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78: How Adversity Reveals Human Nature. Are You Worthy of Your Suffering? "A Man's Search For Meaning", by Viktor Frankl

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0:18:47 - "A Man's Search For Meaning", by Viktor Frankl

0:42:12 - The Sociology and Psychology of the Camp.

1:02:28 - An Attitude. Being Worthy of Your Sufferings.

1:34:59 - Adversity Reveals Human Nature.

1:42:32 - To Sum Up.  Takeaways and Lessons Learned.  

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This is Jacko podcast number. Seventy eight with ECHO Charles and me Jocker willing good evening echo good evening. Nightmare. Now, that's a word that I. Use oftentimes to describe the most horrible things in the most wretched things, and in my hierarchy of acts, it gives nightmare is Right, alongside of hell. I'm not sure which, is worse in my mind, that's why I say they're right alongside each other, because hell is beyond the worst thing your mind can imagine it and that's. Basically what a nightmare is when you're, asleep and you're mine,
elves into the most horrific things beyond what you can come Justly wilfully. Imagine in your own head, that's nightmares. Now, What if there was a place that was worse than a nightmare and it was a real place who could create such a place and the answer to that. He's we can, I shall never forget how I was roused. One night by the growing of a fellow prisoner who
threw himself a bow in his sleep, obviously having horrible nightmare. Since I had always been especially sorry for people who suffer from fearful dreams or delirium. I wanted to wait. The poor man. Suddenly I drew back for hand which was ready to shake him frightened The thing I was about to do at that moment I be came Intensest intensely conscious of the fact that no dream no matter how horrible could be as bad as the reality of the camp which surrounded us and to which I was about to recall him
To a quote from the book, man's search for meaning by Viktor Frankl, which will be peering into today. And it's a book about the Nazi got concentration camps, which. Are really, as he pointed out, their worse than any nightmare. We can imagine here's a holocaust survivor, Eddie Wine Stein, On the deaf and the atrocities in trouble, anchor. By now, the transport were coming every day. One, was much like the next the same. Students recurred again and again. Once as I swept out the interior of a car and s S. Man suddenly struck me with his weapon, ordered me to help a woman who is unable to stand and climb.
Out of the car. The idea was to show his victims how well the ill would being treated. Then he ordered one of the workers to take the women. Take the woman to the field, the field hospital for care, the new comers really believed that the early ailing woman would be taken. You'd, infirmary,. None of them realised at the field. Hospital was in fact just a giant pit about thirty yards in diameter, which was always the blaze they would place those who were sixty or disabled the ground at the edge of the pit facing in the Yes, man and then in charge. Circulated among them and shot them in the back of the neck, then the workers, cast them into the pit. Some of the victims, Joe breathing when they were tossed in with the other bodies. The pit
was separated from the spacious field by a barrier of fresh pine branches, which place from time to time to conceal the infirmary from the newcomers until the last moment. Twenty minutes after I helped the woman climb out of the railroad car, I was told, that some infants were sitting by the pit and no one else was there, because the S S soldier had taken his lunch break. I guess Some trash and went over there. I saw the woman who had removed from the car still breathing sitting at the edge of the pit and staring in fright into the burning inferno and its contents. The hat cremated bodies of old people and children mixed with small, Bring trash she tried to stand up but her legs would not hold her. She looked at the workers Who stirred the embers remnants
human beings, so they would burn better near by were about a dozen infant. Too young to have learned how to walk they weren't crying. They said they did not understand what was happening. They looked about almost certainly In hopes of finding their mother or father. Later I heard that, right after he returned from his lunch break the S S, man shot them all and ordered the workers too. Oh, the tiny bodies into the flames. Of all my memories of that occurs. Twice the vision of the Babies is undoubtedly the worst. I see their faces whenever I remember Treblinka.
As I right these lines more than fifty years after that day. I still cannot overcome the horror in another report here, Martin sped of tar. Now Poland describes the massacre of torn out Jews in an interview. We heard the columns of Jews under the german escort at night. It was going constantly, they were Passing our house, because this already on the outskirts of the city, the cemetery, And they were marching them to the woods behind the city, as we found out later they were all shot over there during the day looked out through the shingles, my father said I shouldn't look, but anyway I was a kid. I was curious
And the roof was overlooking the cemetery and wagons with bodies. Dead bodies were coming in. Groups. They will bring in groups of jewish people that had to dig trenches, they had to dig ditches and the bodies dumped in and after those Jews that dog the ditches they were shot also and posting Another group that came in after them into those did you: and line was poured over the bodies, and the next group covered up those ditches and dug other ditches they brought in pregnant women and they didn't use any bullets. They used bayonets. The screams of the mothers,
that their children they tore their children out of their arms and the screams of the children. I still here and Solomon redo ASCII, who is the only survivor from the seventy eight people in his family, described the concentration camp. They throw the people in the crematorium, see the children. I will never forget alive, they throw them in the crematorium they grabbed
By an arm by a leg by the head and throw them into the ovens there, it was so tragic the cries and people when crying there. You know it would so terrible. I can feel it now. I can even see the people the other people were crying. The children were hollering mama, daddy help me Mamma, daddy help me. It was terrible
more report, not troubling, come from Henry Gold and the worst thing that happens to a person in that instance, he loses self respect and that's exactly what happened to the majority of the people some of them even lost their minds. They couldn't take it, they couldn't take the hunger they couldn't take the beatings they couldn't take, the cold, no clothing and the uncertainty. And the uncertainty, I think that was the worst thing that can happen to a person you didn't know from one moment to the next. What was going to happen? Life was very cheap, a person was alive one minute. The next minute he was shot, killed, beaten up, beaten to death, torn tart apart by dogs and so on. Life was very, very cheap and that's the way the Germans liked it that particular camp was good.
And by the jewish, jewish police and so on, the Germans did not stay in the camp. They were on. The Outside but the life inside it camp was just as bad, without the Germans being right there, then, if they would be. The jewish police was, I dont, know. You take a person in that situation and you give them a little power and he become is the same as the oppressor himself. There were some policemen that were not bad, but there were a lot of them that were ruthless. There were others that would be people and do all kinds of things that would degrade them and so on, especially women. They cut their hair off and they look like men. They look like
air crows and they would get beaten up by the jewish police just as bad as the man for no reason at all. If they wanted a little more soup, where they or distributing soup, and there were some laughed and you're gonna give everybody a little bit and jewish police, with their stay Rubber hoses would beat them half since senseless and that's what happens when the conditions are the way they were. Then, when a person becomes an animal and loses self respect, That is willing to get a beating and get beaten, half senseless just to get a little bit of soup. Either you died or if you didn't die, the Germans would come and take you away. The filth was just terrible in the camp
in the barracks you had cots, I mean bunks, where everybody slept on straw. There. Covers was no pillows. Nothing. He slept in your clothes, the winners in the winter because you're afraid to get cold The only heating was a pot bellied stove in the middle, the Barrack. When so Restore he stole some wood in the factory or something than we have fire, otherwise it was freezing only once they had if you huddled together, and they kept warm that way, but nobody would get undressed. The lights were eating you up alive once a month
how to take a shower and we had to walk to camp pay to go to the showers. And that means a ten mile walk ten miles there. In ten miles back, a lot of people were too weak to walk and those people hardly ever took a shower. There was no hot water in the washer and it was only cold in the winter. You afraid to wash up, because there was nothing to wipe yourself with there, for you would walk out in the cold winter and freeze to death. Then Henry Gould Brothers and both of his parents were all killed in the gas chambers.
And from the Buchenwald report, which was translated and edited with an introduction by David, a hack it, I will now described the crematorium in the transports at the state. In two thousand people got off the trains. They had to throw away all their luggage afterward. Men and women, were divided into two groups at which the law Your boys were assigned to the group with the men, then that great devour of Jews, Mengele drove by the car seeking out the strongest from each transport. They numbered around thirty out of two thousand. The remainder led away by assessed technical sergeant, mole, the officer of the crematorium.
The elderly were loaded onto dump trucks and then dumped into burning trenches while still alive. The remainder will lead to the gas chambers Meanwhile, new transports were arriving in full the gas chamber was dressing room. On its walls was written in all languages, put shoes into the cubby holes and tie them together. So you will not lose them. After the showers, yours. Hot coffee here victims, undress themselves and wind, the chamber. Were three columns for the ventilators through which the gas poured in a special work detail with tat genes, drove the people into the chamber when, room was for small children were thrown in through window sergeant, more grabbed. Infants by their legs
and smash their skulls against the wall. Then the gas was led into the chamber lungs of the victim, slowly burst and after three minutes allowed clamouring could be heard. Then the chamber was open. And those who still showed signs of life were beaten to death. The prisoners of the special work details then pulled corpses out took the right he's off and cut their hair, which was gathered up putting in Saxon ship the factories. Then they arranged the corpses in piles of ten each after sergeant more had counted them. They were taken to the means, or if the crematoria crematorium were insufficient,
thrown in the fire trenches once it happened that a victim crawled out of a burning trench, he was beaten to death with trojans. Want sergeant more port, put a naked woman in the trench and shorter. The genitals. Another time more found a ring on a member of the special work detail. He ordered Nat. Now four poured over him and had it lighted. He had a man by his hands and shot. Until his arms were torn through, then he hang them up by the feet and repeated the process. Once sergeant more took a family of six first shot the young
just in the presence of the rest, then he shot the older ones and finally, their father and mother, and that's the testimony of John DOE Weiss, who was fifteen years old at Birkenau. So I think it safe to say that this is a situation that is definitely worse than a nightmare
And what possibly can we take away from that? I think the best thing we can do is try to learn, and I think one of the best, Ways to learn and take lessons away from the Holocaust is from the book that I started off with today called man search for meaning by Viktor Frankl. Let's go to the book. Let us take the case of a transport which was officially announced transfer a certain number of prisoners to another camp
was fairly safe to guess that its final destination would be the gas chambers. A selection of sir Gore feeble prisoners. Incapable of work would be sent to one of the big central camps which fitted with gas chambers and crematorium listen action process, was the signal for a free fight among all the prisoners or of group against group. All that mattered was that one's own name and that of one's friends crossed off the list of victims, though everyone knew that for each man saved another victim had to be found a debt The number of prisoners had to go with each transport. It did not really matter which, since Each of them was nothing but a number on their admission to the camp. All their documents had been taken from them,
together with other possessions, prisoner therefore had an opportunity to claim a fictitious name, a profession and for various reasons, many did this. The authorities were interested only in the captives numbers. These numbers were often tattooed on their skin and also To be soon to a certain spot on their trousers jacket or coat The guard, who wanted to make a charge against a prisoner just glanced Does number and how we dreaded those glances? He never asked for his name. To return to the convoy about to depart, there was neither time nor desire to consider moral or ethical issues. Every man was controlled by one fought only to keep himself alive, for them family waiting for him at home and to save his friends.
With no hesitation. Therefore, he would arrange for another prisoner another number to take his place in the transport. As I have already mentioned, The process of selecting Campos was a negative one. Only the most brutal of the prisoners were chosen for this job. So Campos were prisoners, jewish prisoners that got selected to help run the prison camp and an cap- oh, I try to find the etymology of where that came from the best or the closest or the thing that made the most sense to me from what I read was was they had two words combined together, comrade police, then the din German. Those got shortened to capital.
So some of these, in you already heard one of those earlier testimonies, talking about the Jew Police inside the presence, Now they were just as bad as in many cases as the jury. Themselves back to the book, But apart from the selection of capitals, which has undertaken by the S s, there was a sort of self selecting process going on the whole time among all the prisoners on the act. I urge only those prisoners could keep alive who, after years of tracking from camp to camp, had lost all scruples in their fight for exist, since they were prepared to use every means, honest and otherwise even brutal force, theft and Britain. Real of friends. In order to save themselves, will you have come back
by the aid of many lucky chances or miracles, whenever one may choose to call them? We know the best of us did not return. So there is a dynamic that you don't think of immediately when you think of the concentration camps number one you dont think about The cap post, the jewish police that are forced into this situation and in the other thing you don't think about. Is this the fact that the people but we're going to survive were basically I am making a very browser, but but you know from Viktor Frankl saying here it was the people. Were willing just to do anything to survive, including between their friends, and he say straight up. We know the best of us did not return, and that is something that you don't think about.
And we probably don't think about it, because we don't want to think about it, because when you stop Thinking about. What would you do to survive? What we. You do to survive. What would I do to survive and that's a question? I dont think a lot of people want to know the answer to And it's very easy to go through life and never have to answer that question talking a little bit now about what life was like in the camp back to the book somewhere. It is said that man cannot exist without sleep for more than a stated number of hours quite wrong. I had been Vince that there were certain things I just could not do. I could not Weep without this or I could live without that or the other. First night in Auschwitz. We slept in bed
Which were constructed in tears on each tier bring about six and one half to eight feet, slept nine men directly on the boards. Two blankets, would be shared by nine men. We could of course lie only on our sides crowded. Huddled against each other which had summoned. Vantages because the bitter cold, those forbid to take shoes up to the bank's some people did use them secretly as pillows. In spite of the fact they are cake with mud. Otherwise one's head had to rest on the crook of an most dislocated arm and yet sleep came and brought a blue in and relief from the pain for a few hours. Fought a suicide was entertained by nearly everyone. If only for brief time it was born.
Hopelessness, of the situation, because danger of death looming over US daily, an hourly and the club this of deaths suffered by many of the others from personal conviction. Which we mentioned later I made a few. Promise on my first evening in the camp that I would not run to the wire. This was phrase used in camp to describe the most popular method of suicide, touching the electrical electric reach urged. Barbed wire fence was not entirely difficult, me to make this decision. There was little point committing suicide. Since for the Abbe inmate lay facts. Occasion calculating objectively and counting all likely chances was very poor. He could not without any assure you can not with any assurance, expect to be among the small percentage of men who survived all the selections, the prisoner, Auschwitz in the first phase of shock, did not fear death
in the gas chambers lost their horrors for him after the first Few days after all, they spared him the act of committing suicide and Viktor Frankl was a psychiatrist going into this situation. So that's the that's the view that the perspective that he takes throughout this and he's now Been in for a couple days in Auschwitz and another guy comes into talk to him, whose another colleague of his. It will go back to book. A colleague of mine who arrived in Auschwitz. Several weeks previously said got himself into our hut. He wondered com, When comfort us and tell us a few things, he had become so in that at first we did not recognize him with a ship
of good humour and the devil. May care attitude. He gave us a few hurried tips. Don't be afraid don't fear the selections. Doktor M p S Medical chief has a soft spot for doctors, but one thing I beg of you: he continued shave daily, if at all possible, even if you have to use a piece of glass to do it, even if you have to give your last piece of bread for it? You will look younger and scraping woman, your cheeks look right router. If you to stay alive. There is over one way, look fit for work. If you even limb because let us say you have a small blister on your heel and it s S man spots this he would. If you aside and the next day, you are sure to be gassed,
now his mind in his thoughts. He describes what he would think about back to the book my mind still clung the image of my wife, a thought crossed my mind. I'd even though she were still alive, I knew only one thing which I have learned well by now, love goes very far beyond the physical person of the beloved, it finds its deepest meaning in his spirit, who, being in his inner self weather, not. He is actually present whether or not
he's still alive at all ceases somehow to be of importance. I did not know whether my life wife was alive and had no means of finding out during all my prison life. There was no outgoing or incoming mail, but at that moment it ceased to matter there was no need for me to know. Nothing could touch the strength of my love, my thoughts and the midge of my beloved. Had I known then that my wife was dead. I think that Still would have given myself undisturbed by that knowledge to the contemplation of her image and that my until conversation with her would have been just as vivid and just to satisfying. Set me like a seal upon thy heart. Love is
strong as death, then continuing on Doc Franco talks about images from inside the camp outside. We saw sinister clouds glowing in the west and the whole sky alive, with clouds of ever changing shapes and colors from steel. Blue blood red the desolate gray model thoughts provided a sharp contrast, Puddles on the muddy ground, reflected the glowing sky then asked
A few minutes of moving silence, one prisoner said to another how beautiful the world could be and beyond looking for beauty around them, they were able to find humor enough. I have people. Ask me about this from time to time bout humour in combat situations and isn't it important yes, absolutely is, and you thinkin of concentration camp even humor, would go away, but not true To the book to discover that there was any semblance of art in a concentration camp, be surprise enough for an outsider, but he may be even more astonished to hear that one. Could find a sense of humor. Could in a sense of humor there as well. Of course, only too
ain't trace of one and then only for a few seconds or minutes. Humour was another of the souls. Weapons in the fight for self preservation. It is well known that humor, more than anything else in the human makeup can afford and aloofness ability to rise above any situation, if only for a few seconds and to develop a sense of humour and to see things in a humorous light is something the trick, I learned, while mastering the art of living it is impossible to practise the art of living even in a concentration camp, although some freeing. It is omnipresent. Drawn analogy a man suffering is similar to the behaviour of gas. If certain quantity of gas is pumped into an empty chamber. A will fill the chamber completely unevenly, no matter how big the chamber.
Thus suffering completely fills the human soul and conscious mind. No matter whether the suffering is great or little. Therefore, the size of human suffering is absolutely relative, and I think The point that I took away from that was that chamber that can be filled up with suffering fill up with some humour as well otherwise that that offering we'll just fill the whole chamber, fill your whole brain back the book we were grateful for the smallest of mercies, we glad. When there was timed de LAS before going to bed, although in itself, this was no pressure pleasure as it. Standing naked in unheeded hut, where I sit hung from the ceiling, but we were thankful,
If there was no air raid alarm during this operation, the lights were not switched off. We could not do the job properly. We were kept awake. Half the night So you're at a point in life, where your grateful for being, will the stand naked and pick the lice off of your friends before you go to bed so that the lights won't, keep you awake at night by chewing at your body, and you know I talked about how. He talks about power. You know it was the person that was going to survive. We had to be ruthless basically then here he says, but is not to pass judgment on those prisoners who put their own people above everyone else. Who can
was known and a man who favours his friends under circumstances when sooner or later it is a question of light for death? No man should judge unless he asked himself in absolute honesty. Whether, in a similar situation, he might not have on the same. And here he says I mentioned earlier, however, thing that was not connected with the immediate task of keeping oneself in one closest friends. Lives lost its value. Everything was sacrificed to this end. And character became, Involved to the point that he was caught in mental turmoil,. Threatened all values he held and threw them into doubt the influence of a world which no longer recognise the value of human life and human dignity, which is wrong the man of his will and made him an object.
The exterminated have planned, however, to make full use of its first to the last out of his physical resources under the influence, the personal ego, finally suffered a loss of values. If the man and the concentration camp did not struggle against this. In a last effort. Save his self respect, he lost the feeling of being an individual, a being with a mind with inner freedom and personal value. He thought of himself then, as only part of an unknown, Miss mass of people. His exist and descended to the level of animal life, the men were herded sometimes to one place than to another, sometimes driven together than apart, like a flock of sheep without a thought or a will of
Rome, a small but dangerous pack watched them from all sides, well versed in methods of torture and sadism. They drove the herd incessantly backwards and forwards with shouts and blows, and we, the sheep thought of two things: only how to evade the bad dogs and how to get a little food he's gonna delve into this deeper. This idea of this inner freedom.
And how hard you had to fight to maintain that and how easy it was just to roll Rowan and become one of the pack one of the herd back to them It is very difficult for an outsider to grasp how very little value was placed on human life in camp. The camp inmate was hardened but possibly became more conscious of this complete disregard of human existence when a convoy of sick men was arranged. They emaciated bodies of the sick were thrown on two wheeled carts, which were drawn prisoners for many miles, often through snow sir, on to the next camp. If one of the sick man had died before the court, after he was thrown on anyways. The list had to be correct
The list was the only thing that mattered, a man counted only because he had a prison One literally became a number. Dead or alive that was unimportant. Life of a number was completely irrelevant. What stood behind that number and that life mattered even less the fate the history, the name of the man. The camp inmate was frightened of making decisions and of taking any sort of initiative whatsoever. Was the result of a strong feeling that fate was ones master and now must not try to influence it in any way, but instead let it take
zone course. In addition, there was a great apathy which contribute in no small part to the feelings of the prisoner at times lighting, lightning decisions had to be made decision. Would spell life or death. The prisoner would have preferred to let fate make the choice for him. And so some of the examples that it brings up in the book on that are they'd get told we need people to go to a different camp for rest. And they had no idea. Sometimes it actually was some kind of rest. Sometimes cot was some kind of actual medic facility sometime it was just and you're going to the gas chambers at another camp and they had no idea which, when it was so they got into this mode of they were just gonna externally
just whenever what's gonna happen, that can happen in they. Wouldn't they go on we winner, trying in the beginning till I could get me off that Lester, I want to be on that list and they realise that they just were bore messing with fate as they into mode of I'm just gonna. Let things happen and whatever happens happens. They got this this feeling of apathy. You can Just imagine how that that, having control externally of what's happening. How that needs number one beast to this apathy of just care what happens, but to how that they can then sneak in and start to get control of your interview. It's in your inner feelings where you just feel like you, don't have control over anything in life and that's it here. He talks about apathy, some more the prisoners. Apathy was all the result of other factors. Hunger and lack of sleep contributed to it as they do
in normal life, also into the gym irritability, which was another characteristic of the prisoners, mental state, the lack of sleep was partly due to the a vermin which infested the terribly overcrowded hearts because of the g, or a lack of hygiene and sanitation factor. We had either nicotine nor Caffeine Hall contribute to these state of apathy and irritability. Besides these physical causes, there were mental once in the form of certain complexes the majority of prisoners suffered from a kind of inferiority complex? We all had once been or had fancy ourselves to be. Somebody now we are treated like complete non entities. The consciousness of one's inner value is anchored in higher more spiritual things. It cannot be shaken by Camp life, but how
free men load alone prisoners possess it. Without consciously thinking about it. The average prisoner felt himself utterly degraded this, because Obvious when one observed the key, trusts offered by the singular sociological structure of the camp them prominent prisoners, the cap, owes the cooks, the store keepers and the camp policeman. Did not as a rule field, degraded at all, like the majority of prisoners but on the contrary, they felt promoted. So even developed manager miniature delusions of grandeur Clearly we can all take a less not about one, and that is you know you get pudding to a promotion position or you ve got forty over people. Don't let that go to your head yeah. I guess that's a natural thing where they did. This
experiment the S dinner universally, whatever their all just random students have monthly the prisoner. One group played the guards and that happen in a like act. It's just that. An experiment in real life still happen, yeah happened, a real life which I think is even more in Saint, do you more and say, but then again How can we sit here and judge when, if You're in that situation, and you to survive, and you need to do the best to get yours you to survive and your family survive, and you have. Opportunity. Oh Are we to say no, no, I'm gonna set of doing this, where I may be, can do something good in the long run. No, I'm not going across my values, Amida in three years, that's it near death, hard decision to make yeah hits seems easy when you're sitting at the comfort of your home Like I wouldn't do that or
to end this is what I would have done, or I wouldn't have done, but yeah Can you know I I I talk to people about again it's a market to compare anything to what we're talking about here, but military, for instance, a lot of time I had to make decisions to two: you don't get it something that maybe I didn't fully agree with, but I knew in the long run it was gonna get something that we're going to be beneficial to my team or to my platoon or whatever you say you make those little adjustments and you get us get up and you do something that you might not want to do but in the long run it's gonna be beneficial and mean this. I don't even know if this is even a remote, comparison. But what I am saying is this: you a human being and you say: look you can either step up an act, a different way and be abusive These people are going to be dead in three days. That's it those your choices, you in it.
Not that hard to figure out them a lot of people are going to step up and say core all abuses. What I need you, need a live. My choices either deaf, and by the way, maybe the maybe this debate person in that group Is gonna, say you know what I'm gonna do this and I'm to step up? Anyone Abuse these people are monitored. A little bit less than someone else might read and therefore of doing the best I can hear These decisions are even think about these decisions. Then you have to think about you have to understand. We have to understand what human nature is that there is a survival point for humans. You have is an intention, instinct to survive that very few people can overcome. And I dont even you know again. How do you judge, whether its right to overcome it or not, winning right, I mean, obviously when is it we're sitting dont step up. If you don't guys. Why would you kill yourself? Well, if you don't
do these things, your basically killing yourself, don't step up? If you don't Of say, ok I'll work as a cap. If you don't that, you're killing yourself that make it ok, man yeah brutal. It's like you, gotta figure out whether not you're better off dead in the B. Even the grand scheme of things like these. These people that they're gonna Kennedy succumb to these positions or do all these low things to survive. So they can survive and live on in all this stuff. So it's either that Am I better off? Did overall, you know, like TAT, the decision you gotta make tank. Who knows what you'd think thresher without, condition yeah, you know the opposite. That is dick. Winters was too about how we use of talk about it on the park ass, put in it in the book conversations with the winners here. Are you through a big section where he talks about some of the guys in his company
Holding the killers need actually went on and said, hey. You know, I dont want to call em killers because that's going, the wrong impression but these guys were my most aggressive guys. They were my best guys, any and he said they didn't make past. We did most of didn't, make it I forget which which battle, but he said most some didn't make it passed a certain time, because they were so aggressive. There were such good guys. They were so brave that they didn't make it and and this is sort of the opposite where you have people that a brave I guess. No, it's the same in that people got our brave and hold values. They're gonna die right and everything about somebody. That's cowardly in combat that, says: oh, you know what you know go, you go first ominous it over here behind this, you know covered position, I'm alive long and it's a micro
the example of what we're talking about a year in this given the book in over tomorrow, despite come off his borderline, insulting, if not full fledged insulting, but who are the shell survivor, I, I was the first one when it was kind of a thing here and there was a, interesting psychology handling yeah it's like, I was Rudy Bosch was on it and you know this sea retired what do you know? Everyone kind of new initiatives? Ok yeah so, and certainly we are going to say is that the people that are not good humour beings are the ones that we allowed at all. Will they get far put it that way, because they have this weird mechanism at the inn where the law in a few people get voted off. They become the sort of a jury, so it's like, if you through the game, screwing people over the jury's gonna get you kind of thing, so it's a yet in whose just how the show just sorted itself out over
time, but the first ones didn't have any jury right. I don't I don't know right. I did in fact it I'm going to go out and say I am positive. They didn't because Rudy had his hand on some log and they had to keep it therefore, like x for years eyes in one person you actually thought of something else and took his hand. Often then he was out those it dogma, but yeah there's absolute comparison, there there's an absolute comparison too. You know if you're willing to be a snake right, you can and you can, you can win the game and I've talked about that too, and promotion of people getting promoted if you're willing to be a snake. Get promoted, but the thing that I will say in a work environment is that that snake might get. One promotion may make it two promotions, they're, not gonna, go there its end, if you hold the line on doing What's correct, then you
I miss that first promotion, you might even miss that second promotion, but eventually, if you're on the right path, you will get recognition and you will win in the long run. You got be patient. Yeah yeah I mean who are received in your job: it's not life or death. You know, death is so close that you know one slip up your death, your bread and also that that's you know. Obviously the dynamics are different in work in that way, but otherwise I think so. And survivors there's also that other thing that kind of what they talk about where or what you just talking about is, if you, it's kind of in a matter, speaking plain it safe where you're just hiding under the wing, Romania and self, to someone or your voice any kind of risk. Four situation in ITALY in survivor, you can make it for it like that well, I mean Saudis, everyone knows about those things like. Oh you Baxter there, one or Eugene hid behind the Skype. Is he struck by the same time? Just like your scene, if your brave or you can
stick to your morals and be honest with everyone. You'll give voted for a quick, even you're, really good at the challenging legislator living all we're. Don't even like really good leaders get vote like if someone just as a dynamic, we do they get off that me right right. The way I see let her too much of a threat to much referendums are yards and actually what you're talking about going through seal training. I would hear no signing here when I went through, but I later this idea the gray matter. I think we might have actually answer your question on the park asked about that was gone. Through training and to speed agreement, meaning just don't stand out right round only one way or the other and you'll be good to go, and that's that's, that's it! That's a strategy! Ryan. The ceilings is, I know it's a strategy going through buds oilfields, see retraining the initial she'll training course, because the many stand out people start known who you are and are you gonna structures? Looking at you and the more they watch you the more, they can see well you're, making mistakes, or maybe you're, not doing everything right or maybe not in so better urged
that guy in the middle. I was the guy in the middle, not because I wanted to make sure, but because I was not, you know the fastest runner. I wasn't the debate. Swimmer, what you don't wanna be as the guy on the tailor criteria and is weird cause. I put so many guys, not the basic tool training, but through the advancing training The guys that I remember there's two types of guys it. I remember the guys that we're awesome and the guys that we're horrible in the guys in the middle of the grey eyes. I know when I see him when a lot of times I know a hundred years ago. I might not know your name, whereas some of them pipe hitters, the young piper, some eighty five piper that was just getting after it. I'd always remember those guys names, because they would take control of everything and it stand out and then the other guys. You remember a guys that are totally jacked up. So idea of being a gray man that it seems like a good policy to have in the concentration camp. Look I just don't want to stand out. I don't want to have a limp. I don't want to come across as I just want to fit in and be the gray man. Unless you're gonna go the disk
That's right witches and that's a horrible way of saying I'm gonna stand out by saying: hey, I can whip. The prisoners into shape right, that's going and raise in your hands and I'll, be a capo of minutes, step up in what you risking there is, could we don't know where this wars can hand and where to be at the end of this thing here and I read some stories about that. The war didn't and they didn't right. These camps in did in work, I'll good for the gauchos, so there's there's the same thing you might have been done. All right get your promotion, the first couple, arms, but eventually it comes round meal exactly right, You know. Hardly flanagin was talking about karma and how much reality there is there, but there's there's the reality of Europe what you so yeah if you treat people if you take,
You take advantage your position if you maneuver and screw people over to get ahead of them. They'll. Remember that beer they'll remember that yeah make sense. I mean colonel with eighty. It's never worst hit by the way. It's almost never worth it I mean. Could you possibly come up with some scenario where, where Oh, I did this to get a promotion so that I could take care you and everyone else. You can come up with yes, but it's very, very rare and and my gut feeling was always liked an hour. The work that the do those little maneuvers in intertwined. And better your position on other people's backs or screwing someone already you gotta live without you, I mean unless you're like a sociopath, some like that you have to live with that yeah and even at the time it seems like I could live with back us all. You know, although here actually you're, actually taken a higher road than me, cause you're saying
You personally have to live with it, and that is definitely I'm same beyond that. Even if you're a person I can live with it, you're still gonna pay, long run. Even if you look at the mere black, I don't care, I got promoted, that's good, that's that Ok, so you can live with that. That's cool, but guess what there's something else: you're gonna! That's gonna come back around and that is one of those the people that you stepped on, their back is gonna invent. Something new work and he's gonna take over the division and you're gonna pay, not to mention the ten people who watched it happened in on you just make any enemies enemies and that's really. What karma is for its I'm karma could be mystical thing that I personally watches you and has this judgment system in Rio, just real life, just like you, I walk up to you know even mean you're. Even we don't know each other. I dont have any bad or good feelings towards you and I come and slap you. I could the deficit now now you're in a big deficit, so you're tension with
you do it or not. You are what you your compelled to slap me back, if not more, usually more the bigger, so that's kind of really what it is. I mean really in a small teeny tiny that shall I go out and start after mad to everyone what they're not gonna, be like. Oh, I love you. I mean they might because in might view no intellectual or you know they might be able to think about it, but their natural compulsion will be to be mad at bath an end this you know the park asked human nature. Talk Human nature- and I would say that war reveals human nature clearly than anything else, because it so much pressure on the people. Obviously, concentration, camp its revealing human nature and that's exactly what we're talking about, and it reveals itself in crystal clarity on a massive scale in turn. Of being able to see it in a car. Information gap, and you see it reveal itself on a tv show called survivor and you see would reveal itself in in the work. In fact,
and what I M saying is from all that what you want to do. You want to make sure that when you get put into position of authority you don't abuse it. That's what I'm saying you don't one abuse. You want to treat people respect? No matter what and you dont want to step people's backs to get ahead, because, ultimately, it's not then a pay off, and it really is You're only get a fool like that leader that you that you fooled into thinking that you are a great guy. That's only last for so long and eventually you're gonna, get found out now. Alright. Let's get let's get back into the book here experiences of Camp Life show that man does have a choice of action, and this is we talked about the cap policies or talk about some of the more heroic people in
in some of those actions. Very briefly, any says, because it's the reason is very briefly, because there wasn't a lot of em. The experiences of Camp Life show that man does have a choice of action. There were enough apples, often of heroic nature, which proved that apathy could, overcome. Irritability, irritability suppressed Man can preserve a vestige of spiritual. Freedom of indirect its of mind, even in such terrible conditions of psychic and physical stress. We who lived in concentration camps can remember. The men who walked through huts comforting others giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been Few in number but they offer sufficient proof that every
can be taken from a man, but one thing: the last of the human freedoms to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances to choose one's own way and then Here it is that is it that is it this idea- and you know, Captain Plum Talk, voters well and Captain Plum, had a cold from Stockdale. And we got to explore this now. I've got a bunch of Stockdale books and I we will get to some Stockdale books is the senior guy in the home and he's a fighter pilot philosopher guy brilliant, guide, hero one, but the was awarded the medal of honor. One of the things that the captain plumbers talking to us about us is Captain Plum said
that they got word from Stockdale and I'm gonna misquoted Mamma. To do my best. It was just because we're in a prison camp doesn't mean we have to be on defence we're gonna be an office in a play. Camp. That's just a completely different added dude. It's choosing the attitude when across it here and be abused and be put down, we're going to step up we're gonna, we're it to go on office, and did they did hunger strikes, they passed weren't around. They wouldn't stand up when people enter, they did these things. They went on office and that's what you Hocker about right here, this last human freedom to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances. We always have that choice, no matter what the circumstances are that surround. You always have that choice.
The book and they're, always choices to make every day Every hour offered the opportunity to make a decision, a decision determined, whether you would or would not submit to those powers which threatened to rob you you're, very self, your inner freedom, which determine whether or not you would become the plaything of circumstance renouncing freedom and dignity to become moulded into the form of the typical inmate. Again there. It is you cure in a concentration camp, doomed, doomed and yet you can hang onto that last that last bastion of freedom in your soul,
let them wind and not let them on that act. The book seen from this point of view, the meant the reactions of the inmates of a concentration camp, must seem more to us than the mere expression of certain physical and sociological conditions, even though conditions such as lack of sleep in Sofia, food and various mental stresses mace suggest that the inmates were bound to react in certain ways enough. Final analysis. It becomes clear, That these sort of person, the prisoner became, was result of inner decision and now the result of camp influences alone. Think about that. The sort of person the prisoner became was the result of an inner decision. Not there
also the circumstance you're in that doesn't matter what kind of person you become what matters the decisions that you make unbelievable. Back to the book. Fundamentally, therefore, any man can even under such circumstances, decide what shall become of him mentally and spiritually. Ok you can have that one can control that, although to all time but mentally and spiritually, I it to decide what I'm gonna be. He may retain his human dignity, even in a concentration camp, the S said once there. Only one thing that I dread not to be worthy of my sufferings.
These words frequently came to my mind after I became acquainted with those murders hoop behaviour in camp whose suffering and death bore witness to the fact that the last inner, freedom can not be lost. Can be said that they were worthy of their sufferings. The way they board their suffering. Was it genuine inner achievement. It is this spiritual freedom which cannot taken away that makes life meaningful and purposeful. The way in which a man accepts his fate and all the suffering it entails. The way in which he takes up his cross gives him ample opportunity even under the most difficult circumstances to add a deeper
in to his life. It may remain brave, dignified and unselfish, or in the bitter fight for self preservation. He may forget is human dignity and become no more than an animal here, lies the chance for a man either to make use of or to forego the opportunities of attaining the moral values that a difficult situation, may afford him. And this decides whether he is worthy of his sufferings or not so think about that when you get faced with this The ultimate challenge, brutal challenge when life is just about to crush you, that's win. You have the biggest opportunity to prove who you are.
Speaking of of of unworthy topics, but this and something I when I was when I first got to see. Where does it feel to mourn? Ironic indications, class and, when I ran the class weed. I was like super heart Kanzi, big shocker, but we would great test test test on all these different subjects, YO what radio, what frequency band with what you know these different subjects, and I so say the guy's hey. You know tomorrow we got another test, another opportunity for you to prove yourself and that's the way I looked at it didn't look at it simply blood exactly. What are you saying here when you have these brutal circumstances that you face That's your opportunity anyway about all heroic tales right
there's no heroic tales where the hero doesn't face any challenges and, as a matter of fact, the worst challenges it faces, the more of a hero he becomes if he rises the occasion if he doesn't rise the gate and guess what we don't hear bar none here, not a Europe. Yet in fact,. Let's see your considered a hero and then this big and to prove yourself comes about in you fail or you don't step up your kind of like this big failure in a way even though you ve been here a long time, but I would say that's true, although if you do something heroic enough, people are like good with it read. I think, if their significance did you it's kind of the same thing in the bottom line is you these challenges, then you get challenged tat to have this attitude of your basically good opportunity.
Aren't you need to solve the problems? Big challenge, cool opportunity challenge. Yes, like those guys. You know they start a business. The business is like grows, and then it just massively fails because some mistake or out of something in some way, We cannot know whatever and then they are they we're bottom and they build themselves back up in their meals, is massive success in that it certainly repressive story. You know that's much than hey. I went to school. I graduated. I worked this job. I made a bunch of money, they ve got a coup. Right. You really want to hear the struggle. They want to see that you are challenged, back to the book everywhere. Man is confronted with fate with the chance of achievements of achieving something through his own suffering. Think about that. The the
The suffering that you're going through is in to achieve something through your suffering, that's incredible thought me incredible thought now this next part of something that I get asked about on a fairly regular basis back to the book. Take fate of the sick, especially those who are incurable. I once wrote a letter written by young invalid, in which each a friend that he had just found out. He would not live for long that even operation would be of no help wrote further that he remembered a film seen in which a man was portrayed who waited for death even courageous and dignified way. The boy had fought it. The boy had thought it. A great accomplishment to meet death so well, now,
how he wrote fate was offering him a similar chance. There I mean is there's been a diseases, terminal diseases and that's it and then what do you do? Well, did you have to choose the best possible attitude? You get and again I've never been that situation. Obviously, but that statement seems to be the best possible attitude to take again That's that's when we see for doing something heroic. That's what we see. Are you it's funny, some of those that, when we are doing a lot of the native Americans on the podcast, they all had that added
when you go to face death, hold your head high, be fraid of it, and that's really, like you, at setting easier sitting here in the EU. You did of course, easy for me to sit here and say that, but that's a hard one and you know em the other day all that Rogan podcast ever last was Arthur and Joe Rogan. Every last or saint hey. You know, I'm not good by now. I wish it in better shape. I have no bad thing, he's gonna back injury and he's got this need A daughter, that's got some kind of illness, bad illness Joe put on the good video that you made and you'll ever last, when he got done everlasting was I That's cool, that's inspirational, but how does that help me with my sick daughter? What's good about that? You know I wish I could a jump through an and talk to because
this much I will say when you not a bad situation like that tell you right now. It could be worse, absent Be a hundred percent and for that Socrates, that he's talking about his daughter, how she sick and how we spend so much time whether to take care of her. What will that's what I'm saying be thankful? that you are in a position in life where you can spend time with our be thankful that she's, in a condition where she can spend time with you and years she still here nothing else, that's good! If nothing else and so what you gonna do. I mean you're, you're, you're other option is to say my daughter, sick. This is horrible. I got cursed, it's it's fair and water. I do for you. Where does that get you, it doesn't get you anywhere it manufactured you backwards, Oh you really truly do have to look at these horrible situations. I remember all back from from
four that a guy was a seal was really badly wounded and and a couple my friends were kind of distraught and I talk to one of the guys overseas, and I you know an embryo man I'd at this point, you know lost mark. Lost Mikey, I dont think Ryan had died, yep but, like I was familiar with guys dying and I talk to one of the guys that was overseas and is an aim of the skies really really messed up and unlike is he gonna, live and they're like we're. He stable and I go then dont worry about a thing, be happy he's alive and it doesn't matter if he's missing a leg or two legs or whatever he's gonna be common home and he's gonna carry on with his life and it's gonna, be
hard and it's gotta be hell and it's gonna be a challenge, but guess what he's gonna be here in that You know again it's like man. What's that. Alternative, alternative is he's dead. The alternative is we never talk to him again? the alternative verses. He's gonna come back right This guide, the guy that guy wonder he wasn't like a great friend of mine, but I knew talking to people that were very close to him, and so you know I had to make sure I wasn't coming across. Like hey it's no big deal. I you know, look he's gonna be fine. I wasn't like that. But look look. The alternative is, you know, let's be thankful that he's alive and he's gonna come home and what we know gonna carry on with his life and that's what's that important? So it's really well you do look at these situations when things are going back and you say, ok, we'll walk could become a that and then the one step further than what happens when someone does die, then
what good comes of that and, in my fault, is always the same thing. I am thankful, then I got to know that person, I'm fine for then I got you understand their personality. I'm thankful that I got a spend a day with them laugh and having that memory that what's good. What's good, as I got you burying them in my life and they got to experience other peoples in their lives and that's what's good about it just to say, hey, My friend, my family member is dead. This is horrible, and I can't escape from this wrong attitude enough. You're gonna go through that it's the there's, the whatever those things are that you go through its shock. Can in denial and then anger and then acceptance and all that that's I get it in its, I'm going to be easy but I'll tell you. What we'll make it easier is to look
the situation and say what here is good. You know- and you know one, the worst things is it's weird- have young children that are terminally ill, it's awful it's awful and the best you can Think of is safe. Hold them. While you can write and can get You can and grow the memories that you can right now, because just focus on the fact that life isn't fair, isn't gonna help you and guess what You're right life isn't fair Life isn't fair! It's it's! It's a random horrible thing and if, I want to focus on the randomness and the horrible none of it. It's where you're gonna end up, but if you can focus on the good that comes out of those situations, try to Yet again I haven't been through that. I have that, thank God, you're, not that love over, but the best
I can do. The best I can assess is a man at least try and look at what positive is coming out of this and and and focus on that instead of focusing on what is negative, chew it's going back to what Frankel set with choose. What your attitude is. Gonna, be you don't become a to move the randomness yeah and that's all. It goes on and like all levels, you know how, even if, like something isn't horrible, it's just kind of junk all the way down to just something. This, that's pretty horrible, There is still a lot of good going. In the situation, but in dislike you say: your attitude or We'll put, it is what you're looking for two too. Internalize. You know a lead times in its natural and I've been there. Were so like everything just seems bed, even My leg is something real bad happens. Think is Ruben and then the same day or the next or whatever something small bad happens. It'll just add big time to the bed.
Like nothing's going right kind of attitude, meanwhile, all the good things are going on all around. We know that we are now almost Zia, so in items with like real bad situation, species fish with kids cassettes like the the most week. You can ever feel really like you're, like when my daughter had shed a big staff infection in her lymph nodes over negotiation hospital for weak and were there that's the most we can that that you feel in of course, as we were situations, then that you know that that's nothing compared to situations. I know that, but there are good things that are still going on in your situation, your life, that they be theirs good, two that can come of it and a lot of a lot of them is our strength related. You know like if you like, Something be you down and you dont get the stuff like. It's. A long you'll lose like your
Why didn't you some kind of conditioning from it in a way of matter? Speaking? Yes, so like, if you have a quote on quote good attitude When you emerged emerge from the situation, you will have strength now, if you don't, you won't, you'll, have weakness, you'll be gun shy. Everything happens bad. My life sucks and you know you'll continue down kind of that road. So the good part like if you said like I said: if you keep that good attitude in when you make it out, you will have the state that, among the other, the things that can come from, you will have the strength, yeah you're right and I mean just look at Captain Plum and look at colonel reader area for those guys to go through what they went and and maintain a positive attitude and then they come out- and you talk this- isn't it's like the item? You can't think of more positive people here in the world. The ito- I mean not the whole world, but you re there just have so much positivity because they
in through something, and they had to maintain that I've dude sir you're right when they come out. It's like hell, I'm gonna make I think that's what happens a lot of times with guys been war. Is there back in their white happy to see the sunrise? I know I am happy to see the sunrise happier than water people to see the sunrise. I appreciate that thing and I think when people go, through some kind of devastating disease in their family or themselves same thing once they get through it? They at least, from out the other side and they can appreciate it and yet, if, Let it be them down. It's gonna, it's gonna Everything is gonna. Look down down. You're gonna, look down if you're, looking up you gonna, look up, it's gotta be a it's hard. I mean it's so hard for people really yeah and again, over you're talking you efforts for both of us. Are you don't? I was on your Rogan. We started off talking about Chris Cornell address kill himself, we kind of cursory
talked about presently and neither water I mean. I definitely am not claiming claiming to be any kind of expert at all about and I even set on there so look- I've never felt this way, and I it's couple people had me up on social media. Like you know, you should use read this. Are you should do this and an ego or you're, not right, I'm like no. I wasn't even trying to say anything that I'm right, I'm just as I was saying. I don't actually even know in and sir. I am not certain the on expert on how to overcome you. Situations, but I've been Some pretty horrible situations, and this is what my thoughts tried to be It is not always easy. You at all Jordan. Pearson has some good good. The good content on that, where he Basically in that shall he says, get yourself together wherein his example, one of the men was, you know family member dies or whatever get yours
together see your what're you gonna do. Are you gonna wallow with the rest of the people? So no one can get it. More than anything in the funerals and master. What are you gonna get yourself together, grieve for sure game, but get yourself together. So you can can allow you didn't get the fuel, together and take care of the business wherever such a cold blooded thing to say right, it's the complete and that's what I think is hard about it is, you know, think about this. Oh, if someone in your family died knows I ever get yourself together right. You don't owe me like. I who says that, but that Probably the best thing I could pass. We say to you. I might be to save more tax away, Remo to say hey. Go man off. For you, hey man. What we need to do is go but we also need to focus on moving for you. Don't need to do that kind of thing, but the reality is. What am I really saying? I'm really saying: hey get yourself together, You gotta move on. We gotta move on, we gotta move forward gotta move forward in your life and that's it likes. To hoard thing to say to somebody but
probably the right attitude to take is. Ok, why, this is horrible and I need to keep it together. Yeah yeah men, especially when there's no major early prevalent things that are at risk at that moment is well like you know like in your situation, In a calm, it's a jewish. I think BT of Tony was talking about this one. You're in a firefighters, familiar something in some gets hit. You don't just quit! No the fire fighter. Viewed, oh my gosh, my guys hit use. It is like ok he's a boom. Lids continue the firefight, but little no firefight, then the guy who's gets hit it. It seems like a hard thing to do Mozilla in somewhat or inside and loves you need the like of. You need to have a firefly going on almost like. Do you can say? Ok, I'm in a deal with this but I need, you also think about, of life so far
you again. It's it's. I report. I feel The great now I I get some social media. Sometimes for someone will say, I'm not a vet. But like a friend of mine is going through problems, and I don't want to talk to him cause, I'm not of that, and it's gonna like when. I feel like right now, like I've been through, that we are going to suffering so throw. Darts, but I'm through based on what I know. So it's the best I can get best. I ya do right now you like you're at risk with some say: hey you, you simply don't and right am I a fact is their right yeah. My by my statement about me. Yes, I dont understand notes I kinda in one hour. How can the veterans say? Look people feel like people don't understand. They know that's ok, and so definitely not sitting here. Saying. Oh, you know. I know it is what you do in a situation. I know I don't know. I don't know what you do when your family member suffer something agreed just like that. Like a terminal, disease or death, I dont know
been through it. What I have been through is losing guys and combat that I have been through this is this is darkness it's a different kind of darkness, but this is what I did in those situations and that's what I would think would help you in these other situations, hard the question right: what are you We do hard and we are. We are sitting here reading a book by a guy that was in a concentration camp an he's saying this thing to do so that's that's. Other sort of reinforcement of this thought. Patter aright, He talks a little bit about the passage of time here in camp. Small unit of time a day, for example, filled with
Hourly, tortures and fatigue appeared endless a large time unit. Perhaps a week seem to pay. Very quickly. My comrades agreed I said that in the camp a daily what longer than a week. How paradoxical was our time experience and that's somethin this actually reminded me. I was talking to us their Armstrong and when I was actually around the conversation when life was talking about, come out here and seen all KIDS, my kids, are all grown up now, basically LISA from my littlest one but you're my does daughters graduate in high school in a couple weeks and she's gonna go to college to anyone, when leaf met her. She was what was at twelve years ago, so she was, you know, no six, six, then like that. So you know younger than me when he came out here. You know you just come leftist apartment,
work city. Where he's got his wife and kids know, and you know it's chaos and a little kids in their crying and screaming and Spillane stuff and thrown up compassion everywhere, and it's just you know it's that's what life is when you there You know we came out here and saw how my kids were now grown. Up knows, Time is gone by away, God get it back, and and he you know he talked about it on the bar gas, just Damon, Mercury, preacher, those and their Armstrong, you know said Something along the lines of the days are but the years are short yeah that's very every statement, and you can. You can see that here the same thing you know this time is just we buy so quickly. This is so the talk again back to the attitude. We could say that most men in a concentration camp believed that the the real opportunities of life had passed. In reality. There is an opportune.
The and the challenge one could make a victory of those experience this turning life into an inner triumph or one, could ignore the challenges and simply vegetate, as did a majority. The prisoners saying the same things: Albert. I know it's interesting. I told you before we started this book is a great book, but I kind of wanted to talk about how bad concentration camps were, and I went in found some other sources for that, because Victor wrinkled doesn't highlighted that much I mean his add a mean. He was in Auschwitz for crying out loud, doesn't get me worse and. You know to really give the impact of how about it. Was I wouldn't found some other sources that we're a little bit a little. Bit more directly, written in a little bit more horrifying to be lack of a better word because
in his accounts. He doesn't go into those some of those graphic details which I feel like you should know, and you shouldn't stand what before, you talk about? Hey, he's, keeping a good attitude, but no, no, it's not easy, keeping a good attitude cuz. He was in a concentration camp. I wasn't bad enough, he was freaking hell and that's what he's doing And in his mind you could a triumph or a victory. Those experiences which is incredible: attitude to have grown up to the book, the prisoner, who had lost faith in the future. His future was doomed, with his loss of belief in the future. He also lost his spiritual hold, he let himself decline and came subject to mental and physical decay. Usually, this happened quite suddenly in the form of a crisis. This dreams of which were familiar to the expense his camp inmate, we all feel
this moment, not for ourselves, which would have been pointless but for our friends usually begin with the prisoner refusing one morning to get dressed and wash or to go, on the parade grounds no entreaties, no blows. No, threats had any effect he just lay there hardly moving. If this crisis was brought about by an illness. He refused be taken to the sick bay or do anything to help himself. He simply gave up there he remained lying in his own extra excretory and nothing bothered him anymore. Then that similar to. What colonel reader said how, if You didn't actively stay alive. You die couldn't just passively, exist you nor can it make it if you want to die all you do is stop tripe than you. In a day
the book, as we said before, any attempt Restore a man's inner strength in the camp had to first success. He'd in showing him some future goal, Nietzsche's words, he who has a why to live for, can bear with almost any how That could be the guiding motto for all psychotherapeutic and psycho Hygiene Nick effort. Regarding prisoners. Whenever there is an opportunity for it, one had to give them a why an age For their lives, in order to thanks in them to bear the terrible how of their existence, woe to him who saw no more sense in his life, no aim no purpose and therefore no. Point two carrying on he was soon lost. Gotta know why you do what you do all there is to it he who
why to live for, can bear with almost anyhow and obviously that transit right into leadership perspective, making sure people understand why their due what to you just don't bark quarters at but from an individual perspective. Why are you doing this? find that, can I actually, I actually media host on social media the other day, and it was the lines of finding your inner. Why or something like that, and I was I was u dont marking that attitude, and I was and you know sometimes my inner voice is trying to find out why I'm doing what I'm doing like might women when Noone something hard, my inner voice doesn't allowed to talk, be quiet. I'm over here working, you know, but there is. Obviously just like a leadership perspective and from a personal perspective, why
you do and what you're doing, and that should be the driving force. And if you don't have that it's hard over these challenges you can't just come challenges just because you know their their needs. The greater reason at its last you get lost over. I think the one why you remarking that this is my wife, in our view. Was he wasn't it wasn't now? I think about it, wasn't really the why thing great it was more about the inner the intervals, inner voice, but yeah. No, I deficit. Why does it here? Because people, I think people used like it's like a lot of good expressions or sayings or whatever or people just all. I like that and I'll just start, throwing it out there in abusing it and it dumbs it down, and then now everyone saying it now, it just started sounds cheesy, because no one's actually doing it knows actually understanding like the real What it really means, you're, like the person whose, like
hey, I'm gonna lose weight in you know they ve basically spent their life. Neglecting their health or whatever. Then they like, okay, I'm going to you, know I'm going to get in shape, and then they go on this. You know program they quit you know, but one they're, doing good on the Brittan, let's say the first or second day, though he like this, is my: why and they'll show their vat on other, their dog, or so delaying my. Why my kids or whatever you know, but the next day they quit the program like it's such a weak. Then you live all well war. We can just do that. It'll, like that. The whole thing my why, whatever that's way too powerful for people to just be like here my way and then just name, it should know just like a little thing: the just throw together a thirty eight. Second interim instagram process. They are you why that needed? dig yeah, you gotta, do it stuff? So that's why it's funny, because, like people just throw that out now not means like nothing
it's almost like. They see, it seems like it seems like it's totally my interpretation of it, but it seemed like they're saying it in thinking that they sound so profound in new, an inspirational, but everyone into to counter point I've had many people. That of talk to me about You know I was in bad shape. I wasn't in care myself. I wasn't healthy and had my first kid and I said to myself: I needed I need you for my kid or or I was doing bad at work, and I just like hearing it wasn't focused on that it wasn't focused on being squared away, and I was wasting all my money on dumb stuff and I had scared said I gonna it. You know this. This is me, take care, my kid and I didn't to a damn good job and that's exactly the point is that it's a real thing and if
thrill your beer. Why? Conceptually now, I'm seeing the expression of before a variety of AL between what is a big difference between the contemplation that goes into I'm doing this, my kids school, I'm gonna go wait watchers. No, like think about this, they about your relationship with your children and where you're gonna end up and now you want to see them live and work. I didn't you can give them as human beings and the example that you're centre for them line all those things up, then. Maybe can put down the doughnuts leclere. In other words, you gotta, do you actually and also yet let's go the sounds cheesacre everyone does 1000Uf says it. This is a great section gone The book we had to learn our and Furthermore, we had to teach despairing men that it did not really matter what we expected from life, but rather what life expected from us.
We needed to stop asking about the meaning of life and instead think of ourselves as those who were being questioned by life daily and hourly. One answer must consist not entail in meditation, but in right action and right conduct. Life ultimately means taking the responsibility to find the right answer to its problems and if a the tasks which are constantly sets for each individual again. You're. Turning your flipping. This idea around not about what I want from life. It's What what is right? One for me and its the challenges knees hurdles in front of me and I gotta go and jump over, and then I go. Smashup and then I got set fire to and then use that fire to fuel the domination of everything. That's my path is kind of lake: hey these
we are going to lift them the exact same thing. It's the exact same thing and again going back to this idea. War reveals human nature, and in this is doctor freckles way of putting this. The exact same thing that I say back life in a concentration camp tore open the human soul and both its depths. It is. Is it surprising that in those depths we again found the only human qualities which, in their very nature, were a mixture of good and evil the rift dividing good from
evil which goes through all human beings reaches into the lowest depths and becomes apparent even on the bottom of the abyss, which is laid open by the concentration camp. So we ve got this ideal once given that there is a dichotomy in people in But this dichotomy that your cable, of doing extreme good in Europe capable of doing extreme evil, and we ve seen it a bunch we ve, seen in a bunch on this broadcast. B you look them you. I massacre. Those guys we're normal guys that committed extreme evil, so up evil, normal guys. That would you know
four days earlier, probably would have done something heroic to save some one, and here they are at the other end of the spectrum, and I think that we have to. We have to face that not only in visually. Do you That but then, obviously as the group, you have that as a group of human beings, we have that capability, we ve seen it over and over again If you want to know what that good part, as you gotta know, what that darknesses do you have? A group thing is interesting: Beginner anyhow Yossi, not always, but you hear some knows about these riots on college campuses, Weatherby after game there, something that brought at a glance you'd. Think dang. Is this college fill of foolishness hooligans like if this bit like huge right sooner, but it's that it's like as an individual or yonder under
Couldn't go normal circumstances they just there just normal people, you guys girls, whatever there's normal p but then you put him in this particular situation in some way extreme or what are you not suspect from, but and they just act different and that the whole group dynamic to act different? The group dynamic ASEAN, is it can be a very, very scary thing. There is no doubt that can be a very, very scary thing. That's that's why. You know him when he's talking about mention is on when I was on your Romans last part castle. With this, the idea of individual freedom and acting as an the video is so important as Two to structured your life around to say: look, I'm not part of this group is not me. This group is not me, they don't represent me. I represent me and I'm I have my own individual choices and that's what he said, and here the minute you give away to the herd
That's when you start going, even though you deal over control it and when you do that control, that's a scary, scary thing and then when these evil things take place here and that in that once again that it did so It's easy to say now because groupings It is actually a survival mechanism. True so you, you know it's not gonna be just that you're, not gonna, naturally just be an individual and act like an individual conduct herself in all these extreme situations as an individual, not just gonna, naturally to answer so I guess it s help, to know these well, that's year, you're a hundred percent right on both facets. Number one yes grouping and fitting in is survival instinct. That people have an that's. Why trends happened in that's why nations happened in that's? Why that's? Why grew the kurdish people and politics yet,
in politics and in everything right to give these groups- and I mean it's weird now, because with the internet you can have groups, you can be part of these groups are at an early hour again. Whenever group you can connect with all these different people, but it's also important too Make sure that you, you do remember day how you are an individual man can that you don't want to give up there last shred of human will to decide what your attitude is. Gonna be here thing in in today. You know in our luxurious society, if you can consciously navigate you're wasting clear that of of falling into the group trap is what is the trap with you? If you can do that successfully fought for the tracks? Man, like that's the thing you get air will get treatment,
all we don't just something is, is seemingly benign, as marketing to manual just fall for way less tricks. You, like those checks out there, nor do now. I dont, fell for too many This is a wrap. This book, this book is now long. It's a very fast reed and actually he goes into a sort of goes into. The more of this cycle logical the psychiatrist, the actual academic of it then I covered, but this is a fast re Emmy, it's only a hundred and fifty pages or so, and you definitely get a raw looked at Human nature, but this closing, I think, is very a powerful going back to them, a human being is not one thing among others, things determine each other
but man is ultimately self determining what does she became? Comes within the limits of endowment and environment. He has made out of himself. In the concentration camps, for example in this leaving laboratory and on testing ground we watched in witnessed some of our comrades behave like swine, while others behaved like saints. Man has both potentiality he's within himself which one is actualized depends on decisions, but not on conditions. Our generation is real,
the stick, for we have come to know man, as he really is, after all, man is that being who invented the gas chambers of Auschwitz. However, he is also that being who entered those gas chambers, upright with the Lord's prayer or the shimmer Israel on his lips, and I think that fought that man has both. Potentiality within himself, and we ve seen them over and over again, these grand exe,
and did potentiality in extreme display, and we talked these situations in the pot cast over and over again in the bird railway that was built by prisoners of war, preventive war were tortured and killed Japanese and the genocide in Rwanda, the rape of Nan King and we have also seen the other potentiality, and we ve seen that over and over again that the potentiality of goodness and of sacrifice those men that we ve seen over and over again. That lay down
their lives for their brothers and in doing so, protect our freedom. But it's important to note that again that whether the good or the evil is actual wised. In the minds of men that is not based on conditions, but on decisions. In. This doesn't only applied a good means, of course, that's the that's them expansive spans that we can apply this to, but it also applies to everything we choose to do or choose not to do and everything,
we choose to become or not to become its us. It's hard choice and we are responsible. We are responsible to be good instead of evil to be strong. Dead of weak to become what we want to become. Not what we let ourselves become. We the course and with every decision that we make we actual lies ourselves become what we who's.
Swine or saints. So when you make decisions, every decision think think about where that decision leads and What that decision will make you become, and then self detour men, self determined choose what will make you a better person. Then even in situations where you feel you have no choice at all. You say
I have one last freedom and that is to choose your own attitude in any given set circumstances, keep that choice. That freedom that hard choice, the disciplined choice they had with
The discipline to make the right choice, maintain your freedom, and I think that's all I've got for tonight. Powerful book ya me crazy. How I can't help, but think of this like we're, how they talk about the Ss officers, were the Nazis. The guy's there who are savages obviously, but are they really savages, as people will or is it a circumstantial thing? I mean, I know their train to kind of regard this. As you know, the Jews are these groups of people, as you know, beneath them at all the stuff, but like are these savages just as
and because it takes a savage to do some of this stuff in Ossetia. Cutting a baby into smashing is as the books it call against the wall, but that's like sub human behavior. You know well, when goes home yes, kids, you know. Is he like? I don't care if these kids, ultimately, if their heads get the email, I'm sure it's not like that, I'm sure he's just a normal person would just be just as weak is all of us if your kid stubs its toe and start. Writing another year or working to explore. I got some books in the queue to explore. The other side of this and their very revealing about some of that. But again it's it's You're right that some of these guys, you know a war we're normal right. Somebody's nazis were normal and they were doing their job and that's the one of the worst. You know that a whole there's a whole.
You bet on whether that even is allowable like if they do for doing your job and in the alto one in the? U S. Military either does that doesn't work, that's we don't have you can't say hey. I got ordered to do this thing that was against the law or against Ethical values doesn't matter the ice, You can't do it. That's not, Nix use and that came directly from this attitude that Nazi said, hey I've fallen orders here with my falls, it followed was no actually you can't. You can't say I love say that so as far as the normality Or they might have been normal normal when they went home, but that doesn't remove their guilt at all yet fully, and you can't take a baby smash its head against the wall? You don't get a pass on that one, whether you order do it or not theirs, sir, moral standards that exist, and you can't violate him, and if you do, you guilty doesn't matter what else you did back, Who is kind of them? Did you know,
the authority on that, like where the moral was it like a global thing, or is it because obviously, Hitler was bill. It would be like and whatever well there different societies that had different viewpoints, obviously had not war yeah. Hence the war. The Nazis and the Japanese. Both fell. Ok, we can do what we need to do to dominate and where that's the re banana king or whether that's the concentration camps in the final solution, both things were in their societies. Now there was of worse, there was people, inside those societies I don't know, I haven't even got nowhere Japanese, I'm there were some japanese that that work is someone even when we read the rape king. There was a nazi in king. Remember that sheltered people. So there is an example: here's a guy! Now he didn't know what was going on with the final solution back in Germany at least doesn't appear that way, but yeah. This is what makes morality- and
the decision making so challenging, but there is In my opinion, you know a sword. Standard moral code that human beings live by and that is a universal relatively you know how that has now lasted actually is a universal. There is the way that I believe that there's morals and standards that human being should live by yeah and when you start stepping outside those bounds, you're goin on the wrong side, yeah, like anything men, that's like obviously a spectrum and then what you're talking about that universal line that you cross its actual. When you really look at the line, it's like it, it's a universal grey area of yeah and then and you really look closer, but I think that this this circumstances, dont really fall within the com Mines of that group, area very often, so it's easy to be like that's, obviously right, that's obviously wrong, but
every once in a while these grey areas of emergent in it's like this big debate, any depends on who you are yeah. I don't spend a lot of time in the grey areas. To be honest with you like, and mighty law pattern. I spent a lot of time the greatest I've I spend time cause to me. It is very obvious, like when you're ISIS and yours, domestically raping twelve year old girls and boys, you don't to live that that doesnt warrior that's another that not part of my deal over here but you die and when you take people- and you put him in cages new burned to death by the EU, to do that. Just like these parties that are put in place, got you don't get to do that. Now we got a war, we fight and we win it's the way works now grey areas that you're talkin about, I don't mess around in those barriers. Yeah, I think, there's too much. There's too there's turbulence in their bright and a lot of times you look at it from the outside and you don't eat it. To tell what it is, what is actually happening in their right out
maybe that's not the best policy but I won't escalate, something personally until I see it, go outside the lines of what I deem to be. Ok, you know once you get outside those lines, you're done we'll, thankfully, York Ear, you know a little bit smart in a way where you know well you name these things were not there's, always a particular standard that you go by in also just like that, like the difference between killing someone in when someone says murder, you don't murder is, is clearly defined, you, if you murder someone. But killing. Someone is this broad thing you killed them accidentally, killed them, kill them there You're planning owes a million over the revenge and all you know, that's cute from murder is defined in also, well. Somebody asked me when I was the TIM first a second time, and someone asked me something along the lines of well who defines these rules, which is basically what you just ask me and I think
Actually, there is an answer to a unified these rules in warfare. It's the law of armed conflict as the Geneva convention. We follow those laws. Brenner, there very clearly defined what you can and cannot do bonus. That's it next question yet, and I mean unless you straight up, disagree with the Geneva Convention on because of your personal Morocco, but as long as you have again a standard you're going by that already the grey areas by a lot and yet will enable there, but you operate in black and white when you have standards, anyone always be easy, but you know it's like well. Let let me this this when we started in the grey area, you're sitting here, saying I'm all black and white, and that's an I'm actually say that, like I want you cross the line, but guess what those lines Get blurry two, yet, as I heard about a guide, on a documentary who He was using a western journalists of some kind and I gotta watch this document. I M sure some will tell us what it is, but somebody else told me about it. The west
journalist, he's embedded with insurgents in Iraq, and he's filming encircling, attacking coalition forces thing right and I guess he was a while doing it. You he's trying to get a story and do his job, but then all of a sudden there, you tacking coalition forces right now, there's a greyer and now, let's say if you want to take Our example to the extreme, if fire fight, and I see a guy with a camera whose wearing of press badge following in insurgent right, I mean going to work out, good form. Because it's not like I'm new to say: ok won't, you know he's clearly with insurgents, but what I'm saying is that one example of many that that you could get into where also, another thing that happened in Iraq. A lot was will change sides and they weren't from supporting the terrorists to supporting the coalition and then back again and then back again, so How do you?
how do you balance those and I'll? Tell you how I balance them was How can we achieve our mission? in. That sounds like like one of them, a mission talks, but it's true. I look ok, this guy, you know a year ago, was being targeted by coalition forces for being. Add guy now, He is changed course so! Well, do still prosecutor, or is he can help us achieve our mission of overall victory? guess what I'm gonna do: caught him some moral slack because we're gonna win the servants were marred things. That's exactly what I mean the see the standard. The standard in your case became the overall mission. Yes, so you know that's a it's, not like, just some guy floating down the road through life being like. I don't feel good about that right there. So I feel this way. So many do it's not that it's like there's a standard, very concrete attached to it. Still grey,
areas gunny emerge put like I said it just reduces at grey area intended attach too that the bottom line is. This is why leadership is heart, yes, whole idea of leadership, whether its and combat or what There are in the business world or whether as part of a team or whether, as part of a family or whether in a concentration camp or whether it's in a prisoner of war, camp leadership is hard. There's grey areas like when Captain Plum was saying hey he got. Hold an order. You'll make communications with this guy at all costs at all That means, I'm gonna, get beaten and tortured and died the guards to get this guy. This peace communication is seeking to follow that. Just one known, he had to make a judgment and say you know, I know that doesn't make sense that doesn't since sense, so this grey area that went outside the bounds, the greyer and he said not I'll, do my best. I understand that its critical but Gonna stay within me staying alive right
So that is what makes leadership part. Is you have to constantly make these decisions where there their grey area and you're doing your best. Your assessing and that's that's, ok. To me was always I love that I love that leadership, I loved wing those decisions out. Discuss them with my guys up and down the chain of command and saying: hey, here's we're at meetings, you were at you know of your life. I begin allay, fears what's going on business jewish. What do you think it was Think that's! Ok, that's a good point, but do you think about that? That's a good one! I mean we're. Gonna handles comes, and I had never had any problem. But in my mind, up to these various opinions that people had. I think, as a leader. That's a huge piece of building. Rushed up and down the chain of command is when you have an open mind to discuss things with people and that also double invitation will pull ECHO Charles helps. You build a relationship, helps you. Build a relationship can help you say. Oh, you know what like away
the maiden Armenia of talking like hey echo, we had a grey area here. You know a customer that is to put us on yelp. We didn't do anything wrong. How do you think we should handle it? Okay, well you think we should just tell em go had put it on Europe. We don't care and we'll go to help and we'll talk from that might be the good answer but also it might be good to say, row wait. Why are you so mad customer, let's target hey. We want a refund, you wanna take care, you cause, our customers are important to us. Maybe you'll get a positive thing on you, you don't say, there's all this grey area If you have an open mind to discuss things with your t. T up and down the chain of command? You know what he'll do. Is you you'll get in a grey area? Your started declared. You start, get clarity or start to see better and you can move through the grey area without being without being so decisive that in a good, a grey area, universe, black or white right
So if you decide as the leader ongoing black go in black, then, when the greater eclairs up it was white that you should have gone with me. You don't need to do that. In many cases you can say: ok Molina little bit towards the black, that's what I'm feelin, noble son. You start moving there and you start seeing that no, this is gonna, be a white decision. Ok, I can cover from that I can move backwards and and repair What decision was made and the best way to do that to say hey guys hears, situation? I thought that black who is going to be the right decision. I started leaning in that direction. I was wrong. Now I see that white is the right way sir, and we're going with white. Does anyone have any questions about that? Is everyone understand why I did that? Oh you firstly why let me explain to you: here's what I thought it was mythology. Time. Do you want me to whittling contact? You see. That's what I'm talking about and by the way, when I'm doing that I'm building relationships with my team, which is what I want to do, was torn into leader the other day and night,
damn it reiterated something up said over and over again, but people they did things for me in the deems. That were in the army. The marine corps in the seal teams in my platoon up down chain of command doesn't matter Ninety nine point, nine percent of it wasn't because I had some kind of rank or privilege it over them. It was because I had a good relationship with people and when you build a good relationship with people that it's all about that two things for you and you know what you did who sings for them to it's, not a one way street them talk about cuz. You won't build a relationship to rebuild a one way street right, no one's going to be your friend after you just take advantage of them over and over again, like those people that call you only when they need something from you right. Now. If you don't have a problem with that cause, I don't communicate with a lot of people right. I communicate on social media with a book with a bunch of different people, we'll get you there too, and as far as if like when, what am I bodies causing Evans's hey, I need this favor, I call on it. I haven't talk him for nine months, he's
we calling me because you need something for me. Doesn't matter people that would be all the time and it's cool now isn't it A group of people deserve six people in the world. In those same six people they don't call the wish me happy birthday. Don't call tell me you know, Merry Christmas, call me up and say: hey. I need this room, you can you do it ma? Am I gotta know factor? Do you have a birthday negative, I've a manufacturing so worried. I'm strain. Imagine someone calling it a wish. You had me, maybe, like your wife, was awkward running on the civilian sector and people be like Winter Burton about why we, when we talk about why tourniquet my personal information under attack, you what's the matter you know, you don't think there was the other funny thing about the birthday deal. Well, it's getting presence, I'm I'm not good with presents member, but don't
get me presence right, because I don't want what you got me if I- want something already it. Yes, you got me, isn't gonna, be appreciated, there's one gift that my wife got me one time and I haven't, I've been thinking about. Why haven't talked about this particular this situation, and that there is a ban, while the White Stripes Sir lights in the way of Europe's Jack. Why MEG White the White stripes are also there are. Some bad and There are so many layers with the White Stripes here, the first of all. There I'll. Tell you two areas that I love about the White Stripes number, one all their clothing. Guitars. Drums keyboards every, that they have on stage and everything that they have on their record albums ever. They have is see the red black or white, on all the record since day, one that's number one number, two They only have three sounds.
In any other songs at any one time, so Those three sounds could be drums vocals guitar. They could be drums keyboards vocals, they could be keyboards guitar vocals, but they only have three sounds at any one time. Vocals is one of the thousands who was actually an instrument that will genuinely to people in the bed anyways the White Stripes, is awesome band and my wife bought me tickets, mostly the white stripes. Now I don't even think about it, never pay attention when bans are planted. Whenever somehow I was, I was. How do we use this term very often, but I was overjoyed that she got me tickets to the White stripes. I was so stoked and then make why had some issues and they can
so the whole torn than ever played against day will, I know a couple weeks away from being in San Diego aroused and goes into ways jobs. So the question is ultimately ultimate grant scheme of things with that a good gift to give jock. That was an awesome gift. To give me silks It was the thought that counts in this. Yes, there was a blow to forget it Archery Army and I was- and I can't believe she thought of it- is not. Oh, you got me a sweater from some store that I hate. I'm really hard to shop for I'm really. I want something I have it and I don't want that much. So they all. I want something I have it once every eighteen, I want something and then I get it you I'll get you like a new teacher, there's something you weren t shirts five don't get along this road one. Good, so yeah yeah seems like getting good on a tangent, as I feel it
You went off on a tangent like us in the White stripes the other day. Nor can I never give the white stripes the products that they deserve. The M and Jack White, the props users as a singer, songwriter Anti brother and sister they're. Not allegedly alleged that they were actually husband, wife, they got divorced, but they always claimed to be brother sister, my little sister Medway more languages. As my big sister, that's right, Israel is that thing. It's good men who well the original point. Was these crazy savage type people may be normal people other than their crazy job, yeah and what's and am, but I'm not saying so. It's cool things outside it has this year after year accountable for your actions, young girls, about who you are here and that something from any leadership position, You need to be aware of
and when I say new leadership position, I mean you as a frontline trooper. Emu is a front line. Troopers getting told do something that you know is morally ethically are legally wrong and you still do it. It's on you sure you can point the finger of blame. The higher up the higher up should be burned to if they told you do something that was wrong, but you be accountable for what you did and that's all, Let's do it rough tour, no one! to play that game the Nazis to play that game off. My mind was ordered to do this. Do that cancer doktor, get that excuse. You don't get I was a good person and I took care of my kids. Even all I was shovel point two into a gas chamber. You don't get to play that game amount to much brothers, a small little documentary on line and watch the thing It was about the executioner in the Middle EAST somewhere in a way these countries where you know you he has his sword and its is job. You know in previous straight up executioner, yet that's just the modern age are binding, are like
it wasn't a go largely on Youtube near a glass week here and there, but if it's funny cause the whole field of the document, you was just really Korea. This guy has a cool job any like slicing people's heads off with great precision and he so good at his job. You know, here's whose family and their loving you know in there he's playing with this. Kids. It's like all this stuff, just weird man, another culture, but a grey areas and now into a man indeed or not. I feel like we should go into the support that we should go into. The supports support is one of those good things very dynamic:
supporting others supporting yourself supporting others, an yourself which is a separate category of support from my opinion for this yourself, others and use of Anna? That's that's when it up on it. We're talking about all three categories: support yourself by with supplementation and we talked about supplementation all the time, but about supplementing. If all you, though, only turned it to me, I do it so actually, some of it I took shewn deck before you talk before Pre podcast report gives those on whom tech, of a brain, shewn tech. I got my shipment of alpha brain pills back had run out. Now only had the instant and so now Like I said, what's nice about the bills are, is you got something you can't do the forecasts, guess what calibrate pills
and I might double up on the off rain. If I think I got really get my Ricky, but it's good to have the the capsules yes, well, I dig who about the drink? Is it tastes good? And I, if you get the sweet tooth, each goin and you want something sweet and you get the peach. The natural not the spicy spicy has a different situation or not for peaches, just straight up like tasty, like peach, the peach ills, p kind of scatter situations. Like the agree, I dig at the pills. I dig it M, that's actually what we had with the pills I sit, we me and my brother we were, but when they came up with instant, that was better and it starts to become like this little kind of ritual United makes up your out of bringing you know kind of thing, and it's instant, I don't know just seems like either way it doesn't matter If I have mentioned it already think did these are supplements from on it. On a darker will be redoubled
elements, but there's like work ass. I just bought a jump rope. Did you yeah see so one of the younger one out China's role in Vienna, Joe Joe prompted the air, As you know, as I think everyone I don't, maybe early twenties stopped, so Islam Termagant job offers us yeah. I saw him, you know how they, like writing a baking. Either state That is something a little bit you rusty. Europe yeah. Definitely rusty, can't shred and can go, is long and oligarchy stuff. It's weird because it you're not jump propaganda. What you it is back in the day of boxing now boxing jumping over three minutes was factor yeah go junk were finally ten minute warm go, get you jump right out, get out, get out three minutes all around. You feel it. About one of those and if so the interesting thing about TAT is jump rope. Technology has changed a little. So what is it made have still not well this item.
The steel in their bodies like each other as a swivel, the little Emily, for example, by dialing way more to it than before. Last night was like two wounding handles, and Europe for some actual robe disorders. Like a cord that survives all this stuff. Broke the suburbs on there. If you want, where jump off there, I was pretty good too, they remember one like when you jump rope and then, when the the you know how I can. This is like elementary school and, if you'd get tired or you couldn't keeper rhythm they'd say, hey just just way it from further, where there's a name for a move what's it called renewed to turn to tear tomorrow when you boom, like I gotta nodded
Is it called Macedonia? Will you just get gas? I decided. I can't get it over every year to get that rhythm go and I add another name. I never had to do that without expert level, even in elementary school, but does my that's gonna? Be you if, in fact, you want to step up so you can get on. Not just didn't you waters. If you want kettlebells on there to the good came or cannibals good straight out, there are good and but on it has thus artistic once It has even those add another layer, but they have the regular and one I think they're called come, Tis ones are various who handle oh yeah, so yeah get the legend bells, which is like what cycle a werewolf. Well, look at em, they're they're dead, primal bells, which is like all the a primate and stuff. I think I got the chimp too.
And into werewolves? Yes, I have. I have zombie bells minor, just evil zombies. How big is this? The one you of Africa yeah? That's leads like these you keep I'll, keep it inside to really do not want that even side is enough. The ones in my garage or for the law heavy work. This one is for oh I'm, tired, writing right. Now, I'm in a bang out some snatches re read: boom boom go feel better, now more than a right harder, they go by others. Where did the point? There is theirs very cool things on the website. Dot com supplements not dimension is the fact is Supplements are straight up the best one straight up, cuz from the beginning and how's this, and I don't know if we already mentioned this, but I hear it. I, like Joe Rogan talks about all the time how
name drop. I listen all time and he says these things and I believe, if you get I gotta, know shrink then you're like hey, I didn't feel it. I got tapped out, so you know I expect more or less dramatic. I expect this to make me top up everybody. I dont like it, send him No, you don't even send it back. You send them an email scene had alike. To stop, though, to send your money back, you knew how to send it back. That's pretty Osman, but don't be trying to like you, get me Mamma, we back in the next month after you done with it order so more and then do to get a trout here. You're gonna get ostracised. Nonetheless, crude oil, that's the one you dont want to not have crude oil there, even if you're, like a young guy. In my opinion, we should We ve been an oil sheriff anymore. Grow oil. I think you are like a step behind joint wise, its in which puts european Solidarity
Where's your workin out his heart. Now we're gonna this hard struggling through various activities in everyday life. I told the story whatever, but I do it all the time you don't. You fill up water in the big five gallon jugs, the new and bread do that at night when it's kind of I pray you carry those from a thing to your car Udall be worried about my knees or whatever you back the trials? You shouldn't you end user, put it in their life. You can write your own backyard. What about like the trap that the crazy trials you ve been through carrying more cool, my in southern California, very fresh, pure water, by the way doesn't make it lighter than any still have to struggle. But here's the thing now there are micro, thicker, the gold they're called Microsoft,
This is really what they are still standing in line. Actually, the semi living without a struggle that manufactured struggle, sorts like an exercise in discipline and embracing struggle. That's what it is that an actual struggle bestowed upon your heaped on your shoulders. You know that you have to bear in every DE life. That's notwithstanding enlightened anyway. Have you need your about echoes struggles, rain? You can document these various me looking for a specific? Why that matters were lying? Was there a later was relaxing gotta tomatoes? I went to carry this struggle, but wine struggle the groceries. Now we got the film the water bottles, there's four chaplain mild micro struggle and filling up the water is not a struggle because I'm on the crude oil omega three into my joint straight into my joints, arctic high percentage uptake anyway get em. Oil among Strongbow, now too, by the way forward. That's for tendons
the tin attaching to the bone structure does it about it? Does it feel some really? about actually more prudent preventative Cosette lift their. Nonetheless, Strontium, that's in Strasbourg that get doesn't that doesn't hidden like the limelight, isn't on that all attempts on calcium, calcium, mixer, bonds, wrong strontium, just as much so get on this drama bone strength also offer brain, obviously from TAT. Perhaps I prefer to go and the website whenever we need they got it even got like try, bland peanut butter, not butter, not penalized, like all men, cash you and want it, don't know anyway, stylish get on their own in Dhaka fly. Jack or if you want ten percent off people, brace. That's all that's up to you really using
I would recommend, I don't even know. I would recommend that also a good way to support. If your interested in them look man search for meaning, Viktor Frankl. What I have done. Is I put on the website a page with all the books, all of whom the jack was covered, everyone's logic, come in article that the links maybe I'll do that, but nonetheless the books are all on their all in order to buy the way. So the most recent is gonna be at the top
we'll be on there. It is on their shoulders support click on there. If you can get the book click through their directly straight to Amazon, what are you doing? Other shop amen go ahead. Do the same thing: click on it. We have a ban on the front page too, and then you can click on there and then you can you shopping yeah. You want some good plan. Even a few bind also give a link to your favorite. Tape on their tank. Sometimes I say things that are just so inherently brilliant at nuts. I wonder whether we will have a duct tape. Blame link for sure yeah, just in case every needs duct tape. Especially needed when they get done, wasn't podcast through their thinking about the things that they're gonna be doc taping together here so yeah? That's true
You know why a mention duct tape in the beginning in Ireland. I didn't really relay this. Could then think about it until a handful of people asked me why my colleague Watchman Cairo time actually still watchman diver, I think no one on its honour channel called clue. Oh, oh random, for random channel the it's like a retro channel kind of a man who knows what is the new Macgyver by the way, new and was lame, I don't think it's a good of the old one, but it could be just my, but you know how you get attached to your old shows. It could be that, but Macgyver was dope back in the day so which are and those who think ducky people. People like this. It will paperclip right Macgyver with the baby. He really had a paper clip he abductee those this thing on those arming watching tv. That's on you and I dig it, but I was busy
he had the swiss army knife and the duct tape? Those think everything else he dismounted and environment is environment which will change from upset episode, unless subscribed to gas on Itunes teacher who played all these platforms. Right pot guests were boom subscribe, which are when you use, even if these two guess rate evident the two people used to platform and why they did it? Do that there's some! nay, I had to go to a different platform, so I have a backup platform bomb subscribed to both their rate is second, like you do the meal from goes wherever the email account is what happened a? Why that got us going a little too bad about I'll. Tell you what were? I don't know why? But this could be the reason why cause you to kiss the meal is kind of like professed people who Nancy themselves, as like film makers, riders, my peace, that I've made it
art it tends to be that Youtube is just like guys. You tie her anger that you, but overall, yet exactly I just throw my video. You too you to learn of the tube dvd to you, what ever you are the meal. Another named. I guess, if you think about it, but nonetheless that's what it shook itself out to beaten. You know so it's funny when people are like I'm listening, To my mind, the emir goes on August to you: do you to do anything to beyond familiarly distill, surmounted thing and grim, exacting it's exactly like Youtube, except for the fact which now that I'm thinking about it, makes sense where, if you upload a video, and you're like all men in one of these titles midway through the video. I spelled it wrong, which happens me. Sometimes you can go back into your car, and replace the video. Even if it's been up for a week, unilateral failure you to pay Youtube. You cannot yet new video yeah, so you got but again and here's the thing you can upload the same file
get a real because you to book now, yet a rake in ITALY has all these little. In this little information and they'll be like hey, that's it we'll get file. You can do the police on the new advertising. Nonetheless subscribe. Who Jackal podcast on Youtube. If you like that channel we're trying to provide, we call providing value at sunset, browsing example, that's another, it sounded court it, but it has another dream that that's another one, o things where it sounded go and then one thought like me or I think and went out whatever, and so elements are using it. Now, it's like Pieper abusing a movie ages. China provide value, it unites It's the same voice, you just don't do voices are the next day
stucco anyway, so subscribe to. You two were trying to provide some value there with the excerpts and various other clips aside, the video version is podcast you're moral Day, one is really good. Like did knows a powerful, powerful letter, yeah bunch other stuff, like jockers store. It's called Jackal store. If you didn't already know, Jackal store dot com. What do we have in Dhaka store? We have t shirts If it was realised that Jacques also as a park asked circle doctor, jugglers white, the weighty. I think I see a trend here- the train, Israel for sure, Nonetheless, the lack of originality and name we'll know, meetings so in a way because here there
layers in that too, and there is sophistication too that, even though it seems simple because there are be insufficient to you are being funded out. Everything there is more to Jack within just order. The just happens to be my name is too there's more to that. Goes beyond the spot, Gaspe on the tv on whatever re. Ok, so this list a star without fact, which is complex in and of itself, then you're like ok. This is what roughly considered a company technically may yeah! I guess you had do if you I asked me to go what do I do like for living as I do stuff: negroes were what would you? How would you what he said? Why would you describe what you do? I said stay busy. That's what I do for you there you go, but technically
bar. Is that Jack that cast outcome? That's in into a holiday entity, other company business it's a place where we have the web, but none the less. You know what I'm going to go out on a limb and call it a brand. Its brandish whatever. Nonetheless, You call a cable Jacko Store, that's the name of the store yeah! Oh, let us do so, and the answer to the reason that I called the Pike Ass Jocapa us. Whereas on ten Ferris Pakistan, I said Jackal I I am utterly. You know I've animals. I just said I on the packet you're not, but I think, do something like might all you know. We got to go, get some Jako Hungry About new pilot S, record Joggled podcast wrote that was the initial fought. There's the layer makes sense the then that's it.
Even with me the other worries I want to be able to do whatever I wanted to do. Not care Yeah and while you were in a talk about jujitsu and fighting and music and hard core in war and death, and I wonder why not. Have any limitations and the only way I could do that because, if you'd give that Gaston name like you know, the Ok, listen is parked outside ok, we'll than one next. You know we're talking about war and origin call it the war podcast. But you talk about business. If you don't talk about the leadership podcast, but you're Talkin bout Jujitsu, So how do you get all the things in the one thing called the Jackal back Ass, a negative someone we're there you go, and if people are looking for you, they see you talk about X Y, see their later. You know I shirking look, I'm ethically easy connection and simple witches. You know. Simplicity goes along yeah, you know, and that's kind of like a thing. So why are we talking about us understand the fourth called jacuzzi earlier, so
because it is this, nor people want to do other things in their life. Besides was nor spitz. You're the one time innumerable real, no said the other day when we had Roger had known, and I Give me the silent treatment and when you looked at me for affirmation, while you were given the artisans, I didn't even nod. I just looked at you, you got? You actually got uncomfortable you actually got uncomfortable you like av The look on your face like when you look at me like I was going to give you a smile. I don't I don't just look at you like hurry up, and then you got uncomfortable and I sent whisky start to feel it yeah- you know where this, like subtle Fischer, said Norman, so good in also do that again right now, so I can talk about the store, Jacko Store, Jackal, sterner com, if you like t shirts. Now, I'm not anything like t, shirts and General DE saint if you want to represent this political freedom, what get after
No, the darkness nor the darkness. That's a good on you, anyway, going through doktor economy could see shirts. If you like, on good, get one support, though it's good that's some rash guards on their one new rash, Gerda out already says get after it on it. Discipline are one sleeve freedom, another sleeve Jacko approved really good em. I think it's good feel that the people who have witnessed in the past, this to see witness did like some kind that there have been a lot of you and that's witnessed by Rash Guard set. I bestowed upon them by way of visual. How are people, because we have a people that I thought it was on the brink of that law without really active out of school in there You gonna story, look at it! If you think it's
will you personally to witness the glory of ECHO Charles is rash cards? You may go to juggle store dot, com and revel in the glory. It exactly right. Whatever else you want this good stuff on there. We added this little thing too, if we're out and I'm chimney, like I'm restock, restock boom, but added this little thing where, if like with did size medium or whatever is how it is justice or little, but and notify me book, but your email bomb notifies you on his back and stuff and again I'm trying to put him back and stock s output, Bobo right now, but Gimme a day or two or whatever will motivate. Also psychological, Fair, if you know what that is, our wish tracks or not the tracks word tracks sent like spoken word
so basically what its four is. You know it's not like poetry, folk, arguably not poetry, but stock on their talking talking us to me, Jack was talking to me that actually, quite literally, was talking to you. Yet when that was made accurate. So you know you can I talk to you was so what is for is that just talking everyday stuff? So well, you, have a hard time waken up in the morning or you have our time because you're tired and you want to skip the worker or you have more time because roads lunchtime and more hungry and all they have his don't, let's hear or whatever, but at what. With their across name also, procrastinating or what you call it where, if you programs like ending the podcast, maybe you can listen, allow and right now area of trying to explain this thoroughly, so they so we can all have a really good understanding of what it did its end, its value. That's that's it!
downloading over to me talking about moment to witness, so you can get next yet next next comment. I guess Libya me one more thing: actually you can even take it at moments of triumph and strength. Still work. You just want to do it more like drinking coffee. When you're, not tired, I mean, double down for lead. That's A lot of ecological warfare on ice, tunes emblem music, all these musical dingle play. I think that I think it's on everything, but Yemen do it right on our. I also. Jack, a white tea on Amazon and when you order Jocker White T make sure you also order more waits for your bar bells ringing you're dead. Lift is gonna, go up to approximately eight thousand pounds, so you need to get that much waits when you ordered way. The
or your kid book spin out for a couple weeks now, and thank you for getting it also little warning that someone, What on Amazon in the review, I thought was worth hearing and Thinking about parents be ready. I bought this book after listening to juggle on the Rogan park. Ass were Jackal was the guest great podcast by The book after learning, Jacko has a book for kids It's my son who, Isn't very motivated yet was excited about the when he started reading the book: a fight, lit underneath niece him, he said to me: don't gotta get up tomorrow at five, a m: will you get up with me? at that moment, I realise that I was. What I was going. What was going on and I couldn't let him down. I enjoy my sleep like everyone else, but I was amazed at my son- got exe it's all replied. Yes, let's do it got up at five, a m, alarm clock must not have gone off, but I turned on his lightness bedroom and he got right up here:
his clothes and choose honor. We went for a we ve, never done this before I had do some sit up some pushups after and he gladly did couldn't quite do push If that's ok, we'll get there, long story short this book only in a few chapters in the only few chapters in I was kind of support Russia only few chapters, it made the book worth getting in this day and age of electronics and ipods and tablets. Kids don't seem to be motivated to do activities as when I was a kid, I'm thirty nine. So I to find him after four making the decision to get up at five a m on a non school day. I told him that he can apply that mentality to anything in life boom way the warrior kid get it for your kid, be prepared to get yourself back in Bracken game. Also, discipline equals freedom field manual, the instructional manual, forgetting after it feel free to pre order about also extreme ownership, combat leadership,
combat leadership and also combat leadership. That's what the book is about, how to apply the finance the principles of combat leadership, to your business and to your life. Also, for a more hands on experience in gaol echelon front. Our leadership and management, consulting company myself Leaf Bab and J p D, now Dave Burke, you can contact us at in info at echelon front, dot com, also the Muster Austin Texas July. Drink and fourteen that the Army Barton, Creek resort. No fluff. There's no fluff, just pragmatic information. You can act on, immediately can literally in a brain. Email your team and give in Auctions, that's gonna, move them in the right direction:
in Austin Muster there's only three hundred seats. Smaller venue. It's gonna sell out so get online. Get ready, if you can't make allowance condescending, echoed September September, fourteen and fifteen Mr Zero zero for will be there live and, while you're waiting for the muster, if you need to communicate with us, you can find us only into webs on Twitter or on Instagram. On their face. Ebola echo that echo Charles and I am at Jacko willing and military personnel out they're holding the line in places. No one wants to be doing things that no one else wants to do thanks for keeping us free to police. Law enforcement, fire fighters, empties and other first responders. Thanks for keeping
safe, and for everyone else out there remember remember what human beings are capable of suffering through and remember that, even in those situations where everything, seems to be taken away when you see, I have no choice at all in the world. Remember remember that you can still choose how you react to the things around you. You can still choose your attitude and you can still
choose to actual lies the best person that you can be in every aspect of your life. You can choose to get after it so until next time this is ECHO and Jacko out.
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