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65: What to Carry to Be Prepared for Battle and Life: With Leif Babin

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0:00:00 - Opening "The Things They Carried", by Tim O'Brien.

0:05:30 - Weapons & Equipment we carried in Ramadi.

0:1230 - A hard lesson with Over-packing Equipment for Patrol.

0:28:04 - Training for adversity.

0:39:57 - How Adversity Training Payed off in Ramadi.

0:47:12 - Heat, Stink, and Moon Dust in Ramadi.

1:03:16 - The Strain of Being in Battle: Physical and Mental.

1:23:57 - How Complacency can Creep in And Kill.

1:36:50 - Reflecting on The Muster 001, and Thoughts on Upcoming Muster 002.

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2:22:18 - Closing Gratitude

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This is jack. Podcast number sixty five. When go Charles and me Java, willing good evening echo good evening. The things they carried were largely. Determined by necessity Among the necessities or near necessities were p thirty, can openers pocket knives. He tabs wristwatches dog tags, mosquito, repellent, chewing gum, candy cigarettes, salt tablets, packets of Kool aid lighters Ashes sewing kids kits military payment certificates, see rations and two or three canteens of water together, these items wade between twelve and eighteen pounds, depending on a man's habits or rate of metabolism, Henry Dobbins, who was a big and carried extra rations. He was especially fond of
and peaches in heavy syrup over pound cake, Dave Jensen who practiced field hygiene carried a toothbrush dental flaws and several hotel sized bars of soap, he'd stolen, an hour, an in Sydney, Australia, TED Lavender, Who was scared carriage equalizer, sir, Till he was shot in the head outside the village. They k in MID April by necessity and because, Was s o p? They all care. Steel helmets that wade? Five pounds include in the liner and camouflage cover they carried the standard fatigue acts and trousers very few, carried underwear on their feet. They carry jungle, boots two point one pounds
Jensen carried three pairs of socks and a can of Doktor shoals foot powder as a precaution against Trench foot. Until he was shot TAT lavender carried six or seven ounces of premium dope, which for him was a necessity. Mitchell Sanders the r t o carried condoms, Norman Bourcier, carried a diary Rat Kiley carried comic books. Kiowa a devout Baptist married and illustrated new testament that had been present did to him by his father, who taught son school in oak, a city, Oklahoma. As a hedge against bad times However,
Hi were also carried his grandmothers trust distrust of the white man and his grandfathers old hunting action. Necessity dictated because the land was minded booby trap, it s o p, for each man to carry a steel, centred nylon covered flak jacket, which weighed six point. Seven pounds but which on They seem much heavier because you could dies Quickly, each man carried at least one large compress bandage, usually in the helmet banned for easy access, because the nights were cold. And because the mountains were wet each period Green plastic poncho that could be used Does a raincoat or ground sheet or makeshift tent with its quilted liner
the paunch await almost two pounds, but it was worth every ounce in April, for instance, when TAT lavender was shot. They use his poncho to wrap it up. Then marry him across the paddy than to lift him, to the chopper that took him away and that excerpt is from a book called the things they carried. By TIM, O Brien, then the book about the Vietnam WAR? It's actually a blind. Nonfiction and fiction in part of that blind. Comes from what he actually experienced.
For real as a soldier in Vietnam in third platoon Alpha company fifth battalion, forty sixth infantry regiment,. And incidentally, he was in the same division and the same area of operations were the me lie. Massacre took place. And then that reality is intermingled with his thoughts, and I Greece, that put together a unique perspective on war, but the book is cool. Considered friction, and I don't like to dig too deep on fictional books. So am I I'm gonna, go to deep on this one, but RO conversation with my brother leaf ban, with whom I wrote a little book called extreme ownership
their life, and I were talking about the things that we carried and tonight we have the good fortune of haven't my brother Lave Ban here with us again today, and I figured a good way to begin talking about what we carried was to kind of compare and contrast what we did carry with what men liked him o Brien carried in Vietnam Waistband. My brother welcome to the show, for the third time makes read me on could be back on again, and for those ii that don't know who lay fears if you haven't been listening or you, this is if this is basically the first time you ve ever listen this podcast for some reason: histories, if you're, not gonna, laces leaf, was in the seal teams with me, we were
Battle, Ahmadi together and when we both got. The military I retired and late Lave got out and we ended up working together. We have little business called echelon front, would work with companies and teach leadership and management, and we wrote a little book. Like I just said, called extreme ownership and after If you want to know about life You can reach remoter ship. You can listen upon gas number eleven in pod cast number thirty four leaf was the first guest in here is back again so late that what did you care Talk to me about that. Compared to what these guys and Vietnam carried, I mean, obviously, there's a lot of similarities. There's a lot of differences. Do what you think Definitely I may break by so many members, just thinking about all the stuff that we carried in with us, and and the burden of the no just a heavy, and we still joke about.
Of body armor back, you know in the body armor GIS bite into your trap, seven that offer hours and hours of the helmets just a vice. Down on your head and obviously we had a train, it prepares that we we could. We can. Here too have loose exalt for hours and hours on end and be able to deal with that and if fact, our memory, you being the only guy in the universe that actually light, at a certain type, a headset we're using because it actually crush down on your skull, bring good Everyone else is complain about you're like you're. Like I actually like this I've been hurt, my head, I would never have admitted it back then, but yeah it hurt bad. It would squeeze your head in that awkward way. Thousands of those are barely old had set, but a lot have because the body armor, where we're how much you two hours at our body on way, I away like seven pounds, a plate and your front door plant and if you got the nine male body, armor and Europe that right? There is heavy and in the funny thing,
as we were able to make our weapons a little bit later over time, but then we ve deck them all out with lasers and optics everything so the weapons I bet Europe are weapons, were actually heavier deftly and but for me here we are, and carry those little tenets barreled, we have an informal tennis broach. We use for close course Combat House, Clarence And- and as you know, that was that the primary weapon and we get your body Jose I gotta carry my fourteen, its bureau, which is longer ends gotta into three, a grenade lawyer on it you get a forty, no mere grenadine? That's it becomes comes a lot heavier based on that. I just needed that bill, throw some forty MIKE Mike down. Now. One of the things it I know, was I mean all the long, combat and actually Andy, was just on and and know your friends with him too, but we were talking while the learning curve of how quickly you learned things, I know you, you learn some proof Bree Solid in and rough lessons out of the gate, gone on to big patrols, right right, right,
when we got there. It is specifically about what you carried. Absolutely I mean we had. We had So much on doing a roll up, a software or load up in vehicles- you're, not you dont have to carry much on your person. Gus were trained to travel. Ban it, and so we get. To course we do. Patrols out the desert done that that training and prepared for that. But we take root in Iraq and we're gonna drive vehicles and we get to remedy in these ideas- are so dangerous, killing people So what do you do you get out of vehicle and you patrol, which means, if you're gonna Lunaria and you gotta carry everything on your back and you got to carry enough water and all the stuff you got to have for the next twenty four you in forty eight hours, if it's a lot of stuff and one of the The first patrols, a few patrols on how the outskirts town you know, but but city centre where it was ok.
The control battle space in U S, troops were dying an almost every day in this horrible, violent play. We therefore refer, I think, a couple weeks and now- and we were teamed up with a marine unit from three eight Maurice, a battalion. Eight eight parades outstanding grew But will yours have been all agree for a motor due priority: getting there and they were these guys, were the figure, the fight, and now they were, they had a to their tactics and learn how to go out there and in conduct these patrols We were teamed up with them to go into a miracle firecracker circle as five crackers and hey. This is a happy place with fourth of July or Firecrackers Hill, massive Bob as in there's a four hundred pound explosive in the road. That's going to blow your vehicle hundred feet in the air kill everybody that was that area firecracker. They did not as a matter of fact, we even later than this when you look at it
when operations in There- and I remember sitting there with the Marines gaunt hey what security situation who can come and get us there like a look. We're not common in there with vehicles unless there are eight, if dates an absolute worst case scenario and you gotta get what kind of act immediately, but if you- guy get shot in the leg, and you can stop the bleeding you're gonna, wait my time they were adamant of about not going in there because it was so that any they patrolled in there all the time. What you're about to talk about, but nobody wanted to bring vehicles up in the street and actually parlor reasons could just be we got there. They took a massive. I them record took a massive idea. At night they ve lost four five Marines one shot, just just a total. Gravity. There was right, as we arrive in where you're in the stores about that written reports on it in horrible horrible deal, but that was not great. I think that we learn from the Marines witches. Listen, the bad guy, They want to blow you up in the streets. Are gonna, try to target your vehicles, they're gonna, try. Ambush you. So when you are
a building in a sniper over wash position in your behind concrete walls like stay in that position stay that position and unless you have an urgent. Google casually you gotta get out right now. Are you to be overrun, or only in extreme situations? We're not gonna call in the queue are ask: is that to blow the vehicles and at what they want you to do and and they taught us some of those things that were that at help keep our guys life certainly helped us perfect. Our our roads are our tactics that needs a procedure to be able to go deepened into those areas and Anna and do some real damage suit to the enemy most Adam ring orgasm. So speaker going deep? How deep do you have to dig on that? First, roll out with three slash: eight marine, so we're going into this area, I'm a Mirena just lost guys in and we're going with Lima Company outstanding group of warriors and we were excited to go into work with them. So I got out and we got it squad of Squad of of seals, gonna some get soldiers, iraqi soldiers, arena team up and we're gonna put in some Nietzsche supply
Sakharov watch physicians and remain in through that we join in nighttime would remain do the day and we come out the next night. So hey I'm goin in their work. We may be in there for twenty four hours. It couldn't be longer if we get the laid, and you know what this is about here- ain't nobody come come, come get us out, so I'm load now for world war. Three, and you know my first time one of these areas, I'm an arm packing hand, grenades an extra max. And you know how typical load out was to hand grenades, and I think I added a I added like three or five extra hand, grenades and I was bringing so I put that model. Bring it. I've got ex might actually laughed about this because we ve done a lot of talk about World WAR one and they had grenade battles like trench to try, grenade battles, and I don't even give us going into our grenade battle. Where that was my primary weapon, I would have said Grenades like life was carried, read into robotic bread,
sources, I'm get, I'm gettin ready and get ready to get some end. It I'm thinking that if we were getting overrun, we're loading up on it. So it is one more thing. One worth veto extra your extra mag there, so it I've got. I've got those extra hand, grenades. I've got the extra smoke grenades. I've got You know: I've got Flash bang grenades. I've got. I've got enough for five extra magazines. In addition to, like the said, magazines or each of these are dirty round bags. We must add a hundred miles that's crazy amount of that, of course I've got my dear my forty MIKE Mike right. So I got forty millimeter grenades as well, and I was deeply you I'm I'm load net out so, gonna bandolier of twelve of those things to get six more on me it in my power, come on my waist so literally, I'm an unroll. Indian, like John Jay, Rambo style, ready itself so that the search egoism sinner things that must have been a hundred pounds worth gear with body armor all
grenades smoke, grenades. Forty MIKE Mike, you must have had a coup lease close to a hundred pounds. I think I think easy, because then you tack on water, you know that was the biggest limiting factor for us in India. Does the summertime heat over there just just bearable, we'll make it a hundred fifteen hundred twenty degrees, and so we're here? We are made over day you like a drink, the water out of the false it. Unless you want to be less, you want to be listed in the making, frequent head gauze and some dysentery for the next next few days in a watering intermediaries, leader and a half get a cure that water- and you know we're these leader and a half bottles that they had? I think I had probably ten or twelve or those models to so much. I don't want to run on water socket of your watch. More thought I needed so ridiculous amount of weight than cure and so we loaded on I'm I'm having a hard time even just LEO picking his bag put it in,
love and our vehicles, we drive, we made up, the Marines were load up into their big seven tonnes, trucks they took in and they put the troops in a back the huge vehicles and that that was they would gonna drive on the outskirts of the batteries on roads had cleared, and hopefully you rejected and in those in those vehicles brought from the arm, did we unload? We loaded we unloaded from the vehicles we got to in December knows you're? These are like mad max scenario, vehicles that that that people military guys had had put steed project from rounds sandbags on the floor. You know just put sandbags it's all over the floor. So it's not like wind when he saw common armoured vehicle dont think of a tanker when we talk about armoured vehicle dont, think of it anchor a Bradley fighting at least talking about a mad max scenario, big giants. And Tom truck they look construction truck. Basically, but it's got big steel walls on it another put sandbags and afforded prevent from ids in that.
Go on a war in the fun way, straight straight out of the road warrior. Definitely and it's a we get dropped off for most of those vehicles in a quartz worth getting up in you as soon as I'm putting this thing, I, like, I can't wait to drink this water, You know, I can't wait to try to shoot. His rounds. You don't get given in this way can I realize I guess it's crazy, it's crazy about. Of course, you like you want to run a ammo, but you also you, don't you even if you can't move than that, because he more dangers we started patrol and we're moving in the area and in the Marines boots Bent ducks automata Gratis. I talk about me there, their method of patrol because you're lot, enemy, snipers out there and even though its nighttime another still sums from lights, and things like that. So there are the method a patrol to man, shooter Pierce and their those guys got each other's backs. You get to gas, govern two different directions, and there and honour on a street corner and
and then there waiting for the next a shooter pair. That's up to the next block from them and they spread all out. Mad dash spread as fast as you can go as fast as you can run from one corner to the national So what's it? That's a hundred men who put our coverage. Sprint is examined here and some others blocked. Maybe fifty arson moments a hundred yards, but- and this is they control the city. So it's it is your sprint hold, spread whole spread all and A few blocks are going into that and we're gonna moving around the city. Mr Wretches men. I smoke. I haven't so or your hard time keeping and adjust my hat. These young Marines that are just gettin after carrying heavy heavy equipment and gear, the radio men in the Gatt currencies into his forty MIKE Mike and their course are guaranteed two. Forty Bravo Machine Gun, which is finishing it. That was much heavier than what would our arm. What more for Yeats Ladder machine guns were four for our meeting machine guns, but
These guys, we're just awesome. Just ass Intranet in trying to work with them, but I am, I am having one hell of a time, try to keep up with these guys so so that, due to Europe your leadership capability wouldn't or Europe. I'm tired here, I'm supposed to be in charge of this thing, so I'm in charge of this I'm in charge of my guys. You know we get our squad of eight of our guys. Eight seals and in a dozen are accusations or so in arms. We jars, I'm supposed to be thinking about the bigger picture and build a detail. In all these are we talk about sit back and think it about? You know: what's goin on a half mile of the road and making a radio calls back to the detail. Operations centre talking, you Johnny, where we are and what was going on, and I can't focus if this point on putting one foot in front of you, head down one foot? for the other and just try to keep up know, and here I am the gods ass having a heart. Have you been up in it? Was it was humbling willingly spirits for me here. I am a seal, a team guy thinking
shape, and now no an almond narrower I'm, not a climate acclimatize to this kind of brutal heat even at night time. It's ninety five degrees outside. There's! No way the wind, no wind and an easy or to dry in the desert. Now the rivers like Reno. Yes, it's not a dry here, not nor bodies not dry. Yet we were half you know half mile off the river, so its human allow along the river. So it was horrible, and I was realising like this. I got my aspect. I mean it was by the time, got back from that it was. I knew I was going into a heavy like he'd exotic like I was, I was hidden alike. The hearings austrian point, whereas, like this is rough. This is that's that that scare about he'd exhaustion scenarios is it's like a cliff you're walking off and when you get close, the cliff when you go off of it, it's not
How do you say? Okay, let me get a sip of water, know you're in big trouble. You got guys carrying you now, cuz, you know if you get heat stroke or heat exhaustion, it's a bad bad situation. Doesn't matter how tough you are you not going to be able to power through that right, physically? And so that's what the nightmare sooner for me that your eye in the leader and yet, if I can't keep up as one has to carry me right, that was that was just gonna, be the horrific disaster. So we went to that operates. We're out there for raw remained throughout the course of the date daylight. We got shot at. We shot it's bad guys, we came out of it the next night and I got back from them you gretta. We returning fire, some of those rounds with ethnic, less equity on force. It didn't get a chance to throw me the hang grenades, which was a real bumper bud Yeah I mean it was. It was a real rude awakening from just being humble by that experience, to come back and think I'm curious way too much stuff. I can't you is it
sure I want to run out of ammo. You know in enemy, but but which more dangerous. Is it for me to be so much so that I can even keep up and on patrol I can't move fast. What I need to bag. I start shooting at us. I can get my off the street in our I can't move run across the street, a run up the stairs, and So I reckon ass right away, like I've got to get up here this down and I get to carry just be essential, stuff and maybe a couple of contingency plans like maybe I got one extra grenade him up in my backpack and maybe I don't even know What do I really absolutely need I don't want to run out of water out there. So maybe I got one extra body: don't need for Uno with me that enable me like do too recognize it off. I've got a curious only the essential stock, as you can absolutely get overwhelmed for that to Germany, we were training, we train it land warfare, the time you was the She was We do land warfare in the seal teams. So we don't we don't we.
Helmut Body, armor, full in warfare so we'll go out much all across the desert. Do that stuff and we were helmet. Body armor when we do see Chiusi close course, carbon in the in the Queue house, here we are in an urban environment, like God, I've gotta be able do both both patrolling we're clearing houses so gotta, that stuff in use How you just cannot carry all that stuff with ease that was the rude working for me and the other piece of that was physical, tray, you know, you're. I was Thinkin almond shape, I'm a team guy. You know We train har, we pushed the envelope and yet I am not in good enough shape to be able to do for the level I need to in this kind of heat in this cut environment you don't, after you know you would see knives and less not just meal hour, but I saw at so many the de Rossa you showed up if you showed up at like noon: at the head of the day, you guys, outdo entire flips doing do your sprats, Runnin workin out to get a car
The ties to be ready for those those worst case in euros, and we recognise that we thought we were. And we had to step up to tell you. I am each one of those work else, and I would do it at at victory. They turn of fighters, but the work out was it was a dummy care we had a big old heavy back, so was a dummy, carry carried down a back sprint. You can then grabbed the tired was attire, pull down a back and then a sprint down a back and that was simulating, was like. Ok, you might have to pick up a guy and carry him down or carrying somewhere. Then you also, you also have the gravity and drag him, and then you might spread, but that was we do that, like said we do that. Seven new costs because, like you said everyone be activated for the worst case scenario. We saw over and over again, even the by the way our memory run in those. I remember you run indeed through that do that training is brutal. Unlike it s much did it rough, roughly good train awesome trading prepare you for those worst case noise, but we
it was humbling. We see, we have great team, guys others who showed up in your body and want to go out and patrol with US guys we knew where credibly fit great athletes kept himself and shape these. Certain worth a guess it let themselves go. We take amount patrolling like they'd be and that can only be have a hard time keep up. They'd have they had to learn that same lesson that I learned and and then you see him out there get after like training and pushing the odds and I think that was a lesson that we learn- great tat is well Marines and also guy was my hats. Offload young raise that we're getting out there in the thick of it. They taught me. Some muslim, great lessons there that enabled us to go forward and- and I really push your posting I've lope Goin deepen areas that nobody could get into it, set up the Sakharov watches and help and rejected the soldier. Raise rebuild those common outposts, but tat we had to be physically fit and we had to carry only the essential gear that needed. No, its interim sit. Nowhere could we do know
obviously wish a business consulting business but same thing that we'll see with businesses when they want. They want do the same thing. They want to build their infrastructure so much that He can handle any scenario that can happen, so I ve been hired three more people in case of this in the higher six more people for that no higher for more people. For that, for that, the right. It's like you say, Well, I might run out a magazine put five more my back back and I might throw these four grenades. I need free movement next thing you know these companies there so overburdened with with overhead and with cost structure that the same thing happens, what happens? They lose their ability to maneuver no it's the same thing. You take that combat principle of carry what you need think about it and don't we too much and you why that for the business world, if you dont need to bring that extra person on board- and you can get with a contract for a little while you can pay somebody some overtime. Do that
until you have to make that decision and you'll know so some, you actually taught me in in remedy. We use can't you had been in Baghdad and had those good does the experiences of these capture, kill, raids and and It always seemed like we're born in this house. We don't know: what's in that house, we know we believe a bad guy to be there and maybe some people so Salami what twenty five assaulters in that house and- how many people as I can and then you're like hate. I don't think it is that many people at thunder sounds like that's great. Why would I not want to take them off, and then you recognize, like twenty five people in the house there's a lot more may have there's a lot more chaos. There's people Bowman on each other in your life you have maybe made fourteen guises. All I need it over this particular. Don't guess what else when you're this target where's the biggest threat, the biggest Actually oftentimes isn't in the building you're taken down. Could you do. At aggressively. You have a good force. The harder for to cut you know where the friend is a building. Is you know four?
one hundred and eighty square feet are one thousand four hundred square feet. You know how big that puts it's a finite area. Where is when you're in the street three hundred and sixty degrees that threats there? So where do you actually need people to cover a threat that you don't no one don't understand, you need him in the streets. That's real need of that's where we always went heavy on the streets and at these old team is a smaller package and plus it's very easy and very controlled, to be able to say John, No, I need for more guys near clue. You gotta super the opposite: hey send for guys out in street. We don't know where, but send guys out it's it's totally. It's much more whore, it's much harder to do that because of much less controlled situation out in the streets. For leaders that planning peace right to think about. Where is that containers what what are the likely utilities. It may happen so yeah keep that central personnel, essential resources, focus kept ever ever contingency and if you do you're going overwhelm your team and and it's gonna, it's gonna call
more problems, trying to try to solve every contingency, then than it wouldn't otherwise there are. I that's got good stuff. You know him do go back to the book right now Here we go, they were called legs or grunts. To carry something. Was the hump it as well Lieutenant Jimmy Cross Humped, his love for Martha? the hills and through the swamps. Everyone humped photographs in his wallet lieutenant Cross carried photographs of Martha as a first lieutenant tenant. Amplitude leader Jimmy cry carried a compass map code books, Binoculars in a forty five caliber pistol that wait, two point: nine pounds fully loaded, he carried a straw blight and responsible
de for the lives of his men, an hour Tito Mitchell Sanders carried the pr see twenty five radio, a killer, twenty six pounds with its battery as a medic rat? highly carried a canvas? Satchel filled morphine, and plasma and malaria tablets and surgical tape and comic books and all the things a medic must carry including Eminem for especially bad wounds for a total weight of nearly eighteen pounds. As a big man, Therefore, a machine Gunnar Henry DOB Dobbins carried the sixty which weighed when you three pounds unloaded but which was almost always loaded. In addition. Dobbins cured between ten fifteen pounds of ammunition, draped in belts, occur. His chest and shoulders.
They all carried ghosts when dark came, they wouldn't move out single file across the meadows and paddies to the ram coordinates. Were they quietly set up the claymores and lie down and spend the night waiting. That section when I was reading that clearly this is very similar to that operate that you conducted a ton of which was you know their call him ambushes year. Then we call them sniper over watches, but the idea You know the idea for those of what was that is very, very similar. You know, You guys are patrol out to a location, just like you talked about setting up remain over day or for the night.
How did you feel like you know you kind of talked about it, but did you feel like you're ready for that stuff and. You know a lot of times. Like you said we were, we were we train to drive a lot and we ended up walking so much because the idea for it. How did you My argument is that what you got on the ground was thank God we had actually train and in you know it's been a part of the seal teams in Vietnam in southern California, desert in training and in a land warfare knows that that awesome block we go out and learn how to patrol which we talk. You know you, don't what about the PA gas inserted? We talk about. That's not brought new where its mankind our southern California, desert in this rugged environment, would just sharp, rocks in and get active, swim spy and in rattlesnake, so so real quick
everybody in the world when they hear the term southern California, they think of Baywatch right, they make a Baywatch, We talked about Baywatch, so when you go east from the coast, southern California. You enter a place places that have names like Death Valley, right the Gatt areas we're talking about. When I talk about so cow Baywatch, we're talking about in land, in the in the deserts, the hard deserts, of California in its where it's one, a primary places where we train for for a combat- and it is- I wish to say that our desert training facilities where men become frogmen you know, there's no water out of its whereby, because Become is ill test. You no doubt and I'd I gotta, we we get tested like that, and that put that catch rating training is summits, kept. You live on. The battlefield enabled us to to accomplish some some great these four,
more diamond. I remember that, for she, gal patrol was a good one, I am more for instructors were fired a began with desert to train, get our land more for on dial it in our seizures and learn how to work together as a team and patrol- and we show up to the cap, it was funny because, generally, I mean I'm not going to say that you have this in, and trust with the cadre. But, like you know, we're gonna friends without these guys, we normally so they did a really good job of of stock. Bring us in on that on that first, the DRC is, is hey, We're discuss. Any version will shake up patrol tonight, and so they patrol in You'll teams means you can put your gear on. You want to see how everything rides on your body. You want to make sure that its comfortable. You want to make sure that there's no you'll tell
exit are wearing on you or anything like that. That is a shake up. To get your little hand, signals make sure we're all good to go, get to know each other low, but it's just a little if sickly, like a little walk like like a little walk Emmy if they think it's probably take a shake. Albatross approach signal our me, be two hours at the most we're just gonna be kind of relaxed mode, Doolittle shake up, Then I thought that was set up and its administrative right so you're like a its work on this. It's at so it's not like you you're in the game acting like you're in the enemy territory, the whole time, and so you can talk and instructors and figure things out. So yes, there are going to lose The land warfare Carteret like he had just just- will shake a patrol no big deal so we're just shored up. No one's gather. No, I didn't have my gear strike. A grab some stuff and I have had from a dance training, will become Sq Tito twelve gauge running from from my two years before that and I haven't
two canteens that had been filled with water in that gear, and I dont forget, emptied that water in like two years. So this problem little algae growth and ass. It is not always clear days. So I just like that of course I got budget. We know it. Then we rushed guessing tat. They were there like hey, we gotta get this goal in getting this got so we, we arrived. You guys we're trying to get settled like a you know, get you always get over there. That is so so we, our gear on, and I threw on that dear with those canteens- and you know this two year old water in it and we're in were we go. We take off the patrol and what we didn't know was that this She gal patrol was or was with a TAT was a man who said what what were we legislate? Seal teams called the mud suck which is based soccer parts ready they put to you which all that was it took hours and hours, you're took home, the hotel, the whole cycle of darkness, a helmet and
and no one head amidst several doesn't have any water. I remember I'm a Ryan's, you hope had like no water at all and I remember him like D struggles, eight here, sir, do you have just one it actually came up the outcome of the EU. They greater use is used no one had water it. Actually I had water, I had water, I was going on to me- was actually got patrol. Of course, even those great kind minister. I am, of course in my mind, and I paid to shake up job, I'm doing everything the way we do it normally, because I'm super hour or so I got all my afterwards post, where in and also had the advantage of having done a lot of these trips in my time. So for me, it wasn't trying anything new. It wasn't shake up of real just a patrol but yeah I went got good water MIKE. Dinsmore came back and also good to go, and I was ready for this and
because this will make us freedom. Can you are you? Are you have the freedom to gladden executed with your water? Meanwhile uncaring these canteens, that I know what I did you like your first sip, you spit it out. I actually. Actually, I get so thirsty right that, finally, like I got it, I had a drink southern, and so I I poor when these canteens out again, he knows this nasty out? I open it up. I like smells like made its mother Gub Disposal fish aquarium it I'll just about at this point, I'm this we're like two or three four hours in this thing, which sounds like I take, they exhibit the thing I just immediately. Projectile Lama data that stuff back up, and now I I think I've I gave one whose care is too to rise is so big does desperate, but I asked you for water how that wouldn't, as you well know, that you do a k, a jog, oh, do you have any water yes, Yes, I do
can you use your voice, restructuring the whole nine yards you're, the other you can you give some terrain he's eating, bring any water, and I said something along the lines of well. Firstly, I said no, you can have any my water, If, if you weren't water, you must hump it in you, don't I dont humping your water and I'm not humping in Ryan's water that doesn't work this. Why did you bring your own water? Is, I think, as I like, if he's going to die, Give you some water, if he's not going to die, you'll, get nothing and It's just a writer says like it is. It is pretty if you can carry your own stuffy unrighted, breathable, tabooed after after leg depend on them deal no kidding at that point. We didn't actually know. I don't know how long we live in a field for I mean we ve ever committed art with they didn't terrorism is around and they did a really good job of they'd brow
into the hill, in the hills of Southern California, where you can we go? put down to rein in the dream? Is uneven and they this whole link up drill, so it wasn't like we were just blindly walking. It was linked up from starting with swim pairs and then fire team link up and then squad link up and then put toon link up and yeah so we'd the future was very unknown at this time so I wasn't thinking, they also gave a bunch of my waterway because they are you going waterway. I got nothing and then your struggle and keep up do so. It is bad situation, and it was an asshole I think I might just like people we'll be at least killing in the zone, literally every border light. But look I think the reality was. You were helping reinforced the lesson that you gotta have. Gear squared away you gotta be re any. We gotta be ready for continually like that because it happens all the time to us know where we like hey. This is going to be. Your obviously were in Ramadi would like eight. This will be a twenty four hour operation like no. No, the forty eight hour, operation now
it turns out. No seventy two, our operation, we're going stay here longer than we thought, so you gotta have gotta, be squared. We gotta be thinking about that in your God we had awesome, amazing leaders like like Tonia Friday. You know there has been on this part gas and people love, which is why we can say his name, because otherwise we'd name off all the other guys we're out their good deal there. I'll be owes that given after it the five mafia in their running, things are yachts, it's all grew and now exactly and just leaders at every level it were stepping up leading their far teams lead their squad, and I think that was different. I appreciate it is as is much is that sucks as much as we were complaining about that at the time, those kind of training scenarios we're didn't, see common and it was a lot harder than we thought it was gonna, be got us ready. You know too too those those long range patrols and remedy, and when we got there, I guess we thought we were going to drive away when I really can't drive medicine best,
you killed if you want to drive in some deserves a park, your vehicles and walk in on foot and again we will we learn. We only had to carry the essential step, but we also know we had a cares firepower too, because one of them, we didn't Romani, was you don't oftentimes special operators can give spoiled where, no you're goin out on a mission and it's got some higher profile and you ve got you got aircraft supporting you in, and you know, you're gonna have all this you got closer support, set upwards. It's just dedicated to you. And here we are: where were we forty seals and to ask you to bruisers in the sea Dean, Massey Opel Tune and maybe a couple of arguments. It was seals and and our unity bomb disposal, technicians and iraqi soldiers and wages one tiny unit out of five thousand six hundred troops that Marines soldiers of the first brigade first on Revision Brigade combat team. So there is it dedicated,
craft us. You know there is an acute Aref. It's a quick reaction force, its dedicated just to us to come out. Because on top reason you we had our unit and justly. As you were out with, platoon in a fire fight You were not the only aim in town. At that time there would be three or four other unit somewhere else on the battlefield that worry to firefight may be worse, maybe not as bad, but there was. It was all. Is someone that's comic. You are after that needs our support, so it was exactly like you say we work at the time. Of some food chain we were just in they're in the food chain and had learn how to mitigate that stuff, bite suit. So you'll that- save load out that you took and you were heavy used. It's not like you said. Ok, I'm not going to have to carry the stuff anymore. You still had to bring it we have to make sure that that we carried our own firepower into those areas, one in an area where we knew that the tax may have a hard time gettin in there to us. Even if, even if the murders scenario
and we don't want to be overrun in a fifty m e fire trying to overrun our position and we only at you know a door and or twelve twelve guys this position within awesome iraqi soldiers if we're pretty much worthless when it came to a two beating back an enemy attack like that so and then in by the way there were many positions, the small positions, smoke I precise elements that were overrun and dismantled before we showed up. There was an element that disappeared and they didn't they found their bodies months later, but you know, I think it was a smaller element of arrows five or six guys in a sniper title but they got overrun. They did no, no one knew what happened to him. And two large forty I'd positions as well. If you remember some of the check points that were well fortified and built up and they got completely overrun, bye, bye, bye, moose. And so yes, my driving a big thousand pound VIII B, I trot bomb into their position: horrible,
we had to carry all kinds of that that fire with us we had a cure in our back, so the belfry machine guns, gas, caring, those those the machine does it were gonna, be back in the attacks Carl Gustaf was was shoulder far writer recoil is. Eighty four mill mere recall is rife. What we use in its heavy super heavy. It's great against enemy tanks. The moose didn't have any tax, so it was Probably not everyone will be needed. Our leading petty officer. Would just man up B, T F and carry that thing in an ethical, pretty quick, though they I think, the first, how we try to carry the unease. He would they were all long range for patrol and goin in January. That was this It was a ruler Lubin outside the city, and so now We know we are used to patrol the city streets in this rural area. Empty one that was cut out east of over Mahdi. Now you're talking opportune in due form fields and
flooded, flurried areas where you might be an egg galler knee deep mud. It look like Vietnam, look out again. Are you every more movie that you see about Vietnam? In fact, we used to call it the rob the ram until we could go with it was. It was just like I made my first patrol that went on out. There were literally wading through irrigated feels it through a lot and and and waiting to canal scores, there's always little canals or come off the river to. Get the fields and in the recent marine subordinate we had, we had Huey helicopter at a cobra gunship. What you're Vietnam, or platforms and, as I made up my mind, in our view, the scrape there was there were people out till hinder the fields would like a like an ox. Did it look like someone read out it was? It was ashen crazy out there and another one how much it look like Vietnam. It was not tabled
not that it was not anything that we expect you to do. Certainly so we just have to prepare for activity and end and figure out a way to operate in an environment and but but R, L b o is carrying that no cure. In that big man rocket. But he recognized right away, like initially trotted, carries rounds in his backpack in each of the outer even notice ways, but it's it's gotta be what it's gotta be I think, the weapon cell probably ways twenty five twenty five pounds in each of the rounds because got away towns or well maybe fifteen pounds- I don't know, but so when you that thing when you load that thing, security, then loaded and it put around his back back into just weighted down. He could do it so Use are hard, keeping jobs are recognised, carried empty, a garret, my hand, one round. My back like that, I can use and they will put a no I was scared around for it in my in my rucksack as well. They know that I can hand off to his gunners if they needed
but that gave us some fire power to be able to be back an enemy attack and we had a cure that self in on ourselves. So just It took me to one or two guys that can man up and do that and I'll help. You always was a guy to btf4 that you and you said, if you needed, and you needed a lot because you know I don't know if you remember this, but you guys shot the six month load out of Carl Gustav rounds. About a week and half so, and then we had to borrow money from the Rangers and we actually shot their load out do so it was ass. We are the cool air around to the round, which was also devils effective. What is them air burst. Air burst means that it explodes over the top of so bad at a shooting, from a roof top right like and in their hide behind a wall you could like you, can you can you can do like how far they aren't set a time or others would explode over the top down. So it's pretty devastating videos. We like devastating did you browser got after some Carl G, rathskellers
advance, though you know, like technology was where you can set how far you wanted, It is about those throws another kind of twisting the guerriere dancer. It's gotta go and at night I know like that, will live He had an air burst rounds for a really long time. We don't hear let him know tat. You know me, I know it's a little advancing the civilian sector. I guess I m pretty doktor, that's good stuff. I am to go back to the book here. Taking turns they carried the big pr, see. Seventy seven scramble a radio and, interestingly, if you remember one, Andy stuff was just not we're talking about being new guys in the seal teams. In the nineties we were still carrying the pr see seventy seven in our training operations, which is pretty crazy. We carried it buds there. We did that of her our job just above taking turns they carry the big pure see. Seventy seven scramble radio, which wait thirty pounds with its battery this
Here the weight of memory. They took up what, others could no longer bear often they carried each other, the wounded or weak. They carried infections, they carried chest sets basketballs vietnamese English dictionaries, insignia of Rank Brown stars and purple hearts plastic cards in print with the code of conduct harry diseases among them malaria and dysentery it lies in ring, worm and leeches and patty algae and various rots and modes? carried the land itself. Vietnam, the place, the soil, a powdery orange red dust that covered their boots and fatigues and faces they,
the sky, the whole atmosphere, they carried it. The Eu lady, the monsoons, the stink of fungus and decay, all of it. They carried gravity water great description coming. That's just and that's why I like, I said, even though this book is, you know, part fiction in in a blend of truth. That clearly is written by someone that was on the ground in Vietnam, there's a lot of similarities between that firemen and the land itself in the atmosphere in Romania. What do you think of when you think of the atmosphere in the lander in Ramadi, that about it just takes me right right back there you know too,
no one could be able to write that unless they've been there unless they've been apart of that, and you know what that was like for Us- and the first thing I remember about about being a ride is just the the stage it I've there's something there is always the stench of something burning, always such a sum burning and what it was billions burning trash, deserves no trash. Pick up in this total war zone city and indices, giant trash, piles everywhere and sort asserted at the stage of that garbage Alla time. And, but so they be burning trash in a lot of the burning was a burning vehicle in the street. I got Heidi. You know that was an explosion that went off. That was that was a building that was on fire because the tag said it was a main gun round and you know what or the bad guys driven a truck bomb into the opposition had just just smoke in here, and I remember that that statue burning in armour the stench of the trash, the garbage
and sewage raw sewage. There was always a stage as well, and I can't take me back there in the cannot he's in the air that you get. The kind of iraqi haze its like the all smells at you talk about it like war is hanging in the air coz its fire and its gunpowder and its trash it's like that smell is or in my mind, if I smell bad smell I'd, think we're a war right now. Sometimes if the innocent you smell a similar smell of these identities. Gonna. Take me right back to did to be in an environment the others that the step today. This is of that, but it was. It was also a stance that we loved as well as you know, this is we dreamed about our whole life and I were returning. I talk about that. No justice
This is where we wanted to be sure I may ever people do your browser. Are our boys were ready to get after it and be a poor that an and now you know where else we wouldn't want to be that in that it credibly difficult environment? They know this most dangerous battlefield. And now we want to be a part of that, shows that it was a start, but it was it was. It was Remember the first, the first big operation we didn't mu, lab and I'm wrong in their needs. It's dark and we how to turn this main corner innocent. We turn his main corner. There, sinners tyres in the street on fire and you see, I could smell before, but I'm sick. What's it would do my smelling burning, Tarzan brochure. If we turned a corner, it screws up your night vision, goggles, now they're getting all black out by the bright light and and then, as the sun's common up a little bit. You see the dark smoke and,
Remember that to me. I don't know why, but that to me was the switch in my mind that, because, because there's that was the first first big operation, that The first thing that I said to myself, though, that those are the bad guys, though the ban guys did that there here there, they were just there. You know, like my first moment of saying that and is also very distracting it hard to see and all that other stuff, and- and I remember when I was running training and we would mt scenarios might want him big things yards, they are a guy's. How many times you burn and- and I remember one time somebody like you- know we're going to do the tires tonight and I see no we're doing the tires tonight always set tyres on fire. Let that be known. Has it screws things up and I think it was just my own personal desire to,
be taken back to tat place like you were just talking about. I remember those mountaineers goin out there with you. We run that training. When I was it, you know when I was at up operations officer executive, Astrid Zeal demon it. Right back the earlier Jimmy the smell that you know that the stance we hear that the call the prayer Yoke without you'd see the graffiti walls it was. It was so much like that and it was awesome It was no use night vision on out in our when we really got after it with the training training in really did everything we could dissimulate what the guy's organ experience. Man, you couldn't, you couldn't tell actually you you if you, if you got transplanted you wouldn't get because we did not even the cuz in Ramadi, all the the electrical wires were all knocked down, so weak stream. These crazy wires up just randomly in art in the streets to make it look good, cuz, that's what you'd be running to get caught up in this wire and you got to make sure it's not an Iud. She can just pull. You know it's all these little things to stimulate as best you can
thank God. You don't have the rivers of raw sewage running to say, you're, gonna, less wire guys would slip and fall down into which you just I had one of my first deployment. This guy was walking and I dont know what this was, but we were just walk, in all of a sudden, he walked and he fell through. It was likely was a hardened shell, He fell through this hard and shall write no sewage pit in our work. Has all this I know what the shell was made of, but it was we know was under it. Isn't nasty There is a big metal pipe across across either we college, it Greek that was? Actually the official name on the Magyar cause. I was literally like a creek of raw sewage there's, a big. A pipe and we often patrolled across his pipe It is the one where you do not the job it. You gotta just walk across
and later. Actually somebody army gas. It burn the grass out there and there was there, I d, all around it. We need to know where their when we first patrolled in one geckos witness he slipped off the pipe and fell into the fell into yet greek, which and now you know he's he's gotta- be in that uniform for the next out. Only a forty eight hour operational lie about it. You shall hear no shower for good twenty four forty dollars. That's good dancer one thing missing too from you know from that. We- we in that in that mountaineer, that the you run it was. It was so us, but the just the heat like that there, the heat was overwhelming and I think that's that's. What really guys. Even guess it we're in a really good shape you, who were you no great athletes, if you weren't calamitous that did, did it just did after until you really gotta climate ized, would cry. You- and I remember that goin in even like I said at night. Deal like ninety? Five degrees outside
and you know when the sun comes up. Their release bitter breeze kind of early morning you get a little bit of cool. And we're talking like high nineties right, but you we're. Gonna hit one, seventeen in our for the high that day. And you sit on a rooftop and in my rucksack is still covered with tar, where in above, the tar starts creeping out of the rooftop and just melting into your bag and stick it on your weapon and your gear new uniforms now I sweat a lot like I'm a sweat. I spent a lot as a person I remit, but I remember one time it wasn't when we did cop Falcon the first time, but it wasn't when they had air conditioning in their yet was in one Inter between ops in was down there. You guys went out, you could work in and I was in their cop falcon and, and I had come down in abroad, they earn Humvee babies are little hot, but but then I got in the building and I was coordinated with you- know that Commander am sitting there and now
do now, I haven't been doing anything physical. In fact, I I I was inside with with my gear off just of my body armor on, but I'm just sitting there, and I'm sitting there like looking at a battle map and me no one with me, I'm just look at the bottom happy. I think up charges talking you, your pride had not the city and you're going some way of looking at where you are, and there is a stream of sir I'm not doing anything literally sitting looking at, and there is it of sweat, we're off my nose onto the on the bottom up myself broken It is here You were in the shade then, and now this was this- was at night. Oh you at night, I, like we came down at night. You guys inserted and I was just sit next. I've been in their full and that's one thing that I always know this is the high this time a day in the desert is when the sun goes down This is a true physics thing. If you're a scientist- and you are come back at me with the facts- maybe I'm wrong, but let me tell you what it feels like and I
I say this when he comes out of this round. So all that sounds been beaten down the ground. The heat comes out of the ground and then the wind stops, and so it's just that is the hottest. I'm it's true here in the southern California desert. Should I regret the hottest few hours was after this. Goes down like the next two to three hours is the worst Apsley brutal will on on that that same operation are member. We were, we were running water because we we're out. We had moved out three her three yard arduous so down the street and set up and that big fortune hurry, apartment building and die. Run on water, so we had to do with it. So I'm doing it data that we gave a couple guys. We had a stretcher, Valium, affordable, like israeli structure, that we we open up and me and enter hither geyser spy hunting down the street. We know the snipers out here and we were right in the we're outside the perimeter and we're running back to where you were at the cop falcon,
loaded up a budget case, the waters and memories and then were spreading back our member get back from that and that we did that like- is private, like two o clock in the afternoon utterly recovered seventeen twenty degrees and ours. Cause you our gear on, and we will do this three hurry. Arts Brett Karen, a stretcher that probably ways like a hundred fifty pounds will reign of water for, like twenty guys and food and it was our idle, the guy. I look like I just got out of the shower for judges, sweating pleading all your dear and in a lot of our eyes probably not nervous deformity had were eyebrow protectionism, either like like ballistic glasses or what guys we weren't previously was goggles that you were. At your eyes. You can work, cuz, if you had it on, you will be completely fogged up and you couldn't see ten feet in front of you and I was like okay, I can my eyes or I can buy good shot and killed or ship oversaw the knob you'll get ready to go and you yeah. Can you be completely blinded by the by the the fog
and nothing what we try to get the high speed would like the little. Oh yeah there lay aside any your top. What's a high tech, here's some high technical. We got these goggles that had miniature fans in them to blow fresh air and their biggest circuit. All everything socks. Nothing works like wind she'll. Do I personally never do anything else, another little deeper t, bruisers, say everything. Socks nothing works. Yoke, because someone's hey man, he knew this distinction. Work of your get everything socks, nothing works deal with. It yields areas like everything, socks, nothing works. Next. We know that it's a given everything. Nothing works, media busy, BT of Peter. The actual we talked about the heat, but you know we didn't talk about. Is the Damn moon dust Because you he socket about their, they had We read dust, the moon, Dustin Remedy was nasty and normally- and it was everywhere. I remember specifically Corregidor was completely covered,
which was that the camp on the eastern side, a remedy where the the five or six was there, and we had a detachment of seals there and we you'd go there, it was just it was put to every step. You took them up, even trails that we're getting walked on all day to the head or origin. Ciao, all those that walked in every single day every state didn't matter. Every time you took a step, there's little cloudburst. Of this moon. Does this fine fine moon? Does that covering it was all over the city to it is like talcum powder anyway, it was. You're. Those tax will come in the course of the concrete. So even if it was even if it had been previously paved now, you're gonna, you got, you got sand in order and Anna, and it just our memory gettin in everything as we prepare for vehicles, a memory, particularly the combat, was grey in a right in the heart of just south central body, and it was produced
out of their european like knee deep moon does so now at an opportune out into a cyber awash. With this move and at night time now is it dusty, get no overstep gets in your weapons, and here you have a costly, clean omen, but I've. Never we get to where we were going to get I will watch position and you'd often have to take your boots. Often just dump out like a pound of sand of that moon, It got inside your boots in through the little holes in your little Jays Eddie over your Jugglery. What is moved us, though? Just it didn't ask that happened. Yet it's this fine, fine, fine! It's like Leif said it's like cow computer, but is dirt. It's some kind of fine.
Fine sand, again, I'm sure, there's some scientists, that's going to say that what it specifically as but far as I'm concerned is moved us for this. Is that we're not talking about like at on the beach there in Hawaii rate, without it it? This is like you. If you walk through the stuff, it's all over you and it's everywhere. There is literally walking through it and there's like a cloud of dust coming Ellie, I would have given their would eyes by Yelena vehicle drive by simply be jobs. Walkin in you, you just breathing this moon dust in its in the Ets. Blow your nose and is always a collar of moon, does where'd like when you feel right, dirt, bikes or something in it more of a dry area. I mean, obviously I'm sure it's way worsen, but thinking when you breathe, the idea is really the everywhere the blow, your nose. Just that that's just how it is over. There does Amazon ass, they were good tax, I'm taking us back to the book
They moved like mules by daylight; they, sniper fire at night, they were murdered was not battle, it was just the endless March village to village without purpose thing won or lost? They marched for the sake of the March, they plodded along slowly dumbly leaning forward against the heat unthinking all blood and bone simple grunts soldiering with their legs toil not the hills and down into the paddies and across the rivers and up and down again just humping one step. The next and then another, but no volition, no will because it was automatic, It was a narrow the war was entirely a matter of posture and carriage. The hump was ever
thing a kind of inertia, a kind of emptiness, Adonis of desire and intellect and conscious and hope and human sensibility. Their principles were in their feet. Their calculations were biological. There no sense of strategy or mission, they search the villages without knowing what to look for not caring. Kicking over jars of rice frisking. Children and old men blowing tunnels, sometimes settings fires and sometimes not then forming up and moving on to the next village than other villages where it would always be the same day. Read their own lives. The pressures were enormous in the heat of early afternoon they would remove their helmets and flat jackets walking bear which
dangerous but which helped ease the strain. Now that at section obviously paint something different than what we experienced because and Anna and you can see what is Talking about you know, you ve got soldiers that don't know what the mission is that don't understand what the strategy is in any others, all kinds of books, about Vietnam and and the highest, we talk about. Sometimes how maybe we did. You're good job of telling people what strategy wasn't but at the highest levels in the Vietnam WAR there, confusion or what the strategy so there's no way that some fault line grunt under stands, why used Clear village, and not that villager wider than that village, not this village, they just don't know so what is to become it becomes like they are just robots human robots moving forward,
and I think we were very fortunate. Be in a situation where you know we had a better understanding and an end again. We talk about this in the book we could have done a better job. It should have done a better job of making sure everybody understood more, but there was understanding there was at a minimum. Everybody understood at a minimum, the evil that was there the evil that Is there in remedy in Iraq, that was torturing people raping people, killing people trying to enslave people Everybody understood that there was evil there and that's what we were fighting against? To help these local populous, who was completely at the mercy of this insurgent which, by the way, had no mercy. I think we had that benefit for us, but
One thing that is completely unchanged is this true of this stream. The screen that is port on the soldiers on the ground, and when you think back to the strain that you felt that your men felt. What do you think of what would you Think of when you think of the stream. I can actually related minutes. It's the. It's something you when I talk about right when we got home got home, it was you called it. The burden We got we at home and we do you recognize how powerful that was unanimous. Talking to you about it, we, like we all of a sudden we can relax like their work, were people trying to kill us right there? There were when we arrived back from that of women to remedy and were back in San, Diego and and you
in just the recognition that does not just from our personal, like hey, that people are trying to kill me believe I know longer carrying the burden of. The decisions that I make and people's lives are on the line right like at this moment right now, and I want to make sure that I've thought through all the contingencies you are we ready. Your fault for these worst case scenarios. Have we have we plan you? Have we rehearsed these things? Have we trade? Have we don't do what data we might do? How can they where we have even foreseen it. You know that that burden that carried all the time and in for me a man after after more got, killed and Ryan got wounded. It was just four the in ardor format. It was just this recognition, like man, we're. That can happen at any time, and I we'll grab at any time. Prior to that, wasn't that we go complacent or that, but it, but he was
got away with it so many times that you all eat, you start kind of Tennessee like maybe we can make it through this thing you know without losing people as is and just going out there and and you as you've talked, but you can just only get lucky so many times like with all that evil and all that horrible this out there that That it can happen at any time and an that's the strain that I think that shortly. I feel that, for other guys felt when you see that you, your brother's, killed or wounded, when you had close calls- and you recognize like just how how close we are to death anytime anytime, we're rolling out there that that is a strength. It is a strain on you in the storm that wears on you and I think for me, which is always we always worried about, like just the and when you see the violence of it, you know that the vehicle graveyard that we rolled
Through every downward driving out the gate and just to the twisted hawks of metal that used to be a vehicle that carried men or women. In them and those were U S, troops that were either killed or hardly wound that were in that vehicle that were destroyed. You see it? I d go often is a hundred foot fire on the urges, fragments the metal fragments raining down. You know four of hundreds of yards in all directions for something like day like this, the power of that you know that the violence of me Jeanne God Varlets Company and close to you- and I often describe as just a yacht, wrote about the book to the big is strongest guy. You can imagine smashing the wall with a hammer next to you as hard as again in from
head unaids from your head, just throwing concrete fragments everywhere in theirs, and you know noughts seven to eight hundred rounds per minute of that of that common energy with a benefit both a machine gun. Maybe there's multiple once you get? U r p e g rocket justice rocking explosion is rings your bell. You don't even have a giant just on the wall outside. He know if one of those things hits the window and then in an detonate on the bars on the window. It's gonna, just Frank: everybody in the room can be hardly wounded or killed so that now was a strange all the time and I think the difference for us. Those is the: U N n n in other, isn't there Some certainly some guys- and you talk about Leadership- that we learn right, get the gas care in those heavy machine guns that the belt FED machine guns and all the gear that, without their like man, do I have carry this thing. You know as a leader, we had to remind why that was important. You'll, be there that love hate relationship, the machine. They loved issued, that machine gun and their automatic they hate to carry them. She read it
Is that love hate relationship and a winner goin in all four patrol. That's all you know a mile for my own half will petroleum due to a tougher. Their journal heavyweight. They give us You got you got to help him recognize like this is. This is why you are such a critical part of Tina. Why we got to have these machine guns, Do you know as a leader, so we have to do all the time, but I these guys in Vietnam there you know they're they're drive nor flying into an area retorted tuner, that's that It seemed like the sea and there seemed new terrain all the time you're for us Romania was a tiny city that was is like what we buy three miles across you're, talking adjusted the set the central Central Romani piece of it very soon. And we're going into the same areas all the time you know J Street the J Block enough Papa ten in these areas that are going down base, road- and you don't do twenty a street in these areas that we we got to know understood. You know where the the the bad guys were operating out of and we ve been in so many these buildings and we did we had happened.
We had a mix it up and not patrolled and the same street everytime. I try to come in and do some misdirection stuff, but we got to know these areas and you know, even though it was a small area, these tax might be less than a mile away from you. Maybe there miles down the road. You know that environment. If there's, if there's a thirty five ideas that can straw, anyone or which could destroy the tank between you and them half a mile away, might as well be a hundred miles. Why doesn't matter so we had a plan for those it is. We have to be but that it was a strange assorted, remember well and in a number of that conversation, as I'm sure you do come back and and and recognise alike,. Wow. I didn't even realize how heavy that strain was until we got back and it was it was it was lifted it didn't happen right away. It happened like we were, at least I feel like we were it would be, they would be going to a planet where there was,
Much much higher gravity and you you, don't even realise how much more weight you're carrying and then we when we came home it wasn't like it instantly the gravity change it was like it slowly in one day, for me was about a month that I I all of a sudden. I woke up instead of the first I had when I woke up of like what's gonna happen today, what bad thing can happen today? It was like, I think, the waves. Good and ongoing serving ended, go from that thought process from, like you said, is the horror of the of the imminent danger, because, like like you said you can only get lucky so many times and you go out. There after day after day, and you got watching guys all over my guys, all over a there's, no possible way that they can. Get through today without taking a casualty.
They end? They make it through that day I got. Five elements. Three elements, five elements to elements all out on the battlefield same time, there's no way they're gonna make it through today without a casualty. They make it through today and guess what wake up the next day and age. You're carrying that day end today, make it through that day now your care in three days and that just bill and built and built in every once in a while. Obviously, we would make a casualty and me you get a little reset, but you don't it's just there and their heavy all the time in which really interesting about this might be thinking as leaf explained. Is you explain, those feelings and ours. I'm talking on right now. You might think that we were solid and worried and sweat, and and a king or but but I'm sorry, you're thinking about it. We would and everybody in the d in the task in it we were having fun. We were laughing, we would
have conversations we make fond of each other we'd make fun of our friends would make fun of our boss. We'd make fun of everybody. We laugh. We'd have a great time and the strain Even though there's there's you know funding, good times on top of it. That strangers absolutely there and it stays there the whole time and it just built. I think the big illustration of that to me: was When an operation was going on right in vehicles, relied outlet, the other vehicles are lined up on the we had this the main street outside of the talk tat operation. And yet we often was an end now I remember that that blonde that we had an inch asking a browser so often get what the seals are doing their thing and get the support personnel that are Run the radios and see bees it the cabinet. They just do different stuff for their Also on my desk ruse was that we learn those trucks up, then we know we're goin out we're going out in operation and and if Europe,
If you are coming on the off, I don't you would give, would always be out there you're out their shaken everybody's has a talk and torment and not in a way of lake. Not in a way that there was morbid right, but in a way of like just the respect and and knowledge that any time we're goin up make it any one time Maybe there may be on any of these guys are all now may not become anathemas. They may be come back in a body that Anna and that we have to be ready for that at all the time, because it was almost daily daily thing I just not all over for you and the support for The coms guys, you know, are our radioman, rather is our seals and they did but they're out there getting the ready. Help us out. People just got me now are our operation specialist chief coming out there on the wrong guy, just lined up shaken he has talked of people. Is that it in for the few ass it. You know that I didn't go on another another. If we had something, going on in another units to worn out with our guys do,
operation not a part of the same thing like going out there talking those guys shake their heads and no one that like they may not be coming back from that, and I think that was the biggest That was the biggest me like illustration of like that strain. Are we laughed? We Joe it wasn't. There was nothing more, but we weird telling jokes and laughing in each other. But but was really there hammer. We got relieved by the next seal team Hilton by the came in and enough good good, bye, the mind that I'd sure with Abkhazia comparability I come those gas when they were gone out to you. I knew what they were goin out into. You know. I just remember going out there for that. You buy them and shaking their hands and in talking about, as we know, exactly what they're going to do in their going keep in Africa. There was one of the I remember when those guys came in- and I was doing like the turn over brief to them. All troop and I
A united sign, pull sign for the up up was going through this and that the other thing, and unlike okay, you guys are going to take casualties and in it I never thought in a million years that somewhat It would be briefing me hey. You guys are going to take out the zoom like. Oh you guys. Might AIDS dangerous, like you guys, are going to do casualties. That is what is going to happen and that might sound negative. But that was the facts that the one hundred percent. True that they were going to catch these are we knew it, we knew it and that's what was. So hard to shape their and tell him good, bye and good luck in an
watch them roll out for the first time alone. Without us and know that could be tonight and could be tonight, I'm new were hit one yet another section, this talking about talking about the men again gone the book. For the most part they buried themselves with poise, a kind of dignity, now and then, however, there were times of panic, when they squealed or wanted to squeal, but couldn't when they twitched made moaning sounds and covered their heads and said Dear Jesus in full.
The round on the earth and fired their weapons blindly encouraged and sob and begged for the noise to stop and went wild and made stupid promises to themselves and to God and to their mothers and fathers, hoping not to die And back to what we were just talking about. To have guys- and you know we we did just about a guy named Colonel Peak Pekin, his his book. Battle studies and when he describes men and one of these key points. Is he saying that men are horrified and they're scared of death and that they have this. Just incredible obviously, this under
underlying the wheel of self preservation right. That's there that's the thing that fuels people and he just talked about this tiny percentage of of men that will overcome that and they'll be brave. And to think that we were lucky enough to serve with guys in our task and you see the next task. You come in to see the soldiers and see the Marines to overcome that strain on a daily basis. That is absolutely one of the most humbling things that I think I will ever experienced in my life. That's what that's what courage all about it! I think I just the sea guys. You know that are just in the thick of the firewood
bullets missing their heads by inches member, ah Our member on the rooftop of building ninety nine right on twenty a street in the work we were, hammered, I'm an enemy rounds company by hundreds and hundreds arouse coming shattered windows, I remember our Eu De Bomb Disposal, this awesome. Awesome guide is easily on the rooftop in theirs. Armor Pearson rounds coming through the roof. Poaching through concrete wall did that's just by three research over his head and he just laying therein remember crawling up their geography, geyser Bio Katie's, like looking at me like thumbs up, laugh it about it. I'm just humor, those guys right deal with that and no one. Again. That could happen at any time, but you know Jesse guys guys like more clear, I just the most hilarious guy. You could imagine just crack and jokes. You know and sing in the
You know the cheese ball eightys to you. I am the warrior and and the US laughed about talk about the suffragists, just that's how they dealt with it in in but it just tremendous courage, and not just our seals, not just gas it that we were with loathing those Marines and the soldiers that we serve outside adjusts watching those guys day in and day out, you know who offered didn't, have as much control over what they were doing as we did. You know at down that the fault line level, but just out there get after it with a great attitude, and no nobody's fearless right. Nobody, some people, thank God. We know we get there. Question Alla time right from businesslike. Would you odds? More mortals are fearful, but you guys are fearless, ignore nobody feels like you, you reckon
how mortal you are, and that can happen any time to get. You see this guy's just just totally selfless enough courage. It would just incredible courage overcome that and just amazing. The message that's really to me, that is the dad, is the bright light. You know that we brought back from you know from that conflict intimacy and witness that adjust to the tremendous human Spirit Lake overcome everything. Indeed, we are going to kind of wrap up this section right now with one last little piece of the book here in this is one of the guys being lavender last name lavender. He gets killed and The lieutenant takes the blame himself. He feels that that blame and part of it he kind of blames on his his thinking about his girl back home,
funny he's thinking he wasn't doing everything he could do and what could he have done better and where did he led his guys down and what he could do different from now on it? I'm going to the book he loved her body hated her No more fantasies, he told himself. Henceforth when he thought about Martha. It would be only to think. That she belonged elsewhere, he would shut down. The day dreams this was not Mount Sebastian. It was another world where there were no pretty poems or mid term exams a place where men died because of carelessness and grow. Stupidity. Kiowa was right boom down, then you were dead, never partly dead.
Briefly, in the rain, Lieutenant Cross SAW Marthas, gray eyes gazing back at him. He understood it was very sad. He thought the things men carried inside the things men did or felt they had to do. He almost nodded at her, but he didn't instead He went back to his maps. He was now determined to perform his duties firmly and without negligence. It help lavender? He knew that, but from this point on he would important himself as an officer he would disappear, of his good luck, pebble swallow it may be or use Lee Strunk Slingshot, orders, often along the trail
on the march, he would impose strict feel discipline. He would be careful to send out flanks security to prevent straggling or bunching up to keep his troops moving at the proper place and at the proper interval he insist on clean weapons. He would confiscate the remainder of lavender dope later in the day, Perhaps he would call the men together and speak to them plainly. He would, set the blame for what had happened at TED lavender. He be a man about it, would look them in the eyes keeping his chin level and he would issue New S. Peace in a calm in two her impersonal tone of voice, a lieutenant voice, leaving no room for argument or discussion. Commencing immediately, he tell them they
no longer abandoned equipment along the route of March. They would police up their acts, they would get their shit together and keep together and maintain it neatly in good working order here. Would not tolerate laxity. He would show strength, distancing himself. So he falls back on what we fall back on all the time on discipline on standard operating procedures, on maintaining everything in good working order and one of the things that you can see here and people we get. This too, is you think these guys, Vietnam of Is there going to be
Attention, of course, they're gonna keep the wept. Your weapon keeps you alive in a fire. Of course you to keep your weapons clean, but here the leader he has to lead. And I think that's a common misconception and weed talk about it all the time and is one of the most frequent questions I get asked. Well, you know. The seal teams you got everyone's motivating and everyone's focused and its life or death. You know so there. Going to stay sharp and are going to fall procedure, no matter what and you're my teams not like that in the business world ever you know if I work with are like that and the best seems they only follow that procedure right, because gotta leaders that are stepping up and make it happen? And in look we, some amazing people zeal tapes. Just like we have some amazing people, the military in army and rain units and out and other special operations units, etc
but even with life or death online people get complacent people start latin I'll drop, not clean in their weapons when they need to or are not fond of procedure. Lechner guard down because, where we ve done this operation a dozen times, nothing bad happened. So nothing, that's gonna happen right, that's it's like this common human emotion that you just make these asylum and so the only way, units are gonna, stay focused and not have that and when they ve got good leaders, they get a fire team leader in charges. Orgasm step up and make sure that is gas squared away at Saint folks, they gotta get us leader make it should squatters were developed, LP, O leading pedal sort out their make sure the guy or dialed or not cutting corners, I'm always saw that with guys we ve been the Sap Rover Wash positions. You got like some of them had like one stairwell in and out someone's gotta watch that stairwell. Someone's gotta have a weapon and looking down the stairway for seventy two hours, and so I hope we can rotate some guys out. Suicide is the same guy, but but even so,
if you it's gonna, be several hours, are you watch it down that stairwell and it's boring? Is Moselle right and guess What you're, the only guy watching a servile and everyone else get their backs to you so viewing Doing your job during those people get shot in the back and yet, if what happens, We have been here. I've been on the stairwell. Look, man doesn't without his eyebrows dozen times. Are we being this building multiple times nobody's we come up. The stairs I've been it near for hours on end? Like hasn't happened, so you people, we'll fall asleep. People will stop in addition, and only if you got good leaders who are gonna, go check on that guy and make sure that he recognizes that. Listen, revise the pin it on you, you're, not what you gonna kill, get some slips up the stairs, but the guys you, bring get shot in the back and yet they were depend on you too have their back and it requires those good leaders. At every level. Stepping up I'm going to check on that gun. If he is tired, guess they went rotating output, somebody else in there, but choirs leadership at every level.
So even with life and death and allowed people get complacent, and this really goes to what you write. About all the time which is what is? It really mean to take care your people That is why I want to be light. You know, so I dont want to be your own hard ass and I don't wanna. You know I don't want to like you I dont want to push to heart in that direction or like if they got this corner. Maybe it's not that big deal and an army you can go too far in that direction. Right you become the slave driver, but Are you really take care you people, if your allowing them to of course, that they should be in a hurry to get complacent when they should be and the answer is no, of course, not you're setting them up for failure so you as a leader had got to step up and now and make sure that Beer appears around you if you're, not a leadership position. I would certainly as leader, make sure that your team in those wrongdoer toe the line and fallen was standing up procedure. And in achieving that high standard possible? Because that's what is gonna? Allow
them to stay alive on the battlefield, an old We accomplish the mission and certainly Domini. And went on their battlefield anywhere in business in life yeah, but you can definitely see that all the things that ten across rattles off that he's. Gonna now start imposing he's. Start taking care, he thought he was taking care of his men before bye, bye, we have dirty weapons and not hounded about that by let them drop gear on the trail, by, stop sending outflank security cuz, it's a pain in the ass. He thought he was taking care of his guys and got one of those guys killed, and that is exactly the point when you're taking care of your people. That means you're taking care of them. That means you're, holding the line you're holding the discipline and you're making sure that they are
as safe as you can possibly make them while still couch in the mission, and that is the pretty much what we had for this book by the way again, it's called TIM, O Brien, the name of the book, is called the things they carried. Definitely a solid read in and I would check it out and echo all abbot up on the on the website in yeah, I know for those EU they're gonna come at me. And say it was a fiction bucks an hour. You gonna start submitting to me every fiction war book. That's ever been written and another some damn good ones out there, and it is probably end up doing but yeah. This is one of them. That is again it's it's. It's it's fiction, but clearly its based on the experiences in it
and once again you can see that, even though war, valves and more changes that the fundamental the fundamentals of human nature in war. Don't really judge I'm not into fiction books. I don't know the last time I read a fiction book, I'm going to read that book, immediately resonated when they put me back in those just the sites and smells in them and the stuff that we carry it in and the opens up something just I look out for digging into it completely off goodwill, and you know it s a thing when, when you are dealing with these books and you start to really Really, listen, german him there's just there's always so much more than then you get. Out of it the first time you through it. So that's why, for me in reading it and then going through
in and then sitting here in reading it and now, when I put the headphones on and read it it's, they definitely did Emily hit you and you get more out of my opinion no doubt, there's something magical about putting ahead. You know cuz, you had a couple of sex hurts where talked about this last couple days and what the park without an and it did not it didn't We know what sitting here listening to you read it with advance on its like, takes me immediately, backed Romani thinking about the stuff that weaken the things that we carried with us and the moon does that we patrol do in those smells and stages in the heat and, frankly, are a pretty girl back and get some right now. I'm ready mega make indeed, and you know what we gotta do- is it the same thing with with these other books, with with our book and- and I know you know- we're gonna talk about this little bit. You know when you write a book you can find and in some way to the structure of the book
into the length of the book and to the balance of the book, and so you can't just drill down on some facet. That might be a minor We totally pertinent to that particular we're way others laid out. But what would I have to do. Is we have to get the next time you come on You gotta do where'd you arm, but we do trim ownership police, get it through a few chapters, because. Because we know the authors. You know. We know that there is so much back behind those that it would be awesome to sit there and and kind of give a bunch of those you know about that, story behind these things in it. I think next We gotta we gotta make that happen. Let's do it by like that idea. There's there's so much there and it is even go back and review in the book is thinking about these little things like all we should. It said that I was you, don't know straightest the other, the point we have to focus it, but yeah there's a
Allow behind me, I think about the blue on blue scenario. I am just opening tapir ownership and without about it all that went into that and be greater talk by that simply do we have to get that next time now Extreme ownership name of the book, achieving ship is also the name of something else. It's about to happen. May fourth and fifth, muster the extreme ownership muster leadership. Com France, I guess he's at appropriate the called a leadership conference. I'm not sure I guess Declassify would it is then, maybe we put in that category, but to me the muster stands by itself, United, the definitions of here that we lack a gathering together troops Therefore, I guess that fits very probably so I is there going to like big details about the muster?
I just mentioned it in case. People are interested in getting better, especially from a leadership perspective and really from a human potential veto getting to where you think you can get getting beyond? We could think you can get. I don't talk to me about it. Since you're here anger sittin here. What do you think, what what? What? What are you or like the highlights of the Maastricht is, if we just did the first one last year in October, to seventeen thought it was gonna, be cool too, doesn't sixty or To that extent, I what did I say to them something that has not yet. I thought that the Maastricht because you know I mean I thought hey. This is gonna, be cool, acting corner, you know me about copy, born or a talk about all this cool stuff in and do our best to pass on information and gave and receive information on. I thought it was me cool, but it was
lab. Where was, it was friggin awesome and why we're legs from highlights for you when you think about it. What are you excited about for New York. Why did I He talked to so many people, all the time, radiated n in, awesome leadership from companies that we work with in different areas nations out there and in it just love blood organ love, talkative. I think, but the master was There- were just something magical about that. Yeah, I remember I weak. Maybe the predicted that ring, I think I think use came up with a new tagline, come to the muster. It's me you come up with a new word: Army tax regime come to the the magical- Mozart, maybe because there because I was I days in what was article about it. Look for me what was here's ears? Here's? What common off, stage? We were taught about you would leave.
The idea of why you know they need to take advantage of every day with the gift that's been given to them by those brave warriors. They gave their lives. Are they have the ability to pursue that in order Amerika stage you game you just came up, gave me a big hug you're, not a hooker I don't have offered, was actually not at all. I take down at all, maybe some like that was coming to get us get ready, is getting ready to do as a sprawl but die I remember that just just that emotion of like this was amazing event. It was amazing that I think what made it a using was the in a we really, interact with so many people. You know it so many people. We're in the game and had the same. The same drive exactly from so many different walks of life. We have some awesome. We had some really hi power senior executives from from some great companies too,
mid level managers and in line leaders there just aspiring to take on greater worship entrepreneur You know that the military, law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, amid across the space we can't even vision or imagined from you know from from vat. Dear in old, non profit organisations. At things like that, in interact with so many different people, their eager to learn to implement the press was extremely. In their lives that was also permit it was interesting to me some handing the thought about is the fact that you have. We spent both. So many people come up to me said the old man was. It was worth the price of a mission alone, just a meet other participants here and learn from them and an enlarged from each other. Fellow troopers, and was. It was just. It was also see, that's for me all of this. We speak it about solids on and we we spigot great of us and we work, worked great leaders, but it the absolute best of of all time that
four Bonaparte best audience and I'm so fired up to go back. And it's gonna, be it how much better in New York rattle. It's gonna be the we a few there name folks ever get a common and attain that where there are illegal and will be a whole new group of people who couldn't come into it at it'll, be even bigger, you gotta, be ass. One of the things that that was awesome for me- and I knows our politics we talk about about the interaction that we had with everybody right. And I remember when we were kind of setting in planning the event. That was one of the things where we know what we were talking about this we re. We do this. We have this pursuing a and finally Addison hey bro. You know we need to do we Me did you, be there? No backstage no curtain, nothing, we need to meet and interact and answer questions, and get in the game with everybody and that's exactly what we didn't like, for instance your
there is. We do a second we'd, be about we'd, be talking for our answer, questions for an hour and a half when we it done without our half, we would just step forward to the stage and step down onto the floor, and there be people. Lined up to say hey what about this, as you just said that, and what do you think I should do here, and it was like that for for two straight days, and not just after the sessions good morning worthy ass ray. We are our zero for forty five club pities, we're Craig it out. These awesome work outside and and we I'm at all levels of athletes really high and reads bland, credible arab Elsie, jujitsu players to sue the just? some folks- have just started traded- are just starting at the german Kirsty, whereupon ass her. What not at came out participation that an end walk into, jargon overdue or walking bachelor's, though those work at Hockin was leaders and people Tom What would you do in this situation? I am ever having those conversations with people and you're helping to apply that stuff, we ve
do Social me to somebody must be why some of the specific conversations like, I can't believe our good. This word, here's what's going on I'm now, I'm now able to. I just got a promotion ill based on this, that you're that those Kennedy can a feedback We all talk about right. There's only two measures that matter effective and ineffective And how do you measure that whether the team is is a carbon emission? Your vote you're not accomplish emission than their hard work and you're not effective, and for us that measure effectiveness is that people are actually going out and kick his ass in their world and their gettin promote their accomplished in their mission are building a better team there. Old and better relationships with their boss. You know with appears would the sub contractor they work for with you know, and not their there being. More engage members, their community in a better parent better coach a better deal, member across all walks of life, and it gets really our measure effectiveness in It was just awesome. I see so many folks do an extraordinary things that were part of the monster S looking for
that may forward to fit in New York. It's gonna be awesome, and it's got exactly. Would you describe we're? Gonna worry me, keep that no matter how long we do this or how big the monsters get I never wanna never wanted to be, to lose out of of me and you stand engaged in a with participants, not hide behind the curtain somewhere in the green room, but being out fraud, talker people talking with leaders on an open and apply the stuff what they do, this ain't, the wizard of OZ. We can we hide behind the curtain and You know for an you talk about measures of of success, effective ineffective. Well for me, like the biggest reward from doing the master, it's it's him. Or to what we do with our what our business of businesses- and it's always great- get that feedback, but to get a mass scale of three or four hundred people and get that feedback about the promotions the advancements did,
goals, achieved a fitness goals achieved. The relationship goes to get that feedback has just been he's, been awesome, so like We therefore see you there and you know. Actually speaking of the master you can see life yeah. You see me, of course, you're gonna see J He and Dave Dave, Burke, J, P D. They're gonna, be there We also see ECHO Charles he's. Be their fully fully then kind of crews do but he's gonna be nigh cruising hard, so you can get to most people want to meet echoed the most he's. Like the basics you're in the ban that make you know, there's the lead, guitarist and then there is the lead, vocalist who's out front with the weird pants on. But everyone look
The basis in the back that hammered down the tracks laying down cruelly package of cruising gonna, get to meet him. So That was amazing me. Actually, the number people live double too to take pictures with you talk. Two years I was I was jealous. I was asked whether they don't ask me like real questions, though it's more like a social level which the electorate Will you want to keep it? That way are easy questions for you, gotta lycra leadership, question you gonna, let you go to me if you Do some socializing like getting echo Charles Line, his head, you wanna get an extra one wonders whether bus or New York, a particular is like anything in New York City get unlimited space, and now we were so large accepting already. If you want to be there for Fort May, for the vet get your ticket, now is. Are they would sell this thing out now at the gets that highly likely so
Those may not be there. I would I would get those things purchased, a sap if you, if you want to be a part of that, do it big port- that I noticed from the last muster, is The EU mentions before people welcome in the learn all this cool stuff in in a like minded people, but they become. Real good friends. You know so like then I would urge the due to training at night. You could tell I thought that all these guys came they all came together. Not eight income, we gather they just became friends how their crews in his friends now and there's people you doing things now we got pocket. Still now the brilliant layman It is also Debbie. Debbie Zonia and Sonya yeah. They got among us, nor does believe someone else anyway. So there's people better. That's the one at that. Yes podcast, you got the trooper podcast Trooper Project, a project to modern
Modern Athena. So there's things that are coming out. Those those are people that, just they want a friend's rolling into the bastard. They form relationships another out, just crushing things, and that's how you know like and you get to do this a lot where you come in here, like by yourself and then after a while. I hate this guy, like you just do the skylight digital all wait, but where are you Do you the same shown slowly like Hawaii, five or slowly? You started gravitate towards these people, but In this kind of situation, everyone's candlelight gum like they're, trying to get better. You know better. It. This is at its source, real, similar, better at life life in general. So it's almost like a double gravitation affair in your leave all that's a scientific thing too, by the way that you know, I don't know about. The double gravitation effect will deal with the muster double granted,
there's an effect occasion? Whirl effect across work abroad, and it's funny cause you see it. You see like animals all talking you know like if I stepped back, I see you and they ve talking you and until it all you guys known each other for long term, that's kind of what you see, but then you really Oh, they haven't known each other reluctance just pure double gravity. The other double grove- gravitational, I think some of that cross overdue is when you realize it. Police officers. Next, you have some of this jealous you have as a result as a small business entrepreneur who have resigned problems as this guy who's. Does he over big company who hasn't, in problems as this person is in a start up so yeah have who, by the way, the same problem that late and I saw an experienced on them oh field and their civil Should this is the thing those problems there are solutions to them: they're they're out there this
this isn't magic. As a matter of fact, I know all about bust you down here, but there is no magic. There's knowledge to be unified, jujitsu right, Jujitsu isn't about matches no magic producing. Sometimes I do see matched magical magical. What you do sets a superpower is speaking to you. That's it we're gonna be trained, so that's right. That's right Friday. Then we're gonna be get now, if you come to the master I gotta go no ye for travel purposes. Deco ok, so we'll go plan. The Novi situation, thus echo like do you like nobody better I goes in phases ran home, it's only always Regan where you're you're trooper you're too, the Russians are asked for. She required rest. He asked hash word so that is gonna happen. Echo, like I said back point ECHO Charles, we'll be there and and see him and, in the meantime, echo.
But he doesn't want to support this podcast didn't Let us know out and do it, Yemen there's a few ways, but I recommend supporting yourself. We talked about being prepared, leaf depth, so good way to preparing to train and with training comes help which is supplement nation. I was one of these guys who do in into supplements ever like all, that's like fake, I dont worry, don't need it and really it's kind of I can't I don't need it so I thought but get the right kind of some like ok, so you who talk relocate support do matter? Some talk about some thousand were you there when there will be other young ones? Last time I saw you a couple days ago
Anyway, I went in there like training Chris ruse uneasy. I saw you guys rolling. Yes, I know that ok, so we were outraged by the way yeah and he goes heart back bellicose heart. I think I do then rounds with soap, fish yeah. Why do we home selfish because he's here to get a whole line around is covered in Sofia hold onto it. Slick inquiry and greasy with a black belt as the back yet one hundred b, like an untrained swordfish, we can be hard enough by the way? Anyway? The point is, with him I did three rounds with them in all in the future and with other people, and you know that feeling when you do work on you like I like it. I feel like the work has not done. I don't feel like is not like exhausted as they need to be after work like this. So. I can head that feeling, or am I okay? I need to do it like. Who can I go with like a heart, and I need to go like another round right and I remembered it
shoot. You can forget about collective. I don't mean this in a bad way. I don't. I dont mean this as a back handed can be bed comment, but for everyone that doesn't quite know I don't normally see you as a guy that's gone. Get one more road, rail and other times you like all good. You know that one are you actually not right? You know, you're talking about. Old me. Ok, yeah! Is it is this increase room tat is without doubt about when you're, not presume tech, remit, com Roy every enrolling shield yea. So no that's not me I, like the one you that that is to your full credit? You are different. Now now just because your skill levels you do too, but also because of your you
back on your durance and all that you definitely you you used to be done. Or so- and I talk about this for the poor. That's a good point, though, because one kind of please off the other special. If you don't like being tired. So if you get tired early, you like you're, going to do lesson you're going to try less things you're going to eat because you're kind of fighting that fight as well. You know one that tiredness goes away and you know how to deal being tired. You, like ok, now a kind of free to try this. If it fails, I can try it again. I can not you know if you, if you're, not in shape or if you, if he buckle to being tired, it's like you only have a few bullets in the clip. You done you're killing my guns, worse and worthless. Now begun looks good from lifted way it's in all this stuff, but it's done after a few bullets, but you load up the bullets. Endless bullets right. You can go shoot Targeteer too.
Well, that's what it is I will get since I gave you a a a negative on the you I'll say that new you get some. You got some good of, have you got You did, which is way better than it used to be. Even the old ECHO Charles, I wouldn't know we're going back in the day with the ituri era are our mutual friend gave not tonight you are you guys go another round protected for us. It was when he is school level was far below his. Oh, he like we use your rescuing around. We miss you and keep in mind in my defence this is jocose evaluation and when you like your door, oh yeah, well, you're really jacket your kind of donor, but it's not like us. Does this second potatoes, those it wasn't my room with the white belts. You have our full of round. That's what I'm here. For me, the standard that comes out of Jacques with is very high
our state of yours they really you're, not gonna is wrong. Not to these listen, I'm enemies. Each is full of compliments to leave deserted leaders. As I hate to say some like this. You know I think was something positive about life. It is like, yeah you did say that, and I remember cuz it's like the one of the four complementary gives me in the last twelve years old, offered yet a note. I have noted with a hollow, but if that is true, and it does help and not just that way, though, not in just the way like all. I can. I mean better, shaping, that's good, that's true, but you just? U can do you get to know without that added enemy in there, so you like, free do more digital jujitsu. So to sum up the last twelve, minutes of conversation. What you're saying is is on a dot com. Yeah. You know how I got into the store good? I want my pain
no that day? That's how I felt I felt like my work. I was, I think we are always like somebody. I was actually thinking the same thing as the other thing about Chris Chris, so fish Is he moves alot, yet mover and when you move If the guy's lighter than you you have to move within an ordinary or you gonna get you, you got a cough, and so you any movie you couldn't stop moving and he's gonna move all the time on you and and that's why was really in breast. The fact that I've trains you so well. How now you bring it? You don't get you one do not around active good on the other, to end? I did take and met Khan. The thing is you, get occasion I took it like like an hour before, even or I guess who's about an hour before actually was rolling. But he's like maybe half hour for eleven, I ain't gonna forgot I'll tell you The whole idea of from tack- and what's he doing performance, total string,
How can one thing or its cooking strawberry banana there to do so If that's consider cheating that I've been doing a lot lately, because our own, a man a lot of times, I've already worked out. In the day I mean up all day. I went sir. I got a bunch of stuff, so it's not like I'm rolling in to the gin or two to tea that you be fresh ray, I ve been getting a massage all day, normal acted grinding, it out all data, and so sometimes I need to get on and so called This is really why say it's cheating, because always seen it while I'm looking at you and it's cheating, if it's like me again, few, whose you know who's the batter warrior kind of thing. Is all but you're untrimmed tech. Ok, so you have a little help then saw it in a. But now, if you're training a you want to learn, Jiu Jitsu or you wanna push performance so you could take it gains you recover from exercise, and you want to push exercise and you wanted the injured.
The situation where you want to train b of the train longer without mean of the burden. This fatigue, where you might have to quit at a certain time or whatever don't quit? Not all you know what you don't quit it, is helpful issuing tech, someone would you rather dogs are facing enormous problems. I miss you ever take some recovery This is my nonverbal signal for let's move to the next item. When I do this yet No, but you still a lot to be said, though, that the thing see- and I think that's really the value of this whole thing. Is that this needs you talked about. If I knew this like back in that, You know that, guy that you are talking about that echo that you were talking about. I knew this can stuff echo one point: oh yeah, I would. I would have been very little time at airline biofuel that against me, because I could have told you about this earlier. I dont ban. Its life. Maybe I was afraid to anyway. No, I wasn't it
I don't know if your on street, the shroom tech or whatever krill oil, that's a big one. I haven't tried shrimp it, but I just got a new order of trouble with form on it, so you go all that I got to get some strong bone as well the astronauts good. Yet those are good. They keep you in, like you. Can I do exuberant deep squat tonight, Nissan Full on Asia, like all the stuff, deep, deep, squats, all away, no problem, no factor krill oil just boom, taken it through unless it because, like these types of supplements, good on it dot com. If you want ten percent off you, ETA, slash juggle boom, get yourself keep yourself in the game, also good way to support Amazon if you shop, Amazon, click through or website Jacobite cast up on this. Amazon Banner there on the site, the its action, the menu to know on the top navigation menu is what you call it.
Can there be for you, do you shop, in whatever you're buying weather beaten, these books or whatever you do like that, can support small teeny, tiny action. Great support, not only of Worse is due subscribe if you're on Itunes or any of these other podcasting platforms, whatever they may be sticker global player, these ones, whose other ones too I'm just saying subscribed, that's the point. Even they really have already so also Youtube videos, more videos of England are released one tomorrow, one little fun. By tomorrow, you mean tomorrow from today, so it already ok, listen, there's nobody knew now, maybe might not blue unpredictable We call that variable reward system than I am. Anyway, Youtube. Genoa, some videos on there, if you like the video.
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Who doesn't where tee shirts, not me, I would that's it. That's the whole uniform T shirt. But yet, if you like t shirts, you wanna represent in this way boondoggle vodka shirts, multiple title shirts rush guards as well for the noogie situation, situation jujitsu or, like anything, we need range emotion, running cycling crossed it. The good May or may not give you nineteen percent improvement in all performance. Worrisome. May not. I think that's like the scientifically literate way to put it, Nevertheless, it is actually will, because there is now that said, I didn't get the nineteen percent over this gig year. I think it here. Actually
you're right there. You boys, are set at eighty point, seven percent of the air. You know you get when a slack. Her is maybe you know. If you have acted properly now slacker cycles, that's invalides will buy a anyway Jackal store dot com. That's that's wreaking, get all this in a rash guards and incorporates, I think, you're cool Meda. We went to great lengths to get the good shirts good quality, one guy emailed me actually not one guy does I got another recent email said it's my favorite shirt to wear because of how it fits in it, because it's good in a delicate away? Free stir you get you know when you got a soccer game and wherever you go, there could like a support that we get one end represent in psychological warfare? Ok, so I'm going to psychological! if you don't like logical warfare, if you're at a moment of weakness in your diet, work out up in the morning. He knew the little booth. Little like someone there to certain Jim
we spot you help me through these moments of weakness, you go on Itunes, maybe Amazon music, wherever you can buy, mp3s get psychological Warfare- Giacomo the little tracks he can. We put it as your alarm if you want or just listen to the whatever track, you need and he'll get you I'm telling you use a thing. So yes day before yesterday. Yes, yes, deep free US nails about to work out felt like workin out rested, boom took my pre work out stuff, ready, those are all listen to. Psychological warfare am a moment of strength. Has this ever been tried before. I don't know that everything that was thinking at the time broke, I kind of like a use. Your colleague you know like you, eat, drink, coffee or something and attired drink some coffee and when you're not dying injuries, bombazeen off, then you have the good feeling now you're like double coffee up really get after that, don't you
like: I'm abusing the psychological were only for a moment of weakness for moments of triumph, is what it is that not even so, even if you're feeling we can you wanna one of triumph, that's what it is to what I was. The work out, question work that was done. Of course it was don't jerk me opera pump still on anyway. You know why you're clicking through Amazon, by the way you can get on Amazon dot com, you can get Jacobite teen. Others other reports have come in and this report Well, I found interest because this is a side effect, apparently of the teeth of the tea and that is could be a positive side effect or could be a negative side effect. Depending on who oh, but one guy reported that he drank some tea at night. He had one point: five inch of beard growth overnight. So if What does present could be bought It could be negative and also we had a police officer out there and
again this is just I'm just given some new some new testament testimonies that have come in this one one police officer he's shooting the Presidente drove the draw. You have two targets in use two rounds in each target. You do reloaded and his time as decreased, which is an improvement rights release? I feel able to do this faster thirty one percent, which I think is really good, especially numbers you this. Is it local situation right. You got too bad guys and then you gonna do reload you buy some jerk awaiting us, that's almost double the ninety percent. Its good and in a thing is- and I want to make sure everybody understands- is that this isn't like Yeah sure in some pseudoscience then I'm talking about here. This is honoured. Forty seven percent factual, so everyone should know that so ordered the tv jock whitey. Also you can order
a new book which is called way, the warrior kid- and I got asked why wrote this the other day one of the things that propelled me to write this book was, was looking for book when my son was little younger house looking for, but for Boyd Reg, and so you don't want him to read kind of a write, a book about getting after it so I went out, and I looked through a couple bucks in. I finally found this pirate brokering Arco pirate book. I didnt pay too much attention like look through it cause it's a pirate book right. Pirates are swords ships taking over. Right good storming. Vessels at sea so go into them. The outbreak bring it home to my son. We start reading, but the book and dumb they were weak. It's an hour. Try to get my son. You part
open in the game and he's reading about weak pirates. They weren't very uneven attack. Anybody Riah can do so. I realise that there is a dearth of books for children, his boys, boys and girls. That will someone how to get after at a young age right which you can start getting after at birth by the way waves? No reason away those. Legal minimum age to be eighteen, ochreous you're gonna get after license, you get Aphrodite gardener. You are getting out after at birth for soldiers, so That's one of the reasons that I wrote it. A book about a kid who's, not gonna, be a pansy, and gonna be went, be he actually isn't the beginning these feeling pretty weak many ports. It can do so many zero tulips sluggard, You know you notice. You know well hidden noses timetables, power. He don't know: thou Knowest timetables, that's weak,
I guess, what can swim? No can't swim and last thing is getting picked on yeah. Kenny Williamson. Jenny Williams in the bully use all up on his person and around he guessed I do not know what to do Is that a good way to go through life? Aren't you tell me pause. You gonna build, lose your reports leaf, no, not good, build these imports. So that's why I wrote the book so that the kid out there they can't do any polyps, maybe get pick on, maybe maybe can't swim, but maybe there some other thing in his life that he we all got issues we all got some. We overcome we all got feared overcome guess what we talk about fear in the book is everyone's life was talking about a we bit afraid how you can overcome that. Well, luckily, for mark in the book, his uncle Jake shows up Uncle Jake was in this teams he's got some lessons to teach to young mark and that's what he does. So you can pre order right
now, where the warrior kid- and you know we got t shirt on that- one- yeah, I can t shirts yeah the few ports that you did tell me. It's Even you explain you, like that's a good little explanation of its good, but the parts that you're telling me were were kind of impressive like there is. That's can advanced for kids book? Even you know in a good way, meaning like it's not in other certain obvious things that you do you. You know you're gonna find any kids book right, even with stories like this like okay, I the narrative and get it we'd hand. It has to be that way too. You know to teach the lesson effect of honesty, but the little hints of complexity. There are impressive the other thing. That is what I regret right now: just finished finalist edits, then you're like. There's so much in their that's actually from the podcast, but it were a kid. It's pretty. I kids language near Uncle James Bond.
In it down real simple. So that's why that's why Otto Gary are? You want dirt broken That's a law combat in the book extreme ownership written by late Babylon, myself, gotta keeping. Simple. So it's in a simple way. So that's where the warrior kid, and also by the way this rule is not a book. It's called this political freedom field manual and this is the this. Is the e book that I talked about here a long time ago? I'm writing a book. Will into a real book and it's broken into two parts, one part is called thoughts. The other partners called actions. These are actually my thoughts and my actions. So what? If? well. What I think about, what's goin worth it, what were you run up against weakness? What do you think those are the thoughts
and then actions is ok. How do you act, which means work out or in their which means talks about martial arts talks about what I e, how I sleep in that kind of stuff, so pre order it check it out and it will help them logistically when the book comes out, because see the publishers? They don't understand. What we're doing here. They don't know what we're doing here then No, I'm not I'm sorry, but we are not talking about you and me I'm talking about we I'm talking about. We then received what we're doing here. They were stand that there's troopers unwanted after it. So when they don't understand that their like looking well, you know, I guess, we'll pray. I guess what point four hundred he's a vessel that way no get. Someone can buy it But there were no good? They don't know what you're talking about self priority,
So they all understand what we are doing here. Maybe we'll get some of them in the game actually occur. So that's that and not speaking of books, leaf hours talk about low book called extreme ownership. What do you hear from the field on extreme ownership right now? The book did we wrote I'm here love. The field are extremely show me. What's what's asked me about. Extreme ownership is just can in user resonate with people in and not even in a war were over a year and a half out of publication now and that this thing continues to be in the top drawer hotter. Fifty or two hundred on on Amazon, So much of that as word of mouth, driven in that people by enough their team, United and holding. Will we wait a minute? What will didn't help with that? Big? Add that we put the New York Times. Did that help sell it? Wait, no, we didn't do that. Oh, maybe it's a tv spots it we all know we didn't do that either
so word of mouth idiots, exactly it n out. For that, that's the real test method. For you know for me that that we wrote a book is raising, would leaders at helping them get better to lead better teams for people too? to be better teammates, employ these concepts and extreme worship. You know when we see the. But the fire service train that's going on you, no one in five firefighters using that is their their training. Men were conducting these these training. We see police police units doing that. We see businesses note. Some will bring us in it have drank some on their hold their own training, thereby in that book and there their dirty learning out of it now we're to business. Just just given back where they, your each each group in this leadership team was assigned to study a chapter and talk about how we can achieve replace them in there their learning out that in its inspiring see that stuff, because not only is it is, it does. We wrote a book is having an impact, but when you see the things that they're doing when there s
an extreme ownership when their use and cover move and then folks on themselves, but about a mission and working together as a team in and use decent rise community, when the, why to their teams and the results are amazing. You see that and naturally your that's really what it's all about for us. I think is seen that gonna back so I've been awesome, see that and are looking for four latter dick continue to grow and expand its reach across the globe. We we talk about the book. We talk about work of Iraqi, sorted and one of the hardest things. Obviously, even took a great soldier, but they don't speak. The language you speaking of language, very that's a real problem, so a lot of times in these teams. What the book, and what the cream ownership gives them. It gives them a able with a common language to talk about the issues of the leadership problems that are having taken again.
Because how can you fight an enemy that you can identify? So if you know, if you dont know that hey our decentralized command is weak in, if you don't know what that is, you can identify? How can you fix it if you Got a cover, move to solve problems and work together, but you don't know what that looks like. Are you don't even know what to call it? How are you get it soft, so that's one of the things that I notice when we show up at a company that already is, is used and have read it there immediately sent. You know, hey this is this situation? We got it. We had these divisions over here and institutional here, we're not covered move for each other. We we got to identify and you go. Ok, so they ve already got a grip on it, people that we go and talk today they haven't read the book it came even really identify? What's wrong? I just don't see it they. Have the the ability, It's like not having night vision they just they just don't see it so the book when you get there, look out the Reverend regime and all of a sudden they all have that common language. They all can dignified targets. They know what the bad guys look like.
And they know how to fix it, and that's that What I notice that awesome about when we work with you, companies in there and there in the game big time and indeed the muster My fourth and fifth, New York City go to stream ownership. Dotcom sign up now at, like I said before, I did you say break it to sell out. So you want tickets. If you want to be there, if you want to be a part of this bad ass of that that we use We are talking about justice, amazing group, people of leaders an aspiring leaders to get the game sign up now remorse Rebecca I will not get here doing a speech for them just so you know everyone, ECHO, doesn't think he's going to give a speech. We think he probably should have put aside speech no speech you're getting all the time, so natural echoes it was a very laid back there. The good island that we put him up on stage for the muster. He was not happy about that. And I was just to say thanks you,
In your shell, naw man, I got it you welcome on with the shell, So you know when you get up which, on what your focus on your weakness is right, so that I could you need a present at least for a couple hours on the stage, its arguments about as well, because it just happened again, something that goes. You got this thing where he goes into this alternate voice at the end of some sentences, and I noticed in one of the last part, guess it I actually started doing it too. So everyone has been saying: hey Jack, Odin forgotten from echo. Will I the one thing that I could say definitely got from echo is doing this thing right here. Because that's really only just did it. You just did itself pay attention to that. I don't know what are you going to call that? I'm gonna call that the echo voice. Escalation. So you just talking Norman than all of a sudden. You go into that echo voice that escalation you got your own thing now, its effective its effective. Do that that one that one before the monster until the muster If you want to up give us food,
x or comments or whatever you want to continue this conversation you you can actually find us not hard to find find us only into webs twitter instead Grammy and of course, of course you are, On that basis, for how we gonna be there, that one life is at least Balin is and echo charles- and I am at so you echo- do you have anything out right now in oh yeah, actually do and I heard you mentioned this before- where you talking about in rome- howdy where you have a son, comes up and you say you hear the call to prayer. I know is, but what would it like? What does that sound like what the call to prayer you know what
a person like honour, it is a person is a personal loudspeaker. Rats and mice has a minaret which is a tower, and they we have a loudspeaker and at so you ve got the aggregate which, if the title is in them in the Islamic World the specific title for the prayer collar. That's gonna, get up and sing. This prayer but you're just hear these speakers go all over the city inflict chant can yet there there is theirs. They sing it's? Ok. So it's something that you know when you hear that you know like the city, so they'll be one early in the morning before the sun comes up and we had to be I see where you goin, you're goin in amateur adore, you had to be in the building. Lock, they ready to go as soon as they call the Burgos down. You know that the city's gonna start awaking. You're going to start up a common out, their houses and car start up and people move around and the sums gonna come up. You know pretty soon. And so the other there's two five of those throughout the day- and that would be
You have it here that that morning call the prayer was like we're. Gonna get You gave the enemy. The enemy in Romania, for the most part didn't operate at night time, because we had all the advantages of night vision, also they operated during the day, so the Gator that the day was starting as the first morning called a prayer, and when you dear it you'd, know men, so crazy. How it's like this, like this official beginning of a day you a cop, that's like the official commencement of the day in. I guess you it's crazy. If only we have that individually in your alarm, clock or your whatever but like for everybody there is always its that's, what that's one of the things that makes it so so crazy, it's the is the whole city every day, because, like want action, was wanting at one point. They said: hey your and allow the what they say we weren't allowed to go within a block of of a mosque or something like that, Are there so many mosques in remedy
we just throw them out and they're like okay, so you just don't want us to do anything, because if we can't goes into box or mosque or whatever the rule that they try to throw out of here, So you want to do anything else on this deployment, because here the mosque, here's a mosque, here's a mosque, here's a mosque and by the way, entails, as this mosque is ok. Local mosque entails, as this one bad, this one's bad, this one's good. So we had, you know different different neo because just because Someone'S- the mosque. Some of the sum of the neighbours are saying. Oh great, called a pair of we re sort of beautiful day in some of the people, but the small group of people were saying: oh here's, the called to let's go an attack organs and in torture below fabulous so enforcing, because the MOSS were protected and we had to get massive approvals all the way to like the highest levels, the inner ear the moss did the bag as new.
And they use those moss to two stage attacks out of you know and they debated, stockpile, weapons and ammunition and and if so, if they're, so the bad guys figured out it was. It was not good crazy man crazy. The little details will mean. That is, I mean they're, always hear from you guys. Just a little He discover you don't necessarily think about when we think about all the other, the gunfights and lay all the stuff, but to those little details can it makes a real man greasy any other questions, ECHO trust or comments now very good to see. Lay again, that's good later going elsewhere, the edge is going to be back on here with a guess again. You know its awesome. I think back to the a podcast. Eleven hours first guest and it's getting this thing up and run it. You know it and in the sea the reach that it's, that its hat and rise as the expansion and
you know where we're sitting today, universes where it was, then you know the third time I back on. It's pretty pretty awesome, pretty awesome to see that so many people, the opposite in Jujitsu classes. Before someone. Here's me talk you least added exact address is asked me voice is given me way, but there I started trained you too, to cause the Jackal pockets and other I've had to have a multiple times. You know didn't you do to class or meeting someone? You know it randomly at an airport or those kind things, and I just awesome. It's awesome. I see troopers all over the world. All over this, all over the place get after it in loyal. Sisters, Jocapa August and pass it on to others. I echo. Asked me that it has a lot of weight. We get a lot of people, it also show me they say eight, I just enlisted in the army. I just listen. The marine corps, I've Oh, she s a lot of people. We owe thanks for you, pushing me that way or whatever and echoes
no, like aid. You think how many people do you think of actually Joe, and the military because of the podcast as you know what that number looks like. But there's the mountain people that have started Jujitsu, because the fight asked is a big number, it's a big number, which is awesome because obviously Earth Jujitsu must really Finally, the number of your Jonah militaries by substantial as well. In fact, I was just talking to a young lady last night. At the event we are speaking at who what means at him thing about during the Navy, and said she just started. Listen we Jacko back as those are very much related to go by Probably the stream ownership You need to learn from that. And take ownership everything a world she's gonna do well She was empty and death warrant. What area a Navy Gormans here so many people from all walks of life influence for good by the jungle. I guess antics definitely deadly deadly awesome
must be part of it and get all that feed back all the time and diamond course, there's no coincidence the fact that you were the first, I stand here. Obviously I just didn't echo escalation, that was, there was good you're here and go yet you have an influence in the world. I leave Ivan life I'll, be out, there's not someone out there that doesn't like it blames you and then goes a crazy like stalker mission, to eliminate you from the world yeah lucky. Brigaded jets germs and he's got a lot of knives and hatching knows have you ever closer? yet you know I was just thinking we run. Conversation yesterday, you know it dad of young kids. You know I've got to get it Are there in a baby? and in our no echo you got Young kids well, and they are just thinking about it- can be all you parents out there doing talk where aid can be exhausting you'll we gone through a time, it's winter
they get kids. You ve got cold, holds in their second are waken up more time night cutting into my my for forty five. Work out here and it's easy to like it's easy interwoven of my little baby girl, crawls around the floor. She just tries to eat everything you know, picks up the church, king hazards and an chosen. Rather you gotta keep an eye on the constantly, and my son is just a wild man. Ages, he'll villages, no fear If anything, it is that I'm learning that he's just like me and I will realise what my parents actually put it with, but he takes off- for the most dangerous thing within. Mile radius and any just like without looking back and without heeding any worn. Or command to start for be whatsoever, It is for time and I'm in the game all the time and it can be exhausting. You know he can be it so That either the gall marriage I can't they get a little bit older and I don't have to you know I can t the starboard knows not run in the street and my daughter's not choked
on some southern sheep and now and the reality has not just been out of a job go in and see in his kids, you know you're all the stars by the graduating from from high school, Which is amazing to me because when I left in San Diego here. Ah your your dear judge, they were kids, they were little in. I wanna watch them grow up in a tea Eight years now and your we first met, we started work, eight iridescent rooted. They were really little Your youngest any been born, and your son would just that. I'm just a baby you're through an end, so I just I realize, doesn't seem like I left the navy that long ago you know it'll be six years of summer, and I realize that time has flown by like that. It is just gone by like that, and and so she not know seeing your kids now I I got to take a step back, does attachment that we always talk about right to be able to see with a big of respect in the second season moments right.
There are some and I'm going relish every nanosecond of them, because my kids going to grow up and they're gonna be teenagers and they're. Gonna grab my school they're gonna go off and I get arrested for me and my wife, gotta cheers this moment to people tell you that in our budget you still don't even like embrace in use if I can just get to this level, you're worried about the deeper Early diaper, otherwise our exactly you know any or all the my kids What do my drawers? Do everything out clean that we try to get the door? So I think for me it's a great recognition of like that. Moments are fleeing their precious and now you got it every second of that's over. You bear out there. Listen to this if you're in a boat will with that with me, detached take
step back. Think about how wonderful those moments are and adjusts just relish relish ever every moment and now don't let yourself give sure, don't let yourself get overwhelmed. If you kids, before there anymore and maybe it's time to back it up to a zero three hundred nearby- brace every every second of that, as is apparent a jurist as moment, because those are the most important things about bread. I'll give. You must not you I'll give a small tip help me with that. You no one likes certain things get overwhelming. If you try to do this in their crying and then the other ones doing something like you kind of one a yellow can be like here. Minute or something but they're, like kids electing a minute. What is that even mean anything? They don't know so the Tipp there is anytime. You feel it bubbly not like you're getting frustrated under then that year, at that moment, making it about yourself. And it's not about you. So you know it's about the weather
and you can look at it. I mean I'm gonna, make it about the mission or I'm gonna, make it about these kids. Make it about something other than yourself and you won't be frustrated anymore, telling you anytime interview, like been up all night, this baby in Krajina what you just making it about yourself right now. Oh you all! You need poor parent Meanwhile, you know many parents have been through the exact same thing: you're, making it by yourself right now, you're feeling, sorry or whatever you know just don't make it by yourself No that's what you're doing if you feel that and then itself that is either at the rat, checked You go near that eventually asked about the monsieur. Exactly is not about you, rigour as good want. That's great gray, vice lavender, haven't seen my kids grow up and seemed about to leave the nests as they say. Yes, is that all diamond thanks, obviously for common on again shows will be the last time the wolf we'll do it again
And everyone else out there that's listening Thank you all, especially. Stressing the military personnel across the globe. Right now by the way there getting to enjoy those moments with their family they're out there harm's way. Standing the watch for us, so thank you. All of you to the police and law enforcement, stay proactive and aggressive in your fight against crime and stay safe out, miss it's in! Thank you all for keeping our street safe in the fire fighters, and the EU tease and again, who we call an
Thank worrying. We win. We need you, thanks for being there waiting to help us when we need it and to the rest of you out there doing what you're doing as you go out there and do it don't do it easy, don't take it easy! and if someone says to you, take it easy tell em no. Tell him you aren't gonna. Take it easy. Tell me your: go hard as hard as can't tell him you're gonna push in Greece. And in fight and work as well. Orders you can until you have nothing left
turn around and walk away from that person and go do just that and do it hard. So until next time this is life and echo and Jacko out.
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