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75: Guidelines for Leadership are Honesty, Dependability, Discipline and Fairness. "Conversations w/ Dick Winters"

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0:00:00 - Opening

0:03:19 - "Conversations With Dick Winters", by Dick Winters.

0:06:26 - Dick Winters's take on detaching the situation for a beneficial and accurate overview.

0:13:12 - Leadership: Discipline.

0:23:16 - Leadership: Honesty, Dependability, Fairness, and Presence. 

1:443:49 - Understanding Others.

1:52:05 - Take-aways from Dick Winters.

2:00:47 - Closing: Life can be hard and beautiful.

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This is jack, podcast number, seventy five Echo Charles and me Jocker willing good evening echo good evening. We have shared the ink Universal experience of war, we have felt We still feel the passion, of life to its top. In our youth. Our hearts were touched by fire. That's it cool from Oliver Window homes, Supreme. Judge. Other people know that, but they may not know civil war soldier, Sir, do the twentieth regiment of Man the two sets of volunteer infantry.
Saw action all over the place. Since your campaign, the wilderness, he was wounded at the battle Bluff also wounded and Antietam and also wounded at the battle of Chancellor Bill, so I think it safe to say that he knew alone. Stood war and that court right there is from the beginning of another book about another man that new war major Dick winners. Now we ve covered Dick winners before his book, on this podcast number seventeen beyond Banda Brothers great book while The lessons learned but there's another book which is called the conversations with major dick winters. Life lessons from the commander of the band brothers and it's written by a guy named colonel
Oh see king seed, who was friend Dick winners and who actually was the co author, behind that book beyond Banda brothers, so what school about this book? Is it really out some lessons about leadership in a conversational manner, with Dick winners, the things it he thought and the persons every word which Everyone you get an opportunity to learn for someone like this. You know what I do. I just be quiet. I listen and I learned- or in this case I read- and I learned so this is also the guy. If you haven't seen the series on HBO Banda brothers, just go stop and go watch it. It's an old is twelve suit. Twelve episodes they're all awesome. Every asked what time. What's realistic war movies? that one Banda brothers and then the Pacific or both
Bio Series, they're both phenomenal- and I recommend you watch it. You'll learn a lot about dick winners on that. In the end, the guide it plays. Dick winners does a great job, And the way they tell the story in the realism and all that it's just an awesome serious, but here we can learn not interpreted through a movie but actually from the man ass. He spoke it. So we go taken a birth to the book right now, From Dick Winners D Day was my first time in combat so right there. Let's talk about that for second, your first Simon combat, which your mission D Day the largest military operations of all time, that's your first day and combat get some back The book I was mentally prepared and felt that I had done everything necessary to prepare myself for this precise moment
and you never know if you will measure up as a leader until the minute arrives when you face the enemy for the first time, baptism by fire is a soldier sacrament. There is we doubt hopefully in combat you perform as you train. So I can imagine that baptism by fire D day. Again get get some sense. Another good Rip saving private Ryan, the opening scene of that is the same thing and that, that's one. The most intense parts. Movie ever is the D day when you're hitting the beaches, it's crazy to watch but watch it cause it'll. Give you a feeling for what what does this talk about? Just imagine all these people nation that you do, you're getting ready and guess what here it comes little mission call D day.
Now they are there. That was, their initial operation was doing. D, but then they fought all over the place. And again we cover this in in beyond band brothers, but one of them Most intense parts of their campaign was at Boston, even though D Day was hard, things didn't get easier, wants dna with weight as much as I'm saying. Oh yeah, I D day was crazy. Guess what wasn't even the hardest part for them? Things got worse back to the book. Most of the soldiers and easy company also felt- ass stone, was the most challenging month of the war staff. Sarge bill one later claimed that had been scared before, but he was absolutely petrified passed from my perspective. Bastone was the most miserable place. I've been in my life, I was wet through and through and naturally being paratrooper. I didn't the change of close, no blanket nothing and it was
old son of a gun. Things were all snap food walking around in the black of night, not knowing where we were exactly where everybody else was house burning, civilians, crying, wringing, her hands and behind every bush, a perspective, a perspective enemy two of our greatest number of casualties during that campaign. The company was never the same after bastone. We asked so many because we lost so many veterans who had fought in Monday and HOLLAND, Joe Toy bill Gorner, but Compton on who blew and many others. So this is this is where I started thinking. Ok, leaders lesson learned right here. I operate the Battalion Command post that was situated approximately seventy five yards from the main line of resistance. You might not think seventy five yards is consequential, but it gave
the opportunity to think things through and divorce myself from the chaos surrounding the front line and to make com rash decisions under pressure. That is that office challenge for any leader. So obviously we're talkin- detachment here, an object, not the fact that in two detached can move off the wine like six inches, I'm not kidding in a smaller group. Yoda soup tureen he's talking about a battalions. They got hundreds of guys, so seventy five yards is more appropriate, but if you're running a smaller unit like one company or maybe a protein, you got thirty What are you guys if you move back off that firing line six just a foot- maybe you know maybe three feet or six feet. You just stepped back and you get yourself out of that. Firefight where you can the around that's what you really be able to do. You gonna be able to
at yourself from the chaos and the mayhem and make com rational decisions under pressure and that such a big deal like were when you do that when you detached and then you can, you know you have a clear vision, and a lot of time. The answer, a solution to some big problem is just so simple member that store you're, telling at the muster where you know you're eating, then your guys had an injured nadia, so he could participate, but I want to come along so used watch from the outside and he sank. Why don't? They just boils. Back in pure love, one day when they get online imperialist. Whenever the call was so story is there was a guy that actually he was adult between commander into your browser? You took over my position. He took over the two, your Bruce commander I was running the training so once I was running the training now. I was overall making things happen and he was going through the training a different block training and he broke his neck broke his neck and thank God he do
Curtis Spinal CORD, but he broke vertebrae in his neck, so we had to wear one of those big crazy neck braces and he couldn't So we do the fiscal training. Wasn't barbarity, wait for a certain amount of time, but you know luckily use able to keep his is job because he was very experienced and We are going through the land warfare portion of training, and I said, hey man, you know I know you can participate but come out with me. You know come out check. It out here you can see your guys, you can watch are perform and you can teach them some stuff and learn from from what happens. Call he comes out in whose actually one of my want my best friend. So, of course, we support hang out anyway dreams. I so Of course we have the chance to come out to hang out in me the desert for a few weeks going to do so. We we get out, and you know you ve- heard the stories about the training that I ran. It was really hard and evil. Crazy psychotic? and we're doing that. You know we got we
our case. We have these really high speed. Laser laser tax system in Europe as pinned down. You got explosions going off, you got. Total mayhem going on in his guys kind of rose up and pinned down in this little sort of Ravine valley type thing, and I got guys. I got my guys my opposing force, so the seals that are pretending to be bad guys, pretending to be moved there all up in the mountains, shooting down on him and killing everyone and his guises leadership is just kind of frozen there sitting there. Not do anything and. You know he says to me: can I help them Nice iconic thought about it from an I gotta go had given you tell him what to do him, a prompt any in he just you know, goes down to the either one of the leaders and says get online and peel left and so The guy looks ottoman. What get online mean just do it an organizational movement where all your troops are pointing in all different directions. Active boom. They contact right online
Is everyone going to basically face nuts directions to get a couple guys that are doing their security couple guys are doing flexicrew, but everyone is now oriented in the same direction. Ex call that comes is peel left boom and are often start moving in a direction. That's gonna get them out of this immediate threat so he tells he can says the guy hey get online peel left, so the guy looks Adam I need you see, I was out, get online peel, often than everyone repeats that command and then everyone does it and within a minute, they're they're Humphrey, literally took like one minute once they made a decision, so and then sold so they get out there and he looks at me and he goes, he was pan it so easy. When your way up here now way appear to put in perspective was
feet behind these guys. It's all wasn't wasn't like we're upon some mountain top with incredible. You know we were we were there. We are standing next, the guys we're little elevate because their laying down and we're standing up but its, and it was not inconceivable that you wouldn't have the same perspective if you just stepped back and maybe you're sure. Pulled over little bit any says it so easy when, when you're up here, sit Bro, you remember when we went through training and he says yeah. I said it was always like this. For me, and it was I was. I would always just myself back just enough to be able to see what the solution is. So ass, this detachment that he talked about and again in a battalion situation, we're gonna seventy five yards and turning to business situation. You know actually see people do this year, you're in a meeting And is everyone around the around the table nurse some problem that cannot be solved. Literally step up and gets step away from the table just step back from the group, because they're all mobbed up group think everyone's going down the same trail there thinking about
all right and there's no new ideas, because the all right there and step step away from the table it simply like step step away from your computer? You get some point where you're just you don't know where to go with some promote you looking for some kind of a solution to a problem, step back, back, see more yeah in writing. Lead times, though, suggest just skip to end. The worry about like just google it, and how do you want to end and then interest at all And open your mind up, it'll it'll make you sort of forget about this problem right and funny and give a kind of an overall view and move towards a solution that you know can be found even an argument with wife, something like I will for sure that the payment for shark is when you yeah? You definitely need to do at the hearing trends to only be gettin trenchant. Don't do that our aid- and this part and covered before all multiple occasions. You know we're gonna do covered again little
about discipline. I did have a routine a routine that was instilled into me by colonel sink at COLA, colonel sink insisted that officers always shave in the morning, regardless of the situation, he would say, shave every morning for the troops you want to shave every evening for the women that's up to you, I followed his orders because I realized tat. I had to set the proper example for the men I needed to get there engine. Let them all know that I intend to be around for a while and that the situation was not as bad as they might think. Our but before second battalion attacked Foy IDA weakened early unshaved before a breakfast I laid- discovered that I caught my face. Multiple places, kernels came up to check on the battalions redness before the attack commenced. He took one get me in smiled a real is that he was laughing at me for shaping on that bitterly cold morning. In hindsight shavings
Your dark, thirty and freezing temperatures was pretty ridiculous. I so you know talk about this all time. Gotta shave gotta, maintain on many hated daily discipline and all things, but what's come, but when I, the reason I want to go over the skin is because look what he's doing psychologically till the troops he saying I know I had to set an example. I needed to get their attention and make them realise. Ok, we're happier for what Europe's gonna daily. This is no big deal. Oh you're worried about this stuff, I'm still shaving over waken up zero. Four hundred shaving and you're, worried about this up. Another word: we're gonna, go and You need to maintain the same discipline so that leading by example. Clearly is a big deal right. There and maintaining a routine maintain that this one now we can of discipline back the book regard of how discipline and outfit is too much time on your hands too little activity in too much alcohol make up
all tile combination. So this book skips around a little bit, but I put the sin: here, because this is this is actually talk about when they were done fighting now. Everyone is kind of idle. He has an idle people on their hands but unrelated related disciplines. I wonder why getting in a little bit backed the book. The battalion was no longer combat unit, but a garrison outfit. It was more important keep the troops gainfully employed to prevent boredom and monotony? That would mean to a breakdown and discipline and when that occurs, soldiers get careless currently the first thing we organised were calisthenics and athletic programs. You know I was joke about. You know when people say they have some kind of problem and I'm out do Barbie spread. You know what a good solution to all problems are calisthenics just start doing calisthenics I like that. I might get attitude. I vividly recall this is. This is another reason why I put the center I visit.
Your call watching the men stripped to the waist or only wearing their shorts as they played baseball. The sight of all those scars may be conscious of the fact that only a handful of men in a battalion have been lucky enough to make it through all for campaigns without at least one scar, some men. Two three or even for scars on their chests back arms or legs. Keep in mind that this was after the war. So I looking only at men who seriously wounded next week a rifle ranges and sharpened or marksmanship close order drill and trooper views were, once again back on the training schedule. I asked established a schedule where each of our food patterns good, rotate. Every Seventy two hours to a ski lodge in the Alps for rest and relaxation, the purpose of using retreat with. Let them get away from the routine of a military schedule so first of all one when I got to suit him one act,
What's the weather like when I first got there, but it was a master chief of seal team, one that it showed up in nineteen, seventy one or one thousand nine hundred and seventy two to seal team one and seal team one. You know you had a hundred fifty guys roughly on at that time and they had had thirty. Four children action of Vietnam at thirty one and wounded was, I don't know how many wounded but lot, but this this guy who's master chief. When I met him in was telling me that when he you up, he'll team. You, you know you pity in the morning to suck a sports team you get, you gets working, you work out, and here's that he's a new guy right and he's they may be, tea and then they go in the shower. You noted two to wash. Often it is the same thing he's like looking at every single guys, scarred up, wounded pew Slash is on their chairs bullet holes in them and he kind of was saying to himself damn you know this is the spin trial by fire for these guys, but
beyond that. What he's talking about here clearly is if you- and I'll take this, especially with you. Eighteen year old nineteen year old twenty year old, males that have joined the military. If you do, find something for them to do productive they're. To find someone to do that not be productive, it'll be fun, formed he'll be fine formed. I gotta have a good time, but it's not the there's. A chance They could be doing something better than what you let them do now. Of course he talks, but factories give him still give them time to go out to those ski lodging and break away from it a little bit, but you just got be careful how you do that you gotta here, for you do that its it can backfire. If you're, not careful in the first time. I was ever kind of detail from a super do not. I was when I went to training the training department at she'll team, one. What we used to call training cell was sounds lodge
I was ill did so at training. So the first trip. I went on with a opportune because I was always in the Baltic, so the first trip by went on with the petition and I was outside of the platoon and I was you could say I was an instructor even though we weren't running around calling ourselves instructor instructors. We would cause us actually that cadre. I don't know why he has as they oh yeah cadre. Some still is. Yet that official term, though, is an official european contract betrayed and gathering. So when we were at training so because the instructors Our kind of considered the buds instructors geyser the basic training and we didn't really want to be buds instructors. We were there, so another added May. This is just as it is by own assessment of car collar cells, God really make up training sale. I wish I remain above those things, but I just fly into into a lucky young new guy this point was a new guy anymore, we better
True, though, right, it's not like you just give yourself a title that will not at a weird Korea, you go training, contract, yeah, hey! I need targeting the contrary to what we call the rally Ass Alice like what you know like with two you open, a Digital, Jim, and then you know your teaching people than you like. Ok, I'm an instructor, and then you say you know what I like. Professor, that's better Vienna was that it's not that made, not only they called you know, For years I had actually, I think, Roger Hayden talked about it when when he was on the pot gassed usanga, but when he was contrary so right. It's me. Ralph rubber, right, that's legislate, professors it's true. You are the professor about it's like it decided to just better in what sounds better see, go without go with contrary, yet you know what I was talking about. So I was I was in the contract for the first time and we went on Rapporteur trip where they have. Good times to be had where we were it was. It was a place where there is some good training, but there is also good times, and you are picked this up from hardly Flanagan
this term bridge. I had retired wilding Did you hear me, please, I got wages wilder. We that I think, is a better term than the term that we discuss, which was partying RO there is good we're we're partying, I like wild better because it entails all kinds of other thing live in my while they are a little bit more wire wilding out or what's this a while, and I never really earning related for he's. But when I say we clearly know what it is and it in his book to talks about wilding. So we this place with a sea opportune where there was good training and good wilding to be began. And I remember the first time that these guys we get there, we work a little bit and then they're gonna go out in into the town. And I remember thinking myself- they ve been in the field for a few days and they were all fired up. Young frogman and I was like myself: how is this
work like there's. No, there is no possibility of this going well then it did you know anyone fibre. You just see all these guys. There really do lino they're, ready to explode and you're gonna. They ve been in the field. They ve hydrated it in the field for four days or five days are all dehydrated. Completed their operation. They feel good about it. Now you going let him out, and it's YA be careful, no scenarios put something we we would. It may also have you to say, look gadget everyone tonight, but were beating tomorrow's. Your seven hundred so then everyone knows they believe that wild to appoint what they believe they gonna put some kind of a governor, some gonna, They are almost nail: here's a cool peace where dick winners? You know he talks, but I've talked about this before, but just
two piece about his view of what America was doing. At the time back to the book. The United States went to war, not to conquer territory or to subject their fellow men but merely to liberate a conquered people from the chains of tyranny. There certain nobility in all that today we are bombarded in the news media about how everyone hates America and how this country is deployed around the world. Abort? You wasn't like that and I'm proud to be a part of it. So again, I've said this a bunch of times. You know we went there and and lost hundreds of thousands of people in Europe in in and in the Pacific theater, and we took nothing. We only gave.
Some thoughts on leadership from Dick Winters leadership. Leaderships defining quality is honesty to honesty ad. Fairness and consistency. I was able to develop a six cents during the war that allowed me to size up a situation rapidly. I can get and be Will the see, opportunities and set a challenges by leading from the front. I believe I chiefly a high degree of success, so I thought this was a very, very interesting combination, honesty, fairness, and consistency. Don't hear those a lot about being a great leader. I mean I always talk about the number one act Beautiful leaders is humility and I definitely believe that humanity is important, but honesty, that's clearly a fought and a concept of leadership that I'd think that MRS a lot of people- I think it
We ve talked about putting cases on the podcast here where we say. Oh what, if this is going on- and I say look you want to be honest with you- do so definitely said that before but I'm gonna start saying more because I'm learning lessons from deck winners today, but you I remember we had a case were somewhat to Saint hand. We leave this job or to take another job in what should I do? Should I tell him, shall not an China went around and look to temperatures to say hey this. What's going on, I'm going to be, I've got a better opportunity aiming to take it because in the long run, you're in long when it's gotta be beer, gonna, be better off if you're honest with people and so obviously to think about this quality is something I thought about, but not as clearly as this as as Dick Winter saying, that's the defining quality it's obviously important. Something that I will talk about. More now definitely believed it, but will talk about a more.
Now, if you seen the movie banner brothers or the series band brothers, they they do a good job of show. The beginning when they form up there's a guy in The guy leadership position called Captain so Bell and he's not a good leader and aid, you a good job of portraying why he wasn't a good leader in the series, but here's what dick nurse had to say about it back to the book. And so Bell commanded You fear and intimidation that Not how a leader should conduct himself The bell was not just unfair, he was mean spirited his ad to create a special bond within easy company that allowed the men twice. And with their petunia morceau within with the company, which is more normal and most unit it's her units. Secondly,
and its by their nature are a clannish group, so you gotta company commander and then he's got three, usually three full underneath im in each one of those run by a second lieutenant. So the second lieutenant other platoon commanders seconds, and its by their nature. Clannish group some are more serious than others, but for the most part they wander around a military post, as general highs now once said,. In a rather aimless search for excitement, easy companies platoon leaders of which I was one day our best take care of our soldiers to soften so bells dictatorial behaviour. I lost all respect for our commander. The day he announced the officers in easy. Come We will need through fear, not by example at that Just the opposite of of any leadership possible that I could ever conceive is too through fear, instead of example, equipment when you're dead, we're gonna, let you die, but if your dad says
You say your kids do what I say. Not what I do know that river for sure. That's where I went You want to put the fear on tonight's. Do what I say, not what I do, or or else or else yeah I'm going to get out the belt for the kids downs out. They say yeah. Switch, get out the switch and not all the time, but he said that peace said switch. Where was he from that's from Brooklyn New York, There is gonna switches in Brooklyn New York, I'm here to tell you uncle why they did on July. They found someone he made me go get my switch, he said, go, get a switch, what that means by the way. At this point, ok, look here. Yeah go here aunt em from quite a nazi switch. Apparently other people say switch, I didn't know which made I'm kind of more mad. So then he Brief you on what a switch was. This is, I think, I'm gonna be
ITALY, digging Europe graven away very seven- could have very similar back to them get made such an impression on me that I recorded his words in my diary. Under ordinary circumstances. A junior company officer attempts to reflect his company commanders leadership style, but easy come These lieutenants found that they simply not emulate the images so Bell and still live with themselves. Spell had no friends within the company and few within the regiment. At the end of each day, he when one way and we lieutenants when another hoping not to, to him at the officers club. He lacked confidences zone ability as an institute commander. He was he was complete. The honest, but he couldn't Rita. To save his neck. His knowledge of acting in fire. Maneuver was extremely poor, so
legal situation- and this is this- is one of those things where talk about how everyone known one hang around right in heard leaders say goodbye. It's not gonna, be like you're, not gonna, be loved by everyone and that that decision used to that right, of course, not not have who's gonna, love you, but there's also since when no one likes you you're not doing a good job, you're not doing a good job at all, and you know why I hung out with all my guys all the time through the chain of command everyone to hang out. Let's go, let's go. Let's the sang out wasn't running away from the idea you escape. That's that's not a good sign language. I say I'm not here to make friends yeah, that's another classic right when you remove roads, no, but actually others. I heard officer, say that in the military seo offers effort, they look here and now you like AIDS, not a popularity contest which is not clearly you're gonna makes decisions can hard for people to swallow, but
If people running away from you- because I don't like you as a human being- does not a good position to be in here- you're, not doing a good job as a leader. He d reassess what you're, what year you're doing and how you doing it- and this is and a reflective of what Dick winners attitude was back to the book easy company didn't belong to me. They belong to the soldiers. I was pretty. Which to be a small part of its history, officers, and commanders in particular, are merely caretakers that the paratroopers acted me is more than enough reward, just totally totally different attitude right, and there's something weird that happens with the military. You'll hear a guy a isn't it a contradiction we still use a dichotomy you're, a guy, say my soldiers.
Or my Marines and there's two ways that that can be taken. One of them is very positive. My soldiers, I am going to take care of my soldiers. Hey don't come down here, talk to my soldiers like that or hey you know I need to make sure my soldiers have the gear that they need. I need to make sure my Marines and that's it They mean that in the best possible way, there is another side to that. Which is completely negative, witches these are, my Marines meaning you owe them meaning I'll do what I want with them and so I've seen guys. Both sides that age and you can hear a good you? Can your good leader say my married? You can hear good leader, say my soldiers, you're good leader, say my seals and and deposit way, then you can have a crappy leader say my soldiers, my Marines, my seals, and you just think do no snow sulphur, and especially when you get Dick winners who was universally respected in his
in the military indefinitely in his battalion, hidden in his company and the guy that same look. It was theirs that just tells you that's where your leadership perspective should come from. I always felt that a better way instead a lot. What one of the few things as far as feelings, Gazeta experience that allowance you'll be like my best in that I see what you're doing like you're, just the boss in the owner of this kind of thing in oak having, but with it felt like it feels like with people, Like my soldiers, you know there is a lot of room for like cuz, cuz men. These are my brother's eye. You know my guys, but lately there talking about like something out like a big one, Like the ok, what kind work with every once in he you have well and say: vodka is listen, you know my bar and when they talk to the customers, you know there's a what kind of button. Vodka d have is well my best, vodka is, you know this and that have been laid say. My in Aachen, like
the master of this whole domain. Here everything, here's mine that I can bestow upon you kind of feeling these kind of well, they do it. Definitely the military with inanimate objects, not just soldiers and Marines and and sailors they do it with inanimate objects, you learn that book hamper the you know. They say why You on my parade deck right, gives you this failure like Agnes guys really into this parade back. I mean under your where you do marching uneasy. My parade deck and it instills that kind of personal pride about something. So again, even that one can go both wait for me. I guess it really. You really to understand what you're intent is behind what you're saying you gotta be careful. I I always I feel subconscious about that, and I really example my Jim right, my when I went out about victory Emma May, which we have partners and it's not solely my Jim.
But it's my Jim were I to train right, but sometimes some will say something in Alfie wordy train. You know and, and I could say a drink Jim, you don't- I mean, I think electoral term, maybe that victory of address in an area of domestic Jeff, clever, yachts, right drain, and we do you wanna pleasure. I am one of the original rail blah, but yeah like that, Why are you get a fearful? What I carefully it'd be careful with that. I always thought if you said our You know it's Fisher, even in art in a situation. What we have is kind of like us as it as an establishment, road or kind of thing. I'm part of that when they are your part of it is also a kind of still puts that forward. Like I'm kind of giving this to you are offering ever I'm taking some ownership, but it's like I'm, not Tsar boss of this thing. You can feel that way. That's what I was doing, even if you like in your city, if you're like some of the hate awkward trees they will at our Jim. You know here and it's
ambiguous as well, which kinda seems more humble. We don't work. It's like! Oh yeah, you could be just a member, but at least you're part of that community in okay. Nothing! So yeah use our cheerful deplores Psalms year fully, with my marine, my soldiers in again Sometimes it's the most positive thing you can pass. We say these are my seals, a don't come down here and and figure to put my seals out the field, a bad situation by happening. You know, I mean you're protective there, your brother's Yo you, have ownership of them, but it's not it's in the positive way, as opposed to look all deploy my seals wherever I see fit put it put, it red flag on that due to face right back to the boy, I think of easy company every day we
sustained a hundred and fifty percent casualties between the night that we jump into Normandy and V day. A hundred and fifty percent gotten suppose you that are wondering how you do that, how do that as you have people getting wounded multiple times and coming back to the front, and when Europe basement show up they get wounded to so you. You know you ve got whatever a hundred and fifty people in Europe in your company. And over the course of time, people getting. Didn't leave and new people coming to take your place and they get wonders. While not are you get up over a hundred per cent of your people being wounded. The result of sharing all the same throughout training and combat, has created a bond between the men of easy company that will last for ever- since I dont think I ever left company ii, may never again see the type of men in this outfit, but to me easy company
always be my company. In the sense that I will always remain a part of it to this day they remain my second family. I still looked at these men with great respect, respect I can't describe in words. So there he makes it the same thing like he feels uncomfortable, saying mine. He to put up a quantified. Iran then explained aid, not in that sense, but always a part of it. That's why it's mine. More about leadership back to the book, leadership is difficult to define Talk about leadership at West Point every day, leadership start with honesty, dedication. And having a man who is dependable and fair You never deviate from the standard that you established. Men have
listen you and you'll be out front to set the example sergeant, Tauber ones, hold me, sir, I follow you into Hell. I take a great deal of pride in his remark, so did we're getting. This leadership starts with honesty, dedication, dependable and fair, so important, soon, and being fair and you need to see that a lot when it comes to doling out punishment when people make mistakes, are you fairer? you notice that person really deserve to lose their pay for ninety days or go on bread and water. Whatever kind of punishment, you're gonna bestow, want some one- is a fur. People know if things are fair, not people know what's reasonable. Do you think that in one people, SAM, I'm gonna make an example out out of somebody
what is the name of the beat with for different reasons? Maybe, like all I've been letting people slack? So I got to. I got to make an example out of somebody to establish the discipline- or maybe you know, as a boss or whatever you. Really don't like the specific violation like just really it's just one year things you know so can make an example. For that reason, I do think that that's fair, it can be But it's also a touchy subject. You tell me I pray we think. Let's say I've been given some slack and people been shown up but late, showing up a little bit late and I'm kind of like hey man. You know I to be a little in time and then, finally, on a Thursday I shows up late for the meeting and I say: hey you're suspended, grounded you're, you know you got to workers we can apply, punish impart super hard that doesn't make sense. Right it doesn't make sense and peoples at all. You know, I'm not is not being consistent. As people been be met, however,
if I were to say, hey guys, check it out bilges walkin in right now and I that is like what this where to get us we ve been later later. We start, I can hear Where is our slackened and other places? We can't afford slack right now, our missions to important from now on. If we're If you're late shown up this meaning or you to an evolutionary we're about to do I'm a drop, a hammer, so don't be late Zephyr. Yeah, fair warning, explanation as to why that's fair in my bed, Just go off the handle and in smashing someone because you want to make an example them that doesn't make sense to me. I don't like it. I won't do it yet that makes I'm gonna be useful. Yes, if someone, if there's a clearly delineated expectation that's been set and it gets violated for whatever reason and you are going to crush and destroyed, to set an example, and actually we point where it talks about that, and here there is an example set. That has to send a message, a rodya, that you can do that
I've done that with my family hey here's, a line. If you cross it, you will remain you're a very long time that you made him. A decision, and my other kids, when I've done that to some of my my kids that has made a bad decision. They all member Oliver didn't wanna, make that mistake, seems, like you, cross the line, nine hundred off like it. That if you get caught ample warning where you can give us the tools to make their own decisions or anything, even if you are, changing policy or, whatever you know, harsher punishments, punishments. Others too, as long as yet you weren't, I'm like, are using It seems like fair and the huge one which I always kind of thought was It applies to everyone. You know like if This violation, this punishment for the violation of to everyone sure it just happened to be disguised as he just have he's been what he happens to be the one that that commit. The violation of whatever. But this rule this policy applies to everybody.
Yeah, and also when you, when you explain these things them. If you notice, even when I just said you know, hey guys, eyebrows lack here, you don't say: look you guys miss Agnes. I look how to make it clear why this is important, and therefore you guys been slightly. I've been letting you slack, you guys have been shown up late, that's a problem. We can have that. Probably more, it is still sore point the yeah and then hammering harsher punishments. No, not a good idea! Speaking list back to the book. I believe it. Some men and women are born with the union qualities that make them good leaders, adding to his son John, who is a cadet at West point? Nineteen. Forty three! General Eisenhower once said the one: Quality that can be developed by studious. Reflection in practice is the leadership of men. I agree with Ike. Leaders are not born. Leaders are made and they are met,
By solid effort and hard work there's a little contradictory in because he says. Look somebody Barbara called, It makes a meter, but you can learn to bigger leader. I totally agree with that of always said that some people have the qualities that make them the leader naturally, or they of some of right. Small nervy really articulate some we'll be very charismatic, very dynamic loud. Have a lot of presence. Those are all characteristics that will differentiate and if people- and if you have a lot of those, you gonna have a naturally easier time being a good leader occasion, you People have some of those qualities, but their idiots and those are the worst could they can get people to follow me on Twitter going was a bad situation, but the interesting, hard work studying right, studying leadership? I you know today are doing something needed. Increases focus on on DE as the leadership quality but yeah I'm always studying always learning, and we all need to be done
however, to become a better leader and a lot of studying I did when I was growing up in the teams- was just what I watching in thinking about why these leaders were doing what they're doing what is making them. Do that good leader wise, while our wide is Why do we respond to that? Well, bad leader? Why don't we respond well to what he's doing sitting there, consciously thinking about it actually no incitement somebody's. I was actually consciously thinking about it, Accordingly, they can wait. Why is no one will follow this guy? How is he asked that we all want to walk away from him. Why is at hand and then, when you get a good leader I take to have his squire discuss such a delay oh yeah, I guess I did consciously do that and study not from books but from life to try to learn and that are you can become better. Here's. A little note to an annual talk about hold the line.
If you aren't good physical shape, forget it, you are not going to be a good leader, well certainly in a military environment that is true, there are there some civilian leaders that are in the best shape yeah. There are with those be doing a better job if they were in better physical condition. Yes they what like that, that thing that starting strength coach reproduce says I post I've never talked about it, but I posted talk about how physical strength is good and people say that physical strength are good. He says you know and forget the exact quote, but he's basically saying physical strength is good, If you take someone that says, the physical strength isn't good and is an important. And then you add a hundred and twenty how to their squat and then ask em out there doing now,
they're gonna, be doing better they're gonna be doing better. The more you can dead, the the better you gonna feel you don't feel worse. When you can left more, you don't feel worse when you could squat more. You feel better what why that there's a million reasons why confidence overcome the challenge, actually physically stronger, your mental clarity goes up so yeah. Of course be in good shape being achieved, If you're worried about your health, you you're How could it be able to focus on being a good, and in the military or in any. Where'd that demands physical exertion. You have to be in good shape, otherwise people are looking to you and your fall apart. You can't befallen part on a patrol UK befallen apart during a during, combat swimming operation were you you need to swim. You swim far unionist when for forestry hours on a classroom operation, if you're weak, You do that. Your men are gonna respect you. There now I'll, go and answer that question for you, sick and I, like the hockey coach
doesn't even know how to escape you know. There are coaches that have never partners. Paid in sport at the couch and are good, I mean you look great Jackson, is a great mix, martial arts, coaches, never been a mixed, martial arts fighter you, nobody knows how to fight them. You know certainly does ass when he hasn't actually fought. So how can you be good coach? What about do group Yes, he's never forever. Has he ever me these are new yeah we know, is a champion get boxer, but how can you be such agree coach it, Mme yeah, you can connect the dots and stuff like that, and, of course there's you know, there's exceptions have, but, generally speaking and plus you took a little more broad thing like a leader like who we gonna like far lower yea approaching retirement closures, I mean you, coaches are are not participating anymore. That's why they're coaching yeah So I guess there's a really stupid examples here last month. I go because because you know
the motto: would my Thyssen? I wish you wouldn't get in the ring with MIKE Tyson Bright, breeze great culture, fantastic, go to one of the most You know one of the most respected ghosts of all time and the such a little bit more like recognisable, like the less ambiguous leaders, results court of young inward looking Terwilliger leaders in the field like Lears the job that are leading a group to accomplish emission right, that's different that occur A country outside the group yeah we're talking about someone it's in the group YA. You gotta, be you gotta be to maintain you gotta be able stay with your team physically and No, it's not like you need to be the best. I was never the fastest sky was never the strongest guy, but I wasn't gonna be fallen behind Riah ANA Patrol is, I wasn't good shape. That was going to happen, and only railway that doesn't happen that you need a saint jape. How do you stance it got of discipline, These questions answered themselves some boy, maybe something like this progress- will be coming here and sit here and silence.
Gaza of status. Is this a good at you? You were talking about this. Here is a heavy! punishment handed out talkative Colonel Bob Sink, who was the leader of the five or six parachute infant? You read my area, back then, but Colonel Bob Sink certainly was one of the best he set high. Standards and never compromised on those standards. After the paratrooper, of the five hundred and sixty eight paratroops paratroops Parachute infantry regiment earned their jump wings sink granted attack day, furlough caution the men to conduct themselves appropriately. Several points Troopers reported late for duty after their fellows expired saint com. The another regimental formation and soldier, humiliated one paratrooper from of his nine companies.
How about the name of the last soldier to report to duty and that paratrooper was marching. The formation under escort. An officer stripped him of his unit patch ff system to unblock his boots and then escorted him from the field What sink was saying was paratroopers, maybe elite, but they had to all the army's rules and regulations. I like that. For some reason sink liked me respected me. Always the man instrumental in getting me my next job. So heavy punishment. Now that's That's it clear message being sent right, clear message being sent, and I I I bet colonel sank. At that time a wade mean he's got
three: nine companies whose got hundreds and hundreds of guys hundreds, Hundreds of guys and he's gonna make an example out of nine of them and it could be a real clear. Apple and That'S- can leave an impression on a thousand guys. You know thousand guys that might be worth it and he probably judge that it was worth so interesting perspective. Mia. The question is, is that fair, I would say I would say to the guys that got booted from there judgment. I'd say their thoughts were that it was unfair. I would say for the guys that remained in the regiment that real, that they had to maintain the standard that realise there was gonna, be no slack, and that worked hard. To make sure they maintain that and therefore, were more prepared for combat. That's it was real rights, a bigger picture, anything Arafat of the martyr, pdf baggage and real
picture back and who knows what kind of. Behind the scenes root out to get some details. If we were really to pass judgment on that, like the maybe some of those guys we're gonna slackers any ways and the accompanying measures like hey duty, I we don't want this guy, you know what this guy. You know any only took certain members of the people that miss. Furlough he's regimes, that's not fair, he only took members or certain people that that Mr Furlough then take all of em. The last one, the report we are. We not take that around It's an interesting dynamic, isn't it the dynamic, but it's if we showing- and I dont know that are necessarily we're done- that Can I, my son, my my assessment. I probably wouldn't have not not one guy from each company, maybe like the two guys that grossly violated it. I don't think I need to do nine guess what think safety,
your most with girls, egg and that's good, dig low little kind of image, for you to have the dogma of colonel think? Don't mess around the battalion immediately? The regiment we don't play another leader that talks about here is Mccall F back then. But what liked about Mccall of was that he allowed us to do our jobs. You didn't have a lot of interference from a qualified, but with tat Lauren Commandest another person, he told you. What you need to do here, he had the run everything you can't good job, if you don't have the chance to use your imagination and creativity? In my find. Taylor was more interested in impressing superiors than watching for his men. Taylor such a contrast with British General Montgomery, so he talks a little bit ok. So, first of all, clearly
decentralized command, dont, give people the clear view. Specific on how to do every little thing, let them get creative, let them cobblers illusion, perfect! we hear that over and over again. Why do we hear it over and over again cause it's right, because its That's why we hear over and over again now we talked about the fame British General Montgomery Monti who always gets portrayed. A little bit stiff and a little bit british right. And he says in here that the writers don't denote didn't seem on the battlefield- didn't see what it was like and here's what he says he's a Dick winter said about Montgomery. The book. Montgomery was the real deal, I saw him on a number of occasions and he always impress me as a commander who lived lifestyle that was beyond reproach for his staff to follow. He set the example, he addressed every division that was scheduled to participate in the invasion he called us together and
Had every soldier take off his helmet, so he could see the troops better yeah problem. Monte Right going around in talking to every every single division said a voice take off her helmets. I want to see your face is before you all. Legit props, there's this book a lot of this books about self discipline. Even this part right here back to the book self. Spoon keeps you doing your job without it, you lose your pride and forget the importance of self respect in the eyes of your fellow men. Pride keep going on. This is what I feared I would lose the loss of the will to measure up to my men, so once you say you know what I don't care. What my guys think anymore, you ve lost it right, If I say look, I don't care what the guy's make me think of
the driving force. It is to have your team looking at you insane, I'm in make sure these guys respect me. And I'm proud of what I'm doing compare do I don't care what it One thinks meeting more. You can see what you can see. What, when this happen, two people, not just in the military or business origin by life in life, certain point. You see a bomb in the street at a certain point that bomb said you know what I don't care. What anyone thinks me anymore? I don't care what my family, makes me, I don't care what those society thinks of me Some are every single bomb, a lot of them. Yet I don't care general. You didn't soon, as you see that you can imagine that that's just like a life. Think right. If you go through life and you said, don't care what anyone else thinks we're. Contradiction for me right sale, dynamic. I don't care what people think yeah, but that's too just do it We like you in its obvious, just put a little bit thought in you. Don't care about what people think will, as it appears you care what people think on?
superficial level on a profound level. You do that's. Why you're? You know that my party, your morality, is, like fairness, doing the right thing, all this discipline stuff, it's for you, but. In regard to social queues and all these things like that, that's beneficial to your success. She's in a society and have said this before, like about the seal teams and me being in the seal teams, and I had this completely had his attitude. I dont care like, for instance, here. What happened? I don't care. If I get fired ominously I think I'll care home care what they think of me. I did the same thing at the same time, there's nothing that was more important than to me than my reputation, the zeal tapes. I want you know if, if something going to give you a bad reflect like when we talk about if you fall out of a patrol as a leader or as anyone like. If you far restore eagerly No one's ever gonna forget it initiatives if you're too weak to do something here to be remembered by that forever and that I do
not that ever means be oh Jack O did this Jacko? Couldn't finnish patrol jungle was a Babby Jacko? I didn't want that the reality. And so therefore, your card, you stay in shape, you do your best all the time and that drive you, but at the same time, I wasn't saying. Oh I I am concerned what my boss thinks me, so I'm gonna act a certain way and I to do the right thing for teams railway fumes, they not like these rose user or tubes. Those fundamental things No, we're these are weird valid. So to say, look I don't care if I get promoted, but I care. More than anything about my job you gonna meta. Not definitely was my attitude a my attitude, my old time in the military motor. Look, I'm I'm gonna do the best job. I can't I'm not doing it to get promoted about doing it. For that reason, but I am of it absolutely doing it to have the respect of my people
and eyebrows in the tubes rent be a repetition. You get out reputations everything this your games could a small group of people. You have an accidental discharge with your weapon, everybody knows about it. There know about a favour if you, if you remain on the teams, for whatever reason after you have an actor discharge. Everyone's going. Gonna know it from thereon out: it's not phone! That's where we got map Jacked up nicknames in this field is cause take me after your lowest point in your life. This mistake is what you gonna give nicknamed, or your biggest yeah like there was a guy and I is nickname, was Bush and he's right? Dude nicknames Bush they had nothing to his last name but anyways store short when he was a new guy and I I knew him. This is fifteen years later I found this out. He's already been this year, things for fifteen years. I know time is Bush the whole time and It was parachuting
brand new guy showed up the team that ok you're going jump today. Ok gets into aircraft jumps any he lands through no fault, you came and steer these browned parachute. You can't barely sterile. He lands Bush with like for but- and I guess it looked very funny from IRAN: Is it what's his name Bush there? So You're gonna get a name like that, but that's a debt really easy example cuz. Everybody know that that's what's funny is more of a funny thing. If you something funny happens to you, might get that nickname to like. If you get pepper sprayed by the cops you might have the name, pepper I like that, do directed as yet. There is no sense in player out what else do you two calls over their gets peppers paid by the cops or their new guy, you recall, pepper column, or something when I yet you know could get all
what're. You do not have any charge memory, your guy they eat. That's me was, is name was our yeah, but it with our out if the girl, not even his name. My reason, a big alphabetical, yeah morphs awesome. So that's why you have this weird dichotomy, that's pulling it! U is just too you're looking at you, your friends, your peers, in this in leadership position. It's your man, you're, looking at your men in Aragon. What these guys down. I want to view me as weak weeks, bad word. But after I guess it's the word I'm looking for. You are not not that I want to maintain the image of strength, because part of maintaining the image of strength is by showing weakness remedying, like I said it's all time had a lot to do this. I mean the suggestion not talk about that type of thing, I'm talking about weak physical weakness. I fear,
go and mental toughness or physical mental. Weakness. Right, that's a lot different than hey. I dont understand how to do something or or its autumn than humility you can. You can want to show you can want to maintain strength, but still have humility for We have all, I know all kinds I mean. I know tons of guys that are completely humble, but there the toughest bastard, you everyone, no mentally and physically or not. And about. I need to be strong roots stronger than normal talk about that at all. I'm sorry about your physical and mental toughness you have to have, and if you don't have a as leader, could be problematic watch out for it back to the book. The big thing I derived from combat was the necessity of maintaining discipline, discipline our troops was discipline troops and getting the job done in combat so clearly disciplines, big part, of what we're talking about here.
I wonder why now this is. Talking. Another aspect that I dont about this lot. I think its inherent in a lot of things that I say, but something that I dont use. This word a lot and again. I think I need to use it more back to the book character revolves around doing the right thing. All the time care dear implies daily choices of right overall, the cadet prayer at West point. Says cadet strive to choose the harbor right in The easier wrong and never to be content with a half truth when the whole can be one that gets to the heart character. I would add that it is easier do the right thing. When everyone is looking. It is more difficult to do what you should
you when you are alone, I like to think of character as every other virtue at the breaking point. Character doing the right thing doing the right thing at all times doing the right thing when you're alone back to the book war, doesn't alter character. War merely brings out the best that an individual has to offer. Unfortunately, it also brings forth the worst in some men. If anything, war exposes the best and worst of those who are called to fight I know of no man who lacked character and peace and then too SK character and combat. So I've said the same type of thing. More especially reward
You know it's. Your deployment is as pressure starts to build on people. You start seeing people going to directions, that's a weed Satan, their character would start to reveal itself? They either get very big I see the occasion or they would not go in the other direction and become worse, their character would become worse or their character would become better. That's what I've seen in the same thing, you know we talk about people that have we have a hard time dealing with war? A lot of time, there's some pre existing issues that the war in flames right, and then, if you take someone that has that doesn't have resisting issues or maybe has a positive spin on eggs? That becomes more positive. So it's very and then there's a bunch. People, the middle butts the guys that I knew that really had a hard time date. They had issues go in
You know they had problems, some issues going in to the situation going into war and those problems get exasperated by. The pressure in the stress of combat, so we need to watch out for that one. And I think I think war is more of an amplifier. Then a creator, I think, an ample five good character, ethical amplifies, bad character. I think it amplifies issues and in either direction since its it say, is a powerful element to add into people's lives this. This big intense peace, now, one of the things that this let this book captures is these letters, he can't had a pen power, a female pen when you use a war, rabies data, Allman and. One of the things that he each region
capture these letters and some of the letters parts of some of the letters are published in here. Here's one of them back to the book. First and most important. I've got my own conscience to answer to next my parents and then I am an officer in the: U S army, I am damn proud of it and with- rank and position. I hold, I wouldn't think of doing anything, to bring discredit to my outfit. My paratrooper its wings, the airborne patch or U S, army. Good morale within an outfit is usually reflected by good conduct away from it. That sounds can idealistic high school kid. I know, but that's it. That's how I feel So he took that stuff very, very seriously, and I remember I remember
the dirt pre war. I was in my third platoon and the new guys, who are all eyebrows now I'm in these are just mugs, but there were new guys we're the senior older guys right because we ve been in the teams for like a couple years and something happened and we gave like a like a like: hey guys. Don't don't ever make the balloon. Look bad like no matter what you make the tomb of bad. That's not allowed level too comes first above everything and this one. I just remember said within one guy made the balloon look in the end. He had to pay for it, but that's the attitude, the attitude as I look, you don't make the balloon look You don't make the teams of bad? We didn't really. We weren't too concerned with the Navy back then we didn't really even feel
when I was at young in the Philippines and we weren't even thinking about the big navy. We barely even recognized it. We were in the team's, it's more it's because I as the teams became bigger and more haven't we connected. More with the big. Maybe one thousand new gonna see around in the seal teams is young guy in the nineties. We are pretty much around. So I wasn't a basically. I wasn't like significant any protect the reputation and avian and care. What now, as I got older, I did, but back in the day whose aim is to and- and I was a team on time and team one may team on the bad. What are you doing? Don't make this bottom up bad? You just did that yeah, you now you have to pay for that punishment will be delivered at this time. It was
fortunate situation. With all these things to happen. So are we not going into what the punishment was that the punishment, the punishment was I'll, tell you what the punishment was: Jacko, punish, the punishment was. I am going to strike you two times in the face of an open hand, that your punishment or we're gonna fight What do you want? That was the punishment he in and this guy was I'll. Take the two Roger that and it was a little bit more attention than that year that's because you don't like boat up a little bit and I was if you want to get it on we'll get it on yeah You know it's funny, because these guide this group of guys, who is they were they were all guy just trying to get after it and be good team guys, but we were just crazy. You know at this point In the teams was literally every thing in my life, so when I was like mad about this
respecting or making the bottom look bad. It neat like hurt me. I was that crazy. That I just didn't, want the opportunity of bad You know what you did something made between a bad day, Ray bothered me. You're really truly bothered me you. Some of that made team on becoming I've, been there you're. Since I was a kid and who is everything to me make sure when you didn't do when you made us look bad. I was happy latin and not just. I wasn't happy because I was a jerk. I was not because I was beat a jerk at the time, but talking You guys are years later doc. These guys the idea that guy I hated going to work. I hated you guys, like yeah. The odds are heavy and then they'll be like, but I'm glad it was like. Because everybody has that feeling it was an old school like with the old breed radio. Hey this await is this. We hold the line we don't.
The bottom of bad. We make the do look good. We work hard that we do a little gang. That's all it was yet it's crazy those two choices cause they're like there is different. Some people would rather go do the fight and because you know at least thee Can I go downswing in kind of attitude, but that the potential, damages way more labour immensely. I agree with you and you could see where you can make a case for both of those. Actions, but there is also something goes like I'll. Take two hits the face, the open hand, cool Oh man, I screwed up. I think that's the reason spected. It was because there was a was like yeah. I did screw up right, so the night I'll take it. I deserve punishment gave it to me, and I was that you will they do? We move on no factor the technically the two too? base are is way easier because its way quicker you
You know you know what to expect of kind of the mean unless you're scared of like oh heating, your head in dying or some other some off they were opened in the open hand. Yes, he saw through not gonna knock anybody out with open hand, well argued, usually you're, not maybe skin but he s a lot of that- is like that, how you say you're kind of buildings. Intention with it is like that's a big part of the punishment as well, that psychological, like torrent, in- and this also reveals my own personal immaturity right. These this exercise. This is what I'm thinking about it. This is just an immature. You know this probably twenty, two years old, maybe three years old, but you know young and immature, and not getting the best guidance, not understanding things not understand and that I wasn't helping build a cohesive union. Not understanding that this guy's probably think- and I don't want to help him in romania- wasn't smart, I'm not I'm not trying to say
this stuff with smart. I'm telling you the reality of the way it was anyway. It wasn't. My head was hey This is my life, this simple to it. I know it's it's. It sounds crazy. This between that. Wherein is my whole life and actually dont care about anything else. Mind you! This is in the nineties. There's no war going on, I'm just a young crazy kid the only thing I know I'm. The only thing I care about is a seal and You know you make the other, but to look bad. But soon as my life and you just made us look bad and I I can't stand that and on to be that way, young immature me. What do I do? dispute already punishment. And that's kind of the attitude we had an There are some benefits to it, but the veto it's our wave. I would love to go back and be a better mentor and be like hey man. This is
stake you made, you know we need to make. You know I would love to do that, but you care you dumb. I was a young dumb kid that was raised that way by the way as well. That's how we were raised and there are some benefits to it and, like I said, even those guys that did cartoons with me when I was called on call an old guy, even though we were nothing we never been to combat. We were meaningless, but we had a couple more years in the seal team so therefore year old, guy and you guys or anyone with with no. I was a cherry boy for seventeen years too, because I never shot my weapon at the enemy had been combat deems being? Oh, your new guy? That was from guys that work in now that you hadn't been in combat. Yes, you're, a newborn, your cherry boy, so guess, I was a cherry boy for seventeen years, because I never shot my weapon at the end Ariane and been combat until I went to my first deployment to Iraq, so is actually from map respect. If it's embarrassing, because here I was big-
the alarm and old guy was an old guy and urban combat. Before what am I talking about, but you you do take what you at the time was this organization this deems Michael Tune and again you can't yet describe really how important the? the opportune was to me it was lonely prettiest right. It was my whole life. What I do when I woke up this morning, went in went into work, worked out with my seal platoon mates. What we do, then we all day. What do you do for lunch? We ate together what we do at night. We wouldn't goddamn What do you do? After that? We wouldn't have drinks? What do we do have to that? We, flung out all night. What do we do? After that? We went to sleep woke up, did the same thing at Deaf today day. That was my family. And you just have this this. Passion for your family and you just met- is the most important thing in the world to me. For my all, or don't wife when they. Can you put that on of you know young kid
Yeah- and you know it was like the whole yeah ja, cozy, breeze, a big reader. I wasn't reading anything back and reading the moon Handbook right. I wasn't reading I wasn't reading Shakespeare I what was I do know high school. I wasn't paint, tension during high school. I was wanting to be a commando I'll run through the woods, pretending out a machine gun so take that kid and you we are a situation where the thing that he cares about the most has been signed. Are not violated or score try handle it yet, in the best of visibility, start slapping peace are gonna guy, not proud of it, but occasionally some people s lap around here, that's other you, you know you when you're basic young basic guy, you can handle things in a young basic, currently the yacht, whatever its caveman caveman scenario. There you go
and then the other thing is in any know, those guys that we're in those early pontoons when I was like a set of court uncle lears later there like yeah. That was awesome so glad I got raised that way. There proud of it. You know, but at the same time,. You are you when I look back on it. I know I was not a good leader line stretched, yet its kind like when I look at my old videos, you know at the time are like the air. They were dope you nobody like me, you just know better ways. Now you know you'd just better. Not there I'd say when twenty and then the other thing you gotta be careful of is setting like let's say I wasn't a soup tureen right now to set the bar so high that I lose track of loose vision. The fact that, like Haven, guided I'm trying to convince right now is a twenty three year old thing in the most important thing in his world, as this is funny
like I was talking to someone near the data can remember what to do and what the phonetic letter of us and see opportunities in a short time, mother, Godfrey withdrew networks and to me the time when we were in those symptoms that letter of that phonetic alphabet we worded alpha prior. That was it and now I look back and What platoon was that, because, as I matured and as I saw the rest of the world, I realise that, even though soup tune is very important, and certainly the most important thing when you're in it, when you're in attacks- You know you're overseas and there's multiple people running around in this huge missions going you eat you, your mind, gets opened up and you see more and the third little thing that used to be so engulfed in your head becomes becomes That's all there is to it now, don't you
this Europe through instead is no better job like it's the best thing in all that I'm sure you I'd never served in a marine corps. Infantry solitude, or in our U S army up, you remember, I saw them. I saw what they were like they have that same middle bond that dead you get from being in those tough units. So there In very cool about that about being a grunt, which is what you are in seal teams, you might think on special operations or whatever you you're, a grunt. You carry a machine gun me You do hard fix. That's a bit, front is you're doing hard things you're carrying a bunch await around those days, love those days in our. So I won't be back in a sealed, so bad you can itself solve so awesome
so awesome so meaningful. I would have thought you yeah yeah yeah, you don't know what happened. You know what would happen happened. I don't know that was one of the good things about knowing a little tiny, better Jujitsu, which are actually knew a little bit. Tat was enough yeah, you guys, we caught you know with common interests come about. If you offer to fight him in the kick your ass, you like dang, might at backfired and here's the thing they. Nobody better all they thought was needed. I dont think I ever said like I know jujitsu you don't, but it was I was so confident like. Oh, I actually know this, and I know that I can joke this dude that they just said. You know what this guy probably gonna, kick my ass. The weird thing is this progress along with a critical eye? You know some Did that wrestled in high school all double leg boom and now I'm slammed on the ground and get punch? Aren't I keep you know it's it's less Not learn the lesson not learnt.
Lucky that never happened so check our right here. We're talking about so I just we're talking about this is interesting so talking about mental store, than physical strength. Will you go back to the book Brilliant courage is, far rare commodity than physical courage in that, grew with tat and I have known many officers who were physically brave, but he did not hear the intestinal fortitude to organise the chaos around them, officers who are the most vocal about what they were going to do to the enemy off. Were the first to fall apart when the chips are down fear, is not only debilitating but its exist and also destroys the cohesion of a command. It is there bons body of a commander to identify the limits of courage, break
paralysis of fear and motivate his soldiers to continue with the mission courage com, her sphere, I, like just that that part in item, I think I did this and helmet for my pillow. There was a spartan helmet for my pillow that I pulled out when I was talking to one of my seal buddies and I was because you listen to reason. I don't tell him to one part that I didn't put in the podcast and I sent him a picture of it from the book. This whole paragraph, It's basically one of the instructors wanna drone structure was all yelling about, ordered a kill and bubbled law, and then he as yet the next time I saw him we were in you know, on island, in the fight, he was getting taken away of after breaking down So this is what he said here lot of guys under the loudest about what they're, gonna dude Vienna me yeah, ok, you're talking to big game, you know but do you know about that happens? You have see right I am a may, it happens. Yeah I'm gonna come across
guy, another guy sooner, don't bring it near or even lock room like explaining. Tell his team made geologists, I'm gonna! Do this Roma! Do that and it's almost like I had we are trying to do to combat simpler absolve. That's what that's gonna hear right. Something convince themselves. They not confident in themselves back. Look, I suspect every soldier at one time or another experiences, a degree of fear. Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the willingness to rise above fear and do the things you no need to be accomplished. Also, There is hope that they, will measure up the first time they get into a fight I certainly was no exception, but I believe I prepared myself very well that once came under fire. I knew instinctively what needed to be done. I think I was more apprehensive particularly before D day. Then I was afraid, maybe app
Hence, is the first stage of fear. I'm not really sure you have to remember that. The company was neatly unit as war. All paratroopers we trained for new two years before we jump into Normandy, The guy saw for me excitement in the eyes of my men there, did fear after Bray Court. We LT as if we were season veterans, even though we knew worst days were ahead. That outbreak- Jane and definitely my first deployment to Iraq when you, all these guys, Bro guy we're so fired up to get it to do we'll missions and get after it that I think it was much more excitement that it was fear, especially in the beginning and end of getting an odour, wasn't cast he's goin on what kind of dominating- and you know,
Joan of your body seemed a catholic beside me up. What an ongoing and the more you d spent. I'm in that no more, you realize what the threat is in you started- guys are haven't guys, get wounded. That's when you start saying: ok, wait a second not sure I wanna die today and in Gaza overcome that on a daily basis, speed fear Steve Ambrose, whose militarist or in red bunch both good and bad brothers. Steve, Steve Ambrose says that heavy artillery bombardment will make even the most season veteran eventually break. I disagree. A leader has to come fear convince himself that every enemy shall or bullet is not targeting him. It is true in a company or a battalion. We must ensure that strengthen cohesion is a stronger, forced and fear. This is actually true and men who have been scarred by prolonged, combat, Amber
was correct. When he title the chapter band Britain, band of brothers, breaking point as you describe. The horrendous artillery barrage that inflicted Soami casualties uneasy company in the boy shocks, company strength was low, fifty percent and men the Non commission. Officers were killed or wounded without direct supervision by leaders, easy company, as well as the remainder the battalion, could have easily been dip debilitated. By the increased sense of morality and fear that Precisely, why made it a point to be the front lines as often as possible? Soldiers descents? Need us, It's that their leaders commanders are in the game, with them leadership by example, is even more important in these situations.
I noticed that when manner at the edge of their physical endurance, you tend to develop that one thousand. Yard stare that you always read about tired Rogers will often take off after helmet and run their fingers through their hair talked about that before Talk about that quite often now at times They literally drop their helmets on the ground. This Europe is already losing his self respect. The battle was half lost there, It's a sign for the commander to take immediate action. I didn't wait for troop of wheat reached that stage. I proactive. We looked for these signs every Roger wants to do the right thing you always know the proper thing to do, but doing it. Sometimes more difficult. I never wanted a man to lose his self respect. That's what I'm talking about earlier this thing of self. This idea of self respect when you don't care because you know you must keep your gear up all the time. That's like just the code right
keep your gear with you all the time you keep your gear all time. The many you take that off is are, you start cannot care these guys think anymore, thing has happened that has made. You say you know what I don't care, what these guys think anymore and that's not good. Again. This is such a contradiction, because you know we consider and talk about what hey. I don't care, what people think, and I mean that I mean that you should care what people think but at the same time it the extremely important you what people think and what your comrades thick. Such a weird dichotomy, They are fully wrapped my hands around how to describe that yet and what that means I'll get there eventually, hopefully sure but but that is a very important thing and have always felt like I don't care what people think, but at the same time I deeply care what my peers think in my my men think, You're dichotomy, I think that the core values thing: it's like you have these corvette.
Using that's what you care about. You know what you think about it when I went out things when than anything beyond that is too superficial fluff, if Udall match your socks. I think I think what the real key principle here, that the part that may help bring this together for me is. I want to be doing the right thing. Right and so with I'm doing the right thing and people say: oh Jack was deal. That's that's! That's! That's good what Jacques was doing or he shouldn't be? that, but I know what in my heart, I'm doing the right thing here, a minute to continue. I don't care what you think But at the same time, if I I'm doing the right thing and other people are are judging me. That's gonna keep me in line. If I won't, let me know your visit if I feel, like I'm gonna, do the wrong thing Do you care what people think I want them to think I'll jockers, getting we're getting soft getting you know whatever? he's doing the wrong things. Making IRAN move very strange
That's it that's the dichotomy. Leadership right or one of them is not really the dichotomy leadership. That's just a she's! The dichotomy in life life here now there's a a guy named Lieutenant Compton, who can breaks a little bit and they showed in them in the band brothers, brothers movie and Dick winners talks about it back to the book before you go on. I know you think I'm too the Lieutenant Compton for walking off the line at Bastone. Let me explain myself bach: that's the dinner carpet was nickname balcony. He walked off buck was a great combat leader, He was a superb platoon leader in Normandy, an HOLLAND, in fact I would say he was one of the best stone. He broke after someone
France were seriously wounded in the constant artillery barrages, there is a danger of getting too close to the men and Buck Cross. That line When you see your friends getting maimed, it makes it more difficult to go on. That's why I always maintained a certain detachment from the paratroopers uneasy company. Am I too harsh on buck. Maybe. Leader needs to rise above fear. The easier thing to do is quit and then the Author asked: why didn't you crack and Dick winners sponsors. Pennsylvania, Dutch, I don't quit. I made a commitment moral courage, is based on physical fitness, it is a combination of willpower and determination and determination. I was an excellent physical,
I don't think there was a man in the out that outfit, whose in better shape than I was, and it showed trained hard in England. After we finish training, I would run at night. Black conditions, but I would run then I'd come in go to bed, I was in maximum shape. That was the physical side of things, but there is a mental aspect of stamina as well. I've was proud myself that I do my own thinking. I have my own philosophy, my own answers to the reasons things have turned out my life. By taking? full accountability, accountability. For my life, I've been able to meet the standards that I set for myself. I don't know any other way of saying it. Every manner must take full accountability for his actions, stand up and be counted. As a commander. You are, Annabelle for everything that your outfit does or fails to do. Don't worry about who receives credit when things go well, don't play
the blame game. My case, the mantle, of command. Provided me with the courage to succeed. Yeah three motor ship. That's what he's talking about! You know personally Billy, that's what he's talking about being in great fear condition that's what he's talking about. That's discipline You know, I guess, as we read this and I you know I read this book. Until a week ago, week ago, I read this book it's not like I read this broken said: hey Accountability, is the most important thing about you know being a leader know this I came to the same conclusion in world war, two that I came to the conclusion. In my experience in the military. Now. We started talking a little bit about combat fatigue. How much combat Teague there was in Normandy. I witnessed.
To stress some in HOLLAND, much more bastone! Do the intense cold lack asleep and inadequate clothing in Belgium combat TED reached astronomical proportions, we spent so twenty days in the front lines in HOLLAND and didn't time to recover before we boarded the trucks to take us, Bastone on reflection, I realised what was half what happened by the time the command arrived and at best the men been on the front line since Normandy men exhausted, no hot food, little sleep, no rest constant tension and intense pressure from combat they were physically exhausted income in weather. Constant rain and snow made matters even worse Is it exhaustion leads to mental exhaustion, which, in turn causes men to lose discipline, but why Loss of self discipline produces
bat fatigue over and over again over and over again, we hear that how important- discipline. It is the most important thing and if, if discipline Gets people through these situations through about stress through tension through bombs through artillery through freezing cold lack of food, lack asleep. Imagine what this book anew and like a normal person's life back to the book. How can you possibly compare man who's been under just one concentrated artillery bombardment for five minutes to place like Bastone weak would be in the wine for weeks or months in one of Ambrose books. He states prolonged artillery bombardment will bring. Any soldier. In civilian life? Of course, we for to combat fatigue as a mental breakdown. That is
exactly the weight is in combat it's a mental breakdown. The intensity, it becomes a pie For me to express my feelings here, but to share with you the density of a fire or heavy concentration to be a leader, you have to build concentrate on that fire and move just as soon as it stops or the last rounds hit move, get up start circulating among your men is everywhere, Ok, let's get up, let's move, keep your eye but for an attack get their attention, move among your men as quickly as possible, and moving among them? The fact that they see you and you're. Talking to you They know that you are there and you are talking to them, and it makes all the difference in the world to know that you are not in this thing by yourself what officers must do break the cycle of fear. If a soldier's concentrating on his own feelings,
on his own fear, and he sees you moving around. He realized that your sharing the burden with him, that's why he can then move. So that's very important and that's you know that can apply to combat that can apply to business. People are going to start panicking what they going to do when they start panicking. You in the leader, as the leader need to step up get out. There talk to people find out. What's going on, tell him that we remove Show them that you're not afraid and that you are afraid, but you're still functioning, lead by example, plain and simple. Back to the book, courage will be spent if relax your standards in discipline. Soldier feels all isolated and alone me maintain the standards dont compromise, your integrity, never get up, give up, don't ever give up loved this right,
there is always one more thing that a leader can do to improve his situation and that of his command Maybe it's commanders, always leaders physical presence, was indispensable to unit cohesion and morale undisciplined soldier feels captain. So El failed, so miserably leaders, by example, always trumps leadership by fear, there's always and one more thing that a leader can do to improve his situation and that Commanders always one more thing you can do. And an undisciplined soldier feels isolated alone. They know they ve, given up that self respect, how you gonna give it back to. When your men are dying- and you do not. You feel ashamed. I don't know any other way of saying it so
yours and bore certainly in world war. Two and I suspect, in every war, generally young men in prime. They meet death, daily and in every form, fully realise the hazards of their profession. They take chances. Is no young man expects to die before middle age the first soldier dies, not believe in mortality is shattered as casualties mount and Core of the unit grows fewer. The remaining soldiers grow even stronger, often shutting off replacement soldiers, another replacements, because there often the first to die. When I saw one of my men wounded. I was
be that he added take it home. A soldier killed in battle was at peace here, lived his life among men, whom he loved took a degree of consolation and knowing that my men had lived rather than regretting that they had died. A soldier's, real fear is not losing his life and combat placing his comrades in jeopardy, why ordinary men were performed in extra, Mary ways to ensure that their bodies survive. So this is another level of war, When you're actually- and I never was at this point by any stretch- we're looking at men, do get wounded insane all lucky him he's gonna, take it all
we just sworn under that need that kind of casualty level at all, So would guys we're get wounded, it was you know it was hard. It was. You didn't feel like alibi lucky, gotta, take it home because there was enough guys get wounded to make. You think that way, of guys, get killed to make. You think there were small percentage. That's a region, a whole new level, back the book. If you ve selected, the right personnel their leader must still discipline. I mean perfect disco, As patent once said, discipline is the soul of the army. General Washington said the same thing when he described the continental army in seventeen. Seventy six discipline Is manifested in how well a soldier keeps his uniform? How frequently cleans is weapon? And the pride he has in his unit.
Joe Hogan of Easy company, for all of us. On the subject of pride in company during an argument with a soldier from another company about whose Company was better Joe said MIKE. But he will lick your company in fifteen minutes. If you wait tell the guys were a wall. Comeback will do in five minutes, and this is important unit pride leads to unit discipline. So again now we're going back to the feeling that I had when I was a young kid in the seal tapes pride in Michael too, and this is funny, as you say, it might look for guys that are gone right now. There's a Walter absent, we'll leave evasive! You wait for them to go back, will be missed at five minutes, but you are if you like this, this unit pride and unit, explain how they go together. It's like a guy,
I am why think of this way, and I talked about this- the muster it's like a gang mentality. We start policing yourself up right When we, when I was a super tune, we nor bosses that were worth trying to keep us in line. We kept ourselves in mind You didn't want to get out. So you want to do something wrong. Because we gonna get policed up by the boys. The e five mafia, is what we work so the if I'm mafia, that's a real thing. By the way The if I mafiosi opportune you the senior geysers, like the the platoon double tune chief, the leading petty officer, those are those are like. Sixty seven, and you got the assistant between commander those those like to become a top for, does the guy's a kind of rendezvous, actual leadership, and then you got the nooks and then in the middle of the pack right there you go. The E fives, though the guys are actually run and things and make things happen, and indeed the five mafias, what we call them and then, in a sealed names, a majority if I'm awfully that all work together to make things happen. But
with the five mafia, if you ve got a good unit five mafia, their policing up everything, and you don't need it as a leader. You just need. Make sure that they don't take it too far? Isn't it I d make sure but they're gonna thirty, two major guys are doing the right thing to do to make sure that their performing, whether to make sure that their good shape and makes them all those things. And this is an interesting quote. What you tolerate you condone so again stream ownership written by myself and Leif Bab Unwarlike Bab and wrote a line in their? It says: it's not what you preach authority tolerate. And he had read this book and here it is. You tolerate you condone to say the exact same thing: vignettes, Andrew Start dislike you, What you're done? That's the new standard, of course,.
There's a little bit more to leadership, then what we ve talked about so far back to the book Leading in battle is the art of dealing with human nature and the human condition. I can't speak of higher command, but I know a few things about leadership at the small unit level leader but all levels, winds, wars, but soldiers at the platoon company and battalion levels, wind battles. I think equally true and a national army were soldiers need to understand the reasons behind the officers orders. We have to know why we're doing what we're doing Would I have succeeded had I promoted beyond battalion. I don't know. I do know that I Comfortable at the small unit level, This is one reason why easy company hold such a tender place. My heart, I knew this thanks and weaknesses of every paratrooper, I could rapidly ascertain what I wanted to do and felt com,
when it that I could convince the men to do it after commander, easy company in Normandy in HOLLAND? I know but the men felt comfortable entrusting their lives to my care. I'm not bragging, because it's not my nature to do so. I'm stating fact knowing I would never asked them to do anything that I wouldn't do myself led to easy. Come these confidence in me as a leader. They knew that I would never quit, and then I would do Everything within my power to bring them home after the war proud. When I hear paratrooper from easy company. Your second baton remark about my card under fire my willingness to share their hardships, I told who wants that wars do not make great men, but WAR
sometimes bring out the greatness in good men, human nature, debts, what it is, and you know that sort of how I describe this podcast now an export Of human nature, if you want to see human Your review itself in its most clearest form. You have to go to war, to look at that or. Very strenuous situations horse. Situations upon returning from the war. Here's what major winter had to say back to the book. The war changed me. I returned to the states bitter a different man than the young man who had a list in the army and nineteen forty one I was hardened When I returned first impressions were more
important than they had previously been, I looked at things differently,. When you return from a wartime environment, you have to admit, To society, but why that you are going to be sharing with others just to make a living, though comfortable and combat environment. I wondered if I would feel at home among civilized people who be able to understand how a soldier thinks and feels. I came to understand that I would have to. Changes to be accepted into life at home. This takes time at its never easy. While on the front lines and prolonged combat. I often wondered about my friends back in the states old friends I had grown up with some of whom had avoided coming over either by becoming conscientious objectors or working in war, late, related factories that the federal government had declared essential.
I understand everyone doesn't have to share my belief that military service is the only form of service in wartime, but I Your commence pride in my contribution to the war effort. We who fought the war were part of something noble. Military services, an honor, a privilege. Funny thing is that when I finally returned home, I had no desire to pick up with those friends who managed to skip the whole thing. Completely shut them out, I wouldn't downstairs when they knocked on the door, even today when I look at a man or woman, I can't help but judge them. Does he have leadership capabilities? Would she be good and combat. Does he or she have what it takes
I think you know clearly. When you come home. Those things. I think everybody goes through of your people you're kind of judging people. It's me will leave a mark. I I'll, tell you, I don't think, there's enough veterans now, you know you're not going to just hang around with veterans, not going to happen. You got to you, got to understand and accept the fact that not everyone serve the way you served. That's just the way it is, and I don't I try to make sure that I dont outward LEO old people, to a higher expectation, the other thing is. I think you have, the walk, a fine line and you gotta make sure you're not looking down on people because they didn't choose the path you chose now world war. Two is different because or least appears to be different. Because it was so easy, so many people went on the path of ok. You know December.
Seven happened. I'm going to sign up tomorrow today whatever, and I think that The way these wars that we ve been fighting gone down, a has been the same. It's been different. I think we veterans right now have to use some caution before just shutting out everyone else it that didn't serve the way we did. We'd be shutting out. Basically, you probably shutting out most people in your lives most most my friends outside the field teams, there you know Jujitsu much french Fujitsu. None of them served. Get a shot him all out. So I think we have to be careful about that as as veterans to make sure we. You have those feelings, understood.
Understand that there is more than that, then you got it. You got accept other things going on the world. Besides, what we did another letter that Dick Winners wrote to do yet Allman go back there. When you're an officer, you are responsible for the lives of soldiers in your command, you think about kids like This one paratrooper, I knew well- and you see- Become old beyond your years. In the three years since I had entered. Army. I aged a great deal. It seems as if college days and days, a civilian life when I did it, I pleased or long past, I must have been added. Must have been a dream. Small and short, but beauty, for part of my life All I do is work work to improve Self was an officer work to improve them.
As fighters as men make them work too, prove themselves. The result is I'm old before, my time, not physically old, but how. To the point where I can make the rest of them look like under what Highschool boys old to the extent where I can keep going after, Men fall over and sleep from exhaustion can keep going as a mother who works after her sick child and exhausted child has fallen asleep old. The extent where, if it's a decision or advice needed by decisions are taken as if the wisdom behind them was infallible. Yes, I feel and tired from training these men to the point where they are fish, it is. I hope it means that some will return to those girls back home
And again the reason I put that in theirs because there's that's it that's pressure. Right. That's a certain amount of pressure that person has been in the military has felt and its real that pressure. And his wife said Dick fights, the battle bulge virtually every night. He had recurring Europe nightmares, so even Dick winters no way. Very thoughtful squared away. Guy was still living those nightmares virtually every night. His wife said. Dick also said back to the book, I know
did everything within my power to ensure, as many soldiers made it home from the war as possible, but when you survive. And your soldiers, don't you feel guilty. It haunts me to this day that I lived, and so many of my paratroopers died. As that Difference of easy company pass on, I reminded of those who never returned from the war.
I see their faces. I can almost hear them calling me then again. I think that everybody that served and survived when your friends and your brothers didn't you're always going to have that and it's not going to go away for Dick winters. Major dick winters died
January. Second, two thousand eleven. Obviously they had a memorial service, the big memorial service for him back to the book, those who remained alive voiced their sympathy said former platoon sergeant William were near. Who had lost a leg outside Bastone Dick We said, hang tough and follow me. He said: let's go, he was right in the front. He was never in the back of lead Personified used best commander. We ever had. We followed him anywhere, Edward Baby for who served alongside winners at based on liberate Hitler's Eagles nest added. He was one hell of a guy one of the greatest soldiers I ever was under.
Wonderful officer, a wonderful leader he had, which you needed, guts and brains. He took care of his men. That's very important. Pop. I win added. It seemed as if you always made the right decision. He was a real soldier. He was one of the best, started with him doing the right thing. I dont know how he survived the war, but he did another easy company veteran Heard noting every one of us we'd follow him to Hell, that's the type, a guy he was. And also speaking at that ceremony was a guy by the name of Eric injured Gender Institute.
Who was the screenwriter wanna screenwriters for band brothers and he was trying to get the screen lay in the series to be as accurate as possible, and so we spent a lot of time with Dick winners and got to know very well, and I found what he said about Dick winners to be very important. Here we go back to the book. Dick winners made his personal quest to excel where There was executing the perfect push up or training himself to run three miles up and down Kerr. He mountain this pursuit was his private, too. His solution. Was that solo effort that obsessive clarity and pure determined. So contained purpose. That is then observed and that cause them to follow
when he said simply follow me, not just from that, hedgerow in Normandy across that field in HOLLAND. Enemy fire but follow my example follow my commitment and will get through this. Then we will succeed. Dick winners was laid to rest, his family plot in the in evangelical, Lutheran cemetery in a fragile Pennsylvania. The Saturday following is deaf in his gravestone red. Simply Richard.
De Winters World WAR, two hundred first airborne, nineteen eighteen to two thousand eighteen and twenty eleven predict winners before he died said I am the man I am today because of easy company- easy company made me. As I read Flecked upon my life since the war, I can honestly say that it has been a lifetime search for men. Like those I knew and easy company. I haven't found too many. I don't think I know braver soldiers, the Joe Toy, the one Floyd Tauber.
I live with these guys. Every day I mourn when they pass car, would lived and died in December. Two thousand and one his death struck me particularly hard. So did BO ramble means Leaped Indians live to see the acclaim easy company received when many series was released. I tried to think of the bad times anymore. I think mostly in the good times. The emotion will always be there
Dick winter said that war brings out greatness and men and he also realised that war makes you appreciate your country your winners before he died said. Well, it probably sound strange to you, but when Brought easy company to Utah beats, so we could board the less to return to England on Why eleventh, nineteen forty four I saw that. Each for the first time with that vast, our model of ships, as far as the Icrc could see in every direction. Seeing the american flag fluttering over that beach. I felt we
the knees and tears filled my eyes. Suddenly that flag meant something different than had ever had before. I've never looked at our flag since without that memory in mind now I'm an old man, but that feeling is never left me. And finally, then I always say. That war is off War is a nightmare, but war does so
Let me make you appreciate life. Then Dick winners certainly appreciated the rest of his life. Then he said this, I sit here in this house and I gazed out the window. I say
flowers and the birds, I behold the wonder of nature. Everything seems so beautiful than that wraps up that book. Everything seems so beautiful, and you know over the past couple of weeks, I've been traveling a bunch and meeting a lot of different people, business people, workers, police,
Fire fighters and active duty, military and veterans, just people and we people- We caught up in all kinds of chaos and made him made him from the past. We get caught than that about what we should have done. Or what we should have left. Undone.
And we feel this pressure about the future about what we should do or what we should do or where we're going and how we should get there, and I get that I get that I understand it. I feel it to life is hard by this hard and if you weren't careful, it will grind you down. And you know I talk about detachment a lot from me, your ship perspective, and we talked about attain it. It's certainly important But it's also a tool for your mind. In, for your sanity, stepped back, stepped back and look around.
Not just to see what your next move is and where the head ACT and what the focus on but step back to look round in and see life, this life, your life If not surrounded by the pressure and the war in the failures in the violence and the nightmares and the mistakes and grind not that life but life as it is. It is without or intervention publicity a journey little bit of time on an incredibly fast moving,
fear of amazement, where, if you can attach and stepped back and look for a moment, you'll see that, like Dick Winter said, everything seems so beautiful and I think that's all I've got for tonight. So echo Charles here some lessons work here.
Very impactful. For me and a big reminder for me, we we'd worked heavily with the first of the five hundred and six band of brothers in the battle of Ramadi. We had to the Delta platoon commander in a group of his guys spent the whole time over what incredible bunch of soldiers they were just incredible, the the impact that they had on the battlefield the leadership I saw at every level level and whenever I the band brothers, my first thoughts when I think of the band brothers and about Dick winners, it is about the sea, It isn't about the box. My first thought of the band of brothers is the first of five hundred and six battalion that we were honored to work with in the battle of Ramadi and one of my platoons works intently with the entire time.
And so for their service and sacrifice. We. I am eternally thankful for but they did what they taught a lesson for us. Been alongside them real humbly, real You mentioned how how like these books and all these lessons that diesel in his legs all imported and there's time he mentioned like imagine, imagine how important it is or how beneficial whether we could be just in everyday life from or that this yet That's crazy, more books like this, that we go over whether That message like becomes more and more clear because you know, like you get creative guys, but they don't have discipline anything or you get super discipline guys, but didn't have creativity here.
But every once in a while, you get you find a person or you ll notice, a person who does bring them together. You know, and you see the results that you see what kind of productivity you to see the result in one way or another. You know like these like fighters or on an offer like anyone doing absolutely a man, it's crazy here, because you, if you'd, like naturally gifted or whatever at something, you're in a way not only We gotta know what that's like what I mean It's a! U noticed someone! you see them in all these different fields as well or where awesome That's got a lotta natural talent, yeah limb don't didn't have to, Because, essentially, through a bring or whatever the just environment, they don't need it. You know don't like to get away with. It goes out to run their talent they get away with it. Yes exactly I mean, I think, we're here that a lot. This idea that you know talent, it doesn't mean anything if you don't have a disciplined makes
Happen and in person as highly discipline will outperform someone at my more town all day and only the law. It was all day long through strong, I and the beginning. In the beginning. It, and yet exactly I feel like eventually the discipline is the thing that just gonna carry through so. And I thought I just thought those super important where you are like imagine if this, if you apply this to everyday life, is everyday life centrally for us anyway, it's like us a luxury. The ideas in inheres was import about what you're saying is This fact- that the reason that these guys had to have discipline was cuz. If they didn't have this, when they would die. If they didn't have this, when they would be overrun, if they didn't have this phone, they would they would starve if they would just die, they would die and they have to have this one. Point is in world in this life in two thousand seventeen the living in the first world, you don't have to discipline, doll and you'll still survive.
And you might even do ok yeah sure Just imagine just imagine if you apply the discipline to your life where you'll end up and how it's better off. You be How much more you can do with your life. The one life you have by the way you how much I know where you can do with that life. If you just have the disappointed work hard and get after it, yeah and you see it and little pockets to like. Remember when you're a kid and I come and see what see my money, for this are no comic book save my money. You don't even have an income by the way, but somehow you save all your money like that little quarter that you find doesn't work. You know you say that save that cause. You have this kind of end in a way like the disk, Kind of forms itself around that goal, so you know what it is like. You know what that means. You know. So it's real, like that's a real thing. You shouldn't you shouldn't regard.
This sum ambiguous thing that I know it's not like, not all nine, so many family crazy thing at all, yet it's real straightforward, the attic. I think that was when the first part gasped feed it right at something along one of our key. You know what you need to do here. We all know do should be doing this. To meet people that are lost that are going on. I'm just not sure how to do this. No, they know exactly what we know exactly what you I know exactly. What I should be doing is distractions too many distractions, in distractions, are literally everything is indeed trees of just distractions. That's the whole industry like too tv industry, destroy our huge and in the defence of DVD Tv, can get an idea. We re you can you can cause there's educational sovereignty, we divided the hand who say, like Cedar Point, the entertainment industry and I'm nothing. These industries
distractions or bad things, I'm not saying that I'm just saint distractions or what get in the way of for luck of better term like your your goals, Yeah and what were Talking about the very fact of some Your discipline can be used to create things that are actually distracting me if you, if your goal is to create some artistic peace, whether its movie weathers music, whether its whatever that that's distracting. But that's not. That does mean that its negative that we want to make that happen case. There's people I'll find something over. The reason you want to create something is, I guess created for yourself Then the reward is when other people say. Yes, I get something up recognition for me peer Fisher, yet in when I say distractions I blew in regards to,
do the path of least resistance, and then we throw distraction on top of that, for instance, when you open up your computer, could you got to write a book and instead of to opening the work process, you can't just gonna check the inter WEBS real, quick, ass that anyone wants to jump on when you're alarm call goes off all mobile right of targeting six million tonnes. That's why the problem is the promise never to distraction to promise, just the lack of will to do it. You need to do right. Interaction can add to that. That's about as a part of it. What we do We take, we take are due half of least resistance, and then we throw distraction on top of that very Since, when you open up your computer, could you got to write a book and instead of to opening the work process, you can't just going to check the inter WEBS real, quick, destructive, yeah, you're, distracted, Burgos. Forty five minutes even there's only for the internet is the internet is a mind. A time warp times disappears in the internet is a lot of destruction on yeah sure enough. In really what I mean
destruction. Is you have this long term goal right? Your goal? Is your pay off your long term? Pathos of distractions really? Are these little short term pay off at drag you that DIS track? You so that's it out, for the destruction like only broke out for re re, less right off the track exactly right, so the weakness we'll let those distractions cannot take hold for sure, but so yeah did they work hand in hand for sure. So so, if you can sit cause can that saving money for comic books think so consider that is Also, the distractions are gonna, be the candy that you want to buy or the you know you play dice with whatever the distractions is in regard to that specific pack. I like echoes world right now. Dice of your friends. Savings comic books, take one thousand nine hundred and fifty six, I like it, but either way like the distraction. Their relevance all eat when I say gave a distractions. Are there when I say
industries of distractions. Again, I'm nothing, there's a bad things. They are bad things if their distracting you from your goal, so you didn't Austrians and going to think about it. Sometimes you just need to let your mind take a rest. You only need one of all I had got such as equal game. I just flew home from like I've been on the road were all over the world. Master did a budget. Ages did some consulting It was all over the place on a plane, the whole time and I flew home from the east coast. One was that set a couple days ago. And when I I haven't done this others forever, I flew I watch the movie. I just did a total distraction which, as I said, you know what I can't I'm not not The game are now like. I need my brain. Is these are shut off, do something which I don't know, Do which is you can either do two things I look at it. You need to consume or you can produce right
I want to be producing. I wanna be put together when we writing. I want to be thinking. I want we write and reading for the pot gas prepping. That's what I want to be doing. Producing up and consumers, I'm just absorbing what someone else made right and absorb this absorb this absorb this law at times it is garbage. So I buy from home. Had a long flight knows actually know what I needed check out, renewed Jack I'll right now. Just do nothing so early Two movies dig it to move was you out. We gotta, while adhering to the two movies I watched the first one: good. It was entertaining told the story, and then, after that I watch It's the new movie that just came out about DAS. That Miss Gibson directed what's it called on, is a big Zestful movie conscientious objector World WAR two. He wins a medal of honor for he's awarded the medal of honor
So that was a good movie here. You know it's a word or two movie. I liked it. It's not in my opinion, five star, but it was good. It was entertaining told the story and then, after that I watched Sue lander that was aroused ordered a full blown Breslau good, and you realize you under because It's a hilarious Marie. I have a body in the teams that we nicknamed Mugabe to yeah cause. You know he would go crazy so we had called me. And yet I was just a funny Marietta's decompress. I don't do that very often. The grind is always happen. Soldiers to take a little detaching wasn't, namely that movie with that. There's no famous actors, messrs one, that really funny guy anyway. This is a good move. Yes, techno. What so the question is: is that really destroy?
action. So you know, like a football game, remove ie or something that that you're not doing to put you in a more forward on your path or whatever. But if you're taken here. You're, taking a break. Is that a distraction like if I'm lifting will work out and then I go recover from that. We recognise that industry was indiscretion. I should try to do it. Your mind. I was done so adapt out. Destruction is more of an idea or the concept so lightly, if we think that it is just like you said: when you open your computer, then there internet is there did destruction in one way or another. That's it direction. You know where you can eat like, even if I have a book. If my goal is To finish some video, but meaning I have this book? That's Informative, and some, like you not have book, seems real unreal The mood to redouble that's a distraction, even though it's a good thing and also the direction is like the idea. So you know what are the common,
I wanna get in shape. I wanna be a better husband or wife, or only do better at work on a learned more on every other stuff, you're, better, a digital get digital, all the stuff. You can get distracted by these other things you know before I I no red ominous surf Instagram or something like that. That's a distraction and now, which is my original point, is. The reason or one of the reasons that we don't play this extreme discipline, as its outlined in these books here is big, is one of the reasons is because we have literally infinite. Amount of distraction? While there is also no consequence, or I should say that the consequence is invisible, yeah since you dont, say you say hey. If I were to had discipline, I would reach this ultimate potential users.
Ok with not reaching out an ultimate potential, and here I would just like returning putting microwave able popcorn in and watching him. Do you ve been doing it all that is no longer here earlier. I would. I only know what there was good movie and popcorn taste good nail note I mean that's the wrong answer. You don't recognize what you're potential is, and so you just ok with this kind of half potential. Reach or potential and synergy no it. And the other thing it's hard to see it's to see how that long term effects you are just got one bag of just one movie, but he did that three times three week. You know that's thirty times in the past him yeah you could write for thousand words. No! More than that, you write about thousand words in our goodwill look at it and I think most of were. It's not like a moment to moment. Looking to the future, I think you should look at it. In the way of in the sense of looking at it in the past, so let's see
consider the last one year or two years right in the I wanted to play better guitar, something Google yeah. I have that goal. I always feel at it. There you go so you look at it in this way, where you don't say: ok, if I, spend an hour a day, you know practicing and you know in a year I'll, be you don't know, sir, look like that you can but a good way to Look at it or help, which is if you like. Last year, where dang, if I If I would have played an hour a day right now, all right now sitting here with you, ran I'd, be dead the guitar. You can like that. So you can. Did they wore. In my experience, I've got this feeling of like wasted time. You don't You know that feeling worth a gang I gotta get to play catch up. Now, that's a little bit more compelling, I think. Sometimes it can be there. He's getting rebutted that way to think TAT out. Maybe maybe not swimming- help stigma. Help
potential through both nicely to double gravitational. You need help By way of limitation, if you're working out so men, I said you can't not work out think fishing noddies like you could, because your life probability wise is is, is cruising your cruising physically, where no you gotta office could really love is physical, easy right now, you're only knows any gets easier and easier, even if it he's right now. Next year general, begin is gonna be easier like even like some brushing my teeth like. I do weak or whatever, and once a week with Ed So I do the regular toothbrush. You know, I'm sure, there's all kinds had little microbes knowledge in the tooth brush but accepted think Manless there.
You know this is an old school thing. There's automatic toothbrushes actually mobility about this to do this automatic alone electric to thrust else like super dope and die recommended it is, like eighty nine know all this in a thinking dance. Then as basic as brushing your teeth is way easier now way easier to get a machine to do it. That's really the whole narrow. With every point being physically you are in force yourself, cause you're, not gonna have to push you gotta reorient. It was you yeah yeah, you, your environment is is starting to work more and more against. You in regards to physical activity, saw my point being you gotta work out. The house. Gonna savings, real, the straightforward thing work out yeah, but I feel like it's. I mean SIRI for you and you know it to be like yeah. It seems obvious you, called the curse of knowledge. You know how, in your you,
so advanced in this one thing that you forget how it is to not be advance. That's true, because I have forgotten what it's like to not be advanced in terms of trying to explain to people why there I think it's pretty self evident anybody, while you'd work out now Europe think about this, and I think but- and I thought about this- won't like ok, you know when you go into a digital, Jim, your differences May you can very well not even understand this. This minor compute with you, but if you are new digital jim- and this applies even a regular. Twenty four hour finished him. If you ve never been in there before never worked up. That's the intimidating thing, you come in looking at me, I don't know how to use the machines. I don't know how to work out like it was. Looking me judging me, I'm dumb, it is not my element, all the stuff, that's intimidating. Ok, but it's real. What I'm saying you know how you feel like you probably don't know about that, because you don't have the curse of knowledge in regards to like physical activity working now in all up and then the pain that comes with it, eyed man, a date understand but
even more reason to work out physical condition. He regretted it. If you dont work up just jump in there, Jump, it go to the gym last year. If you, started working out. You know I'll dopey Vienna wait Oprah than you are. If, in the event, you didn't start less Asher choosing, while you work out you joints might become a sore and others from experience take cruel oil. My father in LA turn, me onto actually technically didn't successfully turn me onto it. They had to toy, he tried, he tried, and you know didn't see the light until Jackal turn me unto Surinam turning aeronauts onto it, hopefully successfully Oil is, I'm not gonna, go to hold thing here, but it's for your joint. So if you get joint pain will just would degenerate over time you get older, dig, it grew I'll bring you back. Your function is kind like your joint joints
always warm now not linked to the touch warm but like form like ready for action. You see something I'm saying I ain't, even see by her there, if you don't know on it, that's all company and they have been. I have just coiled up other stuff to the aforementioned doc yeah. Performers, out of which I recommend shrimp deck by the way bigtime, especially if you're, if you're going for performance yeah, if you're gonna go trained, Jujitsu with Andy Taylor, Dean, Craig Good Gregg train ECHO Charles just take the shrimp Northport. The astute export take three of them No, that's the recommended. I didn't know that I read it one day to read the instructions for no reason article twelve of the seas of attack one, but I did say three guys. I've been taken to offer started three felt little bit luxuriate yeah, always the factory in never let down and
and thus further performance. So if I'm, if I'm just taken a walk around the block or or two, I think the shoe tech I'm not feel it as much as if I jump in you two rounds. You know There are no! I take it when I have to perform a situation. Begged me to you take trim, take immune not to be confused with, and I've taken from take a mute when I go massive travel you're getting always planes wise people, everyone, sick, coughing, sneezing, it's all nasty. Ah, you do just go here Take some truth. Tech immune something different. It's yellowish related that level. The dream do the: whenever you're eating is more yellow, yeah, I think the ingredients would you say the ingredients I take vitamin c actually when I'm on your big travel, vitamin c tradition you are here think is a good onto this. What I hear I've taken,
before to try to overcome a cold, but I wasn't, very you know, convinced I can power our powers of vitamin c, though, if I feel like some kind of a disease common own power. And good thing. We take this tree. Take immune. You like you know, you know They were like. Ok. Does vitamin c help? Ok check the? Does the ink in idle night and wreathed ingredients they didn't were about to whatever, but I read the effects yoga got you raise my immune system going to need that plane, a bunch of dirty people, not all of you, as many of you men in these he's needing on everyone coughing on everyone and by the way cuz I'm going to go talk to people. I can't be going, not built on doc. You can't do that I have to actually be able to talk.
Exactly half a hotel yacu, it's awful with you. If you sneezer cough when you're on a MIKE in front of a big group of people, local or keep doing it, yeah Canada term target She thought it. Don't you know of a good stuff in the UK. Yes, on a dark com, you want temperature, of all the stuff on it does come slash Jacko in here, we discovered gray, no talk about crude oil, shrimp text, from taking moon out I'll, get you about where we could go out all night. With this because of all the good stuff. You see what I'm saying I did. You watch me actual year, hiding it ain't alphabet today and I was thinking
you took it. But then, when you want that long story about something- and I was sort of wondering they needed digs outbreaks in it, then what I wrapped up in your life day, you will renew the use of a red. I didn't flaring that statement made me think you are now presented, just as you were able to complete the whole deal right. There are regularly echo story and then, when it comes to the enclosure ego pay to get some of the aid. Could take led take might lead example, something the so our brain, if you don't know cuz them talk by as much as I feel like, is for its role in our lives. My life insurance life in ruins, where you too its neutralise called Tropic. It's basically brain food, brain food supplements are elected to make your brain or I'm really, I'm not gonna go to cause. I've been taking mostly on it, mostly awful brain in the past. In the powder kid he's good idea: the peach in space
I've been taken it in that more than a minute Iraqi ran out of the pills, the cap sweet a! U let you'd prefer the capitals well, sometimes capsules a little bit more convenient yeah yeah, but I like it. I like deformed doing an event or I'm gonna go on a part. Gaza and I didn't. I wanted spill Bam mixed alpha Brady in there in the brain fever euros in a hurry, doing a bunch stuff Brown mix it up a little. You know like when you brute he is like I'll anyway, either way the both the same deal and their call in tropics. Proven by the way, to say the word through good for me, so you should take it not to say that Now, when you you, you say that But to me that means more to me than I don't know why but like when you say arts but double triple blind, placebo Babar controlled.
I would rather have like someone that I know say: broke, I'm tellin you take the stuff like I did with grow loyalty you yeah yeah yeah. I was more important than reading a bunch of facts about it. Yeah yeah now take someone that you know and their say, look man give little crack yeah It s me on this one everything mostly weather that in one way or another, now with everything but yeah like if you recommend a movie or something like that in then? Meanwhile, look at the review. Three reviews are like super good, but in Europe, It is just because it is good that is it's an iron means along. Right to the classic nineties. It's at night, he's comedy. What kind of mood is Jacko in when I go to name these colleagues, the lander, that's just with dig up. Nurses are dear to us, but I like our own Wilson and that we will not do Sorry, I'm having been so a guy like that guy OWN Wilson hegemony. I can post comes across as very true
in the way he says. Yeah like honest naive day, I dislike seems like a good do to her. Thirdly, before dying out with these categories, is arab nuts AIR Hetty, yeah, yeah yeah? It's interesting nonetheless backed it, often brain. I think that one they prove it. I think so people three types of like mindsets or whatever kind of morbid gravitate towards that like they're, like ok, that's cool that it work free but that could have implicit. They could have been that it could have been removed. Dear whatever. If I'm commit to this, I want some from hard facts: plumping, Walesa, so bored You got hard facts as well as a legitimate recommendation. Could those taken this even before you know the podcast and stuff so nonetheless of a brain. That's a good one, a bunch of other cool stuff. If you D protein part a good clean protein powder on their all this work out stuff too. By the way I got a bunch kettlebells, their prey
more bills. Legend of artistic wondered dope. Look man cigarette someone there anyway that is a good way to support yourself. Help yourself. Maintaining the work out physical activity all that stuff, so you can be successful in that way. I don't think there's any existing more aid that for real, also good way to support really good way to support Amazon click through when you go and get the book conversations with major dick winters websites listed there. Wouldn't you look up and click through their boom, so basically the Amazon click the bite on Amazon click to you before Do you shopping click through the website? Amazon boom supports about cast small action. Big reaction. Does the click through only takes what three
Secondly, I think we can the term maximum really. So you don't give some leeway to say three section seconds and then the reaction is massive support for the spot. Guess that's a good one and one click due to the website. Jacobite Esta com- or I think it's on chocolate started com- is what is good. A complex click through free. Do your Amazon shopping, also subscribe to the pot guess on Itunes, if you have an already sticker, Google all these other podcasting providing performed. Also on you, too, if you don't mind the village video version of this broadcast, color you to watch it they're coup adds that other Blair of experience, you everyone seems to do that when there's a guest yeah, because they don't know that persons. They know what you look like. They know what I look like most most most people, Well, if there was need the podcast eventually, they know what you look like. They know what I look like and so
There's no reason. Sometimes, although, Sometimes you can see like when certain subjects come up and there may be some intensity in the bag. Ass, more people watch it. Nobody visibly mellow park ass. We were just talking about whenever we talk about. Maybe not everyone feels the need to go to Youtube, but when comes on people want to see that person looks at Andrews, usually some more animated interactions, yes to the victim, So if you're into that, you know what it is. If you made a little clip of when TIM Kennedy was on- and I I read a question from the audience, was something along the lines of ice it I said you hey, you know they took away bayonets being from Camp and TIM Kenya's possible. My favorite parts of any podcast ever we do in that. I won't. I would really appreciate it if you'd make a clip, even if it was like twelve
seconds long, just part yeah just twelve seconds long. It would be worth having on their because everyone should know that. That's a travesty stopped there. Course, Army Blue camp. You got it some people if they don't hear this exact part of any kind of confused, but I think to appreciate it. I think so out of failure. Dig it fully for theirs. Good animation, piano he's getting crazy. Yeah man phone and really in general, to see you too, that's an added like I said in that added visual layer. You know you down, for it somewhere, people. You know you put on your tea reality. You're right. You know you're working out where you know it's on the tv can like you're in the conversation little bit more feels like it. And also if people subscribe to the Youtube Channel, then when They can sign up where, if you make an excerpt right than they can get that could Let it gets. Leering is much easier share, an excerpt from Pakistan. It is to share an audio. Anyone know how to share audio piece of pod cast
To do that, it probably can't be that's why we have the Youtube. So yeah go ahead, subscribe to that one and two in the excerpt by put some excerpts, you if you don't want to share- or you anticipate- that this person got to listen to two and a half hours of a pot. Guess when you share it get the little lesson, you know that you want to share the chaotic approach college, whatever one. Yet because everybody I went to college already wishes. They had that when they withdraw yes or when they, you know in the outer someone who's gonna go to college, their kids nephew neighbor whatever they have some advice directly from
go anyway. So yeah you can you sure? That's abruptly Youtube. That's the point. There is the threat of Youtube. If you want, and if you want to support- and you know, if you want, you- can send a fur live alert when I upload something on their, I and others alert. You can get pretty stoked something coming through like a little present. Yes, you do good and also jock, where the store skull, Jacko store. Java stored com, if you won T shirts and what not disciplined equal freedom, the that simply says get after it on the front that seem to have gone over pretty well I'd, say, it also seems worth noting that We now offers the victory anime sure to the Jackal uniform than eyewear time. I wear it when I reported I guess I went all tat. We obviously because we have our Jim, we
while teach our Jim's name on it, and so I wear that teacher love and always have and then I didn't intentionally, do it all the parties in the beginning? I just happened to be where through three times and then someone said, is that the only sure jogger where's when I said why you, Nowhere you're, like the guy. The fly rim of the movie, the fly there and the Ladys like Africa. She's like hey, is that you said a closer something like TAT and she sees in his closet that they're all the same. That is me that here you'll like it, I like how things are the same, but a people come and ask me hey working at the future. Work of the teachers are now. We voted on the Jacko Store Street. Usually they didn't even have em at victory, growing old command. We once you the thing that original go. This is an original. Does the original victory, I'm a t, shirt and had to re produced yeah. Well, it's a real issue.
And all his dope and its own respect right yeah. It is so I'm trying to think like is that enough is because it's the exact same his idea tailings actually live literally the exact opposite. The same file right here So now get down if you want you can represent, have President Viktor good. It's interesting as yours are like old fool, so they kind of have like a feed to renewing it alone. There, they all gleaming, look sharp beaming gleam in a grab a couple, those who, by the way, I want to speak because I was running low when I had to have other things in my yet what are called me have close I wardrobe good thinking juggle anyway job store dot com check, those out some other new stuff stuff things items on there. Let me talk about this. Mother might take too much time. Cuz we've been, you know, we've been going at it, so this this travel mug.
So you know how you know at home. You know you have your cup Yeah, but you know what I'm talking about in a word, I do you know what I have. Actually my wife She search for ever to get me a cup that I like. Yet she found it and then she went to target and bought Neil. Does nothing? There's big giant plan deck, but few like glass, whatever that is religious or something I can't break but young, but they they feel your answer, I haven't much those, but apparently it's replaced the s the strangely. I had the same thing when I was on the same search, so I what what what I arrived at my favorite cup was pink cause. They don't have any other colors. It was pink, but it was big is like maybe like twenty four out like big caught the sort of used for everything is pink whatever that meant meant nothing here. You do their manhood Yemen committed compared to the functionality. The pink was nothing but here's the thing could barely freedom. I got older. The kind of
You put it in what it was like a Stuckey left in fine, but it does the cup though best one you use any other copied is on an earth. How do you know I'm gonna get it So but you know what I mean to say, you know exactly what I mean we, you know you have your caught unawares. They could be dirty, there'd, be cups, everyone all available. You, like normal good, wash this anomalies cut. That's it this! Ok, what about this? This monitor technically what a travel tumblr right been heard, whatever the outcome to the top, but you take other tub boom. That's a cup to earn the now anomaly conducive to just using it the cut, you know how I feel like thread in there to screw on targets of her. I think it's a good thing. And that's not to mention the look black on black The call it murdered out ever that expression murdered out no trogool if I'm Google murdered out Cadillac the target is it's a flat mad painting with black wheels? So
it. Basically, all black tell you and it's all black, so that this thing is murdered out technically flat Black Matt with like that logo, the four hundred and thirty four and the discipline equals freedom is like a shiny black, rhino, black, very nice. Very nice. So, let's just designed to function wise perfect, thirty ounces, not twenty four thirty straight up and it would have the BP free all that, so you don't get poisoned overtime commander, that's a big thing and also. Ok, here's the impressive part when I ultimately was like dang impressed. I guess, is like technology is kind of been around, but I didn't know had that plastic up in whatever this it'll keep it. Separate the temperatures from inside and outside so the ins, temperature will lead to the outside meaning it keeps like, if you have a thing called stuff in Hebron- means its insulate it'll yeah right bathed insulated in a special crazy way.
If you- and this is with no top on by the way you feel that way. Makes your ice water. You I did one time I didn't finish like knows me three quarters of still some water in there and I just kind of left it went to bed the next day. I looked at it, in the ice was still in there and Sure that doesn't mean that much, but as far as proving how it keeps the temperature products alot Strata. So it doesn't like sweat in how many other hold regular honour on it. Yeah. If it's on your desk isn't working there, the asker some stuff a hot day, whatever Hugh made its like yet doesn't. Even do that? Don't do that alone, one tat was outside the poor, whatever cruelly Ice water actually use Jacobite T pull we'll get to that too. But
So you know I leave it there and it's in the sun and I grab it and I'm like off. This is going to be totally melted, cuz, I'm feeling it that the cup physically feeling the outside of the cup and it's straight up hot. The sun is beaming on it's hot. I look inside. Ice still that full on ice, not even well, I'm telling you I replaced other copy that Europe about jailing uranos when you replaces got being in a fine all these benefits to it above and beyond, just the dope in size, and if it's in your coupled straight up, see how it's like the sheep are next next thing feel like we could talk about religion, we want our anniversary. Why don't you like it? I'm glad you like it. I don't get you I'd next time, utilizing it. Actually, I am pressed my I see you still icy, see getting down this cup mug for a long time been thoroughly impressed.
Play it got some good at that on the Jackal store Doc com without it. There also should we talk about the warrior kid shirts. You can talk about that. There, There, too, were kid shirts, youth sizes for your kids. Born there, it is very, very cool, warrior kid out there this layers and now, and to that I just found out by the way country, the colors. What about that? Good chick chuckle stood up on this rash guards on their new records out. Maybe they're output is getting into like a spring. And I mean maybe summer pre soon, so he might not be applicable away there on the renewed sir, the winter hoodies that I'm gonna be more in charge of this type should at their heavier and more powerful.
Thinking New England winter I'm tired cool, I also think there Chicago in Minnesota. I want nothing Hawaii over here. Equality where shirt much less sweatshirt bribe. Those my whole point, you're, like hoodies private, is dear. You know it was actually my wife possibilities are so it is consulted with nonetheless DOT data, cumbersome cool stuff on their trouble month. Shirts couchettes soup that way: em you get a little item represent in the wild boom. Also. Support yourself with this psychological warfare. If you know what that is- which I know you already do, but if you don't it's an album with tracks, no music jock on there and tracks are useful. These are utility lady, what he called functional tactical tracks to help you stay on the path we talk about, getting distracted, some people, it they'll, get distracted by comfort. You know that-
the path, the path as income is riddled with discomfort riddled and sometimes after wild at that discomfort can get to certain people at certain times. So what this psychological warfare album does is it keeps you on the path? So, for example, you want to wake up every day, early one day you distracted by the comfort of heating this news, but in getting ten more twenty more minutes, asleep, that's bad! That's a distress That would deviation from the path, listen to psychological or from what's the didn't number number wanna think do not forget after get up and get a listen to that put it as your alarm, a dairy. Hits news, dare you joggled this tell you practically in practice a pragmatic way why you should not hit this news book. I
would say, with VE hundred percent certainty, that you will not have this news and you will stay on the path, and that goes for all these other things deviating from diet, deviating, on pushing yourself in a work out deviating from Jim in the first place, going exactly right or if you like, with this procrastination situation, man, that's that's the main one that like you? I shall need to do this. I should do this. Does not it procrastination is reading much the thing that's gonna, keep me from doing it nonetheless into procrastinate. Is that a little solution? psychological warfare, Giacomelli look for it on students or Amazon, music, better way to grow less critical So why you're on Amazon? You can get this book that we just covered today, conversations with major Dick winners, job go white. Tee is also available on Amazon. If you don't want a drink
so does which no one should be drinking sodas at all. You dont need him there, there actually horrible for you, but I remember one or even Sushi New York, and I must add that the coke yeah I was, though I was gonna. Actually just added surprised. I thought that you weren't gonna, be my friend in like a real. I couldn't believe so. Anyways ECHO has this tradition really mean sounds like a sugar coated lie there when he sushi has a bargain bottle of coke. That killed that I came my hatred for him, the best I can It's gonna gonna talk today about like hey. If Europe that you can't look at everyone my case, his position is to be added. He like ok, echoes, not a bad person. Mentally regret now will disappear with it. Don't you that during Jacobite tea, which actually taste to better then coke theirs. No doubt that it is better to cook subjective but
are you serious right now? I'm sorry better is a subject yeah. Then everyone agrees within the world put side by side, tasty there you go again to everybody: Gimme that Gimme that given the Jackal Whitey, they don't want that Europe? Should I think you might be hundred forty Seven percent got absolutely we'll. Do it tastes test Emma you can take the coke somewhat but my lips to that stuff, nasty, one time they had a? We have it a pity situation? the monster mash, the enemy due to a bunch of crazy events, Pelops rope climbs to carry boats around and swim and we're doing it when I was the oh, what the certain charge of trade it and so yet I you transport, brought my son with me. A dead did monster. Mash and one,
things you had to do in the monster mash his things being timed insurrection on us and you had to drink a full coca COLA through a straw. Is my son's doing the March machines, probably seven or something like that and he'd. Never even before we burn dismal, yeah any aegis hated it. You're so nasty to him That's how I looked at you the taken. Do you make a weighty go on their read the reviews as well. You know you'll see things like this excellent tee when I need a crush and power through a were the work, I bring me some Jacobite tee. If I need a little extra kick to crush it, that's what I do begun working fewer hours at the office, as my pretty productivity- has risen. Nine hundred percent, thus putting the actual numbers yeah and obviously that's a hundred percent accurate because it came from an Amazon review, so
and actually this morning as well, call regarding this product, leaving your supply of Jacques White Tea out in the open will require over watch. I now have non t drinkers, hitting my reserves almost as badly as dedicated t drinkers. Double blind study required right. That's this thing, It doesnt tastes like t write, it doesnt tastes like tea. In my opinion, it is like this to really doesn't let that job Where did you get it on Amazon, backup way the warrior kid? The book is as you know, thank you. Forgetting it kids been crushing it its awesome. That's one of my favorite things that has happened to me in the past, knit several years, is people started posting pictures of their kids reading where the warrior kid- and that was awesome for me to see
a white was awesome cuz. I know I know those kids are reading that book and they're thinking that they're going to get a little bit better in a little bit stronger little bit, astern will be smarter and their guests and people's enemy pictures of kids don't push up. Some kids do in a guy set me up a video of kid you, how you have little night vision in your kids. Taken monitor them. Gonna a little wanted. Yelling Amato, who sent me a picture of video of the monitor, knockings inner room after nighttime after better get the kids don't push up, is due importance, why I want to give stronger, wants to get better so ya out, yet that if you kids here from if you're too, don't that's cool, get it anyways out. Let's have a lot to learn from Uncle Jake myself included so run out, go to your local bookstore.
And grab copies if they dont have any your local, but bookstore tell them to get it so that other kids can see it and get it. Let's make people better, also computer, disc political freedom, few manual again, you can find it in the get after section of any bookstore or online bookseller. It is the only book in that section. If you Bookstore doesn't have that section which are probably tell them to get after it and make one and then put this political freedom. Their enter copying for yourself extreme ownership. Yes, the fundamental principles of combat leadership. They will help you win in any capacity on the battlefield on be in business in life. Tremble, ship written by myself and my brother Leaf Bab, and you can get that book as well. If you need more than the podcast and the book that's fine, took I
actor leadership and management, consult consulting com, echelon front for an excellent front, dot com now the muster the muster we just I've done with monsters, zero, zero too in New York City. What your assessment echo Charles, submit was that it was an upgrade. It is. It was an upgrade from the first one in that same a lot, because the first one was did out. Thank Dana, really impact for to the kind where and how it really say. Like will this event was impact for don't use that word knock. Above all, and I think that, but I'm just saying to say they gotta before so that first one was doubtless a king this is really good from talked about, my given gave a material booms like all usable material, all of it and then like always there Think people overlooked this part time like this: the social element, its
easy to make friends with everyone, because they are going to have the same kind of interesting goals in one way or another. There's gonna be some overlap: their budgets powerless Do you know? I think it's just this great event. And then the second one, and I was it and be honest with you, I wasn't. Fired up for those in New York, it's like outside it, comfort zone. The first one here, San Diego Sweet, Psych, use even better. That's that this Son was better. It was got getting great feedback. Awesome in, like you said the import, while one and most board things that you just said it is very pragmatic, it's not like it's not. Like hey, you're, gonna learn some stuff, but it's not gonna be really applicable. None or no, it's gonna be applicable. You walk out when you finish that section we get I'm talking about it, but you can
would implement that immediately yards inches. He is like a lot of military stories in examples you know, and then, but when you go to the coup in a like all the people, with their questions, not one from his military all work, maybe relationship maybe here there is like at work, the elder Delia and exactly and every one of those situations we answer I'd say we answer room with both businesses apples, that we experience and military examples, but yeah you you absolutely. We ve seen this the thing we ve seen It happened for whenever that little bitch you is that you ve you're, having seen it before. You know us before since at them like it will be find an answer come to a conclusion and move forward the techniques, the principles that we talk about extreme remorse, but It's like this extreme ownership. The book is an awesome Way to get the fundamental principles, but when you call to the event now
you can really personalize it. You know you can really make sense of it. It's just like learning jujitsu, like it's cool, yeah watch the Youtube videos also go to class, also go to the seminar verdict. Many different angles. You can cause the more angles. You learn it from the better you, the more proficient you'll, be at applying them to your world and that's not know you talk what you did to another cool part about it. Is you don't want to teach the jets on the last day, like you can comment actually like roll try to joke doktor come and bring you can you talk, think about it? most times like if you go to like it, you know who I am. I ain't gonna try to choke the guy and of it you don't. You can't say like come pandering to go, see this concert and then afterwards, I'm in a pickup guitar employ you know the solos with Yo Clapton yeah. The veranda doesn't happen and as you can, beyond, this is like, like actually choking up the person
That's like an added element here. After all, they plenty of guys when it suits you so cool. If you are going- and are we talking about this evening it s enough. Is so anyway. If you didn't make it New York City, which was awesome times square, we had a great time the next point, having July thirteenth and fourteenth in Austin taxes, the Omni Barton, Creek resort and spot now. There's one thing that They just is what it is in New York. We We were planning to do like three hundred fifty people and then, sold out. We opened up for another fifty and weed, and we how to expand our room to get that and then So about, and so then, We rearrange the poor the situation in there to get more people. Now it looks in Austin were kept. It can be bigger than the room that we ve got answer it's three fifty serve. You wanna, sign up quick.
Where did sold there's no way we can expand it into more people. So just be aware of that, if you can't make that for thirteen and fourteen July for Fourteen in Austin, Texas Sandy your California September fourteenth fifteenth were back in San Diego for follow on operation, so come and get it while you're waiting for the muster, if you need to pass communications to myself or echo Charles. We can be found on the inner WEBS Twitter Instagram plus, We now face bookie echo is at ECHO, Charles and I am at Jacko willing. Thanks to everyone for listening to part gas for sharing the park ass for supporting the pot gas we really who appreciated thanks
Military personnel out there that are protecting our freedoms overseas. Also the law enforcement, the fire fighters e first responders that keep us safe here at home. To you all and everyone. Whatever your mission might be Think about Dick winners, personal quest, very simple to excel in everything he did. Excel in everything he did. We should do the same excel in everything we do from working to working. From the way we treat people
way. We treat ourselves excel. Put forth your greatest effort in everything you do from a small, seemingly meaningless tasks to the big goals, as you attack the goals or, as those goals start to grind you down remember. It pure determined effort that Dick winners taught us all and go out there and get after it. So until next time this is ECHO and Jacko out.
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