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42: Fallen Hero Mikey Monsoor, SEAL Vet Andrew Paul: Leadership, Life, Loss, & Lessons Learned

2016-09-28 | 🔗
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This is a Jackal podcast number. Forty two, echo Charles in me, Jocker willing good evening. Echo believe me now in podcast number eleven, We brought on leaf ban who was the Charlie Platoon commander and shouted to his task unit bruisers. Obviously, life is one of my book. There's a guy wrote the book extreme ownership with so that's leaf, Charlie the tomb and when he, on that first podcast, we talked about a bunch of but one of the main focus of our conversation was some of the brothers that we lost Mark Lee, who was the first year killed in Iraq. We talked about beagles Ryan Job, who was grave Whom in Romanian, who later died of
Complications from a surgery, the repair, those wounds. Then. Finally, we talked about Chris Kyle, who was also entirely platoon. Was the lead sniper in point man and who ended up writing a book, american sniper, which was turned into a very successful move. We and Chris, as you know, was senselessly murdered, as he tried to help out of a fellow veteran and on that podcast we didn't talk in any depth at all about Mikey monster. Who is another one of our brother seals from tasking Bruce? who is also killed and remedy, and if you dont know Mikey was posthumously awarded the medal of honor after he smothered a grenade with.
Body in order to save three of our other teammates. In one of the reasons I didn't want to focus on Mikey during that pod gases, because Mikey was indelible too, as opposed to drug to travellers, tube tunes in the task unit, Charlie and Delta and Charlie. Leaf was the platoon commander and Tony. Roddy who is on the plot gases? Well, he was the deportees chief and before I went and talked about Mikey. I want to bring somebody from Delta platoon on the bottom. Asked is a little bit trickier than it sounds because most of the guys from dealt a blow to nor still duty and the ones that are active duty. I will there not around. I couldn't get get hold of me. If I get a hold of him, they.
They were busy right. They were out of the area. So just been hard, it's been a challenge, but I did I want and finally- and today were lucky there's I got one of my motto, my good brows here, guy by the name of Andrew Paul who was the assistant platoon commander indelible tune, tasking a browser seal team, three But I wanted to start off today by reading a speech that I gave I wanted the ceremonies that took place when Mikey was awarded the medal of honor.
If this was not the ceremony that took place at the White House with President Bush, which actually the entirety of fasting, the bruiser did attend that that it was awesome. But I gave this speech at a navy ceremony that took place. I think it took place later in the day or perhaps the next day that the he Memorial in Washington DC and that data was a ton of senior naval officers in in attendance and basically the whole of the signor. He of of the of the Navy was there. You know this, that chief naval operations in the sector, the Navy and there was a bunch of other medal of honor winners there, including a couple other seal medal of honor winners, and it was a very fitting day and it is a great honour for me to be able to give this speech
and here it is, ladies and gentlemen. It is obviously very humbling to be here today as it. Humbling to be on the battlefield of remedy? With my fellow seals and the two two April aid, combat team, the iron soldiers and then the one one, a d, the ready for combat team which has formed up by our brothers from the army, Navy, air Force and Marines. Anything, who did such a load units as the first the five or six band brothers, the one three seven bandits and the three eight Marines.
I met MIKE Mike Sore when he checked into seal team three as a new, highly motivated young frogman, as we trained appeared to deploy to Iraq. Everyone learned MIKE was incredible person. He was gifted. Everything he did hard working funny and selfless. He was the ultimate teammate, the ultimate friend. When MIKE died, a picture of him circulated in the news, MIKE and his power maiden the war torn bits of remedy shrouded amidst of greenish yellow smoke, which was used to mask their movement from the enemy that picture says so, much MIKE's on his at the ready his face, his calm almost smiling decide,
The obvious chaos and danger around him body at the time was the EP: the center of the insurgency in Iraq, a city filled with peril. The hall The enemy was bent on destruction. They fought with ruthlessness, constantly on the attack with machine guns, mortars, grenades and ideas. Brave men died or wounded every day and every day, brave man continued to push forward into the fray. For those of us who were there, that picture of my Captures all of this in the picture his brother seals or near by but Mikey, is out front. I have this picture over and over again- and it speaks to me- as someone that had the pleasure of knowing Mikey as a friend and had the
or of serving with him on the battlefield, this photograph tells me a story. As I look at that picture, I hear a voice in a humble but confident tone this Boys says to me. I am Michael Myers Sore. I am patrolling through the streets of remedy. It is did he devastated by war? What holds cover the rubber rubble. The buildings burned out Hours later the streets, I'm what in just behind my point man. I am ready my eyes, sting from the sweat my gun. Gear are heavy, but these things do not bother me. There is no
comfort here, but this is the life I have chosen and there is no other place. I would rather be. I am Michaelmas sore. I pray and I believe, my faith is my shelter. My face. Is my strength, the thrives in this place, but Fear is no match for my faith, faith conquers. All. The word of the Lord proves true. He is a shield for all those who take refuge in him. Lord protect my brothers. Above all else, you have made. Be ready to protect them. I am Michaelmas sore. I am far away. From home. I miss my family. I miss my mother, my father, my sister and my brothers, ever thing I am is rooted in them.
I want to hold my nephews and nieces again I want to them smile. When laugh but I am far away from home in dead. I smile at the iraqi children. We pass them by. Encounter iraqi families. I treat them with respect and dignity. I know the importance of family because there is nothing more important to me in my family. I'm Michaelmas sore? I love my country. My fellow seals and among men fighting alongside us, then, fighting alongside us in the streets are infantry men grants. I know these grants are Just soldiers and Marines, but fathers and brothers and sons no because my father and brother were also grants proud. Marine riflemen. We
fighting a determined enemy, but we're. Strong our strength brotherhood soldier sailors, airmen and Marines, fighting together a brotherhood bound by sweat and blood and tears, together we live in dust and dirt, and filth and death. Death is everywhere. Many of my brothers have fallen. Mark is gone, but we fight on fruit, for the men to our left and right. We fight on so proud to be part of this band of brothers. I'm Michaelmas sore, I am ready forged by faith and family
How did by belief and brotherhood. I have, give life to its fullest. I have not looked back Leave nothing but love, and I have no regrets. I might sore. I am the fraud man on the high ground and I have given everything for you. And that was the speech and I did my best to share my thoughts about mighty amounted here
Have Andrew Paul with me today, like I said, the former assistant to command from delta! Opportune share some stories about remedying about Mikey and about task in the browser and about himself the lessons that he learned over there. How he carried those lessons to civilian life and the kind of challenges he face there so and you Paul my brother, welcome to the show, thanks for common on thanks are happily brow. It's an honour to be here, and you know the main thing: listen. That speech our member when you gave it might compare day is that whenever I do here today, it
the legacy of our brothers, absolutely absolutely in will wit, will get into plenty of that. But in order- and I hate to do this because everybody does this when they start like this time- The situation is almost like a bar pick up like you know, they were so where you from right. So that being said, Andrew so way from or my from from New England New Hampshire. You know what visit we had. Tony's tony was just on the other doing Linda, that's right. If I don't get the boys from Texas on here. I'm gonna get on comes to start here about it. You gotta be, real hard to in New England. Let me tell you it's cold, so so drew up a new England, an invite Wafers you just listen on podcast. What You weigh one one, fifty five one, thirty five, so the
The image that everyone has the big Navy seal is not for animals, not true they're seals com, every shape and resize and Andrew comes in the smaller size but how did you? So? What would you have you ever hear how dear but the seals like what made you decide that that was what you wanted to do: yeah, you know I'm. First of all, I have always been the kind of person that, like tell me, I can't do something entomologists showed so I mean things like o er in high school One says we're talking about like the Boston Marathon up amateur, our God. You marathon up, ok, watch this rather watch this Boston You know probably saw a movie because you know when I was growing up. There wasn't a lot of information out there about seal teams, and so tell me about it They are even less for an old pal. I so There was a lot information, but somehow you probably saw a movie and at a breed in a book and then started. Do some research and found will first of all
outside my immediate family, uncles grandfather all serve the military, so grew up with. That saw a strong sense of wanting to serve my country, and I always had a sense of one to protect people who couldn't protect themselves so was drawn to that kind of line of work, then began to read about the seal teams and at least what information I had available. It's you my kid. They were the best, so my artwork, that's the best them So what I want to go to eight hours that unites us in its infancy, Isaac S, a young kids, but then man, he's got out of that like a bull, jog bulldog on a poor job- and I mean tunnel vision when after it, then you can you did you go to college, did you really have that decision your mind when you went to college? Oh yeah, what are you near? Gonna go to oversee ass. You knew all that did you know already see I did or to see. So the thing is that I don't know, I don't know anything I mean I don't know about even know what our ROTC was uneven know what enlisting was. I had no clue, nobody, no, no exposure. Now, I want to be a seal.
So you know, but we start looking at going to college. Went down. My looked at Vanderbilt University, among others, Johns Hopkins R p. I got an engineering major. I knew nothing at all when I walk into this almost like job Ferrok kind of style thing like welcome check out this. Go there's a guy and uniform his course got a picture like some navies, your frogmen coming out of the water over the beach. Ok, what's real the picture of all right. That's what we do every day off right now he was ass. He was always is already symbol, but saying so, will you go to college? We pay for college, and then you gotta Navy and you can be a seal through this programme- is absolutely big lie like they do like sixteen gas a year, but oh yeah, you can be assured of ok. We let me get this straight, so I go to college, you pay for it. What's this, I get to go in the navy and I can be a seal. Yet our semi upset. I found an artist.
Recruiter, just straight truth for the recruiter yet love. Yes, yes, I Kennedy, I feel a little did I know so you get done with Let's get your commission, you do or to see the end, then you gotta eurobonds, choked buds. That was funny I showed up. So I asked the artists instructor: hey, I'm! U like, what's a process for checking it I just like what should I wear I'll just where you know appropriate civilian, a dire site? I show up to the buds quartered acting like a card shirt. Walk on the quarter, deck in one of the most sadistic instructors possible happened to be sending their. I walk on I hate down here to check like, like the all seeing eye just like glances. They will. He said what a sub checking and buds wearing that, unlike
maybe you could put in for my ya gotta run out my car here. Three minutes a Uniform sun light went on put on my ass. Debbie's came back, probably got when setting itself works as Debbie's views, even those like the The high level of uniform with all the ribbons and all that crap on it and he got it. You know you'll take care of it. So when you take that you wear it down to the ocean and the new jump in the ocean and roll around the sand is not a good deal scenario. The Good NEWS is worth a lot ribbons on there. Yet really so in Europe, of your buzz with life right which people know who live is obviously which school and then you get done with buds. I mean Buzz Buzz. I don't really care about, but he has some funny life stories, though,
talk about my bureau. Second, I get pneumonia in how weak for some through cigarette rollback soared over so on and then and then leaf, transferred and so leave was our was our class leader, and so me, the Delta platoon commander, who one day, you'll hear from and unite. We all went through buds together, but they were both lateral transfers, and so they were senior to me in rank rather already like J G in attendance and not so there's games in Basra, like if you're trying to win so here where we were wise to the games already to try and when in life, if you buy brother is like life is blue, in white with my brother. Lay okay, so here about this one, but he so yeah it's right it's wrong and there's like is. We know we're like knowing bud sir, like if you ain't, cheating, you ain't right and if he got change Reinhard enough amid so, and there is an element of that buds, obviously not completely, but so
in a word, word, porno kinds against any in his book: crews losing because we are just where cheating to win and am he's gettin, so pissed like after the racing after class like aid, in that he finally was started by him, nothing about you. Do you try and that's all. That's all one sided bud right and always cause when I would you buds, they actually told us at least couple instructors, warlike, listen, that's a little saying it's not truth right, the innate they actually said. If you cheating your cheating yourself right, which also and then obviously, then they start say. Look if you guys that are cheating here to get through this training. There really want them in the teams. With you know right. I do want to gather that has achieved two to complete IRAN or swim, negative. Yet I mean that there is. There is a bit like cheating like cutting off the wrong versus like you're in competition. You're not gonna have a guy. Whatever competing hitting a guy in the face of the paddle just that time right, so you get done she,
dont, because you were junior when you get to the tea, went routine, three right right, illegal team, three, but you don't get to go and applying routine three. They cook you up with being a boat unit. Yeah. So no one's gonna know. That is our. I thought. Oh so the deal was an in it. This is changed or at the ears but like when I checked into team three. There is brief period of time. Where was insured. The time decide That third owes inopportune was a bad idea for offshore development since no more third us. So basically, I was faced with being they talk, jockey, or going over to the boat team at least been a charter. Some get some leadership experience. I went over the special bottines, which is part of naval special warfare and Ultimately, when the deploy the deploys part of the task unit and our the task group and It's all integrated and part of you visit Board certified seed
your maritime operation, such as leadership, interdiction, maritime cabotage operations and so the boat unit, which has special boat teams, is Run essentially at the at the leader, level by seals, so the commanding officer. About unity, executor authors are three or seals the boat dead. Oh, I seize the mark Pfizer with more reaching more, are or seal officer, So look as a brand new officer had early satisfactory to deploy in a in the combat zone to lead men and to work with my seal brothers, who were conducting operations in northern living off Yengeese over. The earth is going to sign this up as quickly again Obviously, seals, work on water a lot and we we drive her own little bullets are a little. You know. Twelve foot Zodiac boats with fifty five horsepower motors on him are thirty, five horsepower voters item or whatever, but the you're boats. We don't we don't drivers so. Thing. You know you see any those bigger boards are are driven by these guys that are called there
cold, sweat special warfare combat crewman, which our guys that that they do their boat drivers. I may do they in certain extract us no drop their drop, their boat out of various aircraft it. So it's it's a legit job and they in their. So they do, and so you are in charge of a group of those guys took boats on deployment right. Do they re being Gulf and did what you did over there The reality is not that it's not the dream. For the seal young seal officer to be that to do that. But it's a good. That's good! Often your Georgia, some real, You know right you're when you're on the water- and I tell people- I stop warehouses. This innocent, when you're on the water, it's a real world up could guess some goes wrong when you're in the water and, firstly, drought, good, that's it, you can get loss of all kinds of bad things have happened. So if you know plan right on the water doesn't matter. If this enemy you're, not you got a big giant enemy, it's called the ocean and there I will kill you if you're, not squared away
Actually that's one of the things that make seals good is that we work in the water in the waters of one of the toughest enemies you ve come, so I forget its on unveiling so that wrapped up that come on from that deployment? And now you are What's your team three or you go back to your team three, I guess! Technically and now we form up and you become the Delta platoon Assistant platoon commander check in it. Some workin for the Delta platoon commander, who you you guys arose our breasts. Yet we ve known each other for years, went through buds together and are you guys must have been pretty stoked on that there was coarse gonna, get the bay and back together and Ilsa. Look those two guys had just come off of not the girl this either in terms of the junior officers seal right because they were deployed. And they were the assistant commanders and they were getting stuck with, not soften work rat. You know so that we were spoke to be all right. They were so like, hey now, where the oh, I see, we're not gonna, be the guy stuck back to in the paperwork.
And we're going back together and then we found out you are our task unit. Commander was like cause. We we all knew. We were gonna, be in a position to gather and ass. You together, we do know who are too you. Commander was gonna, be yet and then we're almost there a rumour who we gonna get that we heard this guide jacket was coming over. Ah ha ha ha, you know who I only knew who you were through that, like all other guys like us at all, Jacko that, as do the sky, the awesome ready, like we already had an inkling that like if, if this students can be you commander, we had our best shotgun in combat although we had no idea what was about to happen. Good assessment, yet european, your reputation Great, but you were coming over in that case for being the yeah, Surprisingly, the animals eight Europe, thirteen months with the with the aim of which was a rough tour. In terms of things, Normal seals same think right like to do this right, and I am in your first since I'm just just straight up where do uniform
Go back with this group, so people, don't so people understand in the world when and I don't know what it's like this moment today when I was in the teams- amounts it suiting once he'll team to seal teams. Be adding we're sure I have here right now about thirty five year old man making money doing with a family, I'm allergic to work like all in my office, go on our deserve our resorts and avert jungle boost right. That's it I do that for my whole life right since I was- Kids entails a nineteen year old kid when I got through so I Now I gotta be the apples it and I have to wear uniforms every day, not just one uniform. I have to wear khakis, then why then blues in you're. Just in this constant, uniform end and seals are not good about uniforms not out there just now it's not one of our strong points, and so so that's one of the things that made the job.
Not very fine, but there's a good lesson there right. So here I mean everybody knows you as an incredible leader, awesome seal and yet for this period of time you had to do this job is not to go fuck like united over and be the the seal at the boat right. But do life is for things like that and when you are part of a team, no matter what you do to the best your ability and you didn't awesome job as the admiral's aid, not necessarily what you wanted to do being trident wherein fraud. So I got an email from one of the assistant platoon commanders in Charlie Potu a year ago, and he said he he broke, I'm gonna go, be the aid itself disarm and he was laughing. He goes your email back to me. You said this is going be very hard for you, because you're not good at this kind of thing, and I was pretty good at it, so you can have to work like extra hard to make his appetite with laugh and we both laugh and because you don't.
Talking about here is not a guy that is all over them. The the minutiae, of course he did a great job. Could he stepped up his day? but yeah when you get to TAT, was something you do it and you do the best nobody in, and you know just to continue that story. I have to say this: it was up. It was a pain ass job, it wasn't fund for me, but man did I learn a lot. Did I understand a lot? Did I get to know all the inner workings of of the community because I was there with the guy. You know what the apple in charge of all the seals. I was with him for thirteen I mean all they travel would wake up. Pity we're just at every meeting so it was that it was great learning expire. Is for me and I was approved and he was a great guy he's a great guy and he really cared about the sea will pull to its riches, which is awesome when a guy puts the number one priority. He always talk about. Ok, what's what does Europe do need or how, to this effect, the soup to do so
then we got it, but now you and your first work up right going through work up, gettin get near game on awesome, best time, my life, anyways in the military right now and active duty team to fuel. So this ban just enjoy man in I mean there's other things in life sure, but, like you, can you just can't replace a type it in their stupid stuff? You deal with yes, but trust me enjoy this ban. You won't find anywhere else. Nothin like that, awesome yeah dear. What are you I I talk about the sometimes so one of the scars that you get from the militant from the seal teams is, if you go. If you like to shoot what still oh yeah and you wanna go shooting you have to pay for him. There should be an expensive
I'm serious. I remember times in the seal teams. Where I mean you're, your thumbs are getting. Your forms are literally getting sore from reloading magazines, for days and days you shooting all the all the board you could possibly ever ever ever want to shoot ever you're gonna shoot em all in a week or two weeks in so it's it's so fond so fond. Then you know for us it for those, you don't know, see, go through a workshop protocol on employment, which is now you're working together for the first time. This is when I'm getting to know you guys. You guys know me rocket to know each other where the whole behold unit is But together as a team, where the real bad and forms, and doing super hard training you're here, living together, you're working out together, you're working together, your party together, you eating your meals together, it's just a twenty four seven rock and roll awesomeness, then that's how that's how it that's all you get to know
these guys. That's how you get to know you're you're beauty so the Mikey and another guy word than were the new guys and Appleton one other guy. He saw an active duty you know, I'm just saying there was only three new guys: Neptune yeah yeah. I forget that there are in India in dealt in delta. Needless to say, Delta and Charlie were of snow, we different, dynamic yeah, you as what you a different dynamic different just like people have different personalities, proteins have different personalities and teens have different. Please and making more from change, but Nonetheless, both grateful tunes, pull the ample, it was only you and making one of a guy there. I know the other guy was yeah yeah. They take you guys, we're all the three new guys here. So
It can be a harsh, it's it's! It's a harsh environment to come into winter. When you're, a new guide us adopted, someone zone mighty we're doing we're. Just I don't think we're doing mobility, but we are driving out to the ranges and he's the he's. The Turco right and. I say something to my pay when we're approaching a road, you know you look at your feel the fire and if there's no vehicles, common yo, say clear right, and so he did it wants, needs clear rewrite nor can acquire a hey MA am you got sound off. The driver started DR he's gotta got radio he's got radio need to know what's going on, then you need to sound off and the next intersection Clear rightly said it super loud and ass. I thought to myself wait a second is he? Is he taken a piss out of me as he is he being forecasts with that you right now and now he was not now
He told me I'll be with you. We will, I will add, that's that's where it worked. It the other. One of my other favorite stories about mighty was at his another like new guy related story. Why so you go through. Seek you see, training, close quarters back close quarters battle, whatever its basically shootin in small spaces, taken now buildings, that kind of thing and it's it's it, it's a there's. There's a lot of. Its structure focus only on the mechanics of what you're doing so it's a very it's a very mechanical fang, and if you, if you make mistakes, is not work out there for you by the way, as a new guy? There's tough scrutiny, but the reality is it doesn't matter if your new are not like the watching, we every everybody's gimme watched, you could be a third platoon guy in get can from the platoon Forsake violation in USA, devotion to second another in half a second yeah. It doesn't take much so and what are trying to do is there to put more stress on right back,
They want they want you to handle. The stress of these stressed people out by just you. These little my new details of what you, the writer on and to be honest with you, some of them no matter some. We like that doesn't matter you in, and I know it don't matter cause they the morphine. More time and empty. Your once phase we teach one thing and then later the teaching of their phased I'll teach another thing than later that each nothing. So it's not there's a million different ways to do. And you can argue this one's better bids. It there's a million different ways to do it, but they do They pick whatever they're can choose for that block training is what you're gonna do and and if you want to sit there and argue with from now boy is not going to work out good for you so what I told all the new guys in dealt inch opportunistic Ellison when the instructor cadre he's telling you to do something or you yelling at you or their get on your ass about something you just look out of Anti Roger. That guy's got it Roger that, and these guys, like
Roger that I must say that it did you want to have right is what you get, what you want to be a new guy. That's like I know I don't agree with your attics, their person, that's deployed. You know over fourteen times. No, you know one b that guy, you might think you're. But no? This is what you know. That's not what you wanted. You psychologists erogenous, so we're going through the training, training, great and we're doing really well, our task in its doing great mean oh, but still gathered. Does it make mistakes whatever and finally, the master achieving them for, of course, for electricity, and I were friends of all the contrary, guys cause they're, all our broke from being an teams and one that without the leader die, he comes up to mean he's. Ok, he's hard, but we ask. Is the desire see those hey what's up with this guy? sore, and I was like otter. What would mean what's up he's he's been doing job? What's up, he was every time I told something: always look, I'm using Roger that I go there brother. You know what he's doing
exactly what I told him I'd have literally told them. The only thing I one wanted him to say to you: I wanted you to know that city guys was Roger that and make it up. So we were out there. There was another platoon that was there at the same time the member this they were in and I am pretty sure the chief got canned from but in there he safety, violation and therewith summit, and there was that Talkin back going on right, like a I've, got three deployments under my bell in the others. Grey of humility in that Roger that responded right. That's what it's like! It's it's Roger that I'm open to the correction you have for me. For sure? And so in these guys hymns one? and the others about ceremonies, leading us put two taking a stand for indeed in charge, but same time like there's a humility, respect in that response and he was not doing that and I'm telling you like he screwed some things up and. A tape to review, bore Amabel owning a seat. You review board for the chief of that potent
not our task in it, but it is. They do not play around no end and that's the way it supposed to bless right, because it's in ten more people, don't guess is that you're trying to recreate the intensity of combat as best it can so their creating high stress situations as stressful spots? One leg: is it sometimes creating elements. It aren't necessarily real, but just to Overload you with a number things you have to process under pressure and are you gonna make good decisions under pressure and that right? There is what- ways to combat good decisions under stress and under pressure, yeah yeah in your right, though, about that he merely peace in that was our attitude going through right. You know what I mean between me told me. I don't think there was I'm just right. If there is any instructor contrary that was putting us through right
you don't like it. There are some guys at work. Isn't you don't, but it was it wasn't like there was someone that was just YO had tons more experience and the two of us, and yet we are both Tonia. Yeah, hey sounds good will will make out adjustment because you know what it is. It just happened only on the other day. He would you say, look even do I'm some new, all the all vertical, from a new as an the attitudes prevailed through the task. You two not of hey we're the best we'll have to listen anybody, but hey we're gonna work, as hard as we can we're gonna be the best we can, but where we are open minds, were ready to learn at all times, so fine line between competent and costs, No doubt a bad end. In being humble, you can be confident you can be sure you can be humble and respectful and opened a learning, new things and maybe suppressor which alone there there's no doubt about that so what else do you remember from work up in terms of a your new guy, your check in Yo Tony,
I told him stories of what it was like when we rejected team one, the oil one your new guys. It was a very rough environment to relate to the. What did you think you got to open a new guy. Well, I remembered like literally day for some day, one that I was checking it into the platoon space I got like The conduct of the protein space right now went in and Armenia brand new and ass many protective. My pulteney knows I go I'm walking out of the petitions space making sure the door is locked behind me cause. You know other platoon guys go in and just destroying the gospel teen space and I'm walking down the hallway and rlpo who is goes down to the door and he that he didn't have the combo ready to go see goes hey, hey, what's the combo to the space time like again some wise ass they out. No, if no did know me right how thou Wert it was. Areas like heap he because he was the common space. I like him. I can give it to you.
No is is easy. He shows goddamn help here was the fucking cobbler. The polluted space, like that is what we want to develop into an out and out proceed to walk down. The steps an almighty. Why Isn T just I just met the opium and it was not a good terms. That's it! You entered a bigger, but member were actually warfare. Training in this is like, where you know your cut in the metal. Like you said you get to know each other and here the guys in the petition also trying to figure out with these new guys like or I would have liked. What have we got here. What can we rely on? You know, Anna. So one night ever remember doing a little bit of boxing and it was forced by new guy on new guy. You know and ass revival of the
this. They do in it to an end and then it at times it was just three on every man for himself and it's just your heads on a swivel and its Mikey, the tick in me and we're wailing away and it go in and it's a who's gonna ten you to fight basically right and our everything you know, I'm an officer in these two guys the obviously willing Obama, hey man, I'm gonna, just fight to the bitter end in it was. It was pretty awesome hated. You do jujitsu before God? I do have just enough to bake it that you could, hold your own? I would when I would do the officer cubit. Yes, I didn t- need to keep in mind the grid. You turn on the EAST coast, one thousand, high school and I got in. I got into greasy jujitsu like literally I was already training when the first you have ever met. Raising ensues video and in that
as always, the big shocker for people, because you or do you by far smaller than the other platoon officers, and yet you have that, produce when you have the jujitsu you never Lahti, there wouldn't know even a blue belt I don't even know you well, you apply like our high level White Bell, but it, but to be fair, at the time it was all very new like the world of animated eight is. The latter would have offered a wholly different, as you know, but time like I mean I even went to in high school with my with my instructor, whose it was a teacher, my school, he was into it. So he and I would try in like five in the morning before school leavers him much larger meant it, but thirty two and then we went and did seminars with waste Gracie in upstate New York. We would drive, and now we go out. I got to go to school women again. This is just proof that you did so because he would. I would make these these
officers like we made at five o clock in the morning, and it's ok and I would turn very body, but then I say: ok now you too you to fight to the death. They were just get after, but you, but he was. He was a hundred fifty pounds he's gonna get skies at our two hundred pounds. You they haven't by fifty pounds and taller intolerance, and I just you know, there's no. It's just work. You know you gotta, you gotta know that you did too I am going to in order to say that I will in these are tough guy noisy arrived? That's right! That's right! Like they weren't cabin me, I don't usually tat them choked out certain guy who didn't like that. Much desired. It is a humble big, but you know in anything at that time cause are bigger than me was morbid energy conservation, and so I coming outside where themselves out and then they try getting. Me and then add snake Matthew around there. Buddy Also, remember you, volunteering for the tv show you ass. He had an attitude like you haven't you look like
I can hear someone analyse like no factor what you wanna tell me: bring it that's right, you know you don't see the guys on cops winners, big tough, easy guy on PCB and he gets tasty ripped. The tears ran throws the thing and you just keeps common. That's what Had the look I'm gonna need ideologists, Unities me bring. Let's go, I mean hey, I'm a new guy in the petition right. Am I going to earn my spot right and so summit? somewhere. Somebody had actually woozy opium. He had. He had one of these things there and I was like at an amateur. What like it had these like two modem or you could shoot or you can like put a right up to the guy. You know now, like hey, let's go shooting with a real, I might come on. Let's go and they like door platoon like everybody like met down the back, give, and There may be a video floating around somewhere. This one had the winter barbs those it has noted
he's recite the bar, the hills, the winter bars tap are longer to get through that down coat, yeah and dumb. So when, of course he was like what were you in a t, shirt or just no, sir. I was in a t, shirt and as I go over others, winter barbs work out says like theirs. They go either get ready to do that or wait. Wait. You're? My guys lookin out for me appreciate guys, don't go here, you're put disciple on that's a good idea rights. My provider then like it's gotta, leaves or on a red the laser. Many video like lacking here, guy's going guys are witnessing like nobody's been tastes like what's gonna happen. Rain now write books, so they say: comes out at like forty five degree angle in one like goes into my sternum and the other one below my belly, like so my instantly. The over but all that we can
he's gonna to just those out. He went ridge and thank God we put a mat down. Messrs and he went rigid straight and fell like up brick. Job boom down, and it is so clearly- and I remember this to like it- hits you unlike hits you in that it s by invoke your head. It's gonna grab like you, ve been storm. You been hit my hands, my hands, get like threeg where's the way there by attacking the electors freezes the body, so my hands are kind of like stuck in front of my chest, my admin as in tempted to grab the spot Go over and they turn the thing off and then they go to get these things out: somebody's gotta pair players and bob. I remember they don't really need. Prime minister must dislodged show like me, went into the muscle like because, like I remember, ripping in coming free, but not frequent? It was, but it was still beneath the skin and advantages like just rip it. This is the teams.
This is what makes the team so fire one day open work you used volunteer to get taste and you're gonna get some the best thing you can do is just volunteer in a situation like that, you know and respect her come on. Let's go the brilliant and then the girl right now. You know why you did the right thing. It didn't work out soon. I think more downgrade the Erika. So we get worse. We get down to work up and and go and appointed and get on the planet, and we found out what two weeks before you guys wrong leave when we found out we're gonna Ahmadi instead of we're originally supposed to go, which was in Iraq, but we knew I mean I knew remedy was gonna, be the best place to deploy, do an Which Europe over there and what was cool, I thought about with with that deployment, is The way we task organised in every basically every
leader got their own element. The idea and put you guys, It was like, oh yeah, you know you been working for this and we ve been all but no you're going out on your own dear. You you're a charge and I was that was Osman and that's what made me you're good was that when we were in the work up- and we made you guys, run operations, even though your new guys and made you put you in pressure situations and put you in charge of ground force commander, while you were in a most troop, did do that I will, but I knew that there was a possibility and, furthermore, what happens? If you know but commander gets killed. What happens if I get killed near the got any. Are we able step up and run stuff, and so we did that through the chain of command- and we did- I will admit to this We made sure that we had rushed the work up and NATO. Ok. We ve dominated ok, now we'll start train and the new guys up on how to lead in that was. That was important because it's you wanna do well in the workout you want. You could have where you reputation as a task into comes from his how well you do going through these very strange
that's why we earned on the spot to be only go to Iraq great because the thing is is that some guys are going elsewhere The end and you're all via look coming. You're all via because you want to go to combat in some guys, are going someplace else, not in Iraq and dumb. You know, I'd say it, but that's not where I was really wanted to go nothing to say about that? If you are in this you'll teams, you want to go to war, this rigorous do it is right. We all want to go to war as we're fine, for we were competing there. Three Gascon, as we are competing as a task unit to get top spot to the most dangerous place and ass. We're gonna go not turn out to be remedy now, but he went on. I work out too leadership perspective- and I remember you not everybody made it through the work of these guys were Cutlass safety issues, not stepping up not leading like pushing that leadership, opportunity down the junior officer, whatever not stepping up or doing something unsafe or just not having what it took an dumb. You know- and you know this from a leadership
perspective, you have to be willing to make that hard decision and reality. I know you may have talked about it when have given everybody that guy every opportunity evaluated and you ve kept notes in you, ve tried to train and you try to correct it's not hard discern right, you're. Actually, the commodore- I don't know if you were there with Commodore asked me we're on deployment, and he was you know: hey a job is in front of her. What is washing terrorism for the leadership he says? Hey how will the guys at work work up, maybe weren't performing up to par? How are they doing over here now, like sir they're? Not in this task is not here, but I shall be. They did make it yes right. They ve been removed. This right, so yachts, great point and again it's hard thing to do, because you can. You read, we really reckon someone's life will think about it right. So this is a guy who is who so there's guy who's, an officer rights. Your I mean.
It really would like glass roof, but it's hard to get spot Yoda, but does not serve as very competitive the guy's, an officer who got a spot. You gotta buds, made it through buds, which is hard made. The rescue t got to put in. This guy's not slouch physically. You mean like this is not. This is not some loser you know, this is a guy who need great american right patriotic. That's rouse him. That's right! The great guy who stepped up Who made it through something that many many other men could not make it through and had to make a hard decision? You know on your part, with the Delta platoon commander, to not have this guy continue with us, and So if that can happen, even within the ceilings way, those because there were listening right, I mean, don't you think, that's all
so possible that, within your organization, you may have to make some kind of decision. We also have to make that decision in the seal teams were not exempt from making that decision yeah and also very much like the civilian sector. You know, there's hr, basically in the military, there's a doctor's there's human resource department. You can't just walk down like this garment fire. No, ok! Well, what have you council them has UK the work on him. Does he know that Davy verbally have written? It's all these things as where he went through the whole procedure and you know, There is an extreme case. Of course you can, you can make it happen, but it's gonna cost you a little bit of political capital because, honestly, I'm your boss and you come to me and say hey what fire this guy and I say, ok, why? Well I don't I dont you he's not doing a job anymore, and I say: ok did you, council? No nine. Yep and we're fire anyway. That's gonna, cautious and political. Ok, I'm actually look at you. Ve always wanted to train. This got yeah you as a leader. What did she stepped up and train this guy? What what are you doing that? Because it can be a cop out right, hey if
too lazy to train men were then you're coming out of me but if you ve done all those things is leader and you can really document then see that they are still not performing. Then the next leadership precision is time, Are we really is? I mean that really is one of the best things about the seal teams is, is when you raise in your guys up when you, when you're teaching, guys, which you know and you're saying, hey man, that's what you need to do here here's a tears! The way this works! Here's! What you did over here is what you should do you that's just That's your bet. You're legacy. That's your leave behind. This is hey. This is what I learned and I want to teach. It is many guises again that's what you're trying to do. So if your life you're not doing that, that's jacked up, you know best jacket. It is the same thing: the civilian sector, you don't here's a good one. I was working and we work for companies and I was working in the company of the day and they got a guy who's. Sort of you know. Oh well. Well, maybe he's not the best mentor right, but he wants to get promoted.
Of course, because everyone promoted so this guy Moscow promoted and their China they haven't, had Luxor. Look you gotta, be a mentor. Gotta lead, you gotta, be a better leader. You got a brace people up and I guess you don't talk the talk to the boss. I said well ask in this question yet you know what I definitely Looking forward to promoting you gimme the three names of people that you are prepared to. Take your position right, goose, egg! right after we goose excursion, hasn't done that that's right, so that a key component, you know you definitely want to. You want to be as a leader. You should be looking for replacement all the time and I, with with with way for it with a dull drink matter? I one of those guys we'll do my job, that's my! we'll go, and I wanted you to be I'll. Do my job. I'll take it by the time we were not appointed the everyone very much good do my job so that that was a success for me could guess what that allow me to do. Want deployment, look, look up and doubt and figure out what to do next, extend all that other stuff. So that's it.
You go from a leadership perspective for sure and, as you just pointed out, when you get to a situation, you ve done the coaching. You ve done the mentoring. You ve done the counselling you ve written you ve, set the expectation you have a personal stalls and cotton. The mustard you gotta go not Is it then we will have to be loyal. People get mixed up to loyalty component because you form of his voice. We just talked about our about there's big relationship with all these people. Well, guess what you ever wasteful president you're about to far too, but then the King becomes. Are you gonna be? oil to that individual or you be loyal to the team's you're hurting me. Tell you right, yeah, that's exactly right! It's the team! So that's that we were not appointed with a strong budget papers, are right. So we get on employment. We? U you guys, we kind of anything in some tony I talk about, we were task organ. As we change, that we changed it on affair,
the regular basic aid. We know what we this areas get hot need more guys over there and we would just kind of his lot to do. There is a lot to do a lot of work to be done with a lot lot of bad guys. When you, when you look back at your kind of sonar, yonder first combat appointed what was the thing that struck you as day like ok, this is what causes tat people Ask me that, like the first firefight I got in while my first employment to Iraq and honestly I was ok. I felt like I was a hundred percent. Prepare I agree completely and also ok, go hey guys chip. You know it s very simple, very straightforward, so some guy said to me one time in this: is it out a guy and said you just gotta seems to me that the systems, you guys do stress, inoculation, really well, and so I would say yes because that's does exactly my saint first firefighter got in I like no big deal and you look. You know with around to close right like you know, it sounds like an
were and are really close, and it's no big deal by the way it's. Really very loud when their shooting at you write giving you hear certain sound, but that of course, is far manoeuvring. The loud, but that's awesome, issues like every drove ever done and it was no big deal. It was just it was almost habit at that point you knew exactly the nor so no big deal than the first the first time I went out in a wholly in remedies. We keep in mind like said in the introduction. We got there- guys we're getting. I e deed and killed every single day every day the message traffic came over and it was Kay I you know eighty. So first humvee right, I go out in animals now, the window and by the way, like you care, really these windows down his you in you, don't want to roll these windows down by their role, proof windows right. You wanna, keep up right and you know
So, like you actually can't shoot back. If you want to write, the only guy can shoot back his return Gunnar and for the first like I would just a minute and a half I was like wincing I was like waiting for this clacked, but do you know and then. Finally, I, like you, know what there's nothing I can do about it And I literally let it go right, then, so that was that that was like as a strong memory, like I remember, even for all the training and again the first firefight was no big deal and but driving down in a home. The sitting in the back completely helpless, I mean you have two choices in life. Is a lot like this. You can sit there and worry your self away about it or is it the serious action? Is a decision or just go? You know what years ago,
I can't control. Songs can be ready. So what's my time to bust out this door, do whatever we gotta do to do me, the action draw or whatever I'm ready and the rest of it. You just like, oh you like a cause. Anything else is not effective. Yeah, you you're, not you're, not yet it's not only just are you worried, but are you you're actually doing things? Bad you're obviously be negative near I think you have things that you shouldn't be thinking about. It is not helping you, it's not help in your team, so I like that, just just a kind of some of what you said you and remedy for six month. You're scared for about a minute. In thirty seconds the latter like eyes and whatever that's the attitude that I think that's the best I dont know if this is the right thing to say or not, but to accept the fact. There's things you can control that you cannot control and that one of those things is you know, but I d a sniper What I mean now, there's things you can do to influence, because guess what we do training we prepare were keeping our.
His peeled we're taking root, so we know have been cleared. The best of our ability we're we're we're on the streets were moving, we're moving covered over we're doing everything that we can, but guess what it don't matter, you can do everything right and a man and you can see. Blown up. You can still get shot, that's the way it is so If you sit around and just think about that all the time it's just gonna drive you crazy, wanted and number two is going to make. You do your job worse, the extremely less aggressive- and I think you have to stay to stay alive. You you wanna, be aggressive, you wanna, be you know what you will go to make that happen. Oh there at their doors if you're gonna get out- and you know what gets ground- I mean- that's just the type of thing that mindset it's a mindset that wind said: that's it it's the winning mindset and if your goals to win, then you have to recognize certain thought. Processes are not effective and aid take away from your ability to win any loss of. U will get worried about that kind of thing right, so you just
It's about you. I want to win a guess at any one time. Pay ya. Do you think you think fear is, is a useful emotion. I thought about recycling, never lots of different people, talk about fear and NEO snapped, and I would say for maybe I'll changes one day, but right now. This is where I come to one fear, maybe for the cave, men whose walking through the jungle and they get attacked by the Sabre to Tiger in that fear, that fight or flight response is enough to make him react in a moment in order to avoid being slashed by the tiger, but other than that fear was not effective in battle, because you do not make good decisions when acting in fear and you, you have a better chance of survival. You make better decisions, a better chance of winning in defeating in crushing the enemy. When you remained calm, may do due to brighten, observe Orient decide act. Yeah I've gotta get asked to ivy, obviously get asked about fear a lot.
And yet I would say, look fears the firs, not a bad thing, because its that makes you go we're going to be ready? The thing that makes your horse it's a thing that makes you say, ok cause and for me the key in the feed there wasn't about the fear of get killed, get blown up. The fear was always about I want. I want do bad job, I'm gonna wanna make a bad decision. There are two euro leadership position. That is the heaviest fear that you have is I make a mistake. My team does something that doesn't doesn't bridge already the prom upon us as a union. By that I mean, doesn't do a good job like you you're just I don't even know where that comes from its just want to do a good job and the fear is hey.
But don't do anything that gets my guys. Her regular hoped don't do anything that a bad decision it makes that does that hurts a strategically as a nation, those the to fears that I think that your hearst make you practice make you reinforce, make you aware of what's happening, but you can't what you can't do I mean for me, if fear is make me aggressive like oh, I think this guy's gonna go to Do something we call I'm afraid of him commoner attack and I'm gonna kill you. We'll take em out, I'm gonna do something you don't actually see that time. It yours, you that never made to wear when you see someone happened, somebody where they get a little bit, they get a look at rocked or something if they, if they let that fear, make them back off and go into a defensive mode. It's exactly what you just said. If it makes you into a defensive mode, it's getting you're good at the person could cause man. You could smell that. That's right! You can smell that. So when I think the reactionary years ago. I'm afraid right now, common. I have to attack
like, oh, I don't feel comfortable about where the this moving right. Our whereby squad is moving right now. I don't think it's good think coup homage to attack mistakes. I groundwater maneuver! That's why healthy? yes! It that's all fear that that's healthy, but you're, also trained and prepared mentally. For that kind of thing, most people when they start acting in fear they start making porters, oh yeah plane. So I do not, since it's like hey, get over your fears, because you have to recognise that when you're acting in fear, you have a less desirable outcome, then, if you can get over it calm down sip, you know observe, or it is active in no doubt about it all right. What about what about just plain leadership challenges I mean here we are sit. Stressful deployment was. It was the most dreadful deployment that anybody had up until that point in Iraq, then even Talkin to you, know the Vietnam guys this was a stressful to put a very stressful deployment,
in the amount of combat that was happening or urban combat up examined so fast? Yet so, but with no leadership perspective, what did you want? Anything that you didn't mixed? ACT was already lesson that got confirmed yeah. So in it's funny, because you know over time in the deployment you really mature, even in a short amount of time- and I cannot give you a quick, Quick story, so is it was one of my last ops before I left country and there another unit that had come into kind of partner up with us and we went to the shop and so the officer in that unit who's, a good friend of mine by the way was it might have been his second combat off right and I've been on only the know. How many that point and out so we did this operation and in
of some army units and does so we're sitting in this position and so like classic blunder. The army guy who sit there is on the roof top any spoken. A cigarette like like the classic world were to sniper victim smoking. A cigarette trail of smoke going up and down I mean this classic I mean single sniper, shot shoots him and it it just.
I mean it missus his face. Welcome this, why it took his early life right round cracks in the wall behind us. That's it immediately. Everybody just by law like just unloads, firefight, right and dots, who were coronet of after the sky is a kind of its cut him pretty good in traffic through many more fire. Whatever the situation is so so this guy's like well, I'm ok, so Tom, because Europe and get out here is a quality. I think I might rethink what did what else? Do you think is Are we going to come from this and you know I mean I probably would have thought hey. Maybe we can still get something from this. It was my first or second reproduce. Just clear. Like I mean at this point, Emily we ve already- we already got a lotta guys her on this deployment have already lost mark. If you have a gas tables already the shots. This point so.
You have to weigh like what. What more are you going to gain? I mean first of all, this guy. Just this sniper just got easy don. This guy I mean in by the grace of God. He is still alive and we've shot like. So what else is going to happen I mean there either he's gonna set up and get a better position or get another shot, but they certainly aren't gonna. Do anything. We certainly are going to see anything, but they don't want us to see at this point so the battlefield is lost. I mean this up. Is it's over it's it's time to Porthos ago, so they re the army, Cayman, busted out a swamp, the fight it gives us Now the burning brightly fighting but innovation is sort of like a quick is obvious. It's obvious to me at that point. In Ireland Monday morning come you know, quarterback, ten years later, as explaining this, like anyways, losing oh yeah, obviously time to go right, but you know what you're an opposition. Ngos are still trying to get after it and are still things going on out there. You might think. Well, maybe they're still something we can do here, yeah in by the way that there were other times
similar situations happen, a different decisions were made and they worked outbreak. You know, and so I think your overall statement is, like you gained perspective right over time. The look at things from me from a better perspective from right. Higher attitude from the lack of a better way said, you must understand what happened on the battlefield more definitely something that if people are listening and is something that they want to become aware its if it's something that you can actually Acta, because that perspective, it can be gained through time and experience, but it can also be gained. I d catchment insane. Ok, what am I really doing here right now? What are we really going to gain and You can make a faster progress.
Down. The line to have to make good judgment calls based on not just experienced but just on knowledge and in trying to capture the right perspective at the right time, plus a big tactic for that for those guys with sullied the evolving and and happened after we left so is there anything else that you start that. You learned again that you didn't expect
or that was useful for you from a leadership perspective Jaso. You know I found myself in a position loud times of colors stitching the put even it put instead together. You know, because in an intense situation, guy sort out different opinions about things you know they do indeed, and so so. On this point I was not the protein commander right. My good friend was the pudding commander and when Europe's issue we should be making our hard decisions and matter but always agrees with the decision that gets made and so a lot of times. The role I needed to fill was to back my putting commander and continue to keep the platoon together behind putting comment
cuz. He had he was how to make some hard decisions. So sometimes it was. Do you know sometime, you know she look. I would just emailed you would give to. You is that you may be in a role in a company and organization where the best thing you can do to be part of the team is to help keep the team on focus for the mission in that might mean you know, spend some time with one or two guys who are over here. Haven't disagreement about the decision or which weigh things are good, it truly one of the best ways that you end up having to do that or doing that is number he built the relationships of the gas crisis. They know and trust you number two year, platoon commander, got a lot of stuff on his plate right and so what easy easiest things for him to cut short is
the guise of of explaining eight years. Why this going on here is how why this so you as the intermediaries and ok, I know what he's doing runaways making citizens. Let me explain this down the chain of command the trade and that so helpful, so helpful and when got guys inopportune or any organisation a high performing a realisation that are really strong wills and have strong appeal Hence in and by the way, are an intelligent and can make really articulate points is too widely on agree with something you know it, my role in that situation was to ensure that mission success continue to happen, that we were so effective as a unit, and that met me kind of behind the scenes to keep, keeps him guys on board and it's interesting of sure people live noted this already. But when you said there these different people inside opportune- I mean just if you listen to the park gas that I just where did with retired Senor chief Tonia Friday in you. You guys personalities are are very, very different, very, very different and that's
some of what you get in the soup and you know what That is somewhat didn't soup to its of what you get any any organization. There's no clones, there's not people being turned out. You can have the same background, they can go to the same school, they can have the same level experience. They can be totally different people, that's the way, does not always unsealed hymns. That's weight is never organizations are lower, so good regularly. I guess it think differently that you have problems differently. Yes, but I liked the fat. Of what you're saying is you had to be you found herself in the role of ok. You know what I can to make sure that the guy's understand where the tune commanders coming from, with the got that, if there's something that actually make sense. I gotta bring it back to committee to look at this. Isn't one of the guys euro complaining something here's the legitimate point, that's being made right in Did you guys can have that such discussion maybe brings in one of those guys are what they would tell me what you're talkin about here and then you guys can move forward and come up with the best possible plan but yeah as a
peacemaker for all practical purposes is, is what's his where you, what you end up being Edna, you know before what the one of their peacemakers needed. Cuz. It wasn't a lot of peace over their non lot of peace. It is one of the stories. I think that little Mikey story, that kind of shows you. The level of violence that was happening in robotic, so I came to visit you guys I was, I was on the other side remedy in and the guys from Delta. First, a small section guys dealt in an ovum ended up on the on the east Zuyder a body with the first, the five or six band brothers. M outstanding unit amazing guys to a man. And with an amazing commander, but so dealt opportune, ended up over there well any waste
I don't over to two visit. Go go. Do some office with them and see what's going on? And when I showed up, I showed up it, and this was a few- is probably like a month and a half in, because the guys had taken over some crappy building and full mental reacted well jacket and had built it out Fm J, so you guys seen the movie for mental jacket. That's the scene in the movie, where these guys, these buildings were all blown out. Well, this building, where not not just the seals, A bunch of guys Army, Guys in this building and it was all blown out- and it looked like this- also. There was also another tat when we first got in there. The first when we first went out there, it was dirt, is the return floors. Rice, mosquitoes everywhere, you isn't told, do just horrible, and now. Some time had passed in the guise, of course,
you put seal somewhere digging two thousand stuff. It isn't a c b that we had its awesome bees. We all my gosh disease, we had were phenomenal and we don't but see bees artwork their sort of a yacht navies version of engineers and their. Therefore, for now equally hard workers and accrue that we had with us in your body that was dealt with. We. They were part of our task. You too, they were just told you hard trousers and bus there ass and make stuff happens. Survey had the any other The other thing I have to do in your city is: you have to learn to acquire thing, because there is a lack of things hog as it. So you good see, Beacon come up with. Let's call it. You know a hunter and twenty sheets of four by plywood right that our master or sea mass receive. Yes, yes, but we got there did they had they had these racks built out for us in this blown out concrete, thing they had like shells, snares they go to. The upper duty was ass. It was
they take their debts. Radon is taken in just built the like into these. Basically, small plywood condominium side, and- I saw I showed up there. One time and it. When I get out- and you know the foods made of give me a little debrief on stuff and just kind of tell me how things are going and then one says: hey did you see my keys? Video? Can I go? I go. No neo go go see, might use. Video and so I got myself figel his rooms back. There is room say on all met my keys power three, I I would great story about like his palace by the way so go ahead. Without a mighty specificity of the sea. That built did these awesome, plywood paradise for us, and so
your people, sleep, we receive all different times right. I mean daytime night him whatever, because the obstacles so intense and so every was totally blacked out, and I got like an odd sleeping styling. I can well as a more rat. We know we have slightly different cycle, so my he had a different cycle like everybody would be asleep and I would be awakened back. I always could find Mikey awake in me so you go and you go in. He was on the ground floor and see you go down. Any was pitch black feel your way through all these banks. And then you go down around this corner down the hallway and make a sharp right an up, and then maybe this faint Glow coming from my Keys palace and some Mikey's bunk was the last one up against the wall, and there was like an extra like three feet between his bunk in the water sway like the way it worked out, and so he had like this. Tapestries, it is family, had sent him hanging from the wall and I need help
Poncho line is all hung out blocking the whole thing out and so was all dart using his little cave in you go back in there, and I are gonna worry gonna, be an extra pillows on his bunk and, like he added his laptop like rigged as like a tv screen, the always you watch movies always had all kinds of GDP Benda. I go back in there and I go in a glow from my keys. Passe go back in there and we just seventy amen you once you have beef jerky that sodas he'd have like raw? its raw materials and eat. Always how you like this heating element was like you. Plug into the wall, came in India Cook up the heating element boiling water right there with IRAN. I can- and I was hungry and though- and I could get down there to make you pass a new again get some grub and unite, hang out, watch movies, and so. And now he's always up weird hours like man I'll just go mad, he edges yeah, it was called pictures, posters- hang it on the wall. He had that thing. Direct out with. Yes
yeah. So these guys are like hey gave. You seem like a movie and I go. No single will go back to make his palace and check it out, and so I make my way back There seemed regular email. You were back through the dark at the headlamp on, even though its noon or something outside, but the places blacked out anyway. They get back there and I'm like mighty in and he didn't know. I was that I was at corregidor, you don't you so he was just email, eight university, like hopped you're, whenever it a very I'm gonna, make it sound to extreme but he was surprised to see the command right. But anyway, I like MIKE always agreed on these. All chill and eyes, Let me see your movie man and he gets a smile IRAN is. This must be addressed in so many ways breaks out. His camera showed me the movie on the camera. Riper, it's got volume and I'm sit and watch. It anyway The movie is it's a big firefight going on it's just there's. This is a big bad firefight. Does machine gun fire going off
and these literally stick in his hand up with the camera above a rooftop at his film, and you can see stuff didn't shod whatever and then the funny part, as he brings the camera downy still hiding in this rooftop any points the care brought himself and area of remedy that their work in there's a place called the MILAN District and, like me, the things in the military it had taken on its own little wife, its own little legend, the MILAN District and Mikey points a camera himself and he says the moon, LA baby, and I was really funny and. The target and watch, and of course, I'm still, you know MR big bad Jacko and Can I get a Washington I go? I re mighty. Listen brow will you're out there. You should be found. The stuff you need to be under gonna mean that's just gases. What you need to be doing needed to get on your garden and you need to keep shoot. You need him,
but not specify any looks of any kind of sheepishly in oxy fell back. He goes yours he's. Ok, Sir I was out. I am, I started laughing gazettes problem. Eight hundred rounds, Masion Sate and more probably problem. One, probably twelve hundred just a massive amount machine gun rounds it he had gone through and he had shot them all. That's Winchester means means you'd shot. You had nothing left and he said you know, sir I'm sorry, sir, I was I was Winchester started laughing old like well. If you were just makes a good move, does my brother got after? So that's another good mighty story so.
You actually ended up going home early from deployment and because you had another kid on the way, the gutter he at anything is its. I caught him in hindsight, twenty twenty men, you know when win and when the stuff goes like this, we had point, we knew that that was gonna, be the end of the deployment is, was a call you know, use go back would be with the advon for the real
And so that we support the plan from day one basic with Michael, because my first son had been born on my last appointed so as it was in and by the way, so start heading back what gives birth early anyway? So there you go to deployments two kids, not their common story for a lot of military gas people. When I am in a match, like you have been there for you for either your kids, a wife she's a cheaper, but she was run out of steam. So it was cool. Gotta go back at least try to be there, but gunners always been in a hurry, so he came early and then yeah went back sir, how to redeploy ends or by that he means we're. Some guy comes home from deployment over early to start basically prepare for us to come home get ready for all the administrative stuff it's gonna take place and Andrew was that guy knows it got up, and then there was like three other guys it like a week later came the elevator was it was? You know
Here the end, but a tough but a tough call anyway, and then I mean I remember where I was when when I got the word so you know I was back at the team and I was I was actually chatting with dealt obtained Commander Visa method that we use and he on Sunday they were gone out and an army I distinctly remember gone or I may get some get some for me. You know I was home. I was home, I got the call it like twelve thirty at night our top level, and so I knew right away. That was one of our ass. They wouldn't know nothin.
Or that in over the phone specifically, but I knew because I had just talk to our guys. You know ass. I can't mice I write raised in two zero. The college says common work yet get to work so an admittedly I'm a little frantic. You know, because these are my brothers, you know and I'm not there, that's really hard yo. You can have some survivors guilt over that kind of thing you you know it seems like hey look. We got this deployments basically over and go back thinking, you're, making the right decision trying to balance stuff with your family and then for that to happen, and you know he's one of my guys he's one of my guys
and I wasn't there and are that's hard yields been almost ten years now and time helps to heal those kinds of things. But I had a lot of guilt over that, and so anyway, you kind of figure out. What's going on, I get the brief and figure out what is so stopping okay. So now it's now it's a race for the, because I don't know. I mean look here too, that we live in a twenty four slash: seven news world and it's a race to notify the family before they find out through some other means. And that he can look up in Orange county. So we start assembling a team and you know admirals and Commodores are involved and it looked. This is the second guy. We have not lost seals in Iraq. To this point, Mark and MIKE Del Sol
Yes, who's, gonna go up, didn't verification, and I mean like I had like dig my heels like listen. This is my guy I'm going and it was at first like and those like none in an ongoing and think- God I did then because mean I wouldn't have any other way. We're racing we put put the gas together through the blue zone would drive up and down in a lukewarm we when we got to make his family's house you look it all they wanted was to talk to somebody who knew Mikey and the other forgot we're standing. There did no didn't server them, didn't work up with them into play with them, and- In this grand scheme of God's plan, I have to ask you know we pulled over before porn up the opponents house and put on her blues. I I thought to myself. Ok that we are about to give the worst possible needs to two apparent that their kid is dead,
and I remember thinking you know- God just to use me right now. I don't know why I'm here in this timing, but just work work through me. Just use me, you know, so we knocked on their Doorn and now, MRS months or looked out, and she later knew. You know that we I mean she took a few minutes to get to the door. She looked out and saw five men sent in their blues. So that was very hard. You know you go in, and obviously families upset you're doing the best you can to keep it together. I mean for me this was my guy. This was my brother and unseen and their given them the news and trying to keep it together myself and here the the
news is at one by one. They serve looked around and say what did anybody know making us like tat? I knew Mikey his mind, and so they, you know, politely, ask everybody to leave, but wanted me to stay and just talk about the deployment tell stories about Mikey what it was like. What was going on in you know. I want to up the monsters are an unbelievable family and I totally one respect their privacy outside my family. And they're just they just been so amazingly humble and gracious through this whole thing- and I just don't want to sit here and tell stories about about them right. I don't want to do it one in it
let it go book. The only the only thing I'll say about this again out of disrespect for the Montour family is what, when you just said about about you telling them what the point was like well and talking to them, one of the things that they said was there impression of the deployment. So so, like I said, and you guys avert stores by reminding you can go and you can go on Youtube and just put remedy two thousand. You will see what Romani was like. That's our motto is like, and it was incredibly violent and crazy, and these guys, Charlie adopting were in the thick of it in the thick of it. All almost daily basis and arrest, the building that up is because,
as the emails that might lights at home to his family. Were oh yeah, I haven't found not much going on here. Don't worry about me, we're just training. Some Iraqis. Don't worry about me or just we're just trying to work. The infrastructure, don't worry about me, it's all good here, I'll be home and a little bit now those kind of emails that he is sending home in order to make sure that family wasn't word about right and it shows you will kind of a guy that Mikey was so so Any is there anything else again without without going into. Your personal. You know your personal interactions with this incredible family, that you want to say, and maybe from the perspective of.
As much as I hate to say. This is me other people do this job being this person that does the notification. Is there anything else that you could give advice to people that have to do this job or if they, if there ever befalls people that are you. We get a lot and you will get a lot of brick lot of military guys that reach out to me all the time better, active duty that are doing the work and any thing it strikes. You is something that you learn from this experience. Here's an alarm
is the worst thing I've ever done in my life and the worst thing and combat itself was a piece of cake. Compared to this I would love to go back to combat any issues or concerns, or anything from my military service was completely centred around. This is an extremely heavy burden to bear. So if you are ever in this position, I don't have any good advice for you, there's nothing. You can do to prepare yourself for that. This type of situation, the only thing I could tell you- is reach out to gas. You done it before. I will gladly talk you through it, because one of the best sounds that I've found for this kind of pain is hanging out with your brothers and spend time with them. I will always have time, for someone is heading.
The echo always call me, let's go out was hang out. I won't suggest Rincon a beer, but a fierce which want to do, will do it, but the bottom line is that just the intimacy of being around and other guys been, there is very comforting, and so you know when you go through stressful situation like this. Do not isolate yourself. There are other guys who have been through this, and in a true brother will be, will be willing to take the time for you I'll find time for you, no matter what about how busy I am, and so I just want to be a resource. I'd know that there are so many hours in the day, but if you're going through something, if you ve gone through, something like this reach out to your brother's, find a connection to another military guy, because nobody can understand it like another military guy and as part of the stress of it. Part of the stress of it is that you don't feel like you can possibly explain what you're dealing with the anybody else. There's no way they could possibly understand comprehended, but another guys been to combat. Can we
sit in the room next to each other. Even if we sat there and said nothing, we would get each other, and so you got reach out to each other. Do not isolate. That's that's great advice. Naturally, or one thing, that's very onerous, and to me is that are already mails from guys and that their basically doing that they're gonna do that right. Now with us there's some of those guys out there that are better going. Ok, they are in the messages yeah I mean the military guys had been through this kind of stuff. Before again, I was ever cake. I never came home from my guys. You know there was another kind of. Another kind of misery. I guess it does no you're just sending people home thoughtful. But you don't isolate yourself, talk to your brother's, find him and tell him what you think about.
And this is awesome right- because Twitter and Facebook and messages like this year, we can counter reconnect. You know we can kind of talk about doing some cool stuff together. Whether it's too jitsu run in a bad ass rays are doing something to challenge you physically or mentally. We all can gonna give ourselves a electronic high five. You know through something bad ass, yours he'll do today, and you know it yours everything to transition man, man, so so so so we saw that happens, I'm home and in February two thousand and seven I get off active duty and eggs over those either don't track in the calendar here mighty died number twenty, nine thousand six that whole thing on folds we got home, I got I was the last boy, the last group to leave and we left remedy October twenty first, took us couple days to get home, but now we're home we get post appointment, leave we re
some. While do post deployment kind of debrief types up, then we get post deployment leave so now you're talk, its December! All the sun December. You know act over its November. Snouts, disagree thanks giving Nelson's December boom, and so not much time has gone by its impact in February you're getting out of him gone and that war machine keeps cranking by the way, so the guys are back to write another platoon they're doing pre deployment work at whatever dude, whatever it just keeps on cranking and and then poof, I'm out of the Navy, and I jump right into the mortgage business cuz. You know nothing like it. The transition from the seal teams in the battlefield, a remedy to dual thirty year, fixed mortgages and its in its two thousand, and seven now you are you actually weren't doing fixed mortgages for thirty years yet the mortgage industry. For those of you that don't know the mortgage industry in two thousand seven was a place where a lot of people were making a ton of money,
was about all come to a screen. I was not making a ton of money. I would just like to add. I was brand new right, so I leave the steady too weak paycheck Brotherhood and a job. I wanted to do my entire adult life at that point and had just can grow deployment and get the more it now did that I need to be home and by the way is much of the struggle was to get out and I really my heart was truly torn into opposite directions. Men. I looked back in the last nine ten years that I have had the opportunity to raise in shape my two young boys to be the young men at their becoming have been absolutely priceless. And but knows what I found myself February sit in the quiet office of a mortgage office. It like
six thirty in the morning possessed how I role, I got a key, I'm gonna get in there. I M a figure it out and unknown for guys are shown up. Like nine, you know, I'm in a region guideline books front I just now: I've nope have no paycheck of no income, and so then it got rough. I started to struggle of struggling financially for one thing: unfurling emotionally a struggling and bill, new relationships, Andy no kind of like little bit of a chip on the shoulder and a sort of a little bit of an attitude from combat to try to build relationships in the civilian world, and I was tough
me there were mornings. I sat there quietly and by the way that picture that you talked about the beginning of this year. I have that, hang it on my warm. I look out at every single day, and one of the things that continue to drive me and for military guys were listening is corny. This may sound. The legacy of my brothers is: what drives me the opportunity to help. My fellow veterans drives me because I'm your dune mortgages yeah, not super, exciting ripe. I sat there quietly trying to figure it out. I all
I got divorced. I lost the house to foreclosure or short sold another house there's a time when I looked over. My young son gunner is a sleeping on the floor. I got no furniture in the house, the house that's days from it's already been foreclosed and it's days away from the sheriff coming to say get out, and that drives me and I think about Mikey and the sacrifice that Mikey and Mark made and it drives me because they made a sacrifice and in some ways this is
This is bad talk right here. In some ways I beat myself up that I wasn't on the roof that day with Mikey, because I was my put in and I came home early for my son and then I think well, I I had on that roof. Maybe I could have been me and then they wouldn't be a father there to raise Gunnar and restricting into the next generation of warriors and either way the sacrifice it mighty made. He made that so that I could live, and I have an obligation to use every ounce of my ability to use my mind in my body and mind right and my determination to fight and kick in scratch every single day to honour his legacy, to build into mentor young men to help my fellow veterans and to make this country a greater country and all of those things
The more I do. The more I feel like I can honour Mikey in his legacy and to do anything else would be too slight. The great sacrifice it he made and so thick your brother's if you're an altar and you're out now, if you think your brush honour them Andrew, you know we're having dinner of actual. You have dinner at the christening of The? U S! S Michaelmas sore awesome ship and you were going to that situation and you just kind of rabbit off just now like a one. No big thing: writing your keys sleeping on the floor. As you have no bed, no furniture you by the way that that pay check you been accustomed again for whatever five years in them in the Navy, is God we you, go to the military after five years. You get anything, you get nothing, so you have no paycheck comment
but there's no salary in the mortgage industry gray. So it's all a hundred percent commission. Your son is sleeping on the floor because you have no furniture. You foreclose on one house, you short sold another house and you're about to get evicted. That's your life at this point right, not too many. In the back your mind or in the front in your mind, you got this thought that Mikey died and you weren't there right. How did you look
it all that and shrugged her shoulders grit, your teeth, I'd say: I'm gonna, kick this things ass. Where did you start at the very bottom I'd like to think I bounced, because I hit so hard, never give up the legacy of my teammates. I mean here's the deal I think about guys at are committing suicide. Today or thinking about committing suicide and think about this, do you want to give that nasty enemy, even one more victory, fuck
them. I going going to win because I am not going to let them defeat me and I look at my boys. I prayed alot more for me, I'm it's my faith and Jesus Christ. Save me socking fighting and you know what I just never gonna quit. Never, you are not done until you're sick.
Feed under the eye done I'll. Tell you. If I ever found myself in combat where I was shot and dying, and often my own in Afghanistan, or something like that, for example, I would take the glass grenade. I had pulled the pen and laid underneath myself so that when the enemy came to try and get my gear, they blow themselves up, because I am not done until I am gone and even then, if you played the Ripe foundation, the the legacy leave the messages in what you ve done to help the next generation. That's it obvious, never gonna quit. Never you can not be down. I will get back up, be cannot be down. I will get back up. I will get back up. I will get back up. They obviously welcome you don't know you don't know Andrew he did get back up. He absolutely got back up. He now runs a very successful business and his out kicking ass on a daily basis and taking names, and it's been, you know a lot of us
again went whenever I look at myself and I went on this big little or a women, this big kind of, tirade about how you need demented your people and all that and take. Area. Brothers were guess what You know where I was when I Andrew was Through this shit I was working. I was workin here call me. He didn't they me. I did make myself available you know, so you got you're taking care of of your friends- goes beyond just when they ask for help. You need to seek him out and make sure that their doing all right, because I let him go, but that was that he out of the Navy and it was by and keep in mind. I wasn't gonna come and ask Yucas baby S. Little embarrassed. You know about how dire my situation was of your leader just know just like kids, who are going through, but they're gonna hide their injuries,
right, because you know I don't want to come to the guy, who I respect and say hey. I am flat out right now, bro, you know, so I'm just going to keep digging. I know we talked about it you're like now. Why don't you come to me? I don T know what it wasn't a miniature do centre. Maybe that wasn't the best decision. Maybe I should have reached out, but it allows gonna quit well, that's also, it's all seem to see what you ve done. It you re right now, like I said chicken ass and taken maids, and it raises two were bad: ass, young men there good boys, man, the next generation of warriors Ass, one of things have become passion about a you know when you get out any transition, it is it's hard
because you leave this brother heard you leave this common, sent this common goal and you're you're fighting for freedom. We fight for liberty and fight for your brother or sister rewrite lap and any get into some job. We sit and at a desk type it on a computer which is boring. So you have to look here said: do you have to find a purpose behind what you're doing and mortgages like seriously Jaffna planes bond things up. Shouldn't guns, diving reprieve. There is a high as up to do in thirty or fix more. It is a major one wall. We had he, but how do you get excited about that? you don't don't get excited pontoon railways, we would you get excited about something else behind it and for me it tell them my fellow better, and so will you don't know not it's none of my business. I do violence, okay, so why? Because I want help my fellow veterans, nobody will take care of at her bare now and that's that's that's my montier right. If, if a guy goes down the street, he will not be taken care of better than if he comes to me, because I am deeply passionate about helping my fellow veterans
that's how I get passionate about the job that I do now if on purpose behind what I'm doing it, so you may be in some job now, you're out, animal goddess socks, you know, but find a reason behind. It could be a small thing right, like they job the military sucked they job. There is part of every job that sucks he's gonna, do with that's life and find a purpose behind what you're and then and then I'll just tell you, this is a. This is like one of these secrets of life that I have found. Life is easier when you find a way to help somebody else when you find a way to help somebody else, miraculously your problems begin to go away so focus on somebody else's problems and how you can then, all of a sudden you forget about yours and so find a way to help other veterans. I see guys, I see veterans today who are who have been blown up in lost limbs and had been in similar difficult situations and they are make their doing fantastic.
They started, organizations were leading organizations or deeply involving organizations are helping fellow veterans and there. It is it's like this more it's like this miracle. You set out to help somebody else of sudden your problems to seem to know way? So if your struggle in right now you reach out to me Facebook, Twitter, whatever just share your story, connect and then find a way to help someone else in. Do it in a way that your passion about man, I mean I'm passion about raising my two boys into the next generation of warriors, I'm a passionate about having first look round at the spineless cowards that society is raising today, who is raising the next generation of warriors to keep America the greatest country on the planet, this generation that says that everybody gets a trophy fits. You get a fricking graduation certificate when you graduate from first grade, that's bullshit.
So give peace, coal and a kick in the ass you get. Something when you earn something is so raising my boys and it hard young men to become gentlemen, strong warriors men of character, who else who will have a spine and stand for thing: that's we need to do and, as you guys have been to combat certain or military, you gotta do that. Europe gets finally involving local Highschool. Maybe local middle school instead be a role model and set an example for some young boys to be the next generation of bad ass american warriors. Who will stand for and protect this country and protect liberty? Ass, something pretty said. I get passion about that yeah, that's something that everybody knew skip, passionate about and, like you said, especially the veterans that that no one understand that, and they know and understand, appreciate what real freedom is. The train,
Well, I think that's all we ve got for tonight. Jimmy closing comment. I think you just about summed up well first and foremost Andrew. For your service. Thank you. Answering the nations call, and I appreciate what you did for me and what you did for the teams and should come on the pod. Gaston sharing your lessons learned not only about combat, but about what comes after combat. And for those you out there listen to the pod gasped and you want to keep listing the pot gas you want to support the podcast. My brother, ECHO, Charles Gonna, tell you how to do that, fourthly actually have a question. Yeah Wade, light hearted question compared to go so when you go into the mortgage and
and you know, there's other people in office as well. What did they say? about did they know. You know your ear, your past, they I doubt you know, but it's hard to read, because in the seal teams we have, we have a quiet professionalism, and so one of the things that I struggled with is you know, look I'm certainly proud of my service, but I dont want to use my service. In my background, in the seal team does away to advertise. And they are made. There are douche bag in the moorish business who prey on military do an end. They got some great fancy marketing, but their hearts, not the right place. Relationships little by little it it it sneak. Sounds fine if other people know but not a walk in there and tell people that hey I'm a Navy seal. I mean you, don't he's just started. We air and I don't know I've, never talk- puts before I've noticed, but anyone that actually call themselves the Navy seal their success.
Where do you know who else economic ABC or I wasn't zoologist? So if you don't tell me you're doin wincing, what's this goes right? No, no! Actually, but like you like, ok, Jocker walks in we need Jacko, for example. In here you know, Every jocker, we're gonna be kind of like hey. Are you now we feel that kind of thing. Well, you you're gonna, like in everyday guy kind of do so you're, like kind of like the guy in the movie. Who they should work in or whatever and flash back to his bath in these kind of the superhero. You you like one of those guys do they like do you think tat they, that you like that, like all you you're just ignore guy coworker, ran a thing but and then maybe one day heard a room re this guy's, you know this, part in worry and there, the other guys like now, and I in no way look at it in a way he added and that's how I'd prefer
I mean I'd rather be, although not knowing the ad ready and the shadow I mean, could look here's the deal which none of us do this for accolade? None of us do this. For Look at me and the guys who advertise like Jack was saying there suspect. Does he Provident really do it. You know, but I'd say when the best compliments I probably ever got was I heard about a conversation. It happened when I wasn't there in disguise, like he had to genetic dick has a Navy seal and the other person said Our work. Is he so nice her? You know where it out you re media. I'd rather be I'd rather be self. Like that, so you don't make it even more interesting is again. Will you Jack was an example, if dockworkers walked in a room and dies. You know it's a troublemaker guy. They look at me like an unborn Estonia women's day, big there may not have been a euro a teen die.
But then you you don't have that to look at you, rail or not only an you know, Jujitsu lover will still need that makes it even more it, but I need some makes it down much more interesting to me. In this great right, because in our lifetimes boot I would say more often than not. We if we were out as a petition guys, would actually want to start a fight with a guide. It looks like Jacko, because they're they're looking delaying it s themselves, whereas, like guys, never know the NASA its calculation like really end of laced event thinking. Why haven't kind of decision needs to be another counter? I know exactly what you're saying but like they did. The facts are people though masturbation about public. They just don't, but I know exactly you're talkin about. It's always some big guy tall Guy get somebody coming up to him and and actually know you, and I talk about this too, for those on the part, ghastly you that listening Andrew Duff
look like stereotypical seal he's, a hundred and fifty five pounds he's What how tall you? Five, seven, five! Seventy looks like you're stereo, not new, stereotypical seal, Looking guy now again that the public, with the public authorities, I gotta say: there's no stereo type and some of the most bad ass guys are there every sites, but this is That Andrew said to me one time, which was you know, he's Iskri people see me and what do they think they think all this guy Reno he's just gonna, be a knuckle, drag her end and he's thinks everybody to be big giant yo head smashers right and the fact that matters. What what I care about is. Can you do your job it? Can you do it? Well? Are you tough, are you brave? Can you lead and that's why Andrew I
He was like actually surprise equity when he finally throw you here that I had you know I was kind of thought you might not like me. You know, because you know smaller in you know. I don't look like a zeal and also broke out about what you look like it's about how you act And you do this job, he are you brave or even a step up. Can you read great example: leadership right like that's what you that's, what you both and boys, you focused on what was a kid Buildeth person, your team. Now they look like and in some guys can do that they can then go well. You know this or that, but you are like Hale ELM and this guy he put out a good job done, he's leading. So you know you can, like Zalm, Dalton your boy, road house all I remember yeah when there Hey, I thought you'd be bigger. Is is better sponsor with right right that about computers. It would argue me killed that road,
he does. He does actually look a lot like Patrick Swayze right. You have appreciate IRAN's yeah. I'd rather remains stealth. You know, and and and use it to my advantage. You know and can I remain thought as the underdog you know, people see me come in my member booger hanging out your house Jack on a non in trust and said he goes Hake who would win in a fight. You were Jacko, as thanks but right now I a job like how smashing suddenly I go well, I'm not stupid enough to start a fight which, He's asleep take awesome. I've glad we're on the same theme relevant. But yes, if we do want to support this podcast, there are some way.
Maybe if you dont know already we didn't talk about supplement Haitian were many things that would require some limitation, but if you do it on, it has best once common knowledge and no ten percent off on a dark, countless Jacko, ten percent off. If you need info on any of these supplements like that literature behind it all that stuff, it's on their extensively, if you want. Ten percent of support yourself, you, while it is well also when you do Amazon shopping, we have a click through link on a website which supports the broadcasting in own shop for subscribed. I guess I do and you to leave the review. We review the leader, we let let me know what's up here, let us know what's up yeah yeah those who use are helpful. Men cause you're like if they're, like, hey, Jacko, stop saying like like all the time
No, I don't like right. That's why that's? Why no means on the other, you girls, but you referenda, though yet very few men, if you in the mood and then of course, Jackal story, can buy some shirts mugs, some rash guards, some stickers, where women's coming out in three days. It'll be out by them is out it's a women's. Is us the errand, I also like the crude oil I used to curl and and among the young and, like the boy said threw back at his own work, not near that absorbs I like it did. I was I was. I was gonna, go like this from taxes Lydia, as is the grow up here, They want to go home of those tell him less time. Were I started the cruel, we'll get those again were when I work. I have strong enough sore joints, but I too have rejoiced when I wake up
never thought about that when people fish sore joints and stuff you need to soar may go on. My daughter would jump on my back to wake me up, not gonna walk does is with his girl. Amabel take crude oil me, Three, four days later, no problem, I can get up walking down the stairs easy like noticeably in jail jump on it, also on Amazon got that gets, without Jacobite White DE right here facing good? You could step your game with the antioxidants micro dose of caffeine get and and while you're out there just let me just go ahead and grab yourself failure. Good grab your self copy of extreme ownership, the book to me and my brother Leaf Bab and wrote in if you already have a copy, that's cool just go and get one for your boss. Man get one for your team, your mommy dad whoever
Hardcover Digital or, if you want your life, and I talking for eight straight hours, get the audio book because that's what it is. And also, if you want even more come out to the extreme ownership monster, Toby Twentieth and twenty first in San, Diego California leadership Conference will be breaking down the fundamental principles of combat leadership and teaching and talking about how to employ them on the battlefield, in business and in life, so registered they will see their Andrew Paul's gonna, be there by the way who only their echo I was gonna be there by the way we begin after its come on out and as always, if you wanna keep kicking it with ECHO, Charles and with me, we're all up in the inner webs twitter in the Graham and even bad days, bookie, where their echo is add ECHO Charles. I am at jockey
willing and if you wanna get Andrew Paul go the Andrew M Paul. The Andrew EM all is out on Twitter on Twitter, the Andrew imports. So if you want to get the interim paul- and you can it him up. Facebook, I'm on Facebook, Andrew Paul, veteran advocate, fungal there. You go boom, boom, awesome and once again, Andrew come on baby leaves a lot to me. Have you on here? I really appreciate you come on in now the everybody listening, people in uniform, People in business suits people and cover all those people, everyone we talk today about Mikey Monster and I want to leave. You
with this mighty monster was named after Saint Michael, say, Michael. The warrior: Archangel that lead Heavens Army against Satan, Saint Michael, was known as the principal of the angelic warriors and was seen as a protector against the darkness. In the christian religion, specifically in the Anglican and the Catholic in the Lutheran churches September, twenty ninth September, twenty ninth is known as Michael Mass or same Michael's day.
And that day September, twenty nights, two thousand and six was the day that our Saint Michael Mighty monster was killed in Iraq. The city remedy, sacrificing his life to save the lives of three of his teammates three of his brothers, three of his friends.
And I would ask you this: when September twenty ninth comes around remember, and I would ask that while you honor the hero and you honor, the warrior that Michael Myers Sore was Please also remember their mighty was a purse. He was a smiling kid. He was choked her. He was determined man, a brother son, an uncle friend,
Michael months, or was a young man with hopes plan and aspirations dreams, dreams for his future and dreams for his life. And in that moment of truth, he gave them all. All those hopes and
all those dreams he gave them all to us. Remember that until next time MRS Echo Jacko Emma brother, Interpol out.
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