never that's not the way it works, so I think data I mean the situations when you disagree with me, was probably in one hand you could say never in another ain't, you could say a million times. You will acknowledge that we should do that. I do not want one. I always should put the vehicles in our ok out to good point. That's why we voiced it by saying I always do this all gecko guy, that's good, get the big! bigger with that. Like a big soap opera leaderships right, you know not ever not never happened and So if you don't have that kind of relationship with people number one,
your own ego. That's it get involved. That's probably that's that's a good indicator if you're like well, you know that my support its just, don't understand. Really really Why not? Ok went up maybe more Sarkozy, leader and you were like good half an hour. Maybe maybe, if you did better, they wouldn't understand the commission so pretty flat organization. We had at least from a planning perspective, Yasser Arafat. If you had to pick one driving characteristic that separated dominate our fifteen guy from everyone, else. What in the teams, what is it guys in the team. You gotta know this, but while people out there don't daily, my jerry once an alpha male illegal, it's late.
Nobody gives up the argument ever. Usually it's no wrestle and are fighting and these it always works itself while, but. I think one thing I were talking about it again mix like a lot of people in the team's. I call it a gimmick, everybody's good at everything. Pretty much does the job, but some people like just Saint Skydive airs some guys adjust phenomenal rock climbers, some guys it is late, women, sons guns you now runners, rustlers this fighters and is at somebody would just in the guns mean that that's their passion. Some people are just. I'm all divers! No, I wasn't. I was always pretty good at everything, but not great
yeah. I could now run everybody. I couldn't fight everybody. I could now swimmer rebooted could know shewed everybody and I just I think mine was like tactics and just be in his heart, as I could If I may have made it look easy, but it wasn't, especially as I got older, no fun in eighteen guy when you're forty for you now and you get up like a carry them. Like I better retire, but yeah that if that makes sense, if the funny thing about that is because in the teams no teen guy ever wants to give any read it to a different teen guy. So if someone was a, you know that that cars are really good
And then someone immediately by whoever you does not swim. I have already said that I always just like somebody always will do you, no one's gonna, every fire. How did you work to do and if they can't figure something out there be like whatever factor not walk away. What we're gonna do. You the one thing I'll say that is because when I already brought this up like one of the things that that separate, That would what, when I worked for sound, I saw you like being humble home, like man. That's that to me is the characteristic That you can tell the guy is not just a good team, Robert and asking guy when he's humble about what's going on and when Osborne guys through training and You saw this to the guys through training that thought they were all bad ass and thought they could do anything wrong. They were always bad luck. They never did agree at all right right in
the guys that were say. Hey, madam you don't look afforded training. I know we will need to deepen and up blow you. Let me go what I can do better? Those guys we're taking notes? They always kick ass. They always have good job yet so that the humble is Vietnam will do. Is I read a bunch of after action reports on my tours over there about different situate? since different things and every time they were well written by some guys? But was you all we carry this. You always do this. Never do this always do that and I kind took that into when I wrote him like a serious after action report, That's the point I wish you were saved. It too is pretty good, first and foremost This is where work for us in these months, this environment, this temperature, with this mission set and what we had to do: don't
This is all he said that some do it every time norming uses a guided, every everything, the teams, the toolbox. You pick it out when you need it and use it and put it back away and if it sits in their five hundred years, is still worth having. As of timing poured out, you really need your home. Next one in the teams, what were the biggest reputation, builders or killers, And for those you dont know in the teams- and I guess it's the same anywhere but definitely is true in the team men- your reputation is everything, is everything in people know who you are? They know if you do something stupid? really stupid in the teams. As everybody. Everyone or second everyone knows it forever. Yeah like, if We have an accidental discharge, we meaning mean if you shoot your gun when you weren't supposed to,
there may be some scenarios where there's a little bit. Way on that, but if you just do No dumb situation. Everybody's got nobody forever, just like you might as well get attaching when your forum is here had an eighty on this data. The boy had. If you do something stupid, you know something I can to get you in trouble like just dumb gear You're, probably going to just everyone's going to know about it, they're always going to think about it. If you get, if you get fired from a position- and you happen to not get kicked out of the teams, Everybody everybody knows I gotta get out of here: it's it's it's half community! When it comes to rapid, they really it's. It's wicked brutal, like every it's like a small town. Everybody knows everything, even though you are you're on other coasts. Yeah, I mean I've done a lot of stupid shit. My career and I was a jerk off in dumb Dunstan. Than an idiot and everybody knows all that
yeah. Most of that you did for in ITALY is key Divide is like on the Ok saw the boy, oh all right, We got drunk got divided this thing, I don't. It's almost made a big spectacle, big to do with a uniform, since they wouldn't have like to do it like the things that you can't can't do or you can get away with it or factor reputation about we wouldn't have more. To do with how good of a teenager you armed all right, you December's Carter, I all it has to do with. Is it something that hit that helped or is it something that is opera national or not yet something operational everybody. No, I give you I mean, even like you hear about a guy that gets lost in buds in in your like, gets lost going through the initial text
in pointing out to the team. He gets on land online navigation and gets lost. It has to get rescued that just stick with ever ever. Look like Where were you don't? I remember getting like three briefs: about some guy that I was getting a platoon about where This guy got lost how stupid it was filled with high way. You could walk the highway here. The cars everyone. This made a spectacle of this kid enemy. The kid got out because it makes you got my eyes get out of. This is horrible things like you so yeah. So this question is actually is actually a decent question because they definitely does play a big thing. So for me, and it's the basis for a lotta nicknames heredity. True true now, through yeah? If you do something, that's excessively stupid or or just have bad luck, like one of my favorite ones, is bullshit or bush across here, but he he like was parachuting any
Scott. The teams of the new guide in his parachute. He landed in what kind of Bush was It's some kind of a bush with thorns and what pairs you got all tangled up and get could stuck in their the guys he's right to and also that I Bush lands the boy, other things, there's team guys were you don't even know what the real was actually. I was kind of like that. Nobody knew what my actual name was. My was his Jacko and I will just was my civilian nickname and my parents gave me, but the funding it was. It was a guy I'll. Just tell the story: there was a guy, you know I'm the class. I do, but any is his name was out and I was only have always like you know I lose out and then he was The heavy weapons instructor, so we call them big owl and we got a big AL. Fifty cow is alpha. Bill offering. I knew big, Alfred the cow for like eight years right
one day, I'm like we're talking and I would do with some. We go on its representatives names. As a couple put. Do I didn't paperwork yeah so, like I finally get to work, I finally get to people working at this. Guy was also a real quiet. Got me real professional require is seen, say much and on one day I'm doing the paperwork, and I go hey man, I'm like looking at the list of people at school and I go ahead and I thought you're going on this trip with us and he's like he's like yeah, I'm going you're, not on the manifest here, and he goes. Nobody comes a reports out his name and his name is Keith yeah I gotta go. I got broke your name is Keith. I go you want it. That's a mistake. You don't want me to get a chance to go, don't know! That's my name and I don't know. I thought your name was how was out your middle name amigos because no it's not my neighbour go: go war war. What do you mean? What is every single person call you out and he goes well because well in my first platoon mail, I was out doing something it was night.
And I was I guess I was looking around and move my head a lot like an hour, and so the guy's started call me owl and they, and over the next platoon that change from our just moved into out now and then his name was out, and I literally would have told you this guy's name was out. And he never corrected. It is a long way whatever you call me out skulls enough, so be it Somebody that's big AL fifty calf, but you know what His reputation was the great question repetition. His reputation was also because he was solid. He was, he was a form of great wanting I was now that was to nine five. I was in the core. What, but you know
our reputation. So for me- and I guess I mean it's it's. What you do operationally is what build your reputation and, if you're, a good shooter. If you're, not you know, shoot shoot like an idiot, not budge, you know. If you can patrol. Well, if you have good field craft, all those things, don't real things right, critical, that's kind of cool. That's one thing that in the teams as hard for them to array he's got you real reputation as our real as an operator team guy. That's the thing that all these people that that kind of common go in the teams at its these, maybe not they're, not real real team guys. You can't think that you know, and you guys get Some guys get shot. Blown up in a wounded zone can operate more. Is that we really thronged the wolves they want to stand teams. We keep him until Arab. Some become phenomenal instructors in them and is Goin do great things there.
They were gonna, keep their. If, if right job would want to stay, they will keep a cost as well. We owe you I'd go yet, although I work for great you're going to be Does it mean? I can't listen to me when I say go to this end, Contrary to that. Obviously the killers are when you were when you screw up stuff operation, and the other thing is, if you heard arrogant, egotistical guy you'd, be everyone's gonna nature that yeah and hearing and, alas long, because if you do that, you cause there's some guns that our great skill wise their great operators, but their horrible to work with their Forget there wasn't any body there, not humble, and those guys have a bad reputation. Do they get blind is on the again openness and you gotta go if you want to involve all we'll stay alive in all our right.
Next one, what makes a great nco in influencing you, not the military fidencio, the non commissioned officer of the military, is broken into two basic basic pathways of advancement and of existence. Those officers who are like the manager. And the leaders and then there's the enlisted guys, which are the grants, but then, as they get promoted through direct, you eventually become once called the senior enlisted adviser and if you don T even think about Hollywood movies, the way they always categorize. These two is: you got the young junior. Officer fresh in Vietnam, fresh out of the academy. And then you got us all old, gunnery gonNA, that's the two! That's it so! The the anti always me is the unlisted side of that It's you!
was they always say, like the backbone of the of the Marine Corps, the NGO that the chiefs run. The seal teams is the is the statement right, because the chiefs, the guys it chiefly guys, it'll, be at a seal team, especially in the old days, be resulting for Yours, so you or the continuity and you get raised so the question is what makes a great Anzio and who is, or was the best and seo you know well, for me, what makes a great and see our chief is? I don't think you can just do it. Thank you, sir. I'm not saying I am a great and see oh, but I did have great and seals who taught me a lot and they brought me up and they put it. What it square in my rectum when I needed it. And they also took the time to explain things to me.
They could see my eyes. I was not my head, yes, but I was really I didn't grasp it. No, I am do it this way but work around my for lack of a better word learning disabilities does it mean some stuff. You can't know when you're new guys Yoyo Yoshi Verge, even though no dummy relax is. Are you doing and that leadership style went a long way with me. I never forgot it ill whose best in seal you ve had her ever known. Man is so many guys it. It's not one and I can't see their names because he is not clear to me, but that's good thing about nickname. Sometimes nice, I'd say overall, Mr Fac was probably the best one. I had an hour
He was just an old school hard ass son of a bitch, but he was fair, is all hell. He was fair and you always knew you where he stood with him. I love that. That's what I try to do it or on lake. I don't want go, oh hard, hard hard and then totally taken other direction and just be like easy on the guy. So they like me and allow care- and I thought that was much easier in a better way, because mission man is how we should look at things. Put the mission first and take your men, but sometimes we have to sacrifice man and you get it like K. Gonna die for this mission. I write Russia that, given that the motor is its to pay for
but yeah, MR fact was probably has one for me yeah, so that's another. When I talked about you and me coming up in the teams in carrying out the same people being the same, but we will happily together, but we did have this guys raised us by the same rise, raises both and for sure Mister fact, as you you are calling him was a huge influence on me. I mean a huge influence on me. Everything I was- or am everything The teams, like this war, is being professional. Em, like hey organ, that all was taken from FAC Isle of it was taken from him on a per cent. Mitchell and the seriousness that he put towards the job like that they did.
The gravity that he put towards the job and the gravity to put towards the operational stuff that we just talked about ways force the things that we said makes up your reputation. That's what cared about above anything else, that's what he cared about and so for sure. Working for him and that's that's again. That's why, when we actually started working together, just realized this right now- and I guess I make sense of it before, but when we started working together. That's why we had the same thoughts and they re. Everything was, of course, we're gonna do that it's like were bounding back one time somewhere in Iraq and religious. We don't even have to say nothing, each other. Would you cite cover, go go. Go one thing real, quick and see our best. I read Other see daddy, a mine I can see his name is rest in peace, TIM Feral, TIM Pharaoh was a big big. For its part, will have the main use. You use a wicked good operator.
I can't I don't know anybody is a tough guy. The teams he's just a hard hitting guy interest is a really good dude men really good guy, and he was also meant every everything everything up, yeah good use at all, but everything he did. He beat you and everything he would beat guys in the slums and he wasn't weren't fence of many just incredible athlete yeah every in by the way using you would is not like a guy that was like. Well, you know, my work out in Today'S- not an I learned about any- that son of a gun you using just just get after just every yeah, yeah, yeah, TIM Feral for sure was a great guy or water frogman. He knows me certainly was right.
Anything about accuracy of fire in combat versus volume of fire and other areas. I left this one in here. Tony S got a lotta soldiers, Marines and team, guys gonna hear from all the time, and they always are listening. And now we that at this point- but I hate to say it but in America, are our police forces need to start thinking about this kind of stuff, because there's bad stuff happened. America were geyser kitten and legit urban warfare, and so talking about the accuracy of fire versus the volume of fire. Well, in all its a double is flipper. The clans depends on the situation, but I can tell you the number of times I feel, add a rifle and assault rife like an m and fourteen and all that scar on full Otto is big friggin goose egg. Now I can,
Take a one situation if somebody said okay, Tonia going in this room alone in his eight guys point guns at you. Well, Roger that put but owl, but sometimes in a voice of fire gets heads down few in the street. You gotta get that fired. You try to gain fire superiority, and if you don't have that you ain't really moving so that point you know you're not doing all the things you were taught, breathing you're, just getting let down in that direction. To cover your ass, will your buddies ass, so you can move and they can move but accuracy fire in combat. You know good situations if you under fire and you're putting downrange, so you can move its real nice to have supporting element in an elevated position, they're the ones combining these two. As a pretty good example, is pretty nice known about four blocks from you. You got Chris Kyle up there.
New on the radio. How alone you see, guy like the window, with a gun? You thanks brother, you pretty confident walking down the street and at that point so the the other thing is that we always have massive, be no fire power with mark for yet more forty six is right down the heavy volumes. Fire. It does the same thing. Roger aid was eight and here the other day whose another you know is passed, mental. U S grown up the teams, and but he said that they had four sixties in their fourteen putting like two stoner threes, no four sixties and five stones, that's what he said. I was what figured and yeah so so eight you what's interesting to deport like returnable pointing to but
The guys, like all of our guys, are a dove you gonna put sites put their colleagues on their honour, which was at peace. We four p, so they could tell me there shoot not, could see further, but also man, accuracy, yeah, it's a for power scope at night to Denmark, Sweden and happy or laser than your own nods anyway, so so if any one last thing is that you do know again now you're Talkin, to aimed at, these officers, but also also guys in combat you don't have unlimited ammunition now, so you gotta think about that. To make me my brother just had a conversation now. Why
wish. I could now conceal weapon. Carry now got set out. My revolver and he's got go eighty six. Eighty six stainless p, replace you now seven shot. Fifty seven January, we want want revolver, I don't want to get this guy, he loves it. Ouch like what I'm conceal care should carry some speed. Laughter's. Am I charm that always convenient now or you know what you're not getting gunfight you're, not If you get in somebody shootin You gonna shoot him. Will you put it a fire and you run it's not your fight, some of Jack and your guy, wherever they pull gun, you showed him yes, but Alison Nightclub, shooting or somethin Youtube blasting away, their nets, it you're, not gonna sit there and you don't have unlimited ammo, and even the teams within that was my biggest fear. I would hate to die of lack a shoot back when they would just
we never really did run out. We got law, we got low a few times, but no really run out scary. That's why got a drain on now we did a lie that were, try to set a standard kit enough, you gonna shoot issue. If you run out, Then you go to your pistol. If you are that you gotta grenades wherever and Energy PDF, but but we train came out sustained fire delights way forgot, as you know, after four may, your start Sloan doubts that thing in Bahrain, commerce, conservation, safety with the machine, Gunnar start slowly rates, fire down, Mitchell burst in this volume and then go down like shorter, bursts more time, looking away seeing throughout their hang, you ass hanging, you know, and you got no rounds, then guess what its run time and nobody wants to run this just to tell
awesome right next one to what is Tony's perspective as near listed, an older guy serving quote under you. You as a younger officer. So I don't know if this person actually understand a word about the same age and had been the teams about the same time, and we were more brothers, then, like anything else and they're, not what was it like? What would you like to work for compared to other guys? You were under what that first, Pat at first path, is pretty easy to remember you and life were talkin. Like we don't know what a chuckle guy was. I was walking by the office is like a movie where I stopped like half way through a step and backed up by one. Would you gotta say yeah this new are tasks commander. We don't know who he is. What's his name
you like willing, Jacko, chuckle, Jacko, sunlight that there were also they're all like inasmuch as they are the two TAT sudden south in life. Follow me to the head of my rely. What about this curse? Why we're good to go and I was sure we get them like yeah. I've done he's your comment be like tomorrow, my yet Did you say something squared away tomorrow, and I said you know this guy, like noisy you gotta, go look. I want my game now. I like please. I know what I'm talking, miss greater weight of their you better, be on your gave me I'm gonna be hung over them. Whatever I known throughout.
But that is what we want to work for. What would you like this name into question is great vast. Our changes. We think we think the same we will were like minded and there we like. We like the work. We really really love their jobs and our men and our people, you know I hate scene, I loved my man sounds gonna were, but I did. I really cared about the guys that was the best part of being a team guy. I'm sure Jack will back me up on that. You have some already brothers, no doubt about that. No doubt about that. It at all. All right. Next, one please expound on the early days when you and Tony were new guys in the tea. It's like a whole. Another podcast. Ok,.
Well and I was kind of a different time We're new guys, I made my first point: learn all the oil, the First Gulf WAR, and I thought always lies gray down. We really do much my pretending. And in our some guys over every six months than the war started was a month or whatever it was done right now, but are now, would you we'd, I think In the later stages in my career The train is hard, but the deployment and we still train had but the deployments were higher like more work and back. Then, if you do the point at work, It was like a training deployment is, was no war going on we, the boy the oil
If there's no wars tink, I still deploying the same up Temple and cause we need constantly be around the world case. Some happens and I. But we did a why like hard core shit like we did a lot more reconnaissance work, which meant we didn't have vehicles, so we had l, pcs, which leather personal carriers bidding boots. No, we harp man like twenty five collapse, or whatever we do is ridiculous, swims and any law. On dies. Do all I mean really like warlike the higher the bereavement you're gonna team, to put it in person, you're, gonna team guy back in alarm, were a lot leaner in know, and we did a lot more runs woman, you're gonna like it, in area. Now you got, the gem looks like W W your Mme wrestlers, and they do everybody's like like stronger and not
does your carry more sheer. We do a lot more direct action, stuff. But also reach for the whole region and party smile in San. We did. I know that we a lot together? Nobody was married. I don't we Quick, sixteen guys in my opportunities one was married and use the Althea magnet, One was no. What we all hung out together all the time we always lived an imperial beach for like yours, MR now, people lively forty miles away and like everyone's married and owns how's, nobody on the house without any money boxes tat. We yet warehouse like five guys in the apartment with my one, one couch urges the disaster younger the the guy that you talked about earlier that I lived in a corner with and for quite some time we had we in our house where we only had one fork.
So I d like to be like a very: are yours: over the fork is hardly out could go to vodka by another four. I guess we see that you too girl, as that was that was forty, so that when I, when I remember one of the big examine rejected a team, one was was just not even people the eyes, because you ve not this right education in of juice, you're gonna get me down yeah. What do you get hastily? We got beat up, we haste You didn't you know you didn't come in there, thinking that the world owed you anything at all. Now. The only thing they owed. You wasn't ass, beating land, you know why we have a big monster guys at the team to remember I checked in there was this one guy, you know pride, the biggest guy. If you want Am I to say name again discuss out and I want to be a Jay
making it your ma am at the team on doing over there doing some pushups or something- and I see guy come out of the GM he's literally health policy. Six! Six about that. Six, six, three Hey man he's completely governing tattoos anyway. Fucking. It's about up for You meter walk from the back of the team, one building to the to the area where we keep the outboard motors and stuff these walk in his lumbering right. He's lumbering along in about twenty metres into this hike. He stopped he's, gotta, Gower Milk. In his hand Did you stop like stops it on corks? The milk in just sits there drinks half or download a milk. Slowly, The back down puts the lid back all the lumber. The rest, the way over I'm like good Lord that, guy doesn't kill me and eat
and so that was that was definitely the team. One thing when I got to one: everyone was just big mountain top mean bad and they were getting ready to kick your ass at any time and alien Asia and in in I you know, I think, You dont nowadays there's a war going on me right, and so the guys have a different kind of test ahead of us and not at all. You know That's different kind of test and it's a harder tested its. It is that's that's what that's. What got some guys? Joint teams were so The young team guys accommodated friggin bad ass, often absolutely, and it's a what people say whatever about. What they want to say about the way millennials are and all this stuff man. I've been some hanging out with some teen guys, especially after some memorials and stuff these young. Frogmen did their bad ass. Ask arise that are ready to die or kill without question, and so respect and
I'm so glad to see where the deer, the teams maintains that always absolutely right. If Tony had the right for the history books, three top stories of shining example of BT have getting after it would they be, does give me one giving one. Oh, I got everything somebody getting rid, so many good ones. It's hard to say just one guy, I know one time when me and my daughter did, that way: thousand yard center peel those pretty hard to contain that it didn't bother me that was odd man I mean that was that was pretty hot
way, I mean this is a tactic with two guys to us bringing up the rear. This was extraction, nor actually now wasn't extractions by foot otherwise export trade. But we cannot at the rear. We started late, covered moving an M guys. We just on a dead run, but we had to stop goes not go for about like a mile or whatever it is. This terrible AUS sweating, like a team staring and me know what is because it was like eight o clock in the morning and the like one hundred and ten degrees, l, Thou Adele is pretty good for you go on, but I'm ever get back to the old days. That wouldn't say media back then, but we should do so
Horrendous humps humping, the civilian world means like marching, not marching, but patrolling be like you do look at the map and we don't win. We didn't patrolling the day said the egg is back at lake. Nineteen Andy move out about. Nineteen thirty gets stop it about five and we gotta cover forty collects. Let's go hundred pound rocks. Actually, really careless go, you think I couldn't have a plumber or something between guy good luck, Go it a Yeah, you know it, you aren't you gonna talk about this earlier, but I remember times where you gonna be out the field
for two or three days and meanwhile, while you're in the field were speeding up another operate on fire, not another target for a direct action mission and you gotta get back then it be like payment. We got a target for. Your role now in two hours, so you know you just go to your gun, your car change your gear. It had not got your vehicles in our thirty minutes and gives guys just turn and burn yet got nobody said who really now? Do it? my hope that the opportunity and the deployment of medium guys Bt Ass, an especially the sisters. Kids, those guys were- we had a new guys we're the old guys know ahead the middle guys. You know, and you know spam As the score on Chuckie those guys with racks those guys, you're bad ass,
For sure mean they just they didn't, leave the meat kind of the platoon and they were the ones that like had to do it like most of the work of the new guys, help them and the other older guys were more of leadership. Positions do and they still work to, but these guys worked and they just put that right. And just got after good deeds and day after day guarantee after day after day, a guarantee all them guys, and I couldn't keep up very one after retire again t all them guys doing well in their careers because their rent ass, I do see him and they are all kick it ass, Roger that that's good for sure.
How does the tone you decide what strategies tactics to use on a mission against an enemy curious about your thought process? Well, first of all he had the euro, which we were talking about my experience in the savages we slain kiln shot. First of all, as baroness shoot someone on the back so link in an ambush where you can catch him, walking away from you is always the best but front you speak. You haven't figured out we're talking about sung sue. There really are worn out
Joey says you know yourself when you're mad at me. You don't not know, no need to fear a thousand battles whatever. Well, I know myself pretty damn good and I know my group pretty damn good. End of time to read all that stuff and figure it out. So I figured I'd just hate the enemy I'll. Just hang them in that hate will fuel my passion to make the operation as best I can and work at the best. I can and learn from the mistakes that Saint didn't work out, but that's that kind of when you, when you got that kind of pyramids down and everything kind of works itself out. You know and you can't be afraid to try something different because and you can't be afraid to bounce it off people. That's what's great about I'll go out about some offer them in only, but yet that's good Origo! No nowhere makes you wouldn't let go you do it can. I want me through this again Roger Gonna: do that that that
I would also really when I'd let other people went up. Relations or I would work with other groups out, I would just kind of for when they saw glanced over something. Well wait a minute ago now what we can do here Oh you know, what's going to this, I don't know I don't know what that means. Please explain it to me and I hadn't really thought about it and that's the little glitch in the mission plan is going to get you killed, but you can you know you can't take a lot of time to plan up, sometimes sometimes it's late hour. I know what an assault go where you go and strongly cowboys, or on the prowl going to go in surreptitious entry, burial stealthy. Sometimes you can sometimes it calls for a straight up. Punch him up. You'll just makes it up
yeah? That's easy to. Do you apply much? Ok, let's just go then killer about, show us whether go in Europe. So that answer that question, but in from my perspective up, I mean an you just kind of made it sound like big no big deal, but Tony was always poured over the Madrid, looking at the maps trying to figure out which angle trying to forget, would best spot trotted, as we do in all the time just trying to Analyze as much secured and make the best plan and- and I think also Mandy the experience level- you know because I said right- even even pre war- pre nine, How many freaking ops did you and I do training ops where we did all this two thousand they just like over in all its By the time you get there, it's really
Even though these work combat operations, you get of you, we learned a lot from them and there is little adjustments we had to make for sure, but for the most part, which you learn, how to do what you learn, how to do as you learn how to the group of guys and get a produce something right, and when you learn how to do that? Ok, that that's then Okay, you want to do that's cool. I got to take a group of guys and get him to do something it doesn't matter. What that thing is. I can get a group of guys to do something and that's what's beneficial that's all that years of experience, helped you out with a dozen right necessarily help your mean, didn't help us with with doing the specific mission that now now costs can can cover everything. I've been adapt. When I had three years as an instructor and land warfare, and it was my eight nice deployment, though I admit a poor wherever much more! I was gonna.
Learn from another six months of Troy. Very much there's no real thing, it was gaunt, while I'm never done this before in oil. Ok, all right what was the most difficult thing you ever did is a seal. When was the most fearful moment in your life. Well, I get ISIS lot and now tell me the truth is gonna. Do it? the bombs in the wars in the killing and staff at stake. I never ever better than I scan dive static, lining jumping in the water, Japan at night, never bother me one, but not at all. No even was scared. But I don't like getting on the roof. I mean like a headline, Forty foot ladder in a man left. I work for a landscaping. Companies sometimes weapon. The man lives in this country.
And I'll admit it. I'm all bit afraid heights at that level and repelling off building one morning in Hong Kong, it like a six story, building and repelling off and then- going through a window and you gotta training. You gonna shoot these targets and staff, and I mean it's pretty cool Oh, but I didn't like it at all and this morning it was windy and buildings actually moving, and I down, I'm gonna repel, engine over the side and on the top of this building and people were like raisins down there. And I may say, be- I gotta- go to the bathroom and I'm hung over- and I was like, oh my god, but I'd rather die and be called a pussy, I'm gonna do it now, but I'd rather die than be applied, so that was We must never forget that today, terrible most, fearful moment, almost
look good thing. You ever do the seal retire without a doubt. Honour percent retire now you're that where you are right, Tony's, favorite, peace, a kids in overtones career. What's what piece of gear has advanced the most, not including night vision- which obviously improve tomorrow about when I get my favorite peace again kid. But evolution of gear gotta be a couple of things. Like I say boots, the boot thing is phenomenal: we get such good gear. We now also go looking navigation. You know I'm the first gps? Is we to calm giant pieces of shit because there, like the size of an ammo, create another huge. There are huge and they looked like a hotel,
from the korean WAR, you know, but nowadays it is bad ass in our global positioning systems I mean and also communications. I mean you satellite committed is absolutely fantastic and everybody was in the military out there. We have all the old kicks and I am in the few remember that HF high frequency within a lot hf and string enough in ten, oh, my god, I was terrible litter of yeah, literally string it up. You know. Eighty though it antennas see, you could make a communication shot to some other distance More scope, literally using more as earlier absolutely good times, but my favorite, peace. A kid I would have to say is anything that get in drive How can a day we didn't? We use any mobility river. Everything was on foot and is always that in the air
the three hundred when mag sniper rifle suppressed with day twenty two power night for scope on it is. Wicked good piece it can't, let me tell you what I can read your teacher at a click. That's pretty good legit, legit aright. Twenty one is the number one quality that allows a leader to lead men into uncomfortable conditions and succeed. What's uncomfortable Augustus, bad scenarios, tough situations, well, I think, keep it in your mind, mission, men mission, men, look guys do not pay disappeared, whose we gotta do. Let's go, do it? Yes, it sucks sometimes is bad, but mission. Man, if you keep things,
that's we're paid to do the bottom line. Is you follow the orders of the guy, but you and Working Guy, so that line bleeds? A lot has a lot of waves in it. You know, cuz you'll, be like hey Tony, would think what to do with do this. All right sounds good, but at any given time, if he goes, I told you this is what we're doing Roger that and that's it even means thine is, if you like, by example in your humble and you good to you guys. You know you guys and you let them know you, but wipe their ass and you don't take me to ship from him, and I know you don't follow you if your humble and made mistakes admit it move on, and I think that Sir
Now a few my guys probably most would follow me wherever we want we want now. I guess that's just cause. I never change. There was no it they're. Gonna get me that's about it, steady here, the other up, thing, is making sure people understand why they do what they're doing because I've told you just said men, we we're gonna, have discussions about stuff and say hey. This is I was why what what is why I think we should do this way. You know it's not just like go into now. There are situations of course. Where someone goes. A go it is now pay go without building hake guys over there that there are times in combat what you gotta make those decisions. You gotta make things happen and that's when you talk, that's what that's when the important things that you just About having a just trust right, like I, I've just had trust in my
as they trusted me that if I was home to some, it was the right thing to do and by the way, if I too, don't go, take a building over there and he looked at me and said: NED. If not now, I knew he would say. That's me for recent yak also requires in front of area. There was a reason why you ve told me that, and when I can have, the discussion proud, don't have time to do it right right now Ok, then we gotta get out of here. Ok, ok, Roger Roger and didn't we'd go so they haven't that trust. Building up that trust through you know humility, the relationship. All that stuff is, is how you and with a tight union. That's how you really that's how you read. Tony did you have the same attitude towards death as Jacko? Were you prepared to die? Was I prepared that? Yes, it is Second, let's get that always right away.
I really did have an hour to death, except for making other people die the bad guys. Then I didn't care about them. I didn't I guess I dehumanized him in my mind, so it wouldn't bother me cuz it cuz they're, just they're, just they're, not people there target you just Wacom in that's it, and I was. I was definitely prepared to die a matter of fact, You know I thought I would be like the end of my career. I kind of it. Thought it would be a do your career. I thought there was a couple guys in our task you that I was not scared. There was a couple guys nor task in it that I, I did not think we're gonna make it because they were just like us. Oh yeah, I'm gonna be given a speech at his funeral causes of fired up young
that does not care about. The outlook is not the other way for those EU out there. Like you, I didn't do his job. He was like yeah like like just guys at work, so so fired up that the end like even our guys, it did killed. There wasn't one of em, where I thought oh ease. He wasn't ready for that right. Did he want, of course, those guys you want, I love to have mere they would have to be here but at the moment of truth, they they did what I would. I would think they. You're right right, none of them did I say: oh it's a shame or, or anything like that. Because those guys had those attitudes of they were there. They were they they loved their job. They love doing their job
they believed in what they were doing and that that's the way was absolutely right, Tony's view on training, mentoring, integrating new guys into the yeah. I mean I've been on the Lpo side of that I've been on the knot new guy side of that I've been on the new guys there that I've been the chief side of it. I usually told the guys know you're on time be motivated because it's fun for those of you that think, like this The future is a thousand. Times more than I thought it would be its
can blast it's. The best thing ever is the best men's club in the world, but the city trying to build these guys. Have these guys build their own reputation in O Connor? since nobody has any confidence. In the first day at the team nobody tries to conference cinnamon ices. Nominal should be seen not heard carrier pennant paper, the on time and shut the fuck up Nobody cares about news stories. Were you farmer that crap out Saint Stripes, eventually that'll come out. Year also just just asked questions if you need to be on time. Listen. Do you job now show the guys the right way to do things and is not the right way. He'll tell em out. Another difference show my nor do they did.
Me, you know when they look at you, look in their eyes and just like Roger. But now you don't get even show me what I just said. Okay to say you don't understand, that's about it shall be here in a fair with them direct! That's about it. We by example. One thing I say there is now talk about the steady, we're situation. Taiwan and I was between chieftain we're working hard work. It had gone up. Temper was through the roof battle rhythm was shot to help. Those who go go, go Google and the guys you get tired stuff and who, at a meeting about at nights anything we can just slow down, will burden on me. Would you limit bitch for some time? go, go, go daddy things get safe and you start making mistakes.
But we have really made mistakes at tat point I said Vernon Perspective at this time like DARPA, some guys like twenty to twenty three years old. I was like thirty. Eight and I know I use the analogy like we should say you're only as fast as the slowest guy in your patrol. Maybe the guy that's got more weight to carry more equipment, so he sets the pace and I I gotta tell you that there was a guy, I know. Well, like a brake on the oldest guy here gets tired. That's me, and I'm not tired, now said Kate Roger, that good work there, just like Roger so, hopefully, some of the new guys learn someone our dear yeah, no doubt about that its leading from the front. You know it
no doubt about it. How does one put the high of war behind him in his e en and are you always searching for its still in other things, The transition to civilian life. Kind of show what all right is dyke is in its history. People like there's no action. The main is no. You don't go in who didn't like going to work on a Monday morning? It was the best I mean in in and by the way you went to work on Sunday. And to work on Saturday, artists, every every oh, like some of the guys is emu. Oh yes, we can know will be at the team ride we working out there. We organise our gear, their working lives beer. There were to go out there when you wake up the next morning. Do the same thing. On Sunday they remembered on Monday
That's what it is Who cares about what else you gonna do what else you can do? I owe you go to your honor, like with your friends. All my friends are in that it gives you nothing so always does it go back to whatever? relationship, yeah, so they can definitely be tricky. Am. I search inferno. Things probably. I don't know it's such a high questions, The point perspective I mean I live in New Hampshire now and I work forty hours weaken. I do our aid, but there's no now the magic in my life,
gone now was there was the magic, the glue that help me to gather the teams in on now, I got some good families back there. You now that that help me out, like friends of mine, friends, my family and night, the Murphy's you now the Daniels, the downs is the mean. There's this isn't enough. I dont get people back homes name. I'm sorry, but I got really good friends that that try to help me kinder, but they just have no idea lake in all this One all team guide from back there from the Seventys, and I talked to him- it's like Roger you know, there's a sergeant major retired. Thirty years back their boats. Small town and ITALY my drink a lot, and I work a lot to some kind of functioning. That way, but there's no nominal I guess I'm still looking for something, but
Does the high wars to sleep? I think you could say it's the fucking, asked it's like the best thing ever. You now If you go down with a big fire fighting like you, wanna go back and like we do again and again and again of so much fun, meaning I mean it's socks, it's hard, but it's it's great justice. If you think about like they say, heroes write to me the real heroes them guys staring opposed out there with minimal training. I don't want to be there and still do their job in fine american soldiers, sailors, Marines, my and whatever for us, that's our profession like you know. That's like we didn't want to go home, it's like our blood, nor got since in our dna That's where we want to be. So? How do you you don't use?
We do all that stuff for all those years. There's gonna be side effects of theirs gonna be out care. I'm not I'm not gonna go. I don't goes counselor, Nothin Buzz buzz. I think I'm strong enough that I can handle it, but it's not easy. You know it's like when people Maybe boys come up and they say you know thank you for serving that. They you always say hey, was rounded serve course. What I really want to say, and sometimes if it's a deeper conversation, I like to think me- I feel guilty Nokia goes. You do not like you guys paid me to do this, like what do I owe you a little bit. I ran around the woods and played military stuff and rate put camouflaged, put Cobb I call on my face and played with guns, night shot, Bb Guns and that's what I did all the time as a kid and then I grew up and I turn
eighteen and then they started pay money to do the same thing I now and then they say: oh there's a bunch of bad guys. You go, kill em, all okay, there will give you more money and then at so so people say thank you and it's sort of the deaf we make you feel like Damn men I got so lucky that day I enlisted in the military I got so lucky because it was like you know. It was like up that the square peg found the square hole. Right that's what a lotta team geyser like and that's. Why we're the sudden escort they go. Get your get used out that square whole anymore. They bore yeah, there's a triangle there. Out. Yes, work, so true and ate the sir Tumi I wanted when I was eight I listen to. I was seventeen when I, when I was eighteen got out when I was with four thousand five hundred and forty four whatever, and it never lie to me. They always paid me. They leave the rest of my life and everything they said was true. Do this
they all knew just watch bullshit there's little things, but overall, yeah? I didn't have to figure out figure out like a woman, and I was all wishy washy about shit and staff and all in all, that's just part of whatever being a man stuff, but they never lied to me. It was always just really really good civilian life. Not like that. I mean deal with people and for the most part, everybody out, there's a good person. I believe, but I get mad, because of the misuse of the military. Now made it so misuse? It's crazy ground. Two hundred thousand bad. Army, soldiers and Marines. Go over to where ices and smoke these sons of bitches. What are we waiting for? I dont get it because, but on the flip, when people like we get it, the deficit. We want our children to pay it rabbit you
the fight the war. Let's We got the muscle right now, our way for his crackers. Shit, wholesale change will change. What do one more question here? How do you keep your head in the game when one of your squad is killed? Yeah? You know, well, I think, for me, you have to treat it like mission men in that order and to me there is no use. The milk is on the floor. There's no use crying over it. You know he OD doesn't know defuse a bomb that already went off. Okay, what you got to do is try not to lose any more yurman, okay, now Gotta do the mission with the dead guy.
I know that sounds may be crucial. Durango, no time is sit there and morn we're doing you that you have to complete Europe. You have to do mission. There's plenty of time to mourn, responded time to figure out what wrong or what didn't go. Wrong or whatever happened when you're back at the obstinate and that's why we train light that we train were going through building and I put a guy down just step over and clear the houses. You know I more than one killed. You just have to do it. You ve been trying to do and leadership position very hard, not to know
you can train all your life, but with some happens like that very hard, not to go on my God and get somebody killed, you know what happened. What happens? I take it very personally because one of my guys and grabbed my brain for a long time and then now I figured out the well. You know I just gotta do my job be later and I can't let the rest of the guys down. I can't let myself down on my team, my country, so I gotta do it. I'm gonna do to get out of there not get out of there, but complete yacht and then figured out then take care of his best. We can and how will I respect and that's about that's where comments that broke yeah, you know I remember on after Mark got killed in views are obviously with the first you killed in Iraq is a first guy than ever work for me, the got killed and
I remember a couple days went by. We actually did the memorial ceremony in like a couple days, went by and I was kind of trying to figure out what to say to the petitions. Specifically what to Europe do and I was sort of awe and I realized what I was doing right when I was doing. Was that the only thing I knew how to do, which is work and finally, I remember I was I wrote: right, that's what I wrote down like look mark there came into Europe dune- and I said, hey Mark is the best mother Fucker ever. There. He was invited Falcon soul is crushed right now and actually remember
as I was talking, I started getting emotional and I've stopped now getting a little choked up and I stop talking. I was just trying to get it together, then you were sitting there and you're like hey man, it's okay and I was like check. This is what I'm going to do, I'm going to work yet, and this is what we're going to do and work we're going to work. You know I was thinking about that. I never ever once should want here and I started getting right concerned like glove anything with feelings at all, and then we came back from that deployment point and I remember maybe no six months later something,
it may not sound like it may shock you right, I used to like cats. I used to like that. You know you always seem like a cat. I, like dogs. Do we all ages me? My government cats and my cat died and I bought like a little baby for like three hours. I just I think it was just a point me waiting for to come out. You're gonna to be like ok cause in your team guy around that stuff. All the time people getting maimed. Shot killed and blown up and in Ireland and the kind of faster than an egg, I think it's kind of deep instead, but whatever I'm not, really that deep of a person.
Just came out knows, you know, that's conical, so maybe I'll just yard. I took the may be hard thing a little too to opt for a well. I think, that's about all we for the night and thanks everybody for asking those questions to you got me anything else you want to say in closing comments nod shot out your my my charms and my brothers in the teams and people are know me, my family and everybody thanks for being so nice to me, and the teams thanks being so nice to me. Let me do all those wicked cool things you know. Jack O thinks varies so good to see you. My brother, echo pleasure, I mean just just phenomena. You know, you don't know how many people watch. You show a watch. This well
fires me. The most is obviously too her geyser, the guys guys, a team guys that are you know our brows that are like a man That was great, oh yeah. I learn and that just gets me that's why I'm doing this man yeah! That's why I'm doing this and yeah that's for means. The most me in and haven't you on here obviously is is for model, so everybody out his out here, that's listen to this tax will listen to the bar gas, anxious important it. If you do want to support the pot gas a little bit like Charles tell them quickly how to do it actually. Actually, I do have one more question: go ahead when you know I'll kick your like hard, guy and others, but rules. Gleams might be kind of an ambiguous question, but, like that example, you say is real hot in here now
binge drinking. What are you drinking coffee in Copenhagen example? But why is that you hope, because it it's a spectre, re. Like a lot of you like some people, they can be big money. They can run in about ten miles, no problem all the stuff, but they get in certain kind of discomfort physically or whatever their done or you get it the guys who, whatever they miss one meal there done right. You re the thoroughbreds. Yes, you like this. Are you like? I was. Other crew in the teams like this fight and drank lot zone the kind of trained us like being hung over and stuff like and they would be like, however, go work network of three hours, so these guys will. I know guys like they could never do that so work I bought computers, so on shit, got bad or whatever
of our making it I'm not like tat anymore, I work. I need a drink water, us, I'm not used to it. I would there was some kind of a genetic component like right like like I I freely admit like. I don't sleep lot right and I understand that is not just cause. I am just talk it's because there's some genetic component in there that doesn't require lot asleep in any further in you know I have. One might have thought that those who one of my daughter's I'll go to I don't like eleven very she'll be awake and I wake up at four thirty one shall be awake like she genetically? She doesn't need a lousy, so I know I'm kind of like that too, and there's just f why for Tony there's something genetic about the water and take because I mean I did patrols suffered you in I mean I'm fairly hard. But I need water. I would need to carry more water than you and you know, Never never would I be like a bitch about it like, but no
will you do I'll eyes? I would need like twice is much water is tony. Would in I dont way twice as much I mean I'm whatever may be, for you forty pounds heavier someplace but so there's some genetic component that makes you need less? What makes me need these about? One is so. Here also, I spent a lot of time in Ireland, yeah yeah for three. You made it all. I'm not like that. Now need a lot of water, but even leaving overall, above and beyond, just the water situation where an you like this tool that were kind of talking about this work. Do you think that you like, if you just sit around indoors and after a while, like you, I gotta get out via a lotta people. Then I liked the near the opposite. Does I think, there's a lot going on outside our better stay indoors. Even big, tough, strong, guys, lobby bright. That is it and does it does this kind of fall in line with why you took to the team saw
yeah, that'll rattle. Absolutely I go now to now and I'll tell you again going back to give credit where credit is due man, the people there, We were raised by the same people, the teams in those guys they didn't complain about anything They showed no weakness ever ever ever. Nothing like oh you're, tired. If net you never hear guy see was tired ever never. No, no, you don't hurt, doesn't matter broken some. Think, no bespeak. Why put tape on yeah shudder, yeah, that's into when you're brought up that way, and I mean it was blatantly obvious when you got the teams, I ll give you you just note. There was not know this don't complain about anything just be just socket up. Oh this ox yeah. Don't even admit that it sucks don't ever do that he and requires that's by the best way, to explain here that, unlike I didn't have anything else, but that, like I said I wasn't the best shooter, oh, isn't that big,
guy, but I had that outside that. I remember one time: we're training You know how like after around is done like a lot of people- and I was one of those big leaders guises fly on your back and lay down and get Europe we want. Rome wait a long time, you took your eyes off your enemy thousand, more or less the added to use like you look a little tired there, almost like it. When you first kind studied Cochin me up a lot in your life, You look a little tired there, but it wasn't a joke you kind of like, as If you really wanted to say put don't do that await their like stand up, walk no you're like showing weakness like like how you do does really the tone that was so. That makes a lot of sensory there. But that being said, I think he goes. I feel like it goes a little bit above and beyond. Just have. Skill were being really good at being able to tolerate pain? I feel like does that guy you're saying I think a few weeks ago, your leg,
there is the risk of monetarism a little bit of pain to show him alive kind of right absolutely but like in our case, I think it can be countered. Color guys is that we are. We're lunar texts like massacres who once who know what's his beer, in every twenty minutes is but so hard on your body, but we're lucky yeah lucky but a guy like him fairly. You talked about earlier. I mean all the guys that we talked about. Mr fact mean you use How would we when we were coming teams? He was forty six forty seven years, and he was all broken. No broken knees, broken ankles, guess what thrown a sixty six and a half mile run out every type in what way complaints, none
not wanna never just crush everyone and just beeps actually like like. Mr fact he wouldn't he wouldn't trust people on the run, but you seem hobbling across the finish line and you'll be like that had to hurt so bad, but you did whatever, but will take on it why I'd fell out of a helicopter broke. My heel bone on hall windy and I do poison well, are slow and over before replying to the porter might be. I got I got hammered. I cut my cast I've with these bulk carriers. That wasn't a good idea. I remember the mass chiefly the command, he D be he's like you want to make sure I was good to go to go to see so I'll, be walking down the hallway and I'd see you in like. Per annum and it hurts so bad. I do understand shit. You too, she wasn't from good Roger. I aggregate going back
go ahead still hob one. We deployed adjust the just kind of went away, Is no way out is missing that no way way. I think most of us are like that. Maybe to begin with, we may be taught like out of it, because you know I mean even in everyday personally, they do something can hard work out or even in something like people. Recreational be like I'm going to run a marathon or something like that, so when they do something hard or kind of pain for some kind of adversity- and it's done, you feel good, I think the natural like people likes. Like look my cool scar. You know that kind of thing, but a kind of feels like an intended. Listening is definitely an I'll. Tell you a little bit here. A kind of sea like those shackles of kind of being trained out of that just didn't happen, three guys in guys like you in Ohio. Maybe we got training other were quite yeah. Oh, I think you know you guys just held onto it
like it just the others. There's no doubt and there's a bunch of bunch a bad ass, frogmen in the tv. Yet that's all I've only told you, you know you can go talk to him resource soldiers, tough, vast, rural, I'll, kick nuts okay, so when one he's living here really did it? What's that thing that cross, let's like syndrome when you just worked out, it's called a yacht, have rap robbed. All no my llosa, so he gets that by the way in here. Just from his room. His best friend grown up to to do his best friends grown up our team. Guess I'll tell you they are later on. I saw you We're wronged. You detainees like going every day of just all days, just doing digits and he's not he's gonna. Quite he's, like are we're all done. We ve been done hard day than likes. You know the guys who showed up later, whatever the other silken with like hey. You want all Kingsley. Ok like that, so he never says no the next week.
I guess you have to go to the doctor. What are the next week is, I guess you have that rub. Do like I've been doing a lot of physical output in all. This is he's a cat be careful with african oh, but exactly what I'm saying but normally that stops again in his tracks, while their training and he's is like now just keep turned yellow. Someone else wants to turn. I mean I remember one time. He said I can't kind of tired. He said that, but he didn't say done rolling like you look tired of it and had also awesome. I any other questions from ECHO Charles now. That's it we can. We can go to support those rambled up. How can they support if we want to support this? Is how can we talk about getting after a lot from time to time?
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Three, the same or not just normal. She added their quality as well. You can judge for yourself if they look Jackal store dotcom. He, like I'm good, get a shirt, support that way or a mug or sticker. Whichever part or rascal? Yes, so new things rash. God, if you didn't know already referred to good biking, diving swimming surfing body boarding cross fit any kind of olympic lifting need. Mobility. Is it's actually better than cotton shirts with me and Digital ASP, the end, the jujitsu ended good and today Andy. Once again, I began the Ark representing, I wasn't supervisors a bracket. By the way I have the value of their decision. He looked Tang Andy representing, and he did in fact have to perfect see it
What we are talking about, the seventy was seventeen and nineteen percent improvement, Breon males and while in my Ro Science, like opinion that applies to all physical activity. When you were this rescue, I'm a bumper and for those that don't know of ECHO Charles does have it accurate and Bro Science year, I'm working on it. Ok, so new stuff also, we have patches. I have velcro the velcro ones like this guy. And then women stuff is all their tank tops. Okay, I got you we're going to do t shirts as well. Thank you LISA for the you know and yeah there. It is that's the stuff, maybe some more some more cool stuff. You know the seasons are changing, so The more stuff on there is like gets cold needs and warm gear potential. Get it done here, but there it is your support, and thanks for one with the who has supported dope,
If you want to get some of this witness right here, little bit of pomegranate White T available on Amazon, DOT, com, Jocker White, tee. The only thing I drink other than water milk, so jump the train, also If you haven't got a copy of extreme ownership yet which me my brother, late Ban Road, which has on a totally who you heard from tonight, atomic Tony and every time you hear about the Charlie Potu G for Charlie, but do Nunez Job Guy would run in it and make it happen. You can pick up the hard copy, digital copy or the audio book in the late, and I actually read in October twenty eight and twenty first in San, Diego California, if you're a leader or you want to be a leader, come on out to the extreme ownership, muster We were going to teach the principles of combat leadership away to get the weeds on the tactics of to actually employ them.
Nothing to no one, but you got to know how to employ them on the battlefield on the street, in the business world or in life so register and then come and get it, and as always, if you want to keep kicking it with us. Echo Charles, in my we're all upon the Ether WEBS Twitter, Instagram and Bath Facebook YE ECHO, Charles's, attic or Charles at Jocker willing I'll pick. Tony has any that's done. I ought to be here in time in Africa, com just don't contact me doc. Cod two all the motivated troopers out there, especially first off those in uniform military. Law enforcement, firefighters, E M, tease thanks,
for what you all do, thanks for working hard for training hard for living hard and for fighting hard and for holding the line and the rest. Are you folks out there the rest you troopers in the workforce attacking your daily struggles. Smashing obstacles keep doing what you are doing in doing it with focus in some ferocity. And finally, to Tony thanks again brother for common, on the show, thanks for that years you put in training, fighting and leading fat. For always being there to support me, no matter what.
No matter what? Yes, sire, thanks what you did for me for the task for the teams for the Navy and for the United States of America, Then you know Tony is one of the many veterans from every war who remains in the shadows, who seeks no glory? Who did we he did as his duty for country and for his brothers on his left and now on his right, so to all of you veterans like Tony the true quiet professionals, thanks to you warriors, who have set the example of how to serve.
And of course, how do you get after it so until next time this is ECHO and Jacko and the original bt I've told you Friday, thanks brother Ditto now said: check Roger Roger out.
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