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55: Dealing w/ Hostile Drunk Idiots, How to Eliminate Complacency with Age, Vets w/ Bad Behavior

2017-01-06 | 🔗

0:00:00 - Opening

0:01:00 - How Important is "Purpose", or your "Why"?

0:07:36 -  If you had to choose:  Jiu Jitsu Gym VS Regular Gym.

0:17:45 - Advice for An Encounter with a Hostile Drunk Idiot

0:35:19 - Leading the Command Staff to understand the Ground Troops

0:43:18 - More on How to Emotionally Detach from Heated Situations

0:49:28 - Dealing with Vets who use Vet Status to excuse bad behavior.

0:58:51 - Default Aggressive in Jiu Jitsu.  Streets, Competition, and Training

1:12:31 - Does Complacency come with Age?

1:16:06 - Interesting and Helpful:  Onnit, Jocko Store, Amazon Support, Jocko White Tea, Muster 002

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This- is Jack O pot gassed number. Fifty five with ECHO Charles and me Jocker willing good evening echo good evening. Will our last thought cast- which I guess is no surprise at this point- when a little long did not have room for culinary so because of that we have, we will dedicate progress number. Fifty five
today to give any questions from the inner webs. Thanks to everyone that is submitted, questions through the into webs said weaken attempt to answer some of them and with that ECHO Charles, if questions from the in a web wrong, what do you got? Well first question is how important it is purpose reason cause in being successful. Like the Pope, your purpose read well clearly, purpose and reason and cause are extremely important. This is this is the why of of your actions. This is knowing why you're doing what you're doing this is the commanders intent, and so you you absolute, absolutely important, if you don't know you're doing something. Wouldn't let me ask you Why are you doing something they do its work?
requires very simple to understand. So yeah you I know, if you don't know why you're doing something than what we going to do when you hit an obstacle you're going to stop. What are you good at adaptations? Are you to make one thing go wrong to overcome them, you're not gonna, make any cause you don't why you're doing it, So if you have no reason, if you have no reason for doing something, you're not gonna, do it. So you gotta have a long term goal. We got understand the underlying purpose of what you're doing now. This doesn't necessarily means that mean that it has to be rigid, doesn't have to be rigid. You know no idea, an interesting case as an example I'll give. You is my own case right. So, of course you know all about planning in in always having a long term plan. Stuff. But, to be honest with you, the situation that have been right now is a human and have a long term plan for this. You know that.
The irish nation. I wrote a book. I had no intention of writing a book. That kind of happened. You ok, people were asking awesome in as we work Mrs they said you have the stuff written down, so we need to break the book once we wrote, we thought maybe we be handing out when we go and work with companies, Literary agent sought today. Let me let me show this to some publishers, publishers wanted, let let us purposes. Ok, so you figure you're a publish it. Well, when you're published a book. You don't expect it. A bunch of people can read it. You expect that you can have a book publishing that's cool but, it ended up you're really well, so that kind of happened with that all the summer was on a couple podcast? Why didn't you know? Have any intention when I went on TIM Viruses Park as an instrument of this good propelled me into my progress or Joe rogue expediency. Now you know Joe Romans gonNA launch me into the park ass world. Now I don't expect that, but it happened, and you know what I did and it made sense to me- ok, these you guys are squared away their squared away in particular genre, and there
recommending my mind is open. Ok, let's try making progress. Did I know that park ass was gonna, be supervised we not just that we are making a podcast so that you know the few people want would want to listen to it cool for me then look what happens next thing in the world were making tea? You don't I think, I'm making tea blue eyed. No, no idea that that he would be part of my work so that all the stuff happened right, but but the goal really the underlying reason. For me doing all this is still there. Through the whole thing- and that is that I want help people- I help people with something that but with the lessons that I've learned, I want to help them. So how can I do that? Well, you right now. Ok, you write it down, so people can read a great how else can have on oh you can make a park, so people can access it easily and cheaply cookery go. So, the underlying oh, you know I want people to be healthy. Well, what's a good way to be healthy,
stop drinking monster energy drinks start drinking red Ball twelve day. That's our dream!. Something that's help. You ok go jack awaiting next thing. You know! That's all we ve got more. So it's it's. That's been my that's been my goal and I haven't really, even though I even strayed from where maybe the original I thought I was gonna. Take I still steed. Reason is the same and I think That's what I'm saying when you reason is clear and your purpose is clear: that's gonna make your drive clear and that's gonna make you execute well, because no we're going. You know you were you wanna, be you understand your purpose and why you're doing something? That's help you be successful. In my opinion, do you think that, like how many people they'll be like? This is my why and it'll be like their kids or something like that. Do you think that falls within this, like you know, like reason, per
in all this stuff yeah. But I think I think that that's the same, the same general. Guy criticised purpose reason cause why. I think that that is the question. Could I said that I think that if your purpose is you it's really clear example: right mgwana people might say that. Well, that's cool, but that's you're gonna have to clarify that little bit more as if you're purposes, your kids then quit your job. And you spend all day with your kids with enormous you're, not supporting your kids could now you can afford to buy food yeah you're right. Like his allotted to Sir, your your goal should be taken, good care of and providing for your children's now and in the future. Well, ok, now that makes sense now you're, looking long term short term. You got up. You know that you have to work hard now, you know have to make investments room so that that's the kind of thing that's beyond just a simple I'm doing this. For my kids worried over your kids, we need energy four year so like or using that example like this, is my why it's my daughter, it's less
This is why I am in writing a book it's more. This is why I can endure the hard days or this why I'm gonna! continue to work, hard kind of thing at whatever it is doing, I just have an underlying yes and underlying reason. Does this question, but I think that the answer yes Yes very I actually. I should just answered that into work. I should have said how important purpose he's in being successful, answer very important. We can have a lot of different reasons too. You know or like that, core more than one year. You know it. I'd say if there's anything to be taken away from question is, if you don't feel here's the here's. I would say to take away if you don't feel some kind of in your life, even don't feel passionate about something. If you feel like you're wandering in meandering through the world, then it's I'm to assess the decided say: ok, what my reason. What am I trying to do? What would I like to do in the world
Now we get something valuable here. We all know that you gotta have a purpose either get reason. So if you feel yourself meandering down the path with no reason, no purpose digging. And find one next wished. I want to begin training in Jiu Jitsu, but financial constraints dictate that I can keep my gym membership to keep getting after the four a dot m or begin training. Jiu Jitsu, but not both you oughta black and white question. Isn't one other ok, first check around Europe and see, there's a jim that has both right. I know that's one of the reasons that we created my Jim victory and may there's an an fitness on there too cuz no matter what you want to do. If you're in the game, you can do it there, you can do striking, you can do just so. You can rest and you can do boxing. You can do weight lifting
can you guys were too you can do and pick lifting you can do power lifting you can you can send it? I think it is a zillion everything, that's why we create the Jim and you in its not more expensive, then straight Jujitsu GM or not more expensive than a straight cross budget, actually cheaper than boat, most both those so look around. See. If you have a Jim. It has both anything. If there is no Jim around there. That has both. Maybe you do it. Did you started Jim? That has both right and you can that I did it did. It was my buddies said: hey, you know what we want to. We want a train all the time in all these different aspects. How can we do that? Can we go to one Jim at you know four o clock in the afternoon. We have to do another Jim at five o clock and we have to build another Jim at seven o clock. Do we want to do that? No, so what we do Make our own job, maybe what we want and guess what would you do Been like that in the business world, if you, if you think I think TIM Ferris said scratch your own ich right you, you haven't h that you want to scratch. There's other people
can have the same action that will happen with argent serving those. I want a train. Of course I want to drain so me we start, your own, Jim, and oh you're, not a skilled Buddha presented its practitioner, guess what for the first time ever in America actually a bunch of really good jujitsu practitioners in maybe get a black belt to come to where you live, maybe you could cause is a good chance. You good, but a brown bout, a purple bout. They can be a good and a great instructor, so you might open up a gym and start that now that doesn't mean also rejected, make a huge investment to do that, you could start off with your garage and some mats. So that's an idea, Other thing you could do if you don't kiss her that don't exist, how about you find Jiu Jitsu his stuff? One right. We want to stay healthy, want to stay fit, but you just to kind of
I already it's kind of the priority I'll tell you why it's learning right, if you take, if you take menu, and we go through the situation and you decide that you're gonna be Jujitsu, and I decided when await lift in ten years, whose Happy and who said we know the answer they answer is clearly now I start because I now have enough money so six years into it, I start training jitsu in Europe, Brown, bout or black belt and and have this knowledge and it's gonna take me six years to get their. Meanwhile, you while you were retraining, guess what are you doing? you were doing calisthenics you were sprinting you're. You were lifting rocks, you do and cheap stuff for free. And you're still getting massive benefit. So for me, My priority is integral to the judge, because you can go and spent forty dollars honest their wings for your garage or your basement or your hallway. And the next thing you know you can do. Perhaps you can do depths
you can do muscle ups. You can do squats instead, it's all day long, you don't eat anything for that, so you can get a massive benefit. With a set of rings or you can just get a pull. A party can do politician and you're good at home depot and by a pipe, in a couple nails and nail it into the wall. You got to pull up bar that you do pull ups push ups and squats and you're good to go. You can become a beast with those exercises. So I would prioritize, and it will do that. Prioritized legitimate I'd make some kind of a home. Jim are good, or why am CIA or some cheaper kind of Jim? The other thing you go to you to give your school and become the mob person for cleaning up our modern mats that's another thing you can do to make. Sap, and maybe you need a little deal cut at both places. Most Jim places that you'd have you go in there and say: hey look I need. I can't afford
this right now? What do you do for it? Maybe they'll cut you some kind of a deal. The other thing that you can likely do. Now you're saying you don't have the budget for this situation. What is in your budget adoption cut out yeah. That's my question. And the funny thing is working. You cut out coffee a lot of people drink two or three dollars worth of coffee They probably even more that already or coffee trigger nail your altered. How much? How much is a coffee added to drink a day from Starbucks? Let the spectrum, the border Starbuck theology earlier today, yet if you're going to say what's in buying the other night, but I get coffee from on it. To be honest with you as you can make your own at home of, but But if someone in works near a Starbucks, they stop on the way to more than in a gym. Member sates forage, therefore box a day
and twenty bucks, ammonia, so bomb you caught up coffee or you make your own make your coffee and you're gonna go. What about the nights you go out to eat? Like you know, I don't feel the cooking now go I'll. Do a little restaurant that cost you thirty forty bucks a shot get rid of that case, but your cable bill, your cable bill, you watching tv, nothing, zero, productive, coming out of that zero you're, not doing anything beneficial for yourself. Get really your cable next you, U, Gary Cable and I not enough money for your Jim membership. You know so I was another one cell phone usage right. We rapid the big numbers on self. Only doing what were you doing? Is it to surf the entire webs and get you outta, Lou your mind to work cut down on that cause, I'm thinking now you could scrape away a little bit here and there is low. Your plan and user use your phone less, you watch in the? U s getting you have seas, I love you see but instead of watching it at home for fifty bucks or fifty nine box,
Go to a bar and pay ten bucks to get in and watch are there for ten bucks. You just say forty bucks or how about books we advocate a you know, there's movie night: what are you gonna go see the new movie theater no don't go, see the new movie, the theatre that cost it. That's an expensive. Now, isn't it is even more than ten dollars. Ten new members I think it's like ten of these eleven, yet why we want them as eleven out dislike over a year ago. Yeah so cut that out bike to work to do, something each start, shaving a little bit of money, because in the long run. What you're gonna get from these two things from fitness and from jets? You are going to be enough, so much value when your life Do they really Whitworth way more? What these little marginal things that you're cutting out are you in that way they get the beginning. I e sit like what is it that
you can cut out. So basically your ear identifying. What is it right now that year considering more important than Jujitsu or the gym, whatever. The term, the actual nature. That is nothing. Do there nothing more important in your wife, then you're fitness and really did you do is party have, and also to knowledge and its confidence in its Ok, I know that people can a freak out. Ok, I'm not seems the most board thing in your life here in terms of in terms of of purchases that you can make it s the Two things are of the highest level. Now you need a car to get back and forth to work, understood you need a house for sleeping understood. You need food on the table, understood the need to take care of it we understood with you. You get into the Should all things in life? These are the top to be the top two things Do Antonio wrong, I don't knock, I can t, but what he saw but making
as far as making a decision goes, you'd your assent to the identifying what you currently are holding more important than it regards the. What, yes, you think is more for you, you got identify, action in our statement here. Yes of what you believe. Yeah and that big one tooth like drinking, I gotta, know another one drink so that some person might not drink at all. But if you buy a six pack of beer, let's see you do that. Twice a week or something like that. That's like those in I don't remember hitherto the better that your coffee thing is being do but other. There is a lot of little little ways. The cable thing I gotta be honest only because you're, probably not the only one that watches tv, I know it. The the argument is like Hey tv: is it good corn quote for anybody, so everyone should be signed on in the household benefiting torture point it's not that easy
what I'm saying you don't like. There is going to be some ripples in the you know special when you first make that transition, if you choose to take it upon yourself to cut out cake, cause. You wanna go to do get to know you make everyone in your house. You improve. Everyone in your house meant I another guy, what our their magic- and I know what it's like surgery. You gotta make that initial incision open up everything and make a mass before you can repair enough of them. That initial part is gonna, be most of a ranking. Ganz is always run that do you get Netflix Year, Hulu on those things. Are you get streaming on demand? raise the which is kind of worthies going anyway earlier, really the others, some cubits there's some good stuff, too good so far as to find a way to do both. It can be done. You have you can do it not the home Jimmy
That's good, that's something! You need to start slowly and start adding to their full links. Throw bucks you got rings, don't have your smiled Naomi. You begin to go for sure. Ok, next question Jacko hadn't in it. I wanted your opinion on love your book about guess what we listened and play you lessons to my life: job, anthem, driving home one night with my wife in four year old son in the car when some junk eat it walking in the middle of the roadway in front of my car refusing to move running his mouth. My wife begged me not to get out of the car got to be soon reached into his front. Waistband, like he had a gun, in, although myself being a police officer in having Countless incidents in experience like this, I didn't feel he did more like drunken bravado or grandstanding any cases I was armed and having training bargaining in a little bit of jujitsu felt I could handle. The situation has lasted about a minute.
Them? Standing there, and eventually I just drove around him while he was running as well, call me names and all its. To my first point Ready, obviously, is getting my family home safely and making sure nobody will ever do any harm to them. But another part of me felt like what am I teach my son, I mean is that ok, you know is that ok to let people disrespect and active anyway, they want towards you, so dropped off miss. So I dropped off my family went back looking for the guy. He was gone. I guess lucky for me as well to him. I am questioning my decision, not out of ego. Only because of the example. I want to be to my son that you never go looking for trouble and confrontation, but you don't back down from it either ever well, just first of all,
you want me he just so you know you want. You got a wife and kid. You want right so options. Would we options here or for one? If your police officer You call the police, you can you know on getting a radio and count as they would go on to have this guy arrested before he causes on the of an actual action being out. Miss strode like an idiot, been on the road by Canadian, so that that's an option, but but things like. What are you trying to teach her son or are you try? to teach your son that he should fight every idiot that offend him. The easy! If you, if that's what you did, you hear gonna have a very productive life or a very nice life. So there's too, negatives right. That can happen
this actually happened. Something similar to this happened to me a little while ago, down by the ocean down, might appear in the neighborhood where I live and there was a like a tweaker, crazy, drunk on drugs and all that and it wasn't it wasn't directors this he wasn't. He wasn't saying anything at me What is the element swear words, and it needs a front of my kid. My kid- and this is when my son was probably six or seven years old And he just alone these isolated, Reese swearing and just acting crazy right. And what I did was. I said to myself: okay, you see this guy right here. Have you heard of what drugs are? This is what drugs do to you right here this this guy. This is where it ends up so
this guy's a miscreant, easy criminal. The other thing I told him. I said what, if this guy attacks us, what do you think would happen in my son was kind of you know you would choke him cuz, my son, trying to just do that to you is what you would joke and I was like that's right, I'm not afraid of this guy, we're not afraid this guy. This is no factor we know how to fight. We know how to defend ourselves, but that being said, what we want to do is We want to avoid the situation in others, all kinds of all kinds of bad things that can happen there. We know this My son, like this guy, could have a knife. I could have a gun This guy could have this guy could just a blood borne disease right, discreditable blood borne disease? Now I don't get a fight with him, and now I have a blood borne disease. What what what what What is that, situation saw it like. I said I told him that this is This is why we trains why we not use firearms.
When people are maniacs and end if their insane and psychopathic- and they have wept, so you need to have a weapon yourself. You need to be able to finish up so our privacy. What are you My son, my primary objective is to be safe right to do not get to avoid these situations and guess what, if you still feel the need to, like the man in the situation, or prove that your manner proved your summit, which is valuable not trying to put that don't. You your son to see that that you should be stronger that you should be able to stand up for yourself and that you will don't ever have to back down anybody. That's why you're soon comes a view to the gym. That's why you trains jujitsu! That's why you changed you, that's why he watches you day in day out day out, working out being strong being tough going to the gym training with firearms. That's why he sees all that stuff. So he knows I mean
you're, not my kids, if you were to ask my kids like against a random person the street. They would deeper. Basically I could be of any one in the world can really fascinating because, as I said, we train and all the time right That's all they see me do so. So that's that now the disrespect part deep distrust back to me right disrespect is abundantly disrespect. Me is one thing, but now you disrespect my wife right well again, how can you be disrespected and others are explained? I will explain to my son: you cannot just be disrespect be disrespected by someone that has no respect for themselves and if you are a drunk idiot in the street, you have no respect for yourself. You dont, you cannot disrespect me
impossible for you to give me disrespecting respect yourself as a human? So so that's just that just did in count and autonomous on that all day, long or or any given that all day long you can be disrespect, by someone who doesn't even respect themselves, the you know what I am respect in respect of this junk idiot, given in the If adopted. I am respect, so you know that than the other pieces not backing down from trouble right in I'm, not gonna back down from Trouble, but I am going to avoid it- could have been avoided it and you know what trouble avoids me get avoids me. And if you are working now in your staying strong and you have the competence, because you know you can handle yourself, we troubles
to avoid you. Ninety nine percent of the time and the other thing is you gotta tell your kids, I mean, like my son, is getting older now if he gets in a fight with someone he could him. I mean that's a straight up. What could happen. Answer now I've got in your he's. A young kids are he's gotta, you gotta, do the things that you are talking about in this question prove himself prove that he's not gonna back down those. I can explain to listen. Let me tell you what getting a street fight, a cool rush, good right, it's fun, so you get that maybe you get a little bit of props, you get a little bit of respect from the read rights, Jerry Credit from your people. Let me tell you about so that, along with those two things which are, which are cool right possible jail time possible injuries possible. Ah suits the broke in hand. I mean, even if just only those the big ones right jail time, which there's been plenty of cases where
A clear case here in San Diego guy push another guy filmmaker dead, I'd rail, though things really abbot, not to mention you could get you you, so you get jail you get injury not not to mention you could get killed right cause. You think you're, a tough guy, guess what greatest MMA fighter in the world get caught with a crack in the face and they get knocked out. You fall down and hit a curb you. You could die so because of that aspect to When you get to the injuries right, Greek you get a street you're gonna get some kind of an entry. You gonna some kind of an injury, but you're just gonna happen. You know whether it is a little caught her little brazen. You can have something: that's a paint it could be major injury could break your hand. That happens all time, lawsuits now you're gonna get sued in other common after you, in Really it's just a stupid like a rip, Jack, eater. Scuff me just isn't worth it: it isn't worth it, especially because we're talking when an individual that you can cry,
in an instant, and that has no value is a human discount with this person's do it, but none this person is an idiot dont, go down to their level and play that game. Instead avoid that and go to the gym and train more and be read. Yeah, that's my opinion, good job on walkin, we're going out there the guide. Luckily you you already said. Luckily you didn't find a good right. Who knows maybe you'd be the guy. That's aren't you going to jail the carpet Cop and you are armed- you ain't gonna fight with this guy and you ve pulled your weapon cause. You were losing any shot up and then what we see when she somebody that a cell phone, they record of the whole thing- and they see you push on this guy around It's not a good situation, gotta be worth cultural responsible when you're carrying also response when you carry, you know that we all know that we carry. We,
to avoid. That's that's what we have to do when we're packing me and you can kind of tell when, when someone scared, you know when, like if this guy and again street in you're in the car, that's it seems Robbie C drive around you go home. You know someone's like git it like you, walking on the sidewalk any gets in your way. That's you know it's kind of different whatever, but waiting the situation and you're not scared cause prepare to whatever you. You simply walk around or go the other way or something like that. The people with you they can tell it. Can tell you not scared making the right, but if you are, scared, whether you fight the guy or you runaway scared. They can tell that to so I am a situation. The other day I was walking ass. You wish while audio with my whole family, going some ice cream was busy. Couple months goes in the summer time, gonna get some ice cream had a disk
disciplinary breakdown in my own mentality, gonna get ice cream, so we're walking down the street and out of nowhere, this guy just gets in my film like stood up god my face with really fast, and I I just kind of looked at him and sort of did the new into into the semi, not a full on fighting but I turned you know like a quarter turn and just looked at him, because I thought: ok, we're gonna rock and roll. What will make this happen in almost instantly. What happened you just describe habit, as soon as the guy got my face. He was immediately within what within half a second immediately back down and walked away. It was he was just trying to prove something when you realize real quick, he was going to get the crushed, but anyways. That's the same thing. You know the guy could tell oh you want to fight. You know that story about Euler for integration. To me the story in August.
The owners are really good surfer, an oil is, Surfing at spot in- and the egg on you know, Santiago, like all surfing areas, is pretty on territorial and there's some fearsome aggression and serve any is some guy start to get an aggressive with with oil, and- winner said to him some classic line. It was something along the lines of payment you surfer, living, I fight for a living if you want to go to the beach, let me know otherwise be quiet Another was gray light nicely done by this time. We want an ability to see me in a wheeler small for those you don't know who we're the races pointers, a small small guy he's, obviously a master of Jujitsu, but he's only hundred and fifty hounds hundred fifty five pounds, maybe really small guy you any any he's a nice guy he's not a guided this
I'm a guy, that's gonna be intimidated, he's not unity is low, So not going to intimidate anybody anything Holly fires and he needs just he's looks like a nice guy nor any user, nice guy and he's got a nice presence about it. So what I'm saying is what again to reinforce what you just said. We someone is confident to that level. Even though there are hundred and forty five hundred fifty pounds and look like a nice guy with a smile on your face when you currently say look you know what I do for a living. I fight. If you want to go to the beach and fight. Let me know guys is only know what I'm going to leave. You alone, like a plan than the little detector, goes off like danger of danger to get my ass beat up, but in some, but reserve for decision making goes some better crazy. You know we're, like you, said, Thirdly, on drugs or
this guy. In this case, if you sit in the middle of the road acting like you, know, poison the hood guy, we got a problem here continent, that's what he said. He was doing like he's. Obviously off like he's, not a decision maker kind of thing. So you know, if you jump into two situation with em it's kind of unpredictable and that we re in a limited amounts. Let's say the guy has a goner doesn't have a gun you at the moment to get away from it. You have you thought we had a gun on you get away from it right. Let's they use it all in order to confront them right now, so you listen you gonna shoot out! You kill him! Guess what you gonna do now you gotta I am a lawyer, you gonna, hang up. You gonna, take a break from work as your copy. This all these, the he's not worth it it's a pain in the ass is what it is. It's almost like, I mean, maybe wrong here, but it's almost like you can treat like what what's the thing. What's the gold we're going for a ride back to the back of the last question of the day,
what's your reason why your reason for doing this year, like em they go in and look from look for the guy within like what's the goat, like? What's the out like what going for there were the look form to tell him not to do that again or what to resolute, learn to kick his ass believe ratings go round, and then even that you don't a lot of times. We don't. I know When you're in that moment, you don't think pass that you just like I gotta get my whatever it might. Then really is what it is. You shouldn't have done that to me. I'm a good teacher, molesting kind of a thing I mean that's the feeling, because a weird man you can jump into that weirdness brightest home with your family and once when the confrontation happens, the best case scenario isn't good debate, case scenario, illegality. Gentlemen. That is the best case scenario. That's gonna happen. It isn't good because you got and if you walk up and knock the guy out with one clean punch, you gotta get a broken finger.
No, you got a broken knuckle, even if you walk up and choke the guy you got his grimy puke over, you know to meet each other. There did you there's nothing that goods gonna come out and all other, then it feels good to fight, but thou. Can easily be remedied by going to the gym, inviting all your body and in this case I don't know you, don't this good. Oh, you you'd knocked out a weird homeless guy in the middle of the road and you and your family. I don't see how that's cool know that maybe at home without feel good. I don't think so there s can we just want, and we want this crews and is me Terry, TIM electors, huge, don't like I'm kind of aid? whatever TIM and Arthur Conference this guy was behind us in the booth were at a restaurant or something and weird like what are
is the booze were flimsy, so we're shaken booth is behind us. He got up all crazy like Hague is. What did he say said again, you guys are big, but you gotta keep knocking the booth, we're gonna like basically Paul this out to a fight. Kid like tattoos we're on his neck and stuff and at first I was like man. Is this good? Joking like we're like what, when I was confused and to be honest, I was like stunned comes like it in this scenario with so foreign to me, oh stating did not even know what to say I don't even know what everyone else was doing. That's done. There was, but then TIM hues He's too can stop for you like this. The serious China does Johnson that he like stands up goes to final, but the guy was a weirdo. That's the thing it was like all of us, big guy, as you know, in two was like you, wasn't scared of his ready like fight, so he gets in the state that they serve as if I want to cruise by the way we're fighting you can't fight on a cruise. Was this big seeing you know and the guy like Hughes? I know it
she's ready to die or something cuz. You was like kind of down to fight and does Kim, like, I think, broke it up or whatever with make. This big report is like this big thing, so it was all just. In the ass is basically right. Man, I'm anything like what. If we fought that guy, you know the autumn unless it or what. TIM thought, oh yeah, whatever is getting arrested a lawsuit against him and we were on a cruise now we have recently Zachary it's all stupid. Don't do that! Can stuff like swish jock, loved the podcast part of the question, Any suggestions for leading command staff to understanding the ground level troops and emission ok for for those that are not in the military command staff that sort of the business world that would be like corporate headquarters. You know the corporate head we got the commands to Athens will do it happens in both situations where you end up with with the
a man staff with a corporate headquarters that kind of losing track of what what there actually. Therefore, the ground level mission the troops there, the ground, and this is a tough questions, also kind of a simple one. So I go back to trying to constantly remind people what the mission is where they try to do it. I had a the add more now, the Admiral data worked for the admiral great Guy and one of the things of the problem. About this before, but one of the best things that he did was cause he's he's so detached from the sea. Opel tunes like there's layer upon layer upon layer in between him in them and actually believe it or not the job of the admiral that's in charge of the seal teams. This is gonna, sound, strange everybody, the job of the
admiral, that's in charge of the seal teams is to get equipment and gear and training for the seal teams now and for like the next ten years, because ass, the weather, budgetary process works in them in the Pentagon enters so so, don't they, when you think I know you, you want to think of the seal admiral as though or fighter, let's go in for the guidance actually in charge, the senior seal. Now that you could be a special operations through this other place, you can be, but the guy that's in charge of the seals of of Naples. Special warfare command. That's what it's called naval special warfare command. The admiral charge that which puts him in charge of all the seals that guy his main. His his job is to train and equip seals. Train and equip not take em into battle, but train and equip Enzo
when you put this whole organization, where the purpose of the organisation is to train and equip, but the organisation is huge and even command organization gets very big and so what they start doing, as they start losing focus that ten levels below them somewhere overseas. Is these an ape and squatted the Zodiac off the coast of some nation, Duenna reconnaissance is we're here. Way than we think about even more about that for years, and so they check happens in the corporate world as well, where the the head shed. That's their deal stuff to write their deal with legal problems or deal with compliance problems there dealing with financial problems they lou track of the fact that there's a guy on the front line, that's trying to fix a car or replaced, an air conditioner. You know that, that's the way it is so you lose the vision of that you lose track of that sort. Was great about this. Admiral that I worked for years These big meetings, where they would be told, about a hundred
of millions of dollars of expenditures over the next twelve years in various training commands and all this stuff huge, and he would always You you'd always say houses impact a super tune oversees. How does this How does this help You are Salter, go out and shoot a bad guy in the face. That's what he would ask inaccurate snaps everybody snaps, everybody back, into reality of what did you get? It connects exactly What this question is suggestions for leading command staff to understanding the ground level. Should you gotta ask that question in the business side of seeing the same thing? You know that I totally lose track of it. So it's for you, you end up. You can asked the question: hey everything that Talk about the did this, this compliance thing in this regulatory thing in this new software that you're not gonna. Let me ask you a question: how is this guy, help one of our front line salespeople close a deal. That's the question.
That's the whole reason that were here. The whole reason that this big staff is here the whole reason we have this building The whole reason we have this base is so that a seal overseas can close with destroy the enemy or so of real big corporations, so that this repair man can make get to a house, and fix in electrical problem in a short period of time, efficiently, ineffective. That's what we're all here for so many guess what you have do you have to keep reminding them of what's going on down on the phone lines? What the mission is, what the men are doing, what issues around there? Another thing you could take as you wanna, take these people with you or Wanna get anecdotal information. That's not cheap cheap to do this, but you go out. Gather anecdotal information that you can bring back to headquarters and say: hey. You know what I know we're all do a good job here. Let me take the troops on the ground, need this cold weather gear right now. They don't have it here's a here's, a mess
I just got back from a guy overseas there in northern Iraq. We thought we're gonna, be warm guess what its thirty two degrees their snow on the ground. These guys are prepared for. We need given this gear. Ok, so you using anecdotal information to two pink, Sure, what's goin on the front lines same thing with you know if you're, a corporate guy and you're gonna, make it people, stay engaged, go out on a car. Would that electrician that's visit in the house on a on where there's been a breaker blown and the guys working through the the payment system that you devise that you thought was so smart. It doesn't get connection while you're out the feel, and now I can't run a credit card. You want to come back and tell them the other had shed that. So Those are some of the things. Another thing that you can do is you asked us quite it's all time. Maybe you just come up with some kind of a monster that you repeat all the time and that you sign your emails with it says you we're here to support we're here to support the frontline guy. We're here for the front line, you know or ask yourself the question: does this help them
line that every decision that we make we got ask yourself does help our frontline. Does this help or from my personal anything us to get to do now? One thing that you gotta be ready. Foreigners, you gotta, be ready, for someone to say date, all understand the big picture, this is but you gotta be re workers. I've heard this way: who's gonna sit at the forefront of the corporate, say looking and we got a guy on the front lines. We need to get them this gear negotiator and understand the big picture. We can't afford that right now. We don't look I hear what you say but be ready for its an excuse. It's an excuse. You gotta be ready for the way that you get ready for talk, but a million times the way you get ready for, as you have a munition, you have emulation. You gotta, have your ducks in rail funerals your hand, it's a hey! Here's one on the front lines: here's is a problem that they have UKIP, but you just back down when they say they know what's going on, I don't get it didn't get the bill big thing? They say the military, they don't get the big picture. I
friends, you know what actually we do get the big picture, we're living the big picture. You don't get the big picture. Here's the big! sure I got frontline troopers that need cold weather gear or they're going to freeze and not be able to operate the picture doesn't get be bigger than that now you get caught course come cross like that ran which have to do is you have to look at it systematically in over a long term and say this is about plan and I've got a plan for long term of how we get these guys, it's cold weather gear in future, but right now we ve got a little fix. It's gonna cover these gathering to feel right. Now, you're gonna come armed with ammunition so that you can. You can refute this common call that gets made, which is they don't understand the big picture out the field, so don't worry about them now. The only reason we're here is for those guys in the field. So what to remember them? Ex wish,
You talk about stepping back or detaching to better assess situations. Can you expand on how you detach Joker sort uses again? This is what I have been asked. I probably even every entered this before. Yes should we just skip it? No, I think it's worth doing. Ok I'll go over and over quickly, since people Ask me all the time. Ok for small you wanted it that step back literally step back if you're online with a bunch of people and combat situation literally stepped back, if you're, if you're in that situation high port, you weapon point you, whether the sea at the room at the sky, whatever you're, not when we gave each argotiers that back, if you're in a. If your business environment, step away from the computer step away from the terminal put down your pen, back away. There's a year and a meeting heated meeting you need to tat, stand up back away from
Bits literally stand back and step away once you do that, you you relax now that that Part that I just talked about of literally stepping back. That's something that it say. It's a physical reminder of what to do. You can get to a point in your life where you don't need to do that. Were you usually don't have to do that? But things can see escalate quickly to where even the most highly trained, detached person still lasted, stepped back it and take up. Take a rap off and take a look around. So mostly situations specimen. Your first started to try and do it physically stepped back physically, do something that indicates to you as a person and actually indicates everywhere around you there
you're doing this like when somebody stands up from the table and steps back it. It's an indicator. Go easy, taken, rap off, rattled your magic. We get it yes, which actually we're trying not to be dramatic, but it's gonna be dramatic anyway. If it is now we'll take a breath, take a breath look around and make a call. That's that's it! That's how easy it is new tat. Now they actual hard part of detachment is being self aware enough that you, No wind detached that's the that's the challenging part, because they in this situation by the time, but they go man. I should have the tat yeah. That's right! You should attach you lost your temper. You got involved, you could make a new decision. You got dragged into the weeds like everybody else. Did it's it's somebody if I would have done this please RO trades you produce. I would just like to go to the leader. Who was get draggers, adjuration I'd like a step backward me, I'd, take them to step up the laudable The round, and then they d be usually bill to make a decision. That's the that's! The
Z Park, the easy part step, the stepping back. The hard part is knowing that you need to do it because it's like I guess it's easier to use the stupid analogy of the boiling frog right where you put a boat, you put a frog in water you, so we start to boil it next at its next thing, it knows it's dad didn't realize it We food and water. It would strange about immediately it's the same thing here. You can get walk into a room in the chaos is going on. Now you want into the room, and everything seems ok in and it starts escalate, escalate escalate. Next thing you know you're in it. And actually know something bad, as happened in you didn't detaching time, so you lost the bubble. When you ask control and everything went, sideways so you got to know when you got to understand when it is. You need to do that. You got to have your own personal red flags to tell you that it's time to relax when you feel yourself getting frustrating start getting like that, and yet, when you feel it reading foster to go back to the ok, detached You start feel angry used film like knuckles, or you start packing hard at the keyboard right
security right when you open email out, allow your heeding the keyboard hard. Indicator better indicator for better, not whatever sent wrote whatever you wrote, isn't good not solve any problems. You raised voice right reached a reasonable. Just a kitten angered Agro with people, those the little things those are the little indicators that tell you you need to detach stepped back. Take a breath. Look around walk out of the room. Put your weapon, a high port. Just relax! Look around make a call one more thing. Sometimes sometimes what what the reason you need to attach is just so you see something from a different angle, and you can ask a question. I love personally love. Doing this I mean I'm in a meeting right now, with a bunch of businesses, and actually it's pretty you don't I'm getting involved in what they're doing Adele
all basic staring at a problem right? Stereotypes will mainly in a can't figure out what the solution, whether it's leadership, problem or process problem and they're all staring at this problem. And they can't come to a solution while I come in first of all, I'm totally detached right. This is one of the benefits of my job. Is I've totally detached? So when I come in a lot of times My what I bring to the situation of what I can see is. I can just ask a question that none of them could think to ask because they're all king in the same direction as soon as you flank. That idea, you see it from a different angle. You come up with a solution, so so what I'm my point- and this is only use detachment too when your emotions from driving your decisions also use detachment as part of your
creative process to detached from your current fought? and move to a new fought pattern. We you can create new ideas and different plans from different angles. That war, not seen from your previous vantage point. So, yes, we did need a little bit out of that engagement there. We're revisit revisit taken next wish deal with people who use military vet status to excuse bad behaviour in civilian world
the zoo, unfortunate one to have to answer. Then it unfortunate have started off with the same way. I made this point about your jets. You and you jitsu practice practitioners, not necessarily being good people. Unfortunately, the same thing with veterans just like the same thing in every aspect of life. Just because someone is a veteran Does not mean that they are a good person and being at war, is certainly not an excuse for bad behaviour. In a couple of examples, couple examples just to think about major major Kurt, chew, ain t. You remember this guy be cross. There's the guy that war, the pink vest at at in John, so his men could identify him the enemy it gonna get a fine clearly do, but he was the leader. He saw hell right, wounded men died at twenty seven of his men made it. I mean just ridiculous.
Guess what he did when he wrote when he got out of the marine corps which work for an insurance company for twenty years right, so Joe Owen, Joe Owen, who You know same same chosen reservoir battle net regain the use of the word of his arm, that was wounded, was medically retired from the marine corps. Guess what he did with all that, at least in horror? Guess we did he created and ran his own marketing business until a retired? Now remember, John chiefly from that book, the cold, this war, he was the captain that a kind of wanted did reason I did. That book was because he was profile than there. He just was a great leader while I you know I run remember if I talked about this, but each in twenty years old at the bottle of Guadalcanal Right World WAR. Two. He fought it! Ok! Now what world war two
then he went to win back went to school. When I to either Yale or Harvard both. But then Korea kicked off dancing with Korea after more so where. What did he do with all that and came home? You know, became the mayor of Providence there in Rhode, island became the governor of Rhode Island and they came Secretary of the Navy, but so. My point in saying these things is veterans or not broken. Human they're, not deranged people to its people. And they ve seen some stuff in most of them- are carry on and do all. The greatest generation! Think of integration, rationales, world war, two that's! They saw the horrors of war, guess what they did came home and dominated. That's it. They did so men in women can overcome the impact of war or or at least they can learn,
to work with it. Even if you know it's me, even if you have those things that stress you out, ok but guys learn how to deal with, of course, that said war, it does leave a mark and obviously sometimes it can have an extremely negative effect so if you know someone like that, will let's get those veterans help if they needed in and get them some support also make sure you're not enabling this bad behavior. You don't want to do you don't want. You know to enable this bad behaviour, the van that I meet their their they're fired up. They're, not complaining. About anything you're getting after it. Would enable the bad behavior it doesn't help anyone in any it's one of those things that it might make you feel better might make me feel.
To help someone out and say. No, I understand your hears will enable your beneath behavior. Some more might make me feel better. Could I feel like I've done a good deed, but you haven't done a good deed eve, actually not help them at all. That's one thing. I think that's good if you find other vets for them. The talk too, because other vets will say men understand, bro Stoka, but let's not dwell on that passed off. Let's move forward disguise often your job. This guy has a job for you to do, or guy has a position you can fill. Do that do that don't dwell on the past. The passes gone wars hell. I know let's leave in the heaven we got here in the United States of America, listless take advantage of that and not dwell in the past in honour. This is this. Is another small thing, but I just hear so much about it from people. If you got somebody, homelessness,
just to this progress a year from that every single day I hear from vat. Around America that battling Amy Tax base. In the past they face. When you talk about, I get it preceded guy, just Guidest it'll sent me a message today he's a good man a gun in my mouth we use our and doing good I'm on track. I'm train in Japan I'm trying to Jujitsu I'm in the gym. Mom bus, my ass, my job preceded. That's all! It is That's all it is, I think, would people was when vessels in the park ass? They go. Ok, cool, there's, other p, They know where we're in the game together. They feel that they feel a connection, and they know that they are not alone. The thing it's jacked up, men veterans begun when they come back and they go somewhere there, whether these there's no one there in all this is
he's a big bullshit session. You know remain between. You know a veteran nets in a book, and I'm habitable should that session with with Joe, oh yeah, that's what it is and so on guys, veterans a here that they go yeah man. I appreciate you so tat most Nepal, Gaston and that might be helpful to get them feel like they're, not alone out there. I would think that that's the main thing like people don't like nor understand me. You know you don't understand like what I mean, not the sound to software. Like you, to stand. How I feel about this even data they stuff. Like the way I see in this arena. You don't understand you, so you do yea and feeling I am assuming that it seems like guys. You alone in her out there and the like in the other thing, is they feel the people on or semi yet I'm here saying you're right, they don't,
they haven't been a war and the experience of wars, all of them I mean I, wouldn't I wouldn't even would shine. You know. I would shine major Kurt chew in Lee's boots every day for rest, my life. If I had the did you like that. Guy's expert Emmy, just I maybe the same ballpark. You know me not even the same close, not close for what those guys, what do it the chose reservoir and it goes all the way down to some guy that you know was overseas. What those in the military genuine deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, not their fault they might have wanted to, but sometimes you just doesn't happen so that the milk, experiences all those things- and you don't know what you're doing with but one we do know is that it is a common experience. You know gonna. Or I does have some common threads, do it, and I think that it is hard for people that have an experienced to understand- and it makes people feel a little bit like alone out there so when they hear,
other vets talking about what goes on they go. Yemen are cool. These are not. Normal feelings that I'm having move on, and I don't know if I really answered the question of how to deal with people who use their status as an excuse to bad. Maybe I think just like any or anyone one else, man, you gotta, you gotta, do your best to put him in your place, I think what makes non veterans feel intimidated and when I was a kid I looked up all the Vietnam veterans, and I just not these guys whatever they. They could do no wrong in my eyes, known also get us, but that guides us that goes back. I was an hour. You know that I can do no wrong and I think that's a feeling that a lot of civilians have like they don't want to approach the subject. And if you feel that way, it's understandable its heart but find some that's around. That can help you back and they can help that person. That can talk to me about what they're doing I mean you know every company that work with this veterans at every company I work with is some ito, usually a mole
for better it's. So find some other matters a lot of one thing: it's another cool thing that companies do is within their company, I have like a veteran program or veteran club, basically inside their company. That's another cool thing. Do that get that thing started. You know If you're, not a very fine of senior vat, the vet- that's fired up to do it bring him in and then those guys can get together talk and talk about doing better and talk about bringing some their military experience to bear in the company, and it just will turn out good. So little
veterans, organizations after the conference organisations. Inside of companies are pretty cool, I've spoken to a few of them. It's me it's a brick wall deal at wish. How does default aggressive apply? Did you did you or does it applied? It? Well. Good question now: will first of all, it doesn't apply during training? Ok, but it completely applies During competition and obviously applies in the streets, so so that's what I mean by that is in training. It's ok to get in bad positions. It's ok to let things happened, it's ok! Let somebody grab that cholera grab that sleeve or get across. I took Minos. It's ok to put yourself at risk in competitions. That's ok, manufacture! It's it's in
urged in water wintering year in training is encouraged in training, butting competition. You can't do that you can. You can not do that in ST youth. Definitely cannot do in fact, in the street you ve got a proactively. And aggressive, we first of all avoid the bad situation, but if they come, then you ve got a handle, those situations with aggression and speed and violence of action. That's what you gotta do so. Competition is kind of the same way in competition. If you give a guide, if you give a guy a grip. If you give a guy position, they will not be will not let go of it. It's not happening there. They will they wore. Hang onto that thing like liquid, the key in competition, somebody gets a grip on some party of your Davy, the White Knuckle that things
firstly, specifying the lower belts, what it's a higher belts to mend its every Belgium, because that key, that grip can be the difference between winning and losing period. So you can you got it. You gotta aggressively, avoid that you gotta be aggress, but your positions, now in training. Again you let it happen, but here's something that can happen and training summers. You guys get used to training they go and competition they get overrun. The overwhelming overrun because they they fought men, others over Guy Grouse, my collar Jacques around, my cholera, every time we roll and they realise that when this guy grab your collar he's going to attack and so what you have to do, and the other thing is in in a competition is a time of it, because there is, There is a kind of eight a there is such a thing sort of as a counter puncher. In Jujitsu right someone that in an unkind the white, the right like I don't, I don't usually fish
worse a move to happen. Usually I'm gonna, let you make your own mistakes nominal. Let my opponent make a bad move number to capitalize on it. Peace. Is a lot less work for me me it's it's. It's a lot less work when your opponent gives you gives you the submission or gives you the transition or gives you the sweep. Then trying to make it happen, but again in competition. It doesnt really work because the darkening give they're not gonna, take any risks nor can it taking risks is probably not community openings. Now a year the pieces and long match, maybe much you know, maybe I'm just trying to tire somebody out now the Jim. I have an unlimited time to do that. I can tire somebody out for twenty and it's just try to let them patent pass. My guard That's my guard the whole time, I'm getting tired, getting tired, getting turn. Finally to expose themselves. To my put the Joker good. I win that took twenty minutes this happens on a daily basis in a competition I just lost because it was a and minute match
Other guy was on top for ten minutes. You trying to pass He got the advantage anyone's, so you can't that can't be your strategy. If there's no time it's the same thing in war right in war, you have a strategy of. I was gonna where the other personal meaningfully evade the it means that to America that they just kind of war is out. Look at what the russian strategy of they used against Napoleon the used against the Nazis? Oh you want to come out of school, we're back up a little bit of time back up a little bit of time back up a little time. Here comes the way, in and now you're gonna freeze to death and weakness around, you know and kill you, but that's it the same type of strategy. It doesnt work. If you, if you have a limited amount of time to win, you have to have If you, if you have a limited amount of time, which most cases you do, you have to have a default aggressive attitude in make things happen. The way you want them.
Happen. Not the way your opponent wants to happen. Had the map and not the way your enemy wants him to happen. And it's the same thing obviously in business, and in life the good things. The good positions, the good details, the good promotions, the rewards they're, not gonna,. Knock on your door, you gotta go out in you, gonna. Take you gotta make em happen on the map in business life so get default. Aggressive. Am I right mediation yeah, it's weird jujitsu, so ambiguous as far as like a like an art and this this big spectrum and is all these exceptions. You know how I see the counter puncher and you do to her
some days, even like big. You can be a counter puncher. Indeed, you too, and still be like a girl, the so your first move won't be like. Ok, if you're going for a sleep, your first move won't be the sweep the go ok to do his other thing. I know his reaction is gonna opening up for the sweep well for sure for sure, that's next gets covered move. Actually, it's cover move its flanking flanking yeah, because you know I start attacking your neck and you put your hand up to defend it. Boom that took your base away from sweeping right both that's that's what it was. It was a government covering my actual attack with my other move or even go too far,
because it, you think I'm gonna come at the front, but didn't like you from the side of the sweep yeah when you put on Youtube and yet we it's almost like. That's almost like a philosophical question where you can answer it as it applies, do something specific selective, for example, a default, aggressive ingenuity, meaning. My default aggressive way of approaching it will give me advantage in this way where, many impose my game, whether that's the counter punching game, whether it's the wearing out for a while game, whether you know overrun with my conditioning whatever that game is I'm an aggressive we put it on him before he puts it on me, default like right from the time the guys who go or in when it goes down the street whenever even a training, wherever you training, link that, if you saw
that'll, keep him in the defensive where he can't get his game going on you. You know he's defending your game. Not you definitely Daphne one impose. You said at the time of the other fighters you want: do you have seen fighter that imposes is well on the other fighters? Can win, yeah went and is the same thing with war? Suppose you will on the enemy? That's what you do you Will the enemy and you'll break them? And that's all see guys like in? U S evil, the printed in the middle of the ring. You know cause they're, like control rearing, like a bee depend would all be. If he's coaching, somebody like p first be first be flag, you put him, so the guy got to defend the hotel, and it is one of its when you, when you're gonna, get a striker that as that attitude and beer, it's not funny their heating, you and you're. Not do you just defending the whole time here and it's hard to turn it around.
In telling when you roll against the guy- and we talk about this before when you run against a guy and even if he's not like his game, is an aggressive but right when you lock up with him. He can tell he's like just in the correct position electing. I can't get like a good like in when you you ok, I'm gonna, get in my position and he just a just like key mediately negative. Drop of yeah you regarding. That's! That's it away, even though that might be like kind of like a passive game. Sometimes it's like just his game. Put on you position wise in this case is that before the as opposed to like it was something like in training in your train with me, if you like, ok, I'm gonna its essentially letting some get it into a good position on you. So your training here, defence or whatever, that's different. That's like that's not Vault aggressive we're not talking about I'm really good from the half guard. Yes, so I let you get past my full regard to the half hearted now you're in my world, like some with that. That would be. I would that be
Well, the defaulting stilts said: has his weird game cause he's tall and lanky enough and flexible in so he, Does things like he'll stick his foot in a place where any normal situation in Georgia to you'd gravest for all day long? That's what he wants you to do, and the Irish Tell me the other day. I had all these little things that you want me to do a mother in any of the individual. And if you just stop, do them and that the way he imposes his will is by giving up these bait. He just throw his bait out there. All they want, and he wants. You to get you in these positions that he's good at, and so you can't take the bait. You can't take the bait, and sometimes the bait is ripe. Looking like right for the heart, and it's everywhere in its everywhere and say you gotta, just say no to stick to the game plan here, impose my, which is unlikely to grab the bait yeah. That's so crazy because, like us, the kind of philosophically that is the default agree, if being when all you're, throwing out his room so in
imposing my game, unlike can allured by this debate. Even if you know the bait, is there you're on your heels, because your watch out for the trap? Well, this is just a kind of guy thing. Down the same rain that you're talking about. I talk about as our what safety I could talk to companies about safety, new industrial companies, construction companies, manufacturing companies that have me or can have people get killed. If they're, not careful, and so I talk about being aggressive in IE notes, Kay. Well, then Jacko. How does default aggressive gonna, keep a safe, If I got guys that are out in the construction site being super aggressive all day, guess what they're going to take risks that they shouldn't absolutely wrong, I guess what you gonna get aggressive with. You can do it ass if we implement your safety procedures. Oh aggressively, like hey, you know what I see a guy walkin around the jobs that without a helmet, we're all over me jack put your helmet argued over here. Writing you! Wouldn't whenever you gonna do right,
oh, I see you got a lot of people. I you know, beyond this site without a little out of a seat belt on Get over here. You gotta, you know doc and your pay. You can aggressive in the implementation of your safety procedures, and yes, That will make you safer, yeah thoughts, yeah. I guess, When you hear the word aggressive automatically be another disease. The argument other physical example, another fist- for example, is ok we're in a defensive perimeter. I don't have enough mend mover I've- got wounded guys. I am we too aggressive. We set security right, I'm big machine gun over here to get that high ground over there. So you can two things aggressive. We even though, by their nature they might not seem aggressive yet first year. Think that's what you're trying to say. Yeah yeah fully supports it. It it's almost like its deeper its deeper than just like physically just jump in
and also needs more like that. The idea of whatever is going on here is another one. I am going to aggressive. We ignore you, know I'm going to aggressively council you in mentor you now. The worst thing I could do is go echo you better, listen to me that the worse than I could do, but to be agreed civic doing that? What am I gonna? Do? I'm gonna set really good And when a flank you may get in your mind, do I'm being aggressive, but it's not an external aggression is an internal aggression and only I know what's happening. You're gonna know it. Happening in a year when you ve, also improved, and you ve been successful and you go tat. Magic was really help me out with some stuff Really realize it was going on, but he did I Aggressively doing it, but you would have never called it aggressive from an extra viewpoint. Yes
it's as opposed to lift they like some sort of a laid back approach right like give ear. If you have a laid back approach to security, if you have a laid back approached a mentorship or whether or laid back approach to safety, or we have none of those things are good examples where we have a default aggressive attitude about there, you go clarify did after it on another. One could say that back to question. One could say that having led back at it You didn't you did too then again on the street. That'll be less likely to have laid back, Egypt in the street? These exceptions are road. Think but I'd say you know, it's going down is going down default aggressively aggressive in Austria down here and now, once it goes once it happens once the decision has been made get afterwards.
TAT is not go times. Are good of waiting as long as you can be avoided as long as you can, but when you gotta go, go hard go near at our last question, my friend Jacko: does complacency come with each? I see a lot of guys it back up as they get older. Do you have the urge to back off? Does complacency come with age? Do have the urge to back off negative negative back off, not happening. I hear that I'm over forty push, fifty whatever bring it back off negative
not happening. In fact, I'm stepping up training harbour eating cleaner, I'm training, more, I'm learning and weed and studying more now, than I ever have in my whole life. Do I get dinged up, of course, are due to take some some injuries. You know what no factor no factor deal with them You know what you know. What I hear I hear the clock ticking, that's what I hear in the end is nigh and time waits for no man.
And you young guns out there, eighteen years old, twenty years old, twenty four years old, listen life goes by and it goes by quick, don't waste those years, don't waste them live now. I know. I I know that you don't think you're gonna leave to be thirty, much less forty, but you are, and you will. In the earlier you get in the game on track. The better life you gonna have healthier. Well fear. Stronger, smarter, better, better
and if you were an old man like me,. And you haven't gotten on track yet get on track. You don't want it now. Everyone. Everyone listening to this here's the deal, no complacency
no complacency, no backing off, no slack whatsoever, fight fight that ticking clock with everything got so like the end of a hard day. You can put your head down with ease, satisfied that you, given your best That's all I've got for tonight now echo if anyone wants to get in the game as far as this podcast goes. What's the best way for them to do that. Well, it is.
There's this podcast goes and as far as they go off I'd call it help I'd. Call it supplemental additions to your life supplements on Dhaka, Slash Jackal, Egon ten percent off for real supplements- and I said this before- but I think we should take in that. Sometimes, when you buy something, tells me you're, gonna say to me. I want to say it again, because I don't blame you, heart about chalk. I'm good, because sometimes I don't ahead is now I've been out of the supplement game for awhile is as far as the taking protein There is always the bad supplements here or this will just say the general mix of supplements. You know power, gainer, five thousand, whatever recovery in exquisite, whatever
Sometimes we can just be nonsense in their on it. No going in. I think we all know that it's that it's legit one the only lead. And then I know for sure. No one that I know guaranteed is legit put it that way that I too would recommend crude oil. One hundred percent. Chris real there is for your joint. I take three five hundred milligram crude oil in the morning at three the evening or dank six. Yes, what I do every day as for my daughter list them up to the sun, and she thinks it's like a red jellybean. You don't. Don't you dare not shoe. It knows what little s little things, that's cool.
We'll do the war you bars at the big deal. I think they're, like do the opposite of a donor in every way, except taste yeah the gluten free to better. Yet it will they take different than don't it, but just as good, if not better my opinion, better three of them all at once, I called it a meal. My meal do stuttering together each individual of Brca individual. But anyway, and also Shroom tech sold a lot of people. People they'll say a lot of people been asking me when you know like that I'll have you haven't been that many of you just make
a lot of people are asking I'm nuts anyone that says that does that Burma seen sometimes think birds for real a lot of people have been asking me issuing. Take real issues. Tat. I hear good things. Other stuff came from tech, Israel, through tax sport. I haven't tried, triptych immune. I've internally yeah, because I mourn the sport bode right right. Usually, sport not sick all, but you can t have it because you just what your general immunity to be solid. That's like a good, solid thing, Nonetheless, shriek tech support Israel and it made this how'd you get, I think it's worth saying again or before so again. I think you're I say it again regardless if we think it's worth so, let's just go like ok, that's how works in law means terms. You know when you driving a car and its it's about a resolute needles. Gonna go into red you'd, like revving European.
Boom. You're gonna be in the green. Git. The yellow, even the orange, when you get when you hit the red you can't you can pull at camp, police if you're in there it so what the shoe tech does it take the shooting whom you going you in the green hit the yellow little bit limit later than normal. You can hit the orange, maybe and use the shrimp taxes going to keep you an orange gonna, keep the needle and maybe even in the yellow and you get a notice that that's how it works get ten percent understood your on onnit dot com, Slash Jacko! You go boom! Support yourself, support your wallet, support the package boy good way, also
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but in the support that it brings, is like a lot. You know, Bron telling you we'll get. We appreciate that is small. Gesture of of support to the park asked the Small gesture goes a long way, the ass it mean when you teamed up with a bunch of other people. The death of a thousand cuts will kill someone, but the life of a thousand clicks is what were they just it? Just the small clicks is echoes, look at me like, I said something: bad, none of good is the life of a thousand clicks, the life of a thousand clicks. You click on that thing. Just now that you ve got to get some duct tape might not seem like a big deal, but if a bunch people got duct tape and they all click through
maybe turns into a big deal. Then we don't have to put advertisements on here here which we don't want to do where we could. Maybe we'll juggled be reading it? I don't think so I don't think it's happening. Could we get support from speaker, dog tags room? The Penn state that each year from Sir Sarah to blades serenity He went back to them, Amazon near so good. A website click through them, zombie free, do the shopping. That's a good way to support good way. Thank you for that also subscribe to the pot gas on Itunes or on good play or on served its on. What was the amount? Does the big ones other stuff yeah? What yeah things you might need yet which everyone it's on, that seems obvious, but that's we do support and then the Youtube is well. You know put some exe
Europe's on their more excerpts. That's the right, we're great excerpts. Little bite says Nuggets Jocker wisdom. But if you are inclined to share, you can share in kind of being sure that there likelihood have been listening to. The whole thing is higher than if you just shut up for the park year, if you're like hey, you know: here's the here is a good way to approach college. And you want to share this with your friend- they got it. Son, that's going to college, or you share with Frank they're going to college. Do you know listen to that, we more likely listening To- two hours of that episode, the long time yeah, because maybe they're going to college like that day or something or they could listen to other in college which ever but anyway there
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Podcast represent the layers in your part of the world if you're cadet at West Point, if here a guy with a truck with a bumper sticker on it no matter who you are, if you choose to want to represent, do all that get get a shirt sticker get a patch a hoodie. Get a get a rash guard. If you're, I feel I have a rash guard and you're doing you. Did you or cycling or running cross, fit anything with like a lotta activity, get a rash guard. If you have an already, if you're there is also psychological warfare, we went through really big that what the beginnings of the pertinent the purpose we call it the two formation, the formation
story be behind it last time, basically, its jocose version of those days. We can get it. This is my words in my own words this version of the Euro days. We talk yourself into doing the worker or not eating, you know hoping Orioles or whatever and yet talk you don't even in not the whole thing, one the more means of weakness. Yet when you gotta talk yourself into it or out of something you know like in a you have to do this work. I don't sound like that, but that's a centrally you know it is in all its jocose version. You go on Itunes, you purchase either a track, nay licence or the album, like nine bucks. Think from like that, it's actually nine ninety nine and is a wake up, one you can put on your your alarm clock on your phone to wake you clear with your wife or whoever you sleep with
go over it over the whole plan, like a drill, a come like a fire drill? Really, because I'm telling you, if the few here that, even if you forgot that you put it on your phone in you hear that brought some explaining to do the feedback as been good people that have had trouble. Waking up many more people that have trouble when make when it's people time. People have trouble that big can't say no to the donut. You get it get. This get the psychological warfare attack going on against the doughnuts. The psychological warfare will win every single time and, if you're, having a hard time, if your eminence time figuring out, which day's work out the unrest day. You know when you your pardon, how can figure that that clearer exec? Yes, that's a good for good port rustic. It isn't today the Ottawa
if you're a or you switching your work out day to the rest day like if you doing those which are easy to do. This will help that for sure. All I can say that Renault in public, with one hundred percent, certain that at that it'll phone number sweet. Also, Jacobite T it is available it in stock. It will one hundred percent increase you're dead, lift by five hundred percent. No Jacobite De Pomegranate. They will make you dare lived a lot more weights, and that is a hundred percent proven is all scientific manners, no just getting it tastes good and it will make you better the You can drink it from a get after mug among will tell you exactly what to do in the morning and that is get after it
and if you like, we talk about the past while you on Amazon after you clicked through the Jackal by guess website, then you get there. You pick up a copy of a book called extreme ownership. You might like it if you like the podcast talk about talk about leadership and talk about war to my favorite. Things also Once again, extreme ownership muster zero. Zero. Two may fourth and fifth at the Marianne Marcie in New York City. Come to it. You will dig it the first one we had. People had no idea what we're gonna do. They had no idea we'll even put up, barely put up an agenda ok, many ways we delivered. We had an awesome time. The testimonials are cool You can know what you'd took you can look for this time, it's not so much a mystery
You know what you're gonna get out of it echoes making some videos. Question wool is that you took my schedule like this. When you'll have like a schedule, war one will have a little bit more, but just people didn't people does wondered what we're gonna be doing their right, and you know we did I just took it in faith that we're gonna of that they knew something that we're going to do there and it was good after it and we did, and so you were going to do it again, like I said I think I said this last time that goes making videos and once the videos come out and kindness show what's going on, it's gonna sell out because the footage from the first one is awesome and its concern quickly. So in get there now and do you it's now so that you can come. You can hang out with a bunch of leaders. Theo's mid level managers, vps av peace the owners presidencies to just everybody and every region.
Game course leaf- and I are gonna, be there will be read the mixed with you. Act will be their J. P is gonna, be there after a with us deep discounted tickets, if your law enforcement, firefighters course military, if you have questions about them, or if you have like a corporate, you gonna bring ten people, twelve people, twenty people from your company, that's fine! We, did you discounters? Will contact the email muster at echelon, front dot com or you can go to the website dream ownership. Dotcom, look forward to seeing you there and. Furthermore, if you like hanging around with us here on the part cast- and you wanna keep hanging around with us a little bit your luck, because we are hanging around on the into apps on toys,
and on Instagram em, if you gonna be inside dad's Facebook, if you gonna be there with you, my friend so ECHO is at ECHO Charles and I am at Jocker willing. And finally thank you for all the questions and the feedback in the downloads and the support to the military personnel stay on your game and be aggressive to the bats. Thank you for your service to the police. Fire. Thank you guys and girls. For keeping our safe alma home front and in the rest of you fight here's grinders troopers Leaders keep pushing keep grinding,
Let there be no complacency and let there be no slack, let their only be getting after it. So until next time this is ECHO and Georgia
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