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62: Battle Studies: Applying Ancient Combat Knowledge of Human Nature to Modern Leadership and Life

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This is a job gasped number sixty two who there call Charles and me Jocker willing good evening echo good evening? the smallest detail taken from an actual incident in war is more instructive. For me, a soldier, then all the tears in Germany's in the world they speak. No doubt for the heads of states and armies but they never show me what I wished to know a battalion accompany a squad. In action concerning a regiment a battalion accompany a squad. It is interesting to know that position taken too the enemy or order for march toward them, what becomes of disposition or this Art order under the isolated or combined influences of accidents,
terrain and the approach the danger. Is this order changed or is it contained you didn't force went up. Jimmy Enemy. What becomes of it arriving within the range of the guns within the range of the bullets at what distance? It is a voluntary or an ordered disposition taken before starting operations for commencing fire for charging or for both. How did the fight start, How about the firing? How the man adapt themselves, how the charge made. What did Instead, the enemy flee before it. That's what this Sid the charge fall back before the fire, or the good order and good disobey dispositions of the enemy or before such and such a movement of the enemy, what did cost
what can be said about? all these with reference to the enemy. What about the behavior? I e the order disorder? The shouts, the silence, the confusion, the calmness of the officers and men, whether with us or with the enemy before during and to combat. How has the soldier been controlled and directed during the action at what instead Has he had a tendency to quit the line in order to remain behind or Russia head at what moment if the control were escaping the leaders, hands has? no longer been possible to exercise it at what instant Has this control escaped from the battalion commander when, the captain,
leader or the squad leader. What time ensure if such a thing did take place was there, but a disk ordered impulse? there too the front or to the rear carrying along Pell Mell with it, both leaders and men. Where and when The halt take place where and when were the leaders able to resume control of the men at what more its before, during or after the day Was the battalion roll call? The company roll call made the results of these roll calls. What were they how many dead how many moon wounded on the side. And, on the other side, the kind of wounds of the officers commission, doctors, corporal privates, etc
all these details in a word enlightened, either the material or the moral side of the action. Or enable it to be visualized, possibly closer examination might show that they are matters infinitely more instructive to us as soldiers. Then all the discussions imaginable on the plans and general conduct of campaigns of the greatest captain in the great movements of the battlefield from colonel to private. We are soldiers, not generals, and it is therefore our trade that desire to know, certainly, One cannot obtain all the details of the same incident but from a series of true accounts. There should emanate
an ensemble of characteristic details which in themselves are very apt to show in a striking irrefutable way what was necessarily and for are we taking place at such and such a moment of an action in war? Take the estimate, the soldier obtained in this manner to serve as a base for what might possibly be a rational method of fighting. It will put us on guard against day, priory or pedantic school methods, Whoever has seen turns to a method based stone his knowledge, his personal experience as a soldier, but experience is long and life is short. The experiences of
each cannot therefore be completed, except by those of others. Proofs have weight in that right. There is an excerpt from a letter by a friend. Officer in the french Army named ardent do peak and he was in the french army in the MID eighteen, hundreds which had him, then fighting in the crimean war? Eighteen fifty five, He was in Syria during this. Sectarian violence of eighteen. Sixty in eighteen sixty one, he saw service now jury from eighteen, sixty four to eighteen, sixty, six and finally He was a regimental commander. During the outbreak of the, go prussian war,
where he served as the commander for thirty three days of his regiment from fifteen July, one thousand eight hundred and seventy until eighteen August, one thousand eight hundred and seventy, was severely wounded by shrapnel and eventually died of those words so. There's something that I really like about this guy are due peak. And that is that it he likes what I like. He is interested in what I am interested in and that is primarily human nature. People. And human beings and how they act under stress and under fear and in the face of death and
Then more important how'd, you lead in those situations than he recognised that war. Wow just like today. It certainly involves tactics and strategy and technology in politics, but war at its core is about men, human being And therefore the general aims captain and the sergeant and lieutenant in order for
them to master war. They first have to master their understanding of human nature, and that is what he looked up, and that is what we will look at tonight and obviously, when you look at human nature in the context of war, it does not change when you put it in the context of life, the rest of life. Now as we know, combat is like life, but amplified them Hence, if I'd say, when you see the emotions at a human nature and war, its much clearer but easier to see? Then it is off the battlefield, in regular life in the business world.
But when you know the undercurrents it makes you that much better of a leader and do pig like many other great military leaders especially ones that I seem to like useful but of a rebel spoke is mind. Can like colic hack worth colic path. He called out when he saw things go wrong. He called it out when he saw slack slack that would lead to port we trained and therefore poorly prepared troops, so Firstly, he wrote a lot of his work down. This is,
a work, called battle, studies and unfortunate. He didn't finish it because you ve killed, but he got a lot done and it is a lot of lessons to be learned in here. So with that, let's go ahead and go back to the boy now this is his critique murmurs- that he was a little bit of a rebel. So This is talking about Frederick D on maneuvers and here's what you said great mistake and inspections. That you officers amuse yourself with God knows what buffooneries and never dream. In the least of serious servers, This is a source of stupidity which would come most dangerous in case of serious conflict, shoemakers and tailors and make generals of them, and they will not commit worse follies
he's, blunders are made on a small as well as a large scale. Consequently, in the greatest number of regiments, the private is not well trained. In the rambles regiment. He is the worst in factions, he amounts to nothing and no more in kellers, ear, latch or there's why? Because out of a difficulty by giving themselves the least possible trouble calling out the slack- and that was a bunch of obviously want to read. Slack, and that was a bunch of obviously buncher regimental commanders Eddie, saying these guys are not good at what they're doing and they're not shooting after with their guys and getting them trained up and re rock and roll. So This is where he kind of lays out when I was Talking about and his view of war being primarily about man back to the book,
battle is the objective that was the final objective of armies and man is the fundamental instrument in battle. Nothing can wisely be prescribed in any army. Its personnel organization. Discipline in town fix thing, which are things which are connected. Like Fingers of a hand without exact knowledge of the fundamental instrument. Man, And his state of mind his morale at the instant of combat It often happens that those who discuss war taking the weapon, for the starting point, a suit, unhesitating. We that the man called the servant will always use it as contemplated and ordered by the regulations. But such a ban,
being throwing off his variable nature to become an impassive pawn. An abstract unit in the combinations of battle is a creature born of the musings of the library so legit, so you say, like all you these guys, you gonna go on just do what you don't do that that's a fantasy, but you can you find in the library you won't find it. Back to the book and not a real man. Man is flesh and blood. He is body and soul and strong, as the sole often is it can, dominate the body to the point where there be well that were there will not be a revolt of the flesh and it's all Petra abuse in the face of destruction. The human heart to quote marshal the sacks. Is then the starting point in
all matters pertaining to war bone. Think about that and it's the same thing with leadership over all people, Did you do it? You create cool technology. You make a great product. You want to build a business. You gotta understand people get out of here, Human nature, the book. The best masters are those who know man best the man of today. And the man of history you gotta understand history, This knowledge naturally comes from a study of formations and achievements in ancient war boom. What's Goin on the past, that's one other thing. That's one of the reasons that I read books in the first place. Because I want to understand what happened in the past understand- how those human beings reacted to these situations. I want to know that.
I want to know that back book. We shall learn to do trust, mathematics and material dynamics as applied to battle principles. We shall learn to be where of the Illustrations drawn from range and the maneuver field. So the range where you'd gone- and I want you ocean to oh you're, too, should be gone unnoticed sheet of Bacchus over Haven guy can shoot ten rounds a minute and hid his target on the range. That means I can take account of the battlefield and he'll be other shoe ten rounds minute his target wrong answer. You don't know that that's actually wrong, he's gonna shoot a hundred rounds. Amenities you to MRS Target for all of these can be freak out back to the book. Their o n the maneuver fuels. We got you March around any this training feel too right. You got your march around a training field or you go around
Even when you try you, I see some military means they stimulate combat in it. So cheesy, it's gotta be hard gonna chaos in their back the book there experiences with the calm settled on fatigued, attentive obedience, you're with an intelligent and tractable man instrument, in short, so so that's what that's what you have in the training situation, all those things com settled on fatigue. Ten of all those things is what you really get the book and not with the nervous, easily swayed moved troubled, Distrait excited restless being not even under self control, who is fighting man from general to private Our strong men exe options, but they are rare,
he mentions that throughout her, of course, you're getting a guys that are super com and super courageous. He mentions that throughout this from general to private, get guidance not going to be the same on the battlefield as he is in training. Let us then study man in battle, for it is he who really fights, man does not enter battle to fight, but for victory. He does everything that he can to avoid the first and obtain the second bone. Now we start getting all psychology here. A man surprised deeds and To collect his thoughts and defend himself during the instant he's killed, if he does, not run away fighter flight. The surprised adversary does not defend himself. He tries to flee. So there you go, that's why you're here tenants of
your combat is. Surprise. Sir. Violence of action. We organ Surprise you, because everybody, when you get surprised its You did you now, your dear defending yourself, It is a running away that your best action, back to the book. Man. Taxes is ingenuity to be able. Kill without running the risk of being killed. His is so fundamental thing about man, taxes, ingenuity to be able to kill without running the risk of being killed. That's what all modern weapons are for right can, I this guy from five hundred yards away. That's what I want Make guns now that shoot around corners. We drop bombs from the sky. We, kill without the risk of being killed back to book his bravery. Is born of his strength and is now absolute before a stronger. He fleas without shame so, and he puts out there
What what's cool about depleted He's done this massive amount of historical studies and he sites all these situations and he's a you know when you are in a bad situation and you have confessing a stronger enemy, you can out on Gaza can a runaway guys or not, Presumably, how maternity she street fight bright, assume is who is the best friend step sentences, wait a second you gotta, be fear with. My body are known You got no problem here, echo Charles I'm good at it realise there was a big yoke to why it over here didn't ready, kick my, but so, he said that bravery is born, of strengthening when straw everyone's brave when you got twelve people with you and your good by one guy. If rules brave, reverse. Those roles doesn't always turn out that way back to the book, collective man, a disciplined body
of troops formed and tactical battle order is invincible against undisciplined body of troops Boom but against a similarity. Similarly discipline body, he became he becomes again primitive man. He fleas before a greater force, destruction when he recognizes it or what foresees it nothing is changed in the heart of man. Discipline keeps end meet face to face a little longer, but it cannot supplant the instinct of self preservation and the sense of fear that goes with it. Here there are officers and soldiers who do not know it, but they are people of rare grit. The mass shutters because you can not suppress the flesh Trembling must be taking into taken into account in all organisations. Discipline arrangements more.
Myths maneuvers mode of action. All these are affected by the human weakness of the soldier, which causes him to magnify the strength of the enemy. This faltering is studied in ancient combat. It is seen that of nations act in war. Thus, strongest have been those who not only best have on stood the general conduct of war, but who have taken human weakness into greatest account. And then taking the best guarantees against it, powerful now. What's really interesting is when start. You know when you think about some of these true combat this guy's around in the eighteen, sixty right what some of the stories that we ve talked about on this park. What makes them so phenomenal is that you can see
U S! Army soldiers? U S! Marines just completely defying one! He Seigneur met there, not a bit bigger photographer, go where we're game were surrounded by chinese army at the chosen Reservoir Boca go we're in We'll runaway know where they were to go and work to stand. So it makes these modern warfare situations even more impressive. Because you realize that Jen Rule, as he said, the mass shutters the mass shutter so most people, they shudder with fear and it them down, and Even for me and have talked about this, you know you know. Let people who want to ask about the already. It's ok, called in your wet and you gotta do much pushups can't sleep that not only can sleep about, ok,
but there also feeding you bunch and it's fun right. Sir, but you compare that to you that that's doesn't. Even if it's not it's, nothing and my favorite example to compare that too, is cool guy when we were in Ramadi, you got the guy, that's the lead. Turret Gunnar, one outlet patrol humvee, Sir he's, up above the hungry, exposed the enemy in and that guy on the way out. The gate in Ramada. You drive by this vehicle graveyard where there was a hundred vehicles at were blown up and destroyed by ideas, and I He's gonna hit the first vehicle. I mean most often right. There's a guy he's gonna be up. There were an watch this guy go out on operation after operation Mark Liese, primary turn around many operations as why remember it really clearly but same thing like there's no way that he d
Those guys, and that's one. Of course you get. Every kind of you could get out the army guys that rapid Marines these guys that I've seen all of them to look at this situation, knowing that death is a high possible, William Corner probably do that's a high possibility, but you know what Roger that rock and roll You know when you see how buds training is easy. Do you think I'm gonna see that some effect, but you know you got a bus training and that's kind of a thing like that through puts training that you know I'm tough kind of think in after you got combat. Do you look back on buds training in that's? What's making it seem like it's easy? I just thought it was fine for me I did and the funny thing is it's not like buds. I mean I was not a great athletes, so it was hard for me to pass the time evolutions and I failed some
I'm revolutions and they have a special way of making people fail things a media at the time we do for mountain bronze that were five mile time bronze, but we didn't. That we just had a run. His arms were good, and here we have swims that there's a like ito. Drawn ocean current going in the opposite direction. You know everyone The class would fail by filters from like that. Everyone, a glass, failed except her too to swim, bears swimmers. Yet the two guys that swam in college, those you those four guys pass. Every one else failed. Writes me: I fell back so I'm not saying buds was easy, although there are guys that are great athletes and they have an easy time of the physical part. Two and then there's guys that have an easy time with a mental part. Probably were I fell into cause. I was having a good time, Ed yeah, you know what I mean yes, I think once I think won't you. To combat khazars need others times were guys it,
Obviously our seals are made through buzz. You don't wanna be in combat others that happens yak, as in combat justice, begin with nevermind fight fight, never just just starting off your mind. That is, I could die just starting off, regardless of what the what happens, it doesn't happen. I could die today in in, but you would think even though but skies diet but layer. Very very that's what I mean. So it's like chances arm not gonna die today. You know very slim, very few people, usually, when people dying bugs they have some kind of a pre. Existing condition would have some kind of heart trouble that didn't get picked up. Let's go brain trouble and all of a sudden, the pressure. Water, whatever they Unfortunately, you killed in these horrible situations, but is a very rare re, very refreshing. He compared to combat situation right when you get off the what the plane yeah, ok, that in that's just starting out just that's. That's like a hundred per cent
chance that that's on your mind, the herbal type, the it is different factor, the out. Imagine thinking back up Yeah, I remember thinking about this year. The guys that came in relief doesn't Romani select the next task you came over, who were bought your great guys and, it's been a long time since seals had been, sustained urban combat like that in suffered. Pretty significant casualties, like we did in to your browser in guys I was friends with good friends with number two guys in there and so relief in the other, all the guys, we're friends that we're back. You know back in those in that. Commodore leave us. In its day. What you're, saying and multiplying it times a lot because when we went to remedy we
really sure you know. Oh yeah, there's a lot of bad guys there and we'll get after it, but it's different when you get there, and these are goin on operations in you realize yeah. This is this, is this is gonna, be along deployment and the chances of us making it through this deployment without suffering. Any casualties is actually zero. Zero, like this not gonna happen, and when those guys came over again a bunch of great deeds. You know, I talked to what we got home. And then they got home and one of the guys good friend of mine and he he came in work with me in in the training department and your we would have that camp. We had that conversation a couple times where you know Mikey months all got killed. You know September twenty ninth those guys were now coming on to put up a week, maybe two weeks later to come over and start getting a turnover from us. We went home October, twenty first, so you want talk.
Might to my body that was the senior listed guy. You know he said man. What was that like because we were train- and so are you know, There is not there, they were just a hundred thousand percent training. Because we sent back hey, make sure you're good shape, make sure you can run matrix. Militaries makes very there d run and on the beach could do buddy carers all the time they were training so hard cause there thinking themselves. This is it You know, you're a different kind of deployment. Rush you. She probably have one of those guys from that following deployment on the bar gasters stud. So we'll get him on here in the near future. Going back to the bucket The discipline of the Greeks was secured, by exercises and rewards the discipline of the Romans was secured also by the fear of death they put to death with the
but they decimated their cowardly or traitorous units. They clubbed unto Death Club The death in order to conquer enemies that terrified his men, a roman general, heightened their morale, not by fuzzy asthma, but by anger. He made the life of his soldiers miserable by excessive work and privations. He stretched the force of discipline the point, where Attica, nickel incident instant. It must break expend itself on the enemy. That's that's! that's crazy and its action, the great little clip on Youtube of. A marine, I think is, I think it's a sergeant major than real. Please give him a little talk to his boys before they rolled out his keys awesome anything. Why We don't be too good. We want really pissed off what really pissed off. I got to kick their ass. Its debts
they, the same only you know the marine is being what facetious playful about it, This guy's not made life hard for these guys and again you can see that even that's it there's a line is a dichotomy like you'd go too far, and are you gonna get some kind of rebellion you get it to work either gonna break the guys or, if you do it perfect, they'll, take their rage and, though use it against the enemy me I'd like to do with dogs and here You ve seen fighting dogs for sure they do that back to the book but discipline alone does not constitute superior tactics. Man in battle. I repeat: being in whom the instinct of self preservation dominates even nets, moments. All other sentiments, discipline has for its aim, the domination of that instinct by a greater terror terror Casey, you got you you're, really scared
discipline. The goal of discipline is to shut down and dominate that fear. Instinct that's a book, but it cannot dominated completely. I do deny the glorious examples where discipline and devotion have elevated man above himself. But if these examples are glorious, it is because They are rare they are admired. It is because they are considered exceptions and the exception proves the rule. So Obviously we have euros. I have guys I my task as it were, that level of euros that, oh came every instinct of self discipline or of self preservation to do their job. Back to the book. The determination of that instant, we're man loses his reasoning power and
comes instinctive is the crowning achievement in the science of combat. So what are you saying? There is understanding that war, that, where the line is with people, the crowning achievement? If you know that, if you know where that line is that's the crowning achievement in Japan, such successful determination strength of the roman tactics. In Britain you were cases such successful determination makes him. Animals and Caesar's they understood their men combat took place between masses in more or less formal, deep formation command and supervised by leaders with a definite mission led Understood the mission the com between masses, was a series of individual complex juxtaposed with the front rank me. Fighting alone
if he fell, if he was wounded or worn out, he was replaced by the man in the second rank, who had watched and guarded his flanks. This procedure your continued up to the last rank man. He's always physically and morally fatigue in hand to hand tournament wearing boys, always energy. These cards, asked lasted, but a short time with morale with like morale, the least fatigued, always win so conditioning literally we're talking about combat conditionally. Rather that's what we're talking about. During this engagement with the first two wrecks, the one fighting the other watching close at hand, the men of The near ranks waited inactive at two paces distance for their turning combat. So Maginnis ECHO, and you're behind me two paces and you're. Gonna watch me fight
That's what he's talking about right here. At two paces for their turning combat, which would come only win, their predecessor were killed, wounded or they, impressed by the violent fluctuations of the struggle of the first rank. They heard the clashes in the blows and distinguished, perhaps those that sank into the flesh. They saw the wounded the exam, stayed crawl through the intervals to go to the rear passive. Spectators of danger. They were forced to await its terrible approach. These men were subjected to the poignant, emotions of combat without being supported by the animation of the struggle they were. Thus, east under moral pressure of the greatest. Of anxieties. Often they- did not stand it until there too, came. They gave way
That's just a crazy way to think about combat your stand behind me. I'm fighting. I get than the head. They stab me in the chest. I'm dead and actually know that didn't happen. Fascinates me two minutes right and you stand there watching me. You go. They had an oversight. Guilt met mine in Europe, yet it's places like the most anxiety yeah, the most they imagine year, for guys back will yet you're for guys back, and I can totally can firmness in combat. The time when you, when you're waiting go here is the worsening by media to pre staging points and now you're waiting to go. You ok, you got all this stuff going through your mind. What if this happens? What happened? What this guy moves? What they do is you can all this turmoil go in your mind and you're, not even that we're not talk about this, to which we are watching your guy get stab, didn't, throw right I just standing there watching wait waiting for him to go down, so you can step up and by the way you know like you know me,
and so, if you see me get crushed in, but when we train, I'm crushing you, you know right because you jack, who is good with the sword. Oh, he s got stab neck now. Yet who takes place against Billy bad ass? My enemy and Otto said a chance So that's why I sent a lot of these blot. At times these people turned in and gave way So this is a little bit different Listen to this back to the book. The best tactics were those that made easy A succession of efforts by assuring the relief by ranks of union action, actually engaging only the necessary units and keeping the rest as support or reserve outside. Of the immediate sphere of moral tension, so don't put those guys right there were, they can see all the stuff go on back them up The superiority of the Romans lay in such tactics and terrible discipline which prepared and assured the execution
by their resistance against fatigue, which rude and continually continual task gave them and by the renewal of combatants in combat they secured continuity of effort, great than any one else. So did you know This part, their resistance against fatigue, came from a rude and continual tasks. So these guys we're just get ground all the time to. Basically they lived hard life working basis, Now observers will be what we consider MAC Cod, but they were heart and because they were tough and they were hard, their physically stronger and more we conditioned. They do better you know, Damn gable. I figured I think I forget the I quote, but you know the great American ass, their Dan Gable conditioning is the ultimate equalizer If you get tat, you feel isn't u due to all the time and you someone gets tired or Emma make someone get fired its game over game over. You can can crush anybody when their tired,
You give me you give me any body and you forced to do a hundred Burmese in seventy five kettlebells wings. You know ass if it s vast again and let me in the ring with em, they'll anybody because very worn out so this is, Actually, this is like. I said he does a lot of Anne and go into a lot of these. But this is Caesar's account of a battle against palm pains and battle of forces, So I am going to read. A thing, but it's pretty doesnt, pretty cool points in here against recall that you don't you know. I, like first port person, accounts of things right, let's get a first
account from Caesar here and what what's cool it? Well, it's e rights. He professed himself in the third person, for whatever reason, I'm sure there's some reason for that. But that's really does here. We go Caesar in the meanwhile are soldiers at the given signal advanced with javelins in hand, But having noticed that the part that Pompey soldiers were not running towards them and taught by experts science and trained by previous battles. They say down and stopped in them. The run in order not to arrive out of breath and worn out this privilege it these guys aren't these guys want running towards us. We don't need to run towards them. Save our breath. Some moments after having taken up the run again, they launched their javelins and immediately afterwards, according to Caesar's order, drew their swords. The panes conducted themselves perfectly will complement the enemy they receive the its courageously. They did not stir.
Before the dash of the legions. They preserve their lines and having dispatched their javelins drew their swords. Time. Pompiers entire cavalry dash from the left wing, as had been ordered, and the mass of his archers ran from all parts of allied archives, We did not await the charge but fell back a little on cavalry became more pressing and commenced to reformat squadrons and turn are exposed. Flank soon, as Caesar saw this intention, he gave the signal to the fourth line of six cohorts This line started directly and standards low. They charge the pumping cavalry with such vigour and resolution that not a single man stood his ground all wheeled about this. What happens when you find people all wheeled about and not only withdrew in full flight but game. The highest mountains ass fast ass. They could they left.
Archers and slingers without their defence and protection. These were all killed, At the same time, the cohorts move to the rear of pompiers left wing. Which was still fighting in resisting and attacked it in rear meanwhile Caesar had advanced his third line, which, up to this moment, had been quietly kept. Quiet, We at its post. These fresh troops, relieved those that were fatigued pays men taken in rear. Could no longer hold out and all took to flight. So It was not an era when he put these cohorts and a fourth line particularly charge. With meeting the cavalry and urge them to do well, since their effort would bring victory, they report the cavalry they cut to pieces the slingers in arches, they turned Pompey left wing, and this decided the day. Caesar lost in this battle to her soldiers, but nearly thirty.
Of the bravest centurions were killed, there of palm, he's army of fifteen thousand perished and more than twenty, four thousand took refuge in the mountains as Caesar had invested in the mountains with intrenchment. They serve under the following day, One of the things that do PETE points out Will he doesn't like comparisons and we'll get to some of them in the differences between ancient combat in March? combat and one of the big things that he points out is in ancient combat the winner, Would take very very small amounts of casualties and the loser would be exterminated in many cases and what's differed about modern battle. Your work or to World war, one the victor the loser, they're, both gonna, take really bad characters. In fact, sometimes they take
almost the same amount of casualties, in fact, sometimes the loser of the battle takes less casualties are takes too more casualties. The winner takes, takes. More casualties, but they had more people, they had better maneuverability, they drop bombs whatever. So that's really different thing. And that gets into the mental state, because thinking If you, if you and I were fighting in battle and new that if we lost, we would die during a fight. Ardor, you're gonna be more aggressive and win, and. If the bottle started to turn, you were gonna run to try and save yourself. Whereas new in modern warfare we take prisoners, you know you can survive and you can live the fight another day. So you know what a were started. Limes go surrender to give up a move. You know you're, not gonna, fight with that same kind of vigour,. Now there's a common and here the order to wait
The charge given by Pompey to his infantry was judged to severely by Caesar Caesar, Sir, he was right as a general rule, the end fuzzy ass him of the troops must not be dampened and the initial. Given the attack indeed gives to the assailant a certain moral influence so clear, we use your boys, your team is aggressively getting after it. It's not Good idea to pull the reins on there, they got the momentum they're going there fired up. Let him go, let a rock and roll, obviously don't wanna. Let him run your death, but you want to maintain that momentum to the best of your ability, Now talking a little bit about morale in ancient battle, MRS Sommer, stuff, again that I have been saying back to the book, it was customary among good troops,
a clash, but not the blind and headlong onset of the mass. The preamble patient of the rank was very great. The behaviour of Caesar troops for la Force, Alice shows in their slow march at the moon of getting closely enemy the dash slackened of its own accord, because the matter the first rank of necessity and instinctively ashore, themselves of the position of their supports their name. First in the same line. Their comrades in the second and color did themselves together in order to be more the masters of their movement and strike and to strike and Perry so that that's not an order that was given those guys, instinctively they're getting close the enemy they slow down. They check their flags, they checked at their good to go. They check their bodies are behind em. Now we're gonna go forward because- and I think that's important says in order to be more masters of their movements, their slowing down, ready back the book was a contact of man with man. Each took me
adversary in front of him and attacked him because by penetrating into the ranks before having struck him down here, being wounded in the side. By losing his full support, so these guys try Stay in rags, because, even if I even if I'm going against you and chop you down, if I, Step in your eggs now exposed my flanks exposed. I can't do that gotta stay all night, but this is something we still do in the military. Today we gotta stay online, Each one then hid his man with his shield expecting to make him loses equilibrium and at the end, and at the end, And he tried to recover himself landed the blow The men in the second line by of the intervals necessary for fencing in the first world. Need to protect their sides against anyone that advance between them and were prepared to relieve tired warriors are the same. The third line, and so that we already talked about the amount of waste cover move. This aim cover move five, I need
help. You can be right there to cover for me if I'm fighting guy in front of me, your covered, my flax, that's where it is its ancient covered move back book everyone being supported on the other side, the first encounter was rarely decisive and the fencing the real combat at close quarters began. So after that initial now's, when we get now is work, it's great if the men of the first line were wounded quickly, Other ranks were not in a hurry to relieve or replace them or if there was hesitation, defeat followed happened the Romans in their first encounter with the Gauls. Let's go, With his shield parried, the first thrust brought his bill iron sword, swooping down with fury upon the top of the roman shield, split it, and when after the man, the Gauls had some big swords, big guys.
And they figured out a little packet technique and procedure. Oh you got that little round shield cool I'm going to hack it right now, half and half did the Romans already hesitating before the more impulse of the goals gone their ferocious yells. So there's the goals, a ferocious yells. Their newness in the creation of a contempt four wounds, so you're, the guy that you're fighting is naked or like wearing armor. Says: oh I'm ready to bring it. Do you want to beat me in a street fight, be naked. I'm going to fight you haunting, I'm not not happening fell then in greater numbers than their adversaries and do demoralization followed soon. They accustom themselves to this valorous, but not tenacious spirit of their enemies, and this is pretty cool back the book when they had protected the top Their shields with an iron band
no longer fell in the rules were changed. They made a little adaptation or you going to have to tap reverse shield. Go open iron band in there when he got now gall bring it if the weapons were nearly alike, preserving ranks and thereby breaking down driving back and confusing the ranks. The enemy was to conquer, The man in disordered broken lines no longer felt himself supported, but vote mobile everywhere, and he fled, say about psychology, Since you start seeing the blinds breaking down, you don't feel like it sport anymore boom, I'm out it is true that is hardly possible to break hostile lines without doing the same with one's owns. But the way who breaks through first has been but do so only by making the foe fall back before his blows or by killing or wounded,
is thereby raised his courage and that of his neighbor common sense. Right, you see fight. If I see my buddy take that guy I'll get more fired up. He knows he sees where he was marching. Whilst adversary, overtaken as a consequence of the retreat or the fall of troops that we're flanking him. He surprised has just gives this group download a gang mentality that regroup thought group think I see my guys get crushed army to get scared. He sees himself exposed on the flank. He falls back on a line with their rank in the rear and ordered regained support, but the lines in the rear give way to retreat to cater to them, treat of the first, withdrawal has a certain duration terror as a result of the blows which drive back and mode down the first line, if to make room for those pushed back alive lines turned their backs. There's some
chance that they will face the front again. Space has tempted them. They will not return to fight. And by that natural instinct of the soldier, to worry to assure himself of his supports the contagion flight spreads from the last ranks to the first. The first close We engaged has been held to the fight, in the mean time, under the pain of immediate death,. There is no need to explain what follows it is butchery. You can. You can see how important new Understand those dynamics of what's gonna happen into apply your tactics in a manner that as I said, and as two peaks hasn't been you apply here, at your formulate your tactics with that you're standing of human nature.
Little interesting note here, sort the sword combat was the most deadly. It presented the most sudden changes because it was the one in which the individual, valor and dexterity of the combatants had the greatest and most immediate influence so that sword, fighting is the issue is what takes them: skill rights, arms. I assume that means if I've, gotta, Javelin or Volga Spirit takes less skill. You get man on man with the sword. That's where things count, that's school level counts the most good. You can kind of maneuver more with it at the earth, like a big club just kind of hope by land- and we know from new digital it really good in you go you anybody. Does you guess you rose again, some of that doesn't digital to deny later so demanding the the training that you do with a sword. When you knew that how much was scope right, any healing guys back the book
men always has had the greatest fear of being trampled upon by horses. Good. This is it action, Dynamo Cavalry that fear. Certainly rooted a hundred thousand times more men than the real encounter so The reason I put that in there is cause judges and hey people, are scared of horses, discouraging trapped by horses, and that fear of forces, has done more to win battles than the actual horses in a week. We did some new for us that the Eu S motor we're going against gnarly enemy. We and put the fear and your do. We have close our support. Communists are dropping bombs orally, even flying over and we, we would have we didn't, have a specific target, but we knew bad guys, we're around which she like fields, Sarge being bombs and fields like to fight The torrent fires, but they get these got a person to turn there's a field over your yes, we are no friendly's in that area. Do you see
they know, drop some bombs and their sense of shock Waves on these bad guys same thing: You're scared, the horses, you're scared of a sea, one thirty or ten coming down and get after it or a cobra gunship born Apache yeah. Those things are fit. Some machines of death and when the enemy noses things around they're gonna run hide. Can always run or hide from a were. U S, Gunship Rebecca book. If we have spoken, especially, of the infantry fight, is because it was the most serious on foot on horseback. On the bridge of a vessel. At the moment of danger, the man the same man is always found, so we say, look we're targeted infantry and we just talk a little bit about horses, but doesn't matter what the fighting situation is the same as always found anyone who knows him well deduce.
From his action in the past what his and will be in the future. So understand that human nature- and here we are talking about again- It's the same thing back to the book. Let us repeat now what we have said at the very beginning of this study. Man does not enter battle to fight, but for victory. He does you care to avoid the first and obtain the second the continued improvement of all up applying of war, has no other goals and the annihilation of the enemy salute bravery, which does not a fuse battle, even on unequal terms, trusting only to God or destiny is not natural, in man, It is the result of moral culture. So that's that's pretty. That's pretty poignant,
right, because I've seen some absolute bravery and theirs. Thousands of individual stories of acts bravery in our culture. In our? U S, culture and that's because our moral culture, that's where it comes from back the book. Is infinitely rare because, in the face of danger, the animal case of self preservation always gained the upper hand. Me and has a horror of death. The bravest, a great sense of duty which, they alone are capable of understanding and living up to is paramount, but them ass, always cowards at the sight of the phantom death discipline, is for the purpose of dominating that horror by still by a still greater horror, that of punishment or disgrace. So Talking about you, you know what an Tony said this
and with this is common teen guy thing to say, you know I would rather die than look like a pussy and it's like all ya know. Actually it's true. That's that as an actual feeling the actual fought for sure then that's recent people would rather die than be disgraced in that's powerful, but there always comes an instant when natural hoard gets the upper hand over discipline and the fighter fleas stopped pulled out a few minutes, an instant more and you are the victor. You are not even wounded. If you turn your back, you are dead. He does not, you're. He cannot hear any more. He is full of fear How many armies have sworn to conquer, or perish how many have kept their oaths and of sheep, to stand up against wolves here, three shows now armies.
Firm souls who have fought unto death and the devotion of for monopoly is therefore justly mortal so the Spartans three hundred Spartans There is a reason why that is any immortal story, because it's rare and it's not a whole army, its three hundred Spartans and obviously we ve seen examples of guys doing the same kind of thing. But that's why they're heroes, to ensure success in the rude test of conflict. It is not sufficient to have a mass composed, a valiant men, the mass needs, and we give it leaders who have firmness and decision of command proceeding from habit and an entire faith in their unquestionable right to command, as established by tradition law, and society just like step number.
We need good leadership, step number one. You need good sharp bunch. A valiant men is not going to be enough. He'd good leadership, step number one step number two yeah good arms. We admin that's a fighting suitable to these arms and those of the enemy and which do overtaxed the physical and moral forces of man. So gotta given good weapons and weapons have got to be easy to use and suitable for the enemy that you're going against next week add also a rational, decentralization that permits the direction and employment of the efforts of all even to the last man. So we have decentralized command, believe wave and I wrote That is one of the fundamental principles of combat leadership. Next, we animate with passion. Went desire for independence. A religious fanaticism, RAP Nash
more pride, a love of glory of madness for possession an iron discipline which permits no one to escape action. Six is the greatest unity from top to bottom. We all elements between commanding officers between the commanding officers in the men and between the soldiers. So A series of things that you can have that can fuel this right, passion, Violent desire for independence, religious fanaticism, leisure things that people fight for national pride, a love of glory, a man madness for possession. Think about that. You need one of those elements. Have we then a solid army, not yet unity, The first and supreme force of armies is sought by enacting severe laws of discipline supported by powerful passions, but two discipline, is not enough of Jones from
which no one may escape and combat should assure the maintenance of discipline, disappointed depends on moral pressure which action eight men to advance from sentiments of fear or pride. But it depends also on surveillance, the mutual supervision of groups of now and who know each other. Well, you gotta have relationships you're in every way. And then the relationship has to have inherent in this, If you like echo, if I see you slacking but I call you out on paper: we don't do that here: that's not how we roll you need to get your game on and that you get mutual supervision of each other, based pride. Back to the book. A wise organization ensures that the personnel of combat changes as little as possible, so that common In peace time, maneuvers shall be comrades and war from living together.
And obeying the same chiefs from commanding the same men from sharing fatigue and rest for cooperation among men. Men who quickly understand each other in the execution of warlike movements may be bred brotherhood. Professional knowledge, sentiment and, above all, unity. So what do we do from other your building these strong bond between the people there inside this unit? That's what you want to do and how do you do it you're train of hard they lived together. They were together. They listened the same boss. They command the sea people, that's what you do and that's when you look at you know you look at, military units. That's what makes him good you go through that you go through that hard training, you get to know your people build those relationships.
Duty of obedience, the right of imposing discipline and the impossibility of escaping from it would naturally follow, and now confidence appears- and you know what this sounds like. It sounds like a gang, and I often said about task browser that I was in charge of a gang awesome awesome gang, but did good thing as for the world, but they were gang gang mentality for sure you don't want You wanna you, don't wanna get called out by Gang didn't want that to happen when someone was messing up with some was doing the wrong thing. Some was cutting corners you Bruce, I wasn't gonna, be there, we're gonna be on you really on you. I never had this Anything graduated valued very seat, but I'm here it s got. We tighten about had good to go good to go back to the book Then we have an army.
It is no longer difficult to explain how men carried away by passions, even men, who know how to die without flinching without in pale, really strong in the presence of death but without discipline, without solid organization are vanquished by others. Individually, less valued but firmly jointly and severely combined. We into it, they ve, created something there really into they want to succeed. There Boston there ass he's in the business world. Where were you meet people in this world that are really passionate about what they're doing. There really passionate there really into it. They ve created something there really into they want to succeed there Boston there ass. You're really passion about, but they don't have. The discipline you don't have the discipline. The passion is not enough. You have to have the discipline to
I don't do this within the past. The discipline rather passion is also equally week, maybe not as weak as equally weak clothes with it. Unity and conference cannot be improvised, Valium, Can create mutual? trust that feeling a force which gives courage and daring courage. That is temporary domination of we'll over instinct, brings about victory the alone, then produces fighters. But as in everything there are degree of unity, Let us see whether modern is in this respect, that less exacting then ancient combat this coup. These are very cool. Apples right here and I sometimes which are really read the whole thing, and I think I'm the whole thing so this, but
These are just very cool. You gonna give direct comparison of ancient combat psychologically and modern combat psychologically in two under and one it's good to have a frame of reference of the other to the book in ancient combat, there was danger. Only close quarters. If the troops enough morale to meet the enemy at broad source length, there was an engagement whoever. That close knew, that he would be killed if he turned his back because, as we have seen the victors law, but a few and the vanquished were exterminated. Thus, this simple reasoning held the men and made them fight if it was, but for an instant. So we only talk about you. Think you're gonna die or either gonna fight or died. You gotta fight, unities, give a shot. Neglecting the exceptional and very rare circumstances which brave may bring to force together action
today is brought on and fought out from afar, danger begins at great distances, and it is necessary to advance for a long time under fire at each step with in which each Step becomes heavier the vanquished loses prisoners, but often dead and wounded. He does not lose more than the victor started talked about that Ancient combat was fought. Groups close together with a smile, space in open ground in full view of one another, without the deafening noise of present day arms may information. Martin Action that took place on the spot did not carry them thousands of feet away from the starting point, the surveillance of the leaders was easy. Individual weakness was immediately checked general consternation alone caused flight. Today
Fighting is done over immense spaces along thinly drawn out wines, broken every instant by the accidents in the obstacles of the terrain from time, from the time action begins as soon as they are a rifle shot. The men spread out his skirmishers or lost. The inevitable disordered of the rapid March escaped, provision of their commanding officers. Considerable, a considerable number concealed themselves. They get away from the engagement and diminished by just so much material, morality, effect and confidence of the brave one once who remain this can bring about. Defeat so modern, combat and again we're in eighteen sixties start charging and the lines broken up in the commanding officer. So if you think maybe wanted just live through this one, you might get no more trench. Could double depression, get behind a tree and sit there and wait
but if we're online in ancient combat, there was no where to go the committee. To you and your buddies gets you back the book. But let us look at man himself, an ancient and modern combat in ancient combat this is cool in ancient combat. I am strong apt, vigorous trained, of calmness presence of mind. I have good offensive indifference of weapons and trustworthy. Companions of long standing. They do not lead may be overwhelmed without aiding me. I with them with me. We are invincible, even invulnerable. We have. Twenty battles and not one of us remained on the field. It is necessary to preach to support each other in time cover move. We see it clearly, a quick to replace ourselves to put a fresh combatants in front of a fatigue adversary. We are the legions. Fifty thousand
who have held out against the furious avalanches of their king Bree Killed one hundred and forty thousand take, prisoner, sixty thousand while losing, but two three hundred of our inexperienced soldiers, What sort of a mentality back in the day whereas it back in the day I block in ancient times its way. Back in the day now. Here's the modern soldier, while least eighteen sixty soldier today as strong firm trained and courageous, as I am. I can never so, I shall return. I have no longer to do with men, whom I do not fear. I have to do with fate in the form of iron and lead death is in the air. Invisible blind, whispering whistling as brave good too
worthy and devoted as my companions may be. They do not shield me only, and this is abstract and less immediately intelligible to all than the material support of ancient combat. Only I imagine that the more numerous who we we are who run Dangerous risk, the greater the chance for which, for to escape therefrom. I also know that if we have come which none of us should lack inaction we feel, stronger and we are we begin more resolutely already keep up struggle longer and therefore finish it more quickly, but that is just you know. I've, what about World WAR one? I dont like world where one no one wants to fight word or one, because you'd give good imitation. You are, you does years going to charge and scobie horrible? Well, if you take us a step further, I guess I would love to.
Be in a situation where I'm fighting with a sword against another guy is now I could have train. I could rely on the guy's next. We could you have so much control, because even Or to any any other modern war, like he's just saying: you're, not scared of the enemy, necessarily get a random boat. You scared of a random pieces, shrapnel hitting you and that's had come at any time soon. Psychology is very, very different. Back to the modern soldier. Here we finish it but in order to finish, it is necessary to advance to attack the enemy, and fishery, men or troopers. We are naked against iron naked against lead, which cannot miss at close range so again you against me with a sword. We got a battle right. You against me with a gun. If you get your shot off, I'm dead, Naked against that, doesn't shield gonna stop at me now. Of body armor, but your chances,
hit, the body armor, although it saved many many lies, but it's not a deafening, not a guarantee. Let us advance in any case resolutely adversary will not stand up to the point. Blank range of our rifle for the attack is never mutual. We are sure of that. We have been told so thousand times. We have seen it, but what matter should change now suppose the enemy stands at point. Blank range one of it, then she said Your who's gonna stand up on your point. Blank rage, How far is that from roman confidence in it? other place. We have shown that in ancient times to retire from action was both difficult and perilous matter for the soldier today the temptation is much stronger, Thirdly, greater and the peril less Now, therefore, combat exacts more moral cohesion, greater unity, then previous
So that's exactly restock. Morally, if modern combat find a little, you know little, each to hide in final doorway, you're gonna get into. Especially in this kind of my view. This is a little bit pre world war, one obviously, but there still charging right there. Still. Getting up and charging So because everyone's all decide get it across the battlefield. Here we go back. The book. Supervision becomes more more difficult direction being more distant tends to be tens, more often to escape from the Supreme commanders and the subordinate leaders, the certain an inevitable disorder, which a body of troops always presents an action, is with moral effect modern appliances becoming greater every day, so we are getting more more spread on the battlefield in mid to the confusion in the vacillation of firing ones, men and officers often lose each other.
Now we have some improvements nowadays, you know we ve got radios that are going to travel longer distances. We get devices that allow people know each other are so there's something, is there that we ve closed up a little bit but if you think your radios always gonna work on the battlefield here, So I decentralized commander so important back the book. Troops which do the fighting the men and officers closest to them from corporal to battalion Commander having more and independent action than ever right. We gotta have our troops know what's going. As it is alone, the vigour of that action more independent than ever. The direction of higher commanders which Lee the hands of higher commanders available forces, which can be done did at a decisive moment the action, becomes more preponderate than ever battles, Now, more than ever, our battles of men and cap that so this is pure decentralized command. It's pure
in making sure that everyone knows what the commanders intent is naked, execute out on the battlefield about you haven't. I tell him what to do. They better know what to do on their own. This please, the demonstration of the truth stated before combat requires today in order to give the best results a moral cohesion. A unity more binding than at any other time. It is as true as it is clear that it One does not wish the bonds to break one must make them elastic in order to strengthen them very, very, very. Very poignant. That right has the more we train, control things, the less control we're gonna have in these. Modern, combat and business. And life. The more constructive you are that,
the more rigid you are the less control you gonna have a just knock revealed a flaxen flow with all their craziness. That happens. I'm on the happens on the not going work, decentralize command all day back to book, the art of war, subjected to many modifications by industrial and scientific progress, but one thing does not change the heart of man. Last analysis. Success. Battles a metal a matter of morale in all matters which pertain to an army organization discipline, and tactics. The human heart in the supreme moment of battle is the basic factor. It is rarely taken into account and often strange errors are the result, witness the carbon, Accurate long range weapon which Never given the service expected of it, because was used mechanically without considering the human heart, we must consider it.
With improvement in weapons, the power Destruction increases the moral effect of such weapons. Increases encouraged to face them becomes rarer. Man does not cannot change What should increase the power of material? Is the strength of organization the unity of the fight machine, yet these are the most neglected, so we run it this all time with with national front right, weak We are leadership When we talk about this, we talk about leadership and oftentimes. We work with a company what therefore Don't try to fix the problem. They have. They focus on the symptom right Focus on the process that this must be messed up or we ve got people following our instructions or we ve got what we ve got growth that we're trying to maintain- and it's not cut out the way we monitor but they're, looking at their not looking at the human heart right, and that's the first thing we look at the summit,
thing. We look at and I'll tell you this. Hundred percent of the time when we Ro Company and no matter what the problem is, no matter what the problem is, I will tell you the solution. The problem is with leadership period and a story period and start Oh, we ve got a process that must happen here, who's in charge. The process gimme that person's name, although talking, let's get a leadership with working, we ve got decisions that are being made, but that's a leadership from we ve got manufacturing. That's that's not up to speed. It is not good quality- is at the meeting I come is at on what the machines note there's a leader. That's it charge you that that is allowing the slack to happen it is about leadership, is about human org is what is it about? What did it is about ISA, for about morale top up Moroccan. Even one of the book said they do something too.
To lower their morale like their attacking their morale. I think every thing might have been the Chechens of Africa yeah, but Every army does that when they try to here, the morale of the enemy, if you can the morale you gonna be the army in many cases, yak thoughts, kind alike like You make em not want to fight they're, not gonna, really want to fight, or are they not? And if you know that's, what made you know in the Vietnam WAR the what hurrah her morale, so bad booby traps, what her ramrod so bad mortar fire, snipers our and you're losing guys but you're not having any one to engage against here and you're not taken new ground holding that's one thing that nicely in Iraq. We could that we are making progress, and so there Although we take your brain stand, talk about, it the area where he was there is progress was made can look at it, see it, and so therefore you're making me sacrifices, but you know that there's progress is currently at that you're you're taking
It's too morale, but your Morales also building backup, because you know you're making progress here. This is an interesting comment. Four brave men who do not know each other will not dare attack a lion. For less brave but knowing each other well sure of their reliability and consequently, of mute aid will attack resolutely air. Is the science. Of organization of armies. In a nutshell, now This kind of a strange thing to me, because I understand what he said. I have. No, I don't know what they mean by attack alive. We got guns. Do we have swords with? seems like a lion before guys unbundled like theirs to anticipate. What do you? Do you kid? down on alive. You do the matter. The other you get about Amelia. I understand that by figures, a metaphor, yeah now
No, it's a good metaphor pride. I tried to get things you know, or sometimes I think of things that realistically you ve seen the clause on the line for geysers align old things and work out good. If you have no weapons, if you have some weapons, but you know want to be One guy, like you, know the sacrificial guy that does the first attack, so I can get to the back of the echo that you lot Attenborough, be that I answer back ironic stabbed in their head, but as ever you got up juggler removed by us claw, but see what he said is if you can rely on their first yogurt resolutely. I don't know if I can really relate myself being a big black jack. Back to book any time a new invention may assure victory at any time a new invention, if you're sure victory granted protracted weapons are not invented every day and nations quickly put themselves on the same footing as regards two armament. The determining factor, leaving aside Jenny, of genius and luck is the quality. The troops
The organization that best assures the esprit rely. Ability, the conflict in Europe again we're just talk about the technology comes out. That's great there's something more important than that and that the relationships the relationships, that's what Most important back the book The purpose of discipline is to make men fight in spite of themselves, no army is worth Army is worthy of the name without discipline. There is no army at all without organization and organization is defective, which neglects neglects any means to strengthen the unity of combatants methods, cannot be identical. This is so so important Methods cannot be identical, so you can just throw this discipline, but all the same to everyone. Listen to this racooning disappoint does not fit our customs discipline was
the state of mind, a social institution based on salient virtues and defects of the nation's discipline can not be secured or created in a day. It is an institution, a tradition, The commander must have confidence in his right to command. He must be accustomed cook manned and proud to command. This is what strengthens discipline. In armies, commanded by an aristocracy in certain countries, so I just think it's very important because again I don't. I don't want people to listen to podcast bill. That's right! We're going to lay down the discipline now at the company Everyone's gonna fall the rules. No, it can't be draconian, it's gonna be a part of culture. People gonna want there to be disciplined very important. I could look. Ancient battle resemble drill and when they draw you ever seen, people marching like on a parade ground. That's drill, ok
Ancient battle resemble drill, there's. No. Resemblance in modern battle. This greatly disconcert both source and soldiers, Battles were picnics for the victors, who lost nobody not so today, artillery played no part mentioned battle, the invention of firearms has diminished. Law has diminished losses in battle again. This is you can see was not out of the correct, because he to consider the future, but he say not the time there was less lost. In battle, because the firearms and obviously that turned out to be true. Just what fifty years later in World war, one we get to abstain and horrible levels of casualties when the firearms why's that, because they can or as far as what he said, because they could fire from Us They are because they could far from a safe spot and v.
Momentum of the battle and therefore victory defeat could occur, at a greater distance, and it meant that once that that occurred, people could run away. That's all we were losing ridden runaway, whereas no days in the year and again we start to beat you, I'm hacking, your head off the people with you. You want to run away, we got archers lined up and we're all rollin a football. You know, maybe maybe five or six football fields, no thousand yards. Maybe ten football fields were all there and when we start getting the upper hand, you're you're not gonna, get away boy. In fact, Europe According you turn your back, the runaway you'd, that's Gary idea, whereas pay we can retreat. We can surrender and then I guess what I'm in modern, modern surrenders. You know they take place almost like a formal you know come and your general comes in sir, assigns the paper. Then we take over your country whatever.
Yeah? No, this countryside surrender their eyes over Germany and Japan both signed. You know unconditional surrenders. The conflict, which is how you're supposed to win worse yet nationals are under The eleventh benevolence of art, tree says: ok now, will you help me rebuilding you know the you can be squared away democracy, a member. This is a question. So in warlike year for like unsafe of ivory and there's a small little clip where they die, surrendering and they still shoot em that, like illegally, I do not want to do that. Goes against the law on combat work. Member, the first Iraq war, when the guys we're like Sir finding leaving they could. That was here. I ask around on social media guys like well. What determines I said
You know where you you have to do the right thing by saw sir, who determines writing Isaac while the Geneva Convention Lava combat. Next question therefore needs to follow. You were born out of thin air it it's not make. As we go here, make it back to the book the greater perfection of weapons, the more dreadful becomes modern battle and discipline becomes more difficult to maintain that can that's a white silk awesome when you see W S marine corps. Doing the I wouldn't hopping campaign and the amount of discipline that it takes to go when your dog in and you're, in a book God, you're japanese imperial sojourn, a bunker, and you have a machine gun in your lawyer. Sites are set on the beach. There now the discipline and it takes to go on that beaches in american, marine or or sailor
Corpsman or army soldier. That's coming on just incredible its it absolutely grumbled defies what people say some of this stuff Peak says about fear and all this and guys gonna turn. Apparently you never work for you. U S. Marine corps barely never worked with the hundred first airborne. Those guys know I mean I'm calling on a couple units but come on these Keyser. It's it's amazing. It's amazing the amount- of heroism and discipline. To overcome that that spirit of self presented, men are obviously, but you don't turn special operations, guys and just its impressive? It really is, is variable. I was able to see that stuff with my own two eyes, backed the book than Trevor ancient arms requires close order, modern arm require open order and
at the same time, of such terrible power that against them to all discipline is broken. So, madam, Is this a tough because agent war, where our close together. No, it's easier to maintain discipline, but when we all spread out, modern warfare tottered maintain the discipline plus nobody's looking into. Discipline in battle becomes more necessary as ranks become more open and the material cohesion of the ranks not giving confidence. It must spur from a knowledge of comrades and a trust in officers who must always be present, and seen so leaders gotta. What man today advances with the conference that rigid discipline and pride of an in himself gave the writ soldier. Even though the contest is no longer with man, but with fate think about that the com Thus, in modern warfare off times not all the time his fate,
going to step on an id. Am I going hit by ran a bullet? Am I gonna theirs? War now is much more random much more random bad luck, game cost you your life. Good luck can save your life good tat it will put more lock on your side, bad tactics, Turn lock against you, but there's always luck involved in modern warfare, so Zyobor. Gets Europe against fate so You know I'll tell you like He talks about this modern warfare of any When I talk about like Hague, go out. The turret dropped, the ghetto guys go alone, region after operation remedy. Sometimes you know guys would think of it, but a lot of times ignore marketing of guilt desire to happen. Is that you have the sort of hey it's nothin But if it does, I won't know it check list Well, you don't have its different. So
I want to make sure that are not making it sound like deadly dirt, Gunnar sitting up there going out tonight's, the night. The overcomes that, in one of the ways you overcome this, it's not gonna happen to me. It's not gonna happen to me. We heard that from some other books, you know they don't think it's going to happen. You never think is going to happen to yourself going to happen to that. Guy might happen. The guy next me Imma be good to go. It's like when you're on a plane and you think this plain enough- this plane crash our big commercial plain jet lag or whatever I think I'm gonna live, they got. My attitude is listening crashes. I will live in army. I will live and somewhere and to try when using my using my freefall capabilities and I'll find a pool and I'll track to the pool and then I'll get all spread out last November, you know I think I live like if you follow
the plane ordinary it explodes in mid air, wherein you fly like what you know, those crashes where everyone eyes on the planet, if I'm on the planet or to make it re the only one that is, as it were attitude so you can, you can have if I can have that do Bobby monoplane, I can have attitude and bought you guys can have that adjured gonna combat like a marketing killed, bring it what he guy yeah they can go that is called availability bias at, but I think that goes both ways like what nobody, it. Availability means it's the whip, it three Nicolet avail Billy it's available in your mind, just that thought so basic is that one girl? The little lived through. One of those crash is back in eighteen. Seventy, while I'm ok, as you could do that good ray. I remember I always hear about that here story, even though all the other millions story there buddy that, like winning the lottery is why people by lottery tickets, even though you'd like
of your dying on the way to buy the lottery ticket is higher than you winning at all about my move is gonna gonna, be someone might well be me. Can't wait play so I think I think a lot of guys have same attitudes on talk about, and I know they dukes- I talked about it- you're, not maybe that's busy, but no one's going out We now believe me. We, you guys, think they're gonna die every time I go out new Gus paranoid brothers. I believe do you feel good about this one of your job, you'll be ok body, no man, I don't know which we whoop. What's up broke up even even then they some pretty hard core the yeah yeah. While the funny thing is like one of them, Paranoid brows that was always paranoid, he's gonna die. He always effect, I was gonna- send him home not may use the ended deployment in we had planes and we have felt the plains of guys to go home. And when the other guys the senior guy said to me, like they hate when you do, when you send that guy home,
he's really stressed out it S. Brow he's not gonna go home because I know. Like you, we say go home. He won't want to go home here, he's doing all this together with the support we should be doing. This are bad. I got a bad feeling about tonight. Man, a man at school. You know you'll, be all right. I think you'd be eyebrow and then so this other senior guy two means hey. You know you gotta get this gonna play I got bro he's not gonna go home. I know he's not going home he's not going to go home to his freaking out. I could get this the way he is just his way of dealing with it. Your guy said a moment ago, innocuous anymore, because we'll go ask him. If he wants to go home and I go ok, would you know we're gonna want or some the normal part- and I am, I want to get you on. You, don't want these early plants gone home to fuck you anywhere. As former walking Can I go what he is equity say story to fuck em
because we can stay there and you know what he did ten more deployments after you don't owe me. So he's a guy that would like I don't know this is the way he dealt with it. He added through. Its voicing invoicing is nervousness, but he just didn't louts chain smoking cigarettes after and would never ever want to stay back off an operational matter. What it was he tat, the of didn't put him on the force list of the guy's going out. He come to me. What would your problem beyond their or Yarborough d, never came back here. So it was really wasn't the kind where he was did want to go home. But, like oh, are you saying earlier the culture, I don't know what's inside of his head, but but definitely part of it Ok, I'm not gonna be a pussy. I got, I might be talkin like I'm scared. I don't want to do this and don't you dare try to send me home? Bro, don't do it, now we have another cigarette get after it. Open and yeah
actually I got disregard. What am I want? My awesome brothers, when they say when the guys I go? It's not gonna happen to me right. What do you know about dying and stuff? Is that think that they really feel that is that could happen to me or is that a thing that they sort of tell themselves? Well, I can tell you that oftentimes I did not think I could be killed. Railways has not yet happened right, bring it go ahead, bring it and and I guess part of that a little ten percent of that was like hey. If I do get killed whatever red haired girl. You know this is it's kind of a good way to die. Right. I don't mind that way of dying and killed in combat right, I'm a viking with a sword, and I want to die with my hands and Rwanda. By the way I'm gonna die now you know now may have and do all this stuff, it's pretty cool egg cell, but technically the air,
so there's a little bit of that, but I think guys probably fall for the whole spectrum of guy. I didn't think they would get killed and is, it just said they didn't think bigger, killed and guys that thought there, when you kill but really didn't, think they wouldn't. You killed the just man? You don't know what's going on with other people inside people had, but what you got to do is pay as much attention to it as you can and always Looking at people in China, gauge where the rat mentally cause yeah, it's it does. It does free people out the continual spectre of death, in hang heavy they had any no. I was never acts, owing to the kind of things that these people were going through in world war, you gonna, go onto a beach gonna work. Right, you know we're gonna, take you know forty. Percent casualties. First to waves, Europe means year. Look at your body like ok want, I wasn't gonna make it. One of us is least can get wounded bad. I was doing
more students in reading? You know just some one or two readings easy, how those as we're gonna, be indeed is the same thing. Do you where they found you gonna to take even worse casualties. They did the first goal, for I remember hearing the port on all the news. I think it was CNN cuz, you haven't said it was he and I could. I was the only cable news I think at the time they were intended to be forty thousand. It is the first forty eight hours, so oh it's I get some That was literally my attitude. You know, and Of course it was over seventy two hours and often happen. That's why I think that lured us into a self false sense of security and arrogance. The second goal for missing out we're gonna go to Iraq. Ok, I won't you will probably done in two or three months or maybe a month. You know maybe a month and guess what we to Baghdad in want of coupled to couple weeks a week or two, everywhere there, okay, this is gonna, be has this year guess what we look. We didn't we weren't, expecting that insurgency to form, and we didn't do good,
job of transitioning the government promptly, so we made some I can't see we made some mistakes, ok wagons, it as we made mistakes, but we you don't know. What's gonna happen in war right, we don't know the answers. If we knew what the answers were we would do everything perfectly. You just know. No, its wits, I played a football game right, don't know. What's gonna happen now. I do not know what the opponents gonna. Do you don't know what passes can be caught dropped in what the rest, Nicole, there's all these variables that you just cannot know the only way you can know the outcome of a football game is applied. About every right. The only way you can know what's gonna happen or war is the war happens, and things happened that you will not expect ever and you got to deal with and we were a little slow to recognise. But again we had false and security. Hey. We beat these guys last time in seventy two hours. Ok, Laker Country Store, was I going to be in two weeks. We should be good to go. Should never do that
you gotta be ready for the long haul the book in ancient battle, unity existed at least with the Greeks and Romans. The soldier was known to his officer in comrades. They saw that he fought. In modern armies, where losses are, is great for the victor as the vanquished the soldier must more often be replaced in battle the victor, had no losses, or very limited losses today, soldier is often unknown to his comrades. He is lost in the smoke, the dispersion, the confusion of battle. He seemed fight alone, unity is no longer insured by mutual surveillance a man falls and disappears. Who knows whether was a bullet or the fear of advancing further that struck him and again what in these guys are doing sort of world war. One style advances, charges on positions
Ancient combat was never struck by an invisible weapon. It could not all this way, the more of surveillance, the more necessary becomes the individuality of companies, sections and squads. Aspersion brings us back to the necessity for the unity, which was the absolute necessity in ancient battle, so. Another. Another point here: the size of the battlefield permits less than ever holding units together the wall, the general is much more difficult. Many more chances are left to fate. Thus, The greater necessity for the troops who know best their trade, who most dependable and the greatest of fortitude So you have even better soldiers now cause you got You got a train and better because they might. Out there alone, or you know, to a three guys. There is a strange similarity in battle at one leg to battle
two paces, so one led, meaning separated by two thousand metres to basis is obviously too basis. The value of the soldier is the essential element of success. Let us Strengthen the soldier by Unity- and this is obvious This is businesses. This is teams, tighter you or as a group, the better you're going to perform that unity quality of troops, were more than ever, secure victory. Nothing should be neglected to make the battle order stronger and the man stronger. This is this- is good, win, incomplete security after dinner, in full physical and moral contentment may Consider war in battle: they are animated in by a no, who argue
has nothing in common with reality. How much so everyone's all brave when there at the dinner table four bellies. How many of them, however, even at that moment, would be ready to risk their lives, so even whether their dinner table talking we had a moment how many people rigorously wives, but a blind them to March, for days and weeks to arrive at the battleground and on the day of battle, applied them to wait minutes hours to deliver it. If they were on would testify how much the physical fatigue in the mental anguish that precede action have lowered their morale, how much less eager to fight, they are then, a month before, when they rose from the table and a generous mood, and heart is changing? was fortune man shrinks back and apprehend. The danger in any effort in She does not foresee success. So when we, when we don't, they were to be successful, we shrink back
we are worried about it. There are some isolated characters of iron temper who resists the tenant but they are carried away by the great minority. Ample show that, if withdraws forced the army, is discouraged and takes flight the brave, it does not change real bravery in Spain, by devotion to duty does not. Panic and is always the same Bravery sprung from hot blood, please is the Frenchman more here Her stands at. It appeals to his vanity. It is a character: stick of his nature, but it is passing it fails him at times, especially when there is nothing him to gain by doing its duty. So this is like. Innovation. Being fickle, review if you're one of us, but I you're, fired up and are you gonna go? That's gonna fade away Propaganda bravely we're looking for, the constant, steady bravery.
The instinct of self preservation can make and make the strongest tremble. But they are strong. To overcome their emotion, the fear of advancing even losing their heads or their coolness fear. Them never come becomes terror. It is for in the activities of command. He who does not He'll strong enough to keep his heart from ever being gripped by terror. Should never think of becoming an officer. Don't become an offshore if you gonna, get really scared The soldiers themselves have emotions have emotion, the sense of duty discipline pride in the example of their officers and, above all, their coolness, sustain them and prevent their fear from becoming terror their motion never allows them to site or. Two more than approximately adjust their fire? Often they fight into the air Cromwell knew this well dependable depend. Was his troops were when he said. Put your.
Austin, God and aim at their shoelaces. That's something that we still teach no you're too Firefly issue low shoot the ground from the bad guys were because you It ricochet ass, though the bullets will walk up into the bad guys already ricochet will put stuff in their face and you at least hit something If you aim high going to shoot overheads, nothing wasn't rightly Roger. I really knew he was Saint music. They merit like. The new gas should attend tissue- oh yeah for sure who definitely said no, they break Doesn't that digital, not big, done? Why get in yet another sugar. She didn't laces and that's it. When you're shooting high, you don't know where it went. When you shoot on the ground, you can see where it's hitting your leg. Okay, boo, my walking in walking on in What makes the soldier capable of obedience in direction. Inaction is the sense of discipline. This increase respect for and call
but it's in his chiefs, confidence in his comrades in fear of their reproaches in retaliation if he abandoned them, endanger superpower your basically, what we're talking about desire to go where others do, go without trembling more than day. In a word, the whole of the spread of core. Organization only can produce. These characterised x for men, equal a lion esprit de Corps is secured in war, but war become shorter and shorter, and more and more violent, consequently secure esprit de corps in advance. This is about training That's what we're gonna do sound was esprit de corps two acquaintanceship weird word for, like friendship or brotherhood, mental acquaintanceship It is not enough to make a good organisation a good job a spree is needed. All were all must work for battle and not merely live quietly going
the jewels without understanding your application, so you got everyone understand what's going on, they understand whether doing what they're doing once a man knows how to use weapon and obey all commands there is need. Needed. Only occasional drilled, a brush up. Those who have forgotten March and battle maneuvers our what's needed. So do just run the simple drills that people know this. The training that I used to run was battle maneuvers. That's it we're doing and march Yes, you were going to get your long, walk. Ons! You can get conditioned you when you get tired, you're going to get the key to get after it and you're going to get tested, and then some crazy stuff. What's gonna happen, we may have you guys ready for combat the. Medical training of the soldiers not the most difficult. It is necessary for him to know how to use and take care of as a weapon to know who to right and left for back, but this I will make a soldier is absolutely necessary to change the instruction he's talking about how the since being run, he's talking should be run
it will be necessary to change the instruction to reduce it, to the necessary minimum and caught out allsorts, superb superfluous information with which this time, laborers overloaded each year to know the essential well is better than having some knowledge of a lot of things. Many of them useless teach this first year, then in the second, the essential Also, instruction should be simple. To avoid mental fatigue of long jewels cost everybody, so keep it simple, so that is, Although the viewpoint on training, that is what you have to do. Back the book when confidence is placed in superiority of material means valuable as they are against the enemy at a distance it made betrayed by the actions of the enemy.
He closes with you in spite of your superiority in means of destruction, the morale of the enemy mounts with the law. Of your confidence, his more dominates yours, you flee entrenched troops. Give way this matter so did you? Did you understand it? So the if you're stronger than me by attack you, you might just get on your heels and loose, and if you think about I mean you see, you see this film for digital world, where one people would take, they would take the trenches. So you're no detracts position. You ve got cover, you ve got concealment, you got barbed wire, but someone still gotta come in there. I, when they do, you run a scan like feels videos on Youtube with a squirrel attacks the dog, but it's like is, but a squirrel gets nuts. You know, the dogs Zadig ratify or through, like a squirrel, getting you're getting a girl that won't that one in its work in a way when Europe, when you amp out when you need to get not there,
days giving not not yet so so it's weird you, those weird that we talk about that, because I was sorry about that. I've thought about how When you were a kid, you see someone losing your temper, you see I'm getting nothing! That's oppressive uneasiness! Actually, troop somebody gets not. Somebody is now with your experience fighter, see someone get not to go the other guys winded in about thirty five more seconds. That crazy, like that's, essentially like a fight he's train. That's why you industries, so these essentially trained out of the human element that he's talking about that instinct. Our good find real Yassir resides trays, yes, that's exactly what happened and which are invited, but this is. That shows you how that momentum in battle and business in anything you you know you're not coming I'm an attack, you you're strong women, attacking this Warez BB aggressive right. Fall modes gotta be aggressive. That's why
even advancing even by advancing. You affect the morale of the enemy, but you're object, the dominate him and make him retreat before your ascendancy, and it is certain that Everything that diminishes the enemies, morale to your resolution in advancing school on the attack be offensive, be aggressive. The mere attack does completely succeed against such troop troops. It is necessary to destroy them. Again, I always like to point that out because as we're sitting here. Talking with its is worthy. Even me, we're starting No, I just came in a video game, all the stuff, but were actually talk about killing everyone as we're talking about. We cannot forget that. In modern battle which is delivered with bad and so far Pork man has come to have a horror of man. I thought that was interesting wheel.
This hand to hand combat very much anymore. These are good Who com and strong of heart awaits his enemy has all the advantage of fire, but the moral impulse of the assailant demoralize the assailed. He is frightened he it's a site, no longer his sites. No longer he does not even aim is peace. His life broken. So forget your boy, you're comfortable, Bob what happened the japanese city? They did the island advancing campaigns there, go down in a bunker. Thousands of rounds of ammunition and what are they see? They see United States Marine Course coming across. The beach and they go. Oh, my god Why are these guys and why are they not backing down and they got frazzled got overrun with
troops on both sides. If an attack is not prepared, there is every reason to believe that it will fail. So this is so is this we wish you were gone back and forth its at each one is contrary to the other ones. So he said hey if you're talking and win, but now we say and with with good troops. Both sides have an attack is not prepared. There is every reason to believe it will fail. That's because the guys waiting the attack have such an advantage. There dug in their covered there. You know, but did look the Japanese there there in a bunker the marine is on a beach bro, you take it anymore, exposed your weapon is wet falling in the water. It's horrible situation We want every single time That's amazing kind of talking about or other things being equal. Rarely seen other things being equal. If the attack is not prepared, there is every reason to believe that it will fail. The attacking troops suffer more materially, materially than the defenders. The latter are in better order, fresh. While these elements are disorder, having suffered a bunch of losses in
a certain amount of punishment and clearly you again we're going across the beach anybody in previous invasion. Here taking losses, your disordered boats are crashing you're coming through the water. People are drowning. All that stuff is really happening. The slightest. This is important. The slightest reaction by the defence made demoralize the attack, so you see that again she someone in a street fight gobbled up, get in your face a use oh really want some. It immediately will demoralising attack, never mind. You know you, you you hit em or you Joe COM, because they now you're in a fight. But if you just that little thing may demoralize the attack- that's why you know that we train when we get its act, we attack reviewed. Shooters you're gonna feel the heat, the more confidence one has in his method of attack or defence, the more disconcerting to use to see them
at some time incapable of stopping the enemy, so that's another than you think, there are strong, but then we start getting beat you just pulled. Interesting just a quick comment there is- is back the book. There is always mad impatience for results without considering the means so You see this a lot in businesses in the military, where The senior leadership We want to see the results. We want results on this thing. The patient. The whole time you're asking that big. If I start asking echo, what have we do this? I would do this. Have we do this? Are we doing right now? You circle maybe I'm failings of market any results. You're right, you know I'd want me to give you some space and give you some time to let things develop and let you succeed. We thus very few reason or
understand reason very few are cool so again human nature if you only? This is important. This is very important. You only use combat methods that require leaders without fear of high intelligence, full of good sense and others. Spree, you always make mistakes so got a plan, your plan that it suits the less superior leader that you might have man is always man, it is not. Possess ability and resolution. The commander must make his choice of methods depending on the troops and on himself, ok Pride generally causes refusal to acknowledge the truth that fear of being vanquished is sick in war in the mass pride vanity in the mass pride vanity is responsible for this dissimulation
The tiny number of absolutely fearless men. What is wrong article is their ignorance of a thing they do not field feel there However, no real basis for this and all no are based upon it disappointed, or of taxes, tactics. Is absolutely at the base of tactics. Has a Roman showed, so discipline is more important than Heyward is gonna, be brave assistance, not gonna work out for you work out for you very well. I had up. We were just got her body and uphold the officers in two was actually the radio rumour had rate at want to talk about the procedures, and I said, hey guys. Look you report. It can be rough and we pay attention to guys that get your combat fatigue and
Can I get you know guys, get scared and get a break down, and all that and one that you, your officers was, he said He'd literally, do not believe me. He was. I. That's easy! That's not gonna happen to our guys, because we had a bunch of you. Banner starts express, not rapid workers. Are we don't need? We do. We Don't you worry about that as it? Ok, copyright and then about two months. Areas you right about that and I said yeah I know, then you know so, let's find out who got to take care of get him some rest or whatever. We do. Our best book or infantry. No longer has any battle tactics. The initiative of the soldier rules. The soldiers of the first empire trusted to the moral impassive action, of masses today, the soul There's object to the passive action of masses. They fight it.
Skirmishes or they marched back to the front as a flock of sheep, of which three fourths seek cover and rule. If the first, heavy see that you're downwards March, the font, no freak where's your gathered in that aid is not gonna, make it to the front money. Ever is possible only with good organisation, otherwise is no more effective than the passive mass of Rat of rabble in an attack can combat. The soldier was controlled by the leader in engagements. Now that fighting is open, the soldier cannot be controlled once often cannot even be directed consequence It is necessary to begin action at the least possible moment. And to have immediate commanders, understand what is wanted and what their objectives are decentralized command. Obviously, self esteem is quite unquestionably one of the most powerful motives which moves are men. They
Not wished to pass for cowards in the eyes of our comrades if they more Ford. They wandered distinguish themselves after Every attack formation no longer exists, because of the inherent disorder of every forward March under fire, the bewildered men, even the officers have no longer the eyes of their comrades or of their commander upon them. Sustaining them self esteem no longer impels them. They do not hold out the least counter offensive puts them to rout. So Just talking about being separated and how before we had it been watching us now- and I was watching me to guess what I'm going to take a little copper over here in this trench. Object that no one ever gets within two hundred metres of the enemy that it a unit
Hacking from the front never succeeds so be it Let us attack from the flank. No precise is important. Is important, no prescribed interval will be kept exactly, it will open, it will close falling actual of combat, and this is true with any plan business plan. Not going to be what you thought, it was going to be not going to go as planned there going to be fluctuations in what you told people to do. They got to be ready for that. You got to be ready for that. I love this one. Absolute rules are foolish Absolute rules are foolish bout. It if you find yourself
say never or saying always you better put a caviar man, those are stir. There's. No such thing with his very rare, actually I'd, say, there's no such thing, maybe I could think of an example, but I'm sure there's an exception there too, that yet even to the one that I can think of those who would be an exception. This is, The infant you square is not a thing of mechanics of mathematical reading. So what, whereas at that very using an here, they'll tell that they formed up Appleton four ranks to facing the front, to the rear, its flanks guarded by the extreme files that faced faces to the flank and conducted ordered by noncommissioned officers placed in a fifth rank in the interior of the rectangle powerful in its company and fire cannot be dislodged by cavalry so he's talking about this in produce wearing white. Such a good tactic,
Why moral reasons and no others make the soldier in a square feel himself stronger than when in the wine he feel Himself watched for behind and has no one wherefore, so you might think like all the goods through sixty security? That's why it's good, or without there, in a year That's easy to control what it is eight when I'm in the square, I know someone's got my back. I know someone's got my friend, and I know that the people are watching me and counting on me, so we and a fight hard, that's where they are produced. Good work really well Fire by command presupposes an impossible coolness heritage oops ever possessed it. They would have down battalions as one most down coursed courts talk so pleasing look this idea that using the time we get online on my coming and shoot no, they need to have free. And the only thing that creates calmness under fire is security security. Just of quarterback. What's good at me,
Him com under fires, when he has good defensive people, keep them alive, the old iron king, the. The defence of life at Bay, keep courted army. Obviously some guys get pretty cool order. Some pressure modest They are when they got a good it lying just open the line. As always sorry always always take draconian measures to prevent pillage from commencing. If it begins, it is difficult ever to stop it. So you keep get a hold. The line, keeping group disappoint. He's all dichotomy, leadership common at you, a leader, must combine resolute bravery, And impetuosity with prudence and calmness, a difficult matter,
the community should be calm, but you gotta, be brave, you'll, be prudent with watching. One, but at get the same time you gotta be a little bit rash and be aggressive good times. Ok, he lays out a little information here about. Generals being it I command so when his words we're talkin about seals. We're talking about. Senior leadership when one you pies a high command. There are many things which he does not see: genuine chief. Even division commander can only escape this failing by great activity, moved by sea two conscientiousness and aided by clairvoyance definition of legacy clear clairvoyant skills This feeling extends to those about him to his heads of services. So you're the ceo you're talking going to know everything that's going on.
The only way you do do North Korea's by been really proactive in finding out what's going on and by the way is not way it's. That is not all your little. Are you people in the sea weed- I don't know, what's going on either you lose a lot of stuff unless you're super proactive, now here's some examples. These men live well sleep. Well, the same must be true of all. They have picked well condition horses, the roads. Excellent they are never sick. The doctors be exaggerating, sickness they attendance and doctors. Everybody must be well looked after something bends, which shows abominable negligence common enough in war with a good heart a full belly, they say, but this is it for this on heard. If it could not have happened, is impossible, so you gotta be careful. A detachment when you get to the senior leadership positions. When you start out, all those guys are ones that what's wrong.
We cannot possibly grew complaining about. It can't be that bad out there actually can now talk about little micromanagement back the book today There is a tendency whose called should be sought on the part of superiors to infringe on the authority of the inferiors? This is general it Those very high and is further by the mania for command right, I want to be controlling everything. Results in the lessening of the authority of supporting officers in the minds of their soldiers. So when you're micromanaging you're hurting the authority of your support and leadership, the grave matter? as only the farm authority and prestige of support and officers, can maintain discipline the tendency to oppressed subordinate to want to impose upon them in all things the views of the superior, not to admit of honour. Mistakes right. We don't
make the we want to impose on them all things. The views of this period, not to admit, Mitt, honest mistakes, and reproved them as false to make everybody, even down to the private, feel that there is only one infallible authority. You that's me. A colonel, for instance, sets himself up as the sole authority with judgment and intelligence. He thus takes all initiative from support and officers and reduces M to a state of inertia coming, from their lack of confidence in themselves and from fear. Of being severely reproved, how the generals before regiment, think of Think only of showing how much they know that leader they live the authority, the colonel that is now. Thing to them. They have asserted their superiority, true or false. That is what is essential, with cheeks puff
doubt they leave proud of having attacked discipline, really bothers, But it's you know here we are eighteen forty or talk in eighteen, sixty we're talking about eighteen sixty five eighteen. Eighty we're talking about micro management or something micromanagement right, we're talking about operational and not knowing what the problems that we deal with businesses all the time and s non front. We. This is what we deal with at its heart. People to see that they doing this because they don't know it. Even though this is such a common trade that we can go back thousands of years and see, people don't recognize Call this one bothers me: ask much in order to attain obtain a little is a false saying a sorcerers, an attack on discipline. One ought to pain. What one asks
it is only necessary to be moderately reasonable and practical. So this is like a echoing the cell. Ten thousand of these new units we ve made. The anymore, I'm really hoping that you sell a thousand. That's not what is our good will. Finally, to sell thousand that's what I want you to meet you you make a thousand. These do units broken big house, I'll, tell you ten thousand and hope that you can know that you have that's a disaster. Don't do that Man's admiration, for the great spectacles of nature is the admiration for force getaway, in all other human nature, to touch the mountains. It is mass afore that impressive strikes. Him makes him admire in the com, It is the mysterious and terrible force that he divines that he feels in that enormous liquid mass in the angry see force again in the wind in the storm in the vast
of the sky. It is still force that he admires all these things, astounded man when he was young when he became old, he knows them Punishment is turned to admiration, but Always it is the feeling of affordable force which compels his admiration. This explains his admiration for the warrior. A warrior is the ideal of primitive man, the savage the barbarian them more people rise in moral civilization. The lower this ideal falls, but with the masses. Everywhere, though, warrior still is and for a long time will be the heights of their ideals. Began because man loves to admire force and bravery. That or his own attributes. We're not force and bravery
find another means to assert themselves, at least or at least when the crowd is shown that war does not furnish the best examples of them that there are true. And more exalted examples. This ideal, give way to a higher one. Don't think it's quite happened yet one last note on Decentralized Command, Napoleon said courts in a boy of the UN. Method of fire to be used in war? Is fire at will, so when you're trying to control it aims in their every action. Could that's really the that's the debts, the of a soldier registered fire when you try and control that you are micromanaging in many cases
the let them operate on their own, and now I'm going We're close out this piece of battle studies right here, for on August fifteenth eighteen, seventy and this is about in the first month of the Franco Oppression WAR. The peak was, with his regiment on the outskirts of a town called Mars, Latour France and they started receive artillery. Fire, and this. Section or this quote is from the history of four: its tenth infantry regiment. So they start taking some shelling, and here we go The colonel had arms taken at once
suppose the regiment, nor for the road which being elevated provided sufficient cover for the men here self stood in the road to put heart into his troops by his attitude. They having been a little startled by this. Prize and the baptism of fire they received under such disadvantageous circumstances suddenly shell burst over the road a few feet from the colonel and mutilated his legs and a frightful manner. The shell cause, Other ravages in the ranks of the tenth. The commander third battalion. May tradition is, was mortally wounded. Captain Rabelais was killed, lieutenant poem Third battalion first company and eight men, regiment were wounded, The colonel was immediately taken, to the other side of the highway into them, It's the soldiers and a surgeon called those of regiment. All
being engaged in caring for the other victims of the terrible shot. Meantime colonel. The peak asked for returning Colonel Dull Yak Delay To him his saddle bags containing important papers concerning the regiment and gave him this field glasses. Then, without uttering the least sound of pain, notwithstanding the frightful injury from which he must have suffered horribly, he said with calmness, my regret is too struck this way without having been able to lead my regiment on the enemy. They wanted him to take a little brandy. He refused and accepted some water which a soldier offered him. A surgeon. Finally arrived, the colonel, showing him his right leg. Opening who places made with his hand the sign of amputating at his thigh, saying doctor It is necessary to amputate my leg here at this moment
a soldier wounded in the soldier in the shoulder placed near the, groaned aloud Forgetting his own condition, the colonel said immediately to the surgeon, see first doctor: what is the matter with this brave man? I can wait because of the lack of instruments. It was not possible. To perform. The amputation on the ground has Colonel desired, so this much deplored commander was transported to them. Its hospital Four days later, on the night The biggest colonel ardent Depute De Peak died like a hero of old without uttering the least complaint far from his regiment from his family. He
several times the words which summed up his affections, my wife, my children, my regiment, my wife, my children, my regiment, dear good, bye,. Then so we see a mayor. Who, despite his intimate knowledge of the fear. And the immense strength that the instincts of self preservation hold yet he showed no fear in
overcame his own instincts of self preservation in maybe maybe that's because he knew them so well. He understood them so deeply that he was able to overcome them in. Maybe of all the incredible lessons, we can learn from colonel. Do people Perhaps the most important one is for us to realise why it is still critical for us to increase our knowledge. Just of war but of all things so that. We have the knowledge and the on standing to confront
in overcome those things. The good and the bad so learn. Learn about your strengths and weaknesses, learn about strategy and tactics, learn about fear and As learn about human nature and learn about yourself test self find out who you are. Find out where fear and the taxation might cause you to back down or fall short.
Learn and understand yourself, so you can overcome and conquer the limb, tensions of your natural instead. And replace them with the wheel and discipline to overpower and overcome everything in your task that's all I've got for tonight, so Uncle Charles Yes, speaking of learning in gaining knowledge? You could convey some knowledge on how to support, despite cast temper support her course
You like we should start with on it good place, still don't break this cycle, the routine, the ritual, if you thought it best, supplements straight up in the world? Thinking columnar browses funny like some kind of signals like talk less, we came all talk, both kiddo you tried and not be sick, remembered Owens rang like me, getting sick, yeah, guess what I did some take em. You ordered it you got that stuff on stand by your. You can feel getting sick They deserved it does. The house showed a really saving bad, but I d there also your deep inside you are looking to you. We weakness oh no! I was more like the hen body. You know we knew there. We really true to export this. What I need not necessarily the mucous, I'm sick, but then again once you're sick, it's gotta too late yoga! anyway. Nonetheless, lesson learned from
like immune on the way for me, I, by the way I didn't get like I just barely touched on getting second r amp up the vitamin c, I answered the triptych viewed fire, you are park is like a little battle, Israel. It is morale was high after though- and I thank them deck imbued return by absorbed Can we go down the list, and I think this is important. People ask me and not the kind like I was a new law for people to people been asking me and it's like two people, their mom. And then there are your name or there's something. Your brother is like all people living at last. You're talking to my brother about this is tat. He said that do you, like all people been asked me this and then I was like these animals are cool to people, S hearing your like, but here's the thing that's it through,
people ask you the exact same question in like three days: that's one person today this I very much, but if that's insane question, that's a lot of people asking really feels like anyway. You a lot of people been asked peoples in assuming you know, three is on its stuff, for real that for real good, you know in what are you take so here? It is, if you don't already Officially on would he say, on the run, the roster right on the everyday: some share or whatever see I have on a total strength and performance, that's not every day that only when I do mechanism and worker, as sometimes will use it for digital, true tech issue text is a different view to reminded me of wide used it before his good, we're day advantageth until you, because I didn't notice,
it wasn't there for one of the other but we re really Rourke as your taken easier. My ribs and I'll be here yesterday, but I didn't feel tired, like was it is so total performance and strict total strengthen, perform its true tech as needed. That's for like a hard output, sustained stuff jujitsu rounds, met constant across fit. Take that string. Take each right through it, in the green may mean the yellow, maybe in oil of course, daily Central you you like the Strongbow. Rather less for joint students mean you get these jointly ITALY, refer a lot of stuff back to Digital, because G2 is like a sustained, so trim taken out in it. It can be if you're giving after it five days a week injured,
unit. Sometimes, if you'll get used to it, you take the the crude oil. Has you right now crude oil. I got to the government, peanut butter, sloppy nobody cash! You mean to try blend butter loans the noise wars. When were you born for sure when I go insurance, not a speedier companies work with companies, a lot of them in a snack area, what we know about the waivers, then the no yes good so what're you gonna, do put don't know TAT former Austrian at an oh. No, no, don't let it it is interesting that we have to know how much you browse the website, but what gonna eyebrows it. Yet I feel like I'm, not gonna, buy. We Ito women's tee shirts for myself,
No, but I'll just browsed is distant. Louise. I worry about the women, get nowhere that non unassailable. What I'm doing, even if I'm not a market for some stuff, a look and then like all kinds it like new stuff like z, protein parents stuff, but they'll have like wellness dovetail multiple vied with their toothpaste, deodorant there, I'm nothing get the two facing the utter. I'm not saying it's interesting. How much new stuff there always like coming out with and if we had to say the kettlebells that they have all upon those primal health lettering, arousal legend bells and their results be, does does that looks needle vascular, crazy cricket is how much is there, or how much does it way Forty care something palm oil I have the werewolf one to werewolf once those are like sixty two pounds. I keep
zombie bell in the house. It's like aesthetic losing all you know jump on its variously, because in my garage I got bunch cannibals, but those are all older than all right, but in my house I gather the boat the zone. Well? Yes, I we just had a couple snatches right, you will wake up etiquette. That is recovers wings, you didn t, do the one way of german hits the backyard I've got you gotta get used to that, don't get a jump into, but you There is some reason: you notice it when you first our cannibals, but you don't notice it after yeah. That's all you're, not ready for no, no, no, you know you do. Is you use your grip? At least I do. I use my grip like, slow it down, there's a little bit of friction their credit a soft landing on there, yes, a good idea, so you can use the zombie bells kind of like you're gonna have some guys. I think you'd tell me to give you have one t you never really use unless it's like picture taken time. That's not
the aim is called the Hollywood? There was a new, the Hollywood. Key action were not the Hollywood is like it. It's it's legit, like most either you can roll it nobody, you can keep it in the closet hull up. What is it? still role of you today. You know me. I always thought it was a long time. Maybe you changed, I don't. Nonetheless, val di? It's gonna get Robin Dig period a day. It always. Why would I have it on its right to take pictures and next grows ever oh by the way using digital magazine taking pictures the other day, I said it maybe on the cover- maybe not anyway, better on it. They will not be possible in this world. These are all things. What did if you, if you take a supplement for something like from honor, he'll. Do an honorary out there, like intimated, do honour over this worker. This is valuable information. If I
on the other side of this. I would hope that somebody told me well that is true and I think, like four since crude oil, you did not know about crude oil, and now you know about Roy you are sore and getting old and decrepid boom. He said gruel boy back in looking back in again, what's worker point what Batman take an oil, though, is ideal. My my wife's dead, my father in law, would always your group has been an official emulate, whatever health, No you don't, like you re. I left I gotta admit to good anyway. You know that that suddenly take from any are going to work. That's a good thing and there's a bunch of Costa even goes above and beyond supplements like that. The universe, but rarely cells are a lot of stuff here. Just a small, remind her all good you're, ten percent after the assets support part, but the bug can support yourself with a implementation support the while it with the ten percent off go on it dotcom slashed Jacko.
Another way to support Amazon click through the good way to support and its super easy takes, no time before the Amazon Shopping, go the website jacket, Jacobite gas, dot, com or then the site is a thing to. If you have an ad blocker in my it might block these little banners there which is called that's a safe thing to do. You know you block ads and pop ups and whatnot. No, that this will happen most of them most ad blockers anywhere better on this. A good job I'll come over. The side is abandoned. Amazon click through that, then, do you shopping and also supports a lot reinforcements another we subscribe to the podcast on. Tunes on stature, eleven, already the arrangements and the wolf. What review a review on their kicker of you honor tone. What's up there's, been hey there was a review of Jacques await T ever ran the best
review of all time near in its basic theme, is brew, brutal brewing up the tea again. An entire fell is the best review hope. As I was saying, that is where I mean just the best thing about that? What when I, when I read that and of course I get it, what I love about. That is when I read stuff like that, I think about all the people, the debt known, nothing about everything. We're doing. The opposite is redundant workers. Do they go to your mind. So whenever, but he puts all these crazy reviews on Amazon or on the park ass? I gotta admit that I find them entertaining out. Thank you. You don't really know, and you see He just all the the you want a person could figure out. That's look there. He'll. Do they do psych get after it is about
people say that that he has devoted a lot of stuff that yeah free people it, we're nobody that would at least make them think retainers there's a lot. Two things thing is heavy. This isn't just Whitey or this, isn't you gotta. Look into that. Unless this whatever activity either. That's not for me, which it would be strange, but the the afternoon the mood review, you know, don't feel creative decreed if, whatever yeah, we can get creative on all Inga, agree, Could the reviews actually help less ethic? You know you might think it doesn't mean anything, but a we read em, be it helps they help like Amazon. It helps them ranking in Amazon. It helps the otter drunken for sure. So that's cool, good reason to do it, but mostly do it. Just a crack me up and make people think that all of us are psycho. Rest yourself, that's good policies
I should read Devereux, maybe we'd ever do a commercial for Jacques awaiting us. We should do that's, because the chorus is there's, no tea leaves poor, so big Yeah, that's right where much also subscribe. On you to opening up more videos. You know which is pretty dope Britain to insert sure videos to watch in a shorter than someone hopper to write, I feel happier ethnic, three, the hopper, which is did you think you should prioritizing execute yeah, or do you just do just like creating through different things at the same time lag is a lot of time in this mean May or may not be the most disciplined approach, but kind of go the way if you know something all man this one really like I'm feeling this one. So, let's make down into Do you want to start and then get hit with
something else that you said whatever this all these artistic things you got going on in your mind, yeah I say do that with books, this enormous a lot of books and I will definitely read a book if it's kind of slow, moving, all red another book at the same time and I wanna get bored wanted somebody I have to have that I can ever to three books go and, at the same time, and actually not a bad idea. There you go see in mine is a lot like I just figure. If you we'll into it. It comes up like better out here, it's what it feels like. We must stick with that for right now, unless it produces roadblocks and then in all change strategy, but they are coming along videos you to subscribe. If you haven't already, if you're in the mood to support you under no obligation to subscribe to anything by the way, of course, but if you freedom of U S totally totally, Our job as Doris, called Jock, restore your own jock restore dot com.
We have a shirts if you like T shirts, who Two dimensional multi layered, philosophically later T shirts frontier, for months and there the travel, mugs, still Rosalie arose, told you about the other day. I don't know I was talking about a layer, there's layers and things. Oh, this is what it was. Book, where the warrior kid there's layer here the illustrator for the book or where there were good guy by the name. On both back John Bows ACT was my brother growin up my first. Grown up, good Fred, best friends grown up, and We were kids, we were in the heart or bans and we're playing rocket row music itself, one Bans that are in was a little band called Bronson Children, so the layer is one day I posted a picture.
Of an old, silks green t, shirt for Bronson Children, s, which I think we should firstly, reproduce elegant, get after it has chosen was, was awesome right. He was a legit he was an actor like we have nowadays that were you like or would you you know, I'm not No, he was also also tale. In world war, two barely survive. They came back and got a job making movies about bad asses. Thus, Charles Bronze Do I grew up in you know like up using. Cole, minor news in the mines in sums, your town in Pennsylvania, barely spoke. English produce a polish emigrant anyways with around that's right! That's why that book band was named, Bronson Children, so the layer here is interesting. We enough I don't have a lot of friends right, never have but the layer here is the couple for the few friends that I have good friends with the
yeah and so that old, bronze children T shirt, silk screen. Was designed by my guy. That was in the band with me name is John pose. Who now has illustrated way of the warrior kid that's later like yeah years layers. So does no good good job disk yeah, it's awesome, but yeah bears sorry, layers, yeah, hey, let's go back, distort real quick, the deserts, whatever they have learned. Cool? If you listen, you know these layers or you'll pick up on them, which is you know, I got kind of makes it fun by the way. I've never thought these layers were super deep right. You know you. I think you think the layers are deeper than I think they are the one that I I kind of was a little bit. I liked was the Here's on the equal sign on discipline equals freedom and you made it like a barcode which matches the layers of the font,
Just oh see standard which can be read by computer, just like that equal sign, apparently by the barcodes. Let where cover the layers, where the link with those that are as standard the original fought first for what we should do next t shirt. Let me help you put layers in it, nay, and then we can not say what the layers Ard hurt. People report good sharing layers, apparently are kind of deal because I've got more than one enquiry about this there like hey, did you realise that the word good is spelt backwards is, like I don't know that's, I don't care to cool shirt, let's go backwards in us again, Norman it's it's for you! you that messages for you telling yourself that, but it's kind of Jack, saying it that's what you look at it in the mere not for other people. You show your cool shirt sort is, but that message, so you lose the added think that was too
Oh man, you don't eat their own different people see you know there are different their mind. Some were created for monitoring away with. It certainly got layer players for day people are going to have to do, and a Linux Alice's layers on the shirt and good good good idea. Do you have assert that so layered that no one understands what it is? Yes and those that happens in literature for not going to some that so many layers I'd, say you know what this has only layers. It's not worth it. You know if you know, if you have to break out a microscope, to see the layers, my put him in there, for people on planet earth and understand the layers you put in this crazy poem that you rode. Why did you do that without good we for people can get it not bad words that, for our thing, I want the people mind. Getting I want some people to be able to get it. Think layers should be a little bit harder than see device dregs
even eat. I guess you don't for a while. You are talking about the layers. You thought that was too much. They came back. I don't want anyone to go into layer fatigue or not only is the other anyway, layers too, on the teacher that good will. You know their quality shirts they're, not like the cheap. You know I didn't go to. Target and by a bunch undershirts in a list and spray Panem in the garage, the good, through good jobs order come some hoodies on their some patches, some cool patches, rash guards. Just take a brows, don't buy anything, I'm nothing go, buy something a thin look at it. You like something you're in them To support get somebody get something in return Eagle. Also, psychological warfare is doing well in what I say doing well, I mean it's out there like making a dick. Hence the- and I remember there is actually what are few weeks ago. I said
We don't need any more it like. I got my boost in it, but I needed as well. Re back to it in vain were easy money. That's that's! The genius Julia Forward supposes the work the same as always backed easily. I got some projects to finish up right now and so I love to wake up early morning, work out, but I gotta prioritize MAX. You run out finished projects to hit itself that today I didn't. Why woke up and rope projects and. It's it's so easy! If you work on the morning. It so easy to not work out in by the time of this What I wanted to add something else and trying to work on this than the email so now because I want I want to do the hams willingly to pre launch work out eleven o clock in the morning get in there and get it done and. Paul Masson it was one thousand one hundred and thirty all of a sudden. It was one thousand two hundred also it was like one thousand two hundred and ten get the workout started, and now I'm
we'll be hungry and You know you love thought of. You know what maybe I shouldn't work out She didn't have that thought euros. It cool! I'm tired! I'm fasted and I dont you like working out, so I'm definitely going to work out right now to make it a good one. So that's what I but in other words like that, will no longer lorries. That's in psychological warfare. I actually have to live with that. There is no like it doesn't. I d never never presses, pause and never snide, always in their tell me to the jail. If you want to work out good, get in there and crush herself ass, I have to live with that guy, so near this good, which arise He is the originating story of psychological This off. If you do know, psychological warfare is a album with tracks that you can. Purchased from one using there's, no music correct its, think it should have music awoke Maybe
The problem is theirs different types of music yeah and would in bed the same effect. I dont that's true. I grew yeah so because, otherwise, I would have said he put some little instrumental whatever will heed the some like if there's music on certain things like you like to listen to certain like you know, you hear speed, about an hour, Martin Luther King or there's somebody seem like a speaking whenever they want to go in this virus. It'll work for sure. But that's not really. What this is in. That specifically, is more like. You actually talk here. He asked for its like you're part of later, when you hear like the movie no country for old men. Refusing that movie fears there's no soundtrack music. Actual sounds of earth people and walking in Dallas You call effect as though I think you're right in this case no controversial and by the way, written by Cormac Mccarthy, who also wrote but Meridian.
Yeah layers, but layer over where we are today it's like. That's it we're all I'd intrinsically in what it is, so it's an apple making get Itunes music, whichever and their base. Will you listen to it if you ever feeling a moment of weakness before you wanted to go it'll work? If we want to do something or not deuce or does yeah you making a decision and you choose in the short term, pay off over the long term pair, essentially doughnuts eating Doan oars, just messing up your diet with doughnuts Teresa or skipper what I was gonna airborne school. There is a sergeant major any with some black guy from Georgia in it. For some reason: there's the Chattahoochee River down there. Says midday work good. In that Chad who to river. So he started out if you're parachuting and you end up in the challenge you better watch out lakes in a church in it.
Alligators, in the shadow, routine, snakes in vines and wrap you up and snakes snakes in it I was not your what keep clear of the chair. Business, snakes right. So that kind, what you're trying replicate there with the psychological or for now Oh, I forget what I just did, but it led me into that. There have been Sakes Chattahoochee River, you gotta, be wherefore shirt. Beware that sugar coated life and by the way, your impression of what was his name I have no idea he was. It was so he was was called the black hat at an army. Airborne go back in the Navy used to only go to the army. Airborne school, so you it done with dual training in your own shape and fuel, and then you shop at airports gorgeous, which is a much a less strenuous school is your training. I mean there's
you're, not special operation. If you go, there have been any pretty much anyone in the army or many very many people in our research is a three what's good school me. Obviously, the biggest thing you gotta have overcome. Their is not physically Fear of heights, or whenever fear of jumping Oh, yes, sir, you go down there and the black cats are the guys it run airborne school to totally professional thinkers. Bonafont in that that sergeant me, you're though he was awesome, He had the crazy eyes, you know I mean insurers will create s thrilling and the one other thing he said to me: one day because he liked me in a way like me, could get after you and he said to me, was pale and how to eat any calmly, like Navy, recall him. He just call me Navy right did did because they don't know what our ranks our difficulty a navy was a subsidy. Clear for some reason is a clear sergeant. Major players are major and he goes everyday assault. When you get back to your see your team one day, Would you come over to J sock?
It will have fun cure that What do you think I was? I was nineteen years old. I so wherever you go, the sergeant major I'm with you in the game, so that was a sergeant major black hat day down at him. Or in school you kind of sunlight, got tons ah the singer, that's it is past, blue singer. Man actually grew up with his family and his traveling billiards of blue. What guy lose singer Hocker, but he's from Hawaii from away you really get a lot of booze when you live in Hawaii you'd, be surprised me my cumulative imitation, that's good! We want to kill and Motherfucker Jefferson S bill anyway. There, it is. Psychological warfare sounds more like jack. Honor did not TAJ Mahal, and he tells you he
convinces you that making the long term decision to stick with the disappearance when path. He gives it a boost in your head. So it's like yet good. Take that what are you gonna get? One of those are our systems? Goods been number one straight up number one we have today was its day one reactor, everyone that terrible reads it up: they only for four, that's a good way to sport. Broadcaster dig, it is the cost. Ninety nine by the hour, the other writing dislike for any know. What We would like oh sweet. How do we do this? ninety nine boom done where you can get it. Your support in the past. So let's go also. You know, nothin you get this jock await D. You can get it in stock by the way and it's gonna stay stop it little nervous about saying that, but it's gonna say because you know I'm conference and I a lot of it
I don't play around when I make a logistical error and we end up with no jock a white d and everyone's angry. That myself included, guess what we do something so we have stock. Stock? And you actually know that you need it because dead lifting. You know you need that eight thousand pound increase, which, by the way is guaranteed its, is guaranteed to happen. We are hearing about pull ups now to people who are trying to do reports are going from ten to twelve tulips. Now we're getting numbers up around a hundred forty setting minimum and the other. Thing is the Jujitsu if your training jujitsu and we're probably now add a warning to the label of Jacques? A white T begin we got people out there that are just randomly throwing chimeras. They can't stop it. They're meet somebody boom, the phone with mirror on them, just
Regular just landed mirrors all over the place to watch out for that. Little warning. John Amazon. That's if you're here in Amerika, if you're on international waters go to Ebay and get it from the official listing of the Jackal Podcast cast its. Old by pro resourcing, which is excellent. Change in the near future, cause we're getting more involved in the actual circled fulfilment. The tea joining some for streamlining? Oh, yes, yes while you're on Amazon. Also there's a book called extreme ownership referred to it what time snipe, possibly by me and my brother leaf band and You me to do what you do. Is you lead within your company. Within your team, you infiltrate. With extreme ownership, get a car.
For your subordinate one for your boss is spread the word because it will will actually improve your alignment and your effectiveness as a team. It will in one thing: I notice those that accompany it would work with, and it's very impact, just one p read the book officer. They have a common language there Further to the problems in the same way, they recognise the problems clearly because they see and they all understand it Proves dick education and the understanding between the groups, because they know what the problems are, because they ve been identified in the book so make that happen and- Also, you can get a little copy of a book pre order, it's called the warrior kid and you might be thinking. Oh I'm not a kid, I'm an adult doesn't matter! You actually need this book to theirs,
or in the book when Uncle Jake is trying to explain to his young nephew mark what is then why it is important and that it starts discipline, starts by getting up early in the morning and of course mark! You just thinks. Discipline is sort of like following the rules, so Uncle Jack has do little explain to him, and this is what Uncle Jake says. That's one kind of discipline, but it isn't as simple as just following the rules. People give you the most important part of discipline is falling rules you set for yourself. It is doing things You might not always feel like doing things that make you better, then Uncle Jack. Started getting really a tense intense, listen if you what freedom from being bullied school by Kenny. You have to have the day
the plan to go to just your class and learn the skills to defeat of? If you want freedom from ridicule, when you do pull up at school, you have to have the discipline to train so that you can do polyps if what want freedom to swim in the water and enjoy your school field trip. You need the disappointing, overcome your fear of the water and learn how to swim. What about school you to be free of being stumped on tests and not knowing the answers to the questions they ask you, then you need to do. Point to study and learn the material they teach you when you get older. You're gonna want financial freedom that have enough money to do what you want without worrying about it and the only way you're gonna get financial freedom is by having financial d
the point by saving money and not wasting it on things you don't need and that discipline starts with getting up early in the morning. So we will hear from my uncle Jake right there. So Jake is, you know, he's clearly me. During and helping his young nephew mark who's got some shortfalls. And used to correct an uncle jack helps him. Do that so all kinds of lessons to be learned in there for all of us- and you know lessons about how to study how to overcome fear how to get longer so order yourself a copy and do, How does the thing we want to do now again? I pointed this out before we want the pub, should a pretty enough so that there's not a shortage right If everybody waits, then the printer Gozo glaringly need ass. Many copies and then everyone orders it when it comes out. Now we have a back up in everyone's angry, so or
now that way we haven't, When I was out and get one you know, get free the kids school classroom labour down the street get the word out there, I wish I wish I had this book when I was a kid I will I had this book when I was a kid so It actually comes out. May second and then, by the way, two days later after my second after this book comes out, it can be time extreme ownership muster numbers ears are of two in New York City may forefront Maria Marquis in New York We're finalizing all the details right now until you can be awesome, we need after it and it's gonna leave a mark. It will have an impact on you, its intense we powerful and your The other school things you're, surrounded by all these other people, better, all in vain game out their crushed every imaginable,
industry, every level of leadership just getting after it so sign up book. Your team did you hotel room and by the way I mean obviously wafers can it be there? I will be there so will J P d now, of course Charles if Rowan around cruising, as he likes to say, Dave Burke, whose now nude echelon front Mean GPS, been on echelon team for a little. But you know we came on the pod gas and we said you know what we're gonna get you in the game, J P in a game, obviously, and Dave Burke just common on right now, I've got a couple worker couple company so far was new Marine Corps fighter pilot top gun top gun instructor by the way, and also was with us with tasking abuser as yet Go team leader in the bow, Romani so
awesome guy he's good. We called on the bank s your short soon silky wait for that. Also continue. We will be hanging out with you talking discussing things overcoming Brahms, there's! No backstage no green room, I'm not that guy. I know none of that. No current behind tied behind just us All of us all these guys, talkin about cutting ECHO Charles. We brought, I could all upon stage ass time didn't like that, he's doesn't like public speaking. I think you need to give a speech a five minute speech about something. Took him out, do that and until the muster and we do get there in the meantime, you know that you can find us on the internet on Twitter. On Instagram, and even you gonna find
right there on that basis. Bookie bore we are there. We are interacting on the inner webs echo is at ECHO Charles, and I am at Java willing. And to close this out to the warriors out there in the world, giving us freedom and protecting this country. A country by the way where we can say what ever we want. We are blessed with unprecedented freedoms in fought and speech. Thanks to all you servicemen, in service women out there in the world, holding the line right now, protecting those freedoms and keeping evil at bay. The police and law enforcement that do the same for us here at home keep us from evil. Thank you for
Holding on your vast every day,. And the fire fighters and the M tease. Standing by twenty four hours a day think about that twenty four hours a day to come and help us and of course We never say thank you. We never even see them until some unforeseen comes in us when you're there for us. So thank you for your vigilance and everyone else. Listening to this pod cast. Things were going down this path with us. This path of learning and game in knowledge and trying to get a better understanding of the world and trying to get a better understanding of ourselves. So we can all recognise
and over com or why MRS and our faults, and we can all get out there and get after so until next time. This is echo when Jacko out.
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