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61: Confronting People Who've Been Talking Behind Your Back. How to Deal with Anger Management Issues. Be Careful With Praise.

2017-02-07 | 🔗

0:00:00 - Opening

0:01:35 - How to Deal With Anger Management Issues.

0:10:35 - Is it possible to exhibit too much Extreme Ownership?

0:17:57 - Jocko Spars Jiu Jitsu with Rickson Gracie

0:39:02 - In a NEW Leadership role, When to use Firmness right away VS. When NOT to.

0:45:10 - How Praise can hurt performance VS How it can help performance.

0:53:42 - How to Detach without Seeming Completely Cold.

0:59:36 - Discipline in one Area does NOT Make up for Slack in Other Areas

1:07:51 - How to Confront someone who has been talking behind your back.

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1:49:35 - Closing Gratitude. 

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This is jack. Podcast number, sixty one. Echo Charles in me, Jocker willing good evening echo the doom So it's been a few episodes since we got into the queue nay, so today or your right into questions that come? They actually come from me into whips people out there several nets gives questions appreciated. Thank you for the questions. I can answer them all, but talking some people out there. If you listen to the different questions, you can figure out your own answers to along yeah you like, learn the formulas and then you can apply but face requests appreciate it. Sometimes when you, in my experience when I think of cabinet Ass Jack of this kind.
And then you either right it out or ie, even when I remember the other day when it when I busted out questions in What I say I'm out loud is like a future. I say it out loud. What am I As I am saying to you on my going nowhere else already good, I think you know you realize freaking can utilise that all so you ve got to get the a formulas in your own head here and now, as you're saying to me say I know you're not as yes exactly How do I get out of bed in the morning? will I be mentally tougher demands, even tougher rock n roll first question gulp Jacko hijacking today I had what I believe you refer to as disciplinary breakdown, small.
I found out that I had to take additional credits in college that I believe were completed, so he thought they were completely to take more as it turns out in a fit of rage. I took my for whom ensued across the room and frustration. I felt really good at that time, but five seconds later regretted, because now broken for and I lost control my emotions. Some do you have any mental true. Or anything in general that you do when you are slightly, Catered or outright furious PS this used to happen a lot more. I said you just doing it roll for three weeks, maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it felt great whenever I was rolling consistently maybe anecdotal, however, do you know that you did to soothe the soul, so or one of the things in mean you ve, talked about this too. When I realized that losing your temper was a sign of weakness.
As soon as I reasons I made that connection said to myself this week. I'm gonna try not to do it anymore, and what's weird is when you were a kid, a few members, but I was a kid You'd see someone get angry and it made you afraid, and so for a while. I sought as like a power. You know it's kind of a way to achieve power that you can your temper and then all of a sudden. You have this extra strengthen. So little kid, and when I say look here I mean look here. I mean when I was thirteen. Fourteen years old, I fought hey. If I go, if I could get that reach going people are scared, like I used to feel less positive thing. And then, like I said, as I got older now, you you know now you're Talkin, sixteen fifteen six in seventeen, I realize hey, this isn't Susan call. This isn't strike that actually weakness,
and when I realized it was weakness- and I didn't realize that overnight, but I, started, getting the idea that that was weakness and now when you see someone that is in control and even went bad things are happening over there in other years, standing stoical, saint! Ok, let me take look at that and I'll get it done ye religious. Ok, then you realize ok, this guy's really unflappable, which is a lot more impressive, so again, eat you to be able to detached from this and the EU to take pride in the fact that, I repeat my call, no matter what happens, and definitely wants. I wasn't once your national teams. You definitely want to be that guy, that's keeping your giving a golden matter what's happening, whether its we're doing the wrong thing or you just wanna, be the guy. That's ok come back over here. We need to review this. It's gonna be that guy that's way more impressive than the guy. That is carefully beers, dont, be that person so
talk about this before one of the pre event indicators. That show you or reveal to you that your temper is about to be lost. What are they is it you want? Your fists right is it. You raise your voice and you start doing that stuff destruction, we breathing do you, for it is a flare, your nostrils right, cassettes, Annette! one more thing: we're going to take a more oxygen to open up the nostrils cause you're about to get after it do you know user deserve your head shaking or what I mean just like these things. What is it? What is it haters. Do you have when you know that you're starting to feel that an assumes you feel that you didn't You go, oh that's what that is. That's an indicator and its weakness and, unlike weakness, Some are going to allow it. And then take a breath. I like to
you know what here's a good one. You want, or you want to get through that that moment not your head slowly in the affirmative right so so, when someone telling me something, that's making me mad I'll, just slowly god my head, like I understand this is the way things are. I accept this, and this is he waiting what my next moves and then he raising, whatever you know guys, will count to ten. You know you tell you kids, that tell you what kids when they are losing their number. You know it. You need to count to ten downloading count. Hundred counter thousand whatever did you gotta do and you get control because, like I said, you're losing control its not strength weakness is them said this before, where I read this book
of mine games, small little book talk about anger management like people have anger issues. Yeah, you realized it was low or they said it was low self, they say your anger issues stem from low self esteem and those really embarrassing, You know I didn't have anger issues, but I'm saying if somebody told me like: oh, you have low self esteem or something like that. That would be pretty embarrassing. I always thought, and So to me, I take that as an extreme being so sensitive to the even the expression, low self esteem out, I can never get angry It says right there, everyone gets angry. So That was always on my mind, anytime. I started to feel mad other okay. I feel mad right now, but I don't want to have low self esteem, so I better act right. You know kind of thing and then after while just became habitual but the like there's a difference between how you feel and how you behave like you fit your feelings, you know, but then,
without it. You know you're mad mad feeling, So what are you gonna go instead of behave mad you know now then yeah in Europe. We will do it in a lot of people. We actually behave mad and justify it, because that's my true feelings, but again, two different things: men don't after your true feelings in front of everybody. Modesty that all that's another that it no longer has the added idea, though I cannot, You know that feeling ass, if you actually and revealing by the way. The reason I'm saying that is, if you act on your true feelings on the time you won't get them long term place where you want to be a true feelings. Do not lead you to your true destination, yeah right, they don't got it so don't actually would you rather keep
true feelings focused on the true destination that you want to be at hand it you feeling that you have of the anger and frustration want yelled. Somebody know that other stupid stuff. You know what you end up with a broken Iphone. Could you hoped it and the passage of this sort are making ok, so mom, I'm ready for any might have to work with long time ago. Names Chris saw his joy, I didn't get cut off or something you know. Rotary situation, truth in right. Your feelings that guy I want a beat him up on. It would hurt him road raging. Yells, something or whatever, maybe other guy up at him. First, how who started but they pull over, get into a fight in a way at the time that feels like the fantasy read their wish. I can fight this guy. I hope Way store, I'm going to hope, he's right, their second fight on whatever that offend. That's your feelings, so you re Chris, gets in
fight with this guy on the side of the road from adult by fights the guy tears his pack terrorism crystals his own pack. Yes, in the fight on and off, he won or lost. What but he's got. Some are going to be a matter. Torn pack is a six month. Injury at the surgery. Yet did you know, can you work with a torn peck, almost as I'm probably not in all, because you know that guy cut you off, four wasn't going fast enough was going. You know to whatever you know, swindles things! That's so your feelings gets. You wish in the moments that you want to. Thank you, as we will have to explore that at some point, because I know it doesn't make sense about citizen. In your saying, everyone suppress all you feeling the AL. You really feel you, but this but feelings you have suppress those let them let them manifest themselves over time for a long term result. All that's gonna, be what you actually want. Yeah life, usually the anger,
yeah anger for sure mournful, but anger jealousy all those that animals are all things that, if you just act on them all the time. Yeah you're not going to have a good time so yeah, I'm like I'm, going to tell you and every single feeling when you're drunk next, what are those are? Not yet don't act of. I led a session based on the book extreme ownership to my team at work, I'm not the leader, but everyone, including our manager, with very supportive, enjoyed the session. The challenge a team memory was, is there such thing is taking too much ownership? Won't you start feeling guilty about not succeeding. Completely dispute would not be a good thing. Thoughts on handling. Well, there's everything you can definitely take too much ownership, but that not for that reason,
talked about this reform. If you, if you're taking to reform, if you and I are on a team on the leader and we ve got a mission- and I take so much ownership that I too ok echo. This is how we gonna do everything you can to listen to me. I own this and I'll, give you knew ownership. Now, it's not your plan, and so now you don't executed the best way and you don't buy into an all that stuff. So that is how you take too much ownership takes away the take too much ownership is a leader you take it. Ownership from your subordinates end, so you ve taken and again at its that's over ownership. If I take over ownership now, if I give you the mission and you go out and executed new mess it up, and I say: okay, I can give you no guidance. I didn't give you the sporting through the training, I'm going to own the mistakes in our own. The failure, overly but covertly, if I'm giving you the mission from say: hey, you take it run with it. So that's why to be careful that but guilt for failing is provision of guess what, when you veils yeah you you're gonna feel
But when you veils yeah, you you're gonna feel guilty but the different car use more of a disappointment because thing didn't go your way Nazi! We feel guilty when you feel guilty me is. If I know I haven't done my best, I know I cut costs I know I didn't invest the time. I know I do didn't given everything are good as a leader, that's what I feel guilty if, give it everything I've done everything I can, and I look back of course hides. There's really thinks it. You didn't predict right hindsight, twenty twenty! We all know that we think real backing? You say wish. I would have made a different decision, but you have to you have to say ok, so we can do in the future be indecisive. Now, are you not make decisions, even at that moment when I made the decision which we was wrong. Now that we can see hindsight well, what were you gonna? Do you in a way
and sit around and do nothing, and now we get attacked we get maneuvered on. We get the competitor moves. Are the enemy moves us? What so might feel. This the point that you made the wrong decision, you might feel that type of guilt, but what will the you'll give for me, as if I I didn't give everything I could to the situation. So that's what cost guilt to me now the failure, an actual failure? It shouldn't cause that I will give you cause you to dig deep and figure out what happened and want to re attack it. That's what you do issued cause you to want figure out where You failed. Where team failed and what you can do to ensure that never happens again? If you We're call that give you can call a guilt, but that is not a reason not to take ownership. You know I might call disappointment I'll call it off
the motivation you know you know I don't throw that word around easily, but if I fail at something already motivated to makes ride, I get it back up back in. And get that things went away so take ownership. If you know take ownership, get things done, right and if you fail, don't feel guilty, don't get killed, He can aggressive find problems are solved. That's it. Re attack makes sense. Yes, the guilt is what kind of lake dang. It's all my fault like knowing you know taking ownership. Airbus, like Tang. It's all my fault, this failure! Look! It are ones that I know a guy last is, commissioner on the right road dang that kind of guilt, you know. I say this with businesses, there do you, like you to set you make some will lose their commission cause. You couldn't get the deal done fast enough. You couldn't give a guy to support that they needed now they lose commission. You can be sure,
You feel guilty about that. Is that a reason not to take ownership of absolutely no reason to take more abundant me? Like ok body echo, I know the commission on that. Here's. What I think I let you down here. We need to communicate better here's what I need to prepare and be ready to support you next time. So this does not happen again. Are you with me right? as opposed to saying now, taking ownership? It's in your well, you know echo those kind of you know. Those deals don't always worked out. Maybe you should prepare better. Make me feel good as leader mouth can feel like an idiot can like the swamp sadness, so the swamp saddles wants a sadness. Is I owe me when you get don't wanna visits wrote some the never ending story when it's basically you go through these swaps and its super hard, not, but it makes sense that the metaphor for like ok this: was a movie talketh
ass a never ending story here, the never ending for anyone. The swamps said There are hard to walk through omits likely to target the swamp quicksand everywhere, quick swamp, whatever internet access, and but so you sink and the more you think the sadder you get the Ceta. You get the more you think. So you gotta, like or if you get sad allowed them to get setting. You like Honda just said, is the downward add allowed them to get setting. You, like Honda just said, is the downward spiral downwards files, exactly see that a fight to say, you're, a fight, the Santos anything get aggressive and work. It is an easy told me not easy. That's what the whites of how did they cover the fact that, if you're in the swamp and you're thinking, if you panic, you'll, also seek more this is getting aggressive. Condemning aggressive might just be like thrashing around now you're running out of breath as you're thinking, cover that now the little cover them is that, on the metaphor, you're, rethink this right, a sad is well. I don't think that's that
because those oil in the water you know when you're in the water like something wrong. If you get panicky your breath is going faster, your oxygen going quicker you're going to die, you have to relax, you have to learn to relax, you got the hat action and just. Switch into problem solving mode daily. There but it is true that we can go in the downward spiral see that in people's lives right people's lives, they they the mess, they lose their job said again opportunity in some heavy upon social media lost my job good Opportunity got find another job and step up like that's what you do and as Post, to lost my job o know what I'm going to do, and now you start going out of town Raspado cuz. Now you can't pay your rent next thing you know, you're losing your your apartment. Now you can pay your car Bateman either,
and now you're losing your car is. What do we do throughout? Does that help doesn't help? Don't panic get aggressor figure out what you gonna do next take advantage of the situation next West next question: can you talk about the experience of rolling with takes it? Are you how impressed where are you? answered this on Twitter. Someone said how impressed were you? I responded all caps impressed so you you I was! This is backing. This is well it's back in their back in the day and I was at team one at the time in and so think we're talkin. Ninety five. Ninety six, maybe maybe even many five sick. Maybe ninety seven, I think, was ninety seven and-
I was really was maybe some of those working in the training department and I was in the future too, for I was a blue belch and wanted to go trade with Dixon Right If you only thing about action for those people in art, Jitchu Blair's Exxon, is he The EU is considered to be the best ever at Jujitsu and about be above and beyond, just being the best ever X, Gracie being considered the best ever at the sport he has a high level of mystique about him and you know there's a bunch of reasons. For that mistaken. There is a great story in the evening where our universe story, when the guy from Japan challenged him. Yes, yeah so guy from Japan. He beat one guy in Japan and his teammate said. I will fight you at any time. The guy came.
The Hickson Academy and challenged him to a fight, And Hickson wasn't there at the time they call Dixon. In said, hey this guy from Japan answer to challenge your honor Higgins. I will be there in fifty. Then it's so Dixon came down. They wanted. Recorded. He said, no, you can't you egos. I will record it. I will on the video and we will fight now and Dixon, annihilated him and that's one of the mistakes or actually guy came back a little while and brought a machine gun helmet and a samurai sword or something my back there's some drama before that. I think the guy went back and was like a human like a bunch of people beat me or you only up and they reported it and then some high for you, the details, but somehow he was persuaded to dispel this Just for the guy told the truth, and then it was cool and the other thing that's crazy, while the other thing that adds to the mistake of Hickson it was. It was cool and the other thing that's crazy, while the other thing that adds to the mission,
Give is that every buddy that roles of them every week it's about time. You know five time six times, seven time World champion Jujitsu person, roles with them and they say I was helpless- the the guys that are winning dominating the world championships or saying you know he was helpless, and he's above and beyond anybody outside of emerald with so in, your hickses now probably fifty something and he does not like rolling with the the competitive by. Belts anymore, but this is enough, five years, no, maybe ten years ago he was, he was doing that many will compete, but I've come to join with him in industry. Great stories online, that a bunch of really good black I have said, I mean really good black belts have said yeah, I was rolling ethics and he just annihilated me. So this is for me you know I was able pretty good
new obscure Dave her back in the day and the, the beautiful thing as an asset seal team one, and so something the melter. You can get no cost orders, meaning hey. You have to they leave the will give you orders to go somewhere. Pay for it, because you know we don't Kuwait government money or spend government money on what you want to do, but will let you go do it so I got no cost orders basically shield him once a day. You can go up and train and so I did that to set at the Old Pico Street Academy, Burke and it was with the people street I gotTA be- was kind of a young. It was a dance duty or something where they would lay down mats and I went up there. I think I think I ended up staying up there for nine days if they did some crappy hotel around the corner, and when I got there Hickson wasn't teaching so I go there. You know, hey now want to train and
guy. That was their lemme, whose you knew that Israel, we are losing was a Harrah's adders. What's it last night, I just don't densely, might Lama right, so them other awesome. Jujitsu guy, awesome black belt. You know Hickson Gracie Backbone answer here, each of you know what I was coming from Fabio Santos, who another Hickson black belt, and you write my original instructor in Jiu Jitsu, where you know he made all kinds of incredible two, just two guys Fabio did you know you got it just all kinds: Greg TRAIN Dean, Higgs James Craig call me all kinds are really good eye, guys come out of Fabio ended the whole does like. Another generation of black dots are came out. O Fabio too, who are all awesome guide, t know it just a bunch of really good. Eric anyways. Lemme was another Hickson, backbone, Hughes sort of the instructor at school. So we get up.
I'm taking the classes in the teachers two classes a day or maybe three classes a day, so taken three glasses a day. While he's teaching you don't ones, the day is one the afternoon he has won at night. None taken all the classes and learn. You know his style and it time Odyssey styles work, if you gotta different school now you can there's a little bit more variants and styles between schools. This time enables all closer to the source where rights are all the styles weren't, so it was closer to now now we're actually getting beyond not because now with Youtube and everything and everyone competing so much all the time. There's much quicker tree for of energy. But five years ago, eight years ago, when you into different school, there was much different style it had this time. Twenty years ago there was, there was eaten. It all came from the same source. Isn't soldiers more similar. So we're. These classes to three times a day and then there's the ten fifteen people
on their good? You know we're all. Probably about the same. You know he there might have been a purple. Shelter do in Le Monde. Was awesome, super cool guy, real casual guy and so on? but the classes were like super casual we'd lay out the mats on the wooden floor in the dance studio and weed train and shoot the breeze can like a Jujitsu class, just laid back little stretch, maybe learn mover too, had some roles little button. Relax Fabio Father sent us runs a policeman. School and more regimented, you know Fabio you you're going to get in there, you gonna, do you warm up and then you're gonna learn some moves and then you're gonna train Lemme was a little bit more laid back cool, chill teaching, really stuff. So that's Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday, and then in lemme ask you know in the afternoon on or in the evening on Wednesday or if it wasn't. For you a day what was a Wednesday or Thursday things Wednesday he's hey, dixons gonna teach tomorrow night and on us
So so I come in through the night. I is I'm pulling up in my nineteen nineties whatever, but Dodge Caravan up minivan man, and this is of course more cars nothin. So now I walk in its its there's people everywhere right, it's rounded! it's it's crowded. It went from my ten or twelve people. Last now we get there. Like a hundred people I'm serious we had to lay out like all these different mats. And everyone is a quiet, no one's talking. He was I was doing so Higgins there Yes, you know like in a corner, you cool Jill, any looks it limo. Any you know gives him like. A head,
in the majority will warming up plotting? Ok, so get some align their start doing there, the old school did it. You were running in a circle. Silence like no one saying anything silence in so you can feel the pain a sense of Hickson there's a hundred people. Now there are ten times as many people and We once quite everyone serious, and then you know he you don't look like a twenty minute, warm up of stretching it, he s getting after it, and then he gets done. He gets a solemn circle in the circles huge and then you know Hickson like walks out into the middle the mat, and then he sits in the centre,
and if you can hear a pin drop, it was actress that you're that awesome and and then he taught class he taught class, and I took notes- and maybe at some point we can go through all those notes that I But there is one of the most important lessons that I learned about: Jujitsu, as a whole. I learned that during that time and actually the way Hickson told it I translated into my own. Of saying it but believe it's close like it what it was, what it is is this ok and you ve, We heard meat. I teach this to this day is if, if you're playing basketball or Europe a soccer. I think soccer is what
Hickson used as the example. If we're playing soccer- and I I wanna or foreplay for books. Play football. If I think to the left right you, defender, you have to react to me. You eat. If you don't move to the left, I'm just gonna go left and you're gonna be lost. So when I faked the left and now you move, I can quickly budget back, because on one step ahead of you, it was a fake. It wasn't a full commitment, so I can get by you because, because when you put you when you move your weight, your weight is a real thing. You have to place it into the ground and when you put your weight into the ground, it takes a quarter of a second to pull that weight back off the ground and put it in the other direction. So difference beat in Jujitsu the guy on the bottom when you fake me, I dont have to put my weight anywhere,
I make my my my weight does not have to follow you. If, here the present, with a guy on the bottom in Jujitsu, his wit ye. Doesn't, if you, if you shocking jive my way out of it plant my weight, that's what's really hard to like, one way then run the other way, doesn't really work and you can you do it yeah, but it doesnt work consistently in Jujitsu and so that was this huge lesson to me that I've always remembered and what and the other part of it is- was the hit movement and you and how to move your hips on the bottom and if you don't move Europe's on the bottom gear year, gonna get your guard past, and if you do control the hips when your passing, then you won't be able to pass the guard so I have a real I had a real focus for a long time of how to keep my hips mobile on the ground so that people can pass my god. It's something that I still concentrate on and when you are passing the guard, if you in
any again this another. You might hear me tell people like. Oh, you got control my legs cool eating, the trauma hips but even the my leg you can put Panem on the ground, I can still move. My hips eventually be a little bit more tricky, but I can do it Those were those two points that I learned from Hickson. I. I really focused on them for a long period of time, and So that was awesome and then, of course I with its and cause I was friends of Fabio Fabio, told him I was gonna, be there, and so he you know he was a great guy and eco rolled with me and, like I said I was a blue belt and I was a good bluebell right, meaning what our when I rolled with when I old with brown belts and black. Which their worn a lot about the time I did read You know I mean we were all competitive at at Fabio School. At that time,
Our skies that were really hard. Cork has dean at this time was, we might have been a blue belt purple about, but we were the guy's Higgs was purple below the time, so we were the guys, and you know when guys come from Brazil off the competition circuit to come in. Fabio were made start by Guenaud, Those guys would have a brown belts. Black belt are going against Deem lister in here I mean it did those guys we're not getting. It was, your dean and he eggs were also dean was phenomenal, the eggs was phenomenal and I was in the mixed with those guys. You know so we were good is what I'm saying is a. What feel like to roll with Hickson. I thought about this. About a way to describe it, and this is the way I am going to describe it. Can be hard to imagine but try. Imagine ok you ever felt very with a large amount of very quickly rolling water flowing water so a river, a giant
who's, a pipe with water like coming out of it, and when you did your hand like you, can't barely resist it, that much water So imagine that feeling of force- but it's not going fast- it's going slow it just it? Don't you can't stop it and wherever you, but just like water. So it's like that much force, but just like water, wherever you go to stop it, it just goes around it and it was that's that- was what what it was like really- really just phenomenal jamming. Even at that time and remembering back to it, it was another level of Jujitsu for sure that was was awesome. Now Sir That's that's wrong fix. I still. Actually I got some mutual France with Dixon.
And I see him occasionally and you know that the cool thing about action is. He's, gotta, a personality that I would love to tell you that he's. You know like stereotypical, peaceful, warrior master. That seems content with where he's ended up in life and with his experiences in life, but with Hickson I get the feeling that he's a guy that fighting and is in his blood right and even though he's a mellow guy, and he has nothing to prove to anybody. I think any
kind of feels like the way I feel he likes. The taste of blood you mean and even though even know, I'm kind of thing we're like I feel like you know, I'm pretty. No, I mean I don't I Have anything I'm trying to prove anything anybody. I guess maybe aim in some ways, but I'm pretty mellow, but I still I like taste, a blood, and I love that feeling of combat and that kind of what you sent for. That's where I sense from Hickson and so yeah awesome, and did you have in mind here some time executors? He does have that mistake. It is crazy. How is you know in its because its real it because it- You can go and August at Google Hickson Gracie stories, Hickson Grace black belt towards their stories where he
line up. Ten black belts, then Samuel to submit you all within our own arm, walk on your right arm. Then he would do it and he would do it and that's. And so the argued that build you some mystique here. Yes, a one time I went out going to fill with him just like a quick video clip mean Halleck for women to Crones Academy Congress Academy. So I get there and he's there already and hid so guys, relief, They done training training as relieving in Alex, like hey. I'm gonna be like forty five minutes to an hour late, so it's just me in there in the whole everyone's com, so is a girl that guy I'm, the euro will largely to fill our urban get your geese he hadn t really depends on how scared I submitted to the mistake, but nowhere.
In a way the words win for Halleck his earlier talisman of later. What areas a gay. I know he told me whatever so he's like candidates there looking at me, so do we just sit down. I got to talk to Hickson Gracie from fifty minutes this about whatever. You know in this kind of looking at me like as if to say So what are you know? Who are you mad or like all cool buddies steelworks in Gracie, so my mind kip, while we're talking my mind. Going into like jumping side of my brain in thinking. I could look what you're doing Receiving whip fixing, evil Halleck after we roll and we'll have anywhere to be will be just talking about stuff here just sitting. There must be a letter and I was doing that with Dixon Gracie. Just me, broad, that's crazy! You know as well as someone who knew I know who that is from the beginning. Even before even started you did there. I know who that is so Yemen nose like why you know I always wanted to his back that night. Back in the day, he brought? He brought his sons one so, oxen was there than chrome.
There was a little kid man, tiny kid and, you told them that wasn't the seal teams in stuff financing or through you eat me a little conversation. That's another five big he's so what God unrolling and we were talkin like years the same, and he says to me he goes their role in every word tat. He said: are you you're, you're, very comfortable add positions I write off I'll, take it take it. I do this use of us would be pleased to ask me they. What was it like rolling with ex night? Ok, let me get your guard and then I get there that's, ok now and then I'd say: ok relax and, let me pass and then I would just passed her garden mountain. I say that's what have you very comfortable in bed with this kind of like after you like box, again,
and you say, hey you can take punches becomes agree. Basically, your face is tough and that's it I mean I can't hold onto that, like I always like to come to a bad positions deem it. Really good cause. When did you know chattering within all the time, and so there's no one I roll with on a regular basis and with some really good guys, but- gain is mounted on you or when Dean is on side control on you, it is insufferable police bad position and especially because, like all road with I with other really high level geyser or from our school, roll with them, if they get a position like that, they no exact,
clean, my every little escape diagnosing the lackey knows. He knows all fourteen of my escapes. He knows about till you're, more trapped on more jobs and its aim with him. When I get to position, I know what he's going to do. I don't know, and so he INA joke about it. But neither one of us want the other person to be this way the across I'd, where we don't want that so actually is, and I guess it's an accident acid in boxing too, if you can take punch law for sure, is less but a comfortable about positions in digital. Is this kind like back when you are talking about the when you're in water and think going back to the panic: don't belong if you're comfortable in bad positions. You have, you have the ability to yet not Panama and that help. So much goes when you panic, you guess. Jury make stupid mistake soya, and you did you municipal mistakes.
Can impose this leg out of your own, always grabbing my arm wanted. You did good compliment lap, networking in paragraph fifty four, the armed forces officer remember that book, the armed forces officer here, one of my first nineteen. Fifty addition can you expound on the difference between these two. These two seemingly contradictory quotes from the manual a firm hold at the beginning, pays tenfold dividend of the timid approach, followed by a show of firmness later on from General Malone story of the world, where one compared with a general Malone's. If you remember, the story was there's a mad messed up unit, anyone in there was a guy get squared away with this words and place, get out of the mud, what you need get your uniform together, just tightening up outright like firm, postal order, sweeping changes affecting the gate, two days ago about
take for an officer on taking a new post to order sweeping changes affecting the other men in the belief that this will give him a reputation for action and firmness. The studying of situations is the overture of the standing of it. And thus from Genoa May and general May, if you remember that one He said: hey none, You guys are being these positions unless you were doing things right. So I assume that you're doing a good job and were to continue what you're doing that's what he said when he took over so going on here. Is you got two completely different situations and the two situations are one: is a guy, taking over first situation, unknown bad situation. The troops are lacking discipline they're not executing the mission it if you never fats or they might even do in basic military, bearing didn't they weren't saluting the officers they just in throwing everything out the window. That's situation, you got come and you gotta get firm out of the gate. That's what you gotta do now they got to know that they are, Things are gonna change, they gotta know it's real.
They gotta know, there's a new plan and I gotta know what that new plan is and then they got to know that their new standards- and I don't know what the new standards are boom. Same thing, you're hack worth he did that came in with some of your memory when he took over the hard core battalion, what became the hard core of diet the first thing he did was like all those radios and guitars, and all this crap that you have sit round based put it all in the middle, the based tomorrow and we'll get rid of it all that was a big change, now hack worth Then he then he started implementing to change. The day, if you remember paying gotta get Terry Weapon at all times. That's the neck! Church, ok, get your helmet! Ok! Now we get a helmet covers our. He dismayed wanted to one or two small change the day after he made some big sweeping changes out of the game. It was a jacked up battalion and now now differences if your gun into a situation where everything
we find or o k or at a bare minimum. It's like normal. Well, then, you dont need to step in there and show that you're the man by making these sweeping changes. You don't need to do that. It comes across. It comes across like the people there just took charge of have no idea what they're doing and if you don't you, don't respect what they did, what they want methodology respect their their profits that's cause you're comin insane oh by the way, the way Court, the August you need to get rid of microphones, you need added it tighter. Your basis to you know what would you think if I came in and said that well mean little bit, but I understand your pay point b. If somebody comes in inserts criticising you right when you do when you knew what to do our job you're doing a good job niece. I think you do the good thanks so the Meda get on you about that base. Occasionally you that's really on you your block iron baby,
three my book. So that's the thing. If that's the decision you gotta make and guess what it's not black and white you'd going to some unit c is not like you're going to get a choice between the unit. That's doing horrible and a unit. That's doing great you're going to get everything in between and therefore you have to modulate your leadership to reflect. If it's, if it's a group, I too have a tendency of being a little bit jacked up in their getting close guess what got a beat, maybe that sweeping changes, but you might need to make a statement read if it's a group performing awesome fans, mastic top team tat. Whatever you may becoming saying, as I see it, you do great I'm here to keep I'm doing what you do. Let me know if you need to support boom it could be anywhere between that that spectrum. That's leadership is challenge. I get it because you gotta be got a nuance, got beheld modulate, your figure out, where that is protested out two once you get
that sweeping order. You gotta see what kind of reaction you gotten. You know you gotta see two people just instantly rub out. Ok, then, let's talk is, let's get some feedback. What's going on Clearly we have a disrespect scenario going on when you get the bottom. Just let me get some key leaders in here. Let me talk to them, get some feedback. What you should do that before you make any sweeping changed anywhere these talks are key leadership. Get them in the game, get them on board. That's why I need your ship is awesome. That's why I beat that's why this stuff is so fun cuz, it's challenging it's different, every single time, yeah. It feels like, they were talking about earlier, where, if you start to under then, the formula all the different d Does it come on? You can cut, apply the formula, one we're and even then still dynamic, but but you can, you can just get a better grasp of just like jujitsu concern. If you understand the concept that have to build a move. Your hips there's a bunch of waging get you had more moving. If you understand the concept that you need to mobilise the hips to pass the guard you understand
but there's all kinds of ways you can do. If you understand the concept of totally jacked up team, is gonna, need a sweeping change to get their attention and get them to understand that things are going to change and what they were doing was unacceptable. If you understand that concept that that's what it's gonna take, you can apply it all the way through those radiations all the way down to pay this. He was doing great and I don't need to change much needed, given the support that they did sexual instruction, very important network. Chuckle. I recently listen to the strategic on podcast on my way to coach lacrosse and I housing asked how many of the points made between both more he's an your experience as an operator translated into the field, another point the cast that stuck out and now I reflect On as learning experience in cultural moment for myself was the saying of good work.
When we recently battled through the first half the game, lacrosse me It was a grudge magazine this when he's talking. I added a little out of this at a really long email and we believe in brevity, And here too so he's actually now talking about a soccer match grudge match that their plan, the womb made a hard first half. It was a grudge match very evenly played until until the half. When I told the boys they were doing good work out there. In that we're matching their intensity and putting pressure on them, then the first thirty. Second, two second half we were scored on due to lack of intensity and follow through. I suspect it may have been from my good job quote: on quote good work. Keep it up. Talk we had in the end my question to you is: how does one reinforced the fact they were heating hard up there give them some words of encouragement and send them back out without taking a hit in intensity as a coach or freshmen high school boys were basically why
dogs in need direction, plus support what could have done different to keep the intensity up in the second half in an even after getting scored on so. This is. This is present, but I actually talked about this before I talk about it with cards to Mme and I'm talked about it with regards to My super tune, my seal task unit and that that you have to be very careful with praise, because in the example that I give in the corner of Emma may fighters Fidel Guy job. You know you well you one that last round keep just keep doing. What you're doing he's gonna back off? he's, gonna back off and guess what the other cornerstone boss. That round you need to step up. You need to get aggressive and that's what they're going to do for you to get out there, because all day it most people in an ever fight. Mme fight is a it's a wrestling. It's over we intense cardio activity every
he's gonna, be tired, beat it just about everybody you obviously, so we get two guys Will you let me rephrase it when you get two guys that are even be matched and are going out at heart there, both Be tired and so they're gonna want a little bit of arrest. So you give given that opportunity to back off the throttle just a little bit subconsciously they're going to do it because they to doing good. They think that one that last round, so you can see that all the time you see mean it happened? It happen with Rhonda. You know, they're, saying: hey, good job, good job, you're, looking good and she getting crushed. That's that's kind of bad news. But anyways you could you gotta be careful that in in item story before, but when my task was going through training and that we do seek you see so close quarters combat drills, we're gonna, kill house over and over again that we broke
for lunch or something we come back from launch the guide. This contrary there, like a you guys, kick ass, the great keep it up, you guys to best tasks. With seed out here, guys crash in it literally. The next run, guys gonna house. They screw everything up the Miss targets, just a disaster, and I talk dream like: don't ever tell my guys again for the best, In a world, don't don't tell him that, you can tell a good job but don't be told him there, the best people in the world. At work and it's so kind of what happened. You know here now the is this doesn't mean that you can never give anybody credit or never give anyone praise could eat. You absolutely have to do that, but what do. You have the pro actively counter act, the mental lapse in intensity debt, about to take place because you just compliment him. So how do you do that?. So let's say you: the lacrosse field, with a soccer field,
bring the boys and you say, look guys got half good, first half you talk to him. You show them that we can hang with them. You played and even that's fine here's a problem even isn't good enough. We need to get out there and play for we need to step up She wants you guys to play like murderers. That's what I want! You do, what you win every loose ball! I want you to make every tackle. I want you to get your hair done. Every ball! That's in the air to them on defence, and we want them to be able to breathe. I want you to work them into the ground. I want pressure pressure up front pressure in the mid field and pressure on D. You make them fight for every inch, every ball and every breath. I want you to go out there and take their souls, so you gotta counter, have the and the good job, so
It made the same. Beg you a good round. It was a close round, but a good round. But listen you can't let Right now you need to step up. He knows he has to step up and tell you he knows he's got to step up and if you come out week, he's gonna get the upper hand right away. You need to put him away. You go up, there and crush him. Crushes soul turn it on and put this guy away. I want you to kill him. So that's it. To do that now, for tactical training, same thing, you know. I know this police officers and swat teams and take in guys in the military you're doing tackle training all the time, and you can see that as a He comes together, they're gonna start to do good like. I said: if you give him too much. They're gonna slack right, so you when you're running your tactical training. For your guys, you say, will take us
he's a good progress out there were make us forget, runs balmy dates, not good enough for a right now. Ok, this the deal the enemy can rely on luck. We can't we rely on our training. We trained to be prepared for anything that the enemy froze at us, so we're gonna work as hard as we can and be as perfect as we can so we are ready for the worst case scenario jacked up for another one right now and I want you to go in there like band of blood, thirsty, Viking shock troops. Are in preserving rage and crush this. See what to bring that kind of counter right. And in combat again just was talking to some guys yesterday and its Think what complacency is the worst thing that can happen with your team. We,
in a combat scenarios or your combat you it's Ok, guys we're running some good operations right. We got the upper hand and that's good. But it's not good enough. We cannot be complacent and we can't take our foot The enemies fruit we gonna be relentless. We're not gonna give the chance to regroup. He will not get the chance to recover. There will be no downtime for the enemy and I'll. Tell you. What are you want the enemy to have a chance to bury their dead. We are not going to stop until there is nothing left to pursue and no one left to bury so sharpen up your knives load up your magazines because we got work to do, again, we gotta counter, you know the compliments and balance
essentially what I'm doing in each one of those. You know situations balancing the positive, affirmations of what is happening with some. New goals and new objectives that will ensure that there will be no slack So the guy said there were ninth graters fresh me wild dogs, you next West, how do you detached without seeming completely cold? Ok, important question since all time. You know you got detach. I also say all the time if you D, from all your motions that major robot people of all robots essayed all time. So we
you do detach you can't you can't completely step away, but if you do, you have to act to do a little acting now. First of all, we already talked about this right. We have talked about these red flags that debt show that you are going to lose your temper that you're gonna get emotional about something. You know: you're clenched fist in your rage, voice, you're, heavy breathing in Europe, flared nostrils and all that stuff right. So you know those things mean those things mean. Does your your signal that mean detached? so you gonna work on that now. Here's the dichotomy of it is once you are there and wants You have detached. You actually have to now go back in do
one or some of those things that you are trying not to do. You have to go and get the Duma little been in. Nice little controlled manner. Right. Maybe raise your voice a little bit maybe you just- can occur Your John and remember, I said to you like, like nodding your head in a positive way and that that's when you, if you're coming to me with an issue- and I got my head to the affirmative. You up announcing. Yes, I understand. Yes, I understand that soothing thing to your team right. They see that you're you're, ok with the opposite. That is, when you shake your head too, in the negative you'll tell me some problem and I'm shaking my head is economic on camera carefully the scorn, right, so so maybe that's another thing. You can Johnny shake your head to show the person like look. I know we're in a bad way. I get it. I'm not sit back here like it's no big deal. I know it's gonna, be a tough. I know we just law
sailor. I know we just you know I'm going to have to plan another mission that we just got back. I standard. It's hard, you care, I care, you know, I'm I'm with you. You want to give that. Maybe I doubt that little sigh, your frustration like a little mix up my dad right. Just gonna. Do that you over just do that, lids showing that you do got some emotions and you are invested in all that stuff in and then once once you see that you ve achieved your go here that you can see that that They see that you have some emotions on the situation. Then you you quickly get yourself. To recover from brings new dangers of composed
an you, show them in the end they ve seen it's almost like little big sea like a little weakness and they all k your truck was arguing and related he's. Maybe you aren't you want him to come out and I am glad he so believe armies into right. I'm glad he's coming down. That's good! Ok! So the new recover new go back to your com, cool, collective self right, that's Gonna do now said this is call this acting. I guess, maybe we could contact and, at the same time acting means to pretend to be somebody right. We're gonna, be anybody else, your being you That's all you do, you're being you you're just act like yourself, just showing a little bit more, The emotion in. Then you would be if you were just completely detached so zadig it act like some. Do you know? values junior year you're not trying to do to play a role as some have been you
and you already know what you do cause you ve learned how what the signals are so when you know that you raise your voice, and that means ok Raise your voice a little bit, if you, oh that use, you just- gave a little sides as those careful things and so yeah. I guess it is acting in a way, but it's not full on anybody can do it. I think you did. I think, that's great. It is my opinion, Do what you kids, you know I gotta go, I mean I'm gonna intend to act, guy, you're, mad or or whatever any good, even Pappy, even pretend I'm happy or it badly needed. No eggs, ok, we'll say excited hey. I got something for you to drawing up a happy face same. Is she did yesterday? You know it's like I'm, not the honest truth is I'm excited about other things will just say that
The girl, I'm all those lived all that love you got for Cryin letter. Yours, it's backwards about people get age. You know about automatic. Second daughter draws a beautiful picture. You don't care about it, a cold water. What I'm gonna give her is a lot of excitement, eminent batteries, I admit, maybe bingo one level higher. That's what I'm gonna give her some. What am I acted? I'm excited, but a lot. I think, a little bit of registering sector since those best. Yeah they fertilizer Is it a formal manipulation in my little bit of our migration, but again, if you're doing it the individual in you're, doing it to help the team, then is it manipulation or is it leadership? I say, of course, its leadership. You're, not Manila, manipulation is on China. Fool. You see, you do things
you do that. You will not do that. Not more run in here next question next, please discuss how discipline in one area doesn't make up for slack in other areas with, for example, the fit is guru who has no saving there you know that this is something that we all have to work of watch out, for is the fact that we we focus on our strengths right. That's what we do is what people do so you get a personal smart really in actual person and they let themselves go physically. Or you get a person at the physical stud, but then How can a challenge their brain power or like the question that was no, although the example here that was posed, you know someone It's a fitness guru or a party group who helped I'm thrown out one out there are some people. Look at that
they. You know there are entrepreneur, comic entrepreneur, so they're trying New Mercedes Eightys, but at least behind on paper so and strategically, and the idea that so your honor I mean you take another example: is what about the business person that doesn't have time for their family right so that's not good, so I think the focus here is: do we train? We all to be tried to be well rounded and not focus So much on one area that you're gonna, let some at the area go. That's target fixation is what that it's right. Is you walk into a room? You get fixated on one target, one, bad guy, youth. You think! There's one bad guy see! You focus all your energy and then you're getting fight stats. A you can't let that happen. You can't let it happen on about really can't let it happen in life, so gal for that when you do this and I'll tell you
This is actually a reality of the situation. I trying to maintain this balance, but I've been actually working. A lot lately and what s this is clear. Indicated to me that I've overbooked myself is last week. We had the sky, we had to skip a day of jujitsu to record. May we don't do that right, when do we record rearguard after Jujitsu Jitsu, but I knew so much stuff going on that. Hey. We got it. We got a record at this time because I gotta get this other stuff down some travelling in this and that, and so we had to skip that. Scott, so that is it read for, to me that says, I needed dry need to tighten up. I need to get my get my schedule back and check. So can do the things that I need to do. Of course, so I say about the situation, its fight. You know what cantering Jitchu that day
because I'm sure I got some travel come a good. Many What my shoulder a little bit more, I'm gonna genome get its Eads gets fine, but. It is an indicator of when things start we're going in the wrong direction. Maybe I'm getting target fixated on. You know too much work at a certain time which, to me again. I will run this thing in the red. As you say, I lie like running in the red right on the red and I got no problem like blue. We oh go hard, The numbers of hours I've been were, I will work. Well, Actually, no impact on how much I'm an to spend with my family and do did you know? That's got to do it all, but there a capacity that you Rico ok. Now. One of these things is just start to slide now any nature, that my levels get ree Ray levels, nine! Yes, you might say
globalized, is what I should have said so back to the subject. Dont be one trick pony, you know, be a jack of all trades and then master, a few those traits right, so you can emphasise Vince screw? You can emphasise intellectual power. You can emphasise jujitsu, but put a hundred per cent of your effort into one area because Eventually it will take you, you won't have anything else and by the way you put all your you. If you put all your all your in a basket of intellectual power, now you're unhealthy and you die right there doesn't ito. I don't care. How smart you are. You can't do two plus two, when you're dead she hit so Don't put all your focus, a hundred per cent,
in the one area, don't become unbalanced in your disciplines, spread around an old line. Could I get a kind of feels like like he can be understood that real good it fitness and it's easy to justify it yourself. You know, like your your little say: ok, I'm real good at fitness. Finnish girl, go round and then I see and I go to the store go to some party and I see, this other guy who's lake, socially he's just a hundred years Then it would like some such a nice Karizmatik guy makes a lot of money in all the stuff, but he's not in that good shit. For I don't know you smokes in whatever you know it's easier. I think a lot of people. It feels like it's easy
justify wolf because in bad shape. So who cares already want any of that? I really want all the money. You know the stir. It seems like you any nor the other guy said yeah. You might be good, Guess I what they're nice Yoda Corona your drive and resolve negative on so bold guys should should instead of saying hey you what they should do, walk be like hey man, you know what I know it's pretty successful. Financially, I would like to get in the game with you a little bit and learn from you about that, any other guys do we know what it looks like you're, pretty good fitness levels. My would like to get in the game with that lets work together, and improve ourselves and gone, kick ass dominate our? U n! I mean, let's do this instead, what is a normal person? Do they do exactly user? Just If I criticise cut people down instead of build them up and what you have to be careful of. If I
to go to you and say: hey. You know echo. I got a lot of money. I can tell you dont have a lot I'll help you out. That's that can be offensive. Some people did, you think, do you think you are really not acknowledge. Your word or money word money. When I got ab like these, but we have to do is instead of if you, if I gave you that echo do Abby like you got to. Let me can you help? get in the game, and then we formula relationship- and now I say you man, so we but you were which remain income stream. Do you know what you're doing and you say? Well, you know I got these two points. We are website no not really wanted to have a website? You got any social media to advertise known. We go, though, that road and we build up. We take care of Egypt. We want to do as people like everything seen the guys who go. They see like a football player or some guy kick his ass, though
I kinda can always like some six now ye. I kick his ass one of them, I've, told the story and influence, even this ill, its Knowing no one is good. If a guy like we have guys in Israel teams that are literally, you know world class athletes in whatever moral class try world class sailor work Class, whatever aids- Oh yeah, oh you're, your world clasped triumphantly I advocate, the good traffic. That's cool, he's really batch
somebody's gonna try men and got him down as slack no slack slack night. One more thinks Jacko. Would you confront in individual team member when reported by other team members that they're talking smack about you, or would you just ignore. The old classic. Here. What do you do about the about the negative guy? That's trying to bring you down. Sure you can, you can confront them right in Ukraine. By doing that join in there in their little game. In in doing that, you give them, the satisfaction. They now know that big they got into your head. And then you're turning your workplace into
your basic grade school gossip pop? So we don't like that. But now there are times, unfortunately, that you You have to address things and when you do it you do it professionally and you do it your goal is to disarm them, because remember that this need he'd have person inside they probably want the cover Asian. That's what they want, and so you know he said: Something like air at some critique ports for me. About how I'm doing my job of love to get you Back so I can type not my game to justice I'm a little bit in something like that would like defuse the scenario a little bed and offer the people. Now that the personal understand that there are other people that are telling you
what's on, it'll put it in check and stifle the situation, but preferred methodology for The situation for me is quite simple, Then that is ignore and out perform them. You see while you're over there watching me and talking about I'm working come work. Hard, I'm takin thing to the next level, you keep gas, being an I'll keep working. You keep. Walking, smack and I'll keep working. You keep focusing on every thing and everyone else and I'll keep working. And when you finally look around at where you are and where I met you.
Realize that you have nothing left to talk smack about. You will lose and I will win And this here applies to when people are playing office. Politics, forming their little clicks or working their personal agendas. And again I know. Sometimes you have to play those games, but let your first, a course of action left fundamental core of your reaction. Be our work.
And hour perform every last one of them and I think that's all I've got for tonight so Uncle Charles Speed, dean of work work once you just go ahead and put in work right now and let everybody know how they can This park asked if they want to you ass. They were actually you know what I'm took on top of the work. They did today MECCA listing all that we'll talk much on it and support this buck as support yourself on it? What's the rather crude oil, it's real! It's real!
and I thought about this- like I'm kind of lifting gonna hard in like I do like Squats- Rages- buried like different kinds of different wait and did you over her blood cells, times. Yes, we will do that. It will read slowly. I thought a lot. I would call it a lot, but just one that that one that ended all like front squadron or some like that. But I go all the way down following the cares. Little you describe yeah war sunken. Sometimes you know people have the flexibility in their feed or the ankles you whatever or lifting like fibre. Pounds, is something going on in. My point is its: if it can be hard on your knees, it can't straight after those. Those are, the facts can be anyway, and I'm kind of going colored nowadays. Pretty much everyday day, and you don't like ITALY, part of that. In the past for sure, and I don't have the anyway the critical is the twice oil much as you real you're.
Any Brean, no pain. No pain still coming years ago, like three a day three in the morning and three at night? I just three days three day here I do twice as much as you. Well, you bigger in order you mean bigger and bigger, factually our thinking zero before that in ninety, but yeah makes good krill oil, that's the What's funny, when you think supplements, that's, you think like some is getting make me stronger you if I take it verses, don't take it when you screw it does make you stronger, but direct out more yeah, you know I better go.
For so long I don't even know it's liked him out to growers anymore. Yeah thanks just one big misdemeanor, one big path to victory. When you take the crude oil on it, equal, logically friendly harvesting of krill watch, the video On a document on the council s job, if you want ten percent off work out, which is total strength and performance, he'll, give you more strength and more performance. My anecdotal, shrimp tech prove by the way I got on. I had a bunch of echo's work, a lot you ve been traveling when you travel to getting on planes with a bunch of people that you don't know and they the germs as do I, and some people get sick and I can't be Sick and do my job cuz, I got to go talk to people and meet people and give speeches and all that stuff, so I can't be getting sick.
So I knew I had critical events comin up. So I guess what I did. Tech immune. I did this room deck immune powered through you not sick. Now, no, not sick. Now, training hard surf today food, basically in worked out and got after it. So an immune the sickness Sudan as another winning the rotation is that we were here and in Europe, I cycled it cycle bit because I knew I didn't We get sick, nice post Could you say, hey of? When do you want to get sick writ whenever maybe It's something I should take more off. Yet what is one of them Things can like like a back in computer. Programmer? Will you don't really you're not hit by success of it you're only hit by the failure of our solar, amuse, serene tech immune you take it. You don't get sick
Like I do you know, it's cool butter, noise legacy, bunch of events back Did the TED Talk, and so what I M going to show to the TED talk. Coughing can take that yeah. I can tell it s getting up, not stuffy knows no. What what do you do know in ghettos x? You gotta, show perambulating Yankee, so I'm taking you yeah, and these are good, because these are like you, how ok so cruel, Lisco Crude, where that works here, joint work. It's not like it's! a cortisone shot. Where you know you. Don't feel like when you get off at your jack, you know you're you back to zero. It's like this is stuff that, like helped your body, do it you know, that's the good part. It's not it's not a foreign! horrible substance? you're gonna, be a camera lie, reliably planned. It is so good and welcome. The other
Oh good, all of them in there's other stuff. This cool stuff too, did the arming it's like a Threed nut butter, bland good to haven't. You got me, stood at Tibet, it's on uber, There is less than the canaries, protein powder and obvious equality, protein potter, if you, if you're into protein powder from tech for performance, that the pre work out- that's one bright here. If you lived in in doing hard work out- get to get the pre work because he's not stimulants that, like you know so so I dont I work out early in the morning as we know it like working out on an empty stomach, full stomach as I work on an empty stomach in the morning, but I indeed me that you might consider this cheating, because I will take it. Usually it's yeah yeah
your luggage, you, like I'm sitting with this guy mortar one? It's not it's but need not cheating at all, but then he also on top that I dont do it I'll, do it if every heavy hitter is common to train out I'll, do it. They advance I remember a rolling with I was on a seventy two, our fast and I was like almost at the end of it. Everything normal I didn't in change anything squatted, I'd impulsive everything all worked out surf. Did you do to us at the end of it? on the big Eric you know, Judo Eric. And I said I'm to tell you something when we get done. So we rolled hard and it was no- is a good way. We normally wrong, you know and got after hard and as it anymore What were you gonna tell me? I d amato among the tail end of a seventy two, our fast Rachel Miserable, didn't, seem to affect your problem Let's move it now I'll bigger figure performance at all. Just straight up,
Probably somebody- and I got them forget who it was is a while ago, but and then and I got them and you could tell He- was pissed they ve anyway. He said ah well forcing these at home fasting right now. I for you to a united, and that is that is actually why I didn't tell Eric rise in a just and explain your mouth. You also, and also psychological for if I tell him hey, I'm faster them in a fast in stating like at all. It empowered knock and let that happen. Jujitsu is Adam beauty. There's binders amaze didn't going on even before you, when you clap your hands, give that little bump aggressive pump murmur their time right after we rolled, and you said you know, did you feel that like any getting tired towards the end there, and I said no you're like Yahoo,
It wasn't my country crowd. You are about right now, you that's, like you. Do your best lying to me whether those good work goes beyond what is it? It's it's hard, it's hard to get me tired, yeah. You would harshly it's not all conditioning to address are conserved some energy, but he put hut needed this. What what part of it is, if not a major part? you can endure fatigue in tiredness if your enjoying what you doing that's what for a lot of people, the treadmill is just hell, even though the treadmills not that hard. It's like you're goin out, like a certain like a low percentage of output, is just boring, there's no like pay off in Digital, like its pay off upon pay off upon pay up my ass. If you pass someone's guard or my gospel, they pass your argument what little wage, maybe you know it's like this, this intricate battling the meaning
you getting to provide a majestic, really go, get tired when digits none. I had to Well me I'm a great shape and Maybe some incredible strides, though, on two areas you used a gas out really really bad until until started doing met cons in your training in Europe. In your non due training use, your ass out really yeah number one number to you. To get really cost or phobic and not be able to handle that yet and they were the Europe they uneasily off agenda, I cured you have both foes as I realise your cost of Roma relay jerk for a while. You like test time here. Are you let this or that? Yet what's praises, there's a third element. There is because if you know you, gas, quick and then you
cost of phobic? Now you that's another enemy. The gassing in the class are fully that's another enemies, I'm not just going to you and you did its way into gassing customer. So that makes even more like inciting and, like you said there compounding problems seekers, the more tired you get the worse position. You gotta do not cause further, particularly we're tired and then let that happen one day and the next day. What I'm one of my scared of now, it's just re, it's the swamps sadness broke all over again. Will you delete your way out of that pretty good. I think I met Con had a lot to do with it. Did you just would It is mentally eventually say like ok when Jacko gets side control on me. Leads me there. I just need to relax into city iron, except that I'm here for a while yet and a big part of it can sometimes I'd start to get dizzy. Like four We'll call this is not just a feeling of just so plaster for became ill. I think he was like a for real costs, because eighty eight dizzy and you know like you're, not like your but the faint but
but something that is that we are not only those our lay I or my position through their turn when a nice to get the guys in train with em all like in a row and a delay, Fifteen minutes of this kind and fifty Missus Garland Fifteen, a goose girl from the patterns and um and this one guy and he was super Kloster for young kid, he would distance all mad he'd, be neither I'd hold him. You know get across I'd, get them out and just now Let him move polite just over his face any which, as you know in here, loser you known ass, an end, Happy me like gruesome, like there's, no submission tap when there's no established, we got me and then you know finally a tap amount. Then let him go and he be like the guy you cottages stay off media, so mad Schuyler stop training there now is that it provides the image. If you have like a candid dean, did that to me than back in the one I had used like mounted than I do you like it
damp busy time from men as a man. Dean actually was funny yesterday. Maybe yes yesterday, the the you, the powers goin out like momentarily and Jim a few times well where the power started. Late was going off for ten seconds, certain lights we're, but he also it was killing the clock. Yes, so we were going when the clock. We still running, and he was doing that to me right and when he tries to make me causer phobic or tries to get right, not me. I just go into a complete detached mental shot down, not not mental shut down in a negative way, but mental shut down like ok, I'm not going to show you any day, and so he's like these. Run. Put his I'll go into my rabies mounted smothering me and rubbing his knuckle into my Ribs Adams, Lain there like taking it and just thinking about others in an axiom figure like when I get it on and in
then the timer ran out and he kept doing it kept doing it any gift unit for like another thirty seconds and then he laughed and jump off so then we will go in again and I I gotta do gotta good position right. I gotta been our Bach and I'm sudanese artificial Believe me go watch him go get John Jay and in metamorphism oil there, John Jay, when the best jujitsu practitioners of all time goes from our mark on the Indian gets out of it. Some going for our market dean and the time ago like at the end of the round and. In any case, you he's like
gear. He was writing letters then rose rose. I said you violated the digital Geneva commendable Castro lasted. Let him go by without good and is kind of what that is what the midday tapping in you. Don't let go. That's a violation of the treaty. The convention for the average user conventions younger children. Can you get me break in those lost the met com in getting into condition losing like little bit away to whatever sure it gets. In my case, it got mean better, and I can go longer, less cost firmness just in general, but the bigger impact was there that's, not something. I have to worry about anymore, dealing with B. I wanna get Diane mentally. You beat
you know what it feels like to entire because unaware that you know what that fell like before. It is hard to deal with. That would say, that's how it felt to me. Like I'm like thing, I'm tired, I need to not be tired, that's the goal! Now I don't care about getting tapped out any more. It's! The tired, MRS, is really the fight that the demon here, not that the topic, but once again the MECCA national legacy met, come in just muscular conditioning in general, it all sure it'll get you in shape buttons, you have the kind it do it all the time. For it to work like any exercise, you're used to it that feeling comes like commentaries earlier we're gonna use not duly mentally inoculated. Tell oh I'm out of breath. I'm not you! What used to think was I'm out of breath and I'm gonna die the idea, you think I'm out of breath and that's ok, we're all recover, yes, your cover and some other position and man. It makes you two way finer wave in the sky with andy- ten minutes. You know with the thing and he's in
he's gonna hard and aims lecture your book. You know it's a good good work, but it's at just makes it way. Funnier pressure by other points, Is there that's why you can endure tiredness is when you're having a good time when there's little pass you ever notice, even if you dont, really role that are you might be diff action country feel this. When you go home, you feel like the heat radiating from your body still, Even after you go home but dad the role that hard containing phthalates that our cause. If self like fun, I regard everything that is, that the genius behind it anyway. If you want help, performance was adjective fourteen twenty minutes. Talk about on it, not coms last Jacko sure go little bit of some. Aggression, but one at all helpful things. They are very helpful,
that's just can improve your performance straight up, indeed view to prove performance, which we do is another one time to go into. We got some time so I'm feeling of water. You know, gallons of water. Here my mom gallus psycho fill up. I got forever so put him in the back my car in the back seat. So when I bring them from the water fill a thing to my car and grabbing them both and I'm walking across the street. You you're yet for aid for, but to the time I feel to cause is to write things whenever so that, therefore, I'm walk frustrated, the street, the parking lot to my car to put them in a time like this isn't even hard, but they look kind of pee again. Oh, don't like this in your heart, just like Alex difference. Follicle warmed up ready to get after INA homelike organs, but then, You walk in there at handle food should be that hard for someone might in whatever. So I get
the car and I put a member em like hey. I need more room to put the other two, so I don't just planet logo, man perfect for I gonna like stretch and put these. Neither whereupon jugglers stressed, is awkward position, but I did it can in no problem. If I were in I've been times when I'm not in the shape of my drinks are often bro, I would do I would offer myself. That's. Are you hurt you back? That is one that is how, before their back, do in the dome stuff together, not they're, not in good shape, yeah, that's a lot of them. It's really what it is because you're just your body, is not used to like moving all of a sudden, but if it is- and you got the crude oil going, that's the kind of things you can do almost like a superpower anyway, if you want, is amazing, supplement to know the best ones, because we all know that on it tat come Slash, Jackal. Ten percent support yourself, Everyone in the end, if you shop at Amazon, the good witnesses
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The velcro ones is a regular can too, but the velcro one with it. Is that what he called the color right? regulation, the one you can where I saw, should I forget his name on Twitter. You showed me his patch, like collections, the velcro disciplining Sweden was all up and there was good you're good and this one is a big want to support yourself. Psychological little literal like support those images like a spot, the feedback from everyone out there on psychological warfare. Its one hundred percent of the listen to the track. Recorded lies. If you listen that track, you could be increased. Be cream doughnuts after
eating for three days, and you will go in there- you listen that track. You will not eat adona. You will not know it's two sub true and the wake up thing away. Companies can say the wake up. You will get out of bed because because you, this is the thing you what's being told, you is true, you know it's true, you, U Party, your brain is thing. You know what it's not true, just get up right now in one day that's not gonna kill, actually it he's gonna kill. You do not need it. So ecological warfare. That's a good, oh, by the way. I listened just sell. Some thirty one, you know it's kind of language, actually listen this now now I listened to build in equal actually in a way be more effective for you, because it's really you talking you actually me yeah. It's like you talking yourself like your brain, is to take place
to end. This is a good one, just like the crude oil and disliked it did on its stuff. It's not like like get up and get after it's not like. We. Let me explain when it is its. These tracks on an album you can buy from Itunes. And it's on Amazon, other resources, guessing I'm of our military, find it adds its ever. You can just purchase these mp3 tracks complain your phone before you're about to begin. When you're having moments a weakness, you can skip the work as you don't feel like it really gonna skip you're gonna mess up your diet because you do all green, it looks or delusion or what a person is on the thing you can put it as your alarm or whatever you buy these tracks in there for different situations and we'll give you a little. I will say that jacket will be there to give you a, anyway, the mental or mental spot, air, psychological little fight the urge to be slacker, twitter? But it's good because it's not like they get up and get out
scares you out of bed, so you'll get out of bed. It's not that it's like psychological, worry, tells you're lying to me. The certain way you know, that's really he's doing in a slick splits, not a kinetic strike, its psychological warfare in which is actually more effective here, because you do it slipped the cortisone shut versus the cruel. We prefer to let our body do the work. Yes, exactly right and we prefer to let our mind do the work. If you can because someone's yell not are you? Ok, that's ok, but it's better. If it's you get yourself out of bed, because you psychological warfare on yourself, because you did, he did good with the information that you were presented with and I had I'll give it to you ominous put you on the back door on the back. Number was tackled, warfare was number one, Is this dilemma on Itunes since day one? Why don't don't put me on the back?
you, everyone that's gone and bought psychological for. Thank you. He has awesome fully, but you gotta admit it's like you. You know you did that thing No, actually, you gotta admit that if no one wanted to hear it and want to get after it, then I would be all yeah. I myself was like we're like a little group of This is a good thing when you know she don't worry on a bed and stop eating. Don't seem like enough good thing. It is if you want, Jacobite t it's in stock, its on Amazon, If you're in America get it on Amazon, if you're in a foreign country go to Ebay Pro Resourcing, it's the official listing, you can get it there. You you already know what what the tea gonna do for you you already know that you are weak, you'll, be strong. You stupid you're gonna become smart. You are lazy, you're gonna become aggressive, just gonna solve your problem.
But that's a side effects because it also his taste good, sir, which ones you gotta go. Hey what right now we are assessing and likely going to put jock await tee in. Cans already like the likely, never rhetoric, but you don't energy drink. It doesn't help. You re read. Is work this is boom oh you're, in seven eleven, like sugar, caffeine, candy negativity, Gimme lore boom. Here you is there, I've seen in jargon, weighty. Yes, there is a little bit, but it's good for you like a little Michael, exactly. Thank you, ECHO Microsoft's, mechanically. I'll jittery, so Jacobite tee You need only Amazon when you're on Amazon, you can pick up
book, extreme ownership by me and my brother Leaf Bab n N, what school is salon salon. We work with a bunch of different kind of company is needed to be made from something, and it's always cool to see and hear about how the books spreads through those company somebody. You know somebody heard about it, so he heard me on TIM Ferriss or so Joe Rogan or some labour me on this podcast, and it gets. There in a guy. It spreads just spread you know a guy, buys it for his team and then he buys it. For the ceo, a gift and the o buys very one such really cool. To see that in its to see how it help companies align very cold and align their leadership team so go out, yet it for the people you work with, give them the tools to leave
And you know the deal, is you a little investment given the book. It's twenty bucks right, you give a book to your key team members it. Make your life easier return on investment good to go. Why are you doing that? You can get this book. Another book right here, It's it's called where the warrior kid and this is the deal, is what we have to watch out for order. Now why order now, if you're, not gonna, get it until May? Second, that's when it comes out here's why? If we don't ordered now what's gonna happen, simply happily, jock awaited. What a pretty is like? Oh no one's ordering so we're we're not going to, u know, will print twelve copies. Day comes out we're getting a lot of orders and ever gonna have to sit around and wait for the thing to be printed. So what we want to do is give them the indication that, yes, he's comin out. We don't want to end up with Jack a white teeth style baron again on our hands with the book and I'll, tell you,
It is you know it's a book. It's a kid S. Kids book admit but I'm going tell you uncle Jake Who's in the book it is his nephew powder get after it uncle It's got some lessons for everybody, about disappointed about working out about overcoming fear about diet and exercise and life. It's a book about life in. She really. How did you get the Faro, but I've got a physical, customary physical copy that I'm holding in my hands right now is called a galley. We give you it's so that you can see and make sure you can go through it incorrectly or like a final added. I got final at it and this one's pretty good, it's close, Rita, liver
I think we're theses Furioso at this point- here's what's going on at this point. Basically the kid mark. He's like I said he does know how to do you care to any airports. Does It was timetables, he's gettin picked on it. Girl doesn't know how to swim. Guess what he's a ten year old kid in life, Life is hard, he's realise not he's bombed out, he's been sad, is uncle. Jake comes to live with him for the summer. His uncle jack is upwards used to be in the seal teams. He's gettin out so can go to college, but during summer, he's living with his sister. So now when, uncle Jake realises that mark as all these issues like, and what does he say when Mark freaks out and eyes does exist, use uncle Jake's as good. We can solve these people. And then he says: look you you're not really getting after it. Do you
you need to be it'll, be in this kind of wimpy kid over here. You need to be a warrior kid and mark sort of what what's a warrior kid, and so at this point they're they're talking about like do you actually know what a warrior is and I'll go. Back to the book right now, so here's uncle John Do you even know what a warrior is marks as yet I mean I guess I know a warrior: someone who fights and worse right uncle Jake's us That is one part, but what else? I'm not sure what else? So, We think that the only way to be a warrior is to fighting wars and you that anyone who fights in wars is a warrior I guess so, you guessed wrong. There is
lot more to being a warrior, the just being in a war warriors people that stand up for themselves they face challenges warriors work hard to achieve goals? They have the disk when to overcome their weaknesses warriors are people there constantly tried and tested improve themselves and yes, wars. The ultimate test, but not warriors go to war and then marks as. But how can a kid be a warrior and uncle Mark says, are Uncle Jake's S, by doing everything I just said a normal kid does push himself a warrior kid does more kid: doesnt work to constantly improve himself a warrior kid. Does I look at all these problems. You cried to me about yesterday, a warrior. Kid wouldn't cry:
about those problems, a warrior! Kid would do something about those problems and then marks as do what do what do whatever it takes every problem you have can be overcome every one of them. You can't do polyps you work out and get stronger into you. Can't you don't do your time tables you study and train your mind until you know them cold can't swim. You learn how you get picked on. You learn how to fight fight. I asked yes fight. Just like anything else in the world there are techniques to fighting like learning a sport and when you know the techniques and practice them you can defend yourself from anyone. You think I could learn all that. I know you can like Would you last night I the trans for myself when I got the navy I had to stronger
the wounded fight, I even had to learn to learn, but I did it and if I did it so can you do you want to want to overcome all these challenges you face, of course,. And then, as a wrap up that conversation they were out the park when they're doing that mark says we walked through the park and back to the house. Without saying another word something had already changed, sounds like we're about to get after it. Phone book might wanna get after it, and also on top of that the book has come about me. Second, that's cool! May fourth and fifth guess: what's Goin on the muster right there Marriott Mark in New York City, basically,
months away from right now so sign up book your ticket get your hotel room going to be awesome, lace going to be there, I'm going to be you're. Obviously it's going to be there JP's going to be there. A cure was going to be there Dave Burke. Newest member of echelon, front marine corps boom fighter pilot boom top gun. Boom, top gun instructor yeah and by the way, with all that he was the ground in remedy, with asking the browser doing operation after operation after operation as an anglo team leader, so the guys out there border control, he's coming park as soon as well, and as just like the first muster. There's not could be about stage, there's no green room that we're gonna be hiding in. We will be out front, we will be talking to you, discuss things taking ownership of the problems that we all have an get him solved. So we
see you there at the muster extreme ownership, dot com, and until we do see you there, we will see you on the interwebs on Twitter on Twitter on Instagram. Maybe we on US lucky boy, we'll be interacting with all of you. Echo is at ECHO Charles and I am at Jocker willing into military men and women that are out there right now. In harm's way. Putting your life at risk for our great nation, faint you all for our freedom and to those that have fallen for the cause of freedom. We will never forget for the police, fighting crime and the fire fighters, fighting fires and the rest of the first responders out. There
to you all for keeping us safe. And everyone else out there for you for listening, and thank you for supporting this podcast and thanks for being here with us. You people that we here from all the time from all over the world, in every walk of life. Thank you for joining us as we make our way through the world trade
to extract every drop of blood from this life by pushing forward every day with everything that we ve got all of us and getting after it. So until next time this is ECHO and Jack out.
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