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91: How to Win Back Authority. What to Think About When You Don't Feel Like Getting After It. Being a Renegade Leader. What to do When You Can't Get Through to Someone. Balancing Decisiveness w/ Carefulness.

2017-09-06 | 🔗

0:00:00 - Opening

0:00:20 - How to Be an Effective Renegade Leader.

0:11:03 - How to Train Jiu Jitsu when Deployed.

0:25:54 - Being Decisive VS. Carefulness.

0:45:14 - What to do with a Star team member who slacks off.

1:00:14 - What to do if you can't get through to a person.

1:08:40 - How to re-gain respect/authority after you've lost it.

1:19:43 - No Bad Teams, Only Bad Leaders - Explained.

1:41:29 - What to think about when you don't feel like GETTING AFTER IT.

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2:25:15 - Closing Gratitude.


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This is Jacko podcast number, ninety one. ECHO Charles in me, Jack O, willing good evening echo good evening and we are rolling straight to queue. Nay, today, so Questions from the entire webs, Charles Gulf Girl, ok, first question: Jacko: I've just finished about face the book amazing book interested how you modeled your style on hack, though hackers renegade and always bending the rules to Britain to the breaking point. But in remoter should we talk about, for example, not pushing back on higher command when it came to iraqi troops. Have listened to progress to, but I was hoping you could go into it a bit more there. So
I guess that's a good question pack. He was kind of considered renegade, but but also use also total company may the? U gotta realise that, there's that I that either there's a guy that hack loved the army. He love the army? He wanted his uniform, would look super squared away. He followed all the rules and regulations that, and he said Where did the leadership all the time when the leadership was right and that's what makes a good renegade. In my opinion, and I was very much the same way I was all about the Navy. You know I was all about. The caves has meant Victoria Tony used to say is little thing. We are going in to your browser that spread around but of course, from Tony first, which was all navy all the time we just be joking about you know, I think,
What originally region that, like guys, would make fun of me, because I would wear like jungle boots or Danner boots out too. On liberty. We approve, like all ginger cause when you're when like that kind of old, just three Easton the team's, you don't even know any different than you like, oh well, I'm going out and I need to wear shoes, cool where's. My jungle boots that's what you end up like an enduring? Do you're not like you think it's good. You think it's normal practice. The way things are different and so I supported the teams and pacts for the army, of course. But this thing: if the leadership was wrong or there were still something being passed down, that was wrong and it was Big wrong, what you do is little I wouldn't be like. Man. This is crap they're weird, from Paris shorts now, because that would happen like some new commanding officer would come in and change some thing right. It's a curse They won't we gotta do. We do be quiet just because
need other, given new short where the new shorts, oh there told us, we can't wear baseball. Its anymore golden whereby spots its ungraspable mandatory needs who cares care when I'm wearing my head, you know, like Oh you want issues different broadcast, fine, find whatever but then, if it was a larger issue, then we're all. Obviously, if it were something that was like actually wrong like criminally wrong or morally wrong, or some I rather than yard Billikin. No, we can't do that so the reason that I didn't course back on ice. A troops and working with iraqi troops when we got to remedy was because, as looked at it. I realise that it was the right thing to do, and Yes, it was gonna, be more dangerous and yes, a death, we took us out of our comfort zone, but as a explain it. Stream ownership. If we didn't train those people up train the iraqi soldiers and take them out and get them fighting and get
squared away on the battlefield, then America, and would have been doing it for ever so the correct, call what to do that now. I've talked about the same same thing: we they told us a ratio. They gave us a ratio of how many Iraqis we had to have every one iraqi we had to have. I don't when I was seven or or friend, one seal. We had to have seven iraqi soldiers. They they said that something like that The numbers were- and I said that doesn't make sense does cause. Sometimes we only have ten years to go out there's no way, I'm sending only one seal with ten iraqi soldiers not doing it need a corner. Need a radioman need. The machine Gunnar need a leader like that. That's what I need so and when I pushed back because I didn't push back again, ball caps, and because I didn't push back against some in that they will only I go about it.
Like oh yeah without actually makes sense. Shaka. We don't want you to go in a field with only once you, so I would wearily push back. If it was something that makes the same thing with likely martial arts training that they had is doing in the in the late nineteenth and early You thousands it was not good and I was told everyone. This is not smart. This is not good this train, dump we needed other training, that's better an end same thing. You're with things go, like here's another like stupid example,. They wouldn't want to issue opportune that the radio was you're gonna take on deployment, because To break them or whatever, and so they issue enough radios for everyone into non there? Everyone does not operate radios and your basically operational testing the radio's, while you're going through your work up, So today this garbage dish everyone radios Rev, that's how we operate. That's how we need to train duchess
in the training. They would an issue that the radio, the other was like a time period. We rely on radio station walking to keep these radio sort of lamented. It's that doesn't make sense me good idea by more radios So you know those are things I'd I pushed back on it and you were always pushing back on the type of training that was going to happen and who is going to be how you're going to run the training. So when something, Would it made sense to push back? I pushed back just like her. Where did now hack worth, did it on a massive scale, because he eventually pushed back on the way the Ward Vietnam was being run and had. I been smart enough and the war didn't take the shift that a token we didn't move towards counter insurgency, and we did. Make those adjustments that the that on implemented in remedy, maybe maybe, out it. Maybe I would have been smart have say: hey we're not run in this war right. We need to do something different run up genuine but but at the time you know, Cromer following made great decisions heap lead
great plan, agreed strategy. So I was a hundred percent cent on board. But if you know hackers don't happen. They were not fighting correctly against the Vietnamese and, and they were taking massive casualties for a hill? two days later, they give back and Sir Hugh Saint, were you doing the thing you don't he's up over the hard core battalion, They were fighting for months and they had literally killed Almost no Eddie Murphy was zero, my fingers actually zero enemy, and yet they had taken all kinds of casualties themselves and the region where this is wrong this wrong. So I think that's that's what being a leader is you support the stuff? You support the command. Yes, of course you support comment when it makes sense it makes sense, and normally it's gonna make sense. You know I mean nobody's gonna. Make sets not like the the admiral's in the generals or saint hey. How can we lose this war? Let's come up with a stupid strategy, now they're doing the best they can. So it's not
It's a regular occurrence. I mean, like I said when I was working for current colonel Macfarlane, was a smart guy. He was a brilliant guy that had a great strategy of gambling. Ok awesome! I'm here to support and I'll tell you when I did- and this I think is important- is that You know I was kind better get it, and I was more rebellious. When I was a kid obviously, I was I was young. When I got zeal teams, then so you know we would pushy all those things rising to all. We gotta do this. That was me when I was at a forward in this Do you know what are we gonna do that we should just be of Europe? We want we're just stupid, but has, older, I realize Is that you need to come across. As a renegade cordon Cote D come across as a big rebel that doesnt work. Immediately when you go and pushed back on some everyone just dismisses. You you just allowed Mouthy. Does he just person I guess everything it has always won't do anything as Y know. You want them oh well hold on. If John course push back against this year. Then this
must be some wrong here. Because he doesn't pushed back against off. He tells the line all time, so we should listen to him. That's what you when a build, that's what I did my best to build an that's, how I feel, It would be comparable to the way hack worth lead and way that I tried to. The obviously I know hack worth I stole as much as I heard from him, and the weird thing is all day this Irish, nor from him, but wasn't like? I was sitting there reading the book? No, I'm gonna do it. He did here. I think it was just absorbed and even the naming of task in a browser like when I did it. I wasn't thinking this is what Where did, but it was real obvious that that's where I got it from, I didn't think We need this. Indeed. Would it turns the ground based or would not turn round belonging to build this based on now, I know what we're not gonna be task unit. Bravo, that sounds lame or maybe just get a browser, because that sounds asked you
l and then later years at Bergamo girl, God, that's what that's exactly what hack worth it. I obviously stolen from so appreciated act, but does it be a renegade, but that's should be. That should be in the background that should be in the back your mind, inform your mind to be hey, I'm a I'm! A supporter of one happening kind of like the willingness to be a rat renegade. If you have to Yeah. If you have to believe me, I've known all kinds of good seals, There were two renegade yea just like our Miranda gathered a straight up, hey I'm a renegade in, and you know that, just the only guys I could get away with that will guys we're shows ultimately opera. Recently squared away that people go yeah, you know he's kind of a maniac about duty is really really good and really tat. We now know that naked dig. They make that happen. Now, as you yet more more senior Tommy,
play like reserve a boy. It's done and you gotta get you gotta play the game. That's all you gotta do as you get more she's gonna play the game and from like your subordinates viewpoint. If, if they look to me, oh Jack was just playing the game, he just don't guess I am the ESA because this way gives me more ability to control everything. That's gonna impact! You people that for me. So, yes, I'm gonna play the game, so you don't have to your welcome so Jack. Make sense. Northwest digits, be J J Jujitsu during your time in Iraq. If you like, please pay me a picture.
How do you imagine be J J class from you as an active soldier? Did you have a key mats and how would it differ from a critical, normal class? So yeah I was promised me starting with night. Ninety eight, I think, is when I started bring amounts with me. How do you bring math still be like hey in military transport? You build something called a pallet right palate and there they like eight feet by eight fear, pretty big and you stack all kinds of stuff autumn, and you know you got weapons just got whenever you like. You got your engines, you got your motors, you got your or motors, you got your votes, your near Zodiac boat. You got paddles, you got all this, we all the equipment. Ruins personal gears on their their opt gear, their body armor, it's all than these big palates. When you go and deployment you have eight palates, eight of these giant pellets
and so on some of those ballots there would be mats. So, who is it up to the inner you're talkin about weapons in reactions are in. And then he adds up to well. Whoever is in charge with two thousand so that it made a real, easy and end. Even if it wasn't me, I mean everybody, you know if people at bringing something to help everyone get better. You know periodical so is the little approval process. Now man, you just like this, where others guys bringing all kinds of crucifix spare my rubber guys, who you are you guys bricks Ports are indeed Packer surfboards on pallets they pack weights. Squat racks and anything that you. If you're gonna six month, appointed to remote location, yeah, you're, gonna, reload, outscore, rack and a bunch of bumper plates and if that remote location has waves, your Bracken surfboards, if it has if it has wrought climbing you're, gonna pack reclaiming gear you that
I'm telling you this is one of the things that it's really hard to this you'll teams. It's really hard did have that I think we are going to win this. You'll teams have that better than most people just this, this autonomy to cut a make things happen and do colonel? cool stuff here. Nothing no have no one ever gets do that, but you know I don't think so regular army unit. Irregular marine corps unit would be putting seven sir, boards on their peers. Who always, though, with the limit, though like so where can I ll me were going? Can I get a delay tv get a telegram to guarantee these like screen, you yeah yeah, yeah, just do. It also depends on where you deploying what jail and what the mission is. You know my first time to Iraq. We didn't have much of any the stuff firstly right we just had or opt your basically and but the second time second diamond went to Iraq, we brought more, but we actually do El, the squat rack
pretty awesome, there's there's a marine that there's a great marine that was with us and he a man, the radios, and he was just just of awesome guy and he was he was rain, but he was there was Marines across the river, and so he was supposed to keep continuity and he got assigned to us anyways, awesome guy and he knew how to weld here from a farm up in my or something so he knew how to weld and he had the gear and we didn't have a squirrel, rack and so they were able to like just come up with stuff. They they make anything happen. My ass they make anything happen. My my head c b was just could see, let's see bees, build things and they also acquire. Air things is combat builder. It's it's com! engineer: battalion its reconstruction battalion. That's what suits us he be for short, but it's the cities and silly
they they build things and they also very good at acquiring thing exists. Show up at your your base, my guys we're awesome at acquiring things, and we did have a squaw rack which is It is crazy to me to be of no squat rock right. Why? Why? Don't you score access as ridiculous, this, this marine welded squat rack. Now here's the interesting part, the squall rack he was, he was tall. He was like maybe six force. Five, maybe not that all these endanger the marine welder so on. Squat rack. There is your there's adjustable tempted to put the bar on while this dinner, adjustable things just had two hooks, and there was one hook at his height or one set of hooks at his height and one set of Hooksett. My I never just had to figure it out from there, but so yeah you could bring. You could bring that if you want to do, and so so yes, we brought Matt. I brought Matt's on that deployment and myofascial. Both my deployment to Iraq brought Matt the end.
One of the classic. Will generally your train with people. I don't know anything and I the train with him in the work up. You know so they're starting to learn and their liking. A low level white belts are mid level. Wipe alternative in high level wipe us. I don't think we even had one bluebell on either one of my deployments and the good thing. Is there team guys? thereafter, Eddic their strong, fearing good shape. They want to learn so they learn fast there, tough theirs, I strong enough what actually gonna get good roles and we want the more you teach him the better. The rolls get tired. Do you know you never too? I never travelled with glee for the military, don't think and swell one I started wearing when the Sultan cami, camera pants and a teacher and what's coolers did that when one single star jujitsu to our training with other seals that were in pants pants and a t shirt? it didn't make sense to wear like a camera top, and so what's cool is without even knowing it when no one was training Novi. I was
Retraining know because I did was a train with guys were tee shirts on not worry passport, but he was so yeah, that's would wear, carry pants and a teacher. Would we occasionally put on hop gear occasionally, but but not not very often,. The other thing you gotta watch out for with with me A former organization in the seal deems is theirs guys. It would go not like that. When a tap? Could you get major egos and surprise could occasionally go psycho? Sometimes when I would add pit per certainty, against each other. Some those I'd have to basically vitiate Bfac Ostrander that no one actually got killed because they be trying to kill each other and don't want that to happen after the game, and you can't you know you're about to your arms about to get broken. She had to do some of that and I'm I'm I am a bit of an instigator yeah every new sea and I still do it on the matter today and you know I mean if, if there's too that are going hard,
against each other, but maybe you're not going super. Yea I they could go hard, it's really easy to escalate than it. So I would escalate matches between as well, and then you know I'd I'd, just role of everyone, so yeah with world class be like we teach them just like a regular digital grass, teach the moves over some stuff and then roll, and that's it pretty simple good times a fun. If you can do little drills with yourself. If you go, if your high level guy and you're going with her, I built if there athletic letter you do You know how like, when you roll with a guy who's, maybe one level who give or take from you you or let's say there is one of a lower. Your kind up, slowly put yourself into better or worse situate right and you will go all out or nothing, but this kind of current jubilee two! If, if you go with like us like a beginner begetter but their athletic, do you tried it? You think of a bird, a Finnish
the alarming in that year, as you possibly can so if you like, ok, I'm sorry to bother you to force on many northern war dependent master go to force. It yeah, by forcing our mark of use. Amateur finish, this remark: you have to force him to that position somewhat yea. I only setting up sure yeah. Exactly that's what that's really the drill is you got a set it up given what he does and he could be retreating, the whole time shirts and so can take longer. It's just that says how did you to his butt that's the drill in your head, rather than you know you with that to active method to roll with a white belt, is let's just go lightless. He does let him even get a good position. I knew and then work out, but not don't do that big. Ok, I'm a treaty person like a person that I have two in real life, subdue with any What what's a good game too! By actual that is a good game to play and the you get real good at that guy from one being in its also, I don't play
game very often, I don't know what there's something it snaps my head sometimes run like. Ok, I'm just smash this person, but You know sometimes I'll, be watching the clock and wonders for seconds left a bit. I am the student and export or what is I'm gonna? Get someone that's good. You know I mean I just Honestly. I do that with you sometimes where you can feel me. Children and I'm almost like away today very seconds left and I have to go super hard to try and get you and sometimes a grimace myself enough time to have to learn. And you may that agreed. I don't do that in training What I hardly my lazy instinct is: I always go just enough better than that listen, I'm going against dear to maintain and eventually finish a fee in that's good, because you give the other guy good training there and that's kind of the point with not you'd want. If you go on regular juice class in Europe, like you know, up about mean like Purple brown black belt and you go against a white belt Egon paired up on the web.
I'm not saying I slowly to do that all the time, because its kind it you kind it it's a relationship we have with our trading partners. So if Ok, every white bill they go against our or any beginner, I'm just gonna goes hearted and is by what are you doing through the guidance sure good sure that that's? Why that's? Why? For what you're saying for Bluebell, to do that is not good trouble ass white ass. He read the skill yeah yeah. I do have to teach me like a doll brown bout. Blacked out, that's gonna, be that's gonna, be ok amulet test, my efficiency in making this happen really quickly. Here, Labelle against athletic work, wipe out, there's gonna, be it's gonna be world war savvy. Yes, that's her hinders injuries that are waiting to happen here as a problem of generally not gonna, get injured, knocking generally injure someone from being bad position. Bore bluebell, wipe out, Yes, I'm bats nurse yeah an insult really the point in doing that is like in a scenario like yours situation, where you don't have anyone to train with, except for beginners at all athletic in Hungary, thus
Ok, what do I do? You know you know it's got. A guy would come home from deployment better agile jitsu than when I left for sure that happened on every point. When I came home, I was better educated than when I left, but not better than I was, but I was in keeping with the standards of the guys are betraying with. So you know I'm wrong with dean before I leave and I I'm back, and I am now doing better, Then I was against dean before I left. Where he's been here, training the whole time, so there That says to me. That is an effective way to treat. You know you just you just So that's what they're doing most people asking what I do. I live for hours away from the closest Jim and get some friends puts a map on the ground, watch Youtube and start with each other and occasionally when you get the chance to go somewhere to a school once a month, once every two weeks, Seeger learn the beer in. I think in your situation, is, is kind of a nut unifil you need.
What kind of a specific type of situation where you have all the funding Lentils essentially drown tourism. You know like an habitual stuff stuff. It you ve just automatically do with certain techniques, which is that the correct technique you know, so you can. I think you'll benefit more in that way where you can train with beginners the entrance runway, but on the other hand, when I was a blue bout myself. Yet I still got lot better when I would be on the planet yeah purple about my browser, brown belch. Yes still still, it's just a little just a smaller version of that idea where, if you're beginner in your life, I'm not taking you to start on Youtube or whatever. I don't think you can benefit those situation. Oh no, you can t manage it for not as much you can't you have we not as much, but you can benefit definitely benefit you indefinite benefit. Its better is thousand times better than not doing anything. Not trade. I and II got one person has that gift of me
Able to like understand what's happening, maybe get a ressler in their Berlin's. Can help me so much of you get someone. Did you told me that can help me so much? But even if you know you start looking out insane, ok what's happening in this, what's happening right there Try that our mark mean you get some. Those good Youtube, videos that really break things down well come along. I think you can get in in that way. Luckily, yea lucky leave that to train with the best guess point our world unity to their own idea, actually wheeled actually hotter Gracie, whose we're not even argue leader of the country, but all tat ever he and he actually tell him he's. Gotta have like a tea, of world class goes to train with his. They are sometimes a train with Brown LEO, sometimes disease. The english username. Yes, oh yes, like he's like literally my students in whoo hoo and they give awesome training but they're, not Otto, have world class to our partners, like my opponents. Do can affair in
the result of a shrill raising yeah Semantic Kennedy, to their own, but all these things can be beneficial, even even if they don't necessarily seem like. You know what I think. Actually this leading to is like you get what you make out exactly and his people. May you see that have done the same thing that came from some random camp and training hard and they go and win economy Gregor Come from, you didn't come from Gregory accident. He didn't come from american top team. He came from a group of their school. We with Cavanaugh. In you're doing something right but same think he didn't have the highest level guys to train against he train. Not saint slagging after their trading partners, but it's not, it wasn't known camp when he came around red. He he's so he's a guy like that MAX Holloway he's out in Hawaii right he's training hard, but-
come on here. Winning the you have championship based on you know his training partners, so I think guys that that actually, understand what they need to do. They do it. They get it done making excuses. I hope that many of the tanks uses have, at the end of the day that right Jack next rush. With life decisions is a better be decisive and take actions to move forward, even if sometimes those visions are wrong as positive. Paralyzed by indecision in fear, thus getting maneuvered on by life. I ask this because I struggle with life decisions. Enough trouble committing to one path: duty: eclectic interests after listening to your pockets thinking it's better to be aggressive in maneuver on the battlefield of life. As long as I'm prepared to adapt
rather than sitting around it letting circumstance dictate my actions. Well, it sounds like a kind of ads a question which is good. Yes, it is better to be aggressive, it's better to be decisive, This does not mean burning bridges, and I think we talked about this before it doesn't mean that you just you just say, I'm quitting my job right now, because I'm gonna go start a new life as a whatever new jobs right who are we to start a business selling widgets Amsterdam who all in cause I'm committed will you know how I take proves those widgets and were involved. So there's a lot of issues that yours there's a way, though, to to meet risk on your decisions and actually at the at the camp? We re up and main there's a lot of guys that, were you listen the broadcast one of them really good. Really good guy we say. Look. I got this business. It's going well
business Schumacher go into the details, but he's If you say look, I got this business it's going well, I wanted to do better I'm kind of weighing this disease? in between bringing on waste, I'm gonna bring almost six people to really expand and grow and all that stuff is it If I do that, and we have a couple rough, you know if we had some bad luck. I might upside down in and not be able to handle. It and what I really am scared of his like. That's not just me, but it's now, it's my family. I don't kids and now I'm hedging that this company and safety of my family, so I don't know what to do and I said, ok well, do you have to go all in right? do you have to turn around tomorrow, good. You know what come on all higher these six people work and expand and hope we ve everything goes right do really! Well, you don't have to do that. You don't have to, would that much on the table. Instead,
as it will, how many people do. You actually really need right now, and he said probably one or two and was ok why don't you bring on one end and dart to see where that goes and be prepared to look for another person to bring on two and then those two people work out and you're, starting to feel their labour. Every day in their had, they have work to do because your expanding the coal bring on three an angle, if you had a hiccup things are grown sideways for whatever reason: that's cool you, don't have those additional four people were free people on board that european people, to every month, which is normally what kills businesses or one of a common theme. The kills businesses. So it's the same! So that's that's a good example right and he was g thought often he loved me, sent up absolutely political. Do that and so he's probably back at his job right now run it is business and probably hired a person to start expanded, not hiring six people and put all of his chips on the table. Where its,
who, Gamewell, let's say the percentage of living winning a seventy percent? You like him, he's gonna? Do it there's a thirty a judge, aloof, lose and now you're very family has no house. No food lesson what we want to do so? Why not just put some your troops on the table and you can still way to make a little bit you still you still. Prove your position so gotta! Do that with life too, like I said you don't quit your job to start building widgets when you don't know what you're doing you got a bit, why not just build the widgets in your spare time see would soon start put those things on the internet are seen how they sell start getting a little income from law them grow and then, finally, when you feel like the ballot start to Tipp, maybe be a last minute jump. Will you be like ok now, I'm gonna go for it you're committing to is something solid, something tangible and something that's making money right. We're not jumping in committing to something. That's an unknown. We're not commit some to something. That's known and- and I think it's him important to note that vat rate there.
Is not a lack of commitment. And this is you these, like your people, Inter WEBS they'll be You know why you have made yet you have created order percent. That's why you, if you want to do it, you got commit with everything you ve got well and so on, people. Think is ok, but I'm gonna quit my job coming to go for a commitment already successful cause. Diskiver here told me if I committed I'd, be successful factually now true, you can a thousand percent committed something and you can still fail. Bad news for you, that's a reality! That's the reality of decent people at Blackberry, weren't committed. Game you Norman, But what happened about very it's it's They were. They were committed, but big. They made some bad decision to guess what now blackberries, not really in the game anymore, but I think the chain games a model for censure, but people think that that, because you didn't quit your job and put go off when you put all your chips on the table that you're not committed- and I actually don't agree with that and our own.
Here's my example. If ok, I think that commitment is actually harder to do when it's a long term commitment that you gonna get. You know what I must state my job at work. Three hours a day on this other thing be manufactured, making my widgets three hours a day when I get home at ten o clock at night ominous go till one o clock in the morning, making my widgets that commitment it's actually smart commitment? It actually in some ways takes more commitment to do that. Then it does to quit your job and say I'm all in because now you're holding your balancing all these different, your carrier shouldering more of a burden so that I it takes more commitment. The problem is that people they d get weak. And after the fourth night of making widgets at ten o clock at night, they really I'm not I'm good. It's gonna have a job. I have a job and so that's weak. I eat or an example be what, if you could get in actual
physical condition in three hours, but it was just like the high it three hours that you could imagine think about that how in your body would transform from whatever crap condition, you're in right now in tooth a specimen He's gonna, take three hours of just hell, How many more people would be an amazing condition, I think a autonomy, because committing for three hours to something even it was gonna, be super bad people will be able to do it. What takes more commitment. And the reason every was not walking around like a perfect specimen is because it take three hours. It doesn't take three weeks, it doesn't take three months. It takes a daily grind that goes on for years that you have to hold the line on on the way you eat on the way you exercise on
your life that takes real commitment. Yes, so it isn't a lack of commitment, its planning It is no lack, commitment is mitigating risk and dont confuse again. I think that the person that commits to something and still maintains this other income stream, for example, that person is list of committed, if not more committed than the person does know what screwed ongoing all over Europe. Forgetting about your quitting, my ah, but that's not a smart move and it takes More! That's actually easier! Well, that's my point. It's easier. In many ways to go? You know what I'm a job, I'm quit my ninety five, I'm sick of that cubicle, I'm sick of that construction site, I'm just going all in over here that is in easier move that takes less commitment say I'm going to shoulder the burden of working fifteen eighteen,
twenty hours a day for the next two years until I can get, this thing stood up enough to do where I can execute it. Yes, the thumbs, like people, inflating the commitment. You know it's like day almost people wanted when it wants to do big show of commitment by quitting their job. But it's more just a show of commitments, a chevalier committed. Are you not kind of thing and then so well live comes with. These big shows of commitment becomes just an immense amount of stupidity, Yet when the meanwhile, you can either comment or don't committee in oh yeah. Sure if you dont, worry your job and you make widgets and you dont. Commit sure. It's like you got me. You can facilitate your non commitment. There ya get dig aired your real job, your ninety five jobs in the Navy or to you not committing yet fully But by no means is that you know proof and It's important to know that don't confuse,
and this is another mistakes- are people make mistakes on either end of the spectrum. The other one is don't confuse planning mitigating risk with not take inaction- you has that can and do you have to me Things happen every single day. That's what you have to do if you don't take action. If you don't move which is what this guys asking about then yeah you're paralyzing you're, never gonna get anywhere, but all you do is chip away at that thing, You gonna make a little bit of movement every day. You want to write a book, and this is something I am familiar with the hawks, I'm writing books and writing another book right now and you know what I'm gonna do I got chip away that thing every day. Every day, every day, there's commit thousand words today. Forty five minutes, maybe an hour, that's what it takes and guess If I can't get that our for whatever reason guess when we get to twenty minutes, how to get thirty minutes, I'm going to get something to get in the room to do. Work could only be close to my goal than it was yeah. That's the way it is Yemen,
you gonna see that life. Didn't you? Yes, we honor, I my honor, that's but that's where it happens. Where he's gonna happen right, yeah we're. I'm back four main roused GINO cruising good, you think I fell asleep yeah you got it. I was hammered out I was doing what I have to do. Because if I dont do it then wins out. What are we to get that our? That was, four hours I had read their flight technically five year could get my computer first little bit, let you so whatever good, well, yeah scanner, time, those picking over your shoulder like reading old. Already know where and when I see how was it Well, the name Kenny Williamson in their jockers rating to this good, maybe composed you. I think that all that sounds like an obvious. You know when you're saying it MIKE. I got it
or you know, or our at least the part where it's like it's a daily thing, like you gotta, let me to have a programme You know, like you got to take that step. Do it sounds obvious, but men how many times is. I know this, like my friend, whatever you go and not an online or whatever in sea. People complaining about stuff, never happens. For me, you know Fm L, Il F amendments, yes, stuff. Never happens to you. That's right enough never happens for you! That's right! Yes, that is life doesn't happen for you in life. You gotta go and make it. You have explained my kids, you want make money you have to take money from someone else. You have to take it from them. Then the people walk up and give you money right that doesn't happen there Never happened to me in my life, known as everyone, happen. Given me money, many you gotta take them. They got to give it to you that you're gonna make them you can take it from me. They want that money to so what you gonna give them. That's going to make the allow.
Take it from that. So yeah guess what nothing's nothing? It's for you! That's right! Nothing does happen for you, you have to make it happen. That's a default, aggressive mindset that you are make things happen Gonna sit around away for things happen and it's not gonna happen. It's not gonna happen Guess what I read a story about this such and such a person in ages walked into this. Agency, and they thought they looked. Did a real, good job. Another famous Ok, that's great base your life on that percentage, chance of Avenant not happening. I actually. I should look at them just think too much detail of anything like I happen to me or zero. Now Good is going to happen to me like that, but I'm just going to get a good deal like that's, not happening zero. So if, if, if you're going to get it you're going to have to make it happen next quest- Yes, and that should be the red migrate there. Then I basically for these four someone who's like none anal. When am, I gonna get my
break or her. You know, nothing happens for me kind of thing that should be the Red flag right. One yea absence as soon as you are you talking about the fact that you're, not that things are coming to you. Yeah yeah yeah, that should be a real big red flag. Nothing is gonna, come to you not happening not happening, you gotta, go and make things happen and wants you have that attitude or three what it's a game: changer, yeah, it's a game, once you realize that that book that so good that in your head is not gonna. Write itself once you realize that widget that you have this plan for, isn't gonna build itself. Then you realize like ok, I'm gonna have to make these things happen and even then guess what you can make a widget nor wants to buy, and you can write a book that no one wants to know. What's: Reed and if you're, not ok with that which is another thing that happens because they will you know no one will like it. Ok did you think of them, don't write it unless you want to write a for yourself. Then write it for yourself, I'm cool, beep beep,
I'll, be stopped, be happy tinges until it's a book or, for example, This can remind you have where you know how let's say I don't me I'm ugly say: oh I'm a pretty good writer, in fact even wrote a book before whatever and then my friend on, instead of faith, whatever someone my neighbour, whenever they write a book and they they really and then they write another one and military, if not even really that good. But it's out there there like look at my new book in Munich. They got people super all its awesome Europa, and I mean why I'm like a sour grapes a little bit like I'm a better idea than in person- Meanwhile, right anymore looming over here, you, Rwanda, the Arab back in the day long time ago. You know you know I'm the unseen, I'm in that a Rina, inner and I'm kind of mine hating on this other there's people that hate autumn that never even wrote a book and, firstly, at middle men, were better writer, I'm a better future. Guy a better
There are many other fighter whenever there are all kinds of people doing that all kinds of people dead dead will just be saying. I I I was better whatever fighter Jujitsu Player Carpenter whatever you name it. Meanwhile, taking no action. Oft? Where engineer, I could have done that. Why didn't you yeah, I say why cause you are committed and the commitment that when talking about is it night last night fragile tents and orderly early in the morning or in the mood at whatever it, how you said like yours, you not doing this enormous shows of commitment that either you committed. Are you not? If your committed it's gonna show itself, lies our irish Nero us again back to the guy who's hating on his knee
or doing quoting cool mediocre work, like audits John, if not that good hidden on it, you know it's. This is maybe things sometimes you'd meet a guy that was say, I'm going to seal training and, and they be brag about it, and you could see in their eyes that that right there was good enough. Them feel like I'm going to shield she'll team training. You'll known causes your team. Training, but that's the kind of person cause they just want to end. I do I hereby yoke. I say that yeah conceal training. The guy's it generally have a better. Answer guys that you know we do in the Navy and its on. You just got done they school and I'm starting hoping to go to children in all they d have to pry it out of him, that goes against the guy it's already bragging, nay, basically in directly bragging, because implying that he's gonna make it was guys, could have a little bit
Reform now this doesn't mean they're not doesn't mean don't, be confident, but that's what I'm saying is some people that, like I'm going for it they're happy with just saying I'm committed. I quit my job in this one. I do that Happy did let everyone know that, but what then Happy to do is grind that's what they're not happy to do that, not we're! That's where you that's, where you make your money right or You make you're good, there were you become successful year there is, was it is less the arab allusion somebody and they are talking about like commit people have goals, I wanna be a singer or whatever be a seal. Marianna Bc Eel CEO,
or you can form up and how I see today you can begin become the ceo exactly right so that they can. You rightly said Marilla player it there's like. Ok, you, you wanna Veal, because you see all this cool stuff on wherever about being a theo, but really what you're pursuing isn't necessary early being as it is, but what your prayers where you're going to end up in where you're gonna find successes. The oh, if your pursuing their day to day of sea eel, is like I said this before, and it is on this. It's late, but it's it's actually really accurate like if you want to be I'm sorry. You have to do gangster stop every day, it's not just like, posing with your gun. It's like. You got a kind of you gotta put enough work kind of thing you if you're gonna, be like you can't just Morocco and start a pod gas interest in in put out a book in that then started collecting money. It's not like that. You gotta go to
do you know how of old Europe many years as other steps involved exactly right. This data that life- and I used a joke about you- know cause when started echelon front, obviously, which me in him we see some other guy up into big ceo of something in which we say, while across the sea of a new their company in the company has them one person or three people a brilliant that's going to it and on the scheele on the sea of Jackal Past yeah, really, is you and me there's no you're goin on her words were cruising to our yeah yeah that you focus on the right things as opposed to the Czech Next Wash Jacko
I coach Highschool football, which should I do with the star athlete who segregate himself and won't participate in hard drills or won't participate hard enough. There now, this one, I actually, thankfully, members that I said I would do this because when I do this, this is a twitter question, and I spawned into this twitter question in one word So you know he says I got this guy star off, we who angels. What should I do with him? I respond in one word: bench I thought that was so so, of course,. You know then people certain, while you know to end- and I was like yeah- I know we're on Twitter Right- run twitter. There is more to it than whatever I just answered seven hundred and ninety eight questions at this with seven hundred and ninety nine so not going the full details, but then, as people work and of China and other ok of all answer this on the pot gas. We can go into it a little bit more because, yes, your coach Europe
Peter, and obviously I talk This all the time. Leadership is a new wants thing. It takes balance. It takes maneuvering it takes chess playing. It takes mental jujitsu takes all those thinks right. So the obvious answer of just like bench: that's my meat had answer and fundamentally we'll get to it, but and fundamentally that be the result, but let's dive into a little bit but who's the what's the deal. What's his background, what is attitude? Where'd? You come from What's his family, like life or what and we lifelike why is what past performance. What's his record, what Europeans coordinates all kinds of things we need to know right so now, once we sort of figure what you like now that any one of those things anyway, variables is. Gonna is gonna our course of action a little bit, because
being a leader doesn't mean you get to follow cookie cutter resign, sort, cookie, Carter, solutions of x, ray you're, doing with human beings, and every single human being is different and every single human being craziest or that you cannot predict so where do you will the kid guess a sixteen year old boy I've. Kid is even more unpredictable and even more crazy. Most because he's got testosterone flowing through his destinies chasing girls. He's he's. Going crazy, he's not secure themselves. Yet he's got sits on his face. You know he's got things go on he's, got issues, and so this it's crazy we're trying to deal with it now most kids can get giddily get through that there still participated team. This gets not so the first thing. They always say this. You got somebody, that's not stepping up into leadership position or not wonder you put him in charge of it. You know it's a hey echo I want you to run this drill. I think the way of my watch you perform of the field. I think you could really lead this real well. I want you to leave this job. Show these guys what's up right,
So you don't owe me my lily fired a freeze on you just there, so that might take his attitude and now, instead of me, saying, hey echoed you gotta, do this dual like everyone else ironing, that you want to do that, some elevating you a little bit your ego. A little push a little massage, and maybe you feel good about that. Now I say: hey you can run this girl fashion, anyone else I want to delete it. I want you show me how to do it on one should make our team better zone low fired up. So that's that's, one solution, type right, I'm scared kind abroad solution takes another solution. Type is, is is it really easy. Real easy is when you're talking to someone that you to improve their performance at you, don't go to them in and say: hey you need better cause, you're just right! Now you let the whole team down and you're just the think yours all good, you think you're. So good that you need a coach guaranteed a run deals with the team. You need randalls, a team now
gratitude is what are you talking about? so I have to say that again, I'm an eagle you up a little bit beset hey man, I'm gonna die, You aren't you because I see so much potential with you with your game, I see you're athletic ability and I the way that the other guys on the team look at you. You might not scented. They look up to you. Your leader, whether you want to be a leader not and the ensure that you haven't is as an athlete is now, going to come to fruition. Unless you at least. Get some a year potential as a leader in line the reason I want you to run these drills. Isn't it you better, I already know you're good Artie. Oh you're good at the jewels. The reason want you run these girls. I want you to be even better omission, your potential and by the way you help and run these drills is gonna make the timber and the better the team does the better you're gonna do the Morse ouch we're gonna here. Look at you. So
there's that and obviously I will explain to him why The girls are important for him and for the team in four a m the team together for the or everyone to reach a potential saw. Those were those are good too. And I guess overall broadly, when I be doing this whole time is talking to the person talking the individual, trying to figure out what his reasons were for not wonder, participate drills, encountering those reasons with logical answers. You don't say, hey here's, why it's important in explaining it to him and then eventually you're going to get to a point where my coaching, my explaining my maneuvering, my mental jiu Jitsu, none of it worked and he still telling me I'm not run the drills. I don't need to cool bench, next question earlier: will you play ball? Would even yet in paper by the annual? That's exactly
now. I would think I'm trying to put myself in the mindset back when I was in high school. I remember going intimacy new sea of. It's kind of summer training through light high school summer, trilogies non another of those four for her and those like a camps. We can but no summer training which is like after springing stuff in and in what they call it. They call it techniques Hence it all it was like you know. I played in high school is kind of like a slot back, which is a hybrid running back. Why does your type and so the technique sessions were just kind of passing drills and in his hand, staff and maybe even some what work, but it is kind of fun, is just another quarter who's there in the receivers and rang beckoned catch passes, runner out and stuff and it'll for forty five minutes. Our and.
I remember going to a senior year in there talking about yet techniques sessions this year. What our, whatever I remember, I was just talking to Jane my brother, and I was like a technique sessions that its where, if you dont go, you don't get in big trouble or nothing. It's just strongly encouraged lung cancer and again are going to those kind of causes rule I'd done you're the man then well as a junior, and I knew that neither senior really gonna do well whether whatever that's bells, my little thought perhaps need to go to those who, like us again, going into those with this kind of tone that lying there that's for people. Or training training get better me? I'm already dope kind of thing and Diego's egos oh yeah, like with super sarcastic, like almost offended you using all yak as you don't need that ha and then he said yak as your disease, so much better than ever owners Actually, I think that both of those in a very direct eyebrow, it hit me really hard of hearing that he's right, even if, even if like either
If I really believe which is its dumb to believe that I benefit from that training. Even if it's like I'm just like I'm I'm better than you my whole team. By the way the team sport we all together to win this stuff Oh you guys, I'm better than all you, that's the feeling. I had hit me real hard. Other thing I didn't miss any of them, I'm committed to this, so there was that in that mind, set great going into this- probably what is it might be just that it makes sense where, in your mind, if you don't get it brought to your attention, like that's really, what is? I don't need to do these drills, I'm scoring touchdowns every single game. Why am I doing these drills that all these non touch down scoring people are doing you know? put me in what is termed escort touch that kind of an attitude you know, that's probably what it is or making tackles or whatever the position is that so Just like her, you said make him
in charge of it like this guy Elysium, Jim Jim? You know take these guys and show how it's done kind of thing in practice, because in practice is measured only damage. If you say I'm not gonna sing, the coat came up. He said, hey echo, you hear you, MR practices and you again no use I came in, I need you set the example and really show these guys how it's done and you're not shown up here even in me me back in those days, if, if you would a left out there, you didn't show up part leave that part out. There were compelled me way more like if you like you men Europe as a junior killing it, and now it's about to be your senior you'd show, is guys how it's done like hell. You will you not like feeding the kind of thing and boom out or big empty, take charge in pop Warner football, which is younger, guys, in that way. I plead for the Cologne Rams, sound Ruth
There still are by the way, and so my coaches limbs coach Over and he had this kind of their colleagues policy kind of thing where, when you jumping jack than you do drills gum become crash, drills miss just like you do the stuff. You Roy do these things and all you do this in practice and even before the game. When you warming up Yugoslavia Zika, that's it you look. Just yelling getting up for his reasons. Any workmen we're we're good and I M so What I would do is, I would try to be the did. I yell is ladders so we come to be the loudest guy. During the entire whatever you're doing you just like the entire to the jersey. Your turn, not not if you stand in old end up in line got in here, so the coach stands in front. Three guy three lines in the guys in the front are doing the drill so
He holds the ball boy, you. I knew just basically shovel your feet and he goes like that. Then you turn and you come back and goes this return, and then he goes down than you basically sprawl bonnet, I recommend you know, and then you go to ok that then the three guys run now to the next guys gotta, you seem saying so and when you running you gotta yell too, so that later good cardiovascular work, yet to be, Lincoln Campgrounds much. What it does is gets you in the habit of just going to hard hard every play. And when you don't, you have to use your cruising resting, gear and when one is go time is go time and habitually that's out was when it it really worked, and so anyway when I would deal is in the coach. You do this to a lot of kids when deal super loud. You like to see here that a yelling above everybody you'd give that guy attention this guy he's getting all GM is lose guy and now the ex guy he's try to out yelled. I don't go harder, go harder, so that sea, My dear you know, you give that guy props for working hard,
showing everybody have done kind of thing in this, like Ben, you can keep that shit up in everyone's gonna want in fact, Jeff did me like that this week, in training for going in and like ok, the train. Is that your buddy, you know governed lover. He didn't you do some push up, so I will make a decent pushups or whatever and he's? Ok, do the triangle drill. You know you you're, on your back Iraq backing to travel, Europe back, those I'd. So all levels are in their begins as well and from doing it goes all everybody in the middle of August. Stop watch, I echo. Does it make if Let's see what was going on here out feel really empowered to strike Chauvelin I'm in so he successfully that office for the feeling in my head to grown adult said. No, because you were you doing them, yells doing it with everybody. When you pause all classes had water he does it in also does exactly concept up your game. A little bit. Yeah you're, not an economic technique. Shouldn't worry Vienna.
This good man that works then like it in the point there is, even if you do, you know that. That's what they're doing you still here, You were the type of coach that had already had this happened before and, like you, just benched guy, the Indian coach had the reputation that you don't play around this would have happened in the first place. Really would agree, I Piazza, so you ve, you may have to set the example at some point here. The only drawback of that potentially is you could cause in high school. A lot of times like you can have one or two guys on the team, sometimes even one and the team that old dictate the outcome of the game where, if this guy the earlier, if you're, probably when, if he's not you're, probably whose in you you have those dynamics and high school so, If you run that risk, where I mean unless you, if you're looking at a bigger picture. Well, I guess this is a bad example. If the guy, if you you as a coach run. Things in a certain way. Will you had we you don't allow
Many slack yeah then The probability of this occurring is gonna, be less yeah. It can be done for her will. Let you know it's a funny story left. Tell sometimes is we were doing desert training in blood story short. Theirs! opportunity. I have guys take a break and go to and have some beard get a good meal for the field. Training exercises start and That's normal what everyone does, but we didn't do we indeed break didn't, go get food didn't go, get beers, nothing! We just got after more I didn't really think much other, but life was like, of course we want to go, but normally no one wanted to ask you again, no slack we're not obviously we're out into trying to get someone. You know go into town and drink beer now and it's a funny looking back, but I think that that you can establish yourself as a type, a leader that just not going to allow lighten. What are you talking about? You d want to do the drills, oh, but it starts with a little
like who knows what this this kid you know. Maybe he didn't want to put on his practice Jersey, anyone where, as you know, I mean just a little things. Little things build up, and eventually he seen just like a normal kid. Just like a five year old that the envelope with everything I calculated. I don't want any good where the canyon, where that working together with people first, the anvil of my life. No swearing, oh yeah, but you can ghosts Far with no slack, of course, and you'd now now everyone hates you go yet because you just don't understand you, don't listen in your jerk, you you ve gone too far in one direction or you ve gone to run your direction. Balance dichotomy. Leadership gets up next question: chuckle. Have you ever had a person you couldn't get through? to some day you couldn't manipulate. Then what what do you do when you can't get through well yeah? Of course, I've had people
That I could not get through to and generally speaking, these people are like level, twelve arrogance that they are giant ego. That's what causes this there was quite a few seal leaders that I dealt with, I quite a few there were several seal leaders that I dealt with that were like that and of several bids as leaders that I've dealt with that. I would like that. Hot number five. I read that counting letter corrective measures to a guy. That was really arrogant, and despite that letter he did not change and he got fired. So what do you do when you got someone that you take a through too? You you fire them, that's if there is an here's. What gotta do is what what makes that tricky is that some people. And this may this, this big people freak out. There's some but that there such good performers even though their slightly negative
on maybe their team participation but they're so good that that it that's their negativity right and that up it happens, you know what happens with salespeople salespeople r R. In order to be a selfless and you got to be confident got to be aggressive, you got to be someone arrogant right, you got to believe in yourself and so salespeople take that to the extreme where they're just like. I don't need to listen to what you tell me. The new procedures are so I'm the one. That's doing the big dollars over here. How budget for my procedures, boys rights, so that parliament's well, then, what you gonna do it you gotta look, does is this guy producing? So what now that can create problems within the team and you have to balance those things. Is this guy is the negative he is creating offset by the some productivity they distort. And furthermore, if the guys that hey. Maybe we should be modeling some things after them, no problem with that, if you're them performer cool. I wanted to tell you I want to
people diameter you so that happens the place where you might see it. A similar situation is a leader that does really good will. Their relationships down the chain of command, for instance, but he has bad relations up the chain of command, so again. You got ask yourself: ok if I fire this leader, how many these people that he has great relationships, are never leave and what kind of detriment as that to the team. The can also happen with someone that doesn't that treats their people like crap, but up Jane management exaggerate and he's getting the mission by the way right, he's a slave driver and he creating total animosity between him and his team buddies accomplishing the mission. So now, what did you there's risk everyone quit? there's rescued firemen. Now you don't accomplice emission anymore. This is why leadership is hard, and this is why you have to balance everything. After balance, those things but talk to
the budget times, if you get someone you coaches, your men, you do everything you can you flank em, you do do jitsu mental jujitsu jitsu. You try and get them squared away. And eventually, if you can't you way against, you know how it can affect the situation and then in many cases you gotta. Let him go and we fired you. We fired plenty of seals get fired. From leadership positions and and Thing with obviously work with consulting businesses. We see all kinds of people getting fired because there either not cape Do their job there too arrogant and eight don't recognize things are going sideways and they're. Just thinking of doing everything perfectly. No, that's not gonna work. Well for you, you wouldn't leaf Sydow. Someone asked him in a window. You know wines that line where it's like
from the fire. Someone values like in a nutshell, there's a lot too, but in a nutshell supposed he said: it's you know you're. At that point, we were you far someone when, when you don't feel bad about red source, I get you You drive the every tried everything and and there's also people boots or some validity. To this that say the first time. You think you should fire someone used virus. That's the other end of the spectrum right and what that, It is when you look at someone and you go and man ok, I can save my can help that's. The kind of advice should give to someone. That's that's! That's got a maternal instinct right that you meet my hey. I know this guy, just a good guy ever my team is great everyone's gonna do. Graham you can't tell that person life, and I normally tell people which is when you feel good about it. You should fire, because that person will never feel good about fire in any by just
ok, is Europe's Anthea and decided? I know he's gonna bacon newest, come around, you know I'd, and then they did are plainly the extreme ownership game which, as you know I would give an echo better direction. He would be able to do this it. My fault advocate echo. Seventeen innovations of this and he still didn't completed correctly here Fired that's the way it works writers. So, thou balance so that spectrum of of you know within the confines of being justified, firing, somebody a certain type. Person you gotta, say when you don't feel bad about it read write me. That's all a fire. Heavy type do right, but there's also someone did the reason you shouldn't feel bad about. It is because I've done everything I can do to help you which takes work. It takes effort, it takes tact, it takes hard conversations, because its heart for me to go into echoing northern look at your videos lately in there
they're, not really what we're looking for right. I do want to say that you guys uncomfortable and we're kind of like didn't we we're gonna get along on sound like an echo that nobody was good man, that's good. I cannot tell you the truth and in overtime. Are videos are looking good enough for events? Yes, I know what you want no one's buying or videos anymore and we haven't got a new contracts. So guess what let you go you like. What are you talking about? You said, although it is a major good notifying me, maybe needed will become a better salesperson whereas if I had a hard conversation early and said, hey ECHO, You know I know you're creative and I appreciate that, but we also need to get the message across workloads, obviously fabric. Giving up business where, where making videos which I know we don't really do a lot of any more, closely. You gotta, but yeah, you got it you got to they have the hard conversations earlier. If omelette
the person that doesn't like to have the hard conversations once again, I never feel good about it, because I never. I never gave you any advice, so it always feels bad for me to fire someone. But if you're, following good leadership tactics, then So we true when you get your point we gotta find somebody. You won't feel bad about it, because you know you ve done everything you can. You know you ve. Also mentioned them, and you know that if you keep them on board your negatively impact in your team, which is bad yet and then go down to the other side of the spectrum still within the confines of being justified in firing somebody better, but on the other side from you, get out. You say that what do you got a month, maternal instinct, amateur assimilate the person who can later they just
super hard in themselves. Maybe or there you know like I, even if you did do everything you can still, I could add on more hours. That's my format is, I feel like I let them down. As a leader yeah, I gave them seventeen counselling, chits you'll, they don't belong here. You can't do their job. Stop, meanwhile, are going home laughing at you or whatever yeah you get that kind of personality. So it's kind of like I see that a balance is yet to be. Like ok, recognise, ok, what can a person am I in a or what kind of prisoners is on a person? Can a thing and if their those maternal instinct tool for lack of, with putting in person. Then what was it? The first time you feel like you? Should Army should fire you. You hang out on that side of the room you gotta. Let me up how do you re gain respect from your Please after you ve come across as to nice, my husband I or business owners with forty five employees in a small software firm, since
more employees in the last eighteen months, the culture is changing. I blame, or You going attitude increasingly, there is an error, two problems were negative. Pushed back has become almost daily occurrence. How do we lead our way out of this ok? Well, this reform not by no means action of insects rough on its due to challenge right, you have to hit the reset button for sure and you gotta. Let people know that things are changing now. I would straight up have a meeting that you. You said everyone down and say: hey here's what's happening, we are growing. And ass we grow. We are going to have to evolve just like a person as you get older, you have to evolve. You have to become more mature and hears move things that we're gonna have to tighten up right is
instead of everyone's just hey. If you come in and you want to get you gonna, do you know it's you, kids birthday, the oh yeah, No problem, they are, you say, look, that's Happening anymore, we will do our best to let well, for your daughter's birthday, we will do our best to let you I'll take care of of family members when their sick. We will do our best give you bonuses that you ve become accustomed to. We do our best to give you raises annually, we will do our best to continue to take care of you, but none. Of those things argue indeed at all. We are trying to be profitable. In fact, we have to be profitable, order to continue as a business on top of in profitable in order to grow. We have to reinvest in the company, we have take the money that we make and we have to put it back into this company in order to grow and we
Going to grow, that is our goal in grow. We are gone to have to put procedures and standards in place now that allow us to maintain some control and efficiency as we grow. If we don't do that. We're gonna fall apart. So, That is what we need to do now. Why do we want to grow? the reason we want to grow is because we want to be bigger. We want to more opportunity for everyone sitting in this room or not grow for us, we're gonna grow for everyone, the more opportunity. Everyone has to advance and leadership. To make more money That is what we are trying to do, but we only do that. If we as we grow, we evolve and become better and become more efficient. I become more standardized in the next eighteen to twenty four months. That is what we have to do as a company.
So I would have a meeting and say something like that, something along lights. Lay down the law little, but now also, then you have to change our attitude. You have to somewhat change our attitude, because you our MR nice guy. That's how you ended up in this position. You know the husband and wife team. Mr, Mister and Missus, nice guy and. You can and should be nice as a leader. I understand that, but at this point, though, the team needs to get tightened up. Answered. You're gonna have to impose some discipline on them in order for there to be freedom in the future, a surprisingly giant, but we know that Now I had a friend who was a platoon commander and he was He worked with me. I knew him and He was a balloon commander. He's a real nice guy. Supernova
when you subsume Commander a nice guy, supernova things in work out bid for because I dont know- I don't want specifically know what happened, but I know that things didn't go great. And when you talk to me about it. Here's. The thing is when I worked with him, we're all eyebrows and I was young unless the guy we we know we're all brothers, but we all have that level of respect a you know what and we can go out and have a beer tonight, but tomorrow morning, when I get to work, I'm going to game and I'm you know I'm telling the line and that's pretty much what we were all like all of us, unless the guys working with this guy and when he got this new place, new command oversight it was like that anymore. Was broken out with people and when you get back into work, They want to blow out of work. It was able we don't you Are you here? Here's the last night and ass,
He said you know I I was too nice of a guy it. I didn't get the respect that I needed to be able to effectively run the pollute and it not good, and he said something to me to which I guess instinctively new- or maybe I didn't put it stuck with me. You know it's really easy to give more slack to someone. We have one I wish right three legal area targeted The other thing is hard to well list this when I have you on a tight leash, I give you a slack you're happy you like. Look a jockey trust me. He let me go a little bit where I give you all kinds of all kinds slack. And also to have tightened up. I start pulling on a leash. Well guess what it chokes your neck, jokes, you and, alas, are bringing to an end. There are gonna pull you back on you the longer you're joking for and I'm you get back to me. You're ready to bite
And so that's what you have to do. You don't walk in and put the dogs out. Them, run wild out to the end of the leash. Let them run wherever they want and then try and put them back in because when you let him go by the way you think yourself. Well, you know this is a good dark. So when I let him run around he's, not gonna, do anything wrong. He's gonna be fixate, chance, that's gonna happen and there's a chance good dog you let him run around and we say come back, he comes back. You there's. Also There is not a good dog and when he gets out there, he starts run and assorted bite and people more run in the road or doing whatever bad dogs do and so what would you do that dogs? You gotta, pull him back to end its actually worse. Because we already know this is a bad dark. So when you pull him back, he's pissed and you're gonna bite you wear Good dog wasn't do anything bad in first place and when you pull it back any look for you guys, hey. I must have gone to out of control. I buy sorry, I'm back in line you serious enters the the way. The whole thing unfolds is bad. Because the bad dog
he's a bad dark than you do. Stuff when you give em slack on a leash and when you pull back he's gonna snap at you, the good dog give em all kinds of Roma. We should not do anything good and when you pull him back, he goes. He goes. Oh sorry, I didn't realize I do something I want master out He didn't check now and you can give me more slack if you want or not doesn't matter I wanted to. I want you to trust me me. While the bat Oh he's just like growing he's, pissed off me so That's gonna be hard won that, like us, it is not impossible, but the big thing you have to do Think in this situation you gotta be clear here. What's going on, you could even potentially Etana. How well you are of a speaker, interact people, you could even say something along the lines of you know: hey look we ve been run in this real loose. And I've been real, give and doing everything we could to run this is loose as possible, but we gotta tightened up
I think that's what I think you could say that cuz, you want to say, look I've been being nice and I can't be nice anymore that that that comes across wrong. But it's a luck. We've been run it real loose here. We ve been trying to get you guys much freedom as we can still want you guys have freedom, but we gotta put some parameters in place that are gonna that are going to allow us to run this bishop business efficiently as we grow. And as we scale you can call me now and yet makes influence here. Be clear and consistent. You know, like oh, you know some people, limit rules and I'm speaking from an employee standpoint and where I'm looking at the boss on their kind of putting new rules to tighten it up. So to speak to the nightclub industry that tends to happen. You know
just throwing out, which I, like the term Bro out, but you never heard of you never her that I don't think so. It's not that. I remember what s interesting. I thought that was pretty common finance killer, especially amongst Bro. Let yourself borough, broken out of Vienna. Nightclub manages tend to bail out with people or bro out with girls or what the wages whatever whatever umbrella. Yeah enough. I thought I was already nearly probably different word for word group words whatever, but nonetheless attend I've so so often face the same situation. Yet nightclub in India disarray as a business. You know think they got a tightening up and apply more rules, and now you gotta, you know whatever, with the clock in its latest little rules and I'm negative attitude that all these were easily emeralds yeah. I'm a late persons.
Clark in of anyway long story, but even so I echo so when the manager would impulse the rules, but they don't follow the rules in its men. It they just won't take and he became more mad. But when you see there's his men and he died, two unfortunate jaw use whose use our boss for for awhile- and here He had the kind of do that by implementing rules, but this that he would blow out with you, but like it, we he did this weird kind of balance where he would breaks up rules, but and he'd follow rules, but the rules that he broke. He wouldn't care. Few broken gotta. Think these. Small, teeny tiny rules by the way, but as a rule, consistent person, you know where are you wanted something done? We were all doing it, including him, and I remember thinking man this. I really like this guy in that way as well, where he's telling us
do stuff, but he won't like because there's other manage all man. I can go into it, man, where this the other managers and there were straight up like I'm the manager here. It is not clear. Everyone worships me and it's a weird dynamic unenclosed anyway, and they follow the rules at all. But you because you're the employee, you're not gonna, think but yet, you're a manager and again from employees, something in- and I see my boss following the new rules- consists: didn't we there. Much easier to sign on. Can they ok, that's what we're doing. I dig it, and yet you combine it with like what you said being clear. Down I'm down for the change, I get it manner. I get it next question chuckle no teams, only bad leaders always the same relationship with each boss. Yet also staged a mutiny how'd, you ok, so what he's talking about? Obviously, no bad dreams about leaders is from
Extreme ownership- and it's actually from before that Napoleon said the same thing hack words said the same thing: we reached change, the words a little bit, but So that's and then the other thing is talk about is that I was ever have the same relationship with every boss, whoever had whether they were stupid or smart or whether they were aggressive or passive, whether they were big, eagle or humble, I the same relationship with all of them? That is, they trust me and gave me what I need you to do my job, so How do I reconcile sought, then? Then new started out staged muni because we had a kind of a mutiny, one of my poor tunes broken again when I was a young enlisted guy. And How can you do that right? If I had was grey relationships, Roma bosses border, but I a mutiny addressing Actually had a decent relationship with the guy that I staged mutely wife now, but I think so to go back to the earlier question time on being a renegade, and you know being
a rebel and end like I said you, you have to repel when it is necessary. So in So for the mutiny that is in question I need to make it clear here I didn't stage the mutiny. Wasn't me it was kind of a group. That was somewhat led by the leadership of our the list. The leadership of our platoon, and it was movement that I've certainly supported and was on board with, and we kind of the five mafia in that by yeah. So we were kind of had the voice of the people. Write me in a certain group of guys actually free my buds class who? all credit. The cutter cyst fired up about things, and you know it wasn't like the thing. Is it wasn't like the platoon commander had a couple weaknesses right, and maybe he wasn't the best it hacked x or maybe it wasn't that you the best shot or anything like was the best Afric know he was a good Afric. He tactic,
we he was like marginal, but what he didn't have What does all time would, as you have any humility at all, and so he wasn't Listening to anyone that was giving him any input in looting. He had very experienced senior enlisted advisers so the well tuned, chief and opportune help. You were awesome guys very risky its heels, one of them had been in the First Gulf WAR on the ground, getting after it as much as he could. So these guys we're experience and the senior chief was us really really smart, guy and I wasn't listening to. And so you had somebody that in a situation was, it would have been bad for the platoon to have this type, a leader in there and now about this? If it's bad for the opportune that it's bad for your mission, if you don't
have a good platoon. You can't execute your mission. Well in that the bottom line tat. This question. That is how I reconcile this. How this situation affects the mission effect our ability to accomplish the mission. How does it do it? If we have a bad leader, it makes us a bad platoon than war. Can be able to accomplish our mission. I therefore I need help. Where did this person, because my number one thing that I'm trying to do is be good at my mission and Obviously, a more unified team is going to accomplish the mission more effectively and more efficiently period, so that That is why it is so important for people to understand the mission and the goal and the commanders intent, because all we, your decisions are
based on and guided by that understanding of understanding. What the mission is, this You need to put the me first all the time to make the right decision now as soon as I say that pops in your head, oh job, you care about the mission more than you care about your men, not true because think about this, if you executing your mission effectively you are taking care of your men. That's in the business world and its in the battlefield because in the business world excuse my my mission we guess what we're doing we're Making more money would be more profitable, we're gaining we're clients were growing, and therefore I am It can care of my employees because I'm keeping them employed in making them more bonuses and making them more money and offering them more leadership. Opportunities in about same thing if
we are good and I execute my mission effectively guess what we ve made. It it is a risk that the in the best possible way, or we mitigate risk, the more people are alive, the blue, casualties we take so I'm doing everything geared towards the mission, then, then I am Can care of my men caused by the way if I'm running a mission with heavy casualties. What about my next mission? right? Is it if you're my boss, and you tell me to charge this machine gun nest with my eyes and I say boss, you know, we should do that right now. You do you do the mission, ok we're gonna do the next mission. There's not unlimited guys here, so you can Do it you can't run emission after you ve taken heavy casualties, just like you can't if you as a bit this person, if you spend all of your capital
On one project, who guess what you can do the next project, good job, you accomplished the one mission, but you can't competently anymore, honest, I feel the few incur a bunch of casualties for one mission you can accomplish anymore. So in. Those cases, the more efficient Did we? U you handle the mission, not just the one mission, but your broad mission, your strategic vision, the better you do that better. You are taking care of your men and women you take care of your people in the business world so and on top of that on top that ninety nine percent of the time. Your mission is aligned with the best thing for your people. That's what I'm saying. Ninety percent of the time, if we, more monies accompany, it helps all my people. If we, if we accomplish missions in
most effective and efficient and take the least casualties. That's the best thing for my people so back to the question How do I reconcile these things? I look at how we can best accomplished the mission and, if asked accomplished the mission to rebel against. What's up, there's some cases where I my that you might be my boss and I might not like you, but you ve got rate relationship with the army commander and we're working in their battle space, would it make sense for to throw a mutiny and get you fired now, make no sense whatsoever. It's gonna better for our mission, if I say echo socks, but I'm here to listen to him, MR a massage thing or make things work, because he has such a good relationship with this army commander that he is making things happen. So I might not do it. I might not stage emit mutiny not based on the that you your level of socking, but based on the facts, that was more important to me. Is that we accomplish our mission and if you have,
relationship of economic matter? I wanna keep Europe. If you were. If you were in a business situation and you had, you are not doing a good job and you are one of our subordinates you're not doing a good job. You have this great relationships with all these clients and We are accomplishing our mission. Well, because you built these great relationships. Am I just going to fire? You cuz, I think you're doing it figs. I think your crappy leader of your man, no actually I'm not what is best for the mission now I might have turned secondary and tertiary plans to move you into position where you don't have to handle the operational things that you suck at, and I might put you in a position where you just gonna become you know a bit is there a big Dave guy, we're out their meat and green people cause that's what you're good at I might I grant happen, but I'm just gonna go echoes about leader fire him, throw away the skills
you do have and now we're not accomplishing. Our mission is because I ruined all the relationships good. Now you go to all these all these other partners that we have in your going to be at Jocko fired me he's pathetic. He doesn't realize what we're doing here. I'm going over to this company come with me. Bring your business over here with me, you reconcile it by looking at the mission, and the mission is almost always aligned with taken carrier people and taking are your people in the sense of closing discipline are not imposing discipline is being discipline- and making them work and give training them hard pushing them. That is generally were taken carrier people. Is that didn't you, people isn't hey no go Ah, you know about that video that Yoda the client. I know you, I know your daughter's birthday, you go ahead and go home for the day I didn't hear you if I do that, nor am I doing here, you know em up. I'm actually hurting you, because now we get it
reputation. We delivered the video eight, the company, passes word to the next company. It's, as you know, was gathered the videos, ok, but it doesn't matter who it was late. Now the reputation we have now fast? for six months, where downsizing, I don't need you anymore, I'm gonna make the deal. I don't need for video makers only need one and you're, not the one who's. You know. It's on my finger. My people focus on the mission, which is hey, echo, I apologize. I note your daughter birthday, but guess what we owe this video we gotta get. It done. Gotta get in here. Make it happen, and I take care you then. Yes, I am I know it doesn't feel that way. But yes, I am making sure there equipped, capable and treated fairly
I said, imposed discipline on them and, like that, doesn't work you, but what you have to do as you have to impose this point, make sure there's this guy revision players, the dichotomy cause you don't want to say echo. You will come in and make this video right, I'm imposing on your back echo. We on this video. We said we're going to turn it in. Let me take the ramifications. If we don't do this, here's what's going to hurt business is business, so we could end up with you not having a job and meet our having to business me. Do you the sounds of that. No you, don't you be the wrong guy. To ask about this. Maybe not, but what do you think so you mention missing your my daughter's birthday. I didn't miss windows, partly by the way You say you did or did not did not, but my son just had a first birthday. I did miss that, but its first birthday,
So I've always thought as before, at any kids with any budget. Is that the first birthday? That's for the parents, some ennobling doesn't remember the first year of his first. They never will definitely be the wrong for doing so. Missing birthdays. Is that, like a bell curve, like ok, one first birthday, each one. You can sort of miss that eight zero. You can't really miss that their meaning one. There born gonna go go talk to the military people over. I know I know you know you're right and I'm saying it the options in universe, speaking in terms of ok, your vows that should go to the not lie I mean you sort have I like ie in terms of in a way that this company you're my boss on the video, make her hey a gulf. You don't get this video, whatever that may be, even in an extreme case, I'm saying in a general sense which birthdays
or more expendable, that's ultimately the question, and it doesn't necessarily mean in this dear this economic theory right now as a guy. There isn't a military for twenty years. The birthday, if you there is a luxury if you there for Christmas We therefore thanks thanksgiving its a luxury. I missed all kinds of that stuff all over the place. Just like a big job, you big, be no, you just now could be there so now, when I'm in the military, and it's less about missing or nice of you, I'm ok! So at the end, the day, no matter what birthday, even right, now you're thinking you miss some no huge deal. No, I mean and if I actually thought it was a huge deed deal out have to choose an entirely different lifestyle and life bread right. And I'll. Tell you what my kids know
yeah I've always known work, a soul gala someone's out they're getting after these names. These named my dad, not an archaic, anus. Another Bert. I don't care I get yet now you dig it and but that's kind of in a way I mean not to be too specific and splinters, but I'm a duty. I mean not even a surly, you are spread specific situations which are the most important break, that clearer and the spectrum of ral use their eyes. Five through eleven five eleven are have the most wait, most wait. Okay, so now zero, not when they are born, know someone who know if you miss the birth of your child, because had to work Adam, nothing, military, I'm saying because you're trying to finish some report or so the India or whatever or here, that try that ok, so, but air speaking the birth of a child compared to the fifth birthday you safer,
is more important because they don't remember anything from zero to for just a big blue Yang. That's a good point, and like the other half of all those who think they also herons that you take your kids and I did this to actually I didn't. I did it with my first kids by whether we can take the girls to Disneyland and walk around a Disneyland which is pretty close to a living. Hell, daddy, I agree, sandy and lines in the Anaheim summertime Jack, just baking and yet you don't here's the deal. The girls are just so I did the whole time and so happy me no! So now I haven't been to any of those things along time. Actually what without a business group and walked around where Disneyland Disneyworld you ve gotta, go get killed, we now, but this thing the kids don't remember- you can show
pictures. They all that's cool. You could stage those pictures mainland likely just set em up earlier in the realm of whatever you say before five b five years ago. Actually, men, that's a good point, because when I say it, I'm sure there's developmental things happening when their way You do things when you participate in activities with your kids. Obviously the air by their non euro. Five. But you know you can you could probably it probably be more developmentally helpful for you. Spend a day with them. You know coaching them in Digital were approaching coaching them in boxing approaching coaching them in my tie or cleaning them in shooting or coaching them in archery, or putting them in hunting, small animals or coaching them in out of do come. Trauma care. Hinges, general fade out for Euro the Euro area, that's. As it happens, I lay in play. You gotTa Disneyland, look it yeah
the guy that questions like the birthday thing so so only cause you mention, because my eleven they don't care anymore by eleven. They don't care, Ok that allows member states to cut our markets like all my birth. They don't care. Yes, men. That's good points. We have a rule. You get to picture where you go for dinner, on your birthday night and in the last like five birthdays, we haven't even bear the palazzo successfully Saudi sits in be what you what the group is used to, but as far as the kid if you missing the birthday for you know for the when I was a kid, you know what I used to pick cuz, that that used to be in my family together, like PIC de Nore, nice to picnic in patties, we have different warehouses just from the forest or just get some chicken patties. I love those things tat. I remember in school. The kola element is goin to love the chicken paddies there there do the chicken bodies Are you some chicken Mcnugget local dig flat chicken Mcnerney there, and I don't even like I didn't like stake until I was in the
because at present we have launched a grown up. Could stake is expensive, Urim s wish that Roma yeah, especially that rely so we did at stake. We had taken place, he's a good man. Greedy bill. Sometimes you know not course want Mcdonald's when you're seven sure once courts prize in a shamrock shaky Peter! I arrived, I told because, as you know, I love an interpreter bright told all my kids about the regional, mid chocolate, chip, milk. It was, the shamrock shake it Mcdonald's bracken during which it have around say packaging, which, by the way, is an around my birthday, but it just make came my mind so so When I was a kid, we had shamrock chicks, Saint Bodies day their mint shakes, and when I was kid they were amazing. Always so, and I had
had won in thirty years. Maybe maybe forty years hadn't had a shamrock shake and I saw little advertisement acid, all kids guess what these are like men, chocolate, chip, milkshakes, but there's no chocolate so it's just smooth meant meant ice milkshake from Mcdonald Yet- and I sent me order out you'll get us all go, get us all. Shamrock shakes brought him home. They were. Gusting, they were nothing like what they used to be yeah so Mcdonalds. Gave you a shot, sorry barrier, I'm surprised you a shot, I am too, but it's been forty something years been since I had a sham logic, and I remember them: yes, I figured will go with it. Maybe they're less gusty gather play not even my kids, like them, not even my eight year old, who just you know is an eight year old. That just looks at things and say: that's ice cream. I don't want it I do not what we are. They were discussed with room all away
waste Romani. Here, though, is your money? Yet always ammonia Mcdonalds That's my personal recommendation period, shamrock shake or other idolized yeah yeah. I have not of not but you in any way did you know that they just omens, consult obvious, not say it out loud. They add the green colouring to it. Till they came to make a green we're like. So when you get briars its white yeah, I graves neutrality with oil and mean my wife and what a fan the family goes do or the organ coasts. That's where the tell a monk cheese factory, which chiefly I told you the red, the actual big factoring, then you can go and little tourism they give us from like. Ok, I want them in mid chip.
Course and in what areas and they handed to mess em like further museums. Like hey, that's, not mind. That's obviously just the regular chocolate village yeah going on over here and I for real said that, as like I'd ordered them in any lawyer. That meant, and then, How can it came to me, like I am pretty dumford if you get briars briars is white, which is the preferred brand quite honest where he is it. Ok, I will at least luxury that our about him at least the ones that are dragged saw so back to the birthday. If you miss you, the birthday, your child, technically you're, right technically for the question, because I'm talkin about like how upset or how much will you not effectively at all really but here's the thing it if it like as a cohesive family. That might be a thing if you have the option of saying, if you're overseas communities that that that's a legit but
if you have it, I saw you miss the birth or child. That's more like a family thing like ok, but does not one. That's not the question because so is the new though first birthday, the first year birthday this kind of it for the dots for those other people, second, third, fourth and fifth, or another for maybe there the game a little bit the idea, like what a condition than that they don't expect anything good. I guess you know I saw man, life sucks with special about you're stupid, Bert, there's a bunch of your born of that that day, but should be borne tomorrow, bunch of new born yesterday Get over yourself. Kid concur Four years old and a bunch of people turn for agree, I think that age to all the way to twenty one, that's my opinion. Those are ones
if they want either immediately. I don't make that guy's gonna want surrounded her twenty first bird tat. She better data Carbo say that not allowing count cobbled together anyway, more yeah Jacko. What do you think about when you don't feel like getting after it? You know I put this out the other day and I think it's important, so Rome wasn't built in a day We all know that everyone here that. But room also didn't follow heart overnight. Either it took hundreds of years for Rome to reach its peak, but it also took time.
Hundreds of years, for Rome to decay and fall apart and that is representative of life, because, you dont achieve were while goals quickly or easily they take time. They struggle vague, take relent this pursuit day in and day out. That's what it takes. But also things don't usually fall apart quickly, either
at least at first it it's it's a slow process slip here. Little set back over there, a little wearing down of discipline and we'll over time. That's the thing. Success and failure are generally slow processes, either slowly building things up or gradually tearing them down, and that's why I say you ve gotta pay attention. You have to watch. You have to watch every single second.
Because those seconds they turn in the minutes, then minutes turn in two hours and hours turning into days and days turn in two years, and so that second, that second, but just went by that counted, and so did that second
and so did that one and in those precious second, you were either building or you or detain you or either gaining ground, or you were losing ground in that second and in every second. Every second counts so make every second count, and I think that's all of them
for tonight so echo. If people want to make it count for this podcast, maybe you could tell them how they can go ahead and do that if they want to be happy to actually mother got origin. Why do PETE choose origin as then he told the story must be slackening. The listening unknown, nonetheless make sense, because the origin of all these. All the gear is here in the: U S happens to be, but that's a big thing, the origin. So what do we make geese out of sight cut?
look, it will just take the cotton grow, the cotton in the? U S where they do with a garden turn it into your reduce gay stuff. Diet turn. Into a fabric, Various warmed yes and they do all of that then import it. You know from wherever you know some undisclosed American. Italy's yeah, you know it So maybe that's why it's called origin cause. The origin is a significant thing: Genoa, courts. Origin. What is the origin? Origin is the best gear in the world straight up. Objectively, not subjectively. Objectively, I got proof both. So I gotta go We went to this origin immersion Camp Virginia to origin, jujitsu, immersion camp good fun by the way
that was your first time in the origin. Eu. Isn't it yes and they can act yeah yeah. I saw you with yours school yet so who camp got together then I come home but too, by the way actually get to keep tops. One purpose: come home made me want to treat mourn the game by the way that enough is the key or the camp one both, but both the inner I sold. This will weaken drinking, and every single time I went in someone mentioned the gate and it's not like it's pay, Or something like that when they like hastily put on these key its normal, you can get the bleak though I have the white one and everyone one sick, all. What's that Jeff, I was one of them- is a person whose, like you know,.
If he says it, it's something! It's not like some. You know fashion person. If I don't like that logo or that's a cool enough anyway, you someone who knows get everyone asking like what up with his geese like going to the spill here I might allow somebody could they took real long, seen it but nonetheless its dope and then another almost Jeff Higgs? We know who that is exist. Do that, if I'd sure do the person that chocolate talks about when he first started to get introduced did you get to the guy who reintroduce to Digital, he and I got introduced. Did you get your together? Then he went out. A trained, hard yeah. I think it was the day he got his purple bout, his proposal, white. I we trained with National Bailey overseas that for like three months. And then we came back. We are indifferent tunes, but he started training for real, with Fabio sent us and the day he got his purple bout, I'm pretty sure of the data
for what he came to my house and was let's go train. Macedonia so think about power. Above all, the wipeout unhappy Of trying all arm lock, you know everything really make joke and a tall. Do the strong put down boy you bony, like in terms of when he's impacting you with his elbows real bony is hitting there he's got the bones Cutty yeah he's like a triangle feels like it's gonna cut your head off because he baloney Venus knows good. Could you do to her many and he's got a real got a real he's, who is in touch with the people, no idea of using this to effectively defend yourself in
we scenario Eric always in touch with the always adding a little and if you're in the street, you could do this idea. I went up to studio five, forty four, We had to train at ten a m. I had some stuff I can do and then they are only doing nobody at the v studio. Forty he exists, teach in the class. Robs empties the lira, whatever even he mentioned the g, the whole cycle, using what gives this? What cause it's a different material, specially knowledge we made specially woven specially designed for Jujitsu. Yes, in fact, I other said origins, Tufto he's they are used I might have one at you, you the kind with Lydia one thousand years. One of these and whatever else like you will have the sombre kept walking anyway, that after worthy afterwards when Higgs us like he's like this is, but I think he said this is the most interesting Viennese like
we need in the younger is the only grow mostly. This is most interesting get every something like that when my that's the axiom GPA really weave, because they have a nor per weave, which has a little tiny pearls american pearl, but the axiom that guerrilla weave is is the dragon. We They both looked very similar but they're. Both we vote Yeah one woman looks like it's like I'm not. Say velvet. I'm not gonna do that, but it looks like that. You know no looks like diamonds, which one was a one. Remember we're looking at home in a world in their saying like like ours acting Look super luxurious, that's not the one I have by the way he was like this on the other I know which one ones which, but nonetheless, people seem too lightly and the panted debate has the it's like. You can choose drawer
but it has the like. You know like sir shorts, where they had the velcro boom and it's like feeding. They go and sizes, like of your ways, did not just like earth which actually against the whole eight twenty, two or three, you know I'm not against that. It's actually it's fine! It's cool super simple, but this is good, is like. When you get it, you can order yours, pat size, for. You know when you put it on his gloomy dope and it is due and you know the public responded in that way as well. So also rash guards tee shirts. Yet much worse, yeah, yeah, there's some cool stuff on there in the point is really sure I'm talking about the gy, because I was all up in that key this week and that's fresh on my mind and it's you know one of those things that sticks in there also at the camp. You know how like give your laundry I'll had at one. So you give your laundry you you're out again, you can go. The next session must get another key which I can, and I was really about that, but so
I would use them twice in a row and they dry. Surprisingly fast, it's not even a surprise. They drive fast there, not a hundred percent cotton. They got Holly yesterday, thinking there with silver coded these not getting its anti microbial silver coating on it. Yeah I like silver, you can see it, but yeah, that's one over. That's the thing. That's the same thing with my when I pulled mine when I put my out the washing machine after the spin cycles, almost right yeah like a parachute shorts, basically but feels cultural nature, so Yemen, so yeah or in origin mean, like the state mean not me, I am a man to order main dot com, illogical stuff on there in a lot of it, they checked out there. Best you're in America all made in America, rescue in the world all made America also jocular. Some supplements saw,
Still on origin, Mean Dhaka right, there's a part in of Gazelle for you go on the top there and its labs. You click on their bull, natural supplements, soup, her krill because normally meal he mean Jacko Superconductor super couldn't just do the crude oil. Could it no one, and I got your programme yet super cool like legged krill, when you get some regret. What others do super coastguard keeps on, say you go and NEO joint warfare, which is you know, a blend of joint Someone furbishing, yeah, yeah furbishing is furbishing, word for refurbishing Riah, but that refurbishing is doing it again for furbishing. That's got the things that I would say. Yes also mean Kirk Human
congestion and the canoe written is in the form of sea cucumber sweet. That's where it comes from me. So will the sledge the ancient not interesting? I guess you could call it layers is. This is exactly what You were taking for years in you're like a guess what org, in the house. Let's just make that clear. We also know that have to combine different things before yet, but now we have to combine anything they're are committed from the light of the ongoing work, a bite it Delia warfare, joint work against against joint weakness. The great deity the work has now. I got to get remember what I told the story. You know when you wake up in my diet, you told a story: Materiel militarily, get salaries, the gentleman actual. Can I keep it up when you re when you wake up? That's your lease, warm that's! When you turn a warm up and get do fiscal, Sir the least warm you'll ever be just in everyday life is when you wake up the others. First, twelve,
these are more hard when ye hour before you did that moment? So this is the exact moment when my daughter, you know forty lb or so jumped on my back my shoulders, my back on my shoulders. Whatever she chose- and you know after I took real, for I think it's like five six, bomb, I could easily do. I have to like focused on reform. Nothing like that. Now I got two kids, and my daughter, whose older is heavier, saw not this warning. Yesterday morning I global growth for school or whatever I already on my son. He ways are almost always, but is one eye him she still wants a jungle. My shoulder, I have him cause he's like or in any Caesar germanization. So, basically, DE. What do you call it the vehicle that their writing
early in the morning by the way my problem still going strong Plymouth. That's it that's a joint warfare situation right there and cruel supercool get on it. You ll be glad. You did also check out on dot com, Slash Jacko. This is where I get my kettlebells and aunt. I meant I mention this. I got the guru loans, seventy two pounds, solemn cruising, not lifting cruising and jade comes my brother councils. I gotta go check out this new kettlebells. I got it goes. I added bills are cool a good pick him up but kind of heavy enough, but I've been doing kettlebells like now. Let me show you what not even warmed up speaking of crude oil yeah, it was really the crude oil springing into action really bored. I do it and
you know how to show what are. Nonetheless, that was done with those kettlebells which are built by the way. I'm not gonna, get the designer ones, not to say that I think you should but I'm not gonna say to do that. I say: go on there on it: Dhaka slashed, Jacko check it out. You like something get something: they got cool battle, robes in any kind of exercise stuff like the new stuff, functional training equipment keeper an interesting. If you care about you, work out to being interesting unlike job chuckled and other stuff, don't get addicted to the interesting information like I did. The impasse that addiction, oh, but you do run that risk. I d accomplished chuckled at a good and also a good way to support is when you're, buying these books a Jackal Reviews,
review one today, but in the future Jackal might and has in the past. I we organise these books by episode on talk about stuck on the top click on books from pod gas boom. All in order to support the buck s click through there to get em boom it takes at Amazon. Supports the pot. Guess that way. Also, if you'd doing any other shopping, hey feel free to a new video cameras in the event of your video camera breaking on the plane. When you check luggage and video cameras, a name you want to get another one bomb, get it through their oh good, bigger, big support on alone. What
it seems like an opportune time to talk about your other video camera. Sure I actually it's a good story, though it's not like a tragic story which it kind of felt like when you mentioned it has brought me back so. Your story. We gotta mean Maine right. Technically, we got Boston, they drive to me now so you know rent a car. You know the car rental place and I have three bags of what one to get you back, who vessel five eggs, my wireless router bag and my suitcase yeah vilified bags total. I have a big bag with equipment in it, suitcase with the charger Judy system, including, but not in the third bag, which was the carrier big big, your most important when I'm already has as an important camera in there that I use my my favorite.
I have ever had really good camera peasant value too will say and it's a red camera yet read a big W technic Red Epic, W its its awesome camera Is it the best you can buy? Is there one more? It depends on what you mean, but best, but its yeah there's one sort of level: okay! Well, ain't, cheap! Now cheap at all. In some places the country you could buy a house for the cost of this camera yeah. Is an expensive camera. Yeah in and you'd think, like ok, echoes, gonna take root, good care of you, which I really that's. I carry it on boom boom, United Trust, anyone touching acceding to carry with them. You can continue so boom. We gotta rental car. We apparently got five bags to account for was that there was no there's some kind of confusion. You know what I want. The answer was, yes, remember remember when you we're getting what was like an expedition them like that, and now those new ones have that automatic Taylor door. That goes up, and you know what it was. I think
there's like a sensor under the bumper net. If you like, put your foot their languages like if you know like a hands free closing that ever situations other things started: closing Ottoman Doc, oh yeah and the girl, the rental girl was trying to save me yeah and she couldn't tell you is that you strong for which has got a funny, because I didn't even care. I just gonna like put my back into it and stopped, but I was watch. You're, gonna, chuckling, she's, trying to stop it and a wooden stopping ears choose look at China. Look interface like I was about to die. He could see her anywhere like Indiana Jones, I'll, give you my head cut off by the door slamming shot, and I was just gonna like laughing at the whole situation, but that cause some confusion. Apparently it was let your light. It was like a little micro emergency happened and saw, as I pulled blustered, but wait with all the bags therein or an we're trying to fit remember because we were trying to get the seats down their way. They, like maybe three.
Cause. I made you things going on now and veto for six. I'm just gonna continue. Supporting we needed are all loans as everyone for ass we get. It are loaded and at one point like we're like halfway Do the three hour drive out by the way? If we don't stop and we did stops those like five hours assembly, so we stop and remember, had opened up fried chicken by the way things really really good. I love it. I was was nonetheless I had thought literally lasted three seconds. I don't really remember putting my camera bag in the car, but what am I to do not put it in the car is like the most important thing: so whatever so we just continue. We get up there and right as we pull into life, hark maritime regions more hours later we are in the basque country of main yeah, but not even knowing first time there by the way, which does not know what that means
either way where their and our pumped up yeah you do not grant rockers my ribs stoked go in and see everybody and hang out yeah. You can see what happens inside the light of the gym, so they can't see that we're outside the somewhat, but I'm stoked the at the beginning of the big deal illegally venture, if you're in right as we can a role to a stop. I'm thinking man did you know you we're here and now you start to cover. Remember that some of the first do I look in the back seat? That's where it would have when not there, and I look in the back, not daring behind the code, using that just Russia's over your body- oh my god, so like men Or whatever I tell you in your, like all you know, get on the phone you know call airport in Brasilia retreated calling the airplane somebody's. I told you this after. It's my opinion was at that point, divers break that things gone on two percent on I mean I'm gone Ninety nine point: ninety nine percent. We are never to see that thing again. I had already
How did away emotionally attachment? I was kind of phone. You bones like call the airport. I can help you that was nice of you. Could you really using like you care, not necessarily by the current uncertainty you cared about me. You know like earlier about the thing was gone: there's no chance of getting a ban get over it ass, was it you know, is their podcast recorded that you have copies of on there. No they're, all uploaded ass, it good thing yeah we're never easy, I think- and yes- and I was thinking- I ll see it again in three months- maybe When they finally recovery from lost and found from the Boston Airport, by the way- or I get my insurance money- down the line and they go red go through the peace just Prague Castle, we think they got you in, but we don't have it for this trip for sure and later on, I found or realise that we have the POD Catholic SD cards in there, so we, I guess, we're gonna just bought some anyway. Nonetheless, here we go
therein I'm calling the airport in right when the airport, courting picks up just get this feeling, like oh my gosh, and is completely going through the motions, no, it's gonna, pick up and be Lecture Oliver, it yeah. I got it, no one! That's not going to happen, but He calling only I'm not gonna, be the guy. Who didn't do everything I can sum calling at whatever. Meanwhile, we gotta go talk to peat. We gotta in all the set us a! U released me. You go home and go ahead. I like these calls I gotta go. You hang out make this totally worthless effort because you never seen nothing again are going out. People yeah so after, like Is that a go in and, like you know, what limit whatever? Let me did Kennedy cut it away in the meat at least embracing. You know what we're doing go in, and you kind of casually in a way mention like hey, there's, some guys from the police to give that came across casually casually, I shouldn't have made a common cause. I met a bunch of guys. You might want to say hi.
Bulgaria. Our workshops cops and Riviere down in Massachusetts, and we are right by boss, tiara next and And I met them in and an act in you strolled back in and you met. What people, then I said you talk anybody well, yeah talked a dozen they're gonna, look whatever I'm thinking about things gone, and I said you know if there's any one in the world that could like make something, happened right now. It's cod, yeah, so it's it's Crop Boston cops, reveal cops and what I am and I just said I broke and I was a little. This is my ego. I was embarrassed for you. I felt a bad that you had to go and tell somebody that you lost this year. Sick camera, as I said, hey round those guys over there there com, Does anyone. I do to get this thing back. It's yeah and I'm thinkin. You know the whole story where, like
Did you only see this so did you not think that there are gonna be all about? I thought that they'd be like, You lost your bag. Everyone does every single day at that airport, o workshops, for we have crimes to solve I'll get? Yours do be. My attitude of that thing being gone, actually changed as soon as I can. Is that it must have other cops, we're gonna, go, get had turned them and they would make things happen that that damn good in youth and even me when I was like a camera dimension to these cops in these cuts to be like like what would you think our job is to go recover your lost luggage like two three hours away by the way I know so, unlike in what chocolate to do it, I'm just gonna, do it. This is another, go through the motions thing, so I kind of tea. ITALY go, Dennis and make their there they just rolled whatever, and as I can laugh about, and they were like, like what it looked like like these
we're into another. All this is promising in allowing they actually care cause us thinking. Maybe like man, that's a sad story. Robed go talk to Jacko. Again you no kind of thing. I thought that was gonna happen and there like no pro they get. On and they're, like what he looked like bull. One, more question like well aware it when you leave it: ok boom back on the phone back upon these two guys like this. Is it Turning to kind of look up means like ok, so they hang the follies. Just awaiting Inga does a maritime. I got this. This guy, I'm thrilled they like em and just waiting here, always weren't talking all they called all their brows thou there and there is like a force of true presuppose to get in there had that Recovery, what twenty minutes on one may at the way they hang up in there like dismal timber. Within we just start talking about other stop all kind of teasing me a little bit whatever I deserve it even ten times that, but- and then we were talking about other self boom is phone rings. He's on it is like is it of the mine ship bag and all this is describing it aren't, even though that's all auditor am, I can think so
go inside and these any any possible, top or whatever its matching. The description in, in my mind, there's no way he found it like a catholic Could I just rolled into the Logan Airport find my bag. Norway, that's gonna happen by we'd, have mature enough music, all your fragments, there's a fragment sticker, my oh, my laptop The correct mobile like that will pull We turned into just warm in love in rainbows, on this that's the one they are like. You know their kind. I didn't actually high five but they're kind of like almost like this. This little pass the kind of bondage doing just like that. Twenty minutes meant it. And then one who drove up Robbie. That's. Rent rallies earlier? I owe him a rule. Actually, there is another guy Callaghan who is the guy who win in great, so you'll like a coordinated deal matter in a man does like.
One of the more heroic things that has happened to me in in the recent past, so God Karabakh got him up the computer here and will do so? in the event, so the point is in the event of you: shopping for cameras can get a red Karen Amazon, but if you want to get like a silly hd handicap, What are you using it broke in the luggage? Nothing that happen to me: Then, if that ever happened to you and get another one bomb, you can go to their jackal stored up click through the thanks to everyone who got their karabakh, yeah. Much and the laptop with all kinds of videos and important stuff on it actually does get around the laptop it did. But Yemen Dennis innate the primary guys, Mr Callaghan, they meet him, but he's May I ask you recover that and then Robbie I owe you a raw materials
a lot of men who delivered it big up to all of them, bigtime saw also back to support of Jocapa Outcast subscribe to Butkus, Itunes, states or Google. They stood with his support. Can a can of can obviously going? Are you subscriber eighty, but some people may be they didn't? Maybe they're just tenant, maybe wish not wish, but you know can do on the fence the him. Do it put your eaten up unsubscribe if we're not delivering value. I dont like these that expression adding value, never needed, I thought of school. Nonetheless, if not, adding value cannot subscribe. If you one also subscribe on you too, the recent development owed year Book with the millennium and we'll manual, which talk about later yet we put a video on their economies.
Summary, I was real excited to see that video come out here and I was with you You know we're texting back and forth in July, You know we were well put it out tomorrow, but it's ready and I set out now late. I didn't you said launching in three too then there was- and I went to my Youtube on my phone and I was LA referred refreshing, refreshing, refreshing, refreshing and I wanted to catch it like the first the catch, a refreshing refreshing, and this happened ping from my mail on my phone and I switch, male and it said Jacko broadcasters blood or new video, so that's it one of the benefits of subscribing to you too. If something comes out, you can have it email you. If you wanted to, you, can have an email, you wins, they knew comes out, and otherwise is no aid now. Yet so, if you, if you care about their tenth of which you know,
swallows deals where yeah sure you get the video version of the podcast. If you care what we look like define, actually people play on their tv, like in their little home jammer Semira, which schools can like we're all their together and then yes, some excerpts in their the video that you made for the book. I it might be your best video ever it might be. I think it's up there. I was here talk. It's real good, a sort of somebody on Facebook and hey that videos coup in I thought about, they all does a command thanks for that but I thought about it. We Jacqueline I did all the work, really let you know you're the one working out your words, you saying the words I said all I did was put some cool music and some words on there and all that other stuff happened in there. The words in a way it's all coordinated together and all that stuff Nonetheless, and you know what am to be honest, I am I like how it came out to his good either There are, in my view, the best one
and you know it depends on what you mean by best. You know I don't know impact for battle. Sure too good, yeah user. If someone was a subscriber the Youtube General they might. I never know that their video exists, that's true, and that that letters or no Facebook or no twitter or nothing switches your ear you're. Well that I as we did that went out, but I dont always tweet out when something comes out. Yea at ST, oh yeah, don't always do that so few subscribe. You now realise what my actions are it's true and you not choose what you want to alert, you know. Sometimes you want that alert every single time, but sometimes you do. You know what put some deleted scenes on there as well Unless yet you too gentle, we have one end school. I think it's cool juggled a school la. I just got a little thing: Youtube kind of change, their look on you too, but enough.
It's hard for me to judge. I view to bread. Now now add the red sourdough, unless I like, that adds actually, but they did good good thing with ads. Now you can click like I don't like does add or can give them, so you can cut a narrow down the ads. You see I like the movie trailer adds new. I don't like any ads. I watch what I wanna watch ever not get away from me yeah. I dig it then a deeply. Nonetheless, point areas subside subjects I have to say you do channel is a good way of supporting the Bacchus. If you want also Jack was a store skull, Jacko Store, Jackal, stored outcome, of course, creative name by though I guess. Technically I came over the name, the you did store their storage lacklustre. I concur with the main yeah
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thing winner, Hoodie winner Lydia. I think you should be. I think, I'm an apple were you kid rash garden there too, for four wakens doing no gdp. Or even Guiana, you, where the record under heavy, sometimes yeah. I think that we do stuff. Nonetheless, Dacosta. That's where you get Jacko stuff. Sprinkle, so I'm not saying by something I'm single on their check it out if you like something, get something good way to support. Also psychological warfare, if you don't know what that is, it is in our own with tracks job Jocko, saying stucco, saying stuff to you. So if you listen to it, it's not like a story. Right, like a unilateral times is music. Obviously, not Jack was singing hard core which you do from by the way you variety and here's a kind of a rhetorical question. Have you ever read? Not u juggle, but the people out there. Have you ever written
with Jacko for five, our three to five hours in a car. No, ok! Let me tell you what it's like part of what it's like, its joggled, drumming, even in airplane by the way drumming on what he called the handle in the door like doing the drums pop pop and then singing under his breath hard core stuff? What else using. What did you think Tom piteous? It was thought better use something anyway. I have known yeah, but you songs. I was. I knows if occasion I look at you and you'd be looking like. Can you please stop year, which I get a kick out of me. You a border or stop the cardinal Gaeta or some yeah you get out walk gay drums how's. The look for sure we know you get out startling drums and get out does look unless these tracks are not that their him him Jackal talking to you telling you pragmatic ways to get over your current weak,
What weakness? Okay, so, let's say, you're, trying to stick to good diet trend wake up early all of this all at this moment. Actually, currently one forty eight hours currently feeling good too is technically and passing too cuz. I a salad at hardcore work out yesterday and today rolled last night. Seventy percent ribs of little tweaked still but Andy Dean, light roles. Little bit with now the girls it, but yet no lasting the whole time data for technically, passing for salad at like eleven forty five last night well. You know that I drank some coffee the first twenty four hour fast, nada, while our fast no young asking not is there. Something is an eight hour fast. I think, that's a lifeline for not doing that.
Doing at least twelve hours. Ok, twelve hours is the cut off for, the requirement of I don't know what kind of activating about a doctor but you're, even a uterus, more fasting right now. Currently, what it's like you just in any yet whatever I just didn't, eat yet doesn't efforts. I also What's the difference that out of the question, but your your man of melody say you know, and you know I like that. Nonetheless, back the psychological warfare, if you're trying to stay on the fast, or wake up early every morning you know or stick to diet. Stay in the programme, whatever in whatever way, ways that you have opportunities to slip. This is an album with, I ll, tell you why you shouldn't slip on your waken up early, your diet, Europe, working out hoping you know like I said before. If I don't feel like working out a kind of tend to be like all, maybe arrest today, maybe I'll do it later. You know that hold the knocker this helps with that it'll. Just tell you
like why it'll help much, oh, tells you the benefits of not sleeping and the repercussions of slipping. That's right! Matic way, what is Jacko telling it to use it works hundred percent time. My students, speaking of fasting people, ass, miss all time when you're fasting. Do you eat anything? I do actually some piracy sunflower seed because it takes you like thirty seven minutes to have one little tiny seed, get it chewed up and so on, but there but the good cause they keep. You argue I'd in your chewing. They taste good and blah blah blah, sometimes grab a handful of knots mix, not just maybe one in the morning, maybe one at night here, one here, and Jack, a weighty, that's the, things now suppose I won't eat the knots but father. No, I I am do you gotta, be careful.
But you don't have thirteen handfuls of Nazi jack. I don't like to talk about like a handful right but jack. I I have that for sure, and you know what, if, You call me now. Are you wanna point like? Oh, you weren't really fast and, as you have jock awaiting you involve not only if you think about the matter, calories that I burn on a daily basis, a handful of not is basically and insignificant, whatever may be, I'm doing it wrong? That's what I'm telling you what I'm doing, I'm not telling you to do it, I'm not telling you too! copy. What I'm doing, I'm telling you what I'm doing right now, don't imitate me, go find a professional talk about fasting. I'm just telling you what I'm doing Jocko white tea. Let me take taste good feels good. And increases you're dead, lift about twelve fold or so good for you. You near on Amazon, also on Amazon, you'd, get some books. Extreme ownership, combat leadership
I appreciate everyone that gets it for themselves and in gets it for their teams and sends pictures of forty seven extreme ownership copy stacked up. I got some elsewhere, you that's awesome. Get it for your business associates people that you were with but they're, not in your company, you get it for them. It can improve everything your world do because then they start taken ownership or problems at everything gets better. So not I've. Had a lot of people have said he I gave. To this person. I gave us to this that I used to have a now he's got his own business, but we're working together in a game. The Balkan now we're working together even more so there's a good idea for where the warrior get. This is often at the origin camp, a bunch of people. From all over the northeast brought their kids up to two meet, hang out, get a signature and and all that and what is worse, cool to tell the truth, you mean they don't. Even they are not aware of their care about your feelings. All men and
Its awesome did you know, so I would say that it did. You read the book Ass, they were how'd, you like it and they all say. I love it its awesome and we know you're go and thank you for writing it. In those kids are getting stronger and smarter and tougher and better so you wanna help out kids that you know get him, buck right here, discipline equals freedom field manual. That's what it is, it's a field manual for those who don't know what a few many was in the military of field manual is the instructions on how to do something in the field, whether it's attack a strong objective whether its dual reconnaissance or how to conduct a patrol the field manual gives you didn't auctions on how to do that, and that's what this is. The display equals freedom field manual is a field manual on how to implement discipline to your life, there's zero amount of fluff in here
Zero there's nothing in there that you securing to save yourself. I think Giacomo just thrown this in here, for you now going to take up some space in the pages, didn't happen Rather not do it right burn the whole book. I don't care about that. The books not long enough to read less so that's what it is from your local bookstore so good under the name. Had Bookstore Antonio This book, or you can get from Barnes know you can get it from Amazon. Let them know. What's up. It's in the get after it section of your local bookstore if they have one if they dont, that section they need it, so they can put this one book by itself in their getting after it. Your videos awesome by the way, thanks doc for your business. If you need help aligning your leadership and improving the way that your whole team leads to get
check out our leadership and management. Insulting company called echelon front me: leave Ban JP too now Dave Burke, Uni male email info at echelon, front dot com. Finally, the must September, fourteen and fifteenth, I'm pretty sure it sold out by the time this podcast comes out. Women able to squeeze couple more people and at each of these evil resold. We got him rightful for more people, three more people, seven more people check might be completely sold out, but extreme ownership, dot com and it if you want to work in a pretty soon get the dates for the two thousand eighteen masters going. So sorry, look into that and gear registered as early as you can and until the muster. If you happen to want to keep cruising with us kinda hard, we are on the inner webs
On twitter, on Instagram and Don T she bore ha. Echo is at ECHO Charles and I am at Jocker willing and finally to the military members out. There. Sitting on some forgotten barricade. Holding the line to protect us. Thank you to the vets stood on the wall and did their time. Thank you to the police law enforcement. Are your fighters. Dm tease other first responders. Thank you for what you do day yet and day out and to the rest of you. With goals dreams, and
speculation make sure you remember that seconds turn in the minutes. Minutes turn in the days and days turn endears so make those seconds count all of them, then, until next time this is ECHO and Jacko out.
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