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58: Overcoming Regrets of a Wasted Life, How to Maximize Morale, Aligning Goals Up the Chain

2017-01-16 | 🔗

0:00:00 - Opening: "How to Tell a Mother Her Child is Dead", by Naomi Rosenberg

0:15:17 - John R.M. Byrnes Letter to his Daughter 

0:49:49 - Overcoming regrets of wasted time/life.

0:57:51 - Maximizing Employee/Team morale after firing a popular supervisor.

 1:03:59 - How to capitalize with a substandard supervisor.

1:12:57 - Step-by-step Learning VS Creative Learning, in Jiu Jitsu and Life.

1:31:53 - Goals Not Aligning up the Chain of Command.

1:37:48 - Jocko's Next book Very soon.

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1:57:41 - Closing Gratitude.


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This is jack. Podcast number, fifty eight with Go Charles in me, Jack o willing good evening echo good evening. No couple shows ago, when Doktor Peter to you was on here- Mentioned in article and I hesitate to call it an article because it is actually much more than just an article written elegant peace that was published in the New York Times written by His friend and the daughter of one of his men tours a woman, named Naomi Rosenberg, Doktor Naomi Burke, who is a doctor, a Temple University in Peter said that this article
truly captured the emotions and the struggle and the methodology for living the worst news too apparent that their child had died. And I of course read the article and I found it incredible and I wanted to share With you. In case you didn't habit as to read it yourself yet Oh here, it is from the opinion section of the York Times on. September third, two thousand sixteen by Doktor Naomi Rosenberg.
How to tell a mother her child is dead. First, you get your coat. I don't care if you dont, remember where you left it, you find it. If there was lot of blood you. Someone to go quickly to the basement to get you a new set of Scrubbs you put on your coat and you go into the bathroom You look into the mirror and you say it You use the mother's name and you use her child's name. You may not adjust this part in any way. I will show you if it were my mother, you would say, MRS Rosenberg, I have terrible terrible news. Naomi died today. You say it out loud until you. Can see it clearly and loudly how lovely loud enough.
If it takes you fewer than five tries, you are rushing it and you will not do it right. You take your time. After the bathroom. You do nothing before you go to her. You don't make it call. You do not talk to medical student. You do not put in order you never make her wait. She is his mother. When you get inside the room, you will know who the mother is yes, I am very sure. Shake her hand and tell her who you are. If there is time you should, everyone's hand. Yes, you No, if there is time. You never stand there are no seats left, the couches have arms on them. You will have a decision to make about whether you will ask her what she already knows.
If you were the one to call her and tell her that her son had been shot, then you already have done part of it, but you have not done it yet. You are about to do it now you. Four maker wait: she is his mother, Oh, you explode the world. Yes, you have to. You say something like MRS Berger. I have terrible terrible news earnest died today. Then you wait. You will not stand up. You may leave yourself in the heaviness of your breath or the racing of your pulse or the sight of your shoelaces on your shoe, but you will
stand up. You are here for her. She is his mother. If the mother has another son with Her- and he is, and the wall or broke, The chair do not be worried. The one Punch the wall broke, the chair will be better, The one who look down and refuses to cry the one who punch the wall or broke the chair will be much easier than the sister who looks up. And closes her eyes as they fill. Security- is already outside the room. And when they hear the first loud noise they will. Become in no, you will not have to tell them.
They know about the family room in the emergency department in summer. In North Philadelphia. It is all right, they will be kind. If the chair cannot be sat in again, that is all right. We have more for new chairs every summer. Does not break your chair, you stay in your chair if he does you find a new place to sit, you are here for the mother and you have more to do. If she you, you tell you know, what you know you Do not lie, but. You not say he was murdered or he was killed. Yes, I know that he was, but that is What you say you say that he died is the part that you saw and that you know.
When she asks if he, any pain. You must be very careful if he did not, you assure her quickly. If he did, you do not lie, but his pain is over. Now. Do not ever say he was lucky that he did not feel pain. He was not lucky. She is not lucky. Don't make that face. The depth of the stupidity of the things you will say sometimes is unimaginable. Before you leave.
You break her heart one more time No, I'm sorry, but you cannot see him. There are strict when a person dies this way and the police have to take him first, we cannot let you in I'm. So sorry. You do not ever say the body, it is not a body, It is her son, you want to Tell her that you know that was hers, but she knows that and she does not need for you to tell her stead tell her. You will give her time and come back in case she s, questions more. Questions or questions for the first time, she has no questions. You do not give her
answers to the questions she has not asked. When you leave the room. Do not yell at a medical student who has a question when you get home. Do not yet your husband if he. Left his socks on the floor again today. It is all right in that concludes the article on a concludes the instructions
from Doktor Rosenberg, and I know we're all- not doctors and. Even in my old job. Even when men were killed my men were killed, I did not ever have to deliver. News myself, when my men were killed, I was Dil overseas, still still fighting. And the military has a process, a procedure. To notify the next of kin when a service members killed and nuts well documented, but I never had to do this.
But even though the we're not doctors- and I guess most of us are blessed in the fact that we don't have to deliver this news, but I still think there's much to be learned. First of all, to get some sense of what. Doctors in. Nurses and medical personnel Go through on a daily basis, and The methodology that you use, really you can Back that off a little bit in situations to deliver. Situations to deliver other bad news.
Rehearse what you're going to say say. Said in the mere out loud be direct. Simply and clearly state the facts, so there is no ambiguity. So there's no question. About what it is that you said and then wait. You don't need to say any more. You already said it don't die strapped from the words, don't take away from the statement by adding to it, you said it leave it alone,. You don't need to fill the silent with words. Words are good, but.
Sometimes silence is better than that includes the part that Doctor Rosenberg pointed out about. The way that we tend to answer questions that won't even asked no. The other thing that she obviously has had to contend with Is the emotions from other people? Don't let them surprise you expected. Someone wants to get angry, that's ok! someone breaks down. That's ok! I know that it is coming. Don't let it surprise you don't let it
You are guard And she talks about body language as well right, she says, don't make them, face. So We have to be aware of our body language. Our body language is a language and it communicates. People so make sure that the message, you are communicating with your body. Language is the right message. And then lastly, sheet facts about detachment and the fact it
Even though you ve gone through this horrific emotional situation, leave it in the room. Don't take out the anger and the free, straighten and the emotions that you do feel don't take em out on the internet or the medical student, nor your spouse or your children.
Because whatever your pretending to be mad about, doesn't matter men, what does matter his life so with it and with it? Well,. And reading them, thinking about what Doktor Rosenberg wrote it made me think of it. A letter that I had read some time ago that this sort of the reciprocal of this instead
being a child s lost? This is about apparent, that's lost now. Parents grow old and we reach old age. Part of life, his death, but. There are events in the world that bring early deaths. Can I remembered a letter that I had read, which was written by John Roland Mckinley burns. Who held the rank of trooper. In the two. Seven cavalry come And, though, regiment than the australian army. And he wrote this letter.
Ten months into the brutal campaign and new guinea. Where the allies met the did Herman japanese imperial troops. Who, as we all know, fought ruthlessly and fought to the death. Not only Were the allies Friday the japanese soldiers, they so far. Hence the diseases of the jungle, with nearly a hundred per cent of the men suffering malaria Typhus, it was a nightmare, bloody fever stricken miserable nightmare.
But in that nightmare facing death in that darkness. John Burns found good. He found the light. And here is what he had to say. In a letter written to his little daughter for her second birthday. Wednesday October twenty first nineteen forty two. My dear little girl last night was a beautiful moonlight night.
Every star that studied the Sty sky was sparkling like a jewel. The air was crisp but faintly proof with all the fragrances O Neil. Ugly spring night can devise today. It is raining hard. Wind is fierce and cold. Yes, it is measured Or something you want to pass by quickly, so that the night will again be beautiful. Life, to an is like the weather, some days are so lovely. Buildings of those days so enchanting you can never forget them. Some are so unhappy. You wish They never happened, but, alas, they must for your life
your mother's mine, everyone's is so mixed up with joy and sadness that you never have one or the other for long. One replaces the other with a speed that Amazing, thus just happened two years ago. Your mother knew- and I knew that you are going- to be born. Those days were anxious ones to an as the days went by your mother, used to smile at me with those lovely brown eyes eyes that shown with courage and resolve. If she had anxiety in her mind, she never showed it, but it must have been there in my heart and mind torments rage that no one will ever know, but through
the doubts. All the worries and all the long anxious hours on end came bringing with it. You. From that, our it was early in the morning. The lives of two people were filled with inexplicable happiness. Called to see your mother. That day, I shall never forget the beauty, the happiness that shown up at me from her precious little face. Neither will I forget, Pride and joy that surge right through me when the nurse brought you a long, and I held you in my arms. Soon we took you home. The month sped by gradually took a holding our hearts
laughed so much it's silly things. We do. The claim. Your attention. You showed off to so many people your eyes, so big and questioning never failed to win admiration. Your curly hair was indeed a special joy Each month, sped by you grew. First, you sat up then stood up then crawled then walked. As each stage past funny, little incident occurred. Perhaps no one ever noticed them or remembered them, but your mother and I did. Every night I came home from work, there were stories of your conduct through the day to be told Some days you were good and others. Naughty.
Like, for instance, the day when a little mischievous spirit seized you, and of wallpaper came from the wall are the thoughts in crowding into my mind, memories of days gone by when we laughed at you scalded you and some serious times when we worried over you, the first Year of your life passed quickly quickly, perhaps. But you grew so quickly. Every day Was an adventure, Not only for yourself, but for us. You had a party for your first birthday, and although you sat up like Jackie, you probably will never remember, but that day you got Google for a present Poor Google, as each we passed he got dirtier and more were worn.
The dirtier he got, the more you loved him. Then, at Christmas, Teddy came along dear teddy, so please and with a frizzy coat. In a few months he was still plump but his hair was not so frizzy then you'd go to sleep. Then you'd never go to sleep unless Teddy in Google we're talking with you. You'll never know how angelic how like cheer up you looked when after your bath, you were popped into with your little playmates. Indeed, God is good. How many times have your mother and I could Didn't see you sleeping. Many times have I wiped away tears. Jim
told little tears of happiness, From her eyes, when we came out. All those days were so beautiful. Like the night, I sat and watched yesterday evening. But soon came the rain. You're, lovely country, so free and proud, was fighting for its life. Those indeed were dark days. I had to leave your mother and you And become a soldier. Thousands of other daddy's went to. Because we had to fight
so that all the mothers and little boys and girls could live happily. That was many months ago. I do not know how long it will be before we we'll be home again, but. Rain, my little darling does not. Forever through that. The clouds, a little piece of blue appears. The wind blows, and soon the clouds go So too will peace, com. And then we can all be happy again. Because I'm a soldier now Anne, I cannot attend birthday this year. You are going to have a party, and I won't be there.
But while the parties on I'll be thinking of you and your mother thinking of the day You came along and not the days gone by since. You are lovely now, like your mother,. Some day, when grow up. Some man there's going to be lost in your loveliness. Like I was when I fell in love with your mother, but no matter, we cannot have you forever. While we do will teach you all the lovely things in life. And there are so many beautiful things in life. There are two bad things And these also, we will tell you about,
That you'll know how to pass. Bye. Maybe it will be years. Before you will be able to read this letter, but when you can You'll know at least how much we love you and how much you mean, the US. I am looking forward to seeing you soon And the scene, those big brown eyes of yours laughed back at me. Then my little girl, good bye. From your adoring data.
From your adoring data and data soldier trooper. Father. John Burns died in new guinea on the night of February nineteen, forty three a few months after the letter was written.
And when I say that war. The war brings out the worst in people, but that it also brings out the best in peace. This is exactly what I'm talking about. What what force moved the hand of John Burns. Of course, it was absolutely the love of his daughter, but but was that expression we review
in so pure form, because the evil that he faced the pair daddy, faced the horror that he faced. I think war brings out the worst in people, but also brings out best in people and I'm sorry for that. I don't want it to be that way. So I would ask you and I Ask myself, can we. Can we free our minds Can we
says that purity can we access that purity without the horror without the imminent fear of death without evil.
Can we access and can we recognise that purity without war? I do not know the answer, but I hope I hope that by
king at the horror, by looking at the hatred and the savagery and the utter lack of humanity that war unleashes. I hope that that allows us to take one step closer. One step closer to purity and the beauty and the love love.
The gene burns was able to find and expressed his young daughter as he marched forward into the wretched jungle toward evil toward war into death. Let us hope, let us remember, let us
Let us learn more about the darkness, so that our mind can see with the greatest of contrast, the light good so that, we can claim the pure aggravation and the pure love that befits the mine.
The divine, then beautiful and real living angels, like an. That surround us every day because they are here. The angels are here with us.
Kind of a rough wait open things up. I know and that's one letter from one time period in the world, and I have no idea- can even comprehend how many millions of those letters were women. Then I would say, if you're not facing
and you're not facing horror, still write that letter Charles, Yeah I'd pay those euro listening. I kind of Bob gave ECHO a heads up that this was. Gonna, be kind. A harsh I'm in when I read the I don't know when I read that letter for the first time and But I remembered his reading it thinking well and.
So I did, and the other thing is echo with his Young daughter- and you see you see- he's told me this before- about ga atrocities are taking place and he's all ok. You know soldiers are getting killed, unease that doesn't get that. Emotional about it, but any time I start my kids get hurt. ECHO is, has our time, so you know he's gotta you for young daughter, Anderson I wouldn't we call son, calm, handsome he's too small be handsome mechanical beautiful boy, he very handsome commands I thank you very much. So that, like I said I gave echo the heads up by setting it's gonna be harsh and obviously was it was pretty arch yeah. I think you can't help it. I mean all.
The stuff like he does put yourself in the situation in Algeria. I tell you what the time watching Hawaii Fibre, the new one let it the new and it just happens to be one in Hawaii and other stuff. That's good! I think it's! The Jew It is not like heavier deep, It's all right, it's fun action show business. Baywatch kindly well, maybe Nonetheless, it some in order to avoid bible criteria, they thought the So one of whom is prairies future whenever there is a problem in one of the five on eyes sought. Is that the problem terrorist take over the problem to do something right so now that little conundrum is task unit
guys. Son is in the problem, but they gotta go solve the crime to you know. But the sun in their. So at this little thing and then Cellufun those things working like on the movie die hard with it. When the terrorism thing got sprung on the sun was in like the bathroom or something so he has to kind of work along with. If another guy was there, no problem, five hundred and two chaperone, they were in the bathroom, so they had to go behind the scenes. It was like anyway, at the end of the day, the sun's kind like the hero, Yoda there he'll come he killed? What if I pulled dialect ispra I not laughing at you are laughing with you. Why, if I will, I know I know about this- is harsh his horse needs brutal
its brutal and in no time. Just so the pre recording conversation that that we had is what I was saying to you is. Hey man, I'm really likes a lot of times on the Pollack Ass, a kind of time to prepare for it. So I can answer the questions because I can think about him in all this. And I said I'm going to ask a question: I don't have the answer to right and I'm sure we'll get a lot of feedback on this. As far as you know, Does this Hence you no war. Scenario make you express yourself more fully. And basically asked echo before before. We start recording we're having a conversation And I said, if you were going to come here. If I was gonna kill you right now.
What would you say your daughter? What would if I gave you the phones, that you can talk to one more time, what we Have you said that to her today, have you set a tour this week and I don't know I don't know if we do, that, If we do, I don't think we don't need it cuz. You can't, I mean you're not going to go through life like that, then I must say you need to do everyday, how you open up. To that purity that you get. When your life is at risk and you, In the jungles of new guinea and peace, or dying all around you. And you know what your daughter's birthday come up and you want to write her a letter, And you know it might be the last thing she ever sees from you. There's. Some I believe that there are some force that that Do you in moves your hand and moves your mind moves your heart, which, if
think about it! Why, like there's a lot of subjects to have about her to have movies about. Why are there so many warm movies or, what's it all about, There's one to you noticed one of these? upon war movies it there's. No does other. Is there another subject that there's a as many movies about than war right? There's not. Is there now, there's a lot for sure. I mean, I guess you could say in general and abroad, category could be like romance, but even romance movies versus Minos are marginal at best, a will to give know anything about the quantity of romance movies anyway. So really know no guessing, but We know that there is the to say the least, there's a lot of war, but I guess there's a lot of cops and right. I guess we're utter. That's the same that finally nigger you guy, you know the cops him robber movies about giving out tickets. Yes for market currently do carbon robber movies about com.
And robbers, killing each other and being bad guys that risk in the family is a family and all that an even Ok, here's another big genre of movies, mobster movies! mobster beers, lotta mobster movies. What is not It's always about the life. And death scenarios? That's what it's about so I believe there is something to that. I don't know what it is, but there's something opens up your mind and again. I think that's why it's important to look. These things and feel these things as much as you can feel so you can have some more access in your brain to get That part of your mind in your heart to spress what's in there, that is Gonna come out almost put under that kind of pressure, either that
or maybe Hawaii five or does it. You never know, may well, Dr Weir, my wife was pregnant with her first offers kid and You know the hormones get all crazy, cheer progesterone. He and some we're watching something on tv back in the day, and Eighteen t commercial came on. As you know, the dad was not homer or something like that in I hear like sniffling, and I look over is a thirty second commercial veto. Fourteen seconds into it, she's bawling what is wrong with you. So you never know when, nor what like Armagh In view of a you ever seen Bilbao month, for just FBI, I haven't seen any cheesy stupid things, blowing up everywhere, Bruce Whitley those aren't the emotional mused that I'm looking for a well at the end.
Whose Willis same deal browsing he's talking or through a camera And here you know it's the same deal is this letter, though insane not that long and indebtedness. Look at his deep, of course, but still seem scenario because he has to detonate the bomb but the remote detonator broke were so he didn't do it manually. Up to save the world. Meanwhile, you gotta tell his daughter, I think your man, you know this. The other thing right that I find interesting about this thought right about this thought of accessing this place, this kind of emotional placed the people get into it think some times? What happens is guys get in there and they can't get back out or just I'd like that's. Almost a description of combat trot, or when somebody comes back all their sole, most Moliere, because there in that spot they it out
we cannot put it back in check. We can't get control of it again. And so I think that might be another thing for four people that are visualizing this in visualizing. What I'm saying you wanna get to that place. You also want to be able to get back out of it. You know you don't want to get round the round and live in. This super high, promotional world, and its name and emotional. It's a purity! It's a purity of thought and crystalline love, And if you did in there all of a sudden. You can't function normally and so You got it it's good to deepen it's good to see it, it's good for you, it then you gonna be able to get back out of it and if you get stuck into you know, that's what happened on guys come home from multiple combat deployments there in this and it comes and goes in the the like it damage
or site of damage, but it's just an open access and open wound. And so, you got a word, a kind of get that your control as well, because that's where I think that's working problems comment. If you spend all your time in that area, area: you're, not you're, you're off balance here. You got it somehow balance it So at this. The funny thing, just as we were here right, we'll talk about it, this like what What you're going through now, like a kind of a mood, swings Neri what I was going to do, what you are you? What's what we and I remember like win win openly: greaser died right used gasp tune. I talked about on when we run the TIM First Park with TIM. First came on our podcast
here again, I talked about Greece was a nickname. He was killed in a murder, suicide, horrible, but That was the first time like we'd, be we'd, be with my teammates, and we be all super emotional and sad and then we'd be laughing thirty seconds later and then crying again another thirty seconds later and laughing a minute later in and we be laughing at each other for crying. Anywhere crying, because we're laugh and adjust its its normal. I believe it's normal cause. I saw that with every you know. Every death experience in the field teams? No guys it's it's not You have to be sad now and you have to be said for fourteen days or nine days, there's! No! No! It's not like. You know how long you have to be sad for until you feel just just John Burn talk about this thing that the sadness and the happiness comes so quickly and that's happens when you get you when you go through rough patches or one bad things happen, though,
those emotions or comments, and I just people know it's normal. It's normal that to be crying one minute and then laughing thirty seconds later. That's normal. It's ok, I've seen it with every death of experience, and I I mean I know that this you'll teams is kind of you don't where a little different, but I saw it with the families I saw it with. You know. People that in this evil teams with us. I saw the same reactions, so it's normal nets, even you Ten minutes ago you were like cried and new. You heard me laughing. You started laughing, you started by you little we are laughing and then, as soon as you kind of gotta laughter out and then all of a sudden, he we're right back you're vacillating back between the two and and that's that's like I said it's normal, it's ok, it's what happens when you start didn't get emotional about stuff. Thankfully, my situations more.
Thinking about it? You know sake, I'm thinking about something bad that clearly or not like but it will either Naval EVA some terrible, did happen. You're gonna feel we name where its veto. Everyone should be just expecting that in its, Probably the way that we deal with it emotionally men want my daughter had a look look like he should choose to, I think, almost You got a staff, Mercer staff infection, inner lymph nodes okra, so it's like so you over there in the hospital for like a week, maybe too, and there was the same deal. Men were thick. Could sheep she's cool with it. You know it's doesn't really heard nothing. It's just this thing in the newly man. It's just this week, rollercoaster. Ok, you seen crazy part of the game. I guess so. Let's go to some puny from the into webs sure. Question, no something a little bit more possible light. Hardly any positive!
Question is actually very positive. I like this question. Not so and rob you it is from the iter webs. I am not Shakespeare, so I cannot come up with a face. Message, though, express how powerful of an impact echo have had on my life, my foot, died when I was ten and I spent next twelve years wasting my physical and mental guess. You ve taught me, Many of the lessons that I like to believe my father would have taught me if he were alive. Here'S- a brief list of my cheese mints over the past two years. You deserve at least partial credit to go ninety palms net wait three hundred from three hundred pounds down to ten vessel, and yet we have had some day yeah. Keep away ninety plans by the way Yes, a full personal first, you did MAX went from two twenty five to four fifty five budget,
bench, went from one, eighty, five to three fifteen ex legit. Started training. Digital boom boom, the air and acting with friends, even though there is no the train where I currently live, except for the yoga room at elephant, as you can make it happen, the yoke of roman ETA Finnish. Let's get it on the yeoman ruminant feed, as are the target about economy like online heart. I think they did it. They fought anyway homo thing in your spent two years working at an awful job where a lead, From the middle and improve the output of entire facility, while adding my own skill, set to the point. I was able to get a job get a job. I love. That's some that's awesome to be bragging about the fact that you had an awful job. That you just got after it and look what happened. Guess what the results are you get that that you want the job we love. You started
the new job last Wednesday, so that just up and Boom Medea an ceased taking class for the next job, I want course. Sarah must be some kind of an internet thing. I'm half way through the data science certification programme. That's it I'm crazy, twenty six and I fully intend to get after until the day I die past lessons onto my younger brother, who has lost fifty pounds in swings. A kettle bell. I got him every day, We lack the motivation to do what needs be done your will words ring allowed in my ears. Discipline equals freedom. Thank you! So much! Oh, yes my quit. The question is. You mean unreasoning included this preamble kind of what has been here, but I thought about how to answer this question
it's good to know what the background isn't, what successes he's at its working through that in their annual item. It's all here about a trooper just getting after thank there's two, that's the thing TAT s a good thing about, like you know something you can say, I'm gettin after it nowadays good good. But now I'm dead, lifting forfeit, yeah disguise like I'm running after it. Here's how low here's, how lately my results Kay Doc, you may not have this issue. How do you have feeling discouraged when you realize how much Of your life you wasted when you're not getting after it Do you ever worry that you Mamma achieve your full potential because you wasted time well, first of all, like I said first and foremost, congratulations. Second, that's it it's legit, and you made that much progress, you're, obviously on the path and getting after what you accomplished is awesome,
some people never make that transition so stay on. It keep crushing it now, As far as discouragement goes from not having got on the path earlier em do. I feel that way when I feel that way, negative, don't know you're a little late in the game, but I'll take it. Twenty six years old that we're talking about twenty six yeah twenty six years old- you are young. You're young and a boy I'll say what even if even if you're forty or fifty or sixty or seventy doesn't matter. You're in the game now and that's that's what counts and all those quote on court wasted years. They they weren't wasted. They're not wasted, because you learned. And specifically, what did you learn about learned about what its to be out of shape.
Learned about what it's like to be? Overweight learned, learn about what it's like to be weak and the knowledge that you learned about those things is Fuel to me ensure that it never happens again because you know you know what is there then you know how bad it can get. And in this is the other reason why its beneficial that you, You have a pass that wasn't perfect, is now you can Each other people how to do it very We clearly You can inspire other people to do a look. What you did he allowed you to your brother right is another good example that so back in the day before anybody new Digital was perhaps even dared. I am the worst person to it, thing else. So when I
when they see me because I'm two hundred and twenty five pounds at home, you know big guy and they think, of course, this guy can show me. Of course you know they. They don't expect anything else. So when I chose them they're like we're yeah, you really strong. So the best people to introduce Jujitsu to people's Jeff Glover near who's, a hundred and fifty pounds skinny guy. And he comes up church? Do big, strong guy twenties in times in a row, they say maybe the stuff works will do the same thing here. People look at me: they all job the job, we're just hard core. No, not just me. Look at you you're, the one that did it. You wouldn't do a much bigger transition that I've ever gone through in my life so I say you embrace why She learned from the week days let them Let them make you even stronger. And you use your own personal.
Transformation that you made in life use that to help other people. Transform and get on the path as well. That's why I'm so goodness there is a lot to be said too, for that, like the car use, talking is what I think it is how his brother was fifty pounds rates in That's like a lot like a lot of time that I feel like when people will do good stuff for themselves and make these big changes. The people who see there's cunning is to be I'm sure, there's one too, but this too kind of people were some will be like Anville, just hate and they'll be jealous and they are in or whatever, but the logic People like in your life around you're gonna, be the hay. Would you do you, even if like, even if it's not losing, even if it's like you're making like millions of dollars now, what are you doing you just sort of change quickly. You now you make me that's what you do I want to do. I want to get on that stuff, whatever you're doing and the work ethic,
the a big one. So if they like all items, are girls, lose all this weight and now they're like super eight right there. You know it's attractive as they always wanted to be kind of thing, all others. Why did you do? Oh, my gosh? What you do, what you do and they want to do it to it's like almost like almost like you can Did you two other walking beef? Don't answer yea exactly good today, almost half man, that's awesome, awesome stuff. Next, juggle. Are you handle an employee or how do you handle employee morale after terminating a popular supervisor for cause. Ok, so I mean it's kind of a rough one, but it's not it's not something that doesn't happen. It does no time because alive, times, people that are popular. They do well, but somehow I figure popular for all reasons, their problems, they let people cut corners their popular because they slack what what is it for cars
just the meaning they they were, efficient in their job news, you, you failed. Basically, you not up his part or gotcha in so people, times popular PETE Popular Supervisors yeah, like I said some of their deposit, you great nor great leaders, but a lot of times are popular because they let people get away with murder Roy yeah, and so, when you figure that out the person not doing their job and not a computer, then than you gotta to fire him. You ve the council molotov when I get a firearm. So what are you gonna get through that? Well, one thing The number one thing you do is explained: why, tee to the people to the troops, you got to explain why this person is being removed and just be just like. We just gonna learn from the opening peace, about being direct and not avoid
for the conversation, have the conversation be straightforward and now now this is a key piece. Don't be disparaging of the person. That's getting fired right, that guy was a big door bag on Ebay. You because these people are, some have relationship with them, and so you don't want to just immediately create animosity, but you do have to be straightforward. You do have to say look we had standards here. He was out of bounds on these things right here and we just can't do that this company we hold the line there's ethical reasons. There is legal reasons or what are you know whatever the case? Maybe so that's it. The other thing is you got. It inspires in conversation yacht inspires in question so there so that they can cause you're trying to call the gap with the relationship right. You fired somebody and now there is a gap, a relationship gap, because that person that you fired, is the relationship between the connected.
Jeff between us, his subordinates and you so now is a gap in the relationship, so you gotta fill that gap, so you gotta start given the conversations go on talking to them and getting them you're, just I guess at closing the gap in relation to the other. Thing is you got it? splain. What the follow on plan is very clearly and you introduce whoever's taking their place? you got to introduce them, I mean immediately. They got to be ready to rock and roll. They got to be read into that. You have to count them on my gay, your you know, I'm putting you in here being leader, yes, jobs are yes. I need you to build these relationships with these guys, you're now taken over relations view taken over boss, yes, but you're, taking over the relationships that he had now here's what you got to do to do what you got to go when you got to be home, we got asked question, go to all the standard leadership stuff, but you get them focused.
Either right are you also got a going to make sure he's ever coming to take it with make sure that they understand what the political terrain is, which guys were boys with the guy you fired, which guys didn't like him anyway, so you got to explain all that to So do you understand what's goin on in the last thing I'll say on. This. Is you'll find that often times somebody, that's that you think his mission, critical there actually not Michigan, They're not as admission mission critical as they think they are and are not as mission critical as you think they are others In some one is doing a bad job or some one is not a good leader, the other people, even though they might be body with em, they know it and they know they should be removed and when you do it, at times. The respect level goes up so, That means the other people that are in that position will or others to support its a lot of them are ready to step up to their there
that is called. God took you forever to fire this guy I mean we are doing. What we gotta do is popular and everything he's nice, but we see words coming from so have confidence. When you do it, you know B, B b thoughtful, but When you make the decision, you knows the right thing to do. Do it yet that other leader ready to rock and roll explain everything very clearly explained why you're doing it, and build and feel that guy? when relationships that now it's going to exist, when you say mission critical? Wouldn't what does that mean? Meaning without this guy. Alright, the mission emissions going to fail. Echo wasn't here for the past, we wouldn't be able to do it. Yes, like I know. Actually we would know I'm a martyr guy. A can. You press record on this machine over here and someone would say: yeah, cool haven't I say: do it and I'd say what do you know how to make Youtube? Videos goes out, be an addition since echo doesn't do much of that, be maybe you can
help with that. Have now been mission. Critical just means a guy that, and this happens it is here. Technology companies. We got some guy, that's really in the code more than anybody else, then. So, if I leave no one's gonna build offers lawyer bad job of North Amerika. Would you built, but You ain't even have to pursue with construction, If your building something more complex like I one guy that really understands the details and it can be hard everyone thinks of women was here museum. God knows how to do otherwise. Ii people freak out about me? Most seemed like this one what comfort, something that you know. It's a definite cumbersome You know what I actually I can say. I don't think I've ever I'm trying to think I don't think I've seen it yet where the mission critical guy got fired and things fell by the ILO. I'm trying to think about scene. I don't think I've seen it. I don't think I've seen it. You know
Maybe someone will happen one day, next doc. I started work for a new company about four months ago, although Although new to this particular feel, my previous experience and skill set directly applies to the work I do now signed to work with an experience What mentor who, as has been busy work or tasks that are well beneath my Mikey, ilities, leaving me feeling under utilised for the more. When I see the quality of work, this person executes I'm confident I could perform him. And yet he treats me like an idiot for new, couldn't newbie he he often milk, the clock disappearing for long stretches at a time in a lot of time on his phone to further became matters, he's well connected to our upper management. What is the best course,
action? If my goal is to get noticed as someone who can perform the quality work that our clients demand, ok,. Thirdly, normal situation right this happens in every industry. What's the best course of action, If my goal is to get noticed, is someone who can perform the quality of work that our clients demand this course of action perform the quality work with the to man. That's the best course of action. That's it work hard over deliver get after That's the number one thing you can do now that you got an opportunity, you you're mentor disappears for long stretches good? let him go, take a long lunch box. I got it. Oh you want to send me. These menial tasks will eventually he if he's going to take all these brakes, then, he's gonna. Have you do that the more meaningful work Oh that's right. You can do better work than him.
That's gonna, be fine. That's gonna show through eventually he's I'll connected up the chain of command, beautiful, beautiful because if you can now build a relationship with him, you can. Well connected to. And that's gonna be the hardest part right. The heart of this? We will be hard to do and its associated, because your attitude right now is negative. Write. Your attitude right now is negative. A little ego, kick in it. I can do better than him he's I'm under utilised he's his he does things I make me do things beneath my capabilities. Those were all just ego. It's fine! we? Are you good because got a lot of positive sewage striving you wanna do better. So it's ok, but you're gonna have to overcome them in this scenario in or to build a relationship with this guy, I built relationships with guys that I
Hey did you know I mean cause, guess what does make me two faced know you know what it's my job, I'm a professional, I'm a professional. I guarantee you come and work with me. You will see I'm a professional, and yet I will Build relationships since it will not yet, but so that means my job and my professionalism is more important than Ego and my and my. My criticality of other people right, I'm not looking down on him go on so because, when I want to do is good relationship so when we build a good relationship with him. Now here, If you well connected with the folks up top the illegal war up with Billy. Our Billy's good go man he's doing a great job. Now? What if you like? Thing that the other two which can careful of which you don't want to do created antagonistic relationship. We end that includes threat, him
You're work ethic, threatening him with your performance level, threatening him with yours. Yes, sir, you almost have to throttle back the little bit enough that he's not threatened now. The other thing you do instead of throttling back is what you do. Is you give him the current. Have you given the credit and good and now he's like a prompt he's? Not looking you become, you build the relationship that we want to. Do you want to build a relationship and we put your ego and check: do the little menial tasks learn as much You can in and let me tell you all this these temporary, you will rise job. If you do it right, you will rise the top. If you screwed up you'll, never rise. If you create an ant Eric antagonistic relationship with him. You will promote you will not. If you do it right, you'll end up above him in the chain of command. It will take time it will,
swallowing of pride, what will happen. It might take five years. It might take seven years. It might take nine months. I don't know, but what you have to do to make it happen, but have fun doing it If you're gonna go crazy every day, if its hurt you so bad, I game. Out of it, I mean I'm gonna make a total game out of it were. My goal is to this relationship with his gonna make a game out if it weren't have fun with it. Our market, angry. When I come home from work, I can't believe I do she gives. You know Oh my god, you know. Hey look talk to my wife was a hey guess: what he actually bought me lunch today and we were laughing about the football game. I don't even like football, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, build that and I'm gonna win and in the long run your guarantee do it. If you can play that game so,
again. Everyone thinks it's gonna be like really does not me. I was the military does not meet the standards. What you do is you smashing report him up the chain of command. Oh that good luck with that. This guy's well connected as wage labour over there go, yellow, shut up new guy because you're actually proving not only Europe we proving when you do this, you are actually proving you're, not a good leader, and that you have put your ego and jack you're, proving that UK provided you can't work with some people we, the guy, Yo Jocker. We talk ok at work with anybody who is really good zones. You working with you know his teeth. So what was Emil Gimme your confined for rest, your life, only working with your team where's of its Doc was good to go. He can work with anybody. Oh he work with bill whose an egomaniac any work with MIKE, whose a lazy, bastard guess. Why doesn't matter we put chocolate, he's gonna, get it done? Ok, cool! That's the attitude we want people to have about us. Then, when even that is like an it's, it's a art Of course it were like
kind of balancing. Did you want to be like, disingenuous or or like, or or fake to the point where they know, like other schemes, picking yeah you didn't like, then that balance, as you know- and you know how you do- that you dont- be right? We are not just trying to I'm not see. This is a thing. I'm not trying to build a relationship with echo so that I can get promoted that will be avi. I'm trying to build a relationship with you, because it's gonna make our team veterans gotta make us do a better job in its going to benefit. Everyone at the company at the deep. That's why I'm trying to do it? I'm not trying to do to get ahead, wrote that kind of snake will then you're just as bad as the other guy you're. Just one of those guys are trying to get ahead now. What you're doing as you do, that for better for the deep. I wasn't for me relationships with people, so I could get promoted. I was foreman relationship. Will people so that we could do better job, so I could get gear for the pull tune. So I could get pork from some. You know
supply guy what's up buddy Dewey disingenuous. They are actually want to be browser them, so he knows what we got into knows. We need nothing Dennis disingenuous about that about football? Maybe that's all disingenuity, but you know you see like what you don't mean that can't gonna seems like a superficial Billina line over here so into football and we're working together. I'm gonna actually try and figure out like. I want to know why you're so into a man. Tell me about it. What's so like, like explained, that's me, you got three hundred pound guys. I can run forty forty yards in like seconds. That's impressive. Let me Lord about that. Let's get into the game! Nothing wrong with that disingenuous three palm guy running a forty, five Bueno or less- is officially impressive here by point or less through Interpol. If you're, when eighty five, even to it,
these two under bombs for three four four For four in less would you do method for four seven, the little impressive, its Emmy for college, good? I mean special back in that committee. Now these guys are fine. It's different! Anyone living longer exquisite! Next question: This question is from an army that those in Romania in two thousand for you. He noted that to me, which is dear some contractors, hand respect you just started, you get a poem I'm a very step action drill, oriented guy, I blame field artillery officer basic hours.
They while training an instructor was talking to me about the flow and creativity and improvisation that is needed. May it comes with time It is on helping to get that way or Ok, what do I do step one step to step three drill, mindset or just let it go, or do you just let it come get us. That's that's great and I know you've seen people like this in the noise. I see him all the time. It's people that have the personality that is like an engineer personality. Ok, what do I do step one step to step three separate. What do you mean to tell me the steps book quit all this conceptual stuff. Tell me the steps to do Actually Higgs was D Jeff Higgs he was describing a guy. That we train with any in the He described this scenario is talk the specific guy who kind of fits this mould, and this was Sky was coming to trade with us and
gonna, be one of our states and any exposure. You know he said the good he's got. No. He train super hardy, strong and dumb. He's got a very stubborn jujitsu mine, I gotta kill governance is true, but it's this kind of thing where you know. You just want to know the steps and you just want to apply them and by the way, if you want to teach about options we, what the options are than you know. Option one one a one be once he they want to have that mindset for everything so that stops right we want to get beyond that, we want Get to its just like a person playing a musical instrument, and teach them all. The notes They need to figure out how to play music video on how to create music. That's a difference. I would say this went on. If you or to a guitar centre, which is a good
our store in America in you put up a sign that says you know I need someone that can play the following: twenty seven albums note for no you'll get you'll get a hundred phone calls if you put a website that said that cause you're gonna recorded album whatever but of all those people, not all of them. Can create school song that is original one good and all that soldiers the different right. This is the difference between like a normal Jujitsu Blair, whose by the book in and then you That creates the tire level guys that are creating new moves. All the time So that's what we want to become in it not just to be a top level guy. It's also to be this. Also, how you improve it's, how you get better! You gotta figure out how to match the, how to put the notes of Jujitsu together so and top of that. It's the same thing with combat it's the same thing with
doing it, assaulted the same thing with an immediate action drill. It's the same thing with moving down the hallway, all you know, and all you can do in your brain is follow the the steps and follow the standard operating procedures as much as I talk about standard operating procedures being necessary and mandatory, all. You know how to do is following you will fall short, we're coming to a situation where they're, not gonna work and now you're gonna you're gonna be done. You're gonna stop you're, not gonna. What to do? happens due to all the time so we need to free freer mind. That's we needed. We need to free your mind and how did you that will force while this money goes freedom, so we want to have the disposal means we do need to drill a moves. It means we do need to learn the moves. It means we do need to repeat them over and over again, so that we can get out, and we do need to do that, but then we ve Otto said the mind free, and how do you do that? I mean. Go outside your comfort zone for one,
and a lot of guys by everyone. Does this, where you say you know what man I'm getting everyone in this one move I'm going to stop doing. If I'm going to do another movie knock anyone two months, you know gonna come under echo. The enemy He gave it to her so go outside your comfort zone got some that work on a move that you don't do. Throw out your best submission and Use it So now you gotta, be. Through all these different we gotta go further moves. You gonna, get creative thinking with hitting Getting your move from different positions that are supposed to work like you for it Did you just talked about the guillotine? I'm a fan of the guilty, but I do it means and weird places I mean I have people tab out. My duty when I when, where it was,
positions that no use like when no one's ever been dropped out there like how it's got up now. How did you do that? How did you know I was you know across the side, and I was yet you are, but I had this going on so try your moves from different positions. Random positions do try things that shouldn't work too right. Try a move! That's a top move derived from the bottom That's a move in the bottom right from the top, DR homicide, drive across it dry from butterfly guard. Try these different moves and you start to create more. The other thing that will free or minus one stop worrying about tapping people out and getting tapped out worry about progress worry about creativity, try and be more creative. And if all you worried about is not tapping out your problem, It's gonna be slow and of all you word was tapping the other guy out. Your progress is gonna, be slow. If I were you worried about, is losing your progress can it be slow? So that's it
and I will say one more thing I would say there is a kind of dichotomy here, in the one once You want to be able to turn your brain completely off and do whatever happens. At the same time, you want to force your mind to make yourself do particular move right, lying so go in one of those eat if you're gonna think think about new moves or turn, your brain completely often, and things happen as they come meal. Every year by the water your brain off, and letting the moves China, it sounds like you're, letting them would happen on its own kind of thing. That income with time more and more in like when first start, that's probably not really can happen much yeah, yeah and also like an example of that is, if you were teaching her class and use it hey Jackal come here, and you know, I'm gonna do this sweep on you and you do this. We ve been like. I would defend it immediately.
Sorry, man and we I'd have to sit there, not defend the moves that you could show the sweep right. You see whose aim is in complete instinct for me to stop that move or to complete instinct for me to grab your head or start. You know so that the way that's the way you want that do you want to be enhanced and you your voice to be in please? If you have to think about him in real situations, if the other person is good, and you have to think about what you gonna. Do you use your loose mia because they're not thinking there they're getting that quarter. Second takes a quarter second, due to process by wasted by your own pistols, the quarter? Second, for you to see the target of Gordon II to get to your holster. To course, I can get to go now and get a shot of three quarters of a second, If you all you had to do was just drive, you you'd give quarter seconds gone, or if you have a gun, you heard seconds gone so, Greg train you did that to date. I thought about those well, that's why this is russian. My mama grab my hand real, quick and I was like, He did that sort of way,
I used to go from a host of gives. You can go as fast as you possibly can to your. Also what you get you holster. You got a slow down, but you go so fast. Your holster its rights to make up sort of you knows ass. They could my also think anyone's you get there s not on you. Gotta get front, I focus, but great move, that fast trying to grab my cat, like that northern star? Do that those are our. Do that again, do not speed work on it. If so, the free your mind back to the point here, and thanks for your service yeah that way of learning, I think it's it's actually pretty prevalence of that when first start because you know either of the move. You don't know. Why works you know that it works. Does your teaches teaching to you, but you didn't like why works so there, To show me tell me this: to do I walked through it you learn another movie, learn this move. You learn in Ohio, refines you're technique, you go role find out. Ok that doesn't work when I do it this way or you know why doesn't works? You could ask me I'm the kind of learner that I
I actually, the first thing I want to know is how this work here. I want to know that before I know even the steps and Wada terms. I teach that way. I'm teaching like here's the concept of war or try to make up in here we're trying to get their way over here. So here's how we gonna get their weight over there. I once we get their way to retain its easy to say: hey I now introduce your hips year, Nigger beyond their back or whatever the case may be. But for me the concern the concept of what you're trying to make happen is what I like to think about. What I like to teach and that's the same thing with combat you know, there's moves that you're gonna do on the battlefield, but actually. What are you trying to make happen? You know cover movies cover move is the most simple on you. Cover move an infinite number of ways, but you, dont covered move, you're gonna die and as long as you have one of those millions of different ways of covering moving- and are you like? Some guys would get really particular
it might. When I was born, I was running training costs, but here you can't do that I would say: well what what did they do? That you'd, like Well, you know he he should have gone, he should have moved first. What are they they cover or yeah. Why should the other guy to first? Well, that's where we taught him ok, it makes sense. Can you give me a reason not really are they covering a movie? Yes, I think so. Doing? Yes, so essentially the same thing you do to your right, because if you do say grab It goes along too very much. It seems like anyway, what you're saying about telling people why they're doing what they're doing yes essentially this lame thing you do to your right because, if you just say grab their arm and pull it into Europe. You know now so you can sweep them.
But what you really want to tell me like: listen, they're, gonna, put their hand out here for base rate vow ill. So what you want to do as you want to be ready to move it or move it on. You only have to get it. Do you only have to take their base away for a quarter? Second, You say that a lot. I say that a lot like people and you just they try and move they try. They try and affect the other person's body for an extended period of time. Ten seconds for twelve seconds, they try and bring the hand into them, so they can sweeping and hold it. Therefore, five second, I'm going to hold it for a quarter. Second cuz. That's all it takes for this week to happen. That's all it takes for Norwalk to happen. That's all it takes for a g thing to happen. Is that one slash four, it's a quarter. Second, is: are you trying to do? I want you What you are winning quarter second course Encore. Second, I want Europe began it I do like that it's this is Emily to its people.
Imagine you it's it's a spectrum with learning duty. Like you nicely some guys, they just tend to learn that, where the US and then some goes tend to learn the other way in this area both ways- and I think- The beginning, I know, was for me and most people that have seen in the beginning you, you tend to learn that we show me the stuff. You don't know that everything you have. No no doubt will, and I want you to know- and even me I mean I'm with the I'm probably pretty far the extreme spectrum of. Let me understand the concept and plus your advance, though I think no one was when I was beginning all begin, even also quickly, warehouses working one leg I was like show me: how do you know I was thinking? How did that happened? how Why am I tapping right now? How can I not move? You know I what I was thinking. I wasn't thinking show me the movement. I was thinking what is going on here where I was and there's actually high level guys, you can tell by the way they teach or the way the day.
By the way that they teach her train. You can tell it there's high level guys on both sides years high level, guys that are like job like, for instance, that draw all the time. Those guys are mechanical, nothing wrong with it. They win world Champions championships. With that then there's guys that don't drill, but they roll like crazy render games, will reflect that Jeff Glover Jeff Glow, de MR same thing was you'll, you see those guys doing a lot of drilling job, they never do it, but if you compare them to, let's say prison cruiser world Champion mean even Galva covers. During but he just woke drill and At least from what I've seen you from what I've seen a veto, videos of journeys working to move- and you like? Ok, that's all some guys dominate, dominates I've antarctic jujitsu. We and I think, the end when you become that good, even if that your primarily method of learning or training or whatever, I think
when you gain ultimately like the understanding of ok. I see I see why this is important to do this. It is important to do this whenever, even if your opponent controller, the create, If any part is it's almost like you, uncontainable it'll all you, I really like gov outward they do drill allow yours. Maybe it was they who made the dvd that was literally called drill to win, like one somebody, that's really good made an drill to win right, so that the cut out at some sort of a union that are you better drilling drilling joint in what the fit the thing is to what two to rest, bond. What you just said is fact Discipline equals freedom. Give you drill and drilling join you make those moves, so natural than free gonna came from all over the place it. So you the end state is gonna be the same. But there's gonna, be people want all loans that learning spectrum and training Spectrum data can be all over the place in some people would like. I don't like to drill, don't enjoy it, maybe
did at some point I don't remember I would rather role here I think allotted it's the then it was in the beginning it seems like what kind of learner you are is gonna show itself way, moreover, for just as far as even further and in how you pick things up, they and their lot. Those with the fact that there is a lot to pick up when you begin meal restart this. So much to learn say like www absolutely have to drill, I now know exists and we go. No joggled is really no. You address when you start off you how I give to learn the body mechanics of it. So, yes, I am talking about a more advanced stage in it. I think altered. Just like. You said, though, I think that in time What is our learning the move and is given the fact that you are rolling? You know some people to learn the mood than other who always rarity, but when you
the you, learn whatever this guard pass to the arm bar combo in you know the steps and grab here for me here, whatever the guy's, your dear trading partner, partner for the drill. Whatever is you know his lady be doing what you become a ten out of ten in the drill you get so good at that drill, your tent? of ten? When you go, live real you're starting to fail. Yes, exactly right, because you don't know all the obvious dynamic variables coming. Actually so that's it game the understanding? This that's one more question is gonna publicly that need to be answered. You answer in boom measure learning made there so that, It is good for the bottom care, especially the beginning, because you know you don't like it Eddie you're talking about Europe, all your hands, arms legs, hips, head everything, ample room! Well, what's even more critical than those things, because all those things are visit visible you you can see them. Things that are harder to teach and to understand, is the weight distribution and the balance
tribute, those the things that you can't? You cannot see, there's also one more, which is the tension mistress. Because when I pulling on your right when I grab your wrist. When I'm holding your wrist, I could be putting tension. In three hundred and sixty degrees right if have holding Europe could be moving it. I can be put intention now: no one could tell which, when putting pushing or pulling or lifting or or dragging. No one can tell us, your arm is moving, but the tension, You can't see the balance you can't see and and the wait, distribution. You can't see any those things and that's why it's very hard to teach him up. And that is really the only way and again back to the thing it comes with tat. It is when you rule live with someone the ending of the see all these different settled, different scenarios where the stuff you learned Dean was teaching our mock the other day. You know like a bit cigar mark which are probably sat, in the class of his been has been his dummy affair.
In times and the sum asked a question and then he was due used. Do the army to me and I realized something that he was doing- that I never noticed before- and it's it's he's pulling the arm towards his head, sickly like pulling towards his idea- and I mean enough pretty extreme way I realized how incredibly effective it was its it wasn't, holding it he's, holding it. It will, and so like those little things like that, I've, I've been his dummy, and maybe you know just as there has been a dummy. He didn't Didn't remember, didn't about doing that step. But the way the question got Aston. And even when he's our mockery, thousands of times he you know I didn't notice it. You know I just got man he's, got a tightrope walk right, but it's like ok
That was the detail and I never you could watch him. Do that move to me a thousand times or anyone else a thousand times. Then you wouldn't be able to know that detail unless either he told it to you or you felt developed and theirs that's the thing it's crazy about you, two there's all kinds a little little, backs like their balance. Wait intention that you just can't you can't see visual, you can feel em. You can feel them Even if I say, hey ECHO, actually, If you all, because you can't feel where I'm putting my weight, if somebody my weight into the map, from heavy over here you give you You don't know where I'm heavy use no know what I feel heavy, but where's. My way up a now find my weight on you. You can feel passages death, before we have adjusted Judy. You broadcaster,. Next squash double when it comes to light setting up the chain. Would he do
your goals, art seeming to align example, making Money, verses having him in impact, ok This is the deal here. The goals have to alight they have to ride and, furthermore, they will align is now you may have to go pretty high up the chain to make this happen, or you might have to dig pretty hard to make that happen. But This is a great example right. The example is making money verses, making an impact, and I'm to tell you that vote. To actually alight how did they allied well? Let me explain if you're com many makes more money, they will have a bigger impact. Right? They will have a bigger impact. So let me break it down a little bit more. So if you want to have a big impact on a client right in
so what you do you spend so much time and so much money with that client with that customer you're gonna realize that. The company, if you, if you invest that much to a client, to customer universe that much time in that much money. You come Gregoire business. Now how much impact back you have dealt that clear. The answer zero now, sometimes the opposite happens It is probably what ye what their question is related to, for instance, if we as a company we start cut, corners on quality. We start
cutting corners on customer service or whatever the case may be, we might make more money in the short term, all like to save money, yet it ain't gonna. You know what we were supposed to have ten people answering folds going to fire six of Edward. I four left. That means everyone's wait: normal phone. So now we don't have good customer service. Now certain ready, Yelp review, I was on hold for fourteen hours. I met this company right. This happens is what happens. This is the example, so so now up the chain of command. So before it was look, we need thirty people in the cold centre to answer the phone, and that way everybody gets an answer within thirty seconds when they call it and we're customer calls it. Ok, we're out of business and a month we can't afford thirty people. So now we have no impact the other end of the spectrum. As we have three people Mccall Centre, responding to phone calls, we everyone has to wait an hour now, no one, everyone hates our company. We also have no impact so the the there,
the goals have to be aligned at some case, but the thing is, it is a balancing act. It's it's between expenditures for the cost to produce or the cost to provide service, and you ve got it keep that as low as possible, so that. So that money is made, but you can't go so low that quality. The customer service and follow on business and customer relations. You care, go so low that it destroyed in so you? As a as a worker need to realise that Europe, higher ups are trying to balance that and their say hey pay. You can dedicate this much time. Are you can't dedicates Amis time echo? You need you spend too much time with each client. You need to get three more clients why given the impact that I want to take him. The focus. Ok. Can you handle one more claim, yeah it probably do that. Ok, we're finding the balance that we know another good rest
a business right. Restaurant business is we easy simple one understand, because the quality of the food that we get quality of the the the shafts that we have, the more caused by the food, the good food and a higher quality chef in cooking help, we have the better the foods going to be well all that stuff cost more money, so you got to find out if you can have a restaurant with the best hamburger in the world. It's eighty four dollars and you're not going to have a line at that place you, but you would you have him back cuz you're having the best burger in America. Guess what you're, not gonna, be a business to have that your impact is gonna, be zero. Other side of the spectrum salmonella boys is your by cheap stuff, cut refrigeration costed. That's you guess what you're going out of business to so the goals are aligned at the end of the day because profit equals. Growth equals impact now
Are there ethical times where someone says hey we're screwed, overcoming absolutely that what's happened, a Wells, Fargo well. Spargo had had a plague. Of that type of behaviour, and it was rampant throughout the whole company. Guess where there are now they're earning their hurting. They made a bunch money, the shorter, but guess what now they're not trusted. So they gonna do some recuperation. But the classic example someone from Wells Fargo. Might I ask this question a year ago before the story broken said: hey Jack, We try to do some positive here in the house we were. My goals are allied with the company. And he would have been right and he should a raised his hand, because what he could have said was hey bosses. If we, Keep this up, we're going to lose the trust and confidence of the public and we're gonna be hurting an He would have incorrect so
You gotta find that balance, but just remember that, even though the goals might not seem aligned, they are aligned in the end. They need to be, did not any always are Why is there not a light at the end, you're gonna you're, probably going out of business you just caught a swathe of, may him you you destroy your customers or eat through high prices or by low service. One of those two things can happen. If you don't mind the dichotomy, the balance needed to combat the balancing edifying nodes fixed, which what is your next book about dwelt Bit, the Gatt is out of the bag was actually now so because then the book is available on Amazon right now, it's cool. The way of the warrior kid and yes, It is a kids book, but I am telling you.
I'm telling you I've got this. This is this book, he's gonna, there's gonna be a lot more people than just kids that learn from his book, myself included, so that you know part of its them ever? I had it in the bank for a while. But one of the things that happens. We talk about the Jackal Academy on the spot, guest hey. What have you ran? Somebody asked me a question, great question. If you read the academy, four kids. What would you teach what went through what that would be like in Was cool was win, podcast came out came out, so many people reached out means had got to do this. This would be awesome and where we actually are, can behind the scenes slowly to get something moving in that direction? what I realized you know forming a school the way I want to make it for me to get out of the way I wanted to be it's it's a big effort in financial effort, but are we help kids in the meantime
Are we on kids into me damn? Well, I realized. What I can do is write a book or finish this book that I had the idea for so that's did hammered out, This is the story. It's it's about. A kid can name is Mark. And with a story opens up here kind of finishing. His His last today, the school and he said a rough time? he's having a rough time, because he's Well, first of all, you can do it, collapse, which may not seem like a big deal, but guess what, in his school they have little fizz Peter. Last year and want to think they do his paws and sold on the last day is over. You know they feed they feel day in Hawaii, so they a field day. So he's just one of the events they do is pull up. Somebody bulbs can everyone knew he's hiding in the back door? hide doesn't want to do the Borlsover guess where he gets called out. So everybody knows
confirm they knew before some of them. Confirmed he can't eat. Isn't that could get any boats the class? we'll trip guess where they go they go to upon they go to a lake and go swimming real phone If you know how to swim, I don't know how to swim so easy, and now they know that too. Not only that, on top of that, doesn't know is times tables here. What six times six don't know. So on top of all that he's gettin bullied, he's gettin bullied by big Kenny, Williamson, big boy who who calls himself. He calls himself the king of the jungle, because the jungle in the schoolyard yeah right got so horrible. Last a school gets picked on all that stuff and
when he comes home he's reminded by his mom that his uncle Uncle Jake, Who is in the seal? Teams is getting out of the seal teams, he's gonna be the college after the summer, so this summer he stayed with mark and that's what happens so Uncle Jake you ve, gotta. Here's all these issues that has happened all these problems and you can imagine what Uncle Jack said. Local Jake said Would you problems those the problem, kind of problems we can solve right there we can take it catapults, no problem. What do do work out, o You dont know your timetables. What do you do study? Let me teach you a study. About flashcards, Let me show you how to get in the game academically, I don't how to swim. Guess what you're going to learn how to swim owing you and your getting picked on. How do we stop that real easy
something out you Jessica course. So that's what happens? The uncle Jake shows Mark how to be instead of a wimpy kid, how to be a warrior kit and. Teach them how to be stronger than smarter and better and It also Okey learns about humility. He learns about respect, learns about courage. Termination anymore. I wish that I have His book, when I was a kid because Are you scared? The public's, be helpful and that's what that's what I'm hoping for. I'm hoping they can have an impact on people's lives, and I hope that. I hope that it allows. You know. Parents and
needs to get closer together and you know, as I was you know. I normally take her question what kind of closing- and you know why are you trying pick a question? That's gonna be on newest can be impact, will write and honesty. Men when I was preparing for this part gas mouse doing the first couple letter that I read. I was just at a point where. I didn't think I'd be able to step up any further in So I just wanted to think about that. No, you think about jobs. Burns in his daughter and.
Makes me hope that this can bring people together Bring parents closer to their kids and help their kids. Move down the right path in life because. No matter what you think about life, and the afterlife anymore tat woody. Do you believe that are not one I do know the one thing that you do leave behind is your kids Oh, let's give him the best. We can and get them prepared for life and get them prepare
cared for the sunny days and the. Barclays skies filled with stars ringlets also get them ready for the challenges in the bullies and the darkness so that they can survive and thrive and pass that strength of character on down the line. Then I think that's all I've got for tonight so echoed Charles. I know it's been a little bit of a rough night for you too.
Apologize but maybe maybe when you get home tonight if you're, beautiful, daughter, little extra and new planet. Yes on us, for it of your son and before you do that, maybe you could tell everyone how they might be able to support this park asked if they so desire, for I go to deep into the I get it. It mean something, but it's gonna be relevant for her work that can cause a lot of people in the world just whip If it we worked out make it worked out today, but part. Does the admission part I drank some last night? Why sometimes when you witness yeah ultimately, but
The twenty things were was some kind of a celebration of is else's working in either the kind you drink little bit you can get into it. Above all, should limit ex more into anyway just one of those deals. Nonetheless, not getting them asleep and drinking. But, unlike Nike, We need to work it out today, The liner held the line you fully so we're going back There the pre work of total performance in its vote on it you were the pre workers from like. I now we're going we're going to see how this works under duress. If you will think anyway took it. Ok smashed the worker booth theme pop up position, but less than was their people mentioned the pop near where support is real. Anyway,
So the moral too, that story is, are you told everyone when they can drink and as long as they have some of this will be good to go cuz. You didn't you dad were part of a lot more, I think of schedule. The game yeah war, If I were to say that I would have to do a lot more tests load up to drink more tell us about the day, I thought we like the new and improved echo. A lot better ran up, but yet total performance- is go straight up in the rotation roof it oil krill oil total performance of a brain when needed should take when needed. What other ones did I miss o where you bars when needed? my go to that's my EAST sea everyday. Consumption that everyday carried the other
anyway, by already feed. On already, I know I said before I say to get from on it: the best supplements that, like power. Gainer. Five thousand supplements like the career supplements that. But you have to do the work. I you d get arrest. You gotta eat good. The supplement is to supplement, I think people overlooked. You know what let's make a bar of good protein more or a good, bar is called good. Will you ever eat good? Are you eating good yeah yeah? I know a good day but if you want want, are, if you like things to be done, you don't already have supplements in, and you want to get some supplements you, the extra boost. The pop in this case go on it few, what ten percent off
throw little flash Jacko in their you get herself bound support everything, sport, the pot guess for yourself and your gains another? Where is another? way to do it, is Do it meaning another way support the pot gets bigger. Small big Amazon click through what that is. We do Amazon Shopping, whatever. It is your by weathered the book the year, this progress where otherwise or anything be very good, Mother, come good to juggle pod up click on Amazon Banner, then Good, do you shopping so kind of support that is like this three way of support. Think Linda small action, big impact, the good subscribe, of course to Itunes state jerk Google play Writer of you on Itunes, yeah, that's a goodly that support,
It seems obvious that he'd subscribed items already, but in the event of you not subscribe, your support in that way, whatever it is, you are used. Google play nature, junior there's another app. I've been here lately, but I care my border. This Spotify is it that something ought to someone else, the subscriber, if it's on there and Youtube discernible more videos on a more consistent basis, a thing about to, or two sometimes very recently and You want to subscribe to the Youtube Channel one. What's the veal skill dates when, on the videos come out, that's a good way to support to an animal of Course Jack, where the store called chocolate or can get cool stuff. Think school and I'm not saying goodbye their shirts. Nothing seemed go look
there we made an effort collectively to put some cool stuff up there. But keep in mind that our opinion ass, my opinion that their cool- if you their cool, then you get a sure, that's what I'm saying it can support them. The shirts is rash guards for Jiu, Jitsu or any kind of physical activity of people use for four cycling, encrusted whatnot. Good for that they look. Waiting till a cool patches debacle ones came back in through the back door, patches back some proper stickers and These of course come out some with some more stuff. I think I support that. I use for O. So I ask you all to support that way in chocolate supports, They I feel, like that's another three way. Support closed circuit deal, that's good, given that if you want, if you like it and then of course,
its psychological warfare, if you don't psychological warfare is its. In album. You can get in each track is when you feel weakness of like waking up like a very even of those days. Another speak from experience. Could then a little bit about this The day were you kind of hull over? This is long term. Maybe home or maybe get their much sleep. Maybe maybe your mind is on something else. You like oil missiles and work out today, but today, I'm not feeling amateur today into arrested when you thinking that, like those moments, a weakness you listen to one of these tracks to these drugs. Whatever Jack o telling you why you should not skip today see your waving psychological warfare. On your mind, this is yes, the weaknesses that trend a review.
Himself self in your mind- and I can say with one hundred percent certainty- that if you're, in a day of, we are moment of weakness and you this into this trap- whether beef you're about to eat You know when you're hungry, when you miss like lunch, thing. I'm hungry- and you see like you know what I get doughnuts or Orioles or whatever, when you're real, hungry Cates cut a harder anyway, if you're having a moment of weakness like that, whether be foodstuff waking up early, skipping org out, whatever listen to I'll also with one another sense, or do you want you want? Your flat Well, it there's also ask awesome, a young girl on Twitter. What summons daughter ends she saying she said Sugar coated it was donuts. Are sugar coated lies
and you can get it on Itunes, but you can also get it on, Amazon com or www Amazon music? Is I sought on Amazon or on their ok? We ask you, don't know what they hear. Everything we very, very competent distributor there. We were aware they distribute it. I D. Choose all these things, and I forgot that I, through. That process already has also focus on like Itunes or whatever. And yes so I end the did they end up going a process and it did get distributed through their. But since I dont use, I mean I use Evelyn music, but I feel just seemed like this one. I just didn't think about the awards. Colbert Amazon is it puts when you if you look at jock away, to get all say extreme ownership, it I'll say
where the warrior kid and it'll say psychological warfare all right there from Amazon, and this really awesome both the way. They understand your desire, because there's no way you can lose is that one low and is right there, you, I hate, is also going to give it the court that the grand slam order em all in the air also. We are so speaker that you need to juggle weighty you. By now that you know the deal, you know that you're. You know that you're. Clean and jerk is just out of control your fill the roof also, for international orders by the way were he to do this who's. Gonna put some work on the resource, Companies do this war behaviour international through Ebay. There is an official listing of Jocapa cast you'll, see that so by pro resourcing and They also said it says the
shipping is a hundred dollars. That's not the shipping there's like very ably shipping, so they just gonna court that price, but then I think they figured out later. So. Don't ask me at that, but yeah we're trying get it to people. Overseas amounts is good, so out quickly, but there is also, if you, if you Like when we talk about war leadership on this podcast. You can put pick up the book extreme ownership rights myself, my brother leaf bag ban, wrote it and, as we talk about leadership and war and light I said earlier go ahead and get some copies. Of the way the warrior get you in a it. Extreme ownership muster. This happening may fourth and fifth at the Merry Marquis New York City. It's a conference.
For people who want to get after it. That's what it is leadership. On the battlefield, in business and in life, why do I say battlefield offers works? We have military people that will be there. We police officers, that will be there so there on the battlefield right best Obviously we have businesspeople firefighters fighters there, their battle with fire, but in its lot of a majority of its business, people that want to get after it and it's so people that want to get after it and lead in life it's gonna, sell out. We have if echo. Finally, quality, not quantity finally video executed later is better than a good excuse. Now there were problems, probably have a video pretty soon and until then, when silver muster If you do want to crews,
with us. We can be found deep, deep inside the into webs on twitter on Instagram you have that phase. Walkie boy. How we gonna blow about want to echo is who Charles and I am at Jocker willing. And finally,. Thanks for listening this part gasped. Then they for supporting it with everything that you do to support it, but more important they should get near the game with us losing weight or gaming weight or learning jujitsu or leading better guys like Army that James Kenny, sixty four years old, no factor surgeon
no factor torn muscles, no factor. Three hours, something commute to the gym, to train jujitsu, no factor intrinsic wheel and discipline, big factor cause James Sixty four years old just got his bluebell. Congratulations, James, animal thought you were out there doing the same thing. Military members out on the battlefield police officers on the beat firefly there on the scene, you're doing the same thing, smashing obstacles and the rest of you in the Workforce war king. Grinding through the day and night, get your work done in steel, getting after
work out in the family events in the Jujitsu glasses, thank you for what you are doing. In for realising that, if you have the will and the discipline the obstacles you face, are no factor in the EC and not stop you from getting after it. So until next time this is ECHO and Jack. I'm out.
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