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60: The Importance of Standing Up Against Evil, and its Heavy Cost. "The Rape of Nanking"

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0:14:06 - "The Rape of Nanking" (Unspeakable Darkness)

1:15:21 - "The Woman Who Could Not Forget" by, Dr. Ying Ying Chang 

1:58:25 - Lessons from the books.  Your Reality VS. Actual Reality.

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This is Jacko Podcast number sixty. That go Charles and me Jocker willing good evening echo good evening. What I am about to relate is anything but a pleasant story. In fact, is so very unpleasant that I cannot. Recommend anyone without a strong stomach to read it. For it is a story of, crime and horror as to almost be unbelievable. The story Depredations of a horde of degraded criminals of in credible, beast, geography on a peaceful, kindly law, abiding people. I believe it has no parallel. In modern history.
And that is a warning was written by a man by the name of George Fitch Who was an american in the city of Nan King China. He was working Worthy, why am CIA in night- thirty seven when the Ariel japanese Army invaded. And I'm going to tell you that that warning is not strong. Enough and I know that many of you listen to this podcast with your children. And I'm gonna tell you right now, this podcast, this epoch It is not for children this pursued is barely even for adults.
And I'm sure that some of you will not make it through this podcast and I almost decided not to do it. This pocket Asked this episode is going review a book called the rape. Of man king an author by then, of Irish Chang and part of the reason That I decided that I had to cover this book is Because of the story. That follows the story, then that is of Irish Chang the author, a brow beautiful intelligent successful and loving woman
was consumed by darkness and I will discuss her fate in a book. Was written by her mother. The singing Chang in a book called the woman who could not forget. And what happened in the city of Nanking is. It is beyond darkness. Do it is beyond evil? Is pure savagery, wanting Savagery of the highest order and Pardon me things: maybe it's best if it is forgotten.
The best way to prevent it from happening again but part of me knows that that is wrong and The only way to learn this study and to understand. And to try and banish the From our memories to me, that leaves the door leaves the door open For something like this to happen again, somewhere sometime. But I want to warn you again that there are parts this episode that are extremely graphic. Then I didn't put it all in there. But
Absolutely wanted people to your stand that this is what happened then I feel compelled to discuss it. For four one for Irish Chang, who, in my mind, sacrificed everything to tell the story To help ensure that those who suffered all remembered and Also to ensure that the human race at large has the knowledge has the warning That evil exists. And that mankind is capable of becoming engulfed in that evil. And that man can act, the widow mercy or remorse.
Or the slightest shred of humanity at all. Go into the book to prepare for the inevitable war with China. Japan had spent decades, training its men for combat, The moulding of young men to serve in the japanese military began early in life and in an nineteen thirty, the marshal influence seeped into every aspect of japanese boyhood toy. Shops became virtual shrines to war selling, arsenals of toy soldiers, tanks, helmets, uniforms, rifles, anti aircraft, guns, bugles and howitzers.
Memoirs from that time. Describe pre adolescent boys waging mock battles in the streets, seeing bamboo poles as imaginary rifles, so even tied logs of wood on their back and fantasized about dying is human bomb hero Was. In suicide missions. Now I can tell you. I grew up doing all that stuff We played war all the time all the time. So I don't find anything shocking about that the book japanese schools operated like miniature military units. Indeed, some of the teachers were military officers who lectured students on their duty on their duty to
help Japan fulfil its divine destiny of conquering Asia and being able to stand up to the world's nations as a people. Second to none now were started. Get off course. They taught young boys how to handle wooden models of guns and older boys how to handle real ones, textbooks in vehicles for military propaganda. One geography book even use the shape of Japan as justification for expansion. We appeared be standing in the Vanguard of Asia advancing bravely into the Pacific. At the same time, we appear ready to defend the asian continent from outside, attack. Teachers also instilled in boys, hatred and contempt for the chinese people. Preparing them psychologically for a future invasion of the chinese mainland.
One historian tells the story of a squeamish japanese schoolboy in the nineteen thirty to burst into tears when told to dissect a frog. Teacher slammed his knuckles against the boys had yelled. Why are you crying about one lousy frog when you grow up, you'll have to kill one hundred two hundred chinks. Japanese Minister of Education declared that schools were run not for the benefit of the students, but for the good of the country. Elementary school teachers were trained like military recruits, with students, teachers housed in barracks and subject to harsh discipline and indoctrination and Eighteen. Ninety period rescript on education emerged. It Lee down a code of ethics to govern not only students and teachers, but every japanese citizen, the
Script- was the civilian equivalent of japanese military codes, which valued above all Billions to authority, and unconditional loyalty to the emperor. In every japanese school copy of the emperor, was enshrined with a portion of the emperor and taken out each morning to be teacher was reputed that more than one teacher who accidently stumbled over the wards committed suicide to atone for the insult to the sacred document. So we ve got a that's. Ninety by the way, eighteen So this is generations now that this is being plugged into the To the students, brains. In these things you win, When we, when we talk about students, we talk about till we teach them generally freedom is the
Ultimate goal: freedom is the ultimate the ultimate. The ultimate thing to strive for. The old Thing to defend his freedom you're they're, getting taught that the ultimate thing was obedience to authority. Unconditional loyalty. Back to the book was commonplace for teacher to behave like sadistic drill sergeant slapping children across the cheeks hating them with their fists or bludgeoning them with bamboo or wooden swords were forced to hold every heavy objects, sit on their knees, stand barefoot in the snow or run around the playground until they collapse from exhaustion. There were certainly few visits to the schools by indignant or even concerned parents, the Sure conform to authority intensified if the schoolboy decided to become a soldier.
Vicious hazing and relentless and relentless pecking order, usually squelched any residual spirit of individualism within him, obedience was touted as a supreme virtue and sense of individual self worth was reply by a sense of value as a small cog in the larger scheme of things. To establish this sublimation of individuality to the common good superior officers, older soldiers slap recruits for almost no reason at all or beat them severely with Heaven wooden raw heavy wooden rods. According to the law author, Toshiba officers, often justified unauthorized punishment. Saying I do not beat you because I hate you beat you because I care for you: do you, guy perform these acts with hands, swollen and bloody in a state of madness. Some you died understood. Brutal physical conditions, others committed suicide. The machine
would he became tempered vessels into which the military could poor a new set of life goals. So this is Complete. You know militant raising children and what I want to note here. Is anybody that thinks you know what that probably produce some incredible warriors you're, actually wrong. Europe did approves warriors. Yes, it did, but let's, let's remember these warriors that were raised in this manner. When they had american soldiers and Marines that to face them when they were in incredibly well, dug in defensive positions, and the Americans had to take beach. France and beach heads. The free thinking american soldier proof to be the better.
Back to the book, training was no less gruelling, a process for aspiring officers, above all the jacket The cadets were, to a doubt, adopt a will which knows no defeat. So terrified were the cadets of any hint of failure that examination results were kept secret to minimize the risk of suicide. So that's what again this was this is going all the way back to eighty ninety, so we ve got forty fifty years worth before. We get into this where this matter to the book. In the summer of nineteen thirty, seven Japan finally succeeded in The book in the sum of nineteen thirty seven Japan finally succeeded in provoking a full scale war with China. So Japan was now engaged in a war with China, they to Shanghai the companies invaded Jane, I would beg giant city and they they thought they were gonna. They have no factor right cause they're, getting told all time that there the best and though the there's there
supreme warriors in all this well, go back to the book. Your japanese military military leaders had boasted and seriously believe that Japan could conquer all of mainland China within three months. We get some air, means going on here but when a battle in a single chinese city alone that wishing I dragged from summer to fall and then from fall. Folder winner is shattered, japanese fantasies of an easy victory here. This primitive people Illiterate in military science and poorly trained had managed to fight the superior japanese to a standstill. When Shanghai finally fell in November. The mood of the imperial troops had turned ugly. In many say in May, It was said, lasted for revenge as they March towards Nan King so the wrong route. Now they had a hard time. And down Shanghai
Vengeance on their mind, when they're going into the city of Nan King back to the book Lynn, was spared on the path to Nan. King Pennies veterans remember: rating tiny farm communities with a club or bayoneted everyone in sight. But small villages were not the old, casualties entire cities were razed to the ground consider the example of suit chow, a city on the EAST Bank of Thai who Lake One of the oldest cities in China. It was praised for its delicate silk embroidery, palaces and Temple temples its canals and ancient bridges, had earned its earned the city, its western, nickname, as the Venice of China on November nineteenth on a morning. Pouring rain again, police advance Guard, marched through the gates of Sue chow wearing hoods that prevented the chinese centuries from recognising them once inside. The Jap
These murdered and plundered the city for days, burning down, ancient landmarks and abducting thousands of chinese women for sexual slavery. The invasion according to the China Weekly Review causes population of the city to drop from three hundred and fifty thousand to less than five hundred. But the worst was still to come now. There was a a general that was, I'm in charge of the of the Japanese that we're heading to demand His name was general met SUI and he seemed to have some Semblance of honour to him, and gave some pretty good, I would say benevolent type as benevolent as you can be when you're going into war of orders. So here is one of the things that he proclaimed at the back,
book. The entry of the imperial Army into a foreign capital is a great event in our history, attract The attention of the world, therefore Let no unit enter the city and disorderly fashion then no beforehand the matters to be remembered in the position of foreign rights and interests in the world city, let them absolutely free from plunder he's, given some pretty legacy about his benevolent orders. If you could give that was much SUI well important events. Do we get sick and he. Can't be the leader he kind of goes in and out of a leadership position as this going on there's a new guy that comes in and the new that comes is actual royalty named. I understand the situation that they're going into and he gets told that the EP. Now Brandt's princess soccer. Gets word. He starts to understand the situation that they're going into any
told that the they're to be when they take Nan King they're gonna have three hundred thousand Chinese, troops to deal with they get. Some preliminary word that its sounds like that. The Chinese are ready to surrender the kind of here that intelligence they have spies in there and what not back to book After a soccer heard this report, it was said that his headquarters sent out a set of borders. Under personal seal marked secret. Be destroyed, We now know The message of these orders was clear: kill all captives and they actually do have a copy of an order that came out. And this was on December thirteen nineteen- thirty seven, the japanese sixty six battalion received the following command: knocking
read the whole thing, but here's parts of it Battalion battle reporter at zero. Two at two zero zero received order from the regiment commander to comply with or orders from the regained command headquarters or Prisoners of war are to be executed method execution divide the prisoners into group of a dozen shoot to kill us. Partly goes on to give some details about whose poster run this and then it contain use backed the book in the vicinity of the imprisonment must be heavily guarded Our intentions are absolutely not to be detected by the prisoners. Every company is too fleet preparation before zero five hundred exe the Cubans are to stop start promptly by that time An action is to be finished by seven thirty, so there you- straight up, orders, they're, gonna, kill everyone, and
It's very important note here. This is our intentions absolutely not be protected, so they were going to make it very clandestine and keep the the Chinese from knowing that they were gonna, kill them all. Back to book. There was a ruthless logic to the order, the captives could not be fed, so they had be destroyed. Killing them would not only eliminate the food problem, but diminish the possibility of retaliation. Moreover, dead enemies could not form up into guerrilla forces. So they have their orders. They go in and to begin the operation and here we go back to the book, all this was easier to achieve and the japanese hidden tips and had anticipated resist. Since was sporadic. Indeed, it was practically non existent. Having thrown away their arms when attempting to flee the city as the gene- beneath closed in many chinese soldiers simply turn themselves in hoping for
or treatment. Once the men surrendered and permit their hands to be bound the red was easy The Chinese give up their weapons, Allow themselves to be taken not a good. Deal we're gonna go to a quote from japanese soldier. Named a was funny. Yet pitiable When I imagined how they gathered, whatever white cloth, they could find attached to a dead, twig and marched forward. Just to surrender, I thought: how could become prisoners with the kind of force that they had more than two battalions and even without trying to show any resistance there.
Have been a considerable number of officers for this. Many troops, but not a single one, remained. Of them having slipped away and escaped. I thought, although we to companies and those seven thousand prisoners had already been disarmed. Our troops could have been an had. They decide to rise up in revolt in didn't go through too much of this, but it was a chaotic scene when The Chinese realized it was gonna happen and, as that indicated, a lot of senior leadership, they fled the city left these soldiers there now with no leadership and what are they gonna do and unity Japanese did psychological warfare on them and drop leaflets. It said hey if you surrender, you'll be treated well. We have rice for you and that what they did. They lied of course
back to the book when the japanese military received orders on December seventeen to kill prisoners, they proceeded with extra caution that morning, the Japanese announced that they were going to transport the chinese prisoners to a small island in the mill in the middle of the Anti River. They explained it captives that they needed Special precautions to move for the moon and bound the captives hands behind their backs. A task all morning and mostly afternoon. Time between four and six p m. The Japanese divided the prisoners into four columns and marched them to the west, skirting the hills and stopping at the River bank. After three or four hours of waiting and not knowing what was going on, the prisoners could not see any preparations for cop crossing the river. The corporal row it was going dark. They did I know that you, many soldiers already encircled them in a crescent formation along the river and
they were in sites of many machine guns by the two and the executed by the time the executions began it, Too late for the Chinese to escape suddenly all kinds of guns fired at once, curricula which you The sound of the firearms mingled with the desperate yelling and screams. For an hour, the Chinese, struggled and thrashed about desperately until there were few sounds coming from the group from evening, until dawn the Jap he's bayoneted. The bodies one by one seen took place over and over and over again, because what they did is a indicated and then in that order, if you missed it, they
separated the groups are, they had been captured inside the city, and then they took them in small units of thirty forty chinese soldiers, tied their hands and said you were going to transport you and they did this all over the city at the same time coordinated, and it took him out too. Different places outside the city and killed them. But it was only the soldiers that they did this to back to them. Look after the soldiers surrendered on mass, there is virtually no one left to protect. The citizens of the city knowing this the jap and poured into Nan king on December, thirteen nineteen, thirty seven, buying, government buildings, banks and warehouses, shooting People randomly in the streets, many of them in the back as they ran away. Using machine guns, revolvers and rifles, the Japanese fired at the crowds of wounded soldiers, elderly women and children who gathered in the north. And central roads and nearby alleys. They also
he'll chinese civilians in every section of the city, tiny lanes made boulevards mud, dugouts, government, buildings, city squares, as victims too, pulled the ground moaning and screaming the streets. Alleys and ditches of the fallen capital ran rivers of blood, much of it coming from people barely alive, with no strength left to run away, Japanese systematically killed the city dwellers as they conducted house to house searches for chinese soldiers and then king. But they also massacred the chinese and nearby suburbs and countryside corpse Piled up outside the city walls along the river by ponds and lakes and on hills and mountains. In villages near Nan, king, the Japanese shot down and a young man who passed under the presumption that he was likely to be a former chinese soldier.
But they also murdered people who could not possibly be chinese soldiers, elderly men and women, for instance, if they hesitated or even if they failed to understand orders which were delivered in japanese language. Not we see not every chinese person spoke, Japanese So this is now just a full on killing spree. And I'm going to read a section here- there was There- was military we're correspondence that were there From the japanese military and I will read this: one is from a military war, correspondent name you kill or Malta. And he saw the chinese brute prisoners being brought in lined up along the river back to the book? Those in the first row were be headed.
Those in the second row were forced to dump the severed bodies into the river before they themselves were be headed. The killing went on nonstop from morning until night. But they were only able to kill two thousand persons in this way. The next day, tired killing in this fashion. They set up machine guns through them to cross fire at the lined up prisoners rat tat, tat, tat. Triggers were pulled prisoners fled into the water, but no one was able to make it to the other shore Systematic murder of everyone is Basically, what we're dealing with. And when they got their momentum
being on the extermination of most of the men, they turn their attention to the women. Act. The book women suffered the most tackled, moral code, you, a former soldier in the hundred and fourteen division of the japanese army inane king, recalled. No matter how young or old they all could not escape the fate of being raped. We sent out Cole trucks. To the city streets in villages to seize a lot of women and their, each of them was allocated to fifteen to twenty soldiers. First, actual intercourse and abuse. Surviving japanese veterans claim that day that the army had all officially outlawed rape
Of enemy women, but Rape remained so deeply, embedded in japanese, military culture and superstition that no one the rules seriously. Many believe that raping virgins would make them more powerful in battle. Soldiers were even known to where am you, let's made The pubic care of such victims, believing that they possessed magical powers against injury military policy, forbidding rape only encourage soldiers to killed. Victims afterwards. During an interview for the day, your memory in the name of the emperor as you must Shiro. A former japanese soldier spoke candidly about the process of rape and murder in Nan King We took turns raping them. It would be all right if we only rape them, I shouldn't say all right,
but we always stabbed and killed them because dead bodies don't talk. Tucker, coral, cosy, shared assume as bluntness in discussing the issue after raping. We would also killed them. He recalled. These women would start to flee once we let them go. Then. Would bang shoot them in the back and finish them up. According to surviving veterans, many the soldiers fell remarkably little guilt about this. Perhaps when we were raping her, we looked at her as a woman. The zoom wrote We killed her
just thought of her as something like a pig So we're, whereas this mindset comes from that amidst this kind of behaviour from going to the book, The japanese soldier was not simply hardened for battle in China Use, pardon for the task of murdering chinese combatants in noncombatants alike. Indeed, various games and exercises were set up by the japanese military, Now my men to the human instinct against killing people who are not attack for exam On the way to the capital
japanese soldiers were made to participate in killing competitions which were avidly. Covered by the japanese media. Like sporting events. Most notorious one appeared in the December seventh issue of the Japan adviser under them. Line, sub lieutenants race to fell one hundred Chinese running close contest, Sub lieutenant hi till she Aki and Sub Lieutenant Nova Turkey. She they were enough content, friendly contest to see which one of them will First fell. One hundred chinese individuals individual sword combat before Japanese forces completely occupy Nanking their way. The score. According to ash, I saw he was suddenly tenant muky.
Sunday December fifth, the score according to I saw he was Lieutenant Luke Eighty nine and so Lieutenant notice seventy eight and just to give some more com next on this These were just lining people up and chop their heads off. That's what this was just lining. Civilians and lets Who can get two hundred and fifty or a hundred first The book a week later, the paper reported that neither man could decide who had passed the hundred mark first, so they up. Go to one? Fifty guys blade was slightly damaged in the competition that Japan adviser reported. He explained that this was the result of cutting a Chinese in half help,
And all the contest was fun, he declared. Another japanese soldier talking about. Experience, Tommy Naga Chosen wrote Each other human beings. Good sons. Good daddy's, good elder brothers at home were brought to the front to kill each other. Human beings turned into murdering demons every and became a demon within three months. In an interview after interviewed Japan, japanese veterans from the Nanking Mass Massacre reported honestly that they sperience the complete lack of remorse or sense of wrong doing even when torturing, helpless civilians. Naga told me how cool
spoke candidly about his emotions in the fallen capital quote, I remember, being driven the truck along a path that had been cleared through piles of thousands and thousands of slaughtered bodies Wild dogs were gnawing at the dead flash as we stopped and pulled a group Of chinese prisoners, out of the back there. Japanese officer proposed a test of my courage, He unsheathed his sword, spat on it and with a sudden mighty swing. He brought it down on the neck of a chinese boy cowering before us, the head was cut clean off and tumbled away on the group as body slump forward Blue spurting out into great guy fountains from the neck. The officer suggested I take the head home as a souvenir. I remember, smiling proudly, as I took his sword and begin.
Killing people. Few know that soldiers in paled babies on bayonets and toss them still alive in two parts of boiling water. The gang rape. Women from Ages of twelve to eighty and then killed them when they it no longer satisfies sexual requirements. I'd be headed. People starve them to death, burn them and buried them alive over two hundred in all. It is terrible that I could turn into an animal and do these things. There are really no words to explain what I was doing. I was truly a devil.
Though, completely common, situations, torture was also completely common and here's what. The book says the torture that the Japanese inflicted upon the native population, a king, almost suppresses surpasses the limits human comprehension. Here. Are only a few examples, I've burials the Japanese directed burial operations with the precision and efficiency of an assembly line soldier would force one group of chinese captives to dig a grave. A second grew to bury the first and then a third group to vary the second and so on. Some victor were partially buried to their Chester next, so they were You're further agony, such as being hacked to pieces by swords or run over by horses and tanks.
Mutilation, the jacket He's not only Disan, bowed decapitated in dismembered victims, but performed more excruciating varieties of torture out the city they nailed prisoners to wooden boards and ran over them with tanks, crucified them two trees and electrical posts carve long strips of flesh from them, and you Them for bayonet practice at least one hundred men part of the had their eyes gouged out, and their noses and ears hacked off before being set on fire. Another of two hundred chinese soldiers and civilians were strip naked tie. Columns and doors of a school and thence stabbed by special needles with handles on them in hundreds of points along their bodies, including their mouths throats. Arch crowds, death by fire, The Japanese subjected large crowds of victor
to mass incineration,. A japanese soldier bound chinese captives together ten at a time and put them into a pit where there were sprayed with gasoline and ignited. On taping road. The Japanese ordered a large number of shop clerks to extinguish fire, then bound them together with rope and threw them into the blaze. Japanese soldiers even devised games with fire Method of entertainment was to drive mobs of Chinese to the top stories, are roofs of buildings, tear down the stairs and thence At the bottom floors on fire, many so victims committed suicide by jumping out of windows or off rooftops. Another form of amusement, involve dousing victims in fuel, shooting them and watching them explode into flame one infamous incident. Joy,
many soldiers, forced hundreds of men, women and children into a square soap them with gasoline and then fired on them. With machine guns. Death by Ice thousands of victims were intentionally frozen to death during the rape of man, king For instance, japanese soldiers forced hundreds of chinese prisoners to March to the edge of a frozen pond where they, ordered to strip naked break the ice and plunging the water to go fishing. Their bodies harden into floating targets that were immediately riddled with japanese bullets. In another incident. The Japanese tied up a group of refugees flung them into a shallow pond and bombarding them with hand, grenades causing an explosive shower of blood and flesh death by dawn,
gives one diabolical means of torture was to bury victims to their waste and watch them get ripped apart by german shepherds. Witnesses saw japanese soldiers strip a victim. Get in direct german shepherds to bite sensitive areas of his body. The dogs now only ripped open his belly, but jerked out Intestines along the ground for a distance. The incidents mentioned above are only a fraction of the methods that the Japanese used to torment their victims, the job Police, saturated victims and acid in pale babies with bayonets, huh people by their tongues. Japanese reporter, who later investigated the rape of Nanking, learn that at least one japanese soldier toward the heart and liver out of a chinese victim to eat them.
Even genitals apparently were consumed. A chinese soldier who escaped from japanese custody saw several dead people on the streets with their penises cut off. Whose later told that the penises were sold to Japan, Customers who believe that Eating them would increase fertility With regards to the fate of the women, they don't know how to determine the exact number of the women that were raped and then king, but they do know that it was
to universal back to them the Japanese raped Nanking women from all Classes, farm wives, students, teachers, white collar and blue collar workers, wives of why I M seeing employees university professors even buddhist nuns, some of whom were gang, raped deaf. And they were systematic in their recruitment of women King japanese soldiers search for Constantly as they looted homes and dragged men off wretch execution, actually conducted door to door, searches, demanding money and young girls. Chinese women were raped in all locations and at all hours. An estimated one. Third of all, rapes occurred during the day. Survivors even remember soldiers prying opened in the legs of victims. Keep them in broad daylight in the middle The street and in full
crowds of witnesses,. No place was too sacred for rape budget. Bernice attacked women and notaries, churches and Bible training, schools. Seventeen soldiers raped one woman succession in a seminary compound. Old age was no concern to the japanese matrons. Grandmothers in great grandmothers endured repeated sexual assaults. A japanese soldier who raped a woman of sixty was ordered to clean the penis by her mouth. When a woman of sixty two protest, the soldiers that was, she was too old for sex, they rammed a stick bins, dyed her instead. Many women
Aids were raped to death, and at least one woman in that age group was shot and killed because she refused a japanese soldiers advances. If the japanese treatment of old women was terrible, their treatment of young children was unthinkable. Little girls were raped so Butte brutally that some could walk for weeks. Afterwards many Quiet surgery other died and these witnesses saw Japanese. Girls under ten years of age in the streets and then slash them in half by sword. In some cases, the gene,
many sliced open the vaginas of preteen girls in order to ravage them more effectively. Even in advanced stages of pregnancy, did not render women immune to assault Japanese violated many who are about to go into labor, were in labour or who have given birth only a few days earlier. On victim, who is nine months pregnant, was raped so for not only still birth but a complete mental collapse, One pregnant woman was kicked death so more gruesome was the treatment allotted to some of the unborn children of these women after gang rape,
japanese soldiers, sometimes slashed open the bellies of pregnant women and ripped out the fetuses for amusement. During the mass rape, the japanese destroyed children in infants, often because they were in the way I would Mrs report, this Dr children and baby suffocating from clothes stuffed in their mouths or bayoneted to death, because they wept as their mothers were being raped. American and european observers of the rape of Nanking recorded numerous entries like this one.
February Third, about five p m at Chang Sue, sang Three soldiers came and forced a woman to throw away her baby after, raping her. They went away laughing. Perhaps one of the most brutal forms of japanese entertainment was the impalement of vaginas contemplate some of the other objects of were used to torment the name. King women, spears pierced by wooden rods, twigs and weeds its painful almost mine numbing, to contemplate some of the other objects that were used to torment the name. King women, who suffered
First unendurable ordeals For instance, one japanese soldier who raped a young woman thrust a beer bottle into her and shot or another, rate victim, was found with a Gulf stick. And into her. And on December twenty second and a neighborhood near the gate of tat, in men the happens, rape barbers, wife and stuck a firecracker in her vagina. It blew up and killed her. Not all the victims were women. Chinese men were often sodomized or forced to perform a variety of repulsive sexual acts in front of laughing chinese soldiers or Japanese. Rogers. At least one chinese man- was murdered because he refused to commit necrophilia with the corpse of a woman in the snow.
The Japanese also delighted in trying to course, men who had taken lifetime vows celibacy to engage in sexual intercourse. The chinese woman, Try to disguise, or, as was a man trying pass through the gates of Nanking but japanese guards, who systematically searched all passing pedestrians by groping at their crouches, discovered her true sex gang rape, followed at which time a buddhist monk had the miss fortune to venture near the scene, the Jap, tried to force him to have sex with a woman they had just raped. When the monk brought protested, they castrated him cause the poor man to bleed to death. Some of the most sword instances of sexual torture involved, the degradation of entire families, the gene
beneath drew sadistic pleasure enforcing Chinese, meant to commit incest, fathers to rape, their own daughters, brothers, their sisters, sons, their mothers, a chinese battalion commander stranded in Nanking for three months after the city fell, saw or heard of at least four or five instances in which the Japanese ordered sons to rape their mothers. Those who refuse Were killed on the spot order, substantiated by the testimony of a german diplomat, who reported that. One chinese man who refuse to rape, his own mother was killed with Sabre strokes and the mother committed suicide shortly thereafter,.
Those who defied the Japanese were often found later with their eyes, torn out their noses ears and breast cut off. As I said, This is pure evil and
I don't know what else to say now: I'm going to the book here it's hard to talk about a bright spot in the horror that is the rape of Nanking. But if one can, it is surely to shine a light on the actions of a small band of Americans and Europeans who their lives to defy the japanese invaders and rescue hundreds of thousands, Of chinese refugees from almost certain extermination, courageous men and women created the International Committee for the Nan King Safety Zone, so this is. We'd all amongst. Obviously, this just most sadistic and heinous evil. There were some Americans and some Europeans that lived and worked in Nan King.
You remember this is nineteen thirty seven, so it wasn't a world war. Yet the there was Joe And their inadequate in was Americans their Nan king. And when this started to happen there several of them who basically formed an area which, as you know, this is a safe zone and one them interests willingly. What a German. It was a nazi, so there's a nazi who they ended up, calling the living Buddha of Nan, king and so. This this individual, John Rape, was He risked his life to set up this new safety zone and actually Use it like. I said he was a Nazi, but he spent so much time in Nanking did. He had all these
chinese friends, and you know, according to this, to the background on him. No he's there are nineteen he's been there for many years, I don't know what you got there, but he's not familiar with. What's going on with the actual Multi Party back in Germany's disconnected, I mean there's, Gmos is whatever there's no internet use watching tv is no what's going on, so you just sort of sort of their and O. The prominent party in Germany is the Nazi Party owed in alma diplomat. So I guess I'm a nazi and but when he, oh, you sound like he was a guy that was a benevolent guy. He actually went out into town and in literally stop rapes from happening himself and what arresting is- and this is to be set up- that you could see what they thought of the chinese people is that all he would do is go out and do stop and he knew he had the Nazi armband or what he had not either the swastika. And when they saw that they would listen to Romania, like he was a white guy and they did,
clearly listen to him and were kind of afraid of them, and you You know, obviously, they had zero less. Ten, zero respect for the chinese people- and so Oh, he actually wrote a letter as well to Hitler explaining what was going on, and you know this there's no one knows of Hitler. Actually ever read it, it sounds like he read it and ignored it but one of the most interesting and important pieces of what John raved is. He he kept the journal, a detailed journal of What had happened so a lot of stuff that, at that I just quoted- which I know is- is horrible. He was the guy he's one of their people that that road it down. And made sure that that it was going to be recorded Actually the the that diary didn't get really discovered an uncovered
until much later, until really an end I was, is the one that sort of popularizing and took this journal and made it into a real. Document that explained what had happened there. So that's You know again this this John rape what's let's. Even in all that darkness there was people had stepped up and speak Against another, one was a guy named by the name, a robber Wilson. And he was grew up in Nan, king and but he was a Methodist missionary, but he a surgeon in Nan King and he was him along with John Rape, medical school, and when he got done with all of this schooling, instead of staying in America. He went back to the king to be, come a surgeon in Nan King and he, him, along with John Rabies, with guys at, went out and set up this protective zone
Indeed, all kinds of yours, it's sort of like a Schindler's lists scenario, know they were helping, soldiers, get rid of their papers and given clothes they didn't, but with chinese soldiers. Altering women. Bring in setting up black Places where the women could hide in the attic of the buildings, that's what they were doing and it the only thing it's like ass, not different, but you know it's different in the fact that they could get away with it, because we weren't at war with the job, Pennies So this guy Wilson was was a surgeon. So not only was he trying to protect people, he was doing surgery on them all the time trying to get them to try to save them, for these devastating wounds that they had he also kept day of really detailed diary which again these these and this is part of a whole. Kind of genesis of this book is that I'll get to this later, but
You know you further, like holocaust deniers, the Holocaust in happened. Well, it's the same thing with this event: people sale and it wasn't that bad. You know wasn't epoch of deal that we owe there was some killing was people that said that you some japanese nationals. It said all that didn't we wasn't really that bad. It was provoked or whatever they're going to say, and these documents these these documents that corroborated that information were truly important back the book you're one of the worst scenes. Nilsen saw NET Wilson saw Nan King a scene. He would remember for the rest of his life, a massive gang of a man gang rape of teenage girls in the street. Group of young women between the ages of fifteen and eighteen, were lined up by Japanese, and then in the dirt one after the other. By tire regiment. Some Hebron died, while others old themselves shortly afterwards. But the scenes in the hospitals were even more horrifying than those in the streets.
Wilson was mortified by the women who came the emergency room with their bellies ripped open by. The charred and horribly disfigured men on the job and he's tried to burn alive and by numerous other horrors, he barely had time to describe on paper. He told his wife tat. He would never forget a woman whose head was nearly cut off, teetering from a point on her neck. The morning came This morning, this quote this morning. Another woman. Came in a sad plight and with a terrible story, hospital volunteer wrote of this woman is dire in January third night thirty, eight. She was one of the five women whom the japanese soldier had taken to one of their medical units to wash their closed by day and be raped by night. Two of them were forced the two of them were forced to satisfy from fifteen to twenty men.
The prettiest one as much as forty each night, this One who came to us had been called off by three soldiers into an isolated place where they attempted to cut off her head. The muscles of the neck had been cut, but they feel The sever, the spinal cord, she in death but dragged herself to the hospital another of the many to bear witness to the brutality of the soldiers. So Wilson just saw complete horrors, then back them. Okey operated for free because few patients had money to pay him, but the surgeries exacted a terrible price on his own health In the end, his feet, we believe that the old, only his faith as a devout Methodist, combined with his love for China, gave the courage to survive the rape of Nan King another
One of these Europeans. In this case the american westerner, I should say, was The Hell Mina Votre, Or many voters they called her as by occupation head of the Education Department, Dean of studies at Gyn Ling Women's arts inside Its college was one of the few western women in the city during the first few weeks of the Nanking massacre years late She would be remembered not only for her courage and protecting thousands of women from japanese soldier, but also for diary. She kept a diary that some historians believe will eventually be recognised. Much like the diary of Anne Frank for it's important. Illuminating period of a single witness during the Holocaust war. Voters, The daughter of a blacksmith was fifty one years old in nineteen thirty seven raised in the tiny farming community of sex or Illinois is she went
Live with neighbours when her mother died despite, the impoverishment of her childhood Jews able to work or way through school graduating with honors in nineteen twelve from the University of Illinois at or by Urbana Champagne. So just again of a western or in this case an American. And she had the opportunity to maybe escape, but she stayed and then came back Book with most the faculty gone from Nan King mostly to abandon their homes, to flee to cities like Shanghai, Shin Coup and shit Schwann vote Dron, Now, the acting head of the institution, she labour, prepare for the cap for female refugees and to evacuate wounded soldiers from the area to disguise their identity. She burn their military papers and garments in the college incinerator under our direction, furniture was moved into, attics, safes were emptied, dorms were cleaned
and valuables, were wrapped in oil paper and hidden mean I'll posters signs and armed bands for the night Nanking safety Zone were created and distributed among the volunteers. Here's talking about a specific day, the following day December, seventeen nineteen thirty seven was even worse. The migration of women in the gang Ling only in time to fight. Is the japanese soldiers flooded the city? What a heart Breaking site. Votre wrote. Weary women, frightened girls, trudging with children and bedding and small packages of clothes. They only someone had time to write the story of each refugee who came in. She thought, especially. Stories of the girls who had blackened their faces and caught their hair she accommodated the stream of wild eyed women. Sheer Stories of japanese raping girls as young as twelve and women is elderly, a sixty or rape.
Pregnant women at bayonet point and the Sick and depraved and disgusting in horrific stories go on and on and on and the brute Howdy page after page after page of diary, entries in quotes and witness accounts. And then pictures there is pictures in the book. The pictures of severed heads in Chinese, bound, poles being bayoneted. The death and pictures of others.
Be headed in pictures of giant pits filled with bodies and images of hundreds and hundreds of bodies and entangled masses on the banks of the gangs e river. Its. The it's it's too much for the mind to comprehend. Really is it's almost too much to understand, and so What we do is. We package it all up right and we give it a name, a massacre or an atrocity And I'm sure you could tell him even his I'm sitting Irina some gone on DIS Numb, but we.
We have to remember that every one of those people tortured, raped and he killed was a purse. A person like your brother or, like your sister or like your mom or like your dad or a person like your son or your daughter, a person. Like you, and maybe you can get a hold of that, but what
in some ways, even argue grasp is the japanese soldiers that day or people. And yes, they were certainly monsters, vile and despicable. And completely devoid of feelings, but even so even They were monsters, they were human monsters and they too had mothers. Fathers and sons and daughters, and yet they did. This.
And the fact that what happened at Nan King was so brutal and so beyond. Comparison with anything that ever happened. Was one of the things that almost caught, to be forgotten and that that Supreme level of brutality last about six weeks eventually that more then to an occupation of Nan King The Japanese and they ruled with an iron fist, of course, and they Store when they plundered navy abuse locals and they can t you too, to rape. They actually institutional, will not institutionalized and and eventually became ever determine comfort. Women. And they gave out opium. For
we too and save people just like Happens in this day and age, who become slaves to drugs and it stayed in that occupied state for about eight years. Until finally,. Almost as quickly as it began, it ended I'm going back to the book. The end of May kings ordeal came in the last. Came at last in the summer of nineteen forty five. On August, sixth, nineteen, five, the United, state dropped in untested uranium bomb on Hiroshima. Japan's. Largest city, killing. A hundred thousand of its two hundred and forty five people turnover five thousand people on the first day.
When the japanese surrender was not forthcoming, the America dropped? On August? Ninth, a second petroleum Bomb on the japanese city of Nagasaki, less than a week later on August, Fourteenth the job beneath made the final decision to surrender. The Japanese remained in the former capital of China until the day of the surrender, then quickly, The city witnesses reported that japanese soldier could be seen drinking heavily or weeping in the streets. Some heard rumors of unarmed, japanese men being forced to kneel by the side of the road to be beaten by local residents. Retaliation against the japanese garrison appears to be to have been limited, however, because many residents head at home, during this chaotic time too fearful the even celebrate the news of a japanese defeat.
The evaluation was swift and there was no mass persecution or imprisonment of japanese soldiers. One. King resident recalls that stayed in her house for weeks after the Japanese surrendered she reemerged they were gone, and so it was over. And there were work Some level of war crime trials. And there were some executions. Mainly of the highest profile officers. Princess soccer, who had given that order to kill all captives he avoided prosecution this guy of the massacre, was down. Late and the reason it there's a Punch reasons why this scale of the rape of name. King got down One of them being
the now chinese communist state was actually turn build relationships with postwar Japan, so. The massacre was quietly bear. And now you had the chinese people were now in a communist state, and there wasn't much speaking out to do. And the Japanese downplay the horrors. As saying it was. You know just another incident of war. And some police officials were quoted as saying it's a story made up by the Chinese, its tarnish the image Japan, but it was a lie and they things like, I think the new and King maskers ally. The women that were raped were labelled as comfort, women and licensed prostitutes in Many japanese officials say that what happened in Nan King was just a part of war.
And there a really clear example of downplaying. Not only the rape of Nan King but of the war in general, and it The sum of this in a book Talking about the the japanese education system, here we go back the book, the Japanese, the entire japanese education system, suffer from selective amnesia for not until eighteen. Ninety four were japanese All children taught that here he goes. Army was responsible for the deaths of at least twenty million allied soldiers and asian civilians during World war. Two in the net, in the early night to nineties. A newspaper article quoted a japanese high school teacher, who claim that is. Students were surprised to learn that Japan has been at war with the United States, The first thing they wanted to know was who had won.
In ninety ninety seven nineteen, seventy seven, the Ministry of Education reduced a section on world war. Two within a standard history, of several hundred pages, to only six pages, which can Did mainly of pictures of American Fight fire bombing of Tokyo, Sure of the ruins of Hiroshima and Italian, of Japan's war dead, the Tec, neglected dimension, the casualties on the other side, japanese war, atrocities or the forced evacuations of chinese and korean prisoners to labour camps in Japan. Much of the censorship might have gone on challenge, had it not been for the efforts of one brave crusader in nineteen sixty five, the Japanese. Torreon, a nigger Sapporo. Sue. The japanese government. This law suit was the beginning of a legal battle that would spend three decades and gain the backing of thousands of sympathetic, japanese followers.
The ministry this with an egg as attempts to document the name, King Massacre for sample in his textbook manuscript Nager wrote he wrote this. Immediately after the occupation of banking, the japanese army killed numerous chinese soldiers and citizens. This is, it became known as the root as the name King Massacre now and when his book checked by the examiner the examiner commented quote reader might interpret this description is meeting, meaning that the japanese army, unilaterally massacred Chinese immediately after the occupation. This past, should be revised that it is not interpret In such a way,. And here's what the passage eventually got change While battling the fierce resistance of the chinese armed forces, the Japanese occupied name king and killed numerous chinese soldiers and civilians,
This incident came to be known as the Nan King Massacre, that a statement, and call that a statement might have been satisfied. That statement might have satisfied textbook sensors as a compromise between an egg is argument and the minutes. His position on the massacre. Unfortunately statement is simply not true because it implies at the massacre occurred in the heat of battle. Continuing on the examiner demanded that a delete his. Description of the rape itself, claiming that the violation of women is something that has happened on every battlefield in every area of human history. This is not an issue that needs to be taken up with respect to the japanese army. In particular, in the word. Aggression was deemed taboo aggression. The sensors wrote is a term that can Keynes negative ethical connotations and now
spirit that you can see very clearly that spirit of denial carried on, which is why, when this book came out, this the rape of Nanking. When it came, there were still japanese nationalists that work staunchly against it, but Iris Chang who researched, intently and wrote with passion She gave it all right she was Order of chinese american immigrants in her. Parents by the way had connections to Nan King it to escape their both her parents had made it too. Good become college professors in Irish. Was compelled to tell this story
but, like I said at the beginning, she was so close to their story that it took a toll of its own and she was a writer. Obviously she got her batches degree in journalism, then, eventually a masters in writing from Johns Hopkins University and. There is actually a book that's written about Iris. Then the book is written by irises mother, whose name is Doktor Yang being Chang and the book is called the woman who could not forget and I'm gonna bring youth Through some portions of this book, so this book again says about Irish Chang, and it's written by her mother is how she got
Now she decided she was gonna write about this. Here we go quote, Although iris talk to us about her many book ideas for our next book, while she was writing our first book, her decision to write the rape of name king came all of a sudden December. Ninety. Ninety four as I was told us, and described in the book. She made up her mind to write about this most atrocious chapter of history when she attending a conference in California on December thirteen nineteen. Ninety four at the conference there was a photo exhibition of the war, war crimes committed in China in the nineteen thirty's taken with it companies, army invaded chinese territory, iris in her book. The wire so much about the name, King Massacre, as a child. Nothing prepared me for these pictures stark black, white images of decapitated heads bellies, ripped open a nude women for
By their rapists into various pornographic poses their faces, contorted into unforgettable expressions of agony and shame He continued in a single blinding moment. I recognise the fragility of not just the wife but the humor Experience itself or she told us in a telephone, update that simply must write about the rape of name king for next book. It was a moral obligation and it would be justice for the victims as well. Ninety ninety eight. After the rape of man, king, had been published. One japanese reporter interviewed Iris and asked her. Why did you decide to write this book? I replied when I was a little girl. My parents shocked me with the story of the rape of man king. They talk me that the Japanese in period Army Mass occurred, thousands of civilians in the capital of China and Bush even small children. This left open, powerful impression on me and I went to local libraries to learn more details, but I could
find a shred of information on the subject. Nothing in my local school libraries or public city libraries or in my world history textbooks Still worse, my teachers were completely ignorant of this event. The event remained a question mark in my mind. For years until I saw exhibit of photographs on the subject and ninety nine before the horse of those photographs. Inspired me to read the book. So that's how iris. Got involved in writing the book in as a writer. Luckily, she was also a prolific letter writer in America a bunch of her letters, because her mother saved a bunch of her letters and Here is one that kind describes. I think it's a good insight into what her personality was like when she was actually rang. The book is a letter to her mom about what
he's doing on the day to day basis as she's writing this book, and this was our second box that so she's already written one book it. It had done. Ok, but this one was her our current project and here's what you said about it quote: typical day, I would rise between seven and eight a m and take the bus to Silver Spring Metro station. Fortunately, there was a boy stop directly cross from Liese House. That to the national archives, took about forty five minutes on public transportation and the building was opened by eight forty five, a m spend my mornings in the military reference branch of the archives on the thirteenth floor. Looking through finding AIDS and filling out cards to request boxes from different collections of papers dozens of boxes will be pulled from the shelves placed on carts and made available to me in the second for reading room which, open until nine p M on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I was usually there in the afternoons and evenings scanning documents, tagging the ones that pertain didn't Nanking massacre and zeal
Taxing them as quickly as possible, so she's dig deep into this book, do a massive amount of research in the universe search back then was. Infinitely harder than it is now because we have the internet. Now ass, she began. She assembled all this information and she started so far, speak about. It started right some articles about it before the book came out and she was interviewed by the San Jose Mercury NEWS, which was a big newspaper up in the South Bay area of South Bay, San Francisco and she what you got on with that interview, she started getting a little bit of recognition. So here is a letter to her mom. Dear mom Here is the latest exciting news. I shall be the master of ceremonies for what I believe will be the biggest rape of Nan King Conference ever the event. Take place at Stanford University. During the first weekend of December, hundreds of
people from more than fifty activist organizations all over the globe will be there, as well as representatives from all major news, media organisations of California, China and Japan. The goal of the three day affairs discuss legal strategy. How can we see seek Operations for the victims through international law and you and resolutions gather evidence of a tree city full of atrocities for lawsuits. What That should we use to force the Japanese to accept responsibility for its past misdeeds, so she's in the game. She's gettin. After it she started to get some leadership positions in here and to get some recognition she continued workers. Another letter to her mom, dear mom. Thank you for your inspirational email. I've been working on my book. All we can feel more confident about my material. Sections of the book are so short that I organise each chapter as I would a speech
king of the chapters as speeches forces me to distil each idea into a tiny hard, Jim lately I've been reading. So many of the world's classic speeches for inspiration their breath, taking in their power and so much more pungent than prose in the evenings, when I read the speeches of Napoleon or Clarence Darrow or Winston Churchill. I feel engaged in actual conversation with them. Words are the only way to preserve the essence of the soul, excites me about speeches is that even after the speakers are dead and buried, their spirit lives on to me this is true religion, the best form of life after death,. This is the first time I've ever devoted much attention to speeches. My previous reading had
consisting mainly of essays, plays novels and poetry, love, Iris, So if I recall that you first of all, I that letter, because she's recognising the power of speech and she's she's, realising that what she's doing as an author is That's her that's! that you can leave on the world and its very interesting that Union Chang also an academic, she's, gonna, obviously a really smart personal very well to have these sort of intellectual conversations in in letters and they're all around the good insight into what irises mind was going with you irises mind as she did this now. The book comes out There's it doesn't like jump the gates, but It comes out there controversy about it innocent start to be some articles about it, some interviews and she skins some interviews and the bookstore. Get some good traction?
to the book on January fourteenth she flew to Washington for a tv interview with PBS. At the San Francisco Airport. She left to telephone message for us and said that she got a call from a publisher and that her book was number fifteen on the New York Times best sellers, lest her I told her. She was weeping, I'm sure were tears of joy. Shall gin, which is above the dad, and I jubilant. We could. Contain or excitement for many days in the next phone call. We said Iris you ve made it so book it. New York Times best seller debts, A game changer for Iris. Back book on our on January, twenty Eightth Iris, called us with excitement and said that Laurel Cook her publicist and Jack Mcewen of the CEO called her in the afternoon to tell her that her book was up the number eleven on the New York Times lest her high spot yet
two weeks after first making the list when they called She could hear wild cheering whistling and clapping. In the background She was overjoyed so did sector the big thing and is as a writers to make the New York Times less than an and her parents understand that ducas their academics and views their super stoked for iris friends and last few months by now, success comes from stress and that starts to reveal itself. Here's another letter that she wrote dear mom I'm sorry that I sound it's a rushed win. Called me at myriads home, Sometimes I wonder if I've offended alot of old friends in the last few months by not returning emails, phone calls and letters, Perhaps many people believe I've been corrupted already. It's true that I've neglected my loved ones for last few months. I few ashamed that I haven't yet brought by
you a mother's day, gift or even a card. Only. This note that I am hastily writing for my laptop computer perched upon a bed and Diana Sacraments House how I wish you I've been there during the woman of the year ceremony, I told you I told the audience how you inspired me over the years, how you served as my first role model. So she's got another big award woman of a year right, please forgive me. I love dearly, even though I haven't found the time to talk to you in the last few weeks and in a few weeks, will all be reunited and the book to will finally be over. I feel like a soldier returning from a six month, war love, Iris,. So she's a person, it feels guilt. You know when, in the idea that she hasn't been return and emails and phone calls and she feels bad about it and then I found this interesting. Perhaps many people believe I've been corrupted already. Oh, so you made it big time and now you're both me off she's
that pressure to bear The book when irises book became an international best seller. She reads: status, most writers can only dream of. She became a celebrity. But she also pay the price for it. In February. Ninety. Ninety eight, after a long book tore she'd, already told us that one he came home. She did not want to go out anymore, I'll shoot. To do was stay home with bread that was her husband. She'd, been met Mary now and have a sweet, after several weeks of continuous book signings public speeches and travelling, she said her. Life was nonstop, blur of Airport Lecture Hall, hotel airport lecture, all hotel berserk, It is to our speeches were overwhelming wherever she went. People besieged her after every speech when He came home. She never. We came down with a cold or a flu only recover in time for the next book tour. She was
physically exhausted not only that, but The book signings many old asian people came up to her chinese korean filipino singaporean Indian. They poured out their personal stories of suffering during world war, two and in Asia. To her. Some of them wept and thanks, Four profusely for writing such a book. They set so frustrating to see that Japan. This day hasn't formally acknowledged their war crimes claimed it's about time. I reset all that. On the one hand, she felt rewarded that she was sought out and greatly respected by many people, but on the other hand she was we and emotionally drained after hearing those stories. Twenty nine ninety- ninety eight Irish wrote dear Mamma. Arrived safely in New York today, after giving a well receives speech in Baltimore to the women doctors actually. It was very depressing
Others talked about the international international sex slave industry, the trafficking of women, and doktor described how she escaped the rape of Manila when she was twelve and indian doktor had disk, The indian tradition of sooty which is the burning of widows alive. Others, Talked about, international international sex slave industry, the trafficking of women and children, female genital mutilation in Africa you get. There idea. It's there were endless gruesome stories that people were eager to share with her On top of a busy schedule of book tours outside people might not realised that besides are travelling signings and books and speeches choose costly bombarded with additional email request from news reporters for written interviews, something
There were ten or fifteen written questions for answers, so the report is right: a news article or profile I listed. Still could find time to answer those questions accordingly, so she's, just a Tuesday, go get a right, she's, not stop, and rigour, listen, what's happening, and now as this book is gain all this popularity. Now she started to get some attacks as well from, like I said from the japanese nationalist letter, saying: oh, this didn't happen: you're you're, glorifying it or you're, making a sound like worse than it was. And here is a letter that you wrote dear mom tonight an article about Johnstone Steinbeck Life in in the loss, grottoes mountain area and learn, that the reception of the grapes of wrath mirrored that of the rape of Nan King, better to a friend, Steinbeck wrote the Villa Location of me out here from the large landowners and bankers is pretty bad The latest rumour started by them that the oak he's hate me for lying about them.
So I'm frightened at the rolling might of this thing. Completely out of hand the kind of hysteria about the book is growing that is now healthy love. Iris, so she feels the same way that she start This book is almost becoming More powerful than she is much more than she can control. And here is another another letter that she wrote. A few nights ago. I through Richard Roads autobiography a hole in the world After our lunch together As you know, roads was starved, beaten and so Logically, abuse as a child by his stepmother, his mouth committed suicide by shooting herself and his father degenerated into an alcoholic, leaving him virtually incapable of protecting his family.
Every time I re read this book, I'm convinced that Richard Roads is lucky to be alive. He was genuine victim. But even his experience pails in comparison to the stories of abandoned children p, r C orphanages, that's people's Republic of China I don't even want to get into that right now. Delving into history into other people. Stories places all our problems into perspective time. Again, we have to remind ourselves how extra like. I was having a hard time maintaining that positive outlook and she's. Clearly that something that I talk about on the regular basis you look at, the suffering that other people go through. It reminds you of how lucky we are not to be in situations. But it seemed like I was having a hard time maintaining that.
Positive outlook and she's keeps getting dragged down into the darkness. To the book hearing that peanuts, are Tunis. Charles Schulz had died. Iris was quite sent mental and wrote me a letter. And here's. The letter quote dear Mamma I have a favoured: ask you: can you save the last peanuts Comic Strip that appeared yesterday in May to me- I'm still reeling from the news of chargers, shelters, death! It's the end, of an era. I still remember all the hours I spent reading peanuts books as a child. Do you recall the time we went together to a garage, sale and champagne? And you brought me my first snoopy cartoon book, a used paperback already yellow with age, that's when I first fell in love with the peanuts Comic strip. You and I I grew up with a pin, peanuts cartoon as well in chinese new newspapers and Taiwan making both of you part of the peanuts error as well.
Years later in Santa Barbara. I mean Charles search in person at the Sb writers Conference During- what's your. However, I was surprised by his demeanor, which was bitter gloomy and oppressed, almost nasty. After his lecture stood in a long line waiting for Schulz to autograph a copy of his book, when I finally stood in front of him. I am if I could write a profile about him for the New York or some other major match magazine. Why is a young person like you, interested in old man like me, was his response at the time. I would seek shelter being sarcastic, but later I conference that Charlie Brown. Is it true we insecure person, fundamentally convinced of his own unworthiness. Now The last time I ever spoke, I ever saw shorts. But last year I had one more opportune. You see him to make. A law story short, I did
Time to make the long to our drive to Santa Rosa, I figured I would see shots at the next Santa Barbara Writers Conference. I never expect Did that shouldered pass away only a few months later, the youth Charles Schulz committed suicide. Don't you find it odd that he died the night before his final strip ran in Sunday newspaper. As you know, Peanuts ran from nineteen fifty to two thousand, a perfect fifty years. He died right when the strip ended, but life is seldom as neat and tie is a cartoon box, it's almost as if he timed is dramatic exit from this world. Achieving his final deadline, love Iris,. Continuing on it seems like Iris could not get the death of Charles Short Schulz off her mind than stay. She wrote to me again about him. Dear mom, it was Charles soldiers, pessimism as well,
Ability to understand human failure, insecurity, heartbreak- that made millions, love peanuts, absolutely right. Shots had no reason whatsoever to be depressed after achieving wealth and fame at such an early age. But depression is not rational Perhaps he did have a mental problem or some chemically induced condition, but whatever it was, it prevented him from losing touch with the underdog of the world. It's strange, but I still feel avoid in my heart after shoulders death, even though I never knew him and in particular like him after our meeting in person it made me wonder what is the scene? two shots is magic appeal, the sir, I believe, a simple show. Understands the heart of a loser. He cast those moments in life when we feel utterly unloved, unloved, unwanted and alone All of us no matter how successful have felt.
Losers at some point in life love Iris. You start to see: there's a there's aid. An indication right. There's an indication sheets sort of sea things like depression in other people regardless of you know how successful they are at this point. You know she's in New York Times bestseller woman of the year. All this others have so she successful and yet recognizing how that doesn't really mean anything, and you can still be depressed. After September, eleventh do no one should, this, nor a few days after it, she wrote this again? mom and dad in this case quote events are unfolding faster than I can react to them for
the w tc and Pentagon tragedies. Then the japanese Prime Minister's unexpected apology to the comfort women and now a major court victory of four korean slave labour against the japanese corporation this week, the work on my book and recover from general. Exhaustion and my Case the flu, but I have to admit it's hard to stay focused I planted nothing more than right, exercise and rest for the next few weeks, love iris. She now work in order. Not next book still work hard, probably working too hard, not focusing enough and her mom. Now she's got a kid as well that we know that advocated the mix doesn't make things you know the doesn't give you more free time. We can promise you that and she's married now. She has us a son and. Her mom actually started like put impression on me said: hey, you know you,
Kid now you gotta spend you know, maybe you're goin little overboard with the work back to them. On October third, two thousand and three in an email. I asked Iris whether she was putting too much emphasis on her career place in your career before family. She replied that is not true, Just that. I believe that I have some power to shape my destiny and I want Christopher, that's the sun Christopher to have his mother, a straw, to have in his mother a strong role model, a person who is his own individual, improve to the whims of others. I cannot each Christopher to be an intellectual and a socially responsible person. Unless I demonstrate to him through my actions that I myself am such a person, I want each Christopher that it is far better to belong to critical minority, then the on questioning majority. I want to teach the ability to think independently to evaluate ideas and information on his own without
the official sanction of the authorities and, if possible, to create. These qualities are not universally popular in our society. My tendency to stand alone apart from the crowd, has caused me a great pain, and suffering fewer my life, but in the end I am stronger and better person because of it but she's continue continuing to just kind of grind and grind and grind and there's an incident. She's gone on a trip to Louisville Kentucky and things go and sideways back to the book. That night we went to sleep and assume that Irish would be all right, but about two I'm California time in the early morning of Friday August thirteenth? We are we by a phone call
the phone and it was iris, her voice was shaking and she told me she had seen some frightening pictures on the tv. In her oh tell room, Irish Nigh then had a conversation about this. Apparently she could not fall asleep, so she turned on the tv. I asked her what kind of pictures were on the tv screen. She said it some horrible atrocities and ugly images of children torn apart by wars? She said but the tv was showing something similar to scenes from Hell like an unimagined world war. Three. She turned off or tv waited a while and then turn it on again to find the ugly images had disappeared. I responded that maybe the tv had been showing a warm movie very possible. I said that during the We hours of the night tv stations would show, such a genre, rough horror, films. Then I was told me she did not feel things. In quite right from the very moment she arrived at the hotel, the clerk at the front, does look suspicious to her and said
To a person who later kept looking at the window of her room while Iris was still talking with me on the phone. She told me that she could still see that person standing outside on the lawn and for not far from her room. Looked at her window and ass. She passed through her curtain. She told me she spectre her room was wired and that what she had seen on tv was real and intentionally shown to threaten her, so she said, in paranoid paranoid, the japanese nationalist or coming after she's start new affect her mind back to the book. It was five and had eaten anything gin you got any sleep at all. She said, couldn't, fall asleep and she was exhausted and had a terrible headache. She was sick. I could tell she had to be ill because not being able to sleep for three or four days prior to the trip she all. Who had not eaten nor marketing liquid. For some time she said she had ordered some take out dinner. That was done,
or to a room, but she did not have any appetite and had meet anything wanna drink. Anything either afraid that someone might poison her. I knew that under severe sleep deprivation, people could have delusions. So Her parents decide their enough they're gonna fly while she has a breakdown in there. Call Saint, hey, something happened or iris you need to get out here. They fly out to Louisville is they get to Louisville. They gonna hospital when she gets the when they get to the hospital. She d they go to find her and she's in the psychiatric unit and She sent for psychiatrically because they hadn't found anything wrong with her physically, which you know would include my opinion. That includes, I guess, you'd not dehydrated she's, not Starvin she's got some psychiatric issues so. Back to the book. In the evening the doktor finally came in and met with us here
thus irises condition in front of all of us. He believed Irish sperience to so called brief. Reactive psychosis do distress conditions such as lack of sleep and food here that her condition could also be apart. Well onset of bipolar disorder and recommended that I receive doctor for follow up after return Home he gave us a reference. He also prescribed and anti psychotic drear drug respect, draw respectable two milligrams a day for Irish, to take for at least a year, and then they they get a cab and as you get the cab she's kind of like making, so minced insane strange things about what she sees. Billboard she's, making strange comments about him and finally, they and at San Jose Airport, in a go back. We called Michael and that's it that's the sun or irises, brother we called Michael, become pick us up while we're we
four Michael I receive That she felt dizzy and had a headache she told me things seem distorted to her and that expressions of people around her were strange at that time we did not know how powerful psychiatric drugs were and thought that irises behaviour with strange I later realise that, while in the hospital iris had been given heavy doses of whispered all and frank, wise, recover down. The side facts of psychiatric drugs could be severe. That explained why she felt dizzy and had a headache and distortion of a visual perception. So she's now These drugs she's she's, taking their there are the respect. Raw our two milligrams a day, the medicines making her super sleepy and once they're back In the Bay area them the mom being starts. Looking for, you know Lord certified psychiatrist to bring her to
She ends up with this guy that they called doktor, be back. I was now seeing doktor be once a week, persuaded him to reduce or notions dosage of spur drawl, respect all by hand from one milligram from To one wander from from two down to one, from the very beginning. Iris did not like to take any drugs and she kept trying to reduce the dosage or stop it entirely. The family was hoping that with them spur doll. Iris, would be less depressed, but to no avail. There was no difference so interesting. The Irish saying I hadn't want to take this drug. You know I want to get off of it and they're all saying, look just keep taking it and Eventually he does prescribes with another drink. Which is called amplify, and
as soon as a back to the book. As soon as Iris took the amplify ten milligrams, she became excessively sleepy. She could sleep for twelve hours or more straight so now, she's sleeping in twelve hours a day bad. And back to the book, Iris felt better illness and inability to take care of Christopher was a burden to everyone, something she hated I could see that she was very sad and felt helpless so this continues on and finally, they go back to a meeting with Doktor be Doc. Based on the star with what he said. Next in a very serious tone. He said he thought iris condition was very grave and he suggested that irish check into a recovery facilities, He said that the facility was an insult Toledo near the beach. It was quite ideal for mental patients to recuperate as soon as Iris heard this she made, we showed her disapproval. I couldn't stand her suspicion of any facility designed for so called mental patients. She had learned many historical instances of government persecution of political dissidents
one way was to put those dissidents in the mental institutions and abuse them sometimes leading to death. I blame her for her speech suspicions. She was already suspecting that evil forces were at work against her for what she had written and done in the name of justice. Doktor B. He told doktor be that she did not think her mental state was that bad and that she didn't need Go to recovery facility So they start looking for. Someone else to take her to besides doktor, b and She gets proscribed, unknown drug, which is select, Sir, and so she's on Alexa and she's on em amplify and the book at this time. Are sorry ability. At this time, Iris was already experiencing the strong side effects of ability, most
These were lack of energy in the fact that she was drowsy all the time. In addition, when she woke up from her daily nap, she complained that her shoulders and leg joints were sore, which were new symptoms that she thought likely to have been caused by the drug I was worried about the side, effects of ability and voice. My concern to doktor be, he said dosage was the lowest possible and that the side effects will gradually disappear in Russia respect, if appears to us that a bill. If I had a big impact on irises mental state, it was a. In point in her condition became worse after she started taking embellished. I, and then later worsened even more with some access so now another incident takes place. She kind disappears for a little bit. No one really knows where she is. They call. The cops to find out. Eventually she
calls back and she says, hey look I was out. I was tired. I checked into a hotel to get some sleep. That's the story she tells and she's no harm Says she sounds guilty as she's trying to tell you story and then, a few days later, they they find the terms been pills and a bottle of vodka and there Kind of realise that she was dead, get about committing suicide, but your mom says she probably went into a room to do that and fell asleep when she awoke I guess she changed her mind in you know, back to the book here on the drugs that she was taken? We now know that Abdullah FI website warns that the drug can affect your judgment, thinking or motor skills, as well. The side effects of increasing risk of suicide, drowsiness anxiety and muscle stiffness and select what website
Ones about suicide, anxiety and self destroy, Give or aggressive impulses so drugs that you take, for these problems have side effects that sound worse than that, The promise. Then she goes on to say that that the fur attempted suicide that she made of this. This attempt was when she was when she was on ten milligrams of ability. And the other thing that that mentions in these about these drugs is there when you change proscription when you change doses or you On or off them that's windy, your most vulnerable and so that suicide attempts was in line with one of those changes. So they go back to Now there with another doktor doc, who they called doktor see,
Back to book iris stop taking selects on October. Seventh, after the support group meeting, she told doktor see on the phone that she would discontinue seeing him if he insisted on our taking the met. Medicine The compromise doktor she persuaded her to continue seeing him, and then he decide whether she could gradually decrease the dosage of risk. At all what she was still on, all of us told Iris that both education in the psychotherapy sessions were needed for rapid recovery. If you didn't want to take the medication, then at least she should have, she should have psychotherapy sessions with the doktor. She agreed continue seeing doktor see looking back at what ended up happening. It was so ironic, Iris was the one who did not want to take the medication, whereas the rest of the family believed and doctors and fought the meadow nation, would help her.
Continuing on the morning of Thursday October twenty first, when I went to see her, she was very unhappy and complain that I was following her too closely I found she had not eaten well the night before so I suggested Out for lunch Drove to nearby restaurant in the my lot when she stopped the car. She sat there and told me without any expression that she won the cry but had no tears her feet. Was greenish and in a horrible depressed state at this time She'd already mentioned that she did not want to live anymore, I also noticed that her arm and leg movements and facial expressions were rigid. And it seemed even worse that you The cry but had no two where's that then I did not suspect, all these symptoms
could be the serious side effects of the medications Iris began to feel hopeless. I later realized she To carry out her plan and should not must have find out in the last week of her life. She prohibited me from visiting her. Should not even want me Call her and did not return my calls or my e mails in that find a week, Shall gin and I took a walk ourselves to ease our worries? Two APOLLO all to support group on Wednesday November third shall gin and I went to another support group in San Jose on Friday November. Fifth, we try to gather information on how to deal with depression and loved ones who were possibly suicidal. All this time she was active,
we planning her final exit. While we tried to find a way to rescue her. We raised against her and we did not realise that you carry out her plan so quickly. One week late, on November nights, she was gone. And here is the note. That was found. Next to irises computer, Dear Brett, mom dad and might for the last few weeks I have been. Struggling with my decision as to whether I should live or die. As I mentioned the bread, when you believe you have a future, you think of terms
Of generations and years. When you do not, you live just by the day, We have not, just by the day. But by the minute you dont want. Someone who will live out the rest of her days as a mere shell of her former self. I had considered running away. But I will never be able to escape from myself and my thoughts. I am doing this because I am too weak to withstand the years of pain and agony ahead. Each breath is becoming difficult for me to take. The anxiety can be compared to drowning. In a note. And see
I know that my actions will transfer some of this pained others. Indeed, those who love me the most, please forgive me. Forgive me because I cannot forgive myself, love iris. When irises mom closes out the book saying. It was an untimely death. Over the years Iris Had always commented that was too short for her to finish the thing she wanted to accomplish she
it many times that she wanted to write more books to make films and record more oral histories. It was painful to realise that many of her dreams were not fulfilled. Yet it is not how she I'd but rather how she live. That will be her legacy. I think of Iris. The memories of loving daughter and a beautiful soul will always remain with me in her short, Thirty six years she added spired many many people in the world with her noble Spirit, her passion dedication. And sincerity, and, termination. In preserving historical truth in Suing justice for the voiceless victims. Iris was a woman whose heart Passionately for those who suffered.
He was a woman who could not forget. He could not forget their agony and she refused to let their stories go. Untold. Irises life were short but brilliant, like splendid rainbow across the sky, one that the goddess she was named after would be proud of. Irises Rainbow was magnificent vanishing quickly.
A rainbow vanishing quickly, And I guess that that is what we all are Paramo vanishing quickly. But before we vanish, I say shine shine all that darkness in the world.
Be the light and be the color be the good and the strong and the brightness that drives away the dark. We have, but one chance here One chance one opportunity: stretch across the sky and shine value that. Value that value life. And know that the light will spread good will prevail. It will prevail.
Over evil. So long as we stand up. Stand up. Against all that wickedness in the world. We stand up shine. And I think that's all, for tonight. Echo. Would you go out and take the MIKE four minute there for a while The pressure on the side for I was stuck with great train yesterday and
You can complain about something where you can embrace is one of the big things that can learn from you, and this is like You look at your own situation compared to other pass situations that away worse, writes a one. You start with: ok, you're, you're sick, women isn't a bed, that's where you start with them. You go on to ok my situation. These are small, teeny, tiny town challenges that all you have to do is approaching in this way of life embracing it, you know how I come like neither ok, anytime you're feeling frustrated about your situation or whatever. I am really in person when you put it in perspective. These are small challenges that you just gotta overcome You take it on as if they get wanna put more work on my late at work. I can having what because I can handle it brain I'll, do it the best and watch me work. That is good and interesting. When you know, when when we had to various on her and when I did
verses interview. The first time I was on his part cast a it's the thing that I talk about when he came in here like I e asked the question sort of saying a: how close do you get to the darkness before it consumes? You have talked about before you know if you stare into the soul of a monster, you have to be careful because you might become a monster and soak. I mean I, I think, yeah there's the drugs that she got put on, obviously Pedro, but she got in this world and we're all she saw was the bad, and I think that The team ferris is point where he was saying to me like hey. How often should I get close to the darkness? You know how often I looked at it you know my response was in. To know the light you got no, the darkness, but. You can absolutely go too far in that direction and you can say to yourself. Wow
the world is evil and everyone's evil and underneath the surface, everyone could turn into this imperial japanese soldier and commit these atrocities, and that is what you absolutely at, I would say, be careful. I don't know. If that's the right word, I guess it is. The right word. Be careful, but to me which have to do is you have to balance it end to me as an American as a bin, there's so much good right. I think that people generally we get get Jake to all the good, that's out there and that's why I say you know what look over here at the darkness, but for someone, that's stuck in a horrible place in a horrible situation in life. That's those folks gotta, look out and say, wait a second there's not there's so much good out their european ticket. Let like that's clearly I mean you look. It look at check, I mean she's smart successful imbued forward. Well, why did I had a good? She came up with amazing family of parents were adored her right here.
Every thing in her life was good right. And she lost all that you. You know it's like. If you talk to anybody that flies planes right, If you go into a cloud, you lose your orientation, it happens and diving to it happens when you're surfeit. If you'd give you fall off a big wave in your didn't rolled around, sometimes it can be hard to tell which way is up right. It can have. You guys drive drive there, airplanes they get lost in the cloud. They drive the airplane to do mountain or they drive it into the ground because they don't they get disoriented and they lose sight of which way is up and you or you're underwater you lose side of which way is up. That's what you have to watch out for you be able to say, wait a second, if everything is black around me, ok stop Let me get oriented. Let me cigani check my control panel in the water. It's really easy. You gonna would look for bubbles which, where the but, where the bubbles bubbles are gonna, go up, and so we
Get trapped in that darkness. Is people end up in these situations where everything looks black, stop your disoriented, can't see you don't know the right direction. It's ok figure out where the bubbles are they're, gonna, go to the surface and they get. The service is gonna, be like you're gonna, be ok, but obviously Iris, draft drag down and disoriented in the darkness, and she couldn't figure out that she had a husband and a son and of the family in the money, and she had all these beautiful things in our life. Yeah a lot of them source you. If you go for speed in that direction, were you no, which was up so you're going down even the good things that come in? They are even You know, you're paranoid, something good in your like that's bad verse arrangements, for instance she's on a trip in lieu Louisville gonna go. Do your speech or whatever and someone
checking or in the hotel. Maybe someone was saying, I think, that's irish Jane sovereignty right instead she's thinking, oh it's, some nationalist that are coming to get me so yeah. She was absolutely so that something, though, that I think it is something that for for those of us that are not in that situation, how do you pay attention, and of people make sure that your friends or people, you know or people better in bad situations. How do you make sure that their getting enough that they know how to orient themselves and get back to the surface and get away from all that horrible illness when you approach thing in Osanna Gregg! That's can work in this just reminded me of it when you open things like that. You know how, like you said, you're going to die. If you don't know which way is up you're going down a good thing, you're going to look at it, that's a bad thing, reinforcing my whole direction by the way, so You approach it in a way where things that even would be frustrating to like an everyday person. If you approach it like good
You know I'm the one to do this thing bring the challenge. The challenges are good. You know, that's the approach that in force that way of yes, soul. Yes, you will be going into the air and really when you export darkness, that's not to improve. The darkness and be dark liquors become the that's. Basically your turn away! Ignorance! That's what you're doing here, because you got no don't answer! Contrasts contracts, accuracy! Ok! I guess what this in this case I mean. Obviously I pray. I never have to read anything as heinous is that again around the shell, but that happened yeah right, daddy happened that happened. We should not. You shouldn't, go through life and not realize that that happened, that that happened. T t that human beings that other human beings as horrible it as it is you
I do realise that that is a part of our human history. So that way you can say you can do. Recognize and say: okay, this is this, can happen. And we need to watch out for it in the EP. So I look out for your friends keep them knowing that there's. Keep him no one which direction there headed in and we see someone going sideways, Brigham grab them special I'm in this kind of at its best. Victor this story, but Thea the drug. In only Medikit, because that appeal and men you can up your per even like how you said when you get off the drugs running or causes these raw chemical things, you're Britain rain for certain thing, for your soul. The cardinal sideways. You can't reason necessarily with someone, you know
can't reason with Ukraine reason with yourself. You know round up. That would seem obvious hey. If I walk off this cliff, it's obvious, that's bad it does it really work that way, if, like your chemicals are often wrongly so gay kind. I gotta in like look out for somebody who can see, Yeah, no doubt at its very, is very interesting that the mind is so incredibly durable, but at the same time work it's just told we fragile little some little change to the the composition or to the to the king because at her in or to the far patterns at her ear, you know can be really drastic chain his honour on a person here, have a real bad flew in a fever, and then you can go to sleep
and then that, yes, I have, and it's almost like a mix between dreaming hallucinating. Unlike you cause immense, like you. That's all jumbled up. Ok, you want. You want italian echo story right now. Yes, it'll be a stupid, ECHO story, son brace yourself awful soldier. I was like to point out twenty three years old, something and was doing the dishes speak of doing the dishes. I was doing the dishes and I turned on the water, and I Seaworld happening, but this little A tiny little stream of water had broken through the at some point in the handle and it and its staff did the land on my hand. I didn't know that it was one. We must have been the case were temperature to what my body was at the time and I see this and it looks for four we'll of a second it look,
like my hand, is blistering, if just your writing so rapidly and for a quarter of a second I to myself, I'm being attacked by chemical warfare and I'm gonna die in the next next half second, I'm dead. I think we're we're doing some chemical warfare training or whatever, and so at that moment. For about a half a second, I thought about the diet and really lasted about. Then I'd worry us its water does. But my point is that mentally, if you know a different situation, I locked into that mode and when you see iris koane these people coming after me that if you get mentally locked in that mode- and you start seeing things that are that that you do are imposing or overlaying your reality over actual reality, you start augmenting reality yourself. It's really really scary like when you think someone's mad at you read that you think someone's mad at you saw it
for all the little zero thing is this person I have here or are they not in normal everyday stuff? Why didn't? Why did she takes me back quickly? Yeah one four five minutes I know usually, should she puts a smiley face? No smiley faces, TAT genome hits you, yes, you met, and I know she's meant something wrong, but yet so yeah you have meanwhile there like. What are you Talkin about anyway speak? of being mad, or, should I say, the opposite of Bein mad. So this You do take alpha brain, alpha rainy The three work out performance and strength, NGO work, see what happened that were made in order to report back there, Actually, that's somethin, Irish and her mobile for vertical dock. At times here, they're, like, for a moment you know I wanted. I want you to go exercise with me. I know I should put that in the past, but
get the book and read it yourself and that's what you need to do like? I should have said that earlier, the rape of Nanking, absolutely you don't get it try and read it when you're in a happy place right, it's hard hard read its might be the hardest read of any red possible on a war could be harder than that. And then the book the woman who could not forget by hanging Chang, which begin articles, her life and it's a really beautiful story and with with obviously with a tragic ending, and hopefully lessons learned from it. One of the lessons being b physically be physically active in her mom was trying to get her to go to the gym with her and work out. Whether because there's no doubt it states its its physiologically fat the physiological fact when you work out you get endorphins released, you feel better one percent, yet it also which is good. I just heard this honour, Geronium, Doktor, Rhonda, Patrick,
she's, talking about how working to exercise like that is one the more powerful anti aging in Europe. So you know like when you get older. You know Alzheimer yet it was I'm. She said not for physical aging but from mentally mentally unrest that yet so managed just the all around good deal bread. This is so one time I think even mention name into this one time I drank maybe the night before this is like a few months ago and I did work out for a while- you know like immersed in on- either way it and work is number. I got sick and then I got her so I can so you cure that with the bottle, Don't do that compound army to make myself, but I know you're not actually hear it worries partly complicating historian. Tell everyone what not to do so. Don't do this. Nobody is happening so at so
Although the sickness Andrew was good and I worked and I worked up and a hard to end it was weird because I went in the work. I think an ok, I'm glad I get to go work out, but with one when you're done. Ok I'll admit this: a lot of people have these thoughts where Maybe you ve done something like maybe routine, for whatever reason it is going over and over, like this rule repetitive, and now the true, but the sense that sometimes these thoughts like what is all this. He didn't mean like what they want. Well. Ok, I'm gonna get this in this instance, you think but after a while he did so at the end of life. It's like ok, I did all this. Just I don't know. I just didn't really having some of those thoughts they weren't like super heavier, but therein there ok, agree so
we'd password worked out. Did the work, oh god, after it textbook definition of God. After those we'll go. I was done in actually not even done elsewhere in the middle, the worker, in acting life is straight up, meaning like this What life is not necessarily the work on everything I'm to He was that feeling was that the alphabet must do here. So what you say is get out rather say I would think, go work up like that. You got it, I'm nothing! You got, But if you do not give the animals it yeah work out, Fischer ginger. Take on a bigger. Yeah, so that offer brain tropic that helps your memory. What so, if we can work out, Wanna take some supplements, which I recommend now of never supplement person a trial
there was really into him might be like to eat. You got to take this. Take the pre workout performance in strength. That's what is called check. Take that one we're not sure tat. I may take the su Dic he's been stagnant, Antonia see, watch out, I haven't been taken. Should I really feel like that's like cheating? not cheating, treating but I mean introduced. I mean I don't feel like shooting, no, its, not cheating. But I feel that you thought I I feel the Ottawa it don't matter. I mean when it comes down to a tomb, dagger notion, deck bring
I nonetheless my original point was workin out. That's the enhanced! That's the an answer. If you are in hand you have read today knows I personally know keep you can make me think of more stuff. Ok I'll stop talking, and then I feel it should not whether we It is important part enhances the life, yes, alpha brain these supplements, forebrain, shrimp tech, all these are the ones that enhances the their work work out, which is the enhances so enhance the enhanced Kennedy. He like these things. You want. Ten percent off, you don't want to pay for grace. Or maybe know, but if you dont go on a duck slash chocolate, ten percent off support yourself as well in your wallet I want to talk about Amazon click view that a good way to support. That's good because
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Before you. Do your Amazon shopping. That's the way to support. Don't cos you anything small action, big reaction, be the sodium, be the Sonya Jack a store of Jacques store. You're a jackal stored outcome. If you weren't shirts dislike equals freedom there all Jacko approved an official go on there. Look at em. If you like him, get a shirt, is either way you re all joggled looks out and approve the pink women He sure yeah, that's true. Now approved rate, those actually Jackal, unapproved here but we always mutiny and rebellion yeah, which is kind of part of the game to I know not Well, according to the shirts, though we got it it I ever Now it is technically not Jack approve, but his jacket unapproved. So it's it's dope nonetheless, and if you think, they're solid, then yeah sure support that way to give way to sport.
This somebody's on there in some rash birds. I've been to see more and more people with the rash guards. The other. Dude, if you put on they had in their makes it keeps it off for a long time. Our side yeah. No, an online is well see guys doing it look, If you like someone get some, that's a good way to support coming out, new travel, mug new and improved new and improved high quality, higher quality higher quality. Yes, like tat, quickly. Hold you to if you put some hot in their own, makes it keeps it off for a long time hours I forgave hours or something like that of cold same thing. I think called kilometre cold longer. That'll, be on the store in two weeks, also good way to support and this is actually supporting yourself. Bigtime like a little parts like when you pension, you're bench beg your average much anymore. Look at it so
in the event of you benches. This is what it's like. We ve been. Is the analogy: it's like someone spotting you. If you need it this way is psychological warfare. You liked it is right, like a spot. It you don't need an unnecessarily everyday or even overtime. Maybe you don't maybe don't depends on. A lot of things, but if you do need it, and even if you just want it, can you spare me I might get the probably get all EU but you're there. You know just in case that's what this is. So, if you, ok, I'm ok is what it is for those who don't know, but we do know. But if you know it's an album we can buy from Itunes with tracks on it. Four different scenarios of what weakness, call it a moment of wheat moments of weakness and you need a little more violent and guess is fighting. You talk That's the guy to spot right, very dependable, very reliable, punctual all its built. They're, like two minutes long give or take yeah there's one about
you know before you gonna go and each year sugar coated lies yeah. I think that one might be a good one, M of down, which is, I think, one of the more memorable moments. Lines whatever you say,. Something about mobilise your will cause you're will, is stronger than the will of a donut
right, yeah actual brandy, and that's that when you isn't it pre sad though you think yourself, ok, I'm not gonna eat this donor with arms can have a home. I will power than some other. The will, because a war is, is a war of wills right. I warn us so now. If you lose that war against the don't avenger will is weaker than it, don't know not throw yeah. That's not gonna happen knew not what we are now witnessing a worker. In the perspective you like is the donor in you, like your will strongly that the donor and then you eat the don't let you basically said. I understand that send than this doughnuts will is strong in them. I don't wanna be a person, that's your life right, they're. Putting depressed. If you need that spot psychological warfare from doktor will willing do a search. I do and it's also on other things at our ideals. Yes or Amazon Museum. He thought a month. It's not Google play. I'm pretty sure. I anywhere that where you can get like mp3 music, they called anymore and possessed of a thing. Mp3, music wimpy through his is the file ray.
So remember that used to be mp3 players outer pseudo yeah, technically everything that can play Mp3S is an mp3 player, so ya get and get up. That one out to a good and it's a good to support so that its all round circle of support in that way, yet also If you want to get some Jacobite t, you can get it. You can get that on Amazon, when you get it. I know some people are little nervous when I try it for the first time be careful. You don't Do you know being situation were you you gonna, go a little bit harder than normal right to be ready for that but he would bring Jacques, where you can get once you ve used it before you don't have to worry about the no precautionary launch, you wonder using it, but start there be careful because you're gonna go with that. Little extras,
go on attack mode. Yeah is can like when you turn on your car in the volume is a little bit more then you're ready for you like all, but then, if you do it again like I am simply same thing so watch out for the G20 on also for international borders, its on Ebay. The official listing is of the Jocapa gas sold by pro resources of year international, and you want to get it. You can do that and for those you that in America there it says you see that the shipping is a hundred dollars. That's not for you to get it from there. It's free to get on Amazon, Afeared America, if you're oversees the shipping won't show on it, also show whatever the because its view that a couple people like say wise,
Shipping hundred dollars- it's not it's Amazon, Prime, the shipping- is no cost dont, get it from Ebay. Yours. If you really? U S, if you're in the? U S, and he made a very good at it and try and get it d shipping or shows a hundred dog, I dont get it from Ebay you're supposed to. We don't want to sell to everybody in Amerika. We can't handle that, but we can sell to some people oversees whose what you do Jack, o t dot com, and that has this information on it here, so it doesn't have that particular information. But it says it's like the disobey sick website. Then we d unaware didn't mention this before the base. Website it's like all you're in the? U S, order from you an international order from your jacket hearing on chocolate. He'd comes along its unjustly store to, but it's like either go to the tab and then go to the package. We know it's, it's it's a thing, but but a difficulty dot com. If you give you just down for the tea,
the two there are well. That's all. Thank you for informing us of that. Yet another website fills either asking that get after mugs, looking at March, to be honest with you this so keep looking also you know, kids we get kids out there runnin around. We know that we know that kids are impressionable, is right as it when we know that we also, it's hard to be a kid right, you come up against her, times and if you want to help kids get through four times you can order this boy, did. I just wrote pre order it. It's called where the warrior kid- and this is the weird thing about this book- so the other day or soccer somebody. It might have even been you a soccer after I got done with it the final edits I was talking to someone is yeah. You know I just finished the final edits this awesome,
and I felt kind of weird, because it's not enough the most humble waited describe your work right nope. So I felt that, like us into the citizen, why am I saying that this book is awesome? That's not like mad. It walk round extreme ownership. The bespoke over a lottery bullshit was automatic. Listen to my podcast, its awesome, no announce it ass, a notes, if you analyse intuitively, might be addressing you oaks remorse good. You know like my getting value out of it, I'm not run around saying I'm awesome year. Some reason I said all this book I just got on reading it editing it its awesome right. So I can have wondered why I said that and then I realized that, while I'm reading okay, so when I wrote it right, I wrote it I was in a ten year old but that wasn't me because the guidance and the bookmark reach the character it. So I read it It sounds like him, but doesn't sound like meet somebody get
I read the book rest. I think it him that wrote this kid river and I think we must also look at how the book and make its awesome so yeah that's what I realized in, but it is the kind of story that sounds it's good red mark the kid ten year old kid he's hurt right ease. Made fun of can't do any pull ups doesn't know times, tables doesn't know how to swim. And he's gettin bullied by Kenny. Jameson. Can you knock any Williams and we all know we always knew how many post a picture can I haven't, introduced Kenny Williamson yet to the public, but get a picture out too It is going through all this trials and tribulations, but luckily his uncle Jake happens to be a big, tough man he's gonna come to stay with him for the summer and when o guess what when, when Mark breaks down
Don't tell us mom, what's going on because his mom just gonna eat lunch, you don't eat insects, doesnt quite you know, she's gonna say: oh you'll learn that stuff. She say oh honey, you're, nice Boy? Don't worry about that big bully? He won't bother you anymore. No, no, my mom! Actually, you will write so so marked breaks down kind of You won't tell Mama than uncle coms and his It's with you, We ll hang out. What are you doing? Do you think I get breaks down. So you know what Uncle Jake says when markets done listing all was Brahms later. This is good. All those problems you got week. We can take Airbus, Perhaps those rules are we gonna do? Is we gotta work? We get a study, we get a train and ass with it. So, like I said I wanted to ask awesome, but from the past.
Spectacle of the king when you look at it. If a kid wrote that you'd say that supreme story got there in here, pre order on Amazon, why why Why priority? Let me tell you why they are printed right and they're gonna print them. What do you want to get broken cats books not sell very well, sir. You know you just will print out eighty, please would you know any other formula. Therefore right, the formulas not going to work just like it didn't work for dog lice in the morning with his not going to work so earlier that you pay ordered the more They'll print the then we will have the shortage, the scenario the masses screaming in the streets and give us her books, help reordering and that'll take care that, while you're doing it pick up rape and thanking Irish Chang, these are beyond the Jackal podcast. Store click through in the book section. None of the stock markets
Camp journal of address that come books and the woman who could not forget grab that one Of course you can also pick up. You can pick up. A cup of coffee of extreme ownership, which is the book written by myself and Leif Band, and you know what did a few carbon and I'll tell you why, because you gotta get to your people wanting right now we ve right right me too. I gave this to someone, so they said. Thank you. We address get him on the game. You know that If you didn't have it, would you want somebody give it to you? Let me ask you a question. Yes, you would you out with your game. So you want to do that and by the way, if, you're caught if you're at your company, your business. And you need some some leadership alignment. You got some little situations going on you and check out Left out- and I we also- we wrote a book- we also company called echelon front. You can That out, as we do leadership in mentioning insulting and
That's what we do. We get companies, leadership aligned and on the same page and give them the tools to lead and win enough said on that. Also with extreme ownership. We got the muster coming mustard, Or two may fourth and fifth Mary our key New York city boom. Yeah. Now. Young people talk about people say: oh, it's a game. Changer right people say that sir think in any usually all really changes aimed live like they got a new flavour of tortilla chips at a restaurant. It's a game changer! No, that's not a game! Changer, not description! kind of the most common description. I've heard of muster number one that we didn't San Diego is games So people getting after leadership management, health, Jujitsu, the good stuff, of course, ominous There are, of course, leaf bad and he's to be there. Obviously,
who Charles Gonna, be there d, be too now you heard among the park ass, you can see there any we none of us. None of us would be hiding backstage. There will not be a backstage, we're not gonna be there will be with you out front talking discussing solving problems and crush things self come and get that may fourth and fifth until the monster. While we are waiting to get to the muster, you can still kick it with us. Absolutely because we're on the into webs, we are Instagram you're on Twitter as well. If you gonna be looking for that one that Facebook we're about one as well can find their echo is at ECHO, Charles, and I am at Java willing. And finally,
Thanks to everyone for what you do military and the police. And the fire department thanks. You all for keeping us safe and in the world force troopers around the world, creating an building. What we have made in the world a better place. Thank you! What you do grinding and pushing. In making things happen and again I know that. Pod cast was hard to listen to I know that this episode was disturbing and
It was hard for me to read but again to me it is a reminder. It's a reminded all of us that dark This is real, as I said, we can not get lost in that darkness, can't let the people we know get lost in that darkness, it's a reminder that we have to eliminate that darkness and weak Not. We cannot let Evil thrive and permanent permeate. We can't
permeate on a massive scale like men, king or on a personal level like the beautiful Irish Chang, so get out get out. There live your life get after it. After it every day, go out there Into the world and shine.
So until next time this is ECHO and Jacko out.
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