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45: Wooden Leg, Native American Warrior

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This is Jacko podcast number, forty five with ECHO Charles in me, Jocker willing good evening echo good evening. I often think that if I were an indian, I would greatly preferred a cast my lot among those of my people who adhere to the free open planes. Other than submit to the confined limits of a reservation there to be the recipient of the blessing gifts of civilization, with its vices thrown in without stint or measure.
And that is a quote from a book called my life on the plains published in eighteen. Seventy six by a guy named General Custer, who wrote that Burgos published a few months before he died at the at the battle of little bighorn, but we're not gonna. Look at that book today, even though that battle the battle of little big arm is something we will definitely delve into there's a tunnel lessons learned there. You know a whole, though all those of the american soldiers were killed.
This one unit of general clusters. There's no survivors from a t. Last, two hundred guys over himself included analysts. There was some survivors from some of the other companies that were along with him as guinea, major Reno in another gaining captain Ben Teen, and they had people arriving. There can be actual log of their company survive, but none of not a colonel customers or general Castra. Colonel clusters. Troops survived and, as I was thinking about doing that battle, cows are some good lessons to learn about a lot of lessons to learn about arrogance and over. Confidence in splitting forced there's a really good budget, good tactical lessons to learn from it and as I go into it I M I have come across other first hand account from on India. Now I use the term indian because
said the term native American was probably the which is the correct nomenclature. But in this book that that we're gonna go over tonight, it's from a native American who name his wooden leg and throughout the book he calls himself an indian he as all his fellow native Americans Cosmo Indians, are you gonna, hear me com Indians throughout this evening? Now. What what I found? No as I wanted to learn more about the battle I started getting into the whole native american but what they went through, what they were like and that culture, and so this book did a great job of kind of exploring that in this, the Cheyenne warrior, like I said named
wooden leg and the name of the book is wooden leg, a warrior who fought costs but, like I said, that's actually a small portion of the book, but it gives us some good inside as to what life was like for the native Americans back on the plains, in that transitional period, where they were going from being living open on the points again moved on the reservation fighting that they did now the grub. Now, where this came from there was the author of this book, who the guy. That was a doctor and served a few months as a as an agency physician for the northern cheyennes. So the tribe that was allied with the Sioux, Indians and, and they were around and part of the annihilation of of cluster, and this doctor
Doktor Marquis, actually learn the language and so when he was up there living on the reservation, he would costly ask you know: hey. Did anyone fight custom, There was a around these battles. We just just not just cost robberies, specifically interested that once it was no, I witnessed survivors from the american Society one to find out what happened and ass. He ate all these different Indians, Eventually, we got to the sky wooden leg. Now go to the book years. His wooden leg became the authors, favorite narrator. It seems at his lifetime biography. Surround his special battle story so that readers might learn what kind of people were the hostile Indians of that day sources again, Marquis the doktor liven up on them
duration and working on people and learn the language communicated with them in one of his favorite. Old time warriors- and he talked with this guy by the name- a wooden leg and in start without he ended up with that name wooden leg and I'm going to book this Ro Cheyenne indian man was a wonderful traveller on foot, even as a boy he could out why. Aachen, where down most of the young men who journeyed with him his capabilities in this region. Were so noticeable that people said his legs, must be made of wood, since he never becomes tired, then they fixed upon the name wooden leg I was also a youthful wonder in the matter of walking. By the time his wooden leg himself talking. So he was describing someone else who is actually a relative of his and he replied
but about himself by the time I was fifty. Years old. I could go on following in the footsteps of my uncle wooden leg with tall gaunt and I grew tired wherein young manhood friends begin jokingly to apply me the name this endearing of during enduring uncle who then had become a middle aged or elderly man. I'd like the name I like the man who bore it and I like the honor of Harrison with him, I told my father I wished to be known as a wooden leg. It was a common cause. The past down names to junior relatives. My foot They told me that when the time was right, he would confer that new name upon me. The time came when I was about seventeen years old. So that's where they origin, the origin of
They come from and we're gonna get the part where he actually takes the full name, and that becomes his name wooden leg answer after an eventful will save eventful time period. So you're, some a little bit about being raised out organ Cheyenne country. When I was Six years old. I asked my father: will you me a horse. Yes, You may have any horse in mind that you want, but you must catch him. He gave me a rawhide lariat rope, so their Yo Yo Yo Horse Co. Here's a rope go catch, one. He and my mother and some other people laughed about it, but I the matter seriously with the Larry opting coil by went out among the herd to search for whore. Those belonging to my father, so he goes out. He finds a small pony, and eventually you got it. He gets it captures it
And when it quieted down, I followed carefully along the line talking soothingly until they allowed me to pat its neck after how I got its mouth, around the lower jaw, the loop of the rawhide according to the old indian way of making a bridle when it com. After this new advance, I began to make strokes on its back I talked long coil into my belt, the same as I'd seen. Men do and I climbed quickly upon the animal it shied and I fell off, but I still had my rope, this uncoiling from my belt as the pony moved away. I seize the tether and followed again its guidance to the coveted mount more petting and soothing talk. Another attempt at writing. Off again before making a third try. I spent a long time at the gentle taming procedures
nevertheless, the pony, shied and then box after I mounted it, but I grabbed its main and stuck to my seat. Within a few minutes I had control. I rode to my father's lodge yes, that is your pony to keep he too me bands of US boys went out at times on horseback to hunt wolves. We had me bows and arrows. We killed many wolves with arrows, my father, give me a good boy when a supply of errors. When I was nine or ten years old, we were then in black hills countries country. So that mean this is a. I know we have. We have people on a Definitely that still our hunting at a very young age, but it's pretty cool that your six years. Breaking horses and then out hunting with bows and arrows by the way. Cottonwoods is awesome. So back. The book, my mother said to me: we have no meat, the boy and I set off to haunt we're about
same age. Fifteen years old we chat on a shirt leggings in moccasins, all of buckskin or other skin. The leggings had no seed in them was the indian way of clothing, the lower limbs we had no head coverings, nor any minute, for our hands. Although we are accustomed hardship, this was a cold day for us. We waited in wallowed through snow up to her knees and fine eyes. So again, Nowadays we got smart war, Hats and Gore tax jackets. We just got it so easy, and here you go. You're in moccasins Ben you got back. Her ass, you gotta bare ass. They do you just outwards leggings on just get after me, deep snow, discord, court. You know hard core. Goes a little like the continued, his hot and then back to book a gear doubts to looking us. The first shot. My rifle brought it down. We rush didn't cut his throat. We heartily
cut open the body and jammed our hands inside to get warm yeah. The show the crows and upon these were tribes. We fought most during my time of growing up to manhood citizen thing that they talked about a lot in this book is that the the native Americans were fighting each other all the time they were at war. They were at war with each other and he talks about that. Alot Back them up, my own euphoria experiences were mostly in combat against the crows and show Shoney's one incident out of many in this kind of warfare will show you how it was carried on Bandit Shoshone came at night install some of our horses. We were camped on a divide between the upper part of tongue river and the little bighorn snow deep and winter weather
I was sixteen years old. I went with a party of Cheyennes who took the trail of the thieves after traveling all day and into the night we found a small Campos Show Shoney's most of them alarmed by their dogs, had fled when we made our attack upon them, but repeated shots kept coming from a single certain lodge? be concentrated our assault on this large, too shy hands were killed and another one mortally wounded before we could suppress this destructive defence white Wolf. Seven years older than I was then I was and yet living as my neighbour on tongue River was the brave warrior who dealt the final blow to that Shoshone White Wolf crept along ground into the lodge he, had in his right hand a sick shooter. It was totally dark in there and he found about the Interior, seeking whomever he might find his gun bump into somebody and he pulled the trigger Developments really revealed. This is the only
then, of the watch. The victim was Oh man, He was the only Shoshone we killed in that fight so far as we can learn but we won the battle and got back on our horses. We caught up the body of the old Shoshone man we caught his hands his feet. His head. We ripped open his breast and belly. I stood there and looked at his heart liver. We tore down the lodge built, a bonfire of its contents piled the remnants of the dead body upon this bonfire. We stayed there until nothing was left, but ashes and coals, so he's gotta get after their deadly and which really cause I didn't want to break up is, but you soap happening. Gonna, soul happening. This is the same. This could be a this could be a story about. You know America, soldiers going against the Taliban fighters in Afghanistan,
or insurgents in Iraq where taken down A small village in there's people and there's the enemy in their their new building and concentrate far come from there and you gotta, guided low crossover, menaces this business straight warfare, means, if it's amazing how that story could translate into almost any modern era with when you have guns said the part where they cut off the hands. He accept for the part where they cut off the hands, cut off the feet, cut off the head, rip open, the breast and belly. He asked the taken into two different level right there in and you know I think it's. A day. You put that in there I mean he's he's telling these stories in it in offers you and insight as to what their attitude was, what they're gonna do if you got capture yet more it on its own, back to the book. Little Wolf had been a big tribal chief, the most influential one for about two years before, that time in his earlier manhood, he was for a while.
Time chosen over and over again as the leading chief of the Elk warrior society. If, during any time any Cheyenne was looked upon. Ass, the bravest of men of all. He was the man He was never is afraid to speak, the truth, the people All believed in him he was a giant. Oh and charitable man, but if insulted the anger, he was leader, hurt somebody in either disturbed or undisturbed mood. Everybody knew he meant just what he said. He was uncle by marriage, one of his two wives, being a sister of my father Tell me many thrilling stories, both at his lodge in my father's large, I recall, one in particular when he had hand to hand combat with a Shoshone each had a sheaf knife They grappled wrestled slashed one another. Finally, little
of opinion, the arms of the Shoshone thrown to the ground plunged upon him and stabbed and death. He gave me a great deal of good advice, both ass to warfare. And as to how to carry myself up, rightly as a man among my own people, my conduct, all throughout my life, has been influenced by his teaching. More than by those of any other precept or accept. My own father says little little. Wolfe was the bad ass. Little Wolfe was the big bad ass and I thought it was important to kind of talk about its characteristics. He spoke the truth people believed him. He was gentle and charitable, but if he was angered he was gonna hurt. You. So this is the guy that they choose as their leader back to the boy
I think my body grew more rapidly than my mind did. This is not uncommon for fur fur. Men and boys right, your boss, He grows before you mind- does absolutely backed up by the time Eighteen years old, I was the tallest men of the tribe. I believe there were two whose it a little above me both of these were killed in the great battle against the soldiers of Custer, my friend, the white man, doktor measures me now at six feet. Two inches and ways me at two hundred and thirty five pounds. So we're talking about a big deal. Wooden leg was no joke, but I don't know why I grew up in New England and when but how old houses in New England that were built in the seventeen hundreds they're out of you notice, but their debts, feelings, are lower. The doors are lower because people were shorter, like all people were shorter
So can you imagine, being you know where the average height is? Probably five? Five and wooden leg is sixty monster guy see another. There is something a little bit about again this continued on with his life, who live in the black hills. Here we hunted the game and the enemy crows sure Shoney's, and here we lived in every way the life of the plains. Indians of those times it was not an idle existence, We were busy much of the time fighting our enemies or gathering food and clothing and sheltering skins, as we were camped on the lower tongue river. When I was about nine years old one morning, a herald start to cry out, all of our horses are gone. The folder lively stir among the young man, a party of them mounted on few horses that had been overlooked by the raiders and hurried away on the trail, a thin snow, help them,
in the late afternoon. They caught up with the lost heard, apparently abandoned, but after sir, to the vicinity. They discovered at somebody the canyon cave there one of the giants crawled into the cave in never to verify the supposition. The verification came in. The form of arrow that hit him in the right eye. He quickly back out we body bring, would the Cheyenne leader ordered they built a fire at the caves opening with blankets, they fan the flames and the smoke into the hole. The prisoners fanned outward And thrust sticks at the fire heap to push it away. Bring more. Would the leader called the ones contest went on until the two growing need men burst out from the cave, almost suffocated and in the first one was beat. And stabbed death by their surrounding giants. The second one,
got pass. Them sprang upon one of their horses and dashed away the giants pursued him. He happen MT, slow animal was not long before the chase developed into a beating by pony whips in handles. The crow suddenly jerked his mount to a standstill. At the same moment, he flashed out a sheaf night and made a vicious sideways stab the blade buried itself on the breast of a shy and who fell dead, The other shines rushed upon the crow. In a twinkling he had received many death blows from various weapons, somebody scalp them and they caught off his feet, hands and head. Again as it's interesting. What will they do? They got a guy in up in a situation, the other trapped in a cave
How do we get him out of there? What do we do now days old? May we throw some tear gas in their well what they do build. A fire smoke em out a little bit more about the life of the giants. Competitive sport used to interest us horse, races, foot races, Wrestling matches. Tar shooting with guns or arrows, tossing the arrows by hand swimming jumping or other, like contest were entered upon in the tribes Competition was usually between men representing the three warrior societies, so ins, so inside the tribe. There was three separate warrior. Societies like the three different clubs, basically back them, These were the Elk warriors, the crazy dog warriors and Fox warriors. If any, you tribe or big band camp jointly or big band, jointly
he can't jointly with us the matches between representatives of the two tribes. Bats were made on every kind of contest. The stakes were of God. And a bows arrows, blankets, horses, robes, jury, shirts, leggings moccasins everything in the line of personal property, the bed always was on even terms. Articles were piled upon a blanket matched articles in opposition to another. The winners took all and shouted over the victory, So these guys were heavily involved in comfort. Competition is competition. Make you better. This reminds me the ceiling everything in this building competition unclear what you're doing you get you but is it ain't? Gonna go for just a mellow run on a beach Asher, no rum axing yearning you're, throwing up from the end is pushing each other, so our every every time you get on the range. It's a shooting contest. Every time you go everything you do. Is you
cried out. Oh, how close did you get to the tea when you land is everything. The count as an that's. How these guys are doing this? What keeps sharp back to the a good ressler and general strong man was little hawk and so this this one here that little hawk and guiding Buffalo Harp and brave wolf. They they Go round and eight they meet up with another tribe. They rolling says we need meat, they announced your drawing poles or to four, and we think are wants, can be supplied here. Little hawk wants to wrestle for it. If anybody here can throw him, we shall not take any food from this lodge. Nobody wanted to accept this challenge. The young men took some meat and went on to another teepee there. They made the same kind of announcement in proposition there, like as all the men present, feared to grapple with little hawk there
also the three joking robbers help themselves from the bountiful store at the next teepee. The transaction was more complex. After some exchange of talk, the spokesmen of watch said, big fires here he's as he will Russell. You now say right now, I want to raise a big thy, great big eyes, outlay. He's got some game. The conditions of a match were agreed upon. The two men stripped the breach cloths a group of. Onlookers assembled. The group soon became a great crowd. Big fine little hawk appeared equally confidence. Both of them run. Into the grapple. They talked in shoved in tripped. The advantage seem to shift back and forth the frogs. Factors whooped and dance. There was some partisan cheering, but most of it was merely the expression of delight as witnessing this tribal championship battle
for several minutes of fierce and continuous struggling little hawk begin to weaken and wilt big. Opinion the arms of his antagonist and bore him face downward to the ground, got his back. The VIC sat astride the back of the vanquished sprinkled handfuls of dirt upon him. He also picked up a folder. Blanket nearing by near by and use this as a soft club and pretence at a beating into complete submission. The defeated little hawk as a legitimate right there gather gather back, got back mounts, got the submission. Well, he took it a little far with the role that blanket dear, but the embryo stolen a blanket. He was we're all about it. You didn't, you know, did caught his head hands and feet. That's for sure. So another thing: that's that's enough,
thing is just how they were organised in the end, their leadership, the way they were set up. So here we go back. The warriors societies where the foundation of tribal government among the giants that is the number the members of the Warrior societies elected the chiefs who govern the people. For ten years. The whole try would get together for the special purpose of choosing forty big chiefs. These forty one, then select for past chiefs or old men chiefs to serve as Supreme advisers to them and the tribe. There were not any hereditary chiefs among the shy ants so that sprinkle system I like that system. I think I like that system Bellinger system now, then the Palais day they kind of Elect forty Chiefs and then from those forty chiefs. Those forty chiefs take three more form what made the old men chief, so we one point they decide
they're gonna move camp which argue from time to time, and they do the leaders in the morning. They make an announcement, and here it is all shines, open your ears and listen to morning. We moved tongue river. Have your lodges down yourselves and horses ready the warriors will lead us, the next learning as we are prepared for the move. The Fox warriors assembled out forward in the direction of the intended movement. The old man heralded instead did them. You are the leaders today make all but people obey you make them stay in their proper places many of them disobey ordinary rules of travel you may pony with them. You mention their horses, you may kill their dogs, you may break their guns or their bows. You may punish them in any way. That seems to you best, except you are not allowed to kill any Cheyenne.
That's one of the rules. You can hear that throughout their not allowed to kill each other, no matter what in the hell. This is some kind of an iron hand. Way of roof it ain't you get out a line on this road march. We're gonna, do you gonna feel the pain, so I'm not gonna get much resistance. Now speaking of weapons, and he heard talk about breaking boughs- and this is just cannot give you some insight on what these for weapons the arrow was the preferred weapon when on a tribal hon in Buffalo heard when a large party were joined in pursuit, each writer shot arrow after arrow into whatever animal was convenient to him during the tumult of the running chase when it ended He had one or two more arrows in various dead, Buffalo scatter over the area by the flight of the herd, every man his own arrows and always marked in some peculiar manner near whereby they can be identified so in the field.
Was reviewed after the termination of the killing he could find out which Buffalo he had killed or help to kill. It could be learned in such instance, which era was the fatal. One and which will have little or no importance. Thus, the claims to the skin and meet could be settled in case of a disagreement. The chief decided to question gunboats could not be deceived. Which from one another, so the guns were used only when one man was hunting alone or when a small party of special friends hunted together. The guns also had to have powder and lead and caps, which we do not always have on hand. We could make arrows or we often recovered them from the dead animals. So that's just imagine you go these big heard. Buffaloes a buddy a bunch of Indians go in there. There shoot them with all these. Did you shoot every animal siege, shooting and intervention? you find out, which ones are dead Ujiji that matter as mine got him in the heart. I guess it up. There. That's good thought. Other people I mean you in Europe, forty other
eyes were shooting the shooter arrows in their eight different guys. This one we all get it and then they can do they get their own I'll hit the heart there. For you, the main guy, you know tat you get the skin. Oh came. Other weapons spears were used by the giants. The long slender points might be of metal or they might be of stone or bone. Great care was taken in its colouring and general. Does Nine, the Sioux had knife sticks for fighting these. Had long shafts the same is a spear, but instead of the catch pointed the end. There were three blades:
shaft side, so kind of a unique looking weapon. The kind of sound mad max's you along spear with three knives, stick in on it. Yeah wines can add that too little differently put the shark, the sharp teeth so slicker, yet Benito undulate one could hit with a sharp teeth. Gonna fuck a little bit of the dress. The earrings of an Indian often indicated his tribal stock, a shining ear had, but one piercing only one ring, and this ring was loop directly through or close up to the ear, the Sioux war. Next, says regular in single strands, Eagle feathers stuck up from the back here of many eschew. The number of such feathers, worn by any one man, was posted and note the number of enemies he had killed. The cheyennes never adopted this custom.
All the best clothing was taken along with him when any warrior were to set out in search for a conflict. The articles were put into a special bag. Ordinarily, a beautifully breed beaded buckskin. Pouch, but perhaps a rawhide one, and this was slung at one side of his horse. The bag also contained extra moccasins, beaded moccasins war. Bonnets paints a mirror special medicine projects, Anything else of this nature if a battle seemed about to occur, the warriors first important preparatory act was to join,
graph, all his ordinary clothing. He didn't heard. We got out his fine garments if he had time to do so. He re braided his hair, painted his face in his own peculiar way. Did everything needful to prepare himself for presenting his most splendid personal appearance? That is, he got himself ready to die. The idea of full dress in preparation for battle comes not from a belief that it will add to the fighting ability. The preparation is for death,
in case that should be the result of the conflict war bonnets, we're not worn by all warriors. In fact, there are only a few, such distinguished men and each warrior society of our tribe. It was expected that one should be a student of the fighting art for several years, or else that he be an unusually apt learner before he should put the crown of aid. Or feathers. He then did so upon his own initiatives or perhaps because the come commentary urgings of his seniors. The act, men profession of fully acquired ability in warfare, a claim of special accomplishment in using cunning and common sense and cool calculation. Coupled with the Every attributed to all warriors, so, if you wanna get that big bad ass, head dress about, is pretty you give yourself. You know.
You can tell you, should you deserve it, but you you make the claim you say up on the man and his interesting read those again. It means you have. Acquired ability in warfare in using cunning com nonsense we'll calculation, coupled with bravery, very, very good definition of a warrior right, back to the book. The wearer was supposed never to ask mercy in battle. If some immature young man pretended to such high standing before it seem to his companions that he ought to do so. He was twisted and shamed into awaiting his proper time. I first put on my ward bonnet when I was thirty: three years old Fort Ten years after I quit the roaming life after a man had been accepted as a war bonnet man, he remained so throughout his lifetime.
War Chiefs and tribal chiefs. Ordinarily, were war bonnet men, but this was not a requirement for these people. Hence pure modesty might keep the bravest and most capable fighter from making the claim all though, and admittedly worthy where of the war, but it might not be chosen for or might refuse all official positions. The head, the feathered head, peace. There was not a sign of public office, it was a token of individual and personal feeling as to his own. Fighting capabilities. Interesting is interesting that he be. He obviously thought about the fact that some guys were too humble to claim the war bought it
the any actually says some of the best and bravest and most capable of reserve, which is which is in keeping with what we know about humility being the trade and the most critical trade of someone's success, and is also interesting that some people that were great fighters, weren't necessarily gonna, be good leaders. That's that's a reality. The reality to this day is it but about the way that the way they treat each other fighting between cheyennes, either men or women, women was forbidden by look by the tribal loss in case of a fight, some chief near at and would call out warrior separate these fighters and with them the war you're policemen than on duty would respond to the call a band of them would give
such punishment as seem to them fitting. If the fighters renewed their strife, they might have punishment added might have their teepees torn down their horses killed property damage done to them in some other way. Any suitable, insufficient punishment accept no power. These men warrior nor anyone else could lawfully kill a Cheyenne pony whips, either lashes or the heavy stick handles were not customary. Attacking weapons in a personal fight giants did not use fists as white people do not often did any two women fight. If they did, they merely scratched and pulled hair. It was, moreover comic show than an alarming sight to see two women clawing each other, never heard of any giant woman killing another nor maliciously killing a man. Nor did the men kill women. Are you
Dear old people talk about a shy in name, wounded Elk who had beaten his wife and then shot her killing her. I never heard of any other case like that. The incident happened before I was born. Suicides were not uncommon among us, men shot them. I was a women hung themselves, foolish ones yet do such acts. It's interesting says the date. The giants did not use their fists as white people do.
You think we're talkin straight grappling yeah right, no strikes is alright cleaning omen or is easy saying that they struck into the old boy. Hammock lumbered hinder something under Meda and want to break their hands. Pretty smart move again a little bit more culture, and this is what is in wrapped in a little story. To use brothers found one time a wolf's, then one of them took it where yet in crawled into the hillside cave to get pops. He felt about in the darkness, got the rope about a pops hind feet and dragged out they knocked in the head and he went in after another one this time either a pop or an old wolf did his hand he retreated outside. He got a fork. Stick with this projecting out in front of him. He returned to attack upon the wolves. The fork end
worked and got engaged in the hair and skin of the wolf, but youth twisted and tugged backing out and dragging after him. The snarling and snapping animal. The brothers stood with his rifle poised and ready to shoot limbs of brushed averted his arm and the bullet crashed into the head of the other boy. The shocked and weeping brother put the dead body on a horse and took it to them. Large people flocked to see and hear you killed him in anger. Somebody accused know it was an accident he sobbed out and he explained how it had occurred. A group of worry. Two policemen went with him out to the wolves den and there he reversed for their observation, all the incidence of this happening.
They became fully satisfied that he had no intention of killers, brother, that it was truly accidental. The youth was released with no penalty whatsoever, Telugu Ombu there, even the native Americans experience the blue on blue situations in the chaos and confusion. It pretty everything about the two little kids crawl into a cave, to kill, wolves into a wolf den hats off of the warrior culture, pure warrior, culture, a love it. Now we get into a guess. I guess you'd call it their religion bright and they call it that
rate medicine. That is what is what wooden leg refers to and I the best ass I looked up and try to research what they mean by the word medicine. I think the closest thing I got his is sort of like spirits, spirituality spirit that that's kind of a word that it in to me, as I try to figure out exactly what it meant around there's a great, but you can see from the context what he means by me. Go back to book. I made medicine for the first time when I was seventeen years old in eighteen. Seventy five to make medicine is to engage upon a special period of fasting, Thanksgiving prayer and self denial. Even of Self
Torture, the procedure is an entirely devotional exercise. The purpose is to subdue the passions of the flesh and to improve the spiritual self. The bodily abstinence and the mental concentration upon lofty thoughts cleanse is both a body and soul and puts them into or keeps them in health. Then the individual mind gets closer towards conformity with the mind of the great medicine above us, so that that's just awesome
he socket about fasting he's talking about focusing on on larger things, he's talking about punishing yourself an end. You used the term self torture discipline, so he goes to his medicine. Man, guy named Red Haired bear red haired bear I want to make medicine. I told him how he responded. Encouragingly and that's not a question- is like the statement of how He responded encouraging. What number of days do you think you can endure the whole four days? I replied confidently. Ah, he code. I will help you so he's gonna arrest, I guess ass the match limit that they go in forestry days, so its forces
days by the way on your own, no food, no water, that's what the deal is when you bear, though the elements you gave me like a little tent but you're going to bear the elements As is preparing to do it here, we go back to the book. The medicine man painted my whole body, red clay, makes into water in a dish was used for most of the painting with the black paint. He made first circle about my face, including the forehead, the chin and the cheeks black wristlets. Black anklets were next form on the middle of my breast. He painted a black son on my left, shoulder blade. He put a black mood. This is going to be a hard trial for you, the hardest trial, never had throughout the four days. You will have neither food nor water, your desires will distress. You others since may be piled upon these you may reach eat now and postpone it for another,
if you want to do so, what say you I dread it. I confessed, but I know it will not kill me. I do not want to wait. I want to go on right now. I shall keep my courage from failing by fixing my thoughts upon being a good man. Luxuriate Going into the into the ceremony a little bit here is hot, thirsty, yet more hot and more thirsty. I prayed particularly for the strength of body and firmness of heart, to carry me through to the end of the trial. I loaded my pipe for solacing smoke, but it was not a solid. The heat burned, my already parching tongue. I tried to sleep. Maybe I did sleep, I do not know. I made attempts to meditate cos
at least I do not know whether I was actually thinking or following dreams racing through my mind's mine. All I could be sure about was that I was either sitting down or lying down all the time in and by the way when they smoke the pipe from what I could figure out their pretty smoking generally tobacco with sometimes other herbs that they sometimes woods mixed with the debacle, willow, bark sumac White Sage, just kind of
Other planets can herbs back to book. Oh how lonely I was. I loaded lit my pipe. No, it was not good. My mouth and throat were burning water, water, but the great medicine sees B. I kept thinking my thoughts world and chased each other rapidly in circles.
I dreamt that I heard the footsteps of a horse: hey wooden leg, hey this is the day happiness almost filled, my heart, the only hindrance was in the first and the hot body after I've been led out, we smoke together. It was a torture to my tongue, but I did not complain. We went then to my father's lodge in the camp. My father called out an invitation to old men, friends. They came and sat in a circle upon the robe spread over the largest floor. I sat with them by the side of my father. My mother brought a bucket full of water and set it off a little distance from me. I suppressed a strong desire to plunge my face into it, but I could not keep my eyes from staring at it wooden leg. You have been four days without water. Now you may drink Forceps.
Seized the sides of the bucket the Forceps were for long drawn mouthfuls. I waited for more advice, wooden leg. You have been four days without me. Take for sliced off bites one for each day of the fast I selected a chunk from the plate. I stuck the end of it far into my mouth and with a sheaf knife I cut it off. I was the cheering was vigorous and I soon had swallowed. The junk was pushed a second time into my mouth and its end cut off their a third and fourth mouthful were taken in the same manner after a few minutes. More meat was allowed to me, then still more, all care to eat it was the best meet. I ever tasted- and I talked about that the other day. If, like the wreck,
liberation of knowing what it's like to actually feel hungry and then how good food taste, when you have any for awhile taste, good, that's what he found the best meet the ever days did right. There boom. Now that's one little ceremony that he went through in Egypt He does the more that this can medicine experience. He does was about a month after that one, and he did two days instead of four. So is something that you conduct with these warriors were kind of continually keep up with and back the book, your first third season, warrior discipline. I went one morning at dawn to the top of the hill there I fasted prayed meditated and dreamed all day. Another disciplinary means for subduing the flesh was to stand upright all day from sunrise the sunset on a hill.
Devoting did not move during that time, except to keep his face turned at all times towards the sun. He might keep his eyes. Closed or shaded, but his countenance had to be presented ever towards the federated token of the great medicines existence He prayed or otherwise kept his thoughts fixed on a high plain. This system of self denial was varied by attitude. Taken one might stand all they were sitting one position all day or lie down during all the time. But the attitude assumed at the beginning must be kept to the end. My all day, supplicate. Things were made, while sitting down standing upright in war,
or from some rise to sunset was one way of putting the body under the rule of the Spirit the water had to be into up to the neck or the upper breast. Not any drink of it was taken. It was not permissible to move the body except for keeping the face towards the sun So just go get in the water, and you know these guys are in the Euro is Guesser Montana rife. I bear in Montana just eager f why I don't care of its remit this summer. The water in Montana is cold. Yeah, it's not cool. I know its not quite. It is also interesting that you all different military units do this kind of stuff. You know just goin down standing at attention which they make you do in the military which, when you're standing erect with your hands on your side, are not allowed to move that four hours and hours and hours
in arresting it's like. That's that's much too coincidences remain. There is a disciplinary. Does the discipline of the body in doing that? Any put you in touch with yours who stand along government like gold. You she'll training, you don't think you spend some time neck, deepen water, Jazeera, just waiting gold and enduring absolutely man yoga king. Can it be that you know like symposium in it to compare that fourthly, the magnitude different. But yes, stiffly do the year he ever did they wore fits yeah that is another and men where it feels this physical, but at the end of the day it mental. But you just one of your camped on but is think you don't eat, you can endure it, but is there assets are painful after a while and then he goes on to say, the bodily torture incident to
for standard great medicine, dance. What the white people call the Sundance was the most severe test of hardihood, so was looked upon as the highest form of self scourging. I never undertook this. Dream step so the Sunday as we now know anything about that Psycho or Malta, I gay fast with physical exertion with like borderline self towards. I give you piercings and slay. The skein open emanates it's hard core in any debate, and for a while and what no one the natives dont want people to like watch it or record it is their own personal than so many ways you you could probably do more research on it's called the sun.
Hence, but they do all kinds of really really hard core of it's just. You know some devastating hard stuff to go through that hardens, your soul up and then is one more interesting thing here back to the book. The face, painting as it was done for me by red haired beer, bear at my first medicine making was adopted as my fixed mode of battle prep creation. In this regard, it was a black ring about my face, including lower forehead, Chin and cheeks. In its circle of the surface, enclosed in that circle was painted. Yellow I kept at all times right at hand a supply of charcoal and yellow color, paint. It did not take long for me to apply them when an occasion for their need might come. This preparation with my best clothing, my shield, my ego wing bone whistle myself
I horse protected by the grass seed medicine. I was almost fearless. I was not entirely so, but almost in every time of danger, I tried to keep myself thinking. The great medicine sees me now There's a no historical note that written now go out of the out of wooden legs voice and it's going into a doctor. Marquis the translator and he's gonna put a little note here, and I want to read back the book into were eighteen. Seventy five, pursuant to our governmental policy, General Sherman, then commander in chief of the United States Army, issued an important general order. He proclaimed that off Indians found off the reservations after the last day of January eighteen. Seventy six would be regarded as hostels to be fought by military forces, it being evident that not many
the Dakota rumours in Montana would return to reservations until they were forced to do so. Bodies of soldiers were set in motion, for you out and driving these wanderers back within their assigned. Oratorial bounds. The active budgetary feel leaders, this campaign, war, brigadier gin Terry, Brigadier General Crook, Colonel Gibbon and Lieutenant Colonel Custer. Each of these four officers had been prevail. Did major general of volunteers during civil war and what that brevetted means it. It's like you get a temporary promotion to fill a bill it, but you're not getting paid for it and then after it you get put but the contracting of the army after the war set each of them back to a lower ranking Terry, had infantry from Fort Rice and cheers Seventh Cavalry from Fort Lincoln Dakota Crook, cavalry and infantry at Fort
Fishermen Wyoming gave they had infantry from Fort Shaw and Cavalry from Fort Ellis Montana. From there three basic points in Dakota and in Montana three bodies: soldiers move towards a common central area between powder between powder and big rivers in Montana, where the Indians being sought were roaming. The detail these military movements are too extensive for review here. The most thrilling fee the campaign began when cluster and his seventh cavalry set off up, rose by Valley, to follow a recent indian trail. The result of this
Gary proceeding was the supreme tragedy in the annals of our american frontier warfare and, of course that was the battle it little bighorn. Now like us like it like it just stated you had these groups and their out the plains, and there I guess tracking, each other, or at least that the soldiers, the? U S, soldiers, the cavalry, a tracking, the indians- and here we go back to the book, and this is back to the voice of our man wooden leg. We found the soldiers about seven or eight o clock in the morning. I believe we had slept. Only a little. Our horses were very tired, so we did not hurry or attack, but always in such cases there are eager or foolish ones who begin too soon.
Not long after we arrive, there was fighting on the hill sides and on the little valley, with the soldier camp early fighting, one of the young giant, foolishly charge to foreign, some Indians belonging to the soldiers got after him, so I read that again, early fighting one young cheyenne, foolishly charged too far, and some Indians belonging to the soldiers God after it. So you have in this whole this whole war is theirs. There's, Indians or native Americans on both sides, there's native Americans are working with the whip the: U S cavalry and the and the soldiers and then their fighting against other native american tribes. So back the book they shot and crippled his horse. I some other cheyennes drove back their pursuers. I took the young
Man behind me on my horse and we hurried away to the main body of our warriors Jack Red Cloud. The son of the of the old Oglala chief Red Cloud was wearing a war bonnet. His horse was killed according to the indian way, in such case the warriors supposed to stop and take off the bridle from his killed horse to show how cool he could conduct himself. But young red cloud forgot to do this. He running as soon as its horse fell. Three crows on horseback, followed him lashed him with their pony wits and jerked often kept his war bonnet. They did not try to kill him. They only teased him telling it. He was a boy and ought not to be wearing a war bonnet. Some the two friends interfered in the crows went away. The Sioux told us that young red cloud was crying and asking for mercy from the crows. He was my same age, eighteen years old
White Wolf, a Cheyenne, almost thirty years old had a repeating rifle in drawing his weapon from its scabbard. At his left side, it was actually just discharged. The bullet broke his left five bone, he finally recovered ins and as yet living this was in nineteen thirty. He still lives on account of that acts in a wound was it you just little First of all, you know young red cloud who was wearing a war bonnet any any supposed to show how coolly as of his horse, could shut The bridle with you he did not do that and then again this inaction of discharge which the it does happen. Occasionally it's really bad dab, Axel discharge. Obviously, especially when you shoot yourself in the leg, horrible. So they stay in the day they can t
you moved around. They start to move towards little. They gone this this river and back the book six. Brought home. Arapahoe men came You the shine camp. While we were at this place, they said they were afraid of soldiers as they had killed the white man on powder River, and so now you start to get at it again. I'm kind of moving quickly right now, but there is now a multiple tribes are starting to come together in this in this location, multiple tribes, each back the book each tribe operated its own internal government, the same as if it were entirely separated from the others. The chiefs of the different tribes met together as equal There was only one who is considered as being, above all others. This was sitting bull. He was recognised as the one, old. Man, chief of all the camps combined almost
all of our northern Cheyenne tribe, were with us on a little vague hoard. Only a few of our forty big chiefs were were absent and is This is interesting because why controversy, but how many Indians were there and he and some people say that was never he's in all these, are least all the giants were there. There is more than just the giants. There had to be a bunch of em, a bunch of them. There. Now we get into some of these different tribes and chiefs that were there. The principal chiefs of the various camps were further for the home, both were sitting bore. The ogre laws was crazy horse which we all have heard a crazy horse. Cause you was lame. Dear another tribe, called
rose all gone and had important chief called hump knows there was the black sea which, which wooden leg didn't know whose their chief and then you had the job this ions. So there's a bunch of massive number of native american warriors talking about their armament, back to the book guns were not plentiful. Among us, most of our hunting had been The bows and arrows the cheyennes tomb in white wolf. Each had repeating rifle some others. Had single shot, breach loading rifles, but there was not such ammunition for the good guns. So you Their mosey using bow and arrows right, that's that's kind of what they have and at one point they kind of take their horses and they put him out to graze, and they think that they they had a look. They had gamble, scrap with the soldiers and they kind of what them not bad, but He sought a beat him and it seemed like the soldiers retreated
so they put their soldiers. Are I mean they put their horses outer pastured? It seems, like things are going pretty. Mellow now go back to book. I had no thought than of any fighting to be done and Future we driven away the soldiers on the upper rose bed seven days ago. It seems, because they would be gone a long time before they would trouble us again. My mind was occupied mostly by such That's is regularly, are uppermost in the minds. Of young men Eighteen years old and I like girls, that night we had a deal That's it was entirely social affair for young people not ceremony, not a ceremonial or war dance so areas they cause this rap seven days ago. They feel like you're, pretty safe, they put their horses out to pasture and then he starts thinking about the Ladys Andy.
Basically party through the whole night back the book at the first sign of dawn, the dance ended and inhuman his brother, they they cannot take off and they go down by the river and fall asleep, and that's the end of their night back to the book. In my sleep, dream that a great crowd of people were making lots of noise, something in the noise startled me. I found myself wide awake sitting up in listening my brother to awaken and we both jumped to our feet. A great commotion was going on among the camps we heard, shooting we hurried across We hurried out from the trees we might see as well as here the shooting somewhere at the upper part of the camp circles. It looked as if all the Indians were there. There were running away toward the hills to the westward or down to What our into the village, women screaming and men were letting out war cries through it all week here old men. Calling soldiers are here: young man,
go out and fight them so that they go there. Other peaceful, but they about to get it on and as he talk about before what does he do to prepare for battle? Here we go back to the book. I jerked off my ordinary clothing. I jerked on a pair of new breaches that had and given to me by another sue. I had a good cloth shirt and I put it on my old moccasins were kicked off in a pair of beaded moccasined substituted for them. My father strapped a blanket upon my horse and arranged my rawhide area into a bridle. He stood holding my mouth hurry. He urged I was hurrying, but I was not yet ready. I got paints and my little mirror the blue black. Ferko, soon appeared around my face. The red and yellow colourings were applied on all skin of the ins inside the circle a call, my hair it properly
been oiled and braided neatly, but my father was again saying hurry. So I just looked a buckskin song about it and tightened up close to the back of my head to footloose from there. My bullets, caps and powder horn put me into full readiness. In a moment, afterward I was on my horse going is faster could run too, where all the rest, the young men, were going brother had already gone, he got his horse, for I got mine in his dressing, was only a buck string, shirt fringed with crow, indian air. The hare had been taken from a crow and past battle with them. The air was so full of dust, I could not see where to go, but it was not For that I see that far I kept my horse headed in the direction of movement by the crowd of Indians on horseback. I was led out around and far beyond the camp circle. Many hundreds of Indians on horseback were day. I dashing to and fro in front of the soldiers soldiers one level ground this
Jews were on the level valley ground and were shooting with rifles. Not many bullets were being sent back at them, but thousands of arrows were following among them I went with a throng of soon to we got beyond behind the white men, so you got a flight going on and on this around the white men by Time, though, they had mounted their horses and were hiding themselves in the timber. A band of Indians were there with the soldiers. It appeared. They were crow or show Shoney's. Most of the Indians had fled back up the valley somewhere across east of the river and were riding away over beyond the hills. So there you go. This is what happens you wake is woken up and gets his war gear on any go into battle. Interestingly, the only talks about there's other Indians at their fighting. The crows and shoshone sounds like most of them are baling.
The book, our Indian crowded down toward the timber. Where were the soldiers more and more of our people kept coming? Almost all of them were sue. There are only a few Cheyennes Arrowes were showered into the timber bullets whistled out of this out toward the soon cheyennes, but we stayed far back while we extended our curve line further and further around the big olive trees, so their encircling em, some dead soldiers had been left among the grass and sage bought brush where they had. First for us,. It seemed to me the remainder of them would not live many hours longer. Sue were creeping forward to set fire to the timber set fire to the woods that their hiding in back to book. Suddenly the hidden soldiers came tearing out on horseback from the wood. I was around on that side where they came out. I world my horse round and lasted into a dash to escape from them all
all. Others of my companions did the same, but we soon discovered that they were not following us. They were running away from us. They were going as fast as their tired horses could carry them across the open valley space and toward the river. We stopped looked a moment, and then we whipped our ponies and swift pursued. A great form of fraud of shoes were also coming after them. My distant position put me among the leaders in the chase. The soldiers horses moved slowly as if they were tired hours were very lively. We gained rapidly on them. I fired for shattered by six shooter. I do not know whether any of my bullets did harm. I saw Sue put an arrow into the back of a soldiers. Add, another era went down into his shoulder. He tumbled from his horse the ground, others felt
At either from arrows or stabbings or jabbing from or blows from, war, clubs of the Sioux horses, limped or stat, limped or staggered or sprawl about dead or dying are war, cries and war songs remit God with many during call such as your only boys, you ought not to be fighting. We whipped you and rose, but you should brought more crows or Shoney's with you to do your fighting. Little bird and I were after one certain soldier, little bird was wearing a trailing war bonnet. He was. He was at the right and I was at the left of the fleeing man we were lashing him and his horse with our pony whips. It seemed not brave to shoot him besides. I do not want to waste any of my bullets. He pointed back to his revolver we back his revolver, though, and sent a bullet in the little birds die immediately. I whack the White man fighter on his head with a heavy l corn handle of my pony whip the
Oh dazed him I seize the rifle strapped on his back. I wrenched it to the ground I gradually and grab dragged the looping strap over his head. As I was getting possession of this weapon, he fell to the ground. I did not harm him further. I do not know what became of him. The germ of oncoming Indian swept me on, but I now had a good soldier rifle yet I had not any cartridges for it. Three soldiers on horses got separated from the others and started up the valley in the direction from where they had come. Three cheyennes sunburn, Eagle, tail feathers and little son joined some sue in pursuit of the three white men Giants told afterward about the outcome of this pursuit. One of the soldiers turned his horse eastward toward the river and escaped into the timber, the other two kept on southward, These two one went after the right up, a small gulch to the top of the bench there. He was killed,
and killed the remaining one road on toward the mouth of Renault Creek ass. He neared that point he swerved to write. He made circle upon the valley and returned to the timber just across west from the mouth of creek. Here he dismounted from his exhausted horse and got himself and the Bush, the Sioux and giant, surrounded him and killed him. They told that he fought bravely to this last making use of his sick shooter. A war bonnet indian belonging with soldiers was chased by crooked knows a Cheyenne, some other sue. The chase was afoot across a wet slew and into some timber northward from where the soldiers had been hidden a few minutes after many exchanges of shots after much dodging in shifting of position, the enemy Indian was Kay
They're, just a crazy fight, just a crazy fight. I mean this is like stuff. Do you see and in more in our western movies People upon each other off horses, shooting p. When the head with bow and arrow from horse. That's just crazy and brutal, and it cannot say there's some really good accounts and I started to go down this road. So if anybody that's listening, is a is a student of the battle of little bighorn. There's lots of different stories about it and there is also some really detailed accounts and I started trying to pull out and match up what happening in this account with other accounts really historically, accurate documented accounts and ass. I started acid. Now, I'm not gonna. Go down this road of trying to figure out exactly
which situation is talk about their multiple small battles out there there was like, I said we know and be and now Ben Teen who survived with their soldiers and they made maneuvers and a lot of people blame them people, don't blame them. You know some people, They should have gone to help. Some people say that they have a chance, there's all kinds of those things and, as I started it, I figure out, which was which I said. You know what I'm not gonna go that deep into this account was important about this again to me is the reality of the ground, combat that's what that's what I'm interested in this. And am sure, maybe at some in my life would have more time. I would love to marry up the two entail. He must have been in this situation, and this must have been this person in this must have been this maneuver. He must have seen This manoeuvre from the front a cavalry, be fun to do that, especially glad walk the ground and do it that would be really good but Anyways if you're a personage fully into this,
going down that road right now, but I will go back to the book right. Another enemy Indian, was behind. Little sagebrush nor in shooting, as at us, his shots were returned. And some others went around and got behind him see this day what wooden legs all about flanking people. You know said he just flanking people all over the place. I and some others went around and got behind him. We dismounted and crept toward him. As we came close upon up to him, he fell. A bullet had hit him. He raised self up, though, and swung his rifle around toward us? We rushed upon him. I cried the blow my rifle barrel upon his head, others beaten, stabbed him to death. I also got his it was the same as the one I had taken from the other soldier, but the Indians gone had a longer barrel.
One of the Sioux scout the dead man differ once took his clothing. I took nothing except the gun. Continuing on somebody Let me look yonder other soldiers. I saw them of distant hill. Down the river and honour, seem side of it. The news and spread quickly among us, Indians began to ride in that direction, and so there Are going to do again, this is where I don't wanna try and figure out exactly what bottle but yeah, so there Another portion, the battle taking place- I know in my head. Where he's going, but will you say there's he sees other soldiers to go after and pressures have gone after Custer. And as he's going towards this other towards us other battle what's taking place, he passes through the camp again then he said
doubt- and he says my father- was the only person at our large. I told him of the fight up in the valley. I told him of having helped in the killing of the enemy, indian and some soldiers in the river, gave him the tobacco aid taken. I showed him my gun and all the cartridges you have been Maybe he me you ve done enough for the day now you should rest. No, I want to go and fight the other soldiers I can fight better now This gun your horses, tired. He argued yes, but I want to ride the other one so wooden leg. He had a good morning so far got after it, for you he's fighting going on because he's a warrior. He says no, I'm get back in the game, backed the book as we approach the place, battle. Each one chose his own personal course. All the Indians had come out of where's back. Almost all the dismounted crept along the gullies afoot. After the
Ivo near the soldiers and it gets the reason. The reason I highlighted that is because you got people doing decentralized. The man. Oh you see where the battle is get their right. You're not we know that the line up we do have the March together View City, where the battle is get there on your own personal course make it happen. Most of the Indians were working on the ridge now occupied by the soldiers we were led and down in gullies it behind Sagebrush Hill walks. The shooting at first was at a distance, but we kept creeping in closer all around. Ridge, bows and arrows were used more than guns from the hiding places of the Indians. The arrows could be shot high in long curve to fall upon the soldiers or your horse, is anyone using a gun, had jump on up and expose himself long to shoot
air was falling upon the horses stuck in their backs and caused them to go plunging here and there knocking down the soldiers. So this is a classic. You know you think that that will further the rifle was the better happen, but the rifle you have to expose yourself to shoot while the Indians are just hunkered down, behind a knoll or behind some brush orbit and a valley and they're just lobbying like a mortar rounds, thousands of mortar rounds, just hating into where the soldiers are soldiers came and anything to. The long distance fighting was kept up for about an hour and a half. I believe the Indians all the I could see where the soldiers were because. White men were mostly on a region, their horses were with them, but the soldiers could not see our warriors as they had left
ponies were crawling through the gullies sagebrush, a warrior jump up, shoot jerk himself down quickly and in crawl little forward little further forward, all around the soldier ridge. Our men were doing this, so not many of got hit by soldier bullets during this time of famous is beautiful. This is beauty that's exactly what you're, what we teach, what the whole, what the? What military teaches individual movement? You know you shoot you get up, you get back down, you cry. You get up again, so the enemy might see you rightly take a shot than you duck anyway. Up again, you're, not the same plate serve. You were aiming where they work than other anymore. This beautiful tactics. In a few minutes, the warriors were all around these soldiers then lay may lame white man, that's an indian, lame white men call bout come, we can kill all of them, All around the Indians began jumping up running forward dodging down, jumping up again down again
All the time towards the soldiers right away, all the white men went crazy the fighting us, they turn their goal. Upon themselves. Almost before we to get them every one of them was dead. They killed themselves the Indians the guns of these soldiers and use them for shooting at the soldiers on the high ridge, I went back again my horse and rode around beyond the east end of the ridge. By the time I got all the soldiers were dead, the India told me. They had killed only a few of those men and manage shoddy other had shot themselves, and this is business the controversial Minos, weather these guys killed themselves and even over that controversial exact move straight up. Most people, don't believe that I don't know I don't know, I don't know the answers.
But we know that one thing we do know they're all dead back to the book, I saw one sue walking and absolutely no. I'm sure that somebody that listen to this is gonna give us the full report. And actually have books. I have books, and this is not. This is not the same account right. This is different than cure themselves, so I know that, but once out of others, but right now, some go with it. I saw once you walking slowly toward the gulch going away from where were the soldiers. He wobbled dizzily, as he moved along, he fell down, got up, fell down, got up again ass. He passed near To where I was, I saw that his whole lower jaw was shot away
sight of him made me sick. I had to vomit, I did not know him and I did not learn whether he died or not. The shots quit coming from the soldiers warriors who had crept close to them, began to call but all the white men were dead. All the Indians then jumped up and rushed forward all. Boys and the old men on their horses came tearing into the crowd. The air was full smoking dust. Everybody was greatly excited. It looked like thousands of dogs might look if they were mixed together in a fight All of the Indians were saying that these soldiers went so crazy. They killed themselves. I do not know, I could not see them, but I believe they did so again, so he doesn't even know. What are the real deal is there but, like I said what we do know is that not one of em lived. I
took one scalp. As I went walking and leading my horse among the dead, I observed one face that interested me. The dead man had a long beard growing from both sides of his face and extending several just below the chin. He also four mustache. All of Bayard hair was of a light, yellow color, as I now recall it most of the soldiers had beard growing, indifferent legs. But this is the longest one I saw among them. I think the dead man may have been, thirty or more years old here A new kind of scalp, I said to a companion I skin one side of the face and half of the chin so as to keep the long beard yet on the part removed I got an arrow shaft, untied the strange scalp to the end of it. This I carry in hand as I went looking further, so but he told me noisy, walking, was badly wounded. That was another indian name, noisy, walk
I went to where he was said to be down in a gulch where the ban of soldiers nearest the river had been killed in the earlier part of the ban he was my same age, and often we had been companions since our small boyhood white, bull and important medicine man was his father. Noisy walking had been hit by three different bullets, one of them having passed through his body. He also had some stab wounds in his side. I asked the young man. How are you he replied good, but he did not know. Well, one young Cheyenne took something from a dead soldier, just after all of them had been killed. He was puzzled by some others looked at it. I was with them. It was made of white metal and had gone
on one side on this side were marks of some kind. While the shy and was looking at it, he got it up towards his ear. Then he put it up close it's alive. He said others put it to their ears and listened. I put it to mind. Tik Tok, Tik, Tok ticket was saying we talked about its use. We generally agreed that it was a soldier's special medicine. Many Indians came and wondered about it. The young man decided. Keep it for his own medicine? So if they found a watch on one of the soldiers, a little wind up pocket watching to me, this is just a really good example of of the veto: the cultural differences they didn't. They never seen a watch before in, and so they were surprised and Demon arson what it was that it was not actually live. Wish the mechanical back the book noisy walking died during the night after the great battle six I had been killed.
Other man, open belly, was badly wounded and was expected to die. He was about thirty, years old, but he had neither wife nor children, six dead were lame white man, limber bones black bear noisy balking. Hump knows when whirlwind. And then, after that battle during the afternoon, it was learned that yet another band of white men were coming up the little Bighorn Valley. All the young men wanted to fight a council of Chiefs was held, they decided. We should continue in our same course, and not fight any soldiers if we could get away without doing so of the Indians and got ready to move. Probably smart move. So then, after that they have, they go to this
Area, that's called greasy grass and there they have a little a little war dance, a little sort of us. I guess you'd call it a ceremony or celebration back. The book, Charcoalburner Medicine Chief brought the buffalo skin from the sacred teepee and put it on top of a poll, the centre of our camps, we danced around this pole. No women took part in the dancing. Many of them had sore legs from morning cuts in when they lose their their husband. They cut themselves are dance. Was not carried very far into the night. It was mostly short telling of experiencing accounting of coup. My father told, In a few words, what his two sons had done. He ended, the telling of my warrior acts. He said the name of
son of Mine is wooden leg. Up to this time, people still use my boyhood name each from his hand, but now this old name was entirely gone. So after that battle about little bighorn is when wooden leg became wooden, leg, Nellie, proceed and together all this big Massa tribes, and at this point They are about to separate their tribes and saw no one in their own directions and the negative report soldiers are coming. Two bands of Indians began to come together again the warrior the warriors mingled themselves as being one tribe, the women and children and older men, both of both sets of people move together up the tongue river. The young
Put themselves behind their fleeing people, somebody said to me: they have captured some women. Your sister is one of them. My heart jump. When this news came to me, I last my horse into a run toward where it was said they had been captured there. I saw the tracks of soldier whore, is the trail led me to the river of ice on the that side of the river, the West side were soldiers, they began shooting at me. I To get away, I did not see any of the women, so I suppose they had been killed. My heart then became bitter towards these white men. I had my horse in the brush at the foot of the ridge, where some warriors were on its top. I walked up there. Indians were hidden behind, rocks and were shooting towards the soldiers I chose for myself up ways of hiding and did the same. I had my soul, rifle and plenty of cartridges, many soldiers
we're coming across the ice to fight us, but we had the advantage because our position was high and on a rocky ridge, So generous, in that he is, doesn't even become better towards the soldiers until they do something to his sister and then all of a sudden he's better towards the white men and its also important there. At the end, the high ground gotta get the high ground is literally the only reason that I put that in their sworn tat for those EU out there that are in a military that are fighting get high ground. It gives you a massive advantage over the enemy. So, After this they kind of settle up the tongue river. In there I go back to what we found plenty of buffalo there. We went on west to the upper little bighorn after camping and hunting. There. We went farther to the big horn at the mouth of rotten grass creek. We didn't
stay there long, we returned a little bighorn most. A last point Winter was spent in a camp in this valley. All the time I'm during the next few months. We had good hunting. Soldiers did not trouble us, nor did we trouble them all. The people had good. Lodges in every way we were living. Yet, according to our customary habits, we were not bothering any white people. We did not want to see any of them. We felt we were on our land. We killed. Only such people ass had come for, drop, had come for driving us away from it, so our hearts were clean from any feeling of guilt So you're gonna live in the kind of going back to just live in their own there, the way that they we used to living.
And this is where the next chapter chapter seven is called. The surrender of the giants just before the grass began to show itself in the early part of spring to visitors arrived at our camp on little bighorn. One of these was our old captured with our captured old woman, sweet woman. The other was a half breed sue. We called white each had a horse to ride and each was leading a pack horse in their packs where tobacco and other things
Four gifts to the principal chiefs, the visitors had they been sent out from the soldier fort at the mouth of the tongue River, to invite us to come there and surrender peaceably. They brought us a promise from bear coat, the soldier chief there that we should not be harmed and should be given plenty of food so starting to get enticed starting to get enticed by some by e mail. Basically, food tobacco back the book. The fortune came back to us at this powder. River camp White ball was not whether they told us he had stay
but the soldiers to scout for them in hunting Indians. This news did not please us. As we looked at it. The surrendering to the soldiers was good. If one felt like doing this, but an offer to help them to kill friends showed a bad heart. I was more affected, though, by other news, the chiefs brought. It was curling concerning my sister Crooked NOS one of the captives, when the chiefs were only a part of the first day out in coming back from the fort somebody followed them to tell them about her. She had been very sad and the heart because of beliefs, you'd, never again see her people, she had felt better when the chief came, but when they went away again she fell into a deep grief. My sorrow was so great her sorrow, was so great that she had got now
hidden, sick, shooter, I'd given to her, and she sought herself dead. My heart almost stopped beating. When I heard about her death this way she had been a good sister kind to every Seven cheyennes from the agency came to the camp on powder River, one of them had a teepee large, but no women will with them. They came Only to tell us we ought to surrender at the agency They said all the Indians there were being well FED were being well treated Every way nobody was being punished in any manner for past conduct in warfare against the soldiers. So they get untold, basically there's another group theirs they can surrender at the fort. The
before they can surrender their at the indian agency, which is also control by the soldiers and, of course I just read that part about wooden leg: sister, committing suicide, so just a devastating blow to him Now, as it continues, the decision Gets made by the chiefs to surrender actually at first to find out little bit more gathers more intel, sorry little wharf and the other principle chief chose to go out to the agency and then, when they come back, they say that it's pretty good to go, and when they hear this they hear about the food they hear about the whisky they hear about the the shelter they decide that the meat
body of the tribe sets off towards the agency to surrender back to the book, but not all the shines were ready yet to surrender at any fourteen or fifteen men. Six or Having wives and children separated after go westward, white HAWK, a little chief of the Elk warriors was with them. I joined another band still desiring the most freedom we considered to be ours by right, thirty, four We're cheyennes made up this bands. There's a couple. Little separate groups at break off, decided to continue pushing and as they're doing that when they get in these smaller groups, if you Imagine I mean just like any any group. If you break it down enough, you start to lose your efficiency and that's what happened with these smaller group. They just work as efficient anymore because they had less people me Jack, catches, many you get work and cooperation due on Buffalo, and so they didn't do well on their own.
Backed the book. We were having a good many days of hunger. Our horses had, many have grass, but our own ribs were becoming thin. Our clothing was wearing out and we could not get enough skins to renew them. And keep our beds and our lodges in good order. My soldier coat and breaches were gone. And my last shirt cloth breaches were almost in tatters. The only you'd article of where I had now is my big white hat I'd captured at the Rosebud battle. A shy innate named, yellow, Eagle added himself to us. He had been at the agency not before not long before.
We decided to have him in White bird: go there and spy out the conditions they went in a week, or so they were back among us good treatment, plenty of food, blankets, everything nobody punished. They reported. We started right away for the agency, so when they split apart into these smaller groups, that was definitely problematic, and now they go from being out they're kind of on their own hungry, running out of food. Don't have good equipment anymore and somebody they send somebody to the agency to check it out and they get the report back to there's plenty of food, blankets and warm and other gonna do there's go in and give up
Is another they move and they start heading towards the agency and when they get their back the book it made us all feel good to see hundreds of India enlarges. As we came near to the agency galloped, our horses fordwitch, here did fired gunshots into the year. Some soldiers came running out of their tents, but they soon saw we were friendly and only celebrating notifying our people. We had come so you they are in the end. A white man married to shine woman was acting as an interpreter for the soldiers. His name was Roland, but White hot did not need in the interpreter and talk and ass. He could make the sign talk A well after the general handshaking White had said.
Now you men must give me your guns and your horses. We are not expecting this, but we trusted him so he began to do ass. He asked I'm Tellin, you gotta, be careful in the situation from you start giving up your guns. This is not a recommended course of action. You know if you're comin in peace, why are you not allowed to keep your weapons? This is not a MRS Nada. I do not agree with this area back the book, the we had one big chief standing Elk, who kept saying it would be better if we should go there said, are trying to get them to push towards the south like towards Oklahoma. What be what would be oh glamour and they're kind of against it. They don't want to walk me more and they feel like day halo, We came here we we were supposed to be here. They're saying are known, you know we're gonna win a movie guy south and
I say no, we don't want to see that's what standing Elk is talk about so standing Elk who kept saying it would be better if we should go there I think the one not as many as ten shines and our whole tribes, who agreed with him there. Feeling that he was talking this way only to make himself a big indian among the white people. The white men chiefs would not talk much to any Cheyenne chief, but him they gave him extra presents entreated him as if you were the only tribe, the only chief of the tribe, but he was but one of our forty tribal big chiefs. One day he went about telling everybody all right get ready to move. The soldiers are going to take us from here to Morrow lots of cheyennes were angry.
We understood that when we surrendered we would live on our same White River reservation. We had given up our guns and our horses and quit fighting because of this promise. Now, after we had put ourselves at this great disadvantage, the promise was to be broken, but we could not do anything except obey him. So three sleeps after my son a band had come to what we thought was to be our home. The whole tribe was on its way to what we now call Oklahoma. So again, that's why we don't give up our guns. When you give up your guns, you give up your strength. You give up your leverage, give up your. We D fight the soldier leader of our movement in the south, was known ass, tall white man. He was a good man, always kind to the Indians. We
had to do whatever he said. We must do, but he talked good to our chiefs. So all of us were pleased to have him guiding us. He had with him a band of so yours, I do not know how many, but I think there may have been almost a hundred of them. Our horses that have been taken away from us at the agency will return The US still many cheyennes did not own any old people, we had no animal derived were provided with them from the soldier heard or very older sick people were allowed to ride in the soldier wagons young men, who oh no horses, had to walk or borrow from friends I own for I had three of them alone, doubt most of the time, so he has actually that the treatment at this point by tall white man was fairly. And it sounds like the kind of got along with the soldiers. At this point, an example that soldiers hunted with the Indians.
All the soldiers were friendly and good to us. They were good shooters. You're, not a game. They gave us so the meat I became specifically friendly with two or three of them I like to be with them. And they appeared to like me. I went at times to their camp in the evening and visited with them when we are about half way along at our journey ass, one of them. Let me take your gun tomorrow. Yes, you may take it. He told me so I think the reason I I wanted to bring because when you get me, no soldiers and warriors new put him together and you get rid of the politics, guess what they get along. What we like Newton we like hunting or warriors we're gonna get along like the Germans planes clean, not coincide. Exactly who take the politics out of it and we're just gonna be no have a couple cigarettes, maybe a glass of scotch and call it good. Now, when they, get down to Oklahoma they kind of set a win in the south.
Here we go back to look. I learned in the south, the white Man name of long hair, the soldier, big chief, we killed on the little bighorn, I was told he was called General Custer. I'd heard his name spoken at the White River Agency, but I do not understand clearly who is meant by the southern cheyennes knew of him because of his having fought against them before he had come into our northern country. They had surrendered to him. After we been a year on this reservation, many of our people began to be asked to be taken back to the north. There was no game here and we are not to go off the reservation for hunting and we were not given food is it had been promised. We should be given At times some were young men would violate the Borders would slip away from the reservation to get a buffalo or some other animal good to eat. Some white people said the Indians were killing their cattle. I do not know. I did not do this. I stayed out. The time on the reservation, but if
The Indians did kill the white men cattle they did so because they were very hungry. I could not find any wild game. We ate the beef because it was the best we could get. We always liked much better, the wild game. There was much sickness among the northern Cheyennes too. But it was a new kind of sickness chills and fever and aching. The bones dragged down most of us, too thin and weak bodies are people, died, died and kept. On each another following one another out of this world, finally little Wolf, the clear that he for one was moving back north, whether the white people consented or not other said they would follow, the agent told them that the soldiers were going to trail would kill them. They were promised more food, they waited for it, but it did not come more. People flocked a little. Wolf side. Dull knife said he would go to wait. In the summer more than half the tribe started out.
Little Wolf's last message to the age and was the sole whose may kill all of us, but they cannot make us stay in this country. The soldiers when, after them, other soldiers from other places, were sent out, the head them off. The science were hunted, from all directions. They were found many times, but each time the giants fought off their pursuers and kept moving northward. Many of our people were killed, but most of them got back to their old home country and were allowed to stay there. From the southern cheyennes, I learned a great deal about general clusters dealing with them in that country. Then said he smoked the peace pipe with them at that time that they had surrender to him, seven years before he was killed. Accordingly, Custom among us, this was undressed as I promised by him that never again, would he fight against the giants? when they learned that he had been killed by our people and the Sioux they considered
miss having deserve that kind of death on account of his failure to keep his peace oath. I got a wife from the southern giants She'd, a girl at the shy camp at the wash the river when Costa and his soldiers came They killed many cheyennes and burn their watches November of night. Every eighteen, sixty eight chief black pot, was one of the ones killed. The women, and children fled same as ours, it down powder river, it was winter and it was many at. There's at that time, a deep snow for that country, soldiers chase the women and children killed many of them as well as the men my wife at that time, a girl was barefoot. It as others were also they had been supplied. As in the early morning, she stopped and cut off pieces of buffer
Buffalo, Robes khitai about a feat to keep them warm ass. She ran when it got to carpets of snake Indians farther down the river my wife told me she was also with the shines when they surrendered the General Custer in eighteen, sixty nine after you smoke the pipe with their chief when they surrendered some of the chiefs were put into prison and had chains upon their ankles When I heard all of this from my wife, as well as from many of the other southern cheyennes, it seemed the great medicine may have the rector Custer to his death as punishment for having broken his promise to the shines. So eventually they do go back north
and they re, establish reservations up in the north and eventually wooden leg proceeds up. There is well and when he gets up there, he seems it seems, like things are in a pretty bad way,. Back to the book, the more sorrowful new condition we found in coming back to our Cheyenne country was in the case of little Wolf himself, some white men about them or were selling or giving whisky to the Indians one night little I've got a bottle of whisky and right away. He drank all of it. He went into the fort, traders store and leaned forward upon counter. He was quiet, but he was dizzy. Stumbling here and there, the trader said little wolf. You'd Go to your lodge, but he said no, I want to see here. Some shy and men and women were playing cards at a table in the store, famished l
A young man sergeant the scouts was with them. He talked a little wolf, but the old chief paid no attention to his talk ferris, Wolf took hold of little Wolf's arm and said. Come I will help you to get you to your lodge. He spoke and acted respectfully, but little Wolfe was angered, because, if that taking hold of him, he pulled self away his eyes blazed like fire. He stood a moment looking at the young man, then he said I will kill you. He staggered alone out from the store, famished help returned to sit in the card game. Nobody was expecting any further trouble, but not long afterwards. The door was opened and a little wolf stumbled into the room. He straightened himself out levelled a rifle and fired famished Elk sank down. And upon the floor. The old chief went back to his lodge and told his too wise would be done. We must go. He added
The three of them went out into the darkness of the night soldiers and shy and search for them. They search during the next day and the next, the missing man and his two wives appeared in MILES City and sat themselves down at a place in plain view of the people there, a cabinets and soldiers went to him the captain. We knew as little. He told little Wolf when it was he had done. He said Further told him, you were no more a chief of the giants that is true and just little Rolfe Wolf agreed. He was not punished in any other way, but he their punished himself before he and his wife had left their lodge smashed into pieces, his medicine pipe. Or tribal laws required this, it was not allowable for him. Afterwards smoke it was allow, well for him afterwards, smoke all alone in any small and short stemmed pipes such as might be made from a deer leg bone, but he did not do this. He denied.
Self all smoking he never made any offer even to sit in the company of other Cheyenne smoking together, white men offered him sometimes cigarettes, but he always fused them. After a time he learned to tobacco a habit, never followed by the old time cheyennes it seemed he did this deliberately for self humiliation. He never tried to intrude himself on any trouble tribal public affairs. The people remembered his great services impasse times, but nobody consulted him on tribal matters in present times truly in every way. He was never more. A chief among the shy ends. So alcohol not good, not good, for your decision making processes back to the book
When I was thirty one years old in eighteen, eighty nine I enlisted with others, giants to form a new band of scouts for the soldiers at Fort Keel. For a long time. We did not do much except drill and work getting out logs from the timber and building houses for herself. So he joined the army. He joined the army becomes a becomes us Doubt we shy and scouts and not get into any battle. In time. We were all dressed in ready, but the officers made us behind a heel, while the soldiers went on and killed many Seward a camp on little valley just over the hill. A Sou started that fight by killing it off. Who's, taking all the guns from them. This there's began to shoot and many women and children were killed as well. This, trouble was on wounded knee creek. At the time of our advance. Up the hill, I was wearing a war bonnet for the first time in any battle. So he's talking about.
Were present at the at the map cigarette wounded at wounded knee, which was a horrible massacre complaint committed. You can hear there was between a hundred and fifty three hundred sue were killed by soldiers and new included of probably by half of them were, or women and children, and later he's talking about. Some dreams it. He ass back the book, I believe I slept, but I'm not sure whether our sleeping and dreaming, or as only lying there in thinking I kept my cartridge belt buck. Bon me, and I hugged my rifle to my body. It seemed that, Angry Sue, Indians were all about me. They were searching for me to kill me.
But then were striking at me with war clubs and slashing of me with knives. I heard them calling my name wooden leg. I jumped up and stood there wide awake, trees have nightmares, Aries massacre happens and he feels like obviously subconsciously he's, got some some nightmares about that now back to story of Little Wulf, the the chief that that shot, the other indian at the car. Game back the book. One day I saw the old man little off at the camp is years later I said to my wife: I see little Wolf he's my relative
one of his wives, the sister of my father. I think I ought to invite him to eat it. Our large. I'm glad to hear you say that she answered Tom, the come now right away, be she began to prepare bread, meat and coffee. When I brought little wolf around, I found he was partly drunk, he fumbled the food and he sat in eight he ate freely as though he were very hungry. He kept quiet and kept looking downward during all the time. When he was done eating. I told him of my sympathy with him in his great trouble. He then told me all about the affair. I of the young man at all of his people. I was crazy when I shot him at this time in a conversation little. Wolfe was about seventy years old. This may gave away all of his horses after even put out of his position as our greatest chief. After that, all those travelling was Donna,
sometimes you went alone, sometimes one or both of his wives, accompanied him. They took a long whenever packs they could carry and they slept and temporary shelters with no shelter. He went at times to visit the crows. He visit Also the wrapper hose in Wyoming walking to her. Miles or, more back and again he died and nineteen For at the age of eighty three years, his wives and close friends stood his body. Bright on a high hill, overlooking the Rosebud Valley, where many cheyennes had their reservation homes. A great heap of stones was built to enclose him. Thus standing upright Twenty four years later, his bones were brought to the agency cemetery and put into a grave their bird. The time, indian story, white man who is a New York, had a stone at the head of this agency. Grave.
Even in the nearest of relatives of even the nearest relatives of famished Elk, never kept bad hearts against little wolf at different times. I've heard talk of him from Baldy Eagle, a brother of the young man killed Baldy GO said. Little Wolf did not kill my brother. It was the white man whisky that did it. Now we fast forward. Thirty years after the great battle against Custer, there was a gathering of Indians and white people that little big horn the shot. And his mother Indians went with a few soldiers to Fort Custer, not far from the place where the great battle had been the soldiers at the fort shook hands with all of us. We gathered together and some friendly speeches were made by the officers and Indians. All I said, was along
Time ago we were enemies. Today we are friends, then going even further into the adult. Fifty years old now. Wooden leg says I was baptized by the priest Tongue River mission. When I was almost fifty years old, my wife and our two daughters were baptized too. I think the white people prayed to this. In great medicine. We do in our old Cheyenne way. I do not go to church often, but I do go. Sometimes. I think the White church people are good but do not believe all the stories they tell about what happened a long time ago. The way they tell us all. The good people in the old times for white people, I'm glad to have the white Man churches among us,
feel more satisfied. When I make my prayers in the way I was taught to make them. My heart is much more content. When I sit alone with my medicine pipe and talk with the great medicine about whatever may be troubling me, we had good medicine men in the old, times it may be that they did not know much about sicknesses. The white men, doctors, no, but our doctors, new more about Indians and how to talk to them are people then did not die young as they so much as they do now. Now, wooden leg had a couple daughters. And he talks about them here. The younger daughter fell into an illness. When she was about fourteen years old. We expected she would soon be herself again, but she grew worse. Instead of better she became so weak. She could not stir
at school, any longer she continued to go downward after we brought her into our home. Finally, her spirit went back to the great medicine All of our love was now fixed upon the other daughter she advanced. For young womanhood. She could read the White Man books. She can write letters, a friend's, far away, but she too became he'll, say miss her younger sister during of one winter, she gradually wasted away every after noon, her body burned with fever every night, her bed, we spoke with sweating every morning. She coughed almost strangling, neither the medicines of the agency physician nor the prayers of our own medicine. Men could help her. Just when the spring grass was coming up, she was buried in our mission cemetery, my heartfelt down to the ground
I decided, then, that the White Man School is not good for indian children. I think they do not get enough of meat at the boarding school. I think that they are kept in school too much during the year. They ought to be out and free to go as they please during all the good, whether of the autumn and the spring, and the book closes out in the last two years of wooden legs life and he's he's old unease respected then he's living safely reservation. Then he says it is comfortable to live in peace. On the reservation, it is pleasant,
be situated where I can sleep soundly every night without fear that my horses may be stolen or that myself, where my friends may be crept upon and killed, but I like to think about the old times When every man had to be brave, I wish I could live again through some of the past days when it was first thought of every prospering indian. The first thought of every prospering Indian was this.
And out the call a whole friends come come come. I have plenty of Buffalo meat. I have coffee, I have sugar. I have tobacco conference feast and smoke with me and I'll. Tell you that I miss those days to win. Every man
had to be brave when comfort was no guarantee when life itself wasn't a guarantee- and I think that is one of the lessons to be taken from wooden leg is something you hear me say often is that you have the church cherish the struggle, the contest, the suffering, the risk, don't shy away from it, but instead cherish.
In another piece that I find so important so reinforcing to what I see in the world is look at how the shines were beaten. There wasn't wasn't in war, it wasn't in battle They weren't defeated by the White Man's guns or the White man's tactics. They were slowly taken apart, convinced convinced to take an easier path and enticed by the comfort of the reservations, Where food, shelter and tobacco and alcohol were all readily
Available they work Indeed, in some depth, decisive battle by weapons or by war, they were defeated and controlled by one tiny, seemingly insignificant surrender at a time giving up their land, then giving up their horses and then giving up their guns.
Then they were tricked, they relied too, and the word was not. Captain promises were not kept, but they gave up their ability to fight back. Then it's hard to guard against that. It's hardly even see it happening, because it's like China watch on our hand, move you don't see it, you don't see it. Then you turn around in this dispute.
In this magnificent warrior, culture is relegated to whiskey and dependency and entrapment reservations. And I think that an important message gets important message for our culture, this culture that we have now a culture of creativity and of open, mindedness, end of strength of individual freedom that we need to stay vigilant. We need to stay
guard against small infractions. It may seem meaning, listen insignificant, but that will chip away at who we are as a people and as a culture and the native merit. Hence I mean we could go on and on about the bravery. Those warrior showed even pass this period in world war. Two there's story upon story about the bravery that they showed in the Vietnam WAR Native Americans that serve with honour and courage, but we have to learn more than just that. And I think the same thing on an individual level was well because it's not the fact that we as people that we as an
Individual persons have that you wake up one day and you decide that's it. I give up, I'm gonna be weak. Now. I'm gonna just surrender everything to be comfortable. We don't do that in one day, doesn't happens, not one decision. Eighty slow incremental process that just ships away the chip away at our wheel and chips away in our discipline. We wake up a little bit later and we must work out than we missed other one and we start to eat, but we shouldn t we started drink, what we shouldn't drink and without even realising it one day you wake up and you become
something that you never would have allowed and instead of being strong, you're weak instead of being disciplined your disorganized and you are lost and instead of moving forward and progressing, you are moving backward and you weren't decay, and that happens without us even seeing it allowed us recognising it.
So you have to be vigilant. You have to be on guard. You have to hold the line even on the seemingly insignificant little things things that shouldn't matter, but those things do matter. Instead of going backwards, instead of decaying, get stronger, get better grow and learn and develop and live in live in such
the way that you don't remember the old days with sorrow that they are gone but with pride and with gratitude that those old days lead you to where you are today, the place of wisdom and place of knowledge and a place of experience and a place of peace, and I certainly hope that wooden leg found his peace with the great medicine. You know how, in at an of I'm in your probably one of the few people that I know that probably didn't go to high school
think about history, glass. Think when am I ever guineas? Let us think thought that in like this kind stuff, like shows that history is. History then include history class at any price Molly was here. You have you heard about about a little beggar you you had to have you I remember it I dont member from high school that was whatever forty something you're wounded knee ring the bell right, you know, so those probably the attitude for most That is why we need this. Why do I gotta know this? The ito? Seventeen, seventy six Well, you got it. What, while, how is gonna help me in my job that be in a doctor whatever, even if in high aspirations, so this that last part AEGIS said? But that's that's why, for real. The one part wanted me what the hell
for the whole, but up. Ok at the end, where you're, like ok, look in here, well. How do you explain to me by my mom and dad histories? Important, because you have people that you learn about all the events you learn about. You learn lessons out of it, of course, Did you like? I will on this memorizing dates and events here but they're like now, learn lessons like history. You know or is the other, do they thought I like several problems. Yet I learn lessons from MR my art. I get it this, I think, on an in like on a group level. You can learn lessons, of course, from history, this on an individual individual level. Everybody bashing Loughborough. Now it's like a thing about this today, give were driving onto the pumpkin patch right in principle is hit. The it's it's really.
Who is down in Benito. It wasn't like a built in a parking rather than go through psychology at one end, and hardly anyone there in my run around in my life, comes from the country and stuff, so she like see this pumpkin patches great compared to the ones that built in the parking lot had. I'm thinking that's where we are today, where all not a pumpkin pathless could build upon combat, like that. How much how little really we have to do or building can patches there. So you can go experience a pumpkin back on pavement. Yes, I'm in a parking lot, boy, yeah we're done previously eatable thing we get. You have chosen tv always harping reality, but men the reality upon of it, where we have time now, the time and the inclination to sit and watch
hours of just other people living there. That's that's it embarrassing that where we are today, I'm nothing. We all do it, but I'm saying We cannot and we want, we can't. We want that's where we're so consider there. That's the opposite of this. That's like basically what you're talking about greater reelect. Ok, the more like gonna. Let me you didn't really safe, avoid luxury enough linked up, but basically you keep keep your capability Check your like, I'm gonna, miss the old days when I was capable because I gave it up to be more comfortable. That's it that's the lesson. I think that you can learn individually. Yeah, no doubt- and I think even you know- that the culture we're talking about cultures, the cultures of warriors that they know they. They got overrun by the white man.
Overrun by the white man. Now there was brutal battles and we're gonna go I mean you, you could spend all day talking about, but what I'm just speaking about one aspect of this. You had incredible warrior cultures that had lived this way for unknown amount of time, thousands of years. What fifty years or something two hundred years. It was completely different for them and yeah in what I'm saying is eat. You think that they got ass to destroy there was this battle like? No, if you, if you hear that story, it wasn't a fight to the death, it was a. Slow, just crumbling away of their of their culture, the way they had it in. You know from up from our perspective. I mean another lesson that can be taken away from this- that that's over, we By this time that was a the former negotiation right. Listen, hey! Don't worry about! This! Come come a little bit further! You don't move loaded
We have moved a little bit further, no different than the bath and on the other but that's my point is be careful and pay attention to what you're giving up from your from your individual life and from your culture as it as a group right in America right, I'm too, I'm speaking now, from my culture is an American, that's our culture. What are we gonna give up, whereas it going that's? we need to look out for because at some point. We could look around and needs. One thing, if we don't have the but your anymore, we don't. We have a different culture, but the thing that I'm talking about in an it's ok for american culture to morph into grow. That's ok! But what I do what we do have to watch out for if we ever give up the strength Who defend ourselves and say you know what ok you cross the line
and we're not gonna. Do what you're saying right now. You know that's what we need to be careful of. We can now. Give up here. Somebody asked me on Twitter the other day it once you know in a hundred and forty characters watch our foreign policy, be, and I did it in one word. Our foreign policy should be strength. Strength should be our foreign policy. We should be. Strong and I'm tellin you right now. We ve talked about this before when you are strong and you can defend yourself and you no, but you can handle any problem. Comes your way. You're not gonna. Have many problems right. It's not gonna happen it's when you're weak. It's when you let your guard down. That's when you have problems yeah the in strength essentially Cable capability right, that's an I'm, nothing, I'm not I'm not a formal sitting at all
go down that path with farming, not now, but nonetheless careful. You know I like cross it, for example,. Oh yeah. Ok will, by strength, I don't just mean strength. Earthen, I'm lets you. I mean the capability. Is labels yet laid up because I stand corrected Yeah and I do mean a corrective course lace like I'm contributing, but you know Ok, so armament prospect fit explode. Undersea
people got really into it, and sometimes people get criticising menu. Doing this all this crazy, where he's getting good working out like you're, trying to get into this crazy shaped for nothing like what are you training for you not train for sport, just training, I mean I'm sure you could actually think could kind to be said about you. You waken up everyday trying hard like for what and you're like for life the written. So here you training for capability and capable are you people and at what level of capability do you have you know so people who spent like- and this is by no means is any kind of judgment, but if you spent ear life, neglecting your health or you're capability in you'd be less well, I'm not gonna, be very well so with them
There is that caution like this is the tale, a cautionary till one of the many probably over history where, if you are capable, even if it doesn't seem like your environment, is testing that keep ability brought watch out menace yes test. The capability yourself here is what you got to keep about yourself. That's good thing too, in the inn about spending took us that hold the system, but Speaking, not like you said, like life is luxury ran out for us, where you can. Back in the day, your hunting for food euro starvation here think too much, for example, when here examples from before. So it's like its luxury, so even even like can consent what would you spend your money on, spend money on entered?
Payment seems not really in Lyon, whip improving your capability like that's it. I remember when we moved, I wanna get home Jim and it was pretty expensive like what I wanted, but is easily justifiable absent, because then I wasn't thinking in these specific terms, but really, basically that's what I was thinking. This is gonna. Help me in life is gonna be for help me be more capable way, more, an ideology membership, but you at home you don t even more capable over all the same. So if you don't like let em that alone can justify like certain types of consumption for sure yeah. If you're absolutely, I really think when it when it with me to spit. Making expenditures on things are going to make me better. The there's, not even legato hesitate on those things and older I make it happen
Lay round YO a gap Blair out and I've been known to be pretty tight with my money, but not when it comes to some. That's gonna make me better now when it suits their pressure. Well, meaning, but amazing life picked this book up on Amazon dot com, the books called wooden leg award In fact, Custer maybe later will do some more. Maybe they do the other side of this battle and maybe get a little bit more into the bottlenecks. Others plenty lessons learned from cluster there's plenty, lessons learned there and there's a lot of controversy around it. And that's what I tried to avoid the controversy. I've tried to stick with just a what's being said by wooden leg himself,.
There's a lot of controversy about this battle and who did what and who is to blame and what mistakes were made and there ought what? What what I take from all those things I learned from all of em all learn from every theory. All learn from all them. That's my goal, but will die we get into that this book is or is it just a great read the book, the more you can fill your head up with different perspectives and the more. You can pay attention to the native American and learn more about their culture. Awesome culture, where your culture, yes, a warrior culture, love that and, like I said you know, serve with, honor in all of our wars. Here you know which is to be reached pride, your whole podcast about about native Americans, frightened in world war
two in Vietnam and in the current conflict we have so you can pick them up on Amazon Pollyanna WEBS, and if you want to help the park ass, you can actually do little. Click through of Amazon Yasmine say are put that book link on the website. Click! Gonna! Take you write to the book And as far as Amazon goes in general, there is a click through on the website saw, so it doesn't matter what you're gonna buy correct from Amazon. If you want to support the broadcast right. Nothing in also essentially what we want to invest three to five seconds, opening that page and clicking through sport park as a great way doesn't come anything yet get in the game, making yourself everyone really more capable.
As for its improved knowledge, shape, abilities their stuff. You click through Amazon boom, good website click through in Saint, with your favorites too little trick. Little efficient trick support actively passive react, aggressive aggressively. Also speaking of making yourself capable supplementing men. I still haven't gotten crude oil yet or make their order tonight, but crude oil is no longer on me. Yeah its own unique area, we'd inner. We take the step. The idea was doing here, it's well, it was always on me. Let's face it, swung put it nonetheless, crude oil is. Would you say that the main one madame I've been Durban all grow of long term, and I
get. It is cruel, warrior bores. These are just ones unwrap, showing TAT Autism technical measure gotta on it on it, darkens less Jackal, that's for ten percent off. But if you didn't know what on it is its it's just the best supplements will just say that there are some other cool stuff on there too, but you are indeed the Thorn dope. I think there are some new stuff coming out to walk about that. Next, I gotta do evaluation on our by auditors. Don't and, of course, subscribe.
To the progress on Itunes if you're not ready, yet that's a good and tell your friend yet tell your friend, here's the tell all your friends both of a year to subscribe to the park guest here that here the it's I mean. I guess it's kind of obvious for us to say: hey, tell your friends about our pot gas in order. That makes sense. But when you tell your friends about like ok, so I have a friend who has the floor: our friends to a village those party. I thought we were going to work. We need for long term, they listen, then they tell their other friend. I didn't notice, but I see on Facebook, You predict me about jungle, pot, guess I too, in all this stuff. So these reports, But no, I didn't know about the progress and ought to be a woman to people new US news about gas.
Apparently had told them people. He was officially here's the thing. The more people who act like I don't take any thing you talk of extreme ownership was in any by book by good good, but just the constable extremely you get somebody implementing extreme ownership by a factor of ten percent in their life and there in your life, that's an improvement. That is an improvement That's why you? I would say that that reason alone is agreement from about tobacco, No, I mean I hear from people that say the park has helped them out greatly, which is the best That's why we're sitting here right, give all right in here: love anybody, If we had no feedback, maybe we would be doing about gas right now. Maybe we learned about a wooden leg. Deny me up here, agree so yeah tell your friends about the podcast, get him in the game for sure and Tom about that Youtube.
The Youtube right you to generate the generals. Good Anko put not videos almost on a daily re right now. We know we don't I'm working on a good on different I'll. Let you know if I can get up in the next week or so, but a big advocate in yes, I did promise I'll put more videos on their boots. Our promise, the air. You heard that folks, above and beyond the pot, guess I'll commerce, the vague promise, by the way for more videos on that. Yes, there were eating video and, of course, if you entered tee shirts, thirty jackal, star or rash guards using about there s garden, I'm not a scientist,
officially, but you know the nineteen percent improvement of performance. If you, if you where the rational here that that we it started, look like that is factual, yeah we're. So it's when you call in a proven, but what you call it confirmed confirmed you fighter nine year veteran you see currently fighting in the sea confirmed it confirmed, provoke Intel grow. If anyone can tell you can tell measurable scientists scientific. Why don't you say his name because, while I'm playing some constantly should I say name is call me yeah, we know who the man recur. Did confirm that his duty was nineteen percent on the mat confirmed converter again, That's your! If you were gonna, be doing some kind of a scientific experiment. You'd want some kind of a doctor. Yes,
somebody with a Phd ex. Furthermore, them expert, you got your expert right, they're, not gonna, get call Miller sick Jujitsu by the way here let me see it. He feels nineteen percent proof he's training with restraint with Rowan yeah yeah. There's a feed train with that guy train within one time. Atlanta, yeah yeah. That was like the first time ever went into a place and I walked in also came to us when the train, and he who rowing in courtier awaiting an I'm giving you see too, but I shook his hand, and this was a ten years ago or something I shook his head. Other came anger to meet your monsieur. A train drain on your mats, yeah are your black belt. He asked me all day, I am, then I don't know how he could tell me. Do you he's a good guy? as a german member about. Let's do this, but
awesome guy to measure or supervise guy, but hopefully maybe we need get him rash. Cartoon embryo enough, not just rigidity that, for whatever any physical activity, that It's a pretty range of motion that that, if that means some did you get the rush hour. It looks dope too, for people who have a certain level of aesthetic standard for those of you that care yeah about Can I say not, I know you know you're here to win. We dig it up, don't? I dig it man in respect for that, but in the event of you carrying what you look like, we ve got many many compliments on the look of the rasper. Just look at the Jackal stored outcome. Look there s guard, look at the shirts. If you like, I'm good get onto, can support that way. The outgoing in this game movie the donate money.
Just look at em. If you like, I'm going to get one data if you go anywhere, but of course, but the same, I'm not saying April by the sure, I'm seemed check it out. Looking for you like how they looked in boom, if you like what they say, they make, you feel good Do that or if you just straight up, need nineteen percent improvement in your Jews. Again there was neither t shirt, but, as you are, we have really together we're coming up one to EAST Timor. We one week police some patches coming out to some velcro this year. There is some good stuff on there took it out if you like, and we might have some tea we do have. Would you have jock await t animal day? We didn't expect Jacobite tee to sell like crazy aggress.
It's all. You guys all their listen, if you guys got after it and all the while he is gone. Luckily, I apologise for that number one in your. What's they teach took it completely off Amazon. They pulled it down yeah they decide. What do I was gonna ask gonna tweet outside the awesome reviews that got near far people that are now dead lifting Athos by the way. I know it is a fact A guy review, rather sorry is, is there live, went from four or five four hundred five pound to eight thousand pounds with jogger, weighty, so there you have it That's worth it in its own right, so you, you know, you will say on its implementation is good. I don't see of over seven thousand five hundred pound improvement. So yeah! So Jack awaits you sold out right now, but by its well there's more common and
pending a one year, looseness I'm. So this is what it was. The October fifteenth yes as October fifteenth, so right now, it's all doubt: it'll be back and forth stock, and not only do we have the tin, the deluxe ten that you can buy, but in the in giving all spoiled by a reload just a box with a honey. A hundred count in there and some people, someone wrote about Review and Amazon good and they said hey your prices. Do I bro I love. I love the podcast where you get sell me this Jocker White Tee for this amount of money, that's not go, and so I talk to my tea people and I said teepee, Emily are our prices too high? What are gonna do about this? Well, your prizes, I could you wanted to get this special hard core ten deserve and I would like more yak as we make you know.
We believe in quality writer, and so we want to have something that is like tough. So we got the tin I will attend caused a lot of money to mate, Sent over here and all the other stuff- and I said, ok we'll- have a major result. We got a box with a hundred it up. The volume lower the price so now you know: what's real, to complain about the price consuming on a par with any other White T X, efforts gonna make you build a dead, lift a thousand. Yet at the window, which is definitely worth, and I pay for byplay premium tvs already led to go yet searching Jacobite tee in its ever its it did, sell out Enrique sold out his cause. People were buying it about one and then about five, more clarity, so good people are drinking it pre jujitsu drink in the morning drinking it before attested his drinking it all the time. It is tastes good. It replaces every other substance. You need a drink,
pretty soon. You had gone out your club. These people can be like? Oh gonna, get you drink certain big I'll, take a Jacobite teething. Ok, I had they can have it on tat. Interesting, are you called the tin? Would you call it dialogue or luxury wedding, something horrible I saw your uniting said like luxury or someone premium, prima noise. From the luxury they gotta know something like that. Nonetheless, move lay back to take. Nonetheless, this is like, like a bunker more, if not luxury. Oh yeah, that's what we don't we we don't make things really worth the only worse that they reinforce therewith cause, guess what holds the panel depends on my desk now one of you,
guess what the budget nails out my large one of these is that is our glimmer. I told you the other day like things that have dual purpose: dual purpose: decent mouth with it a book you can get called a tree motor ship. It's about combat leadership. If you like the park gas check book and also check out the audio book that leave ban, who wrote the book with me, we read it, so it is more of us talking check it out, that's extreme ownership, and also, of course, if you feel like you, wanna keep talking to echo Charles and I believe that you can just do it. You can talk to us where there and we're on the into webs, if your army in WEBS, in we're on the That means we can communicate, loathing called Twitter on Twitter, echo with at ECHO, Charles. I am at job.
Willing and member. When I set out to back off twitter I've been home life on Twitter, ridiculous, but. Just a hammer when I get one it was. When I travel, job like us at an airport, no matter what I don't walk around in circles. I don't I don't watch movies net me. I e to read for the party or a hammer twitter. So yet, as its goal has good to do for obvious, if for obvious reasons, but it a kind of keeps you informed language in how I could always getting to too many european, let people folly in also if there, if you get us an unarmed people following you, carry spawned everything. I can't read so a lot of lot of times. People be like hey Can we hire someone to do that? You know or or hate, and I'm not gonna spend time on their whatever to them too busy. So, instead of just maybe in our little villages,
completely not on it. You know here they'll, post up and then just kind of beer there'll be it, but for years you're in touch now you know, what's going on here I get a lot of good feedback questions. I got a lot of good questions answered worth itself. You wanna that yet Twitter, Instagram and his party were both on there as well, and that is the kind of way we're out with this whole gig. Now I guess to close it out tonight. We don't have time for questions, yeah. I just want to say thanks everybody for less than thanks for every other feedback that you give me hey, I'm here, so much from. First of all, military guys military. Service members that are out getting after it it overseas right now
a crushing the enemy Godspeed keep getting after it stay aggressive, absolutely stay safe to police officers, which I hear talk from back here. You guys thanks what you do thanks, keep it safe I I can't imagine having that job to be out of the academy. Now that job I dont, have the temperament for that job. It's not it's, not it's not for me. In For those that do that job stay straw, I know it's hard times right now, a lotta risk out their lot of aggressiveness of you guys in a stream we prepared. Various position every single day by the way, every call every single moment. So thank you for what you do. Fire fighters of course same thing. You guys get now And just running towards fire right, that's all
recommend an instinct, that's what you do for a living. So thank you for what you do. Then, of course we have all the work force out there that is building in creating. Things in making things happen and you are grinding and you are building your world and your build nor world, and so thank you for doing that and, of course,. And most important as you role through and, as you continue think about wooden leg, think about living hard. Think about holding the line. Think about being vigilant.
Hence, day stay on comfortable. Stay true and stay forward forward of the decay, and you do that by getting out they're getting after it. So until next time. This is ECHO and Jacko out.
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