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82: Struggles Lift You Up. UFOs, PEDs and HGH. Fitness Advice & Tips. Martial Arts. Motivation to Have Discipline.

2017-07-05 | 🔗

0:00:00 - Opening

0:08:25 - "And We Go On", by Will R. Bird. 

0:22:27 - "A Rumor of War", by Philip Caputo 

0:38:07 - "China Marine", by E.B. Sledge 

1:0117 - Lessons learned from these books.

1:20:45 - Quick Questions from Interwebs.

1:25:08 - Swimming and/or running for Jiu Jitsu conditioning?

1:33:42 - Advice for shoulder and/or Pec injury recovery regarding bench press.

1:41:16 - Meal Prep?  Or Wing it?

1:42:32 - Best Striking Training?

1:50:36 - Do you take Creatine?

1:52:05 - Have you ever surfed in Europe?

1:52:37 - Getting in Shape with a BAD back.

 2:00:34 - Thoughts on PEDs or HGH.

2:02:35 - Thoughts on UFO/Aliens?

2:08:31 - How to encourage a sense of urgency.

 2:12:02 - Best Martial Arts training if Jiu Jitsu is not local (70+ miles away)

2:19:01 - How to get "The Desire" to have Discipline.

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2:44:24 - Closing Gratitude.

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This is Jack podcast number. Eighty two with Oh then me Jocker, willing good evening echo good evening. I was walking down the street. And I was pretty sure I would die and I did not mind. In fact, a large part of me looked forward to it to that release. To go to Heaven to meet Christ, for it all to be over, accorded deaf legacy. Or courts a twirling, spanish barmaid not afraid, even as we try to cross broken street with asphalt, makeshift concrete, piled like sloppy cake, icing, hiding Surprise is below
large ideas and screams and blood and burning flash and burning vehicle tyres. All superficially hidden. All, obviously present all a joke. Death had been at the forefront of my mind and port my decision to become a soldier at all. And that's what I third myself, a soldier, a grunt, an infant remain a ground pounder a soldier. What else is there? We all turned into soldiers on patrol weakened, Peter with each other and the men and other units and other services to see who can patrol in the most discipline way we would see, Hu, we could catch staring at his feet or not
watching his field, a fire or not scanning for threats or not keeping is shooting hand on his gun. Then, when the shooting did start, we would Watch to see- Would panic and who'd cower. These were seemingly fun games and recesses breaking the fear which was so overpowering it put a deep ache. In our stomachs and in our bowels. It was chaos that brought me to this point. Wild music as a young boy, Slayer Metallica in their prime venom motor head heavy. Alcohol use by age ten June Use by age eleven late night, punk concerts and Marsh
it's, where I nearly lost my front tooth at age, twelve, as it Doug deeply into a punks shaved head. I was tall for my age and people treated me like an adult. They tried to bring me into their filth. Junkies perverts degenerates an evil world burning, So much so. That war was a dream, come true
seemed as if now I could fight back against the depravity and evil that tried to engulf me, and I held that quiet. I hope that on spoken hope that may be could die in war doing something heroic like they trained us to do. Maybe this guy God, forsaken and worthless life could be over this gauntlet. And so the idee laden roads. Attempting to scare me and ass were a joke, and I did not care about it about the set up about
the punchline, I just wanted enemy contact and I wanted to smell the blood of particles floating through the afternoon air, then the screams of the dying. That is what I want, it seems so beautiful my mind had romanticized at all. But what we got wasn't so romantic isn't wasn't so beautiful. As to the screams, I heard with screams of my countrymen as they bled. Or the screams of innocence, who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I watched the funerals of men. We shot going right past us, the children crying the wives
Glaring, as they damn does, with ancient babylonian curses, that would try to follow me back to my home in say, ten nightmares, where I Could not escape them all those things may Deaf, Sir, true and so beautiful and saw acceptable, Now those words were written by someone that I served with in remedy in two thousand and six and he sent them to me
The other day after we talked and asked him to write down what he thought about me was walking down the street in remedy. In. Obviously, what he wrote about it. Revealed so much of the the incredible spectrum of motions and thoughts that run through our heads. And obviously war. Magnifies those, but do you our thoughts of a human being and he's the kind of thought that people have not just in war but in life. The struggles.
And, as I was sitting thinking about, you know that word and that the fact that struggle. It absolutely shapes us, talking about this when I was with Jill Rogan and Chris, or now from sound garden, had just killed himself, and we were talking about the struggles and Joe, was saying that destroy you know you you, you got a kind of like struggle and you need struggle. People need struggle and some of the feedback. That I saw on social media was, you know, there's a difference between struggle and challenging and that a challenge is good, but struggle is bad and- and now I dont know And I'm not wishing struggles upon any one know guru, but I do know that
struggle and strife shapes us it. It shapes us there's. No doubt And ass, I was. Thinking about this, I started thinking about a bunch of different. That I've read in the past and one of them. Is a book called and we go on and it was written by a Guy named will are, whose from Nova Scotia, Canada and he was a soldier in the canadian Army in World WAR, one and he'd enlisted the army to replace his brother, so his brother Been killed in battle and he Said, ok, I need I need to enlist known at first he couldn't musketeer bad teeth and
as more more guys got, killed they loose in the standards and they allowed him in even with his bad teeth we're the book is very different. I gotta go through the whole book today. But what makes the book definitely give talks about, like the supernatural and the erode another book as a matter of fact, which is called ghosts have a warm hands, and so this kind of supernatural war I'll do somebody he spend some decent amount of time on. And in the beginning of the book, one of the things that he says is that French at zero hour was The crucible that dissolved all insincerity and superficial, and you can clearly imagine that these guys getting ready to go over the top. I mean what. Else, matters at that point:
Reaching that's not true is everything that is not sincere. Just means nothing at that point and I'm gonna go to procure for for a minute. Inheres. One of the things he said about sort of again, I'm just started thinking about the psychological side of, people are going through. So here we go to the book. This lorries and effort to reveal a side of war that has not been given much attention. The psychic affair It had on its participants there existed before all battles and even coms of the trench routine condition before which all natural explanations failed. Then no supernatural explanations were established. Free human emotion, ran its full gamut in that land of top he turvy, and prolonged intensity of feeling wrought feeling raw.
Strange psychological changes which warped the sole itself. Never on earth was there a place. Where a man's support, often his soul support, was his faith in some mighty power. All intervening thoughts were swept aside. Unconsciously, there were Faith that men carried through critical moments and tortured mines grasp fantasies that served in place of more solid creeds. I think it's interesting that he says warped the soul. And then I don't actually thinking went in again, I'm no literary expert, but I don't think he means that, with the the negative connotations of warped be negative and bad, but I think he me
like a departure from the normal. What departure from the straight line, move Ring away from the natural direction, and so it leaves it leaves men changed. And, unlike US market, to cover this this whole book, will probably do it at some point in the future, but I think when he gets to the end of the book, and he make some statements that are pretty powerful. And of course this is now after he's, Gone through the war and he's on a ship say back to Canada. I'm going read this section here. We go back to the book, darkness The rush of the ship. I felt my way again into a stifling dugout into an
Miss fear, rancid with stale, sweat and breathing, mould and the hot Greece of candles, I saw faces cheeks resting on Nix Mud, streaked, unshaven dirty faces with some with teeth. Aged and sudden hate some livid with pulse stopping fear. I saw men turning their wire bunks quivering as if some red hot grill, I heard them gasp and saw. And cry out in agony and motor as they tossed again, then a machine guns, no louder higher sharper crack crack crack Has it swept over you and a shell hole where you hug the earth the ground Of guttural voices heavy absent an unseen trench, Joe, the other side of the black mass of tangled barb barricade beside which you cower.
The long drawn wine of a shell, its heart gripping explosion, the terrible oppressive silence that follows then, First low wail of the man who down with a gaping blood. Spurting wound I moved about she, myself sniff the salt air and tried to rid myself of my dreams and ass I stood there. There came a sudden chill Who called as if I had entered a clammy cavern? I could I understand, but when I got my great coat in figure passed me as I returned to the deck and a voice said we're getting nearer home. I can feel the change I knew we had left the warm current.
And were into the icy waters nearer home. We had left behind the com, a ship of long hours on the trench, post and patrols long days under blazing sons and crew marches on cobbled roads, the brotherhood of the line and we were entering a cold, see facing the dark, the unknown. We could not escape. Dark figures came and stood beside me. I had not Thought that anyone one I myself would come on deck, and here they were ten, a dozen still more all hunched greatcoats silent staring. I looked at my watch. It was three o clock in the morning. These men could not sleep.
They were come to see the first lights of Halifax. I move quietly among them scanning each blurred face. It was, as I thought they were, all old timers, the men of the trenches we went on and on and on, and no one spoke though we touched shoulders. I tried to think of a comparison. We were like prisoners. I had seen them standing like that without speaking staring thinking prisoners.
We were prisoners, prisoners who could never escape I've been trying to imagine how I would express my feelings when I got home I now I knew I never could. None of us could. We could no more make ourselves. Articulate then could those who would not return? We were in a world apart prisoners in chains that would never loosen till death freed us. And I knew those home would never understand they would be impatient. Wondering why we were so dumb unable to put, experiences into words, and there would be many of the boys who would be surly taciturn,
de resenting good intentions, perhaps taken too hard liquor, an aimless drifting. We of the Brotherhood could understand the soldier, but never splain him. All of us would remain a separate definite people as if branded by some monstrous despotism. But I warmed as I thought, of all that the brotherhood it meant the sharing of blankets and bread Hardships, the binding of each other's wounds, but. Box. We had had of intimate things of the dog and simple faith that manage. Food flashes of their inner cells at strengthened one's own soul, perhaps
when my bitterness passed when I had got back to normal self to loved ones, tried hard, by years of waiting, I would find despite that horror, which I could never forget. I had equalized treasure in memories. I could use like Jacobs Ladder, to get high enough to see that even war itself could never be the whole of life. The watchers stirred I tingled Fro tightened waves of emotion seized me held me. I grew hot and cold every man had tensed Crean forward yet. Every man had tensed cream.
Forward. Yet no one spoke. There was the moment for which we had live, which we had dreamed Visioned pictured a thousand times it held thus now so enthralled so full of feeling that we could not find utterance. A million thrills ran through me far ahead, faint but growing brighter. We had glimpsed the first lights of home. In that line, when he says
Sweden. My bitterness is past and to get high enough to see that either It uses memories like Jacobs Ladder to get high enough to see that, even war itself could never be the whole of life in most of the struggles he's talking about both the hardships In this, this change in his mind, set to not let those, drag him down, but but to use to climb up, and I think I think we, u we lose track of that. Sometimes. Then all we see as the trench when we get stuck in the trench. And I think it's interesting that these men.
Literally and metaphorically speaking, these men were in trouble. But they were able to rise out of these trenches. Trenches of unimaginable suffering. And I I think to myself: if they are Able to rise out of those hellish trenches, then that means we can to weaken, two him again this. This thing that my this thing that my bodied sent me they just got me thinking about that psychological turmoil of war, in that
me into Foss of another book again. Another book that I read, a while back. I remember when I read it, but I just started thinking about it and this one was about Vietnam and its Last gets it's called a rumour of war and again we will absolutely cover this book on the podcast in detail at some point. But I'm kind of just was on this literary tore mode and. The psyche, I think it's just a good view of the psyche that people have in war which again reflects life, and there's a section in this book where Phil Caboodle, is Sign to re Russia on unit he's in the rear and he's a lieutenant
Marine corps he's in the rear and I think he's in a of command, post or somethin, but he's not fighting and here's what he thinks of that go into the book, in the middle of November. At my request, I was trance. Or to align company in first battalion. My convictions about the war had eroded almost nothing had no illusions, but I had volunteered for a line company anyway a number of reasons of which the pair Was boredom, there is nothing for me to do. Account casualties felt useless and a little guilty about living in relative safety, while other men risked their lives. I cannot deny that the front still held fascination for me, rights or wrongs of the war aside.
There was a magnetism about combat. You seem to live more intensely under fire. Every sense were sharper the mind worked clearer and faster. Perhaps it was the tension of opposites that made it so an attraction balanced by revulsion hope that ward with dread. You found yourself on precarious emotional edge experience experiencing a heaviness that no drink or drug could match. The fear of madness was another motive the hallucination I had had in that that day in the mess of seeing moron, Harrison, prefigured and death had become a car. Didn't waking nightmare. I had begun to see almost
everyone as they would look in death, including myself,. Shaving in the mere in the morning, I could see myself dead. Then there were moments when I not only saw my own corpse but other people looking at it. I saw life going on without me. The sensation of not being any more came over me at night, just before falling asleep. Sometimes it made me laugh inside. I could not. Make myself seriously when I can already see my own death, nor seeing their deaths as well. Could I take other seriously we're all the victims of a great practical, who played on us by God her nature. Maybe that was why Corpses always grinned, they saw the joke at the last moment. Sometimes it made me laugh
but most of the time it was not at all humorous, and I was sure that a few months of identifying bodies would lend me in a psychiatric ward, on staff, was too much time to brood over those corpses. There would be very little time The thinking align company, that is, secret to emotional survival in war, not thinking. Finally, there was hatred, a hatred buried. So deep that I could not. Then admit its existence. I can now, though, it is still painful. I burned with a hatred for the vehicle and wood. Emotion at dwells and most of us one close the surface then we care to admit a
desire for retribution. I did not hate the enemy for their politics, but from murdering Simpson for executing that boy whose body had been found in the river for blood. Seeing the life out of wild levy, then she was one of the reasons I volunteered for a line company, but A chance to kill somebody. And you could see in that the You compare that with the first piece of things being a joke and how you just heard- Did you get to this point where become a joke. How can you do anything seriously,. When you don't even know what's gonna happen and if you're going to live.
How much meaning does life have if you're not gonna live it? I just back out to Alight- company and now he's on patrol talking about, namely what that's like externally, but what it's like mentally psychologically going back to the book, I tightened the shoulder straps of my pack heavily loaded, signal. Flares smoke, grenades, dry, socks upon show Today's rations and Inter Jim Tool, machete were lashed to its side in my pockets. I cared a map, compass hand, grenades more flares, how ozone tablets, malaria pills and a spare magazine for my car being a pistol two clips of ammunition knife first aid kit and two four canteens hung from my belt.
My steel, helmet and flat jacket added twenty. To the load. The gear probably wait over forty pounds altogether, but I felt a wonderful soaring lightness and my limbs, how good all over better than denied felt in months even Neil, who is not inclined to hand out. Compliments had praised my gung ho enthusiasm before the bottom left base camp and mysterious recovery from the virus of fear had cause the change in mood. I dont know why. I only knew I'd see To be afraid of dying he's not a feeling of invincibility indifference. Rather, I'd ceased to fear death. Because I had ceased to care about it, Sir me. I had no illusions that my death, if it came with Sacrifice.
They would merely be a deaf and not a good one either a good death involved, a certain amount of choice, ritual and style. There were no good deaths in the war. But the manner of dying no longer mattered. I don't care how deaf came so long as it came quickly and painlessly. I die casually as a beetle. Rushed under a boot heel and perhaps it was this recognition of my insect Like pettiness that it made me stop carrying, there was a beetle. We were all beetles scratching for survival in the wilderness. Those who had, ass. The struggle had not changed anything by dying the deaths of Levi
Simpson, Sullivan and the others had not made any difference. Thousands of people died each week in the WAR and the sum of all their deaths did not make any difference. The war went on without them and as it went on without them so would go on without me, my death would not alter a thing walking down the trail. I could not remain for having felt an emotion, more sublime or liberating, then that indifference towards my own death again, a common fought pattern. Is this this feeling of hate
I'm in Hell, and one thing victim set me: free is death once I overcome that that that that just Allow me to go and do what I'm supposed to do and I'm just gonna fast forward once again to kind of like, with the will bird going to the end. Where work, Caputo Kind wraps up his, but what he's gonna bring home from the war? This point here, you know he's obviously survived the enemy he survived, actually disportes survive court martial, because he'd gotten, trouble. There was some bad things that happened while he was In charge, there was no cases against him and he kind of got out of that situation, and now he is heading home. Go back to the book
We stood waiting in the sun at the edge of the runway there about a hundred and fifty Alice and we watched his replacement draft filed off the big transport plain I want four formation and tried you ignore the dusty, tanned rag Looking men who jeered them, the report Men, looked strangely young, far younger than we an awkward and bewildered by this scorched land to which an indifferent government had sent them. I did not join in the mockery. I felt sorry for those children knowing that they would all grow old in this land of endless dying. I pitied them, knowing that out of every ten one would die.
Two more would be maimed for life. Another two would be less seriously wounded and sent out to fight again. And all the rest would be wounded in other, more hidden ways. The replacements were marched off toward the convoy that awaited to carry them to their assigned units and their assigned fates. None of them looked at us They marched away shouldering our sea bags. We climbed up the ramp into the plane, the plane we had I dreamed about the grand mythology. You call freedom, bird. A joyous shout we not as the transport lurched off the runway and climbed The placid sky. Below lay the rice, paddies and the green folded hills where we all law.
Start friends and our youth the plane banked. And headed out over the China Sea towards Okinawa towards freedom from deaths. Embrace. None of us was a hero. We would not returned to cheering crowds, parades and the pooling of great cathedral bells. We had done nothing more than in we'd survived, and that was our only victory. And I think that is important, for ass to remember that in some cases. Some of the things that we go,
through some of the things some of the challenges and tribulations and trials that people get put through sometimes survival is victory. And all you can do is survive and make it through a situation that you're in and I think, sometimes, when people survive something horrible, instead of being happy related that they made it through. Instead, they focus on the fact that they got put through it. And again, I dont know professional at all, and there was no there worse, you know, even when I was until Rogan Spot Gaston, and we are talking about Chris Cornell committing suicide. You know someone said you notice, we kind of devolved into a conversation of hay. You'll get outside and TIM Ferris went inverse was on this pod. You know he was saying you know, move and get physical and so Joan. I we're just gonna talk about that and in it
someone came on and said you know know. What you're talking about it's, it's it's you're, lucky to have survived something like this. It's horrible and- and you know it- I man admit I I know I am not saying that in and literally ivory listen to Joe, and I talk in both of us. What we were saying was over and over again, I dont understand this. I dont comprehended, you know so I dont think that was. The intention was saying: oh to do is go getting out of cattle Bell and you'll be good to go. That's not the intention at all, and that's not what either one of us not only was it not one trying to say we didn't actually say that, we were saying: hey, I dont understand I have been in that position before That's why we brought us, while by TIM on here, because team had lived through that and knew how bad it was planned to kill himself and so that to me is some that can give their opinion Joe, and I were. Literally saying I don't
brilliant but I think when you get a guy like the author book, a rumour for whose, whose too king, about there their victory, her his victory in the people on the play. Their victory in Vietnam was survival, was just getting through. It. Canada, that's nothing you're gonna be joyous about, but I Think at least recognising okay, I made it through now. Let me move on is important. Now again. I went on this kind of literary tour, that I was launched into after reading what what my body wrote began It reminded me of so many other things that I've heard and so many other things and I've read. And so another. Great, you know a few points
comes from Eugene Sledge and he wrote the book with the old breed, which is a classic and we covered it, podcast number ten. If you want to stop now go back and listened. Podcasting with Eugene's lead with Eugene Sledge with the old, the breed its just incredible account of what, went through in world war, two in the in the Pacific Theatre with the Marine corps, but he wore another book after that and the next book, the was called China Marie in its time about what they did when the war ended, you know the time he spent shorter. A fine in any country, some time in China, and then it talks
about what it was like when he got back to America back to mow Beale Alabama, and it's definitely impact for deaf impact. So here's what he came to came. Two in the amateur pick up where his dad he's talking to him, His dad was a physician during world war. One that's one of the reasons is dad was If you remember Eugene, Sledge couldn't get in the marine corps at first because he had, I think he had a heart murmur or something like that, and so they didn't let him in and his dad was kind o k, that then the revenue is ok without because he had seen what the boys from World WAR One had come home like not only physically, but also psychologically guys had did guys had the shell shock, which is,
horrible you seen again of said this before go on Youtube and look at videos of world war once shall shock its horrifying to look at and that's what, Eugene sledges Father had seen, and so when his son couldn't go in the Marine corps, use kind like on poke. You know you can serve in other ways and using sledge wanted deserve and so Eugene Sledge Guy. Actually got a waiver in the end, I guess the heart murmured faded enough, for they didn't notice it until we got the marine corps when comes back his dad, He is is talking to one. I think it's a good place to pick up his dad called him Fritz. That was that was Eugene Sledges, nickname at home. So here we go Eugene sledges dead. Talking to him fritz. He said I you ve, been through an awful experience. I know that nobody had it worse than the first Marine division, except maybe those on baton and those
others who were imprisoned on tremendously proud of both you and Edward You did your duty under terrifying conditions, but you survived in one piece granted with some terrible memories. You'll have to learn to live with, but take my advice First, never become embittered because many other men had safe, comfortable war assignments all too often obtained. Through political influence, that the way of cowards in this world you never feel sorry for such yourself because of what you endured alma contrary feel fiercely proud that you served with the finest and fought against the fiercest enemy and lived to tell the tale three if you ever drink alcohol do in moderation,
all, can be a wonderful escape from bad memories, but it is addictive, will make you act the fool and ultimately ruin you. Through the last remark, I replied, I know father I've seen that happened a good buddies, recalling some of them worst cases in China. He replied yes and I've treated some of the nice people who were ruined by the stuff, but I can't cure them. They must have willpower so really straightforward warning about alcohol check about not feeling better towards people that didn't maybe do or go through what he went through an be proud of what you did now. This is again. Just another piece then they actually in in the
Yo Ministers, the Pacific. They re kind of portray this part of you Jeanne Sledge coming home. It's worth reading his account of it back to the boy, as my life settled down somewhat. I began to think of my future right. Hastily. I decided to go to Auburn, then called Alabama Polytechnic Institute and major business. I'll, never forget my first day at Auburn I was in the registrars office in Sandford Hall, the Big was crowded with long lines of entering students standing in, for a tables behind which clerks were noticing or noting. Each students college credits from service schools determining which might transferred Auburn, there was a lie: hubbub of voices with about hundred people in the room some men, mostly AIR core veterans had been to various technical schools and Auburn gave them two years. Credit
all veterans were excluded from our ROTC and physical education. When I stepped up to the task at the head of wine a pretty brunette, bout. My age, probably students, wife asked pleasantly what schools I had TAT had attended in marine corps I recited all the weapons and tactic schools we had in training became more and more disconcerting as she looked in vain on her checklist for anything remotely resembling what I was saying. Finally, in desperation, she slammed her pencil on the table and said in a loud exasperated voice, didn't them right core teach you anything. A gasp, ran through the crowd and you could have heard a pin drop. I didn't lose my temper, but I realized that, like most Civilians, ward. This lady meant John Wayne or the Sweet Musical South Pacific. Replacing my hands on the table, aware
all eyes were upon us. I said and allowed calm voice, lady there was a killing war. The marine corps. Taught me how to kill, Japs and try survive now, if that don't fit into any academic course. I'm sorry, but some of us had to do the killing and To my bodies got killed or wounded, she was speechless there were many red faces among obvious noncombatants present. I doubt if there were half a dozen inshore fishermen or tankers present. She recovered. Her composure looked me in the eye and said I'm so sorry I apologize, I didn't understand. I told her she was very kind and I did not mean to upset her. You didn't. She said you made me think
I got credit for our ROTC and P in the room, return to normal. The young lady wished me along and happy life. I thanked her and left. I felt like some sort of an alien and I realize that this sort of thing would confront me the rest of days Or had been so momentous to me, I couldn't, hygiene. Anyone, not sharing that view or puke Or appreciating the hell I had suffered, in fact I was only unprepared for how rapidly most Americans, who did not experience combat, would forget about the war, the evils we faced and how incredibly tough it had been for us to defeat. The japanese and the Nazis.
I didn't realize how swiftly most Americans would once again take their freedom for granted. Clearly that plies too, veterans. And people that have been overseas fighting and you come back in the light No one even knows that you were gone its island. I think you know you get the passage of time win you go away for two or three months and you go back to where you from and it seems like bow. How long you been gone for all three months old seems eighty people figure gone for a couple days or a couple weeks. Your happens at the gym, like going to Jim and in some other, where you been, think I haven't seen him in a week and he says I, I tore my acl. I've been gone for eight months, You know it's one of those moments in that happens with war, two guys go away. They come back. Everything
nope time just went by. That can be frustrating goes in those eight months or six months or fourteen months at some point overseas, frightened for their lives. They come omens and that The person did, even though they were gone, I mean I feel bad when somebody at an ace turn. I didn't know what I feel kind of bad and I haven't seen you for eight months. You have you feel my guide feel bad about it. And I'm sure that person saying you know Joe. Produce. We train all diamond. You didn't even realise that I was gone and was gone for weak. Try mean anything out of India exactly well. Now that fuels to a veteran. That's come back from war. And that is this: isn't this isn't like some odd Kay This is the norm. That's actually the norm, I mean it's differ. For the direct family. That's waiting for the individual come home, then those six month, appointments or fourteen monster It seem like an eternity, but for that casual person or that acquaintance at you? Don't know that? Well there thinking
oh did you where he bent out. Overseas. Fighting then he's the way he kind of wraps up this book in a blog again. You know this is another book. There will probably explore some point in detail, but go into the way the topics that he brings up as close it out reflections on how the war impacted him psychologically. Here we go back to the book. Looking back over the momentous events of fifty years ago, when I was a marine evoke, strong emotions experience. He asked to learn to live with it, the rest of his life. Paul fossil remarked the combat veteran
not only has to survive his experience. He asked to learn to live with it, the rest of his life. He was so right for the first, twenty odd years after my return nightmares. Frequently waken me either crying or yelling always sweating and with a pounding heart some nights? I delayed going to bed dreading the inevitable nightmares. Old comrades wrote me that similar troubles drove many of them to drink and the ensuing misery of alcoholism, which they beat with sheer self discipline, eventually The war left me with a d. Appreciation for the simple things in life, putting on a clean
pair of dry. Socks is one of the greatest luxuries. I know a shave a warm shower and being in a she did? Bed are too. When it is raining, especially on an autumn day. I look out the window at the falling drops and my thoughts I'm drift back to those awful days on Okinawa snafu and I bailing out a muddy foxhole with an old helmet shivering in a torrential cold grain and both of us cringing as each japanese shell came screaming into corpse strewn area to explode, with a deafening crash Quickly bring my mind focus of my mind back to the present and, thank God it Have to suffer hardship, and misery again and oh what
blessing to be relieved of constant terror. My of of the outdoors were strangely affected by the war. The way did my surroundings was altered. My view of the outdoors had taken a more analytical perspective features as military terrain likely areas for the placement of various foxholes. The company sixty millimeter mortars to cover deef, lids thee machine guns so to achieve cross fires along the company front fields of fire and possible avenues of enemy attack or ambush. This change in outlook was intense in the early years home, but I cleared my mind of it by concentrating on plant and animal species present or probable, but old, combat view of things still creeps in sometimes after more than fifty years, then that's something
that. Definitely still every guy, I know that's been overcome. He's every guy. Every thing we Again we see to some kind of military terrain in a city for me especially in the city, could I did most. My combat was urban combat a net, so I'm looking at all the time not only on the highway on buildings. When you're around when you sit in a hotel room. Looking out mistreat everything that you look at, you look out from a combat perspective. Now he he he was an outdoorsman and he goes back. He gets back from the war he's going hunting, and this is the first time that he's gone deer hunting after the war and he's out hunting with a group of people. But
He gets dropped off in one spot by himself to have a boats by river. They take a boat, they drop em off alone, and here we go back to the book two beautiful doze appeared walking briskly. Through the water as they exited the woods and stopped at the farm, to the pond about thirty yards away. They kept looking toward the area of DR and moving their ears to capture every sound possible more loud slashing of water and to those in a large buck, came up to the first dose and stopped. And they looked in. My direction, means still and The wind was blowing toward me. The dear could not pick up my sent. They stood motion Motionless staring at me and standing up in the clump of cane. They seem more concerned with the bay of the hounds than with me, though,.
Because the way I held my rifle, I could see my watch soy timed, the action or inaction of the dear ones the dose picked up a corn at the edge of the pond and aid the buck was large, had a fine set of antlers. The eight points glee in the light Slowly I raised my rifle and I did in on his chest. No, he was to find a creature to kill I had murdered one of his kind that morning, so I did not need the venison Lee I lowered my rifle. The buck remained motionless motionless. His instincts probably told him no shit such ass- he saw in the cane, was natural dear like most mammals, have very poor site except for detecting motion
and are primarily colorblind for fifty, minutes we stared at each other Shot in the air which send them springing away into the woods, but a shot would frighten them, which I had no desire to do. That seemed more curious, then afraid they kept sniffing the air which appear. He bore no sense of danger: add on waterproof boots, but was beginning to get cold. Finally, I needed to move a little. I knew that as soon as I did, they would bolt sigh whistled softly every bigger turned quickly in mind correction, I whistled softly again. All Dear slowly, lowered their ears turned, went sloshing on the higher growth ground and ambled into the woods. Looking back at me once or twice the whole,
episode is one of my most cherished memories. When Jim pick me up in the boat, he asked if I had seen a deer. I said no, not wanting to tell em I'd seen five when we Turned a camp, several people ask me what I had seen and I report a few squirrels and some would ducks if I'd told those hunters what really happened. They would have elected to throw me in the river. Gus didn't allow any drinking during hunting hours. For after the guns were all unloaded and in their cases, the bottled spirits were brought forth parties all had a ball each of the weary hounds, went to the full, best yard jumped upon the raised platforms and went into the barrel. For a nap. The platform was raised as protect against high water,
as well as alligators, which have a special appetite for dog flesh. We crossed the river after a while and scattered to our homes, so ended my last year on, but the memory of that beautiful buck and his harem down the river. I've wondered how long he survived I am not anti hunting as long as it is managed by wildlife experts, game animals out produce their food supply and Civilization has destroyed most of the natural predators, starvation results unless populations are controlled by game management, overseeing proper hunting practices, but the terrified eyes of that spike. Bach I shot or something I'd like to forget.
I have felt the same terror when being shot at so hunting is not for me. World war. Two gave me a convenient measuring stick for duty, courage, terror, friendship, patience, horror, endurance, compassion, discomfort, grief, And pain that has remained with me daily, the English poet Raw Grave said world war one affected him in much the same way. Anyone who is not suffer The prolonged fear and limitless fatigue that was combat. That was the com, Infantry mines Lot might find this difficult to comprehend. Over fifty years later, I look back on the war as though it were some giant killing machine into which we were thrown to endure. Fear too,
brink of insanity. Some fell over the brink and physical fatigue to near collapse. Those who survived on her, We'll never forget and cannot forget them. Any friends lost in their prime and the many. Articles of civilization, they ruthlessly droid many american lives, ships and planes. We had no choice but to destroy imperial Japan. Bombing of Pearl Harbor destroyed many american lives, ships and planes we no choice but to destroy imperial Japan. The a bomb ended that war. It saved millions of american lives by preventing a murderous invasion of Japan.
The probable destruction of a suicidal japanese population. Japanese soldier was a blood thirsty foe imbued with the code of bushmeat. Oh, if we had not defeated an army that thought it was on readable. Who knows How many american cities might have shared the horrid rape of Nan king in looking back? I'm still amazed. I escaped the killing machine, Why I never felt killed or wounded storm of steel thrown out of countless times still astonishes me and proud of the number of the enemy I fired on and hit with my mortar rifle or Tommy gun and regret the ones I missed. There is no mellowing
for me that would be to forgive all the atrocities. The Japanese, committed against millions of Asians and thousands of Americans to mellow is to forget. Each man who survived- I am certain, was plucked from the mire of death by the almighty and in this I feel humble and grateful Socrates said know thyself, I do the war taught me
The war taught me is how he closes out that book and the war taught me as well, and the war still teaches me And that's why I read about war, Why I talk about war and that's why so much of this podcast is about war, because war can teach us, but it's not the war that teaches us Life life teaches us.
But that's that's only if we are humble and open minded enough in a tentative enough to watch then listen and blown from it. Not only from our own paths and the things we go through but from what we see. Other people do it's. A teacher life is eighteen. And yet- and you see this all the time, there are people that do not learn from life. And they make the same mistakes over and over and over again, just completely Unaware the lessons that are the horse, smacking them in the face. Smacking them in the face, and I think that's
where you have to foot the switch in your brain that that a hardship. That your facing that trial that tribulation in I did in that. Misery is a lesson, the teacher and it's only a lesson if you're willing to learn from it for hand. Life is a hard teacher, but do your best to listen and to learn from and speaking,
learning I last Facebook life got some good questions and I rose Lula, rough transition, Lama, blogger. It was just kind of on going through all those different, Different peoples box and you can see what war did John You can see the similarities with all of them that, the human beings put in really as for situations human beings put in life. They have similar outcomes right, I mean there's there's commonalities at it and I think the more look for those commonalities anymore, individual. You me more, Look for these commonalities and indifferent people's experiences. The better off I'm gonna be right there moreover, to be able to understand, what's happening to the world around me or
the people around me. That's the one thing that I think is the important, as is seen, you know when you talking about that. The life lessons hit you in the face Always I fear the person is getting hit them you're, the even though you are the person that stands to gain the most from from understanding. What's going on around you, you are also the first as the hardest time recognising it Just like me, when you're sitting outside of an inanimate match or an animal enemy fight And you, as the coach has the corner men, you can see what's happening and the guy that's getting punch in the face times, I don't see what setting up and they think of it as a lesson. They don't they're, not taking anything positive way from their getting punched in the face and it's not until someone says hey the guy's hitting you with the left took your you know, you're or you're drop in your hands or whatever. So the purse can make a correction there now and from it they're getting hit, and that's what happens to a lot of us in life is working
in the face points in the face punch in the face, and we don't recognize, we can't stepped back, we can't tat from being in that situation. Where we can actually assess what's going on and say: oh ok, I see what's going on here I see what I see what changes I gotta make. That's why the and then what happens is this would happen, What happens if you say oh echo. I see you're going through some hard times, so I got to say I echo this is what you're doing this. We should change and what happens big Go flare up reactor you dear Mamma, is the know how I feel you know what's goin on. You know what it's like you to know. It feels like a punch in the vase Braun just trying to help you, you don't get it so What we do our inst, our instinct, is to put up defences even when somebody's going to help us out That means you gotta go to try to help people out too, because You already know that everyone gets defensive and that everyone's ego flares up And that when you talk to your friend, that's either of that common home
and he's facing problems or someone that's having a hard time at work or someone is having a hard time relationship or someone is having a hard time with whatever actions got hold of em. All those things you gotta learn how to out of talk to those people in a way that you're not being offensive to which is hard. Because we all take offense whenever somebody tells us that we're doing something wrong, we're all offended by it all offended by even the most positive helpful person, your own dear mom, right here, comes to tell you some you get offended, you right. Your best friend comes and says: hey, you know you, you, you doing you're going down the wrong path. Here, you don't know nothin about my path. So having that detachment. So you can see yourself and then having an open mind when somebody tries to help you and then, when you are trying to help someone of trying to do it in a way that you don't attack your ego, those arson
good things to think about as you're gone through life trying to take lessons away from it. So crazy hunt applies game applies to everything you know. It's like what you ever hear. People say If I knew, then what I know now that is of course right. Other wars like love, the jacked up thing is theirs kinds of people that no now that tried to tell you then so much there's somebody to places to get this information. You say if I knew then what I knew now well, then, I guess what all kinds of people we're trying to help you were trying to help. We're trying to tell me what to do. I wasn't listening to a my ego. Is too big? I know what I'm doing on the smartest person in the world. You don't understand the situation. It's going to be different. For me, my life is special. My life is different. You don't get all those things all those things that we say of
If we just had an open mind to listen to what people are trying to tell us or or at a minimum. Have open mind to listen to what life was trying to tell us hard it's because it so true like now you when you when you say if I knew then when I you say it all back? Then there were people, yelling at you, yeah scream metaphor, Thea right there giving you that knowledge that you could have known, then what you know now can evade men. You gotta go one step deeper ngo dang. Why should a known then, to listen to you as you? Don't? I know to listen. You guys now kind of thing, and it's like like this borderline impasse Both it is a hard scenario. Theirs,
things in life, and this is so unfortunate that you have to learn only from life all these stupid things that people go through you just you just you watch them go through it and and again I talk about the story where you you, you git, you get someone it's going down a downward spiral. You pick the downloads at the wrong whether its their relationship that therein is a disaster, whether they're getting addicted on the person. That's on the downward spiral it they don't see it in that's our gall, whether that's drugs, whether that's gambling, whatever thing you wanna, be addicted to you pick the downward spiral that you want to jump on the person that's on the downward spiral it they don't see and everybody that outside of the spiral can absolutely identify it and tell them, then we'll get off? I mean I know: hey. Addictions are horrible right.
And that's why they're called addictions and that's why people write that downward spiral until it destroys em like Eugene sledges dad dark about the day, little ruin you The only way out is willpower the only way out and then you didn't says you gotTA defeated with pure self discipline. You can you can, have fun little games with your mind and in win its their little like chess matches, which, with your mind with alcohol, I know that, from experience in an hour when we first started you in the past I didn't realize you drink as much as you drink. At that time, I was like a cause. We were according and you can report what I was. What are you doing wrong? I'm like an ear to breathe. You know get after it unit abbot a drink during this well in my slight defence, one drink wooden really affect any
thing, and I know this because other people told me this, and I feel this where even if I'll get hammered this was back, then you couldn't really tell the people like all. You don't even seem at our meanwhile on the inside of my but yeah and here's. Another thing in this can apply to a lot of people. Think that everybody, but maybe some he will where you know how the kind were I would only drink at home when I did work is a thing that warehouse bizarre that yeah, when I know I can feel textbook definition of an alcoholic drink in a home alone. Why you're working I'm sure it's one of the simple financial symptoms, but straight on potential, when I went to like the bar we're still lying hang out. I didn't really go the climbing after start working, the club argument, but. You know the go, hang out and stuff I drink way less. Do you really want to drink that much, but at home working, not what I'll drink but, like I said, work every single night and for long
note to self. He was like every night for, like years and years and years, but the only problems that it would kind of create where these kind of covert problems like the next day is driven to new much I'd work out a good train. I do all the stuff it I've been doing for whatever years, but you know like how you learn something new to bring in our exe I see element of your life to the next level kind. It would really get in the way that saw so. You can stay at level like yeah, but out here's the thing. No. In certain ways, I was learning a lot because you learn a lot when it went to work and self. When I do you know all these programmes and in do video stuff, you learn a lot. What you do it so man, I was. I was learning getting better my stuff, so in a way the problems like I said, weren't real obvious in then Mr Waidelich, after time, do you know what it was? What really brought the problems too late was
hang with you, because you be like okay, we're here now we're going here to this week. We are on like a whole different thing and I might mad. I can hardly keep up with Jocko, so at night, a biblical yeah, I'm keeping up with Jack, but the next in thinking we neared do stuff early in the morning. You do doing sub during the day you let me know. Okay, now we got this. My tang I'd is basically ridden recovery and all day, because I feel that I didn't work out as we used to record the podcast at night, yes late at night and so we'd get down at one o clock in the morning and the I'd have to get after in the morning and not after NEA exactly right. So it's weird at when you do that routine, you get this weird. Second, I think your body, it just gets, ready to do work. Instead, you know you do something over and over you buy, don't just accommodates. The schedule sounds like at night. I do find. But during the day I want to do nothing. Meme, while you're you know doing all this stuff and I like then
not to mention all the things that we talked about, the guy got trick, but my brain meanwhile at the x so my whole life aside from those you know, four the facts for you is that, because you were kind of because the problems were covert there, wasn't it I'm, assuming that it wasn't me, external people trying to help you you, like echo, your decision drink at night, because you're still maintaining unacceptable, standard of humanity so and you you were taken, carry your wife you're taking care you, young daughter and so you're doing what you are responsible to do. We want your small civilities, our were being handled, there has been handled at level free and level. Three was ok, maybe pulled out all that was where you were at now in this may some better. But this is worse. There were being held level essentially level. Ten. Everything like I care everything I could, about, was being handled. Everything like too good
really high level like from hanging over the kids talker with so my wife, a good bit earlier than me so thin safely, working in drinking, I could still wake up I'd, be messed dino, not not that like happy to be wait, but I would that would never thou never show dealing with other people and then there be done if you, if I was just too and really decided how tired that's what it was. I didn't feel hung over. You know this is actually brings up. A good point is that I think a lot of times people spend where, because there because their achieving a minimum standard or maybe even a medium standard in Mali or a solid standard. In your case, from your perspective, Then he was. I was working. Working you're getting your job done, making make taken earlier family and doing work out like hard. Good work us during the day, but everything else that come with us. I get it
I gotta leathers, always so, basically if you're not looking at yourself with a critical eye. You get by with a lot as a person as a human being, you have you not looking if you're not looking self, with a critical eye, you are gonna, get you you're, not gonna, reachable. I shall begin with yourselves as hard as you possibly can, which, as you know, the Mme fighters. When I was train a lotta, Mme fighters. I would tell him: listen You can train without a coach You can train to let's, let's your super disciplined you can get to like eighty four percent. Isn't in her interesting dichotomy. You can get to eighty four percent of your ex output of your pushing yourself, a coach is then gonna. Take you to the next level and he's gonna two to ninety eight percent, but it was interesting. The last two percent goes.
On the individual so low, say on training you for Jujitsu tournament if you just trained yourself with legitimate you get to eighty eighty, two percent of your potential. If I cuz. That means cuz your ear. You know you get to the last round and you look at Youtube. You know what I'm probably I might get hurt this round to take it off or I might need to make all these excuses. You're not going to hold hold the line right. Now, if I'm training you now we're ok, ok, you gotta be here, get back or you do to me around a you're doing the rounds can do some barbies. You know I'm gonna make you do that stuff. So that's what a coach does, but then you take that asked, that's gonna, get you to ninety percent. Put the last two percent is backed you because I can't make you do. A bird as hard as you can. I make you do him, but I can't make do miss hearted again, I can't I can make you do another round on the mat, but I can't make you do it as hard as you can I can't make you
try moves that data. That, you don't feel like trying. So It takes a little teamwork in those situations and that's somethin. I definitely saw with with enemies. Fighters is yeah out a coach, their knocker for some hard we, the coach, helpless themselves harder, but a few be a champion. You gotta get the last two percent yourself yeah, it's crazy deacon. Can kind of make someone your coach, even if they don't know it. You know like gum. Where I mean I think you'd kind and know that you're kind of the coach you is for us Bitter Cutchen, probably anyone who interacts with your name in a regular basis, they're gonna kind of at the very least, look at you and know that you wake up early in
get a lot done for for reason by the way, so they know that so it's kind of ok, I can follow suit. You know I can take cues from Jacko in this way and I can approve it doesn't have to be in the depths things you're doing, but just as in Europe after they do so. I think, if you actively do that, where I mean I'm speaking from a place of supreme luxury by the way in regards to this way, you know I'm like you're talking about it directly to me every single week and I'm like yes, sir and I go back and try to Notermann best applied to my stuff. So of course, but you can do that even if you watch someone on, I don't know, online or something or you read it, and you know how people do like blogs and stuff like that. You know if you're, like a subs I have two specific blogging. You really like. You know to the way they they do things or whatever you can. You can get that same. A fact in a small aware think. But you I think I can definitely, but you just you gotta.
You like conscious of it, though, in how you say You have to have your own self, like it self discipline for sure. But what did you say you just said software and look at yourself with a critical eye here. Do you you gotta? Do that in here? Is the opposite: in my opinion, in from what I seen the enemy of looking at yourself with a critical eye, is being good justifying through stuff here, especially in I can hardly see smart people. Or dangerous in that way, be a really good at us, because yet rationalizing something in justifying something is exactly what it is. It is exactly what that says: it's justifying it are you justified in the x I see, and if you are you are so, if you can justify somebody to yourself in your good at it gets. Ok in your mind, is literally ok, it's not a good situation. It is very dangerous. Yes, very critical. I've got a critical eye. Let me recall yourself out here if you want to reach
maximum potential move from level three meal at this level. So what I was saying is that got some pretty good little rapid fire questions. You know I didn't want to take a bunch of time on it, but I just want to at least address some of the questions that came on the facebook he's alive, I've got a stack of questions that have been coming in on Facebook and twitter and those two primarily It is worth the big questions come into and I got it those that will get around to an acute. At some point and also a lot of questions that get asked right now heard before is so if you have a question, if you haven't listen to the pond gas at this point, you might want us just go back and listen to the other gas, because the question that you have about how many hours sleep at night and what I'm going to bed, and do you know
what kind of things there there in the pot Gaston you don't not going talk about too much anymore, you like a You watch jeopardy. There would have been something cool about stopping the podcast at number, twenty five and said: that's it till you get and just because we addressed a bunch of stuff. And then just let it marinate fray, while they'll be season one yet how they did a good idea Yet we should ensure that we should done season one and then paused and people really have marinated that first, season and then season to comes in book. I like that you would women. You would never let that happen. That's what I think! Well, it depends it's strategically. It's a good idea. It's a strategically good idea.
I think it is because also you gonna, let that stuff, marinate and then you're gonna get good feedback on a bulk of work. That people can then say hey. This was a good area of topics that you discussed. Please we address and hit the following concerns, Roma, and so we could attack those those concerns in such a manner ass, one way, helium. I think this is I'm speaking selfishly here, but I think this is the big deal where Even if you repeat yourself, even if you answer the same question, literally the same question over and over again, it's like you know when you go to school, or college you, whatever you and you get a review every week. I think tat it is introduced. It gave us example for me is almost ass. I ever I never absorb a move in the first. Try you gotta, give you gotta tell me twelve different times. I learn one twelve of Eddie time then twelve times they do. I not all move perfect.
Yeah. If you view jackals telling echo yeah, hey, don't complain like don't complain, proposal. Don't who cares? What are you feel care about them? active kind of thing. You told me that one time even to terms and we like cool, that some dough and I need to do that. Then next week, next month, six months later, that sticking with me, maybe resonated with me- maybe not but not god I don't wanna yeah if you're saying that every week to the point where it's like argument here, your words, I just know it as the concept is just in there- that's one like when I hear people complaining that the red flag violations sticks, elegant sort them sore. Someone blaming someone, that's the reason it sticks out, because the so back to this idea of having different seasons was season one people would it did that Conditions are: go back and listen to more against you'd, get reiterated on the exact enough good in theory, but I think that
the only way to a hundred, and then we do that season one sees no one is to ST years of guests yeah back at work, because you know how that concept landed in one week, oftener restart season, two o. Now, anyway, I like the way you ve been doing it. To be honest, this my input, one guy it's my input. Well, you do have fifty percent of the vote here. Apparently I won't get these questions the legacy. These are questions yeah I get there. I like em I'm going to read these just how they're listed and then we'll go swimming and or running for Bjj conditioning
swimming in running our good for conditioning, I would recommend that you use sprints, slash interval, training for both, and I think that's gonna get you where you want to be also it's good to have that good base cardio here, so that's good too, but yeah they're, both good the best conditioning for digital Jujitsu, but the the shortfall. That is that you can sometimes pushing you you'd, never mind. Sometimes you can push yourself harbour in with bird These are with some kind of met, Connor or swimming running. You know he could do sprints. You should be breathing email to make yourself breathe harder do sprints than you can doing the rounds of Jiu for conditioning Now the rounds of conditioning in did you are more important but If you are put yourself extra hard, you gotta do something else.
Yeah, swimming in running for digital conditioning, guess, they're good, yes, use, Prince Inga in it agree of sea. As far as judges. I'd just learn this watch. It was on a Marcello, Garcia, video, randomly animal where you Ok, I don't do any other external exercising for four conditioning would have rejected. I used to do conditioning, but I don't just do rig legitimate desire doing demonstrated it, and he was going against a he's obscene high at the highest level electoral. So you he gives a guy and the guy's a Google. I think and he's ok, that's how you do it for condition. Is that got we're gonna fight we're gonna blow for when a problem? how many minutes they go and he's like popopo he's got one move next, move he's just goin on all he's, not even finishing those you going to the next one, then he'll finished and start again and he's going. You could tell you going Artes, essentially going as hard as he would. If he had only thirty seconds whereby seconds seconds left on a high level company. That's how hard and fast he's going em
is it. Ok, any explains you just you're. Just your focus is going from move to move as fast and as hard as you. And in your breathing and all this stuff, that's a good condition which is due to an ethic Damon. That's that's good because think just like you said when you literally have six rounds to go their regular jujitsu training, it's so you're, just focusing on doing your duty to and with did you is energy conservation and, like all these things that are anti conditioning rears, they are so you do not get into goods bought you. Let me say that one step even more gradually, if you take six rounds, the land thirty seconds of each round. I talked to tailor two Andy about this, and I will I said: hey guys when we, It's the last thirty seconds
there should be no cruising allowed at all. You should go for the finnish. You should be all for the finnish like if you got thirty seconds left go for the finnish if you got thirty seconds afternoon, a balanced and go for the escape as hard as you can burn yourself out. That's a huge difference between you- can just go into guilty. As charged because, like you said part of you did too is energy conservation, and so for me, I'm really good at conserving energy. Are you can be cross? I mounted on me and you're gonna and I know I know I'll, be arrogant right now. Give you mounted me or you got across the side on me and you and we had one minute left. You cannot submit me. You know what I mean like you cannot submit me, I'm really good. I got Dean Lister, you know, didn't on side control for the last twenty? two years yeah right. So I Can defend myself well
So if you have one minute now, if I give you five minutes that that's torment between one minute that so much time left, I can completely going to cruise Maria and that's the wrong answer. If you're gonna try and get me if you're, if you're trying to survive for some reason, ok able than yeah utilise the the contrary, in schools, but if you try to get some conditioning work and prepare yourself fur. Aggressive tournament. Style situations you best put out and that's why wouldn't kind in a way going back to what you said about having a coach is where the coach will be like a shark tank no, something illegal aware they kind of avoid your keep a bit earlier this year. They avoid your capability to treat you jitsu as just regular. You did too and energy conservation efficiency. All this stuff, That's a lot of people. Ask me what should I do for my fur turn it is in three days. What should I do watching? What should I look out for what I tell people is that ok,
The person that you go against any Jujitsu tournament is gonna. Go harder against you. Can anyone has gone against you in the gym period and a story? It is a whole nother level of competition that you know, white boy, versus wipe out the first time you gonna turn meant as a white bout. The person you're going against is going on. Better than anyone has gone against you in the gym period. You can't even when we would have Mme fighters fighting in the EU have see it's me, impossible to get git. Yet the training partners to go hard against that guy, as as there Poland is gonna, go it just it Not there, there's no logic. So far, no occasionally you know you guys that are really good training partners and now push you, but that's why we do shark tank because it's hard for me to get. You know four guys lined up to roll with you and everybody's gotta go as hard as they possibly can,
Who's gonna match what you match. A little editor gonna use what they have to use and that so few men in the village I watch out, for it there's a bunch of those elements in their when, when you're in a training scenario cause you don't have this, you don't have that background. Hum of this means everything like a cup. Addition need also I mean, then I see no, who does go super hard as people that have never turned you did too. We forget I'm in the german competition, but that does not really, I feel like a competition to them so too, so do anything. I ve been on the weird how crazy it is that you just take a guy that completely believes that they can kick everyone's ass, any Brigham that you did Germany just get to. I could hear his neck crazy. It's crazy, Judy Sousa crazy. It's an ego checker, that's kind of what else. Thinking in thinking what kind of Emma may, I think you do to a mere canvassing deal. Words can a real! You know where you know, you're talking about veterans come home and they come
everyday life in you, people have no idea really. What extreme stuff is in these people in their walkin around just not going. Meanwhile, would they be what they ve been through? His is just so extreme. They come back and they know they have that basis for comparison, and you know you get this drew like NATO Mouth in to the guy. Remember you didn't it didn't war teach you anything anything and they are not, then know nothing give them one give that each one day with you know it's just big eye opener. So kind of how I feel with like Jujitsu in Emma Man, stuff in when you go out, and when you hear people talking, I do stuff picnic ass, a kind of being you go. My gosh yeah give you good one day will do to round under normal. There three rounds because one round people think you got lucky and how that
the round it ago. Will that might have been long, but and then, after you submit some one three times there like ok, there's something I don't understand, you're not gonna, give him one ten minute round, o watch him just like this dire can't do that again, like it's too, the plasma she early on. You get ten minute room and you knock as when you're going against someone. There is that your locked into a strain on noise on normal person isn't gonna there'd be destroyed after because they're gonna be competition where Thou mode going as hard as they can again. Some of them are using any stricter energy at all. Who is destroying them in submitting them every thirty seconds managed it via the runner, hell. I did like about running like in all three four miles it. What I'd found that provided with them? You know, and you will do take down battles and no one's getting each other, I felt that it really
kept me going like just been on your feet, doing like low intensity, pushing and ass. I really felt that that adult agree check next question. Backslash. What advice can you give on pushups in bench, press for shoulder and peck injuries, slashed recovery, Ok, real, quick for for all for all injuries. What I say is do what you can due to gain without hurting yourself, so, for instance, if you can't do a full push up because it hurt your shoulder. Guess what the whole do a quarter push up and do a bunch of em. And just get that range emotional gonna get a full work out, but get that range motion get it working and then maybe in a week you can do a half push up, and then you have four ships and then, in of another three weeks you can do a free quarter worship and then eventually you can do a full push up, and then you start doing your deep pushups in between rings or whatever new you get it back. That's what I do I do that with every body.
That I have that might be injured, for whatever reason I do what I can I do, what I can specifically, I ll tell you what bench press I would. He's done bells and not barbellion. Is our barbell blocks. Arm indisposition position this- is very similar to an American or a camera eat both submission moves in Georgia to are based on the same kind of general range of motion as a bench press there there's definitely something different about it, and obviously it's? U can do bench. Pressman people bent for us. You know hundreds and hundreds of pounds bar belt, so it can be done, but essentially it is easy, similar motion. If your art, like we America, which is a submission hold in Jiu, you can move where your wrist is. You it doesn't hurt at all. You know put your wrist and you had. It doesn't hurt all that can pursue and mark on all you're all day once you, down now it submits you.
That's the way I look at a barber. That's why haven't and Barbara Bunch person. I don't even know how long especially Lego going for MAX. I'm done that. I don't even remember the last time. I did it, but yeah for any these injuries that you might have do what you can use, minimum rate use use the range of motions. You can't don't we injure yourself, you know, don't be, don't be stupid If it hurt your knee, when you get to a half a squad, do a quarter squad. Or little did. I do a three eighths squat. So that's right to recommend to get through those yeah and if kinda the thing, and I noticed from I'd, need surgery and quick recovery, quick recovery in The reason that was was because you could be smart. Just like or Saint get smart about. You don't I had me, sir you're. Not gonna go MAC Squat, you know
for all these later, no kind of thing so yeah you take it slow, but At the same time you go, you treat it like a work. I do serious allegations about it. Yeah Jack. We write soapy. Some people with I forget when I sought an officer on here, but were people would a shoulder injury, for example. Are the rehab is like these stable. Vision, river, your poor indelibly like I'm, not gonna, skip that day, because I don't feel anything, that's add muscles, why would I do that? I have a shoulder injury. Some skip that and you know the next day. Do my little shoulder exercises or go through the motions in that's. It But if you treat it like a thrill work out like reuse stretch, it you kind of push yourself not in weight, but you drink about Duma range motion, all its up, every limit of your rehab, has to be real important to you, including the consistency, and, if you do it, that way, that we have done
to me and I don't know or another to the history of the this question are nothing but bench. Press. Four shoulder injuries and recovery. Now lay there no yeah. They don't that's, not a hand in hand thing like. So if you, if you are concerned about whether you know whether not to get your bench back up after you have a shoulder injury, okay, but they still, the bench has nothing to do with recovery. For shoulder injury which do is all the little stable, stable russian muscles in their like these weird motion that stuff, like that, a lot of time. That's where you know one another good. Another good compliment Why it s shoulder injury and it it hook really bad to do regular pushups, but I could do pushups cause. It allows you to move away from those rage. Mercians that hurt you. So that's good, but yeah.
And press for shouldered, not good. I had a guy and a new guy officer and remedy who had showed up during deployment and he had a bad shoulder for something music. He, sir, I was, I was wondering you can mean a good deal exercises. I could do fora for my shoulder, which I have a bad shoulder nausea, yet do muscle ups and he kind of looked enable strange and then later realise that you know I was having fond ends. It yeah, that's a joke. He luckily I didn't like he'd my advice at the time he does while this guy's insane Silver Andrews rotating any rotated about this in a like throwing ball motion just controlled in it, that's gonna get you back sorry can recover, you can recover and that's the thing in a again. You have just treat those rehab because business glamorous about this, that that throwing
ocean exit like a routine or cuff exercises? You is not big mouth in exactly right will be like that. You know what I'm going to jump pension as doing some molecular rusty you, but if you do Sarge like minced ratings that had a kind of it in your shoulder like from the due for insurgents like Sarge demo stranger, had a heavy handedly, any ripped, my shoulder and it papa him. So now I can't leave anything above my head. So at all who was that rotate or cuff, like a programme like this way front back and then down here. This did that and it was only for two weeks and it was just bad yachts. Unfortunate sergeant connectors he's one weapon turning porters Jove. He gives you an accurate after in he gets when he's like his go to Is he wrestled? He's got a sick double. He would just get in this double Egmont heed it up or something that we'd be scramble and he get up and I think
look on his face here in Gaza, he'd ball that double that so hard launch me we want our older women in. I think you may have like seem part of it. The aim in Euro. Like all, how is the role of a sort of a guy? You know you can explain how the railway, or whatever came in and then he got he turned on this Modi you're like oh yeah, he Sarge, what is the rivers? Did you ever see him do that slingshot? So used to have this defence from LA from. Triangle that he would just accurately explain it, but he would basically, should the other human being across the map. And it was awesome whenever I do something to lock up and he didn't care if they put a triangle on him and he just keep going you do. The slingshot uses laugh at it because he always get read aloud. Somebody starched gotta
We cannot get by the way here in Connecticut, you'd go trainer what What was called another? It's called it Did life, that's what it's called there either yeah do my old teammates and one my long time trading partners to get some with next next question: do you prep your own food daily or eat on the hoof? and grab what you do both if I, if you know I just dont pack up something a little milk. Some might my travels all weird and random, but the when I can't an anathema home. So I make something up there, but I eat out a decent amount. I got my go twos and I go eat there. Sometimes they make good food for me.
If you're on the programme like back in the dreams, outhouses James, I bring lunch for sure, but it was never launched. I never eat lunch, never ate large number of members The government leave me alone next outworks ongoing launch no, never ate launch. Never you never see me saying, hey Ok, let's call it for now and will go eat launched, will meet you back here in an hour. No not have you know, don't eat the woody. Do work through lunch and stay late. So window eat then does Eagle growing time at growl ya, like early and beyond the phone I can eat and be at the computer I can eat it almost we're doing something physical and even then eat while you're doing something. Physicals alone should not be noncom met com. Currently the Eu Miss this one of what would you recommend for striking training as an effective, real application practised Boxing Morty Mocha? That's real easy. Start with boxing. Could it's easier to learn? You have to throw big kicks, but its very active, martial arts boxing
and then, once you get these net, that down going to more type and learn how to use your leg. Your elbows, your needs your head, so there you agree that boxing too- and this is strange, but it's absolutely true- is if you If you don't have experienced, throwing punches in landing punches, it's it's surprisingly hard, yeah are punch someone's face and landed effectively. All I come back on, the movies a source, Macgyver LOTS, Bulgaria to punch people and then he always shake his hand like, ah like iron man, every those kind of one of the fund. As you pointed out, the national level is funny, I'm sure guy were there trying to make like oh Macgyver such Softy in that way that we are he's hardcore like
brain like Mars, Margo, you know he doesn't carry a gun. You know he's not dying. One has a paperclip hasn't bring eggs, a playwright, paperclip, disarm formulae. Nonetheless, that's kind of those indicating, but I thought it taught kind of a good lesson where, if youth, you know you watch on tv guys just punching guys in the face the head, but you can, if special, if you have experienced punching Yukin Polly, you'll, break your hand there or hurt your hand early harsher. So if you, if you go train boxing, if a weak little box in whatever you really get till her like. Ok, if I start throwing these punches, the different agree. We just like you, get your ex six months of Judea to destroys someone with no due to two six months. A boxing does pretty damn good against someone with no boxing sure where yet only thing with boxing in like striking you can kind that did not really maybe we're gonna get mad at even so,
this. But I mean this like straight up literally, but in the streets you can have kindness and training. You know like if you get in a bunch, the street, vital area, ones, peeling surveys. You learn exactly what you learn. What at once, you learn actually mostly from being a legit street fighter. There's you learn. The mindset know how stupid that sounds, but here's what you learn. I five points this guy as fast as I can, before he's expecting enormous occupied him, you're becoming gets refiner. That's that's! ST getting is three voting. A lot is done on aggression If you get my face, my punch, you in the face, you know look means they. What's your problem and I hit you that that's what I really like a good experience street fighter that kicks alot of people's asses, that's what they do. They are regressive. They don't care about getting further, not thinking about their fighting, and so, when you say what you're prank order guises hey. What are you a crack? That's it that's what I'm that's? What a street predators! They're gonna, take action very quickly, you that's! So
you can learn a lot from that. So when you take that in someone you want, when someone shows up the image of this, as we know, I got a lot street fights and if their that most the time. That's bullshit! but if it's not and their actual guy. It's been a lot of fights and it's only so helpful because now they got someone that going to shake hands with and then age and combat, so they ve lost the. What am I saying? It's not a real thing. You know some of my friends growing up we're really good street fight and this is how I say this with kind of a little bit of knowledge- is- my friends were really good. Three quarters were was made them goods reporters wasn't that they study boxing. Wasn't it they started to do it because they had a view aggressive mindset in so someone would say: hey what's your crack and they were gone ballistic raven you know or someone's summonses. What do you look a crack and that's it and it wasn't actually wasn't crackers quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, runaway or or you know, that's so Yes, that's what, fighter house they have a mindset of the day
I have been in fights before, but they know that the aggression will take him along Y yeah, it's kind of like a guy in the same basketball who you know he has a home court or something to shoot to love shots there. He knows he knows how to make those shots, but then now you put him on the banana. Hearty. Has military training Madrid later on anything else, the US that is true, that is here you you can The mechanics, yeah and on your own going road can exploit the mechanics and then you and mechanics are gonna, be almost less helpful. In Vienna. We understanding the mindset of what can happen in a fight. Now the mechanics will be more helpful in basketball, but did not want You getting real game. The first, boggy my replayed I'd. I knew the mechanics and I got destroyed. Every path I threw from first ten passes out through got picked off in cash, going to tell me other than that, the current score, you're getting that happened.
My dad was like a who's. Your kind of Guy Gerson Movie Hooters exactly a year and walked the mechanics. What Paul handling or passing not shooting, no no sparring or what is it called scrimmages right, you're gonna, learn, mechanics and then that would have been cool if I would add, a coach that had a different mindset but the coach of the same who's. Your mindset is my dad witches mechanics, mechanics mechanics. So I worked always mechanics I'd, really good ball, ending a good passing, and then I got it. The first game I played in basketball, I had never actually with all I'm. Maybe I'd done a couple live games, but I'd never played against anyone. Skilled dribbled, Thou, Mccord, males, Point our drivel down the court held up my fingers about ok, really run play number three went over the side through the ball and do it picked it off. The kid that I was pointing us was a really good player that the other guy to guard he just destroyed me and the reason was didn't have experience of live games. Now I
she brought them and tell you when I was running training. I always You can sit there alone, mechanics and kill house. We can sit there and learn mechanics of doing immediate actions, rules out the field. The mechanics are good, you have to know but you have to also be life, and that's why I loved when they witnessed teams when we went from just having live rounds and paper targets. Which everyone was that was like the highest form we tried we train with live fire. That's the best thing. And that's what I was raised to believe. As soon as I saw, we had simulation and then once I realized, I would fact of simulation was, as you know, even need similar sneaking around literally saying Bang Bang at each other, but you got people moving and it can help you so that that mine, it came from tree, to not be just be whose you know who's yours that the movie users, a basketball movie- it's also movie, but they re beginning all just drilling and then dad because I didn't play
ass boys at Genoa, gospel. You said, okay, so he's teach me out of my baseball, but he was like a who's. Your guy to be good defence, are due to be good at ball, handling and end in enforcing the coachman same way. My first coach was the same. What seventh greater eighth grade is like a user's would have the difference and I join the courtyard. Careful them, but someone that played strip off so on that point of St Ball dress and in and didn't no one ever taught him ball handling. No one ever taught him the theory behind a zone, defence that guy would have done infinitely better than I did my first basketball game dad must have been hanging as hell shave, you miss Winwood loser. How did I raise this kid? Lawyers will show the same kind of thing. You others.
Stupid if they know how it feels to like land upon you having no, they have this kind of intuitive gauge on you no kind of distance away. You know just been their yeah, that's where we train people for anything even in the business world, like don't just the people, the mechanics of of commerce, and that this must have if their leader just don't train a mechanic. Here's what you say read this script. Newer put em live firemen, there live fire and role play with amounts. It with. You are you're going through, Somethin haven't go in there and talk to somebody that you told them how to act and act all crazy. Do they do that would do you take reading? I do not take region, I have to reading, I believe it is, it is an effective supplement, win remit. Fast Virginia Luscinda, we're not came out. There was a first greeting supplement. I was making so much that it was vanilla. It was disgusting,
I was on the hours on a ship at the time with a super tune and we are all trying to get as big as possible. We are all taking greeting. I was drinking so much phosphor gain that I had hold my nose and do it. Hold my neighbours. Do it like a shot? Maybe one throw up like a week. Game the regime in this US regain, again or yeah what, whichever one I was on fast for gain, and he has only half an hour later redundant even like that today there is a mistake: no. It has only offered at the time when it first came out, because we are all in the game but increasing as it is effective. I never really happening that big, effects where people say you'd dehydrated, wherever they really had that bloated and really felt much of that. But I don't take routine
now. Having taken for long term, we need- and I dont actually never did. Maybe I took this thing called pleaded in. I think there is creating that is like a long time ago used to good. I think minutes, but I don't know much about it is for us what's true and what's not a her great things and I who jumped thinks you're welcome to the inter webs here next, do you ever if you ever surf in Europe? I have not served in Europe. I would like to surf in Europe. I know that you boys up
Ireland got some big slabs, so maybe at some point on good upland and serve with their looks awesome very inconsistent, though, in very crazy, with the title differences so net. At some point you would be cool your surfing away. I have I have yes, you ve been quite before no December think about a clash check. I have a bad back and they need to lose a hundred pounds, any advice on what exercises to start with to kick start things. You know you have a bad back and you need to take care that, and I have no idea what that means. That could mean so many different things. What you need to do. Is you need to probably for start. If you got what you can do the EU probably We must go to your doctor and say: hey what can I can not? What can I do? and what can I not do and then die?
Her sometimes are overly cautious, so maybe get a second opinion, so we can go there with, but the bottom line is: if you got a hundred pounds to lose here's what you need to do. Start moving some way somehow weather. Start off is walking where that starts off is doing some calisthenics. Whether starts off his writing, an exercise bike, you need this, moving. That's what you need to do and then you need to fix the diet because that's where most that way loss gonna come from and that's the best ways to kick start things agree if you know how gave their diet thing real, quick that you know like certain things, you go into certain situations and your hit with feelings or certain things that you weren't expecting. Yet I got an idea actually wings, but you know the new discern pitfalls,
because you like dang, I didn't really expect it to be like this. You know, and maybe, if you went in there, expecting certain things or understanding a certain things are gonna come about. You have more will so the diet thing when you change your die. If you're diet, let's say your teeth, good diet is poor, mean typically, that's gonna mean it tastes good in some way to check whether beef fast food or railroaded whatever's jimfred yeah leftovers yeah exactly right. So it is good and food that is good, certain chemical reactions in your brain and they play they go hand in hand pleasure what pleasure. So when you, when you refine your dad Typically, that means it's gonna, be less sugar. Sometimes less that it depends on what kind of diet you know you go on, but if it's, but if it's a better diet compared to your junk food diet based on taste and pleasure, ass, taste, less tasty exactly right. So it's one thing to be like ok,
it doesn't take is good and I can handle that that's cool but the chemical, The action in your brain is basically gonna, be telling you like. You need pleasure. You are being deprived of pleasure in another telling your brain is telling you it's not just pleasure. It sustenance its survival exam me. Yes, not just you. You need fear that donor. Yet that was the United now you're meandered surrender, gonna disorder and people call it cravings. That's your craving, but it's one thing to be: like ok craving. I can overcome that for a lot of people, but it's it's. A weird feeling goes beyond Does anyone know a good way to get things off go on fast man? Don't it gas. What is our fast, because I'll tell you what the best thing about Guantanamo in my opinion, is how it works literature, you're it Rico. It's too things your actual fee being of hunger and recalibrate your taste buds too, because when you
even this beautiful Slav all and find out what I saw driver and you just did you need more of it, whereas once you when a fast when you have a glass of water, it tastes good, so good, We know you and then, when you break the faster and you have whatever you're gonna have whatever your first meal is it? really good, and it's very. Satisfying, because you having read the your needs. Is year your needs. So that's one of the best things I found about fasting. Is it recalibrate those those two things hunger? taste and things start to taste better? It's like Have you ever? Do you drink Coca COLA right so you're used to that sweet? Sweet, sweetening everyone's for me because I dont do it get. If I tasted it tastes over of atomic weight over the top and be
It's because I've fast did from having Coca COLA for so long that it just his taste that I don't even like any more. But there's a middle ground where hey you can haven't you go while this tastes incredibly good, but only- tone of it, because I got the satisfaction of the taste so yeah. That's another good way to kick things off. Your honor fast go on a twenty four hour fast you, need food. Like I told my when my daughter was going through last wrestling season. The tell me she you know dollars. I was thinking of Cadiz fasting or not fasting, she's cutting away, never mind. Fastings you'd, gotten, wait. Water and her thing was, you know if you prefer person can live for thirty days without food. I can make it told Post wakens, you know you're, not starving cunningly as they'd. Tony BT, F, Tony used to say, like you're, not gonna, die oh you're gonna die or no mom
Pico told you yesterday the phone he was all fired up work we were laughing really hard day. I was too I was telling a story in e was laughing so hysterically that It was hard to understand, so you did Tony yeah. That was as they we're knocker. You're not gonna just die. If you don't have anything right now, stop seamen, the thought that says so much about what will you feel like eating just picture Tony yet Dispatcher BT have Tony sitting you're. Goin you're not gonna die, so that all this be tougher wrong with you, man, that's a good one I mean it's real funny when he says it makes you feel I grew the real posts, but he's gonna, write, socio economic caution, stubbornness craving! What are you how embarrassing that amount in this? Imagine if you had to announce your stupid, pathetic
of craving raising and needs so the world yeah, you know I imagine it. I had a bulb walk into a room into a group of people and say I cannot live another second longer without a doubt not like. That would be so embarrassing as a human to say that and yet we think there when we act that way. You know it was a bright, but our actions basically act that way. We know that the donor does not needed. We know that the donor does not needed. If you are, If you were starving for four thirty eight days, you don't it if you run day thirty seven held off, you might find a stake it so bad man, you said you meant it made me think that it so bad that this is an official active way too, like improve your die, then this Ridder don't keep
junk food in Europe, the other life. That's probably nobody will jump food junk food in your house. You can't control yourself, you re rationalize to you. You know what it's no big deal and we're gonna start deck fast in three weeks anyway. Simultaneously this whatever right now, that's bad. Where we can controllers I like that idea, just thought of just having to announce your weak thoughts to the whole world and how stupid they leave you carry out an action that week you should have to verbal eyes it first yeah while to eat this directive, because I cannot survive without it announced rationalization to the world. I'm going to skip this work out because my left pinky is sore from Jujitsu three weeks ago will know. Well that is not the letter rationalization than allotted once and I've dealt with straight up. I don't feel like it s: data, that's not gonna commando next, West P, D.
P d or each g h, question mark. That means. Do you take these or are which one is better yet will p d is a general term. Foremans in enhancing drugs and she ate his humour with animals. I think he's up asking or this person is asking. If you take em, I do not or or your thoughts on the only performance enhancing drugs that I take away. I d jock awaits you now it which being run through them. The committee it looks like it's gonna get banned in the Olympics, Doc, interior familiar because records, yeah Tonia Germany records are being now. I don't take any. They never have the each teach in one piece, for what's the performer performance, enhancing drugs steroids per year, but so it lets say technically caffeine performance, you idiot I think it. Actually. I don't know I love
I don't know it well, it is no. I do know that it is and if a performance enhancing drugs it is young people take equally and when a scientifically measure is a profound sense of drugs, but I think that some regions, legal yeah, like even in the Olympics or whatever you. I think you do, I'm a maximum that you can take out. The encourages both fill your blood. Caffeine in go, do You know you're wrestling match, but slightly off interesting. You MA am have this friend got caught, kicker kill coin is his name, can college use like outside linebacker, maybe internalize linebacker Some some so he'd ever real good work out- and you know when you work out of lifting you'd have you'd have appeared. Brain. You know you walk ruthlessly, take off his shirt, sometimes like guys unknown world and universe. There is likely to be other life forms that have some level of intelligence
jump? Go next, please, you believe in aliens Anderson mean Extra terrestrial Yassin, demeanour I opinion my opinion on aliens. Is that I'm sure in this vast unknown world and universe there is likely to be other lifeforms that have some level of intelligence How sure, on a scale from one detail, how sure you are? Obviously you can be obtained on very over five, but well actually you, when you take the entire universe, which is so massive we can barely even comprehended the chances are decent. There are some other some how intelligent life form out there and you almost leak. I mean you can't. I have to ask we like this very time, but don't you think about it? There is really no time
you know where you were like that's gonna relative. Do so in the whole existence. Would you see what nine or EU level nine sure is that it is a matter of opinion donor? Nine. I think, like nine point procedure, a believer yeah, I'm a believer I would be vast. Like you said, some wizard guy was like ok, you get to make a bet. Do you think there is or is it I know the answer you do you think there is or is it The wizard be proof of concept are you and what have you? The guy from the future and somehow figured it out, and I read they. They met the whole universe at an whatever we'd, better get all the cost. Is your life too? By the way like you have to make a bet, you have to make a choice in you. If you get a right, you live you're wrong. You die I would I would bit yeah I would very. I would bet yes, I regret yes, that's the thing is, is you would
it would be interesting to have a scientists or talk to a scientist about the probability of human life like how rather believe daddy the antennae minuscule, like all the little things that had to happen first end up here and careful ever had em again, oh yeah, happening. But then again you view you compare that to the I know where this universe, that is so large a ten comprehensible. Yet you start happened somewhere yet else, and even them just it, and that in a way, a different point where it's like you know, what would it take to to make humans and wind up being humans If you look at it backwards, it seems really like. Oh my gosh. This is it crazy, like you, almost impossible oversight? Oh yeah miracle kind of thing, but you
You can say that with everyday thing, if you look at it backwards so, like let's say I had like the illegals rate care, we had this big talkative legos. It was much more than what is one of those big plastic There is just full of years and years and years of Lego sets and there's all in there. If I were to take that tub, full labels and fucking pour it out on the ground On a marble surface, though, they scatter everywhere in the end it'll when they all settled it'll be a little patter of legal, various colours, shape, sizes, all kinds, different places, spaces and to take that exact pattern down to be. Man, oh meter, that exact pattern and be like this is the most special pattern in the entire world ever in existence.
This one is: there is no way you anyone ever ever ever could retreat this exact patent unto the nanometer it's impossible. That's why this pattern is so special. But it's just one of many potentially eventualities. Infinite era and when you end up at something and then say, ok that what we have to end up, as is special, that's looking at it backwards, like I said So it's like the lottery winner. You know the guy who wins the lottery he's like. Oh my gosh, so special one, let no frickin! If I took pong ball and I saw in ahead of Marsh pit of one million people, one ping pong by throw it in the Marsh pit and then somebody here Oh my gosh from some special Brent, someone's gonna, get it someone's gonna get the thing bumble. That's affirmative Does it make it necessarily special unless you look at it backwards? If that guy's, like
go into another the ivory, the other alien life form could be something that we could barely even imagine what it's here and now that that probability wise, is what it is or it's gonna be something like so small in, but it if it's like me, a superior intelligence is gonna, be something we all recognise the same way like if you have a caterpillar on a leaf, and I see it from ten yards where I see that little count caterpillar it right there, hey caterpillar yelling at it. Vibration from my voice are hitting it. It gave her the cap, the caterpillar, has no idea the evening. This study nor humanist, doesn't know by your problems the know about your podcast. Meanwhile, you know a lot about your podcast. Only doesn't this into the park guest, I can say with a fair amount of no, maybe does his big butterflies plans to its future. Jacko next question next question: how can I
her brow thought more of an early and more about aliens are legos. I'm telling you may go patterns you mean people, so you are both. They go straight. Did that an alien, even though the unemployed can do that, Burma is telling you that kid's book. I dare you to tell me whether you tell me again goes deeper telling access more about these flaws of people consider regards aliens potentially Jacko. How can I encourage a sense of earth, and see. This is hard won and in others the well yeah. I think, I'm I'm assuming that this means with others, but for either yourself or others which have to realise that times going by very fast, and when you have projects that are. Do you mean you look at them, you gotta say there's gonna take longer than we think it's gonna take less, don't move now and then set yourself a really tight.
Timelines to make things happen and that what that'll do so make you realize how far behind the power of you are thousand. One of my rules when I was in the seal teams was, I was always saying: let's be far ahead of the power curve as power as possible, as we possibly can. So is that an almost russian power curve, but that's the thing Did you try to stay ahead of us? It's gonna smash you, so I would always you just. We didn't slowdown the power curve if we got we thought we were ahead, go ahead further, but I always had a really good sense that that power was coming to crush us. So that's what you have to get as far ahead of it as you can tell everyone where it is upset some small goals. They all you don't exactly. This project can take long. Ok, cool- let's just finish this first six percent, which means this this in this and let's have that done by tomorrow afternoon, to more often comes near, I'm close, ok
guess what we need to align, we need to get a sense of urgency. Gaunt swing, get this done, that's it! I know that to encourage a sense of urgency in yourself what you can do kind of works, something if you think about the feeling. You're gonna have after it's done and then consider things that you already did get done. Your have those that won't you're different, but sometimes we people have things that man we need to do, and it's just a small thing. You know and I'll do it I'll do it later on you mean something Irena. Do you know why I'm sure that's pretty intuitive to you, but you know sometimes I d just like doing it later more. Just gonna do later, because I'm thinking about something I'm doing some Irena. And then do now or why you're thinking about doing it No! Yes, I want that you'd. Rather your kids, all the time eight do the dishes blah blah blah
blah blah blah battle about either to be done. I know that's the thing. That's the whole point eight there. So when you do it When you do the thing: that's it you gotta, whatever you respond to an email mail in after you do it that does not feeling rate when it's done electing that that aid that would didn't take much docendum became evident, but didn't take much and be I'm done my daddy serve. This saying is, we need to do it will be done to goods and as a kid, as I hope, your results more. That's like it is what it is you I know it is what it is. You said that you have to say that, but what your dad's first name technically to William, Charles junior ok work. Unless we also BC, we have a new quote from being. Easy offer bill, Charles bitter. So busy in the house? Do it and it is done like that, want to it and it'll be done, do it and it will be done. I change it a little, but doing it's done
Cynthia, say my boy, but he's thing was always the exact thing: earth the exact words DC. Do it and it'll be done at me as a groan adult arguably european, words and impact the way I wanted them now and seen the genius of doing it'll be done. I have to say next, wash if digital not locally available. What would be the next best martial arts, choice or the next best thing or is the one way seventy miles, Dr Weir, thank you, meaning its locally available at seven silence aware that a long haul, so there's a lot of other available, martial arts. I would say you got you don't wrestling and those exist in a lot of places that Digital doesn't exist so rare. Link, judo sambo. Those are all good options, great options. You can find a cat. Wrestling school? There's southern! Definitely some options find a good grappling, but a real grappling school. What you want
out for is a place that says it has karate kung, FU, Andrew Jitsu you wanna, watch out that place, because that means the guy just put that up there, because judges is getting popular, so watch out that guy and now ones pretty like across the border it there. I mean. I can't really imagine many exceptions where it's like you know, like all the other ones and you did to end its legitimate Judea, doesn't happen very often name, it have a place. It says boxing fling Orange Jujitsu, as is probably reject because you got but yet boxing legit, rustling, legit judo, analysed yet Jujitsu see. Ok, the logos problem with you, but when it's non legit things I may throw jujitsu on the end of it watch out and Whenever I am talking about Jujitsu, I'm talking about Brazil, he you just gotta, make that clear Can representatives are not other?
forms of jujitsu, so be careful of that north. I cast in the Spirit of fairness there there well, could be like you know, cause a lot of these guys. Though they'll have this vast grown in like Campo, Karate you enter from on the right, and then they are only budget to know for sure, even while the other traditional S but they're, just an arduous gee. That's. Why said, just be careful. Be careful in my bed and most people if fifteen years ago, they started taken Brazil, India to and they got their black belt there. There tie Chee Kwan of whatever. Whatever martial art is not at the on the list of what they teach at their school. It's gone, actually the if there are backbone to due to their teaching procedure And they don't say, presented you two plus boat, on the lawn or whatever they don't say that it is going to do that
and if they do it, Actually, I'm going question there are some questions, this question again and if you can there be legit person. Yes, there can their arson village, it dude that are, you know blackouts in Brazil, India to and a black belt in some other Traditional martial large that they took before that. That is, that does happen most of the time when they realise that the white belt about and presented Jitsu destroyed them and their march locked the door ten years they don't put that on SK anymore, That's why I that's what it does to most people. So that's why there's questions yet questionnaires questions so yeah wrestling wrestling. What will I know a missing? It am, I apologize got folks out. For missing, but wrestling Judo Sambo Catch wrestling.
Those. Now, if there's no kind of grappling, then you boxing my tie the veteran expects option so that you're still learning how to fight to argue the groundwork, and you definitely want to get the groundwork at some point so in the course of the seventy mile driver. I get this a lot to some people. They have no Marshall or in their area. And they have a marsh. They have to do seventy miles away. What should I do my. Vote in that situation is it gets That's at your house get two or three years I want to or not a fight star watch Youtube videos, and once a week, on Saturday go down to that Jesse School when we Train it back if Fabio withdrawn there is, there is people like that they lived in? They lived somewhere in the desert, of Southern California, there is no desire, they work five and then on Saturday, they come out train, that's what they got.
They go home and work on their drills with their three guys that they were driving eighty miles to come and train on the weekend. So yeah, that's that's a method of doing it to you. Can we train on your own with your bodies on the matter you get and watching Youtube? or whatever online. Mechanism? You want to use, and then once a week you come in you The track and you learn and you get train with other people, and you see where you're up here. Don't let's get the very good. Yet it is next best thing is a hard. I guess it is some total matter of opinion, but I feel like wrestling like if you want sling is like a really good tool. I depends on what you don't like Y Y you're doing it they're like for a soft and wrestling awesome yeah. I know that that is awesome. Wrestling is
gives you such a massive advantage, not only in Jiu but in life, giving an advantage so wrestlings awesome, that being said, Judo These are some too, and if train, but there is more of a variation in Judo schools right and hi and judo school those people are awesome and that that's a great martial arts in learn groundwork? You learn take downs. It's a great martial arts. Don't I would no question about it, There are some weak judo schools, though Judo has a little bit of a tendency to sometimes Judo people can adapt somebody. Additional marts, traditional or shall arts attitude? including the attitude of of we're, not actually training and so that has happened, but that that's less, that doesn't happen very often so yeah and if you can find
you know the way find if you could do to school, go and put on a gay and sail that's right or left. When we train with you and they're gonna put disturbing. I don't take it down and beheld a work. You over. That's you do, as do those very to Jujitsu, very similar gesture. So there is a great thing to have wrestling is a great thing to have for sambo awesome some is actually like, judo and rustling, together, so salvos great same would catch rustling again. There's catch rusting is a little less with catch. Rustling you're you're you're a little bit more apt to find with a dozen actually know what they're doing and
You have to be careful that there's some phenomenal catch, rustling schools. That's for sure. So thank you get time to women and more these. Yes chuckle. How do I get the desire to have discipline? How do I get the desire to have discipline. I keep getting asked this type of question. How do I get discipline, or how do I want discipline, or how do I maintain discipline, and the answer. It's it's him answer, but obviously it's not easy. And is all kinds of little tricks and method people talk about, and you know they have some merit,
you know, maybe they do work these. These things, you know, do the little things. People say in and wake up early I say that in things down and they called showers and to tell everyone what you're going to do so broadcast it and make promises or or make bets with with your friends of some that you don't want to lose things, those ideas there their cool I'm sure they're gonna have some impact, and if they work for you, that's that's awesome, but but the fact of the matter is the reason this When is hard to maintain is because it is hard to maintain that's why makes discipline hard it's hard and You hear me claim that
discipline is easy for me, then, straight up. That's just my ego talking! That's what that is because I am unfortunately, just as human as everyone else, and it is work to maintain the discipline. That's what it is, work holding the line, maintaining the stuff, standard being no slack non. That's the discipline, that's the discipline and it is hard And if there's one thing I would say that does make it easier. It's too. Envision what it feels like when you're done what it feels like
after you, ve worked out. Are you ve held the line on your food intake or you ve put through some money. In this project, you have to do and all those things. When you're done, they feel good and conch that in what you will feel white later, when you let the discipline slack, you know the feeling dealing weak and I did- and you know that you're following behind so get to know those two different. Types of feelings and ask yourself
the one you want to feel in ten minutes or in a half an hour win win. The thing is done when the discipline has been implemented. Remember what that feels like and then remember that those minutes those hours they turn into weeks and months and years and holding the line in those critical minutes will put you in an fortunately better place physically and and to me if you maintain the discipline so work through the weakness. Fight through the temptation all belied hold, the line maintain.
Discipline. It is not easy. But it is worth it because, yes, because discipline equals freedom- and I think that's all I've got for tonight, so yeah go speaking of discipline, perhaps in a disciplined manner. You could explain to us how we could support this broadcast if we wanted to yet you want for sure I feel like we should like. We always do in a disciplined way. Talk went on.
Despite this one, I mean concise by the way over to remember half hours or something like that on the latest sure that doesn't control that doesn't do not even doesn't play in your. Does it you're the guy you're here your job You care longer, takes courage, nonetheless last summer mention that I ran out of crude oil. You even said you should go storm by some. Did you The good thing is one and went home from our session. It had come in. A long way to actually be rang attain. Oh you're gonna get about last night to revamp or just want, on what the wait fifty four pounds of another, Yes all I want. I want a zombie wanna ask for it whatever the ranking when school, but there's only one, was really cool, so they're out of whom I think they're the same wait for someone to fifty four there.
Themselves again I'll just get one of these two. The one off and then, when the zombie once come in Czech I'll get the Tucson below So where is this? What is this store? The airport? The aim is that on it dot com, but I'm explain what it is just gives you put on, or they don't understand the importance. I think it's important. Nonetheless, crude oil came in is what you do- and I mention this before, and this is what I'm gonna do I'm trying to do. I should just do it: it'll be done, stay on it. You know that is a stay on it. Oh the automatic. The oh yeah, but even call it three attic autumn model ship automated shipment. Now you decide remember to automatically comes yeah yeah, I think, maybe get a deal and on another. But that's what I'm doing mustachioed stay on it. You don't want men, that's in allowed people or companies,
that you don't like. Do you get your analysis stuff? I am alone, like two toilet refrain around that you just use all the opposite, You gotta go about goods, that's a good deal diamond, that's a good thing to do with. Basically everything. Well one time when I was drinking Barton, hardly who was it is Rudy. He asked me to do something a video or something, and he was like hey. Can I pay you in vodka and I gave a savage says no rude anyway, and he goes. Can I pay you in vodka? I didn't know. They get out of here, I was I was.
Consider also wait a second it kind of like currency when you drink every day. You scale able I'm gonna, spend that money anyway, some like hey, you know what I could do, I'm just thinking about it lasted for five seconds. Maybe ten, maybe, but I thought to myself think of how much money I would have charged them like double litter, triple it and get that much worth of vodka boom. I just saved seventy five sixty six percent, Move on nonetheless, low point still stands if its. If you don't have to think about it, come here and you're the run into this thing like me, where I met a crude oil for one week actually little less than a week, this matter will be out of it. It will collapse. On it. That's the one crude oil Strawn Bone dinner run on by the way, and that's good and stuck his good. It's weird! How
We'll do it how much shoulder was jack like the terror in Barcelona. We are now about to get healthy and I didn't stop lift INA how you get ten a night ass. You like I gotta, stop lifting a little later lighters. Suckers stumble stay strong guerrilla tendinous in any bone issues. I think, if I'm not mistaken, I'm not sure I gotta go back on the website. I get addicted to that website. It's like interesting stuff. I think in delay or stopped onset of osteoporosis- and I want to make that guy- I'm not me how they re that's what strontium does nonetheless, good cannibals our work out, stuff special, you like like how, if you go in bench, I don't bench, but if you do a bright, yellow, just repetitious shoulder press are now it can get boring. But if your intellect
interesting type, workout Siena huh, like the deed yet may stroller, yet another laser yeah on clubs, yes so you work out so much an orwellian work as you are looking forward to it. It's all interesting, and it was if you into those interesting work out in school kids, you can like look up a bunch of workers just for one kettlebells so may and of course they got the traditional stuff jumper without but like they have these metal. Thanks. I don't know what they are, but it's like you know these are for working out. So sick man, you can't even get bored working on anymore, really, when you go on their websites interesting too, stop. The supplements are outstanding
I do have my say: is not butter Bland also got some empty or you an empty were empty t stands for. Yes, I do medium chain trigly, sir. It's good for you, I cook with their own, and I put it in what did she make like a dessert, whether something all kinds of foot? It was something from city, heavy, whipping cream something gonna get ten percent off. If you want ten percent off go on it not count. Flash Jacko good on support yourself. Support joint spare, your health- I don't think you should be in a situation anymore anymore. Given the times were it to not support, your hell is really no room for not supporting your health right now, all needs are met, you're not going out in life.
You're, not hunting, refilled fence, yeah nonetheless, do the unadapted Flash Jacko also a good way to support your brain is to read these books. Eugene Sledge, another one from him, China, Marine also around of war and a rumour of war, and we go I'm reading it up laid out there and we go on those are powerful boss.
On the website, Jocapa Gas, Dotcom, there's a page. It's called books from the episode top menu click on it, but all the books from all the episodes. With the linked directly to Amazon. You get those books, you there that's good way to support Amazon click through or, if you doing any other kind of shopping, just click through or website and get whatever you gonna get, including, but not limited to these books, duct tape, guy dot, tapes, maybe new, multiple roles, the tapes, but even if there is multiple rules, I think it's still ducky higher d get different types of duck. Tapes, still or paper glimpse singular or whichever Macgyver stuff that you're into getting abiding getting more nice to bring them in football. We go on Amazon and be like
This is cool and then you how they show you the little suggestions. And then you by other suggestions. Do you ever that excellent by all the suggestions? Noakes, I've discipline? I need So I went on there and I got a flashlight anyhow. Not he's flashlight technology have lied also nowadays, especially nowadays, back in the We remember the one that levied head like a cat is like a soup is by Bigley but their big. So those were dope as a kid give you a down. You're, like the man, exaggerate some kind of relieving some. Let me get a flashlight, then you look at all the new vice like them all my God, these off. So I'm like? Okay, I'm going to buy this song by Maglite like like two dope singing hit people with it in the event of having to use it for weapon. So I get one and then I click
and there are various options on the length of it. So I get the regular and camouflage from my daughter she's for she likes flashlights. Like all kids, do I get to from me one for there to be a long one? sit Scott like a six cell, meaning it takes six batteries. Even imagine along netting is like a straight a baton with a flashlight on it. So I got a wind of getting nine flashlights. I don't need nine flashlights. This is an industry of a total lack of discipline, we're gonna Amazon, yes I'll, be difficult for the air. Yes, they did and I got a book to by the way so yeah sure I lacked Amazon, flashlight shopping discipline, but I got some cool flashlights theirs.
Techniques, her I'll show you you might even though this, but I learned this involves her if security training- and this was a technique that Europe this illegal to use, you can't use it as security or because its office, if not in, here. It is minimal force necessary to affect a whatever to defuse the situation whenever such as what is, let's say this was a flashlight in the say this is the light part brain like so usually as an lay person, you hold the flashlight like this right and you like in law enforcement, that they hold it like that. Can up above like that. So these are you hold it? So you shame you grip it right there by the the head of it with light, you shine it in the guy's, face rock and be like calm down, calm down, calm down, they can't really see their displayed by the light tenants and there like they hear your voice in calm down come in men you can get in.
Later on in hidden with it, and you get those long, mag lights, that the six cell fool batteries boom. They don't say coming they don't Lynch little link, they don't do anything is just a complete. You see light one moment for a split second, the late king Gos, now there's your flash. Then you see yet you wake up at it and man, a video I saw guy doing it to somebody else, dang, the guy! It's it's like. You know those Erie You see, a person die Weatherby on video, whatever he gets like shot and his body discuss limp Does he know it's coming up? He did, but it looked like that he had hit with its source.
And so hard, and he didn't even flinching, it's a real, effective thing: don't do it the people unless there in your house or something like that, anyone I digress. Also good way to support, is subscribing to purchase Itunes. Guru, Google play globally sticker. All these podcasting providing platforms Also you tube, technically podcast pod cast providing platform, subscribed it now and hissing by you to ignore ready already it gives you the added benefit of being able to see the video version jugglers these talking about these things, so subscribed to that, while some other excerpts on their some enhanced excerpts that we were calling to the enhanced one. What's music on there
some be role towards called bureau everything, that's not the actual thing, and also what salesman put on their lesson upon some on Youtube somewhere, videos, Mauritius, haven't seen him yet it's just a theory at this point, but nonetheless, subscribe and boom you can support that. We also Jack was a store, it's called chocolate store. What's the website surround Leinster, Jack stored outcome. So what this has, if you don't already, is t shirts hoodies, I think I'm not put some light hoodies on their summer time. You don't like that. I do
heavier nothing. This heavy were heavy Liddy or notion this door. Tank tops Marilla. You do yes, my wife, through a bunch of, went away about five seven years ago. I didn't wanna, take another resolve and ready and she's thrown away randomly yeah, which was awesome thrilling. Several under me market came out it's one of those who take one of the four things that are still bring up to her. No key. My god, she beheld camping, hottest had become full of IDA. Take up. I have an extra few them away. They were all ratty yellow There were no. She lies. I like the way you look in those tank tops its offensive, their sensibility, this eminent saying you don't stop, stop pointing the finger start, planning the thumb right. That's expressions,
Yeah yeah I gotta watch out for that. Strangely, I don't care for your tank topsy. My boy there is someone. Did they actually not many people think tank tops will be cool. I don't wear tank tops. You do apparently the little. That is obviously a sore subject lesson can take to absolve. Do my whole wardrobe protect Brigham back at the gate, ready or not think that, nonetheless, from pre readied Dagger in a move from other than the sender nonetheless, church a cool if you think they're quarter, Juxta Comp on their chuckled, the shirts does rash. On their. I think I'm saying of in the records equal, that's like to me
it is a lot of good things there my opinion, but nonetheless shirts on their. Therefore, if you want to support, do it that way, they were to see if you like something get something. Hats are coming to one of them it, but obviously also psychological offer. If you know that is, I know you do. But let's see you didn't know what that was her mother tell you it is in our with tracks
Jacko tracks Dhaka, saying what hey these are the pragmatic logical reasons why you shouldn't slip on your diet or your waking up early or this is why you should not skip to the work of these ways. Slack on the work, like all these little things that you'll the probability of use lacking on certain things in life or they fluctuate really, but in the event of a slack and on something you need a spot. Verbal verbal and psychological. Get. This check this out, search psychological warfare, Jocker willing on Itunes or Amazon, music or wherever they sell mp3s, get that and get a little spot catalyst spot for your points of weakness in your dirty. I said it and that helps also
you get Jocker Whitey on Amazon. By the way we talk about a little bit today, person said that they drink a cup of Jocko, a white tea this morning before I left for mustards euros or two and ended up muster zero zero one. Saying that proven Jacobite. She tea allows you travel through time and space, but here we are So again, this is a verified purchase reveal this personal action the experience that so many to keep that in mind. Jacobite too, you down Amazon, dot com, also way the warrior good book for kids and possibly adults are starting to see. That agreed here is a review. I wish I had read this book before they give you excellent path through a successful fulfilled life. It is very easy but dont before this. Incredibly deep too, I think it is great
for a ten year old or for an eighty year old, as you are never to old or too young to learn the basics when honourable life worth living fantastic, andred stars. So that's pretty cool pick up the book. It's about how to be better, how to overcome the obstacles that we all face and its told through the voice of a ten year old boy named mark and his uncle uncle Jake who comes into his life, to help them overcome city, some these obstacles. So there you that's, where the warrior kid also pinnacles freedom, field manual, editing, is complete at this time, so many. These questions I get asked all about. All the time are laid out, Miss Book food work. Doubts, martial arts and my my operating system. What's that,
What about him and on this part, gassed is in the book in a written form? This book is like the podcast that you can read absorb and refer back to so the book is like the pot Gaston but you're gonna see it's not a normal book. It's not normal publishers says we ve never published anything like this. I don't think of anything else polish, like this ever so it's a little difference not regular book. Just like this is regular progress. Despite was freedom field manual. You can priority right now and of course, extreme ownership, leadership book the based on what I learned twenty years in the seal teams, about leadership, and especially from the battle over Mahdi and how to take those lessons and apply them to the battlefield, to business and to life. Wrote that
My brother leaf bad and who was on the battlefield with me and remedy. Also we have You ship and management consulting company me Leaf ban J B to now Dave Burke, your ship and management alignment for your team. If you want that email Info at echelon, front dot, com and finally, the muster Austin this July thirteen can fourteenth too late sold out, we're done without one not done with it still gonna happen. You can't come because it sold out no more. If we were able to bumping up a little, but I think we got like three twenty or three thirty, but that's it We were supposed only have three hundred and then what. Rearranged from seats or whatever. So we got into three twenty. I think, but that's it. We can't. We cannot put any one else in their sold out so the next shot is back in San Diego September, fourteenth and fifteenth back the army hotel on the Bay in San Diego lot
people from the first muster in San Diego are coming back, and I think that will be awesome to hear from people. Ok, you went when the first muster you're. You learn some things, then you brought it back to apply. I'm real world. You hit some obstacles. What after that. You get, let's forget how to get around him. That's must reserve for San, Diego California. After that, we're not gonna go again with a monster for a while. You know and in two thousand a eighteen, probably once again in the springtime but later in the spring. So beware of that come to September's can be while and till the muster if you do want to communicate and hang on a little, but you can find us getting ass. Well, you normally getting after but you can find us typing letters into a keyboard on the interim webs. That's right on Twitter on Instagram and
Facebook keep ya echo. Is that ECHO Charles and I am at echo willing and thanks listening and subscribing in supporting and spreading the word, but more important thing. Four grabbing or hold of the challenges and the struggles in your life and learning from them, and then climbing up both challenges like a Jacobs ladder in using them to elevate yourself, instead of letting them drag. You down and when you get to the top look around. And give someone else a hand, pull them up. Tell them what you learned. Try to do it an attack for way, trying to teach them
can look around and see who can help you and teach you and what you can learn from other people and teach p overcome challenges the same way that you did the same way. We all did by learning for or problems and our challenges and are struggles and Do we learn from them? We grab them by the throat and get after it. So until next time this is ECHO and Jacko out.
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