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79: How To Get People to Take Action. When to Skip the Chain of Command. Sacrificing Short-Term Health to Reach a Goal. What "GOOD" Can Come From a Sick Child?

2017-06-13 | 🔗

0:00:00 - Opening

0:00:42 - How to Deploy Decentralized Command when your team changes very frequently.

0:07:28 - How to, and When to Skip the Chain of Command and go above your direct superior's head.

0:34:20 - How Important is Longevity (a Long Life)?

0:43:20 - Should you sacrifice Health in the short term to reach work objectives?

1:00:42 - How to deal with family members with anger issues.

1:13:33 - How to get people to take action when they over-analyze and over-think.

1:18:41 - Handling a team member who takes "ALL" the responsibility but has sub-standard work. 

1:39:40 - What "GOOD" can come from a sick child??

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2:17:55 - Closing Gratitude.


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This is Jacko Podcast, number, seventy nine with ECHO Charles in me, jogger willing good evening, echo giddy me and it has been a little while, since we were able to hammer out some q and a short questions From the entire webs and so here we are, number: seventy nine! What answer questions from the entire webs when he got Google, question job which we spend more time with a bunch of love and talk about nonsense, or should we get to the questions? What do we get to the point about twenty seven minutes worth of advertisements list the request. Rock and roll. I am vascular, surgeon, training residents, how'd you applied centralized command, when your team changes every one to three months solid question and
with something like that. What we need to do is we need to get a standard, operating procedures in place with clear documentation, some kind of a qualification and approval process, and then a monitoring system in place right, so Is this the reason I can kind of the reason the easy transition from you make mentally ill because we would have to do this kind of thing, sometimes in the seal Eames, when you get, for instance, you're oversees on deployment in a war zone, and you get some guys that show up to work halfway reported or two months in his or three weeks for permanent. You get some guy to show up. Their seals right so that they understand the fundamental concepts, but you haven't we, put them specifically before They haven't worked with the platoon before they don't know the area of operations that you're in specifically, they don't know what kind of mission specifically you're conducting and where the until is coming for big. Basically, I don't know anything
other than the fundamental knowledge of being a seal, but his first particular job rose. It know too much. So what you have to do is you have to run I'm through bunch of familiarization stuff, very quickly about the gun trucks and how your home these are set up. You gotta make sure they can get on a fifty gown a mark, forty eight March nineteen and understand our crew serve weapons and how we operate them cause our cruiser of weapons. By the way, a lot of times we most I'm operator, Khrushchev weapons alone, so they gotta make sure they do. This humvee is right. A lot of the older guys in a seal team is before the war started. They wouldn't know how to operate on be so you had to make sure they knew how to do that. They had to understand the mission. Why we're doing the mission? What was important about it? What was the commander's intent, dad, you know the rules of engagement, because Military will take a guided lands in country, though, given like on thirty May,
brief to welcome in country in thirty seconds of will be a rules of engagement brief, and they won't really understand it. So you gonna make sure they understand that gun when's the last time they did Med training, medical training ones last on it. That has been like twelve years since they put on a tourniquet. Ok. Not good. We gotta get him front your eyes on that. Having understood the bleeding the differ I d threats that are out there. Could the idea threats change all the time what kind of trigger mechanisms are being used and what kind of identifying Marcia Varieties is all this stuff? this goes on and on- and so do you to develop some kind of a standard operating procedure ay when a guy shows up. This is what we need to do with a full need. Go through this, this, this listlessness little checklist you put together and then, if the persons, a leader maybe you gotta go and do a couple left see right, see, rides with them. So does that mean? did do other people use that terminology left right it not that Ok? So if was the Baton commander and you were coming in to take over. For me,
we would plant emission together and I would be in charge the mission so I've been the driver's seat. All I got pilot only in the next two you'd be energy, be watching it in you been the passenger, see and I would be run in everything and then maybe do that a couple times in years watching me and then we switch suits. You see you get DR receipts, but I'm still there watching and tell me to move the left to move a little right and then actually you got it and then I'm relief gotcha so be if the persons a leader you gonna do two or three or four offshore, never to get them a good turn over. So that now in all these situations, or if you ve got a full on turnover, Cosette, you're, gonna walk away from, but if it's just that you ve got some, groups, more entity or people that are common in not going to be able to give them that four hundred percent decentralized command right, you're still gonna have to. The little bit more watch on them, because you're not gonna build up the full level of trust in one to three months. That's just not possible, so
there will be a little bit of limitations, but you can Definitely indefinitely move pretty far down the path and one other thing: that's gonna help less a document and its really smart to put together red document with very clear. Roles and responsibilities and expectation and then not just given the document to reduce letter nano you sit down and go over every single thing with them. So what you're trying to do is you're trying to condense this time, line of building trust in the shortest possible time and one of the ways to do that is by condensing everything, into a simple, clear, concise format. Written format go through talk with them, so they we clearly like when I was in task in it. When I was in task in a browser. I didn't lay anything like that out further opportune commanders for life in the delta between Khmer Anti here's that rosemary did that over a long dont, be over a year work now that now, within a few months, they gonna knew what the deal was.
But if I would have If that would have been my normal job and I would begin a new platoon commanders every three months- every day- they came in with a car. You Newton greatest this work to matter does this is the rules and rules, roles and responsibilities? This is the expectations, and I have for you this you call me. This is when you make a decision on your own, lay all that stuff perfectly clear and that where could more quickly developers, and so decentralized command, now again it's not gonna, be full decentralized command, you're, not gonna lose. Let me run whether they want to be needed for three months and you know. I don't know how to know what the timeline is for a vascular surgeon to get total trust in their subordinate vascular surgeons or their suborn anti members, but I'm you're sakes longer than one to three months, so how much can you condemn the timeline walking You to condense it won't you condensed as much as you can you still gonna, to do a little bit more monitoring than you would normally do, but
still gonna be beneficial, it's gonna be beneficial for them and it will be beneficial for you to operate much as you can in the decentralized methodology, when you say convince the timeline. That's for this procedure No, it's condensed the timeline to build trust or actually also I want to decentralized commanders about Trust Riah, if I trust you in you, trust me. It goes up and I'm in charge, and I trust you that means you can go out and you know what to do and when you're out there. You know you trust that I am going to cover for you and I'm gonna trust. The decisions that you make so decentralized command is about trust in Iraq. Trust. We have to have understanding
in order to understand things, we have to work together. So what I M trying to do some China condense, the timeline that it takes us to build trust, and how do I do that? I just been very direct and lay things out in a very simple, clear, concise format, so that you can understand very quickly. That's Michael next wish. When and how is the rule, way to skip the chain of command when you feel like you're direct superior is a part of the problem. Big, one big one, because this is a very, very probable back and Skipping the chain of command is a last resort, is a last resort. Wise in a last resort, beats me: will you skip the Chinik made your breaking the trust that just talk about your breakin, it the relation that you been building Europe damaging it good? Sometimes it's on salvageable. By the way,
Sometimes when you skip the chain of command, you will never be able to recover from that now, of course, there's something that dump your me spears doing that illegal or immoral. Or unethical that's the case, then it's actually your duty to above them in the chain of command, now do so first reported to them, what you did is wrong. We're not gonna do that. Yes, you should tell them for Unless it's gonna come, you know cause you to get inside. Horrible situation, Now. This is an interesting thing when I thought about what's a unit working together in, and you're my boss, and, you say you're doing something, that's immoral, illegal on ethical right. And I watched you, do it. Can I see leaning towards it and like? Oh, I think you can do something that illegal right here I don't say anything and then,
watch you do it, and then I run up you Turkmen report. You right, you gotta, be careful with that and and I think when you work for someone. Or when someone worked for you, you need that lay right out of the gate hey. This is where I stand like I'm, not gonna cover for you. If you do some stupid illegal things You don't wait for them to do it. And then drop the hammer on maybe I'm being overly fair. Maybe we should be all out to get people that are you know when something that they should be doing part of the problem. I actually, I believe, that's my belief. Is when I, when I meet you as air, what's going on and you make a little crack, you know make a little joke, you know you say well, he knows I like them and is not like the sun, like the Customers can really see that money.
So you're, gonna scare money for all right right here that and you, as I d, make a little joke like that. You know in Europe and what you're doing is testing the waters with me right now. My ethical more saddler gathers no way they would ever know, and besides, we pretty much work for it. Anyways right, right, you're gonna see and yet that reaction should we just in also knows we have got to get. It will charge electron that install right, maybe maybe we're some kind of installers at a house, and usually I you know I usually follow up charge on Here- They never know if that's type a wall whatever right you that test? It me it's my duty. On the type of person that's gonna report, you for skimming money from the customers. Then I should tell you like that man, that's not now as customers that the oh here's my view is those customers that we're out there try. Do this install for they had to work hard for that money. I won't be taken from now. You got enough. You bet not be doing that in front of me as a
was to me smile and gone along with your joke and in three months later I report you know turnover report to the Bosman, so I think, that's very ethical evil, as Canada may lead to a little bit of a backs now now are their cases. Of course we're somebody's doing something. That's just outrageously on Afghan. You didn't know about it or something you pretty much know, though you can when people do shady things yeah, so so I think that is something So let me low breeding mummy. Let me close this thought, or at least make a point of this thought my point of this thought is the same thing that happens: law where people don't like to have hard conversations. So it's easy conversation. When you say you know those customers never know where their money goes, and it's only twelve box of thing and it's no Deal the easy- this thing for me to do, that's easy and an end. That's not there.
That's easy and an end. That's not a big deal right so much harder. The further. We go down that road. It gets harder and harder and harder Then you start saying: hey. You know it's only a week, we, Its given, like twelve box, guess what they never noticed. This other charge either and I can get him for sixty two dollars. And then all the son, it's a harder conversation. So have the hard conversation earlier it'll make easier for you so. That being said now, do we escalate both you and the shaggy man. First off my goal to not escalate above unit Yannick Man, my goal is to actually raise the situation to you, bring it up to you and say, Hey echo, you know the way we can do in this job. You know, I think due to different, where it is a better way to do it. I think there is a better way to treat customer whatever. Whatever thing is better way to attack this target, whenever the thing is I'm not, a conversation with you like to
three, four or five times to try and yet you too to me now. If the conversation doesn't work, escalated even further. In order to do, I'm actually do all right up America Point paper. Echoes, listen thinking about what we're doing how're hitting this target or how were loading out our guys, whatever animal, but your point about him at a late out. What my plan is what the cost benefits are and made that very clear to you so that way giving you every ample opportunity to listen what I'm saying right probably even say: hey. Maybe we should run this by. You know the boss to see what they think you just keep disagreeing with made you in you. Can you might have embraced the boss and see what he thinks: now. What are you gonna say that most most The media are not very happy bargain. You heads up some just play open and a kind of
we gotta make em reflect two words as they always Hannah. You know brings them by their or what will you say, no dumping that to the boss. The odd made makes it grew over that they're not doing correct, so so you say and you might get a basic. Did you make your boss because yeah bring it to him? He's gonna say that they same thing Antonia and then you go. Maybe I'm wrong wrong about this procedure, or maybe I'm wrong, but how are no doctors target, but it is it, and also this is a hard conversations, have the high conversations say someone man can we just brings the boss or an end? and again, I'm saying You see, I am going to bring this to the bar. Where would you mind if I got his opinion? Would you mind if I see what she said about this in that way we're what we're not saying, I'm goin to the boss, gram of your head, you care, saw me. No, that's our talk about so there's that
the other thing that you could so that's that sort of a direct approach with Europe boss would start by the way, with an indirect proto, be like an echo. While we were hidden, these targets will be smart. Maybe if we hidden from over here, do you think that would work in knowledge open of conversations we ve done that I also go indirect with your boss right. So, sir, you direct boss, who is now to up above in general. I can go in the right with him at the water fountain right hey yeah, thanks bossy, everything's, going graveyard doing a great job in working out. I want echoes team yeah yeah. I know it's really good. It's good the tough mission, but you know we were always explore new way, studios. We're looking at some other ops ass. They give on another way to hit those targets to kind like coming in from this direction. That's all I did- was just drop little Miss plant a little seed. You had that conversation come up and I'm just going to happen when you plant a little seed and try and get them to. Maybe they are. Like a really good idea. What
ECHO. Think of that I have you. No actually, I haven't talked to echo about it in more detail, but I will Margaret I aim in that boss asked me about this and he mention you know. I mentioned this other way of doing it and he thought it might be a good idea, and I just want to give you a heads up in case she says anything I didn't elaborate, you have you know whatever, so we're just playing the game but that's Moonrise Diamond every that line. I just want to give you the heads up. I feel like that. Like real good when someone It is, however, it also gets it's also a way of saying hey. I read you out: I read a general depending on what its followed with its hairs. Wanna give you heads up the boss You asked me about this and I didn't know how to respond. So I said this and here I come and talk to your site. I want to give you a heads up. That's that's differently. Give you a heads up. I talk to the boss earlier today. I told him what your deal is so like that. That's all good, for you
all kinds of sheer degree there is well in, and you know I worked for for a while. I was the animals aid and so on, and I work for a really great guy, great admiral, who added really good relationship with you know and if I needed something here Can it give it to me, and so when I was a task in a commander which is what was what job I went to immediately when I got done working for the admiral? I literally had a d act line to the animal, because I had his cell phone number. I had is office number, and if I wanted to call him, he wondered shocked me as we were. Friends but that doesn't mean that I to him and did all kinds of veto I didn't even know. I never took advantage of that get at all and was always professional, but there is this little story where, is odd, as this might sound we're good ridiculing deployment
and we needed a it's called a large format. Color printer in Prince out big piece of paper large form and you need it because you need to make battle. Man gave a good one because, when you honor operation, every single gone up to now has a map, so you could have. You might need eight ten t Fifteen thirty. You might need thirty kg. Or laminated maps, to go out on a mission and whatever memories I think we had worn. It was kind of crappy and the lost the admiral. Your item Tom, before going on on opponent of he call me or I ran into or whatever and he's the animal Gerardo everything and he's gonna get a feel for. What's goin, he says M, you know hey you everything you need for the you knew I was leaving a couple days or a couple of weeks, and I you know, Sir, what good to go get along with drugs. I now believe turn around we, printer together. You one was Lord Fawn printers for battle maps, but I've network where Robin.
And that afternoon I got back to my office and the com, were so now. It's too bosses, above my immediate boss of the seal team in one guy below the admiral wheel a message for me and luckily I was friends hey. I guess you need a predator, let me know what kind of music thanks for their heads up and also a sorry, sir. I just saw member quickie mark or ever, but because you know you, you gotta, you gotta, you dont want to abuse s stuff at all, and you gotta get me more about it and it's always ism. Tony, it's always it's. It's not good to skip the chain of command. They really isn't. It's not. Gonna generally is knocking to benefit you generally. To put you in a bad situation. It's gonna give you less leverage with your media boss, because if I went above the Jinni Command on you
Even with you get redirected by our boss. You are pissed, and you're gonna be organism sabotage yeah. It's like its lead, really the version of going behind someone's back for sure it is in it almost even you like you and if you tell him it feels like all you're going up my head going beyond me. That is a really it's a really it's a tough one. You gotta use caution with that one and also all day what else it is its, some easy it's. It appears to be the easy way out like you're, not listening. We are promised Google bought the chain of command instead of me influencing you explaining to you writing point papers to you building a relationship with you so that you trust me is there to do in all those things that take time and effort intact due to command until your boss. That's that's another negative about it. It's a cop out shouldn't need to do it. I can't like that pay. Story. I just told you
other than that of me going above the chain of command, and I was almost a comical thing like us. I was friends with the Commodore too, who always took great care of me and was laughing when he left the message angle. Thanks for their heads up you he wasn't mad when he said that he was. You know he was laughin cause here. I was ready to fly to Iraq and what I want is a printer, that's where we need, which can tell you I dialed and we were and how much great gear we add, because the only thing that was left that we needed was a printer. That's where I was at all do everything we needed, but printer say what I get it, but you got to let you know other than that. It's really hard for me to think of other times in my naval career when I went above someone in the chain of command and it didn't happen, you know I'm going to take the time to build a relationship with my immediate boss and they're going to do what I wanted to do They're gonna give me what I want to give me there support me, the way needs get supported. That's what I'm gonna do
that's leading up the chain of command skipping. The terek man isn't really leadership me so China to do at public when your kid in your deal with it older brother, something, but instead of dealing with me, though tat a lot of something like that, I feel yeah. I know it's the same same similar. Think not them my lips. But the tattled on me ever interesting. Are you- and it seems like this- is the common theme to how you're like you want to try the most in the best you can to deal with it yourself, like the most for sure life. On the beginning, I mean just like how you were saying how like, if you got to fire someone you know: where are you to get to the point where you within the beginning, you Leon Catlike, just let them do the wrong thing. You be that yeah, that's cool, let him do it for years and then we, like you, know what you're fired because of all these wrong things, and you didn't even bring anything about this too, like on the unethical things you you might be again. I would walk a fine line here. You might not
recognize you not recognise that what you're doing is unethical you might be like hey, Jacko you're. What I do is I just I always had everyone, this Electra twelve dollars charge. You know no Deal no one ever notice. Is it Do you know we're working hard anything anymore, just name. It gives you leave food, for your kids and you're working on a bunch, a rich people's houses. I can afford twelve box and a big of a deal to you, and maybe somebody that you started working for did the same thing. That's kind of just a standard operating cedar, where's, Pasok man. You know what that's not good. You know That's actually, nothing like a big deal but you're making money you you know, you know that put money on your table gives treat your kids and taken money off their tail. You know and whether their rich or not money money. Don't worry I'll feel like we do. You know I mean I can might awaken you and get your ethics back on track and you might be a good dude Cosette just because someone with skimming some money doesn't mean they're horrible person, right it means a day
went down the wrong path? Just because someone goes down the wrong path doesn't mean they can come back. If it doesn't mean they cannot come back to the right path. Man, if I was if I was, You know executed every time. I did something that was stupid or or bad or you know I shouldn't have done. I would die two thousand deaths by now right grow up and we learn these things. We become better people, but we only become better people. We only learn these things. If somebody teaches them to us now, we can learn the hard way which is You know you all the sudden someone looks at you and goes away. What's this charge for twelve bucks and then they pull up all your receipts for the last five years. You been working here and they realize you've stole money from the company and stole money from his customers and they're going to, the future. Because stealing over x amount of dollars is a felony. You don't a means of ensuring a lesson, but that The lesson we want alert so how when those top conversations at your talk about having them up front and whether its Euro rewrite whether its counselling somebody weather.
Dealing with you know my boss, who I want to tell like hey, I think, there's a better way to do this, any of those the earlier you do them the easier they are to have and the longer you wish to do them. The harder they get so also too just an overall help, like I don't know It's hard to not draw the analogy. Nothing! Imagine that the comparison between, like your boss, in support Netscape situation and parenting kids, like for sure. Are you saying sometimes people dont know necessarily that its unethical or that they don't? that on ethic horse and rode out, that's that's it. Situation with kids like they don't know. Essentially they don't know better. You know, like all of you, take a permanent pan and You draw all over the walls here for five years old and you like Yeah sure I've been drawing on paper this whole time, soul. There's no reason for me to think sure. I should draw on the walls, but this really nothing to tell me not so they do it and then they go get like
There are some new endeavours yelled at or something some from punishment straight up punishment. Instead of veto Ok, you didn't know that you have to know this. It's like that can rely on a higher story. We were asked to after candidate school and there's a manual on you're goin through Ostrogoths go, I kept my borders, but it's all the rules of offshore chemical everything you this now uniform source to be. This is the way or lockers both be these away. You announced in line Joel older, every single rules in this book, what it's called so you live by. Code of this bucket, very specific rules, and there was a kid who was going to. Russia cannot go with us and he was from. Other country he'd been raise another country and became an american citizen but he was from another country and grew up in a really poor. You know a really poor. Kids are good for him. I'm here to achieved the incredible amount. Finnish college gone off. Candid school is awesome, but
He had some habits from growing up in the third world that were a little bit different for you know for Americans, and one of the things that he would do is he would urinate in the shower and not just while you're taking a shower, but when you come back from a class or somethin you know you'd. Everyone have to go to the bathroom at the same time, and so- You gotta go in and he felt colonels and then, as now it appears that we're going to do. I will you just go in the shower and its big open. Sorry just go in there pissed right the drain like it was nothing toilet, chow, yes or that is our whatever day and one of the american kids and am calm. Kids he's got all you. Actually we had about. Some of them were new kids fresh out of college. The kid the the kid that was you rating in the shower was fresh out of college and one of the older guys who, like me, was a prior unlisted guy, came to me and he said: hey man this your name in the shower. All the time,
and I said I said, ok, we know run the water is a brand. I gotta get these of visa, you might squads in charge of cleaning the showers, and so these are my guys on there on the ground. The cleaning up his piss legal and housing. Go I'll talk to him. So when as payment as aid, after candidate whatever can I opera, Eurozone Yosemite comes my room as an aim. Any you um. You know your view, Europe is in the shower, just wait for a toilet and he looks like I was telling him that he should be their right here. Why, and I as you will know, because you know your beer, you person, where everyone walks around and examined the water drain is all types Ngos. And I said no it is not just. Don't do it. He was not in the rule book.
Is what you said to me. I know what you mean. He was, though, that a name the manual, because it doesn't say, though, that you can't peasant showers able to answer you get this on my floor or my bed, but I want to do that, but it was interesting. My point is that his viewpoint was like this was totally normal any and he was a great geared, not too hard worker, but for him he was to think what are you talking about? Why wouldn't I person shower all the pistres are taken, I'm gonna go peasant shower. Will next question. Let me move on, I got work to do, and so I had to explain to him: hey man, listen, it's it's a little different and the people that are cleaning the showers don't want to be on our hands and knees in in your piss. So any said. Ok, he listened to me and I could see that he listened to me, but he didn't wanna reset agree with me right now. He was like ok like nothing so candidate that you know, and it was one of those. Where are you know, trying to explain to me why? But it just leave its like you're saying. I have literally understand that that was
not acceptable from a hygienic point hygienic SARA. I did it hygienic from a high genetic point? For me, a more all our morale point of the boy, my dad or cleaning up two thousand those good times. You have seen that term Seinfeld your Seinfeld there That is why I know its negative effects. It dog he gets caught. Well, I guess, gets caught. Can a leak in the shower at the Jim Jim Picture and then its You know they catch you and your ostracised. Basically, I think even took his mount, but the here can you believe this there? Whatever it is, you know there's they're mad at me, for you, no pissing in the shower Jimmy sake. Why? Why are you confuse at their mad at you can in the end, is like it's all pipe suitable vigorously defended, kind of sea were in us halting to anyway, if you don't think about it, why not
it's going down the drain. Europe is pissing on the people. Hey, I was deployed on a ship and I was in offers an end since I just moved up from the from the top. Birthing where I used to be with the enlisted spine raised a call ourselves? I was. I was up in the in officer area in the wood they call. Those are the officer country find office country Neonoe enlisted allowed Elitist, yeah totally need it. So I'm in there and I'm living with react it for other seals to see lobsters in this room. If one of the sea lobsters it was a sink in the room, but no bathroom, so you just have to thank you: brush your teeth, shaved, whatever, but maybe one of the bathroom to go down the hallway where the showers in the pictures were, and so one night I'm you know, I'm get stirred awake by some noise, and I see one of my fellow officers is pissing in sync right in Sync and yet I was
hey man, for what are you doing my walkin already in the down to them? The founded after all, also actually, yes, you are just why brush my teeth, homes ready he was the same when he was kind of surprised like what's wrong with you just piss in its the same pipes, but like now do me a favor. This another. What if he They didn't think regularly, but everything the time when he was done. He scrub did the sink with like lice Hon stuff Bro, its ethical. Well, let's just like a logical, but that doesn't even make it worth it now removes well walked down there. I dig it but like what? If those desists thing I mean well, how would you feel about it piss in my Saint Gamma Rays, like it's like of its liquor, would call a customary almost for reasons of course. Here the reasons don't pick up a figure actually in college, we play football. We d like a nice facility to U H,
but the showers were like guys, would do it all the time and but the showers or sheet different, where, like your face in the shower right, your facing the wall, at the bottom of the wall was like a gutters tranche? Yes, I went down so if did in one days? Would you go to a you weren't ever standing in it? If you're standing in it, that's like of obvious zero, but what can we do it in when I first saw it as a Dane you just openly doing it like one of this actually benches names for I'm a dimension cause dissonant shower, but he's like talking to me, while he's busy in the shower almost like it was a straight up toilet facilities. I can talk like that's how so again, it's more like the ethics of the public that the culture almost that's what it seemed like you're what it seems to me as dont peasant myself, I agree salary everything is designated only from ballgame shower, ok, egg understood right leg. You said it
is down to three and its there's water flowing all over it. Yeah you're, wash it off any russian after coming over it. But you know what I got a good idea, just as a general overall rule the prisoner to try the toy earth will better do that one year, the same way in provoking a brush your teeth in the toilet. Dear, you ve done that's what they think is now. If you want to put the universities into it about it, I won't be mad at you, I'll be mad at you bro. I don't know if I can hang out with you as much or whatever, but yeah MR it makes sense, it wasn't looking about, has no toilets from talking escaping the chain of command. Oh yeah, that's right! As the guide us yes allocated at school, you exit in the shower. He had a lot of love. The hard conversations, I wonder, what ever happened to you or where we see from? somewhere like Vietnam, sure louse or something. Maybe Thailand,
Some asian asian countries, South EAST asian country, yard, worker and small, yeah. I want my appeal in about taking a leak in the shower. Is you shouldn't do it? But if, like like this, guy who's, like all that's normal- that doesn't like totally surprised, you know that my surprise me but makes sense that guy's didn't like it off for sure next question an end. And don't get the chain of command. If you can avoid it. If you feel like it here anything going behind someone's back into it. Just like I said it's like. Sometimes you can repair that target repair, repair, hello, How do you rank your lunch in your priorities?
long, jeopardy is talking about staying alive for as long as possible, and, of course I mean I want to live all like how to get rid of that out. Who I personally that's the way. Was court the quartet has actually directed at Java, willing question for the bark ass to how do you, like your long devotee in your priorities, longevity being how long you can live for and for me, I mean. Obviously longevity has some level of importance. I do want to live for a little while longer, but And I think that, generally my lifestyle, My focus on health and fitness in a Broadway align with living for a little longer so you know workin out in all that stuff is good, but there is also an extreme and are no. If you know this and how much you know about this, or if you ve ever read about it, there's an extreme sigh, of longevity of trying. If you, if you goal in life,
was to live as long as possible there extreme version that do you know about this house while one of the biggest things is you you do calorie restriction, massive Kelly restriction, yeah, you're Talkin, like massive calorie restriction? and that's one of em you and believe it or not. You do it. Dreamily low levels of physical activity, yeah right, you you basically, if your goal was to live as long as possible, you would want to live they basically in a bubble and do nothing but but eat a little and edges lay there. No Jiu then no surfing, no lifting heavyweights. None of that stuff. Now, When you're, that mode
of longevity pure longevity. You are not prepared for anything in the actual world right, because your beer heart can beat so many times and If the last you use it the wrong it's gonna, be lasting but and I'm sure I have that not quite right. But the problem is, if you're, not in good shape,. When you get surprised your heart can't handle that's the kind of people that are part of extra for heart can handle all this madness when it comes so I'm not going there? It's not worth it for me too, for me to live my whole life as a sedentary person, starved and completely unprepared. For anything to happen to me, outside of my bubble, is not happening. A model of that way So where does it rank in my priorities? I think it's. It it's an important thing, but I think my general lifestyle or lines with enough that I don't think about it as much in it
overall living life, is more important to me than just living me so makes catalan life. What, if magic, like a magic wizard guy says: I'm the gatekeeper of your whole life, whatever your life and their situation is report that's was, and he said I know when you're gonna die. You know you can't help it this. I just know the future. Whatever. I will give you twenty extra years right now. You know for something years old when the day you're gonna die. Whenever that is, I can tell you that may be ninety. Eighty whatever, but I'll, give you twenty more years of fully functional life, but you gotta stop doing Jiu right now. You can ever did it ever I probably took him out next question:
but otherwise you'd be just as functional. You can left. You can serve you. Can you know you can get after it in every other way. Just no digital I've got no martial arts in any well. You know what I would double Leggum. And then I would passes guard and then I would choke it. Yeah yeah makes sense and I take his signal and I'd freedom world so he gets free life is not life. That's what you're saying. I think the minute you start restraining yourself from doing things that you want to do you you wouldn't Takes years considerations and what you're doing here, I also think that I prefer questions like that are completely
regular Sweden. Are they not their mental exercised? So my that's. Why? Then, in that case, I will stay with my first answer ivory. If the grim reaper came to me and maybe an offer, I would double leg him. I would take him down and I would choke him out. I might kill him So back to your eyesight, unite the longevity without these do so is for the double egg and choking similar so back to your eyesight, unite the longevity. The thing didn't but that actually yeah and it doesn't make sense cause that's a lot of things like if you want to be the safest you possibly can in life right something He's gonna live in a bubble with no threats of any disease. Sterilize bubble, no murders, no car accidents, no nothing never drive. Never do anything the same thing but you'll be save you'll, be the safest person in the world really, but is global living life. You know you
you go one day out in the in the wild, you're dead same thing like this? If you restrict all your calories, no hard physical, active the no son. You know all this stuff, the moment. You good everyday life, which is physical, insulted, Leslie right for bits of his gold, their son, there's day when you go out there, all your son results like all or nothing yet take vitamin d. Pills. The the other thing is recovery restriction is, and I think in your reading about the stuff all the time in, but You can get a lot of those benefits by doing some intermittent fast hosty for sure that you will feel good on the innovative fasting yell it twenty four forty eight seventy two hours at the most I've done set out here, maybe I'll do some more in the future. Ten ferris did like seven days or to actually have little or no man it yeah yet, but instead
and that's that almost goes into whole honesty, and I did seventy two hours and the last time I did the same thing. A couple times now that every time I shall find, I dont feel any of this stuff. The people talk about what yes or no in its this is almost feel hungry for a little while I do. I wasn't like and die no you're no but you don't want a whole different things down and what people say people going to ask on the entire webs to talk me, about intermittent fasting. No, don't ask me, there's like actual research out there, you go in Google, it look, been aroused minute fasting and read about it. Don't ask me down the wrong person house, the smart people yet again that the internet like if you're talkin violates plump, did my ten thousand since operator, because it's true, don't ask me, Google it and look
these really good research paper, there's all kinds of stuff common out about a right. Now now it's weird about the internet. And science in general is in you know, there's a one or two that says it's great, find two more articles. It say it's horrible! You can find three more of us. She can always count on everything yeah I mean what are the other split hairs? That's not necessarily about science. In general, it's more about a specific persons viewpoint. Were always done. What they gave fresh arrived at, she died in health, it so it's so ambiguous and so adaptable instantly. So will you if you'd fasting, that's that's you don't want. Something different like you'd. Have people fast for a specific reason or even a kind of a general reason, but it's like Fasting alone isn't gonna make you achieve whatever did no doing, and also if a company, just like lifting like with
anything you need nutrition, you need rest. Do you need all the stuff for a specific results and then there's all kinds of different lifting you know, so you can just be like. Oh yeah, I want bigger muscles, so I'm just going to lift that's it. No nutrition, I'm not going to eat at all or no rest, a mocking arrested or so the there is when you go training live as long as you possibly can it's like you have to like that has to be the directive just to leave everything else is everything else that the window? So you get that I agree with you. I don't think that their that's living necessarily, I don't think it's too many people are just on the full on, like longevity gig there are some. I know one another dimension is knee. Jerk disappear Secret version, similar question, the chuckle
your toys and execute it wrong to sacrifice health in short term to accomplish work objectives in how would you make up the time lost so, yeah? Absolutely. Sometimes you have to sacrifice workers for health, and health for objectives? There's no doubt that's life and work in many ways banks is life and that kind of another topic, but try love what you're doing trying enjoy your job. If you don't, because if you enjoy your job, then work is life is no k thing. If you hate your job, then work life is not. It is not a good situation to be an so try and get into things than do Something that you enjoy doing and if you don't enjoy it some kind of an exit strategy, but that's the topic going back to this topic. Is it ok, nor is it wrong to sacrifice your health in the short term to accomplish law term work objectives, and yet, even sometimes we did that all kinds,
times lot. The weather was in training, or formation, where our priority our mission or training, takes priority over work it's and over eating healthy and over everything. So there's times where that you're dude you two hundred percent focused on, some kind of mission and that's what you're going what you're gonna do end. That's ok we didn't scyldings, that's where everyone does end its and when you get done with that, how do you make up for lost time? You do some hard work out and maybe you go eat super cleaner. You fast for a little while or whatever it is it get you back on track. You just get yourself back on track, what you have to watch out for is a pattern a long term pattern where work takes precedence over health for multiple we Right, multiple weeks and months,
If she's, on the priority in a couple situation like if you go week, two weeks where through were crazy, the hard seasons over or you know the Renault will ye. Oh you people, A couple notches on the priority in a couple weeks goes by new cook food. I'm gonna go through that in the the our seasons over or that whatever the Renault will yield you people, the finance world and taxis and their just busting their ass for two three four straight weeks really hard, stand up on Google retail people around Christmas time. There were, even though their rooms got the little sick things. Real estate. People in the spring time in the summer starts, won't around their work. It's it's their sickle and that's cool you work hard for two three weeks where you just have to get after it, but start turn into months in in weeks and months and then secular months of your health taking the backseat, we have an issue now That being said, there are not too
many jobs, add consume twenty three and a half hours a day of your time, they're just not that many jobs that do that now, what what you might be facing here. You might be blaming your job, for you being lazy, that that can be happening at a strong possibility. Actually because you can make time for a twenty minute work right. Twenty minute work out right, twenty, the work up like that, if you twenty minutes, you shaken a little bit and you do you know couple hundred Berbeus go as hard as you can't you just gotta work out that took ten fifteen twenty minutes right well longer than that for me yeah never use Europe, saying, though I do usefully you do and then, if you can do that few sprint view ten sprints right, don't taken, what time did you go, go knock out three, four five sets of pull corner a couple hundred pull ups. How ones take her. Does
Take the along right fifteen minutes. You're done so then maybe it night you just roll up there, you grab your cattle bone. You knock out some swings. It you seven minutes or not talking about a bunch of time, so are, we being laziness will not run out fifteen twenty minutes, half an hour. You know what people ask me about what work out so do it I'm on the road a lot of times when I'm on the road I find to a city. I get their eleven o clock at night. The next time next day. I M working with a company at eight o clock in the morning, and so I My schedules tight. Why may in the hotel room the hotel room, dream socks for room for one thing and in a bank, something how quickly you know not going to beef and our work out. No, it's gonna be like twenty minutes. Sometimes now, sometimes, if I have a little extra time, maybe not meet with the company until lunch Gorman, I could have a nice long work out, of course, benefits I'm due to meet with a c o for breakfast at seven o clock Judy, it's gonna, be a quick call, core.
Twelve men at work out in that so we ve got a carved out and since I you make sure that, the job. Doing this to you and not you that's doing this to you. So if, is your job. Truly, true your job is the thing that's making you unhealthy you gonna fix it. Now. What you have going for you is that companies want you to be healthy right companies I understand the benefit of having healthy employs, not just from a productivity standpoint, but from like an insurance viewpoint, we if we got out you know they ve got health coverage for our employees and Oliver employees are, are sick, and lame and lazy were having to pay their medical bills and they can't work is problematic. So what you do is you step up, and you say no, what we don't have a health and wellness program. I want to run it. We need a little Jim. Oh you,
listen to cost money. Yes, it's going to cost money with him to save you, money and productivity of a save you money in insurance. I'm going to write a point paper on that. I'm going to win that one all day, long we're going to we're going to put a gym. In the lounge and we're gonna put I'm going put some ass in the don't. You know themselves already out we're gonna. Do it when I think linked in has a jujitsu room, meat bloodline did like the headquarters. Think I saw a picture of their budgets or room good idea you never have to pay me to work their budgets and room. Remember so so to go. You know, step up, your company, I can now guarantee your company wants. You be healthy, so above maybe take leadership role in forming the health and well Ness Programme for your company gave you mayor my brother's company. You know it here there are having their own latin in a busy in the office, but yet the idea,
working. If my, though you like him, This will encourage people to go to Jujitsu here to the point where the way they have rash guards. Even here we have a pretty good representation from private. Now about the Jim you don't I call everyone from fragment the train- you don't, I admit, name them all of em fragment, everyone, every modern, some other, their actual. They actually move Jim anymore, all right, no universe, rag mob, yes, but that's good because it becomes a culture that kind of catches on you know we're in this. Just you can be. Can anything cross bid or even suspend whatever, but Jesus because it's one of those one they can kind of come and talk about it and you know it yoke do out. Are you took me? I gotta think joke your boss. If he's that unites like that can assist, Israel should learn your boss and even have like rat. Like us at rash cars, the rash cars like if you work for fried mob, say: staff on the back. It'll have like you need only like a high and the developments of like that so
The staff one will be and what does it have on the sleeves general digital surgery, the air and then on. The other answers will say: security. That's like your friends of the friends of the Fraser. You have asked me to the hardware and software rascal related. That's that's exactly what I want, so the soft, the guys who actually work for fragments of the software rash guards that has like circuitry in the design and then the the No, the hardware out an ordinary the software is that little zeros and one who may I ask the coat yes exact in the security issue, were nonetheless China, that's like a good. Cause that's, not really an official programme in fragments or in a company, it's just it's kind of the influential element of the culture. You know where it's like an you know my brother key. He he pushed that Latin kind over. It
I guess, but it's more, it was like you guys have to do. This is kind of like a he should come down I'll, give you a rash guarded, ok, cool and guys, and it was funny there's time, there's a bunch of fragment bureau in there just goin, interesting, but yeah that helps does our pressure. Now that this is the thing is: if none of that works, if you give your companies just dragon you down and end you, ve, checked and double checked and triple checked your own disk when or lack of discipline, and you realize that it's the work that is bringing down your health, in that case You got to follow the procedure. You find an exit strategy creating strategy, save up your money law things up dogs and role in the next few years.
Health is gonna, be more important than everything else. Then everything else all that money you could possibly make. If you get a sacrifice a year and a half two years and you gotta grind it out, like an investment banker that shows up on Wall Street is gonna grab for two years. Their health is gonna suffer, but they ve got a goal at the end of that a understood you sometimes you gotta do, but you gotta at the end that to three years he. Then you know you're. Not there did you know where you want to be and your started decline and healthier and get some stuff. You won't go to recover from so many. Make your decision, then you, of an exit strategy and move on to something else. Yeah and health, health and even like fitness, is is this thing is called systemic verses direct in this first being beneficial. So exercise, like one of the few things in your little pyre Kiev needs or whatever that affects everything else
If you, if you are unhealthy person versus the healthy person, the healthy person will be better at everything else, you'll be better, making money will be better at them all relationships. He'll be better, obviously, health, wise in another I mean. Obviously, if you ve got some guy, that's brilliant and really out of shape versus the guy, that's an idiot whose ingrate shape, The brilliant persons, probably gonna, make more money and do better in the long run me we're talking, you have to put them on a level in an election year laying vs you're talking about the same person. He added for sure for shared by having your person was gonna win, but it silk. Compare that to the directive. Like will people be like a make? Making money is important, so it's more important than out, but his thing making money doesn't improve health, making don't necessarily improve french war, romantic relationships, necessarily in fact, a lot of times it damages on a lot of the tent health doesn't
I'm a anything it improves. Everything is not anything that I can think of anyway, that health makes worse or being fit, makes worse, get healthy, stay healthy stale. Program. You know what I'm saying: things to men, those like working out when you're on them. That's a big one rights hard like get a solid work on the roads. Is your busier whatever, but there's sound crazy, but when you think about, is that not crazy, but some kind of unrealistic we're Kate? So this would have been doing recently when we went to New York for the monster and, like all these up some before I go all research Jiu, Jitsu, gyms and fitness gyms work. As I said, the hotel Jim is like anything else in Europe based on them. Ok, good, but research where are the gems in prepare like ok, how long is going to take me to get their work out, get back all the stuff and then you fitted in your schedule new thing. If it were a fitting your schedule, then dont work up, then Health is not for you,
but if you're, like all your ass in this kind of question, where you know Is it wrong to sacrifice health and in all the stuff? That means you are concerned about health than beacons but help you can fitted in surprise which can fit in just like you have to that good of a work out by your feeding it in, but he is a thing you can fit in a good work up. You're just gonna make it flowing. You re wrong wrong here, both at the muster. If I'm going to speak somewhere, at a minimum I'll, do you copy Burbage forget with went when I wake up here. Is that you get the blood flowing. You re Rock n roll, both at the muster I'd there was. No break in the programme? I would take twenty four hour, fitness that rule the hard won a hens, and then we roll that muster, which was it hard silly, but there's a lot arose in there and so man it was. There was no break in the programme, but the point is because I knew that it out with I'd die made time exaggerate. It was important
and I important like it's the number one priority- I'm saying it's part of the whole, what I'm doing it part of what you doing them then dont be healthy. They don't make it part of what you do. I vote against you on that one I say: make time be healthy, yeah. I think so. Do that my opinion, but I'm thinking how can I ask that you know like yours? I don't have time my job is so whatever. If you straight up, don't have time thing, you know how to help is not for you. You chose everything, also we're help it then that's up to you. I gotta go Gorham Libya that most people you can make time. That's the point. That's my went away, half our earlier, because you know you know when you really don't have time: yeah yeah, yeah yeah. Like one time I wrote to refreshments ago, we were. We came in a wee wee skipped jujitsu, to record the podcast right, and I was like Mary skipped: Utitsa record farmers. We had no choice right. There was. I wouldn't do that. We weren't way to go about it. I d fight me afternoon and we how to do it
and sir you occasionally that those things happened. Yes, I consider that right, so it's either skip just to one day and get the podcast out or don't we couldn't yes, we could have chosen train, you do don't do the podcast, but- that point given all circumstances the package that one day has giving you just. I wonder, is for that one day. Does not like were given up digital completely for this by their actually holding the line with a broadcast exactly right, and that was important that day, because we're gonna faced with that Would you give up? So what that's the question? you give up. Do you give up watching you know, a movie in room service do give that up. Give that I ask a legacy. If Europe knows, where do I gotta hotels only return on the tv, I don't want you, don't have to be at home and so at all you were two ago I went to some hotel and I turned on the tv and next I know
you know an hour and a half went by announcing that is moving from nineteen. Eighty six zoom gone, you gotta be kidding me turned off They don't. I always do. I hang my chalk back on the tv my standard operating procedure. I hang my getting all there all the thin tvs. Well, when you travel. When I trouble you bring your chalk that yes talk back, I bring sweat bans from arrest, sweat. I bring cha. Back. I bring mellow no book, tat angry a mobility, ward, ball to do some mobility work and I bring some one inch, tubular nylon that I used to stretch How dare you every year, good deal with like we're to muster. I brought rings with me yeah I saw that is good. I knew our maritime timeline and do have to get some work done. And I traveled a little bit heavier only travel really light, but I had an extra bag. Cylinder rings no factor you there for a while to
a couple weeks we hours in Austria and then came back to New York and then from your taxes. So is a road trip, yeah don't see, and you made it happen in your busier than the normal person, in my opinion, in from, but again. I thank you. You know how that old saying. I think I know you might ass, it might have been Henry. I don't know where I saw it, but it's like there is no freedom I'm a spare time. Are you don't work that there's just time you know it's it's one of them or do anything that has wrought but to react more, so time, so there's no spare time is no free time. There's just like just yes, but it did so unless you're like Peter t remember what he is talking about. What purity I was talking about, like theirs
no time you're, just working the whole time, like you, Canning LEO when he's a medical yeah. So if you re in that situation there than that, may I say that I do not hear me like hey. I'm gonna not doing this part of the Med programmes on the side of the road to a park, two falsely because yes, let the nine days. So there are exceptions for sure, but again like a year, it did do Rube, room service or you know you're, watching the game or you stopping at the bar or doing anything emanating thin necessarily destructive. Things come to Saint things that the art conducive to. What work that keeping you, so you saw busier whatever that that are essential if you're doing these other things than theirs, where you can make time, how can one ever have time? If you don't take time like it was my wife and kids are quick to anger. Sometimes it's explosive, like the mother
the mother of all bombs other times, candid slow, grinding war of attrition being student of your body I've learned the worst strategies to directly attack their fortified. Emotional position seems like a good opportunity to employ. The flanking maneuver Ottawa do flank their anger without appearing weak. Okay. First wife, like yourself cuz that appearing weak thing, I pretty much in your head, really it is legitimately in your head and that's the first thing you need to do it. That's your ego talking when you don't want to when you don't to win. Hit you with something that their angry at the if hitting back, is ego, that's what's getting back so first thing that it is okay check, my eagle right now, cuz I'm going to win the long war. In fact you have, be careful when you see- calm when everyone else's angry, you have to act, We be careful not to come across as aloof or you know.
Arrogant, don't be bargaining mad local ok, for instance, if your wife is super mad about something and you show no emotions and you talk about it all dig matter right, you know even care about this. Yet so no no sir, you gotta get to give a little bit. You know me No, A little bit of a I get it right then, which reduce absorb No, they won't get mad cool absorb. Take the screaming the head nod of understanding in a only marginally emotional way that premature communicates debt I understand your mad and I'm I'm listening in a hurry. You know I get it. And let them get it out of their system. Does Let them get it our system, then let them calm down and then after you ve, given them the time to kind of calm down and settle down? And I mean It's a longer than you think,
its longer than you think. Let them But let when you think, they're com weight on extra forty five minutes, if Two hours probably two hours there not call to be they just stop screaming right so and then what you do is and then what you kind of take it on yourself. You can own it right. And you say something like hey. You know that thing that made you man, I want to make sure, doesn't happen again. I walking what can I do better to make sure that you don't get mad about that right? You take you take ownership, that what do I need to adjust? and what exactly is it that that I did that frustrated? What is it that frustrate you? What can I do to stop, and maybe wasn't me maybe your mad at the printer, but you know how can we fix that? Because what you do and then you're. So you have the that gonna conversation in. You know you're in a slide. Something tactfully in their tactfully because again, you're still dealing with, like you know, possible
flare up scenarios? So you nobody, but you say something like that. You know we both know that nobody benefits when people lose their temper right me we gotta, be careful one it's not doesn't do us any good when people who system we, everyone knows that rights, you sly, those things and there you are given a colleague little many lecture indirectly about what's happening to envy and when you have other conversation, our and just a normal data Nathan, you drop things about temporary. No, you talk about temper, be well, you know it's a weakness in its no one extra decisions when it happened in the desert temporary until some of the dumbest things I've ever done was when I go out, you know everyone knows that beat you say you start sliding those things in there that it's bad for your. Decision making it's bad for relationships, it's bad for your health, it's bad for life and again you're, not there.
Directly saying these things. You're subliminally saying you know it man. I remember one time I lost Elizabeth dumbest things I ever did when I lost my camper to kick the wall and I broke my toe and I put a hole in the wall in the landlord came. That's when I hate when I lose my temper and you start getting them in. The even thinking about it over time, and this is the thing it's a long war and there's gonna be relapses along the way, but Gonna, just hold the wine keep its steady absorb and then flank gently to get them to salt starts out igniting whether Atwater Temperate Zone tempers crazy, let you see, people lose their temperance Here's a total loss control it is almost control and it's just doesn't. Do anybody any good
and when you see someone that really loses their temper. Your light on it wrong here come on yeah, and when I was a kid nice lose my temper. And at some point I realized, I forget what it was. I forget what made me through something my dad said to me: there's something about you. Something along? Those lines of like em, you who's your temper, take a little baby Oh, loss of control Ok, so you you when you realized it, that's because of the Amsterdam when it had said to me something along the lines of life. You know, I think he was referring to an athlete or something someone matches had no emotions and how that was impressive. That is impressive. Massive control. One still, nothing is gonna. Make me mad. Doesn't matter what's going on around me here yet is like a baby. Like babies, they cry and they ve whatever considerable the talk, so if they knew, talking, control everything literally like hey, I'm cold,
ray, I'm hungry, but then in on it So why do adult go crazy and cry because their baby sitter not adopt if, if a guy for every little thing their babies yeah, they don't know how to TAT S actually in one under any depends depends how much control in all these little variables. But it's like the front party, a brain, that's a decision making like the conscious they collect Eminem make this dispute. This conscious decision was less, but your brain to develop anyway and conscious decision making get a front the frontal, rouble or tax, something and it happens in a fully developed around each twenty five. By the way, I saw your twenty four doing three, twenty twenty one and so put simply it's like ok, my actions. Now how did they affect the future so in one way or another? be kind of surrounded on that little premise: Moldova, so otherwise, You're, just Goin, Austria, Otto Mode, how every year, however, you feel that's going to influence, not totally contribute, that's the thing that can influence your behavior so tat.
The stress. Your frontal cortex start to shut down little bit. Hunger shut down little bit hormonal situations for guys end girl, I'll see you lose your temper. More that's were hungry comes from. Hungary is one of all, and it's like all these things las empathy loss of like all this stuff, where your decisions just art that dough and so and when I say hormonal like that's, why you get right rage, you don't look like guys for on steroids. That's their hormones are, or girls, pms in its it's like a real thing. Stroll syndrome is a growth there. Hormones are all thoroughly One time my wife's started when she was pregnant, she started crying during an eighteen to commercial magazine Then I got my life what's wrong with her, some of those its emotional little S or why are you crying during her life, I've ban hotel,
virtual they're, trying to make it deep men that show your watch him noddies molest, it's back to losing it. It is a weak, thing, so it cannot be especially from love to see that look. Did you lose your terms, not cool and a lot of people? They think it's cool, because it feels good enough when you're a little kid you respect it. Pc someone loser temporary or these areas must be our for half a year like turning into Superman brightened mean aired, but right, you're not feared by you stupid early, look down! Yes, if that's the message conveyed your kids yeah, losing your temper stupid yeah in and then some people their lives, they you could tell. They say that stuff with a little bit upright, cannot just me and my temper tempers gonna, give me your trouble and they're all on it. Yeah parameter man. That's they owe me that shit be the I know you wish. I didn't they, you should be if you say I just have a temper that should be the equivalent of using. I dont know how to read. It should be that
nothing wrong with it, you can get past it in. You know what I'm going to judge for it, but it's not good. It's not a good state. To begin. Do you, someone can contribute temper just like it's, not a good state being as a groan. Adult cannot read no judgment, but you solve that problem. That's be if you're, having like your kids, have a temper there have been easy to anger. It's big car, chances are Autonoe, everybody of course chances are they got it from the parents? keep in mind you're one of those parents, I'm not saying, saying that you have a temper, nothing, you do but I am seen sure. Give em a temper, your wife as a temporary, got it really honestly evaluate. Do I have a temper, I understand that cause the kid there. Just these little, Seeds of beings were like hey. How do I act? I don't know how to act. All actors- euro, two thousand-
the imo, to cry this, my default undisguised cry when I'm things Susanna the parents, have the temperance show that an act that way the kids are simply going to learn it. So there is some there's something like genetic, though I Well, maybe I gotta go. We don't know if it's net it or not, but there are some. We know the Father has a bad time. And then the kid has a bad temper yeah. But there's no tempered gene What it is is there's a genetic situation for sure that your more apt to not be able to control certain parts of Ort not not be able to control but but control less. You know, certain parts of your brain or chemistry is going to be You lean towards certain types of behaviour like impulsive behaviour, somethin like that there is for sure, but again men when you're a kid you just looking for how do I act? I'm grown up. I don't even know how to act. So the first thing you're going to look at is the people, not the authority, fears in front of the parents. Are there who are, they look into ought to know the guide next door, the guy
tv, the guy up, the street, the guy in the music video, whoever whoever is doing better than me. That's it so, every year the parent, and you're losing your temper Alla time. Kids, gonna lose your temper that's what they are not act so point there is, if you lose your temper or if your keys eluding enter me start with yourself, because you another kind, you, ok they're certain things. It's really easy to see when someone else does it most things but yeah right. It's really! Yet you simply duality sounds like this guy here that asked this question. He said his wife loses his temper and that could where the kid is. Getting that the more willing from right- and he said he doesn't know a chance that he does to pray. I guess so, but it sounds like he's pretty together and he same of calm down compound right, so yeah
in this situation, I take probably the wife whose losing her temper and then the kid is imitating modelling. And then we have this scenario yeah. So what we need to do is explained everyone, the family, that stock it or not, our tempers anymore, they yeah and the reason I say to us again. I am not saying he does lose his temper, but I saying that it is a possibility that, because Let's I mean your husband and wife and united we're just broke out of our way of life, but give me my wife if she loses temper her temper I'm taking the direct approach, which, under an egg or now ever more eminent, lose my temper Battlement Gold fire fire with fire? You raise your voice, Marie's my voice, the kids over there in the corner, how to act. That's how accurate there that's a possibly Kids will become anti social. That's the thing goes wrong
one of the things we want to make things anti social. I told you, but that book called mind games. Small little book forget Arthur, like pretty clearly and concisely, laid out. You get angry issues. Like what up with that insecurities changed my life, low self esteem, Next, unless you wanna go now. You sure next question chuckle, willing tech tactics to flank flush, shift. A ferocious analyzer. From paralysis to go, meaning, what some have over things hesitated, a landing in planning and planning and planning, while others are couple things here. If the person is above you or below you in the chain of command, so if their below you in the chain of command you, you know, you explain to me, say what we don't need: perfection, we're not gonna have a hundred percent solution. We live harps on the information.
That's a good enough solution. We need to move forward, let's execute, and you know what Decorative things go wrong, don't worry about it. I ll take responsibility for it. I'm not gonna blame you, which is what you can do anyways as a good leader. So that's what you can do their blow. You jack man. If above you in the chain of command, guess what same thing you gonna tell say same thing like a boss, we don't need perfection here, look boss not gonna, get all the information. We need. We're, not gonna get a hundred percent solution. We got a ninety percent solution, an go for it and if things do go wrong. You can blame me. I don't care so the weather above Europe below eugenic, when you might change, attacked reverberate a little bit but the same same overall concept you gotta get them to understand that we don't need perfection, we need to move forward and the other thing is you explain the cost of not moving cost of stainless steel, the cost of being reactive and set a proactive in based
the cost of not being aggressive cassettes. We're talking about is a lack of aggression and what is that look like WWW explained to them that the longer we sit better position. The enemy gets into. The longer we wait low less. We know about what is actually happening. Think about that. The more you sit here and you're planning the less. We know what's going on out there, that things are happening there changing their evolving the enemies maneuvering, there's developments on the battlefield or in the marketplace, and you don't even know, could you sit in the planning space the longer we wait the last time we have to recover. If something does go wrong, so if we sit here and plan forty seven days and on the forty eight they we set out, we start to execute something goes wrong. We're not gonna make fifty fifty mark, as we will spend all that time planning so- the longer that you're sitting around the last time you have to recover and adapt and adjust
No longer that you wait while you're doing planning the less relevant. Your plan actually becomes so that's what you need to make people understand and others people that are just habitual and chronic. Ferocious analyzer and those are people gotta watch, but you gotta continually just get through their head, the more we set the more the enemy maneuvers and if we at the maneuver on us anymore- we're gonna get killed. That's it pretty easy don't not easy. It's a simple concept. Lament it's hard to get people on their own has just like this, like everything else hard for the ferocious analyzer to recognise themselves, as that think they're doing a good job. They think dirt, I think there actually being thorough and you're a wild man, your account. Why are you crazy? No one, Greece and we're one time I my first appointed to Iraq, these John, this after I've been there for a while. They wanted for some reason I wanted to know
the minimum requirements for us to go out on an operation- and I said I just need of the serenity of a target and of radio frequency to talk to the local commercial units. There they will include new airport or to use on us, and all these things are now we'll figure it out to send us we'll go and there was other things that we would do as we move to a target. We align things up and we'd, but we would be good, but some people wonder plan out every last detail, doesn't work. The details are not going to stay the same things, you're planning on are going to change, so don't sit there implant every last detail is not gonna help. You mean that bring up. I never even thought about how you say if you spend too much too much time planning you know, and then you jump in the game all late, so I think no time to make any adjustment area using or you better go perfect possess all gets one shot. You got out and guess what it's not gonna go perfect, as things are perfect things
I'm not going to go perfect going to happen. No such thing as flawless execution date of birth, just read an article that was on business center that's. What I was flawless execution doesn't happen. Do you know he was at top gun senior instructor for three years? He he knows about flying and knows how hard they worked to tour. While this execution, but it didn't exist, befalls execution was, was. Analyzing, your mistakes. Seeing what they can improve upon that was followed execution for them. It was the actual act of flawless execution. They? U they had farthest debriefing as an illustration of what they did wrong, but it would be perfect, ops and knows no such thing doesn't happen. So, if you're sitting planning that try to make that happen, not gonna work for you, don't do it, don't go! That's what who Jacko got a question
he actually wrote that he did please fully question: how do you do with the team member who tries to take all the responsibility but cannot do as good a job as others? I don't know if it's sincere helpfulness or desire of power the desire for power who seasonal based on that one year level to us that put them all on that question or there is as yet a guy that's one trying to take on this responsibility, for everything really is good, as he should be thoroughly and opposition, but trying to take responsibility and yet the person. Got a question. He doesn't know even and see your China just how bout the team or desire for power. So is it helpfulness or is it there? For power, where they come from, how do we figure that out? Well for one thing: if someone is truly trying to help the team, they will have an open
and to support and suggestion and help from other people they'll be open to them. Because there is trying to do the best for the team. If they're trying to take, or maintain power with as we know, is driven by eagle? Bear you don't want help Then they don't want suggestions from people either there just can do my way I there's. No, it's mine, so that's the difference so give me two different ways: I'm going to handle this situation so for a person that actually trying to help and trying to do a good job, I'm going to bolster them up. I love it. The fact that they have some shortfalls, that's ok, Yeoman doomed to give him some support him and put some people on team that can help cover some of those shortfalls. I'm gonna try set them up to win and learn and be educated while they are winning and if their humble
which I am assuming that they are because they have this attitude that they're trying to help out everyone then while I'm doing this whole process. Of course, coach. A bad turn. Him are given him suggestions am turning to someone that can do a good job in that situation. So that's pretty easy. You got. Somebody wants take ownership, responsibility and their duty for the right reasons: boom. Let's come out. What supporting? Let's get him train? Let's get him knowledge and let's get him up for speed. We got upcoming leader. I dig it if it's an eagle, driven person and they are maneuvering for the power. Well, then, what I'm gonna do is gonna. Let them get humbled by the experts is member. It stated that they're not as good as they could be at this job are not particularly good at what they're trying to take control over. So that's why, I'm gonna? Let him get humbled by now, We assess the rest from it to make sure that Nor can I heard what can I get killed or we're not gonna fail a mission or
in the business world make sure they're not going to lose millions of dollars. We're not going to suffer from some kind of a strategic is setback, but I am going to let him fail a little bit. Let them see that they're not as good as they think they are let them about humility. Right I'm gonna! Let them learn about humility. Now if they learn they are humbled by that and they realise that are not as good as they realize, is not ready to control everything and they realise that they need help. They learn from it and they don't just blame did not become a much better leader, You will actually help them by letting them get humbled if they just down and they just cast blame. Then we see them fail, and now we have legitimate reason to say: look, I can't let you in charge, you just failed can allow this to happen again. So that's how I
would basically handle that situation now, of course, is all different kind of gradations of of those realities, and answer will be somewhat scale. Does well right, Sweden What you do you scale answer? Maybe you can strip a little bit of help, but I'm going to let them stumble a little bit. You know maybe you're, not gonna, get any help at all. You know involves out on their face. Maybe you're gonna bolster a lot but you're still gonna documents, a listen, you need a step back and more the weeds on some of the lower level stuff cause. You're, not re, demanded this. Yet you know so it's cool, but that's my basic overall concept of where I would be go with that do you find that, like even with the x russian extreme ownership were in this case for pay with all their responsibility. Do you find that not people get confused, but Europe people who can get confused, say, ok, take responsibility?
because it seems like anywhere from what I told think I told you so extreme ownership is here I told you I like it. I like we're. Coming from. You call him. It was high you sort of take responsibility for the mistakes, in the solution that is easily Marcia saw and then, but then it from one like sometimes because questions little can it with this and tenants biggest, but sometimes people will ask it ask a question or make a state come in whatever in terms of taking responsibility or take ownership of like not of the problems or the solutions but but like before them is like this is my young. This is me, I, u can overstep you can be. You can use to much trim ownership. You can say eighty echo
this is my mission ought to know how to do it, not only of yours. If you know infer from you, let me yeah and by the way, I'm taking over credit too weak Iraq wages. It actually equally wrong wrong. I should do say hey I will echo I'm in charge of this, but hey man. I want you to come up with a good plan. I think you got a great inside. I think you know the terrain better than me. Can you come up with a good plan? I didn't get backwards if it's a successful mission on like hey guys, I would echo didn't. I sat tell the commanding officer. Echo, ran this great operation. I think he's ready step up and leadership. He really do super job. If the fails. What am I doing pointing I'm coming back, come back and said: hey Boss, here's mission failure these mistakes. I made here's rendered wrong. Here's one reflects next time. That's real symbols! what would you say in a nutshell? Extreme ownership applies to the problem. And the solutions to those problems, and that's all I know it is to everything it applies.
To everything, because even when I say, hey echoing what you come up with a plan for this, you come back. In brief me with a plan I still take. Ownership of the plan plan, but I go through as ok. This looks like a good move. Hey echo, I'm looking at this right here. Out of this is the best way to execute this. Here's the issue. So I'm not too, in ownership of it dumped pulling it away from you, but Definitely to make sure we win. I add that's a thing drive me crazy? Sometimes leaders is they don't realize it but they're making excuses, say: oh you know I let I let me I'm decentralized command, so I control everything. No, actually, you are responsible for everything and forgot three teams out there and you're one of the team leaders- and I come to you and say: hey echo he's the point I watched execute. I said have to look at the plant. I still have to make sure that I agree with what you don't have to make sure you're not doing something that doesn't make sense. Why? Yes, I do have ownership of the plant, you absolutely like. It's your family members
yet other planets like it? So I love it like a son canal, the plan is mock the planet. You came up with a plan you created. It is my grand kid yea right, you're, dears prompt, still gonna take responsibility and ownership of their where people we it's when your ego starts flaring up, and I start I noticed my plan inwardly. My way, that's where we have issues via the Bishop doesn't stop Did you tell some stop when you're in a leadership position, it doesn't stop everything up and down the chain of command is hard to do it's hard on your ego for sure yeah. Kind of seems in a way country too. I guess if you understand that the little to say dynamics of because you know how likely it the plan fails boom, What makes you ownership is really gonna shoot. It forbids the super, successful flawless plan. It does It's more covert because it's more internal gives you gotta, give the credit for everyone else. Everyone will sit there and go Jack. Oh he's he's, given the credit go for the operation. He won't show up as extreme ownership for sure
it'll be harder to see and it people was say day. People know that I was in charge of the army of relegates. I'm still gonna get some credit rate smoke over, but but its way more comprehend its matter at her. That's that's the hardening, that's what's so hard for people to realise they want so bad to raise their hand and say yes, it was me he was my days, my observation, but if you hadn't help you doesn't you if feels good for like a second, and then you realize you just deflated yourself. I kind of like when you make a donation to charity, but you want like everyone. To know that you did it sky like the dear, I guess it similar to that some Concentrate like in a weird can profound way what does move on? The next question have adjusted. Profoundness of your last is just not on love with the same thing? Because you know you did something good. You know
or you are something good or whatever, but it's like saying, I'm I'm the most humble guy in the world. I'm the super down to earth. Here's the other thing about this, when I give you the credit for success, Not only do I win covertly in that, look at me and go man. He he gave me a couple. Corrections that were critical. Does operation he's not even seen me things. Are you an even more respect for me, which means you're gonna work harbour formally in the future? We are going to do even more and we're gonna look even better, so I am going to ultimately win because my team is gonna, be kicking so much ass, all over the globe, ten people, while you know this these guys it is winning everywhere they go and and and so it's very very positive. Whereas if I took the credit from you on first operation, I took it from you. How are you work on the next one, not ass hard now ass, hard, yo, maybe a guy, maybe you're a great guy, but then you just
but you're still not going to go extra, led you're not going to move cuz you're not going to get credit and you're not going to do Don't care that much about making me look good as you would. If I was taken, carry you nothing better than having guys that you're taking care of they know you're, taking care of them and they're gonna do anything for you. What are you going to do anything they leave you? You know I'll do anything for them. It's a mutual thing. It's real! It's a real, thick flitting. If they keep on getting really it is through. You know that's what books been so popular in its any end its it's why the book has been so popular because. When you, when you break it down and we'll see what it does. They realize how powerful it is in its and its also another reason that the book is so popular is because we put it in, very clear way here and it's easy you're too understand it doesn't make it easier to execute, but it makes it easy you're too understand for sure.
Crazy to some of it might have been somewhat at the muster, could could have very low, been on twitter on it. Sort of saint, how it's so interesting, how this started to realize that it applies to their relationship with their like husband or wife offers like that in waste kind of look at all this stuff is primarily that because I mean who'd want especially now when I work with you I'll have to like that. Don't go through these extreme ownership struggles with you. So it's more so to me, everything up disciplines delete your relationship with your wife, my one whatever ill so ended all translate all it does there and when take ownership of stuff you it's when you take ownership of stuff. Then you could control the outcome. Creasy well known as you dont get anywhere near and that that you, don't you have a disagreement argument, any any ripples in the water where the instinct is too
two point fingers you know, but when you, even though one other person is really the current scheme of things, are both Dublin. I know that, but we they do have their huge role in the issue in the year. I don't do that. Don't even pay attention to their all you gotta do is shine a light on your own things in say: don't I mean in hastily Tommy? Don't be hard in yourself. You know like that kind like that. I saw a it's not that it's not like? I when I read this is what I exaggerate. So what is interesting is- and you said from the beginning, but it is interesting to just watch it play out soul for its almost fine, but it's more just really interesting were when you do it and you just keep doing you always do this thing consistently. Do it. You just watch how the other person just changes, new induced, becomes kind of the same thing. Before you know it like the rebels in the water pretty much on yeah. What's you need some one in the team has got us, doing it. That's one of the hardest things, if occasionally, will work with company, where
everyone's, like oh yeah, extreme ownership. No one is actually doing when no one is actually doing in all their sane is like. I wish that I had ex your worship and lack of savagery membership and I don't see no one else taken at ownership and hey. I haven't seen any one else taking ownership. Therefore, how can I take ownership we send out when we look at the company will send out surveys. We class surveys and in post, because world will do a number of sessions so will send out to the leader team that we're working with how's it Goin will set up a week later to exert three weeks later for and sometimes when you get a team where no one is taking ownership in an literally you hear people say well. The bosses Taking ownership, so how can I take ownership losses? Uneven taken, Vader realize that your boss isn't taking ownership. It is an opportunity for you,
ownership and to excel and to gain respect than trust. And power. In power, which is a good thing, because you're doing things for the good of the deem. So you want to have power, but I want to have or when I'm when hum of team leader, I absolutely wanna have power and the reason I want to have power slackened distributed properly amongst my team and I can utilise its weakens, be success for our mission. So when you have Europe, see, oh, isn't taking ownership awesome, gonna take ownership and when mother rest, if the sea was truly not taking ownership- and I do every not looks at me and they startle- I l My position, that's you becomes irrelevant because all he's doing to sit around point fingers, I'm taking ownership of things in solving them, I am actually gonna end up in a superior position. Now I might, it promotes. The ceo today,
or tomorrow or in two years but win this information gets back to the board or to the directors or whoever they realise that there's one person at mutually respected by everybody in that you, because you, ownership. I would you take We should be all problems: Our problems you win. But somebody has got to start and its. Sometimes in some situations you get the the word they use a caustic environment toxic, the toxic environment where everyone just so so defensive about it and it's dead What does the difficult situations too to work with you and all the takes, the transition of one human person in that team to step, and say you know what this if that's gone wrong is my fault. Ceos, don't worry about him he's got enough problems, he's got Deal with the he's got a deal.
With the shareholders meeting we don't. We need to protect him. You know what this is. My fault, that this happens in here's. What we're gonna do to fix it Here's what I'm gonna do that changes the attitudes and of course you have two or three people, not defensive toxic environment there to look and gray eyes. Right is your fault, you know it you say to that right on this, my fault and here's one, would you fix it? Here's how many move forward here? due to change, but it's hard to be that presented at first step, and then you gotta keep that goin but again After a little bit, you see the guy next, he sternly. I urged them again next, nor is it in extreme ownership. The book at its peak, it. But it's not super Crystal clear that when I was taken blame for the blue Ombu, that happened every one else was too You know those guys we're saying: hey was my fault. I did. This was my fault. I did this because I was that wasn't
the first time these guys had seen or heard ownership. You know when we were going through training and somewhat screwed up arguing hated. My father's will into everyone had that really good attitude so happens a company to what you're saying it does and that's one of the best things about this idea of the principle of extreme ownership. Is it spreads throughout the company in will you get people on the team that will not take ownership of things. Yes, of course you will, you will that person I have a job more, so you don't want take ownership of, or you will fire them one at one of the two things are happening as we have a person you got. The whole team has gone, not my fault and eventually everyone's. Oh you, oh yeah. That's not your responsibility. Qual! Take that oh exe you can't handle that choir. That's not your fault! Ok, I'll, sell taken fix it. Oh echo, you can handle that either. It's not your fault! Ok! I'll! Take that unfix intervention. You don't have a job more severe, don't want take ownership of things, including problems, I will take ownership of home and all vengefully take your job in your world and will be mine. It's phased
these you right out, like you, weren't, even there that's what happen so. Yes, it's a powerful, powerful tool. And the other thing is. You see She politicians do it all the time they don't take ownership when they make a mistaken when they do it sort of this lip service of. I thought it was my fault. This happened bought Great Britain. Not broadcast blah blah blah blah blah ended. I and all any one hears is Bob blah blah blah blah blah blah once since you say, but and then you make a bunch of excuses, that's all anybody hears in Just is so weak it so weak to do that. In itself, wind, like you said when you get used to hearing it Get used to hearing people take ownership of things when somebody does, it sounds like Satan is screaming out of her mouth and indecent just horrible. It sounds awful like em, second coffee
You just sickness is right that this stands out for sure when we had the mustard. I was too about how, when you start taking ownership of things. When you start having this attitude when when you feel yourself about to make a mistake. I sometimes Billina eat, like you feel, like you're gonna, throw open your mouth, your kids, like you, it's like you, it's a vomit is coming out of your mouth me. You should get back there. I want to let that puke out onto the floor. Let everyone see it that allowed. That's all. It is when you blame everyone out. It's always happens all the time. It's so it's it's! The Is it The thing I talk about with with stepping back and in how you step back off the light of how much visibility you have assumes. You stepped back off the firing line, issues you Elevate yourself, six inches above what's happening,
the same thing when you start to take ownership. It's like the change, it's just this little change, but it just completely changes the dynamic of what is going on in your business and in your life in your life goes window. The good is the same thing in life when people are blaming. Everyone else are blaming the market in their blame in their parents, in their blaming the the debt that they built up in their blaming the car that broke their blaming. Everything else is going on. And when you are all you in everything, and nothing is your fault what you can fix the answers you knock on effects anything, Whereas, if you ok business, eggs that I made in years I'm gonna do to fix. That's bid paradigm change and that's where you start getting on the right path. The muster your line at the muster included it in the video favorite line. Think says she.
I'll, take the blame and I dont care I've, a mission to occur to accomplish, and I gotta get the problem. So there does what it was in the video, desperate lacking. Take the boy- and I don't care, I dont care, bring it Jacko real time for one more. Yes, I think we do Jack on the Joe Rogan experience ever last from house of pain was on lessons explaining how he wasn't in sheep and Joe played the good video for ever less said it is inspiring, but it didn't always work and they sample he gave was sick, daughter, we had a lung disease there, the doctors can explain I wondered the same thing: how is a sick child good yard?
I saw that episode as well in its definitely a hard question and actually to quote I saw a great song by ever last. I haven't walked a mile in his shoes and I've been strangely lucky end. Blessed with the health of my family, my wife and my children, and I am sure, So thankful for that, but I have been around disease and I have been around deaf enough.
Worse to say there is something good about death and disease is impossible to do too to Hell with disease. The hell with cancer. And a less in heart disease and all the rest of them to with them all and death to hell with. Death. I have nothing good to say about disease or death curse. Them both, but but then one.
Is that where I'm supposed to focus, am I too latch on to death and disease and ride with them down to the depths of despair. I say: no, no. I will not ride with them. I will not go down their evil path. Instead, because I cannot find good in their vile darkness,. The file darkness of disease and of death.
I will not feed their fire from all feed their egos instead come to look elsewhere. I will look to life. And light, and I will find good in those places a fine good In every moment? I get I'll find good in every breath, I'll find good making me memories. And holding them dear I'll find good in knowing That I will learn from this horrible experience.
That everything that I'm going through all the pain and suffering in darkness it'll make the light brighter and stronger and more powerful. More powerful than disease and more powerful than death so cry. And scream and shake your fears, set the sky and curse deaf and cursed disease and shout to the world that life isn't fair.
And that this is not deserved. Not for me not from my child, not from my friend my spouse, my brother, my sister, not for any one and then look up and breathe.
In all that darkness, and all that evil, let it all go in wine made creeps back again. Let it go again, let it go and look forward toward the light toward life towards the future and of the past led the memories. The sacred memories.
Let those flourish in grow and expunge the darkness from your world and replace it all with good, and I think that's all I've got for tonight. So the rough one year
It's like, I think that that, like that outlook on it is, is import possess, not just easy to do. You know, especially men in meat. I've been lucky I might add, a staff infection, you no inner blimp note you asked for like weak, weaken after, like that again you have the viewpoint you're lucky that that old man, you know when you go to a children's award and you see kids at her just suffering from horrible, diseases? It's awful, but you feel lucky began We as you should lucky to have this in at. In that moment, owner were in the hospital? scared. You like said scared for them in order is, but think that just even hearing that is ache. Skinner, like does help. You know what yeah it's
One of the things that you know what I'm you know talk about the reaction you have in you know the fact that it's ok like scream and shake your first at the sky. That's ok for that and then I'm saying you know that you're gonna let it go, but at the same time once, gotta realise that, like that you let it go coming back come back in ITALY Look up on you again and to do it again. You know you got up gotta go through that you got a scream in in. Curse evil that it is you got to? Let we'll get him you're gonna go through that psycho over and over again, but what you can't do as you can not go through the cycle, you can't just get trapped in
screaming and the suffering and the pain you can't get trapped there and it's really hard- and I noticed that you know when I had one my friends get killed overseas. I realize. You know when we'd be home in, like everything would be normal, like maybe we'd, be out patents. Beers with the boys are we be doing something in all the sudden, legged. Get hit with this wave of sadness, kind of just a homo. Instantly I be break nowadays like ray, cry or cry, and then three minutes later, I'm like out yeah. I just had to get rid of it. I decided export use that sadness, but what you can't do is you just kidding caught in those cycles and I think that's what happens. People and again I haven't. We two mile in those shoes
but what I have seen is, I know that it's hard. I know that its heart breaking, but you can't let it break everything you have to try and hold together sick part of the thing going through. I know this low level, like a scientist, has like a lot but party like feeling that you get his like what like I feel like. I can't do anything in that. Provides these feelings you know, but if you, arctic to understand what it is that you do have to do in one of those things is is essentially like stand it that gets going on? Don't try to block it or escape some escape this activity or what are just know and understand that is going on and then on. Papa that on top of it your job is to be strong that's another thing that I've noticed, especially in it happens with anybody, but with some of my seal friends
I been in these horrible situations, is there Alpha guys that, are you don't used to being in control of everything and you to be able to control the outcome in You can't yeah. You can't control the outcome then what do you do? Well, it's like. We learned from Charlie Plum. It's like we learn from bill reader. You can't control that thing. The only thing you can control is your own attitude, your own, you of what's happening and if you're a view, control your attitude and you make your attitude best possible attitude can be that's the best you're gonna do and again. I would It was so modern have some, miracle solution to these situations, and no one knows if we had the miracle. These problems wouldn't happen. These horrible things wouldn't happen. So
what can we actually control, who awoke control is our own view of it our own assessment, our own attitude it sounds like a trite word, but our own attitude of what's happening and make that as good as we can and are there going to be a point where your attitude turns completely dark and negative. Of course there are. How can you not, but don't let it be permanent, don't let it be permanent for the sake of the situation. For the sake of the person you care about. They don't want you to live like that, so don't and again you know it's gonna be sick, sickle car from one I've seen it's gonna, be cynical in nature. The way it happens, the waves will deal with these horrible emotions. Is they go down and then they come up and then they go down and they come up and in
they go down when your emotions go down when you get dragged into their the mindset loss then I think the best thing to do is just embrace it grab it. A ya just like I said, shake your fist at the sky and scream. And then let it out get it out and then take it back and said yourself? Ok, that was horrible. That's darkness, that's evil that I wouldn't control. What can I control and how can I have the Ass possible view, and what can I learn all this, that's gonna make me a better person with better life to live the best I can in their memories. Even the in when you're in the situation expressly with working out where your daughter's, like you know, in a hospital or whatever like yeah. It worked out this whole week.
Think who cares about worked out your daughters in the hospital? You know you didn't make it did you did you like you don't care you did to you just care about this thing. You know, but again, just like I said. Is it so? It's like this big bird him in life was really. You know you got a lot of time. Your kids are like you have really it feels like. So if you have them who hears what you did It will work in. I don't have anything you There's no reason to even do really, but aside from the fact, is, there is I'd like to your life and in fact, the more your whole life beside them is for them. You know, so you got to get it kind of got to keep that I think, Yeah- and I think that's always an important thing to remember- is that. If you
surrender to all that bad evil darkness that's the legacy. That's the example! That's what you're, showing as always too. Showing the legacy and showing the example of not giving up of moving forward of driving on in doing that ass. You can with life. The things that are good and again having the attitude. To control the things you can control and put them in the best possible light that you can neon at the end of the spectrum. You know I mean I can't put
perspective in my opinion, why you should do the best you can. When things are going good. Who's gonna go to my pinot anyway. Speaking of doing the best you can look workin out. We know obvious obvious work out, Forgot hard to you, I mean maybe not every single day working on the workers when you do work out, aren't you might need some sub limitation. I think I wasn't a supplement guy. I wasn't before you know this I might have mention it, everyone but now I'm a supplement guy happy to say not. The pain supplement. Guy who's, like hey, take this power gain or hey what kind of protein powder you take for, even though I'm not against broken, but if I don't take any, but none the less
I'm talking about crude oil. But I say to my father: in law: s name is ROS, I'm sorry for not heeding. All of you is heating heating. His just advice, I can you he'd advice, or is it true that you already device nougat seeking he'd warnings and advice should a heated, Russia's advice, my father in law, but the crude oil, eventually John, turn me back onto it for they're onto it, so I'm on it now, I think then he be happy Lulli on it on it. Back on intended on it. The company? If you didn't know already I get Jacko get, Cruel oil from on it on a dot com Ten percent of all these supplements, which are worth true tech case. Room tat good for oxygen uptake is what it is. So, when you're doing this hard
who met cons? Jujitsu your body takes up the oxygen easier, more more efficiently, quadriceps mushroom, it's for your Strongbow led help me, but I had this and how can I want to report this before, but I want to take Much time and the jury is still carried out on it, but so had this tend in Idas constituent and it's weird it wasn't in like a normal place. I can you help me with in my deltoid muscle inserts into the humerus bone, which is your like bone under your bicep because they tend to night is innocent. In became like injured and not out, but a warm up more than a robin in all this stuff and I'm lifting I'm not gonna take days off from their injured, so bread. This thing wasn't gonna get better, that's the thing, but tenderness they can be lifting hard on it. It is simply won't go away. The whole reason this tendency discuss your listing, aren't on it
brother seas are going away, I'm gonna have to live with it or wait for in all the time where it does not have the super cuts whatever, but among the Strongbow. My guide Strongbow might see. What up do you think. I'm not saying it was because of the storm, but none the less. The tendonitis is not completely going to be honest with you, but it's pretty much gone. I'm warming up normal I'm a believer strongbow thanks for turning round to the Czech chuckled go in there, there's lots of good stuff for a lot of good things from supplements and this work out stuff on there to soar he had weights. Energy membership, but when you go on there, you see the stuff that they have you're going to get some of that too cuz. It's not like normal. Like kettlebells, you know, there's all the cool one, for two on the stuff, like I understand that
lot of people. A lot of us we want more info than just joke would takes its army to take it. Some of us are like that. We need in full, so there's info on the website you can get stuck on. There goes through interesting, an in depth by the way, so just be careful with that on a document slashed uncle. I recommend the crude oil big time too if you're not on the krill oil. Your behind you, like a good one, to two steps behind step steps not like a half sister. You behind If I had a twin brother, which I do you give us a five year period. Two year period, I'm on crude oil he's not on crude oil. We do the same exact work programme, same lifestyle, I'm way ahead of him. Where are we functional this factual, that's it this way I bought. This is ok type of that date on growth, grow up. You don't have the same. You doesn't get after a visit.
As much as I do so this it's hard to have that for a basis of comparison for the girl unless a good stuff on there. In the good thing about aren't you can. I can say this with pretty. What with absolute certainty at this point, is that it's the Goodwin it's good stuff, because, supplements in general, I want to mention any stored names, but you know when you go in the meat head, Bodybuilder store allowed will supplements are dirt their whack. They just have liked Bartley like labels and stuff and their junk on it is not like that. Get ten percent off. If you want ten percent off, go on it, Dhaka, Slash Jacko, that's a good way, support this pod gases, while another good way to support might be you know, what's interesting is get you read you grieve you books on here and sometimes actual at times. When you have the guess you actually their book in you read their book to them. There were just like it
with a rule that was- and I think I'm probably talked about But when we had Jody miracles, the first summit have Jody came on and you had his book Was I cookie war? Should I have him read this or should I read this or this wasn't quite sure, and it seemed like the common sense answer, would be Jody. Read this section of your book: greater economic and common sense answer, and then you can talk about it. And for some reason my gut told me don't know Jacko read it, I read write and as soon as we got Probably halfway through it. Jody said, you know something man here and you read, this is like crazy to hear and it in its true when you here, someone else. We need something to you. It's it's different it's different, so
so that's what I've done every time since you know when we had Colonel Redrawn here- and he said the same thing, they know it's it's hard when usually noise egg, he seen them On emotional way his when you're reading this to me, it's extremely emotional for me to hear who I know when it's in and same thing with with captain plump. You know same thing: magnetism, yeah, yeah yeah. So it's it's really interesting. The way that works- and it's definitely it's unbelievable- to have the for sitting there and to have my spin that's what it is right. It's my it's the way I hear it and for them to hear the way I hear it. They it it it eats them from a different angle right. So I think that I think that's worthy the interesting yeah Howard part comes from any, since it is very interesting and essential in a watch it
and you know you you're a little bit different than a typical person. Just reading a book. You know, so you really get the to me is what what it feels like is like that's kind of how the book is supposed to feel young like when you read it I would ever so. The point is like I think, allowed people feel. That's all you know. These are gonna. Go get this book Always a book cannot go to remind it so anyway, you don't do that. Just corner website, job outcast outcome, there's a section. The top books boom they are all the books by episode whom can get them added when you buy your support. The podcast, as were super double though, its double gravitational puts like it's a two pronged. What, if Zere, what if you weren't getting a book you're getting like duct tape, anything so there thing gets, there are aims, Click through situations here, even if, before you do shopping bombs, click through the banners, Amazon manners all upon their click there, but mostly Willie.
The books, you don't but yeah. If you do your shopping, is well desirable, good sort, Lubs Gospel So whatever we do cameras symbol done done some cool. I take it. I dollar items which is very backward and in the low ticket items low, lower cost items. You might not think it's a big deal. But then, when a bunch of people do it, it is a big deal, it's very, very helpful to the I'd cast good with sport, absolutely Bob Also good way to support this podcast is to supply, right seems obvious. I know, but you know if you have subscribed on Itunes, good, let's teacher, what's the other one that I keep missing hey man, whatever Pontiac those authorities that I post promises somewhat sound, Clodagh gotta look into it and I think that that's subscribed podcast situation and religious or, if I don't I don't know either session, is anything but nonetheless a look into a if, in fact before committed to this, I owned cloud situation
describing them already also Youtube if you want or are interested in the video version of this podcast been on their since number seven having seven was the first video up so do. The airlines ones are on their but they're just audio with the picture of your head, not in your head. Yet up yeah features it. I wish I hadn't video from back. Then I do kind of I'm so bombed out. We don't have the yet cuz you have is like a picture China low that holds that you'd sap periscope Aeroscope yeah. I remember when we didn't go I've on periscope. We tried. No, we did We didn't live on periscope per year to try and capture the video. Nonetheless the video. That's the point there. If you want to see you know, I guess what we look like. If you don't know
I feel like the guess. Thus, with a value comes in what would you like to see a more languages again rider aid, the hero, laughter? It right here, that's a good on Duke Zurich, like historic spends on he- ex things out a little bit as you see, but in this room, mellow kind of nonchalant, bad ass way. Good bye, Youtube subscribe to now and if you like also gather the video version, other podcast, yes, but we, I will take a little excerpts, more posts, those as well. So you can Europe if you like. If you're, into sharing little lessons with your friends, workers where we you can do that, you don't have to share the whole package. Put some other stuff on their interesting stuff. Think up some others! stuff, just in relation to it limits bit in abundance If you wanna see what that is gone, you do not like it.
Costs, money or does it, nor does it through you to bread Guzman here yeah we're not dealing Youtube bread when I'm doing it now now charge for content. Oh no, I know we're not gonna. Do that not enough, but I was thinking about getting you to bring all right yet another thing for sure: we're Youtube subscribe. You'll support, though that's cool also jugglers store. It's called Jocker store darkened stored outcome. This I keep forgetting their but his name, but very clever. Guy says this is a critical and then I went the other being himself but as regards not Icu casual Jack Historiae. So why don't you change? It sets a haiku because it might yeah. I guess you go so Jack was door, it's called the jackals jacket come bomb is nonetheless Douglas.
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movies to gladiator movies, to soldier movies in the modern day. You'll see these scenes, while they do in literature too so there's a little something that there's little reality like fell day, what used to get me was, weeping now night vision, goggles you where I'm on your helmet and they they flip up when the lights, IRAN, when you're, you know, you're getting ready to go right in what it's time to go. Gay foot down your nods and from any like that was his game, so game on its own game on when you flip down those nods and when we even back for my last deployment, I'm workin training and God would still be on my vision. We go out at night to observe the troops and run the opposing forces so that when I get the target area and Put down my nods and I'd like going to full combat mode, it's just so, I think sometimes you put on a planetary sure ain't. You sort of you learn something because gladiator
be when they're like, like the emperor. Something came up, And there is like the small act of defiance from the gladiator guy and that all the guards behind them they are flip down. The thing in both were ready to go through quick things, gladiator proper moment some unless you have a modern version of that right. With these like any day happened to meet one though with a first shirts came in the dispute, equals freedom as all the shirts, and I put it on- and I wanted to like, work out in no way they make sense. When you get a new rash guard, where you get a new gear, something I can't wait to go practice in my new eat. Anything won't labour, little kids get new shoes rifles and forgot one whistler importer football. We the new shoes will see. I can't wait to get a practice practice. Supermarkets sucks deficient little kid, but you just want to when you get that, that new stuff. Nonetheless, so like Gazette, chuckle store dot com, get yourself a new shirt yet Please get after guess what you're going to really want to do after
some other ones on their people? I think and the good Letty shirts, that's imbibing, that's even more important than what it says on their wearable. I can print like yeah, tacos cool sayings on a junk shirt. You wear it one time you like! Alright, you know me be aware that again, but it's not very wearable. I don't look that good in it. It's not the case with these when seasons look good, I've had multiple. We'll say it's my favorite shirt to work as I look good in that's kind of it with the first round of travel, mugs. At them the silver. Once oh yeah like they were. Not high quality as what we went to yeah. They say I'm not. They said dismissals reed when it is over mugs. They said dismissals freedom. They looked new the very cool but We needed a higher quality, yet Yes, aussi, essentially the same thing you get. The money le coeur women Mark is gonNA is gone
that's gonna, replace your whole cup. Cupboard straight up. It did with me- and I have been even expect that but yeah thirty ounces, and if it's in your couple do a car to what's the black on black black companies. Political freedom No one can see it Are you well the owner. Now you can it is a good thing about it. It's black it east seat, look at its black. Not shiny. It's sort of about a lack of russian Shirley Black yet and the logo and sovereign shiny blacks are people off the local extra hard to Syria but there's a subtlety to it that our full, for you three looks down because it murdered out cars black with black rooms. Let's go and his double insulated, dealt with at Dublin is the leaders of what is called when yet your eyes, you put, water in there. You leave it overnight. Next morning, STI Stove ICE water. Even if it's a hot night, you would have thought day. That's his eyes includes a myth.
When in my car you know you go into where the grocery store, We spend a lot of time, of coming back from somewhere left it in my car with I use, decisive drinking water and left it in my car came. Later that evening, but my stolen car, today, because maybe we're goin anyway there's a good high quality. Bp free all that stuff drugstore come if you didn't already. Also good way to support your self, and this podcast bath instance is psychological were a psychological warfare is what is called note. That is its a novel with tracks of Jackal, telling you how to get through your moments of weakness in the event of you having a moment a weakness, getting up early procrastinate
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And people ask if I ever drink energy drinks, and the answer is yes, I drink Jackal white to my energy drink no need any other energy drinks. That actually sap your energy once there once crash hits you talk awaiting. It's not gonna happen, you're becoming stronger. Wait a warrior cured the book I would I had when I was a kid that shows kids the path you can get that book as well for adults that we need to get on the path there's another book, without October, towards twenty seventeen discipline equals freedom field manual. It's the path. That's it. Extreme ownership. Of course
combat leadership from the battlefield and translated into strategies and tactics that can be applied in any leadership situation. Extreme ownership get it and then did it also You can also get echelon front leadership in man for consulting into your company. If ban you J p to know you Dave Burke and you got me contact us at info at echelon, front dot, com, of course, the muster. Leadership conference, but not your normal conference, not the you're normal conference, Saddam, whatever your vision of conferences, have spoken at a bunch, compresses conferences that conference. It's not that it's different. The normal conference, you're waiting for the brake, and then the Disappear dear hotel room for like forty five minutes later for the happy hour. All that other stuff does not does now we're doing here at the conference at the muster
but the muster starts at o clock in the morning everyone's there at seven o clock in the morning after we get done with pity everyone seven o in the morning, including All of us were hanging out. We when we start eight o clock, we start at eight o clock boom its go time. So it's not just you kind of typical conference thing we get after it knowledge, interaction, solving problems, we go and we go hard. I just picked out the microphone. I don't do that wrongly, but we go and we go hard next one is an August, a sorry in Austin, Texas July Thirteenth and fourteen that the Army Barton Krink Resort, which only has three hundred people were over- were over half way sold out right now, so register quickly. If you can't make that you come to San September, fourteenth and fifteenth for me- Stir: zero zero. Four with a fine Where the scene you there and
We do see you there if you want to talk to us, you can find us drifting about in I'd be into webs on Twitter on it. To Graham and on Dutch facie bore echo add ECHO Charles, and I am at Java will again as always to the military personnel d we'd, all over the worried frame, for everything that you do for us to the police, Fire fighters E M, tease first responders. Thanks keeping us safe and nature. You stay safe as well to everyone that's listening. Thank you for listening. Thank you for support reading. Thank you for spreading the word. Thank you for it. Getting up early and thanks for working harder than your enemy
as ECHO said earlier, thanks for taking advice. Age of when times are good because times. Will not always be good so until next time this is ECHO and Jacko out.
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