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94: There is a Limit to What A Person Can Be Asked To Do. And Sometimes You Lose. "Men at Arnhem", by Geoffrey Powell

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0:05:49 - Sometimes you lose.  Default Aggressive.  - "Men At Arnhem", by Geoffrey Powell.

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This is Jacko podcast number. Ninety four, with ECHO Charles and me Jack a willing good evening, echo good evening. The black cloud of smoke exploded silently outside the open door of the Dakota Obscure for the moment. My view of the geometric. Dutch landscape deserted. But for a few forlorn cows soon the sea it appeared below us, I started to think about the flag. And I knew that everyone else in the aircraft must be worrying as well. When we crossed the east, anglican coastline, that's the wave of movement had flickered down the aircraft, as the men check their watches, calculating the time it would take to fly over the sea and come within range of the now alerted german anti aircraft guns. Below us
Air Sea rescue launches of the Orient dotting, the water, a precise intervals, were pleasantly comforting. The narrow band of beach, which was the of HOLLAND had aroused us once again as the flooded yields flashed into view. Private Harrison had leaned across to point out the guns. The ground shooting up at the mast ranks of our aircraft at the sound of bat man's voice, which had been silent, for the past hour, the men near to the dude open doorway had craned forward to see what they could, while the rest, anxious the first indications of the enemy had twisted their next here through the small windows at their backs. At first, I could see nothing and I was stupidly, aggravated that everyone, but myself could spot gun flashes. Then that cloud of smoke producing an odd sense of satisfaction, a reaction,
immediately. Shamed me this is the A view of a small boy for All that it was said fine not to feel scared by it. Perhaps it was because the experience was not only novel But in some way impersonal looking down there dark tunnel of the aircraft, Double line of soldiers, it was a relief to see that all traces of nervousness had disappeared. We had been waiting a long time for this, so that is the opening of a book called me. At all name- and it was actually sent to me by a guy by the name of James Fenelon and the book was originally published, under the pseudonym Tom,
yes, then it was about this battle at this place called our name, which is in HOLLAND and in the book, the units that are doing the fighting they're not identified, didn't, say what you they are, but shortly after the was published. It became very clear and it was revealed that the author was an individual named Jeffrey. Oh a british army officer and that the unit that the book talks about was hundred and fifty sixth parachute battalion of the british Army, who fought against all odds, I am really with misfortune, after misfortune for eight days during operation, market garden, which is a famous world war to operational bow. And super aggressive plan,.
And also the largest. Airbus Operation up until that point The goal was To isolate parts of the german forces and To cut off, what's no As the road district, which is at the heart of german industry and then open up or around going from through that whole area take all of the roads and bridges and be able to punch right into the heart of Germany, over forty thousand. Airborne troops took part in the operation, including America's eighty second airborne and the hundred and four first airborne divisions, but the deepest that those that jump deepest into enemy territory were from the british British First airborne division and that included this battalion the
fifty sixth parachute battalion- and if you know anything about operation, market garden, although it did achieve some beneficial things. Overall, the mission was was considered a failure because it didn't actually achieve the objectives that it wanted to achieve and, as you can imagine, those were further stout suffered some absolutely catastrophic casualties and people taken prisoner and people killed and act. In- and this is only an eight day- does- is eight days long. So this Spirit that we're about to cover is only eight days long and you can see that it is, it is a vicious,
And the names were changed in this book, but again this is an accountant on account from one of the company commanders inside this battalion. So obviously the opening was them flying the English channel and getting ready to jump in to HOLLAND, and here we go back to the book I braced myself at the open door, the first man in the stick to jump gripping the fuselage and in case a sudden, jerk fuck me out too soon, leaning forward the way the whip. My face poring over the details of the placid dutch landscape below. I could now see one or two cyclist, doddering, the otherwise deserted countryside. Flicker of the red warning light near my face told me that there was one minute to go.
A railway line flashed below the pattern of the world. Was familiar as the view of the stable yard from the office window. The air photographs and the briefing model of the ground had imprinted the shapes. On my mind, the pilots dead on target Often, the not in the old days, we had been dropped a stray, but these yeah always learn from their mistakes. I never saw the red light slap to green, Harrison's hand slap my shoulder. I was out of the door. The slipstream hit me Flicking me sideways and I fell away just catching a glimpse of Harrison. The air above me and the tail of the aircraft flashing out of sight. Then I was floating, suspended gently in mid air my parachute canopy high? I looked up at the sky,
choked, with hundreds of swaying parachutes, most of them patterned in green and brown, camouflage but other of others in a galaxy of colors, red and orange purple, blue and yellow vivid against the scattered white clouds. Every moment: more aircraft ride arrived disgorged cargoes into the crowded air. Then I noticed the humming. We were being shot out from the ground. There were Bausch the drop zone. Something was badly wrong and oppose landing with the enemy firing. As we hung from our parachutes, parachutes or try to collect our weapons before we could gather into a cohesive force on the ground. Was they knew for us in the british airborne forces. So as a common down there getting shot at he uses? Them term throughout the book. He calls the german Bausch B, o c h e and where it comes
from what I gathered theirs french word. That means it could mean head like a or something like that. And it also can mean cabbage, and so I guess there there there slang term, their derogatory slang term. Was these big headed german, big cabbage heads and do sat down to this term, both in its common one for them. Use that you did a lot and world war one answer This is a hangover from that. That's how he is throughout the book. That's how the book to the Germans back the Knuckles a sharp pain burned. The knuckles of my left hand. Blood was seeping from my fingers. A bullet must have hit me grazed me anyway, but now the Heath Land was rushing up raised. My hands to lift the webs, I pulled and then hit the and then the ground hit me with an uncomfortable jar, a bad landing,
I lay in the sunken road listening to the bullets cracking overhead they're right there they get right into the mix. I mean it's immediately into the mix. Obviously, organ shot at the whig down westerners, they hit the ground. It's on backed the book, a man with bloodstream, bloodstains shell dressing wrapped around his throat, walked around the corner of the warring towards Us Justice, Pritchard who's the medic finished. His work then came a couple of parties carrying stretchers the occupant of one unconscious, the other with a cigarette between his grey tight lips? They were the first, stream of wounded men from a variety of units making their painful way towards the dressing station which had been set up in the wood behind us. So far see company had been lucky Only four men were missing and a fifth turned up. Late, smiling cheerfully despite a bullet through his bandaged arm. Another
for five were limping in hopping about unstrained or twisted ankles expressions of disgust in their faces, victims of the ass, wind on the dropping zone. All of them would have to be left behind, but then I thought it in calculating the figures once more, perhaps we had up and so lucky after all, a tent of the men who had complained that morning were all right: the casualties. It sounded as if all the fighting had happened on the far side, the dropping zone- in the autumn jerk direction Now the noise, the battle began to ebb the B, posts had probably been overrun Neither news nor orders had arrived from battalion headquarters, but I knew better than to obstruct the radio net with needless questions so first of oh you're rolling into a situation where you you're on your insert and you lose ten percent your men, that's that just we're starting now if I remember correctly, that is
these standard kind of figure that when you are conducting a big airborne operation like when the army conducts big airborne operations, that's what they figure they're gonna take for casualties on the drop down. Obviously they usually do better than that. But for me case in that's kind of what they figure in that's where there at the other thing that up, he hasn't hurdy were from the battalion age group he hasn't hurdy were from the battalion through yet, but he's not gonna jump on the net and Saint hey boss. What you want me to do going on Heyward want me to be because there's their people that are trying to talk and he's gotta, just kind of a figure things out at this point. Now he's talking about his own company, but here's report on them on the rest, the battalion, as long as he figures have been as usual, obviously reading the whole book and I'm skipping through big chunks, combat situations, but at this point Figures out, what's going on with the battalion in the book
she's in the battalion had not been light. Two officers and a hundred men, had failed to arrive among them the plane load, which we had seen shot down. Another loaded, probably been dropped in the wrong place. In Hampshire was one of the missing officers. Rumour had Then he was dead. The other the intelligence officer whose job Jimmy Gray had now combined with his own Jimmy odd, explain the reason for the delay. One seemed to know and that's The parts that I didn't go over in the B the book as their flying in as are seeing flack hit in explode around them. He's innovation another one of their aircraft filled with their brothers. Go down no shoots Now they start getting some coherent
put from the battalion in and here's what they figured out going back to the book. We would move as had already been planned in England, the leading company of the battalion with less the Doyles Platoon number nine in the front, some two hundred our two head, followed by company headquarters, then Luke Tyler's, eight poultry. Then Douglas Thompson, seven hundred at the back, as I had expected, the company was ready to move by the time orders had been given out to me its were. All that was needed for the men to slide their entrenching tools into place, pick up their weapons and sort themselves out. No one had removed his equipment? It was a lesson which the colonel had drummed into us. No man must ever movers equipment when the enemy is anywhere near, no matter whether he was digging sleeping or deprecating. Whatever time it may be day or night. A soldier had only to reach for his weapon to be ready to fight or to March. Just once this day, just one
Each day, one man in three at a time was allowed to strip, so he could wash and shave and shave. They must. The last man of nine platoon was disappearing round. The corner of the sandy track, which ran parallel the railway line to ordinary, when I noticed the colonel standing on the right next to the shell of Still smoking glider, which partly block two battalions path, so there is paratroopers that came in but other people came in on gliders, just big glass. Planes, their filled with men, and they were just land. These planes their filled with men and they were just land. These gliders, in in big open fields, I was by the colonel side and behind them crouched a knot of radio operators and orderlies was the same as ever colonels eyes were still, but he never missed anything. The on pouch, from which a grenade or Bren magazine could slip
the slack chin strap, which would fail to hold a running man. Steel helmet in place quietly colonel would indicate the error to whichever passing officer. Seal was responsible for the man. Nothing Was ever ignored safe? out of range, the offender would mumble about the NIT picking old Bastard, but the abuse was usually perfunctory and good. Natured all of the new his ways, and by now they had learned that his fads mattered. So the colonels run in a tight ship. They that's what he's doing he's it I was discipline guy and he keeps his keeps his troops in check and as you can see there not offended by that date, They complain about it a little bit, but they also, they also know, is the right thing to do. Here we go back to the book, although we were moving along or planned route. Our role in the battle had been changed.
Instead of making for the high ground north of our name the whole. All of the brigade was now marching for the budget for the bridge to relieve the struggling remnants of the first brigade, which had been fighting alone there for more than twenty four hours One thing is certain, so so they're their mission to but there's a bridge and first. Brigade was at this bridge had taken the bridge, but now they're getting attacked at that bridge by the Germans and there and now These guys get this brigade gets the orders to go and help them go and relieve them. Back to the book. One thing is certain: parachute infantry were not the fast moving hard hitting troops depicted by the daily press no more transport in a battalion than for lightly armoured carriers and some half dozen jeeps, nearly every thing needed in battle either had to be carried on the backs of soldiers or dragged behind them. There No trucks, just behind the forward companies loaded with spare ammunition instead,
extra bandoliers were strong around necks and light anti tank mines swung from waste belts. Six. Ass came with surprise in this sort of fighting, the enemy must be caught unaware. Crushed before they could recover. Inevitably, We would run short of ammunition if the boy, shhh were allowed. The chance of standing in fighting this weary trudge toward the bridge and our NAM along endless tracks was a crazy way to use airborne troops. Surprise had been lost long ago before The operation started, I doubted the wisdom dropping so far from the bridges now. It is clear that it has been a mistake, so there there in Iraq we different situation instead of dropping in holding some ground now. They're moving the after carry all their dear with them. It's it's, not a good situation.
These talking about. Some of the guys are carrying it, as What is a hundred pounds which the torn away, and now they, they get word from the colonel back to them? he was able to confirm that the first perish Brigade was still holding out the bridge where the casualties had been heavy on both sides. The Jew means having already lost two thousand men, although it was not clear who had counted them. Now, as he gets done with that? he kind of give some word. There can start moving down this track, so he's, given that a word or two one of his officers, Doyle and doing Normally you know pretty But he fired up about what he's doing he's a motivated guy, and here we go back to the book. Doyle was not at all his. We itself the task of Putin was simple. He and his men had to walk straight down the track until
Ran into the Bush position there, first warning of the enemy presence would be the rifle. A machine gun fire tearing into them. Still less were the two scouts to be envied who be moving out in front of the rest of the protein. It was almost inevitable that the first, german rounds would hit one or both of them unless the Germans were conning enough to let them pass so ass kill? More of the men behind, but without armor, in front to draw the enemy fire and pinpoint their positions. There was no other way to advance. I had chosen Doyle to lead the advance because I was certain that I could rely on him. This was the penalty for being good at one's job, so very you there actually walking down train tracks and they know, percent, they know
two percent- that Germans are waiting for them and pushed down they strikes and the way there. To find the Germans is when the german start shooting at them. So they proceed down the tracks and now going back to the book, the expected Happen happened. The calm of the night collapse in an explosion of light and noise from a wide arc and of nine Polton streams of white red and yellow tracer bullets converged on the stretch of track, where the men must flung themselves to the ground very lights and parachute flares, larger and brighter than anything carried by us swung down towards the earth lighting. The dark country shied to the shade of group of Gray November morning, a house burst into flames on the other side of the railway. It was too slow for an accident. The com migration must have been planned
thing which moved was now visible overall, was the noise din of shells and mortars bursting both behind and ahead merging with harsh roar of this enemy, spanned thou, light machine guns and the more sustained drumming of the heavier weapons. Now here: another sound it was a slow, rather tat, tat of nine cartoons, Bren guns and the crack of british rifles replying to the german fire. There lot of enemy in front of us, the Germans had men everywhere, So this is like a well planned ambush scenario. If you think about it there it sounds. They rigged this house to light up and and beyond fire and now that back lighting and still awaiting all the friendly troops, because it just makes you stand out because it a fire behind you. On top of it.
Machine gun fire on top of that mortars shells are hating you, and here we go back to the book as as As the major here as the company commander, Jeffrey Powers is crouched down waiting, ass, all. This is happening out ahead of him he's not with that. First platoon he's behind them a little bit Here we go back to the book. I saw single crouched figure running up the track behind to towards me I recognise the broad bulk of barf, Bartholomew Leslie Doyle Putin sergeant. This was quick We had wasted no time in sending back news. Only a little out of breath, sergeant follow you sank down. By my side and began to speak, his voice is calm and sensible. As usual, his leave sexual come under fire at a range of only son. Twenty or thirty yards appear. That the Germans had allowed the two scouts to pass unmolested.
But everyone else in the front sexually had been killed. There were several other casualties in the protein as well Putting Mr Doyle, who had been hit badly in the fire and was only semi. Conscious the survivors were pinned to the ground by fire, which was coming from either side of the track. This was all wrong with his platoon, and were hit sergeant Bartholomew his place was, with the bill to Europe honey of other people to carry messages not that you could hardly have had time to verify the disastrous information about the leading section. It was far light far from likely that every man and it had been killed so birth, all the mules nerve, had broken in the first test? So that's a situation, this guy ram and he comes back and report in and says, hey everyone's dead, and
he realizes. He realizes that accompany commander, realises that not true going back. But perhaps the responsibility has been too much for him whenever it was. He was certainly scared, despite its success in concealing the fact this urgent had run away, leaving the opportune to its own devices. I was flabbergasted. Of all the end ceos. I had judged this cool reserved man to be the most dependable, a hard task master to ruthless to be poppy. Sergeant Bartholomew had been an effective foiled today, Easy going in friendly Doyle and the two and had formed a fine team, it was incredible that this should have happened, white of a flare I studied the sergeants face. There was nothing to be seen Bartholomew.
Returned my glaze with steady eyes. There could be no point in my further destroying the man self Self, spect it was possible that he might recover after this first shock, his pride taking charge to control is fear, so my rebuke was restrained no more than a comment that Bartholomew should have sent private Jones back with the news and not come himself. Then I stood up once again told Robert who had appeared by my side to take charge and started down the track towards the forward protein motioning Bart falling Ill to accompany me. There was we need to say anything to Harrison who automatically rose to his feet. His Stan cradled in his elbow ready to shoot so interesting leadership dynamic there Instead of saying you coward you quit, he doesn't do that. Instead, he really don't back and says he should set Jones instead, he's hoping
This guy will recover any. The great line his pride taken charge to control is fear, meaning this guy just no pride at this point is trying to keep it together, but hopefully the cap, the the company commander, is thinking that ok, this guy will get it back. Other, hopefully it will be able to utilise them, as opposed to me, just dropping the hammer on him right now, in which case he might just completely breakin, be worthless and the other thing I tried to include as much as I could of this guy Harrison that gets mentioned, who sort of the the company commanders right hand guy, but he's Always there always ready, always stepping up and making things happen now
Eventually, as all that unfolds we're going back to the book Nesbitt, which is one of the guys in that in that platoon Nesbitt had decided, it was time to leave and had used the law to bring back the survivors of the protein. To me, we're dead while not was known of the fate of the two scouts with nest. Were five wounded men, two of whom include is officer- were being carried Leslie shocking pain from a shattered fi, which Morphia had done little to help had fainted, for a few yards and was still unconscious, a third of them, soon were casualties. It was bad but not quite as bad as pictured. By Bartholomew, I could not blame Nesbitt for withdrawing without permission short, they munition with their officer wounded and the platoon sergeant unaccountably missing the men at nothing of the troops behind them for the past hour and had concluded a battalion must have pulled back,
has been seen a lot of war. D c m: one in Crete testified he understood its mouth He knew it was rare for a battle to go as planned Responsibility was to his men to rescue them from what to be a mess this he had done and his judgment had been correct. They were no place to be caught at daylight overlooked, On a forward slope and unencumbered with wounded men, so you see decentralized command and action right there Nesbit doesn't here. No what's going on here. Two decision. I'm gettin these guys out here and what good the company commander supports eight D made you'd call. That was the right thing to do now at Point they're moving backed they're moving back after they ve confirmed You know they pushed forward trying to find out where the Germans were and now they're moving back
because they realise that the Germans are absolutely holding strong signal. Push forward. They ve got basically ambushed and now they hold back after you like us. It confirming where the Germans were back. The book two I wish this meeting to complex finding out where the Germans were to accomplish this, cost Us Leslie Doyle and the absent Bartholomew while two men in Doyle's leading section were dead and the two scouts were missing, probably either killed or made prisoner seven other men had been wounded, including another sergeant. This is a total of thirty teen casualties with another nine men lost when we landed with nothing all accomplished over twenty men had already been. Killed or injured, and now the was moving in the wrong direction back the way we had come.
And you're gonna be a unified, and this is what what makes this story so dear. So devastating is that You know I talk about Murphy's. Lawn things go wrong. The these guys are we just Murphy's law over and over again, and in most of the books that we read on here. There's triumph and there's victory at the end and and can see right now already where this is heading. We got to when he guys wounds or killed, and it said, forward were actually moving backwards. Back to the book. Sooner than expected, we reached the battalion base. It had been I didn't know: rectangular patch of wood, about twenty acres inside lying, just north of the railway with two thirty, a m, a horrible out
especially so, if one is tired cold in Hungary, thank God it would be starting to get light in a couple of hours. What would happen tomorrow, something had gone very, wrong. Indeed, by now, we should be dug in on the high ground. North of art am waiting for the Germans to counter attack the bridge Instead, we were sitting here in the woods, only a few miles from where we had dropped with strong enemy forces between ourselves and the city with me the first brigade must be found. For their lives, where for one turned, there seem to be german troops and good ones at that, the men we stopped us and not be aimed like rear area troops scrape together put up some sort of resistance, but it fought with skill and tenacity. The slit trances were dug and everyone, except for the double centuries in each section, and the officers Nancy owes on duty with
The sleep, the men hump like dogs, some curled up with a companion for once lying in their full equipment. Their weapons to their wrists by the slings I should be asleep to not sitting in war- being feeling sorry for myself for trying to get Some rest in preparation for the coming day stand to. Be at zero, four hundred and thirty hours half an hour before first light whenever you want to be awake and ready in this slit weapon poised for a possible don attack, so the dug in and of course, It's not looking good at this point. They're gonna stand to zero. Four thirty, which is pretty common, gonna be up there. Where the sunrise and you wanna be up before the enemy as well. Now they
get together and get some word here. We go back to the book. It did not take long. It did not the colonel long. To give us our orders. The brigade was to renew its efforts to reach the bridge and bring relief to the men, still fighting their soap, pretty simple, straightforward goal, and But in order to achieve this goal, they set up to do an attack on this little section of woods. Were they think there's a bunch of and here we go back to the book. The leading sections plunge into the wood and disappeared. There were no enemy there at all the info, nation from brigade must have been wrong. We attacked and taken an empty position. Never was there such an anticlimax, but never wasn't it I climax more welcome. Now we get a little visit upon front lines. Here we go back to the book the small spare figure stepped out of the first, the
I realise that it was the first time I had seen the brigadier commander since we left England. Just the same as ever, relaxed and smiling battle was nothing new to him. He through the worst of the desert war model in no way disconcerted him at least not wordly it's interesting, he uses the term model. It is talking about the fight, of what this model. When you don't really know, what's happening, about how the veterans are used to it in a car and and accustomed to it, and they can deal with it model in no way disconcerted him, at least not outwardly. Seem to anticipate it on standing, how judgment and be every was impaired by danger. Ever he went he inspired, confidence with his gentle eyes and friendly manner for Geller Cavalry officer. His background was unusual. He'd come was regiment, not from say and Hearst, but from Oxford with it
double first and fluency in a half a dozen languages and I loved this guy's highly educated His learning light need lightly, as he did his decorations. Meaning this guy's highly educated and highly decorated. But you don't even know it. It was rare for soldiers to be aware of officers more senior than the colonels who commanded their battalions. Every man in the brigade would recognise could recognise in name the brigadier. The two, Visitors did not stay long, but their appearance was a tonic for all. It was a reminder that that were able men in charge even The battle was developing in a rather odd manner. Now as they As he continues in these situation, back the book. Suddenly, my preoccupation, my preoccupation with the problems of others ceased their way
a familiar wine overhead, and I found myself propelled into the half Doug Trench all, but on top of Galbraith and Robert action had been a reflex. I knew that I had made no conscious decision to jump as I lay there with my second in command, entrenching tool, carving into a ridge in my left, buttock, the more bomb burst about eight feet to the right decision, of the shards of jagged metal, passing just overhead flailed my ears as earth. Stone, spattered down. On top of us, the stench of explosive filled. My filled the trench, my I found was pressed into the course material of Corporal Galbraith Battle trousers. Gingerly, raising my head. I peered over the low parapet at the foot of the tree of trees, Fifteen yards away lay motionless heap a green and care. Key bundle which did not stir
being out of the trench. I ran across and turned over the limp body. The head fell back to show the open staring eyes of sergeant hawks one of the seven. Platoon section commanders, a bright young, a Anzio only just promoted, who had been with the Italian since the day was raised. He was another old friend at four, I could see. No sign of injury, but then, I know is the small hole in the back of hawks helmet and the thin stream of blood streaking, the back of his neck. Lying by hug inside, I seem to count seven explosions, all just a little further away than the first, but still close enough to say: the hot gases. There was a your paws and then if it were not after fought and slash. Eight bomb struck the branches of a tree just above us, directing its hot metal, splinters down the trenches below a half strangled.
Cry of distress brought my head up just in time to see Corporal Pritchard clamber out of his slid and Rachel race across the towards the cry. His haversack of medical supplies marked with its Red cross, dangling from his hand, report lasted no more than a half a minute again the wine again I docked. This was covering fire for a counter attack or the civil war, this the covering fire for a counter attack or what both merely harassing spitefully. But I raised my head from Higgins from Huggins boots to look around. I was relieved to see one of the seven platoon brand gunners his health, and I'm just above the level of the parapet gaze down the track towards his front. So this These were still doing their job. The fire was not forcing their heads down if their. If this was the covering fire for an attack? We would not be caught unawares so
that's the standard procedure right here for the Germans and really for anyone. It's covered move right. We put in big boy, pause, we putting motors we put our in artillery and while you're, hiding and while you're ducking down, so you don't get killed. They maneuver in and then write it right when they get so close that they are in danger of their own artillery. The artillery stops and make proceed with the assault. Here we go the Oh now, there's a wall. The low provided a chance to finish digging no longer any need to persuade depend to dig faster. The lesson had really been driven home. We ve been, do for no more than a few minutes when the sound of firing to north slackened, but the noise from vehicles in front had increased the of guns, only a few hundred yards away was punctuated by the hammering of brands by the way brands out altogether This brands are sort of the weapon of british machine gun, verses the span now, which is, which is the german machine guns and we
They use the Brits and the Americans used the term spanned out to talk about basically heavy me heavy your machine guns, but but that's where their talk about when it talk about, spend out and then a brand as the Brit Machine Gun Both for patterns were inaction, and I had placed com headquarters to far back to be able to see what was happening. The walkie talkie were silent Also, why worried about the sitting of the bill to some three hundred yards apart? Each ice laid it in its own corner of the woods and unable to support the others against a determined attack. This is so important for tactical leaders out their think about this. Lessons, and these are lessons that I talk about all the time and these lessons that I used to teach all the time. So you ve got your pull. They're out there doing something. Unique
to be close enough, that you have communications with them so that you actually understand what's happening, and this is the same in the business world. If you which yourself in a position where you can, I will you understand what's happening in the field, then you're not be able to help you knock and go to support. You're, not gonna, be able to do Stay on what's happening, so you can make decisions so in this point he's positioned himself too far away on top of that he's positioned his platoon too far apart from each other. So if you're too far apart from each other, you can't cover for each other. If you can't cover you can't move, and if you can't move, you can't win, those are critical points, make sure your man position is close enough. Not so close that. You're getting in the firefight note, not so close that your pinned down but close After that, you understand what is happening and then, if you
multiple elements in the field you get them close enough to each other that they can support each other, always. He sees a guy running back, and here we go back the book. It was sergeant prior one of Nesbitt section commanders rather sulky man, able and well educated, but with a grudge against authority in his life tat prior grasped, his ten in a grips firm that the knuckles showed blue wonders under the somber has right arm from which clothing been away at the shoulder, was thrust into the front of his smock, the elbow covered by in order to Face was white with shock and taught with pain. A morphia injection, was doing little to alleviate the agony of elbows smashed by a bullet. The news prior brought with serious the vehicles which we could hear were both armor driving.
Backwards and forward along the road and sweeping the front of nine boltons position, secure from retaliation. So far the armor had only claimed prior but sorry An avenue deal had been killed by a mortar fragment, as he dashed across between a couple of trees to put some question to Nesbit this. Inexhaustible loss of skilled leaders with serious in our path shoot battalions, unlike usual infantry units, section leaders ranked as sergeants, not corporal sir. But soon had now lost, not only its officer but three Four sergeants as well hawks was dead and why?
of seven platoon. Section commanders had failed to appear at the rendezvous after the drop already, nearly half the sergeants had become casualties. Did this is just a nightmare unfolding. Back to the book after we put the final touches on our slit, trenches time was found a scrape, a shallow grave for sergeant hawks. It was to suppress ones, revulsion at touching the body of someone I'd known so well, but just as I Stealing myself to do so, Huggins Step forward, Ripley when the dead man, smock and shirt and slipped one of you, identity discs over the blood stained head. The sergeant major than unbuckled his watch and search the pockets for anything which might be useful. A morpheus
syringe and feel dressing. A bar of chocolate and a couple of mills grenades to pack of cigarettes in a box of matches a couple of maps in a pocket knife, there was nothing personal, except for a grubby envelope containing a half a dozen faded in dog, eared snapshots of this stuff smiling girl, holding a baby before buttoning the info. Open to his breast pocket, Huggin slipped, the identity disk between the photographs. I was helping Corporal Pritchard shovelled the earth back overhaul body. Listening with wanting to hug and sharing the dead man's ammunition and possessions among the members of the company headquarters. When, suddenly, I became aware of Jimmy Gray standing beside me, apparently anxious to speak, but different diffident at interrupting telling Pritchard to fit the job I rose from my knees, glad to be able. What my mind to something else, when I turn to speak to gray,
I was disturbed by what I saw the dirt of battle, had exaggerated his usual scruffy. Miss is smile. And trousers were coated with mud and dust, and his right sleeve was stained from top to bottom, with blood, not his own. He explained when he saw my eyes fixed on it. The front of his smock in the battle dress, Andrew Neath, had been torn. By large fragment of a mortar bomb which, in some Iraqis fashion had failed. Even scratch him through just to one side, and it would have been set would have severed his head, but it was the eyes above the pallid unshaven cheeks, which were frightening. They were empty of life when he both the wards were lucid and well chosen is ever but voice, lacked expression. The phrases were cold
it was not as if we were describing events which he had himself witnessed, but something unreal. Something half imagined. Be company, it attacked at zero. Eight hundred hours at the start, their advanced through the woods, had gone, the first attack in the morning a calm and steady progress against the seemingly non existent enemy. Then some hundred yards short of the objective, A swathe of fire had cut down the men of the two leading patterns. The half trees and sparse undergrowth had meter. Their hidden them, nor shielded them from the interlocking arcs of the enemy weapons which covered every inch of ground. It was just possible they might have been able to deal with the machine guns alone, but the armor was too much for them been shells into the men at near point. Blank range. Gray had seen it all happened. The colonel
I tried to stop the attack as soon as the full strength of the enemy position had become clear, but by then more than half the men of the two leading platoons had been killed or wounded Both subalterns were dead, the other officers. And the sea s M had all been wounded. The colonel had tried turn the German flanked by sending a company around to the left. But there was no flank. The second attack had been a replica of the first. It too had collapsed. Not before some forty more men were dead or maimed, including two of the four surviving officers. Harry Bates had been terribly wounded in this MC and by now was probably dead, as gray had pulled him behind some cover
his blood soaked his sleeve. This was not the complete story. There was further bad news, Not only had our own attack been shattered, but the other better, into our north. Had. Similar enemy positions and was making little progress progress in its efforts to get into our name along the main road, From somewhere or other, the boats should found enough troops of quality good enough to smash the brigades attempt to reach the city. So we deserve a horrible situation unfolding. Back to the book from far away in the distance came, the drum of powerful aeroplane engines, Nesbitt was the first to spot the minute shapes first circling and then die,
being out of the sun towards us. The noise changing to assure Does the machine swept down towards the wood towards the woods from a half a dozen different direct Since a happy shout of spit, fires rose from the trenches at last, some help in Iraq, from the outside world. The already F had arrived. Of us closer support and that's you know we ve had their support. Save the day many times in books that we ve talked about on this podcast, as I gave up at the dozen spit screaming down to strip the Bush positions on the sloping. Rigid nest, Its voice, suddenly roared in my year, shouting to everyone to get their heads down and high their faces, as I ducked with the rest, I spotted the black crosses on the wings. The aircraft were not ours, but german measures
It's our air superiority was so overwhelming that it never occurred to any one that the machines might be hostile. They were not diving onto the enemy positions, but on to our own. I gazed skywards, the measure Schmidt was so close tat. I could see the pilots face through rockets. Ouch themselves in the wings had swooped down to explode seconds later in the Woods weather Survivors of a and b companies were settled. Into their new positions? As I do once more. There was another scream of engines from behind followed, The sound of a storm of bullets, striking branches on the trees and the other side to aircraft which had discharge the rock were now carrying out a second drawn, stressing with their machine guns. As I squeeze d closer the earth at the bottom of the shallow trench, the river, Aberrations of an explosion, some fifty yards ways pounded my year drums
while the actors at this point that the British and the Americans had almost total air domination, and so everyone just completely assumed that of thanks. Yeah cause at this point that the British and the Americans had also Total air domination, and so everyone just completely assumed. That of thank God. Here comes from spit fires to common, save us, and then they were wrong. Now, the the air we did have air domination for the most part and one of the things that they needed as you as you heard these airborne troops, they can. We carry so much and so they're they're gonna need we supplies, they need more ammunitions, they need medical care, they need food, they need water, they need stuff to be dropped to them, and so there was a plan in place for them to have gear and food and equipment and ammunition drop to them.
These locations, where they were supposed to be because remember, there's got to be making progress this whole time. There are not making progress, but there are supposed to be making progress. And since communication is so bad. They can't call back and say, hey we're, not we're supposed to be were over here drop the gear on us, but the gear gets dropped in the pre planned positions which, of course, are enemy positions, but here's what it sounds like for them or here's what their thinking on the ground then too, south of us I saw the familiar shape of a line of the code, is approaching it about a thousand feet in a minute the sky was crammed with them. It was the first supply drop about which we have been told that the briefings, but the dry zones a couple miles away over the other side of the hill right in the middle of enemy positions. By now, the division should have captured the area, but the boat still held it news.
Progress in the battle could not have reached the array of or the pilots would have diverted to drop their supplies elsewhere. Now, they can see this happening, and the people that are in the past hence they're called the already. I see the Royal Army Service Court, they run basically the supply in the logistics and and help me supply and drop this equipment, so this is he's as he's watching all these Dakotas, the Dakotas are these all transport plans, it's actually what they parachuted out of, and now there teaching them drop. This resupply back to the book among the mass, a single dakota, just overhead caught my attention, it had already been hit and flee were creeping down from the starboard engine toward the cockpit. As it lost height the catchy
had already see dispatchers we're standing at the open, doorway. Pushing out penny panniers of supplies, those the bags of supplies. I could see their faces. The fire was on their side of the plane. The wing was burning, for their eyes. The Dakota was now little more than three hundred feet above the ground. If the men at the door jump now, they might just save themselves in a second or two more. Aircraft or be so low that their parachutes would not have time to open this. The men must have known, but they went on with their routine drill, pushing out the panniers, regardless of what would happen to them. Then the starboard wing crumpled, the flame
plane, disappeared beyond the trees. The patty are still falling from the open door. The sky was empty, the last plane is gone, but we still stood watching the place where the Dakota had vanished morning. The futility of the self sacrifice we had just witnessed. I can't even imagine that guy's just continuing to do their job, Knowing their fate at their their senior officers at this point and their end, ceos are are starting to get, hit pretty regular beef by snipers and
So he decides to tell us: is his guys, hey take your take. Europe rank off your uniform because I want the enemy to know and he tells us to one of his one of his leaders name name Robert, and he says, as I watched Robert slipped, his cap in stars off his shoulders and took them away in his pocket. Knew for certain that my second in command disapproved. Officer should show themselves as such. So one of his guises taken no we're officers, we need do. We need to stand out. We stand up now. I mentioned the American. Forces the eighty second and a hundred first and the british forces. There was also a Polish Parachute brigade that was coming in on this attack as well, and they were
scheduled the com in a little bit later as reinforcements, and here we go back to back tobacco book. Only then did I remember that the glider born part of the Polish Parachute brigade was due to land that afternoon, upon the stretch of enemy upon the stretch of open Country below us at this time is the parachute battalions were dropped in polder land south of our name bridges. The landing zone, was already a battlefield and the wretched poles were about to land in the middle of it. First, the gliders hit ground. Its massive wait, tearing up chunks of stub was its skidded to a halt lurching onto one wing It did so. Men jumped and rushed to the rear and relate to release the tale unit so that the because inside could be driven out. More gliders, we're not ploughing across the ground, another exploded in the air and a vast ball of yellow flame, just as it was upon the point of touching down more bombs, were bursting among the men struggling to release their loads, while streams of chase tracer bisected the scene into oddly for
more patterns The latter was on fire. The ground as still more swooped in to land, adding to the chaos. The poles were now joining in the battle themselves, some firing toward the Germans, some towards their Kayo S, be which is at the zone scottish borders. It is another british unit and some. In the direction of our other battalion, it must be possible for the poles to distinguish enemy from friends. They probably thought they, landed in a circle of both units, all intent upon their destruction. In a future it was all over from the wreck inflaming gliders, which now littered the ground small parties of poles were making their us firing at anything they saw move two or three, vehicles have been driven away, but otherwise they had failed to drag their jeeps and guns from the gliders. The poles anti tank battery no longer existed as a fighting unit,
landed in the middle of a battle and been destroyed before A good fire, a single shot waste it was waste once again. Waste like the supply drop now Things seem to go right. A knot of some eight poles charged just intent on seeking shelter, either in the woods or behind the safety of a railway embankment, something the yards away. One man slightly ahead of the others, must have noticed our camouflage deal helmets in the slit, trenches ahead and shouted a warning in a which they formed themselves into the undergrowth anticipated What would happen? I yelled everyone to get their heads down, just as a hail of bullets from the poles whistled over our heads, a few hitting the trench parapets, but most striking the trees well above our heads as the exam dead men empty their weapons in our direction. So long as we can their heads down. We were safe from the polish fire, but the worrying
that some of them might creep closer and start to fling grenades around. However, in a couple of it's the firing, slackened and then ceased possibly the pole. Since that something might be wrong when no one retaliated heard of silence, provided the opportunity shot, a warning, a cry the narrow stretch of ground which separated us there was reply and I shouted once again in faltering, English, a voice inquired who we were firmly the company sergeant me your Huggins told them, the poles seem too understand after a few seconds of audible consultation, they rose to their feet and walked across. So you gotta, just a K. MIKE situation. The poles landrigan attacked from all directions and sure enough there shooting at the friendly forces, blue Blue happening once you get settled down. He's got some people
His polished folks that now have no leadership back to book. Douglas over. I told him that he now add a fourth section in seven hundred and In a few minutes, the poles were digging hard under the tutelage of their corporal. The only com henceforth, part of whose name sounded like Peter. The digging had hardly started when a jeep roared down the track and the direction from the door no the battalion headquarters as it break to stop. In the cover of the trees, Jimmy Grey jumped out and ran towards US great news were startling. We were all withdraw to Wolf Hazan in fifteen minutes time, one could not Just stand up and walk away from an enemy right on one's heels in daylight, the only way to withdraw was to move by bounds with petitions in companies covering one another back in
Other plan was madness. Things over in the north must be bad indeed for the colonel to be rushed in this way, but grace instructions were unshakeable, so their digging in Oregon order get out of here we're gonna leave and he saying: ok, that's fine, but guess what? Even when you leave? You still use the fundamental principle of governments and that's what he's wanting to do so now there on the retreat- and here we go back to the book- the pace was far too quick. Some men were all but running to keep up. As I did spected little by little, cohesion were starting to break down some of the men of the Mortar platoon had overtime, in us, despite the weight of the loads and were mixed in among US we're too small groups from another unit, the middle of seven platoon. From somewhere in the front. A long way off, spend hours spent, send its bullets flying harmlessly overhead, but men, looking apprehensive unflinching We are now under fire from two different directions. At any minute. The Bush would find the range and then the slaughter would begin
it was no longer an orderly retreat, the withdrawal was taking on the nature of a horde of men seeking safety. Soon discipline would crack and everyone would start to run what a target. We must be some five hundred men from were five different units rapidly coalescing into a solid moving mass yeah? This is just a nightmare. Then you can imagine it's an individual thing and you're gonna see some great leadership examples, but it's an individual thing, because if you can keep the tea working together covering a moving for each other. That's good! gonna keep the enemies heads down. But if will if people The group start saying you know what I'm not going to cover I'm gonna run. You now know discovery, and now you ve got a bunch of me. That are moving and no cover and that's what you're gonna get slaughtered not only get slaughtered by by people that are shooting at you But if you're not putting down cover fire the enemy maneuvers, they they, don't you Sit there I mean
some of them we shooting but they'll, be shooting, but other elements. Then we're gonna move and there can be held. Cut you off they finally do make it back again. I get a little bit of luck here. You go back to the book we caught our breath in the wood, so they get to woods David's men had disappeared in. There was no sign of the colonel the battalion headquarters. No one had followed us, we were involved, The cross, but it quickly told me that only Robber Watson, the Cs Em and three or four other men were missing. In addition to seven platoon of the latter, there was nothing to be seen in all. There were still about fifty men with me, not counting Peter and his seven pole, still clinging tenaciously to us. Perhaps I should try to get back across the bullet. Spattered in bed. Men to find out what had happened to the others, but the noise. Of the battle was getting louder. The Bush I'll, be closing in the vital thing must
to rejoin the rest, the battalion with fifty men I still had and not to leave them in loop, Tyler's charge, all I returned on what could be a fool hardy errand, but it was difficult to avoid the thought that perhaps I was reluctant reluctant to climb back over the top of that embankment. So he's IE does make it to the woods reason. Have everybody with him and he's quest I myself shall go back over there and risk it or not. And part of his part of his rationalizing. You know The best thing to do is get back with rest battalion, but part of him. The saying your rationalizing this and you're just you're just not year, you being a coward buddy as he proceeds all of the time. He knows gonna get killed. If he goes over that he can hear the enemy coming so back to the book. Ten minutes later we found the remnants of the battalion half of a com, many them orders and what was that? The machine guns were still were missing. Well as our own several tune
More than one third of the men who had withdrawn from the woods had failed to cross the railway. We were now down to no more than a couple of hundred men. So they were going down to a couple of hundred men from five or six hundred men in the battalion, maybe even a little bit more. Maybe there might have seven hundred men and the battalion they get word once again. Here's what's gonna happen tomorrow. At first light, the brigade would move onto Wooster beat to join the rest of the division, but ass ammunition, together with air and artillery support, was forthcoming. The prospects were far from good we were. It seemed not opposed by a few third line. Troops elements of three assess. Panzer divisions had been identified in the battle.
The german seem to move quickly or out something had gone wrong with the intelligence. It was not surprising that the days fighting had been so very bitter, so there pointing out they weren't going against Dino third rate troops. They were gonna against Ss Panzer divisions. The best of the german soldiers in talking with. Sergeant Major Bauer and sergeant Nesbitt before I REACH Tyler's platoon I'd done my best to be his chin. For as possible, but it was plain that the two ends Yos realised that I was making the best of things with Luke Tyler. It was different. I could not insult him, by trying to disguise our streets. I told him the facts as I had received them from the colonel past, we was a mistake. Quite sudden we, the failure of it all oppressed me in less than three Thirty six hours, two thirds of the battalion had gone fifteen
rifle company officers, had landed. Only two were left. Ten for certain had either been killed or wounded. The chances of surviving another day were small fatigue and hunger drained me. There was a need to unburden, myself, Lou with junior in my rank but equal in years, and in any case it was easier to confide in someone who is in many ways a stranger, even as I spoke. I was ashamed of this weakness, but there was no stopping quietly Lou gave me the reassurance I needed. The iron needed too, sustained oneself through such a day was easily expended, and I felt that I had purloined sum of Luke share so he he basically all modes to one of his guys or to want to another another other officer below in rank, but when
it is interesting about this. Is he needed someone to talk to He knew he was holding it all inside and wasn't saying trying to look positive and even he's looking at his guys. As he told him. Don't worry, just we're going to be okay and his guys are looking at like hey. No, we don't believe you and so he has two. He feels the need to unload on someone and that's why you know, I just think from my perspective talk about relationships that you have in your team and for sure in Europe, or in your team, it's really good. Have some one that you can just kind of unload on that. You know is professional enough to bolster you. Without getting dragged down into your negativity and wanna times I've found if you have someone like that, or maybe a couple people like that in your team- that you can talk to well guess what Sometimes they're are going to be bolstering your attitude and sometimes Uribe bolstering right, and so you got it- you gotta Someone like that that, in your team, that you can say man,
Is this horrible? This go wrong in some that someone's gonna go hey. You know it's not that bad at it three days later, he might be coming to you and saying hey. This is a horrible situation. I can't believe this we're going to be alright I think it's important that again were building relationships with one of the reasons we build relationships. They get into a hold up position backed the book on. And two rounds. I found the polish trenches empty, except for Peter their corporal crouched, grimly behind his bread. The rest of the Party finished in the early hours. Scenting. Perhaps a date attach themselves to an unlucky unit, p explain nothing, but as in bed, this. Man was clear. It was both unfair and this depressing for details when either pay I'd or sense of duty had kept him there to fight among strangers. The thought of what would have happened-
the enemy attack from this direction, against the position held by one solitary man, was chilling. It was a mistake to trust strangers. I had learned yet another lesson rely on only those you knew. Again, it's interesting how he sometimes backs off instead of pressing What were you guys here? He knows that? What what? What point is that or when follow me was- was. Running away. He didn't press him super hard Navigate to point this point here when he does press people, but here decide he's not gonna, do it in the other interesting thing is it says I learned another lesson rely: you're, not distrust short strangers, Rhine only those you know why you have to do in those situations. Is you have to put some one? You do trust in bed them with these units that you dont know. So, if you were to taken He gave these. He gave that section to one of his commander, since it you got another section now, but me
be in bed, one more guy or two more guys in there or split these guys up even more so instead of seven in one big bulk, you put two or three there, two or three there you're through their knives splitting up a little bit, and you cannot better. Control over them. It's weird use this opportunity to dessert though- and these guys took the opportunity now, fighting rages on, and obviously I have to fast forward through some of it and they eventually get into of little village a little small village, a knave they taken down. They ve taken some buildings, and here we go there in these buildings. Back to the book we were in a man The Bush were on the other side of the valley, outnumbered and outgunned us. There was not the slightest hope of reaching the back of the breed line. This way
and stay here on this Ford slope- was impossible. At this rate, we would all be dead or wounded soon. Somehow. I had to get the survivors back up the hill, but near, but it was a near insuperable problem with them. And scattered down among the house's lawns and shrubberies shot at every time. They moved somewhat. Called from the side of the house. As I turned and looked private Gregory darted across to throw himself down beside me under the dirt, few days scrub of beard his face grayish white, he seemed about to vomit. As Gregory stammered out his platoon command there's name I knew It happened. Lieutenant Tyler was dead. It must have happened just after we parted Luke had been killed on the steep garden path. Which led from the house down the road. He did
hit by a sniper killed outright by a bullet through the heart within a couple yards the place where Gregory was lying, possibly Luke had been cut was because he was still dazed, but he had to get back to his platoon and the path was his only route, so they had been together and they'd been by some kind of artillery in the house and rattled them, and then Luke had gone out to get back. Back to his platoon when he left he got shot by a sniper. Back to the book. This was how officers and ends Yos were killed. Doing their routine job. This is why Actually is among the leaders were so high. All the time that they were moving about. Checking here. Urging their backwards and forwards now besides myself and only quartermaster sergeant, Bauer and Sergeant Weiner were left. All the rest of the officers and sergeant in the company had gone
one problem, however, had been solved. The remedy of tyres to forward sections, had mannered managed to extricate themselves, without waiting for orders last night, private Gregory had been in charge of one of the other sections. The anchovy having been hit the day before during that last. Border stock, a bomb and fallen right on top of the corporal, whose commanding the other section blowing him in his ran Gunnar have to pieces, Common sense had told the survivors to quit, and there been no one to stop them, except Gregory For the moment was shaken by the sight of what had happened to his friends and who, in the case lack the authority to hold them there. No one else had been hidden scramble back and the survivors were now sheltering in the house.
So there and these houses, and in for the first time you can hear the company commander start to realize he's got people at the breaking back to the book the others were is uneasy. As I was for the first time. I was unhappy about them. Until now they have endured Successive disasters, but the events of the morning had tried them too far. It had been yesterday once again yet another failure, failure against enemy, who is far too strong for US men were looking jittery. Some could Well near their breaking point, as I do down the slope trying to spot some activity. Among the Bush, a movement to the right caught my eye about twenty Words away to of Kelly's men were moving diagonally behind me, sheltered The far side of the ridge these are. These are deserters
my shalt made them hesitate and then stop after two or three more steps Forgetting the enemy I stood up and strode down towards them, no expletive and was necessary. The surly guilt on their faces was enough. Deliberately choosing words for effect. I cursed them in language, rarely used by officers towards their shoulders. It was enough, but two men turned back towards their platoon. So, like us, sometimes you you're there, there is drop and hammer. These two guys are trying to deserve, and he goes on in drops the hammer. Ottoman gets them back with their tune back. The book in this mood, the men ever stand up to an enemy attack Even a mortar stock could break them. I could see it happening first, one two men would slip away like the two I just stopped, and then a rush would follow something drastic had to be done
no more than the occasional rifle bullet was now coming over. In fact, no one had been hit. Since we took our positions along this ridge. It seem safe enough standing, I began to walk along the path towards the left of our position. For the first few steps I felt wretchedly vulnerable, but then an odd exhortation seized me for the first few steps I felt wretchedly vulnerable but then an odd exhilaration seized me not too slowly and not too quickly. I strode deliberately toward the first group of men. Down at Lance Corporal Williams. I made some of that remark about it being the wrong place for a company clerk. If I were to be hit, it would happen anyway. Now seem to be as good a time as ever: stopping at each group of men. I checked their fine positions and made necessary changes. Then I was at
and of Kelly's line, and I started back conscious that Everyone was watching them burst a machine gun fire well wide of us, but I manage to avoid flinching at it. Suddenly sergeant whiners voice heart with concern, was yelling at me to get down demanding angrily. What I was playing at the spell broke- I was great for the excuse to lower myself down beside him. Very leave It was over. The rage and whiners face dissolved into an unaccustomed grin the corny dramatics were over, but they had served their purpose. The men had got a grip on themselves. He basically stood up and walked around and talk to everyone and made himself. This board made him of appear to not be scared to get the guy's p heads back in the day until his sergeant Weiner, yells, Adam and says: hey do get
when these guys dessert like the deserted: where did they go so they can head back towards Words, the areas that have been secured so as speech. As you know, we landed D day June. Sixth, this now in September. So you know, forces or our sorrow, allied forces had pushed in France. So if you could walk back, you could eventually get to friendly lines near and that's that's what they're plan was and then the when you get there They know, hey you deserted! Well, you d, I know you'd say oh, I was I got separated from my ass when I parachuted in I couldn't find my people or whenever you know your lie and you Idiot it later with their because right now, you're thinking, I'm not Make it yeah, you don't want to be. It was clear why nothing we had heard nothing. From battalion headquarters for the past two hours, like everyone else, the signally the signals orderlies and clerks had been fighting for their own survival.
Germans were all around them and pressing them hard throughout the morning, so not getting any information about what's happening. This is this is interesting. He goes back. You get they D. I grew up with a little extra ammunition and he goes back to get some ammunition from the battalion. They have gonna like stage in the battalion headquarters and as he's doing this, he did it the ammunition was in a jeep, and so he go. To the jeep. He finds the jeep and with one of his other guys and there the regimental sergeant major is sitting basically on top of a on top the ammunition and he kind of is looking at the guy. You sail pay, I'm here, I'm an australian. Turns out there and accompany out there. I gotta get them ammunition and he doesn't really move. He sits there and so finally,
harry was but the here. The regimental sergeant major was in the middle of battle sitting on his arse and taken. Ease while Accompany Commander hunted for ammunition. Majors or not in the habit of rebuking. Regimental sergeant major, but this was too much the tensions of the morning. It's snapped myself for spray restraint and in a cup of sinks sentences. I told the hour the regimental sergeant major one. I thought of him. Then RO the regimental sergeant major apologized, but he did not move without any trace of irony or annoyance and his voice. He quietly explained that he could not stand up because he had been shot through both legs. Had not noticed the airborne smock with which some one had covered. His outstretched and bandaged legs think before you act. Now they're on their way their heading finally
this area of whose door beak thereon patrol, and here we go back to spanned now opening up ahead, sent us all to the ground. Men diving for cover just a little too quickly a moment later, a second gun fired on us from the right, but it was the. It was the ominous rattle of the tract vehicles which chilled the fur just one, then another, then to more quite close and info Their engine clatter rising above the din of the machine, gun and rifles. Then sir, seventy yards away. I saw the first Of the S p guns its stubby being traversing slowly towards us. As p guns are, there were kind of like tanks, its itself propelled they're like artillery pieces with tracks on him. The flash from its stout from its now. It was one of with the explosion of the bursting shell just to the right
have grown tree shattered into jagged splinters a second shot following hard on the first one cover, Harrison and me with earth. We were so by the noise. Every sort of weapon seem to be firing, grenades. Sporting, but the distinct but the rest was the clank in the protocol cough of the armored guns caught like this. In the open we Were helpless tank, ploughing among about among us, been no worse, there was no We are fighting back no They seem to have even a p out, which is like their bazooka aunt armor weapon, and we could not get close enough use the gammon bombs, the bags of plastic explosive carried for this Use against armor, so it's another little take a big bag of. Splices that you can put on it on a armoured vehicle to destroy the calm. Gammon bombs the men in front we're. Moving again, I stood up and signalled those behind to follow. We were doubling now but there were still some sort of control we want
running away, but making for somewhere. Where I did not know, then about a hundred yards away. I caught a glimpse through the freeze of a german half track. It stopped and helmeted shapes jump from its sides. How many more of them were there? This could the start of another attack, which could only ended all our will to fight back was all but broken. Then I heard the brig the brigadier telling me to clear the enemy out of the hollow, after which, survivors of the brigade would join us. There see coming It seemed was the last organised body of troops so they're looking at this area, this Bulgaria, whether some enemy, but it looks like it's a good position of course verb will to fight, is just about broken and you hear the brigadier is saying: hey, take your company and clear out that hollow go
back to the book. For a moment, I was so dumbfounded that I hardly heard the brigadier going on to say that the Brigade major was dead as well killed about five minutes ago, another friend was gone, but I hardly listened. What was the brigadier ordering us to do in his quiet and determined fashion. It was absurd The men were finished only. Few minutes ago, I realised that they were passed defending themselves. Now we were being told to a fault that Bausch position, the brig adheres look was both quizzical and encouraging the confounded man could see what was passing through my mind, then was away dodging back in through the Bush is towards the men in the ditch, even more aware than ever before, of the bullet singing overhead. With my back to broad tree which hit me from the enemy front. I looked down at the, turn faces. There is no point in wasting at all. In wasting time on details,
the orders I had to give them were quite simple, devoid of any complications such as who would provide covering fire. It was time for play acting again my naturally loud voice, carrying down the line of men among the above the sound of battles. I bald to follow me adding the comment that is better to be killed going for the bastard, then lying in the bloody ditch. No one hesitated The men rose to their feet. At the moment I stepped out into the open from behind the shelter of the tree glancing to my right. I was exhilarated by the sight of David on when solid bulk running parallel to me and a half, a dozen of his men following David shouted something to the effect that they were coming as well, and I waved my stand, gone and acknowledgement behind me sergeant, Weiner broke into a scream of rage, harsh and furious. The yells Bread down the line too heavily laden and too tired to Sprint
lumbered forward towards the enemy. A sort of jog trot now I was careless of everything we did not stand a chance, but this was the right way to go this way. Proper way to finish at all. Nearly hysterical now with rage and excitement. I heard my own voice joining the screaming. The Germans were shooting it ass. I could see flashes of their weapons springing out of the gloom of the trees. There was no need to look back to confirm that the line of men were still following. The noise told me they were. There now both were no more than fifty yards away. As I brought my then down the hip level depress the trigger it flashed through my mind that it was the first time I fired my weapon since the battle started. My forefinger squeezed the metal, nothing happened. It had jammed Here I was running toward the enemy with a useless piece of metal in my hands,
we're figures moving among the trees. First, a couple than a half dozen dark shapes were outlined. Against the green background men's, And away men disappearing through the trees, the boats were running away. We had done it We had driven the enemy out at the point of bayonet. This was the ultimate in war. The sight of the savage screaming parachute is streaming towards them had been too much for the Germans, even though they had to do nothing more. They keep their heads and shoot straight yeah. So there you go surrounded broken and I think the key point here. When you think you're broken, do something and do something aggressive. That's that's the deal this is. This. Is a hundred percent default aggressive nationalism? As you know, what we're here
we're being defensive were hiding in our slit churches. Ok, you know we're gonna. Do we're going to attack we're going attack full force, you back to the book site of David on the right Added. To my delight, Shouting to him to hold the right to the hollow I directed sergeant Weiner round to the left. There is no new. To tell anyone to hurry. They all knew The Germans would not delay in mounting a counter attack. Loan of terror. Distracted me turned to the wounded German, the man's teachers were contorted into erectus of Spare above him stood sergeant, major Kelly, red eyed and panting. His ban at raised above the soldiers stomach, but Kelly did not strike. He was relishing the moment snow Jeanne maximum pleasure from the wounded man's anguish before he slipped it sliced into the soft belly. As my newly found mouser knocked the ban. To one side. The sergeant
your snarled me in an unspoken protest at such silly scruples He seemed to shake himself the blood lost his bad passed. They came to his senses, gathering his men to the defences so again. He could. This guy goes from the pure fury and rage of this. In a incredible bayonet assault. And then he said daily just puts, is one of a surgeon. Majors and check was about to you know ruthlessly killed us wounded, Guy very interesting dichotomy there, back the book, something had been snatched back from the disasters of the day, the remnants of the gate headquarters together with a few stragglers from other units, had now all arrived in, there seem to be about a hundred fifty men with a half a dozen officers as well as the brigadier David. I myself there was Jimmy Grey ladder brought news that the colonel was probably dead, although he
not be sure, as they become separated during a scrimmage within S p gun the rest of the officers were jumped with the battalion And John Simmons Gunnar for observer was the only laughed one left. Continuing after about fifteen minutes, a lull in shooting suggested that I might now be able to get round to visit the battalion positions, the battalion for first time it struck me that I was now in command of what was left of it. Pitiful remnants, but they are fighting. The brigadier had allotted the south When West side to the perimeter to us the first pit, how sergeant, Weiner with seven or eight men at the bar his eyes shot, lay a grave, raised and motionless private Gregory shot through his stomach Corporal Pritchett
had bandaged him up and give it a shot of morphia, but because his heir Bored smock had been pulled down over his bloodstain dressing to keep his warmest possible. He lay there with no outward sign of injury. Looking as a man might do who had collapsed with exhaustion. Gregory's eyes opened Saw who is standing over him? He asked for the favour. His voice was quite his words, measured, incoherent. His proposal quite logical out here without the help of a doctor he was going to die in any case and he could stand the pain no longer. Would someone please put a bullet through his head for the moment my grip tightened on the mouser in Gregory State? I probably would have been asking for the same release if it did happen. I hope that someone would have the guts to give it to me. Then I caught wine,
I then he knew that I could not do it. The only way to help Gregory was to give him further shot of Morphia dangerous. No, it would be to do so as I reach for my own and pure the breast pocket of my smock. I was ashamed by my reluctance. Three, and was purely selfish. Sooner or later, I might want to use it on myself wounded and allow behind a bush with no one about to help me, but sergeant Weiner came to the rescue he its ground.
A couple, a supply of ampules from somewhere, another opening, the small black tin. He bared, Gregory's arm and pressed the needle home. The words of sympathy and encouragement sounded pitifully trite. As I press Gregory Shoulder nervous of any reproach which I might see, I turned and walked away without looking at the wounded man's face. My name was being called: it was private Jones slithering towards me down the aisle slow, but a hollow Jones told me quickly. I was major Unwin killed by a sniper shot through the forehead ass. He was peering over the rim of the hollow trying to locate the,
whereabouts of to spanned, o machine gun. He died instantly Jones was adamant. There was no doubt that he was dead. His brains had been blown out. Jones was urging me come see his body, but I could not bring myself to do so. David could not be They would not have killed David everyone else. Yes, one after other friends had died, but I never believed that this could happen in David, so vast, so indestructible. The hue This gentle David, the brigadier, was beside me. He had also heard the news For nearly two years he had known us both, and it was plain that he understood the anguish, but there were other things to think about. As we know only too well, the brigadier told us all.
Condition was nearly finished and has on fire slackened, the enemy, snipers were becoming bolder and more men were being hit. Soon would be forced to surrender. So we decided to take the initiative we would break out towards us her beak charging through the enemy and solid mass, trusting our numbers and impetus to get through. It was an extraordinary plan for the second time that day, Brigadier was ordering us to do what seemed impossible, but our trust in the brigadier judgment was now implicit. It was ample, but one which offered at least a chance of success to stay here would only one end. One way. Fifteen minutes later we were ready, to be the start of a race. The brigadier asked whether we already then
at his shout. The hundred of us rose to our feet and exploded in a solid mass over the lip of a hollow in front was brigadier himself leading the way behind came the yelling screaming men, filthy and blood stained, weapons in their hands, bayonets dough. And menacing affair full site to anyone in our path. German fire, now seem to be coming from every direct but I saw no one hit. We were right downhill along ass, a lane, a solid human bad bring ram the first one who played pay slackened, the firing stopped we had done. It We were through the enemy and out of the forest for the second time that day, boldness had saved us once again, some default aggressive activity and in
I mean I obviously I want to make it clear that employ in the both these situations. It wasn't it wasn't It wasn't a call of hey there's it there's a theirs objective. We want to reach charge it it was. We can either sit here and do nothing and die, or we can attack that. That's that's. Big. I don't want anyone out there. Thinking oh counts here. Every time default aggressive on IRAN and we're going to attack no the are situations where the alternative to attacking is, is being defensive, laying down and dying and continue to get picked off, snipers unto Get overrun. Now they meet up with finding They meet up with these other british troop back. The book someone was leading us into a garden of a large house. The men dropped the ground as they halted, conscious that they were now safe with houses and other british british troops around them. Others,
for a switch from a water bottle lace. Pine unconscious in instant sleep, I counted them, Jimmy Ray John Siemens and sorrow in wine or where their sergeant major Kelly was missing. Someone had seen him following the rush. There were just forty nine other men about half from sea company. Last night, there have been two hundred the night before five hundred now that these positions and there to get attacked just below in the garden, but out of sight, another Bren opened up. It was Jimmy Gray century. At the garden gate there was a glimpse of camouflage figure running through the trees opposite no more A hundred yards away, diagonally across our front towards the air landing troops, then a couple more Jimmy's Bren fired again and one of the figures pitched forward rolling over carried
by its own momentum. We would not we would have to fight in this is their there talking socket about. The fact that there are in the house is now in these. In this village we would have to fight from it itself not from the trenches in the garden. It was a sturdy building with thick solid walls. In any case, the garden was too small for the purpose. From these for windows. We would have an extra range An observation to fire diagonally down the road in front of the house is held by unit still, left and right. Fifty minutes later, the trim, Ouch House had been wrecked. Every pane of glass had been smashed and every picture and mere knock from the walls. There was no time to be careful. In the center of each room. Barricades had been built well back from the windows out of sight of the Bush, but cited so that every scrap of ground outside was covered sideboards and chest of drawers. Stuffed with books. Are betting made the barricades com
hence the furniture flung in heaps into quarters. The rooms addresses were rolled down. The basement, ready for use if needed, by wounded men. More books I am going to drawers were blocking those windows not required for shooting through, fortunately, the owner of the ass possessed a fine library from its current and seemed a ruse doktor with gray. I walked around the house for a fine, check before leaving too returned my own headquarters at the rear manic vandals might swept through it. Some woman's life work ruined. In the time it took to drink a cup of coffee An explosion from above, followed by the clatter of tiles falling from the roof, drowned out the noise from the gun. Another bomb First in the garden just outside the window, sending a couple fragments whistling into the room. Now the boy we're hitting us with mortars, is well above
splintered of the empty frame behind me and beer. Itself from the ceiling, a warning that I was far too close to the back bedroom window. There was a neighbor behind us, as well as the spanish out equipment in the garden of the house, caught, my eye there two figures in the wrong sort of camouflaged darted from behind a bush into the shelter of a wall. They were both not british, so now the enemy was indeed all around us. There was no doubt about it now. John Siemens and his men were in the houses where they had been left. That morning, JANET Majors on points out of a couple of houses smaller, but just as robust as the ones held by gray. The two groups had, and working closely together, largely, I felt certain because of Johns charm of manner and determination. This Gunnar had done very well, it hardly impossible that most of his men hardly knew and by sight. Yesterday, today
he is well. Did the survivors of four different companies of a unit in two of US arm into a tight knit entity. Well, capable of carrying on the fight all day. Held firm, killing and wounding quite a lot of enemy, losing only one man themselves, a corporal of a company whose hands blown in half by a flying, mortar splinter lined and filthy, though his face was eyes, red, rimmed and chin stained with three days worth of fair fuzzy down John still moved briskly. Our remit, or to all of us that we could still keep going so he's got guys that are stepping up big time Inside the houses we felt reasonably safe from the shells and bullets, but there is always some cause for the officers and senior Anzio. Some move about me open from one building to another.
It was the same as had been in the woods. The officers and sergeant students trader greater chance of being killed or wounded as their men. All the same It was easier for an officer with so much to do. Had little time to worry about his own safety, also He always had to try to act. The part to set an example to the others and officer had exude confidence, however hard it might be, but as he always had to try to keep a grip on himself. It helped him forget the danger very true. Very true get a lot of things. On your mind, they get a massive bombardment in these positions that there back to the book. The Germans must be softening us up in preparation for something more serious. Their ammunition seemed unlimited. The bombardment
it quite suddenly. Rather, as it had started, this would be. It nudging Williams to get his head up from behind the barricade. I shouted a warning to the others Elkins bow in the next room and the two signals who had moved up to the bedroom at the back? The stutter brand gun cut across the world. The words Bowers Rifle funded store, and then Williams was firing. Succession of bursts from his brand gun in the orchard opposite, Germans were running through the trees towards us several dropped. This only be the start of an attack now from your flank, the sound of rifles and machine guns reached us, accompanied by the thought of exploding grenades. The attack was coming in all along our front, Some of the Germans among the fruit trees were firing back a couple of rifle bullets splintered the front of the wardrobe, then more gray. Figures were lumbering towards us through the trees. Some
fell, others doc. Behind the puny trees, they didn't stand a chance. It was like shooting targets on the press. Practice range, The Germans and the borders have been forced to stop because there a tall german officer was standing in the middle of the drive out. It was possible to fire slow carefully shots with lit or no distraction. The only way out of the orchard was through the single gap in the high fence, but the enemy soldiers never got within twenty yards of it. A tall german officer, was standing in the middle of the drive out in the open, clear of the trees waving his arms to the men behind him. More than fifty yards away every Detail of his face in uniform was clearly visible. He was Handsome young man, fair haired and smartly turned out.
Already he'd been standing there for about five seconds, encouraging his men to advance levelled my sites on the german officer. I knew that I was looking at someone who is just about to die. It seemed a pity such a courageous boy, just the sort just The sort one would like to have had as put platoon commander. My finger started to squeeze the trigger, but it was too late. Someone else had fired, the German fell spread equalled and lay still at least he died quickly. The death of the young officer marked the end of the attack. Now no one moved in the orchard, except for a single wounded man squirming is a back through the trees. So it's interesting when you you take the leader,
Leader goes down and the attacks over now also important to note that, although the leader stood up and encouraged the attack by take the risk of being out there in front of everyone. In this case, work out well because it shot killed and the attack faltered per if he could have found a little bit better of a position to do that from then Then maybe then maybe he would be able encourages troops and stay alive. Back to the book, but we want no more than a temporary spite. Fifty. Ten minutes later, we could hear the unnerving noise once again tracks We're clattering towards us, so I haven't. I dont know why haven't talked about this yet, but here you have. These airborne troops on the ground and fair, biggest fear is tanks in you
me talk many times about my love for tanks and how fact is an awesome. They are as Rules and as weapons and the way that the tankers utilise them they're. Just there does awesome machines. But here you have, the tables turned and, and the good guys don't have real any effective way of stopping these tax. You can shoot a machine, on all day long and at a panzer tank, and it's not gonna, do a damn thing and so you can just and by the way you hide in a building. Cool attack will go right through a building legal rights through buildings. They will go right through a building like it looks like it construction, Pisa, heavy equipment. Me that's what it looks like it'll go right through building like it's, nothing so These guys are absolutely horrified of the showing up that's their fear,
tracks were clattering toward us, a gun, funded and Dark Red House opposite began to fall apart rat as round after round crashed into it. Muzzle she's from the far side of the orchard revealed the position of the attacker, but there was nothing we can do least. The men were not waiting in the house, but slipping one after another out the door back across the road. Through the headquarter House, On either side the guns were firing. Now it was our turn. The the tank rex, some of the houses and then in the tank, leaves so We go it's. It was time to strike back. The tanks had gone, And as yet the both did not appear to have occupied the house's lying. Out there in the rear, gardens overlooked from the windows we were vulnerable. Indeed, Soon the motoring would start again. Then
be safer back into ruin, buildings as job Simmons, listen to the instructions. The young captains manner was relaxed as ever com. Outwardly self. Confident he somehow managed to give the impression that he was almost enjoying the mornings work. Possibly he was making that point subconsciously. Perhaps Gunnar could always take charge of thirty infantry men, but there were Undoubtedly immense was reserved. Strength hidden behind that cool, exterior. Ass, he lay behind the bed of half dead people Scanning the houses for any sign of german occupants, there was trace of disquiet and his voice ass. He discussed his orders to counter attack and clear the street the enemy fifteen. Minutes after John had gone out. Still in the same place and the vegetable patch watching the second hand, my watch creep towards the top of the dial, then Grey
Weapon opened up on the right firing back in the back into. Rooms of the houses more in the hope of distracting the enemy than providing covering fire the day. Injured. A Johns men lay on the other side. The front of the house's now John three Bren guns were firing as well on the left, the salt party would soon be moving into the street. It came The sustained rattle of a span gun first one, then a second after that there was silence except for one or two rifle shots. I waited lying in the vegetable fats almost a straw with worry something was badly wrong. Nothing could be seen from here, but I had to resist the temptation of going to find out for myself what had happened. I must avoid
involved in the skirmish then, corporal Day now John Second in command was running through the flower beds toward me. Days face set everything even before he started to speak. The attack had failed. It failed. The moment John had been killed. There in the middle of the street and ten yards in front of day and the rest of the Assault Party John had died in just The same way as that young german officer this morning that it finished it, the rest of them, including day, had turned run, but in some extraordinary way no one else has been hit he made no excuse, no attempt to excuse himself telling story factually and not trying to put a gloss on the incident. The implicit
She was clear. They had been asked to do too much. So now I had been responsible for killing John as well. It had been so simple I'd issued the orders and then John had walked down into the middle that road to be shot down by the machine gun. I should not have done it. The counter attack should never have been attained, The men were no longer capable of making such an effort. They could still hang onto their positions. Fight From behind cover, but after six days of continuous battle, they lack the will get to their feet and go for the enemy in the woods it had just been put Will the herbs and forwarding one last urge willpower, but some then Baden Dirty
further. Forty eight hours of death, starvation, thirst and fatigue. And in the woods it was men from my own company. Today it had been different today, a mixture of men, Survivors of four different companies had been left to fall, Gunnar officer, whom they hardly knew. There was a limit to what soldiers could be asked to do, and I had gone. Beyond those limits- and so John Siemens had died. That's the burden of command.
Back to the book, it was impossible to understand why the Germans were not using their armour to support this infiltration by their infantry if they had done so. Resistance would have collapsed long ago and the tanks would have been on the lawns. The crushing news at the brigadier had been badly wounded, came through on the telephone just before the line went dead once again. Both were now among the houses and gardens which the glider pilots had been holding and gray had reported that he was shot out from two sides. At the same time, the quarter mile
Asked her had also sent word that the enemy were behind him and that he had long ago lost all contact with Iraqi on his left. They are just in a wretched and he goes to meet with the colonel and one of the buildings. The colonel seem to be trying to break something too to us gently at then. It came out. It was hard to believe harder still to understand. The division was to be withdrawn over the Rhine that night it was all over It had been, it had only been possible to ferry about two hundred and fifty men of the doors it's over the river before dawn, a profit In addition to the perimeter garrison. Second army had overreached itself in trying to get to us and a loving
Were pouring northward, they lack the strength to cross the river and continued the advance into Germany. Already the boats were hammering from the flanks at their narrow lines of communication. So the operation had failed. Everything had been in vain, it was all a waste. Listening to the outline of what had to be done that night, it was hard to concentrate on the deep Else, the first emotion with grief and then under disappointment. The battalion had been destroyed to no purpose and that's it. They get the order that night too
leave and they come up with a plan. They actually follow rope. They put rope at night down towards the river, where they're gonna get extracted and at night they attempt to fall that rope down there, of course, along the way they lose more men, men get operated. Men hang on, they get lost and they look. Even more members are trying to make it to their extraction point, but he as the end up with a small group of people. At this extraction point. There's canadian boats there to bring them up ass, the Rhine River backed the book Canadians were already pulling the last man into the boat, and I was standing with Harrison alone in the river when I whiners voice heart we insisting that no one would be left behind the young, some needed no further urging but importers to be careful as the boat was grossly overloaded. Then. Harrison pushed me up over the side and the two of us flopped.
Behind the cocksucker the engine when gear and the boat move towards midstream, so now they get across the river they get dropped off and in to answer your question earlier. Once they get dropped oftener and on the other side, the there on the western side of the Rhine River, it's basically secure area, even though it was only by several hundred yards away. It was right what if we secure and now What they have to do is they the march back about five miles to get to even more secure base. Here we go back the book as we reach the track, which, after a few hundred yards led us to the road. When I stopped the men locked the ground empty and lifeless lacking. Any to go on more parties of men appeared through the darkness shambling in the exhaustion of relief. All terror ended devoid the willpower needed to summon up further effort.
There is only one way to make the two mile march bearable and old fashioned remedy. I called sergeant Weiner to fall the men in threes. The discipline bark bounced back to me, as wine or pulled himself to his feet. Shouting to the men to fall in there is no trace of we are surprised and whiners voice and the men shuffled to their feet. That's that's your route. Training right there, the Euro zone, did after eight days of continuous, combat you're just done in sergeant, says, are right on your feet, form a calm, threes and you do it there get Close to the end, I am now they can see the camp and I hold it There is only one way to end such a march. It was pointless perhaps, but I decided to make the final gesture bringing to attention. I ordered them to.
Hope, arms and march by the left to attention. Their appreciation as their shoulders went back. This was the way they always returned to camp. This was way. They always finished as they stepped off for the last fifty yards. They were even swinging their arms, so they march back into this camp. Once again in this camp they get loaded up into a vehicle. A big military transport vehicle- that's gonna, take them further to the rear. We they can get some treatment. And their loaded into that vehicle, and here we go back to the book, the canopy of the truck now shelter. Us, but my shivering became uncontrollable. I knew I was becoming light, headed and
Here myself grieving allowed for those that we had left behind, particularly for those who had been lost during the withdraw down the river back. There was silence in the truck I heard as if, from a long way off the voice of Sergeant Weiner Clock COM and flat, that none of them would have got back if it had not been for me it is true to say that I would never have got back if it hadn't been for them, but I shall always be grateful to Weiner for having set at the next thing. I remember was Weiner and Harrison half carrying me into what scene be a hospital. Someone was stripping off my clothes and dressing me in pajamas. Then I felt the prick of a needle in my arm. I was awake.
The sun shining into the windows of the ward in orderly boy tea in food on a tray, I lay between the clean sheets. Looking at the torn and filthy Gore, it's on the chair by the side of the bed. There was nothing wrong with me now. I saw that my hand was wrapped in a clean bandage when the nursing, what are we came to remove the tray? He brought me the man Such that a soldier was waiting in the corridor to see me. As soon as the orderly left, the room Leaped out of bed and put on my clothes and went out in the corridor. Waiting. There was Harrison abroad smile on his face, telling me that captain Gray and Mr Elkins and turned up with aid the missing men
another, twenty stragglers had also arrived from somewhere or another. But that was the lot that was the battalion three officers and forty three soldiers. We walked out the door of the hospital side. Side by side. The weak September sun shone down on the battered buildings away in the distance, though, rumble of the battle still rolled down from the north and.
Once all the men were recovered in that's that's the end of the book and When all the men were recovery and when you look at the actual battalion of two hundred and fifty six bears parachute battalion, it look like this. Three hundred and thirteen men were captured, many of those were wounded. There was ninety eight killed in action and there was a total of sixty eight from the battalion that made it across the Rhine safely and those sixty eight men, if they could he'll up, were then sent to the other battalions. Inside the first Para brigade and the hundred and fifty sixth parachute battalion was actually disbanded,
it ceased to exist. Jeffrey Powell went on to retire from the army, the british Army, nineteen sixty four, he retired. As a major general, he was awarded the military cross, which is Britain's third highest award for valor. Then this is what his citation reads: at optimum after his commanding officer become a casualty. Major power took command of the remnants of the battalion. Up to this. I'm you conducted himself with the greatest gallantry for them. Gaining six days. You retain control of his unit and also of the men of other units in the area. Under the most difficult conditions, have fire from mortars artillery and self propelled guns, never stopped his ict activity in getting
round his section of the perimeter and encouraging his men to greater efforts throughout the whole period. The armed him battle. In spite of being wounded, This officer showed himself to be a gallant leader of men and a most capable fighter and one whose bravery was a source of inspiration to the men under his command and to all those around him. And I think it's pretty clear that if you read a book like this real powers, still a source of inspiration, as are the rest of these incredibly brave men.
And also a source of leadership. Lessons of what to do and what not to do in its also an incredible reminder of that heavy burden of command and the fact of the matter is when you lead you own every decision and every action not only of yourself but of your men and with that burden. You owe it to them. To be as well prepared to be as tactically sound and to be is physically and mentally strong, as you can possibly be.
And that goes for any leadership position when you are a leader, be as prepared as you possibly can, and then you go out and you lead and you lead with courage and you lead with resolution and you lead with boldness boldness like Jeffrey Bow and the officers and the men of the hundred and fifty sixth parachute battalion, pretty amazing book that you know. Like aside, I got this book six days ago or something
somebody just send it to me and I gave it the young the little tests when I can open books, bookshops peoples, I mean a lot of books, sure and I gave it the yeah. I gave it the test nor I open up. I read a couple sections and immediately you know I'll, give awful all open to a book and four five different places to see what it reads like and this within the first page, the first page address it. Oh we look. We have a winner hear this, going beyond the podcast, because it's just impact for and the account now the in the back of the book. He talks about the enemy jewels in it. Just read some of em off here the brigadier was General John Hack, it. The colonel, was Dickie Devoe of the Grenadier Guard
his fellow grenadier was sergeant major, didn't sergeant major Dennis Gay, his back man, the gallery talks about Harrison throughout the book. The guy is there for beginning to the end, always by his eye. That was actually a guy named Fred Tracy in David end on winning the book is the character in the book. The real guy was named Michael page, who had been powerless best man and whose son Jeffrey born posthumously had another son, Nay Michael in Luke, Tyler and Sergeant Weiner and Jones and Johnson, is we're all real people. So you know there's another guy, that very similar to major John Glover, who said he Hard time writing about himself in the first person. No, I It is needed that same thing. That Powell said get a hard time writing until he just me
it about some other. He put made some other character in his hand and from that perspective flights man, you definitely this book I'd legacy. I read, I don't know five percent of it. It's not a huge buck, though. Actually it's only a couple hundred pages long and it's a very fast reed. Did you find it to give you this weird stressful feeling. Reading now abso like listening to us explore redress is I was I was debating when to tell you when the time everyone that debt that this is not a good that this is a good story like this is a positive thing, and I I kind of just I don't know when I actually said that hey they're not going to win, I mean I said that the the operation market garden was. It was failure but what is really look like you know too? Like you, don't know what that looks like until you get reading this box, and then you start to feel what it feels like an absolutely
and when you read the whole book man, it is just coming apart. Just the little misfortune, little misfortune they're just coming in and they don't stop. They just don't stop it say it's a nightmare scenario and Yeah, there's tons of great lessons learnt itself so amazing whenever this, but before I just got it but it's amazing cover move decentralized command yet prioritize next, given that part one, We need simple right everything that we learned I should alertness years ago, and when I think about you know I was you, you look back in your life right and you say you yourself. What could I have done better work? different and you'll. Everyone in the seal teams, but basically you get one shot at each job. Other than just being a shoot. Opportune that you can do three or four times if you're lucky but then,
but you get into a leadership position your life, you're an assistant between commander. You do that one time then Europe, platoon commander, you do that one time, then your task in a manner do that, one time generally, some guys sometimes disguised rarely guys do more than one us. So thing on the enlisted side. Guy gets do oh a leading, petty Oscar does at one time, chief, petty officer of Opportune platoon chief. Does that one time- senior chief in charge of a task in it, does that one time you get to repeat the jobs, and so basically, when you're, finally getting good at your job here, don't you. Are you gonna go get the next job up the chain of command, so For me it was always and now looking back in it even talk in it. Economic seal bodies now like like. How can we, prepare them better. So they know. What we had to learn during the job? It's it's it's a hard thing to do, because it has lost a few, actually have to learn from experience,
and actually we talked about that at the last muster witches. That was a big part that we talk about you, if you're gonna get good as something you have. Two choices, experience or train and training as a way to condense, experienced down and distilling, That's what was great about one way when I was running training on the West Coast, we we got to really condemn, That experience, I mean guys, went through guys, went through her relations training and where we chaos for them that most guys wouldn't experience that kind of chaos in their whole career, ten careers, but they would get it and they would be Bush people hearts that way when they got out of the battlefield, they were ready further for the chaos out there, because we trained, but we push them further and harder during training. Then we hoped they would get past pushed on the battlefield, crazy, even act that cover move even when their retreating like it showed like how you gotta keep that that discipline will disappoint. Gonna, like you know like in him,
and fighter something and the guy starts getting hit on the inside and rather then still green up a little bit while he goes back healing, runs away, alternative lag or some really do not undervalue act and turn his back and you're done, but great book, I definitely recommend it for your reading. Last year there was up there. Is that part in there that the guy came up to, I think reload am or something bigger sitting there, so. He gets like scolded her whatever turns out his wounded or is the others like that's kind of housing interesting little lesson there, like you just No, you can't just goin off and is only true and in as you may remember, somebody asked this question one time about. You know how do I these people that have had everything given to them you. I've had a rider by global tough neighbour Russia like our, you actually know what progress has been through
that whole discussion about the same thing, true on a day to day basis with every other human being that you're dealing with you don't know what they're going through you don't know what triumphs and jeez they ve in their life. You don't know what just happened them this morning. So the wreck amended course of action. As you, you give someone a little bit a slack when you don't. You know, you know you have seen that that sign felt when either He's got to talk to the girl, command was actually is pretty much this, but just one central say goes to talk to this great. I gotta talk to a girl, she's hot or whatever he goes out turns out. He's. Ok, hello, fuse me in her back his kind India is like excuse me, hello, hello, like getting any sort of your room, mad that she's not listening to. Finally, he walks, like more close to her and she kind of sorts eternal uneasy. Like also now you pay attention. What are you deaf and she's, like bingo like signs to o if its a chill out there find out about people first,
they sure you make sure the regimental sergeant major, isn't wounded in both legs before Easter dressing, him down right now, That's right! That's a good thing! He put that in this book. You know, that's pretty humble firmed up there. This book pyramid and that other part where there were all what like, tired and stuff right or their defeated. They were acts. Are you mean when they were basically broken? Men yeah than they are and they got up in these gestures started charging getting your default aggressive other we put these photographs support. That's like like in why there's big centipedes and then there came a guy like you. We are now the bigger than light centipedes addressing here. Ok Gimme, a figure like Centres, like is six, is like a normal big centipede encourages and
they'll get bigger anyway. There in Cabinda, you, you know that their their little bugs their little rabbit ever need step on it. But like when you start messing with it any starts to get not to superintend they'll. Do you know where they can cheesy audio room? You got it daddy room. I look anything like even like up like a wasp or even like with these little things that away smaller than you, and they just get nuts in that, unlike you'd, want to mess with it. So Leif lifers our The house is a while ago couple years ago, and there was a lizard in my house like about a guess: that'd nine inch, lizard and so much. On a leaf are going to try and catch this lizard and and there being weak Black girl, like all you know that I go wait. No granted get a box on at all. So I come in MR tough guy I come in reached. I go just grab that thing. You will see.
Reach down. I greet down to grab this thing. This thing turns its head and bites fell at I screen like like the gym, carry like I flicked my head. It was. It was absolutely hilarious, designed from being a big, tough guy to screaming, and having a lizard bit onto my finger Joe blood. By the way I was listening, drew blood yeah, oh my thumb, so the hours he felt aggressive, but it didn't work out the view that the lizard was more default aggressive. Then I will see in the end. That is funny. That's funny story for companies, in my opinion, but it is the exact same concept where, if you would, I like how he said in the book just kept your head. You smashed that lizard does what if I want to catch it alive, I wasn't gonna, kill it yeah but still, I should have been more grow like thereby light didn't even heard Riah. I just shocked,
yeah are ready for wasn't ready for the LE gnashing of the tea getting yeah those lizards. We have allowed those switch when he gets hot I'm assuming its the same time there these, but he's a think growing up on. Quite theirs Being the column, we call him civilians, but there like a no. And only an o l e, that spent spell it that they turn green, brown or whatever they get. They get pretty big and their super like when you grab on? Oh, that's, the first little red thing comes out of their neck and they start biting you and you get them to it when you hold them after a while, they start to calm down, and I think they just start to get sick and stuff. I don't know I don't know, but they calm down, so you can do the thing. We're basically can't be. If you have a lizard head, you go like this and he'll They will try to bite you, so what you do is when he comes out what re, when you grow up, he's trying to kill you, but when I'm down after three four minutes. You do that and he'll kill keep kind alike.
How do less and less and less and less he'll always do that, though, but just be a lot less aggressive and then, if you put your finger in his appeal by you- and he won't lego- saw you, gotta can drag your finger out, and yet it it'll it can cause blood or whatever. But what we do is anything proceed. Little picture that is, we do that and we put it on put the lizard on our ears, so the lizard would be an airing in hearing biting here. Is you have to lose hanging down but anyway, point. There be fun You can keep area in tat when you grow up with that stuff, like those lizards are not scary, even if their aggressive in some of them may get pretty like big in bulky in their like dangles thing has some power to it. This little lizard dinner at, but even here when I travel there like I witnessed scream like you dear assigning experience incidents and as regards food was awful.
It was awful well being prepared. I guess that's what we're talking of yearning aggressive once you get default aggressive with. Let anybody know if they want to support this plot gassed, maybe how they could do it also support jackals, traumatize inexperience with lizard, with lizards, His fingers and screaming wasn't leaf in her. It was late in my son. Yeah did. Did they lose respect for you Well, that is actually funding is leaf, always talks about. You know me. Being com. That's why he laughs large. We we were driving or entirely Gonna car wreck. He was driving actually and eleven EL, the story, but we hit mud and we hit we're out in the desert, rebound sixty five miles an hour on a back road back by all these farms, and it was too
in the morning three hundred clock in the morning sun like that, and normally these roads are completely driver in the desert and were hauling and lace drive and things drivers truck day was driving. His truck were hauling and. All the sudden? Out of nowhere? We see wish you a big eighteen, Wheeler on the side of the road on the opposite side, robot, narrow road, the area and as were hauling all the sudden we hit Water like Water, probably a couple inches deep of water with mud, because it too what happened somewhere, irrigation from This farm land had broken and there was flood, and so we hit this thing and were immediately hydropower, and life is from Texas layers on taxes, so he did not used to driving in so I grow driving the snow in New England. You know you just be to deal with it. Sounds like a rally driver up there and so and so Leif. He is now will use this and he starts to oversteered car, which is really.
They bat an unarmed sitting there and we're going sixty five hours. Now he is he's. Forty really tells a story: theses weave without a women are easy. We are definitely not and I'm sitting there in the passenger seen eye, and I say up, don't overseer known overseer. No brakes networks are because it s the other thing mistake, you can make a view jam on the brakes, yeah, you're, gonna, lock it up and you're going to slide. You can lose control, says not don't ever since. Don't overseer, no brakes no brakes out you're good. So that was not my reaction. When I got there on the before by the lizard, newsletters tango good, but hey man, you know if you want to support this, but guess how all this talk about the possible. Do it one good way and support this is though,
origin, right, origin, the brand origin main dot com, that's what they got a lotta cool stuff. One of the coup items. Actually the bunch argues for Digital. Remember back when we first started this thing, that's that would be the main question about digital. What cunning and I've been going? these in a given that the three that ought actually there is there's four of them and He was shortly after. Were you recommended this these origin, one and then, when I went there, I was like oh shoot. This is kind of expensive- I don't know you know, but then I just looked at the one that was Blake. That is like the first one I saw, but there are many Varying prices of keys and they're all good by the way. I know this because ass nonetheless, If you still want what can agree to get origin ye hundred
sent. You have options for his pricing stuff like that. If you want the De Luxe one versus the more basic one, but there are built in here's the thing about it There are made in America and in this sense, where they're just kind of assembled in America but saw the other materials source somewhere else the materials are sourced. Would you comes first, because the Roma, the raw material, comes from the sea. Caroline softer one summer here, America Mark boom brought over the main assembled. Some loom, wouldn't not lingual, Loom yet affair reverberate, your woven on alone. Born into this outstanding material. Moisture would weaken whim. That's when it s kind of like helps the wood Worcester. I didn't know this by the way I'm being educated on it in this Latin up by the way
Anti Microbial, that's a big deal forged mean dot com three it's school stuff is the other stuff too, like rash guards and even like close, regular clothes athletic, where still all made a man in America, but also for some legitimate fitness gear on it. Dot com slashed Jacko. I just got the night I'm into kettlebells, and I said that before said again. What is yours? What is your heaviest kettlebells, only forty kilograms rates with eighty advancing? mine's, ninety four, by the way, I do you only have met they dont have one I'll have one. Currently I well shoot. I guess you know is clear: when I got it, maybe I'll get another one step, but should who they talk. You knew about it, but Morgan mortgaged reproach retard, we're talking about cattle, the organs more inspiring strong. I told him that yesterday not not
good, that's it's kind of a insult in Jujitsu right dear, like hey, you feel really strong. It's in your answer is in itself a bright. I made it perfectly clear yesterday. I hate you feel Jujitsu strong. I said Not I'm not chosen. You feel strong, like hey Europe, meet your meat head right, but you feel strong in a positive way because Here's the deal if it was just you being strong than five years ago, when I start, change your black, oh, you feel strong. I didn't say it then. Could you feel strong feel strong now that you're just getting gear better and in your getting more skills? Oh yeah, I think we have to come up with different expression, or maybe just a modified expression, because some people say yeah, like those people tell me I'm strong whatever and after a while I say we I felt something that you one time I told you like you're, strong,
it was kind of maybe subconsciously is I thought we can establish that? Ok, look! You're, really good at budgets among those kind of a given? So if I were to tell you you're strong, it became a light I like only but yet was I like, oh yeah, outside we're like round my technique. Yours, like no attack made us again on. I know that I know your technique is outstanding, answered the little bit not in an angry where another linked up at the end for actually that's a, I wasn't a little bit more sarcastic about it see. Ok, we can, you know me track. I'm surprised I didn't say: yeah got him so strong yeah that I can You know what I swear, you weren't able say it, and I know people don't mean it. I know they don't mean that you know what what how we take it and can like yours. Strong again as your your physical strength, not you did you two technique? That's what will we take it as an there? Just there You didn't like how I essentially all I did with you is kind of like look you're better than Jiu Jitsu than me. You, you beat me up all the time.
You do not want you to stop. This technique is just so. That means is that technique is getting better and in it reveals eyes can deliver the strength in the proper way. You're, strong, your group, you when they say you Shaughnessy, yet lived a lot await. The We try to give them the umbrella kind. Like my weightlifting basically beats your jujitsu kind of war of an Insult Dino Kennedy. Bobo uttered it's it's a joke really. Nonetheless, so yes, Morgan Easter! Due to these voters, from fugitives from those technique is structure. That means is that technique is getting better and it then it reveals eyes it can deliver the strength in the proper way. Yes, good job Morgan, but we're Talkin bout kettlebells. The news I broke out about the heart, so I started to feel kind of good because I got this ninety upon one another I lifted up and you know you know this the one hand boom clean would clean press did you hear that eggs If you use your legs to snap it up their little Beth, that is the Clinton jerk. Ok,
even one? If you just do, if you dont use anyways knew just powered up smoothly. That's a press! Ok for my of clean and jirga journeys, the whole body would ever saw my met concept. You want to go to werewolf ones, are like sixty two lb. I do two at a time boom boom. Okay, easy and you do reps you not to so I got this the gorilla one, seventy two pounds and I'll do that, Just as you get strong forget them, Anybody know I'm like highly got one too, so I don't know. Do you think too? At one time is easier because of the matter, That's right now! It's not easy. Just I mean you're using more energy for sure, but is always like knowing the balance in only nicer there. Ok! Well, so why is easier. Didn't want is, for sure, is ok, good welcome, gotcha, so I one big foot, that's ninety pounds and I'd lifted. That of us like manner ready for that-
so is like maybe two three days later, like war, I gotta try, that's the only you know. I got the sun do bound what I can do that neither of unto times actually, but so it is warmed up. A bunch of keys for some it did it like a straight up failed. I couldn't do it and other guy and I know how it feels now and other stuff- and then I could do it both through your good I'll go good solid. We all know that now in its relevant. Does it actually, which is actually makes kettlebells kind of fun to do is because it does require. Legitimate technique, yoke, you can't you like it's hard it. It's like a dumb bill or a bar bill or a machine. Well, if you're doing barbell snatches- takes the hell. He out it's all in that's really the spectrum. Also, if you go laugh, you said above and dumb because DUMBO Street balanced they're, not like Britain, but they have a handle both
Do the handle equal amount of weight? You know boom, you just have to balance your body and then after you get that balance sounds pretty easy, barbell, even less cuz, you don't have. Two sides got to be balanced, it's just one long thing and then two sides, Then you go Machine union need balance. You just need the strength to push its that spectrum to the kettle bill way on this head of the spectrum were a kind of the game within the game doesn't make some one. I think, progress in both areas, technique and strength. Anyway. I will leave it at that. You want the cool kettlebells on it. Dogcart slashed job or jump ropes battle me is the way it do come battle. Maces dismisses ask my thesis. Or in the clubs yeah. Do you think some cool work out to that and they d, like your forearms git? I didn't look into like what exactly you know. They're gonna
improve, but I know course strengthen all the stuff, but this all these little things improve improved to Danny Stuff, also good way to support. If you're gonna get this book men, at how do you pronounce good the not important him or on him? Argive men aren't Jeffrey Power that's how I would announce today, racism, apologized anyone, that's from HOLLAND, yeah in pronounces at a different I looked at it on Youtube in how they said it. Then it was like they say: oh pronounced on em in those fourteen there. Ways to save lives, role the dice and picked one that sounded easier for me to say. So sorry, if I'm saying around him now good, but if you want to get book or any other book, that truck reviews website just go to go: podcast dot com and the top menu there. Click on books from
Besides all the books are listed there by episode, one with the other things, but mainly mainly the books from four by episode, click through their takes takes it Amazon get those books there that's a good way to support this Amazon click through or, if you doing other shopping, beginning a tripod or a video camera or he would have put through their boom. That's a good way to support great way to support us. A little addition there, You know how we had the website Jacko podcast to dot com That is a long story I think I went into. It is like one else like testing like what website provider. Whatever else, I can get this because what it I'm attached. It is a long story and then so we, ended up getting dogma guest, our common they're, both kind of their budget podcast two candidates to the primary one. It's not. Primary one anymore Jocapa podcast its Jocapa Gas stock up. Ok
That's the website and I was actually trooper that straight up got us Jocapa looking out for the end, then not a big deal, Zalm in New York, good dude, yeah, that's a huge deal because do you have your own name, yeah, ok, so people be like oh, this guy's blowing up here. They'll, go no by the domain name, either hold onto it or immediately go to you and be like hey. You want to buy this from my yeah. They called it a hostage where, in fact, I think there might be like legal, like defence against it like it from gets your name or your your kids name in your kind of publicly here. I think, I'm not sure yeah. That's what people do. Men fell or they'll by a bunch of domain names that sound cool now I'll be like yeah. You can buy this from me anything super weapon Do with like Europe INA when they know like. Does your community or USA had for a long time they honour what they paid for? Eventually,
for you fc dot com, but for a long time they were like Eu Fc, DOT Tv and all the other they had to step up. I bet you about something Le Monnier about one sees visited three letters, like if you get the last letter laboratory crazy tat, nonetheless but yeah Jacobite gas dot. That's the main website. Now, if you were going to juggle podcast too, don't come it's Not that anymore does not send you the over it. It does did, but will volumes I'm doing this thing. They were of any where he will eventually a robot. If we run into that. That's why I've been any me up, and rightly so, thanks for that simply nonetheless, back to the point, if you want to support by giving these books go to the website and click through, there is a good way to support small action. Huge reaction, small huge, also subscribe to the package.
Itunes. If you have an already sticker, if you dont use, I o s. Iphone Google play any. Anywhere they will where they provide podcast, Bomer on their souls subscribed as a good way, also Youtube. Yes, I put some excerpts on their more excerpts. We will continue to do so. Cheryl excerpts try to keep them therefore minutes- that's all right for their maybe a little longer. Once in a while. You get it like a good like ten minute one letter thing, but the more shipbuilding to us alone thing about the videos that you you wanna, get compression three minutes, four minutes yeah and any did you should edit them. Maybe like make him shorter, yeah yeah. I mean its appropriate, because sometimes you don't wanna someday it just you saying like a whole thing and his like. Ok that solid and I'm did you and then my rebuttal too kind. It can a bolster. The point
your point, is you'll clarify it, because I It's all its makes sense. So sometimes, if you edit certain things out, maybe the messages in their much is understood. The Navajo time, not all of them, but most of them unless all look into our ideal. If a video- and this goes along with the people's typically attention span- should be what like about a minute and noble my attention to ask interest right now. By supports you say we did this imports of. We need to go over this, so we can come to the best conclusion on how to conduct ourselves in regards to Youtube excerpts and other things nonetheless subscribed to you too. It's good. We're gonna provide value habitat of it
you're into the video virgin could some people are. Some people are into more the video version of the pot get their bombs subscribe. If you have an already you to also jocular the store culture stop jackals gonna come if you didn't already know, on their way that some cool stuff shirts, mainly some rash guards, I just mean order for hoodies thicker heavier follies coming a windfall arena follow the procedure followed there there we're in far yes, so we got I'm not that we're doing a whole seasonal thing. I'm saying its fall now getting cool eating cooler check that somebody's on their guard. Shirts on their got some rash guards on their think. Do warrior kid Rash Guard I have one so it's not in production,
and its name and a change in a little bit some colouring staff in whenever. But it is pretty cool, good good little pre response, also have fun there and some other cool stuff. I'm not saying get something, I'm saying go on there check it out. If you want to support- and you want to get something- think something school for yourself or four year. You know, friend, why proffer neighbour, whoever can get something good way to support actually greatly to support. Also, psychological warfare. Ok, what's psychological warfare is, if you don't know it's an album with Jacko tracks So basically, if you're on your campaign against weakness and you have a moment a weakness. This is like a little spot, so basically you put on these audio tracks.
To let you know: hey pragmatically dont, skip this worker to hate dont slip on this diet today hey you're procrastination isn't working in here's. Why? But his chocolate telling you so it's kind of like more effective way. Effective hundred percent success rate. In my experience, a hundred per cent less legit- I also jacket. Two, if you want it, you get down on Amazon, they taste good, and it makes you feel good. Also. On origin, main dot com. You can get Jacko Super Grill crude oil. That will make you feel good, and on top of that you can get Jacko Joint warfare, which is awesome, in that, by the way, it's greengrocer mean control of those that remain the main But then we put some additional things in their yeah. It's it's been rocking it. It's it's its awesome. You ve got book
or I've got some books. If you want freedom, one is called way the warrior kid one. Called extreme ownership. The warrior kid book is for kids extreme ship is for people and leadership positions or people. I wanna be a meter suppositions. There is also a new book coming out. Called discipline equals freedom field manual. It actually comes out October, seventeenth and one point many months ago, October's seventeenth seem like it was a long ways away, but it's not anymore. It's here so you can order that one is unlike any book that you have ever seen or read all what's interesting about this book. Is people keep asked me if it can be. An audible not really an audible, that are being on audible. It's gonna be on Itunes. It's gonna be on Amazon, Mp3, it to be on Google play. It's gonna be where you can find mp3 tracks theirs reason for this. If you do, through audible. You get this one big long book and its in what the book is the way
book is written, it's written to be chalked up and you're gonna want take parts of it and played at certain times more you would do with a psychological warfare album, so people asking for more psychological warfare? That's what we're doing despotic was freedom field man. It was going to be available as an album that you can buy. You can do, what you want with the track. You can make em your alarming tom. You can listen to him out of order in any order. You can put him in a mixed. You can do a lot more stuff with him. That's why we're doing it as an album with tracks, instead of as an audible book. So What we might people might have little challenge finding it or realising go on Amazon or they go into barns and noble. They won't see that it's available now Conversely, audible, then you will be defined it. I'm sorry. I will just an audible. I think that's what
I want. Your group is divided on the audible platform, rang out, be let it'll be on Amazon it'll be on Amazon, but you, I dont, think it'll be linked in rescue the same thing where you go. Oh here, it is hidden list can be hard to find kind like it's hard to find on Itunes, certified psychological warfare, but the court yes, do you want to do or did I want to do something right or just do something easy? yeah. That's true cause the few manual like any field manual like when you Ago referred to it you don't wanna, be searching, arouse, ready and audio beryllium. Ok. What is that? One part? You know that deals with this information is good for Iraq naming either so I like, I said if we could done the easy thing and in whatever, We know how everyone has been held to click on it really easy. I apologise, but if you want the right way than that's what I had to do so that's that book and then echelon front, that's the leadership, consulting company that I have with way fathom but James
you know Dave work. If you want to have a common work with your business contact info at a salon, front, dot com and if you have any questions or if you have any answers, Or if you just want to continue this conversation, you can find us on the into on Twitter on Instagram and on that basis, echo, is adequate Charles and I am at Java willing. Finally, thanks to everyone out there for making this podcast possible to those of you in the military, especially those right now on the forward line of our own troops facing evil every day. Thank you for providing this freedom that we joy and to the first responders in law enforcement in fire and a thank you for taking care of us, while we are here at home in the
the view that are out there that are working and building and producing and creating and leading keep leading keep. Stepping up, keep taking on challenges and keep striving to do more and to be more keep picking up the pace and keep pushing harder and no matter what the odds or what the probabilities keep getting after it. So until next time this is ECHO and Jacko out.
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