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44: Negative People, Entitled Team after Extreme Ownership, Managing with your Meyers-Briggs Personality Type.

2016-10-12 | 🔗
0:00:00 - Opening 0:04:12 - Ways to avoid injury when starting Jiu Jitsu 0:23:31 - When do you use Decentralized Command with a new group. 0:35:05 - Workouts to become more relaxed in the water & help lower heart rate. 0:45:26 - Dichotomy of the ego.  When to check it and when to let it fly. 0:54:18 - Taking Extreme Ownership, and then the team gets ENTITLED. 1:05:57 - How to deal with toxic/negative people. 1:12:32 - Meyers Briggs personality types and how to avoid creating division in a team. 1:23:01 - How to deal with it when bad things happen to good people around you. 1:27:55 - Cool Internet/Onnit stuff.  Jocko Store, Amazon.Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/jocko-podcast/exclusive-content
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This is Jacko podcast number. Forty four with ECHO Charles and me Jocker willing good evening, ECHO dream and the last podcast number forty three when a little bit long We did not get a q and a s It's one of the nice things about having a podcast having a form. That we actually own and can do whatever you want with? It goes long what let it go long. We can go down that road now. Some people might sell. You went too far down that road. Ok, that's fine. Pressed up go proceed, Where else some people say, I wish you wouldn't on further down that road. So we're just gonna go off of instinct here. What to me like,
think we think we went far enough down that road were good there but we did not get Q day. And so that work in new today do some culinary. Questions from inter webs is always good. Lotta people tonsils oceans, deafening appreciate all the questions that are coming through animal. I apologize, I can't get to all of them, I will say this: I've talked to some some troopers out in the field and there there there like it, we know what you're gonna say like when a question comes, which is That means I'm working myself out of a job. If you other than you are but the real question is that's awesome. That means you figured out you can you do go, educate someone else go elsewhere. Scope. So it's cool, The people are starting to understand. I think thee the holistic mindset that's going on here and that's very positive to me now that being said,
there's always questions at comforts. Sometimes even I'm. Ok, let me think about that. One. In sum of more really obvious I got on, you know I gotta on Twitter, the other day. Somebody asked me some, hey what have you learned about people or about humans? Since you, you no kind of entered the world of social media on a large scale, and I wrote back that I've figured out that humans. Google things before they ask you the question on Twitter, because sometimes people this asked me, you know the decision. The question that you could google faster than me about up. You know just some cool but not one of my quotes, but a Shakespeare quote or a book. Or military unit. You know my men, men, Google AD, don't ask me:
If you want to ask me a specific question that I might know from that school, that's awesome, I'm more than happy to answer. Also. I get asked twelve times a day. What how you go to sleep at night, so I just right. Eleven and people are lacking anyways. What would you get some awesome courses for the iter webs it well and other things go about answering questions from me into webs. Is it does make me think about it Specific sexual someone's in an age by experts before which may be I have. Maybe you haven't I've at least probably seen it before or some version of it, but then you answer a question about it. He quantify Can you bring brain solidifies in your brain and hour ago, asset question again, I'm a boom. I can answer it more. I can answer with a little more authority because I've seen it before now makes it better.
So I basically once anus when I get forced to answer questions. I am. Learning doesn't want I'm reading book, I'm learning when it s request more slick. When you teach you move. When you teach me when you get there, you get better at them of no doubt about it in that that's why it is beneficial for me and I appreciate all these questions at everybody asked me because they make me smarter and so are at Rock n roll question number one. The sun was for you and some Harris. Save yourself, that's right seminars it here by the way, but the question is: I would like to start be J J training, but worry about injury. What are your thoughts now? I? Actually we had these court. Since prepared for to answer on the tail end of forty three, and I will say this people want to know. What's my mindset is about things you know what am I thinking
here's one thing and you might notice this pattern. If you, if you pay attention close attention, the bar desk, you might not, does a pattern that usually, after these crazy dark books, I usually role that first question. The question they answer. Period is about Jujitsu let's just relax a little bit. Somebody posted somebody could be you gave me your unrolled with me and so just tell me, someone that I know was telling me like tat my friend saw the pictured, the video of you rolling and new, like he looks like the happy. I've ever seen him and also a reality. So that's the general idea between Let's just go from the intense Did he generally of combat situation from a book? into our right now we can take a rap off and we can talk about Jujitsu alike. That makes sense so
be Gigi training. Any word managers that makes us actually gets her. I've asked this question a few times: people that rely on their hands to work, one. Guys professionally. Two guys were professional guitarists and their sketched out about doing. Jujitsu body that has a job that relies on a lot of physicality you. You are at risk. As you, you know your beginning. Sport injuries absolute, we happen and you get to it. It is a contact sport in you can get injured. Why you're doing it. You can get injured in any sport that you do it. Any more than do the the worst. My I hurt my knee. I had sincere Ma Amselle. Did it surfing You know been he'll hooked, baggy muster thousands Bergmann vows ten thousand times, never had any injury about serving in her money. So you get hurt. Do anything but.
So you have to be careful right and I think one of the best of one of the most critical ways to be careful introduced by make sure that your picking the right trading partners, because there's some knucklehead journey partners. Yet every Jim and Andor there, a twenty. Twenty two year old male who It has a lot of testosterone in has very sensitive ego and so he's looking just him. Crust everyone so yeah right for that I- and I had actually I shouldn't- I should actually paid that soap brush, because there's plenty of for that are there are older people. The big ego and younger pew there's people- theirs is basically you gotta watch out for these knucklehead set are gonna, go crazy. You had some people, don't know better too in all their just, they just happened being in strong and they're, not really knuckle very just like the they're good The other told me to grab the arm and pull I'm trying to pass a guard on, though, Thou must technique. I'm just gonna go
heart. You know that you're right, then they're they're not intentionally being aggressive, but Jesus. The sport, and if you have be two hundred and sixty pounds. We could be problematic, so you want to I am. I know it sounds waiting. Goes one rule some possible belt, which is gonna run through me. Not for you. Do you have about the chance of getting her by a purple. Bout are infinitely less than you getting. Her by a white but absolutely and high you go up, the more accurate? That is, unless, of course here but you're you're a problem or you're a bully and there needs to be a regulatory situation happening, in which case a black belt, is not going to veto the age of he won't injure. You that's the periods later, I think when you enters fighting sports punishment isn't being beat up. You get me this part of the game, through its more it's more like an embarrassment thing or like
the ceiling always glad you like they're gonna, where you out you know or make you look like you soccer it's it's it's more like a lesson thing in that way, they are not like getting here. I agree with you now another piece of this and I did just reality. Ok doing stand up, you have a higher Jessica, like doing take down our take down spear, either judo textile take down or resting Sal take gowns. You have a higher chance of gaining a knee injury or ankle injury theirs. No doubt about it, so you be careful just think about what you're doing their work with withstand do you know if you're a person nets, you know, do you you know, what's best Pickens absolutely but do who need to step in their night after night and get your full on wrestling practice together, Eddie as if Europe forward, three year old person that you know you are for
four year old cop that's working to be yet you know it. You need to know. Take out. No get me wrong need to train them. You knew starting a new mercury. Oughta do do you need out wrestle somebody in up in a wrestling situation. Probably You know you didn't you knock at any. Do that so just use caution with take downs major. You know to do, but as you get to where you want to knock it injured is used for your primary. Fox training there just be careful to stand up. You do good warm up, and this is something I am just the worst perpetrator of not warming up well, I like to warm by rolling so in actually now? I do usually do one round where I'm just going to chill in and just kind of rolling slow, but I used to not even do that, he's just like clap hands and go so don't do that obviously keep
go and check announcing our thinking outside mothers of drugs in the other the other day during Prop Papas Rib and He was just saying to me his ribs recovered now, but he was saying to me, you know is, I think you dont get injured because you work at all times and, unlike I agree with you on it, so I believe that you should work out on record. Business images asked me train and lived on. The same days has absolutely Dron lived. I turn left every day, so get your work programme goin on. You know nature. We maintain that some people, when they start doing, introduce they're gone, crazy They use all this muscle, and so they go like I'm, not gonna work out cause, I'm just getting a work out. No wrong answer, keep working out a modification, and I was encouraged working out lifting doing your I can't do whatever before did you get so that's what I do,
I want to be tired. When I adopted you and fight in a worse scenario, you don't make it harder for myself I don't want to show up and in be all fresh and, like that's gonna happen every day know I like to be tired, worn out, dressed system and then shop and still get after on the mats. Yet airports pretty advance, though, to do it like that got us. I mean being new question the question. I've done that the whole time yeah I've done that too, before in good yeah, you do work out after you left way too. After you training, it's a I've done both broker. Would you normally? I do one and like I don't do today, normally. Only when you roll into the Matt you like all fresh.
In a matter is taking a fresh than it would be. If I didn't work out before you put it that way that, although no one has a right now, that is how it is used for sure, but before an evil, one else, training for competition and stuff oil and even like maybe take two years three years ago, Mimi work out. I do the work offers and then guerrilla like I think, that's the plan as much as you can work on your flexibility in this. Something that I again this is a bay fail area in my book, I'm not flexible. I should be and you if you are more flexible Europe, injury levels are gonna, go down, so you stretch It's really easy stuff that you, everyone says: Do you know when you're sitting there on the map even we're sitting the map? The teacher teaching Juno try to go to Lotus position. Try you'd do stretch wording that, if didn't around just stretch. What sitting around while you're working on a computer sit in a way that you're getting some kind of structure so stretch.
Be flexible as much as you can now know things I can't talk about guitarists and anybody surgeon anybody, it's working with their hands and wants to protect her fingers I would recommend maybe emphasising more novi we're not grab and indirectly, all the time here again fears caught up in their needs twist. There's someone here and yank on red: silk: everytime, pretty it was fairly common action. My worst finger in dreams, actually know ye. So let's and I only get it couple months ago, which is just in it, which is a bizarre bizarre incident, is one of those So that's why. It's really hard for me did straight up incurred somebody that needs their fingers. No, no! You don't worry you're, not gonna. U can get are now. I've had one finger injury. You know signal, get finger: injury in twenty plus years, so you
Get a finger injury, cutting the carrots on you know in the kitchen is so you know you gotta, be careful. But there is no guarantee that you're not gonna hurt and not any other thing is. I will say this: you guess. Chance of getting injured right, but there is also some massive physical and mental Ben. Fits that will likely outweigh the injuries. The perceived injures repast pledges possible injuries that you might get so whose be healthier Europe. Your fingers are to be stronger. I mean yeah, you might get some food injured fingers, but you are also gonna have figures that are stronger. Your grip is getting stronger its beneficial your minds, We strongly. Your cardiovascular system should be stronger as a lot of benefits to Jujitsu. That our way in my mind, the possibility of having an injury I mean upon beauty of having a catastrophic injury is pretty soon.
All, especially if you train smart, really is agree. Absolutely yes and when you think about it, even of the people that you know over twin, That's a lot of people. You know lose headed any kind of major injury wearily. If you count it turns into account as a major injury, but If you brought your knee, that means you can be down. You can be six months, a surgery or whenever surgery and six months, rehab and another three months before you Jack, that's you know. That's a year and in that could be some people. Consider that catastrophic injury I know I would be devastating. But at the same time we know higher. I got next surgery out forbid it. Don't you remember it now flash in the pan who cares whatever you deal with it? I played more guitar during that time. You don't mean good times in the end in in reference to this question, when this is anything you do guys The Basle court quality go up readjust recreational vessel, pickup game weaken whatever block any ankle. Whatever you know, I had, I mean I've been in the game, what
twelve years One could those guinea knots in a tournament by September, major injury, Yo Alfred, you know you're whatever, but other than that. Never been injured because of the submission of training to yeah in full speed, training competent like everything in its first submission holds, go never been injured in a submission. What ya like us to hear? How sure? I'm only should we should definitely if you're smart, Isabel you'll, never get injured from somebody trying submission on sixty tap yeah you tap in look it's not gonna, not her feet up duly. Usually it's just you get hurt. Maybe you should this kind of whatever for a week or two billion still tray. It's, not an injury. Put it that way up, and even if they are, even if your, your big small, I think that's pretty comment It's really rare that I see. Oh I'm, my pc Elisabeth, you hook, maybe
petition could help China, when you are trying to tat, is ok but don't speaking it surprising almost that it's that safe We will consider when you consider what the objective of the spanish to break and destroy people's limbs you the fact that it rarely happens if this really happens. So, yes, big, Therefore, there is no guarantees but train back to the trading partners. Part You know when you the prison, where you're saying be careful, you train with and stuff like that, so sometimes specially legless, if you're, older or arm. Even if you're a girl and you go in and in Europe, The girl in some people, what they look like literally, the guy doesn't know any he's going. Are you can tell when you start to go hard, sometimes be awkward to
say: hey, you know, like respectfully Mcenroe with you because of you know it's it's kinda like asking someone a dance in them saying now: they're like arts, let rejections with awkward, so sometimes you people will just tough it I'll be like all just enter. I think if you can find If you can go through that in really look out for yourself, where the guy's going nuts, it's obvious, usually he's not trying to go not in her? He lit that's pretty rare, but they don't you better, their white builder or whatever and they're just and stronger Erin in their going nuts, you gotta you gotta, find a good tactful way to be like hey. I respect your butt. I am concerned about, like just my injuries, are we have this? You know what hey sorry. I only row with people under one thirty, because I have a you know injured yea and illegal discharges a white lie. Maybe it is, but
I think it's a malicious white lies with fine when you bring em Harris. I apologize for telling people to tell a little white lie to save this massive injury strategy for Africa. Juries. But again, it's like telling someone know when they see the debts he can to white lies. The fact is from my own reasons I wanna to dance yeah, but it might be k to say all sorry, I'm here with Billy over there and in so I can't dance with you. And that's actually to make you feel better than to say hey. Don't actually I don't like you yeah, you kind of disgust me, so I'm not dancing with you walk away. Is it necessary to do that? Probably not maybe the little white lies. Ok, helped again same Harris Apologia regarding line flick things like I'm, not to say you're, a spaz you're, a liability. You might hurt me because of what you don't know how to do another allworthy, indifferent ill. You may even be offended the most likely
so actually were were actually talking about that. While you were on the Jujitsu mats, doing physical judge Have you got a throne little mental jujitsu in the situation, no just manipulated the mentality of your training partners. That is in the Spirit of safety. Indeed cause. I don't think Jackal would ever say that anybody call your spares bring it on. If I'm not mistake, deal with them. People next question when dealing with new groups of full before you go there by the way, Sometimes you should train with someone is really spaz and harder and bigger than you. You should do that. Sometimes now. You should use caution when you do it, maybe you can get that. I would. Rather, if my like my son, if someone had trim someone, that's big and strong monitoring with you a mammoth James Dean, because I know that you guys won't give him enough strength to you know not gonna, hurt him. Please only
in forty pounds, but I don't want to give you Preston you're, like sometimes you got to roll with that something's gotta roll with somebody, that's big, strong and doesn't know what they're doing just so. You know you and I know what to do there, but if you're, a blue belt in Orem if you're a bluebell, Adam big ressler, showing you weigh a hundred and sixty five pounds in a row. So shows up that weighs two. Forty and its third day in your young guy. You know each It's a good idea to row that person, because there you think you are expecting there really strong and we try really hard and you oughta, be you wanna, be Yonah train for yourself for the unexpected. So, basically don't just we'd, I'm not saying we it s, a watch, your training burners, I'm not saying for a normal personal training, crawl, drew up a safety bubble while you're on the mats. Now, especially people better, you know young and fit. You should be training with every person you can every different body style. Try MAO
big wrestler, small people like people turn them all She used all those different vices improves your game. He answered and if you are very concerned about injuries, because you have a job that requires you to be no use your hands or walk or whatever, then you go K. You know what I need to take the long, the long vision here, the law fight the long war and he'd be selected on my journey borders, absolutely correct! Yes, just like I have just said Now. The question is I'm. I want to start Jujitsu named I'm worried about you, so exit tat guy use your beauty s exactly, but just like I say when you get to about Blue built, you gotta start introducing more challenges in different ways and absolutely correct man cause if, if you'd do hope it and you can, let's say you're, not you That's it. You use the same trading partners and you train with you no blue built for built. There is specific and very effective, Jujitsu moose,
for other jujitsu moves right. So, like don't turn your back all these rules, that are pretty fundamental thing rarely should be broken and we all know so RO, with a guy who's, its third days, the athletic wrestler. He doesn't know those rules, but now so he puts you outside of the whole formatted jujitsu. You don't know it is a thing. It's almost him. What you just did not really working that good. If you're, not you stood But if you are you do it even like aka and also such a good technique to use with people right without being with people. People like people's personnel these people have a personality that they would that's how they deal with things and they get people they funnel people into their world. So if you have to break that, just step outside their world like Yoke, drawn into people's worlds right, don't get drawn into people's strengths and which are but seldom but don't drawn into their strength. Don't get drawn their way of fighting, because it's not you're, not gonna, go to win the battle. Could you do it all day? Long right so just come from a different angle, usually
disarm, Newsome Cow instead of being confrontational. We this is normal, stop, but so too being confrontational. Somebody take little flank, and maybe You know massage or eagle lifted, but that's it it's that same thing. If the east people have a way of doing things and you can get outside their pattern. You have a better chance of getting a victory when dealing with new groups of folks. When do you do for decentralized command right away or gradually, as in slowly give them trust or slowly take the way is needed there again. This is a good, solid question. This is something that people ask fairly regular basis and it's a pretty straightforward answer. Ok, you can't obviously just right away just just give people full autonomy, because you have to build it up somewhat. Incrementally give them the opera energy to be on their own now, and what what what you're
We building what Europe we building with decentralized command, is your building trust and that that's what you're trying to do and as such before the best way to build trust is to give trust. But before you give trust you, said expectation. You gonna, set standards set guidelines because his purse that you're just a means a new personally date they might be, they might be a crazy they might be in competent. They might have a total. Different vision of? What's, ok, then you might, they might be unethical, there's all kinds of things that day I'll, be there we cannot allow for. So what we have to do is set those standards, set those guidelines and put those put those guard rails in place so that you make sure that this person is ethical, make sure that they do or professional make sure that they do have the same state. Make sure that they understand the expectations you set form an that's. That's when you can start to hand out more
lack and more Suppose we don't know micromanagement Soongoora parameters, another about telling people exactly how to do it, but Let's say units are working together, you are my subordinate if we fast forward two years from now, I'd be like hey echo this. What we're trying to get done make it happen I'll check back with me when it's done right. That's how much leeway I'm giving young care, but when we we start working together, I'm a big head, echo. Here's will want to get done. Can you come but a planet in, and let me know if you take a look at what you gonna do boom Now, I'm still letting you fully on the plan. Biomedical Jack to make sure that it's the right, Jim and make sure it's a good plan will make sure to smartly mixture handles are our resources correctly. So all the things I'm just gonna end, then the more we worked together, the more we build, the trust, the more you understand, expectations, the less guidance. And give you the less site. I'm gonna give you cause, I'm get built up cause. We ve built on trust with me and have built up trust with you so
that's important. I also want you to feel Make your own decisions be as I don't wanna be making decisions all time it also even even in the first scenario we have been working for a long time. You know, I say he echoed figures out you you can handle it. You get it done when we first working together, you economy, it's a hedge. I hit this wall. Would you want to do here? What do you think I'm innocent figure it out? Miss. They figured out almost amen, outlook you're, both your best guess or how you do it or you. If we know each other load of better as a hey man, don't come asking me, those questions go figure that car you do. It does get around that wall Boom and we're done and it now the other one other key part of this is oftentimes. If you take over new team, you ma- they want to. You may want to start off by setting me ample by running the perfect operation. By going from,
the end with some project that you set the standard on how you want things to be so every looks Ngos. Ok, that's Ok see how he did that war he's he wants that Donnie! Oh here the line on that so that Way, everybody knows what the standards so others and I would always you know the Abbe, how always when I Our offer I took over platoon take over squad like ok we're this operation coheres hour. I would run v very distinctly very clearly be the guy and then as time goes on and trust develop. Somebody become less and less the guy and more more. The. The decentralized leader that stepping back and let the frontline troopers persuade that's what we're trying make happen. As always, when do you start with a new group? It's really easy, be humble, listen, take advice. Ass. He asked question
I have good ass good questions about things that either some you don't understand, asked the question. No big deal make the slow Criminal changes like hack were talks about in steel, Muzzle Jerry's, it's gonna change, too Things a day, Can change the world over? I can't do it so he's gonna change. Two things a day: the being said- he also did some major member. If you remember this hack worth, he gets in their guys, have radios niggah guitars. They got all the stuff Negus yeah process in the middle. The compound it's out of here to Morrow right thousand. Major change, so here in kind of shook him up a little bit, but then he goes ok now I gotta go the long war machine to little things a day and that's what he did so sometimes the combination of those two somebody's gotta give central shock value by gay news. Europe in town- that's in the field is commanding officer come over. If you would do so, a lot of I'm they do something to assert their her presence,
No, I'm here now no more parking in the back lot. You don't mean or news new CEO, I just took over no more, wearing this uniform to this place. Ok, so Well, can you sheriff and doubt let let's let him get this out of the system? How do they do? They typically react in that way where they're like that's vice, what you doing there. Finally, my school, pretty motions your dreams I would be like okay, I'm heading new sheriff in town and he just came up with a new rule for us to fall with. So we know he's here that was a wheels not like our he's. It's not like some resentment and related guys that are less mature eighties. That word, but maybe guys it worked quite, is in the game we're like me? What do you do this for a broader about its new shared guy? He's, let us nowhere. It easier he's got it. We got it so we're all good.
But occasionally see occasion get somebody that that comes in of you noticed that thing that I just said were were fairly irrelevant like a dont. Where does uniform there? Hey, don't parkins part, whatever those are fairly inconsequential things in those these? Are our ok actually but a key, you'd, see somebody come in and try and do it. You know execute some kind of a fundamental to change, and that's where you go wait. A second man you ve been here for a day. In half and you and execute a fundamental change of what we're doing here. There's a bridge wrong that we as we as the troops, have a problem with that because you don't know how do you know you have been doing this, for I was a deal team one for eight years. You know you can assure I've been here for five years. You can tell me how it's better to do this and an item. I not be the right attitude for a young guy like myself, a half, but that's the attitude that you're going to generate. If you come in and try to make fun Changes without assessing so sure, some tactical patients. When you come in and say: ok, let me
again to refer back to a hack backward story. Hack worth was going to take over a battalion that was all jacked up. They were called the hope, right and he won't determined the hard core. So he hit shocking thing that he did was meant to shock, and it was also meant to square them away. There is also the right thing to do and they also had a bad reputation if he went in and took over really good battalion. He go in there were the same shock and all tat treatment because they don't need it. So you gotta, you gonna, think about what you're doing in most cases, unless you're, taking over some kind of a problem situation, very minor, using a shocking I ve, taken over normal, should situation of Basra promoted you're going to get going to sprawl, hey no from common. Be humble. Listen there as you see Fit makes some small incremental changes. Yeah like the shock and all thing will probably work against you in a dinner or in a normal,
duration. Oh yeah will definitely work. Yes, your fiddle, deafening were can't you now you now cause now you think about now you are imposing a plan on people will know, might to have plans imposed upon them. They don't like it. Then but like it, even even the big controlled military, where everyone's in the chain of command, no no one in a military likes to have big new. I use imposed upon them without fought and without assessment. Without explanation about telling people Y know. You don't do that here and there you want, and what you want to do is by doing all those things by building that trust by setting standards by setting the guidelines by putting a guard rules in place by listening by respecting, by being humble what you will do, as you will lead people to lead themselves and that's what you want.
Yeah explaining, why feel like that may be in under appreciated thing, say what is not under appreciated mob. That's the absolute that is the current. That's a critical Pisa yeah. Even when people, why didn't you could go in the mirror? When you think that you could go in and changed some fundamental being, if, explain why there was a corner that makes sense, but disagree safe. If you roll in here, just you make a fundamental change the brow we're doing it? That way for reason in you just came in chain by weekly wine and sad and makes me, and you get feedback as may be. What you said is a wrong decision. I'd be saying something that's like, but you know what you didn't think that through relieved all that well- and you need to discuss this with the with the troops and figure out what their assessment of of your callers yet again, one of those things where won't talk, violet dislike egg, it's perfect, but it's no into whose voice on the park asked
As an example, we talked fairly shortly about going to the podcast once every two weeks. Writing been really give a good explanation of. Why and you know what feedback I got it was a new you gotta be kidding. I don't know what this thing comes out on Wednesday taco. I don't know what your problem is. The podcast comes out on Wednesday and I got that feedback from numerous people. Not only on social media but also in a face to face your people. But texted me called means it bro. You can't go to once a week there were people who was the first one, gonna do that you need to Some kind of warning you need to. Let me know we need some time zone. It was funny, but the essential thing that I did not do say, hey guys. Here's what's goin on here is a why I would want to do this in a different way.
And I didn't will explain that and we just gotta cause. It wasn't an actual decision, those get made. It was a consideration, the consideration has been revoked by the way we're home the we're home the line and when we do have to do that, which may or may not happen, but which I will explain why, in great detail zero understands. What I'm coming from! has anyone leave anybody, think he'd eleven? ok Jack, I feel, like you, know, really understand. What's going on on the front lines, you know from that, we wait for that part. Gas will fastened licks western juggle. What arsenal Work out to progress in becoming more relaxed in the water, I need to low my heart rate. Ok, Again. This is a good question. It's actually a little bit of a year,
first question: that's why you again, I like to take questions at apply universally to multiple things becoming comfortable in the waters. Very important water makes you Better water makes you a better person and I'll tell you have said this before national teams, one of the things that makes us goodness it is. We have to deal with water and water is a pain in the ass. It ruins things it floods things it stops if it stops guns from working, it stops radios from working its ops humans from working. You drown in it, it's water. Is very tough to deal with its very harsh environment, especially the ocean water. I I used to say that every time you gonna water, it's a real world up, you can get killed. You may tell me Ocean Union killed the ocean today. If you, make the wrong moves. So you, definitely need to become when the water now first things. First water will kill you, water will kill you, you will die if you make mistakes in the water,
who will die. So whoever is wrote this question. I going to heed my advice here. Note and be advised that water he'll kill you. So when you swim you gotta have wife garden, there's a couple exam the guy. In my that, when I went through she'll training with who was a dud come we still But he was the otter man of my buds class and of a great guy I mean not just meet me at school, to be honored man. That means you're good happy, but he just got was also beyond that was just a great guy. Extremely motivated name is Keith Chimaera and he was practising breath holds as he was in uses. You don't have to use your training and he will get gone to a seal team and served and had come back to be a single instructor and
He was practicing breath, holds during a during an evolution for the students. And, while all that was going on, you know, they're doing stuff with students and he's down their proxy revel lay on his own kind. He was on his will use in the group. But on his own. If that makes sense or there's a big evolution going on, and while this big evolution going on he's kind of doing his own thing re written and he died, he was and breath holds he stay down there. He had a shallow water black out and he he died and was awful. I mean what of what an incredible incredible guy, We also had some seals, two thousand fifteen that were in Virginia Beach. Young studs gettin after a training super hard, and they they both that in in the pool and Virginia Beach. In again,
You know these are frogman. These guys are pushing themselves, and you know trying to make themselves better and they pushed out of low bananas. She'll do any pushed it and they when over the line- and unfortunately they were training together at the same time, so you gotta be safe, you, you got dont train alone. Train with someone. That's doing the same thing as you with the same you can't you do the same thing together. You know it's a real, it's it's a real, simple rule to one up one down, so it's you! turned a train, I stay out, and then you do you're evolutions any when you're done? Ok now it's my turn to train you stay out, and you watch me too, one up one down: that's the that has to be the standard again people, don't don't play around the water. You know, I've had shallow water blackouts and you PETE they just come and that's it you're unconscious in
If you'd, if someone's not there to drag you out, you're gonna drowned, you're gonna die, that's it and they again It's sort of you can tell they're coming a little bit. You get used to him, but it's only It choke down Jujitsu yeah, you know you ve been choked out before I am anytime. Yes, so you think you're gonna make it and in and then you don't and you can push it too, that the things which you when you're training like what I'm trying to get stronger it like chokes and you're gonna, be if you have some fun in you, you know you want to be able to do to fight in also you We should allow such when you have experience bullshit a little bit and then sometimes you just gotta go, you can feel them I'll come in, but once you go right past anyway, you you can't. Up any you go out, you know you did to safe, because usually the guy can few. You got any legal, but both in the water. It's like it. You know the event horizon is in a black hole that little there's a line that went over the line. You're done, that's exactly what happens with your consciousness year. You you
you can see that line you're watching on the way I to make it and then also has gone your line you're in the black hole, and that's it so be it very, very careful you you're doing this always have a swim body, some of the lifeguard all that stuff. Now the question back to the question: beyond the safety Fourchan, is how do you get more come from the water be spent time in the water. Swim surf Beer fishing, snorkeling, scuba, diving, survival, floating breath, folds treading water. Just did that's how you it confirmed the waters by being the Wanna. Do several challenges swim with swim with tee? church in your hand, swim with your clothes on swift, dig, deeper Well, you know just all those things to get to be in the water and do things and swim, and that's how you get more confirmed. The water and you'll rapidly increase Your ability to be in the water and handle yourself in the water will be much more common water and the reason I said this is universal question is because it's the same thing with just about everything else it you're going to do the same,
with swimming. It's the same thing with due in part: you wanna, go perhaps do more box you want to get public speaking get up and start doing public speak same thing with shooting like when people first are shooting in their own, intimidated by firearms. It because there are used to spend time shooting spend time around gone you'll get used to the muzzle flasher used to look concussion of the noise. You will be more come from bought it. So that's what you need to do in the water. You spend more time in the water and and you'll get better out of you get more comfortable again, be careful when you're doing it, the one or the water will kill. You. It wouldn T jock, oh it's a term that, as far as I know, comes from buds from seal training, where, when you put your scuba gear on, they call it jockeying up so jack up in your gear, linear up in the seal teams. It becomes it's it's a term. That means any type of getting your clothes on
you dear on getting your clothes on getting dressed, put you jocks trap, That's what it is. I don't know if that's word comes from. I think the UK but they used to play. You don't remember that like little kids game, hey man, Were you fill in the letters Well, whenever the class would make a mistake, they would put, they have jock up written on the board report one letter in anyone. You spelled out all of chalk up, then they would make do jack up drills which are not, but if this pudding stop your gear. Yes, but the chalk up drills involve ridiculously stupid and hard Cow aesthetic work out with your entire gear load. If there were no east, we still do not bear crawling s ear. Yes, you to bear crawl with twin seventy two tanks on you know we bear called to the church. How all I mean it's a mess.
I think I think, I instructors gun trouble for making us bear call with I'll get its inhumane yeah. They like the Geneva Convention called, is a brow know. Yet what do they call in football? We do. There was an incident in camp in football at U H winter and down where we're supposed to be sleeping lights out winner, here and there, a guy who remain now. These names to Guatemala is like one of young love like afresh to Waller familiar and here I can say is named now cause he admitted it afterwards, but before their allies, if we would add to keep an eye on totally classified trooper gettin out earlier, but to wonder what you were. Ok, so people were
messing about we're supposed to embed. So security comes or whatever and like we are the one hide something we wasn't me. I wasn't in it and someone through a sandwich at the security guards hidden- and is this big incident- the San Marino in and of itself voice, our security guard, this more funding in anything but we're supposed to be in bed. You know our football team you can't do that in also it was like a who was this: if no one admits it, everyone's gonna get punished. So, of course, everyone is punished wooden barrels across across the field nonstop. So he was like. I can relate to the bare crawled through the job? It wasn't like, ok, Burkhalter here and then bear it was like you're going all the way. I don't even know how many times we did one guy was like cry was crying to overtake crying grown men cried unlike none, Leslie Burka, let's run their course
a job, but I think jockeying up is because you wear your juxta when you get in the game like a Juxta jock enough, maybe one old unity guys that lessons the part gas will contact me and let me know where Jacket came from yet let member I'd mile anyone that's cause of jobs, gear and thus lab Jacques Shop is like the manly ito. I'm Tellin ya, go down this road That is our them. I'm already down half that you'd. Let me alone are not going to agree with. I think you're wrong legal right, yeah ego. Next rush jealous go to the next question. I talk about our anymore you're, losing me on it the dichotomy in having an ego. When is it good in windows
your point where you have to check your ego. Okay, so did I the dichotomy is pretty clear. Ego drives you absolutely it makes you want to win. It makes you want to perform well, it makes you proud of your achievements made me want to be number one Those are all good things and I fully fully have those myself mean my ego will keep me up at night. Trying to win at some ridiculous the meaningless thing in the world, especially when I was younger. It was kind of stupid, but the ego can also get you in trouble. Adrian trouble really really quickly, for instance, I mean. What will you can your ego can make you sabotage
Coworker, that's on the same team as you so that you can outside of right back. You can vote down a plan a better plan, because that plan isn't yours go, you can chase, some material items some seeing something that you don't really need. Maybe in some cases it might be something that you don't actually even want, it's just fuel and your ego, which is it is a really bizarre thing to see you can make you stay, on your subordinates right. You can make you under cut your peers, because that eagle flares up it can make you re making
dig in dig in on some stupid ideas that you ve had those the kind of things at ego do and all those things are negative. So that's pretty clear to me where ego it's sideways in and I would even though, like my ego is fuelled needed due to want a weird but I'd never was that out of control where I was like screw and strewn people over because wanted to win. Now I wouldn't do that that wasn't part of my personality was I'm not but I've never really naturally good it much so It wasn't like. I was gonna we had only where could be people when things was better outworking them that I would be hard for me yet usually that kind of person who, like you will then the two- Can there be one who who is down to like screw someone over more? Basically cheat you cheating is what you doing it's like. I want to be here at they, don't necessarily want a quorum put win, because if you cheated
really winning the whole benefit of winning is like overcoming certain things you know, but when you cheetahs, they cannot engage. You did you know what I'm so, it's less about, it's more about. You understand, really what winning is and that's what you like, the winning? You know yes so many people under my journey into the stuff. It's like this. Why don't we in like a good case in point where I remember when, when I was going to seal training, there was people. There was guys that would brag about it. They were gone through same seal. Training glass me same buds class me what they would like brag about it and, like you could hear of talking to what say some random person like Yahoo, on seal training, I wasn't brag about those like. I am lucky him here and I realise that those people quit because they were comfortable they
they d just being able to say like seal training. They are good with their like. I did what I was was do so me. Oh, I want, and what to do- I don't wanna say anything until I made through here. And so I guess that's what I'm saying is similar, what you're saying they were satisfied just by I been able to throw that out. Their rat was enough, for them is over some. Its will to when other eat their wounded step on someone mats. If you'll get me, there's no real good, like via step on someone. I do you want it and want their victory, don't want it so the slight. They wanna some people want to look like they won and other. People want to really went yeah. Of course. That's really that different there. So back to ego point when you start feeling like we're doing some of those negative things. That's when you ve gotta, put your ego and jack. That's what you gotta support your coat.
Instead of sabotaging that's when you gonna pick the best plan out there, instead of picking your own, the that's. When you Savior I'm happy with what I have inserted. Chasing things. But I dont even meet you. Don't People like, if you were there's been something that you wanted, even though you actually didn't even really want it, but you just want it just because you ve period of go ego, like when you're in the weight well in growing up like lifting wait, some there's a where they belong, wait till. You can feel out attending these. Like like a toy for a fitness situation where you live, guys will be lifting wings and then one guy was he's saying he's lifting Hell of a lot you see someone all of a sudden be doing that same exercise. I try to live more than that. He doesn't know not lifting with me wasn't even doing that exercise was even his work, but he'll like try to do it by you and internet access. You weren't doing bench today and now you do bench chicken.
Something you don't even want. Only knew me, don't you d, better There's another big money is like when I talk about subordinates, instead of now, you're subordinates, you start lifting member, you start making them shine used are given them. Credit making them shine even brighter than yourself. That's that's the beautiful thing when you can put your ego and check and you can make that happen. Making your own boss look good. Having an open mind, new ideas, those the things. That's how you put your ego and check. Those are the things that. Those are the those are the hallmarks of having your ego and check now. Sometimes, people don't know when they need, but there you go and Jack, and I think that there is war really easy indicator zoo. No, when you needed just at least like a dude
settlement of your ego, and that is when you come into conflict with other person, because, because a huge percentage of conflict that you have other people are ego. Are their ego and so when you feel that conflict, whether it's about positioning, whether it's about an idea, whether it's about a plan, whether it's about alone amounts about, but a farming conflict with you on, thing, I immediately mazurka where's organisers, you're you're talking or are you, Is this business or is this ego and if you do that, you will find yourself, a form of frustration nor anger? that you have just check your email and there's a good chance of going to take that thing. Get ahold of and aggressively put it jack. It's hard. Your ego is a tough bastard. Your ego man. That thing wants the spotlight wants to shine. It wants the glory and its driven
that's a lot of you hi achievers out there, that's driving you and it's not a bad thing so, when it comes time the harness that bad boy, you can be a challenge. But it's very rewarding really make it happened. It's it's real warning in a long term gratification. It's not immediate gratification. Generally, you know your given your in your support, its all the credit for some for some projects. They did in you oh, that you could actually know that you did the bulk of the work. Would you give it away? That's not gratifying immediately immediately like yeah. That's right put the, leads on my head us. That's a media gratification that you look of or no he say, hey boss. You know what don't put the accolades on my head. Look at my team, let's crown them because they really did a great job, I'm just here to help that there's no gratification that, but when you get feedback a week later, a month later,
Six months later, people want to come and work for your team. Now your team gets picked for another project. The long term gratification at you get. When you keep your ego and check that ego and czech people, this year it took extreme ownership over every detail and mistake on of the roof in company. I was starting, but in That of inspiring my employees, they just got entitled because of the because of this. The business almost ran into the ground. In addition, I got so worn down that my resolve almost collapsed in Europe, the mission. Will they do wrong? So this as an example. I will see this all the time, but I do see it sometimes, and what we have here is a clearly guy
steps up and says no automatic ownership and take extreme ownership, which is what I'm always encouraging people to do life, and I wrote the book. We call the look extreme ownership, because that is the fundamental principle that we he is the common trade that makes people successful when their taken ownership. Is that blame in other people? So that's what this guy did with roofing comprehend take ownership of wild mistakes. Now the problem there is with the concept of extreme ownership. It means taking ownership of the mistakes taking ownership of the problem. But it doesn't stop there. That is simply where you start the real, true ownership. That you need to take, as you needs take extreme ownership of the solutions of em, we're the solutions of creating and implementing the solutions. That's what you need to take ownership of so
situation like this, like, for instance, oh, I took worship everything. So my team became entitled, now first of all in in that statement in its own right if I say hey, we failed because my team became entitled. What am I to do I blame them becoming entitled? Why it becomes entitled. I allowed them to. What am I going to resolve that? I? U have to train swam, treating them, maybe there's a couple cancers in there that have that attitude. Ninety two fire, those people Oracle this them or get them retrained or puts ownership on them, so that They realize. Ok, I'm going to get I'm going to lose my job. If we're going to fail this mission or the companies go out of business. If I don't do this right, so you got to that's stake there. What do I owe you identify the property taken ownership of pay? We re, we gotta make sure we get our jobs done on time. Hey boss. Well, you didn't order the gear in time, and you didn't do this and now we're behind us, not our fault. He invited they pay me? If ass you, if your employees have you,
promise leader. So what is the point How do you fix that problem? The the. The thing is about ownership is taking ownership of the problem, doesn't fix the problem right, it doesn't fix the problem. You still have to come up with a solution so that What it is when we talk about extreme ownership were deaf. We not just talk about owning the problems but, like I said, owning the solutions and owning the implementation and actually carried too It's too it's furthest, straw, tools to furthest outcome, that we have to take a true ownership is of and is the most important part, and obviously I need make this clear enough, because this should be something that everyone fundamentally understands. When we talk about extreme ownership, the most important part for you to own as a leader is the outcome.
Is the end state. If you are not meeting your end state, that's what you have to take ownership of that's what you have to make happen. So that's it! You know when you, when you're companies not doing the right thing yeah, you gotta take ownership of the mistakes. It happen. You got that employees that Iraq and wrong yeah hey? It's my fault that the racking wrong you got deadlines that you're missing. Guess it's my fault that we missed the deadlines. Now you gotta go back and ask yourself the question: how do I mean the deadlines? How do I Those employs you gotta solve those problems that are out there. Otherwise extreme ownership doesn't do anything for you and we ve talked about this before as well, and that is that it taking ownership of things not a it's, not the shelter. He did not it doesn't provide shelter it doesn't it and some people think it does. It go hey. We, MR we miss the. We failed our mission, my fault
ok, so you know it's move on. No, no, no actually know we don't move on. You failed and your mission how you gonna fix it. Dream ownership does not does not give you any mercy whatsoever. That's what's hoard about it and by the way, the thing that the thing that extreme ownership that makes it hard is because the previous question in attacks riga, because when you say hey guys, this is my fault you're not just saying. Hey guys, it's my fault, let's move on you say This is truly my fault. We failed because of me- and these are the things really fix it and I'm gonna only until we get it done. Yeah thing that economic sense, It is one of those all or nothing things you know were extremely it's just twenty. Are you put it in our you're like I did my extreme ownership. The left has. A thing you can really do in this question is, is is a really good question and I appreciate because you can see the guy that,
asked it. He clearly is motivated, wants you well, but he he, I begin my foot, for not explaining this well enough. He fought that just taking ownership would solve the problem. No you to take ownership and solve the problem. The mere fact that the taking ownership part- is the initial part that lets the rest of it happened and then that's why we emphasise it so much because most people, they just don't They concern. I'm close the this guy he's cause he's taken ownership now he's gonna realise. Ok, I took ownership. I realize it's my fault and it gave us not just him saying. Well, it's much MIKE resource my fault in so I hope this works out new hope. Anything you fix it, you make it happen. I broke in. I appreciate this course I could see in here. Honest asking of the question like he's a man what you're what'd. I do wrong when I do wrong here. You did wrong. You know you, you made the first step, which is the hardest step at the positive. Here
one. The most positive things about this guy is he's made the hardest step, which is ok, this is my fault the following. On is what he missed. Now, how do I fix it? What do I do to implement it? You got lost two days ago, entitled employees. That is your fault. So how do you fix them? Because if you're acts days gone entitled around me. That means under some wrong and easy to understand the mission you do understand. Why we're doing what we're doing you? Don't then why it's important to meet the deadline on this roof, so we can move on to another one that we can collect money to pay for our next month's there's all kinds of reasons that you can tell people why these things are important and if you have, but you they know exactly why they're doing what they're doing and they still are given in the game. You need that's more people to come and work for you, you, some different people The people are better attitudes and bring em on board with the right attitude. Yet this sum. Even to add to why this is such a good question is. This is exactly what people are scared of with remoter
if it's like Tang. If I take extreme ownership over everything, they're, gonna take advantage or they're gonna be entitled, and whatever that I think I mean even thinking about it that's what I'd be Fredo Afraid of in, and I will tell you having done this my whole career when you Take ownership of things people dont there. There is a small chance. There's a couple knuckle heads like these idiots at this guy's workin form that are entitled now. I should say that, because he may have per Why did the environment to become like? He might have been the easy, but in every time they say, hey boss, I can't feel boss. I can't come in late to make you finish up that roof by yourself, he's. Ok, normally take ownership sprite, he wasn't gonna. Take ownership, don't worry about it! I got it now. He does four days in a row he's works. Still, our days he started again
broken mentally or physically. You haven't. I roofing before you hurry ass, hard work and expressing the summer time when the blazing son fourteen sixteen our day. I do. I pulled a chimney off my little chap. The off my roof. One time I thought his meal dispatch, the roof know I had a strip like third, my roof of my house and then I'm up there we got rainstorms common, do come up there. Ok, I got a roof. This whole thing in the next. What has eighteen hours get some yap? so roofing is hard work and if. If you don't take there, if you don't, if you'll, get these employees in the right mindset, if they're, not part of a team, if IRAN on board, Are you gonna fix that if you and what I was going to say, if you become the easy button all the time, then allows them. It fosters the attitude of hey. You know what they are this is on Jacko he's the one that you still gotta pay me like. No, Please! Let me too, how are really works. You know
pay you, regardless of what you do well, eventually, I don't pay you anything because you don't work here and I don't have a business anymore, so That's where you rat dont want you here and I will do this myself I'll I'll schedule. My jobs are properly, so I can do it all myself if you want to get in the game and be part of this team, It's you should then this. Why need from you here is the expectation This is why, because Next year this year we did fourteen roofs. Next I want to do double that and I mean Imma get you a crew, that's gonna work for you and your MC bump your pay up a little bit coming to get you moved along and you promoted, maybe sometimes you'll have two or three teams work for you. Do you want to do that? Or do you want to continue being the guide, a tall and shingles all day Are you in the game with me? You're? Not. Are you part of this gig see you gotta get in their heads. You gotta get them out of that mindset in into the right mindset so that you can dominate yet feel like that extreme ownership. Kind of provides that to you know where.
Like how you always said. If you're like blame, you know overtly blaming them. They're like out this going on my team. Have that feeling? But if there, if he's taking the recently- so goddamn desgas can all my team. You do want to do all the classic exit you're right classic example. If I approach economic, like echo, dude you're just entitled you title, you don't have a gratitude. What added? Do you have now what Did you not our you're like a wolf tournament, I'm entitled region, Untitled, yeah, you're, damn right, I'm entitled could look what I've been doing up and nowhere if I, if I take a different approach, review and say man look, I think you got a lot of potential you know, I think you got a lot knew you had a lot of things going on at home and I know you got that girlfriend and I know you're doing this and that. But you know what you got some potential here, materials, can leap. You know. I know you, wanna be carried shingles Russia, life and on your knees, smell can nails right, but maybe you can we run a crew. And this is how I want to grow- do you gonna want to get in the game with me, because I
You might zero Van politics. You understand me! Yes, your question, bags and good luck with a company small business owners gettin after it's hard runner, small business. It's hard work, you are the buck, stops view whether you like it or not, because even if you hey, you know but even if you don't wanna, take extreme ownership and you're a small business owner eventually. You gonna give you right. It's all you do is on it. So it's it's it's great love love the small business owners get after out there next question thoughts on how to deal with toxic, slash, negative people or those people, so first law, it's important to recognise that those people. Exist everywhere in everybody's got to do with me. If you run into one of these people, don't
get all surprised as if their alone ranger out there being negative, there's negative rangers all over the place, so we gotta? Do you know how to deal with? And it's so so you do was more like that. First of all, confronting them, of course, as you can probably predict, isn't usually the best option, because all you do is you your attack in there? Have we that position which, which is not good. So one of the techniques that I use when dealing with these kind of people is, I absorb, I absorb their critique I absorb their toxicity, I absorb their negativity now. Obviously, this text will be strength right you, he'll be taken stuff. Personally, you have two in order to learn how to absorb thing s aerodromes doing this with a team right, but looks like for it
since, when they say- or this is horrible- I don't see, no, its, not horrible. I dont does go right back at him. I say Yeah. You know what we definite got. Some room for improvement right is: why cannot just defleshed behind it is absorbed? right over sword, but a little bit, because what they wanted? she's out right, negatively they like those explosions they like to see it hit something to blow up. They have their doing. That's how they roll. So: you're gonna absorbing catch. It pull it in right. So when they are like. We can never do this. I don't say We can absolutely do this. No because you didn't, you just got you're going to create the explosion that they're looking for in terms that you know what we will not be to do what I'm going to them would give a good, solid. Try. I'm Chinese have rights, we just deflected it a little bit. Local authorities and other negative thing in you know what they say. This is stupid. I dont say no. This is the most brilliant thing I've ever seen. I don't do that local head to head
I'm gonna say you know what they're There is always room for improvement. The next time around you write a hundred percent. Oh yeah, you just got the afflicted. Those reactions, the disarm, these ultra negative people and a kind of takes their there Fight from the men also makes them look like emotional extremists. So with the gun- bright. When somebody calls out when the group then across all extreme, and you just absorbing negate it a little bit. It negates their view or it I should say negates negate music totally lads cross up when you just absorbent deflected a little bit the rest. The team goes on in o, o echo. He's a super emotional he's, a negative. They see him for what he is, which help is helpful for you, right and then once I'm done ops
we're being their attacks. It taken some of those shots, no big deal that I want to start to override there, somewhat with some with some positivity, which is going to be directed at them. Right to they were all negative phenomena. Say I want you: did there really work? Well, or you know what a good job on Latin America? Never could have figured that out, like you did right, psalmody start getting in their heads bitten, start feeling their head with some positive stuff. That's right as automatic do bad. You figured that out better than any body nicely done in bringing them from the dark side. The light ass from due to bring them over and actually have the funding. One of my favorite guys in the seal teams who might use my first appointed to Iraq, he was the senior unlisted guy in our task in its end and action
the word is brows, but when one of us would start getting a little off the reservation on something like getting all addicted some idea or something the other one, we will be looking like. I be counted like we need to do this, and this is bullshit. We do. I need look at me like that. Combat combat wherever he took her, were gonna be ok? So when I would circuit negative user, pull me back to the light same thing with with me with him, he would get you would get all you know, get out metaphysic he's the guy on member. Only talks about will simplify repeat, no simplify amplify and repeat that as if he would also have to bring me back for the dark side and have to do it anchovies, article two negative good times.
The last thing I want to do with someone that's been super negative is, I am actually wanted. I want to give them some ownership. I want to give them some ownership, some ability to make changes some ability, You have some kind of a positive impact on patients- are able to pick something that I think they can up and handle write, something that is within their grasp realm and ability, and I want to give it to and and then I'm going to give them. I'm going to give him a overload him without help and with assistance and with guidance to make sure that they win and that's going to start spinning them in a more positive direction. So that's my way to deal with the big people out there just absorb
the counter I like dinner, you maybe like Michael you figured that out said this before, but a good one is to be like to say here that like about you, you're, real, whatever, X Y see. You know you know if you like, you said that I like about you you're real whatever, and it makes you wanna like continue to be that the? U K he thinks. Our problem, solver some beware and contain you to solve problems zero. You you put the self fulfilling prophecy in their own. How are things that you want them to do exactly times? Jackal next question next question: I mean, I n T J personality. My DR flash ideas often cause friction with superiors. How can I use my strength without creating division.
Ok, I assume for this one. I I gonna had to look up this stuff. Remember exactly what it was and that, like the iron J T, I ain t J stuff is in introverted, intuitive thinking. Judging this is part of this sab. My where's Briggs type indicator that refers to one of sixteen psychological types rights or what sort of a graph that you can figure out these. What type of of sixteen different psychological, types that there are- and so so for this one in particular, this I in J t which I said, is introverted two, it thinking and judging and I went to the inter webs for this- It said that as an I n T, J.
Your primary motive living is focused internally internally, where you take things in primarily view your intuition, yours, secondary mode is external. Where deal with things rationally and logically. So speaking of sir, fulfilling prophecy, this his kind of one of them and as far as I'm concerned. Your personality in anyone's personality is not set in stone by by any direction. Of course, can you have some natural we'll tendencies as a person. Of course you you do, have some natural tendencies and if your brain, was on autopilot, you'd steer towards those personality, trades even more, but luckily our brain is not on autopilot and you have your hands on the wheel. Had you can control your mind and you can
this case you know, stepped back and and and get a grip, The things that you are The question that cause friction right if as if, as an I n J t you are supposedly to demanding- and these are little courts at their if you to demanding or not open other people are not open. Other ideas, here's what you real, simple, get less, demanding right, you have a hard time. Listening Other people listen to other people. If you add this, is another court. I got from the iron J T personality matrix if you are supposed to have a low tolerance of emotion of in others, then get more tolerance for emotions in others. This isn't heart you identified what the issues are. You
heard me say this all time, listen to other people treat them with respect. These things are not that so do them, that's that's really simple, there's no reason to you for you to fulfil this prophecy of being a person. That's not open others! Ideas of arson, that's not as low tar. As for other people, there is, there is no, reason for you to be overly demanding. You don't have to be this way, just because your personality type, allegedly, that does mean you have to be the way it was kind of like um. You know that the Horoscope signs right sure, do people even talk about those anymore, I don't know my or what is it horoscope. We're astrology, strong wills. You re looking at. Is that the same thing yes is different: it will you read your horoscope, but the sea. He started the magic of astrology, yeah yeah people still do that
so when I was gonna, be there, it hasn't happened meanwhile, but when I was younger people would say you look over what sign or you I'd I'd say. Yeah, I'm a scorpion, maybe all I could tell you- are a Scorpio guy, yeah totally pegged use Scorpio. I saw that I actually honest and I'd say you know, actually I'm a Libra and they oh no, no, no out yeah for sure you're Lieber all the way. Definitely because you have this year that and I go axiom getting, I'm I'm actually I'm Virgo, and then they wouldn't you many more and then I was a bastard in whatever but My point is: according to some Random Zodiac calendar, it's you can place those like.
Overlays on anybody and you can kind of make him feel an answer. I'm saying is like I'm not saying that the that the yen GDP as J or elemental peer, whatever saying that Dub Myers Briggs thing is just wrong. I think I think it's good to have a framework. I think it's fine to have a framework and say: oh yeah. I recognise the strait of myself or yeah recognised that's really myself or I recognise that trade and someone else, and then you can deal with it. I think that's good, but what I don't want, I don't accept. Is saying this is what I am and therefore gonna change, no wrong answer. If we all just accepted who we are, you know you you're not gonna, to make any progress in. Oh, so You find some weaknesses in your personality, any fix them! That's! That's all! I'm saying adapt yourself of all get better, stop creating fiction, friction, stop creed division be humble, listen, take import, all those things and I'll. Tell you what
Last thing is, if you really are we, the I n t j? That means that your smart means your thinking, a major pragmatic. It means an analytical person. You're supposed to be all those things. So, if you are. Then realize that, in order to be successful member, the team, you need to put all those little characteristics in the Czech pragmatically and make it happen. When I was reading, about that very recently about I enjoy the either breaks reinsurers, introvert, extrovert, and yet so there's that framework and in but as it turns out, it's like a bell curve where most people-
somewhere in the middle and you can about in the middle there, sub there's extreme introvert fisher, extreme extroverts, but usually it's you here in the middle. You know who this framework, who. Another thing with that is, is just figures of the self fulfilling thing so affected, and I always say this just to my friends: whatever the differ like feeling a certain way? I don't think you should have too much guilt in feeling certain way. Like you know, sometimes I ll be like thing I've I felt like I felt prejudice or something like that and is because those feelings come from hundred things that that allowed them we can control. But behaviour is different, so you can feel one and behave if your behavior is just be straight up on your feelings and that's like that's kind of whack, you know you gotta be, martyr were yet these natural feelings cool. So you're a insure I whatever, and so
You might tend to have certain types of feelings or lack of tolerance for this. Are you not tolerant for this or that so when you like, hey I've. This therefore gives me a pass to behave in this way thing, but you can't do that men and, if your intuitive but shouldn't you can know that I guess I'll I'll think I would hope so. But yes again, this difference between like feelings and be if and usually out be in how you say like yeah, you wanna, tough it if you want to be tougher, be tougher A lot of those they be like well is more to it than that, and there is really but in their hands
case in a way brought. You can really look at it literally like that. If you have a lack of tolerance for emotional protests tolerated, but a youth, you self, I think people do self diagnosis and give themselves pass and I know we decline has I think we do it naturally too, because I know this, but a real ambiguously cathedral calling out, but that I know the family where the little girls going up there like they kept telling her head you're. Acting this way cause you have. I forget what I think, ASP some believe something from two years: oh, that's just youth and they didn't like coal evade anything. They were just like rude dismissive about it. That's it and then now time she acted up, she wouldn't like tread, occur. Behaviour she'll act up in be like that's just my whatever my Asperger's or whatever buttons she like embraced, it still behaved.
Whatever way she felt like behaving and then just gonna put it on the Asperger's yeah. It's mine control him in his mind, control you got, I mean. Obviously you get some people that have some significant. You know mental problem. Ok, I understand, but like this person, that's writing a logical question. They got my control bids need to say you know what I'm gonna be more open. Other people's emotions are analysed and other other people's ideas. Go do it now! Oh I'm rejecting echoes because I d at point. Blank range: ok, that's a signal! I need not do that echo. I'm over your idea. Let me hear it's that easy That's just my I J acting up, I gotta you know I gotta check that the other feelings verses, be everything I think he's Worth one losing where it when you know the problem, that's like because this
since obviously ahead of the game. They know. You know they know bitterness what's causing. Ok, I can you not can identify when I feel that stuff coming on very like it's an element, ailments good still next wished. Next question is: is the last one going over their heads?
Maybe like this, the last one off Jacko, we all know bad things happen to good people. Sometimes honey deal hurry deal when those things happened. The people around you very true that sometimes bad things, horrible things happen to good people, an idle. I don't know why. But life isn't fair that that's that's the reality and disease cancer in EM ass in a horrible diseases and
Accidents in these things, a good person in the wrong place at the wrong time, can end up just a victim of of of fate and end of reality, and it can be horrible in heart wrenching, but when those bad things up to people around you, what are you going to do?
How are you going to lead? Are you going to get angry? Are you going to get frustrated or you going to lash out at people who you going to lash out at anyways, or are you going to start going down this, by rule of negativity. Are you gonna? Let them horrible situation dictate the way you feel and the way you handle it, are you There are fall over fall down, fall apart or or are you going to lead? Are you going to face the
issue with courage. When, with resolution I say, led Leed, step up to the challenge be the one that other people look too. Absorb that impact absorbed that negativity draw fire dropped? wire, that's that's when a member of a for, for tactical reasons, steps into the open to draw enemy fire, maybe to give another part of his team the chance to move or destroy at the enemy, but that's what I say draw fire, but in that pain? To me,.
I can handle it when when maybe others cannot when, when bad things are happening, I am going to try and be the one. Good thing being standing tall that can be relied upon, because I know that that attitude will spread They will bolster those around me and, and we will fight. And in fighting we will win, not the battle and if not the war, we will win because our Spirit,
they will never surrender in that. That is the autumn victory to hold your head? I am even even in the face of it capable feet stared and to fight that is to win, and I think that's all I've got for tonight.
Echo- let's close this thing out a little bit before we do that, though, let's talk about how the people that are listening to them, if you want to listen to more of it, was the best way to support bud CAS. What's the best way to get the game here with the boys, help let's keep role in this thing out, was the best way to go. I would clarify get in the game means a lot yeah, because you're getting in the game and flourishing in the get really and to do that may or may not need supplement patient. If you do you like that, like a little earlier there. Would you, like a translation error so implementation rate right, I need more cruel, oh by the way, you should have told me that before we met today idea as opposed to right now,
nonetheless, on an analysis of homes are will know that. I think I think your windows it by now, but if you want him sent off and you knew too on it- were you and if you have on its stuffing you'll just when you're getting more, you want ten percent after on it that counts. Last jackal, ten percent. If you really want to step up its implementation game. I think I mention this like once before, but nonetheless it's called stay on it. So you know I don't have cruel or any other. I didn't stay on it, so they on it is born. You hey easy. It's like the monthly requiring yea I, and in this case it's like I'm It's good because it is one of those things that you need to come back here. Every money you neutral yeah. Every month after month, there like warrior bar
you need. Varying levels. Warrior bars per month is sometimes more sometimes less and less to buy a underpin. Flushed article ten percent off check out all this stuff very good, also was on tribute all does not work anymore. The troop increases in all right by the empire, TAT, which you know it, had a good run in a cool, but nonetheless we are still we now have. One thing in people do: support through Amazon, which is good, very good, awesome so what is it costs them to support the pot gas through Amazon, it cost three seconds of their time. That's appreciated. Let's just slow one time, investment. Potentially, if you you know you save it to be click on UK gonna website topic has stuck up or down stored up click on the Amazon link before you do shopping it'll, take you to the empty amateur say That said, the resulting linked in like a bookmark is a favorite bookmark grave written backwards
Can support irritant. You shop then cause you nothing that initial three seconds Isla. You know I love people been doing that and that's that's solid right there. Thank you really do their way in support and also subscribe on Itunes? If you haven't already and subscribing you too, I've been saying this. Here. You are actually trust level I know man you're starting to cost yourself there. I know they think it's my fault. I know you ve been even given me trust in private thrown back at love. It I don't know nonetheless, I know I've been saying it We'll get as you're gonna make more videos that reform is now. I'm gonna tell you just trust me on this.
Everybody that listen, this part gas wants you to make more videos, no feel any pressure about that. Maybe that's just not you! Maybe you just don't you know you don't want to make it happen. That's ok! I want you to know that we all all of us. We all want you to make more videos, that's the vote from us, troopers a rear. You got your things. You know. Hopefully I sometimes makes him bad as videos alarm or try recalling combat ass, the well they that's what the brown that's motivating banks rule at won't. Can motivate you enough mind some discipline, the makes more videos for us. Ok I'll, do it, but yes- and I do so as part of the park guessed right. You got some trouble I get started on a basic right. India yeah, that's the most basic level of of joining Europe.
The movement is that Tuesday night. Maybe around eleven o clock. Spinning. Where your depending on where you are, maybe it's two clock in the morning whence it little icon comes without one next to me that you get a new who podcast listen to, which is which is good to go yet that one is what he call it. It's like a cue or something in what they expect is what cold called the variable reward think. Nonetheless, the ogre audible variable reward go. What it is This, like the endorphin thing we see you can all excited yeah cut out, so variable Rewardeth like when you like, a really the iconic cases, any like Facebook or what are we see the one that the alert Melick each something I don't know what it is. It could be someone talking good about me. It could
Someone invited me to plague it's a variable reward likes. It could be of a funding. High pay off could below path by not something you know what it is. Well, they decided they want to click on. In this case, I'm Goin say I know it's going be a high value reward. That little one now go yes, I gotta, listen the markets in. I know him, because it was weird I listened the broadcast. I have listened apart, yes or no, what we talked about be what we could do better see where we need to get better, although things so listen to? Yes, sometimes, even when people, you know like a lot of key, the package comes out the next day, a lot a lot of fun twitter, bringing upstart another. You said or what I say whatever and all we didn't know it came off like that with its true or not in areas like so when you listen, do you like we more in tune now this might be, Backhanded compliment
not I'm not sure, but and you say something cool, odd? Cast everybody loves it. Ever goes nuts yeah not trying to say that you don't say cool things off and I think you say a logical twigs. They let the one that people capture and they go. Yeah acoustic disobey do like you re just flood the into webs with ECHO Charles's greatness yeah. You know, that's like it's like one or two year olds, It's like a word or like a one and a half year old says a word only. They say I love you and arrogance of thy love, as is the fact that not much what did she say before we record, you said something like privilege it before we recorded today. What did you say You do know what you said say to me all the people excited,
I ve been summit about the jungle store. It was a gem always report. Always record nieces defends out there. You know exactly what I'm talking about. Nonetheless, Jackal Start, we talk about that. That's a good way to get in the game for sure. That's while the shirts and stuff for TAT was He built up broad and the inner and here's the thing about the shirts, who try to put some emphasis On multiple layers of shirts anyhow what's on the sure, there's enough, there's a hidden or not so hidden meaning. So you know a lot of time. You know you know the meaning. You know if you listen to this in your country in the game, you know the meaning, but it's not just the shirt with a design does meaning behind So that's the way through. So so, if you listen
right. There is a great if you have any of you dollars in that it makes no sense. It makes less sense, put it that way, but that there are some there could be some shirts. That makes no sense to any yeah. Those did you see, so I put out the old banned when I was a kid and I tweeted this picture. The t shirt that we had made me a body had the silk screen still so I held it up the light Took a picture I posted it, the name of the ban was Bronson children, as in Charles Bronson, who was a kid John Bonham. I thought that he was the man and I thought it was a magazine. Awesome movies, but the attic care about that he was a war hero. He was, he knows it. What more do you purple heart use, a tale, Gunnar, just adjusted A bad ass guy, it's a we mean by bodies without Charles Watson was the man we and our ban. We gonna bronze statue
so we run that shirt blue. Maybe something people are going to vote, but who's gonna. Look at that and no have any idea what they're gonna be like hey. That kinda looks like Charles rancid grandmother in kind of my job. It straight up looks like they were no longer to another idea. State of Charles Bronson Likeness. We definitely using his likeness yeah but action, but that life that you'll Ireland, she's she's, I want to know. Who's on over knows left the bronze and family. I don't know, maybe we could Debbie good way to get caught With a zero producing their shirts get sued by up so bright, and the children would get sued Iraq as your brains and skills variable reward. The YAP book, I think, deserves a cool currently brunson saloon. That's that's that the deep one tooth
good, but then they have layers. Like I said Adam say that's a good way to support. He likes system can t shirts, I would say good: go that got jock restored outcome. Go there, look at the shirts and like a monkey, nothing to just look. Could you get a rash cardinal if you're so inclined to get arrested where you can get her escort for show, the brass guards are good. I think that's almost like on a factual level, where they're good, Well, there's a lot of people that are our they have experienced. The nineteenth an increase in their jujitsu skills or strikes levels and running. So I had Zog is through now. All my turning partners
or at least a lot of them are wearing trooper. Rascal artist was a fight me I'm having to fight these guys that accommodate many all look the same. Their old monster, guys with trooper teacher or trooper ass guards on is not falling, didn't beat up by my own people, the nineteen percent more than you were the ad Naomi Brazil more draftsman, throwing jackal, sometimes the but you're the respite, gotta good continent can email conversation in telling me how wakes up in the morning does IRAN. This is in ITALY for getting where it was, but just the serenity contrasted with the trooper s garden is nice. Nonetheless, the records a good if you're into digital surfing.
Running across it, and I know you Father Centre without us, but you know its October right now, two thousand sixteen and we need we need hoodies. What what's the status? Can you please update, may two weeks so by by Halloween by the end of the month, people going to need, trooper hoodies for myself included, we're gonna need them, yeah yeah. So we, who is coming up. We went, I did like an it. Wasn't a poor. Would he do you know, on twitter, but all I said: pull over zip up. Pull over one, the aperture I'm strangely, I like me: well, that's jacked up.
Actually ass a long time ago when it was just like a theory idea, you really lover, but I didn't I agree, but I didn't realize, like prolonging who I don't know this a kind but yeah I I think they will call for sure, but over one China, by a landslide, too crazy, no doubt number so yeah pull over there, you go on the way to Edith should be solid and any other stuff. Some girls, tanks, teachers coming out girls, teacher girls, T shirts, written abused by the girls will to say persuaded. See them rough persuaded that they chose not to flank but persuaded none the less there they're all about the direct action for sure, though some women stuff on there in war and in some patches again with the
of the velcro patches. The two by three is on the way right now, therefore, by four across three inches done that big for the standard cultural interchangeable, rent red. Yes, I just know that territories are on the way. Yeah good. I mean you for with three fine, I guess, but not for ever in a change. When you have to buy three, not forever Allah military guys and law enforcement, they need, they need three to this, I should have told you that made it more clear: yes, but It is nonetheless, we learn yeah So the main thing go there jock restored account is just the store with everything. Again, if you don't like it, don't get it, but look you might like to bump I also Amazon you can go and get yourself some and it, sell it sold a lot better. Its old, it's it's selling amazing, and we,
got a massive order on the way it was. So that's a restart coming so. It came originally in these really nice tins that cost a lot of money to make in so that You want to have one of those two tins, but if you're doing your reload utopia, the by in the next few weeks, you merely by a reload a box over nine hundred. In it a hundred fleet on like another to hear another ten years after so that's common, and you know what you're uncertain, of whether or not you need the White T, it's really easy. Grammars heart you gotta was on you read, reviews convinced because they are perfectly edge. The jack awaiting is performing. Miracles, evidently, yes across the border, so those are awesome, garee, those refund his, so and, let's see also, if you god extreme your worship, book by myself.
My brother lay famine just go ahead and and grab that book in own. That book take extreme ownership of the book. Extreme ownership and you'll be good to go in and also, if you have it, but there's other people that need it. Sometimes you dig ownership that situation as well and just need to buy them a copy and also extreme ownership. The most in San Diego California October, twenty eight twenty first, it's a leadership conference We talk about combat leadership and the application of those principles from combat how he's on the battlefield, how use em in business in how you use them in life, so register come on out, we'll see, then it's getting close Obviously it's gonna, be there Andrew Paul who's on the park asking to be their echo Charles will be in the house. So come on
let's, let's crush that. As always, if you do want to keep it real, real real. With echo with myself, we kinder role deep on me inter webs and where there on twitter, for me, primarily twitter, also Instagram also facebook is there. We are both on go is at ECHO Charles and I am at Jacko willing. And last, but not least, thank you out there. You listening engaging. Whoops overseas, and that are deploying overseas to hunt down evil. Thank you. Police and law enforcement. Winning
terribly hard job right skin your lives to keep us safe. Thank you. Fire fighters Of course, that literally run toward fire thank you and to the working men and women building creating fixing buying selling designing me.
King this world, thanks to each of you for what you are doing for doing your bit, the best you can and finally thank you all for getting after it. So until next time this is ECHO and Jacko out.
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