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429: How These Laws of Combat Leadership are The Framework for Leading Your Life

2024-03-13 | 🔗

Exploring the 4 Laws of Combat as a framework for life and all relationships.

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This is Jocko podcast number 429 with echo Charles and me Jocko willing good evening echo good evening There is no single inoculation to establish good leadership for the individual or or within an organization. You can't read one book, attend one seminar or listen to just one. And suddenly be ready for any leadership challenge Striving to become a good leader or to build good leadership Inside of an organization is a campaign a continual process that never stops like any skill leadership takes practice the more practice Put into leadership the better the results and the better leadership capability leadership can be
practiced by reading about leadership principles discussing leadership scenarios role-playing reviewing case studies and a variety of other methods Remember that there isn't always a clear answer to your problems Leadership is not a scientific formula. Inherent in leadership are human beings, each with their own beliefs. Own personalities, idiosyncrasies, opinions, egos, and agendas.
Only one standard process to lead it takes skills it takes practice It takes knowledge and patience and compromise and perseverance But the more you know and the better you understand leadership the better leader you will be Whatever challenges you may face Leadership is the solution And that right there is part of the intro from the companion workbook for the book extreme ownership which was written by myself and Leif Babin and we published this through our consulting company echelon front and We put this workbook together in response to a high demand signal from people and from clients who wanted more tools to help their leaders at their company.
And not their teams to become better and more effective in their roles So we put this workbook together to help leaders facilitate training within their organization and we work with a lot of companies that this workbook has now become an integral part of their leadership development programs they use it alongside the Ownership Academy which is our online training program and It's been very effective and and why has been effective It's effective because it's based on thousands and thousands and thousands of hours training leaders, I mean you think about all the You I mean you've been we've been doing this podcast for eight years echelon fronts been around for I think 12 or 13 years I was doing this
The seal teams for more years and then you multiply that then you add life then you add Dave and JP and Jamie and Rest of the team at echelonfront, and we're all constantly giving feedback and getting feedback and what's effective in transferring this information and making people better leaders, so We've distilled what works and what doesn't what's important? What's not where to focus to help leaders become better leaders, and we put this book together to sort of help out but I just wanted to I was reading through it this weekend and As I read through it. I was like there's some stuff in there would be interesting to Convey to everyone and so I guess that's why I highlighted some of it and
let's go go through some of this on the podcast and Then people can get there a and by the way on this book. It is available on Amazon It's the official echelon front companion workbook for extreme ownership Lee learn lead and win by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. There is the rip ripoffs on there mm-hmm There's like fake ones knock off Ones If you look at the reviews you can distill if you look at the one star reviews That some of them would be like this is socks about I don't know what this is a bunch of grammatical errors don't buy that one by this one which has good reviews and so With that let's get into some of this stuff. It's good summary. Here's the other reason why I was thinking about this I was thinking about this or the reason as I read this I was like man This is the kind of stuff you ever get like a
Armlock class in jujitsu from Dean Lister. Mm-hmm, and you're like dude like I forgot about that Yeah, or he teaches some sweep and you're like, oh I wonder why that never worked Oh never work because you didn't do this little thing yeah, and I feel like leadership is the same way where I feel Little time goes by and you kind of forgot that little detail And then you stop using that move because it didn't work that time and then the next thing you know you look up And it's just out of your it's out of your your Repertoire yeah, you're not using it. Yeah, so you got to be careful that First section here leadership the most important factor. There's a little synopsis of the Battle of Ramadi prior to this but we say this When we talk about leaders, we are not only talking about senior leaders, we are not only talking about leaders in charge of 500 or 500 people.
About leaders in charge of 50 people or five. We are talking about everyone. Everyone is a leader, even the frontline soldier, sailor, airman, or marine that takes ownership of their part of the mission and executes. It was leadership at every level that brought victory in the battle. Vermatti and it is leadership at every level that brings success to any company or team We talk about leaders no matter where you are in the hierarchy of your organization. We are talking about you So Sometimes people don't think of themselves as a leader for whatever reason but if you interact with other human beings your leader, and this is This is so important Leadership is a skill It's a skill
you can learn it's a skill that you can get better at and If you think you're just gonna be naturally good at it It's a problem now listen. I just answered this question talking to a company the other day are there if We're playing basketball. Are there some people that are naturally six foot eight? Yes, there are. Advantage in basketball yes they do 100% they do if a six put a six-foot eight person doesn't have never played basketball before and has to play against someone that's 511 and that 511 person has been playing his whole life who's gonna win five and then five eleven all day have you ever seen Mm-hmm a guy they call the professor the professor or the basketball Street back. Yeah. Yeah, yeah He's probably 511 is my guess And he schools people yeah, cuz he got a good jump shot. He's not too much He's got like the sickest dribbling skills, but there you go. Take a 6-8 guy huge natural advantage
But the professor is gonna light him up all day. Yeah, the other dude might not even score a single point in like a game to Might not score a single point. The professor's gonna win. So take that and put it in, put that in leadership. In leadership, there's gonna be some people that have some natural ability. They're charismatic, they got a loud voice. They're articulate They're smart like all those things are helpful, but if you take that person that's smart charismatic and articulate, and they don't Leadership skill, they're not gonna be leading very well. Maybe they can lead a little bit better than someone that has none of that, but if that person that has has none of those natural gifts, trains, and studies, and practices the skills of leadership, they'll get better at it. And leadership applies up and down the chain of command. Right now if you're listening to this and you're a plumber in a company.
That has 47 people in it and you just got hired last year and You really are at the bottom the bottom rung your leader The way you interact with your other plumbers, the way you interact with your boss, that takes leadership. The way you interact with the family of the... The owners of the house that you're working on, that's leadership. It's leadership when you interact with them. A mid-level manager You're in a leadership position obviously if you're a senior level person obviously you're in a Leadership position, but no matter where you are in that chain of command you have to use leadership skills And that means you need to know what those leadership skills are So that's what we're doing So there's a little introduction section that what's cool about this book is it breaks out like these implementation? questions that you're gonna use Used to facilitate discussions. And one of them here for this opening is--
Inramati seals soldiers sailors Marines and Iraqi soldiers worked in close cooperation in What ways does your team cooperate with other teams to accomplish the mission? Good thing to think about and here's an important part of this In any endeavor in any valuable endeavor a group of people People is gonna be better than one person. And you might even think of an MMA... They're going to the cage by themselves. Mm-hmm, right sure But if it wasn't for that team If it wasn't for that coach if it wasn't for those training partners if it wasn't for that nutritionist If it wasn't for that physical therapy guy, there's a whole bunch of people That honestly they wouldn't even make it to the cage if they didn't have so You have to work together with other people that means putting your ego in check that means listening
That means Subordinating your own ideas to other people's ideas and listening to what they have to say because let's face it dude You get around like a an MMA fighter That thinks he knows everything Yeah Yeah going fast forward a little bit and it does look I'm skipping over all kinds of information that's in the book I'm just gonna hit some of these highlights that stood out to me as I read through it the the first part Here's winning the war and it's this all matches up with the book extreme ownership so chapter one extreme ownership Here's the little review section there are no excuses. There is no one else to blame on any team the leader bears total Responsibility for the performance of that team this applies to everyone no matter where you are in the rank structure of your organization when we say We mean leaders at every level for the most senior leaders at the top of an organization to mid-level management to frontline leaders Right down to the frontline trooper or individual contributor. We're talking to you, you own it all. Total responsibility, particularly for failures is a difficult thing to accept.
When things go wrong or something bad happens, it's easy to find someone or something else to blame, such as bad luck, circumstances beyond your control, or the poor performance of others. But when you blame someone or something else who solves the problems, no one. Therefore the problems persist, they get worse, and the team's performance suffers. But when you take ownership of problems, exam...
What more you could have done to improve the situation and implement a solution going forward the problems get solved That is the power of extreme ownership Or it's one of them. I want to apply this look we're talking about leadership. We're talking about business drama life I want to apply this to us as individual human beings Because If things aren't going the way you want them to go in life and You think it's because of your boss your parents your teacher your coach your siblings your friend group like all those things all those people they're holding you back if that's what your mentality is you're kind of screwed
And no one this is really hard I'm saying this like I hesitate as I say this but this quite frankly this is sort of the premise of extreme ownership Because the minute you say you know my boss doesn't like me mm-hmm. That's why I don't get promoted Okay, well don't do anything because it doesn't matter cuz you're Boston like you doesn't matter you know my My team they're not as qualified as the other team. That's why we keep failing. Okay So just you know go through life Well, you know my friends, they always just want to go out and drink and like they're just not into the healthy lifestyle. Okay, well... What are you doing? Mm-hmm. And this is the thing man, it's so easy to fall down this path. So easy to fall down this path. So many people make that mistake. Of blaming someone else. You can blame something else but most of the time when I see people that are aren't on the best
In the best circumstances in their life most of the time it's they're blaming other people my boss my coach my peers my team my my wife, my husband, my mom, my dad, my brothers, my sisters, my family. My teachers whatever But it's not my fault. It's everybody else's fault and therefore. I'm just a victim of what's happening Just I'm just a victim of life This is counter to the idea of extreme ownership because if you take extreme ownership, it's like oh My boss doesn't like me. What can I do to improve that relationship? My team isn't performing well, how can I help them improve their performance? My coach doesn't put me in the game. What can I do to? my coach to see that I'm worth putting in the game. My wife is complaining.
Meaning that we don't have what we need. What can I do to get us what we need? And this just goes on and on and on and on But what I think what I think why I think this happens is because we all inherently know We can't control other people hmm. We inherently know that look you can you can influence them hopefully But we inherently know that we really can't control their people so therefore echo Charles when you say you know coach doesn't like me and It's real easy for me to go, oh man, that sucks 'cause you can't control your coach. I sympathize with you and now I kind of give you the out as well that you're not getting any playing time because coach doesn't like you and there's nothing you can do about that. You're just cursed. Mm-hmm. It's all a big acceptable lie. So be careful of this in your life. Please do me that favor and be careful of this in your life.
You're blaming other people if you feel that coming out of your mouth stop it don't let those words come out of your mouth That's the root of the problem Take ownership little second Here fast forward what isn't extreme ownership simply saying that something was your fault or apologizing for a mistake is not extreme ownership Words are not magic, and they don't make problems go away as a leader you have to Accept responsibility, genuinely seek a solution, and implement that solution to ensure success. That doesn't mean you allow your team to sit around and wait for you to solve all the problems. The most successful teams demonstrate a culture of ownership.
And down the chain of command where everyone steps up and works to solve problems or at least their piece of the overall problem. Such a team will constantly learn, grow and improve performance with extreme ownership embedded in the culture of your team you will become unstoppable. As echelon front instructors we constantly witness people point out how others need to take extreme ownership. Though many don't realize it by focusing on how extreme ownership applies to everyone else You're blaming them for all the problems if you find yourself saying my Boss really needs to hear this or I'm really doing great but my but the other people on my team need to improve Then you are demonstrating the opposite of extreme ownership extreme ownership isn't about anyone else extreme ownership is about you
Rather than try to force others to change their behavior Focus on the one person you can actually control which is you Very important I Know it seems hard It seems hard when you look in the mirror And you have all these problems in your life. It seems hard to look at that mirror and say these problems are My fault yeah Yeah, there's an additional Challenge will say of course is that part of it where it's like? I don't want to have to admit it to myself that this is because of me. You know like that is hard for sure Another hard part is not like it's almost like a genuine Not knowing not realizing it so and all you got to do is look though. It's like one of those things where um Like you've been playing like I don't know cards or dominoes or something you know you used to play dominoes right back in the day No spades space
It's okay, okay, okay. You ever been like, I don't know, thinking of something or whatever, and everyone's just sort of, and you're like, man, this game is going really slow. Like this freaking like, bro, go, who's. Is it you know you look around it's like and everyone's looking at your turn. It's been your turn for like a while You know it's kind of that feeling Because you genuinely you know where they got distracted or whatever whatever you genuinely didn't No, it was your turn until you kind of just, all you gotta do is kind of fix your mind and be like, wait a second. This is my turn. And then you, and those little incidents get revealed so often where it's like, yeah, you know, I did all that I could do and you know, and it's still not. You know like I'm just waiting on this person. You know kind of a thing. It's like wait a second There's still something you didn't do just let's person know it's on them now or whatever like whatever they're always constantly being revealed in my experience i don't know you're more of an expert on this stuff than me but that's what i found to be like one of the challenges too is it's like
Shit I didn't realize that one little thing. That's my responsibility to it's like so you got a In a way remind yourself that it's like literally all of it is your responsibility There's no such thing as waiting on the next person to do their part There's no such thing in the with this approach. You know yeah the other I got I Heard a quote from the movie The Matrix have you seen this movie. Yes, sir. I have you like that movie Yes, sir So Morpheus mm-hmm he says to What's Kano Reeves can you raise name Keanu Reeves name is Neil okay? So he says to Neil in the movie I? Can't tell you what the matrix is You have to see it for yourself. And that's like, wait, you know, Hey, no one can tell you what the matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.
This is one of those things where if I try and tell you like you need to take ownership echo Yeah, it's not that effective. Yeah, because you might get mad you might What are you talking about almost supposed to control my wife or how much what to control my boss? He just doesn't like me You it's only you have to have a moment of
Clarity yeah, so what I want to do is ask you earnest questions and say like well Why doesn't your coach not like you yeah? Like do you think there's any way you could improve that? Do you think there's anything that you're doing that causes him to not like you you show up to practice late? What do you think you think so that you know I mean so I can ask you questions But like all truth it is much better if the truth is revealed To a person through themselves and not through other people and it's the same with extreme ownership It's better fit people realize it for themselves than if it gets imposed on them imposing Extreme ownership on to other people is not an effective move. Yeah, you need to take ownership That right there is already off to a bad start. Yeah, I need to take ownership yeah So how do you? and I
I think you're so you're you're a consultant will say that's your consultant. So you like the way you can tell people factually Yeah, actually, oh, yeah, so you can tell people why cuz you're not in the situation with them even with them You're still doing it So you're the CEO sir, and you're like you know my my VP of operations. He's just not getting the job done well Who does he work for Well he works for the CEO who does the CEO work for? Well he works for me Okay, so who's responsible for the CEO? Well? I am so he's responsible For the VP of ops well I am mm-hmm so when someone's not doing what they're doing whose fault is that really mm-hmm well That's you, you're the CEO. So what are you gonna do? You gonna point your finger down at them and Cross your fingers and hope that they get better or you gonna go and talk to them and say hey What resource is gonna give you that you can get this job done? Hey, what what are what?
Not providing you with so that we're hitting these Targets that we need to hit or getting these project done when you could get done so even from the position of a consultant I still want the truth to be revealed to someone from themselves not from me right not to mention It's just a better lesson. Yeah, you can understand things more clearly I wanted you to feel what an armbar was like and I just kind of explained it to you mmm Let's face it, you ever had someone show you a move and you're kinda like, eh, I don't know if that would work? - Yeah. - And then they do it too and you're like, well damn, it works. Then you get it on someone. Yeah, so that's what we want to do We just don't want to tell them about it. We want to show it to them. We want them to feel it right so Yeah, you're right so now that I'm seeing it. I'm having a moment of clarity myself so even you being the consultant and them being the consultee or whatever that relationship right
There's a little bit of a team relationship where it's like, Hey, you have a job to do and you, and there's levels of effectiveness, right? Where you have to be effective. It has not as much to do with their business, but your business with that CEO. Of a thing so you so now you can always ask yourself hey was I effective or ineffective right and if I'm ineffective that's your fault that's my fault exactly right percent yeah yeah so it's all the same the same deal same deal no matter where you Yeah, and by the way I could be talking to the CEO of some company. I could be talking to my daughter yeah and Saying well, you know hey daughter mm-hmm you need to have different attitude about this. Okay, so now I'm just imposing a good attitude on them. You ever seen that thing? There's a bunch of memes about it, but it's Jason Bourne, but he's not playing Jason Bourne. He's playing some other character, but the key there's he's talking to a kid
Oh Matt Damon. Yeah, yes, but it's it's Matt Damon. He's talking to a kid and the kids like I don't have this - Same dream with the dad's like, It's a good dream! - Yes. - And that's imposing. If you impose even a good dream on your kid like putting a squat rack in there Bedroom or putting pull-up bars in their bedroom or putting jujitsu mats in their bedroom which by the way All three of those and no I need to Scott right, but I definitely had pull-up bars and jujitsu mats in the bedrooms Yeah, if you do that You try and pose that dream the kids gonna let but Lash back at you mmm. So we're not imposing Yeah, but we do we ask good questions. Yes, we do wouldn't be good if you knew how to would it be good if you? Were stronger Well, yeah, how do you think you get stronger? Guess you got to work out Well, how when do you have time to work out? Well? I really don't have time to work out What if we had a pull-up bar in your room? Seats. And a squat.
All right, you see what I'm going with this All right, there's a little implementation section here where in you they ask questions We ask questions where in your world. Do you see opportunities to apply extreme ownership? Here's another one take a hard look at yourself. Where are you making excuses, and why? That's a good one It's weird like at it you've been at echelon front meetings And when someone makes an excuse it's like you can hear a pin What a Jamie Jamie just Oh, she she recorded a question or something at a event that she was at and She said yeah, you know there was a lot of people there, and I was at a table so the recording might not be that clear Excuses on Jamie You see what I'm saying even like a legitimate thing where I'm no no excuses. Yeah, you should have done a better job
Are there scenarios where you are frustrated with other people? Do you find yourself casting blame? It is such a relief to you in life If every time you want to blame someone you just say okay, what can I do about this? Instead of seeing you Fred didn't get his stuff done on time instead of saying that it says it How can I help Fred get his? Don't on time. It's a complete 180 attitude adjustment, and it's it's infinitely more positive and better So that's what we're doing And there's then they have this section of immediate action drills This one here says on what specific task a project or problem. Will you take ownership to help your or organization win and help build a culture of extreme ownership within your team or organization. So you can take notes and then you go and activate. On that this is by the way so this this workbook goes through the chapters of extreme ownership the book chapter 2 no bad teams only bad leaders one of them
Most fundamental and important truths at the heart of extreme ownership is the recognition that there are no bad teams, only bad leaders. Leadership is the single greatest factor in any team's performance. Whether a team succeeds or fails is all up to the leader. The leader's attitude sets the tone for the entire team. The leader drives performance or doesn't. This applies not just to the most senior leader of a team, but to everyone all the way down to the front line. Anyone on the team can step up and lead, solve problems, and collaborate to get the rest of the team moving together in the right direction. The pushback on this is... You know well yeah, but I got a freaking total knucklehead on my team or yeah these three guys My team they suck. Okay, why are they there? Why haven't you trained them? Why haven't you given them the proper compensation? Incentivization why have you given them responsibility? They can't handle why haven't you given them mentorship you see him say? Like it's just so obvious if you take one step back. It's real obvious one step back and say hold on a second
These three guys that I'm complaining about work for me. I haven't trained him. No, can I bark or oh you bark? orders at him and they didn't listen okay guess what you're being an effective leader you threatened them and now you think they're gonna perform well Trying to find a different job while they're still sucking money off you because you've developed a bad relationship with them. Mmm It's you it's you it's you it's you fix that What other things, what other excuses do people make about their teams? Oh, they're a bunch of new guys. Okay, again, why haven't you trained me yet? Giving them the experience why don't they know the why of why they're doing what they're doing like this is all real simple but people make this excuse all the time Well, what if you get assigned people that you don't have any choice on who gets hired? Okay, so what are you gonna do with them? You're gonna counsel them? Gonna give them proper mentorship you're gonna give them proper training if they're truly Subpar performers have you done the proper steps to get them moved from that position hmm. Oh, but it's the
I see you. Oh, it's the boss's son, and I could never fire him. Okay. Well. What are you gonna do with him? How about you build a good relationship with him and let him see that he has a really great future if he can Apply himself like what are you doing? Yeah? What are you doing? So true like the end obviously I'm thinking of it in terms of more day to day So I have a teenage son mm-hmm and back in the day when we first started assigning chores right that's the car Of the part of the process right chores so ideally you want it to the point where you don't even have to tell them right it's just routine you tell you when the Gets full look at that coach Charles paying attention at that muster. Okay? Yeah That's the goal right now So it's easy or if you don't pay attention if you can find yourself getting frustrated that he doesn't do it like right away Yeah, exactly right so
Luckily, internally, I go through the thing, but externally I'm doing the right thing. It's like, okay, I can feel frustrated. Like, Oh, he didn't take out the chart or he forgot fricking teenagers, you know, always. Phone blah blah you can say this whole all this stuff about how it's the teenager's fault and that's why it's hard and all this stuff that's why it's not being effective right now right but i'm like wait a second let me let me let me go to the scripture and be like okay what is this so it's like and it gets real simple too that's that's kind of the good news where i'm like okay i asked myself earnest questions right just to go through the motions just to clarify it it's like okay so under what circumstances would he take out the trash like under what circumstances well let's say he forgot right so how about the there's a super easy uh fix for him forgetting remind him
Super easy right so I'm like cool So um so I and I'm talking about like trash night right you know where you put put out the beans and the thing that's Every week right yeah, yeah, so if he forgets. It's like it's kind of a big deal So it's like overflowing trash now for one week for one whole week exactly right and don't let it be Christmas time You know things get worse so So what I'm saying is the outcome is important. So I'm like, all right, well, how about this? I'll set a reminder. I'll remind them. I won't get mad at them. Getting mad at him is less effective in him remembering to do it than me reminding him remain me reminding him is 100% effective For it for having him not forgetting is what I'm saying so I said They're on my phone every week so every week. I'm reminding him if he did it or not didn't do it I'm reminding him. I'm doing every single thing. I can to have him not forget. I'm not focusing on hey Let's try all this stuff. So you kind of hold his hand at this point in a way Yeah, but if you remember correctly you had to hold my hand not had to but you you chose to use this this protocol on
me I'll remind you in a sec So but it was very quick very quick that I was I would text him I'll get the reminder and I just text him on his phone because it's probably on his phone or it has a nearby And if there's no if there's no response on it. I'll do it again to make sure that night He's I'm gonna get a response yeah So it was really quick where he would text him back said already done already done already done already done already done now I don't think I can't remember the last time I text. I still do it. Okay, just cuz What about the trash okay? So I'll text him hey try all I text him trash night, and he'll text back already done every single time I don't even remember the last time he was like yes, okay trying to do it might It's good, obviously, but if you have to, you shouldn't have to think about that anymore. Now you're looking down and in instead of up and out. You know what I mean? Like there's, we broaden that. If we broaden that analogy a little bit.
All of a sudden we're at work, and now you got to remind someone to load that piece of gear Hey load the gear load the gear load the gear like it becomes your response, but you're still responsible for you see I'm saying yes So we're gonna train some people We train them I can tell you a real easy way. Oh you didn't take out the garbage and guess where it's gonna be in your room You know what I mean? He'll never make that mistake again, so this was my Protocol okay, it wasn't to put the garbage In this room okay. It was hey you said a reminder on your phone, okay, and then Periodically checking on that reminder nonetheless, and I don't know if he has a reminder or not What I do know is that he doesn't forget anymore because that was really the problem. You know these teenagers forget What a call did I use with you we were driving and this isn't the first time I told the story so we're driving and I Think I was doing the navigation as well, and we're driving up to I think it's like a steakhouse or whatever in LA
And then I took a wrong turn and you had asked earlier a you want me to navigate it what I was like No, I thought I got all good and then I took a wrong turn then you sprung into Action and was like no no no worry. I got it super nice about it No, I got it. And then you were telling me like the way you were micromanaging the turns you were like, okay It's this turn up here this turn is right It's going to be up here right on the right. I see the turn. There's literally a light where I see it. And then you're like, Oh, More feet and then we get to their eyes right here almost like it was a joke, but I don't think you were joking I think you were like making hundred percent sure that I wouldn't make another wrong turn. That's what it felt like So yeah, that's how right held my hand through the turns. Yep now you come loaded pre-loaded with the nav system probably a lot of that was Let's say leftovers from being in the SEAL teams when we had like a full protocol for
Approaching a turn that's funny because that's exactly what you said. I think the last time I brought it. Oh, yeah. Yeah good Hey was effective. It'd be like Right turn coming up 400 yards. Yeah, we're actually meters 400 meters Right right turn 200 meters yeah, yeah right turn coming up Right turn right turn right turn and boy everyone knew what's going on. Yeah, very effective Fast forward a little bit the best teams are constantly looking to improve add capability and push the standards higher this attitude starts with the individual and spreads to each of the team members until this becomes the culture the new standard the recognition that there are
No bad teams only bad leaders comes from taking extreme ownership This mindset enables leaders to build high performance teams that dominate on any battlefield One of the questions here is what are the standards for your team and organization? Isn't it interesting? that I can go into a An organization a team a company and ask about their standards and they won't know. Mmm Isn't it funny that families have that you go into a family and ask? Like what are the standards here? Oh? like You oh you get C's on your report card you get B's on your report cards. That's is that is that part of the story? around here No mmm ace Sure, that's what we're doing. Yeah There's real easy standard to set did you?
Get AIDS in high school I got AIDS in college yeah and I get it I get the point is yeah yeah obviously I agree or I I don't see it in my mind to disagree with that at all but the grades thing is funny because I remember my mom and my My dad would be like, Hey, you should never be getting anything lower than an a never. And of course I got many times. I'm just a little man, many, many times. But they would always say that. And I was like, well, what grades did you get in high school? Sorry, high school. And they didn't get good grades in high school. And on top of it, Wasn't part of the family culture like that's what I'm make that you know thing yeah, they would just say it see they can't just say It yeah, yeah like and and I have no kidding when I went to college I got straight A's yeah, and so then when I would talk to my kids like this is what you need to get like It's you win. Yeah This is a game you have to win yeah, I win by getting an a it's against the teacher by the way. What's it?
Oh, the game is against the teacher. The game is against the teacher. The students, they're not even in the game. Most of the students aren't even in the game. About the other students worry about the teacher yeah the teachers your your enemy you need to get an a mm-hmm is that hostile Yeah, a little bit, but to me, if it works, it works. Cause that's a, that's a fun little, and I see how you would have that attitude in college where it's like, like this teacher or this institution is not going to defeat me with their. Lower grades you know I'm gonna defeat them with perfect score kind of a thing it's a good way to approach it for sure But hey here's something else that I told my kids is Have a good relationship with your teachers. Yeah Because there's gonna be times where like you got a eighty nine point five mmm or maybe an eighty nine point four nine You know I'm saying good relationship. That's an a bad relationship. That's a B. Yep And that's no joke no. That's life. That is learning about life. You're
Absolutely correct by the way yeah, yeah, yo you disrupt class you cause problems you have a bad attitude That's a B. Yeah best case If you're doing right no factor a bro. It's so true and This is high school college where I remember went to okay, so I got an F in college. Hell yeah What was it? Uh, Criminology or something like that? And it wasn't because of the class, it was because of the time. So it was like, I don't know, 730? eight o'clock I don't know whatever it was in the morning that you know let's just say I was struggling to to you know to make it on time so anyway I figure I play football get some you know I'll get some leeway on my f right at the end of the semester too so So I write him a letter, whatever, email, whatever. And I was like, I was just hoping maybe I could do something. Make up this and you know do that and whatever, you know, what can I do to bring my grade up to passing?
Back like a day or two later saying like oh you know after review I reviewed like your attendance and like you literally didn't or failed to show up more times than you actually did show up and like all this stuff and it's like It doesn't seem like you made any effort to get a passing grade so um so no I'm not gonna give you that opportunity and I thought about Wolf Yeah It's so when you think I had no relationship with this teacher. Yeah, like at all. So to me is it was just yeah Just another kid or whatever. I don't care what plate sport
This guy plays or whatever, just another kid wanting basically a free out, but zero work throughout the semester. Meanwhile, everyone else is in here, let alone sit in the front row and do, you know, do the right thing and really make an effort and display making an effort to learn by this guy didn't even show up. Yeah. You know, half the time, or more than half the time, which is, which is crap. Yeah. So form good relationships with people, you know, with your boss, Supportance because by the way how often you run your you need to go to your support. It's like hey We really need to get this done. Can you help me? If you've been a jerk to your subordinate here helping you out You're not happening your peer hey, can you cover for me on this now? Yeah form good relationships with people yeah? *Music* *Music* *Music* Others to follow them and accomplish that mission leaders must Understand and be able to explain how the team's actions are part of something greater than themselves and their own.
Personal interests this is not to say that belief in the mission is something that magically makes things happen Nothing is possible without belief But belief by itself accomplishes nothing action must be taken and that is what belief is seeing the actual pathway to victory this is a Something that I would say got became more and more clear from the echelon front Perspective is like you got to believe in the mission. That's cool You do but just saying you believe in the mission doesn't make the mission come true Action has to be taken They got some questions in here. What is your mission? Oh, yeah, how often do I go to talk to a company what you guys mission? They don't know hmm frontline doesn't know sometimes even they one time I had a conglomerate of seven different companies
all under one umbrella and the CEOs of those seven companies and the CEOs of those seven companies with the CEO of the Overall umbrella company and I said what's the mission of this organization? They didn't have one I was like yo, it's no wonder you guys aren't aligned you even know what you're doing Do you fully believe in that mission if you don't fully believe in the mission you gotta ask why? You gotta ask why? If if your boss says hey, we got a we got to rebuild this thing and you're like why are you building this thing? This doesn't make any sense ask the question The question because there's a chance that your boss will say I just thought it wasn't working. No, it's working. Okay, then we won't rebuild it. So you have to ask the question and understand why you should believe it.
This mission and then What is your pathway to victory? They have a bunch more questions. I'm just going over something What does your pathway to victory actually look like this is very important in your leadership position to be able to act to? Diagram out what the pathway to victory looks like Realistic pathway not science fiction but a real pathway of like hey listen if we want grow to this size. We need to add this many people. Last year we added this many. This year we're gonna add that lately if you're a gym owner you're like okay we want to make this amount of money that means we need this many members. Okay, last year we had this many members, we grew to this many. Here's We can do to add a little bit more than that and Here's how we can get there and here's what that'll look like and this will get us to where we want to be - Okay.
But if you say hey right now we have seven gym members And we want to get to a thousand by next year, and you're like well. How are you gonna get them? How are we gonna get there? Oh? And you you have to have a realistic goal can't be stupid Good questions there, and then there's an immediate action drill. I'm gonna skip that one to go to go to chapter four Check the ego And we get asked what's the greatest quality in the leader the answer is humility the biggest killer in combat in business and in life Is ego whether you're leading a SEAL team engaged in urban warfare flying a fighter at super hot supersonic speeds They work Leading teams in a high pressure industry or leading your family ego clouds and disrupts everything checking your ego is the key to success It is simple to say not easy to do When you can't keep your ego in check you don't listen anyone don't evolve or get better don't adapt or implement new technology and new Methods don't respect the competition get complacent
Can't self-assess When a seal leader gets fired. It's almost never because they are tactically unsound physically unfit to read a map are otherwise incompetent. When a SEAL leader gets fired, it's almost always because they lack humility. They can't check their ego. No matter how obvious They're failing or how valid the criticism they won't listen they refuse to accept responsibility They refuse to implement guidance or move to or and direction to improve these leaders are incapable
of conducting a realistic honest self-assessment to examine their own mistakes and failures, they cannot be taught. Therefore, they never improve, their problems persist, often growing, and eventually getting, they get fired. SEAL leaders, regardless of their innate talent or skill, who are willing to listen and show the humility to take ownership of the performance of their team, excel. Keep your ego in check. The implementation section, and there's more detail in each one of those sections, I'm not reading the whole thing. You can get the book, and this is what the book looks like if you guys are wondering. It says on it, the official companion workbook, it's got the echelon front symbol on it, then it says extreme ownership, then it says learn, lead, win, and then it says Jocko Willinkin, Leif Babin. Here's some things.
What are the red flags or self indicators that you use to recognize when your ego is flaring up frustration anger jealousy? when have you noticed them guess what whenever I Have a negative emotion of any kind I'm free Pretty much sure it's my ego. - Mm. - Just the way it goes. - Yeah. - Like a negative motion hits me, I start getting pissed off, I'm like, oh, it's my ego. Start getting jealous, I'm like, it's just ego. Start getting frustrated, it's just ego. Negative emotion? I don't know, I'll have to like drill down and talk to a psychologist about this. Sure. But much negative emotion is ego. Yes, maybe not like sadness but Anything that has some hostility to it? What if there's
They break down emotions into like um like aggressive emotions and like passive emotions Yeah, like passive would be sad depressed And then the other ones the aggressive ones would be like anger Jealousy yeah, even like frustration even like positive Aggressive is like when you're fired up. You know like what I don't know fire You understand daily you know when you're excited and fired up to do something That's like yeah, and then what would be like a passive half like a content or yeah. Yeah like that's like That's like you watch your kid get Wave yeah But it's not really anything that you're doing right you're just kind of stoked yeah, no so passive and and Active or a girl I guess just passive and active yeah, but no no it's not that because it's like passive and it's
It's aggressive. There's like an anger. There's a hostility about one series of emotions Here's another one when have you let your ego drive your decisions and cause a problem? Pew. List is long. Yes. What are you going to do next time your ego flares up? Learn to detach. How does that sound? Ego huge. There's a whole section on ego. Uh, part two, it's part two of extreme ownership. The book, it's part two of this. Notebook The laws of combat you guys probably know what these laws of combat leadership are the laws of combat Our actions and behaviors employed by the best leaders and the best teams we have observed anytime a team struggles and falls short in their execution or goals, we can look at that team and observe They are in violation of one or more of the laws of combat. The laws do not stand alone, but rather
They are mutually they mutually support one another all four laws of combat are required to operate at the highest level as the lead as a leader and a team Let's break down each law of combat So it's crazy so I wrote down the laws of combat for the first time and after I'd put Like, five more task units. The laws of combat and now I'm watching them by the time I got to the sixth task unit I'm like listen when you guys screw up. It's going to be one of these things right here. Nothing. You're not going to do anything that's not on this list. Four things. It's going to be one of these four things you're going to mess up. However, These four things and you do them correctly you're gonna be GTG good to go they're not easy but I'm telling you they'll work first one car
Move cover and move is a gun fighting tactics the most fundamental and perhaps the only true gun fighting tactic that exists At its core cover and move means every member of a unit works together mutually supporting one another for the singular purpose of mission accomplishment in a gunfight One group provides cover to keep the enemy's head down so the other group can advance to a better tactical position Then the two groups swap roles with the group who first move now providing cover fires. So this the other group can move The principle this principle also applies to business Or organizations with different departments and functions all working toward a common goal the best Organizations find ways to work together and support each other they do not compete against other or operate independently if a team if elements of a team forsake this principle and Their own success over that of the team, the results can be catastrophic to the team's overall performance.
Every single business is gonna have multiple departments Multiple divisions that are required to achieve the mission Like hey we have a podcast I have to come up with the material you have to press record yes, sir if you didn't press record Right if you didn't press record Record take those SD cards upload them save them or whatever it is you do sir I'm sure that's got to take at least 15 minutes But hey if you didn't do that never the podcast wouldn't get posted mm-hmm if I didn't come up with what the hell we were gonna talk What will we talk about freaking groceries? Nothing Mario Brothers So we each have our role yes, we stick to them mm-hmm That's called the cover move
Yes, sir same thing in any organization got sales you got operations you got marketing you got logistics all those independent little elements of a big organization have to support each other. And you know What if you're in a small organization sometimes you're doing two or three of those you wear two of the three of those hats if you're In a really small organization you might be wearing all you might be a one-man team for a little while right Even the podcast you and me for a long time mm-hmm now. We got some support got some help not big It's not like a huge team But we got a few other people that help Very beneficial. Mmm. So you might be in an organization where it's small and you might wear two or three hats Organization you might only wear one but you better had you better support and understand the other people in the other departments better cover move with them
We promise some implementation questions here. Who do you cover for who covers for you? In what areas can you provide better support to others? What a good question to ask How can I be more helpful to the rest of my team? chapter 6 simple combat like anything in life has inherent layers of complexity Simplifying as much as possible is crucial to success
When plans and orders get too complex people will not understand them and when things go wrong Which they inevitably will this lack of understanding can lead to a disastrous outcome Plans and orders must be simple clear and concise The principle isn't limited to the battlefield The business world is also complex keeping plans and communications simple is key to the success of any team in combat business or life the best leaders build plans that everyone can understand all the way down to the lowest level in your organization the simplest plans are the most genius plans Because your individual contributors and frontline supervisors can go out and execute them there it is It's got to keep things simple. I This is one of the laws of combat that I wrote down, you know, you'd heard keep it simple stupid That's like a military term kiss. Mm-hmm, but I was like, yeah, maybe
This is uh and you go back through Hundreds of years of military philosophy, and they all say you got to keep things simple Implementation what's the mission of your organization second time we're seeing this question Often people don't know does everyone above and below you in your chain of command understand what that mission is how do you? You know if they do you ask them you ask them Here's the immediate action drill for this one where do you? Need to simplify your communication What steps will you take to improve on your communication up down and across the chain of command in your job and at home? Here's a little thing That I was when I think about this Write down if I'm going to talk to a group if I'm going to talk to my team I'm gonna write down four bullet points before I go and see them mm-hmm And I'm gonna put little boxes in front of them that I'm gonna check as I
Cover them to make sure that I've communicated them So write down something before you speak it and then go speak it the other part of that is once I speak it follow it Up especially with a traceable email You know what I'm saying? You definitely want to be able to Understand and have a record of what you've told people and a good way to do that is to follow Hey echo, I want to talk about these three things we're gonna do a B and C. You got it. Yep. I got it cool that afternoon hey Wanted to follow up make sure you understood This is an email want to make sure you understood a B and C's what we're doing does that make sense yep got any questions Nope, can you explain it back to me in your own words? Yep? We're gonna do alpha Bravo Charlie, okay? Yep, you understand cool hmm It's very beneficial especially if you have a wide range of things going on mm-hmm you know if you're more senior leadership position having a Follow-up of email so you can go back
Six months and be like no what did I tell that person hmm? They're saying that I said this hold on here's a re-email Here's your response in your own words you understood perfectly well now you're trying to Shuck and jive All right chapter 7 prioritize next Cute. Even the greatest battlefield leaders cannot solve multiple problems simultaneously. Success begins with determin- Running the highest priority and then executing on that priority. Leaders must recognize their situation. We should analyze numerous problems, decide which problem is the biggest priority and respond. Their response should focus whatever. Whatever resources necessary to accomplish the one objective or solve the one problem that will have the biggest impact on the
Situation once the highest priority is handled move on to the next priority and execute on that Continue this process until all problems are resolved if you don't know what to do you must attach of course we know about the task That means relax local round make a call take a step back talk about it all the time Just as in combat priorities in business and life can rapidly shift when this happens ensure that you communicate that change to the rest of the team both up And down the chain of command in stressful situations teams will often get on a single target of or priority even after higher priorities arise leaders and team members alike must maintain Ability to quickly reprioritize efforts and adapt to their constantly changing battlefield or environment.
That sometimes people don't have any idea what their biggest priorities are inside of a company inside of a realization inside of a team inside of a single department What's your priority is it to save money is it quality are we trying to find a balance between the boasts? But if we have to make a decision, what are we doing? Oh, well the company's gonna go out of business if we don't make some money okay, so we need to cut corners Little bit on quality oh, we'll get in a bunch of complaints about our quality. We're gonna go out of business We don't improve okay, so now we're gonna focus on quality see see what I'm saying People don't even know what it is. Do you get clear priorities from your leadership? If you don't you should be asking that question to figure out what the hell's going on. Very important. Real quick back to the simple. So damn. Well, how do you? you. I mean I can kind of imagine how do you if let's say your boss or someone who's who's giving out what he called? Freaking not demand Simon's assignments or whatever whatever.
If they're not simp- what if they're always complicated and they just have this habit of like um you know like they you know they Explain something and they then they explain this unnecessary history behind it and how they feel about every step of the way like all this Unnecessary, it's just much too complex to the point where it's like a problem. Yep. How do you approach? So them as the next subordinate leader in the chain of command I'm gonna take what they say. I'm gonna bullet eyes it into simple clear language. I'm gonna give them a read back back. So is that what they're telling them is what they're telling me confusing me. Yeah. Okay. Yeah So I'm gonna be taking notes and you're gonna talk to me for 38 minutes Of history and preferences and your little emotional feelings about things and when you get done I'm gonna say hey boss great got it
I just want to make sure I understand you want me to a mow the entire lawn be rake up the clippings from the grass See you want me to edge the sidewalk out front and D you want me to pick up all the pine cones and You go yeah, that's what I want done. I say great got it so big You're so high and I simplify it yeah, and by the way you can you have to practice Simplifying things and you can get a lot you get better at simplifying things over time It is a skill set to simplify things. It's a skill that can be improved some people have A natural certain natural level yeah, but even if you're not great at it. You can get great. You can get better at it Yeah, so would you?
Let's say I for let's say instead of that approach I worked on maybe asking him to simplify it Is that like is that counterproductive as far as like there are? a great number of people Who are not good at simplifying things yeah, and it'd be like me asking you to get taller Okay, you know what echo can you just be like can you be six three yeah, and you're like well? No. No. So if there's some people in operation complication you know what I mean yeah You ask him ask him to simplify something, and they'll literally say there's no way you can simplify this This is a complex problem gotcha yeah Not a good situation mmm But it's an it's not that big of a deal though because that's what we're here to do we are here to simplify That makes that's what we're doing mm-hmm as a leader The last of the combat the laws of combat leadership chapter 8 decentralized command decentralized
Command means everyone leads the fourth law of combat requires leaders at all levels to understand the overall mission The commanders intent and know that they are to make decisions about the key tasks necessary to accomplish that mission. To do this, team members must clearly understand why they're doing what they're doing in order to lead. Everyone must understand the mission, the end state which they are working toward and the Parameters within which they can make decisions and outside of which they cannot the most important thing for everyone to understand is why The purpose of their actual task. This is also known as commanders intent the underlying goal of the task or mission So decentralized command everyone is going to step up and lead You're not gonna be able to place each machine gunner in a security position. They're gonna have to do it themselves WOD Leader can check it out. Here's some questions about Decentralized Command. Explain the why behind your mission or key task.
On your team understand the why can you help explain it to them do people on your team take projects tasks and run with them or do they wait for specific direction from leadership on what to do that's a really good question do you have people that are stepping up or not in what areas are you Being the easy button for your team or your peers by making the decisions or solving problems for other people rather than teaching and training Them to act for themselves. How do you prepare your subordinates or junior personnel to lead if you are an individual contributor? How do you prepare yourself? To lead. So here's like a little thing that I used to ask a troop commander. They'd be out there, it'd be chaos on the battlefield. And I'd say, imagine if each one of your fire team leaders was doing something smart. Right now What if they all knew where what you were trying to accomplish and they were all doing with their little
Four-man teams or five-man teams what if all of them without you saying a word was working towards that goal? How hard would your job be and they'd be like it'd be easy. Why isn't that happening? Hmm? It's a game changer When people start to step up and lead when a subordinate person steps up and takes over a task Or part of the mission. It's a game changer They won't do it instinctively Most people won't some people will but most people will not do that instinctively. Hmm. Most people will they're gonna follow pack animal Humans are pack animals They're like dogs the alpha dogs good like you're gonna have some alpha dogs. They're gonna be like They're gonna make things up, but a lot of them are just gonna wait wait to be told what to do need to train them
Just like you need to train a dog. Train them so they're going to step up and make things happen. That's what we're doing. Are you micromanaging? I asked a group of leaders the other day. Who in here is a micromanager? None of them. No one of them raised their hand. Yeah, all is I know Okay, we got liars in here because I know when you're sitting in a room with a with a group of leaders They have the natural instinct to micromanage because they want to control everything. That's how they got new leadership position. I want to step up, I want to control, I want to make the rules. That's what people are like. like. They're like no, I don't like a micro-image liars Huh part three of the book we're done with walls of combat leadership part three is sustaining victory chapter 9 planned good planning is crucial to the success of any operation project or task leaders must understand the mission they also need to ensure their people understand
As well what we call commanders intent in the military is really just a strategic purpose behind the tactical operation another term for Understanding the why behind a mission tasking understanding the commander's intent is what allows subordinate leaders and frontline troops to develop effective plans And make good decisions on the ground Around in real time. If you're a frontline trooper, ensure you understand your commander's If not ask what it is When building a plan leaders should delegate as much as possible of the planning Process down to subordinate leaders in their teams giving frontline
Ownership of the plan helps them understand the reasons behind the plan and reinforces their belief in the mission Let the team plan The test for a successful the test for a successful brief is simple do the team and supporting elements understand it Direct quote You know as a Running a troop through land warfare And they gave like one brief for an FTX and it was terrible and they gave another brief for an FTX It was terrible and finally the troop commander tried to freaking catch me
You know came up with the the got your question mm-hmm the big gotcha question He's like what he was dude on these briefs. What are you even looking for? Like what makes a good brief? And he thought I wasn't gonna have an answer And I was like oh a good brief is when your troops Understand the mission and how it's gonna be executed You did can we make that happen? Because I'm pulling your boys aside afterwards like hey, do you understand what? The float of the target is there I go no idea. Do you understand what vehicle you're in? I think I know like that's not clear. If you don't know what vehicle you're getting into you got problems Got problems son So what makes a good brief the team freaking understands it. Mmm. That's a good brief Trying to freaking catch me Catch me sleeping Planning checklist does everyone involved understand the commander's intent this will
Help them make decisions and support the long-term strategy are the frontline employees in charge or assisting with developing the plan is Planning decentralized do these people have the resources that they need to succeed? Do the people executing have ownership of the plan? Remember, giving them ownership will drive them to solve problems that come up and ensure success. Our senior leaders focused on strategic objectives rather than getting bogged down in the details. Our leaders acting as tax... Tactical geniuses in order to improve the plan. Tactical geniuses. Shut the cup. Is the plan simple? Is it?
Plan being communicated in a simple way Does everyone involved understand the plan so they can execute you get those genius questions? from the boss man sure You hear them talking and everyone's just thinking dude. What are you doing? Why are you asking these questions? Mm-hmm? I? Got a good idea. Don't say anything Hey is someone gonna die. This is like a catastrophic or Is this even like a very significant problem mm-hmm? Okay, can you hey can you explain to me exactly how you're getting into on the roof of that building? Like it's a two-story building like what are you talking about? We're gonna climb up there like no one's gonna die Can you explain to me how you're gonna spend that that extra twenty four hundred dollars in marketing expenditure on the next quarter
Like dude that you're you're you you're burning up leadership capital with that question. It's not helping anybody you don't know They don't they know let them trust them yeah Thank you. Is the plan simple is the plan being communicated in a simple way does everyone involved understand the plan so they can execute does the Plan mitigate risk and include contingencies for when things inevitably change is there a debrief prop a debrief process? In place to learn after executing the plan Here's a question How do you encourage questions and discussion among your team to ensure that everyone fully understands the plan the mission and the key tasks? They must accomplish Boy, you really have to work to establish a culture of questions. Hmm. You really have to work at it
People don't like to ask questions. No look some people do like freaking Fred over here Who's got like the dumb question about everything you know I'm saying yeah, but most people they don't they're embarrassed to ask questions They got trained to not ask questions in school. Rather get an F on the test than ask like, Hey, Ms. Jones, how do I do this math problem? They'd rather fail the test. - Yeah. - Lotta kids. Lot of humans. Yeah. So you got to train to have a culture of questions. You got to train for that. Yeah. A good, a good one. It's just a one liner that you use sometimes when you say, uh, what did I miss instead of like anything else, you know, like, Is there anything else you say what did I miss almost like hey, it's just assumed like I missed something like help me out But you know, but by China In kind of a thing and I'll usually chime in with someone's name. I'll be like what did I miss Dave? Yeah like Jamie?
What did I miss yeah? Yeah? That's a good? So like it feels there because you know how like um in going back to maybe a high school scenario Whatever where where someone's like any questions Yeah, sometimes So yeah cuz to like you know I'm one of those people that I'm like shoot if I for real don't have a like real like question I'll figure it out later, you know, and maybe ask somebody else on the DL or whatever cuz bro, that's even if you ever showed up to class but it cuz when someone's like because you can take it Many different ways. Sometimes it almost feels like a challenge, you know, like who dares ask me a question, you know, sometimes it feels sometimes it's not that, but it feels that way. You know, so there's just so many different ways to take it and it's like it feels like you put yourself at risk You know when you're asking these questions like at risk of looking dumb first off with like the question
You're about to ask and that's how I feel something's like even when people say There are no dumb questions It's not always true There are some dumb questions and even even if the teacher doesn't think it's a dumb question your peers Could think it's a dumb question because let's face it man when someone's asking dumb questions Let's say even two in a row Bro, everyone, bro, you feel it. You feel everyone, oh, this guy again. And you don't want to be that guy. You're just sort of scared in a way, you know? So you're just like, all right, I'm not gonna ask. But like I said, if you can pull that, that off like how you do where you like hey what did I miss you know it's like a very welcoming like environment of question asking you know or at least additional necessary contributions I saw somewhere that this was bad but I don't necessarily think it's bad another term is uh does that make sense yeah like like blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
Hey, does that make sense? Right. I don't, I forget. I heard something negative about that, but I still use that sometimes where I'm like, Hey, does that actually make sense? Does that make sense? Yeah. I guess. See, if you say it like that, yeah, it's more welcoming for sure. But a lot of times, cause it could be. Essentially Does that make sense? Like, you know, the kind impassing or you know what people say? No what I'm saying? Like they say it, it's almost like rhetorical, you know, but even if it's not rhetorical and they Just say it normally we'll say so you're saying we use or yeah either a challenge or filler. Yeah Like a filler word just like oh that makes sense that makes sense like they're not they don't really mean it exactly right not being problematic Maybe that's what I've heard about it. That is bad
Well, I would imagine that actually this part now that I'm thinking of it is probably even worse is if they're like, does that make sense? Right? Where it's kind of like, wait, you, you frame the question, like, now I gotta like basically confront you and say, no, that doesn't make sense. So unless you have a really good relationship with. Person you'd be like oh wait no not yet because now if I say no it doesn't make sense even though you just spent your hard you know your time your valuable Explaining it to me now I got to come back with this doesn't make sense and Challenge you now kind of it's like a micro thing, but it's still that's the dynamic It feels like be careful that set up. Yes a good setup in that scenario Yeah, so almost like flip it around like how how you? would do with the whole what did I miss, almost flip it around like, like, like. Don't know what did I explain that in a way that it makes sense yeah, yeah, hey Does that make sense cuz I feel like I might have? Like Bob bumble through a little bit does it make sense what I said you know
like that. Yes. Something more earnest question. Yeah. That something that their answer, if it's no, isn't like challenging. Cause you know how like people on stage sometimes will do that too, where they'll be like. Hey, are you guys following me so far? Like in this way where if you say no, you're the bad guy. Kind of a feeling, you know? So if you can say Where if you say no, you're kind of the good guy and you're helping. If that's the feeling you're left with, I think that's going to be the more productive one. Check. Thank you. Chapter 10 leading up and down the chain of command one of the most important jobs of any leader is to support your immediate leadership Who's I mean you're supposed to be a kiss-ass no Go! It means you work inside of a team. The boss is in charge of the team. You're trying to help the boss get the job done. The senior leaders of a team must always present a united front to the team a public display of discontent or disagreement with the chain of command undermines the authority of Leaders at all levels including yours. This can be catastrophic to the performance of any
Does this mean you always say yes this mean you're a yes, man. No, it doesn't mean that It means I'm not disgruntled Not disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing. If I have questions, I'm going to ask questions. If I don't think the pathway that we're taking makes sense, I'm going to explain why I think that, but there's people that instead of logically addressing something that doesn't make sense to them, they just try and undermine freaking echoes plan is stupid. Doesn't make any sense why the hell are we doing this all those things are bad hmm, but to say heck Oh, I'm not sure I understand why we're doing it this way. There's nothing With that at all hmm, but for me to go back with the team be like this is stupid I don't know why the hell we're doing it this way. Those are two totally different things one. Hey echo Can you explain to me why I'm doing it this way because I I don't understand why this is gonna be more efficient Hmm.
That's saying the same thing as me going back to the boys and say I don't understand why the hell we're doing There's one word. I'm gonna put in there. Hell understand why the hell we're doing it this way. It doesn't make any sense sense. and One is perfectly, one is actually your duty to be like, Hey, I'm not sure I understand. And the why we're doing it this way, can you please re-explain it to me? That's your duty. The other one is mutiny. It's bad, undermining. Hmm Goes on to talk about important important important form of leadership We call leading up the chain of command this entails building relationships with your leader So you can gauge directly with them in order to obtain the decision
and support necessary to enable your team to accomplish the mission and ultimately win. A leader must deliver the most critical information necessary so that his or her boss can make decisions promptly and enable the boss to allocate the support necessary to accomplish the team's mission. Build a relationship with your boss. us. That's uh, I mean, I don't know how you guys, I mean, of course all this stuff is important, but I've realized that I had underrated that notion. To me that was a very underrated notion building relationship. And then I say relationships are stronger than chain of command. So that goes so deep. So and okay so my my daughter she had this like field trip I guess a lot of San Diego schools do this where they go in the star of India. Right? They go and they sleep and they sleep over there and they do that thing. You have you heard of this? My son.
Yeah, yeah, and you know son got a freaking like gnarly splinter under his fingernail Torture like torture. Oh, so hopefully she didn't get that no no no no, but you know it was a Deal for sure, but you know I see so anyway. They uh they have the parents write a letter kind of in from this position of like, let's say you were living back in those days. Right. And. You know you write a letter, and you know because they miss you so bad. I hope everything it's going well Along those lines. You can- you can- You can find out. You know you're playing the role. She's ten so you know whatever okay, so in the direct way to gain fully Oh, it's part of it, so they said That's the directions for like just write a letter like this. You can say whatever you want something like that cool Here's an example letter in Michael. Oh But I didn't say that
and stuff. I said, Oh, let me, you know, almost like, Hey, I might not see you again. So here, know this for life. Right. And I thought one of them was like relationships are stronger than any rule or law, which is kind of. I was gonna say chain of command, but you don't know what that means. So, um, and then, so she was like, all right, cool. So when she comes back from the thing. She said, I was like, Oh, did you read the letter? I'm all excited. You know, she was like, Oh yeah, I read like the first two sentences and, and she did, she didn't get what we're doing, what that part of it was. Because the people say oh here's some letters from your parents. So she started reading It's like my dad would never write this cuz I'm going back. I played the role I'm like, hey, you know, something about the jeans being developed and like all this stuff. And she's like, my dad didn't write this. This looks like an AI chat GB. Wait, the jeans being developed? Yeah. Like the, you know, like, um, denim was invented.
But Levi Strauss or whatever like in this time They're like hey you can draw on this to tell them what's going on back home and in the world you know kind of a thing Included some some stuff whatever bro. You see they like hey miss you go I went hard As a creative project so I did that she read the first two sentences and was like oh This is like chat GPT wrote this or something and didn't read the rest of it I was like ah it's too bad, so I was like well you didn't read Let me tell you so I told her that relationships are you know stronger than any rule or law? And she's like what I mean, so I'm like cool think about if you You know you committed a crime. I don't know and you're about to get sentenced by the judge What if instead of just some judge who was there to sentence you that was like your neighbor or your friend someone? Who's like your friend you think you're gonna get a big bigger sentence or smaller sentence, and she's like oh, yeah, I know him
A smaller sentence. I was like, yeah, but so you see how a relationship with someone can affect the rules, you know, good or bad or whatever. She's like, oh, yeah, it's true. So I kind of thought of it too where It all comes together now, all these little sayings, you know, how like you guys be like, Hey, there's nothing good. That's come out of a bad relationship or an antagonistic relationship. And it's like, dang, I don't know that I can consider one single exception to that. Unless you're going short-term if you're in short-term, that's different But but that's not part of the gig though, or if you had like a bad relationship with Jeffrey Epstein He gets rolled up and you're like, Okay, see I told you guys, that guy hated me. Well, it depends though. So, and you don't say bad really, you guys say antagonistic relationship, which is kind of different. Bad is just broad, you know? Yeah. Where it's like, yeah, if you had an antagonistic relationship
With Jeffrey Dahmer versus you had a good relationship, but you weren't like You were civil You know what maybe he gonna chop you up now and eat you or less likely to yeah, if you guys are cool Put it this way. Did he chop up? Did he kill people that did you watch that documentary on him or the movie about him? Whatever I know nothing there's like a whole like series about him, but I free I don't know if he ran. I think he randomly targeted Yeah, I think he was killing and eating people that he knew so it'd be better to have a relationship with him Yeah, yeah, you can just kill your your bro or whatever No, I think a lot of it was like a sexual thing too. You know where he'd like Like be into the person and that's part of his like gratification or whatever. I don't know I didn't see the document saw it's not like mini docs anyway nonetheless Back to the relationship. Think about it. If you have an antagonistic relationship with Jeffrey Dummer can be the worst person, the You want to stay distance from, but let's say you have an antagonistic relationship versus someone who has like a cool.
And just like how you guys say you don't have to like each other and be bros You just have to have a good relationship can't be antagonistic. I don't know man. I don't know if I can think of an exception Sure, so you told your daughter that amongst other things yeah I didn't say the Jeffrey don't was no no was there a closer to this thing or you're just saying that that was a key Component that you know the key holder yeah that relationship good one. That's like. I told my kids about Teachers hey there your enemy be friends with them. Yeah, they like be have a good relationship with them otherwise that 80 89.49 Implementation where can you provide greater support to your leadership? That's a good question ask yourself everything
How can I do a better job? What can you just start building a better relationship with your boss with your team? trustless respect influencing care Chapter 11 decisiveness amid uncertainty leaders will always be faced with uncertainty The picture is never complete on the battlefield as in every arena of business and life There is always an element of the unknown Leader you must be comfortable with this you have to make decisions then be ready to adjust those decisions quickly based on evolving situations and new information don't allow yourself to paralyzed by fear or indecision which results in inaction. It is critical for leaders to act decisively amid uncertainty to make the best decisions they can based on the immediate information available. Waiting for the 100% right solution leads to delay, indecision, and an inability to execute. Be prepared to make an educated decision based off your previous experiences, knowledge, training, and education. Calculate the likely outcome.
Outcomes and take into consideration all the information available to you. One of the best ways to do this is through small iterative steps in the direction you think is best without the complete picture. Only move as far as you need, as far as needed to evaluate, reassess, make corrections and move again. This enables rapid incremental decisions. You can always adjust as new information emerges. Such a series of these small iterative decisions collectively will move the team in the direction you need to go. It enables you to be decisive amid uncertainty. Some implementation questions. Do you delay decisions that you should be easy, that should be easy to make out of fear of being fired or reprimanded? Why do you think that will happen? Another one.
A little bit in what areas are you hesitant to take action and you need to be more? default aggressive towards solving your prom or seizing initiative in what areas are you being too aggressive and You need to detach properly evaluate the situation and implement steps to mitigate risks that you can control Fast forward a little bit to chapter 12 Well discipline equals freedom the dichotomy of leadership. This is chapter 12 this actually turned into two different books mm-hmm This one is freedom field manual and dichotomy of leadership the next book going to cover that workbook as well Because I think these workbooks are really helpful dichotomy of leadership workbook dichotomy of leadership workbook yes There is no discipline equals freedom workbook Yeah, yeah Alright discipline equal discipline and freedom are opposing forces discipline is rigid structured and controlled freedom is the opposite
Confined and unrestrained when we think of freedom we think of doing whatever we want whenever we want and of course is what we desire freedom, but if we look closer we discover While discipline and freedom are opposing forces. They are closely related. In fact, the pathway to freedom is through discipline We need discipline to achieve freedom However, it is also a dichotomy that must be balanced excessive discipline can stifle personal and team development and under mind-free thinking. Contrarily, without enough discipline, the team will not know what to do in critical situations or how to respond to a crisis. When we strike the right balance, a disciplined team will have structured plans and standard operating procedures in place that allow for rapid and unified execution, but still enough freedom to adjust, adapt, and maneuver to emerging changes and contingencies. That balance is dynamic, changing constantly with every person in every team, and as a leader, you must find that
Balance between discipline and freedom. The dichotomy of leadership is not only about discipline and freedom there are an infinite number of dichotomies that a leader must balance about a leader must communicate but not too much a leader must plan but don't get stuck in a planning cycle that never ends a to make things happen but must not be overly aggressive and take on reasonable risk. A leader must be willing to step up and lead, but a leader must also know when it's time to follow someone else's lead. Implementation. Where do you see room for increased discipline? By applying that discipline, what freedom will be possible? Where do you see room for better process or standard operating procedures? Whose job is it to develop standard operating procedures? All very good questions. All very good questions in that last chapter about discipline and freedom. In fact, so many questions about discipline and freedom that turned into two books.
All right, I'm gonna close out this workbook. There's a section speaking of books This this thing is called. It's all about you It's all on you, but not about you excerpt from a leadership strategy and tactics field manual And this will close it out as a leader. There are no excuses and there is no one else to blame You have to make decisions you have to build relationships you have to communicate so that everyone can understand and you have to control your ego and your Emotions you have to be able to detach you need to instill pride in the team you need to train the team you need to And tactful and aware and you have to take ownership. The list goes on and on and make and makes up this incredibly complex undertaking that we call leadership.
And if you do all those things well, if you lead effectively, the team will be successful and the mission will be accomplished. If you do not lead effectively, you will fail and the team will not accomplish the mission. Leadership is all on you, but at the same time, leadership is not about you. Not at all. Leadership is about the team. The team is more important than you. The moment you own interests above the team and above the mission is the moment you will fail as a leader. When you think you can get away with it, when you think the team. Won't notice your self-serving maneuvers, you are wrong, they will see it, and they will know it. The leadership strategies and tactics in this book are to be used not so you can be successful. These strategies and tactics are to be used so they
team can be successful. If you use them to further your own career or your own agenda, eventually these strategies and tactics will backfire and bring you down. You will fail at A leader and as a person. But if you use these strategies and tactics with the goal of helping others and of helping the team accomplish its mission, then the team will succeed. And if the team succeeds, you will win as a leader and as a person. But more important, your people will win. And that is true leadership.
It's a nice little Secondary effect a person a leader helping the team win the secondary effect is guess what? You win. Mm-hmm. You win all day. So that's what we're doing So there you have it little coverage of this book It's important to remember that leadership is not an inoculation. That's what I started with with. Don't get one shot. You don't go through a book one time be like cool. I got it look you might have some epiphany moments You might have some things where you recognize like damn. I got to change some stuff but even then takes months and years to really Be proficient and intuitive about leadership So you need to continually review?
people all the time that study and read and preach these principles and still miss them oh yeah you got to detach you got a review and if things aren't going well boy let me tell you something if things aren't going well and you're looking at your team or you're looking at your peers or you're looking at your boss you go the hell's wrong with them you're not doing it right things aren't going well it's not on them it's on you so there you go little review part of the world it's true yeah that
You know like anything where you can you can read this and hell yeah now you know but yeah until you start doing it like you just like anything really you know where you really get the full spectrum when you do it and you do it more you do it more and it like constantly you know that epiphanies or whatever that you mentioned brother that's like a constant thing and some of them I think you said this really some of them are is stuff We're like hey, I already knew that but why haven't I not been like I haven't been considering that even though I kind of knew that from before you know kind of a thing so there's like these repeating epiphanies sometimes But yeah, yeah, it's one of those deals, right? Where you You sit there and you kind of realize oh wait. It's it's my turn. You know everyone's looking at you know But that's that's a good kind of a what he called like a good like Indicator right when you're like thinking to yourself especially with those words like what's wrong with him?
Yeah, why can't they just get their act together? Yeah, that's like a little indicator. No, it's not a little indicator. Yeah, that's It's kind of the big indicator indicator kind of indicator. What's wrong with them? What's wrong with me? Yeah? That's the question So that's what we're doing Uh we're also lifted. Hell yeah, we're also training The jujitsu sure had some good roles yesterday where I was at Legion Yeah, Legion American jujitsu up there in Miramar. Yeah rolled into there Since my gym kind of caught on fire, so we've been traveling around a little bit hitting some of the other gyms But yeah, I had a good some good rolls That's what we're doing yeah They got jocko fuel up there too by the way which is good Because then you can get done training you lift then you train you want some Moke hell yeah, I want some hydrate. I need to hydrate yesterday and
Moke needed to do the double hitter. Yeah, that's we're doing jocko fuel calm you need greens Look you need greens get the good greens my loving mother came visit For a few days and she brought up the green. She's a connoisseur. She's a greens connoisseur Yeah, big time. She said the exact same story almost like she hadn't told me that already But yeah, she she's been into the greens since like she was young young, you know And she was like yeah, and the thing about greens is like they don't taste good like that That's you just accept that the way you mix it up with some something that tastes good Or you just freakin power through you know they woo is there alcohol like okay? Remember back in the day when you worked it up
Bar Was there ever a time where you're like, oh i'm gonna do this shot and i'm gonna enjoy it. Oh like The taste of it. No. Yeah. Yeah. No, no, no, is there is there people that are like that? They're like, oh this tastes so good like this bourbon. Yeah. Yeah, right It's funny. My kid just asked me that exact same question It's like what like do you think it tastes good because it doesn't taste good and i'm like and I go some people think it tastes good, but i'm like I don't know if people think it tastes good, like it tastes good, like Mountain Dew tastes good to me anyway, but I think bourbon and. Beers and even like, you know, tequila testing and they're like, ooh, it tastes so good. I don't know that it's the taste. Of itself I think it's the whole experience kind of a thing so then you have to have kind of this kind of trained and conditioned mind to appreciate all the different things in that experience of tasting this stuff so I think it's more that and hey if you want if that's what you call tasting good then yeah but to me no it's so great.
Greens kind of just don't taste good. That's the same thing you I guess you would you'd have to be like Oh, this is so good for me that I'll just drink this thing that tastes like mud. Yeah, until we made our greens Yep, exactly. And that's what my mom said. She was like these ones actually tastes good, which is like Never experienced that before you know yeah there you go, and it's me there anybody Hydrate got these energy drinks right here speaking of tasting good. I think this tastes better using you mentioned Mountain Dew Hey look. I'm not a Mountain Dew kind of guy. There's a bunch of sugar, and it's terrible for you That's type 2 diabetes have you heard of that yes, it's a real problem You won't get it from drinking one of these right here at all no Sugar in there no, but there's also no no chemical sweeteners in there Sweetened with the good stuff the natural stuff. That's we're doing choco fuel calm check it out get on joint warfare Get on super krill Hundred percent get on that
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Deal discipline equals freedom um yeah, you want to represent that uh The idea of good right just put a video out featured the video of the video Anyway, you want to represent this is where you can get your stuff. Jocko stored out is it that's uh that was a third Measure video right yeah like he was watching your video on the video Third measure yeah, talk to me about third measure. What's going on with it? It's just that it's a what he called a Repository is that the right word? Like somewhere where you put stuff. Yeah of the Remember mango mayhem. Yeah, right the signature flavor and jocko fuel go right? Um, so when I when we flipped From the signature flavors when we when we got rid of the signature part of them I still had a lot of leftover footage and stuff
Just the stuff kind of promoting that right with the robots trying to steal my mango stuff So I had a bunch of leftover stuff and ideas that I was like, hey, it's all here. So It didn't make as much sense Me posting it on my Instagram because it didn't have me in it and stuff like that. It was just the robot doing this, doing that. You know? So I was like, Oh, let me just throw these on here. Let me add some stuff. And every once in a while I'll get carried away for sure. Maybe spend some extra time. There that maybe I shouldn't, but so I just put them there. So it's third. Where did you get the name? Third measure from? Well, I think it was like one of these ideas. You know what I had it I had to like domain names back in the day like I've got him long time ago And one was third measure Where did you get third measure from if I'm remembering correctly? It was like you know how you go to like if you want to solve a problem You try to solve it, and it's not working, and you're like. Oh, we got to go like extreme measures You know you know that idea right like extreme situations call for extreme measures or whatever
Yeah, oh you could even say the full measure. Yeah, right, so it was more kind of that idea like we tried one thing Now we had to go to extreme And then now even that didn't work, so this is like the third you know kind of a thing anyway If I'm remembering correctly what I was thinking so I was like hey this sounds good. It has faction C tied He was the original, my original marketing like sections, you know, so, you know, faction just sounds cooler than department. So I was going to do like, you know, visual effects and stuff was going to be part of like the service of my company or whatever. And then folks point. Yeah. And then marketing was going to be like kind of another one. And then faction C was like the third one which was kind of like rogue marketing You know like stuff that like a marketing person would be like, I don't know if we can put that on here You know, it was like that. That was the idea You know so that doubt so
I'm glad you created like a whole level of Harry Potter universe Yeah out there so these are just little hints of it what you're seeing is just little hints of it So fashion see third measure third measure you can follow it at third measure and if you're Easily offended, maybe don't follow it. Yeah. Yeah. Some people don't like some of this stuff for sure. Yeah. Actually I think today, cause I posted one today or last night or whatever and someone was like, Oh, why'd you use that garbage song on it like they're mad at the music I put on there, so yeah you get stuff like that Well you had one where it seems like people are using cocaine. Yes. They have pounds of cocaine, mounds of cocaine on the table. There's people getting shot. Yes. But they're actually just trying to steal some jocko. Feel creatine. Yeah, so that was yeah, man. Keep in mind. They're not people. They're all just robots, you know, yeah exactly, right So, but no mercy on them. You can have no mercy exactly, right, but the
Is I try to make them look really he like like a person like they don't walk like a road they walk You know see I guess maybe there's that some personality in there for sure, but yeah, so that one was yes It was kind of like oh, and there's there's a cup. There's there's a couple of them What's the old World War two looking robot named yeah kill zone kill zone? Yeah, and then there's the closer Oh, yeah, the Joker one. Yeah, so he's called the closer sure yeah, is there one of their names whether? Forthcoming characters there we got I don't know to be honest closer have a different part of his name to like oh, yeah Punchline the closer Should be two people yeah two different people wait punchline is one in the closer is the other yeah, yeah cuz Punchline I guess could be the Joker type character right, but but the closer is not really well isn't
A comedic term that I think it is I think it is but you gave him two names. Yeah, yeah, not necessary amen Let's expand. Maybe they could fight each other for who's the punchline who's got the closer. Yeah, so there you go There you go third measure yeah for what? It's worth, hey, look, you wanna have some fun? There's some layers in there for sure. A lot of it, it was based on all Jocko Fuel stuff. The robots trying to steal the jocko fuel, you know, and then, you know, something like I said, sometimes you get carried away So forgive me. Sometimes I am NOT a very mature person That being said yeah, man. Enjoy your name a chairperson with some pretty mature skills So there you go. Jocko store.com. Go check that out. Also on Jocko store, the short locker. I don't want to forget that. So did he See the shirt? I saw you had Action Jackson in it. Oh yeah, he's the man. Yeah, shirt locker.
New shirt new design every month. It's a sugar-coated lies, and it kind of looks like Krispy Kreme, right? Yeah, that's the that's the homage lies lies lies something like that on the bottom sugar coated lies Mmm sugar coated lies well Were you let that did, uh, did you see it and be like, okay, I did. It was your hype. Okay. Right on. It was approved. Yup. Full store.
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correctional officers, border patrol, secret service, as well as all other first responders. You put your safety at risk to protect our safety and we are thankful. And everyone else out there, the things in this workbook, the things in the book Extreme Ownership, we have to aim them at. Ourselves. It isn't the other person who needs to cover and move. It isn't the other person who needs to keep things simple. It isn't the other person that needs to prioritize and execute more. It isn't the other person Person that needs to utilize decentralized command is the other person that needs to take ownership. It's you. It's you. Focus on you. Change you. You step up.
Things you prioritize you utilize decentralized command you keep your ego in check you take ownership And if you do your whole world and the world of those around you Will get better So go out there and get after it and until next time this is echo and jocko out
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