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81: Great Leadership Advice From The British. An Anthology On Leadership for Battle and Life. "Serve To Lead"

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This is Jacko podcast number, eighty one ECHO Charles and me Jocker willing good evening echo good evening. November, twenty ninth nineteen fifteen, it, has teamed the trend, she's are ankle deep. Places calf deep in mud the communications, trenches are rushing streams of brown water. The men are wet through, but stick the job like Britons, and I hope for their sake, that Whether lifts with the morning but go funds have been striving today, though,
till now we have dodged the show you may be ours again. Tomorrow, though, one never knows. This is from the diary of Captain Charlie may. The british Army officer com under of bee company. Twenty second man- Gesture pals battalion of the Manchester Regiment who served In world war one he was married to Bessie May and they had. One daughter who was born July Twentieth, nineteen fourteen. So she was little over a year old when this journal was being written from the trenches.
And it continues December first, nineteen fifteen. It is fighting work, sniping in fact, one must the tendency, lest it should become a fascination. The second in command of the EU it's. The EAST Land Regiment and myself put in couple hours this morning and had quite a bit of fun, worrying the boxes in their trenches. One fellow was walking across the open two thousand yards off. When I spotted him and let go, you never saw a chap. The quicker in your life. He ran for tree and jump behind it, and I let him have for more there. Whether I got him or not, I don't know,
But he didn't move for the next half hour. I know because I waited so anxiously for him. Last night, or rather one thirty this morning I got outside barbed wire and got lost three times I had to fling myself down and the wet grass bury my nose in it and gravel While the machine guns went chattering over me, it is remarkable, with what speed One learns to adopt the prom position January thirteenth. Nineteen. Sixteen I long and longed to see you to come. Ask you in my arms- and I long with all my heart, to see my baby, how I love her, what huh jobs I have for her. What a sweet
girl, she will make February twenty fifth nineteen. Sixteen, woke up this morning to find the snow, pelting gown and covering the ground fully five inches deep. Also, it was freezing hard. Cotton, a fellow officer came into breakfast with us. He brought the little Viable which another soldier had taken, From the body of a dead German on the fly leaf- in a child's hand, writing the word dad dad. War is very sad Perhaps the man may have done and been something to loathe and detest. I do not know. All I am conscious of his. Somewhere in his father land, there is alive.
Child who called him data April sixth Nineteen, sixteen Fritz strafed our new trenches with heavies in search round the support with HIV shrapnel and other such a knock stuff one. Shell claimed three Ngos and wounded three men. We all feel wild to get at the beast, and I we may string em up on the wire. I saw the killed go down the line. It was a pitiful sight. Poor boy, Shell fire is a horrid thing, nasty a lad, who is a surgeon of mine, was the worst
his body full of gaping holes. There was very, very sad. Do those at home realise how their boys go out for them. Never and they do enough for their soldiers. Never can they re pay the debt. They owe not that the men ask any reward, but one day we'll get at him with the bayonet will take our price, then for Gretzky.
And all the other hundreds thousands gretzky slain as they were standing at their posts June 17th, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen I do not want to die. The fact that I may never see you or our darling baby again turn my back I was to water. My conscience is clear:. That I have always tried to make life a joy for you, but it is the thought that our baby may grow up without my no her and without her. Knowing me, I pray
god I may do my duty, for I know, whatever that may entail. You would not have it otherwise. June, twenty third nineteenth sixteen ever thing is speeding up to no end. Ammunition by the hundred wagon load is pouring up. It should certainly not B for lack of ammunition, if we do not make a huge success of the venture, yet one can help feeling a little anxious and worried. So much depends on this great, throw. Then what he's talking about their in this part of the journal? It reflects the build up, where the battle of the song and although chow,
Really doesn't know exactly when the battle is going to commence there. Obviously, only distributing that information with people that have the need to know they know that major attack is forthcoming. Then that's why they ve got all that ammunition piled up more than they could ever think they can possibly need back to the journal June. Twenty eighth Nineteen sixteen. The moment seems very auspicious for us to strike. Perhaps we will, on Friday. July first, nineteen sixteen. We marched up to the assembly trench last night, most exciting march imaginable
guns all around crashed and roared till sums times. It was quite impossible to hear oneself speak. It was, however, a fine site and one realised from it what gun or really means Fritz, of course, strafed back in reply causing us some uneasiness in a few casualties before even reached the line. The night past noisily and with a few More casualties, the Hon puts a barrage on us every now and then and generally claims one or two victims. It is a glorious morning. Go over in two hours time. It seems long time to wait and see. Whatever happens, we shall all feel relieved once the line is launched. No man's land is a tangled desert.
One could see it cannot imagine what a terrible state of disorder is in, but we do not yet seem to have stopped the machine guns. These are popping off all along our parapet. As I write, I trust They will not claim to many of our lads before the day is over now close, this old diary down for the next few days, and I may not take it into the line. I will keep a record of how things go and entered up later. Well, that update.
Never took place. Then Charlie may was wrong about how many british soldiers would be claimed before the day was over. He didn't think you would claim to many, but As you know, the first day of the battle, the psalm July first turned out to be the worst day in history for the british Army and they suffered almost sixty thousand casualties, sixty thousand casualties in one day, then, like I said those casualties included, Charlie, may over the top. One July first, under the cover of ours,
I'd artillery he was leading be company, then he in his mouth and fought their way across no man's land, and just as they reached german lines, Charley was hit by Shell fire then killed in his diary was found, by the man that eventually dragged him back to the trenches private, Arthur Bunting, who mailed the diary two Charlie's wife Maud now or the British have ACE Deeply military history- and obviously this is the kingdom that we
Americans rebelled against and the Revolutionary WAR and we fought them again in the war of eighteen, twelve. And we actually had a bunch of other little various disputes with them until the late eighteen. Hundreds. Wondering something called the great reproach meant through various force. In the world, our political objectives or aligned, and we became the staunchest of allies with great Britain through World WAR, one and world war, two in Korea, in Vietnam, and even up till now, and Iraq and Afghanistan and I've been lucky enough to work alongside Brits just a couple of occasions, while I was in the military, and there is no doubt that they just outstanding troops professional in every.
That they do and they leave that impression on you. You can actually you're the pride. Of their military tradition and can I wanted to tackle at I've looked at a book that is part of that military tradition in the book is called Serve to lead. And I want to start with some statements from the introduction to this version. The book in the version, the book that I'm reading is the old version, it's from nineteen. Fifty four fifty seven originally written right after world war. Two and the. Comments here, are from a guy named Robin Matthews
former british Army officer graduate of the Well: Military Academy of Sand: Hearst, that's, like the British West Point he went on to command his regiment, the light dragoons, which include a tour of duty in Iraq in two thousand five, He also served with sixteen aerosol brigade, inhuman province in Afghanistan,. And here's what he has to say about this book. Serve to lead. Is a remarkable book produced by the Royal Military Academy Sand Hearst after the Second World war. It is as clear and concise as the treaties on leadership, as you will find. It also provide adds a fascinating glimpse into what sets the profession of arms. Apart from any other. Serve to lead is synonymous with sand Hearst placed on the bed
Every officer cadet at the beginning of the military training somewhere between prayer book which is what I thought it was initially and Bible as it often been referred. It lays out as expected, and what to expect unequivocally It establishes selflessness self discipline, integrity and duty, as the bedrock of leadership, excitingly. It speaks of courage and boldness as the essential differentiated upon which events turn and to which soldiers and leaders or instinctively drawn. There is so much to enjoy and consider on every page, but the most Beguiling message of the book concerns humility, leadership must be confident, but unless it is matched in equal measure by humility, it jars, at which point the lead
Simply fall away, Five to lead you first and foremost, I must. Be your servant like a good book, the clue is in the title in this. Case, simple. Seemingly contradictory but ultimately profound serve to lead in that the intro to this book and obviously there's a dichotomy. Leadership he's already talking about things. We talk about all the time and, yes, you ve gotta be called for but you ve gotta be humble and the title the book is it Introduce a dichotomy in its own sense right serve to lead. And, like I said this book, they actually have a new one. Then I have the new one, the old one, and there is no longer the only there's a couple things that word aplomb to point out that clearly there change, their faults on and maybe will end up
compare and contrast with the new aren't that many differences, but there certainly are some very significant different differences and we'll get to those in this is going to kick off with a peace from the Lord Bishop of Durham. It is the fact that some men possess an inbred superiority which gives them a dominating influence over their contemporaries and marks them out on mistake. Lee for leadership. This phenomenon is certain as it is mysterious, it is, apparent in every association of Human beings, in every variety of circumstances and on every plain of culture. School among boys. In a car among the students in a factory shipyard or mine among the workmen as Only as in the church and in the nation, there are those who, with a Sure and unquestioned title take the lead
in place and shape the general conduct. So there's an opinion People ask old, timer leaders born or made that one right there is a leaders are born and that's I or say both. I we say: there's there's certain leadership, qualities that people are born with and something are born with a lot of them? People are born of all those qualities. Some people are born of a lot less some people. Born of any not very much of a leader doesn't matter how much you train them. You can get in bed. But they're not could be a great leader and Obviously some some leaders dont need much training there. Very few of those leaders that just don't they just get it out of the gate, as just born that way. I think it's a mixture of both- and I think, your boy, with some leadership capability.
And the more you hold it. The more you work on it, the better you gonna be. Why would you think why do you think that is to be a leader like the good strong qualities that you gotta have also contradict or counter to live There are not even counter intuitive, but the for instance, some people are naturally talented or somebody naturally articulate p Some people are naturally talented or somebody. Actually articulate people southern able to get their message across in simple clear, size language, that's very important. Now, if you're born with that you're lucky, good job. You were born without your born and articulate person if you guess what you can have to work at it. You have to read: you have the right. You have to listen you're after practice. Speaking, people and you will get better at it. So those that's your example Some people just habit naturally, and
but even people that have it naturally will get better added overtime. I was always pretty comfortable speaking to pee. But obviously when I was in the military. I spoke to people all the time and when I was the training tree situation as a young enlisted seal. I was put up in the classroom, speak people and I got better at it and then, when I became on officer and a leader now I was briefing people on doing it even more, and then I took over the training Let's go seals, and now I was brief and people all the time, and when I was over seas I was briefing veto, colonels and generals and ok you're gonna brief a bunch of times. You're gonna get better at it was already okay, I d just naturally, but got better at it and I'm still getting better out it today, so that the same with any of these particular talents, you know able to simplify things being able to detach overall important leadership qualities you can have a certain level that Europe capable at but more you practice and the better off you gonna be be
yet so it's a combination yeah. So I say like there's: it's pretty rare: they you get somebody who's has all the qualities, at the gate, young Norton. I can't I've never met anybody that just just dominates and reintegrate across lady like detaching, for example. That's not that's kind of counter. Your natural wave. Yes, that's true. Most people don't want to get in there. You ever here- and now I just thought- this example, I I've talked about a little bit on the on the podcast, where we had to vote on all the legal wizard he was. He was the he was my system between commander when I was at school team. One and he got murdered, it was horrible, tragic situation, he was involved in a murder suicide and but he he had a lot of those capabilities. He got a lotta, he was very articulate. You is a quarter back at the. Maybe football teams were like a real good presence to him. He said clearly he was down to earth.
And yet you know very eager to elevate himself very quickly, winners, talkative absurd. You know if you needed to elevate himself, you just had a lot of those qualities, very naturally and and guess what he was. The Naval gotta, he played football. He was constantly getting in front of his you get in the hollow and telling us what what's gonna happen and you get that over time and part of that is so how much of a united known when he was a football player when he was in eighth grade, maybe use stammering and try put his thoughts together, but then he turned it over and over and over gaining a better at it. And maybe by the time he got to me as a twenty three year old, lieutenant J G, he was Are we gonna get to hobble I'll? Tell you guys what's going on, and so you know, even though it appeared to me like it was natural, probably wasn't it was probably turned. You know he had some ash capability, Buddy play proposal life, and that was that, yes or in in a way you can kind of in this may be, can interchangeable is for the expression of using natural capability
it could be that they gain it through learning or whatever just through their environment. In a like as a kid in Abuja, yeah, so plain for buying and the bring it to the training situation and alexeyev, but either It's gotta be a little bit of both right and you will get better at it, but the more you focus on that particular skill, like some people, aren't very comfortable talking you no even denying cupful talking in a conversation right away, and so, if you end up with a kid like that, well, you gotta get amount socialism and get him in get him in of people talking all the time and that will be good for them, if you have some one, that's if you got a kid or you have you got a kid or a young leader that it doesnt know when to shut up right. How you gonna could sometimes leaders are like that too. They wanna hear themselves talkativeness, keep talking all the time and guess what the more you talk, the less people lessen our farm given orders on every little thing that we ve gotten to do in front of us eventually: you're, not listen to me anymore, and when something go comes up,
you still not listening to me because I've been talking for the past six three months won't shut my pie hole. So that's bad situation. So how do we that person acquire down its both. Our so now we're gonna hear from a guy named field Marshal William Slam. I think Bill Slim is what they ended up column. He was in world war, one and world war, two wounded multiple. I'm having three times led the fourteenth army in Burma, world war to end He also fought with the UN's act, so the Australia, New Zealand Army core at Gallipoli, so you could say he's got a pretty good view of things so Is this the bleeding not the first, this this book? off with
What about morale and the morale of the troops? So here. Go back to the book morale as a state of mind. It is now intangible force which will move a whole group of men to give their last to achieve something without counting look just to themselves. That makes them feel that they are part of something greater than themselves now, This is interesting so tat. We talk about the importance of morale now going backwards, We were just talking about back the book I learnt to that one did not need to be in order to be effective, two things only were necessary. First to know what you are talking about and second and most important to believe give it yourself so There you go, you don't. To be great orator, but you gotta know you're talking about any.
Believe it. Those are too really good places to start. He continues on talk about. Morality sets up a most pro. One factor in spreading this belief in the affair. Instead of an organization, is a sense of discipline. We tried, make our discipline intelligent, but we were old fashioned army and we insisted on outward signs. We expected orders to salute and ask to salute in return, but in mutual confidence and respect, encouraged all officers to insist whenever possible and there were you places where was not possible on good turn out and personal cleanliness. It takes care. Especially for young officer, to check a man met on the road for not properly saluting or for slovenly appearance, but every time he does. It adds to his stock of moral courage and what
For the soldier may say he has respect for the officer who does pull him up. Now this is an interesting point right cause. Talking about here is icy, echoes not wearing his uniform correctly, so Mcgovern tighten you up that is you can see where you can see where people are probably think job will be all over that guy right now actually wrong that's actually wrong, and what I want to talk about here is a more talk about what I call he drew ship capital. You only have so much leadership capital in your bank and you decide. What, as leader, you can spend that capital on and if I see you out, the former you're, looking sloppy, got to decide if it's worth me investing my leadership capital and going over and telling you that you need to tighten it up. Hey echo, you need to get that hate.
Urgent, Charles, you need to get your uniform squared away. You look like grab your setting. A bad example. Is that what I want to invest my leadership capital on now let it be sometimes yes, absolutely and we ve talked about the many cases where that occurs. You know when you look it ad hoc worth when hack words if the Vietnam, as a battalion commander, he tightened up their uniform standards immediately. He tighten them up immediately. He knew he needed to invest that leadership Cappel. He needed to start with a small fix, but if you're in a day Harrison situation and You see somebody that maybe isn't doing there railways and wearing a uniform properly and you decide you gonna, go. Tighten them up, I must say that the wrong answer in and as leaf ban will tell you it's not what you preach. Sort you tolerate in. So if you tolerate the guys look at my crap they're, just gonna continue going down that hill of looking like crap now to me, there's a certain points. Right: that I won't let you go past
if your little out of them out of the standard, maybe I'm gonna, let that one side a little bit right, but what You get to a point where you're lookin like crap. Well, guess what I am absolutely gonna take you up and Explain to you why it's important looks almost Nego and yell at you know not happening so you ve got it careful how you ration, you're you're discipline and your leadership capital right if you just run around the owner everyone or getting anyone's face for every little thing that they're doing pretty soon you can Get that like well, pretty soon fell at that, be scared of make a mistake, but that's that's the point, Now you got people that are scared. Make a mistake here now: you're after the abilities and their desire to think freely. So the bottom line. With this balance you got stay balanced in these things and don't waste your leadership capitals talking to a guy did he was run a off site for his executive team
I talk to them, and he said man you know- I was just junk what happened and he had the executive outside and easy the company and he's the guy, this running off site and He gets there. He says our guys while we're hear no cell phones, put your cell phones away. We need to focus the strategic meeting we need if we need to get this done so the guys, but their cell phones and they start to meeting here. Is five minutes into the meeting. The sea eel breaks out, a cell phone starts looking at it a minute after everyone sees that you got half the room looking at their cell phones and He went like got kind of not Saddam. You know this man what what's Goin people are even even it does you after the first at first hours dispute. What's going on, and I said to him, I said Bro let's look at what you just so then he said many lost him like that. The meetings went down hill and
I said to me: what's talk about what you did because you invested your leadership capital for this important meeting. Telling people to not use their cell phones? Did you tell him? Why is like not really did you explained to them when they would be able to use their cellphones? No, I didn't So you just where are you now? This please a financial company they've got a lot of things going on. You can imagine. The ceo of a big financial company got a lot of important calls and emails to check and all that- and I don't want to get told, no cell phone. When is that going to end, one thing is happening up at my company today, where I'm not allowed to talk to my cell phone and answer emails or look. Look at my emails. And I'm a guy so so Wyndham ICE will soon. When would I be able to look at? You didn't tell me that so here, rested, always leadership capital to get people to do no cell phones any spent it and there wasn't any left and the veto. So you have
to be careful. Now you have to approach it the right way. Right. First of all, you could say: hey, listen, guys! We're! power through a solid our right now, asked you unless it's just critical gps. Phones, put away and Power through his let's get some good conversation, don't write an end in an hour. Wanna take a twenty minute break. We can catch up when you gotta catch up on. And then we'll do another hour, if that's enough people understand what's happening and they understand why and by the way you don't waste everyone's on their cell phones, we're not going to get what we need out of this week. So you can explain, don't want, invest your leadership capital on things that don't matter so if you're the senior guy in a leadership position and your focused on some little person that's out a uniform and that's what you're focuses. That's that's not a good focused too have written. You should set the standard and you're, subordinate leadership all the way down the front where you ve got light. You and me are peers and I dont let you
I'm the one not I'm waiting for the boss combine entitled uniform. I won't let you take nappy, I will I will let you wear crappy, looking uniform So what I want? I want to have a gang mentality where, where self policing because the minute I'm from the top do not again does this happen. Sometimes, yes, not setting out of a black and white rule here, giving the brow guidance that, if your hack worth than you're taken over battalion where people's lives were risks- and you know that their slack everywhere and they're not doing a good job, you gotta go in there and tighten them up and one of the best ways to do that is to go in there and start on the small things but if you ve got a functioning unit that there's Nothing critical happening in your trying to build that team into something. That's that's a winning team and the first thing could do, is going to focus on some of these small things. When you haven't we
established yourself that could be problematic, so think about those things when you're in those positions I'm going back to the book. I do not say that the men of the fourteenth army welcomed difficulties, but they grew Take fierce pride in overcoming them by determination and ingenuity from start to finish, had only two items of equipment that were never in short supply, their brains and their courage. They lived up to the unofficial motto. I gave them God jobs those who help themselves and once again that sir the thing that Colonel Bill reader said. God help yourselves are now we're gonna move on to still still talking about morale. We're gonna talk to we hear from field Marshal Bernard Mont GUM,
three. If you don't know who that is, Monti, you're, more one, the Anglo Irish WAR, the Palestine conflicts that disbar uprisings and world WAR two he you know, obviously ran the british army, or to so we ve. Once again, we ve got a person with some very solid, effective on leadership and combat leadership. The quality of morale backed the book in war, the more stature of some men increases and their character, grow stronger and more closely knit in proportion to the discomforts endangers. They are called upon to face boom cells, I'll get better some guys rise to the occasion back to book such men. Occasionally perform in battle remarkable acts of selfless courage and daring and will endure with
strawberry fortitude and patients. The burdens thrust upon them, other men. How four will, under the stress of hardships or dangers, surrender to fear or fatigue and allow their characters to disintegrate this, this. Integration will usually take the form of a loosening of the moral fibre which was Sultan, timidity of action and slackness in appearance, while those with gone to cede we'll be dirty. Their appearance, be sluggish and will be slovenly In these later cases there has been general loosening of character due to partial surrender to fear. So I too, We agree with this. You see in combat situations. People either get better where they get worse.
Some people just kind of book right, stay in that same zone, but but has will they get better or they get worse? They rise the occasion or they fall back, the good soldier, the man, Hi morale has surrendered to fear and has, contained his personal standards. The bad Oh you're, the man with low morale has become incapable of independent action and to some extent shed of his human individuality. That's it resting at an interesting statement that the personal incapable of dependent action here he shed some of his human individuality, backed the book sick factors of morale, we now must considered the factors can't what what for does constitute morale of the soldier in the heat of battle, certain factors be described as essential conditions without one hi. Morale cannot exist. These four
basic factors are one leadership to discipline. Three comradeship and for self respect, a fifth factor, motion to cause. Must exist, but need not necessarily influence all the soldiers. Finally, there are numerous countries, Tori factors which are of great power? but are not essential conditions, starting with The first one leadership morale is in the first place, based on leadership. Good morale, is impossible. Without good leaders, human beings are fundamentally alike, in that certain common characteristics apply to all men in varying degrees in battle. The most All of these characteristics, its fear All men are afraid at one time or another, to a greater or lesser extent, in more of fear they ban together and look for guidance. They see
for a person to give decisions. They look for Leader. The leaders, power, Of decision results from his ability to remain calm in the crisis, his greatest asset is the ability to act. Normally, abnormal conditions to continued to think rationally when his men have ceased to think to be decisive in action when they are paralyzed by fear. Little bit a normal face for anti at normally in Abner, conditions. Remain calm back to the book, the object of training must be first to select those who possess them within them. The potentiality of leadership and, secondly, to develop these potentiality is this: is it
Push by giving the leader responsibility for leaders character will develop in proportion to the responsibility with which he has been entrusted. So there you go. He saying the same thing that we were talking out earlier. You have certain potentials and you gotta develop those? how do you develop them with people give people you want to develop leaders you Jim responsibility, you dont get responsibility. Gonna kill them, but you get me mobility, that's gonna! Definitely test them You're gonna have to step up to be able to perform back to the book. The two vital attributes of a leader are a decision enact. And be calmness in crisis given, These two attributes key will succeed. Without them, he will fail our great problem peace is to select leaders. It says act as leaders, men
brain will remain clear when intensely frightened. So from Monti you gotta remain calm. Now is. Talk about discipline. The object of discipline is the conquest of fear. There, too, aspects of fear fear. Can suddenly attack a man threw his imagination, a corpse in a ditch. Grave by the sort far side of the road will remind him of his position, He will suddenly realised that he himself is liable to be killed, is a function of discipline to fortify the minds that it becomes reconciled to unpleasant sites and accepts them as normal everyday occurrences fear can also creep upon a man during periods of monotony, on the line such time. He will have the operative need to appreciate the dangers which best His life fear
in through his thoughts, can so reduce the man's hard core of courage that he will become nervous and fearful disk and strengthens the mines that it becomes impervious to corroding influence of fear. It teaches man to confine their fought within certain definite limits? Instills the habit of self control That's pretty amazing. Pretty amazing assessment to think that the book, one of them, premier tools to overcome fear as discipline back to the book. Discipline implies a conception of duty. Nothing will be published in the crisis by the man without a sense of duty, makes sense. Now is gonna talk comradeship back to book morale can now be good unless men come to have affection for each other, a fellow feeling must go
oh up, which will result in a spirit of comradeship. An army is made of human beings, so however much leader may inspires men. However perfect the discipline, the morale will be hard, an unsympathetic if the warmth of comradeship has not been added value, Gotta be gotta, be the hard core disciplinarian, but you the warmth of comradeship backed the book war, though a hard, business is not necessarily a grim one men must laugh and joke together must enjoy each other's company company and must get fun out of even life. I must get fun out of life even in times of danger, so Do you want to have a good time? Yes, you do and the
thing that makes these dangerous times more bearable is when you're having fonder in them, and that's one of the things you talk a whole lot about seal training in here on I cast, but one of the things that you do. It's your training as you're doing miserable things called wet, tired and you're. Having My friend the way he shivering that's can sit here and be called at its miserable or I can be called, and I can laugh about it, and I can make fun of my friend the way he shivering that's what makes it bearable, and this thing happens when you could overseas and you joke about really dark face. Is your dark sense of humour that comes out you'll strong when you're overseas. What am I one nobody's who is super paranoid have talked about him on here before the guys. The guy's found a tube that hadn't ship like maps or something
and if you pulled the tube apart real fast, it sounded like a mortar large, so they get outside his tender. He was supernova. We spend a little bit of time, getting Mordred and so He was a little on edge from that yeah, so they got side of his tent you and you can hear through the town. Just a little piece of fabric in Gaza was ten and they pull that thing. It would sound like a mortar to fatal money here. He freak out. Are you guys doing, nor you know at first year like fall and likes it hit the ground and then you'd here the giggling of the guys outside in the new year and costs. Everyone out, but yeah, but Fond whose funny eat too far little to find married, but but everyone's having a good time- and even here you know, we God and he would be come outside you guys, are bastard and we'd laugh about it. That's the guy
a thing where Europe, you gotta, have fun in these tough situations year. Yet it makes sense. This Polly way. You know like noddies, like contemporary company thin courtly, jades company multi got football lapping paying her. I heard massive noise. The other day, the convicted person, by the way was sloppy like it wasn't going more fire, but there was something I it know they were. They were in a enabling a nerve gun fire fire and by the way was like they were devoted meet the Irish. No cover move happening is just an hour every man for himself how disappointed, but the third but people like the reason why we're it's? It's not I mean they. These are. I conceptually is a symptom of you see that you know which way different. No, actually, it's way different, but it's not actually not all through tough things in a business, in a company have fun with it, and when I worked with companies that are good good companies and their
if through somethin, tough, the ones that have good morale, the ones that are laughing they're, the ones that do better wants to go to work. If you don't enjoy the people we are with, you Why would you want to do that you're one of that one of the eight encounter Worse job, I was the animals aid right so every day I'm wearing a uniform in sitting at a desk all day. I did it for thirteen months. It was just that part of it. It's it's you know even is, is a miserable job right. Luckily, first of all the animals a great guy- and I had let me know we Ronald time with him in his eggs- it. Assistance is a guy that I would literally I would go two or three weeks at a time, and we wouldn't say one serious thing to each other. Everything would be some joke about every all the misery that we are going through and and my misery. I just mean you
hours worth of meetings in travelling in all the time and being on the road and staying in crappy, hotels and flights. Getting you know, bumped and its old and be held over until the animals soup. Is not shown up somewhere in its most to go on stage, doesn't have a uniform with him and like that's not fun, guess what why had from whole time and we be joking about you know I'd say well, I guess I'm going to get Jake to take one again for the tv would be just laughing so even in these situations that aren't phone, have you gotta have fun with him of that. Definitely will how bout around, if your leadership position and all you do is just bear you'll get get. Drown in the misery that you're going through every single person. That's what he's gonna be gone through the same thing, and so as a leader you gotta will once again going back to the dichotomy leadership. You got, that you got to know where to okay. The guys are too much stress, they're, not having fun. I need to have fun. I need to start a nerf war in the in the.
Office you're so guys loosen up and then there's times where I hate guys are having too much fun. We got to fight them up like hey guys. We got this to do, and so you got a ride that that line in it out correctly, yeah yet go home. The newer companies that companies not either Our incorporating that element in to the act, ok yeah about yes, you're right and there's companies nowadays that do too much and all Vassili get anything Dounia. Other methods is everyone's playing ping everyone's in the legal room using our rooms. Now, if play with legos, because that really she's your mind, I guess me when I'm around legos, having one step on, because I got kids too rosy up online legos nightmare. So I know I've been around. Make us forget the pity. From Lagos steadily, when I was my kids, were younger legal new Yorkers,
had ever get your son enough, legos apparently correct, because they do need everything you when I was a kid there was not that many different types legos, you had blocks right. Long ones in short or once later, nowadays you get legal but they have hands in horror and machine guns and they got cool stuff but day legos anymore, their little toys. Oh come with the little Lagos and they still heard about bottom of they are surprisingly sharp for kids are surprisingly major sharp. I go back to bed is the other thing you talk self respect, no man can be said to possess high morale if the quality of self respect is lacking, and this is something that Dick Winters talked about to that self respect and in how that drove him soldiers must be encouraged to respect themselves at all times and under all condition. Self respect implies a determination to maintain personal standards of behaviour, a man who
specks himself will allow neither himself to become slovenly nor quarters. Dirty even action, he will take care to see that his personal appearance suffers as little as possible. It is the all of the non commissioned officer to me Take this aspect of discipline is the function of the officer to encourage, and this instil self respect. So resting. He breaks down a little bit like I was talking about If on the senior guy, I'm around young people about how they're? Looking that's not good should be. My support in leadership should be taken that stuff up. Ok, here's this conclusion. Again this endanger the in of hi morale has been defined as the quality which makes men endure and show courage in times of fatigue, endanger the cultivate
of morale depends on the training of leaders in collocation of discipline, the encouragement comradeship Andy, fusing of self respect, Leaders must have a belief in their cause and they must pay attention to numerous contributory factors of considerable, but secondary whartons. We live today in a scientific age, but we soldiers have to remember that The raw material in which we have to deal is men may and is still the first weapon of war, his training, is the most important consideration in fashioning of fighting army All modern science is directed towards his assistance, but on
efforts depends the outcome of the battle. The morale of the soldier is the most important single factor in war, so there's Monti and That's that can be said for just about any organization. But your organization is made up of its people, you know you hear that with businesses all time our people are most important assets. That's generally gonna be the case here. Now we get into the leadership the actual leadership section. Interesting again. They start off with morale. That's the first chapter. Now they move in the leadership, and you know early from what he just said Morales the most important thing in winning battle. I don't agree. I think leadership is the most important thing now his number one is number, one factor in morale is leadership so
I guess you know you could see where we're coming from a different angle, but my my far as a little bit different. My thought is the most important thing is leadership, and I think that leadership covers their things just be besides the morale, the mad, because now we're talking about the strategy that using the doktor their use and everything is covered by leadership. Including morale here, so you looking at it from the opposite, but just varying perspectives. World thinks leadership is part of morale. You think I like morale, sort of leadership. Yes, you have identified the situation correctly. You're some more from Monti on leadership. I would define leadership as the will, the dominate, together with the character which inspires confidence. A leader has got to learn to dominate the events which surround him. He must never allow these events to get the better of him. He must allow nothing to divert him from his aim. He must always be on time.
Of his job and be prepared to accept responsibility. So Monti saw, not worship. Now what I have to carry out this with is you get these people at a single minded right in that, are going to dominate everything, that's going on around them and they do that from a tactical perspective, not from a strategic perspective, so for instance, if you say I must never but I must dominate the events which, around me and must allow nothing to divert me from my aim that connect be problematic if it doesn't make for teaching sense right so if I'm always worried about dominating everything, is going on around me and That's going on Rami, isn't really that important. I'm wasting my time on it. So this has to this has to be sort of off, said a little bit by the dichotomy of leadership, which is yes, you want to dominate what's going on, but if
going on his important. You need to let it go you needed just let it go a little bit all right so now we're gonna hear from and by the way, this book with this book serve to lead it's. It's basically a bunch, I should have said this in the beginning, but it's it's a bunch of small excerpts bigger than quote some of them are just quotes, which I don't do a bunch of like ages, reading courts. I do a couple. I'm gonna do a couple today but some of them are like near two. Three four pages of people's views on leadership of which are pulling out. Some of the highlights and interestingly, for the first time I was going through some of this, and I was like you know what I'm actually with something that It's something that I've set a million times so you know what I'm not actually to highlight this again because I have said it over and over again now, clearly with someone I just talked about it for forty seven minutes and
probably always well when I get the opportunity, but there A lot more about disposal section on discipline will get to now we're gonna talk. Here from General John Hack. It again, world war to afghan campaign is part of market garden, which airborne operation toward war too. Then here's what he says I am a soldier. In speaking of leadership- I do so as a soldier and when I think about it, as any soldier often must I do so in the context of battle cheers in battle or high and in battle as a consequence, problems of leadership stand out in bold relief and that's something very similar watch. What I say, which is com, It is like life amplified and intensified without an extreme ownership, and that's what I'm talking to an end, because it's that way, it's very easy to I d
why what's going on with the leadership, is very good, that the problems of leadership stand out bold relief. He said a better than me back to the book. But while battle may be unique, the problems that it exposes are not right, yes, bullshit problems and have been working for seven years with other companies and people that are not going to battle and guest the problems. It battle axe, These are not unique to battle for lead ship is concerned with getting people to do things and is most keenly needed when difficulties doubts. Endangers or at their greatest in whatever's sphere. This is attempted the problems are essentially similar, so eight you got a team you catch on making do something the prom are pretty much gonna, be similar,
look. I said that leadership was concerned with getting people to do things. What I meant was getting them to do things willingly, so we don't want to spark orders. A people that doesn't work doesn't work in business. Doesn't work on the battlefield will for five minutes. Yes, I will can I yell at you and get you to do something yep sure, you're, right on monster, dot, com, looking for a new job when you get home back to book. A man really only gets a full response from the men. He leads by something approaching complete fusion of his own identity with the whole that he and they together, form so think about that if you in charge something and you're a leader. You need to be calm. That thing you need to become that team. You to become that goal. I like TAT one and you can. When people get possess, like you of it, a modern business leaders today. Those people that
Steve jobs. He was obsessed with the product. The EU was Apple and that's One of those things that was so beneficial Elon Musk just but he is what he's trying to do back there successful military leadership is impossible. Without the leaders, total engagement in the task in hand and to the group committed to his care for its discharge what's interesting about that's talk your brother, Jade, Charles and not too long ago, actually was prolonged. He and he said something to me, and it was like a big revelation to him. Then was very- is a very happy way of saying what I'm just reading about right now we talk about something is going to meeting- and he was gonna, be you know talking about, Then there were some controversy about whether to go in. And he said that the person
that cares the most wins and that's a grey. Statement of its very true is not a hundred percent true put to death. The percentage is very high up there, because if I just care about something so much, and I'm gonna drive with it further than you. If I care about this decision more than you do, I got a really good chance of winning really good chance of winning yak and seemed like that translates into any Oh yeah, and more you care about them, the more probable the. I guess. The only really only place where it becomes problematic is. If I uh I care about something, No at ninety seven level. Ninety seven, you about with a did The opposite decision you're also level. Ninety seven, a thing now and an issue. Now we got a problem because we're gonna, think we're gonna win. We both believe we need to win
get out of the distant now we got an ego scenario going on and things become problematic and any note the where this just becomes stupid is in the when you hear people having political out use airports on that one political debates around something you own, this person totally believe these are two percent, and this and totally care, a hundred percent in they're gonna go knots on each other and they don't listen to anything with the other person says, and you end up with a big disaster on your hands of nonsense. Yeah alot of those worthy political diet The one year he was leaning, I was listening to our cast an earth, and while we talk about when you're Talkin our starting up watching people, the news and that's it. Six situation, where you know you got somebody enough. Three minutes segment lawyer and one person is this debate. You know the hard core in this direction, the other person the hard core, no direction they both care they both care, alot, neither one who's gonna win, the
they actually that that goes the next. That's The next realisation is that if you going up against person. Cares as much as you do. You actually have to take a back step and find another way. You prefer yeah you're not going be able to win them bygone going. They care is equal to you. Yet how to find a new solution, Otherwise, you know what your loops, expend all your ammunition charging machine gun nests and you will die that you don't want to do that. If you can as much as me and I dont have the same opinion. I've gotta flank you yet these probably to let you think you just won the argument in order to fight you too, by the way you heavy again, political religion, diet, lotteries. Kids, you know these are all there, when he had button, you call it how things are not supposed to talk to or talk about around the Thanksgiving dinner there they get heeded real, quick name, you in a lot of homes, we're talking about people or not people, but we doubled
I'm at someone cares about eleven times. The things they get mixed up is how much you quit care about. It versus how much you care about your stance on it, gathered sudden indifferent, but an indifferent, rap breathing eager for your ego into both right that no bigger it tonight, you gonna wanna method are wrong. That will now do. That means you care about your stance so when you make use of them, but if you care about the issue like if I may if I may mean you are having to be a debate about kettlebells, were I'll, just something that I like dumb bells. You like cable, but I really care about the issue in the issues. What's the best exercise, if I truly care about that, what the best exercises and not, call my stance on what the bed I'm going to care about. The real answer read it with his plans are not so that's why I think, like political, all, these other things that they have that, and it is it's just like I said, to the eagle natural thing, but they wind up
more about their stats on it. Then they do the actual issues you know for sure. Don't let that happen watch out for that one, but yeah that zero dollars and ninety cents not zero dollars and ninety cents, but the the person who cares. The most wins doesn't apply to someone's individual stance on something in your such and it also doesn't apply to you no legitimate I'm not really care about winning. I was thinking about this the other day. Cuz, that's another thing. People say mental, all, it's all mental and here ample Alex Arnold, whose Iraq climber, who just climbed El Capitan in your committee which is three thousand feet off and If you will say: oh, it's all mental air, and people say things you know if you want something bad graduate. You put me on that rock there. Some crocs move like two thousand feet up two thousand.
Feet up that's really hard in your smearing, which is this technique and rock climbing, where you don't I've done it before. Unlike the lowest white belt, I'm not even a wipe out my guide, like someone gave me my White Dolphin Rockland might not like a legit, but I know I've tried things. I go Yosemite and play around on the rocks and everything. But I've tried this thing. It's called smearing and in your basically just using the tread, are just the bottom of your rock climbing shoes on flat, granite you can create enough? Friction Virginia that you can do that, you can move up it and Some people are really good at it. I sock and You know you gotta, you got your handhold, you workin too, but you using your feet and it's this really weird balance that you have to do, because if you push to harden the rocks, the your feet slip off and if you push hard enough. You don't get any lift. So, if this really fine like, once you ve gotta have
apparently there's one move or this one series of moves on climb that he did that assume you have to smear, of course, this very natural for him, but apparently, he climbed that section with a rope like sixty seven times, just to make sure it felt good and all that stuff. Here's my point even if it wasn't me pretty leave which is holding on to rocks right at tooth thousand feet. I would absolutely want really really badly to hold onto the August. I don't have the muscular strength to do it. I mean things he's holding onto are, smaller than with a first. Pad of your fingers. That's what he's holding onto a tiny and We were due to see the day. My house remember that for you actually had bad, stronger grip and me on the on the climbing board that I had a mouse, but I could I could
couldn't even hold on, or I can hold on for five seconds and you like had. No it did you hold onto the really small want yeah, that's legit. I can't even hold onto that thing. So if I was two thousand feet up and I really really really really really really wanted to do it, and I was all mentally in the game. Guess what I'm falling to my death threat, because I don't have the strength to do it. I dont have the physical strength and I need to build it and ok, you could say that that's my been except romance. Ok, if you really have the mental strength and will to do it, that you'll trade train super heart, but at tat moment not help me I'm falling to my death red yeah. I think that's a metaphor, but like it's like a man reality, oh yeah, it's a romantic fani! I want a bad enough. You can do it, no actually, not true I wants to do. I want to take the extreme version. I want to stay alive. I'm two thousand feet up. I want really badly to stay alive, doesn't matter, I can't
cross that section, I can't don't have the hand strength to do it not happening making a movie about that. I came to see it about hours, hauled climbing that rock Jimmy Chin is the famous kind of photographer guy that they went and documented the whole thing, and apparently one the article said that during that rocks moments Alex. Arnold was a when we get to hear just back off the cameras. He apparently was I going to back off the cameras and go through. You know section Before alpha cause, why, I think He thought he didn't need any cameras around real close when he might fall to his daddy day. It's that heavier like or is it because it might break his concentration or bowl? I don't know I don't know, but that
crazy here of Europe in Yosemite. No, it's it's! El Capitan is three thousand feet straight up of granite. It takes people three four five days to climb up it. He climbed it in three hours and forty five minutes with a chalk bag and a pair of shoes, ridiculous. It's ridiculous! It's ridiculous to complete Ridiculous three thousand feet: that's very tall, echo you're, trying to imagine it will be held now. I want you to tell me anything. You ve ever seen its taller than a within a Skype paper re, got its huge, a climate and with no real. That means there's no rest. That means there's no break, and then it means there's no mistakes. You can't make a mistake make mistake: you die crazy, very impressive. Anyone know why we're talking about at all, I now, oh because we're gonna tell mental will near. Whoever believes it yeah
believes the most. When all cares about it. Sorry not believe the earth inasmuch as I you're about staying alive. I wouldn't be able to pull it off yet I think jade situation that it did make sense that Iraq has the ear yellow No one actually does make sense. It does make sense, and that's why I was able to do a lot of stuff that I've been able to do my career when I was in the mill military a lot stuff that I was able to get done. I was able to get done because I cared about a more areas, socket yeah. I, like you, think, you're gonna You, you think you're gonna outperform my task unit. I care about this. So much I don't care. I care about. So much you're not going to compete with me, because you might think I'll get there at five in the morning. I've been there for an hour. You might think I'm going to have my guys drill this ten times I mean I'm. I got to drill a twenty times. I care about this too much for you to win. I can't beat me beat me, it's not gonna happen. I care about this tumor non about why not which way I care about this. I love this. This is
everything to me. You know you other things going on and you got your wife and you got your family. You got this other thing going on in your life and you got goals at you. I don't care about any of those things. This is all I care about. So therefore you can't compete with me and that's pretty it's a cool place to be we'll get overseas. People are thinking about all these other things. Not you don't care about anything. Care about anything else. This is thing I care about it the getting boiled down to just not stopping right, not let quitting not giving a loud that definitely plays a role that definitely role and, of course, there's gotta be balance, because if let's say I don't care about. What's on your mind, my focuses on upset my seal task in it Then I forget about the fact that we are working with our other army units. I care about is my unit. Will no action to care about the mission more ready to care about our strategic, where we're goin strategically because otherwise, I'm thinkin. I want to get my guys taken care of
get my guys more work. I just wanna get no. Actually I do what what trumps my care for the task unit was. Therefore, commissioner, what we're trying to accomplish now. Luckily, those two things are completely aligned, so there was never any time where I was thinking Should I do this to benefit the task inner benefit, the mission? No! No, if it benefits the mission of benefit is asking for benefiting the asking the benefit of the mission period. So I care those things because of our time compete with me and luckily, in Romania There wasn't any competition. We were all. Working together was so amazing about it was Army Marine corps ass. Everyone was just work into the other to accomplish missions. Would you get when you get a nasty battlefield? You get people working together now right. Another piece, this is a guy named general man cell.
War is pre eminently the art of the man who dares to take the risk, of the man who thinks deeply unclear. Of the man who, when accident intervenes is now thereby cast down what changes his plans and disposition with the readiness of a resolute and reflective mind which sir. Far as is possible as foreseen and provided against difficulties there. You, that's all Aachen, about oh accident intervenes cool good, I'm not cast down change plants, adapt Back look no now, no man can inspire confidence in others who is not confident in himself and self confidence comes from knowledge of fraud. Understanding of modern weapons and organization tactics. And details administration effect All those under his command must therefore be acquired by every leader.
He must show its troops that he can plan soundly led resolutely and deal promptly and effectively with the unexpected, in addition, to gain full confidence of his troops. A leader must have their personal friendship and trust. I like that again, I've there was there was a seal off. It once was briefing guys and sending aid. If your guys, if you, if you People like you. They then They are you're not doing a good job in not he's actually saying they need your trust and personal friendship and trust. You would you say some like that that even that you can't push that do for wealth, coordinate, you're gonna get about turn on your leadership? You can't be such close friends at your choosing good that year, one person as more important than the mission or the team.
Dichotomy leadership Now he puts together this list, which were work were feeling pretty about this one. A short list to leadership given as follows: perfect military knowledge study the use of weapons there, tactical handing the enemies, character and methods and wait make use of ground so out of here job. Your aunt apply those right now, you're tools, no the enemy, no you're competitor next study. The men on your command know them well and be known to them, gain their cause. Friends by your knowledge, energy and skill, and by your interest in their welfare always be cheerful with them. However, you may feel teach yourself too gout reason depreciations, leading to clever but uncommon.
Created plans quickly and on hurriedly, so there you keeping simple. No your people get Alex. Is no your people get them to know. You too that's important, Next study, methods of deception and make full use of them, always aim misleading the enemy always seek. Surprise. Keep your object. Clearly before you come enjoy your efforts and resources at the decisive point always think well ahead. Prioritizing execute. Work out the best methods of control, indifferent tactical situations, practice them constantly stew. The situation carefully. Don't waste The time make up your mind And stick to it get out your orders quickly. Make certain that everyone clearly knows what you intend to be done. Commanders intent, maintain the initiative make
opportunities and seized them at once. I like that make opportunities, but why do I like that? Don't wait for them to come be prepared to take root but don't be foolhardy. No you're commanders intention and act in accordance with it. Don't for orders. Inaction. Is always wrong. So there you go. This is just reiterating things that I talk about all the time. Never take also of your fears, think of the enemies. Difficulties in how you can take advantage them remember that it is, will power that wins? Oh he's he's going often wouldn't. That's my carries settlement. Will we We'll goes a long way now, relax. Your efforts until victory is one attend to the comfort of the troops before you think of your own. This is phenomenal stuff.
Be loyal to your superiors and your subordinates express your He was clearly and frankly, but when Decision has been reached, fully support it and stop all criticism never take shelter behind others. When things for which you are responsible have gone wrong, takes ownership Oh, I like this one refrain from jealousy resentment and self seeking be tactful never make friction be fought. Oh and considerate, but maintain firm discipline and thinking. How bout this thing by the dichotomy that bit thoughtful considerate, maintain for discipline. Never ordered troops to do what you are not prepared to do yourself, never give
an unnecessary order, that's a good one. Think about that. One never give an unnecessary Harry order and I'll tell you why I like that one is because if you're doing a good job as a leader, orders should barely even be necessary. They should barely even be necessary. Talk about this would leave the other day. I'd IBM week, I'm sure we could go back through. You know the history of task in a browser But as we were having a conversation we work with a company, I dont think I ever gave an order. To you, one of my two particular matters: either life or the dealt with I don't think I ever said. This is what you're gonna. Do that's an order Well, you see in the movies. I love can actually say that. Do everything does anyone ever given that in order, if you yes, it can be said of traffic, I'm sure it's been. I am, I think it's been said to me before
more like an admit, like not administrative situation, shut off anyone's ever said to me before, like that's an order, you have I'm trying there's been some situation where someone said to me like a basically like you, forced far enough Jacko you stand down. I'm going in one of those before like hey, we get it Jacko, you you're about this. A lot. It's not happening to stand down. I've got some especially those plans lily. Like when I was a young unless the God of the with an idea just be want across it, and and people would be kind of Saint eight. No, we can't buy, be ignored. Why can't look at me? Why won't? Why won't you? what we do this. We need to do this because the smart thing do. You know the right thing to do and I will just eventually get like the little they stand out, nor not doing it. You don't wanna, do become an officer and want to listen to you and it's all you I've got. I think I've got a couple. Stand downs in my time, stand out, that's an order because yet
in order that rate when you think about our anyway, when I think about it, it really does seem like a movie line. Yemen thing is: that means that you have not done a good job as leader. If I I have to say that's an order really means. I haven't done a good job as a leader. That means you don't understand the mission, you don't understand intent, you don't understand. I haven't conveyed to properly and the only way I can get you to listen as by saying that, in order to plan rank yeah porn rank on you, that's not a good, not a good situation, back but never overlook failure to carry one out. So it's never gave an unnecessary order. Never overlook failure to carry one out. Some people have to tie in with their opinions. On that one. Never overlook failure. To carry one out, I'm not sure on that. One.
What does that mean to carry one? That's all I'm saying I don't want it says its is never ordered. Troops do which are not prepared to yourself. Never given unnecessary order. Never Overlook failure to carry one out to carry out in order to carry one out, never overlook, failure to carry one out. I'm not sure what you mean by that look. I'm sure. Would some people give us some opinions on that? One on the facebook you when I release keep fit yourself and make certain that your men do to keep your own nerves under control and study. Your men's good for like when you add a comment. If you listening and you want to comment, you have an opinion on that one. Putting on the Facebook posts, so it can follow the conversation as opposed to Twitter, which sound and forty characters. You don't mean, oh,
it's easy to see it on Facebook, where there is a legitimate question or someone as some logic, big feedback, if you put it on the thread for podcast number, eighty one when I posted that's the place to put in there in the replies we can like converse back on that subject without having to go through. Seventeen thousand tweets illegal back and forth Gary play him, but not here. So it's all laid out on Facebook. That's good place to have those little conversations twitter. We have different kinds of conversations, Sir, Last of all, remember that success in war depends more than anything else on the will to win now we got Monti, say Morales, most important, we got Jacko saying leadership is most important and he got
Brigadier General MA cell. Saying that the will to win is the most important, I'm not can actually argue with either one of these guys scarcer all got all kinds of experience, but much more intense than mine. Speaking of intense experience, more than mine, there's a guy, a pseudonym meaning a fake name. Basil risk and the guy wrote something called talks on leadership and the guy's actual name was Alfred Berne and he was a world war one and world war, two veteran, then he was a military historian and he's got a little section in here called being straight. There is one trait in the character of a leader that, above all, Things really counts and it perhaps counts. In war, even more than in peace being straight.
No amount of ability, knowledge or cunning can ever make up for not being straight. Once those under him find out that a commanders absolutely street in all its dealings with them and free, from the slightest trade of self interest other than the self interest of which we are all guilty. When striving for victory of causes, we believe to be right. They will love him as their leader trust him work for follow him and should the occasion arise, die for him with the phone. Mental ability of the british soldier, which cause to the surface when things are at their worst, so being straight with people very important, very important. In fact, perhaps.
His most important, above all, so that we get another factor that the most important thing now is gonna hear a little on leadership. From field Marshal Lord Herring once again, world war, one and world war, two veteran, he also The second battle of alum mean he was wounded, lost. Some fingers recovered got back to the fight So he says about leadership here there are some people who believe that leadership is something which is inborn or which you acquire automatically at a public school, but neither Those things are true. There are so fundamental qualities which affect leadership in which depend to a very large extent on up bring, and the moral and spiritual values which you can learn what you learn in your family and in your environment as a young man, but there's
special way. Nor is there any special cast or class, which has the prerogative of leadership. There are many forms of leadership. Political party Have their leaders, every big organization in industry or commerce all have their leaders, and the other end of the scale, so do dance bans so do: gangs of thieves and smugglers. There are many qualities that apply equally to every type of leader, but you and I are concerned with one particular type of leadership. To my mind, the highest type of all- and that is leadership on the battlefield, and I leave it to be the highest type, because it has to the exercise under conditions of great difficulty in considerable danger. I would like to be quite. I would like you to be quite clear.
About the conditions under which you will have to exercise leadership. You will frequently be tired. You may also be cold and wet and hungry and thirsty You may be dripping with sweat. We may be freezing with cold. You won't precisely what is going on you won't know exactly where the enemy is? You certainly won't know what he is going to do, or what is capabilities are of doing anything you may not know where your own people are or what they are going to do? To put it briefly, you ve got be able to exercise leadership and conditions of fatigue and fear, uncertainty and ignorance and often in isolation, is what makes it extremely difficult, and that is why leadership on the battlefield calls, in my view, for the highest qualities.
Many qualities are required and leader different people have different views about which are more important, my opinion, there are five outstanding mental and physical, moral and spiritual qualities without which you cannot hope to be successful and a good leader on the battlefield, the first of those qualities, a mental and physical one, and that is fitness, absolute fitness of mind and body so make sure you're getting your morning. Physical training in physical fitness, mental fitness. Next, then, I would say you ve got to have complete integrity. You ve got to be honest not only with yourselves but with the men you lead in the people with whom you work honesty and integrity or things that you cannot compromise with you. Can
alter. If you do, you will lose confidence and you will not be able to lead. You must have complete integrity so. That's the same thing is being straight, not after them Not in any nexus our next after that, not in any order of priority but this is how I have put them down deep. In my mind, there is an enduring courage, pretty well. Everyone can be brave for a few minutes. Most of us can, if we steal ourselves to take one plea. Your make one decision or incur one risk, but the sword Courage you must have to lead on the battlefield, is an enduring courage and why that you will go that will go on when other people falter that will enable you to do. But you know to be right: irrespective of the danger or the difficulty contrary
and contrary to the advice of well meaning friends, so gotta have courage next, then you must have daring. Unknit, should initiative initiative means doing right away what you might if you had time. Think of doing a few minutes later. I like this. If you wait for things to happen to you, they will happen all right. And here I am quoting the words of my predecessor also spoken here. They will have than to you, but they won't be what you like They certainly won't bring you success Did it means seeing at once and very quickly what needs to be done, making your mind to do it and then seeing it through to the Biddle bitter end, so I love that one. If you wait for things to happen to you
They certainly will little bit me and willpower here, then you must have undaunted willpower, the willpower is the motive our it is. What enables you to make yourself fit in mind and body too, Deuce in you in your heart, the courage the enduring I that I spoke of to give you the courage to do your duty and to make the sacrifice that may be called from you. It is the we'll power that forces you to take the initiative to make the plan to do. What is quiet to see through and that way, power must be undaunted never allow itself to be overcome or subdued Are the finest example living today of the power and influence for good of man with undaunted willpower, as our prime minister in one of the critical point the last war he spoke.
Words. I am going to quote you now. He said all the great struggles in history have been won by superior willpower, resting victory in the teeth of odd, or upon the narrowest of margins. There is the will power that is superior, that can rest victory in the teeth of odds. That is the type of will power that has got to be developed in a leader on the battlefield. Mobilise your will now talks about some other qualities. He talks about knowledge. He talks about judgment. He talks about team spirit, saying because you cannot get success on the battlefield by yourself. You ve got work on other people. So obviously, as a leader, you have to have that spirit of teamwork
in closing out, he says there is one other thing I would like to say to you. As british officers you will never have all you want all you need. You will be short of this or that or the other. Sometimes you will be short of men other times your equipment, Weapons may not be as good as you think they ought to be. Nor will you have as many as you would like, be short of ammunition. You be short of food and water or other necessary things. When these circumstances arise as do often throughout your service, both in peace and war. There is only one motto and that day. This afternoon I would like to put it like this. First keep fit absolutely fit, then. We gave about what you have not got but get on and certain you do your utmost with what you have got.
To sum up what I've tried to say this afternoon, I would like to put it like this: first keep fit absolutely fit and be honest, honest with yourselves and honest with those with whom you work then have courage. And make it an enduring courage. Next, be bold, be dead ring and when there is a choice, take the bold and daring course make the very most of what you have got and never never never give in the US do what you can with what you ve got until you really like to Know- and I sometimes started are right next there's a chapter in this book
which is called discipline, which makes me very happy and again I tried to censor myself from not just doing the entire chapter. Obviously you can buy this book. If you want to see the whole thing, there's a great points. This first one is from field marshal. Earl Wave L who was in the Boolooroo wars and he was in World WAR one and in world war, two lost his left eye in the battle embrace. So more talk warrior here that was went back for service casually said about it discipline is teaching which makes a man do something which he would not unless he had learnt that it was the right, the proper and the expedient thing to do
at its best, it is instilled and maintained by pride in one's self in one's unit in one's profession,. Only at its worst by fear of punishment. So he's talking, we want self discipline, we don't want. Impose discipline. That's what he said. You know why know what you're doing this, because you're scared of me do what I tell you, I'm gonna beat you that's not what I want. I want. You say I'm going to do this because I want to do it. Here's a little somethin from Monti here and we're gonna get some disagreements going to disagree with multi. Sorry Monti wish you here to defend yourself. Ok, on discipline Monte. The bases of training must be self discipline. Call We must learn to be the master of himself and to keep in subjection the bad, qualities in his make up. I love that self discipline can be devised.
By training in such things as conception of duty, self control, self, respect, endurance and so on. We then have collective discipline, and there is no doubt that The initial training in this subject is best carried out by drill. Men must be taught instinctively to obey orders whatever they are. I do not believe men will fight voluntarily for cause without the iron bonds of discipline. The best form of discipline is subordination of self for the benefit of the community. So Some comments on those number one. When you say that you should. Obey orders, regardless of what they are, don't agree. I don't do that I want my men to question my orders. I won
them through its arms. Tell you to do something that they don't think a smart. I want them to question me. I won't to come up and then a better solution that's how we're gonna win, even them the moral thing to right leg, to obey it is regardless only after all, moral out for sure furniture. I want my whole team to behave. If this is the wrong thing to do. We should be doing now the other one he says here is. That people will fight for a cause without the iron bonds of discipline. I do believe that that's true either and I think of you. Look at american history, guys the we didn't have the strict. Of course. There's Luther this point, of course, in the military, are there impose discipline the motor, but the things that people in all soldiers have accomplished. Without strict imposed
this point. Is they ve, given a over open, overload, thousands and thousands and thousands of hundreds of thousands of cases, where men have given their lives, not because not because I said, or because the leader said, going to charge this machine gun nest. That's that's not why they did it. They did it because they believe in the costs. So I don't agree with I think that men will fight voluntarily for a cause without the iron bonds of discipline, and you know when I think they do it. I think they, when that causes freedom. When the cause is freedom, I believe men will fight without the bonds of discipline over them and. This idea that the best form of This point is the subordination of self for the benefit of the community. I don't actually agree without one either. I think the best for
of discipline is when there is a alignment in the discipline, the discipline for the team and the individual brow being success and survival and freedom. And when those things are aligned. That's when I think you get the finest form of discipline, He recovers a little bit from my criticism here and of course to everyone that is one ring? Why I'm sort of making fun of myself it's pretty embarrassing to be sitting here and disagreeing with a guy like Monday. So please don't take me the wrong way. Just giving my appeal near there had been no way comparing my military knowledge with General Montgomery, and he does say that
The basis of all discipline is self discipline which this is beautiful. When I agree that on two percent, this self discipline me come from within a person or may be imposed upon him from without don't agree not only last a little while, whatever search it source, it involves idea of self control and self restraint. That is true, but there is, I think, it's called Situational discipline, I think, or what is I could, I could have the expression wrong, but I think it a situation just meaning. Like if you're in a certain situation, you have you'll, be really self defence. And once you get out you're, not gonna. Let go over. Your watch There was the big show called the biggest loser now so yeah
much only people that are haven't, wait, Brahms, they gonna show they fed certain things, may door lose a bunch away, and then they the programme and that when they go back home in their not around that impose discipline great, they lose it right. That's my point. My point is that that impose discipline, works wall you have the impose a composer arching you get. What I would prefer is to have someone that makes a change in their mindset and develops self this right now. Sometimes you can get that from pros desponding, you realize like you get shown the freedom that discipline gives you and then you carry on with like a lot of people that listen, the podcast and they ve done incredible things with their lives because we There to impose discipline on them, but they recognise themselves. Maybe they said ok, nor am I going to get up for the next two weeks me get up early and work out how many eat healthy two weeks ago by they ve lost a little bit a body fat
gained a little but a muscle, and they feel good I know the sun. They realize the benefits of discipline and so change their minds and they become more disciplined human beings? That's what I like yeah when I dont like as all run a bouquet upon you and yell at you and screaming. Preserving people want me to Yellin scream. I get that. I think once or twice a day, someone will say you need to make an alarm clock where you'd yell and tell us tell me to get out of bed. Get psychological warfare, but I'm not gonna yellin psychological warfare, because yelling isn't an effective tool compared to actually speaking to someone and letting them understand why it's important yeah, that's the preferred to occasionally we gotta yellow people gradually. Yes, you do occasionally Melbury oftener, yes, occasionally not, but yet it yeah right with that situation of discipline cause even think about. What's worse, somebody yelling at you are someone whispering achieved
It's actually worse is somewhere in a to me, it's worse, sir Yelling, screaming does doesn't and it really doesn't really matter what they're saying either choose what yelling or with me like. You know, even there's telling you a normal thing they came here is what I want from the store. I want advocate of tomatoes in some wine, but what, if I whispered to each then my food me out actually make yea. Did the anterior that exists exit, nor now you get that that's the point doesn't really matter what they're saying whispering verses. Definitely has a different psychological effect for sure, every free, you being Jacqueline. You pick up a bit Why? No, actually I can't I'm leaving I kinda makes extra awkward for sure right.
So now we get into another part on discipline right here, and this is Sir John Fortescue, and when you pay attention to this one is we historical, sideways, I have in my mind, rather those excellent but generally unthinking persons who shrink with horror from the idea of a man. Abdicating, his civil rights, what they say a man must obey even an unjust command under pain. It may be of death, it is monstrous for purposes civil life it might be monstrous, but not for the purposes of implicit obedience which the thing that matters in the army. Let there be I see this as far as possible by all means, but as a general principle, it is better an army that an injustice should be done, then that an order should be disobeyed this.
However, is an argument that cannot appeal to our two hour. Nah generic objector because he has read no military history. So that's just very disturbing this whole thing and it's really doesn't comply with anything that I say which is I wanted. Question orders if they're not good or first you shouldn't obey him and he sent on a new it's better to do something on just as long as euro baying orders and I get a little better research about John for School and you're. Obviously I don't agree with this and actually in the new version of the book. He, the guy, rights, the forward to the new version of this? Specifically calls out John Fortescue and says we removed in the Hague. These are all from the book day. And what I found out about him. Was yes, he was in the army. He was a major in the army but
I don't think he was in any combat, and what I do know is that he was the royal librarian from nine. You know five until nineteen. Twenty Saxony died a night. Don't do so. He didn't go to one really always of the guy's a world where one board were to veterans. He was the light, the royal librarian, and it's interesting when he says because he has read no military, isn't that gives you never been in combat before this is written deck of the personnel. What objectives has never read military history? Well We hardly the fiori yeah he's going with the theory, and and if you want to take this and stretched out more broadly, this attitude, you know, I world war, one. I hate World WAR one because it was so based on obedient,
and you are going to charge we're going to charge this trench. All seven thousand of us are going to charge tomorrow morning at zero, six hundred and thirty, where to go over the top mode down my machine guns and then the people in a false and do the same thing with a big guys were so obedience and brave, and just selfless to do that, but this attitude is what made that war so devastating, because no one said: hey wait, a second this doesnt seem smart to me. I just watched you know too three four battalions or two three four regiments give MO down and now you're telling me I'm going to do the same thing tomorrow with my men. No, I want your question my orders. I want you to They know before me. Can you do something that doesn't make sense? I want you to say no and if I can't splendid to you in a logical way. Then,
I should rethink what I'm saying to you. So Mister John Fortescue we're gonna have to say that we ve gotta changed our opinion on on obedience and there are more important things than obedience in a team in a military team and in the business world. Here's their peace from the stone back a general William Slim, any army without discipline is no more than a mob, alternating between frightened sheep and beasts of prey disk As the british soldiers demonstrated in peace, and war is the old christian virtue of unselfishness of standing by your neighbor? Your comrade it is the sacrifice of a man's come four inclination, safety, even life for others- for something great than himself
The refusal to be the weak link in the chain that snaps under under strain and this great little story here, one paragraph back to book once from the safety of a well Doug Command Post. I look down a battery vouch artillery inaction in the african Bush, it was firing at five rounds per gun per minute and idly. I timed the nearest in that area, the enemy unfortunately had please local, air, supremacy and guns unless engaged in some vital task were, or To remain silent, whenever hostile aircraft appeared grudge We dominating all other sounds: came the dull drone of bombers flying low, but the gun went on firing. File, rounds per gun permitted.
For they were supporting and infantry attack cover, move by the way First, stick of bombs fell around the gun. I was watching so its crew were hit the dry brush roared into flame, which spread in gently to the camouflage nets over the gun. It finished from my site in smoke and flame. Yet from the very midst of that inferno, at the exact intervals, came the flash and thud of the fire Gun five rounds per minute per gun. Never a falter, never a second out no weak link there. The discipline held.
That's pretty awesome. Sections here talking about duty, Service and worse first start with Colonel George Henderson, a british officer who fought in Egypt and at the battle of cassettes and and He fought the Boers as well, then he talks about Waterloo, Eric go back to book no incidents more familiar norm. Military history than this stubborn resistance of the british line at Waterloo. Through the long hours of the MID Summer day, silent and immovable squares and squadron stood in the trampled corn harassed by. In almost incessant fire of Canada, musketry to which they were for.
Didn T make reply not a moment but Heard some cry of agony: Not a moment, but comrade fell headlong into the furrows yet as bullets of the skirmishers hailed around them and the great shot tore through the tight pact ranks. The word was passed quietly. Closing on the centre. Men. And ass. The sun neared at setting the regiments still shoulder to shoulder, stood fast upon the ground they had held at noon. The spectacle is characteristic in good fortune and an ill it rare, indeed that a british regiment does not hold together and this industry both cohesion best of all
qualities. That an armed body can possess is based not merely on hereditary resolution, but on mutual confidence in me, to respect the man in the ranks has implicit faith in his sir the officer and almost unbounded belief in the valor and discipline of his men. Unbreakable stronger than anything that's gonna get thrown at us. The brotherhood he's gonna stand. The thing that makes the seal teams do well is the bond that holds them together and then and is so strong. That its unbreakable and that's why seals do well in combat because we have a bond. That is unbreakable stronger than anything. That's gonna get thrown out us. The brotherhood he's gonna stand amateur,
close this book out with two more quotes and so CAN of Waterloo. This one is from wellington- and this is a very simple quote He said my rule was always to do the business of the day in the day and I I was reading this book the other day and actually posted something about it, but I wish I was I didn't we. Rise. I was thinking about this, but we have a of us. The seal teams plan your dive and dive. Your plan is the sank to when year when you're doing a combat swimmer attack, which is when your honor, we breather in your diving, underwater and what, if you ve ever done before, if you don't understand this, it's very hard to comprehend what combat swimmers like, but give you a real quick brief. We
Doing your combat dive on a you basically can't see anything. It's nighttime you're down at ten twelve fifteen feet underwater its black You can't see anything. There's no like fish swimming around, there's no sea life to look out. There's no Korea, its black. You can't see anything the only you can actually see is thing called an attack aboard, which an attack board I was really cool, but let me take but it is it's a piece of plastic woman used to be would that has on it a depth gauge a compass and watch to time, and so you put little tiny, TIM lights glowing can waiting. You actually take them up so that their barely emitting any light at all, and you put one the stopwatch one by the compass and one by the depth gauge
and when you are under water, so you have those things there, basically strapped onto this board that you hold outermost liked about the size of a piece of paper rate of eight and a half miles Spirits about how big the sport as an on you ve got your death gauge, you're compass and you stop watch and you can early, see them thereby glowing very faintly and when underwater. That's all can see. It is just that you can see anything else. Occasionally you'll get like some weird abstract light from the moon or something, but that's rare cause you're down under water and if you ever been in water with low visibility, sometimes that sometimes it's actually hard to see the attack board, that's two feet and funnier face so then what you're doing is you're. Looking at that compass, you're, looking at that depth, gauge and you're looking at the stopwatch- and you have we planned legs that you're going you. Gonna go this long. This this bear.
This long, this depth. For this time and when I say so, you're kicking looking at this board for on Seventeen minutes then you're going make a ninety degree turn and you're going to for another forty eight minutes and then to make a right turn for twelve it's a you're gonna hit your target veneer to turn round. Do some other route back out is long You can stand wanders data water that eventually run out of oxygen. You come to the surface and you swim the rest. The way dear extract divisions of the glory in the the fond of being a seal. This is it's not it's work and it's hard work and you have to concentrate the whole time and you got to make sure you don't go to shallow- were too deep. If you go to shall you'll be seen. If you go to Deep Europe, go off, the the dive labels that you're allowed to beyond oxygen. For so you gotta folks the whole time and by the way you Ernest pair
your buddy. That's with you he's even more miserable than you are because he has no idea. What's going on he's just trying to keep up with you cause for somebody, The way you dive the way you put your body when you have the tack board, you can swim a little bit faster than the guy. That's looking around and making sure that you're not going to hit anything and make sure you're, not so there's only one TAT board premier here, there's one attack board for prepare. Sometimes we would make We would make a smaller attack board just because it was so much more efficient to fly with them, but you can't fly you Eve, the body you, you can't be just like any attack, but you have to look around attack board the Attack board maniac. That's what we call the attack bored so with all that the reason I'm telling you all this is that when you the water, it's really easy to get confused and turn around, and sometimes you go over big piece of metal better in the water and your compass starts to like wander around and you you can't
ok with your body, moon, that's what it sounds like you, ve got. So we know we have squeezed signals and sometimes we carry Greece pens to write, but never with no real, effective way to communicate underwater so you're, just in this dark, just cold the wind situation for three. Two three four hours at a time and The saying is that we had is planned your dive and die your plan, because if you and I go under water and then we trying to adjust things while we're under water, and we just do. We think we can do something different. One single person, while you and I will be taking two different things and it's going to be a disaster. So we we plan our diving diver plan and that's reminded me of this statement. Do the business of the day in the day right it done what you say: you're gonna get dont. Do it SIMPLE, as that and its
dive. Your plan and what I said the other day I said, plan what you're gonna do and then do what you plant. That's real, simple, in and think about how far you're gonna think of where you will be in two weeks. If every day you plan what you gonna do than you do you plan it's. It's amazing yet seem so they, that'll belt. What we're talking about a few weeks ago, where it's like distractions, that's the thing. You know a thing like this the of distraction. The Africa you never wake up. I was explaining my eight year old daughter, the other day that the design cuz playing a game on Ipad What are you learned from that and you who would have Oh, are you learning anything from that she's it all? You have to get he's rings as it also you're, not learning anything from that
I don't. I said you know what they do. They make their game to make you want to play it bore it. There's! No there's! No men do there's no headway. They just want you play that can keep clicking on that. That's their look in order. Of course, I'm just been told your Mikey, I look at how we look how well it works it. You see, you can look at you, you, Look at you holding onto this thing and shouldn't fall. Faultless anymore. Wench younger, used to go up and and press her head as if her head was getting softer I'd? Look I lay at home at how long have you been on this point that I dont know what to say. I think if you stop now, your brain might harden back. Eventually with pride, the same thing through her muscles legume eating like chips to someone like you mustn't getting like all software Anna Maria vision. Force it works out of their works, but they do they put they plan these things of day addicted. Your dick
Those I about once lived. There is no real. Everything is designer. I right. Maybe you talk about the Facebook app. That shows the little thing that shows. Oh, I like leaves the seller, and this might be the message that I've been waiting for right, variable reward. It might not be so that's the thing. That's if you know get indeed it what it's gonna be, can instantly it's less addictive school variable reward that's what I'm saying but youth the everyone in their minds snake in this, my Pierre. This might be the big one execrate I'm getting contacted by. By tenacious d, they saw my tweet they're getting back at me. Gonna come on the podcast, we're the Tunisians Felicity jug black. Carl gas moves at envy its banned from a movie. They have in a movie yes and they reject black jack. You want to know. Let us look at another musician, ok, gotcha school of Rock, the son of a rock of how that's not just check.
No, no, he is an actor. I said in a deal: being a member here got historical. Why do we just But oh yeah, because at the end of this might be the tweet that I was waiting for me from tenacious d for checking. Check my twitter forty seven times a minute no not happening how'd you get you dont have a tweet from tenacious de that's not there. They didn't treat you yeah, so dont. Check your twitter go and do something productive, but so and that's when you're already distracted so basically build. The point was You don't do your plan your day, her duty and do the plan right, because no point your day and do what you plan yeah. That's it fully. No plans to what's ridge, Edward. What's really jacked up is, if you actually took what you did in a day and you wrote it down and planned it. I bet you could get it done in
so much less time. Right now, I've got a lot of stuff going on right now and I'm Things that normally take me to our I'm doing forty six minutes quality right away today getting after, but you gotta put a little sister. Stayed on something and say yes do here, you gotta get it done. I need you to sit down and make it happened. Yes, that's what you need to do, though its it. It was a simple but unease, easy thing but this is why so you wouldn't you put it in a way. You put these kind of parameters on what you're gonna do and if, like I, if, I'm making a plan, and I'm sticking to the plan right. That's what I'm doing so. Why do x rays? Yet you know all these things and, if so base the right when you say ok, here's the fine, you outline it if its the plan you just don't do it. It's so so distractions known plans, Take the eight tomorrow I'm gonna just eat like crap. Tomorrow
the plan? That's never the plan, but if you don't have any plant or nothing sure you are those things that come in please you're alive. It tomorrow and you're talking to plan the whole day. You combine every meal, you don't get it if you, dear dear, would be real effective. Do they want to stay on locked right are so much in the mere prep the night before you got no surveys, weird cooking, seven. Can breast you're just read? You got everything laid out and it is what the elder there you go, really that people do that. Ours was didn't, raise any works. Yes, sir, you exactly right so and is it realistic and really when you think about it kind, it is if we are committed to a well what's crazy is, is it takes more work up front? How long is it prepare your meals for the weak and by the way I don't do this, but how long I've done it before, how ones prepare it meals, you two hours to ours and twenty minutes, let's say same amount of time. By the way you get done, preparing those
an you save time and the weak right now, you're not sitting around to give redeploying your pots and pans redeploying your stove setting that all that other stuff, you actually are going to save time. If you play your day here and then you do your plan yet and think about it. A visa meal prep example we're ok you don't. Typically we don't plan on every meal for a week table. We just don't do that, but when you do we'll prep planning situation say we meaning human lives in Vienna, where every way I the typical percent, so that's it So when you do that now boom than your meals, an element of your life that typically isn't cortical planned, is planned. So now there, those parameters set, so anything, outside those parameters. Do you just don't really thinking about his money and when they kind of entering its real obvious, like hey, that's not part of this what the hell! You know it's like its, moreover, it like, but if your planet
They come in the sky like whenever there no parameters there, anyway, my head, so that calls for everything you do So just like yours and you have a lot of stuff, so you plan on how to do this here. Do this now do this at this time finish it by this time all the stuff Those parameters are set for the destruction of way hard attending it. So in everyday life you can some ambiguous, go hey. I want to eat better no plan by the way, just it's an ambiguous, Go Isn't there parameters on their you take one miss step. You know you were at the start, stop light for longer than you expected now you're late for this, Non pressed for time. There's Mcdonald's with in ITALY, sneak great in, but if you got those parameters in you be Mcdonald's, note not part of my planet, replanting and execute and another thing? If you're gonna play your day, you should actually plan to have time in there. That has nothing in it. Right, so you should use you plan to have a half an hour where you're, where you're gonna do problems right.
Ok, so that where problems could they're gonna come up. You gotta have your: U free time and by free I mean free to we'll, make us to examine and just and make things good What you should do is a cause of tea, there's something that I have a really hard time like with the podcast I'll, keep preparing the podcast I'll destroy hiring out just beyond the time. I know I you, go beyond that, because I there's another three not tied into something else, anomaly go plot. Another book and by the way I gotta run out of time. Get it from Amazon, psalmody, Gunnar Library, Leonardo means is, do you go down where I could prepare for a public asset? wherever and not be ready for it it's all. I have to put my own self in check and say: okay, draw the line on this level of debt this thing now I might make a footnote in a kind of cool category. Now on my computer, that's you know tangents where I.
I opened a tangent- and I didn't close it on the past so now working to build, enter them at a different time. Different win, win allows sang it focused on that one subject. So that's pretty yet button it takes discipline to do that because otherwise just go down. Every rabbit opened up a new deal, take a book like listen, there's somebody rapid rules and there is almost impossible to stay out of it gets kind of ridiculous in a way he so. My point is point plan your day and then execute you point. If you do, that can make a huge difference in your life. And what can you look up? You look up in a month two months, three months, the amount of stuff that you ve gone down is ridiculous. And I'll tell you one of the ways that I do not myself. As I just put task myself with thy I'd, say: I'm gonna do that.
And you don't have to do your great apply if lead say with this progress good example, we do this podcast once a week. We ve held the line really well on that issue. We didn't. If we said you know what. Let's just put the podcast out when we put it out here I if that was the Mai. That we had from the beginning. We would probably I'm gonna guess that we would have less than half of the pot costs would have been put out. That's my guest because we were too said you know what hey got a train this week and are going to miss that, and I haven't read the book tat. I was going to read so because right now broke the I've got fifteen minutes that half hour, our my schedule or have nothing guess what I'm doing in that half an hour undoing twenty two minutes worth reading of a book. That's common up! That's what I'm doing! If we have the discipline struck for in place that probably wouldn't be happening. The problem,
we wouldn't be everybody around. You know what little time with highbrow yellow bro. Let's give this week, invested so much easier yeah. You know what I was gonna go good wearing out today and only want to do this today, no we're down at the wheel we signed up for it totally now to get to a point. Where say you know what every two weeks we mention that before people Tat idea: Yes he's worth didn't like that idea, I didn't like that. You know why, because I like that discipline, why You know why cause I'm, basically, I'm basically and finding myself to doing something productive as a whole, to watching Youtube videos yeah right about cats. Physician who knows right good, Youtube, videos, there is also a lot of them are not good and you're, not getting anything out of him and man the ones that they rack up for you when you Just got done watching one,
one that they rack up for you or every single one of them, where they record Iraq of four on top and foreign bottom on your little screen and every one of them is- is like a click bait. Every one of them is a click. This it's crazy, yeah! It's! They do obviously a brilliant idea, because it has a lot to do with everything that you have to you ve, while for sure so red of Youtube. Video. The next video, if always just like, My name is innocent relevant to what useful one right there, and that is why that is what you gotta get angry at the you know. You know you have that for you, how you have that that way, did you overcame your anger management right by by you read that it was like give you had low. Self esteem that's where did Matt? Well, when you get that when you get that next week, back of Youtube video staring at you. If you should be getting past, because you know what they're trying to do there trying to get, you could try to take your time away from you
and, by the way there making money from New York that next thing you they're making their making money from what you're doing, and so they D ve set this system up to make you click. Yes, your mom is what you are. You are my locker look at you falling heard everything every there. That's how quick drinking due by the way that is legit like I'm falling for a trick them. My brain is plain in Hollingford I tracked found trick that in like I said it's hard to because its mixed in with Paul, if stuff on Youtube, there lay a really good quality stuff on Youtube there, some great knowledge you can gain from Youtube for sure and if you're good at justifying things yet yeah, that's true to its really scared. But my point is: I don't want to sit here back on you too, because it's in a credible source of information, if you keep it information but it's really easy to get sideways on that and they somehow no making it much like watching
street fight too, because watch street fights or I watch are you have sea fight or watch a clip relaunch a submission it? They know how to drag you in you, like those click eight titles of the guy fighting the kangaroo yeah man versus Kangaroo, unbelievable right and of course you do yourself, ok! Well, what would I do find it find a kangaroo? I live in America, animal fighting illegal rules with some organically combat video to see what is such garbage good job? You tube and I'm not gonna, be a sucker, rear nope, not only alarm, give yourself a limit, yeah see in that by way of yourself, I click lemon on those things or just set. Your plan regular, someone's parameters where you want it's it even thinking about it right now read really after you can explain to their. It really puts it into perspective and
all the things you ever I mean you're different. I think I think a lot of people were sometimes people only make plans. It's like they have important stuff, something that simple, I get work stuff right. I got this to do list there's like turn things on the list, which actually seems like a pretty big to do this thing, tat, big wonder in one day, You know how many things you do in a day that you can get distracted from a lot of them more than ten fits like a lot and everything everything from like the sweat the day you wake up or not the day, but the time you wake up what you eat every single time. By the way the tv watch. I don't wanta get air every such a of the day if it a parameter on it and you'd be just lays focus on all your goals instead of these ambiguous, who know what they lose weight around it It is not an old excellency. More
not I know things. The plan doesn't take that much time to put together yeah man. Are you its it'll end up thieving you time, oh for sure, you'll end up in the runway. Another ten minutes, if you spend planning the next day, will are you for hours even usually get done everything you have to get done in like half the time yeah, half that crazy and it's weird do because a modest one out there. I want to make it sound, like there's some Serbs and people at a really busy, The single mom she's got to three! Kids! She got to three jobs here. She doesn't know what she's listen. This conversation gone yet, no kitty S! Ok, that's why they know you do yeah she's in a game, twenty four seven, while not using a game. Twenty cause, she's What did she say that we want our twentieth seeking together. The when you say there's disappear that the two things to that. Yet
see people, you know how those and get those like the single moms or the single dad's vague it what I just said we are in a situation. They have no choice in the right, after that the notorious may get after their. Like I'm gonna get this done. They got their France there looking at their kid there, looking at their three rolled kid that not dead three year old. Kid has nothing without that mom sitting on the grind and go into the dirt restaurant in working. As a waitress or whatever or she's working her job whatever you do it not putting it together knows exactly Tuesday. Three weeks from now on, at four forty six, she where she's gonna be? She knows exactly where me I mean come on. You know compared to the average person we don't know and then completely. I was with you. You know, even like a hundred percent sure, which our cause
no cruising good interlude at any time issued by design the very ambiguous activity that then go to the other side of the spectrum of busy people mean they're busy because they don't planning Ives drew in so busy Alla time. Meanwhile, no, no productivity or very little limited, limited plan. Your day execute you plan last Little quote from this. This is Frederick the great the battle of common. In seventeen, fifty seven and There were some troops that were read a couple
different versions, again speaking of rabbit holes and start going down the rabbit hole. As I read two different versions of this, there was either troops that were hesitating to attack, or there were troops that were actually retreating into these troops. Frederick. The great said ox. Would you live forever? and another way that was translated was you cursive rascals? Would you live forever and within he that to his own. True by that are leaving either and eager hesitating to attack lip or order. Retreating, any sane dogs, revenue cutter, barbarians, not well,
on em. Would you live forever that what you're looking for to live forever? Now you shouldn't be- and you know I think, that's a good way to wrap up that book because, like we save those two quotes always do the business of the day in the day to plan. Will you do and do you plan and dogs you cursing rascals, or would you live forever? Let me answer that for you know you won't and worked here talking about a book. We talk about a book today. We talk about leadership and that's awesome, but you gotta start by leading yourself by doing what you say you will do that's integrity, purse
integrity, when you say that you're gonna do something that they talked about beings straight today, to talk about personal integrity. That starts with yourself. By doing what you actually say, you are going to do by not hesitating and waiting a lead yourself, so get moving. Don't wait! Do what you plan and do it today, because you don't get to live forever and the clock is ticking
And I think that's all I've got for tonight and echo since we are not hesitating right now. If you could without hesitation, please explain to people how they might be able to support this progress, if they wonder sure, of course, because we want to live for ever actually call the barbarian didn't say that when you guys, he didn't say he didn't say much in common, the barbarian, the pipelines but not much his girlfriend girl and the beans cover. Then she dies later, but whatever she says terminal when they hesitate or when they are about to do something. Not she says: do you want to live forever than they discharge
ok, what area up she was she case. Exactly that's the exact usage in speaking of not hesitating, saw kettlebells who travel on it, but this kind of relevant reminded me academician it earlier. So I hear good things right, kettlebells and little familiar incorporate them here and there, but you know I was here more and more some like him and make this part of the thirteenth program. You do Kettlebells Hobbes, yes D,
dumb bell stuff. Did you like number? I actually don't use a lottery about an area. Big Dunbar guy here, like even like bench right day, I'd die. Men ass, well, ass, my bench like people say how much can you bitch there now and not enough? I answered longer better care about sob kettlebells, but I got a new careful with kettlebell bells, yes, start off light. This I'd say with kettlebells more so than in, because when you throw a colleague that thing it's not a dumbo is like you grab DUMBO it as a perfect candle each side of the DUMBO perfectly balanced the same. Exactly Brad kettlebells, as a handle than in some thing at flip, around it'll will break. We brought you can bring Europe or what swinging on you know the one that you go on all the terms very, but though
grab it with the two handling get about the basic where a buzzword between your legs brand like Sweden. It am. I brought what, if this, what if my balance was offer ottoman whatever and the kettle bill hit. My shit be pain. You can break your shit if you ever should, or even if I, like, a sixty two palm edible in Britain, be careful with that sought to make things actually technical they're, not what I got the on at once, the werewolf you know and the champion of that, and you think when you compare to the, gonna kettlebells there, the cannibals around right, the regular once again so you'd. Think, oh, you know that design once with a werewolf, they might become awkward cause they're, not like perfectly uniform, but guess what the balanced when they make em so they're, just safe, but so we're going careless, I'm I'm
explaining the emergence. Kettlebells in my work out yeah and you like, I like while I am the point is: don't hesitate, rakers unifying and I gave you could do more. Kettlebells ambiguous, ambiguous, go that's what it is, no parameters, but I like you. What today is a gonna do I'm this is to be the work of the Summer work. I was your numbers I'll give. You numbers persuaded MECCA. Kettlebells the werewolf, so those are sixty two pounds each had to the double bombs, or did it's like a d on and off? This is an actual kettlebells official movement. I think it s you guys, like a cannibal swing to of outside the hips narrow stands up to
mean ok, you clean it right and then for an impressive rank them back down for a swat bumper Okhinnah breath, yes saw Adieu, five wraps and then five purpose walk in a circle. Thirty five, second, five rips again, so do that six times too quick, eight minute enough in Ozma S famous, while the men but with the kettlebells and this kind of the squire pro it's weird. I used to do that with a bar, its There is a lot of little muscles in there. They mix kettlebells good. Is that the unstable their lesson more than a barbell here and they move awkwardly yes, you have to use more energy and more strength to keep them under control. Yet working muscles that you know you still most likely gain you it's its interests.
Because you using like you, can get into this kind of some weird, but this flow of like You know like when it swings down it's not like, or it doesn't jerking it will, if you're not ready for it, but if you can in no after you get used to it, it just flows is like this almost no impact the ep. Kettlebells are good. You do that Where did would you get your kettlebells from Asia? my kettlebells from on it. I only get the cords actually afterwards and I had a picture. I was gonna posted online to us again It was less about that. At that point you know, but one item again, the werewolf ones So in your work on one of the videos on their kind of mentioned, this is like I like this one, because it's like, I think it's like the gorilla someone like that, you like it, looks at you and it's like it once did. He says he says that the grill
like you wants to buy your dick subtly set something like, but he has a good point like those but the bells when you like men. I really don't want to do this and then Just looking at you, you know, and you I think you walk away- you come. And you look at it and it still looking at you with the same expression because it as its objective. It helps you, don't you get into the work out their email, especially like how you your challenge. Every time do that on support us On a dot com, Slash Jacko Temperature gets kettlebells awful brain strong. Yeah. The crude bigtime, shrimp, tech yeah so with the cruel oil minded,
commissioner, a slack they want to while doing convenient and I'm kind it's weird, I'm slowly studied I'm not best up. I'm not I'm gonna be starting to think so actual wanna go you don't let it get out of your system completely. That's not good yeah. Then I gotta reinterpret into its thinking. I think it takes about six days. Yet in mightily the corporate it took five when I start to be like all this, when it comes into the less cruel, the best cruel straighter is from on it. So you on a dark on flushed Jackal, ten percent off. If you want that ten percent off go slash, job, oh good way to support yourself but guess and get after it more efficiently. Also, if you want to check out this site
look serve to lead, we'll have a post on the website. It takes you to Amazon, got these books from very quickly the website that sports broadcasts really good, whether by these books any book we didn't lusatia last week, no we did book five rings. Last week remove saw she. The novel will be covered in podcast, one hundred yeah. If you are we going to talk about the whole book? It's a novel, so it's gonna be spoilers. So if you want, You listen that public ass you got rid of now it's a thousand in pages long it rican long so get the book. So that you can get this a distraction of the book because it has the most epoch ending one of the most epoch endings of any books here and it's on the dark about Gas Dhaka website books, topical books are all on their also the one you mentioned it today. One called mine games the book that our brain
who put their honour didn't yet the the author is Michael Powell, here's the thing: it's not like it's! It's not like a typical book words like talks about anger management. It's not that it's? It's literally like there's little games like mine, brain exercises in there you know it's just everything in the really short chapters or just feel things in that one chapter happen to be about dealing with anger anyway, Michael Powell is the author unknown. Does it all put it on there, though legit Amazon, quick through basically you click through their boom fix Amazon. This is it's a little support thing. You know small action, big reaction or, if you do other shopping on their duct tape. Duct. If you will any shopping really but Europe, these books,
good, that's real, relevant one. I think that people um, you know they do honour to grab these books and put their on their offer, also subscribe to the pot gas. If you have an already Itunes did your Google play, which everyone you prefer. I think Itunes is the most popular but see significant reference since the Google play in general society. Also, let us have it you're, stitching out you allow them. People didn't wanna, go mainstream. You know it's like the iraqi people. Old, school or yeah. You know it makes sense. You know, what's the old saying, don't go there heard path less travel You're one of those other things seem deal seem deal so I get Google up but
Good news is run. Oliver goes choose your your avenue. Also you to subscribe to our Youtube channels. We do you. Do you do chow talk about every week, but it not only does it have. A video version of this package has excerpts and. De Luxe Serbs or those excerpts that you have enhanced, told you say, enhance depth excerpts? Also, you know what man I have this other idea you not only do I want to make little will just say other little videos to do step that add value, so to speak like that. Well, the video is a very compelling form of interaction with people like that's. Why that's why you too, I think you tube is like the most searched website, bigger than its more search in Google. Maybe I'm wrong, but.
It's up there. It is our number one is number two we. So if you want to learn something people immediately, yes search, you do that today and guess what remember the other day we talk about you to bread. Dear, I got you to read because the ads adds is one thing but also you can listen to music with out it being on the screen it plays. In the background, like I too yeah, and now I can do any album that I have a lot of music, a lot of music that I listen to isn't on Itunes, cuz, it's old school, it's hot Or its underground, like the elderly not on their but the Youtube videos, either crazy hurriedly Youtube video beyond their from some random hard core band, from New York. Upstate, New York, and that their bare whether one album that they made the unwanted e p. Five songs long then came out in nineteen. Eighty seven it'll beyond
it's not anywhere near Itunes, it's on it and you can play. It would also make sense. I guess they you two breadth. I'm so put or not some knowledge and not merely to read now, because the main. In point rom that the arms without tracks, just tell me why you like albums with tracks these realities and without drugs web typically, I don't listen to Youtube for the Music situated not forgot. Where I go to you. If you have read your change that yeah, maybe I mean read they push, it will pay no ads and then only cooler have, but Madame TAT, quick to jump on the no ads thing there had been played, I'm so alive comes with movies, but the ads that play I also like it'll, be for me directly for me like saying that that is a long way away, sometimes idea the ultimate you two person,
The next video enjoy the advertised Marie I get, the Thai Lopez adds a lot. You know that is right. Tyler pits he's he's super smart guy he's. Actually one of the reasons why, like they started, reading a lot like one of the reasons and so smart. But his ads are all over you too, but I know it's my fault because its relevant to what I watch. Apparently they do that. So it's my fault, but does let's get this. Should you oughta college, you know anyway. Yes, oh yes ascribed. Are you to let some subscribers on this? Some good feedback keep hosting videos. It does help that people will say of proceedings, In addition to just use requesting peer pressure have Gatwick here,
yes, I'm ready to those good and also Jack- was a store psychological store. Jackal stored up come on there. We have t shirts if you were tee shirts, do not check them out. If you're interested in anything on there get some by Messina bye. So I'm not saying hey, probably not coming by t shirt, not saying that I can go to yahoo dot com. There's some shirts on there. Who does on their rash guards patches for women's does something up somewhat, not travel mugs, hats coming, check, em up if you like our hats coming soon before yeah. I've been impressed by your turn times on the ages depends on what you think soon, where will you say soon to me that me three mean three days? Ok, so I got a call for hats care we found out that same flying. Down that same there is, but
That's not what I'm saying I get so quite enormous on coin. In a way so on the end of all my road is a. I don't know what it is, the church or religious centre or something, and it says on the top, its Jesus. Coming soon and that went up one hours. I think the news old so soon is a relative to very real of rare relit relative. Yes, it's a sliding scale for sure will monitor what hats I hope get here before return of Jesus yeah, that's the goal, for we can make better We often does he go summer, time now, right now summer time, so we need hats to wear in the sun, alright to block the sought. Yes, that's what have you got your so yet there? It is just a start
maybe see something on their that you, like you, recognise the layers grab something support. Here's a little thing: Jocker designed a shirt designed specifically one hundred percent too by the way by Jacques or even tried to put my little pinky in their name, input yeah that I read up denied moonlight breath. Do you know manages at your lawyer that should not up it's been printed, but we went with it in hundred percent jockers design, hundreds not really approve. By me. I mean it's approved, but, like I tried to them, make my little considerations. My little altered the and gods nations- I was worse now for them they should also about my creative leave. We overcame them. Well, totally overcame him. Romeo?
in the short and that's a direct order. We would have it now you're what you? U financed it for sure, but at the end of the day I looked up another day. My input on you know the store that thing. You know that think I feel like I'm. The manager of the store, apparently I'm wrong, but that's cool to new shirt. As result December juggle juggle start up this agreement. Also psychological warfare. If you know what that is, its an apple with tracks of Jack was voice saying in telling helping. So it's doing its helping people myself included by the way through moments, of weakness, if they arrive arise, arrive Anorexia, so yeah you're having trouble If you want an alarm clock of me its people. Ass before get psychological warfare and set it settings your long, that's it that's why we made it.
Because everyone is asking for that, so there you have it. You don't need to you we're not gonna make a ringtone. I don't think you will tat yet technically Set it, as you just said, it isn't: ringtone yeah, it's the eye. It works really, especially that well depends on your weakness right or what kind of person your soul me. If you say, echoing for thirty four one year. Every morning, one year, there's gonna be a here too, where it's gonna be harder than you did so on the track. What time do you wake up? that's classified so easily, around over rolling we're at noon. Moon on said You saw a wine time. Don't you By noon, how could you even do that blue eyed? I didn't I'm too. It was it's a long story, but yes, my wife was a kid. It was a good free to join.
Or nice nice of you to join us. Even a wife is ragging on new for Europe into new brow credit to her. She was just like to raise two daycare sprawl: thou Reda little Queen size beds, getting ass, not to make a change unless back to psychological warfare. If you have me, if you're on a d, a cool diet, you eating his clean boom, you get that temptation one day at work. The doughnuts you only bring the donor re would talk about evil attempt the people just do that to you don't Gracie here on our while parliament, he talks about like how do you go to a restaurant, and then I called so cute. The kids hear some. You know: here's a cupcake for the kids, so cute right and people like overlook how rude in
think of how much of a violation there is young rap poison. You can freedom while you're at it. Hey, look, look how cute your kids are. Kids, let me give them something super unhealthy violation. Anyway, that's what happens when people bring doughnuts for work and think omit to do this for the office. Not that I frown upon them. The same put it into perspective. Nonetheless, if someone does that, why you're work booming that attract were that to put it on real quick ear but of its view, sugar coated lies recruited lies directly to you in your skull. Psychological warfare. Look at it on or look for on Itunes. Jack willing Google play Google play emblem music, all that stuff arrogance wherever the mp3s are being distributed. So on Amazon you can you talk, white teeth and here's a little verified purchase review again. This means that the person whose verified percent. So here's the review as a t guy, I am somewhat picky, sorry
Words of Jacques, a White t, I'm pretty sure, The box was growling when I opened it that's a verified, reveals a brood up, some tea and port it over ice, after which I went out of my bike for training ride. I was pulled over twice. I explained that I had consumed some Jacobite d before I left me officer just nodded and said get after it The next officer was not so forgiving and gave me a ticket for speed, limit so in summary, this didn't get pretty pricey if you don't mind speeding ticket while riding a bike, so I just another thing to be careful of. If you drink, Jocko White Tea and then you get on a bike, you got to watch out that you don't get speeding tickets cuz! You really go a little faster than the speed limit. That's a Jocko white tea! On Amazon, you can get one way to work, Ukip and this this review here of way. The warrior kid also verified purchaser view from Amazon,
book! I wish I'd read when I was a kid and that's the same thing. I say all the time I work schools and have already bought a spare copy, lend out my students. I have also read it twice: myself, though, I'm thirty nine year old man side. Note my purse, jobs have also improved. So I'm telling you it's a kids books That's what everyone says. That's you know what it's set up a kind of looks like this lessons in their from Uncle Jack, that we all need where the warrior kid you can pick that one up also discipline equals freedom field manual. You know this book is about its about getting after it mentally and physically simple straightforward, so if you want to get after it get the discipline equals freedom field manual. Not a lot of fluff in their community that right now not a lot of fluff straightforward,
Of course we got the book. Extreme ownership is the book. We refer back to a bunch on here, combat leadership before your life for your business, for your school for your family, for you own it and for your business, where your team, you can get us Echelon, front leadership, managed by consulting to help bring leadership at your team to the next level. That is, life ban, who wrote extreme ownership with me? That is Jamie. Now that is Dave Burke, both those guys I've been on the pot gas work both with those both those guys extensively in battle remedy and myself also at a front so that We do we gonna companies. Can we help you with your leadership info at echelon, dot com
If your interested, also the muster in Austin sister July thirteen and fourteen Omni Barton Creek Resort. I think this might be sold out by the time. This airs it's a van. You that only three hundred seats we sold most of em if you don't get a ticket in time, brat check extreme ownership, dot com. If you can still get a ticket for that one, and if you do, get a take it in time for that one! That's ok come to San Diego September fourteenth and if for muster zero zero for that, one is also at the army hotel, but the one in San Diego lots folks are coming back to that one: That's people that went to the first muster insanity Who are coming back for another guy can be awesome. We will see you there and
In the meantime, if you want to talk to us, we are actually upon the inter WEBS on Twitter on Instagram. Can we gonna see now one on they face echo is add ECHO Charles in I am at Java willing in thanks. Everyone from listening to the podcast, but don't just listen. Go out wake up earlier work. Our harbour read more, yourself better Better soldier better sailor, better airmen or a better marine. A better police officer, a better future. Fighter, a better paramedic make your
alpha, better engineer or gender or waitress, or wait or lawyer or doktor, or car mechanic or builder, make yourself a better person bettered leader every day. Hand, as Charlie may said,. On July. First, nineteen. Sixteen. Before he went over the top into the raging hell. That was the battle of the he said,
a glorious morning, and it certainly is all of them are every morning is glorious, so we get out there and get after it and until next time this is ECHO and Jacko out.
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