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54: How to Lead and Command Ultimate Respect. With the "Armed Forces Officer Manual"

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0:00:00 - Opening "Uneasy Lies the head who wears the crown..."

0:09:27 - "The Armed Forces Officer" Military Manual 

1950 Version (Limited)

Critical Elements: Nobody's Perfect, Bragging Rights for Hard work, Unselfishness commands Loyalty, Write Well / Speak Well, Humility,  Physical Conditioning, Empower Others.

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This is joggled podcast number. Fifty four with ECHO Charles and me Jocker willing good evening echo good evening. Oh uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. You got some Shakespeare right. There get some Henry. The fourth part two in that play is play that came just prior to The fifth the hero, the warrior, the leader of that view- that happy few, that band brothers well, his dad Henry the fourth. Was an a rough time in the kingdom. Rebellion and disappointment play were,
The old man had before he can't sleep can't sleep, because the pressure, the pressure in the wake of being a leader, and it's a great it's, a great chunk of the people. It started that line. Uneasy lies the head that where's crown. It actually doesn't start with that line. That's the last line its it's off a little different. It starts off here. How many thousands of my poor, The subjects are at this hour asleep. So he sent out there, you others, thousands and thousands of my subjects throughout their asleep in right. Now,. Oh sleep, o gentle, sleep, natures, soft nurse. How have I frightened me that now will
would that thou no more will weigh my eyelids down and steep my senses in forgetfulness. Three talking to sleep, sleep is like a like, God to him at this point, and you say: will I do to scare you off. What I do. How come you won't bring me that goodness wait out my eyes. Go back. Why rather sleep biased? now in smoky cribs upon uneasy palates stretching v and hushed with buzzing night flies to thy slumber, then in perfumed chambers of the great under the can a piece of costly state and load with sound of sweetest melody threes, ask asking sleep
He say: look sleep you're there, you they're hanging out these smoky filthy houses in hovels, and people are sleeping on boards and and to low people to sleep in those situations, its insects buzzing around their heads, you sleeps all their taken care of those people, but sleep doesn't come to him in the most beautiful in the most luxurious, a state rooms weathers with his old gentle. Is it play no bugs flying around its of gentle music play back to the point o thou dough God. Why list thou with the vile in lonesome beds and leave is thy kingly, couch a watch case, or a common alarm bell sorts the same subject, you say: look. Why
dull God so dull, meaning sleeping doll. Why Are you hanging around the nastiest beds? But you you know this beautiful bechamel come near it you leave it vacant like like a boy tower like a bell tower. Wilt, thou upon the high and giddy mast seal up the ship boys eyes. So are we talking start talking about even a sailor. At sea. I bought a mast right. A giddy mast, you seal
the ship, boys, eyes and rock his brains in cradle of the rude imperious surge and in the visitation of winds who take the ruffian billows by the top curling, their monstrous heads and hanging them with deafening clamour in the slippery clouds that, with the early death itself, awakes So he saying this sailor efforts sailor at sea, whose getten punished by the storm and the thunder is clapping and that this, ship is bounding back and forth, but guess what they used to fall. Asleep Those asleep no problem can't Thou, o partial sleep, give thy repose to the wet, see boy inane hours so rude and in communist and most
still ass night with all appliances and means to boot, deny it to a cake. So he sank again Our so rude storms, mayhem at sea, he gives the he gives the sailor sleep, but in this columnist- most stillest night. With every available luxury to boot. Yet sleep is denied to the king and then he says then happy low lie down On easy lies the head that wears a crown then happy low lie down? He saint look glow by low Amy's peasants. Are then you happy happy.
Low you peasants, lie down, lighter sleep, you that's what you get. But uneasy lies that where's, the leader doesn't get to rest. The leader doesn't get to sleep and that's another sample of what we know, and that is that leadership is hard. Heavy burden. It's hard business and its parts, science in part, arts. In part of it is natural ability, part of it is learned and the book that we're gonna die, into today. It isn't Shakespeare its Finally, a military manual military your written by ass. It lay Marshall but guided by June,
more general George see Marshal and Dwight De Eisenhower. This book was written, Jim After world war, two now, if you remember hack worth if you ve read about face. Awkward talks about Marshall, icily Marshall, any any. He did writing in Vietnam that pack worth was a little bit, not impressed with and there's certainly some controversy about Sl I marshal and some things he wrote in some other things that he said that he lived through there's some controversy, if not proven fact that he fabricated some stuff. But I think you're gonna find as we dive into this book, that from a leaders perspective, the experiences that he did bring back from world war, one, the experiences that he got from eyes an hour and from the other Marshall I thought gets a really good reflection innate in a good luck.
Some leadership, lessons learned that we can take something from now. The book is actually called the art forces officer very simple title and that the version that I'm going through this, book is still in publication. The version I'm going through is a nineteen is from nineteen. Fifty nineteen fifty version, like I said it's written world just after world war, two. Obviously so the lessons are fresh and I guess that the new version has been cleaned up or something there's theirs. I guess that the nineteen fifty version is fully politically correct. I dont know because, to be frank, I haven't read the new version, because I got the old version. I want the real deal and I don't find anything offensive in this in this one- so maybe someone else will I guess, there's something that might be a little bit borderline but yeah, I'm not I'm, not really feel it,
in this book, was giving me a long time ago by a friend of mine? That said you might like this? Can he specifically said Esben? this one anymore, but guess what everyone's luck they do. They brought it back. They brought it back so book is the armed forces officer and it really goes into how delete how lead so gonna book. To call forth great loyalty and other people and to harness it to any new undertaking. One must first be sensible of their finer instincts and feelings. Certainly, these things at least or among the gentle qualities which are desired and every military officer of the United States. So here's some basic things that the officer
The military are supposed to have one strong belief in human rights to respect for the dignity of every other person. Three, the golden rule attitude toward ones, daily associates for an biting interest in all aspects of human welfare, five, A willingness to deal with every man as considerately as if he were a blood relative, the pretty simple rules, risk Other people, the golden rule, you no treaty, while you wanna, be treated yourself, that Leisure, the basis what they're saying you need to be at again: let's not actually I was going to go into this, but they're going to go to themselves. Here we go back to the book. These qualities are the epitome of strength, not of softness. They mark the man, whose capable of pursuing a great purpose consistently in spite of temptations.
He who possesses them will all the more surely be regarded as a man among men. Take any crowd of new recruits. A greater number of them during their first few days in service, will use more profanity. An obscenity talk more about women in both more about drinking than they have ever done in their lives. Because of this, bacon idea that this is a quick way to get a reputation for being hard boiled. But at the same time the one or two men among them who stay decent talk. Moderately walk the line of duty will uniquely receive the infinite respect of the others in never fails to happen. So little contrary to what we might think there there's. Definitely here when you get the military, won't you boot camp, there's all kinds: people actin, like tough, guys, all kinds of people actin like tough guys, and
that happens to do one thing that happens and boot camp. I said I I bet I met more potential professional athletes. When I was going through flowers going through bookshop everyone was, I was about to go in the NFL. I was about to be a pro baseball player. I know why, but they end up in a military. It is interesting. That kind of like the guy who's, five hundred in old in the streets, the end and Emma Major that guy that guy doesn't work out too well. All right Obviously, I'm a bridging this book a little bit skipping through here we go back the book men be get good will in other men by giving it they do, EL up courage in their following mainly as a reflection of the courage which they show in their own action these, Two qualities of mind and heart are the essence of sound officer ship one is of little avail without the other and either
to sustain the other, so you got goodwill and you got courage in they help each other And they sustain each other, backed the book as to which is the stronger force in its impact upon the masses of men. Notes. Who is more certain than the words once written by William James Evident, though the shortcomings of a man may be if he is ready to give up his life for a cause. We forgive him everything. However inferior he may be to ourselves in other respects. If we cling to life, while he throws away like a flower, we bow or to his superiority? So I guess courage gets the stronger not out of that situation. Back to the book. Theodore Roosevelt once said: if he had a son who refrained from any worthwhile action, because the fear of hurt to himself he would disown him soon
After his return to civilian life, General Dwight De Eisenhower spoke of the worthy worth whileness of living dangerously. An officer of the United States. Armed forces cannot go far wrong if he holds these ideas not the suitable profession for those who believe only in digging in and nursing a soft snap until death comes at a ripe old age who risk snuff. Gains nothing, nor should There be any room in it, for professional, smugness, small jealousies and undue concern about privilege. So. You can't be hiding all the time you got to step up. You got to lead, you got to take some risk. You got to live dangerously now, of course, young troopers out there, especially guys out on the battlefield. This doesn't mean running to your death. That's not what it means you will take, risk
in business world you'll take risk in the military you'll take risk. If you do either in business or military. You take risk stupidly. You'll die or you'll lose all your money. Neither one of those is good, but that doesn't mean you hide, doesn't mean you, take no risk anew shy away now. The next part he's talking about small jealousies and undue concern about privilege, this its people up and destroys people. In that light, Go back to the book toward services other than his own. Any officer is expected to have both a calm RADA feeling and imaginative interest The army officer is a better man for having studied the works.
Of admiral may hear and familiarised himself with the modern Navy from first hand experience those who led seagoing forces can enlarge their own capacities by knowing more rather than less about the nature of the air and ground establishments. The submerged Can always learn something useful to his own work by mingling with airman the airman becomes a better officer as he grows in qualified knowledge of ground and see fighting. So you gotta learn working with other industries, learn about those industries, learn as much as you can. Don't you stay in your own little. In your own little world, could you complex what happens to a lot of us? You get comfortable on your own worlds. That's what you want to stay and you'll want to look bad when appear to be ignorant in the animal man, it's kind of the. Well, he was a civil war, admiral as a matter of fact, but wrote wrote a book called the influx
see power upon history, which the Germans and the Japanese both utilised against. This whole report do so little bit of a lower risk. Their borders is also something that guided the fought in the building of the of the modern. U S! Navy! Now we talk a little bit about what life is like in the military. Back to the book. The military way is a long, hard road and it may extraordinary requirements of every individual in war, particularly, it puts stresses upon men such as they have not known elsewhere, and the temptation to get out from under would be irresistible if their spirits had not been tempered to the ordeal. So you have to be ready for the hard, as you gotta do things your life. That gets you ready for the hardness back the book. If nothing fear and is now organism leadership if nothing, but fear of punishments were dependent upon to hold me
to the line during extreme trial, the result would be wholesale mutiny and a situation altogether beyond the control of leadership. So if the only thing, the only reason that your people are falling you- because, if is because of fear of punishment, when the going gets hard, that's not gonna work, It must be true that it is the out that is out the impact of ideals out of the pact of ideals, mainly that men develop the strength to face situations which would be normal to run away, Which it would be normal to run away also during the normal routine of peace, members of the armed services are expected to respond to situations that are more extensive, more complex than take longer to reach fulfilment than the situations to which the majority of men instinctively respond. So things in the military take a long time in your big part of that
peacetime, big bureaucratic machine, it can be really challenging even length of the enlistment period looks like a slow march up sixty miles grade. Promotion is slow duty, frequently monotonous. It is all too easy for the individual to worry about his own insignificance and feel that he has become lost in the crowd. Now this is something I hear a lot about on social media. People, semi messages on this or or face Messages I guess with if you like, the kind of copyright You know what they're doing a job in a really like it. What should I do, and I think next little section applies to that back to the book. What is the main task of human character? Probably it is this
that a man will know how to be patient in the midst of hard circumstance and can continue to be personally effective while living through whatever discouragements beset him and his companions. Can you drive on that's what it's asking those that job that you dont like good good it? little test now for Europe's Jason that you don't like you, Dr on in that situation, and also you figure out what you extra is gonna, be the one about the life miserable you fit wow. You start saving your money. You start getting another education, you figure out of a job, you get yourself promoted, you do it, you gotta do but dont. Let that monotonous job that you're not into that data. Let that burn down yeah, that's kind of that key there you drive on and sleep you dream on in life. You know, like necessarily have to drive on and keep doing that job right. It's like you drive on,
as opposed to stop complaining or go into some thing, we get self destructive receipts seek. Some kind of escape is out later from it, but I'll tell you you'd you drive on. You have other options right. You work doesn't options, but whatever it is it, your job is indeed kick ass. It that job this! That's what you do it the minute. You start slackened, your own backwards. Dont, do exactly what would benefit Eu India from that you're gonna, get zero benefit. You're gonna work, your eight hours a day, you're gonna make your twelve dollars an hour. Are you gonna do in a slack way or you are you to do it in an awesome way, in a home I'm doing and also my year in that's, what's gonna get you promoted, that's what's gonna get you that's. What's gonna get you taken care of in the long run, if you or you, you, like you, say this, a lot where you, even if you're going to do something, even if you don't enjoy you still, you do it just the best you can, and you said that, like from the beginning and for someone
me when I look at it like that, of course, it sounds good idea. Do it that way, but after do it, you gonna think back and I've done both with the term it. Where am I gonna he doing this, I'm just gonna, basically, Go through the motions until finally done you know like, and it cannot be relieved or whatever, but when you think back of like I remember when I was doing whatever it is that job or whatever, when you look back, you can have this fulfilment, that you did it the best again. You know you never look back in electing I'm glad. I've found it in you. Always we can, even if you didn't like it like you, you're, always satisfied that that yeah I did at the best I could so do it do the best you can. Now, here's a couple of the listen this book is another one. This is a one is talking about the the simple virtues that provide a firm foundation. So here we go one: a man has honor
If he holds himself to a course of conduct because of a conviction that it is in the general interest even know, he is well aware that it may be. To inconvenience, personal loss, humiliation or great physical at risk. So when he says general interest, you talk about like the team, so you're gonna huh, that conviction, even if it's good for the team you're gonna hold of course, even if you well aware that it may lead to inconvenience personal loss, humiliation or great physical risk boom. That's your honour, as you hear utterly out, that well very often. He has veracity if having Studied a question to the limit of his ability, he says in believes what he thinks to be true, even though it would be the path of least resistance to deceive others and himself, so This is kind of in the same vein. If you, if you look at something,
Maybe you don't agree with it, but the easiest thing villages be agree with it. Now you don't do that you stones air. No, I don't agree with us now. We could go into detail on that in the times when you, when you do want to maybe not be the most reform person in the world. For instance, we ve talked about this before when your wife is making chicken and its dry right, they might not be the best thing to tell her the the amount of water but you're so but you'll things in important things to tell the truth. That's the book number three, he has justice if he acknowledges the interests of all concerned in any particular transaction, rather than serving his own apparent interest. Look out for others number for he has graciousness if he acts and speed.
Forthrightly agrees warmly disagrees fairly and respectfully participate enthusiastically. Refrains from harbouring grudges. Take his reverses in stride and does not complain or ask for help in the face of trifling calamities. Those are just solid. Those are just solid. I would say this, though, sometimes got asked for help right there. One thing I want to work with businesses they'll, be somebody that's I'm too extreme ownership and I'm I'm I'm an onus enormous and you realize a euro than that, but you're not can be successful because as too much for you need help Unita Unita. Put your ego in check and you need the old regime and say look. I need some help on us argue we have discovered is too much. We are one aspect in this: here's my hands in the air.
Let me go, let me get some help and sometimes seems like it's not in its third, even ego, it's more like. Oh, I guess it in a way to go, but it's more like shoot out. I want to be the guy who asked To be dependent on somebody or something like that, like idea, which is what extreme which is ego actually, if you're the guy doesn't want to be dependent on other people. That's probably rigour, but you are. I think what you're trying to say is that I don't wanna be the guide asked asked for help. I would I think I hear is my own load yet, like you don't want I'd, see this on on seal patrols a couple times in my career, where guys were overloaded and they in one ask for help right. I got this as it's humiliating new hey. Can you carry my ammunition or hate? You carry my radio. Can you carry my web Yes, I've seen it happen. I've carried them extra weapons from time to time. It's a bummer. You know, and you know what you know did you take the web
I'm ok gets you order in you, you know, but that's what you're document people to want to be that guy. But what could be worse if if they don't take a load off and they get he casualty and now they're down. Well now, now I've got to carry him notches weapon, which is a ban. We don't have a anymore. The area, and he clearly notify parliament again do anything as opposed to the other guy who doesn't know the difference between meeting help in wanting a year. I was just like all help me. If you want, I had a coward tab. We run along patrol does back in the day back in the day, this is pre war, and my medium exaggerating themselves, and this guy it now. I wasn't radium announced an Austrian and we're on along the troll. And my regiment was going down like he was inevitable. Was dehydrated, was weak and so
Was bombed, ease he couldn't keep up with us anymore and Is it ok when will get your radio some taken a twenty pound radio off his back put my back, I'm carried it for the lot of the half a day We get to a like a lay up so this is where we're gonna, but first civilian of this work in a camp out for the night and when we get there, we get a real of water and Gatorade or whatever. So often now, everyone's rehydration and while wherein there we got him, communications hit two you gotta call headquarters and say this is our location, so he comes in and takes the radio out of my out of my backpack because comes over to the Riyos reckoned, make this communication technological, open up my bag, give it to him, and you know, He makes a real communications and I'm out dune, like a reconnaissance of the area, to find out what wrote we're gonna take anyways
I thought you know he's rehydration when these things that radio you know will be back in back in a game. So I come back when I get. The radio was civil rocks illegal. No, but you know what I did for back my rucksack Bulgaria do it. But, yes, are you, you won't be back to get rehydration meant that your way back on the difference between meeting help in one year, any did need help at one point, but we want the gate. Raids, come in bitter you're, good girl new, take their radio back, I was I was a chuckling inside rests on a radio been placed back on. Top of my run on inside were displaced gay you, you got it from her, yet Europe was again. Next will be a good awesome good times, and the teams and the last one here he has integrity is in
just in the good of the service is at all times greater than his personal pride and when he holds himself to the same line of duty when unobserved as he would follow. If all his superiors were present, this neglect Like what he knew when you're, not people, look at me, here's another point. The cause of much of the friction in administrative machinery is that at all levels there are individuals who insist on standing in their own right and others is a term that to look up standing, their only means getting your own way. It means your dear you're preventing you're you're, preventing your own success and he used the term of watching our standing in Euro. Might this is important, the leave that there is some special magic, some quick Springboard to success, they mistaking, we think it can be won by boot. Licking apple policy,
yes sing, higher authority playing off politics, throwing wait around ducking the issue, striving for cheap popularity, courting publicity or seeking any and all means of grabbing the spotlight. So this is the guy everybody this listening to this park ass right now knows they were talking about that guy, that guy that's just always trying to kiss everyone's ass and make himself look good in an that's, oh, that's, a short cut right. What Marshall saying is a short cut Spring board. You think it's a quick spring board the book any one of this set of tricks may enable a man to carry the ball Ford, a yard or two in some special situation, but at least this
common can be made without qualification of the men who have risen to Supreme heights in the fighting establishment of the United States and have had their greatness proclaimed by their fellow countrymen. There is not one career which provides any warrant for the conclusion that there is a special short cut known only to the smart operators to enough you men have gained fairly high rank by dint of what late Mr Justice homes called the instinct for the juggler, a feeling of winded jump and where the press, and how to slash in order to achieve somewhat predator we personal ends. That will occasionally happen. Any walk, a wife- and I say this also have said this on this progress,
if you got that guy- that we're talking about sometimes they're gonna they're, going to get a better recommendation, you, but sometimes they gonna get they're gonna, get that promotion that you were wanting in you you just you just held a line of work, good person that person took the credit for something and no one really realise next thing. You know they get the promotion, but I agree with what is being said here. That does happen sometimes in every walk of life, but in the long run that person's going down that person's going down in the long run in the more you can depend on that sort of thing, the less likely freedom, success in new, absolutely yeah, yeah. And he says here, but from Washington Wayne and Jones down to Eisenhower Van De Griffin limits the bed. The men best loved by the american people for their military successes were also the men with greatness of soul.
During world war, two, there were quite a few higher commanders relieved in our forces because it was urged for one reason or another that they had failed in battle. So relieved means you got fired of the total number. There were a few who took a reduction in rank, went willingly to a lower post in fighting command uttered no complaint, kept their chins up, worked courageously and sympathetically with their commands and provide an example of manhood that all who saw them will never forget. So will you get I get asses? I've got been ass a couple times. I got demoted Orson Welles not demoted, but I got passed over your someone else got promote instead of me. What should I do get after it? That's what these guys did? That's what these guys did. I screwed up. You know what check are equal Let's, let's here's what I messed up, that was my fault on Re Rock n roll. You put me down, be put me in charge of less people. I got it. I'm gonna do well.
Though their names need not be mentioned, they were imprinted with the real virtue of the services even more deeply than many of your colleagues who had no blemishes on their records Character had met the ultimate test, the menu the privilege of working close to them realise this and this, Why sublime effect of his personal influence help strengthen the resolve of many others factually inspirational, the people around you when they see that in there have been many guys around on their bounced back for some kind of from some kind of your career problem they must summon up, they got, they got fired and they take it. They be humble, Then they come back and turn around the Neck complains and thinks that their victim knock at work out for and in a civilian sector and in the military sector. Now start talking and a little bit about being a recruit and the colonel
the mental training. The mindset training that happens as recruits to the book his his perseverance in the care of weapons, keeping his living quarters orderly and in doing his full share of work is best ensured not through fear of punishments, but by stimulating his belief that any other way of going is unworthy of a member of a fighting service. Precision in personal habits. Precision in drill and precision in daily living are the high road to that kind of dissent. Which best ensures cool and collected thought and unity of action on the field of battle. Yeah. I could tell you you know it's
Yes, it's basically you talk about the the the unmitigated daily discipline, all things that what it is and that ensures cool and collected, fought and unity of action in the field of battle, not enough to say about that other than yes, men. Here's another war. Section when men are well lead, they be, come fully receptive to the whole body of ideas which their leaders see fit to put before them, but think about that When men are well lead, they become fully receptive to the whole body of ideas which their leader see fit to put before them. So what we're talking about here is when somebody's a good leader the troopers around them the people that are working for them? They started they believe everything right. They start to believe everything that you're saying and that's powerful. That's obviously powerful.
Yeah. Can it goes back to what you're saying about em like if Europe, if they feared your punishment, that only in iron fist in and they fear the punishment so they're gonna do enough to not get punished, but they won't do anything that, like they don't have to use it. So it's only what they have to do. So you ok. People doing their best Remy saw the yeah that that that punishment, peace- that I kind of brute breeze throughs, is not through fear of punishment but by stimulating his belief that any other way. So that's gonna percent right and we thus near us at all times review. If people are doing what you don't do just cause they're afraid you sure you could get that's gonna work for little, while no fire, you ok. What's that person doing we get some fitness put his razumihin monster dot com for another job to invest not to get by it S. Not the authorities is aright
Go back the book, though it has been said before. Even so, it me said again, it is paramount and overriding responsibility of every officer to take care of his men before caring for himself. Many junior officers do not seem to understand that steadfast steadfast fidelity to it is required. Not lip service and of this. As admiral my hand would say, man would say, comes much evil the loyalty of men, simply can I'll, be commanded when they become embittered by selfish action. A minute? You're troop see that you're being selfish or you're doing this for yourself, that's the beginning of where he says animal man says much evil. He says comes from that we start acting selfishly as leader. Evil comes from that
the officer is on a tour with an enlisted man. He takes care of the man that takes care of that. The man is accommodated as to food, shelter, medical treatment or other prime needs before satisfying his own. Wants that that me that the last meal or the last bed is gone. His duty is to get along the hard way boom take carrier people. Now again, this is written and nineteen fifty, but even in Anti Fifty by the death of post World war to chapter eight is actually getting along with people boom. Now here's a real Some of this stuff is so simple, so obvious, it's so simple and so obvious that they had to write a book about it so that people can do it because we all failed to do it. So here we go if you like people, if you,
contact with them, rather than hiding yourself in a corner. If you study your fellow men sympathetically, if you try consistently to contribute to something to this success and happiness. Or contribute something to their success in happiness. If you are reasonably generous with your faults and your time, if you have Partial reserve, with every one, but a seeming reserve with no one, if you, work to be interesting rather than spend view. Good fellow, you will get along with your superiors, you're subordinates, your orderly, your roommate and the human race that's all you ve got to get along with everybody,
now, one of the ones that I I you know these are all pretty obvious, but one of the ones, if you have a partial reserve with every one, but a seemingly but seeming reserve with no one. So what that means is you're not just fly off the handle you you just reserved a little but you're just you show restraint, but the restraint come across as aloof next right? Not so much with you. If I come into a room and I'm going to show restraint, I'm not going to say hi to you, I'm going to come the loop and you're. Not like me, but if I But if I was a walk and go echo, my brother Gimme, a hug. Well you're, not like me: either you're one of few people. Well, that's the Hawaiian in you allow hospital spirit so, but so it's that measured, reserve that measured restrict its balance. I gotta find a good good spot, the middle again getting along
people back the book by the scores of thousands precepts and platitudes have been written for the guidance of personal conduct. The odd part is that Despite all of this labour, most of the frictions in modern society arise from the individual's feeling of inferiority his false pride, his vanity. His unwillingness to yield space to any other man on willingness to yield spaced anymore, and I get him on this- will not because again because of my person well, you can be a little bit. Forceful people think I'm just no compromise my way or of a highway, and this is what they're talking about. I'm not like that. I'm open to suggestions, I'm willing to say you know, that's a better idea, or you know what I like your eye. Could we make this adjustment to it or, yes, I can change my idea to fit with what you're saying. Does it make sense? People don't do that
Have unwillingness to yield space to any other man continue gone and his consequent urge to throw own weight around right these are just ways to not get along with people and speaking of ways to get not get along with people. Here's the thirteen mistakes. The thirteen mistakes is from the United States. Coastguard magazine. First, and pitfalls Eureka one to attempt to set up your own personal does to attempt to see. Your own standard of right and wrong to Try to measure the enjoyment of others by your own too, spect uniformity of opinions in the world too. I to make allowance for inexperience, good one tune
ever to mould all dispositions alike not to yield on on an important trifles same thing. We just heard the things that don't matter who hairs. Let the guys do what they're going to do on that to look for perfection in our own actions. To worry ourselves and others about what can be remedied. Why you worried about that? Can change it. Let's not worry about it. Let's just move on here is a big one not to help everybody wherever how for whenever we can't that's a big ask, but that's a big request, are you not? I want to do in your life help everybody, however, wherever and whenever you can thus asking a lot. That's a big one.
To consider impossible. What we cannot ourselves perform Nike you'd, never do to believe only what are finite mines can grasp. Must I want again to believe only what are finite mines can grasp that's humility to recognize it no longer at risk in the world. I don't Understand everything in the world today: there's things beyond my comprehension. That's ok! You got to admit to that. Not to make allowances for the weaknesses of others too, estimate by some outside quality. When it is, within which makes the man so very simple
interesting how you can make allowances, or, according to thirteen things, you can make allowances for inexperience of others, but the weakness of no. It says it is not to make. So this would be a mistake. It would be a mistake not to make allowances for the weaknesses of others. Also, it's ok, yeah external and weakness. To sail this disguised deal. I gotta get to make allowances. Like a little bit and not for after him back look it's suffice to say that when any officer has the excusable fault that takes snap judgment on his own men. He will not be any different in his relations with all other people. Stand in his own light for the debate, of his career again there's that term, if you're, if Making snap judgments people you're you're, not gonna, do him justice
and that's something that I was always very careful about, because I've talked puts before the seal teams. Your reputation, is very, very important, and every That's done something stupid in the seal teams. Everything the person knows, if I mean it at a high level of stupidity. If you, if you do something really stupid, everybody knows about it and then minor stupid things. A lot of people know about it, and so you develop a reputation, overtime and. It's very easy to fall in that category via this guy's you no kind of a turd or whatever, and not give him a chance. But I, I was trying to give you a chance to say. Okay, let me see what your schedule is like and I guess I would take a little personal account if it was a guy that was going to be working for me. Let's see if I can guy Rock and Roll Nido, let me see if I can make this guy into a solid zeal. Can always port off was alone again need a second chance? some people go too far with them.
Exit, they may don't get a second chance. Ok, we thought but this before. Let's talk about it again here we go the man, who will not listen, never develops wits enough to distinguish between a boar and a sage and therefore cannot pick the best company. The vacancy, ere, the drifting of eyes from the speaker to a window or a picture or a passing blonde, though greatly tempting in the midst of long discourse are taken. Only as signs of inattention. Many young officer called the carpet for some trivial businesses managed to square himself with his commander. Just by looking straight talking straight in a few moments, that decided is future, so I guess this might be something I didn't make the politically correct version. If you
eyes are wandering on a passing blonde bartering avenues, conversation so that might be one of those things were they change that for the two thousand and seven limitation liquid, like that's, show chauvinist or be chauvinist, stick its that blonde it in a girl Well, maybe good point, maybe it's maybe it seems like racial aunt. I Brown, hair people yeah genetic, and this is Born, don't you go into our you're in trouble? You get there look straightened straight for a few minutes with the boss and his boss is what happens when I did this mistakes. I made that's, got minutely, better chances of you recovering from that situation, as when you go in there, Gub Gub to grub up, but he'll be that guy they'll be back? I love. Elsewhere. The book a great deal has been said about the importance of the voice and of divine
being ones powers of conversation. Not a great deal needs to be added there, but there is no excuse for the officer who talks that. Others must strained here. What are you saying? unless he is suffering from Laren JANUS, it is simple enough to keep the chin up. The words roll out Many persons have the bad habit of letting the voice drop at the end of a sentence. The effect on the other part. Is like watching. A man run away from a fight notices fight really loud, I do want to be the Gatt. It was dropping off on the end of so he's talking about. Speaking in how you speak and speaking clearly and not mumbling feeding off on the indian words. This thing is, I'm busy gold mine this book. Actually this should be issued to thirteen year old nationwide. In my opinion,.
They will get started campaign to make that happen. Good, active book care, on this in the little things count counts. Much develop an aversion to the individual, who cannot remember their names, their titles or their stations, but they will want to the person who remembers and they will over look most of his other shortcomings. Likewise, there were by any words of appreciation or of interest in what they're doing so again, how we get along with other people. Remember their name and that's hard. You know that's art. There. Tricks for that yeah. I know that see. You need tricks. Forty, I mean yeah, I'm nothing ever needs to, but understand it. It's understood. That's hard in theirs tricks out there, because People know that that can be heard, and they also know that its impact will yeah Apple Heaven, but you
Get a guy's name literally two seconds after all, the less you unless you make it a point to command yourself to remember it. The tricky I knew a guy. That was a really good leader, but you go into a room of twenty five. People and he would get you would go over the top he got done. He would say. I know all your names now go name every single one of you hinted. Does that from that is really address the challenges I bet hunters got some little trick to do yet their members is a much easier. You you, oh your name is echo move. I look at you and I think I see big e on your fate right right now, I'm crazy the others into simple meant. Sometimes you can be like Amman. If MIC put remember one guy, I'm gonna make it. Wait to remember this guy's name, he'll, be like game John you be like eight Josh Bro, you forget it quick. Sometimes it's weird man now
got remember those names the lock come in- I think, if you take a certain amount of pride in doing that, I think that helps us step number one take pride, your job now this is this is interesting. Little dig here. Sexy kind of funny. That really is basically going back and saying that the others information about getting along with other people, he sang he's gonna, recasting the whole to close. I doubt that book. It isn't lengthy advice which is needed on this subject. Since a man commissioned is considered to have graduated from at least the kindergarten of good manners, what counts is We caring about it and not now to be ingratiated to other people, but for the sake of one own dignity and self respect. None of the oracles on winning friends in influencing people have said it knows few words and if they had there would have been no books to say So, there's a little shop little shit
winning friends and info Indeed, we win with Eleanor it, oh that that was written with a deep dates, but that's a long time ago, dang out some of the more recent. No that's that's turn of the century old school year old school. Talking about now we're going to leader leaders and leadership in what type Men are leaders, though, who come forward to fill these same places in the command them with equal or greater forty incompetence will not be plaster saint. So if you remember in the beginning at the yogi goes on this thing about how you view you knock swear and you're gonna be not gonna. Talk that about women. He's given some leeway now to that saying: they're not gonna, be plaster saints laden with all human virtue, spotless in character and fit to be anointed with Superman Legend by some future Parson Whims, they will be men with a human quality.
And a strong belief in the United States and the goodness of a free society. They will have some of the average man's faults, and maybe a few, this vices, but certainly they will. Possessed the qualities of courage, creative intelligence. Physical fitness in more than average measure so again there is not as if not quite as strict as he laid out in the beginning. Yet it's like Rembrandt three was training Denzil, I saw part of it. Yes, there is little concept is in their work. Sid. You gotta have a little dirt on you, so they can trust you worker, so basically smoky cleaned well, like there's all kinds of euros that are not a screen, while in China the leaders that better
I would say, is more heroes that art squeaky glean, yet the real person plenty a leaders that aren't squeaking clean and a great leaders. Yet and that's what are given that up in this book is say, look not replaced or say we had. We oppose gonna faults. Weakness is gonna, have vices gonna, hafta yeah this little bit, Yeah for the record that training big eyes were all corrupt, so many women, Alexander, yellow too much there are right now we're talking about Grant General Grant but more general and beset by human feelings. He could not looking prayer in Average, though he was in many things. There was nothing average about the strong way in which he took hold applying massive common sense to the complex problems in the field. That is why he is worth close regard. His virtues as a military leader were of the simpler sort.
Which plain men may understand and hope to emulate he was directed manner. He never intrigue his beach was homely. He was approachable his mind, never deviated from the object, though a stubborn man. He was always willing to listen to his subordinates, and I love this one right. He never adhered to a plan obstinately, but nothing would induce him to forsake the idea behind the plan. The here's mine hold, that idea is good, but the plan is gonna, get us there, but not a word about that. Burma can hold on to that end. Let it drag me into the ground back to the book in the military service services, though there are new issues for the pedant character, at all times, at least as vital as intellect so pedant is like overly
educated type scenario. You you're! U pedantic, pedantic right. And the main rewards go to him, who can make other men feel toughened as well as elevated here's, some traitor quiet resolution, the hardihood to take risks, The will to take full responsibility for decisions, the red, Venus to share its rewards with subordinates. This is obviously extreme ownership and part of extreme ownership is when you someone goes well. You don't own! That part you give that away and equal readiness, To take the blame when things go adversely boom, the move to survive, storm and disappointment, and to feed towards each new day with the score sheet wiped clean Dwelling on one successes nor accepted
discouragement from one's failures like Said this book should be issued a thirteen year. Housing is the real good book, whether he I figured you dig this one. I used a lot I later on this one have had to suffer from one time I couldn't it's funny when I read it this time I had, so long that it was almost like a written again, I pretty much forgot most of it and a lot of it subconsciously with part, been pry part of my game for a long time. I can't tell them. I can't tell when I just when I buried, but what what was it
the guru yeah, probably there, some ideas near that were seeds of my thought. You would imagine so that that's not the kind of book words like oh yeah. Let me memorize all this. You know it's more like all she I got it. I got a cunning in Jesse S, ends idea and ears, the straight up truth. When somebody gave me this book, I probably red ten pages of it and it s pretty girl, put it my locker and then went out and worked out and forgot about it for the next fifteen years. So it's not. I didn't steal this this. This current Jacko, we'll call it where I can overlay and in Bringing is like Jiu Jitsu when you know, when you're going to judge it to you if you're, if you're up brown belt and purple by the black belt in Jiu Jitsu somebody can show you move and you can assimilate it really quickly. Our news do this. Well, I was a white belt before in this stuff, and so when I read it, it
kind of made sense, but it was it was. It was didn't. Make much sense is that when I read this off now, it's I got I totally on Stand it at a deeper level, and so it's way more powerful for me. People who is asking me about this one as well back to the book to speak of the importance of a sense of humor would be unavailing if it were not. That what cramped so many men isn't that they are by nature humorless, but that they are hesitant to exercise what humor they possess. Within the military profession. It is unwise to let the muscles go soft and to spare the mind the strain of original thinking. Great humor has always been The military tradition people ask for some reason: people ask me about humor lot. He ate it. Isn't it good for off charter
or is it good for leader to tell her? But yes, it is and asked why, always whenever something funny in the war books that we read, I always trying to capture that certain people realize it. These guys are out there and they keep that sense of humour going all the time. And I guess it does really necessarily mean gently jail solid time just like eleventh year. I be that's funny there, this age, haven't you good time making making light of these miserable situations for sure said, admiral. This is going into the next chapter, which is called means springs of leadership, said Admiral forest p, Sherman chief of naval operations. I concur that we can take average good men and by proper training developing them. The essential initiative, concept, confidence and magnetism which are necessary in leadership. I believe
These qualities are present in the average man to a degree that he can be made a good leader if his native qualities are properly developed. Whether or not he becomes a great leader depends upon whether or not he possesses that extra initiative, magnetism moral courage and force, which makes the day France between the average man and the above average man. Said, general C B, Cates Commandant Data, the Marine Corps- leadership is intangible. Hard to measure and difficult to describe its qualities would seem to stem from many factors, but certainly they must include a measure of inherent ability to control and direct self confidence based on expert knowledge, initiative, loyalty, pride and sense of responsibility, inherent ability obviously cannot be instilled, but that which is Layton or dormant can be developed other in,
Indians can be acquired. They are not easily ta. Or easily learned, but leaders can be and can be and are made The average good man in our service is and must be considered a potential leader, so there you That question. The same answer that I gave the sickly. All time when people ask me if leaders leaders are born in May or made, there's the answer from these two guys. They agree with me, or I should say I agree with them that their senior to me, but but look you got certain traits you can take. I was look. You can take some of its own Kay leader make him a better leader. You can take a good leader, make him an outstanding leader and outstanding leader. He can make him a pack leader. Because you can improve these things. You can learn about these things. The one person that you can't make any better as the person- that's not humble they're, not gonna, get me better because they can't be coached
standing in his own light. Does he standing in his old light will bring that back home and bring about blank back to the book? And before I go back the book. This is another thing I get asked about a lot. Is people me because they know that I work a lot. They know that I'd get after it the US, and they asked me about you know how do you, how do you do with your family, family care for children and a wife and a gold? soon, icicle, that's the name. Does the name so I gotta give you know to the family rights of people say: hey, how do you? How do you balance so here we go About personal advancement within any worthwhile system requires some sacrifice of leisure and more care full attention to the better organization of One's working routine, but that doesn't
not entail heroic self sacrifice or forfeiting of any of life's truly enduring rewards. It means put the completion of work ahead of Gulf yeah, so I saw so often you see people that you don't you just I'm not gonna work myself to death; ok, arguably gulf to death cassettes, apparently what you're trying to do here but yeah? You gotta, find you got a fine balance, especially you know what he's talking about life? Strewing dory rewards, that's dogma, your family in the things that you achieve outside the work world, Abbe dimness, Abbe, Abbe, dim that was a priest, pretty sure priest in wrote.
A book called the art of thinking, then he quoted here in this book. He said concentration is supposed to be exceptional, only be because people do not try and in this house so many things starve within an inch of plenty. Why, like that, quote starve within an inch of plenty you're. Almost there almost there he's, got plenty bigger, starved to death right there within an inch. Why do you you failed to concentrate you? the focus and that's what happens on. Well, This is, this is just awesome we go. There is, of course, that communist of excuses for rejecting the difficult and taking life, easy I haven't time. But for the man who keeps his mind on the object, there is always time figure it out
about us in the service is daily. We see busy men who somehow managed to find time for whatever is worth doing At the adjoining desks or others with abundant leisure, who can't find time for anything when something Orton requires doing is used. The busy man who gets the call. I've got time for that are always time. Always time, And how can you ever have time if you don't take time. That sounds cool, but remains of expand. Ah, who has time ah, but who? How can you have time if you don't take on its unity? Ok, ok! Ok! The metric given Mozart, words rather made like part two or something like that There was a mark under that movie. I think, there's like a part three to anyone There was a is true, though you know like Gus
Like a, I want to get in like really good shit. Or some like this. I want get like rostrum whenever ok work, What like it's me, I don't have like time to move. Then you don't have time. Then you've been you can't get into it. It's like saying I don't have the inclination it's more or less the same thing. I don't have the time I was with one of my buddies and we were counseling someone and my butt said you don't care about this in the guy says? No, no. I do care then he said. Well, why can't you show up on time? If you cared, you would show up on time. In case closed you're fired. That was that I was like grown what let's just stop talking, because we're done we're not a hundred percent accuracy or to search it. So, as you probably know, I come from a long line of late bs. We if we discuss that before so.
I tend to analyze the word. There was a time where I felt like thing I just I just can't beyond its it's, the common Like this, like a mental or physical black, almost sort of but then I really like this. Would you really realise that you are just laser now, I'm not lazy, it was an important disagree say, and this is what a solitary work, for example. I was late literally more times than I was on time at work with them and I live. I did a good enough. I would have fired you and then rehired socket far executive pleasure. You probably would have been a good idea nonetheless, so want to analyze it we. Why am I late? Why don't I get prepared the night before whatever it takes to be on time, every single time and just like earth, it's not important. Why would spend my off work time preparing to go be at work. I should be resting or that's my offer
watching a little bit more tell of the Orient whatever will not work and can squeeze in another episode of this programme exactly right, not working. Why should I spin off work time doing work stuff like that? I'm not gonna pay for kind of thing. You know it's not important. That goes back to what this whole this whole book, starting off with the attitude of trying to do a good job all the time, and actually somebody brought that up. It's me sent me a direct message in this was a great point that I think about. We have asked another question on the park asked about hey you're gettin told to go to a meeting that you're not gonna, get paid for a member that conversation this guy Romans, it hey, no legally, that as illegal your and our only rage. So that's great great point that I don't think about it. Think of it from our perspective, but that's a good point now you got people that you're breaking the law, and so I kind of assume that these guys were not being specifically compensated but that they, they were maybe sound,
employees that, but I could be wrong and if those people are leave now you night now you getting the bosses, hey boss, I want get this meeting gone, but what you're doing to us and what you're doing these guys is illegal? Oh yeah, maybe the the man's your loved ones, managers are salaried and the workers are our leading. So you can either go look I'll come to meetings. I'm on salaries are good at me. I'm here to win, but the guys I can't bring many or less you. Are we looking at a at a labour law suit you in the game for that boss? I'm not that's. Gonna cost our company monies can make us look bad. Let's do this another way, but that is a different element to the whole. Like the point is, first, what you talking were way tumbling, something think not important verses if it isn't that you doesn't necessarily go for just worked at us for anything like if you're late to anything you if you like this pipe gas role, in late every single time, it's its opposite
there's been on time is not important in that bleeds into this progress in one way or another. What we're about, do isn't imported raw. That's why you're on time, because it is important to do that. Because it's important- and I will spin off my coat of group free time doing stuff to prepare for on time. That's good assumes was big fire and disease because a hike, Libya, another ECHO Charles God's, will rather right, don't even know the difference. Although you Bobby genetically, has the same problem anyway, I told you we come from a long line. He knows it. The importance of the area and it's a sign of disrespect who, by the way, yes it's like they not only do I not think what were what we plan to do or agreed to do and honest I'm. So not only do I not think that's important, I dont respect, How much do you think it's important it? That's all
like my time, nope little monopoly on time and make time Dig if you, if you want to have time you gotta pick per year, That's that's what so I like about this guy's, actually making fun of people that I haven't got time because for the man who keeps his mind on the object. There is always time. Next section says much is conveyed in in few words in army field forces brief on practical concepts of leadership. It is rest therein that the pre eminent quality which all great commanders have owned in common- is a positive positiveness of manner and a viewpoint. The power, to concentrate on means to give an end to the
pollution, of exaggerated fears, of the obstacles which lie athwart the course everyone. Of that should be underscored and, above all, what it says about the need for a firm it of thinking and concentrating on how things can be done so that it was your about you always hear about this person. The Percinet says but when you go to them and say hey, can we do this they're, always looking for a way to say no, a reason why something can happen instead of know, we can do that. We can make that happen. We can. We can figure out a way, that's what we're looking for next section, though in this section is actually the same topic of what this part gassed is the topic of, and that is human nature.
Those who had the chance to study american men under the terrible rigour of japanese imprisonment during World WAR two gave an analysis that, in certain of the prisoners, character, Insanity with it held fast against every circumstance, in others,. Some of whom had been well educated and came from gentle homes. The brute instinct was as uppermost as in an east african cannibal. And when they say brute instinct ass, the person that just loses and goes to the animal instincts. Such crucibles, as these even more than from the remit and stresses of combat in war, comes the clearest light.
On the inner nature of man, in so far as it needs to be understood by the officer who may some day led a force in the battle human nature. One of the things that he says about human nature- and here is good- will and weakness me be combined in one man? Bad will? and strength in another. High moral leading can lift the first man to excel himself. It will not reform the other, but there is no other sensible rule than that, all men will be broached with trust. Entreated is true. Trustworthy until proved otherwise beyond reasonable doubt throwing out. The trust is a little bit ops. I've talked about oars. Actually, I should
dieback member one time on the product ass, I said: look I don't have a high expectations of people when I meet him and I hold that true to this day, but I dont straight up. Trust them as a human ear. There's a difference there. Yes, I think, there's a difference. I think I feel that when there is a duty in it's not an obvious difference, but it's like the difference between I dont have high expectations. Somebody s verses. I have a low expectations pursue got it from us show but it does on the same, is something you don't you don't have my expectation than what can expectation the apple, obviously a low one, great exactly ravages too. Maybe just a neutron right like I'm, not gonna, putting expectations, I'm not expecting you to do a bunch of Cairo. You know I don't have any expectations. Neutral ya think I come come in with a neutral attitude on that one. The book. Men do not achieve a great solidarity or preserve it. Simply by being together, there
mutual bonds or forged only by doing together that which they have been convinced is constructive. The APS sense of common purpose is the chief source of unhappiness in any collection of individuals lacking it, and common standard of justice, which is one of its chief agents Become more and more separate units, each fighting for his own rights. This is why you got to have that common purpose. This is why that commander's intent is so important. This is why it's important everyone understand have to understand why they're doing what they're doing they have to understand the strategic goal that you're trying to meet as a company as a business as a team as a platoon, As a person personal letter like a lot of people, they go into straight up depression
of my gratitude go if they know supervising their life. That is true back to the book. What ever. His rank. It is impossible for any man to lead if he is himself running behind this Speaks the need of constant study, the constant use of one's personal powers and the exercise of the imagination as men advance That which was good soon ceases to be good. Simply because something better is possible. You legato evolve I continue to evolve, get a continue to improve yourself. History confirms and a study of the workings of the human mind supports one proposition which many of the great captains of war have accepted. As a truism thereof. No bad troops, there are only
bad leaders, yeah interest it here Napoleon set Napoleon said: there's no bad colonels. Only bad regiments. Awkward said. The same thing. No, add tee, I think, said no bad troops only bad officers in the book. The leaf and I wrote no bad teams only bad later. So very common and very true stands The time you know there is a reason why Napoleon that there is a reason why s delay. Marshall said that, There is a reason why hack were said that there is a reason why leaf- and I put that in the book cause that is true in the minute you if you're no leadership position the minute that you accept that fact, Is the minute you step forward is becoming too better leader as soon as your blaming it all of the people here, you're just knock it to make about my team sucks, you suck rate thoughts, let off
Call this irony or what but Nobody seems really bad leaders. So if you're like wait, that's not you well guess what you bet leader here take a catch. Twenty two yeah, yeah or what's good for the goose, is good for the gander. I don't think that's it, but all right. This is awesome. Here we go back to the In this the actually this section here has gone to group nature gone from human nature. To group nature back to the book among the commonest of experiences in war is to win. His troops doing nothing or worse doing the wrong thing without one commanding voice being raised to give them direction in such
circumstance. Any man who has the nerve and presents to step forward and give them an intelligent order in a manner indicating that he expects to be obeyed will be accepted as a leader and will be given their support You hear that that's all it is who's going to step up who's gonna, have the nerve and presents to step up and give an intelligent order that you believe in and that you believe will be followed up and get you expect you bet, you'll, be obeyed again a hero is because we all know the senior position. Therefore, I can't do anything wrong. Actually you can step up and lead. Back to the book. For this reason, under the conditions of modern battle, the coherence of any military body comes not only of men being articulate all down the line, but of building up the Dynamic power in each individual,
They thoroughly sound exercise in any unit to give every man a chance to take charge and give orders in drill or other limited exercises. Once he has learned what the orders mean. By the same token, it is good practice for the junior leader to displace a file. That means just one of the guys to displace a file and training exercise and become commanded for a time to sharpen his own perspective. So it's good for the junior guys to step up into leadership positions and lead, it's good for the leaders to go and be one of the boys in Nepal to it. I got really lucky. I was a prior airports, called a prior unlisted, Gaia, Mustang Officer, so I spent my first eight years in a suit teams as eight as a guy In this I was one of the files, so I knew what it was like when a leader didn t you know what's going on, I knew what it was like when you had a good leader. So when I kept up into those leadership positions. I could I knew it
what not to do- and I knew what would try and due to be a goodly selected, the curse of knowledge like you don't Chris personalities when, like you, can't see it from some inexperience persons point of view of them, and so you don't really have that in you been the inexperience you can just drawn those memories in order to have that perspective, that, for at least two good work on a worse things near the end of a sixteen man, seal platoon patrolling through the night- and you just have no idea where you are- you have no idea how far the target is away. You have no idea what you're gonna stop. You have no idea what you ve, no idea of anything you're, just walking like like a miserable boots.
Boots boots. That's what you're doing a zone of AIDS is the worst. So when I was opportune, Commander does squad leader every, but I've tried with everything I had to make sure we do is going on all the time, because I never wanted my guys to rethink and what is happening. What are we doing. Progress comes of making the most of our strengths rather than looking for ways to repair weaknesses. This is true in things both large and small, the Potu leader who permits himself to be bedeviled by the file who won't or can't keep step, cannot do justice to the ambitions of the ten strongest men beneath him Paul whom the life of the formation would depend common emergency to nurse
Can encourage the top rather than to concentrate effort in exhaust nerves and trying to correct a few least likely prospects is a healthy way of growth within military organization. Ticker, you taught me, put your firefox in energy, and I was you know: gonna give some time to the guys are struggling to help them out, but less not folk song the rock and make a break you so leaders that you want to you and develop Yonah. We ve got a good seed that to grow water. That seed. Don't worry about that thing. There in a corner, that's not do anything. It is a good Classic it is a sign of a good level of discipline in command when order we are given and faithfully carried out but
It is a sign of a vastly superior condition when the men are prepared to demand those orders which they know the situation requires if it is to be helped, noack competent subordinate, sits around waiting for someone else to give impulse to movement if he senses. If his senses tell him that things are going to pop either suggests a course of action to its superior or ass the authority to executed on his own or in the more desperate circumstances of the battlefield gives orders on his own initiative: Decentralized command. Everybody's, a leader, everybody steps up and makes things happen back to them General Dwight De Eisenhower was thinking on these things. When he said during World WAR, two there is among the mass of individuals who carry rifles and wore a great amount of ingenuity and efficiency. If men
talk naturally to their officers, the product of their resourcefulness becomes available to all citizens. You can use all your guys feel comfortable talking you you're, going to have access to all their ideas and all their ingenuity back to the book, but the hour of open communication requires both receiving an ending and the best. Problem is to get officers to talk naturally to men. Develop the relationships with the troops is what you gotta do. Another section here at all training all Training at all levels has Adieu object to develop us all as leaders of men and as followers of leaders, dichotomy gotta be later gotta, be a follower flick. Your twitter thing, your twitter, by a leader follower.
Oh speaker. Listen that reader writer area, and that is that is there's a beggar me they're the book, the paralysis which comes of fear can be, did only through the resumption of action which will again give individuals the feeling of organisation. So this is interesting. We remember that Joe when he was in Korea. The coldest war in in colder than hell he's freezing
shooting starts and he's got his own procedure of how we can overcome the fear he's gonna. Do it can take action, something that I've set on here much timeshare Euphrates, something take action instead of into it. So what this that? What this is saying the same thing, but not on an individual level but on a group level. Growth target group nature here and it's the same thing as you do with an individual. You do with the groups or listen to this again. The paralysis which comes of fear can be lifted only through the resumption of action, which will again give the individual's feeling of organization Does not mean ordering a bayonet charge or firing a volley at such and such a clock it may in only padding one man on the back talking it up to a couple of others, sending someone out to find the flank or turning ones. Turning oneself to dig in passing the word to others to do likewise. This is action in the realist sense of the term.
Out of we're reinvigorating men toward the taking of many small actions develops the possibility of large and decisive action. The union must first find itself before doing enough. The job of finding the enemy out of those acts which are incidental to the establishing of an order. The leader you're his own power of decision, so does it that's beautiful advice pitiful advice, just like you do yourself, you're afraid. Something take action step into it. You got your group and everyone, starting it scare and overwhelmed. Let's take some action. Hey guys, dig in hey guys online. Whatever that order is gonna, be that's that, for it may not solve the problem, but regains you're, you're stability as a team now you can move forward
sections subtitled environment back to the book. His only to the man who is burned with unnecessary and exaggerated fear, fears and who mistakes Fancied security. Privilege of sitting quietly in one place that the uprooting which comes with war is demoralising. The natural officer sees it as our of opportunity and though he may not like anything else about war, he at least relishes the strong feeling of personal intention which always develop develops when there are many openings. Inviting many men as world as one world war, two commander expressed it during war,
The ball is always kicking around loose in the middle of the field, and any man who has the will may pick it up and run with it. Struble life, so many opportunities out their who's gonna pick it up and run with. It becomes the question. Now we get to touching back a little bit on to some discipline. Back to the book when men are given absolute freedom with oh compulsion upon them, but to eat and sleep. As with a group of South Sea savages there can be no strong, uniting bond between them. Absolute freedom doesn't get you what you want. There's gotta be a counter that that covers this one, I suppose that's another plan,
legally incorrect thing that we ve run into the book couple times. The South Sea savages who's the technical problems. Natives from the South Sea, Maybe in fact that is what is data no offense intended. Back to the book in officer ship, there is simply no substitute for personal reconnaissance, nor any other texts I think that in the long run will have half its value. So when you start, my personal reconnaissance here is not talking about going to recall reconnaissance of an enemy position he's talking about going down in recalling, sensing doing reconnaissance within your own element talking to your peoples when he talked about here this but the habit of of personal account once formed the habit of getting down to the roots of organ it of organization of
being with one's own eyes, what is taking place of measuring it against one's own scale of values, of ordering such changes as are needed and a fall through to make certain that the changes are made becomes the mainspring of all efficient command action in back, There is no other way to be sure in training there no better way to move towards self assurance, so get down getting the weeds, sometimes see. What's goin on the front lines, talk to your people. This everyone. Talks about the mission went in orders given whatever responsibilities of the man who receives it inside these to be certain that he understands what is required to exam
An organised is resources as promptly as possible to and fully inform his subordinates upon. These points to x Cute the order without waste of time or means to call for support, if prove that means are inadequate. To fill up. The spaces in the orders: if there are developments which had not been anticipated when the data it was complete to prepare to go on to something else. Straightforward lieutenant RO, Sir Frederick Morgan, who plan the invasions of Normandy put the matter. This way when setting out on any enterprise is well, It is as well to ask oneself three questions to whom is one responsible for what purpose nicely is one responsible. What are the means at disposable at disposal for discharging this responsibility?. Nothing so warms the heart of a superior, as that
on giving an order, he sees his subordinates, salute and say yes, sir, then about face and see to carry it out to the hilt without faltering or looking back there, is the kind of a man that a commander will used to have with him every time and that he will recommend for first advancement, on the other hand, Clarification of the object is not only a right but a duty and cuts both ways. So if you don't understand you cheat you, you have the duty to for clarification, orders are not always clear and no superior is on form firm ground when he is impatient of questions which are to the point or resentful of the man who asks him. This all the time. If your supported says hey. Why are we doing this and you get angry you're wrong? You should be happy that you're suborn is asking why, but is the butt
It is natural that he will be doubtful of the man whose word show either that he hasn't heard or is concerned mainly with irrelevancies the cultivation of the habit. Careful concentrated, listening and of collected, fought in reading into any problem, is principle portal to successful officer ship. From the pen from the pen of General Eisenhower, these words. The commander success will be measured more by his ability to lead then by his adherence to fixed notions. Thus, in the car of operations, not less than in the execution of orders. It is necessary that the mind remain plastic and impressionable again. The.
Idea of the military man is this person that can change and is close minded it's wrong. Now. There are military leaders like that and is unfortunate they're, not good. You gonna have the flexible mind. You have the plastic mind, obedience is not the product of fear, but of understanding and understanding is based on knowledge. So you got to make sure that your troops understand what's going on, so they know what's going on, so they can obey properly, not out of fear to grasp the spirit of Yours is not less important than to accept them cheerfully and keep faith with the contract, but the letter An instruction does not relieve him who receives it from the obligation to exercise common sense, get told the do Can you still got to do you still got hold common sense
Carolina maneuvers of nineteen forty one, a soldier stood at a road intersection for three days and nights directing civilian traffic simply because the man who put em there had forgotten all about it, though he was proud, is that the time he was Hardly a shining example the hold up to the troops. Moving into the next chapter, which Neighbor, the chapter is discipline. This is you're gonna because this one once a man condones remissness own belief and discipline begins to wither the officer who alright slackness in the dress of his men, soon ceases to attend his own appearance and he's not called to account. His sloppy habits will shortly begin to inflict his superior.
There is only one correct way to wear the uniform when any deviations in dress or condone within the services. The way is open to the destruction of all uniformity and unity. It's not what you preach. It's what you tolerate. We condone remissness your opening. Now this might be a little bit extreme when he says that when you're out a uniform and you allow these units of the way is open to the destruction of all uniformity and unity. I'm not sure I honour present agree with that, and I was always very pro unified and making sure the guys were squared away their uniforms. I was probably the one of the most Stringent in the seal teams in the seal deems is not uniforms are not. We're not real good at wearing uniforms and looking good uniforms and being squared away before. So, it's kind of hard for me to agree that that opens up the way for the destruction of all uniform but
The lesson here is: isn't more about the uniforms. It's more about just it's, not what you preach. Which dollar it yeah. That's slippery slope situation as it is. Opening the ways it necessarily ensuring something. True true I'll give it to me. You get me on the technicality, sometimes as fine looking I'm plastic in my reckon. I can accept that plastic. You know some people say plastic, like old gaze, look plastic, meaning like he fake recently. This is more like, like plasticity S. Absolute written in fifty before plastic, was everything that we used are used This theory that anything that was made of metal was better. It just make. Of metal. I warned me everything that was made. Not right, don't they say stuff, that's the thing about like food,
Make it like anything, bacon is best similar since the same kind of third be correct. Americans, good back, The book no leader ever fails. His men know they fail him who leads them in respect for the disciplined life between these two things: discipline in itself and a personal faith in the military value of discipline lie all the difference between military maturity and mediocrity. Us loot from an unwilling. Man is meaningless as the moving of a leaf on a tree. It is a sign only that this subject has been caught by a gust of wind, but salute from the man who takes pride in the gesture, because he feels privilege to wear the uniform of United States having found the service good. Is the epitome of military virtue.
Until men are severely tried, there is, No conclusive test of their discipline, nor proof that their training at arms is satisfying, illegitimate, military end mill. Terry forces remain relatively undisciplined until physically toughened and mentally condition to unusual exertion. Consider the road march. No body of men could possibly enjoy the dust. The heat, the blistered foot and the aching back, but a hard road marching is necessary if a sound foundation is to be built under the discipline of fighting this, particularly those whose labors or in the field and the game
comes quickly. The rise in spirits within any organization which is always to be observed after they re bound from a hard march, does not calm, essentially from the feeling of relief that the strain is passed, but rather from the satisfaction that a goal has been crossed, it must be did. The discipline does not break down under the strain of placing attesting demand upon the individual. It law and not, activity that destroys discipline thing about that one so that the it's not the strain sought the pressure that you put that breaks down the discipline. If the laziness, it's the slots, that breaks, discipline, tat, can endure hard going when it serves and understandable, and this is what they will boast about.
Mainly when the fatigue is ended. A large part of training is necessarily directed toward conditioning them for unusual hardship and privation. They can stride, but no power on earth can reconcile them to what common sense tells them is unnecessary hardship which might have been avoided by greater intelligence in their superiors. So if you're telling people do somethin they they realise that there is an easier way to do it that way, be angry when they are over loaded. They know it when they are required to form a parade two hours ahead of time, because their commander got over anxious or didn't know how to write an order again. They know it and they are Perfectly right, if they go sour, because this kind of thing happens a little too often within the command, We then our system that desk,
When is nearest perfect, which assures to the individual, the greatest freedom of thought and action while at all times promoting his feeling of responsibility towards the group that, You're back then raised form of discipline is the one that gives the greatest freedom of thought and action. That's what we want. We want the discipline, equal freedom, that's interesting, his gone like when you got through some hard stuff, the satisfaction isn't that it's over it's the fact that you just did that absolutely vs. Like you know, I told you my falsely: They more used to be worth fighting gateway and a half hours done for the day. But so how do you think it two hours the atom like Hammond?
but it's still do this work out. Whatever these conditions, something hard. Sure it's gonna be hard, should not looking forward to it, but yet satisfaction is afterwards all even go. How is it you can have something to brag about someone like that products? True, you gonna tell you friends, I did this I'll need to our asleep majored and Louis yeah. You do kind of have that feeling like you want to brag about it. No doubt I did some hard stuff, you know it's. We shouldn't be surprised, we're getting excited when These things completely makes sense near these. Are these. Are these are generals that new and understand human nature? and these are things that we look at and we learn we have experienced. So she come as a surprise, not crazy. When you're, it's like tunnel vision. You know where it'll happen in you'd, almost like you, don't you realize it happened, everyone does everyone does. I think hard Fisher gets through hard work. They did something under these circumstances that they hate they might even be complaining about it. That's all
what's goin on some such a stressful day, but when you get it actually done, you brag about it, At the very least, you feel like you want to brag about it and keep that good, pursue that keep them. Now, there's some counter to that. Here we go if back the book if the man cramped by monotonous, routine or made defeat Nobody can not move unless an order is barked, he cannot develop these qualities and he will never come forward as a junior leader. So if you put too much discipline on somebody they're going to print their leadership of capabilities, say that all the time in the words of Who saw so deeply into the hearts of fighting men, One does not wish bonds broken ones. Make them elastic and thereby strengthen them.
That's the guy he will. He wrote a thing called the battle studies will. Actually he didn't finish. Writing x. You get killed in action, fighting fighting. The boy with e was wit, use French funny again the in the safe impressions, but Another go greatcoat from him that I wrote down Nothing can be. Nothing can wisely be prescribed in any army without exact knowledge of the fundamental instrument of man and the state of mind his morale at the instant. Combat so the deal to peek is a guy that really started looking at the mentality of guys we're gonna have to get it. We met the dive into him at some point, Speaking of morale.
Next sections about morale a world? were to black blue jacket, set it this way blue jacket term for Navy guys said it. This way, morale was when your hands and feet keep working. When your head says it can't be done, the handiest begins is to consider morale in conjunction with discipline. Since in military service they are, what's sides of the same coin. When one is present, the other will also be their morale and discipline. Morale and discipline they go together. This is a familiar story was repeated by the United States Forces World war, two during the Normandy, hedgerow fighting and the invasions of the Central Pacific atolls. True had the learned the hard way how to hit how to survive in moving through jungle or across mountains in the desert. When that happened, the be disciplinary residue, which mattered was obedience to orders. The move
whence they had learned by road were of less value, then this spy ritual bond between one manned and another The most valuable lesson was that of mutual support, so this is awesome the moves. The battle moves, that they that they learned that they train that were hard and put him through his hard work on getting ready to deploy receive when they got overseas, their frightening to hedgerow than ever that before their fight in a mountain than ever to that before. So they dare to take these these drills, they learn a kind of throwing out the window, so all they had left and the most valuable thing of all that training wasn't the movements themselves. It was this spiritual bond between these meant that was more important than the tactical maneuvers, with the fact that they did hard training together and they work together and they knew each other and had that spiritual bond back the book. In its essentials, discipline is not measured according to how a man keeps
in a drill yard or whether he salutes at just the right angle that asked is how well he willingly willingly responds to his superiors in all vital matters and, finally, whether he stands or runs when his life is at stake. History may, this clear there are countless examples of successful military forces which had almost no discipline when men by the usual yardsticks. He had had a high battle, morale, productive of the kind of Discipline which beats the enemy in battle. So that's another little dichotomy. Italy talk about that. You might not be the most disciplined on the parade field, but if you go the body you got that discipline bond, you can still come up with the victory. This is important. Back to the book. Man is able to recognise a right and reasonable discipline as such, even
it causes him personal inconvenience because he's a quiet he has acquired a sense of military values but If is either unduly harsh or unnecessarily lacks here Likewise knows it and where as a hare shirt to the undue of his morale. So the man like the group can be hurt by being pushed beyond sensible limits. His spirit will suffer even more sorely if no real test is put upon his abilities in moral powers. The greater his intelligence, the stronger. We'll be his resentment, that is the law of nature enlightened mind. As always, the greatest measure of self discipline.
But it also has a higher sense of what constitutes justice, fair play and a reasonable requirement in the performance of duty. If denied these things here come to hold his chief, his job and himself in contempt. So if you get the of your military leader of your civilian leader and you get the idea- ok, jock Talkin about discipline, disciplines, Chiesa, you're, gonna, come in and just throw discipline on your people and burden them with this heavy realm of discipline. It's not gonna work. Because everyone knows that its unjust, unfair, unnecessary. We don't want that unnecessary discipline, but we embrace Outwardly but we deep inside, we embraced the hard core discipline if it makes sense as meeting.
Admiral Benbow Real, has stated a formula and understanding terms by his explanation of what made the sea bees notable for competence and devotion to duty during World war to what he said. Is this We used artisans to do the work for which they have been trained in civilian life. They were well led by officers who spoke their language. We made them feel that they were playing an important part in a great adventure and thus the edge you a high standard of morale, the elements under scored by Admiral Moreall, deserve special note, satisfaction in a work programme, mutual confidence between leaders and ranks, conviction that all together were striving for something more important in themselves. Thought about the c b. The construction, but in the navy that do engineering work overseas and I Yet see bees with us in Romania that were awesome, awesome,
that did everything for us. They kept everything, go and kept everything running, kept everything working built everything that we used awesome guys in every CBS ever work, which has been a just and just about They have that attitude like they know, they're going make their there. Their models can do. Nimbly me, when you tell me out, do something there are hunted presented that modern right. They are there to make it happen. Here we go back to the book talkin about RO under training conditions or combat the mental ills and the resulting morale more. And physical deterioration, which sometimes beset military forces, cannot be cured simply by the intensification of disciplinary methods. Catches turn it up it, is true that the signs of a recovery will sometimes attend the installation of a more rigid or less rigid discipline that you can't You can't just go up or down the onset
in fact, usually due to the collateral influence of an increase confidence in the command Whereby men are made to feel that their own fortunes are on the men, then discipline and morale are together revitalized almost as if by throwing in electric switch. In army history. There is no better example of the working of this principle the work of Brigadier General poor Paul beam alone. He took over this world war, one nineteen nineteen he took over command were slackness and indecision were general. The men were Offering terrible privation and to me their officers were indifferent to their needs. Many of and had been battle. Casualties some had been discharged from hospitals before their wounds were healed. The mess was abominable. The camp was shot
a firewood and other supply in freezing. Whether men were sleeping on the ground, with only a pair of blankets, apiece the death Or from influenza, pneumonia and the aggravation of battle and rose daily despair and aunt men over these conditions began to express itself in semi violent form. Every fresh breath of discipline was counted with harassing punishments until an air of wretched stagnation hung over the whole camp, No Pershing visited debate, the base the men refuse to form for him. Then the men were through the generals coming in the men. We're not going to up for when he tried to address them at a mass meeting. They wouldn't hear about instead of any action against the men he sent General Malone. New commander arrived without any instructions except to determine what was wrong and corrected.
With soldierly instinct. You recognise that the industry of the camp was an effect and not a cause, but. Even ass. He gave orders for leaving the physical distress the men he demanded that they return to orderly habits. He walked around the areas already on his ordered on his orders. Duck boards were being laid throughout the mud The whole physical set up was in a process of reorganization. The men grown slip from weeks of mistreatment, mistreatment, paid no heed get on your feet, I'm your general irish Back you, but I want you, respect were his words. They restock The whole situation, the first pact of this one man on the camp that was never forgotten by anyone who saw it. It is a point to remember. A firm hold at the beginning pays trend for dividend of the timid approach. Followed by a show of firmness later on
within forty eight hours. The physical condition of the camp was showing improvement and sixty thousand men were again doing their duty and bearing themselves in a military manner. The lessons from this one incident stand out like beams from searchlight battery leadership. One man is able to accomplish a miracle by an active will, accompanied by good works. The morale of the force flows from self discipline of the commander and, in turn, the discipline of the force is re established by the upsurge of its moral power, for example, here when the redeployment period, which followed world war to threaten to complete collapse, the morale of the general military establishment, the remedy attempted by some unit leaders was to relax discipline and the work requirement all around us.
Officers met this crisis by improving the conditions of work, setting an example which prove to the men that they believed in its importance and paying sedulous attention to the personal problems of those within the union. They found and that they could still get superior performance in the midst of chaos, organic thanks materialized in the same way on the field of war, however, add first the general situation. Men will stick to the one man who knows what he wants to do and welcomes them to a full share in the enterprise leadership. Leadership and leadership. Most important thing on the battlefield.
In the words of Colonel G F, R Henderson is the leader who reckons with the human nature of his troops and of the enemy rather than with their mere physical attributes, numbers armament and the like. Who can hope to follow. Napoleon's footsteps, gotta know you're, gotta know human nature? gotta know, human nature is more and more Then physical born potent and people you got number people got more important in the weapons human nature. There are few governing principles and before considering their application in detail, we should first think about the file. Sir We talk about a guy troop, a soldier. He is a man specks to be treated as an adult, not a schoolboy. He has rights, they must be made known to him and thereafter respected. He has ambition, it must be stirred.
He has a belief in fair play, it must be honoured as the need of comradeship it must be supplied, He has imagination, it must be stimulated. He has a personal sense of dignity. It must not be broken down. He has pride, can be satisfied and made the bedrock of his character once he gains assurance that he is playing a useful and respected part in a superior and successful organization to give men working as a group. The feeling of great accomplishment together is the acme of inspired leadership. You could basically, if you're, going into a leadership position, just read that yourself before every morning, just what you, what dear subordinates, are what they are: a man be treated
don't matter schoolboy. Those are just. So important away. You view your troops. And some people have a hard time of it. Some people hard time with that. Next section is called knowing your job. One of them in one of his little known passages, Robert Louis Stevenson, that forget it wrote Doktor Jacqueline, Mr Haydn Treasure Island, The perfect portrait of the man who finally failed in everything, because he just never learned how to take hold of his work. It goes like this. His career was One of unbroken shame he did not drink He was exactly honest. He was never rude to his employers, yet was everywhere discharged.
Bringing no interest to his duties. He brought no attention his day was a tissue of things neglected and things done amiss. From place to place and from town to town. He carried the character of one thoroughly, incompetent. That's what we started. This conversation restarted, dark about doing your job now. This is important there's a rough approximation, any officers work week should comprise about fifty percent execution and the other half Study if he is to make them as to use of his force. The woods are loaded with go getters who claim they are men of action and therefore have no need of books. We're talking about studying what sort our low tumblr reading in studying and these guys I would say that there is no need for books. They
or of the same bone marrow as the drone, who is always counselling, half speed, don't sweat just get by extra work means short life you're better off? If they don't notice you this? tat can be heard by anyone who cares to listen. It's the old american invitation, a mediocrity, but not all. Wisdom is to be found in books. And at no time is this more true than one when one is breaking in what is expect of any novice in any field is that he will Questions: Smart one, if possible, but if not then questions of all kinds until he learned that there is no such item as readily oil and that skirmish line doesn't come on spools, so.
Rarely oil revenues. When you wake up in the morning, a set in readily oil is something that does not actually exist, but you'd say to a new guy aid. We need to get some revelry wealth for tomorrow. Can you go down to supplying get if only or skirmish scientists nervous lines when you get online to engage the enemy get online and put your guns in the same direction? That's called a skirmish line. Well, these in aid We need a school, a skirmish like an echo. Can you run down to the supply department, gifts, role, a skirmish lights, little practical jokes, but his point is here people aspects autumn we just checking up taking over leader of Disk Yama new offs from getting commissioned. What should I do? How should I led asked questions is nothing wrong with it. There's nothing wrong with it. Act. The book wisdom begins at the point, of understanding that there is nothing shameful about ignorance. It is she for only when a man would rather remain in that state then cultivate other men's knowledge boom.
There is never any reason why hesitate, for it is better to be embarrassed from seeking council then to be found short for not having sought it. Ideally any officer should be able to do the work of any man under him. However, It is obviously absurd to expect that any officer could know more about radio repair than his repairment more about mapping. Then it's called a la Carta drive section more about moving parts than a gun More about radar than a specialist in electronics and more about cipher than a cryptography. The distinction lies in the difference between the power to do a thing well, and that of being able to judge when it's done well,. A man can say a book is bad, though not knowing how to write one himself provided he's a student of literature.
Though he is never laid an egg, he can pass fair judgment on an omelette. So this is an open. No, you not know everything as a leader, do. I know as much about sniper snipe. As my sniper David, no close, you know that I know as much about we're just like you said as much about the radio's my recommended no no closer what they do. You don't need to know everything, but you have to have an understanding of it and you have At least be able understand when something is being done right or wrong is another Good point: we can ponder the words of William Hazlitt, a man whose shrinks from a collision with his equals of superiors will soon sink below himself. We improve by trying or strength with others, not by showing it off so
can't be afraid to bring stuff up to your superiors. Do you gotta be respectful? Yes, you do, but, I've just being a yes! Don't be that now this next section. Scald, writing and speaking There are things being equal. A superior rating will invariably be given to the officer who is preserved in his studies of the art of self expression, while his colleague who attaches little importance to what may be achieved through working with the language, will be marked for mediocrity. So we talk about reading and speaking writing. In speaking. As the british statesmen Disraeli put it Men govern with words.
Within the military establishment command is exercised through what is said which come His attention and understanding and through what is written, which directs explains, interprets or informs battles are one through the ability of men to express concrete ideas in clear and unmistakable language battles are one through clear and unmistakable language that some battles were won back to the boy. All administration is carried forward along the chain of command by the power of men to make their faults, articulate and available to others. There is no way under the sun that this basic condition can be altered. What's the point is granted, any officer should be ready to accept its corollary that superior
suffocation in the use of language both as to the written and the spoken word, is more essential to military leadership. The knowledge of the whole technique of weapons handling. So when people ask me why I studied English in college, this is why studied English college. Some men will take refuge in the Skews offered by the great majority I'm just a simple fighting file with no gift for writing or speaking that is they mark of an offer. Sir, who has no ambition to properly qualify himself and is seeking to just The fires, own laziness,. And the reason is saying that is because he thinks that you can become a good writer. The book writers are self made, but it is
reasonable speculation that history might never have heard of the greater number of these men had they not work sedulously to become proficient with the pen, as well as with the sword. Men who command words to serve their thoughts and feelings are well under way. Two commanding men to serve their purposes off In your commanders respect the junior who has a faculty for thinking- and I do Through and expressing it comprehensively and clear unvarnished phases, so you're young young leader out their young trooper, think about improving your method of thought, About making your speech more clear,. Any man who has the brain to qualify for commission can make of himself a competent writer because of net.
Limitations. He may never excel in this hour, but if he has had average schooling knows how to open a dictionary can find its way to the library and is willing to commit himself to long study in practice, particularly in non duty hours, and will find We free himself from the superstition that writing is a game only for specialists. He can acquire all the skill that is necessary to further his advance within the military profession. But where should work begin? How about a little practical advice?. The only way to learn to right is to write. That's it there is no other secret other than hard unremitting practice, most writers, at the start, are mentally muscle, bound and poorly coordinated. They have fought in their head, they can. They thought
they can develop them clearly, but when they try to apply a largely dormant vocabulary to the expression of these thoughts, the result is stiff and self conscience. Self, conscious. The only cure for this is constant mental exercise with one's pen or over ones typewriter. The dish. Support through which one learns to write, add substance to fought whereby ones ideas are given body and connection such common faults is worrying. This overstatement, faulty sent in structure and weak use of words are gradually corrected, with their passing confidence grows. This does not mean, however, that the task becomes easy, so you can get better this game, you just can't
practice can I get better ports. I get better bulbs to pull you pull ups now. This is interesting speaking of reading and are speaking of writing now beginning to reading a little bit here. This is good. It The good habit to underscore passages and books which have contributed something vital to one's own, fought so break out the high lighters. Laughter. I read that because I have a lot of letters I think you went Winchester on a couple of the idea that right now this is talking, come back to writing again as a practical matters better to concentrate on a few elementary rules of thumb. Such as are contained in the following list, then too bogged down attempting to heed everything that dependence of said about how to become a real. So here's some advice on writing and you'll notice it. These are good advice on life.
The more simply a thing is said, the more powerfully it influences those who read plain words: Make strong writing. There is always one best word to convey a thought or a feeling to accept a week, substitute rather than this. For the right word will deprive any writing of force. Economy of words, invigorates composition,. In all writing, but in military writing, particularly there is no ex used for vague terminology or phrases which do not convey inexact expression of what was done or what is intended just think How you communicate with your support, as we think about these rules so impact? This is a good one, it is better at all times to rein in the strength
military writing like the soundness of military operations, does not gain through overstatement. An artificial colouring. The bigger the subject, the less it needs embroidery. Now, it's gonna start talking here, go from talking writing to talk about speaking. A majority of the world's most gifted writers would, in all probability be dumbstruck. If put before an audience, though, Doing confident we with ideas, they lack the conference when dealing with people the most the author has need of both talents and as to where- access should be placed. It is probably more important that he should speak. Well then his writing prose should be polished.
A unit commander may permit a clerk or subordinate to do the greater part of his paper work either because his own time is taken with other duties or because he is awkward at it. But if he permits any other voice to dominate the councils of the organization, he soon ceases to exercise moral authority over it. So you gotta be confident in your speaking. Little bit more important than the writing. Ignobly guys do some writing gap I'll sign. It looks good to me break this guy on us. One of the bosses I had So he'd always misuse words by almost to the point where you have some comedians will do. That committee cannot does settler penalised by this guy with for real do it so because he didn't, but you know what it was, as you know, the kind guy who's they want to. Some smart basically
not a good idea. So you these, where'd, you regardless, you two irregardless is opposed to regardless and then there's another one that it so funny, because if so counter not because when you type in we'd all beholding in our laughter and work with his other guy here, the kangaroo, relentless jokes, you know when you're gone. So if you did something- and in this case you'd misuse words room when he leaves brother, jokes would come and be just so funny, but nonetheless even use be, who You don't be, who like it would be. Who is it behoof? I think it is behoof red behoove, that's right anyway. I doubt that of nothing but anyway behoove that so he would miss use that word. He would he thought it meant. What you thought it meant baffling like You know what really behooves me is that they do it this way, but he keep doing so the point there is where you kind of eager, not a talk rate, so.
And in this case this was this- wasn't like some high level like speeches he would make in order to address. The issue is just like normal stuff, so bright thought that that was kind of critical in the way like we regarded him as a arises gulls one of the main like major things like, but we can't even take this very seriously, It behoves me with really Behooveth yard long you, It's ok. People is not ok, I guess the point there a nor a supper point is learned. The words be priest China thought out. It gets. And they go that way. You're telling me that I would be very happy with what you said about it's better, to see then or be seek the knowledge, and be embarrassed rose rather than get it called out when you know it or whatever their lives back to
book. The matter of nerve is a main Women, in speaking, when an off There was ill at ease, fidgety and not to the point. The vote of his command for the time being is no confidence. And so long as it remains that way, they will not change no matter, though his goodwill shines forth through in other acts such as what you just said, someone's jacked up and are trying to talk to you, doktor group, your your vote is no confidence, see that's a confident, wrote as for this, a good good that back the book as for how an officer to talk to his men, his manner and toned, should be no different than if he were addressing his fellow officers or, for that matter, a goobers intellectual and political peers from any walk of life. If he is stuffy, you will not succeed if he effects. Superior manner. That is a mark of his
inferiority. His patronising and talks to grown men. As a teacher might talk to a class of adolescence, the rug figuratively will be pulled out from under him his audience? We, Put down what put him down as a chump is clear: Firstly, the case that the junior officer, who can't get the right pitch when he talks to the ranks, will also be out of tune when he talks to his superiors failing is assigned mainly that he needs practice in the school of human nature by list. Being a little more carefully to other men, he may find he may himself in time attain maturity. Another good weight, it better at speaking, is by listening out when you see. He can sometimes your instructing in one of the one, the pieces here
is called the art of instruction began, you spend so much time when you're in a leadership position instruction people where they realize right, your instructing people, here's the rule that they say to follow, keep it simple: have, but one main object stay on the course remain, cheerful, be enthusiastic, put it out, as if the ideas were is interesting and novel to you as to your audience. Now this is it a story which will I don T know what has to do with instruction, but it's cool stories from a reading any waste, because it is bad ass in world war, one american major name now long forgotten was given the task of making the rounds and, talking to all about formations and convincing them that the future was bright, no boys, air and sea. Imagine a world war one! We ve talked about that. It's a mare, and he is his job, is to go round and ensure people that the future is bright. But wherever he went, morale was lit.
Did by his words its substance. In substance. What he said was this: None of us cares about making a living with any individuals who wants every break his own way, but when the odds are even The gamble is worth any good man's time, so, let's look The proportion. You now have one chance in two: you may go overseas or you may not suppose you do, you still have one chance. You may go to the front or you may not. If you don't you'll see a foreign country and Uncle SAM's expense? If you do you'll find out about war which, the toughest chance of them all, but up there on the front, still have one chance in two. You may get hit, or you may not. If you raised through it. You'll be a better man for all the rest of your life and, if you get hit You still have one chance in two.
You may get a small wound and becoming RO to your friends and family. Or there is always the last chance that it may take you out altogether. And while that is a little rugged, It is at least worth remembering that very few. People seem to get out of this life alive, classic classic. Now talking about reading. Napoleon once said that the point that it people with books is that one must read so many bad ones to find something really good true enough, but even so there, perfectly practical ways to advance rapidly without undue wasted motion. Consider that among one superiors there are always discriminating men who have adopted a few good books after reading many many bad ones when they say
that a text is worthwhile. It deserves reading and careful study. So what books did somebody respect They say it's good book read it now. You gotta be care or because Because of this. The well read man need not have more than a dozen books in his home, provided that they all count with him and he can t to pore over them and ponder the weight of what is said. On the other hand, the Ignorant man is frequently marked by his book shelves stocked with titles, not one of which suggests that he has any professional discernment. Now I can tell you right now, I'm building a library books, that's kind of crazy, because every time something called every time, somebody hit me up on social media and says acreage out this book he's too like go on Amazon and kind of look read reviews. Now I just more grit
I basically order it because of time and it's hard to tell from the reviews, and it takes much time it's easier to press click by now. Amazon clicking through the Jackal, podcast or website so worth were giving back to them to the to the past, but The thing is a lot of people might think this book at great speed, great book, but it doesn't quite work so I'm probably giddy I'd say one out of every five bucks. I order. Do I say yeah this once this one's game? Would he thinner about difference between somebody was a huge stock of books. Is he seemed like a variety, a variety of different books that doesn't indicates that some by an in that indicating any can expertise or just as he did, it shows that he doesn't have any discernment disguises binder much books might not know anything about him doesn't mean it. Don't you By its cover, pon intent
You know, discuss this guy's got a bunch of books, doesn't mean that he's read em all doesn't mean that he actually emo they're, all great books. Really, I can t run out their and our great books in the world. A lot of books are not met Aren't you don't waste your time? Reading of forty five Working to a guy that was smart, that you respect twelve books radiant, I would just write em all down and go buy em all yeah you're, probably gonna, be ten four to twelve for twelve media, or at least ten for twelve, whereas- I go into your room and you ve got five hundred and seventy books in there yeah. These are all great books. There's something wrong with your determined. You don't know what a good book is. Get some discernment or I'm just trying to make like. I read so much my life this section your relationships, with your men I had to break. I had to say this part and officers not expected to appear all wise to those who serve under him. So often guys,
that pressure that they think they should know everything my costing us. No, if I admit that I know, there's something to look bad, bluffing ones, away through a question when ignorant of the answers foolhardy business, I'm sorry, but I don't know it's just as appropriate from an officers lips from any other And it helps a little more to add but I'll find out why and should be used to serve one subordinates It should never be flaunted or used to get the upper hand of a support in any situation, save where he is already discredit himself in an unusually ugly or an unseemly manner. When gestures from any supported are adopted. The credit should be passed on to him publicly. When a support is made a mistake, but not any lack of good will. It is common sense to take the rap for him rather than make him suffer doubly for his error and often did not issue orders which he cannot enforce.
He should be as good as his word at all times and in any circumstance he should prove Nothing which he cannot make stick and officer should, not work looking over his men shoulders, checking on every detail of what they're doing in calling them to account at every four long past. This me We attitude, corrodes confidence and destroys initiatives. Dont micromanage. On the other hand, contact is necessary at all times, particularly when men are doing long term work or operating in a detachment at a remote point, they will become scourge and will lose their sense of direction unless their superior looks in on them. Periodically asked them whether he can be of any help in so doing, gets them to open up the discussion and the problem. The Navy says this is another good another good one right here. The Navy says
it isn't courtesy to change the set of the sale within thirty minutes after the relief of watch applied look command job. This means that is a mistake for officer on taking a new post to order sweeping changes affecting the other men in the belief This will give him a reputation for action and firmness the studying the situation is the overture of studying of it the story is told of General Curtis, Isla may of the air force taking over the twenty first bomber command and in the Marianna S he faced the worried staff officers of his predecessor and quietly you're all staying put I assume you know your jobs or you wouldn't be here. Pretty simple. Then people always asked
Coming to NEO, what do I do and I take over relax me humble, listen, observe, don't need to jump in there and change the set of the sale of ECHO's gone now. I'm in charge change everything no wrong answer, the next section, your men's, Murat moral and physical welfare. When men or moral, the moral power which binds them together and fits them for high action is given its main chance for success. Now. Listen to these to be temporary, all things to be continent, and refrain from loose living of any sort are acts of the will. They were why are self denial, and for going of that, which may be more attractive in favour of the thing which should be done. Granted. There are few individuals who are so thin blooded that they never feel tempted to digress. Morally.
Men and met. The majority are not like that. Some guys, just on straight narrow there, so they're so thin, blooded that they just they get no temptations. Most men, they get tempting since what they renounce in the name of self discipline, at the cost of considerably and considerable inner stress, the endeavour to compensate by gains in their personal character. Making a great isn't easy, but no one who is any one has yet said that it is worthwhile In the arm services there, an old saying and an officer without character is more useless than a ship with no bottom inside, bring up the strength of will, which enables a man to lead a clean life is no different than the strength of purpose, which fits him to follow a hard. Line of duty.
There are exceptions to every rule. Many a lovable rounder has proved himself to be a first class fighting man, but even though he had an uncommon, unconquerable weakness for drink and women, his resolution had to become steeled along some other line, or he would have been no good when the pay off came to this in that. The strength of will that it takes to stay strong in all these situations, all these temptations that that will, as is real and that can transfer over now. I can tell you that This one is the others all the military's filled like he says. Many lovable rounders proved himself to be a first class payment, of course, guys bad asked guys throughout the ages. That were why even Henry the Fit that a wild man reputation going back to Shakespeare.
And so but he saying that you know these these being on the straight and narrow, enforces your will as what he say back to the book pudding, side for the moment, the question of the vices and regarding only the gain to moral power which comes of bodily exercise in physical condition, so he talked about vices. Ok, we got it stay clean stay clean as what he said. But now we say: there's something else: something called exercise and physical conditioning should be self evident that the process which builds the muscle must also train and alert the mind, how could it be otherwise every physical act must have. As its origin: a mental impulse conscious or unconscious. Thus, In training a man to master his muscles, we also help him to master his brain. He comes
the physical training, not only better condition to move but better prepared to think about how and why he is moving, which is true, mobility, you want to strengthen your will. Yes, stay clean stay on the male path and then did you physical conditioning on that's gonna, make you make you mentally tougher, back to the book in the United States Service, we are tending to forget because of the effective motor reservation. The higher value of the discipline of the road march. In other days. Wasn't there hearted the muscles, but that short of combat it was the Best method of separating the men from the boys- this is true today, Despite all the new conditions imposed by technological changes. A hard road march is the most satisfactory training test of the moral strength of the individual man.
At the same time to sense the overload men for road marching, hurts them in two ways: dichotomy to everything. So you can. Hurt them with a road march. Here's the two ways: it weakens their faith in the sense of the command, thereby impairing morale and it it's down their muscle and tendency overload him you're gonna crush him. You're gonna break I'm in here to ruin your spirit. There is another not in frequent cause of breakdown. The leader, who makes the mistake of thinking that every man's limit is the same as his own, so oh I can I can I can do this. I can develop in twenty miles or twenty clicks. Everyone can do it wrong answer when it If so, does this kind of thing faultlessly he chosen ought to be an incompetent observer of men when he does it to show off here deserves to be given ten days in the electric chair there. You go.
Given the electric chair ten days. That's all that's like how many times do you die in ten days, an electric journal a lot, but dont show off the point otherwise you're going to the electric chair for ten days, but isn't that, like all classic thing in the movie, where it's usually they like combat, like a situation where the guys are complaining, I always do others unrealistic obstacle course you're like this, and then the drill sergeant or whoever he he does. You know he's like the other guy. Why he's proving that? Look? I'm not asking do anything that I wouldn't do myself yeah, that's, although that is right, but in a way he's like hey, I can do it, so you should be able to do that's true guess what a young recruit should be able to do it. What you always know, region standards, we gonna have standards, but if you say hey, you will do this with one this. With behind your back. Like I can't go, then Iraq, you see the difference.
Going to make sure cuz. I know what you meet me on a technicality. Don't want that to happen over here. Speaking of athletic accomplishments, In the nature of things, the officer who's been an athlete can fit himself into this part of the programme with little difficulty and with great credit, provided he acts with moderation. That here is suggested by the same token, the officer who is shown sports and school either because he didn't have the size or coordination or more interest in something else will frequently have an understandable hesitation about trying to play the lead and in anything which he thinks will make him look bad. But the benefits of the sports. If he has not kept himself in good physical shape. His nerves will not be able to stand the strain of combat to say nothing of his legs.
It can be said again and again. The highest form of physical training than officer can undergo is the physical conditioning of his own men. Nothing. Else can give him more faith in his own ability to stay the course, and nothing else is likely to give him a firmer feeling of solidarity with his men study and an act First for wider professional knowledge have their place in an officer scheme of things, things but there is something about the experience of bodily competition of joining with and leading men and strenuous physical exercise, which uniquely invigorates one spirit with the confidence. I can do this I can lead. I can command. The body in minor connected everybody, no, it back to
Book the really good thing about the gain and moral force deriving from all forms of physical training is that it is an unconscious gain. Will power determination, mental poise and muscle control all March hand in hand with the general health and well being of the man with results, not less decisive under training conditions than on the field of battle. A man who develops correct posture and begins to fill out his body so looks. The part of a fighter will take greater pride in wearing of the uniform. In doing so, he will take greater care to conduct himself. Morally, that he will not disgrace it. He will gain competence as he acquires a competent and determined bearing the same presence and the physical strength which contributes to it will help carry him through the hour of danger stew,
of will is partly of the mind and partly of the body in combat fatigue will be down men as Quickly, as any other condition for fatigue inevitably carries fear with it. Tired men are afraid theirs. No quicker way to lose a battle than to lose it on the road for lack of preliminary hardening in troops such a condition. Not be redeemed by the resolve of a commander who insists on driving troops and extra mile beyond their general level of physical endurance, So if you got guys that aren't ready, just cuz, you're fired up doesn't mean it's going to work. You can't push them hard. Now, here's what happens to extremes of this sort, make men, rebellious and hateful of the command and the strike at tactical efficiency from two directions. At once
for when men resent the commander, they will not fight is willingly for him and when their bodies are spent, their nerve, was are gone. Physical conditioning. Now, on top of that, we got the physical condition, and you also have to keep your people informed in war In the absence of information, man's natural promptings alternate between unreasoning fears that the worst is likely to happen and wishful thought. That all danger is remote either impulse is a barrier to the growth of that condition of alert confidence which comes to men when they have a realisation of their own strength and a reasonably clear concept of the general situation gotta keep your people inform us talk about earlier, beat at the end of a bull tune.
Next section is about counselling. Your men Nothing more unfortunate can happen to an officer. Then they come to be regarded by his subordinates as unapproachable for. Two reputation isolates him from the meat. In problems of command responsibility, as well as its chief rewards. Now, do you become approachable, The two formal manner, The over rigid attitude disposition to deal with any human problem by the numbers, as if it were one more did an organizational routine can have A chilling effect upon men so that idea that you're gonna be by the book on everything. That's not gonna make you approachable. That being said, back to the book, it is not necessary that an officer wet nurses, men in order to serve well in the role of council. His door should be open, but he's not play the part.
Either of Father Confessor or of a hotel, greater. Neither great solemnly or Effusiveness are called for, but mainly serious attention to the problem and in straightforward advice or decision. According to the nature of the case, and provided that from his own knowledge and experience, he feels qualified to give it, if not It is wiser to defer than to offer half baked opinion thoughts gave you don't know Hey look, I don't know I've never dealt with this before. Maybe you should go talk to echo. He deals with the computers. All the time come to me with your computer problems. The book World war. Two officers had to abide by this standard dealing with the General Malays, which rose out of redeployment when,
Man came forward and said that he couldn't take it any more, and the commander knew that has always been a highly dutiful individual. It became the commanders job to attempt to get the man home bonus. Man came forward with the same story and the record show that he always shirked his work. The question was whether he should be given the final chance to shirk it again to favour the First man met furthering discipline, his comrades, recognise it as a fair deal to turn back. The second man was equally constructive to the same end, so those that's just sick, and we ve seen that in just about every book we radio with some guy world war- two we saw bunch of it so now, just lose. New meeting mall the Korean you some like reading books recovered guy loses it, but there are good guy when the guy walking around in a sleeping bag. Lemonade was going to take care of this guy. You know he's been a good guy will get him off. The phone he's got a few days left
but then, when you get a guide its that's a week and scared and doesn't man up and do his duty, I didn't want to go home for not given that got slack doesn't deserve at dinner. It. Now. This is interesting. Their officers who hold every subordinate, like grim deaf, see no better way to advance their personal fortunes. So is what we were talking on here is, and this happens lot the motor been happening every business I work with where people that are being moved around so, like, oh echo, works. You got this guy Billy that works for you, hey! I billion Billy have help me with this project. What do you say? No, you can have him he's my god. We are working on right now. I've got some projects common up. What I needed right now, don't our approaches. You knows any some people go into that mode where they hold everyone like a grim death. Their officers who hold every able suborn like grim death, seen no better way to advance their personal fortunes. This is a sign of moral weakness, not of strength.
It is inevitable fruit and its inevitable. Fruit is discontent within the organisation the site superiority in any officer at whatever level is his confidence that he can make another good man to feel any vacancy, This time I don't like that is when somebody you, if you're gonna, give me believe it's actually. Promotion for Billy is like a step up, but you don't get to merely was herding him rare to try to help yourself now give a guy up funds and we also find a better person. Fundamental molded make better that happened to me, One guy were you, the guy. The gathered up didn't get promoted. Somebody held on to you. We hear and it was less about if I did or didn't get promoted, is that Eustace Holding on where to cannon negating the chance of that was clear. He actually been told me to wear that was
These straightforward, I'm not good! Now that work for you for your morale. It didn't help doing. Back to the book, some of the ablest commanders and our service have abided by this rule. They never denied the man who had a legitimate reason for transfer and they never shuffle off their lemons and gold bricks under a false label. So that does another thing that happened in businesses pay. You got Billy, he built a bomb as a, echo. I need a guy reared help me with this. All you can to Billy great guy. You me bill he's a disaster as a goal, brick to lie. Here's a few common sense rules which, when followed, will enable any officer to play his part more effectively in the counting of men in excess of expression. Is a failing.
So. Will you give away your facial expression? Looks all it's a failing to list. Well, is the prelude toward pondering carefully and speaking, wisely yeah, listen. To refuse with kindness is more winning than to acquiesce ungraciously, that's a good one. This ain't no alive dumping asking to be, rather than our. I hear it's like some. You gonna do with with wife. Your wife wants go, do some meat if you'd be better to say you don't know that Europe does not do that, and I will do this. Do this other thing instead, as oppose all right, fine, we'll go to your friends out. You don't want to do that like a dick. When you get there here Another man's mood and beak. I'm congenial to it is the surest way to engage is confidence decision.
Which are whole of the heart and not of the mind, will ultimately do hurt to both places. Use your logic Don't get emotional no more, and we'll talk freely, if met by silence, but an intense joint question encourages frankness. Above all else,. When a man loses possession of himself. It is the more reason that the other should tightened his reserve. The ledge. This is a good one. To express pity for man does not serve to restore him and put him above pity. When a man is so burdened by a personal problem that it shuts out all else, he must be led to something else, and the last one here imprudent
hacked can undo the wisest strategy, and that happens at every level. What happens in Ward happens business, gotta great strategy with the guys on the ground are really not doing tactically well, doesn't matter the strategy you're gonna fail. Finally, in counselling, like all else and military life has a combat purpose, other things being equal the tactical unity of men working together in combat, will be an ratio to their knowledge and sympathetic understanding of each other. Whatever the cause. Aloofness on the part of officer can only produce a further withdraw on that part of the man aloofness. Now. The last section of this book was
The devastating on my I later, it's called Americans in combat. The command and control of men in combat can be mastered by junior leaders of american forces short of an actual experience under enemy fire. Is altogether possible for a young officer is first time in battle to be in total possession of his faculties and moving by instinct to do the right thing, provided that he has made the most of his training opportunities. Exercise in the manoeuvring of men is only an elementary introduction to this educational process, the basic requirement, the continuing study, first of the nature of men, second of the techniques which produce unified action and last of the history of past operations which are covered by, an abundant literature? I tell you gotta, go ready for combat those things right there
now. There are few simple and fundamental propositions which the arm services subscribe in saying to officer core what may be expected of the average man of the United States under battle conditions generally speaking. We have held true of Americans in times past, from Lexington to Okinawa, the fighting a stand, fishermen builds its discipline, training code of conduct and pop the policy around these ideas, believing that what served yesterday will also be the one best way tomorrow,. And for so long as our traditions in our system of freedom survives. These propositions are. When lead with courage and intelligence and American will fight as willingly as and as efficiently as any fighter in world history, I concur with that
his keenness and endurance in war will be in proportion to the zeal and inspiration of his leadership. He is resourceful and imaginative. Imaginative and about results will always flow from encouraging him to use his brain along with his spirit under combat conditions. He will reserve his greatest loyalty for the officer who is most resourceful in the tactical employment of his forces and most careful to avoid unnecessary losses. The soldiers gonna, know if you're fallen bodies away to get to know it in same thing. In the business world, I've worked with a lot of companies where they do their utmost To what say, there's a downturn in the market, nor do they got up thinking to fire some people and they do their bit, to mitigate that that develops loyalty That makes them fight harder when the market turns back around
Now sometimes that can be a problem, because people try and be so loyal that they'd run their business in the ground they fail To the book, except on a Hollywood law, there is no such thing as an american fighter type or best my men come in all colors shapes and sizes, they appear from every section of the nation, including that territories in battle, Americans do not tend to fluctuate between emotional extremes, incomplete dejection, one day and exaltation the next. According to the changes in the situation, they continue. On the whole, on a fairly even keel when the going is Often when things are breaking their way. Even when have we shocked by battle losses? They tend to bounce back quickly, though there, I is incessant
Their natural outlook is on the optimistic side and they react unfavourably. To the officer who looks at terminally on the dark side. Next, During battle, american officers are not expected either to drive their men or to be for ever in the van as, if praying to be shot, so the vandals, on the front lines, the Of your formation so long as they with their men in the same chances as their men and showing a firm grasp of the situation and of the line of action which should be followed. The men will go forward. In any situation of extreme pressure or moral exhaustion, where men cannot otherwise be rallied and lead forward? Officers are expected to do the actual physical act of leading such as perfect being as first scout or point
even though this mean take means taking over what would normally be and enlisted man's function, the noise The more next the normal gregarious American is not, His best when playing alone handed or tactically isolated part in battle? He is not common cause you're a one man torpedo. Consequently, the best tackle results obtained from those dispositions and methods which link the power of one man to that of another. Men who feel strange with their unit. Having carelessly received by it, and indifferently handled will rarely if ever fight strongly and courageously. But if tat With common decency and respect, they will perform, like men. So that's a sovereign. We check in somewhere,
Can you check if you're in the military- and you can tell me the check, then take care of them? Welcome here to company somebody checks and take care of them. Welcome to show around to find a mentor to get him in the game. To lie to american troops to cover up a blundering combat, rarely serves any valid purpose. They have a good sense of combat in an uncanny instinct for ferreting out the truth. When anything goes wrong, tactically, they will, excuse mistakes, but they will not for give being treated like children, basic leadership. Good one here when spit in polish are laid on so heavily that they become onerous and,
Ranks cannot see any legitimate connection between the requirements and the development of an attitude which will serve a clear fighting purpose. It is to be questioned that the exactions serve any good object whatever so give em I'm, like leaning in seal teams on probably the extreme level of of military during an uniformity, but I'm definitely not a believer that you know you got everything. Every single thing spent abolish all day. Long now,. In their saying clearly here that if you go so far that direction and people don't make any sense of it, it's not gonna be good me even if you know you know hack worth, was like MR spit in polish look at pictures of half worth in Vienna. They will do wondering where rank he looked like a regular soldiers. Look any exquisite parade manifestly makes one the guys from the that come into the camp that look like they're in parade ground uniforms. I thought quote, like yesterday said
Spotless house is the sign of a wasted life which, when I saw it I tend to like I disagree with a light because it like it basically takes one kind of perspective in like makes it into this thing, but of I'd like with this one. I was like war or it means you clean your house all the time and that's what you don't work, maybe your discipline, you have annoyed. You clean your stuff, including your house. I don't know if you take care of your house may be yours, clean person. That's not a wasted life. By the way you, I think, I think It's just an extreme statement, but I think the underlying messages you know, hey, live a little Basically, yet in a way it can. The message there is that what you're saying you, if I take it literally yeah that could you could you could go too far down that road? We just take it as a message and the messages fairly clear and I am somewhat agreed
Yeah like he spent your whole life, making sure everything in your house is clean. Yedo. This also lived likely. The highly polished samurai sword- that's never been used in battle, is a lot less valuable to me than the dinner. Switchblade knife- that's rusty from blood, a bar, that's rusty for good next, one on the other. And because standards of discipline and courtesy are designed for the express purpose of furthering control under the extraordinary frictions impressions of the battlefield Their maintenance under combat conditions is as necessary as during training smart. This and respect or the marks of military alertness, no matter how trying the circumstances but courtesy star
said the top in the dealing of any officer with his subordinates and then the decent regard for their loyalty, intelligence and manhood. Are you know you can't be over splendid over half the discipline next though Americans enjoy relative, about to fall. And even luxurious standard of living in their home environment? They do not have to be pampered spoon fed or over Phil with every comfort inconvenience to keep them steadfast and devoted once war comes They are by nature, rugged men and in the field they will respond most perfectly when called on to play a rugged part. Sir, oft handling will soften even the best men, but even the way,
man will develop a new vigour and confidence in the face of necessary hardship, if moved by a leadership which has courageously making the best of a bad situation awesome. Soft handling will soften even the best men in the weak man will come. For four unnecessary hardship knows they put that word in the Knesset? Not just been up for no reason, they gotta see why it is now next extravagance and wastefulness is somewhat rooted in the american character because of our mode of life, when our men entered the military service, there's a stronghold over from their civilian habits, even under fighting conditions, they tend to be wasteful of drinking water. Food munition another vital supply. When such things are made to accessible, they tend to
with em away, rather than conserve them in the general interests. This is a distinct weakness during combat when conservation, of all supplies, a touchstone of success. The regulator of all supply and preventing of waste in any form is the prime obligation of every officer be frugal. Next, under the conditions of battle Any extra work, exercise, maneuver or marching, which does not serve a clear and direct operational purpose, is unjustifiable, the Supreme object is to keep men is physically fresh and mentally alert as possible. Tired men take fright, and our half before the battle opens Ward, Officers cannot make clear decisions.
The conservation of men's powers, not the exhaustion thereof is a successful way of operations. Next, when forces are committed to combat. It is vital that not one unnecessary pound be put on any man's back. Lightness of foot is the key to speed of movement and the increase of fire power, in judging of these things, every officers thought should be on the optimistic side. It is better to take the chance that men will manage to get by on a little less than two overload them through, oh we're cautious reckoning of every possible contingency, thereby destroying their power to do anything effectively. Every pound counts. Lisa, at a team to they had winter warfare pontoons its he'd be up.
Burning calories on skis and those guys we're so anal about me. Their gear as light as possible is pretty impressive. So you don't you gonna backpacker something, and it's got straps near that you can loosen up or tighten up. They would the whole backpack they would cut off. Any access, strap would be gone, did get everything as late as possible. This kind of a good strategy to follow when you travel. You know how I guess you know what the funny thing is too. Is I've got this now got the tree down, you know what, if I buy, if I don't have this final bring this and I need it, I'm going to buy it right going to go to wherever by it. No factor Those two like schools of thought, were two ways to think about where the person is like. I might needed something to bring it now. The person is like, if I can't think of a
specific time that I'm gonna need this on strip. I'm not gonna, bring it and just like, I said, if I need it all by their travel light freeze at night, he has already gave over the net Unity of action developed from fullness of information in com, All ranks have to know what is being done and why it is being done if confused is to be kept to a minimum. This holds true in all types of operations. Whatever the service, however, A surplus of information clouds the mind in may sometimes depress the spirit we can take. One example, commander might be confronted by a complex situation and a solution may be a continuing operation in three distinct phases. It would be advisable that all hands be told the complete detail phaser, but it might be equally sensible that his subordinates
only his subordinates, who are close to him, be made fully informed about face being faced, see Plans and combat are subject to modification as to circumstances dictate. This being the case, it is not better. It is better not to model the men by filling their minds with a seemingly conflict of ideas. A conflict in ideas more important still. If the grand objects seems to vast and formidable even the first step toward it may be appear, doubly difficult, fullness of information does not void the other principle that one thing at a time carefully organised all down the line is the ship Best way prioritizing execute. There is no next, there is no excuse from a lingering or cowardice during battle. Is that
ask of leadership to stop it by whatever means would seem to be the surest cure always making certain that in doing so, it will not make a matter worse next The armed services recognise that there are occasional individuals nervous and, mutual make up may be such that they are road rapidly and may suffer complete breakdown under combat conditions. They still me be wholly boil and conscientious men capable of doing duty elsewhere. Men are not alike in some, however, willing. The Spirit the flesh may be too weak to punish The or in any way humiliate such men is not more cruel than ignorant when the good faith of any individual has been repeatedly demonstrated an earlier service. He deserves the benefit of the doubt from his superior pending study of his case by medical authority.
If the man has been a bad actor consistently, his officers warranted in proceeding on the assumption that his combat failure is just one more grave moral. Dereliction too failed it. Proper action against such a man can only work unusual hardship on the majority trying to do the duty. Access. The United States abides by the laws of war. Its armed forces in dealing with in your dealings with all other peoples, are expected to comply with the laws of war. In this spirit and to the letter. In waging war, we do not terrorize helpless noncombatants if it is within our power to avoid doing so want in killing torture, cruelty or the working of unusual and unnecessary hardship on enemy prisoners or populations is not justified under any circumstance. Likewise,
Respect for the reign of war, as that term is stood by the United States is expected to follow. The flag were ever goes pillage looting and other accesses or as a moral as unmoral we're Americans are operating under military law as they are living together under civil code. Nonetheless, some men in the american services will loot and destroy properly unless they are restrained by fear of punishment. War Lucy's violence and disorder it in full, Miss passions and makes it relatively easy for the individual to get away with unlawful actions, but it not lessen the gravity of was offence or make it less necessary that constituted authority. Put him down the me: safeguard against lawlessness and hooliganism in
the armed body is the integrity of its officers. When men no that their commander is absolutely opposed to such such excesses and will take forceful action to repress any breach of discipline they. No conform. But when an office winks at any degradation by his men, it is no different than if committed the act, remember that one leaders out there on the battlefield off winks at any degradation of his men is no different than if it committed there. And if you hold the discipline the discipline they will conform. They know where you fall. We stand, I should say they know we stand, they will conform neck on the field of sport, Americans,
We talk it up to keep nerve, steady and generate confidence the need, is even greater on the field of war and the same treatment will have no less effect when men or afraid they go silent. Silence of itself further intensifies. The fear. The resumption of speech is the beginning of thoughtful collected action for of evidently, too, or more men cannot join strengthen work intelligently together until they know one another's thoughts. Consequently, all training is an exercise in getting men to open up and become articulate, articulate even it is a process in conditioning them physically to move strongly together once again, step and even talking his action. That starts to dispel fear. Next inspection
is more important in the face of the enemy than during training, because a foul piece of a foul peace may mean a lost battle and overlooked. Sick man may in fact a fortress and mislaid message can cost a war. Invert two of his position. Every junior leader is an inspector. Obligation to make certain that is force at all times is inspection. Proof is unremitting. And the last one. I want to read close out this book is here in Idle crisis, a majority of Americans present present will respond to any man who has the way. And the brains to give them a clear, intelligent order they. Follow the lowest ranking man present if he obviously knows what he is doing and is morally the master of the situation.
But they will not obey a chuckle head if here, nothing in his favour, but his rank. And that's that's it for this book and I think that closing statement don't be a chocolate don't be a chocolate and weep. This is talked about earlier that they will follow the lowest man. But what was making rigging men present? If he knows what he's doing and is them, is morally the master of the situation and can do a clear, intelligent order. And I think the rest, the only if you're a chuckle had people work and listen to you just because of your rank. Talk about that all the time. You should use your rank, and I think this book actually
You know give some pretty some pretty obvious. Ways to avoid being a chuckle. Had he humble be com. Educate yourself with gout hard physical. Is a cavity is important. It's all the stuff same stuff that we talk about all the time and again user universe. And then we have a lot of listeners that oversees this stuff. This is applying to American to this applies basically worldwide, at least western world, and they ve stood the test of time. They work today so fallen and hold the line
It led with lead in everything you do and start by leading yourself with these principles, because if you can't there's no way that you can lead others, if you can't let yourself I'll. Tell you where little over the three our mark right now, so it doesn't look like we're gonna, be doing q and aid. This episode so anyone is out there still listening at this point. He and they want to know how to support the podcast echo tell me how to do it. Well, there's few ways yet so, let's start would be a lot of time to feel like em. It's dislike repetitive. Well, it is repetitive.
And since we have already had a people listening for three plus hours at this point, we didn't feel free to move quickly, ethnic yeah, I think so, but here's the thing others abide did the. I did more thinking where what, if This is the first time somebody was listening or the second time won't be as repetitive, ok, but if it's personal, they're gonna listen, do other ones should go back. And they can listen to one of those episode. That's an hour and a half year they gonna be like all gonna. Listen, do a little bit more. The right now. If we go along right now, they may not less than all the now some people that would do its fun. We like that, no to know nothing is fun out of three hours. I don't know what I went long well, inner, so much good information is book, though how long I'm sorry but sorry get information, yet the games good, but I think we can proceed quickly
that's what I said, yeah sure I dig in saying no banter. You know, I know you got things you want to talk about not only with the stuff but its and avoid the banter. The key here is really the ok look. I can ok, we're good will go into it on it supplements station evils sometime time, sometimes hey, I don't need supplements the great die or I'm not into it. Just in general, I have to success. Fully convey the importance of supplement, or, at the very least, the value go ahead. So I'm not going to ban through with you, I'm just going to go ahead and get after it right here. As far as you can go, real, quick on it supplements he didn't already know crude oil or easy are easy. Everyday consumption of supplements essential crude oil for your joints. This is good because the legitimate one it's not the one where they can.
Bunch of krill grain them up and uncertainty. It's like the real deal helps you. I could tell you the story about how it helped me, but that lets. You listened the other. Fifty two back ass. If you wanna hear that story here just understand, if you're going for results on it supplements crude oil, easy crude oil out the brain from tat. Were you bars, even though those are really supplements there like, but you do eat of everyday sneer. Everyday consumption, and I got be the pre work out. I was a good regulation.
On stimulant by the way saw not engender jittery. Yet nothing like this and it's it's like this, like earth grown ingredients in there is well good, actually tastes you also on it calls things. Earth grown ingredients numbskull, oh, I know it sounds cool where also they grow on space, I wouldn't think cool if they grow LE is different or subterranean or something what what's up they try to make his uncle go way towards good stuff, how they say that, while the average growth, the answer to that is lab grown in rough stuff in the lab or just concocted inner chemically lack. Why so? I'm just saying that's the differentiated you weren't, which is good you in earth grown, is actually go. It's insane I'll go in and if there is any more questions without again studies grove drastic as they can move base alpha yeah and if you can indicate the benefits of anything moon grown, I'm sure the hay would provide that on the website or whatever that's where I get them from alpha brings proven as well. That's the thing with new tropics need your help, your brain.
Let them glad it's a placebo thing: they were through the real test, to prove that it works proven scientifically fact that it still on a dark, comes less jacket, get ten percent off. If you want ten percent off, if you know one ten percent optical on a duck, people price support. Everybody, Everything, whatever whatever the New York City, not sporting, anybody definite sporting us. If you don't do that, but will take. Equally it is cause. It's like you're, still getting yourself since you know you, they'll get and supplement nation. Where does not getting the credit so just like, if, like you, donate to a cause, and you put anonymous and the thing And then you don't need another ten percent, fainting tombs anyway, Let us hope that the good way can realise I'm guilty for making these things longer, because I'm interjected yeah, I should just be quiet, it does require. What's your,
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Psychological warfare see thou TAT had turned out good, and I must say that I was listening to your explanation. What psychological warfare was you need to listen to it. It is unclear You told the story, but it was you now we're talking to each other and now, and you would tell you kind of tell me the story rent, but I know a bunch about a so. When I listen to what I said, you know what people that are or that dont know what this is all going to wonder. What this is. Echo asked some questions about what I'm thinking about in certain situations of weakness, right, certain situations of weaknesses- and he asked me a couple minutes and I kind of told them off the cuff. I think about this at this new kind of got that look on his face. When I I know is thinking of something. So I said always thinking of something and then the next day or are we gonna do record these, so he we can but with some more questions than echoes of this is a good one. This is a good one, came up with the questions and then.
I wrote down the answers and I read him into a microphone we accorded it possesses. Echo does and then he said, I'm gonna make this into cause. People ask for ring tones. Do. They want to be able to awake to disable to me quite a lot of accident stuff. Susan report, these on Itunes and for him for sale, and I said, Well, if that's what you think, so he the owl, was called it. So it's an album of clips they're like two or three minutes long. Therefore,
therefore, a cover for psychological warfare against moments of weakness, yes and we're to them. A woman's weakness come when you want to get up in the morning. So there's there's actually because I know that's a hard won for people. There's three psychological attacks against the weakness of not getting out of bed in the morning there, psychological warfare against wanted to eat bad food, their psychological war warfare against procrastination. Just moments of weakness are covered in the psychological warfare. Album very welcome and is for sale on items in you. You got a search for Jackal, willing or psychological warfare. It's a little bit hard to find the way Itunes is laid out because it's in spoken word, but that doesn't drop down under music anyway, it's kind of hard to find, but it is on there. In its recent- and that is in fact another way to support the broadcast because it is for sale, because our people want to support the broadcast, and so they say eight. You? How can we support the progress and the euro
he's sick people say or do you have this thing where you can donate money? We will give you money. Will I don't want you to give me money? We give you something if you you, you just don't give me money, I'm not gonna, take it well, well there's been a puppet government have given money, which is awesome. We appreciate it, but for the general for my general lab conscience. Right. Reciprocal issue. I give you some back. So here's what we give you you give us the money for the Itunes album. You get something back and you know it. You get back discipline in mp3 format, that's what you get so check it out there already there, therefore, neither no screamin, but very there, get after in the feedback that I've got an awesome like everyone onto others. I bit out of bed every time I saw you. I owe real. I didn't procrastinate on this project of in depth Debbie's this project on a week earlier, because I didn't want procrastinate but to decide not to their own.
You're gonna do the alarm. Clock thing is that this last time clear it with you you sleeping with your wife or whatever is make sure they have their heads up, because if they hear it, they're gonna flipper yet, and they will slip out because I'm going crazy, duffel bag results and there's a man in the rural tarling. That's a native remains open. Ok, you got in all one year. Cleats can go over it over the plan. You don't want a freak people out. You have in your having your significant other region for their side arm yeah that put the laser all around the room. Searching second side, no good, that's for sure, but it's been It is that sometimes it's been number one and spoken word had on Itunes number one that's been there's some other good people on the list, but it's not it's been born for its awesome. I think, since a put put it on their day off
you everyone as item lessening the room. That's that's picking up! Thank you appreciate that thousand those were aghast solid. We do support couple other ways that you can support. This one is get some shock of white tee, it's probably greater weight to the some pomegranate granted, there can get some of that stuff. If you haven't got it, You think I don't like t you're wrong Because you haven't tried this tea because it tastes it doesn't take I'm telling it doesn't it. I don't know what it taste like you don't taste like it taste like what it taste like. There's nothing else that you compared to it just tastes. Good really good It's got a little bit of caffeine in Uganda, drink it before you go to bed if you need to
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What to do every single time they will tell you to do is get after it to get them on their dark, approved and then extreme ownership. The book Christmas. Why not get it for every single person I've ever known in your life, you might as well not dreaming. Should review. Listen. The box ass gonna, like what we talk about here, the book extreme ownership, it's about the same, it's about combat leadership also, speaking of extreme ownership, again New York City may fourth and fifth would do in the stream ownership muster numbers euros Two the last one was zero zero one insane Diego this one, zero, zero, two may fourth and fifth at the merrier, we're goin deep on combat leadership. Which means were born deep on all leadership, because the principles do not change the thing: that's cool everybody
that's their everyone's in the game. Evans in the game, ceos mid level managers, every industry you can think of, life's gonna, be there echoes gonna, be there J, p he's gonna, be there in the game with you. You know when I hide behind the curtain or not backstage will be in acting hanging out, do not have we're gonna do in Antonia, it's gonna sell out so register, there a p. I know that echo to make some videos and the videos that he's gonna make are gonna show the last muster and assumes those videos come out. Is gonna sell out everything the footage it looks all summit is awesome, it was awesome and the next one is going to be awesome. So. So join now register now there's discounted tickets. If your law enforcement, fire fighters or military, we had discounted tickets. If you want to ask questions or get that discount. Also, if you have like
and twelve people coming from you're coming from your company, we discount go in there too. You can email muster at echelon, front dot, com. You don't check out the website. Extreme ownership dotcom real original. We thought that one end. We look forward to seeing you guys there in the meantime, if, if you wanna gonna, kick it with us, We are taking it ourselves on the into webs on twitter. On Instagram as well, and also we going to be on that one- that Facebook Ybor how we going to be there. Echo is at ECHO Charles and I am at Jocko Willink and finally go out there and exit.
We talk a lot about a lot of different subjects on this part gas, and we hear from incredible leaders and the lessons that we learn today, lessons that were learned and lessons that are written in blood, but those less. Are meaningless their meaningless if you dont execute on them, Few listen without doing you might as well, not even waste your time, just keep being arrogant and in wasting your time not being productive and not living up to your potential Wasting your life, if you're not going to execute on what we learn, but if you list and then you go and you do
then stay on it and remember. Also let the rewards don't come easy, don't count on any glory, just hold the line. And stay on the path so that you know so that you know that you are in the game, a hundred percent and that you know that you are getting after it so until next time this is ECHO and Jacko out.
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